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File 141193273507.jpg - (157.14KB , 800x800 , T2taF2x.jpg )
596262 No. 596262 ID: 53f127

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No. 596263 ID: 53f127
File 141193276969.jpg - (172.52KB , 800x800 , 0ADjmd5.jpg )

No. 596264 ID: 53f127
File 141193279350.jpg - (160.96KB , 800x800 , 9OPzzy6.jpg )

No. 596265 ID: 53f127
File 141193280969.jpg - (113.19KB , 800x800 , v5ElbW5.jpg )

No. 596267 ID: b1ed57

Your penis size doesn't look very impressive, compared to your body. Does it grow exponentially?
No. 596273 ID: 53f127
File 141193480892.jpg - (212.45KB , 800x800 , 9nlNOvI.jpg )

No. 596274 ID: 8b533b

Stop flirting with voices in your head and focus.

You don't have any supplies. No food, no water. Which puts you in a bad place if you can't find any.

There are also, apparently, hostiles in the area who will be following up on your crash site. You may not be close to the smoke plume, but you could be spotted if they do a search or flyover.

Get moving. Head for the settlement, and try to get under some kind of cover so you're not easily spotted from the air.

>forced modifications to symbolize equality
Geeze, that's perverse logic.
No. 596275 ID: 64c15e

Well. First things first. Lets get looking for civilization. We seem to be in the middle of nowhere, we can't do our job in nowhere right?
No. 596277 ID: b1ed57

Does your communicator device have any sort of radar, tracker, anything that can warn you of incoming hostiles?
No. 596278 ID: d8a627

>Gender: True Hermaphrodite
Does that mean you were born intersex, and did not need genetic modification for those purposes?
>Inventory: Penis
But what about the vagina?! Maybe you should have had some genetic modifications to fit the bill more properly--You're thinking with your testosterone more than your estrogen, when you should be thinking with both. Of course, you're also excluding your mammaries, which is... Unusual, for a person who thinks primarily with testosterone. What gives? Their size suggests decent Progesterone, Estrogen, and Prolactin rates.
No. 596279 ID: b1ed57

Furthermore, what's FF protocol on ships that go MIA? Can you, and when, expect a search party?
No. 596286 ID: 53f127
File 141193915754.jpg - (113.92KB , 800x800 , BQymSJH.jpg )

No. 596287 ID: 53f127
File 141193917317.jpg - (239.78KB , 800x800 , rp6PjLr.jpg )

No. 596289 ID: 53f127
File 141193926774.jpg - (116.95KB , 800x800 , llqPGKc.jpg )

RE: >forced modifications to symbolize equality
No. 596290 ID: 27ca74

>storing firearms in your buttcrack

0/10 gun safety would not remove kebab aside
No. 596291 ID: 53f127

You curse your worthless handheld computer's dependence on The Cloud to function properly. Without a functioning data link, it's nothing but an expensive calculator/notepad/portable a/v device. (With a functioning data link, it's a tracking device, personal radar, scanner and more!)
As you walk, you reflect on the four week journey from the nearest warp gate to this planet. Even if your superiors notice you missing right away, you'll still be here a while.
You also remember back to the Academy, where they taught you that, in Force parlance, a "True Hermaphrodite" is an organism with fully functioning intersex genitalia, as opposed to an organism born with intersex genitalia where all but one set is sterile.
Speaking of your other set of genitals, you have definitely not forgotten your vagina, you simply haven't listed it as a tool because, unlike your penis, which you received upon graduating Futa Force Academy, your vagina is the one you were born with and performs no magic except for the natural magic of childbirth.
No. 596292 ID: d8a627

>your vagina is the one you were born with and performs no magic except for the natural magic of childbirth.
Ah, and how natural are the boobs? I mean, I'm guessing they aren't plastic (that would be the dumbest thing ever, if you can get enhancements on the genetic level), but did the hormonal balance have to be enhanced to allow them to grow to that level, or did they reach that point without enhancement?
No. 596305 ID: ca0d6b

Yeah inbetween the boobs is a way better place
No. 596306 ID: b1ed57

uwotm8, the only logical place for gun stashing is up the eponentially-expanding magic peehole.
No. 596308 ID: 2ec61a

PRETTTY sure the modifications happen AFTER you grow up. aka post-puberty, hormones already had their way.
No. 596309 ID: 2ec61a

ANYWAY, i suggest while walking through the woods you find a sturdy branch and make it into a club. you want to save any ammo you have for the real nasties.
No. 596321 ID: d8a627

What I'm saying is you can get hormonal injections to "encourage" growth. Almost forcing it, only there's a chance your body ignores the hormones anyways. No idea how that works, but I suppose that would be a good reason to go for plastic surgery, making it less stupid.
Also: I'm fairly certain it would be illegal to induce genetic modifications on minors, meaning she would have to get them well after puberty.
No. 596325 ID: 53f127
File 141195058578.jpg - (95.16KB , 800x800 , Y2R8mwB.jpg )

As you walk through the forest, you pause to reflect on your boobs. Although they are the same size they were before you joined the force, they were affected by the same transformative process that changed every other cell in your body. Are they still "natural"?
Who's to say?
No. 596326 ID: 53f127
File 141195073366.jpg - (111.29KB , 800x800 , lZ7HbSn.jpg )

You stop thinking about your boobs and select the sturdiest branch you can find. It's basically pine wood though so even the best one is still pretty springy.
"Stick" added to your inventory.
No. 596331 ID: 9ffae6

Demonstrate superhuman ability by running and jumping and acrobatically owning this jungle on your way to the mystery camp.

A show of physical capability might make a good first impression on the locals.
No. 596337 ID: 436cdc

>Using a stick
>not just dickslapping your way through swathes of enemies
No. 596340 ID: ccd544

>A show of physical compatibility might make a good first impression on the locals.
No. 596344 ID: d8a627

>Although they are the same size they were before you joined the force
They're natural, then, in the way I was referring to. I don't care if your milk is magically extra-nutritious or something, I was asking about the size.
No. 596349 ID: 2ec61a

if you get lost remember you can always go up a tree for a look around.
No. 596406 ID: a6f9db

That's kind of a slender stick, isn't it? It seems like it'd break in real combat.
With your augmented strength, You'd be better off finding a large, hefty rock that you can hold with both hands.
No. 596409 ID: 3009b4

Apples -- you play Doodle or Die, correct?
No. 596412 ID: 8b539c

No. 596490 ID: 53f127
File 141204759279.jpg - (351.81KB , 800x800 , fquest11.jpg )

Discarding the stick, you look around for a suitable rock.
No. 596491 ID: 53f127
File 141204765589.jpg - (259.60KB , 800x800 , fquest12.jpg )

There aren't any big ones in the immediate vicinity, but you find one that looks like it would do some damage if you chucked it at someone.
No. 596493 ID: 53f127
File 141204775346.jpg - (315.94KB , 800x800 , fquest13.jpg )

In a display of agility that would surely be impressive to the locals (if there were any around), you clamber to the top of a nearby tree.
From your heightened vantage point, you can see the smoke plume from your crash site. Preeeeety much your only frame of reference at the moment.
No. 596494 ID: 53f127

Incidentally: "Rock" added to inventory. "Stick" discarded from inventory.
No. 596501 ID: 0ee153

Walk towards the settlement until something noteworthy happens, I guess.
No. 596514 ID: 8b533b

>[A rock that] would do some damage if you chucked it at someone
Rocks can also be used for melee! Bashing them and stuff. Crude, and kind of lethal, but possibly a better option than throwing away your only weapon, depending on the circumstances.

>Preeeeety much your only frame of reference at the moment.
Well, that and the mountain range. That'll still be there even after the smoke plume dissipates.

Keep going in the direction you thought the settlement was in.
No. 596607 ID: 53f127
File 141213077860.jpg - (300.58KB , 800x800 , fquest14.jpg )

It was a nice view, but you decide to climb back down and-
No. 596608 ID: 53f127
File 141213080746.jpg - (383.30KB , 800x800 , fquest15.jpg )

No. 596609 ID: 53f127
File 141213101645.jpg - (186.84KB , 600x600 , fquest16.jpg )

A massive bird resembling an Earth crow (if it were the size of a personal aircraft) wheels overhead. It does a few circles of your ejector seat before starting to descend.
No. 596610 ID: 53f127
File 141213112999.jpg - (182.39KB , 600x600 , fquest17.jpg )

You can make out a human figure seated on the monstrous' bird's back. He appears to be steering it.
No. 596611 ID: 53f127

But how did he find you so quickly? That bird travels fast. If he were close enough to see you bail out, he would have been on top of you before you made it to the tree line. It's not like you were broadcasting your location...
No. 596612 ID: 53f127
File 141213132641.gif - (70.79KB , 600x600 , fquest18.gif )

Oh... right. The emergency beacon in your ejector seat. Right there between the first aid kit and the emergency rations that you also left behind.
No. 596613 ID: 53f127
File 141213154875.jpg - (210.36KB , 600x600 , fquest19.jpg )

The bird lands a few yards away from the ejector seat and its rider dismounts.
After a cursory inspection of the ejector seat, he removes a rod-like device from his belt and holds it in the direction of the seat. The rod blazes with a blinding light and within a few seconds the seat has been reduced to a fine ash. The dark stranger then repeats the process with the parachute, effectively leaving no trace of your landing (except you, of course)
No. 596615 ID: 2ec61a

so are you just forgetful or an idiot?
No. 596616 ID: 0ee153

Let's find out.

