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File 141672043305.png - (24.12KB , 900x800 , title.png )
604488 No. 604488 ID: 0eaf76

Thread 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/600922.html
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No. 604489 ID: 0eaf76
File 141672057991.png - (20.26KB , 900x800 , 1.png )

>"Ahgh god! You need to stop doing that!"

:bethany: "It's not MY fault you took so long to get here!"

>"I had work! And I had to pick up a few erm, groceries on the way."

:bethany: "Excuses, excuses."

>"Is Jacob here?"

:bethany: "Yeah, he's inside. He TOLD me not to kick you in the face...but I couldn't help myself!"

No. 604490 ID: 19ab17

There is a serious part of me that thinks that will turn into a serious form of hate fucking later on.

Better go see Jacob.
No. 604491 ID: b8ceae

"You know, there are better ways to show you like me."
No. 604492 ID: 61958d

Use the voice on her and compliment her.
No. 604493 ID: 2ec61a

voice "well, i guess with legs as good as yours, you want to show them off"
No. 604494 ID: dd5ae5

Use the voice and POLITELY ask her to get the fuck off. Also, POLITELY ask her to fuck off.
No. 604495 ID: eda819

Play hard to get. (With the voice).

Heeey... I don't have to come at all. Why should I keep showing up for rabbit kicks in the face?
No. 604496 ID: 0eaf76
File 141672119980.png - (20.08KB , 900x800 , 2.png )

>Use your voice!

>"Well hey, you look really good today, Bethany. Nice shorts~"

:bethany: "Th-Thanks! Heh, what's up with your voice? Did your balls drop or something, heh?"
No. 604497 ID: 6cb462

its time we try to recruit Jacob to capture the Underwear Rogue. Maybe she would like to help you too. We need to start figuring out a plan, and maybe a little bit of a plan B
No. 604498 ID: 07a835

Tell her if she's gonna beat you up all the time the least she can do is teach you how to avoid getting beaten up by other people.
No. 604499 ID: 051672

With a blush like that, I guess we can confirm she does, in fact, like you.
That's three pairs of panties in the bag.
No. 604500 ID: eda819

>Did your balls drop or something, heh?
Radio voice. I'm projecting confidence.

Ask if she'd mind getting off and letting you up. You're not one to complain about a girl on top of you, but there's stuff to do.
No. 604501 ID: b00646

"Would you mind helping me up," Use voice, "or do you enjoy being on top of me?"
No. 604502 ID: 6e79d4

I've been getting that a lot lately.

So is a kick to the face how you greet everyone, or should I feel special?
No. 604504 ID: 0eaf76
File 141672263972.png - (20.00KB , 900x800 , 3.png )

>"I just exude confidence!"

:bethany: "Well I'll be there to kick it out of your big, fat face!"

>"...How very generous of you."

:bethany: "Anyways, Jacob is inside. Come on."

>"I would...if you'd kindly get off of me."

:bethany: "BEH! Big baby."

>Bethany goes inside, and you follow her.

>Jacob is in the living room.

:pantyfriend: "Hey! Hope you liked your welcoming committee."

>"Oh I couldn't live without it."

:bethany: "Heehee!"

>"What are you playing there?"

:pantyfriend: "Call of Booty. It's a warzone FPS. Except with sexy women."

No. 604505 ID: b8ceae

"A game where you go around shooting sexy women? Uhh...that's kinda creepy dude. Pass me the other controller."
No. 604506 ID: 6cb462

Okay, tell him to put down the controller and ask if he has heard of someone called the Underwear Rogue, and if he would like to take him down with you and some other people.
No. 604507 ID: 07a835

What if he's the Underwear Rogue, though? Best be careful.
No. 604508 ID: eda819

>Call of Booty. It's a warzone FPS. Except with sexy women.
Eh... since when was snuff so mainstream.

>what do
See about recruiting Bethany for this bandit problem. Or at least getting advice from her.
No. 604509 ID: 95a470

take the controller
demolish him
No. 604510 ID: ccea58

Excuse self to bathroom, acquire panties.
No. 604512 ID: f0a50e

See if you can recruit Bethany and your bro. The both of them would be very helpful in defeating this Panty Bandit.

Also, try and see if you can sneakily nab a few panties.
No. 604513 ID: 408e5c

Casually ask him about the underwear bandit while simultaneously smoking him at the game (unless you're bad at video games in which case get rekt while chatting him up about it)
No. 604514 ID: 0eaf76
File 141672815174.png - (28.52KB , 900x800 , 4.png )

>You grab the other controller and plop down beside him.

:pantyfriend: "So what's up?"

>"Eh, you know. Same old, same old. Hey, have you heard about the Panty Rogue on the news?"

:pantyfriend: "The underwear stealing freak? Yea? What about em'?"

>"...Well...I was thinking and...I think I'm gonna band together a small group to trap the guy and take him down."

:pantyfriend: "Jesus, pretty ambitious of you."

>"Do you wanna tag along?"

:pantyfriend: "Pfft, I dunno. Sounds like a lot of work."

>"Doesn't it sound fun?"

:pantyfriend: "Maybe? What time would we do this?"

>"Tonight. Come on, dude."

:pantyfriend: "...Ugh fine. What the hell? My life is only gonna show up once."

>"That's the spirit!"

:pantyfriend: "But if there's any cute chicks we have tag along, I get first dibs, alright?"

>"Heh, whatever."

:bethany: "Wow, you're so reckless, Jacob."

:pantyfriend: "Hey! Lay off!"
No. 604515 ID: 07a835

Ask bethany if she wants to come along and beat up someone who isn't you for a change.
No. 604516 ID: 256d52

Ask his sister too. In case you need someone who can stop the panty rogue with violence.
No. 604517 ID: a19cd5

Seconding taking bethany along.
No. 604518 ID: eda819

See if she wants to tag along and make sure the boys are protected. (Use voice).
No. 604519 ID: ee2c45

In voice- "...And Bethany, I'm gonna need someone tough and strong there to protect me. Wanna come along?"
No. 604520 ID: 0eaf76
File 141672906701.png - (19.96KB , 900x800 , 5.png )

>"Bethany you wanna come along, too? You like martial arts right? This'll actually be someone you can beat up."

:bethany: "Hmmm, tempting offer...but I have plans for tonight. Got a party to go to! Unlike you losers...!"

>"Hey! We're not losers! We're crime fighters!"

:bethany: "Whatever~"
No. 604521 ID: a19cd5

Well dang.
Aight, let's see who we can bring along
Call up deergirl, see if she'd be interested!
No. 604522 ID: 330ce5

Recruit Bethany and also express the want to learn self defense. If she doesn't get the hint, ask her to teach you. Before you say no can you think of anyone else you can get free lessons from with a amazing chance of another worshiper with panties? Beside if you want to be god you have to toughen up a bit!
No. 604523 ID: 07a835

Whoa, a party? Hey Ron ask how long it's gonna go on for. If there's time after the vigilantism maybe you could show up.
No. 604524 ID: 07a835

Oh shit and wish her happy birthday!
No. 604525 ID: eda819

See if you can persuade her to give you some tips on taking someone down, then. (She'll be more than glad for the chance to hit on you, I'm sure).

Nah. She's in this for quickies, not vigilante justice.
No. 604526 ID: ee2c45

"Well you're 18 now so don't do anything too crazy! Try to save some for me~"
No. 604527 ID: 0eaf76
File 141673006551.png - (22.37KB , 900x800 , 6.png )

>"Well...can you at least teach me~"

:bethany: "Wh-- h-hey! Stop using that weird voice!"

:pantyfriend: "Yeah dude that's kinda awkward. Stop hitting on my sister."

>"Like you care. You've openly tried to hook me up with Talia."

:pantyfriend: "Cuz' she's lonely as hell!"

>"Pff, so how about it Bethany? Teach me how to punch and stuff?"

:bethany: "Maybe...no promises though."

>"By the way, happy birthday!"

:bethany: "Hey thanks! Wish you coulda showed up for my birthday bash, hahaha."

>"I don't want to show up to anything named 'bash' if it involves you..."

:bethany: "The big 18..."

>"Hey, don't get too crazy at that party~ Save some for me~"

:pantyfriend: "Yuck..."

:bethany: "Y-Yeah! Gross..."
No. 604528 ID: ee2c45

We got her on the ropes. Keep flirting. Then say "Well, have fun at the party!" and turn your attention fully back to the game
No. 604529 ID: eda819

Hmm. Maybe stop being so heavy handed with the voice in front of Ron. As funny as it is to give your friend a hard time this way, he's throwing off the mojo.

Seriously, see if she can show us anything. Light flirting, at most. She already likes you, and past experience has shown that means you don't need to try too hard.
No. 604530 ID: 07a835

Yeah I think the Voice might be a little too awkward to do here. Bethany is embarrassed in front of her brother and her brother is kindof weirded out by it too. Which should have been obvious, jeez. You're abusing your power young man.
No. 604531 ID: 6cb462

So yeah, lets think up a time and place for you, Jacob, Emy, and Eleanor to meet. I was thinking maybe 8pm or 10pm, that way, you'll have time to go panty raiding yourself and do research on the panty rogue (like check a newspaper or go online). as for the place, how about a place near the park.
No. 604532 ID: c722a9

Woah! Dude, don't overuse the voice. In the end, your bro would probably become gay for you. Anyways, you should probably say sorry before things get out of hand
No. 604534 ID: a19cd5

"What's wrong, Jacob? Wanting a piece of Ron Pie?"
Or something to that effect. Tease the shit out of your best friend
No. 604535 ID: 265534

She wants your hot proto-god body. Try to get to that party, maybe under the guise of patrolling for the panty bandit.
No. 604536 ID: 256d52

When Bethany leaves just tell Jacob you wanted to mess with her for once.
No. 604539 ID: 0eaf76
File 141673213203.png - (20.48KB , 900x800 , 7.png )

>"Sorry, sorry I'll stop. Unless you want me too, Jacob~"

:pantyfriend: "Guh! Fuck! That's gross, dude! Hahaha..."

>"Where are you other sisters? Don't you have like 100?"

:pantyfriend: "4. Bethany is right there, Talia is in her room, Annalynn is at work and Jackie attends college."

>"Shit, yeah Jackie's old isn't she?"

:pantyfriend: "Older, yeah."

>"Unh, what time do you wanna meet up by the way? 9? 10?"

:pantyfriend: "10? It'll be plenty dark by then, so it'll be more tempting for the Rogue."


:bethany: "Bahh, you boys and your games! I'm gonna go chill with Tali. See what sort of boring stuff she's up to."

>Bethany leaves.
No. 604543 ID: ee2c45

Tell Jacob about the panty thief you knocked out the other night. This other guy shouldn't be too much tougher. But uh... just say you it was at a party your coworker invited you to. Don't mention the crossdressing just yet.
No. 604544 ID: 07a835

Tell him that dare he made you do got you into a boatload of trouble. He owes you now.
No. 604545 ID: 1f8505


Pull some MLG moves and 360 noscope that girl.
No. 604546 ID: eda819

Well, drat. You missed your chance to get any pointers from her.

Guess we just shoot the shit and digital tits with your bro for a little bit.
No. 604547 ID: a2f9bc

I'm conflicted on telling him the cute chicks that'll come along are a lesbian and a... uh... nun? Kinda?
No. 604549 ID: 534cc4

Mention the cross dressing.
No. 604550 ID: 61958d

Acquire Jacob's sister's panties. Or go steal his mom's.
No. 604551 ID: a0daa4

Actually Jacob was the one that dared us to steal and wear some panties in the first place. We should tell him how that went. Of course, he won't believe us, but telling Jacob the story will still prepare him for later if we ever decide to indoctrinate him into our pantie cult.

We can just play it of as a joke for now until we have some proof.
No. 604556 ID: 508532

Just make sure he's not going to become a competitor instead.
No. 604558 ID: 0d8ff4

Both of these. He has 4 sisters, only one of which might be inaccessible (the one at college, though it might be a local college). So there's at least 4 panty drawers to pillage in this house alone.

Oddly fitting that the guy who unknowingly got you into a contest to become a god also happens to be a jackpot of panty-points.
No. 604559 ID: 37aa84

Charge the girl and take her out in melee. Also let him know their are two girls in on this so far, ones dating another woman and the other is a miss goody two shoes who would have no interest in losers like us.
No. 604569 ID: bb78f2

Hey Jacob, you wouldn't believe what my boss told me today. She said I was eye candy meant to attract female customers and gay dudes. That's why she keeps me around!
No. 604571 ID: 024b25

Confide/brag about your new assigment at work and how you got it.
No. 604576 ID: c1dde5

Ask Jacob if he is a panty thief. Like with a serious bro face. he's the one who asked you to put some panties on your head after all. There's a chance.

If he isn't then try to figure out what his stance is on the whole thing. If he isn't part of Pantsu's succession race then perhaps you could get him to help out. Being a god's best friend is a sweet deal. You could also hook him up with the Deer Lady as an incentive. She might be up for some rabbit action or maybe even a threesome...

Also what is this party? Excitement is liberation. Panty liberation.
No. 604583 ID: 0eaf76
File 141676485438.png - (18.21KB , 900x800 , 8.png )

>Steal sister's panties.

Eh, I'll wait for that. Gotta finish up this game!

>Mention/Brag about Reina complimenting you.

>"Hey, guess what my boss lady said today!"

:pantyfriend: "Eh? What's that?"

>"She told me I'm attractive~ And is having me train up a few new employees, some being girls by the way, because I'm sexy~"

:pantyfriend: "For real? Damn. This is the same boss lady who threw hot coffee on your crotch?"

>"...Y-Yes, but she's warmed up to me since then!"

:pantyfriend: "No kidding! Hey, pass some of the girls my number, ok?"

>"We'll see, hahaha."

:pantyfriend: "I'm serious!"

>"Alright, alright!"

>"Oh, by the way, remember that dare you made the other day?"

:pantyfriend: "Did you do it?"

>"Of course I did...but it got me into one hell of a shitstorm. You totally owe me."

:pantyfriend: "Hey! That's not MY fault. It's your own damn fault. So who'd you steal the panties off of?"

>"...My sister's drawer."

:pantyfriend: "That's a cop out, Ron. Gotta go for the gold!"

>"I also got the panties off of a cute co-worker at my job. Her name's Emy, she totally digs me."

:pantyfriend: "Huh? Why'd you steal a second pair?"

>Tell him about Panty godhood.

>Make up an excuse.
No. 604584 ID: e878df

are you insane? if there's one single person that would make a better panty god than you it's Jacob. you can't let him find out!
No. 604585 ID: eda819

>Tell him about Panty godhood.
If we tell, he's going to think we're crazy or lying. Until he tries sticking one on his head, and then our best friend has become competition.

>Make up an excuse.
I dunno, I guess I wanted to see if I could succeed without it blowing up in my face? A challenge.
No. 604586 ID: 024b25

"Who said I stole them?"

Because you DIDN'T, remember? She gave them to you.
No. 604587 ID: b8ceae

"Because she's totally into me. We might be dating now? I'm not sure."
No. 604589 ID: bb78f2

tell him.
tell him to do it but n\ot accept the challenge given, because you've already accepted and that means that one of us will stop existing.
No. 604590 ID: 780bbd

Seconding this. Best excuses are those that have truth in them.
No. 604592 ID: 0eaf76
File 141676616949.png - (19.52KB , 900x800 , 9.png )

>"I didn't STEAL them...she...gave them to me!"

:pantyfriend: "Eh? What kind of freak would give you their panties?"

>"That's just how much she loves me. She's practically devoted her entire life to me."

:pantyfriend: "What? That's just messed up. Oh well, it's your life, dude."

>You hear a bloodcurdling scream from the upstairs.

:pantyfriend: "What the hell is that?"
No. 604593 ID: b8ceae

Go! Run!
No. 604594 ID: 330ce5

The panty rouge strikes! Run upstairs and defend the panties, your future worshipers, and run fast.
No. 604595 ID: b8ceae

Even better!
Ron: Once you get a combat ability, take on the super-name "Florida Man"!
No. 604596 ID: 780bbd

It's UNDERWARRIOR. Get with program, jeez.

But the sentiment is supported.
No. 604597 ID: eda819

For future reference, maybe you shouldn't be telling everyone about Emy's personal life. I mean, Jacob is a perv, and will probably write this off as friend-exaggerating or bullshitting, but yeah. Lay off the bragging about your secret cult girl.

>What the hell is that?
I dunno. Let's go find out!
No. 604598 ID: c1dde5

"You take the point, I got you covered!"

That's the call of booty right there. Get Jacob to take point. He knows the house best after all.
No. 604599 ID: 0eaf76
File 141676664608.png - (18.83KB , 900x800 , 10.png )


You drop your controller and run upstairs, Jacob on your tail close behind.

:bethany: "SPIDERRRRR!"

>There is a black spider standing in the hallway.

:bethany: "KILL IT. KILL IT."
No. 604600 ID: defceb

Throw spider out the window.

Then turn around and use THE VOICE to ask if she's okay.
No. 604602 ID: e878df

keep spider as your sidekick. call it the underspider.
No. 604605 ID: 330ce5

Show the spider mercy throw it outside, let gravity decide this. Also comfort the "victim" it is important you do not tease her.
No. 604606 ID: eda819

*Voice* Don't worry, it's okay.

Then pick up the spider with a piece of paper and toss it outside.

Too bad spiders don't have tiny panties to steal. Oh well, they'd be too small to fit over your head anyways.
No. 604607 ID: 780bbd

Carefully remove spider from premises with a newspaper and throw it out the window. See if Beth is okay.
No. 604609 ID: 878f10

Man, that spider ain't doin' nothin' to nobody. Tell Beth to chillax, and put the spider outside.
No. 604610 ID: 0eaf76
File 141676750031.png - (12.03KB , 900x800 , 11.png )

>You grab the spider and find the nearest window, tossing it out.
No. 604611 ID: 0eaf76
File 141676750787.png - (24.51KB , 900x800 , 12.png )

>You return back to Bethany.

>"Bethany, are you alright~?"

:bethany: "Is it gone?!"

>"Yes...I disposed of it~"

:bethany: "Oh thank god..."

:pantyfriend: "Bethany...you're smothering Tali."

:bethany: "Oops, sorry, sis."

:talia: "It's ok..."

:bethany: "Uwhhh! I hate bugs!"
No. 604613 ID: d90668

Say "Don't worry I am here to save the day" in your sexy voice.
No. 604614 ID: 330ce5

Ask tali how she is doing, don't use the voice this time.
No. 604616 ID: 780bbd

Greet Talia with a smile. It's kinda rude that you didn't notice her before.
No. 604617 ID: eda819

Resist the urge to overplay the sexy voice. It'll just creep Jacob out, and we don't know what effect it will have on Tali. You earned points being nice, anyways.
No. 604618 ID: 0eaf76
File 141676797198.png - (15.82KB , 900x800 , 13.png )

>You kneel down in front of Talia.

>"Hey! Are you alright? She squeezed you kinda hard there...heh."
No. 604619 ID: 0eaf76
File 141676798762.png - (18.79KB , 900x800 , 14.png )

:talia: "..."

No. 604620 ID: 780bbd

"I didn't know your hands are so soft..."
No. 604621 ID: eda819

Pff. Laugh at yourself. Well, ask a stupid question...
No. 604622 ID: 07a835

"Don't tell me you want to beat me up too."
No. 604631 ID: ccea58

wahh what are we gonna do on my face POMF =3
No. 604632 ID: 0eaf76
File 141676872071.png - (24.47KB , 900x800 , 15.png )

>"Don't tell me you want to beat me up too..."

