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File 139638164253.jpg - (38.92KB , 966x660 , angry skunk.jpg )
568463 No. 568463 ID: 2e8b76

The man lift his almost empty beer mug "Hey missy, can I have a refill?"
choose your protag, can be any character from my quests
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No. 568465 ID: d6c045

The bed.
No. 568466 ID: 113912

Seconding the bed.
No. 568470 ID: 2e8b76

No. 568472 ID: 2e8b76
File 139638295781.jpg - (36.54KB , 966x660 , angry skunk.jpg )

No. 568473 ID: 2e8b76

should I kill it with fire and look for a cute girl?
No. 568475 ID: a0267c

No you fool! Think how useful an animated bed would be, especially since it knows how to dispense drinks and talk.
You could tell your worries to it, it could warn you if someone tries to stab you in your sleep.
No. 568478 ID: 113912

Please, the bed is just awesome. We're supposed to support people with warm comfort while they're sleeping, play matchmaker and help people get their sweet, slimy loving on.
No. 568481 ID: 2e8b76
File 139638481172.jpg - (32.93KB , 966x660 , angry skunk.jpg )

ugh, fine,god this is gonna give one serious head ache, but if you wonna be the MC give me enough free drinks i will be to drunk to realize you are creepirst golem- wait...you are a golem, right?"
"I-I am?"
Is she?
No. 568486 ID: a0267c

No she was once a cute girl but a curse turned her into a bed. She doesn't mind it that much though.
No. 568498 ID: 2e8b76
File 139638719036.jpg - (35.09KB , 966x660 , angry skunk.jpg )

"I-I was once a cute girl but a curse turned me in this form" she looks in the distance her eyes getting wet with tears "B-but I don't really m-mind, sniff"
You know, if you give me a bit more detail i could either breack the curse or look for the one who cast it..."
"D-do you really want to know?" she looks much happier Oh god don't stare at me please!
No. 568500 ID: 53ba34

the person that made the curse called themself... jeff. and they are a jerk.
No. 568501 ID: a0267c

She was cursed because all she did was loaf around and sleep on her bed.
No. 568509 ID: 2e8b76
File 139638968777.jpg - (37.68KB , 966x660 , angry skunk.jpg )

"I was cursed by a dude callim himself jeff, speaking in third person like a moron, he was big jerk!"
"why he did that?"
I said it was because I only loafed around in bed all day with only a pair of panties on! T-that's both untrue and mean! It was a thong at best!"
Welp! We are on for a mission!
"Y-you really will help me?! C-can I join your party?"
miss, I'm bleeding from my eyes, don't stand so close
"S-sorry, Manly man are my type~"
No. 568511 ID: a0267c

Yes the mattress is now a party member! Her name is Hertme. You must find out how to break the curse, i bet jeff knows.
No. 568513 ID: 53ba34

No. 568519 ID: 2e8b76
File 139639108438.jpg - (21.23KB , 966x660 , angry skunk.jpg )

"Yeah! I'll get my original body again, thanks so much mister! the beer is on the house!"
(the creepy matress joined your party)
Oh god let's find this Jeff soon, her eyes are digging in my soul!
so where this douche live?
No. 568521 ID: a0267c

In his dads mansion in the middle of the town, he is often seen driving his fathers carriage around town causing havoc.
No. 568667 ID: 2e8b76
File 139640915509.jpg - (34.86KB , 966x660 , angry skunk.jpg )

" Jeff lives in the middle of the town, in hid dad's mansion, and he like to ride around town causing trouble for everyone"
Sound like a real douche
"And we can't do anything to him, he is a powerful mage and we normal citizen can't do much against him!"
No. 568798 ID: 2e8b76
File 139643722195.jpg - (37.72KB , 966x660 , angry skunk.jpg )

doing an update at 5 am, when you are still half asleep was a bad idea...the horror
You said he is a mage?Does he have some kind of magical defence system protecting his dad's house or we can just barge in an punch his face until he lift the curse from you?
No. 568800 ID: a0267c

There is a magical fence surrounding the house, and some big burly guards i guess?
No. 568804 ID: 53ba34

only a guess because no one has seen the inside, so any magical defenses there are unknown.
No. 568840 ID: f2c8fe

youre pretty sure you once saw a squirrel try to sneak inside and got turned into a desk
No. 568843 ID: ffa549

