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File 140822804172.jpg - (362.18KB , 800x600 , Nem Quest Title.jpg )
589725 No. 589725 ID: 3009b4

Welcome to Nem's Quest!

User Instructions:
Help guide Nemain on the day where everything changes -- or nothing does! This quest features Chrono-Recall (Check Points), Independent Protagonist Exposition (Nem will do things on her own if nobody talks to her and she is aware of everyone's suggestions, picking the one she likes best), and Pan-Dimensional Manipulation (players may influence outcomes via Influence Points).

:: HMES active on TEN. ::

:: Connecting to Nemain Morrigan ::
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No. 589726 ID: 66b87b

No. 589727 ID: 3009b4
File 140822865371.jpg - (177.37KB , 800x600 , Nem Quest1.jpg )

:: Connection Established ::

Nemain: Hello?

:: Loading Statistics ::

Nemain: I'm sorry? Mother said that this would call for help if I needed it.

:: Current HP is 100. ::
:: Current Disposition is Naive ::
:: Attack Power is Normal (Very Weak). ::
:: Defensive Power is Normal (Very Weak). ::
:: Agility is Normal (Above Average). ::
:: Inventory consists of Comfortable Clothes, Red Cape, Basket - Basket contains one bottle red wine, one oat loaf, sundry collection of local fruit. ::
:: Chrono-Recall Set. ::

Nemain: I beg your pardon? What does all that mean?

:: You're completely useless as a fighter. Your HP indicates at what point your luck stops holding out and you die like a normal person. ::

Nemain: This really isn't what I expected.
No. 589729 ID: 4b571b

Sorry about that.

Can you tell us about yourself, and your situation? Why is it you've called for help?
No. 589730 ID: 3009b4
File 140822955971.jpg - (173.74KB , 800x600 , Nem Smile1.jpg )

Nem: Oh, that's all right. I really wasn't sure if the charm was real or not anyway and I'm glad for any help. My grandmother is sick, so I've been asked to take some goods to her and build her strength back up. My name is Nemain and I'm a blacksmith's daughter. The path is supposed to be enchanted so it's safe, but I've been told that the woods themselves are territory of the Unseelie Court. Mother just told me about my cape's charm today and she seemed a little anxious so I thought I'd use it just in case.
No. 589731 ID: 3009b4
File 140822975146.jpg - (173.50KB , 800x600 , Nem Exposition1.jpg )

Nem Mr. Del Sade, I am currently on the path to my grandmother's place which is deep in these woods. And to be honest, I feel very apprehensive about this trip.[/b]
No. 589732 ID: 4b571b

Well, you have a source of advice, at least.

Possibly limited ability to reverse mistakes as well, when we figure out how the chrono-recall works. Can we save now, or do you have find a save point first?

>I've been told that the woods themselves are territory of the Unseelie Court
For our first bit of advice? I'll quote a wiser sage than I. Don't leave the path.
No. 589733 ID: 3009b4

Nem is confused.

Nem: A what and a who now? Forgive me, I know you're supposed to be powerful spirits but I really don't understand what you mean.

:: User Help (Hidden to avoid further host confusion and possible mistrust)::
In the event of an unsatisfactory or sudden ending to the experience, Chrono-Recall essentially allows the user to reconnect in a previous point in time. Chrono-Recall setting occurs automatically (Suggested context: "At Check Points"). Manual recall is possible but costs 20 Influence Points per use. Currently we have 100 Influence Points. Influence Points are gained when changes occur.
No. 589734 ID: 3009b4
File 140823188431.jpg - (305.58KB , 800x600 , Nem Walking.jpg )

Feeling confident now that she has some sort of protection, Nem strides down the path towards her grandmother's house.
No. 589735 ID: 89b2a2


For now, don't worry about it. Stay on the path. You may see things off the path or side-routes that did not exist before. Focus on walking and telling us more about what you have learned so far about blacksmithing.

And get going. You aren't going to get done faster by waiting, and I doubt you want to walk through the woods at night.
No. 589736 ID: 2fd516

You're being followed by a wolf, little Red.
No. 589741 ID: 4b571b

>A what and a who now? Forgive me, I know you're supposed to be powerful spirits but I really don't understand what you mean.
Sorry, uh, spirit concepts. They don't really make sense out of context.

Yes, this is the strategy to follow.

And don't let this startle you off the path.
No. 589742 ID: 3009b4
File 140823540247.jpg - (178.53KB , 800x600 , Nem Confused.jpg )

Nem: Well, my father tried to teach me a little about how to swing a sword ages ago but I was little and just wanted to play and mother said it was unbecoming of a lady. But what are you talking about the path changing?
No. 589744 ID: 53ba34

magic, the Unseelie could try to play tricks.
and watch out

also be careful smik, and watch which post people are responding to, otherwise you will respond to a suggestion that didn't have all the info.
No. 589752 ID: e3aff6

Just keep walking, and hopefully the path is magical enough.
No. 589754 ID: 4b571b

Just stay on the path, and don't let anything off the path worry you over much. Unless it crosses onto the path.
No. 589755 ID: 3009b4
File 140824029503.jpg - (278.33KB , 800x600 , Nem Behind You.jpg )

Nem whips around at the mention of a wolf but sees nothing.
No. 589756 ID: 53ba34

behind you now.
No. 589757 ID: b98940

If you don't see something odd the second time you spin around, just keep walking.
Dunno if there's a rule of three trick or something but I figure if you don't see it the second time it's probably not something you can catch that easily.
No. 589778 ID: 3009b4
File 140825098205.jpg - (239.56KB , 800x600 , Nem Behind You 2.jpg )

Nem is a little nervous. Everyone seems convinced she should stay on the path... and many seem equally convinced that she is being stalked by something just out of sight.

Being a curious girl, she really wants to see what all the excitement is about. She attempts to whip around one last time and try to catch a glimpse of what is following her.

:: Nem has a 25% chance of turning around unexpectedly fast. We will roll a twenty-sided die; on a 15 or greater Nem is very quick. You may choose to expend influence to adjust her chances according to what you think would result in the best outcome (turn around very quickly or not) or give her alternative instructions. ::
No. 589779 ID: 9dd1ee

spend influence to turn around extra fast
No. 589780 ID: b8ceae

Look straight ahead and keep walking, but be ready to run.
"I know you're there. Come, talk with me."

This way you're at least facing forward to run if something happens.
It's too bad you didn't think to bring an iron knife; far are deathly allergic to iron.
No. 589788 ID: 53ba34

just start running, and loosing your cloak so it can be removed quickly.
No. 589792 ID: 4b571b

Ditching the cape may not be such a good idea. I'm pretty sure the charm she activated on it is us. Without it, she'll be bereft of advise, or anything else we can offer.
No. 589827 ID: f2cf24

:: Clarification - every 1 pt. of influence grants extra 5% chance. 15 pts required for 100% chance. ::
No. 589829 ID: 66b87b

[omfg i forgot to change my name from itq-ing] oh nem is adorable. listen, there's something behind you and turning around will just give it more time to do............whatever.
either talk to it without turning or just start running.
No. 589928 ID: 3009b4
File 140832571720.jpg - (163.53KB , 800x600 , Nem Frustrated.jpg )

Nem knows better and has heard everyone's warning, but curiosity is eating her up inside and she just HAS to see what everyone is fussing about.

She turns around as fast as she can.

:: She earns +5% chance to turn faster (1 suggestion for Influence Point use = +5% chance, -1 IP) ::
No. 589938 ID: 3009b4
File 140832854155.jpg - (49.88KB , 171x202 , Turn Roll 20140817.jpg )

Nem's Roll is 37.
No. 589945 ID: 4b571b

I thought we were rolling a d20, not a d100?

Also, you can roll right in the board if you want.
No. 589959 ID: 4e670b

Now that you've turned around, RUN NOW!
No. 589960 ID: a36601

>25% chance of turning around unexpectedly fast. We will roll a twenty-sided die; on a 15 or greater
>Rolled 37 out of 100
So check failed then?
No. 589969 ID: 3009b4
File 140833923437.jpg - (330.43KB , 800x600 , Nem Annoyed.jpg )

(I tried to get the dice to work but couldn't figure it out; since I was substituting the D20 for percentile for style purposes only, I converted it to percentile in the transition to using random.org -- sorry. Same results more or less though since 5/20 rounds to 25%)

Nem whips around but sees nothing there! Frustrated and suspecting that her naivety is again being used against her, her disposition changes to suspicious for better or for worse for the time being. She trusts the group less now.

Nem: That's not funny. I won't fall for your tricks again.

:: Nem would totally fall for it again. ::

Nem: Shut up, you.
No. 589970 ID: 89b2a2

We also asked you to stop looking for it.

Good thing you turned around twice, otherwise you would be oriented the wrong direction. Onwards!
No. 589971 ID: 3009b4
File 140833955674.jpg - (303.86KB , 800x600 , Nem Walking Along.jpg )

Nem continues her journey down the path. She's clearly agitated, muttering under her breath, and fumbles with her basket nervously. Nem is now on guard, giving her a +10% reaction time until she relaxes, and is straining her ears for any sort of rustling of a wolf or other danger around her.
No. 589977 ID: 3009b4
File 140834153014.jpg - (260.65KB , 800x600 , Nem Meets Someone New.jpg )

Nem: Oh that's not fair! "Don't turn around Nem", "Nothing is happening Nem", "Clearly there is something behind you but please ignore it" -- of course I'm going to turn around! How can I resist?

Nem does the rudest thing she's comfortable with as she walks and doesn't even see the new face as she turns 'round the next bend.
No. 589979 ID: 53ba34

don't turn corners with your eyes closed, double check you are going the right way.
No. 589980 ID: 89b2a2

Also don't talk to yourself outloud, people will think you're crazy. Like that guy over there.
No. 589981 ID: 53ba34

i'm purposefully not saying anything about a guy because she will just think we are messing with her again. and then she will NOT look just to spite us
No. 589982 ID: 3009b4
File 140834317908.jpg - (253.02KB , 800x600 , Nem Meets Someone New 2.jpg )

Nem suddenly feels his eyes on her, and she turns.
No. 589984 ID: 3009b4
File 140834322477.jpg - (245.20KB , 800x600 , Nem Meets Someone New 3.jpg )

... and realizes her tongue is still sticking out.
No. 589985 ID: 3009b4
File 140834325374.jpg - (242.99KB , 800x600 , Nem Meets Someone New 4.jpg )

No. 589986 ID: 3009b4
File 140834327387.jpg - (248.47KB , 800x600 , Nem Meets Someone New 5.jpg )

No. 589987 ID: 2fd516

Hey, how is an elf on the road? Not to mention the spooky black wolf. Shouldn't the road prevent them from stepping on it? Or is the enchantment more like a protective charm on whoever walks upon it, so they can't be harmed?

Well regardless, say hi.
No. 589989 ID: 89b2a2

[-1 IP]

Stutter nervously while trying to explain what it is you were doing in a way that doesn't make you sound weird.

fail and sound cute and flustered instead
No. 589990 ID: 3009b4
File 140834480410.jpg - (178.74KB , 800x600 , Nem Blushes.jpg )

Nem: Hello sir. I was... umm...

:: IP accepted; Nem is flustered. IP total is now 98. ::

Nem doesn't say a very rude word but she thinks it loudly enough that it can be read on her face.

Nem: This wood is very strange and sometimes it makes me do strange things in response. I'm honestly normally very normal.
No. 589991 ID: 3009b4
File 140834508618.jpg - (173.20KB , 800x600 , He Asks a Question.jpg )

Nem thinks that the man is very odd looking but she's been raised to be a well mannered young lady and so doesn't ask... but she's DYING to ask what he is. He is not a normal person by any rate -- she's never seen pointed ears or skin like that on anyone in her village, although she's heard of people like that over the ocean to the East.

He seems amused by the situation however, and after clearing his throat asks:

Man: Hello yourself, Miss Normal-Girl-Acting-Normally.

She looks at the ground and he sighs.

Man: All right, that wasn't called for and I apologize. Might I ask what you're doing out in these woods, miss? Not the normal place one finds a young woman like yourself and certainly not the safest.
No. 590005 ID: 4b571b

>That's not funny
Hey, you didn't hear us laughing, did you?

>but she's DYING to ask what he is
You know, we never asked what you were, either.

As for what he is: a traveler? One of the Unseelie? There was a green glow on his headband before you turned around, does that mean anything to you?

>Might I ask what you're doing out in these woods, miss?
Just passing through, on the way to visit family. And you?
No. 590022 ID: 3009b4
File 140837871773.jpg - (174.76KB , 800x600 , Nem is Unsure.jpg )

>You know, we never asked what you were, either.

Nem finds your question confusing. She glances at the man and then back to you. She grasps her cloak tightly, mistakenly thinking it will make her charm work better (it works just fine regardless of how tightly she holds it).

:: Connection to Nem allows us to communicate non-vocally and query unprotected (anything she's willing or able to share) thoughts and memories; Nem does not have to speak out loud to us but that's the method of communication she's most comfortable with so that's what she does most of the time). ::

As far as Nem is concerned, her people are the only people in the world. She's never met an outsider or faerie to her knowledge. All normal people as far as she is concerned, have small horns, elongated somewhat fuzzy ears, and with legs that end in hoofs and have thick, course hair a short distance above said hooves. Yellow is a normal eye colour, pupils are somewhat horizontal oval and blue is a perfectly acceptable natural hair colour.

Nem didn't see any glow at all around the headband so she doesn't know what you're talking about.

As far as the strange man is concerned, Nem has no idea about what he is. She think he's handsome in an exotic way. She's heard of people in the far east looking similar, but wouldn't know what one is doing all the way here in her little village.

]Nem: I'm just passing through to visit family, sir. May I ask what you are doing in this dangerous place?
No. 590025 ID: 3009b4
File 140838231190.jpg - (217.72KB , 800x600 , He Rummages.jpg )

The man rummages through his back pack.

Man: I'm a scout; it's my job to explore dangerous places and then report my findings back to people who need the information. My name is Rekki, by the way. You are?
No. 590028 ID: b8ceae

Say you are Red. Fae can use names to exert power over people, so always use an alias when dealing with one.
No. 590033 ID: 4b571b

>Nem finds your question confusing.
Oh, sorry about that! Spirits don't look like much of anything, and we've spoken to a lot of a lot of creatures in our time, not all of which look like you.

Furrow your brow. Who's interested in the forest, then?

Not a bad idea. Maybe "you can call me Red" rather than "my name is Red" is you're not actually lying.
No. 590035 ID: 3009b4
File 140838442119.jpg - (48.95KB , 167x194 , lie roll 20140818.jpg )

Nem is a terrible liar; she never got much practice.

:: This is a test vs. a hidden target number because Nem is trying to deceive Rekki and Rekki may not immediately reveal he was not deceived if she fails. You may spend Influence to adjust her roll, but you do not know the target number other than the fact that Nem is very unlikely to hit it on her own, and the roll must be equal or lower to her adjusted lying skill for Nem to at least appear not to be lying. If she fails within a 20% margin Rekki will suspect she's lying; if she fails greater than that it will be obvious to him.

Nem is charming enough that despite her horrible lying skills she has a base 15% chance of success, but Rekki's ability to detect deception will modify this target.

Since you can't see Rekki's skill, you don't know your modified target number but you do know that you're a good 54% away from landing it -- it will cost at least 11 Influence of your remaining 98 to have Nem lie at least half-convincingly. ::
No. 590036 ID: 3009b4

>Not a bad idea. Maybe "you can call me Red" rather than "my name is Red" is you're not actually lying.

Noted; spending IP to get Nem to lie is merely an OPTION. Nem has not said anything yet.
No. 590037 ID: 3009b4
File 140838531446.jpg - (164.77KB , 800x600 , HappyNem.jpg )

>Not a bad idea. Maybe "you can call me Red" rather than "my name is Red" is you're not actually lying.

Nem thinks the wording is a very clever idea and she would have never thought of it. She trusts you more now, and immediately goes with your idea.

Nem: You may call me Red.

She says it with pride, as if having an alias has made her that much more important.
No. 590039 ID: 3009b4
File 140838575586.jpg - (158.13KB , 800x600 , Rekki Closeup.jpg )

Rekki: I knew a mermaid named "Red" awhile back. She had short, bright red hair. I'm going to assume that in your case you wear that cape a lot.

Nem just smiles in response. Rekki studies her.

Rekki: You're itching to know what I am, aren't you?

Nem bites her lip. She clasps her basket tightly and she every-so-slightly crosses her legs.

She's either dying to know or she really has to pee.
No. 590041 ID: 3009b4

>Author Note: I'm aware that some suggestions are being missed in the shuffle, but at times Nem's own personality will make her jump the gun. For example, Nem would have liked to have appeared aloof and ask who wants to know about the forest, but she got so excited about the concept of not-telling-the-truth-but-not-lying in this situation she forgot the rest. This is far less likely to happen in circumstances where Nem is feeling more tension, but so far she's not been aware of any real danger so her sheltered life is getting the better of her.
No. 590044 ID: 66b87b

nem is fucking adorable oh my god. what a darling.
well, nemain, he rummaged through the bag but what did he take out?
No. 590045 ID: 2fd516

His headband's glowing again. Why don't you ask him about that?
No. 590048 ID: b8ceae

"I'm more interested in why your headband is glowing."
No. 590049 ID: b651f5

No. 590094 ID: 3009b4
File 140841075335.jpg - (178.98KB , 800x600 , Wanna Know a Secret.jpg )

Before Nem can respond, Rekki speaks.

Rekki: You wanna know a secret?
No. 590095 ID: 3009b4
File 140841084215.jpg - (160.96KB , 800x600 , Nems Self Control Snaps.jpg )

Nem is already extremely curious; a question like this snaps what's left of her self restraint in a way that's almost audible.
No. 590096 ID: 3009b4
File 140841099619.jpg - (234.19KB , 800x600 , Nem Cant Stand It.jpg )

No. 590098 ID: 3009b4
File 140841147554.jpg - (130.19KB , 800x600 , Rekki did not expect that.jpg )

Rekki clearly did not expect such an outburst. Even the woods go unusually silent for a few moments.
No. 590100 ID: 3009b4
File 140841217981.jpg - (158.16KB , 800x600 , Rekki suggests Nem calms down.jpg )

Rekki recovers.

Rekki: Sorry Miss, I was just teasing a little. Didn't mean to get you so upset. All right. The first thing you should know is that today, everything will change -- or it won't.
No. 590101 ID: d8a627

"The first thing you should know is that today, everything will change -- or it won't."
That would be us. We can make things change -- or make them not.
No. 590103 ID: 3009b4
File 140841282472.jpg - (186.77KB , 800x600 , Nem thinks Rekki is a dick.jpg )

Nem might not know where babies come from, but she still knows which organ Rekki reminds her of.

Nem: That is hardly a secret. That's barely even a decisive statement! Of COURSE things will change or they won't! That's like saying today it will rain or it won't!

Rekki smiles slightly.

Rekki: It would be an odd thing to say on a bright sunny day like today that it will storm or it won't, wouldn't it? It's not like there's any sort of hint of rain, the fact that a storm was on one's mind despite the circumstances, that's a secret isn't it?

If I knew 16 years ago that everything might change or they wouldn't... well...

Rekki is suddenly quiet and reflective.

Rekki: Well, maybe it's better off that I didn't know. Your circumstances are probably different anyway.

Nem is not impressed however. So far her day has been a lot of expectations of excitement and absolutely no payoff. A secret charm revealed, danger hinted at, spirits whispering about wolves, a strange man, and absolutely NO adventure whatsoever so far.

Nem: Your headband was glowing. Why is your headband glowing? What are you? Who are you scouting for? Is there a wolf following me? THOSE are secrets. Vague predictions aren't.
No. 590104 ID: d8a627

Well, weakly. It's not very easy to make a lot of changes. Maybe there are others making or preventing changes, too.
No. 590105 ID: b651f5

>everything will change -- or it won't.
That is more of a tautology than a secret. So which everything is he referring to?
No. 590106 ID: 3009b4
File 140841335003.jpg - (139.93KB , 800x600 , I can hear you.jpg )

>The reason why my headband glows is because I can hear you. That's all.
No. 590112 ID: 3009b4
File 140841434538.jpg - (138.78KB , 800x600 , Rekki answers some stuff.jpg )

Rekki: OK, fair enough. First, your friends probably know more about the glowing thing and you should ask them. It's a way of getting information that I was... well, I hesitate to use the word 'inflicted' with but it wasn't my idea even if the experience has been mostly positive.

Second... well, where I'm from I was a regular person -- not what your people would consider regular -- until there was a girl, a crime in self-defence, and a couple of long-standing debts to very powerful individuals. My people come from across the ocean to the East. Your people aren't as involved with the sea as mine are, so that's probably why you've never seen my people before. If someone asks, you might as well say you met a "Trytie" because that's what your people call mine. It's not very polite but they'll know what you're talking about. I would say I met a "Clopper" and again it's not very nice but they'd know what I was talking about. If you want to be polite, then I am Rekki, a scout.

Third... I'm actually not on a scouting job, it's a messenger job. I need to deliver a message and small item to a "Nemain Morrigan".

And finally...

He takes a long look at Nem, like she reminds him of someone or some event from his past -- something personal.

Rekki: There probably is a wolf following you, yes. You wouldn't have happened to know a Nemain Morrigan, would you?
No. 590115 ID: 2fd516

Tell him that's you. I guess he's not an elf, then.

Nem, you don't know babies come from? It's from fucking. Sex. Intercourse. Penor goes into vagoo.
No. 590116 ID: 53ba34

yes we know her.
No. 590117 ID: b651f5

Who is the message from?
No. 590118 ID: 88960e

She met a stranger in the woods, and gave him an alias.

Also, he said the glowing means he can hear us. He was eavesdropping, meaning he already knows who you are, since we told you not to tell him and he heard. Stinker.
No. 590122 ID: 3009b4
File 140841821179.jpg - (219.41KB , 800x600 , conversation.jpg )

Nem: WHATing? Sex is man or woman. Intercorse is something like talking or other communication. I don't know what a Penor or a Vagoo is.

Rekki frowns.

Rekki: Do you happen to know a Nemain Morrigan?

Nem turns to him sharply.

Nem: In a moment! A message and package are fine but I've been trying to get someone to tell me where babies come from for YEARS. This is important! Mother says they come after marriage and father just tells me to ask my husband once I'm married and glares at all the boys who look my way. Pattie says the angels bring them, Rupert says they're found in the cabbage patch -- that's where Daddy says he found me and I think he's hiding something -- and Helena says that they grow in melons...

Rekki suddenly interrupts her.

Rekki: Actually I met a girl who did come from a melon.


Rekki: Yes, but she was unique. Most babies don't come from melons, and it gets rather complicated.

Nem: Would you tell me where they come from?

Rekki: ... put it this way, don't get naked with a man unless you want a baby, and if you have a baby without a husband people treat you poorly.

Nem eyes him curiously.

Nem: It sounds like you know more.

Rekki: I think we have more important things to discuss.

Nem: I think you've tried to put a baby in a lady's tummy without getting married first.

Rekki: It was her idea, and the situation was enormously complicated and let's just leave it at that.

Nem: I don't believe you. Why would she want a baby if...

Rekki: She was a member of the Unseelie Court.

Nem: Ooooooooohhh....

:: Nemain is now very curious and is more open to dangerous or questionable suggestions if she is convinced they will give her answers. It should be noted that this not only applies to your suggestions, but others she encounters. ::
No. 590123 ID: 3009b4
File 140841879649.jpg - (139.32KB , 800x600 , Rekki is annoyed.jpg )

Penor goes into vagoo? This girl is going to have enough problems come her first relationship without your 'help'.

I already knew who she was long before you started coaching her. Some of you are not wrong -- the alias is a good idea, especially when dealing with the Unseelie Court, but they get very angry if they find out they've been deceived and they're an unpleasant enough lot before they have reasons to get mean. I was just curious to see if she was going to lie to me or not, but I think she's going to have a rough enough time as is without my adding to it.

Some of you seem to actually care a little about her, so I'm going to tell you what I'm going to tell her and I want you to see she sticks to it -- don't let her lead anyone to her grandmother's house. At all. Make sure she isn't followed.
No. 590127 ID: d8a627

Nem, you do not need to know how babies are made until you find a man you want to spend your life with, anyways. I can tell you bit by bit how it works, when it becomes relevant, but if you learn it all in one go, you won't actually understand. That's not an insult, it's just that complicated and confusing. Rekki is not lying, the first thing to know is that as long as a man and a woman do not get naked with each other, they cannot make a baby.

:: How do we whisper to one person so that another cannot hear us? ::
No. 590129 ID: d8a627

Actually, Nem, once you've finished talking with Rekki, may I ask a personal question? It's the sort that can seem rude, so consider it carefully; in fact, let me know if I have your permission or not after the conversation, just so you'll have had the time to consider it.
No. 590131 ID: 53ba34

yes, it's a big checklist of things and we can't sit here explaining it to you all day, what about grandma? and you are gonna need to eat.
No. 590137 ID: 3009b4
File 140842213238.jpg - (158.99KB , 800x600 , Rekki delivers.jpg )

:: It's not really possible to 'whisper' because Nem is using shall we say a 'no frills' charm. Nem sees a floating orb that indicates your activity and broadcasts your suggestions. The orb is not visible even to people who can use the network unless they scan for it. You can spend influence points to hide it from others but it's on an individual basis. ::

Rekki: So, are you Nemain Morrigan?

Nem really pays attention to your comments this time. Her eyes widen a bit in surprise to find out he knew the whole time.

She nods, looking a little guilty. Rekki shrugs and tries to give her a reassuring smile.

Rekki: Then here is your message, from one of those influential people I owe a debt to - "Do not let anyone follow you to grandmother's house". Also, I'm to give you this sweetbrede pau.

Nem smiles, but as she begins to ask the question "Is it sweet?" Rekki interrupts her.

Rekki: No, it's not actually sweet. Just like a poached egg isn't really stolen from the woods in the dead of night.

Nem looks at him strangely.

Nem: What are you doing with eggs now?

Rekki sighs.

Rekki: I forgot your people don't eat eggs. Or meat. I get reminded at almost every miserable meal, but I still forget. It's a snack that my people enjoy. I don't know why I've been asked to give you it considering how much I'd rather eat it myself, but to be perfectly honest sometimes the people I am indebted to can be inexplicable jerks. So that's that -- my job's done. I'm going to be heading out -- we probably won't meet again. Without offence to your people, I'm anxious to go closer to the sea and get some real food,"
No. 590140 ID: b651f5

How exactly are we supposed to prevent anyone from following us? A wolf that can move faster than we can look can surely keep up with us if we make a run for it, and Nemi isn't exactly the swashbuckling sort to just fight it off. Maybe the sweetbread is meant as a lure or bribe, but that relies on the wolf being less determined or clever than it has acted so far.
No. 590141 ID: 4b571b

>I've been trying to get someone to tell me where babies come from for YEARS
>very curious and is more open to dangerous or questionable suggestions
If it's so important to you, we can explain, in as much detail as you want, later. What's going on in the here and now is kind of important, I think.

In fact, I will promise we'll explain if you leave it, for now. And talking with us instead of asking anyone, or anything, else to explain has the advantage that we're in no position to take advantage of you.

>At all. Make sure she isn't followed.
...how, exactly, are we supposed to prevent anyone else from following a path? Nem can't safely leave it, and neither can we force someone not to follow it. In the case of a determined follower, the only way to not lead it forward would be to stop, or go back.
No. 590146 ID: 2fd516

Alright, good luck on your journey.

You heard the man, Nem. We got a delivery to make, and careful-like.
No. 590180 ID: 3009b4
File 140846612576.jpg - (175.47KB , 800x600 , Nem wants a payoff.jpg )

Nem watches Rekki head into the woods.

Nem: Watch out! There's supposed to be a witch in the direction you're going!

Rekki: I know, that's the direction I came from. I'll be fine.

Nem continues to watch him until she can't see or hear him anymore. She looks at the bun she was given and tentatively nibbles at the edges. Not quite sure if she should eat it but certainly curious about what it tastes like, Nem puts it away in her basket for the time being.

[b]Nem: Tokoshoran, you can ask me a question -- just don't get my hopes up about it being interesting and then have it be something like "Do you trim your hoof hair" or something like that. I don't, by the way -- only rich people bother with it. It's only a problem if you don't walk enough.
No. 590181 ID: d8a627

Well, I don't know if it's a "Dashed hopes" kind of question, I simply wanted to ask you how old you are. As well as how old your people are usually considered fully grown by.
No. 590182 ID: e11a96

Nem, nem, tell me about the witch! (Are there any stories of her poisoning food?)
No. 590187 ID: 2fd516

You've been referring to some of us by names. What names do you see for those of us who have not shown theirs?
No. 590193 ID: 3009b4
File 140847594550.jpg - (187.10KB , 800x600 , Nem just realized something.jpg )

Nem: Tokoshoran, I am almost 17. In a few weeks, actually. It's funny now that you mention it, but all the secrets started on my 16th birthday. Suddenly I can't get any of the adults to even discuss babies or even romance, Daddy's been very protective of me, and Mother seems a bit nervous. It's like they're waiting for the last apple to drop.

I'm not considered really grown up yet. Men aren't grown up until they're 24, and women not until they're 28. I'm a kid, which means I'm more than a child but nobody will really even start listen to me until I have a second child. Most girls my age are engaged by now, but the boys are intimidated by Daddy who is a very large man. He was good friends with the Forest Ranger who takes care of Grandma when she needs it.

I'm not worried about not being engaged yet -- my mother didn't even meet my father until she was 17 and a half! So I'm just a late bloomer.

Also the spirits without names just have this number. Mother said that you were all very big on numbers, so much so that everyone has multiple numbers. Some of you have multiple names. All those numbers are confusing for me though, at least when I don't know what they mean.

No. 590195 ID: 53ba34


let's get moving, and i'll try to guide you through babies.
have you seen a couple just before they get a baby? as in, 2-10 days before they have one. think about how they look, notice any differences in the mom before they have a baby and after?
No. 590196 ID: 3009b4
File 140847713181.jpg - (302.56KB , 800x600 , Nem Explains the Witch.jpg )

Nem whispers: The witch is this terrifying ogre -- her eyesight is supposed to be bad because she scattered her original eyes around the woods. She doesn't poison food, but she will take it at night. I've been told that sometimes she steals babies and eats children if we deny her share of our crops... but sometimes she does it anyway! It's been four years since a child vanished like that. When it's very cold she will steal our food -- if you leave a bottle of mulled wine out she will take that instead though and leave your stores alone. To be honest, mulled wine seems to work most of the time. When I was growing up, there was always a bottle in my room that I was told to never drink from because it was the witch's wine and it kept me safe.

Nem looks around for any eavesdroppers. Then she whispers: "I used to sip from it anyway. Just a tiny amount and she never caught me,"

Nem clears her throat but continues in a whisper.

Nem: So... it's not really a great idea to talk about her more than we need to because she's got good ears and eyes everywhere. She also hunts you down if you take too much from the forest.

Nem looks around again and finishes in a much louder voice.

Nem: But no robbers or bandits dare nest near our village, no enemy soldiers come near, and even the governor is careful about approaching us so we're glad of our fair protector..
No. 590197 ID: d8a627

>Secrets at 16
>Nearing 17
>Man at 24
>Woman at 28
>Late bloomers engage at 17-and-a-half
From the sound of it, you're an "Adult" at 16 years of age -- that is to say, your body is capable of everything and your mind is solid enough to think things through right. You just don't have experience to back it all up is the problem. It takes eight to twelve years for most people to get that experience, from the sound of it.

