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File 125470279969.png - (37.43KB , 600x273 , FurReality Card.png )
57434 No. 57434 ID: 4553b2

>FurReality was initially founded as a group of cosplayers who enjoyed dressing up as natural animals and having sex with them, as well as drawing such things. They advocated the belief of letting anyone be who ever they want to, which attracted Naveen's interests. She commandeered the group, using their slogan to attract artists and actors of all kinds. They currently control the majority of the entertainment industry in Neotis.
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No. 57439 ID: 4553b2
File 125470288219.png - (115.62KB , 1000x400 , 1.png )

It seems the crowd from yesterday has vanished without a trace, so I let myself into the Sorcerer's Guildhall.

There are 2 doors here, each with 2 doors inset into the doors. I see a binding circle, with what looks like an air elemental bound to it. The room's only decorations are the Sorcerer's logo on each side, and on the far end.
No. 57445 ID: f4963f

Ask the air elemental what it's doing here. If these things can talk, anyway. Ask how long it's been here, and what it knows about the place.

An 'outsider's perspective might be useful. And I'm sorta curious.
No. 57471 ID: 4553b2
File 125470415874.png - (131.01KB , 1000x400 , 2.png )

"Hello, uh... sir. I'm Coralina Madison. What are you doing here?"

Its voice is very thin and whispy. Its somewhat hard to understand.

"Sssssseeeecretaaaary. Yoooour purrrrrrrpose ssssssstate."
No. 57478 ID: f4963f

Hmm. The Bleeding Hearts were here yesterday, so it might be a bit curious if we pretend to be with them today. Let's try...

These guys probably recognize our sealed eye as being significant, right? Being mages and all, and obviously they know how summoning and binding circles work. Tell them that you're just a random summoner who's interested in learning about their organization.
No. 57483 ID: 4553b2
File 12547046236.png - (135.91KB , 1000x400 , 3.png )

A sound reason.

"I'm a summoner, here to learn more about this organization."

"Aaaaare yoooooou sssssssstudent oooor maaaaaaaaaaster?"
No. 57488 ID: 034a30

No. 57492 ID: 6faa8c

"Neither, self-taught and hoping to learn more."
No. 57493 ID: f4963f

... student.
No. 57499 ID: 4553b2
File 125470500572.png - (126.86KB , 1000x400 , 4.png )

"Umm... I guess I'm a student. I am self taught, and I hope to learn more."

"Thhhhhhhe miiiiddle dooooooor taaaaake." the elemental responds, pointing to the door to my left.
No. 57504 ID: f4963f

Thank the air elemental and take the door to your left~
No. 57505 ID: aefbb0

Perhaps you could ask it to clarify what these two options entail?
No. 57523 ID: 4553b2
File 12547056896.png - (21.70KB , 600x400 , 5.png )

"Maaaaaasters aaaare thhhhose who teeeeach. Sssstudents aaaare thhhhhhose who leeeearn."

That's all the clarification it is willing to provide, so I go to the door on the... doors on the left. It told me to take the middle one, so I intend to, but... I'm curious as to why they'd set up a door like this. Surely the small and larger doors must go somewhere else. It is magic, after all.
No. 57535 ID: 895b3e

take the door with the handle on the left.

That is a pretty cool setup too, my compliments to the architect.
No. 57541 ID: f4963f

Take the door with the knob on the left. Hope nobody opens the smaller door while you're doing this.

Impractical but Awesome FTW.
No. 57627 ID: 4553b2
File 125470887623.png - (114.42KB , 600x400 , 6.png )

I enter what seems to be a side office of sorts. An elf greets me.

"Oh, uh, er, uh, hello, madam. You, eh, what are, uh, what are you... I mean, uh. Um. Do you have an appointment with me?"
No. 57634 ID: 192956

I forget do we have one, either way say we do.
No. 57635 ID: f4963f

Aww, he's so nervous. Apologize for intruding, but say you're interested in learning more about the organization, as a summoner yourself. ... your eye mark should make that pretty obvious, I hope.
No. 57636 ID: e3f578

Nod to the man, your not lying. the elemental let you through. "Yes, I suppose I do. Or I need one, anyway. I'm an experienced summoner and I was curious if I could learn a thing or two about magic. Or repairing my burnt out summoning eye. The latter is something I'm very interested in."
No. 57638 ID: 1689ab

I should think so. I am a summoner of no small power hear to learn more about your organization.
No. 57648 ID: 4553b2
File 125470989255.png - (113.10KB , 600x400 , 7.png )

>I have an appointment, yes. I'm sorry to intrude. I'm a summoner of no small capability, and I was wondering if I could learn a bit more about magic in general.
"I have an appointment, yes. I'm sor-"

"Oh good gracious! My apologies. I, um, didn't realize, uh, er, that I had an appointment today, and, um, oh my. All I did was read, oh my oh my. Archmagus Kisaki will have my head, she will. Oh dear. I am so dreadfully sorry, um, please forgive this oversight. Oh dear, oh dear..."

He seems at his wits' end.
No. 57650 ID: 034a30

Tell him to calm down!
No. 57651 ID: 45afb1

Ask if there is anything we can do, he seems like he could use some help.
No. 57660 ID: 34e41d

Tell him to calm down, you're not in a hurry and there's no need to tell anybody about such small mistake.
No. 57664 ID: f4963f

Think nothing of it~
No. 57667 ID: fc854e

Cora, you've found someone even more awkward than you~

Tell him it's entirely fine.
No. 57674 ID: 4553b2
File 125471107263.png - (115.57KB , 600x400 , 8.png )

"Calm down! Calm down. There's no need to, um, tell anyone about such a small mistake, right? Think nothing of it! Really! Um, are you okay? You seem really flustered."

He waves his hand in denial. "Oh, ah, you are too kind, madam, too kind. But I will not, ah, burden you with my troubles, oh no. That would be very, eh, rude of me, yes. So, ah, eh, ah haha, I am so sorry. Dreadfully sorry, heh. I, ah, do not, er, seem to recall this appointment. At all, heheh. What, ah, what did you need to see me for?"
No. 57677 ID: f4963f

Information! We're here to learn more about your organization. We're interested in... participation with the guild.
No. 57678 ID: 895b3e

I just wanted to know more about the Guild and what they represent... and what education they offer.
No. 57694 ID: 34e41d

Self taught Conjurer, thinking about joining for training, wants to know more about the group before joining.
No. 57700 ID: 4553b2
File 125471232614.png - (113.97KB , 600x400 , 9.png )

"I'm a self taught conjurer. I was wondering if I could learn more about the, ah, guild, before I joined. Could you tell me about their beliefs and practices, as well as what sort of, ah, education, this place provides?"

"Ah, yes! Of course I can. I am the dean of magical education, after all! It is my solemn duty to oversee the education of all of our students. It is the Sorcerer's Guild's motto that magic should be available for everyone, and I am happy to comply. What, specifically, were you wondering about?"
No. 57702 ID: f4963f

What political issues is this organization most interested in, and what sort of policies does it support?
No. 57705 ID: 276781

Also, any information you can get about possible solutions to your eye problem.
No. 57709 ID: 1689ab

What was with that crowd yesterday?
What do you guys think of the current leadership situation around the city?
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
No. 57712 ID: 34e41d

Being self taught, perhaps some questions about magic are in order.

Is it innate? Can you learn several kinds? Which kinds of magic have been found so far? Who are the teachers?
No. 57744 ID: 34e41d

Oh, and this might be unrelated, but if he knows anything about fixing conjurer eyes, that'd be nice too.
No. 57777 ID: 4553b2
File 125471596572.png - (85.91KB , 600x400 , 10.png )

The nameplate on his desk reads "Dr. Cornelius Vox."

"I was mostly wondering about the guild's political affiliations."

He chuckles. "Ah, a young politician, are we? Many kids these days seem to be genuinely interested in such matters these days. Strange times, eh heheh. Strange times."

"...Right. Well, I was wondering about your groups' political agenda. What sort of policies do you support?"

"Well, the guild's main goal is to make everyone a member. Magic shouldn't be cloistered for just a select few. We're willing to teach anyone who wants to know anything about magic! In addition, we perform magical research here, which mostly consists of finding new ways to deal with mana backlash. Politically, we mostly try to keep to ourselves, but the Church of Life are very close allies of ours. We share many, ah... common interests."
No. 57778 ID: 4553b2
File 125471600093.png - (86.30KB , 600x400 , 11.png )

"What was with that crowd yesterday?"

"Well, ah, you see, ah. Some disapprove of, ah, our, eh, magnanimous nature. For, ah, you, eh, um er. Heh. Heheh. Mistakes happen to the, ah, the best of us. Heh."
No. 57780 ID: 4553b2
File 125471605286.png - (89.81KB , 600x400 , 12.png )

"Since I'm self taught, I have a few questions about magic..."

"Certainly." Dr. Vox replies. "I'd be quite happy to answer any and all questions you have."

"Is magic innate?"

"Magic is essentially life force, dear, so anyone with a pulse can do it. It just takes a bit of knowledge to work it properly. This comes easier to some than it does to, ah, others." He glances at the large portrait to my right.

"Can you learn several kinds? What sorts of magic have been found so far?"

"You certainly can! In fact, anyone who is capable of casting each kind of magic is called an Archmagus. The known schools of magic are Abjury, Conjury, Divination, Evocation, Necromancy, Psionics, and Transmutation. Each school varies greatly in how they are used. We only, ah, have, um. One archmagus." He glances once more at the portrait.

"Who teaches each school?"

"Well, except for Conjury and Necromancy, we have dozens of teachers available for each school of magic! Almost everyone has an aptitude for one of the schools, you see. Archmagus Kisaki's specialization is Evocation, for instance. Mine is Abjury. Anyone who has passed a competency test is considered capable of teaching that school of magic. There are 3 such tests per school, which vary by difficulty. As you might expect, you can only teach someone who is, ah, lower level than you. Like in those RPG things. Archmagus Kisaki is, ah, the only one to have passed at least level 1 of each test."
No. 57785 ID: 1689ab

That doesnt seem to hard. Hit us up with the conjury test. Lets see what you guys are really made of.
No. 57788 ID: 95484a

What was that he was saying about dealing with backlash? That sounds relevant to our interests, don't you think?
No. 57789 ID: f4963f

Hm. They don't have a lot of conjury specialists, I note. That puts us in a unique position, given your talent for conjury, Cora.

