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File 140225613534.png - (42.37KB , 1100x750 , Chapter 3 Title.png )
577747 No. 577747 ID: 753e50

A quick recap of the story so far and links to the previous threads can be found on the wiki page, right here; http://tgchan.org/wiki/7_EASY!_Steps_to_Achieving_Divine_Godhood

Also there's a discussion thread over here; http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/79363.html, but it's going pretty much unused. Shoot me a question or some criticism if you have any, I'd appreciate it.
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No. 577748 ID: 753e50
File 140225616477.png - (137.76KB , 1100x750 , 221.png )

No. 577749 ID: 753e50
File 140225619649.png - (17.84KB , 1100x750 , 222.png )

:7Ava: ...any case, my Lord does the difficult part. I only (oooh..) make it easier for him to locate us! I am the beacon, he is the Door-
No. 577750 ID: 753e50
File 140225620882.png - (145.56KB , 1100x750 , 223.png )

No. 577751 ID: 753e50
File 140225624540.png - (23.40KB , 1100x750 , 224.png )

:7Ava: -literally. Any moment he should- oh!
No. 577752 ID: 753e50
File 140225625723.png - (164.10KB , 1100x750 , 225.png )

No. 577753 ID: 753e50
File 140225628575.png - (26.22KB , 1100x750 , 226.png )

:7Baron: What's up bitches!! And bitch number one.

:7Ava: Good morning, Lord! How are-
No. 577754 ID: 753e50
File 140225632780.png - (56.58KB , 1100x750 , 227.png )

:7Victor: [[ ... Oh. Hello. It is a little early, but- ]]
No. 577755 ID: 753e50
File 140225634535.png - (230.72KB , 1100x750 , 228.png )

No. 577756 ID: 753e50
File 140225636662.png - (25.20KB , 1100x750 , 229.png )

:7Ava: ...me to return so I may cook your morning breakfast, Lord? I know you-

:7Baron: Woman, I survived two hundred years before I met you, I can manage one more goddamn day. Now shut up. I'm not here to talk to you.

:7Ava: I- of course, Lord!
No. 577757 ID: 753e50
File 140225640997.png - (59.11KB , 1100x750 , 230.png )

:7Victor: [[ I... what-.. ]]

:7Korr: Boss! Seshe! Are you okay?!

:7Victor: [[ What, in god's name is that?! ]]

:7Seshe: I'm fine, K'orr! Don't touch her! She's- oh my goddess- Mistress, you humble us, please, what do you want from us?

:7Victor: [[ What are you on about?! ]]
No. 577758 ID: 753e50
File 140225645911.png - (23.90KB , 1100x750 , 231.png )

:7Baron: And I'm getting real fuckin' tired of these interruptions. Can't imagine they're having fun either, getting yanked around by that wormy bastard. I think I will-
No. 577759 ID: 753e50
File 140225647682.png - (86.85KB , 2250x750 , 232.png )

:7Baron: There! The gang's all here. And- oh, fuck! If it isn't my favourite goblin in the whole wide world! What are you doing there, you little scamp?

:7AAE: I am disposing of your puppets personally, you great festering boil.

:7Baron: Now you can't go doing that! It's against the rules, isn't it? Not until they know.

:7AAE: They don't know?! You didn't tell them??!

:7Baron: Not a single fucking thing! Thought it'd be funny. Turns out I was wrong, but hey! You can't touch them now, can you? Good that you're here, though! Wasn't expecting that. Now we can do this shit right. Sit your metal ass down and wait your turn.

:7AAE: If I could wrap my arms around your fat neck, I'd squeeze until the kicking stopped.

:7Baron: And I'd love to fuck you too baby, but right now our esteemed guests are sitting around without the slightest idea of what the fuck is going on. So do you mind shutting your mouth so I can be a good host, now?
No. 577765 ID: 9ddf68

uh, is this a bad time? we can come back later if you want. Have to say though I was expecting this clash of the gods thing to happen a bit later, not before I got my morning coffee. So is someone going to tell us what's going on? and if that means we're no on someone's hit list as soon as we know... just keep it to yourself, we're fine stumbling around in the dark.
No. 577770 ID: 7f9410

Two gods in one day, this is impressive. (I wonder what happens if K'orr touches AAE?)

You used to both be mortals? How does a goblin become a god? Or in this case does "god" simply mean someone who is immortal and supremely powerful? AAE, considering your method of arrival, might I hazard a guess and say you're normally on a space station?

As much as I want answers I would rather prefer for our friends to remain unkilled by AAE. So how about instead you just tell us how to get Vicki's magic under control?
No. 577806 ID: 8ce85b

... Stop me if I'm wrong but I bet I can guess how this ends.
Vicki, FireBeard, and No. 1 versus Victor, Seshe, and K'orr.

But seriously? Explanations please! And hey, if AAE wants to set herself up in the Villian role she can. Personally, I like the idea of equal and opposite philosophies competing instead.
No. 577831 ID: 53ba34

what don't we know?
No. 577956 ID: 753e50
File 140237413542.png - (84.63KB , 2250x750 , 233.png )

> (I wonder what happens if K'orr touches AAE?)
:7AAE: I rip his arms off.

:7Seshe: Please, mistress!! Don't--

:7AAE: Shut it, traitorous wretch. I do not pay heed to the testimony of blood filth.

:7Seshe: ...yes mistress...

:7Baron: Wooah ho! What a party animal! Isn't she a riot? Can't stop the fun, even when she's on business. I admire that. As for you lot. I'm going to answer all that, whether you like it or not. Because Vicki here-

:7Vicki: I-

:7Baron: Yes, you. You already asked for this three days ago. And there are no take-backs.
No. 577957 ID: 753e50
File 140237419118.png - (82.44KB , 2250x750 , 234.png )

:7Baron: But where do I start... oh. Duh. Yo, metal bitch. Explain it.

:7AAE: Of course. When you made a bid for godhood you entered into an pact with us, the gods.

:7Baron: Isn't that precious? She can't help herself. She rubs herself to rulebooks, you know.

:7AAE: As part of this pact you are automatically entitled to certain privileges and responsibilities. From the moment you committed your bid for godhood, you are allowed complete immunity from the gods and their actions for one day, pending their explanation of the rules to you. This is to prevent any gods who oppose your ascension from murdering you before you have a chance to prepare yourself. They will explain the rules to you thusly; to complete a bid for godhood, you must gain the favour of all of the gods. You are allowed one single exception. Which in this case will most likely be used on myself, as I find it very unlikely that I will stop attempting to kill you before you can gain my favour.

Once you have gained the favour of a god, whether by skill and mastery or a courageous act or whatever they require of you, they will grant you a gift. The gifts are as follows; Lord Baron grants the gift of Power, I grant the gift of Control. Hammersong grants the gift of Skill, and Heron grants the gift of Knowledge. The Queen of Dreams grants the gift of Mercy, and Dreamstealer, formerly known as Pariah and The Stranger, grants the gift of Presence. When you have five of those six gifts, you may complete your bid for godhood by either choosing a patron to guide you through the final step to becoming a new god, or taking the place of an existing god.

:7Baron: Easy shit, huh? I gave Vicki my gift of power as soon as she made her bid. I'm getting real fucking tired of the intellectuals and generals and politicians and rich people who think they're entitled to a spot. And here comes a talentless loser who tries to take it anyway?

:7vicki: Uhm-

:7Baron: So damn right I gave her my gift. Although she's getting a lot less assertive, ever since you met her. Snivelling and whining and being all unsure and shit. Makes me want to take my gift back.

:7Vicki: I'm- I'm sorry!

:7Baron: I'm sure you are.
No. 577960 ID: dc4b80

Sounds good then. Thanks for the help Baron. Guess its off to a magical journey to meet all the other power mad crazies around here then.

So crazy goblin triangle lady thing. Whats your beef with people? I get the whole oh I am scared of change so I murder random civilians and such but that seems a bit petty for a so called "god".

Also I like your symmetry.
No. 577961 ID: 9ddf68

alright so if I'm getting all of this right Baron overheard Vicki say she'd like to become a god and decided "why the fuck not" and threw his cards in with Vicki and because he did that AAE now want's her head on a silver platter because of no other reason then she hates Baron... which I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around that because I find the idea that a god, A being with unmatched power, would be so easy to manipulate. I mean really if Baron want's someone to go byebye all he'd have to do is let it slip that he "likes" this someone and then AAE would destroy this someone for him... sorry of topic back to the matter at hand.

So Vicki (and I'm guessing) friends now have 24 hours to get everything in order and track down all the gods while trying not to get killed by some of them so Vickie can achieve godhood and not have herself and all those around her killed right? also is that 24 hour safety period thing starting now or tomorrow?

Oh and one last thing, was the whole Victor, Korr, and Seshe being kidnapped thing part of this political game of the gods or was that more or less shit luck on our side?
No. 577966 ID: 53ba34

well, we are trying. it's just as i am sure you know, power without control seems to often result in things exploding in our face. and we kinda don't want things to explode in our face, so we dialed back on casting magic until we could figure it out. but this explains a lot, vicki, you were incredibly powerful becuase you were emotional and didn't think about what you were casting, you just did it, which let you tap into this more powerful godly gift rather then your brain.
No. 577978 ID: 7f9410

Well it doesn't really help that the Power you gave her has wound up almost killing her every time it triggered. So yeah, thanks for that. Thanks a lot. At least now we know why it's happening. That knowledge should boost Vicki's confidence a bit, since now we know it's not her fault.

AAE, you should know that Vicki and the others had no idea this was the Baron's book, and the blood mage showed up because the Baron told her to. You have little reason to be angry at us- we have no true allegiance to Lord Baron and would in fact rather not be involved in your war at all.

I have some questions. AAE, now that we know the rules, are you gonna kill everyone over there? Or do we have another day of safety? How would we even stop you, anyway? You're a Godess. This seems somewhat unfair. Secondly, what happens if we get all six gifts? Thirdly... AAE, what would we have to do to get you to stop trying to kill us? Preferably it should be something that would not result in the Baron trying to kill us. Should we keep calling you AAE or would you prefer the full name?

I don't suppose either of you know why Vicki had that strange reaction to trying to learn the suggestion spell from the book?
No. 577991 ID: 3bd71f

There is a distinct tendency for the people we guide to become less sure of themselves. We'll work on that.

As gods, to you represent these various factors of the universe, or are they and you one and the same?
No. 578358 ID: 753e50
File 140260648280.png - (47.72KB , 2250x750 , 235.png )

:7AAE: Petty? Easy to manipulate? How dare you! Do you understand who you are speaking to, you filthy monkeys?

What do you understand of this world?! What do you understand of the great web of creation? I do not wish to kill Vicki because that fat sack of fecal matter likes her, I wish to kill her because she is a verifiable force of chaos! In two days she has already amassed a motley group consisting of: a backstabbing blood traitor; a cast-off cripple; a living hydrogen bomb; a cocaine, heroin and blueshroom addict; an uncontrolled fountain of wild magic; and a walking corpse! This is merely on top of the fact that her attempt at ascension is highly unusual! Unlike, in the most literal sense, every single other aspirant of my time, she has no talent! She has no ability! How can she be a god?! If she were to somehow manage to ascend, how would she control her aspect? She would end us all!

Now listen to me, if you were to-

:7Baron: Yeah, I'm getting tired of this shit.
No. 578359 ID: 753e50
File 140260651598.png - (24.81KB , 1100x750 , 236.png )

:7Baron: Boom, gone. Easy. Don't worry, she can't do shit until tomorrow. Your friends are safe.

As much as I'd love to keep sticking around to answer all your little questions, I've done my job. Vicki knows what she's doing, and she won't be stumbling around freezing her dumb ass solid any more, now will she?

:7Vicki: N- no Sir!

:7Baron: Good girl. There's a situation brewing in G'nash with a couple of brainless barbarians who got hold of flamethrowers and a new stripclub brothel's opening in my honor, in the northern tip of Manifest City. So I think I'm gonna go cross some wires and get tits rubbed on my face while the world explodes into fire around me. That is how you live like a god. Take notes, Vicki. Make me proud.

:7Ava: My Lord, will I be-

:7Baron: No you won't. You're staying there. Keep an eye on this lot. Teach Vicki your magic.

Talk to y'all later, bitches!

No. 578360 ID: 753e50
File 140260654569.png - (22.68KB , 1100x750 , 237.png )

:7Vicki: So... he's a little-

:7Ava: Excuse me, Vicki, but before we talk, may I have one quick moment? The guides asked my lord some questions, and since I was hosting them, I heard. It will only take me a second to answer!

One of you mentioned that you feel we have only 24 hours to talk to all the gods. That would be completely impossible! My Lord took ten years to manage his ascension. Of course, he had ten times as many gods to deal with in his time! Either way we won't possibly manage before her twenty four hours is over. But that's okay! We have all the time in the world, as long as we know how to deal with the metal bitch.

I do not know why Vicki could not understand her other book! My Lord was not the cause of that. Maybe it was another god? New aspirants aren't uncommon, but they all do get a lot of attention anyway!

Since I'm not really a goddess myself, I don't completely understand how the gods work. But I am one of the very few people who works directly with gods, so I am one of the most qualified people to answer questions about them! I mean, aside from the gods themselves, of course! Now... as I understand it, the gods do not fundamentally represent the concepts they've chosen. Chaos, Pleasure and Magic existed before my Lord mantled them, and if he were to ever pass on, they would continue to exist without him. But as long as he is the god he is, he is magic, fun and chaos. He's taken ownership of those and now they are his. They shape who he is and he shapes them in turn. Does that make sense at all?

Oh, and one more thing!

:7Ava: Vicki! The guides wanted to tell you that your magic was uncontrollable because of my lord's gift, not because you were personally at fault. So don't feel bad!

