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File 137470890795.png - (14.82KB , 966x606 , 741.png )
526952 No. 526952 ID: d38f67

"You could've sent a forward messenger to give me a heads up before having the fucking Black Nova show up on our doorstep unannounced. Scared the shit out of me, and more importantly, this place. Green force reports... 3 deaths, 12 wounded. Pilon... 7 wounded. We're going to have to open that hospital ward early. And this is... good?"
>"From our original standards, no." Wendel says. "Compared to how it went, I'm happy any of us made it back."
"It's the Green Force taking the heat for this one, but Pilon's group were the ones with expertise in surface missions. Input, Pilon?"
>"Yes, I will say that Karri felt an undue level of pressure because of me. Our group has a great reputation for seeing jobs through to the end, and the only abandoned ones are ones that were prove illegitimate. Karri is prideful of that reputation, and this is the first major mission she has ran without my supervision. She would have felt awful if she let it go, and not just her, but her siblings, and much of the Green Force if I'm not mistaken, thought the mission could be salvaged up until it was too late. But, if I may say, we are also used to jobs being investigated for legitimacy before we send people to accomplish the mission."

Yes. Jells gave that job, fresh off the bandit mobile that fought Pilon directly. I've got to scrutinize that guy.

>"I believe we were able to salvage some loot left behind, and a bio armor of interest is currently in the custody of Itcher and Jessica." Pilon continues, looking over his shoulder for a moment.

Right, and those two. Their interview is after this meeting, and they're sitting on a piece of armor more valuable than what I gave Rokoa. She wanted to come 'renegotiate' as well.
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No. 526958 ID: a23afd

Hmm. Well, I'm not sure if any disciplinary action is necessary, and if it is, Pilon would probably want to dole it out. We could dock her pay?

I suppose Kappi will be happy that Rokoa's around again. How's construction doing? Oh, what about the other mission that was run in parallel to this one?
No. 526960 ID: 735f4f

Well the high end bio armor is nice but unless you have someone who can actually use the thing its sort of useless. So until we can find someone to put it on or a rich buyer we probably do not have to worry about that much.

Those two seem like they are looking for a new home and have a lot of skills and contacts that could be very useful to us. So try to get them to set up shop here and see how it works out.

As for Rokoa just tell Kappi she is his problem now. Also tease him about his clingy new girlfriend.
No. 526964 ID: c95833

If Rokoa wanted that armor, she had plenty of chance to take it in the field. She's renegotiating more than that.

Rokoa is Pilon's problem. That's what you needed a negotiator for, right? Or maybe Kappi's. He's the idiot who fell for her.
No. 526966 ID: 9ddf68

as for what to do about the mission... mistakes where made I won't lie but give me one operation that was clear of any mistakes. Still we nearly lost an entire unit of both Pilon's kids and green squad solders and it took nothing short of a war to pull them out. That and the 2 new guys did something that kinda dismantled the salkai(i have no idea how to spell it) family's leader of the whole thing which actually stopping the fighting which let us pull our guys out and get at least some useful and potentially valuable items so it wasn't a complete lost...so I guess that's a plus for the new guys but still lets wait on the interview before we decide anything about them. Sigh, we also can't overlook that This was Karri's first mission as a leader so I'm guessing so has some leeway but still the where red flags everywhere and she ignored all of them so I guess ask Pilon what he would do cause I think she should get some kind of punishment but at the same time she never did give up on the men under her control and did everything she could to get them all out alive.

As for the stuff we grabbed form that little skirmish, especially the bio-armor, think we can research it and find a way to make it ourselves? Even if it's only half as good or even less as the original that still more in our bio-armor research points then we have now, which is at zero. For the other stuff research it and see what is and if it's useful to us, then sell whatever we can't use

Also as for Jells, tell him in the future he should make sure whatever job he picks for us are legit, if he isn't sure do some research to make sure this kind of crap never happens again, and if he can't find out if it's legit or not then just assume it isn't and focus on the mission we know are.

After we got all that settled lets get our little interview on so we can get that over with and see what Rokoa wants from us next. 10 bucks it has something to do with the armor... or her saying she has paid her debt back in full and we can go shove it or something like that...sigh, this is turning into a hell of a day.
No. 526967 ID: 52a35b

so any one wont to bet on what level bio-armor got salvage?

(Errr can we get a map recap?)
No. 526974 ID: c95833

It's Red's 80%, with an integrated Polo-type one-way jammer (although it restricts empathic reception range, unlike Polo's).

Currently that's Jess and Itcher's best bartering tip. Although the CAI and Ben might also be interested in that surveillance gear he's wearing, and the fact it was hooked up to Whisker's CAI.

(Also, the CAI's totally gonna like Jess. She does computers! We need more people round here who do computers. We need the attention, yanno).
No. 526978 ID: d38f67
File 137471250628.png - (20.50KB , 700x700 , 742.png )

"Alright. I'll leave it up to you if Karri will be disciplined for this." Pilon gives me a nod. Probably's just gonna give Karri some sort of disappointed father talk, but damn if I care. "You, Wendel, are gonna get a lot more flak from your guys than I could give you, so I won't even bother. Don't leave just yet. Either of you. Kappi, come in."
"How is construction going, and how did the 3k mission go?"
>"Steadily and good, the CAI is saying. The defense should be online before long, then they can focus on other things."
"Good. Rokoa wants to talk. She's your girlfriend, your problem."
>"Uh... I think she wants a share of that new bio armor. Like, enough to pay off what she owes for the one she's wearing."
"Is that so. But then she won't have an excuse to go cling to you."
>"uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do you really want me to do the negotiation?"
"Pilon, you want to talk to Rokoa?"
>"I'd... rather not. Kappi, if you want to be Rokoa's partner, you will have to learn to talk to her easily. She will give up on you if you don't get that far."

I hear the CAI through Kappi's channel.
"We can speak to her!"
"Just let her go if she wants out. But don't let Kappi talk to her, he'll give her the whole hub if she wants it!"
"Or we could not give her anything, how about that? She just left the armor behind, don't let her weasel out of our deal. We have more right to the armor than her."

No. 526980 ID: 9ddf68

uh, let Kappi decide weather or not he wants to talk to Rokoa, I mean if he truly doesn't then I don't think it would be a good idea to force him... A little bit worried about letting the CIA handle thing though. Just saying. Also we just fixed this damn base up I don't want to risk having Rokoa blowing it back down and we don't even know what she really wants, I mean Kappi says he has an idea or at least the basics but we don't really know the specifics so lets get that at least before we decide to say yes or no.
No. 526983 ID: c95833

Man up, Kappi.

Let's see how much we owe her in debt forgiveness for what she did. Although, that's more saving our people than the bioarmor. Bioarmor isn't even in our hands yet- Jess and Itcher claimed it and they're still technically a third party.

And it stands to reason we won't be able to keep Rokoa on contract forever. And it's not like she would have helped us if and when things went poorly between the trade hub and hive.
No. 526984 ID: a23afd

Whatever the case, we can't negotiate giving her a share of the armor until we find out what it's worth. Basically what needs to happen is that Rokoa's involvement needs to quantified. Did she come there to help expecting to get rewarded? From what we've heard, she did not. If she did it on her own, then there is no reason for us to pay her for what she did. That's not to say we aren't grateful, and gratitude does count for a lot. Let's say she has one favor she can cash in with us in the future.
No. 526986 ID: 52a35b

Just thinking here but isnt 94% a huge amount more powerfull then 80% even with a built in jammer?
No. 526989 ID: 735f4f

Kappi if you are going to get anywhere with Rokoa you have to toughen up.

She left that bio armor there and it was free loot to anyone willing to peel it off the horribly mangled corpse.

So don't assume anything until she gets here and if she does try to pull anything with the bio armor mention that salvage rights go to whoever actually salvaged the stuff.

I don't think Rokoa ever expects you to be as tough as her but if you stand up for yourself and your friends and don't let her push you around to much you might just impress her.

Also try to avoid letting the Cai negotiate with anyone. Who knows what it would decide on.
No. 526996 ID: c95833

Oh also to Kappi- "Try not to get us all killed."

No. We've never seen a one-way jammer before. Or a jammer integrated into bioarmor (no one shot killing it). Polo's silence grants her a huge advantage in combat- well more than a mere 16 points of bioarmor are worth.

One of a kind new tech with highly applicable combat uses is hella valuable.

In fact, it might be more useful to see if the CAI can understand the tech than just to use or sell it.

And Rokoa's already paid off part of her debt, anyways.
No. 527013 ID: d38f67
File 137471569782.png - (19.94KB , 975x606 , 743.png )

"Ben. We got bio armor. Can you do something with it?"
>"Neh! Not my work! If you want someone working with fur clinging nanobots, you go find out who made it!"
>"Need data!"
"Kappi, send Itcher and Jessica up, now."
>"Okay. And okay, I'll talk with Rokoa."
"Good. Get in contact with her. I will tell you how much the bio armor is worth shortly, so gather the few nerves you have left before she comes to you."
No. 527014 ID: d38f67
File 137471570449.png - (9.95KB , 936x531 , 744.png )

"Hello. Apparently you're a 'tax collector and slash or accountant'. And you, girl, are..."
>"A secretary with computer know how."
"Right. Itcher, do you intend on selling that bio armor?"
>"Unless Jess here's gonna put it on."
"If you work here, we will want a cut. Not a small one, but we'll give you a good position here."
>"Yeah, like what?"
"Finance managing. Do you know any law?"
>"I read fine print."
"That's a yes. You'll do that too, cause damn if we aren't having deals that are going sour because of no communication. Jessica, you can continue being his assistant. Or Kappi's. We'll give you hours, someone'll give you stuff to do."
>"So we're hired, then?" Itcher asks.
"If you want. First task, is how much is that bio armor worth?"
>"Expect to get 'bout 800k for it. Thing's only 80%, but that tech's not in any supply down here. So now, if I'm gonna be your finance manager, let me start making changes. Heard from Hok that you take somethin' like 80% of his money every time he comes walking through the door."
"And I still feel like I am favoring him."
>"The Zozu don't even do shit that fucked. Not even to their lowest scumbags in the worst ghetto blocks."
No. 527022 ID: a23afd

They don't know Hok. He's a bag of trouble and that fee is part of his payment for us sheltering him from all the people that want him dead. That said, you know he has been treated badly in ways beyond that debt, and if he continues to reliably work under us to our advantage we can treat him better.

Tell them about Hok, give them a good idea of why he's so maligned and hunted. List off his rap sheet, if it won't take all day.
No. 527024 ID: a23afd

Oh and if they seem hesitant to accept Hok's situation, call him up and ask him if he'd like to leave due to how he's treated.
No. 527030 ID: c95833

...is this 80% thing something we do to Hok just because he's Hok, or is it across the board? That kind of shapes how we respond.

>The Zozu don't even do shit that fucked.
The Zozu don't have to put up with Hok.

>if everyone
But if you think you can make us more money or get us better results with less taxes, well, let's see it. You have <arbitrary unreasonable asteroid time unit>.

>if just Hok
But fine, tax collector, if you want to start going easy on him, that's your call. But that means it's your problem is that means he starts acting up as a result.

Itcher ain't sporting a reverse mustache. He hasn't shaved. That means Whisker's spy gear is still on him. Not that Tin knows that exists, but... he might want to do something about that soon. And the CAI might be interested in studying another CAI's work.
No. 527038 ID: 735f4f

Not sure if we ever got a clear answer on the whole Hok thing before.

Hok maybe be paying a ton for protection but if we are going to expand this operation we do not need people thinking we are abusing the help.

And for all the crap he gets Hok is a very valuable asset. Regardless of your personal feeling for him Tin we cant have all the new hires showing up worried we are going to fuck them.
No. 527041 ID: 9ddf68

part of that is protection money he pays us not to throw him to the wolves when they come knocking for him. We do look after our people. He also can chose to leave us at any point in the past, present, and future but still chooses to stay here. You can also chose to leave at any time should you find yourselves not finding the trading hub to your liking. and Huk is a special case regardless so you don't have to worry about such an uneven pay split. (I mean the guy's got what, $10,000 on his head?)
No. 527043 ID: 6d5e30

Yeah, we all have a problem with the way this establishment is treating Hok, but it's not as simple as his cash being stolen.

This place is his base of operations in a very real way. It's not said and he's not part of running things here but this place is in the end being built around his effort to make a way off this rock. When they extort 80% of his earnings it's less extortion and more asking for the amount for upkeep and expansion of the place he's working out of.

Honestly, us of the CAI are working for his cockamamy plan to get off this rock rather than the person sitting behind the desk. I personally think she should be a little more polite but I'm not gonna harp on about their relationship.
No. 527046 ID: c95833

Well to be fair, Pilon has even more money on his head. And as far as the hive is concerned, every neumono here is marked for death. And the iron cove and the Zozu aren't too happy with several lots of our people either. We can't exactly maintain that attitude of milking people not to sell them out.

...where'd Minil go? She was the one escort client to survive. Ex-Zozu, too.
No. 527054 ID: a23afd

Manil probably knew where the money was stashed, too. If we can track her down we can get that cash. Oh, wait, wasn't there one that chickened out? We could interrogate them too.
No. 527057 ID: c95833

Stashed? It wasn't stashed anywhere. The gold was the cargo. Along with a bunch of other stolen stuff. Which the Zozu now have. We just got away with our lives and duplicates of the data included in the loot. Which includes maps to locations we could check out, but we'll be competing with the Zozu to get to that stuff first, and Minil doesn't know anything useful. She was blackmailed into the mess.

And yeah, there was a 5th member of the party who bailed before Karri and co arrived. They're probably dead at this point, and not worth looking for even if they're not.
No. 527059 ID: 9ddf68

yeah well I couldn't really remember anyone's bounty but Huk's and even that one I'm still not to sure what the exact price is, and Pilon has his own privet army of sorts. Still I wasn't say we milk our people for protection I was trying to say that we won't abounded anyone working for us.
No. 527070 ID: 57a559

Are you serious?
We're a capitalist trading post, not a criminal "family". There's hardly loyalty here beyond the friendships and connections we make. We treat our people well and don't betray them. For Hok's case... we won't betray him. Point is, we can get away with it. Hok has a unique personality and reputation, even those with higher bounties are sought less than Hok, because they actually fear those bounties and generally only pursue those for financial reasons. Hok has a habit of not only gathering more bounty, but more people hating him as he goes. We'll get hunters that both want the money and to run his ass through and mount it as a mantle piece for personal reasons.

Hok is a man capable of a having a negative reputation so far down, you can't even come up with a word for it, much less an analogy.
No. 527133 ID: d38f67
File 137472385020.png - (14.73KB , 793x609 , 745.png )

"The Zozu don't have to put up with Hok. And Hok doesn't have to put up with us. We aren't holding a thing over his head to make him come back. But he does, because we're the closest thing he has to a safe base. I'd list his rap sheet, but we have work to do sometime today. But I'm delegating, so if you want to take a look at our books and you think it's a good idea to go easy on him, then fine. It's not like we need possible mercs thinking we treat everybody like Hok. Because we don't."
>"Well, teaches me for thinking first impressions should count for a damn thing. I'll be taking a look at the books anyway, so if there's nothin' else, I'll get to it, and open my fat trap when I know a damn thing."
"Didn't think it was like Zozu guys to talk to their bosses like that."
>"S'not, but that's cause they'll make you go 'missing' if you talk to the wrong boss like that, not cause they're Zozu. Figured you don't run that business."
"I'm an open book, then, because no, I don't run that business. Not even close. Do yourself a favor and remember that we're not a criminal family, we're capitalists. Starved capitalists."
"Good. Actually, since you're so good at reading people, you go talk to Jells. I'll have the CAI brief you on why. I have other stuff that takes priority. Either way, tell him to put a damn shirt on."
>"Got it. Come on, Jess."
No. 527134 ID: d38f67
File 137472386168.png - (7.41KB , 822x531 , 746.png )


Getting mercs out there to take more jobs that aren't a big clusterfuck would be damn nice, but I'm remembering why I was content in sitting here letting the hub do its thing.

I flip the CAI's speakers back on. "I was told we harvested a copy of the data that provides a map. Show me."

>"There's one near the core of the asteroid that's mostly accessable but difficult to navigate to with shifting gravity. Then, one buried in the center of a mountain. We'll need a lot of mining equipment to get to that. Annnd then there's one that's right underneath the rich people sector."
"I suppose our teams need a rest anyway."
>"If we sell that bio armor quickly, we'll have a ton of money and be able to buy a whole bunch of..."

It's about time to decide what this place is going to focus on. No need for it to be a pure trading hub, but it could stand to have more traffic and expansion. or I could make it a residential and habitable haven that has enough defense, or just go the full mile on defense and make this a militaristic fort. Hell, while I'm at impractical buildings, why not a research tower that Ben will have all to himself given our current science staff.
No. 527136 ID: 6d5e30

Why are you all talking like Hok is a liability? We are essentially working for him. Certainly our goal here is helping him escape the asteroid, rather than just building our little trade hub into a powerhouse.
No. 527137 ID: 52a35b

I just got a idea(plase tell me if im being meta) y dont we make mechs? We have the gear and man/robot power to do it so whats stoping us from making 10 to 50 mechs or even lighter ones in the 2/4 ton range? Or even exoarmor for GF?
No. 527140 ID: 52a35b

(By 10 to 50 i mean 10/50 tons)
No. 527146 ID: 735f4f

I say go for a balanced mix. Plenty of room for people with the best defenses we can get without going to overboard. And a nice science area so we can actually make use of a Cai and Ben.

You want to tread the thin line where you are powerful enough to defend yourself but have politics that make you neutral enough so no one thinks its worth taking you on.

Treating our people right and making sure everyone knows it is a good first step. Zozu lost Itcher and Jess because they did not treat them right. We do not want to make that mistake and have someone betray us down the road.

We might want to work on eventually being able to leave the asteroid. Am sure there are plenty of people who are fine living here but if we could control the only reliable way on and off the rock it would give us a huge advantage.
No. 527147 ID: a23afd

What's that you're drinking?

Considering we have data on one of the most precious of secrets on the asteroid, I think we could stand to have more defense. And more research.
No. 527153 ID: c95833

Because Hok is a liability, with the number of people who want him dead. Yes, he comes with a useful skillset and certain advantages, but being his friend comes with serious costs, too. (Also, Tin doesn't work for him, nor does the trade hub, nor does the CAI, anymore. Not sure who you think "we" are, working for him).

We're not making absurd animie style mechas because the asteroidverse runs on halfway reasonable physics and those things are completely infeasible.

Power armor is possible (Polo fought one!) but the reason we're not making any of that is because the plans / tech are probably proprietary / highly valuable and we don't have them (we had to take apart bikes to learn how to build them, before), and don't have the resources for full scale industrial production, especially with the base in shambles.

>Base focus
Go for balance. We want habitation, research, trade, and defense. If we go too far any one way, bad things happen. Villages and pure science just attracts people moving in to exploit you as a resource. Too much military build up makes existing powers thing you're a threat. You need enough habitation for a labor force, tax base, and market to support financing your R&D and military. A balanced approach is the best way to get the most returns with the least cost.
No. 527154 ID: 9ddf68

well our end goal is to build us a ship to get off this damn rock so I think we should go with where the money is. Merc work is nice but after our last little cluster fuck I don't think we should try anything to big anytime soon. plus I would like to get some better equipment for our guys on the field before we go for the bigger merc missions as well. So I guess try and get trade going through here a bit more and up our defenses. I can see us doing a lot more merc missions in the future but it wouldn't hurt to have something to fall back on when business is slow or our guys need some R&R after a mission to lick there wounds so having a steady stream of trade going through here would be nice as well. and until our research team grows beyond one guy I think we should focus on putting our money into other things, like getting more researchers and upgrading our base and solders.
No. 527163 ID: cf49fc

WE are currently the manager of this hub. Hok is a liability to the safety of this place because everyone else in the universe wants him dead, and every time he walks in the door he brings down an atomic shitstorm on our heads.

When we're Hok, we can convince other us to cut us a break.

I suggest a balance. Go far in EVERY direction, with lots of guns, research centers, and trade. I'm talking bullet-proof shopping malls, a privatized military-industrial complex, a trading port that harvests information. Things like that.

Rebuilding the internet is a priority for another time.
No. 527166 ID: 52a35b

i ment six legged mechs are more stable then 4 or 2 legged mechs as they can tripod it wile moving(see pic)
*0*< leg on ground
0*0< leg in air
I see lots of ways to use this type of movement like heavy cargo craft and weapons platforms
No. 527180 ID: 6d5e30

Were always us, the fact that Hok and Tin listen to us is because we are a CAI, and that makes us good at things.

I think you all need to get your priorities straight. We aren't here to make the trade hub into a fortress or a paradise or the first democratically run outpost on this rock. We are supposed to be working towards building a spaceship on a high gravity rock with no industrial capability.

Tin, we should expand trade greatly, both for better profits from the hub itself, and because we are going to need to traders coming to buy the materials we need. Set up the doc with a good lab but no mad scientist towers.

Also, get to work setting up two manufacturing areas, one with high precisions mechanics meant for making microelectronics, and another for making large custom parts meant for vehicles and eventually space ship parts.

As for defense, obviously we need to beef up. A few more turrets here and there are good but we don't want enemies engaging us at our walls. Build an array of scouting and combat vehicles. No matter who comes knocking we want to be able to engage them with guerilla tactics to minimize our own losses. To this end, also set up hidden bolt holes in the area with ammunition and other basic supplies. Lastly, build us a fleet of combat and recon drones. Even without the help of green force or Pilon's crew we should be able to defend this place, with no risk of losing our rather small mercenary contingent. It'll free them up to do work outside the hub like the stuff that went so bad just now. Hopefully with better information we wont have any more debacles like the last one.

Last thing, hire envoys to all the major outposts we know of. We are a trade hub and that means we need to make things amenable for a variety of factions, and as is we are sadly lacking in both intel and diplomatic involvement.
No. 527194 ID: 57a559

Full on economic center.
I want to produce shit son. I want to export. I want workers in low wage factories that we sell at high prices at shops, I want fucking spas, nightclubs, and have an innovative lab. I want to find homeless neumono rogues with families to care for and are willing to horrifically almost die to experiments so they can feed their children for life in a nice home. Then I want to hypocritically insult the shit out of other settlements and organizations for their questionable practices. I want Green Force in top tier gear in large fucking numbers so WE CAN PUSH OUR HUNDREDS OF CITIZENS AROUND. AND I WANT THE CITIZENS LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT!

I want this place to be a money making monster. I fucking want it all.
No. 527197 ID: c95833

> Were always us, the fact that Hok and Tin listen to us is because we are a CAI, and that makes us good at things.
We're only the CAI when we're the CAI. We're not the CAI now, we're Tin. It's called perspective hopping, get used to it. :V

Getting off this rock is an objective, but not the only one. We need a sustainable faction to get there- we need to be able to do the research, gather the tech and materials necessary, manufacture our ship, keep everyone who would fuck it up from doing so, keep our people safe and happy in the meantime, and then either evac the whole place or set up a stable route on and off the asteroid.
No. 527413 ID: 8b9215

I'd like this place to stay neutral ground for everyone. Two warring factions can come here, get a drink, then hash out a ceasefire with nobody worrying about getting shot. Each faction has an embassy where people can come to talk or work out deals.

We can't shelter anyone, we can't favor anyone. We don't want all the fugitives running here because it's "safe" that's not the kind of neutral I mean.

I think Itcher and Jessica can be representatives of Zozu till something better gets worked out. And I suggest we ask someone from Black Supernova to come set up an office here.
No. 527414 ID: c95833

That... doesn't work. We can't be neutral- we already have enemies. And we have people with enemies.

And Jess and Itcher are decidedly Ex-Zozu. If they tried to pose as representatives, they'd just piss the Zozu off, and get themselves killed.
No. 527432 ID: 5869f6

Also, set aside some money for defence,
Fuckin' bandits will want a bite of us if we have so much MOOLAH
No. 527434 ID: 5869f6

Well, excepting the homeless-neumono-experiment part, anyway.
Gotta have morals, man.
No. 527473 ID: cf49fc

I agree with El Presidente on the subject of getting lots of money, but we REALLY need science too. Can't we compromise by going half-trade, half-laboratories, all covered in guns?
No. 527480 ID: c39a8b

I'd say half residence/trade (with recreation facilities for the travelers), half science. With basic defenses, but eventually the science will give us more advanced/cheaper defenses! Hopefully.
No. 527491 ID: d38f67
File 137480283902.png - (28.60KB , 700x700 , 747.png )

>Why are you all talking like Hok is a liability?
Because he has enemies. The other issue with Hok is that he's a high magnitude wild card. Unwittingly or not, he's been behind clusterfucks in the past that make the last mission look like a lover's quarrel. How his bounty is as low as it is is some kind of freak enigma.

I have learned to gain some trust for him in recent weeks, but sometimes I am more afraid of his presence inside of this hub than I am of Rokoa, and it will take a long string of him rolling in money for me to start thinking otherwise.

>Make mechspower armor/small ships
Those would be nice. We barely have enough vehicles at the moment to house our troops. With some work, money, and research, we can get such things.

".... yeah. Everything. Keep the economics up, but balanced all around. Defenses are mandatory no matter what, but don't overdo it. We'll work on science later."

Ben's looking as happy as ever.

"CAI, show me Hok. Pilon, Wendel, your teams are on R&R. You may both go, now, thanks."

There he is. Doing his thing. Might be good to send him out. I know nothing about what is going on out there, cept Zozu and the Nova are still having scrimmages here and there. He's gonna cause trouble. I know it. And I don't want him around when he does.
No. 527493 ID: 9ddf68

uh... how did his mission with finding the hacker go? I thought that was running parallel with the whole 'escort' mission Karri just got back from... or has he still have yet to leave?
No. 527495 ID: 735f4f

Wait is Rokoa already here and tormenting Kappi?

Did she find some blood outside to just roll around in or is that from one of ours?
No. 527496 ID: a23afd

So, send the wildcard out on a scouting mission? Sure, why not. Worst thing that happens is he comes running back to base with an army on his heels. As it happens, we have turrets to prepare for that scenario! So, we're prepared for the worst case.
No. 527497 ID: cf49fc

It's brown, so if it's blood from a Hemoglobin utilizing species, it's already dry. Clearly she brutally eviscerated someone just to be extra scary when she met him.

Also, we should definitely send Hok on a scouting mission. Maybe he'll bring back another hyperintelligent illegal rogue AI.
No. 527500 ID: c95833

...why is Rokoa covered in blood? She's still wearing Red's red?

Man, if she's all riled up and wants to make up for Red disappointing her so badly, Kappi's gonna have a rough night of it, I think.

Try not to throw the reluctance to pay her in her face, Kappi. We're glad she saved our friends, you're glad (if terrified) to see her and you even managed to get Pilon after all, right under the nose of some space pirates! You're not so much of a wuss!

>Get Hok to do something
...why not. Base will be safer without him stirring up problems, and if you keep him interested, he can't be breaking anything. It's not like that hacker could have kept him occupied for long.

And you suppose if you send him on a mission you get to see if Itcher's idea will work any better. Never let it be said you weren't willing to be scientific.
No. 527501 ID: 735f4f

Guess we could send Hok out to see how our little debacle was received by the other factions.

Tell him to bring back a unicorn this time.
No. 527526 ID: 57a559

Ben, listen, we'll throw funding your way if you got some good ideas cooked up okay? Immediately profitable ideas, or even something that might be good to invest in for future products by going for academic pursuits, that's all fine. Awesome science shit? Just throw us your proposals and we'll work with you. If you need a business guy to help drum up your stuff, well, we'll give you Itcher's contact information. He's got a lot of info to gather right now since he's new, but he'll be useful. If you want a personal financial assistant instead of having to wait for Itcher's availability to help with all the business ends for running your lab, we can try and look for that too. Just let us know please.

Hok, babe, can you go skilled employee shopping out there? Just go and look for some good people or get some blueprints. If you can find anything on factories, that's fucking perfect. Gather good intel, anything that helps economics, research, or defense, go for it.
No. 527531 ID: 0edece

<spoiler>Damn it, now I've got that song stuck in my head. Suffer as you've made me suffer!
Space unicorn! Soaring through the stars! Delivering the rainbows...all around the world!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17o1OlroNSE </spoiler>

Seriously, this is the best idea, IMHO. Get in touch with Yani, too. Ear to the ground, and find out everything you can. It's only with enough verified information that you can make the best plan of action.
No. 527537 ID: d38f67
File 137480967277.png - (13.25KB , 700x700 , 748.png )

I'll speak to Ben more about the prospects, but I feel like he will explode for 30 minutes if I drop a pin anywhere around him.

>How did his mission with finding the hacker go?
Recent logs show he is done.

>Wait is Rokoa already here and tormenting Kappi?
She was wanting to speak, after all, in person. She was already here. And didn't bother to shower after running around the outpost messing with the Zozu.

"Hok, pay attention."
>"Hey Tin, my brain's all ears."
"New mission."
>"Just got back from the last! Did you know that hackers are like small lizards? You put a hand in front of them, and they just run right around into any old trap without looking."
"Yes. Good job. I am going to speak to Itcher, and he will speak to you about payment for the next one. Bring back a unicorn this time."
>"Uh I don't think th-"
"I mean crap like blueprints, talent, stuff like that."
>"Well okay th-"
No. 527538 ID: d38f67
File 137480972087.png - (19.47KB , 700x700 , 749.png )

"-en, see you later Tin. Guess I'll just go wherever." Just in case she could still hear me.
>"Hey. Hok." That sounds like the winning combination of alcohol and irritability that's called Itcher.
"Heya, Itchy."
>"I'm going to sharpen Jessica's teeth on you if you call me that again. We're sorting out your next job. You get us info, that's the short of it."
"Cool. What's it pay?"
>"300 zeny."
"Hey, listen, that's pretty cool, except that's about what my allowance was when I was 10, and fr-"
>"You get to keep all of that on your return."
"Yeah, hey, listen, that does make it a little better than my allowance, but you know, I think I-."
>"Think about it this way. Normally we take like 80% or whatever number Agnes feels like pronouncing that moment, and that comes out to thousands of zeny, right?"
>"Well with this plan, you won't have to pay thousands. You'll be saving thousands of zeny with this mission. Sounds a bit more appealing, yeah?"

Hm. The idiocy of that logic strikes me so hard, I might be dumbfounded enough to actually be dumb about it!
No. 527539 ID: a23afd

If you keep the 80% you'd normally lose that means it's actually a 1500 zeny job! You could ask for like, 500 or something maybe, instead, to make it more like 2500 zeny.

Also hok are you even hitting the balls with those paddles or just swinging them around like a doofus?
No. 527545 ID: 9ddf68

so other then crap pay, what's the job anyways Itchy?
No. 527558 ID: d38f67
File 137481141151.png - (14.68KB , 700x700 , 750.png )

>Are you just swinging them around like a doofus?
I assure you, it is far harder to swing two paddle strings around continuously without tangling the strings together or hitting yourself in the eye, than it is simply hitting balls with a psddle!

