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File 137671303395.jpg - (65.69KB , 600x600 , intermission.jpg )
535009 No. 535009 ID: f7d109

The Book of Worms: Intermission


Discussion thread:
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No. 535010 ID: f7d109
File 137671304296.jpg - (56.93KB , 600x600 , 163.jpg )

No. 535011 ID: f7d109
File 137671305422.jpg - (63.63KB , 600x600 , 164.jpg )

No. 535012 ID: f7d109
File 137671306677.jpg - (84.79KB , 600x600 , 165.jpg )

No. 535013 ID: f7d109
File 137671307554.jpg - (83.54KB , 600x600 , 166.jpg )

No. 535014 ID: f7d109
File 137671308740.jpg - (73.37KB , 478x600 , 167.jpg )

No. 535015 ID: f7d109
File 137671311690.jpg - (87.69KB , 600x600 , 168.jpg )

You are Radula
Tongue of the Un-speaker, Voice of the Anti-word, Messenger of the Name-eater, Hand of the Reason-thief, Injector of the Mind-venom-blessing. You are both an individual and, at the same time, part of a greater entity which resides outside of existence. You are tasked with fulfilling the will and actions of Cacophony as they are remembered within the great library/city/mind.
No. 535017 ID: f7d109
File 137671319878.jpg - (57.15KB , 600x600 , 169.jpg )

You stand on the precipice of a vast ruined tower situated within an enormous crater, its sides slowly cooling into a shell of greenish glass. This place disgusts you, and you don't intend to linger in your task. The longer you remain away from the library the harder it becomes to recall the past-that-will-be, so you rarely venture beyond its walls. Unfortunately something very important has been lost within the wreckage of this temple.
No. 535018 ID: bf54a8

use your otherworldy senses to locate it.
No. 535020 ID: af37bd

memory check, what was lost, how was it lost, and whats the worst case scenario?
No. 535022 ID: 41690e

What is this place you have come to, and how do you know the something missing is here? Do you have a way to locate it?
No. 535023 ID: 91c1b3

You probably could've gotten it much easier if you hadn't blown up the building. Keep that in mind for next time. If you reside in the library, does that mean you are looking for a book?
No. 535029 ID: 57a559

Get down to the ground and sniff the ground with your face tentacles for your missing thing.
No. 535030 ID: 9ddf68

any idea where it's at?
No. 535048 ID: 96c896

You're a butt, you know. You're a butt and nobody likes you.

Clamber down with involuntary spookiness and enter the ruined temple to look for your vaguely defined important thing.
No. 535049 ID: cf49fc

Reflect on how useless and vestigial your mouth tendrils are, and how pointless a pathetic and spindly neck is for trichordata.

Then move towards the relic.
No. 535057 ID: 3fba6e

Do you know where it will be? Because if not you're gonna have to get digging.
No. 535060 ID: dbe554

Scan through your thoughts of the Cacophony
No. 535103 ID: 5869f6

Go amongst the ruins for your objective.
Also yer a butt.
No. 535151 ID: c23ab0

Wake up!
No. 535171 ID: 35edd4

Realize that as the voice of the anti-word, the truest culmination of your identity would be to commit immediate suicide.
No. 535227 ID: f7d109
File 137678569396.jpg - (64.62KB , 492x600 , 170.jpg )

Ah yes, the Book! Without it, the Cacophony will not remember when and how it will awaken. Something happened here which brought the Cacophony into the world prematurely, with apparently catastrophic consequences. In the explosion the Book must have been torn from the library.
No. 535231 ID: f7d109
File 137678604758.jpg - (109.26KB , 600x600 , 171.jpg )

You have no ability that allows you to sense the book remotely in this world, but you do have something to aid in your search. You open your Pupils, giving you vision into the network of possibilities in this universe, each one branching into an infinite fractal of potential timelines. It looks like most of your potential decisions have you either descend into the temple or climb down on the outside, while a few apparently result in you searching the rubble on the top of the temple.
No. 535233 ID: f7d109
File 137678613456.jpg - (59.00KB , 600x427 , 172.jpg )

A flash of red ripples across your skin as your chromatophores twitch in irritation. This construct called existence operates under the diseased LIE known as "cause and effect". Every instant it is dividing into an infinite series of quantum possibilities, and while you can see these pathways, it is impossible to determine which one you are on without the book. THIS is why entering this world is so frustrating. It would be so much easier if everything that could ever happen just happened all at once as a glorious universal scream, both eternal and instantaneous. Until the awakening, however, you are a slave to causality.
No. 535234 ID: bf54a8

follow the path most often tread.
No. 535235 ID: 4a20fa

Search the rubble up here. It's not impossible that the most dangerously rare book was kept in a room right at the top.
No. 535236 ID: 41690e

Um. Okay. You can see possible futures. Which way you are more likely to search.

How does that help you, though? Is there any indication as to which possibilities may lead you to the book?
No. 535237 ID: 91c1b3

Is there any way for you to extend the range on how far you look ahead? Set in your mind that you will come back to this spot when and only when you find evidence of the book, then follow backwards the ones that come here. If nothing shows up, then search inside the building.
No. 535241 ID: 96c896

Go right in the temple and nose around. Wait, do you even have a nose?
No. 535246 ID: cf49fc

Cuttlefish use their whole bodies as noses. The more you know.
No. 535248 ID: 01531c

If you cannot see The Book until you have The Book, that also means you cannot see "when" you find The Book.

Which set of visions appear the least?
They most likely are the least, because you find The Book, which then blocks your Vision.
No. 535254 ID: 878cce

Your power is kinda useless, dude. You are looking at a stream of possibilities that are all negated by the fact that you are actually standing there instead of looking for the book!

As soon as you step forward (or fail to do so), you cause a whole new chain of possibilities, meanwhile erasing all the others.

You're better off just looking without your special eyes.

Go down the outside of the building since you have already decided it was lost to the tower.
No. 535284 ID: 9ddf68

check the temple first as that would probably be the most likely place to store something like the book.
No. 535294 ID: c23ab0

The book is totally in the rubble at the top of the temple.
No. 535295 ID: cf49fc

You're right. What's the point of seeing every possible worldline if YOU SEE EVERY POSSIBLE WORLDLINE AT ONCE? I mean, just look at the worldline where you give up all this nonsense about screaming eternities of negative causality and become a candystriper! WHAT KIND OF HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE REALM IS THAT?! Perhaps you should just try looking for the book manually instead.

Get it? Book? Manually?
No. 535527 ID: bc8d67

Can you determine the point where the Cacophony broke through? Because that would be the most likely point that the Book entered this world. Looking back, the most likely point would be inside the temple, with the second most being the top of the temple.

Don't suppose you have the ability to see back along what lines of causality have already been set? Because seeing what happened at the Cacophony intrusion point right before it came may indicate what brought it forth prematurely.
No. 535615 ID: f7d109
File 137688768195.jpg - (109.73KB , 600x600 , 173.jpg )

You step forward into the temple and the long chain of probable sequences collapses into a slightly smaller infinity than it was before. There is no way you know of to focus and identify "correct" futures besides acting to close possibilities, and the longer you stay in reality the shorter your range of vision. The force of the explosion has rendered some of the structure unsound, and large stone blocks have been knocked loose from the walls.
No. 535617 ID: f7d109
File 137688774816.jpg - (124.60KB , 600x586 , 174.jpg )

As you continue down the hallway you come across a creature half-buried under a pile of masonry, his leather and bronze cuirass crushed against his body by the weight of the stones. You have little understanding of his biological processes, but he appears to be dying.