:talia: "..."

:pantyfriend: "She doesn't talk much...do you wanna go back downstairs now that the problem has been resolved?"
No. 604634 ID: ccea58

How old is Talia???
No. 604635 ID: eda819

Stick your hand in front of the one she's waving around so you get a high five.

>want to go back downstairs
But what if there are more mighty spiders to be slain! There could be a nest!
No. 604636 ID: 780bbd

Well, if his sisters don't need anything else from the two of you...

Ask them if they want to play some games too. They don't have to be Call of Booty.
No. 604638 ID: ccea58

It's time to romanticize Talia, I mean, Jacob did try to hook you up with her in the past.
No. 604639 ID: 780bbd

Why did that fail anyway?
No. 604643 ID: 0eaf76
File 141676974414.png - (20.21KB , 900x800 , 16.png )

>"Wait, hey, do you guys like video games?"

:bethany: "Ew, no. I'd rather go outside and kick around a ball or something."

:talia: "...Doggy..."

>"Umm, how old IS Talia?"

:pantyfriend: "Believe it or not, that girl's 20 years old. She acts like a child, though. I think Mom dropped her on her head when she was a baby."

>"That's not very nice to say..."

:pantyfriend: "HEY! I'm allowed to say that! She's my sister!"
No. 604646 ID: ccea58

Alright, lets not romanticize the retard.
No. 604647 ID: e878df

i think she wants you to carry her? or something? i don't even know man, bring her with you. don't do anything sexual to the obviously retarded child though, that's just wrong.
No. 604648 ID: 780bbd

"You know, Jake, for someone who wanted you-know-what, you have an atrocious salesman pitch."
No. 604650 ID: 0eaf76
File 141677025078.png - (26.75KB , 900x800 , 17.png )

>"For someone who wanted you-know-what, you have a horrible sales pitch."

:pantyfriend: "Hey! Shut up!"

>"So...is she...mentally disabled?"

:pantyfriend: "What? No, she's fine. She just...uh...is weird. I guess. No other way to put it. She has a uh, weird fascination with uh--"

:talia: "Ron? How big is your penis?"
No. 604651 ID: ccea58

Whip out your dick.
No. 604653 ID: 07a835

Pretty big, why?
No. 604655 ID: 508532

Give Jacob a weird look, ask her why the hell she wants to know.
No. 604657 ID: eda819

>She has a uh, weird fascination with uh--
>Ron? How big is your penis?
With that, huh?

Ask her, completely strait faced, no voice, no flirting, why she even wants to know.
No. 604658 ID: e878df

"there's a price for finding the answer to that question"
No. 604660 ID: 0eaf76
File 141677057570.png - (26.58KB , 900x800 , 18.png )

>"P-Pretty big? Why the hell do you wanna know?"

:talia: "According to my anatomy books, a canine's sheath is said to be larger than a feline's. I haven't been able to test this theory yet."

:pantyfriend: "...She owns a lot of anatomy books...just uh, leave her be."
No. 604661 ID: ccea58

Give her the dick in exchange for panties.
No. 604663 ID: eda819

Tell her that even if she were to test that with you, one sample doesn't make a very conclusive data set.

Hmm. You could probably trade panties for show and tell if you get the chance to talk to her away from her family (who would not appreciate that if you brought it up now).
No. 604664 ID: e6fcea

No SCIENCE! before you've dated at least once.
No. 604665 ID: 780bbd

"Well, uh, if you really want to, we could, uh, discuss that some other time? Scientifically, I mean."
No. 604667 ID: 07a835

Does this mean she's seen some feline dicks to compare yours to?
No. 604669 ID: e607cd

There are certain lines of discussion which are best handled when not in the presence of other family members, AND THIS IS ONE OF THEM. File this information away for later.
No. 604670 ID: 4754ce

Alright dude, here's what you do. You're both consenting adults, so just give her a hug and say 'maybe later' and ask if she wants to hang out with you and Jacob. Just because she's a hikikomori doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings. Be her friend. Steal her panties.
No. 604671 ID: 780bbd

I'm guessing she bases that on her anatomy books. So she technically saw it.
No. 604677 ID: f461c5

Speaking to her from an entirely cerebral viewpoint sounds the best way to go.

But do leave for more gaems.
No. 604685 ID: 4f004c

Just tell her you've already embarrassed Jacob enough talking with Bethany. Finish the statement with "Maybe later" though.
No. 604687 ID: 19ab17

Whatever you do - do not stick your dick in crazy.

You will regret every minute of it.
No. 604690 ID: b8ceae

Give her your phone number, and tell her you'd be happy to talk to her about it later.
No. 604696 ID: 330ce5

I like this one, you should talk to her more exchange email or phone numbers. Also you have a new mission, get this girl to smile or laugh.
No. 604707 ID: c1dde5

Does she have any proven theories yet?

Play along a little. Tell her that the world isn't ready for some truths. She's embarking on dangerous science. Throw the voice in at the very end to give it a spine tingling punch.

Tell Bethany that there's another spider in her hair.
No. 604709 ID: a2f9bc

Wouldn't she need a bunch of canines to test the theory? Just one is a terrible sample size. Also, where'd she get the experience with felines?

Way too late for that one.
No. 604722 ID: 024b25

>Her hair

mo like her shirt.
No. 604741 ID: 2ec61a

we are already balls deep in crazy. as that one imagine says. there was a line and we crossed it, but let's keep going and see what happens!
No. 604742 ID: b01a28

This. It's the minimum-risk solution.
No. 604787 ID: 95a470

retaliate with a question on rabbit anatomy.
No. 604788 ID: 265534

Well, at least she's only an emotionally detached intellectual instead of a child-like retard. That makes it a lot less awkward when you show her your dick in exchange for girl underwears.
No. 604794 ID: 7648f0

Should definitely hit that.
No. 604795 ID: 0eaf76
File 141679888389.png - (14.49KB , 900x800 , 19.png )

>"Uhh...sorry, not right now. It'd be kind of awkward for everyone..."

>You lean in super close.

>"Maybe later, though..."

:talia: "I never leave my room."

>"I know where to find you then. Hey, Bethany! You sure you don't wanna come down with us~?"

:bethany: "Pfft, nah, I'm good."

>"Whatever, it's your loss."

:pantyfriend: "Come on, come on."

>You both go back downstairs and sit down on the couch. Jacob leans in close to your ear.

:pantyfriend: "So whaddya think? I can't think of anybody who would wanna date her...even if you just gotta kiss her or something..."


:pantyfriend: "She never leaves her room. As her brother, I am not gonna let her go her entire life without hooking up with a guy."
No. 604798 ID: eda819

>As her brother, I am not gonna let her go her entire life without hooking up with a guy
Pimping out your sister, for her own good!

I mean, yeah, she's a little odd, but maybe she just needs someone to come to her.
No. 604801 ID: a2f9bc

Promise your best friend that you'll for sure bring her a constant stream of dicks to study.
No. 604802 ID: 408e5c

Might as well give her a chance. Maybe she's just a total introvert but actually pretty cool once she's out of her shell. No promises to Jacob that anything will happen but let him know that you'll at least try.
No. 604804 ID: ee2c45

"We'll fuck like rabbits. You have my word."
No. 604805 ID: a19cd5

seconding this
No. 604806 ID: 07a835

Ah. A hikikomori. I've always wondered why that happens. Traumatic high school experience? Social anxiety disorder? Autism? Well this is fiction so it doesn't matter.

Tell him you'll go chat with her and see how it goes, but if you're gonna date her she'll have to actually go outside to do it. Does he think she can muster up the gumption to go out again? She has gone to high school, right?

Ron, do you think she's attractive? COULD you bone her in exchange for panties?
No. 604807 ID: 4754ce

Suggest having sex with her quickly if he can distract his other sister.
No. 604809 ID: 534cc4

Grin so hard after saying this for a reaction.
So are we gonna end up doing her then, or just panty steal after wooing her a bit (or something.)
No. 604810 ID: eda819

Maybe take things a little slower than "sure, I'll fuck her".

More like "I wouldn't mind venturing into her room to hang out if Bethany didn't know. Her waiting outside would make it kind of weird."

If we do go in, trade penis examination for panties. Fucking is her bro's priority, not hers, and we'll give her what she wants.
No. 604811 ID: b8ceae

Hahaha yes!
No. 604812 ID: 4754ce

Do her if she wants it.
No. 604813 ID: 0eaf76
File 141680106008.png - (16.31KB , 900x800 , 20.png )

>"Hey, I'll give it a shot...but I'm not gonna promise anything."

:pantyfriend: "I'll take that."

>"If it does work out, we'll fuck like rabbits."

:pantyfriend: "...Keep the details to yourself, Ron."

>"Right. Enough about that, though. Let's start up another game."

>You play for another hour or so.

:pantyfriend: "WOOOOW! What a bullshit loss!"

>"It's only because you were too busy humping that dead NPC."

:pantyfriend: "Shut up! It's a ritual!"


:pantyfriend: "So it's almost 5:30...you want to stay for dinner? Mom'll be home soon...Dad is out."

>"Sure, my parents don't care. I'll run upstairs and go to the bathroom real quick, though."

:pantyfriend: "Sure thing."

>You go upstairs.

Okay, guys. Where should I start looking for panties? Or should I pop in and say hi to Talia?
No. 604815 ID: ccea58

Say hi to Talia.
No. 604816 ID: 07a835

Check in Jacob's room. Check under his bed, or look for boxes in his closet.
No. 604818 ID: a2f9bc

Just walk into Talia's room and start rifling through her drawers. I'm curious how she'll react.
No. 604819 ID: 4754ce

Pop in and say Hi to Talia.
No. 604820 ID: 2ec61a

yes, just walk in, put her panties on your head so they go POOF. and see what she thinks of you magical ability to annihilate panties.
No. 604823 ID: b8ceae

Bethany's gone, right? Check her room first, then visit Talia and give her what she wants.
No. 604824 ID: 7648f0

It would be a crime if you didn't say hello. She was basically inviting you in for boning dude!
No. 604825 ID: eda819

Go say hi to Talia. We have a trade to make.
No. 604827 ID: a0daa4

Stealing panties right now is a little risky. If they notice panties are missing, then we're the only suspect.

We might be able to ask them to give us some panties under the pretense of using them to lure out the Panty Rogue. Bethany already knows about our plans to capture the pantie thief, so our request shouldn't sound too suspicious.

For now, let's just go talk to Talia
No. 604828 ID: 0eaf76
File 141680254239.png - (11.68KB , 900x800 , 21.png )

>Go into Talia's drawers and just look around.

Huh. I feel like Talia wouldn't really mind. That's just my intuition though. Which room would be her's, though? I guess I'll just open up random rooms until I find it.

>You begin to peek into doors, and eventually you find a dark room. A single light comes from the corner.
No. 604829 ID: 0eaf76
File 141680255618.png - (107.38KB , 900x800 , 22.png )

Eugh, it smells like nutmeg in here.

:talia: "Please close the door."


:talia: "Oh. It's the dog. You can come in. Shut the door behind you."
No. 604830 ID: 0eaf76
File 141680256728.png - (76.25KB , 900x800 , 23.png )

Hmmm, she has a dresser over here. Let's see...
No. 604831 ID: 0eaf76
File 141680257324.png - (97.80KB , 900x800 , 24.png )

>You open the top drawer.

...What the fuck--
No. 604832 ID: a19cd5

Looks like standard-fare goth stuff. Ask her if she's a fan of Poe.
No. 604833 ID: 07a835

Ask her what animal these came from.
No. 604834 ID: 2839a0

congrats on finding your first yandere. now remember, once you promise yourself to her, she will ignore space and time to murder you anytime in the past you were unfaithful.

good luck!
No. 604835 ID: a2f9bc

Well that's not panties. Keep checking places while trying not to think about how your dick is a 'specimen'.
No. 604836 ID: eda819

Huh. Comment on the fact that she's got a collection!

Uh, you'd be willing to let her take her measurements, or an examination, but you're not sure you're willing to donate a specimen.

Ply her with the voice, too.

Raise the point you have your own 'collection', and the possibility of a trade.
No. 604837 ID: b8ceae

"Studying biology, I see. Where did you get these?"
Check the other drawers. See what kind of neat stuff she has.
I'm pretty sure that skull is too small to come from an intelligent creature, unless it's from a child. Wait, do you even have non-sentient animals on your world?
No. 604840 ID: 0eaf76
File 141680391740.png - (66.11KB , 900x800 , 25.png )

>Ask her about her collection.

Oh you know I'll just casually inquire her about her collection of BONES, ORGANS AND TEETH. How are you guys not freaking out right now?!
No. 604841 ID: 0eaf76
File 141680392736.png - (87.60KB , 900x800 , 26.png )

:talia: "What are you doing--"


>You slam the drawer shut.
No. 604842 ID: 0eaf76
File 141680393453.png - (76.38KB , 900x800 , 27.png )


:talia: "They're not real, you know. They're made out of silicone. They're anatomically correct, though...the organs I mean. The skull is hard plastic."

No. 604844 ID: a0daa4

That's some borderline serial killer shit right there. Do non-anthropomorphic animals even exist in this world, or is that a persons skull?
No. 604845 ID: a2f9bc

Ask her if she has anatomically correct canine dongs.
No. 604846 ID: 2ec61a

see dude, you were so suspicious and they are just plastic.
anyway. if she wants to measure you now, that's cool, and ask for a pair in exchange.
No. 604847 ID: eda819

>they're not real
Tell her, oh, okay. That's a relief. You were kind of freaked out there, for a minute.

So... how does this work then? Why's she so interested in this? (Flatter her with the voice a little, get her passionate talking about her passion).
No. 604848 ID: 07a835

Jeez Ron. We're not freaking out because even if they were real they'd just be scientific curiosities. She is a NERD, Ron. She is a huge biology nerd. Understand now? But yeah it's pretty fucking gross too. Maybe that's why they're in a drawer.

But hey why not actually talk to her and get to know her passion for biology-- ask her why she has them. Is she doing research for a paper?
No. 604850 ID: 4754ce

Show her your penis.
No. 604853 ID: a0daa4

Just straight up ask her if you can have some of her panties. Say it's for a good cause.
No. 604859 ID: bb78f2

Ask her when she started this interest.
No. 604862 ID: ccea58

You need to give her the dick.
No. 604864 ID: a19cd5

Told ya, standard-fare goth stuff. Now, my vote is to just straight up go "Ok so your bro is trying to set you up with me. Figured you should know that the get-go."
No. 604865 ID: 74b1ed

Calm down my man. Relax. You aren't going to get gutted, there are people in the house. She isn't going to hurt you. Some people have weird interests.

I mean most people would be repulsed by some creep who goes around hitting on literally everyone and trying to put panties on his head, so.
Just roll with the punches here.
No. 604867 ID: 0eaf76
File 141680690053.png - (77.67KB , 900x800 , 28.png )

>Ask her about her passion. Her passion for Biology. Use the voice too.

>"Uhh, so I see you're passionate about anatomy and Biology and stuff, right~?"

:talia: "Yes. It's cool."

>"Why are you so into it?"

:talia: "I see people as walking figures of flesh and blood. Emotions are not important to me. I want to know what's inside people."

>"C-Cool. So did you want to see my uh--"

:talia: "Yes."

>She shoves you against the dresser and pulls off your pants.

>"H-Hey wait--"

:talia: "I won't chop it off. Don't worry."

>"Alright...hey, funny question. But in exchange for this, can I have a pair of your panties?"

:talia: "They're in the bottom drawer."


Ohhh, she's rubbing it ohhh my god.

:talia: "I need to make it grow to its full length."

>"Y-Yeah you do that...~"

:talia: "I need a ruler, now."

>"Are you uh, just gonna leave it like this?"

:talia: "I have no desire to help you orgasm."

No. 604869 ID: 4754ce

Use the voice, justify that by assisting she can get a firsthand experience of the way your cock works and reacts to stimuli, and this is a perfect time to apply science.
No. 604870 ID: ccea58

Damn, she straight up iced you.
No. 604871 ID: 408e5c

Focus on the prize, 3 more panties for a big points boost once she's done! Endure it and try not to make things more awkward by being premature!
No. 604872 ID: eda819

>I have no desire to help you orgasm.
*Voice* Would it be rude of me to get myself there, then?

After she's taken her measurements, of course.

(Yes, you're asking if it's okay to masturbate in front of her).
No. 604873 ID: 74b1ed

Well though I hate to stereotype I'd say judging by here total lack of interest in anyone and predisposition to see people as walking flesh sacks she's probably asexual.
I doubt flirting with her further will lead anywhere.
No. 604874 ID: d90668

You know with canines it wont reach its full shape and size until just before orgasm. Any measurements you took now would be somewhat inaccurate.
No. 604875 ID: 2ec61a

that's the talk of a QUITTER!
No. 604876 ID: a2f9bc

What, she doesn't want to fully study the specimen? I guess she's not as passionate about biology as we thought.
No. 604877 ID: a19cd5

This is actually true, what with knots and all that.
No. 604878 ID: bb78f2

Sure, um, yep.
You know, if you REALLY wanted to try and experiment with Jacob right now, it might be the time. I don't see anyone else that would take care of your boner and masturbating is sooooo yesterday. Bethany probably won't help at all. Just be honest, like, "hey, we're 19, these are the college years. Your sister is a total dead end and nothing's going to happen. I know you and me are straight and looking for girls, but, maybe we could just have some fun? Would that be too awkward? It's just what two straight dudes might do post 18 pre-25 you know? Just to say we did? Or not really ever admit it or mention it again, but we at least know we tried it once. Both of us are probably going to do it, like, at least once in the next few years and since we're one of each other's best friends, it would probably be between us anyway. So..."

Might ask Talia what Bethany's obsession with beating you up is, if she knows.
No. 604881 ID: bb78f2

that or you could do the knot thing mentioned above.
You're call.
You're probably going to bone Jacob one day soon though. Just thought, fuck it, it's 5 o'clock on the second day and we might die tomorrow.
No. 604882 ID: 07a835

So she's not interested in dating anyone at all, then?

Dude just ignore your boner.
No. 604883 ID: 4754ce

I vote knot thing.
No. 604884 ID: b8ceae

Panties earned. Mission accomplished.
If you're that worked up then you have a high priestess who can help. There's no need to push here.
No. 604885 ID: 0eaf76
File 141680933016.png - (79.00KB , 900x800 , 29.png )

>"Didn't you know? A canine's penis is at it's full length right before orgasm..."

:talia: "Hmm? Are you sure you didn't make that up?"

>"Go ahead and try~"

:talia: "..."


:talia: "..."
No. 604886 ID: 0eaf76
File 141680934697.png - (82.66KB , 900x800 , 30.png )

:talia: "..."

>"A-Aghh! Talia s-slow down!"

:talia: "..."

>"Uuh, oh g-god!"
No. 604887 ID: 4754ce

No. 604888 ID: a2f9bc

Wait, where's her ruler!? The ruler??!?!?!?
No. 604889 ID: a19cd5

No. 604890 ID: bb78f2

margret thatcher on a cold day!
No. 604892 ID: b8ceae

Great, now you have to return the favor.
Use the voice to suggest you move this over to the bed, then flip her into a 69.
No. 604893 ID: eda819

She got the pre-right-before-the-end measurements already, right? And she has a jar to collect the effluent sample when you produce it?