"So what's this job like, Itchy?"
>"Jells tells me you've got to go out and get the word on what Zozu's doin', and what those bandits Pilon was sieged by are doin'. Here's a tip, I doubt Zozu's doin' much against you guys. Us. Not just that, but other bandits too. Basically just run around each outpost around here and see what's up. Easy stuff."
"Well then, I can investigate some bandits! Five hundred! That way I can pretend it's a 2500 zeny job."
>"Sure, fine. We're not sparing any cars either, so you'll have to hitch a ride with one of the traders going out. Just gonna assume you know how to disguise yourself."
"As a matter of fact, I do!"
>"Tell me you aren't just switching hats."
"You kidding? Hats are how we tell each other apart!"
>"Do better."
No. 527562 ID: a23afd

Wear a different shirt too. Maybe wear sunglasses to obscure your weird eyes.

Also you realize Jessica is going to bite you now, right? You called him Itchy again.
No. 527564 ID: c95833

Skin color, and eyes are important too. Can we scrounge up some contacts, or dyes? Or roll yourself in something?

We could fake more visible mutations too, but that kind of disguise comes with a bigger risk of coming apart. Maybe clothes that make you look bulkier?

You any good with voices, or an accent?
No. 527566 ID: fe31b8

Blacken your face with soot and get a big brush. Become the loveable chimneysweep.
No. 527572 ID: 9ddf68

fine, see if you can't get some sunglasses or something, maybe a jacket as well. and hell if we feel like getting creative we could always see if we could find some paint and give ourselves a fake tattoo.

I also think Itchy is starting to like you.
No. 527574 ID: 57a559

I think it's probably an easy job then. Maybe, depends on how hard you make it.
I mean honestly, how much fun is this compared to how fun it is out there? It's better to be out there, people think you're in here! Out there is where they least expect you.
No. 527576 ID: 6d5e30

Wow, you really accepted this?

Tin gave you this job because she's hoping someone who hates you will kill you while you wander from place to place and you won't be here problem anymore.
No. 527579 ID: bc8d67

Hey, how about getting a pair of one-way mirrored completely eye covering goggles to hide your eye coloration? If anybody asks about them, say you have an unfortunate mutation that makes your eyes extremely light sensitive; Even a nearly dark room would be almost too bright to see in, and any more would risk permanently blinding you.

"So, is Jess gonna bite me before I leave or should I pencil that in for after I get back?" Hey, may as well go full throttle on sharing your charming personality with Mr. Irritable and see where it goes.
No. 527592 ID: 735f4f

Hat looks good. Is there any sort of colored contacts that you might be able to use? With that no one would recognize you on sight.
No. 527603 ID: 52a35b

Dark shades and large amounts of C-4(or what ever it is in AQ) oh and a steve shirt no one well know its you hok
No. 528216 ID: d38f67
File 137494191256.png - (12.68KB , 700x700 , 751.png )

Of course! Something I bought thinking they would be useful, and have never used. Until now! They warp the apparent shape of the pupil too.

I also have this fine jacket for such an occasion.

>Any good with voices or an accent?
More like the best!

In fact, I suppose this would be a good time to change my skin color. I do, after all, have two layers of skin, and the second one is quite... greener. Unfortunately, revealing the latter requires shedding the former! It's quite horrific, actually, and I have come to call it my Self Defense Maneuver Number 4.

"Will Jess be giving me that bite soon, or shall I pencil it in?"
>"Stay right there."

It looks like SDM-4 might just see some use in the immediate future, for more than mere disguise and espionaging purposes.
No. 528219 ID: c95833

Hmm. All right. Time to make our escape. Deployment. Whatever.

If you're going to attack yourself to one of the traders going out, you need a name and a story to go with your new look.

Who are you? What do you do? Where are you going?
No. 528226 ID: 1cf691

Is SDM-4 horrific to you or to somebody witnessing it?

Anyway lets go find some traders and for a disguise you could claim to be a civil engineer named Pip. Nobody wants to mess with a person who is working on keeping the asteroid habitable for everyone.
No. 528235 ID: 9ddf68

other then being sneaky and shooting people what skills do you have? If we know that we can come up with a more believable cover story for you.
No. 528242 ID: 735f4f

Sort of curious how this shedding thing works as self defense.

If it just changes your color then I guess do it now? But if it has some awesome secondary effect maybe save it for later?
No. 528657 ID: c23ab0

Horrifying in the immediate wtf is happening sense, or horrifying in the "Let's pose the old skin as if we just evaporated from the inside out" sense?
No. 528665 ID: a23afd

Yeah, show Jess your second skin.
No. 528804 ID: d38f67
File 137504471450.png - (13.60KB , 700x700 , 752.png )

>Who are you? What do you do? Where are you going?
I am Pip, a civil engineer, in training, off of one of the latest civilian ship to crash on the asteroid. The Wispy Basilisk, I believe it was. Pretty good sized one, landed a year ago, and everyone scrambled off after it started getting raided. Not too many civilian ships land here! Mostly edge living pirates and the bounty hunters and law it brings. Of course, I do lack an ID, but not everyone demands to see something like that.

SDM-4 is horrific to others, and mildly painful to myself. Well, sometimes for others. I would not bother using it on my deadlier foes, but for Jessica, I believe it will work.

I hear a knock on the door.

>"Alright you little fucker let's get this over wi-"
No. 528805 ID: d38f67
File 137504472550.png - (18.13KB , 700x700 , 753.png )


I think it's the awful, awful noises the shedding makes that adds to it.
No. 528806 ID: d38f67
File 137504473641.png - (18.09KB , 700x700 , 754.png )

And now I will hop in the public showers because I am pretty nasty right now.

Although, I have the slight inkling that Tin will deduct my pay or some such if she finds me still inside of here inside of 30 minutes. But perhaps I should spend time searching the trade center for tools I can purchase using my own funds. I do own one pistol, but admittedly little else than the clothes on my back. I tend to lose things, after all. Otherwise, I will search for caravans, envoys, trucks and the likes to get on out of here in the direction I'm going.
No. 528811 ID: eb682d

I'd be more worried about Itcher deducting your pay at this point.

We probably don't need anything in the way of tools or such, we're just gathering some simple information.
No. 528813 ID: c95833

Poor Jess. She's been through enough trauma.

>What do
Hmm. Does the lack of a shower make your disguise more or less believable? If Pip needs to be clean to fit in, do it.

What kind of tools could we use that could be useful? We have a weapon, so we need... sneaking stuff? The future equivalent of a set of lockpicks. And maybe a prop or two for your cover.
No. 528814 ID: 5869f6

That was...


Disturbing. Very, very disturbing.
No. 528817 ID: 2f1186

If you're a civil engineer, you should have some civil engineering stuff.
No. 528824 ID: a23afd

Well, take a really quick shower then head over to the trade center. Move your ass!
No. 528867 ID: bc8d67

Zip to the showers for a quick wash. Since you were clothed when you shed I'm guessing you need to strip anyway to peel the rest of your skin off, so you may as well shower too.

As for what to get at the trade center, pick up stuff that'll make you look like a civil engineer in training and that you're traveling. Pick up some extra clean clothes, toiletries, and a backpack or satchel to stick them in. Then buy a pocket multi-tool, an engineer's pocket reference book, and some kind of advanced calculator; Preferably all of them used so they're a bit worn looking. The last two could be combined into a pocket e-reader or similar if that's not much more expensive.

But if you don't have the cash, just get the multi-tool, since it'll be the most useful to you in the field. Still get the clothes and other stuff, since you might actually end up out long enough to want or need them.
No. 528943 ID: 9ddf68

shower first and then pick up some things so you can actually pass yourself off as a civil engineer and maybe some books or something that can teach you a few basics about engineering incase whatever caravan you hook up with actually wants you to fix something.
No. 529005 ID: bc8d67

Oh, almost forgot an important part of the disguise: pocket protector with engineer-y items. Put in miscellaneous writing implements, of course, but also slip in a few other things that could be useful out there, such as a high intensity LED penlight, penknife, or even a little scope, if it's cheap enough. Your lockpicks (if you have some) could also be hidden in amongst the junk or behind the pocket protector.
No. 533306 ID: d38f67
File 137616784138.png - (18.33KB , 700x700 , 755.png )

Okay, I've got my BOX OF THIEVERY, containing various security bypass capabilities of both the physical and the digital. And my GUN with BULLETS inside of the GUN.

That's good enough for me! That and 1,000 spending zeny. I also buy a book of engineering equations or something or another so that I can look at it intently and pretend I'm learning. And by that, I mean I borrow it from Ben. And by that I mean I steal it. Judging from the layer of dust, the old man doesn't need it anywho. I grab one of our spare PDAs for notary as well, and call it good.

Once the shower's outta the way, I go talk to some caravans that are heading out.

The first one is a "military" band of individuals restocking and passing through They look like a paranoid ol' bunch, and'll probably keep me under a closer eye than I feel comfortable with. Good protection, though! They say they'll carry me around for 100z per sector traveled.
No. 533307 ID: d38f67
File 137616786133.png - (12.65KB , 700x700 , 756.png )

Next up's a cagey bunch with cargo they don't like to explain. Probably a lot, because they've sure got the protection for it from what I see.

They say it'll be free if I ride in the backseat with a few kids to distract 'em. Sounds legit.
No. 533308 ID: d38f67
File 137616793340.png - (14.87KB , 700x700 , 757.png )

Third one's an interesting case. This one owes a buddy a bike, but she had to come alone to pick it up, and needs someone else to drive it alongside her own bike back to her home. It's 3 sectors away, and he says he doesn't mind making some stops on the way, and'll pay me 200z to help him out.

Either way, figure it doesn't matter too much which sectors I go to, since I'm just out there to get word on what's going on more than what hearsay we get down here. If I remember right. Kinda vague mission that got pinned on me, here.
No. 533309 ID: 41690e

Paranoid military types seem more trouble than they're worth. We're just trying to get a finger on the pulse of current events.

The cargo mission is probably fine, and if there's anyone who can keep a bunch of kids amused it's you, but I'm feeling leery about unknown cargo after that last escort mission.

I kind of like the third one. Nice and open ended, doesn't attract much attention, and you have room to be flexible if we need it. In the worst case you could always run with a bike, but I see no reason to rip off our cover.
No. 533311 ID: cf49fc

Third mission would be best. Though with your luck that guy will turn out to be a lost Emperor on the run, pursued by familial Death Squads seeking to eliminate pretenders to the throne.
No. 533313 ID: 735f4f

I like the bike lady. The other two would have more protection but we might get caught up in there inevitable drama.
No. 533315 ID: b58751

Don't like the military types, to jumpy for my taste, group two doesn't SEEM to bad but after that one mission that just went down I'm a bit weary of any missions with unknow cargo, the third one I like best since you'll even be paid for it, asumming they don't try and kill you or something but it seems like all three of these missions have that risk to some degree
No. 533316 ID: 6bc746

I think you should go for the one with the least chance of being called upon to do things that match your disguise. So I'd say the second one, since they're giving you something to do anyway that isn't that. Third one sounds like too much risk and obligation.

Anyway it seems to me like you'd be good with kids, right? Eh? Hok?
No. 533317 ID: 41690e

No no, that's with Polo's or Itcher's luck.

With Hok's luck, he'd end up getting away scott free with the entire Imperial treasury after starting a civil war and turning the death squads on each other.
No. 533327 ID: 60ad76

i really like that last one. best excuse, least suspicion arousal, nothing worth stealing or being raided for. plus you get paid.
No. 533359 ID: bc8d67

Go with the third option, but give the bike as thorough a inspection as you can before leaving. Don't want it konking out midway, whether by design or not.

You having trouble IDing the pomi's gender? 'Cause your pronouns flipped halfway through.

>Vague mission
You ever consider the possibility that Tin figures it's cheaper to keep you out on mission than the cost of dealing with the problems your loopy luck and "charming" personality would otherwise attract to the trade hub?
No. 533491 ID: 76f779

Guys, he's not Hok anymore, he's "Pip".
No. 534805 ID: 0c4b60

one lil problem with the third one: No escorts. no security at all. And the bikes themselves may be just valuable enough, compared to their apparent lack of defense, to warrant robbery attempts from petty thieves and bandits
No. 534810 ID: 96c896

I think you should go with the second one.
No. 536209 ID: d38f67
File 137705805780.png - (20.42KB , 700x700 , 758.png )

>You ever consider the possibility that Tin figures it's cheaper to keep you out on mission than the cost of dealing with the problems your loopy luck and "charming" personality would otherwise attract to the trade hub?
I've also considered it's more profitable for me for Tin to keep me on mission, too, so it's win-win!

>Anyway it seems to me like you'd be good with kids, right?
YEAAAAHhhhh I think I will go with the motorcycle.

"So, miss..." A closer, or at least frontal, reveals her to be female barring any biological surprises.
"What is your name?"
"Right, then, miss. I am Pip, at your service. Do we have any security besides whatever weapons we bring?"
>"You mean whatever I bring? Please give me all of your weapons, and I will give you mine."
"Uh... how do I know it's functional?"
>"It's perfectly functional, unless you try to shoot me. Isn't that right, Hit?" She's talking to her gun.
>"That's right."
I get it. Hit and Miss. That's... this job got a little weird, and no one was surprised.
>"Where do you come from?"
"Anteros III, although I was on the Wispy Basilisk's voyage off to the Bolg system up until the Wispy Basilisk did its thing and crashed here. A drifter, since."
>"Most people settle down."
"Most people have skills in higher demand than civil engineering."
>"What about Iron Cove?"
"It's Iron Cove. Also halfway blown up."
>"Yes that is the idea."
"Oh, right. No I hear they have poor retirement plans."
>"Anyway I'd like to be going before my buddy sends out a rescue mission to see where I ran off to. If you accept the job, you accept the frisking and confiscating of weapons until the jobs over."
No. 536211 ID: 96c896

Yeah, sure. Worst that happens is she steals your gun. Then again if she frisks you, you'll have to show her the box of thievery. Don't let her open it. It's small enough to be obviously not containing weapons.

...actually this seems a bit much for a simple bike ride.
No. 536212 ID: 9ddf68

... Well it's either this or the children

anyways, you know of any ways to hide your gun? cause if not then the only thing left for you to do if this turns south is to run like hell. Still say you should go with her, She sounds like someone that knows things... or is part of a bandit party. Either way you're bound to learn a thing or two on what the hell is going on around the trading hub which is the point of this whole mission in the first place.
No. 536213 ID: 41690e

>Hit and Miss
Cute. And a smart gun isn't a terrible idea, although hardly a foolproof one.

...you're sneaky enough to keep the box of thievery from her, right? Otherwise, I don't see a reason not to accept.
No. 536461 ID: 6d5e30

Ok, there's no way she's taking your weapon from you. Make that clear right away. Be overt, show her all your weapons but make it clear that she's not taking any of them and the she should be grateful that her escort is armed.

Seriously, there's no reason she should want you unarmed unless this is a trap. Instead, tell her you are armed, and the you will remain armed for the duration of the trip. Whatever weapons you have on your personage take out (in a very nonthreatening manner), and show to her. If she makes trouble about the unarmed part then just refuse outright, and maybe point out that no one is so insane as to ride around unarmed on a lawless rock.
No. 536493 ID: bc8d67

You'll accept, but only if Miss stays ahead of you the whole trip. You may be a damn lucky fool, but you won't just gonna willingly put yourself in a position to be shot in the back with your own gun.

If you're aren't totally certain you can hide your Box o' Thievery from her frisking, then you may as well show it to her, with the cover story that you're delivering it to the sector past where she's headed. She won't believe it for a second, but whether she keeps you on or kicks you out will say something.

And a smart gun, eh? How much you wanna bet it's smart enough to not shoot her, but not smart enough to not shoot her ride out from under her. Something to keep in mind to try if things go sideways out there.
No. 536503 ID: eaa372

Lets not gamble with the gun's IFF system.

Make a show of pulling out your weapons, while you've got her looking at your weapons use your other hand to hide the box of thievery out of her field of view. After letting her get a hold of your weapons let her frisk away then you can hide your thievery box in your pocket when she turns away.
No. 536521 ID: 57a559

Can she tell you why it's so important to take your weapons?
Hmm, well, maybe we can hold her weapon as collateral at least. Size it up, how valuable is it compared to your shit?

She can only frisk you if she buys you dinner first.
No. 537093 ID: d38f67
File 137736909306.png - (15.39KB , 700x700 , 759.png )

Can't blame her too much here, wouldn't be the first time the 'escort' just led the cargo right on out, then stole it right off the bat. Plus, Pip doesn't exactly have an A+++++ escort rep as of yet, having only existed since shortly ago.

"I tell you what. If I let you keep my weapon, how about you stay ahead?"
>"Well yeah that's fine. Just stay in my rear view!"
"And if you frisk me, you've got to buy me dinner first!"
>"I'm in a hurry, I'll treat you to dinner once we're at where we're going. That fine?"
"That fine."

I reveal my weapons and she gives me the pats. The box of thievery remains my secret.

>"Good. Let's do it. By the way, we're going surface. And I'm not gonna entertain any bandit roadblocks. You're not a pansy, right, engineer? No small meteorites gonna scare you? Cause fuck proverbs that say a straight line isn't the fastest path."
No. 537094 ID: 9ddf68

say something like the asteroids still make you a bit nervous but you're more or less use to them so unless one hits you you'll be fine.
No. 537097 ID: 41690e

>not a pansy
>a straight line isn't the fastest path
Falling rocks aren't going to bother me, and I'm well past the strait lines school of design.
No. 537126 ID: 96c896

Tell her you've served in combat zones before so you'll be fine.
No. 537127 ID: 9ddf68

we're being Pip now, not Hok. Pip was an engineer student who crashed here about a year ago on board a civilian ship.
No. 537197 ID: bc8d67

You like your odds with the meteorites quite a bit more than your odds with bandits, and as a civil engineer you're all about making and taking the straightest line from point A to point B, transit-wise. So, yeah, you're no pansy.

Remember to check the fuel level in the bike and how many shots are in Hit before heading out. It's an unfamiliar gun, so it'll be vital to know that if you get into a firefight.
No. 537202 ID: d38f67
File 137739357349.png - (42.01KB , 700x700 , 760.png )

"I'm no pansy! I will have you know that I've crash landed here a whole year ago, assisted in combat situations, and know the statistical improbabilities of getting struck by a small rock during a multi hour run!" I'm a pretty good liar, I have no idea what it is. Too small a detail to worry about now, though!
>"Good. Let's go."

She gives me her AI gun, which according to the "ammometer" has 40 laser shots remaining. The fuel gauge on my bike reports full. Assuming technology isn't lying to me, it is good to go! So we go. I see some bandits at their road stops, and I can swear they're taking bets on whether we get struck by falling rocks or not.

But she has a point, the trip seems to go by a lot faster while moving in a more or less straight line without having to stop for bandits every three minutes! The fact that we aren't carting big boxes in trucks labeled "Not Weapons from the Future" helps, I'm sure.
No. 537203 ID: d38f67
File 137739358049.png - (45.36KB , 700x700 , 761.png )


Oh. So goes that luck. Confirming my betting suspicions, I hear bandit cheers from the distance.
No. 537204 ID: 0c4b60

Pray you aren't dissolved by the shockwaves of such a close impact.
No. 537205 ID: 41690e

Oh, hit by a falling rock? Good thing your luck is better than hers.

Assuming the bandits are just being jerks, and not actually attacking, you should probably check if she's alright. If he arm's broken, it might need to be set or something. And we might have to jury rig something to make steering with only one good arm doable.

Pomi don't have any kind of regeneration, right? Just normal, slow healing.

If the bandits are attacking, it's time to do some fancy shooting from your motorbike. She's in no position to return fire with one arm as you guys run.
No. 537206 ID: 96c896

Well go be a gentleman and help her out. Ask her if she's okay to drive or what.
No. 537226 ID: 30a140

Huh, well that sucks. You should probably go help her since she is paying you
No. 537227 ID: bc8d67

If it looks like she's gonna lose control, and you think you can make it up fast enough to grab the handlebars and straighten her out in time, gun the engine and do so. Otherwise get out of the way so you don't risk getting tangled up with her or her bike when she loses it.

But if she does keep control, then pull up next to her and ask how badly she was injured while getting a look at where she was hit. You two may have to stop at the next alcove in the rocks to treat her, or even have to resort to leaning the bikes against a rock to make makeshift cover.
No. 537415 ID: 5af25b

is she alive? dead people can't pay you
No. 537423 ID: e1609c

Operation "Save crazy lizard tits" is go
get her to pull over under cover so we can assess the damage. Dont do so immediately however, what with the bandits and all. Try and pull over a few miles ahead out of range of them.
With a meteorite of that size, she could very well have a massive chunk of her body currently not in her. It honestly depends on how fast it was traveling.
No. 537431 ID: d38f67
File 137745894338.png - (41.83KB , 700x700 , 762.png )

She doesn't catch her balance, but the ground... well, not gonna lie, it's not soft sand, but we were only able to go so fast anyway going up and down rocky terrain.

The bandit's don't look like they're attacking, they're staying put. Not gonna take advantage of us, but sure not gonna help us out either. Fine by me, I say.

"Hey, you okay?"
>"Yeah. Been fuckin' rainy lately. Just got a broke shoulder is all. Patch me up and I'll drive one handed, no prob."
"Yeah I will but you know, we're still right out in the open, and if you could just move a little."
>"I can move a lot, just help me set the bone already!" Pomi have decent healing speed, but they don't regrow limbs or heal bones right if they're not set right, so it does need that good medicinal touch. "You said you know the statistical probability of getting hit, right?"
Oh, I did. I don't actually. "Yeah, I once stuck a person sized dummy out here, it got struck about once every two days. Doesn't vary much where you are on the asteroid"
>"Cool, so the chances of it happening are slim to none, got it. Patch me up."
No. 537434 ID: 41690e

Hey, she's pretty blasé about all this, ain't she. I like that. Fits right in with you, actually.

Well, patch her up. Unless there's a meteor storm, your odds aren't any worse than usual.

>Cool, so the chances of it happening are slim to none
...actually prior outcomes don't alter the odds in your favor, any. Statistics is based on averages. You're just as likely to get hit now as you were before.
No. 537442 ID: 9ddf68

patch her up and tell her not to say things like that unless she jinxes us. How good are you a patching up people by the way? and of those of different races?
No. 537448 ID: 1c1139

Yeah, but "once in two days" is still slim to none, even when you ignore the previous strike. Let's hope Hok's claim is actually true or close to it.

Patch her up best as you can, I suppose.
No. 537451 ID: 57a559

I think she's flirting with you. Dat pose and eyes man.

Ask her if she has any medical experience. You're pretty good with healing yourself in a sitch, but Pomi, while very similar are also very different. Give us a step by step. Oh and where are the supplies for this patch up? Keep an eye out, we're still a little vulnerable. One eye looking at all times, and we have to focus on the wound.
No. 537452 ID: d2995c

>Yeah, I once stuck a person sized dummy out here, it got struck about once every two days.
This is a good story to tell, since if more rocks come down you can say that there might have been a few flaws in your experimental methodology now that you think about it.
No. 537645 ID: bc8d67

Say it's not actually the meteorites you're worried about; It's the bandits. You'd rather not be out in the open if a bandit sniper gets the bright idea to win a motorcycle by popping one of our heads. So moving down into a hollow or behind a rock before working on her shoulder would make you feel much safer.

Gather what medical supplies are available and tell Miss that she's going to have to talk you through this 'cause you've never set a broken shoulder before. But you do know from the that time you broke your shoulder (because you're Hok and that has to have happened to you) that the arm should be immobilized afterwards so the bones don't shift until they knit; Especially since she's gonna be riding over bumpy terrain. There's likely no sling, so you'll have to improvise with medical tape and cloth cut from both your clothing, then tie her arm to her midsection to immobilize it.

Comment that she's taking the pain from this surprisingly well. If it was you, you know you wouldn't be taking it anywhere near as well.
No. 537835 ID: d38f67
File 137756751518.png - (38.12KB , 700x700 , 763.png )

>How good are you a patching up people by the way?
I'm pretty good with belenos, pomi and humans. Pretty samey healwise, long as you don't do some weird medicine that might be poisonous to one but not another. Same medicine practices as yich eaters actually, cept they get touchy in some spots. Mikliks set themselves right if they live past the initial trauma, most of the time, and neumono, well, I just stick an alcohol wipe on 'em and call it good. Anyway, I'll just apply what I know to Pomi, and figure she'll stop me if I'm doing something wrong.

>I think she's flirting with you.
Welllll I sure hope not for either of our sakes!

"Statistics don't quite work like that!" I get those microexpressions that tell of eyes that will glaze over if I go any more in depth, so I get to the doctoring. "Keep an eye out for bandits, if you will."
>"Yep, they're just watchin from over yonder. For a civil engineer, you know how to deal with this."
"I've been part time since crashlanding. You know, for a mortal, you know how to deal with a broken shoulder."
>"Ha. It happens."


>"Dang, that rock was close. Maybe you were right."
No. 537836 ID: d38f67
File 137756752384.png - (40.06KB , 700x700 , 764.png )

No. 537839 ID: d38f67
File 137756787020.png - (35.10KB , 700x700 , 765.png )


>"... Well that takes care of our pickpocketing peepers. Two days, you said?"
"There might have been a few flaws in my experimental method, now that I think about it."
>"Nah, I'm kidding, man. It's raining up there."
No. 537840 ID: 41690e

Huh. Did we luck into a stretch of bad asteroid-weather? Unfortunate. Although more unfortunate for that sheep and fuzzball over there.

...actually, if we think they're dead, we could go and loot them. Although pissing off bandits ain't a good idea for your cover, and a neumono could probably survive being thrown like that. And I don't really want to much around for bloody equipment if the sky's acting up.

Let's just move on, maybe aim for an area with better shade.
No. 537841 ID: 96c896

I think we'd better find some cover ASAP, because you do not want to be out in the open during a meteor shower like this. Fuck looting the bandits, that'll get you killed, either by a meteorite or other bandits finding you looting them.
No. 537884 ID: bc8d67

Look up and comment that those two days was an average, and that you did have to replace the dummy more than once.

Setting Miss' shoulder is going to have to be postponed. The both of you get on your motorcycles and get to the nearest substantial cover that isn't bandit-filled ASAP.
No. 537887 ID: d2995c

Um, can't you predict the stone rain to some degree by looking upwards?
No. 537893 ID: 9ddf68

I say set her shoulder quick and then get back on the bikes and get the hell out of here before another big one lands closer to you.
No. 537915 ID: 761017

>Um, can't you predict the stone rain to some degree by looking upwards?
Those things are falling at terminal velocity!
You'd need a dozen AI-equipped uni-directional LIDAR dishes setup as an ad-hoc VLA to give yourself a second of warning!
No. 538027 ID: d38f67
File 137765380525.png - (24.70KB , 700x700 , 766.png )

"As much as I enjoy looting the recently deceased in a display of blatant selfishness, let's get to cover in the nearest un-bandit-infested shade zone."

>Can't you predict the stone rain to some degree by looking upwards?
Not even close! I could only see the big ones until it's too late, and even then, it's the biggest pain to tell where a big one is going to land when you're right below it.

One trip to the roadway later, Miss is slinged up and ready to drive apparently. She keeps on leading, so it's up to me to watch our back.

"Hey, so, I'm watching our back."
>"What, were you going to watch just mine?"
"Yeah that's what I said."
>"I mea... it was a joke. What of it?"
"There's a pretty big caravan of Black Supernova coming up pretty fast."
>"How big's pretty big?"
"Few tanks. More cars. Several motorcycles here and there.
No. 538033 ID: 41690e

>Black Supernova
Oh. Well, they're sort of friendly with Pilon's guys. Which might extend to the trade hub. Which might extend to you? ...yeah, sort-of friends twice removed ain't something to rely on. Especially with you in disguise.

I think our best bet is to pull out of sight somewhere, and watch them go by. Assuming they aren't already chasing you / haven't already made you, I like avoiding the problem better than running and hoping you stay in front.
No. 538034 ID: 9ddf68

are they coming at you or just in your direction? Either way just follow Miss's lead but hey it looks like we might be able to get some information after all about what's going on outside of the trading hub. Tin did say she wanted information on the Black Nova.
No. 538035 ID: bd48c5

Wait for a really big meteor to fly down and kill half of them. Loot the ones they leave behind. With your luck when rubble from the explosion blocks the tunnel, there will be cool loot in it!
Eh, it'd be easier just to inject one fuckton of Nanomachines(TM) into some guy and have him shrug off the meteors.
No. 538040 ID: d2995c

Now would be a good time to ask if she knows what a bunch of Supernova would be doing around here. We hear they are a major pirate organization after all.
No. 538049 ID: 735f4f

Keep out of sight until they pass by. Hopefully they don't feel like going out of there way to hassle two random people on bikes. If they do though play it by ear.
No. 538053 ID: 57a559

>"What, were you going to watch just mine?"
Yeah, okay, she's definitely flirting.

Just hide better? Be like a dot on their map, blend the fuck in. Something tells me they got bigger fish to fry than either of your sorry asses.
No. 538054 ID: 6f89f7

Yep, she's flirting. No graceful way to tell her to hold off on it at the moment, but when there is, politely tell her that you don't want to flirt on the mission and that you're currently neuter.

The last time I checked, which was admittedly in Thread 1, Hok was genderless. If this is incorrect, ignore the relevant clause.
No. 538058 ID: bc8d67

Say that the Black Supernova doesn't have a beef with you, as far as you know, and ask Miss if they have any with her. 'Cause if they do, pretty much all you can do is gun it and speed away as fast as you can.

If you can see them, they can see you, so attempting to hide now will just be stupidly suspicious. But I'm not comfortable just pulling to the side of the road to let them pass, 'cause if they do decide to take issue with you two you're rather closer than you'd like to be.

So go off-road. Swing around and come back to the road behind the caravan. Then you can travel in their wake, if they don't object. And being behind their caravan would clear away any bandit trouble ahead of you, until they head off the path you want to take.

Hey, how come you two aren't wearing helmets and riding leathers? Or pinning your tails up so they don't accidentally get caught in a wheel? Just felt like livin' dangerously?
No. 538063 ID: 41690e

I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any parts grown at the moment? I got the impression from his ITQ answers that a lot of miklik don't bother to actually assume a gender much of the time.

I think the correct response to any flirting is to ignore it, for the moment.

>If you can see them, they can see you
Not necessarily. Their convoy is a lot bigger and eye-catching than ours, and we don't know the composition of the asteroid, here. If we're not kicking up much dust and they just came into view, it's not unreasonable we've seen them before they've made us. They have to search the whole field of view in detail, we just have to look back and see a convoy.
No. 538185 ID: 5af25b

did they spot you? hide if they didn't, flee if they did.

also she's totally flirting with you.
No. 541470 ID: d38f67
File 137981966579.png - (18.45KB , 700x700 , 767.png )

>She's flirting
And I've no idea how to deal with this! I was never good with the ladies. Aliens. Alien ladies. Or guys.

