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File 125464754520.png - (795.84KB , 1500x800 , Part 2 .png )
56795 No. 56795 ID: ea5d5c

[The breaking out of a mysterious facility with the guidance of you, an innocent bystander, guiding only through a mysterious laptop.

Assorted test subjects, a mysterious pair, and a good-willed scientist are now who you are leading out.

5 Project, Part 2; Discovery.]

Now what?
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No. 56799 ID: 9e9b47

I guess have Hailey tell us where we should go first to get out of here.
No. 56800 ID: 476456

Obtain real names.
No. 57063 ID: 12f282

Hailey said she didn't remember exactly where the exit was, but if she saw it she'd recognize it.
We should keep walking down this hallway, and since M2 apparently doesn't realize that we can access other cameras besides his eye, we should try and keep him in our sights whenever possible.

Whenever we've asked one of the experiments for a name, they just give us their number. It could be that they don't remember their names from before they were abducted. Cheer up - at least we have one character with a proper name now (Hailey)
No. 57342 ID: ea5d5c
File 12547000986.png - (118.71KB , 640x480 , 1.png )

You continue following along with Hailey. She seems unsure about where she's going, but it vanishes ever so often; she really is going by memory.

There are doors lining the excessive number of hallways; she explains they're bunkers for the scientists. This place doesn't seem very pleasant. No.4 makes sure to check if they're all empty, just in case.

No.5 is interested in Hailey for some reason, and has taken to clinging to her like a leech.
No. 57395 ID: 388c34

Ask 11 what he thinks about 2 and whether we can trust. Also tell him about him closing his camera eye and looking at 10 at the same time.
No. 57422 ID: cab543

No. 57426 ID: ea5d5c
File 125470263827.png - (97.56KB , 640x480 , 2.png )

"Why would you think I'd give two shits about something like that?"

What an ass.
No. 57449 ID: 388c34

Tell 4 to keep an eye on 2 and 10.
No. 57454 ID: 12f282

Ask 11 to strip again... er...

Tell Four that we trust M2 and 10 about as far as we can throw them and that she should watch them like a hawk.
No. 57498 ID: 8f3850

Ask Hailey about the green computer.
No. 57528 ID: ea5d5c
File 125470583678.png - (55.96KB , 640x480 , 3.png )

No.4 is always happy to help!
No. 57564 ID: 12f282

How is 1 doing?
No. 57580 ID: 8f3850

Just gonna go with this again.
No. 57604 ID: ea5d5c
File 12547078021.png - (55.88KB , 640x480 , 4.png )

"Er...I think that's the main databank. The little lights go off if access to a computer is lost."
No. 57623 ID: 8f3850

Form a plan on what to do if the connection is lost. Propose that we will say something at least once a minute. If this doesn't happen, go to the computer with Hailey to figure out what happened.
No. 57626 ID: 388c34

Ask 3 if she is okay and how she is doing.
No. 57653 ID: ea5d5c
File 125471010660.png - (94.37KB , 640x480 , 5.png )

"Very good at this, aren't you." #2 seems less impressed and more fake smiles and raised eyebrows.
She mumbles a lot.
No. 57665 ID: 12f282

No. 57666 ID: 8f3850

Figure out who's missing. Probably 1. Search and rescue.
No. 57670 ID: cab543

Tell everyone 1 is missing and go look for her!
No. 57673 ID: 388c34

Have 5 look for 1.
No. 57681 ID: ea5d5c
File 125471144164.png - (79.29KB , 640x480 , 6.png )

No.5 to the rescue! So where to look?
No. 57686 ID: 12f282

I guess all the scientists' rooms in the hallway... 1 was with us when we found Hailey, I think.
No. 57688 ID: 95bbc6

Check the room with the big glowy thing, Five!
No. 57690 ID: 388c34

No. 57692 ID: cab543

No. 57732 ID: ea5d5c
File 125471338753.png - (50.52KB , 640x480 , 7.png )

Now where is she?
No. 57749 ID: cab543

Call the group back together and go down the stairs. Make 2 lead in front, in case of danger
No. 57755 ID: ea5d5c
File 125471484967.png - (21.80KB , 640x480 , 8.png )

You call everyone else for backup.
"There's nothing here. Looks like your great leader likes to play around, hm?"
Little bastard.