You don't have any hands to hold. You're a mattress.
No. 568876 ID: 2e8b76
File 139646840510.jpg - (47.07KB , 966x660 , angry skunk.jpg )

" I only know of as magical barrier outside the mansion that turn all intruder into forniture, some guards can be seen from outside but that's all it's known, no one had ever seen what's inside the house...sorry"
Hmm, this guy loves to curse things into forniture, it must be some kind of fetish...well, let's ee if we can break the barrier for now
"You are mage too? How powerful are you? You looked more like the warrior type..."
No. 568890 ID: a0267c

Can you mess with the magical barrier so that it turns furniture into intruders? So that when you walk into the barrier it will swap you with a random piece of furniture in the mansion?
No. 568893 ID: 53ba34

the barrier is the only real obstacle.
No. 568957 ID: ffa549

...she's already furniture, though. Can we use that to slip past the barrier?
No. 568985 ID: 2e8b76
File 139653240495.jpg - (42.45KB , 966x660 , angry skunk.jpg )

Hmm, since you are forniture already the barrier shouldn't affect- the Mattreass look about to cry
Yeah, you don't looks like the fighting type, I could tamper with the barrier and teleport us in in place of existing furniture instead of being turned into it, how that sounds to you?
No. 568992 ID: 7b33e8

Are you bad enough dude to kick ass even if you are turned into furniture?
Being a piece of furniture would help sneaking around the mansion, and if you get lucky you get turned into an sentient oven that can breath fire!
No. 568995 ID: 53ba34

let's just teleport, and then kick the ass of everyone in the way.
No. 569127 ID: 2e8b76
File 139660723032.jpg - (51.29KB , 966x660 , lol.jpg )

I don't think I can't fight as a piece of furniture...I am pretty strong and shit, but I need arms to fight...
I'll just hack the barrier in a teleporting device
"are you powerful enough to do it?"
Hertme, I am the strongest
"Sh-should we take measures to not appear in different rooms once teleported? M-maybe h-h-hoding h-h-handss...
No. 569130 ID: 256d52

Sit on the mattress.

It's the only way to be sure.
No. 569155 ID: ffa549

>I don't think I can't fight as a piece of furniture...I am pretty strong and shit, but I need arms to fight...
So then, make sure you're turned into an armoire.
No. 569156 ID: 2d6511

Most chairs have arms.
No. 569177 ID: 53ba34

hold it's cloak.
No. 569564 ID: 2e8b76
File 139689596921.jpg - (66.58KB , 966x660 , picarto5.jpg )

Hmm, Ok, I'm going to cast a ward now, this way, if jeff tirn me into a piece of forniture it will be something with hands, now
NOPE, 5creepy3me, those eyes :<
only option left is
cloak grabbed
"H-ho my~~"
let's go,hmm, were is most likely we will spawn?
No. 569569 ID: 53ba34

a bedroom, swapping a mattress for another is simplest. you swap for the nightstand.
No. 569574 ID: 2c6ff1

Yeah, a bedroom. With really romantic decorations.
No. 572371 ID: 91e8c2
File 139845841686.jpg - (260.88KB , 1600x1200 , burmecian .jpg )

the matress...Hertme fall on the pink heart shaped bed
"Oh my! T-this room is..."
I don't even want to know...what we do now?
No. 572372 ID: ca65e6

Go find the guy and beat the shit out of him. No need to bring the mattress along I suppose.
No. 572378 ID: 53ba34

wait.. the guy will probably fling around more focused furniture spells. she can absorb them since she is already something.
No. 573411 ID: 7b3f2a
File 139940966330.jpg - (86.92KB , 1280x1024 , storytime.jpg )

right, OK, you stay here I will- Oh god she is staring at me!
"P-please don't let me alone!
would you be my shield against jeff's spells? you are already forniture so it will-
She open her eyes more (oh god oh god ho god sthap, halp!) " Yeah! I can help!"
gahhhhh! Ok focus, sure let's get out, let's hope no guards will appear...
No. 573415 ID: d6c045

Bed: Prove your worth by diving onto a guard and smothering/pinning him before he can call for help.