Gotta do this science right!
No. 604894 ID: b47317

No. 604895 ID: 07a835

Oh lordy, you better tell her to stop at the right time or she's just going to stab you after you jizz on her face.
No. 604903 ID: 9a3996


I must agree. You've already got the girl on your dick, might as well make the most of it.
No. 604916 ID: 3f42e6

You're a dog. That means you have "bulbus glandis", also known as "the knot". So, you weren't really lying about the whole growing bigger thing.
No. 604917 ID: 07a835

I don't think he does.
No. 604918 ID: 0eaf76
File 141681542273.png - (74.20KB , 900x800 , 31.png )

>Just as you're about to splooge, she measures it quickly and pulls out a tiny jar.

>"Oh god I'm trying to hold it b-but I c-caaa--"

>You ejaculate in the jar.

I'm sorry guys...I just couldn't...

:talia: "Thanks. The panties are in the bottom drawer."

>"Uhh...th-this is a uh, bad time to mention this...but your brother kinda wanted me to ah...date you."

:talia: "What?"

>"He said you were kind of lonely so...if you wanna go out somewhere..."

:talia: "We can hang out in my room."

>"...Do you never go outside? Isn't that bad for you?"

:talia: "I take vitamins and eat 3 meals a day. I am fine."


:talia: "But not many people like me. So it's fine if you want to leave. Don't force yourself."
No. 604919 ID: 4c6a0b

Stay with her and like, return the favor. Offer her oral.
No. 604921 ID: 0bc138

ask about what she was doing before you came in
No. 604922 ID: eda819

>We can hang out in my room.
>But not many people like me. So it's fine if you want to leave. Don't force yourself.
And she's blushing! She likes you.

Dude, hang out. The weird girl likes you and is in need of company. Get to know her. We got time.
No. 604923 ID: 0d8ff4

I rather hope he doesn't.
No. 604924 ID: a19cd5

Well, we'll make a note to visit sometime then.
In fact, let's let her in on the whole godhood secret, way I figure it we can offer our god powers as a reward for helping us attain them, right?
What proper scientist would pass up a chance to work with god himself?
No. 604926 ID: e30e12

Ron you have to get that semen back your powerful seed is too dangerous to be in this witch-woman's clutches
No. 604930 ID: a2f9bc

Would she be fine with Ron bringing friends to hang out? One or two at a time, not anything crazy. Got plans at the moment, but no reason we can't come and chill from time to time. She could probably use a broadening of social circles anyhow.
No. 604932 ID: 07a835

Tell her she's really seriously spooky so uh, maybe. You'll think about it.

Ron just take the panties and go I don't think you actually want to hang out with her and it'd be just awkward if you did.
No. 604933 ID: 0eaf76
File 141681764287.png - (80.78KB , 900x800 , 32.png )

>"Nah uh, you're really interesting."

:talia: "..."

>"What were you doing before I barged in on ya?"

>You awkwardly zip up your pants.

:talia: "Doing research."

>You sit down beside her at the laptop.

:talia: "..."

>"Jeez I don't understand any of this science-y stuff."

:talia: "You smell good."
No. 604936 ID: a2f9bc

She ever think about going to school for this stuff? Or does she take online courses or something?
No. 604937 ID: 4c6a0b

Kiss her! Kiss her and say you like the smell of nutmeg!
No. 604938 ID: 07a835

My prediction is proving quite true I see.

Do you wear deodorant or something? Tell her your brand. If not, just uh, tell her thanks. She's never been this close to a man before?
No. 604939 ID: eda819

>You smell good.
Really? What do I smell like? Smells kind of like nutmeg in here, to me.

You grabbed the panties when she pointed the drawer out to you earlier, right? Obviously we can't put them on till later, but it would be silly if you forgot.
No. 604940 ID: 408e5c

T-thanks? Note to Ron-self, don't forget to grab three pairs from the drawer instead of just one. Plus, if you want to show off the panty god powers thing to her, then you can do a repeatable experiment for her to measure and science with.
No. 604943 ID: 6cb462

Grab the panties already. Do not complain if Pantsu gives you a low score. at this point, you should be expecting a low score by now.
No. 604944 ID: 07a835

Does she smell like nutmeg or is that just the room?
No. 604945 ID: 01745f

I share your inclination to tell her about the panty god powers for science purposes; we might find out something interesting or useful. As far as telling people goes she is fairly low risk since she wouldn't become a likely competitor since she doesn't leave her room, and if she told people they would just think she was being weird again.
No. 604946 ID: 7648f0

Yeah you gotta capitalize on the moment.
No. 604947 ID: 408e5c

Kissing her is too bold a move for now, especially when she seems embarassed by the whole thing at this point. Save it for later, perhaps suggesting your willingness to take place in any further experiments she may need to do!
No. 604948 ID: a7a6b0

Slap the panties on, get yourself past the 100 mark. Perhaps we can test our new power for her?

Also if we have the same choices, don't go with Love again - it would probably go somewhere close to mind control and that stuff isn't very nice.
No. 604953 ID: 3f42e6

Nah mate, we got to min-max like a pro. We're in it to win it. We can't let our opponents get an edge on us.

Besides, love is the funnest thing to upgrade.
>best thing for acquiring new followers
>best method to get panties without resorting to stealing or violence
>best way to get laid
And I doubt Ron would ever use his powers for evil.
No. 604958 ID: a7a6b0

>And I doubt Ron would ever use his powers for evil.

Then what's the point of upgrading Love any more? Mind control -is- evil. He won't be able to use it on non-evil things.
No. 604961 ID: 3f42e6

What makes you think he'll get mind control powers?

For all we know, the next love upgrade will give him the power to spontaneously break into song with a voice that sounds just like Robin Gibb's.
Something like this:
Of course, the songs would including the adorable dancing background animals, leading to the complete bewilderment of the girl.

That's just an example. My point is, love magic doesn't have to be creepy mind control stuff. It can be fun and self aware too.
I think you're misinterpreting the tone of this quest if you think Ron is going to start date-raping people. You're assuming the worst instead of expecting the best.
No. 604962 ID: b8ceae

Ron is going to fight to the death within the next 24 hours.

He NEEDS to spend the next point on Battle.
No. 604964 ID: a7a6b0

I just know that I've seen more lighthearted fares than this suddenly turn into some ultra-creepy grimdarkness. Can't be too careful.

Plus I still think combat would be more important, because there is a fight coming up.
No. 604976 ID: c1dde5

Maybe this is a good chance to shake her worldview. Try to strike a deal. If you can demonstrate that magic and unexplained events are real then will she leave her room to join you on your panty quest?
If she agrees then put some panties on your head and get her to put more pairs on your head so she can verify. Then bring her downstairs to Jacob and the family.

Also she's just too cute.
No. 604979 ID: 330ce5

Do you like the smell of nutmeg? Earlier you said her room smelled like nutmeg so maybe you can compliment her on that. Also rub her head she seems like someone who would like that.
No. 604988 ID: 330ce5

you should show her a magic trick grab three panties and put them on your head. I think you can tell her and it will be alright, plus showing her a secret is like a huge sign of trust. You trust her she trusts and together you will make panty stealing gadgets of doom!
No. 604989 ID: 2ec61a

yes, let's blow her mind.
No. 604996 ID: eda819

...I'm kind of not convinced we should be upending her world with demonstrations of panty magic. Could end up backfiring, badly.

What happened to just being nice to a girl who wanted someone to spend some time with her? Stop being selfish, we already got her panties and a handjob, sheesh.
No. 604997 ID: a7a6b0

>a handjob

Well we should at least ask if she'd like us to return a favor, shouldn't we? It's just common courtesy.
No. 605064 ID: 0eaf76
File 141687077759.png - (81.13KB , 900x800 , 33.png )

>"Do I?"

:talia: "Yeah."

>"Well you smell like nutmeg."

>You lean in close and sniff her.

>"I kinda like nutmeg, to be honest."

:talia: "..."

>"Hmm...? You're so quiet..."

>You wrap your arm around her shoulder.

>"So do you go to school at all?"

:talia: "No. All I know is from what I read in books and professional journals."

>"Wow...that's amazing."

:talia: "...You should leave."
No. 605067 ID: a7a6b0

"Okay. See you later."

Better not argue. Bid farewell, head out and put those panties on.
No. 605069 ID: 74b1ed

Backpedal a bit and apologize for coming on so strong.
Maybe ask what you did wrong.
No. 605071 ID: 4754ce

Before you leave, ask her what her favorite type of food is.

Bring it next time.
No. 605073 ID: 6cb462

Leave and put panties on, and do not complain about the score you'll get, even if it is a quarter of a point.
No. 605074 ID: 0bc138

ask her if she doesn't want you to return the favor before you go. use the voice
No. 605075 ID: 330ce5

Yeah you gotta go, didn't you tell your friend that you had to go to the bathroom? Longest pee break EVER!!!
No. 605078 ID: b47317

Seconding this. I think that's mostly just embarrassment, she can't handle being hit on like this I bet.
No. 605079 ID: bab079

Alright, you'll go.

Would she like it if you stopped by again, sometime?
No. 605084 ID: 330ce5

Exchange contact info before you go, and don't forget to grab those panties, bottom drawer if you forgot.
No. 605085 ID: a2f9bc

Don't be a creepy asshole, just leave casual like. Don't apologize either, that recontextualizes your behaviour as creepy.

Maybe she wants you to leave because she's uncomfortable with the advances, maybe she wants you to leave because she needs time to process her feelings. Either way, she's made herself clear. She doesn't need or want Ron to offer her sexual favors right now; that's incredibly goddamn obvious.

At most, ask her when a good time to come hang out again would be.
No. 605093 ID: 07a835

You sound like you're patronizing her. Which... you are, aren't you. You shouldn't. Ask her what's wrong, get chewed out, then leave in shame.

Don't forget to get your panties.
No. 605105 ID: 0eaf76
File 141687423434.png - (24.30KB , 900x800 , 34.png )

>"O-Oh, are you sure you don't want me to return the favor, heh? As in...a bit of oral stimulati--"

:talia: "Get out."

>"Right, right."

>You stand up and retrieve 3 pairs of panties from the bottom drawer. It smells like clean laundry.

>"Before I go, what's your favorite food?"

:talia: "Bran."


:talia: "Plain bran, oats, grains, rice, anything."


>You step out into the hallway, and close the door behind you.

Ohhh god, that was awful. I'm pretty sure she hates me...oh well. Better actually find the bathroom so I can slip these on...

>You sneak into the upstairs bathroom and lock the door. You then put on all three pairs of panties.


:pantsu: "Jesus! Took ya long enough, ya crazy canine!"

:pantyron: "Yeah, yeah. Just gimme my points."

:pantsu: "Tch! Not with that attitude! Alright let's see...you're now at 121 on your power level!"

:pantyron: "Hmm, not bad."

:pantsu: "And you know what comes next...gotta pick one of three power-up options! Love, Battle, and Utility! Love, pertaining to your luck with the fairer sex, Battle, pertaining to abilities used during fights, and Utility, which are completely randomized powers that could fall into any category!"
No. 605106 ID: b8ceae

Seeing as how you're going to fight to the death within the next 24 hours? Battle.
No. 605107 ID: 44f38a

Let's go for utility. It should be related to panty collecting so it will let us get battle fairly quickly I reckon.
No. 605108 ID: b47317

Yeah, we asked for that. Maybe we shouldn't be so reliant on seduction here. Might as well go for Utility.
No. 605110 ID: 330ce5

Utility, need a reason because convenient powers are convenient.
No. 605111 ID: 6cb462

We have a panty rogue to capture tonight, and odds are he isn't going down without a fight, so battle. Be sure to thank her as well.
No. 605115 ID: c3e610

Congrats, nutmeg and favor people, we outweirded the weird sister.

No. 605116 ID: 330ce5

your voice is no longer enough to woo the ladies, choose Love. Besides since you got the voice you have gotten soooooo many panties man, Love is the way to go!
No. 605117 ID: 330ce5

choose the power of LOVE!!!
No. 605119 ID: 4754ce

Utility or Battle. Utility seems more...useful. Creative use of Utility over straight combat.
No. 605120 ID: 07a835

Utility. We have another entire day to get Battle powers and they can't be used outside of Battle challenges.
No. 605121 ID: 408e5c

Like last time, gotta vote towards taking something for Battle. Ron's no fighter by the looks of him, and now that we have an edge (of mildly questionable value thus far) in his wooing of the ladies, it's time to get something to make up for his lacking physical abilities.
Or if it comes down to Love and Utility then I vote Utility.
No. 605122 ID: ee2c45

Gambling on Utility
No. 605123 ID: a2f9bc

Go with Battle since fighting is a thing you've gotta do.

Also reflect on the fact that your voice likely hasn't meaningfully contributed to your gaining panties in any way so far. At all. It's been completely useless as a panty-gathering mechanism.
No. 605124 ID: 330ce5

You are right, this is why we need a stronger love ability!
No. 605125 ID: 1444df

No. 605128 ID: a7a6b0

Let's go with Utility. It'll likely be more useful overall and I bet can do something good in combat too if the user is creative.

And we're creative as fuck.
No. 605130 ID: eaa466

Utility up in this bitch.
No. 605132 ID: 534cc4

No. 605134 ID: e4e292

I say go for utility.
No. 605135 ID: 330ce5

No. 605136 ID: c08caf

We need some Utility!
No. 605137 ID: 4754ce

There is literally no reason for this shit.
No. 605138 ID: 024b25

No. 605140 ID: a5478c

Battle, we'll want it tonight
No. 605147 ID: 0a8cd7

No. 605149 ID: 0eaf76
File 141687746301.png - (16.17KB , 900x800 , 35.png )


:pantsu: "Fun choice! You're really gamblin' for it, eh? For the Utility power-up you get..."
No. 605150 ID: 0eaf76
File 141687747576.png - (12.92KB , 900x800 , 36.png )

:pantsu: "The ability to read people's minds!"

> :)
No. 605151 ID: 0eaf76
File 141687748227.png - (11.62KB , 900x800 , 37.png )

:pantsu: "...Non-selectively."

No. 605154 ID: d5f3c4

Oh god. You are going to be driven mad by the voices. You will never sleep again.
No. 605155 ID: c3e610

By that, do you mean randomly or everybody?
No. 605156 ID: 2ec61a

ask to clarify the non-selective part. what decides what you hear? cause hearing everyone on earth at the same time would probably cause our head to explode.
No. 605159 ID: 07a835

OH LAWDY. Get more information on that. Can you at least turn it off?
No. 605160 ID: b35619

Way to keep coming onto the girl who didn't want it. Geez.

Please tell me I can turn it off so I'm not inundated with terrible thoughts when I don't want them.

Also, test if mind reading or voice work on Pantsu. For reasons.
No. 605162 ID: 534cc4

D-Does this mean WE can initiate it, not Ron? Or will we walk into a room and hear people complaining about stuff like food stains and how much they wanna tap that ass over there?
No. 605163 ID: 4754ce

I think it may be we might not hear anything useful, just subconscious things that they may want or need to do, or steps they need to take. It's really open to interpretation, so it's best to ask for clarification from Pantsu.
No. 605166 ID: a2f9bc

I am okay with this. I wouldn't want selective mind-reading since posters would just constantly say to mind read everyone and that's tedious and obnoxious. Let the mind-reading flow as it will.

Thanks Pantsu, you're the best!
No. 605174 ID: 19ab17

I leave for a few hours and you idiots don't choose battle?! The fuck, mang?!

Well, suppose it's not all bad. Bathroom, then look around. That was a 22 point score, so we need another 29. Think we can nab that from the other sisters and mother?
No. 605175 ID: 6cb462

Since you've chosen utility instead of battle, you're going to have to get at least one person who knows a bit about fighting for the underwear rogue.
No. 605180 ID: 07a835

Battle abilities can't be used outside of challenges anyway. It wouldn't have helped against the rogue.
No. 605182 ID: 0eaf76
File 141687941369.png - (21.29KB , 900x800 , 38.png )

>"Am I gonna have to listen to everyone in the world?"

:pantsu: "Of course not~ You'll be restricted to the person you're zoning in on mentally. Like me for example, and if you turned to a different person you wouldn't hear my thoughts anymore. But you'll be able to hear random snippets of their thoughts in your own head, phrases, sentences, maybe even just words. Depends on how hard you concentrate! But if you concentrate too hard you'll just be awkwardly staring at them and...then they'll stop talking to you."


:pantsu: "Can't control what you hear, how much you hear or when you'll hear it! It'll just pop up like some annoying advertisement!"

>"Oh...well that's...cool?"

:pantsu: "Hey it's my pleasure! Now get out there and steal some panties!"

>You are back in the bathroom.
No. 605183 ID: 01745f

See if your power can hear anything through the walls.
No. 605184 ID: 6cb462

I'd say get more panties from Jacob's other sisters, but Jacob has been waiting like 30 MINUTES for you. Check with him, it might be almost dinner anyway, and you can even try out the power then.
No. 605186 ID: 534cc4

Seems sensible.
>>605183 something to try for later, I bet we have to be looking at and within a reasonable distance of the person we want to mind read.
No. 605189 ID: 0eaf76
File 141688040983.png - (19.30KB , 900x800 , 39.png )

>Go check on Jacob.

Oh shit. It's been like half an hour, hasn't it?

>You go downstairs. Jacob is in the kitchen with his Mom.

:pantyfriend: "Holy crap, there you are! What were you doing up there?! Cleaning the bathroom as well as shitting in it? (...I hope he had a chance to do at least something with Talia...)

>"E-Erh, yeah. Bathroom. Right."

>Jacob's mother waves to you.

"Good evening, Jacob. Will you be staying the night?"
No. 605190 ID: 2ec61a

yes. (we still have more sisters to perv up)
No. 605191 ID: 6cb462

Yes, have dinner with them. Try out your powers, but don't be too invested with what they think. remember, Pantsu said you would make things awkward if you concentrate too hard.
No. 605192 ID: 07a835

Sure, but you've got something to do later in the evening so you'll have to come back to hang out before bedtime.

Where would you be sleeping? Do they have a guest room?
No. 605194 ID: a19cd5

No. 605195 ID: 4f004c

>(...I hope he had a chance to do at least something with Talia...)
I think Talia creeps him out and he just wants somebody to get her to stop. After all, he's less enthusiastic about hearing about the things, despite constantly saying "Go do something with her."
No. 605196 ID: a2f9bc

I guess? Going out for ADVENTURE first though.
No. 605200 ID: 0eaf76
File 141688161995.png - (23.16KB , 900x800 , 40.png )

>"Yeah, probably. Me and Jacob are going out later tonight."

:jacobmom: "Oh! How fun! I hope you boys are safe out there, okay? (...wonder where they're going...)"

:pantyfriend: "Bahh, don't worry. We'll be fine. Just going to the park to run around a bit, get some fresh air."

:jacobmom: "Ahh...take a few jackets. It'll be chilly! And Jacob, I hope you don't mind me making corn stew. I know you'd prefer beef..."

>"Anything is fine! You're a wonderful cook."

:jacobmom: "I try my best, hehe."

:pantyfriend: "So who all's going to the park?"

>"Erm, Emy, Eleanor, You, Me...and that's it I think. Do we need more people?"

Who else am I going to invite? I don't have anyone else I can really turn to. Bethany is at a party, Talia wouldn't be much help...
No. 605203 ID: 4f004c

Invite the androgynous lazy bear. It'd be nice to see more of what kind of person Brady is.
No. 605205 ID: a2f9bc

Invite his mom.

No wait, your dad!
No. 605206 ID: 07a835

Who else can you contact? I know you have the deer chick's phone number, but who else? Reina maybe?
No. 605207 ID: 3164bd

Pretty sure you have a good collection right about now, more people at this point feels like more of a chance for things to go wrong.
No. 605209 ID: 6cb462

How about Clarissa? If you are taking Eleanor, might as well try to get Clarissa as well so she doesn't get upset you are taking Eleanor with you.