Ask Mr. Vox what sort of relationship the Guild has with the current administration. Rastin seems a bit oppressive, how do they manage to thrive?

Also, how do they get along with FurReality?
No. 57792 ID: 895b3e

Could you tell me more about the Archmagus?

... and man I hope they have a lot of basic training before they hand these kids spells... although based on the mob it sounds like they dont. yea ask a bit about that.
No. 57794 ID: 34e41d

Ask about fixing the eye and what mana backlash is (though if i had to guess, i'd say your blind eye suffered it).

Regardless of politics i think you should learn some defensive magic for starters, then learn the others. I wonder if Transmutation could improve your summons.
No. 57795 ID: 895b3e

adding to this,

Why don't they have very many Conjurers? Limited materials or is it just really that hard?
No. 57801 ID: e3f578

I assume conjuring teachers are rare because it is a morally debatable magic like Necromancy. You can conjure up anything, even demons or Rudy fucking Mann. Lonely housewife mages would conjure up the man of their dreams, and I doubt Coralina knows if its possible to bear a summons child or not.

Could you imagine someone giving birth to the spawn of Beardbeard?
No. 57815 ID: 4553b2
File 125471821135.png - (89.67KB , 600x400 , 13.png )

Vox doesn't seem like the person to talk to about politics much. He knows a lot more about magic. So, I'll focus on questions about magic for now.

>What was that bit about mana backlash?
"Mana backlash is the phenomenon experienced when you try to work magic beyond your means, and it unravels. Mana backlash varies greatly by school. For instance, Psionics produces mana backlash whenever you use it for anything over 20% or so of what you're capable of, and the mana backlash ranges from a simple headache to completely blacking out. On the other end of things, Evocation's mana backlashes occur when you lose control of the spell, and usually end with explosions. Most of our time and effort is spent trying to find new methods of reducing and predicting mana backlash."

>Why don't you have many conjurers?
"There are many different reasons. Mainly, most people don't have an aptitude for it. It takes a very unique type of person to prefer conjury over abjury or evocation. The three schools have many similarites. In addition, its one of the more difficult schools. People who started conjury years ago still have trouble making someone the size of a person. Its an overly difficult school, and the backlash is particularly harsh. People who fail at it tend to become... blind... ah. Um. Er. Your eye... are you a conjurer, bychance?"
No. 57816 ID: 7eda8b

"Yes. I don't suppose there's any way to fix this?"
No. 57818 ID: f4963f

Yeah. Actually, I was hoping you might know something about that. I'm not expecting there to be a way to unseal the eye, but if we had a way to restore my depth perception, that would be great. How much do you know about sealed eyes?
No. 57819 ID: 34e41d

He seems a bit forgetful, you already said that. From what he says it seems they might not have much to teach you.
No. 57823 ID: fc854e

"Yes. You can see why it interests me. So, there's no known way to cure the backlash, then?"
No. 57829 ID: 4553b2
File 125471920478.png - (84.10KB , 600x400 , 14.png )

"Yes. I don't suppose there's any way to fix this?" I ask.

He wilts beneath the question. "We, ah. Er. Haven't... um. Developed the. Ah. Means to. eh. Er. Um. To, ah. To repair conjury or, ah, transmutation or, um. Necromancy backlash, ah, yet. I'm so dreadfully sorry."

"That's fine, really. It burned out 6 years ago, I'll live. I was wondering if there was some way to just, yanno. Restore my depth perception?"

"...I suppose if you learned Transmutation, you could transmute yourself a temporary eye. However, there, uh, currently, um. Isn't any, ah, safe way to do permanent transmutations."
No. 57831 ID: 34e41d

Aw, poor guy. See if they'd let you see their research into conjuration backlash, perhaps you can help them find the cure.
No. 57833 ID: f4963f

Alright. This is all very good to know. Thank Mr Vox for his helpfulness. <3

Ask him who we should direct political sorts of questions towards. Even if he can just give us an email that doesn't spit back form letters, we'd appreciate it.
No. 57834 ID: fc854e

Well, that does seem useful. Inquire about our options there. Also inquire about Vox' own school of magic. We should probably also see about getting tested in their system to see where we stand.
No. 57836 ID: f4963f

Vox said earlier that he's an abjurer. Abjury mainly consists of protective spells.

Actually, inquire a bit more about Abjury. What does it entail? We'd love to hear.
No. 57861 ID: 4553b2
File 125472219581.png - (88.76KB , 600x400 , 15.png )

"Thank you Mr. Vox, you've been very helpful."

"Oh, well, I, er... Its the, ah. Least I could do. Eheheh. Was that all you, ah, had to ask about?"

"Oh no, there's more. I just wanted to thank you."

"Eheh. Aww. Well, ah. Please do, er, continue."
No. 57862 ID: 4553b2
File 125472223223.png - (89.38KB , 600x400 , 16.png )

"Tell me more about Abjury. I'd love to hear about it." I don't even have to lie about that. I've been wanting to know more about magic for 6 years, and now I have all this info at my fingertips... yay.

"Ah, of course! Abjury is also known as Rune Binding magic. Abjury's main drawback is that it takes a long time to set up, and can be easily disrupted. However, it draws in magical energy latent in the atmosphere, with only a small boost from the caster himself to get it started. As a result, there is very little mana backlash from abjury magic. Its heavily favored by Arcanitech, since its the only permanent form of magic, discounting some transmutations. We mostly use abjury for reinforcing things and setting up protective wards. It also features heavily in the set up for the magical tests.

Abjury is the most open ended school of magic by far, but is also considered to be, ah, er. Boring. If you make even the slightest mistake, the abjury will simply fail to work. There is a science to abjury." He smirks here. "Archmagus Kisaki hates abjury."

That sounds suspiciously like my conjuration circles. I guess those must be a form of abjury. Would you look at that, I already know a bit of it. Neat. "How about Transmutation?"

"Transmutation magic is one of the more dangerous schools. Transmutation involves rearranging what is already there. Its used to heal injury, tear things apart, pull things together, or shape one thing into something entirely different. We don't get a lot of transmuters. More than Necromancers or Conjurers, easily, but still not a lot. The transcendants highly value Transmutation magic, as their name partially implies."
No. 57863 ID: 34e41d

And what's the problem with Necromancy? Is it also hard and dangerous?
No. 57867 ID: 895b3e

I know I'm going to regret this, but what's the mana backlash from necromancy?

and ask more about the archmagus, what's she like... (5 bucks he starts blushing or fawns at the picture)
No. 57873 ID: fc854e

See about trying a competency test for conjuring. I strongly suspect that you are quite good by the local standards.
No. 57875 ID: f4963f

Ask Dr. Vox about those marks under his eyes. Do they have any significance?
No. 57879 ID: 1689ab

Indeed. We'll be running this place without that idiot demon's help in no time.
No. 57887 ID: 4553b2
File 125472446897.png - (75.17KB , 600x400 , 19.png )

"What are those lines under your eyes?"

"These? They're a side effect of magic overuse. Dreadfully unnattractive, but a price any true spellcaster would be willing to pay."
No. 57890 ID: 4553b2
File 125472453431.png - (83.21KB , 600x400 , 17.png )

"And what's the problem with Necromancy? Is it also hard and dangerous?"

"Extremely so. Necromancy magic involves manipulation of the soul. Whenever you do the mildest necromancy magic, lives are on the line if you mess it up. Its dangerous, its immoral, and its unnecessary... in my esteemed opinion."

"I see... What's the mana backlash for that?"

"You age. Considerably and instantly. It might be a few years, it might be a few centuries. I've seen men ground to dust by a Necromancy backlash. If I had my way it'd be outlawed. But, ah. You, ah, er, didn't hear me say that."

"So what do you think about the archmage? Kisaki, right?"

"Yes, Archmage Kisaki." He shoots an icy glare at the painting. "She is the most talented sorceress the guild has ever seen. That is all I have to say on the matter."

>See about trying a competency test for conjuring. I strongly suspect that you are quite good by the local standards.
I will, I will... When I'm done asking questions. I am having fun. Although, I think we can probably move on to that now.
No. 57892 ID: e8d8be


So since abjury is a permanent magic, could we say use abjury binding runes to force a transmutation to become permanent?
No. 57895 ID: a1ac99

Better question: can abjury be used against mana backlash? Seems like one of those things that's so obvious that no one thinks of it.
No. 57899 ID: a3b36a

Joke a bit. He seems nice. If you botch a divination job badly enough, do you see something you absolutely didn't want to see?

Can Psionics make someone get a song stuck in their head?

Have girls ever tried to nibble on those ears?

Maybe see if he's got any questions for you?
No. 57901 ID: fc854e

Say those in that order and he'll think he's being hit on.
No. 57903 ID: f4963f

Seconding all of this. Especially the last part. He seems to have an academic curiosity, and we've picked his brain quite a bit. I'm sure he's got a few questions for us.

Also, while you're at it, could you show us that picture of the sorceress, Cora? We can't quite see it from this angle.
No. 57913 ID: 4553b2
File 125472679875.png - (90.97KB , 600x400 , 18.png )

"Could we, say, use abjury binding runes to force a transmutation to become permanent?"

"...That is a terrifying idea. As an Abjury magus with a level 1 in Transmutation, I would have to respectfully tell you not to even attempt that. Nothing good comes of forcing a transmutation beyond its limits. You would not WANT a transmutation that could never go away. That's just... no. No. Perish the thought."
No. 57916 ID: 4553b2
File 125472686388.png - (49.22KB , 400x505 , 20.png )

Sure, you can have a look at the portrait. I assume that's Archmagus Kisaki. She's actually quite pretty. It feels weird saying that about a goblin.