The door seems to have closed up, but a bit of prying should be enough to follow after No.5 and catch up with her.
No. 57758 ID: 8f3850

>a bit of prying should be enough to follow after No.5 and catch up with her

DO IT. Push M2 in first.
No. 57761 ID: cab543

Agreed. But not everyone should go down, in case 1 isn't down there. 11 should follow M2 and the others should keep looking.
No. 57767 ID: 388c34

Also we should tell 5 to come back.
No. 57769 ID: c5f90c

No. 57770 ID: 12f282

Make sure we have camera access before sending anyone else down there.
No. 57779 ID: ea5d5c
File 12547160368.png - (25.68KB , 640x480 , 9.png )

"You dead?"
"I fell down a case of stairs!"
"You're fine then. Coming in after you."
No.11 is truly the master of etiquette.
No. 57798 ID: 388c34

Tell 5 to stay there until we get there.
No. 57802 ID: ea5d5c
File 125471719919.png - (45.26KB , 640x480 , 10.png )

No.5 makes a small noise of agreement. She doesn't sound too far down. In the background, there's ragged breathing, and something that sounds eerily like a scream.

From the camera, you can see a bit of light coming from below.
No. 57806 ID: 388c34

Hurry on to 5.
No. 57807 ID: c5f90c

Look around to find the sex going on. :3
No. 57821 ID: ea5d5c
File 125471848519.png - (85.99KB , 640x480 , 11.png )

The end of the passage is baffling. You assume the shadows are No.5 and No.1, but the thing they're looking at is full of confusing angles. Your eyes adjust on the figure, and you realize it's similar to a screen. A blue portal-screen. Of a person screaming in pain.
No. 57824 ID: 12f282

Ask 11 to check on 1. Is she OK? Is she still out of it? Does she know who is on that screen, and where they are?
No. 57826 ID: c5f90c

Where's the Zoom-in feature on this useless camera?

No. 57837 ID: ea5d5c
File 125471970241.png - (138.38KB , 640x480 , 12.png )

It's getting harder and harder to see what's in the blue.
"We should get out of here." #2 pipes. "She might explode or something."
No. 57839 ID: 632862

It's probably more of an empathic or sympathetic reaction. Get everyone away from that screen.
No. 57840 ID: 12f282

Agree with 2 (as much as it pains us) and GTFO.
No. 57843 ID: 12f282

Alternatively: have 5 escort 1 back to the surface, ask M2 and 11 to watch the screen a bit longer to see if it changes.
No. 57847 ID: 388c34

No. 57848 ID: c5f90c

Get Five and One out of there.

Eleven and Bitch-Boy to watch the screen.
No. 57849 ID: cab543

I want to see what's on that screen, so going with this
No. 57853 ID: ea5d5c
File 125472111931.png - (99.68KB , 640x480 , 13.png )

You squint to make out the image. A person with tress behind them? Those things look like pillars...

"I'm sorry! I just wanted to see!" The figure screams out hoarsely. The only bit of color you can see is the red of their eyes.
No. 57858 ID: ea5d5c
File 125472164176.png - (118.84KB , 640x480 , 14.png )

The image fades away.
No. 57860 ID: 12f282

Have 11 and M2 examine the passage for any buttons or controls or something that might operate the portal-screen.
If they can't find anything, oh well. Go back to the surface to make sure 1 is OK.
No. 57864 ID: ea5d5c
File 125472275483.png - (63.88KB , 640x480 , 15.png )

Finding nothing, they return upstairs.
"Careful. There's something out there," No.1's familiar carefree voice warns.
No. 57870 ID: 12f282

Oh wat. Where is everybody!?
Check the camera in the hallway outside the room to see what is going on and contact Four over the headphones.
No. 57874 ID: cab543

No. 57886 ID: ea5d5c
File 125472433538.png - (109.23KB , 640x480 , 16.png )

"--I told you not to move! One step and I'll jerk. You ever see a person have their heart dislodged and throat cut at the same time?"
Well, there's ONE of the two prisoners.
No. 57891 ID: c5f90c

Assess the situation. Try to figure out where everyone is at this moment so we can see what resources we have available for this.

Try to communicate with the guy threatening Library-Girl. (I'm not sure through who. I don't know who's there.)
No. 57896 ID: 8f3850

Send 1 to negotiate. Get 3 to sneak up on this person via the ceiling.
No. 57897 ID: 12f282

Find out who this experiment is talking to.
Also: try to pull up his data file. There might be something in it we can use.
No. 57904 ID: ea5d5c
File 125472556571.png - (97.67KB , 640x480 , 17.png )

No.1 pops out without you telling her to.
"Heya, what'd I miss?"
You find this slightly unnerving.
No. 57905 ID: 632862

Hmm. Maybe she doesn't have headphones because she *doesn't need them* to hear you.

No. 57906 ID: 8f3850

Give a headphone to 1, whoever can spare one. Request politely to negotiate with this new person, since we need the researcher lady to get around this place.

