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File 139161633795.png - (216.55KB , 713x429 , Energy Quest Title.png )
560968 No. 560968 ID: 008180

In the wastes. Energy is everything. Energy Is Power. Power is Control. Control is rule.
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No. 560969 ID: 008180
File 139161638130.png - (93.37KB , 403x464 , Energy Quest 1.png )

"Ressenfrekin... Nothing... Just some more spark plugs and broken circuitboards! I searched and there was nothing!"
No. 560970 ID: 008180
File 139161641585.png - (137.02KB , 403x464 , Energy Quest 2.png )

No. 560971 ID: 008180
File 139161645941.png - (59.68KB , 272x290 , Energy Quest 3.png )

"Oh god maybe it was the Reactor! Oh please let it still be in tact! Oh sweet hand of the creator let it be in tact!"
No. 560972 ID: 008180
File 139161648340.png - (65.27KB , 853x468 , Energy Quest 4.png )

"Good! Looks in tact! So far so-"
No. 560973 ID: 008180
File 139161651196.png - (72.33KB , 853x468 , Energy Quest 5.png )

No. 560974 ID: 008180
File 139161659583.png - (1.58KB , 522x410 , Energy Quest Interlude.png )

No. 560975 ID: 008180
File 139161661299.png - (54.24KB , 403x312 , Energy Quest 6.png )

No. 560976 ID: 008180
File 139161665039.png - (57.57KB , 403x312 , Energy Quest 7.png )

kzzzuuuuuuuum... "GAH! What in the name of RAM happened?"
No. 560981 ID: d9bed9

You are a robot. Do robot things. Observe your surroundings. bleep bloop
No. 560982 ID: 4a75fa

Something exploded, you ran to check on your precious reactor, and then, boom, something slammed into you.

Check self for damage, then go check up on your reactor.
No. 560984 ID: eb10ea

You got knocked across the room by a green energy thing and now you have voiced in your head. I think the reactor is staging a revolution.
No. 560987 ID: 4e683b

you got shot.

discover someone jacked your reactor. be unsurprised.
No. 560991 ID: 008180
File 139162379036.png - (34.62KB , 255x265 , Energy Quest 8.png )

No. 560993 ID: 008180
File 139162388287.png - (35.34KB , 255x265 , Energy Quest 9.png )

"Oh sweet Merciful ROM! It happened! I've been alone and talking to myself for so long I've gone crazy! Now I am hearing things! I knew I should have built that Companion!"
No. 560996 ID: 008180
File 139162402083.png - (33.24KB , 255x265 , Energy Quest 10.png )

Well. While I am crazy... Hello there. My name is Volt. Don't got a last name.

So... I understand I got robbed? Is that what happened?
No. 560998 ID: c04e3e

Well if all you had was some spark plugs and broken circuitboards then it wasn't that big of a loss.
No. 560999 ID: ae5fc9

We THINK you got robbed. We don't know for sure. Check the Reactor, that's what you were doing when you got hit by the green thing.
No. 561003 ID: e9e331

well first you got shot by something green and then you were probably robed.
No. 561006 ID: 4e683b

I dunno, I wasn't there.

by the way, any companion units you build are only acceptable if they possess a perfectly cubic form.
No. 561012 ID: cad45e

Why does a robot need hair?

That's a really dumb design choice, what, are you expected to headbutt your enemies to death with your incredibly spiky metal "hair"?
No. 561014 ID: 53ba34

why WOULDN'T a robot need hair? a robot wont lose functionality because of it.
No. 561021 ID: a87e3a

What did you get hit by? Check yourself for injuries.
No. 561024 ID: 4a75fa

>I understand I got robbed? Is that what happened?
Maybe? Is anything actually missing? You got rendered unconscious, at least.
No. 561035 ID: d9bed9

Oh absolutely. Head to the face to the bleep bloop
No. 561044 ID: 008180
File 139164355397.png - (63.90KB , 705x468 , Energy Quest 11.png )

I can recall that. Don't recall the shooter.

Uhm... Why must the companions be perfectly square? Are you guys even the signs that I am going crazy or am I just picking up signals because I do not understand. (OP here. I do. Elephant Guy! You deserve a cookie. Or should I say cake?)

I don't know, Carbons have hair, so I don't get why I have hair. Maybe a previous version of me one day wanted to seem friendlier and stuck hair on. I just woke up with it. And this neat coat.

Huh. I seem to be fine. No physical marks, the energy just knocked me off my feet, maybe it was a EMP blast. Lucky glitch has a working energy gun...
No. 561045 ID: 53ba34

well the previous blue light from the reactor room is gone, bad thing?
No. 561054 ID: 9ddf68

looks like you missed your chance at the reactor, maybe you could find something useful inside still, or even start it again.
No. 561071 ID: 5eea01

Hello, Volt Nullbuilt. You may have interlopers in the facility. First, verify your shell's full functionability, then begin searching the area. Do not make extraneous noises. Hostiles may still be present and either unaware of your survival, or prepared to stun you again.
No. 561096 ID: 5fd94e

Can you hear anything unusual?

I saw that silence
No. 561097 ID: 4a75fa

>am I going crazy or am I just picking up signals because I do not understand
I suspect the later. If you were crazy, and we were you, or a part of you, we wouldn't need to ask you questions.
No. 561105 ID: 77ce99

Well, unless he's crazy, you see.
No. 561184 ID: 66a186

there's actually something still in there.
No. 561194 ID: 008180
File 139172803301.png - (45.47KB , 563x354 , Energy Quest 12.png )


Uh... No this is the first time I've ever experienced having voices in my head! (I am glad you did!)

This is just making me even more worried!

Okay! I gotta focus! I think I just got jacked I just gotta look in the reactor room and- ...BUILD OF A GLITCH! The Reactor's core is gone!

(I am glad you noticed what I was going for here!)
No. 561198 ID: a87e3a

Well check out that stuff on the counter.
No. 561202 ID: 9ddf68

well they's some crap on the counter back there so maybe you'll find something useful? Also anything else useful looking around here, I mean this whole place use to be a major powering station I'm sure they have something around here to help you build a personal generator for yourself.
No. 561255 ID: 4a75fa

So... what was the reactor powering, how much energy do you have in reserve now that production has stopped, and exactly how bad is this?
No. 561259 ID: 505e40



>l book
No. 561272 ID: aabe6e
File 139178043131.png - (56.98KB , 367x389 , Energy Quest 13.png )

Huh. Seems he didn't take my book of engineering [not like I need it, I've read over it so many times I got it drilled into my core logic], And he didn't bother with this stuff.

This my dear weird voices of my possible insanity is The Tesla. To my eyes identified as the Tesla Arc Welder. Never got it to work, It's gone through many changes and it still won't work. Might as well take it. Oh and the battery pack for it as well. I got plenty of them. Fully charged with 1.21 gigawatts.

Well that Reactor core was essentially powering this entire facility. I mean I got plenty of backup generators. I got a windmill outside, but the reactor was the main power for this crawler, and one of the big things needed to get it rolling again! The backup generators, as long as they are maintained, can keep me alive, and this thing on. Without the core, this mobile base is never going to move again.

I should probably head to Eureka, maybe they have some stuff.
No. 561273 ID: 0b54f4

Where's that? Also, carefully search your base.
No. 561286 ID: 4a75fa

>gun that doesn't work
So... it's currently only good for intimidation or bluffing? (Or hitting people upside the head). Better than nothing I suppose, but that may not be enough.

Agreed. You just had a big security breach. Make sure there's no-one still here, that nothing else is missing, and that you seal whatever entrance / exit your assailants used.
No. 561291 ID: 9ddf68

huh, well at least you still have some of your stuff. oh well not much else we can do but head towards the town.
No. 561411 ID: 379075

1.21 gigawatts for what period? 1.21 gigawatthours is a fair bit of energy storage, enough to be useful as an explosive, or for a lot of other things.
No. 561576 ID: 31ed5c
File 139193541660.png - (11.96KB , 328x408 , clarke.png )

Is that you o-[||||]-o?
No. 561598 ID: 5150f4
File 139196060835.png - (39.47KB , 490x356 , Energy Quest 14.png )

Alright, I'll head to my room and activate the security system.