Hey, Prima, the best thing to do is clearly to climb halfway up a tree for concealment and then masturbate to relieve stress.
No. 596650 ID: 397249

I can't think of any non evil reasons he would be hiding the evedence of a plane crash, also that wands power is pretty scary. So stay hidden and watch, see what direction he leaves in. My guess is that he is one of the rights abusers, we need to find the abused now. Preferably without ever being seen.
No. 596657 ID: 8b533b

>beacon, first aid kit, mre, water
Man, it's so great we left all that behind. Just think, if we didn't have an open inventory slot, we wouldn't have been able to carry this sweet rock!


Well, we've confirmed a lack of useful supplies, and at least one hostile who wants you dead and who has the means to destroy evidence. If you're caught, no one will ever know you even crashed here.
No. 596675 ID: 1c677c

Avoid contact and go check the shipwreck anyways!
No. 596682 ID: 53f127
File 141218990462.gif - (217.12KB , 600x600 , fquest20.gif )

(click for animation)
No. 596691 ID: 53f127
File 141219398292.jpg - (166.13KB , 600x600 , fquest21.jpg )

You conceal yourself inside the tree and continue to watch the Dark Stranger...
No. 596692 ID: 53f127
File 141219415943.gif - (71.94KB , 600x600 , fquest22a.gif )

It HAS been pretty stressful...
No. 596694 ID: 2ec61a

hmmmm..... thinking about it, how's your aim and power with that thing? could you hit someone in the eyes from 50 meters? if not then forget about it.
No. 596696 ID: 53f127

50 meters is a stretch. Besides, he's got a helmet on.
No. 596713 ID: d8a627

The guy COULD be a good dude who just doesn't want there to be evidence that anybody from the Futa Force arrived... I mean, if the people exploiting sentients found out you were here, they'd probably start causing all sorts of problems, don't you think? And if that guy were one of them, I'd think he'd be freaking out over not having found you already.
No. 596714 ID: 0ee153

Hope for the best, assume the worst. He's hostile until proven otherwise. Unless Prima's augmentations include being able to throw the rock or ejaculate hard enough to seriously injure the bird or the humanoid, stealth is our best chance. I'm betting on stealth.
No. 596715 ID: 0ee153

There's the stunner too, but I doubt that's enough to stop both him and the bird long enough to tie them up.
No. 596729 ID: 2dfd00

Try to impregnate yourself, they wouldn't kill a pregnant woman.
No. 596813 ID: 4cbe79

Says who, plus it wouldnt show unless you wait like at least 2-3 months so that wouldnt help at all
No. 596826 ID: 2839a0

alright, so all of your extra gear has been turned to dust. it's fine, it isn't nightfall yet, but time is wasting. get to work punching a tree until a block comes out, we'll have you mining to the center of the planet in no time.
No. 596856 ID: 53f127
File 141229562068.jpg - (172.00KB , 600x600 , fquest23.jpg )

As you watch and fap, you see the Dark Stranger wander around in the vicinity of your landing site. He appears to be examining the ground. After a few minutes, he stops, crouches low and runs his hand through the grass.
No. 596858 ID: 53f127
File 141229592474.jpg - (171.77KB , 600x600 , fquest23a.jpg )

Suddenly excited, he leaps to his feet and dashes back towards his mount.


Meanwhile, you are nearing climax. Your fevered thoughts turn to the fantasy of impregnating yourself, but ultimately decide that would be a bad idea. Not to mention difficult considering you are currently on birth control.
No. 596859 ID: 879a42

Please explain the 'Magical' aspect of your penis in better detail, so we may use the info for....things and such. Battle plans, nothing suspicious.
No. 596876 ID: 53f127
File 141230284942.jpg - (156.35KB , 600x600 , fquest24.jpg )

No. 596877 ID: 53f127
File 141230286468.jpg - (256.11KB , 600x600 , fquest25.jpg )

No. 596879 ID: 436cdc

nice. but seriously, eyeshot this guy already
No. 596891 ID: 0ee153

Yeah, this. Show us what the magic is supposed to do. Unless it was metaphorical, I guess.
No. 596926 ID: 2839a0

because you don't want to cut that into 4 boards to make a workbench?
No. 596932 ID: 2ec61a

okay funny, but yeah, that guy may have gotten your trail.
No. 596968 ID: b2c9e1

I must admit I'm curious as well,
No. 597126 ID: 53f127
File 141239443515.gif - (643.58KB , 600x600 , fquest26.gif )

No. 597128 ID: b2c9e1

Oh god, this is either going to be awesome or hilarious.
No. 597132 ID: b2c9e1

wait, didn't see that it was a .gif...anyway, COMMENCE EVASIVE PROCEDURES AND RETURN FIRE WITH CROTCH CANNON. (heh)
No. 597139 ID: 2ec61a

No. 597254 ID: 1c677c

Oh yikes, did you forget that predator birds can accurately spot a prey 500m away.
No. 597255 ID: 879a42

Dear god please let it be like the contra spread gun. Get it in his eyes! (What am I doing with my life.)
No. 597391 ID: 53f127
File 141255574386.gif - (517.30KB , 600x600 , fquest27.gif )

No. 597392 ID: 8b533b

Adding insult to injury: pretty sure you landed dick first, there.

...actually that's adding injury to insult. Or injury to more injury. Whatever.
No. 597405 ID: 4cbe79

get up and run
No. 597410 ID: 59a91b

Grab that stunner from your ass before you accidentally stun yourself. Then run, making use of that Stunner if necessary.
No. 597426 ID: b2c9e1

Wow, dat skillshot. Anyway, if you are still conscious...running seems like a good idea.
No. 597435 ID: 879a42

Bullseye! Or... Birdseye! I doubt he will ever see anything that isn't a shade of white ever again. Check on magical junk and see if it is undamaged from the fall. Proceed to GTFO.
No. 597546 ID: 53f127
File 141264561075.jpg - (207.05KB , 600x600 , fquest28.jpg )

You rise shakily to your feet, still dazed from your fall. Luckily, your voluminous blonde curls protected you from further injury.
You draw your stunner with one hand and check your junk with the other. Though tender, everything appears to be intact.
No. 597547 ID: 53f127
File 141264565041.jpg - (265.94KB , 600x600 , fquest29.jpg )

No. 597548 ID: 0ee153

Well, let's see if the stunner can get us off the rails.
No. 597555 ID: b2c9e1

Is that a dick-tongue!?...uh...either stun or dodge.
No. 597556 ID: 2ec61a

apply stunner to its tongue.
No. 597586 ID: f88ce9

Blast it right in its open mouth!
No. 597589 ID: 1c677c

Let it catch you and try not to fall
No. 597731 ID: 53f127
File 141282107885.jpg - (248.03KB , 600x600 , fquest30.jpg )

You fire your stunner in desperation, striking the enormous bird directly in the back of the throat.
The effect of the energy burst is apparent instantly. The monstrous avian spasms uncontrollably for a split second before going completely limp.
No. 597736 ID: 8b533b

Great, now get the hell out of the way before it lands on you.
No. 597740 ID: 0ee153

Be ready to shoot the rider.
No. 597760 ID: 1c677c

Good you beat it with your reflex. I never thought you could! The shit is gonna fall on you so time to get out of the way with those lighning reflexes.
No. 597855 ID: 436cdc

Oh right, there's a favicon up for approval in the favicon thread over in questdis. Also some fanart I did of Prima over in the fanart thread, same board.
Quick, search for the rider! We gotta catch and interrogate him!
No. 597907 ID: 53f127
File 141306165313.jpg - (335.51KB , 600x600 , fquest31.jpg )

With a thunderous cacophany of snapping branches, the huge bird breaks through the canopy and crashes to the ground. You barely manage to roll out of the way in time.
No. 597908 ID: 8b533b

Get up and disarm the rider quick, in case the fall doesn't incapacitate him. Dude's got a disintegration ray, and that'll smart if he uses it.
No. 597909 ID: 53f127
File 141306202930.jpg - (231.05KB , 600x600 , fquest32.jpg )

Unfortunately for the Dark Rider, he is not able to unstrap himself in time. The sickening crack of bone mingles with the splintering of wood as both the saddle and the Rider's leg are crushed beneath the weight of the monstrous bird.
No. 597910 ID: 53f127

The Dark Rider cries out in agony.
No. 597911 ID: c1612f

Remove the riders helm
No. 597917 ID: 2ec61a

get the rod like device they used to destroy your chair first. that thing looked dangerous. and while you are at it, frisk them for other weapons. then help them out from under the bird. and unless it gives you super strength to have it out, i suggest you tuck your dick back in, would probably make it more awkward to have a conversation with it hanging out.
No. 597928 ID: b7e22b

Reveal your assailants identity! Who knows, they could be hot~
No. 597945 ID: 53f127
File 141308563182.jpg - (252.45KB , 600x600 , fquest33.jpg )

Ignoring the Dark Rider's cries of agony, you frisk him. You quickly locate the rod weapon he used earlier to disintegrate your ejector seat and emergency supplies. You also remove a small dagger made of what appears to be tough ceramic.
As you continue to search him, the Dark Rider reaches up with a trembling hand and, in a voice muffled by his helmet begs "Help me, please! My leg! Aaaaagh!"
No. 597949 ID: 8b533b

Show mercy, offer first aid.

