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File 141695661355.png - (259.20KB , 861x531 , Command63.png )
605497 No. 605497 ID: 9dd1ee

Part 1 & 2
part 3
Lonely-verse discussion

Private Will Enrad: "Sir with all due respect I though my interrogation mission was urgent"
General Jack Halsner:"It is, but today we're doing a bit of a car-pool"
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No. 605498 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141695723204.png - (190.75KB , 861x531 , Command64.png )

Halsner: "I'm sending the empath with you, to get a feel for the walker. As part of your mission I'll be needing you to hold the leash"

I've only ever heard of empaths before, some kind of psychic folk. the gear it has looks like nothing we use in the militia . . . it looks old.
No. 605754 ID: dccc95

What's with the tin-can on their head?
Scoot in and talk, soldier.
No. 605957 ID: f461c5

Is this going to be some 40K shit?

Do we need to be wary of perils?
No. 605995 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141707479644.png - (207.68KB , 861x531 , Command65.png )

Enrad: "What's with the tin can on it's head?"

Halsner: "the helm protects the many cranial implants and augments an Empaths has, the face mask however is mainly for intimidation on terror and interrogation missions that Empaths are typically deployed in."

I approach the empath

Enrad: "Hello?"

the empath stands and responds

empath: "Hello soldier . . . do not worry, you can trust me"

It's voice is sweet and calm, I feel I could trust the empath with my life.
No. 605998 ID: e607cd

Inform the empath that that sort of thing is spooky, and you would prefer to build trust the old fashioned way.
No. 606001 ID: 066a87

Ask for her name. Give yours.

You're here to "hold the leash" which I assume means that empaths tend to get invested in whatever they're doing and need help pulling back when they're too emotional or empathetic or whatever. Trust and rapport are important for that role.

That's rude, this empath's on our side.
No. 606002 ID: b8ceae

Or that they tend to pull a runner. That sure looks like a poor quality of life. There's a decent chance that empaths are made by putting a bunch of control implants into somebody a techleech infested. Pity the bossman didn't see fit to give you clear orders. Oh, well.

Give her a respectful and professional greeting. No reason to start things on the wrong foot.

Also, realize she's manipulating your mind and be unsettled and off-put by it. She's an empath; you don't need to say it outright.
No. 606076 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141712349791.png - (249.12KB , 861x531 , Command66.png )

ah that must be her powers at work, can't let her manipulate me

Halsner: "Well Private time's wasting and we've all got job's to do, if you want to chit chat with the empath you can talk while you walk"

The general heads back to the communications rooms, leaving us to make our own way to the hanger and our transport

Enrad: "My names Will Enrad by the way, what's yours?"

The empath turns and looks back at the general as he walks away before she answers

empath: "Empath will do."
No. 606078 ID: a2f9bc

This is where we act cute and call her 'Em' instead.
No. 606155 ID: 9ddf68

can't help but think of Knight in shinning armor jokes seeing as her helmet reminds me a lot of a medieval knight's helmet. Might want not to say that out loud though as seeing we have just met I don't know how she'd take that.

Well since it sounds like the two of you are working together for the time being might as well ask what her skills are and maybe just small talk a bit until you hit your destination, try and get a feel on her personality because if you're going to be working with her the awkward silence thing is probably going to get old fast. Ask he opinion on the battles so far.
No. 606228 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141716289037.png - (272.02KB , 861x531 , Command67.png )

Enrad: "So Em, what kind of skill do you have?"

Empath: "Beyond my empathic abilities, I am trained in close quarters combat, explosive and grenade use, and basic chemistry for creating destructive compounds."

Enrad: "hmm not sure any of that will come in handy for an interrogation mission."

Empath: "Regardless the general had faith in my potential for this assignment."

Enrad: "Guess he knows something I dont, So what do you think of the battles so far?"

Empath: "I've not participated in any of the fighting, I'm afraid I have no opinion or information to give."

we arrive at the shuttle, the pilot is already aboard and the ship is primed for take off.
No. 606238 ID: b8ceae

"Can you tell me what parts of your equipment are functional, and what's window dressing?"
No. 606253 ID: 9ddf68

well hop on and let's get this show started.