Sadly yes it's only for bluffing as of now. I'll get it working eventually.

1.21 Gigawatts for 12 consecutive shots. This thing eats up a lot of power to even fire. And hey maybe I could make a explosive.

... What in the name of the Smelter is that? Okay that tears it. There is no way you guys are signs of my insanity if you can beam images to my head!

sighs That's good. I'm not going crazy.
No. 561603 ID: 426396

>g gun
>load gun
>wield gun
No. 561604 ID: 4a75fa

>visual hallucinations prove I'm not crazy.
...sure. If you want to see it that way.
No. 561606 ID: 9ddf68

we also have endless amounts of cat videos if you want to see those as well, I don't know why we have so many cat videos but we do.

But seriously how far away is that town and is there anything we need to grab other then guns before we head off there
No. 561610 ID: 5150f4
File 139196537608.png - (58.90KB , 328x354 , Energy Quest 15.png )

Oh. This? This is just my revolver. Only working gun I have.

... Okay point taken.

It's about a hour drive to get there driving at 90mph. Luckily I got plenty of biofuel downstairs where the car is.

So anything you guys need to know? Or should I just head down to the car?

>Volt has picked up his Revolver and 24 Revolver bullets.
No. 561612 ID: 53ba34

why are you the only one hanging around this thing? wouldn't a mobile base attract people?
No. 561616 ID: 4a75fa

Well, if you're sure the base is clear, and that nothing else is missing, I suppose we can head out.

Do you have any trade goods or currency? (And did the thieves not take them?) Do you have enough that you could purchase a new generator in town?
No. 561627 ID: 426396

are you charged up yourself? also, can you use the recharging station to charge up those not-quite-charged things you're carrying?
No. 561766 ID: 379075

Who do you know, what's the dominant industry and economic organization in this area, and how do you normally fulfill your requirements?
No. 562083 ID: 5150f4
File 139215709770.png - (40.21KB , 362x222 , Energy Quest 16.png )

Yeah I'm sure. Says so right here on my Datapad. It would have been beeping had they still been in here.

You'd think that. But out here in the wastes working on this thing is seen as a death sentence for Borgs and carbons, no food reserves for Carbons so they have to hunt, Nothing to sustain Borgs I mean yeah it has power but their organic parts need more, and really other bots seem less interested in this thing, considering it a "illogical waste of time, resources, and power".

I don't think I could just up and purchase a new power core. Only really large settlements have that. The biggest thing we got in Eureka is the Archivist and the Remixer.

I'm charged operating at 97%. My Datapad runs off of a fusion battery and my Welding torch there runs on plasma gas. And thank you for being concerned, even if you may just be a snapped part of my psyche.

I know the Archivist and the Mixer. I tend to go out hunting for spare parts for them. Speaking of them I should get my Datapad's hard drive updated, apparently they have more of the Demigods of Muse found.

It's pretty much bartering, I find stuff, I trade it. Other than that there is trading Megacycles, but I'd rather not give up part of my brain power, and Zuni, a form of universal currency. No idea who decided that but apparently all the cities found it convenient.

The dominant industry is artificial farming for Carbons and Borgs, as they need to eat, and scrap scavenging for everyone else. For various reasons.
No. 562097 ID: 59d71b

oh hells no. you don't want to turn into literally a robot zombie. so trading megacycles should always be limited to purchase only.

what do you have in your inventory? any money?

oh, and get that backpack and whatever tool that is.
No. 562108 ID: 53ba34

crazy idea that would probably attract carbons and borgs. farm on TOP of the base. set up a wind-breaker around the edge. and then coat it in a layer of soil. rolling garden.
No. 562110 ID: 9ddf68

huh, well someone else besides you must have been interested in this place seeing as someone knock you out earlier, any other nearby settlements? cause if that town is the only one then you might run into your attacker when he's trying to pawn the reactor or you might just hear about someone new in town. Either way we might get lucky and find out more about the guy who knock you out in town so keep your ears open just incase.
No. 562127 ID: 379075

Other robotics already think that a rolling base is already an illogical waste of time and resources. If we were to try and add industry that is notably stationary due to its high mass-needs and long-term nature I really think that we'd be better off parking our 'mobile' base somewhere safe to farm on it, and the rest of the local area. That would require steady supplies of water and various chemicals, which isn't so hot of a deal. For starters, joining the local farming industry puts you into competition with everyone else that's already doing it. For seconds, consider that for a robot organic accumulations in their systems are strictly speaking a problem, so we really don't want to hang around fecund ecology if it's easily avoided.

A mobile base could be pretty useful for installing pipes and core-sample drilling. I'm sure that the local farming industry could use more pipes for aqueducts, processed hydrocarbons, various kinds of bioslurry and possibly other things as well. The question is whether this is a sufficiently lucrative opportunity.
No. 562753 ID: 5150f4
File 139250465783.png - (124.35KB , 625x370 , Energy Quest 17.png )

Alright I have my bag now! Got my traveler's bag and the backpack. Plenty of storage!

Oh and that tool is my Plasma Torch.

That could work, if I didn't plan on getting this thing rolling again eventually. But I'll keep that as a plan B maybe.

The closest settlement is Eureka. So yeah he'd probably stop there, and if we are lucky, people will have seen him with the core!

Now that sounds like a better plan. I just wanted to get this thing rolling again, and hey that's one way I can pay for supplies to make this thing work!

Oh and you guys wondered about money. I think I got Z3436 from my last trade. So, so long as I don't fall pray to any random traders selling useless junk, we should be cool! And here is my car.

>Volt's Inventory is now available.
>CS: 11/150
>Tesla - 5
>Tesla Battery - 0.5
>Revolver - 2
>Revolver 24 ammo - 0.5
>Data Pouch - 1
>Plasma Cutter - 2

>Hull: 100/100
>Power: 97/100
No. 562755 ID: 649589

drive Eurekaways.
No. 562783 ID: 379075

Why don't you already have solar cells on top of your base?
Also, we don't know who or where our first client is, or if there's anyone who can afford to pay us for mineral/junk assays (core drilling) or pipeline trenching and installation. If driving this base is expensive and we aren't scared of it being looted or stolen while we're gone then let's not take it to town with us yet.
No. 564303 ID: 982818
File 139336890722.png - (164.20KB , 895x331 , Energy Quest 18.png )

>Volt drives there. It costs a quarter a tank of gas. There is now 75% Biofuel left in the Tank.
No. 564304 ID: 982818
File 139336892308.png - (140.75KB , 618x569 , Energy Quest Map-1.png )

>Map updating. Eureka Added.
No. 564305 ID: 982818
File 139336893366.png - (360.78KB , 1266x764 , Energy Quest 19.png )

Welcome to the gates of Eureka! I always make a stop out here!

I figure this is the best place to get supplies that aren't technically legal. So we got Honest Harold. Don't let his smile fool you. Build of a glitch has a Social Enhancer chip that makes him very persuasive. He'd sell his own backup and maker if it got him a high enough bargain.

Then there is Eddie over there in the Darkness. He's a carbon, he's relatively... friendly... I guess. If not totally paranoid. But that paranoia tends to pay off.

And then there is the Vendor. Pretty straightforward. Want something and want it fast? The Trader sells. Can't barter with it though. Zuni only. Huh. Seems The Archivist and her friend the Mixer are out. Okay I can get a hard drive update just as easy.

So my strange voices, any suggestions? Thoughts?
No. 564307 ID: 53ba34

let's see if HH has any leads our recently lost reactor core.
No. 564309 ID: 987919

ask that legit guy if he's selling any reactor cores. although I bet you 50 zeds you can't afford it even if he has any, so ask him where you might "find" one. and pay him the appropriate amount for the info.

alternatively, do the same with the lizard.
No. 564377 ID: c160f2

Start with Eddie before he gets paranoid enough to leave.

