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File 138938974914.png - (655.54KB , 782x572 , Kitty.png )
556435 No. 556435 ID: 100739

[[Ok, i know its a bad idea to run two at once but this damn idea has been jumping about in my head for like a damn year! i need to get it out so it can wither and die or flourish on its own -3- ]]

You are now a young khajiit girl, your four years old and your listening to your mother tell you awesome story's, stories of brave knights, powerful wizards and sneaky thieves.

Whats your name and which story do you like more?
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No. 556440 ID: 5ee354

You like the thief's story the most, it reminds you of your own cat-like sneaking and prowling.
No. 556442 ID: 9c12b1

Brave knight who fears nothing!

Name: Menrva Stark
No. 556443 ID: 63f55d

Cleocatra of Amen RA. You like thieving better.
No. 556444 ID: fe4bfc

Come on a wizard is definitely your style.
No. 556445 ID: 88960e

You're such a sneaky kitty. That's where you got that cookie, in fact.

Your name is Gwen.
No. 556459 ID: 100739
File 138939563992.jpg - (136.16KB , 721x556 , Kitty.jpg )

Of course, how could you forget your names Gwen Stark! your so silly.

You love the thief storys the best cause the thief is smart! Why fight people when yu can move past without them even knowing you were thier! you think it would be great to grow up like them, picking the pockets of the big dumb fighter and stealing all the wizards fancy stuff!

Years pass..
No. 556460 ID: 100739
File 138939597585.png - (1.58MB , 792x1152 , Kitty3.png )

Today is your birthday! you are eight years old and you haven't seen your parents in four years.

They left you in a inn one day saying they had to go see friends about some business. they never came back. you bounced from family friend to family friend before ending up here, the orphanage in the imperial city.

You stand in the play ground nervously clutching the bag that holds all you own, before you are all the other children at play, you think it might be a good idea to make some friends while you wait for your parents to come find you..

You see some older girls talking and laughing, a girl in the corner reading a large book, a kid fiddling with a large grate on the back wall, some kids fighting and lastly a redguard kid looking oddly happy at the prospect of a argonian shooting a practice arrow at the apple on his head..

Who do you want to talk too?
No. 556463 ID: 834ce6

let's go talk to that kid getting shot at. Why's he so happy!?
No. 556464 ID: 9ddf68

first watch and see how the arrow and apple thing turn out, could be good for a laugh, then see what the grate kid is up to.
No. 556466 ID: 7bbaae

Go do sneaky things with the sneaky guy in the back fiddling with the grate. Like, ask him if he needs a lookout to tell him when an adult might come by.
No. 556467 ID: 87e6c2

That redguard has balls of steel. Talk to him, and then the kid fiddling with the grate.
No. 556484 ID: 100739
File 138941344930.png - (1.45MB , 792x1157 , Kitty4.png )

You introduce yourself to the little archery group and are welcomed into the little band with open arms, however you soon discover that your skill with the bow is somewhat.. lacking.

The redguard, Hileem, seems to take it all in his stride however, while wih-Gei the argonian seems to find the whole thing hilarious, Rirtha the khajiit regards the whole this with what you later learn is her version of delighted applause while Gromarag the orc is once again proven right in his accertations that this was a bad idea.

A little while later you walk over to the grate and chat with the altmer child Aicaion fiddling with it, you had assumed he was trying to flee but you soon find out that he is mearly interested in the dwarven lock adorning the gate, you soon fnd a common interest in both the mechanics of locks and the dwarfs in general.

While you grow close to all the children in the orphanage, those you met on your first day remained you closest friends for years to come.

Years pass...

++Skill's Archery, Lockpick.
+Skill Speech.
No. 556488 ID: 9ddf68

is this still a cut scene or are we meant to make suggestions? cause if so, you didn't really leave it open for us to make suggestions.
No. 556490 ID: 74c4ad

>years pass
Right, so where are we now?
No. 556612 ID: 100739
File 138946650770.png - (1.54MB , 823x1169 , Kitty5.png )

[[yeah sorry, posted the last page at 4am, should have said pause -3-]]

You are now 16 years old and have finally been kicked out the orphanage, you friends all left the year before, Hileem and Gromarag both joined the legion and shipped out a month ago, Aicaion joined some gang, you haven't seen him in a while but you get letters every so often, Wih-gie is apprenticed to a wizard out in the country and strangest of all Rirtha is a trainee priestess in the temple of Dibella all the way over in skyrim.

You however are absolutely nobody, your simply standing on the street without a septim too your name, wondering what the hell your going too do now..

Turning onto the main street you see a few options jump too mind, you dont know if or how any of them will lead to employment, but frankly you have to take any option you can right now.

You can see a young orc trying (and failing) to gather up all the scrolls he's dropped, a rich looking high elf woman looking at a stall and paying far to little attention to her huge coin purse, two posters showing the Arena and Fighters guild are recruiting, a shady looking man lurking in a ally, a good sized crowd in front of a legion recruitment officer and way at the back the gates to the Dock district where no doubt any number of ships are in need of crew.

Choose your path, but beware, a few of these choices will offer no way back.
No. 556613 ID: e6e46d

Help out the orc.
No. 556614 ID: 53ba34

shady guy is legit.

help the person with their scrolls first, cause you aren't an ass. then talk to shady guy.
No. 556615 ID: 9ddf68

How good is your sneaking? cause if you think you can pull it off swipe the coin purse while just looking like a simple passerby and then notice the ork and try to help him.
No. 556616 ID: 7bbaae

Maybe the shady guy knows where Aicaion is.
No. 556624 ID: 37aa84

You're the thief, it's you. Now take that purse while noone's looking.
No. 556650 ID: 87e6c2

Help the orc or go to the recruitment drive- they might need good scouts. But whatever you do, don't let that purse go unsnatched.
No. 556651 ID: 7f2b73

Talk to the orc, help him get his scroll together.
If that doesn't pan out? Go to the dock to become a PIRATE! to hop aboard a ship.
No. 556656 ID: 74c4ad

I'm kind of reluctant to join the military or a sailing ship right off the bat. Kind of high risk employment right off the bat.

The purse is tempting, but daylight robbery without a crowd to hide in or any practice isn't such a good idea. Especially when it's within 10 feet of what had been your home for years. If you're seen, people here can identify you.

Help the scroll orc. Maybe it'll get you something, or worst case you waste a few minutes helping someone for nothing. No real harm done.
No. 556683 ID: 100739
File 138948574791.png - (1.46MB , 795x1124 , Kitty6.png )

You help the young orc pick up all his scrolls and get to chatting, you find out that he's apprenticed to a wizard in the city who runs a small shop, he says the wizard is always on the look out for more people to man the shop since he tends to end up buried beneath items he dosent need.

After thanking you for the help the orc boy leaves and your left pondering his offer, as well as the coin purse, which is now so tantalizingly close you can taste it!

You dont think anyone is watching, should you chance it or move on?
No. 556686 ID: 5fd94e

Don't take it, getting locked up in prison isn't how you want to start life outside the orphanage.
No. 556687 ID: 57a559

Too many people around and you have a poor disguise. Not to mention you're a khajiit, so I guarantee the guards are already looking straight at you.
Investigate shady guy
No. 556690 ID: 7f2b73

move on. I've a feeling that coin purse is a bit TOO heavy, and was done like that on purpose-you try to take it and the elf will feel the weight gone right away.
No. 556691 ID: ca4118

Nah, don't risk it. Better to check out the wizard's shop.
No. 556693 ID: 53ba34

talk to mr shade
No. 556694 ID: f44ca3

You do not know the lay of the land yet so would get caught in a second if she noticed.

Also she is standing alone on the street so people can easily see you doing it. Now that crowd in front of the recruitment officer would be a good place to go pickpocket. Cept for the legion guy watching.
No. 556696 ID: 7bbaae

Take it, you thief.
No. 556703 ID: 74c4ad

You have no practice or training in pickpocketing, the area around you is wide open, meaning anyone from that crowd in front of the recruiter looked over would see, you're still right in front of the orphanage where the staff knows your face, and there are guards in front of that gate over at the end of the street.

I'm not saying you should never steal, I'm saying this is a bad time and place for it. At the very least, you need some kind of cover (darkness, a crowd, a distraction, anything, really). You also need a safe place to hide out if and when you're hot, which you don't have right now.

Honest work at the wizard's shop might get you some spending money (and maybe an in for magical tools eventually?), but you still need a place to stay.

And if we're going to steal, you either need to be taught, or a better enviroment to risk learning in.
No. 556726 ID: 100739

[[[pausing it for tonight, im working from a majority vote type thing is you havent guessed and right now the votes stand at 4 for mister shady,4 for stealing the purse and 5 for moving on, this counts votes before you talked to the orc since that path hasnt locked you into a story yet. if there are no changes tomorrow youll talk to mister Defiantly-Not-up-too-something over there and see were it gose.]]
No. 556737 ID: 9ddf68

hmm seems to easy, leave it for now and try on someone else in a more forgiving area. As for what to do go talk to shady if you want to go kill time then lets see if we can't find that magic shop. Who knows what we could learn there.
No. 556739 ID: 5fd94e

Putting my vote towards checking out the magic shop.
No. 556919 ID: 100739
File 138955683483.png - (1.41MB , 790x1159 , Kitty7.png )

You move away from the purse, determined to not give in to the thieving stereotype. At least until the witnesses are gone.

You decide to head on over to the market district and take the orc up on his offer of employment, but first you think youll talk to this shady guy, hes been playing on your mind for some reason..

You stop a few feet away from him, making sure to not walk right into the dark alley, your chatty not stupid.

"Is there a reason your lurking there? or are you just going for the brooding stranger look?"

He dosent turn to looks at you but you here a voice come from the darkness of his hood, his voice is odd, it echoes despite the shortness of the alleyway.

"Im waiting, for you. or someone like you, someone abandoned by family, the world and all the silent gods. But there are others, and they are more then willing to take you in, should you choose to give worship."
No. 556920 ID: 9ddf68

AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNDDDDD we are now brought to the daedra worshipers... joy.

Say thanks but you'd like to make your own name for yourself. then get to that damn magic shop.
No. 556921 ID: 7bbaae

Nah, not the religious type sorry.

Let's go work at the magic shop, it's a pretty good job. Maybe you can learn some camouflage or invisibility spells to help make stealing safer.
No. 556922 ID: d91e82

Deadra are pretty cool, assuming you chose the right one. Let's hear more of this.
No. 556924 ID: 74c4ad

...if there was anyone willing to take me in, they missed their chance years ago.

And my family didn't abandon me. (C'mon, an orphan has to be touchy about that kind of thing).

Let's go to the magic shop. Nothing wrong with having an honest day job for cover, especially if it leads to useful magic stuff. Then we can figure out how to do some proper thieving where we won't get caught. (We need practice, or training. And we want to do worthwhile stealing, not desperate survival level stealing).
No. 556925 ID: 57a559

Well that either means
A. Serve Sithis and Join the Dark Brotherhood
or B. Serve a brothel who's god is money

Rumor has it they only approach those have already done such a deed that there profession requires. Ask him about that. A deed penned in the red of another, if he knows what you're saying.
You're interested, but a little confused because you're sure you haven't actually... You've cooked ants as a child but surely that doesn't get your organization's attention.
No. 556943 ID: 57a559

you know I do have an idea on how to get some gold from that lady now that I think about it.

Get your claw out and cut a small hole in the bag when she isn't looking. Just saying in case anyone's actually interested in doing that and not serving deadra/sithis/pimps but still wants to be a thief.
Illusion magics are fine too.
My votes till not changed from learning more from the shady guy though because being an assassin is bitchin' if this guy serves the void.
No. 556948 ID: 63f55d

Yeah assassin is bitchin' but he could be the wrong one.
No. 556950 ID: c83296

NOPE! Daedra play you as much as you play their games. Let's not mess with them and go with the Orc instead.
No. 556982 ID: ca4118

Nope, nope! Best to stick with the orc for now.

Daedra are generally Bad News even for a would-be thief. The main exceptions worth looking into would be Azura (kind of sympathetic), Nocturnal (likes thieves), and Sheogorath (God of Madness; dangerous but at least entertaining).
No. 556986 ID: 100739

[[paused for the night]]
No. 556997 ID: 2acc9c

Daedras? mo' like FUNedras! Lets hear the dude. Plan B is working for the orc's master, gaining his trust and absconding with his magical artifacts! (I'm assuming is a magical shop)
No. 557015 ID: 5fd94e

Nopenopenope, turn around and do not get involved with daedras.
No. 557080 ID: 011678

[[[Still paused but heres a discusion thread http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/79051.html ]]]
No. 557114 ID: cf49fc

No. 557185 ID: 100739
File 138965802317.png - (1.31MB , 800x1169 , Kitty8.png )

You back away from the figure, starting to get a little worried about all of this.

"I..i dont think i.."
"Understanding is not necessary, your choice is already made and your path set. i will leave you with Understanding, The deadra are powerful and wise but not unbeatable, when you come to deal with them keep your wits about you and you will succeed for a time, but in the end you will come to serve. Reflect on this."

The figure walks away down the alley.
No. 557187 ID: 100739
File 138965842523.png - (1.49MB , 797x1169 , Kitty9.png )

Suitably creeped out you run like a.. well a scared cat to the market district and apply for that job.

Fortunatley the wizard had been waiting for you after his orc assistant told him about you and the job was still open, you settle into a nice routine of working the shop floor Gaining skill in Speechcraft and Enchanting due to the work.

Over time the wizard take you both under hiw wing a little, taking you along to the collage of whispers were you pick up several skills in magick, mostly in Illusion.
Something about it calls to you, changing people view of you to slip past them or convince them they are paralysed seems like a more elegant solution then a arrow to the face.

Not that you bow arm gets much rest, your skill in the bow lead to the wizard sending you out to caves to unearth lesser magical artefacts, a task you prove surprisingly good at, which leads to you heading out to even more dangerous places.. which is why eight years later..

Skills increased
+magical skills
No. 557188 ID: 100739
File 138965875435.png - (1.82MB , 1149x789 , Kitty910.png )

You are now twenty four years old, and your standing in the middle of Memorial Cave, you were sent in here after a couple of bandits moved in to see if you could grab anything worthwhile from their loot, and earn some good will from the guards while your at it.

Tha bandits are now dead and your just standing here.. spacing out for some reason..
No. 557189 ID: 100739
File 138965879612.png - (1.62MB , 1169x800 , Kitty92.png )

Oh that's why.

In front of you is a huge pile of dirt, atop wich rests chest filled to bursting with gold, a barrel stuffed full of scrolls, several strange looking weapons and a couple of amulets glittering in the gloom..

What should you examine first?
No. 557190 ID: a87e3a


Then: snatch up your new bow, and identify those amulets. Then I guess the scrolls.
No. 557192 ID: 53ba34

gold comes and goes.
but good quality enchantments are harder to find

use your enchanting skills to figure out what is on the amulets.
then the bow.
then the scrolls.
No. 557193 ID: 57a559

Check for traps
Guards said you could keep anything you find down here right?
No. 557194 ID: 88960e

Equipment first. See if any of the weapons are too your liking, and pocket the amulets for identification (unless your work in the magic shop gave you sufficient skill to recognize the enchantments? Never put on an un-ID-ed amulet). Then take any useful scrolls you recognize. Gold comes last.
No. 557195 ID: d2995c

That is a lot of loot for some rather wimpy bandit, meaning this stash likely belonged to somebody else before they wandered in. Keep an eye on the cave entrance in case the actual owners come back and you need to leave invisibly.

The bow should be taken first, because you actually use those and the one here looks like an upgrade.
Second, grab the jewelry, as jewelry tend to have the excellent value-to-weight ratios whether or not they have useful enchantments. (The red diamond-shaped one looks vaguely historical for some reason :V)
Third, grab the staff (because I don't think anyone even makes fancy non-magical staffs) followed by any of the other weapons that aren't too bulky or heavy.
After that get the scrolls, then the gold.
No. 557202 ID: 9ddf68

Bow, jewels, gold, scrolls, then whatever is left
No. 557208 ID: 9ddf68

also what the hell is on your hand?
No. 557209 ID: 134710

No. 557210 ID: 87e6c2

Bow, then gold & other shiny trinkets, then scrolls. Then everything you can carry.
No. 557219 ID: 100739
File 138966992598.png - (1.26MB , 795x1169 , kitty11.png )

You glance briefly at your hand and reflect on the toughness of the fight, that damn Bosmer tried to take chunk out of your hand, you didnt know they had fangs.. although thinking bout it they eat nothing but meat so that kinda makes sense.. your just glad you managed to take out most of them un-observed..

You pick up the bow and are immediately smitten with the skill of the craftsmanship, it feels perfectly balanced in your hands, and the metal tough yet flexible enough to give the arrow devastating power.
Not only that but you can feel the tell-tale tingle of magicka flowing through the weapon, but your skill is not advanced enough to know what the enchantment is without firing the bow.

[Paused for the night]
No. 557220 ID: f44ca3

Getting bit by a crazy in a cave means a cure disease potion quick.
No. 557222 ID: 87e6c2

You wanna find a cure disease potion or an altar real quick.
No. 557226 ID: 9ddf68

please tell me you didn't just get bit by a vampire?

Can you tell what the other stuff there does, or at least give us an idea?
No. 557233 ID: d2995c

>please tell me you didn't just get bit by a vampire?
Even if he wasn't a vampire, he probably had some disease to go around biting people. Most likely a vampire though.
No. 557234 ID: 57a559

just visit a cathedral and get cured of any potential dieseases
No. 557237 ID: ca4118

Ayup, that there's a vampire bite. You've got a couple of days though, so no need to race out of here this second. A better reason to race out of here is that you haven't taken a good, careful look around with that feline night vision to make sure you got the last of them!

If nobody's trying to kill you, the next thing to go after is a handful of those amulets... But what's that wheel-like thing in the lower right? Doesn't look like a shield. Could it be some sort of Dwemer artifact?
No. 557253 ID: 57a559

No. 557254 ID: cc212d

>nope / haha no, path set already

>we end up with illusion magic even when we don't pick it on purpose

>Awesome new bow
Hey, just because sneaking and magic tricking people is more elegant, nothing wrong with having a kick ass way to fill them full of arrows when it comes time for it.

>not advanced enough to know what the enchantment is without firing the bow
...perhaps this merits a test firing, then? You've got two scarecrows littering the floor over there. Just make sure you stand clear, and test after examining the rest of the loot. In case the magic effect is particularly explosive.

Yeah, you want to get that checked out for vampire or other diseases when you get back to town. Make sure you take enough gold to cover the costs of fixing that, if needed. I don't think that kind of thing acts quickly enough to merit panic in this setting, but don't dilly dally around the wilderness either.

Assuming the rest of the loot didn't turn to dirt when you picked up the bow: the amulets are probably the next most valuable thing (high value / to weight ratio, and they might have useful enchantments. Never wear-ID an amulet, though. It could be an amulet of change, or strangulation). It might do to see if you can recognize any of the scrolls from the magic shop (even if you can't read them all, you might have stocked or sold some of them. Seen enough to recognize what they are). The remaining weapons might be enchanted and sell-able, but I'd think you'd have a hard time carrying all that.
No. 557478 ID: 100739
File 138975408405.png - (1.37MB , 797x1169 , quest21.png )

You pause before loading yourself up to give your hand another once over, your worried about sicknesses that the bite could transmit. You find yourself wondering what illness causes its victims to bite people.

All that comes to mind if kripsy, a illness that effects sheep and... uh..

Ok, dont jump to conclusions, there are plenty of reasons why a bosmer with fangs would bite you in a cave next to a empty coffihes a vampire isnt he..
Well shit
No. 557480 ID: 100739
File 138975429558.png - (1.33MB , 795x1169 , quest12.png )

Ok dont panic, you know enough about vampires to know that it takes like three days for the sickness to take hold, your just outside the city so there's plenty of time to grab all the loot then head to a alchemist, or a temple.

..Or... you could not cure it.. you have to admit the idea of becoming a immortal creature of the night dose appeal..
No. 557481 ID: 100739

[[Pause for the night!]]]
No. 557487 ID: a87e3a

Vampires aren't even much stronger than mortals at night (you just killed one, after all), and being out during the day is PAIN. This is a problem because all the shops are open during the day! Plus you have to keep drinking blood or you turn ugly as fuck. It's not worth it. Get cured.

Also test fire the bow on one of the corpses.
No. 557488 ID: f44ca3

Its easy to go vampire later but honestly I never saw the appeal. If you want the immortal part wait until you are older and you can go get bit by a vampire then. For now you are young and full of life and probably enjoy being able to go out in the day.

So get cured when we get back to town and get back to looting before someone interrupts you.
No. 557492 ID: 57a559

No, werewolves have more fun. Wait for a werewolf to bite you because fuck a weakness to the sun. You can blend in better anyway and your transformation is voluntary aside from the first time, and it can be day or night.
You don't drink blood for a few days because you're afraid to get caught, or there's just no opportunities, and then EVERYONE knows you're a vampire and attacks you on site from now on. Even your best friends will shun you should you ever see them again after getting caught just once. Same with werewolves, usually, but again, MUCH less risky since you're more in control of the diesease than you want.

You'd also lock yourself into an afterlife. Go vampire and I think you go to Molag Bal's place, and go werewolf and I think you go to the hunting Daedra's place... you know on second thought do you really want to be one of those beasts either? Remember what that one daedra douchebag said, you'd get wrapped up in that business I'm sure.
No. 557495 ID: d91e82

The perks don't really outweigh the cons, it would probably be a good idea to get cured. So let's grab the loot and get going to town.
No. 557500 ID: 88960e

You may be good at walking the night, but, honestly, giving up the day completely isn't worth it.

You're a cat for crying out loud. Just imagine an eternity never being able to lay in sunbeam again!

Previous comments about looting still apply.
No. 557501 ID: 2acc9c

No to the vampire thing, you are not emo, are you? Anyway, loot everything that is not nailed to the ground and return to town, go to the temple, is cheaper/free.
No. 557505 ID: f495cc

No to AAAAH IT BURNS! Whenever the sun comes up. That's not fun, and not worth the shenanigans of being a vampire.
No vampire, get ye cure!
No. 557509 ID: 9ddf68

well unless you can become one of those elder vampire things you don't really gain much from becoming a vampire. And those fuckers are hard as oblivion to find.

Anyways lets just grab loot and get the hell out of here, we need to pawn/take this stuff before more people show up.
No. 557895 ID: b50bd5

Check out the unknown shield/wheel object, then grab some amulets and whatever else you can reasonably carry. (Heh, are we dealing with the convention that gold coins are weightless?)
No. 558153 ID: 5d58ec

Becoming a vampire is giving up on civilization, in favor of powers that would make you a scavenger and outcast. You have a home, a job, hopefully friends, all of which you'd stand to lose very, very quickly.
No. 558253 ID: 100739
File 139008029163.png - (2.57MB , 788x2318 , Kitty12.png )

You ponder the option for a while before deciding against it, you think that you may have read one to many bad vampire romance novel. After all being a corpse with a arrow in its eye in the bottom of a filthy cave isnt exactly Queen of the night material is it..

You place the weapons and scrolls into a large backpack, noting as you do that the scrolls are all relatively common spells, but extremely old versions of them, you think that the shop might make a pretty septim selling them to the collage as historical artefacts.

Examining the rest of the pile you notice a large wagon wheel leaning on it, wile it makes sense that they would drag passing merchants into the cave along with their carts to hide their activity, you don't understand why they decided to keep a wheel?
Yet another example of why its probably not a good idea to become Gwen the night-bringer just yet.

You find two last items among the dirt, two amulet's that catch your eye.
Examining the first one makes you feel strange, a simple circular design with a large red orb placed slightly off center, holding it makes your bite itch in a oddly.. pleasant way, so you quickly shove it in the sack to be rid of it.

You examine the second amulet and Holy crap if this is genuine you both hit jackpot and struck out at the same time!, if your right then what you are holding right now dosent have a official name, but is some times called a amulet of martin by the people who collect such things, according to the books you've read these were made after the oblivion crisis for the people who made it possible for Martin to reach the temple of the one.

They where mostly handed out to the blades and kept in cloud ruler temple so when the blades disbanded and vanished they all dropped of the face of nirn, making them hot stuff for collectors. Strangely enough the thalmor seem to absolutely hate them and arrest anyone who publicly waves one around, youve no idea why as there nothing special no enchantments or anything like that, so if you want to sell the thing youll have to be careful who you trust..

No matter, you pile as much as you can carry into the bag and sling it over your shoulders, you manage to stagger back to the cave entrance and out into the daylight, greatful that the city is within safe staggering distance..
No. 558254 ID: 9ddf68

alright head on back to the city, and don't be afraid to drop the bag if you need to fight, just make sure you pick it back up when you're done.
No. 558257 ID: 100739
File 139008108761.png - (1.32MB , 843x1116 , Kitty13.png )

[[[Third times the charm...]]]

As you stagger back you pull up you 100% accurate mental map of the city and plan where to go get healing once youve dropped the stuff off, theres five places you could go.

1. The temple District, all the eight have temples there so you can take your pick of who to turn too.
2. The collage of whispers should be open to healing you, if only to test weather their new vampire cure works or not..
3. the Docks. there's plenty of cheap and quick alchemists plying their trade down on the water front that will sell you as many cure disease potions as you want, of course they do tend to use the cheapest of ingredients..
4. The market district is the same, but a little more up market and a lot more draining on the coin purse. How ever you get what you pay for and youve yet to hear any rumours of them stiffing anyone over..
5. Speaking of rumours you could head over to the Pink Kitty in the Outer district, if the whispers you heard are true then the madam their remember how many divines there really are...

Who should you trust to heal you wound?
No. 558260 ID: 53ba34

let's head to the temple district, you aren't a slummer.
No. 558261 ID: 4a75fa

>why they decided to keep a wheel?
Maybe it's more than just a wheel? We kind of don't have the chance to examine it anymore, and your enchantment is limited, anyways.

One reacts to vampirism? Kind of weird neither of them was wearing it, then. You'll have to get it identified, later.