>"Hey, you don't have any outstanding issues with those guys, do you?"
"Nnnope. Let's go hide anyway! They look like they've got bigger fish to fry. Wait, do you?"
No. 541471 ID: d38f67
File 137981969084.png - (15.87KB , 700x700 , 768.png )


>>Hey, how come you two aren't wearing helmets and riding leathers? Or pinning your tails up so they don't accidentally get caught in a wheel? Just felt like livin' dangerously?
Nooot a whole lot of supply in non-combat safety gear. We're just holding up our tails anyway. Now, speaking for myself, I'm certainly not feeling like living dangerously, but, Miss...

>"You know, I think it depends on just how much they buy into that 'guilt by association bit.' No biggie, anyway! They're pretty cool. See? They're moving right by us."
"Yeah but you're kinda sticking out there, might wanna.... nevermind."
No. 541473 ID: d38f67
File 137981971733.png - (59.62KB , 700x700 , 769.png )

A motorcyclist reverses back into our field of view, and vice versa.

>"Hey. 'Miss'. You owe us some damages, yeah? Feel like paying up?" he says.
>"Hey Pip you wanna wait outside for a minute? It's pretty private stuff, real classified inf-"
>"Miss supplied chocolate that her partner put in our engine. Wouldn't've been a big deal, kinda funny, but the kicker's that our driver was real allergic to the stuff. He's in good shape now, unlike our vehicle. Scratch paid up her half, Miss, so how about you?"
No. 541475 ID: 7bbaae

Well, the trade hub has ties with Black Supernova. We could arrange to have her debt paid by the trade hub in exchange for her now being in debt to us. However, she would have to be useful to us. So ask her if she likes that plan.
No. 541478 ID: e1609c

since she is clearly the right amount of crazy to even show a passing amount of interest in hok, I am fully in support of plan Debt-for-date
which is to say
the plan I came up with just now
No. 541479 ID: 91e70a

>We could arrange to have her debt paid by the trade hub in exchange for her now being in debt to us

With interest.

We're running a business, you know.
No. 541481 ID: 07e3a8

Well. How much of a debt are we talking here? She either pays, or we try to weasel out of it, or we run or fight.

...frankly, this seems a good moment for bullshitting. They're really gonna hold her accountable? You can hardly hold every seller accountable for what the idiots who buy their stuff do with it. How could she possibly know she'd be making enemies with chocolate?

...that would require blowing our cover. We'd be costing the (broke) trade hub without bringing in anything useful. It also requires people trusting Hok's word.

Overall, bad plan.
No. 541483 ID: 7bbaae

Hok can still claim to be Pip.
No. 541484 ID: 57a559

Can he take off his helmet? What if that motorcyclist is actually her old partner in disguise? Or he's just claiming to be the part of the group that has damages?
No. 541486 ID: 07e3a8

Putting the trade hub on the line for someone else's debt for no return is still a bad idea.
No. 541507 ID: f9cf6a

Dang, how much chocolate has to be placed on an engine to mess it up by melting? 'Cause that sounds like it'd have to be a lot. Well, unless it was stuffed in the air intake on the engine side of the filter or something.

So, just how much does Miss owe them anyway? Must not be much 'cause they're being pretty chill about it.

Ask how they know Miss knew Scratch was gonna use the chocolate that way. Because if they don't know than she really shouldn't be held responsible for half the damages from what Scratch did. Of course if they don't know the guy almost certainly won't relent before your logic, but it's worth a try.

Better hope she just harmlessly flirts with everyone and doesn't mean anything by it, 'cause otherwise she's actually interested in you.
No. 541514 ID: cee89f

>"Miss supplied chocolate that her partner put in our engine."
I like this gal already.

Offer to pay it off in exchange for a debt to you and your place.

Also, make sure you have quick access to your pistol

>Dang, how much chocolate has to be placed on an engine to mess it up by melting?
Some quick *google-fu*: "Any sort of gritty substance put into a fuel tank is going to have an adverse effect on the car's performance. Salt and sugar are probably the most effective," (the question being posed was for the viability of a prank) "since they do not dissolve in the gas."

... From the later descriptions here, I'm suddenly dubious it wasn't a big deal. =/ it's apparently expensive to fix if it gets into your carbouerator or fuel injectors... and to get to those it has to get through your filters and fuel pump.
No. 541525 ID: 9ddf68

don't think we should try and cover the debt using the trading hub since that miiiight rise a few questions we don't want to answer.

Oh and since there's a black supernova guy here maybe you could ask him if there's anything of interest he's heard about lately. I mean we are out here to get information and Tin did say specifically to get some about the Supernovas. Just ask if he's heard of anything of interest. I mean them and Zozu were just in a war I don't think it would be to suspicious if we asked about any areas we should avoid if we don't want to get hit in some cross fire (then hit them on the way back to the hub to see what we can learn about them)
No. 541558 ID: 1cf691

>Miss was partnered up with someone called Scratch.
What she couldn't find someone called Itch?

Anyway if he demands a vehicle for payment remember that these are our bikes, we are just lending one to Miss because we are going on a date.
No. 541567 ID: d38f67
File 137987048684.png - (13.37KB , 700x700 , 770.png )

"Scratch? Couldn't find someone named itch?"
>"No, her gu- wait, itch? Oh, man, I'm gonna have to tell her that one, that's good. Her gun is called Sniff, actually."
"And she put chocolate in the engine, huh?"
>"Yeah. Er, no. Not in the engine, just on it and places where it would smell up the rest of the car. It was fine! But like he said, the driver was allergic, so he crashed it up pretty quick!"
"How much do you owe?"
>"20 thousands zeny, that's my share."

The motorcyclist honks his horn.

>"Hey you two, I'm still here, and my envoy's dust is settling. Summon up the zen, miss."
"Now hold on, is it Miss's fault what someone does with chocolate? It's chocolate!"
>"Let me look... here... catch, hit play."

He tosses a whatsit over to me. He sure does have faith in my catching abilities.
No. 541571 ID: d38f67
File 137987146374.png - (23.30KB , 700x700 , 771.png )

Well what do you know, security footage.

She sure is at the crime of the scene. She sure is egging on Scratch. Yep. Actually, scratch looks a little familiar. Eh, probably saw her in passing once upon a time. Belenos, too. That rules out the chance that this supernova fellow is Scratch in disguise. I mean, unless she went through some real heavy lengths for a one off thing.

>"Yeahhh I said the same thing but then they pulled that out on me. It's kinda hard to argue with that. I mean, the damn thing looks like it came out of a commercial! Okay, supernova dude, I need more time! No, really, I don't have much zeny on me, I wasn't planning on seeing you guys." says Miss.
>"We aren't Zozu, but we're not gonna let a 20k debt just stand there indefinitely. Don't make us act like Zozu, we've had enough of 'em."
>"Hey, you guys know how to find me. I'm not as hidden as I'd like."
>"That's not reassuring."
No. 541572 ID: d38f67
File 137987147840.png - (20.07KB , 700x700 , 772.png )

"Hey, do you guys have any interesting news or something?"
"You know. What's the haps. The happenings. What's goin' on up in here. You guys were rushing off pretty fast over there."
>"Who are you, anyway?"
>"How long've you been on the asteroid."
"A year?"
>"You're a slow learner, asking questions like that."
"What questions should I be asking?"
>"None. Don't ask questions. In fact, shut up. Miss -"
>"Yeah yeah I'll get the money! Heyyyyyy Pip you want another job?" She puts on some Pomi eyes. She's gonna ask something preeeetttyyy hefty of me, I know it. "It involves talking to people! Important people! And you're pretty good at talking. Or at least you look like you've got a lot of words tucked away in there, and that's good enough."
No. 541573 ID: a57f17

"One of those words is 'no'. Getting any other words out costs zeny, and you just admitted you don't have any."
No. 541574 ID: 9ddf68

should have known it wouldn't been that easy, sigh

as for miss... whaaat do you want?
No. 541577 ID: 07e3a8

...talking to who? One thing I have learned is not agreeing to something in advance.
No. 541628 ID: f9cf6a

Give Miss your best I-wasn't-uprooted-yesterday look. "I might. After I ask every question I can think of about the job. And if the pay is big enough. Maybe." Suggest to Miss that you two continue this conversation in a diner at the next settlement along your route.

Lob the video player whatsit back to the Black Supernova guy and ask if the convoy will mind you two riding in their wake until you hit your turnoff. It'll be good to keep the bandits off.

You saw the vehicle that crashed in that security footage. Is 40,000 zeny in line with what major repairs or a replacement vehicle of that type would cost?
No. 541961 ID: cee89f

Tin told us to find some talent out in the field if we could =/ We could try recruiting her in exchange for payment or something?
No. 542004 ID: 7329f2

The important bit there is "talent". Her sole talent seems to be being a female pomi version of Hok.
No. 542010 ID: 94c29c

You're not dressed well enough to go talking to important people, you better have some dapper gear.
No. 542022 ID: f45380

Recruitment isn't entirely our of the question, but Hok's known her for like an hour or less. And if we were to actually recruit her I wouldn't trust her to stay quiet about it for more than 5 minutes, which kind of messes with Hok's cover.

We'll consider it closer to the end of this bike trip, assuming she hasn't managed to get herself killed or double cross us by then.
No. 542047 ID: cee89f

Hey, they keep Hok on despite his bounty, don't they? People like Hok are useful.

...Fair and/or true enough.
No. 542055 ID: 2860b1

One is. Two, not so much.
No. 542142 ID: d38f67
File 138017025897.png - (19.91KB , 700x700 , 773.png )

>Is 40,000 zeny in line with what major repairs or a replacement vehicle of that type would cost?
IIII could believe it. Wouldn't surprise me if the supernova put on a little 'inconvenience' buffer, but hey, far as these things go, 40k isn't... well, okay, no, that is a teensy bit much. Not like either of us are in the position to argue something like that, though! In fact, that's usually a good way to get them to decide it should be more somehow.

>We could try recruiting her in exchange for payment or something?
A thought I'll reserve for future-me.

I toss the electronic what'sit back to the supernova fellow.

"Words cost money, Miss! Probably a lot. In fact, getting mystery jobs for mystery pay isn't good business sense at all!"
>"Come onnn, we're buds!"
"And good best buds share details."
>"Hm. Okay, yeah, that's a good point. Okay, huddle-time. Supernova, please move on over there, it's a private chat! Okay, Pip. I know guys. A lot of guys. Rich ones, with nice operations that need 'employees that don't exist' if you catch my drift. I think I can get us a job. A good one! We can split the dosh."

>She's like a female pomi version of you
Yeahhh I don't see it. I don't wrap my arms around people.

"So what do you need me for?"
>"Welllll, sometimes they give me jobs, sure, because I'm good at it. But at the same time, they don't actually like talking to me too much, so it would be cool if someone else was my spokesman to convince them to let me - or us - take a job! It'll be easy, because, well, you're not me."
No. 542147 ID: 7bbaae

Oh fine.
No. 542148 ID: 57a559

She's you in the sense that she has a knack for ticking people off and getting up to all sorts of mischief.
She's not like you in that she's a far more traditional rogue who flirts a lot and tries to get in some good old fashioned conquests.

She clearly aspires to be like one of those serial sci-fi anti-heroes and is damn good at being one.
You aspire to be... you. You just end up being like a really lucky, unlucky rogue. I don't know you just stumble into the role. Stumble fucking everywhere.

Say okay.
Good dosh is good dosh. And if she's as much like you as we think, she's only omitting a lot of details here but not really wanting to stab you in the back.
No. 542149 ID: f45380

>Yeahhh I don't see it. I don't wrap my arms around people.
She's a slightly different kind of rogue. You worm your way into people's hearts with more gesticulating, grand fast talking speeches and mock-hurt feelings. She does more throwing around a lot of words without saying anything and an assumed almost pushy casual intimacy in interactions, and presumptions. You both end coming across as insufferable or incorrigible, surprisingly persuasive, causing trouble for whoever comes across you, and seem to have no worries about the mayhem and mischief you cause or participate in.

>Go for it?
If there's one thing you're good at, it's talking your way into (and sometimes out of) a sticky situation. She's probably right you could score a deal with whoever she's thinking of working with.

And hey, nothing wrong with more money, right? And doing something secret seems a good way to find out stuff no one would otherwise know about. That's kind of what Tin sent you to do, right?

And if the pay is bad, or the info is boring you could always just steal something.
No. 542152 ID: 9ddf68

quick question, if they don't like to talk to her why don't they just send her a message about jobs or something, hell a text or a dead drop if they're paranoid.

But still I think we should go with it for no other reason then we need information about the outside world and even if this is nothing but a disaster waiting to happen I figure if we get into enough trouble we'll learn something eventually right?
No. 542155 ID: 16f5f3

Hey, money off the books of the hub. I'm for it, but it might be better to get the other bike first, in case things go sour. More bikes, more chance of at least one surviving to make a hasty get away if needed.
No. 542163 ID: 1cf691

I think she is planning on you being her fall guy in this plan so that in the end she drives away with all the money and you get all the blame.
So go along and act like a sucker but be ready to turn the tables on her when the time is right.
No. 542172 ID: 2860b1

This is probably the case. Remember Whiskers and Itcher, everyone? Even if her goal isn't actually to screw us over, we're unlikely to come out ahead.
No. 542178 ID: 3dd384

Stick to the plan.

You're supposed to be a civil engineer from a downed ship. Anything that indicates that you're a scoundrel - including palling up with a scoundrel - risks blowing your cover, and outing you as the kind of person people don't tell the truth around. On top of that, adding extra mission objectives significantly complicates what was supposed to be a simple job.

Your new Pomi friend is in a bit of a pickle, yes. Opportunity is in the wind, yes. But even if you want to go for it, there's no requirement to go for it today. Ask her for some time to think it over, finish the job, and then you can come back and be a fishy Pomi's talent agent if that's what floats your boat.
No. 542179 ID: f45380

You're saying this like that's at all a problem for Hok.
No. 542181 ID: 2860b1

It is if it makes Tin decide she's had enough of Hok's shit for good.
No. 542222 ID: 2f4b71

The job's not for you, Pip. But luckily, you know a guy names 'Hok' who might be interested, that you'd happily put Miss in contact with...
No. 542270 ID: 70fa25

Yeah, this sounds a lot like Miss burned all her bridges with her best employers so she needs you as a middleman. You'd basically be taking her place at the interview, saying you've got her skill-set on the proverbial resumé, and faking your way through. Then she'd do the job and you'd turn it in.

At least, that's the way it'll go until the job involves bringing back something really valuable. Then she'll disappear with it and leave you to take the fall. But you figured that already, and you know you can turn the tables on her or vanish yourself if you fail.

You'll agree to it, but say that you think you two ought to finish this delivery job first. Mostly because Miss isn't going to be in any shape to do jobs until her shoulder heals, and that's gonna take time or money for medical care and we're low on money.
No. 542271 ID: d38f67
File 138025041383.png - (18.70KB , 700x700 , 774.png )

"We do have this job first, you know."
>"Yeahh, well I mean after. I'll pay for your trip and everything!"
"I'llll think about it. After the current job's done. I gotta ask though, if they don't like talking to you, then why don't they send you messages or drops or whatever?"
>"You're the best! Yeah, we'll go deliver this bike and then I'll pay you, then we'll have this conversation again. Oh, and I don't like letting myself be contacted whenever if I can't contact them whenever, so drops or texts just don't do it for me."
"Alright, hey, supernova guy, can we tail beh... oh, he's gone."
No. 542272 ID: d38f67
File 138025042569.png - (24.05KB , 1240x607 , 775.png )

Just as well, the rest of the trip goes smooth as can be. We enter an outpost and drive down a few levels, where it looks like some doors are embedded right on the street. We hop off, Miss knocks on the door, and yep, preettty sure I've seen Scratch before.

>"Heya, Scratch! Got a broken arm, huh!" Miss punches her on the shoulder. Which is cool, then Scratch does the same. Which would be cool, cept it was right on the broken shoulder. I guess their hellos just can't be stopped.
>"Yo, girl. Got my bike?"
>"Yeah, warmed up with miklik butt. Say, think all of us could go see Waska?"
>"That depends, how much money're you packing?"
>"He's gambling down under with his pals, isn't he? Well, I do have a few grand I can spare."
>"So you have a few grand total! Yeah, I can get you in, if you don't mind getting cleaned out. Uh, your pal, though... she cool?"
>"The coolest."
>"She's got money tucked away, too? I can get you in, but the more you got, the longer you can stay."

Well, I've got... a thousand. And not a bad gambler, if I do say so myself!
No. 542277 ID: 2860b1

I suspect that Waska either cheats, takes it very badly if he starts losing, or both. You are likely to lose your money.

Admit to having a couple of hundred.
No. 542279 ID: e1609c

THINK, man. Where have you seen this scratch chick before? Think HARD. Knowing you this is one of the myriad billions of people/aliens/animals you have pissed off in some way in the past, so start along the list of female belenosians who would want your head on a platter.
If she's not there, try the males.
No. 542280 ID: 2860b1

Then try the neumono.
No. 542283 ID: f45380

We're one of the girls now? Ambiguous miklik-ness working in our favor, I guess.

You've got a few hundred (hold back some of your cash).

>getting cleaned out
That because miss is bad, Waska is good, or because winning against Waska is a bad idea?

You're asking this to try and figure out how to play. If it's safe to win, there's nothing wrong with breaking even, or making yourself a small profit. If it's not safe to win, sacrificing some money to get an in with the criminals is acceptable. Standing out and cleaning them out probably isn't a good idea.

>yep, preettty sure I've seen Scratch before
In what circumstances? You tend to leave more enemies than friends, remember.
No. 542286 ID: 57a559

Ask why they suddenly started referring to yourself as a woman. You're both! And you have a masculine name, kinda. Not that it matters.

Do it, we're bored anyway. But the amount of funds you got on you is your business.
No. 542288 ID: f45380

Nah, don't call them on the pronoun. We're trying to fit in, blend here. It works better if we just let people see us as whatever makes them comfortable with us. And it's not like Hok particularly cares (I think).

...that and a miklik getting picky about gender identity would probably stand out.
No. 542290 ID: 2860b1

It really doesn't matter, especially since Hok isn't both. He's neither.
No. 542297 ID: 57a559

I was just curious, got a little used to masculine pronouns for Hok/Pip so when they switch over you just notice it for a little bit.
Obviously no big deal, just an eyebrow goes "what" when your trying to figure out who they're referring to and then your like "Oh they're talking about me." Just a little confusion and curiosity.
No. 542309 ID: b3c2e5

assumption or no, this is a good thing. She's simply picked a pronoun and didn't ask questions. The recognition is one-way for now.
No. 542314 ID: d38f67
File 138026139126.png - (15.85KB , 700x700 , 776.png )

>Think! Where have you seen this scratch chick before?
>So start along the list of female belenosians
Oh yeah, the list. The list of People That Want To Kill Me, and eventually became the book. Might look up Waska too actually, but pretty sure I've only heard about that guy. If he's pissed at me, I sure don't know it. Good thing I don't leave home without the book.

Although Scratch thinks I'm a girl, and Miss is apparently playing along, I sure don't care. Pip's a girl now I guess.
"Let me check..." I open up my back and flip through my book. "Yeah I've got a few hundred. Why's it sounding like a guarantee that Waska will clean us out? He doesn't go and cheat, does he?"
>"Not according to the rulebook." Miss says. "Buuut no one actually knows how to play. I mean, not really."
The rules sound simple, so people think they get it, but then there's all these edge cases that just make the game completely incomprehensible. Well, a few people know the fancy stuff. Waska obviously. Scratch does to-
>"That's a secret, Miss, shut it, goddamn."
>"Er, sorry! Anyways, you didn't hear that. Waska has the rulebook. He's legitimate, and doesn't make up rules in his favor even though it totally sounds like he does."

Scrapdice. Yep. A game that appears incomprehensable from the outside in. Then the rules make it sound easy. Then you play and it all goes downhill. That kinda rings a bell. In fact, I might know who Waska is. Gotta play along ala Pip now though.

"What's it called?"
>"Scrapdice." Scratch takes over. "It's Waska's way of charging to talk to him without actually saying you have to pay to talk to him. You just hope you last long enough with the basic ruleset."
"And people just don't learn how to play?"
>"Waska doesn't run open classes. And the ones that do know keep their mouths shut about it, that's why Miss isn't supposed to go shouting that I know how to play. Waska loves gambling, really chills him out. That's why people chalk up the dough to play the game and talk to him. He also loves winning too, but don't get the wrong idea, while he loves cleaning people out, he also likes actual competition now and then. So if you manage to get lucky has hell and take some of his money, it's cool. Now come on in, Waska's not actually gonna start for a while. I'll share some booze, on your behalf, since I at least have a chance of coming out even tonight. Miss, give the miklik some money, I'll teach her how to play, but she's still probably gonna last about 30 seconds if she goes in with a few hundred. Hell, if she's a natural like some mikliks I know, we may just come out ahead tonight."
No. 542315 ID: d38f67
File 138026154044.png - (13.10KB , 700x700 , 777.png )

Miss and Scratch go talk girltalk in a side room for a minute while I'm left on the couch, so I grab my bag of mostly junk and let the book surface up to the top. And there she is, right in my list of enemies.

>Scratch - Female Belenos (Circle horn decorations, black eyes) - I took her money by pretending not to know how to play Scratchdice, goaded her into a bold move, and pulled the rug from under her. Threat: Might not actually want to kill me, but I did withdraw her whole bank account.

And yeah okay, I remember now. That was when a casino was gonna do a special scrapdice tournament, so I stole the only rulebook I could find and successfully returned it when I was done. It was prooobably Waska's. He's not here in my book.

>"Alright! Pip, was it?" I hear Scratch from the other room. "Get in here, I'm gonna teach you. I've got a real nice feeling about tonight."
No. 542316 ID: 57a559

oh, who cares than.
Get to playing. Play sucky at first but get a knack later, but not too good. Though you might actually need the rulebook to justify that. Just keep it somewhat consistent with what she'll teach you. Don't spout rules you know by hand you haven't been taught by her. Let some shit slip here and there and hope luck will get you through some.

Unless she actually has the rulebook on hand, than we can justify pretty much anything.

I dunno homebro you're the sly expert. You got ideas?
No. 542320 ID: f45380

...is that book written in code, or inaccessible to be opened or anything? Seems like it would be bad if anyone got ahold of it.

Anyways, first thing to try and do is not give away who you are to Scratch. Emptying a bank account leaves a grudge. For now, take the lessons. Play as is you don't know the game, but you are good at gambling. Assuming of course they haven't made you already and you're walking into an ambush in the other room. (If worse come to worse- Miss' gun is hard coded not to shoot at her. But not Scratch).

Trying to make some money at Waska's game isn't a bad idea, although I'm not sure we want to risk trying to win big. (Or playing a rule we were never 'taught'). Maybe if there's enough money in it, but getting a piece of whatever this secret job Miss wants in on and Waska wants kept hush hush might be more valuable.

...actually, the game is kind of a good opportunity to fuck with everybody. You know the rules better than you're supposed to- you can mess with them winning hands when they think you shouldn't, or blowing hands they think your could win. Keep them guessing, make them think it's luck. That should be challenge enough to amuse you.
No. 542322 ID: 7bbaae

Hmm, interesting. You know, if you make enough money tonight and pull off this job really well, you might be able to get in her good graces enough to make her not want to kill you anymore.
>Hell, if she's a natural like some mikliks I know
Actually nevermind, she doesn't want to kill you. She didn't know you were faking! Also, it's not like you stole her money. It was her fault that she bet that much. Also keep in mind this is a prankster. That type of person is likely to take a loss in stride.

Let's go full hog. Wait, do you still have Hit? Might want to swap it for your real gun.
No. 542327 ID: 9ddf68

go into the room and "learn" how to play. do kinda ok but still make it seem as if you're just a rookie so when things look like they're going down hill you can then ask Miss about your pay for the bike run. If she tries to avoid it just say it could help you stay in the game longer when you guys (or girls as it seems) finally play Waska.

Maybe this practice thing might be a good time to dig for some information on some of the people Miss wants you to talk to. I mean her friend might let something slip that Miss doesn't want you to hear, like when Miss let it slip that Scratch knew how to play scratchdice
No. 542442 ID: d38f67
File 138039931563.png - (20.49KB , 900x468 , 778.png )

>Is your book in code?
It certainly is!

"I'm almost ready, but first, Miss, I would like to swap out my real gun and receive payment, if you would be so kind?"
>"Oh yeah, almost forgot. Here you are. There, now you have a few hundred plus two hundred to work with. I hope you like a lot of rules."
>"I'm not teaching him everything." Scratch says. "Just the basic ruleset, the public stuff. So, it's like a combination board game, card game, and dice game. There's 4 suits, like cards. Diamonds, squares, circles and stars, but unlike cards, there's no numbers..."

I pay good attention and jot down all those rules I already crammed in my brain. No surprises, either. It's still just like I remember it. Each card is a set amount of zeny, and you buy each one. You can buy a single one or buy a small deck and place one or all of them at a starting location on the board. You roll the dice to decide how far forward on the board your deck moves, and every special tile and deck you run into along the way, you receive the effects and fight the other deck ala rock paper scissors style. If you take out the opponents cards, you get those cards into your available cards to play, and likewise, if you lose cards, the opponent gets 'em. You can cash out your stashed cards for zeny, but can only cash out your cards on the board if you get to the right escape tile to pull them back into your available stash.

"So what happens if you have a diamond leading card, and the opponent also has a diamond?"
>"Hey, I said I wasn't gonna show you the in depth rules. But I'll give you a freebie. You can play cards upsidedown. If yours is upside down, and you get put against a rightside up diamond, your diamond goes to the back of your deck and turns rightside up. And no, you don't need to know the rules, Waska's got a good board that has an AI that sorts all this stuff out. Otherwise, it's a slugfest of a game if you're not fast about the rules."

We play a bit, and I pretend like I'm capable of learning yet have no idea what I'm doing. Pretty damn easy to pull off, actually.
No. 542443 ID: d38f67
File 138039932116.png - (12.23KB , 700x700 , 779.png )

"So who else is gonna be there?"
>"You're asking me? Whoever shows up who's either a friend or a friend of a friend of Waska's."
>"Hey, don't you at least know the regulars, Scratch?" asks Miss.
>"The regulars and the broke asses go hand in hand."
"What regulars were there, Miss?"
>"A lot of Waska's main buddies go there a bunch. Augy, Principila, Mapholil..."
>"You'll get introduced to them anyway." Scratch interrupts her. "I've got a proposition for you, Pip, because I love Miss so much. You're gonna be able to afford like 2 cards with the buyins, and unless you get lucky as hell, you're going to be wiped clean in seconds. I'll give you a couple thousand so that you can put in some good words for Miss. But if you do get lucky and make some dough out of this, I get 50% of your winnings. Deal?"
No. 542445 ID: 7bbaae

Deal. It's a bad deal if you think you're going to win, which you shouldn't. It's a good deal if you think you're gonna lose, because she's basically just giving you 2k along with whatever reward you get for doing this.

Oh, speaking of the reward, I think it's time we brought up what the split is going to be for the job we get Miss. 50/50?
No. 542446 ID: f45380

Hmm. I say take the deal. This makes is safer to win, actually, since she's not going to complain about you doing better than she thinks you should be able to if you're winning her money.

Also, it's either an opportunity to make up for ripping her off before (which gives us some leeway if she makes you), or double down and rip her off again if we end out running out before paying her back.
No. 542448 ID: 9ddf68

Ask why she's willing to put so much turst into someone she just met. As for the deal itself, sure we'll try but you know how to play the game, if she wanted to make money wouldn't it be better if she played him. But fine whatever, you'll try but no promises.

Just trying to make it sound like you really have no idea what your doing is all.
No. 542449 ID: b3c2e5

You don't have to play completely dumb. You're pretending to be an engineer after all, its a rather learning-heavy profession, so you can probably get away with 'learning' quickly, and 'experimenting' with card placements in a few practice games. Be the Nerd. Pick the system apart.
After all if they think you'll stand a chance at it, they might invest a bit more.
No. 542455 ID: 7a843b

It's a deal, though you'd like to know what kind of good words to put in that'd be in line with what Miss can do, or what she wants Waska to think she can do. 'Cause all you really know about Miss right now is that prank with the chocolate that awry and that she's a bit of a flirt.

>"Augy, Principila, Mapholil"
Three more names to check against your little book of people who want you dead. Say you're gonna use the bathroom before leaving and check it while you're in there.
No. 542467 ID: d38f67
File 138041052666.png - (13.87KB , 700x700 , 780.png )

"Deal! But I gotta ask, why are you putting so much faith in me?"
>"I'm not, I'm considering this charity for Miss. But if you actually get lucky, I want in on that."
"And what should I say to Waska about Miss? What sorta jobs does she take? All I know about her is that she pulled a prank with you, and she's kinda flirty."
>"Misssssssssss, you can't just flirt with everyone. You're gonna give the wrong impression!"
>"Hey, what I do in my time is my business!" Miss wiggles and takes another shot of alcohol. It's that sort of wiggle that Pomi's do in the place of blushing.
>"Anyway, Odds and ends." Scratch continues. "The sort of stuff that's important enough to get someone with talent to do, but Waska doesn't want to risk any of his guys for."
"So just about anything then. If you'll excuse me though, I've gotta use your bathroom."

Let's see, names, names.

Nope, I don't see any of 'em. Gonna shuffle my way to the back though, and review all the sketches I made of people who I'd recognize, but don't actually know the names of. Won't help me now, but just in case I see any book-dwellers later.
No. 542468 ID: d38f67
File 138041053930.png - (16.28KB , 700x700 , 781.png )

Knock knock

>"Hey Pip I gotta take a shower before we start whatcha reading?"

I am pretty positive I locked the door.
No. 542469 ID: 7bbaae

Flatly state that it's none of her business, the door was locked, and who walks in on someone who said they were going to use the bathroom, anyway?

Accuse her of trying to find out your gender. Just tell her you don't have one.
No. 542470 ID: f45380

>I am pretty positive I locked the door.
Like that means much when you're hanging out with thieves and tricksters. Especially as one of them owns this place.

>whatcha reading
Diary. (This gives us a list of ready excuses. Say, why we won't her see it if she asks. Or if she gets ahold of it later and asks why its in code, or on paper. Keeps it private).

And if she asks, you like to read in the bathroom, and the diary is convenient since you always have it with you.
No. 542471 ID: 7c69c1

That door. Just...just slam it in her face, jeez.
It might smack that constant smug look she has on her face off.
Plus she just picked your lock, any kind of reaction is reasonable with essentially no backlash.
No. 542474 ID: b3c2e5

universal constant. bathrooms are never as secure as we'd like.

You could go into half-truth territory and say they're your notes. From college. Hopefully your book isn't immediately recognizable as being code?
No. 542475 ID: 2860b1

Eh, no point in hostilities with the client. Just bear it silently and then never work with her again.

Tell her that you're reading words and that you are currently genderless. Then leave and close the door behind you, preferably after she enters the bathroom.
No. 542484 ID: f45380

Being rude or confrontational either burns bridges or makes it seem like we have something to hide.

And seriously, we're a miklik. We don't care about gender, guys. Unless she tries to drag us off to fuck, it's not an issue we need to discuss with her.
No. 542485 ID: 2860b1

Correct on the first bit, but for the second bit... she picked a locked bathroom door to talk to us and says she needs a shower, which involves her stripping naked. Given that she picked the lock, she wishes to do so in front of Hok specifically. She is one very, very small step from trying to drag us off to fuck.
No. 542486 ID: f45380

I assumed she wants to steal the bathroom for a shower, not do it in front of us.