By the standards of species we are most familiar with, you are still a year (or four) too young, but by your species' standards, you are old enough to at least start learning. Actually, 16 is when most species start learning even if their body and mind are not ready until 18 or 21, so I am a bit surprised they do not teach you at 14.

Uh, it's very confusing and even I don't understand it fully, but it's supposed to be some sort of coordinates system, telling you where we are. There's no cypher to tell you how to track coordinates down, though, you basically just have to try random spots and see what works. But like I said, I don't really understand it fully, so maybe I'm getting it all wrong from the getgo?
No. 590202 ID: 53ba34

she's talking about our ID numbers
No. 590215 ID: 3009b4
File 140848727676.jpg - (229.22KB , 800x600 , Fork in the Road.jpg )

:: HMES Contextual Help ::
:: Nem's species profile is available upon request and will be hidden from her viewing (mostly for translation reasons; Nem's species is a human analog and this would roughly translate to the nonsensical "The differences between humans and humans"). Specifics need to be provided -- such as "Differences between Nem's species and Human Strength" or "What are available hair colours for Nem's species".::

Nem: Teach me what, exactly? I know how to cook, clean, dress wounds, make starchie, what to do in case of sickness... I don't know how to build things, or use a sword (it's very unladylike) and I'm not good with maths -- but only people like the Builders or Accountants are any good with maths anyway. I can read and write too -- that's something that my friends aren't good at, at all.

I've seen couples right before babies, too. That's how I know that the man is involved with putting the baby in the tummy somehow. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the navel. Pattie thinks the angels plant a cabbage inside the mother, Helena thinks it's from eating melon seeds (so she ALWAYS misses out on melon), but I know there's something else otherwise why would it happen so much when people get married? I've seen girls with large tummies and I don't believe the accidentally-swallowing-seeds story for a moment because I swallowed a bunch one time just to see what would happen. AND I know it has something to do with screaming. Lots of screaming. They try to keep girls away when babies arrive but I snuck out one time and I KNOW it has something to do with men because I sometimes hear the father being blamed during the screams. And it is NOT the baby crying. Some of my friends have had babies and they've never once said what I've heard yelled out. Then I got a real spanking for sneaking around.

Nem fumes -- apparently this has been bothering her for awhile.

A short walk later, Nem stops at a fork in the road.

Nem: The sign shows where I can go get the Ranger if I'm in trouble. He's supposed to look after my grandmother but we haven't heard from him in awhile and grandmother said he was looking old the last time she saw him. It's not my business to visit him, but he's a nice man. My dad says he used to be a big man, but when you get older you shrink a little and the Ranger is pretty old. For some reason, mother didn't think the ranger would be enough today.

Nem pauses in thought -- she doesn't like all these secrets being kept from her. Not only does her curiosity drive her crazy, but she doesn't understand why she would be kept in the dark like this and it frightens her a little.
No. 590217 ID: 53ba34

we can double back to the ranger if we run into trouble.

and it's good you at least know that part, makes it easier. yes the screaming is from the mother, think about it, if there is a baby in there, how does it get out? painfully, well, the first one anyway, the second one is usually easier.

now comes the hard part... do you know what the difference between men and women is in the, ahem, crotch area?
No. 590219 ID: 2fd516

Man why haven't we gotten a checkpoint yet? Do we have to make those? This seems like a good spot to set a checkpoint.

Hey Nem I'll tell you one thing. It doesn't have anything to do with the bellybutton, that's related to the birthing process, not impregnation. I'll explain the bellybutton to you: When a mother is pregnant, the baby is inside a fluid-filled cavity called the womb. The baby survives in there because the mother shares her blood with it, through a fleshy cord connecting the baby to an organ attached to the side of the womb called the placenta. The placenta serves as a filter between the baby and the mother so that the baby doesn't catch any of the mother's diseases. So, anyway, when a baby is born, that umbilical cord is still attached to the baby and placenta. The midwife cuts off the cord, and so the spot where the cord was attached becomes the bellybutton.

Why don't we go see the Ranger?
No. 590222 ID: 3009b4
File 140849226759.jpg - (176.62KB , 800x600 , Nem doesnt believe you.jpg )

Nem: Babies drink their mother's blood while they live in her tummy? That's about as believable as coming from melon seeds. It's OK if you don't really know where babies come from. And if that's how it works where you're from... I'm glad I'm where I'm from. As to the crotch, boys have stems and girls have -- and I'm quoting my mother -- "Something ladies do not discuss". My girl friends and I call it "Our Secret". Sometimes we call it "The Wound". I know I've heard women get called a "Nagging Wound" by their husbands.

Should we visit the Ranger? We're supposed to be taking my grandma the basket of food, but if you want to act on a hunch I'm guess I'm with you.

No. 590223 ID: 53ba34

where's the sun at? if it's not too far along the sky then i say we go see the ranger. if it IS though, then we should head straight to granny's place.

do you know what blood does? i mean entirely what it does, not just "vital fluid".
No. 590225 ID: d8a627

I know. Our IP numbers represent our "Coordinates" within the TGChan userbase. They do not translate to our physical location, but every new entrant gets a number that points to them.
>Teach me what, exactly?
Sorry for the late answer, but I was talking about teaching you about babies... I suppose your village is more rural, though. Urban cities, where the buildings rise up tall and are built side-to-side, they have schools to teach you everything.
>AND I know it has something to do with screaming. Lots of screaming.
That's the danger and pain involved. That's why you want to see a doctor before you start.
>Babies drink their mother's blood while they live in her tummy?
No. The navel is where a cord known as the "Umbilical cord" attatches to the mommy. Blood travels through the body as the heart pumps it around, right? As the blood passes the stomach, it picks up nutrients from the food you're digesting. And, when a mommy has a baby in her tummy (Tummy is NOT stomach, don't worry), some of those nutrients get carried through the umbilical cord so that the mommy is feeding the baby without the baby having to be removed.
Actually, come to think of it, what we know is how monkey babies are made. Give us a moment to look over our knowledge and see if it works the same for your people.
:: What is the proper name for "Cloppers"? How different from primate reproduction and births are the Clopper's? ::
> As to the crotch, boys have stems and girls have -- and I'm quoting my mother -- "Something ladies do not discuss".
Nemian, do not repeat these words or people will accuse you of being a harlot. The "Stem" is known as a Penis. The "Hole" is known as a "Vagina," again, give me a bit to check our knowledge to make sure I'm getting this right.
:: Do "Cloppers" have different genitals compared to humans? ::
I agree.
Say, wait, when you said we have numbers, are you seeing his as 53ba34 or 590223? Because if it is the latter, that is how many things we have said. The first thing anybody said got "1", then the second thing somebody else said got "2" and so on. It's an indicator for how long we've been helping people.
No. 590229 ID: 3009b4

Nem has plenty of daylight available; she started out around 9 AM and her grandmother's house is only about an hour away on foot. It's currently 10:00 AM and she's about half an hour away. If she ran full tilt she could make it in 15 minutes.

Additional Notes: Nem only understands that blood is "Vital Fluid" and she lacks the scientific background required to understand much beyond "vital fluid"; her people are almost vegan so it's not as if she'd even have experience with even organ meat, let alone seen the organs of one of her own. Since her people don't eat meat, they also don't keep meat-eating animals and thus also don't drink milk or eat cheese as a general rule.
No. 590241 ID: 3009b4

:: Additional Information called by Contextual Help System::

::"Primate" cannot be translated since Nem has never heard of the primate family.
"Cloppers" cannot be translated because contextually anything that means the same as her people gets translated the same way. So she understands that "Clopper" is a derogatory term for her people, and she understands that Rekki is a different kind of person entirely, but she's never heard the word before until today.

Using human history as a predictor, eventually someone like Nem would be known by her geographical home first -- Gaelend in this case -- and then her most obvious physical differentiate -- hooves. So a politically correct way of describing Nem would be a young North Gaelish woman, and a politically correct way of describing Rekki would be an East Shintao man. Nobody in Nem's village would have any idea of what you were talking about though, and Nem is not unusual in that this is the first time she's ever found out that a whole other people besides the faeries even exist.

It should be noted that the while superstitious, Nem's people are not stereotypical suspicious European villagers -- they're more small-town friendly towards visitors, especially when they're only transient. Nem's own village is especially friendly; those who make it past the witch either have good intentions or are very powerful (and thus one should stay on their good side).

On that note, it's also impossible to ask Nem if her genetalia is different from a regular human female's because it would translate to "Are your people's genitals different from people's genitals?". Both Nem and Rekki's people are human analogs; they have human genitals. Nem's people do not practice circumcision; they're a bit behind on surgical technology but ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding natural medicine; they already have a rough sort of aspirin and while its production method would certainly not be FDA approved it would definitely work the same. ::
No. 590242 ID: d8a627

Ah, I apologize, Nemian. The word I spoke of when mentioning what I know, it sounded completely alien to you, did it not? I shall refrain from using that word in the future.

Reviewing our knowledge, though, I found that the nicest way to refer to those from your village as opposed to those like Rekki, would be "A young hoof-legged woman" or perhaps "A young woman from the village near Unseelie Court's Forest." Do you know of the existance of other villages, or had you believed until now that yours was the only place people lived together at? Rekki mentioned others, so you should know now that yours is not the only one, but did it already have a name?
The people, be they from the Village of Hoof Legged Folk or from the Village of Pointy Eared Folk, do have the same methods of making babies. Like I said before, your blood is moved through your body, from the heart, and collects nutrients -- or, if that word is alien as well, "Health" -- from the stomach (Where food sits after you eat, and before you, uh, rid of it) to carry it throughout the rest of your body. When it delivers all of the "Health" it is carrying, it returns to the heart so that it can rest and be sent out again. This is why it is an important liquid.
Like I said before, the Cord that attaches from the mother to the baby's navel will deliver "Health" straight into the baby.
Have you noticed a mother -- a woman who had a larger tummy -- eats more than normal? This is because some of that food, once turned into Health is delivered to the baby, instead of the mother.
No. 590243 ID: 2fd516

Okay let me simplify it. The baby doesn't drink the blood, the mother's blood gives the baby's blood energy and air, so that the baby doesn't starve or suffocate.

How the baby gets inside the mother is a lot easier to explain... but we're not gonna tell you about that just yet. I think we should save that until you need motivation to do something.

Go visit the Ranger! You've got plenty of time to spare.
No. 590251 ID: 3009b4
File 140851080338.jpg - (271.94KB , 800x600 , Nem Regrets Asking about Babies.jpg )

Nem regrets asking about how babies are made. The explanations she's received have either avoid the subject or are in her mind, needlessly complicated. Nem's medical knowledge about her body is very limited -- she doesn't know what nutrients are, she didn't know that "Health" was a noun as well as an adjective, and she doesn't care about the cords.

She also doesn't care about what Rekki thinks her people are. Her people are people. Rekki is... a Rekki, an odd man with feet that sort of look like hands and triangle ears.

Her village is Yasville, her country is Gaelend, and none of it is very important because there's a wolf following her and nobody tells her anything.

Exasperated, she arrives at the Ranger's door and knocks.
No. 590253 ID: 3009b4
File 140851112424.jpg - (225.21KB , 800x600 , The Door Opens.jpg )

Heavy footsteps respond to Nem's knocking.

The door opens and instead of the Ranger, possibly the largest woman Nem has ever seen emerges from the doorway. She wields an impressive axe.

She waits for Nem to speak.
No. 590254 ID: 436cdc

I almost want to expend points to make dick jokes about her axe, buuuuuut... nah.
Say hi, ask her name, etc etc.
No. 590257 ID: 53ba34

just explain you think a wolf is stalking you.
No. 590258 ID: b651f5

Say hi, and ask if the ranger is available right now.
No. 590259 ID: 3009b4
File 140851231732.jpg - (208.04KB , 800x600 , game saved.jpg )

:: Chrono-Recall Point SET ::
No. 590260 ID: 487455

Be polite.
No. 590262 ID: 3009b4
File 140851331739.jpg - (184.22KB , 800x600 , The New Ranger.jpg )

Nem: Good day, Ma'am! Umm... is the Ranger in? Mr. Cutter?

The woman observes Nem carefully. She moves slowly and deliberately and Nem can actually FEEL her eyes study her. They're an unusual colour -- for context, Nem's yellow eyes are common -- hers are close to magenta, and the human equivalent would probably be green.

Woman: That would be my pappa. He's gone. I'm his daughter.

Nem waits for her to introduce herself, but she doesn't. After a few moments of silence, Nem clears her throat and says:

Nem: I beg your pardon, uh.. Ma'am, but ... I think a wolf is following me. I think I am in danger.

The woman smirks and leans in close.

Woman: If that were the case, Little Red Cape, then you would be dead by now. Wolves don't hesitate to attack young, poorly prepared creatures like yourself. Not unless they're rabid at least -- then they'll go after anyone. You're still unmolested, so I doubt it was a wolf. What are you doing out here, anyway?
No. 590264 ID: d8a627

Go on and let her know you're heading to your grandmother's house, but you thought you'd check up on the ranger, since you hadn't seen him... And apologize for her loss.
No. 590266 ID: 36d3bd

Well, tell her that you have been warned that someone would try to follow you to your grandmother and that your charm detected a wolf. Apperently, you are not the target.

Also ask for her name and whether her pa is alright.
No. 590282 ID: b651f5

If it wasn't a wolf it was a wolf-shaped fae or something, but we are quire certain we were being followed.
No. 590285 ID: 3009b4
File 140855321729.jpg - (203.37KB , 800x600 , Nem and Macha.jpg )

Nem: Ma'am, I'm sorry for your loss. I'm just in these woods to deliver a basket of goods for my grandma. I hadn't seen Mr. Cutter in a long time so I thought I would stop by. May I ask your name?
Macha: Macha.
Nem: Excuse me, Ms. Macha but I am certain that there is a wolf after me. Or something disguised as a wolf.

Macha straightens and stretches, and Nem feels like it's really just an excuse to make her feel small in comparison -- the massive woman had to duck slightly to get through the doorway.

Macha: You're too scared to make this trip alone and you wanted the ranger for protection. That's fine, I'll come with you.
No. 590287 ID: 487455

>don't let her lead anyone to her grandmother's house. At all.
...huh. You know, we might have a problem if an armed escort counts against that injunction.
No. 590289 ID: 95774e

"Not so much, I was warned by a Trytie about this supposed wolf. He found me in the middle of the forest and addressed me by name, which is more than a little suspicious because I have never seen one before at all. Because of that I was hoping we could set an ambush to see if he, or his supposed wolf, is still following me."
No. 590292 ID: 3009b4
File 140855542328.jpg - (203.34KB , 800x600 , Nem mentions meeting Rekki to Macha .jpg )

Nem: Well, I met a trytie on the road, and he knew my name and told me I was being followed by a wolf. I've never seen a trytie before, but that's what he told me... he... was...

Nem's voice trails off as she watches Macha's expression change. It's hard to read her feeling but her interest has spiked sharply.

Nem notices that there's something different about Macha's eyes -- she just can't put her finger on it.

Macha: What was this tryte's name?
No. 590294 ID: 3009b4
File 140855632741.jpg - (49.51KB , 167x202 , Nem Observation Roll.jpg )

:: A roll was made for Nem's automatic observation. Her chance was 35%, and she needed to roll 35 or lower. She has made her roll with 22 and additional information is now available. ::

Nem is suddenly aware what is so different about Macha's eyes -- it's not just the colour, but the shape of her pupils are different. They're rounder, more like Rekki's. Nem didn't notice it immediately before because Rekki was SO different looking overall.

Also, Macha smells a bit different. Nem can't quite explain how or why. Perhaps the best way to explain it is that Macha smells different in the same way that oneself looks different in a photograph than compared to a mirror reflection.

Maybe it's her breath. Macha's breath is sour. Given the wild way her hair is maybe she just woke up? It's a contributing factor but maybe not the only one.
No. 590295 ID: 676c76

This woman...Probably is an imposter a 'fake'...Which is highly concerning given the whole 'watch out for unseelie' thing, and there's the fact that unseelie, depending on the mythos, can change their appearance...
No. 590296 ID: b651f5

Tell her he said his name was Rekki.
(I am not too concerned about her going after him; his job is to go dangerous places so he can presumably look after himself.)
No. 590302 ID: 3009b4
File 140855917480.jpg - (217.74KB , 800x600 , Nem is scared of Macha.jpg )

Nem: He said his name was Rekki...

Macha closes her eyes briefly as if remembering something, and as she does so she begins to smile.

Macha: Rekki... oh Rekki, you silly boy.

Macha opens her eyes again, still smiling. While there's nothing really wrong with how she's smiling, Nem can feel herself growing edgy and uncomfortable with Macha's intrusion into her personal space. (Until this moment Nem wasn't even aware she had a personal space zone). Macha frightens her, just a little.

Macha: That boy... he's got problems telling the truth. Sometimes he even lies to himself. Next time you see him, ask him if he's a thief. Ask him if he knows how to use a sword. Ask him if he's ever slit someone's throat from behind. He'll deny it, and he'll tell you he doesn't do those things because he's a scout. He's a nice boy actually, he's just not very honest.

Macha leans back -- much to Nem's relief -- and then twirls her axe with one hand with polished ease. The blade whistles slightly when she does so and she stops its momentum effortlessly.

Macha: You're clearly a nervous little girl who needs protection. I wouldn't worry about Rekki harming you -- he's the never-hits-a-girl type. Now let's get going. If I see a wolf, I'll take care of it.
No. 590303 ID: 2fd516

Alright, go back out and go the direction opposite your grandmother's house.
No. 590309 ID: 3009b4
File 140857071685.jpg - (238.29KB , 800x600 , rough map.jpg )

:: Here is a rough map. It wasn't needed before (since Nem originally didn't plan on exploring) but now that free roaming is required this is the world as far as Nem understands it.

The circles indicate approximate safe areas around buildings and watch towers. The watch towers are normally used by the Ranger and have supply caches in case of emergency. Nem's village is the white area, path is yellow. The dark green areas indicate Unseelie territory. The witch's territory is clearly marked -- note that a former watch tower is now considered hers.

Watch Towers not only have supplies (firewood, flint and steel, torches, sometimes tools) but are also strategically placed due to their proximity to medical herbs -- it allows people to safely gather them near a safe zone.

The Lake Tower has an offering site for the Seelie lake faerie who supposedly placed the blessing on the path in the first place, but since offerings haven't been taken in years it's fallen out of use.

The grey patch in the Northwest corner is an Unseelie cave. It's rumoured they can't cross the running water of the river. That could also be the bias of Nem's people since being poor swimmers they're not fond of crossing water themselves.

Please note this is Nem's own personal idea of her local area and it may not be an accurate representation of actual area.
No. 590323 ID: d8a627

Well, it should be okay to take her to the fork just before your grandmother's house.
No. 590325 ID: 2fd516

Okay, specifically, I want you to take her back to where we saw the wolf.

...that's weird, why were we told nobody should follow you when your grandmother's house is like, at the end of the road? I mean it doesn't take a leap of logic to just go there ahead of you.
No. 590356 ID: 3009b4
File 140858292937.jpg - (236.01KB , 800x600 , Rekki Exposition.jpg )

>What? Well, yeah it's a good question I just don't see why I'm the one who has to answer it! I just got breakfast! Kiss one faerie princess and it doesn't matter if you're only four, it just all goes to hell...

All right, so a good question was asked and I've been told... ordered... to answer it in a way that's sort of helpful but still pretty vague because apparently I'm good at that.

Yes, you should wonder why it's so important that Nem doesn't lead someone to grandma's house despite the fact that any mortal soul with working legs and eyes could just follow the path to the house.

You should wonder. You should consider why. You should think of possible reasons why Nem should not let anyone follow her when the route is so seemingly obvious. I could find it without problem -- but I never had any intention of following Nem so I don't count. The Ranger could find it without problem, but he's dead now. Nem's own parents could find it without problem. You're going to have to figure out this picture by looking at what's missing.

That's all I can say.

I'd honestly like to help more but I have enough problems without pushing my luck with those I'm in already deep in debt to. Speaking of which... if you stumble across some gold, let me know OK? I don't think Nem needs it as badly as I do.

No. 590366 ID: a36601

Either this or head to the fork before gradma's house, say goodbye and take the other path. Cut through the woods a bit to get to her house for real. It doesn't seem too too far.
No. 590389 ID: 2fd516

Will do on the gold bit.

It sounds like access to her house is protected in some way, so that only family and those with permission can reach it. So we basically need to ditch the "Ranger" after we make sure that the wolf is dealt with.
No. 590391 ID: b651f5

Ok, so the path is enchanted so that whatever Macha is (probably Unseelie) can't follow it.

Hey Rekki, while you are here, you seem to know Macha. Could you give us an estimate of how likely she is to flip out and try and kill Nem if she finds out Nem is trying to trick her?

Nem, how sick exactly is your grandmother. Is she well enough that visiting her can wait until later today or tomorrow? I think what you should do is look in your basket to "make sure" you have some useful item you don't actually have with you, "discover" that you don't have it, then say that you need to return home to pick it up.
No. 590397 ID: 3009b4
File 140858817495.jpg - (267.83KB , 800x600 , Nem and Macha on the Path.jpg )

Nem walks down the path and Macha the Ranger follows her. Nem asks where her bow and arrow are, and Macha replies she doesn't need one.

Macha makes no effort at conversation, and much of the walk is spent in eerie silence. After a few minutes, Nem becomes very aware that the ONLY sounds she hears are the hoof-falls of their feet -- all other forest sounds are quiet. She becomes more and more aware of how alone and vulnerable she is, and all Macha does is watch her wordlessly.

Nem: I need some help. I don't know what I should be looking for or saying, but I think I need to be doing SOMETHING to help figure out what's going on here. Why did no one mention Mr. Cutter's passing at the village, or even that he had a daughter to replace him? If she is his daughter... why isn't she noticing we're moving AWAY from Gram's house? Surely he would have instructed her to take care of my grandma! I can feel her eyes on me, watching my every move. Maybe I can get some answers with the right questions, or by watching what she does?

All I do know is that the only other place I can lead her to besides the village is into the witch's domain! What should I do?

:: Note that Nem is currently NERVOUS which means that while she'll have better reflexes in a panic situation she will have problems doing things without arousing suspicion unless she does something else that redirects attention. ::
No. 590398 ID: 3009b4

:: Additional Info ::

Yes, Nem is leading Macah to the fork in the road before her gram's house. That's past where she met the wolf as well. You'll be kept up on notable landmarks as they're passed.
No. 590400 ID: 3009b4
File 140858873731.jpg - (237.27KB , 800x600 , Rekki Exposition 2.jpg )

>Awww c'mon folks I'm never gonna have a hot meal at this rate.

>To be honest, I don't know Macha -- she must be the huge girl -- but my name is pretty well known in both the Unseelie and Seelie courts, and probably a few lower ones too. When I was a child, I kissed a faerie princess. I never heard the end of it and so I'm the subject of a lot of rumours.
No. 590401 ID: 3009b4

:: More Mission Paramter Details::

Nem must complete the day's delivery. It can't be put off until tomorrow, she's expected before lunch before Grandma will start to worry and needs to get there before sun down. It's currently around 10:30AM.
No. 590402 ID: 2fd516

Just stop at the spot where we saw the wolf, and tell her that's where you think you saw it.

Ask her why it's so quiet. Also ask her why her eyes look like trytie eyes.
No. 590451 ID: 3009b4
File 140863424535.jpg - (173.39KB , 800x600 , All the Better to See You With.jpg )

>Also ask her why her eyes look like trytie eyes.

No. 590452 ID: 3009b4
File 140863441736.jpg - (271.37KB , 800x600 , Nem Hates Machas Jokes.jpg )

Macha thinks she is hilarious.

Nem does not appreciate her sense of humour.

Macha: What's wrong, Nem? Scared of some old faerie tales?

Macha's laughter echoes through the woods -- it's big, booming and carefree sounding. Not the kind of laugh Nem was expected considering the rather mean prank she just pulled. Nem was honestly expecting more of a witch's cackle.
No. 590462 ID: d8a627

Is she half Trytie and half Clopper? Uh, if you ask that try and apologize before hand, as it might come across as a rude question and we're wondering more out of curiosity.
Anyways, shame on you Nemain! Just because she's maybe half Trytie doesn't mean she's not a person! The Fae are playing games on you, but they're not mean spirited, they're just pranksters. Sometimes go overboard with their pranks... Oh. Has she met the Fae?
No. 590467 ID: 3009b4
File 140864388120.jpg - (236.53KB , 800x600 , Nem is not impressed with your theories.jpg )

Nem thinks you're out of your mind: she's never even heard of a "Tryte" today until meeting one and that look Macha gave her still has her trembling. She has her doubts that anyone would even dare try to kiss Macha.

The Seelie Court likes practical jokes, but the Unseelie can be fatally mean-spirited. She reminds you that the witch is fae and she has a track record of eating children and is so scary that they don't even have to worry much about outsiders causing trouble.

Nem also reminds you that people can still kill other people using very large axes. She's much more interested in plans for what to do when she reaches the area where she met the wolf or beyond. Macha hasn't seemed to notice that Nem is going in the opposite direction of her grandmother's house yet. If the wolf doesn't show she will come to the fork in the road and will either have to turn in the direction of the village or the witch.
No. 590469 ID: 421446

You called the witch your "fair protector" some time ago. Is there some form of formal protection going on? As in, if you were to enter the witch's territory because you are followed by a mean outsider unseelie, is there a good chance the witch will help you? Even if it is generally a bad idea to go there, it might be a better choice than leading an enemy to your family or friends.

I do hope someone has a better idea, though. Maybe your companion can be convinced to go looking for the wolf (to keep up the charade) and you can use that opportunity to sneak away?
No. 590471 ID: 852e04

Is the rangers name possibly Ermas? Anyway, ask her if the wolves can cross the path and if we can trap it?
And uh. Have you felt any different after you ate some sweetbread?
maybe in the end thank her for her services and as there is CLEARLY no wolf you were being silly, ha ha, sorry to bother you macha, you must be VERY busy as a ranger, sorry again, well take it from here, youre free to be on your way, macha!
No. 590474 ID: d8a627

Nemain, what I meant by half-and-half is that, well, have you ever tried growing different types of flowers near each other? As the bees come and spread the pollen, the flowers can sometimes sprout hybrid seeds. Seeds that contain part of that flower and another flower, thanks to the mixed together pollen.
Men have a liquid inside their body which is metaphorically called "Seed," although it is NOT a seed of any plant sort. The "Seed" of a man only holds half of the information for creating a baby. The other half is contained inside a "Pod" that is inside a woman. About once a month, the woman's Pod will release one soft, tiny capsule (Think a pomegranate, it's a large pod with lots of tiny capsules inside it), which can accept the information from one seed from the man. If the man and woman happen to be Clopper and Trytie, well, you'll end up with a "Hybrid."
Buuut yeah that's probably a mean thing to ask a person if they are, okay.
Oh, and Men have their own pods, too, but their pods aren't as far inside the body as a woman's are, they instead hang loose just beneath the "Stem."
Stems and Pods, Nemain, these are the safe words to use.

Would it maybe be considered nicer to ask who her mother was, since you know her father was the ranger? I mean, you didn't mention the ranger being married, so I don't think it was common knowledge, was it.
No. 590479 ID: 3009b4
File 140865081991.jpg - (238.33KB , 800x600 , Nem Ixnay on the Itchway.jpg )

Nem -- using very loud surface thoughts since she's afraid to draw attention to her conversation in any way -- explains that she calls the witch a "Fair protector" out loud because to quote some of the older boys, "That old wound be crazy!"

The witch has a preference for children but when she first arrived she also made an example of several huntsmen who went after her. The families of the affected often just move away in grief because they're unable to get justice. While it is true that the witch has helped the village -- one time a group of bandits made trouble and the witch put on a puppet show with their remains in the middle of town -- for the most part she's extremely dangerous and your life hangs by the thread of whatever mood she's in at the time.

If Macha and the witch meet, Nem plans on running away as fast as possible and find out who wins later.

Nem doesn't know who "Ermas" is. She's also never had a 'sweetbread' before. She's only had sweet buns -- bread covered in honey and fruit. (They're vegan).

:: Contextual Help ::
:: Under normal circumstances Nem's people would never eat meat and may vomit or get bad gas/diarrhea after eating some since their systems aren't used to it. They don't like the smell of raw/cooked meat as a general rule. There's no record in Nem's village of anyone eating meat since they're too far from trade routes to encounter it, they don't hunt, and the witch scares the bejeezies out of them so encounters with bones freaks them right out. It is possible for Nem's people to adapt to an omnivore diet but it takes time and the effects would be similar to one who is lactose intolerant. For those who live near trade routes, Cloppers who enjoy meat are considered bad omens by everyone -- regardless of race. At best, meat-eating cloppers are said to have Unseelie blood in them and at worst, they are servants of the Devil. At this point in time there's not enough information to separate superstition from fact -- in their recorded history, those of Nem's people who enjoy meat are either extremely aberrant or have had a faerie parent somewhere in their family past (or both). Faerie traits can lie dormant for an unknown period of time before manifesting.

Unlike our history, "burning the witch" is never attempted by a village because just like the witch in the woods provoking such a powerful individual is a good (or terrible, depending on how you read it) way to get killed (the mayor's surviving family line will attest to this). Such 'witches' usually find themselves alone regardless -- either they leave town due to being feared or the town leave them.

Nem: Macha... if we see the wolf, can it harm us while we're on the path? Could we trap it?

Macha: Wolves can't even see the path, or anyone on it. The smart ones know you're there, they can smell you, hear you... but they can't really find you until you step off it. Same goes for that old witch in the East. Just because they can't find you on the path doesn't mean you're safe on it. They just have to be patient. That's why the charm doesn't work to protect the village -- too much noise, too much light, even if the whole village was on charmed ground people just make too much racket to hide properly. If you think you're in trouble on the path, be still and be silent. Funny thing, yes?

Do you want to know a secret, Nem?

Nem trembles involuntarily. Yes she wants to know the secret. Macha scares her, and the secret could be terrible but she wants to know!
No. 590480 ID: 852e04

I meant the thing rekkki gave you!
.....youre curious, arent you? Well, when someone says WANNA KNOW A SECRET, they're gonna tell you the secret, so say yes and brace yourself, i guess. ,
No. 590481 ID: 3009b4
File 140865224238.jpg - (163.22KB , 800x600 , Nem Curiosity Level.jpg )

For context, this is Nem's curiosity level compared to say, Pandora.

Also -- Nem knew you were referring to the bun Rekki gave her. Google "sweetbread" for a reason why Nem would have never had the experience.
No. 590482 ID: b651f5

Ask whether anybody says that and then doesn't tell the secret.
(I feel that we should avoid actually saying yes because of faerie reasons, though if we outright refuse that might not turn out well.)
No. 590484 ID: 2fd516

...I don't like this. I think she's the wolf.

Nem, if you say no, I will tell you where babies come from.
No. 590485 ID: 852e04

Ooh, do this! >>590482
No. 590495 ID: 3009b4
File 140866137230.jpg - (192.85KB , 800x600 , Macha Tells a sSecret.jpg )

>Nem, if you say no, I will tell you where babies come from.
Nem is so tired of hearing the group's explanations of where babies come from that this has the opposite effect.
However, one of the suggestions has earned the group +10 IP. The group now has 108 IP.

Nem heads one of the suggestions and simply nods her head in response, hoping that it's a happy medium. She's too intimidated by Macha to say anything smart.

Macha leans in close. Nem can feel her hot, sour breath in her ear as she whispers.

