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File 137351044461.jpg - (50.95KB , 500x500 , coverart3.jpg )
523576 No. 523576 ID: f7d109

Chapter 3

Previous thread:
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No. 523577 ID: f7d109
File 137351045485.jpg - (39.62KB , 600x600 , 001.jpg )

No. 523578 ID: f7d109
File 137351046651.jpg - (47.14KB , 600x600 , 002.jpg )

No. 523579 ID: f7d109
File 137351047306.jpg - (63.12KB , 600x600 , 003.jpg )

No. 523582 ID: f7d109
File 137351106486.jpg - (62.89KB , 600x424 , 004.jpg )

You are Dale.
You have been in two car crashes.
Been maced in an open wound.
Tasted the poison of an entity who has tormented your every sleeping moment.
And fought a rampaging EMT.

You are FUCKING exhausted.

Todd, after his experience seems to be in good spirits but in a lot of pain. Jeff suffered a sprained wrist when he was thrown into you, and also mentions that he has a jeep parked out front. Beth is no worse off than after the ambulance wreck, but is curious about how you managed to bring Todd back to his senses.
No. 523584 ID: bf54a8

say it would probably gross her the hell out and todd too. want to be someplace where sitting down would be safe.
No. 523585 ID: f5680f

Tell her you touched the goo and it turned your entire arm numb, but the leech seemed unharmed and even enjoyed eating the goo, so it seemed like it was immune, possibly even some sort of natural predator of whatever took over Todd. Don't say you put it in his eyesocket, Todd would hear that and freak out.
No. 523586 ID: 23b97a

Basically this. Half lucky guess, and maybe half knowing what you were doing. You had that leech for some reason, not that you can remember back that far.

...so what the hell do we do next? And what do we tell the cops when they show? It's not as if they'll believe the truth.
No. 523587 ID: 9ddf68

just say this happened because of the crashed ambulance. as for what's next get to Jeff's car and go to the hospital maybe have Beth radio ahead so they know we are coming.
No. 523588 ID: 35edd4

What does Todd remember since just before the crash?
No. 523592 ID: 91c1b3

Book of nightmares made him crazy, I used something related to it to bring him back.

Make sure that you call in that the crazy person on the loose situation is now handled
No. 523593 ID: bc8d67

Um... Before talking about leeches and such with everyone, pull the leech bottle out and ask them what they see in it. 'Cause there's a better than even chance that the leeches are invisible to them, same as the black venom and your strange eye color. You'll have to adjust what you say to account for that if they can't see them. You can say they're astral or trans-dimensional or some other bullshit that gives reason to why they can't be seen.
No. 523595 ID: c23ab0

We don't need one leech we just need the secret for how to get the leeches to reproduce! Nyahahaa!

First thing you need is distance. The whatever it is only caught up because you crashed the first time.

I think this book is not written in words, but on the simple array of neurons in a flatworm held in a state of suspended animation. Just enough space for one burst of experience, per flatworm. Hell if I know how to decode it though.

Once you have distance then maybe Beth can try reading the book again. Why only she can do it? Maybe only people who haven't been poisoned can?

If she tries reading it and you can't figure anything new out, and I guess the rat dude might try it too, then you need to get that book hidden. If it goes back to that library then whatever obscenely terrible plot wreaked within will have no one forewarned enough to even try to oppose it. But hopefully you can get something out of it besides "Oh god teeth blood wait boom"
No. 523599 ID: 78d039

Leeches eat flatworms FYI
No. 523612 ID: f0357f

>Once you have distance then maybe Beth can try reading the book again.
Beth touching/"reading" the book is what pinged Radula's radar to our location!
No. 523651 ID: ea4b0b

I hope y'all aint about to ignore that Todd seems to have the same freaky night-eyes as hank
That seems important
No. 523678 ID: 2f4b71

If that's doggy-Robert Patrick, we are so screwed.
No. 523696 ID: b071f8

Okay. Lets get these three to a hospital and when they're all in there, claim to have left something in the car and getJeff's keys.

Then abandon them. They'll be safer that way.
No. 523743 ID: 35edd4

Looks like they're just regular huge-pupiled raccoon eyes to me.
No. 523747 ID: ccb4bf

say "these leeches suck the bad out" in the creepiest voice you can muster.
No. 523789 ID: 57a559

Does todd still feel the leech inside him? Or did he hack it out?