Also, how about Reina? She seems strong, and lions do love to hunt. I understand if you don't want to since she is scary.
No. 605219 ID: c08caf

You should get used to your mind reading. Ask Jacob to help you out, he will find out sooner or later anyway.
No. 605223 ID: a19cd5

Deer chick. Seriously, we need an excuse to have her swing by again.
No. 605224 ID: 4754ce

Reina for sure
No. 605229 ID: 6cb462

Oh yeah, if you are going for Reina, you should have Emy or Eleanor call and ask her over.
No. 605231 ID: 9dd1ee

Reina is my vote
No. 605233 ID: 0eaf76
File 141688448979.png - (20.86KB , 900x800 , 41.png )


I'll ask Eleanor about that. I have no idea if that would be too many people though...if we have too many it'll be kind of inconvenient.


Oh hell no. I'm not asking her to come along on this stupid vigilante mission. She probably has important things to do anyways...

>Deer chick?

Do you really think she'd be up for something like this? Pretty sure she's digging in another guy's pants right now.

>The front door opens and closes.

"I'm home!"

>A girl comes around the corner.

:pantyfriend: "Yo, Annalynn."

"Yo. Ron's here? Sup'. (...Man, I'm hungry...)"
No. 605234 ID: 07a835

Oh! Ask her if she's gonna go out with her sister to that party. Maybe she can come with too?
No. 605236 ID: 6cb462

Good idea, but I think we should see if Clarissa is coming or not. if she isn't, we can invite that sister.
No. 605245 ID: bb78f2

Who's her? The older sister?
No. 605251 ID: d25a80

This power ain't half bad, and this is the sister that goes to college, right? She probably won't like to go panty theif hunting it looks like she just got off of work. You can ask Jacob he can think of anyone.
No. 605253 ID: 0eaf76
File 141688714017.png - (18.55KB , 900x800 , 42.png )

>"Hey, Annalynn. Uhh, are you free tonight?"

:annalynn: "No, why?"

>"Me and Jacob and a few friends are going out to the park...do you wanna tag along?"

I'll tell her the details later...

:annalynn: "I don't particularly want to go. I'd rather just chill here."

>"R-Right, well that's fine too. It wasn't really anything important."

:annalynn: "Mom, what's for dinner?"

:jacobmom: "Corn stew, dearie."

:annalynn: "Awesome. I'm gonna go get changed. (...such a creep...)"

>Annalynn goes upstairs.

>Who's that?

Annalynn is Jacob's younger sister. She acts a lot more mature than everyone in this household, even though she's only 17. Anyways, I'm gonna send a text to Eleanor right quick, ask about Clarissa.
No. 605254 ID: 0eaf76
File 141688715488.png - (20.21KB , 900x800 , 45.png )

:jacobmom: "Ron, do you want to take this bowl of stew up to Talia's room? I usually bring it up myself...but I'm a bit busy now."
No. 605257 ID: 4754ce

Do it, tell her it smells good. Drop it off, don't linger and let Talia eat alone unless she specifically asks or thinks for you to stay.
No. 605258 ID: 07a835

Ummm... okay.

Time to find out if she really hates you or if it was just too much all at once. When you get up there you should probably NOT focus on reading her mind until you deliver the soup. I expect you'll probably wind up spilling the hot soup onto yourself if you focus on her too much while you're carrying it.
No. 605259 ID: a2f9bc


Maybe knock on Talia's door this time, your departure was kind of awkward.
No. 605263 ID: 0eaf76
File 141688784256.png - (22.66KB , 900x800 , 46.png )

>"Uh, s-sure. I wouldn't mind that."

:jacobmom: "Thank you, honey. Talia doesn't eat with us at the table. She prefers to have her meals brought to her."

>You take the bowl and return upstairs to Talia's room. You knock on the door.

"Who is it?"

>"It's Ron, your Mom told me to bring food."

"Leave it on the dresser."

>You open the door. It is still dark.

:talia: "..."

That soup does smell really good mixed with the nutmeg...

:talia: "Go ahead and leave now. (...frontal lobe...hippocampus...femur bone...)"

>You close the door.
No. 605264 ID: b8ceae

Stick around and listen to her thoughts for a few minutes.
No. 605265 ID: 2ec61a

i think she's neutral. slightly in favor of you, but is just super blunt. she has enough she says it and gives no reason why.
No. 605266 ID: 07a835

Ask her if she hates you now. People tend to think you're a creep so you wouldn't be surprised.
No. 605268 ID: 74b1ed

We aren't going to get this girl to like us any more by sticking around when she doesn't want us to.
We already have a pretty good reputation as a creep and I don't think we want to sink even lower by having other creepy people consider us especially creepy.
No. 605270 ID: 4754ce

Don't do that.
Do this. Try through the door. If you're caught, explain that you're nervous about how you feel but don't want to come off as a creep.
No. 605271 ID: 6cb462

while you head back, text Emy the time and place to meet, and to be careful. Also, you might want to have her research this underwear thief, like where he usually strikes.
No. 605272 ID: a2f9bc

Eh, I don't think she hates you, she's just really invested in her thing. Her research is more important than you are, that's all, Ron.

Just leave her alone, it's what she wants.
No. 605273 ID: 0eaf76
File 141688874369.png - (15.65KB , 900x800 , 47.png )

>Try and listen to her thoughts through the door.

I doubt that'll work...but why the hell not.

>You push your face against the door.

Hmm...oh...I can hear really quiet words...





(...oggy...eight...length of...)

Is she talking about my dick?

(...miss him...why I don't...outside...)

God I can barely pick up what she's saying. It'd be easier if I was face to face with her.
No. 605278 ID: a2f9bc

Leave her be for now. You can offer to get her bowl after dinner or something, but overexposure isn't something you want for now.
No. 605279 ID: b47317

Hey, let's not push our luck here.
Seriously, increasing our reputation as a creep is not going to make this any easier, so let's just take the info we can get and be done with it, you dig?
No. 605281 ID: 6cb462

Slip a note through the bottom of the door saying that if she is interested in helping you out to meet you guys at the park at 10 pm, and leave it at that.

next, Text Emy as you go back.
No. 605282 ID: 01745f

Turn around now or someone will show up behind you (if they haven't already).
No. 605283 ID: 07a835

...oh. She liked you, despite coming on so strong. Sounds like she doesn't like to go outside because she gets attached to people and wants to focus on her studies instead.

I think you should visit her again later. Maybe after you get some food?
No. 605284 ID: 19ab17


Back up - either she's really into you and is having an internal crisis or she is paranoid that you're reading her thoughts and trying to trick her.

If she's into it, she'll come out. If not, let her be.
No. 605292 ID: 534cc4

I agree with all of this.
No. 605295 ID: a2f9bc

I think I've figured out the gaps in what she said... thought(?) on that last line:

"I'm glad I can dismiss him, I don't know why I don't have a lock so I can keep the creeps outside so I can study in peace."
No. 605298 ID: bb78f2

Dude, take it from a loner voice that narratively speaking, you can't even hear stories and advice from as an individual with experience and can only take their directions because you are a tool of entertainment value.
Leave her be.
She's fine man. She's curious, go away before you screw something up. You want to apologize for being presumptuous and being a creepy dick? Well that chance was when you were in her room. It's okay, she'll forget later. She's focused on more important shit to her and she'll remember the handjob and your interest in her more than your creepiness because you're hot and you're two inches above average.
The younger sister will call you out because she has a selection of hot young seniors and juniors to choose from that know how to convey interest.
No. 605308 ID: 2ec61a

that is a lot of gap fillage. how about we assume nothing.
No. 605310 ID: ee0a31

Leave her be.
No. 605312 ID: 07a835

...how about some slightly more likely filling in the gaps?

(I) miss him (this is) why I don't (go) outside
No. 605319 ID: ccea58

Leave her be, no harem bullshit, we already have Emy.
No. 605321 ID: 0eaf76
File 141689332519.png - (24.01KB , 900x800 , 48.png )

>Just leave her be.

>"Yeah, I'm just gonna go get dinner."

>You phone buzzes off in your pocket. It's Eleanor.

[Clarissa doesn't really want to come lol sorry but I'll meet you at the park at 10!]

>You then send a text to Emy, specifying the time and place and go back downstairs. The table is all set with bowls and silverware.

:jacobmom: "Eat up, Ronald! It's my own special recipe...granted, this soup is leftover from the other night...but it still tastes good, I promise!"

>"Heh, Jacob's already digging into his."

:pantyfriend: "Whath? Ish gudth."

>A few minutes later your phone buzzes again. It's Emy this time.

[Got it, boss! I'll be there at 10!]

>Finally you are able to sit down and eat your soup.

Wanna talk about anything during dinner? Or should we just eat quietly?
No. 605323 ID: ccea58

Flip the table, these bitches are in presence of a god in the making.
No. 605324 ID: bb78f2

"So... are greek gods cool?"
No. 605327 ID: 9a3996

Get gay with Jacob just to make him uncomfortable.
No. 605329 ID: 2ec61a

ask his mom if jacob has had a hard time growing up in a house full of sisters
No. 605330 ID: 07a835

Ask if they know if Talia is working towards a biology degree or something.
No. 605331 ID: 6cb462

Ask if there is a newspaper around, we have to find out if there is anything about the underwear rogue. Get some info about the guy, and get an idea of where and how he attacks and stuff.
No. 605334 ID: a2f9bc

Consider the elusive nature of your thumbs.
No. 605335 ID: 01745f

See if you can focus your mind reading on someone while looking elsewhere (like at your food). After we leave here, try using mind reading over the phone.
No. 605336 ID: 6cb462

If he did that, he'll mind read his food O_o
No. 605348 ID: eda819

>doggy, miss him
Hey, it doesn't sound like she hates you! That's nice.
No. 605349 ID: 534cc4

Focus brain powers on the mom stealthily.
No. 605350 ID: 534cc4

Focus brain powers on the mom stealthily.
No. 605352 ID: 0eaf76
File 141689927357.png - (20.44KB , 900x800 , 49.png )

>"Hey Jacob, do you have a newspaper around or anything?"

:pantyfriend: "Yea, why? They're all stacked over there near the couch."

>"Excuse me for a moment."

>You stand up and walk over to the newspapers, grabbing the most recent issue off the chair.

>"...Hmm, oh look. It's on the front page. Figures, nothing else happens in this town."

:pantyfriend: "What?"

>"That panty rogue."

:pantyfriend: "Ah, really? What's it say?"

>"It says...On the night of Tuesday, yet another victim to the notorious Panty Rogue has been found lying unconscious at a bus stop. The victim claims that she was wearing underwear before she blacked out, but has no idea what happened. Witnesses can report hazy sightings of a masked man grabbing the women and putting them to sleep through an assumed method of chloroform, though this is not confirmed. The alleged criminal targets young women in detached areas such as alleys, parks, abandoned lots and so on."

:jacobmom: "It's frightening isn't it? The things kids do nowadays...(...I ought to slap that man...)"
No. 605353 ID: eda819

>I ought to slap that man
I hope she doesn't mean you! Although in context, it probably refers to the rogue. And a mother probably wouldn't label one of her son's teenage friends as a man.

Get all smug and think to yourself how superior your own panty-getting methods have been. You don't have people complaining publicly about you!
No. 605355 ID: 07a835

Ah... parks, alleyways, and lots? Then we don't have a confirmed location to set the trap! We could be wasting our time here! Unless... there's a pattern to where he strikes? Maybe if you found out exactly where he's been attacking people each night you could chart them out on a map and possibly predict where he strikes next.
No. 605356 ID: 6cb462

It says he has been taking panties since before Tuesday, which means if he is a challenger for Pantsu, he could be at a very high level compared to you having started just yesterday. You guys are going to have to take a lot of precautions against this thief.
No. 605357 ID: 07a835

...the girls that go along with you should probably not wear panties for this, because that'll just boost his power if the mission goes badly.
No. 605358 ID: 6cb462

I second this, though if you suggest it, they might see you as a creep. Instead, try to get with Emy at one point and have her suggest the idea.
No. 605359 ID: 2ec61a

be careful, could have some kind of knockout power.
No. 605369 ID: 6868bc

"That man"? Does the mom maybe know who the panty thief is? Turn the conversation towards who could possibly be doing such a thing, and see if her thoughts let anything slip.
No. 605373 ID: eda819

That's actually clever. That'll probably work.
No. 605382 ID: cee972

Is it me being specieist or does that panty thief look rabbit-like?
No. 605385 ID: b8ceae

Huh. Her thoughts imply the panty thief is her husband. Interesting.
No. 605386 ID: 508532

Or someone else she knows, and most definitely not a kid.

We should ask her. Just get her thoughts to the correct area and our new power will handle the rest.
No. 605399 ID: e31ca1

It would kind of suck if it was Ronald, huh? Then you'd turn up empty-handed. Of course, then she wouldn't think "man", right?
No. 605402 ID: e4e292

So they believe it's chloroform but have no proof? Probably a power he was granted then. Mind reading may be very good for that assuming we can focus enough to pick up when he's about to use a power and may give us a hint to its effect.
No. 605414 ID: bd1075

It would be impossible since Ron's latest 'victim' is one of his friends' sister. And the panty thief attacked a lady at a bus stop.
No. 605434 ID: 07a835

Oh hey, ask your sister if she wants to help!
No. 605438 ID: b66ec3

Yeah, that's not happening. Her agreeing part, I mean. You CAN call her if verbal abuse is your fetish or something.
No. 605442 ID: 6e79d4

Don't be rude, eat your food.
No. 605575 ID: 0eaf76
File 141697296986.png - (23.94KB , 900x800 , 50.png )

>"Do...Do you know the person doing this?"

:jacobmom: "Hm, me? Of course not! But I know that it's a man, they always are! What kind of girl would go around doing something like this?"

:pantyfriend: "Mom, that's kind of sexist."

:jacobmom: "Maybe so, but I'll bet you it's a guy. (...people nowadays...doing stupid things like this...)"

>"Hmm. The artist rendering is kinda crappy, if you ask me."

:pantyfriend: "It doesn't even look like a real person."
No. 605578 ID: 07a835

...that could be a disguise power. We may be in over our heads here, but it still won't hurt to try.

Talk to Talia for a bit after dinner, I think. Or the other amiable sister, maybe you can get at her panties somehow.
No. 605582 ID: 6cb462

Say that you have been practicing voice acting recently, and demonstrate with THE VOICE.
No. 605597 ID: 330ce5

So what is the actual plan if you even find the criminal? I doudt using the voice will help, but maybe you can read their mind and find out their name or something.
No. 605608 ID: 0eaf76
File 141697820864.png - (20.84KB , 900x800 , 51.png )

>"Thanks for the dinner, ma'am!"

:jacobmom: "No problem! I'll clean up, you two can go relax! (...what a gentleman...!)"

>You both go up to Jacob's room.

:pantyfriend: "Alright dude, what's the plan."

>"We go to the park, meet up with Emy and Eleanor at 10pm, and set up the perfect trap. We leave one of them out in the open, jogging or sitting or something, and wait for the criminal to show up."

:pantyfriend: "And if he doesn't?"

>"Then we try again later."

:pantyfriend: "....Fair enough. (...I'm kind of excited. Most fun I've had in a while.)"

I should text both the girls and tell them not to wear panties...since this IS a panty thief. Unless they have a pair they want to get rid of?

>You send a text to both of them.

:pantyfriend: "So how'd it go with Talia?"
No. 605609 ID: 07a835

Tell him you think you and her might be able to get along well, but she is very focused on her work.

If he asks if you two got up to any action tell him that's none of his business.
No. 605610 ID: ee0a31

Tell him everything.
No. 605613 ID: b3bfb0

Tell him you helped her with some research, but as you left you heard some strange noises coming from her room...
No. 605614 ID: 2ec61a

"she totally wants me, but is scared of getting attached to anyone"
No. 605615 ID: 330ce5

Tell him it went well, don't go into details. Just think about how much you would like someone telling you how "had fun" with your sister. Besides a gentleman never kisses and tells.
No. 605616 ID: eda819

Tell him it was alright. She seemed to like the company, and she didn't add you to her collection of skulls.

She didn't seem interested in getting any action. (Don't mention she gave it out).
No. 605617 ID: 408e5c

Lead off with a lie about banging the whole time you were up there, and then tell him what really happened after he's been flabbergasted. Friendly ribbing, eh?
No. 605619 ID: bb78f2

I think we both should dress as chicks.
As a precaution.
No. 605622 ID: ee2c45

I think the important thing is to first ask "Are you sure you want to know?"
No. 605624 ID: a2f9bc

Either say you're pretty sure she doesn't hate you or tease him with "I thought you didn't want details?".
No. 605629 ID: eda819

>I should text both the girls and tell them not to wear panties...since this IS a panty thief. Unless they have a pair they want to get rid of?
Even if they didn't mind, we don't want him getting the points.

Getting Emy to talk to Eleanor about it probably a better idea than telling her not to wear panties herself.

>"So how'd it go with Talia?"
You could also say that even if there were details (and you're not saying there were) he wouldn't want to hear them.
No. 605631 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698116420.png - (13.79KB , 900x800 , 52.png )

>"Do you really want to know?"

:pantyfriend: "Hell yea! Was it good?"

>"...Basically...I think she likes me but...she's too wrapped up in her work to really notice me that much..."

:pantyfriend: "Damn. So nothing happened?"

>"...Not...really. We sat next to each other. She said I smelled nice."

:pantyfriend: "Well it's a start. Hmm, ah jeez, we still have like 3 hours before we need to do anything. What are we gonna do?!"

No. 605632 ID: b00646

Use voice, offer mutual handjobs
No. 605633 ID: 1314e6

Gay Sex.
No. 605634 ID: 2ec61a

practice mind reading with guessing games. like "i'm thinking of a number between one and 10" and "what animal am i thinking of"
No. 605635 ID: 07a835

God damn it you guys.

Tell him you're gonna go bother his sister. The other one. She hasn't left for the party, right?
No. 605636 ID: 330ce5

Talk strategy, craft weapons, talk about local rumors, BE MANLY!
No. 605644 ID: a2f9bc

Steal his panties.
No. 605646 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698342508.png - (19.11KB , 900x800 , 53.png )

>Talk about manly things.

Hmm, a nice conversation would be great. I need a bit of normalcy.

>"So...what's new with you?"
No. 605647 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698343804.png - (16.53KB , 900x800 , 54.png )

:pantyfriend: "And then this dude totally glitches the game and goes through the walls to get the kill."

>"What a hacker."
No. 605648 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698344964.png - (15.73KB , 900x800 , 55.png )

>"No, dude, it's really good. If you just put ketchup on top of a taco, it's great."

:pantyfriend: "That sounds disgusting..."

>"Shut up!"
No. 605649 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698345904.png - (13.80KB , 900x800 , 56.png )

>"...Man, college sucks. I need to start attending that shit."

:pantyfriend: "Same..."
No. 605650 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698346910.png - (15.46KB , 900x800 , 57.png )

>"Oh! And...and..."

Aaaand, it's time to go. Anything we should do before we leave? Change of wardrobe, get some weapons, anything?
No. 605651 ID: 07a835

Wait, you're in college? When are your classes?

Get some rope so you can tie him up to turn him over to the police.
No. 605653 ID: b3bfb0

Okay, be honest with us: were you two doing drugs a few minutes ago? Or was that just the weary face of someone who knows they have to do something but are too lazy to do so?
No. 605654 ID: eda819

>Wait, you're in college? When are your classes?
Seconding this. Tell us about your life, man!

