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File 125496072496.png - (264.89KB , 600x600 , AQ251.png )
59863 No. 59863 ID: 7eda8b

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No. 59869 ID: 2bf51b

Oh, shit.
No. 59872 ID: bffa2a

No. 59878 ID: 18212a

Wet self.
No. 59883 ID: 7eda8b
File 125496103452.png - (291.86KB , 600x600 , AQ252.png )

The morning has had a slow start. The sergals overslept, owing to their enthusiastic barricading combined with a lack of windows.

After a brief and uneventful morning, Goshen and Aphek are saying their goodbyes to Yisi and Isso. Shadran hasn't been seen since Goshen's encounter last evening.
No. 59887 ID: 950eaa

The trees, I bet she's in the big one.
No. 59891 ID: bffa2a

That's not suprising. She did say she would find you on the road. That is if you're not actively avoiding her. Are you?
No. 59923 ID: 325528

Let's head on out. Above poster's right, she said she'd find us. Don't avoid her.
No. 59927 ID: 7eda8b
File 125496207498.png - (292.22KB , 600x600 , AQ253.png )

>That is if you're not actively avoiding her. Are you?
Is he? Goshen figured he'd just meet and travel with her, as planned.

Is there anything else he should do before he leaves? Aphek mentioned wanting to buy a tunic, but that's not really a necessity. They have more than enough food and water for the three day trip.
No. 59931 ID: eaec5a

Aw what the bloody fuck is she doing up there?
No. 59933 ID: b94893
File 125496214763.png - (116.31KB , 521x485 , sadliam.png )

>Say goodbye to Yisi and Isso

D-Do we have to? ;_;
No. 59934 ID: 325528

Nothing pressing. Let's just head out. No sense waiting.
No. 59940 ID: 632862

She's on the roof. Prepare for an attack from above... or just prepare to have her jump down and say hi, I dunno.
No. 59941 ID: af3e6d

We can't recruit EVERYONE. Stick to one new party member/chapter. Or something like that.
No. 59946 ID: 276781

I think I know. I'm getting a vision...
Shadran's sneaking into the bathhouse. Oh my, she's not paying at all!

Yeah, I'd be willing to bet Shadran just went ahead and snuck in without paying price of admission. Would explain why she kept out of sight - you'd keep away from the owners of the establishment if you didn't pay for your bath, too.
No. 59950 ID: b94893

Oh god dammit she is on the roof again, somebody call the fire department to get her down.
No. 59952 ID: bffa2a

Well, might as well meet with her when she's ready to come down from the roof.

Go buy Aphek a tunic and a replacement weapon. Ask what he would like to use when selecting. Recommend a crossbow for the sissy boy or if he really wants to press his luck a spear.
No. 59954 ID: af3e6d

Get Aphek his tunic and some sort of armament. I'm sure Shadran will drop in any minute now.
No. 59980 ID: eaec5a

Tunic and sling. We need a ranged guy.
No. 59991 ID: de913c

Walk a few seconds, then TURN AND DEFEND YOURSELVES!

Remember, we offered the sword in exchange for some mild protection of traveling together.

Alternative assessment. Notice her on the roof and do nothing. Assume she will contact you when ready, and make sure you keep your spear handy.
No. 60001 ID: 7eda8b
File 12549636083.png - (294.08KB , 600x600 , AQ254.png )

Goshen readies his spear.

"Problem?" Aphek asks.

"I just heard someone on the roof, and I bet I know who."

"Who?" Yisi asks.

"Talyxian with red hair, orange eyes. I bet she didn't pay, either..."

"Oh," Yisi says. "She did, but I thought she left an hour ago."

"Forget it. Listen, do you guys have a crossbow you can sell? Or a sling?"

"We have crossbows, but they're for staff usage. It'll cost more than they're worth to part with one. Slings are simple enough. I could teach Aphek to weave one if you'd give me a little while."
No. 60011 ID: 632862

Tell Aphek to keep his back to the wall!
No. 60012 ID: 950eaa

A sling sucks major ass, we gotta upgrade him to a crossbow as soon as possible. I see her jumping down, now. May as well have Aphek make a sling, I suppose it's better than him punching whatever we find.
No. 60014 ID: 325528

Let's not keep Shadran waiting any longer than nessicary. Let's buy a tunic and head out.
No. 60017 ID: de913c


Is it a fast lesson? Yes, do it. No? We'll figure something out along the way. A shirt would be fine too.

Did I mention? Keep your guard up.
No. 60021 ID: 2dd482

Yes, have Aphek spend more time with his waifu~
No. 60030 ID: bffa2a


Sure, sling it up. How about the tunic?
No. 60051 ID: 7eda8b
File 125496487738.png - (289.44KB , 600x600 , AQ255.png )

"How about you go get that tunic and a sling? If they're so easy to make, have Yisi weave you one, or borrow one or something," Goshen says, partly to get them out of the way.

Should he keep his spear leveled?
No. 60053 ID: 18212a

Don't act in an overtly hostile manner, but keep the spear very close at hand.

Shoulder it, but keep both hands on it.

Then say "How long did ya plan on hiding?"
No. 60055 ID: 950eaa

Tell Shadran to get out from behind the corner, there's no need to act like that.
No. 60057 ID: af3e6d

If Shadran really wanted you dead now, you'd probably be dead already. You should be fine.
No. 60059 ID: bffa2a

Nah. Let's get this over with and ask if she's going to come with us or if she just wants the sword.

If latter offer it back for modest price and restraining order.
No. 60084 ID: 276781

>modest price
Oh sure, charge a deadly assassin money to get her own sword - that you stole - back.
There's nothing wrong with this scenario at all.
No. 60093 ID: 7d87d9

Watch your back... she could be waiting until we're out of the sight of the birds to attack us.
No. 60098 ID: c24d5c

"I know you know I know you're there."
No. 60111 ID: bffa2a


Well, if she wants to shirk on the previous deal a small monetary compensation is justified and says "Okay, fine bitch. Waste my time.". I'm talking the price of bed & breakfast. Besides we won that sword.
No. 60139 ID: b94893

No. Sling it.
No. 60165 ID: 950eaa

See if she wants that sword 'cause Aphek is pretty useless. Ask her why she's being so hidey.
No. 60171 ID: 7eda8b
File 125496772283.png - (151.50KB , 500x500 , AQ256.png )

"I know you know I know you're there," says Goshen.

Shadran says nothing.

"So... You traveling with us, or just want your sword back?"

"Both," says Shadran.

Goshen remembers the deal they agreed on. She'll travel with him to Fort Ji and then to go adventuring with him later, (his original plan was to raid gnolls to the south) in exchange for her sword. She said she needs them to make a detour on the way, turning it into a three day trip.

Goshen supposes he might be able to ask for the human spatha she's carrying.

"Leaving yet?" Shadran asks.
No. 60180 ID: 632862

"Depends on if you're willing to lend my friend that sword you've got. He's inside learning to make a sling."
No. 60193 ID: bffa2a


"The sissy needs to put on a dress first, we'll be going right after. You can take your sword from him when he's back in exchange for that one. Handle first preferably."

"Are we to wait while you take care of your business or will you not mind us tagging along?"
No. 60195 ID: de913c


"Give Aphek another second or two. I think he's making nice with the bird people. On that note, the dustback's kind of unarmed. You mind handing over one of the spatha's as well? I'd be ever so grateful."

She also doesn't look terribly threatening at the moment. Might want to apologize for being a dick during the bath.
No. 60206 ID: eaec5a

Goshen, consider having sexual relations with creatures outside your own species.

Sadly I have no other input at this time.
No. 60210 ID: 950eaa

We already got to see them. Besides, that's probably somewhat gross to a sergal anyway.
No. 60222 ID: af3e6d

No. 60242 ID: de913c

I personally think the goal should be to pacify any 'backstabbing' thoughts that might enter either the sergal's or the talyxian's heads. Focus on keeping them all alive might benefit in the long run.

As for relations, well... While I would normally say 'go for it' I keep having this image of Goshen one night waking up to find he's castrated and half his innards are pinned against a tree.

So keep it under the kilt, lad.
No. 60275 ID: 7eda8b
File 125497126221.png - (213.74KB , 500x500 , AQ257.png )

"I sent him in to buy some clothes. That loincloth looks dumb," Goshen says. "We'll leave as soon as he comes back."

Shadran says nothing.

"Since you're getting your sword back, can we have that spatha? You don't need it."

"Fine," Shadran says.

>We already got to see them.
She was facing away from Goshen. He doesn't think they're that gross, but always found it dumb that many species have such things for life, when they only actually use them for a few months.

>pacify any 'backstabbing' thoughts that might enter either the sergal's or the talyxian's heads
Goshen can control his own thoughts, but what should he do to assuage the talyxian?
No. 60300 ID: de913c


First of all, don't allow her to travel too far ahead, or too far behind. That shows you either A)Aren't trusting at all or B)Too trustful. Keep her by your side when you travel. Aphek's probably not going to keep his cool very well, so you should probably travel in the following formation:

Aphek - Goshen - Shadran

As for assuaging any thoughts of violence on her part, I would suggest waiting until Aphek got back, and then hitting the road. Having a purpose usually puts one at enough ease that they won't think of killing someone else.

Furthermore, while talking to her might seem to be a lost cause, try and talk casually. She's a merc, same as you, so talk fighting stances, weapon preferences, favorite jobs, etc. Perhaps you can get her to open up enough to allow some sort of broken communications to be formed.

If she doesn't offer anything, start talking. Anything will do, really. It might unnerve her enough to speak up.
No. 60315 ID: fc854e

>what should he do to assuage the talyxian?
Insinuate that he's willing to offer sexual services. This cannot go wrong.
No. 60316 ID: 950eaa

I think we should try to get her to loosen up, she's obviously got some kinda problem or something, and it'd be nice if we can actually trust her. She's putting up a front here, and it's worrisome that she won't speak frankly with us.
No. 60323 ID: 950eaa
File 12549767703.jpg - (185.25KB , 1280x1024 , it was shadran all along.jpg )

This is a TOTALLY AWESOME IDEA. NOTHING could possibly go wrong!

See my helpful illustration on why.
No. 60328 ID: 476456

just walk side by side you babies, its an open road, not a tunnel
No. 60332 ID: 9e9b47

Just ask her if there's an issue.
No. 60333 ID: de913c


I meant side by side, you moron. As I said, no firecrotch ahead or behind us.

Our left will work just fine. Or right. Which ever is stronger.
No. 60355 ID: 7eda8b
File 125498022850.png - (159.33KB , 500x500 , AQ258.png )


"If you get in trouble, don't trust in this. Trust your mind. Keep it clear. Trust your legs. Keep them healthy."

"Thanks, Yisi," Aphek says. "I still don't like this, but I have to see it through. What happens next might be worse than the northerners."

The nevrean nods. "If you ever find yourself free, for varying degrees of freedom, but needing a place to go, you can find work here. You've got a good heart and a strong back."

"Heh," Aphek says. "About earlier..."

"Shhhh... Just stay safe."
No. 60360 ID: de913c


D'aawwwww... Dustback's part of the Resistance now.

You probably shouldn't dilly dally, Aphek. You need to get back out there. Look for some ammo on the road and pick it up. If you've got any pockets in that tunic, use them, otherwise, keep a rock or two in your hand and the sling coiled up around 'em.

Then get outside and try not to crash into Shadran on the way out. It's time to go to Fort Ji.

I'll also spare a PS joke of "Pose as a team, cause shit just got real". Seems the thing to do is press forward.

Also, Goshen: Once Aphek gets out, have him be the middle ground - Hand Shadran's sword to him to give to her, and ask her to give the spatha to him. Hope you've got some bandages handy just in case.
No. 60367 ID: 7eda8b
File 125498319767.png - (153.33KB , 500x500 , AQ259.png )

>You need to get back out there.
Yes. Aphek realizes he's taken too long already.

He says goodbye, and leaves to face Shadran, sword in hand. However much he's dreaded crossing blades with her, the thought of simply handing his sword over to her is even worse.
No. 60368 ID: 7eda8b
File 125498323067.png - (112.94KB , 500x500 , AQ260.png )

No. 60369 ID: de913c


Easy kid. If she makes a move, just run. Don't get too skitchy, and you'll be fine.
No. 60370 ID: 9e9b47


At least you get another weapon right away. Buck up.
No. 60386 ID: 7eda8b
File 125498875581.png - (142.54KB , 500x500 , AQ261.png )

>At least you get another weapon right away.
This actually does help. Aphek feels better with a blade. He considers asking for his old dagger back.

Meanwhile, Goshen tries making small talk. He has little success. He's never been the most chatty of sergals. The talyxian responds to some direct questions, but seems oblivious to the idea of a real conversation. Still, it's only been an hour or two.

Goshen considers marching orders of another sort...

Just how should Goshen behave towards Shadran? Relaxed? Wary? Edgy? Extremely paranoid?

How should the group respond to people heading toward them on the road? How careful should they be about ambushes?
No. 60389 ID: 276781

Relaxed, but attentive. She didn't make a move to gut the two of you immediately, so she may be over her grudge to some degree - but that doesn't mean there's no chance she's just playing nice to catch you off guard later.

Remaining attentive will mean you'll also be keeping an eye out for ambushes just as actively as paying attention to Shadran's disposition, so it's all good. As for passers-by, ignore them unless you really need to talk to them/help them/kill them.
No. 60392 ID: bffa2a

>He considers asking for his old dagger back.

Let it go if you're not picking a fight. Just talk with Goshen until you have to camp again. Think of the first night camping with the devil and the paranoid dancing games that will go on just to get sleep. She won't even strike on the first night, she'll wait until you're tired and delirious from lack of sleep. What do sergals taste like? Mayby you should ask Goshen.

Wary is a good mercenary policy that is shared by everyone and understood. Upgrade to edgy whenever she's out of your sight.

Avoid contact by hiding beside road until Fort Ji as much as you can but don't go traipsing through forest just to avoid imagined ambushes. Will take you a week to reach fort that way.
No. 60397 ID: 15f6d6

Relaxed but attentive is a good policy. You don't want her to think that you're scared of her, and you don't want her to think that you'll freak out and be unreliable if there is trouble (this goes for Aphek as well).

It seems like she really doesn't want to talk, so I wouldn't press it too much, although some casual chatter is probably a good idea so things don't get too tense.

I'd say avoid fellow travelers whenever possible. I'd try to stay on guard against ambushes, but once again, appearing as a paranoid freako isn't going to help things at all.
No. 60399 ID: 9e9b47


This guy's got the idea.
No. 60735 ID: 7eda8b
File 125503925459.png - (201.45KB , 500x500 , AQ262.png )

Goshen behaves this way, presenting a relaxed but attentive front. Shadran's reaction is difficult to read.

>avoid fellow travelers whenever possible
It's not at all hard to convince her to hide from travelers. Some groups of agudner cross their paths, some armed, some not, most leading carts or riding them.

After noon, it grows cool. The group sees a large copse of trees beside the trail.

Shadran halts.

"Movement," she says. "Should go around."

Goshen doesn't see anything.
No. 60736 ID: 9891a9

Her eyesight is MUCH stronger than yours, you better listen to her right now.
No. 60739 ID: bffa2a


Listen to the lady, let's do as she says.
No. 60748 ID: 2adb83

So where does Sergal eyesight range?
If you're confident in your own abilities you should wait to confirm it yourself before following her in the wilderness. Trees are the enemy of spear-fighters.
If not, be at least alert and try to keep in rather open areas. You don't want to get into close combat with her again.
No. 60751 ID: b94893

Should be about the same, but remember that Shadran has crazy training from somewhere or another.

She probably can tell through more means than just sight.
No. 60757 ID: 2adb83

Goshen has his own crazy training, he's an Elite Vanguard Raider. I can only assume that means something.
He shouldn't base important decisions only on informations provided by his former nemesis. And I'm using former in the broadest possible sense.
No. 60760 ID: bffa2a

Eh, I'm ready to give her a chance to be trusted. As long as we don't completely open our defences.
No. 60761 ID: da016e

While following Shadran, ask her where she trained at.
No. 60764 ID: b94893

Oh, definitely, I just meant to defend his eyesight.

Keep a look out for anything suspicious, Goshen.
No. 60768 ID: 7eda8b
File 125504113654.png - (114.42KB , 500x500 , AQ263.png )

Goshen is watching the suspect copse closely. He's not spotting movement, but creatures there might have simply found hiding places by now.

Shadran thinks they should stay out of possible arrow range, and preferably out of sight, by moving through the trees and brush to the north. (Hills 1 and 2)
No. 60774 ID: b94893

Let's do what she says.
No. 60780 ID: 2adb83

It makes lots of sense, assuming you can trust her. Which is rather questionable.
What if she contacted her friends to prepare an ambush on hill 1. What then?
Is it possible to go around the copse on its southern side? This way you would avoid a possible trap set by her.
Anyways, avoid places that hinder your spear-fighting.
No. 60785 ID: bffa2a

Okay, not like there's much choice. Follow the plan until it backfires horribly.

I'm tired of second guessing her anyway. So, until she starts stabbing you in the throat go along.
No. 60794 ID: 7eda8b

((It's not impossible to go off map. I just drew it for clarity. If you guys want to take an extra wide circle to the south, you're not going to hit an invisible wall.))
No. 60809 ID: 2adb83

Not walking into a possible prepared ambush is really the best way then.
It's only three days to Fort Ji, and Goshen being extra careful until they arrive there is quite reasonable. Deciding if they should trust Shadran is better done close to a friendly Sergal garrison.
No. 60811 ID: bffa2a



I still want to give Shadran some form of opportunity to foster mutual trust before we have to camp for the night. Our night shifts won't see anything else coming if they keep their eyes on her all the time.
No. 60868 ID: de913c


Give each hill a respectable berth. We don't want to get caught on the low ground, even if we are a spear user.

My suggestion: Head between Hills 1 and 2, then climb over two. You might give yourself more travel time, but that way, you'll be in a position to bolt back if you need to.
No. 60962 ID: 7eda8b
File 125505311614.png - (331.40KB , 500x500 , AQ264.png )

>Follow Shadran but be careful

"Lead on," says Goshen.

