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File 137866553657.png - (10.87KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
539831 No. 539831 ID: befc95

I know I have the thing in here. Where is my thing.

I need this thing.
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No. 539832 ID: befc95
File 137866556577.png - (12.34KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

HELP! Danger! I'm stuck! I can't see and I lost the thing!
No. 539833 ID: 5502c4

Quick! Breath fire so you can see the thing!
No. 539834 ID: 2d90b7

Show that bag who's boss!
No. 539838 ID: befc95
File 137866625805.png - (10.10KB , 800x600 , 3.png )


Bag. You stop it bag, I have to do a thing.

Lynd is boss now. Big strong voice you GET OFF MY HEAD MISTER.

Not working.
No. 539839 ID: d9bed9

Eat the bag FROM THE INSIDE.
No. 539840 ID: a36601

Use your tail to help pull it off.
No. 539841 ID: b594b2

Quick, curl your freakisly long neck down so your stubby little hands can pull it off!
No. 539843 ID: 96c896

Shake your head vigorously.
No. 539844 ID: befc95
File 137866707051.png - (9.68KB , 800x600 , 4.png )


It's stuck on my dealie bobs aaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA


No. 539848 ID: a36601

Try biting through/breathing a bit of fire while part of your mouth is over the side of the bag. (like it is now) Make a note to get a chest instead of a bag later; they are much easier to use.
No. 539849 ID: befc95
File 137866787492.png - (9.15KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

Fire is not a thing I have! Got lots of things but that isn't one!

I want bag to leave! THERE ISN'T EVEN ANYTHING IN HERE. Did I leave this here? I just gotta get the thing, he's gonna be mad if I'm late!
No. 539850 ID: 5502c4

Lean your head even further backwards while lifting the bag
No. 539851 ID: d9bed9

HE? He is not good enough for you! If he worries so much about timeliness!
No. 539852 ID: befc95
File 137866829386.png - (11.00KB , 800x600 , 6.png )


He's the best! He's a dragon, and I'm one of those things too! I saw him and he DIDN'T BURN MY VILLAGE DOWN. There are still cows!

He's the best! Better than Lynd!

Bags are stupid. Boxes from now on. I need my thing, it's tiny, super small, glass. I uh.... it's a thing. A gift from my village to me~!
No. 539856 ID: befc95
File 137866860204.png - (12.30KB , 800x600 , 7.png )


Glass. Tiny glass thing. Villagers said "it's good drink for you Lynd! Drink whole bottle!"

I didn't though, it was a pretty color! I put it on a.... the flat thing.
No. 539858 ID: a36601

Do you have any tables you might have put it on? Check by where you sleep; maybe you took it out early so you wouldn't be late.
No. 539859 ID: 4be0b0

Yap yap. Hopefully a Kobold didn't make off with it.
Check on the flat things near your immeasurable pile of gold. You know, near the leftovers you haven't eaten yet, Lynd.
Barring that, check near the birds that keep your cave clean maybe?
No. 539860 ID: befc95
File 137866942779.png - (18.42KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

Birs! I never remember the cute little guys.

They're not far, cave's not HUGE, neck is good though. Little bir and little bir 2 are snoozing. Big Bir is never happy, she's an old hen.

Give me things Big Bir. I need my thing.
No. 539861 ID: befc95
File 137866962991.png - (20.29KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

Big Bir is not nice. To make a not nice do things you have to be not nice.

Baby poking is not nice.
No. 539862 ID: 4be0b0

Continued poking may provide further enlightenment! Yiypap.
No. 539863 ID: befc95
File 137867028611.png - (23.90KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

Let's dance, Big bir! I can take you on you butt! Tell me where you cleaned the thing! I'm already late and he's gonna hate me forever but I NEED IT.
No. 539864 ID: c23ab0

You fucked up.
No. 539865 ID: 4be0b0

I'm sure that Lynd is completely fine and that this can only have a positive outcome! The Birs will reveal their secrets! What are their secrets!? YIP!
No. 539866 ID: befc95
File 137867105708.png - (19.61KB , 800x600 , 11.png )


Big Bir only listens when Lynd pesters her! She's so mad now she HAS to ta-ASDFASDGA
No. 539867 ID: b594b2

Quick, barrel roll! Wiggle! Shake your head.