"...Sorry. Um, better question then. Can abjury be used against mana backlash?"

"Indeed it can! However, we've only perfected the method for preventing Evocation backlash. We can reduce most other types of backlashes, however. The main problem with this is that it means you need to set up the abjury in advance of the spell you need to cast, and much of magic's usefulness comes from its spontaneity."

>Joke a bit. He seems nice.
He certainly does.

"If you botch a divination job badly enough, do you see something you absolutely didn't want to see?"

"Usually you just see something incorrect. Its hard to tell when you botch a divination unless you only partially botch it. Then it gets really incongruous and strange and you know you screwed up something."

"Can Psionics make someone get a song stuck in their head?"

No. 57918 ID: 4553b2
File 125472693458.png - (113.76KB , 600x400 , 21.png )

"Have girls ever tried to - I can't ask him that!"


"N-nothing! Nothing. Did you have any questions for me, bychance?"

"Certainly. To start, could I get your name, madam?"

"Oh! Of course, right. Coralina Madison, sir."

"Are you planning on taking the Conjury test, Ms. Madison?"

"I am."

"Would you like to do so now?"
No. 57919 ID: f4963f

Yes please!
No. 57922 ID: fdc826

Yeah, I guess so.

Though, I am curious as to what he thinks of, you know, us. The Orb. He might know something useful or interesting that we don't. Either way, we're kind of a magical artifact, and he'd probably be interested in taking a look at us.

And, anyway, it'd be kind of cool to see what he's thinking, and why he's so damn nervous.
No. 57923 ID: f4963f

Hey, yeah, what kind of magic are we?

Cora! We need to know what kind of magic we are. It's been so long, and we're dreadfully curious.
No. 57925 ID: 4553b2
File 125472793514.png - (80.27KB , 600x400 , 18pause.png )

Sorry, drawfag needs sleep. Feel free to keep posting, if you have ideas.
No. 57933 ID: fc854e

We're permanent. That makes us abjuration.
No. 57937 ID: 904da4

I would posit that we are likely a psionically infused-artifact. In otherwords, we're not "Magic", we're Magical. A magic item.
No. 57999 ID: 34e41d

Well, it might be possible to make the others permanent, they just can't do it yet.

Weren't we created by Xom after all? Or at least he seemed able to create more of us.

I'd guess Necromancy might be involved too, what with being souls in an orb.
No. 58034 ID: 904da4

We're not souls in an orb.
No. 58038 ID: 34e41d

Shush, you'll blow our cover.
No. 58067 ID: 2eb13c

Actually... hm. I suspect we're more of a conduit and a communication device than anything else.

It's possible we could be used (due to touching the GEM OF ALL MAGIC) as a power source.
No. 58071 ID: 034a30

...oh, yeah. Huh. Getting this info dump just gave us MORE reasons to be scared shitless of Hope.
No. 59610 ID: 4553b2
File 125495365743.png - (115.09KB , 600x400 , 22.png )

"Yes, please."

"Alright, Ms. Madison. One half of the test is held in this very room! Let me just make some modifications to this circle here..."
No. 59611 ID: 4553b2
File 125495368025.png - (125.96KB , 600x400 , 23.png )

"And there we go! Now, except for Abjury, each type of magic has the same two parts of each test. The first test is a test of arcane power. The second is a test of arcane finesse. Pass both sections, and you become a certified conjurer! Or, ah, whatever you tested for." Dr. Vox explains.

"Now, this circle has been activated. Before it was essentially decoration. Now that I've completed it, its a light magic dampener. Simply stand in the circle, and conjure to the best of your ability."
No. 59615 ID: 9cc8fd

For the test of power, Mr. Bananas should suffice.
No. 59618 ID: 099247


Summon a Neutron Star.

No. 59628 ID: bffa2a

Summon the biggest thing you've so far done. I wonder if they've got some way of knowing you're going 100% or if they just know after you blow up/go blind.
No. 59654 ID: f6f030

Oh! Oh! Summon a technology demon capable of destroying the world. That should ace the test no problem.
No. 59658 ID: 4553b2
File 125495535281.png - (138.46KB , 600x400 , 24.png )

>Summon the biggest thing you've so far done.
Very well.

>Mr Bananas should suffice
I can do a lot more than summon stupid gorillas.

>Oh! Oh! Summon a technology demon capable of destroying the world. That should ace the test no problem
Shush you.
No. 59661 ID: 4553b2
File 125495537237.png - (137.35KB , 600x400 , 25.png )

...This feels a bit smaller than I'd intended.

"Marvelous, simply marvelous! Most can't summon at all under such conditions, and you made something near human sized! You pass easily."
No. 59668 ID: f6f030

magic hampering circle. can we use to our own ends? Ask about demon summoning. This is the first level test, right? What about the harder test?
No. 59669 ID: d2ec7d

Well, lets see what the second part of the test is.
No. 59677 ID: fd6933

But... eyes?
No. 59741 ID: 4553b2
File 125495767930.png - (77.18KB , 600x400 , 26.png )

The second part of the test seems to be a simple matching game. "Conjure steel. Conjure wood. Conjure iron. Conjure titanium. Conjure glass. Conjure a living creature." And so on.

I pass easily.

>magic hampering circle. can we use to our own ends?
If I learn how to reproduce it, yeah, I sure can. I ask Vox if I can get the diagram for it on my way out.

>This is the first level test, right? What about the harder test?
I could probably ask to take that one also. This test seems to only require that I can actually, you know. Conjure.
No. 59745 ID: cd08c0

How boring. Ask him for something challenging! This is kids stuff!
No. 59753 ID: bffa2a


Might as well ask about the harder tests. It might be good to know if you really are that hot or if it's just in your head.

Better to know now that you are a loser than later.
No. 59757 ID: f6f030

Yeah, seriously. This is the type of stuff they practice? Geeze. Maybe we should take control of this place just to help these guys out, this is pathetic.
No. 59768 ID: af3e6d

This is a good a place as any to rise the ranks. Go for the harder test.
No. 59820 ID: 4553b2
File 125495971315.png - (34.49KB , 600x400 , 27.png )

I ask about the harder tests. He explains.

"Well, the level 2 test involves simply being able to cast while within the heavy dampening circle, instead of the light one. The skills test is also significantly more complex. From what I've seen of your results, I think you can do it though."

"The level 3 test is the same as the level 2 test, except you take both at once. In other words, you have to perform the same list of advanced conjurations while inside the heightened dampening circle. You MIGHT be able to do it, but I am uncertain."

I think I'll just go ahead and try both.
No. 59822 ID: 4553b2
File 12549597527.png - (90.59KB , 600x400 , 28.png )

The level 2 Test.

Power: I can barely conjure in the circle, but its enough. Its like I'm back at the beginning of my studies again.

Finesse: I tanked the Technology section. The handgun I made fired, but was quite inaccurate and was a very simplistic mechanism to conjure anyway. However, for the Composition, Duration, and Creatures section, I passed with flying colors. I could keep the conjurations going well over the required 5 minutes, I was able to use well over a dozen materials in a single summon, and I was able to conjure any creature asked of me.

Thankfully, you're allowed to fail up to two portions and still pass. So, success!

I guess onward to test 3 then.
No. 59841 ID: f6f030

onwards and upwards. Do you have anything you can do to buff yourself up?
No. 59850 ID: d2ec7d

Was it a problem with conjuring the gun or with you knowing how guns work?
No. 59879 ID: f6f030

Funny that you have trouble summoning tehnology...
No. 59881 ID: d2ec7d

Magic is powered by irony!
No. 59930 ID: 61b521

well, I assume she has to know how it works. Monkeys and creatures provide their own way of working, and moving statues are animated by magical might.

She probably summoned a block of steel that LOOKS like a gun, and I'm damn impressed she got it to fire at all.
No. 60020 ID: 4553b2
File 125496397422.png - (73.55KB , 600x400 , 29.png )

>Was it a problem with conjuring the gun or with you knowing how guns work?
That second part. I understand the basic mechanics behind a pistol, but I've never really... yanno. CARED. I can summon a pikachu that makes actual lightning, why would I want a gun?

...I'm bad at machines, shut up.

>Level 3 Test.
I once again tank the tech section, with another pitiful gun. This one explodes. I guess the dampening field lowers the capability of magic in addition to the quantity.

I pass the other three sections once more, but have some trouble with the Duration section this time around. Composition and Creatures hold no candle, however.

I am now a certified level 3 conjurer.

"Are you interested in being our professor of conjury?" Vox offers.

>Coralina's Confidence slightly rose!
No. 60025 ID: 276781

Fuck yes. That is, if you're up to it.
At any rate, you could admit to him that while mechanics aren't your strong point, 'living' constructs are.
No. 60034 ID: 904da4

Self-taught and you hit level 3 on your first try. You should be proud as hell.

Becoming a professor of Conjury would serve as an excellent base from which to move up in the Sorceror's Guild. Additionally, I don't know about my fellow voices, but I think Archmagus Madison has a nice ring to it.
No. 60039 ID: f6f030

Are you kidding? With this pittiful stuff being your requirments for advancement? Please! This is literally kids stuff! Yeah. I'll take that professorship. And then I'll show you wht REAL magic is. This school'll be churning out so many top-quality conjurers you're going to have to rename to the Summoner's Guild.
No. 60043 ID: fd6933

What kind of responsibilities does professorship involve? Can you just hang around and publish papers on Conjuring every so often, or are you going to be stuck teaching Summoning 101 for the rest of time?
No. 60044 ID: aefbb0


You are awesome. I recommend expressing that you have at least some level of interest in the position, but would like to learn more about what that would entail and about the rest of the factions in the city before you make a final decision.

You don't know what obligations you will face, whose feathers you might ruffle, and what ideological enemies you will make if you accept the offer. Vox seems a reasonable person, and putting it in these terms might make you look better.
No. 60047 ID: bffa2a

Is it wise? While it definately sends a message to the guild that you're on their side, it will send the same message to everyone else. I guess it's something to do and you can learn more while you're at it. Always nice.
No. 60048 ID: 904da4

Additionally, what's the highest level in any school you can attain?
No. 60068 ID: 4553b2
File 125496528591.png - (39.11KB , 600x400 , 30.png )

Archmagus Madison... I do like that, yes.