Interrogate him as you go, though. Who is he, why were you shot down, why did he disintegrate your stuff.
No. 597953 ID: 53f127

You gotta get this honking great bird off of him before you can do first aid.
No. 597956 ID: 8fd55b

Bird+rider are injured and not much of a threat anymore. Make camp for the night. Get some info out of him, but don't be a total jerk--you're even after shooting him down! Patch him up, keep him warm, etc.
No. 597968 ID: 879a42

I'm sorry but interrogate first, remove him from what keeps him down later. After info then we give him first aid.
No. 597977 ID: b7e22b

it seems that helping them could lead to a misunderstanding on their part. see what the poor bastard has to say
No. 597982 ID: 53f127
File 141311857991.jpg - (158.21KB , 600x600 , fquest34.jpg )

"I'll get this bird off your leg when you tell me who you are and why you attacked me!" you huff.
"A-attacked you?" the Dark Rider exclaims. "I'm here to rescue you! I p-picked up your beacon on my badge!"
No. 597983 ID: 879a42

Then why erase the evidence? It wouldn't matter for the locals, so who do you work for exactly? If you were really here to rescue, why did you sneak up on where I was hiding instead of calling out to me?
No. 597987 ID: 53f127
File 141312500555.jpg - (214.33KB , 600x600 , fquest35.jpg )

>Then why erase the evidence? It wouldn't matter for the locals, so who do you work for exactly? If you were really here to rescue, why did you sneak up on where I was hiding instead of calling out to me?
"I-I didn't know where you were. I was looking for you when I lost control of Crowkor and crashed into that tree! P-please, my leg ahhh!" the Dark rider groans again in agony.
No. 597989 ID: 53f127

"My badge will explain everything. It's in my tunic, I'm a friend, please!" he pleads.
No. 597991 ID: 8b533b

He's given you an answer. Don't know if it's right, but he answered. Apply first aid, then check badge.
No. 597992 ID: 2ec61a

"well then do you have a first aid kit somewhere? cause YOU DESTROYED mine"
No. 598009 ID: c9b863

Don't be hasty. He's giving answers, but not exactly answering your questions.
Check his badge first, BEFORE helping him.
No. 598011 ID: 879a42

Badge is probably a trap, don't go for it. Stun gun him first. Also make sure to remove his helmet at some point.
No. 598013 ID: 53f127
File 141314173088.jpg - (234.12KB , 600x600 , fquest36.jpg )

This is a good idea. You reach into his tunic and feel around. You draw out a badge that's been affixed to a lanyard around the Dark Rider's neck. You recognize it as the badge carried by members of the Junior Futa Force Auxiliary. You carried one yourself in your heady youth of building birdhouses and selling cookies door to door.
Taking a second look at the dark rider, you realize that the shoulder belt you originally took to be some sort of bandolier or baldric is actually the same sash worn by members of the JFFA, albeit one without any merit badges. You still have yours stashed away somewhere in your apartment back on Earth.

Back to the badge, you recognize it as one of the old-model computerized versions with built in navigation system, beacon tracker and Junior FFA guidebook. Despite being years obsolete, it is ironically more useful than your handheld computer by virtue of the fact that it doesn't need a cloud connection to function.
No. 598014 ID: 53f127

>Badge is probably a trap, don't go for it. Stun gun him first. Also make sure to remove his helmet at some point.

Too late. Luckily things worked out alright.
No. 598015 ID: 37b639

well what are you waiting for, help them out from under the crow, try not to move the broken leg around too much
No. 598016 ID: c9b863

Might as well help them out from under the bird and give them first aid then, but remove their helmet and make a note to check their primary sexual characteristics later, to make sure this IS actually their stuff and not something they just looted off someone.
No. 598017 ID: 8b533b

So not only did you lose your ship, but you took out your own backup. And your backup destroyed your emergency supplies. Good game, team.

Get to treating his injuries, already.
No. 598018 ID: 53f127
File 141314428519.jpg - (241.36KB , 600x600 , fquest37.jpg )

Ignoring how stupid you feel, you turn your augmented strength to lifting "Crowtor" off the Dark Rider. Being a bird and all, it's lighter than it looks.
With the pressure off his leg, the Dark Rider is able to unstrap and drag himself clear.
No. 598020 ID: 8b533b

Just make sure you don't fall for a sucker-trap, like letting him grab the stunner off your ass.

There's always the chance he went bad, or he took the badge off a previous victim. I mean, he might be legit, but the disintegration bit really doesn't fit, still.
No. 598022 ID: 1c677c

Disintegrating the bird becomes an attracting concept. First ask how far is his camp or whatever.
No. 598037 ID: 53f127
File 141316072589.jpg - (270.38KB , 600x600 , fquest38.jpg )

>Apply First Aid
As a member of the Futa Force, you are well-trained in advanced first aid techniques, and easily improvise a splint from the remains of the Dark Rider's saddle and his seatbelts.
>Remove his helmet
You've put it off long enough, time to get a look at this guy...
No. 598038 ID: 53f127
File 141316104626.jpg - (233.85KB , 600x600 , fquest39.jpg )

You remove the Dark Rider's helmet to reveal the fresh face of a wide-eyed youth. He looks a little shaken up.
He gazes at you with a mixture of awe and trepidation.
No. 598039 ID: 53f127
File 141316118726.gif - (502.49KB , 600x600 , fquest40.gif )


Note, this is not a cartoon indication of physical arousal. This is a serious problem resulting from your earlier fall from the top of a tall tree
No. 598041 ID: 8b533b

Apply first aid to face.

Then ask the double-elf (twice the pointy ears!) there why if he was coming to help he disintegrated your stuff. You thought he was trying to cover up evidence you had ever been there!
No. 598043 ID: 53f127

>"Double Elf"

Since you brought it up, you recognize the youth to be a member of a race called Georginans. You recall they are native to a planet in this sector.
There are many Georginans currently serving in the Futa Force.
No. 598044 ID: 37b639

dont get a boner and plug your nose with hair dealies
No. 598078 ID: b7e22b

Maybe you should put tampons up your nose. that looks painful
No. 598137 ID: 2fd516

You broke your nose. Might want to fix that.
No. 598141 ID: 53f127
File 141323157092.png - (134.41KB , 600x600 , fquest41.png )

You reflexively jump to your feet and try to staunch the tide of blood from your nose. Your first aid options are pretty limited and all your tampons went down with your ship, so you make the most of your limited options...
No. 598142 ID: 53f127
File 141323164099.png - (151.84KB , 600x600 , fquest42.png )

You turn back to the youth.
"Sorry about that."
No. 598143 ID: 53f127
File 141323166132.png - (155.93KB , 600x600 , fquest43.png )

No. 598144 ID: 436cdc

>Reveal blue moustache to new ally
No. 598145 ID: 53f127

He seems distressed by something.
No. 598147 ID: 53f127
File 141323203726.gif - (213.05KB , 600x600 , fquest44.gif )

"Heh heh... Whoops"
It seems that, in all the commotion, you forgot to put your junk away. Even flaccid, it's still pretty imposing. The youth blushes and looks away as you adjust yourself.
No. 598150 ID: 4754ce

Clearly, you need to carry him to his domicile and express an interest in having fun with him.
No. 598151 ID: b7e22b

Names are always a nice thing to know. Exchange names now!
No. 598153 ID: 53f127
File 141323414736.png - (3.96KB , 200x200 , fquesttalk1.png )

"So, what's your name, kid?"
No. 598154 ID: 53f127
File 141323419925.png - (2.48KB , 200x200 , Felixtalk1.png )

"F-felix, m'am..."
No. 598156 ID: 53f127
File 141323447747.png - (9.75KB , 100x100 , primatalk2.png )

"Nice to meet you, Felix"
No. 598162 ID: 2ec61a

try the Icons board, lets you upload small pictures that you can then input such as you can upload prima.png and then put in :PRIMA: on any post and a little picture of prima will replace it when you psot, so you can type up
:prima: blah blah
:felex: blah bluh
:prima: bluh blah blah

No. 598165 ID: 2ec61a

okay, now let's get to the meaty questions. hold up the staff thing and ask what the deal with it is.
No. 598168 ID: 53f127

Thanks for the tip!
No. 598248 ID: b2c9e1

Maybe we should ask if he has any tissues, Because that blood is probably going to be a bitch to clean out of your hair.
No. 598360 ID: 53f127

:primabnh:"My name is Prima, by the way."