Honestly you pity these poor souls; their lives are nothing but short and meaningless struggles against entropy, trapped in a doomed universe by a act of cowardice.
It appears he was blinded by the explosion, but senses your approach, calling out to you in a strange singsong language.

>"Hello? Someone there? Brothers, I implore you! help me!"
He coughs and some sort of hemolymph leaks from his mandible.

There appears to be a knot of probability around him, leaving you several paths.
You could ignore him and concentrate more on your immediate goal. You could attempt to comfort him in his final moments of consciousness, and possibly learn more about what caused the breach into reality. You could offer him the mercy of a quick death, ending the suffering brought on by this cruel existence. Or you could bestow upon him the blessing of the mind-poison, meaning he would no longer feel the pain of death, and although he would be in your complete control, he would make for a broken and useless disciple.
No. 535619 ID: e1609c

Comfort him. Information is key. Then once you have what you need, grant him the sweet release of death.
No. 535620 ID: 41690e

If he's of no use to you as a disciple, attempted to get information out of him seems the best approach. Furthering your mission is more important that granting the mercy of a quick death, after all.
No. 535621 ID: 96c896

Elaborate more on this "act of cowardice" please.

Find out more information about the explosion from him. Wait, when you bestow mind-poison upon someone, they can't die? Ever?
No. 535665 ID: 9ddf68

Ask him what happened here, might give us a clue about the location of the book.
No. 535668 ID: c23ab0


The material universe was created to force the Cacophany to sleep, by those who feared the horrors they embody. It was a desperate last minute move. Thus, cowardice. We've been over this already! Didn't you read the book?
No. 535703 ID: 5869f6

I agree, no need for him to suffer.
No. 535882 ID: f7d109
File 137696822360.jpg - (83.41KB , 600x566 , 175.jpg )

I am here, be at peace. What happened here?

>"The tower-"
He coughs.
>" The priests wanted to bridge the gap between the heavens and earth, so they built the tower. Then they sang forth, calling forth the gods to bring paradise unto this world."
No. 535885 ID: f7d109
File 137696824338.jpg - (51.41KB , 600x287 , 176.jpg )

Ahh, so the tower itself must have acted as a conduit, but that still doesn't explain how these creatures were able to awaken the Cacophony. It would take something of immense power to do so.

"Brother, are you still there? I fear I cannot see, I saw a bright flash and felt a great weight fall upon me. My legs feel strange, brother and your song, strange though it may be, it is a great comfort."
No. 535890 ID: 57a559

Tell him you fear he will not be long for this world. His body is crushed.
Tell him to focus on the comfort then. What led up to this moment? The song, what were the words? What were the instruments? Does he know where the priests gathered the immense power that would summon paradise? Answering these questions will be a useful distraction from the pain. Your own song will ease him...
Has he heard of a book? Describe the book of worms to him.
No. 535908 ID: 96c896

Tell him the tower exploded. Ask where the priests were singing. Perhaps someone else survived?
No. 535919 ID: f7d109
File 137697250965.jpg - (41.82KB , 446x600 , 177.jpg )

Song? What song? What are the....
No. 535920 ID: f7d109
File 137697253901.jpg - (41.26KB , 430x600 , 178.jpg )


No, Those...
No. 535921 ID: f7d109
File 137697260937.jpg - (123.59KB , 574x600 , 179.jpg )

VERMIN. You spit black venom, crimson blossoming over your body as hatred courses through your veins.
NOW you recognize that language. He speaks the word-songs of the Chorus. This can only mean there are agents here, meddling.
No. 535922 ID: 41690e

...is that us?

Sup, man. Sorry our presence angers you so.
No. 535923 ID: a1ab63

You just killed him didn't you? There goes your chance to pry more information from him.
No. 535924 ID: 96c896

Well twist the location of the agents out of him, then. Threaten to make his last moments even more painful than they already are if he does not tell you where this language he speaks came from.
No. 535942 ID: 9ddf68

No. 535949 ID: 5869f6

IS that us?
No. 535952 ID: 32e092

Well, we do sing sometimes...
No. 535989 ID: 4a20fa

Well, focus. Gotta see if blinky here will tell us about powerful magical catalysts before he finishes leaking.
No. 536000 ID: c23ab0

No. 536010 ID: 57a559

Calm down
Hatred is so unbecoming of you
No. 536052 ID: b9d767

Oh, do you mean us? Yeah, we've been talking to you for a while now. In fact, we've been trying to HELP you for a short while, so you should feel grateful. But if you're going to be a jerk about it then we can just wreak your stuff instead.

So Radula, what will it be?
No. 536057 ID: 5869f6

No. 536077 ID: 01531c

Those are his chromotaphores flashing red!
No. 536196 ID: f7d109
File 137705617231.jpg - (47.16KB , 256x600 , 180.jpg )

You try and collect yourself, but it is so rare that anything actually surprises you that it can be hard to suppress your rage. A slight blush remains.

The Chorus! That would explain how these creatures were able to summon the Cacophony. They've been hidden within the folds of this universe for eons now, any sign of them would be enough to awaken its hunger. You need to deal with this immediately, there is no telling what they could be plotting.
No. 536197 ID: f7d109
File 137705620341.jpg - (58.53KB , 600x448 , 181.jpg )

Sensing your mood the injured creature reaches for you weakly.
>"Please, I meant no disrespect, I am sorry brother."

No it is I who apologize, there is more at work here than you could possibly imagine. I believe that your people have been.. used somehow. Tell me, where are these priests you spoke of? What was this song?

>"They went to perform the song in the central chamber, six flights down. The way the tower is built, I could hear them from up here. I could not understand much of what they sang, but it was beautiful and alien to my ears. Then, there was a furious light, and a sound like the whole world roaring."
No. 536198 ID: f7d109
File 137705624450.jpg - (35.90KB , 600x366 , 182.jpg )

He heaves another wet cough and groans as the rubble shifts.
I thank you. You have told me a great deal, and I wish that I could do more.
No. 536199 ID: f7d109
File 137705625902.jpg - (57.16KB , 600x600 , 183.jpg )

Now rest.
No. 536201 ID: 41690e

Right, time to head head to the center, and six flights down. It's not implausible the priests or agents of the chorus held the book, and even if they do not, you still need to deal with them.

While you're en route, what can you tell us about the chorus?
No. 536206 ID: 96c896

What happens to people after they die?

I think you should make way downstairs.
No. 536210 ID: 9ddf68

well that was helpful, time to go down and see if we can find anything left of these dumb asses.
No. 536492 ID: c23ab0


>> after death
>> "after"

You really don't understand 22 dimensional geometry, do you.
No. 536512 ID: f7d109
File 137714569269.jpg - (71.10KB , 600x540 , 184.jpg )

What is the Chorus? It may be hard to contextualize.
Imagine a place, but not a place; a time without time.
It is a sea of, for lack of a better word..