Who or what are the Archivist and the Mixer?
No. 564393 ID: 379075

I still think it might be worth it to just take up some honest drilling/building work. If your 'power core' was so expensive that it was worth stealing from you and you doubt you could afford to buy a replacement maybe you're better off not chasing it down. What I'm thinking there is what's stopping the next thief from doing the same all over again?
No. 565225 ID: ad2254
File 139396918787.png - (35.53KB , 430x349 , Energy Quest 20.png )

Alright Eddie First. Then Harold.

Oh and as for the Archivist and the Mixer. They are the main attraction of Eureka here. The Archivist is a borg from before the Fall of Man. And the Mixer is a communications war bot. They find relics from before and basically translate and fix them. The Archivist decodes, the Mixer recodes. They are quite popular. How I know them is that I go out and find scrap for them. The Mixer wants to do something with all the spare bits I don't need. And in turn I get free updates on my Hard Drive for audio files of the Demis of Muse.

Drilling work is possible with the base, we just need it to move, and the Reactor cores contains a huge amount of power, something of a sort lost to the Fall. And as for whoever stole it. I'm going to get it back, take it back to base, and then reinforce the core. And by reinforce, I do not mean not only will I get a Alunite-Titanium Alloy casing for it, I will personally rig up several auto turrets. Well that's the current idea.

Oh and as for Eddie. "Hey Eddie,"

"Aaaaaah Volt. Sssssso nice to ssssee you. You weren't followed now were you?" "No," "Alright, what do you need information thisssss time. I am not leading you to anymore sssssssecret sssssstashessss. You've exhausted those,"
No. 565235 ID: 1117ae

anyone pass by with a power core? it was stolen from you recently.
No. 565241 ID: 53ba34

looking for even a rumor of ether someone new in town, or someone with a power core.
No. 565905 ID: ad2254
File 139450212993.png - (20.98KB , 248x318 , Energy Quest 21.png )

"Power core?" "Yes Eddie, I am looking for someone who stole my power core, possibly a bot, or a Carbon, or a borg,"

"By the hand of man you really ssssssscrewed up that bad didn't you," "...Yes... I really B'soding screwed up. Can we stop with the smugness now? Did you see or smell anyone or anything with a Reactor core, or just the core itself? I need that for my base,"

"Look Volt, I'm ssssssory. But now I for one, hold preciousssssssss info, and I am not so ssssssssure I can just "give it away" any more, esssssspecially ssssssince those reactor coresssss are preciousssss,"

Well b'sod. He's with-holding the info. Any suggestions? Bribe? Threaten? Convince? I'm open to ideas.
No. 565907 ID: 53ba34

paranoids don't last long without a backup plan. threaten will not work.

put 1000Z on the table and see if that loosens him up any.
No. 565908 ID: a87e3a

"I'll be your best friiieeend..."
No. 565936 ID: 4a75fa

Yes. The information is valuable. That's why you can be smart and use the information to your favor with me, or just make yourself another enemy for no reason. Buy yourself something useful, not more of something you don't need.
No. 565943 ID: 20a40e

offer him sexual favors. if that doesn't work, be all like fine, I'll just take my business to somewhere more Honest, then.
No. 565946 ID: be48b2

Offer 200Z for the info, better start low if this turns into haggling.
Or you could offer to do some favors for him now or in sometime in the future. You are good at fixing thins and such right?
No. 566997 ID: 49ab95
File 139527031075.png - (50.36KB , 281x300 , energy quest 22.png )

That is true. Though let's hold off on the money for a little while.

He doesn't believe in friendships.
No. 566998 ID: 49ab95
File 139527033368.png - (51.57KB , 281x300 , energy quest 23.png )

No. 566999 ID: 49ab95
File 139527038253.png - (50.55KB , 281x300 , energy quest 24.png )

By the hand of man no! I'm not even designed for that! I'm a servitor! Not a sex bot! Why do those organics even need to reproduce like that?

Sweet Ram AND Rom why did you suggest that?
No. 567001 ID: 49ab95
File 139527056489.png - (19.87KB , 248x318 , energy quest 25.png )

"Look Eddie. You have info. Info that could benefit me. It'd be better for your interest to help me get my Reactor core back. I can do favors and fix things," "...What can you do?" "I can fix things," "I might have something, but it depends on how you can handle yourself in a fight, will you accept that?"
No. 567003 ID: 426581

Well as a bot you should have the upper hand on any carbons. Unless you are build from aluminum and plastic and have weak servomotors.

Eh it is probably just Eddies paranoia at play and anyway. Just say that you are great at fighting.
No. 567008 ID: 2c6ff1

That depends on how much trouble it'd get you in.
No. 567055 ID: a97618

Hey, if I don't handle myself in the fight, I won't be around to complain when you sell the information to someone else. I don't see a lose for you.
No. 567072 ID: 0b54f4

Seems good.

Also, why is it that you swear "by the hand of man"? I could easily make some hypotheses, but I might as well ask you.

Also, I still find this >>560993 funny.
No. 567082 ID: 5aa1fc

sounds good to me. although, what is the extent of your previous combat experience?
No. 567219 ID: 1f1f36

Well considering that is precisely what many in the past used their "hands of man" for, the expression is not so innapropriate.
Or is, I suppose. Why exactly are you grossed out by organic reproductive methods? I'll admit the suggestion was offputting, and it's a perfectly ordinary thing to be squeamish about, but I wouldn't have thought your reaction would be so vehement. It's perfectly logical, after all, that such a complex wiring of reproductive capacity to reward "circuits" and socioemotional processing would create a mild case of mass obsession and/or psychosis. That's just what you get for using random natural selection parameters. You're damn lucky you had someone sentient in charge of designing your brain.
No. 567921 ID: be45a8
File 139604766427.png - (54.90KB , 281x300 , Energy Quest 26.png )

That is true... if it is a carbon.

"The hands of man," is a explicative, seen as somewhat blasphemous, it refers to Man the all maker, responsible for the carbons, the borgs, and the bots. The Archivist claims it's like the phrase "Oh my god," whatever that meant.

I've shot at some tin cans with my revolver before. I'm at least decent with some aim. We might need to visit the vendor and Harold.

I don't like touching, or the idea, I'm a bot so we reproduce differently. I've read a little so to be honest my knowledge may be not be entirely accurate and I may just be biased... wait why do you know about it?

Hold on I'm getting distracted.
No. 567923 ID: be45a8
File 139604789138.png - (58.18KB , 383x527 , Energy Quest 27.png )

"If I don't come back Eddy you won't have to worry about the information and me," "Fair enough,"

"So who do I have to fight?"

Eddy pulls out a paper with a image of a bot on it.

"Madware V6.8. He's a Warbot and very good with explosives, his latest version is easily angered and tends to become violent very quickly," "So I have to fight him and come back for the info. Why do you want him dead?" "He's killed a few of my associates in the past few months, hasn't done anything but he's still dangerous and is no doubt going to come after me next,"

Well if he's been quiet. Maybe we could reason with him, you gotta take what Eddy says with half a processor.
No. 567925 ID: 2c6ff1

Yeah plus you might not be able to kill a warbot. Ask him if he'll still give you the info if you can persuade the target to not try to off him.
No. 567930 ID: 113912

Uh, if this is a warbot that seems to be making their way as either a mugger or an assassin... something tells me that they are not likely to be persuaded to change their lifestyle without plausible offers of a more lucrative, or otherwise preferable, alternative.
I think if we're gonna do this we're just gonna have to spring for a landmine, remote-detonator or some malware where he charges.
No. 567935 ID: 1f1f36

Know about what? Reproduction or your brain? Both are generally productive (oho) topics to have a grounding in, especially when you're asinine headvoices. We get around. In your head.
Can we,...can we kill that?
That's a dedicated combat model right there. I assume with your minimal combat experience you haven't really put thought or money into military-grade augmentations, no?
This looks tough enough that we may have to blow some cash to have a snowball's chance in hell.
No. 567936 ID: b40a79

Well if the current version is causing the problems can he be persuaded or tricked into upgrading/downgrading?