:7Vicki: I kiiinda figured that out? But thanks. I seriously do appreciate it, guys.

:7Ava: Should I transfer the guides to you? You are the leader of this little party! You need to make the decisions.

:7Vicki: I guess so? Uh... bring them on. C'mon. I can do this.
No. 578361 ID: 9ddf68

way to grow a spin Vicki... Now we have a lot of shit to get done and not a lot of time so lets deal with things closer to home and of higher importance first.

One thing I think we should do is see how firebeard is holding up seeing as he looks like he's about to have a panic attack and I shouldn't have to tell you how bad have a incredibly powerful fire mage having a panic attack could be. Also Ask Ava how we protect ourselves from the gods. I mean with AAE gunning for us are we going to have to move constantly to stay out of her path, build this place up like a fortress to keep her and her lackeys out, or what? And lastly you should send us over to Victor at some point so we can try and get him to get him to regroup with us since I really don't like the idea of him being out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere with a crazed god with a superiority complex after him and us.
No. 578385 ID: 53ba34

okay, let's head to the elf woods gun blazing. well, not literally, but you got crazy power, only thing holding you back from using it is you thinking too hard about it, just demand the shit goes your way and it will.
No. 578386 ID: ac14c0

Okay so AAE is basically a homicidal maniac. Good to know.
>a backstabbing blood traitor; a cast-off cripple; a living hydrogen bomb; a cocaine, heroin and blueshroom addict; an uncontrolled fountain of wild magic; and a walking corpse!

Wait a minute. The blood traitor is Seshe, the cripple is K'orr, the living bomb is Firebeard, the fountain is Victor, the corpse is V-2, the addict is... Ava? Why does AAE call Seshe a blood traitor anyway?

Firebeard isn't running away is he?

Vicki, my advice is to learn some more extremely basic spells that would be useful if amplified to a ridiculous degree, so that you can use your gift of Power properly. The fire spell is good if we want to set fire to everything around us and have an escape route, but the freeze spell seems like it always backfires when amplified, because it works so much faster. Or maybe that was because you were TRYING to cool down the entire room? How did you learn the two spells you know already? We should also immediately figure out the fastest way to contact another god. If we can get a second Gift before AAE tries to murder us again we might be able to defend ourselves.
No. 578411 ID: 707a11

I think AAE was about to tell us something that the Baron didn't want us to hear. Pass us to the other peeps so we can ask her if she hasn't left yet.
No. 578412 ID: dc4b80

Yeah as angry as she is it would be nice to see if she has something interesting to say.
No. 578413 ID: ac14c0

Ooooh, good point. Yes, I would like to see what AAE had to say.
No. 578417 ID: 8ce85b

While I DO agree with the idea AAE might have had something interesting... She's got a point with the Chaos thing, or at least if you consider how Vicki's attempt is chaotic.
Basically, it's not the done thing, so she sorta half wants to half feels obliged to enforce that there is a reason why one goes about it the 'right' way...
But enough of that! We're being the Wildcard, let's keep on it! And right now...We've a day to get our pals back. While sure, getting them to a leyline WOULD do the trick, I suspect Vicki's time would be best spent learning from the blood tome.
No. 578419 ID: ac14c0

Oh and I'm pretty sure Vicki's aspect, or at least, one of them, is "new beginnings".
No. 578420 ID: 753e50
File 140263297263.png - (20.33KB , 1100x750 , 238.png )

Okay, first off, since he's getting away and all.

:7Vicki: Hey, Firebeard! Are you okay over there..?

:7Firebeard: Wha-- oh. Yes lass, Ah'm fine. I jus' came for th' god. Not e'ry day one comes righ' to yer doorstep. Bu' since th' show's over I'm goin' back tah my room. Unless y'need me for somethin'?

:7Vicki: Well I guess not. I'll give you a shout if I do, okay?

Uhm, so. That actually probably is a pretty smart idea. Sending you off to talk with AAE, I mean. I'm not like, super heavily aligned with Lord Baron here, I think he's a bit of a psycho. And he did kinda cut her off right in the middle of her thing, huh? But Ava is standing right there and she actually does like him, so I don't think it'd be a great idea to send you off to his rival while she's still watching? Oh, one thing. I talked with her last night. She was showing me her- or, I guess she was showing me my new tome. But we were also talking about controlling you guys. Apparently she can actually see you, the same way Victor can. So, you know. I can't even pretend you're still here or whatever because she'll see you're gone.

So we'll definitely do that later! But for right now, she's waiting for me to tell her what we're going to do, so... there's a few things we could try, I think. You guys already hit most of them, really. We could try and go for another gift, but most of the gods are pretty hard to reach. Lord Baron's the only one who openly and easily accepts visitors, most of them are, like... well, nobody knows exactly where Dreamstealer is, the Queen of Dreams has her palace open to the public but there's like a months long waiting list, Heron lives in a big floating fortress that moves around and is kinda tough to pin down, Hammersong lives underneath a volcano, and I seriously doubt AAE is gonna welcome me into her place with open arms, so yeah. Plus, when I do get there, I have no idea how I'm going to impress them or get their favour.

So we could also put that gifts thing to rest for a moment and try to get a few more people to the stronghold. If we had like, three or four Firebeards around I think I'd feel a lot safer. But that's sort of delaying the important stuff, isn't it? On the other hand I think we might have more luck with that, maybe?

We could also devote the time to getting Victor home safe, but I think he'll probably be okay on his own. The whole issue last night was because he needed sleep and he didn't want to be caught defenseless, right? But it's like 9 AM now. He's a tough guy, if he's actually awake I think he can take care of himself.

So, uhm. How about an actual vote on what we're doing? Since so far we seem to be like, split a few ways. Are we going after the god's gifts, or recruiting more people or what? Should I spend my time learning more spells maybe?

No. 578422 ID: ac14c0

Well, you have a blood mage right here who has been instructed to teach you magic. So let's do that right now- it's an immediate power boost.
No. 578424 ID: 9ddf68

alright learn some magic and control from Ava and also ask her HOW we can beef this place up to survive an attack from AAE or anyone else who'd like to see us gone. Also about us going to help Victor and pals, just tell Ava we're going to go help Victor and pals as they are useful allies and truth be told at this point and time we really REALLY need all the help we can get. Plus just leaving them in the middle of the woods to fend for themselves is a bit of a dick move if I do say so myself.
No. 578426 ID: dc4b80

Oh one thing to mention while we are talking about Ava and Victor being able to see us and control us. The only thing they can control is our viewpoint. The worst thing a god could do to us is to keep us away from you for awhile. They can not actually harm us in the slightest.

Now that does not mean someone might not try to distort what we say or pretend to be us.

Just mentioning this on the off hand chance someone tries something tricky at a later date. Not having a physical presence in your universe has its ups and downs.

As for a vote why don't you go learn some magic with Ava and we will go check on Victor. And if we happen to manage any conversation with metal tits while we are there its a bonus. After that working on recruiting people is a good idea. We need more info about the gods and making friends with powerful people that know is a good way to do that.
No. 578433 ID: 8ce85b

Hrrrm... There's arguably also the part of not really knowing what we can do around here if you're going to learn magic... But hey, probably could use the knowledge eh?
No. 578646 ID: 761017

Right now you've got a "rush timer" in play, and that means you've got to fully invest in your "eco" and "tech" while you can!
No. 578666 ID: 753e50
File 140280294217.png - (17.88KB , 1100x750 , 239.png )

Uhm, so... that's pretty much everybody agreeing, huh? Well then, apparently I'm learning some magic. I... kiiinda wanted to do something out of the house to be honest, but I guess that is the smart thing to do. I have another tome, and these things are supposed to make super strong spells on their own, plus the gift of power... whatever. It's just I really don't want to end up in a block of ice again, like that really really really hurt, but I guess Ava is more used to this gift of power stuff? So maybe it won't be a big deal?

Also, for the record, I still do not like this blood magic stuff, like, at all. But, between learning crazy death magic or being gunned down by a crazy death god, I'll take the magic. It's still totally not my thing, though. I just want to put that out there.

:7Vicki: Okay, so, the plan is that I learn a bit of blood stuff from you, while the guides go off to deal with AAE in the woods. Then I guess we can figure out whatever to do next later on?

:7Ava: That sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Shall we get down to it?

:7Vicki: One thing! One thing first. Uhm, they wanted to ask if you knew how to beef the place up at all? So we can protect it a little better?

:7Ava: Hm... that's a good question! Magic is not good at long term defence. I could try one particular rune, but it would malform the building too much to make it usable. Anything else I have that might work would be too short-term to hold for any length of time. Magic is difficult to keep going, it's a fleeting and temporary force. But... here's an idea! This is a goblin mansion, and your goblin friend, Miss Blood Traitor? Maybe you should put the two together. And by 'you', I mean you, the guides listening in. Convince her to come join us, maybe she can work some goblin techno-magic on this place. I'm sure she can manage something quite spectacular! And seeing as how she got betrayed by her so-called "mistress", it shouldn't be too difficult to convince her to stay!

:7Vicki: So... are we going to let them take care of that?

:7Ava: Yes! Yes. I'm sorry! I got a little excited. I don't get to be near technology much. I haven't touched so much as a calculator in fifteen years! But forget that, let's go learn some magic, huh?

:7Vicki: Sounds good. As for you guys... I'll talk to you later. Take care of Victor, okay?
No. 578668 ID: 753e50
File 140280315927.png - (53.26KB , 1100x750 , 240.png )

:7Victor: [[Oh. There you are. I am glad. For a short while I was... distressed. I was afraid I would be left alone for a significant length of time, while you dealt with things on the home front. But I take it that everything is alright if they relinquished you. No troubles with this Baron character?

AAE, the metal robot, left unexpectedly. Unfortunately so did Seshe and K'orr. Seshe felt that I had turned her goddess against her, which is a reasonable reaction. Seshe may not be a particularly religious woman from what I have seen, but seeing your goddess personally turn against you would upset even the least fanatical among us. So they went away after she made him swear he would rip me in half if I came near them again.

I can feel K'orr's magic to the west of me. He doesn't have much of it, he has never trained it and as far as I know, he cannot manage a single spell. But it is there and in the silence of the forest it stands out like a beacon. I could pursue them, but at this stage I fully expect him to keep his violent promise.]]
No. 578671 ID: 8ce85b

Sonnova- okay, that's kind of really bad, since we were kind of hoping for their aid...
On the flipside, we may still have a shot with them- it depends on how forgiving AAE is, however...I fear she might not have turned her metallic back on those two. I figure got scope them out, see if AAE is intent on their banishment and then only if they are still banished do we pursue them further.
No. 578675 ID: ac14c0

What did AAE say after the Baron severed the connection? It's almost as if she was about to offer us a deal or warn us about something. The Baron doesn't seem to be much cause for alarm. I think we just have to groom Vicki to live up to his expectations to avoid pissing him off.

Apparently our best bet for surviving against AAE is to fortify our base with some technological methods, because magic doesn't work for long-term reinforcements. This means getting Seshe's help. I think we'll have to convince her that her best bet for getting AAE's forgiveness is to demonstrate just how much better technology is than magic. It would help if we could convince AAE that Vicki is not talentless and too dangerous to be a godess.
No. 578676 ID: 9ddf68

well shit. I'd thought we'd have more time before she'd try and run off... Ok anyways I'm sure you've gathered that AAE is gunning for us now because of reasons, also on that note can you tell us what she said after the Baron cut off her speech/rant to us?

So the plan is we're going to try to build up the school to something that could actually weather a godly attack while training Vickie and whoever else into something that can cast a spell without having their head explode and then see about gaining the favor of the other gods. Thing is where we were kinda hoping for Seshe trap making abilities to actually build the school up enough so Vicki can live long enough to become a god but we have a good option B, Run like hell and try and make it a bitch to track us.

But yeah as for things to do... can you send us to Seshe and let us talk to her... failing that I think you should make your way towards the Orc city and get back to Vicki with all haste. Don't care how you get into that city, walk through the front door, sneak in, a fucking siege, You only have 24 hours before AAE comes for you again and I would rather have the group together then spread apart when weathering an attack from a god. But yeah just send us to Seshe if you can and just start heading towards the Orc city. If you get there before we come back to you just wait and once we're down with Seshe we'll update you on what happened and we'll plan from there.

Oh and Vicki and pals are fine, just a bit shell shocked more then anything else but it's passing quick.
No. 578679 ID: ac14c0

Oh, I suggest following K'orr at a distance. Give them time to cool down and maybe approach again if the opportunity presents itself.

Hang on how are you gonna get past all the traps?
No. 578680 ID: 53ba34

perhaps explain that AAE has already made up her mind, unless she can get some kind of defense going she WILL be killed by her own goddess. there are no IFs just WHEN.
No. 578841 ID: 753e50
File 140294616885.png - (52.99KB , 1100x750 , 241.png )

>Hang on how are you gonna get past all the traps?

[[The traps are only effective at night, when you cannot see the lines. In the bright light of the day I can simply slither underneath them, do not worry. As much as I prefer to stay upright, I did manage to survive many, many years crawling in the dirt. Before I knew better, of course.

In any case. Bringing Seshe back to the mansion is a good plan. I was hoping to do that myself, as I believe her skills outweigh her difficult nature. Although this vengeful god business did throw a wrench into my plans to try and convince her to stay with us. We'll see how we manage.]]

No. 578842 ID: 753e50
File 140294618121.png - (23.51KB , 1100x750 , 242.png )

[[And there they are. Luckily, they are also headed towards the ork city. I have not had to backtrack, we are headed towards a leyline now.

They are talking, but I cannot hear them from this distance. And I do not wish to get any closer, as I'd very much like to stay in one piece. I cannot tell if they are discussing AAE or not, or if she has come to visit them. I sincerely doubt it, however. When you left, so did she- mid sentence, mid word. She does not strike me as the patient type.