Macha: That's how creatures hide from Death. You know how we make noise in celebration, how it scares away evil spirits? That's because they're afraid that if they're near the sound, Death will finally take notice and come for them. We mortals are so noisey, Death doesn't have to look very hard for us. Death does NOT take kindly to being fooled like that either, so when Death finally finds one of those sneaking, smug creatures who have hid for so long, Death makes sure ends are violent and horrifying. Your witch never comes around during noisy celebrations, does she?

Nem shakes her head. Macha simply chuckles in response.
No. 590498 ID: 2fd516

Pointed teeth? I can't tell if those canines are of an unusual size, actually. Could be normal? Don't mention them, either way. You remember how Red got eaten in the faerie tale, don't you...?

I say lead her to the Witch, and offer the sweetbread roll as tribute when the Witch comes around, in exchange for her getting Rachel away from you. Then you can probably go back to the trail and head to your grandmother's house again.
No. 590549 ID: 3009b4
File 140867965471.jpg - (231.67KB , 800x600 , Nem and the Winemaker.jpg )

For the record -- Nem has no idea what "canines" are because the closest thing to a dog she's ever seen is a wolf -- and she's never taken a real good look at one's mouth for obvious reasons. Nem also never got a really good look at Macha's teeth since she wasn't facing her, but to make up for artistic restriction it's not so much that Macha has enlarged canines as that she has canines at all.

Nem continues along the path -- no sign of the wolf. Eventually she reaches the branch where the path ventures off towards the witch's place -- not that they built the path to it, that's just where she moved in.

As Nem approaches it, she sees Teddy, the winemaker approaching with a wave. Nem whips around and finds Macha has vanished. This makes her feel more nervous.

Teddy is a pretty popular man at the village for obvious reasons, and also fairly important since he tends to keep everyone supplied with extra jugs of wine in case the witch is feeling bad tempered.

Witch Wine his speciality; it's a wine with 20% alcohol content. Typically Nem's people enjoy wine with 4% alcohol (They're 3-5x more sensitive to alcohol than humans). He gives this wine out to new mothers -- not to drink of course, but to keep corked up by the child's window so the witch will take it instead if she's feeling cruel. When the jugs vanish at night, the whole village gets uneasy unless there's some kids laid out with hangovers afterwards. Punishments for drinking Witch Wine vary depending on who's doing it -- they don't have a jail but they do have stocks. For most kids, the hangover is enough to learn their lesson.

Teddy: Hello Nemmie! You back from your grandma's already, or ya not gone yet? He thinks a moment and then adds: If you've got a moment, you could come help me pick berries. Shouldn't take more than a quarter or half hour.
No. 590556 ID: 2fd516

Reaaaaally? Do some work for him, try to get some witch wine. That will surely be enough to get the Witch to get rid of Macha.
No. 590583 ID: 487455

A fifteen minute respite doing something safe and normal sounds like a good idea.

...uh, assuming it's safe to leave the path for that. I suppose his fields aren't enchanted, but we're invited, and if one can't leave and enter paths at destinations, or for hospitality, they don't really work as paths at all.
No. 590596 ID: d8a627

Oh, right, the excuse for going the wrong way.

You got flustered when you thought there was a wolf following you and got turned around. Don't lie and say that you were already at her place, as if Macha is part of the Unseelie Court she will not appreciate a lie. The truth of the matter is that your thoughts were everywhere (That was because of us, but don't tell them that), and you wound up walking in one direction.
Furthering truth (This part should be ommited, left out), your thoughts kept wandering until now because of Macha's sense of humor. Truth that you can say is that your thoughts didn't exactly come together until you saw Teddy.
No. 590598 ID: b651f5

If Macha can impersonate specific people she would have probably just taken the form of the ranger*, but just to be sure I think you should get a closer look at Teddy's eyes before heading off with him. Assuming it is him, as a reputable adult his knowledge of magic-path-safety is probably decent.

*Unless she was reading memories for better impersonation during the walk...
No. 590643 ID: 3009b4
File 140873681948.jpg - (283.96KB , 800x600 , Nem and Winemaker Teddy Looking for Berries.jpg )

Nem: Do you have fields around here?

Teddy: For Witch's Wine, we need to get some wild berries and herbs that just don't grow near the village. I think it has something to do with the faerie influence on the forest.

Nem and Teddy back down the path towards her grandmother's house. Along the way, Teddy asks if Nem is engaged yet and she replies that she isn't, nor does she have any prospects at the time.

Teddy: Your father's pretty protective of ya, isn't he?

Nem: Yes sir. None of the boys have gotten the nerve to court me yet. I'm not worried, mother wasn't engaged until she was 17 and a half or so.

Teddy raises an eyebrow.

Teddy: You're still a good girl, right? Would hate to think there's a the reason why you're such a late bloomer.

Nem is taken aback.

Nem: Why would you even suggest otherwise?

Teddy chuckles.

Teddy: Oh, that red cape n' all. It's peculiar.

Nem scowls.

Nem: It's a gift from my grandmother, and it's enchanted. I've had it since I was 8 and I've worn it all the time.

Teddy: Hey now, I didn't mean anything by it. At a certain age though, it starts to look odd. Usually girls waiting to be married wear white.

Nem: I am wearing white.

Nem walks the rest of the way in silence, clearly feeling insulted.

Once the path crosses over the river, they veer off of it towards the woods. Teddy explains the kinds of berries and herbs they're to look for. As instructed, Nem begins to gather the red, multi-segmented berries Teddy has requested -- but she can't help but feel that she is being watched.
No. 590645 ID: 2fd516

I think he's scoping out your butt.
No. 590662 ID: 3009b4

rolled 100 = 100

Nem is making a perception check on her own. The target number is hidden. IP may be spent to modify this roll, increasing by 5 (%) per point spent. 108 points are available.
No. 590665 ID: 2fd516

Hahaha so much for that.
No. 590666 ID: 3009b4
File 140874759982.jpg - (278.14KB , 800x600 , Nem Knows Something is Wrong.jpg )


(100/100 is auto-win regardless of her target number)

Nem realizes that Teddy is approaching her while her guard is down and she suspects his intentions are not honourable: she's a lone young woman, in the woods, and well outside of the hearing range of anyone who could help her.

On top of that, he made inappropriate remarks about her cape.

She's not quite sure what she should actually DO in this sort of situation however and could really use some ideas. As far as Nem knows, Teddy isn't especially proficient as a fighter but he is bigger than she is.

:: Contextual Help ::
:: Overall there's no practical difference in strength between genders for Nem's people and women can and do serve in the military. Nem can almost certainly out-run Teddy if she can get around him -- she's younger and on top of that she's naturally faster than average. However, her biggest problem is right now Teddy is blocking her most open escape routes. She could try to fight, but due to her size and lack of experience she'd be at a disadvantage -- not hopeless, but it would be difficult. She can't jump the bush she's in front of and likely not able to push through it before she could get out of arm's reach. If you have other ideas feel free to state them. ::
No. 590669 ID: 2fd516

I thought low rolls were better. Well, that's fortunate!

Also, ugh, really?

Nem, you have the element of surprise right now. Punch him right in the nose then run for it while he's stunned.
No. 590670 ID: b0fc5f

if you can, aim and kick his knees as hard as you can, or do a quick elbow jab to the gut. hopefully he'll be reeling from the blow and you'll have your chance to run off and away from him.
If he's tough enough to keep holding after the initial on a hit to the fork of his legs SHOULD keep him from taking any further action, but once that's done get away.
Only do what you need to escape.
No. 590671 ID: f2cf24

>Normally lower is better but it seems wrong to make 100 suck.
No. 590672 ID: 436cdc

Smart! And on the other scale, I am really hoping a 1 makes it so that we fail SPECTACULARLY.
No. 590674 ID: b651f5

This. Hoofs are good for kicking, and I don't think he is looking at your feet right now.
No. 590679 ID: 1943a1

hooves are good for kicking. can you deliver a STRONG blow to his groin or would it be too far up to kick? if you cannot, kick his knees out. Then reel around and sock him in the nose - tht will assure he falls, if the kick didnt get him. then RUN
No. 590688 ID: 3009b4

rolled 53 = 53

>Actually '4' is the spectacular failure number because I think I'm clever.

Nem's never even thought of using her elbow to strike so that's not going to happen, and she doesn't have the room for a groin kick. However, the shins should be a pretty reasonable target so she'll try that.

Nem does not gain a bonus to attack as while the surprise gives her the advantage, it won't help her perform a good kick any better. If everyone is comfortable with low rolls being better even in combat situations -- except for an unmodified lucky '100' (and an unlucky '4') -- then we'll continue on that theme.

Nem's Unarmed Combat skill is sitting at 25 because she's never been in a real fight in her life even if she is quick. If she rolls 25 or lower, she'll land her attack on target. If she rolls 50 or lower she'll still hit, but it will miss its mark -- likely striking against muscle and being largely ineffective.

Teddy will have a penalty to defend against Nem's kick due to her having the element of surprise. His skill is hidden, but he is not a trained combatant and simply is more experienced in life than Nem is. If Teddy makes his defence roll he will stop the attack from landing on target or avoid it completely. Missing within an acceptable margin (similar to Nem's 25/50) will mean he is hit but will be able to act, and blowing it completely will prevent him countering, even if Nem wiffs. You'll get the idea from the resulting illustration. First roll is Nem's.
No. 590689 ID: 3009b4

rolled 25 + 25 = 50

Nem spins around too early and her attack misses completely.
No. 590691 ID: 3009b4

rolled 91 = 91

Teddy is surprised, but realizing Nem knows what he's up to he lunges at her!
No. 590692 ID: 3009b4

rolled 85 = 85

He's far too slow!
No. 590700 ID: 3009b4
File 140875573145.jpg - (170.16KB , 800x600 , Yay we are both idiots.jpg )

However, Nem did something equally stupid. Since I want to keep combat moving swiftly I'm going to post this illustration in black and white.

Nem blew her own defence roll pretty badly and while Teddy went face-first into the bush, she jumped to the side ALSO into the bush.

Both Nem and Teddy are on equal footing -- bad -- at the moment. Aren't fights between non-combatants fun? Side note, nobody has lost HP either. HP is lost avoiding injuries that would end a fight, not for looking stupid.

>A handy reminder is that at any point before a roll is made (or very soon after if I catch it in time) you may spend IP to sweeten Nem's rolls OR screw with her opponent's rolls. Every 1 pt gives you an extra 5 in whatever direction you want, and for the time being every suggestion with an IP use note uses 1 pt. (I'll let any single person use up to a maximum of 5 pts for one suggestion).
No. 590702 ID: 3009b4

Additional side note:

I just realized how confusing that looks. Nem rolled 53 to attack -- a complete wiff. Teddy rolled 50 to defend including his penalty, which was enough for him to not just stand there like an idiot. His lunge however was a complete fail at 91, which means Nem automatically gets out of the way of his grab. Nem's roll of 85 was to defend -- now since Teddy wiffed she doesn't have to roll to dodge but it was an attempt to jockey into a better position or even counter-attack, but instead she failed and over-stepped into the bush.

So as illustrated, they both look like idiots.
No. 590706 ID: 2fd516

He's not blocking your retreat anymore! Get out of there!
No. 590707 ID: 3009b4

Nem WILL get out of the bush before Teddy since she didn't fail as badly as he did and she's faster.

She knows that tactically she should run but she really wants to try kicking the old lech one last time. Nem doesn't just want to tell Daddy and have him thump Teddy, she wants to be a real woman. However she trusts you lot enough to go with the majority's suggestion instead.
No. 590714 ID: 2fd516

Well, I wouldn't be opposed to kicking him in the ass if he's still facing away by the time Nem is capable of it. I would even toss 10 IP her way to try it.
No. 590715 ID: b651f5

I am in favor of getting out while the getting's good, though if you do want one last kick go for the legs so he can't grab you.
No. 590716 ID: 3009b4

rolled 12 = 12

Even though Nem is off-balance, Teddy is more so and so this is her result table:
1-25: A kick that hurts enough to slow Teddy down. Unless she rolls a 4, which would be disastrous for her.
26-50: A kick that will land and hurt, but only slow Teddy down enough for Nem to get a head start and make him furious. Of course, any adrenaline he might experience will be useless against the same rush Nem will have. Also Nem will feel better.
51-75: The kick will land but be pretty much well ineffective. Nem will blow her head start, allowing Teddy to potentially retaliate.
76+: Nem wiffs it, and by the time she recovers her balance Teddy will be able to retaliate.
100: Nem nails him in the worst place imaginable on his spine and takes him out of the fight.
No. 590719 ID: 3009b4
File 140876273447.jpg - (328.82KB , 800x600 , Nem discovers 12 is a hidden crit.jpg )

Nem discovers that when a success, rolling a '12' is a critical strike.

Perhaps later we will find out about other special rolls.

For now, this is probably the second most painful thing Teddy will experience in this story. He's not defeated but it gives Nem a very good head start for running.

In fact, Nem does have time to steal his sack (pardon the expression) if she so chooses. It would go against Nem's character (and might have repercussions), but so does kicking people in the groin as hard as she can.

Today has been quite different.
No. 590720 ID: 01745f

Success! Don't take his stuff on your way out; if you did he would probably accuse you of being a thief when he slinks back to the village.
No. 590721 ID: 2fd516

Yeah, don't take his stuff.

Let's just try to get to Grandma's now.
No. 590723 ID: d8a627

Back to the path and to Grandmother's house you go!

Oh, but if you're close enough, put him on the path, too. No reason to let the wolves find him.
No. 590725 ID: 3009b4
File 140876565405.jpg - (198.70KB , 800x600 , Nem Feels So Alive.jpg )

>Oh, but if you're close enough, put him on the path, too. No reason to let the wolves find him.

Teddy isn't unconscious. He's just been kicked hard enough in a sensitive area that Nem has a very large head start if he tries to chase her. If Nem stuck around to try to wait for him to get up she'd have a real fight on her hands.

Nem sprints away as fast as her legs will carry her -- which is actually pretty fast, even by her own people's swift standards. She can hear Teddy cursing and swearing and calling her a "vicious ungrateful crazy little wound", but his voice isn't catching up to her.

Nem has never felt so alive before. She's been stalked by a wolf, a huge scary lady, she kicked the... stuff... of Teddy who she's pretty sure just tried to rape her. She's faced down so many woodland terrors and lived to tell the tale.

Nem feels invincible. She's never felt that way before -- she's felt protected, loved, comfortable, full, happy, and even drunk -- but never like she couldn't be hurt or killed. That fear of death has been drilled into her by her (well-meaning) parents and she faced it down today!
No. 590729 ID: d8a627

>Nem feels invincible.
Unseelie Court likes to play mean pranks? And you're near their territory when things start going "wrong" only to fail to harm you whatsoever? They're probably tricking you into thinking you're invincible, Nemain, so that you can suffer a grand fall once you let your guard down.
Keep your guard up. Nobody is invincible. Nobody. Even if they won't attack until your guard is down, why give them the chance? Keep it up and be ready for something seriously dangerous.

Also, from our side of things, you got extremely lucky when it came to Teddy. With everybody else, maybe you did pull it off on your own, but with him? You were lucky, girl, and don't you forget it. He deserved it, and that's good Karma, yes, but karma doesn't always sit on your side.
No. 590731 ID: 3009b4
File 140876674004.jpg - (152.07KB , 800x600 , Nem Hears Something.jpg )

rolled 76 = 76

Just as Teddy's angry shouts indicate Nem is at a good, safe distance... they change.


For a moment, Nem wonders if he's just trying to trick her, but the fear in his voice seems very real. Nem has no idea where Macha is. She could easily sprint to the Ranger's place in minutes. Or she could try to call for Macha.


Whatever she does, she must do quickly.
No. 590732 ID: 3009b4

Nem has no idea what to do.
No. 590735 ID: d8a627

Call out for Macha. If Teddy is lying, she'll punish him for it.
No. 590738 ID: 2fd516

I'm pretty sure Macha is the wolf, who is attacking Teddy.

There's noone we can turn to, since the "ranger" is the attacker. I say just run for your grandmother's house. Since the "ranger" is busy with Teddy, you may be able to reach your destination without being followed this time.
No. 590740 ID: 436cdc

Tell him you're going to get help, then run for whatever populated area is closest. On the way there, be sure to fill whoever you can get in on the horrible shit he tried to pull.
No. 590742 ID: 2fd516

Oh wait! You may be able to save him by giving him that advice about staying quiet when on the road.
No. 590745 ID: 01745f

Our sources say that the actual ranger is probably dead, and Macha is the main suspect. With that in mind, calling her would likely serve only to draw the attacker away from him towards yourself, which would be worth considering were it not for what he just tried to do.

I am under the impression that town is too far to go back to run to for help, so I am agreeing with >>590738
No. 590749 ID: 1943a1

Why are we helping a would-be rapist again?
No. 590756 ID: 436cdc

Because this guy provides wine to ward off the witch. He's a shitty dude and we'll probably be making sure he sees comeuppance, but if we let him just die the repercussions have a good chance of being HORRIFYING.
No. 590757 ID: 1943a1

oh fuck RIGHT the only winemaker
well, if we call for macha, we'll...be right back where we started. it's safe to assume she's up to no good, otherwise she would have noticed we're walking right past the road to grandma's house.
best bet is to run to the nearest populated area, yeah.
No. 590760 ID: 3009b4
File 140880927741.jpg - (202.27KB , 800x600 , Nem Thinks You are Right.jpg )

Nem thinks you're right. The only person she could get to in time would be the Ranger, and she doesn't know if Macha went home or is somewhere around here.

She hears Teddy scream as he experiences the most painful thing that will befall him in this story, and knows there's nothing she can do. She hurries to her grandmother's house.
No. 590777 ID: 3009b4
File 140881273349.jpg - (196.81KB , 800x600 , Nem makes it Gram on Day One.jpg )

Nothing follows Nem the entire time on her way to her grandmother's house.

Safe inside, the familiar and comforting scents of spices, perfume and simmering stonemeal (a kind of porridge that lasts a long time as long as it's kept warm, takes forever to cook).

Nem explains all that's happened to her -- the charm, the spirits warning her of a wolf, Rekki, Macha, Teddy and his apparent death.

Gram's old, weak eyes flitter at Nem's mention of a wolf.

Grandma: We haven't seen wolves here in years -- witch scares them off. The Wolf is one form the faerie folk really don't like taking. Did you see the wolf with your own eyes, Nem?

Nem: No. The spirits just warned me one was following me and Rekki said it was true.

Grandma: That's good, probably means the wolf wasn't here for you. You know, it's been a long, long time since I've seen a trite. They don't come this far inland -- mostly because they hate our food, and really the feeling is mutual. Trite food stinks. They're not bad people -- they're very odd, but they're a better lot than the Seelie. I'm not saying that Seelie can't be really very good hearted souls, but at least most of the trites think we're people.

Nem initially thinks Grandma meant to say "Unseelie" but while her gram's senses might be dull her mind's still sharp.

Grandma: As far as ol' Teddy is concerned, you play dumb. His own cockiness is what got him killed, thinking he was untouchable just because he makes witch's wine. He's not the only one in the village who knows how, he's just got the most practice. Your mother knows how to make the stuff, she's just bad for taking a nip of it when she's surrounded by it. You know she used to come to me crying, thinking you were going to be taken away because she used to steal a sip or two from the bottle in your room? That's when I gave her the cape. I think it was originally used as part of your bedding. I'm rambling now, but you listen to me: don't say anything. Teddy was popular, so letting anyone know you were mixed up with this might get you into trouble and he's not worth it.

Nem nods her head obediently.

Is there anything you'd like her to ask grandma while she's here? Nem will be returning to her village shortly.
No. 590778 ID: 2fd516

Yeah, what was up with Macha? She had Trite eyes and smelled strange, along with the bad vibes we got from her. What's the difference between a Seelie and an Unseelie? Or is Unseelie only used to describe the Court, which consists of Seelies?
No. 590779 ID: 487455

Say hello to grams for us, there.

>Is there anything you'd like her to ask grandma while she's here?
Do all Trites have a third eye?

Does she know if the Ranger actually had a daughter or a wife? It's kind of strange to have run into Macha without having even heard mention of her before.
No. 590789 ID: 1943a1

yeah ask her about macha!
theres a glamour here, isnt it?
No. 590791 ID: 01745f

Good advice there.

>What's the difference between a Seelie and an Unseelie?
Traditionally the difference is that Seelie are alien and unpredictable while Unseelie are actively malicious.
No. 590794 ID: d8a627

Macha seemed to be part Tryte and part Clopper. Is it possible for the two to make a baby together?
Does the Fairy Queen always mark those who kiss her with a glowing green circle? Rekki said that's where he got it from.

Oh, intermission time: Wolves eat animals, yeah? That's what's so scary about them. Animals are meat. People are meat. But do you know why wolves eat meat? It makes them strong. So why can't they find you? Because, you need to eat plants to make your senses strong. Only your muscles get strong if you eat meat, and there are plants that do that anyways.
Why does the Tryte food stink? Well, they certainly do eat plants, but some of their food is meat. They're not going to eat people, though, don't worry, that's a crime called "Cannibalism," which basically means "To eat another person." It is said that if you eat another person, you lose your soul.
Yes, I think the Witch lost her soul long ago.

Questions! Does the witch have her soul? Our (the guides) knowledge says that she should have lost it since she eats children.
No. 590796 ID: 3009b4

>Say hello to grams for us, there.

Grandma says "Hello" back, sort of looking around for a rough approximation of where you might be.

>Yeah, what was up with Macha? Does she know if the Ranger actually had a daughter or a wife?

Grandma gets rather flustered when the Ranger's martial status is brought up.

Grandma: I know he had been a widower for some time, just like I lost my husband years ago. He never spoke of children but that wouldn't mean he might not have had any. All that outdoor living makes a man virile. Now as far as what you've told me of Macha, I don't know enough to say. She could have faerie blood in her -- it's not unusual for Rangers to get mixed up with the Seelie Court due to all the time outdoors and their respect of nature. That could change her eyes. Never thought of the smell of the breath though.

She sighs as she recalls the two courts of the faerie folk.

Grandma: The two courts are the Seelie and Unseelie, and the differences are primarily political. Neither court looks at us -- and that includes the trites -- as real people. "Seelie" means light. To them, at best we're children or primitives and at worst, very clever animals. They're extremely arrogant but they try to hide it since they're usually not trying to be malicious, it's just that they feel they're so much better than us. Sort of like how we women let the men think they're in charge -- it'd hurt their feelings to know the truth so we keep it to ourselves. The Seelie Court usually gives us fair warning if there will be real trouble, and most of them try to play with a gentle hand.

The Unseelie Court refers to "dark" faeries, and they view us as animals more like how the trites view animals. Trites keep animals for food, did you know that? Gives them foul breath sometimes. Now some trites are very respectful of their animals, and some Unseelie get rather fond of people, but we'll never be on par with a person in the eyes of their court. Since we're nothing more than dumb animals to them they may be very cruel without a second thought. I know it sounds a little alien to you. Our witch is most likely a member of the Unseelie Court. She protects us because we're her property. I'd compare us to honey bees, but you know that we treat our bees better than she treats us.

Finally, grandma addresses Rekki's third eye.

Grandma: No, trites don't have a third eye as a general rule. Was it a different colour than his other eyes? Yes? Ahhh, then that explains it. Someone gave or forced Rekki to take a third eye. From the sounds of things, the poor boy is bound as a servant to spirits of some power -- they use that third eye to give him orders.
No. 590798 ID: 2fd516

>Gives them foul breath sometimes
Macha had foul breath.

Why do fae not like to take on the form of the wolf? Could it be that Macha used it because it's the only alternate form she has?
No. 590801 ID: 3009b4

>Macha seemed to be part Tryte and part Clopper. Is it possible for the two to make a baby together?

Grandma laughs at the idea.
Grandma: I... I have no idea! Our people and trites tend to just tolerate each other. Our differences keep us apart but they're also what keeps us from going to war since we just can't do what they do, and vice versa. We even speak the same language -- although their accents make them hard to understand. But as far as actually having a baby together... I've never heard of such a thing. Now, don't take my word as law -- last time I saw a trike was a long time ago and they don't come around here because of the mountains. Most of our women can't get past their breath and their odd smell, and their woman feel about the same from what I remember when I met some years and years ago. Heavens know what you'd even feed the baby!

>Does the Fairy Queen always mark those who kiss her with a glowing green circle? Rekki said that's where he got it from.

Grandma reflects on this.

Grandma: I don't know. What I do know that it would be scandalous for her to do so. Remember, we're not even real people to them. Rekki would be lower than the lowest commoner. Little wonder the boy has problems.

>Does the witch have her soul? Our (the guides) knowledge says that she should have lost it since she eats children.

Grandma: Depends on what you think a soul is. I know what they teach you at church, but you have to remember that the witch looks at us like property. If you think a soul is a person's goodness -- then I wouldn't say she lost it but if we compared it to a plant, it's just a withered old nut now that might not ever get planted.
No. 590803 ID: 3009b4

>Why do fae not like to take on the form of the wolf?

Grandma's face and tone darken.

Grandma: The wolf is a sign of Death for faeries. Most of them are immortal, so the image of Death is not something to trifle with. From what I understand, a long, long time ago the wolf was one of the allies of a people the faeries were at war with. The faeries wiped them out, but not the allies of their enemy. So enraged were they at their loss that the wolves sided with Death itself so that they could make the faeries taste the fate of their defeated foes.

To this day, wolves are not our allies, but we're not their enemies either; as mortals we will all meet death eventually so the wolves do not hunt us. That's not to say we shouldn't keep a very respectful distance from them since they are still servants of Death and if we want to meet our ends sooner than later they may oblige us.

However, the wolf is a great enemy of the faerie both Seelie and Unseelie. Avoid mentioning them in their presence; its one of the few things they fear and fear makes any people, immortal or not, do foolish things.

No. 590804 ID: 2fd516

Okay, hang on a minute. If Trite food is stinky, where did the sweetbread come from?
No. 590806 ID: b8ceae

"Sweetbread" is a term for pancreas or thymus. It is not, in fact, bread.
No. 590807 ID: 563dc1

This seems like a good time to ask, since your grandmother already brought it up: What exactly does the cape do, and how reliably?
She said it was originally given as protection from the witch - would it protect you if you went into her territory? How so - by hiding you, repelling her, or something else? Does it work on other possible threats?
No. 590814 ID: 3009b4

>"Sweetbread" is a term for pancreas or thymus. It is not, in fact, bread.

Correct. Nem would never know that term and what she has is a 'sweetbread bun', which means the outside is actually bread (and isn't normally how it's served but analogs and such).

Grandmother begins to explain to Nem how her cape works. While she does this...

:: Contextual Help ::
:: The protection the cape provides takes the form of both HP and IP as noted on initial readout. From your vantage point, Nem has a quantifiable amount of protection from danger in the form of "HP" -- but from her vantage point, she is just fortunate to not be wounded. For example, if someone came at Nem with a knife and she failed to dodge, instead of being stabbed in a way that would either kill her or wound her badly enough to be taken out of a fight, she would instead lose HP and just barely dodge anyways, perhaps taking a nick to her clothing. She would view it as being very lucky, while your view would see her lose HP. If Nem runs out of HP she does not die, but her next mistake will likely be her last. The protection applies further in the form of Influence Points, which allows you to adjust the odds in her favour as required. Again, as far as those around her would be concerned, Nem would just be very fortunate.

Different charms use different methods of regaining HP. In Nem's case, the cape recharges its HP reserves if its not needed for 4-6 hrs -- in a nutshell, her cape works on the "Rest to regain HP" methodology. ::
No. 590826 ID: 563dc1

Rekki indicated to us that the ranger is dead now, and that it would be a bad idea to let anyone follow you to your grandmother's house.
Based on this ... ask her if she knows of anyone in particular who would have a reason to hurt her, and if she has any idea about what happened to the ranger.
There seem to be significant hostile forces around these parts, and I really feel like I don't understand them well enough. We know about the witch, but from what we've heard she doesn't seem like the type to go after an experienced woodsman. The wolves, similarly, have been stated to not hunt your kind in particular if you stay away from them. There's something else, and it would be good to get your grandmother to talk about it if she knows.
No. 590850 ID: 3009b4

rolled 43 = 43

>ask her if she knows of anyone in particular who would have a reason to hurt her, and if she has any idea about what happened to the ranger.

Grandmother: There's no one around here with a grudge against me. I've been around a long time -- anyone from my past is probably too old for revenge. It's enough just to get up in the morning, never mind wasting all that energy on being angry.

Now don't underestimate the witch -- she's killed a lot of experienced hunters. The rangers survived by knowing to keep their distance and making sure we all knew where her territory was. A lot of surviving an encounter with her depends on her mood.

I wouldn't be too surprised if the ranger passed. He's a bit younger than I am, but you know how men are -- living hard takes it out on your lifeline, even if your body is strong.

As to Macha... I'm afraid I don't know anything about her. She could just be odd. If she has a tryte mother then I wouldn't be surprised if she's different to us, even if that is unlikely. A faerie mother would make her just as addled. Is there anything else, dear?

No. 590854 ID: d8a627

The only other question I have is if there's more Middle-people (Since fae are apparently "High" people) than just Trytes and Cloppers.
No. 590869 ID: 3009b4

Grandmother shrugs.

Grandmother: It's hard to say; the faeries are so varied in appearance and nature that there may be more, but the trytes are the only ones I've encountered that are a people like our own in as far as having mortal cares are concerned. Take the witch -- she's been called an ogress, but to some people ogres are giant, menacing creatures whereas to others they're simply larger and uglier. Not too many people know this, but she's called "Blind Yaga" -- she has eyes all over the wood but up close (where few dare to do) it's very poor.
No. 590871 ID: 3009b4

Grandmother is tired now. She's had her lunch and her tea, and she's ready for a nap.

Nem on the other hand has plenty of daylight (2PM), so if you'd like to do any more exploring speak now, otherwise she should be heading back home.
No. 590875 ID: 487455

Thank you grandmother, say your goodbyes, hugs, cheek kisses, etc, and then set off for home.

I think we've had enough adventure for one day. No need for exploring.
No. 590882 ID: 01745f

Yep. If we get back when there is daylight we can inquire about the ranger and whether anyone knew if he had a daughter.
No. 590883 ID: 3009b4
File 140884910322.jpg - (184.41KB , 800x600 , Nem Quest Chapter One Complete.jpg )

The walk home is uneventful. No shadows, no Macha, no Rekki, no Teddy.

Nem says not a word of the events of the day, and only reports grandmother's continued good health to her parents.

When Teddy does not return, a search party is sent out. His remains are found in the witch's territory. His body had no marks upon it, but Teddy's face is reported to be ashen and aged. He had always looked younger than his years in life, but the illusion was thoroughly dispersed in death.

The village sheriff does not think Teddy died by any mortal hand, and the most obvious suspect is the witch. His theory is that Teddy as the winemaker got careless in his confidence that the witch would never strike him down, got too close or maybe got too proud, and she did him in. The villagers are mostly convinced this is correct; Teddy would be 'too old and tough to eat' but maybe she didn't bind his body to a tree because he was the winemaker. Nem's mother proposes that the witch just appeared in front of him and Teddy died of fright; the other villages think this is a very plausible theory.

Nem is questioned -- not as a suspect but being the only other person in the woods that day -- and she avoids lying by saying she saw him on the path, going to gather wild berries and herbs for a batch of witch wine; a half-truth trick she learned from you.

The village and her parents attribute her shaken and suddenly quiet disposition to survivor's guilt or simply because "it could have been her". The truth of course is that Nem feels responsible for Teddy's death, having struck him in a way she felt was justified at the time, but now she wasn't so sure. What if he wasn't trying anything funny and she just made him mad by kicking at him?