Does the amulet of martin actually do anything, or is it just valuable / dangerous depending on who sees it?

>what do
First stop is to unburden yourself. Drop off the loot and cut your gold down to a more manageable amount.

If you don't trust your house not to be broken into, you can probably store stuff in the magic shop's back room, assuming you're on good terms with the owner and trust each other. (It might then be polite or expected to cut him on a share in exchange for storing it until you can sell the extra equipment, or bank your gold, but the security is probably worth it. Shop-mage might be interested in those historical scrolls, or the staff).

>who trust
Cheap and experimental cures are out. So no to 2 and 3. Number 5 sounds kind of sketchy to me too- is that more Daedra stuff?

That leaves the temples and the merchants. Between the two, I'd be more inclined to trust the divine with this kind of thing, and you can certainly afford to give a little thanks or donate some coin.
No. 558262 ID: c480f4

1. Sounds the most useful, frankly. The rest sound iffy.
2-experimental, COULD work, but with side effects(too powerful)
3-experimental, but might not have enough power (weaker Vampirism, definitely NOT what we want, no matter what.)
4- pricy, but since there's a 'default' method that will work, then not as worthwhile. Plus, it could be things are quiet because of having deep enough pockets to keep it quiet...
5- if we were up for gambling with a choice, I'd go for this one. It seems like if it DID work, it'd be more reliable. If it fails... We're screwed and it's coffin time for us!
No. 558278 ID: 57a559

I think you should go to 1 to cure your disease and then 5 to celebrate your success because the Pink Kitty sounds like where people go to have some fun.
No. 558290 ID: d0864b

Maybe the wheel was meant as some kind of map-reference-thing. The city is designed pretty wheel like after all. Do you remember if it had any weird markings or something?

Anyway, after you've stashed your loot somewhere safe (or sold it, whichever) go to the temple district. Letting the college try to cure you sounds like it could be good fun, but also like it could backfire in the most spectacular ways. The temples are the smart choice. It's guaranteed to work and it's free. What's not to like.
No. 558294 ID: 910b3f

This sounds good
No. 558297 ID: b8ceae

Temples cures are free, so get it from them.
Deposit your gold in the bank, since it's not reasonable to carry around 20,000 gold coils any more than it's reasonable to carry around 20,000 arrows - people do it, but why would you want to?
No. 558373 ID: ca4118

Concurring. Try to find someplace to quickly sell some of this stuff (or at least stash it) so you're not visibly walking around loaded with loot. Then head for the temple district.

However, if you see a cheap Cure Disease potion on sale it may be worth buying anyhow. Those are useful if you don't know the spell. I mean, not like anything could possibly interrupt our follow-up trip to the temple district, but you never know.
No. 560174 ID: 100739
File 139112268122.png - (880.73KB , 865x791 , Kittyshop.png )

You manage to stagger back ot the shop un-troubled and dump the stuff off, claiming the Bow and a good handful of gold as your pre-profit share. You inform the Wizard and golgothmog about the amulets and the rest of the gold left in the cave before heading out for some healing.
No. 560183 ID: 100739
File 139112431469.png - (1.57MB , 1158x830 , Kittytemple.png )

As you head over to the Temple district you ponder exactly which divine you believe in and want to associate with.
Each has benefits and draw backs that you have to consider..

Julianos, God of magick and mysticism? A little distrusted these days..
Dibella, goddess of beauty, art and the female form? Although from what youve heard her worship is a little.. Adult in nature?
Stendarr, God of mercy? Although his Vigilants have been anything but merciful lately..
Kynereth, Goddes of air and wild things? Although you have to admit your practialy a house cat at this point.
Akatosh, Dragon god of time? Something about the Stone dragon worries you for some reason..
Arkay, God of the dead and the slumbering spirits? The dead derseve thier due but you cant help but find the arky priest a little creepy..
Mara, Goddess of Love? You like the idea but her worshippers are kinda tight laced about things like drinking..
Zenithar, God of work and commerce? While making huge sacks of cash certainly appeals to you, the idea of spending 12 hours a day in a mill to get them less so..

You also ponder the Pink Kitty, but decide that while the ban on talos worship is at the moment mostly ignored, the noise the nords are making about it is causing the Thalmor to poke their noses into more and more places these days, so you decide not to chance a visit. at least not for that reason anyway..

Kinda sucks that your not one of those legendary heros like the Champion, legends say the god blessed that guy all the time whether he believed in them or not.. Jerk..
No. 560186 ID: 88960e

Well, which of these gods have things in common with what you do? Would Julianos be good for enchanting? Or Kynereth for more ranger-y sneaky stuff? Dibella kind of makes sense, since you're trying to preserve your form.

I guess I'd go with Julianos if you want to an edge for enchanting. That or Dibella and just avoid the weird stuff.
No. 560188 ID: 37aa84

Yeah, it sucks how legendary heroes get all the advantages, but then again people usually expect them to go do some great act of heroism like stop Oblivion from invading so it kinda evens out. Let's go with Dibella, as a goddess of beauty she should be perfect for you, unless you think poorly of your appearance.
No. 560189 ID: a87e3a

Um, the benefits aren't mentioned at all for some churches, and the drawbacks are vague sometimes. More detail, please?
No. 560191 ID: 100739

[Sorry im typing this assuming peeps are familiar with the elder scrolls, ill try to explain without spoiling possible paths over on the Discusion page to avoid clogging the main thread]
No. 560194 ID: 53ba34

i vote zenithar
No. 560195 ID: 3bb36a

Hrrrm...I'm torn between Julianos and Dibella...Maaaybe Mara for something simmilar to Dibella if that's unplatable.
For now...
No. 560198 ID: a87e3a

Let's go with Kynareth. Your skills lend yourself to the outdoorsy role.
No. 560201 ID: 57a559

Dibella, she seems cool
No. 560204 ID: 9ddf68

I can't decide between Julianos, Dibella, or Kynereth.

I mean Julianos is good to have because we're not to bad of an illusionist if I do say so, even if we're mostly just doing to boast our poor thief skills.

Dibella is meant to be about Beauty in general, from music, art, uh... passion is in there as well but beauty in all forms. Since it's so open I'm sure you'd be able to find something you like in there

and lastly Kynereth, Truth be told your good with a bow and no one can say you aren't and you do spend a lot of time in the wilds anyways gather things for the magic shop.

I'd say Kynereth would get my first vote followed by Julianos then Dibella. I would be happy with any of them though.
No. 560206 ID: 3f0c1b

Julianos, because magic is awesome.
No. 560217 ID: 4a75fa

Okay, looking at the dis stuff, assuming Dibella's sex cult reputation just that, I think balancing out what we've already got with some social stuff isn't a bad idea. And there's nothing wrong with being comfortable with, uh, physicality. Actually getting dragged into sex cult orgies seems like more than we should sign up for.

Julianos is tempting, but I think I would kind of prefer our magic (enchanting and illusions) to a secondary thing. Something that augments our other efforts- not the main focus of our efforts. (We've made too many ridiculously abusive illusion mages, anyways. I'm looking at you- Chee, Liz).
No. 560221 ID: ca4118

I vote Julianos. Might be worth looking into Talos at some point later, when you're not in danger of turning bitey. While you're at the temple (whichever one), try asking about your unease about Akatosh.

Buy a disease-curing potion at the shop while you're here! How have your friend and boss been doing while you were out adventuring?
No. 560228 ID: 72f145

Hmm. In descending order of preference:


Is there a particular reason Julianos is falling a bit out of favor?
No. 560230 ID: 9ddf68

the oblivion crisis kinda put all mages in a poor light, and Julianos is usually worshiped by mages being the good of magic and whatnot.
No. 560250 ID: 100739

[[[ok votes are more or less equal between julianos and dibella, ill draw up both and go with which ever pictures/path i like best ;) ]]
No. 560312 ID: a7868d

Go with Dibella.
No. 560350 ID: 100739
File 139122520607.png - (1.23MB , 802x881 , kittysexy.png )

[[drew both and liked this one more ;3 ]]

In the temple of dibella you find something you didnt know was missing in your life, a love and warmth that holds you close and brings you peace.
At first you where embarrassed by the nudity during worship, fearing that the rumours of wild sexual escapades where true, but you soon learned that there was nothing sexual in this, mearley the veneration and glorification of the female form.

..of course that dosent mean you didnt sleep with almost everyone there, but thats another thing entirely.

Years pass..

+++Speech craft
Items Gained!

[[pause for the night, the story proper begins tommorow!]]
No. 560364 ID: 4a75fa

...and they totally cured that pesky vampirism, right?

>you find something that was missing in your life, a love and warmth that holds you close and brings you peace.
Well that's certainly a good thing for an orphan to find.

Here's hoping she didn't completely blow off shop-wizard-mentor and orc-bro just to lez out all the time at the temple, though. I mean, a spiritual community and belonging are great, as is a healthy sex life, but employment is nice, and forgetting friends who looked out for you before isn't.
No. 560397 ID: 100739
File 139127376979.jpg - (431.93KB , 1920x1080 , Skyrim-Mountains.jpg )

You are now 28 years old, and life has taken you to some strange places. Friends, lovers, enemy's have all come and gone, the memories of them precious like jewels in your mind.

And now your road has lead to the north, to skyrim on a pilgrimage to the temple of Dibella here, but this place stirs something within you, the beautiful vistas, the rugged people and the ancient mysteries all call too you with a deep and terrible power. You feel that you are about to start on the greatest adventure of your life!
No. 560398 ID: 100739
File 139127390090.png - (1.57MB , 992x869 , kittysnooze.png )

you just need to wake up first..
Waht? you where exhausted ok? it took you all day to get to this little fort town, and when you finaly managed to convince the guards to let you in you find all the rooms taken by the legion. Finding a empty seat to fall asleep in was frankly a blessing at this point..
No. 560399 ID: 4a75fa

Traveling alone, huh? Maybe it would have been smart to use our connections with merchant-mage dude to tag onto a bigger groups headed in the right direction. Ah well.

Didn't you have two buddies who joined the legion? I don't suppose luck (or plot, or the gods) landed you and them in the same place?
No. 560400 ID: 9ddf68

well if you're stuck here until you can start traveling again might as well see if you can't find your two friends from the orphanage. It's unlikely true but at the same time what else are we going to do? While you're at it maybe you could ask about the land, mostly about the where you're headed to see if there's anything we should watch out for.
No. 560403 ID: 37aa84

A big public place with no friends present is less than an ideal place to rest. you're practically begging someone to empty your pockets.
No. 560424 ID: 57a559

What, can't flirt your way into one of the legion's beds?
No. 560426 ID: 9ddf68

that's why we're trying to find her friends, well mostly to catch up with them after all this time but if we can score a bed out of it I wouldn't complain.
No. 560427 ID: 37aa84

Dibella's church is not a sex cult and she did not become some simple floozy who sleeps her way through all lifes troubles, yes she did have a lot of sex that night but it's totally different.
No. 560436 ID: 57a559

Well, I was thinking more along the lines that we'd have a fun time AND get a bed. So like we'd get two different good things. Two birds in hand yo. Also, it'd make a friend in Skyrim that might be an important connection.
So just find an attractive legion member, have a good, fun natural time that also just so happens to serve a practical purpose like getting a bed and making a connection in skyrim. You're not a floozy just because you like sex or use it to solve problems. You'd be a floozy if you didn't enjoy it and only did to solve your problems.
And it also wouldn't be floozy at all if you convert that person to worship Dibella.

Or you could bribe/trade a legion member for a bed. I guess it doesn't really matter how you do it. Flirting was just the first thing to come to mind since you're a Dibella girl.
No. 560448 ID: 100739

next part is decided and is in the process of inking, might feel a little railroady for now but i think youll understand why soon ;3
No. 560452 ID: 4a75fa

Well, we are surrounded by the legion, though. Unless they're corrupt or incompetent, I'd think any potential pickpocket would have to either be very good or very stupid to try anything in a place filled with soldiers. And it's still safer than sleeping by the side of the road, alone. If she couldn't get a room, it's about as much as we could hope for.

Apparently not. Floozy arguments aside, that's not always the safest plan to find a place for the night, either (especially in the case of a bunch of bored soldiers all in town. There's a lot of ways that could go bad). And it's likely that idea isn't very attractive at all after stumbling into town exhausted.

Social was her highest stat, anyways. This is literally the best she could negotiate under the circumstances and tired as she was.
No. 560473 ID: 100739
File 139129980769.png - (3.37MB , 1767x1645 , Kittyoutside.png )

You step outside some what groggily, hoping the morning air will wake you. As you lean on the railing outside you begin to wonder, remembering your friends Hileem and Gromarag and thier legion escapades. You wonder if the Lady had a divine hand in leading you here, meaning for you to reunite with your old friends.

As you ponder the possibility, a horn sounds on the far side of the town, causing the legion soldiers to explode into hurried activity, as they scurry about you wonder why a small fort town like Helgen would need so many soldiers..
No. 560476 ID: 100739
File 139129999409.png - (1.81MB , 850x1597 , Kittylook.png )

You watch as most of the guards assemble in the main square, a important looking man in ornate armour looks them over as a captian yells at them, you cant quite catch what they are saying but it sounds like there expecting someone.

Looking up the road towards the gate, you see a large cart roll in with several bound figures on the back.
No. 560479 ID: 57a559

Oh hey I think a few of your friends are over there by that tower! I mean, not many Orc's and Argonian's in the service right?

I just got to say, I don't quite trust that figure I can't even see on the front-left side in the back of the wagon.
No. 560480 ID: 53ba34

be sure to "redistribute" the bound people's stuff after they are done.
No. 560481 ID: 37aa84

Looks like something important is happening so you probably shouldn't bother anyone while they do whatever this is. It should be okay to watch from afar though.
No. 560483 ID: d2995c

Listen in; this might be interesting.
No. 560484 ID: 7c831a

You should probably try to not get involved, this looks like something important and we'd be best to not get in the way. See if you can't get closer though, they might say something worth hearing.
No. 560488 ID: 4a75fa

Kitty's got a lot of piercings. What's that around our neck? Doesn't look like either of the amulets from before. A symbol of Dibella, maybe? (Did you ever get those amulets identified, anyways? Were either worth keeping?).

>can't hear
Even with them big ears, huh. Can illusion magic be used to amplify sound? (Auditory illusion instead of visual. All the spell needs to do is make something appear 'bigger' than it is. Simple for an image, why not for sound?). Or maybe one of those piercings is enchanted?

If you want to find out what the guard are doing in this town, listening to the briefing over there might help. The prisoners might provide insight too, but it's not as if they're talking. And it's not as if we have a good rescue to try a rescue, and that would be a little nuts surrounded by all these legion types.

...we don't have much in the way of stealing experience (lockpicking might help if we wanted to free anyone, but aside from that all we have is reflexes and/or trying to use an illusion and hoping no one sees through it or detects magic). Taking from the prisoners and not getting noticed by any of the legion seems like it would be hard. And if there's actually anything valuable on the prisoners, it'll just be watched closer.
No. 561073 ID: 100739
File 139165689834.png - (1.39MB , 899x807 , kittycart.png )

As the legionaries spread out around the square, the cart roles to a stop in front of the inn and slowly unloads its cargo.
You dont recognise the armor, but from the legion presence you think its safe to assume the prisoners are stormcloak's. Important ones you'd wager..
No. 561077 ID: 100739
File 139165799220.png - (1.03MB , 874x790 , kittyorc.png )

As the guard's check off the prisoners names you inspect the large orc who took up position in front of you.
You cant be certain that he is Gromarag, after all there are plenty of orcs in the legion, but the more you look at him the more familiar he appears. If he is Gromarag then Dibella's tits he got HUGE! of course compared to you everyone is a giant, but he dwarfs even the nords!
You wonder why he isnt carrying a weapon or shield, and consider talking to him when you suddenly register the name of the last prisoner..
No. 561078 ID: 100739
File 139165802308.png - (1.17MB , 874x802 , kittyulfric.png )

Ulfric Stormcloak.
No. 561090 ID: a87e3a

Glare at him. Congratulate Gromarag on the catch.
No. 561091 ID: 9ddf68

huh, well now this should be a good story to tell around a bar,

"I just got into skyrim when a cart rolls up and guess who comes walking out?" might get you a free drink or two.

anyways ask the ork next to you if he knows someone by the name of Gromarag or Hileem? That should let you find out quick whether or not if he's your childhood friend.
No. 561094 ID: 4a75fa

>Dibella's tits
Our god has the best curses. Proof we picked right.

>talk to him
Maybe when he's not busy on obviously important guard duty. He doesn't have time to talk right now, and might get in trouble for slacking off.

I think we should just watch the goings on, for now.

>no weapon or shield
Maybe he fights barehanded? He's certainly big enough for it.

>Ulfric Stormcloak
...I assume we're supposed to know who that is?
No. 561116 ID: 57a559

Yeah who cares
Look at the others on the wagon, what if they're one of your friends?

Say hello to the Orc though, if he isn't too distracted, he should recognize you too if he's Grom
No. 561134 ID: d2995c

>...I assume we're supposed to know who that is?
Basically, Ulfric Stormcloak is this noble who leads a faction of secessionists who tend to be bigoted towards non-Nords. They have a sizable following because this includes especially hating the Thalmor (asshole elves who pressure the empire into various bullshit such as the ban on Talos worship).

Given how influential he is, chances are there is going to be a rescue attempt by his followers.
No. 561150 ID: 011678

">can't hear
Even with them big ears?"

Perfect example of a throwaway comment by a poster influencing your view of the charecter,im totaly writing the next bits ( up tonight hopefully) from the perspective of her having kinda crappy hearing XD

(Not bat hear you when your in font of her bad, more long range bad, she can hear the orc, but cant really hear the soldiers.)
No. 561187 ID: b9d767

MIght as well ask if the orc is your old friend. If not then leave him to his job.

Also, the idea of using Illusion magic to sharpen our senses is totally an awesome idea, we should definetly look into that in the future.
No. 561275 ID: 011678
File 139178295057.jpg - (1.71MB , 2637x2477 , 1 - Copy.jpg )

You briefly ponder the posability of creating some form of Anti-muffle spell to aid your hearing, deciding to look into the workings of the spell later to see if sucha thing is possible. that brief bit of pondering over you address the orc before you.

"You actualy caught him? wow, i bet this tale will net you a few free rounds huh?"

"Yes, we managed to launcha a sneak attacxk near dark water crossing that caught him off guard"
the orc brifley glances at you as he continues. "We had hoped t o be away through the pale pass, but avalanches have blocked it off so...Gwen?"

You smile widely as recognition floods the orc's face
"I was just thinking, 'Is that gromarag?' man its great to see you! you've certianly grown since i saw you last"
"And you..havent.. look i cant really talk to much right now i havce to keep attention on the prisoners, where are you headed?"
"Whiterun, then onto markath for a pilgramige to the temple"
"Alright, when i get off duty ill meet you outside markath and well catch up, but right now.."
No. 561276 ID: 011678
File 139178317914.jpg - (1.35MB , 2645x2542 , 2 - Copy.jpg )

You turn towards the dull, meaty noise that interuptd the conversation and seeHOLY CRAP THEY CUT HIS HEAD OFF!
Your somewhat shocked by this turn of events, youve seen bodies of course, even killed in your travels but that was always a do or die situation where the blood ran hot and high. To see a life taken in such a cold impersonal manner is a chilling sight..

As you watch the blood flow across the cobbles, a deep rummble of thunder echoes across the sky as if to mark the stormcloak soldiers passing.. although you dont know where the rumble came from as it looks liek a nearly cloud less day..
No. 561277 ID: 0b54f4

Hmm, nearly cloudless.... Saaaay, what's that little black cloud there?
No. 561284 ID: 4a75fa

Thanks for the primer. I'm going to assume then, as one of the furry lesser races, we think this guy is a jerk.

>cut his head off
Wow. No trial, or dragging him to the capital or anything? Most governments like to make a show of political prisoners. Milk them for as much political capitol as they can. He must have really angered someone, or be really dangerous alive, for the orders to have been to kill him where he's caught.

...he's dead-dead, right? There's no resurrection options in this setting?

>a deep rummble of thunder
>Saaaay, what's that little black cloud there?
Dragon. There's a fucking dragon over the town.

Assuming that's not a regular occurrence, and a bad thing, you might want to sound the alarm. (Good thing Kitty's got good eyes! That markmenship paid off).

Presumably the legion is going to scramble to defend the town. We might want to get up somewhere where you can use that bow. Being able to shoot a dragon and not have it notice you is a handy advantage.
No. 561288 ID: 9ddf68

" uh, gromarag, I know you said not to talk to you but what the hell is that black thing over there in the sky?"
No. 561299 ID: a87e3a

Gromarag there's a dragon. A dragon, Gromarag. We have to get the hell out of here.

Begin running. Also consider sniping Ulfric since the soldiers probably have no time to execute him. (heheheh, let's end the war RIGHT NOW!)
No. 561310 ID: b9d767

Point out what looks to be a giant freaking bird on the horizon.

I don't think "dragon" would be the first thing that would come to mind. A giant bird however, WOULD be a much more likely thing than a mythical dragon.
No. 561314 ID: d2995c

>Point out what looks to be a giant freaking bird on the horizon.
...It can't be! They were supposed to be dead! Woe is upon us, for the Cliff Racers have returned to tamriel :V
No. 561315 ID: 4a75fa

The sound fits a lot better with a dragon than a giant bird, though.
No. 561322 ID: 60fee2

"Uh, should we be concerned by that thing that looks like a giant bird thing heading this way?"
No. 561323 ID: 9ddf68

well true Dragons have been extinct since the end of the 3rd era, right now we're in the 5th
No. 561326 ID: 57a559

Okay cue thief running away getting shot and the next guy up is supposed to be the dragonborn if there totally isn't a slightly modified Live Another Life mod running. Cannot confirm that we are the dragonborn until that thief runs and gets shot and the guy right after him dies somehow, or if the guy right after him is a stormcloak. I mean, it's not impossible that there's two dragonborns so even if that other guy lives and is the skyrim dragonborn we can still be the dovahkitty

"Wow Growmog they're getting right to the executing, eh? Little fast, no trial even. How is the public supposed to be sated with that? Executing the biggest traitor to the empire with so little publicity like this is like falling asleep in bed before you even do the deed with a pretty girl!"
No. 561328 ID: 53ba34

o the guy can live and not be the dragonborn, just a random lucky guy :V
No. 561375 ID: 5fd94e


Hey new goal, import cliffracers into Skyrim to drive out the dragons.
No. 561524 ID: 100739
File 139191024197.png - (1.20MB , 802x866 , kittydragonland.png )

As you gaze into the sky, you see a dark shape approaching the town.

"Hey.. is that a cliff"

You get no further as the shape slam's into the tower before you, hitting it so hard the ramparts are blasted apart in a shower of rocks and dust.
No. 561525 ID: 100739
File 139191039738.png - (1.23MB , 820x892 , Alduinland.png )

The massive shape wheels round and stares directly at you with blood red eyes, Hate and Rage boiling from it in almost physical waves.
as you stare you see its jaw move, and a deep rumbling voice echoes out across the town, drowning out the sound's of alarms and screams.

No. 561526 ID: 100739
File 139191044557.png - (1.47MB , 876x815 , Alduinmetor.png )

The creature, it can only be a dragon, leans back and screams at the sky in a ear-splitting volume, shattering glass around town.


As the words leave its jaw, the sky turns a terrible red and boiling clouds spill from nowhere. after a moment flaming rocks fall from the sky slamming into the ground and wrecking several buildings.
No. 561527 ID: 53ba34

grab gromarag, drag him into the tower.
stone walls are better as resisting other stones then wood walls.
No. 561530 ID: e493a6

Ah crap, grab your friend and get off the streets.

Also you might want to get your bow out, don't think it well do much but it's still better then nothing
No. 561534 ID: a87e3a

Time to run! Bring your friend.

Also shoot the damn traitor king!
No. 561535 ID: 4a75fa

Oh, I see. We're playing that translate languages from games you never played thing again.

This is the Dragonborn of <GAE>?
<Salo> little cat, die in fire!
Sky <GAR> stone

Incomplete, but dragon speak is way easier to crack than hymmnos. I'd guess GAE is a placename? And the last line seems to be the meteor spell.

>also called the World Eater, the Nordic God of Destruction
...right. So not someone we're going to kill with our little pea-shooter.

Time to seek cover, and get the hell out of here before we die pointlessly. And if he's really after us, we're not doing this town any favors sticking around. We're making it a target.
No. 561554 ID: 57a559

Get GROM and bolt this fucking place. Get right to that tower! He's right over it, it's the hardest place to attack! Also, the sturdiest building.
No. 561742 ID: d0e0a2

...Gwen, stop staring in shock and mentally narrating the scene and MOVE IT!

There's nothing you can do against THAT! There's nothing ANYBODY here can do against that! Your only choice is to run and get into cover from the rocks falling from the fuckin' sky!

None of the buildings here will protect from the falling rocks; They're all roofed with straw or wood and shingles. That also won't protect from a goddamn DRAGON dropping onto them. You've gotta get underground, where the dragon can't fit and the rocks can't hit.

Leap onto Gromarng's back and yell into his ear to run and that the only possibly safe place right now is underground. Then drop off and follow him.

Keeping up a steady stream of prayers to Dibella under your breath the entire time couldn't hurt either.
No. 561900 ID: 3f0c1b

At a time like this there is only one thing to do, and to be done without distractions, RUN!
No. 562266 ID: 100739
File 139225381683.png - (1.34MB , 825x886 , Kittyrun.png )

As everyone scatters you stand dumbfounded staring at the great dragon, your snapped back to reality by the feel of your amulet of dibella digging into the flesh of your hand. You duck under the railing and run to gromarags side, not a moment too soon as the inn is soon showered in red hot shards of rock.


You both dive into the tower and throw your weight against the massive ancient door, pushing it shut as the dragon vomits a gout of fire onto the tower. As the ancient, near stone hard wood glows red but holds fast slamming into the frame and wedging shut, you step back and take a breath, glad to be safe at last in..
No. 562267 ID: 100739
File 139225384059.png - (1.22MB , 876x810 , Kittyshit.png )

No. 562268 ID: f44ca3

Lets hope they are willing to work together in the face of certain doom.