Also getting the bird off your face would be nice too.
No. 539868 ID: 4be0b0

Help! Danger! PeckBir!
Their secrets are revealed to be pecking!!
No. 539871 ID: 96c896

It's in the nest! Big bir was sitting on it!
No. 539872 ID: befc95
File 137867228429.png - (21.81KB , 800x600 , 12.png )


I go t the thiign
No. 539873 ID: befc95
File 137867260402.png - (12.37KB , 800x600 , 13.png )



h eey

HEY. I GOT THAT THING. Are you still out there? I got it!
No. 539877 ID: 52c28e
File 137867326229.png - (15.33KB , 650x650 , bo1.png )

No. 539878 ID: c23ab0

Show the thing!
No. 539879 ID: de9231


Show off the heck out of the thing.
No. 539880 ID: 4be0b0

Hooray! The thing!
Also, Purple thing! He doesn't look mad at all.. maybe you could give him your most cute look and he'll forgive you?
No. 539881 ID: a36601

Aww, you two make a cute couple. Maybe you should freshen up a bit (you've got blood on you) before you go.
No. 539882 ID: befc95
File 137867387146.png - (15.34KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

Here! It's a thing I found for you to have!

"...W-what happened to your face?"

He's the best really. Doesn't even care about this super amazing thing I have, so pretty! He just wants to make sure I'm okay!

Just Birs. They keep things clean!
No. 539883 ID: 4be0b0

Lynd and Purple make good friends, yip. You should become close friends forever and live in the same cave, so that maybe Purple can help you find the things if you lose them again!
No. 539885 ID: 4be0b0

Maybe start by cuddling/hugging Purple while insisting you are fine?
No. 539891 ID: 96c896

Ask him if he knows what the thing is.
No. 539899 ID: 07e3a8

So... now you have him, and you have the thing. Weren't you supposed to do something with him and the thing? You needed it for some reason.
No. 539913 ID: 52c28e
File 137869323465.gif - (16.56KB , 650x650 , drink it.gif )

Yes! The thing is a present from me to him! I really hope he likes the thing!

"Uh-- Don't-- Don't you mean 'birds'?"

"Birds...? No, you're being silly, adding letters to things! I have Birs. They clean, make things nice! Hold onto my stuff! Here, drink this, villagers said it's GOOD for dragons, good yummy stuff!"

"But w-what is it?"

"Dragon stuff! They told me it's yummy! And they love me, so why wouldn't it be~?"

"But your villagers don't... really..."

"Don't really... what?"

"Uhh-- n-nevermind. Do I... have to drink it now?"
No. 539914 ID: 0a0b4d

Your villagers are very silly! Obviously they thought what is good and yummy for them would be good and yummy for you, but you are a dragon, not a villager. And so is he! You shouldn't eat it. Find some other villagers and trade it for shiny?
No. 539915 ID: 735f4f

Why wouldn't you drink something tasty right away? Man Lynd you give the best presents.
No. 539916 ID: 4be0b0

Of course not, but he certainly looks like he could use a hug about now, doesn't he Lynd?
No. 539917 ID: 96c896

I dunno, I guess he could drink it later if he's not thirsty!
No. 539922 ID: 593f45

If it's good for dragons, drink it all.
No. 539923 ID: 67bfa9

the potion is good for dragons, and your friend needs some good!

you wouldn't want good to go to waste!
No. 539924 ID: 0a3b00

You should!!! If they said it was good, it must be!!!!
No. 539985 ID: 4be0b0

You could share it, I guess.
No. 540027 ID: 37aa84

Of course he doesn't have to drink it. The villagers gave it to you and you never drank it cause it was so pretty, so of course he could just keep it.
No. 540050 ID: 32e092

I think you misunderstood. Clearly it's intended to be used as a lubricant.
No. 540052 ID: 76d0e2

What if he isnt thirsty? He should drink it when he is, so dont make him! It wont be good if he drinks too much when he isnt thirsty!
No. 540071 ID: 3c29ee

(( This is one of those games where we try and figure out a way to keep them from drinking the poison without telling them its poison, isn't it? ))

Save it for later, you're both okay now! If its good for you then its medicine and neither of you are sick!
No. 558302 ID: befc95
File 139010311674.png - (16.27KB , 800x600 , 17.png )


oh YES. He does doesn't he~?

"BO. This is the BEST. THING. I am making promise it's amazing for real! It has to be!"