Although she was sure at the time that trying to quietly approach a lone young woman from behind in the woods with nobody else around was suspect to say the least, now that Teddy was dead it was different. She was at least partially responsible for his not returning to the path in a timely manner, right? Maybe if she hadn't kicked him quite so hard or felt so wickedly gleeful afterwards none of this would have happened.

Nem does not sleep very well at all over the next few days.

Now Nem has a few secrets of her own.

Chapter One Complete

Chapter Completion - bonus IP, awarded new total of 133.
Nem did not take damage - she gains +5 max HP for a new max of 105.
Nem is now a less terrible liar.
Nem now has a guilty conscience; her abilities are penalized except in adrenaline situations due to lack of sleep.
No. 590888 ID: 487455

>He had always looked younger than his years in life, but the illusion was thoroughly dispersed in death.
...okay, youth magics are almost never nice clean thing. He was doing, or party to, something ugly. The price for that isn't cheap, and someone was paying for him.

>What if he wasn't trying anything funny
We know he was. It's a spirit thing. We see numbers, and your number when you realized he was up to something was as big as it could be. You weren't wrong.

Whether he deserved what happened to him is a harder question. But you were in no position to help, and it was his own decisions that landed him there.
No. 590891 ID: d8a627

>Nem feels responsible for Teddy's death
Shh, there, there, it was not your fault.
>having struck him in a way she felt was justified at the time, but now she wasn't so sure. What if he wasn't trying anything funny and she just made him mad by kicking at him?
He lunged at you, and when you dodged, he took up a combatitive stance. He definitely had a malicious intention.
If you were wrong, then we were wrong. If we were wrong, he would not have been lunging at you. If he wasn't lunging at you, you would have jumped to the side for nothing, and he would have simply asked if you are okay, rather than continuing to aggress you.
>youth magics
...Actually, we never did cover that. The people of Gaelend seem to have a bit of magic at their disposal.
No. 590941 ID: 1e0571

You were not responsible for HIS choice to try to rape you. HE choose to do this, and you had to defend yourself! You were not in the wrong.
No. 590986 ID: 3009b4
File 140890670482.jpg - (175.75KB , 800x600 , Nem Chapter 2 Title.jpg )

>I wasn't sure if I should start Chapter Two in a separate thread, but I've been told some threads are 500-1,000 replies in length so I decided to carry on in this one.

Nem's Quest, Chapter Two

:: Current HP is 105. ::
:: Current Disposition is Tired/Depressed ::
:: Attack Power is Below Normal (Very Weak). ::
:: Defensive Power is Below Normal (Very Weak). ::
:: Agility is Below Normal (Somewhat above Average). ::
:: Inventory consists of Comfortable Clothes, Red Cape. ::
:: Chrono-Recall Set. ::
:: 133 IP Available. ::

It's been a week since Teddy's death. Nem has slept poorly, and has been staying in her room alone lately. Nem's mother as well as some of the other villagers have taken on the witch wine responsibilities until the village is confident they've got it right. Teddy's son has taken over for his father.

Nem has had the opportunity to do research about what happened to her using the village library. She isn't the only one hitting the books, as quite often other villagers also catch up on their history when an unusual death such as Teddy's occurs.

Nem can research ONE of the following subjects:
- The Enchanted Path
- Blind Yaga and Other Witches
- Local Herbalism of North Gaelend
- Unseelie Territory around her village in North Gaelend
- The Seelie Lake Faerie
- Folklore available on wolves
No. 590988 ID: d8a627

>I wasn't sure if I should start Chapter Two in a separate thread, but I've been told some threads are 500-1,000 replies in length so I decided to carry on in this one.
It's entirely up to you. Some people do about five chapters for one thread before going to another, some do just one, and some people do an entire quest in one thread, which is known as a "one-shot" quest
Oh, Good morning, Nemain. It appears we have fallen asleep for a week. I do hope we weren't talking in our sleep?
I, personally, am curious on a few different subjects, but I suspect it would be best to just go with herbalism. Learn what goes into making what, be it medicinal, or alcohol.
No. 590992 ID: 03c476

Herbalism sounds pretty good to me, yeah. It seems like the most generally useful thing to know about.
No. 591000 ID: 487455

Hello, Nem. 'Morning. *psychic hugs*

>:: Chrono-Recall Set. ::
Now, or we still have one set where it was before? And do we have more than one save slot or did we overwrite?

>what research
Local herbalism, sure. [spoiler]I figure if Teddy was doing something untowards to stay young, that's the mostly likely way he would approach it, since he was the winemaker and all. And if Nem gets confirmation he was a bad person, she won't feel as guilty.[spoiler]
No. 591038 ID: 3009b4
File 140892024671.jpg - (180.57KB , 800x600 , Nem Read Up on Herbalism.jpg )

Nem Studies Herbalism

Nem's people use a great deal of a hemp analog in a variety of ways, including clothing, rope, paper, and in a variety of food dishes. Being sensitive to narcotics, they naturally have selected a variant that is extremely low in THC -- not that Nem's books would call it that, but this can be derived from the descriptions.

According to the books Nem has read, certain faerie presences change the way the plants grow. Nem is pretty sure Teddy was gathering wild hemp, altered in some way by the area in the wood he gathered it from. Her information indicates that the effect isn't water soluble so the plant's chemicals shouldn't have an impact on the wine.

Nem recognizes the berries she was gathering -- an analog to the deadly nightshade family.

From what she's read, Teddy's ingredients wouldn't translate to wine at all or would make it poisonous under normal circumstances. From what she's read however, hemp with blue spots or flecks are touched by faeries and something similar applies to the belladonna.

Further study reveals that Nem's people are quite accomplished chemists for their time and have access to equivalents to various over-the-counter drugs like aspirin. They even have Buckley's Mixture, which tastes absolutely awful but it does work.

Nem now has a vague idea of where different herbs can be gathered in the wild that are outside her village. The local herbalist will have mundane sources of many such chemicals like aspirin, but now Nem also has an idea about impacts of faerie-touched sources. You'll have to inquire about a specific effect, and Nem will need to test her memory to know if and where there is an ingredient to achieve it. Since she's only had a week to study, she may not necessarily remember what treatment is required to make said ingredient safe to use.

>A final note regarding Teddy's youthful appearance -- sometimes this occurs naturally where people look 10 years younger than their actual age, only to suddenly gain a lot of time after dealing with stress.

No. 591039 ID: 3009b4

>I just re-read that last passage and the notes regarding hemp and belladonna not working in wine are meant to be in normal circumstances; she does not know what impact faerie-touched variations would have.
No. 591075 ID: 3009b4
File 140894269608.jpg - (141.42KB , 800x600 , What did Nem do with the bun.jpg )

One more thing -- what did Nem do with the bun that Rekki gave her? Nem has her own ideas, but she'd have acted on your suggestions instead.
No. 591082 ID: 436cdc

Give it a nibble, unless someone has a better use for it.
No. 591083 ID: d8a627

Only thing I can think of is to try eating it. Rekki said it's supposed to be good, didn't he?
Then again, grandmother said that Trite food was horrible, so I dunno.
No. 591084 ID: 2fd516

Try to get someone else to eat it, as a prank.
No. 591085 ID: 53ba34

i say try it.
No. 591086 ID: 487455

Well, I mean, she can either eat it or not.

What were her own ideas?
No. 591090 ID: 1e0571

Eat it after a WEEK? noooooooo it probably grew bad!
No. 591112 ID: 3009b4

> Clarification: This is the same sort of pre-time-jump question as "What did Nem study?". Just a few questions now to set up what she did during her time after coming home and now.

Realistically I needed to give the village time to find Teddy, and psychologically Nem needs some time to come to grips with what happened. A week's not much, but it's that much closer to her birthday -- that'd just complicate things, right?

For those who would like to know Nem's ideas, she's curious about what it tastes like and has already nibbled the outside -- which tastes like bread -- but she could also try to dissect it and experiment on it. Which in Nem's limited knowledge of science means "put bits and pieces in different common liquids and see what happens". And this is only because Nem's not allowed to play with fire so trying to mix a potion out of it is out of the question. Or she could try to experiment on one half, consume another... the list goes on, hence going with the suggestions.
No. 591115 ID: 2fd516

No. 591116 ID: fe2e11

...I'm tempted to say experiment with it, given that the guy who handed it to us is working for fey, if not fey himself...
Alternatively, we could just eat the thing, but given the whole 'not good with eating meat' thing that ties into Nem's not being familiar with it, and 'great chemists' alongside the 'eating meat makes you creepy', I'm inclined to think that there might in fact be a good reason NOT to eat it...Ah, right, and that guy was ordered to do so by the fey...Yeah good case for not eating it. Or at least no more than you have.
No. 591119 ID: d8a627

You know what? Do science! Eat half of it as an experiment to see how it tastes, and see how the bits of the other half react to liquids.
Man, not allowed to play with fire? I thought we could make her an alchemist by having her study herbalism.
No. 591121 ID: 01745f

Split it in half to examine the insides before eating it; there might be something weird (like meat :V) in the middle.
No. 591124 ID: 3009b4
File 140899029964.jpg - (122.74KB , 800x600 , Nem Nom 1.jpg )

Nem decides to eat half of it and then use the other half for experiments. She's too curious for anything else.
No. 591125 ID: 3009b4
File 140899032799.jpg - (123.61KB , 800x600 , Nem Nom 2.jpg )

As she bites down, her teeth his something hard.
No. 591127 ID: 3009b4
File 140899087030.jpg - (138.13KB , 800x600 , Nem Nom Coin.jpg )

Nem finds a gold coin! It must have been baked right into the bun. Nem's never even seen a gold coin in her life, but she knows that normally there's a crown on them -- not a skull. She's pretty sure it's real gold.

As to the bun... the center it has a very unusual texture and taste. Nem isn't very sure about the flavour initially but she decides she kind of likes it.

She's only half interested in the other half of the bun in comparison to having a gold coin. She cuts it up into smaller pieces, leaving it in vials of vinegar, water, soapy water, water with mashed up bits of mushroom, water with mashed up insects, and in witch wine.

The only thing she learns is that the bread around the filling is water-soluble and the filling itself is not. That, and the bun gives her bad gas.

More importantly, she has a gold coin. It's very valuable and she instinctively she wants to hide it from everyone (both because of its value and because she'd have to explain where she got it). For the time being, Nem is keeping it under her mattress but she has a feeling she'll need to hide it better.
No. 591128 ID: d8a627

A lot of people refer to gold coins as "Crowns," which may explain why they would usually have a crown on them. If this one has a skull upon it, it must have been minted (Created) somewhere different than normal. I suspect this coin may be from the Faeries. Specifically, I believe Rekki was a servant to the Seelie Court, so maybe, just maybe, they're testing you somehow. Trying to see how smart of an animal, or how capable of a "Lesser Person" you are. Of course, that still comes down to keeping it for yourself, which means keeping it a secret.
Do you know enough about sewing to patch it behind a square of red cloth to the cape?
No. 591129 ID: 3009b4
File 140899218427.jpg - (161.23KB , 800x600 , Nem Chapter New Day.jpg )

Anyhow, all that takes place in the week previous. It's a new day, and Nem is depressed. She's already finished her morning chores, and is currently sitting in her room, on the floor, feeling guilty.

Part of the reason for that feeling is that she's been nipping at the witch's wine again. She likes it, so she nips at it to feel better, but she knows who made it and then that makes her feel guilty again.

Her mother has requested she stay around the house for an hour because she'll have another chore for her to do then. Her father is working, but will be meeting with the mayor soon -- it's been hinted that the mayor will be commissioning some rifles*.

Her mother is currently out in the kitchen, doing some baking and also probably fiddling with a batch of wine (she still doesn't have it right yet).

In the meantime, Nem has an hour to herself and she's feeling uneasy. She would like suggestions on what to do.

*The rifles Nem's people use are more like blunderbusses -- loud, single shot and inaccurate. The major advantage of the rifles isn't power or range -- it's the noise. A perfect combination of defence and town warning, should they ever need to be used.
No. 591130 ID: 3009b4

>Do you know enough about sewing to patch it behind a square of red cloth to the cape?

Nem is afraid to mess with her cape because it's magical. She can sew of course, every girl her age knows how to bake, cook, and sew.
No. 591132 ID: 2fd516

You should probably stop drinking the wine. There's only half a bottle left.

Why don't you go help your mother in the kitchen?
No. 591135 ID: 3009b4

>You should probably stop drinking the wine. There's only half a bottle left.

Just to clarify -- and I see where you're coming from -- but that's an opaque moonshine jug with two colour tones, not a clear bottle. If Nem drank that much during the week at some point she'd have a hangover.

Nem doesn't really feel seeing if her mother needs help -- she feels guilty and is more aware of her secret in her mother's presence. Unless someone has an idea that's more appealing to her however, that's what she'll do.
No. 591137 ID: 1e0571

Do a coin trick! Or well, learn a coin trick.
What do you usually do in your free time, nem?
No. 591143 ID: b8ceae

Rifling a blunderbuss is pointless, since the muzzle (and often entire bore) is flared. If they're calling them rifles then they're either ripping your town off by lying about the nature of their product, ripping your town off by charging you for something which is useless, or ripping you off by dint of being too incompetent at their job to understand what they are making.

A rifle must be rifled - which is to say that there must be grooves spiraling down the length of the bore so as to impart a spin on the projectile. That spin is important, as a spinning projectile travels far straighter.

Also, your town should invest in a stock of iron bullets. If fae have decided to pay attention to your town then it might behoove you to at least be able to dispose of any that take an unkind interest.
No. 591144 ID: 2fd516

Or maybe it's just called a rifle because it looks vaguely like one.

Well what else can we do without leaving the house?
No. 591145 ID: 3009b4
File 140900198945.jpg - (161.20KB , 800x600 , Nem Likes Chemistry.jpg )

>Rifling a blunderbuss is pointless, since the muzzle (and often entire bore) is flared. If they're calling them rifles then they're either ripping your town off by lying about the nature of their product, ripping your town off by charging you for something which is useless, or ripping you off by dint of being too incompetent at their job to understand what they are making.

It was meant to indicate that yes, they have guns but at a stage where a bow and arrow would still be a viable weapon. I should have used the term "long gun" but I'm not a gun enthusiast.

>What do you usually do in your free time, nem?

When Nem is feeling like herself, she likes to hang out with her friends like most normal girls.

But when it comes to hobbies, Nem likes nature, chemistry, and science! She doesn't call it chemistry of course, but she's not an alchemist because she's not looking for the philosopher's stone, she just likes mixing things together and seeing what happens.

She's not allowed to really practice her hobby since she did the whole 'vinegar and baking soda' experiment in the kitchen when she was 7.
No. 591147 ID: 563dc1

I second that you should try to stay away from the witch wine. You needn't feel guilty about it, but you're taking an unnecessary risk; it's there for your protection, and more useful for that than in your stomach.
Sewing the coin into your clothing somewhere is a good idea. Not wanting to risk damage to the enchanted cape is also reasonable, of course. What about the rest of your clothing? I expect most if not all of that is mundane, and would make a good target for enhancements to hide a coin in. I suggest working on that, assuming you have the supplies on hand.
No. 591154 ID: 257e78

You know what's a better treatment for depression than low-level alcoholism alternated with mourning? Fresh air and exercise!

How far along the enchanted paths could Nem reasonably travel in half an hour of jogging?
No. 591160 ID: 1f8505

Try locating some pants or a longer skirt. You have a habit of showing off your underpants.
No. 591164 ID: 3009b4

Nem will sew a small coin pouch into her underwear. She figures it's the safest place to keep it, as nobody will have easy access to that particular garment.

Her mother would rather she not leave the house for at least an hour first as she's got one more chore.
No. 591167 ID: 3bc0da

Wow, you like mixing things and seeing what happens to them? Not being allowed to play with/use fire or chemical-y type of stuff must bug you huh. You realize that fire can react in cool ways to stuff right? Like turning dough into bread or that making good tea/medicine means you have have to cook it first!

So long as you can keep yourself from drinking it, try to get a flask/waterskin of the wine to keep with you too; that stuff is useful for all sorts of things.

How bout you sneak some vinegar and sugar for a test later? We can probably teach you some cool harmless things you can make with normal kitchen stuff.
No. 591177 ID: b8ceae

Ah, ok. So you would rather we not try to advance weapons technology by three hundred years.
Understandable; it would kinda break the quest if we gave a town of sheep tools which would allow them to conquer the fae realms with brutal efficiency.

No. 591182 ID: 3009b4

I was wondering if anyone was going to mention the shall we say 'totem' of Nem's people, and you're close but it's not sheep. There's a thematic reason for my selection too. Aside from that, rest assured that even if we did advance the Gaelendians' technology to include high-calibre armour-piercing rounds and advanced military training it wouldn't break the quest because they'd still have the problems with the witch.

No. 591185 ID: 2fd516

No. 591188 ID: 3009b4

Correct, and there's a thematic reason for it as well.

No. 591190 ID: 2fd516

No. 591191 ID: 3009b4
File 140902263714.jpg - (188.15KB , 800x600 , Nem talks to her mom.jpg )

It doesn't take long to sew the pouch into her underwear to keep the coin in. As she can't leave until at least asking about the extra chore, Nem follows the suggestion to help her mother.

Nem will also try to sit in a more lady-like way so her skirt doesn't ride up and show her undergarments. Normally she wouldn't be like that on the floor anyway but she's been pretty depressed. She had no idea it offended spirits.

She wanders into the kitchen.

Nem: Mother, do you need any help?

Nem's mother turns slightly.

Nem's Mom: No dear, I'll be fine. I'm just having problems with Teddy's witch wine notes. According to his notes, he adds "blue hemp" and... I can't believe he'd be poisoning the wine, but "blue belladonna" is also included. He knows that some of the poorly raised kids nip from it, so it can't be actual deadly nightshade. Also why would he put hemp leaves in the wine? Did you see anything in the library about it? I know you've been studying more and not going out, but we're pretty sure the witch is done whatever it is she wanted to do and it's safe to go outside again.

Nem: I've read about it actually! I don't know why he would do it. You can't make dreamtime tea from the leaves, it only happens if you eat it.

Nem's Mom: Or smoke it.

Nem: Mother?

Nem's Mom: Yes dear?

Nem: What was that about smoking it?

Nem's Mom: Smoke what? I didn't say anything. Just trying to figure out Teddy's notes.

Nem HATES it when her mother does stuff like this.
No. 591192 ID: 3009b4

rolled 64 = 64

Gaaaah that was meant to be a subtle social check for Nem in the previous post but I put it in subject instead of email.
No. 591193 ID: 3009b4

rolled 59 = 59

Nem: Mother, what's this extra chore you needed me to do?

Nem's Mom: Grandmother needs more supplies, she's still not better. We're all very busy here, and the woods should be safe now. Take this basket over to her, please.

It looks like Nem will be getting some fresh air and exercise after all. Nem tries to sneak a wine bladder when her mother's back is turned. (Hidden Target)
No. 591194 ID: 2fd516

Oh seeing your underwear doesn't offend us, don't worry.

You know some herbalism now, ask to help look at the notes!
No. 591195 ID: 3009b4

Nem was positive her mother saw her sneak the bladder but she hasn't said anything.

Quest Chatper 2 Parameters -- get the basket to grandma's house and get home safely. Just like Chapter 1.
No. 591197 ID: b7667b

Ah...Simply put, another application which is less then useful for the process of making wines, I think...
Crazy thought-maybe Teddy condensed the smoke from the leaves? But that only answers that thing about hemp, but not Blue Belladonna...
I doubt you'll get an explaination you'll like anymore than what happened when you asked about where do babies come from.
No. 591198 ID: d8a627

>She had no idea it offended spirits.
Ooh, so we're spirits, huh? But yeah, either it offends us or... Well, some of us might start acting like Terry did.
Sans the physical part, what with being spirits and all.
>Or smoke it.
Man, she knows more than she lets on. Hemp can be smoked, yes, but improper care when doing so can be harmful. I don't know if it's directly harmful, but it does impair your sense of judgement, making it easier to make mistakes and put yourself in harm's way. Especially since you no longer feel the harm.
And don't think not feeling it means it's not there--You've got medicine to dull pain, but the damage is still there, so you know how that works.
Didn't you find that Terry was using Fae enchanted Belladonna, though? Apparently, whatever enchantment they placed upon it makes it safe for wine making.
No. 591199 ID: d8a627

>I doubt you'll get an explaination you'll like anymore than what happened when you asked about where do babies come from.
Oh, right, that. Kind of took a bit of a break after offering so many different opinions.

Yeah, Men have Pods under their Stem that produce Seed, which one Seed is half of a baby. Women have Pods inside themselves which produce Capsules that can hold the Seed. Once a Seed gets inside the Capsule, the Capsule closes itself off and starts to turn into a baby. So, that baby grows inside the Woman's tummy and eventually needs to come out the Wound. Babies are bigger than the Wound, though, so the process hurts and causes her to scream... usually. Smoking hemp while the baby is growing is supposed to be harmful to the baby, but once it's coming out it might be safe to do so?
No. 591212 ID: 01745f

Did you ever ask about whether anyone else has heard of the "ranger's daughter"? Now might be a good time to ask.
No. 591218 ID: 3009b4
File 140906369050.jpg - (117.46KB , 800x600 , Nem wishes you would stop that.jpg )

rolled 97 = 97


Nem's Mom: What was that, dear?

Nem: Nothing Mother, I am just resting my head.

Nem's Mom: You know that sometimes secrets are for your own good, sweetie.

Nem: Yes Mother. Right now I'm not too interested in secrets.

Nem's Mom: Are you feeling OK, Nem?

Nem: Yes Mother.

There is a long pause. Nem takes a breath and is about to ask about the ranger's daughter when...

Nem's Mom: Maybe... maybe it is time you know the truth about children and marriage.

Nem: I don't want to know anymore, Mother.

There is another long pause. Nem takes a breath but is again interrupted before she can ask her question.

Nem's Mom: Are you SURE you're all right sweetie? You've been very moody lately.

Nem grits her teeth.

Nem: Mother, do you know if the ranger ever had a daughter?

Nem's mother stops what she's doing and turns.

Nem's Mom: I don't know. I never knew the ranger all that well, you know I don't like the woods. Your father was good friends with him, he might know but he's got important business right now. I can tell you that the ranger has always been a private man. He might have had a daughter. Why?

Nem reveals that last week, she met a huge woman with pale blue hair and strange magenta eyes that claimed to be the ranger's daughter.

Nem's Mom: Why didn't you go straight to grandma's like I asked?

Nem shuffles her feet, and says that the protective spirits from the charm told her to visit the ranger first and that there was a wolf after her. She quickly reminds her mother that she's the one that told Nem about activating the charm in the first place.

Nem's mother turns away and pours herself a measure of wine, and then turns back to Nem after taking a sip. Nem can see the thoughts churning away behind her mother's eyes. Her mother has been rather anxious ever since Nem turned 16, even more so a week ago.

Finally, she takes a deep breath.

Nem's Mom: I'm going to make a basket of supplies for grandma. I want you to take it straight to her, all right? Don't leave the path and don't visit the ranger unless you absolutely have to. That woman doesn't sound like the ranger's daughter, but she could still be his -- you know how big Mr. Cutter was. She could also be a bandit using his place as a hideout -- and if she got past the witch, she's very dangerous. Let her think you think she's the new ranger, it's safer that way.

Nem's mother begins to prepare a basket of goods.
No. 591224 ID: 3bc0da

>rolled 97 = 97
Wonder what we failed at.
No. 591225 ID: 487455

>She had no idea it offended spirits.
We're not so much offended as concerned when you lose a certain regard for yourself.

>smoke it
>Nem HATES it when her mother does stuff like this.
Some drugs can be smoked. You burn them, and then inhale the fumes in order to imbibe.

Not that this is necessarily a good idea, though. Even leaving aside the affects of the drugs themselves, you can do long term and permanent damage to your lungs that way.
No. 591227 ID: 3009b4

>Wonder what we failed at.

Automatic perception rolls by Nem. They can be modified by IP if someone asks before my next update, but the target number is hidden (as perception checks are done when the target is not obvious).
No. 591229 ID: 3009b4
File 140907066973.jpg - (123.84KB , 800x600 , Nem say what.jpg )

>Ooh, so we're spirits, huh? But yeah, either it offends us or... Well, some of us might start acting like Terry did.
Sans the physical part, what with being spirits and all.
>We're not so much offended as concerned when you lose a certain regard for yourself.

It just dawns on Nem that perhaps the cape's guardian spirits aren't genderless and exactly how much you might have seen during the previous week.

>Some drugs can be smoked. You burn them, and then inhale the fumes in order to imbibe.

Nem tried smoking once and was not impressed. She just hates it when her mother pretends to not have said things, partially because there's a secret but mostly because the facade annoys her.
No. 591231 ID: d8a627

>exactly how much you might have seen during the previous week.
We kind of clonked out for most of the week. We seem to be most active when you're out and about, not sitting around studying. And when we did pop in to check on you, we basically just saw your face, to know how you were reacting to things.
No. 591232 ID: 487455

>It just dawns on Nem that perhaps the cape's guardian spirits aren't genderless and exactly how much you might have seen during the previous week.
Don't worry, your modesty is safe. You weren't in any danger, or talking to us the whole time. Our attention kind of drifts if there's not something to draw us in.

I mean, could you imagine if we were fully focused all of the time? The time in storage before we were handed down to you would have been torture!
No. 591250 ID: b8ceae

Yes. If we were aware while abandoned in a dark hole for countless years... Well, anything would have gone stark. Raving. MAD.
Good thing we weren't, then.

Right, we have a job to do. Ready to go see your grandmother?
No. 591255 ID: 3009b4
File 140909226895.jpg - (165.68KB , 800x600 , Nem in the Woods Again.jpg )

Once again, Nem is walking the path towards her grandmother's house. She's a little more anxious than last time.
No. 591257 ID: e681f0

Tch! Those unfriendly eyes again, same routine as before-stay on the path, whatever you do.
You could try spinning to catch a glimpse but given how that went last time, I'm thinking not the best of ideas.
No. 591260 ID: b8ceae

It won't be there when you look, but there are things it can't avoid.
Like saying "Hello, do you require my assistance?"
No. 591261 ID: 563dc1

I wonder about this thing. It could be a wolf based on what your grandmother said, in which case it is probably just following you to see if you lead it to its preferred prey (since you're not it, and the last time it didn't attack you when it had a good chance).
It doesn't fit what Macha said about them, but we have no particular reason to trust her statements at this time.
Trying to talk to it is a reasonable idea; though if it is a wolf getting too friendly may be dangerous. Be on your guard if you get a response.
Either way, don't turn around right now - last time you scared it off that way, and you won't learn anything about this interesting creature if that happens again now.
No. 591262 ID: ccd544

Alright Nem, like last time there's a wolf, but like last time, you are completely safe while on the path.

I bet the wolf is there because it is hunting the witch!
It can't see anything on the path, but if I am right, the wolf has been prowling the path for many years, waiting for the witch to show herself.
No. 591263 ID: 88960e

Pause, and speak without turning. I know you're there, and I don't want to play games this time.
No. 591265 ID: ccd544

Hey Nem, want to do something silly and potentially dangerous?

Spin on one foot! It's really fun, and you'll go several revolutions before getting dizzy.

The danger is the wolf might get irritated by having to move around so quickly, as it keeps trying to stay out of sight.
No. 591269 ID: ccd544

If you talk at the wolf, don't refer to it as a wolf, just say "you" or "stranger"! The witch has many ears!

If you talk to the wolf, don't be loud or yell at it, avoid extended conversations! The witch has many ears!
No. 591275 ID: 2fd516

Stop. Stay still and quiet. The wolf has spotted you again.
No. 591276 ID: 697427

Without actually slowing down or moving off the path, start paying attention to how your legs and feet move. Think of the motion of walking as a cycle, going round and round like a spinning wheel. See how much you can vary it without losing your balance: short quick steps, long sweeping steps, bouncing side to side, tiptoeing along a narrow line. Think about what sorts of footfalls make more noise, or kick up little clods of dirt, and which ones are soft and quiet. Play around with it a little; this is scientific research.

Then, once the biomechanics start to make sense, lean forward and run. Try to get to grandma's house in half the usual time, but making as little sound as possible, and of course without dropping anything.
No. 591279 ID: 3009b4
File 140910009456.jpg - (169.94KB , 800x600 , Nem in the woods again tries talking.jpg )

>Hey Nem, want to do something silly and potentially dangerous?

No, Nem does not.

>Without actually slowing down or moving off the path, start paying attention to how your legs and feet move. Think of the motion of walking as a cycle, going round and round like a spinning wheel.

It sounds too complex for what Nem is willing to try right now.

The majority seem to think Nem is safe while on the path, so while the idea of staying still and being silent appeals to Nem, she doesn't know what is so interesting so she tries talking without turning.

Nem: Hello? I know you're there -- do you need help? If you want my help, stop playing games with me, I don't like it.
No. 591282 ID: 436cdc

>the wold is looking straight at us
Shit, I think we're the ones who are about to die.
Wonder how that will work though? I mean, we're already kinda dead, being spirits and all.
Well, whatever. It's conjecture until relevant, so unless the wolf has anything to say I'm gonna ignore it.
No. 591283 ID: 1f8505


Take no chances. Spin kick whatever is behind you.
No. 591285 ID: 2fd516

Nem no, the wolf can't see you, it can only smell and hear you! If you talk to it, it knows where you are!
No. 591286 ID: 2fd516

If we're spirits, then yes, the wolf is death trying to collect us. That's why it only creeps up behind Nem, because it's after the cape.
No. 591288 ID: d8a627

... *silence!*
No. 591289 ID: 3009b4

rolled 51 = 51

Nem isn't sure what's going on, but she senses you're in danger -- if something is behind is after you, she's going to at least try to deter it.
No. 591290 ID: 3009b4
File 140910557014.jpg - (132.86KB , 800x600 , Nem Whiffs.jpg )

Nem whiffs it.
No. 591291 ID: 3009b4

rolled 97 = 97

Completely missing her attack means the wolf can attack and Nem must attempt to defend herself.
No. 591292 ID: 2fd516

Combat continues to be hilarious.
No. 591293 ID: 3009b4
File 140910711968.jpg - (174.05KB , 800x600 , Nem hopes you have a bright idea.jpg )

rolled 97 = 97

Sadly, '97' was Nem's defensive roll. She blows it.

The breath's been knocked out of her, preventing Nem from even screaming. If you have any bright ideas, voice them now. Nem's doing her best to muster up a little dignity.
No. 591294 ID: 436cdc

kick up your lower body, try to destabilize it!
No. 591295 ID: 436cdc

rolled 64 = 64

whoops, meant to roll there
No. 591296 ID: e681f0

Hrrm. Get your legs under it and push up with all four limbs-with any luck you'll throw it off you and will be able to get back on your feet, and possibly escape. (We might want to look into getting you a weapon if this thing is going to keep stalking you.)
No. 591297 ID: 53ba34

okay, i am confused how rolls work, were we rolling over or under? and what was the target number?
No. 591299 ID: 3009b4

>whoops, meant to roll there

You can spend IP points to adjust Nem's roll, but you can't roll for her. Each suggestion can use up to 5 pts (25% adjustment). The group has 133 IP (Influence Points, representing your ability to influence both the story and the world). This means that the group can force Nem's rolls to succeed (if possible) by spending 20 IP, but obviously this uses up IP pretty quickly.