>Additionally, what's the highest level in any school you can attain?
Level 3 is the highest they have.

>You should be proud as hell.
Hell yeah I'm proud. Conjury is the only thing I'm good at, I might as well be the best at it.

>What does the job entail?
Well, if I accept the position, then I'd need to spend some time at the guild hall here every day [Only one free "time slot" to visit places per day, instead of the 2 you currently have]. I'd also get my own place, and I'd be in the Teaching economic class - 20 luxury tickets a week. I'd also be allying myself with the Sorcerer's Guild. If they have any enemy groups, I might not be able to consider them as options anymore.

Do I accept anyway?
No. 60069 ID: f6f030

If we're worried about other people finding out about our position here... maybe we could accept... as GALACTIC CONJURER Z!
No. 60075 ID: 276781

Accept it. If people bitch and moan, you make it clear you're dissatisfied that people are using magic willy-nilly, hurting themselves, and any of your students will be taught proper control and restraint.

The timeslot you lose isn't terribly important anyway, right?
No. 60077 ID: 099247

I really don't see why we wouldn't. The Bleeding Hearts dislike the Mages, and anyone who has an issue with reality bending shit (which isn't a lot of people) will distrust us. On the flip side we get our own free place and get to meet prospective new students and other mages. I'm going to say accept the offer.
No. 60078 ID: 45afb1

Hmm... lets do this, we put the offer on hold, then go around to the people we know might be difficult, inform them that we might be taking a job in the guild and say that we have plans to change things for the better. Then we hear their suggestions, return, then accept. And as a bonus, something tells me Vresch would be proud of us if we did take the job. Whether thats a bonus is up to you.
No. 60080 ID: af3e6d

This is good, but we need to keep our options open. Tell him you need some time to think about it. If we don't find something better, this is excellent to fall back on.
No. 60088 ID: c42be6

We can still get the position later, right? We should get more acquainted with the city and organizations first. There's no reason we should rush into without knowing what our other options are.
No. 60095 ID: 904da4

Well, as far as we know, the two primary groups against the Sorceror's Guild are the Experientialists and the Bleeding Hearts, neither of which you seemed to be considering seriously before. And they're not overtly hostile to magic-users, they just strongly disagree with the lack of responsibility regarding who gets taught magic.

If your genuinely worried about it, you could always ask how long the offer is good for.
No. 60096 ID: cd08c0

Let's not accept. It's not like the option will be closed to us later, right? After all, you're the best conjurer around, apparently.
Right now we still need to get a feel for the city, the factions, and how we're going to go about this whole 'take over the city' thing. We haven't even decided who we're going to go to for backing, and if we end up devoting half our time to the Sorcerer's, that kindof shoehorns us in with them, doesn't it?
All our needs are met already. We don't really need extra luxuries. If we decide to join up with the Sorcerers, we'll take the job then, and enjoy the benefits and prestige.
But for now, we really need the extra time.
No. 60099 ID: d2ec7d

You should tell him to provide information for the technology test. Schematics and such. Not everybody knows how a gun works, and that doesn't have much to do with conjuring.

Though it does point out the fact that knowing physics and chemistry will allow you to get more from the same effort.

I wonder if you can summon a critical mass of plutonium.

As for being professor... i guess it could be a way to gain power in here for your eventual takeover and give you access to their research, which might help your eye.

You should probably start learning the other arts too.
No. 60100 ID: 4553b2
File 125496578185.png - (38.86KB , 600x400 , 30.png )

How about I take the job, then ask to start next Monday? On the off chance something better pops up, I could always quit.
No. 60107 ID: 5ba271

Oh, my, what are those lines under your eyes?

Those weren't there a few days ago.
No. 60112 ID: c42be6

I think accepting, and then changing your mind and quitting would end up looking a lot worse than just saying you'd like to wait before you make the decision. Unless this is really a one-time offer, you shouldn't take it yet.
No. 60115 ID: d2ec7d

Ask him who is gonna throw rotten vegetables at you in the streets if you join. Make it sound like half joke.

Also it might be best if they don't know you know how to summon Demons. They would want to learn AND teach it, and if other magic dangerous, you know quite well this one is a thousand times worse.
No. 60116 ID: 904da4

AWWW! Our little Cora is growing up into a proper Magus! Seriously, 6 or more years of conjuring and you only now get those? They don't build up fast, do they?
No. 60134 ID: 4553b2
File 125496656984.png - (118.98KB , 600x400 , 31.png )

>You should tell him to provide information for the technology test. Schematics and such. Not everybody knows how a gun works, and that doesn't have much to do with conjuring.
Apparently its part of the studies for the Conjury test. Yanno, the studies we entirely skipped because we wanted to jump right in.

>I wonder if you can summon a critical mass of plutonium.
If I wanted to nuke myself, sure. Remember, I can only summon out to 20 meters.

>I think accepting, and then changing your mind and quitting would end up looking a lot worse than just saying you'd like to wait before you make the decision. Unless this is really a one-time offer, you shouldn't take it yet.
...A very good point. This is why I have you people around, so I don't make silly social decisions.

"Can I have some time to think it over? This... is a pretty big decision."


"I'll... be back next Monday. With my decision."

"I look forward to it, Ms. Madison."

...Next destination, the Transcendants. Unless there is somewhere else you'd like to go.
No. 60153 ID: b12379

Nah, the Transcendants sound good.

Let's go bother Ray Kurzweil.
No. 60159 ID: d2ec7d

Well, you should ask him about classes in other things while you're here, and in particular how to combine that with teaching.

Hell if there are so few conjurers around you might be able to only do part time teaching.
No. 60209 ID: 82920c

I would suggest taking a look around at all the other guilds, maybe picking up a book on mechanics just in case you do wind up teaching the conjuring class, and generally get a feel of your options. Oh, and don't act surprised if the Archmage wants to talk to you. A young women walking off the street without any offical classes and almost automatically passing all three tests and becoming a level three Conjurer? Yeah, she might want a word with you.
No. 74159 ID: 4553b2
File 125766084569.png - (31.90KB , 600x400 , Transcendant Card.png )

>The Transcendents are similar to Arcanitech, in that they are a large group of research institutions, combined under one banner. They have many... many different goals, and very much like their privacy. Outside of their annual scientific expositions and occasional product releases, they keep almost entirely to themselves. They seem to be primarily focused on biological research, however. Medicine, grafts, and body enhancement, mostly.
No. 74160 ID: 4553b2
File 125766087655.png - (90.13KB , 600x400 , 032.png )

Well, this is it. The Transcendent head quarters. Their symbol, the shrouded angel, emblazons the building. Its a bit... gaudy. And there aren't any windows. Well... in we go.
No. 74161 ID: 4553b2
File 125766089297.png - (75.29KB , 600x400 , 33.png )

...Uh huh. No one's here.
No. 74162 ID: 15f6d6

knock on the door with the symbol on it.
No. 74163 ID: f4963f

Someone should be in the gift shop, at least.

What pretense are we here under? Curious about the organization, I suppose?

Otherwise, you have that door straight ahead, which is not labelled employees only...
No. 74164 ID: 34470e

What's on the bulletin board?
No. 74166 ID: e3f578

Oh hello Mr. watercooler. You seem less depressed lately. How is the therapy treating you?

I'd say go to the shop but we can do that later. Maybe take a small peek in though on your way to the door.
No. 74168 ID: 12fc66

No. 74172 ID: 95484a

Skim the bulletin board before going into the gift shop. Do not drink from the water cooler. We don't trust it.
No. 74176 ID: 4d3daa

We MUST destroy the water cooler.
No. 74181 ID: 4553b2
File 125766228776.png - (77.72KB , 600x400 , 34.png )

>What's on the bulletin board?
The one on the left looks like a product listing, and includes release dates. Adrenasil, Tylenesis, Verifutin... The titles are very sciencey and sound made up. I'd probably have to ask someone to have any clue what this stuff means. The one on the right looks like an update of what they've been up to this past month. It doesn't really SAY much of anything - its filled with vague sounding phrases and weasel words.

Doesn't look very suspicious to me. And I am feeling thirsty. I think I'll get a-

>Do not drink from the water cooler. We don't trust it.
...Nnnnngh. Fine. I guess I'll head into the gift shop then.

>We must destroy the water cooler
What IS it with you people? I'm not going to smash their water cooler.
No. 74182 ID: 92ffbc

sorry, we have had weird experiences with those things, they attract negative Chi or something... also: man I already hate this place!
No. 74183 ID: f4963f

You sought us specifically to resolve your problems, right? Well listen to us. Keep an eye on that damn watercooler. It's evil.

However, destroying it, however justified, would put us off on the wrong foot with this organization. We will have to assassinate it covertly, where mortal eyes may not witness our swift justice.

For now, proceed to the logo door.
No. 74184 ID: 7eda8b

The water cooler is probably okay, but there's a significant chance that it is not. So if the water cooler doesn't eat you, don't be all "oooh, now ALL water coolers are okay."

Try that door.
No. 74185 ID: 95484a

It's pretty straightforward, really. There was this water cooler once, and it...

Well, it kind of...

It was really very...

It made a face at us, okay? It was very upsetting. Maybe you can find a nice fountain somewhere? We're fine with fountains.
No. 74186 ID: 43d730

It disapproved at Tom and Ruby.
It was very sad.
We cried for days.
No. 74200 ID: 4553b2
File 12576646985.png - (110.76KB , 600x400 , 035.png )

>It's pretty straightforward, really. There was this water cooler once, and it... Well, it kind of... It was really very... It made a face at us, okay? It was very upsetting.
Orb... are you racist? Against other kinds of objects?
>We cried for days
...or are you just... pansies. As a random aside, this is the first place I've been in without automatic doors.

Anyway, here is the gift shop. The walls are lined with... medicine...

This isn't a gift shop at all!