>Goshen has his own crazy training, he's an Elite Vanguard Raider. I can only assume that means something.
It does, but... Goshen was not at the top of his cadre when it came to fieldcraft. His strength and fighting skill was more than enough to compensate. Shadran seems to excel at both, however.

Shadran takes them through the lightly forested first hill, then leads the way through the sump between it and the next, creeping from cover to cover through tall grass.

Shadran heads for the forested slope of the second hill.
No. 60965 ID: 476456

stare at cat ass
No. 60968 ID: b94893

Shadran is bent over in front of you and her attention is elsewhere.

Go ahead and see if you can sneak a peek.
No. 60982 ID: bffa2a

Don't listen to your carnal lust, keep your eyes peeled for hostiles. Just because the ambush was on other side dosen't mean they didin't leave a couple of lookouts here.
No. 60986 ID: de913c


Watch your head... nose... whatever might be close to her.

I really don't want to think about what might happen if you accidentally a whole talyxian ass.
No. 60994 ID: 7eda8b
File 125505504168.png - (215.57KB , 500x500 , AQ265.png )

>Go ahead and see if you can sneak a peek.
Goshen very quietly sneaks closer and positions himself to catch a peek at ... She's still wearing chain mail.
No. 60995 ID: 950eaa

Goshen, stop that, seriously.
No. 60996 ID: 476456

if she asks just say you were making sure you didnt wander away from her.
No. 61000 ID: b94893

Can't see through the chainmail? You should be able to see what color... anyways

Stay alert and watch for any other movements. Also keep your tail down before Aphek starts trying to sneak a peek.
No. 61003 ID: 8ce2bf

Well okay then sneak a peek at Aphek.
No. 61004 ID: b1e366

Watch your head. She knows what you're doing and you're about to get kicked in the face.
No. 61016 ID: de913c



Just... watch for any kind of movement, you idiot. Try and make sure you aren't sticking out of the grass too much.
No. 61017 ID: 43d730

Goshen, stop thinking with your dick.

Aphek, I'll bet Goshen's bits are on display...
No. 61030 ID: 7eda8b
File 125506031783.png - (199.52KB , 500x500 , AQ266.png )

They reach the forested slope of the second hill. Shadran rises to her feet and draws her main-gauche.

"Elf," she says, in a whisper so quiet Goshen isn't certain he heard it.

Goshen sniffs the air. He picks up the scent. Seems like just one, but he can't be certain.

"Bypass or kill?" the talyxian asks.
No. 61032 ID: 950eaa

bypass, let's not get in any fights we don't need to till we get to the fort.
No. 61035 ID: 476456

"Only if he's a threat."
No. 61036 ID: e3f578

"It's a pansy ass elf. They're capable of being a threat but not without provocation."
No. 61059 ID: b94893

"How tough you think it'll be to bypass? We shouldn't let them get the drop on us. If there's any doubt we can sneak by, we should ambush them instead."
No. 61071 ID: de913c


If it's one, you might want to capture it. Information is a fun little treat, then.

If there is more than one, it might be better to evade, or, if it was an ambush, get the drop on them.

We need more information. Assess, warrior.
No. 61150 ID: 7eda8b
File 125506352744.png - (196.77KB , 500x500 , AQ267.png )

"How tough you think it'll be to bypass?" Goshen asks.

Shadran swivels her head around.

"Easy for me," she whispers. "Maybe harder for you."

>If it's one, you might want to capture it. Information is a fun little treat, then.
Are you sure? Sneaking away with a struggling elf is not impossible, but would be difficult. Trying to keep an interrogation quiet and then killing it here would be a large risk, though not impossible.
No. 61151 ID: b94893

Let's just kill them all then.
No. 61152 ID: 950eaa

How many?
No. 61156 ID: 43d730

We can probably kill one or two elves if we can surprise them- no shield + bows = bad.
So we'll make some noise and miss catferretninjamonk can sneak over and gank them.
It's a little chancy, though.
No. 61157 ID: de913c


Okay that has officially creeped the fuck out of me. Every other aspect was fine and that has made me freaked at her again.


Further more, I said Assess! This means information gathering before information gathering. Basically, we need to know what we're up against. More than likely, we're probably going to have to jump the bastards now.

Creep forward and observe. Have Aphek ready himself. Don't have him use his sling, either. He's not practiced with it yet. Keep Shadran ahead of you.
No. 61186 ID: f4963f

Just sneak around them. No sense leaving a trail of corpses. We've gotta kill someone else later on anyway as part of Shadran's whole... bounty, let's not kick up any more suspicion than that already will.
No. 61219 ID: 7eda8b
File 125506605412.png - (214.42KB , 500x500 , AQ268.png )

Aphek creeps forward. Goshen's probably taught him more about movement and concealment than he has about sword swinging.

"How many?" Goshen whispers.

"One to three. Probably one," Shadran replies.

>Creep forward and observe.
"Move to observe," Goshen says. "We'll try to go around, but if it looks like trouble, kill them quickly."
No. 61228 ID: de913c


Assume the worst and say it's three. Keep your head on a swivel and observe that elf and or elves.

Plan of attack: If it is defenseless, or not worth our time, bypass. If it's in need of aid, we might consider offering it aid. Maybe. Only if it swears to be our loyal slave or something. Or payment, that's good too.

Battleplan should be as follows: Shadran in quick to fuck shit up, followed up Goshen to mop up. Aphek is a useful distraction, but keep him hidden. He needs more time.
No. 61241 ID: b94893

Kill them. Don't even try to sneak around.

We don't want to take any chances.
No. 61345 ID: 7eda8b
File 125507328511.png - (145.60KB , 500x500 , AQ269.png )

Goshen follows Shadran. The talyxian flows like a shadow.

They find an elf. It is facing north, perhaps watching for people traveling perpendicular to the road. The party could give him a wide berth and probably pass by undetected, if they choose.
No. 61368 ID: 632862

Bah, leave him. He's looking for other people.
No. 61420 ID: 7eda8b
File 12550780428.png - (186.17KB , 500x500 , AQ270.png )

Goshen makes a small click, enough to get Shadran's attention while blending into the forest noises from more than a few yards away. He gestures to back off and bypass the sentry.

Shadran turns her eyes to him, but gives no nod or other sign of acknowledgment. She begins backing slowly away, watching her step.
No. 61441 ID: b94893

Watch her movements and follow as quietly as we can.
No. 61601 ID: 2a5c0b


Little late to add: If he's alone, and seemingly watching for others, just stay quiet and back off. You especially, Goshen, need to watch your step. If you or Aphek make even the slightest sound out of place, jump him. Don't think, just pounce and try and knock him out. And be wary of anyone else who might be there.
No. 61602 ID: 43d730

Also make sure to listen for out-of-place nature sounds. Elves love that kind of crap.
No. 61617 ID: 66a784


Good call. He may have another friend in the trees. Maybe two. Just be careful and stay silent.
No. 61644 ID: 27ba7a

While I'm thinking about it, the minute we get some distance between us and the elf, ask Shadran if she knows why an Elf is this far from home. Aren't his homelands to the East/West? I forget which.

Just saying.
No. 61646 ID: 6459aa

You guys remember that Shadran used to work with that "invasion force" or whatever? Those group also had elvish members.
So having her kill the elf would be at least an indication that she really broke with them. Not perfect of course, cause she might be cold enough to kill allies, but at least something.
They should be killed anyways. Those ain't random bandits but enemy soldiers, and should be disposed of as soon as possible.
No. 61729 ID: 9d41ab

I'm all for wasting this guy if we can do so silently.
No. 61896 ID: de913c


Upon even further retrospection, I have one thing to say.

It's a trap. Goshen, back off and keep your head up and your ears open. There's more than one.
No. 61922 ID: 7eda8b
File 12551480159.png - (170.66KB , 500x500 , AQ271.png )

>Waste this guy if we can do so silently.
Goshen ponders why elves would be here. Elf bands journey all across Vilous, but their homelands are far to the north and east. It's entirely probable these are here to kill sergals.

>It's a trap.
...on the other hand, Goshen had better get to Fort Ji as soon as he can.

He follows Shadran as she silently makes her way to the other end of the wooded area.

She freezes.

Should Goshen move up to investigate, or simply follow her lead? He could also try asking her, but any noise could endanger them.
No. 61925 ID: 476456

Just wait, dont risk making noise, she seems smart enough to keep you informed if you need to be informed.
No. 61926 ID: b94893

Freeze as well. Wait for her.
No. 61928 ID: f4963f

Stand. Perfectly. Still.
No. 61929 ID: 632862

Follow her gaze. I think I see what she's looking at, and Goshen should be able to see it too.
No. 61939 ID: 7eda8b
File 12551492706.png - (166.74KB , 500x500 , AQ272.png )

Goshen freezes. The talyxian stays still for a few more seconds, then changes direction and continues on.

>Follow her gaze.
The sergal sees just the very edge of a shape that might be an elf. If he clambered up to where she was he could tell for certain, or he could just continue on. If it is an elf, Shadran is taking a route to stay out of its line of sight.
No. 61940 ID: 476456

Trust her judgement and follow.
No. 61941 ID: 632862

Continue on out of sight, then.
No. 61942 ID: f4963f

That dark blob back there? ... yeah, follow her route. Looks like Elf wasn't alone.
No. 61947 ID: b94893

Follow her lead.
No. 61950 ID: de913c

Called it.

Follow firecrotch. Keep on her tail as close as you can without making too much noise.

...and did anyone else notice that the dustback's missing? Check for Aphek, and make sure he's not done anything stupid.
No. 61951 ID: e75a2f


Did I miss the part where it's proven that the carpet matches the drapes?
No. 61953 ID: de913c


I find it easier and much more pleasant than typing "That creepy head revolving bitch."

Besides, who cares? Isn't that a common redhead insult?

Also: Goshen, don't forget to keep an eye on where you're going in relation to the forest. If the girl's leading you around into a trap, you don't want to go into it without an escape plan.

Be prepped, lad.
No. 61959 ID: 7eda8b
File 125515109675.png - (152.55KB , 500x500 , AQ273.png )

Goshen doesn't notice anything too suspicious about the route they're taking, but then, an ambush could be hidden anywhere. He doesn't see or hear any sign of one.

He has the scent of the second elf now. They're difficult for him to distinguish.

The group continues on to the edge of the woods.
No. 61964 ID: 7eda8b
File 125515210892.png - (114.47KB , 500x500 , AQ274.png )

What sort of route should they use to get out of the area undetected?

If they go left and get into the tall grass, they can sneak away, but they'll have to pass close to the second sentry's field of vision to get there. If they go more right, they can move to cover to cover, but will come closer to the copse of trees where Shadran claimed to see more figures.
No. 61966 ID: e75a2f

Tall grass is, contrary to popular belief, NEVER a good idea. The gap created by the displaced blades forming around your body is very visible (especially from a raised position) and you become very easy to track by the bent stalks created by your footfalls.
No. 61969 ID: 7eda8b

No. 61975 ID: e75a2f

Completely different situation.

Creeping towards something is different from creeping away. Creeping towards something keeps the grass undisturbed in front of you, acting like a curtain to mask your position. Creeping directly away from something doesn't give you that curtain to hide behind.

Also lets face it. Goshen and Aphek aren't tigers.
No. 61977 ID: 9e9b47


The grass then I suppose.
No. 61990 ID: ed8d8a

But... there are RAPTORS in the tall grass. Besides, the hill will cover sight lines from the original ambush point for a little way. If you move diagonally across the open field, by the time there is a clear sight line to those trees, you will be as far away as you were when you first LEFT the road.

Of course that assumes there isn't something hiding in wait IN the tall grass for you. Like raptors.
No. 62003 ID: 7eda8b
File 12551580859.png - (194.77KB , 500x500 , AQ275.png )

>The grass then I suppose.

Moving quickly but carefully, the trio manages to reach the tall grass unnoticed. Using this for cover, they put the elves far behind them, apparently unnoticed.

Aphek lets out a sigh of relief, the loudest noise anyone in the group has made in the past hour.
No. 62008 ID: 632862

Is she turning her head a full 180 degrees there?

No. 62032 ID: 54af1f

you didn't notice her doing that earlier?
No. 62034 ID: 6a6a5e

Ask politely that she stop doing the 180 head thing. It's creeping us out.
No. 62036 ID: 632862

Well, I can see how it would be useful in this situation.
No. 62046 ID: de913c


Second. Or maybe not do it when we're staring directly at her.

Push on. We still have a bit of time to travel, not to mention Shadran's little escapade doing god knows what.

...in fact, see if you can't ask her a few questions about herself. Now that I think about it, what better way to put everyone at ease than to exchange a few stories. Sure, she may not be the atypical traveling partner, but the least she can do is give us more about her background.

I mean, really. We can't keep calling her 'psycho bitch' or 'creepy talyxian' without knowing the circumstances of her past. Offer to share your past, as well. (Since we know so little. Only things we know about Goshen are 'Raider' 'Possibly of Rain's Blood' and 'Northerner'. The rest is a blank.) Offer your history first. It usually helps open the conversation up.
No. 62625 ID: 7eda8b
File 125523288376.png - (206.61KB , 500x500 , AQ276.png )

"Could you, uh, stop doing that?" Goshen asks softly.

"What?" the talyxian asks.

"Turning your head all the way around."


"Sergals don't, ah, share that range of motion. So, would you stop doing that?"

"No," she says.

"So what's your story, anyway?" Goshen asks, waiting for Aphek to catch up.

Shadran says nothing.

"My full name's Goshen Rane Atral," says the sergal. "From the Atrales family. Cut the last bit off my last name. Nobility's kinda dumb anyway."

"You're from a ruling clan?" Aphek asks, catching up.

"Sorta. Minor family. So, not really," Goshen says. "Definitely not anymore."
No. 62648 ID: 7d87d9

Why do I see her talking to us in that pose whenever she can just because it probably bugs us.

I just hope she doesn't store away that kind of information away and uses it against us.
No. 62720 ID: 9e9b47


Let's just continue on. Keep up a relaxed yet alert atmosphere again.
No. 62807 ID: 276781

She really isn't one for talking, is she?
Well, fuck. Continue on, I guess.

Maybe eventually she'll decide she can be talkative once in a while.
No. 62862 ID: de913c


I'm probably bringing the wrath of the creator by saying this, but I think it would be important for Shadran to share her past and her motives beyond "Kill stuff". We'll figure something out to get her to speak, and if it's saving her in the middle of a battle, well, then that's a 'we'll see' action.

So yes. Continue on. Once it starts getting dark, head off the road and set up camp. Otherwise, travel in silence. Seems that's going to be the main thing we can do until we settle down for a bit.

Oh, and Goshen? Think about some Northern Sergal Rituals. Anything at all, whether it be something simple or extravagant. I have an idea I want to try when we settle into camp.
No. 62871 ID: 7eda8b
File 125524185834.png - (160.55KB , 500x500 , AQ277.png )

"Not much of a talker, huh?" Goshen asks.

Shadran says nothing.

"That's... great," Goshen says. "You gotta have some story. You come from parents? Creepy boy talyxian and a creepy girl talyxian?"

"Yes," Shadran says, shooting him a glance.

"Well, that's a start," says Goshen.

He feels something like a memory, but then it's gone. Something about her eyes. It makes him think of his dream in the desert.

There's not much daylight left.
No. 62889 ID: 87583b

Ask her when she wants to make camp, and say that you'll tell her a story if she tells you one in return.

Once upon a time, there was a sergal and a girl that was a quarter dwarf and three-quarters human...
No. 62891 ID: 7eda8b
File 125524323932.png - (122.76KB , 500x500 , AQ278.png )

>Think about some Northern Sergal Rituals. Anything at all, whether it be something simple or extravagant.
...What? Like a courting dance? Or religious stuff? Goshen doesn't know the proper rituals for the ancients. The General's standards are less stringent, of course. Either way, they'd have to find something to sacrifice.

>I have an idea I want to try when we settle into camp.
Like what?
No. 62893 ID: 9e9b47


Let's find a place to camp and recommend it. We're not completely at this chick's heel. Goshen is good at finding camping spots too.
No. 62899 ID: de913c


Back after technical difficulties. Goshen, I mean anything you can think of. Make a list in your head, for posterity.

As to what the idea is, let's just say this little thought is dancing just outside of your reach until I have a list, and you've set up camp.

So, since it's getting dark, blaze off the trail and set up camp. Send Aphek off to get firewood while you and Shadran set up the tents and what not. Get to it, boy!
No. 62900 ID: 87583b

OF COURSE Goshen doesn't know the ceremonial mating ritual dance.

Only females do the ceremonial mating ritual dance, after they have proposed to the males and the males have accepted it.
No. 62905 ID: 7eda8b
File 125524490734.png - (158.41KB , 500x500 , AQ279.png )

Goshen has had enough of Shadran leading him around. He looks for a good place to... Say, that looks almost like a path.

"We turn here," Shadran says.

Son of a bitch. Daughter of a bitch!
No. 62946 ID: 476456

You forced yourself to march through the desert and she did it after you burned her food. Quit being a pansy.
No. 63099 ID: bffa2a

Well, we did agree to the detour. Let's honor that but now that we are here ask if she needs our help and should we be on our guard.
No. 63102 ID: 1d5408

It's late already, at least camp somewhere you decide for the night before following her into the obvious trap. I don't think she can reasonable argue against not entering a dense forest this late.
You can share stories about killing and beheading Sergals with her, while sitting at a nice campfire.
No. 63167 ID: 55e935

Say "Agreed". This sends the message that she isn't telling you what to do, but in fact, has only by coincidence made the same decision that you would anyway.

Don't let her be the boos of you, man.
No. 63171 ID: de913c


It's obvious she's been through here before. Just prep for a trap, and stay alert.

If there is no trap? I'll let you in on the thought that's been dancing outside your reach.
No. 63244 ID: de913c

This is either her detour, or she knows a camping sight nearby. Prep for a trap, and be ready.

Also, make sure you watch Aphek. He may think he's good, but he's probably still not that great.