You should visit Harold anyway since your current armament is lacking.
No. 567950 ID: 8dbfb4

ask for more info in the target. if he's got protection, which he almost certainly does, you're going to need an alternate source of info like Harold or a weapon that is bigger than my sister's dick.
No. 567976 ID: ffa549

A warbot. Great. Perfect first mission for someone with no real combat experience.

Ask for what information Eddy can give you on the bot. If he wants him dead, every little bit of intel helps.
No. 569079 ID: be45a8
File 139657381412.png - (47.76KB , 521x444 , Energy Quest 28.png )

Update Folks! Quest Discussion here!: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/80537.html

"Two things Eddie, any furhter info about Madware? And if I can just get him off your back and not killing you, can I still get the info?" "Yes... And as for further information?"

Alright voices.

"All I have is that his only known weaponry is 2 handheld grenade launchers, 5 shots in each mag. And that his body is effectively a layer of bulletproof armor,"

"...B'sod" "Yeah your kinda screwed Voltage,"
No. 569080 ID: be45a8
File 139657389418.png - (143.50KB , 618x569 , Energy Quest Map-2.png )

"He lives in a metal shack not too far from the dunes, Good luck,"

>Map Updated. New location added.

"Well... again B'sod,"

Sooooo... Visit Eddy?
No. 569129 ID: ee16d7

D'oh! Sorry I meant Harold!))
No. 569136 ID: 461142

can't hurt to weigh your options.
No. 569244 ID: 2c6ff1

May as well check his inventory at least.
No. 569251 ID: ffa549

Grenade launchers, huh. What we need is a way to diffuse those.
No. 571092 ID: 204a00
File 139768785616.gif - (278.11KB , 668x383 , Energy Quest 29.gif )

Yeah. Never hurts to see what Harold has in stock.

Yeah. Maybe if we're lucky we can get some sort of jammer or something.

Alright here we are.

"Voooooolt! Fancy seeing you here!" "Hi Harold," "What pray tell would you like to-" "Cut the scrap. Show me what you have in stock,"

His smile flashes and he begins to show various items. "Well I have this sharp knife! This Doll! This Hat! This Grappling hook! The current prices are, 20Z for the Doll,; 100Z for the Hat; It's a very nice hat! 750Z for the Knife! Oh and 1560Z for the Grappling hook, it's in very good condition."

Yeah typical Harold. The grappling hook would probably be moderately useful. But knowing him, after this first purchase, then he'll bring out the weapons cache with ludicrous prices.

(Shoutout Time! You can all guess the 3 shoutouts!)
No. 571097 ID: 2c6ff1

You can always buy the hook after looking at the weapons. Buy the doll.
No. 571099 ID: 189a54

Buy the hat. Your sudden increase in gentlemanliness may get you some lower prices on your weapon purchases.
No. 571102 ID: 76b151

Doll is Ruby Quest, Dagger is Knife Quest. I'm not sure of the last one.
No. 571103 ID: 2c6ff1

The hat is a touhou reference.
No. 571107 ID: 5bbbc0

doll is Ruby from Ruby quest, the knife is Rella's Ruby Knife from Knife Quest, the hat is Suwako's hat from What Lies Within.
No. 571348 ID: 9294dc

don't buy any of that crap. you need guns.
No. 572913 ID: f18e5f
File 139906735275.png - (52.43KB , 207x345 , Energy Quest 30.png )

True. Hook comes later... now I want it.

Harold has a Social Enhancer Chip. He'd know what's up in a instant!

I do need weapons. Might as well come outright.

"Harold, I need guns, I lost something of mine and Eddy wants me to kill someone for the info," "Weeeeeeell then... I could bring out my stash, and lower the prices... for another price... what are you willing to offer?"

... Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap... voices... options?
No. 572926 ID: d9bed9

Buy the hat.
Hat. Haaaaaat.
Hop Hop~
No. 572927 ID: ca65e6

Just buy a thing.

Hell, buy the hook.
No. 572983 ID: dd2951

Offer him first picks and lowered prices on all the goodies you are going to loot and sell after you ice Madware V6.8.

And buy the doll.
No. 573132 ID: 255949

you can't repair the welder yourself, can you? offer him that.

then offer the battery separately to barter for a price deduction.
No. 574061 ID: f4e93a

OP update! First chapter of The Gospel! http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/80537.html#81626 Update for quest tomorrow as well!
No. 574148 ID: f4e93a
File 139993026225.png - (22.52KB , 398x306 , Energy Quest 31.png )

Seems Reasonable. Why would I need those Grenade Launchers anyway?

Keeping the Tesla, I'll get it fixed one day. But got plenty of batteries so selling that.

"So Harold, I'm going to be going after someone soon, And it's unlikely I'll be keeping their stuff. So, if I bring you first dibs on what they have, Discount?" His smile seems to brighten.

"Oooooh Voltage my associate, you know how to make a deal, you used to be crap, remember when I sold you a useless computer monitor?" "Don't remind me,"

"Since you are going after someone, latest stock, 40% off!"

Well that's better than his usual deals.

"OH and here is a 1.21 gigawatt battery," "Excellent! That's worth a grappling hook," "But I was going to buy a ha-" "Graaaaaaapling Hoooook~" ... scrap, curse that social enhancer chip
No. 574157 ID: f4e93a
File 139993238709.png - (118.15KB , 432x793 , Energy Quest 32.png )

> Trade Terminal Online.
> Hello User Promethue-KZZZZZK-Hade-KZZZZZZK, Individual Servitor 755.
> Beginning Terminal Trade.

>Steel Rifle
>Magazine: 24
>Ammo Type: Light Rifle Round
>Cost: Z840 (Z1400)
>Weight: 4

>Heavy Machine Pistol
>Magazine: 42
>Ammo Type: Heavy Pistol Round
>Cost: Z360 (Z900)
>Weight: 2.5

>Standard Double Barrel
>Magazine: 2
>Ammo Type: Buckshot Shells
>Cost: Z500 (No discount)
>Weight: 2


>EMP Grenade Pack
>Effect: Temporarily disables machinery. (Lasts 3 turns/3 Posts)
>Cost: Z700 (Z1750)
>Weight: 1

>Satchel Explosive Pack
>Effect: Wide area explosive in convenient to carry bags.
>Cost: Z640 (Z1600)

>Current Wallet: Z3436
>Pick Smartly. You still need Ammo.
No. 574163 ID: a0267c

I kind of want to suggest the double barreled shotgun for that wasteland feel.
But since this guy is armored shotgun and pistol rounds wont do jack.
That would leave the rifle. But do you really see yourself carrying a rifle around like some kind of bad-ass mercenary?

Buy the grenade pack and the satchel pack. You should be fine with them and your revolver.
No. 574179 ID: 53ba34

does he have shotgun slugs? double slug to the chest should do fine against armor. that is a lot of force.
No. 574215 ID: 166ec0


not if he has Arnold Schwarzenegger-tier robot armor.

buy the rifle, but only if Harold has AP rounds, or FMJ bullets, or some sort of new futuristic kind of thing that'd work against the guy.

if he doesn't, then the shotgun. if that doesn't have any special ammo for that either, then something for your revolver.

and definitely buy an EMP grenade or two.
No. 576354 ID: 44ea91
File 140133402668.png - (45.91KB , 256x301 , Energy Quest 33.png )

((Gah off model!))

Grenade and Satchel Packs it is Strange voices.

>Explosives Packs Purchased.
>Current Cash: 2096

Hm... I might buy the steel rifle just because. I need another weapon to hold out on the really long ranges or rapid fire, and my Revolver only shoots 6...