>Change of wardrobe, get some weapons, anything?
Darker clothes (charcoal and greys are better for sneaking than black). Avoid lose things that can be grabbed. If you have a weapon that would be nice, but I'm not expecting much.

But yeah, restraints would be nice (got any zip ties?).

Battle plan is to rely on a trap, catching him by surprise, and using numbers and mind reading to overwhelm if he tries anything. And hope he doesn't have a panty power that will help.
No. 605655 ID: 330ce5

If there is a weapon you think you can use and someone doesn't mind it possibly getting broken take it. Also grab something to restrain the villain, maybe a jump rope.
No. 605660 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698505815.png - (14.40KB , 900x800 , 59.png )

>"Wait. You go to college?"

:pantyfriend: "Nah, man. I need to though."

Alright, before we leave for the park, we need to pick up some things! Dark clothes and restraints!

>A few minutes later...

I have managed to find duct tape...does that work?
No. 605662 ID: 2ec61a

nothing can withstand the power of duct tape. also wear gloves. just suddenly think touching them at all with bare skin is a bad idea.
No. 605663 ID: a2f9bc

You can never go wrong with duct tape.
No. 605664 ID: 330ce5

Just grab a jacket and some gloves, then you'll be set!
No. 605665 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698561473.png - (17.38KB , 900x800 , 60.png )

>Duct tape is a good idea. Also jacket and gloves.

Duct tape it is then. Also I can just use the jacket and gloves in my car...

>You and Jacob go downstairs.'

:pantyfriend: "We're leaving, Mom! Bye!"

:jacobmom: "Have fun! Be safe!"

>You and Jacob get into the car and begin driving.

:pantyfriend: "I haven't been this excited since...well, since high school. We're really going to do this?"


:pantyfriend: "Alright, you only live once, bro."

>You arrive at the park. Emy and Eleanor are waiting in the picnic area.

:starbox: "Ronald! Over here!"
No. 605666 ID: 07a835

Go over and say hi. Ask if they brought anything, and which of them is going to be the bait.

Try to focus a bit on Emy. See what she's thinking.
No. 605667 ID: 2ec61a

start with outlining the plan.
No. 605668 ID: a2f9bc

I hope the panty stealer doesn't have panty-sensing because that would mean we shot ourselves in the foot asking them to not wear panties.
No. 605672 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698652554.png - (29.72KB , 900x800 , 61.png )

>Greet them.

>"Hey guys. Try and keep it down, alright? The perpetrator could be here..."

:starbox: "Oh right..."

>"So did you guys bring anything?"

:starbox: "I brought a large bible. Maybe if we hit him in the head..."


:starbox: "It's the best I got. (...I will smite his ass into hell with the power of God...)"

:pantyeleanor: "I just brought a bit of rope, and my steel-toed boots."

:pantyfriend: "I brought absolutely nothing."

>"As per usual, Jacob is useless. Anyways, who's gonna be the bait."

:starbox: "I will gladly serve you... (...by the power vested in me I will bless him with my big fat bible...)"

>"So the plan...Emy will walk around minding her own business. We wait in a bush. When she's, hopefully, attacked then we dive into action and tie up the criminal. We can question him later once he's safely under wraps."

:pantyeleanor: "Sounds fine! (...possibly dangerous but this is thrilling!...)"

:pantyfriend: "Perfect."

Now where should we hide?
No. 605673 ID: a2f9bc

Somewhere close to an area with people/light, but not quite in it.
No. 605674 ID: b3bfb0

Huh, is Emy from a seriously religious family or something?

As for where to hide, hide in a tree near a light post, so you can get a more literal jump on him.
No. 605675 ID: d5f3c4

Hah, you can read Emy all the time. I guess she thinks loud.

Also, she's awesome and you should go home with her when you've handled this.
No. 605676 ID: eda819

You should spread out a bit, right? If Emy's walking around, you can't all hide in one place. You want someone near her all around the circumference of the route she's following. If he tries anything, the closest person jumps him while everyone else is running up.

Also, keep your mental radar peeled. Mind reading might help you pick this guy up, or fight him.
No. 605678 ID: ee2c45

Make sure the bait isn't being obvious. I doubt this guy is gonna go for someone walking in circles and looking around suspiciously
No. 605679 ID: 07a835

I say have Emy take a jog through one of the paths in the park. Someone should get up into a tree as a lookout, keeping an eye on her, and the others can wait out of sight... if/when she gets attacked, the lookout can tell the others where she's being attacked and then everyone rushes to her aid.
No. 605681 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698755437.png - (23.24KB , 900x800 , 62.png )

>Surround Emy.

Yeah, I suppose giving each person a spot around Emy's post would be a better idea.

>"Okay, we all need to spread out. Find a secluded area of the park, that isn't too far away from civilization."

:pantyfriend: "Alright, I'm ready to rock."

:pantyeleanor: "Let's get going, then."

:starbox: "I'm prepared for the worst...!"

>You all spread out. Emy is positioned near the duck pond, pretending to read the bible. Everyone else hides in various foliage, behind trees or under benches.

>Try and listen for the criminal's mind.

Ah jeez, I don't even know how to do that...just concentrate really hard on everything?

No. 605682 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698756484.png - (17.75KB , 900x800 , 63.png )


(...Power le...check...isolate...)

I'm picking up on something...
No. 605684 ID: 07a835

Look around. See if you can get a direction. If you spot him, get a fix on him and make sure he's in the trap area before you jump him.
No. 605685 ID: eda819

He's checking his power level? Or Emy's? Hopefully he's not somehow checking yours, that would mean he found you.

Not sure if he's thinking Emy is isolated, or if he needs to isolate her. Or worst case, if he has a power that lets him isolate targets. That could be a problem.

Watch for the right moment, and focus on those thoughts.
No. 605687 ID: a2f9bc

Kind of sounds like they might be aware of you. Depends how paranoid you wanna be with the possibility they have magic powers.
No. 605690 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698854525.png - (24.74KB , 900x800 , 64.png )

>Look around.

It's so dark...I can barely see Emy...but he's gotta be close. If I can hear his thoughts...

(...careful...do...grab her...)

I think...is that something moving behind Emy?!
No. 605691 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698855621.png - (25.06KB , 900x800 , 65.png )

:starbox: "Gah...!"
No. 605693 ID: a19cd5

MOVE MOVE MOVE (but quietly!)
No. 605696 ID: a2f9bc

Get in there! But not yelling and shouting, we wanna catch them, not scare them away.
No. 605697 ID: 2ec61a

come in like a bat out of hell and deck em.
No. 605698 ID: 07a835

Get in there, give him what for!
No. 605699 ID: 256d52

Well, try to pick up harder then.
No. 605700 ID: ee2c45

Whoever's best positioned to move in behind the attacker goes first. We want him in grabbing range before he's spooked by a bullrush
No. 605701 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698901249.png - (23.20KB , 900x800 , 66.png )


Goddamnit, Emy! Keep him there!

>You rush at the criminal. He spots you and throws Emy onto the ground, running to the right. Jacob pops up from the bush and tackles him to the ground.

:pantyfriend: "Gotcha! Quickly! Tie him up!"
No. 605702 ID: eda819

Time to move in. Fast, but quiet.

Fight dirty. Attack from behind, hit him over the head, kick him between the legs, whatever. Maybe surprise him with by wrapping duct tap over his eyes, or his mouth, from behind. Gang up on him with the others, if you can.

...meanest tactic might be if you immobilizing him, so Elanor can get him between the legs with the steel toed boots.
No. 605703 ID: a2f9bc

D-d-d-duct tape time!
No. 605704 ID: 07a835

Get his hands behind his back and duct tape them. Then his feet. Then duct tape both sections of tape together.

Then unmask the criminal!
No. 605705 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698960378.png - (23.48KB , 900x800 , 67.png )


>You tape his arms and legs.

"Let me go!"

:pantyfriend: "Haha, hell no. You're a criminal."

>"I think he should be good."

>Jacob gets off of him.

:pantyeleanor: "Did you get him?! Huff...!"

:starbox: "He grabbed my neck!"
No. 605706 ID: 07a835

Unmask them! Also, mindread them.
No. 605707 ID: a2f9bc

Steal his panties! Also check if whatsherface is okay, I GUESS.

Also, chokehold's are hard to pull off. Something a trained martial artist would do. I wonder who we know who fits that description~
No. 605709 ID: a19cd5

if that were the case she'd've known about the plan.
No. 605710 ID: 6cb462

Once you unmask him, take a picture with your phone, just in case.
No. 605711 ID: eda819

You okay Emy?

Then ask the crazy person why he's strangling girls in the park. Focus on mindreading them, you should be staring them down, anyways.

Then unmask them.
No. 605712 ID: 0eaf76
File 141699002785.png - (25.60KB , 900x800 , 68.png )

>Take off mask.

>You tear off the bandana.

"Get the hell out of my face."



Ugh, no matter how hard I stare at him...his mind is super crackly and blotchy...
No. 605714 ID: a19cd5

Wow, this is absolutely nobody I think we've ever seen before.
I vote we try to find some place secure to stow him for a bit, and make a note to bring everyone in on the whole underwear god thing before we make any big decisions about what to do with him.
Also, let Emy get a whack in with the bible.
No. 605715 ID: 07a835

...hmph. Just call the cops now.
No. 605716 ID: eda819

Search him for panties.

Also, seriously, check that Em is all right.
No. 605718 ID: 0eaf76
File 141699092047.png - (28.12KB , 900x800 , 69.png )

>"Emy, you can give him your 'blessing' now."

:starbox: "Hmph! About time!"


No. 605719 ID: 0eaf76
File 141699093245.png - (21.70KB , 900x800 , 70.png )


No. 605720 ID: 256d52

Keep an eye out, he might not work alone!
No. 605722 ID: b8ceae

Call the cops, then sit on him. Keep your eyes on the bindings until the cops have him in custody.
No. 605723 ID: 07a835

I think this guy might just be crazy. Ask him where he's keeping the panties.
No. 605724 ID: eda819

...he's not even the panty bandit is he. We accidentally captured some crazy girl strangling goth in our tap. We're gonna get jumped by someone with actual panty magic in a minute.
No. 605726 ID: 0eaf76
File 141699161706.png - (26.06KB , 900x800 , 71.png )

>"You stay still, I'm gonna call the cops. And give me any panties you might have."


>You pull out your phone.

No. 605727 ID: 0eaf76
File 141699162801.png - (19.63KB , 900x800 , 72.png )

>He turns around and kisses Jacob.

:pantyfriend: "...?!"
No. 605728 ID: 0eaf76
File 141699165087.png - (21.70KB , 900x800 , 73.png )

>Jacob immediately passes out.

"I'm tired of this bullcrap..."
No. 605729 ID: a19cd5

Yeaaaaah, let's just knock him unconscious.
Like, just bonk him really hard in the head with a rock or something, duct tape his mouth so he can't do that again.
>ron: Be slightly aroused
No. 605730 ID: eda819

Confirmed panty magic. He's got drugged kisses.

Take him out, hard and fast. Kick him, hard. Face, chest, crotch. Somewhere painful.
No. 605733 ID: 07a835

Yeah, him being able to get up is why I said to tie his hands and feet together.

Tell everyone to cover their mouths. Then start whaling on him.
No. 605734 ID: b8ceae

Kick him in the nuts, then pound on his head until he passes out.

See, this is why I said to sit on him. It's hard to do pretty much anything in your face is in the dirt and you have 500 pounds of people on your back.
No. 605735 ID: 1f8505

Pin him down and beat his face in.
No. 605736 ID: 2ec61a

voice "STOP!"
(mostly cause i really want to know how they react)
No. 605737 ID: fd8fad

everything can be solved with murder, well except for things that cant be.

or knock him out that works too I guess.
No. 605739 ID: 508532

Well there is a chance that he might like you and obey... but most likely he'll just go berserk and attack you. Be prepared for that, and try to give the girls some opportunities to seize.
No. 605741 ID: 2ec61a

well if you look closely at the chest region HERE
i think i spy tits. small, but still tits.
No. 605742 ID: 508532

Just because he turns out to be a she doesn't mean she wouldn't still hate our guts. We've kind of given her plenty reason, haven't we?
No. 605743 ID: 249f3d


Tape his mouth closed.
No. 605746 ID: e878df

obviously he's got a power that puts whoever he kisses to sleep.
just kick and punch the fucker. he's tied, he
shouldn't be able to dodge.
do be careful that he doesn't have another power that lets him dodge and that he'll use that to kiss you. in other words, keep your guard up.
No. 605751 ID: e4e292

He kissed Jacob directly on the lips as a precaution cover your mouth with one hand and keep it covered. Be careful it is possible that may not protect you but it's worth a shot. Also note to self to tease Jake about this when he wakes up.
No. 605752 ID: 19ab17

Gag, then knock unconscious.
No. 605757 ID: 528059

Tape his goddamn face in. And then let his gonads know pain. Commit spermicide.
No. 605763 ID: 6e79d4


He's at a disadvantage without any limbs to use, so knock him over. He won't be able to catch himself, and that'll knock the wind out of him. Then just dogpile the bastard and cocoon him in duct tape. Also try to find a way to steal powers.
No. 605764 ID: 66354b

Gag him, then kick in him the jewels so hard that he loses consciousness.
No. 605765 ID: 330ce5

Put on the bandana, then use the voice to taunt him do he leaves the girls alone.
No. 605770 ID: 44f38a

It might be an ability to convey commands via kisses, touch or bodily fluids. This guy said "sleep" before planting the kiss after all.

Don't get violent. Just apply more duct tape over the mouth and call the police. Don't use the voice if possible - We don't want to give away that you're in the panty game. Once the culprit is subdued try to wake Jacob up and remark that putting people to sleep with kisses is pretty creepy.

Consider surreptitiously capturing some photo/movie evidence on your phone if you can. Maybe you'll get something that will guarantee a solid sentence.
No. 605771 ID: e4e292

The problem is whether or not the cops can hold him. Either he escapes at some point when they've only got one or two guards on him or he fails an escape attempt and his magic powers come to light. May not be a good idea for the panty game to become widely known. We may need to speak to Pantsu to see if there is a way to disable powers or drain power level from contenders we don't want to just outright destroy.
No. 605773 ID: 534cc4

Ron! Put duck tape over your mouth so he can't kiss you, then put duck tape over his mouth. And his face. Just put more duck tape everywhere to immobilize him.
No. 605777 ID: 534cc4

Also have emy grab him/her from behind with both hands n his neck. This way he can't lunge to kiss.
No. 605781 ID: eda819

Actually, yes, that's a good idea. Since the power might require speech to work (had to name 'sleep' first, choosing what drug to use?) and/or requires contact with lips. Works better than just pummeling them.
No. 605783 ID: 3d6e79
File 141702624414.jpg - (100.83KB , 900x800 , image.jpg )

>Push him down and duct tape his mouth.

Good idea. Since he's already tied up this shouldn't be too hard.

>You slam into him and shove him down, spreading a piece of tape on his mouth.

>"Not so tough now, huh?"
No. 605784 ID: a81751
File 141702626059.jpg - (122.27KB , 900x800 , image.jpg )

>"Wait...what are you doing...? Oh..."
No. 605785 ID: 024b25

Goddamnit, I wanna spank that ass.

Stop being so hot, panty thief! Stop it!
No. 605786 ID: 2ec61a

assume the worst, DOOOOOOOOOOODGE!
No. 605788 ID: eda819

Don't assume that's submission, they could have a fart attack. Or skunk powers. Or maybe that's even a seduction move! Can't trust anything with panty powers in play.

Step out of the way and mindread, push them over on their side out of that silly pose.

Ask one of the girls to check to Jacob, since he isn't getting up, while you watch the prisoner.
No. 605792 ID: b8ceae

Piledrive him, then sit on his back so he can't move.
Tell Emy to get a big rock, and bash his head every time he tries to do anything. Everybody else sits on his back with you.
No. 605793 ID: 9a3996

Get gay.
No wait, that's a horrible idea.
Or is it?
No. 605794 ID: ccea58

That just sounds like murder
No. 605795 ID: 07a835

Just tie his hands and feet together already. He won't be able to do shit like that.
No. 605800 ID: 330ce5

Knock him out now, bible attack go! Also if this is a gas attack covering your face with the bandana might be a good plan.
No. 605801 ID: 528059

This took a weird turn.

Throw him back to the ground and ask the girls for advice. ANY ADVICE!
No. 605803 ID: 534cc4

This is all a ruse! Shield your eyes from his seductive magic.
No. 605806 ID: 534cc4

Also have you even dialed the police yet? Dial them and do not give in to seduction! (Or maybe a fart attack but I bet on it being a pose specific seduction.)
No. 605809 ID: e4e292

Go around to their side and stand them back up. He or she might have more than one power like we do. Don't take your eyes off them but don't stare at that ass either.
No. 605819 ID: b7adb8

I repeat: kick him in the balls so hard he loses consciousness.
No. 605820 ID: bb78f2

No. 605823 ID: ccea58

What if it's not a dude?
No. 605827 ID: 534cc4

Then its worse for us because seduction would be harder to resist, although then I think emy would clobber both Ron and the panty thief if we started trying to screw her.

(As an after thought maybe Talia will show up and save the day.)
No. 605840 ID: bafb0f

I second operation ballbuster, with a followup of 'cut it out, I know what you're doing.' Type statement.
No. 605843 ID: 528059

Operation Spermicide is a go!
No. 605844 ID: bb78f2

I guess an elbow drop is impractical after all.
So I guess just https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guVA9nYEjWU
No. 605845 ID: ccea58

No. 605849 ID: b7adb8

That doesn't guarantee his balls are, too.
No. 605869 ID: 249f3d


Seconding this.
No. 605960 ID: f461c5

Destroying his children is the same as destroying his future!

Thats definitely defeating him, right?!
No. 605971 ID: 4754ce

Seriously, hit him in the face with a rock. Just fucking do it, smash him in the head and call the cops, Good Samaritan laws are on your side. Or call Pantsu.
No. 605983 ID: 4f004c

Good Samaritin doesn't cover attacking a person who's "Helplessly lying on the ground in a submissive position." Panty's not going to help Ron out if he gets himself arrested on the charges of assault; for all the trouble this fellow has caused, he has NOT harmed anybody.
No. 605986 ID: 2ec61a

yeah, we want an incapacitation, not a murder.
No. 605992 ID: 8e294c


Sit on him.

Foolproof. Probably.
No. 606003 ID: a855f5

Tape his arms and legs together behind his back. This trap person is going nowhere. That booty's place is on the ground.
No. 606005 ID: 854c07

I support the getting out of the way plan, this reeks of a counterattack
No. 606025 ID: 8f01e8

Alright, so this guy has roofie kisses (saying the word 'sleep' is probably necessary setup), and power level scanning. He's been pursuing panties more aggressively, so it's entirely conceivable he's got a third power. Disorganized thoughts probably isn't it. Based on the 'voice' thing you've got, and the tactic currently in use, I'm betting on a supernaturally seductive butt.

Do not look at his butt. Do not think about his butt. Instead, think about purple elephants, mint kool-aid, and income tax reform, while warning your teammates not to look at or think about his butt.

Walk around so you're in front of him, grab his hair and lift his head up so you can look him in the eyes, then start asking questions which he has permission to answer with eye movements.
No. 606059 ID: a2f9bc

They're clearly offering you their panties.
No. 606088 ID: c27fc2

Don't look at his butt.


Use your seductive voice to draw attention away from his seductive butt.