Ask Ulfric if he can shout at the dragon so we can get everyone to safety. If you keep everyone focused on the dragon you should be able to keep the two sides from killing each other.
No. 562271 ID: 9ddf68

... "don't go this way, dragons be this way"

but yeah, you may as well just head up if for no other reason then to make a choke point to better hold of these guys should they attack, plus I think everyone has more problems worry about then some silly war right now.
No. 562272 ID: d2995c

So, how about that dragon that is trying to kill everyone? That is certainly the most important enemy here, yes?
No. 562277 ID: 53ba34

"we can kill eachother later, there is a dragon outside that wants to kill ALL of us. so more people is a good thing."
No. 562278 ID: 88960e

...how about we say that now, and we shoot him with an arrow he won't see coming and escape with illusion magic later. Seriously. The dragon is bad enough, we don't need this prick free to start a war back up too.
No. 562283 ID: a87e3a

Speech check. Convince them to not fight you and Gromarag, but instead to work together to escape.
No. 562284 ID: 60fee2

Perhaps this would be a good time to prep a Calm spell.
No. 562285 ID: 1de4e6

....."can we not kill each other right now and try to make it out of here befor aldein kills us all?
No. 562319 ID: 4a75fa

...I think for the moment the giant common enemy trying to immolate us all to death takes precedence over petty personal politics?
No. 562401 ID: d0e0a2

Grab Gromarag's arm and ready a calm spell to channel into him if he looks like he's gonna do something stupid like charge Ulfric. Then pull him towards the stairs, saying that we can't stop for anything and hopefully the dragon'll take care of them.
No. 562418 ID: b8ceae

"Dragon first, infighting second!"
No. 562443 ID: a8eb18

Kinda late to mention but wouldn't you think there would be a god for the male form? I mean the girls are rockin' but one half needs the other right?
No. 562466 ID: 08a3e5

Hmmmmm if there isnt one there needs to be one
No. 562498 ID: 7400f2

Short answer: the game was made by heterosexual men.
No. 562499 ID: 011678

putting a bit about that in the discussion thread as itll take up ALOT of room, gonna wax philisophical about this XD (long story short Dibella technicaly is the goddes of all forms of beauty, but her followers focus on her femmeninaty. Warrior culture means that the aspects traditionaly reguarded as a male trait have been co-opted by deadra. its almost as if letting giant men who fight all the time and distrust difference run society is a Bad idea!?..)
No. 562913 ID: 100739
File 139258406944.png - (1.02MB , 866x828 , Kittytalk.png )

"Before you do anything remember that there is a Giant dragon out there vaporising people indiscriminately! if any of us want to get out of here were going to have to work together!"
No. 562914 ID: 100739
File 139258428428.png - (1.25MB , 884x820 , Kittyfire.png )

As you finish talking you hear someone yell from up stairs


They get no further before a impact rocks the tower and a blast of fire thunders down the stairs, the force of it propelling the stormcloak's corpse like a grim puppett
No. 562916 ID: 100739
File 139258471127.png - (1.26MB , 874x795 , Kittyfiremore.png )

You stand staring in shocked silence as the body burns in front of you.
as he removes the rope from his hands ulfric addresses you.

"Id consider that a ample demonstration of your point. until we are free of the dragons rage ill consider you a ally, just make sure you keep your imperial friend on a leash. I think the dragon may have given us a exit route, if its distracted we should be able to jump across to the building next to the tower, unless you think the front door is a wise choice?"
No. 562917 ID: a87e3a

There's no cover outside the door. Jump across.
No. 562918 ID: 9ddf68

you're a cat, you can handle a little jumping, it's either that or running like mad to the gate from the front door here and hope you can get into some forest cover or something before it catches up... the jumping is sounding more and more appealing by the second isn't it?
No. 562919 ID: 57a559

Ulfric, why don't you raise your intelligence level before deciding to insult an orc like he isn't even here.

Now then, let's all try to jump from a two story fall and not break our legs.
No. 562921 ID: a181d1

Sounds like a possible plan given that the Dragon chased us in here. The rock crashing into the wall on fire is a bit worrisome but the dragon's spell did call down flaming rocks and death all around soo...I guess his plan works.
No. 562925 ID: 3f0c1b

Jumping sounds good, jumping sounds like the best plan. To oblivion with using that deathtrap of a door.
No. 562940 ID: 4a75fa

...does our top get tighter when making desperate diplomatic rolls? I suppose that's an advantage.

>which way?
I guess jumping sounds good? Nimble kitty has a decent odds of making that.

...if our spell list includes any kind of agility or speed or lightness buff, we might want to consider putting one on orc-bro. He's pretty big and heavy, and wearing armor besides. The jump might not be so easy for him.

Not sure if we can use illusion magic at all to conceal ourselves, or make us less noticeable. Or if the dragon will just sense casting and that will draw his attention.
No. 562965 ID: 100739

nah thats just caused by me being sick as hell and barely awake drawing this update -3- be thankful i double checked it all or else you would have had updates where gwen had no arms..

Ok, the next up date is huge, like 9 pages so far, do you want me to post them as they are done or in one huge lump?
No. 562970 ID: 100739

shes also supposed to be leaning forward somewhat, guess that didnt come across -3-
No. 562971 ID: a87e3a

If it's a cutscene post them all at once.
No. 564182 ID: 100739
File 139328589929.png - (1.36MB , 825x881 , kittyescape1.png )


As the stormcloacks ready themselves you and Gromarag head upstairs to see if the way is clear.
you find a hole in the wall more then large enough for you all to fit through, as you try to judge the distance Grmorag leans out of the hole and checks on the dragon.

"Alright, change of plan, if i or any one else in heavy armor tried to jump across theyd just drop right into the fire, so ill throw you across then head out the front"
"Wait What!?"
"No arguments, when you land try to roll, then just run, do not stop for anything till you out of the fire"

Before you can object Gromarag grabs you by the scruff of the neck and hurls you across the gap towards the burning building
No. 564183 ID: 100739
File 139328622027.png - (1.60MB , 782x874 , kittyescape2.png )


Twisting in the air you manage to hit the door with your shoulder and turn the momentum into a forward roll, the flames Roar into life as fresh air pours in after you.

leaping to your feet you run fast as you can for the door as the roof collapses behind you.
No. 564185 ID: 100739
File 139328664356.png - (1.33MB , 884x838 , kittyescape3.png )


Bursting out the end of the building you see the dragon crouched in the street before you, roasting a figure to ash.

as you stand staring at the horrifying sight a nord in imperial armour runs past clutching a child. You follow him over to a building, its stone wall being preferable to the heat of the building behind you.
No. 564186 ID: 100739
File 139328733614.png - (1.30MB , 876x825 , kittyescape4a.png )

As you reach the Nord soldier, the dragon launches itself into the air, pounding the air with its massive wings.
As you get close you hear the Soldier talking to the old Nord comforting the child.

"Gunnar, wait till the coast is clear then get the child to safety!"
"Gods Speed Hadvar..."

The Soldier turns to you and yells over the roar of the flames.

"You, Follow me, we need to find general tullius"

He then turns and heads off towards a ally way with you close behind
No. 564187 ID: 100739
File 139328755044.png - (1.44MB , 815x876 , kittyescape5.png )

You follow the soldier over a pile of rubble into the alleyway, wondering why you decided to follow him, it was possibly due to the fact that he is one of the few people here who seems to be in any sort of control.

As you reach the end of the alley your both thrown back against the wall by a blast of air

"Oohhh shiiiiittt.."
No. 564188 ID: 100739
File 139328760922.png - (1.44MB , 817x879 , kittyescape4.png )


You Really Regret following this guy..
No. 564190 ID: 100739
File 139328787306.png - (1.44MB , 775x889 , kittyescape6.png )


The dragon seems to have not noticed you, instead choosing to vomit a searing torrent of fire towards someone you cant accompanied by a ear splitting shout.


The heat is almost unbearable, you can feel your fur start to singe on one side, after a few seconds that felt like hours, the beast leaps into the air once more and the Soldier pulls you onward.
No. 564191 ID: 100739
File 139328847107.png - (1.51MB , 825x879 , kittyescape7.png )

You both run through the burning ruins of a house, the stench of burning flesh is terrible, you try to block it out but you know you'll be smelling that for the rest of your life..

You manage to quickly make your way through the smoke and out to the main plaza where a group of soldiers are trying to regroup, one of them is firing ice towards a burning gate apprently trying to extinguish it, another is healing a fallen nord whilst trying to cast ward around them.

The man in the back with the more ornate armour see's you both and yell to the Soldier

"HARDVAR! We are Leaving! Get the civilian out of here! go through the Keep and regroup in solitude!"
No. 564193 ID: 100739
File 139328884586.png - (1.26MB , 820x881 , kittyescape9.png )


You follow Hadvar as he runs down toward's the large keep on your left, as you approach you see a stormcloack clamber over the rubble of the breached wall, followed by a slightly singed Gromarag carrying a length or burnt wood sharpened on one end like a enormous spear.

Hadvar and the Stormcloak seem to recognise each other and begin shouting, you leave them to it and try to talk to Gromarag. Before you can get a word out however he interrupts you. "No talking! Just Run, get through the keep and head to Solitude!" he barks, rushing past you.
No. 564195 ID: 100739
File 139328916604.png - (1.24MB , 881x815 , kittyescape10.png )


As he disappears into the smoke once more you turn back to Hadvar and the stormcloak, there argument seems to be drawing to a close and no one has been stabbed, you count that as a win.

As you watch the Black Dragon swoops down from the sky, spearing one archer in his talons and Biting another clean in half. This seems to get through to the soldiers that now is not the time for bickering, and they head of in different directions, both of them yelling for you to follow them.

Who should you go with?
No. 564196 ID: f44ca3

Follow the imperial guy.
No. 564197 ID: a87e3a

Follow the imperial and ask what that argument was about once you have some time to talk.
No. 564198 ID: d90d89

go with the guy how likely has the keys to open locked doors and would actually know the layout to the keep, imperial nord go!!!
No. 564203 ID: e0fa20

imperial, ho!
No. 564213 ID: 88960e

So apparently the key to surving arial bombardment is following the right people?

Follow Hadvar, it's worked so far.
No. 564220 ID: 3f0c1b

The Stormcloak seems to be taking the shorter route, follow him.
No. 564233 ID: 60fee2

Part of me wants to stay to make sure Gromarag gets out as well. I guess following Hadvar would be the smart thing to do.
No. 564475 ID: b9d767

It would make more sense to follow the one we know a better. Plus with us being buddies Gromarag going Imperial is pretty much set. Might as well go with the ones you know.
No. 565022 ID: 100739
File 139384609896.png - (1.55MB , 879x805 , kittyfort.png )

You hurry after Hadvar, silently praying to Dibella for Gromarag's safety. You hurry inside as he pushes the heavy iron door shut with a loud clang.
No. 565023 ID: 100739
File 139384621357.png - (1.44MB , 871x817 , kittyfort2.png )

As you try to get your breath back hadvar scoops his sword from the floor and sheathes it within its scabbard.

"We should be safe here for a time, but we better get moving soon, these forts are strong but i dont know how long they would stand against a dragon.."
No. 565025 ID: 53ba34

if he is pulling out a weapon, you should as well.
No. 565030 ID: 37aa84

Since this building is going to be pulverized you may as well let your kleptomania, what it's a standard condition for all true adventurers, take hold and take everything that isn't nailed down and on fire.
No. 565034 ID: e9e331

grab anything that looks like it could be useful and get ready to move. Just follow this guy and hope he knows where he's going because right now the only exit we know of is towards a fire breathing dragon so hopefully this guy knows of a less death inducing exit.
No. 565044 ID: 4a75fa

Oh hey, forgot to translate some of the shouty dragony spellcasting.

Fire Inferno Sun

I doubt his sword is going to make much of a difference against that thing. Nor would our bow, really. Unless there are secondary threats, our weapons are basically useless.

>what do
We need a way out of the city. What are our exits?
No. 565255 ID: 100739
File 139398810735.png - (1.26MB , 879x774 , kittyfort3.png )

A quick inspection of the room reveals little of interest, it seems this area was mostly a dormitory for the resident legion soldiers, and last you checked no one had found a way to weaponize dirty laundry, something you thank the lady with all your heart for...

Moving over to hadvar you spot several weapon racks in the corner as well as a shield and battered old chest. While you do have your bow stowed in your pack you wonder whether it might be best to take something you can use in the close corridors, or perhaps its time to brush up on your destruction skill?
No. 565256 ID: 57a559

grab sword
No. 565257 ID: d0864b

If you brush up on your destruction skill you don't *need* to carry a mele weapon with you, which can free you up to carry more loot. Of course in this case the melee weapons are the loot, so pick up one or two of the more expensive looking anyway. Take the shield as well. The more protection the better. You can always leave it behind later if it turns out to be too heavy.

Check the chest for anything useful too.
No. 565259 ID: 88960e

Those swords seem kind of big for a tiny kitty trained in enchantment and archery. If you were to pick up a melee weapon, I think you'd be more suited to something lighter and more finesse oriented.

Chest the chest. You do have lockpick skills.

Talk with your guide about possible exits to the town. What options do we have?
No. 565262 ID: 9ddf68

how comfortable are you at using you claws? khajiit are some of the best unarmed fighters in all of tameral so other then things you're just going to pawn I really don't think there's much a reason for you to grab anything other then parrying and blocking. unless you want to practice your enchanting later, then loot away.
No. 565266 ID: b9d767

Go for the sword. While a mace and axe may be good weapons, a sword is more of a finesse weapon than the others are. How heavy is the shield? If it is light enough to stay manuverable, take it. If not, leave it. Be sure to take a look at the chest, but ask Hadvar if it is okay if you look for anything of use.

Then strip the place of anything valuable and lightweight while he isn't looking like the hero you are.
No. 565268 ID: 2f4b71

I'd got for the small axe. The dragon crashing around is bound to have bought down some walls and ceilings, so something to chop through wooden beams in a pinch may be a good idea.
No. 565269 ID: 4a75fa

Personally, think I'd prefer using the spells you already know to trying to unwieldy use a weapon you don't know how to. (Unless there are mana constraints? Although I suppose if we're not burning magic, you're tiring yourself swinging something around). Especially if those things are just going to weigh you down as we run. Bonus points if destructive magic means people don't know you're a threat till it's too late (no visible weapon until you're attacking).

>a sword is more of a finesse weapon than the others are
Well, depends on the sword. Those both look big enough relative to her tiny stature that I think she'd end up wielding them like a two handed broadsword.

The small axe for tool use in busting through broken parts of town isn't a terrible idea.
No. 565272 ID: 3f0c1b

Those weapons look heavier than they are worth, let's stick to what you know and maybe add some destruction to that.

Also, loot the chest, loot it like there is no tomorrow!
No. 565283 ID: ae43f7

walk the path, of DESTRUCTION!!!!
No. 565287 ID: 3a1f17

An arrow from point blank is just as deadly as one from afar, stick with what you are most comfortable with. Grab a second set of weapons in case you run out of arrows. Magic in one hand and a shield in the other, You can burn your foes while remaining completely safe from there reprisals.
No. 565355 ID: b8ceae

Loot the chest, then take the small axe.
You're not trained in melee combat, so ONLY use the axe as a weapon if an enemy gets too close AND you're low on magicka.

Axes are damn useful when disaster strikes.
No. 565753 ID: 100739
File 139439710089.png - (1.30MB , 810x881 , kittyfort5.png )

The chest is disappointingly sparse of treasure, how ever you do fine a healing potion that you pocket as well as several thin bits of metal that you could use as lockpicks in a pinch.

You decide to take the one handed axe with you as the other weapons look far to big for you to even lift let alone wield, you think that this along with your destruction spells should see off anything that tries to jump you. Of course a arrow to the brain dose that to but that relies on the thing your shooting not getting the jump on you..

You ask hadvar how your going to get out of the keep and he explains that there is a emergency exit into a series of caves under the dungeon's that will lead you out to a cliff a short distance away

1 Healing potion
4 Lockpick
No. 565754 ID: 100739
File 139439722682.png - (1.58MB , 876x825 , kittyfort4.png )

You follow Hadvar down a short passage that leads towards a large gate, before you get there he suddenly stops and motions for you to stay back in the darkness of the passage, he mouths what you think is "Stay here" then sneaks towards the gate
No. 565755 ID: 100739
File 139439744389.png - (1.30MB , 881x800 , kittyfort6.png )

As he looks out you manage to hear two people talking, a man and a woman possibly, you hear them saying something about how the plan is recked and that they need ot leave, but the man seems to be out of breath and needs a moments rest.

Hadvar turns back to you and mouths "Stormcloaks", This is bad, you dont know how they will react to you and this is the only way you can go..
No. 565756 ID: 57a559

Suggest to Hadvar to yell out that we come in piece and should work together for the time being to get out of a collapsing fort. We might need the extra manpower for dealing with fallen debris, broken doors, etc.

Well actually maybe just you should do it. They're not going to react to you. Tell Hadvar to back off and stay out of sight until then.

We get them to promise not to hurt imperial troops trying to escape, no fight happens, we all get the fuck out of here, and then the war's back on when both factions can decide what the fuck to do about the return of dragons. I'm a pilgrim from the sexy church and do not give a shit about your faction war, so we clearly demand that no fighting happened. In fact, as a future skyrim citizen, we demand that both the imperial's and the stormcloaks deal with the dragon first. Because clearly defending skyrim from threats like this should be top priority and civil wars second.

Can we all agree that seems like the most logical solution people?
No. 565757 ID: 4a75fa

>cave exit
Well, I suppose underground caves are harder to crush and/or burn down that buildings, so that's a good route for hopefully avoiding the dragon.

>acquired lockpicks
That raises the question as to what we used to pick the lock on the chest in the first place. (I suppose we do have enough piercings. The right earring pin would work in a pinch).

Well, the aggressive option would be to start killing them from afar with your stealth bow.

However, we've already established the dragon attack kind of takes precedence over smaller mortal conflicts, and you managed to reach a cease fire with the stormcloak boss earlier. How much harder could these two be?

Try to talk your way past. Put them ranks in speech and diplomacy to use. Use your meeting with Ulfric if you have to. They'd probably be relieved to know he's alive, and if they believe you, they're not going to go against his decision.

Assuming that works, you may have to mollify Hadvar. It's not like you approve of the Stormcloaks' politics or what they're doing, but it kind of pales in comparison to the monster trying to kill you all right now.
No. 565772 ID: 53ba34

yes try diplo first. but your fiend hides in the shadows waiting to jump out and stab someone if it fails.
No. 565777 ID: a87e3a

We'll have to agree on a plan of action with our ally. Options:
1) Just wait for them to leave.
2) Shoot one through the gate, maybe even shoot the second one too. Your buddy can trigger the gate opening mechanism once they know you're there, at which point it's 2 vs 1.
3) Tell them to give up and enter custody or you'll execute the both of them.

Trying to go pure diplomacy here is foolish, as it will accomplish nothing except give them an opportunity to backstab us. Keep in mind the dragon is not an immediate threat here, so an alliance is out of the question!
No. 565832 ID: 9ddf68

tell your new friend to hide for a just to the side of the door so they can't see him while you try to get them to leave. I mean what would this guys have against a priestess of debila? If they do attack however your new friend will be in a good spot to attack them should they rush the doorway and you would have plenty of time to take out your bow and shoot them, or if not you could still easily pull out your destruction spells before they reach you. I recommend using fire should it come to that, it cost less then lighting and nords are resistant to frost.
No. 565896 ID: 3f0c1b

I'm pretty sure Speech craft is our best skill, so let's make a cease fire so we can ALL get out of here alive. Fighting each other can wait for another day when we aren't escaping from a dragon attack.
No. 566448 ID: 100739
File 139493264929.png - (1.85MB , 772x1141 , kittyfort7.png )

Hadvar moves back towards you.

"Theres two stormcloacks out there, if we can get passed them with out fighting id be glad, but be ready in case they turn violent"

You hold out your hands to stop him moving forward

"Wait, let me try to talk to them first, i might be able to get them to leave without bloodshed"
"Very well, but ill be ready if they start anything"

He slowly pulls his sword from its sheath, and moves further back into the shadows.

You take a deep breath and pull on the chain that opens the door. As the gate grinds open you quickly duck under and hold your arms out, the Stormcloak in front of you pauses in drawing her sword.

"Wait! we mean no harm, we seek only to escape the dragon and its wrath, Surely you can see that this thing cares little for the distinctions between us?"

[[Speech check. Difficulty 35]]

[[[Sorry this one is a little BLeeegh, RL stuff =3=]]]
No. 566449 ID: 100739

rolled 55 = 55

Speech skill result
No. 566453 ID: a97618

Whoo, diplomatic success. And if looking at what we rolled, that apparently only had a 46% chance of working.
No. 566473 ID: 9ddf68

sweet, now what?
No. 566725 ID: 0b54f4

Ok, so I guess you still need to tell them that the other guy's an Imperial guard, but he's ok with everybody getting out alive. Sooo, try to do that tactfully, too.
No. 567148 ID: 100739
File 139536153162.png - (1.26MB , 812x881 , kittyfort10.png )

The stormcloak pauses drawing her sword, uncertainty darting across her face.
As you stand there waiting for their reply a large impact rocks the tower, sending dust and small stones falling onto you all as the dragon rages outside.

The seated stormcloak leaps to his feet and grabs the other ones arm, dragging her away from you

"Leave them! that damn thing is going to bring the whole tower down on us, we need to get out of here!"
"But what about.."
"Forget them! we need to go Now!"

The stormcloak hesitates briefly before running after her companion, you hear there footsteps rapidly fade away down the corridor.
After a moment Hadvar joins you in the main room

"Well done lass, glad to see we could get past without blood shed, of course id prefer it if they hadn't run off down the path we need to go but beggars cant be chooser's. Come on we need to hurry"
No. 567149 ID: 100739
File 139536179497.png - (1.21MB , 785x879 , kittyfort9.png )


Hadvar takes the lead as you both hurry deeper into the fort, your eyes rapidly adjusting to the barely lit corridors.

As you both round the corner at the end you spot a group of stormcloaks waiting weapons drawn at the far end of the corridor, evidently the two that ran on had friends waiting..
No. 567150 ID: 100739
File 139536194345.png - (1.56MB , 876x800 , kittyfort8.png )


As they begin to run towards you, a massive tremor runs through the whole building as the entire ceiling of the tunnel collapses in on you all, filling the corridor with dust and rubble.

As the noise dies away you hear faint vocies comeing from the door to your left.
No. 567151 ID: 9ddf68

huh, well the divines protect I guess.

Sneak in if you can and see what's going on, seeing as how those stormcloaks felt it was better to charge you before anything else I think it might be smart to draw your bow.
No. 567157 ID: a97618

So even though they new you were peaceful, and let you go already, they still decided to attack. And then got buried under a mountain of dirt. Sounds like divine justice to me. Jerks.

Use thief skills to crack open that door quietly and peer through at what's going on on the other side. That's the only path we have, but we want to know what's on the other side before we make an entrance.
No. 567163 ID: 2c6ff1

Sneakily scout the door.
No. 567937 ID: 100739
File 139606211990.png - (4.06MB , 824x2228 , kittyfort12.png )

You thank Dibella for the obvious intervention and pray that she carries the souls of the dead into Aetherius and eternal love.

You crouch down by the door and press your ear to it, concentrating you manage to determine that there is indeed a room behind this door, Goddess your hearing is Terrible!.
Carefully opening the door you poke your head in ready to dart out the second they spot you. You see two uninjured stormcloaks talking to a third, while you cant see there body or hear there words, the facial expression's tell you that they are not happy about what they are hearing...
No. 567951 ID: 2c6ff1

Can we just shoot them this time? Aim for the knee or something if we must go nonlethal. Actually wait why are there so many stormcloaks here? Are these escaped prisoners? There should've only been like five in line for the chopping block.

Tell your buddy about the situation before we take action.
No. 567958 ID: ffa549

...great. Why are these guys everywhere. And the last group was openly hostile, and we're outnumbered this time.

Not sure talking is such a great idea (we're even more exposed than before) and archery doesn't look so good ether (we'd be hard pressed to drop 3 separate targets in quick succession, and they have the corner for cover. And worst case, there's more we can't see past the third guy, around the corner).

...could we use magic, maybe? An illusion or trick to get them out of the way would be nice, and that is the school we trained in. Fear to make them skittish and move on?
No. 567960 ID: 60fee2

We seriously need to look into the anti-muffle earring idea.
No. 567966 ID: 38261f

A thought- it's 3 on 2 right?
If we can shoot two of them, that Imperial soldier with us can stall out the third until we can drop the guy, if not finish him on his own.
No. 569065 ID: 100739
File 139656756251.png - (1.61MB , 816x899 , k2.png )

Quickly withdrawing from the room, you arm yourself while you explain the situation to Hadvar.

"What did you see lass?"
"Theres at least three in there, two unhurt and one who might have been caught in the collapse, id say we have about twenty seconds before they ready a ambush. If we rush them we should catch them off guard but ill only have enough time to shoot one or Fear one before they close the distance, what should i do?"
No. 569066 ID: 9ddf68

how about fury, can you hit one with fury to make them attack themselves to give you more time to launch more arrows at them? If not arrow one in the head and start firing away and once they get close switch to fire and let them burn.
No. 569067 ID: 88960e

Let's go with fear, and see if that's enough to get us past. If not, you can start shooting.
No. 570155 ID: 100739
File 139726719084.png - (1.50MB , 817x857 , Dovhkit4.png )

"Lass you cant plan for a fight, you use what ever you have in any way you can to stop the other guy from cutting you down. Now lets get this done!"

With that he throws open the door and charges in, gwen darts behind him and takes aim, letting a arrow fly true into the eye of one of the stormcloaks.
No. 570158 ID: 100739
File 139726744720.png - (1.55MB , 823x884 , Dovhkit3.png )

While Hadvar neatly blocks and cuts down the other, you send a fear spell straight into the last stormcloak, who staggers away from you only to be cut down seconds later.