:felix1: "Nice to meet you, m-miss Prima..."

:primabns: "So what's the deal with you disintegrating all my stuff?"

:felix1: "I'm sorry ma'm. I wanted them to think you were dead."

:primabns: "Them?"

:felix1: "Whoever shot you down. I-I don't know who they are, but the only people with the power to attack a spaceship like that are in the Silver City..."
No. 598373 ID: 2ec61a

well, help him stand and assist in checking over his bird. if it can still fly and was only dazed then we are good.

also explain the finer points of looting. you were kind of out of it from the crash so you left the stuff on the seat, he could of taken the useful bits first. that medkit would come in mighty handy even without this recent injury.
No. 598482 ID: 53f127

:primabns: "I kind of wish you hadn't destroyed my medkit and survival rations, though..."

:felix1: "I-I did?"

:primabns: "Yeah they were attached to my ejector seat."

:felix1: "Oh! I'm sorry... I guess I should have checked. I was just in such a hurry in case the bad guys were close behind."

:primabns: "It's okay but I could have really used that gear right about now."

:felix1: "..."

:felix1: "If that stuff was important why didn't you take it with you?"
No. 598483 ID: 53f127
File 141341733913.png - (5.46KB , 64x64 , primabnss.png )

No. 598484 ID: 2ec61a

so you were kinda frazzled by the ejection. and first thought to get out of sight in case someone saw you.
No. 598510 ID: b2c9e1

We maaaay have a concussion, as our logic isn't at it's best...
No. 598556 ID: 1c677c

"Stupid ship broke down."
No. 598816 ID: 8a5560

we should probably keep a look out for baddies, see if the birds ok
No. 598817 ID: 2fd516

Check on the bird. Ask for Felix's help making sure it doesn't freak out after it wakes up, since you shot it twice.
No. 599241 ID: 436cdc

Frazzled by the ejaculation, you say?
No. 599795 ID: 62fc63
File 141464448716.png - (230.12KB , 600x600 , fquest48.png )

As you fumble for excuses as to why you didn't think to retrieve your emergency gear before striking out, you are interrupted by a thunderous "boom!" from the sky above.
No. 599796 ID: 62fc63
File 141464467384.png - (77.02KB , 600x600 , fquest49.png )

The first boom is quickly followed by a second. Looking up through the trees, you make out two fast moving aircraft streaking overhead. You don't need a compass to know where they're heading.
A minute later you feel, rather than hear, the throaty rumble of distant explosions emanating from the other side of the mountain range.
No. 599799 ID: 4d85c5

Okay, it looks like whoever shot me down just called in an airstrike on my crashed ship.

...we should probably get a move on before they have a chance to find us.
No. 599801 ID: 2ec61a

yes, move before they use any sophisticated scanners.
No. 599845 ID: 2fd516

So is there any way to wake the bird up faster?
No. 600174 ID: 53f127
File 141493899350.gif - (810.18KB , 600x600 , fquest50.gif )

No. 600181 ID: 1bf6da

This weaponry is far better than Zyklon B.
No. 600183 ID: f761ea

Prima was adorable!

And that one small blip that appears on the page about sleeping was over too fast to catch. It is visible for a fraction of a second under the other text before the next page comes.

So… The bird is just asleep?
>Wake it up.
No. 600185 ID: 4d85c5

So we can shoot ourself if we want good dreams. Kay.

Kind of left out important relevant information, though. Like how long the effect lasts, or how difficult it is to wake someone up early (presumably it must force you to stay asleep for a while, otherwise the battle field could wake the target back up almost immediately. Battles are loud!), or if there's a reverse setting.
No. 600197 ID: 2ec61a

hrmmm, interesting. so we got to wait it out?
No. 600198 ID: 8f01e8

"*Caution, the 'sweet dreams' feature is not effective against avian targets."

Let's be very careful about waking up the bird.
No. 600208 ID: 3009b4

So let your new friend wake the bird. It's his steed.
No. 600243 ID: 53f127
File 141497507154.png - (187.67KB , 600x600 , fquest51.png )

>Wake up the bird
Thanks to Zycon Arms, you're full of confidence in your own safety as you go to wake up Crowkor.
No. 600244 ID: 53f127
File 141497518440.png - (179.48KB , 600x600 , fquest52.png )

Thinking better of it, you decide a measure of caution may be in order after all.
No. 600245 ID: 53f127
File 141497521832.png - (200.94KB , 600x600 , fquest53.png )

No. 600246 ID: 53f127
File 141497524027.png - (224.89KB , 600x600 , fquest54.png )

No. 600247 ID: 2ec61a

ROLL TO YOUR RIGHT! get behind a tree.
No. 600248 ID: 0ee153

Stop screaming. It's blind in its right eye and birds generally can't smell worth a shit. Move diagonally left and back. Do not make noise while you do so.
No. 600289 ID: 879a42

See if threatening to blind its left eye will shut it up. From a safer position of course.
No. 600304 ID: 1c677c

In case your lightning reflexes are on cooldown pull out the crowkors tongue. it won't bite its own tongue right?
No. 600314 ID: 2fd516

Just like, hold its beak so it can't bite you. No need for violence.
No. 600322 ID: 0ee153

I fear what would happen to you two if you ever tried going outside.
No. 600330 ID: 53f127
File 141507458969.png - (204.46KB , 600x600 , fquest55.png )

Your lightning reflexes are working just fine, thank you. You manage to evade the bird's razor sharp beak and duck behind a nearby tree to prepare your counterattack.
Speaking of cooldown periods though:
No. 600331 ID: 2ec61a

uhh, maybe give felix a chance to talk it down first.
No. 600332 ID: 3009b4

Yeah, that's not at all what I meant by "Let Felix wake the bird". Next time you knock out and repeatedly abuse someone's steed -- keep your distance while it revives.
No. 600366 ID: 879a42

For motivation think of it being Felix stroking you with an intense look on his face.
No. 600371 ID: 1c677c

Also reload the stun gun just in case.
No. 600374 ID: 0ee153

Stop that, you incompetent. Get away and let Felix handle his own fucking steed. It's supposed to be on your side, and if you blind it it'll become another liability, and Felix can't afford to handle two of those.
No. 600377 ID: 687892

quickly, look for shiny pebbles or metal that you can throw to distract he fowl
No. 600513 ID: defceb

Tell Felix to calm down his bird. Then look at his butt while he's busy.
No. 600707 ID: 53f127
File 141541537677.png - (206.03KB , 600x600 , fquest56.png )

Oh yeah, shit's heating up now. Picturing Felix jerking you off with an intense look on his face proves to be a major turn-on!
No. 600708 ID: 53f127
File 141541542159.png - (179.50KB , 600x600 , fquest57.png )

>Stop that, you incompetent!
No. 600709 ID: 53f127
File 141541545819.png - (209.73KB , 600x600 , fquest58.png )

No. 600711 ID: 53f127
File 141541548752.png - (222.42KB , 600x600 , fquest59.png )

No. 600715 ID: 53f127
File 141541584178.png - (174.62KB , 600x600 , fquest60.png )

Thinking quickly, you huck the shiniest object you possess at the hateful bird: your handheld communicator.
The communicator bounces off Crowkor's only working eye then shatters its screen on contact with the ground.
No. 600718 ID: 53f127

Crowkor thrashes around for a bit before regaining his wherewithal, then comes after you in earnest. He's about to pounce when suddenly:
No. 600719 ID: 53f127
File 141541607356.png - (22.96KB , 200x200 , felixshout.png )

"Crowkor, stop!" Felix shouts. "What are you doing? She's a friend!"
No. 600723 ID: 53f127
File 141541638309.png - (123.73KB , 600x600 , crowkorcrystal.png )

Crowkor raises his head, exposing for the first time the underside of his collar, where a large crystal is affixed.
"A friend!?" Crowkor exclaims. "Did you see what she did to my eye? She deserves to die for this dishonor!"
You hear the words in your head, rather than with your ears. Coming as you do from an advanced technological society, you recognize it instantly as some variety of telepathic translation crystal, albeit a somewhat cheap one. There's a distinct background noise of squawking as Crowkor's untranslated thoughts leak into the audio stream.
No. 600727 ID: 53f127

Felix notices the jizz in Crowkor's eye for the first time.
:Felix1: "..."
He turns to you
:Felix1: "You did this?"
No. 600731 ID: 2ec61a

state that from your side it looked like crowkor stated it. you were in the tree and they swooped down at you, so you defended yourself.
No. 600746 ID: d90668

Listen there have been some mistakes made here.