A sea of noise.

However within this patternless void, a self-emergent force started to coalesce into a number of entities. They resonated in harmony with one another, creating energy which they used to shape the void into structure and reason.

As one pattern becomes emergent, so does another, and in response to such raw potential, a second force came into existence.


Cacophony; it set upon the fledgling pantheon like a wolf among lambs. Each shattered harmonic bond released power, strengthening the whirlwind of entropy until it was poised to consume the Chorus all together.

But before it could, the remaining Chorus created a pocket of structured reality and sang forth the Laws by which it would function. Cause, effect, matter, energy, space and time; together they created an environment where the Cacophony could not follow without being greatly diminished. There, the chorus have hidden themselves for aeons, as the Cacophony slept, waiting for a pathway with which it could enter and unmake the Laws.

In short, you are a predator, the Chorus are your prey.
No. 536513 ID: f7d109
File 137714572919.jpg - (61.37KB , 600x481 , 185.jpg )

What happens to people after they die? Honestly you have no idea. The concept of "not being" is one that you have struggled with, since you are in essence....


Not immortal,
certainly not invulnerable,
simply, you will always BE.

Even if your biological processes are destroyed, you are part of a limitless consciousness, and for every universe in which you aren't there are countless ones in which you are.

Pain, however, you understand.
You don't like pain.
Once you burned your finger. That was bad. You almost swore.
Which would have been worse.
No. 536537 ID: 9ddf68

what happens when you swear?
No. 536554 ID: cf49fc

He's The Word of Anti-Creation. Presumably a swear would Create something.
No. 536564 ID: c23ab0

So the sheep are in a pen, and the wolves are hungry, and you just jumped the fence to get back the piece of wolf brain the sheep nabbed just now. Ultimately your purpose is to destroy the sheep pen, that the wolves may feast, but if the wolves have holes in their brain they'll just sit there and stare, twitching occasionally.

What happens when the Cacophany runs out of sheep?
No. 536757 ID: f7d109
File 137723016579.jpg - (85.21KB , 600x595 , 186.jpg )

Speaking an anti-word within reality can have catastrophic and bizarre effects, so it must be done with extreme care. Casual misuse of the language can be just as dangerous to the speaker as as it is to everyone else. There's no sense unraveling local reality just because you stubbed your toe.

You find a set of stairs spiraling and you follow them down.
No. 536758 ID: f7d109
File 137723021496.jpg - (63.83KB , 600x332 , 187.jpg )

Three floors down you hear voices from ahead, so you peek around a corner to investigate. A pair of armored creatures are throwing themselves at a heavy wooden door in unison. Smoke is pouring out from underneath it and you can hear a voice calling from behind it.

From your vantage point several options become visible.
You could attempt to mind-poison one of them, and deal with the other in a number of ways. You could use your chromatophores to camouflage yourself, however the concentration involved reduces your multidimensional vision to mere fractions of seconds. You could approach them directly and either engage or assist them. Or, you could attempt to intervene covertly using an anti-word, though it may have unintended effects you cannot predict.
No. 536762 ID: 9ddf68

I say just hide and see if they can't get the door open just to see who is on the other side. It could be someone who knows what happened and where the book is, or at least give you a good clue. Or if you could knock the door down yourself you could just kill both of them, knock the door down, and then mind poison whoever is on the other side.
No. 536764 ID: 41690e

Covert! We don't want to be overt prematurely.
No. 536776 ID: bf54a8

once the door opens all the smoke will make it impossible for them to see eachother, that is when you strike and poison one, and then poison the other if you can while they can't see.
No. 536777 ID: 96c896

I want to see what anti-words do.
No. 536787 ID: 32e092

See if they're going to knock the door down on their own before acting. If so, let them.

If speaking anti-words unravels reality, isn't that a win for you? Don't you want to unravel reality as a whole?
No. 536799 ID: c23ab0


Reality will re-ravel itself quite handily if Radula commits to glorious annihilation without retrieving that book.
No. 536800 ID: 4a20fa

Stay hidden. We probably want that door open, and they're doing it for us, probably with more muscle than you can put behind it.
No. 536958 ID: f7d109
File 137731530019.jpg - (121.66KB , 600x600 , 188.jpg )

You lurk in the stairwell and watch them try to force the door for several minutes but it remains sturdy and unbroken, refusing to give an inch. Eventually you decide to try and help speed things up.

You open your mouth and whisper.

No. 536959 ID: f7d109
File 137731534594.jpg - (119.15KB , 506x600 , 189.jpg )

Ultraviolet light courses across the door and a century's worth of dry rot and rust eats through its structure in an instant.
No. 536961 ID: f7d109
File 137731536764.jpg - (105.59KB , 464x600 , 190.jpg )

One of the guards tears the rotten lumber and steel apart on his next attempt, surprised by the sudden explosion of dust.
No. 536962 ID: f7d109
File 137731539758.jpg - (109.20KB , 600x600 , 191.jpg )

Smoke pours into the hallway, and the other guard clutches his arm, screaming in horror. He holds up a limb, its musculature dessicated to the shoulder by extreme age.


Well the door is gone at least.
No. 536963 ID: bf54a8

move in they have separated, so now is the time to strike.
No. 536964 ID: 96c896

Mind-poison the unwounded guard. Having a helper would be useful.
No. 536973 ID: 9ddf68

can you see who they were trying to save?
No. 537139 ID: 41690e

I think now we want to see who and/or what the guards have rescued. A priest? A disciple of the chorus?

If necessary, you could venom the close one while he's off guard and the others are inside the room? If you did it fast enough, they might not even notice you've turned it. You could do the sneaky compromised person like you did (or will do) with Mary.
No. 537591 ID: f7d109
File 137748555238.jpg - (88.21KB , 600x593 , 192.jpg )

While they are distracted, you take the opportunity to fire your tongue barb at the uninjured guard. It pierces his neck with an audible "thunk", having to puncture some sort of naturally occurring plate of bone and keratin. Nevertheless it delivers a powerful dose of the blessed mind-poison and he shudders as his individual will is throttled by the voice of the un-speaker.

Under its influence he will fight until his body ceases to function, he will know no pain or fear, and will obey your will unquestioningly. You can control him from a distance, seeing and hearing what he sees and knows, or you can have him function semi- autonomously although with fairly simple behaviors.
No. 537593 ID: f7d109
File 137748559727.jpg - (67.36KB , 436x600 , 193.jpg )

A small figure in a ridiculous headdress staggers out of the inferno and leans against to stone, coughing. From his garb you identify him as some sort of hireophant, and may have more information on the nature of the ritual which summoned you.
No. 537595 ID: 41690e

Use the uninjured guard to gather information from the priest. They will not suspect his true motives.
No. 537596 ID: e1609c

Best course of action, try to stay out of sight if he hasnt seen you yet.
No. 537597 ID: 735f4f

Stay out of sight and have the guard help the priest. Have him ask what happened while he leads him to "safety".
No. 537598 ID: bd48c5

Oh, silly me. I have just now realized where we are!