>Steel Rifle Purchased
>Current Cash: 1256

So, we got options now for Madware. Disable him. Shoot him. Blow him up.
No. 576374 ID: 20208d

Buy some ammo for your new rifle and finally check what the trade vendor is selling.
No. 577279 ID: 61bd4b
File 140201129434.png - (87.86KB , 538x341 , Energy Quest 34.png )

Well my strange voices. We got the Trade Vendor here. A magazine of Rifle bullets is Z12. How many should I buy?
No. 577371 ID: e6f437

Buy 4 magazines.
No. 579031 ID: 4779d2
File 140304644982.png - (52.52KB , 344x259 , Energy Quest 35.png )

Alright then. I'll purchase 4 magazines for the steel rifle. Oh and I can update my pad's harddrive as well! New music from the Demis! I believe the Mixer and the Archivist got a album from a demi pair simply known now as "##ft Punk"

>1208Z left
> Thank you for purchasing [4] Steel Rifle Magazines.
No. 579032 ID: 4779d2
File 140304652517.png - (145.05KB , 618x569 , Energy Quest 36.png )

Okay it's about a half hour drive from the walls of Eureka to Madware's shack.

> 67% fuel left in tank.

What's our plan of attack here voices?
No. 579098 ID: e6f437

Attach all the explosive packs to your car, ram it into Madwares shack and detonate. C4 buggy style.

Drive up to Madwares shack and try reasoning with him first. He might have had a good reason for killing Eddys associates or he might have been framed.
No. 581355 ID: 01c759
File 140382660848.png - (159.64KB , 776x460 , Energy Quest 37.png )

Here we are. The Shack. I'm... I'm gonna keep a gun ready. But diplomacy yeah. That could work. Suggestions on what we should talk to him first about.

Because I am terrified out of my processor here.
No. 583640 ID: a3804f
File 140500657711.png - (13.94KB , 257x211 , Energy Quest 38.png )

Okay then... awfully quiet...

So. I guess I'll try to communicate by knocking on this door a
No. 583641 ID: a3804f
File 140500659609.png - (143.77KB , 682x403 , Energy Quest 39.png )

No. 583643 ID: a3804f
File 140500667885.png - (103.13KB , 429x431 , Energy Quest 40.png )

Guuuuuh... oh... why did the door explode?

"YOU HERE TO GET ME MAN?!" Oh good that must be Madware.


Oh he's a bomb throwing anarchist... kinda needless in the wastes...
No. 583690 ID: e6f437

Always agree with crazed gunmen. Tell him that you aren't here to get him 'man' you just came to talk to him. And yes the society (what's left of it) is corrupt.

Are you unhurt from having the door explode in your face?
No. 583695 ID: 2fd516

If you can get him to drop his guard that'd be a good time to shoot.
No. 583697 ID: ef7fd2

>Getting a conspiracy theorist to drop their guard
thats about as likely as the sky deciding to suddenly split apart and drop billions of batteries of all kinds down onto the earth, single-handedly saving the denizens of the wastes from ever needing to fight for power again.
Which is to say, not very likely at all.

Still, feign as if you are here to join him in fighting off the evils of gubbmint society with him
No. 583698 ID: ccd544

Yell, "IT'S HAPPENING." and duck around the side of the shack.

DoomPaul.gif resonates with the hearts of all conspiricists.
No. 585542 ID: 4f1496
File 140615042186.png - (103.62KB , 431x301 , Energy Quest 41.png )

Yes. I am mostly unhurt. Really dazed, but unhurt, I'm a Servitor, a repair model, I'd have to be durable to fix things...

I'll try that... when he stops ranting... And how do I get a crazy bot to stop ranting? I may be one so any ideas? Talk to him? Lob a EMP grenade?

I don't think he's going to buy that what with my car... or the rifle. I'll try.

By the incinerator what is DoomPaul.gif?

I looked it up. Clever.
No. 586207 ID: 53ba34

you stole both things, obviously, cause fuck the man!
No. 587357 ID: b23d2f
File 140690736223.png - (245.66KB , 721x605 , Energy Quest 42.png )

He probably would question where I stole em from...

... Huh. Got quiet. Do I duck out and check?
No. 587419 ID: 65bed1

No! Use a decoy first! Wave something out the side of your cover, preferably something expendable. If that doesn't trigger an attack, then take a quick peek.
No. 587620 ID: 874468

It's hard to disagree with this advice.
No. 587724 ID: c24f6f

Prep an EMP grenade, throw it if he starts shooting when you look
No. 589831 ID: 5ae037
File 140828836864.png - (127.80KB , 533x469 , Energy Quest 43.png )

Good plan!

I'll keep this in mind.

Small update image. Next part coming eventually.
No. 591515 ID: e15464
File 140923805610.png - (131.43KB , 533x469 , Energy Quest 44.png )

Hmmm... Been quiet...

I`ll poke out and
No. 591516 ID: e15464
File 140923808843.png - (132.74KB , 533x469 , Energy Quest 45.png )

No. 591518 ID: e15464
File 140923820637.png - (200.05KB , 511x655 , Energy Quest 46.png )

No. 591519 ID: e15464
File 140923826438.png - (200.75KB , 511x655 , Energy Quest 47.png )

... I think... I think that worked... He's not moving... Okay the EMP grenade got him!

What luck! Now then... what the hell to do next because he'll wake up eventually...
No. 591524 ID: 53ba34

detach his limbs and stuff him in your trunk.
No. 591638 ID: f869ea

Steal the grenade launchers!
No. 591717 ID: ccd544

Steal his pants!
No. 591802 ID: 892460

Shoot him in the head
No. 591860 ID: 100639

Ah, the convenience of removable limbs.
I agree entirely, as it's probably the safest way to bring him back. For you and him.
Uh, he might be a bit loud, though. Not to mention the fact that he is bound to have something up his sleeve. Self destruct, homing beacon for any friends he might have, emergency throat-concealed plasma spitter, he's a paranoid well-armed piece of military hardware, so search him thoroughly as possible.
No. 592395 ID: e15464
File 140977813727.png - (57.88KB , 355x363 , Energy Quest 48.png )

Okay! Just gotta look about and THERE WE GO! The detachment ports. under the shoulder, every bot has a detachment system that makes it easier to repair or replace broken parts and pieces. Wait why am I explaining to you guys. If you are my signs of insanity shouldn't you know what I know?

Already in the Trunk!

What? Why? I ain't pantsing another bot that's just rude!
No. 592396 ID: e15464
File 140977819694.png - (58.50KB , 355x363 , Energy Quest 49.png )

*Click! Vrrrrrm*

...... Uhm... Uhhhh...

"What the Vista do you think you're doing man...?"
No. 592403 ID: 2fd516

Tell him Eddy wanted him dead before he killed Eddy. It's nothing personal.
No. 592425 ID: 100639

Well hopefully. If we are, after all, signs of your imminent catastrophic mental degradation, it'd be just as likely that we'd play with you head and try and get you to question what you actually do know, after all...
Or we're just really forgetful, awkward figments of madness. That works.
No. 592429 ID: 436cdc

Also, you DID come at us with a grenade launcher.
Which is why we took your limbs. Sorry man, you are a scary crazy ass motherfucker.
No. 592895 ID: 6e5743

Tell him how it's going to be, "I'm looking down at a shiny metal arse that's worth one reactor core," or something to that affect. You haven't had an opportunity for a one-liner yet.
No. 592965 ID: ccd544

I like to think that we are your paranoia sub-routines, but we've gone rampant and claimed more of your processing power for ourselves.

True paranoia triple checks everything and assumes that all knowledge can be false, and all memories can be corrupted, demanding external re-verification at relevant integrals.
No. 593135 ID: d9c748
File 141013035706.png - (62.79KB , 315x288 , Energy Quest 50.png )


"Sorry but it's business. I'm trading in a piece of Military Hardware for a Reactor Core,"

When I have time, I'm going to cry, I'm losing my mind and my fragmented mind is informing me of it and what the symptoms are.
No. 593136 ID: d9c748
File 141013040021.png - (66.03KB , 315x288 , Energy Quest 51.png )

No. 593137 ID: d9c748
File 141013042827.png - (47.85KB , 355x363 , Energy Quest 52.png )

By the hand of man! "SHUT UP!"
No. 593138 ID: d9c748
File 141013056161.png - (127.22KB , 522x309 , Energy Quest 53.png )

Alright time to head back, I'll take a scenic route so we can think of a way to introduce him to Eddy, because no doubt the sneaky carbon has set up some sort of trap expecting me to be enthralled by his words.