"Oh! Hello! My, I was hoping someone would walk in. It gets boring about this time of day! Can I help you with anything?"

A mousey girl leans on the desk, greeting me cheerfully.
No. 74201 ID: 95484a

>Orb... are you racist?

No! Well, maybe. Just against water coolers. And dummies. If you ever see a dummy, we are going to flip out. Just so you know.

Anyway, maybe being somewhat honest here is the way to go. We seem to be constantly changing our cover story anyway. You're kinda new here, and you just wanted to see what this place was all about. And maybe get something. Vresch's robots are bringing new people here all the time, so that should be plausible, at least.
No. 74202 ID: 7eda8b

"What's all this stuff do?"
No. 74203 ID: 034a30

Tell Schieska here about your political study. Tactfully ask if this is actually a (legal) pharmacy.
No. 74205 ID: 597b9b

>Orb... are you racist? Against other kinds of objects?

Some of us, undoubtedly.

>...or are you just... pansies.

Again, some of us, undoubtedly.

It's really a legitimate concern, though. Just trust us when we say we've seen some bad shit go down thanks to water coolers.

As for the girl: Make small talk. Comment on the automatic door thing. Then ask why a "Gift Shop" only seems to be selling drugs.
No. 74207 ID: 4d3daa

Trust us, water coolers are all assholes.
No. 74209 ID: 92ffbc


point in a general direction of one of the sketchier looking pills (prolly the ace ones there) and say:

"Do they control this stuff at all? Wouldn't want to get in trouble so soon after getting here."

Also inquire what most of their business, (and customers) is like.
No. 74221 ID: 276781

They specialize in biological research.
Ten bucks says the 'medicines' and 'drugs' all cause useful or hilarious biological changes - hence, gift shop.
No. 74233 ID: 4553b2
File 12576676027.png - (112.35KB , 600x400 , 036.png )

"Um, I'm kind of new in town, and was wondering what this place... does. And what all this stuff is for. Why does a... gift shop... sell only drugs?"

"Oh, these aren't just any drugs! These are our latest in experimental therapies! Strength enhancers, memory retainment, injury suppressant, dieting pills, muscle enlargement. There things are expensive anywhere else, but here, you can get experimental new versions for almost nothing! All you need to do is sign some liability waivers and come back in a week or two and tell us your results! Its like buying gifts for your body~"

"Uh... huh. What kind of customers do you get?"

"Oh, all kinds. Mostly people from the unemployed sector. We get a lot of Experientialists, of course, and more than a couple budding sorcerers. It gets busy around noon and after people get out of work. They need to give me more room to work with, really! But its an okay job."

"Are these drugs... legal?"

"If you sign the liability waiver they are~"

...I'm not sure if this is safe. I can get medicine for basically free here, but its... experimental medicine.
No. 74235 ID: c5f90c

Anything that can turn our useless eye into a camera?
No. 74236 ID: 6db192

Time to stuff every drug you can find in your mouth! You don't have cheeks for nothing!
No. 74237 ID: 276781

I'd say pass on it. I'm sure there's at least one variety out there that'd be helpful to you, but untested side effects are never a good thing.
No. 74238 ID: 12fc66

Well... what do they have, exactly?
... do they have bust enhancers?
No. 74239 ID: 632862

Experimental drugs usually come with side effects. Decline.

Go knock on that door with the symbol on it.
No. 74240 ID: 476456

buy the ones that sound good to you,then wait till they hit the market.
No. 74242 ID: 7eda8b

"Why are strength enhancers and muscle enlargers two different things...?"

Ask if they sell more expensive non-experimental ones here.

Either way, buy Strength and Charisma enhancement.
No. 74243 ID: 92ffbc

yea let's not beta test for these guys.

ask where we might ask about some of the more executive decisions.
No. 74247 ID: a3b36a

Currently, you are just on customer level. Friendly customer level, perhaps. But customer level nonetheless.

Maybe ask if she's tried any of the experimental meds before?
No. 74249 ID: 34470e

Muscle enhancers might just increase your bulk like steroids do. Strength enhancers might disable your myostatin to become stronger.
No. 74254 ID: 597b9b

...doesn't that lead to uncontrolled muscle growth? I'm pretty sure it does.
No. 74255 ID: 34470e

I believe that while both increase muscle mass, steroids don't bring as much strength as blocking myostatin.
No. 74257 ID: 4553b2
File 12576699557.png - (118.76KB , 600x400 , 037.png )

>Experimental drugs are bad, they have all sorts of weird side effects, don't take any
Don't worry, I don't plan to participate in this sort of sca-

>... do they have bust enhancers?
No. 74258 ID: 4553b2
File 125766997325.png - (82.01KB , 600x400 , 038.png )

No. 74260 ID: 34470e

I thought for second that face was the water cooler. Don't scare us like that.
No. 74261 ID: 4d3daa

Now can we smash the cooler? Please?
No. 74262 ID: a3b36a

>Experimental Bust Enhancers

But what if it works -TOO- well?
No. 74263 ID: 4d3daa


Safe driving?
No. 74264 ID: 476456

you're going to grow a penis.

uhhh i dont know if you think thats a bad thing..
No. 74265 ID: c5f90c

Cora, it's dangerous, please don't do it.

Your chest is fine the way it is, really. .. But I know that's probably not convincing, so how about this: Let's wait a bit before we rush in and grab this potentially dangerous drug.

It won't always be in the experimental stage, right? So just have some patience.
No. 74266 ID: 34470e

Read the warning/ingredients label. We'll decide if it's safe. If I know about myostatin, surely someone else will know what that mumbo-jumbo is.
No. 74267 ID: 7eda8b

Take a dose immediately.
No. 74268 ID: 92ffbc
File 125767044168.png - (49.33KB , 450x705 , john wtf ok fine.png )

ugh.... you know what? Whatever. Worst case is one grows off from the other or lactation fun.

Let's try the door to the right.
No. 74270 ID: 4553b2
File 125767144740.png - (70.51KB , 600x400 , 039.png )

>Take a dose immediately
>Read the warning/ingredients label. We'll decide if it's safe. If I know about myostatin, surely someone else will know what that mumbo-jumbo is.
It says something about increasing estrogen content blah blah blocking estrogen flow to certain parts of the body blah blah hormones blah blah blah take two pills every 12 hours. Okay! Two pills.
No. 74271 ID: 92ffbc

2 pills every 12 minutes, got it.

comon let's get in that other door!
No. 74272 ID: 34470e

No. Give us the full readout before doing anything or we'll make your head explode.
No. 74273 ID: c5f90c

... Fine, don't listen to me. Go ahead and take the completely experimental and potentially unsafe drug.

You know, I defended you, I said "Oh stop ragging on her about the world destroying thing, she didn't mean it. She's a nice, smart girl."

But I guess you're not. I'm disappointed.
No. 74274 ID: 597b9b

Oh, chill out. This'll be fun. Or hilarious. Or both.
No. 74275 ID: 34470e

No. 74276 ID: 4553b2
File 125767220415.png - (14.62KB , 301x190 , Vresch thoughtful.png )

>No. Give us the full readout before doing anything or we'll make your head explode.
Author aside: The above is all you're getting because I don't know how this should work. Don't expect this to follow normal conventions; we're using future crazy drugs. I'm not a pharmacist, and I am not going to pretend to be one. So don't get pissy about it.
No. 74278 ID: 4d3daa

IMO, we give em to Rastin.
No. 74279 ID: 728150

I second that emotion.
No. 74280 ID: 92ffbc

ok, seriously people, stick to the task at hand. go in the damn door.
No. 74281 ID: 192956

Well whats the worst that could happen...for all we know its a sugar pill that makes people think they are getting larger breasts. Anyway lets not get side tract by trinkets we have a mission...unless having larger breasts is your mission in which case I think we can leave.
No. 74282 ID: 5a9e00

I third it. I don't think theres a single better use for these things.
No. 74283 ID: 4553b2
File 125767573531.png - (132.76KB , 600x400 , 040.png )

>give em to Rastin
...Heheheh. That might be a pretty good prank. But I want 'em.

...I'll get a second bottle on the way out.

>... Fine, don't listen to me. Go ahead and take the completely experimental and potentially unsafe drug. You know, I defended you, I said "Oh stop ragging on her about the world destroying thing, she didn't mean it. She's a nice, smart girl." But I guess you're not. I'm disappointed.
Hey, what's wrong with wanting to be beautiful? I'm outdone by freaking grade schoolers. Even if it only pushes me to a B cup, its better than the pancakes I have going on now.

>unless having larger breasts is your mission in which case I think we can leave.
Well... it wasn't EXACTLY why I came here... Onward.

To my left is the men's room, and the right the lady's room. Someone is here. They're busy at a computer, and don't seem to notice me. Now what?
No. 74284 ID: 4d3daa

Summon a bell(the eyes) and ding it.
No. 74285 ID: 92ffbc

Greet yourself. Ask if you could speak with their Public Rep person for an interview. place this big and corporation-y has got to have someone like that.
No. 74288 ID: 7eda8b

No. 74292 ID: 2dd482

you realize as part of the "come in so we can see the effect" means they're going to have to measure your breasts right? Possibly needing you to be NAKED infront of OTHER PEOPLE
No. 74307 ID: f4963f

... I come back, and you've bought yourself boob pills from the freaky experiment place.


Anyway, greet the receptionist. Tell him you're curious about the organization, and ask who the best person to talk to would be.
No. 74313 ID: 0caa92

I bet you could've asked Vresch for bigger tits. He must know a thing or two about genetics. Or you could've waited for other people to try them, i doubt you'll have money problems. How old are you anyway?
No. 74403 ID: 034a30

She's in her early twenties.
No. 74471 ID: 43d730

I think they should be able to tell from the buoyancy change and number of nipples.
Probably check the size manually anyway.
No. 77794 ID: 4553b2
File 125842320834.png - (136.30KB , 600x400 , 041.png )

>you realize as part of the "come in so we can see the effect" means they're going to have to measure your breasts right? Possibly needing you to be NAKED infront of OTHER PEOPLE
Well yes... but they are doctors. I've been topless in front of doctors before.