Necro: Facepalm and then kick the guard unconscious.
No. 573418 ID: d6410a

Guards: turn out to be scary-looking housekeeper demon dressed as maids.
No. 573725 ID: 7b3f2a
File 139965098607.jpg - (108.72KB , 1280x1024 , storytime.jpg )

Just right behind the corner a lonely guard appear.
Guard :"Who's there!? " before it can says anything else Hertme jump on it pinning it to the ground; the shock of looking directly into Hertme's eyes have stolen all of it's fighting spirit
Hertme :" Yeeeh! I'm useful!"
I can't deny it...ugh, let me finish this.
With a kick powerful enough to kill a bull the demon is spare from its suffering
Alright, I'll store this demon 's soul, it might be. Useful later ... need a hand to go back to your feet?
"Oh -ohh my!"
:I let's make sure we don't meet more guard...
No. 573732 ID: a95b2e

Geeze. You're so hard on the mattress. You know it's not her fault she's a terrifying abomination, right?

Let's just find this guy and kick his face in already, for what he's put you though already.
No. 573799 ID: c170fd

Move faster through the fort! Have some cool fights, confront the leader!
No. 575131 ID: 6e0170
File 140061555863.jpg - (145.68KB , 1280x1024 , storytime.jpg )

Cause you have never seen her eyes up close!, tough, yeah, she is a nice girl...
glargblgh, shtap! OK, lets go
yeah, this guy are pushovers, let's rock!
After some cool and oneway fight they reach the center of the duche manor
Welp this is the last room
"Ohhh~ you were so cool, kicking those guy in " Her eye sparkle even more
ghffdgh agh,t-thanks I REALLY need to give her human body back soo, my sanity is dropping so fast..
welp, what you think is behind this doors?
No. 575134 ID: 2bfcdf

Giant horned demon.
No. 575148 ID: 189a54

A sentient mattress warlock that just wanted a companion.
No. 575152 ID: d6c045

The BBEG is a greasy teenager with far too much inheritance. The door is locked. When you break it open you find he's wearing a crown and sitting on a thrown while doing something super inappropriate with a furniture catalog.
No. 575194 ID: 761017

>A Giant, horned, teenaged demonic mattress and warlock, with far too much inheritance that just wanted a companion. The door is locked. When you break it open you find he's wearing a crown and sitting on a throne while doing something super inappropriate with a furniture catalog.
No. 576381 ID: 6e0170
File 140136605514.jpg - (248.22KB , 2035x1536 , storytime.jpg )

you make the door explode, fuck subtlety! What awaited behind those door was not meant to see
Jeff:"Aahh! Noo, my final form have been exposed~"
"W-waht's happening?" the girl can't see the scene
I'm seeing something that make you looks cute and not mind breaking
Nope, nevermind...what now?
No. 576382 ID: 53ba34

fire a mega death beam!
No. 576397 ID: d6c045

Threaten to kill him unless he removes the curse. Once he does, kill him anyway and raze the entire place to the ground and try to forget any of this ever happened.

Except in your nightmares when you wake up at 4am.

Start sexy scene with uncursed girl, wake up with 'but it was all a dream'!
No. 582229 ID: 159c08
File 140420631568.jpg - (262.21KB , 2035x1536 , storytime.jpg )

Agh, fuck you!
A mass of necromantic energy condense
take this!
the nothing happen
>hahahahahha! surprised?. this is my antimagic field chanber, Only I can use magic here!
"O-oniichan, what can we do?"
The necromancer pet the girl's head and smile
Don't worry
No. 582231 ID: 159c08
File 140420682202.jpg - (177.99KB , 2035x1536 , storytime.jpg )

The necromancer jump in the air, high enough to reach the ceiling, then jump off it and, at an impossible speed kick the monstrous mattress, destroying it in a fluff explosion
No. 582233 ID: 159c08
File 140420735789.jpg - (215.75KB , 2035x1536 , storytime.jpg )

"O-onii chan! Looks! I'm a human again!"
As he looks at her he realize something important
No. 582234 ID: 159c08
File 140420785648.jpg - (145.20KB , 2035x1536 , storytime.jpg )

the illusion shatter, just a second before a trasmutation bean hit the man, who dodge just in time
>H-how did you break free of my pefect world illusion!?
"Onii chan!" she rush toward you " You are safe"
he dodge and roll away
Uff, Ok, it was simple, there were to many mistakes in your illusion,but what really made it obvious was, you gave her striped panties! She weared a micro kini before being transformed!
>Nooo! How could have I made such mistake!
No. 582235 ID: 159c08
File 140420821183.jpg - (210.09KB , 2035x1536 , storytime.jpg )

Time to punish you for your crimes
"s-so cool!"
:I Welp, how to deal with you?
No. 582261 ID: 50338d

He likes living mattresses so much?