With the last of the enemy's dispatched you both run further into the fort, eager to get as far away from the rampaging dragon as possible.
No. 570159 ID: 100739
File 139726772226.png - (2.15MB , 823x1339 , Dovhkit6.png )


You hurry through dark chambers, clambering over rubble and abandoned cages before finding a place where the brick work has been removed. You stay close behind Hadvar as he plunges into the cave's beyond without stopping.

After a short while you find yourself in a large cavern, light shining in through a crack in the wall, you must be close to the exit now.

You hope that the Stormcloaks had not left anyone at the cave entrance as a guard, you'd hate to run right into a ambush now..
No. 570160 ID: 100739
File 139726778279.png - (3.92MB , 1762x1645 , Dovhkit1.png )

No. 570162 ID: 60fee2

No. 570163 ID: 53ba34

two handed fire spell!
No. 570164 ID: 5bbbc0

...Is it wrong that I want to tell Havar to just run along and we'll catch up? I feel like an repeat of the arrow to the eye thing SHOULD make 8 legs retreat long enough to excape, that or the fear spell if it works on this thing ( I doubt it will though.
Buuut we probably won't be so lucky, and will have to fight it.
As far as that goes, standard archer fighting here- keep distance and shoot from afar. I would add that as we're fighting a giant monster, we should reserve attacking to trying to focus on weakpoints, but because of that style, attacking only when it is safe to do so, Gwen is the Dovahkitty, but not the iron kitty! She can't take hits!
No. 570167 ID: 88960e

Right, arrow in an eye, fast as possible.

Keep your distance from the giant spider, and keep moving. If you know any enchantments that make you harder to notice, or that confuse or hamper an enemy, use them. Hopefully these tactics, along with your bow's enchantment, will keep the spider from getting to you until you've blinded it and made a pincushion out of it.

...we have a lot of arrows, right? Chipping away at this thing might take a while.

Keep a fire spell loaded and ready to use- you may need to burn some webbing in a hurry. The axe might as be useful if we need to chop through a strand (especially one holding something up, or together).
No. 570189 ID: 44b67a

Kill it with fire, burn it burn it now.
No. 570227 ID: 3f0c1b

Big frosty spiders mean big burning fireballs.
No. 570707 ID: 100739
File 139751595491.png - (1.40MB , 826x745 , Ksf1.png )

There is a time and place for the Finesse of Archery, Being attacked by a giant spider is not one of them.

Summoning all your destruction skill, you blast a jet of pure fire right down its throat, blowing the thing to bits instantly.

Hadvar is suitably impressed by this display of both magicka and arachnophobia.
No. 570708 ID: 26bc58

Mini boss that was not! Now let's keep going because Havar is waiting and the Dragon won't!
No. 570710 ID: 2c6ff1

Destruction skill up!

Take a second to calm down, see if there's any loot to be found in the lair and then let's go.
No. 570712 ID: b21bfd

"I hate those things"

well come on you're not out of this yet.
No. 570715 ID: 88960e

Pant for a minute, while you catch your breath, and your heart rate comes down from triple digits.

...can we get out of here now?
No. 570716 ID: 878190

Check to see if the spider killed any unfortunate saps who might have wandered in earlier. See if there's any loot.

Otherwise keep moving in case of more spiders.
No. 570767 ID: 75b8af

Try not to get hit by flaming spider bits.
No. 570887 ID: 100739
File 139759183352.png - (1.47MB , 870x823 , Dovhkit8.png )

After picking burning spider out of your hair you give the cavern a quick once over in case of treasure, and while you find a kings ransom in old cattle bones and bits of web, you unfortunately come up short in actual gold.

Following hadvar you run into a large cavern with a lively stream running through it, tha air is fresher here, sharper, you must be close to the exit!
No. 570888 ID: 100739
File 139759188652.png - (1.09MB , 735x817 , Dovhkit7.png )

You run to the end of the cavern and turn a corner, shielding you eyes from the sudden daylight. And then you see it.
No. 570889 ID: 100739
File 139759207350.png - (2.72MB , 1234x1148 , Dovhkit9.png )

The mountains rising from the fog below like islands on clouds, the promise of sunlight peeking through above, crisp snow underfoot and the scent of pine on the air.

You felt odd the moment you entered the country but couldn't put a name to the sensation until now.

your Home.
No. 570891 ID: 9ddf68

bitchin... now what?
No. 570893 ID: 53ba34

stick with hadvar, find standing stones.
No. 570898 ID: 57a559

Look out
There MIGHT be a bear behind you
Follow Hadvar
No. 570901 ID: 878190

How far have you travelled from Helgen? The dragon might still be nearby. If so, better keep your heads down until you can get far enough away.
No. 570906 ID: 2c6ff1

I hope you like snow and rocks!

Ask the guy for directions to the nearest town. I'm sure he's more interested in getting to the nearest garrison to get help.
No. 570966 ID: 824f43

Right. Need to keep moving though. Put space between you and that dragon, now.

Now might also be a good time for slightly more calm introductions with Hadvar, there, and discussing your options. What do the two of you have in ways of supplies and traveling gear? What's within reasonable distance by foot- and preferably not along a wide open route that leaves you clearly visible from the air? We're supposed to meet your bud at Solitude, but do we need to head there by way of somewhere else? And what's he trying to do, and where is he headed?
No. 570988 ID: 3f0c1b

Look behind you to make sure the dragon isn't sitting right behind you, then look to the skies and see if you can find it. The last thing you want is to be ambushed by a being the size of a house without you noticing, that stuff is just embarrassing.
No. 571585 ID: c06b0e
File 139794664028.png - (1.01MB , 833x568 , out2.png )

As you wonder how far away from the town you are you hear the beating of mighty wings close by.

Ducking down next to the large stone you whisper a silent prayer to Dibella to turn the beats eyes from you as it flies over. Fortunately she smiles on you once more and the dragon flies over head off towards the mountains, soon vanishing into the mists.

You both stay crouched there for a moment, listening for the sounds of it returning, only the faint sound of burning reaches you. After a while you stand and dust yourself off.
No. 571589 ID: c06b0e
File 139794744642.png - (953.98KB , 823x571 , out1.png )

Hadvar scans the horizon before speaking.

"Looks like its gone for good, but i don't think we should hang around to see, The closest town to hear is Riverwood straight down the path, My uncle Avlor owns the Smithy there, He should be able to help you if you head that way. Ill be heading that way myself, so if you don't want to come along ill wish you well."
No. 571592 ID: 824f43

...this path goes through the forest, and not down across open mountainside and plains, I hope? I don't know about you, but I'm not too keen about being easily seen from the air.

Does that take us towards Solitude? You got separated from a friend you're supposed to meet there.
No. 571598 ID: ca65e6

Where's the temple of Dibella?

Riverwood is probably on the way to everything (it basically is), so let's go there.
No. 571621 ID: 3f0c1b

It's in Markarth, so we need to go by Riverwood and then travel the road past Whiterun. Unless we want to return through Helgen that is.

So Riverwood sounds good, you could use a rest and a good meal after an experience like this.
No. 571677 ID: 8d3016

Probably not a good idea to split up at this point. Just because the dragon has gone doesn't mean there aren't other dangers nearby.

Go with Hadvar to Riverwood. Get food and rest, then you can weigh up your options.
No. 571691 ID: 9ddf68

the temple is in markarth, if you want to get there by passing through whiterun then might as well hit riverwood since you're going to pass through anyways but the most direct route would to be to head south to Falkreath then head to Markarth.

I think we should head to riverwood and the to whiterun simply because that's where our orcy friend said he'd meet us. Even if not we can still leave a message for him there saying we went to Markarth.
No. 571696 ID: 824f43

I'd say heading strait to the temple isn't our priority, anyways. Pilgrimages are allowed to meander. The temple will still be there when we get there (uh, barring dragons burning down the city). Our friend won't be, if we miss our meeting.
No. 571834 ID: f729c1
File 139810112136.png - (2.24MB , 828x1136 , out3.png )


Hadvar sets of at a slow jog and after a moment you decide to join him.

"I think it would be safer if i stuck with you for now, just cause the dragons gone doesn't mean the road is suddenly safe. Plus i need to get my bearing's back after all that cave diving."

"Where were you headed before all this excitement?"

"Markarth, im making a pilgrimage to the temple of dibella there, mostly to worship but partly to see a childhood friend who was apprenticed out there years ago. That might take a step back for now though, as i want to head up to solitude and see if my friend in the legion got out of helgen alive.."

"Then this is the way you want to be headed, the road through riverwood runs down to whiterun, you can catch a coach from there easy enough."

You run in silence for a short time before Hadvar speaks up again, "You handled yourself well back there, since your headed to solitude anyway you might think about joining the legion while your there, we could always use more people like yourself. Especially if the stormcloaks have a damn dragon on there side. General tullius will need all the volunteers he can get.."

As you turn a corner he slow's a little and points out a impressively large structure on the mountain across from you.

"Were getting close, see that? Bleak Falls Barrow. Riverwoods just across the river from it. Place always gave me shivers, id have dreams of things crawling down the mountain at night and into my window, Draugher and other wicked things.."

You must admit from here it dose look more then a little intimidating, like the architect sat down to design the most foreboding building he could..

You both jog on in silence.
No. 571837 ID: f729c1
File 139810147124.png - (2.04MB , 1139x823 , out4.png )


After about a quarter hours jog you reach a large stone platform at a bend in the road, hadvar slows to a stop next to it and stands panting lightly, obviously somewhat out of breath, although oddly you feel fine yourself, like you could run at that speed all day. Must be the excitement of the whole giant-black-doom-dragon thing..

"Lets stop here a moment, i need to get my breath back.."

"Of course. By the way what's this stone circle for?"

"Them? There three of the guardian stones, theres thirteen all together dotted around skyrims landscape. There supposed to have some hidden magic to them, but ive never seen them do anything myself. these ones are left to right the Thief, the Wizard and the Warrior, have a look for yourself."
No. 571839 ID: 49b933

obviously we must go examine the warrior, then the wizard, and save the best for last, and see the thief.
Or if, for whatever reason we can only do one, then the warrior.
No. 571840 ID: 824f43

>Especially if the stormcloaks have a damn dragon on there side.
That's not what it looked like to you, but there's little point in debating that at the moment.

We'll keep any thoughts of enlisting of not to ourself, for now.

Time to investigate.

>obviously we must go examine the warrior, then the wizard, and save the best for last, and see the thief.
Yeah, order of increasing familiarity. We're fought, but we're not primarily a warrior. We've studied magic, but that's not what attracted our interest first. The thief is the archetype Gwen chose.
No. 571846 ID: 3f0c1b

Embrace magic, go forth towards the wizard.
No. 571853 ID: e9e331

well Gwen has always loved thief stories but she seems more mage to me then anything. So I say either thief or mage.
No. 571867 ID: 34f68b

Even split between Thief and Mage, if no one objects im going Mage
No. 571871 ID: ca65e6

Thief. Let us embrace our true calling.
No. 571875 ID: 34f68b

Of course you tip the balance After i draw the Mage stone route =3=
Im gonna stick with the mage for now, sorry :(
No. 571901 ID: f12e94

I'll vote for approaching the mage stone then, to keep it from being off.
No. 572029 ID: fee736

+1 mage to tip the ballance in the direction it was already going to go. :p
No. 572035 ID: 763c3d
File 139825901966.png - (2.07MB , 823x1119 , out5.png )

[forgot to draw the symbols on the other stones =3=]

"Well i can feel any kind of magicka in them, its probably just a marker of some kind that's had local myths attached to it over the years"

You reach out and trace the lines of the Mage stone

"Pretty good carving th.."

Before you can finish talking a massive blast of bright blue flame erupts into the sky soundlessly, the raw power of it blowing your hair back and illuminating everything in a pale blue glow.
No. 572036 ID: 763c3d
File 139825946460.png - (1.15MB , 820x573 , out6.png )

The display lasts only a few brief seconds before it gutter out and fades away, leaving only bright after images dancing in your eyes.

Eventually Hadvar breaks the silence "Well... i think we can say those legends are true now cant we.."

Perk Unlocked!

Magic Touch.
The winds of magicka flow through you more easily now, unlocking hidden potential. Your magicka regenerates far faster and youll find learning new spells far easier from now on. You'll also find yourself drawn more supernatural events and items.
No. 572040 ID: 824f43

>Well... i think we can say those legends are true now cant we...
I, uh, guess so.

>perk unlocked!
Okay, that's not so bad. With that and the thief star sign, we're now good at learning two kinds of things. Magic thief go! (Although we really need more spells that fit that kind of role. More buffs and debuffs, and tricks that can be applied tactically (and strategically, if we get into enchanting). We're not a crazy archer / caster hybrid- yet).
No. 572048 ID: 3f0c1b

>You'll also find yourself drawn more supernatural events and items.

Now onwards to Riverwood.
No. 572100 ID: 16acca

We should join the theives guild when in riften we can always use better sneak skill yo.
No. 572130 ID: 57a559

Touch EVERY single one of those to see what happens.
No. 572247 ID: 763c3d
File 139838349013.png - (2.45MB , 825x1136 , riverwood1.png )

Resisting the urge to touch all the stones, for now, you continue on your way towards riverwood.
After a short jog down the path you see the town wall swim out of the fog, the town is still half asleep with only the sound of a water wheel and the clang of a blacksmiths hammer on the anvil reaching you over the noise of the rain that has begun to fall.

As you approach the blacksmiths hadvar steps forward.

"Here we are, let me do the talking for now. Uncle!"

The Blacksmith looks up at hadvars voice and walks over.

"Hadvar? Shores bones when did you get here? and why do you look like you lost a fight with a cave bear?"

"Its complicated, we should talk more in private something has happened, something bad..."

"Aye? well come into the house and ill see if Sigrid has anything in the pot for you and your friend while we talk"

With that he leads you into the house.
No. 572261 ID: 763c3d
File 139838677107.png - (2.00MB , 838x1134 , riverwood.png )

The inside of the house is, while a little gloomy and dark, Warm and inviting. your eyes soon adjusting to reveal a quaint cottage with a inviting fire smoldering in the hearth.
As you enter a nord woman looks up from her daughter and smile's.

"Hadvar! its good to see you again, its been much to long. sit yourself down and tell us tales of your travels."

Hadvars uncle gestures to her as he speaks "No time for tales lass, He says he has bad news."

"Oh aye? sit yourself's down and let me get you some wine, Wine always goes with bad news best."

After youve seated yourself and each had a glass of wine (Witch really dose seem to taste better with the bad news)and introduced yourselves, Hadvar explains the whole situation to his Uncle, pausing a few time to assure him that he is not drunk.

"And there you have it, i have no idea how many people escaped helgen but i need to head off to solitude as soon as i can."

You speak up "I need to get there too, my friend said he would meet me there if he survived the fight."

Hadvars uncle looks thoughtful for a moment then speaks up.
"Someone has to go tell the jarl about this dragon, if it really is flying about the place then riverwood needs defending! Hadvar, ill lend you my horse so you can get back to solitude and tell the legion about this, Gwen i have to ask that you head to white run and tell the jarl.. Youll need to head there either way to catch the coach to solitude, so its not that far out of your way.."
No. 572263 ID: 88960e

Accept. It's not out of your way, and you can't in good conscience not warn other of the danger.

Frankly, I'm disheartened no other survivors showed up here. This is the closest town. That doesn't bode well- suggests not very many people survived.
No. 572301 ID: f12e94

We're someone that nobody here knows, will they listen if we try to warn the local Jarl? I'm all for doing the right thing but sometimes it's futile. Ask for advice about this before agreeing to follow their suggested course of action.
No. 572302 ID: 9ddf68

don't see a reason to say no so might as well.
No. 572303 ID: 3f0c1b

Well then, seems we are going to Whiterun, then Markarth followed by Solitude. At least all the stops are on the same path, so far.
No. 572308 ID: ca0da5

Go ahead, you'll probably want to make a quick stop at Whiterun to get some rest, anyways.
No. 572374 ID: 6d49f4

Seeing as your going near Whiterun anyway, it would make sense to warn them of the dragon. Even if you can't get an audience with the Jarl, someone needs to be told.

Make sure to get resupplied before heading out. And how long has it been since you slept?
No. 572379 ID: 53ba34

ask hadvar if he has some kind of official seal he can put on a note to prove you aren't lying.
No. 572991 ID: fc46e5
File 139912517805.png - (2.17MB , 825x1106 , 1.png )

After a light meal, that technically counts as your breakfast, you and hadvar head out onto the porch and say your goodbyes.

"Whiterun is down the road a ways from here, if you stick to the path and follow the signs youll not miss it. Its a trade town so its more welcoming then some cities here, but they still wont just allow a khajiit in unless you convince them somehow, either with coin or honeyed words."

"Actually on that note, do you have anything i can use or show to give more wieght to the whole 'I saw a dragon, no really!' thing?"

Hadvar looks thoughtful for a moment before digging a small plain looking ring out from his pack.

"Here, this is a seal ring used to mark the wax on letters and scroll's, show it too the jarl's assistants and they'll be a little less dismissive. However the jarl has tried to remain neutral in the conflict, so while the seal will let him know your not some random madwoman he'll still keep you at arms length till you prove correct."

With that you part ways, hurrying off down through the village and over the bridge, you know you have a ways to go so you break into a sprint and run down the mountain.
No. 572993 ID: fc46e5
File 139912599213.png - (2.12MB , 826x1127 , 2.png )

Your pace soon slows how ever as the sky opens and it begins to heavily rain, the kind of rain where it seems that the ocean is trying to retake the land via Arial invasion.

Flipping you shawl over your head you try to huddle your self into the smallest shape possible as you trudge down the mountain, silently parying that The Lady has seen fit to carry Gromarag far from danger, as well as possibly seeing fit to talk to kynereth about not drowning you before you reach whiterun..

After a while the rain peters to a stop and the sky slowly begins to clear, you shake the rain of your shawl and flip it down, catching the view as the mist starts to clear.

".Ladys breath..
No. 572994 ID: fc46e5
File 139912628638.png - (5.36MB , 2247x1660 , 4.png )

"Its beautiful."
No. 573000 ID: a95b2e

>convince them somehow, either with coin or honeyed words
Well, you're not carrying much in the way of coin, but you are fluent in word honey.

Other alternatives would be to sneak in with thief abilities, or use illusion magic to disguise ourself, although those are less practical, and probably out of reach of our current skill.

>Its beautiful.
...and very exposed to attack from the air.
No. 573006 ID: 9ddf68

Alright keep following the path and enter the city once we get guards for riverwood we can see if we can find any news on our orcy friend or at least see if we can't find some way to leave a note for him.
No. 573028 ID: f12e94

What is an open brazier doing at the city limits, blazing away right after a rainstorm? Could it be part of a curse or a military signal?

Sneaking into town is a bad idea if we have an appointment with the Jarl. We have an appointment with the Jarl even if the Jarl doesn't know it yet, so let us proceed to our appointment and explain this as we go.
No. 573033 ID: 57a559

Well go on, get up there what are you waiting for?
Stop gawking, Gwen. Lives are at stake.
No. 573037 ID: fc46e5
File 139915597979.png - (1.05MB , 820x566 , 5.png )

You briefly ponder the logistics of getting a brazier re-light moments after a storm, but as you get close the tell tale feel of magicka crawls over your skin, evidently the jarl shelled out for one of those self lighting beacons, Whiterun must be doing pretty well for itself if they can use these things as street lights.

Jopgging down the road you see the landscape rapidly change into farming community's, the rivers silt pilled up into rich fertile crop fields along the path.
As you approach the bridge to the gate movement to your left catches your eye.
No. 573040 ID: a95b2e

Uh, is that a giant grabbing someone?

Could we get a better look at that? This might be a situation where it's appropriate to stick an arrow in something, but I'd like to see first.
No. 573041 ID: 57a559

Ohh that's a giant
Nail it in the face with an arrow, girl.
Don't let those sharp bow skills of yours get dull.
No. 573043 ID: f12e94

You're not William Tell so I wouldn't try to shoot the giant in the face. Shooting it in the leg however is much more plausibly achieved. A fear or a sleep spell might be an even better idea though.
No. 573046 ID: ca0da5

I thought giants were supposed to be peaceful and stayed away from cities... Something must have happened to cause it to come near the city then, and that probably made it angry and violent. Pop it in the leg, or the arm, it won't notice the arrow but it will still help null its motor skills, prevent it from fighting as well.

Oh, and about the ring with the seal: if possible, do NOT show that ring off. Try and get in with your speechcraft first, save the ring as a last resort.
No. 573050 ID: ca65e6

Snipe dat giant.
No. 573061 ID: 9ddf68

shoot it in the throat with an arrow it looks like it's attacking the farm and since your kind isn't let into most cities in skyrim If we could help save a farm it could nab us some good will form the locals.
No. 573099 ID: d0864b

Get a better look before you do anything aggressive. It would be really bad if you accidentically helped a bandit kill a farmer or something. And do this stealthily, obviously. They can't dodge an attacker they can't see.
No. 573127 ID: b9d767

This, we want to be sure of our aim before we let fly. Afterwards, hit it with a spell to bamboozle it and give the warrior there time to react.
No. 573384 ID: fa654f
File 139940318593.png - (2.10MB , 825x1129 , giant1.png )

Your not sure about the context of this situation, from what you've been told giants are normally peaceful, but for what ever reason this one is about to smash a man to a pulp on the floor. You can see a pair of warriors running up from whiterun but they couldn't possibly get here in time.

Notching a arrow you focus on the giant and let fly, striking it in the shoulder and making it drop the warrior in pain.
No. 573385 ID: fa654f
File 139940333985.png - (1.98MB , 820x1131 , giant2.png )

The warrior hits the ground but quickly right himself, With a wide sweep of his sword he gashes the giants knee's forcing it too the ground.

As the giant falls to the floor he draws back, sword gripped in both hands.
No. 573388 ID: fa654f
File 139940414383.png - (2.06MB , 823x1134 , giant3.png )


With a short cry of brings the blade round, severing the giants head and propelling it a surprising distance.. Gross..

After a moment his friends arrive and take stock of the situation, the leader walking up to you and introducing herself as Aela the Huntress.

"I saw the shot from the way, Quite the archer arn't you? You ever thought about joining the Companions?"
No. 573393 ID: 57a559

Lady, I'm not from around here, I just got here and I don't know what The Companion's are. Just a pilgrim of the Lady, you know? Don't know if that's exclusive. Some people don't take kindly to pilgrims.
Though I will not turn down a free beer for that shot, if you take kindly to pilgrims that are good shots.
No. 573398 ID: ca65e6

The Companions? Who are they?
No. 573404 ID: 3fd875

"Champions? Is that the name of the local Fighter's Guild?
No. 573405 ID: f12e94

"I haven't heard of the Companions before. Without knowing that I couldn't commit either way yet, but I have business in that town at the moment: I'm here to bring a warning for the Jarl about the dragon attack."
No. 573464 ID: a95b2e

It's a good thing the bow's enchantment to conceal where the arrow came from only seems to apply to enemies. It would have been amusing if they hadn't been able to tell the shot came from you.

>good archer
>You ever thought about joining the Companions?
Not really from around here, I'm afraid that name doesn't mean much to me, by itself. (If she presses, you can make the excuse that you don't know how long you're going to be staying in one place).

Accept the compliments in good grace, and without making a fuss. What was going on? They often have trouble with giants?

Don't bring up the dragon just yet (no need to sound crazy before you have to, or to have to go through the hard task of convincing people more than once. It may also help if these people start to trust you a little before you drop that bomb). When asked your business you can explain you have a message for the Jarl- they'll likely help you get your audience after you helped them.
No. 573657 ID: 73a212
File 139959388012.png - (1.95MB , 830x1131 , comp1.png )

"The companions? Im afraid ive never heard of them, are you the local fighters guild?"

she gives a short laugh.

"Lass were the Original fighters guild, founded by Ysgramor himself when he settled skyrim centuries ago. Not as fancy as the guld halls of the other Providences ive no doubt, but a finer band ive yet to meet, were always on the look out for talented and eager fighters."

"Well ill keep your offer in mind, i had planned to simply complete my pilgrimage to the Markath temple before heading home but ive a feeling i may be in skyrim for a little longer then i anticipated.. do you often have to face Giants? or is there something wrong with that one?"

"Well the giant is new, but we do face things just as deadly. No idea why its down here, but there's been a strange feeling in the air this morning.. lots of animals spooked, maybe the giant felt it too? who knows, even when there alive they dont talk much."

"On that note, actually, i need to head into whiterun to speak with the jarl, something happened in helgen that he needs to know about." She looks at you quizzically.
"Oh aye? what sort of thing"

"Im sorry but i cant tell you, its not something i want to get about before the jarl knows.."

"Would it have anything to do with you bieng singed and reeking of smoke?"

"I can neither confirm nor deny that a fuck ton of fire was involved.."
No. 573659 ID: 73a212
File 139959433778.png - (1.78MB , 823x1134 , comp2.png )

"Well, unlike the fancy imperial Dukes the jarls keep a open court, just walk right into the Hall and talk to his assistants and they'll introduce you."

"Thank you very much, ill be sure to check into your guild hall on my way out, if for nothing else then to fill you in on what's happened this morning"

"Id appreciate it, Goodbye and safe travels"

"Goodbye and may the lady keep you safe."

You head off down the road, quickly reaching the first of the cities old gateways. this one lacks any kind of defense, and on the other side a small caravan of traders has camped out. they dont seem to be awake right now other then one figure sitting in the closest tent.
No. 573664 ID: 53ba34

give a slight nod or something in greeting and continue on your way. it is a good sign that another khajit is around here. and seems to be in good health. so that probably means they aren't racist. at least, not much.
No. 573666 ID: ca65e6

Ah, a Khajiit. Did you ever study your race's culture? Being orphaned, you wouldn't have learned of it from your parents. Maybe you can chat after we deliver the news.
No. 573674 ID: 57a559

Hey, is that a Khajiit kid? Cool! Those are rare amongst caravans!
Wonder if there's a nice hunk here. I hope your first person way of talking isn't a turn-off if there is.
No. 573678 ID: 9ddf68

anything you don't feel like lugging around with you any more? If so pawn it, if not just nod as you walk by and get to the jarl
No. 573690 ID: a95b2e

Pff. You were totally flirting with her there, weren't you. Look at those expressions.