Ask 3 to attempt to sneak up on the hostage taker from the ceiling.
No. 57908 ID: 388c34

This but without 3 sneaking about.
No. 57909 ID: 12f282

If 1 will consent to wearing a headphone, have 4 split hers and give 1 one of them.
Tell 11, M2 and 5 to STAY IN THE ROOM. We should keep some of our cards hidden.
No. 57914 ID: ea5d5c
File 125472681914.png - (136.38KB , 640x480 , 18.png )

They can't really share headphones or sneak around, as they are in a hallway where he can see everythi--



There is no way it's that easy. How can she even jump that far?
No. 57920 ID: 12f282

Have everyone dog-pile him and restrain him so we can find out why he was holding Hailey hostage and if we can recruit him or not.
No. 57921 ID: cab543

No. 58079 ID: 192956

yes and 5 give Hailey a big hug.
No. 58400 ID: ea5d5c
File 12547988137.png - (82.25KB , 640x480 , 19.png )


The patient seems to have gone unconscious due to the head trauma of being kneed in the face.
No. 58405 ID: 81c647

Tie up the patient and check up on the other group.
No. 58406 ID: 12f282

If we have anymore makeshift bedsheet-rope, tie up this new guy so he can't cause any trouble.
Then, roll call while we wait for him to come to his senses and interrogate him.
No. 58409 ID: 9e9b47


See if he's got anything on him.
No. 58437 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480185590.png - (73.68KB , 640x480 , 20.png )

No.1 drags him by his foot. You had forgotten how eccentric she was. Probably because she wasn't sober for long.
"Hey, Professor, what's that thing? Can we look at it?"
No. 58438 ID: 12f282

No. 58445 ID: 8f3850

Group ready check. See if everyone is present, either by headphones or cameras.
No. 58449 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480280828.png - (38.72KB , 640x480 , 21.png )

"Well...I wasn't paying too much attention, but I think you go in that little container there, and there's an apparatus you hook up to your head, and it analyzes it..."
No.1 nods encouragingly.
"Well, basically it reads the subject's mind. More like, well, the thing they think about the most, enough for it to leave a clear impression. For example, if you put in a war hero with shell-shock, you'd see the scene that broke them, and so such..."
No. 58454 ID: 81c647

Put 10 into the machine.
No. 58456 ID: edc3e3

No. 58472 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480495464.png - (530.62KB , 640x480 , 22.png )

No.3 shoves No.10 in awkwardly.
No. 58473 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480504252.png - (101.94KB , 640x480 , 23.png )

No. 58476 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480513458.png - (62.88KB , 640x480 , 24.png )

"Woah! Hey! Sorry!"
"Man, you don't have to start crying and shit! I'm just in a bad mood, okay?"
No. 58478 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480526719.png - (196.41KB , 640x480 , 25.png )

"[KRK]U DoN'T have to make a face like that. It doesn't hurt, and my eye is fine."
"But you--"
"Hey, if it did, I'd tell you, you know? 'Cause we're friends and all."
No. 58481 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480537228.png - (190.28KB , 640x480 , 26.png )

"God dammit, I told you, stop crying! You pussy!"
"Y-you're sure we're friends?"
"Yes! Stop it, it's embarrassing just looking at how pathetic you are!"
No. 58484 ID: ea5d5c
File 12548055205.png - (639.57KB , 640x480 , 27.png )

No. 58485 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480555362.png - (25.38KB , 640x480 , 28.png )

The video fades away.
No. 58488 ID: 12f282

Everyone stare uncomfortably at M2.
No. 58489 ID: 632862

No. 58491 ID: c5f90c



Then ask him to explain.

(Or mock him about it. Either way works for me.)
No. 58492 ID: edc3e3


2 has some explaining to do
No. 58493 ID: 8f3850

After questioning, shove M2 in there.

While everyone else is busy with whatever's going on, we should look at the hallway cameras and things to warn the group of any dangers.
No. 58495 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480690841.png - (95.72KB , 640x480 , 29.png )

"I liked him better when he cried."
He doesn't seem to want to say anymore on the subject.
You can toss him in too, or you can analyze someone else before some other obstacle pops up.
No. 58497 ID: 632862

M2 would probably be the same scene, or something related to homosexuality. I'm theorizing he was attracted to 10 but wouldn't admit it and overcompensated waaaaaay too much.
Ask for volunteers! Specifically, ask 11. Or have EVERYONE get headscanned.
No. 58500 ID: 12f282

I want to see M2's side of things... but I really want to throw 11 in there too! Augh, decisions, decisions...
No. 58502 ID: 8f3850

Get 3 to guard the door.