In any case. I cannot give you over to Seshe. As a goblin, she has not a trace of magic in her, and she would not be able to hold you. I could send you to K'orr, however. And as there is no real other option available, I won't wait for your decision. Please be tactful.]]

No. 578843 ID: 753e50
File 140294626309.png - (6.70KB , 1100x750 , 243.png )

:7Seshe: -it once, we can do it again. Fuck it.

:7Korr: Yeah, but do we really have the cash, man? You had shitloads before. We need down payment and shit to rent a place out.

:7Seshe: Look... I had a contract on the side. I was planning to ignore it. Bunch of weapons for a couple of dwarven radicals. God knows what they want with them. But we need the cash, and that sort of shit pays like woah. And I may have lost my scrap and supplies, but there's always junkyards to scrounge from. We'll get the money.

:7Korr: Sure, fine. But what about... you know. Her. We can't settle down with the humans again, we need to keep moving.

:7Seshe: Yeah yeah! For fucks sake, do you think I haven't thought about that! I'm figuring it out! Look... we can't go back to my city, and I seriously fucking doubt any of the other forts will want me around, but maybe... I don't know, we smuggle onto that wandering ent somehow? Sell our shit to elves? Fuck. I don't know.

:7Korr: Maybe we can work under the table. Pair up with some-

:7Seshe: FUCK THAT! We never should have let that fucking worm into our life in the first place! Goddamn it! We're staying independent!!

:7Korr: Yeah, but... besides this shit, he did double our income and all that.

:7Seshe: Fuck you and fuck your words! I'll gladly take half the fucking pay to not have to deal with another asshole screwing up my life!

:7Korr: Sounds good, boss. We'll work alone then.

And there goes triple taco tuesdays. Rest in peace, my friend.
No. 578847 ID: e1609c

Well, we wish you luck in that endeavor. You guys aren't half bad, and us ethereal voices are sorry you got mixed up in whatever crazy nuttery wound up with us deposited here in butt-fuck nowhere.
Still though, I wouldn't go blaming the worm for this. If anything, this was probably on his roomie, who is in the process of becoming a god of some description.
As much trouble as it might bring, if you stay with us you'd wind up friends with a god if we succeed. Imagine what that could do, having a gear shop endorsed by an actual GOD, as well as all the boons being friends with said god would bring!
We'll respect your decision either way, but we would appreciate sticking with us until we find a way to get home, eh?
No. 578848 ID: 53ba34

hello K'orr, i don't think it's really fair to blame victor for this. i think Seshe is just angry, and scared. so she is lashing out to externalize it.
No. 578849 ID: 1b75e6

Hey sorry to bother you but wanted to check in on you two after that mess earlier. We are worried about you guys and want to help out if we can. I know your boss is a bit angry but we figured that maybe you might be willing to chat.

I know that having your god yelling at you never helps anything but we never intended to get you in trouble. Victor does consider you two friends and we where hoping to have you on the team.

If you do decide to stay out here remember to avoid the elves place. They probably have shoot on sight orders after the stuff we pulled there.
No. 578854 ID: 9ddf68

My question is how did he screw your lives over in the first place? I mean you two where already being kidnapped when he walked by simply seeking to ask for his chemistry set or whatever it was that he used to make potions back and then BAM he's with you three in the shack. Also we're where this close to getting the three of you blankets and an actual bed outside that dick ass elven city but you two couldn't wait any longer and threw that out the window and forced us to have to camp out in the woods. Now you PROBABLY have an angry god after the both of you and you're throwing out your friend in the vain hope that it somehow washes your hands of this cluster fuck that NOBODY even know about till the gods descended down upon us... or from the other side of the fence from opening a door and yelling throw it.

Oh also I guess we should introduce ourselves, we're the voice the Victor was talking about, sorry you've had a shitty couple of days Korr
No. 578858 ID: ac14c0

(wait, should this be possible? I thought, to let us talk to more people, someone had to attune them to us first by casting the spell out of the book)

Hey K'orr. We're the guides that have been helping out Vicki and Victor. You should point out that Victor didn't do anything. The kidnappers are responsible for making it look like Seshe betrayed AAE. We should track them down and kill them then take all their shit.

Speaking of which, how will AAE be tracking you? She won't stop trying to kill you, not unless something big happens to change her mind. If you went back to Vicki you would at least have a base to fortify, and it's not like you can ruin your reputation with AAE any more than it's already ruined. You should probably still complete the contract with the dwarven radicals, though, because money is going to be needed no matter what your choice is.

Hey, where did Seshe get all the wire to set up those traps?
No. 578900 ID: 753e50

I answered your question in the discussion thread:

No. 578904 ID: 753e50
File 140297287045.png - (8.70KB , 1100x750 , 244.png )

Woah, shit! You are the voices? Fuck, I half thought Victor was just going nuts. You can't tell with him. Who the fuck knows? Maybe crazy magic worms just start hearing voices after a few years. Who the fuck knows? I sure don't.

:7Seshe: Maybe... maybe we'll work for the dwarves. We can move through the tunnels. They cross over the entire goddamn globe, don't they?... But they don't have any fucking money, shit. That can't work.

So you're here to talk to me to talk to the boss lady, huh. Alright. Well, here's the deal. You don't gotta convince me. I mean, I'm not all that angry. Far as I see it, pain makes you stronger. It's a challenge. Some assholes kidnap us to get to Victor, and they blow up the shop. So what? We'll rebuild it. And we'll make it even better this time.

:7Seshe: Or... maybe we'll go back to the humans after all. We just don't settle. We hop from place to place. Grab disguises. Stay underground.

Strife is the spice of life. It's a cheesy as fuck saying, I know, but seriously. That's my motto. Live my life by it. Never failed me before. I mean, shit, look at me. My face and arm got torn off and what did it do? Jack shit. Made me stronger, really. Smarter. Now I'm the strongest motherfucker I know. Outside of, like, gods and shit. That was an eye-opener.

:7Seshe: Their whole ban on cars is fucking annoying, though. If we could work out of a bus or something... maybe we'll roll it through the dwarvenlands, and pop up to the surface to trade. Literally stay underground. It's not ideal, but fuck. That's what I got.

But yeah. I'm cool with this shit, man. I'll roll with the punches. She is the one who's all pissed off about this. And I've already tried all this shit you're busting out. I like Victor, he's a cool dude. A little fuckin' dull, but he's a cool dude. I told her it's probably not his fault, or that it's more likely that other girl who brought in that tome a day or two ago- Vicki, you said? That chick.

:7Seshe: ... ... And hey. You can give handjobs to dwarves on the side. A nickle a pop. Wouldn't that be fun, you big manslut? Or maybe we should go gut some kittens and kick some dogs around. And you know what we should do? Pledge ourselves to the dreamstealer. Get in on some of those murder-snuff orgies. Shit, that sounds fun.

If I start repeating this stuff, she's going to freak. And if I mention AAE she's going to freak harder. I'm tiptoeing around that shit like holy fuck. And now, if I'm going to use your arguments, I got to figure out how to say them right. I don't want to clue her in that I'm talking to you guys. She's really fucking smart, she'd figure it out somehow. So I need to think of how to word it right. For now I'm trying to play it cool, take it slow. Figure out how to put it to her so she doesn't freak out on me because now I'm talking to Victor's voice buddies.

:7Seshe: Goddamn it K'orr! Answer me!!

:7Korr: What? Oh, sure. Sounds great.

I'll help you out. But I've got fuckall of an idea how to convince her without mentioning that he's innocent or, worse, talking about AAE at all. She's the brains here, I'm the guy who punches shit.
No. 578906 ID: ac14c0

Oh jeez, let me just repeat what she last said: "... ... And hey. You can give handjobs to dwarves on the side. A nickle a pop. Wouldn't that be fun, you big manslut? Or maybe we should go gut some kittens and kick some dogs around. And you know what we should do? Pledge ourselves to the dreamstealer. Get in on some of those murder-snuff orgies. Shit, that sounds fun. " She figured out you weren't listening, bro. Now she's mad at you.

Tell her you don't want to run and hide. That's no way to live.
No. 578910 ID: dc4b80

Well your shop got blown up but are you sure everything was destroyed? Maybe suggest that you go salvage what you can so you have money for a new start. Then if she likes that idea you can steer her to the idea of getting revenge on whoever attacked you in the first place. Maybe point out that if you take out whoever it was you can make off with there stuff.

We have no idea what her issues with AAE are or anything about AAE. Heck we barely know anything about you two. So not sure what pitfalls to avoid.

So start out with some simple suggestions to pick your life back up and hopefully you can get her calmed down a bit. Or at least receptive to the idea that Victor and company are not the source of her current problems.
No. 578916 ID: ca0da5

"Sorry, I was just thinking. If we go get back whatever bits are left, we might find the guys who did it. Beat the shit out of them. And I dunno, maybe they'll have stuff you can use or somethin', 's long as I get to do the beating."
"But I don't wanna just run and hide. You know that's not me, boss. I just wanna take a stand. Show I'm still in the game. But, shit, you're the one who knows how to do that. Me? Sure, if I survive I get stronger, but how am I supposed to know if it's gonna be a stand for life or dive for death?"
No. 578920 ID: 3bd71f

"If you really want things to work out, you should kill Vicki and present her as an offering to AAE. May even get back in good graces. And your temper got us in pretty big trouble back at the Ent, apparently? You're way smarter then I am, but this is probably the worst way to do your planning. But... you may talk shit and chew people out... and I'm certain neither of us ain't above doin' illegal shit or killin' in self-defense. That's different from direct, ritual sacrifice and assassination, since I don't feel like tanglin' directly with whatever Vicki can bring to bear."

Just use it as a ploy to buy time to think and talk with us more. At the very least, you can actually get her moving towards Vicki instead of away.
No. 578956 ID: e1609c

Lets NOT go with this one. Vicki's got enough on her playe without some goblin chick trying to kill her
No. 578957 ID: e1609c

Lets NOT go with this one. Vicki's got enough on her playe without some goblin chick trying to kill her
No. 578997 ID: 753e50
File 140303579145.png - (7.80KB , 1100x750 , 445.png )

Why would I try to pin this on this 'Vicki' girl? I don't know her. She came into the shop two days ago with a fancy book and left. Seshe probably doesn't even remember it. Fuck, I barely remember it. If you think we should be going towards her, that works for me. Victor thinks you know what you're doing, so I'll trust you. But I can't tell the boss lady to hunt down some random chick she's only met once.

The other guy, though. Talking about going back to the shop, scavenging for supplies and looking for clues. That's not a bad idea. She doesn't care about the scrap and shit, that's replaceable, but clues? Only thing is you got us completely backwards, man. Let me try and reword that a bit.

:7Korr: Sorry boss, but I was thinking. Why don't we head back to the store? Look around the wreckage. Maybe there's some stuff to point us towards the dudes who kidnapped us, you know? So we track them down, tie them down, and I knock out their teeth for you.

:7Seshe: ... Only their teeth?

:7Korr: And I'll break off their arms and beat their skulls in with it until they're braindead. But I know you don't want to go on the run. You're trying to be all practical and shit, but you know what? Fuck it. We've been living with the humans too long. Staying undercover and whatever. But we're not tied down any more. You need to learn how to relax and let go and let me fuck up the bastards who tried to fuck with you. Then we'll figure out where to move.

:7Seshe: Wow. I'm... liking the new you you're giving me! Going all out? Making trouble? Mr. Patience is telling me to let loose?... This whole thing must have really got you mad, huh? I like like that, big guy. You've sold me. Revenge first, business later.

Goblin women are so easy to get along with, man. They just want someone else to be as angry about the world as they are.
No. 579006 ID: ac14c0

What about Victor? Can you convince her to let him help with the revenge plot? I mean, he lost his arms because of all this. Those were nice arms.
No. 579007 ID: 321d85

I'm thinking she's not calmed down enough yet to tolerate such discussion of Victor. Now or later (such as after collecting some evidence), K'orr could vocally speculate on "why they wanted to kidnap Victor as well as us".
No. 579008 ID: 321d85

Sorry; with the idea being the gradual introduction of the idea that Victor is just as much a victim as you guys are.
No. 579015 ID: 9ddf68

well first things first, try to make a list of people who'd try and kidnap you but not straight out kill you. You know just to get her thinking about something else. Next is how are we going to get into orc city? I mean Victor is heading that way as well seeing as he's a wanted worm in the elf city and want's to get home but I was just planning on try to have him sneak in as I'm sure next to no-one will know what the hell he is and he could probably be mistaken as some kind of pole or stick if he stops moving. But what about you two? How are you guys getting in?
No. 579468 ID: 753e50
File 140323136172.png - (8.32KB , 1100x750 , 246.png )

How are we getting into Krag'Go? Man, I'm an Ork. It's a city for Orks. I don't think I'm gonna have to break any arms. And goblins, fuck, they'll love her. If it was a tribal town, then we'd worry. Tribals are a bunch of difficult fuckers. But they're civilized. We'll walk right in.

Victor's probably not getting in so easy, but he can deal with that shit himself. I'm leaving it alone for now. She's starting to get happy, I'm not going to spoil her mood. Better to wait until she's forgotten a bit and nice and content. I'm staying with what works. Keeping her head on revenge.

:7Korr: So Seshe. I'm thinking.. who could have tried to hurt us, man?

:7Seshe: ... I can think of four possibilities. Our... our mistress is not pleased with us, it could have been her. I don't really think anybody hates me enough on a professional standpoint, but it.. could be Derrick, that rat bastard. It's a bit of a stretch, but we were competing on-

:7Korr: ...What the fuck is that?