Sting the hierophant. They will most assuredly be useful.
No. 537600 ID: d2995c

Can they tell you what they previously knew once they are Venomed, or will you need to get information out of him the hard way?
No. 537618 ID: 91c1b3

Neat! Is there anything that would make him less able to follow your orders? (like how much damage can he take and still keep walking) Or to stop him completely? (knowing how to stop the enemy from breaking your control is important)

[where are we? The Library of Alexandria?]
No. 537631 ID: bd48c5

I'll give you a hint: where else do we know that sustained a catastrophic explosion followed by a manifestation of Radula?
No. 537632 ID: 96c896

We don't know of anywhere like that. Speak plainly or not at all.
No. 537636 ID: 5fd94e


We're in an MRI machine?
No. 537639 ID: 32e092

I knew it! That priest must be an electron. Sneaky bastards, those.
No. 537658 ID: d2995c

I don't know what you are going for here, but the impression I get is the Tower of Babel.
No. 537661 ID: 761017

>where else do we know that sustained a catastrophic explosion followed by a manifestation of Radula?

Do you mean Interstate Highway 66?
No. 537688 ID: 4a20fa

No. 538055 ID: f7d109
File 137765755226.jpg - (90.78KB , 465x600 , 194.jpg )

>"Captain! Thank the song!"

You reach into the mind of your new desciple and speak through him.
"Sir! Were working to rescue as many people as we can. Any Idea what happened?"

>" I'm not sure, myself."
He coughs and continues.
>"The song we prepared was to open a channel into the heavens, or at least that's what we thought."
No. 538056 ID: f7d109
File 137765757186.jpg - (38.02KB , 600x450 , 195.jpg )

He looks over at the other guard.
>"Captain, what happened to this man's hand?"

Guard Captain
"Not sure sir, The door suddenly gave way and his arm kind of withered away like that."

>" I want you both to accompany me to the central chamber. I'm afraid we may have indeed summoned something. Hopefully the high priest is still alive."
No. 538059 ID: bf54a8

shadow them there. this high priest will probably know the most.
No. 538069 ID: 41690e

Right. Send your secret minion along with the priest to see what he can learn. They're headed to the high priest- if he or she survived, they should have the information you require.

You should continue searching, and approach from another direction. See if you can find any more to turn into disciples, or other situations that might be useful to you.
No. 538070 ID: 9ddf68

sweat as long as we don't do anything to bring attention to our new minion the high priest might be able to tell us everything that happened here.
No. 538087 ID: 57a559

Ask if he's sure he means summoned and not a big fat hole in existence? Because you'd swear the explosion was big enough to tear apart space itself. The guard would say that, not you as in Radula.

The gaurd would ask that because he's not so good on understanding the spiritual stuff. Would summoning and making a big hole things could come through mean anything different? He surely didn't intend to summon anything, did he? Be adamant, you don't like being jerked around. Your colleague lost his arm for this... horrific mistake. Perhaps heresy is afoot. You hate heretics. Especially since your bud's arm is gone.
No. 538109 ID: 4a20fa

This, so long as you can pay attention to both yourself and your minion at once. Else >>538059 .
No. 538281 ID: f7d109
File 137775364946.jpg - (106.44KB , 600x600 , 196.jpg )

The priest scuttles off downstairs and you instruct your minion to follow him, taking the other, still shell-shocked guard with them
No. 538282 ID: f7d109
File 137775366081.jpg - (75.41KB , 600x474 , 197.jpg )

With them gone, you peek into the now open room. It appears to be a small store room, its shelves piled with scrolls and slabs of clay. It also seems to contain a lot of fire.
No. 538283 ID: bf54a8

hmm... you can hear everything your minion can yes? do a quick scan of the room for anything related to the chorus or cacophony. see what they know.
No. 538284 ID: 96c896

Can't you like, use a word to unmake the fire and maybe take a look at some of this stuff?
No. 538285 ID: 9ddf68

see anything of use? If not leave this place and I guess do something else. Not sure what, you could shadow your minion and look for an opening to mind poison the head priest to learn what he knows, looks elsewhere in the building to see if you can't find anything of use or interest, or something else? don't really care what you pick just go with whatever seems best.
No. 538296 ID: c23ab0


Well there is Tartarus but it has that little side effect of plunging everything into an incomprehensibly deep abyss. Really fire isn't that much to be concerned about. If anything it removing evidence of the Chorus will make their grasp on this reality all the more tenuous. Unless the book is here, and given what it represents it's not like they would rush to toss it in the storeroom while their temple was busy exploding.
No. 538300 ID: 41690e

If there's nothing of interest here, explore another hallway. We still have a book to find, and things to learn. Being in two places at once expedites that. If you find more beings to bless, that hastens the process further.
No. 538302 ID: 91c1b3

See if you can tell if any have been used recently. If any stand out then check them. How do you feel about these beings use of books?
No. 538381 ID: da8d49

do this, also try and keep the fire from destroying evidence
No. 538394 ID: 5acad3
File 137783306462.jpg - (75.06KB , 600x512 , 198.jpg )

You consider your options.
You think you can put out the fire using an anti-word but, as shown, they lack subtlety. You nearly blew your cover with that last one.

You aren't sure weather of the contents of these shelves are important or not, but they look like a primitive information storage system. You don't see the Book anywhere in the room, but they may hold information about the chorus's activities on this planet.

however these crude pseudo-books are like the scribbles of infants, hopelessly inefficient and easily damaged. Given time, you are sure that these creatures will see the logic of storing information in complex chemical structures which interact directly with the nervous system. It allows for a perfect and complete communication of any complex or sensitive concept to any higher life form. Though... many of these chemicals can be incredibly debilitating, so you have to be careful when blessing weaker biological constructs.

You hesitate before speaking...
No. 538395 ID: 96c896

Eh. Just use your barb to grab some non-burnt stuff.

Uh, is that shadow someone coming up the stairs?
No. 538398 ID: 9ddf68

think there might be someone coming up from behind you, maybe. If you actually think there might be something of use in there then use a word, if not see how your minion is doing in his info gathering.
No. 538407 ID: 4a20fa

This isn't what we're here for. Move on.
No. 538510 ID: 5acad3
File 137792396637.jpg - (71.74KB , 600x600 , 199.jpg )

You decide against using another word and decide to try more conventional means first.
You choose an ornate looking scroll that looks untouched by the fire and spear it with your tongue barb. Not really what it's for, but it does the job.
No. 538512 ID: 5acad3
File 137792400033.jpg - (45.58KB , 600x411 , 200.jpg )

You yank your tongue back through the door and claim your prize. Unfortunately your appendage also comes back lightly toasted, but you endure the pain in silence.
No. 538515 ID: 5acad3
File 137792415832.jpg - (45.42KB , 600x392 , 201.jpg )

You open the parchment and pour over it, your mind breaking apart and translating patterns as you read.

When the skies above were not yet named
Nor earth below pronounced by name,
Apsu, the first one, their begetter,
And maker Tiamat, who bore them all,
Had mixed their waters together,
But had not formed pastures, nor discovered reed-beds;
When yet no gods were manifest,
Nor names pronounced, nor destinies decreed,
Then gods were born within them....