Put M2 in there. We might learn something about him that'll keep a leash on him
No. 58504 ID: edc3e3

My vote is for M2. But ask him first if he's willing to do it
No. 58505 ID: c5f90c

Important thing: Keep an eye on the hallways and have someone guard the door.

Shit is going to be real, and I want to be prepared.
No. 58515 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480894662.png - (534.20KB , 640x480 , 30.png )

"Hey--dammit, don't shove! This is personal!"
"Just shut up."
"Please don't------!"

No. 58517 ID: ea5d5c
File 12548090375.png - (333.75KB , 640x480 , 31.png )

"I told you to stop crying!"

The speech is clear, unlike the last video.

"I'm sorry."
"Don't apologize."
No. 58519 ID: ea5d5c
File 12548091216.png - (246.33KB , 640x480 , 32.png )

"--Run away!"
"We'll be shot down."
"I can cut a way. I have a lot of stuff in me now."
"That's gross."
"Why bother?"
No. 58521 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480918760.png - (26.81KB , 640x480 , 33.png )

No. 58522 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480924411.png - (73.45KB , 640x480 , 34.png )

No. 58523 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480931314.png - (46.60KB , 640x480 , 35.png )

"Ha...Haha. You're smart."
"Because no one could like you."
No. 58524 ID: ea5d5c
File 125480934346.png - (18.70KB , 640x480 , 36.png )

The video fades.

No. 58525 ID: 632862

Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought.
No. 58529 ID: 12f282

...check to make sure M2 is not an emotional wreck now... :<
No. 58532 ID: 8f3850

Ask 4 to get in. If Hailey sees what happened to her, maybe we'll figure out what 4 is capable of.
No. 58533 ID: c5f90c

Ask Four if she'll go in the machine next?

Have someone give TwoM a hug. He needs one.
No. 58534 ID: 12f282

Throw 11 in there so we can see Fem2.
No. 58536 ID: edc3e3

No. 58538 ID: 632862

Also check to see how M10 has reacted to all this. It's good to know he's not just generally homicidal; maybe we can convince him and 2 to make up so everyone can get out.
No. 58540 ID: ea5d5c
File 125481033839.png - (50.91KB , 640x480 , 37.png )

He seems kind of out of it.
No. 58541 ID: 8f3850


Do these.
No. 58544 ID: 12f282

Oh God... what about 10?
No. 58545 ID: edc3e3

Damn, now I feel bad...
Still seconding this
No. 58555 ID: ea5d5c
File 125481165992.png - (799.46KB , 640x480 , 38.png )

No.4 practically leaps into the device as soon as #2 is removed.

No. 58556 ID: 632862

Hmm. I think that if we had put 11 in, it would be something about his sister. Maybe even the event of him walking up to the blood-covered cell's door.
No. 58559 ID: ea5d5c
File 125481183673.png - (136.49KB , 640x480 , 39.png )

"Ava, this is my brother Mark. Mark is visiting all the way from Alberta!"
"Wow, Ava, you've grown so big since I last saw you! I remember when you were a tiny baby..."
No. 58561 ID: ea5d5c
File 125481191459.png - (118.28KB , 640x480 , 40.png )

"Hey, Ava, want to play a game while daddy is gone? He doesn't have to know."
"What kind of game?"
No. 58565 ID: ea5d5c
File 125481201561.png - (74.29KB , 640x480 , 41.png )

"Stop it!"
"What's going on?"
"She's getting absorbed into the fucking chair! Take it out!"
No. 58566 ID: ea5d5c
File 125481211763.png - (197.00KB , 640x480 , 42.png )

"The chair or the ability?"
"BOTH! She can't take it! We'll send her back!"
"Alright, sweetie, listen, we're going to slowly pull you out, and I want you to remember your body as much as you can. Deeeep breath now, there we go. There's a good girl. It'll be okay."
No. 58567 ID: ea5d5c
File 125481224827.png - (30.20KB , 640x480 , 43.png )

The video fades away.

No. 58568 ID: 8f3850

Take 4 out of the machine. Make sure 3 is standing guard at the door.
Ask Hailey if she can explain anything about 4's condition.
If we have time, ask 5 to go in the machine too.
No. 58569 ID: 81c647

Stick 5 into the machine.
No. 58573 ID: 12f282

I... what? ;___;

I don't like this machine anymore!
No. 58576 ID: edc3e3

I...don't know what to say...

Part of me wants to shove more people in, but I'm afraid to anyone else
No. 58577 ID: 632862

You guys are cruel.

Ask 4 if she's okay.
No. 59177 ID: ea5d5c
File 125488382840.png - (75.83KB , 640x480 , 44.png )

"Just a bit tired..."