Ooh! If we do make it to camp with her, see if she'd be willing to help teach Aphek a thing or two. He needs the lessons, and I'm sure Goshen's lazy.
No. 63247 ID: 0d1fe9

This sounds good but I don't think Aphek would be comfortable with Shadran somehow, maybe get him to practice with his sling by using it on the local wildlife and getting dinner in the process, we also need one of the guys to see if they can get Aphek's dagger back.
No. 63296 ID: de913c


Training with someone he doesn't like offers a whole different way of thinking to how you're training. You WANT to look for weak spots, you WANT to show you're better, and most importantly, you WANT to do the equivalent of punching them in the nose to assert Dominance.

Though I doubt we can have a Shadranhearst. It'd only make things difficult.
No. 63752 ID: 7eda8b
File 125540503830.png - (211.38KB , 500x500 , AQ280.png )

Goshen peers down the path. In the fading twilight, it leads to darkness.

>This is either her detour, or she knows a camping sight nearby.
"Is this your detour, or just a campsite?" Goshen asks.

"Detour," says the talyxian.

"We'll camp here, then," says Goshen.

"Should we make a fire?" Aphek asks.
No. 63755 ID: de913c


Huh. That reminds me of this one time on Outward Bound...

Moving on. If were going to have a fire, we should probably keep it low. Not too much big stuff, only enough for a little warmth and light. I'm not sure how good Shadran's night vision is (Obvious pretty damned good), but ours is kind of crappy, so we could use the light.

Aphek, don't wander off to far, but go get some wood. Leave your pack here, and Goshen and Shadran will set up camp.

Goshen, I want you to outright ask Shadran while you're setting things up: Is there anything that I can do to get you to have a normal conversation with me? Don't lollygag in saying it, and don't stutter. Oh, and don't sound too tough. You need to sound a little bit pleading, a little bit whining, and a little bit exasperated.

Also, I'm still waiting on that list of Sergal Rituals, boy. Chop chop.
No. 63757 ID: e16ca8

If it's not decently cold, don't make a fire. You have luxurious fur to protect you from the elements anyway.
No. 63775 ID: 7eda8b
File 125540818243.png - (135.46KB , 500x500 , AQ281.png )

>If it's not decently cold, don't make a fire.
It's getting chilly, but Goshen's had worse without shelter.

"Nah. Too risky," Goshen says. "Don't have anything to cook anyway."

Aphek nods and heads to set up the tent. Goshen thinks the southerner's trying hard not to seem redundant. Goshen ponders having the dustback go without sleep until they get to fort Ji. A tired eye's better than none.

He turns to Shadran, staring down the trail.

"Listen," Goshen says. "Is there any way at all for us to have a normal conversation?"

"Maybe," she says without looking away.

>Also, I'm still waiting on that list of Sergal Rituals, boy.
Ain't that a shame.

>trap trap trap obvious trap
If it's a trap, should Goshen even go?
No. 63776 ID: f4963f

She mentioned having a side-job; it's not unbelievable. Just... keep an eye on her. If she wanted to kill you, she wouldn't need this elaborate a set-up. Just sayin'.
No. 63778 ID: 9e9b47


We said we'd go, no sense of panicking now.

Try being silent until she talks. If you buckle first, ask her where she learned to fight at.
No. 63781 ID: e16ca8

If we can't have a normal one, could we at least have one with her head facing forward?
No. 63783 ID: de913c


Bastards and Bitches tonight. Alright, forget the list, I'll come up with something.

As for the 'maybe', I'd inquire further. Ask of anything you can think of. We gave her our full name, why not ask her for hers, since it would only be fair? Ask if there would be anything important to discuss. Would she have really killed those elves, how long did she follow us in the desert - I mean anything.

Try to be civil about it. I'm sure she's got her reasons for not talking, but I'd be more comfortable with her knowing a bit more about her. As for the path?

You're camping near it. It's more than likely that this is probably a shortcut that passes near her objective. My guesses are: A religious site, an old friend's place, a resupply cache, a job, or a trap. Goshen, just keep on your toes. Rotate sleep shifts for you and Aphek: Sleep next to each other (Or close) to ensure that both of your asses are covered.
No. 63785 ID: 7eda8b
File 125541011879.png - (138.32KB , 500x500 , AQ282.png )

>Try being silent until she talks.

Aphek pitches and camouflages the tent. He sits, eating a tuber, and watches Goshen watching Shadran.

"So where'd you learn to move like you do?" Goshen asks.

Shadran turns her head, though not very far.

"My kind has many ways to learn," she says. "They are not for you."

Goshen considers this.

"Are all talyxians as, ah, intense as you?" he asks.

"I bear a shape the world gave me," she replies. "As do you."

A chill blows softly through the woods. It sounds like she does.
No. 63786 ID: 1afd58

Well... *I* like your shape
No. 63788 ID: e16ca8

I guess we're done being chatty, don't want to get annoying. Let's go ahead and sleep I suppose. She's gonna be short with us for now it seems.
No. 63789 ID: 9e9b47


Just ask her if she wants to go first on the sleeping rotation, then talk with Aphek for a bit before bed. No reason to try talking any more.
No. 63793 ID: e16ca8

Can we not flirt with the assassin? It seems like a bad idea.
No. 63800 ID: 1083ef

"Well, looks like the world was just a bit more generous with you."
Not overtly flirtatious, but it's a compliment, and she doesn't likely get a lot of those not directly tied to combat ability.

I'd suggest letting it go at that, for now.
No. 63805 ID: de913c


I hate to call down the wrath, but keep pushing. I'd like to offer the suggestion of getting her full name again. Also, if Aphek's not busy dicking around, he needs some sense of training. Get him to start practicing on a tree or something with the sling.

As for questions for the deadly one: "When I was in the desert, there were some tracks. Couple were human or elf, some gnollish, some Talyxian. Know anything about it?"

It was more than likely her (According to Aphek), but maybe we can get her to admit it, and ask her about her companions and her original mission.

Also, I know it might sound suicidal but...

Offer to help. Anything up to destroying Fort Ji or killing Northerners. You're not that much of a merc yet.

Though Spirit Guide Rain might've been proud if you followed that path.
No. 63808 ID: 0d1fe9

Goshen doesn't go outside his species, remember Isso?
Looks like there isn't anywhere for this to go really, unless you can manage to get more info out of her regarding her employers and why she was employed, we should Go and ask Aphek how he feels about Shadran, and what he thinks about her motives(After she's asleep of course).
No. 63811 ID: 7eda8b
File 125541283956.png - (141.09KB , 500x500 , AQ283.png )

"Well, looks like the world was just a bit more generous with you," Goshen says.

Shadran says nothing, turning her eyes away.

Goshen listens to the wind until it stops.

>I guess we're done being chatty
Goshen had one last idea.

>say that you'll tell her a story if she tells you one in return

"I had a thought on the way here," Goshen says. "I'll tell you a story, and in return, you tell me one."

Shadran is quiet for a time.

"Very well," she says. "Tonight, I'll listen to your story, and tomorrow, you will have mine."
No. 63813 ID: 6faa8c


Any good stories from training?
No. 63814 ID: e16ca8

Do one better; sing her the song of your people!
No. 63816 ID: de913c


Bitch done coppped out on us. But at least it's a start. You got anything funny or inspirational from your past, Goshen?

Also, Test, I'm really lovin' that shot of Shadran's profile. It, and the picture in >>60171 actually brought a small connection of "She might have a life other than killing" to my mind. Keep it up.
No. 63819 ID: 9e9b47

Tell her about your mom and dad and stuff. Didn't you say your mom's alive?
No. 63823 ID: b94893

"There's an old tale I like that I heard from a nevrean once. It was about when my kind's empire was expanding rapidly. The nevreans were a bit worried over how they would be treated under our rule, so they basically handed themselves over to a human force from the western continent. The Humans showed the nevreans all their wonderful military forces, their bowmen with longer range bows than ours, their soldiers with horses and heavier armor than ours, and their sheer numbers, which while not as great as ours were still more than enough to defend these nevrean cities."

"Each of the human nobles carried around a book with them. Some of the nevreans were suspicious of why the humans would be so generous as to protect them and ask for so little in return, as the only thing they demanded were marginal taxes in response, so they managed to steal one of the noble's books. They got a scribe to work on translating the book back into common, but work on it slowed down to a crawl once they had translated the title. "To Serve Nevreans." After the title was translated so many were satisfied that the humans honestly wanted to help out the nevreans out of the goodness in their hearts they didn't bother paying the scribe for the rest."

"Weeks later, a nevrean went to check on the scribe, who hadn't been seen much recently. The humans had put a mandatory curfew in effect, and most of the nevreans were completely cut off from the others whenever they could be, so communication between them was extremely poor. The scribe looked rather ragged and tired and had a bit of a shiver about him. The other nevrean said to him "What happened to you? You look terrible."

"I managed to translate the first few pages..." The scribe replied. "To serve nevreans..." he said and laughed a depressed, hopeless laugh, "It's... It's a cookbook."
No. 63825 ID: de913c


I don't think that's got a lot of allusions we can use for Goshen.

IE. I think she means "Tell me something about you, and I'll tell something about me."

GOod story, though. Offer it up to Aphek. He'll love it.
No. 63826 ID: 76e04d

Dohohoho... or not!
No. 63827 ID: bffa2a

Mayby share that you saw Rain and the feelings you had while killing the humans. Some of this conversation is making me think you have more in common than you know. Your eyes were pretty funky too during it, mayby she's what you'll become if the gods touch you too much. Aphek might agree.

... But don't ever do that with your neck.
No. 63861 ID: 7eda8b
File 125542188599.png - (134.41KB , 500x500 , AQ284.png )

>share that you saw Rain and the feelings you had while killing the humans
Goshen isn't sure it's a good idea to tell her anything about that, but she's the only one who could understand.

He tries to weave the story into one of heroism and victory, but it quickly becomes a confession. He withers under the talyxian's curious gaze.

He leaves out a few details, but the deepest secret of the day is told.

He saw her. The beast goddess. The General. He saw her and she spoke to him. She spoke to him!

Just a dream, he thought. Just the heat and weariness and thirst. But the dream was still real when he awoke, and a delirium filled him, pouring strength back into his limbs, driving him to kill and eat and revel in joy and hatred.

He doesn't mention heads and the statue. She already knows.

>maybe she's what you'll become if the gods touch you too much.
Goshen falls silent, and thinks of this.

Shadran says nothing.
No. 63864 ID: bffa2a

Well, that's enough sharing. I wouldn't feel too talkative after that and she can share her piece tomorrow. Take the first guard shift so you can have some alone time, make Aphek take the second until morning so you'll feel fresh.

Shadran will probably be an extra guard even when sleeping and I doubt she'll share the tent.
No. 63885 ID: 9d41ab

We need to find out exactly what this detour consists of.
No. 64078 ID: de913c


Hard story to beat. Perhaps she'll tell you more about her companions.

Or herself. For now, I would suggest getting some rest. That kind of confession often leaves one drained on levels they never thought possible.

Don't say much else. "Sleep well," or some such nonsense will work fine.
No. 64151 ID: 17d13d

Maybe Goshen should talk to Aphek about the situation while Shadran is asleep. Aphek seems to be feeling neglected.
No. 64221 ID: 7eda8b
File 125547415631.png - (183.26KB , 500x500 , AQ285.png )

The night passes.

Goshen wakes up groggy. It's a crisp morning, promising a temperate day.

He makes a mental note to some day join a group where he's the mistrusted one. He'll get more sleep that way.
No. 64223 ID: 476456

There's probably equal chance of you getting murdered in your sleep if that helps any
No. 64226 ID: 8ce2bf

Goshen go show Aphek some loving, he's so neglected.
No. 64231 ID: f4963f

Well, at least we weren't murdered in our sleep. That's as good a sign as any.

Check up on Shadran and Aphek.
No. 64235 ID: 7f3e2e


Might as well go and see who's up. Don't be surprised if Shadran's already up or gone.

If gone, follow her down the path. If not, get ready. You'll probably need to hurry up and get ready, because I'll bet Shadran's just waiting to go get us along and moving.

Check on Aphek, too. He's probably sleeping in.

Lazy git.
No. 64239 ID: 7eda8b
File 125547503597.png - (190.56KB , 500x500 , AQ286.png )

>Goshen go show Aphek some loving

Goshen walks out to look out at the road and rolling hillsides. There's no one to be seen.

"Good morning," says Aphek.

"Morning," Goshen says. "You're alive and I'm alive, so... good work."

"I don't think she tried anything," Aphek says.
No. 64241 ID: 476456

Get down you idiot, thats why you slept in the forest!
No. 64247 ID: 7d87d9

Elves are VERY good with bows... HIT THE DECK.
No. 64252 ID: e16ca8

Where's Shadran? Is she peeing in the woods or something?
No. 64253 ID: 2dd482

Go peek :3c
No. 64261 ID: 7eda8b
File 125547592487.png - (175.84KB , 500x500 , AQ287.png )

Aphek starts packing.

>Elves are VERY good with bows
If they could accurately hit targets from too far away to be seen, the wars against them would have gone very poorly indeed.

>Get down you idiot
Goshen just went out to get a better look. Perhaps they'd better get moving.

>Where's Shadran?
"Shadran?" Goshen asks, walking around. "You awake?"

"Yes," she says.
No. 64267 ID: 7d87d9

Since she got the high ground ask if she sees anything interesting up there?
No. 64269 ID: 43d730

No. 64272 ID: f21281

"...is there -anything- you're not good at? Goddamn, scaling a tree without any equipment..."
No. 64283 ID: 7eda8b
File 125547703433.png - (178.92KB , 500x500 , AQ288.png )

"While you're up there, can you see anything interesting?" Goshen asks.

"Group approaching from the west," Shadran says. "Too far away to make out numbers or species. Time enough to leave unseen."

>Goddamn, scaling a tree without any equipment
Goshen bets he could do it, too. Now's a poor time to test that, however.
No. 64284 ID: 476456

Transform and roll out.
No. 64285 ID: 8ce2bf

I don't believe you can do it. Climb the tree and prove it.
No. 64286 ID: 6a6a5e

All business with her. What does she do for fun?

"Let's get packed and leave then."
No. 64289 ID: 54af1f

Let's get packed and go on this detour of hers.
No. 64290 ID: 33ad5f


Tell her it's time to go then. Let's not waste time.

Unless you're curious about the group itself.
No. 64308 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548061075.png - (238.99KB , 500x500 , AQ289.png )

>Let's get packed and go on this detour of hers.

They pack up and start walking.

"So, what's this path?" Goshen asks. "Not what I expected of a secret talyxian trail. Reminds me of one time when I was a kid."

"It will branch off towards the east in several hours. We can continue to the fort from there, after I've finished my work here," she says. "Your help will not be needed."
No. 64312 ID: b94893

"So... What kind of work is it? Should we be expecting company when you return?"
No. 64313 ID: 476456

"would you like us on standby just in case?"
No. 64315 ID: 276781

>"Your help will not be needed."
Is that her way of saying having the two of you along would botch her job, or that the job is so easy she wouldn't need you?
No. 64343 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548324993.png - (214.27KB , 500x500 , AQ290.png )

Goshen blinks, then frowns.

"What, it's so easy you don't need me, or we'd mess you up?" he asks.

"The second," Shadran says after a moment.

"Sure you don't want me on standby?" Goshen asks.

"Yes," Shadran says.

They march.
No. 64345 ID: b94893

"Should we be expecting company afterwards, perhaps set up a few 'welcoming presents' for our guests?"
No. 64354 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548460961.png - (156.00KB , 500x500 , AQ291.png )

The forest begins to lighten. Perhaps the trees will open up soon.

Shadran stops at a seemingly random section of trees and brush, and turns.

"Should we be expecting company?" Goshen asks. "Maybe we could set up a trap?"

"No," Shadran says.

Goshen's jaw tightens. Shadran looks down.

"Please," she says. "Just... trust me. Please."

Goshen pauses, not expecting that.

"There is a clearing up ahead," Shadran says. "Open ground. You can wait there."
No. 64356 ID: 476456

No. 64357 ID: e16ca8

Do not wait in open ground
Hide in the woods.
No. 64360 ID: 9e9b47


Do what she recommends. Open ground.
No. 64368 ID: 3c16e8

grunt your assent.
No. 64369 ID: ed8d8a

Spy on her as she meets with family/visits grave of loved one. You are at least THAT good at picking up on subtext, right?
No. 64373 ID: 7ef24d

Do as she asks. Hell, she actually said PLEASE. Twice!
No. 64377 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548589658.png - (128.90KB , 500x500 , AQ292.png )

"Okay..." Goshen says.

He watches her disappear into the woods.
No. 64379 ID: b94893

Wait NEAR the open ground. Perhaps in the trees.

You can say you were there without actually being completely vulnerable.
No. 64380 ID: 7d87d9

Stay on alert...

We might have decided to lead us into a trap...
No. 64381 ID: 9e9b47


just wait like she asked.
No. 64382 ID: 43d730

Seconding this.
Keep a sharp eye out, we're still in possibly hostile territory.
No. 64383 ID: e16ca8

Just because she said please doesn't make her not a stone-cold bitch. This reeks of a trap, we should sure as hell watch out.
No. 64385 ID: 7d87d9

The Simple reason she said something that seemed so out of character just SCREAMS that Its a Trap.
No. 64386 ID: ed8d8a

Dude, not a trap. She is currently seeking some sort of private moment, and having a big awkward sergal who won't shut up hanging on her shoulder would mess things up.
No. 64388 ID: 43d730

Best case: Going to see a grave where we'd be irritating and ask questions, Taking a moment to visit hidden home, meeting contacts to tell them to break off the deal.
Worst case: Leading an ambush back where we'll get shot full of arrows, sworded, tortured, etc.
Revenge for all the shipping case: Capture trap, where we'll both get lobotomised and made to fulfill demeaning duties in bed.
No. 64389 ID: bffa2a

Wait for her to do her secret talyxian monk thing. Out of sight, back to back will be fine. Tell Goshen you wouldn't consider him surplus, a trusted buddy is hard to aquire and no quicker way to get one than near death experience.
No. 64392 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548732592.png - (170.47KB , 500x500 , AQ293.png )

Goshen shrugs and decides to investigate the clearing. The trees are irregularly spaced, in a way that seems disturbingly familiar. It makes it hard to know how close he is. Maybe he can move off to the side after he gets there.