Hmm, appears to be some sort of primitive analogy for universal creation. You continue further.

He [Marduk] sliced her [Tiamat] in half like a fish for drying:
Half of her he put up to roof the sky,
Drew a bolt across and made a guard to hold it.
Her waters he arranged so they could not escape....

Ahh... propaganda. You see the chorus painting themselves to be the conquering victors; triumphant slayers of chaos and builders of the firmament.

Blood I will mass and cause bones to be.
I will establish a savage, ‘Man’ shall be his name.
Verily, savage-man I will create.
He shall be charged with the service of the gods
That they [the gods] might be at ease!

You've read enough. This pompous tripe goes on at length, establishing the civilization here as doting servants, boasts of conquest over various primeval monstrosities, and documents several episodes of incestuous savagery.
No. 538516 ID: 5acad3
File 137792417625.jpg - (76.84KB , 396x600 , 202.jpg )

You place the document where it belongs.
Arrogant and disgusting as it was, it was not useless. You now have a clearer understanding of the forces at work here, and document contained names, which can be useful. Names contain power, and part of your aspect happens to be the "Eater-of-Names".

You decide to refocus your mind and check in on your disciple
No. 538518 ID: 5acad3
File 137792423407.jpg - (88.41KB , 543x600 , 203.jpg )

Following the priest, your minion emerges from a long hallway into an enormous room, its walls decorated in colored tile, and on its ceiling is a detailed star chart picked out in lapis lazuli. In its center stands a person wearing a golden circlet, a sash, and a simple robe.

>"Sire! Thank above you're alive! What in the seven songs is going on?"

>"I am uncertain, I was just about to attempt to appeal to higher authorities for answers."
No. 538523 ID: 96c896

Make haste downstairs to catch up with the group. I wonder if you could have the guard kill everyone here except the new guy, then capture the new guy for interrogation?
No. 538525 ID: b32a14

Continue your own search, for the book, and more people to bless, while moving closer. Have your minion wait to see if this 'appeal' provides you with any information.

If nothing else, it may provide an opportunity for your minion to attack the others, if we deem it necessary.
No. 538531 ID: 9ddf68

just have your minion follow for know and only speak when spoken too. lets see what info we can gather from these 2 before we tell our minion to do anything else. We might get lucky and find out what exactly happened or at least get a clue on where to find the book.
No. 538562 ID: 4a20fa

No. 538963 ID: 5acad3
File 137809238865.jpg - (61.30KB , 378x600 , 204.jpg )

The priest raises his hands and begins to sing. Echos rebound off of the temple walls and are incorporated into the prayer, allowing him to harmonize with himself.
No. 538964 ID: 5acad3
File 137809242745.jpg - (70.04KB , 600x600 , 205.jpg )

A shimmering light forms overhead and coalesces into a trio of figures.

They respond in unison.
You wish to speak to us?

High Priest
>"Almighty dinjir, you have given our people the gifts of reason and thought, and asked of us to create a holy tower, so that we might achieve salvation."
>" And having built the tower, you then gave unto us a prayer and asked of us to sing its words from the central chamber, such that it might reach the heavens."
No. 538965 ID: 5acad3
File 137809245779.jpg - (34.11KB , 465x600 , 206.jpg )

They confer with each other and respond.

High Priest
>" My lords, upon performing the ritual a furious light poured forth from the temple, and wiped clean the earth of my people and the tower stands in ruin. We beseech your aid. "
No. 538970 ID: 5acad3
File 137809271176.jpg - (36.34KB , 403x600 , 207.jpg )

There is a note of discord. The third figure speaks solemnly.
[color=blue]It was known that this would happen.[/color=blue]

The other two turn on him
[color=blue]ENKI, silence yourself
[color=blue]I cannot, what we did was wrong, and they deserve an explanation. We have used your people in an unforgivable way, but we did so hoping to achieve a salvation of which you cannot comprehend, striking a blow at an ancient enemy. Tell me, after the event, have you found anything... strange?[/color=blue]
No. 538971 ID: 5acad3
File 137809275558.jpg - (75.73KB , 600x568 , 208.jpg )

High Priest
>"Yes, lord Enki, once I could see again, I found this lying on the chamber floor."
No. 538977 ID: 9ddf68

If it's the book DON'T DO ANYTHING. Just keep watching because I'm sure once these guys are done talking the head priest is going to try and hide the book. Once he does this get our minion to 'volunteer' to hide the book or just kill everyone and take it for ourselves. Whatever we do we must do it after these things leave.
No. 538979 ID: 96c896

Wait for it... finding out what they want to do with the book might be a good idea, so you can more effectively prevent it.
No. 538984 ID: bf54a8

you are in the bubble, you are weak compared to them so you must wait until they leave or you would simply be destroyed as having their attention would get reality's attention and thus you could be ejected due to not being native.
No. 538993 ID: b32a14

...the book.

Head that way, now. Raise an army as you go.

Your minion should be ready to strike, although I'm not sure if he's a match for the three pretender-gods in the room. If he strikes down the priest, will they dissipate? Do they have any power while manifested here?
No. 538995 ID: c23ab0

I still say you should check through the rubble on the roof.
No. 539007 ID: 9414aa

You may wish to act before the book can be taken away by natural or supernatural means.

Make the soldier burst into a fit of blasphemous shouts. While all eyes are on him, barb and control the priest. Once the priest is under your influence, have him chastise the soldier for his outburst. Make the priest excuse the soldier and himself from the presence of the three beings, bringing the book to you.
No. 539012 ID: 43d3e6

I would advocate against acting IN FRONT OF those beings, in this world, where they are strongest.

Unless they plan to take the book. Or something.
No. 539015 ID: 4a20fa

This, but also
>Head that way, now. Raise an army as you go.
Just don't make a commotion near them.
No. 539121 ID: 01531c

Just a reminder: Radula is still upstairs in the burning library
No. 539140 ID: 5869f6

No. 539355 ID: 5acad3
File 137827003561.jpg - (56.72KB , 600x600 , 209.jpg )

High Priest
>"What is it?"

It contains the distilled wisdom and memory of everything that has happened...
No. 539356 ID: 5acad3
File 137827005771.jpg - (65.94KB , 600x490 , 210.jpg )

...everything that will happen...
No. 539357 ID: 5acad3
File 137827007007.jpg - (85.15KB , 600x516 , 211.jpg )

...and in a way, everything that can happen.
No. 539358 ID: 5acad3
File 137827010837.jpg - (56.38KB , 600x600 , 212.jpg )

We hope that, by studying it we may find a weakness in an enemy which ever we have long feared. It is a force which, given time, will ride forth and annihilate everything: people, worlds, the heavens. The book is the key, even if we cannot use it to defeat this force, we may be able to use it to exploit the nature of its memory.
No. 539359 ID: 5acad3
File 137827017302.jpg - (66.98KB , 509x600 , 213.jpg )

Guard Captain
"You hope? You come to our people offering salvation, betray our trust and burn our kingdom to ash in an instant? Do you know how many people? How many families you just sacrificed for a glimmer of hope? You think you can do this atrocity and leave us to sift through the ash for our loved ones?