[Whiiirrrrr. brrzzt.]

"{What are you doing. You do not have permission to use this device. Please cease using this device.}"
No. 59180 ID: 12f282

Does Hailey recognize him?
Maybe she can bail us out of this one...
No. 59183 ID: faa945

Get 4 away from the machine, ask Hailey if she knows this guy
No. 59184 ID: c5f90c

H-Hey Four, um... can I call you Ava?
No. 59188 ID: 632862

Sounds like an AI. I wonder if it can even do anything?
No. 59252 ID: ea5d5c
File 125488974791.png - (109.66KB , 640x480 , 45.png )

"{The professor doesn't like people using his things without his permission. Please don't upset the professor.}"
"Who are you?"
Hailey speaks up.
"{If you upset the professor, I will be upset with you.}"
"Who is the professor?"
"{Don't use his things ever again.}"

You're not sure if he can here you. Hailey doesn't seem to know who he is.
No. 59256 ID: 632862

Don't put anyone in. Those were definitely some thinly veiled threats there.
No. 59260 ID: 12f282

Didn't One call Hailey "Professor" earlier?
Maybe she can shed some light on this sinister "Professor" character.
No. 59270 ID: c5f90c

Hey Four, are you there? Are you sure you're alright?
No. 59273 ID: 12f282

Yeah, we should check up on everyone's status.
Even if this warning is pre-recorded, it may have attracted unwanted attention. We need to get moving again, but we already have one unconscious person and 10 and M2 might be out of it as well.
No. 59281 ID: faa945

No. 59326 ID: ea5d5c
File 125489209092.png - (55.13KB , 640x480 , 46.png )

You decide, based on the environment, the man getting upset was not a good thing, so you don't put anyone else in.

Hailey flees. No.5 waves at the screen.
No. 59339 ID: c5f90c

Is Four dead?
No. 59358 ID: 8f3850

If all else fails, check up on group for any missing members, or watch for danger.
No. 59361 ID: 12f282

No. 59373 ID: ea5d5c
File 125489527954.png - (105.17KB , 640x480 , 47.png )

Everyone else seems accounted for.

The party skedaddles out of there.
No. 59376 ID: 8f3850

Yes, get 5 to take care of 4 for now. She looks like she's dizzy.
No. 59377 ID: 12f282

Hahaha, I wonder if 11 was disturbed by the implied homolust or something else.
M2 looks like shit, and 4 looks like she's about to pass out. Since we should still be in the hallway with the scientists' bunkers, lets give them a break to rest.
No. 59378 ID: faa945

This, but have 3 or 11 stand guard
No. 59486 ID: 12f282

Also, ask Eleven if he's okay.
No. 60931 ID: ea5d5c
File 125505137997.png - (97.90KB , 640x480 , 48.png )

The room Hailey fled to seems to be a faculty lounge and/or dining area.

No.5 barely misses getting shot by a laser thanks to your command.

"{I requested you do not use the professors things. You did not comply. I am upset with you. You need to be punished.}"
"He doesn't own the coffee pot! I earned a cup of coffee! Tyrant!"

Oh god dammit Hailey.
No. 60934 ID: 12f282

Can we access whatever is firing the lasers and shut them down?
No. 60951 ID: 8f3850

Can we access whatever controls the lasers and use it to our advantage?
No. 60978 ID: ea5d5c
File 125505368696.png - (60.67KB , 640x480 , 49.png )


Hailey tries anyways.
No. 60984 ID: 12f282

WHATEVER. Let's get away from the laser.
Maybe we can find coffee somewhere else.
No. 61074 ID: ea5d5c
File 125506131783.png - (77.57KB , 640x480 , 50.png )

That guy is a loser. He can't even fire a laser properly. You have a camera at all angles, mysterious-computer-guy, what is stopping you from aiming.

No.11 jumps in front of a door begging to be explored and points to the hallway next to it.

"No. NO. Me and Allison been here for two fucking months. My parents probably think we're dead. She IS dead. I plan on being a bit more alive and physically complete than her when I get out of here, and exploring what the hell is even going on in this shithole directly contradicts my intentions. We escape. End of story. Go down the hallway."
"But my-"
No. 61086 ID: 12f282

Sulk and mumble something about Eleven being a jerk.
...but let's go down the hallway.
No. 61088 ID: faa945

Tell 11 not to yell at Hailey and calm the hell down >:/

Then proceed to explore hallway
No. 61128 ID: c5f90c

We should go explore that hallway. There could by shiny stuff down there.
No. 61146 ID: ea5d5c
File 125506320930.png - (146.88KB , 640x480 , 51.png )

The hall ends in a enormous room. On one side is what seem to be large green vials of liquid, and the other a huge nothing. There is a collection of marks suggesting something used to be there.