:7Seshe: What are-
No. 579469 ID: 753e50
File 140323137611.png - (4.02KB , 1100x750 , 247.png )

No. 579470 ID: 753e50
File 140323142369.png - (18.91KB , 1100x750 , 248.png )

[[ ... To be honest, I'd thought K'orr would have managed to deal with those two much more easily. I have been watching, and they seemed malicious, but I did not wish to expose myself and I had felt he would be able to take care of himself.

I hate to be rude, but he must be blind, he barely reacted until the very last moment. Seshe, I understand, she had her back turned to speak to him. But K'orr?...

In any case, it seems the task of saving them falls to me. I had very much wished to stay hidden, but I don't think that is a possibility any more. Without my arms, I cannot direct or control my magic correctly, and I do not want to hurt them, so I will need to be a somewhat subtle about--]]

No. 579471 ID: 753e50
File 140323143491.png - (37.67KB , 1100x750 , 249.png )

No. 579472 ID: 753e50
File 140323144006.png - (2.42KB , 1100x750 , 250.png )

No. 579474 ID: 753e50
File 140323148009.png - (24.76KB , 1100x750 , 251.png )


:7Ava: ...Well, on the positive side, you can see the benefits of the rejuvenation rune first hand! Your body is producing blood exactly as fast as you are losing it, so you are in absolutely no danger, Vicki! That is why it is always useful to draw a simple rejuvenation rune before attempting any blood magic! It takes a second and then you're safe.

No. 579477 ID: 753e50
File 140323151672.png - (33.48KB , 1100x750 , 252.png )

Oh my god I hate you so much. You! Both of you! Her and you! I wanted to go out today!!

:7Vicki: So when does it stop...?!

:7Ava: I'm... not sure! Your body has definitely ejected any and all toxins and impurities anywhere in your blood stream by now. To be honest, it should have only lasted around five seconds. At most! But we can still ride this out. It is still a useful rune for emergencies! And clearly, it is a very effective offensive rune for you!

:7Vicki: Even if I wanted to put anybody else through... this, how the fuck am I supposed to get close enough to
No. 579479 ID: 753e50
File 140323152612.png - (33.68KB , 1100x750 , 253.png )


:7Ava: Shhh! Relax, Vicki. Let it all out, it will run through its course soon enough!
No. 579483 ID: dc4b80

Well looks like you have been learning some stuff. We really need to figure out a way to get that control aspect from crazy metal tits.

Anyways change of plans we need to go rescue Victor and the rest. Some mystery people blasted them with yellow laser things. We did not get to chat with the crazy god lady but we started helping K'orr calm his boss down before they got blasted.

So round up the crew and lets make a field trip. You will get to go outside today after all!
No. 579490 ID: e791b7

Sooo you're regenerating like crazy, but you're also puking massive amounts of blood?
Okay, lemme make a list of my thoughts here-
1. What does NORMAL operation of that Rune look like?
2. Is there any way to manually shut off that rune or something? Like, I dunno, regenerate the rune-mark away?
3. While this is no doubt unpleasant, could the ability to effectively spray blood everywhere be in any way useful for a Bloodmage in combat or other purposes that you can think of? Even a magical mistake can be useful if one can find application for it.
4. If she's getting blood back at the same rate she's puking it up, could it be that it's the getting the blood back that's causing the issue?
That is, her body's overloading with blood and that's the path of least resistance to getting rid of the rest of it?...That makes me wonder if that rune has *ahem* long-term effects on one's anatomy over time...Like those 'boobs' No.1 has actually holding the excess blood from events like those....I doubt it, though.
No. 579497 ID: ac14c0

Guess what! You get to go out today! The other three got captured AGAIN. They were on their way to the orc tower so let's go there as soon as you're done puking blood.

It looks like you are having little luck at using Blood Magic with the Power gift. Well, at least the rejuvenation rune is useful. What other stable runes did you learn? Personally I'm thinking whatever toxin curing rune you're using thinks that your blood is toxic. Its definition of impurity is too loose. Can't you just make another cut in the rune to invalidate it?
No. 579498 ID: ac14c0

...wait, is it the rejuvenation rune that's making you puke blood?
No. 579501 ID: dbe554


No she used a rejuvination rune that is keeping her from bleeding out with this new spell.

Speaking of which Ava, if you can hear us, the rejuvenation rune might be even more powerful due to the blessing, but so will anything she does.

Can you actually teach her some sort of control? A power dampener? Make sure she doesn't choke though.
No. 579979 ID: 753e50
File 140346201866.png - (32.12KB , 1100x750 , 254.png )

Ugh. God, this is awful. Have you ever tasted blood? It's... awful! I hate this so much.

So, like, she said I was supposed to throw up once, one big burst of all the illness and poison and shit in my blood, it's like an instant cure-all. Or, not like a cure-all, but.. oh, god, my head is killing me.

:7Vicki: Can you take the guides? Victor's kidnapped, you need to go talk-.... urgh, I'm okay... -talk to Firebeard, take him to the leyline..

:7Ava: I can certainly do that! I will be taking my knife, but there is a drawer full of them here. We haven't gotten down to doing the ritual to mark a knife as yours, so for now these will work. Sort of. Please don't experiment while I'm gone, though! Don't add any marks or try anything, only use these to refresh your rejuvenation rune.

:7Vicki: Yeah sure, whatev
No. 579980 ID: 753e50
File 140346205456.png - (22.04KB , 1100x750 , 255.png )


Hello to you all! Vicki has been doing very well. Aside from this minor set-back, she's already learned two runes in less then half an hour! They are basic runes, but that kind of progress is still above average.

I was watching her very closely. The rejuvenation rune went off without a hitch! Her body isn't overproducing or anything like that. I figured that'd probably be the case, even my Lord, who usually uses his own brand of magic, uses that rune. And you can tell the kind of problems the exceptional have when they try to use tools for the masses.

But, Mr. Victor is in trouble? I'm a little surprised! I, personally, was sure that the kidnappers were working for the metal bitch. It fit- she waited a day before sending them after you, she likes to work in secret so she doesn't "disrupt the order", she hired totally incompetent mages because she's completely brain-dead about anything not plastered in gears... but if they're still going after them, then it must be some third party?

It doesn't matter, really! Vicki and Firebeard aren't stuck in a fridge this time! I think we'll be able to get him out and bring them home in no time at all. And... well, I'm a little excited, to be honest! I've heard my Lord talk about Firebeard, but I've never seen him in action before. Maybe we'll get to see him do a little burning!

No. 579982 ID: 753e50
File 140346206573.png - (14.55KB , 1100x750 , 256.png )

I am... slightly worried about how to approach him, though. My Lord says he can be a little bit... twitchy. And looking at this, I am a little inclined to agree.
No. 579984 ID: dc4b80

Is that door locked from the outside? Is he even in there? Anyways try politely knocking first. Then maybe call out for him if that does not work.
No. 579986 ID: dbe554

Don't knock, call out to him, he's burned down things he thinks is trouble quicker then usual.
No. 579991 ID: 0104ff

Tools for- hrrrm.
Sounds like the trouble is those spells are shortcuts, but at Vicki's level of power, they're just not worth it, almost?
Like they teach basic tenets of how the magics work but directly using them is generally something to move past quickly, since I guess the spells aren't meant to handle that much power...Anyway around that issue that you know of?
Part of me wonders if Vicki should mess around with the magics at the back of the book instead if she wants something new to shoot, that's how she got us!
No. 580011 ID: 9ddf68

well last time we got his attention we just had to call out for him so try that. Also what have you heard about the guy. The only thing we know about him is that he was big back when everything was still steam power, he has a short fuse, and doesn't like it when people talk about his looks. Decent guy thought when he has his head on straight.

Oh also since this guy seemed to be the lord of the industrial age do you think he could be a good solid plan B to gear this place up to try and repeal AAE and her goons? I mean having an old fashion lock is still better then no lock at all right?
No. 580012 ID: 2fd516

Call out for him. If he's not in there he should hear you. If he is in there, try knocking.
No. 580724 ID: 753e50
File 140363530168.png - (17.57KB , 1100x750 , 257.png )

I can call out. I just wanted to make sure that there isn't some sort of, I don't know, secret handshake or code word I need or something! It's hard to be too careful when you're dealing with a fire mage of his strength and paranoia. But maybe my Lord is overplaying it! He likes to... trick me, sometimes.

Before I do that... the question about Vicki's magic is not something I can really answer. The 'shortcuts' are all the magic I know! I really have no idea how my Lord does his magic, or how Vicki could bypass it. It is not a common problem, to say the least! It doesn't happen under any normal circumstances... although I believe there are one or two other aspirants running around with my Lord's gift right now. If they haven't died by now, that is! If they are still around, maybe we could track them down and ask them?

Firebeard boarding the place up is an interesting thought! Goblins are so much better, but if that doesn't work, we can't get the blood traitor girl to come back, then why not? Even if the walls and guns and all that techno-stuff are antiquated, they'd have the power of all of us to back it up, right? It'd be a little harder, but a defence like that could work!

Anyway! Back to what we were doing!

:7Ava: Excuse me! Mr. Firebeard? Are you in there?
No. 580725 ID: 753e50
File 140363532322.png - (11.46KB , 1100x750 , 258.png )

:7Firebeard: Aye? An' wha'can I do fer yeh?

:7Ava: Oh! I thought your room was over here!

:7Firebeard: Tha' it is. Ah knocked down th'wall 'tween these two. Needed th'space.
No. 580726 ID: 753e50
File 140363540045.png - (16.50KB , 1100x750 , 259.png )

:7Ava: Well, fair enough! Would you be interested in helping Vicki and myself at all? Victor got kidnapped and we need to help him get free.

:7Firebeard: Ah'm not gettin' much researchin' time t'myself in here, am I? Between th'freezin' an' bein' led off fer rescuin' an' this "god war" business. Not turnin' out t'be much of a school, is it?... What th'hell. Why not. Ah'm hittin' a brick wall anyway. Could use a lil' break.
No. 580730 ID: dbe554

Not like we have much students yet to begin with, plus at this rate we'd need more to attract students.
No. 580744 ID: 2fd516

...yeah, things aren't going as planned so far. Eventually, though!

...say Ava, can you think of any use for a large quantity of blood? Also, um, when AAE listed off all of Vicki's allies, were you in that list?
No. 580745 ID: dbe554


Actually speaking of this, do you need fresh, current blood or could you use like used blood stuffed into bags, if so while it would be very..unpleasant for her we could keep plenty stored up for things use.
No. 580784 ID: 9ddf68

well maybe this little trip to the wilds will help clear your mind... anything you need help with in there by the way?

But yeah, firebeard is a little on the paranoid side. I mean when Vicki first showed up to see if he'd like to be a teacher he almost flash fried her twice because he thought she was with someone else. Also useful tip, when dealing with him make sure you let him know your there from a distance if he doesn't see you, if you're standing next time him when you let him know you're there you might have to start looking for a room in the burn ward.
No. 580794 ID: 321d85

By the waaay, what does everyone mean when they keep calling Seshe a "blood traitor"? Like, just that she associated with a magical entity (Victor), or what?
No. 582482 ID: 753e50
File 140433655086.png - (20.39KB , 1100x750 , 260.png )

Can we use her blood? That's- actually a very good point! Somehow it managed to slip my mind completely, but you're right, a huge quantity of blood like that would be extremely useful! And typically, it's nearly impossible to get at a supply like that without killing someone- the rune of rejuvenation has a nasty side-effect of clotting over any wounds immediately, making it impossible to actually get at that endless river. Yet she's completely bypassed that! Although the downside is, she is most likely going to be opposed to the thought of vomitting her own blood wherever she goes...

Well, it's something to keep in mind! But, before we go any further, one thing-

:7Ava: Firebeard, would you please wait here? I need to go fetch Vicki.

:7Firebeard: Aye. An' why am I bein' stuck here, then?

:7Ava: Because she's half naked! I don't think she wants you to peek in on her in her underwear.

:7Firebeard: Ahh.
No. 582483 ID: 753e50
File 140433657674.png - (8.99KB , 1100x750 , 261.png )

Actually, speaking of! Could you stay here, too? I know you already saw her, but it's still polite. And... uhm, hmm. I know this is going against everything you just told me, but I'll try to be gentle.

:7Ava: I am so sorry, but I need to startle you for a moment. Please don't get angry! I'm not going to harm you! But this won't work if you know what's going on!

:7Firebeard: Wai', wha' are yeh'-?!
No. 582484 ID: 753e50
File 140433659605.png - (77.56KB , 1100x750 , 262.png )

:7Ava: Pleaz hol' sdill! I know itd hurz, bud itd whill only take ay momen'!

:7Firebeard: Lady, let go or I swear I'll- I'll..-

Oh lord I miss this. Please god do not ever stop.

:7Ava: Dere! Thank 'ou for yerh pachience! I perform'd the rhune ov forshed knowlegge. Now yhou can take kare ov tha guides until Iy ged back!

I- wait.

:7Firebeard: ...What?!

:7Ava: Play nizely, pleaz!
No. 582485 ID: 753e50
File 140433668604.png - (88.95KB , 1100x750 , 263.png )

No no no no no. No, it wasn't enough to drag me off on this rescue mission of theirs. They have to shove voices in my head to top it all off. Prying into my thoughts. Memories. Fuck. I am much too old for this.

Although if miss fat tits keeps shoving those into my face, maybe I can find it in my wrinkled old heart to forgive her.

...Oh for fucks sake. They heard that. You heard that. Goddamn it. Am I going to have to watch every fucking thing I think?

Alright, 'guides'. I don't like people looking into my head. I'm... I'm going to tell you what. Pry into my secrets and I'll burn this place to the ground.

No. 582487 ID: dbe554

Personally, we don't really care. I mean be as pervy as you want, some might judge, most will not..