No. 558307 ID: a87e3a

Let him sniff it!
No. 558309 ID: f44ca3

Slowly bring the vial to his mouth.
No. 558310 ID: 4a75fa

Try to tease him into it.
No. 558311 ID: 9ddf68

you two are friends right. you should share the drink
No. 558318 ID: 44b350
File 139011210531.gif - (21.13KB , 750x750 , drink pls.gif )

Okay I'm gonna poke him in the face a few times with it, he'll get the hint!
"I don't know--"
"I mean you don't HAVE to drink it if you don't want to b-but my villagers gave it to me and they said it was the best thing for dragons and and and"
"O-okay!-- I-if you say it's the best thing..."
No. 558319 ID: 44b350
File 139011211736.gif - (15.88KB , 650x650 , lynd intensifies.gif )

he's drinking it yessssssssssssssss
No. 558320 ID: 44b350
File 139011214054.png - (26.23KB , 750x750 , oh no bo.png )

"*COUGH* K-kinda bitter... kinda..."
"Y-you don't like it...?"
"No! Nh-no, it's good! It's, uh... nuh..."
"You got a little on your lip there."
No. 558322 ID: 53ba34

lick it off.
No. 558323 ID: a87e3a

Kiss it off him!
No. 558325 ID: f44ca3

Lick the potion!
No. 558327 ID: 9ddf68

don't stop hugging him
No. 558330 ID: befc95
File 139011436323.png - (18.11KB , 800x600 , somenumber.png )


ohno hes making a mess. its kind of cute I guess but LYND WILL SAVE THE DAY.

"Here let lynd help ill get that, silly doing-a-cool-eye-thing dragon"
No. 558331 ID: befc95
File 139011443616.png - (10.99KB , 800x600 , somenumber2.png )


No. 558336 ID: 9ddf68

what? what's wrong?
No. 558340 ID: a87e3a

Oh no Lynd you made him drink something terrible ask if he's okay
No. 558357 ID: 44b350
File 139011958278.gif - (82.40KB , 750x750 , lynd freakout.gif )


"Bo are you okAY NO BO DON'T FALL OVER"


No. 558360 ID: 44b350

No. 558361 ID: 9ddf68

uh, suck the bad stuff out?
No. 558362 ID: 672873

Open his mouth and poke at his little dangley thing.
No. 558363 ID: 53ba34

yes perfect
No. 558364 ID: f44ca3

Bring the vial and Bo to the village. Since they accidentally gave you the bad thing they will be glad to help fix him.
No. 558366 ID: a87e3a

Inducing vomiting does work for some poisons, I suppose, but not for caustic substances or things that could do damage to the lungs (because you might accidentally breathe it in after puking it out).

Lynd is smart, she should be able to tell if it's safe to puke this stuff up or not. If not, then she needs to go find the villagers that gave the potion to her and get them to give an antidote. Making sure to say if they do not or the antidote doesn't work she will do very bad things to all of them.
No. 558372 ID: 0b54f4

Or you could tell the villagers that if anything happens to Bo, you'll just have to help them organize their everything, to make sure no such mixups happen in the future.
No. 558400 ID: 61da19

Squeeze the bad out!
No. 558411 ID: 02ae2b

jump on his belly to push the bad thing out.
No. 558414 ID: befc95
File 139015748035.png - (13.58KB , 800x600 , herewego.png )


ohnoohnoohnoohnoooo bo BO LYND WILL FIX THIS.

lynd will go up and MAKE THE BAD THING JUMP OUt just hold still okay...?

G-good. good holding still. go team.
No. 558415 ID: befc95
File 139015750355.png - (16.88KB , 800x600 , herewego2.png )

No. 558416 ID: befc95
File 139015754247.png - (11.66KB , 800x600 , herewego3.png )


No. 558417 ID: 02ae2b

proclaim yourself a hero.
No. 558419 ID: 9ddf68

he looks kinda... pale.

Oh nos he's cold, you should wrap him up in something to help warm him up
No. 558421 ID: 0722de

"To make a not nice do things you have to be not nice."
I think the villagers think you're a not nice. What exactly do you do around the villagers?
No. 558424 ID: 3419eb

you should probably feed him a Bir, the feathers might soak up the remaining bad stuff
No. 558425 ID: 4a75fa

There, there, all better now, right?

Dunk him in some water to clean him up.
No. 558427 ID: a87e3a

Ok now ask him if he feels better. He might need some water or something to get that bad taste out of his mouth now.
No. 558436 ID: 61da19

Okay, now you need to find out if that pink stuff he spat out is the same pink stuff he drank.
No. 558547 ID: 44b350
File 139021415042.png - (18.69KB , 750x750 , push.png )

G-go lynd! Oh it's all sticky blech gross.