I will apologize for the eye though. It was presumed self defense in the heat of the moment.
No. 600762 ID: 033d3f

Apologize to Crowkor, apologize to Felix, apologize to God, apologize to your mama, she didn't raise you to be this way, guilt trip yourself out loud and beat yourself down. No one will want to be mad at you if you are mad at yourself. :D
No. 600770 ID: dbe554

Mention that you were still shot down, issues were had and you were in "Survivor mode" where anything that looked unfriendly was to be treated with caution, the bird looked to be attacking you and you proceeded to deal with it in a fashion to attempt to take it down without harming it.
No. 600775 ID: 53f127
File 141546402944.png - (139.22KB , 600x600 , fquest61.png )

"Listen, bub: it's called 'Survivor Mode.' When things get tough, you gotta act first and ask questions later. I just crash-landed on a hostile planet. I see a bigass bird comin' my way, I'm gonna take it down without a second thought. I don't owe nobody no apologies for that..."
No. 600776 ID: 53f127
File 141546405137.png - (102.66KB , 600x600 , fquest62.png )

So cool! <3
No. 600777 ID: 53f127

:crowkortalk: "Unbelievable..."
No. 600786 ID: a19cd5

That said, maybe tell the bird if you'd known he was a friendly you wouldn't have shot him.
No. 600792 ID: 2fba35

Ask felix how old he is
No. 600794 ID: 879a42

Offer a truce to the bird, were allies now and all that.
No. 600804 ID: 53f127
File 141549080797.png - (175.96KB , 600x600 , fquest63.png )

You're so preoccupied with looking cool that you're caught off guard when Crowkor lashes out and snaps you up by the seat of your singlet, giving you a monster wedgie in the process.
"Honor demands that I eat you now," he growls.
No. 600805 ID: 53f127
File 141549094878.png - (93.71KB , 600x600 , felixshoutangry.png )

"Crowkor stop this at once!" shouts Felix. "She's the one we came to rescue!"
No. 600808 ID: 53f127

:Crowkortalk: "This creature has ejaculated in my eye! Among my people, this act is known as 'bukkake' and it is the gravest insult possible! If I do not kill and eat her now, I bring shame not only on myself, but my ancestors as well!"

:felix1: "Crowkor, please! I'm sure she didn't mean it as an insult! She's a member of the Futa Force! One of the most honorable, heroic, bravest--
No. 600809 ID: 53f127
File 141549216041.png - (128.22KB , 600x600 , fquest64.png )

You interrupt Felix with a litany of blubbering apologies.
"P-buh-buh-buh-bbblease don't eat me! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I'll never do it again! It was an accident! I thought you were bad guys!I've been having a bad day! Please don't eat meheheeeeee!" you sob.
No. 600818 ID: dd8e0b

>Honor demands that I eat you now
...does honor say anything about not coughing her up later? Because than you could satisfy your honor and your mission of not killing the dummy you came to rescue at the same time.
No. 600820 ID: 626d71

Try to convince him that monster wedgies are the gravest insult in the futa force and therefore the two of you are even now.
No. 600832 ID: 879a42

Spin some bullshit back story about how wedgies traumatized you as a little kid and how devestated you are and how you swore you would never get wedgied again.

Bonus points if you make it sound believable.
No. 600834 ID: 2fba35

Hey, wait a minute

Ask felix why his steed is sentient ! >:O?
No. 600837 ID: e65940

Double bonus points if you imply it's secretly your fetish.
No. 600863 ID: ac5df2

Would an acceptable substitute be him returning the insult to Prima?
No. 600870 ID: defceb

Make a sandwich together. Bird on top, Prima in the middle, Felix on the bottom.
No. 600891 ID: 53f127
File 141554326223.gif - (75.72KB , 600x600 , fquest65.gif )

You quickly compose yourself.
"Sorry about that. It's just... When I was just a girl on the cusp of womanhood, I received a monster wedgie like this one. It hurt but... something awakened inside me. Ever since, whenever I receive a wedgie I feel... oooh..."
No. 600892 ID: 53f127
File 141554365064.png - (83.89KB , 600x600 , fquest66.png )

Crowkor falters.
"To give sexual pleasure to an enemy..." the crystal quickly cuts off. Apparently that particular thought was not meant to be expressed aloud.
No. 600895 ID: dbe554

Play it up Prima, make him think he's still giving you pleasure.
No. 600896 ID: 687892

Crowkor doesn't need to feel ashamed of his emotions. Tell him if he lets you down you get talk him through these confusing feelings
No. 600918 ID: 07a835

But you're not the enemy, are you?
No. 600920 ID: defceb

Keep going. Tell him you're almost there and he shouldn't stop with the wedgie.
No. 600925 ID: 8794eb

Keep going for the 3x combo to fill up your super meter!
No. 600989 ID: 53f127
File 141557147980.gif - (82.10KB , 600x600 , fquest67.gif )

Realizing that Crowkor's embarrassment may be the key to your escape, you begin to moan and writhe ecstatically.
"B-but that's not what has me so hot right now," you moan. "You see, my real fetish is..."
No. 600990 ID: 53f127
File 141557149480.png - (89.26KB , 600x600 , fquest68.png )

No. 600991 ID: 53f127
File 141557151253.png - (76.42KB , 600x600 , fquest69.png )

No. 601004 ID: e58688

No. 601009 ID: d90668

Give him a detailed description of how you are going to jizz yourself silly while getting sucked down his throat.

That should finish him off.
No. 601012 ID: 490a56

It might even finish Prima off.
No. 601014 ID: 07a835

Plead mockingly for him to not eat you. While shaking your butt.
No. 601044 ID: 53f127
File 141558670793.png - (135.49KB , 600x600 , fquest70.png )

No. 601046 ID: 53f127
File 141558699659.gif - (88.03KB , 600x600 , fquest71.gif )

"The thought of you scooping me up in your craw and gulping me down your throat. Devouring me. It would be the ultimate pleasure! Don't hide from your feelings, Crowkor, you want this as much as I do! Oh.... ohhhhnnn! Do you need me to struggle?"
You wiggle your butt provocatively.
"Please don't eat me, giant monster crow! Ohhh, if you ate me I'd... I'd..."
No. 601047 ID: 53f127
File 141558706766.png - (142.95KB , 600x600 , fquest72.png )

"Ohhhhhh! YESSSSSSSS!"
No. 601049 ID: 53f127
File 141558714397.png - (127.23KB , 600x600 , fquest73.png )

No. 601050 ID: 53f127
File 141558717258.gif - (54.08KB , 600x600 , fquest74.gif )

No. 601052 ID: 07a835

Did the bird pass out? Clean the jizz off him so that you don't have to worry about the grump attacking you again when he wakes up.

...or maybe you should just set out on your own. I mean, even if it would be super awkward now for Crowkor to eat you now, he probably won't give you a ride.

Also tell poor Felix you were faking all that to get away from Crowkor.
No. 601056 ID: 9a3b8e

Now turn to Felix and proudly explain that THAT is how a member of the FF nonlethally takes down a creature several times larger than oneself hellbent on eating them.
No. 601062 ID: dd8e0b

...did the knock him out again? So much for our ride out of here.

Also, I think you're going to die of dehydration before the baddies get you, at this rate.
No. 601192 ID: 1bd72a

"...If you ever tell him I was faking to make him let go you're taking the entire package dry."
No. 601200 ID: defceb

Let's not THREATEN Felix, I'm sure he's seen enough to bother him already. How about offering a similar (nicer) treatment if he helps you?
No. 601208 ID: 1bd72a

Good point. Just ask him to promise not to tell the bird you were faking. Good thing you were about prepped to go anyway.
No. 601217 ID: 1c677c

No. 601219 ID: 534cc4

The super meter needs to be a reoccurring thing in this quest. >:D

Casually stroll up to Felix like "That's how its done kid."
No. 601226 ID: 53f127
File 141563656961.png - (91.01KB , 600x600 , fquest75.png )

First things first.
No. 601227 ID: 53f127
File 141563660822.png - (302.54KB , 1200x1200 , Ability Tree.png )

How will you spend your new ability point?
No. 601229 ID: 7c58ae

Battering ram!
No. 601230 ID: 4f004c

Grappling line will be very useful, so get the battering ram.
No. 601232 ID: 9a3b8e

I feel sorry for Felix's future walking abilities even as I vote for the battering ram dick.
No. 601233 ID: dbe554

Bolos! We need a capturing technique after our inability to deal with...our allies.
No. 601234 ID: 2ec61a

Bolos are awesome, so i vote those.
No. 601237 ID: 1413c8

Battering ram all the way.
No. 601240 ID: defceb

It's a sacrifice he'll have to make for the team

Battering Ram!
No. 601257 ID: d1401a

No. 601266 ID: 687892

choose bolos!
No. 601269 ID: 33ebb3

>choose JIZZTECH
No. 601278 ID: 2839a0

battering ram, to better smash crappers across the universe.
No. 601293 ID: dcd676

Battering ram!
No. 601311 ID: fe13c8

I think we can do plenty of damage already. Imagine how much easier this situation would have been with bolos!
I vote to get the BATTERING RAM
No. 601335 ID: e68d00