You can also use IP to sabotage rolls at the same rate. So if you ever feel that there's a tactical time to force someone to 'miss a spot check', you can make it happen as well.
No. 591301 ID: 2fd516

Kick the ground and launch it behind you!
Boosting, 5 IP.
No. 591302 ID: 3009b4

The target number for combat is often hidden, the wolf's (well, whatever it has twisted itself into, right?) rolls are not visible. So spending IP is a bit of a gamble, since even if Nem rolls very well, sometimes it won't be enough... other times, it may be over-kill. It depends on the situation.

Also for reference:

Usually one has to roll under the target number, with the exception of a roll of 100. Often there will be two sets of numbers -- one to succeed as planned, and one to come close. So if Nem's target is 25, she will do exactly what she was supposed to at 25 or lower, and at 25-50 she will come close. When it comes to combat, a close swing will still force an opponent to take an evasive maneuver, but one that completely wiffs allows the other combatant to move in for the advantage.

100 is an automatic maximum success. For example, when Nem was making her detection roll while Teddy was sneaking up on her, she was not only able to tell what he was doing but also correctly guess his intentions. She may feel guilty now, but that's just because she's a sweetie.

4 is the critical fumble.

Multiples of 4 during a success is a 'critical strike'; hence if Nem needs to roll 25 and rolls a 12, 16, 20 or 24, she succeeds very well -- does more damage, learns more information, etc.

That second roll of '97' was for Nem's ability to maintain her composure. She's going to pee herself.
No. 591303 ID: 3009b4

>Kick the ground and launch it behind you!

I'm pretty sure that's not possible; Nem has her shoulder pinned. Her legs are free, so I will count this as a vote to "get her legs under it and kick it off".
No. 591307 ID: 01745f

I will add 5 IP to kicking it off.
No. 591310 ID: 3009b4

rolled 50 = 50

Nem will attempt to kick the twisted wolf-form off of her. For a young woman feeling teeth closing in around her throat (let's be honest -- around her head) this is a herculean feat considering her shoulders are already pinned.

The group has boosted this action by 50% by spending a total of 10 IP, leaving 123 left.

Her target is hidden due to the wolf's impact, but suffice to say under normal circumstances Nem would have no chance to succeed.
No. 591312 ID: 3009b4
File 140911337899.jpg - (172.30KB , 800x600 , Nem Gets Kritzcharged.jpg )

For Nem, time suddenly stands still. She has never experienced a sensation like this before -- it's beyond an adrenaline rush. Her heart pounds, her ears ring, and she forgets the stench of the wolf's breath, the powerful paws that hold her to the ground, and the fact that those terrible, impossible teeth are closing in.

She inexplicitly feels that for this one moment, things will be OK.

She is only faintly aware that there is someone screaming in some unholy rage, and it won't be until she feels how raw her throat is that she will realize it was her.

Needless to say, she pees herself too. These things happen.
No. 591314 ID: 01745f

So rolling exactly a 0 is probably a good thing then.
No. 591318 ID: 3009b4
File 140911444560.jpg - (123.65KB , 800x600 , Nem Somehow Kicks the Wolf Off.jpg )

rolled 4 = 4

Only through your influence does Nem manage to kick the wolf off her.

(She just barely made it; I thought I'd do something dramatic in the pre-frame)

The wolf lands effortlessly. The sudden knee to the groin area seemed to have surprised it more than hurt it. Nem does her best to scramble to her feet; the roll is to indicate how steady she is.
No. 591319 ID: 3009b4

>So rolling exactly a 0 is probably a good thing then.

Not possible, the roll goes from 1-100. That's why "100" is the max success roll; I feel that rolling 100 should not suck, even if normally lower is better.
No. 591324 ID: 3009b4
File 140911589578.jpg - (121.48KB , 800x600 , Nem critical fail get up.jpg )

rolled 57 = 57

** Utter Failure **

Nem rolled a 4, and that's the fail roll. The big fail roll.

The worse thing for Nem to do at this point would be to give up, but that's what she does. The reality-warping rush combined with being so scared she peed herself was just too much. Nem takes what feels like forever to get to her feet, and despite her best efforts she's sobbing and tears are rolling down her face.

To add insult to injury, the wolf reacts to this by snorting in disgust. It sits on its haunches and just glares at Nem. She feels incredible shame.
No. 591325 ID: 3009b4

It takes her a solid five minutes to compose herself while the wolf watches hatefully.

On the positive side, at least the wolf isn't taking a hostile stance anymore. Being scorned is still better than being murdered.

Multiple, disorganized thoughts stumble about Nem's mind as she tries to stop sobbing.

"Why didn't the path protect her? How did she kick the wolf off? Why did it ... distort like that? How could she be so strong moments before becoming so weak? Gosh pee cools quickly... Why isn't the wolf killing her now? Why didn't it try this yesterday?"

The wolf stares through Nem... and waits.
No. 591328 ID: 3009b4

Side note -- that '57' was Nem's composure recovery roll. Which means she doesn't recover from her breakdown very quickly in combat terms, but it hurts her dignity more than anything else. I just moved forward with it since I didn't think the group would want to spend IP just for the sake of Nem's pride.
No. 591331 ID: 2fd516

Macha has the SAME COLOR EYES. Holy crap.

Point that out. Ask what she's doing, trying to test how well you fight? Because you suck.
No. 591332 ID: d8a627

Man, magic sucks.
Sure, it'll help you out every now and then, but then it'll go against you so strongly.

Behold, Nemain, the will of the Fae. Make you feel powerful, and then take it away from you. Although, what they are doing so near a wolf is beyond me. Might be a curse left upon you since last week.

As for what to do now... I am completely at a loss for ideas. We only used one of our two reserves to make you escape the wolf's clutches, and barely skimmed the top of it, at that, so we can help you out if you choose to fight. Our power can protect you, but we have a limit. Ludicrous failures cannot be fixed, and miraculous successes can not be prevented, although out of one hundred actions, the potential for either happening is only twice. Once for each individually. Personally, I believe you should run for the Ranger's place, and hope that Macha really is who she says she is.

[Spend 5 points to assist Nemain if she decides to run]
No. 591333 ID: 53ba34

wait wait wait, hold the phone, lower is better, and rolled a 4 for steadiness, therefor she is SUPER steady.
No. 591334 ID: d8a627

No, just as 100 should be a critical failure but isn't, 4 "should" be a major success, but isn't.
Every successful multiple of four that isn't four itself is a critical hit, though.
No. 591336 ID: 53ba34

so wait, does that mean if rolled a 4 to turn super fast to spot the wolf the first time it would have failed? as in we actually only a 24% chance to succeed despite saying 25%?
No. 591337 ID: 1f8505

Let's flee the scene and look for a river or lake nearby to clean ourselves off.
No. 591342 ID: d8a627

STill 25%, because 100 is an instant win.
4% would have resulted in her twisting her ankle and falling flat on her nose, causing a nosebleed.
Pretty sure that would qualify as "off the path," and we don't need anything worse than a wolf chasing us.
No. 591345 ID: bd4b61

Don't leave. Whatever this thing wants, it's not attacking you right now. First of all, that means it probably doesn't want to hurt you in particular; it now had one perfect and at least one more good chance and didn't take them. You probably can't see this, but we didn't even have to invoke our primary protective power yet. Secondly, this is an excellent chance to figure out more about this creature since it's currently neither attacking nor hiding.
Possibile explanations for its behavior:
1. It's after someone else, who was here until very recently, and then left very quietly. It would have to be something hard to notice - another invisible spirit entity, perhaps.
2. It was trying to scare the crap out of you in hopes that you would attract someone to help you. Nice try if so, but also an abysmal failure.
3. Something you or we did set it off. Prime candidates are you initially lunging at it (it was just stalking until then), or perhaps us saying something particular (if, indeed, it can hear us). I suggest to not mention any more possible trigger words for the moment. We've already dropped some, and it'll be useful to see its next reaction.
No. 591355 ID: 9dd1ee

try walking away, see what it does
No. 591359 ID: 3009b4

>so wait, does that mean if rolled a 4 to turn super fast to spot the wolf the first time it would have failed? as in we actually only a 24% chance to succeed despite saying 25%?

Rolling 100 would be a success regardless, which means the missing % is restored (As Toro pointed out). 4 is thematic, the multiples are thematic as well but just to give me something better to work story-wise in terms of results. Modifiers do not play into these rules (well, they can't -- modifiers just make her target easier to make). I've found that putting a success in the normal realm of failure and a failure in the normal realm of success makes things interesting.

>4% would have resulted in her twisting her ankle and falling flat on her nose, causing a nosebleed.

Good observation but she would have just taken HP damage instead of twisting her ankle -- a movement injury like that would severely impact her success and would take too long to heal. It would be a serious handicap even for a warrior. HP is the shield against fatal injury, but it also against injury that would really screw the character over in terms of story (even a good warrior would be severely disadvantaged). If she was in a party, then she could since it's not all on her shoulders.

>Spend 5 points to assist Nemain if she decides to run


>We've already dropped some, and it'll be useful to see its next reaction.

The wolf is waiting patiently. Nem is pretty sure it's waiting to see what she does next.
No. 591367 ID: 3009b4
File 140915945598.jpg - (124.98KB , 800x600 , Wolf is Bored.jpg )

Nem isn't sure what to do -- she's wary of leaving the path since so far all the wolf's done is scare the ever-loving pee out of her. She's not terribly enthused about just talking to the wolf either, and her guardians seem to feel a little torn between going to the river, fleeing to the Ranger's place, or trying to learn more about the wolf.

Despite the fact her body is still trembling from her experience and her underwear is soaked, Nem's natural (and rather intense) curiosity continues to influence her. Given the choice, she'd rather learn more about the wolf... she's just not quite sure how to go about doing it.

The wolf yawns in the meantime. Seeing that gaping maw again makes Nem feel a little nervous to say the least.
No. 591368 ID: bd4b61

Well, then. You asked it to stop playing games, and it came out of hiding. You attacked it, and it attacked back, but only to the point of making it clear that attacking it was not a bright move.
Explain that your initial kick was in self-defense. Verify that it can understand you. Suggested initial approach: "1 snort for maybe/unknown, 2 snorts for yes, 3 for no. Do you understand me? Can you talk? Do you want my help? Are you hunting the witch? Are you hunting Macha?".

OOC question: Is you referring to the creature as a "wolf" a confirmation that that's what it is, or are you just using that term because we used it first / Nem thinks it is one?
No. 591371 ID: 3009b4

rolled 35 = 35

You can really only know what's going on from Nem's perspective. She knows it's not a normal wolf. She's calling it a wolf because it's vaguely wolf-shaped normally, but when it attacks it's almost fluid-like and rather wispy. On a related note, if anyone feels that Nem's Quest needs a discussion thread let me know.

Rolling for Nem's composure -- the roll is to determine how Nem asks her questions. On a high roll (60+) she won't hide her fear at all, but on a low roll (20-) she will control her fear to the point where she can converse as if speaking calmly to an elder figure. From 20-40 her fear will show a little, and from 40-60 it will obviously be false bravery.

Since these rolls are purely against her nature, and because people seem to want to know, I'm laying out the table again beforehand. These targets include modifiers; her ability to control herself would have been better if she hadn't already lost it once.
No. 591373 ID: bd4b61

In that case:
Oh, and add "Are you a wolf?" to the initial questions. Best to get its own statement on the matter, at least.
No. 591374 ID: ccd544

You are doing fine; handling the meta game and rules inside the main game with excellent composure, providing loads of relevant lore in-quest, and tons of interactivity. If you feel one of these becomes lacking or overburdening, transfer the load to a quest dis-thread.
No. 591375 ID: ccd544

Nope, bad idea, being straightforward with a fae is a good way to irritate a fae.

Also, don't refer to the wolf as a wolf, the witch has many ears!
No. 591377 ID: 3009b4
File 140916214186.jpg - (141.33KB , 800x600 , The Wolf sniffs Nem.jpg )

Nem isn't quite able to hide her fear -- she's unable to make any sort of eye contact. Not a terrible procedure when addressing an elder but not very confident.

She attempts to apologize, ask the wolf if it's in fact a wolf, and if it's hunting anyone but rather than look the slightest bit interested the wolf sniffs one of Nem's legs.

Then snorts in disgust.

Nem is quiet for a few minutes, then it dawns on her.

Nem: I couldn't help it you were terrifying!

The wolf sneezes in response and shakes its head in an extremely displeased way -- like someone changing a very smelly diaper.

The wolf stares through Nem again. It's hard to tell but she thinks its ears might be back, yet it's not baring its fangs -- irritated but not hostile yet.
No. 591379 ID: ccd544

Go wash up in a stream i guess.

It probably will still keep following you, and the smell of your "fear" is something it doesn't want to live with the entire trip.
No. 591380 ID: 1e0571

thathat would be leaving the path uhhhh NO?shrugg, get up, and get going. Youve got shit to do.
No. 591384 ID: bd4b61

Can you get at the food basket safely? It looks like you dropped it earlier, and we've lost track of where it went relative to you and the creature.
If so, yes, picking it back up and walking away sounds reasonable.
The least dangerous alternative I can see to get more data out of this would be to touch the creature, and that's still too risky for me to want to recommend it. Waiting around would be worse (given what it's likely to do if it is a wolf), and leaving the path right here would be worse still.
No. 591385 ID: 01745f

Not making eye contact is probably a good thing if it thinks anything like a regular wolf; those generally interpret eye contact as a challenge.
Tell if that if there is something it wants from you you cannot tell what that is.
No. 591390 ID: 1f8505


Time to go clean ourselves off. Locate a river or pond or something.
No. 591409 ID: 3009b4
File 140917104356.jpg - (211.71KB , 800x600 , Nem at the river.jpg )

Nem is able to reach the food basket without problems, but she's really very hesitant to try to touch the wolf.

She is close to a river however -- this is actually quite close to where she met Teddy and it's just a short distance from the river. Actually not too far away where he tried to rape her.

Going with the majority, Nem really would like to get herself cleaned up a little. She carefully walks off the path and towards the river -- the wolf follows her but does not make any hostile gestures.

While not masking it's noise -- it's actually making noise unlike before, actually -- it is definitely still stalking Nem. It makes huffing, sniffing sounds and it's ears are perked forwards, listening. Maybe it's just the wolf's way of informing Nem that it's still there.

When Nem reaches the river, she sets down the basket but then it occurs to her that not only is the wolf watching her, but so are the lot of you. She's not about to remove her cape, but she does need to wash her knickers and her legs. She doesn't really want to get her dress wet, but she's not so sure getting naked is a good idea either. She's also very vulnerable near the water as her people are not good swimmers. She doesn't think the wolf would attack since it's had ample opportunity, but it's staring at her.

What should she do?
No. 591410 ID: 436cdc

Use cape as a towel cover.
No. 591413 ID: dbc87c

So, I THINK if you take us off that might do it...But another thought is that the wolf will swipe us.
Another thought is just...Leaving us on and making sure we obscure the wolf's view as much as possible.
The way we see is weird! Like, imagine seeing paintings of what's going on, but it's not continous sight.
Plus, while you're usually the subject of these paintings it's impossible to know from what direction we'll see you next.
No. 591415 ID: 2fd516

Remove dress, sit in water with your knickers still on.
No. 591420 ID: 1e0571

do that, so it will cover you while you take off your knickers. but keep your dress on and just hitch it up a little to wash your legs.
No. 591422 ID: 9dd1ee

this sounds about right
No. 591423 ID: 88960e

You could always ask to look away. Worst it can do is not comply, then you have to do something else.
No. 591485 ID: 3009b4
File 140919925938.jpg - (216.08KB , 800x600 , Nems Awkward Washing.jpg )

Nem asks the wolf to look away and it ignores her.

Irritated, she manages to wrap her cape around her on the shore, kneel down and remove her underwear for washing (behind her).

Hiking up her skirt while covering herself with the cape is another matter -- it becomes quite clear to Nem as she struggles that her cape that it's not really meant to be closed in the front, and there's no fasteners to do so. She manages to wrap it around her, and lift up her skirt in her teeth.

Add the wolf to the picture and this will be the most awkward washing she's had since she was 10.
No. 591494 ID: 1f8505


Oh just cast your clothes aside and wade into the lake already. What's the wolf gonna do? Leer?
No. 591496 ID: d6f8c9

...I don't suppose we can do some useful magic, like levitating the cape as a temporary modesty screen? Can we influence the mundane in that way?

And at the very least, we could avert out spirit-specs and look elsewhere.
No. 591497 ID: 879a42

Agreed, its practical. We won't look. We promise. Mostly.
No. 591501 ID: 9dd1ee

better just to wash quickly and hope no one else comes by
No. 591512 ID: 3009b4

>...I don't suppose we can do some useful magic, like levitating the cape as a temporary modesty screen? Can we influence the mundane in that way?

Your ability to influence through IP has more to do with chance -- if something is possible without your help, even if rather improbably, then IP can usually make it happen. Without highly improbable possibilities most heroes (and a good many villains for that matter) would never live through their stories.

So your power doesn't outright warp reality as much as it convinces it to move a certain way. Nem will manage to bathe without exposure, don't worry.

Nem managing this is because she's still a teen with a definite age and even if she is just a cartoon human analog I don't want trouble.
No. 591517 ID: 3009b4
File 140923813035.jpg - (145.38KB , 800x600 , The Wolf Stealing Nems Coin.jpg )

Just as Nem is finishing up, she turns to see that the wolf has picked up her knickers -- with her gold coin!

Nem calls the wolf a very rude word and lets the skirt of her dress fall into the river.

She's torn between fear and anger -- on one hand she knows the wolf is powerful and could eat her but on the other hand she did kick it off her and it hasn't hurt her yet.

That coin could even be magical and even if it isn't, it's gold and worth a fortune! Well, for Nem's level of income at least.
No. 591520 ID: 4c37ad

ask for it back, and if it doesn't comply, reach for it back!
+5 IP for succeeding - or if the wolf attacks, for defense.
No. 591522 ID: 3009b4

I did a bit of research and historically blacksmiths didn't make weapons in whole, but they were still incredibly important. Not to say that Nem's dad couldn't know how to make a sword or possess one, but given the size of their village he likely just made some of the parts to produce firearms -- hence a meeting with the mayor, since they'd have to coordinate with several other craftsmen. That said, while Nem's family aren't poor by any stretch that gold coin could be worth two months pay for her father. Contextually for us that wolf is trying to abscond with about 10 grand US dollars).

No. 591523 ID: 4c37ad

No. 591525 ID: dbc87c

We can't fight that thing I think. We just massively failed fighting that thing, and I'm guessing that it's after the coin for a reason...
The knickers loss sucks though, maybe if we're lucky we can get it to tear the coin out and take that if it wants it and keep the knickers.
No. 591526 ID: 2fd516

Lunge for it! +5 IP.
No. 591529 ID: 9dd1ee

don't let it get the coin!
No. 591531 ID: fe4bfc

Its probably just handing them to you so you can clean them as well. So put out your hand so it can give them to you. Then wash them.
No. 591534 ID: 3009b4

rolled 67 = 67

Rolling for Nem for an unknown target number. IP reduced by 10 for a 50% bonus to succeed. 113 IP left.

A rough estimate would be that Nem would have no chance to succeed on her own considering the obvious tell (she has to splash in from the river) and the fact that she has to splash in from the river (tricky terrain).
No. 591539 ID: 1f8505


No. 591541 ID: bd4b61

Increase boost by another +5 IP. I want to see what happens if we can actually do this.
No. 591545 ID: 3009b4
File 140924776875.jpg - (155.70KB , 800x600 , Nem is cheesed.jpg )

The wolf easily steps ahead of Nem, and swirls her bloomers around like a flag. Nem can tell the coin is still there by the way her underwear moves.

Nem is cheesed off.
No. 591546 ID: 3009b4

>Increase boost by another +5 IP. I want to see what happens if we can actually do this.

Sorry, that spend came a little too late; I try to wait for all "wagers" to be placed but I stop checking once I start working on the scene. Nem still has another chance.
No. 591550 ID: dbc87c

this guy...Wait where's the basket, and I see an axe on a stump next to him...
I'm guessing you want the Wolf's head though more so then the basket, but could you check for it?
As far as the wolf...I'm torn.
I THINK you'll have a better shot this time, but I reccomend you focus on the bloomers. Tug-o-war rip them because I think you can get away with not having those, assuming the wolf doesn't go straight for shredding them to get to the coin. In which case...Easy come easy go!
No. 591552 ID: 4c37ad

+5 IP for tug-of-war! if it wont budge grab the axe and cut the bloomers so the coin's on your side.
No. 591553 ID: bd4b61

Is it just me, or does the creature look positively cheerful at this turn of events? This looks like it's just playing with us now.
Don't give up, Lem! Get up, and go for it again. You're closer now, and it looks like the creature isn't entirely set on not letting you have it back.

Fair enough. I expect the difficulty will be lower this time, since Lem doesn't need to get our of the river anymore?

As a side note, is it normal for your people to just leave tools like that axe in the woods? If this is strong evidence that someone else is around, maybe you can get their attention. I don't recommend trying to use the axe yourself, you don't want to turn this game into a serious fight.
No. 591562 ID: 2fd516

It's playing with you. Just play along, chase the underwear. Don't be tempted to grab the axe, you're not proficient with it so that will just make the wolf think you're a threat again.
No. 591565 ID: fe4bfc

I once had a dog that liked to steal underwear and hide them in a big pile under the bed.

He seems playful so try to calm down and take things in stride. If a bit of horsing around with the wolf will get your stuff back its better than getting into another fight.
No. 591568 ID: d8a627

Do not grab the axe. You only managed to "overpower" the wolf before because you caught it by surprise. It did not cause any noticeable harm whatsoever, so chances are, you cannot harm it now.
No. 591571 ID: 3009b4

rolled 4 = 4

Nem is rolling for contextual awareness; while she can't see the axe from her viewpoint, she can check her memory to see if anyone besides herself should be out in this area of the woods (overhearing conversations, etc).

Nem has never seen a dog before so she'll take your word for the idea of 'playfulness'. The closest example Nem has had are foxes. Since the diets of Nem's people and foxes don't overlap at all, the wild fox is considered a boon and a sign of good luck -- the foxes hunt rodents that plague the fields, and without domestic stock like chickens there's nothing that Nem's people have that they want for the most part. Nem's people have a live-and-let-live relationship with foxes and the feeling is mutual. Foxes avoid her people and children are taught not to approach them, but they get along well enough for Nem to observe them playing from time to time.

Nem's roll will determine her ability to compare her memory of fox behaviour with the wolf's -- she won't get any more information but it will adjust her attitude.
No. 591572 ID: 4c37ad

No. 591574 ID: 3009b4
File 140926168464.jpg - (125.81KB , 800x600 , Nem is tired of this wolfs crap.jpg )

** 4 Is The Worst Fail **

It's highly unlikely -- perhaps I should start using Random.org again -- but that is another 4, and as stated it's a great big fail.

When it comes to context, it means Nem has no information. I'd give mis-information, but when you can see the roll like that it would defeat the purpose.

When it comes to attitude, it means Nem has had enough of this wolf's crap.

Nem does not care where the axe came from or who left it there or why, but it's an axe. She does not think this wolf is playing -- it's mocking her. It's been stalking her and making her cry and then snorting on her and then stealing her underwear and her small fortune and she has had enough.

This wolf, as far as Nem is concerned, is a bully. She's going to get the axe, and if the wolf doesn't give her back her underwear she's going to bury it in its hide and we will see who is playing around.

Yes, Nem's gone from terrified to pissed off, but I don't think it's too hard to believe that a teenager can have some extreme mood swings or a complete lapse of judgement when she gets teased and doesn't have a lot of life experience.

Nem now has an adrenaline rush -- her fight-or-flight instincts have kicked in and she's chosen fight. This negates her penalties from guilt/lack of sleep.

In any other situation, Nem would listen to you but due to the 4, she's going to go get that axe regardless. You can just try to guide the situation as best you can until she snaps out of it.
No. 591575 ID: 3009b4


You're not kidding. I wouldn't have bothered explaining Nem people's relationship with foxes if I knew that was going to happen.
No. 591579 ID: d8a627

...Should I spend 5 points to prevent Nemain from pulling out the axe, or shouldn't I? Perhaps those points would be better spent on improving intimidating than removing her chances of lifting a simple tool.
No. 591580 ID: d8a627

Actually, I'm wondering, what's our current IP count?
No. 591584 ID: d8a627

I suppose convincing her to calm down is something possible.
No. 591587 ID: 563dc1

Wow, talk about unexpected impact of a knowledge check! This is starting to turn catastrophic. Salvaging this reliably looks likely to be more expensive than a reload, which would also fix the botched rolls for us. I'm holding off on spending IP for now; this might still turn out ok on its own, and if it doesn't we will still learn something and can do better on the retry.
No. 591588 ID: d8a627

Oh, right, we can reload. I forgot about that.
No. 591590 ID: 2fd516

That's true... alright, let's roll with it.

Nem, be careful with the axe. You're untrained, you could just hurt yourself with it rather than the wolf.

Go after it, maybe yell at it to let it know you're angry. Try to intimidate it.
No. 591593 ID: 3009b4
File 140927893118.jpg - (125.48KB , 800x600 , Nem Swings.jpg )

rolled 74 = 74

Nem quickly grabs the axe -- and while she's not trained in hitting people with it, she can split logs (part of her chores as there's little strength difference between sexes) -- and demands that the wolf put her knickers down.

The wolf sneers at her and waggles her bloomers teasingly.

For the first time in her life, Nem feels that bringing the axe down on a living creature is the right thing to do. That if she doesn't take charge now, she'll never get another chance.

She screams a battle cry and charges!

Deep down, Nem doesn't really think she'll hit the wolf. She doesn't really want to split its head open. She doesn't know what she will do if she actually lands this. She doesn't know what she will do if she misses. She just feels strongly that she must swing.
No. 591595 ID: 3009b4
File 140928116364.jpg - (114.25KB , 800x600 , Nem Means Business.jpg )

Nem whiffs her attack, but the wolf does not counter-attack this time. It could be toying with her, or maybe it just won't let go of her knickers and so can't bite.

Regardless, Nem recovers and glares at the wolf, eye-to-eye.

Nem: DROP. IT.

The wolf just stares back at her. Angry, but perhaps not as enraged, Nem takes several more swings. (Continued)
No. 591598 ID: 3009b4
File 140928284399.jpg - (118.13KB , 800x600 , Swing and a Hit.jpg )

Nem takes a couple of more swings -- the first goes quite wide and almost makes her lose her balance, but the second one comes within hairs of the wolf. Instead, it cuts her knickers free and they sail in the direction of her swing.

Behind-the-scenes Rolls:

So for those who want to know, for speed's sake I did a few quick rolls using Random.org because the wolf was going to let Nem take a few swings at it this time. Her second one was a roll of 2 -- not crit but basically an almost perfect swing in the situation -- and the wolf's defence roll was 97, which is a sure fail. Since the Wolf has HP -- like all major character do -- instead of taking a fatal wound, the Wolf lost HP and also lost Nem's bloomers. After all, Nem's not unique in having HP -- she's just got 'spirits' who can actually see how much HP she has left. When characters are out of HP then the next hit they take goes with whatever the dice say. This also applies to anything that would end the story early for Nem, such as twisting her ankle (too big a handicap) or even if Teddy had pinned her -- Nem would lose HP instead of suffering story-ending consequences. People who aren't Nem don't get that luxury, but they do have HP of their own. No, you can't see it.

No. 591599 ID: 2fd516

Chase down your booty!
No. 591607 ID: 3009b4
File 140928511575.jpg - (197.74KB , 800x600 , Nem has to think about stuff.jpg )

Nem pauses for a few moments after that last swing -- she meets the wolf's gaze and it seems the matter is settled. She sets the axe down and the wolf... well, it blinks and sits down calmly.

Nem retrieves the coin from her bloomers and discards them -- she really doesn't want to carry around her shame.

Her rage has subsided. She knows the wolf let her take swings like that, and she thinks she surprised it with that last one. She surprised herself honestly -- she's never had a violent outburst like that before. She's normally a good girl. Granted, good girls normally don't have to deal with wolves but all the same, her behaviour didn't match her self image.

Now that she's got her coin back and the basket is at her feet (I know some of you were asking about it) everything but the wolf is accounted for. She's honestly not sure what to do next, so she begins to head back towards the path and notices the wolf is following her. Not so much stalking... just following.
No. 591609 ID: 436cdc

cool, scary wolf friend. It's not hostile now, so hey.
No. 591612 ID: 4c37ad

You made a buddy! :)
Well, carry on, and if its still there when you reach the branch to grandmas....turn away and go back where you came from. No following rule still stands!
No. 591623 ID: 1f8505


Fine, if you're gonna go commando, then seek some pants. We are not a hussy.
No. 591633 ID: 2fd516

I think it was testing you. To see if you could put up a fight if necessary. The first test you failed, the second you passed. Whose axe is that, though?

Hmm. If that is Macha, she is more interesting than I expected. If you don't have any pockets, you can either hide the coin in the basket, or in your bra.
No. 591645 ID: bd4b61

Lem: Well done! Don't worry too much about what the outburst says about your character; it's normal for people to get angry, and this was an extreme situation (more so than you know; spirit thing). The important thing is that you stopped before you really hurt it or made it desperate.
In fact, it still looks happy now. And it does seem to either have the mentality of a wolf-like creature that accepts you as part of its pack, or else is something more intelligent pretending to have that mentality.
If you need it to not follow you, you can probably just tell it to wait somewhere until you get back (use some body language to reinforce the point). Don't try that unless and until you really mean it, though.
No. 591664 ID: 3009b4
File 140932836406.jpg - (147.83KB , 800x600 , Nem is pissed at Anon.jpg )

>Fine, if you're gonna go commando, then seek some pants. We are not a hussy.

Nem is having a hard day and Anon's comment strikes a nerve; Teddy thought he could take advantage of Nem because of her red cape and not wearing enough white. Nem is NOT a hussy just because she doesn't have any underwear on, she happens to have a very good reason and Anon knows that.

She does NOT appreciate the comment, and even if she didn't wear underwear it wouldn't mean anything since nobody decent would be peeking up her skirt anyway.

(At the same time, Nem makes a mental note to avoid high kicks, although now that her dress is wet it's sticking to her skin and being less of a hazard anyway)

Fortunately for the group, she directs these feelings to Anon specifically and it doesn't impact her overall relationship.
No. 591666 ID: 3009b4
File 140933080950.jpg - (245.03KB , 800x600 , Nem plans possible routes.jpg )

rolled 5 = 5

Nem doesn't know who the axe belongs to. It's sharp and in good condition, but it's also old -- so whoever it belonged to has had it a long time. Nem returned the axe to where she found it. Nem will need to roll to attempt to remember more detail; at least a 4 won't be catastrophic.

Meantime, Nem needs to plan her route. The wolf is clearly following her and she seriously doubts it will obey any commands.

Routes OTHER than those that lead to grandmother can take Nem to any one of the watch towers, or she could visit the ranger. Going East goes too close to witch territory.

The South Watch Tower is usually used to try to find lost townspeople since it overlooks a the woods to the west of the village. Various wild berries grow nearby, some of which are faerie-touched.

The Lake Watch Tower actually used to overlook a shrine to the Seelie Lake Faerie. She's been so quiet the past few years that her shrine isn't used very much anymore. The basic legend is that she's the reason for the path's magical properties. Nem's herbalism studies indicate that Seelie-blessed herbs can still be found near the lake. The herbs have curative and preventative properties but without a specific ailment the most interesting thing Nem could find there is a kind of water lilly which can be added to tea to give energy. Nem is normally not allowed to have such a concoction; apparently it makes her hyper and a little annoying and her crash is terrible.