>Anyway, greet the receptionist. Tell him you're curious about the organization, and ask who the best person to talk to would be.
"Excuse me... I'm new in town, and uh..."

He looks up, but does not say anything.

"...Right. I was wondering, um, what this organization was all about? And uh, who could I talk to to learn more...?"

"The Transcendents are dedicated to the advancement and invention of biological sciences. Our announced ultimate goal is the perfection of humanity. That is all the information we are willing to release to the public. If you would like to apply for a job, I can get you an application. If you would like to make a purchase, I can get you that application also." He is very curt and formal about this, but sounds a bit... condescending.
No. 77799 ID: c94cfc

What a dongmonger. Oh well, see if it's possible to purchase something which would allow you to grow additional eyes.
No. 77801 ID: 8ec3f9
File 125842358824.jpg - (17.17KB , 320x240 , yea right.jpg )

ugh, I hate this place. We're looking for somewhere to join right? Well this is on the list of No Fucking Way.
No. 77804 ID: 5d5878

Yeah, these guys seem like elitist pricks.
No. 77805 ID: f4963f

Ask mister Dryface McSnooty what's in the tubes over there.
No. 77809 ID: 099247

Ask for an application form all the same, maybe ask for a tour? We already know the answer for that really. What's next on the list anyway?
No. 77823 ID: 4553b2
File 125842583376.png - (109.84KB , 600x400 , 042.png )

>What's in the tubes?
"Recently failed attempts at perfecting humanity. You can read the progress notes on the slates in front of them."

>Can I get an application for something to help with my eye?
"What's wrong with your eye? Cataracts?"
>Magical backlash left me blind..."
"Oh. Yes, we could have that replaced for you. I'll print you an ocular surgery application."
No. 77824 ID: 4553b2
File 125842585752.png - (129.79KB , 600x400 , 043.png )

He leaves to go get that. I suppose I have a minute to myself.

>What's next on the list anyway?
Umm... Either the Secluded or Nihilism Tech.
No. 77825 ID: 632862

Read the progress notes on the tuuuuuuubes.
No. 77826 ID: c1b520

Why do neither of those places sound rather inviting?
No. 77827 ID: 5d5878

Investigate TUUUUUUUUBES I guess?
No. 77829 ID: 34470e

investigate the internet the tubes.
No. 77834 ID: f4963f

Note quite specifically that they are not a big truck.
No. 77838 ID: f4963f

Hey, Cora.. weren't these the guys that furry receptionist was talking about? 'No Morals, Nya' and all?

No. 77843 ID: 7eda8b

Look at the catalog of eyes.

Don't let them know you're worth spying on.
No. 77862 ID: fe0817

Stop, check bust. Do you see a difference?
No. 77871 ID: f4963f

You know, I just realized you could solve both your problems at once if you just asked for an eyeboob transplant.
No. 77895 ID: c94cfc

I'm no doctor, but that sounds like it would solve neither of her problems. Though personally, I don't find the current state of her chest to be problematic.
No. 77897 ID: 5d5878

Delicious flat chest doesn't work for everyone, mang.
No. 77899 ID: fe0817

Eye boobs surgery? Can't we just summon breast tissue like we summon eyes?
No. 77900 ID: f4963f

To be fair, I prefer Cora flat-chested. I really rather she wouldn't take weird drugs with weird side-effects that'll likely result in comically oversized anime boobs.
No. 77906 ID: 43d730

They'd need eyes, though.

...Keep it in mind for the armor summon idea.
No. 77924 ID: 5a9e00

Investigate tubes. Memorize the forms. We can summon something similar later and be all like "oh shit! it escaped!" if we need an easy escape.
No. 78000 ID: 0d1fe9

Investigate the tubes while you wait.
No. 78004 ID: 9f1f7d

Hey, what's wrong? These guys seem nice!
No. 78585 ID: 4553b2
File 125853146014.png - (39.64KB , 600x400 , 044.png )


>Stop, check bust
No noticeable changes yet.
No. 78586 ID: 4553b2
File 125853151081.png - (87.59KB , 600x400 , 045.png )

>Hey, what's wrong? These guys seem nice!
Well they aren't that bad. And I've only met the girl at the drug outlet and the receptionist here. He was a bit condescending, yeah, but helpful enough.

>Investigate tubes. Memorize the forms. We can summon something similar later and be all like "oh shit! it escaped!" if we need an easy escape.
Yeah, I can definitely summon these things if I need to. But these particular ones are dead. Or at least, they have no pulse.

>Read the progress notes on the TUUUUUUUUUUBES
It looks like this one is Project Titan, and the other is Project Angelic. Kinda... lamely named.

Project Angelic appears to be having problems with internal bleeding, muscular development of the wings, and some problem about bones. Possibly weight.

Project Titan seems to be growing too fast - He looks like his chest was ripped open halfway through the development. The progress notes say "results too unstable." Maybe they're scrapping the project?

Why would they show these things off?

>Hey, Cora.. weren't these the guys that furry receptionist was talking about? 'No Morals, Nya' and all?
Yeah, they were. Should I get my eye fixed up by them, or not?
No. 78588 ID: 632862

A new eye would be nice, yes.
No. 78591 ID: 34470e

If eye surgery is out of the question, we could always try to find another book on how to restore a burned-out mindlink. We only saw the first couple pages, but a squirrel pushed it into a fire.
No. 78592 ID: 8ec3f9
File 125853227678.jpg - (70.62KB , 683x1024 , sir you are not welcom.jpg )

What's wrong with them? They clearly show no concern for public safety in favor of their own profit. They are exploiting the mild lawlessness of this state for their own gain. They are clearly being overly secretive if 2 short sentences are all they want the public to know. I bet those people in the tubes (YES THESE WERE ONCE PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!) weren't exactly willing subjects to these experiments. Probably took too many of some pills similar to the very pills you took today and were no longer in control of their own bodies. Maybe they didn't read the fine print on one of the forms like the one you are so willing to sign and when their family members came looking for them, there was nothing they could do since the company had "proof" this was what they wanted.

In summary: NO. NO NO NO NO! These guys leave the worst taste in my mouth I can imagine.
No. 78598 ID: 034a30

I gotta agree with this guy. Ask Vresch to have you medically checked out as soon as feasibly possible. Larger boobs aren't very good if they make your ribs swell and shatter.
No. 78599 ID: 7eda8b

Quit pussing out of everything potentially interesting and get yourself a new eye.

Bonus if it's slitted like a cat and/or confers superhuman vision or exotic powers.

Ask about more exotic upgrades!
No. 78600 ID: 632862

Hey guys, keep in mind we can still get a new eye from the Technotics.

I do wonder about the consequences of mixing magic and technology though.
No. 78601 ID: 7eda8b

Less likely that vresch can take over a biological one.

C'mon. Let's do this thing.

Let's also get a prehensile tail, because those are stylish and useful, and maybe some special glands so we can spit knockout gas like an Engsami.
No. 78603 ID: 8ec3f9

[ok, this is serious, let's take this to /questdis/]

No. 78604 ID: 107da3


They wouldn't do that. Actually, if they made all the fat packets in those areas expand like that, it would probably crush her heart and destroy her organs first!
No. 78605 ID: 107da3


And then the forced pressure would make various pieces expand or burst out where the areas are weakest. In this case, probably her orifices would start gushing blood, her neck and stomach would swell (her stomach may even explode and entrails fall out) all resulting in a horrific and terrible death.
No. 78607 ID: 6faa8c

No. 78609 ID: 107da3


Even better is if it decides to spread to other areas, including the brain (a good portion of which is fat!) It would likely cause de-stabilizing effects, hallucination, and make your eyes bulge outward. If the growth is sufficiently bad, it may even result in an amazing display of tissue tension as they pop free of your skull with a tearing sensation and squish along the floor.
No. 78624 ID: 95a928

Bio-conservative scum.
No. 78626 ID: 099247

I wholly support the notion of getting a new eye from these guys. If just for the principal of trying new shit out, I mean hell we're already modding our bust why stop there? That's got a good enough chance to kill us enough as it is.
No. 78627 ID: fe0817

Inquire about eye surgery, request for documentation on what has been done in the past. Ask for published, peer reviewed journal articles on the subject, and have our butler watch them as they perform the surgery. Also, get our demon overlord to check up on past record of eye surgery patients.
No. 78634 ID: f4963f

This. Even if they don't willingly hand over records (which they should), we have a DEMON OF ALL TECHNOLOGY on our side who can probably dig up patient files as he pleases. If they seem legit, we can totally go for eye replacement.
No. 78651 ID: 7eda8b

I maintain she should get a cool mod in addition to the eye, if only to cement her appearance as a product of this wacky city. Being some kind of transhuman will help her rep.
No. 78671 ID: a3b36a

I'm of the opinion that leaving her eye sealed for a while would be good, from a teaching standpoint. Nothing would tell students to be careful with their magic more than Coralina's one-eyed gaze. It's a very important lesson that hasn't been getting taught lately at the guild, apparently.

So, if we do find a way to restore her eye, I say we hold off on using it until it is absolutely neccisary. Having a safety-minded instructor would make the public think very highly of us, judging by that angry mob from before.
No. 78679 ID: 276781

Now, these are the words of a clever mind.
It'll help get those protesters on your side as well, Coralina. Yeah, it sucks that you're partially blind, but it's a striking example to any of your students why they need to be fucking careful.

It's not a toy, it's serious business, and backlash is dangerous.
No. 78742 ID: 5d5878

That is a damn good idea. The public would love it. You'd be down an eye, however... Maybe we can get some kinda discreet cybernetic as a replacement other eye while keeping the image of "Magic is srs bzns".
No. 78820 ID: 32b7d9


I am in agreement with this anon as well.
No. 78864 ID: f4963f

I'm agreeing with this anon as well. Your sealed eye gives you character, Cora. Lets people know you're a badass, and enhances your credibility as a reformer of the Sorc's guild.