Have some undead minions tie him down to a bedframe and start force feeding him stuffing.
No. 582475 ID: 8bf5d1

Nail him to the ceiling where he'll never be useful as a mattress again.
No. 592381 ID: 45b5f3
File 140977191455.jpg - (111.08KB , 525x1875 , 01.jpg )

too weird
A bit plane, but has potential...
Let's get rid of the antimagic field fierst, then...
as he say that the earth is shatter by the man's kick
>That's not possible! How strong are you? Aaaaaahh!!
Please don't stare at me, OH GOD
As the ground shatter the magic circle carved beneath it is ruined
the mana start to roar aoubd the necromancer
NOW return her to human or i will make sure youur eyes will never be able to see nor your gross appendage will ever able to touch EVEN THE SIMPLEST PIECE OF FORNITURE! FOR EVER!!!
"I-isn't that a bit too cruel..."
Nghhh, you really are a good girl
"H-ha~ I've been praised So happy" the girl run toward necro
D-Don't come any closer! AAAAHHHHH!
No. 592416 ID: 53ba34

start slowly breaking the dude's throne in front of him, to show how serious you are. the sooner he fixes the trouble he's caused the sooner you stop.
No. 592418 ID: 2fd516

Jesus christ get the guy to turn her back before it's too late!
No. 592454 ID: ebbdd7

If she isn't turned back before she touches me, you're going to suffer, eternally.
No. 593923 ID: 5e2f6b
File 141059618057.jpg - (92.58KB , 1123x944 , 01.jpg )

With terror in his eyes the necromancer turn toward the warlock, the throne start to disintegrate
NOW, make her human, or what i had to suffer today will be nothing compared to what i will make you suffer eternally!
>EEEK! D-don't hurt m-
A mana burst cut him lose
Now! ;^; She is fast...
"Oni~i chan :3!"
whit desperation the warlock cast his spell
the necromancer and Hertme fall on the floor
No. 593953 ID: 8b533b

So... the spell got through in time, right? You didn't suffer a fate worse than death and get glomped by a mattress, right?
No. 594726 ID: 639967
File 141112719291.png - (217.29KB , 787x786 , 01.png )

Well, let's just say the view from down here is glorious
"Onii-chan You look even better this close~"
And you look much better with hands
":3 take off those clothes then"
> Agh, two humans mating!, so gross get away! AAAHHHHHHH!
No. 594745 ID: 8b533b

>>Agh, two humans mating!, so gross get away! AAAHHHHHHH!
Hey, they aren't mating, yet. Technically.

It's your own fault, anyways. You transform away stuff and people really want to use them when they get em back. You brought this on yourself.
No. 594760 ID: 2fd516

Possible punishment: do horrible fleshy stuff right in front of him and force him to watch.
No. 595578 ID: 64aa9d
File 141156448851.png - (117.97KB , 787x786 , 01.png )

>Noo It's too gross-
I think I know how to make you pay for all the traumatic experience I had to suffer

":3 OH what's gonna be onii-chan~? :9"
Heheheh, Curse to the face!
>Wh-AAAAAGGHHHhhhhh...What have you done to-I can't move! I can't look away! No, stop

Hell yeah! sweetest revenge ever!
>Oh god no, stop aggh! How can you even bend that w-Ahhh
After ( longs hours (thank you necromancy fueled endurance!) and a couple of tentacle growthts later The former Mattress girl is satisfied and curled in a ball, resting
"That was great~ I reaaally needed that, been a year since i could even get close to my bits..." :3 she then fall asleep
puff, what kind of machine she is? Hey big guy are you okay?Had a taste of your medicine?
Hmm, have I broke him?
No. 595600 ID: 8b533b

>Hmm, have I broke him?
Poke him and see!