Ki and Enlil
We understand your fury. We too have placed ourselves in great danger to claim this tome. And yes, it is but a glimmer of victory. But in the ever expanding universe of possibility, even the smallest droplet of hope can give way to a flood of salvation. You must realize that without your sacrifice, everything that has ever existed faces inevitable destruction. A destruction that would render everything, including your sacrifice meaningless.
No. 539360 ID: 96c896

Have the captain ask how they propose you keep the book away from their "enemy". Have him ask who this "enemy" is, anyway? This is a delaying tactic, of course.
No. 539361 ID: 57a559

Our lives are but temporary, as is much all else in existence. What are we... you even fighting? You call it an enemy but the way you describe it, it sounds simply like Time itself.

And now you make some of our lives last even shorter? You require sacrifice so others may live, what, slightly longer?
Don't even dare call this pessimistic, this sounds like a problem for the gods to solve, who have more time than any mortal can imagine. What right do you have to sacrifice US, who have so little?
No. 539369 ID: 07e3a8

The guard needs to continue to stall. Draw on the pretender's nature. They seek to justify their actions to the mortals. Have your pawn continue to react with anger and resentment at their usury and betrayal. What right do they have to choose their people pay this price?

This is to delay the pretenders from claiming the book as they explain, and to give the priest doubts about handing it over.

When he can stall no longer, he is to take the book by force.

Hopefully you and your reinforcements will arrive in time.
No. 539513 ID: 5acad3
File 137839846360.jpg - (54.21KB , 600x600 , 214.jpg )

Guard Captain
"Meaningless? MEANINGLESS? What meaning can possibly be gleaned by raising a kingdom favored above all others, gifted with the vision and wisdom of the gods, only to reduce it to dust in an instant in an act of deceit?

When this world was seeded with life, there was much... discord.. over whether or not to endow its people with the spark of reason. Some claimed it better to make the people as unthinking tools, seeing no atrocity in the slaughter of mere slave-things. However, as aspect of thought, it fell to me to create their minds. It was decided that the people of this world would be given the ability to understand and reason. It was my hope that when the truth behind our motives was revealed, our actions as creators would be judged by our children.
No. 539514 ID: 5acad3
File 137839848837.jpg - (43.26KB , 600x292 , 215.jpg )

Judged by our children, not by you, Un-speaker.

You grin through your minion's teeth.
Ha, yes, what right do I have to judge, I am not their "benevolent" creator. I did not create them to live short, crude, hopeless lives, destined to become sacrifices in a battle they do not know of, nor could possibly understand. No, I am a simple, primal creature. I do not need to justify my actions, and I will not judge you by what you have done, rather I will judge you by how you taste.
No. 539515 ID: 5acad3
File 137839850211.jpg - (45.87KB , 464x600 , 216.jpg )

The high priest, stunned by his captain's words snaps out of his shock.

High Priest
>"What is this? Captain? What are you saying? GUARDS! To the central chamber! The captain has gone mad! Stop him!"
No. 539516 ID: 5acad3
File 137839852066.jpg - (101.26KB , 600x600 , 217.jpg )

The balcony above the chamber instantly swarms with activity as a squad of bowmen take up their positions.
No. 539518 ID: 07e3a8

This would be a great time for the reveal they waited too long- that you have already gotten here, and those guards are already yours. By opening fire on the pretender gods.

Assuming that's not the case, continue rushing to the scene. Your minion should grab the priest as a human shield- the archers will hesitate before killing one of their own.

And that gets him closer to the book.

Do not hesitate to kill the priest if necessary.
No. 539527 ID: c23ab0

Well that escalated quickly.
No. 539533 ID: 57a559

Shout that the enemy your gods have feared have possessed this husk. He is still alive, somewhere in there. He is no heretic, go ahead, ask your gods! Ask them! Ask what their enemy is capable of? Ask what's so horrific about them! You think as if this body speaks its own mind? No, it is suppressed.

Go ahead and kill your friend, isn't that right gods? That's precisely what they'd be doing. Killing a loyal soldier who's only crime was letting his guard down enough to get poisoned. And ask yourselves, how many have been poisoned already? You think this isn't the only one I've gotten ahold of? How many are under the control of the enemy? How many friends of yours are you willing to kill for these damned gods? They aren't dead, as I've said twice already! Only you can kill them. Who knows, if you act accordingly and give me the book, I will let you live your short lives unperturbed!

I know it seems dumb to reveal what you've been doing, but you'd probably cause enough discord to get the book. Guards would start turning on each other.
No. 539536 ID: 3394ed

You have power over names, right? They told you Enki's name, exert your power over it.
No. 539541 ID: 52e1ab

Try for this.
No. 539542 ID: 68ac42

maybe they're ours?
No. 539565 ID: 87cfd7

If all else fails, we can always try an anti-word.
No. 539724 ID: 5acad3
File 137857998315.jpg - (50.87KB , 600x600 , 218.jpg )

High Priest
>"Soldiers, your captain has lost his mind! He speaks of seeking to destroy the gods!"
No. 539725 ID: 5acad3
File 137858001636.jpg - (67.13KB , 600x600 , 219.jpg )

>"You must cut him down!"
No. 539726 ID: 5acad3
File 137858002434.jpg - (53.93KB , 600x449 , 220.jpg )

No. 539727 ID: 5acad3
File 137858004492.jpg - (88.18KB , 600x600 , 221.jpg )

It is too late for you, pretenders, I have tasted your names...
No. 539728 ID: 5acad3
File 137858007725.jpg - (41.87KB , 600x491 , 222.jpg )

...I know the shape of your fear.
No. 539729 ID: 5acad3
File 137858011860.jpg - (98.90KB , 600x494 , 223.jpg )

"M̢o̶th͢e̷r ͡of ͏Dr̶ag̀oǹs "
No. 539730 ID: 5acad3
File 137858015790.jpg - (105.15KB , 600x600 , 224.jpg )

"T̢i̷ama҉t "
No. 539732 ID: 07e3a8

Oh. Hey. Cool.

So... our goals are to prevent the pretenders from claiming the book, having one of your minions get ahold of it himself, and killing the pretenders.
No. 539734 ID: 1444c7

Pretty thing. Don't forget in your rage that harming the gods is only of secondary concern. Getting back the book is where it's at.
No. 539736 ID: 4a20fa

Have captain grab the book and leg it not that there's a giant worm to do the violent bit.
No. 539740 ID: 5acad3
File 137859183884.jpg - (82.12KB , 600x600 , 225.jpg )

As the Titan Mother emerges, it shakes the temple to its foundation, sending the Book of Worms flying out of the High Priest's grasp.
No. 539741 ID: 5acad3
File 137859184799.jpg - (45.02KB , 600x493 , 226.jpg )

The high priest pleads to his follower with his last breath.
>"Run...my... brother..."
No. 539742 ID: 5acad3
File 137859188331.jpg - (68.79KB , 600x600 , 227.jpg )

The tiny Hierophant seizes the tome and flees into the temple's under-croft, dodging a volley of arrows from your minions.
No. 539743 ID: 57a559

Yell "Thief, come back here."
Worth a shot, maybe he'll take that insult personally and give it up to its owner morally.