>Would it have anything to do with you being singed and reeking of smoke?
Oh, hey. Actual evidence. Circumstantial, but didn't think we'd have any.

This seems the right response. I don't think we're carrying overmuch coin, nor do we have anything worth selling (that we aren't using). (We found an emergency melee weapon / woodcutting tool, a healing potion, and a few lockpicks).
No. 573691 ID: 3f0c1b

Wave or nod as you pass but don't stop, we need to get word to the Jarl quickly so that he can prepare and so we can get going to Markarth.
No. 573828 ID: cb19c7
File 139972662177.png - (1.99MB , 820x1139 , white1.png )

You pass by the camp quickly with a simple wave and greeting, you've frittered enough time away talking with Aela anyway, who knows when that dragon will show up again..

"Good morning"
"Warm day to you"

Hurrying onward you make a mental note to sit with them for a while and learn a bit about your people, growing up in the imperial city orphanage wasn't exactly a banquet of cultural variation, your practically a fur covered imperial by this point so a little refresher once the jarl is informed cant hurt.

A few minuets later your standing at the gates, shut tight and presumably locked. The guards eye you warily but make no move to either turn you away or let you in, you need to think for a moment about how your going to handle this..
No. 573830 ID: bbb906

I half wanna go the route of trying to request entry, and then discussing with the gaurds the 'legality' of khajiit citizens being able to see the Jarl or something...But I dunno if that would actually work (Legal matters less when some awesome swordsman could just slice-and-dice his way wherever he wants)
I don't want to try sneaking in-seems like that would make a bad impression, when we want to be heard in a diplomatic sense...
No. 573831 ID: 53ba34

just explain without mentioning dragon. a town is destoryed and the jarl needs to know so he can have his troops ready so it wont happen here.
No. 573834 ID: 57a559

"Hello, I'm a messenger from Riverwood. To deliver news to Jarl about an attack on Helgen and Riverwood's request for aid. I understand Khajiit aren't typically allowed in Skyrim cities but I must insist I deliver the message to the Jarl, for Riverwood's sake. If you must escort me there to ensure I go there and only there, I understand."
No. 573841 ID: 257051

Explain that you've been sent as a messenger from Riverwood, and that you have information you need to impart to the jarl. Be polite and formal, but let the seriousness of what you saw show.

Don't bring up the dragon, yet. Part of a guard's duty is to turn away crazy people. You only want to have to defend the impossible claim once, and in front of someone who's opinion matters.
No. 574028 ID: 93f982
File 139985134428.png - (2.10MB , 828x1126 , white2.png )

You decide the direct approach is best.

"I need to see the jarl right away, helgen has been destroyed and Riverwood calls for protection, i understand you don't normally allow my people inside so if you need to escort me i fully submit to that."

The guard looks at you for a moment before replying.

"We mostly keep the traders out, its all to easy for them too smuggle things in those wagons, As for you we'll let you in after we search your pack."

You hand your backpack over to the guard who paws through it for a few minuets before being forced to admit that your not some kind of one woman smuggling operation and letting you through the gates.

Whiterun's market district is still asleep at this hour, although the faint sounds of people tell you its getting ready to wake soon. ahead of you you can see the market square, to your right two people are talking in front of the blacksmiths and a small path leads up the hill to your left.
No. 574034 ID: e3aff6

Success! Time to hurry on over to the Jarl's place then.
No. 574045 ID: c170fd

Stop by the blacksmith for directions.
No. 574049 ID: f12e94

Towns can be confusing, remember to ask for directions, and if someone gives you long or complicated directions (or which don't seem accurate) get better ones as you go.
No. 574050 ID: 53ba34

the jarl's house s probably the biggest.
No. 574076 ID: 945fb0

No. 574093 ID: 257051

The jarl's place is probably the big one just off to the left of center, there. There's even a sign on the lawn that probably identifies it when you get closer.
No. 574420 ID: 75d2e9
File 140010907468.png - (2.54MB , 829x1722 , white3.png )

[[[These updates are only partially colored as im getting over a hella bad migraine, ill post the complete versions in the discussion thread]]]


You wait for a lull in the blacksmiths conversation, she's apparently struggling with a bulk order of swords for the empire and a rival more talented smith in the city wont touch empire work, then apologize for butting in and ask where the jarls house is.

She explained that the jarl lives in the largest house in the city, located right on the peak of the hill and to simply head upwards to find him, pointing you towards a small staircase you never noticed just behind the small guard post. Thanking her you head of at a light jogging pace up through the alleys of the district until a gap in the upper-class houses lets you see the jarls hall ahead.. By the Lady's hair thats a Big house..

You set off once more heading towards the hall, along the way you notice a altar to Talos just sitting out in the open, its a little jarring to see such flagrant disregard of imperial law, but you cant help but feel a little reassured that the jarl here remembers the divinity of talos.
No. 574425 ID: 75d2e9
File 140010954771.png - (967.54KB , 825x1136 , white5.png )


A few moment's later your standing outside the door to the jalrs hall. Wile none of the guards stopped you or even questioned you on the way up here you still feel a little odd simply walking into the main seat of the city's power like this.. you'll have to get used to this openness if your going to be staying here for a while..

Pushing open the door you step into a large hall that stretches into gloom, you see a large fire in the middle of the room around which figures are in animated conversation. The room is warm and inviting despite the size and grandeur, the decoration simple but immaculate, the scent of food cooking drifts over you and you suddenly remember its been about three hours since you where supposed to have had breakfast.
No. 574429 ID: 9ddf68

right well talk to the jarl first and then head on down to the town's tavern and get a good meal. I mean we're already here so might as well get this over with.
No. 574430 ID: 53ba34

don't ask about food. start off with a bow or kneel or whatever a good sign of respect would be for a jarl. then explain that you bring news. a dragon has appeared and attacked. yes, you understand how crazy it sounds but it is true.
No. 574499 ID: ca0da5

Approach steadily, but not hastily. If anybody seems to be coming towards you as though to stop you, stop where you are and let them come speak with you. It doesn't look like the Jarl is busy, but if he is you should certainly let his subordinates let him know he has a visitor.
No. 574510 ID: 9a281a

Approach steadily and respectfully, don't rush.

Don't worry about food. You'll be able to get some after discussing the news, if not here, then elsewhere.
No. 574951 ID: 140130
File 140045369209.png - (2.33MB , 825x1139 , white6.png )

You approach the jarls throne wondering exactly how your going to describe this whole situation to him, as well as pondering whether you can wrangle a free meal out of this somehow, when a young dunmer stops you in your path.

"The jarl is in a important meeting and cannot be disturbed, what ever your issue it will have to wait."

"im afraid it cannot, ive just come from helgen, the town has been totally destroyed."

She pauses for a moment and looks you over. "Destroyed? by who?"

"By what actually, this may sound crazy but the town was burned to the ground by a Dragon.."

She looks at you for what feels like a long time, her gaze made even more penetrating by her deep red eyes.

"Come with me."

She leads you towards the throne where the jarl is talking with a guard, as you approach you cant help but notice the giant skull mounted to the wall, its resemblance to the dragon you saw unmistakable. You think it might not be as hard as you thought to convince them of the dragons existence.

The Dunmer speaks up "My lord, This khajiit claims to have seen the Creature as it attacked Helgen, according to her it truly is a dragon."

The jarl turns to you, he looks tired and concerned. "A live dragon? after all this time one turns up now of all times, shors bones this is the last thing we need.. Tell me what happened, spare no detail"

You proceed to spend some time telling him the entire story, from you arriving in helgen to your escape via the caverns.
No. 574954 ID: 140130
File 140045554474.png - (2.08MB , 828x1131 , white7.png )


When you have finished the jarl sits in silence for a moment before discussing the matter with his advisers.

The dunmer is the first to speak.

"We should send troops to Riverwood immediately, If the dragon attacks there now they wouldnt stand a chance"

The imperial speaks up, a little alarmed at the suggestion.

"If we send in troops the jarl of Faklreath will think we mean to attack, that weve sided with Ulfric against him!"

The jarl looks up at him. "So i should leave my people undefended? let this thing burn all it wishes? No, we will protect our people. Irileth, send a detachment to Riverwood immediately, have them ready the town in case that thing returns."

"Yes my lord."

"proventus, write to the jarl of falkreath explaining this as best you can, last thing i need is to drag us into a war."

"Yes sire."

The advisers leave on there missions, leaving you alone with the jarl, he looks at you for a moment before standing and leading you towards a side room. "You've done us a great service today friend, but im afraid i need to ask more of you, the dragons return leaves us at a disadvantage, they vanished so long ago the only knowledge left is ancient tablets and scraps of legend. Fortunately for us my court wizard is more then a little obsessed with studying the ancient creatures and has been making noise for the last few days about having soldiers retrieve a ancient tablet that holds some vital information re-guarding the dragons."

He leads you into the room, wich turns out to be a small, but well stocked, wizards study, the court wizard looking up as you both enter.

"While id normally put such requests low on my priorities, we cannot ignore anything that may help us defend against the creatures. However, wit ha detachment now moving towards Riverwood i can spare no guards to assist in this, if your willing to help farengar recover this tablet ill be more then willing to compensate you for your time."
No. 574960 ID: 53ba34

while you are on a pilgrimage if the dragon isn't stopped it could threaten a lot more then just this part of skyrim. it could eventually grow bold enough to attack the temples, and i doubt even that will cause the gods to interfere directly. for now you can pray that you will be given insight to find the information without too much trouble.

accept the task.
No. 574961 ID: 31f165

"I am not a detachment of soldiers, what peril has stopped Farengar from retrieving it himself unaided? I am a traveller far from home and I could use more coin in my purse as most in my situation could, but I would rather not trade my life against the impossible no matter how much coin you would reward my corpse with."
No. 574962 ID: 2bfcdf

Well, where's the tablet? We might be able to manage a detour for this.
No. 574972 ID: 9a281a

Well, where is this tablet, and what's the difficulty in retrieving it? I understand the are some situations where one person can work better than a group of soldiers, but I wouldn't want to make promises before I know I can keep them.

(Basic approach: in theory, you're willing to help, but you're cautious enough not to sign up for some impossible mission you don't know anything about).
No. 574988 ID: d0864b

This sounds good.
No. 575254 ID: 24313e
File 140071547470.png - (1.66MB , 811x1061 , white8.png )


"Well i am on pilgrimage right now, but i think Dibella will understand if i prioritize stopping the dragon over prayer for now, That being said im not about to jump into something until i know more, where is this tablet and whats been stopping Farengar from getting it himself?"

"Apparently its in bleak falls barrow, a ghastly ruin near riverwood, as for the rest Farengar will have to explain himself, i must attend to the preparations should the dragon attack whiterun, should you undertake this task for us i thank you and wish you luck, if not then i bid you fair weather and hope to see you in more petulant time's"

With that the Jarl leaves the room, after a moment's rummaging the wizard hands you a rather tattered book, the title has been erased from the rather ungentle handling.

"The situation requires a little context im afraid, this should bring you up to speed quickly while i find the map"

He returns to his rummaging as you skim read the book, its mostly a rather dry history book about skyrims earliest days but your interested to read that for a large part of skyrims earliest history it was ruled by a dragon worshiping priesthood who are responsible for all the gigantic ruins that riddle the landscape to this day. Apparently there power was unassailable for eons until the dragons vanished, leaving the priests undefended and powerless, unsurprisingly they didn't last long after that...

after a moment Farengar places a scrap of ancient leather onto the table and ways it down with paperweights. The thing is mostly burned and weather beaten, but you can still see some odd looking runes on its surface as well as a drawing of Bleak falls barrow, it looks very accurate if memory serves. Farengar finishes weighing the hide down and speaks.

"About two months ago i revived this from one of my contacts, they found it being used as a fire lighter by bandits and only just managed to save it from the flame, the runes are the ancient dragon tongue spoken by the nords who lived under their rule ages ago. It makes reference to the tablet and seem insistent that its readers find it, however as i said before the reasons for this urgency are now lost too us, hopefully when we see the tablet all we become clear."

Now in full lecture mode he begins to pace back and forth in front of you.

"I would have retrieved it myself but the rebellion has severely limited my ability to leave the city, my absence would be the perfect time for one faction or the other to strike and take the city, the same goes for sending the guards to retrieve the tablet although in their case such a large movement of troops could be mistaken as preparations for a attack on falkreath or a stormcloak town.

As for the danger within the tomb i wont deny that the traps and Draugher may prove a tricky foe to over come, but a clever and resourceful adventurer will have little difficulty with them."
No. 575255 ID: 24313e

[[[[If you actualy mannage to translate the words on the hide ill give you a prize :3 ]]]]
No. 575261 ID: 53ba34

well, you have already raided some tombs right? a few undead losers can't be worse then a nest of bandits and a vampire.
No. 575264 ID: ca0da5

Tell him you won't promise you'll return with the tablet--if things get too dangerous, you'll be leaving the barrows to return to your trip. You should, however, be willing to take the trip to the barrows; Draugr aren't much of a threat, and with your skills, traps shouldn't be too much of a problem either.
No. 575265 ID: 2bfcdf

I hate this alphabet. Some symbols have extremely minor differences between them, which makes it near impossible to tell which one is the intended character in handwritten script.

I translated it to the english alphabet best I could, but it's still encoded apparently:
ALD (missing part here) ?D?
L?(P or O)? S ULEyK WAh OL
No. 575267 ID: 9ddf68

say you'll check out the ruins but you're not promising him anything, you a pilgrim not really a warrior... however you have dabbled in some spells so if he has something he thinks that could help you brave the ruin then you'd be happy to take it as it would bring a greater chance of you actually returning with whatever it is he said he wanted.
No. 575301 ID: 57a559

Well, alright you should probably head to the market to buy some food for your travels. In addition to that, maybe go to the tavern or The Companions so you can request some help. I don't want you going in against draugr and traps by yourself. Maybe get one last drink before facing quite a bit of danger.

I suppose we could also stop by Riverwood again for a bit and ask around for someone who might know the place and wilderness a bit more, like a hunter or something. We could just accompany the troops going there, they'll be going by caravan or cart, so hey free ride.
No. 575303 ID: 57a559

Oh I almost forgot, check and see if he has any good spells to sell for a price.
No. 575310 ID: fee736

AL D/R/uu


His Brother For His

Is Power To As

Earth Shall

Best I could do, tho atleast some of the translation guesswork has to be wrong.
No. 575311 ID: fee736

And it ate the spacing. Derp. Knew I should have used underscores.
No. 575317 ID: 9a281a

Well, as a thief we're good for sneaking and trap finding, and the basics of illusion and destruction magic can help with both those tasks. We're not terribly suited to sneaking around.

Accept, but see what you can scrounge up in exchange to help you be ready. You could really use a meal, for one thing. And while I doubt they're going to hand over the +9/+9 sword of instant undead slaying, the wizard might have something that would make the venture easier. (If nothing else, access to a real wizard's workshop / laboratory might be useful- you could take the time to prepare your own spells or enchantments that might be useful).

After you're done here, don't immediately run out of town. Now that you've delivered your message, you have a little more time to look around before moving on.
No. 575326 ID: 17c095

Wow you actually got Really close there
No. 575327 ID: ca0da5

Alduin sacrificed his brother to gain power to rule the Earth?
Guesswork, I'm no professional translator xD
No. 575404 ID: 17c095
File 140080700897.png - (1.31MB , 757x883 , white9.png )

"Well i dont mean to boast but ive delved in more then my share of ruins with nary a scratch, and while i cant guarantee ill be able to find and retrieve the slab, after navigating a vampire nest im confident that the dangers of the barrow will be nothing i cant handle. That being said i wouldn't turn my nose up at anything you can offer me in trade or assistance?"

"Oh of course feel free to use my alchemist lab or enchanters table if you have the skill, i can also offer a few spare supplies for coin, if you dont find anything here the trade district will be open and ready to trade within the hour at least."

He shows you his limited stock that while low in number is impressive in quality.

Farengar has:
Novice robes + to magick school of choice +++ to magicka reserve 1500 gold.
Petty soul gems (Empty) 10 of 34 gold each.
Scroll of summon flame atronach x2 250 gold for both.
Bound weapons spell tome. 300 gold
Tome of summon familiar. 150 gold
Tome of ice spike. 150 gold
Tome of lightning bolt. 200 gold.

Gwen has 100 gold in pocket with a note for 2000 exchangeable at the whiterun bank
No. 575405 ID: 17c095

[[[just noticed drawing errors i meant to correct.. Ah well, the show must go on.]]]
No. 575408 ID: 2bfcdf

Can we hand over the note here? I'd like to get ice spike for fire-resistant stuff, then we can head into town and see if there's anything else worth grabbing, like better arrows or a soul trap weapon.

Scroll of summon atronach is tempting too. Or summon familiar I suppose. Having an expendable tank is really good for an archer.
No. 575411 ID: 57a559

Personally I'm going for lightning bolt and bound bow and bound dagger.
I forget, do we have the silent casting perk? Would love to level up conjuration, archery, and stealth at the same time.
Does he not have soul trap? Or do we have soul trap?
Hate scrolls, way too expensive for one time use.
How about some alchemy ingredients?
No. 575412 ID: ca0da5

Ten soulgems for only 34 coin? If I'm reading that right, that's a pretty good deal, even if he doesn't actually sell the soultrap tome. If you never learned that skill for yourself, we could always buy such a tome at another place--Whiterun isn't exactly known for its expertise in Magic.
No. 575414 ID: 2bfcdf

I think that's 34 each.

Would Bound Bow carry over our stealth-aid bow enchantment? I think we'd have to disenchant our current bow to put it on a new one, and you can't do that with Bound Bow.
No. 575417 ID: ca0da5

> I think we'd have to disenchant our current bow to put it on a new one, and you can't do that with Bound Bow.
Plus, you'd need filled soulgems to enchant something new, and at 34 each it might be worth holding off a bit. Maybe get a couple of soul gems to carry around, just in case you happen to loot a soultrap tome off a corpse.
No. 575477 ID: 9a281a

All right. So... trying to translate these to layman's terms...

Magic robes, basic enchanting materials (yes?), scrolls of summon fire elemental, summon familiar, attack spell books.

Does bound weapon create a spectral weapon to wield (for mages who don't want to carry the weight?), or are you summoning an animate weapon to fight independently? I'm not finding a clear description of what it does.

I'm thinking the robes are too pricey, and we don't really need more destruction magic. We need utility.

There's materials here to enchant equipment with, and we've got armor, and a fair amount of jewellery. Do we know / have access to any spells that would be useful to enchant on those? (A stealth or defense buff on our clothes? Maybe that listening thing we discussed before with an earring?).
No. 575488 ID: 2bfcdf

Bound (weapon) summons a high-quality weapon for the mage to wield that disappears after the duration ends.
No. 575498 ID: 90d029

Bound weapons are basically daemons summoned and forced into the shape of weapons, there very light and hit hard. However the events of Oblivion (the game before this) made it impossible for daemons to remain on tamriel for any great length of time so theyll vanish after about a hour or so on there own or instantly if they leave direct contact with the summoner.

Scrolls are basically almost finished spells that only need to be read to set them off, there mostly for people who dont know how to cast the spell themselves and are destroyed in the casting process.
No. 575500 ID: 90d029

It should be noted however, that the art of smithing deadric armor is basically bringing these weapon shaped deamons into the relm permenatley by burning away alot of there deamonic nature.
No. 575508 ID: 57a559

Bound Bow is useful for leveling three things at once. Admittedly some others are more efficient at killing, especially when combined with enchantments, but these a draugrs and bandits that are the main threat, might as well just skill grind, get some practice in.

Plus, if for any reason we lose a bow, bounding one will always be our backup. And plus I don't think we need to spend any actual arrows.
So we're getting the range and damage of a good unenchanted bow, potential soul trap bonus on it in the future if we don't have the perk for it now, and free ammo for it, while we get to generally level up three good skills at once.
No. 575578 ID: 9a281a

>bound stuff
Okay, that spellbook is probably worth buying, then. The ability to make sure we have a weapon, if we're caught naked, is useful. A holdout knife for emergency use or tool use, or a backup bow when we really need one (or are out of ammo) are reasonable long term precautions.

Does the spellbook only allow us to prepare one bound weapon, or once we have the spell, can we summon anything? Or once we have the spell, we have to collect / earn bound things we can summon with it?

So... does the silence on that front mean there's none of our own enchanting we can do?
No. 575580 ID: ca0da5

The method of enchanting mentioned earlier was allowed in Morrowind (You would use your own spells to determine the enchantment), but in Skyrim you normally would have to disenchant (destroy) an item to learn to put its enchantment on something else. Unless you had maxed every perk in Enchanting, this would normally end up weaker.

Still, buy a couple of the soul shards, like I said, they'll be useful incase you locate somebody with Soultrap. You can't really afford the rest of the things until you visit the bank, and will probably want to send a courier to Markarth with another bank note after spending your cash. Of course, since you plan on returning, you could place your money in as a note to be retrieved once again in Whiterun.
No. 575583 ID: 2bfcdf

We already HAVE a bow. It is our main weapon.
No. 576067 ID: 0754f6
File 140115121520.png - (1.78MB , 825x1136 , Bound.png )

After a little haggling you manage to purchase three soulgems for 95 gold and enquirer about the Bound weapon spell book.

"What weapon dose this summon exactly? i mean it normally tells you right in the spell name.."

"That tome dosen't summon any specific weapon, its more of a starter to introduce the layman to conjuration, you see its a common mistake of beginners to jump right into summoning the weapons without making contacts and friends on the planes of oblivion, the spell in the book will let you get in contact with dremora and atronach's safely allowing you to talk them round to willingly taking the form of the weapon you need."

"That sounds extremely useful, but im afraid i lack the funds to buy it for now, id ask whether you'd accept a promisary note, but he only one i have is several thousand gold over the asking price.."

He give a short chuckle and pauses for a moment in thought before shrugging.

"You know what, ill let you have it free of charge, consider it a advance payment for the Tablet."

"Thats very generous of you but i cant simply accept such a expensive item.."

He waves away your concerns as he leads you to the door.

"I have had that book for nearly eight years now and your the first person in this city to look twice at it, id rather hand it over as payment to someone who would actualy use it them have it sit on my shelves gathering dust."

"I.. Thank you, ill return with the tablet as soon as i can."
No. 576071 ID: 0754f6
File 140115190810.png - (799.68KB , 734x861 , map.png )

Items gained
Bound weapon x 1
Soul gem x 2

With that you find yourself given free run of Whiterun, you consult your 100% accurate mental map of the area and ponder where to go next.

1: The drunken Huntsman, Fletcher
2: The Warmaiden, Smithy
3: Goldenthread, Tailors
4: Honeysuckle Bakery.
5: The bent Quill, Bookstore
6: Dragon's Hoard, Jewelers
7: Branded back's, Tattoo, piercing and body paint
8: Tannery.
9: Belthors general goods
10: Arcadia's Couldon, potions galore
11: The bannered Mare, local tavern
12: Stone quater, lower class housing.
13: Wind quarter, posh houses and posher people.
14: Temple of kynereth
15: The companions hall.
16: Bank of whiterun.
17: Dragonreach, jarls hall.
Other 17: Market stalls.
No. 576072 ID: e3aff6

Are magic books immediately read on use? If so than seeing what is in it sooner rather than later would be useful.
Aside from that, lets review our inventory. We will want to make sure we have arrows, supplies, and maybe a few potions.
No. 576077 ID: 57a559

Get some food at the grocers, whatever you can get for a good deal and you don't have to cook. Well, actually buy a good, cooked meal at the tavern first then buy snacks at the grocer for the trip.
No. 576078 ID: 9ddf68

first things first, head to the town's taven and get some food. Then let's read that book and see about getting that tomb, we can then head on down to markarth and let the priesthood know we're not dead... or were we going to head to Solitude next? I can't remember
No. 576087 ID: ca0da5

As far as summoning a Dremora or Atronach in the middle of the city goes, I'm pretty sure that's considered a crime. Wait until you're a good ways away from people before doing something like that.

For now, head to the bank to get your funds, and visit the Tannery. That's where you'd get light armor at, right? You probably don't want to go weighing yourself down too much with heavy armor, seeing as your specialties are stealth, sniping, and magic.
No. 576088 ID: ca0da5

Oh, right, let's not go hungry. Tavern first, then!
No. 576091 ID: 9a281a

Let's see about finding a meal. We can worry about finding some space to read and study or new spellbook, later.

So we're down to 32g, now? Not much if you want to buy equipment, etc. We might want to stop by the bank if you want to be able to say, afford a few potions for saftey's sake before we head into danger. (How do banks work, here? Do we have to cash in the whole note at once, or open an account or...?).

We also owe the companion's guild a visit, later. You said you would, and they might be useful for information (good to see if anyone knows anything about the area or place you'll be heading though / too).

Well, there's one shop we don't have much need for!
No. 576251 ID: b9d767

If we do end up doing anything with Deadra, we should focus on Moonshadow, the realm of Azurah. Besides the obvious, she is an important figure in Khajiit mythology, and may be partially responsible for their creation.

Also the piercing place may in fact be useful, as a peircing could be used as a way to wear an enchanted item and not have it be expected.
No. 576281 ID: 6b5044

Don't forget to head to the Companions Guild as we said we would inform them of what happened when we were finished with the jarl.
No. 576282 ID: 2bfcdf

We need to stop by the bank of whiterun and turn in that note. Maybe turn some of the gold into smaller notes so we can't be robbed as easily.
No. 576351 ID: fee736

>After a little haggling you manage to purchase three soulgems for 95 gold and enquirer about the Bound weapon spell book.