All I'm saying is, let's not rush into the operation, eh?
No. 78867 ID: 7eda8b

I disagree. Get a new eye so you can see while casting. Who cares about "badass" injuries when you can get rid of them?
No. 78880 ID: 43d730

Which is why I'm saying get one that looks like the old one, and has an off switch.
Then get the records destroyed in some manner I haven't decided yet.
Can we summon something that gives off conveniently small EMP pulses?
No. 78902 ID: f4963f
File 125860114645.gif - (3.73KB , 276x258 , MSPA_Face.gif )

If only we had some way to CONTROL TECHNOLOGY and delete those records...
No. 78908 ID: 43d730

Consider one's own strength first.
Then look to others.
No. 79047 ID: 4553b2
File 125862045424.png - (106.01KB , 600x400 , 046.png )

...Hmmm. Okay.

I'll have nothing to do with these people at all. No surgery, no pills, no backing. I am out of here. Just stop arguing, you useless voices.
No. 79051 ID: 632862

Well we can always purchase bust-enhancing pills that are proven safe, later on.
No. 79053 ID: 4553b2
File 125862148216.png - (93.59KB , 600x400 , After School Specials.png )

Tonight: We have the choice to visit Hope, Vresch, or Rastin this evening. And should I wear what I am now, or switch to pajamas?
No. 79054 ID: 8ec3f9

How about hope, in yer PJs.
No. 79055 ID: 34470e

Either Vresch or Hope. Go in what your wearing right now.
No. 79056 ID: 5a9e00

Visit Rastin. Drop Bust pills in his drink.
No. 79058 ID: 597b9b

I think we've reached some measure of closure with Rastin. I would say visit Vresch, but I have no idea what we'd discuss.
No. 79059 ID: 1c907d


Go see hope. Wear a kitty hat.
No. 79061 ID: 5d5878

I'd say either talk to Vresch about a possible discreet eye, or attempt to pal around with Hope.
No. 79073 ID: 276781

Vresch. Discussing ways to prank Rastin with Hope can wait; I want to see how Vresch feels about possibly getting a job as a Conjury professor at the Sorcerer's Guild.

And, of course, ask him what he thinks of the Transcendents and their drugs.
No. 79087 ID: 7eda8b

Go see Hope. Hook the machines up so you and she can fairly play Mario Kart together.
No. 79090 ID: be2731

I'd like to hang with Hope, I feel it's kind of important to build a rapport with her. I also agree with
I see no reason we couldn't do both, just quickly check in with Vresch in a business-like manner, and then change into the PJs and go hang with Hope.
No. 79101 ID: f4963f

Hmm. We've been having trouble getting into some of these organizations to find out about them. Maybe we could talk to Vresch about setting things up with a little techno-magic.

Otherwise, Hope sounds good, too. Rastin, we should leave alone.
No. 79132 ID: e7f026

this can only end well.
No. 79366 ID: fe0817

So.... are we ever going to visit the retirement organization?
No. 79370 ID: fe0817


Why am I so tempted to ask her to do it?... Can we talk to Hope and get her to help us troll him?
No. 79634 ID: 898207

let's talk with Hope
No. 79815 ID: 12fc66

>>79073 >>79090
I'm going to third popping in on Vresch really quick and giving a status report / asking a couple rapid-fire questions, then go off to visit with Hope for the rest of the night.
No. 81360 ID: f7e6a3

i wanna talk with Vresch, let him know what we have been up to
No. 81361 ID: c1b520

Lets go visit Vresch and tell him about your day. I'm sure he'd be excited to learn that you've gotten yourself a chance at a high end job. Plus I'm sure he's got some ideas on how to increase your reputation with the people in the city if you ask him nicely. Plus you might as well start off with good relations with him, I mean you will eventually start working even closer with him in the future right?
No. 92348 ID: 4553b2
File 126085447630.png - (46.01KB , 600x400 , 047.png )

Alright, I'll go see Vresch first, then give Hope a visit. I had to ask LeVerne to lower his guard wall. Now I'm here, in his throne room. He looks up as the wall slides away, and I step in.

"What do you need, Coralina?"
No. 92350 ID: c1b520

mention this >>81361
No. 92351 ID: f4963f

You may wish to inform him that you've had difficulty getting access to institutions. A lot of their leaders and officials are inaccessible.

Also ask if he can look into that transhumanist place's credentials. In case we do decide to get that eye replacement.
No. 92360 ID: 4553b2
File 126085626374.png - (46.79KB , 600x400 , 048.png )

Cora: "Could you look into the credentials of the Transcendants? I was thinking of getting my eye replaced, but they seem somewhat... amoral."

Vresch: "Certainly. I'll send them to your room after this meeting." He makes some sort of note.

Cora: "Thanks. Also, um, I've had some difficulty getting into places. A lot of leaders and officials are inaccessible to some random girl on the street."

Vresch: "Ah yes. That is a good point. What do you propose I do about it? Remember, we don't want you linked to Rastin in any way. Shall I contrive events to force various leaders into the open, that you could then meet them? I can force arrangements."
No. 92363 ID: 296a8d

You could meet them under another alias and wear some kind of mask or something.
No. 92364 ID: c5f90c

Summon the most powerful, awesomest thing you can and destroy Vresch. Wipe this evil demon from the earth like you planned to.
No. 92373 ID: c42be6

I'm still in support of that reporter cover we had for a while. If we could get some papers backing that up or something it would probably be nice.

You should probably tell Vresch about the job offer, too. If we're going to join the Sorceror's Guild, we should see if he has any information they might not want to be public. They looked pretty good to me, though.

Where were we going to next, anyway? We have an appointment with Arcanitech Thursday, but I've completely forgotten what today is. Time is weird from the orb.
No. 92379 ID: 12fc66

That would be awesome, but we should probably get a better idea of how everything works around here before we suddenly destroy the city's power structure.

Actually, it would be better if we can meet with the leaders privately. Sortof like we are doing, but with more... y'know. Access. Pushing them out in the open might effect their answers.
... though.

HEY, real quick, when we got the list of factions, Vresch's notes for the Church of Life, Men's Club, and Neotis Weaponry Association said to "Be Careful". While we've got him here, ask him why.
Dependant on the answer, it may be better to meet those people out in the open. Or even not meet them at all.


Also, just throwing this out there, but as a purely hypothetical question, ask how powerful Hope is when possessing someone.
Then ask how powerful she would be while possessing a very, very small, say, two inches high summoned creature.
No. 92425 ID: 0b9ad4

have we told him about our job yet?
No. 92438 ID: 4553b2
File 126087500633.png - (47.56KB , 600x400 , 049.png )

>You could meet them under another alias and wear some kind of mask or something.
We're trying to get me known. Anonymity would be just as unhelpful!
No. 92439 ID: 4553b2
File 126087511376.png - (37.01KB , 600x400 , 050.png )

>destroy Vresch.
...I'm not sure that is even the best idea anymore. I mean, yeah, he fucked up everything, but... he's also putting everything back together.

>we should probably get a better idea of how everything works around here before we suddenly destroy the city's power structure.
Exactly. If I can find a way to make him unnecessary, then killing him would be my best plan. But for now... I don't think it would help. It might even make things worse, I don't know.
No. 92440 ID: 4553b2
File 126087514686.png - (66.22KB , 600x400 , 051.png )

Cora: "Actually, I've been telling people I'm a reporter, and I think it'd be better if I met the leaders... privately. If I could get some papers to back up that story...?"

Vresch: "Certainly. Consider it done."
No. 92441 ID: 4553b2
File 126087517375.png - (113.35KB , 600x400 , 052.png )

Cora: "Thanks. Uh, on that list you gave me, you noted the Men's Club, NWA, and the Church of Life with "Be Careful." What should I be careful of?

Vresch: "Their current leaders are mentally unstable, morally loose, and very intelligent. Those three groups are very likely to use underhanded tactics to support their agendas, such as bribery, assassination, or outright violence. You could take advantage of their less savory character to do all sorts of things other, loftier groups would not think of doing, if you are so inclined. I care not how you achieve notoriety as long as your ascension is believable."
No. 92442 ID: 4553b2
File 126087519753.png - (43.35KB , 600x400 , 053.png )

Cora: "Oh! Yes. About that ascension thing. The Sorcerer's Guild has offered me a teaching position for Conjury."

Vresch: "Did you accept?"

Cora: "I told them I would give them an answer on Monday. I was wondering how you felt about taking the job."

Vresch: "It is certainly a very lucrative position, but I don't imagine a humble schoolteacher would make a believable overlord. Unless you have a plan to push you into the higher ranks of the Guild, it does not seem a practical choice."

Cora: "Are you saying I shouldn't take it?"

Vresch: "At this point in the game, I'm willing to let you have free reign over yourself. If it gets down to the wire and you are making no headway, I will intervene as I see fit. At any point, I will freely give you help with anything you ask of me, but I would rather see you succeed on your own, if possible."
No. 92443 ID: 4553b2
File 126087521158.png - (40.17KB , 600x400 , 054.png )

Cora: "How strong is Hope when she's possessing people?"

Vresch: "Not particularly. She has a fair amount of magical skill, but she loses her bond to the crystal when possessing someone. So, she has about as much magical might as whatever she possesses. If she gets her hands on an experienced spellcaster, this would be dangerous, but on most things, no."

Cora: "How about a two inch tall summon?"

Vresch: "...I'm not sure I entirely like where this conversation is going. But, summons have little magical power in and of themselves. Most of their magical power holds them together, so she would not have much to work with, no."
No. 92444 ID: 4553b2
File 126087522892.png - (48.17KB , 600x400 , 055.png )

>We have an appointment with Arcanitech Thursday, but I've completely forgotten what today is.
Today is Tuesday. We'll do Arcanitech in the thread after the next one. Man this quest is going to be long. We're on Day 3 of 30.