And to be fair, she wears very little clothing and she's quite sizable.

We also cannot view memories! We can only skim direct thoughts that are 'spoken' upward like that. We also weren't expecting to be given to you like this at random, so on our account apologies.

Although I am surprised, the vision has turned an odd yellowish orange and suddenly our hearing outside of you has gotten poorer?
No. 582488 ID: e1609c

I'm pretty sure we can't do that anyhow. For the most part we just hear what passes through your head and see the world as if we are positioned a few feet away and suspended in midair.
Unless you start thinking about every terrible misdeed and mistake you've ever made right on the spot, I doubt we'd have any way to see in there regardless.
Also, we aren't total dicks, least not most of us. We know to keep little secrets like WOAH THE MAGE LIKES TITS, not that that's really a surprise.
No. 582491 ID: 401874

Whyyyy did she think this was a good idea but I suppose since we're basically the team phone more or less it's good to be in contact with all our teammates though.
No. 582539 ID: 9b57d3

Cool! Your vision is all funky golden orange. Bro don't worry about your secrets we know you don't like to share. I don't think we could pry if we wanted to anyway.

I'm guessing you're not used to hearing whatever language she's using so it sounds all weird like she has an accent. Or maybe your ears are damaged? Does fire magic include explosions? That'd be a likely explanation.

Do you need any help with anything? We could use some help. Victor and his two almost-friends got their asses kidnapped again so an extremely powerful fire mage like yourself would be quite useful on the rescue mission. Are you up to it?
No. 582555 ID: 9ddf68

huh. well this is a little awkward. But yeah uh, if you want to know a little about us we can only skim surface thoughts and that's about as deep as our mind reading powers go. Also we won't pry unless something life threatening is happening that you know about and we don't and knowing and not knowing could be the difference between life and death. an example, Let's say you use to run with a gang, you left and they didn't want you to, now you're here, they find out and start attacking us and only you know why. Stuff like that is the only time we'd pry but even then you can still say no.

So while we wait... uh... (cough) so how you liking it here so far? sorry that it's been busy but I really didn't expect half the crap that happened to, well, happen. I thought the most difficult thing we'd have to worry about was going to be convincing people to come join the little school we were planning to make, not "rise of the godling, The beginning"
No. 582664 ID: ccd544

Firebeard, let's talk about fire!

It seems, that you avoid summoning fire through magic, by creatively using magic to make things combust naturally while magically controlling the pressure and heat and flow rate of the fire and fuel to optimize the intensity and focus of the flame?

If this is how you make fire, then we have some really amazing fire-based tips for you!

Et docentes eam futuri!
No. 582814 ID: 753e50
File 140450296721.png - (76.97KB , 1100x750 , 264.png )

You can't dig at all. That'll work. I need to be careful about what I think. Or-...

I haven't an idea why you would see the orange. I've seen it since I was a kid. But you shouldn't. Or maybe you should, this isn't my branch of magic.

This place is fine. Especially with-... I'm not getting as much privacy as I'd like. But I've only been here two days.

Yes, fire magic works around the flame, not as the flame. But it's not as simple as controlling the pressure or raising the heat. It is more abstract. Like moving your arm. You do not willingly contract your muscle through signals through your nervous system. You just move your arm. Magic is more of an art then a science. Although if you want to give me advice, go ahead. I may be old but there is still more to learn. I, out of anyone-...

I wonder-...

This is a real pain. Having to censor myself. Very irritating.

No. 582815 ID: ef7fd2

Yeah, we feel you man. Still, nice getting to actually talk to you face-to-invisible-voicehorde-face.
So, any longterm goals? We still prioritize our apprentice god and mister magic worm first and foremost, but you've been nothing but a help so far. We'd be more than glad to help out in them any way you'd like us to.
No. 582824 ID: 53ba34

if it's about tits or girl parts go nuts, we don't really care.
No. 582846 ID: 89b2a2

We can explain in detail how fire actually works as a chemical reaction (it being an element is a misnomer), unless the laws of the universe differ in that respect which they might. You can also focusing a point of fire to the most insignificant but intense amount with certain radioactive/toxic materials to do interesting things.

If you have any skill in electrical magic you could also make water burn.

Actually, we care a little too much sometimes.
No. 582847 ID: b23908

SO you don't create the flame, you work with what's there.
A thought-can you work with heat in general?
If so, you could draw out the heat in an area to create a zone of cold, or alternatively, 'collect' the heat to create a small fire. That's one line of thought.
Another is that I recall that kenetic energy I think is on some level really just thermal energy? I forget where exactly that thought came from, but long story short-turn the motion of a punch into a burst of heat, is the outcome...
That's the tips I have, but I dunno if it's what that other voice was talking about. I hope not!
No. 582849 ID: 52bf1d

Yeah, thermal energy is just the molecules and atoms moving and bumping around.
No. 582852 ID: 1f2a28

To be perfectly honest, Firebeard, like 90% of the time when we get summoned we spend an ungodly amount of time and effort trying to get everyone around us laid.

Usually with harems.
No. 582855 ID: dcd676

Yeah, it just kind of happens a lot of the time. It's even kind of easy a lot of the time; hard part is keeping people alive long enough to get the relationships going.
No. 582867 ID: d8a627

>I recall that kenetic energy I think is on some level really just thermal energy?
I'm fairly certain that excess energies just get converted to Thermal. Thermal's, like, the "Miscellaneous" category everything falls to when it's not properly sorted. That said, if you could remove the kinetic force from something, you should be left with thermal energy. ...Wait, is that what pistons do?
>Yeah, thermal energy is just the molecules and atoms moving and bumping around.
Oh, right, that. Man, focusing something as large as a punch into effecting something as tiny as atoms, though, you'd have to worry about the risk of creating an atomic explosion.
SOME of us try and guide a person to a sensible, monogamous relationship, where they actually go through courting instead of just hooking up... Granted, it's rare, but it happens.
You'd be surprised what life danger does to a person's moral beliefs. But, yeah, that very life danger is the problem.
No. 582878 ID: 9ddf68

yeah sorry about the censoring thing. But hey mind if I run an idea past you. I was wondering what kind of knowledge you have of machines. Don't care what kind new, old, anything really I just want to know. As for why, part of the reason we're trying to save the magic worm is because he has a friend we could use to fortify this place and set up a bunch of traps to try and keep AAE at bay long enough for Vickie to become a god but there's a good chance that she'll refuse so I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to fortify this place to try and weather AAE's wrath. Just running this by you now so if we do need you to do it, it wouldn't be a last minute notices thing and if you can't do it then we'd know to try something else instead of bothering you further.
No. 582931 ID: 753e50
File 140459740278.png - (73.97KB , 1100x750 , 265.png )

This is a side of your 'wisdom' Miss Victoria and the blood mage didn't bother to mention. Interesting.. but I'm too old, too tired and far too ugly to get back into that game. Too many bad memories. It is easier to keep it in my head.

Although I would-...

Oh, fuck it. We're all thinking about the blood mage's tits. Who wouldn't want to have an hour with those? And the rest of her...

It doesn't matter, does it? I have more important things to worry about. And you had other things to tell me, so let's talk magic. Fire, that I can wrap my head around.

You wanted to tell me about chemical reactions? ...I do appreciate the help, but I have been keeping with the times. Just last month I was reading an online paper on the reaction, combustion and decayment rates of thermonuclear and common materials when exposed to various schools of magic. I've been meaning to somehow get my hands on some undepleted uranium to experiment with transferring a nuclear base into extreme thermal energy. Even better would be some undepleted Slanium, if I can wrestle it from a goblin's cold, dead fingers.

That thought about reversing my magic, removing the heat from a room... my gut reaction is to reject it, but maybe I'm too settled into my ways. I might be old, but I still feel like I did when I was twenty. Sometimes I catch myself. Becoming more stagnant, less open. Angry about kids and their technology, their toys that I never had at their age. And at all the slightly older kids who waste their lives drinking dwarven gutrot and moping and whining about the lack of jobs.

Why am I telling you this? It has nothing to do with fire. You must think I'm rambling. Point is, I'll try it. I can't call myself a master if I'm only good at making fire, but not taking it back.

You thought I could use kinetic energy to turn to heat? To let me punch fire. It isn't a bad idea. Certainly workable. Although, not for me. Even in my prime I was never a stocky, typical example of dwarvenkind, and now... well, you can see for yourself, it simply wouldn't work.

And finally! I was an engineer mage. Back in the early 1800's, I was the leader of the industry. They called me "King of the Coal". I designed mostly furnaces and engines, but I did dabble in a bit of everything. I still do design furnaces when I get a client- or, I suppose, I did. But I haven't bothered with a challenging, serious project in a very long time.

You do ask a lot of questions. And now I'm babbling. Now this is why I don't like you in my head. It isn't... organized.

No. 582936 ID: 9b57d3

Unorganized? Bro, you're talking to a swarm of voices.

We may need your help fortifying the place since AAE is gonna try to kill everyone tomorrow. Right now maybe we can see if Vicky is decent so we can get out of here and rescue the others.
No. 582956 ID: d8a627

>You must think I'm rambling.
Speak of the Devil and the Devil replies. We ramble on all the time, Fire, so don't worry about that. Only worry about stopping yourself when it comes to deep, dark, terrible secrets that have no real relevance to our group's safety.
>It isn't... organized.
Let's just call us the Devil's Advocate while we're at it... We're just as unorganized as you, and -1 plus -1 is -2, not 2. Heh. One final thing I'll say is this: If you do start working with the removal of heat, try siphoning it away in a spiral--It should form a cyclone of frost, which freezes things quicker. I do not know how this will effect pushing heat into an area, though.

Anyways, kinetic testing? All the more reason to get started on rescuing the trio: One of them's a big stocky type, he'll be able to help you out in that field. So Forget about the rest for the time being and tell us what you need to get ready. We'll sift through any errant thoughts if necessary.
No. 583206 ID: dcd676

We'd like to know what you could do to start setting up fortifications, defenses, warning systems, anything that could make this place just a little more secure; we kind of have a strong enemy to deal with already, best to defend ourselves somehow.
No. 583216 ID: 89b2a2

Given that she's a servant of a god, she may in fact be older then you are. Go for it.
No. 583538 ID: 753e50
File 140494010129.png - (57.72KB , 1100x750 , 266.png )

Lord Baron himself is younger then I am, he's quite a new god. I rather doubt she's older then me.

You're right though, we should focus on what's ahead and take care of the rest as it comes. I'll think on fortifications. As for the moment, there's nothing I will need. My brand of magic doesn't require any preparations whatsoever. At most-- no, nevermind.

The folks we're rescuing may need something when we find them, perhaps food or water. Maybe we should look to see if we can't pick it up on the way- I assume we'll be passing through a city, most all leylines have at least something built around them. Although the banks did freeze my assets, so don't ask me to pay for it.

No. 583539 ID: 753e50
File 140494014473.png - (52.79KB , 1100x750 , 267.png )

Other then that- ah. There they are.

:7Firebeard: Good morning, ladies.

:7Vicki: Oh, 'ey, fhyreberd.

:7Ava: Sohry fer tha waiht! We're bakh!

:7Firebeard: Are you ready to go, then?

Now what to do with you? Shall I give you back to them?
No. 583541 ID: 2c4eb9

I'm for hanging out with Vicky again, she's the one who called us here and all that jazz.
No. 583542 ID: 2fd516

One last thing. AAE called you a living hydrogen bomb. Are you somehow... infused with fire?
No. 583543 ID: ccd544

or maybe Fire is the only known fire mage to create a magically induced thermonuclear explosion with an explosive yield on par with a fusion bomb and be able to have enough stamina left to throw out a couple more!

or maybe AAE has some secret scanning god-tech that can see the insanity of Firebeard's true potential.
No. 583548 ID: dbe554

We would not mind being passed back to vicky. Unless you desire us for a bit longer of course.
No. 583550 ID: 2fd516

Hmm, actually, I have to wonder if we should be helping Vicki directly. Isn't she supposed to be developing as a leader? So far we've essentially been the leader. Unless we're the ones that will claim godhood instead of Vicki, it seems like a bad idea to stick with her so often.
No. 583578 ID: 761017

Guys, can't we just switch ourselves manually?
No. 583579 ID: 9ddf68

eh we're good wherever
No. 583592 ID: dcd676

Pass us on over, but before we go: good luck with the fire magic experiments. We hope it turns out fruitful!
No. 583605 ID: dbe554


We havn't been able to be before, we've been mostly yanked around by the Anelid and gods and such.
No. 583803 ID: 753e50
File 140510948375.png - (78.66KB , 1100x750 , 268.png )

Hah- I'd say it's a little bit of both.

Now, if I can work this damn thing. I haven't used this kind of magic before... but I feel it in the back of my head. Let's see...

No. 583804 ID: 753e50
File 140510952170.png - (17.39KB , 1100x750 , 269.png )

Oh, hey guys. You're back, huh?

God, my head hurts. That blood stuff is seriously not fun.

I think I'm gonna try and work with my other book just a little bit more. I mean, having you guys around is a hundred times better then throwing up like fifty billion gallons of my own fucking blood.

Whatever, we're going out, right? So whatever. Forget the blood stuff.

We're going to the ork city, right? Like, we're just assuming he's gone back to the same place? Or what's the deal?

No. 583811 ID: 2fd516

It's fairly likely that they've been put back in the same shack, yes, but with better restraints. If not, we can go to where they were captured this time and see if we can find the trail to track them.

Is that statue's staff made out of valuable materials? Or magical?
No. 583812 ID: ef7fd2

well, we found out all that blood might have uses RE: blood magic, so if we can find a way to make all the blood-gorging less unpleasant we might have some cool new party tricks to work on.
You know, aside from being a living blood-based water-fountain.
No. 583836 ID: 753e50
File 140512746432.png - (18.09KB , 1100x750 , 270.png )

I super don't want to be a living blood fountain so, yeah, I'm good without that stuff guys.