Also Will, what details were you given about the mission. and what skills do you have?
No. 606263 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141719696867.png - (296.44KB , 861x531 , Command68.png )

we enter the shuttle and sit down

>what details were you given about the mission
we've managed to take control of an Astranian command walker, the assault crew over there had no luck interrogating some Astranian prisoners, I've had some dealings with them in the past so I've been called in to help.

>what skills do you have?
I'm a solid shot with a stun pistol, I'm well versed in alien languages and cultures I've also also taken a basic mechanics course and first aid course.

Enrad: "Em can you tell me about your equipment?"

Empath: "what would you like to know?"

Enrad: "what in your equipment serves a function and what is just window dressing?"

Empath: "My impact hammers serve as weapons and focus for my gifts, My implants also serve many functions but they are more part of me then equipment. My clothing, helm and other plating serve only as basic coverings and are non-essential for performing my duties."
No. 606266 ID: b8ceae

"So, how did you become an empath? Were you born with it? Infested? Or is it the implants?
Or is that classified?"

You all realize Enrad was sent on this mission so the empath can probe his mind, right?
No. 606287 ID: 9ddf68

ask if she has ever interrogated an Astranian before? Don't really need details just need to know if she knows what she's doing or if we're going to be holding her hand through this should we need her skills... not sure how we'd help but probably won't be a problem.

I figured the general sent her to see if she couldn't keep an eye on that merc we hired to make sure we stab him in the back before he stabs us in the back
No. 606355 ID: b8ceae

Enrad was compromised and had friendly contact with the enemy. Also, check Halsner's face while he's walking away; he needs to know if Enrad can be trusted, and what Enrad isn't telling him, but that doesn't mean he has to enjoy it.
No. 606367 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141722727047.png - (271.49KB , 861x531 , Command69.png )

Enrad: "So how did you become an empath? from the implants?"

Empath: "No those only serve as limiter shields, I was born an empath."

Enrad: "you every interrogate a stranner before?"

Empath: "Officers typically don't let Empaths get close too Astranians . . . well not if they want the Astranian to live."

Enrad: ". . . I think that statement could use some explaining"

Empath: "Our powers see them for what they really are; A virus, one that if left unchecked will destroy all life."

Enrad: "um . . ."

Empath: "Forgive my outburst, I won't let it happen again."

Our conversation is abruptly interrupted.

Driver: "We're closing on the walker now, prepare for docking."
No. 606481 ID: 066a87

Astranians as a virus... well that helps clarify some of the weirder behavior we've seen from them.
No. 606551 ID: b8ceae

"Mmmhhh... No, not a virus; they're bacteria. They attack and destroy, but they don't take over their enemy's bodies and turn them against their own kind.
The techleech do, though. THOSE are insidious backstabbing monsters; General Halsner even said that if we didn't need them in order to survive he'd kill the bastards himself.
I suppose that might have been a secret, but since they fucked off and left us to die I don't think it matters. Besides, your paygrade is higher than mine."
No. 606556 ID: fc3ac0

So what assistance are you going to be providing? Lie detection, direct thought extraction, mental controle/pacification, intimidation with that outfit?
No. 606839 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141733112406.png - (436.77KB , 861x531 , Command70.png )

Enrad: "A virus? no they're just dumb aliens that don't know when to quit, The Tech-leeches, they're the real monsters"

Empath: "The Verox are our allies."

Enrad: "They were just waiting to betray us Even General Halsner suspected it, hell they already have they abandoned us to the Astranians and left to who knows where"

Empath: "they didn't leave, they're dead. The astranians killed them all."
No. 606853 ID: 4c5cf2

>they didn't leave, they're dead. The astranians killed them all.
Space is a big place. I have a hard time believing something could be completely gone that easy, or so quick. I mean, how would we know they were all dead?
No. 606894 ID: b8ceae

"I know the one on THIS planet abandoned us, because I was there when it happened."
[I'm pretty sure that's how it played out, but it has been ages since crash quest and I can't check from here. Ignore that if it's wrong]
No. 606952 ID: 9b35bd

You got some warped priorities, lady
No. 606973 ID: 9ddf68

is it just me or does it look like something cut her hand?
No. 607628 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141748703132.png - (360.73KB , 861x531 , Command71.png )

Enrad: "Killed every single bug in the entire sector? I find that very unlikely"

Empath: "I only meant on the planet."