"Son of a-"
"Wow, this place is huge! That wall mark is huge! Hey 7-11-heaven, how'd they move something so huge?"

No.1 seems happy in irritating No.11.
No. 61159 ID: faa945

Proceed with caution, for now

Also, tell Eleven to stop being a dick
No. 61176 ID: 12f282

Let's get a closer look at the mark on the wall and the tubes of green liquid.
Also determine if there are any exits here.
No. 61177 ID: 632862

Ask 1 not to bother 11 for a while. He's very agitated.
No. 61317 ID: 12f282

If Eleven is so eager to escape...

Offer to split up the team.
Put Eleven in charge of the ESCAPE team.
Put Four in charge of the EXPLORATION team.
Eleven's team will look for the way out, while Four's team will continue to explore the facility to try and unravel its secrets. They will be able to stay in contact through you, the protagonist.

Tell Eleven to take Hailey and Five; they won't slow him down.
No. 61358 ID: ea5d5c
File 125507437747.png - (168.79KB , 640x480 , 52.png )

No.11 ignores you and cautiously looks around the green containers just in case some crazy experiment leaps out and goes apeshit.

While he peeks around like a shut-in tin-hat who just discovered google earth, you note the jars do indeed contain what seems to be human beings.
No. 61363 ID: 9e9b47


Tell 1 to go keep 11 company! :3

Also, take a closer look at the people inside the tubes.
No. 61381 ID: c5f90c

Beware Velociraptors. They lurk in places like this.
No. 61382 ID: 12f282

Clever girl...
No. 61385 ID: ea5d5c
File 125507578921.png - (196.19KB , 640x480 , 53.png )

No.1 can't hear you!

She still wanders up to No.11 to chat amiably while staring at floating bodies.
"Where did you get that?"
"The room with the red laser. It was on the table. There was a slice of cake too."
"It could be poisoned."
"It wasn't a slice of cake splattered in blood."

No.1 seems incapable of fear. You're pretty sure an episode of House covered a medical condition like this, but there are more pressing matters at hand. Like why there was a cake splattered with blood.

Lasers are a suspect.
No. 61394 ID: 12f282

Are there any exits in this room? It's creepy.
No. 61412 ID: ea5d5c
File 12550775977.png - (194.31KB , 640x480 , 54.png )

Time to get out of here!

...What is that strange man with a cocky smile doing with your party member.

Where is everyone else? They should be alerting you!
No. 61417 ID: 632862

Broadcast to everyone: "5 being abducted in green tube room. Please assist."
No. 61418 ID: bd2eec



No. 61422 ID: 12f282

Five what are you doing. Come back here.
And where is everyone else, goddamn.
No. 61424 ID: 632862

1 has no headphones. Presumably they would be broken by her sonic scream ability if she used it.
No. 61425 ID: ea5d5c
File 125507821639.png - (61.55KB , 640x480 , 55.png )

Looks like a door that had gone unnoticed has closed and trapped everyone else behind it.
Hailey and No.4, who are in the camera view of #2, already seem to know, but are agitated at the news of the man not being stopped yet.
No. 61429 ID: 632862

Grr. Get 11 to tell 1 to chase down the guy. 11 can stay and make sure the unconscious violent offender doesn't cause any trouble.
No. 61437 ID: 12f282

Dump concussion dude, he isn't going anywhere.
Both 11 and 1 should confront the good doctor.
No. 61445 ID: ea5d5c
File 125507929820.png - (108.79KB , 640x480 , 56.png )

No.11 finds No.1 unsuitable for any kind of responsibility whatsoever.
"Hold it."
The man turns.
"Hm? Why? I'm not stopping you from leaving. I just want to keep this one."
He flashes a condescending grin only at match with #2's.
"What are you going to do, little boy?"
No. 61446 ID: 12f282

He just called you a little boy.
You know what time it is.
No. 61447 ID: faa945

Eleven, ass kicking time!
No. 61463 ID: ea5d5c
File 125508032999.png - (197.95KB , 640x480 , 57.png )

"Shoot you."

Where the hell was he keeping that gun?

Where the hell was he keeping the bullets?