And being a nosy snoop doesn't mean she's interested in Pip's gender or sexytimes, either. She could have correctly wondered if we were hiding anything, and come to the conclusion we'd been in the bathroom longer than was necessary.
No. 542488 ID: 2860b1

She's been flirting with us a lot, and did the pomi equivalent of a blush when questioned about it. And I doubt looking a few names up in the book takes suspiciously long compared to, say, taking a dump.
No. 542490 ID: 246b94

We could say that we were going over our asteroid rain research.
No. 542492 ID: d38f67
File 138041655797.png - (12.02KB , 700x700 , 782.png )

"It's a diary! Also, I have no gender! Say, miss, isn't knocking and entering on the same heartbeat a little... rudish?"
>"It's cool I really just need to shower. Hold on, I'll give you something to write about! Just.. gotta.."

She starts fumbling with her good arm, before I realize she's taking off her shirt. So I start getting right on out of there. Man, is that how people see me? Nah, I don't enter bathrooms. I don't wanna know what people do in there.

>"Hey, Pip, get over here." I hear Scratch say. The shower faucet goes on. I'll assume she's not too drunk to take a shower.
>"Regretting picking a job with her yet? Be honest."
No. 542493 ID: 7bbaae

Well, working alongside someone who picks bathroom locks while someone's in there does make you a bit uncomfortable, yes.
No. 542494 ID: f45380

>Man, is that how people see me?
No, not really. At this point she's either really flirty, drunk, actively trying to manipulate you, or she just really has a thing for ambiguously gendered little green dudes.

>Regretting picking a job with her yet?
Not really. Things haven't been quiet as quiet or simple as I expected, but it's not as if anything bad has happened. Yet.

Are you telling me I will, eventually?

(Oh-hoo, she looks unhappy. I think she may be planning to backstab Miss in some way, and wants you in on it).
No. 542495 ID: 2860b1

No, no one's tried to murder us yet. That's a lot better than things usually go.

Ask about possible conflict between them, imply worry about her maybe backstabbing her, and wonder whether this could be a honeytrap.
No. 542496 ID: f45380

Careful, we're undercover. People don't normally try to murder 'Pip'.
No. 542498 ID: 2860b1

Point. Say it as a joke, then.

Also, she might just be a decent person and concerned about Miss' lechery affecting us. We should still plan as though she's trying to backstab Miss or whatever just in case, though.
No. 542507 ID: cee89f

... Alrighty then. Take the deal.

... I think she knows you can play ._. There's not much other reason to do this.
No. 542512 ID: d38f67
File 138042277454.png - (11.28KB , 700x700 , 783.png )

"Nah, no one's tried to murder me, which is pretty important. I mean, the bathroom thing there is more than I'm comfortable with, but I guess I can chalk that up to being drunk or something."
>"... good answer. Listen, she's a handful at times, but I care about her. When it comes down to it, she just wants to be helpful, and fun to be around. She's not always good at the latter. Or the former. But she tries, and that's a fuck lot more than I can say about most of the asswipes down here. What I'm getting at here, is do both of us a favor and cut her some slack when she does shit like that. I don't want her getting hurt for not treating life like anyone's gonna put a gun to her face at any time. Even though it could happen."

Wow. Good thing I didn't try play off a notion that Scratch wanted to backstab Miss.
No. 542513 ID: 7bbaae

So, the flirting isn't because you're a hot stack of miklik?
No. 542514 ID: f45380

>she just wants to be helpful, and fun to be around. She's not always good at the latter.
Actually, she does sound like you. You can relate to that carefree attitude. She just doesn't seem to have your luck to fall back on. Then again, you don't have friends who go out of their way to protect you, so whatever.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with looking out for another free spirit, or getting in on some of the chaos. She's fun, if a little weird. And besides, with all the slack you've gotten over the years, maybe it's good to give someone else a bit.

...and hey, one less person who might want you dead if this makes up for ripping Scratch off.

(Obviously, don't voice any of this Hok-thought to Scratch).

>Good thing I didn't try play off a notion that Scratch wanted to backstab Miss.
That's why in this kind of situation you let the mark lead, and not act off a hunch earlier! (Unless you have to). Which is what you did. C'mon, you know how to play people, Hok.

>what say
I think I can manage that. Not terribly keen on anyone getting guns put in their face in any event.
No. 542524 ID: 3dd384


a genuine cheerful optimist? no wheels within wheels or ulterior motives?

is it too much to hope for?
No. 542528 ID: 9ddf68

look unless someone tries to flat out kill me I'm not going to hate them for a little fault or two in there personality. I mean no one's perfect right?

(and looking back on it, I don't think Hok really holds that much of a grudge against people who have tried and killed him... then again that could just be because they're so many of them if he did hold a grudge for everyone who tried to take a shot at him he'd be even crabbier then Tin)
No. 542532 ID: 57a559

Pip go hop in the shower with her right now
Ask if Scratch wants to join
Just have a big fat bubble fight
No. 542533 ID: 2860b1

Look, dude, it's fine if you jerk off to quests, no one cares enough to judge, but at least don't post your fantasies.

She is strangely endearing when she's not trying to hard to get in your featureless pants, so mostly when she's talking to other people.
No. 542537 ID: 57a559

It was more so Hok would loosen up a little. This is like, what, the first time he's been on decently friendly terms with anyone?
Right now, it's a time for relax. A time for play. Like, legit fun here man.

And he's just going to skip this opportunity? Take advantage of your new identity to experiment! Do something different! Have fun. Be a part of something.
No. 542538 ID: 2860b1

Eh, that we've seen, I suppose. Relaxation would be nice, but wrong place and wrong time. We're pretending to be someone else and working for them. Plus Scratch might be a bit mad about Hok bilking her out of that money way back, but it doesn't seem too likely. How much money was it?

We might consider telling them the truth and opening up a bit. Maybe.
No. 542539 ID: f45380

>We might consider telling them the truth and opening up a bit. Maybe.
Too soon. I really don't see Miss as the able yo keep quiet, and Scratch is trying to protect her friend- and Hok is someone who ripped her off before.

Maybe when our disguise doesn't matter anymore, or Scratches opinion won't be a problem or has been changed.
No. 542540 ID: 7bbaae

Personally I think once Hok wins a ton of money and gives it to Scratch, it might be a good time for him to reveal who he is. I mean, he'd have sortof paid her back, right?

On the other hand Hok could just wait until Miss's job is done and he gets paid and offers them all jobs at the Trade Hub. Oh also we still need to get info on what's going on around the place. Maybe we can ask Scratch here?
No. 542541 ID: 2860b1

I suggest we ask Scratch about that miklik she said was a natural to see if she's still pissed off at Hok.
No. 542543 ID: 9ddf68

ok unless we're going to be giving these 2 a job offer (If we can figure out what they actually do that is a distinct possibility) I really don't see any point to telling them who we really are. Miss most likely has no idea who Hok even is other than maybe a story Scratch told her once or twice and maybe as some face on the bounty board and we have reason to be a bit weary of telling Scratch (at least for right now, if we can make her some money she might be a bit less likely to want to kill us). I mean telling them who we really are probably won't help us out to much so I just say keep being Pip for the time being. With all the people out there who would love to see nothing more the Hok's head on a pike it has to be nice to not being Hok every now and then right? Just enjoy it for as long as you can... and we still kinda need to find out what is going on outside the hub at some point as well still so when we eventually head out feel free to keep an ear out for any gossip that might give us leads.
No. 542565 ID: d38f67
File 138048261758.png - (18.58KB , 700x700 , 784.png )

>Just have a big fat bubble fight
Yeah I think I'm going to try to not encourage her. In fact I'm pretty sure I have allergies to half the brands of bubble soap.

"Uh... yeah. I can manage that. Never could judge someone for a little flaw or two."
>"Good. Once Miss gets out of the shower, we'll go."
"So, what other mikliks did you know were naturals?"
>"Huh? Oh, that was me saying that the game isn't beyond miklik intellect. Dunno about yours as an individual, though."

Well that's a response, and we wait for miss to get out who is, thankfully, clothed. The trip is a walk down into what I bet is the 2nd sector of asteroid interior, and we all get patted down and felt up for weapons and all that. It was nice having my gun again for not quite half an hour, but I guess this was to be expected.
No. 542566 ID: d38f67
File 138048264666.png - (19.53KB , 700x700 , 785.png )

>"Hey, Waska." Scratch says. And, turns out I do know Waska! Just didn't know his name.
"Heyyy! ... who's the miklik?"
>"Just a buddy. She's got cash, of course. Her name is Pip. Do you mind?"
"Nahhhh. Miss is here too, I guess."
>"Yep yep." Miss replies.
"Well you came just in time. We were about ready to start, but we'll bring out the higher capacity board, so don't worry your hearts out about it. Get that out for us, Mimi!"
>"Of course, Boss."
"Now, let's all introduce ourselves, yeah?
No. 542567 ID: d38f67
File 138048265267.png - (63.46KB , 1200x800 , 786.png )

In fact, funny thing, it turns out that I know everyone here. Waska introduces us, so now I got names to their faces.
No. 542568 ID: e1609c

ok, gameplan is unchanged. Just do our 'best' without actually winning more than just over breaking even and we should be fine.
No. 542569 ID: 6628ca

>In fact I'm pretty sure I have allergies to half the brands of bubble soap.
You have a comical weakness? Best to keep that under your hat.

>lots of new faces
>you've ripped off almost all of them.
Hmm. Good thing you're not yourself. I think the gal behind Waska is the only one without a reason to hold a grudge.

Interesting to see an independent arkot. Or a cyborg nuemono. I thought mods really didn't work well with regeneration and all.

>what do
Well, obviously, as the game goes on, you're going to try and talk your way into that off the books job for you and Miss with Waska.

As for playing the game, you want to try and break even or make a small to modest profit if you can. Try to make it look like luck with some skill- don't let on you know as many advanced moves as you do (maybe more steer away from falling for other people's secret or advanced moves than using them yourself. That's easier to make look as dumb luck or caution). Nothing wrong with making money or keeping Scratch happy with you, but we don't want to draw too much attention or piss everyone else at the table off, yet.

I have a feeling whatever secret job we get will be more interesting and profitable than cleaning out the gambling table, anyways.
No. 542570 ID: 9ddf68

... you know when we get back to the trading hub we should thank Itchy for making us do more then just take off your hat for a disguise. Anyways as for what to do... play the game and see if you can't set miss up with a few jobs like she asked you to. And for winning, I say just come out ahead a just few hundred Zeny so it would seem more appropriate to claim beginners luck and if anyone asked how you're doing so well just point out that you were studying to become an engineer before you got stuck here, figuring out how things work is kinda the whole point of that so you can build them... wouldn't go flaunting that little lie however seeing as we have 2 scientist types in the room that could call you out... no that I think about it just say your good at problem solving if anyone ask.
No. 542571 ID: a363f0

lel. Nice.
No. 542572 ID: 6628ca

And remember, think of selling your identity as the con, here. Remember that means you need to let yourself lose some hands and fall victim to some tricks.
No. 542573 ID: 2860b1

As i recall, implants work just fine for neumono. Rokoa mentioned them way back in the first thread and said she didn't like them because it was too easy to be screwed over by an EMP or similar.

The plan's pretty much to lose enough that you just barely do better than break even. Just to check, the neumono behind Waska is nobody you know, right?
No. 542574 ID: 7bbaae

JEEZ Hok. Okay, uh, obviously we can't just win a ridiculous amount. How about you come out like a few thousand ahead? Or if you can do something "lucky" to win a whole lot all at once, do that and get out. Act incredibly surprised and then nervous, if that happens.
No. 542581 ID: 5bf190

Hope you've been troubling yourself to disguise your voice, buddy!
No. 542618 ID: cd039c

It might be good to break a little less than even, too. Put them in a good mood because hey, they won a bit of money.

Eh. 'around even', let's say.
No. 542685 ID: b3c2e5

'discover' one of the more advanced rules. Maybe the AI that runs the table announces why one person wins over another?
No. 542838 ID: 01531c

We don't want to be here!

Survive for a few rounds, then take an unlucky dive for the worse.

It shouldn't be hard, what with how little "Pip" knows about the game.
No. 542899 ID: 6b5873

Wait is that a human i see???
No. 542936 ID: d38f67
File 138084477419.png - (11.95KB , 700x700 , 787.png )

>I thought mods really didn't work well with neumono regeneration and all.
Yeahhh it's come a long way though. There's still complications and stuff that makes trying to get a squad of cyborg neumono ridiculously expensive, and even moreso if they have stuff like defense against EMP.

Getting in a fight with a well attuned cyborg neumono, specially if they have external augmentations like powerarmor too, is crazy stupid though. Pretty sure even Rokoa has an EMP somewhere on or in her for that kinda thing.

>The neumono behind Waska is nobody you know, right?
Oh, I know her, she's just Waska's secretary or consort of wife or something. A grudge with Waska's probably a grudge with her, but otherwise we don't have personal beefs.

We ante up, or the scrapdice equivalent thereof, and I get a pair of cards to start off. Everyone's playing in a way that lets me play a bit conservatively. Judging by the opening move, everyone either has no idea what they're doing or is playing to win.

>"So do we have a deal for linking your outpost with ours?" Christina asks once it's halfway appropriate.
"A deal? Haha no, we have a proposal. I'll have my people hammer out the detail with your people. You have people, right?"
>"I'll get some."
"Good. So, what's your name, green bud?"
"Pip, sir."
"Never seen ya, so let's hear better introductions. What brings you to my table, huh? In let's say, 25 words or less. Oh, and 2 more random-draw cards, section A-13, facing east in reverse."
No. 542937 ID: 820866

"My friends wanted to talk to you. I had nothing else to do."
No. 542944 ID: 2f2cd6

I've been told you sometimes have work that needs doing. And a card game makes for an entertaining interview, if nothing else. (22 words).
No. 542948 ID: 7bbaae

"I am here on behalf of Miss, as she is seeking employment, and news about the movements of big players on the asteroid."
No. 542958 ID: 2f2cd6

I don't think we actively want to come out and say we're searching for information. No one likes a snoop, especially not guys who hire people off the books.

People also tend to clam up if they know someone is trying to find something out. We might be able to learn a good deal just listening at this table and jumping in at the right moments without letting on what we're doing.
No. 542961 ID: 9ddf68

Did a job with miss, jobs over. She then asked if I could ... basically be her agent, got any work that she could do?

24 words, cutting close
No. 542962 ID: 7bbaae

Oh my god, Pip's ENTIRE MISSION is finding information. If we ask LITERALLY NOONE then he will fail and not get paid by the trade hub.

Asking right out is not being a "snoop".
No. 542963 ID: 2f2cd6

I think it's smoother to just try and ask for work, and make it clear Miss is with us, then to outright say Miss asked us to work as a middleman. We're trying to take the heat off her, not say "yeah, she has a reason to hide". (Because if we say "Miss asked me to talk for her" his first question will be "why").

You're looking at it the wrong way. If people know you're trying to find out what they're up to, they avoid trying to let you know. Or, if they know information is valuable to you, they might try to put a price on it. Hok is perfectly capable of working the table for information without saying that's what he's doing.
No. 542965 ID: 820866

People are not Google. Telling people you want information is not a good way to get information.
No. 542967 ID: 7bbaae

Okay, that's a fair point.
No. 542968 ID: 5bf190

"Not long on the asteroid, relatively, always looking for jobs, got a job with Miss, got into shenanigans, got her home, got invited here."

The "looking for jobs" line might open up some info while still seeming casual; if someone does actually offer something you can give a witty line about needing a break after Miss's job before going after anything else, but that you'll gladly listen for opportunities to keep in mind.
No. 542983 ID: 7dbd6b

"To play some scrapdice,(4) to make some new friends (9), and to get a job, preferably a paying one. (18) What are you guys all here for? (25)"
No. 543087 ID: d38f67
File 138095296132.png - (14.88KB , 700x700 , 788.png )

"Got a job with miss, then got her home and got an invitation here. Lookin' for jobs now. What are you guys all here for?"
"Haha, gaming the system, alright. I'll answer for 'em, cause the tone here's too light. Christina's tryin' to link up our outposts, Jash is trying to get some military assistance in a deep excavation of his, and Sharpa... what're you here for again?"
"Yeah, that stuff. And Krak's just here cause he's Sharpa's pet arkot."
No. 543088 ID: d38f67
File 138095300138.png - (14.84KB , 700x700 , 789.png )

Speaking of Krak, he makes a roll and gets steamrolled by Christina. The cards make a show of getting knocked out one by one, but there's no good explanation to the fact that Krak rolled over a bear tile, flipping their cards around and reversing every other one. Christina tries to make a poker face like she has any idea what just happened. Krak, though, just puts down a new couple of cards.

"How much Tungsten are we talking, Sharpa?"
>"A megagram. Take it easy, Krak."
"Think we just got megagrams of stuff lying around, huh? That stuff ain't easy to steal! Attain! Produce?"
>"Steal, Waska." Mimi tells him.
"Right, steals. Wait. I'm getting ideas. Involving everyone! At once! Mimi! Start touching me."
>"Please say it as we rehearsed, boss."
"Mimi! Brainstorming session! Actually, there's too many cooks in here. Someone wipe someone out! I can't fit everyone in my big... er, medium sized plans. I'm getting all kinds of ideas for 3 of you guys to get in on something, but nothing involving four people. Oh, I'm not counting Krak as a person by the way. No offense there, little... buddy."
No. 543089 ID: 7bbaae

I wonder if Mimi is the real boss here?

Anyway, I think you'd better play serious. Be in that final group.
No. 543090 ID: 9ddf68

huh, well play well enough not to get knock out but try to act a little nervous and whenever you do good act relived but don't make to big of a show of it. Let it show but look as if you're trying to cover it up. Also how are your two friends doing so far?
No. 543091 ID: 2f2cd6

A megagram? That's a little over a ton of metal. Wonder what she needs all that for?

>Start touching me. Er, brainstorming session!
Sounds like he's got a jammer going here. Suppose that makes sense. Empathy can kind of be a problem with card games.

>Jash is trying to get some military assistance in a deep excavation of his
I'm going to assume we don't care about that. The trade hub wouldn't require a deep military extraction to get goods out of. Unless someone were after the CAI, knew we'd recently brought in Pilon's group, and didn't trust using a thief.

>I'm getting all kinds of ideas for 3 of you guys to get in on something
How convenient. We've got three people (assuming Scratch wants in on the job?). All you have to do is stay in the game, and take out the others before they can wipe out Miss. That might require getting a little aggressive at points, but I think we can risk it.

As to who to wipe out: the aggressive scientist doesn't seem like anything we're interested in, and is risky. Communications girl seems kind of neutral- not a whole lot to offer a criminal enterprise, but not much risk either. Cyber-mono is potentially useful, but dangerous especially with a beef against you.
No. 543092 ID: 469e5a

errr apparently you, miss and scratch are all one person now?
No. 543123 ID: 6b5873

(Id just love to have hok say that we are on a EMG but thats for a def quest:) )
It would be funy if mimi is the boss:/
...oh to hell with it hok say that you live on a elder god
No. 543138 ID: d38f67
File 138099016780.png - (18.99KB , 700x700 , 790.png )

"Uh... are Scratch, Miss and myself one person?" They're doing fine so far, game isn't far along at the moment.
"Yes, sure, whatever. I said 3 people, I meant 3 motives! Pile of tungsten, communications, military assistance and some oddball group to do some side job along the way."

Scratch comes out ahead with a collision on Sharpa, but nothin' heavy hitting.

Jash, Sharpa and I are pretty darn close to each other. My turn's coming up, and if I roll at least a 7, I can wipe out Jash's hand, and in at least a 5, hit Sharpa heavily. If I go for christina, that'll take a turn or two. Guess I also have a good chance this turn to hit Waska or Miss pretty hard, but that's, uh... questionable tactics. And by pretty hard I mean completely wipe out their big decks. Problem is, is that requires a doublesidewinder reversal for Jash or a blank toya burst for Sharpa. And that doesn't involve making a bee-line for em', I gotta pull out some fancy twists to get to them like that. Gonna be hard to say 'total accident' when I'd otherwise wipe myself out going for 'em.

Could always wait, but the whole board could be flipped by the time it gets back to me. Plus, I probably look like a preeetty easy target with only two cards up.
No. 543141 ID: 9ddf68

I don't like how she's holding waska like that. Makes me think she's acting as a spotter of sorts. I mean if he's about to do something good she gives him good feelings and bad ones when he's about to screw up. Could also be using it to judge the players for something.

anyways as for what you can do... is there anyway to strengthen yourself so you'd be less likely to be hit regardless of who you do and don't knock out or no? Also why is hitting Waska questionable tactics? I didn't think he was on our team.
No. 543142 ID: 2f2cd6

I think you kind of have to risk playing smart. Scratch won't be too displeased you won her money, and you can play it off later.

Cheesing your temporary allies out doesn't really gain you anything. Especially as you'd be paying half your winnings back to Scratch at the end, anyways. And since it doesn't eliminate a 'motive' from the table.

Communications isn't a problem for us (actually, more connected places works to the trade hub's advantage with the CAI), and she'd take two turns to wipe, anyways.

That leaves the cyber-neumono and the scientist. He's trying to hit someplace, and I'll bet she needs that metal for cybernetics development. Seems to me the military hit is a known bad thing, while what the metal might be used for only might be bad. Although, Sharpa's more dangerous to have around if anything goes south, I think.

According to Lago Hok's rolling 2d6. Which means our odds of getting the roll we need to beat Sharpa is 30/36, and Jash 21/36. She's the easier mark.

...So the safe thing to do is take Sharpa out. Although really, I'd prefer taking Jash off the table.
No. 543143 ID: 3dd384

This all really comes down to what you can credibly make look like beginner-tier stuff.

Waska basically just issued an ultimatum to the board when there's a newcomer here. Part of the outcome of that is going to be judging how the newcomer reacts. If you suddenly "get lucky" when things get serious, well. Luck that shows up the moment you really need it ain't luck.
No. 543145 ID: 735f4f

Yeah go for whatever one looks most like something a beginner would stumble into. Try to avoid going after our allies but keeping our cover intact is vital.
No. 543147 ID: 2f2cd6

>go for whatever one looks most like something a beginner would stumble into.
You weren't listening. Neither are things a beginner would stumble into.

Hok has to choose between letting slip he knows something about the game to make a move, or let the opportunity slide, playing dumb. (And risk being targeted himself).
No. 543150 ID: 820866

I prefer the latter. Losing some money isn't as bad as losing the chance of getting info.

Go after Christina, then?
No. 543162 ID: e607cd

The goal here is to not be knocked out, not beat somebody out of the game right this second. Sure, go after Christina, provided the method for doing so is less obscure and leaves you in a less vulnerable looking position. I mean, you effectively have teammates for this at the moment, and they AREN'T hiding game knowledge. The hope would be that they do something useful on their turns as well.
No. 543218 ID: 628088

i don't really care which but take out jash or sharpa. leave christina in, connecting the outposts can turn out interesting when you have a CAI.
leave sharpa in and you'll have to steal some tungsten probably, leave jash in and you'll have to.. what, provide military assistance? i'd rather steal stuff. if anything take out jash.
No. 543222 ID: d38f67
File 138108595617.png - (12.60KB , 700x700 , 791.png )

>Also why is hitting Waska questionable tactics?
Usually hitting the big mob boss host and stealing all of his money is kind of a faux pas in most criminal circles.

Well, pulling out luck when I suddenly need luck is a biiiit suspect, so I pull back. I could set up to take out christina a tad more believably, but connecting multiple trade hubs? That isn't sounding like something I want to step between!

So I pull back in some weird manner like I have no idea what I'm doing, but will make Jash and Sharpa go at each other. I get a little close to Waska, but he's not in a good position to take me down, so it's cool.

"Man, this table is tense. Mimi! Fetch us some refreshments, booze, and maybe drugs if any of you guys are into that."
>"Yes, Boss."
>"May I get up to see what you have?" Sharpa asks.
"Yes! See, this is what I'm talking about, this is casual time! Wer're not at the scrapdice grand championship. Just don't go peeping at other people's cards, now, and be back before your turn."

Cards start changing hands, but I'm still safe. Jash still keeps going on about what could be down there. Ancient artifacts, he says, pretty seriously. I'm pretty sure he's not aware that 'ancient artifacts' is a joke term around here for random high tech objects that aren't seen on the asteroid often. Waska smiles and nods when Mimi comes back with the drinks.
No. 543224 ID: d38f67
File 138108643557.png - (15.20KB , 700x700 , 792.png )

Mimi comes out and passes me red wine without asking me what I want. Sharpa comes back too, and gives me a drink.

>"I know mikliks have to drink a lot of water while drinking alcohol."
"Uh. Yeah, thanks."

That's... sort of trueish? But she's not just being nice, there's a note under the cup.

Bring Waska down by at least 1.5 zeny over the next 5 turns. If you fail, then everyone is going to find out that someone in this room is secretly Hok.

Each card is 250 z buyin, so she wants me to take out 6 cards. He's only got 4 cards out there now, but he's looking like he's going to buy some more to put down on his next go.
No. 543225 ID: 7bbaae

Do what she says, and also take Sharpa out. That'll teach her we don't take kindly to threats.
No. 543226 ID: 735f4f

Woops someones cybernetics let her see through our disguise. She probably has scanned you before or something.

At least all you did to her is lose her a job. Being blackmailed for a bit should not hurt our mission here for the moment.

How hard would it be to do what she asks? And is 1.5 zeny a ton of money or a little?
No. 543227 ID: 9ddf68

don't react to the note but quick question, is there anyway she could have I.D.ed you or more importantly, If she tried to out you as Hok how likely is it that everyone here would believe her?

Cause if it's unlikely keep playing like a lucky noob, If not... well fuck, you got any way to actually hit Waska while make it seem like luck without being knocked out yourself?
No. 543231 ID: 2f2cd6

Ooh, cybermono made you! I wonder if she has some kind of voiceprint ID.

Hmm. First order of business, dispose of and/or destroy the note before anyone else notices it, and don't let anyone else see you doing it. Also- don't allow yourself to get drunk, gotta stay on your toes.

Plinking away at Waska is probably doable, but that would get his attention and give away you know more than you do. I suppose it's a way to buy time, but what we really want to do now is get rid of Sharpa. We can't afford to have someone manipulating you.

Problem is, if she loses the game, she's likely to just out you anyways. Especially if you take her out yourself. Maybe if you set someone else to take her out? Or I don't suppose we can exploit the drugs and booze? Can we get her to over-imbibe, or slip her something more than she can handle, or that doesn't play nice with her modifications?

>Usually hitting the big mob boss host and stealing all of his money is kind of a faux pas in most criminal circles.
Especially if you're there asking for work.
No. 543233 ID: 735f4f

If she does out you is there any evidence on you that would id you as Hok? Although honestly if you took off your contacts they might just recognize your eyes.

Is there any crazy Miklik thing you can do to throw off the trail? Can you change sex fast enough to help your disguise?
No. 543235 ID: f0c8ac

Hrrm...I like the idea of knocking both neumono out- but I figure we should try and do a slow bleed on Waska to get the job done...
But as an alternate idea, maybe not go through with it? Like...
Better question-how does Sharpa plan to prove it's really Hok?
I can't help but worry she's gonna keep trying to make us do stuff before she goes and blows our cover anyhow, or if she's planning on using our good plays to make Waska suspicious of who we really are.
It's the lack of moves we can make against her that's worrying me, mainly.
No. 543237 ID: 2f2cd6

>Can you change sex fast enough to help your disguise?
If Mikliks could, it wouldn't help his disguise.

But no, according to Hok in ITQ it takes about two months to grow functional bits in.
No. 543238 ID: 2f2cd6

Oh hey. A thought. This might be a double bluff. If she wants to out us, she could use some proof. Getting us to show that we know advanced moves in this game goes towards that. As would our caving to her blackmail.

...we can't just comply. We have to find a way to shut her up and get rid of her, or even if we play along we risk getting screwed.
No. 543240 ID: 7bbaae

Well we could make it look like we're going after Waska, then take Sharpa out before anything happens, and lose money to someone else while doing it.

I mean, her deal didn't say anything about us winning a bunch, just taking money from Waska. We can do that while ALSO losing money.
No. 543245 ID: d38f67
File 138109734114.png - (12.39KB , 700x700 , 793.png )

Hm... if I just start wailing on Waska, then of course my sudden skill will be apparent, but if I lose to others, it may look like I'm doing things at random!

I wait for the board to go around. Some people lose, some people win, but people aren't playing too aggressively yet. Course, the game doesn't stay that way forever. Miss takes a little hit, and Scratch manages to pull some off of Waska. Waska buys in a bunch more cards. He's definitely playing relying on no one knowing the rules, that's for sure.

>"Pip's turn."
"8 cards."
I sort through my hand. There's a whole lot of info, and the table sure assumes people know how to play with the 1 minute play timer upon getting cards. I make it look like I'm thinking for 40 seconds before I start blathering out a whole bunch of plays in a hurry like I'm just trying to figure out as many rules as I can as fast as I can.

Scratch and Miss look at me funny though, cause I just blew out all my remaining cash.
No. 543247 ID: d38f67
File 138109737107.png - (19.30KB , 700x700 , 794.png )

I leave myself completely open to Jash, who proceeds to go for Miss, ending in a draw.

Waska takes out one of my deck of 3 cards. Sharpa looks at me funny, as expected, but I think I'm gonna get some funnier looks soon enough.

The AI says it's my turn once again. The nice thing about this game is that even though it's turn by turn, you can have other people's decks do stuff if they leave themselves open to it. Which everyone is doing cept for Waska and Scratch.

I got 2 decks after Waska moved at me. I move the first to Jash, I come out with +3. I take my second deck of 3 cards and go for Krak. I get completely obliterated, which is cool, because I picked up a frenzy card, causing the deck to go in the same direction until it can't reach anyone. Krak's deck rolls, colliding into Sharpa's deck of 4, taking out Sharpa's. It absorbs Sharpa's deck instead of going into Krak's hand, taking that steamrolling deck into Waska's hand, taking out Waska's deck of 7. Krak's now got a berserker deck of 11 that moves forward but doesn't hit anyone, but is gonna continue next turn and may hit Jash or Miss if they don't get outta the way.

>"... is your AI right, Waska?" asks Christina.
"Yes, yes it is." Waska says at first. He's a bit hard to read, till he bursts out laughing! That's a good sign. I think. He's down 1k.

I got 3 cards in play and 3 in stock. In fact, no one cept Krak came out ahead, and right now he can't do anything controlled with his deck.

People start rebuying their cards, but this time, they're dropping down thousands, cause Krak is gonna obliterate someone if they're caught by that frenzy. Cause the thing about the frenzy is that since Krak can't control it, it's gotta be controlled about the AI. And it just so happens that the AI knows how to play. If I drop single cards in Krak's deck path, then it's good enough to keep it rolling. Eventually it's gonna come crashing down on him, and it's a question of who's gonna be there to collect when that deck falls apart on itself.