Enrad: "But that's not what you said.

Empath: "I didn't-"

Enrad: "Think before you speak next time."

Em's charge panels have begun sparking, I don't see any other injuries

Empath: "I feel unwell . . ."

The pilot enters the passenger cabin.

Driver: "we've been landed for five minutes, you don't want to keep Colonel Gibly waiting"
No. 607631 ID: b8ceae

"Get a medic and a technician. Something's wrong with either her or her equipment."
No. 607678 ID: 4c5cf2

>I only meant on the planet.
Even that's hard to ensure. Planets are big too. Not worth arguing over, though.

>sparking, unwell
I'm not sure if I should hope that's her irritation and frustration with you manifesting in her abilities, or that something's actually wrong with her. I'm not quite sure which would be worse.
No. 607973 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141757539265.png - (346.24KB , 861x531 , Command72.png )

I leave the shuttle, the Colonel isn't here.
Sergeant Kel Rickens approaches me.

Rickens: "Will, you're looking a lot better than last time we met"

Enrad: "I never did thank you for pulling me out of that hole . . ."

Rickens: "don't mention it, besides it's the bugs you should be thanking they picked a real convenient time for you to all drop dead."

Enrad: "Never thought about it that way . . .

I look around for Colonel Gibly he doesn't seem to be in the hanger bay.

Rickens: "IF you're looking for Gibly don't bother he's holed up in the reactor room with Lieutenant Kayzer and the Guilder, leaving me to be you welcoming party."

Another Soldier walks up and addresses the sergeant

Pisco: "Hey Sarge, that empath there looks like shit, want me to cart it over to Winters for a check up?"

Rickens: "Not my call, General's orders this lady is only to answer to Enrad here.
No. 607974 ID: b8ceae

"Yea, I noticed something was wrong. She needs to get checked out immediately."
No. 608055 ID: 4c5cf2

Then I would say she should report to Winters. We can't afford anyone unwell.
No. 609038 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141776634278.png - (290.76KB , 861x531 , Command73.png )

Enrad: "Yeah She needs to get checked out immediately"

Pisco: "I'll keep an eye on it, make sure it doesn't do anything weird"

Rickens "No Pisco, I'll escort the Empath, you take Enrad to the Astranians"

I can't tell from his face but the soldier seems annoyed by this

Pisco: ". . . sure thing Sarge, C'mon they're this way"

he starts heading down the left hand passage and I follow.

Pisco: "Man I wish we'd just move out and nuke this damned scrap heap."

Enrad: "The capture of this walker is a major break through for the militia."

Pisco: "Yeah that's that's what all the big wigs say . . . "

Enrad: "I take it you don't agree"

Pisco: "Man this place just ain't right, it messes with your head."

Enrad: "It's just a machine."

Pisco: "maybe . . . anyways here we are, Stranners are inside"

we stop at a typical Astranian sized door
No. 609059 ID: 2ec61a

don't say it, but if it messes with your head, it could be causing feedback with her.

anyway. let's open er up.
No. 609080 ID: b8ceae

"OK. Plan is you punch me in the face, open the door, talk shit about me being a traitor, and throw me in. Easy."
No. 609089 ID: dccc95

Be civil. You're better than tiny, squishy, mammals
No. 609104 ID: b0ebff

You already know how to deal with Stranners, kind of, so my suggestion is to just talk to them à la Scharff

But don't mention the others you helped. And no mater how cute or fluffy they are no making baby noises!
No. 609515 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141791247912.png - (381.10KB , 861x531 , Command74.png )

I enter the room, there are three Astranian prisoners and another soldier, who greets me.

Berkly: "Welcome to Berkly's petting zoo hours of operation are nine to five"

Enrad: "I'm here to interrogate the prisoners."

Berkly: "That'll cost you Four dobs and comes with a cup of kibble!"

Enrad: "This is serious!"

Berkly: "haha, right!"

The soldier moves for the door then turns around and points at the Astranians.

Berkly: "You guys better tell the nice man everything he wants to know, or when mean ol' Miss Berkly comes back it'll be BLAM-BLAM-BLAM!"