Could have been worse, anyways. If you were real monsters you would have used him as a mattress, during. Instead of just forcing him to watch.
No. 595622 ID: 2fd516

Maybe he passed out with his eyes open. Dump a bucket of water on him.
No. 596654 ID: 4d6ad1
File 141216805033.jpg - (59.95KB , 787x786 , i dare you.jpg )

>Poke him and see!
....nnnnnnope! I've spent the whole fucking day trying to not get touched by a creepy
mattress! NO chance in hell I'll touch one now!
...ssssoo, I guess the water bucket is the only solution; time to restore one maid
demon,as I have no idea were to find water in this mansion, hmm I wonder what it will look like...
Don't even try to suggest a piece of furniture! :I I swear I'll unsummon it immediately
No. 596688 ID: 2fd516

Skeleton meido.
No. 596690 ID: 2ec61a

No. 596698 ID: b961bb

Mer-maid. Obviously. You're even using water.
No. 596699 ID: 89b2a2

Ice sculpture mattress
No. 597609 ID: 654b71
File 141271114265.jpg - (101.35KB , 1123x944 , 01.jpg )

as the soul is being given shape again something resembling and ice sculpture appea-.......nnnnnnnnNope! Let's try again...
slimes are my forte!
and we do need water...I suppose...
suddenly a blue flash and a skeleton jelly mermaid appered
>Ah m-master! S-sorry! Don't punish me i'll immediately put on the mattress suit!
NOPE! don't even try!
:< noo! master will trow me in the forniture chamber!
No. 597623 ID: 2fd516

Tell her to fetch a pail of water and her transgression will be forgiven.
No. 597658 ID: 2ec61a

we need water, and rope.
No. 597690 ID: 8b533b

There's no time for punishments, you're forgiven. Stop cowering.

Also, all furniture related costumes and tortures are now banned. Forever. Furniture is to be used for furniture and nothing else.

Now clean up this mess. That's what maids are for!
No. 597835 ID: 922567
File 141297520963.jpg - (44.25KB , 828x731 , gnukork.jpg )

This is good, but i don't want too be mean to her, she probably had to suffer things too awful to mention...I'll water it up a bit
he is catatonic, he is not going to do anything to you, he is currently catatonici'm not a guest
>W-wait...I got stabbed from behind earlier why am i alive?
I fixed you, now I need your help
Magic? Your soul is not bond to Jeff either
her eys start to watering up
>I-I'm free?
after you do a few things for me: fetch me mawetr and a rope
she looks worried
I need them to bind your former boss and to try to wake him up
>G-gpt it thanks master
she disappear into a hidden door, she reappear soon after
>Now what?
Bind him thight and throw the water on his head
>W-wonthe react badly?
No. 597836 ID: b8ceae

"That jerk's not your master anymore, is he?"
No. 597865 ID: 8b533b

>W-wonthe react badly?
That's the point, my dear.
No. 597904 ID: 2fd516

Better safe than sorry. Make sure he can't blast magic anywhere. What are we gonna do with him after he's awake, anyway? Imprisonment?
No. 598006 ID: 5dd629
File 141313695282.jpg - (73.68KB , 1123x944 , 01.jpg )

That was my intention, tough it may indeed be safe then sorry, I'll enchant the rope so it will drain is magical power
>You Can do that? Cool! W-what are you planning on doing to him, i-if I can ask?
...I-...No idea, I just wanted to have that girl uncursed...
> :I Damnit master!
No. 598010 ID: 2fd516

You forgot? You got the girl uncursed, then as a bit of vengeance you boned her in front of him. Now you're waking him up from his coma.

I guess you could just leave him to wake up normally, and take the girl with you. And the skeletonjelly maid.

I mean it seems like we may be done here otherwise.
No. 598034 ID: 8b533b

Look, this was just a rescue mission and now I'm punishing him for making it so frustrating. There wasn't really a longer goal here. I was probably just going to get bored and let him go, assuming he learned his lesson.

Unless you think I should do something else?
No. 599160 ID: f082b0
File 141401066389.jpg - (49.91KB , 787x786 , 0fight.jpg )

Look this was supposed to be a quick rescue mission, which went well,as you can see the girl is now normal again, besides that i didn't plan much further, I was just going to make him apologize or something...
The goog girl puff her cheeks to the limit
>Master! The situation is way worse then what you think! more then half of this town have been cursed that way!
WHAT! and where the hell they were? I only met Hertme cursed in some kind of furniture abomination?!
>Duh, will you go around town if you were a creepy chair human hybrids whit giant black creepy e-
OK I GOT IT! What do you want me to do then?
>Hmmm, can you steal his powers?
....I think I could do it?
good, do so I- since when I have a tail?
No. 599165 ID: 2fd516

Sure, do it. Render him harmless. Never use the powers though. Ever.
No. 599169 ID: 4d85c5

>seal his powers?
Uh, will that uncurse his town full of victims, or do we need something more elaborate for that?