The West Watch Tower overlooks the Unseelie Hollow. The Hollow is a very dangerous place and should only be approached during the day as most become active around midnight. The tower that overlooks the hollow is used as a watch point. It has a cache of weapons that are more accessible than at the other towers for emergency reasons, as well as a signal flare. The herbs that grow there are often faerie touched and some of them are Unseelie touched. As a general rule, the Unseelie influence makes them inedible, but it's a good place to get the short hemp that gives a dreamtime when eaten.

Finally, Nem could actually try to walk towards the witch or the village and see what happens, but Nem is concerned for her safety for the former and her people in the latter.
No. 591672 ID: 0ee153

Well, we really shouldn't lead anyone or anything to Gran's and it's still day, so... the West Watch tower? I doubt the Lake Seelie would appreciate us leading a wolf there if she's still around and the South doesn't seem like much.

Hmm. If we lead the wolf to the Unseelie hollow, we could distract it with some Unseelie to kill, but that'd piss off the Unseelie. South's safer, but we might meet someone and have to explain stuff. I still favor the West tower. Anyone else have an opinion?
No. 591676 ID: 3009b4
File 140933316766.jpg - (172.89KB , 800x600 , checkpoint chapter two.jpg )

** Excellent Memory Recall **

Nem thinks back and realizes that the axe is the same one her father made for the old Ranger. It was one of his first works, but because it was a special gift for a family friend, he did a fine job and it shows in the fact that the axe is still a fine tool this day.

:: Check point -- CHRONO RECALL IS NOW SET ::
:: Nem HP is 105. ::
:: Nem overall state is NORMAL. ::
:: IP is 113. ::
:: Inventory consists of comfortable clothes that are wet at the bottom and have grass stains in front yes I forgot to colour those in, red cape (wet at bottom), basket of goods including bottle of common red wine, wine skin of unidentified (probably common) wine, gold coin with skull mark (in bra; fortunately Nem fills it out enough that losing it won't be an issue), and no underwear. ::

:: Additional notes ::
:: Nem has had enough experiences that you can use your IP to empower her during her next sleep. The upgrades -- much like your influence -- are subtle. As a general rule of thumb, you'll be able to permanently adjust Nem's target numbers for different skills by 5% for a cost of 5 IP. Her combat skills are divided into simple Attack and Defence. Other adventure-related skills include Perception and Herbalism. Perks (like improved memory recall), Traits (abilities that come with disadvantages) and disadvantages (disadvantages that give additional IP in exchange) may also be adjusted. You're being told now so you know can plan your IP use accordingly. This possibilities are due not only to Nem's experience but her development as a character; feel free to suggest other traits that can be either intensified or lessoned accordingly (like any good character develops, sometimes traits are emphasized/de-emphasized).

Finally, don't expect Nem to be able to be upgraded until the end of this chapter.::
No. 591685 ID: d8a627

>The Lake Watch Tower actually used to overlook a shrine to the Seelie Lake Faerie.
>She's been so quiet the past few years that her shrine isn't used very much anymore.
Go here!
>The basic legend is that she's the reason for the path's magical properties.
I mean bringing a wolf to the Fae would be a bad idea but you should at least see if everything's okay, since she's the one who enchanted the path.
No. 591689 ID: bd4b61

I still wonder if it is a wolf. Its behavior is more dog-like, and it managed to pounce us on the path just fine - but maybe Macha was simply lying about how that works.
As for possible places to go: The witch territory would be very interesting if you were to seriously explore it, but you understandably don't want to take the risk.
The west tower sounds good. We can climb it to get a safe look at the hollow, an analysis of those herbs might tell us something about why Teddy used them as a Witch Wine ingredient, the tower supplies may have something interesting, and you may be able to use the river to distract your follower if that remains an issue.
No. 591700 ID: 01745f

West tower sounds like a good plan.
No. 591726 ID: 257e78

How much cultural context is there for "butting heads" or other nonlethal sparring to establish relative status?
No. 591748 ID: 3009b4
File 140936323182.jpg - (220.22KB , 800x600 , Nem at West Tower.jpg )

rolled 52 = 52

Nem goes with the majority and makes the longer journey to the West Tower. The wolf followers her the entire way -- sometimes along the path, sometimes in the surrounding areas.

The watch tower has been around for awhile but looks as strong as ever. It's made of a combination of stone and wood. There's a long ladder up, and from there Nem will be able to view the Unseelie Hollow. She could alternatively search the area for herbs. It's still early despite all the action.

>How much cultural context is there for "butting heads" or other nonlethal sparring to establish relative status?

"Butting heads" translates exactly the same for Nem because headbutts are common tactics for her people. They've got the horns, after all. The only difference is the technique -- Nem's people have a few more options available. In a clinch -- and this is an illegal move -- one my attempt to slam one's horns into the opponent's temple. It can be fatal, but Nem's people have harder heads compared to us so it's a little less likely than one might think. (On that note, the earclap is significantly more effective on her kind). Nem isn't very skilled at headbutting; it's a male thing.

>I still wonder if it is a wolf. Its behavior is more dog-like, and it managed to pounce us on the path just fine - but maybe Macha was simply lying about how that works.

Nem reminds you that this is clearly no ordinary wolf. She never researched the enchantment on the path so she doesn't know the finer details of its protection.

>As for possible places to go: The witch territory would be very interesting if you were to seriously explore it, but you understandably don't want to take the risk.

Since she stood up to the wolf Nem's feeling a lot braver and could be convinced to check it out.

Nem is now rolling for her observation/perception to see if she can provide additional information.
No. 591749 ID: 3009b4

:: Nem's target was 50; what you see is what you get. Just a side note -- when Nem makes a perception check, that's not to say your suggestions won't over-ride a fail. Specific questions can provide the same insight, but I roll for Nem's perception when it comes to information that one wouldn't immediately think to ask about -- such as smell. You can ask Nem to pay attention to specific senses, but Nem has a limited amount of patience so ask too often and she might respond in a way similar to how she now responds to ideas about where babies come from. ::
No. 591750 ID: 2fd516

Hmm, the wolf is hanging back. Might want to stop and re-examine your surroundings to see if something is amiss. Lacking any new information, creep up the ladder to look inside. Careful.
No. 591753 ID: 3009b4

>Hmm, the wolf is hanging back. Might want to stop and re-examine your surroundings to see if something is amiss.

I should have clarified: Since you can see what Nem sees, you're going to have to give her something specific to look for. Since you can't smell, hear, touch or taste what Nem does -- although since tasting isn't done very often she'll always give you the best description she can -- you can ask her to focus on a particular sense.

Rather than waste a post though, here's Nem's take on things:

The trees here are thicker than average -- there's more of them, and they're larger. It's damper here as well. Nem can hear the river flowing from here -- it's a quick-moving river and crossing it would be hazardous. The forest sounds are otherwise unordinary. The smell of earth is also much stronger, and there's a sweetness to it. Nem isn't going to reach out and feel all the plants or try to sample them, not unless you have something specific she should look for.
No. 591764 ID: e1000c

Finding some hemp plants for investigation while we're here would be good, but unless you can see one from where you're standing, getting a look from the tower should take priority. That should also help with spotting possible threats nearby.
What are Nem's senses like? Based on head shape, I expect the field of view is more like that of a human than a goat. What about smell and hearing? Better than humans, similar?
No. 591812 ID: 3009b4

Nem's head isn't so much goat shaped as her pupils are a little more horizontal. (Actually Nem's head is more Asian in shape but the sketches are rapid-fire so there's a general exchange of consistency for speed)

Despite some changes in the way Nem sees things, her vision is equivalent to a human. The nitty gritty isn't too important, but someone like Batman might have a slightly harder time pulling off the vanishing trick initially because her blind spots are different, and she can't do Magic Eye.

In terms of her ability to hear, Nem's people are "normal" because both human analogs encountered so far (trites and clops) have better hearing than humans do, but there's not a significant difference between the hearing ability between them.

In terms of small and taste, Nem's people have significant advantages over humanity. While their ability to smell in terms of distance and tracking is on par with ours, they have a much more refined sense of taste. Due to their greater sensitivity to drugs and poisons they need one.

There are other differences too, but those are in ones terms of senses.

Side note: Some sciences work differently as well; it's functionally the same as magic but the closest scientific explanation is that in Nem's world there's a lot of background fields of energy at work. Some of these fields are picked up by the cape and transferred as visible to the group are beyond Nem's visual spectrum -- such as when Rekki accessed the network.
No. 591828 ID: 2fd516

Do you see any evidence the tower has been used lately?
No. 591861 ID: 3009b4

Nem doesn't think the tower has been used recently. The ladder rungs are more or less evenly dusty without any prints.
No. 591862 ID: 2fd516

Welp, I can't think of any reason to not just go on up there and check out the tower, maybe look around at the surroundings too.
No. 591883 ID: 697427

>Nem isn't very skilled at headbutting; it's a male thing.

Well, for predatory carnivores such as actual wolves, highly militarized societies or subsets of societies, and other contexts where there's frequent violence or at least inescapable risk of violence, swinging sharp things around is an 'everybody' thing, with ritualized contests that force people to maintain the skill when it might otherwise fall into disuse.

So, if this shadowy thing with uncanny glowing eyes resembles a wolf in mind as much as it does in body (which is to say, imperfectly but closer than any other obvious referent), it's probably gained some respect for Nem due to her willingness and ability to swing that axe when provoked.

Some comparison might be made to how people in Nem's village would think of someone who made a bad first impression in a lot of small obvious ways, but then baked a really nice loaf of bread and shared it appropriately. It's clear evidence of some fundamental competence.

Nem, the wolf is giving you some space right now as a show of respect, almost entirely because you got lucky. Be extra careful about any physical confrontations you get into while it's watching, or it might realize just how lucky.
No. 591885 ID: d8a627

Well, if nobody's been up the tower recently, I don't think there's too much reason to head up. Just look around for the belladonna or hemp, see if some of the kind that Terry grew is nearby.
No. 591894 ID: 879a42

You should check out the tower, even if only briefly. Always a goodie to find or some info to get from searching.
No. 591997 ID: 3009b4
File 140951083346.jpg - (366.80KB , 800x600 , Nem Looks Out West Tower.jpg )

Nem looks out the West Tower at the Unseelie Hollow. At night, the hollow is said to have glittering points -- wisps or fireflies or something like that. In the light of day, it just looks a bit foreboding.

Nem finds a supply trunk in the tower, but it's locked (and not pictured because the hollow is more interesting to look at). There's supposed to be a key hidden somewhere around the tower, but only the adults are privy to its location and Nem is several years and/or two children short. Before anyone suggests it -- there's no floor mats. From what Nem understands, there should be a supply of weapons, ammo, and dry good food secured in the supply trunk and it's locked so animals or strangers can't get at the emergency supplies (and children aren't told so they can't get into trouble or reveal the key's location to outsiders).

From her vantage point, Nem can spot low-growing hemp not too far from here. There could be belladonna growing closer to the river.
No. 591999 ID: 1f8505


Look for loose floorboards. Let's see if we can find that key.

Failing that, let's find some way to bust open that lock.
No. 592000 ID: a36601

> key hidden somewhere around the tower

Hmmm. Can you use your herbalism skills to check if any of the plants in/around the tower seem like they are not supposed to be there? Like some kind of poison oak/ivy/stinging nettles? That's where I'd hide a key if I didn't want kids and animals to move it. Failing that, you could give us a look around the tower and we could try to help you find it.
No. 592001 ID: 27ca74

What for, exactly? Unless I'm seriously mistaken, Nem is capable of taking care of herself and the wolf's not hostile, plus we have an axe. We don't seem to need any of the supplies and it'd be discovered that someone had broken in. Then either we'd have to abandon any weapons or such we took or explain our theft.
No. 592003 ID: f2cf24

Nem put the Axe back. It belonged to the old ranger and she thought it might be there for a reason.
No. 592004 ID: 1f8505


Because why not? Maybe if we had a decent weapon we wouldn't have had to ditch the undies in the first place.
No. 592007 ID: 563dc1

Given Nem's current combat stats, carrying around a weapon may fall into the categroy "Almost as dangerous to the enemy as it is to herself".

Nem: Interesting hollow, indeed. Based on my view, I'm pretty sure those wisps are still there right now; you probably just can't see them because the sunlight drowns them out to your eyes. Spirit vision works a bit differently.
Re. that key - it's probably not particularly well hidden. An animal couldn't use it even if they found it, and to intelligent strangers the best defense is them not guessing that the key is around the tower at all. It should also be easy to get to, since the weapons are here for emergency use. Loose floorboards are worth checking for. Are there ceiling beams or something it could be on top of? If the first floor looks empty, go back down and check the bases of the tower pillars. Failing that, take a good look around for any unique landmark - anything that would be easy to spot and remember. It's unlikely that it was hidden it in a random branch of a random tree; the risk of people forgetting the spot would be too high.
No. 592016 ID: 3009b4
File 140952238715.jpg - (139.63KB , 800x600 , West Tower Search.jpg )

The floorboards reveal nothing -- none are loose or hollow-sounding.

The ceiling beams also have nothing but dust and the occasional abandoned bird's nest.

Nem finds a locked trap door in some weeds underneath the tower. There's a good chance it's a root cellar for storage since the West Tower is a fall-back location in case the village had to be abandoned. It's high enough that archers and gunmen could cover escapees if they had to figure out some way to cross the river. Nem checks up underneath the tower too but doesn't see anything of note.

The wolf does not follow Nem but stays near by. It's bored, but shows no sign of wandering off.
No. 592021 ID: 2fd516

Maybe the key is under a nearby rock?
No. 592022 ID: d8a627

Enough looking for the key, it isn't important. Go fetch some of the herbs, if they're safe to touch.
No. 592026 ID: 3009b4
File 140952561256.jpg - (196.10KB , 800x600 , Nem Finds a Curious Weed.jpg )

rolled 76 = 76

Nem quickly finds the short-hemp she noticed before and up close discovers the impact of the near-by Unseelie Hollow: the hemp is infected with some sort of strange blue mould.

Nem has read about this in her books. She is going to roll to determine how much she can recall, and how well she can use this information given the context of Teddy's wine.
No. 592027 ID: 3009b4

Nem knows that this particular type of hemp causes dreamtime. She can't remember what impact the blue mould will make.
No. 592033 ID: 2fd516

Welp, put it away for now. Let's check out the other tower across the road.
No. 592035 ID: 563dc1

:: How do knowledge checks works in general; is boosting them with IP a possibility? I assume it's too late for this case at least, since you already gave us the result.
No. 592036 ID: 3009b4

>:: How do knowledge checks works in general; is boosting them with IP a possibility? I assume it's too late for this case at least, since you already gave us the result.

I usually can't really explain a knowledge-check table because doing so would give away the information Nem may or may not figure out. Nem's Herbalism is at 50; she's only had a week's worth of study but her people are naturally inclined to herbalism & chemistry, she's very curious and her available books are of good quality. The lower she rolls, the more detail I include. In this case, 76 is well outside of Nem's skill range. Since faerie influence is interesting and relevant I felt she'd recall that much easily, but knowing anything more is a no-go.

Knowledge checks can be boosted with IP. And since there's not been many suggestions since her check I'd allow it to still be boosted. It's not as if this is a one-time-only situation; recollection can often happen at a later time.

Since Nem's roll was poor, it'd take two players to correct it however -- remember it's a maximum of 5IP spend per player, which can only adjust her target number to 75 and she's one point over. I would recommend waiting until she's encountered another faerie-touched herb.
No. 592112 ID: a36601

I say take some of the hemp for testing later. (when we can have a book and a few tools on hand)
Just do your best to not have it near to any foods and remember to wash your hands before you eat next. Mold has a nasty habit of rubbing off onto things. Would you like to be someone who mixes things together for their job when you're older Nem?

I know you said nothing of note under the tower, but what is that little notch thing near the top here? I can't get a good angle look of it from here. ((I'm assuming it is something because you bothered to actually draw it differently))

If nothing else is found, then I guess it is time to either deal with the wolf or go to gradma's.
No. 592124 ID: e6f4c6

Grab some more hemp and then go look for Belladonna by the river.
No. 592169 ID: 3009b4
File 140963397898.jpg - (173.76KB , 800x600 , Nem is sassy.jpg )

>Would you like to be someone who mixes things together for their job when you're older Nem?

Nem: Mr. or Ms. Salestax1, I may not be an adult but I'm not a child and I know what an apothecary is. Your advice is fine but I don't care for being talked down to.

Nem checks her basket and wraps the hemp in a napkin. It's not perfect, but it's about as good as it's going to get considering her day so far.

As to the odd spot on the tower, Nem takes a second look and there's a little niche in it, just down the side. Nem returns to the tower and reaches over the edge and feels around for it. Eventually she finds it and discovers a key inside.

It opens the locker. Inside Nem finds firewood, and underneath that:
- a bow and a quiver of arrows
- an axes (tool)
- three hunting knives (designed to be a tool or weapon)
- three torches
- a flint n' steel
- a box with bandages
- small vial of oil (tool maintenance type)
- rubbing alcohol
- needle and thread

The key also opens the cellar. Nem finds preserved food -- mostly in jars, pickled or in syrup. She also finds some medicinal ingredients.

If you think any of these are important, please note that Nem can only carry one large weapon -- the axe or bow -- and that her basket only has room for 2 items from the box or cellar, with the exception of the needle & thread which takes up very little space. (The vial of oil/rubbing alcohol require more 'space' because they're a little more fragile). If you want to take medicinal ingredients, you're going to want to let Nem know what ailment you want to prepare for. Note that Nem is experienced with the knife as a tool but not as a weapon; she won't hurt herself with it but she's no more likely to land a strike with it.

Nem will automatically re-lock the cellar and strongboxes when she leaves the Tower area.
No. 592171 ID: a36601

>I know what an apothecary is
I wasn't trying to talk down to you, I actually couldn't think of the word for it since you didn't like the title of alchemist. Apologies that you took offense. Also it's Mr.

Well that did turn out to be something. I say take the axe (a bow is a much harder weapon to effectively use), the flint and steel, and either the rubbing alcohol or some type of medicine from the basement.(something for a fever)
No. 592172 ID: d8a627

The only thing from all of that that will be even the slightest bit useful for you is the knife, in case you need to cut something. Otherwise, let's start heading back.

Oh, and I don't believe Salestax1 meant to be condescending with that comment, not all of us are familiar with the word "Apothecary," and even some of us who are would have used another term instead, due to how little we use that word.
No. 592175 ID: d6f8c9

>I actually couldn't think of the word for it since you didn't like the title of alchemist.
There are actually a lot of titles that could fit at depending on culture or history, or context. One could be a druggist or pharmacist rather than an apothecary. If we're being more general, a scientist. If we're being more specific, chemist or natural philosopher might work. Or if we're restricting it to plants, a botanist, or herbalist.
No. 592176 ID: 2fd516

If you want to arm yourself, take a knife and the bow/arrow set. You can use the bow to get surprise attacks off, and the knife can be used for when melee combat is needed, as well as a tool.

...on the other hand, should you be taking either of the large weapons? It's not like we're going hunting, and aren't these weapons here for the guards or whoever frequents the towers?

On the other other hand you do still have to shake the wolf. Can't let it follow you to grandma's house- I expect the wolf will guide Death to her.
No. 592181 ID: 496add

I for one vote against stealing from the cache.
No. 592189 ID: 3009b4
File 140967314161.jpg - (185.67KB , 800x600 , Nem has a knife.jpg )

Nem: I accept your apology. When you say something like 'Would you like to be someone who mixes things together for their job when you're older Nem?' it sounds very much like 'what do you want to be when you grow up'. That's something that's said to children.

Nem sighs.

Nem: Everyone's hoping that I'll be a wife and mother soon. Mother doesn't have a specific job because my daddy's a blacksmith. We help him by getting wood for the collier (he lives near the village to the South) and do trade runs. For most of my friends, getting married and having children is the big job. It's not that women aren't allowed to do things like smithing or hunting, but it's very peculiar when they do.

Nem picks up a hunter's field knife, and sharpens it with a kit in the lockbox (not mentioned but not something she'd need to take, either). The weapons in the locker are for emergencies, but most people who live in the woods (the ranger, woodsman or collier) tend to be pretty well equipped.

Something bothers Nem. When people are missing, the rangers are usually informed (there's a South ranger as well) and are usually the ones that find the person or body. There's been no talk of Mr. Cutter the North ranger being dead or missing.

Nem feels that her situation counts as an emergency and takes the hunter's field knife, sheaths it, and attaches it to her belt. She's not sure about taking anything else however. The flint and steel would make more sense if she also took the torch, but would also use up the remaining space in her basket.
No. 592195 ID: bd4b61

Knowing what's typical for women in your society is useful and relevant; however, know that we are not really a part of your society, and our loyalty is to you, not it. I suggest you focus on your own desires over the expectations of others. If you really don't know at this point, that's also perfectly fine; you have time to figure it out, and I suspect we can't even see all the options at this point.

I suspect the torch wouldn't be useful to carry around right now, unless you plan to charge right into the Unseelie cave or something along those lines (and could we even keep it dry if we tried to cross the river?). It /might/ work to repel some possible threats, but we only have Macha's word for that. Carrying a lit one in a conflict situation is problematic, unless you can't see without it at all. Otherwise, it tends to help other people notice the user more than it ever does the converse.
I might be assuming too much about your nightvision, however. How well can you see at night? And in case that depends on the moon phase, what is it at this point?
No. 592196 ID: d8a627

So, Nemain, rewording the question: If you get the chance to do whatever job you want to do, without any negatives to it, what would you want to do? Do you feel like you would be pressured away from that job based on others' reactions to your choice?
No. 592207 ID: 3009b4
File 140968504465.jpg - (247.04KB , 800x600 , Nem Finds a Few Things by the River.jpg )

Since Nem is already here and doesn't feel like walking all the way to the South Tower right now, she'll also look for belladonna by the river as suggested.

She's quiet along the way, but her surface thoughts buzz loudly -- she's never considered what she actually wanted to do since it's always been assumed she'd be married off. She's a good catch -- her family isn't poor, her father is part of a skilled, always-needed trade, her mother is pretty (which bodes well for Nem as she gets older), and she's well raised.

Women who take up professions in her village usually have issues that prevent them from taking the conventional route. Some are married but barren (and while the couples are hoped to be happy, it's socially frowned upon to look too happy about having two incomes and no children). Some are queer (Nem is using the older term) and just aren't interested in men or children. Women who are raped are considered to have a valid reason to forgo tradition as well.

However, all healthy, fertile women are expected to get married and produce children if they are able to because it keeps the village strong, and this social convention in the village means that any woman who goes against it also carries a social stigma with her. The rumours of her being barren, undesirable, raped or just odd are difficult to deal with, and so they often become rangers or colliers -- any profession that tends to house away from the majority.

>I might be assuming too much about your nightvision, however. How well can you see at night? And in case that depends on the moon phase, what is it at this point?

It's a new moon -- the night is pitch black. Nem's nightvision is a little better than a human's but nowhere near nocturnal animals.

Nem finds some belladonna, and it has the same odd blue mould that the hemp did. She wraps it in the napkin she put the hemp in and puts it aside. Something catches her eye -- something silver and glinting.

Nem approaches the river and sees BLUE-RING WATER SPIDER's silk. Across the river she sees the spider's nest. Blue-ring water spiders have the tell-tale "touch me and die" colours; they are incredibly poisonous. Despite this poisonous threat, the spiders have soft exoskeletons and will not bite unless provoked. Typically, Nem's people wait for the spider to move on, die of natural causes, or have a ranger shoot it down in extreme cases -- and collect the silk for a variety of uses. The spider's nesting silk makes wondrous clothing and bandages (it's naturally antibacterial and waterproof), the main silk line is actually strong enough to support two or three full grown men, and the netting lines that the spider uses to catch fish can be repurposed in a variety of ways.

Don't get too close to the line; it's a dinner call.
No. 592208 ID: d8a627

Huh. As useful as that web is, I don't see any reason to cause the spider any grief. They mind their own business and leave behind their webs when they decide to find a new place anyways, so it's not as though you have to resort to stealing an active line.
No. 592209 ID: 3009b4

rolled 6 = 6

Second herbalism roll being made now that Nem has encountered both herbs Teddy was looking for. She has a 60% chance of figuring out their significance or at least remembering something useful.
No. 592213 ID: 3009b4

** Great Success **

Nem suddenly remembers what the blue moulds have in common -- they're water soluble. Normally dreamtime doesn't leech from short hemp even when boiled, but perhaps it's the mould that Teddy uses and not the herbs themselves?

Regardless, Nem is reasonably confident that she's figured out his witch wine. Little wonder a nip makes her so sleepy. Although... Teddy searched for his materials far closer to the village. Nem wonders if her selection is more potent due to its proximity to the Unseelie Hollow.
No. 592225 ID: 563dc1

Huh, that's a large spider! Too bad about the poison, or they would be great to domesticate.
I agree, let's not disturb it. Though for reference ...
How bad is the poison, exactly? Could you make a reliable antidote based on the plants in these woods? If so, would you have the time and strength to do that after the fact, or is that really the kind of thing you should do before doing anything that could get you poisoned?
Also, did the maybe-wolf follow you here? If so, it might be time to see what it thinks about playing fetch.
No. 592245 ID: 3009b4

>Huh, that's a large spider! Too bad about the poison, or they would be great to domesticate.

The spider is probably 5-6 ft long (150-180 cm) but lighter than it looks; 'large' is an understatement. Its internal workings are not like a normal spider's.

>How bad is the poison, exactly? Could you make a reliable antidote based on the plants in these woods? If so, would you have the time and strength to do that after the fact, or is that really the kind of thing you should do before doing anything that could get you poisoned?

The blue-ring spider is similar to the blue-ringed octopus's poison. The short version is if you get bitten, unless someone's right there to artificially respirate you until it wears off after a few hours, you are dead and there's no antidote. On related notes, Nem's people are a long, long way from manufacturing synthetic anti-venom from plants because while they're good chemists, they're weak on how organs work in the body simply due to the infrequency they interact with bodies compared to omnivores like trites.

On the positive side, the spider is more likely to flee or cower in its nest if you take pot-shots at it with a bow and arrow or musket since it's body is quite soft, and while not the brightest creature it knows when it's out-matched.

Interesting note: the only reason the spider's even this close to the village is because Nem's people have a live-and-let-live relationship with nature and they don't compete for food. If anyone in the area actively hunted them they'd stay away.

>Also, did the maybe-wolf follow you here? If so, it might be time to see what it thinks about playing fetch.

The wolf is around but so far it has a track record of zero for obeying commands -- keep in mind it never dropped Nem's knickers, she cut them loose with an axe. Nem's open to suggestions but it probably isn't.
No. 592247 ID: 2fd516

You don't have the bow so you aren't gonna be shooting at the spider to drive it off. I guess you could try to yank its fishing line out of the riverbank entirely and take the whole thing... would that be dangerous?
No. 592253 ID: e6f4c6

Hmm, maybe you make a sedative with your herbs and poison some of it's food with it. If you could knock it out you could harvest it's net while it sleeps. Based on what we know it'd either wander off to greener pastures or build a new one.
No. 592263 ID: 563dc1

Trying to yank the line out sounds dangerous (web spiders tend to notice prey by vibration), as well as mechanically problematic - the line can carry several times Nem's weight, and is presumably anchored accordingly. The spider would probably come over to either eat Nem or scare her off before she got anywhere.
If we really want the web, the bow and arrow is probably the best option, but Nem would probably have to train with them quite a bit to make it run off (and not just take cover until she goes over).

Nem, I'd like you to try something. There's a good chance this won't work, but it'd be useful if it does, and we don't lose anything if it doesn't. Find a stick, as long or your forearm or so. Go to the maybe-wolf, and get its attention; move the stick around a bit, but not in a way that would be perceived as aggressive. Then hurl the stick a moderate distance away (make sure it stays on the same side of the river, for now).
This is a specific game that some wolf-like animals like to play; if it runs after the stick to bring it back to you that's a success, and you'll be able to use it to entertain and distract it; otherwise it'll probably just keep sitting and looking at you. Give it a try.
No. 592286 ID: 3009b4
File 140971254196.jpg - (133.22KB , 800x600 , Nem facepalms.jpg )

>I guess you could try to yank its fishing line out of the riverbank entirely and take the whole thing... would that be dangerous?

The first rule of not being killed by deadly creatures that only attack when provoked is not provoking said deadly creature.

>If you could knock it out you could harvest it's net while it sleeps.

It eats fish. How is Nem supposed to catch a fish? Her people are vegan, and they're vegan-vegan as in no fish or dairy except mother's milk and that's only as infants. It's not an ethical thing, it's a gives-stomach-issues thing. Also Nem has no idea what will knock a spider out. That kind of herbal chemical tom-foolery would only ensure the spiders avoid them. Even if she knew, what is she going to do with the silk? She can sew, she doesn't know anything about spider silk harvesting -- one does need to know what one's doing to avoid getting tangled and so the silk doesn't lose quality through poor handling.

>Trying to yank the line out sounds dangerous (web spiders tend to notice prey by vibration), as well as mechanically problematic - the line can carry several times Nem's weight, and is presumably anchored accordingly. The spider would probably come over to either eat Nem or scare her off before she got anywhere.

That is exactly correct. She'd need to cut it with her knife and the process WOULD bring the spider over and it can move VERY fast.

>Give it a try.

Nem has her doubts but it shouldn't hurt.
No. 592287 ID: 3009b4

I should clarify that the "Give it a try" is in regards to the stick-chasing thing for the wolf.
No. 592291 ID: 436cdc

No reason to bother the spider. Let's move on.
No. 592294 ID: 2fd516

I kindof doubt you can get any silk here. This requires a bow. Move on. Unless you wanna go back and grab the bow just for this, then put it back?
No. 592322 ID: e6f4c6

catching a fish would not be so difficult, but if you don't need the silk you don't need the silk, so no need to worry further.

You've done something productive now, how about we head to grandma and deliver her basket. I'm curious as to what she'll have to say about the wolf.
No. 592343 ID: 3009b4
File 140975906508.jpg - (116.71KB , 800x600 , Nem Throws a stick.jpg )

>Find a stick, as long or your forearm or so. Go to the maybe-wolf, and get its attention; move the stick around a bit, but not in a way that would be perceived as aggressive. Then hurl the stick a moderate distance away (make sure it stays on the same side of the river, for now).

Nem finds a stick, attempts to get the wolf's attention and throws it.
No. 592344 ID: 3009b4
File 140975911391.jpg - (88.33KB , 800x600 , Nem Throws a stick 2.jpg )

The wolf looks unimpressed.
No. 592345 ID: 3009b4
File 140975917981.jpg - (131.24KB , 800x600 , Nem Throws a stick 3.jpg )

The wolf expresses itself by headbutting Nem in the stomach.
No. 592346 ID: 3009b4
File 140975924897.jpg - (104.54KB , 800x600 , Nem Throws a stick 4.jpg )

Then it snorts in Nem's face.

Nem: It really wasn't my idea. Spirits, let's not attempt something like that again.
No. 592349 ID: ebbdd7

Say you're sorry for insulting its intelligence. You don't like it when people do that to you, so you understand.
No. 592351 ID: 0dfaf8

Ok, it doesn't like dog games. Message received. Thanks for trying, Nem. And I agree, no reason to repeat that experiment. The result was clear.
No. 592362 ID: 3009b4

The wolf ignores Nem's apology but doesn't appear to hold a grudge.

Now Nem needs to decide what to do.

The suggestions Nem remembers are (in no particular order):

1. Ditch the wolf somehow before going to grandma's. No idea on how yet.
2. Explore the witch's territory.
3. Check South Tower
4. Finish delivery to grandma's.
5. Check the Lake Tower & the Seelie Shrine

Nem has no intention of grabbing the bow or harassing the spider. You'd have to give her a really g0ood reason first.