Berkly leaves the room laughing.
No. 609516 ID: 2ec61a

when the door closes say "wow, what an asshole." maybe score some points with them by agreeing that that is degrading. because they are people, small fuzzy people.
No. 609517 ID: b8ceae

"Lets start with easy questions. What are your names, ranks, and serial numbers?"
No. 609617 ID: 6e79d4

First, make sure they understand what you're saying.

Make sure they know that there's a empath in the wings, and this is basically their last chance to answer questions before the screaming starts.
No. 609694 ID: 83e817

The one on the right looks like he'll be the loudest, but crack easier once you get past the bluster. His eyes are already buggin' out a bit, so he's stressed.
No. 609777 ID: 84c772

First assure them that you wont let your guys just execute them on the spot, if at all, then apologize about the derogatory comments.
No. 609877 ID: 066a87

Three officers. The ram on the right seems to be particularly upset. He may believe her threat. The nan on the left seems frightened and more cowed than the other two. The ram in the middle is keeping cool.

First rule of getting anything useful out of prisoners you're interrogating: you split them up. You don't want them to be able to corroborate and compare lies. You don't want them to have emotional support from seeing and talking to each other. You want them to believe you're the alpha and omega of the sad turn their lives have taken.

Good cop bad cop can work to help with that, but them being together undermines it.
No. 609996 ID: 5869f6

First off, let's be very calm and civil about this, stall for time by asking very basic questions that they would have no real reason to lie about, their names, their jobs. Drag it out as long as possible to give the empath a chance to show up. Before you get into the more invasive questions. And remember, be polite!
No. 610046 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141807189910.png - (206.89KB , 861x531 , Command75.png )

>Drag it out as long as possible to give the empath a chance to show up.
I have no idea how serious the empath's condition is, I'm going to have to assume I'm on my own for now.

>First assure them that you wont let your guys just execute them on the spot, if at all
I don't have any authority to make that claim, though I suppose I could just lie

>The one on the right looks like he'll be the loudest, but crack easier once you get past the bluster.
Enrad: "Hey you, on the right."
The Astranian glares at me.

>First rule of getting anything useful out of prisoners you're interrogating: you split them up.
Enrad: "We're going for a little walk . . . "

>then apologize about the derogatory comments.
Enrad: " . . . as for the rest of you sorry about the rough treatment and cruel jabs. If you cooperate this'll all go more smoothly and less painfully."

Rham1: "I doubt that"
the Astranians replies snidely
>Make sure they know that there's a empath in the wings
Enrad: "Don't force me to bring in the Empath."

Rham1: "we fear not your feeble solar minds"

I take the Astranian out into the hall, Berkly is there

Berkly: "Taking him out for a walk, fatty could use the exercise!"

Enrad: "I need you to watch the other prisoners while I have a talk with this one"

Berkly: "Can do!"

I take the Astranian to a battery bay that's empty.

Enrad "Lets start with easy questions. What are your names, ranks, and serial numbers?"

Rham1: "We are clan Rham, we are numberless and defy your 'ranked' structure"
No. 610062 ID: 2ec61a

okay NOW you hit him in the pride "oh, i guess you are a farmer then, dressed up to look important. do you use a power pitchfork?"
No. 610065 ID: 6e79d4

This one has a big mouth on a small head. Sounds like a politician. Ask him what a bureaucrat is doing all the way out here.
And try not to get mad, he technically answered the question and it's not his fault the fuzzballs don't know how to raise their kids with respect.
No. 610066 ID: 62e901

Then what structure do you use, if not ranks?
No. 610067 ID: 62e901

as in let him boast about their supperiority, while giving you needed info of course.
No. 610100 ID: 5869f6

I can tell this man is a bureaucrat, the self-righteous attitude and powdery wig gave it away you gotta admit.
No. 610104 ID: 8f01e8

"So, by 'we' do you mean just you personally, or your wife and son back there as well?"

More generally, play dumb, make silly guesses, err on the side of belittling the orgchart, but without any outright dismissive insults. Pride won't let him leave your 'foolish solar misconceptions' uncorrected. That's the stick. As for the carrot, whenever he blurts out actual coherent intel, give a sincere, respectful apology for your ignorance.

Also consider offering literal carrots, or other comforts and necessities, as available. There's probably a stash of Astranian ration-packs around here somewhere.
No. 610120 ID: b8ceae

Do you have something to write on? You can intimidate people just by having them think you're extracting useful information no matter what they say.