The maid's right, though, we can't leave this doof to sling terrible stupid furniture curses.

>since when I have a tail?
Since now? *smack*
No. 599719 ID: c15e36
File 141458400202.jpg - (38.19KB , 787x786 , 0storytime.jpg )

You can bet I wont...ever nope
>oh so just removing his power will work?
...right... I'll use this power to remove all the curses I find of this type... then hunt down the mage who casted them and break them.
reguarding your tail...
since now :3
>That's lewd!
she says blushing then she mumble something necro can't hear
>I like lewd...
Well, time to do so real WIZARD! work!
energy crackle in the room and Jeff final form disappear into smoke revealing is lameass teenage boy appeearence
Oh, well, what we do now?
No. 599727 ID: 4f004c

>lameass teenage boy
Find that kids parents and get them to handle it. Seriously, they shouldn't be letting him turn everybody into furniture, they need to pay more attention.
No. 599739 ID: 2ec61a

yes, and leave a unpleasent note on him,also explaining he has no more power now.
No. 600376 ID: 37f4fc
File 141512020350.jpg - (50.34KB , 663x663 , It\'s good to be king.jpg )

What? Do I have to fix how his family situation too!? Ugh...fine missy?
leaning on to get closerto the skeleton jelly mermaid maid
I need you to show me the room of this kid's parents
>they are in a different house...Want me to show you the way?
That will be delightful...what's your name, btw?
>...S-skeleton jelly?
...Anyway, i'll leave him a note to tell him he is now powerless, hmm I'm afraid to ask, but...where his parents live?
No. 600379 ID: 2fd516

They run an antique store in town.
No. 600441 ID: 84580f
File 141518895054.jpg - (68.71KB , 834x787 , 0.jpg )

>Nothing weird actually, they run a chain of antique stores and the main one is in town, it has a built in apartment too!
Something normal? F-for real?
>Yeah...I think Jeff's parent decided to fled there...
Reasonable...OK! What sweet ride do we take to visit his parents?
No. 600442 ID: 2ec61a

a chariot pulled by a team of midnight horses with flaming manes!
No. 600453 ID: dd8e0b

>Something normal? F-for real?
Well, I'm not sure if antique stores are normal. Maybe growing up in one was how he ended up with his furniture fetish. Corrupted at a young age by all the experienced furniture.

...in his parents' defense though, how the hell could you predict that?

>What sweet ride do we take to visit his parents?
Get the skelly jelly a heli.
No. 600484 ID: b8ceae

Surf a rock on a wave of dirt all the way there.
No. 600598 ID: 2f4b71

Skull chopper.
The two-wheeled variety
No. 600688 ID: 225f30
File 141540180120.jpg - (177.57KB , 1327x1326 , 0fight.jpg )

Let's get a cool crriage amd neat horses
>we aonly have two horses here, jeff kept on turning theminto furniture so his parents just

left two lame one here....
Damn You Jeff!
Hertme jump back on her feet "why don't we surf on a stone slab to his house?"
>...Hi I'm Skeleton Jelly...Don't you think is a bit impractical?
I'll Make a chopper, fuck it!
>A what?
"I think a slab is more practical then a sword..."
Hehehe, Prepare to be amazed
a Magic circle form on the ground and a big chopper made of bones appear
>M-master It only has two seats!
No. 600689 ID: b8ceae

They can sit in each others laps. LETS RIDE!
No. 600754 ID: 2ec61a

both sit in our lap, jeff goes in the other seat on his stomach.
No. 600819 ID: dd8e0b

The chopper is gigantic. The girls can share.

...or we can just put the jelly in the cupholder. She's liquid enough, right?
No. 601295 ID: f08ea7
File 141565402344.jpg - (64.26KB , 994x894 , 0fight.jpg )

She is a skeleton jelly, She is a bit more giggly then a regular human and she can shift some of her mass to different parts of her body, but that's it: she is bound to her skeleton as...don't freak out...the one that's inside you!
No. 601299 ID: 07a835

It sounds like you need a sidecar.
No. 601301 ID: 3e8285
File 141565547494.jpg - (163.20KB , 787x943 , 0storytime.jpg )

That's easy to solve!
Jeff get stuffed in a potato sack and trow on the back seat amd with a swift motion The necromancer jump on the sweet ride
You can share my lap
she blush
"First!" Hertme jump on the bike and place herself on your lap "I'm taking the right side" she slide toward the right leg
>Aww that's not fair!
Hehe, Jump on princess
>/// O-OK...
"Cute! Can I call you princess too? Skeleton Jelly sounds weird!"
>Sure...It do sounds better...
She hop on
OK, what the shop of Jeff's parents looks like?
No. 601316 ID: 07a835

Skull mountain.