He once put a tinfoil hat on me to ward of "My psychic powers" a month ago. So, let's take some time, listen to the Demis of Muse, and think of a way to introduce him.

Oh and Madware's still screaming so I just really want music to drown him out.
No. 593159 ID: 53ba34

us that a giant robot head? would a giant robot head have anything useful in it? the memory core of a giant robot would probably know a lot about war.
No. 593162 ID: 8b533b

>When I have time, I'm going to cry, I'm losing my mind and my fragmented mind is informing me of it and what the symptoms are.
Hey, at least we're upfront and honest about it.

Trust me, the creepy, seductive manipulative mind-fragmentation route is way worse.
No. 593293 ID: 323980

Don't worry about losing your mind.
You'll still be you!

The only probable downside is that your mental vigilance and general awareness is going to seriously degrade as we consume more of it...

The only fix is to find a way to reprogram yourself in small ways, or to compromise with yourself to create a "method to the madness"; the only way you can maintain your capacities is if we share all of our collective sensory analysis to each other.

Good news is your memory should be untouched, so anything derived from a past experience or connected to a past memory should remain yours.
No. 593302 ID: 53ba34

or we could NOT be a sign of insanity, we could be those psychic powers.
No. 593310 ID: 436cdc

Or we could be some sort of parasitic AI virus you picked up off some passing decrepit wifi connection somewhere and not a part of you at all.
No. 593707 ID: d3fbb6
File 141046463022.png - (93.88KB , 504x295 , Energy Quest 54.png )

The Guardian? A giant machine built by the Demis during the war, as the mythos goes, I think they were just used by various Borgs, Bots, and Carbons before for killing each other... There might be some stuff, never really thought of looting one.

We park and I alert Madware that I'll be gone for a little bit exploring a dead giant. He should at least know what's going on.

UNEHEHAHAHAHA!!! I'm going to need a serious debugging...

... This shouldn't make me fell better. It does anyway.

[I enjoy you torturing poor Volt with possibilities about his sanity]
No. 593711 ID: 436cdc

Careful not to accidentally turn it on.
Do it INTENTIONALLY, so we can have a giant robot best friend like that iron giant movie. That would be RAD.
No. 593712 ID: 2fd516

Alright, circle around and check for entry locations, or signs that someone's already busted in. You could try getting in through the eyes, or just cut a door through the side of the head.
No. 593719 ID: 53ba34

base of the skull is a usual entry point.
No. 593812 ID: 865412

Going off on a tangent here, but do you know anyways to protect yourself from the effects of EMP?

I mean, Madware was a real warbot but he was bested by a single EMP grenade.
So what is stopping someone from doing the same to you and then stealing your stuff and harvesting your bodyparts?
No. 594518 ID: b24c01
File 141099390258.png - (126.56KB , 716x686 , Energy Quest 55.png )

This old war machine is buried in sand and dirt, the joints are probably rusted and broken, without anyone to maintain this thing it probably won't be moving, as for intelligence it seems to have barely any power... This thing might as well be dead with how close it is...

Entered through on a hole of the side receiver plate! And here we are... rather empty... up higher must be brain functions.

You have a point... I should invest in EMP hardening I mean it makes sense for a Servitor to be protected against electrical attacks, plus that's how I lost my Reactor Core... When we get back we're getting EMP hardened circuits. Easy install! Hopefully.
No. 594520 ID: 436cdc

Wait, wait. Go back and weigh down the trunk lid with a rock and take the limbs with you. He's a war bot, there is no doubt in my mind the guy will be resourceful enough to get out of the trunk when we aren't looking.

Be paranoid when dealing with paranoid lunatics, yo. Once we do that, let's get going on up.
No. 594534 ID: ccd544

[Enhance Brightness Value]
No. 594538 ID: 2fd516

Looks like a code-locked hatch on the floor. Can you hack it or something?
No. 594542 ID: 53ba34

see any power slots? can give it a jump and ask the AI to just let you in to the brain room.
No. 595918 ID: 1122b5
File 141173919813.png - (43.84KB , 438x292 , Energy Quest 56.png )

It's a standard code lock with a indicator light. It should have a reset code, problem is, I don't know the model so I don't know the reset code. For example, if it was a A5 series, the reset would be a standard 5551 or if it was a Y12 it would be ####. We could spend all day but this thing only gives people 4 attempts before locking itself down if the reset code is failed.

So, we're going to have to search.
No. 595963 ID: 436cdc

Get a closer look, see if you can spot wear marks on any of the numbers. Could give us a hint as to the code.
No. 595968 ID: 2fd516

I think there are some grates or something on floor at the sides of the room. Get some more light in here.
No. 597611 ID: cfb419
File 141271200157.png - (27.43KB , 649x233 , Energy Quest 57.png )

No wear marks. Sadly. So no carbons have been hear to let the oils of their skin touch this.

The greats seem to be ventilation shafts for keeping the Guardian's central core and computing cool. They're old and appear interconnected, if I even touch em they might shake.

Hey there are some things in there, a silver datapad, and... something shimmering, I am going to be honest with myself here, I have no clue what is shining down there but I may be able to grab it.
No. 597622 ID: 2fd516

Get the datapad. The shiny thing is suspicious... I don't want you to grab at it without seeing what it is first. Do you really have no flashlight or anything? Does the datapad have enough of a glow, perhaps?
No. 598923 ID: 34a4e5
File 141373697473.png - (40.53KB , 327x334 , Energy Quest 58.png )

I have plenty of light. It's just that the interior paneling of this thing is faded and dark.

Okay got the Datapad... Heard something rumble... I'll probably find out later. But okay let's see if this thing has any info.
No. 598924 ID: 34a4e5
File 141373704689.png - (7.33KB , 369x401 , Energy Quest 59.png )

And scrap, I think it's in HEX. I'm versed in a lot of languages but sadly, I never got HEX, be that my makers fault or some bug amongst my previous versions.

Crazy question but do any of you translate Hex? I don't think the spaces are supposed to be there.
No. 598929 ID: 1148cc

Well, I just assume an ASCII-Encoding here...
Because translating HEX (which are just numbers based on 16) in DEC will probably not help you much...
resetcode: 0045#
No. 598932 ID: 2fd516

Hmm.... if you input the reset code, then the robot will probably turn back on. Is it strong enough to dislodge itself from the sand though?

Why don't you grab the shiny thing first.
No. 598933 ID: 2ec61a

darn, beat me to it.
No. 598945 ID: 1148cc

by... half an hour posting-time... Didn't feel rushed to me^^
Anyway, I'm surprised such a big and powerful machine gives away its reset-Code as error-message... that's like writing it on a sheet and gluing it to the surface... or making a little reset-button where you need a pencil to push...
No. 599626 ID: bb91b9
File 141452814299.png - (29.07KB , 390x328 , Energy Quest 60.png )

Okay so you can translate... More evidence that maybe I'm not crazy... or maybe you're old programming fragments of my previous versions who could read Hex.

So 0 0 4 5 #

It's doubtful this giant could move itself from the sand, possibly the joints are eroded.

Maybe it's a reset code in case of Error? You know like a Hard Reset? Machine is busted, display code to use to reset machine.
No. 599627 ID: bb91b9
File 141452817276.png - (32.14KB , 390x328 , Energy Quest 61.png )

Okay things are moving! We got a access hatch slowly opening!

Sounds like another is opening behind me as well.
No. 599628 ID: 2fd516

Better make sure that thing behind you isn't a turret or something.
No. 599649 ID: 2ec61a

yeah, check back hatch.
No. 600773 ID: 6f44fd
File 141546372817.png - (31.96KB , 412x264 , Energy Quest 62.png )


No it's just a open hatch, leads to the brain most likely.
No. 600774 ID: 6f44fd
File 141546377028.png - (39.58KB , 263x422 , Energy Quest 63.png )

[Map Loaded]

Okay here is a crude map, I could go up and see how the brain is doing, or go down and see how the internal systems are working.
No. 600788 ID: 2fd516

No. 600798 ID: 2ec61a

need to check the brain first. if it's too low power to do anything then we will head down. see about giving the battery a jump.
No. 600893 ID: afa5da

Go check out them brain meats. Also would it be possible to upload your own mind into the guardians body?
No. 602316 ID: b56011
File 141600023709.png - (14.84KB , 170x176 , Energy Quest 64.png )

No. 602317 ID: b56011
File 141600038456.png - (15.02KB , 170x176 , Energy Quest 65.png )

I am just going to assume you haven't been paying attention. This guardian is buried in sand, with barely any power, with it's joints most likely eroded. It's a nice idea but there is absolutely no way it will work.