Your goal is to make him mad, and keep him off-balance. If he's mad he's not going to think about what he's saying, and if he's off-balance he'll have to keep changing tactics to keep up.
"Politician. Yes, we were hoping to capture someone important, like the captain, but you were the only ones too coward to fall in battle or kill yourselves to prevent capture.
What was your mission here?"

His answer is probably going to be something insulting and/or useless, at which point you can follow it up by saying he was obviously appointed by nepotism, and was not important enough to know of the first-strike mission flown by Ace Pilot Oken to drop a superweapon on your capital.

At that point he'll probably be feeling smug and say something stupid. At that point you tell him his plot failed because of a plant you have among his tech-leech allies.
At this point he'll probably go rabid, so calmly state that almost half of the commanders you have captured so far are infested, and spies and double-agents estimate upwards of 80% of his high command are infested as well. State that even somebody unimportant like him should know that much, and start questioning him about which planets are hiding his tech-leech allies.

Yes, we are going to bluff and bullshit him into a frenzy.

After pressing these questions for awhile you can go back to more mundane questions.
No. 610129 ID: d3be40

Okay. Here's some information from that handbook that your buddy thought was campfire-fuel.

Rule #1: DO NOT GIVE THE HOSTAGE CONTROL OF THE INTERROGATION. What this means is that if you give the hostage time to think or talk, he'll come up with a good lie, build up a web of context that will mislead you, or figure out what your interrogation plan is. Give him less than thirty seconds to answer each question. If you think he's rambling while he comes up with a plan in his head, yell at him to get to the point. If he doesn't stop rambling, headbutt him until he stops stalling for time to think.

Rule #2: Timing is key. Figure out when to ask questions, and in what order. Know the difference between a good story and stalling, and when to demand a fast-forward button. Know when a headbutt is better than yelling. And know when, based on the tells and testimony of your hostage, when to declare that they're a liar.

Rule #3: Use hard evidence. Once you have evidence of their lying, shoot it point blank. This should derail any plans of theirs that involve a story that is debunked by the evidence.

Start with what you know, ask the empath for clues and evidence, and get this done ASAP. Every second is a second that the enemy could pull whatever plan they have!
No. 610325 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141817202859.png - (257.45KB , 861x531 , Command76.png )

>ask the empath for clues and evidence
The empath isn't here, she's getting checked out by one of the medics

Enrad:"oh, i guess you are a farmer then, dressed up to look important. do you use a power pitchfork?"

The Astranian looks shocked for a moment, but then returns to his aggressive scowls

Rham1: "All professions within the alliance are important, am I to take it Solars have no respect for providers of planted goods? typical Solar attitude 'the strong take from the weak and the weak suffer'"

I'm not going to rise to his bait
>Do you have something to write on? You can intimidate people just by having them think you're extracting useful information no matter what they say.
instead I pull out a pad and pen, and begin taking notes
The Astranian glares at me in silence.

Enrad: "What structure do you use if not Ranks, Seems like you must have some way of deciding what gets done"

Rham1: "I am through speaking with you Solar."
No. 610326 ID: 2ec61a

keep badgering them. make them too angry to worry if what they are saying is important
No. 610327 ID: d90668

Listen if you clam up and refuse to talk I have to go out there and tell them that.

And judging by the guy in here earlier I am probably the nicest person you will find here. All I am asking for is basic information.

So whats it going to be? A nice chat with me or more time with angry mask guy?
No. 610328 ID: 20afaf

Tell him that he would be a great mime.
No. 610333 ID: b8ceae

"You say we're strong take from the weak? That's hilarious, coming from a society that does little but prey on anything weaker than themselves.
Do you know why people call you animals? Yea, you're cute and fluffy, but really because you're violent beasts pretending to run the house while your owners are away.
You call us uncivilized, but even at our worst we're still more civilized than you are at your best.
Do you know what's waiting for you when this is over? A quick death, imprisonment in accommodations as best as conditions permit, or repatriation.
Tell me, do you still throw prisoners into the kind of bloodsport we abolished millennia ago as barbarism?"
No. 610399 ID: 6e79d4