I sort of don't know what I'm doing anymore.
No. 543248 ID: d38f67
File 138109738348.png - (12.64KB , 700x700 , 795.png )

"What did you need tungsten for anyway, Sharpa?"
>"... the Black Supernova has a shortage. I want to get some."
"Yeah, what for?"
>"... this is best spoken in private."
"Nothing private in the scrapdice room! Only people that share their motives with the class, here. You're new, so I won't get pissed, but I just said people should stop being so frigid in here!"
>"The black supernova has a radio that can transmit outside of the asteroid. I want to send a message."
"What's the message?"
>"To assist in getting off of this asteroid."
"Yeah, you know, there's a little problem with that. Who's gonna rescue you that can actually get back off again?"
>"My ultrahive. Do you honestly... sorry. The galaxy already knows how to bypass this asteroid's field. They just don't care to do anything about us. Some people care about me. They just have to find out where I am."
"You know, some of us like little ponds seperated from big brother."
>"I am aware, but I will simply be picked up. If the galactic government wished to have anything to do with this asteroid, we'd already be under their jurisdiction. My leaving will change nothing."
"You're a real cold girl, you know! Haha, but fine, you can keep paying up for your cards here, and eventually hatch a plan to get a whole bunch of tungsten, and you can give it all away to send out a single message on deaf ears! And
Miss, you sure have that smug grin on your face."

>"Sorry, Waska."
"I'm telling you to drink more! Get shitfaced or something!"
>"Already drinking!"
No. 543250 ID: 735f4f

We should try to steer the pile so Miss ends up with the pot once it winds down. Keep playing like you are confused about how the frenzy works.

Knowing someone has a working radio is big news we want to get back to base. I bet Rokoa would be interested seeing as she wants off the asteroid now.

Also we know someone needs a shit ton of tungsten for something they are doing. That stuff does not exactly grow on trees.
No. 543252 ID: 2f2cd6

>dumped a self destructing super-combo on the unsuspecting arkot
Pff. Nice.

>Sharpa's motives
Really interesting. She wants the tungsten to pay off the Black Supernova for access to their radio. And if there are people outside who know a way to get off the asteroid... you know some people who would be interested to know how that works.

(I wonder if she's from an ultrahive we're familiar with? A future member of the Tree or Coalition? Heck, she's blue- she could even be from Sealock).

Several ways you might be able to play that, actually. Just the information that the black supernova is hurting for tungsten could be valuable. Or you could find a way to try and get access to this 'get off this rock' tech for the trade hub. Or you could look for a way to rip Sharpa off and pay off black supernova for your gain instead of hers...

She let slip too much though. She didn't have to tell everyone all that.

Anyways, I'm thinking we don't want her off the table, now. We'll be playing the age old game of trying to play her as she tries to play us, this mission.
No. 543253 ID: 7bbaae

Hmm. Knocking Sharpa out of the game and then telling her that the Trade Hub has what she wants too... could be advantageous.
No. 543254 ID: 7bbaae

Uh, we already knew Black Supernova had that sort of radio, from the last thread.
No. 543257 ID: 22b72e

I smell a rat about that "galaxy already knows how to bypass this asteroid's field" line. If they did, the Black Supernovas would be moving on and off already, using their resources to take over the asteroid. They've got friends in space who are just as illicit as they are, and who should have interest in sending down resources and tech to take the asteroid over for themselves. That's even leaving aside any personal compassion or whatever that would have them picking people up. There should be tons of people who'd want to use the asteroid to, as it was put, separate from big brother.

Unless the method is protected or too expensive, so it can only be used by legit government forces; in which case Sharpa's still lying because there would still have been someone who was picked up from here before her, because even if governments are allowed just write off everyone on the asteroid they'd still come under pressure as soon as anyone new crashes there. Pip's Wispy Basilisk crashed just a year ago, and all the people on it would have had families and investors and all junk who would be calling for action. And if it was so expensive and secret it would be unlikely to be used to just pick one neumono up. She's probably covering for some other use for tungsten.
No. 543258 ID: 57a559

Tell Sharpa that some friends of the Trade Hub currently working for them has contacts to Supernova, so we could get Sharpa in contact with them to get in contact with Nova, perhaps on friendlier terms for a lesser price, if she has the charisma. So, hey, if she wants a back way in that might not require tungsten if it's too difficult, she could give that a shot.

If she expects that we expect something in return, shoot a few ideas. Some zeny tossed our way or maybe some extra cards right now, toss zeny towards Tin which we can get a meet with quite a bit easier privately, or assist in reducing the bounty or "infamy" of any one of the Trade Hub's mercenary assets, like Pilon or anyone else she can think of that she might be able to help with. But Pilon and their group is still some hot stuff we got right now. Now they're not the hottest, but they're the ones you can think of at the moment.

Then I can imagine a little small bribes here and there with the Nova contact and she'll be set. As long as she doesn't plan on stealing the radio for herself. Money's probably easier to come by for her than tungsten, so hey, just shooting the possibility out there for ya.
No. 543260 ID: 2f2cd6

We knew about the radio.

We didn't know there were people who could be contacted with it who have get-off-the-asteroid tech.

The problem is if she's knocked out, she might see she has nothing to lose and out Hok.

>make a deal with Sharpa
Can't be done now. We can't talk about what we know about the trade hub without blowing cover.

Also, she seems to be counting on her just wanting a quick in and out to protect her from isolationists. Getting involved with the trade hub's 'establish a way on and off' plan compromises that, and gives her opposition.

Maybe she'd go for it if we don't leave her another choice. But trying to rope someone who only cares about herself into a group effort is risky.

>if the tech really existed the black supernova would have used it
Not necessarily. Just because the tech is available to the galactic government and possibly important ultrahives that are part of it, doesn't mean it's available to some space pirates. The Black supernova are a big force on this rock, but that doesn't mean their spacebound forces are any match for large governments.

It could also be a problem of scale, or funding. Even the biggest pirate organization can't drop as much money into some things as an over-funded defense budget with fueled by the economies of many planets.
No. 543261 ID: 22b72e

>doesn't mean it's available to some space pirates

That point was covered, and countered with "someone would have tried to rescue someone already". Look:

1) Sharpa wants the radio, so she doesn't currently have a way to get galactic info except from crashed ships.
2) The last civilian ship to crash here was the Wispy Basilisk, a year ago, a "pretty good sized" one.
3) Thus, for her to know about it, the technology to get out of here is more than a year old.
4) Someone somewhere would have kicked up a stink about the Wispy Basilisk going missing, on top of various other extant stinks about others lost on the Asteroid.
5) The governments would have known when it was in transit and what its flight plan was, and it is implied they know about the Asteroid's existence.
6) Governments love to show that their tech research is actually good for something, so that they can get more funding, especially if it results in feel-good news stories about families reunited and such.
7) Ergo, someone would have rescued someone by now.

Now, it is possible that the news came not with the Basilisk, but on a non-civilian ship, either space pirate, other criminal or military. However, such people would keep the info to themselves, thereby raising the question of how Sharpa heard it; and, a year would not be long enough for stink to have died down. So unless Sharpa's knowledge is very very recent, someone would still have done something. QED.

The line about them just not caring might be believable to cynical criminal asteroid people, but doesn't hold up otherwise. Leaving aside that someone on the asteroid by now would have been related to someone important enough who cared, scientists always want to show off their technology (to get more money) and governments always want to generate good press (to get more money). And it is implied that the technology is not secret nor limited to only one government, since Sharpa speaks of both "the galactic government" (which I presume is some sort of U.N. equivalent) and her own ultrahive as possessing it. And, by the way, since it is so implied, it is unlikely to be only recently known of.
No. 543266 ID: 2f2cd6

That line of reasoning relies on several unfounded assumptions.

First of all, you can't assume her information had to have come in on the last significant ship to crash. Smaller vessels could come in at any time. And it's not impossible that communications signals from the outside can be picked up on the asteroid- that just the tech to broadcast out is rare.

Second of all, you seem to be assuming the tech is already built, and ready to use. Just because the galaxy knows how to bypass the problem of getting of the asteroid, doesn't mean anyone has actually bothered to implement it. It can take a lot of political will and money to actually implement or scale up new technologies. Theory to production is a steep step (unless there's a driving gain in it).

Most egregiously, you're making sweeping assumptions about the goodwill and motivations of a government we know little to nothing about. (Maybe the government has a lot more immediate problems than one missing ship. Maybe the criminal mining operations in this system are profitable to some politician and they would be disturbed by a large asteroid rescue effort. Maybe a conservative party has cut back on programs that coddle freeloaders on inhabitable rocks with unneeded and expensive government rescues). And we know next to nothing about how space travel is conducted in this setting, either. (We don't know that anyone files detailed flight plans, or how controlled interplanetary 'airspace' is. We don't know how often ships are lost, or how many are out there. The loss of the Wispy Basilisk could be one tiny statistic lost among many).

tl;dr You're making a definite conclusion we don't have the data to make. We don't have a strong reason to suspect she's lying.

There's also the fact she's a neumono, and so's Waska. If she's lying to him, she can't count on that to hold up until she gets what she wants. I doubt that jammer follows us from the card table. Lying would be a dumb risk, unless it serves a move she's making soon.
No. 543271 ID: 735f4f

Either she is telling the truth and we want to find out as much about it as possible or she is lying and we want to find out what she is really up to.

Either way our job is the same. Find out as much as we can and report back. Anything more than that is icing on the cake.
No. 543909 ID: d38f67
File 138158896950.png - (11.04KB , 700x700 , 796.png )

>Sharpa may or may not be lying about the technology to get off the asteroid
Something worth an investigation, in the off chance she's onto something! I don't know why she'd lie, but she may just be plain old wrong too.

We keep on throwing dice around, I kick a few of Waska's cards to me and 'lose' a few of my cards to others. Krak's deck is still on a rampage, but the game is starting to get heated.

"Okay Jash, you've been pretty cagey about my military! Why do you need a military to go down under?"
"It's more... we need good vehicles and people with a good idea of how to drive them. The ocean nexus is difficult to navigate, but my excavation is deep enough to go into the internal asteroid phenomena. There's got to be people who don't have to rely on their instruments."
"Well, I'm... flattered you came to me, thinking I'd be the guy! No but seriously, the Zozu even have no entry barriers past the 3rd level interior, what makes you think I'd want to send my guys into a modest little black hole of a deathtrap?"
"I believe that the tales of danger and payoff has been dramatically exaggerated and underplayed, respectively."

Scratch flicks her tail behind the table, at me. Pretty impressive dexterity, cause she tossed a note at me in the meanwhile!

>You can start upping your game, natural-scrapdice-born miklik. Everyone here is loaded. Waska is going to declare 500z cards to be available soon, and 1000z a bit after that.
No. 543924 ID: 0f6f63

Jash may be right about the low risk of his enterprise. The Zozu should still be reeling from that mess they got into with the Black Supernova back with Jess and Itcher. And they also have those treasure maps from Whisker's loot- they're gonna want to secure that stuff ASAP.

After the battle and with maps to follow, there may not be many Zozu left guarding places.

Nice. Belnos tails aren't normally up for fancy work.

But we can afford to play better, I think. Scratch, Sharpa, and Waska all realize we know how to play, now. There's not much to lose by trying to end this making a little money.
No. 543948 ID: 7bbaae

Do something else weird. Have fun with it.
No. 543960 ID: 9ddf68

Well I don't think we should suddenly become great at this game just because something in me is telling me that would probably be a bad idea.

Think you can make it look you're still running on luck? you know make bigger gains but 'suffer' bigger loses that come with it but always make sure you still have enough cards to never be knocked out of the game.

Oh and how many turns do we have left until Sharpa said she'll out us? Cause I still would like it if we could set it up for someone else to eliminate her since she's our biggest threat at the moment.
No. 543985 ID: d38f67
File 138160701913.png - (21.03KB , 700x700 , 797.png )

>Oh and how many turns do we have left until Sharpa said she'll out us?
I don't think that matters, I already took Waska down the rest of the way through 1.5k zeny a turn or two ago.

What the hell, I'll play better anyway. I don't wipe people out, but I do well enough that Waska's the only person ahead of me, and I'm well in the green. Even more when, like Scratch said, he starts throwing in the expensive cards. Thing is, Waska knows how to play too, and while I'd love to just start losing a lot of my winnings to Waska, I think that would get sharpa back on my case. He keeps talking to the others about their jobs, but nothing much else of interest, just personal statistics of a very unremarkable level.

Mimi starts refilling drinks again. Can't say I had much of the wine, and I want to keep it that way.

"Just water, please." I say when she gets that alcohol stuff near me.

She looks pretty annoyed, but goes and gets me some water. She uses one hand to put the cup down, and another one to put a phone whatsit in my lap. There's already a message on it.

>Whjy arew ypou here? Whast's yoyur resal hgame,. Hok?

Either I've lost a knack to not sound like Hok, or I just entered the professional Hok-spotter zone.
No. 543988 ID: 7bbaae

I'm starting to wonder if everyone here knows who you are, and they don't care as much as you thought they would.

Tell her you weren't lying about why you're here. You're doing a job for Miss, and looking for general information about what's going on in the asteroid.
No. 543991 ID: 0f6f63

Pff. Neumono fail at texting. Ovenmitt hands.

This takes some of the fun out of the upcoming criminal activity, though. If they've figured out who they are, you can't play them all for unsuspecting chumps as easy. On the plus side, this makes Sharpa's blackmail basically worthless.

(...although if you have several different people who've independently made you, and you let each of them think they're the only one who did and they have you over a barrel... they gives us a weird way to play them against each other via the holds they think they have on you).

Tap clear on the phone, and do some fast one handed typing. (I assume she's watching).

I wasn't lying before, although I might have left out the bit about having to leave someplace incognito.

Then erase and plant the phone on her as she leaves if she doesn't reclaim it. No way you're letting someone leave you with an obvious tracking device.
No. 544042 ID: 34b761

You know she could just see a Miklik who is good at scrap dice and be taking a shot in the dark.
No. 544046 ID: 57a559

Write a message back, say you're not Hok, but whatever, you don't care what the author of this message thinks. You're just looking for something good to get for the trading hub, or a really good job with payout right now. This is just the best opportunity.

Something good for the trade hub doesn't mean an item or sensitive information no one wants getting out, maybe a nice job for Green Force or Pilon's group. Just whatever ends up paying off.
No. 544048 ID: 0f6f63

I don't like that. If they think we're Hok, it doesn't help the trade hub none to publicize they work with us.

And if they don't think we're Hok, saying we're working for the trade hub doesn't fit with the cover with established.

>taking a shot in the dark?
Two in a row isn't coincidence. I'd bet he either figured it out, or his security noticed the note and how we reacted to it before. Cover's blown, folks.
No. 544073 ID: cee89f

"It's spelled 'Pip'"

In all likelihood, the first was a suspicion that we confirmed by playing scrapdice well enough to do exactly what they said.

Also, is it the secretary that's passing the notes or the cyborg neumono?
No. 544098 ID: 735f4f

Avoid talking about the trade hub and our affiliation with it. Keep to our story because its generally true. Joined up with Miss for a bit and looking for stuff to do.

And keep up your disguise. Some people might be sure and other just suspect but no need to go outing ourselves.
No. 544101 ID: 34b761

Agreed. I say we keep to our story until we really can't anymore. The cyborg is a fuckin cyborg. for all we know she used some crazy cyborg thing to look at our second layer of skin or something. This is just some bartender though so she's either taking a shot in the dark for herself or for Waska. Keep up the facade till you know she is sure already.
No. 545231 ID: d38f67
File 138267556456.png - (14.83KB , 700x700 , 798.png )

>You know she could just see a Miklik who is good at scrap dice and be taking a shot in the dark.
Yeah. Yeah! Except Waska keeps his special rules to himself, and unless there's another miklik that stole his rulebook...

>Also, is it the secretary that's passing the notes or the cyborg neumono?
I assume it's been once from each. I mean, maybe there's more here than I thought, maybe everyone is passing notes to everyone all over the place.

Mimi walks back before I text something. I assume that I'm supposed to just reply to the message, but that spoils anything about putting the phone back onto her. Oh well, if it's tracking me, they already know where I am, and it's not like I'm gonna keep this phone.

I text back saying that it's spelled 'Pip', and I'm looking for a job for Miss and looking for general information about the Asteroid.

Once I reply, she just whips out her phone behind Waska's back and starts texting again! I wonder if she even cares about subtlety and subterfuge.

>Juist wikn so we can gpo home. I'll; get you youir jkob, un;less you kewep caling yourself pop.
No. 545235 ID: 7bbaae

Uh. Ask her if EVERYONE knows. In that case you can just let loose and not give a fuck. Win what people are willing to bet, but don't drag it out for greed's sake.
No. 545255 ID: 9ddf68

does scrape dice exist off this rock or was it made here? cause if it's universe wide we could win and if anyone asked just say you use to play with some collage friends back in the day but it's been awhile so you had to remember what did what, which would also explain why you got so good so quick.

I just want us to stick with the lie mostly because I don't think EVERYONE knows and those that are claiming they do I feel are more just taking a gamble and making accusations hoping to scare you into reveling who you really are. I mean if you pissed off everyone as much as you say you did then I'm pretty sure they'd just take you out right now but if they're not 100% sure it's you then killing some random mook during a scrape dice game just because they looked like someone or because they were winning might hurt business so they want to be sure first.
No. 545257 ID: 61d81e

Waska made it up himself as an indirect way of charging people for his time.
No. 545269 ID: d2b9fe

>I wonder if she even cares about subtlety and subterfuge.
Eh, it's not that bad, so long as no one can see you texting below the table.

>Juist wikn so we can gpo home. I'll; get you youir jkob, un;less you kewep caling yourself pop.
Fine fine, call me what you want. Though not in front of the whole table, assuming there's anyone left who hasn't figured it out. Take all the fun out of sneaking around, whydontya.

...at least if come out of this with some winnings, her cut might mollify Scratch over what you hit her for before. Because I don't see your tattered cover holding up. Someone will tell her, if she hasn't guessed already.
No. 545279 ID: 57a559

Tell her to get dictation, or mind dictation or something
this level of typemanship is inappropriate for a such an elegant and intelligent business woman.
No. 545282 ID: d2b9fe

Well, in her defense, those typos are consistent with a qwerty keyboard. If one's been scaled down to fit on that phone she's holding, the entire keyboard is probably as wide as 2 of her fingers. Really, it's impressive she's managed to keep the fat-fingering rate as low as she has, and not just mashed half the keyboard with each key-press.

You try working a cell in overmitts. :V
No. 545304 ID: 57a559

Hey I'm not judging, just suggesting!
No. 546178 ID: d38f67
File 138327666245.png - (16.38KB , 700x800 , 799.png )

"Sooo does everyone know?"
>"Yesd, Hok everyutyone knpows."
"Alright, I'll pull out the moves, just go download a typo fixer app for neumono!"
>"Foine, I "

"Mimi! Who're you texting?"
"Boxgang business."
"Thought we already dealt with that. Whatever, join the game!"
"Join the game!"
"You know I'm not lucky."
"Come on, it's my money, and you know how to play!"

She rattles off a single deck of cards that comes out to 18 grand, way more than any of us have put down. Almost as much as everyone else combined. Annnd she places it right next to me.

>Doln't nbac,k out. she texts to me while she talks.

It would be real terrifying if I didn't know how to play, cept she left a tiny little weakness that I am pretty sure is intentional. I can damn well wipe it out! Not gonna be any pretending it's luck, though, if I pull that off.
No. 546179 ID: d315b1

Let's start knocking out the others first.
No. 546181 ID: 7bbaae

Before you do, just straight-up ask out loud if everyone knows who you really are. Let's not take her word for it.

If the answer is yes, then go all out.
No. 546182 ID: 735f4f

Well she is giving you the opportunity to win big and out yourself at the same time. But honestly at this point at least half the table knows who you are or at least suspects.

Is it a opening you only have if you go for it right now or can you wait?

I say go for the big win and go along with her plans. But knock out the people you think might be the biggest threat to work with if you can.
No. 546184 ID: d2b9fe

...I'm confused as to why they want to give you money. Is this some kind of trap? (Ie, you win the game, but confirm your identity, and then something worse happens to you). Or are they just in a rush, and this is the fastest way to finish the game?

Or maybe it's a test? She wants to see if you'll actually follow directions and not back-stab her before they give you a job.

Oooor it's a PR thing. If they let you win, you're the one wiping the others. So any hurt feelings or anger about being cut out isn't directed at Waska, but at you. And maybe he can count on them trying their luck later and bringing him more business. Which, also, not incidentally, sets you up nicely as a scapgoat or lightning rod if anything does go wrong with the planned job later. It'd be easy for Waska to turn anger towards you, or pin something as your betrayal.

Yeah, I think it's the last one. It's not an immediate betrayal, it's setting up a green lightning rod.

Well, nothing to do but beat them at their own game, I think. Take the win, and then we end up backstabbing them before anything can be pinned on you, or make the plan go off without a hitch.

Exploit the weakness Mimi gave you.
No. 546185 ID: 9ddf68

um, is there any way for you to sick that deck on someone else and let her deck wear itself out on the others before you have to deal with it again?
No. 546470 ID: 0624b1

Remember what Waska said this is supposed to be a casual game and i doubt anyone in the table cares that much about the money.

So there is no need to be tense. Just play as well as you can, have some booze or drugs and have some fun!
No. 546506 ID: d38f67
File 138350926141.png - (31.43KB , 800x800 , 800.png )

>Is there any way for you to sick that deck on someone else
Not quite the same scenario as Krak's, so no I cannot!

I set things up and steamroll that deck. That gets me some looks.

"Haha are you seriously that lucky? Man who taught you how to play, Pip?" Waska asks.
No. 546508 ID: 7bbaae

Say that it's a secret, but if they like they can give up now, because you're going to win. Optimally we would chase the surviving decks around until there are enough other people eliminated.
No. 546510 ID: d2b9fe

...well, Scratch doesn't look like she'll be much of a hard sell.

Looking around the table: Waska probably knows and is playing dumb (why else would he play into Mimi's plan like that? And even if he doesn't know yet, I don't expect her to keep it hidden from him). Sharpa knows but isn't sure what we're up to, Krak is just her lackey, Chris and Jash probably don't have a clue what's going on. Miss and Scratch we can probably swing even if outed.

>Who taught you to play, or is that luck
Well, I'm never one to sell luck short. Plus, I'm a quick study, and I've been told Miklik's are naturals at this.

(That's half sorta almost being honest to Waksa (studying his book) and to Scratch (I'm the natural you knew before) without actually saying it).
No. 546515 ID: 9ddf68

just say your good at figuring things out for yourself (which isn't really a lie since you did figure it out by yourself last time by stealing a rule book, and it fits in with you engineering cover incase that still has any use left in it by this point)

Also start eyeing some exits incase things go to shit.
No. 546517 ID: 57a559

A good friend.
You also wouldn't believe the rules a CAI might find if you have it near certain places, then run you through a few games of strip Scrapdice. Don't ask how the CAI managed to strip when it lost, it wasn't pretty.
No. 546520 ID: 735f4f

I played a few games with Hok and a CAI a few weeks ago.
No. 546521 ID: 0624b1

If you have played many different kind of gambling games could you apply that knowledge to scrapdice?
If so tell them that you are actually a gambling enthusiast/maniac. Born to play the odds and take chances.

Waska said that he had room for 3 groups so i suggest you try to drop Jash out of the game.

Ask Christina if the link between outposts could be used by a radio station.
No. 546574 ID: b4d289

Perhaps consider spreading some of the fortune around, in the event of a win. That way, they could keep playing, and hopefully it would soothe a few sour feelings. It's amazing how often money can make someone feel better about past slights. Just remember... "I didn't ask for this."

...unless you don't mind screwing folks over some more and potentially REALLY getting someone upset at you. Does giving money you just won off of someone offend gamblers? It could be interpreted as pity, I suppose.
No. 546668 ID: 01531c

>Perhaps consider spreading some of the fortune around
He could systematically lose against each deck such that the whole table ends up balancing out.

That would probably be kinda patronizing though, unless he made it happen through a series of bizarrely impressive manipulations.

Hok would have to be one of those godlike DM's that can run an improvisational campaign where the players have a great time fighting with and against each other even though it's obviously entirely railroaded.
No. 546671 ID: b386b4

"Have you met a guy called Hok? A lot of people seem to have heard of him. I know him pretty well, and he knows this game. Sorry for the bluff, but that's part of the play, right? No-one with any smarts tells everything they know."
No. 546716 ID: cee89f

"I know a girl who knows a guy's cousin."
No. 546906 ID: d38f67
File 138378139930.png - (14.29KB , 800x800 , 801.png )

"I heard that mikliks are a natural at this."

He stares preeeetty hard at me.

"Mimi, make a note! If I ever catch Hok, he's going to have to play scrapdice with this fellow."
>".... yes, Boss."

"Say Christina?"
"Would your link between outposts be able to be used by a radio station?"
>"As long as the radio isn't too far from the node, I don't see why not."
No. 546907 ID: d38f67
File 138378140566.png - (15.69KB , 800x800 , 802.png )

I proceed to focus on and terrorize Jash until he gives up, in favor of links and... tungsten. He's trying to play by just getting a whole bunch of decks, but I'll be able to steamroll all of 'em.

He takes a break to get up and go get a drink, and flicks a note to me on his way back.

>Back off, Hok, or I'll tell everyone who you are!
No. 546908 ID: 7bbaae

Tell him everyone knows already, so you don't care.
No. 546910 ID: fc937d

>Hok will have to play with Pip
...technically already accomplished.

>more revelation threats
Okay, the only people left who might not know are Krak if Sharpa didn't tell him (which is irrelevant, he's her minion), Christina, and maybe Miss. If Waska isn't playing dumb, I'm not sure what Mimi's game is. I'm guessing Scratch made us, but the money we've won her, she shouldn't care.

I think our only concerns left might be if Mimi has a reason for keeping us hidden from Waska (I kind of doubt it?) or that we run the risk of offending Miss and/or Scratch when revealed. Although I think the winnings will mollify Scratch, and Miss will probably roll with it if we play it right.

>what do
Ignore Jash. If we're outed, we either react with derision (yes, everyone knows!) or grandstand, do a hat flourish.
No. 546914 ID: df6c6c

Don't go so far as to steamroll him, but do something that makes it hard for his plan to succeed.
No. 546926 ID: adcb7c

As far as GrandStanding goes, first, warn Scratch, whack the doctor's deck, stand up, grin the biggest, cheekiest grin you can manage, remove contacts and then say:
You all know seperately, so you should know together, that I am Hok!
And depending on the reaction from the crowd that might be the time to run like the devil's after you!
No. 546928 ID: 57a559

You should just take a break and send him a note like he did, saying that "everyone knows and no one cares. Plus, you're sure that that will ruin Waska's fun because he's having fun with this whole thing. Does he want to ruin Waska's fun? That's pretty rude Jash, he's our host we should respect him. You didn't come here to make money anyway if you're playing scrapdice with him so just make your business already. Hell, maybe I'll help you with whatever you need."

Then put three check boxes with the question

Do you:

Not like me, like me, or like like me?
No. 546936 ID: 9ddf68

if we can send him another note have it say something like "you're a little late to the party here as this is the third threat like this I've received"

But maybe back off a little... also if things go bad where are the exits and how likely are you to be able to get to them? I have a feeling that things may turn violent soon.
No. 547215 ID: d38f67
File 138402607081.png - (21.20KB , 800x800 , 803.png )

>If things go bad where are the exits and how likely are you to be able to get to them?
I've got my back to the exit door, and that's about it. There iiiis a door to the side, but that looks like a maintenance closet or something, and if so, is prooobably not a good thing to go into if things go bad.

I just ignore Jash and keep playing. I end up making it look like I back off a little, but he's on the ropes, judging by how little he seems to want to keep on buying the decks.

Even though I back off, he stands up.

>"Everyone, I have an announcement!" Jash yells in a distinctly not indoor voice.
>"Quiet down." says Mimi. "The game is in progress. If it's important, you can tell me in private. Don't interrupt the game unless it has something to do with the game or the business proposals."
>"It does, though, you see, Pip-"
No. 547216 ID: d38f67
File 138402607566.png - (16.32KB , 800x800 , 804.png )

>"Waska let everyone here in for a casual game." Mimi interrupts him. "The last person that started flinging dirt and revealing personal secrets got himself shot. You are in danger of doing that yourself, because you're bitter that he is hitting your decks. With that in mind, either say it out loud if you think my words don't apply, or tell me alone in the next room." She gestures to the door that we came in through.
"Damn, babe, I love when you get serious."
>"Not now, boss."

>"...L... lead the way." Jash says.
No. 547217 ID: d38f67
File 138402608687.png - (13.35KB , 800x800 , 805.png )

No one takes their turn while Mimi and Jash are in the other room. Pretty sure we're all trying to eavesdrop, but the sound control is pretty good if there's anything going on. Mimi comes back alone.

>"It wasn't important. Jash decided to leave the game."
No. 547219 ID: fc937d

Oh. Well. Hope they didn't shoot him on our account! I mean, not that we particularly care much about that guy, but our giving a false name is a pretty lame reason for someone else to get killed.

...I'm kind of confused as to why she'd want to force him to stay quiet considering pretty much everyone at the table has figured it out, already. Is Waska really not playing dumb, and she really wants to keep our identity from him? Makes me wonder what Mimi's real game is here.
No. 547221 ID: 9ddf68

maybe she doesn't know how many others know or is afraid that yes, everyone else knows and is trying to stop the spark that'll light this powder keg.

Either way, are we down to a small enough number that waska will tell us his plans or whatever are no?
No. 547224 ID: 7bbaae

Could we ask to send him a note? Tell him to contact the Trade Hub if he's still interested in hiring some military help. They have a mercenary force available.
No. 547227 ID: f06271

I think the point is that this is a palce to relax, and we're thinking it's more, like a place to gather information or something like that.
Waska's not kidding when he says to just relax and have a friendly game of Swapdice or whatever this game is called.
No. 547229 ID: fc937d

His plan seemed rather more high risk for low reward than I think the trade hub should be interested in. There's a reason we early on considered him one of the candidates for knock out.

...besides, we're on a thin ice, and poking Jash's disappearance is pushing it. After all, he was either just thrown out or killed.
No. 547234 ID: 57a559

You did back off, at least from your perspective.

Totally not any of our faults.
No. 547273 ID: 584efb

As far as Waska not knowing who Pip is... Shouldn't Neumono empathy give off that something is up? We've got two others in the room who know who we he is, so Waska's got to be getting some sort of vibes about him.
No. 547280 ID: fc937d

It hasn't been explicitly stated, but it's been implied there's a jammer up. It kind of makes sense for any card game that requires bluffing, or even just a hidden hand. And Waska's "Start touching me" / "Brainstorming session" with Mimi makes sense in context as physical contact to bypass it.

So Waska shouldn't be currently getting any vibes from Mimi or Sharpa.
No. 547408 ID: d38f67
File 138412002390.png - (12.53KB , 800x800 , 806.png )

>Shouldn't Neumono empathy give off that something is up?
Only in a jammer! Now, presuming this isn't some super jammer that supercedes physical contact, then maybe Mimi could give it away via touching Waska. Till then though, she can keep her secrets.