>Items gained
Bound weapon x 1
Soul gem x 2

Typo Detected: Did we buy 2 or 3 petty soul gems? Given the original pre-haggle price of 34 each (ie, 68 for 2, 102 for 3) I assume it should be 3?
No. 576440 ID: 922e78

3, you managed to knock him down in price a little.
No. 576854 ID: cae5f0

The companions hall. Perhaps we don't have to visit alone, then.
No. 576856 ID: 31910e
File 140173583297.png - (3.72MB , 818x2265 , bar.png )

You make your first stop at the bank and make a few exchanges, ending up with 500 gold in pocket and a note for 1500, as you wait for the cashier to count everything up you find yourself thinking about the notes and how they work.

Its actualy quite simple for the most part, you pay a sum of money at one bank and they write up the note and sign it, it then gets ripped in half and the half containing the signatures get's copied and sent ahead to your destination, when you arrive you present your half and sign a form, they compare the tear and signatures and hand over the cash, after that your not really sure what happanes.
You assume cash must move between the banks at some point, or maybe they have there own notes.. hell maybe its all based on simple word of mouth and might collapse at any second, who can say..

Having retrieved your money you head to the tavern for some food, the inside is dark, the last embers of the nights fire doing little to dispel the gloom, but the chatter of voices and the smell of fresh food gives it a homely feel.

You seat yourself at a free table and begin to sort your possessions for the journey ahead, ordering a simple portion of steak, bread and butter from the Redguard waitress when she pauses at the table on her way to the kitchen.

As you chew your you take your supplies into account and ponder if they are all you will need for your Dungeon diving escapades.

You have.

Nordic bow x1
Steel Arrow x 200
Hunting knife x 1
Steel dagger x 1
Soul gem (Petty) x 3
Steel axe x 1
Bound weapon tome x 1
Promissory note (1500 septims) x 1
Clothing, Vest and leggings x 1
Light leather armor, full set (minus helm)x1
Light sandal's x 1 pair
Gold x 513
Prayer book of Dibella Well worn) x 1
Diary (Very well worn) x 1
Shawl x 1
And last but not least your Amulet of Dibella (One of)
No. 576862 ID: 2bfcdf

Yeah I think we're set. Unless you want torches instead of night vision?

Oh wait! We need healing potions.
No. 576883 ID: ca0da5

Yeah, that's a good point. Make a trip to Arcadia's Cauldron and see about healing potions, and then check in at the Companion's hall. You still owe them an explanation.
No. 576932 ID: c7a241

Hey, we have a hunting knife (a tool) and a dagger (a weapon). Now that's preparedness I approve of.

Yup. Never head out into the unknown without potions if you can help it. And you have a conversation to follow up on.
No. 577102 ID: d0864b

Potions seem like a good idea. If you don't think it would be too heavy you might also consider a mortar or something and maybe a "alchemy basics" book. That way you could make your own in a pinch.

Speaking of pinches, how about some salt and spices. You don't seem to be carrying any food, so I'm assuming you plan to hunt and salt and stuff could really improve a meal of rabbit or deer. (If you don't, get some provisions, obviously). Some extra provisions might be a good idea regardless. Apples, cheese and dried meat for instance.

After shopping we should visit the Companions, since we said we would.
No. 578205 ID: b4e344
File 140252833953.png - (1.24MB , 830x624 , potion.png )

You head over to the potion shop and head in. A cosy little store, the imperial lady running it pleasant and open for trade (Although the twenty six attempts to convince you you need ataxia cures where a little grating)

You purchase three minor healing potions for 150 Septims, a magicka potion for 60 and a garlic bulb for 3. While it may seem like a odd thing to carry around experience has taut you that garlic is the most useful of all foodstuff's, add it to the juice of meat for instant sauce, spice up bland meat or vegetables ect ect.

Minor healing x 3
Minor magicka x 1
Garlic bulb x 1

Septim's x 213
No. 578209 ID: b4e344
File 140252871194.png - (1.11MB , 823x581 , fight.png )

After you store away your potions you head up to the companions hall, although you think it might be some kind of upturned boat, which is impressive as your some distance from the ocean.

As you enter you see the Companions crowded around and cheering something, it looks like you arrived in time for a celebration.
No. 578210 ID: b4e344
File 140252875339.png - (1.01MB , 823x537 , fight2.png )

..Or just in time to see a dark elf punch a woman in the face.. apparently..
No. 578211 ID: 53ba34

wait till the fight is done.
No. 578212 ID: b4e344

[[[also im more then a little Giddy that i have a icon now XD ]]]]
No. 578214 ID: e1609c

glad you dig it, hombre
if nobody's watching, practice some pickpocketing on the crowd. Gotta build up that thievery, after all! dont actually steal anything though, just see about leaving rocks in pockets. The important bit is getting things into pockets, IE lit matches or small bombs
No. 578258 ID: ca0da5

Nah, let's not disrespect these guys. I mean look at how lighthearted they take combat, if you piss them off you'd have a REAL fight on your hands... And your hands alone to defend against it!

Don't interrupt the fight, if it were something hindering the companions they'd have stopped it themselves.
No. 578261 ID: 88960e

We'll, it looks like an arranged fight. Best not to interfere.

No, that's a terrible idea. Gwen had zero practice doing that, and getting caught attempting to steal in a room of amped up fighters would end terribly. Besides, we're here to talk to someone.
No. 578296 ID: 410c24

Look around. People are up and paying attention to the fight, not to you. Meaning you're free to survey who's here, and who (if anyone) isn't watching the fight and has noticed your entry.

Situational awareness and social / personal awareness. Fits pretty solidly with both our thief background and all the people skill training.
No. 578352 ID: ac14c0

Man. This place might be a bit too full of testosterone for an archer/thief/mage.
No. 578356 ID: ca0da5

Well, we aren't exactly joining them (Though, they did seem impressed with Gwen's archery skills), we're just here to speak with Aela.

...That being said, if she tries to recommend you join again, let her know that you aren't exactly a close combat fighter, and even if you were, you're on your own mission to Makarth, with a quick detour to Riverwood to help ready the Jarl and his men in case the dragon wasn't just a one-off thing.
No. 578550 ID: fee736

Nothing wrong with a good fight; it's certainly good to know how to handle yourself up close. We might favour spell and bow, but numbers, terrain, speed, or shield and armour, can let a foe close. And magicka depletes, and can be resisted or warded against.

Melee might be our least favourite form of combat, but it's not one we should neglect. And atleast some of them seem to respect a skilled archer as a warrior.

Let's take this opportunity to see what we figure out of these guys and maybe stop the one we spoke to earlier; if they're Skyrim's version of the fighter's guild, we could easily have future run-ins with them, and it certainly wouldn't hurt to make friends; maybe swap techniques or pick up a lession to round out our skills, trade stories and advice or tips, maybe even help each other out with the odd job.

We *are* an adventurer, afterall; even if we don't intend to do alot of fightery stuff, it might be worth looking into joining. If there aren't really any obligations, to hang around and do stuff, it could be worth it; free bed and food and roof, and since we plan on living here, friends to watch our back if things go bad or we piss someone off.

Heck, maybe we'd even find someone who wants to join our mission to the barrow? Carve our way through undead, loot ancient treasure and retrieve an artifact to combat the return of the dragons? That could be worth a song or two, and these old tombs usually have their share of coin.

Also, no pickpocketing. Sticking your hang in the pocket of a stranger is a good way to lose it, especially when you aren't actually skilled at that art.
No. 578559 ID: ca0da5

Hmm, good point. I suppose that if it is brought up that you should join, you could mention that the most you'd be able to do is probably work in Markarth, once you finish up at the Barrows, maybe they'll look into seeing what would be available there and send a courier to let you know of anything that needs your intervention for a speedy resolution, unless of course they happen to have a branch out there already, like how the Fighter's guild would usually crop up in all the major cities.
saged because edited post
No. 578640 ID: fee736

Maybe, but it's not just about Markarth; we're probably going to be staying in Skyrim long term, if not the rest of our life. Our pilgramage to the temple there (and Solitude before that to make sure our friend is ok) is only a short to medium term goal, after which, well, who knows where the gods will take us?

Whiterun is rather centerally located; if we continue to travel, we'll probably pass through here regularly. So even if the Companions don't have branches anywhere else, it's not a major issue, especially given the Nords' reputation for being far more relaxed and laid back about rules and schedules and such than Imperials holds true. And given you just walked in off the street and spoke to the local Jarl, there's probably some truth to it.
No. 579163 ID: b7018c
File 140313275558.png - (2.32MB , 838x1169 , comp3.png )

You watch the fighters as they move back towards the rear of the building, from the reaction of the crowd you think its safe to assume that this is a common occurrence here.
You cant help but notice that the people here seem be the jobbing barbarian type, all muscles and leather, you wonder if they would accept someone more focused on sneaking and archery. Despite the macho posturing you cant help but feel welcomed here, the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

You also notice that they pay little attention to there valuables, with many a purse simply lying around, you cant help but feel like by noticing that your somehow living up to the negative stereotypes associated with your race..

Looking away from the mone..Fight.. from the fight you notice Aela at the other end of the table relax... is she eating a entire cheese wheel like its a apple?
No. 579174 ID: ca0da5

>is she eating a entire cheese wheel like its a apple?
Well, they are fairly active, it's not hard to imagine they've got a quicker metabolism than most people. Go say hi, maybe gesture at the fight with a comment of "Common?" if you're really curious. Otherwise, just say hi and let her go on her own spiel.
No. 579176 ID: 88960e

>all barbarian types, all muscles and leather
The obvious question here is if that's your thing. Or one of them, at least. :v

>living up to the negative stereotypes associated with your race
And class. Still, being tactically aware is different from taking advantage of it.

We'll, go talk to her!
No. 579191 ID: 53ba34

that's clearly a potion of fire resistance. haven't you ever combined a cheese wedge and a wheel with a wedge missing?
No. 579237 ID: 9ddf68

>notice that they pay little attention to there valuables
>notice Aela at the other end of the table relax

Don't be surprise if she's watching you, and getting caught in a room full of barbarian types for steal sounds like a really bad idea... At least when all of them are in the same room as you.

Anyways you might as well see how she's doing, and keep an eye on the fight, if they were kind enough to give you a show you might as well see how it ends.
No. 579276 ID: fee736

Just remember, looking like a brutish, muscle-headed barbarian doesn't mean tha someone is any of those things. Speed, smarts, and a keen eye are just as important in melee as anywhere else.

Doesn't mean some won't live up to the reputation, but those kinds of assumptions are still dangerous(atleast when dealing with potential enemies, which, I should hope, we don't hazard these fellows becoming, as much as some of the other voices might want to swipe their stuff) and, just as importantly, rather rude.

Besides, Aela herself was kitted out as an archer when you first met, and introduced herself as 'the Huntress'. This speaks of a similar skillset to your own; archery, stealth, patience, a keen eye and attention to detail.
No. 579325 ID: 50338d

>We'll, go talk to her!
Dangit, phone, why do you keep auto-correcting "well" to "we'll". Well is a word.
No. 584516 ID: e94a06
File 140564103560.png - (3.74MB , 824x2254 , dov1.png )

As you head over to Aela you remember that she was wielding a bow when they fought the giant, so they might welcome you after all should you decide to enlist.

"Well hello there! decided to join us at last? or is this a social visit?"
"Social, for now." You gesture at the fight behind you. "This a common occurrence?"
"Who them?" You both look over at the fighters. "Ah there just sweet on each other, its sweet actually. So, will you be 'Filling me in' or will you keep up the mysterious stranger act?"

You proceed to tell her everything, from the dragons appearance, your escape from helgen and the court wizards request, she dosent really speak as you talk, simply staring off into the distance as she chews.

As you finish she turns to you, putting the cheese down with a grim expression "This is grave news friend, ill need to consult with the Harbinger on what to do about it. If your willing to wait ill be able to show you a path that leads to the barrow and avoids most of the dangers on the way, if not i wish you luck and health and id advise you visit Eorlund Gray-Mane in the sky forge out back, hes the finest smith in all of skyrim, he'll set you up with some proper armor."

With that she turns and quickly heads down a flight of stairs at the back of the room, you are left alone for a moment wondering what to do..
No. 584542 ID: bb78f2

We... we're going to take the BACK entrance to the barrow?

Well alright then, solves a lot of bullshit.
I guess go talk to Grey-Mane. Get yourself a nice skyforge dagger.
No. 584544 ID: 9ddf68

well if we're going to be waiting for the Aela might as well watch the rest of the fight.

But yeah things to do, see if gray mane has anything that you could use, see how long you'll be waiting here, prepare for the trip by buying some food... unless you're up for some hunting or fishing? Probably other things we could buy as well but not really sure what at the moment.
No. 584554 ID: 22d852

>[they're] just sweet on each other
Rather different than the courtship rituals you're familiar with, but I guess it's a way of getting physical?

>If [you're] willing to wait [I'll] be able to show you a path that leads to the barrow and avoids most of the dangers on the way
Sounds like an offer you should accept. Both the intelligence she's offering and another body along for the mission greatly decrease the risk. (Plus, hey, you never know what'll happen around a campfire).

>some proper armor
Hmm. We're kind of a sneak and evade type more than a tank, I'd think. So heavy armor's out. Although we might be able to get something better than we have that still fits our modus operandi. Not sure if we can afford a full suit of armor right now though, light or not.

>Get yourself a nice skyforge dagger.
We're already carrying a dagger, a knife, and a hatchet. I'm not sure another small blade is really the best place to spend our limited resources.
No. 584555 ID: 53ba34

we have an okay dagger, a SKYFORGE dagger is BETTER dagger.
be like, would you rather have a knife made of regular iron, or STEEL.
No. 584556 ID: 22d852

The question is, would I rather have a steel dagger than other things, when we already have an iron dagger.

There's all kinds of things we could invest our funds in. Marginally improving or replacing an option we already have (especially when it's not even our first or second line of attack) doesn't sound like a good investment to me at this point.
No. 584566 ID: 879a42

RATIONS. The barrow isn't exactly far but it isn't a ten minute walk either, nor do we know how deep the barrows go. We need food and water for something to eat at some point in all this. Also tinker with your bound weapon time and get it to work.
No. 584571 ID: bb78f2

I guess we can just get a skyforge sword then.
We're just not going to be as quick with it. Maybe a regular light shield too?
There's no skyforge bow, mace for armored guys, or spells so what's even the point of going to Eurland at all unless we want smithing training that he'd only offer to companions? I think our bow's better than skyforge steel or even skyforge steal though in tier.

That is unless he actually will be making skyforge those things. Then a skyforge mace would be pretty handy for those armored types.
No. 584578 ID: d8a627

What makes you say there is no skyforge version of ranger equipment? There could be skyforge steel studding, for all we know, making a good light armor. Of course, requesting anything major would probably require paying, but it must be possible.
Don't let the game guide your senses too much. A back way to the Barrows, Bound Weapon that basically just summons a Daedra to be whatever weapon you want, the quest is going to have its own little things.
No. 584590 ID: 2fd516

Studded leather is a myth. It does not actually offer more protection- perhaps even less.
No. 584639 ID: d8a627

I thought it was leather with some strips of metal sewn in in spots, which prevents enemies from piercing it as easily. It is like padded cloth, only instead of being clothing with leather, it's leather with metal.
Yeah, anybody who has good aim and can see where the metal is can pierce anyways, but it's meant to absorb longer/larger blows, not narrow stabs.
No. 586462 ID: 973a88
File 140659273610.png - (3.15MB , 825x1721 , kittyforge2.png )

While everyone is busy with there own things, you decide to stock up a little on food, nothing major, just a few slices of pork, some loafs of bread and a sweet cake. As you do you observe the fight going on, if that is a typical of nord romance then their courtship is far different then that employed in the imperial city..

"You punched me in the Tit!"

...ok maybe not that different..

Heading outside you try to locate the Skyforge, while you were'nt given directions you think the giant bird statue lit by fire is probably a safe bet.
Heading up the stairs you find Eorlund sharpening a sword on a grindstone, he has the look that nords get when they reach a certain age, Sun baked skin like tough old leather and a look in the eyes that speaks of a total lack of fear.

You introduce yourself, telling him that Aela told you to head to him for weapons, he says that while he provides services to the Companions for next to nothing, you will have to pay full price for the items he has on offer.

For now you decide to concentrate on his Armorstock, as you feel more then well armed for the trial ahead.

Eorlund has for sale

(All armor superior to your current armor)

Leather boots and braces 78 gold each
Leather Armor 250
Steel armor 450
Steel greaves 400
Steel boots 171
Steel Gauntlets 171
Steel Helmet 370

What, if anything, takes your fancy?
No. 586464 ID: bb78f2

Full leather please
No. 586465 ID: 2fd516

Splurge on a full set of leather. We can afford it.
No. 586472 ID: 53ba34

check how clanky the boots are, if they can move without much noise then they would be nice, a steel clad foot is way better at kicking.
No. 586556 ID: f839a9

>Companions for next to nothing
Pff. They're pushing that membership deal hard.

Yeah, go for some leather.
No. 586570 ID: 07463b

Does the leather armour come with a helmet?
No. 587814 ID: 7534bb
File 140709802468.png - (2.46MB , 806x1713 , kittyforge3.png )

You haggle a little before shelling out 320 septims for a set of leather armor and bracers.

You take the new armor and head behind the wooden post thingy, it might be part of the bellows your not sure, and change into the new armor, stuffing your old equipment into your pack for later.

The new armor feels good on you, however since its made for nord's it fits a little oddly, what is supposed to be a small kilt is a full blown skirt on you, and the chest armor is a little tight even at its loosest, but frankly everything is a little tight on you..

You give the steel boots a once over wondering whether to buy them, instead of full boots they seem to be a steel plate strapped over a leather boot, not quite the same protection as full plate but useful none the less.

As you ponder you hear Aela's voice over the lip of the hill

"Lass, you up there?"
"Im here."
"Were heading out, if your ready well show you the short cut to Bleak falls as we go, if not you'll have to take the long way"
No. 587815 ID: 2fd516

Let's take the shortcut. Fuck going through that entire dungeon yet again.
No. 587816 ID: f839a9

>fit of the armor
Well, we could always see about doing some small touch ups, later.

>if [you're] ready [we'll] show you the short cut
Yes, I'm ready, thank you.

Of wow, she brought a whole group. More backup than we were expecting. See about introductions.
No. 587817 ID: bb78f2

Ask if she's heading out with the entire crew to investigate helgen and hopefully fight a dragon, since Helgen's in that direction and it sounds like they're just gonna show you and drop you off.
No. 587821 ID: 2fd516

Oh and buy the steel boots if you think they won't make sneaking harder, and you feel as though you can wear them properly (how the hell does armor proficiency work here anyway?)
No. 587980 ID: 879a42

Screw the steel boots, we want full leather and light armor training. Let's not be stupid with her because if we messher growth up or make too many wrong moves in combat we are done, no loading saves. Let's just focus on an offensive thief/mage. (My opinion anyway)
No. 588594 ID: 53817e
File 140744026656.png - (4.85MB , 824x2817 , dungeon.png )

You decide to lave the boots for now, entering a combat situation is no time to be getting comfortable with new armor style's.

You follow the group as they head out of the city, heading right towards the mountains. As you get closer you can see the shape of the barrow peaking out of the mist on the peak.

As you get closer the group breaks into a brisk jogging speed, moving quickly past a small giant encampment, unlike the previous encounter with them the giant guarding the path barely moves to look at you as you pass, fixing you with a odd stare that follows you as you head up the pass.

As you get higher the snow starts to pile up around you, you give brief internal thanks to The Lady for blessing you with snuggly warm fur, Goddess knows how that dark elf isn't frozen solid right now..

After a while you crest the mountain near the Barrow, the wind howling round it scatter snow into the air, it is the very definition of sinister..
You turn to tell this to Aela but she and the others are already half way down the other side of the path.

"Hey! You arnet coming in with me?"

Aela turns and smirks at you.

"Lass if you cant handle a few bandits and Draugher then your better of heading back to cyradil."

With that she and the others head off down the path towards riverwood leaving you alone in the cold.

After a moments contemplation you head over to the ruins and find a vantage point, fortunately the place is littered with fallen arches and blocks and you soon find a nice place close to the entrance. From here you can see that there are indeed bandits squatting within the ruins, so this may be a little trickier then you thought, you need to think about how your going to do this..

Will you..
- Go in all out barbarian style?
- Go in sneaky assasin style?
- Go in magic Blazing?
No. 588595 ID: dc4b80

Sneaky assassin unless you get caught then switch over to wild stabbing and burning.

If you just run in wildly everyone will get alerted and you will have to face more people at once. But if you can sneak around and pick people off one at a time it makes things easier.
No. 588596 ID: bb78f2

No. 588597 ID: 2fd516

Sneak, you sneaky sneak.
No. 588598 ID: 51d9ee

sneaky assassin thief catgirl style!
No. 588600 ID: 3f0c1b

You are no hard hitting barbarian and magic blazing is a plan b kind of plan, first let's try sneaky sneak.

And if that doesn't work, fire and explosions is a pretty good plan b.
No. 588666 ID: a19cbe

>Lass if you cant handle a few bandits and Draugher then your better of heading back to cyradil
Well she's not wrong, but by that logic we hardly needed an escort of that size for the trip, either.

>what do
Sneak. You're a thief and a cat, primarily. You main weapon lets you snipe undetected. Sneaking is good.

Magic blasting is plan b, when sneaking is fucked, and you can't use your bow effectively. Barbarian style is for when you're completely desperate and can't even blow things up anymore.
No. 588670 ID: 879a42

Sneak. I think that daggers, bows, and destruction magic when in open combat with conjuration and illusion for support with a sneak character would be very smart for her. Bows are included because the are reliable when no magic and they are SILENT. Let's snipe these fucks, 360 bowscope.
No. 590307 ID: a5b885
File 140857027884.png - (1.83MB , 825x1134 , kittydungeon.png )

You take careful aim with your bow, praying that the lady guides your arrow true and clean. not even bandits deserve the slow painful death of a badly aimed arrow..

Choosing your target you let the arrow fly.

No. 590308 ID: a5b885
File 140857070542.png - (3.79MB , 819x2265 , kittydungeon2.png )

Deep within the barrow, two bandits discuss the disappearance of one of their fellows.

"He's been gone a long time.. you think hes ok?"
"Feh, if that idiot wants to run on ahead then he'll just have to take whats coming to him, i bet he's Gaak!"
"hes whaUGHK!"

Perfect head shots, your the sneakiest of sneaks, kinda wish there was a specific word for sneaky person beside assassin, sneakelea? sneaster? those dont quite live up too your masterful sneakehey whats that creaking sound?

Oh thats what..
No. 590310 ID: a5b885
File 140857134443.png - (1.01MB , 830x581 , kittydungeon4.png )

Once you clamber out of the broken stair's and pick the splinters out of your butt, you head down the corridor and find it ends at a small doorway covered in somekind of thin gossemer webbing, natural light streams weakly through the door as well as a stiff breeze, you cant hear movement, but something obviously tore the webbing to get through.. you need to think about how to handle this.
No. 590315 ID: dc4b80

Better be prepared for spiders big and small. I would have a torch or some magic fire ready in case you need to set any webs on fire. Lowers your sneakiness a bit but if you are not good with spiders normal or abnormal size its best to be prepared.

Also the bow is great for ranged combat but if you are going into tight corridors I would switch over to melee weapons.
No. 590317 ID: d8a627

Did one of them get deleted?
Spiders? SPIDERS?! You can't shoot spiders they're to sneaky to sneakify them to death! Ready your dagger and some fire. Dagger for if they get up in your face and fire for a little bit of a distance.

Wait, we never did get a list of any magic that Gwen knows, did we? Does she know a starter fire spell?
No. 590322 ID: 88960e

Sniper? Or really, infiltrator might be a more appropriate title.

Big problem is the webs carry vibrations, so stealth is gonna work less well.
No. 590324 ID: bb78f2

I think thick applications of fire are necessary.
Napalm that shit. Also get a melee weapon out for wacking.
No. 590327 ID: 2fd516

Get your fire ready and peek around the corner.
No. 590331 ID: a5b885

>Well she's not wrong, but by that logic we hardly needed an escort of that size for the trip, either.

They where heading to Helgen, its just riverden and the barrow is on the way so they thoughy theyd show gwen the route.

>Did one of them get deleted?

Nope thats just the way there numbered and edited on my pc.]]]
No. 590349 ID: d8a627

Oh, right, yeah, fire is go
No. 590411 ID: 3f0c1b

Not more of those giant frost spiders! Why can't Skyrim have small and friendly spiders instead of giant monstrosities that has to be KILLED BY FIRE!?

So yeah, all bets are off, burn it down, burn it all down!
No. 590412 ID: b651f5

I don't suppose we can set the webs on fire from here and then stand back to shoot what crawls out?
No. 590415 ID: 9ddf68

remember the last time you fight spiders, fire works really well.
No. 590446 ID: 879a42

Prepare fire spell. Also with this much webbing its probably HUGE, so you might want to take advantage of your surroundings idk.... maybe a big spider might not fit through the doorway, so maybe pop in and outta that....thoughts in case of a fight.
No. 590455 ID: 487455

Actually, looking closely, I think I see a broken web barrier, but none on the walls or floors of the passage. So we might be able to sneak closer without stealth being blown if we're careful. ...unless something is crouching right there behind the torn web barrier.

But generally being ready to shoot or explode something as necessary seems prudent.
No. 593139 ID: 8d380e
File 141013059910.png - (1.83MB , 820x1132 , kittydun1.png )

You ready your spells and carefully peek around the corner, you can see that there is a lively spider infestation in this cave, but you dont see any of them right noBY THE LADIES SACRED ARSE THATS A BIG SPIDER!
No. 593140 ID: 8d380e
File 141013084429.png - (2.04MB , 831x1139 , kittydungeon7.png )

You decide there's a time and a place for subtly, and such a place is not when your faced with a spider almost twice your height.

As it moves around you, looking for a strike point you hit it full in the face with a double blast of Fire, enraged the beast dives at you as you scramble back through the door.