Where are you physically in all this? You were super fast getting those guards under your control. You should be able to catch up to him and brain pierce him.
No. 539745 ID: 07e3a8

Have your minion pursue with all haste, while the archers and worm deal with the pretenders.

You, and any remaining minions approaching the central chamber, need to do your darndest to cut off the hippo priest as he flees.
No. 539746 ID: 4a20fa

Give chase!
No. 539925 ID: 5acad3
File 137869604946.jpg - (63.60KB , 600x600 , 228.jpg )

Having watched the exchange from the shadows, you follow the terrified hippo downstairs.
No. 539926 ID: 5acad3
File 137869606036.jpg - (95.61KB , 600x600 , 229.jpg )

Blending yourself into the background you approach the priest unseen and prepare to strike.
No. 539927 ID: 5acad3
File 137869612466.jpg - (86.88KB , 500x600 , 230.jpg )

Upstairs Tiamat lunges at the deities using its toothed head like a titanic mace, plowing through stone as it writhes across the temple floor.
No. 539928 ID: 5acad3
File 137869613610.jpg - (73.94KB , 600x600 , 231.jpg )

The Earth aspect, Ki, dodges aside and delivers a vicious slash deep into its massive bulk.
No. 539930 ID: 5acad3
File 137869619162.jpg - (118.71KB , 600x600 , 233.jpg )

Your senses tell you to prepare for something and you retreat as a section of the tunnel collapses. Irritated, you backtrack and try to find another way around.
Just what the hell is going on up there?
No. 539931 ID: 07e3a8

You must find that priest.

Direct any additional minions you have towards helping you cut him off on the other side of that rubble. Presumably they know the layout of this building- use that knowledge to your advantage.
No. 539932 ID: 735f4f

This is what you get for trying to showboat instead of keeping your eye on the prize.
No. 539977 ID: 9aa6d4

it seems tiamat is not enough to take care of them. go help it, you can track the book later.
No. 539990 ID: 4a20fa

No. 539995 ID: 2aba6c

this, use minions to find the hippo
No. 540006 ID: 2d638b

we need the book, the rest is just a perk. GO FOR THE BOOK
No. 540026 ID: 96c896

The book is the only important thing. The "gods" will die eventually when the Cacophony resurfaces anyway. Why bother killing them now?
No. 540166 ID: 2accaa

But it would be oh so satisfying to see them die now, at your hands.
No. 540183 ID: 5acad3
File 137886704251.jpg - (61.67KB , 600x600 , 234.jpg )

While you are backtracking, Enlil, lord of the storm, positions himself over your archers. He unleashes a crackling bolt of electricity and manages to catch three of them in the blast.

You have nine more positioned on the balconies surrounding the room, as well as a half a dozen spear men you managed to convert ready to be deployed.
No. 540184 ID: 5acad3
File 137886707027.jpg - (76.92KB , 600x593 , 235.jpg )

You take control of the "Captain" minion and send him down into the undercroft in an attempt to cut off the fleeing priest. As he leaves, Tiamat manages to catch the goddess Ki in midair...
No. 540186 ID: 5acad3
File 137886708661.jpg - (80.37KB , 417x600 , 236.jpg )

...but before the wyrm can deliver a killing blow, Enki attacks with a headbutt which staggers the titan.
No. 540202 ID: 07e3a8

Send in the extra spearsman. They're to act as hounds for your wyrm-hunter. To distract and occupy it's prey, to separate them, and keep them from coming to each others' aid in time.

This strategy will cost you in spearmen and archers, but it is necessary to keep the pretenders occupied and/or kill them, to keep them from coming for the book.

You must find the book.
No. 540203 ID: 96c896

I don't suppose mundane weapons work at all against them do they? Regardless, send a few extra troops down with the "Captain" to make sure they can cover more ground. As for the "gods", you could just walk up there and throw around a bunch of anti-words to help Tiamat. Where did Tiamat come from exactly?
No. 540213 ID: c23ab0

Tiamat didn't come from anywhere. The universe is a lie, and Tiamat is the truth. The truth is always there, no matter how covered in lies.
No. 540214 ID: 4a20fa

Yes, use the disposable pawns to keep the false gods busy.
No. 540295 ID: 5eea01

You got GOTE, son.
No. 540306 ID: 5acad3
File 137895868716.jpg - (68.88KB , 600x414 , 237.jpg )

You decide to call in your remaining disciples, and the spearmen charge into the fray without fear or hesitation. You doubt mere mortal bodies could deal significant damage to what are essentially gods, but you hope to keep them at least distracted while you search.
No. 540307 ID: 5acad3
File 137895875869.jpg - (40.76KB , 244x800 , 238.jpg )

The converted guards surround the deity Enki impaling him on their spears. His body bleeds an ice cold torrent of water from its wounds, which cascades over the marble floor. You remember reading something about Enki's nature as a giver of water as well as knowledge.
No. 540308 ID: 5acad3
File 137895878075.jpg - (81.33KB , 600x600 , 239.jpg )

Downstairs, the guard captain manages to catch up to the short legged priest as he descends into a deep, hollow stairwell.

"Hey! Stop right there!"

Your words echo oddly, as if the whole chamber is resigned to resonate, possibly to help form the inter universal conduit that awoke the Cacophony.
He turns to look, and hesitates when he sees the captain, but continues running.
No. 540313 ID: 96c896

Have the Captain catch up and gloat horribly when he gets the book back.
No. 540350 ID: 4a20fa

Have the captain catch up and just stab him. Dead people pull fewer escape tricks. And we still need to catch up ourselves.
No. 540352 ID: 53f9d7

Throw the spear at that little butthead let's goo
No. 540363 ID: 68ac42

I didn't know they had bad combovers in ancient Babylon.
No. 540366 ID: 54fe7c

You know if merely touching the book allows the memory embedded in it to sink into a person's mind. Why hasn't that hippo gotten a acid trip yet?
No. 540370 ID: 07e3a8

Your captain must be in better shape than the priest, he should be able to catch up.

The thing to be careful of is the priest dropping the book down the stairwell, especially if he's killed.

...and I don't know if that flood of water is going to be a problem, either.

>Why hasn't that hippo gotten a acid trip yet?
Maybe he isn't sensitive enough? Sensitivity could vary. And the fact he hasn't touched the inside might matter.
No. 540441 ID: 5acad3
File 137904779081.jpg - (31.86KB , 600x309 , 240.jpg )

Your soldier takes aim and hurls his spear at the tiny priest...
No. 540442 ID: 5acad3
File 137904780718.jpg - (70.29KB , 600x429 , 241.jpg )

...who turns with a squeal as it hits him squarely in the shoulder, nearly stapling him to the wall.
No. 540443 ID: 5acad3
File 137904782644.jpg - (116.31KB , 600x600 , 242.jpg )

Giving you the time to drop down behind him.
Your mind-voice seethes with an incandescent fury.
The Book. Give it to me. Now.
No. 540444 ID: 5acad3
File 137904785622.jpg - (122.67KB , 600x600 , 243.jpg )

No. 540445 ID: 5acad3
File 137904788204.jpg - (108.54KB , 600x600 , 244.jpg )

No. 540446 ID: 5acad3
File 137904793389.jpg - (85.70KB , 600x600 , 245.jpg )

Upstairs, your remaining archers manage to keep Enlil distracted long enough for Tiamat to catch him in midair. The great wyrm rears triumphantly as it starts to chew its prey, seemingly unconcerned as Ki continues to slash at its body.
No. 540447 ID: 96c896

Uh, I think that lightning god is about to deliver a potent shock straight down the length of that very wet worm.
No. 540448 ID: 07e3a8

I warned you to watch out for that.