Uhm, so the statue. I didn't really look at it before... well I don't think the part at the top is magic. I mean- first off, it's a goblin statue. Or it's probably a goblin statue, since this is a goblin mansion and all. And goblins really aren't at all cool with magic. And second, it's huge! It's bigger then I am! Nobody would use a giant, solid stone staff like that! It has to be 100% decorative. So I'm guessing there's just a battery in there to get it to glow a little.

What it's made of? I honestly don't really know... Oh, d'oy!

:7Vicki: Uhm, Firebeard, what do you think this statue is made of?

:7Firebeard: Aye? Mn... th' base is white marble, th'boots - grey marble, an' th'staff's basalt. Top bit looks t'be obsidian.

:7Vicki: Thanks!

I have no idea if any of those are valuable.

I think obsidian might be worth something? Maybe? I don't know, it sounds valuable kind of.

:7Ava: ...What are you two up to?
No. 583843 ID: dbe554

Thinking about potential finances we could sell to potentially bring funding, not much more.
No. 583847 ID: 2fd516

Well we might be able to sell it but I doubt we'd get much for it. Not a priority. We should keep going.
No. 583871 ID: 9ddf68

wondering if we might not be able to scrape the statue and use it to get some quick cash.
No. 584513 ID: 753e50
File 140564097199.png - (27.95KB , 1100x750 , 271.png )

Selling the statue sounds good to me, it's kind of an eyesore. But whatever. We'll deal with it when we get back.

So... I don't know about you guys, but this is actually kind of exciting. I've never really left Manifest before... except when I went down to the dwarflands I guess, but does that really count? I guess. Whatever. Whatever, this is going to be really weird and exotic. Kind of cool, right? Even if we're there on serious business and whatever. Plus I have two superstrong mages to protect me this time, so, yay.

No. 584514 ID: 753e50
File 140564099736.png - (25.89KB , 1100x750 , 272.png )

Alright, whatever. It's kind of awkward to talk in leyspace so I'll just talk to you on the other siiiiiiiiiii
No. 584515 ID: 753e50
File 140564102556.png - (28.37KB , 1100x750 , 273.png )

Selling TH3 staT!e sounds good TO ME,,,,..

it's kind of an @*$HFA%yw45%!G!@#. But whatever. We'll 3DEA with ittTt when we g333333333t bacCC,.

2u4hpF_(&*(*+@ I don't know about you guys, but this is actually kind of exciting. I've never really left ManiManiManiManiManiMani before... except when I went down to the dwarflands I guess, but does that really count? I guess. Whatever. Whatever, thIIIIs is g00ihg to be really we342d and exotic. Kind zc cool, right? Even if we're there on serious business and whatever. Plus I have #!*#!JF{AJFPHJAPHPHPH FNBBKBVP BSPFH A

No. 584517 ID: 753e50
File 140564107231.png - (26.44KB , 1100x750 , 274.png )

Alright, whatever. It's KIND OF AWKWar ddd to talk in leyspace so I'll just talk to o077tH on the 1oh ther SSSSRRY*Q_Y_GYGHG @!$ !#
No. 584518 ID: 753e50
File 140564109284.png - (19.32KB , 1100x750 , 275.png )

FHWO-Y242 2=7=$&@!_y$_@ HpDA=8a_*dash$! 131=98= addasd*89080AS ASSD414-9()*&&& 13123 #$$!$^&*(&) SDA*()&)&adsds

ADSA98&aD7S-A74Y4 2Y-Y2-4Y32 4H23OPJOPIIUPF DSA8=A8 SD9 SA-8-08-13 213280 13092138 1-1902 31FAFHAJfa_*&&_&&_& dada@#!1232 Ad au!&$&!$&@#$ @hFIOAY&F7FG ASDSA7 !@! fhAFAUF-7SA-7-78-7a afs77EQE e&qeq#@#@#$&*%&%^ ^!(#&07312893 23 13240 789&dadsa7DAS7Aa(7D0D7 ADGOFGFTF urrqu32q RU0Q-R 8(*_&)(&f)(^a)f^)a(y adhas_d^_^3132179-87-7* a()d&*a&d)(*as&fg )g077&&fa_&f_)a&-f&a

No. 584519 ID: 753e50
File 140564110406.png - (22.93KB , 1100x750 , 276.png )

231-7f a&f_ &af_a&Y14Y14HJKPHPPOJGAPOISU-CZ V7XCZ-7V ZZ-7V-A7F AFD-A 7(&_&_&@!#!#3 312 #!@7_&#@&&*(_)* 3 21312
No. 584520 ID: 753e50
File 140564114625.png - (74.20KB , 1100x750 , 277.png )

-a really big gun. Maybe I was like, a little bit too quick with the whole 'wizard bodyguard' thing.

Uhm, it's probably nothing to worry about. It isn't even pointed at me. Kinda caught me by surprise I guess. I mean, it probably shouldn't have, this is the ork tower... and I think the goblins used it originally or something? So of course it'd have big guns everywhere.

No. 584521 ID: 753e50

There is a bit of backstory put up on the discussion page. From now on I think I'm going to be adding bits of spoiler-free background there so that I don't have to explain every single minor thing in-story.
No. 584522 ID: d8a627

Okay, let's cease communications a bit longer before entering layspace. I swear you made the whole conversation repeat three times, each time getting more and more distorted. Anyways, the only gun I'm seeing is the automatic rifle looking thing the lady there is holding. And believe you me, that's small compared to things we've seen.

Wonder if they'll have some flak cannons or anti-aircraft mounts bolted down anywhere in the city, now those are some big guns. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they were lugging around ion cannons. Those things are giant, but can still be carried around by hand! Supposedly theoretical, I think, but given all the fancy stuff lying around, it's very possible they bumped it out of theoretical and into actual.
No. 584529 ID: 2fd516

Ergh. For future notice, leylines kindof screw us up and we won't have a connection for a little while after you emerge from one. We reconnected to you at "a really big gun".

I think we'd better find somewhere to ask around about our three friends.
No. 584551 ID: 9ddf68

god damn I do not envy the poor bastard that goes through one of those while on a bad trip.

So this is an orc city huh? Have to admit I rather like it, it has a nice cyberpunk feel to it. But uh yeah, as for what to do maybe ask if they've seen your friends, give names and deceptions if you have to (hey they might have made it through, unlikely but not impossible) if not see what it will take for them to let us go out of the city and look for them and also BE LET BACK IN. I really don't want to have gone out and look for those three only to find out we can't get back in, we've had enough shit happen to us for one day and we still have to spring up the school to weather AAE's wrath for when she inevitably goes trigger happy on our asses when our time is up.
No. 584562 ID: 2fd516

I would not ask those present here considering the big sign telling us to keep moving.
No. 585390 ID: 753e50
File 140606104862.png - (72.05KB , 1100x750 , 278.png )

I was talking about that big boxy gun in front of us. I mean, I assume it's a gun, it was pointed at us and it had a picture of a guy exploding on it- whatever. She's definitely holding an assault rifle though so I am totally up for moving on.

:7Fara: 'Ey! Wait, deklare youself!

:7Vicki: Oh! Uhm...

Well, I guess they wanted us to stop anyway?

:7Vicki: Uhm... we're passing through!

:7Fara: Yes, good. Deklare youself!

:7Vicki: I- who are we, you mean? I, we've got two humans and a dwarf. Uhm, one blood mage, one fire mage.

Kinda pointless to lie, right? I mean, he's got those weird glowing eyes and she's covered in scars on top of glowing eyes.

:7Fara: No crime-nol?

:7Vicki: Nope! No, no criminals, we're average citizens!

:7Fara: Goren k'roogal hern-ca.

:7Horan: Orgkan. K'roogal orgkan.

:7Fara: Jarugh. You, you pass now. Welkome to Krag'Go. Buy someting when yous here.

:7Ava: Oh we will, don't worry!

:7Vicki: Wait- before we get through... did either of you see a giant talking worm anywhere near here? His name is Victor, we're kind of looking for him.

:7Fara: Goren, kron ga torengon jurn-en kronga rugohen eron.... "groken jum eril nos"? Horen uhrs "Viktor".

:7Horan: ...Horen uhrs Viktor? Jum eril? Hruhn... gor.

:7Fara: No, we have not see big worm name "Viktor".

:7Vicki: Well, thanks anyway!

Okay then, let's-
No. 585391 ID: 753e50
File 140606128778.png - (2.46KB , 1100x750 , 279.png )

[[...there you are.

been trying to get at you for awhile.]]

:7KorrDark: Goddamn, son! What the fuck are these love-taps you're giving me? At least you could- GRPH!


:7KorrDark: Bossh, relaksh! Thish little pusshy ain't even tickelin' me! Kid, come bagk when yur ballsh 'ave drobbed!

[[they did better this time.]]

:7KorrDark: Ah, shid, look ad dat. Now we're talgin'. C'mon, yeh liddle bitsh, show me whadja goh- MMrHhPh PPHRNMM!!


[[im very very tired.]]
No. 585392 ID: 9ddf68

huh... well... shit.

Some good news I guess, Vicki and friends just showed up in orc town so if you could point us to where these ass hats dragged you we can send in the Calvary... Oh and if we do be very worry of fire because we did bring the dwarf supernova.
No. 585409 ID: 2fd516

Do you have any idea where you are? The others are at the orc tower right now. If it's the same location we can probably find the shack again...

If you can send us to anyone around here that can see, we can check to see where we are. Or maybe you can move our point of view again like you did when we were killing the bandits?
No. 585414 ID: d8a627

Well, jeez, not much we can do for you if you're already stuck in stockades or whatever's going on. If you could bash out, I'd think you'd have already done so.
And now Vicky's going to have to worry about navigating the city on her own... Girl thought a computer module was a gun! Don't suppose you know where you are?
...I wonder if the "Module" was actually some sort of buzz-saw launcher. That's a type of gun that has a rectangular shape. Is that a thing? Do the orks have stuff like that? And... What's up with Seshe? Did she suddenly fall in love with you or what? Freaking out over you taking harm... way more so than just a boss/underling relationship.
No. 585439 ID: 53ba34

did they triple layer their runes? if they fixed the thing where you sucking magic in deactivates them, adding stupid amounts of power to them wont make them blow out right? well what if you do both at the same time? suck in power through one end and overload the other.
No. 585689 ID: 753e50
File 140625002713.png - (2.54KB , 1100x750 , 280.png )

[[i'm stuck in a bag

cant use magic]]


:7MaeonDark: Stay qui'et, littel gobl'en.

[[i don't know where we are

before we were

northwest of the tower

but they may have moved us]]

:7SesheDark: Mnnff- MNFF FMMNN MMNMM!! HMRMMM HMM!!!

:7JillDark: WAIT! Wait! Stop! We need to leave!! NOW!

:7MaeonDark: 'Zis ees not a good time.

:7SesheDark: MnnFFMNN?!


:7MaeonDark: Fine, 'zen.

:7SesheDark: MnnFfmmn! Hmmnnn!!

:7Seshedark: Mmmnn hnn hnn!! MmmMMNN!!

[[i dont hear anything]]
No. 585691 ID: d8a627

Well, wiggle out of the bag. Become the worm.

Except don't do that second step, that's Victor's job.
No. 585692 ID: 9ddf68

can you move, speak? what can you still do?
No. 585693 ID: dc4b80

Either something else just spooked them or they noticed we where here. I would try to wriggle out of the bag if you can. If not we will let the others know which direction to look and try to get to you as fast as possible.

Keep your ears open and listen for anything we can use.
No. 585695 ID: 2fd516

Jill and Maeon, eh? Send us back, we know their names now.

It sounds like they're in the tower, because they wouldn't need to worry about noise otherwise. We'll find them. Count on it.
No. 585711 ID: 53ba34

maybe try 'holding your breath' with your magic? just hold it in until you fill up.
No. 585776 ID: 753e50
File 140632675192.png - (2.51KB , 1100x750 , 281.png )

[[ how... ]]

[[ did you get names ]]

[[ that doesnt make sense ]]

[[ my head is fuzzy ]]

[[ cant move cant think cant use magic ]]

[[ please come quickly ]]

No. 585777 ID: 753e50
File 140632679268.png - (39.45KB , 1100x750 , 282.png )

Oh! You guys got back fast! We were just talking about a plan, but if you're already here... Ava was going to go ask someone how to get out of here, because apparently she can speak Orkish as part of her blood magic stuff. So, is that still gonna be the deal? Did you find out where Victor and the other two are?
No. 585779 ID: 2fd516

They might be in the ork tower. The kidnappers had to leave for some reason, and they wanted their captives to be quiet. The original building they were in is northwest of the tower, though.

Ask around if anyone knows a Jill or Maeon. We can often see names of those who are talking, and this was one of those times.
No. 585791 ID: 9ddf68

Victor sounds like he's up shit's creak without a paddle and a hurricane just hit to top things off. On the plus side we got names Jill and Maeon. Ask around and see if anyone knows anything about those two. Also we kinda got a look at who they were but it was really blurred so you're going to have to get people talking before we can really identify them. Just talk to people and we can work from there... is that an elf there? why is there an elf in this city? they're city is only like a days walk away from here and I thought orcs and elves didn't get along real well.
No. 585846 ID: d8a627

Vicki, about that square "Gun" thing, I think that was a computer module. They sometimes have slots to insert more modules, and the slots are almost always rectangular. If it was a gun, it's not a kind I've ever seen before.
>We can often see names of those who are talking, and this was one of those times.
Kind of surprising when not only is our host blind, but his senses incredibly muffled, but yeah, we saw the names.
I don't think Victor was with them? Seshe and Korr were definitely talking, but we were in Korr's head, and had no sense that Victor was there.
No. 585849 ID: ef7fd2

>"Victor wasn't there"
>Victor was the one posting
Aside from that brainfartage, yeah, victor and friends are JUST A BIT in trouble. Again. We might want to start finding out where they are at.
Are there any sort of dowsing methods for finding people that wouldn't be warded against? Or heck, ones that ARE warded against even?
Because their captors, if the same people, weren't shown to be very smart folks when it comes to doing magic.
No. 585852 ID: d8a627

>>Victor was the one posting
Oh, whoops! Nevermind then. I was looking at the other evidence of who was talking.
No. 585956 ID: 753e50
File 140641898775.png - (39.24KB , 1100x750 , 283.png )

:7Vicki: Go ahead with your translatey blood rune thing, I think we're still gonna need it.