He moves carefully, wary of traps or ambush, until he rounds a bend and
No. 64397 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548768979.png - (170.84KB , 500x500 , AQ294.png )

No. 64398 ID: d56ac0

What do your sergal eyes see, Goshen?
No. 64401 ID: b94893

Uh oh. What do you see?
No. 64403 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548789134.png - (170.91KB , 500x500 , AQ295.png )


No no no no no.
No. 64405 ID: 2dd482

No. 64408 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548808110.png - (142.93KB , 500x500 , AQ296.png )

Goshen remembers something.
No. 64409 ID: b94893

No. 64415 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548822561.png - (253.21KB , 500x500 , AQ297.png )

Something from long ago.

The fight was far from even, yet Goshen hung back. Few would blame him. Talyxians are the most dangerous of meat...
No. 64420 ID: 7ef24d

No. 64422 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548839766.png - (168.03KB , 500x500 , AQ298.png )

...And Goshen was young.

He was young, inexperienced, and afraid.
No. 64426 ID: e16ca8

Oh god he's havin a flashback to The War.
No. 64429 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548863246.png - (182.36KB , 500x500 , AQ299.png )

The last two fought against a tide of steel and teeth. Both had killed sergals that night. Their stand was heroic. Insane.

If they turned and ran, with their speed and their skill and their tricks, perhaps they might have escaped. Perhaps not, but they'd have had a chance. Like this, they had no chance at all. Why did they keep fighting?

No. 64434 ID: de913c


...Those are her parents.

Oh god... This doesn't end well.
No. 64436 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548882298.png - (114.54KB , 500x500 , AQ300.png )

The male and his sword taught the sergals fear, but it wasn't enough. He faced down a forest of spears without flinching, but couldn't hold them back forever.
No. 64440 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548898244.png - (78.91KB , 500x500 , AQ301.png )

Even as his life poured out onto the grass, he fought. Huge, terrible spearheads tore his flesh. He dropped to his knees but wouldn't stop swinging. Not once did the talyxian scream. Goshen wanted to scream for him.

That is how a man faces his end.

A few minutes later, it's how a woman faced hers as well.
No. 64443 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548910641.png - (130.15KB , 500x500 , AQ302.png )

Goshen wasn't certain just when they died, but their movements soon became too weak to offer meaningful resistance. The sergals drove their spears into them again and again, hollering with triumph. Intestines spilled out, glistening in the firelight.
No. 64448 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548926359.png - (126.22KB , 500x500 , AQ303.png )

The male was dead by then.

By all the gods, he must have been.

But his hand still gripped the blade. They hacked it off at the wrist and held it up in triumph. They'd won. For all the enemy's skill, they'd won. Blood. Prey. Death. Meat.
No. 64454 ID: 7d87d9

Why didn't she kill us... She KNOWS we were there...

Why didn't she kill us... This is getting creepy...
No. 64457 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548952164.png - (110.28KB , 500x500 , AQ304.png )

The sergals ate. Unprofessional. They should have secured the area. But too many had been slain. Bloodlust was on them. Only Goshen and a few others stood back.

Only Goshen noticed the girl.

Part of him didn't believe she was real. Motionless. So like a ghost. Watching with unblinking eyes.

Goshen pushed her out of his mind, knowing he would never learn if she survived the night. Would never see her again.
No. 64459 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548966570.png - (107.41KB , 500x500 , AQ305.png )


No. No. No!

He has.
No. 64460 ID: 476456

>Never see her again.

Someone has poor judgemeeeent~
No. 64461 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548969832.png - (94.67KB , 500x500 , AQ306.png )

Of course he has!
No. 64462 ID: 632862

She knows Goshen didn't recognize her. She wants him to remember, before she kills him.
No. 64464 ID: f4963f


No. 64469 ID: bffa2a

So, that's how you make a Shadran. Stop staring at the graves and her before she remembers her hatred for sergals.
No. 64471 ID: 7eda8b
File 125548998818.png - (40.09KB , 500x500 , AQ307.png )

No. 64473 ID: 7eda8b
File 125549003381.png - (93.44KB , 500x500 , AQ308.png )

No. 64475 ID: 7eda8b
File 125549007874.png - (183.83KB , 500x500 , AQ309.png )

No. 64476 ID: 7d87d9

Well... fuck.
No. 64477 ID: 1e1932
File 125549011560.png - (55.86KB , 201x214 , 1231546725718.png )

No. 64478 ID: 7eda8b
File 125549012557.png - (189.94KB , 500x500 , AQ310.png )

No. 64480 ID: b94893

Well fuck. That's a lot of skulls.

Time to kill that bitch in her sleep.
No. 64481 ID: de913c


...Where's Aphek.

We're leaving. Now.
No. 64482 ID: 43d730

Oh, good.
Looks like all the spots are full.
No. 64483 ID: 7eda8b
File 125549022750.png - (246.69KB , 500x500 , AQ311.png )

Goshen has a problem.

Please suggest an action.
No. 64484 ID: 7d87d9

She's got reinforcements around here...
No. 64485 ID: 9e9b47


Go back to the clearing and wait.
No. 64486 ID: e16ca8

Fuck, run for it!
No. 64487 ID: f21281


Y'know. Again.
No. 64488 ID: b94893




No. 64489 ID: 476456

get back to back with goshen right quick.
No. 64491 ID: e16ca8

If you're lucky Aphek can't run as fast as you. Drop your shit as you run, keep your weapon with you though.
No. 64492 ID: fdc826

Looks like she's been hunting down every sergal responsible for her parents' deaths.

Don't run. She's faster than you anyway. Go on the defensive, keep an eye out for her, and prepare to explain yourself and/or fight.
No. 64494 ID: de913c



Failing that, step forward and kindly demand what the flying fuck on a shit stick is going on here?

But no, seriously. We're rested, Aphek's got a ranged weapon, and we're on even ground at the site of her parent's death. We can beat her now, if we need to. We are not the child that was here before.

So man the fuck up.
No. 64495 ID: 632862


Spin around, find Shadran, point spear at shadran. Get Aphek behind you.
No. 64496 ID: b1e366

You can try to reason with her since you didn't actually participate in the slaughter or you can RUUUUN! FUCKING RUN NOW FAST GO RUN NOW!
No. 64497 ID: 7d87d9

Keep your eyes open. Find where she is immediately. If we're in the woods she had the ability to work for Death from Above. The clearing takes away the option from her BUT may leave us open to her potential allies.

And where is Aphek?

We know she's faster and better in hand to hand and we foolishly gave her back her primary weapon.
No. 64498 ID: 1e1932


Suffer an inconvenient Heroic BSOD.
No. 64500 ID: de913c



If such has occured, have Aphek beat you over the head with a log. For god's sake, man, you need to hold it together.
No. 64501 ID: bffa2a

Okay, calm down. Get Aphek and start leaving. It's highly unlikely she brings sergals here to kill them and rather just brings the heads. And I don't think she has any friends here either. Calm down, take Aphek and start leaving.
No. 64502 ID: 4553b2

You'd better not run, fucker.

Face your shame like a man. This is something you have to own up to. If you run here, you will be a coward.
No. 64506 ID: f4963f

Start walking away calmly. As... calmly as you can, anyway. Tell Aphek to keep an eye out for her.
No. 64508 ID: 476456

Man up, show some courage like her parents did!
No. 64513 ID: 3c16e8

EDIT: erm, didn't f5 recently enough. Suggestion revised.

Pay your respects. They were brave fighters, and they deserve as much. Keep your guard up though.

It's not that big a deal guys. They're both fighters now. They've been on opposing sides in the past, but they're working together now. They can get over it just fine.

What the hell else was he supposed to do?

>I just realized. We might actually see her crying.
Don't count on it.

Same setting. Same war. War is harsh on kids.
No. 64517 ID: de913c


These guys have it right. I suppose we should be respectful, seeing as we are indirectly responsible for her parent's deaths.

I still am going to argue for having that long talk I suggested earlier. You're going to have a lot to confess to.

And tell her you remember the story she was going to tell you when you meet her. About how her parents died at your people's hand defending the only thing they truly cared about in this world.
No. 64518 ID: d56ac0

Revenge is an honest enough motivation to want to kill you. You might as well face her honorably.
No. 64524 ID: f78140

construct crown and throne. sit at it. wait for shadran. declare yourself the queen of spain.
No. 64525 ID: bffa2a

Is there a turd in your pants? If not, man up and see if you can see her anywhere.
No. 64528 ID: 17d13d

Light the pile of skulls on fire.
No. 64533 ID: 7d87d9


We just realized we lured the place where she wants to butcher us... How many OTHER Sergals were lured into similar traps and now are just skulls within the pile?




No. 64538 ID: 17d13d

Or at least prepare the skulls with what's left of the Whiskey. This is Primal stuff, and we may need a distraction if she comes out swinging. And it would strangely fitting to keep burning things (like the cache) that are her's.
No. 64546 ID: 3c16e8

I had not quite realized the depth of the situation when I posted that (hence the edit) but I don't think it's insurmountable.

So... be a dick for no reason? I don't think I agree with you here.
No. 64561 ID: 17d13d


Well, I'm not saying light it up right away, just get it ready in case she comes back and starts monologing about justice and settling scores...

And if we do have to burn it, well no time like the present to start up a pattern...
No. 64568 ID: e16ca8

She doesn't seem one to monologue. I have a feeling we're gonna have to kill or be killed here.
No. 64576 ID: 7ef24d

Just wait. Maybe apologize if the opportunity presents itself.
No. 64585 ID: 55e935

You were a kid. You didn't fight her parents. You didn't partake in the bloodlust. You remember seeing her that night. Shed tears. Apologize. That night, all you could think about was that poor child who couldn't be much younger than yourself standing in the distance, but you never made the connection that it could possibly be...

Tell her that that night was what set you and your race at arm's length. That it was what made you start to think. Tell her that you were beaten for not joining your brethren that night. It doesn't matter if it's true, just tell her.

If you're repentant, tell her now. She's watching you now. She can hear. Drop your weapon. Take off your armor. Show nothing but absolute trust. Your kind fought her parents when both sides were fully armed. She can't strike someone bare.
No. 64587 ID: 55e935

And most of all, don't ask for mercy.

Show her, prove to her that you deserve it.
No. 64589 ID: de913c


I was also thinking of posting a monologue for yourself that would include these basic points.

Try and be a man about it. Just tell her you can't even possibly begin to imagine what she went through that night.
No. 64599 ID: 17d13d

Goshen, you are fighting on the symbolic level. You must destroy Shadran's monument to her vengeance in such a way so as not to disrespect the dead. Fire is a fast way to do this. You need to change the game, because up till now you have acted like a sheep. Flip the script and take back the ritualistic sacrifices she has made by making it into a funeral pyre. Besides, it's been a long time since you last indulged your pyromania, right?
No. 64658 ID: f4963f

"I understand why you brought me here, now."

"... I was there, you know. I saw you. I saw you on the night your parents died. I only wish I had remembered it sooner."

"I don't want to fight you, Shadran, but I'm ready to. You probably hate us all, don't you? I would."
No. 64673 ID: 54af1f

Something tells me that the crazy ready eyed cat lady who's parents your war band ate doesn't want to negotiate. Escape.
No. 64685 ID: 8ca61a

Lay down your spear and pay your respects and wait. If she's going to kill you, she is going to kill you. If she has reinforcements, they are prepared for you to try and run. If she doesn't, she is very good to have killed so many for revenge. Take it like a man, hope for the best, expect the worst.
No. 65165 ID: 812399


Seriously, running will only get you killed now.
No. 65673 ID: 62b3d7

Man, I'm always the last one to post.

We don't know for certain that Shadran recognizes Goshen from that night. He was just a kid, and as was shown, he wasn't part of the blood-orgy.

Running away will confirm his connection if she's still unsure. Burning it will probably piss her off. Attacking her isn't possible.

I say, Goshen keeps on his guard. Maybe tells Aphek the same thing - after all, a pile of skulls is enough to put any reasonably-perceptive warrior on edge. But I object to making any rash actions, because we're in a vulnerable position.

In short, I ask for cautious investigation.
No. 65857 ID: 7eda8b
File 125583669560.png - (234.79KB , 500x500 , AQ312.png )

Goshen readies his weapon and spins around.

His blade meets another.

"You remember," says Shadran.
No. 65858 ID: 6faa8c

"I do." Keep up that defense!
No. 65859 ID: 3d8e92

Say nothing, and do nothing, let her speak first.
No. 65860 ID: f4963f

"Yes. Yes I do. ... I saw you that night."

"What happens now?"
No. 65861 ID: aba0a3


"I sure do."
No. 65862 ID: 476456

" We dont have to do this you know."
No. 65864 ID: d1210a

"...I do. But war, killing... it never stops. You are alive, I am alive. I did not kill your parents. We do not need to do this. I ask you once, and once only: stop this."
No. 65866 ID: 8e18cd


I do. But I didn't participate in the slaughter
No. 65870 ID: 632862

"Do you? I let you escape, back then. With a word I could have alerted the others, and you would be dead now. I am responsible for the death of every Sergal you killed. Were all these skulls from those that took part in that battle?"
No. 65882 ID: 33bb8b

something like this, only maybe without the "you owe me" undertones.
No. 65901 ID: de913c


Keep your defense up, but try to talk her down. If that fails (And I hate to offer the suggestion on the pretense of 'we'll be dead') attempt to keep her at distance and tire her out.

As for what you remember, offer this:

"I remember alot from that night. I remember two Talyxian's fighting impossible odds and dying to protect something that no one found. I remember watching them torn to pieces in the bloodlust. And I remember seeing what I thought was a ghost."
No. 65969 ID: 4f736e

Might I recommend that we preface anything we might say with a very, VERY large step backwards?
Look at her parry. We've got no momentum and she has a free blade pointed to both hold our weapon AND STRIKE BACK.
No. 66007 ID: 7eda8b
File 125584356864.png - (223.21KB , 500x500 , AQ313.png )

Goshen tenses to take a step backwards, but Shadran leans forward in response. She's a coiled snake.

Aphek stands frozen.

"Shadran," Goshen says. "We don't have to do this."

Shadran says nothing, her eyes burning holes in the sergal.

"Are those skulls the warriors from that night?" Goshen asks.

"Some of them," Shadran says.
No. 66008 ID: 476456

"So you've been killing indiscriminately."
No. 66010 ID: 3d8e92

"Why did you bring me here? If you wanted to kill me you could have done so long ago instead of showing me all this. Why did you show me all this?"
No. 66012 ID: aba0a3

I understand why you'd want to do what you've been doing, but if you continue I am going to kill you.
No. 66015 ID: f4963f

Back into the clearing. You're at a disadvantage in the trees, you need the ability to utilize your reach.
No. 66016 ID: 632862

Then why did you kill the rest?
No. 66018 ID: 1e1932


"And the rest?"
No. 66039 ID: 4f736e

"So what, your goal is to kill as many sergals as you can until you die? Is there really nothing else to you?"
You might even be so bold as to throw in:
"Is that what they were protecting so dearly?"
No. 66044 ID: 62b3d7

"Am I the only one left, then?"

I'm not certain apologizing will do anything other than piss her off. I'm kind of partial to something along the lines of "I won't insult you with an apology, then." when things look beyond any scrap of negotiation
No. 66050 ID: 7eda8b
File 125584663620.png - (222.70KB , 500x500 , AQ314.png )

"So that's it?" Goshen growls. "Just kill as many sergals as you can until you die? That's what your parents died defending?"
No. 66051 ID: 7eda8b
File 125584669755.png - (127.91KB , 500x500 , AQ315.png )

Shadran says nothing.
No. 66052 ID: aba0a3

Awright, fuck 'er up.
No. 66053 ID: f4963f


Please tell me you at least got a hit in on her when she lunged forward, or else this is going to be very Bad End for you, Goshen.

Aphek... you might not be a direct PC right now, but I suggest you run the fuck away. Right now.
No. 66054 ID: 476456

Hip check her if she's closed the gap. You weigh much much more than her.
No. 66055 ID: c3db73

Choke a bitch.
No. 66056 ID: 476456

No. 66057 ID: 9e9b47

crack her in the face with the butt of your spear.
No. 66058 ID: 904da4

Tell me that isnt as bad as it looks, Goshen.
No. 66059 ID: 632862

Catch her leg with your spear and trip her up. Then stabby.
No. 66060 ID: 3d8e92

No. 66061 ID: 43d730

Now would be either a really good time or a really bad time to go RAIN'S BLOOD BEZERKAAAAAAR.
...Do you suppose that's what made her decide to kill you? You were all set up to be the exception...
No. 66062 ID: 904da4

No he wasn't, are you seriously that thick? She played him like a piano.
No. 66063 ID: 904da4

Alright, we tried talking this out. We tried making some show of apology. We tried giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Enough is fucking enough. End her.
No. 66064 ID: 17d13d

Aphek, maybe you should try slinging, even if just to distract Shadran...
No. 66070 ID: 4f736e

Holy shit, we made her angry.
Nothing burns like truth.
No. 66076 ID: 476456

alternatively, let a hand off your spear and uppercut her.
No. 66079 ID: 6faa8c

Goshen: Tell Aphek to run. Hold her off as best you can!
No. 66081 ID: 7ade03

Whelp, that looks pretty bad. From the blade position, looks like she definitely got his windpipe. Goshen's about to drown in his own blood.

It was a good quest while it lasted, but a dead protagonist isn't so great.
No. 66084 ID: 43d730

I thought everyone knew sergals had two windpipes.


Wait, that's Time Lords.
My bad.
No. 66090 ID: 7ade03

It wouldn't matter even if he did. Not much good another tube's going to do when your lungs are filling with blood from the first one.
No. 66146 ID: 8e18cd

Aphek. Jump on the bitch and massacre her. Goshen if you still have strength, rip that bitch apart. With bare hands
No. 66152 ID: a63968

I don't think anyone actually knows enough about weirdo Sergal physique to call Goshen dead yet. They are famous for surviving neck injuries.

Aphek: Valiantly attack the cat monster to protect your kind master. Serious, do it. It has to end here and now, one way or another.
Even if Goshen's mortally wounded, he'll still have some fight in him and you distracting Shadran could give him an opportunity to kill her.
If you run away, she'll hunt you down and kill you and anyone who might be near you when she finds you.