Save up your points for that ass tree
No. 601511 ID: b2c9e1

With battering ram our dick becomes a weapon! we must!
No. 602150 ID: 53f127
File 141593364270.png - (177.36KB , 600x600 , fquest76.png )

No. 602151 ID: 53f127
File 141593382115.png - (164.53KB , 600x600 , fquest77.png )

Congratulations! You escaped certain death and it only cost you some of your dignity.
No. 602153 ID: 53f127
File 141593389631.png - (174.75KB , 600x600 , fquest78.png )

Not to mention you acquired the power of...
No. 602154 ID: 53f127
File 141593392606.png - (69.44KB , 600x600 , fquest79.png )

No. 602155 ID: 53f127
File 141593395923.png - (203.12KB , 600x600 , fquest80.png )

Right in the kisser...
No. 602156 ID: 53f127
File 141593399534.png - (159.02KB , 600x600 , fquest81.png )

"Oh holy hell, what's happening now?"
No. 602157 ID: 53f127
File 141593402763.png - (193.13KB , 600x600 , fquest82.png )

No. 602158 ID: 53f127
File 141593415261.png - (160.92KB , 600x600 , fquest83.png )

You have now been thoroughly humiliated...
0/100 Dignity Points remaining.
No. 602159 ID: 53f127
File 141593426736.png - (18.87KB , 150x150 , felixshout2.png )

"Ohmigosh! Are you okay!?"
No. 602169 ID: a19cd5

Well, our nose is busted, out jaw is sore, we almost got eaten by a bird, and now we're naked. All in all, could probably be worse.
There a stream nearby to wash up in? Things are starting to get sticky.
No. 602170 ID: 86af24

Insinuate your body will only return to its neutral state if Felix climbs inside that battering ram dick of yours, which you need him to do or you wont be able to put your suit back on and wont be able to get to safety naked.
No. 602174 ID: 07a835

Can you maybe... just... turn off the ability until you need it?
No. 602204 ID: 13cd06

yeah, that thing is impossible to conceal without quantum hammerspace tech or something!
No. 602218 ID: 1b822c

You're as fine as you can be after having singlehandedly and nonlethally taken down an opponent several times your size.
That said, you could use a little R&R. Ask if he knows anywhere the two of you could hide out, clean up, and replenish your energy.
No. 602237 ID: a7efea

>You escaped certain death and it only cost you some [all] of your dignity, [and then some].

...seriously, can we stop dicking around now and leave before enemy planes come and bomb us to shit? Someone's going to notice those fountains of jizz above the trees, eventually.
No. 602260 ID: defceb

If you can tuck away that beast do so.

If not, ask Felix to help take care of it.
No. 602472 ID: 53f127
File 141608100709.png - (193.69KB , 600x600 , fquest84.png )

You return your penis to its default size. The excess matter is absorbed back into the elaborate hyperspace machinery that powers your abilities.
"Yeah, I'm fine," you answer as you wipe yourself down as best you can. "I just..."
No. 602473 ID: 53f127
File 141608106964.png - (176.56KB , 600x600 , fquest85.png )

"...oh. You were talking to the bird."

"Crowkor!" Felix calls, hopping over on his good leg before dropping to his knees next to his fallen companion. "Answer me, buddy!"
No. 602476 ID: a19cd5

Crowkor will be fine, Felix. He's just a bit paralyzed because of how much I had to skeeve him out to get him to not, you know, EAT ME. Let's find a stream, I feel everyone here would benefit from a solid dunk.
No. 602484 ID: 53f127

:crowkorjizz: "M-master Lalathanusczek... Is that you? It's so dark..."

:felix1: "It's not dark. You still have jizz in your eye..."

He scoops your spunk off Crowkor's eye, wiping it clear.

:crowkorjizz2: "Ultimate dishonor..."

:felix1: "You're fine."

:crowkorjizz2: "No, master, I am not. This is the end for me. I have failed to devour my Bukkakekon and brought an sworn enemy to climax. My only option now is... Kakroka L'aa..."

The crystal pipes up in a mechanical voice.
<<Kakroka L'aa, direct translation: ritual suicide. Nuances: soul cleansing, spiritual challenge, redemption struggle.>>

:felix1: "Don't be silly!"

Crowkor shakes his head.

:crowkorjizz2: "Master Lalathanusczek, you must be my Kakroka r'eeaww." <<Guide, assistant, minister, companion>>

Felix closes his eyes solemnly.
"As you wish, old friend..."

:felix1: "But, as your Kakroka r'eeaww, I invoke my right of Last Favors, and ask that you carry Prima and me to the village on the other side of the forest before you begin your Kakroka L'aa."

Crowkor thrashes angrily.
:crowkorjizz2: "Never! I will never carry her! If I get her in my claws I will crush her into pulp, I will dash her skull against the ground, I'll-"

:felix1: "If you do not do this, I will not be your Kakroka r'eeaww."

:crowkorjizz2: "..."

:crowkorjizz2: "I will carry her as far as the nearest village and no further."

:felix1: "That's all I ask, friend."

Crowkor closes his eyes and sighs.
No. 602487 ID: 07a835

Oh my god Prima you drove him to suicide, you horrible horrible person.
No. 602493 ID: a7efea

...I don't suppose there's some kind of redemption cleansing ritual we could invoke? Like, uh, if it's only shameful because we were an enemy, we could prove ourself not to be an enemy? Or we could go on a quest for absolution or something?
No. 602498 ID: 2839a0

this is something you need to fix, as a priority. what kind of embodiment of unity and compassion would you be if your actions led to ritual suicides?
check the guidebook, either by memory, or with felix's badge to see if there is anything you can do to alleviate crowkor's dishonouring. if there isn't anything in there, ask felix as well.
No. 602503 ID: 2ec61a

when we get to the village stun him again and tie him up while hes out.
No. 602519 ID: 86af24

Use reverse psychology
No. 602526 ID: 2912b6

Is there no clause in the case of accidential bukkake? Or any way for him not to consider Prima his enemy, which would mean he didn't drive an enemy to orgasm but rather a neutral party or a reluctant ally?
No. 603160 ID: b7e22b

Well shit. the birds suicidal. Im not sure apologizing might help.
No. 603195 ID: 4f004c

You know, you could point out that you've kind of not only been bukaked, but freakin' battering rammed now as well. Maybe having brought yourself to "dishornor" will "rehonor" him.
No. 603296 ID: 53f127
File 141627618522.png - (151.41KB , 600x600 , fquest86.png )

Before you know what's happening, you are snatched up in Crowkor's powerful claws and borne aloft!
Oops, there goes your quasi futuristic bathing suit!

...It's probably for the best. That thing was Ionic-vibroclean only.

Not that you're thinking about that right now. All you care about is how high and how cold you are.
No. 603297 ID: 53f127
File 141627629025.png - (105.01KB , 600x600 , fquest87.png )

Felix, meanwhile, rides bareback, clinging to his faithful steed for dear life.
He had the wherewithal to grab your stunner before mounting up. He didn't grab your communicator though.
No. 603298 ID: 53f127
File 141627638144.png - (100.52KB , 600x600 , fquest88.png )

After several minutes of terror, the forest gives way to farmland.
No. 603299 ID: 07a835

Don't pee on the farmers.
No. 603300 ID: 926adc


We could give the bird a blowjob and let him bukkake in -our- eye. That should cancel out his dishonor with ours, right?
No. 603301 ID: 53f127
File 141627679647.png - (178.54KB , 600x600 , fquest89.png )

It's not long before you're circling over a quaint little village, little more than a marketplace and a few public buildings. From the air you can make out an inn, a hospital and an item shop. The townsfolk point and shout as your shadow passes overhead.
No. 603303 ID: 53f127
File 141627700653.png - (189.78KB , 600x600 , fquest90.png )

You are deposited unceremoniously in a bush. Thankfully there are no prickers.
The townsfolk scatter, bleating in fright.
No. 603304 ID: 926adc


From their perspective it probably looks like a giant bird just literally shit us out on their city. Is this going to make a bad first impression?
No. 603306 ID: 53f127
File 141627704891.png - (163.91KB , 600x600 , fquest91.png )

Felix lowers himself to the ground as gingerly as possible, balancing on his good leg and clutching Crowkor's reins for support.
No. 603308 ID: 53f127

:felix2: "Thank you, my friend. You must leave us here and continue on to the JFFA Jamboree. Alert them to the situation and bring back help. Once Prima is in the safety of the JFFA, I will be free to perform the duties of your Kakroka r'eeaww..."

:crowkortalk: "... I understand...Will you be safe here, with her?"

Crowkor indicates you with a disdainful jerk of his large head.

:felix1: "Yes, I'll be fine. I know you got off to a bad start, but she is a member of the Futa Force. She wouldn't hurt me."

:crowkortalk: "She has no honor. Do not allow her to disgrace you like she has disgraced me."