> "I am through speaking with you Solar."
Well I'm not, so tough. Now all you've said is that you are innumerable and defy ranked structure. Unless you prove that doesn't mean you're expendable and uncooperative within the next five minutes, my superiors will have you killed and I will move on to someone else. So, who are you, and why shouldn't we have you shot?
No. 610452 ID: 5869f6

HE is done speaking, YOU are not.
No. 610854 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141836538862.png - (174.00KB , 861x531 , Command77.png )

Enrad:"Well I'm not, so tough. Now all you've said is that you are innumerable and defy ranked structure. Unless you prove that doesn't mean you're expendable and uncooperative within the next five minutes, my superiors will have you killed and I will move on to someone else. So, who are you, and why shouldn't we have you shot?"

The Astranian simply starts to grin

Enrad: "You find something funny?"

Rham1: "I am through speaking with you Solar."

He knows something . . .
No. 610856 ID: c9f2af

...he wants to be killed? Is that what he's grinning at?

I suppose there might be intel he's protecting that way. Or some kind of deadman switch might not be impossible.
No. 610858 ID: 2ec61a

"well then, i'll set you for surgery." write a note "get a big chunk of your skull cut away so the empath can do their brain powers properly"
No. 610859 ID: b88e47

Recommend "special" treatment for him.
No. 610872 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141837106462.png - (230.95KB , 861x531 , Command78.png )

Enrad: "I'm sure some cranial surgery will change your mind . . . or at the very least remove some of the more stubborn parts of it."

he scowls at me in disgust but doesn't seem particularly intimidated.

What should I do now?
Interrogate another prisoner?
go find the Empath to help pry some information?
report my findings to command?
something else?

and what should I do with this prisoner in the mean time?
keep him isolated or stick him back with the others?
No. 610873 ID: d3be40

Oh @#$%


"I am through speaking with you Solar" means in about thirty seconds, he will no longer be your hostage! Something is going to happen and it might result in your imminent and gruesome death!

Yell as loud as you can that everyone needs to be on high alert, weapons hot!

Get away from him and point two pistols at his head, and threaten to brainwash his family into becoming Solar-lovers (actually, you should just adopt his kids and treat them nicely) if you don't find out what he knows!
No. 610875 ID: 2ec61a

clock him an put him in a separate cell.
No. 610888 ID: d90668

When someone grins like that it means they think they know something you do not. And considering you have captured them inside there own machine they could have some nasty surprises for you.

That combined with the fact that your empath suddenly fell apart could mean that something is going on unnoticed right now. They might be little shrimps but there tech is annoyingly advanced and there are other players like the tech leeches involved.
No. 610984 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141842458603.png - (344.30KB , 861x531 , Command79.png )

>Yell as loud as you can that everyone needs to be on high alert, weapons hot!
Enrad: "Alert! Alert! the base has been compromised!"

Rham1: "It's to late Solar nothing will save-

>clock him an put him in a separate cell.
I hit him hard, fuel by anger I didn't even realize was there
Enrad: "Enough of your games!"

The Astranian with the caved in skull doesn't respond
No. 610989 ID: b8ceae

Well, get him to a medic to see if he's dead-dead or just mostly dead.
Also: You did a very bad thing. Why are they even letting you interrogate the prisoners in the first place? You're a private! You have no training in information extraction!
No. 610991 ID: d3be40

I think you sliced up half his face.

Damnit, not cool man. Well, just go with it. Threaten to keep mutilating him if he doesn't tell you what is going to happen to the base.
No. 610996 ID: 89b2a2

Well, he's dead. Grab your radio (you have a radio, right?) and radio it in. Maybe look for an explosive or down in the engine room, munitions, or storage.
No. 610999 ID: 6e79d4

Shit. Mind your new arm in the future.

Radio it in that the captive says... said, something is going down, of the 'nothing will save us' variety.
No. 611000 ID: 1cadf6

Pesky Empath... Check the stranner but don't be surprised if it's dead now. At any rate, he might just be that singleminded to just be like 'NOPE! Not gonna say anymore!' that plus stranner fraility...Yeah. Not that hard to just play the denial game for them.
Quick check- Empaths can tell what's on a stranner's mind right? Probably saw this guy wasn't going to tell us anymore than he had.
No. 611003 ID: d90668

Well you could throw the broken body back in with the others and give them a story about how he cracked and then tried to attack you after. Then gloat about how there little plan will be foiled shortly. Then see how the rest react.