Goshen: Uh, fight on as good as you can, cough some blood into her eyes.
No. 66191 ID: 62b3d7

Well, she's already inside his spear if she's hit him in the throat.

Aphek needs to swallow his fear and attack her side. She'll probably be more than a match for him, but Goshen might be able to stagger back and muster a spear-thrust to the back or side.

Has the blade pierced the throat, or just sheared along the side? I can't clearly tell from that angle (which I assume was the intent).
No. 66210 ID: 4e49f2

A++ problem-solving /quest/. I really love how people try to be friends with any sympathetic character even if they are out to kill you.

Life doesn't work that way.
No. 66260 ID: de913c


There's a saying I want you to remember: "You get more flys with honey than with shit."

Obviously, this is not the best case scenario right now, but judging from the position of the blade, it could be two things. Either she's hit him in the throat or the side of his neck. We don't know, and that's what the worst part is. Test really pulled out a well placed shot for us to banter and argue about if we were dead or not.

As for what are actions should be now, diplomacy is, for the moment, shunted to the side. We need to defeat her, and if that means beating her to within an inch of her life (Or going 'Rain Berserk' and throttling the life out of her), then I'm all for it.

And for the love of god, don't taunt her again, Goshen. It's shit like that that's going to get you killed. If there is a way to harp on her behavior without getting yourself killed, however, maybe we could use that to our advantage...

You also need better positioning. Where you are right now, you can either back her into the forest (Inadvisable, since she knows the area and you're spear won't be as useful), or draw her into the open (She'd still have the advantage, but at least you could use your spear).

So our passage is clear:

1)Draw her into the open while telling Aphek to GTFO.
2)Figure out something that's going to make her slip or stumble. She's got the upper hand here, but there has to be something you can do to make her anger control her. Something that will lead to a fatal mistake.
3)It's inadvisable to go into Berserker mode. This is a last resort option for a myriad of reasons.
4)Keep her at distance. Tire her out. Only then strike.

That's my input on the matter.
No. 66265 ID: aba40e


>Because everyone does not quest to my satisfaction, they are wrong. I take questing too serious.

Fix'd. Also, See if you can't kick her in the knee.
No. 66268 ID: 73ad2b

> There's a saying I want you to remember: "You get more flies with honey than with shit."
Ironically, you are wrong!
No. 66296 ID: 8b7db1

First things first: there is a sword through your neck. This either means she threw it, or she is within arms reach. Grab her if the second, to rob her of her precious mobility.

Secondly, can we even SPEAK? If we can, APOLOGIZE. Don't be specific about what, but I can see two outcomes for this. If she can't be reasoned with, it should throw her off long enough for us to get the advantage. If she CAN be reasoned with... well, call me a romantic, but I much prefer diplomacy to stabbity stab stab.
No. 66299 ID: de913c


Scientifically, yes. As the saying goes, it's supposed to be the sort of "Being nice usually pays off better," or something to that vernacular.

I've heard it so many times in my household. I'll blame my use of it on that.

I should also blame any poor spelling and grammatical errors on the American Public School system and my own selective dyslexia.
No. 66303 ID: 43d730

I believe the most popular version involves vinegar.
Unrelatedly, wouldn't pulling a sword out of a vein in your neck be a really bad thing to do if you plan on doing ANYTHING in the near future?
No. 66304 ID: de913c


>call me a romantic, but I much prefer diplomacy to stabbity stab stab.

I'm in the same boat here, but Shadran seems to be in a state of angry contemplation to outright open anger/violence right now. We'd need to be Problem Sleuth himself in order to get the Hysteric Dame to calm herself.

On that note, I'd like to offer something.

The panel before she stabbed us was the first and only example of emotion she's openly displayed in the short jaunt with her. Only one other time did she display it, and it was horror and despair at that point.

Perhaps this girl's weakness is her unfamiliarity with emotions?

And I think the consensus is telling Aphek to GTFO at least.
No. 66306 ID: de913c


See "Steve Irwin: Retarded things to do while you have a sharp, pointy object in your heart."

Step 1: Pull out sharp thing.
No. 66320 ID: f21281

>30+ posts discussing the last quest update

son I am dissapoint.
No. 66338 ID: 62b3d7

I'm not certain we can gamble on unfamiliarity with emotion at this point. She might not be good at coping with emotions, which means that provoking them could be quite spectacular. It's also very easy to translate other emotions into anger.

If the sword's in his throat, then pulling it out is definitely bad. But the angle and the blood splatter are inconclusive; if it's stuck in, you can probably grab her arm and maybe slice tendons with your claws.
No. 66339 ID: 4553b2

Seriously guys, take it to #QuestDis. TestPattern gave me permission to prune the thread for discussion posts, and they will be deleted. This is ridiculous, and terribly disrupts the flow of the thread.
No. 66545 ID: fba9cb

Aphek, you should have started running a long, long time ago.
No. 66747 ID: 7eda8b
File 125592833994.png - (141.58KB , 400x400 , AQ316.png )

The sergal twists away from the precise thrust. The motion probably saves his life, but Shadran's sword hits meat.

"Aphek, get out of here!" Goshen spits.
No. 66748 ID: 15f6d6

Back up and keep her the fuck off you. Stab that bitch, you've got the range on her.
No. 66750 ID: 3d8e92

Aphek: Get to the other side of Shadran and draw your weapon. Keep your head a bit down so she can't get your neck from the front (as if getting hit in the top of the head is much better)

Goshen: Get the FUCK back! You have a spear, not a dagger! Don't waste time!
No. 66751 ID: 7eda8b
File 125592870345.png - (278.98KB , 500x500 , AQ317.png )

Aphek starts moving, but slowly.

Goshen turns his weapon around, freeing the haft from Shadran's main-gauche, then driving the base towards her head. She interposes her sword, blocking effectively, but at least the blade's away from his neck.

Goshen stumbles backwards, but Shadran follows, pummeling the sergal with a familiar flurry of blows. Goshen struggles to maintain his guard and his balance.
No. 66753 ID: 476456

levy the shaft against her.
No. 66754 ID: 343d20


"You're no better than they were!" Taunt her as you fight.
No. 66759 ID: 8b7db1

I shall agree with taunting, but not too... pointed? -still hoping for a good end-

Maybe ask her, forcibly, where she thinks she will END this. How many skulls would be enough? And don't take silence for an answer.
No. 66760 ID: fba9cb

...I told you so.

Yeah you can try taunting her, but you better make sure you end it quick when (if) you get her guard down. She's obviously hell bent on genocide even if she has to do it alone. As a matter of fact she seems to want to do it by herself. There's no reasoning with a psychopath.
No. 66761 ID: 3d8e92


Using your spear as a quarterstaff is definitely the best option here. Make sure to put some force behind your blows, those wimpy swords might break if she keeps trying to deflect a metal pole with them.

You're a sergal, Goshen. You're faster and stronger than her. Your people have conquered all of Vilous and put fear in the hearts of every other nation on the planet. Destroy her like your forefathers did.
No. 66763 ID: f4963f

I dunno about taunts. It was the first emotion she showed, but she also managed to NECKSTAB us when we did it.

GODDAMN we need a one-handed weapon. Then we could use a free arm to grab her wrist or something. Taking a hand off of our spear makes it quite inefficient, though, and she's not giving us the opening we need to establish our superior reach.

Which is, admittedly, exactly what she should be doing.

What we need is a way to either force her to back up, or give ourselves an opportunity to back up.

... try to interpose a tree between you and her, hope that this disrupts her attack pattern enough to let you assume a more appropriate battle stance.
No. 66765 ID: 632862

"Why didn't you try to kill me earlier?"

Use right hand to grab her sword arm. It's RIGHT THERE. She yielded last time it came to a grappling contest, perhaps that can be achieved again.
No. 66766 ID: 3d8e92

That's a terrible idea, with a tree between them she could choose either side to surprise us with or worse, climb the tree with her claws and jump us when we're not looking.
No. 66771 ID: 58d867
File 125593129947.png - (6.96KB , 300x300 , 1157864243428.png )

You let the Talyxian whore live despite the threat she posed. It is time to correct that mistake, Goshen.

Arc the head of your spear up into her hip joint. If you cripple her she has already lost. You may then devour her at your leisure.
No. 66776 ID: 904da4

She's fixated on closing the distance, tensed to press forward any time you take a step back, occupied with attacking, and her face is unarmored, whereas you are wearing a helmet.

Feint a step backward, and headbutt as she moves to maintain distance. It's just unorthodox enough that it might catch her.
No. 66777 ID: 4e49f2

This is how you fight her: put some distance between yourself and her, this will give you enough room to safely execute your attacks, I don't care how you do this. Next try to distract, either spit in her eyes (damn things are too big anyway), feint or strike with the other end of your weapon, anything that catches her off guard. After that, cut her legs and by cutting I mean cripple them to the best of your strength, limit her mobility, if she can't move she is not a threat. Then simply kill her you, she had it coming for a long time.
No. 66788 ID: 22323f

Goshen: Um, shit, I don't know. I'm guessing the best available action right now would have to be, die.

Aphek: Hey, man, you're going to have crazy voices in your head telling you to do stupid shit like give a sword to your mortal enemy full-time now! Isn't that great?
No. 66807 ID: 476456

Press the spear against her and PUSH , bring your entire weight against her hard.
No. 66809 ID: 7eda8b
File 125594855795.png - (172.95KB , 500x500 , AQ318.png )

He's driven further into the clearing and the ruins of the old village.

>Feint a step backward, and headbutt as she moves to maintain distance.
Goshen tries reversing direction and hitting her up close. He catches her sword against his weapon and pushes it back, only to feel her main-gauche glance off his left shoulder plate and slash his arm.

>Destroy her like your forefathers did.
...By outnumbering her?
No. 66811 ID: 904da4

Oh, for the love of-!

If she's that close to you, KICK her. You are far stronger than her, and both of her arms are above the haft of your weapon. In that position, it's gonna be difficult to dodge a close-range kick, its going to be difficult to slash at your leg over the handle of your halberd, and her chainmail won't do much against a blunt impact like that.
No. 66812 ID: d53a96


Sergal do have strong legs, so agree with this course of action.
No. 66823 ID: 8ca61a

Bite her face off.
No. 66826 ID: e8d8be


Do this. If you get a good enough kick the bruise caused by the chain mail slamming against her skin will cause SERIOUS damage. Even a minor kick will be very painful.
No. 66827 ID: a3c459

You have a spear, she has two daggers. Keep your distance you dumbass. If you can't, might as well drop your spear, grab her hands and bite her neck.
No. 66828 ID: 62b3d7

Another vote for the kick. That'll push her out of range, and you can follow up with with a sideswipe (or a downward stab in the unlikely event that she falls down).
No. 66829 ID: 7d87d9

Of course if we miss she might just go for a blow that would hamstring us. Without mobility we are dead. She in all likelihood KNOWS how to quickly disable Sergals in combat to further her enjoyment of killing them.

Honestly she'd make for a FINE Sergal.
No. 66831 ID: 67c611

Use spear as makeshift quaterstaff? A spear obviously isn't working against her.
No. 66833 ID: fba9cb

See if you can go for the cunt punt, that really hurts, even if you're a woman.
No. 66834 ID: 7d87d9

To the kick Shardin group. She's EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE and probably assumes the Sergal will try to attack again. And a kick leaves you a bit open to get clipped. If we fall WE DIE. Unless Dusty score a CRITARROW but come on that'd be BLATENT Deus Ex Machina.
No. 66835 ID: c1b520

Try and push her off guard with words, it may be a small tactic that has little effect, but as the saying goes, the pen is mightier then the sword. Words of choice include but are not limited to: petty insults, taunting, or reminiscences. Also, don't die, and don't kill, go for the knockout, both of the prior are bad for your overall health.
No. 66837 ID: 67c611

Goshen, we aren't warriors, you are. You know how to win this. Fall back on your training and instinct. Clear your mind and do what feels right.

We believe in you.
No. 66838 ID: e3cd9c

Sarcasm to the rescue? "Nice way to show me i did the right thing back then."
No. 66840 ID: 4e49f2


>Goshen, we aren't warriors...

Neither is Test Pattern.
No. 66845 ID: 904da4

Normally, I would agree that the kick is a bad idea, but look at her hands. They are both above the haft of Goshen's Halberd, which means a quick kick shouldn't put us in much danger as long as Goshen doesn't leave his leg extended out afterwards. She's also made the mistake of going into near face-to-face contact. Look at her eyes, her focus is on our head (so she's probably watching out for a bite). At best, she has her outermost peripheral vision with which to watch our legs, which should SIGNIFICANTLY slow her reaction time.
No. 66848 ID: 632862

Both of her weapons are blocked above the spear? Push up! That will give you an opening to do WHATEVER.
No. 66865 ID: 54af1f

push her backwards with your spear and use the reach advantage.
No. 66872 ID: d243b3

>Kick kick kick kick Push

Am I the only one who honestly sees kicking her as a bad idea? We do need to disengage, but what's to saying kicking her off would not hamstring us in the process?

Try and twist her arms to the side and dodge into more open territory. Don't let her close the distance. If you need to go all Lu Bu on her and swipe at her with an extended spear, do it.

Otherwise, I'd second this post here: >>66848
It gives us the option to kick properly without much danger or to try and toss her off balance.
No. 66886 ID: f4963f

>By outnumbering her?
Aphek, you know how to use that sling, right? If you can be sure you don't hit Goshen, then sling something at her. Doesn't even need to hit, we just need something that forces her attention to be two places at once. Goshen needs an opening, and she's not letting him get one.
No. 66925 ID: 67cd62

>We do need to disengage, but what's to saying kicking her off would not hamstring us in the process?

The fact that both of her arms are above the staff section of our polearm, and thus in a completely inoptimal position to counter-swing at our leg, in addition to the fact that her gaze is locked headward judging from the image?
No. 67087 ID: 7eda8b
File 125601184573.png - (351.91KB , 600x600 , AQ319.png )

>Both of her weapons are blocked above the spear? Push up! That will give you an opening to do WHATEVER.
>push her backwards with your spear and use the reach advantage.
Goshen hefts his spear up and viciously slams it sideways into the talyxian.

She flows like water.
No. 67088 ID: 3d8e92

No. 67090 ID: 7d87d9

Kick? You mean USE THE KNEE!
No. 67091 ID: de913c



No. 67093 ID: e3f578

Of course she does. I would suggest a cunt punt since that area looks very open but I don't know if it would hurt her, of all people, that bad.

Then again, she's way to nimble to trip even though most of her weight's on her feet now. A cunt punt may be your only opening here.
No. 67094 ID: 7ef24d

No. 67102 ID: 632862

Pin her!
No. 67104 ID: 3d8e92

Cunt punts always hurt. Do that.

Ball your foot into a fist first though.
No. 67107 ID: e75a2f

No. 67110 ID: 4f736e

Goshen, you are about to be stabbed in the stomach. Double over a bit to lower where your armor is on your body to try to prevent this, and send her all the way to the ground.
No. 67114 ID: 8e18cd

No. 67144 ID: 7eda8b
File 125601766949.png - (184.41KB , 600x600 , AQ320.png )

Goshen knees her between the legs. She makes no noise save the jangle of chainmail. At the very least, he's knocked her off bal
No. 67145 ID: 7eda8b
File 125601773391.png - (191.41KB , 600x600 , AQ321.png )

No. 67147 ID: 17d13d

Hey, Aphek, now would be a good time for a distraction.
No. 67148 ID: e75a2f

Just shove her over already. You have your knee firmly planted in her center of gravity.
No. 67149 ID: 476456

If she's off balance then seize her knife arm and hold it in place. and shove, SHOVE!
No. 67150 ID: 3d8e92


No. 67151 ID: 2dd482

If she's off balance this should give you at least a second to disengage and get some distance.

so, break off, enter a defensive posture and say "I never revealed you to the others!"
No. 67155 ID: a3b36a

Your leg is between hers. She is leaned back. Can you hook her foot with yours and pull hers out from under her?
No. 67156 ID: 4f736e

Continue with plan to fall on her and pin her. She's ludicrously fast, so you need to beat her with size and strength, and I don't see a better way to do so. Possibly move your forward leg to entangle hers so she HAS to fall with you.

...seriously. Cunt Punt? What the hell were you thinking?
No. 67180 ID: 904da4

Her stance is so compromised it's ludicrous. Her center of balance is completely ruined, all of her weight is on the back of her feet. Release the polearm with your left hand and grab her dagger hand, use your right arm to bring the spear-handle against her arm and throat, and shift forward: Voila, you have her pinned beneath you.
No. 67196 ID: d1210a

Worth it.

You are both bipeds, and her position is completely under your control. You can bring her to the ground, just hook your foot high behind one of her knees (makes it harder to slip her foot free), grab the hand with the dagger while bracing the spear against your outer forearm and using it to pin her other arm against her side while you slam her to the ground with both of your weight.
No. 67207 ID: 90ccdb

Excellent! Now drop your spear and grab her by the tits!
No. 67208 ID: 18bca5

Twist the spear so you're slamming her in the side. Put a good amount of force behind it. You may well knock her down, she's in a very awkward position now.
No. 67211 ID: b1e366

Drop the spear, grab her wrist and anything else you can get a hold of, she won't be able to swing the sword at this range!

Push your weight down on her and let your teeth take care of the rest!
No. 67213 ID: 4e49f2


These sound like good ideas. Overpowering her through sheer strength is definitely the way to go.
No. 67214 ID: 54af1f

Don't grab her, she'll stab the hell out of you. Drop back and stab.
No. 67215 ID: 812399

Now that your knee is between her legs, lift and roll back- and kick her off with those legs of yours!
No. 67220 ID: 67c611

I think this is a beautiful opportunity to turn this fight into a grapple. Use your body weight and a leg trip to fall on top of her then get down to throat-grabbing and eye-gouging. Don't get turned over.

in b4 Goshen botches the takedown and ends up on the bottom.
No. 67221 ID: 54af1f

I think you're all underestimating how quick she is.
No. 67229 ID: 8ca61a

An amendment.

I have been considering this for a while and it occurs to me that I didn't suggest it.