I might try to get in touch with that Jash fellow, hopefully through someone else, about his plans. Good possibility there's some merit to it! Assuming h wasn't shot. But first, Waska.

"So, do you have something in mind for the rest of us, Waska?"
"Huh? Oh, yeah. Okay, keep playing, and listen up. Mimi, what was our plan?"
>"Sharpa will escort Christina across various outposts for negotiations regarding linking them up. These outposts will be selected based on the least organized. The purpose of this is twofold. First, public banks are unsafe, so most people carry personal wealth on themselves or put them in personal stashes. Secondly, crime is rampant, and so Pip and Miss will not raise any significant flags when some tungsten and other personal goods go missing. Sharpa, how many people know you are wanting tungsten?"
>"Not as many people that know the Supernova wants it." answers Sharpa.
>"Good. Make sure you are constantly seen with Christina during negotiations so that you will always have an alibi. Pip and Miss will go on a crime spree and loot what they can, when they can. We will act as their fence, and we will pay them 50% of the final market value of their goods. Any tungsten stolen will be given to Sharpa, but there is no guarantee there will be enough for her. Therefore, the last outpost is to be handled differently. It has been thorn in our sides. The Jaws have a robotics factory. It is not a large operation, but they are fortified in a subterranean outpost. They make robotics, and they must have a good deal of Tungsten. Christina will not have anything to do with them. Pip will act as an agent to hack their systems and release their gates, and Sharpa will go with our own troops to loot and pillage it. This will ensure Sharpa gets the tungsten she needs, Pip and Miss will be paid well, and Christina will have been given the means and protection to get her project known. I am passing out the list of outposts. The geographical pattern has been randomized, so this trip will take upwards of a week. You will all be given a small caravan with our own troops to escort you from outpost to outpost. That is the unrefined plan as it stands."
"Wait!" Waska says. "Pip? That guy? He's gonna go steal stuff?"
"Huh, well no skin off our back! They're doing this under their own flag."

A week? You know, I'd be really worried about the fact that I was hoping to get word back to the trade hub in some timely manner, but looks like that solved itself. Outpost #4 is the trade hub.
No. 547410 ID: 7bbaae

It looks like Waska has no idea you're Hok, but everyone else does.

Alright, once we get to the Trade Hub, we can reveal who we are to Miss. It'll be kindof impossible to avoid that.
No. 547412 ID: 261cbb

...Does the Trade hub even HAVE Tungsten? I guess some merchants there probably will have some but...Hrrrm.
I kinda like this Waska's goals, he seems to more or less want to 'civilize' things, much like we would, if we were in his shoes...
No. 547415 ID: 2f4b71

Miss already knows you caught a lift with her from the Trade hub, so revealing you were there before shouldn't be a surprise. Knowing that you are known there might be enough for Waska (or Mimi) to rule it out.
No. 547418 ID: fc937d

Waska still either clumsily playing dumb or Mimi's keeping him in the dark. And I'm still not sure why. I'm also starting to wonder which of them is really in charge, here. (Is he just the fun face man until it gets down to serious business? She seems much more the real power, now).

>contact Jash?
Well, I guess we could always pass that along as part of the information we collect to the trade hub. They can decide if a scientist looking to fund that kind of expedition is worth their time.

>number 4 is the trade hub.
Well, they'll be happy to be plugged into Christina's network. Communication is good for trade, and for snooping with the CAI. We can't exactly go a crime spree there, though. Maybe we could fake one with the trade hub's help? Make it look good, without doing any damage or taking anything.

>I kinda like this Waska's goals to civilize things
Not his goal. He's just going along with that part of Christina's plan. Waska's just in it for the money, I think.

>Pip will act as an agent to hack their systems and release their gates
That part of the plan might be tricky. You can sneak and steal, and push buttons if you find them, but you're not much of an actual hacker without the CAI. I hope they've got something to help you with that. (Or Mimi's trying to trick you into using the CAI so they can take it?).
No. 547436 ID: 9ddf68

huh, this could work out really well for us actually. Tin wanted information about the happenings of the outside world and if we can get the trading hub involved in this communication deal then while it would by no means be a spy network, it will still give the hub some general knowledge of what's going on around the asteroid. Plus if we can find and keep some designs we steal or if some just happen to go missing while we're doing these heist we could always give those to the trading hub as well. Especially if we're going to hit a robotics lab that we're only hitting for the metal, not the actual tech. Hell since we're going to be traveling a lot we might even pick up on some more shady intel that Tin would love to hear.

So other then when we have to deal with the trading hub in this string of heist this should work out really well for you and the hub.
No. 548760 ID: d38f67
File 138473217366.png - (15.34KB , 800x800 , 807.png )

>"Any concerns or questions? In general, that is. I will explain details to those who it may concern, but not here." Mimi asks.
"Suuuuch as how I'm going to just waltz in and open the gate?"
>"Yes, issues like that will be discussed as needed."

>Does the Trade hub even HAVE Tungsten?
Usually goods like that are up for sale, so yeah, probably! Well, not in Tin's coffers, but in the proximity of the hub, yes.

>"Waska, do you want to keep playing?" Mimi asks, and she's already pulling her deck out.
"Ehhhh, it's never the same after the business is wrapped up. You were too efficient at wrapping it up, Mimi!"
>"I'll make it up to you. Get some rest. Everyone else, go back to your room. We will contact all of you soon."
No. 548761 ID: d38f67
File 138473218367.png - (24.01KB , 1240x607 , 808.png )

>"Wow, I thought you were gonna get cold feet!" Scratch says.
"Where'd you learn to play anyway?!" asks Miss.
>"From Waska's rulebook, and since he got me a good load of cash, I'm not even gonna mind that he wiped me out back at the tourney."
"Wait, you said that was - wait - that was - ohhhhhhhhhhhhh."
>"And don't tell anyone, because Waska wants Hok dead, no questions asked.
"Keep it down please we're not even in your room!" although I sure don't see anyone around, at least.
No. 548762 ID: 7bbaae

Wait. The door's open. Someone has been in there, and might still be in there.

Wanna bet it's the guy you knocked out of the competition? Get your gun out, then sweep the place for bugs and explosives.

Or fuck, get a new room and avoid the danger entirely.
No. 548765 ID: fc937d

The door is open!

...have the talking smart gun take a peek around the corner for trespassers.
No. 548766 ID: eaa372

Looks like Jash just won himself a place in The Book. Ask the ladies if they want to trip the trap or turn around and become scarce.
No. 548767 ID: 7bbaae

Funnily enough he was already in the book.
No. 548769 ID: 57a559

Waska wants you dead? He seems the type of chap to enjoy mischief, even directed at him. I mean, we put him in the "maybe wants you dead" catagory, so it's defined now?

Mimi must have been lying when she said everyone knows. I'm guessing Mimi's the one who actually runs everything and cares more about Waska's business than what he wants if there's more to be made by conflicting the two. Otherwise I figure she'd have sold you out.

Business women are great. Lets make more business women friends and steal from them the least.
No. 548771 ID: fc937d

>Mimi must have been lying when she said everyone knows.
Aside from Krak, Christina, and Waska, we have confirmation now that everyone else does know.

And Krak doesn't matter since he's Sharpa's flunky, and Mimi seemed to be actively hiding who we were from Waska. (Or he's playing dumb and she's pretending to hide it for some kind of play).

>I'm guessing Mimi's the one who actually runs everything
I suspect the same. If that wan't all an act, it looks like she's the real power and Waska is just the friendly face.
No. 548776 ID: 735f4f

Oh god the door is already open. Stop and back up before you get ambushed.
No. 548789 ID: 65766f

Make sure to ask how she knew it was you.
Because you clearly need to work on that.
No. 548830 ID: 9ddf68

well first thing we want to do is worry about the open door. Once we figure out weather or not that's a problem or not we can give Scratch her cut. Finally we can ask how the hell did everyone figure out it was us? I mean we just tried to pass ourselves off as a lucky rookie but then once people started outing us left and right we just decided to say fuck it and play without the kid locks anymore.
No. 549545 ID: d38f67
File 138517989301.png - (16.60KB , 800x800 , 809.png )

"Whoa hold on your door's open! You got any enemies, scratch? Dumb question. What do you wanna do?"
>"... I have a remote control door opener you big doof! Get in there and give me my cut."
"Oh. Okay then! I'll go ahead and do just that. How did you know it was me anyway? And like, everyone except Waska and Miss?"
>"You gotta work on your disguise."
"Not gonna argue with that one."
No. 549546 ID: d38f67
File 138517989969.png - (13.45KB , 800x800 , 810.png )

After I give up my share, I end up with 6720 zeny. Not too shabby! I kill a little time updating my Book of Killing while Miss and Scratch hit the booze to unrecommendable doses, before a Waska and or Mimi representative comes by and drops us a map of the first outpost.

Apparently this one's gonna have a short time limit, so we'll only have time to hit one target.

1) The Bank
2) Residential
3) Merchant Row
4) Barracks

Not a whole lot of info on each, apparently.
No. 549551 ID: fc937d

Well, I don't think pulling a bank job with three people armed with handguns, no tools, and no inside information is going to work. And Mimi specifically said we were targeting places with bad banks, so even if we pulled it off, the haul would be bad.

Raiding a barracks seems pretty risky, unless we can think of some excuse or distraction to have the inhabitants deployed. But the most valuable thing to rip off would be their gear, and they'll take that with them. Unless we can grab where the soldiers stash their monies.

Which leaves residential and merchants. Of the two, hitting ordinary folks at home is the bigger dick move, and less likely to yield a profit, unless we know there are rich dudes we can hit, or where people are hiding stashes. Whereas we know businesses will have both cash and valuable merchandise.

...how much are we supposed to be taking, anyways? Just a quick smash and grab, what you can carry, to create a distraction? Scale kind of factors into how we plan this.

>not much information
What is there, though? If you've got a map, we can see which places are easier to get in and out of, and where there are more hiding places or escape routes, at least.
No. 549553 ID: 57a559

I'm going with Merchant Row
Much more potential gain to be made than through a bank heist. Jewelry fetches high prices for such little weight. A sack of cash will at most be able to carry 40 pounds of zeny, which I might imagine to not be much, depending on the value and weight of zeny but I still bet it to be lower.

We're being thieves here, and selling shit to Waska as a fence. Go were the best goods are. Which is always a shop or shop place.

Ask Scratch how to better our disguise in specifics, we can't chance someone on your list that's worse than the five we were just with making you on the job.
No. 549558 ID: 9ddf68

well the point of this is to gain tungsten so where do you think most of that will be? Cause I'm lean towards the market distract seeing as that place is most likely to have anything we're looking for and maybe even a few things the trading hub might find useful.

The bank would most likely just have cash, while nice I don't see us going for that without more info and it would most likely not have anything we could use to help the hub, again besides cash

Unless this place is full of rich assholes or it's residents have enough firepower to be considered a small army I don't really see any real gain for hitting the residents of this place

Military would probably have some nice gear we could us/pawn and maybe even some nice stuff the hub could us if we could find schematics or something of that nature but it has the same problem as the bank. Without more information about it and what it holds there are to many maybes and what ifs for it to be a practical target.

So market row it is.
No. 549568 ID: 2f4b71

If it's 'bad bank' territory, then all the dosh will be in Merchant Row. But all the organised gangs running the joint will also be in Merchant Row.
No. 551201 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138654368317.png - (23.33KB , 800x800 , 811.png )

Signs point to the mercantile district! Apparently we gotta scope the place to get any better information than we got.

It's getting pretty girls-night-out around Scratch's place, but I'm sure not gonna pass up some free room and board. They call me into the room and start having me tell them trademark Hok stories and I tell them lies because I don't want them to have any more dirt on me than they already do. In return for my falsifications, I ask Scratch to show me some disguise pointers. She knows a lot about that, but I'm not gonna be able to change myself while I'm locked under the guise of Pip!

The next day comes around, and we all get shuffled into the back of a van. Some creepy deepy yich eater ahead of us speaks up as we start taking off.

>"Alright, team thief, I'm here to supervise you. I'm hoping there's not much to supervise, so this is like my vacation. Please do not ruin it. I'm going to act as your fence for all this. Make the items disappear. Out of your worry, long as you don't get caught in the act. I'll also give you more direction if needed. For starters, listen up, there may be some additional jobs that Waska - and so, me - may want done. I figure you guys can get first call on it if you want. Same rules apply. You get caught, we throw you under the bus. Mostly assassinations or kidnappings on people with bounties. We got an easy one on the first hub. Dead or alive. Interested? Not gonna tell you details unless you accept. But like I said. Easy."
No. 551203 ID: 7bbaae

Sure, a kidnapping sounds fine. I don't want to get into assassination yet though.
No. 551204 ID: fd6ae9

Yich eaters default to creepy for you? No wonder Anges doesn't like you, Hok.

Everything all right with Miss? She's looking unusually pensive there. Although asking right under our handler's ear might not be the best plan.

>Easy extra job
Well, you're not much for assassination (killing people in your way or who come after you is different from going out of your way to kill them), but if there's some easy bounty or something like it, why not?
No. 551206 ID: 9ddf68

might as well hear him out, if we don't like it we can still back down. We're under no contracts to do anything we don't want to but rob people and grab Tungsten... and gather stuff for the hub, but we like doing that stuff anyways so no big deal there.
No. 551207 ID: fd6ae9

>if we don't like it we can still back down
That's incorrect. The yich eater said we only get more details if we agree to do it. Granted, we could still not, but that's likely to cause problems. And even if we decide we're better off backstabbing Waska, blowing the first leg in a multi-outpost heist doesn't seem like it accomplishes much.
No. 552354 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138725558428.png - (45.74KB , 1100x800 , 812.png )

"I'm cool with taking prisoners, but hold the manslaughter!"
>"Alright, then alive, or dead or alive missions only. Miss, Scratch?"
>"I'm good with that, but I'm gonna kill them if it's a dead or alive mission and things go bad." Scratch says.
>"Yep I'm cool." says Miss.
>"Good." the creeper speaks again with that voice that I feel shouldn't ever be heard by civilized mortals. "I'll contact with you later. Focus on your main mission for the time being."
"Hey miss, something wrong?"
>"Car rides are so boring it is awful!"
>"Sorry." the Yich Eater says. "We aren't trusting you with our motorcycles with that busted arm."

Welp, nothing serious with her.

>Yich eaters default to creepy for you? No wonder Anges doesn't like you, Hok.
Okay that probably does help but look at these guys.

Look at them. They sit way too still to be natural, but then they breathe and even that's all gross the way they expand.

Seriously these guys are like

Okay I'm a little unfair I guess, I've gotten used to really gross things just by constant contact, so if I get in more contact with yich eaters than I guess it'll be fine.
No. 552356 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138725587770.png - (26.24KB , 800x800 , 813.png )

nope nope nope I heard the smeck

Nevermind that, I forgot they do that tongue-blink thing. Prejudice shall continue indefinitely.

>"Hey, 'Pip'." Scratch faces me. "You wanna be the one to scope out the marketplace, first? I'll give you a little token zeny to buy a little something for yourself, my treat, just so you don't look too suspicious. Oh, I'll help your looks out too, if you get me. I wanna spend some time with Miss getting my tools prepared, and I can't do it in a rocky ride."
No. 552359 ID: 7bbaae

Yeah sure fine whatever
No. 552368 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138725816179.png - (20.15KB , 800x700 , 814.png )

I choose yes. Got nothing better to do, after all! So I stare away from the lich until we all get dumped off and go our seperate ways. We got a hotel room, so I'll show up to take a look later. Can't waste time, after all! Scratch will work on my looks later, but for now she just squished my eyes together and put lensless glasses on them. Says that'll do wonders. Seems silly, but she's not the one who got called out by like everyone at a table.

Let's see.. there food, shitty weapons that'll probably break if I squeeze on 'em too hard, normal stuff... oh, a novelty shop. The sort of 'stuff we found off the ground that most people don't want' clumped up together for that niche audience. No piles of tungsten in the bargain bin yet, though.

Well, this one isn't too bad, actually. It's got stuff like old video games, office supplies, stuff that might actually have use if you don't spend all your time killing people or avoiding people trying to kill you.

Wow some of these games and shows and game shows are old news. Some more than others, but geez it's like pirates are getting all the stuff that their pirate parents wouldn't get them when they were pirate babies. Then losing them to the sand pit of novelty shops.

Like this one! A collectors edition of Super-Team Space Hive 'Omega-Waveforce' - Legendary Allies of Unlimited Justice. Man Kappi would love this one after I what he was watching with his murdergirlfriend. Maybe I should get it in anticipation for his birthday. Maybe I should get it as a 'sorry you fell for a girl that is probably going to strangle you with your own hamstring someday' gift.

I mean I don't even know what it's about but its title is like a lot of powerful sounding words just sort of strung together and I think Kappi starts vibrating when he hears a lot of words like those in a row so that's probably enough for him.

Whoops I got distracted.
No. 552375 ID: fd6ae9

>blink licks

>silly glasses
...they make you look a lot older, actually. Pulling off the wrong age does wonders for a disguise. People tend to notice age kind of automatically, and that makes a big disconnect between you and your assumed identity.

>Kappi present
Why not. You haven't seen anything else that catches your eye. And more a 'sorry I gave the girl who's going to strangle you with your own hamstring someday a reason to show up in the first place' gift.

...I don't like the clientele, though. Muscle-heads and fully armored neumono aren't what you want hanging around when you rob a place. You want customers who stay out of your way, not those that might decide to shoot back.
No. 552382 ID: 57a559

Are there any Polo video games?
Like for human video games too, I want to see their selection.
Otherwise, I guess just get it for Kappi, yeah. I mean, is there anything YOU like personally? Besides that hat and goggles you wear?

What do you get money for anyway, Hok? Why collect it? You started this gravy train of becoming the most wanted Miklik on the Asteroid for some reason. Were you just starving at first?
No. 552384 ID: 7bbaae

What are these military-looking customers buying?
No. 552389 ID: 9ddf68

think any of these would help the trading hubs entertainment section they've built? I mean if we don't find any tungsten we could always hit this place if we don't find anything better.

But for real what kind of places would have tungsten? like an auto shop or something? I say to save time try looking for places like that first, then places that you could at least get a decent profit if you robed them, then whatever's left.

Also Yich eaters... they have to lick they're eyeballs to blink? huh, neat.
No. 552390 ID: 041c8f

Buying its a good idea. Making a legit purchase makes you less suspicious.

And on a side note, you could to to improve your social standing with your associates. Might twist Tin's hat a little to here of you just doing nice things. Besides Kappi seem to be one of the few people that actually doesn't dislike you for one of many various reasons.

Also you might what to apologies to Jess to. Her Ire might translate to Icher, their pretty close. And he's playing fairer with you than most to date. Might not want to let that get to sour before you can head it off. So maybe some booze for him and a small non personal very tasteful token for her. Or better yet just get them both booze.
Booze is never creepy. IF you are creepy she will stay mad.
No. 552497 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138733310430.png - (21.61KB , 800x800 , 815.png )

>Are there any Polo video games?
Nope, doesn't look like it. There's a few video games, but they're all the video games that everyone's played a million times.

>What do you get money for anyway, Hok? Why collect it?
Cause I keep losing it!

>What/who are these customers?
These clients look like they've been in a firefight once or twice, but that's not too uncommon around here. They sure don't look like security, but they also don't look like anyone I know.

>Get Jess/Itcher the gift of booze
Yeah that's not too hard, I'm not gonna match that cat themed bar or whatever it was but I'll get them something good. Basically every store has a booze section, so I'll make it in the same purchase as this thing.

The front desk is manned by a robot.

>"Greetings. Your items of choice are a fine decision. Please place them on the counter. Thank you. That will be 5,600 zeny."
"Cool here's m what wait what one moment, 5 thousand five hundred?!" Scratch only gave me 500! I've got 6,720 left in my own pocket though. "What are each of these items... 500 for good booze, five thousand for this campy thing? It's just a series of... man what is this about."
>"Beginning sales pitch and summary. You have chosen one mint condition copy of the collector's edition of Super-Team Space Hive 'Omega-Waveforce' - Legendary Allies of Unlimited Justice. This item is highly sought after by: collectors - glory seeking hives - rogues who wish to see glorified hive team bonding and any species of fans of action packed series. This contains 12 one and a half hour to two hour movies involving Omega-Waveforce's adventures, -."
"Okay okay I geeeet iiii..."
>"- who are played by the real Omega-Wave force, who have used their real missions as inspirations for their exaggerated stories." Good god this robot doesn't have an interruption recognizer! He talks right over me!"Each movie contains a different cameos of at least one hero or group of heroes that have made names for themselves. I personally recommend this item to you." He doesn't recognize facial features either, there's no stopping this bot. "Pros of purchasing: 1. Over 20 hours of action packed cinema. 2. Memories and inspiration for a lifetime, even for non-neumono. 3. Item rarity. Studies show that biological entities that have societies have pride and joy in owning material objects of rare occurence. Cons to purchasing: 5000 zeny, merely an approximate 3 days of work for a minimal wage employee under the galactic standards."
"Wait what, people get paid like two hundred something zeny per hour? Minimum?! For like, things that don't endanger their lives?"
>"Up to 25 seconds being allotted to smalltalk: Engaging. You are correct, Sir."
"Well whatever, we can purchase anti infantry turrets for like 10k! You're telling me that two of these things is worth something that can blow up a small squad?"
>"Sale pitch argument by region market: More turrets fall out of the sky than box collections, collectors or otherwise, of any series with rations of over 100 million. By that logic, this item should cost approximately 45,600 zeny."

I spend like 5,000 over really stupid things I don't even know why I'm so mad. See this is what I am talking about, I make zeny so that I can make really stupid purchases. Man maybe I should stop that, then I'll only have to see Pomi-mes like once every month and actually save some money I don't know.

Man why'd Kappi have to be a cool guy to me. Or an okay guy which is pretty cool if you take the average. He's probably sic Rokoa on me if he heard I had the chance to get this and then didn't.

Wait a minute. This robot, I know this model! These guys are like, made out of tungsten.
No. 552499 ID: f44ca3

Made out of tungsten you say? Well that sounds convenient.

Ok go pick up something from right near the entrance of the store. Then when you buy everything say you don't have enough money for it all. Sadly put that item off to the side and take your purchases. When the robot goes to restock it just push it out the door into your van.
No. 552500 ID: 57a559

You can GET your money back!
>Man maybe I should stop that, then I'll only have to see Pomi-mes like once every month and actually save some money I don't know.

Are you saying you wouldn't like to engage with a cute alien girl you have a lot in common with that flirts a lot?
Honestly, this seems to have been the funnest job of your life that's going well. I mean, look at that! You're buying a gift for a friend today! Considering someone besides yourself, admitting you have a comrade! You just spotted a HUUUUUGE score of tungsten. You might just remove a few people from your "wants to kill me list" today too without having to kill them!

Admit it, you've never been this lucky in your life. Aside from all those times you survived by a mere hair. But this is luck in the way luck is for somewhat normal people not getting shot at on a regular basis.
No. 552504 ID: fd6ae9

Dude, you're going to rob this place. Just pay for it, and steal your money back when you're done. And take the annoying robot too, for what it's worth.

...how heavy is a robot that size, made out of tungsten?
No. 552507 ID: beeca1

Yeah, I'm pretty sure these things always start off moderately well. If this ends without a near-apocalyptic scenario, then maybe.
No. 552509 ID: 041c8f

Remember, Hok is an asexual hermaphrodite that has stated his non interested in those sorts of activities. I think I remember him saying that some mikilik are, but he really isn't one of them. At the moment he most likely lacks genitals and I think he said it takes at least a week or more to grow them.

Sorry if they keep trying to hook you up Hok. They might have better luck getting Tin in the sheets with some one.

Lets save up our match making energy for Jess and Itcher.
No. 552510 ID: beeca1

We have infinite matchmaking energy and Jess/Itcher is already OTP
No. 552511 ID: 57a559

I never said bone her.
At most, a meaningful friendship.
I mean, come on, Miklik's have friends. He can't enjoy the company?
No. 552513 ID: 9ddf68

huh, so this would be something worth stealing, and now this robot is also something we want... good to know, buy the booze and go to other shops and see if we can't get lucky at other stores as well, we are robing more then just one store after all, so we shouldn't blow all our money in one place.
No. 552544 ID: 041c8f

Don't get me wrong I'm all for match making. I just think Hok was a lost cause before the game even started.

Yeah but I think he finds her some what... trying. Still, she is friendly to Hok and just like Kappi, he should capitalize on people who like him. They are few and far between.

But she dose come off as Quoted by MacGyver. "Having her as a friend is kinda like owning a pet disease."

And now every one knows that I'm old, expect that only people my age will likely get that.

So on topic

Yeah buy the gifts, steal the robot later and maybe your money back. This is more a scout it out, any way. And by the way, who makes a general service droid body out of tungsten. What about plastic composite and aluminum or carbon fiber? Is this model often used for high temp maintenance or hazardous repair work?
No. 552562 ID: beeca1


That said, she and Scratch seem like useful friends. For improving your disguise abilities, if nothing else.
No. 552563 ID: 7bbaae

Do you really want to spend 5k on a gift? That seems excessive. Just stick with the booze, to get Itcher off your back.
No. 552568 ID: dbbfc7

Things might not go as planned when you rob the place. So do Kappi a solid and buy the damn thing now, people are more important than money anyway.
No. 552692 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138742938916.png - (19.36KB , 800x800 , 816.png )

>Are you saying you wouldn't like to engage with a cute alien girl you have a lot in common with that flirts a lot?
If 'engage' is synonymous with 'perfectly platonic friendly relationship', then I SUPPOSE I could think of a worse fate. And I SUPPOSE that friendly people who aren't friendly so they can shoot me later aren't really raaaaaare I just scared myself a little. Well if she doesn't try to shoot me on this mission, then best buds for life I guess.

>How heavy is a robot that size, made out of tungsten?
Okay I was exaggerating a bit he is not literally made out of tungsten. There's just a lot of tungsten involved.
>Who makes a general service droid body out of tungsten.
No one but the richest! That is not the case here, someone just loaded up this robot with a service AI. The bot itself was made for long winded space missions. Warp travel and all that. But really, who needs that down here when air travel is hard enough already, let alone space travel.

I'll do the morally responsible action of the day and buy the thing. I might just steal it back later, who knows. And hey, I don't lose anything from it, just business as usual, losing all my money. Dreams of retirement can wait! I don't even know what I'd do with myself.

Before my imagination tells me what I'd do with myself, I make a once around the store trip just before buying it. Can't linger for too long before the inevitable security tape skim notices a certain miklik hanging around for too long.
No. 552694 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138742980004.png - (24.27KB , 800x800 , 817.png )

That done, I go back to our hotel room. It's not too shabby, if we count the norm as a bug infested hellhole of shelter.

>"Okay, Hok, what've you got?" she says in the universal language of flipping her hands around everywhere. "The walls suck and I don't wanna be caught."

Miss looks kinda unhappy, but I'll chalk that up to having a million words to say that shouldn't be said out loud, but only having one hand to say them with. Universally heard, but only spoken by two handed five digiters. Well, aside from the oven-mitt edition. Or the eight handed skittering word dance.

I explain the front door security, which is lots, the back door security, which is lots, then the upper maintenance shafts and the lower doors into who knows what.

"That robots got a whole lot of tungsten, too. We can steal it! It's the Maintono series. Why are you guys in your undies?"
>"Those robots are heavy! How are we gonna get it out? Thought we were just gonna stuff loose change in our pockets and scram." Scratch says.
"But then I saw that thing! Don't we have any muscle we can borrow?"
>"It was supposed to just be us three! Buuuut... mayyyybe we could get the guy we've just taken to calling Fluffers."
>"I don't know how much is fluff. Some say his fluff is his power."

>"Oh my god Hok what is this?" Miss spits out.
"I do not even want to look at that right now, Miss! We have business. It's serious time!"

"So how do we get fluffers?
>"We have to buy him. He'd probably charge like 4k just to walk the bot to the door."
"Isn't he on our side?"
>"Not on our side enough to not gouge us. You think Waska runs a happy family?
"Does Waska even run this thing?"
>"It's complicated, and I just don't really care."
"Don't we have, like a forklift?"
>"No. Not one we could drive in there. Don't even know how they got the robot inside there, but I'm not gonna... oh wait we can just dismantle it with a plasma sword if we want to chance someone seeing glowly lights coming from the shop. And spend a buncha time hauling piece by piece. I dunno, do I look like Whiskers? You can spare a few thousand for fluffers, right? I mean, you got booze for us and all!"

No. 552698 ID: 57a559

Well, we could if we can steal the money we just spent back. Can't we just share a percentage of the pay we get for the robot? If that's too cheap for him, then taking the robot wouldn't even be worth it in the first place. There'd be no profit in it if anyone hired him with our own funds flat.

We could also try hacking the robot. Just a thought.
I mean, you are supposed to somehow hack in the last job. Better to learn now and fuck up then fuck up later.
"Hacking robots for dummies" I realize would have been a practical purchase, but also eye drawing.
No. 552699 ID: 57a559

also Hok don't stand out and make the ladies self conscious
that's rude!
Strip down to the heart boxer underwear I know you have.
Maybe ask first, because there's probably a practical reason first. They didn't answer your question about it.

Unless they all just had a threesome with Fluffers. Then maybe don't strip.
No. 552710 ID: 9ddf68

oh wow, money we could have saved if we didn't buy that damn tape and just stole it later. who saw this coming. sigh

Ok maybe we can try something else besides brute force. That robot has got to have something that lets people give it orders or somewhere where people give it orders, if we can find that we could just have the robot steal itself. Not to sure where that would be but if anywhere it would most likely be in the back office... that's also where they'd most likely keep the safe... hmm, all esle fails we can just say fuck it and just do a smash and grab. anywhere you know where you can find a tuck? My plan B is just get a truck, ram it into the store in reverse grab what we can and throw it in back, slice up robot and throw it into the back, take off like a bat out of hell, ditch the truck somewhere and have another ride somewhere we could offload the loot and then the three of you split up and meet somewhere else. Loud, noticeable, and not very effective, but if you could pull it off fast enough it could work. Rather just hack the bot then anything else truth be told though.
No. 552713 ID: fd6ae9

>Oh my god Hok what is this?
...she said your actual name, out loud, in a bugged room. I sure hope whoever's supposed to be listening to those isn't paying attention.

>You can spare a few thousand for fluffers, right?
I could have, if I hadn't blown my cash at the store assuming we were going to steal it right back anyways.

I don't suppose I could smooth talk him into taking his cut after the action?
No. 552714 ID: 57a559

posting one more time because i just thought of a good reason to hack that robot.