Where did he even get a gun?
No. 61467 ID: 12f282

Who cares why or how? All that matters is if he knows how to use it. He sure is holding it awkwardly though.
No. 61469 ID: faa945

Holy shit

No. 61480 ID: ea5d5c
File 125508118877.png - (107.88KB , 640x480 , 58.png )

No. 61481 ID: ea5d5c
File 125508121137.png - (113.02KB , 640x480 , 59.png )

"I don't see why you care. Take your friends and go. Even though I must thank you for developing her properly, I'm the only one who can care for her as of now. I hope you understand."
No. 61483 ID: 12f282

Quick 3, while he's distracted.
Either knock him out or grab Five pl0x.
No. 61604 ID: 8f3850

Get him to explain further at gunpoint.
No. 61612 ID: 2cbe3e


Tell 11 to ask why he's the only one who can care for her. Make it seem like he's really considering giving 5 up because she's too bothersome. In the meantime, set up 1 for another knee to this guy's face.
No. 61761 ID: 12f282

This >>61604

and then this >>61483
No. 62511 ID: ea5d5c
File 125522439476.png - (63.44KB , 640x480 , 60.png )

"You don't know?" He pauses. "Ah, I suppose considering your situation, you wouldn't."

No.3 drops down.

"Number Five is not a test subject. She's a genetic experiment made using a cell subject and a disposed body. Since she's already passed her development phase, she can't operate in normal society and is a danger to herself and others, no matter how unintentional. I intend on raising her carefully for now on. Something the moronic higher-ups here thought was unimportant."
No. 62524 ID: e6b46d

Ask 3 to knock him out.
No. 62529 ID: 632862

11, ask him why 5 is dangerous.
No. 62551 ID: ea5d5c
File 125522782842.png - (113.19KB , 640x480 , 61.png )


He seems to have seen this coming just as much as you did.
No. 62557 ID: 9e9b47


QUICK! While he's distracted, shoot him in the shoulder. Make him drop 5 and tell her to run.
No. 62562 ID: e6b46d

Search for attacked 3.
No. 62564 ID: c5f90c

Kill everyone in the room. Everyone. Rage mode.

I want them dead.
No. 62566 ID: ea5d5c
File 125522909489.png - (78.81KB , 640x480 , 62.png )

The camera suddenly starts going haywire, but you can here a loud BANG of No.11 shooting at the man. You are unable to see whether or not this resulted in a positive ending, but you can also here low grating and pattering feet; the door seems to have been opened.
No. 62567 ID: e6b46d

Check the other cameras.
No. 62569 ID: faa945

No. 62590 ID: ea5d5c
File 125523088147.png - (972B , 640x480 , 63.png )

They're all blank. You didn't hear anything and the screen went out with a jerk, which suggests they were shut off manually.

"That wasn't necessary, Iada. The experiment is a dud; she was most likely intending to grab me."
Based on his voice, he doesn't seem injured.
No. 62594 ID: e6b46d

Ask 11 and 3 if they are ok because we cant see anymore.
No. 62615 ID: ea5d5c
File 125523255636.png - (32.29KB , 640x480 , 64.png )

#2 seems to be closing his eye...
"We're fine, but the lights are out."
There's the sound of No.3's soft moaning, probably of pain.
"It looks like this isn't the first time she's had this much damage. She'll go into cell degeneration if it continues."
No.4's voice comes clearly.
"What does that mean?"
"Usually cancer. Or tumors in general. Might start falling apart, but the shutting down of the immune system comes up a lot too."
"As long as she is harmed just as much as a normal human could take, she should be fine, however."
"Why are you doing this?"
"Like I said, I don't care what you're doing. I just need this one. I would help, but I have things to do and you seem to have a guide already."
No. 62619 ID: 12f282

Ask Eleven if he saw "Iada."
Who or what are we dealing with here?
And tell M2 to open his eye. NOW.
No. 62622 ID: e6b46d

Tell them to find 3 by the sound of her voice and to hold 3s wound close.
No. 62712 ID: ea5d5c
File 125523513767.png - (23.45KB , 640x480 , 65.png )

"We can still see..." No.11 mumbles bitterly. There is the sound of moving fabric, and a wet thunk.
Heavy footsteps. You assume it's the man walking away.
#2 still isn't opening his damn eye.
No. 62714 ID: 632862

2 is probably doing something that he doesn't want us to see. With 10.