On a side note, the only other two possible locations to travel to are the Ranger's house and the village. Nem is hesitant to return to the village with the wolf in tow.
No. 592377 ID: 2fd516

Check the south tower, report that the north tower is unattended.
No. 592378 ID: 0dfaf8

I doubt we'd find anything interesting or anyone at the south tower; it's usually unmanned, right? Leading the maybe-wolf to your grandmother would be risky; Rekki advised against it, and he seemed like one of the most trustworthy encounters so far.
Lake shrine or Witch, then. The former would be safer, but there's a good chance we won't achieve anything. I'm leaning in favor of taking a look at the witch territory. You have some wine to distract her with if it comes to that, and both the territory itself and the wolf's reaction would be interesting to see.
No. 592392 ID: 02c59c

lake shrine - the path is enchanted bc of it? give some thanks, and maybe silently ask for her to get rid of the wolf?
No. 592409 ID: d8a627

This was why I was originally suggesting it, so I'm backing it again.
No. 592452 ID: 3009b4
File 140980623665.jpg - (173.58KB , 800x600 , Nem at North Shrine.jpg )

Nem and the wolf arrive at the North shrine.

Nem: So here we are. That's the Seelie Faerie. They can take the form of people, but normally they have those strange round ears and those really odd feet. They're sort of like Rekki's feet, aren't they? Grandma says that the men carved the statue more as an excuse to see a naked lady since really all they'd need is that stone table to lay offerings.

The wolf quietly regards the statue. Nem could have sworn she saw it nod.

So what should Nem do now?
No. 592453 ID: 0ee153

Ask the wolf about its old allies. The ones the faeries went to war with long ago.
No. 592460 ID: d8a627

Huh. That looks quite like what we call a "Primate." Round ears, five-toed feet, it's got a different nose than most, though. Primates have almost flat noses. I wonder if Faeries were the original people?

What is generally given as an offering, Nemain?
No. 592471 ID: 2fd516

Can you pray at the shrine and ask for guidance?
No. 592489 ID: 563dc1

Those structures on its back are a bit hard to make out - are they wings? If so, do you know if those are functional? Either way, not something you'd find on primates, though the rest of the body /does/ look like one.
No. 592500 ID: 3009b4
File 140984261131.jpg - (221.50KB , 800x600 , Nem Exposition at Shrine.jpg )

>Ask the wolf about its old allies. The ones the faeries went to war with long ago.

The wolf has pretty much well established it doesn't answer questions.

>Huh. That looks quite like what we call a "Primate." Round ears, five-toed feet, it's got a different nose than most, though. Primates have almost flat noses. I wonder if Faeries were the original people?
>What is generally given as an offering, Nemain?

Nem's not sure what you mean about primates, but usually they'd leave wine or bread, or a small piece of cake. She's heard that generations ago, the faerie would even show up to take the offering in person.

>Can you pray at the shrine and ask for guidance?

Faeries don't work that way. Nem's pastor and many elders are always cautioning against that, because some faeries want to be treated like gods and that something bad will happen if they are.

>Those structures on its back are a bit hard to make out - are they wings? If so, do you know if those are functional? Either way, not something you'd find on primates, though the rest of the body /does/ look like one.

Nem's honestly not sure -- whoever carved the statue was more interested in the faerie's breasts and bottom than what Nem assumes are supposed to be wings. She might not have had wings at all; everyone just assumes faeries have wings, and it's not as if the lake faerie ever posed for it.
No. 592526 ID: bd4b61

What's the function of these offerings, precisely? Is the idea that the faerie would actually help you, or is it just to get her to leave you alone? If it's just the latter ... I'm not convinced this is worth doing. There haven't been confirmed sightings in a long time, correct? She might not even be around anymore, and if she is she doesn't seem to take much of an interest in you anyway.
If you're actually asking for help, what form does that usually take? And has it been working at all, recently?
No. 592532 ID: d8a627

>Nem's not sure what you mean about primates
That's why I explained what I meant... I know you aren't familiar with them, but they look almost exactly like that statue, minus the wings and with a flatter nose. Well, they also usually have a bunch of hair all over their body, not just on top of their head, but there is one type of primate that has all that skin and that kind of nose. Nevermind about that, though, it's not important, since they clearly don't live anywhere near your village.
The Fae are Fae, not primates. Calling them primates would be an insult.
>usually they'd leave wine or bread, or a small piece of cake.
Well, you've got that wineskin from your mother, right? Go ahead and leave that, and just utter a bit of grace, such as "Thank you for your protection, Queen of the Seelie Faeries."
Remember, don't go giving out lies, such as that you took the wineskin for the sole purpose of gifting it to her... You kind of just took it without thinking too much about it, didn't you? If a Faerie does show up to accept the offering, and asks about it, tell it the truth.

Oh, by the way, since you kind of got into a bit of trouble with Rekki, if a Faerie or Maybe Faerie asks for your name, rather than telling it your name or saying an alias without a bit more, say "I do not feel comfortable giving out my true name, however, I will respond to the nickname 'Red.'" This will tell them that Red is not your name, but rather just what you'll accept them calling you by.
No. 592555 ID: 3009b4
File 140986908677.jpg - (177.66KB , 800x600 , Nem Recalling Faerie Lore.jpg )

>What's the function of these offerings, precisely? Is the idea that the faerie would actually help you, or is it just to get her to leave you alone?

Nem: Well, for most faeries leaving an offering does both. Leaving them something usually makes them continue to help if they're helpful, or prevent them from doing harm if they're mean and even if they're normally a little spiteful they usually reciprocate a gift. The Lake Faerie just seemed to look out for us -- the weather would be nicer, better harvests, and our machines wouldn't break down. Also she did enchant the path.

>She might not even be around anymore, and if she is she doesn't seem to take much of an interest in you anyway.

Nem: I've heard that she vanished when the witch moved in, so there's a rumour that the witch killed her or she died.

>"Thank you for your protection, Queen of the Seelie Faeries."

Nem: She wouldn't be royalty and it's not a good idea to mention them.

>This will tell them that Red is not your name, but rather just what you'll accept them calling you by.

Nem: I did that with Rekki, remember?

No. 592557 ID: 2fd516

Hmm... Well, we came here, may as well see if there's anything interesting in the vicinity. Or even, anything interesting about the altar. Check the top and sides for any residue or markings.
No. 592560 ID: d8a627

>Nem: I did that with Rekki, remember?
Yes, but you didn't tell him that it was just an alias or nickname, and then felt guilty when he learned that you told him an alias instead of your real name. The point of what I'm saying is that you'll let them know it's not your real name, so that you aren't lying to them.
No. 592577 ID: a36601

I think whether we leave the wineskin behind as an offering depends on if we think we'll run into someone else who might want it. (I originally said to grab it as a gift to anyone we'd meet today) I guess we could try to give it to the wolf on the condition it leaves us alone for today.
No. 592626 ID: 3009b4
File 140989284175.jpg - (148.02KB , 800x600 , The Wolf has really had enough stupid questions.jpg )

>I guess we could try to give it to the wolf on the condition it leaves us alone for today.

Nem: I don't suppose you want any wine?

No, the wolf doesn't want any wine.

Nem examines the shrine but doesn't see anything interesting. The shrine obviously hasn't been used in awhile now. It all seems mundane.

Nem: I'm not sure what you're having me look for. Aren't you the ones that are supposed notice things I can't see?
No. 592670 ID: d8a627

Yeah, two options left. One, leave the wine at the shrine in hopes that the Seelie help you out with your current problem, or head to the Witch's territory with the wine in hand and offer it to her in hopes she'll help you with your problem.
...I'd recommend trusting the Seelie over the Witch, myself.
No. 592671 ID: 450724

Nem: We see things differently than you do. Sometimes you see things we don't, other times we see things you don't. It is starting to look like you don't have much in the way of options for getting away from the "wolf". It might be better to return to the village instead of leading the "wolf" to someone elderly. Especially if the "wolf" is a personification of Death.
No. 592706 ID: 3009b4
File 140993998659.jpg - (214.34KB , 800x600 , Nem Leaves the Wine Bladder at the Shrine.jpg )

As requested, Nem leaves the wine skin at the shrine as an offering. (side note: they don't have leather but they do have a sort of plastic that is plant based instead of petroleum based; it's not something we could make as it requires the use of plants alien to us. The point is, that's why the wine skin is green.)

As she lays the offering down, Nem glances over at the statue and is bemused by its form. There's no way nudity like that would be allowed if it depicted a normal person, but apparently put some funny ears and feet on it and you can do whatever you want. Nem notices that the statue has no public hair and finds it curious since judging by the size of the breasts the faerie is clearly depicted as an adult.

Nem: Spirits, do all faeries or primates look like this? Can you tell if there's anything special about this shrine? It just looks so ordinary to me, except for the naked lady.

Nem tries to subtly compares her own figure to the statue's, but her surface thoughts give it away.
No. 592712 ID: 2fd516

...wait a minute, what if that's not a statue? What if the lake faerie got petrified by the witch?
No. 592714 ID: 0ee153

Any way we could try and tell how long the statue's been there?
No. 592724 ID: 563dc1

The specific primate species the statue looks similar to is called 'humans'. They do have pubic hair, but they're also intelligent enough to build technological societies, and some individual humans shave it off.
As for her figure - they don't all look like that. Humans have significant individual variation, and someone with this body shape would be considered highly attractive by one common standard. In fact, if indeed this is a statue and was motivated by some prurient interest, there's a good chance that these features were exaggerated by whoever made it.

I don't know how much of that would carry over to a Seelie. If they have a similar attractiveness metric, it's quite possible that they would use some form of shapeshifting magic to get bodies like this. You should however not suggest that to their face (or probably anywhere where they might hear you) unless you're trying to provoke one.

As for spirit vision .. it's highly unclear. There may have been some aura around it when you arrived initially, but that could be a trick of my perception, and in any case I definitely can't see it now. Its right (from its perspective) eye looked a bit weird from a distance - could you take a closer look and check whether the eyes are the same?
No. 592725 ID: 3009b4
File 140994483089.jpg - (93.91KB , 800x600 , Statue Signature.jpg )

Nem searches the statue for a sign, but the only thing she finds -- rather embarrassingly -- is a chiseled signature near the status's crude vulva. "Indu Morrigan" -- that's Nem's great-grandfather. There's no year.

Nem's parents never talked too much about her great-grandmother or great-grandfather. Apparently he was a sculptor.

Nem is a little flustered about the signature however. Either her great-grandfather was a pervert, or he was embarrassed about the commission and put his signature in an out-of-the-way location on purpose. After all, one can't really call someone a pervert if one has to admit one took a really good look at a statue's private parts to know.

Much like losing her knickers, Nem had a good reason for doing something that would be frowned upon socially but it doesn't mean she likes it any better.
No. 592728 ID: 563dc1

Would this be the father of your grandmother we're trying to visit, that of her husband, or from the other side of your parents altogether? She might be a great person to ask about this.
Putting his name near the genitals .. that's certainly unusual. If you were that ashamed to let people know you made it, why sign it at all? Unless you only wanted to let fellow perverts know about it ... or rather more likely, people who are willing to break the taboos of your society.
For how long has that cape been in your family, anyway?
No. 592730 ID: 2fd516

Hahaha oh gosh. Alright where's the tower? There's supposed to be a tower at the lake, right?
No. 592735 ID: d8a627

>Spirits, do all faeries or primates look like this? Can you tell if there's anything special about this shrine? It just looks so ordinary to me, except for the naked lady.
Most primates have hair all over their body, like foxes and wolves do, but those that don't typically wear clothing. I've never seen a Faerie myself, but primates don't have wings.
According to the legends we know of, Faeries do have wings, though, so it's not all that odd that the statue does have them.
Oh, uh. Let's pretend that didn't happen.
No. 592743 ID: 3009b4
File 140995145651.jpg - (151.49KB , 800x600 , Nem is embarassed.jpg )

>Would this be the father of your grandmother we're trying to visit, that of her husband, or from the other side of your parents altogether?

Nem: Yes, my living grandmother's father, on my mother's side.

>Putting his name near the genitals .. that's certainly unusual. If you were that ashamed to let people know you made it, why sign it at all?

Nem: It doesn't make any sense. Not to me at least. My parents have been tight-lipped about my mother's side of the family, and so are the other adults. My friends told me that they used to tease my mom a lot because grandma was a ranger -- remember what I said about 'odd' women? Well, grandma was odd, and of course grandpa was considered a little odd for loving her, but they seemed happy enough. Grandpa died when I was little so I don't know much about him.

>For how long has that cape been in your family, anyway?

Nem: For as long as I can remember. Grandma gave it to my mom, and she gave it to me. I don't know if great-grandma gave it to grandma, it's too much before my time.

>Hahaha oh gosh. Alright where's the tower? There's supposed to be a tower at the lake, right?

Nem: Oh please don't make this worse than it already is. The tower here should have the same sort of supplies as the other one did, it just overlooks the lake. We can also see what's going on in the witch's territory but I've heard rumours that when you stare at it too long from the tower, it starts stares back at you. It's still available to climb up and look out of course.

>Most primates have hair all over their body, like foxes and wolves do, but those that don't typically wear clothing.

Nem's mental image now has primates covered in thick fur and she's more baffled at how the faerie would resemble one.
No. 592745 ID: d8a627

Yeah, you can understand what's so unusual about it all, now. Primates typically don't have that lack of hair, except a couple of types, and those types always wear clothes. Seriously, the statue should not be naked. Not at all. It should either be covered in fur or clothing.
And the wings? There are plenty of clothes made that have open backs! You can easily place clothes upon them that cover the front and the bottom. Heck, put an apron and a skirt on them and they'd be decent!
No. 592748 ID: 2fd516

Well I mean shouldn't there be a ranger at this tower too?
No. 592756 ID: 3009b4

>Well I mean shouldn't there be a ranger at this tower too?

There's not been an immediate threat to the village -- other than the witch that they can't do anything about -- so the rangers just patrol the woods and use the towers as needed.
No. 592771 ID: 2fd516

Oh. In that case, let's just get back to the path, head to near the fork in the road that leads to grandma's house, and tell the wolf to STAY PUT. Don't let it follow you there, and we should be good. If you start walking towards the fork again and the wolf follows you, pull out the knife and tell it to go back, or you'll have to use force.
No. 592817 ID: 3009b4
File 140997472935.jpg - (115.40KB , 800x600 , Nem Comtemplative in the wind .jpg )

A strong, sudden gust of wind blows -- notably not lifting Nem's skirt to the point of showing off her body -- and Nem contemplates her choices.

She could try to command the wolf to stay, and it will undoubtedly ignore her command, forcing her to fight it if she wants it to stay put. Nem finds this highly doubtful given her track record.

She could attempt to rely on the Lake Faerie, but she has serious doubts about that.

She could return to her village and HOPE the wolf doesn't follow her. She'll need to make up an excuse why, but revealing knowledge about Teddy's wine ingredients might be enough.

She could venture in to the witch's territory and see if that scares off the wolf. Nem does not relish this idea and some arguments in favour would be needed to convince her to try.

And finally -- while not suggested by the group, Nem points out that she could also try to visit the ranger's house.
No. 592818 ID: 436cdc

I vote ranger's house. We need to confirm if wossname is dead or not, and if freaky ranger chick is actually a threat or just a weirdo
No. 592820 ID: 1f8505


>A strong, sudden gust of wind blows -- notably not lifting Nem's skirt to the point of showing off her body -- and Nem contemplates her choices.

You got lucky. Anyways, let's drop in on this Ranger.
No. 592822 ID: 2fd516

Well, Macha is the wolf, so if you show up at her house, the wolf will conveniently disappear so that Macha can greet you. Of course, at that point you'll have to deal with Macha, and you can't let her follow you either.

It's not that something is disguised as a wolf. Macha is the wolf's disguise.
No. 592883 ID: 24b60e

Nem, what's confusing about "primates" is that the name encompasses several species. The most relevant distinction here is *where* they have hair thick enough to hide the skin: Most primate species have such hair almost everywhere, but the ones that are relevant to the discussion (and look like Rekki or the lake fairy) only have it on their heads and crotch... And some of them may choose to shave it.
No. 592897 ID: 563dc1

The ranger's house is worth trying.
I'm not convinced Macha is the same entity as the maybe-wolf. Getting more evidence on that would be good. And if Macha /doesn't/ show up, we could search the house for clues about what happened to the ranger. The question is what to do if we do meet her.

What I'm thinking is ... if Macha /is/ the same entity as the maybe-wolf, this is all a play to make us either lead the wolf to your grandmother, or to look for protection from Macha, and lead her there instead. So we don't want to do the latter. Since she's likely to be some kind of Fairy, a lie may be dangerous.
So if we have the time, it may be a good idea to decide ahead of time that what we really want to do right now is drop off the herbs at the village without having the maybe-wolf following us. Then if we meet Macha we can (honestly) tell her about that, she can escort us to the village, and we can probably lose her there and go to your grandmother afterwards.
Do we have enough daylight left to pull all of that off?
No. 592916 ID: 3009b4
File 141001524636.jpg - (157.86KB , 800x600 , Nem returns to the Ranger place.jpg )

>You got lucky.

Nem: Mr. Anon, I think you just want to look up my skirt and that is extremely inappropriate.

>Nem, what's confusing about "primates" is that the name encompasses several species...

Nem regrets even mentioning primates.

>Do we have enough daylight left to pull all of that off?

Lots. While not particularly strong and lacking training, Nem has the potential of an athlete and she travels swiftly.

Nem heads back to the Ranger's place and knocks on the door. She turns to look for the wolf, and sees it waiting a short distance away. There's no answer to the door, so Nem knocks again. The ranger might just be out -- after all, part of their duties is to keep an eye on the activity in the woods and Mr. Cutter's responsibilities include keeping an eye on the Unseelie Hollow. She checks the door and finds it unlocked.

Nem feels a little nervous.
No. 592919 ID: 2fd516

Hmm. Go in.
No. 592928 ID: 563dc1

Yeah, let's enter and see if we can figure out if something happened to him. I doubt Rekki lied to us, and since Macha isn't here (at least in any form to stop us..) this is a good opportunity.
No. 592937 ID: 3009b4
File 141002952813.jpg - (89.51KB , 800x600 , Nem Investigates the Ranger House.jpg )

Nem pushes open the door. The inside of the cottage is unusually dark and silent. The windows are all closed up, so the main source of light comes through the front.

Despite the forbidding atmosphere, everything seems to be in order (well, for a Ranger -- they spend so much time outside their homes can be a bit messy). There is no sign of violence.

Nem continues on to the bedroom, where she spots a paper left on the neatly made bed.

"Ranger Cutter has passed on. This is my last Will and Testament.

I'm as sound in mind as body as I will ever be. For reasons that are my own and that I cannot elaborate on, I leave all my earthly possessions to Nemain Morrigan.

Nem, if you're reading this -- you're going to need every bit of help you can get."

It's signed in Mr. Cutter's hand (literacy in Nem's world is far ahead of the human historical equivalent).
No. 592939 ID: 0cd21f

Well.... shit. That's not good.

Doesn't say anything good that he would leave everything to you rather than his own daughter. And it only casts more suspicion on Macha.
No. 592941 ID: 7017e1

I'm torn. On the one hand, suspicious much? On the other hand...Dude had no other living relatives that we know of so it's not like that stuff was going elsewhere...
MAYBE she's legit, maybe not. While this rates high on the suspicion-o-meter, I feel like given the circumstances there's no real way to make things look legit.
Something that strikes me as odd is that 'for reasons that are my own' bit. If She's his daughter, wouldn't it make sense for her to get the lion's share if not all of his stuff if he didn't really have friends?
No. 592947 ID: 2fd516

Oh shit. I think you're gonna be the new Ranger, Nem. Take the letter, first off. Second, open up some windows to let light in so you can properly search the place for supplies. This is your house now, so take inventory.
No. 592948 ID: 3009b4
File 141003212280.jpg - (101.36KB , 800x600 , Nem is worried.jpg )

>If She's his daughter, wouldn't it make sense for her to get the lion's share if not all of his stuff if he didn't really have friends?

Nem: That's just it -- Mr. Cutter did have friends. He was great friends with grandma, and my father, and he got along fine with the village. It's not surprising that he would leave something to me since we were the closest thing he had to family here.

Mr. Cutter was a widower when he arrived at the village. I was told that when he lost his wife, he lost his way and came here to try to start over.

But it doesn't make sense that he'd leave me EVERYTHING. I'm most bothered by the last part. Mr. Cutter knew something and he couldn't tell. ANOTHER secret. I don't like this. I could have sworn I saw him when they were trying to find Teddy, and if the village knew he was gone there would have been a funeral.

What's going on?

No. 592951 ID: 0cd21f

>What's going on?
Can't say, unfortunately. Certainly nothing good, from what little hints and evidence we've found so far.

Obvious question: can we be sure of the authenticity of this letter? That it's not another trick?

And perhaps a more immediate problem: how's Macha going to react when she finds out you know? It's pretty obvious she chose to hide this from you, for one reason or another.
No. 592952 ID: 2fd516

Probably something related to the Unseelies. Something nobody wants to talk about because you don't talk about Unseelies.
No. 592954 ID: 3009b4

rolled 92 = 92

Nem is no expert but she will try to confirm the hand writing. She knows Mr. Cutter well, so anyone not familiar with him won't fool her, but anyone with forging experience will have a decent chance of fooling her.

This means Nem can only spot an obvious fake. If the letter is real, then the only additional information you can gain is Nem's certainty that it's real. If she rolls poorly, then all you will know is that it's either real or a competent forgery.
No. 592955 ID: 3009b4

No additional information can be gathered; Nem's roll is also too poor to be assisted by IP.
No. 592956 ID: 1f8505

Congratulations on your promotion!
No. 592959 ID: a36601

Honestly I don't think it's real. If the "daughter" came here and saw the note (which is pretty easy to notice) she would have read it and given it to nem or mentioned it when she saw her. If she did not want nem to see it then she could have very easily torn it or hidden it. Then only thing I can think is that it's meant for you to see it and think you're getting one up on her. Take it home anyways so you can ask/show it later.

I'm kinda split on taking a quick look around the house to see if there's anything immediately useful (which would probably end with Macha showing up) or just getting out of there. If you decide to look around, close the front door and try not to move anything in a way that's too obvious.
No. 592961 ID: 2fd516

There's another explanation. Macha is an associate of Mr. Cutter, and was in on the plan to have Nem inherit everything.
No. 592962 ID: ccd544

Macha may have left the note untouched as a visible trap to see when someone disturbed the house. This possibility is independent of the veracity of the letter.

Macha may be disguising herself as Mr. Cutter through fae glamour. This possibility is independant of Mr. Cutter's current state.

•Put the letter back, only talk to your grandmother about the letter.
•Ask your parents if they've seen Mr. Cutter, as an out of the blue question of curiosity.
No. 592970 ID: 563dc1

> Ranger Cutter has passed on
Why would you possibly begin a note like that? Either he was writing this as a ghost, or as somebody who had decided to irrevocably give up his vocation as a ranger (and probably prior identity).
> I'm as sound in mind as body as I will ever be.
Note that this can easily be read as "My situation is horrible, and it'll only get worse from here".

So many possible schemes! ...let's turn the chessboard around. If what Macha is what she appears to be, what happened is:
Cutter loses his wife, and comes here to live as a ranger, leaving his daughter behind. Something happens to make him die or leave (permanently), and he writes a letter where he doesn't mention her with one word. Right after she shows up with a big damn axe and a helpful attitude. She enters his house, and is either sufficiently absentminded to totally miss the note, or else decides to neither remove it /nor/ to mention it to you. Instead she follows us, vanishes without trace or note right when we run into another person, and not to put too fine a point on it right after that person leaves our field of vision he suffers a horrible and probably violent death by the hand of some other creature that just happened to be in the same place at the same time.

...no. No way on this plane or any other. She might be his daughter, but if so the other parent is probably some fae and it doesn't mean a damn thing re. whether we can trust her.
If Macha is indeed a faerie, all kinds of rules may apply to her that could have prevented her from messing with the note, but not from trying to distract you from entering. It would fit.

Definitely keep the note. Stash it somewhere where you don't need to fold it much and where the chance of losing it is minimal. We need to find someone who knew Cutter better and/or something else in his handwriting, and get a better statement on authenticity. I can't think of a plausible reason for anyone to fake this, but we still need to check.
Next up, check if the maybe-wolf is still there.
If it is ... screw stealth. Either the maybe-wolf is Macha and knows we're here already, or it will attract her attention if she comes by anyway, not to mention that by far the most likely reason for her to come by would be to enter the ranger hut.
Search the house, open whatever windows you need to to get some light in here, don't panic but perform the search quickly, and if possible keep an eye on the wolf every half minute or so. Also keep track of possible escape routes; you may have to go out a window if Macha comes in the door and tries to corner you. Start now. We can worry about the riddle of what's going on once we're under less of a time crunch and have more information.
No. 592982 ID: d8a627

>I leave all my earthly possessions to Nemain Morrigan.
Does that mean his house is yours, or is it simply a house to be used by rangers?

I don't think we should so strongly mistrust Macha. Maybe she is the daughter of Mr Cutter's dead wife, who was a Trytie, and saw the note and assumed that Nemain must have been another daughter. Do note:
>Ranger Cutter has passed on.
>This is my last Will and Testament.
He says "Ranger Cutter" in third person (using his name), but he says that second line in first person (using "My"). This letter was written for Macha, I think. He knew his daughter was coming, and was telling her that he would no longer be there, implying that he would be dead. He wrote a line to Nemain believing Macha would show it to her.
Macha shows up and finds the note. "Ranger Cutter has passed on." Perhaps it means he acquired a new name, she may think. He's leaving everything to Nemain Morrigan, so perhaps that's his new daughter.
Nemain shows up, but does not introduce herself, instead preoccupied by her fear of the wolf. Before she learns who Nemain is, they're already out and about, with Macha keeping Nemain safe.
Eventually, Nemain meets up with Teddy, and Macha decides that Nemain will be safe with anybody with her, and that it did not have to necessarily be her. She carried on with whatever her errands were, and possibly returned to her own home.
After a week passes, Macha has no more reason to hang around her dead father's place, and has definitely left. She may have hoped Nemain would stop by so she could have shown her the note, but it did not happen, so she simply left the note where Nemain could easily find it.

Let's not automatically call Macha the villain, guys, she might have just been treating Nemain as the sibling she thought she was.
No. 592984 ID: d8a627

Wait, Nemain, when you say it's signed in Mr. Cutter's hand, do you mean it has his name, "Cutter," "Ranger Cutter," or what? If it doesn't say his full name or "Mr. Cutter," it might actually be Macha signing it... As his daughter, he might have taught her to sign exactly like he does.
No. 593012 ID: 3009b4
File 141006620920.jpg - (101.34KB , 800x600 , Nem explains Mr Cutter.jpg )

>There's another explanation. Macha is an associate of Mr. Cutter, and was in on the plan to have Nem inherit everything.

Nem: That doesn't explain WHY though. He was close to my family, but I don't think he was so close as to leave everything to the youngest daughter alone. We got along fine, but it's not like he was a surrogate grandfather to me.

>Ask your parents if they've seen Mr. Cutter, as an out of the blue question of curiosity.

Nem: I could have sworn he was part of the search party. I wasn't paying much attention at the time though.

>Why would you possibly begin a note like that?

Nem: I don't know. I've never seen a will before and I've never had a title.

>Wait, Nemain, when you say it's signed in Mr. Cutter's hand, do you mean it has his name, "Cutter," "Ranger Cutter," or what?

Nem: I meant it was his signature -- Ranger Thomas S. Cutter.

>After a week passes, Macha has no more reason to hang around her dead father's place, and has definitely left.

Nem: Doesn't explain why the village didn't find out. The only thing I told anyone was that grandmother was doing well. If Mr. Cutter had passed, then my father would have been there to honour him.

>Search the house, open whatever windows you need to to get some light in here, don't panic but perform the search quickly, and if possible keep an eye on the wolf every half minute or so. Also keep track of possible escape routes; you may have to go out a window if Macha comes in the door and tries to corner you. Start now.

Nem thinks that getting some light in would be a good idea and can at least start on that, if nothing else. She takes the Will with her, just in case.
No. 593016 ID: d8a627

>Doesn't explain why the village didn't find out. The only thing I told anyone was that grandmother was doing well. If Mr. Cutter had passed, then my father would have been there to honour him.
But you, Macha, and your Grandmother were the only ones to know that Mr. Cutter was dead, right? Macha may have thought you'd have told the village, and Grandmother isn't in a state to leave her house.
As a ranger, people wouldn't really notice that he's suddenly missing for a while, it may take a whole month! It may have seemed like he was in the search party, but that is likely just your memory getting jumbled up.
No. 593045 ID: 563dc1

> Nem: That doesn't explain WHY though. He was close to my family, but I don't think he was so close as to leave everything to the youngest daughter alone.
> Nem, if you're reading this -- you're going to need every bit of help you can get."
The best guess as to why with our current information is that as he said, he thought you were in danger/trouble, and his possessions might help you. Which is one of the reasons we should take stock.

> Let's not automatically call Macha the villain, guys, she might have just been treating Nemain as the sibling she thought she was.
Point taken; we don't have enough information to be sure. Doesn't make a huge difference right now. We're dealing with an insufficiently-defined threat which may or may not be Macha, and if your hypothesis is correct the latter is unlikely to ever show up around here again. My immediate recommendations are still the same.
No. 593070 ID: 3009b4
File 141010432273.jpg - (136.04KB , 800x600 , Nem looks out the ranger window.jpg )

>The best guess as to why with our current information is that as he said, he thought you were in danger/trouble, and his possessions might help you. Which is one of the reasons we should take stock.

Nem opens the windows and immediately notices the grave marker in the back yard. She hesitates to investigate and while keeping an eye out for danger, does a quick check of available supplies.

There's a bit of money, and aside from the typical household supplies she finds medicines, a longbow, a musket, ammo for both, and various knives -- one of which is similar to a machette and clearly designed for combat. It's something Mr. Cutter would have used if he had to defend himself from unruly forest animals and couldn't ready his weapon in time/blew a shot. There are personal belongings that she will not rifle through unless the group thinks it is truly necessary since they appear to be love letters.

Also Nem is pretty sure that the house belongs to Mr. Cutter, but it has a nice spare room -- if he got too old to work, a replacement ranger would bunk with him initially and inherit the home automatically. The spare room is neat, but dusty with no personal belongings.
No. 593074 ID: d8a627

> There are personal belongings that she will not rifle through unless the group thinks it is truly necessary since they appear to be love letters.
Well, it would be useful to figure out of there's detail of who his loved one was, but it's not full out necessary. I'll let your level of curiosity guide you on this one.
No. 593076 ID: 3009b4
File 141010680987.jpg - (102.51KB , 800x600 , Nem is kind of impressed.jpg )

>Well, it would be useful to figure out of there's detail of who his loved one was, but it's not full out necessary. I'll let your level of curiosity guide you on this one.

Nem is curious but Mr. Cutter was always sensitive about his late wife. The topmost letter -- skipping the steamy details -- was from Bardbra (yes, "Bardbra", but "Barb" is still the short form) and the ones near the bottom are from Ella.

Bardbra is Nem's grandmother's first name. Nem's curiosity gets the better of her and from the details she skims Barb lives close by and is an older woman -- there's lines pertaining to reclaiming one's youth in his presence. The one from Ella refers to completely foreign places.