:7Ava: Will do! I'll be one moment.

Well, first off, I am like 99% sure that really was a gun. It looked weird but there were a bunch of them surrounding the leyline and pointed at it, and it kind of makes sense that they'd be there. Like, shoot the bad guys that come through? It looks weird and not gunnish, but none of the goblin stuff makes any goddamn sense at all so you just kind of expect that. I just don't see why they'd put computers right in the middle of the front lobby.

And I'm thinking the elf is here because she wants to be here. I mean, goblins and humans don't get along well and Victor was still working with one, there's always strange cases, right?

Anyway whatever, I just wanted to get the dumb little things out of the way first. Let me get the important stuff straight. Victor might be somewhere to the northwest, or he might be in the tower. He's being held by at least two people named "Jill" and "Maeon" who aren't very good at doing magic.

We could find Victor pretty easy by tracking his magic- I mean, he's one of the most magical things in existence, it really wouldn't be tough. But even if they're crap they probably planned some way to block or drain off his magic somehow. You don't kidnap a bomb and not know how to disarm it, right? And I have no idea how else to find him, except to look for these Jill and Maeon people.

Do you have any idea what they look like? Blurry or not?... Oh! Oh! You were there when he got grabbed, right? Did you see them then at all back then? Or.. or did they ambush them from behind trees? That seems more likely, huh, them hitting in the forest and all...

No. 585959 ID: 53ba34

we did see them, but the used a long range attack so it's only barely. one looked like an elf with only one ear. and the other... maybe a human woman with a big ponytail?

also, not just victor's magic, ANY magic. an ex-goblin tower probably has very few if any magic emanating things.
No. 585974 ID: 2fd516
File 140642276166.png - (9.19KB , 406x360 , Captors.png )

We saw them from a distance when Victor got shot, and we have some very blurry faces from when Victor just called us over.

Jill has a ponytail, a dark facemask, and a tunic or some other boring set of dark clothing. Maeon has a robe or something with a high collar that hides most of his face. He might also have a metal plate in his head, and has at least one large ear pointing up. Might even be an elf, even, but he seemed too short.

I wonder if we can send you images. I'll try!
No. 585975 ID: 2fd516

Oh, and doesn't Ava have some life-sensing magic she can use?
No. 585984 ID: d8a627

>there were a bunch of them surrounding the leyline and pointed at it, and it kind of makes sense that they'd be there. Like, shoot the bad guys that come through?
Interesting. I wonder if they're made to project a sort of field, though, rather than shoot hostile entities.
>none of the goblin stuff makes any goddamn sense at all so you just kind of expect that. I just don't see why they'd put computers right in the middle of the front lobby.
...Am I the only one who sees the irony of this statement?
Nonsensical people doing nonsensical things makes perfect sense to me, although you did say there were more, so I believe they must be something else.
Whoa, what if they're actually batteries to keep the leyline open? That would be something.
No. 586283 ID: 761017

>Whoa, what if they're actually batteries to keep the leyline open? That would be something.
Think like a goblin. Power is power, field projectors are field projectors...
What should happen to an uninvited enemy when you shunt a surge of power through field projectors meant to maintain a leyline opening?
The projectors go *ZORP*, the enemy goes *SPLORTCH*, and the custodians have a new mess to clean off the floor/walls/ceiling.
No. 586307 ID: d8a627

Knowing Goblins, they'd make it do all the things. Keep it open, slam it shut, and warp the bodies of people who get through anyways.
No. 588238 ID: 753e50
File 140727538647.png - (38.87KB , 1100x750 , 284.png )

Are we still talking about the gun computer field projector thing? I honestly don't think it really matters! I mean, we're probably coming back through the leyline and when we do I'll ask the guys guarding it what the hell it is, but right now I think finding Victor's a little more important, right?

So... I saw a flash of your whole picture vision, but I couldn't focus on it and it went away super quick... whatever. You gave me a description so we should be good.

:7Vicki: Ava? You've got your rune of translating things and seeing through stuff, right?

:7Ava: The Rune of Soulsight is a little more complicated then that, but... basically, yes!

:7Vicki: Cool. Can you see Victor at all? I mean, there shouldn't be any other Anelyds around here, right?

:7Ava: ... ... That's not a bad idea! But I can't see through the entire tower... if I got within, maybe, two or three hundred feet of him I should be able to see him!

:7Vicki: Awesome! Could you also look out for, uhm, a girl with a big ponytail and a tunic or robe or something, and a short elf with one ear and a big face-covering robe and possibly a metal plate in his head? Those are the people who kidnapped him apparently.

:7Firebeard: Ay... an' are we goin' tah get movin' on this rescuin' anytime soon?

:7Vicki: Yes, actually, like in one second!

Alright, let me see if I've got the hang of this, gonna try and swing you guys around a bit-
No. 588239 ID: 753e50
File 140727542398.png - (34.21KB , 1100x750 , 285.png )

-there. You're on the other side, right?

So the elevator's riiight there. Are we going to search the tower for them first? Or should we get out into the woods? And should we buy anything before we go out? Food or supplies or whatever? There are stores and stuff around here too.

No. 588240 ID: 753e50

Yeah, I retconned the bit about them needing directions because I realized them wandering aimlessly through the tower was a pretty stupid idea on my part.

Anyway there's a new bit of backstory on the discussion page, this time a tale about orks and dwarves.

No. 588241 ID: 53ba34

move around the tower first.
No. 588242 ID: 2fd516

I wonder if you can control us in a meta-way by trying to point us "at Victor".

Explore the tower a little. Maybe ask around to see if anyone matches the description.
No. 588245 ID: 51d9ee

Hrrrm...I kind of feel like we shouldn't need supplies, unless we get lost or something like that happens...
Oh, and your flippy-trick worked, we're now behind you, looking in the direction of your 'forward'.
No. 588250 ID: 9ddf68

wherever they are it didn't look like woods so I'd say tower.
No. 588420 ID: 753e50
File 140737170540.png - (33.32KB , 1100x750 , 286.png )

Okay well I'm starting to regret this whole trip kind of. I'm trying to not freak out because this is an ork city so the elevator has to support orks who are super heavy so it should be okay but... yeah you could put your foot right through the floor there. Eurgh.

Uhm, whatever, we'll be out soon hopefully. In the meantime, I'm going to let you guys go for a bit until we find someone. We're just going to be wandering around talking to people, right? Kind of boring. I'll grab you as soon as we catch a lead, alright?

See you guys soon.

No. 588421 ID: 753e50
File 140737172651.png - (2.47KB , 1100x750 , 287.png )

No. 588422 ID: 753e50
File 140737176302.png - (29.33KB , 1100x750 , 288.png )

No. 588424 ID: 2fd516

Hey V-2. I don't suppose you have any connection with your other self that would let you know where he is, or what he's near?
No. 588425 ID: 9ddf68

Hey V, you doing alright?
No. 588578 ID: 753e50
File 140743771190.png - (30.53KB , 1100x750 , 289.png )


i do Not kNOw what where other Me is

hEs gone

their All Gone

just leaved

even blood Girl Is Gone

:7Greenie: ...maybe i go away Too
No. 588580 ID: 9ddf68

they are coming back you know. They just left to find Victor and maybe a few of his friends. and I wouldn't leave if I were you, they'd then have to go out and find you and there are some mean things out in the world. Just have some patience and they'll be back soon.
No. 588587 ID: 2fd516

Well, if you can find a hood or something so people don't get spooked upon seeing you, you could go somewhere. Where would you like to go? Just keep in mind you won't be able to talk to anyone, and people will try to talk to you, which as you've said is annoying.

Alternatively you could snoop around in Firebeard's room, but I expect him to have security measures.
No. 588612 ID: 753e50
File 140745155779.png - (30.80KB , 1100x750 , 290.png )

i cOuld go out..

i was JUST mad tho

:7Greenie: noone talks to me not the blood girl who can say words not vicki

the Blood Girl Said im Dead

i dont feel Dead BUT she said im dead

i dont feel Pain

:7greenie: is security a BAd thing if Your dead?

nothing Hurtds
No. 588616 ID: 53ba34

not quite, your body is dead, but you are the ball on top of the body. we are trying to find ways to make you better. like a new body to control that isn't dead, and a way for people to talk to you without it sounding strange.
No. 588618 ID: 2fd516

Wasn't she talking with you earlier, when you helped with the wall? Well, anyway, we're trying to fix the body thing. The problem is that the body you have right now will eventually start to decay, and will probably become harder to control until it falls apart. Then you won't have a body.

If you want to go nosing around and risk damage to your body go ahead. Try the other door first though, off to your right.
No. 588619 ID: dc4b80

They would love to talk to you if we could work out a way for you to talk back. Do not worry buddy we will work on fixing that once everyone is safe and sound.

For now we will keep you company. If there is anything you want to do lets go do it.
No. 588628 ID: 51d9ee

Wasn't it also the case that sound kinda...Really hurt or something? Like you didn't like what happened when others talked around you?
Either way, we'll certainly work on it, for now we can hang out and chill.
No. 588752 ID: 753e50
File 140753798198.png - (29.87KB , 1100x750 , 291.png )

okay we can CHill

i dont know wHat i Want to do tho

help Maybe

the big God talked too us bout sTuff but Nobody talked 2 me bout it

i Wanna Help
No. 588762 ID: 53ba34

okay, first thing is we need to figure out your special skills. try to magic.
No. 588770 ID: 753e50

I've got a question to ask everybody over in the discussion thread.


No. 588794 ID: 2fd516

If you can still blast random magic, the best thing you can do to help is hold down the fort while the others are out. Patrol the halls, and all that.

But uh, what are your plans for the future? What sort of body would you want, if you got a new one? What role would you like to have in this little group we've got going?
No. 589132 ID: 753e50
File 140780328852.png - (30.41KB , 1100x750 , 292.png )

No. 589133 ID: 753e50
File 140780329511.png - (27.53KB , 1100x750 , 293.png )

No. 589134 ID: 753e50
File 140780330150.png - (26.09KB , 1100x750 , 294.png )

No. 589135 ID: 753e50
File 140780331284.png - (27.89KB , 1100x750 , 295.png )

maGIc is Not Working

i Dont know what 2 Do

i Was an anelYd Last WeeK

i Want a body thats NOt deading on Me

I wnat to do


but I donT know What

mAgic is what I do and now I dont do mAgic

No. 589136 ID: 379bb4

... Hrm.
That...Demands experimentation...
Now that I think on it, that Baron guy had green orbs imbedded in him not unlike what you appear to be (presuming you consider yourself the orb riding in the corpse's head)...Perhaps we could bring this up with Ava the Blood mage the next time we're with her...
But anyhow, Vicki didn't happen to leave either of the tomes around did she? If she did maybe you can attempt to read and make sense of it. I suspect anlyed style-magic won't work as you are now a orb-thing.
Alternatively, that IS your magic-being able to puppeteer bodies. Which makes me wonder what would happen if we stuck you in a living body, your thoughts on that?
No. 589139 ID: 53ba34

yeah, try reading a magic book.
No. 589248 ID: 2fd516

Weren't you doing blood magic before?
No. 589328 ID: ef7fd2

Well, since you can't do MAGIC anymore, why not try something else? Maybe find some paper and do some origami or something. Experiment until you find something neato new you can do to while away the time.
No. 589442 ID: 753e50
File 140805847746.png - (29.07KB , 1100x750 , 296.png )



i did Do blood magic

i drew and Cut

where She ask me 2
it wORkd tho

vickI shold have her b00ks

mayBe She left B0oks tho

she Forgets

No. 589443 ID: 753e50
File 140805850060.png - (357.65KB , 1100x750 , 297.png )

she Did
No. 589444 ID: 753e50
File 140805853382.png - (497.26KB , 1100x750 , 298.png )


i... thinkIng i uNdersTand

small AmouNt- bUt understAnd
maYbe 1 cAn unDerstand more

buT maybe i can doing orgaMi lat3r if

it doesn't WORK + i h4ve paper too use now 2

thats is just Joking wiTH yoU

No. 589461 ID: 2fd516

Alright cool, wanna try it out?

Wait which book is that, anyway? Is that the book she bought that started this mess, or one of the other books?
No. 589470 ID: dbe554

Actually you mind telling us what you can understand? We can help possibly gain your magic back if your able to study it properly.
No. 589471 ID: dc4b80

Sweet lets start spraying blood all over the place.

Actually I have no idea what you could do with blood magic but that sounds like a good place to start.