>Where are we going next?
Well, we still have the Bleeding Hearts, the Church of Life, the Experientialists, the Men's Club, the NWA, Nihilism Tech, the Retirement Association, The Secluded, and Technotics. I feel like I've done so little so far. But, the plan is to visit the Secluded and Nihilism Tech tomorrow, unless you guys have other ideas.
No. 92446 ID: 4553b2
File 126087662775.png - (67.47KB , 600x400 , 056.png )

Alright, do you guys have more questions for the big V, or should I go see Hope now?
No. 92447 ID: c42be6

How much influence will we have? What even are Vresch's plans for improving the world, especially once he has us in place?
No. 92451 ID: e31b4e

Ask Vresch for his opinion on a new plan.

Step 1: Accept a position in the guild.
Step 2: Use your field of expertise that nobody else could master to gain supporters in the guild.
Step 3: Use newly found connections in the media to get out a message about freedom of information, learning and creation. Mix it up with reminders that you also need to act responsibly with the stuff you learn and not be a dumb fuck who sets his own house on fire.
Step 4: Get more involved in guld politics as well as intercompany and party politics to set up an anti Rastin power base.
Step 5: Take over after Rastin and find a way to do an epic troll on him.

After you get Vresch input on the plan I suggest we find hope and play some mario kart with her. She only has one hand so we should win easily.
No. 92463 ID: c5f90c

Rip and tear! Rip and tear!
No. 92574 ID: 6d4c58

Ask V whether or not this plan works
No. 92587 ID: 31fa25

Remember that Vresch is a damn demon, no matter what else is true about him. We shouldn't ever tell him any more than we have to. Go see Hope.
No. 92642 ID: c42be6

This sounds like a very good plan. And getting Vresch's support will be useful, so we should keep him informed of anything that we doing that isn't related to trying to get rid of him.

[Is there any reason why we have specifically 30 days? Is the moon going to crash into us?]
No. 92646 ID: fe0817

If the moon is crashing into us, where is our time machine? When can we see Eloi?
No. 92930 ID: f4963f

Don't forget that we still have the leader of the Sorc Guild to deal with. Who, if the professor we talked to is to be believed, is a big gobbo bitch.

Let's look at some of the other institutions first, and then lay out a roadmap to power.

>Time limit?
That's when we're scheduled to take power from Rastin. It would be a pretty big event, and will probably require a lot of coordination on Vresch's part. That's why there's a deadline.

If we need to, we can probably talk to Vresch about pushing that back, but let's not unless it's clear we need to. So far, we're only a few days in.
No. 96939 ID: bde1b8
File 126156160896.png - (49.25KB , 600x400 , 057.png )

>This plan
Cora: "...and when that's all done, I'll hopefully have some sort of loving power base to form an anti-Rastin agenda with, and stage some kind of take over or another. Do you think that'd work?"

Vresch: "Hmm. Yes, that is feasible. Playing to your strengths is always a sound strategy. I will be attentive to news concerning the Sorcerer's Guild in any way, and keep you informed, so you can best accelerate your way through the ranks."

Cora: "...Oh, thank you. I didn't even think of that. This is only a temporary plan, in case nothing better presents itself."

Vresch: "Of course. We are not very far in, so there is plenty of flexibility available in planning."
No. 96940 ID: bde1b8
File 126156163166.png - (136.33KB , 600x400 , 058.png )

I bid Vresch a good evening, then head on down to go see Hope. But... we kind of broke off on bad terms the other day. What should I say to her?
No. 96944 ID: 476456

"Yo hope, you wanna do something or something?"
No. 96979 ID: 1afd58

"I 'hope' we can still be friends~"
No. 96981 ID: 12fc66

> "I 'hope' we can still be friends~"
NO. Do not make fun of her name. She will hate you.
People cursed with unfortunate names do not find it funny. Just trust me on this.
No. 96983 ID: 51d0f5

Hook up the machine so you can play Mario Kart with her.
No. 96984 ID: 1afd58

Hey Jude~
No. 97026 ID: 96dac0

"Want to have hot lesbian sex? Alternately, I think I can rig it up so you can play Mario Cart through there."
No. 97063 ID: bde1b8
File 126159909384.png - (50.21KB , 600x400 , 059.png )

"Hey Hope! Do you wanna do something or... something?"
No. 97064 ID: bde1b8
File 126159912082.png - (58.75KB , 600x400 , 060.png )

Hope: "Are those my only two choices?"

Cora: "Agh! Uh. Well no. I mean, I hope we can still be friends."

Hope: "Don't do that."

Cora: "Do what?"

Hope: "...Never mind. What are you doing down here anyway?"

Cora: "Vresch explained to me how to set up Mario Kart down here, so I was wondering if you wanted to play."

Hope: "Uhh... huh. I'm going to have to pass. I don't really have fun staying at the starting line the entire time."
No. 97065 ID: bde1b8
File 126159913450.png - (72.92KB , 600x400 , 61.png )

Uh... huh. On the upside, it looks like she isn't angry at me anymore. She still seems pretty sullen though.

If I got Vresch down here he could probably hook it up so she could play too... or I could try summoning a body for her to possess so she could play. Or we could try doing something else entirely. Orb?
No. 97067 ID: 6faa8c

Summon a body that looks like hers, but with no magical ability.

Then hug her. :3c
No. 97070 ID: 048b92

"... I was meaning that you get to play too."

Offer to ask Vresch to hook something up first THEN you try offering to summon a body for her.
No. 97074 ID: 632862

Would allowing her a direct connection to the outside world via the controller be a security risk? If not just do that.
No. 97086 ID: 96dac0

Summon a body for her.

Also, my proposed options were better. Just sayin'
No. 97093 ID: 12fc66
File 126160241174.jpg - (310.79KB , 800x800 , cc4a1ba58b15f7e6f771340af6ee9437.jpg )

> She seems pretty sullen.
Of course she's sullen. She's stuck inside the crystal, probably bored and lonely as hell.

Even if she has no magic, giving her something full size, or even child size, means she can walk around, open doors, and search for some way to restore her full power and/or burn the world. There's a reason the Rastin clones she possessed were trashed, right?
Even if we're trying be friends, you can't forget that she's potentially very dangerous.

So instead, let's make her very tiny. Like, we're talking pocket size.
It'll prevent her from being able to pick up or interact with most objects, opening doors, and generally making her as helpless as possible without our direct interaction. Which means it will be much easier to watch her, and help prevent Vresch from flipping out. Most importantly, it'll be easier to squash her if she gets uppity, even without summoning, and might even teach her some humility.
Rastin might even be amused.

I suggest anywhere between two inches tall... to maybe about a foot, dependent on how careful we want to be, and whether it's important or not that she be capable of being hugged and/or holding a controller in her own hands.
Essentially; cricket size, or plushie size?
No. 97107 ID: 048b92

If we'll summon her a body, just give her normal size, and be sure to not let her leave the room.

No. 97112 ID: e2d500

Guys, if she summons a body, she won't see anything.
No. 97118 ID: 632862

She can see using the summon's eyes.
No. 97125 ID: 5d5878

Yeah, but then that's mandatory screenlooking!
No. 97133 ID: f21281

Vresch is a TechnoDemon.

Surely he should be able to steal a page from Star Trek and whip-up a mobile holo-emitter for Hope.
No. 97146 ID: bde1b8
File 126161099241.png - (74.06KB , 600x400 , 062.png )

"...I meant you get to play too."

"Oh really? And how are you going to do that?"
No. 97147 ID: bde1b8
File 126161108629.png - (69.46KB , 600x400 , 063.png )

"Like this."

Step 1: Conjure MiniHope.
No. 97149 ID: bde1b8
File 126161113579.png - (62.94KB , 600x400 , 064.png )

Step 2: Touch the crystal so Hope can take over MiniHope.
No. 97150 ID: bde1b8
File 126161115119.png - (67.36KB , 600x400 , 065.png )

Step 3: Break the mindlink so Hope doesn't blind me by shattering it. MiniHope fizzles a bit. C'mon....
No. 97151 ID: bde1b8
File 126161116527.png - (65.32KB , 600x400 , 066.png )

No. 97154 ID: 5d5878

Now Hope, we are working on trust here. Don't abuse this.
No. 97156 ID: 048b92

Can we dispel Minihope, if comes to it?
No. 97170 ID: 12fc66

Revel in the success of this totally unplanned experiment that we had no idea would work.
No. 97171 ID: bde1b8
File 126161376113.png - (109.85KB , 600x400 , 067.png )

"Now Hope, this works on trust. Please don't abuse this."

"Sure, whatever. Can I get an extra arm or something? This is really hard."

"Heh. Sorry, but the body isn't under my control anymore."

>Can we dispel MiniHope?
No, but Hope could dispel MiniHope. Basically, she formed a new mindlink with it. Except I don't see the eye rune thing, so I'm... not completely certain how it works.

Regardless, the body has barely enough magical power to hold itself together. If she tried any magic, it would obliterate MiniHope. So we should be pretty okay.
No. 97172 ID: bde1b8
File 126161379235.png - (99.13KB , 600x500 , 068.png )

So that's all for tonight. Hope and I played Mario Kart for a couple hours. She eventually figured out that, since she was made of magic, she could reshape herself, and she replace her wings with another couple arms. After that, she got good enough to actually play decently.

We both still lost miserably to the CPU though.

For tomorrow: What should I do with MiniHope? Take her with me or something? And should I wear casual or business outfit tomorrow? We're currently planning on seeing The Secluded and Nihilism Tech. Unless people have other ideas.

The point is I don't want to wear the same outfit 3 days in a row.
No. 97174 ID: f21281

Have Vresch make hope her own set of teeny tiny itsy bitsy Wii controllers.
No. 97209 ID: eae9a6
File 126161895456.jpg - (36.72KB , 592x224 , I wanna play with my new nuke.jpg )

Normally I'd be all over the business suit, but considering who we are checking out, let's go casual.

Let's take mini-hope, it'll cheer her up at least.

good job at following the 3 day rule btw.
No. 97213 ID: a5ad11

Still think we should check out the NWA at some point.
Also I vote casual too.
No. 97559 ID: 034a30

I'd say wear the casual clothes. Wearing a tuxy suit while claiming to be a "reporter" might set off alarm bells.
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