What no!! Birs are only not nice sometimes and they don't taste good besides. Not that I know what a bir tastes like haha no never.

WHAT! Villagers love Lynd and Lynd loves villagers. Lynd is all of the nice.


Warm warm warm water warm water warm water... I know! There's water down there and sometimes it's nice and warm and it'll fix bo right up I know it will!

"Are you okay bo?"
"I'm just gonna..."

No. 558548 ID: 44b350
File 139021416451.gif - (15.37KB , 860x600 , fallingbo.gif )

No. 558549 ID: 44b350
File 139021419422.png - (143.11KB , 750x750 , splash.png )


"Good job, bobobo!"
No. 558550 ID: d5695b

Oh dear good gravy.

Ah. You should, ah, go check to make sure Bo is warm.
No. 558567 ID: 4a75fa

Yay! Swimming! That means everything is better now. Right. Right? Right?!
No. 558576 ID: db9156

lies, birs are the best, but well, no time for that, focus on helping him not drown!
No. 558589 ID: 3e1409

he's probably gonna die now, by the way.
No. 558599 ID: a87e3a

Poisoned, stomped on, then rolled down a mountain. You're not trying to kill him, are you Lynd? Go uh, go help him get comfortable.
No. 558608 ID: db9156

no no no, don't listen to those voices, he's going to be okay! all happy.

but perhaps we'll have to go and talk with the townsfolk about the misunderstanding and hope nobody else has gotten accidentally poisoned!
No. 558649 ID: 955dc5

On a scale of 1 to dead, I think Bo's about drowning.
No. 560491 ID: 61da19
File 139130440434.png - (13.69KB , 700x600 , floatingpretty.png )

>Yay! Swimming! That means everything is better now. Right. Right? Right?!
Everything is the best! I did 'DPR' like my village taught me! I'm the best at Dragon-PR!

>lies, birs are the best, but well, no time for that, focus on helping him not drown!
Birs are-- drown?

>he's probably gonna die now, by the way.
>On a scale of 1 to dead, I think Bo's about drowning.
Drown?? He won't drown! He's a dragon so he'll float to the top like me! I float really good! See?

>no no no, don't listen to those voices, he's going to be okay! all happy.

>but perhaps we'll have to go and talk with the townsfolk about the misunderstanding and hope nobody else has gotten accidentally poisoned!
"Okay bo float to the top we gotta tell the villagers they were accidentally not nice. I forgot they sometimes make mistakes like one time when they lit a gigantic fire to keep me warm but accidentally did it inside my cave."

"...bo? bobobo?"

No. 560492 ID: 61da19
File 139130444743.png - (96.83KB , 700x600 , scaleof1to10heisdrowning.png )


I can't swim down! I float! I don't know how to not float!
No. 560493 ID: f44ca3

Grab him with the end of your long tail and pull him up. Then get him on the beach and make sure he is breathing.
No. 560494 ID: 4a75fa

Send your long tail and/or your long neck down and wrap around him to pull him out. You can go fishing for him without swimming down!
No. 560500 ID: f351db

command the marine fauna around you to drag him up.
No. 560536 ID: 9ddf68

grab him with your tale and drag him out.
No. 560587 ID: 37aa84

If you could exhale all the air in your body then your body could stop floating, then you can leave your head above water while your body goes down to grab him. Once you've grabbed him you can breath back in and your body will start floating again.
No. 560641 ID: 61da19

Take him a big rock as a gift! Then hug him.
No. 560703 ID: d287dd

Grab something that not-floats and use it's not-floatness to make yourself not-float!
No. 560799 ID: 0c1a69

If you can't sink, just grab onto a large rock and let it pull you down. Then you can grab Bo and let go of the rock and you'll float again.
No. 561389 ID: befc95
File 139182695639.png - (15.71KB , 800x600 , magic1.png )



I'm coming Bo booooo, dont die!
No. 561390 ID: befc95
File 139182699879.png - (14.86KB , 800x600 , magic2.png )


mphh ph mgggphhgff mpfff
No. 561391 ID: befc95
File 139182709762.png - (11.55KB , 800x600 , magic3.png )


wow he's really heavy like WOW no WONDER HE DOESNT HAVE wings he couldnt fly how silly dragon.

hes a bad dragon, not bad but like, bad. He's okay! i like bo so much im glad he isn't dead i need my friend hes my only friend.