If we can keep it functional after harvesting the tungsten, at least the AI part, it could help us haggle. Face it Hok, that is one hell of a salesrobot.
Man, we could even take it back to the CAI back home to help it understand economics better.
No. 552728 ID: 7bbaae

Didn't we win a bunch of money from Waska? I think we still have some cash we can spend on Fluffers.
No. 552743 ID: dbbfc7

You have to think of another way to pay Fluffers. I mean the way they described him, and if he has worked with Miss and Scratch he must be another weirdo and thus eligible as another member of Hoks gang.
You could offer to take him along for the whole week long crime spree, just paint it up as a once in a lifetime chance to make mad cash.
No. 552764 ID: 96b823

...Look at the store receipt for the inevitable "all sales final" and curse under your breath. So, by any chance would Fluffers be a huge collector of cheesy neumono action show memorabilia and swag, and thus would take your mint condition video box set as payment? Or if he isn't does he know somebody who is who'd pay well for it?

As for the 'bot: How mobile is it on its own? If it is mobile, could it be hacked to either change its ownership profile so it'd take your orders to follow, or to override the AI's controls? What about temporarily disabling the 'bot and swapping out its AI for a friendly one? One extra benefit of taking the 'bot "alive" is that it can be loaded up with extra loot from the store.

If getting the 'bot that way is not possible, then plan B could be to steal a pickup truck with a heavy winch in the back, crash it back first through the storefront, hook the winch cable around the 'bot and drive off dragging it behind.

And did Miss just blurt out your real name? In a room with thin, probably bugged, walls? Shoot her a glare and sign a "what the hell, you ought to know better" at her. That slip of the tongue may have just blown your cover and this operation sky high.
No. 553174 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138775940192.png - (19.52KB , 800x800 , 818.png )

>Didn't we win a bunch of money from Waska? I think we still have some cash we can spend on Fluffers.
Yeah that basically what made this box set possible to get in the first place.

>Miss used your real name
I give her the meanest staring.

>"Waska trusts us a little bit, cause I couldn't find any bugs in here. Still, Miss, use your damn head!" Scratch says.
No. 553175 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138775945193.png - (15.73KB , 800x800 , 819.png )

"Maybe that bot's got a terminal we could access to give it orders to shut up and get itself into our truck or something?"
>"I bet if it has something like that, it'd be right around where the owners are sleeping upstairs." Scratch talks like she didn't just bite off Miss's ears. Wherever they may be on a Pomi.
"Man they are not making this easy for us. Do we at least have a truck or something?"
>"Yeah we got a truck. And I don't have anything that can hack that bot offhand, but I can disable the security quick enough, I bet."
"You can hack the security, but not the bot, huh?"
>"Yeahhhh I can't really hack much, but I've got toys that do it for me. For some things. I mean, if we actually make off with the robot, we probably have people that can reprogram the bot, but none that can do it on the spot on a heist like this."
"Anyway unless Fluffers really likes cheesy neumono action movies and accepts that as payment, I can't do it."
>"Did you.. seriously blow it all on that?!"
"I'm being a good person! You have money, don't you?
>"Wellllll...." She holds up a PDA. "Good AIs are expensive, you know? Anyway, let me get a corkscrew open for this bottle. Thanks for that!"
"Okay, okay, so we both ended up broke cause we can't manage our cash. Wait on that booze, though, because I think it's okay. I think I can convince Fluffers with words!"
>"I.... don't think that will help. But, I mean, it won't hurt either, so if you want to kill some time, go up 3 floors and take a right out of the elevator. He's at the end. He likes... to be honest, I don't know what he likes. Sorry, no pointers coming from here."

I got 1,620 zeny left.
No. 553176 ID: 7bbaae

Alright let's go throw words at Fluffers.
No. 553182 ID: fd6ae9

>we both ended up broke cause we can't manage our cash
Man, crime sprees are so much easier when you don't have to worry about paying people off.

>I think I can convince Fluffers with words!
Well, you've tricked smarter people into worse situations. Not much you got to lose by trying.
No. 553188 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138776786001.png - (15.48KB , 800x800 , 820.png )

I walk my feet to my destination and give the door a good knock.

"I'm Pip, I'd like to speak with Fluffers, if you are not him?" His stare informs me that he is not, in fact, Fluffers! Maybe a she? The voice is feminine.
>"He's sleeping."
>"Yeah. You can wake him if you want. I guess. If you want."
"Will he be up soon?"
>"I don't... really know... I'm just gonna go ahead and so no, no he's not going to be up for awhile if no one wakes him."
"Well, let me take a look inside, please."
No. 553189 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138776787727.png - (25.49KB , 900x600 , 821.png )

Smells like alcohol, pizza and shame.
No. 553190 ID: 7bbaae

Put him in a really humiliating pose and take a picture. Threaten to spread the picture around unless he helps you.
No. 553191 ID: fd6ae9

Huh. Well, on the one hand, he may be in a more malleable state for smooth talking at the moment. On the other hand, he's not liable to be in such a good mood when you wake him.

Who's got a good idea for an approach with a drunk and/or hung over enforcer?
No. 553201 ID: f44ca3

So whats shame smell like exactly?

I like the embarrassing pictures idea. That's the sort of thing you expect when you live like this anyway.
No. 553203 ID: e11575

Of course! Hok, bribe him with the super secret hangover cure that you stole discovered!
No. 553206 ID: 9ddf68

what are the odds you think you could wake him and convince him that he took a job while drunk and we where sent to fill him in on the details? Just say he agreed to help steal the robot and anything else you guys might find in the store.
Not really holding my breath with this plan but if it works, not only would it be funny as hell we'd also be able to hire him for free not including a small cut of whatever we steal.
No. 553211 ID: 57a559

Was a Belosian and Pomi up here with you earlier for this... party?
No. 553237 ID: dbbfc7

Go to the fridge and get a cold beer or soda can and hold it to Fluffers cheek (beak?) until he wakes up.

Then hope he is still drunk and start lying about being sent here by Waska to offer him part in a heist.
No. 553273 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138782751407.png - (13.32KB , 800x800 , 822.png )

>What does the shame smell like?
I would prefer keeping a few mysteries in life.

"Say, was there a Belenosian and Pomi up here earlier?"
>"Wha... you're gonna have to be more specific."
"Nevermind. Could I get a cold beer?"
>"Yeah sure why not."

And up to the beak it goes...
No. 553274 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138782752977.png - (14.06KB , 800x800 , 823.png )



He just crushed the can and he's... drinking it in his sleep.
No. 553275 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138782753702.png - (19.33KB , 800x800 , 824.png )

>Make embarrasing poses of him

I can't lift him at all!

>"Hey Rigs, what're you doin' with Fluffers? Rolled over on your pocket watch again?"
No. 553279 ID: 88960e

Yay for people not being able to tell Mikliks appart, again. Can you play that for more information?

I'm not sure embarrassing poses is going to work. This guy doesn't appear to have overmuch shame.
No. 553283 ID: 9ddf68

kinda sorta

what do you think the odds of you being able to trick him that he agreed to a job and just forgot about it? cause we might be able to pull it off...maybe.
No. 553304 ID: dbbfc7

>Drinking in his sleep
Damn this guy is high level. I would suggest a bucket of cold water but enraging an eight feet fluffy raptor might be dangerous.
So either evacuate anyone conscious before you do it, or ask for help in carrying Fluffs into the shower and locking him inside if he goes berserk.
No. 553372 ID: 9b57d3

Yeah, help me wake him up, would you?

Maybe we can convince Fluffers you're Rigs too. Tell him there's a robot that needs a lesson taught to it.
No. 553661 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138808416789.png - (16.26KB , 800x800 , 825.png )

>Yay for people not being able to tell Mikliks appart, again.
Yeah I'd be tempted to call him out on that, cept then he'd probably line up a buncha Heefs that this Rigs guy is supposed to know, and man they're just black fluff with red eyes. They don't even mutate! Except Fluffers. Looks like some case of gigantism.

>Tell Fluffers that he agreed to the job
That is a good plan that I will enact once he is awake!

"Yeah kinda. Hey, hypothetic question. If someone took incriminating photos of Fluffers and threatened to put 'em up somewhere if he didn't do something, how do you think he'd react?"
>"Well, he'd probably chase you down, beat you up, and post pictures of that. And if you did post it online, then probably do the same to anyone who saw the pictures. Would not recommend "someone" do it."
"Cool, cool. Help be bring him to the showers, would you?"
>"Sure why not, he's taking up our floorspace. You sound kinda funny, you got a... wait a second. You're not Rigs, are you. You damn mikliks, I work with you guys all the time and you all still look the same."
"Yeah hey funny story I kind o-"
>"Feel the same way about Heef yeah that's basically the response I know. Whatever though, I'll help you out here."
"Nice, thanks."
>"One, two, three, and up!"
"Oh hey I do see something down there."
No. 553662 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138808418437.png - (13.01KB , 800x800 , 826.png )

I'm.... not really sure what I'm looking at here.
No. 553663 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138808419978.png - (17.92KB , 800x800 , 827.png )

Oh. Oh, it's just a neumono.

Just a neumono gasping for air. In the nude.
No. 553664 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138808425062.png - (17.39KB , 800x800 , 828.png )

>"I... I was gonna die..."
No. 553666 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138808426114.png - (14.37KB , 800x800 , 829.png )

So yeah this guy parties. Because a party is when people almost die but then don't.

My helper heef helps bring Fluffers into the shower. I turn the water on and wait outside for a noise or grunt or whatever he does when he wakes up.
No. 553667 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138808427130.png - (17.98KB , 800x800 , 830.png )

Yeah like punching the door I guess.
No. 553669 ID: fe4bfc

You just woke that behemoth with a cold shower? Oh man I would not want to be within arms reach of him until he actually wakes up.
No. 553672 ID: 9ddf68

alright we need to talk to him somewhere between him being lucid enough to not kill us out of mindless rage but still out of it just enough to not question us when we tell him he toke the job
No. 553673 ID: fd6ae9

>Oh, it's just a neumono. Just a neumono gasping for air. In the nude.
Shame on the other neumono for not picking up on that "help me I'm naked and suffocating under here!" empathy. (Although I suppose the place could be jammed).

Be perfectly chill.

Yeah man, I never much cared for that door myself.
No. 553677 ID: 5869f6

Impressive how you didn't even flinch.
No. 553800 ID: cee89f

...Take a step or two away from the door.

His tail did.
No. 553805 ID: fd6ae9

Eh, I'd expect his tail does a lot of weaving around on it's own, anyways.
No. 555967 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138923553566.png - (20.37KB , 800x800 , 831.png )

I just go ahead and take a half step away from the door. A really long half step. To give him room. To get out of the shower room.

Annd he bursts down the door and yanks the bed blanket while the neumono still try to sleep on it.

He doesn't seem too mad, least not by my standards. Fluffers takes a look around the room, and at me. Kinda stares at me like a piece of modern art. And just kinda keeps on staring. Maybe he thinks I'm the one staring at him. Come to think of it, I guess I am now.
No. 555978 ID: 7bbaae

Find an unused blanket and throw it to him. Then tell him not to forget to show up at the job. If he questions you, you can say he agreed to help take the robot down/apart in exchange for whatever he wanted from the store.
No. 556016 ID: 9ddf68

this works
No. 556034 ID: 627d94

Hey there. Feeling any better? We need you for job tomorrow, after all.
No. 556137 ID: 53b858

"You Fluffers?"

After playing dumb shift the blame by telling him that you were sent by someone else to get him ready for the job, lay the blame on Waska or Whiskers.
No. 556446 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138939291704.png - (18.56KB , 800x800 , 832.png )

>Find an unused blanket and throw it to him.
I just can't say I have any of those in eyesight or tucked under my clothes.

"Hey, Fluffers, don't forget to show up at the job!"
"We need you for that job tonight. You know?"
"Waska's job that you said you'd do. Just... meet up in the front lobby and I'll tell you the details again, okay?"
>"Yeah, it's for Waska!"

No. 556447 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138939293540.png - (15.33KB , 800x800 , 833.png )

Oh wow Waska was here.

>"Dude I told you not to use my name around here, but whatever. What's up?"
>"This guy says you got a job that I agreed to."
>"Never seen the guy in my life, Fluff!"
No. 556448 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138939294897.png - (17.23KB , 800x800 , 834.png )

No. 556452 ID: 7bbaae

Tell Waska to please stop fooling around, he just hired you last night and you need Fluffer's help to carry a bunch of scrap metal that you found lying around.
No. 556456 ID: 284f99


Not the best one. Maybe you should say the whiskers said that would work. Then get real business like. And I think Waska is either Dumb as hell the the female runs everything. Or he can't tell one mikilik form another. Or both. Don't say anything about that part. Unless jogging his memory sound like it will help you. Worst case you can get out and bail on this mission. You did find some Intel and that's why your here.
No. 556458 ID: fe4bfc

Waska you know we Mikiliks all look alike.

Besides I was in my clever disguise last night.
No. 556461 ID: 57a559

I'm telling the truth, Waska just don't remember. Waska, come on, look at the hat man. The hat! It's Pip!

Okay, okay, Fluffers, if Waska don't remember me, than the ladies downstairs will speak for me at least. Miss and Scratch.
No. 556462 ID: 9ddf68

"weska, it's me pip, we play scrape dice like what, yesterday"

If he then says he doesn't remember hiring fluffers here just tell him he hired him to help out with other business, the one his assistant has set up. If he says he doesn't remember that point out again that he didn't remember you after having played a game of scrape dice only yesterday.
No. 556481 ID: 88960e

If he's too high to remember: do I gotta get Mimi to remind you? You know how much that would annoy her.
No. 556485 ID: cee89f

Remind him of the scrapdice game, threaten to call Mimi on his ass.
No. 556493 ID: beeca1

And right about now is where we discover we have been the victims of an elaborate con.
No. 557172 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138965023374.png - (13.38KB , 800x800 , 835.png )

"Hey, it's me, Pip! We played scrapdice!"

He comes walking up to me all authority-like.

>"Man dude guy didn't I say something like, we'll drive you places, but once we're at an outpost, you're on your own? No association?"
"Hey isn't it a little weird to pretend that when we're in your company?"
>"Okay we need to have a little chat about the spirit of the rules and best practices and things."
"Well okay but I really do need Fluffers to help me out! I bet Mimi wouldn't mind!"
>"Hey okay leave my secretary out of it, yeah?"
No. 557173 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138965024576.png - (18.59KB , 800x800 , 836.png )

>"Oh, hey Babe."
>"What was entry number 14 on my agreeance to let you come with the envoy?"
>"... I didn't memorize the order, but, I'm gonna guess you're thinking of... no chewing bitterweed?"
>"No going to any of Fluffer's parties? How'd you know?"
>"I have been looking for you, and you finally answered my call. I expect it was accidental."
>"Uh. Oh. Babe, I appreciate the contact here, but you've got your claws ouWWWT."
>"Yes, I do. Waska, you're in trouble. What is it you wanted Fluffers, for, Pip? You can speak here, no one here is going to remember tomorrow morning."
"Uh okay well see there's this robot with a buncha tungsten that mans the shop, and we need a heavy lif-"
>"Yes. I know the shop. Scratch has appropriate tools, if she claims she isn't able to break in, call her on it. Fluffers, I'll look past Waska's attendance here if you help them."
>"This person is a liar." Fluffers says.
>"You told me you would not let Waska in. I did not search here, because I didn't want to think that you, of all people, would lie."
>"He would fire me."
No. 557174 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138965030611.png - (18.77KB , 800x800 , 837.png )

>"Waska." Mimi continues.
>"Yeah Fluffers I was totally gonna give you that job so do it please."
>"Fine." Fluffers answers.
>"In the future, Pip..." Mimi turns to me again. "Sharpa may be willing to provide some level of assistance for jobs like these during the night, since Christina will not be conducting negotiations in the middle of the night. Go to her if you cannot get Fluffer's help. And do not lie to Fluffers anymore. We don't tell blatant lies to Fluffers. I'll let you off, since you're new to our circle."

Well yeah this looks like a pretty healthy relationship here.
No. 557175 ID: dbe554

Thank the very scary lady and leave.
No. 557177 ID: 937723

Thank the nice lady and apologize to Fluffers for lying to him.
No. 557181 ID: 88960e

Agree and go. Apologize to Fluffers later. Geeze. You were just trying to get a little help, didn't expect to get boss-man (or boss-lady) politics involved.
No. 557184 ID: c86015

Tell fluffers sorry.
No. 557321 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138971179737.png - (17.51KB , 800x800 , 838.png )

"Thank you Mimi thank you Waska and sorry for lying Fluffers see you later tonight."

Okay then back to Scratch.

>"Got 'em?"
"Got 'em."
>"We got a truck, so how about you drive, I break the security, then Miss and I loot everything and Fluffers gets the bot while you keep watch? Sound good? I took a look around while you were gone, it doesn't even look like the marketplace had outer gates they seal up!"
"Yeahhh we're not exactly in Sector Rich."
No. 557334 ID: cc212d

Hmm. Well, normally you're more the grabbing stuff yourself kind of person, but you're certainly good at running away too, and you've got a sharp eye. Gettaway driver and lookout ain't the worst role. Plus, you've already been inside to case the joint, so if you're not going in with them, that buys them a few precious seconds of not being suspicious before they start doing things.

Just make sure you've got the truck set up so you can drive it effectively. Mikliks are kind of short, and it would be a problem if you can't reach the pedals, or see over the dash.

Where we headed, after? (It's a good idea to have a place to hide or stash the loot in advance, if you can help it).
No. 557455 ID: c86015

Buy/steal fluffers a beer, heavy lifting is hard; Try to get scratch to drive instead.
No. 559540 ID: 7ad59b

Can you contact Kappi? If so, ask him if he or the CAI knows where you can get a bunch of Tungsten. Like if he has access to records of shipments you can steal or something. Keep the game a secret to keep it a surprise, and just in case something happens to it in the near future. Don't want to get his hopes up then let him down.
No. 561016 ID: abb251

There's little to no risk with the salesbot, but for the other heists: Whatever we do, we have to make sure NOT to steal anything the Black Sup' are in the process of buying, and have already paid. They clearly wouldn't like to be re-sold their own tungsten.

Stuff they haven't paid for yet is fair game, though. Sharpa's prices are better than any seller's, anyway.

>contact hub
It would be a good idea to arrange a "theft" that wouldn't piss off the wrong people at the hub. Even buying the tungsten first if necessary. The hub could try to recoup some of the loss by charging a "bribe" from the trio (such as a pickup driver "bribed" to look the other way while the pickup is "stolen", etc.)
No. 561017 ID: abb251

Whoops by "wrong people" I mean among visiting vendors, traveling traders and the like. If there's some guy from whom stealing while they're inside the hub would be really detrimental to the hub (e.g. they throw a fit and start shooting, leave a bad Yelp review, etc.) it would be good to know in advance how to avoid it.
No. 561405 ID: d470e9
File 139183449227.png - (12.74KB , 800x800 , 839.png )

>Can you contact Kappi?
Nope. Well, not with my own devices, but I'm sure not gonna use any of these guys' tools for it. There's a whole messenger service industry though, but there's also a whole industry for intercepting the messenger services! So, that's also too risky.

A shame, too, since with a little time in advance, I could probably set up a good steal of tungsten. Those're the breaks though, so I'll just have to settle for a little time in.. the then-present in the future when I go and am there in person.

>Buy/steal fluffers a beer, heavy lifting is hard
Yeah you know I guess I could tip him with a good ol' beer I guess but I just can't help but feel like Fluffers has an easy time lifting heavy things compared to, I dunno, getting shot at. Or politics. Maybe he'd be a good politician actually I don't know.

"You don't wanna drive, huh, Scratch?"
>"Not even a little bit, Pip. I've got the right tools for the heist, too, so it's best this way.
"Lemme raise up a concern too. Where are we gonna hide the bot, in fact, what's our escape route?"
>"We're just gonna take it to loading bay 9. I already set things up to clear the way, so no prying eyes get in there. While in there, I'll be disassembling it. Alone, preferably, since we should be spread out tonight."
"What're we gonna do with the AI chip?"
>"Oh, that? I dunno. I think it's a bog standard model, since it doesn't use a reasoning algorithm. You want it?"
"Well sure I don't see why not."
>"Are you gonna be a shopowner one day?"
"Well I'd like to use the AI as a doorstopper to hold that possibility door open." That door might be the literal door that Agnes has the open button for who knows. Maybe one day I will learn what her favorite food is or something and have a free ticket in. I'm pretty sure that is impossible though because she probably doesn't like anything.
No. 561406 ID: d470e9
File 139183450221.png - (17.93KB , 781x690 , 840.png )

Yep. Got put in the truck, so I figure I won't bother with my glasses. This's actually probably the safest place to be. First to be shot at, sure, but hey, I'm in a car, not a deadend corridor in the form of a store. This place sure doesn't have security guards. Scratch goes in, so that went smooth. Which is good, cause this place probably does have security guards that pop out if someone is seen. These days, most trucks have widely adjustable seats to fit a wide array of heights, along with adjustable dashboards and pedals and all that. Course, actual success rate varies, so there's a whole buncha trucks that just sort of don't-really fit a whole wide range of population. And then there's the tiny little clown cars can be seen on occasion too. Good mileage.

>"Attention. This bot is not available for sale or removal from premises. Alert, you are leaving the premises. Sounding alarm. ERROR. ALARM NOT FO-."

And that is the last I hear of the robot before it gets tossed in the back. Looks like everything went smoothly.
No. 561409 ID: d470e9
File 139183461970.png - (23.88KB , 781x690 , 841.png )

Miss and Scratch get in the front and Fluffers crams himself in the backseat, which is my cue to follow Scratch's directions to the loading bay.

"So, uh, it's covered up, right?"
>"Yes, mother." Miss says. "We got it, and a bag of other goodies while we were at it."
No. 561410 ID: d470e9
File 139183463126.png - (16.79KB , 800x800 , 842.png )

And before I even know it we're out of there. Scratch goes to disassemble, fluffers goes to do whatever fluffers does, and Miss and I go back to our rooms like we were never gone. Which we almost were never gone. We must have been out for like, 15 minutes. Pretty efficient stuff, the actual park and pickup must have taken like, a minute.

>"Man don't you think that was a little easy?" Miss whispers to me, a little close for my personal preferences.
"Well you know, better too easy than too hard"
>"Yeah, but if you are planning on setting up shop, make sure you don't do it here. Cause wow that was easy, those security systems went down in like a second."
"Yeah I'm gonna admit that I gotta hand it to you guys, I normally work alone but you guys actually apparently knew what you're doing. Wait, what'd you even do with that broken arm?"
>"The other lookout, plus, it's not like I'm a cripple. I've got a strong tail and a good arm. Plus, Scratch is the best."
No. 561412 ID: a87e3a

Check everything they stole for tracking devices.
No. 561413 ID: beeca1

What other goodies are they? It may be related to stuff being too easy somehow.
No. 561423 ID: 4a75fa

Eye the tail that can apparently be used for lifting things suspiciously. Unlike your tail, which is really only good for waving around.

Almost disappointing when you let someone else plan a heist. All the crazy bits are gone.
No. 561447 ID: c04e3e

Well since you are going to be leaving tomorrow and the night is still young some impromptu thieving could be fun.
Something challenging, like stealing Miss's heart
No. 561452 ID: 9ddf68

so what did she get in her bag of goodies. Things that could actually be worth something if we pawn it or stuff that is just plane fun to have? (like booze, books, entertainment basically)
No. 561492 ID: d470e9
File 139190157685.png - (20.08KB , 800x800 , 843.png )

>Something challenging, like stealing Miss's heart
Okay the signs that I am seeing here are telling me that that is not going to be a challenge. I mean unless she really is just messing with me but if she is then she sure is dedicated to a joke. Which I actually wouldn't even be surprised.

>Eye the tail that can apparently be used for lifting things suspiciously.
Not actually that suspicious, Pomi tails can be exercised to be preeeetty strong.

"So what goodies did you get?"
>"Oh, let's see. I only kind of knew! It looks like a bunch of decks of cards, several novels, oh and a pack of mobile devices. Not very useful stuff, actually. I mean, these novels are actually... books. Like, paper. Books."
"You sound pretty disappointed there." I rummage through just to make sure there's no trackers or bombs or anything unreasonable like that.
>"I am!"
"Yeah well it was a knick knack shop really so that isn't bad. I mean that trade hub that we met at? That place just got an entertainment section so they're probably trying to get all sorts of actual entertainment things."
>"That true? Good, thanks for the tip! So, anything you want to do after that little heist, till we leave tomorrow?"
"I dunno, normally I'd be satiated for that little bit of action, but that went way smoother. Normally I'm the one doing the heists so that was a little, uh, disappointing. I dunno maybe I do enjoy stealing stuff I mean I sure don't know myself that well."
>"Haha. I'll let Scratch know. Wanna go hit the town or something?"
"Yeah I dunno maybe steal other little things like gum from a convenience store."
>"That is really petty Hok, and I'd like to join if you do."

Man really though, like actual books grown from trees with words written from actual ink from... wherever ink comes from.
No. 561493 ID: 4a75fa

>Wanna go hit the town or something?
Why not. Go have some fun. You've been working too hard with this whole undercover thing. Maybe you'll end up stealing something, maybe not.

>like actual books grown from trees with words written from actual
Hey, you keep one of those yourself! Not that it makes for a very good read. ...although there might be certain people very interested in seeing inside it.

>wherever ink comes from
Yich Eaters.
No. 561494 ID: f44ca3

Ink comes from squid maybe?

Anyways go take the girl on a date. Wander around, chat about your lives and scope out anything that looks expensive.
No. 561495 ID: c34021

Wait, ink on paper books?...Can't decide if it would be worth buckets for historical value or cheapo because too niche compared to like a data screen or something like that.
No. 561496 ID: 57a559

okay nevermind we don't need to do anything to steal her heart because she wants ours
you basically just got asked out on a date here
Dude I feel like she is actually trying to woo you at this point.

I mean, stealing petty things together just the two of you? That sounds like a Hok-appealing brand date there.
No. 561504 ID: c04e3e

Celebrate good times! Hit the town and don't sweat the details.
No. 561506 ID: d470e9
File 139190576163.png - (19.96KB , 800x800 , 844.png )

>Hey, you keep [an actual book] yourself!
It's unbelievable!

>Dude I feel like she is actually trying to woo you at this point.
Really I have no idea how this could possibly be a reasonable explanation for her actions.

"Okay, but this isn't exactly the rich sector, so I dunno if stealing something valuable's gonna be too impressive a feat."
>"Well that's true and the shops are closed since it's the middle of the night, so actually hitting the town is probably going to be kind of dull but hey..." she lowers herself to a whisper. I know Waska has some personal items he keeps on him. So what if we steal something of his, and then 'rescue' it for him?"
"That is pretty dastardly."
>"I know. Actually to be honest, I want to get enough money to get surgery to speed up this whole arm broken thing. They've got a procedure that can fix a bone in a jiffy, but it's expensive. I mean, it's that or just stealing something from a convenience store."
No. 561507 ID: a87e3a

You know... yeah. Let's do it. It can either go horribly wrong or awesomely right, and either one would be more entertaining than an easy robbery.
No. 561510 ID: f44ca3

Not afraid of Waska but would rather not piss of his "girlfriend". Also who would we blame for the original theft anyways?
No. 561511 ID: 4a75fa

Pff. Dem ear frills.

I think now you can eye that tail suspiciously.

>backstab your employer and rip him off recovering his goods
Now that's more like it.

Biggest problem isn't even pulling it off, though. The big problem is half the people here have already figured out who you really are. If Waska's shit goes missing, everyone, Mimi included, is going to think it was Hok.

Meaning we need to manufacture the theft in such a way that no-one thinks you could have done it (perfect alibi). Or we need to steal something Waska wouldn't tell Mimi is missing. Something secret, personal, embarrassing. Or that he's not supposed to have.

...just remember what Scratch said about Miss, though. Don't let her get in over her head. You can pretty easily take a fall and rely on luck to see you through. She's not as lucky.
No. 561514 ID: 4a75fa

Oh also: if we're going to be rescuing this thing we're stealing, we'll need a scapegoat. Someone to take the fall.

...any good candidates in your book in the area?
No. 561553 ID: 57a559

If we steal from Waska we steal from his assistant, who is the only reason you're alive right now. If we were going to steal from Waska we'd have to cut her in the deal and make sure she benefits from it too.

There's no way to get past her. Both of you know that. She's a force to be reckoned with. She's the Rokoa of ORDER, KNOWLEDGE, and CAPITALISM.
No. 561557 ID: 9ddf68

Differently go steal a few convent stores, got nothing better to do and it never hurts to get some more spending money, as for Waska, Yeah I think we could easily swipe something from him and get him to buy it back, but I don't think we could get away with something like that from Mimi. Also I think it's a bit early to try and steal form our boss, lets see what kind of pay we can get from working with them for now since we are getting a 50/50 split, plus I'm kinda curious as to what our finial stop is going to be like when we try to rob that place.

So long story short, If Miss has a way to pull a fast one on Waska without Mimi finding out let's hear it, but otherwise lets just hit some small time convent stores, maybe steal some dinner while we're out on the town.
No. 561567 ID: cee89f

Sounds like fun. AND there'll be a lot of money. AND you'll get payback for Waska being a douchenozzle. AND you'll get to help your new girlfriend who's also an awesome thief and can help you and/or the trade hub get more cash.

My question is how we'll keep this from his secretary. Waska is an idiot. She is not. And SHE appears to be the one whose eye is on the criminal activity.
No. 561568 ID: eaa372

Tell her it's a hilarious plan but Mimi might have a stake in making sure her frontman Waska isn't to be messed with. The main concern is making sure that this doesn't piss off Mimi.

You could engineer this so that Waska feels some degree of independence if he thinks he could take care of this "retrieval" on the downlow. If you try to bring Mimi in on this plan you could couch it in terms of making Waska more managable by giving him a false sense of agency.
No. 561578 ID: 7ad59b

Jeopardize the current (important) mission for fun... i don't see that ending well..... for either side... I wouldn't if i were you.
No. 561579 ID: 7ad59b

we can help her get the money after the current mission right?
No. 561722 ID: d470e9
File 139199165117.png - (19.83KB , 800x800 , 845.png )

"You know I would be up for that, but I do like my heists to be a little bit thought out in advance. Not a lot, but not none. Sooo... what about Mimi?"
>"Oh, yeah. What about her?"
"Welll she's done me a couple favors sort of I guess recently, sooo I don't really want to go undermine that. I may be a thief, but I like to have a little, uh... honor? About it. Professionalism? Respectfulness? Not scumbaggy about it? Anyway is there a way we can get Mimi in on this?"
>"Well that's... hm."
"Maybe we could steal something of his that he couldn't tell Mimi about. Something embarrasing, or that he's not supposed to have!"
>"Hey yeah! Would he actually bring something like that on this trip though?"
"Well he already chewed up some kind of drug or something that he said he wouldn't. Hey, if we tell Mimi about it, we might be able to get permission somehow or something. I mean I am honestly a little curious about who is actually running the show because it seeeeems like it is Mimi."
>"That is kind of obvious but it's not like Mimi couldn't be at the top if she wanted to be, so there is something odd about it. But yeah let's just ask!"

Before I even consider the stupidity of the idea, I'm moving away from Miss's suspiciously placed tail and am at Mimi's place.