It comes down to your magic tongue and his magic ass.
No. 606108 ID: 632ac2

Here's an idea to quell any mind-control via lewdness: think of Margaret Thatcher, the British bulldog. She's looking at you lustfully, mouthing the words "this makes me wet" and licking her lips.
That should put off any lewd-powered mind control/mind reading shenanigans.
No. 606137 ID: 19ab17

Read mind, boot to stomach/ass cheek, boot to groin.

Failing that, confirm dude-hood. Remove pants.
No. 606183 ID: 0f3813

No. 606194 ID: 7648f0

I don't think it's a dude. Look at that ass and no bulge in the pants? I think our panty thief is a girl.
No. 606247 ID: a11480

Then prepare yourself for Operation Cuntpunt.
No. 606321 ID: 2ec61a

make them swear fealty to you and offer up their power.
No. 606323 ID: 06188a

De-pants the bandit! A punishment to fit the crime! And take her panties, if there are any.

(Emy will go with it, and Elanor will be peer pressured into not objecting).
No. 606356 ID: b8ceae

TERRIBLE idea! She clearly has some kind of booty-power.
No. 606357 ID: 256d52

What are you doing panties bandit. Stop it please.
No. 606358 ID: 53f127

Seconded. Kick her square in the butt.
No. 606707 ID: 0eaf76
File 141731808543.png - (24.36KB , 900x800 , 74.png )

There's a multitude of different options I have right now in terms of what to do. First off, that man has a strangely...alluring sort of butt. Hmph! Better teach them who's in charge here!

>You kick the rogue in the stomach.


>"Take that fiend!"

I would try and read the dude's mind...but for some reason I still can't...what's blocking me out? I can't tell.

>You lift the rogue up by the hair.

>"Listen, you better stop what you're doing right now...if you surrender now things won't have to get ugly."

"Heh...f-fool...you really think you can convince me to stop?"


"My goal is set in stone. I'll stop at nothing."

>"...Guh, I can't even figure out if you're a girl or a boy..."

>Grope them.

>Take off pants.
No. 606709 ID: 2ec61a

voice "i can try~"
No. 606710 ID: 408e5c

Put the tape back on their mouth! Don't let them even have a chance to use that knockout power again! Also taking their pants off would require undoing the leg bonds, so just go for a grope if you absolutely have to.
No. 606711 ID: 4754ce

Ask what the purpose is. You're...going to have to kill this person. Like literally kill. Ron, I don't want you to have to kill people.
No. 606712 ID: 330ce5

are the ladies ok, also be careful the enemy might try to kiss you if you get too close. Also talk it out a little keep a close eye on anything they do, but maybe their is more than 1 side to this story.
No. 606713 ID: a19cd5

no voice, on people that hate us it sounds super awful, remember?
I vote we just take them aside, and explain the whole deal with us being a fellow panty god and how they are kinda acting shits by doing it this way. It's gotta be a fair deal if they want any significant gains, not just roofying people to snatch things. Ironic, considering our first go at it, but still.
No. 606714 ID: 256d52

"Look, you're all tied up. You're done. Please stop." Use the magic word and the magic voice.

Get a second opinion if this is a boy or girl before resorting to stripping.
No. 606716 ID: 6e79d4

Try to wake Jacob.

Loudly conspire with your friends. Should we call the police, or just roll him into a lake?
No. 606717 ID: a19cd5

Changing my vote to this. Also, no voice. Wouldn't have a positive effect.
No. 606720 ID: ec2e47

What goal?

Before doing that, we should make sure we can actually have a case against them, which we might not since they use magic instead of the drugs that the cops would expect to find. (Also talk of just killing them probably won't go over well with most of your friends.)
No. 606732 ID: 0eaf76
File 141731989145.png - (31.62KB , 900x800 , 75.png )

>"What goal are you talking about?"

"Heh...what stupid question...you know the answer to that. To achieve divine godhood..."

:starbox: "What's he talking about, Ron?"

"Oh? They don't know?"

>You shove tape over the rogue's mouth.

>"...I have no idea what he's rambling on about. Anyways, do you guys think this is a dude? Seems kinda feminine to me..."

:pantyeleanor: "I'm not sure...judging from the crotch, I'd say girl?"

:starbox: "I thought it was a boy at first."

>"Might as well check..."

>You slide your hand over the Rogue's crotch. It's...completely flat. It's definitely a vagina. That is certainly a girl.

No. 606733 ID: 4754ce

Still notify the cops and file a report, get this rogue arrested.
No. 606742 ID: 9b57d3

Ron no that's sexual assault you're going to jail

But yeah, you have a whole bunch of witnesses and her appearance matches the description. Turn her over to the cops. Warn them about the kiss sleep thing. Or maybe say that she bites so they should keep her in headgear or something. Her being in jail should let you surpass her in panty power... Emy was smart to act dumb, and Emily has no indication you like to steal panties, so it should be fine. Jacob was unconscious and he's the only one that would be able to put 2 and 2 together.
No. 606752 ID: 1f8505


Steal the underpants.
No. 606754 ID: 2ec61a

check if she has any panties on. stealing the panties from a rival for godhood would probably get a you a ton of points.
No. 606755 ID: a19cd5

>Stealing underwear in front of witnesses
Not unless we are about to explain the whole ditty to eleanor and possibly jacob when he wakes up.
Also, they probably don't wear any.
No. 606757 ID: 0eaf76
File 141732132562.png - (34.93KB , 900x800 , 76.png )

>Check for panties.

>You feel around the rogue's butt.


:starbox: "Um...I'll call the cops!"

>"OH, right, right, good idea."

:pantyeleanor: "So it's a girl?"

>"Yep. I didn't feel uh, anything down there."

:pantyfriend: "Ungh...wha- happen'...?"
No. 606760 ID: 2ec61a

"you got knocked the fuck out!"
No. 606763 ID: 3f0c1b

Enough fooling around, just call the cops, have the wanted criminal here sent to jail, and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

And don't talk about the whole panty godhood thing in front of Eleanor.
No. 606764 ID: 9b57d3


Tell Jacob he got kissed by a DUDE.
No. 606770 ID: 2ec61a

we can send eleanor and jacob to flag down the cops while we snatch up some panties.
No. 606793 ID: 6e79d4

We'll need to find a way to steal powers- she's too dangerous to allow her to keep them. Damn, we should have asked Pantsu how.
No. 606834 ID: 6fd088

We really should have filmed the panty thief's initial assault. As it is, we have no evidence.

If that wasn't bad enough, this panty thief will obviously just escape from custody almost immediately.
I suggest we think this through a little better. There's got to be a proper way of defeating our opponents. I doubt the panty god wants all the candidates to kill each other.
No. 606854 ID: e607cd

I mean the obvious answer to all of these questions is to take her panties. That seems like pretty solid defeat.
No. 606890 ID: b8ceae

Quietly ask Pantsu how to get this to count as defeating her.
No. 606898 ID: 534cc4

Tell him he fainted when he was kissed, might as well be honest. Tell him it was a girl too, might as well be fully honest. Seriously though call the police, and interrogate the rouge for what she did with the panties.
No. 606990 ID: 0eaf76
File 141737111019.png - (31.55KB , 900x800 , 77.png )

>"Bro, you passed out. This girl here kissed you and you just fainted."

:pantyfriend: "That's a girl?!"

Anyways...I need to ask Pantsu a few things...she can read my mind, right? Pantsuuu, helloooo?

:pantsu: "What the hell d'ya want? I'm enjoying the show."

Hey. Quick question. Uh, how do I defeat this chick?

:pantsu: "Knocking someone out of the competition won't come about until tomorrow! When the real battles start..."

Okayyy, well, can I steal her powers at least?

:pantsu: "Nope! Unless that's a power you somehow got through upgrading...then no. That's not fair!"


:pantsu: "Heyo, you decided to chase after her..."


>"Alright, call the cops, and we'll get her sent to jail or something."

:starbox: "On it."

>"And now we wait."

No. 606991 ID: 4c5cf2

>Knocking someone out of the competition won't come about until tomorrow!
Well... don't I get anything for being an overachiever and getting her early?

This whole thing about erasing other contestants is kind of dark, anyways. There isn't an alternative? We can't like, hand out memory wipes, or demote defeated would-be gods to servants of the victor?

>we'll get her sent to jail or something
...or we'd just keep her prisoner until tomorrow when the rules let us knock her out of the competition? Although that gets kind of really creepy on our part.

Pity we can't put a tracker or something on her. Or do anything to make it harder for her to compete. I guess we did figure out her power without giving ours away which is... sort of useful?
No. 607008 ID: 4f004c

>Well... don't I get anything for being an overachiever and getting her early?
You'd have to kill her, and I don't think that's a good idea in this park.
>There isn't an alternative?
You could probably bring them back without their powers once you attain godhood. And, like, erase evidence of their crimes.
Just get her sent to jail for now, so she can't nab as many panties as she could otherwise. And, tell the police she probably has some sort of drug laced lipstick, she kissed Jacob and made him fall asleep immediately. (That might actually be the case--It's possible for people to still use manmade products instead of powers)
No. 607042 ID: d5f3c4

Just a quick suggestion before this plays out, if you took this opportunity to kidnap her, you'd certainly have an edge when the "defeat your opponents" stage of things came into play. It'd also provide opportunity to both talk to her about the quest for panties, and when no one else is looking, to steal her own panties. I'm betting a panty god candidates panties are worth hella points.

Also, the cops wont be able to hold her regardless, she'll escape immediately losing only a few hours, and there's a small chance the cops will arrest all our friends here for vigilantism.
No. 607044 ID: 6ed7c5

Report it as assault. Since that's a violent felony she'll be held until she can have a bail hearing, and if she escapes before then she'll be a wanted fugitive.
Just say the bandit attacked Emy from behind, and you were close enough to stop it.
No. 607102 ID: c08caf

Just wait two hours until its tomorrow, then knock her out.
No. 607147 ID: 0eaf76
File 141739796205.png - (32.25KB , 900x800 , 78.png )

>Kidnap and take her back home!

Wh-Wha? Really? Kidnap her? Hmm...I suppose if she was in jail she'd probably get out. And doesn't jail contain a bunch of women who she could just grab panties off of anyways? That would be pretty counter productive.

:starbox: "Yes...911...?"

>"Hey. Panty Rogue. Wanna come back to my house with me?"

:starbox: "Wait, what?!"


>"I'll be able to keep close tabs on you there. Lock you in my basement or something."


>Panty Rogue tries to roll away. You stop her.

:pantyeleanor: "What are you trying to do, Ronald?"

>"Well hey, I'll hold her until tomorrow...because uh...I have a uh, thing tomorrow. I can take her to the police then."

:pantyfriend: "That's kinda creepy dude....but...strangely ingenious."

:starbox: "Hmm..."
No. 607149 ID: 2ec61a

wink at emy and mime putting on a hat/panty
No. 607153 ID: 6e79d4

well 911 has been dialed, police are on their way. Better get moving.
No. 607155 ID: 7648f0

You gotta cover up your tracks and people are getting suspicious! Make something up!

Something like there's probably more than one of them working together and this will lure them out.
No. 607156 ID: b8ceae

Have Emy spend the night with you. The two of you can watch in shifts.
When the police try to contact Emy, have her say that the panty bandit attacked her and you caught them, but then they escaped.
No. 607158 ID: 07a835

Yeah, tell the (non-cultist) others that the police will probably just get kissed and lose her due to her weird magical powers. You gotta do some research and find out what's going on so you can seal away her powers before turning her over to the police.
No. 607161 ID: 6fd088

That is kind of creepy, Ron. You'll probably give Eleanor and Jacob the wrong idea.

How about this:
>tell Eleanor and Jacob to go to the street so they can meet the police and lead them back to the panty thief
>as soon as they're both out of sight, pick up the panty thief and hide her in some bush. Get Emy to help you
>When the Jacob, Eleanor and the police arrive, you can make up a story about how the thief managed to escape
>once everybody has departed from the scene, you can return by yourself to deal with the panty rogue at your leisure.
No. 607165 ID: 4c5cf2

Tell Elanor if we hand her in now, she'll just get off, since we don't have much proof. We haven't found the stash of panty or anything. All we've got is our word.

Problem with locking her in your house though: how do you get her in without your family noticing? And how do you keep her locked up?
No. 607166 ID: 07a835

Well his mom doesn't care, maybe he can just go "Oh don't worry mom it's just my girlfriend, we're doing some roleplay"
No. 607169 ID: bb78f2

"Guys, she has magically unconscious making kiss powers. It is not a good idea to hand her over to police. She's obviously a super villain and society hasn't felt the need to create super villain jails yet. She's just going to break out."
No. 607175 ID: a19cd5

Seconding this.
No. 607181 ID: 0eaf76
File 141740549878.png - (22.49KB , 900x800 , 79.png )

>"Uhh...well, she'll probably just escape prison anyways...and we don't have any proof that it was her...I'll just keep watch over her and study her, ok? See what I can find out. Plus if there's any more of em' this'll lure them out!"

:pantyeleanor: "Ohh...that's a good idea."

:starbox: "Oh, nevermind, false alarm...sorry 911..."

>You pick up the Panty Rogue.


>"Oh stop flailing around. Anyways, Jacob and Eleanor you head back home...I'll take this troublemaker to my house."

:starbox: "Are you gonna be okay by yourself?"

>"I'll be fine...you head on home. Good work today."

:starbox: "I only live to serve you! Anyways, I don't have any work tomorrow..."

>"Oh! Neither do I."

:starbox: "Call me if you need anything, okay?"

>"Will do."

:pantyfriend: "See ya, bro."

:pantyeleanor: "Bye!"

>You head on home, with the Panty Rogue in the trunk of your car.

>You park in your driveway and open up your trunk.


>"Alright, I'm gonna sneak you around back...and set you down in my basement."


>"Calm down! My basement has carpet and it's furnished! It's not dark and dusty...we keep it clean."

No. 607182 ID: 37aa84

So now we've stored a dangerous person with magical powers who may have the opportunity to make us cease to exist tomorrow, and if our family finds out we'll be the one behind bars and our powers aren't as suited for jail breaks. So what are we going to do with that?
No. 607183 ID: 2ec61a

add more tape.
No. 607187 ID: 07a835

Alright tell her it's time to decide if you two will battle tomorrow or call a truce so you can get rid of more unsavory contenders. Ask her what she would do if she became Panty God. Also explain that you had no idea the contest was a fight to the death.

Give some thought to what you'd do if you won.
No. 607188 ID: 07a835

We won't be going to jail, this is a citizen's arrest!
No. 607190 ID: ccea58

No. 607191 ID: 330ce5

When talking to this keep your face covered, also ask her why she wants to be the panty god. Maybe you can come to some sort of arangement also apologize for kicking her.
No. 607192 ID: bb78f2

"So, how's the contest on your end going? Fight any battles yet? Any advice for a newcomer? I don't expect you to answer, but no reason we can't be friendly rivals right? Just cause a guy beat me once doesn't mean I'm going to hate him, this is after all a free-for-all match where once the challenge is accepted we might just straight up die. Tell you what, if I win, I'll bring you back. Cause I'm that great of a guy. Want something to eat?"
No. 607193 ID: 37aa84

It looks more like an abduction to me and I actually understand the reasons behind why handing her to the authorities would be ineffective. I doubt the authorities would understand that reasoning.
No. 607198 ID: 9a3996

Sexy time?
No. 607200 ID: bb78f2

OH and search her pockets for her wallet and house keys. Her ID should have her house address, where she'll have her panties.
They should be worth a lot since they required her capture.

I guess you could just depants her and take hers right now but that feels a bit rapey when she's tied up like this you know?
No. 607208 ID: 7648f0

Fuck that take her panties!
No. 607210 ID: 330ce5

hey does anyone in your house use the basement, for that matter what is stopping ANYONE from misunderstanding and letting her go?
No. 607215 ID: 4c5cf2

You can't take the tape off. If she yells, your family will come and see. And/or the neighbors will call the cops.

You'll need to get your answers from mind reading or verbal ques.

>take her panties
I thought we already confirmed she didn't have any.

>what do
...realize you've kidnapped a girl and locked her in your basement so you can kill her tomorrow. That's what erased means, right? She'll be gone. Even if she's been a jerk...

Start to freak out a little. This isn't exactly what you signed up for.
No. 607220 ID: bb78f2

No, we did not confirm she wasn't wearing any because we were interrupted in the middle of checking, just that she had no bulge in her crotch.

To be honest Ron, you've known you were going to be killing people in this contest for a while, right? You don't mind that at least, since you think you can bring them back?

If you're going to do something awful down here, Ron, offer her as a sacrifice to Pantsu instead of something that might turn you into a monster.
No. 607227 ID: 0eaf76
File 141741053940.png - (29.34KB , 900x800 , 80.png )

>"Do you...even have any panties?"

>Rogue shakes her head.


Now that you really think about it...you're going to have to kill this chick tomorrow. Well, not kill but...erase. Which is basically the same thing. You scootch towards her, trying to read her mind to find out anything.

"Stop staring at me..."

Her mind is definitely a lot clearer now. I'll just stare at the ceiling then. I won't have to worry about anyone finding her...no one uses this room. We mostly use the basement for storage purposes, but my Mom likes keeping it clean anyways. I'll just let her know not the clean this room.

>"Since I'm not gonna rip that duct tape off your face...I'm just gonna use your mind to communicate, okay?"


>"Tomorrow...when we do that battle...do you wanna uh, form a truce?"

"Why would I truce with...you? What reason-- do I have to-- trust you?"

Her mind was still a bit choppy, but I could understand her.
No. 607232 ID: 2ec61a

"well, if you don't want a truce i could just send you to pantsu at the stroke of midnight.
No. 607233 ID: bb78f2

Because we could both die tomorrow, duh.
Come on, we're both young adults. Yes, we have a lot of power to gain here, but this isn't Game of fucking Thrones. There's no political intrigue. We fight and we kill each other or erase each other from existence. Simple as that. Why NOT be friends with your potential killer? I mean, it's better than hating your killer, right? I know that doesn't make sense at first, but when you DO think about it for real, it actually does because this is real life, not a fiction piece. Then it makes sense to be friends with your competitor. Because they might BE your last friend you get to see.

Come on, this might be either of our last night of life. Anything you actually want to do? For realsies? Get drunk? Get high? Fuck (no making out)? Play video games? Skip rocks? Play pranks? Work together to steal Pantsu's panties?
No. 607234 ID: 07a835

Well, if she doesn't agree to it, you can just leave her here. Really, a better question is, why should Ron trust the Rogue?

I guess being able to read her mind helps the trust issue, but the choppiness is suspicious, she may be able to selectively block thoughts to effectively lie to us.
No. 607245 ID: b00646

Ask her how much she knows of pantus's challenges, and how she could stop existing when she fails
No. 607246 ID: 4f004c

>I'll just let her know not the clean this room.
Convince her that you'll take care of it, then.
>"Why would I truce with...you? What reason-- do I have to-- trust you?"
"Just because Pantsu enlisted us into the competition separately doesn't mean we can't work together. Become joint Gods or something.
Besides, even if that's not going to work out, and only one of us can make it, why not be allies until it's just us? Who else would think to partner up with somebody? It would give you an advantage over everybody else. And, hell, it's not like I'm asking you to trust me to watch your back, you can go ahead and be as cautious as you want. This is just a truce, an agreement not to take each other out until it becomes necessary or something."

Actually, think it over, Ron. Why did you agree to it? I don't believe it was to become a God. You were just being a pervert who didn't have much in life, and figured you may as well have some fun while getting something done.
No. 607254 ID: 4c5cf2

>Why would I truce with...you? What reason-- do I have to-- trust you?
Well, I could say you don't really have a choice, but that's a really shitty reason to trust anyone.