The narrow door slows the thing down somewhat as it forces its way through allowing you to pour more fire onto it, unfortunately as you do so you magicka runs out and the flame gutters and dies.
No. 593141 ID: bb78f2

Now Switch to your blade and git in there!
Attack those teeth so it can't poison you!
No. 593142 ID: 8d380e
File 141013114153.png - (2.16MB , 823x1131 , kittydungeon6.png )

You turn and run back up the corridor as fast as you can, vaulting over the table and turning to face the burning spider as it charges towards you, hoping your magic returns before it hits you.

As the spider leaps you throw all your power into a final blast right down its throat, blowing it apart in a bright plume of flame and giblets.
No. 593143 ID: 8d380e
File 141013141838.png - (777.85KB , 829x571 , kittychat.png )

[should have put the number thing up my bad =3= Final page]

Once youve picked the worst of the giblets from your hair you head back to the cave, at the far end you find a dunmer wrapped up in silk but other wise perfectly alive

"You killed it!? Oh thank Arkay. now cut me down before anything Worse comes along!"
No. 593150 ID: 53ba34

don't see why not, while cutting ask what's his deal being here.
No. 593154 ID: bb78f2

Yeah, okay.

Pick his pocket first, girl. He's probably a bandit. Don't want him pulling a bow or dagger on you in the last second.
No. 593155 ID: 1f2a28

First practice pickpocketing! It's a good time to try it out as any, and on an easy target. After cutting him down you can probably just give him his stuff back, with the itch scratched.
No. 593169 ID: 879a42

This guy is a scumbag. He will kill you if he gets the chance, so why don't you get some info and maybe pick his pockets, then just stick a blade in him.
No. 593172 ID: 8b533b

Spiders. Why is it always giant spiders. You're gonna develop a phobia, at this rate.

>practice pickpocketing
Pointless. His pockets are covered in web, and you can't exactly practice not being noticed when you're literally the only thing for him to pay attention to.

>Thank Arkay
Oh, hey, someone else religious. Although, death god. Kind of creepy.

>now cut me down before anything Worse comes along!
...ask him if he was traveling with anyone else before you cut him down. On the surface, it sounds like you're just asking if there's anyone else to help. What we really want to know though is if he was with those bandits you killed on the way in. If so, he might become a problem if you cut him down.

Although no one really deserves to be left for dead in a spider's web.
No. 593173 ID: 2fd516

Ask him why he thinks you're not that worse thing. I mean, you did just kill the spider, doesn't that make you worse?

Before you cut him down, ask what he was doing here.
No. 593238 ID: 9ddf68

so... what's your story then?
No. 593284 ID: 2f4b71

>now cut me down before anything Worse comes along
"There's WORSE?!"
No. 593309 ID: 3f0c1b

Ask what you get in return for helping him, you will help him either way but might as well get paid for the effort.
No. 593491 ID: fee736

Ask him what he's doing down here and if he doesn't give an honest-seeming answer, why you should let him go?

Given what he heard from the bandits before silencing them, this is probably their buddy that ran off ahead. Expect him to betray us if he can get smething out of it.

Actually we could just kill him, as it's evidently ok to kill suspected bandits, but he might have useful information.
No. 594889 ID: 61a2e6
File 141121643834.png - (1.50MB , 749x1125 , kittycut.png )

You start cutting at the webbing around the dark elf, taking your time however as you want to make sure that he wont immediately stab you once freed.

"So do you often find yourself trapped in web's in a bandit infested ruin?"

"Im a treasure hunter, i managed to convince those cretins to let me into their gang so i could have unrestricted access to the tombs, the fools dont even realize there sitting right on top of one of the ancient nords most important sites! You get me out of here and ill gladly share the treasure with you, after all i do owe you my life."

As he talks you try and have a good rummage in his pockets to see what you can find. Unfortunately there too tightly bound in webbing to allow you access to the contents and all you can do is paw at them sligtly. However you do feel something heavy and spikey in his front pocket, its either some kind of club or paw made of heavy metal or you have been drastically misinformed about dark elf biology..
No. 594890 ID: 61a2e6
File 141121702239.png - (2.79MB , 815x1683 , kittycut2.png )


You cant help but feel a little guilty about your attempted burglary, partially because you feel your ancestors would be disappointed in you less then stellar pick pocketing, but mostly you feel that you have let the Lady Dibella down with your actions.. you think.. well. its not like theres anything in the scripture that explicitly states that theft is wrong, but it is implied..kinda..maybe?

While disctracted by this theological musing you quite fail to notice you have sawn through the main support threaad for the webbing, and the whole thing unravels so fast it practicaly explodes, showring you with threads and catapulting the dark elf to freedom.

As you struggle to pull the web from you face you hear the drak elf yelling as he runs into the distance.

"HAHAHAA! FOOL! why would i share it! ITS MINE! MIIINE!!"

By the time you regain your sight, the elf is gone, disappeared into the tunnel behind the webbing..
No. 594891 ID: d90668

I think you just discovered how this idiot got stuck in the first place.

Stealthily sneak after him. He should be making enough noise to have anything else that might be down here chasing him shortly.
No. 594892 ID: bb78f2

Your ancestors aren't disappointing because your a damn good shot with a bow and they would know that's way more cool and awesome than pickpocketing. They might suggest to get better still, though.
Diblla's probably fine with this, you were mostly making sure this guy was unarmed. You weren't going to take any gold.
Plus, he's a dick if it isn't so clear. Dibella's fine, girl. You got to practice to get perfect, she'd know that, and pickpocketing is a useful life skill, with all sorts of diblellan-esqe benefits, if you get what I mean?

Tell the fool to stop running, he's going to trigger a trap and get himself killed. Or swarmed by draugr by waking up every single one in the damn place.
No. 594899 ID: 8b533b

Get your face clear, before you get surprised by another monster, or your breathing is impaired.

And forget that idiot. He's either gonna get away with his piece of loot, or he's going to run right into the next trap. And we're only here for one specific thing, anyways. So long as he didn't make off with the object you were sent to retrieve, we don't care. Let him keep his treasure.

And if he did take what you were sent to retrieve? We'll just track him.

>beard with boobs
Funny, you never mentioned dwarvish blood in your ancestry!
No. 594902 ID: d8a627

Does even your bearded ancestor have boobs? Being well endowed must seriously run in the family...

Well, you only really came here for the dragon tablet thing, so follow the guy, carefully and quietly.
No. 594907 ID: 879a42

Sneak behind him, if he runs through like a madman, any draugr in this more resting place will just chase him down. From a sneaking position you might want to pick some off with your bow, if you have the chance.
No. 594913 ID: 2fd516

Stalk him.
No. 594918 ID: 8b533b

>mostly you feel that you have let the Lady Dibella down with your actions..
Well, uh, you resisted temptation, right? Or at least you didn't carry though. That counts, even if you had the thought.
No. 594970 ID: 53ba34

the fact he did betray you probably means it was justified paranoia. probably a 6th sense situation.
No. 595039 ID: 3f0c1b

Killing him with fire would be the correct cause of action... but being a dunmer you are better off just shooting him with your bow.

Now after that ungrateful idiot.
No. 595086 ID: 1f2a28

Shouting morons; the ablative armor of the canny adventurer.

Possibly providing sniper support while he runs like a moron will allow for greater survivability for both of you? Odds are the first puzzle he gets stuck anyway.
No. 595100 ID: e3aff6

Yep; an idiot like that won't make it very far. Try and follow close enough that you can see what traps he springs while staying far enough to not get hit by them yourself.
No. 595107 ID: 9ddf68

I'm not to worried about him, seeing as he has a tendency to attract hungry denizens of the crypt we'll probably come across from him again when something else is trying to eat him.

Also I don't really think Dibella gives a damn about stealing things as long as you're not stealing them from her, If I recall correctly that's the god of hard work that cares if you steal to make a living.
No. 595776 ID: 07ff88
File 141166251914.png - (3.24MB , 818x1676 , dungeondedfuntimes.png )

You follow the path the dunmer took in a half crouch, moving as stealthily as you can, theres something about this area that gives you a very bad feeling, its not just the rows of corpses or the torch that is somehow lit despite however many eons of neglect, theres something else down here with you..

rounding a corner as quietly as you can you come face to face with a grizzly scene, the Dunmer lies dead at the feet of a strange creature, he is..not all there.., what ever that creature is it hasn't have noticed you yet, you need ot decide what to do before it turns around..
No. 595780 ID: 8b533b

Mutter a prayer for the the idiot who rushed into that thing's blade.

Normally, I would suggest sniping it, but I'm not sure how well that would work on something undead. No vital organs to put a hole in, really. Unless there's some important part (The brain? The heart? A core?) we could target.

Not that you want to get close enough to chop it up, either. You're not trained so much as a melee fighter, and that thing's got a lot of reach.

Best option would really be just to immolate it, but you rather literally burned though your magical reserves killing that spider.

...I suppose if it doesn't notice you, we could just sneak around it.
No. 595781 ID: 3f0c1b

There is just one proper way to deal with things like this, draw your bow and aim for a headshot.
No. 595790 ID: 9ddf68

well time to blow the dust off your old bow and take out a few undead, just like you did when you took out those vampires, speaking of which, try not to get bitten this time around.
No. 595794 ID: 2fd516

You know, I kinda want to try something different. He's facing away. Try sneaking up for a melee sneak attack.
No. 595796 ID: bb78f2

(He always just ran into the spike trap on my runs if I didn't chop him into bits first, didn't know the draugr would actually be able to fuck up a guy running that fast)

Hit it with your bow?
No. 595835 ID: 879a42

Cast muffle, then sneaky assassin stab! Go ahead and just stab more if it lives through the first stab.
No. 596206 ID: fee736

You're a skilled archer and quite stealthy, it has a melee weapon and doesn't know you're there.

Break out the bow and nail it somewhere it ought to have vital bits; melee plays to it's strengths if the first hit doesn't take it out, and there might be more of them, so best to keep your distance and avenue of retreat open.
No. 596527 ID: 627265
File 141210636375.png - (2.24MB , 820x1131 , notded.png )

You Easily place a arrow through the back of the things head, dropping it to the floor swiftly, its sword clanging loudly on the floor as it lands.

As the sound echoes away into the dark, you give a brief prayer that the lady shepherds the soul of the dark elf to his ancestors, Dibella knows he'd probably get lost without some one to guide him.

Just as the prayer leaves your lips you hear a dry, creaking noise behind you, followed by the clicking of dry joints and the wheezing of ancient lungs as the Draugher pull them selves from there slabs.
No. 596528 ID: 9ddf68

Arrows, Arrows for everyone and for those who get close,
Fire, Fire everywhere.
No. 596529 ID: 88960e

Turn and shoot. You can nail at least one before they climb out of their crypt.

Continue to fight at range until you're forced to use your axe or flame (although you may be out of mana).
No. 596537 ID: 2fd516

You need to change position, get to a choke point so they can't surround you.

Take a few of them out before they've fully righted themselves. Attacks of opportunity can turn the tide.
No. 596588 ID: 879a42

Identify the draugr that are armored in their tombs from now on, the ones that are dressed for war are almost always the ones that rise to fight intruders. If you aren't very recent at melee then snipe them while they rise to fight you, and if they get close DESTRUCTION FIRE.
No. 596648 ID: fee736

Take out those you can before they get up, especially the one with the big two-handed axe. Avoid melee if you can, and remember you should be faster(but not neccessarily, don't bet your life on it, and remember even slow opponents can sometimes sprint or dash) so you might be able to use the columns supporting the roof to out maneuver them if they're not smart about it. Whatever you do, don't let them flank you or pin you in a corner if you can help it.

Also, don't go rushing deeper into the tomb carelessly - in addition to the risk of waking more of the restless dead or running into the sword of a wakeful sentry, these places generally have more than their fair share of traps - but, if you *DO* spot one you might be able to use it to your advantage; pressure plates and trip wires can be triggered by arrow-shot from a distance, even if these zombies don't blunder into them.

And in the future, corpses just laying in the open in these places with weapons and/or armour get a precautionary arrow, fireball, or stab in the face to make sure they don't get up behind you.
No. 596735 ID: 1f2a28

This is a bit too early, but do remember to check the guy's body for a journal or something in case he has family you might want to inform about the death by walking corpse.
No. 597716 ID: b9d767

Don't go charging right in, back up so you are partially in darkness or partially covered. Then proceed to put an arrow in each one of those things.
No. 597918 ID: 890dfb

Fire, in the face. These guys are undead, you've heard they're weak to fire, and lighting your enemies on fire hasn't failed you yet.
No. 599112 ID: ff07f5
File 141394073328.png - (5.20MB , 814x2846 , kittybleak.png )

Keeping calm, you turn and start putting arrows into the Draugher, There tough but they are not indestructible. In fact it seems that there somewhat disorientated, as if what ever power animates them is still trying to get its bearings, you take full advantage of that and put them all down swiftly, the last one lunging at you only to receive a final arrow right through the skull.

Once your sure the draugher are truly dead you attend to the corpse..the fresher corpse that is... Your not a priest of Arkay but you do what you can for him, even if he was a fool he deserves something. As you arrange him into a more dignified position you take the opportunity to search him for clues as to what exactly he was doing down here.

A quick search of the pack reveals a small journal and a large, gold covered claw, the journal is full of paranoid rambling, but you manage to piece together the fact that the claw is some sort of key to unlocking the inner sanctum of the barrow. Pocketing it you move towards the passage at the back of the room, peering down into the dark you can hear the clattering motion of string draugher, you decide to carefully sneak your way through the barrow, mindful of the possibility of traps hidden in the dark as well as undead nightmares.
No. 599114 ID: ff07f5
File 141394124730.png - (1.10MB , 817x553 , kittybleak3.png )

After a few hours of sneaking past wandering draugher, fallen masonry and strangely obvious, easily deactivated traps you find yourself standing before a large circular door, mounted to it are three disks marked with the image of a bear.

you get the feeling that what ever your looking for is behind this door, no doubt guarded by undead. you pause for a moment and think about how you should deal with what ever awaits you..
No. 599115 ID: 2fd516

Carefully examine the claw for hints on how to solve this puzzle that everyone who's played this game has solved like three times already.
No. 599116 ID: bb78f2

Only real option is hack for that bastard, hack and heal, hack and heal. Occasionally hack and flame. You'd have to sneak out of his sight continuously to keep doing more sneak arrows.
No. 599118 ID: 4d85c5

Okay. You know there's a boss, and you can choose when to open the door.

That means now you can sit down and rest and meditate and make sure you're fully healed and that you have full mp before venturing in. (Mash 5!). Prepare, get your gear ready, pray, etc.
No. 599132 ID: 9ddf68

didn't the journal of the mad elf say something about the answer being on the key/claw?
No. 599134 ID: 4f004c

Looks like the claw goes into there, but do you have to do something with the disks?
No. 599148 ID: fee736

When you first looked at the claw it had three circular icons; the door before you has three circular icons and a fourth shaped to recieve the claw. See what they are, and if you manupilate the three symbols to match the ones on the claw; this looks like a combination lock + key.

Before you try it, make sure you're rested, and have a quick look for traps that might be triggered by attempting to use the door or making a mistake.

What lies beyond... probably whoever this tomb was built for, possibly with a bodyguard; expect a tough fight, quite possibly magic. Stealth and bow are your strength, so we can open up with that, keep the range; watch for things you can use for cover against spellfire or arrows as you go in, terrain that favours you and makes it hard for melee fighters to close with you if possible, and be mindful you're not cornered; don't be afraid to disengage if you need to, or adjust tactics to fit your opposition and the terrain.

Stay alert, be ready to take full advantage of the time it takes newly risen undead to get their bearings, and assume any body you see might get up and try to kill you.
No. 599442 ID: 8d14a4
File 141435218329.png - (1.79MB , 820x1134 , fus.png )


You take a few moments to catch your breath, examining the door as you do. The Puzzle lock is frankly pathetically simple, the circular sections of the door moving easily to reveal the images shown on the bottom of the claw, it would be the work of but a moment to line them up and slide the door open.

There something very strange going on here, the easily avoided traps, the draughers extremely narrow perception that saw several waiting to ambush you knee deep in split lamp fuel under a hanging fire urn and the combination to puzzles being not three foot from the puzzle itself makes you think that this place wasn't built to keep people out, but to keep something In..

You sigh and set the door to the correct settings, ready to open it, what lies beyond the door it was up to you to deal with it, simply because your the only one standing here right now. You offer a brief prayer to the lady, and push the claw into the slot.
No. 599444 ID: 8d14a4
File 141435288450.png - (3.58MB , 1671x1234 , fus2.png )


The door slides away with a loud grinding noise, revealing a short staircase with a faint glow of daylight at the top. Heading up wards you find a large natural cavern, the light and cold wind streaming past you entering through a series of cracks visible on the furthest wall, you must have traveled right through the mountain to get here!

In the middle of the cavern is a raised area with what looks like a coffin, you think that the dragonstone must be there somewhere and head over carefully.
No. 599445 ID: 8d14a4
File 141435322006.png - (3.67MB , 807x2262 , fus3.png )


You reach the raised area quickly, nothing leaps at you and the only sound is the quiet whisper of running water, quickly crossing the bridge you head towards a large chest you see next to the.. next to.. what.. is that What is..

No. 599446 ID: 8d14a4
File 141435337012.png - (0.99MB , 821x586 , fusrohdah.png )


You blink, the echoes of that faint whispered word ringing around you head.

"What in the name of the goddess was that?"
No. 599448 ID: 9ddf68

don't know, maybe you should ask that kind gentlemen behind you if he knows... ask with arrows and fire.
No. 599452 ID: 2fd516

Yer a dragonborn, Gwen.

Time for an epic boss battle! Avoid getting cornered, use your axe to parry while blasting it with fire.
No. 599458 ID: 4f004c

It was quite likely some sort of magical alarm. Whatever was locked inside, must have been awoken now. Be on your guard!
No. 599461 ID: 4d85c5

>What in the name of the goddess was that?
Some kind of rune that read itself aloud to you? Kind of like exploding runes, except it said something instead of exploding when you read it.

I think the glowing skeleton behind you with the giant sword is of more immediate concern that whispering wall carvings, though.
No. 599489 ID: 879a42

Try shooting arrows on the run, I doubt its ancient legs can keep up with yours.
No. 599550 ID: fee736

A Magic Thing just happened - immediatly check behind you as it might have triggered a trap or awoken somethin- oh.

You got distracted and didn't shank the obviously armed corpse before it could get up. Bad kitty; secure the areas first next time.

It's a bit close for a bow, so open up with flames; raze it to ash before it can get it's bearings, while circling to get out from between it and the wall - if it's fast or sturdy enough to weather your spellfire and attack you don't want to be cornered.

If you think you can't stay out of melee, ready your weapon to parry if you have to, but try and stay at range; melee is your weakest area and that goy's packing heavy armour and a sword as tall as you are, so not a place you wanna be. If you can keep it from cornering you, you should be able to kite it with spell and arrow.
No. 599551 ID: a19cd5

Quick! Wave your axe at the spooky skeleton until it stops moving!
No. 599561 ID: 945fb0

If there is an explosive rune spell in this universe at all, Gwen needs to learn it.
No. 599564 ID: 2fd516

Oh, there is. It's not very good in the game, but I expect we could make better use of it.
No. 599568 ID: 879a42

An explosive one, an electric discharge one, and a burst of cold. Pretty standard, covering each of the offensive elements of destruction.
No. 604757 ID: cee02c
File 141678402236.png - (802.58KB , 833x530 , what.png )

(Theres three more panels after these five, but im not done with them yet)

No. 604758 ID: cee02c
File 141678410905.png - (939.76KB , 823x543 , the.png )

No. 604762 ID: cee02c
File 141678418413.png - (0.99MB , 825x557 , FUCK!.png )

No. 604785 ID: cee02c
File 141679127363.png - (1.74MB , 820x1126 , fight3.png )

You barely manage to dodge its hand when it tries to grab your head, slamming your axe into its leg as you duck past. Unlike the others this Draugher is both fast as a snake and totally focused on killing you, you need to get some breathing space Fast.

Running over to the Raised dais you turn and pour as much fire on the creature as it struggles to stand.
No. 604896 ID: 01745f

Keep burning; he'll run out of undeath-juice eventually.
No. 604927 ID: d3be40

Open the treasure chest, grab anything that looks like it deals real fucking damage, and use/cast/throw upon the giant fucking zombie!
No. 604941 ID: fee736

>(Theres three more panels after these five, but im not done with them yet)

5 panels posted, still 3 more to go in this update.

That said, this isn't the game; time isn't going to pause while she fiddles with inventories. Trying to loot a chest in the middle of a fight is a good way to get yourself killed.
No. 604966 ID: 2ec61a

except, without an inventory screen she can just throw it open, grab a sword out of it, and start moving in like 2 seconds.
No. 604967 ID: cee02c

ooc. Its 5 panels now, fortunatley these have taken bearly a tenth of the time of the others, might even get them all posted in one day XD
No. 604970 ID: cee02c
File 141683960378.png - (2.13MB , 1158x834 , fus.png )

The flames eagerly consume the creatures dried, ancient flesh, setting it alight like a blazing torch, you thank the lady that you managed to destroy the thing before it could do anything Why is it looking at you like that...

No. 604978 ID: 534cc4

Fus, what the hell? Might as well shoot it while its standing there.
No. 605005 ID: 07a835

Prepare to get knocked on your ass.

(psst return the favor and FUS him yourself. Wait, I forget if you need to kill a dragon before you can FUS)
No. 605036 ID: c34cda

The fuck did he just call you?!
dude did just swear at you?
Fuck him, swear him back!
No. 605037 ID: 534cc4

(Yeah need a dragon soul.)

(In the game he doesn't have the word fus, he just has ro, and da, which makes you stumble. Assuming memory serves, not that it matters in this quest.)
No. 605050 ID: cee02c
File 141686898497.png - (1.87MB , 1245x822 , Rodah.png )


The force of the creatures bizarre ability blast's through your fire, slamming into you like a hammer blow and sweeping you off your feet.
No. 605063 ID: 2ec61a

ouch, next time something does something you don't understand, assume it's hostole and DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODGE
No. 605065 ID: 9ddf68

future note: in the future whenever you are in a fight and the enemy starts saying something in a strange tongue that I don't know the meaning of, assume it's a spell meant to do bad things to me and do everything in my power to either dodge the spell or stop the caster from finishing. Also ouch

Well he might still be alive seeing how undead never know when to stay dead so try and get back on your feet and make sure he isn't coming to finish you off.
No. 605187 ID: 534cc4

Roll with the landing, then heal yourself assuming its now dead from the fire.
No. 605213 ID: cee02c
File 141688291158.png - (4.74MB , 1070x2318 , fight5.png )

[suggestions open once more]

You tuck yourself into a ball and attempt to roll with the landing, fortunately the rocks behind the platform are relatively smooth and you manage to avoid any broken bones.

You manage to get your breath back just in time to see the Draugher, now very much on fire and severely Pissed, leap from the shelf with its sword raised in a double handed chop, ready to take your head clean off when it reaches you.
No. 605217 ID: 2ec61a

throw knife to foul it's aim and DOOOOOOOOOOOOODGE
No. 605220 ID: 07a835

Dodge, get out a health potion and drink it to recover. Then you can... hmm. Can you do some acrobatic shit to get up somewhere it can't? Then you could just plink arrows at it until it dies. Otherwise I suppose you could just keep running away and occasionally applying fire until it burns to death. Keep near rocks you can duck behind in case it tries another shout. Also, confined spaces are your friend here because it is using such a large weapon. It won't be able to swing properly if there's not enough room.
No. 605226 ID: 9ddf68

uh so if I recall correctly our spells were
Healing hands
Lesser ward
and Rally
well shit, none of those really help you in pushing that thing away. Oh well roll to the side to avoid sword to the face and find something to hide behind and use healing to freshen yourself up a bit. then burn him some more, find some cover, and then reequip your bow and fire some arrows into his face... or at least his legs so he can't chase you around the room and we can just hide behind a rock or something as he burns to redeath.
No. 605235 ID: 07a835

Well, Muffle could work if he loses sight of us, as it would make it easier to sneak around.
No. 605238 ID: 1730ba

Get out of the way, and then attack before it recovers.
No. 605244 ID: 534cc4

Sadly there is nowhere to hide, so I suggest backing up and strafing the thing while shooting arrows, after using a potion for healing since you should be low on mana.
No. 605269 ID: 534cc4

You know what throw your axe and nail it in the face if arrows don't kill it.
No. 605280 ID: fee736


Run and heal and find terrain you can use to your advantage. Ideally somewhere you could use your bow from, but we're probably not going to be that lucky. Climbing is a gamble because we don't know how often he can use that ability, but might be worth it. If you could lose him, you could probably reengage on more favourable terms, but that's easier said than done.

On the one hand, frost should slow him and drain stamina, which is good. On the other, he's probably resistant, because nords and skyrim, and it'd likely put out the flame, which is less than good.

Playing keep-away and tagging him with magic when you can might work. Bow would be ideal but between the terrain and speed of our opponent we'd have to be careful to avoid being run down.
No. 605286 ID: 534cc4

I'm pretty sure undead heal from cold, or at least elder vampires do. In any case they are at least immune to it, so frost is bad in this instance.
No. 605290 ID: 4f004c

If he's going to be falling at you, why not use that to your advantage? An upwards cut with the dagger should cause some pretty nasty damage combined with his downward velocity.
No. 605337 ID: 945fb0

attacking in melee seems like a bad idea right now seeing as he is kinda on fire.
No. 605419 ID: eda819

>future note: in the future whenever you are in a fight and the enemy starts saying something in a strange tongue that I don't know the meaning of, assume it's a spell meant to do bad things to me and do everything in my power to either dodge the spell or stop the caster from finishing.
Words to live by. Don't let casters cast, if you can. And make yourself a moving target if you can't.

>Jump attack!
This is normally where I point out that opponents on balletic trajectories make nice targets, since dodging isn't an option. Unfortunately, that guy is close enough that you'll be cut in half before you can draw, aim, and fire. And I'm pretty sure it'll take more than one arrow to stop him.