:felix2: "I won't. Thank you."
No. 603311 ID: 53f127

With that, Crowkor takes to the air and you are alone with Felix in the hastily abandoned marketplace.
No. 603314 ID: 07a835

Welp. See if you can find a calm farmer to beg for a bath and some form of clothing. You might have to do some degrading task in exchange.

Ask Felix if it's possible someone will be able to persuade Crawkor not to kill himself.
No. 603315 ID: a19cd5

Shuffle awkwardly towards the nearest clothing store as the full weight of what you've done sets upon you.
No. 603330 ID: 53f127
File 141628101706.png - (162.15KB , 600x600 , fquest92.png )

Oh, by the way...
No. 603354 ID: b2c9e1

first thing, we should probably ask if there's some way we can get the bird to stop trying to kill himself...He's obviously more familiar with it's culture than us.
No. 603363 ID: e3ac67

Felix: give Prima the cold shoulder. just a little bit of cold shoulder. a tincture of cold shoulder.
No. 603365 ID: b2c9e1

C'mon, It's one big misunderstanding, Let's not cause more conflict, and just try to resolve this thing.
No. 603467 ID: 534cc4

Hey! Give us the scoop on Felix's abilities!
No. 603498 ID: 242d3e

Prima: Apologize for directly causing the death of Felix's best friend.
Felix: Tell her she is forgiven, but hold it against her for the rest of your life.
No. 603525 ID: 2ec61a

obvs we will need the futa force high council to intercede.
No. 604453 ID: 53f127
File 141671332438.png - (239.55KB , 600x600 , Felixcharsheet.png )

No. 604454 ID: 53f127
File 141671333328.png - (228.71KB , 600x600 , Felixcharsheet2.png )

No. 604455 ID: 53f127
File 141671334275.png - (172.03KB , 600x600 , felixinventory.png )

No. 604474 ID: 2ec61a

>glow in the dark dick
that IS pretty magical.
No. 604481 ID: 7df7d1

Request to see it. We must know to full extent of our armaments before trudging on.
No. 604503 ID: 2ec61a

i think we should wait a bit, until the probably death of his friend is out of mind.

also, a meeting with a bunch of JFFA? think we should head there.
No. 604577 ID: 534cc4

I guess we should get a move on then?
No. 604759 ID: a0daa4

>also, a meeting with a bunch of JFFA? think we should head there.


Also, Crawker isn't dead yet. We should ask if there's a way we can restore his honour without resorting to seppuku.
No. 604775 ID: 6d4898


After Crowkar has been impaled on some ceremonial dagger, throw him into the kernel sprite

But before that, ask some of the villagers if any bad guys are here. Be discrete about it.
No. 604949 ID: 6bd613

>In before it's not actually a suicide ritual.
I know that's what our translater said, but still.
No. 604972 ID: 36d5f7

Someone's probably gonna get impaled on a ceremonial spear ifYOUKNOWWHATIMEAN

I'll second requesting to see the bio-luminescence, but we should get somewhere dark first, yeah?
No. 606344 ID: 53f127
File 141721930427.png - (150.21KB , 600x600 , fquest93a.png )

With Crowkor gone, Felix is left to balance precariously on his good leg. He lasts only a few second before topping over. Luckily you have your lightning reflexes and you are able to catch him before he takes a spill.

Feeling him rubbing against you is a little arousing...
No. 606348 ID: 53f127
File 141722022466.png - (161.69KB , 600x600 , fquest93b.png )

You unstick Felix from your stomach with a moist "pop!" The wool-like material of his jerkin soaked up a lot of jizz. So did his bushy hair actually. Sorry Felix!

:primabns3: "So... Felix..."

Felix gives Prima a disgruntled look.

:primabns3: "I know we got off on the wrong foot, so to speak, but I'm honestly sorry about what happened to Crowkor. If there's anything I can-"

:felix3: "...Thanks but I'm pretty sure he's gonna be alright. Crowkor can be very stubborn sometimes and he lets his pride run away with him. This actually isn't the first time he's invoked Kakroka L'aa."
No. 606361 ID: dbe554

Not the first time? So he won't be dead because of something you've done?

Also you might want to help prop him up, also begin to look for a place he could get his leg checked over.
No. 606363 ID: 53f127


:felix3: "This is actually more like the fourth. And my third time as his Kakroka R'eeaww. The last time was actually worse. It was when his girlfriend broke up with him. I was sure he'd actually go all the way through with it!"

:primabns3: "..."

:felix3: "Crowkor is a good and loyal friend, but he can be very prideful sometimes..."
No. 606374 ID: 2ec61a

right, let's just move on then. ask around if there are any doctors.
No. 606385 ID: 53f127
File 141723268662.png - (120.83KB , 600x600 , fquest94.png )

It looks like the villagers are all still too scared to come out.
No. 606387 ID: 2ec61a

state clearly "we come in peace"
No. 606398 ID: dbe554

Well it's time to start a knockin, keep him propped and head over to look for a place that seems to be open.
No. 606738 ID: 53f127
File 141732035261.png - (146.26KB , 600x600 , fquest95.png )

"Take a seat and pay attention, kid..."
No. 606739 ID: 53f127
File 141732040449.png - (104.72KB , 600x600 , fquest96.png )

"You may just learn how I aced my diplomacy courses back at the academy..."
No. 606741 ID: 53f127
File 141732043073.png - (103.08KB , 600x600 , fquest97.png )

No. 606744 ID: 53f127
File 141732059623.png - (111.97KB , 600x600 , fquest99.png )

"Me am Prima Tarus! Me boss great sky eagle!"
No. 606746 ID: 53f127
File 141732063055.png - (131.48KB , 600x600 , fquest100.png )

"This am goblin boy!"
No. 606747 ID: 53f127
File 141732067932.png - (143.24KB , 600x600 , fquest98.png )

"Me on plenty important mission from great spirit!"
No. 606748 ID: 53f127
File 141732070985.png - (146.13KB , 600x600 , fquest101.png )

No. 606751 ID: 53f127
File 141732078542.png - (204.11KB , 600x600 , fquest102.png )

You might have massaged the truth a bit when you told Felix you aced your diplomacy courses back at the academy...
No. 606759 ID: 53f127
File 141732136232.png - (151.87KB , 600x600 , fquest103.png )

The villagers seem more scared than ever.
No. 606772 ID: 2ec61a

maybe you should try another language.
No. 606779 ID: defceb

Ask Felix to try diplomacy. Tell him you'll be grading his performance.
No. 606842 ID: 6d4898

>Felix: be mortified vicariously to the point you wish to evoke Kakroka R'eeaww
No. 606906 ID: 534cc4

Nice tattoo lol
Don't ever use diplomacy again ever. Like, ever.
No. 606949 ID: 53f127

:felix3: "Um, may I try something?"

:primabns3: "Sure, knock yourself out. You want to be Futa Force, right? We'll call it a field test of your skills. I'll stand back and grade your performance."

:felix3: "...thanks."

:primabns3: "Don't feel discouraged if you don't get anywhere though. I think these critters might be pre-lingual."
No. 606953 ID: 1c677c

You're too low leveled and probably wrong specialization to make peaceful contact with the villagers and since you don't want to distract them you would just find a bed in their house and get some rest.
No. 607047 ID: 8f01e8

Pre-lingual in this context means they haven't independently invented oral sex, right?
No. 607117 ID: 07a835

Tell them all about the glorious Futa Force.
No. 607123 ID: 53f127
File 141739332913.png - (135.99KB , 600x600 , fquest104.png )

Felix purses his lips and whistles a succession of three brief notes.

:primabns3: "Whistling? They're not birds, Felix."

Felix ignores you and repeats his call.

:primabns3: "Honestly, Felix, you're just embarrassing yourself..."
No. 607124 ID: 53f127
File 141739338065.png - (86.96KB , 600x600 , fquest105.png )

No sooner do the words leave your mouth than there is an answering call from behind what you presume to be the inn.
No. 607125 ID: 5e2937

Prima: consider ceasing to make an ass out of yourself in front of Felix. Weren't you supposed to be trying to be nice to him after the whole Crowkor thing anyway?
He knows this area better than you do anyway, so let him do his thing and encourage him in doing so.
Haughty and proud isn't your thing anyway.
No. 607130 ID: 53f127
File 141739419914.png - (124.70KB , 600x600 , fquest107.png )

A youth wearing the uniform of the Junior Futa Force auxiliary steps cautiously out from behind the inn. She is wary at first but Felix flashes her the JFFA salute. She returns it and approaches more confidently.
No. 607133 ID: 53f127
File 141739461479.png - (210.45KB , 600x600 , fquest106.png )

Felix and the girl have a conversation in Bezoaran. He gestures in your direction several times. Something he says makes her giggle and the two share a laugh. You suspect they're laughing about you.

No. 607134 ID: 53f127

After the conversation is over, the girl gives the "all clear" signal to the other villagers and they begin to come out from hiding.

Felix turns to you.