Isn't the fact I'm trying to offer you a way out worth something? I mean, I'm really not the cold blooded murder type. And heck, if I let you go, you know where I live, you know what my power is (don't mention we have more than one), you saw my friend's faces. You could screw me over right back!

Heck, how do I know I could trust you? *Poke* All I know about you is you apparently have no problem chocking girls out from behind for panties.

...I dunno, maybe we could ask Pantsu to enforce any deal we make with punishments, but she'd probably be more amused letting us flail around on our own than arbitrate safe deals.
No. 607258 ID: 6fd088

Nice speech, but also mention how Pantsu is herself suspicious.

How do we know she's telling the truth? What if she's tricking all her potential replacements into killing each other, so that we'll never be a threat to her? What kind of sick sociopath wants to see kids kill each other anyway? If she really is omnipotent and benevolent, then why didn't she create a less lethal competition?
Is she really more trustworthy than we are?

Fighting each other is a waste of time and resources. Our goal is to become gods, and she's the one standing in our way.
No. 607261 ID: 6fd088

>Besides, even if that's not going to work out, and only one of us can make it, why not be allies until it's just us?

And when it does end up with just the two of you left, then it's guaranteed that at least one of you will end up as the new panty god.
If you're friends, then the new god can simply use their awesome powers to resurrect their fallen ally. So, even the "loser" will still be partying in panty heaven or whatever. Being friend with god sounds pretty sweet. It's a win-win scenario.
No. 607264 ID: 89b2a2

well, nothing to do about it. stab her in the eye and then hide the body. google instructions for "body disposal"

alternatively, use her as a dress-up doll
No. 607272 ID: 0eaf76
File 141741393185.png - (31.63KB , 900x800 , 81.png )

>"Come on...why not? If we're going to be killing each other...listen, we don't really have a choice right now. This isn't fiction...there's no happy ending here! I mean, I guess there's a possibility we could resurrect each other...which is even more reason to become friends! We could compromise...become joint gods?"

"No...I will be the only-- god. I have been betrayed by a God once before...I will, not, let that-- happen.""


"This is-- important to...me. I do know-- that the challenges always-- come out with 2 winners. Those final 2 will fight at the--end before fighting Pantsu.""

>"Oh really? Let's pair up then! For this challenge...we can refrain from killing each other at least until the end!"

"What reason--do you have--to become God?"
No. 607277 ID: f461c5

Not getting erased from reality.
No. 607279 ID: 89b2a2

This. Also, promises of eternal peace? Why does SHE want to become a pantie god?

No, it's going to end like The Sims always does.

Wait, better question, how does she know so much about the contest?
No. 607280 ID: 4c5cf2

I like it that she's sill acting like she's in control. That she can and will turn you down if you're not worthy. Not that you're looking for a reason not to kill her.

>no joint gods
What about a compromise? Loser ends up serving the other. Archangel, or Seraph, or however the hell panty-pantheons work.

>I have been betrayed by a God once before
Really? Who?

>What reason--do you have--to become God?
In the short term? Not getting erased sounds nice.

Longer than that, being true to myself, I guess. This thing is sort of the best thing that's ever happened to me. I've helped people, in really weird ways, and I actually have someone relying on me now.

What about you? What's so important? It's not just staying alive, obviously.

If you really want to be a god, having someone who has your back doesn't sound like a good idea? You've already been jumped once.
No. 607281 ID: 01745f

What sort of betrayal by a God leaves her still around to talk about it?
No. 607282 ID: 07a835

No. 607283 ID: 4f004c

This. Being the God of panties would be the best thing ever.
>What about a compromise? Loser ends up serving the other. Archangel, or Seraph, or however the hell panty-pantheons work.
Of course, that would be a decent second, but you're not going to just lie down and accept second place.
No. 607287 ID: 6fd088

So I can undo all wrongs in the universe, deal out divine judgement, make everybody immortal, bring peace to mankind, cure cancer, spy on cute girls why they change, etc etc.
Basically, I'd do what any reasonable person would do.
No. 607292 ID: bb78f2

I'm the best pervert there ever was.
No doubt.
I already have followers.
Tell me, who believes in YOU?
No. 607295 ID: 0eaf76
File 141741758968.png - (21.58KB , 900x800 , 82.png )

>"Hey, it's the best thing that's happened to me in my life. I want to help the world...while also having a bit of fun. I could cure cancer...I could stop war!"

Okay that was a bit idealistic, but she got the general gist, right?

>"Wait...why do you want to be God? What do you mean when you say you were betrayed?"

"God killed-- m--...shh...."

I can't hear anything but static anymore...I think I hit some sort of soft spot.



>"Woah, woah, okay, calm down..."

She's getting visibly upset...

"Listen I just don't want to die at this point. I know you don't either. If I become God...I can help you become something cool, like a Seraph or...an angellic servant or something."

"...you-- would do that?"

>"Of course! I don't wanna kill anybody...I just wanna become God!"

"...mercy...is something-- I have not-- seen in a while--"

>The Rogue lays down on the bed.

>"Hey, how do you know so much about these challenges anyways?"

"...I ask-- questions."

>"I ask questions too!"

"not the--right questions."
No. 607297 ID: 2ec61a

well... sounds like she prayed to god to save a dying family member, and it failed. i can see how that would sting deeply. but unfortunately free will means you can't give everyone everything they want. watch bruce almighty.(or universe equivalent)
No. 607298 ID: 4f004c

>"...mercy...is something-- I have not-- seen in a while--"
Alright, but if I'm going to promise you that, I want you to promise me that if you manage to best me by the time this is all over, you'll do the same for me.
No. 607299 ID: 07a835

Pantsu has been basically stonewalling you. Ask for advice on how to get her to talk, since Rogue here seems to have the knack for it.
No. 607302 ID: 2ec61a

sit down and confirm with pantsu that everything she said is true
No. 607303 ID: 4c5cf2

>not the--right questions
Probably right. Most of my answers have been pretty flippant.

>what else
Tell her your name, and ask hers.
No. 607304 ID: 330ce5

Before leaving her alone, ask her if she wants anything to eat/drink or if she needs anything else within reason.
No. 607306 ID: 0eaf76
File 141741941314.png - (26.02KB , 900x800 , 83.png )

>"If...I'm going to save you...can you promise to do the same to me?"

"Promises-- are a waste--of time."

Hmm...she's a tough one.

"Are you-- going to--bbvvvvshh--lo--"

She's curling up into a little ball. To be honest, she's kind of uh...cute? In a weird creepy way.

>"Uhh, I can't really uh, understand you. But you should at least be decent enough to spare me mercy if I'm going to do that with you."

"This...is--not fiction--fair trade--will not--...come naturally. If y--ou want my mer--cy you must..--earn it."

>"Hmm...how about if I take off your duct tape. Will you promise not to make me pass out?"

"...I will promise--that. I would--like to--talk."

>You walk around the bed and kneel beside her, reaching to slowly peel off the tape.

"...yo--ur reasons f-or godhood are-- not noble--but then again...m--y reasons--are self--ish."

>"Yeah. Godhood seems pretty nice...hey, what's your name by the way? I'm Ronald."

No. 607309 ID: 9a3996

Aleks is kind of a cutie... Watch out for that.
No. 607310 ID: 2ec61a

keep hand over mouth. you are kind, not stupid.
No. 607312 ID: 4c5cf2

Remove mouth tape, and sit back. We'll talk.

Fine, mercy isn't negotiable. It's earned. What about a truce? Is that negotiable?
No. 607313 ID: 07a835

Well you could start out by explaining you don't go around assaulting women. Well, except for the first time when you didn't realize you had other options, and from some bizarre stroke of luck that turned out well for both of you.

Speaking of luck, has she ever noticed events strangely stacked in her favor?
No. 607314 ID: e878df

be prepared, she's gonna jump you the moment the duct tape is off.
ask here what did she ask here >>607306 "Are you-- going to--bbvvvvshh--lo--". it kinda sounds like she's worried you're going to sexually assault her again.
No. 607315 ID: 0eaf76
File 141742218769.png - (30.08KB , 900x800 , 84.png )

Alright, I got all the tape off. You can breathe now.

:aleks: "Thanks."

>You put a hand over your mouth.

:aleks: "Calm down. I'm not going to kiss you. I don't want to kiss you. That rabbit was at least somewhat tolerable."

>"Wh-What?! What does that mean?"

:aleks: "...I don't like dogs."

>"Also hey, I don't assault woman on a daily basis, you know."

:aleks: "...Mmm."

>"It's true! I'm not just a giant pervert!"
No. 607316 ID: 89b2a2

Stutter and try to defend your non-pervert nature while mentioning the fact you had casual sex in a dressing room, took some moth panties in a bathroom, and got a handjob from some crazy NEET.
No. 607317 ID: 6cb462

>"Also hey, I don't assault woman on a daily basis, you know."
Except for that one time with that deer chick. Just saying.
No. 607318 ID: 4c5cf2


Is she interested in discussing the prospect of a truce? Fine, mercy at the end is neared, not negotiated, but can she see the advantage of having an ally in the meantime?
No. 607319 ID: a19cd5

So, do you want anything to eat or drink?
No. 607320 ID: 4f004c

That's a one time thing, not a day to day basis. Sort of like, "I only assault chicks on Fridays. They assault me the rest of the week."
Given Bethany's personality, it's probably true.
No. 607322 ID: f461c5

"Look, I dont intend to kill anybody if I can help it. If I can get to godhood, one of the first things I intend to to is un-erase people, if at all possible. Stop being so damn evil."
No. 607326 ID: 534cc4

I think the most honest reason for becoming a god is to have some fun and such, it would be cool right? I mean we are young so that's our first thought, but we aren't heartless and we would like to fix the whole "Erase the people who didn't make it from existince" thing. I would just make it so those who fail or give up can't try again and get to live the rest of their lives.

Unerasing people might take some time, but if we become god I don't see why not, although people who have been dead for really long amounts of time like 100 years might should just have their souls re-exist and then reincarnate them instead of just dropping them back in society.
No. 607329 ID: 6cb462

So, should we compare how many points you both have? We have got to find out where we stand compared to the competition, especially since she has been stealing panties since before Tuesday.

We should also ask her what we should ask Pantsu in your next dreams. She said that we are not asking her the right questions after all.
No. 607330 ID: 13d396

Ask her how she found out about putting panties on her head, assuming that she's too much of a grumpy gus to do it for giggles.
No. 607331 ID: 0eaf76
File 141742418480.png - (27.06KB , 900x800 , 85.png )

>"So...do you not want to negotiate any sort of truce either?"

:aleks: "If it will get you to shut up, I will agree to hold off from killing you...for this first challenge. I don't intend to interact with you again once I'm free."

>"Sheesh, can you stop being so damn evil?! I just don't want to kill anybody! I don't want to BE killed! How hard is that?! What do you have to lose if you die, if I can promise that I'll bring you back?"

:aleks: "Godhood is a powerful thing...! Do you expect it to be that easy?! Did you expect this entire ordeal to be a cakewalk?! You become God and everything is all better?! What about all the people who were planning on doing something with their Godhood?! What do they do? Live out the rest of their pitiful, mortal lives and die like everyone else?! I don't want to bow down to a God that won't do the right things...forced to watch and work to their every, fucking whim!"


:aleks: "I want to help people too...! I want to save people...I can't save anyone in the state I'm in now...but maybe...if I'm a God...I'll be able to save lives."

>"That's the same goal I have! Have fun and help people out..."

:aleks: "Oh so that's it...? You want to have fun?"

>"That's what Pantsu does!"

:aleks: "She doesn't deserve the right to be a God. And neither do you. If you're going to treat the world like your playground I don't want to help you get there. If that's all the reason you have..."


:aleks: "At this point I don't want to risk trusting you. I'm giving you my truce for this first challenge and that's all you're going to get."
No. 607332 ID: 13d396

It's sort of silly to assume that a god of panties can cure the sick and smite heathens in their tracks. I mean, has she gotten any powers so far that aren't sex based in some way? At what level of panty power do you suddenly move on to ending world hunger. She's in the wrong damn game.
No. 607333 ID: 4c5cf2

>If you're going to treat the world like your playground I don't want to help you get there.
I never said I wanted to make the world my playground. Sheesh. Wanting to have fun in your life isn't the same as messing with people for the hell of it.

What about you? The ends justify the means? Should I just be cool with the fact you're willing to choke out strangers to get what you want? I never had to hurt anyone to collect panties. Should I want someone willing to resort to those kinds of tactics with the power of a god?

>I'm giving you my truce for this first challenge and that's all you're going to get.
Technically, we'd get better than that if we didn't let her go, since she'd be out of the running for the whole time.
No. 607334 ID: 07a835

Tell her straight up Pantsu didn't tell you shit when you signed up for this. You didn't ask for some crazy drama. You thought yeah, you could be God for like a couple years and mess with people and then hand it off to someone else, or else fail and just get shamed or something. She never told you that you'd have to erase your competitors until it was already too late to back out. Or that you'd have to avoid getting erased.

Tell her you're going to have to think long and hard and deep about what you're going to do as a God.

...does she even consider herself pervy enough to be god of panties?
No. 607337 ID: a2f9bc

Pfft. Better an impotent jokester than a vengeful ideologue.
No. 607339 ID: 534cc4

I'm not saying I would toy with people or things, I just wanted to enjoy being a god, and since I have a conscious I know that I could to great things with my power besides doing jack-all, I wouldn't just do nothing to help the world, I would improve it!
No. 607342 ID: 4efe5a

>What do they do? Live out the rest of their pitiful, mortal lives and die like everyone else?!
Point out that if you were god, then nobody would be mortal. Death sucks, and that's the first thing you'll get rid of when you achieve godhood.

Secondly, you're not going to have your moral integrity questioned by somebody that's willing to assault innocent people in the street to steal their panties.
Also, the fact that she'll be willing to kill you after the first challenge doesn't bode well. If she's willing to commit murder, then how could she possibly become a good god? Why would a potential murderer be a better god than somebody whose taking every step to prevent bloodshed?
A truly benevolent god would kill someone for personal gain. That's why you're going to win this competition without killing anybody.

And finally, tell Aleks that if she really does dislike Pantsu, then she shouldn't be playing her game. Battling each other is what Pantsu wants.
No. 607348 ID: a19cd5

>Getting rid of death
That is a bad idea for an absurd number of reasons. Honestly I think we should avoid meddling too much beyond getting all the horrible war shit put to an end, maybe do something about world unification. Beyond that, humanity (animality???) would best be served fixing their own problems once the door is opened.
Sort of a personal growth thing on a larger scale.
No. 607349 ID: 2ec61a

at the stroke of midnight, tape her mouth again and contact pantsu. we will need to ask her about options.
No. 607350 ID: 4efe5a

>That is a bad idea for an absurd number of reasons.
Yeah, but as an omnipotent god we can just make those reasons disappear. Overpopulation, perpetual suffering and literally every other problem with immortality can be solved if you're god.
And why not? Why shouldn't Rob just fix everything? Really, the fact that Pantsu is content with all the suffering in the universe makes her an extremely morally apathetic person.
No. 607351 ID: 2ec61a

and if pantsu isn't the ONLY god? what if there is a god of war who will NOT let you abolish his duty?
No. 607359 ID: bfe12b

She's going to become a vengeful murder God isn't she?
No. 607368 ID: bb78f2

"You know, maybe part of the challenge of this whole this is actually realizing how much of a playground the world is supposed to be. Which is why Pantsu made it in her challenge 80 years ago, and why she is encouraging me to step up, and my follower. Being a god is not about deserving it, nobody deserves that power. It's how dangerous you are with it, what you're willing to do to get it, and what you're willing NOT to. Which god killed your person that you care about so much, I don't assume it's Pantsu. Like, are we talking God God, Christian God? I know it's a sore subject, but knowing the threats out there is pretty important. They just MIGHT get in the way, if they have the chance to. My follower still believes God God exists, despite her actually meeting Pantsu even before me. I think. I just need to know if we might have to fight Ultra-Mecha-Robo-Jesus sometime."
No. 607389 ID: 4c5cf2

Yeah, the quest to eliminate death is a childish and poorly though out goal. Claiming we'd have the power to fix the consequences is even worse. Ron shouldn't have that as a personal philosophy.
No. 607398 ID: 330ce5

Ask her what one should strive for when aiming to become god, does she even know? I believe a happy or miscevious god is better than most options.
No. 607428 ID: d5f3c4

Tell her she'll never win a panty gods quest by being serious and sullen about it.
No. 607448 ID: bd1075

She might become death incarnate if she gets all da powa
No. 607453 ID: 047a0e
File 141745792871.jpg - (122.74KB , 900x800 , image.jpg )

>"Wait, why do YOU need to be God more than I do? If you're willing to assault people to steal their panties..."

:aleks: "I'm doing no harm. I'm just making them pass out and setting them down somewhere safe."

>"They're gonna assume it was rape! That's emotional damage! I don't care what you say or do but I don't want a vengeful, violent God to rule over."

:aleks: "..."

>"If you dislike Pantsu so much stop playing her game...why are you acting so serious for a challenge about stealing women's underwear?"

:aleks: "I'll take what I can get..."

>"Hey! Don't just roll over and ignore me!"

:aleks: "I just want to help people...help people so they don't go through what I did. And if that means doing a few bad things then I suppose I can live with that."

>"...that's not what a real God is supposed to do. Is that the God you'd want?"

:aleks: "I'm not sure...I just know that I won't let anyone get in the way of my goal. No matter how twisted or wrong it may seem to you, I know that in the end it will help more people."

>"What's to stop me from keeping you here forever? What's to keep me from killing you now to prevent that from happening?"

:aleks: "How does that make you any better than me?"

>"Because then I'll bring you back when I become God."

:aleks: "I can't put my faith into something so uncertain. You haven't even started the first challenge. You might die during the first five minutes."
No. 607457 ID: b00646

Wait how many challenges has she gotten though?

Just what does the scouter say about her power level?!
No. 607459 ID: bd1075

".....Just how long have you been troubled...?"
No. 607461 ID: a7a6b0

>"I can't put my faith into something so uncertain."

You don't have much choice, do you?
No. 607482 ID: 07a835

Ask Pantsu what happened to her. What did she do?
No. 607495 ID: 4f004c

>Wait how many challenges has she gotten though?
Come to think of it, when you first arrived at Pantsu's realm, she said "Ahh it's been so long since I've seen someone with a fresh set of panties for me!" I assume she meant somebody arriving in her realm, which only happens when somebody starts out... This means anybody you go up against is likely to have a much higher power level.
>I'm giving you my truce for this first challenge and that's all you're going to get.
Having a truce for even just the first challenge is good enough. You can earn her trust afterwards.
No. 607508 ID: bfe12b

>help people...And if that means doing a few bad things then I suppose I can live with that.
How do you know that's not the reasoning behind what happened to you. And what if someone else started taking advantage of those girls that you left unconscious, alone and half naked.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions.". Its not enough to want to do good later, you need to do good now.
No. 607538 ID: bb78f2

Really, you're going to not believe in the guy who had the balls to try and steal Pantsu's panties?
There's drive for the goal, and there's drive for the work.
Guess who's best at the work? How many powers do YOU have? One? After how long? We have two before even our first challenge. And we've been able to do it through SEDUCING women, instead of violating them like she has. We've engaged in sexual acts with at least 1.5 seperate women per day Nobody can match our panty stealing skill save for Pantsu herself. She's the only pair we couldn't get. And we got close BEFORE we had any powers.