Oh or we could try to turn the statue outside into a giant flesh golem. Then it can protect the house! I mean we had all those walls with teeth and eyes earlier so how hard could it be?
No. 590205 ID: 753e50
File 140848378220.png - (283.83KB , 1100x750 , 299.png )

okay This is Vickis book

its got Ezo



it Got stRange magic

No. 590206 ID: 753e50
File 140848380627.png - (361.97KB , 1100x750 , 300.png )

i Seed... i SEEd... Things to "do" Magic

like "instructIon"

Do not r3ad "Instruct10n"

only Know them

like moving Arm i dont Get it i just do

Also i See pictures

maybe They explain what Im DOing but
I dOnt understand

i tHink square hEad is mE

No knife no BLood Magic

gotta Do other oNe

No. 590207 ID: 753e50
File 140848382687.png - (374.54KB , 1100x750 , 301.png )

oKay here GOes im tryin
No. 590208 ID: 753e50
File 140848383958.png - (356.38KB , 1100x750 , 302.png )

okay Did nothing

moving On

No. 590209 ID: 753e50
File 140848384922.png - (366.60KB , 1100x750 , 303.png )

No. 590210 ID: 753e50
File 140848386125.png - (356.78KB , 1100x750 , 304.png )

wnHy is it no WorkiNg?
No. 590213 ID: 2fd516

What are you trying to do? You didn't say what spell this was. I did see something happening, though. You can definitely do magic.

If the square head is the caster, then... I see several different spells on these pages. The first one might be... intangibility? Or invisibility? The second one... like some sort of barrier? Or mind control?

I don't think you're going to see any effects from either of these spells without someone else here to observe you.
No. 590216 ID: 219bca

We saw a glow around that body's hands for the first spell (hands were held together)...And then the orb that comprised you glowed during the second spell (hands up around head)
But...That's the ah, 'Estoric' Tome right? that's a toughie, since that's the magic that doesn't quite jive with the rest of the categories, plus it tends to be kind of hard to notice sooo...Hard to say what, if anything, it did.
No. 590227 ID: d8a627

The first spell made a dark aura inside your chest. The second one made your "Mind," green orb, glow purple.

What about the second page? It looks like it's showing a spell for rain. That's much more noticable.
No. 590838 ID: 753e50
File 140883503738.png - (359.84KB , 1100x750 , 305.png )

i Did both spEllS

i doNt know What the Spell doEs

I cant read it only undErstAnD it

im not good enof 2 read Yet

theRe r more Pages

let me show you 1s i understAnd

No. 590839 ID: 753e50
File 140883507721.png - (505.89KB , 1100x750 , 306.png )

yOur the left One i can reAd it
one Of the left onEs there r 2

i Do not understand the -> one

No. 590840 ID: 753e50
File 140883509236.png - (493.14KB , 1100x750 , 307.png )

No. 590841 ID: 753e50
File 140883510770.png - (488.36KB , 1100x750 , 308.png )

shuld i kEep goinG
No. 590847 ID: d8a627

What is the "Chae"? It seems to be referencing that a lot.
Are these words that you understand, or are we reading what you cannot? "Focus upon the second, bring power to chae and" followed up a symbol. If we're seeing that translated because you understand it, then that explains that, but still, Chae must be something Proper.
No. 590849 ID: 2fd516

Try Delusion.
No. 590858 ID: d8a627

Well, keep in mind, it seems to be saying that it effects yourself, to give you a Muse, to allow you to come up with crazy ideas? I think that's what it's saying.
No. 590862 ID: 707f8b


Focus upon ~the~ bring power to chae~ and~

~They help~?
Or is it ~ They ~ help ~?
Let yourself see as they do.

Open the way~ free yourself...

Wait, are those the spells you just cast?
I wonder...this is probably going to make the room cold if it works, if it gets to cold, move/ cut me off if you feel it.
[collect thermal energy]
No. 590880 ID: d8a627

Oh, are we the Chae?
No. 590881 ID: 2fd516

Choir is the spell that's cast to attune us to someone.
No. 590893 ID: d8a627

I thought the spell to do that was at the back of the book. I think Choir is more of a temporary version.
No. 591136 ID: 753e50
File 140899617830.png - (357.59KB , 1100x750 , 309.png )

i Read backwards
i looked 4 stuff i Knew front to Back then went backwards 2 show u

choir Is at back its also u i Think

chaE is-
i read it to but i Dont Know
im Not human or i waSnt: i didNt learn like a humAn
i dont know

its Magic but human woRd for it
it means SometHing too

it doesnt fEel cold

i can do delusion

is That smart

when I was w0rm i was careful cause i could make Hurt

delusion might Hurt
i could look 4 more magic or Do that
or wHatever

No. 591138 ID: 2fd516

Don't do anything you don't feel safe with.
That whirlwind spell might be neat and relatively safe, wanna do that? Or... what other magic do you mean? A different spellbook maybe?
No. 592125 ID: 753e50
File 140960610850.png - (540.70KB , 1100x750 , 310.png )

i will Try th3 whirlwind

more SPace would b go0d tho

No. 592126 ID: 753e50
File 140960613258.png - (540.91KB , 1100x750 , 311.png )

oKay i am Trying it

dont see a whIrlwind

cant Feel wind

diD id not Do it right?

No. 592127 ID: d8a627

Oh god it's a blade whirlwind everything's getting torn up
No. 592128 ID: d90668

Well you are definitely destroying something in the background. That living wall does not look happy.

Stop casting and go check on those black marks on the walls. Lets see what you just did to the building.
No. 592131 ID: 92239a

You're either spraying black ink or slicing everything apart. Let's not use that particular spell again if we don't have to but we can confirm that it works!
No. 592132 ID: 2fd516

Oh jeez it's not a whirlwind spell, it's a decay spell. Stop it immediately.
No. 592139 ID: 53ba34

actually, try to make it go in reverse.
No. 592227 ID: 753e50
File 140969198067.png - (528.12KB , 1100x750 , 312.png )



no n0 thats NOt a wh1rlwinnnd

i st0pped it Tho i tHink i do not FeEl it 4ny m... mm..

No. 592228 ID: 753e50
File 140969202454.png - (528.91KB , 1100x750 , 313.png )

:7greenie: uhh
No. 592229 ID: 753e50
File 140969203582.png - (580.59KB , 1100x750 , 314.png )

No. 592230 ID: 753e50
File 140969204302.png - (652.47KB , 1100x750 , 315.png )

No. 592231 ID: 753e50
File 140969206140.png - (528.05KB , 1100x750 , 316.png )

thaTs nott go0d
No. 592234 ID: 2fd516

I think I hate that book now.

Time to survey the damage. Are all the stairs ruined now? Can this be fixed or is the hideout now a deathtrap and we need to find another one?
No. 592235 ID: d90668

Well that was awesome whatever it was. Don't worry to much about the damage we can always figure something out. Sort of sad we messed up that living wall though.
No. 592241 ID: 53ba34

well, did you get a good feel for how that magic went through you? try making it go in reverse.
No. 592242 ID: 8bd2b1

That spell will be pretty useful some time soon, I'm sure.
No. 592244 ID: c1cd05

Holy crap.
I sure hope nobody used the rooms beyond those doors, they'll be out of reach for some time I think.
No. 592252 ID: 53ba34

no, esoteric just means WEIRD.
No. 592420 ID: 753e50
File 140978737227.png - (524.31KB , 1100x750 , 317.png )

i thInk th3 staIrs r


buT furst ims haviNg one small bIg probLem

No. 592421 ID: 753e50
File 140978738922.png - (505.17KB , 1100x750 , 318.png )

oth3r book

BlooD b0ok


its in THERe

i D0Nt want to
touch d3cay

lASt t1me i touch My hand fr0ze

No. 592422 ID: 2fd516

It doesn't seem to be spreading... well, better safe than sorry. Pull it away from the door from the side that's not decayed.
No. 592431 ID: 8bd2b1

Your head's glowing again, dude.
No. 592451 ID: d90668

Lets keep you safe this time. Maybe try tossing something at the decay from a safe distance first and see what happens. Or find another way around.
No. 592472 ID: 2fd516

I think it just looks pink because we're seeing it from above and the white is mixing with the red of the ruined head.
No. 592528 ID: d8a627

Yeah... if you hadn't noticed, when looking through the third person view of V-2, the orb is transparent.
No. 593124 ID: 753e50
File 141012847224.png - (526.48KB , 1100x750 , 319.png )



i7s hEavy

conCrete + m3tAl is heaVy i cant pull It

i cAN throw th0...

thaTll work

No. 593125 ID: 753e50
File 141012848546.png - (522.53KB , 1100x750 , 320.png )

No. 593126 ID: 753e50
File 141012849663.png - (506.45KB , 1100x750 , 321.png )

okay iT looKs 0kay

here g0Es

No. 593127 ID: 753e50
File 141012852150.png - (512.61KB , 1100x750 , 322.png )

:7Greenie: hup
No. 593128 ID: 753e50
File 141012856007.png - (524.70KB , 1100x750 , 323.png )

wow 1 thOUght that to be haRdeR

it fEEls like it 5hould been buT it isnt soMehow

in th3 AIr I mean i fe3l it
lik3 if lIfe went EAsy on me

but tHe whIrlWind was bad s0 maybe LIfe isnt playing ea5y

...im Confused

No. 593132 ID: 2fd516

One of the spells was likely an enhancement spell. The decay spell did what it was supposed to do maybe BECAUSE of your enhancement, and you got past the obstacle easily due to the enhancement as well. It's not that the world is easier on you, it's that you're harder on the world.
No. 594654 ID: 753e50
File 141107569994.png - (427.52KB , 1100x750 , 319.png )

:7Vicki: C'mon through!

Hey! Sorry for not bringing you over before, but things went more-or-less according to plan. We found them down in the basement fairly quick, using Ava's eye rune thing. You were right, they were probably trying to throw us off and make us go to the cabin instead. Uhm, we didn't find the kidnappers, though.

:7Ava: You're nearly there, big guy! Just a little bit- ....

:7Korr: ..Whas... wash madder...

As you can see, they were hardest on the big one first. The goblin insists she can fix him up, she just needs somewhere to work. And she sort of demanded that we protect her at our place, since we "brought this shit on them". I don't know, they're part of the crew now? Or something? They said they had plans, whatever that means. Whatever.

:7Ava: Vicki... I don't mean to intrude- and it is important that you bring the guides up to date, but... turn around.
No. 594655 ID: 753e50
File 141107573173.png - (430.54KB , 1100x750 , 320.png )

Oh!... Shit!

:7Korr: ...Ish my face commin off..? Feelsh... like id.

:7Seshe: It'll be fine, K'orr, I.. can...
No. 594656 ID: 753e50
File 141107575350.png - (454.22KB , 1100x750 , 321.png )

So... uhm, what happened here?
No. 594657 ID: 753e50

Status update in the discussion thread.
No. 594658 ID: d8a627

Uh, good news and bad news... Good news is that V2 has insanely powerful magic!

...Bad news is he can't tell what his magic is doing until after the effects have taken place.
No. 594659 ID: 20a67d

So, remember the tome of estoric magic?
Turns out there's this one spell called 'whirlwind' and it freaking DECAYS EVERYTHING!
It might kinda buff it's caster though?
No. 594661 ID: 2fd516

So uh the good news is that V-2 can use magic conventionally, rather than randomly. The bad news is that one of the spells he tried wrecked the place. There wasn't really any way we could've known it was going to do that.

You got Victor, right? We can just move out of this location and go take over the other place he was considering putting the base when we started out. We can continue using the leyline here and use the ruined building as a magic testing site.
No. 595263 ID: 753e50
File 141141896366.png - (430.22KB , 1100x750 , 322.png )

Okay... so I guess the first question would be, who the fuck is V-2 and why does he using my tome?!

:7Ava: Wait! That- that rings a bell... something to do with... green?

:7Vicki: Green what? What are you talking about?

:7Ava: I... Is there a reason we're just standing around here? I have carried more but - ahh - that does not make this any... easier...

:7Vicki: Alright, c'mon, we're nearly there.

That's actually a pretty good idea- I mean, finding a new place is obvious, but why not use this place for magic testing? Not like we can do much else with it.

But we kind of have a big ork to take care of first. We can't really spend like, an hour farting around looking for somewhere. Or, maybe we can, while the ork and goblin stay behind and do their stuff? I don't know, whatever, either way we need to get those two inside.

We can still go in there, right? Like, it's not gonna kill us?

No. 595267 ID: d8a627

>who the fuck is V-2 and why does he using my tome?!
Uh... The guy who's missing the top half of his head and has a green orb shoved inside of it?
>We can still go in there, right? Like, it's not gonna kill us?
Just don't touch the decay itself, V-2 said that it's bad. You can probably throw something over it, though.
No. 595268 ID: e6e219

Should be fine just watch out for structural damage in the lobby.

Its like someone set off a magical blade storm that decayed anything the blades touched. Wish we could say more but we can only sort of look at stuff from a distance.

That Living wall is probably not happy right though.
No. 595270 ID: 2fd516

You know, Victor's corpse clone? Oh don't tell me you can't remember him? One of the spells he tried may have been a sortof-stealth spell that makes everyone forget he exists for a duration. If we knew which one it was, that'd be handy.

Go in, don't touch the decaying spots, just in case. We don't know for sure if it's a problem like your spreading ice and fire were, but it could be.
No. 595785 ID: 753e50
File 141166982309.png - (585.38KB , 1100x750 , 328.png )

It looks like pretty much all the black stuff's on the top two floors, so we shouldn't have to avoid it too too much. That's kind of lucky. Sort of? And my tomes are still right there! Awesome. A minute ago I had this really sudden feeling that someone was using them... I'm not really sure why, though? Paranoia or something, I guess.

Whatever. Okay, we got to patch up this ork guy first. Give me just a moment, we're going to get him and the goblin in here and make sure they're all cozy and fine, and then we'll go out and look for a new spot. I'll talk to you in like five minutes, alright?

No. 595786 ID: 753e50
File 141166987889.png - (2.98KB , 1100x750 , 329.png )

[[To be continued...]]
No. 595793 ID: 2fd516

Hah! Yep, memetic invisibility. That's gonna be useful.
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