But the fact that he said its to late means that something is up and if you do not find out what it is soon you are probably fucked. I have a feeling the walker might be booby trapped or they missed one of the engineers when they captured this thing. Could be something else but that seems the most probable.
No. 611011 ID: 5869f6

oh shit oh shit oh shit not good you just assaulted a fucking prisoner that's not going to get you a promotion anytime soon.

If he's still alive, we might be able to salvage this. Somehow.
No. 611014 ID: 7420d6

I guess we need to work quick now. Throw the dead one in with the other two, apologising that you forgot how easily they die and that you'll make sure not to let them die so quickly next time and see which of the two are more afraid. Grab the other one by the muzzle to silence them then lean into and ask the freightened one for the rest of the details.
No. 611021 ID: 4bc980

Also be just as polite as before, like this is a regular day for you. So they think this is your specialty, which should be believable since you were the guy that was specifically called in for them.
No. 611057 ID: b8ceae

Torture doesn't work, and in most cases it's outright counterproductive. Zealots, for example, are just emboldened by the thought of suffering or dying for their cause.
The best strategy is usually to make them think you know everything already, so they don't see the point in resisting. Alternatively, you can get them to trust you and build a friendship so they doubt they're doing the right thing.

Good luck with getting anything out of any of them now.
No. 611434 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141853393579.png - (345.39KB , 861x531 , Command80.png )

Aw shit! I didn't mean to do that!
I just felt so angry . . .

>Pesky Empath
the Empath isn't even around, and if she was manipulating me somehow why?

>If he's still alive, we might be able to salvage this.
He looks pretty dead

Seargant Rickens and Pisco show up

Pisco: "Damn, guess he was pretty uncooperative."

Rickens glances at the corpse but he doesn't seem much interested.

Rickens: "I heard you call out, is there an emergency?"
No. 611436 ID: 2ec61a

"near as i can tell there may be an explosive device or some strange raytech item on board. he seemed confident that we will not survive the day."
No. 611440 ID: d90668

Tell them that you managed to find out that the little guy was taunting you about how something was about to happen and we were far to late to stop it. Then you smacked him and forgot how weak they are.
No. 611448 ID: 6e79d4

Something's going down, of the 'its too late nothing will save you' variety. It's probably why the empath is fizzling out.
No. 611681 ID: 5869f6

the prisoner was unusually smug, mentioned something about it being "too late", but whatever he meant, it can't be good.
No. 611684 ID: db83ac

I vote for this. Tell them that it was an accident, and that to better ensure their safety, you will now aim at their genitals.

One of them will likely freak out. Start yelling, point your fist at his/her face (but be in control this time!) and demand to know "where is it", because you fully intend to break every bone in their bodies and slice up what remains if the base is compromised.

If they keep struggling, punch their groins. There is one more thing that could drive them insane, but it's derogatory and even they don't deserve it.

You've already killed their friend. Show more self-control, but go with the ruthlessness and save your fellow soldiers!
No. 611918 ID: b8ceae

"Something's up. He said we wouldn't survive the day, and he was smug about it."

DO NOT throw the body in with the others! Do not let them see it! Do not let them know anything about their companion! You can always decide intimidate them with it later, but you CAN'T decide to UNintimidate them!

Instead, tell them that it's standard operating procedure to isolate interrogation subjects in order to prevent them from coordinating.
No. 612742 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141884172743.png - (314.94KB , 861x531 , Command81.png )

Enrad: "the prisoner was unusually smug, mentioned something about it being "too late", but whatever he meant, it can't be good."

Pisco: "Maybe a bomb?"

Rickens: "Hmm I don't think so, even Astranians would have had a time bomb go off by now, if there was one."

Enrad: "so what do we do?"

Rickens: "I'll bring this to Colonel Gibly, you find out what you can from the other two prisoners"

Enrad: "What if they don't know anything?"

Rickens: "Any Astranian arrogant enough to brag to his enemies will brag to his allies"

* * *
I choose to leave the body behind, Martyrs tend to strengthen Astranian resolve.