Hers WILL be ours.
No. 607607 ID: e7db7e

Tell her that you'll earn her faith through your actions. Then let her go.

Once she's out of the way, we need to have a fairly serious talk with Pantsu.
No. 607614 ID: a84063

You're judging someone for being willing to assault someone for their panties?

How quickly we forget that before any of this, on a simple dare you ripped the panties off of some woman you didn't even know.

You just got lucky (literally) that she was the one woman who had that as her fetish.

Just saying.

Consider that your Panty god is probably manipulating all of you right now. Yes, your priority should be to team up, but not to become a god - you don't even know if you're being lied to or not! You should be teaming up to abolish this stupid game.
No. 607652 ID: b8ceae

"So you want to kill peoples brothers and sisters to stop others from killing peoples brothers and sisters?
Tell me; what happened?"
No. 607658 ID: 0eaf76
File 141749386659.png - (26.20KB , 900x800 , 86.png )

>"...How long have you been troubled?"

:aleks: "I don't have to tell you anything about what I'm like or who I am."

>"Then how am I supposed to trust you if I don't know who you are? And anothe thing, if you want to protect people who have been wronged in their life...how do you know that's not what happened to you?"

:aleks: "...What?"

>"Someone went in with good intentions...and then they just...couldn't do it. There's a difference between wanting to do something and actually doing things."

:aleks: "They lied to me. They fed me with heretic LIES. There were no good intentions there...they just wanted to get me to shut up long enough to...to..."


:aleks: "...urgh...I don't have to tell you anything other than the fact that you have my promised truce during the challenge tomorrow."

>"...Hmm, fine. Before I leave do you have anything you want to eat? Drink?"

:aleks: "No..."
No. 607659 ID: 6cb462

Ask Aleks what we should specifically ask Pantsu the next time we see her in our dreams before we leave.
No. 607661 ID: a19cd5

"Aight, well, if you do need anything let me know. Any advice for dealing with pantsu? She's been almost aggressively uninformative."
No. 607662 ID: 07a835

Alright, later.
No. 607663 ID: 01745f

Um, with all this talk about making the world better after becoming the Panty God... Do either of us know how much power the Panty God actually has over the normal world?
No. 607664 ID: a19cd5

Then when they pass out, leave them a tray of cookies or something.
No. 607665 ID: b8ceae

"There's something you should know. If I had known becoming a god required killing people, I wouldn't have agreed to go for it. Anybody who would doesn't deserve that power.
Now I don't have a choice. For a lesbian, Pantsu sure does love being a HUGE DICK."
No. 607666 ID: 2ec61a

nonono, pantsu would probably hear us say that. just the last part i mean. stay up till midnight then ask pantsu about what you can do with an opponent. can you have a truce bound to you? like "party A and party B will not attack each other until X time"
No. 607677 ID: bb78f2

Cool, so, back to more mortal interests...
You said rabbits are tolerable? You know, Jacob IS available. Maybe you want to set up a date? You know, buy him some dinner after you kissed him? After all, you kissed him without buying dinner. That's not kosher.
No. 607679 ID: 4c5cf2

Free advice: make yourself harder to find. Your MO made you pretty easy to ambush. You might want to mix things up, or try something subtler, before some other competitor gets the same idea I did.

>I can't put my faith into something so uncertain. You might die during the first five minutes.
You really don't need to put all your faith in me. But isn't having the odds tilted slightly more in your favor a good thing? Before, you had to win. Now, you have to win, but there's the small chance I win and you haven't lost everything. It's hedging your bets, not giving up.

Make sure you escort her out. No letting her hit the laundry for your Mom's or Sister's panties and free points on the way out.
No. 607686 ID: 024b25

"You want a hug?"
No. 607698 ID: d5f3c4

Before this ends, make a pact with her that if either of you win, you'll revive all the other contestants and send them to pantyhalla, which is basically just a fun and debachery party for ex-panty god candidates.
No. 607709 ID: 534cc4

Ask her if its bad that you don't have a battle power yet.
No. 607921 ID: 0eaf76
File 141756707152.png - (20.01KB , 900x800 , 87.png )

>"Okay...just so you know...if I knew I had to kill people to win...I wouldn't have accepted the quest."

:aleks: "..."

>You exit the room and lock it.

Ah jeez. What am I gonna do?! This is so nerve wracking! I think I'm gonna head up to my room and try and relax before tomorrow. I need to prepare myself for the challenge!

>You go upstairs and open your door.

>"Finally a chance to relax..."
No. 607922 ID: 0eaf76
File 141756708466.png - (23.98KB , 900x800 , 88.png )

:pantsu: "Good evening, Ron~"

No. 607923 ID: 0eaf76
File 141756709399.png - (24.80KB , 900x800 , 89.png )

:pantsu: "I think you may have a few questions for me."
No. 607925 ID: b8ceae

"Yea. Starting off, what's the criteria for defeating somebody, and is there a way to have the loser NOT die?"
No. 607927 ID: 330ce5

Are there other gods, what is limit to your power, what is this fight really about, what happens when someone turns into a god, and what can someone do to strengthen abblites they already have?
No. 607928 ID: 687279

Yeah, how about "Why is she so angry?" and "How can I avoid dying tomorrow" and "How many competitors are there" and "Why doesn't anyone know about you?" You'd think a real, living God would have their own religion, but all you know about is the religions that have no direct evidence of their belief systems. How many of the religions are fake?
No. 607929 ID: 6e79d4

okay cool

What's her deal, what will I have to do for this day three challenge (even in a very general sense), and why aren't you improving the world and such?
No. 607930 ID: ccea58

Ask her how many people are in the competition, because unless she can make like, an unlimited amount of herself to communicate with everyone there probably is not that many
No. 607931 ID: b20493

You could say that, yeah. You got any answers ready to give me, or do you need me to start tossing questions.
No. 607933 ID: 4f004c

Is it okay for different contestants to team up?
No. 607936 ID: 265534

Obliterating people from existence kind of takes the fun out of an otherwise amusing romp. Going from stealing panties to murdering each other's souls seems a bit extreme.

Try to get her to lighten up on that whole thing.
No. 607941 ID: 0eaf76
File 141756951287.png - (19.73KB , 900x800 , 90.png )

>"Yeah! I do! I-- wait how did you get in my room?"

:pantsu: "I'm a God! I do what I want."

>"...That's a bit unsettling but whatever..."

:pantsu: "Whaddya got for me?"

>"Alright, about this whole panty competition thing, what's the criteria for 'defeating' someone?"

:pantsu: "Either beat them in an official Panty Challenge or kill them in the mortal world."

>"Ah...but...isn't it killing them either way?"

:pantsu: "...Not...quite."

>"What do you mean?"

:pantsu: "I have no jurisdiction over the dead. If they die then they die, can't do nothing about that. But if they die in one of MY challenges...they aren't completely gone."

>"They're not?!"

:pantsu: "Nope. They're sent away to The Wash. Trapped there until something happens to them."

>"Hmm...so...if I become Panty God...would I be able to bring them back?"

:pantsu: "In theory? Yes. It would be possible."


:pantsu: "You have strange morals."

>"How are they strange? How is it weird for someone to want to bring someone back from the dead that they care about? Why are you so uncaring about the world anyways? I can't seem to recall you ever doing anything to improve the world."

:pantsu: "True. But that's because I could care less about what the mortal world does. Humans are pretty stupid if you think about it."

>"...That's awfully mean of you."

:pantsu: "Any other questions? You have an hour before your first challenge~"

>"Yeah uh, what are these challenges exactly? What do they consist of?"

:pantsu: "You get transported to a game board at the stroke of midnight. There you'll be met with a special challenge. You and 5 others will have to duke it out on the board until 2 people remain. It's almost like a tournament~ There'll be several other challenges running at the same time as you~ They'll continuously go every 3 days until it's the final person...who then battles me!"

>"I see..."

:pantsu: "There's really no set rules in terms of teaming up...but in the end there can only be one person to fight me~"
No. 607942 ID: 687279

Okay, if she's not improving the world, what does she actually DO?
No. 607943 ID: e51122

You, know, we better untie the bandit before midnight. Or else she might be screwed when she gets teleported to the game.

Geeze, why is this panty contest so dark? Why aren't the loosers just getting memory wiped or dumped naked in the street or something.
No. 607945 ID: e7db7e

>What sort of challenge is it, and how long will it take? Is every challenge the same?
Important questions to help us prepare, though I doubt she'll answers.

>Can new contestants join the game after the first challenge has started?
Regardless of her answer, I think we should confess everything to Jacob and get his help once this first challenge is over.

>Will we be able to bring any items with us when we're transported to the game board?
If we can bring items, then we should go a stock up on potentially important gear. It also means that we have to untie Aleks, or else she'll join the game while still stuck in her restraints.

>How is this battle royal bullshit a test of pervertedness? Is watching kids kill each other your fetish or something?
No. 607947 ID: 5d2f8c

Are people able to surrender in/from the game? (we could try the Alison school of competition, though I doubt there would be many who would go with it)

>They'll continuously go every 3 days until it's the final person
what's to stop more people from coming in once it's near the end?

>until 2 people remain
>until it's the final person
Doesn't that mean someone has to get knocked down outside the game? Killing someone is not a *requirement* is it?
No. 607949 ID: 95a470

...are you really a god?
No. 607951 ID: 2ec61a

ask if deals between contestants can be officiated.
No. 607952 ID: 6e79d4

What do you do all day?
No. 607953 ID: bb78f2

So, like, can you have kids as Panty God? I imagine since you like ladies, you might have occasionally switched genders for a little bit and fathered a few. How does that work? Do they get powers?
No. 607955 ID: 638ad8

"They're sent away to The Wash. Trapped there until something happens to them"

Two things

What do you mean by HAPPENS

Who is behind this and what do they get out of the whole shenanigans that occur when panty gods enter/leave office?
No. 607982 ID: 6cb462

>"True. But that's because I could care less about what the mortal world does. Humans are pretty stupid if you think about it."

Sounds like something a demon would say rather than a goddess.
No. 607988 ID: 6e79d4

>Humans are pretty stupid if you think about it.

No. 608000 ID: 330ce5

Humans are pretty stupid...
No. 608004 ID: 6cb462


But seriously, is she really a goddess?
No. 608030 ID: 01745f

>Humans are pretty stupid if you think about it.
Doesn't that mean they then need your help that much more?
No. 608044 ID: 4c5cf2

>until it's the final person...who then battles me!
And what happens at the very end if your last champion doesn't beat you. Do you start over?
No. 608050 ID: 0d8ff4

(a) God is sitting on your bed. Now is the time to ask her out or my (unduly) bold advances! She wont be (that) mad, the situation is unique!
No. 608052 ID: 687279

I object. Pantsu seems too much of a jerk to want to bone.
No. 608053 ID: 7648f0

Yeah but what if she does? Man you gotta hit that if you can hit that.
No. 608086 ID: a8adaf

Yeah, this. Probably no harm in asking, is there?

We've got an hour, after all. Might as well see if we could relax and have fun during it.
No. 608089 ID: 534cc4

She's a lesbian people.
No. 608091 ID: 2ec61a

indeed. she don't swing this way. she just likes our style, not our dick.
No. 608092 ID: 13d396

>I have no jurisdiction over the dead.

Thanks for telling us that. Now we can tell that crazy chick in the basement, and she'll finally realize she's barking up the wrong tree going for your power.
No. 608099 ID: a8adaf

Oh, right.

Suppose we could hook her up with Emy, and they'd let us watch?
No. 608103 ID: a19cd5

>trying to bang the lesbian
I feel as if we're starting to get dragged off-track from pantysnatching to tailchasing. We should work on that once we're done here tonight, we'll have all the time in the world for that once we got some gains.
I mean shit, we really need to start heisting some underwear already or we're gonna be woefully underpowered later on. No more distractions.
No. 608106 ID: a8adaf

We've got an hour to fool around: it's too little time to get anything productive done, but just enough to relax and stuff. So, you know, it won't hurt.
No. 608107 ID: bb78f2

If we want to bone Pantsu, we could ask her to change us into a girl for a bit, I guess.
No. 608108 ID: 2ec61a

i don't think ron would be okay with losing little ron for even a little bit... unless she gives back a bigger ron afterwards.
No. 608132 ID: 4c5cf2

>We've got an hour to fool around
We've got an hour to rest up and prepare for a life or death battle after doing a stake out in the dead of night and that dragging a prisoner home while avoiding being seen. After running around all day, too.

We also have an hour to untie our-would be ally so she doesn't start said life and death battle restrained and/or sore and at a disadvantage. (Possibly. No way of knowing if she gets teleported in with or without the duct tape).

Also, let's not alienate the moody god by hitting on her when for the first time she's actually sitting down and answering questions reasonably.

>other questions

Why the heck did you make a panty battle into some kind of an arena death competition? Seems to me there are a lot of ways you could have found the best person for the job without that.

>I have no jurisdiction over the dead
...so does that mean Aleks there is barking up the wrong tree?
No. 608373 ID: 0eaf76
File 141764868843.png - (17.71KB , 900x800 , 91.png )

>"If you're not actively improving the world...what DO you do?"

:pantsu: "I find plenty of things to amuse myself with. Making birds poop on cars, sending random updrafts into girls' skirts, stubbing people's toes on random objects, other things like that."

>"You know...shouldn't a God, I dunno, do something to help? Isn't that your job?"

:pantsu: "Being a God doesn't land you any responsibilities. You can do whatever you want. A long time ago, I used to try and help people. During the wars...I would do my best to try and guide people on better paths...but mankind has constantly found better ways to get themselves into trouble, and eventually, it just gets tiresome. I didn't sign up for this job to be a babysitter you know."

>"...T-True...I still don't agree with you."

:pantsu: "Fair enough."

>"So what kind of challenge will this be? Is it the same everytime?"

:pantsu: "It's different each time...but what they are is a secret~"

>"Do new contestants join once the games start?"

:pantsu: "Nope. I have the option of restricting people from joining. As of now, if someone puts panties on their heads, nothing happens. I don't HAVE to run these challenges...it's just...I feel as though a new God might be a refreshing new thing for this world, but of course I'm not just going to hand the role over to anyone who asks! I have to make sure they prove themselves."

>"How does this prove anything? Killing people in these games...how does that show someone is worthy?"

:pantsu: "These sort of situations tend to bring peoples' true character out...their moral limits, their secret personalities, their willingness to show mercy...it's a great way to test someone~"

>"It's still messed up! I don't know if you're deserving of being a God...and what if the last person standing doesn't even beat you?"

:pantsu: "Then I wait a few years and start over. This has been going on for a while now."

>"Really? Are...Are there going to be recurring people from the last challenge?"

:pantsu: "Of course not. They're all 'dead', remember?"

>"Oh...right...hey, another question. Can I hire people to be my servants?"

:pantsu: "I can't see why not. However, getting them into Panty Heaven with you would require you killing them in their mortal lives."
No. 608376 ID: 687279

...if someone dies outside of a challenge, they go to the afterlife, right? So if someone wants out of the competition, that's an option.
No. 608382 ID: 75cd81

>as of now, if someone puts panties on their heads, nothing happens
So we could tell friends and family without worrying about them getting sucked in. Heck, even the party trick plan is viable.

>However, getting them into Panty Heaven with you would require you killing them in their mortal lives.
I thought with Em you said I'd just have to wait for her to die. Or Is she a special case, as a cultist?

Also, you've brought people to the panty drawer all the time, don't you? Me, Em, all the other people you have lined up to kill me....

>at the end of the conversation
Well, bye. If I don't die horribly in the next hour, I'll see you later.
No. 608430 ID: bb78f2

Hey, sorry about that business earlier about trying to steal your panties. Just, you know, wanted to show gumption.

Was there a panty god before you? How was he/she?
No. 608559 ID: 0eaf76
File 141766802861.png - (16.03KB , 900x800 , 92.png )

>"Hmm...was there a Panty God before you?"

:pantsu: "Of course. But I kicked him out and took over instead."

>"Really? I didn't think they would have Gods like that back then..."

:pantsu: "Believe it!"

>"Well...sorry about all these questions...I think...I'm just gonna take time to sit by myself."

:pantsu: "Really? Suit yourself. Get ready. At midnight, it's time for you to show your stuff."

>Pantsu disappears into a cloud of bubbles.

>"Well...now that that's over...How do I want to spend my last hour? Only got a bit of time before I kill or get killed."
No. 608564 ID: 687279

Why not try mind-reading some member of your family while they sleep? See if you can tell what they're dreaming about.

Alternatively, go out and see if you can break into someone's house to steal panties.
No. 608570 ID: bb78f2

May be our last moment on earth.
No. 608572 ID: 9a3996

You could go to Aleks and relay to her what you spoke to Pantsu about. Maybe she'll get a better idea of how you feel about the whole situation. Also getting more points doesn't sound like a bad idea right now, since you should probably raise that POWER status.
No. 608573 ID: b8ceae

Call Emy and have her help you raid a laundromat for panties. Then you can spend the remaining time together.
No. 608576 ID: 4c5cf2

Go let Aleks go. She deserves to spend what might be her last hour alive not tied up. Or to start the competition at a disadvantage.

No. 608578 ID: e7db7e

I agree about relaying what we've heard to Aleks. Nothing Pantsu said could really be used against us, and sharing information would be a good starting point for building up trust.
We should also unbind her, or else she might end up starting the challenge while still tied up.
No. 608581 ID: 2ec61a

well go back to our prisoner and explain you talked to pantsu again, asked her about death and stuff. said that deaths in the challenges aren't the same as deaths out here. and that new players wont be added. also that until the final challenge two people win each challenge.
No. 608591 ID: 0eaf76
File 141767362221.png - (24.86KB , 900x800 , 93.png )

I guess it would be appropriate to visit Aleks one last time before we get flung into a challenge.

>You go back downstairs, bringing a plate of chips and a glass of water.

>You open the door to Aleks' room.

>"Hello? Are you still in here?"

:aleks: "...What is it?"

>"I just wanted to check in on you before we're pitted in a fight against each other...and I brought food."

Oh. How did she get the tape off of her legs? Ah...whatever. Her hands are still tied up...this room is locked anyways, and there aren't any windows to climb out of.

:aleks: "...Hm."

>"And uh...Pantsu was in my room when I went upstairs."

:aleks: "She likes to pop up from time to time."

>"You've seen her before in the real world?"

:aleks: "Yep. A few times."

>"Huh...well, she cleared up a few things with me. Apparently you can't bring people back from the dead...but you can resurrect defeated panty contestants!"

:aleks: "Good for you."

>"So you have my word that I'll bring you back if I end up winning."

:aleks: "I'm overjoyed."

>"Hey! Stop being so grumpy! That's a good thing!"

:aleks: "...You do realize I can't eat without my hands, right?"

No. 608592 ID: 687279

No. 608593 ID: 2ec61a

sue she can, just hold the bits and put them in her mouth.
No. 608594 ID: a2f9bc

She probably chewed through the tape on her legs with her mighty squirrel teeth. Pro-tip: don't let her blow you.
No. 608595 ID: 4c5cf2

Well, I guess if I'm gonna trust you to hold to a truce in the fight, I might as well trust you with your hands, now.

Untie her. (...although maybe tease her with an offer of feeding her, first).

You can go if you really want, I guess. There's less than an hour till things start, though.

Maybe talk tactics? Easiest way for the two of you to survive a five way battle is to pretend not to be working together so as to catch the other three of guard.

>dumb idea
Possible last minute panty power up idea: offer to trade a pair of your sister's panties (there must be laundry piled up, right?) for Alek's. You both get eleventh hour points before the fight.