No. 62723 ID: 12f282

Ugh. Let the guy go. We can't compete with something we can't see that can tear our party members apart.
Take care of 3, have someone give us a status report since M2 is being a douchebag.
No. 62745 ID: ea5d5c
File 125523627935.png - (22.26KB , 640x480 , 66.png )

The footsteps fade away. Finally, Hailey speaks up.
"He pulled out a switch and dodged the bullet. When he pressed it, the lights and apparantly cameras shut down. The room is lit up by the tubes. Three is doing fine. Professor Alexander is gone now." Movement.
"...Two is...er...well, he seems to be having a minor panic attack."
No. 62748 ID: 12f282

Ask them to try and do something for 2. We need his camera right now, we don't have any other visual.
No. 62749 ID: 12f282

Also ask Hailey what she knows about this Alexander guy.
No. 62770 ID: ea5d5c
File 125523755585.png - (136.14KB , 640x480 , 67.png )

No.11 relays the inquiry.
"Professor Alexander is the man who developed the studying of unique cells after they were discovered. He's really cautious when testing. Before it seemed like paranoia, but now I guess it was just normal human compassion."
"Alexander is a knight's name..." No.4 sounds dreamy.
"His full name is Sterling Mays Alexander. He does get the reputation as the white knight for the experiments."
#2 finally opens his eye.
No. 62787 ID: 12f282

Ask No. 2 if he's OK.
If this Professor Alexander is as compassionate as he sounds No. 5 should be OK with him for a while, so we have some time to try and fix our visuals.
Have No. 11 ask Hailey if she has any idea how to get the lights and cameras back on.
No. 62791 ID: faa945

Agreed. Also, thank 11 and apologize to 3
No. 62798 ID: 12f282

Yeah, tell Eleven he was TOTALLY. BAD. ASS.
And tell Three we're sorry that she got sliced up because of us. ;___;
No. 62802 ID: ea5d5c
File 125523829334.png - (135.78KB , 640x480 , 68.png )

#2 gives a cocky laugh in response. That answers that question.
"Is there any way to restore power and cameras?"
"I just got here a few days ago. Usually there's technicians to take care of it, but the entire facility is devoid of life for some reason."
No. 62808 ID: e6b46d

Apologize to 3 for getting her cut up, thanks 11 for trying to save 5, and tell 2 "Thats the 2 we know and love."
No. 62810 ID: 12f282

This, and then tell them to find a computer terminal so we can get the cameras back up.
No. 62811 ID: c5f90c

"Four, how do you know that professor?"
No. 62851 ID: ea5d5c
File 125524013577.png - (81.00KB , 640x480 , 69.png )

No.3 groans in response, but it sounds a bit more wistful. Probably trying to say 'you're welcome'.
No.11 grunts in response to your praise.
"Nn." #2's cockiness is not absent even in a small sound like that.

"You okay now?"
"Alright, we better keep moving. Since he pressed a switch, it might be that it's only this room that shut off."
No. 62858 ID: c5f90c

"Four, what do you know about that professor?"
No. 62861 ID: faa945

Let's keep moving. Hopefully, we can find a way to turn back on the cameras if they're still out in the next area
No. 62881 ID: ea5d5c
File 12552423659.png - (22.74KB , 640x480 , 70.png )

It seems to be only the one room cut off after all. There's a small area at the other end, which is brightly lit.

There's a code-and-card locked door, but there's a also green light on the screen. Professor Alexander must have left it open for you.
No. 62885 ID: e6b46d

Proceed with caution!
No. 62888 ID: faa945

This. Might be a trap, can't be too careful
No. 62895 ID: ea5d5c
File 125524344525.png - (121.02KB , 640x480 , 71.png )

At either side are walls of craggly rock. In front, a metal bridge stretches over an endless chasm. the other end is a door surrounded by rock carved out of the huge rock face.

This area is straight out of a supervillian's lair.
No. 62897 ID: c5f90c

Nowhere to go but FORWARD!

Damn the consequences, screw caution. We forge on for justice and to help cute lolis (and a couple assholes) to escape from this place!
No. 62898 ID: 12f282

Tell everyone to cross the bridge quickly.
If this is anything like a typical action hero movie, it will start to crumble when they are halfway across.
No. 62913 ID: ea5d5c
File 125524562474.png - (55.12KB , 640x480 , 72.png )

"This makes me so many levels of uncomfortable."

The calm silence is broken by the sound of ripping fabric.

No. 62915 ID: ea5d5c
File 12552456574.png - (101.53KB , 640x480 , 73.png )

No. 62917 ID: ea5d5c
File 125524567687.png - (47.42KB , 640x480 , 74.png )

No. 62919 ID: ea5d5c
File 125524569522.png - (103.02KB , 640x480 , 75.png )

No. 62920 ID: ea5d5c
File 125524572546.png - (88.86KB , 640x480 , 76.png )

No. 62921 ID: ea5d5c
File 125524574660.png - (40.03KB , 640x480 , 77.png )

No. 62927 ID: ea5d5c
File 12552460201.png - (46.29KB , 640x480 , part 2 end.png )

You suddenly lose all connection.

No. 62929 ID: ea5d5c
File 125524611829.png - (75.73KB , 640x480 , part 2 end- er- part 2.png )

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