Like marv on Sin City. Take a hit and hold on. Her speed will mean less and you can use your power to get her close enough to maim her. Otherwise I'm not sure what to suggest anymore. This may require a grapple and vicious biting (which I did already suggest).
No. 67231 ID: 247cf3

This. Definitely. You can take those hits, she can't take a bite to the throat.
No. 67255 ID: 54af1f

how are we going to grapple without getting stabbed a fatal stab wound though?
No. 67270 ID: de913c


This was why I suggested pinning first.

I was going to add to pin her to the ground with her hands above your spear, knee her in the groin to pin her hips, and then attempt to disarm her. You would have had the upper hand if you had pinned her in this manner, but you chose to knee her in the groin instead.

Meaning she now has a weapon in your thigh and a hand below your belt. Pray she doesn't aim higher, Goshen.

As for right now? Drop your spear across her chest. Try and force her to the ground and go for a grapple. Keep the spear pinned to her middle or near her shoulder to take advantage of your superior weight. You'd be able to easily hold onto the spear with one hand while you try to disarm her, or punch her in the face.

In the immortal words of Tekken 3's Announcer:

No. 67276 ID: 9b8b83

On one hand, she's a weasel cat that can likely slip out of holds like a bar of wet soap.

On the other hand, a big strong burly man like you pinning a woman to the ground is such a compromising manner would be terrific psychological warfare.
No. 67277 ID: fcce4f

Apologize to her.

Say your sorry her parents got killed while she had to watch. Tell her how you felt while her parents got chopped to pieces.
No. 67279 ID: 7eda8b
File 125606442719.png - (304.29KB , 600x600 , AQ322.png )

>Just shove her over already. You have your knee firmly planted in her center of gravity.
>Now that your knee is between her legs, lift and roll back- and kick her off with those legs of yours!
Goshen drives his knee up, bowling the unbalanced talyxian onto her back.

>You can take those hits
Goshen can take slashes, and that last stab, since she was unbalanced and didn't get a solid hit. However, the talyxian continues to aim for vital areas. Goshen's managed to avoid anything serious so far, but if he gives her the opportunity, she's likely going to sink a weapon into his vitals as far as it will go.
No. 67281 ID: f4963f

Now's a chance to assert your weapon's superior reach. STAB WITH SPEAR and assume a healthy distance between you and her blades.
No. 67282 ID: 3d8e92

Yes! Stab with spear!
No. 67284 ID: de913c


Two options:

Stab with spear.

Foot on chest, stab sword hand, leave main guache to try and disarm.

I'm going with option one until we can get this situation taken care of.
No. 67285 ID: c4ac42

Goshen remember that you're a spear fighter, you almost died last time you try to grapple her.
Stand firm and stab her with the spear from some distance. Look out for kicks and attempts to break your stance, she knows that martial arts stuff.

What's about Aphek? Is he still around?
If yes, yell at him to use his sling against her. Might be the necesarry distraction.
No. 67286 ID: 632862

Smack her in the head with the butt of the spear. Try for a KO.
No. 67287 ID: 8e18cd


Tear off her clothes... rape her.

Be a sergal.
No. 67288 ID: fba9cb

Terrible idea, this.

Stab her. In the guts.
No. 67292 ID: 8b7db1

As much as I hate to say it... go for a stab. Though as quick as she is, we will probably just catch the edge of her clothing. ...which hopefully would keep her pinned down, and at our mercy.

-prays to TestPattern that SOMETHING goes right for once...-
No. 67303 ID: 904da4

I would point out that last time, Spear-fighting is what nearly got him killed, and Grappling is what saved his life, not the other way around.
No. 67315 ID: 4e9e8b

In that position there's a large chance she could block anything aimed at her upper body, due to her bloody speed, but we have an excellent opportunity to attack her legs. I'm not sure if anything other than a stab would penetrate the mail, but her legs we could probably seriously injure with a slash, should we miss a stab, or not have enough time to line up for a stab.
No. 67342 ID: 7b3981


A gut or leg wound is hard to work with. She's lighter than him, and while limber and strong, probably not as likely to get over an attack like that as Goshen is.

Consensus is Stomach or Leg, Goshen. Hit her hard, though. Try and pin her to the ground so you can wrestle her swords out of her hands. If you get one, stab her in the hand.
No. 67346 ID: eaec5a

No. 67347 ID: b1e366

Even if she blocks, she will be overwhelmed by the force of the blow or if she rolls out of the way, she will expose her back. You really should have grappled her when you knocked her over though.
No. 67348 ID: c1b520

Pin her down but do not kill her.
No. 67351 ID: eaec5a

She dies as soon as we can kill her. End of discussion.
No. 67352 ID: c1b520

No. She doesn't deserve it. Not yet.
No. 67353 ID: eaec5a


She owes us a story.
No. 67354 ID: 43d730

I'm unfortunately going to have to concur.
At least she'll get an awesome pyre, since I assume we aren't going to leave the skulls around?
No. 67357 ID: 29a4e1


If there is a way to cripple her but keep her alive, we'd try it.

Right now, I don't see one. Redemption might be far past this girl now.

All that's left in her eyes is vengeance.
No. 67359 ID: fdc826

Really, I'd prefer it if we kept her alive, if only because I like the character. But if we're going to start this shit again, then move it into the /questdis/ thread.

Anyway, like several others have said, I say we go for her legs. Be fucking quick about it though; that bitch can move.
No. 67360 ID: e3f578

The story was told through Goshen's memories. There is nothing left for a shell of a woman to tell. We must end her life in mercy. Not keep her alive in mercy.
No. 67362 ID: eaec5a

Still voting on killing her asap.

This is the second time we haven't gotten to hear a story.
No. 67364 ID: fba9cb

Pin her to the ground is only a good idea if we are doing it via our spear through her midsection.
No. 67366 ID: e3f578

Cleave into her leg and pounce back quickly. Don't you dare get any closer. Need the tendons in her muscles wounded and she won't be so fast anymore.
No. 67370 ID: 476456

Dont let her stand, bring your weapon down on her.
No. 67371 ID: 476456

Also she likes parrying, try and catch her wrists with the blade of your weapon.
No. 67372 ID: 5d5878

Stab her fatally. If we want a story, we get it as a last gasp as she dies.
No. 67375 ID: a3b36a

You could probably pin her to the ground with your spear then sit back and wait for her to calm down.

Either that or she'll figure out some way to push the spear the rest of the way through her body, sliding up and off the shaft of the spear like some kind of hate fueled death machine. If she did that, I'd be fucking impressed at her pain tolerance.
No. 67376 ID: 4f736e

Aim a stab for the top of her leg. She apparently doesn't feel pain, so anything not outright debilitating will not work on her. Thus, don't let her stand back up.
No. 67384 ID: 29a4e1


This is a good idea, as are these.


If we could pin her, then I might just go with that.
No. 67388 ID: 43d730

Pinning her is going to be like nailing jello to a tree.
Just stab the bitch until she dies.
No. 67395 ID: 73ad2b

Concur with the 'stab stab stab' train of thought.
No. 67404 ID: 7eda8b
File 125608069521.png - (60.66KB , 400x400 , AQ323.png )

No. 67405 ID: 7eda8b
File 125608091021.png - (240.83KB , 600x600 , AQ324.png )

The talyxian spins her parrying weapon, reversing her hold on it, then catches Goshen's spear behind its blade with both hers.

Goshen struggles to force his way through her blades. Shadran holds him back, blades rattling.
No. 67407 ID: 3d8e92

Get your foot on her gut and call for Aphek to finish her.
No. 67408 ID: 43d730

Son of a bitch.
Spin the halberd and strike her with the butt.
No. 67409 ID: aba0a3

Crush her.
No. 67410 ID: 476456

Shit no, dont let her leg lock your leg.
No. 67411 ID: 29a4e1


She doesn't have a good grip! Press on, watch her legs, and lean more of your weight into the spear!

"You don't have to die like this. Your parents wouldn't have wanted this, would they? Dying on your back. What a pitiful way to go."

Don't get too cocky, Goshen. Pick your words carefully after that. I would also suggest pushing the Parents issue.
No. 67412 ID: 4553b2

I am seconding crushing her gut beneath your foot.
No. 67413 ID: 29a4e1


Too open. She'd be able to twist her hips and snap our leg.
No. 67414 ID: 54af1f

Ask her why she bought you here while you get the chance.
No. 67415 ID: fba9cb

Apply downward force, attempt to rake her inner thigh with your leg to cut the femoral artery, then jump back and play it defensive till she bleeds out. She will probably just jump out of the way, though. If she starts moving out of the way try to catch her with a thrust to her weaselly neck.
No. 67417 ID: 3d8e92

She's wearing chainmail.

Eitherway get Aphek over here with his sword.
No. 67422 ID: 4553b2

The spear is pinning her in place. This is the best chance we are going to get. Step on her, Goshen. Hold her down with one foot, reduce her leverage, and continue putting all your weight on that spear. You're stronger than her. You'll break her guard.
No. 67423 ID: c1b520

Start talking to her, ask her questions. Ask her if there is anything you could have done to stop this from happening.
No. 67424 ID: 8fbd06

Gradually put more and more of your weight on the spear. You need to get that blade closer to her face.
No. 67425 ID: fdc826

May I suggest the classic "Killing me won't bring back your parents!" route, or something along those lines? Honestly, I'm having a bit of a hard time thinking of something to say that won't piss her off even more.

Also, and I may regret saying this, if we need to kill her in this position, then we should just tilt the spear forward and thrust it downward, in one quick motion. It would leave us open for a brief moment, but Shadran would have a hell of a time taking advantage of that with a spear in her face.

Though, like I said, I'd rather have one of our more eloquent suggesters think of something we could say that would calm her down. Killing her is a last resort.
No. 67426 ID: 197650

"...Let me sing you, the song of my people"
No. 67428 ID: c1b520

If it turns out to be disco inferno I'm leaving this quest forever.
No. 67429 ID: f4963f

"Why do you hate me so much, Shadran? Have I really done anything to you?"
No. 67433 ID: 04bd7e

"ok i can get behind the whole mass carnage thing, i can even understand the slaughtering innocent's but you should know by now it wont change anything..it..it just leaves you a bit more dirty than when you started.."
No. 67434 ID: 4bb122


Press "X" repeatedly.
No. 67436 ID: 29a4e1


Fuck you, my thumb twitched.
No. 67458 ID: 632862

Ask her to yield.
No. 67462 ID: 8b7db1

This is actually a really good position to be in now. Keep up the pressure, so that if she DOES try to attack us again, she instead gets a face full of blade. Use this time to demand answers from her. Key word, demand.
No. 67466 ID: 4f736e

Kneel down on her to keep her from tripping you, Goshen. If she has to fight with strength, you win this. Don't give her any out.
That's when you say...
"You still owe me a story."
No. 67495 ID: 7eda8b
File 125608809939.png - (241.31KB , 600x600 , AQ325.png )

Goshen grunts, putting his considerable strength into the effort. Shadran makes no noise, but slowly loses ground.

"Is this it? Is this it, Shadran?" Goshen shouts. "What was it for?"

Shadran says nothing. Goshen pushes harder.

"When's it end?" Goshen growls.

Shadran says nothing.

"Answer me, you crazy fucking bitch! When's it gonna end?!"

The talyxian hisses.

"It won't," she says.
No. 67498 ID: fba9cb

continue killing her then.
No. 67499 ID: 43d730

Right, continue with stabbing plan.
Even better, ask her for "Any last words?" and get her on the second word.
No. 67501 ID: 8fbd06

Kill her.
No. 67503 ID: 3d8e92

Keep pushing, get Aphek over here!
No. 67504 ID: 4bb122


"Then you will."

Kill her.
No. 67505 ID: de913c


Watch. She's going to try something funny.

...Hmm. Back off or try to keep her pinned? We can't slip the blade down because AGILE NECK prevents us from stabbing at her face.

We need to do something she won't expect. I'm not sure what that is at this point, but you should probably just stall until she does something. Keep forcing the blade of the spear towards her face to keep her focused on that while we come up with something.
No. 67506 ID: 5d5878

It won't end unless somebody takes to effort to change things... but this isn't that kind of quest. So, finish her. Or if not finish her, at least injure her greatly.
No. 67507 ID: 276781

"Why did I have to watch your parents die because my unit wanted meat? Why didn't I say anything when I saw you so long ago?"

Why the hell not ask, everyone just wants you to kill her anyway.
No. 67508 ID: c1b520

One last question, ask her, "Give me one reason I shouldn't kill you right now." Keep exerting your force and keeping her occupied and pinned so she doesn't try anything funny.
No. 67509 ID: 8b7db1

I'm torn. I almost want to insult her right now, but I'm almost afraid of what she would do if we were to. But if you really wanted to...

"So what, just a pile of skulls, extending up to the sky, serving no other purpose? ...never knew that you were a sergal." Be sure to spit that last part out.

Though if you don't want to insult her THAT harshly, you could demand the end tot he freaking story. That would be hilarious.
No. 67513 ID: 4f736e

"You really want to waste what they tried so hard to give you? You just want to die? Did you ever live, Shadran?"
No. 67516 ID: 632862

"If you don't have the courage to end it, then I will end it for you."
No. 67523 ID: 8b7db1

Chat has some great suggetions I want to get out here. Mostly questions we should ask.

Ask if she really does want to kill us, since there were plenty of times she could have leading up to here. The two at the ambush at the begining probably didn't remember anything about that night, and she slit their throats in an instant. She wanted us to see this. WHY?

Another suggestion was to point out she is showing nothing but anger, something her parents didn't show.

Those are the two that really stood out for me.
No. 67524 ID: de913c


A combination of these two might work wonders. Getting her angry might give us an opening.

On another, crazier idea, I have the following to suggest:

We back off. We jump backwards to a comfortable distance, and watch what she does. If she just gets up, wait a moment, then drop your spear. "Know what then? I'm done. Fuck this childish game. If you want to kill me, then you really should have done it in the desert. Or the Inn. Or last night. Do you even want to kill me, you psychotic bitch?!" Throw your helmet off, the point to the pile of skulls. "That right there is nothing. The Beast Goddess alone is said to have constructed an entire room of Northern Sergal skulls. You think your doing the world a favor by killing Northeners?!" Pause, for obvious dramatic effect. "You're no better than the Brutal General. At least she had the courage to fight until death the FIRST time."

If she charges, roll away and grab your spear. If not, watch.

That's all I'll say.
No. 67530 ID: 4f736e

Any plan that starts with "Allow Shadran to maneuver again before we are certain one way or another she will not try to kill us" is a plan that is immediately overturned by common sense and a survival instinct's combined vote.
WE ARE NOT GOING TO GET THIS CHANCE AGAIN. If she can't win this fight, she will run away if we let her. It has to end right here, right now, one way or another.
No. 67547 ID: f21281

Summon the rage and fury of your forefathers, channel it into the edge of your blade, and split that bitch's head open like a ripe melon.
No. 67551 ID: 5d5878

I second this burn.
No. 67554 ID: 7d87d9

Her Legs are fresh and not hurt. Goshen's legs are hurt and of course if we give her a chance to get to the trees we're boned because as we saw earlier she is VERY capable of launching Death from Above because of her weapons and nature.
No. 67560 ID: 2dd482

Totally, wholeheartedly seconding this.

No. 67564 ID: 43d730

The development of Goshen getting a sword through the chest multiple times?
No. 67568 ID: 2dd482

I can't be the only one that wants to see Shadran join the party

She owes us a story damn it
No. 67569 ID: f4963f

Your story. Tell us your story.
No. 67572 ID: 5d5878

Somebody hit Quicksave, I wanna see where this leads.
No. 67578 ID: a3b36a

We already know her story. Goshen was there for her story. Remember?
No. 67580 ID: 5ba271

Say "You still owe me a story."
No. 67598 ID: 099247

Probably the best answer here. Seriously, do we need any more explanation as to why she did what she did? Just fucking finish this.
No. 67599 ID: de913c


...Can... can we quicksave?
No. 67616 ID: 7eda8b
File 125609344177.png - (241.21KB , 600x600 , AQ326.png )

"Then YOU will," Goshen growls.

"No," hisses Shadran.
No. 67617 ID: eaec5a

*saves to a new file*
No. 67620 ID: f21281

"Well you can't bloody well have it both ways!"
No. 67626 ID: 7eda8b
File 125609366312.png - (53.18KB , 400x400 , AQ327.png )

She lashes out, kicking Goshen in the knee, unbalancing him slightly.
No. 67633 ID: eaec5a

This is why you save to a new file and don't quicksave. Learn it.
No. 67634 ID: 5d5878

Goshen, hold onto your balance. She can't be allowed to escape now that you're so close!
No. 67637 ID: fb5d8e

Suddenly confess your love to her!
No. 67638 ID: de913c

Alright, fine, kill the bitch.

No. 67642 ID: a3b36a

Okay then. Lose your balance. TOWARD HER.

Either you'll get her, or she'll find some way to toss you aside. Or, you'll wind up killing each other.
No. 67651 ID: fb5d8e

Perfect! Fall on top of her, then stare eachother in the eyes for a moment, breathing heavily, then make out like crazy and fuck right there.
No. 67652 ID: f4963f

>Fall towards her
>Fall towards TWO READY BLADES
Let's please not do this.
No. 67653 ID: 4f736e

Is she... scared?
No. 67654 ID: 4bb122


"You're only postponing the inevitable!"
No. 67655 ID: de913c


I rescind this idea!

No. 67656 ID: eaec5a

and this is why we told you to kneel.

Now kill her before she gets away and gets another chance at this.

I wish there were a peaceful resolution, but there isn't. As long as she is alive she will try to kill you no matter what you do.
No. 67657 ID: 43d730

I think that's ANGRY.
Haven't you ever seen an angry catweasel?
Blade end into face or butt end into gut, NOW.
No. 67658 ID: a3b36a

Two ready blades that are currently occupied by keeping that spear away from her face.
No. 67659 ID: 7eda8b
File 12560943017.png - (274.67KB , 600x600 , AQ328.png )

The talyxian twists her blades and sends Goshen's halberd into the ground while she ducks aside.

Goshen's thrown further off balance, but sees the talyxian bleed, if only a little.
No. 67663 ID: c1b520

Fall towards her. Try not to kill her or to die yourself.
No. 67665 ID: 4bb122


"Did that sting? Sorry!"
No. 67667 ID: aba0a3

Cut off her head, put it on pile.
No. 67669 ID: f4963f

GAH. That snake-weasel! Focus on recovering your guard, she's going to be at your throat in moments.
No. 67670 ID: de913c



Goshen: Lean forward into her gut, and try to force her into a more vunerable position. Preferably with her arms tied up in something.