:felix3: "This is Ingrid. Her father is the bürgermeister of this village. She says she will introduce us to him after she takes us to the doctor."

:primabns3: "'Burgermeister' eh? That's lucky, I'm starving! A few burgers sound pretty good right about now."

:felix3: "..."
No. 607138 ID: dbe554

How...Much did you skip in school exactly?
No. 607140 ID: 2ec61a

pssst, that means mayor. not master of burgers.
No. 607141 ID: 53f127

:primabns3: ... I knew that. >___>
No. 607148 ID: 4c5cf2

I would think some manner of washing off and clothes would come before a burger, anyways.
No. 607150 ID: 6d4898

Wow, the new girl's utter is hanging out. Is that natural?
No. 607154 ID: 6fd088

Felix: Become increasingly skeptical of the competence of your futa companion
No. 607766 ID: 9582f4

Two in the pink, one in the stink!
See if you can test out your acquired hand gesture on the goat girl.
No. 607961 ID: 53f127
File 141757318205.png - (203.78KB , 600x600 , Fquest108.png )

No. 609838 ID: 53f127
File 141800089251.png - (94.95KB , 600x600 , Fquest109.png )

Ingrid leads you to the local hospital.
No. 609839 ID: 687279

That better not blow up somehow just as you're heading towards the door, or something.
No. 609846 ID: 2ec61a

knock on the doorframe before entering.
No. 609848 ID: 4c5cf2

Just think, for once the flimsy hospital gown will be less revealing than what you're already wearing.
No. 609859 ID: 53f127
File 141800394951.png - (203.98KB , 600x600 , Fquest110.png )

Ingrid disappears into a back room for a few moments and returns with an elder Bezoaran female. She says a few words in Bezoaran to Felix.

:felix3: "Ingrid says this is Yana. She's the village healer and very skilled in the art of healing magic. Ingrid is her apprentice."

:primabns4: "Tell Ingrid to tell Yana I'm pleased to meet her."

:yana: "Pleased to meet you, too, young lady."

:primabns4: "Oh! You speak GalStandard?"

:yana: "Of course I do, dearie. I was off traveling the galaxy while you were still in diapers."

:ingrid1: "I also speak GalStandard."


:primabns4: "Well anyway my name is Prima-"

:yana: "Tarus of the Futa Force, yes I know who you are."

:primabns4: "Oh of course, Ingrid must have told you."

:yana: "Actually no. We've met before."
No. 609863 ID: 687279

...at the academy?
No. 609864 ID: 53f127
File 141800511239.png - (20.62KB , 200x200 , Abwuh.png )

No. 609866 ID: 4c5cf2

*Sigh*. Apologize, you aren't having a very good day, and you seem to be badly mangling every social encounter you come across.

Where do you know each other from? You're afraid you can't remember at the moment.
No. 609869 ID: 6e79d4

Wrack your brain, try not to overclock it, you dope.
No. 609872 ID: 2ec61a

admit this is your first mission. if she met you before then lying wont work.

was supposed to just be a simple recon. get your feet wet.
No. 609875 ID: 53f127
File 141800802397.png - (136.77KB , 600x600 , Fquest111a.png )

:primabns4: "Sorry, were you at the Academy?"

:yana: "Yes, but I graduated years before you enrolled."

:primabns4: "You were Futa Force?"

Yana notices your not-so-subtle glance down toward her nether regions.

:yana: "I never wore the cock of course; enlisted medical corps. But I was the best healer and buffer in the spiral arm."
No. 609876 ID: 687279

Ask her for guidance!
No. 609880 ID: 4c5cf2

Oh, well then, Felix is in good hands.
No. 609885 ID: 53f127
File 141800937527.png - (197.40KB , 600x600 , Fquest111.png )

:yana: "During the Megadoon campaigns, my company commander was an up and coming young officer named Versus Tarus."

:primabns4: "You served with my mother??"

:yana: "Damn straight. Versus bestrode the narrow stars like a colossus. Her battle aura was so bright, it outshone the sun itself."

:primabns4: "That sounds like mom alright."

"Colossus" is right. Mom's preferred height is a hair over eight and a half feet tall.

:yana: "I was there when she singlehandedly resolved the siege of Carson's Star. She was the best operative the Futa Force ever had."

:primabns4: "She still is, though lately she take a more administrative role in things."
No. 609886 ID: 4c5cf2

>Mom's preferred height
It's variable?
No. 609889 ID: 53f127

Yes. As members of the Futa Force advance in skill and ability, the closer they get to becoming what are essentially unrestricted shapeshifters. Some people have an affinity for certain transformations and Mama Tarus happens to be a gifted sizeshifter. You've personally seen her get over fifty meters tall, and there are stories of her getting even bigger than that. Needless to say, building your childhood treehouse was a breeze.
No. 609890 ID: 53f127

You've never demonstrated any talent for it yourself, unfortunately.
No. 609891 ID: 2ec61a

ah, but just recently it grew to almost the size of your torso, and then you willed it back to normal.

anyway. explain what happened. the truth.
No. 609892 ID: 53f127

Dicks and boobs are relatively easy. Muscles are fairly simple too. Safely altering every cell in your body (including bones and internal organs) to grow at the same time? Exponentially more difficult. Most Futa Force agents will go their entire careers without ever doing it.
No. 609928 ID: dbe554

How many groups are there within the futa force? It seems like there's quite a bit of military as well as the junior self.

Do not insult her, we don't need anyone ELSE annoyed with you.
No. 609988 ID: 53f127

Gonna take this and further questions on the Quest Discussions page. http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/85896.html
No. 610093 ID: 53f127

:yana: "Oh really? What do they have her doing?

:primabns4: "Oh, you know..."
No. 610097 ID: 53f127
File 141808868842.png - (299.32KB , 755x600 , Fquest112.png )

"... Just a desk job..."
No. 610098 ID: 0ee153

Oh, she's a desk now?
No. 610101 ID: dbe554

Training the new generation of Cadets.
No. 610102 ID: 53f127

:yana: "I never would have believed they'd get Versus behind a desk in my lifetime."

Yana looks wistful.

:yana: "She loved it out in the field so much, she refused to take time off even when she was pregnant with you..."

:primabns4: "Really?"

:yana: "When the time came, we were in a tent out in the Valariyan wilds. I was the only corpsman around to help with the delivery."

:primabns4: "You performed my delivery??"

:yana: "Yup. Of course, your mom being your mom and all she just grew big and you practically fell out. Easiest baby I ever delivered."

:ingrid1: "Aww!"

:yana: "And the fattest."

:ingrid1: "haha!"

No. 610107 ID: 53f127

lol :) Thank you very much, Mike Nelson.
No. 610112 ID: 2ec61a

yeah well.. you're old!
No. 610115 ID: 53f127

:yana: "I could still kick your butt, anonymous whippersnapper!"
No. 610125 ID: 0ee153

Oh, so everyone in the Force/formerly in it can hear us?
No. 610131 ID: 53f127

:yana: "Wuzzat? Speak up, sonny. I can't hear you."
No. 610133 ID: 2ec61a

uhhh... okay this is getting meta and confusing :V
No. 610140 ID: b2c9e1

Uh...Let's just say we have a headache...And that's why we are acting weird...I mean...WE DID hit our head in the fall right?
No. 610911 ID: 66e570
File 141839748663.jpg - (283.03KB , 1024x768 , IMG_20141212_095428.jpg )

:yana: "let's just get things moving shall we? I think it's time we tended to Felix's leg. Ingrid, would you care to assist?"

:ingrid1: "yes'm."

:yana: "now, Prima, I need you to hold his head like so."

:primabns4: "like this?"

:yana: "yes. Alright, Ingrid do as I taught you..."

Yana and Ingrid thrust out their arms and their palms ignite into an oily, blue green fire. The fire ignites Felix's broken leg and for a moment he is frightened. Rather than pain, however, he feels relief. The fire burns through the bandages before sniffing out.

:yana: "That should do it. Try it out, dear."

Felix gives his leg an experimental flex.

:felix3: "Wow! It feels better than ever. Thanks, Yana."

:yana: "You mostly have Ingrid to thank. She supplied most of the magic this time. All I did was guide her..."

:felix3: "Oh, well thanks, Ingrid!"

:ingrid1: <3

:yana: "Now let's see about getting Prima a bath..."

My new daughter was born two days ago so I'm posting from the hospital. Sketched this out while she and my wife are napping.
No. 610919 ID: 48de87

Well, at least we won't have to carry him around...
No. 610920 ID: 2afb20
File 141840046952.jpg - (215.86KB , 1024x768 , IMG_20141212_105938.jpg )

there was gonna be some other rigamarole with the bath and meeting the mayor and stuff but it was all gonna be just fun BSing. The family is all coming down to see the baby and stay for the holidays and stuff and since I can't work on futa stuff with them around now is as good as time as any for a chapter break. Please please please leave feedback/impressions/questions on the discussion page and keep your eyes peeled for a more SFW quest from me during the break :)
Expect Prima's first mission chapter 2 in early January.

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