Follow. Quickly.
No. 540452 ID: d2995c

Slam the lightning god into the floor to ground his attack.
No. 540455 ID: 4a20fa

Dive after it. A few broken everythings are still better than losing the book.
No. 540504 ID: 68ac42

also, dont you have wings?
No. 540506 ID: c23ab0


That would make things so much easier. No.
No. 540528 ID: 96c896

Oh, in your haste, don't trip and fall down the stairs, possibly breaking your neck and forcing you to reconstitute in order to retrieve the book!
No. 540533 ID: 5acad3
File 137913371994.jpg - (57.32KB , 600x503 , 246.jpg )

As Tiamat greedily devours its catch, a surge of energy courses through the storm god, creating tendrils of electricity which search through the air for the path of least resistance.
No. 540534 ID: 5acad3
File 137913377901.jpg - (78.61KB , 384x600 , 247.jpg )

They bury themselves in the creature's soaking flank and a thunderbolt hammers through the wyrm mother.
No. 540535 ID: 5acad3
File 137913384586.jpg - (44.79KB , 291x600 , 248.jpg )

The great monster teeters, its carapace smoking and scorched from the blast.
No. 540536 ID: 5acad3
File 137913390683.jpg - (74.78KB , 600x394 , 249.jpg )

But even as your champion staggers, you race towards your prize. She has fulfilled her purpose and delayed any pursuit, giving you the opening you needed. All that matters to you now is the Book.
No. 540538 ID: 5acad3
File 137913392747.jpg - (55.24KB , 456x600 , 250.jpg )

Nothing can possibly stop you now.
No. 540539 ID: 5acad3
File 137913394578.jpg - (77.90KB , 445x600 , 251.jpg )

No. 540540 ID: 5acad3
File 137913395983.jpg - (65.18KB , 495x600 , 252.jpg )

No. 540541 ID: 5acad3
File 137913396804.jpg - (83.63KB , 600x600 , 253.jpg )

No no no no no no
No. 540542 ID: 5acad3
File 137913398601.jpg - (85.83KB , 600x560 , 254.jpg )

No. 540544 ID: 5acad3
File 137913412445.jpg - (126.40KB , 509x600 , 255.jpg )

No. 540545 ID: 5acad3
File 137913415928.jpg - (82.66KB , 600x600 , 256.jpg )


No. 540546 ID: 5acad3
File 137913420980.jpg - (93.60KB , 600x600 , 257.jpg )

No. 540547 ID: 5acad3
File 137913425416.jpg - (111.86KB , 800x800 , 258.jpg )


No. 540548 ID: e7e6da

Tough luck my dear otherworldly being. Looks like the Book has slipped out of your grasp. Better hope it's not sentient and this is merely a stroke of bad luck. In any case, I suppose that various hijinks will ensure that you'll never get the Book for a long time. But in any case, if you find that it has fallen into the hands of some fox or canine guy constantly sleep deprived with a hole in his head. Try taking a more subtle approach.
No. 540554 ID: 96c896

Great, now the Book is... destroyed? What did you just DO?

I bet the gods totally got away, too. What a huge failure you are, Radula. A HUGE FAILURE.
No. 540556 ID: 07e3a8


So... are you dead in this Universe now, or what? If not, get the fuck up already. You have a book to find.
No. 540559 ID: a36601

Lessons learned: Never speak anyone's actual name (might want to come up with aliases), we could probably hide the book; especially if we do a twofold hiding spot (A puts book into one box and lays out 2 others next to it, B hides each box, noone knows exactly where the book is, or maybe have each person carry a possible book box), Rad can control himself and others at the same time, if the venom carries a message in its chemical structure then maybe we can reverse it, and finally, don't ever make Rad think he has lost outright.

Radula has heard Dr. Slate, Todd, and possibly Dale's name. He most likely does not know Jeff or Beth's name (since they were never stated while anyone he controlled was nearby)
No. 540563 ID: c23ab0

Let's review.

1) Radula isn't dead. That's like saying blue is dead.
2) Swearing is bad.
No. 540570 ID: b9d598


3) Ki is a motherfucking champion at ruining evil plans with their own giant death wurm.
No. 540608 ID: e7e6da

Disco is dead as well, do you dispute this?
No. 540609 ID: d2995c

You know, it is starting to look plausible that we are the book in some way.

Disco isn't dead. It lies dormant beneath the earth, waiting.
No. 540610 ID: 5869f6

What a twist that'd be, eh?
No. 540643 ID: 2f4b71

Note to Radula: next time, waterproof (or worm-entrail-proof) the Book.

No, The Twist is more rock-and-roll than disco.
I'll show myself out
No. 540737 ID: 5acad3
File 137930394891.jpg - (13.49KB , 400x206 , 259.jpg )

A coarse wind rasps against your skin. It tastes of ash and sand.
No. 540740 ID: 5acad3
File 137930424605.jpg - (57.00KB , 800x564 , 260.jpg )

You stand under a sky still darkened at midday; the sun choked by a dense black cloud. The temperature has dropped considerably in the last few days, most of which have been spent digging. When you aren't digging you are wandering, trying to find some familiar fragment of the temple. Anything to help you find where the book may have landed in the explosion.

You have never been away from the library for so long. Your vision of the future has been reduced to the mere blink of an eye; or would be if you could blink.

The Chorus, if any survived, have retreated back into hiding and are unlikely to act as overtly in the future. They gambled much on their plan and now the book is lost to them as well.

Your only consolation is that in this universe, the book cannot be destroyed, damaged or altered. It is not of this place and is like you; both a singular object yet infinite. Wherever it is, it lies safely amidst the destruction you have left and in the infinite course of causality it will be found again.
No. 540741 ID: 5acad3
File 137930428416.jpg - (71.26KB , 484x600 , 261.jpg )

Your patience stretched and body exhausted, you decide it is time to leave this place. You step in a direction unseen, and slip back into the comfortable nightmare of the library.
No. 540742 ID: 5acad3
File 137930430103.jpg - (86.61KB , 519x600 , 262.jpg )

Using its resources you can narrow down the list of possible timelines, and pinpoint where the book will resurface.
No. 540743 ID: 5acad3
File 137930433268.jpg - (75.79KB , 425x600 , 263.jpg )

You could do that...

..but you want to talk to your guest first.

No. 540751 ID: ef06be

Is that your drill-tool loving professor?
Doesn't make much sense to see him at this point in the library, though...
Although, I guess there's no linear timeline intersection with this small spacetime of order...
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