Your spear or your own arm. Or something, I dunno.
No. 67671 ID: 73ad2b

Sweeping strike to the right. Take a little off the top.
No. 67672 ID: c1b520

Fall on top of her. DO IT! DO IT AND PIN HER WITH YOUR BODY!
No. 67677 ID: 476456

If you can pull the blade back with sufficient force to injure her shoulder then do so, if not pivot to your right using the spear as a brace to get a better angle and regain your balance.
No. 67681 ID: 4553b2

With your right hand, grab her left arm before she can pull it away from holding off your spear. If you can do that, you can use your weight to press forward, use the spear to pin her other arm, and fall on top of her. From there...

Bite attacks.
No. 67682 ID: 4f736e

NO TIME. One of her blades is on the wrong side of your spear. Lunge onto her, pin her sword arms down before she can use them or you are going to get disemboweled.
No. 67684 ID: eaec5a

Let go of spear. Fall closer to her. push her hands closer to her body (close the distance before she straightens out those blades). right elbow into her face. rake claws over face and go to grab throat. Generic rip and tear disregarding any attacks that won't outright kill you.

Close distance. I mean I want 1 inch between her body and your body.
No. 67689 ID: de913c

Sweep her arms up and out of the way, pin them both with one hand, THEN use the speech I suggested earlier.

Letting go of her is optional at this point because my paranoia set in quick.
No. 67691 ID: 73ad2b

my god you dumb fuckers it's like you /want/ to make our weapon useless and hers super effective

i don't know if any of you have played pokemon but when the enemy's attack is super effective it's _bad_.
No. 67693 ID: 4f736e

That's anger.
That's fear.
Though unfeeling and beastly as she is, they're pretty similar.
No. 67697 ID: 5d5878

If it bleeds, you can kill it. Try to avoid getting stabbed.
No. 67704 ID: fba9cb

Aphek what the fuck are you doing way over there, you could have finished her off while she was pinned
No. 67759 ID: 632862

Back off! Get away. Right now she can use her sword to keep your spear up, and then lunge forward with her main-gauche to stab you in the gut. I doubt she can leap up and keep inside your reach from her position.
No. 67761 ID: 2dd482

repostan (not original poster, it just pretty much sums up my suggestions and still seems like an applicable action)

We back off. We jump backwards to a comfortable distance, and watch what she does. If she just gets up, wait a moment, then drop your spear. "Know what then? I'm done. Fuck this childish game. If you want to kill me, then you really should have done it in the desert. Or the Inn. Or last night. Do you even want to kill me, you psychotic bitch?!" Throw your helmet off, the point to the pile of skulls. "That right there is nothing. The Beast Goddess alone is said to have constructed an entire room of Northern Sergal skulls. You think your doing the world a favor by killing Northeners?!" Pause, for obvious dramatic effect. "You're no better than the Brutal General. At least she had the courage to fight until death the FIRST time."

If she charges, roll away and grab your spear. If not, watch.
No. 67770 ID: 73ad2b

this is an utterly terrible idea, don't do it
No. 67773 ID: 3d8e92

Yeah, letting her go is just about the worst possible thing to do here.
No. 67797 ID: de913c




Repeat it with me, Goshen.

No. 67799 ID: 476456

dont follow her into the trees, she will kill you.
No. 67801 ID: 7eda8b
File 125611142267.png - (278.48KB , 600x600 , AQ329.png )

>Lunge onto her
>Try to avoid getting stabbed.
Goshen counters her kick and slams his foot down at her, but she rolls out of the way before he can pin.

She moves left and makes a feint. Goshen wrenches his halberd out of the ground and backpedals to keep the distance open. Shadran continues her dash. She seems to be headed for the trees. She's so agile that she could quickly reverse the motion, however.
No. 67803 ID: 2dd482

If she does go for the trees, see >>67761
No. 67805 ID: f4963f

Cutting our losses, are we, Shadran?

No. 67807 ID: 632862

Try to smack her in the back of her head with the butt of your spear while she's still within range. Then get away from the trees if you miss. Keep up your defense.
No. 67824 ID: f0c8b3

Call her to stop as she runs.
"You owe me a story, Shadran."
No. 67855 ID: e98c4f

Just kill the stupid shit already. srsly stab her face into mush.
No. 67866 ID: c1b520

Dig your spear into the ground to keep yourself from falling and then jump back into ready position. Ask her why she didn't kill you earlier and why she wanted to bring this into open combat rather then simply assassinating you.
No. 67871 ID: 5d5878

Well, she's not within stabbing-you-in-the-vitals-distance, so now seems like a good time for some of that talking other people suggested.
No. 67872 ID: 54af1f

follow but carefully. We've seen how tricky she is.
No. 67874 ID: 1afd58

You are a sergal sir.

You kill her.

Don't just let her run off into the woods so that she can track you and kill you later.
No. 67877 ID: 3d8e92

Taunt her.

"Running away, are we? Your parents gave their lives to protect a coward!? I saw their last moments, Shadran! They were honorable warriors, everything I've strived to be, but you... You're just a coward!"
No. 67878 ID: 9b8b83

You need to get a hold of her arms. That'll keep you from getting stabbed and allow you to use your superior physical strength. From there, it's just a matter of biting her throat out, headbutting her face into a pulp, or just plain subdual.
No. 67879 ID: f21281

Throw your halberd like a spear?
No. 67880 ID: de913c


Bad. No biscuit.
No. 67881 ID: 6faa8c

Aphek: Use that damn sling and break one of Shadran's limbs, or knock her out, I don't care just offer some ranged support!

Goshen: We NEED to kill her. This isn't about you and Aphek anymore, this bitch is ACTIVELY hunting down sergals and you need to end that.
No. 67920 ID: 7d8578

Shadran won't run away now, she's way to fanatic.
Keep your distance and taunt her. She's a goner if she loses her cool .
Go for cuts on her arms, they are unprotected and if you damage her tendons she can't use her weapons anymore.
Serious, don't let her come to near. She'll kick your sorry ass so hard in close combat.
No. 68010 ID: 73ad2b

That's not actually a halberd. Halberds have a point, and then below that is an axe blade and another point on the back.
No. 68017 ID: 904da4

It looks like a voulge or glaive.
No. 68026 ID: c5f90c

Stab her with your sword!
No. 68030 ID: 5d5878

Halberd, glaive, voulge... let's just call it a polearm.
No. 69342 ID: 6a6a5e

Call upon the spirits of your ancestors to lend you strength in your time of need.

Maintain distance and jab like a motherfucker. alternate between targeting upper torso, lower torso, legs. Keep it random.
No. 69805 ID: 7eda8b
File 125662761985.png - (277.86KB , 600x600 , AQ330.png )

"All that and you run?" Goshen barks.

The sergal warily moves forward to hound the talyxian.

Shadran suddenly reverses direction, making Goshen halt and go defensive, for fear of her getting past his weapon again. It proves a feint, and she dashes for the trees, her gaze locked with his.
No. 69807 ID: 4553b2

Keep your spear honed on her, and back up into the clearing a bit more. Chasing her is a bad idea.

...Check around for Aphek.
No. 69808 ID: 30f43e

She still owes you a story. She should be reminded of this.

FFFFfff wait, where's Aphek, this is not the time to muse on useless ideas. Look for him. Did you see which way he went?
No. 69809 ID: 632862

"Where are you going, Shadran? Weren't you going to kill me? Isn't that why you brought me here?"

Do not follow her. Yell for Aphek to stay within earshot, we may need his help if it comes to a stalemate.
No. 69811 ID: f4963f

Alright, it looks like she's pulling out. Don't pursue her into the woods. Keep your weapon levelled on her until she's a safe distance away (if such a distance exists).

As soon as it seems safe to do so, get the fuck out of here.
No. 69812 ID: 2dd482

epostan (not original poster, it just pretty much sums up my suggestions and still seems like an applicable action)

We back off. We jump backwards to a comfortable distance, and watch what she does. If she just gets up, wait a moment, then drop your spear. "Know what then? I'm done. Fuck this childish game. If you want to kill me, then you really should have done it in the desert. Or the Inn. Or last night. Do you even want to kill me, you psychotic bitch?!" Throw your helmet off, the point to the pile of skulls. "That right there is nothing. The Beast Goddess alone is said to have constructed an entire room of Northern Sergal skulls. You think your doing the world a favor by killing Northeners?!" Pause, for obvious dramatic effect. "You're no better than the Brutal General. At least she had the courage to fight until death the FIRST time."

If she charges, roll away and grab your spear. If not, watch.
No. 69814 ID: f4963f

>huge dramatic scene
... we can really condense this into something more succinct that doesn't sound like a hammed up high-school theatrical performance, you know. We don't even need to throw off our perfectly functional armour to do so.

"You know who you remind me of, Shadran? The Brutal General."
No. 69868 ID: a3a5bf


Stay on the defensive. Watch her. Attack if provoked.

Also, Yell to Aphek to GTFO of the grove. It's now obvious she's going towards a meat shield.


You'd be surprised how well psychos respond to dramatic speeches.

Even if they are only worthy of a High School grade.
No. 69888 ID: 20c9a5

If she'll run into woods, don't follow her. Wait a while, then look for Aphek and both get out of here fast.

>You'd be surprised how well psychos respond to dramatic speeches.
>Even if they are only worthy of a High School grade.

Even if they watched their parents getting cut to pieces alive ? Shadran doesn't seem to be a emotional person. If I was in her place, I probably wouldn't be, either.
No. 69889 ID: e75a2f

Hurl your spear like a spartan. Impale her against a tree.

Then tear out her throat while she's pinned.
No. 69902 ID: 7a1903


>Hurling your spear.

>Hurling your ONLY WEAPON.

Seriously. Bad. No biscuit.
No. 69905 ID: e75a2f

No. 69906 ID: af3e6d

Fine. Chuck Aphek at her.
No. 69911 ID: 7b79bf


>Chuck Aphek

I am okay with this!
No. 69915 ID: 9891a9

This is an excellent plan.
No. 69927 ID: 476456

Yell "Look at me Shadran, I was as old as you were back then"
No. 70112 ID: 7eda8b
File 125678803967.png - (165.32KB , 600x600 , AQ331.png )

"Look at yourself, Shadran!" Goshen calls. "Look at what you do. You're like the General!"

Shadran pauses for an instant and shoots the sergal a look.
No. 70113 ID: 7eda8b
File 125678815337.png - (120.89KB , 600x600 , AQ332.png )

She continues into the woods. Goshen decides not to follow, and watches her disappear into the trees.
No. 70114 ID: dda9dd

Collecting skulls into some kind of mad shrine of vengeance and hate, one would think you were almost trying to please her.
No. 70120 ID: f8dcc1

Watch as our plan backfires and she starts organizing an army to further the genocide of sergals.

Find Aphek and pimpsmack him for not helping out.

Like the bitch he is.
No. 70121 ID: 632862

Go find Aphek while periodically looking over your shoulder. It's time to blow this joint.

Maybe pay respects to her parents while you're here.
No. 70123 ID: 836378

I would most probably suggest that you should vacate the premises.

Post haste.
No. 70124 ID: 1d8589

Yeah let's get the fuck out of this morbid shrine to insanity.
No. 70125 ID: 1d8589

Tonight you should stand up and holler for your story.
No. 70126 ID: f4963f

Find Aphek and get out of here, now. Preferrably in a different direction than the one she left in.
No. 70158 ID: 7eda8b
File 12567982181.png - (224.27KB , 600x600 , AQ333.png )

"Hey," says Goshen, picking up his backpack.

"H-hey," Aphek stammers.

"What?" Goshen snaps. "What's your damned problem, anyway?"

"Goshen..." Aphek sounds exasperated. "Just, please come over here."
No. 70159 ID: f8dcc1

Go check out what the tiny baby man's problem is.
No. 70160 ID: 9891a9

Well alright, let's quickly head over to Aphek now that she's fled.
No. 70161 ID: f4963f

... I have a bad feeling about this.

See what's got Aphek's attention.
No. 70162 ID: 1d8589

oh crap what has he found now?
No. 70163 ID: 0d1fe9

What are you waiting for? Run over and see what he found.
No. 70167 ID: 7eda8b
File 125680091823.png - (234.19KB , 600x600 , AQ334.png )

Right. Goshen approaches quickly, while quickly looking around, taking stock of the situation, and analyzing the grisly surroundings with a more detached gaze.

The skull pile is hard not to look at. It's at least as tall as Goshen. It's next to the burned out foundation of what must have been a church or temple. That would put the skull pile at the very spot Shadran was standing when...

Not far to the west of the church remains are gravestones, overgrown. Goshen isn't sure if any are new.

There are circular stone foundations that used to be village residences. The once trimmed grass is overgrown. Paths lead east and west into the woods, as well as south where they came from.

Goshen's certain there used to be a well, but can't quite recall where it
No. 70168 ID: 7eda8b
File 125680097962.png - (234.53KB , 600x600 , AQ335.png )

With a snap, the ground gives way.
No. 70169 ID: f4963f

... is that why she wanted us to wait in the clearing? That bitch!

Um... use your spear to catch yourself.
No. 70170 ID: 135d9a



Um, try to not fall in the deep hole?
No. 70172 ID: 3c482b

You're huge! That means you have huge limbs! Use them to catch yourself.
No. 70173 ID: 0d1fe9

You're body is longer than the diametre of the well so there's nothing to worry about. fall forward, grab the edge and roll over, curse loudly while doing this.
No. 70175 ID: f8dcc1

Yeah, you can pretty much just grab the other side and climb up.

Yell at Aphek to help if you have trouble. The useless dustback...
No. 70176 ID: 4f736e

Push off back leg to attempt to get as much of a forward leap as possible.
If you don't react in time for that, grab halberd in both hands, hold it parallel to the ground to try to catch yourself that way.
If you don't react in time for THAT, spread out arms and legs to attempt to dig into the sides of the walls.
If you don't react in time for THAT, try to fall in a more hard-boiled fashion.
No. 70178 ID: bd36a1


do what ever you can to NOT hit the bottom, catch yourself on the lip of the pit/ well, it possible, otherwise, try to catch yourself along the walls.
No. 70190 ID: 15f6d6

Hold on to your spear real tight. The haft is way longer than the diameter of the hole. Roll to the side to try to not fall in it at all, plus, if you lay down, the ground is less likely to give way.
No. 70192 ID: 6550ad

Catch yourself, don't fall into cesspit full of Talyxian feces.

Now seriously, take a look into that hole, is it really a trap?
No. 70193 ID: bf2bdb

Angle your spear down and use it to catch yourself!
No. 70197 ID: 836378

Bend your knees and try to fall onto your back. You won't have to worry about snapping your spear or getting halfway into the hole only to discover that APHEK WAS A SPAH.

Oh, and make sure you interrogate the fuck out of the scrawny shit once you get out. Bastard's been hiding something this whole time and he hasn't been telling us this.
No. 70199 ID: dda9dd

collapse your knees and attempt to fall backwards outside of the pit,

if unable to reverse direction spread spear horizontally in both hands (to possibly catch the lip of the hole,)

then tense your now collapsed legs to fling yourself across the pit.
No. 70202 ID: f4963f

Why is everyone so suspicious of Aphek all of a sudden? If you recall he wanted us to keep the fuck away from Shadran in the first place. I suspect we just found the old well, possibly converted into a sergal death trap by our creepy weezil friend.

So yeah, catch yourself. There might be spikes or something.
No. 70204 ID: 43d730

I'm actually guessing he's in a similar trap...

Or she has backup.
No. 70283 ID: 7eda8b
File 125687984719.png - (211.12KB , 600x600 , AQ336.png )

Goshen grabs for the far edge as his legs slide down. He catches a handful of grass, dirt, and rotting twigs, which collapses under his grip.
No. 70284 ID: bf1e7e


Stab the spear into the ground as far forward as you can manage and hold on. Try to kick your legs out to catch the sides of the hole while you do it.
No. 70285 ID: f8dcc1

Press your feet up against the back wall and climb out. It shouldn't be too hard.
No. 70292 ID: 1d8589

Legs out to the side, try to catch yourself. Your weapon should hold, right?
No. 70293 ID: 7eda8b
File 125688085469.png - (288.77KB , 600x600 , AQ337.png )

The sides are relatively slick. Goshen can't catch purchase.

His weapon, metal-clad wood, makes a crack, but holds firm. Goshen holds on for dear life. The sudden stop sends his backpack sliding off his shoulder.
No. 70296 ID: 836378



No. 70297 ID: 632862

Grab the backpack with your free hand.
No. 70298 ID: c5ce35

Start digging forward, fill the pit with dirt.
No. 70300 ID: f8dcc1

Fantastic, Goshen got stuck in a giant vagina. Call for Aphek to help you.
No. 70302 ID: f4963f

How deep is that? I'm thinking, dried up well? ... that could be potentially fatal. Hrm.

If you can catch the pack, good, but don't get yourself killed trying, Goshen.
No. 70306 ID: 8e18cd

Grab the pack then slam your back against one wall, your feet against the other and start to climb.
No. 70317 ID: 7eda8b
File 125689728213.png - (213.62KB , 600x600 , AQ338.png )

Goshen grabs his pack with some difficulty. His spear creaks and cracks and bends ever so slightly in the meantime.

"Gods take her," the sergal murmurs angrily. "Gods take her to Hell."

He manages to haul himself out. Shadran's not to be seen. Aphek hasn't moved.
No. 70318 ID: 7d4344

Continue your pleasant walk towards Aphek, but this time be aware of your surroundings.
No. 70320 ID: 15f6d6

You need to tell Aphek he was right all along about Shadran.
No. 70340 ID: 43d730

Poke the ground HARD with the butt of your spear if need be, keep an eye out for deadfalls and tripwires.
No. 70357 ID: f4963f

Yeah, seconding very slow, deliberate, careful progress. I'm sure the well isn't the only trap out there.
No. 70358 ID: 1d8589

We are gonna need to get a new haft in the next village.
No. 71175 ID: 73ad2b


[11:17:10 AM] <TestPattern> That said, every time someone thinks he should mack up with Shadran, god kills like ten kittens
No. 71913 ID: 7eda8b
File 125723103960.png - (292.81KB , 600x600 , AQ339.png )

Goshen walks very slowly and carefully, paying close attention to each step and tapping the ground with the haft of his spear.