>"Wait a minute! We can't just knock on the door. It's the middle of the night, and it'll wake up Waska too!"
"Oh, yeah. People sure sleep."
>"Yeah so let's just call Mimi's phone, that's on vibrate so it'll just be her. I bet waska sleeps like a rock anyway. You have her number right?"
"As a matter of fact, I do!" Since I remembered the number after she texted me back at scrapdice.

Oh wait that delay in our plans is making me consider the stupidity of our plan. That's no good.

"Okay well here's another idea. We could do that, or I mean we could just go snooping around instead and just see if Waska has anything he's not supposed to have like I mentioned, and that he wouldn't tell Mimi he lost. If there's nothing like that, then we give up and stop snooping and then everyone... doesn't lose. If that plan tickles your fancy."
>"That plan tickles your fancy. Or we could just call her. Your choice."
No. 561727 ID: 231009

Take what you can and give nothing back!
What kind of thief asks for permission anyway?

Just pick the lock before you can really think about this and then start crawling around the place looking for valuables.
No. 561728 ID: f44ca3

Yeah just go for it. If you get caught rolling around in Waska's secret cocaine pile you can figure something out then.
No. 561733 ID: 4a75fa

So... we either try to steal from Waska and hope he keeps Mimi from getting involved and messing everything up for you here, or you sell this plan to Mimi as teaching Waska a lesson for her?

The first plan depends on us pulling off the theft perfectly, and expecting Waska to not slip up under pressure.

We might be able to pull the theft off perfectly (although we haven't planned well enough for that yet), but seriously, look at Waska. There's no way he'll be able to keep a secret from Mimi for long if we push him. Whereas Mimi is probably looking to keep him under her toe, and you're great at talking people into stupid things.

So sure, let's call her.

I'd say it less that and more the fact she's smart enough to know it was you, and do something about it. Which pretty much fucks over your doing this thing. And you'd probably get away, but Scratch and Miss might pay the price for that.
No. 561786 ID: d470e9
File 139201254874.png - (18.83KB , 800x800 , 846.png )

My brain says to call her, but my heart says to go in anyway and rummage around. And today my circulatory system is running fast!

"I don't suppose you have a way to break on in?"
>"Well, I did take the liberty of cracking these keycards earlier with some of Scratch's tools, so I do have something that can let us in."
"Wow it's like you planned something like this in advance!"
>"Haha I know right, it really is like that."

We get inside and start opening drawers amazingly slowly and looking around in the dark. Mostly I just find neumono knickers, and I'm pretty sure Waska won't pay much to get 'em back. In fact it seems a little unlikely come to think of it that Waska would hide stuff from Mimi right in her own room. In fact it's a little bit awkward holding underwear belonging to two neumono sleeping nearby, I should probably tone the creep dial down a smidge. That or just stop touching Waska's undies.

Miss pulls out a phone and a grin for some reason and then puts it by Waska's face.

>"gotta.... gotta put that baseball... on my tooth... save the... fence... for all... gotta... set up assassination... gonna kill Hok this time... swear to fuck... fuck you Mimi... gotta... backstab our partners next stop first... set shit up... goddamnit baseball... so tasty..."

I sure don't feel like I'm being the creepy dude anymore. Man Waska just does not let his voice box sleep.
No. 561787 ID: a87e3a

Wait what did he say?

Let's bail. We made some money and got some neat stuff to bring back, let's get out before the assassination/backstabbing.

Steal something valuable in here though since we're here. Maybe Waska's pocketbook.
No. 561789 ID: 4a75fa

Haha, she's taping him being a dumbass.

The smart move now is to get as much as we can from his being an idiot, and then sneak off.

Then that leaves us with a few options. We know he's going to backstab the help, and he's planning on trying to have you killed. So, we could:

1) Use the recording to try and blackmail Waska. If he doesn't want everyone else to turn on him when we let them in what he's planning, (and/or if he doesn't want us to show that to Mimi), he'll pay up.

2) We cut our losses and get out. Dodge getting caught in the trap and fuck the others.

3) We spring a preemptive-backstab. Bring this information to the people we're working with, and screw Waska over before he can screw all of you over.

2 is probably safe, but boring. 1 will almost certainly blow up in our face without us getting paid off. I think 3 is the best bet. You can make a profit still, and you get rid of someone out to get you. Best part is, Waska confessing he wants you dead gives the others reason to not doubt your play as much. You can act as if you knew Waska was out to kill you the whole time, and this whole thing has been a plan to screw him over first.
No. 561790 ID: f44ca3

Dreams are dreams and all but after hearing that I say we do our best to stay on Mimi's good side and stay useful. And make sure not to stay long enough to get back stabbed later.
No. 561791 ID: d2995c

>backstab our partners

>fuck you Mimi
That is some good news. If Mimi was in on it that would be more worrying. On the other hand, Waska is probably good for something if Mimi keeps him around and having people killed might be that thing. On the third hand, Mimi not being in on it combined with her apparent authority means that letting her know about it will probably cause some serious setbacks for his plans.
No. 561792 ID: 4a75fa

I'm not sure Mimi has a good side.

The problem is, from that fragment, I can't tell if Mimi's in on the plan or not. (Is his setting up the looming betrayal his fuck you to Mimi, or is he pissed she's making him actually do the work of organizing it). Can't tell if Mimi's (figuratively) in bed in Waska, or if he's crossing her.

I kind of don't want to err on the side of trusting her, though. She's a mean one. If she's with him, she can go down with him. If she's not, she seems smart enough to cut her loses and find a way to survive and toss Waska to the wolves when they turn on him.
No. 561793 ID: 4a75fa

Actually. Wait. Mimi shares a bed with him. She has to know he talks in his sleep. She probably stays up to listen in on a regular basis. Of course she knows what he's planning.

That's why she didn't want him out with his druggie buddies during the trip- she's afraid he would let it slip.

Which means she's either in on it, isn't in on it but is fine with letting it happen, or isn't in on it and already has her own plans to deal with it.

In either instance, we don't gain anything by telling Mimi, or letting her know we know.
No. 561794 ID: a87e3a

Nice catch.

You're right, let's go with 3. As a bonus, saving their asses will probably give them a favorable view of the Trade Hub.
No. 561800 ID: 041c8f

your working for Tin anyway. This job is just a cover. Get out of the room. Take Miss with you It doesn't seem like a bad idea and tell Tin or Ithcer what you've learned. And steal some booze out of the room for him if you see any to replace what Scratch and Miss drank.

Also if your sicking the hub on them leave Scratch out of it. She hasn't screwed you and she may just go with the wind and side with your team. But as usual play it by ear.
No. 561805 ID: 57a559

Perfect, just perfect. That recording actually gives us proof that Mimi would want to know for our own good.

Our little sneaking mission just saved our lives if Mimi allows it. She might be pissed off you're video taping her too though. Maybe if you lied and just sent the audio, claiming that you bugged Waska just in case he was planning to kill us.
Hopefully Mimi won't ask if you retrieved the bug already. But wait...

I mean, Mimi is right fucking there, she probably just heard all of it that he just whispered right in her ear. Unless Waska isn't cuddling with Mimi right now.
No. 561890 ID: 231009

Pfft it's just dream talk and getting backstabbed comes with the job.

Hok pose next to sleeping Waska and Mimi and have Miss take a picture, maybe do the peace fingers or horns while you are at it.

Then start looking for the baseball.
No. 561918 ID: 59ae70

Find the baseball full of drugs, inform mimi of the plans later.
No. 561919 ID: cee89f

Let's hope Miss is recording Waska's apparent plot to back stab you.

And also hope that Mimi isn't in on it.
No. 561959 ID: d470e9
File 139208782420.png - (16.08KB , 800x800 , 847.png )

>She's afraid he would let things slip during a drug trip
Oh yeah. I'll have to remember this excuse, if I'm asked why I heard what he said, it's cause he said it during Fluffer's party when I was walking by him. That's not how the order of events went, but hey, Waska was on the drugs, I wasn't.

>Find the baseball full of drugs
Let's see... there it is. It's a baseball all right. Actually I dunno what to do with it now. Waska's also muttering something about the trade hub, but no nefarious plans inside.

He's starting to get antsy, though, so I think it's about my cue to get on out of here with Miss.

I motion for Miss to get on out of here with me.

Actually no, I need to get something real quick and come back.
No. 561960 ID: d470e9
File 139208784785.png - (19.88KB , 800x800 , 848.png )

Yes I need my goggles for this to make for a perfect, memorable souvenir to remember this mission by. Miss takes the picture and I almost forget to make sure she has the flash and noise making things off. And yep that is Mimi cuddling with Waska if there was any doubt.

Well that's enough high-risk no-reward action for tonight I think.
No. 561961 ID: d470e9
File 139208785710.png - (28.85KB , 800x800 , 849.png )

I cram my goggles back in my bag and put on my disguise again for our trip back, which is filled with a silent, awkwardly celebrative sort of trip. Looks like Scratch is still off cranking wrenches when we get back. So we start our talking in loud whispers.

>"Oh man that was awesome hhhhPip."
"Yes it was and it was also a highly informative trip that ended with me telling you to please remember that most people have personal space bubbles please don't eat me. In fact speaking about self preservation, what do you want to do about the knives poised at our backs?"
>"Wait he was talking about us when he talked about killing partners?"
"I... wait who else would he be talking about?"
>"Well he has all sorts of people that are called partners. Plus I mean, he has some deniability, I mean it was a dream, and some people dream about being awful people. I guess it's possible he was talking about us. Like, more than a little chance."
No. 561962 ID: a87e3a

Hmmmm... well, maybe the partners were somebody else, but he was definitely gonna set up an assassination to kill Hok wasn't he?

Actually come to think of it he said he was gonna backstab the partners FIRST. So we're fine until he does the backstabbing, then comes the assassination later. How much later, though...?

Eh. Let's just talk to Mimi after handing over the baseball in private to get her in our good graces. Ask her what she knows about Waska's mumblings. You know, after she wakes up. Because she sleeps. Do you sleep, Hok? Does crazy flirty lady sleep?
No. 561963 ID: d2995c

He has plenty of partners, but how many of them will be at the next stop like he mentioned? Also his muttering seems reasonably reliable when it predicted him having a drugs-baseball.
No. 561964 ID: f44ca3

As long as we watch our back carefully we should be fine for now. We were planning on jumping ship eventually so just have to make sure when we leave we make room for our new friends.

Its good to know that those two are in a real relationship and Waska is not just a front man fall guy. Guessing he started the enterprise and after him and Mimi hooked up she ended up somewhat in charge due to having a much better business sense. If neumono do not like each other they would never be able to stand close contact.

Wow Pomi get poofy when they get exited don't they? See what she wants to do to finish off the night.
No. 561965 ID: beeca1

Check the baseball for anything untoward like trackers, explosives, or some shit. I'm worried about this being some sort of elaborate sting.

Also, do you know anything about pomi getting as poofy as that? Arousal, excitement, or trying not to laugh nefariously?
No. 561970 ID: 9ddf68

eh, Let's just keep going on with the plan Mimi set up, we're already paranoid as it is since Hok already has half the asteroid trying to kill him, this time we just have a bit of forewarning before the attempted murdering of Hok.
No. 561982 ID: 4a75fa

He said he'd have to backstop his partners before the next stop. If he's scheduling it with respect to the stops we're making, it's highly likely we (Hok Miss, Scratch, comm-girl, and cyber-mono) and the partners he was talking about.

...best bet might be to keep a closer on eye on Waska. If we can figure out the backstab he's setting up, we'll know if we care about it, and we can decide what to do about it. We're going to have to do some sneaky stuff and double dealing. Gonna be hard to figure out what he's doing before the next stop, but it's either that or we just act preemptively.

Because (a) we're looking out for our own hide. And (b) because we chose people to win at the card game it's sort of in your interests to see succeed, meaning seeing them get back-stabbed and/or killed doesn't help you.
No. 562005 ID: fdd7c2

WAIT wait wait wait wait wait.

Was Miss just TAPING him, or was she PLAYING a tape made of speech fragments next to Mimi's ears?
No. 562014 ID: b7fdcd

If you weren't prepared for the eventuality of getting backstabbed while working for and with criminals you are a real sucker.

Things are still going too smoothly so i suggest you introduce alcohol into the equation.
No. 562033 ID: 5bf190

Considering that Mimi presumably sleeps with Waska often, and neumono share dreams if they know each other well, Mimi presumably knows all about whatever Waska was mumbling over. If we asked her about it she might get suspicious of how we heard of it.

Though he did mumble "fuck you mimi", so given the signs of their relationship thus far then either they weren't sharing dreams just then, or that was a fragment of a literal declaration of intent.
No. 562130 ID: d470e9
File 139218273501.png - (25.07KB , 800x800 , 850.png )

>He was definitely gonna set up an assassination to kill Hok wasn't he?
Well I dunno I mean I'm pretty sure he doesn't think good ol' Pip is bad ol' Hok yet.

>Do you sleep, Hok? Does crazy flirty lady sleep?
We need less sleep than the norm, so sometimes we just kind of stay up late every once in awhile. Cause circadian rhythms are for people who live on planets. Or fit in with society I guess.

>Also, do you know anything about pomi getting as poofy as that? Arousal, excitement, or trying not to laugh nefariously?
It is excitement. Yes, it must be, that is what I will assume.

>If you weren't prepared for the eventuality of getting backstabbed while working for and with criminals you are a real sucker.
Oh sure I was gonna start watching my back down the line but I mean, it would be pretty silly to go through all that trouble of setting things up just to backstab me at the next place.

>Was Miss just TAPING him, or was she PLAYING a tape made of speech fragments next to Mimi's ears?
Nah I mean I have no idea why she would do that. Probably not doing that.

I open up that baseball and well there's drugs alright.

"Yeah so how many partners is he gonna have next stop anyway? Anyone more than just us, cyber-mono and comms girl?"
>"Dunno, I'm not... oh wait, cyber-mono! I don't think Waska's gonna backstab us while we're helping out Sharpa."
"Eh I dunno Sharpa didn't really seem too happy to have me around."
>"No but you're helping out with tungsten, right? If he backstabbed us, he's be backstabbing Sharpa too."
"Yeah maybe that's what he's trying to do? Uh then again that is kind of dumb to do and not even get to the third outpost."
>"It would be dumber to backstab a neumono with cybernetics! Do you know how many weapons Sharpa's got lodged in those external things?"
"Uh nope and I'm surprised you do."
>"I did a little research."
"Yeah sometimes research gets a little exaggerated but I think we can get by okey-dokey with just keeping a closer eye on Waska. I don't think we've got good reason to go to Mimi yet, since the only proof we've got of anything is also proof that we were fooling around in her room. Soooo maybe we actually just do nothing about this for now and wait for a better time?"
>"Yeah I guess. I do wanna get some sleep tonight, though. Hope you don't mind if I take the bed. See you in the morning? Oh and set up a little noisemaker at the door if it opens please."

And in the morning we'll be getting on out of here, so if there's anything I want to do before going off to the next outpost, I'd better do it soon. I mean I have to get a new alcohol for Jessica but between the 2nd and 3rd I am pretty sure I can acquire one.
No. 562131 ID: 9ddf68

eh, just set up some harmless traps like the noise maker around the room so we don't have any surprises before we leave tomorrow. Maybe put some by the windows just incase and just random places around the the apartment, like the toilet, just to give this rooms next tenet something to remember this hotel by, plus it will help kill time before we sleep as well.
No. 562132 ID: 9ddf68

Also I forgot to ask but the baseball, What are we going to do with it? I mean if we're going to try and sell it back to Waska how are we going to do that without him finding out it was us, if we're going to give it to Mimi as a sign of trust are we going to do that in the morning and hope we can explain why we were digging around in her room or wait until a good opportunity presents itself to show her the ball, or if it's some really good shit like you said are we going to sell it because we could always sell it via the street and just get some extra spending money to help with the Hok retirement fund? So what's the plan there?
No. 562133 ID: 5da579

Well Hok, it's time to watch Miss and see what she does in her sleep. It's not creepy I swear it's totally acceptable in context.
No. 562134 ID: a87e3a

At some point you should slip the baseball into Mimi's belongings. Because I want to see the look on Waska's face when she finds it and pulls it out going "What is this?"
No. 562135 ID: 57a559

Get some good music and dance to it
Maybe some Queen songs. Or Glitch Mob.
Or Hardcore Neumono Budapest, I heard that's a good Miklik grunge band despite the name.
No. 562137 ID: 4a75fa

>Well I dunno I mean I'm pretty sure he doesn't think good ol' Pip is bad ol' Hok yet.
Yeah, it seemed more like he's planning on saving up to have you killed. He'd be a lot more hype if he knew you were under his nose. Honestly, he's probably do something really stupid coming after you.

...which is probably why Mimi has kept the truth from him.

Man, neumono lying and hiding things from each other. How's that work. What with the empathy, and the sleeptalking, and maybe even dreamwalking too. Must be a mess.

>It is excitement. Yes, it must be, that is what I will assume.
Let's not question the manner of excitement.

>backstab harder with Sharpa?
...let's not forget the objections they raised about her plans, before. Certain people have a vested interest in keeping the asteroid an isolated little space Australia. They might want her backstabbed for reasons other than a beef with you.

>Do you know how many weapons Sharpa's got lodged in those external things?
Didn't you get her hacked at some point? I'd have thought that meant you knew at least the basics of what she's packing.

>what do
Is there any other snooping you can do? If Waska's actually planning on backstabbing you guys by the very next output, the preparations must already be in place. We could look around, see if there are any obvious knives pointed at our back, or at the backs of those around us.
No. 562570 ID: d470e9
File 139241620441.png - (13.60KB , 800x800 , 851.png )

Not with people around to watch.

I noise up the place, although I'm sure we're going to set off the alarm once Scratch gets back.

>What to do about the baseball?
Well I'd love to see those cuddlebugs' faces if Mimi finds Waska's baseball drugs but I probably wouldn't see it when she did. So I'll just keep it in my secret hok-things and sell the drugs at the next outpost or something.

>Watch Miss in her sleep
Mostly she's just tries to roll over, squeaks which she hits her arm, and returns back to a normal position with a little more drool than before. This teaches me nothing.

>Didn't you get Sharpa hacked at some point? I'd have thought that meant you knew at least the basics of what she's packing.
Yeah actually no I hacked her so that I wouldn't find out what she's packing.
No. 562571 ID: d470e9
File 139241621134.png - (26.40KB , 800x800 , 852.png )

So I could still snoop around but I have no idea where to snoop for what purpose so it's time to go to the next outpost. Apparently that took Scratch all night, because she meets us in the car and hands me the shop bot's AI.

"Alright, let's talk." Oh yeah the Yich eater. I still gotta carpool with him. "The next outpost is somewhat better. Higher economy. Higher security. It won't be the toughest, still, so don't think this is the top of the hill. We're going to do a joint operation this time between us and the Shredded Flag. There's a warehouse that Sharpa went ahead and scoped out. It's got a lot of raw materials. We get the tungsten. They get the gold. We divvy up everything else we nab. You'll be working with them and a couple others of us. The couple others are your choice. You meet up with the Flag. Then you pick out a couple people of ours if you need some gaps filled. Now, we got another optional thing for you. Again, we only say what it is if you accept. There's someone hanging out at the outpost Waska's got a beef with. Wasn't told what, but we want him captured alive. 40k zeny reward this time. Yes or no?"
No. 562573 ID: a87e3a

We can do a capture. Sure.
No. 562575 ID: f44ca3

We can give it a shot. If they want us to capture someone like fluffers there might be a few issues though.
No. 562576 ID: 4a75fa

>Shredded Flag
Make sure you keep your disguise intact. Those guys will still be pissed about what you did before stealing Pilon and their data-thing.

>Yes or no?
What happens if they get away, or if they suffer a fatal accident in the capture attempt?

Eh, why not. Probably yes.
No. 562580 ID: 284f99

maybe its us?
No. 562583 ID: 9ddf68

Capture? we can do capture, as long as he isn't to big shouldn't be to much of a problem... if it is someone like that we may have to get creative.

Also with the shredded fang, those were the guys you ripped off when we hired Pilon right? Well good thing they don't already like you because these could be the guys Waska is going to rip off. Not sure how much gold is worth on the asteroid but yeah don't be surprised if waska rips them off and leaves you in the crossfire... or waska could be planning to backstab you because he knows who you are and knows you've pissed these guys off. Oh well we won't know till it happens so just keep doing what we've been doing and keep an eye out for trouble. Also maybe scout out the warehouse on our own time so we can find good place to run to should things go to shit.

Also is Miss sleeping or is she awake right now? cause either way how do you feel about her tail being wrapped around you?
No. 562588 ID: 0ee153

Then we kidnap some other miklik, practically no one can tell mikliks apart.

No. 562638 ID: c8b45b

Yeah sure agree, if later you come to regret the decision or the job stinks you could accidentally let the target slip away.

Also the must be some good side to a yich eater, do they smell pleasant?

Also also watch Scratch in her sleep so you have watched pretty much everyone you have met sleep, creep.
No. 562643 ID: 3c0e7c

"So long as it isn't Whiskers or Rokoa or something, sure."
No. 563536 ID: 7ad59b

ask what would happen if he were to die (for some reason that it totally not ho... pip's fault) before capture. Because... you know... $H11T happens. :)
No. 563537 ID: 7ad59b

I totally put 2 (I)'s in that... my bad.
No. 563935 ID: d470e9
File 139312787611.png - (36.91KB , 800x800 , 853.png )

>Those guys will still be pissed about what you did before stealing Pilon and their data-thing.
Oh yeah these guys. I'll put my glasses back on before I forget.

>Also also watch Scratch in her sleep so you have watched pretty much everyone you have met sleep, creep.
There are plenty of people who I have met and not seen sleep! I just cannot think of any.

>Also is Miss sleeping or is she awake right now? How do you feel about her tail being wrapped around you?
Asleep, and TRYING to ignore it.

>Also the must be some good side to a yich eater, do they smell pleasant?
Nope nope nope.

"As long as we aren't talking about people like Fluffers or Rokoa or something then I am okay with that!"
"Never you mind. What happens if we fail?"
>"Ah, yes, good question. You pay for his bounty, and if you don't have the cash up front, then you'll be in debt to Waska. Deal?"
"Yeah sure as long as there isn't some unknown bullcrap about the mission you're not telling me."
>"None. Alright. You're going to capture the Shredded Flag captain after the heist. Heist is 2 days after we get there. We're going to get the gold for ourselves. Gold, tungsten, the whole gain. We expect they are staying in the outpost for 48 hours after the heist, same as us, as to not out ourselves as prime suspects should we leave immediately. So get buddy buddy with them. Make yourselves trustworthy. Learn how they tick. Questions?"
No. 563937 ID: 4a75fa

>Get buddy buddy with people you should be avoiding so they don't recognize you and try to kill you
Haha, we're screwed. This is going to be such a crazy mess.

...you're going to need to get better at acting real quick. You need to act like someone else other than yourself. (Ask Scratch for tips on acting convincingly if you can't handle it).
No. 563939 ID: 57a559

Great... so is this job specifically for me or will Scratch and Miss also be in on it? Just asking because they're sleeping right now sooo when I accepted I thought you were including them but then I thought about it some more. Scratch and Miss in on it or solo mission, just need to know.

Also, don't say this Hok, but I think this is what Waska was referring to as the backstab. So it wasn't for you, it was for the Shredded Flag, neat...
Unless this is a solo mission then I am even more suspicious.
No. 563966 ID: 9ddf68

alright... when you say capture, is they're any condition you want him in, like unharmed or still awake, or is it so long as we get the guy alive we're good. Just trying to figure out if it's going to be something as simple as just hitting the guy in the back of the hide with a pipe or putting something in his drink and dragging him off or if we're going to have to come up with something more original is all.

Also we just found out who we're screwing over. hooray it's not us... unless this a double cross, eh just stay paranoid and we should be alright.
No. 563978 ID: cee89f

"Um... Yes. Have you ever tried to get 'buddy-buddy' with a bunch of pirates? I have! It's how I got on this gods-forsaken rock!"


"Yes. Is there a plan that doesn't rely on violating the laws of physics?"

And more seriously:

"What are the odds they'll see this coming, or plan their own double-cross?"
No. 563980 ID: 4a75fa

Guys, no panicking here. If Hok complains too much, it'll just raise more red flags with our employers.

And if we can pull this off, it's actually in Hok's interest. He's getting one person who wants him dead (Waska) to remove someone else who wants him dead (a Shredded Flag captain). That's one less person on Hok's list for him to worry about, and maybe it'll lead to two of his enemies wasting resources going after each other in the future.

Of course if we screw it up, we end up dead, or with both sides madder at us.

...you're gonna need your luck, Hok.
No. 564048 ID: d470e9
File 139319146071.png - (47.97KB , 800x800 , 854.png )

"Yeah do we need him intact or just alive?"
>"We want to interrogate him. Just alive and able to speak clearly. That should be fine."
"Cool. So what are the chances they're expecting a double cross from us, or us expecting one from them?"
>"Rather high. They'll be on their toes."
"So this is a mission for me, Scratch and Miss, right? Not solo?"
>"It is for all of you."
"Cool. We have any plan for it so far?"
>"Sharpa will scope in advance. Otherwise, it's up to you and the Flag to figure something out.

So we're about there, and so almost about ready to unpack our bags and check in to our hotel or barracks or whatever and all that. It's 1 PM now, and there's 40 hours or so till the heist is enacted.
No. 564051 ID: 4a75fa

Alright, so wake the girls up and check in and stuff.

Maybe talk with Scratch, see if she has any more advice for putting up a convincing act since you're going to be getting close to people who want you dead, again.
No. 564052 ID: a87e3a

Wait a minute, this map looks very similar to the Trade Hub's map.

Are we at the Trade Hub?
No. 564053 ID: 4a75fa

The trade hub doesn't have ocean nexus access, I think.

Also, it would be unlikely there'd be a Shredded Flag group staying peacefully in the trade hub's residential areas since we took in Pilon's group. Unless they were hiding their identity, and got past Agnes' and the CAI's paranoia.
No. 564054 ID: a87e3a

There's one Shredded Flag ex-member in the Trade Hub. It's possible that we're being fed false information, or they have bad information... but I guess it would be obvious if that was the case, nevermind. Of course, if this WAS the Trade Hub then it'd be pretty easy to just capture everyone we don't like and ransom them for resources or something.

The Trade Hub does have an exit that leads to the Ocean Nexus. Maybe not as direct as this one, though.

Why don't we wander around the shops and practice the disguise? Make up some new mannerisms and get used to using them.
No. 564063 ID: 9ddf68

Ok what are the odds you could scope out the heist sight before the heist itself? It could help us with the actual planning. Also would you think a place like this would have security cameras watching the residential areas? Cause if so we might be able to put a bug or something in there and use it to spy on the shredded fang, or at least get an idea of where everyone is at. Also if we get a chance to get the shredded fang leader DURING the heist should we take it our just wait? I mean we could always just give some BS excuse that he got taken down by a stray bullet or something but if you don't want us to do that then say so now. Also do you have any info on there leader or is that for us to find out.
No. 564086 ID: 57a559

This isn't the trade hub
The entertainment center we just built isn't anywhere on the map.

This place I dub thee Boresville Hub
for being a boring hub where fun doesn't exist.
No. 565914 ID: d470e9
File 139450525402.png - (20.67KB , 800x800 , 855.png )

>Are we at the Trade Hub?
Nope, it's pretty standard for a lot of outposts to be built around giant holes in the ground for a lot of subterranean and surface access. Usually even 3 levels of subterranea, included, and the trade hub fits that cliche.

I wake up Scratch'n'Miss while we start going through a rather hollow excuse of customs.

"Alright Scratch, it's come to my attention that I may not be as good as disguise as I once thought I was! Got any pointers?"
>"Nope. It's not something you just learn, just go out and practice. I know you know the basics, but apparently your experience is slimming."

>Why don't we wander around the shops and practice the disguise? Make up some new mannerisms and get used to using them.
Yeah that is probably a good idea that even has the Scratch seal of approval. So that is what I will do. I slap on my glasses and take a stroll around town. Could stand to improve things.

Pretty sure I got a decent look down, but mannerisms also need work. Maybe other little things. If putting on glasses alone can make the difference between 'That's Hok!' and 'who's that nerd?' then who knows what the limits are. I can start by changing my facial expression to a... well, whatever expression this is.

Sure hope it's better than the limits of these shops, the inventory is lacking and so are the customers, leaving bitey shopkeeps. All kinds of people yelling at me to buy their useless stock. Also looks like water's going at a premium here; apparently as far from the ocean nexus as a trading outpost can get. Also, the outpost appears to have gained the nickname 'desert's center', thusly thwarting my plans to dub it Boresville.

>"Hey buddy, you look like you need to keep crazy strong neumono off your ass!" True, at times. "How about this stun gun? Has all the punching power of loose spreading plasma, electrically charged plasma to both give hefty knockback and send them keeling over! 1k zeny! Only one in stock!" Yeah that is basically sounding either incredibly made up or incredibly ineffective. He sure can talk fast, he spat all that out before I even crosses his perpendicular. I mean I only have 1,640 zeny left anyway.
No. 565915 ID: a87e3a

What's the clip size, range, and reliability? Also how expensive is the ammo?
No. 565917 ID: 5fd94e

Even if it performs well it looks rather bulky and hard to conceal, I'm going to say skip it.
No. 565921 ID: 57a559

You know, with our luck, the neumono might not know what it is and it might be even more valuable than that!
That doesn't even look like a stun gun!
Inspect it! Or ask to inspect it. No good weapon handler just blindly accepts any weapon a salesmen lays at his feet after all.
Does he have a firing range we can try it? We're willing to pay a small fee to test try it out.

Just remember to get that price in writing. Like seriously tell him to write it down on a contract or something. If we both realize it's bitchin' when we fire the damn thing and we really want it, he'll raise the price if we don't get it solid.
No. 565924 ID: 9ddf68

glasses plus turtle neck sweeter plus annoyed look equals Pip the hipster. seriously just walk around with an annoyed look on your face an it does make it harder to tell it's you. Might as well barter with this guy, I mean don't go spending anything but just use this as practice for your Pip alter-ego. Just always sound like your bored and try to be as knowledgeable as you can, I mean your alter-ego is an engineering student after all.
No. 565929 ID: f44ca3

Gonna have to test that before you consider buying it. Get him to let you look at the gun and then shoot the biggest angriest neuomono you see.
No. 565934 ID: 4a75fa

I'd examine the gun just for a chance to act like someone other than yourself. How would an engineer examine a gun? Try asking science-y questions. Things that have numbers for answers. Then you can look all stern and skeptical to his responses.

I mean, what better place to practice acting then on someone who's clearly trying to play you, anyways?
No. 565938 ID: cee89f

Buy it, then say "I think you're lying." and shoot him with it. That way you can either steal your money back or demand a refund.
No. 565941 ID: 2f4b71

I think he's just trying to sell your a mostly-broken plasma rifle.
No. 565942 ID: a87e3a

Well if all else fails we could ask for a demonstration on a neumono to see if he's bullshitting. From the sound of things it's a nonlethal weapon, so...
No. 565945 ID: 99d6f9

Reject suspicious weapon (politely) and leave shop.
No. 565956 ID: 0ee153

Demand that he test it on Rokoa.
No. 565957 ID: b67789