Nem puts the letters back quickly, feeling a bit guilty from the prying but she's not stupid -- there's only two names, Ella and Barb. Clearly Ella is the name of his late wife. Of note, Ella has normal feet because there's a line about polishing them just for him. So his first wife was normal (read: same race). It is possible that grandma has been having an affair with Mr. Cutter, but she must be 20 years older than he is. If it's true, Nem has to admit she's shocked and impressed.
No. 593077 ID: d8a627

Go Grandma!
But, uh, don't jump to too many assumptions. Sometimes people simply go into, shall we say, "Sessions," where they write letters or speak out a conversation in such a matter that it is as though they are in a steamy relationship, but aren't. It is a way of keeping one's mind fresh and open. With the pranks of the Unseelie Court, and, according to your Grandmother, the Seelie as well, keeping a strong and open mind is important.
No. 593079 ID: 3009b4

>But, uh, don't jump to too many assumptions. Sometimes people simply go into, shall we say, "Sessions," where they write letters or speak out a conversation in such a matter that it is as though they are in a steamy relationship, but aren't.

Two different sets of handwriting; one for Barb and one for Ella. Nem's no expert but she doubts a tough woodsman like Mr. Cutter practices writing like a woman. Nem doesn't know what you mean by 'sessions' but she also does not want to know.
No. 593081 ID: d8a627

>Nem doesn't know what you mean by 'sessions'
Well, you see--
>but she also does not want to know.
Oh, okay then.
No. 593083 ID: 563dc1

> Grandma: I know he had been a widower for some time, just like I lost my husband years ago. He never spoke of children but that wouldn't mean he might not have had any. All that outdoor living makes a man virile.
...well, that's still not definite, but it does add some more evidence. I did kinda wonder how she'd have known.

You need to take a close look at that grave; might as well do so now unless someone thinks of something more urgent to do first. If someone buried Mr. Cutter here, the gravestone might hold information about what happened to him and who did the burying. If not, we still need to know who else died here.
Also, it sounds like he left you quite the arsenal. Make a decision on whether you want to stick with your current knife or if the machete would be more useful; it largely depends on which you're more comfortable with.
No. 593085 ID: 8b533b

Is that his gravestone out back? Perhaps that bears a closer examination. Someone had to have buried him, and left those flowers there. Maybe the inscription will hold some clue. Or you might at least be able to tell how old the flowers were.

>If it's true, Nem has to admit she's shocked and impressed.
Go gran, indeed!

If it's true. There are fey in these woods, and an unaccounted daughter. I suppose the only way to be sure would be to broach an embarrassing topic, later.

If this is true, the real question might be why she didn't say anything when you questioned her, before. It's one thing to not know if a woodland neighbor has a daughter, it's another thing to not know if your lover does.

Silly question, but how would the letters have made their way back and forth? Is there a letter-carrier in these parts? I mean, that doesn't seem to jibe with your having to make personal deliveries to keep gram supplied.
No. 593088 ID: d8a627

>Nem's no expert but she doubts a tough woodsman like Mr. Cutter practices writing like a woman.
Oh, and by the way... I would think Mr. Cutter's set of letters would be with the ladies. Meaning that if that Bardbra is your grandmother, she has his set of letters.
No. 593092 ID: 3009b4

>Silly question, but how would the letters have made their way back and forth? Is there a letter-carrier in these parts? I mean, that doesn't seem to jibe with your having to make personal deliveries to keep gram supplied.

** Going to speak as an author and with personal experience, but my (late) wife and I would still write each other notes that went with gifts and cards and email each other even after we were married. Sometimes if one was out the other would return to a note. I don't know about other people's experiences, but that's how we were and I'm extending it to Mr. Cutter.

Mr. Cutter spends a lot of time out and it should be noted that grandma is a former ranger who still lives in the woods -- she used to be able to take care of herself. This is outside Nem's area of expertise, but notes slid under the door would be an easy way to arrange for a booty call. **
No. 593093 ID: 2fd516

Alright time to decide, Nem. Bow or gun? You should take the knife upgrade regardless.

Also go visit the grave and pay your respects.
No. 593104 ID: 3009b4

Just a note, I created a discussion thread as Nem's Quest hit the 500 post mark.
No. 593116 ID: 436cdc

As an aside, grab that machete. It's a fairly decent chopping weapon, and makes a very useful survival tool to boot. Probably a bit better than an axe.
No. 593260 ID: 3009b4
File 141015327607.jpg - (156.25KB , 800x600 , Nem at Cutter Grave.jpg )

Nem is not experienced handling a bow or firearms, so she takes neither. She does take the machete.

The grave stone is roughly hewn and looks like it was made very recently. It makes the grave of "Ranger Thomas S. Cutter, loving Husband to Ella J. Cutter, died $23 of August [no translation]$ and dear friend of the Morrigan family".

The flowers laid there are very fresh -- not today, but they were picked recently.
No. 593265 ID: 2fd516

So, someone buried him but didn't tell the town. This is very mysterious. I don't think there's anywhere else to go but to grandma's. Oh! Did you see any clothes in the house? You could get new underwear.

Ask the wolf if it can understand you.
No. 593266 ID: 8b533b

>Nem is not experienced handling a bow or firearms, so she takes neither.
Smart. A weapon you don't know how to use can be more dangerous than no weapon at all.

Do you recognize the particular flowers picked? There's often tradition and symbolism associated with floral arrangements- I don't suppose any of your botanical studies tell you what the significance of these particular flowers are?
No. 593269 ID: d8a627

>"Ranger Thomas S. Cutter,
That's him alright.
>loving Husband to Ella J. Cutter,
And that's his late wife.
>died <on such and such date>
Is that a recent date, Nemain? You would know better than us.
>and dear friend of the Morrigan family".
And, again, this suggests Macha's doing. Like I suggested, she probably saw the note and figured your family was great friends. It would help if she happened to check the signatures on the love-letters... Even if she didn't look at the content, she may have still checked them for signatures. Bardbra Morrigan. ...Wait, you said she was your mother's mother, so her last name wouldn't be Morrigan, would it? Unless she adopted your father's name when she became a widow?
How about the dirt? I don't expect to to start digging it up yourself, but take a look; does it appear to have been recently turned or dug up? If so, about how large an area? Big enough for a casket (if you bury your dead full-bodied), or perhaps an urn (Cremated--where you throw the body into a pyre (large funeral fire) and place the ashes into an urn)? If it's only the area around the gravestone, then it means he was not buried here in any manner--Something that suggests his "Death" is simply that, while his body lives on, the personality and identity of "Thomas Cutter" is no more. Would happen if he was "Adopted" by the Faeries to be a pet or something.
Adoption by Faeries at an old age is probably a good thing, rather than bad, since it's a way of escaping true death.
No. 593285 ID: c4f9a2

Muskets aren't too hard. Their single greatest strength is that they're easy to learn. So, quick overview for a future emergency, and a suggestion that you find a qualified teacher:

Muskets usually have a ram rod attached to the barrel that you use to ram lead shot into the muzzle. The muzzle is the business end of the gun, the part with the big hole.

Muskets usually have a supply of gunpowder near them, sometimes in a horn or flask. By pouring a measured amount of powder into the muzzle, and then ramming a wad of cloth and a bullet into the muzzle of the barrel with the ramrod, you can load the gun.

Most powder flasks designs will use a clever spout design to always pour the right amount of powder. Advanced designs will let the user select from several different amounts for a pour.

Alternatively, there may be pre-loaded charge tubes nearby. These would each contain just enough powder for a single shot. Simply open the tube, pour the powder in, and put the empty tube away.

Once the gun is loaded, replace the ramrod in its place on the barrel.

Depending on the design of the musket, you may need to pour a small amount of powder into a pan or chamber on the side of the gun. There should be a tiny hole leading from the pan to the interior of the barrel.

The gun may use flint striking steel to produce sparks (a flintlock) or may use a lit slow-burning match which is lowered into the pan (a matchlock) to ignite the powder in the pan. Once the powder in the pan is ignited, the gun will fire.

The musket may be an advanced design that uses percussion caps instead. It should have a hammer in that case. Cock the hammer, place the percussion cap in the nub where the hammer would rest, and you have a primed and ready firearm. Don't strike the percussion cap until you are ready to fire.

Brace the gunstock against your dominant shoulder, press your cheek against the stock to look down the barrel with your eye, and keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

The noise will be scary, and the flash and smoke will give away your location if you are trying to hide. The bullet should be accurate out to about 100 paces, perhaps more if the barrel is high quality and the bullets are a good fit.

To reload the gun, take the ramrod and a rag and swipe the rag through the barrel once or twice with the ramrod. This clears any slow-burning powder from the barrel, so that when you pour fresh powder in it doesn't ignite prematurely.

That's the basics. Most hunters will keep a small number of pre-cast bullets, and will cast more as needed in bullet casting molds. Lead is preferred for bullets because it is easy to melt and cast, and is dense.
No. 593286 ID: 323980

>Ask the wolf if it can understand you.

No don't that's a stupid suggestion the wolf ARLEADY has shown full sentience and understanding of speech.
No. 593287 ID: 323980

Muskets are trickier than you claim!

She does not have the time learn each finicky bit, or the to go through the trial-and-error process of teaching herself the motions required to handle the preload-loading-latching-locking-firing process.

The academics of a musket is simple, the reality of handling a musket [i]properly[i/] requires about a week of familiarity and daily usage.

Please be more pessimistic about how quickly people can learn new tools! It's much safer that way!
No. 593295 ID: 18be79

Nem: it sounds to me like Ranger Cutter was worried about putting too much information in the Will. While you have the basics of how a musket works I also advise against trying it without having someone who knows about it there to help you. Your best option may be to ask the "wolf" very nicely to watch over the house until you get back and quickly make your way to your grandmothers to discuss this with her.
No. 593296 ID: ba21d3

I don't think Nem has to bother with this. She's not a fighter and shouldn't act like one. Avoiding fights is where it's at, and if it comes to it, using the machette will often be the better choice of weapon anyway.

Speaking of weapons: Now that you have a machette, you can return the knife to the stash you picked it from when you ever go back there.

I say we visit our grandmother. We have no way of leaving the wolf behind, other than exchanging it for Macha or visiting the witch. Neither of which would be a good idea in my opinion. Might as well get it over with.
No. 593301 ID: bd4b61

> "Ranger Thomas S. Cutter, loving Husband to Ella J. Cutter, died $23 of August [no translation]$ and dear friend of the Morrigan family".
As mentioned, we need to figure out when that is relative to the present. If this format matches the calendar of your own people and you can just tell us how long ago it was, that'd be ideal. If not we can still read the given date, but we'd need to figure out when in the year we are; in that case, tell us what you know about your own calendar system, or the current season and your best guess about how long it's been since the last solstice (longest/shortest daylight period in the year) or equinox (daylight/nighttime equality date).
No. 593315 ID: 3009b4

"The Morrigan Family" refers to all Nem's family. Nem's father was good friends with the ranger. So Nem's grandmother's surname doesn't matter in this case since she's still part of the Morrigan family.

>Muskets are trickier than you claim!

Nem is fully aware of that fact -- her father makes parts for them and she's heard what happens to kids who play with them.

>As mentioned, we need to figure out when that is relative to the present. If this format matches the calendar of your own people and you can just tell us how long ago it was, that'd be ideal.

It was a couple of days ago. ::The year doesn't translate; may be an error::
No. 593317 ID: d8a627

> ::The year doesn't translate; may be an error::
Man I dislike when magic doesn't work the way it's supposed to...
>It was a couple of days ago.
Thanks for clarifying that, Nemain. Now, go back to the wolf, thank it for keeping you company, but it's time you should go... Be polite about it. Tell it you need to get somewhere, alone. If it refuses to budge, then you refuse to budge right back at it.
No. 593328 ID: c4f9a2

I did advise her to find a qualified trainer if she's in anything but an emergency situation with a gun.

Your estimate of a week to learn to use a musket is accurate if the student must drill and get good at reloading and firing as part of a firing line, yes. However, a student can get the hang of a gun for individual use with a few shots at most.

And what she knows now is just barely enough for an emergency.
No. 593331 ID: 3009b4
File 141020959501.jpg - (281.23KB , 800x600 , Nem would like you to expand on being firm with th.jpg )

>Oh! Did you see any clothes in the house? You could get new underwear.

Nem is not comfortable with the idea of wearing Mr. Cutter's underwear, especially since she is not familiar with his laundry history and because he likely just passed on. Additionally you are confusing the underwear of a large virile woodsman with that of an almost-17 year old pretty girl.

>Do you recognize the particular flowers picked? There's often tradition and symbolism associated with floral arrangements- I don't suppose any of your botanical studies tell you what the significance of these particular flowers are?

The flowers appear to be red wild flowers; the sort of thing someone would do to show respect but having a lack of time or resources.

>I did advise her to find a qualified trainer if she's in anything but an emergency situation with a gun.

Nem doesn't have access to a qualified trainer, and since her little volcano experiment in the kitchen she has been thoroughly educated on the properties of black powder so she does not mess with it. At best, firing the weapon would signal the need for help and at worst, she'd spend HP to avoid blowing off a limb.

:: As a matter of gun safety, even in an emergency situation Nem is better off with the machete. She doesn't know how to load it, handle it, or aim it and it can hurt her if she does it wrong. Her range is a lot more limited with the knife but at least she's got a general idea of how to use it and it can't explode ::

>If it refuses to budge, then you refuse to budge right back at it.

Nem is quite interested in how you propose to 'budge right at it'. She already knows the wolf does *not* listen to her in any shape or form. The only way she's been able to make progress with it is by trying to take its head off with an axe, and even then that just got her coin back.

The group seems divided. From Nem's point of view, these are the suggested options:

1. Go to grandma's with the wolf.
2. Somehow force the wolf to stay where it is. No detailed suggestions as to how.
3. Go to the wolf's territory and see what the wolf does.

Nem is going to ignore any suggestion regarding the use of firearms but could be convinced to take the black powder (and perhaps shot) with her. She might be convinced to take the bow and arrows, but they're a bit cumbersome (sized for a bigger person) and she's more agile without them.
No. 593332 ID: 3009b4

Sorry, that last post should have said "Witch's territory".
No. 593333 ID: 563dc1

> It was a couple of days ago.
Late enough for him to have been part of the search party, as you mentioned?
... it probably doesn't matter. Even if it is, we have Rekki's word to the contrary, and the date is likely just an estimate from when whoever buried him found the corpse.

Which leaves the issue of what to do about that damn wolf(tm). Assuming the suggestions to try to talk or stare it into staying don't work out, my suggestion is to try the witch territory. Giving this thing's persistence, trying to feed it an ogress to keep it busy is starting to sound like a non-crazy approach.
No. 593334 ID: d8a627

Nemain, so far, you have not tried just politely thanking the wolf for its time and asking it to leave you alone... It's unlikely to work, but what harm would come from doing so anyways? Worst that happens is you waste an inhalation on speaking for a moment. Best that happens is it listens and leaves you alone for the time being.
No. 593337 ID: 2fd516

Well we can't just let it follow us to grandma's, and if you're absolutely certain it will not listen to you no matter what, let's just go to the Witch's territory.
No. 593339 ID: 3009b4

>Late enough for him to have been part of the search party, as you mentioned?
... it probably doesn't matter. Even if it is, we have Rekki's word to the contrary

Rekki? He hasn't been around since early in the first day. You might be thinking of Macha.

>Nemain, so far, you have not tried just politely thanking the wolf for its time and asking it to leave you alone...

** Author's note -- to save me from drawing another "Wolf stares at Nem and looks unimpressed" update, that's not going to work. **
No. 593345 ID: 563dc1

I did in fact mean Rekki. Specifically:
> The Ranger could find it without problem, but he's dead now.
Him saying that so early is why it matters; it's inconsistent with the ranger showing up alive later, even if that's not contradicted by the date on the gravestone.
No. 593350 ID: d55f56

1 is right out, 2 is hard to figure out, and 3 sounds like our most decent bet. So, let's go in with that.
No. 593362 ID: 697427

Would it be possible to trap the wolf inside Ranger Cutter's house? Provoke it into following her inside, close the door, leave through the window, for example.
No. 593367 ID: 3009b4

>Him saying that so early is why it matters; it's inconsistent with the ranger showing up alive later, even if that's not contradicted by the date on the gravestone.

Isn't that interesting?

>Would it be possible to trap the wolf inside Ranger Cutter's house? Provoke it into following her inside, close the door, leave through the window, for example.

The wolf is quick -- that plan requires Nem to be quicker than the wolf the entire time lest the wolf pen her in or simply beat her outside.
No. 593369 ID: d8a627

Well, nothing to do but head for the Witch's territory.
No. 593378 ID: 3009b4
File 141022760223.jpg - (252.38KB , 800x600 , Nem Enters Witch Territory.jpg )

With much trepidation, but trusting the majority's judgement Nem quietly and nervously makes her way towards the Witch's territory.

As she makes her way past the sign, the forest noises suddenly stop and all Nem can hear is the cuff-clopping sound of her own footsteps; the wolf makes no noise.

She notices that the wolf seems fascinated by something off the path.
No. 593379 ID: 2fd516

What is it? ...if you can get the wolf REALLY fascinated in something, maybe you can sneak off and ditch it.
No. 593381 ID: 3009b4
File 141022883581.jpg - (274.65KB , 800x600 , The wolf howls.jpg )

The wolf howls -- Nem has never heard it make a real sound until now.
No. 593382 ID: 3009b4
File 141022901706.jpg - (220.00KB , 800x600 , The howl is loud.jpg )

The howling is very loud. Nem experiences a sensation like the feeling one gets when something dangerous is nearby but hunting for something else. Like a cop's siren but it's for the car in front of you, or the glare of a teacher that's directed at the child behind you.
No. 593383 ID: 3009b4
File 141022930999.jpg - (239.70KB , 800x600 , Nem err234x24 err32 exception .jpg )

... overflow ...
No. 593384 ID: 3009b4
File 141022952012.jpg - (114.04KB , 800x600 , Nem asks if you are ok.jpg )

Nem: Are you all right? You look strange.
No. 593385 ID: 2fd516

Look strange? Since when have you been able to see us? We can't see anything but you right now, something weird happened with the eyes and the wolf. It's like you're in a white void...

Maybe it's some sort of anti-magic thing, and our senses are cut off. Can you still see?
No. 593386 ID: 418fbf

Uhhh...We either broke or something borked us. Something about eyes appearing around you then turning to orange blobs into flames and then the white void emenates from you into clearing out everything else. Weeeird.
No. 593387 ID: 879a42

Okay weird magic stuff is happening. Remain calm and tell us what's going on, more info is needed to help.
No. 593389 ID: 01745f

I think there was some kind of magical clash between the wolf and the witch, and we were hit by the splash damage. We will probably be ok in a bit but cannot see anything other than you at the moment.
What is the status of the wolf and the eyes? Either way you might want to consider heading away from the witch's territory in case the witch survives and blames you.
No. 593390 ID: 3009b4
File 141023323053.jpg - (181.58KB , 800x600 , Nem takes a closer look at yuu.jpg )


::Contextual Help::

::Host Awareness of the YUU
Nem is aware of your presence via TEN HUD; she has an approximate idea of what you see via your position as you appear as a sort of glowing orb. ::

:: The orb is not visible by default even to people who can use the network unless they scan for it, but if TEN users are nearby, talking or reaction to nothing is usual a good indicator. You can spend influence points to hide it from others but it's on an individual basis. This was originally noted with Rekki's encoutner::

Actual communication is akin to telepathy. Nem speaks out loud because she's used to it, but her surface thoughts can be approximated and if she 'thinks loudly' it transfers better.

As this 'orb' is external, it operates like an open channel once found. Those with an actual Third Eye have protected modes of operation.


We have detected an overflow of garbage data across the visual sensory layer of the TEN-- similar to the eye staring at a very bright light source or "Red is TWO COINS fishtank" (Error #439efa4c, "RiTCf").

WARNING: Occurrences of Error #439efa4c or "RiTCf" may indicate unsafe or malicious code is being used. As a precaution, safe mode has been activated and certain functions are being disabled or restricted.

// Your vision is restricted to a short area around Nem.

Nem: You're red and parts of you are blinking.
No. 593391 ID: 3009b4

>What is the status of the wolf and the eyes?

Nem: The eyes don't look as fierce. What other eyes are you talking about? Also the wolf just clamped onto the bottom of my cape It's not pulling. Is that hurting you?

:: No it is not hurting us ::
No. 593393 ID: d90668

I bet the wolf is trying to keep you from going any closer to the witch's place. I would slowly back up. Her magic seems to interfere with ours.
No. 593394 ID: d8a627

Oh dear. Something's attacking us, and the Wolf leapt to our aid. We "looked weird" suddenly because we were under attack, and the wolf didn't latch on until after that, right?

"Red is Two Coins fishtank." Rekki mentioned a mermaid (fish person) named Red, I wonder if that's who's doing this? But then, we're also in the Witch's territory, so that could be her. Why she has such an odd name is beyond me, though. It seems we won't be able to see much other than you while this attack is going on.
No. 593395 ID: 01745f

>What other eyes are you talking about?
Most of the things we jut saw were apparently invisible to you. To begin with, the witch has some eyes in trees along the path like the legend says. The wolf looked at them, howled, and there was a sort of magic light that disorients and curses magical beings looking at it (though it is uncertain who is attacking who). What is basically instinct for us is keeping us from being harmed, but in doing so is preventing us from seeing your surroundings or doing some other things. The wolf is not harming us, so if they are not pulling on us either I am not sure what they are up to.
As for course of action, try moving away from the witch's territory some.

Also, I don't think we mentioned it earlier, but you can communicate with us by thinking the message at us instead of needing to say it.
No. 593396 ID: 2fd516

The trees have literal eyes. There's even one on the path. I assume they are the witch's eyes. The witch is trying to mess with us, that's why we're all red.

You know what, try moving forward and see if the wolf is okay with it. If not, try going back out of the witch's territory.
No. 593411 ID: 1f8505


Safe mode, eh? Can we reboot and take a look at the BIOS settings?
No. 593413 ID: 563dc1

My, that witch is really something. Not only /does/ she have eyes all over her part of the forest, but they double as active defense.

Nem: Both the wolf and us are under magical attack, though it's hard to say if the witch is only actively targeting one of us or if she has an intense dislike to both. We'll be fine once this stops; the wolf will probably be, too.
If this is half as disorienting to the maybe-wolf as it is to us, this is exactly what we were looking for: You now have a good chance of getting away from it. Use it. Take off on a path out of the witch territory. Check if it's following at all; if it's too disoriented, shout at it to get out of the witch territory towards your current location. While it's dubious that the witch would approach it deliberately, it's better not to take the risk.
If you do seem able to get away from it, tell it you'll meet up at the ranger house later if indeed it is your ally; then go to your grandmother's at full speed.
No. 593416 ID: 8b533b

>Additionally you are confusing the underwear of a large virile woodsman with that of an almost-17 year old pretty girl.
Hey, he had a daughter, too (supposedly). Although I suppose Macha's also not really your size.

>Are you all right?
We're not harmed, although some part of us detected something harmful to us in our sight. And then turned off our vision to stop it! Like being forced to blink or close your eyes when looking at the sun, I suppose.

Which means you're the only thing we can see, at the moment.

The wolf isn't hurting us. If I had to guess, he's trying to prevent you from progressing further into the witch's domain.

>What other eyes are you talking about?
The trees have eyes. You can't see them? Maybe they're not really there, and we were 'seeing' spirits, or a witch's spell.
No. 593417 ID: 3009b4

>Rekki mentioned a mermaid (fish person) named Red, I wonder if that's who's doing this?

** Author's Note: Actually it was a Ruby Quest reference to indicate it was an interface screw. Red is another character of mine (originated from a game called "Doodle or Die") and I had thought about her being in a quest too. Red herrings can be fun, but I wanted the shout-out to be recognized more. **
No. 593418 ID: 3009b4

>Safe mode, eh? Can we reboot and take a look at the BIOS settings?

** Actually possible but would have to be done on Nem's side since that's where the cape is physically located, and you'd want a qualified individual to try it. **
No. 593420 ID: 3009b4
File 141027656708.jpg - (143.34KB , 800x600 , The wolf on Nems cape.jpg )

>Also, I don't think we mentioned it earlier, but you can communicate with us by thinking the message at us instead of needing to say it.

Nem: I know but it just feels unnatural.

>Hey, he had a daughter, too (supposedly). Although I suppose Macha's also not really your size.

Nem: Do you randomly put on other people's underwear? Not only is she much larger than I am, I don't know where they've been.

>If this is half as disorienting to the maybe-wolf as it is to us, this is exactly what we were looking for: You now have a good chance of getting away from it.

Nem: It has a strong grip on my cape. The wolf isn't pulling, it seems to be waiting for me to move. I'm not sure if it's disoriented or not; it's not like I can really see what it's looking at with those eyes it has. Regardless, I'm not about to take off running while it's got a grip on the cape. It might not be hurting you now but I don't know what would happen if it were to tear the fabric.

>You know what, try moving forward and see if the wolf is okay with it. If not, try going back out of the witch's territory.

Nem: When I move forward, the wolf follows easily. When I move away from the territory, the wolf's movement is a lot more hesitant.

Nem's fear is matched by her curiosity -- nobody's been this far into the witch's territory in ages, and her heart throbs with excitement and tension. Nem's senses are heightened and she is currently experiencing an ADRENALINE RUSH which will remain while she is in the witch's territory.

While under a rush, Nem's stamina is effectively doubled and her agility, reflexes, pain threshold, strength and perception are all enhanced. Her target numbers will be adjusted as appropriate.
No. 593421 ID: 418fbf

...I wonder why it's holding on to the cape...
This is odd, but it does set my mind at ease.
Since this Wolf cares for us, I think we should take it all the way to the Witch, though if it lets go to go after this Witch, that should be the signal to tear outta there like nobody's business!
No. 593422 ID: d8a627

I think the Wolf's target is the Witch herself... The fact that it seems hesitant to leave the territory suggest it wants to meet her now, at least. Head on in. Oh, and I'm going to try something.
[Admin access, permit monochromatic visuals; disable if unresponsive for five minutes]
Of course, if this is you getting out of work, feel free to disregard :P
Should help us see a bit better again. By the way, Nemain... Supposedly, only those with something called a "Third Eye" can trigger protection for us. Either that's you, or it's the wolf. Both of you have two physical eyes, not three, so the Third Eye must mean something relating to mental strengths.
No. 593423 ID: 2fd516

I'm guessing the wolf is holding the cape to either protect itself, or to protect us/you.

Press onwards.
No. 593424 ID: 8b533b

Huh. So the wolf is letting you guide it in, huh? That's... strange. And interesting. I suppose we should test where this goes, huh? That's science. (I suppose we don't have a control group, but I guess that's what Chrono recall is for).

Keep an eye out. You ability to react / move quickly may be limited by the wolf tethered to you. And you've got only your own eyes to relay on, for the moment. You can't count on us seeing what you don't.
No. 593425 ID: 3009b4

>[Admin access, permit monochromatic visuals; disable if unresponsive for five minutes]
>Of course, if this is you getting out of work, feel free to disregard :P

Actually from the player side of the quest it's right along the theme. You can ask more in the discussion thread, but admin functions are only accessible from Nem's side. If I do a sequel I might incorporate player-side 'hacking', but it's not suitable for Nem's Quest at the moment. Her cape as stated is sort of 'limited' in its functionality.

No. 593427 ID: bd4b61

> Nem: It has a strong grip on my cape. The wolf isn't pulling, it seems to be waiting for me to move.
Ok; right call on not trying that. I didn't expect it to grip it that tightly.

> ...I wonder why it's holding on to the cape...
Obvious hypothesis: It's affected by the witch interference the same way we are, preventing it from tracking Nem by sight at this point. It's still determined to stick with her, so it grabbed on the cape so it can continue to follow her.
As for going backwards - well, that would be awkward! It's annoying enough if you can see where you're going, and it can't. It makes sense that'd be slow. At least if it's following Nem, it knows she had a footing where it's going, so it doesn't need to worry too much about that.

Nem: If we really want it to let go, threatening or hitting it would be an option. It's probably at a major disadvantage in any direct confrontation right now, more so since it can't exactly bite you (or even threaten it believably) while maintaining its grip on the cape. The disadvantage is that this might lead to a permanent loss in trust if it is just trying to help us.
The alternative would be to continue further in and see what else you can find in the witch territory. If so, please keep telling us what you see; we have no direct input beyond you and the wolf, since both are directly touching the cape.
If it looks like something will attack you, do tell the wolf and order it to let go. It's probably fully aware how awkward this is, and that it won't be helpful in a fight against an external threat.
No. 593430 ID: 2fd516

Ah, the wolf being blind makes the most sense. Guess what, Nem? You're a seeing eye goat!
No. 593500 ID: 3009b4
File 141031717981.jpg - (244.37KB , 600x800 , Nem vs Vines.jpg )

Nem: I'm walking deeper along the path. We don't actually know where the witch lives because nobody comes back from this area in one piece. It's very dark, and it's very quiet.


Suddenly there's a unearthly sound of soil being ripped up from underneath, and thorny vines lunge towards Nem. She grips one before it lashes her face, thorns digging painfully into her palms as it thrashes like an angry serpent.

Nem leaps back as the vines move in -- they whip about, wildly cutting at the air like a swarm of enraged children.

Nem digs into the basket and pulls out the machete. The wolf snarls and snaps at the thorns that coil towards Nem, but a rustling behind them indicate that the thorns may be closing behind as well.


Nem doesn't yet realize that your vision is restored.
No. 593502 ID: 2fd516

Hack at them! Clear a path forwards!
[+2 IP]
No. 593515 ID: 3009b4

** Combat Situation Notes **

In this situation, the vines are not intelligent, nor do they have any sense of self preservation. They seem to be concentrated most on the path itself, especially in front of Nem.

Being vine-whipped hurts but doesn't cause serious injury, so a hit doesn't cause a serious loss of her HP shield unless it would have struck her eyes or caused a similar serious injury -- or damaged the cape.

Unfortunately there are enough vines that just striking at one puts Nem in harm's way. Imagine a group of people whipping at you with thorny branches: slash at the branch and even if you connect it may cut into your arm.

Additionally in this situation minor injuries will slow Nem down due to pain, even with her adrenaline rush. More importantly, minor injuries drain a little HP -- she can't die from them, but the more Nem is struck the greater the probability that a fatal blow will eventually land and hence it chips away at her HP shield. You'll have to decide when to spend IP to avoid damage and when it's OK for Nem to take a scratch or two.

Finally, Nem is being assisted by the wolf. This provides additional combat options.

On a weak combat roll (Miss by 25%), Nem will slash and merely damage a vine. Vines can take 2-3 weak hits before being rendered useless, and damaged vines are only 50% effective (half damage)

On a solid combat roll, Nem will cut through a vine and take it out of the fight.

:: Opportunities ::
:: You may set a CHECKPOINT here now, or you can give it up and receive +25 IP bonus upon clearing this section. ::

Situation Summary
- There are 8 Vines in front of Nem and an unknown number behind her.
- The vines in front are slowly advancing. Every turn, Nem (and the wolf) must take a step back to stay out of range of the vines.
- Attacking the vines means being in range of all of them; while poor combatants they have numbers on their side.

** Notable Combat Options **
1. Attack the vines -- Nem will slash at one and then try to step back before the others strike her.
2. Escape off the path
3. Defend the Wolf (attack vines that strike at it)

If you can think of alternatives, please suggest them.
No. 593516 ID: 2fd516

Ah, alright. Change of plans. Nem, the vines are mostly in front of you, yes? If head off the side of the path you can cut through a less dense area of vines and get back onto the path further ahead.
No. 593537 ID: e6f4c6

Clear an escape path (attack vines behind us, unless there are so many they are insu