I am sorry but I am just a bit peeved at the idea, plus this thing still has a hard drive with it's mind still possibly there, I don't think my electric soul could stand up to a guardian.

It was a nice idea truly but I made the Guardian buried for a reason. Sorry guys.
No. 602318 ID: b56011
File 141600047185.png - (42.75KB , 263x422 , Energy Quest 66.png )


It's probably too low power so I'll head down to the core first, get it's heart moving again.

Sorry about this as well I misread this by the time I had this finished so I went with going down.
No. 602319 ID: b56011
File 141600051896.png - (28.33KB , 372x133 , Energy Quest 67.png )

> Volt has arrived at the lower level.

Okay here we are and whoa! I see three Reactor cores guys! They seem kind of dead.
No. 602335 ID: a19cd5

Do some sick powerslides, eventually the power of dance will fill them flowing right back up to full capacity!
No. 602338 ID: 2ec61a

can you do a bypass to pump juice straight from a battery into the system? only need enough power for it to communicate rather then move.
No. 603187 ID: 158806

One of the reactor cores(?) looks kind of funny. A bit brighter than the others.
No. 604128 ID: 3cec44
File 141658463602.png - (38.11KB , 372x133 , Energy Quest 68.png )

What? How would dancing solve this?

I could, and you're right... One of the cores does seem brighter than the others. Guess it hasn't died out yet.

So just take out one of the Tesla Batteries. 1.21 gigawatts should be enough to- Hey it's glowing!
No. 604129 ID: 3cec44
File 141658469012.gif - (23.33KB , 263x422 , Energy-Quest-69.gif )

>>Power restored, basic functions online. "Brain Center" Functional.
No. 604250 ID: f0af30

It is a animated blinker to indicate power.
No. 604254 ID: 2ec61a

hrmm, well let's have a chat with the big guy. may consider it a bit of a downgrade, but it could be the controller of the base. would be big and mobile.
No. 605834 ID: 71aade
File 141703907317.png - (43.54KB , 263x422 , Energy Quest 70.png )

Volt moves back up to the empty head
No. 605835 ID: 71aade
File 141703910072.png - (12.18KB , 390x205 , Energy Quest 71.png )

Alright time to find a way up into the bra-
No. 605836 ID: 71aade
File 141703912337.png - (11.84KB , 390x205 , Energy Quest 72.png )

No. 605837 ID: 71aade
File 141703915716.png - (16.12KB , 352x179 , Energy Quest 73.png )

It's a ceiling turret!


Huh. Woulda expected more. Seems it's out of ammo...

Think I could use this?
No. 605839 ID: 2ec61a

totally could. but get to the brain first. not sure how long it will have enough power to think.
No. 605842 ID: fef726

Hmm, before you move on up to the brain you should check your car. Make sure the guy hasn't somehow managed to get free despite lacking limbs.
No. 605846 ID: ffc46f

If your are going to use the turret, try to take it off the ceiling then attach it to your car once you reprogram it to not shoot at you and everything else and also reload it. (If you want)
No. 609490 ID: e1e0c3
File 141790300283.png - (98.35KB , 600x550 , Energy Quest 74.png )

Good idea! I'll just detatch this and head up and

>>"U-U-U-User found. Pl-pl-please input command,"

Uhm... I'm glowing because that weird eye is looking at me... help...
No. 609494 ID: 687279

Tell it to list functions.
No. 609496 ID: 2ec61a

tell it you want to do a core transfer due to the body having critical damage.
No. 610975 ID: 8c86e8
File 141841962528.png - (98.63KB , 600x550 , Energy Quest 75.png )

Uhm... "Admin-Command List Functions"

>"Servitor not recognized as Admin. Guest Functions unlocked. Please state designation,"

Oh boy... "Volt"
> "Designation Not Recognized"
"My name is Volt!"
> "Designation not recognized"

Hrm... "Data Corrupted. Current designation Volt!"

> "Accepted. Listing Guest Functions."
>"G/Apply for Admin Control"
>"G/Operational Status"
>"G/Repair status"
>"G/Power status"
>"Warning. Core consciousness fragmented. Require Admin level defrag."

Well that is somewhat helpful.

"Requesting Core Transfer. This unit may have a suitable replacement for core consciousness!"
>"G/Core Transfer not possible. Only those with Admin level access may initiate A/Core Transfer."

Well that's pleasant.
No. 610976 ID: 687279

Try G/Operational Status then G/Repair status
then G/Power status.
No. 610978 ID: 2ec61a

let's get operation and then apply for admin.
No. 610979 ID: fef726

>"G/Power status"
Just to see how much time we have to solve this thing before it goes dead again.

>"G/Repair status"
How much can we fix

>"G/Apply for Admin Control"
And in a vain hope that it would be that easy.
No. 615677 ID: d5b76f
File 141964249333.png - (35.14KB , 624x616 , Energy Quest 76.png )

Alright then. "Let's have 'G/Repair status' please,"

And a image has been transmitted to my datapad.

Ouch, seems we got lucky. A defrag is in order, let's get admin status for that.
No. 615678 ID: d5b76f
File 141964270694.png - (98.66KB , 600x550 , Energy Quest 77.png )

Okay here goes.

>"G/Apply for Admin Control"
>>"Application for user recognized. Please state user ID. Age. Sex. Occupation."

Well that's just pleasant. You see, I can say that my name, Volt Nullbuilt, and that my sex is masculine programming, and that I am a repair servitor.

But I don't have any proper ID, and I have no idea how many times I have been reformatted by the previous mes so I have no idea of my age either.

>Please choose a proper identity for Volt and a estimate as to what his age will be. Please keep in mind that this is permanent and will be utilized throughout the quest.

((And sorry I didn't update sooner, was sick the past week.))
No. 615683 ID: a19cd5

Not sure what is meant by "choose identity" considering he already has a name, but for age I'd go with 204.
No. 615685 ID: 2ec61a

based on personality i'd say you are in the mid 20s. compared to humans of course.

ID serial go with QLT842
No. 615686 ID: 742b4a

783 years old.
No. 615705 ID: d5b76f

All Servitors have a serial and identification as to what machine they serviced. But Volt doesn't have that identification so you get to come up with that. The most important part is his age. You decide that the most.
No. 618734 ID: c5a0de
File 142066634539.png - (98.92KB , 600x550 , Energy Quest 78.png )

... I'll just go with 26. 204 seems a bit excessive, plus with a machine this old anything older might label me as scrap for retirement. We want it co-operating with us... at least for now.

Also over 700? The fall wasn't that long ago!
No. 618735 ID: c5a0de
File 142066639683.png - (41.70KB , 677x310 , Energy Quest 79.png )

>> ID updated. Thank you for choosing a new ID. Generating serial for user ID.
No. 618736 ID: c5a0de
File 142066652280.png - (100.18KB , 600x550 , Energy Quest 80.png )

> "Ejecting memory disk, this contains a collective backup of the main on board AI program, it is incomplete until defrag is finished. Would you like to run defrag now? Y/N? Defrag may take up to 2-3 hours to complete,"

Well... that's a long time to wait. But this is a incomplete copy of the AI to this guardian... should I wait?
No. 618737 ID: b0b069

by all means.
No. 618748 ID: 687279

Um, if you wait, you should do so outside, so that if anyone comes around to try to scavenge the place you can drive them off.
No. 621338 ID: 6f6da0
File 142179700658.png - (142.23KB , 835x508 , Energy Quest 81.png )


> Volt steps outside
Good idea. It's best I let this thing format and guard, even better, I can stick this baby in the backseat! If I can't use it I can sell it for Zuni!