Bo. stop being heavy and move please
No. 561392 ID: befc95
File 139182726729.png - (11.71KB , 800x600 , magic4.png )


he heard me yay. YAY NOT DEAD!

Bo you're okay! underwater is not a place for dragons how DO YOU NOT FLOAT? oh im so glad youre okay forever! for ever and ever you're okay! for a thousand years, bo is okay! bo and lynd, for ever and ever you're okay!"

scaring lynd like that, Lynd just wanted to give him the special dragon thing (im so glad hes okay yay) Why did he do the sick from this? The villagers must have made a mistake, ill fix it.

.....I cant float. b-bo...? Bo help I'm stuck i cant float please help this is scary....
No. 561393 ID: beeca1

Well, his eyes look like he's already dead.

Know why he's dead? Because of the thing that the villagers gave you. Kill all of the villagers.
No. 561394 ID: 0c1a69

Boaga's fine, he's been through worse. If you're still holding onto rocks, let them go, but if that's not what it is...

Well, only solution I can offer you is to use your wings and pretend your flying (but DON'T breath any water), your wings might help you float again.
No. 561395 ID: a87e3a

Lynd did you forget to let go of the rock?

Pull him further into shore then give him mouth to mouth.
No. 561402 ID: 37aa84

You know once you get him back on land you're going to have to fall on top of him again, he probably swallowed a lot of water and you need him to spit it out just like the drink.
No. 561437 ID: 86a018

the village broke him. they should fix him.
No. 561456 ID: 4a75fa

Oh no he has x-es in his eyes! Those are bad. Poke them until they go away.
No. 562139 ID: 44b350
File 139218811626.png - (18.21KB , 750x750 , lynddoom.png )

AAAAAAAaaaaaaaa woah I feel kinda bubbly

>Lynd did you forget to let go of the rock?
>If you're still holding onto rocks, let them go, but if that's not what it is...
I'm trying to let go but the rock won't let go of Lynd!!
No. 562140 ID: 44b350
File 139218815281.png - (12.01KB , 750x750 , lynddoom2.png )

>Well, only solution I can offer you is to use your wings and pretend your flying
I CAN'T FLAP ENOUGH HELP-- woah now there's bubbles coming out of me??

>Well, his eyes look like he's already dead.
He's not dead I just heard him mumble and bubble too! He's on the shore so he can't not-float and uh uh uh
No. 562141 ID: 44b350
File 139218816708.png - (67.45KB , 750x750 , lynddoom3.png )

>Know why he's dead? Because of the thing that the villagers gave you. Kill all of the villagers.
WHAT NO!! My villagers wouldn't do that they're toonice to lynd they would NEVRGRGERGLLLGRLGRLGLGLG
No. 562142 ID: 44b350
File 139218817974.png - (69.82KB , 750x750 , lynddoom4.png )

No. 562143 ID: 44b350
File 139218819117.png - (107.13KB , 750x750 , lyndend.png )

No. 562144 ID: 5fd94e

No. 562147 ID: a87e3a

Oh great, Lynd lost all her 1. Now she's gonna have to eat a bunch of 79 again to get it back.
No. 562152 ID: 4e75e1

oh god

this is sadder than when king kong died
No. 562153 ID: 4d42b5

But also funnier.
No. 562162 ID: 15c145

I have no idea on what just happened
No. 562163 ID: aabe6e

...WTF did I just witness?
No. 562167 ID: ddfb02

I think Lynd flies and is uber-boyant via all those bubbles, that normally stay inside her. But the rock pinned her limbs and left her unable to escape and the bubbles started coming out of her mouth and she started sinking?
No. 562170 ID: fe4bfc

She is full of Hydrogen which lets her float around. But being stuck under water its bubbling out of her system.

She should be able to keep her head above water and maybe Bo can pull her ashore shortly. Maybe.
No. 562177 ID: db9156

also that lick of the drink might have to do with this marginally? :x
No. 562187 ID: 0c1a69

How unfortunate. Now we must wait until we acquire a new look into things, possibly from Boaga's side. I do rather hope it comes soon.
No. 562325 ID: 61da19

Oh dear. Those are probably Lynd eggs. Things are going to get terrifying in however long those things gestate for.
No. 562336 ID: 0b54f4

Whoa, what?
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