"...Is that really necessary?" Aphek calls, worriedly. "What if she comes back?"

"Shut up," says Goshen.
No. 71916 ID: f8dcc1

Excellent, the ministry of silly walks would gladly fund such a silly walk!

Check on Aphek.
No. 71918 ID: d1210a

Remember to use the spear to help test the ground.

Also, while checking the ground, do stay as aware of your surroundings as you can, Aphek has a point, a situation where you are distracted is exactly what Shadran likes to initiate combat in. Be ready.

And the way Aphek is calling you..... it seems odd, be on your guard, in case of a trap.

Basically, let the paranoid part of you decide how much attention you should pay to your surroundings, considering a Talyxian warrior out for your blood may be nearby.
No. 71922 ID: 7eda8b
File 125723190713.png - (354.33KB , 600x600 , AQ340.png )

Goshen reaches the southerner without incident.

"What's with you? Why are you just stand- Oh. I see," says Goshen.

"I didn't say anything because I don't want her to know I'm stuck," Aphek says, keeping his voice low.
No. 71924 ID: f8dcc1

"Ah. Well I guess that was smart of you. How come you didn't just pull out your leg? Or, you know, be a real man and just cut off your ankle."
No. 71925 ID: c0f3bf

Tell him to keep an eye out while you free him.
No. 71926 ID: 6faa8c

Facepalm and help him out, carefully. Ask him for his opinion of how to proceed.

Remember training you may have had for such a situation.
No. 71927 ID: d1210a

That...... that doesn't look like a foot that is stuck, I mean, it's just dirt, right? Unless there was some sort of trap that has grasped him.

In the event it is just dirt, it is almost impossible for him to be stuck. Which could mean he is lying. While holding what looks to be a drawn sword. Within reach of your personage.

I'm not saying Aphek has betrayed you, I am saying that right now, things look suspicious, and you should act accordingly by being cautious. Ask him to try and get out on his own while you keep an eye out for Shadran, but keep an eye on Aphek too, just in case.
No. 71930 ID: f4963f

That was pretty smart of him, actually. Get him out of there. ... make for the woods as soon as you can, you don't want to cross the field again.

Also really clever of Shadran. I wonder how many Sergals she's killed this way...
No. 71931 ID: 632862

Pull him out.
No. 71940 ID: 7eda8b
File 125723324414.png - (178.96KB , 500x500 , AQ341.png )

>That...... that doesn't look like a foot that is stuck, I mean, it's just dirt, right?
Fraid not.

Goshen's seen this kind of trap before. Sharpened stakes are angled downward and inward, guiding the foot to the center of the pit as the victim steps down and preventing its removal. They're already cutting into Aphek's skin. Pulling his foot out will leave him terribly mutilated.

Aphek's enlarged the hole a little bit, but he's made little progress freeing himself. Chopping at the stakes with his sword will hurt his foot more, but digging them out will take awhile.

>I wonder how many Sergals she's killed this way...
Goshen could try counting, but it will take awhile.

"Well, you could be a real man and cut off your foot," Goshen says.

"Are... you serious?" Aphek says. He sounds very afraid.
No. 71943 ID: d1210a

Have Aphek work at digging himself out, provide him the tools he needs to do so if necessary, and while he does so, keep an eye out for Shadran or any other potential threat.
No. 71944 ID: 476456

"haha of course not. How else would i make you march around ."
No. 71945 ID: 632862

Go for the time-consuming option, while keeping a lookout. He's going to need to walk when we go to the Fort or wherever.
No. 71946 ID: f8dcc1

"No... No I'm not serious. Hold still. Keep your eyes and ears and nose out for Shadran."

Carefully try to pull the spikes out of his foot and gingerly remove it from the hole. Make a mental note to not waste any time killing this bitch in the future.
No. 71947 ID: f4963f

Aww, poor Aphek.

Okay, inventory check. Do we not have a dagger of some sort? That could probably cut more precisely than a sword.

Failing that, some way to snip off the ends of the downward spikes could... conceivably work. We could then remove the tips separately.

I'd suggest using cookwear to aid with digging, but honestly I think your hands will do the job faster.
No. 71948 ID: f78140

take off your leg armor. make it a circular tube by holding the hard bits opposite like this -> ()
do that around aphek's leg, then slide it down to his foot, pushing all the spikes out of the way so he can pull his foot out.
No. 71953 ID: 632862

This is a good idea. I support it.
No. 71962 ID: 17d13d

Pour some whiskey on the foot after you get it out in case of infection.
No. 71986 ID: 7eda8b
File 125723926682.png - (160.54KB , 500x500 , AQ342.png )

"Keep a look out for me," Goshen says, and gets to work.

This is a good idea. Goshen explains it to Aphek and removes his thigh plates. It'll be tricky, however, and might leave a few uncovered, which he can either dig out, which could take awhile, or try to bend aside and hope for the best, which could hurt Aphek more.

On the bright side, nothing's stabbed into his foot yet, only cut it.
No. 71992 ID: 6faa8c

Keep your buddy calm. If he twitches or something, hello pegleg pete.

But, uh, don't say that.
No. 71997 ID: 7eda8b
File 125724006013.png - (83.39KB , 600x600 , AQ343.png )

Though Aphek's keeping watch, the dustback can't help but look down at what's happening to his foot. Likewise, though Goshen's trying to focus on the task, he can't help but glance around.

The place is troublesome, to put it lightly. Stone foundations that were once talyxian roundhouses are everywhere. The weeds and grasses are rough and high, and could be hiding many features he can't see. The woods are thick in all directions.

Overgrown paths through the trees go south, where they came from, and also west and east. Goshen knows Fort Ji, their destination, is to the east. Shadran said they could get to there directly from here, but has not proven herself particularly trustworthy, to put it rather fucking lightly.
No. 71998 ID: f8dcc1

Let's take a little detour and circle around the area, at least this area. By no means are we to just walk straight there. She's probably got the whole area booby-trapped.
No. 71999 ID: 476456

make note to check out those graves on the wya out.
No. 72024 ID: 15f6d6

Lets not circle around precisely because she has the whole area booby trapped. We should leave the way we came in. We know there aren't any pits or anything that way.
No. 72026 ID: af3e6d

It'd probably be best to go out the way we came, though Shadran would probably head us off there in ambush.
No. 72456 ID: 836378


I've got an idea, but you're going to need to use your arwing.... er, helmet.

Same as what you've got going now, but have Aphek take your helmet and put it at the front of his shin.

Slide the other two back into a V with the helmet capping it at a ^ or overhead ). This wahy, You'll get something like <) all the way around. More than enough protection for him to get out.

But be ready to move at the slightest sound. My guess? She went back to get those elves.
No. 72463 ID: f4963f

If you can hold the thighplates in place with one hand (you're big and strong), or if Aphek can help, I second using your arwing helmet to push the spikes in back out of the way. That only leaves the thorn in front to deal with. That only leaves the front spike to deal with, which shouldn't take nearly as long to dig out as the entire gamut there. If it's possible to do that, go for it, please.

As for getting Aphek out fast versus taking time to dig... I suggest you ask Aphek. He knows the risks associated with both, and it's his leg.
No. 72710 ID: 7eda8b
File 125740659938.png - (401.92KB , 700x600 , AQ344.png )

Goshen removes his helmet and uses it and the leg-plates to protect around Aphek's leg. It's a really tight fit, and Goshen has to be very careful not to push too hard. It's taking longer than he thought, but it's still much faster than digging the stakes out.

"Storm's brewing," says Aphek.

"Is that really important right now?" asks Goshen.

"It might be."
No. 72711 ID: f8dcc1

Well, the storm might hide us a bit better from Shadran... and it would wash away any tracks we make, though it would make us much easier to track tomorrow with all the mud...
No. 72712 ID: f4963f

Standing in an open plain during a thunderstorm? ... could cause problems, yeah.

But first things first. Get Aphek out.

Also, that bloody spot in the field. Is that from earlier, or is it something else?
No. 72713 ID: 632862

Lightning strikes would be bad. Aphek should hold his sword near the ground or not hold it at all. Get into the forest as soon as possible.
No. 72714 ID: d1210a


Don't act up. Inform each-other calmly so both know. And try to act like you did not notice.

No. 72719 ID: 632862

Or is that a blood stain from the fight?
No. 72721 ID: d1210a

From this angle, there is no reason it would fluff up like that without a very irregular blood pattern.

Plus, it looks like it is being blown in the same direction as the grass.

No. 72911 ID: 7eda8b
File 125748346690.png - (413.58KB , 700x600 , AQ345.png )

"Goshen? I think I see, uh-"

"I see it."

"Is it her?"

"Not sure."

>Or is that a blood stain from the fight?
There was no blood spilled in that spot.

Well. Not recently, anyway.

It's very low to the ground, but the tall grass could be hiding depressions and irregularities in the ground. As the grass sways, more or less of it becomes visible, and it seems to sway as well. If it's Shadran, she must not realize she's visible.
No. 72912 ID: 4bb122


"You know, I can see you over there! You realize that, right?"
No. 72913 ID: 836378

Get him out.

EXTREMELY CAREFULLY, Go over and investigate. Head on a swivel, keep your eyes open.

Investigate red thing. Then report.
No. 72914 ID: f4963f

Tell Aphek to keep an eye on it. If it moves, disappears, or does anything, he's to tell you immediately.

You, concentrate on getting his leg out.
No. 72915 ID: f8dcc1
File 125748369874.jpg - (27.16KB , 480x360 , cut it out.jpg )

"Hey. Shadran. Cut it out."
No. 72916 ID: 476456

Pull down aphek's pants and waggle his junk at her.
No. 72917 ID: 632862

Can Aphek move yet?

Also, this could be a distraction. Glance around to see if anything's sneaking up from the direction opposite it.
No. 72922 ID: af3e6d

Don't let on she's visible. Also, stay wary. Chances are this is a decoy. She's proven better than this in the past.
No. 72983 ID: 20c9a5

From what we've seen earlier, she's way too clever to expose herself like that. It's very likely either a trap and she's approaching from opposite direction or just something red.

Problem will appear if the red thing disappears or moves, then we'll be practically sure she's back and we're in deep shit.

Hurry up and stay wary, especially keep attention on direction opposite from the red stuff.
No. 72984 ID: e75a2f

It's a diversion, you idiot. Tell Aphek to watch it and you focus on a different area.
No. 73017 ID: 0d1fe9

You only need to be worried if it starts moving, be ready to be attacked but focus on other areas in case it's a decoy, tell aphek to keep an eye on it. He should be able to manage this as he'll be more worried about Shadran than whatever you're doing to his foot.
No. 73027 ID: 7eda8b
File 125749933757.png - (159.23KB , 500x500 , AQ346.png )

"I think it's diversion," Goshen says.


"She's good. Too good to make a mistake like that. It's probably, uh, a bundle of weeds dyed red, or something," says Goshen, then considers.

"...Unless that's what she wants us to think," he adds. "Watch everywhere."

Aphek makes a frightened sound, but that's good. Sergals have excellent peripheral vision, and his eyes are no doubt scanning everything around him now.

Goshen finally gets the last point out of Aphek's flesh, shields him with the armor, and carefully pulls his leg free.
No. 73028 ID: 17d13d

Hug Aphek.
No. 73029 ID: 632862

No time for hugs, get your armor back on!
No. 73031 ID: c90d5c

Check how badly Apheks leg is wounded. If he's still ok leg it out of the woods the way you came in. You remember the way right? Be careful about traps as long you're still in the clearing.
Also put your armor back on, but that should go without saying.
Do Sergals get ill if exposed to harsh weather?
No. 73032 ID: 0d1fe9

Quick hug then GTFO.
No. 73036 ID: c0f3bf

Definitely do a quick hug, if nothing else to make Shadran feel like a dick.
No. 73048 ID: af3e6d

No hug. He's a nice enough guy, but he's a dustback.
No. 73049 ID: 9d41ab

Hug time. Shadran needs to see the power of friendship.
No. 73052 ID: 476456

And kiss him, they may be the last lips you'll ever know!
No. 73059 ID: 663906

I think a friendly pat on the back will suffice.

Once you've put your armor on.

You should really investigate those graves though. You might find something good.
No. 73061 ID: f4963f

Rearmour yourself, obvious choice of action. Status report on Aphek's leg. Then work on getting out of the trap-filled death field.
No. 73381 ID: 7eda8b
File 125756943097.png - (266.93KB , 600x600 , AQ347.png )

Aphek stumbles free, assessing the wounds on his foot. Goshen grabs his helmet, and sees a flash of motion in the trees to the east, only for an instant.
No. 73382 ID: 68d70c

better get that armour on as fast as you can.
No. 73385 ID: f4963f

Assume a combat-ready stance.
No. 73394 ID: 7eda8b
File 12575704187.png - (303.30KB , 600x600 , AQ348.png )

Goshen doesn't see shit. He continues pulling on his armor.

Storm clouds darken the sky.
No. 73395 ID: 836378


Elves. Perhaps the ones we didn't kill earlier.

I'm afraid we're going to have to forget checking anything else out. Quickly and carefully evacuate the area. Try to get out of the forest as quickly as possible and run like hell to Fort Ji.

You may have to worry about getting shot in the back, so remember.

No. 73396 ID: 68d70c

Can we make like a tree and get the fuck outta here?
No. 73397 ID: 632862

Is the red crap still there?

I wonder if Shadran cut off her own hair to serve as a decoy.
No. 73410 ID: 7eda8b
File 125757268381.png - (272.02KB , 600x600 , AQ349.png )

>Can we make like a tree and get the fuck outta here?
Could you please be more specific?

>Is the red crap still there?
Yes. It's a little unnerving.

Goshen would like to stress that shit is beginning to get real.
No. 73411 ID: 9e9b47

Then pose as a team.
No. 73412 ID: 836378


Reiterate: Leave. Now.
No. 73414 ID: 632862

You'd better get into the forest before you get hit by lightning. Standing around in the middle of a clearing with metal on your head is a bad idea. Skirt around the edge of the clearing, heading towards the south entrance that you came from. May as well get a little closer to the red stuff and see what it is; both of you should also keep an eye out in general.
No. 73418 ID: 7eda8b
File 125757363916.png - (276.76KB , 600x600 , AQ350.png )

>Reiterate: Leave. Now.
Goshen needs you to be more specific. A direction would help.

There are paths to the south, the east, and the west. Goshen's goal lies to the east, but he saw movement in that direction. they arrived from the south, but they know that would eventually get them back to the main road, where, if they're still alive, they can head to Fort Ji. Going south also means crossing the most open ground. To the west is unknown.

Alternately, they could forget the paths, and simply rush north. That's the shortest distance to the treeline.
No. 73419 ID: f4963f

That movement in the forest may very well be Shadran; in particular, I thought I saw a tail.

However, navigating a deathtrap-filled plain slowly in the middle of a lightning storm is also a bad idea. Make for the trees and skirt until you reach the south entrance. Tell Aphek to be alert, and keep your own weapon ready.

She has the biggest advantage when she gets inside our reach. We can't let her do that.
No. 73420 ID: 632862

No. 73421 ID: 68d70c

South, the east path seems like it'd be trapped.
No. 73424 ID: 9e9b47


No. 73432 ID: 476456

If shadran laid that as a decoy she may be circling around north, west might be a good direction to go to but you'll risk more traps.

however if you rake the butt of your polearm through the dirt and walk only on the line it makes then you should avoid stepping in one.
No. 73448 ID: 7eda8b
File 125758340070.png - (302.68KB , 600x600 , AQ351.png )

The sergals stick close to the treeline, circling around the perimeter of the clearing, making their way back toward the southward path. Goshen taps the ground ahead of him to check for more booby traps.

The storm grows steadily worse. Rain pelts them. Goshen thinks of how he nearly died of thirst a few weeks ago.

It's getting difficult to see.
No. 73451 ID: d56ac0

In the trees! Someone is there!
No. 73452 ID: 632862

Cloaked figure in the treeline just a bit behind you.
No. 73453 ID: c5f90c

Confront the cloaked figure behind you.

Get ready to stab with that sword you're carrying.
No. 73454 ID: 632862

Point your spear at it and ask who it is.
No. 73455 ID: f78140

you've gotten out of the clearing, and you're near a road. travelling in this weather is just going to wear you down faster, so get far enough off the road that people on it won't see you, and then set up camp for the night.
No. 73456 ID: 7eda8b
File 125758679044.png - (283.05KB , 600x600 , AQ352.png )

Goshen spots the lurking figure from the corner of his eye.

"You! Halt!" he calls, turning to face them.

The figure charges, moving with familiar speed, but an unfamiliar stance.
No. 73457 ID: d56ac0

Respond to the charge, but be prepared to be attacked from behind or the sides. I have a feeling Shadran isn't working alone and you may be flanked.
No. 73458 ID: 97dfc9

Swing your your Glaive at it and try to hit the figure around the midriff, if you try to stab it might manage to circumvent your weapon.
Tell Aphek to watch your back. He's almost useless, but you can't fight and look around at the same time.
No. 73459 ID: 2dd482

red eyes, cat-like tail, high boots and chainmail? IT'S A SHADRAN
No. 73460 ID: 632862

Hold your glaive closer to the head so as to compensate for the weakened haft. Fight defensively and keep them from attacking Aphek.
No. 73463 ID: 7eda8b
File 125759174877.png - (103.73KB , 600x600 , AQ353.png )

Goshen wonders...
No. 73464 ID: 7eda8b
File 125759179762.png - (165.29KB , 600x600 , AQ354.png )

...how many people Shadran killed to get that sword back.
No. 73465 ID: 7eda8b
File 125759185597.png - (24.32KB , 600x600 , AQ355.png )

No. 78355 ID: 7eda8b

blocking spoiler
No. 78356 ID: 7eda8b

blocking spoiler
No. 78357 ID: 7eda8b

blocking spoiler
No. 78358 ID: 7eda8b

blocking spoiler
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