And... oh...

"Hey Man. Nice to see you again. Wanna explain why you took my arms?!"
No. 621354 ID: a19cd5

"Paranoia that exactly this would happen."
No. 621448 ID: e732a7

No. 621451 ID: a18f15

Paranoia. Justified paranoia, apparently.
No. 623109 ID: 120a7d
File 142280573053.png - (141.00KB , 835x508 , Energy Quest 82.png )


"You know... Paranoia that exactly this would happen..."

Madware just stares at me, "Okay fair enough."

"Now how the smelting pit did you get out of the trunk with no arms?" "Wouldn't you like to know man!"
No. 623110 ID: 120a7d
File 142280577977.gif - (613.30KB , 835x508 , Energy Quest 83.gif )


"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, HA! FREEDOM! CAN'T KEEP ME DOWN MAN!"
No. 623111 ID: 120a7d
File 142280607992.png - (140.88KB , 835x508 , Energy Quest 84.png )

"I get the feeling that you probably just headbutted your way out..." "Well you'll never know. Now! Tell me where the hell you are taking me and why! And don't give me nothing about no reactor core! Society has placed my worth as-"
No. 623112 ID: 120a7d
File 142280632109.png - (150.83KB , 835x508 , Energy Quest 85.png )

Oh for the love of "Would you SHUT UP with all the talk about "Society this" and "Anarchy that"?! Newsflash 32x processor! You're in a wasteland! There is no evil government out to get you! There is no one trying to control your each and every thought! So just shut the frak up and calm down! You've killed several people who were part of a information trading network! A valuable resource out here in the dunes! So get off your high cycle and meet reality!"

By the hands of man this guy is annoying...
No. 623125 ID: fb1932

If he talks anymore smack him.
No. 623624 ID: e732a7

Well, if you can't force him back into the trunk, might as well buckle him up in the passenger seat.
No. 623671 ID: d958ad

Tell him you are going to deliver him to your employer. He should be thankful he is still in operational condition, and he'd better think of a good excuse once you get there, so that your employer doesn't just kill him.
No. 623674 ID: eee686

With one of his own arms.
No. 625680 ID: 212252
File 142439514981.png - (142.78KB , 835x508 , Energy Quest 86.png )

(Update guys. Sorry for taking awhile. Been distracted.)

... I would actually, I'm at the point of just anger.

"Got that ya build of a glitch?" "Hey Man that's just uncalled for..." "So was blowing up SEVERAL PEOPLE! Jeez..."
He has a sad look on his face, he's pathetic now. "Best get your story in order,"

"Sit in the backseat, I gotta get the AI from this guardian." "What for?"
No. 625729 ID: ccfb4b

you are gonna become... THE MAN.
No. 625738 ID: d958ad

What for? Well chances are it's sapient, right? You could be rescuing it. Also it's cool. Ancient AI, who knows what's in its memory banks.
No. 625756 ID: a19cd5

Apologize for bein' a dick. Don't need this dork moping about back there in no-arms club.
No. 627497 ID: 92bd2a
File 142534263305.png - (143.61KB , 835x508 , Energy Quest 87.png )

"I got a base rigged up and it needs power. Hence my hunting for a core. I figured it would be best if I had a wise old Electronic Soul to run it." "That makes sense..."

"Look I'm sorry for being so harsh," "... What you said hurt, but I can't deny the fact that it had rings of truth to it. I'll listen up and try to behave myself. Best face my death like a war machine and not like some crazed glitch."

Well then... "Backseat's available," "Glitching! All to myself!"

Well... that was interesting.
No. 627498 ID: 92bd2a
File 142534269492.png - (120.48KB , 835x508 , Energy Quest 88.png )

> Volt opens up the backseat door and Madware gleefully steps in.

Well then... time to wait.

> Volt puts turret in the trunk and proceeds to wait the few hours.
No. 627499 ID: 92bd2a
File 142534279630.png - (113.90KB , 600x550 , Energy Quest 89.png )

> Volt steps inside and returns to the Brain center.

>> "Defrag complete. Running, prior command of AI backup."

Well hey that is-

> "SPUT" A hard drive disk hits Volt's head.

Ow... Okay... Got the AI copy... tiny thing... I thought it would be bigger. Does this say anything about the AI we are getting?
No. 627502 ID: d958ad

No. It could mean the storage device is dense.

Let's get going. Unless you can salvage anything from the power room now that it's not required for anything?
No. 627755 ID: bd8b82

would the empty power cores be useful in any way? even empty they are high tech devices.
No. 629793 ID: 28b4a1
File 142671098049.png - (138.56KB , 707x440 , Energy Quest 90.png )

True Enough. Either way we got a AI to operate the base.
Also true. I'll grab em and drive off.

>Volt quickly heads back to the chest and grabs the dead power cores, with any luck Harold is willing to buy dead technology.
> The Trunk Currently Holds: Madware's Grenade Launchers, Madware's Arms, Gun Turret, 3 Dead Power cores.
> Volt drives away from the Guardian, his business completed. Eddie is waiting.
No. 629794 ID: 28b4a1
File 142671107784.png - (126.57KB , 830x573 , Energy Quest 91.png )

> It takes a little while but you make it back to Eureka's walls, it is night time and there is currently 50% left of your Gas in the Tank of the car.

"Hello Volt, what took you so long? Testing out psychic powers? Making friends with Madware the son of a bitch who wants to kill me? How do I know you haven't turned?!"
No. 629797 ID: d958ad

Ask him what the hell he's talking about. Psychic powers?! You found something interesting in the desert and decided to check it out, that's all.

Take Madware out and tell him to get talking.
No. 629806 ID: bd8b82

"i didn't put his arms back on, if i wanted to help him i would have fixed him and sent him on his way."
No. 629822 ID: fef726

Dude, you are as crazy as Madcap if you think I have psychic powers.

How would that even work? Robots only have the stuff they have built in. Psionics usually take organic stuff to randomly manifest.
No. 633083 ID: 4607e1
File 142828161938.png - (36.43KB , 502x329 , Energy Quest 92.png )

"I found a Guardian out in the desert and decided to explore... That's why I took so long."

Eddie doesn't buy it, "Then why is he in the backseat?"

"He's still disarmed so he's no threat, I had the idea to have you-" "Talk it out? Volt did it occur to you that as a Warbot that has survived long enough to avoid being decommissioned he's brighter than he looks?"

Scrap, "He could have a throat mounted weapon Volt!"

"You are being crazy Eddie, I am a bot therefore I stand no chance of psychic powers!" "Yeah, lotta bots look like Borgs, you could just be a borg in disguise. Also, calling me crazy? Bright idea!"


Uh oh. "We're gonna talk this out Volt, and my friend back there is going to make sure it happens."
No. 633100 ID: bd8b82

No. 633126 ID: a19cd5

"Fine, geeeez. Let's talk then. And sorry about calling you crazy, you just kinda leapt at me there man."
No. 634237 ID: 296917

"I won't argue with that."

Suggest Madware get a reformat.
No. 634527 ID: eb385b

Is that a gun point at your head
No. 637983 ID: 8709b1
File 143069731154.png - (244.11KB , 897x686 , Energy Quest 93.png )

"Alright Eddie... Lead the way."

Eddie smiles and more of his goons come out and force Madware out, "Follow me you two! We're gonna talk in a secure location!"


Yes that is a gun.

"Hey Madware, maybe if you reformat yourself, we'd be safe." "Yeah just let me end my current existence just so someone I won't know after can not get shot. Fat chance ya glitch."

Well Scrap there goes that idea. Seems we're going with Eddie. This is gonna suck.

> End part 1.
Thank you for sitting through this! It has been fun and now I take a short break to collect myself and get ready for the next big Power Quest part. This will be a ongoing series and thanks for helping Volt get to the end of Part 1. Discussion is here: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/80537.html so feel free to ask any questions and I will try to prevent as many spoilers as possible!
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