I tell Berkly her third prisoner won't be returning and enter the room

* * *
I address the two Astranians

Enrad: "Your friend gave me some very interesting information, who would like to tell me more?"

They stare at me with faces of hopelessness.
No. 612763 ID: d3be40

"Alright. Here's how I'm going to play this game. Each time you lie to me, the empath in the other room will know. Each time the empath detects the lie, I'll know. Each time I detect a lie, I cook and eat another piece of your dead friend in front of your faces.

And I will discuss how good he tastes in exorbitant detail. Now tell me how stop whatever you're planning, or I will enjoy a full three course meal."

Do NOT enjoy this. You are trying to intimidate these poor Astranians for the good of your people. You're protecting your fellow squadmates from whatever the Astranians are going to do. Break their minds so you can prevent your own from being broken. But do not forget - you can be nice. If they give in, help them. Please do not kill them after they have given you what you need. If you lose yourself to the addiction of cruelty and violence, suddenly everything you're fighting for becomes a little less clear.
No. 612764 ID: 2ec61a

you got a coin? say you are going to flip it. what it lands on will decide who you take. but if they offer the information now you will forget about it.

other thing to try is slowly lower your metal claw towards one of their eyeballs. an the information will stop you.
No. 612773 ID: 6e79d4

Why the long faces? Are you worried nobody will celebrate your death? The other guy, he didn't tell me his name, says clan Rham is numberless, but I've only seen three of you. Now why are you all here?

Menace them with your robot arm if they start talking shit, but keep in mind intimidation hasn't worked up to this point.
No. 612789 ID: 066a87

That's a bit much isn't it?

These two will probably respond better to carrots than sticks. Find out when they last ate, what they like to eat, what they'll need for a long term period as prisoners of war. Mention to them that that you've worked with Astranians before for mutual survival and thus are probably the most sympathetic human they'll meet for quite some time.

Get their names, give yours.

Once they've opened up to you a little, mention that the other prisoner said some things that you found concerning. See how they take that.
No. 612790 ID: 193b1b

Scare them a bit more by examining them like you would do with cattle. Move their heads around, check their teeth and such. Cut parts of their clothes to further examine them. Note that the first one that spills the beans will be spared further invasion of their privacy while the other will satiate your personal curiousity.

Don't mention that their friend is dead. As said before, martyrs embolden them and strengthen their resolve.
No. 612861 ID: 8f01e8

Requisition some Astranian ration packs and turn these two against each other. Ask a question, and whoever is first to give the correct answer gets a bite of food or a sip of water. Start with simple stuff you can verify independently, like "how many fingers am I holding up," to teach them the pattern.
No. 612897 ID: b8ceae

Hopelessness can work.
Take the woman next, and for the love of whatever you believe in keep it civil and polite! Don't get mad, don't resort to threats, and don't act unprofessional in any way.

Grab a stranner ration pack and take her to a private room with a table and chairs. Give her the ration pack using your metal hand (You DID clean that off, right?), then give her a chance to examine it.
"Stranner made. I spent a few days with Ace Pilot Oken and her crew in an old bunker fighting for our lives against tech leech spawn. I lost limbs, so they patched me up. They're good people, but I find most people tend to be decent once you get past the propaganda.
So here we are, two people who find ourselves on the opposite sides of a conflict that's caused nothing but suffering.
Which brings me to my first question: Are you a good person?"
No. 612956 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141893890604.png - (349.46KB , 861x531 , Command82.png )

>Give her the ration pack
>These two will probably respond better to carrots than sticks. Find out when they last ate, what they like to eat,
>Requisition some Astranian ration packs and turn these two against each other.and whoever is first to give the correct answer gets a bite of food or a sip of water.
They aren't dogs, they won't roll over for a treat

>If you lose yourself to the addiction of cruelty and violence, suddenly everything you're fighting for becomes a little less clear.
I'm Solar, we fight to survive and we'll do what ever it takes.
and right now we're all in danger and we don't have time to make friends

I turn and continue talking to the Astranians
Enrad: "Maybe I wasn't clear, you ARE going to explain the threat your friend was talking about, all you two get to decide is how painful this will be for everyone."

Chapter 4 end
No. 612959 ID: b8ceae

Yea, you don't have time to make friends, but how much time do you have for failure?
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