It's a very big antiques store.
No. 606943 ID: 101f08
File 141735855840.jpg - (81.68KB , 943x787 , 0storytime.jpg )

Princess sigh
>...Like a skull mountain
Whatever I don't care anymore
"At least we know why Jeff is so weird...He got corrupted by those older fornitures..."
The whole group shudder
"Sorry I should have not made a forniture joke...agh"
Heads get patted
Eh...Let's go for now
The big chopper roar and the group reach the creepy store in a few minutes
"can we juyst go home?"
The skeleton jelly mermaid maid known as princess POUT hard!
OK sorry, let's finish this...
The group walk to the entrance of the huge skullshaped building
The necromancer knock at the door
Princess, how weird are the employees here?
The skeleton jelly mermaid maid bite her supple lips
No. 606948 ID: b8ceae

"Surprisingly normal."
No. 606966 ID: 2ec61a

other then the skulls thing. really like skulls. on everything. but they don't get them themselves. just buy them from people. think they are antique skulls?
No. 606971 ID: 4c5cf2

Yes. Perfectly normal, boring parents, running a shop in a skull mountain and with a crazed furniture wizard son.
No. 607022 ID: 101f08
File 141737397203.jpg - (76.21KB , 943x787 , 0storytime.jpg )

>Besides a weird obsession with skulls...Yeah perfectly normal and boring parents
"How weird?"
>They just buy lots of them, I'm not exactly sure why, maybe they believe they are antiques?
The door open, a normal woman open the door
Woman:"Yes? How can I help you miss?" she looks at the skeleton jelly mermaid maid now known as Princess "Have I seen you somewhere?" she start to droll"You have a lovely head shape, I wonder how cute your skull will be"
No. 607027 ID: 2ec61a

hand over their son. and tell them he has been depowered. so he can work in the store and not urn anyone into furniture.
No. 607062 ID: 06794c
File 141738348293.jpg - (80.85KB , 943x787 , 0storytime.jpg )

she get closer to the skeleton jelly mermaid maid "are you sure I don't know you? Do you want to come inside my shop?"
Hertme hug the skeleton jelly mermaid now known as Princess "Maybe you have seen her working at my pub..." She groan "The Beer Mattress..."
We need to change that name!
Shopkeeper"Ah...Soo, why are you here?"
you lift your girls and walk backwards to the chopper, let the girls go, grab the potato sack containing Jeff and carry it back in front of the lady
We have depowered your son, he wont be a menace anymore and can go back to work with you
"OH...Thank you mister, Daady! Our son Is normal again!"
Shopkeeper:"Please come in I need to thank you properly!"
No. 607068 ID: 4c5cf2

>I wonder how cute your skull will be
Can't they see her skull? Skeleton jelly and all.

And did we leave (formerly) matress-chan behind?

>Please come in I need to thank you properly!
No, that's quite all right.
No. 607142 ID: 2ec61a

fine, keep the girls nearby so there wont be anymore skull talk.
No. 607146 ID: 06794c
File 141739738027.jpg - (62.68KB , 943x787 , 0storytime.jpg )

her jello get more dense when closer to a joint so you can't see her knees or elbow, but you can see the mid section of her femurs.
I've left both girls on the chopper.
"We need to hurry back to the bar! We are not suppose to be closed at this time!"
>Yep, sorry ma'am...
Necro nope back to the chopper and the party get back to the pub.
Really normal people...
>I did not know how obsessed they were...
Necro pet her head
Eh, Is not your fault
Mertme hug Her "yeah"
>Nice save BTW!
Yeah, good job
:3 "Thanks...soo, what now?
I think for today we can call it done
>Master! What about all the people Jeff transformed
Tomorrow, I need to recover some sanity from today ordeals...
:3 "I Know how to bust someone sanity!"
>LEEEEWD But I approve!
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