Also inconvenient there's nothing handy to move under him to impale himself on. (No spear, no stalagmites, not even one of those tall brazier things you often see in dungeons).

>what do
Run. Stick close to the wall of the staircase- the stone will block him from being able to bring down his sword on you unless it's exactly tangent to the curve, which it's not going to be. Chug a potion, and try putting an arrow through him at range.

Maybe aim for the legs? If the main problem is his speed, taking out a joint or tendon could slow him down enough for you to maintain a safe range to pincushion him to death. (Well, assuming the condition of the body factors into how this kind of undead moves at all, which it may not).
No. 607159 ID: 28d99b
File 141739969315.png - (5.65MB , 817x3458 , dunend.png )

You leap to your feet and doge the downward swing, pulling your bow from your pack as you run, behind you the Draughers strike splits the stone and causes a large patch of frost to erupt on the spot where you stood.

Turning with arrows notched you let fly at the thing as it pulls itself to its feet and comes at you once more. Your first shot severs its arm, tearing at the now fragile bone and unleashing a burst of magical energy.
Your second shot shatters its collar bone, punching a large hole in its chest, Enraging it as it charges you.

You take aim and place your third arrow just under is chin, the force snapping the creatures head clean off and snuffing out the magic that kept it going. You watch as the creature crumbles to a flaming pile before you, You would say a prayer to the lady for its soul, but you feel that the beast lost it long Ago.
No. 607163 ID: 28d99b

Dungeon Complete!
You have reached level three and may now level up magicka, health or stamina two times, as well as spend Two perk points.

Stats are now

Destruction 16
Illusion 21
Speech 64
Alchemy 20
PickPocket 20
Lockpick 56
Sneak 29
Light Armor 17
Archery 45
One handed 20
Two handed 16

All other stats are at 15.
(ill list available perks tomorrow for those not familiar with the progression tree. Good night yall!)
No. 607172 ID: 07a835

Whoops I completely missed that we had no bonuses to Destruction during chargen. I guess now we know what we're actually good at. Illusion, and that's it.

Go with a double dose of Health. Stamina doesn't really do much for our current build. Carrying capacity seems to be no issue, and have yet to do anything that uses stamina except for running around. Magicka would be a waste since we're not that great at magic yet. Maybe after some training. ...hang on, how does Health affect the quest considering it uses realistic damage?

Grab the first Archery perk... um... wait, most of these don't really translate into the quest. Hell, none of them do, since damage is realistic. Please advise.
No. 607173 ID: 2ec61a

more archery improves the distance we can reliably hit a target. for example, say we can hit a head at 20 meters 99% of the time with 40, but 50 extends it to 30 meters.
No. 607178 ID: 07a835

...well, sure, that's what skill does. What about the perks?
No. 607207 ID: 3f0c1b

Improve Stamina and Magicka, we used quite a bit of destruction this dungeon and we might was well improve what we are using.
No. 607244 ID: 534cc4

The very first perks in the sneak and archery tree are just basic bumps in sneak effectiveness and archery damage respectively, although very decently sized bumps.

Considering these are essential things that Gwen uses and will use a lot, we might as well put some in these.

Stamina and magicka upgrades.
No. 607247 ID: 534cc4

Perks are various upgrades that apply to the skill trees, ranging from basic bumps in effectiveness to special traits that allow for special feats. For example, Misdirection is a pickpocket feat that allows for stealing weapons that peopleare currently eequipped with, disarming them or at least making them use a backup weapon such as a dagger instead of that enchanted war hammer you just stole.

Spell trees have special increases to spells and effects of those spells such as stagger n destruction spells or increased duration, and all spell trees have novice,apprentice, adept,expert, and master rank proficiency which allows for costing spells in the appropriate categories and schools for half magicka.
No. 607253 ID: 07a835

Dude I know how the game works. I am asking how the Archery perks would translate into the quest, seeing as how damage boosting doesn't make a lot of sense when realistic damage is in play, and there's no such thing as zoom or a critical hit.
No. 607256 ID: d3be40

WOW. That's your sneak skill?

Well, you are an archer, so we can't nag very much - it's just that you wanted to be a thief when you grew up, so... yeah. You may want to do some practice, preferably on someone willing. Perhaps you can bribe a trader to let you attempt to steal items from him? Think of it as a gamble that you can train up! Or just increase your already high speech skill.

I suggest you use your perk points in one of the non-combat trees: you're going to need high-quality supplies and equipment before you can consider trekking out into new territory. Since you have a lot of points in speech, why not invest perk points in speech so that you can rake in the cash more quickly? Especially since you have all this sweet loot but need to sell it to buy food and shelter.

As for the two stat points, I suggest magicka and health. You're going to find that a lot of soldiers use what stamina they have quite well, even with a low stamina pool. You will need magicka to cast high-level spells and health to survive powerful attacks. Or, you could invest twice in health and charge into battles more easily.

(Lastly, is there some kind of pack mule, carriage, or horse with a satchel that she can purchase to loosen the load? Because bringing along allies just to use them like pack mules is insulting.)
No. 607259 ID: 4c5cf2

Yeah. That's why I'm not commenting on how to spend perks till the infodump.

I'd say increase stamina and magic, though. We ran low on both in this dungeon, I think.
No. 607265 ID: 534cc4

Since I'm posting all sorts of stuff I'll say two more things,

1. For people that aren't familiar with the game, don't put any perk points into lockpicking, as increasing your skill ranks in it are sufficient to unlock master locks just fine, and the perks just increase the ease of unlocking which turns out to give underwhelming results, only the fast hands perk is useful which allows to unlock something and it can't be detected that you are messing with a lock, but enough sneak will remove that problem because with enough sneak, no even knows you are there, let alone fiddling with a lock.

2. It seems were making a thief mage hybrid that uses both archery and destruction for offense, so let me suggest something, we should pump illusion right along with destruction. There is a perk in the illusion tree down the line called silent casting, and its a stealth mages best friend. In addition to making all spells make no sound, they also dont produce any light, enabling stealth fireballs. You can quite litteraly throw an explosive fireball that produces a loud BLAM (you hear it anyway) that kills two people, but since no one hears it or can see it, you can stealth kill with explosives. Also since all the other spells are silent, you don't have to worry about getting detected when refreshing invisbilty spells and such, but I thought STEALTH FIREBALLS would be an awesome thing to have. (Yes I use them in game myself.)

Just my two cents.
No. 607268 ID: 534cc4

Okay, not everyone does though, I'll wait for the info dump before saying....
....anything else.
No. 607366 ID: fee736

I'd say increase health because more health is always good. Where to put the second, eh, no strong feelings; could go any way.

As for sneak, well, it *is* her fourth highest skill. But training.... Train it by *sneaking*, not stealing, or paying people to let you try mock-stealing(really, what sane merchant is going to help you figure out how to steal fro them?). Sneak around town(you're an adventurer, you have an excuse for practicing. Also hunting. Sneaking up on animals and 'cowardly bandits' so they can't run away(play that Nord angle, as sneak-attacking even bandits might not be respected)). Sneak around monsters like we did in this dungeon. Etc. If you're going to pay for stealth 'training' then pay for actual training; maybe that Khajiit caravan that was parked outside of Whiterun will have someone who could show you a thing or two?

Pickpocket... yeah, get real training. Or practice on bandits and the like who won't be conplaining to guards. But I think we have higher priorities.

And illusion being higher than descrustion... eh, it's only 16 vs 21; they're both kinda meh, I wouldn't really consider the 5 point difference that signifigant.

More damage probably just means you can make/land more damaging hits easier, but it's a good question, yeah.

The basic perk in most trees us usually just a damage boost or reduces magicka cost for the lowest level spells. Tho two prerks in archery could get us Eagle Eye; zoom for snipery snipness. One in destruction would cut the novice spells' magicka costs in half...

One thing to think about; Gwen has Alchemy 20. It'd be worth gathering ingrediants as she travels, even just whatever she comes across without spending time actually looking. Learning to make your own potions is really useful and profitible, but even just the ingrediants themselves can be worth a bit of extra coin.
No. 607502 ID: bde7e5

Perks are listed here to avoid clutter
No. 607505 ID: 07a835

Alright then I pick Quick Hands and 1st-tier Destruction.
No. 607546 ID: 534cc4

Quick hands and archery., I'll swap my vote to that.
No. 607560 ID: 3f0c1b

Well, Quick Hands is a must. Other than that Destruction might be nice to perk up.
No. 607577 ID: fee736

Quick Hands seems kind of niche; it sounds nice, but it has very few applications.

The Sneak perk might be better, although we have to work on our sneak skill. Light armour(it sounds like we can take this one) and alchemy(incidently this skill would benefit from faster training from our theif birthsign if we use it) are also options.

Destruction is a must, however.
No. 607691 ID: 4c5cf2

Archery and destruction.
No. 607918 ID: fee736

>Archery and destruction.

Hm. At first glance we do have all the archery perks we qualify for, but with archery 45, we could have up to level 3 of overdraw. We do have overdraw but it doesn't say if it's at rank 1, 2, or 3.
No. 610056 ID: 235046
File 141807556430.png - (1.74MB , 825x1134 , dunend4.png )

Sitting on some worn steps, you spend a few moments catching your breath, after all the effeort you put into getting through this place you feel like youve grown a deeper connection with destruction magick, a brief gout of flames proves this correct, as the fire drains your magicka far slower then it had done.

[Novice Destruction gained]

Your fingers feel oddly nimble too, most likely a side effect of the energy youve been sending through them recently. you now think you might be able to pull off the trick of picking a lock without looking like your picking it, a handy skill for getting out of sticky situations. You doubt youll ever actually need it, but then again you doubted you would fight a shouting zombie in a tomb, so best be prepared.

[Quick Hands Gained.]

You search the room and take stock of the items you've gathered on your way through the tomb.

One ancient Great-sword, seems to be enchanted with a frost spell.

The dragon stone. it seems to be a map of the region, not sure whats its marking though. The back is covered in more of those odd markings, unlike the ones on the wall however these dont glow blue and give you a headache..

One scroll of fireball
One tome of Flames

Twenty small gold tokens, you imagine this is what the people here used for money, the markings are very crude but you think its a bird eating a apple?

One potion of healing. its ancient but unopened these things keep for thousands of years.

Two silver rings, no enchantments

And One steel war pick, seems to be in good condition despite its age, the shaft seems to have almost fossilized with age and is now as hard as stone.
No. 610059 ID: 235046
File 141807662651.png - (3.62MB , 816x2202 , dunend5.png )

Once rested you head up the stairs at the back of the room, hoping there's a back way out or a balcony you can climb down, you really don't relish the idea of going All the way back through the tomb..

At the top of the stairs is a short tunnel leading to a plinth with a small pull switch on top, gingerly pulling it causes a section of the wall to slide away, revealing a tunnel lit by dim light.

Following it you find yourself standing on a small outcrop of rock before a large lake, mist rising from it and covering the forests as the day light fades behind the clouds.

You don't really know where you are, but you doubt its a safe place to be at night.
No. 610064 ID: 687279

Not safe... for most people. You're not most people. Check your map, you should still be around where the dungeon was. If you don't have a map, just go downstream. That'll lead you towards civilization, eventually.
No. 610077 ID: d3be40

You have some time left to do random stuff. Practice magic by hunting mudcrabs, improve your archery by shooting butterflies, find random bandits and beat them to death with their own weapons (and practice using a shield). Keep grabbing stuff, finding stuff, and improving your skills until evening, and then find the nearest village and sleep at the inn.
No. 610118 ID: 9ddf68

maybe use your healing spell to fix that eye of yours. As for where to go, I say follow the river. People usually build villages along them for water so there's a good chance you'll come across one, or at least a lumber mill. Once we do that we can find out where we are.
No. 610245 ID: 1f2a28

If you need to make camp right now, you can probably just back up a few steps, close up the passageway and be safe. All the draugr are dead [probably] and anything that would have been hostile would be conditioned to stay out of this area by the undead and their violence.

There are even pitch-fireplaces or something, the things that keep burning for thousands of years. This last chamber is almost perfect for a safe camping spot if you can't figure out where it comes out.

Speaking of which, this place seems pretty terrible for keeping something in if there's just a lever to get out.
No. 610246 ID: 4c5cf2

>You don't really know where you are
Well the mountains should be pretty good landmarks. You haven't gone that far. If you pay attention to the skyline, you can figure out which side of the mountain you're on relative to your initial approach.

>you doubt its a safe place to be at night
Where's the sun? Is finding a safe place to spend the night needed, or do you think getting back to town is possible?
No. 610912 ID: fee736

She knows the roughly where she is. She has a map. ...and there is a large lake with an island in it just sitting there in front of her.

Figuring out where we came out shouldn't take 5 minutes. I don't even have to remember where that dungeon comes out to know where she is; that lake is a pretty unique landmark. Just follow the shore left to the lake end where the river that flows down to the city originates, cross where you want, and you're on the road to Riverrun.

The issue with being in the wilderness at night isn't that we can't defend ourself, it's that we have to sleep, and unless you want to wake up with your head in the mouth of a giant spider(which I always seem to run into in this area), that means having someone stand watch... except we're alone so that's not an option. Which means going without sleep until we get somewhere we can sleep without getting jumped.

....the dungeon behind us might actually be a workable solution, but... eh.

Should be a ruined/sunken tower along the north shore(where we are) that's infested with hostiles. Could clear that out and make camp. There's also a birthstone on the island, which should be a fairly safe place to camp, but the we'd come out wet and the slaughterfish can make the trip annoying. Local hunters and fishermen may also have a camp nearby we could share.

Alternatively, we could press on to riverrun.
No. 611994 ID: 6ccd7d
File 141866476770.png - (3.49MB , 827x1712 , kittydov.png )

A brief check of your somewhat worn and slightly inaccurate map reveals that the lake before you is most likely the one that feeds the river running through riverwood, it should be no more then a half hours walk away.

As you follow the river banks you heal your self with a few blasts of your healing spell, refreshing you back to full health. In no time at all you have reached the cross roads outside of town, your dilemma about shelter has now become a simple choice whether to bed down in town or to head on towards whiterun.
No. 612000 ID: db83ac

Town. You've been through a lot, you may want to sleep in and rest up. And possibly make friends with everyone in the inn.

On your way, practice sneaking in the forest. If you can get through the forest undetected, that would be great practice!
No. 612002 ID: c9f2af

>your dilemma about shelter has now become a simple choice whether to bed down in town or to head on towards whiterun
Well, that depends.

How long would it take to walk to Whiterun, what time is it, and how tired are you after heading through that dungeon?

If you can't reach Whiterun before dark, or you're tired enough that travel would be a frustrating, or that you'd be in serious trouble if you ran into a serious problem on the road, you should crash for the night.
No. 612005 ID: 9ddf68

think there is an inn in town, so might as well get a good night's rest in before taking off to Whiterun tomorrow morning. Also see if the store in town has some health potions you can buy. While you can heal yourself it never hurts to have a backup.
No. 612018 ID: bb78f2

Yeah, girl, let's hit up the Riverwood Inn and general goods shop.
No. 612345 ID: fee736

She already has 4 healing potions; one from the dungeon and 3 she bought in whiterun.

Hmm. Well, if we intend to spent a while in the province, it couldn't hurt to learn more about it and it's people, and if we have a reason to journey here again.

Let's stay the night(unless we can reach whiterun before dusk and without being too tired to fight soundly), hit up the inn to socialise and see what's going on in the area, maybe look into hitting up the smithy and general store to lighten your load if you can get a good price for your loot, and make sure there haven't been any more dragon sightings in the area. I wonder if those extra guards have arrived yet?
No. 612467 ID: 2f4b71

Also a Barber's. Because damn.
No. 612917 ID: 482c6a
File 141892483946.png - (2.30MB , 827x1142 , kittydov3.png )

You make a mental note to head to the barbers once you reach whiterun, you can hrdly approach the jarl looking like a monster gave you a broadsword haircut.. even if that's exactly what happened..

You decide to head to the store to unload some of this stuff and restock before heading to the inn for a bed, despite the late hour you find the door unlocked and head inside to find a flaming row going on between a man and a woman.

Woman: Well on of us has to do something!

Man: I Said NO! No Adventuring, No theatrics and No thief-chasing!

Woman: Well what are you going to do then!? Huh? Lets hear it!

Man: We are Done talking about this! we.. oh. .a customer, i dont know what you over heard but were still open for business.

"Is everything alright?"

"We had a bit of a.. well a break in, we still have plenty to sell however, they where only after one thing, a golden ornament in the shape of a large claw. by now its been melted down or pawned off somewhere.. Still lets not let my woes get in the way of things, are you here to sell or buy?"
No. 612918 ID: 687279

"Oh you mean this thing?"
No. 612923 ID: ea0ad9

Well... You happen to have found that claw when looking for another item, so you may as well return it.
No. 612929 ID: 185cb8

Best answer.

Don't try to pawn it back to them, just return it.

If they ask how you came by it, well, their unfortunate thief made some poor decisions in the ruins you were exploring.
No. 612932 ID: 2ec61a

when asked how you got it tell the truth. the idiot ran afoul of a Draugher and got his head cut off.

not sure you are the greatsword type. meaning selling it to him would be a good idea. one of the treasures the claw was guarding.
No. 612943 ID: bb78f2

"Oh, well, here you go. All those thieve's are dead now. Killed by dragur, traps, spiders, and Khaijiit arrows. Found this on one of their body's up in that Barrow place."
No. 612952 ID: fee736

"Blessings of Dibella; I encountered what must have been that very same theif in a barrow not far from here on a mission from the Jarl's wizard to retrive something that might enlighten him to the recent destruction of Helgan by a dragon; felled by a draugr. The claw - here, it's yours, of course - the claw was the key to combonation lock to the final chamber there. Without it... surely the divines directed him to take it there that day, as the Lady guided me to return it." - but rewritten with a better speechcraft skill. :p

Seriously that's a hell of a coincidence; theif steals the claw and only the claw, takes it to where we need it and dies right in front of us, all but handing it to us (*and* tripping a hazard so we wouldn't be blindsided by it as he was); the key to retriving the tablet the Jarl's wizard needs to help understand/fight the returning dragons. Then upon exiting the barrow we just so happen to walk directly to the claw's rightful owners in time to hear them mention their loss so that we might return it.

If you believe in the supernatural as our kitty does, that's about as close to explicit divine intervention as you get. We're here to return the claw, even if we didn't realise it before now.
No. 613012 ID: c58974

[While i finish up the next bits, wich may take a little while as this guy has a Shit ton of stuff for sale, ive thrown a thing up on the disc thread for what hairstyle you want gwen to eventually get, go nuts :P ]
No. 613020 ID: 9ddf68

>you here to sell or buy?
both I guess.
No. 614111 ID: b871d7
File 141929806847.png - (2.29MB , 828x1129 , dovahshop.png )

"I dont know anything about a golden claw, but i did recently acquire a ornate back scratcher"

You say with a grin as you pull the claw from your pack, the storekeeper and his sister break into broad grins and clapping at the sight of it.

"You found it! how did you.. where did you?"

"A bandit discovered that running through a trap filled, draugher ridden dungeon is a very bad idea. I took out his fellow bandits on my way through the tomb so they wont trouble any other innocent traveler. That i walked in just as you where discussing retrieving it i attribute to the divines sense of humor."

"Well ill never forget this, youve done a great thing for me and my sister!"
He rewards you with 400 gold and throws open his store for your perusal
No. 614115 ID: 9ddf68

so what's he selling?
No. 614118 ID: 742b4a

Do they have any enchanted gear? Or a better material hand-axe? We have four healing potions now so we don't need more of those. Maybe a stat buff potion for the next boss fight?
No. 614121 ID: b871d7
File 141929915575.png - (1.31MB , 1121x843 , somuchswagicanteven.png )

The items for trade are frankly dizzying in there variety, Foodstuff and potion, Gems and Pelts, Magical clothing and Hide armor, Hammers and Daggers And Swords oh my!.

for the most part its no better then your present equipment but a few things do seem useful..

Items below are useful/improvements over current equipment.

Steel akavri sword: 323 gold

Circlet of minor magika: 887 Adds 20 points to magika.

Iron arrow, 13 of. 2 gold each

Lockpicks 16 off. 4gold each

Novice mage robes, ALteration ,destruction and conjuration. 1000 each.
Reduces magic cost by 12% and increases mana regen by 50%

Grand soul gem (Full): 1011 gold

Greater soul gem (Full): 707

Spell tomes.
Clairvoyance: 101 gold (Illusion)
Frostbite: 95 gold (Destruction)
Fury: 87 gold (illusion)
Lesser ward: 91 gold (Restoration)
Oakflesh: 89 gold (Alteration)
Raise zombie: 99 gold (Conjuration)
No. 614127 ID: 742b4a

We already have all those spells! I don't even think we can learn any new ones and be able to cast them.

Replenish your arrow supply.
Get 6 more lockpicks, bringing us to 10 I believe.
No. 614128 ID: 534cc4

Hmm... Clair voyance and oak flesh are good spells, nab them, arrows, and lock picks.
No. 614134 ID: bb78f2

Hmm, that akaviri sword is tempting for a collection.
No. 614154 ID: 9ddf68

buy arrows and lock picks. always helps when you can take down a foe without him ever touching you and you can never have enough lock picks.
No. 614194 ID: 1ae57f

Man, big scarf and tiny haircut sure frame your head weird.

Also, don't forget to pawn junk that you can't / won't use.
No. 614328 ID: 20e221

[fyi after selling the items you dont need, broadsword, war pick and gold tokens and so forth you get a total of 1400 gold to spend]
No. 614466 ID: 76eb68

Is the Broadsword the enchanted Draugr weapon? We should keep it, so we can learn the Frost enchantment. But all things considered, what enchantments does Gwen even know? I don´t think that was ever mentioned...
That being said, Clairvoiance and Oakflesh are good spells you do not have yet, then maybe a couple more arrows. If theres one thing you can never have enough it´s arrows. And maybe some more Lockpicks.
Would be nice to buy the circlet, but i doubt we have enough money
No. 614472 ID: db83ac

Buy any and all spell tomes that you can afford. Sell off any junk equipment that you don't need.
No. 614510 ID: 2c8dad

Steel Sword all the way, cleave the dead in two!

Get some arrows and lockpicks for when you don't want to be stabbed, too.
No. 614619 ID: 20e221

[Ok so well get the Sword, the arrows and the lock-picks, youll still have 1013 gold left over if you want anything else. if not ill continue]
No. 614641 ID: 20e221
File 141938704132.png - (2.19MB , 811x1134 , dovahshop8.png )

There is so much on offer that your a little overwhelmed, but you restock on arrows [13 iron arrows gained] and purchase 10 lockpicks, you also trade in your axe for the akaviri sword, giving it a few swings as you leave the shop, it feels odd in your hands, far lighter then the blades you've wielded before. It's lack of weight makes it feel a little flimsy, but if the history books are true then this blade is capable of cleaving a iron shod warrior in two in the hands of a skilled blademaster.

Pocketing the remaining 1013 gold you head to the inn and rent a room, giving a short prayer of thanks to dibella before flopping down on the furs like the majestic train wreck you are.

You drift off into sleep.

[End of thread one! the next post will start the new thread, feel free to suggest dreams and thing's in this thread until the new one starts, i might make a little interlude thread if i think i can spin stuff from the dreams :) ]
No. 614644 ID: 276ab8

part of me wants to think a silly dream with that pendant bouncing after her, but it's huge and will crush her so she has to run away from it...
Another thing that might come up is something where she shoots that Ulric dude in the face, and the first arrow goes through his head, then the next goes right into his forehead, before 'rewinding' into a nick as Fus Ro Dah echoes about...
Or maybe of something with Dibella, not sure what there...Maybe these can mix together into something but I don't quite have enough cleverness for that atm.
No. 614655 ID: bb78f2

Vampire fights/nightmares that she ultimately succeeds. Riding a dragon. Romantic threesome with Aela and Vilkas. Leading a sweet rock ballad in the middle of Whiterun.
No. 614675 ID: 29a8fc

A Vague deam Perhaps? A dram about flying would fit. First part is just flying in an empty Space. Second is Gwen seeing herself flying and dediciding to catch herself. The chase, first somewhat lighthearted becomes more vicious. It ends there, with her waking up reliefed for not beeing catched and on the same time incredibly frustrated because Gwen couldn't catch herself.

Yes, the idea comes from Lokhan and the idea, that he is his own demise/counterpat/nemesis.
Thought it would be vage enough.

But no matter what, flying should be a part of the dream.
No. 614749 ID: 5f402f

Alternate histories. Dreams of what could have been, with different choices.
No. 614751 ID: 9ddf68

she dreams of her childhood in the orphanage, where she is just a little girl again with all her friends. Bet the days past in seconds and before our eyes we see all of them growing into the adults they are today and see them walking off towards there destiny/ where they ended up in life and leave us all alone with only a single path for us to travel, our path in life. As we walk down it we will see many possible futures (us as the leader of the companions, leader of the dark brotherhood, thieves guild, chosen avatar to a daedra, ect.) and at the end of the path we see a mighty fortress, and from it's formidable looking walls we hear singing in a language we have never heard before but feels familiar, like it is something we've always known but somehow forgotten. And standing over this fortress is a Massive shadow that one could argue looks like a massive dragon that covers not only the mighty fortress in it's own bleak shadow but also all the land seen around it. And as Gwen stares at this beast it stares back and then with a monstrous shout that prices the sky it screams DOVAHKIIN. That scream wakes Gwen and before she can recall what the dream was about it slips away from her as the rising morning light breaks the horizon.
No. 614768 ID: 742b4a

Dream of going to Masser.
No. 614854 ID: 3f0c1b

Whatever dream happens, M'aiq the Liar should show up and be wonderfully meta about any complaints we might have had. Wait have we had complaints yet? Hmm... maybe I didn't think this through.

For something less silly, have fus be written, in dragon of course, almost all over the dream. It happened recently and basically forced its way into our mind.
No. 614856 ID: 2ec61a

dream of being at a party being hosted by Dibella herself.
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