Let's not put it in an oriface besides the anus or mouth again. Too hard to get out.
No. 523847 ID: f7d109
File 137359812942.jpg - (75.65KB , 579x500 , 005.jpg )

Todd explains that the last thing he remembers was Beth trying to sedate you.
>"Then I looked back and there was something standing in the road. It was huge, and looked like was wearing a cloak, and it had HUGE weird eyes. Then I saw the window shatter and I remember feeling like someone punched me in the face. After that, nothing until you woke me up."
No. 523848 ID: f7d109
File 137359814669.jpg - (50.21KB , 500x443 , 006.jpg )

You try to put it as delicately as possible.
"Well.... I could see something, Im not sure if other people can see it, right? It was like you were being driven crazy by some kind of poison. And someone gave me these things that eat... that... poison. These leeches. "
"So I-"
"put one in your...head."

>"We should-"




>"Guys, I just felt something move."
No. 523850 ID: f7d109
File 137359817864.jpg - (52.74KB , 600x473 , 007.jpg )

You load everyone into Jeff's car and drive to the Hospital uneventfully.

No. 523851 ID: f7d109
File 137359822396.jpg - (57.58KB , 577x600 , 009.jpg )

>"Ahh the man with the hole in his head. I was wondering when you were going to get here. Honestly, I'm amazed you made it here at all in your state, Mr. Marks. "
>"Dr. Mary Slate, nice to meet you."
>"Your body is, honestly, a mess. You're exhausted, malnourished, and had trouble remembering your contact information. I'll be frank, If you don't get some rest soon its going to kill you."
>"I could prescribe a sedative if you need it, but you seem to be pretty adamant about continuing this sleep deprivation. So I'll just say, if there is anything you need to tell me and if there is any way we can help, please let me know."
No. 523852 ID: f7d109
File 137359825371.jpg - (72.55KB , 600x600 , 008.jpg )

She puts your X-ray up for examination.
>"You have a trepanation in your skull. It looks like it was done very recently, and it looks like whoever did it rushed the job. The edges around the hole are very rough and indicate to me the use of a power tool of some sort. Miraculously, there doesn'e seem to be any sign of infection. Nevertheless I'm going to prescribe a course of Antibiotics, as well as a topical antiseptic. I'd also like to put you through the MRI to check for potential brain damage once we are done scanning Todd."
No. 523858 ID: bf54a8

explain they may see something really weird but you are pretty sure it's important to be that way. due to reasons.
No. 523861 ID: e3aff6

Agree as long as you will be able to get out if you start feeling anxious, as you are not find of enclosed spaces. (In other words, they might find something worth knowing, but we don't want to be stuck in there if Raddie shows up.)

A vehicle successfully arriving at its destination? Madness!
No. 523862 ID: f5680f

How do we even explain why there's a leech in his eyesocket? Or how his leg got broken and what took his eye? ...I suppose we could explain his injuries by the fact that he got in a car crash, but not the leech. Maybe we could just say we have no idea?

If possible we should ask for the leech. Say we want it as a "trophy pet".
No. 523866 ID: f5680f

Tell her okay but if there's something weird in your head that it should probably stay there, because at the moment we think whoever drilled that hole did so to protect you. At least we know if there's something in there it isn't blocking any xrays.

...where is the book? We can't let anyone else touch it. It might be useful to ask someone about flatworms, though.
No. 523871 ID: ea978f

Well, they just got into a car accident that broke Bee's arm. Just say he got his injuries there, and the leech must have crawled in while he was out of it and bleeding everywhere.
Jeff gets to be the hero who found them! Or Dale. Both.

Agree to the scan. Dont say anything that might make them think you're nuts, they'll try to make you stay there.
No. 523890 ID: f5680f

Oh and you should totally flirt with the cute doctor.
No. 523896 ID: 9ddf68

tell her you don't like sleeping because you suffer from night terrors and would if she has any medication that can stop you from dreaming then you would like to give them a try. Also yes to the scan because that has really got my curiosity peeked.
No. 523901 ID: 23b97a

>How do we even explain why there's a leech in his eyesocket?
We don't have to. Let them assume he landed in a puddle, or something.

>Ask for the leech back
Unfortunately, I think that's something Todd has to do. Hopefully he does, or Beth thinks of it. We may need it again.

I don't think locking yourself in one of those is the best idea. Besides, if you don't resolve the short term freaky monster problems, and the dying of lack of sleep problem, then long term brain damage won't matter one way or the other.
No. 523909 ID: c23ab0

Yeahhh gonna advise against the MRI, because you just know that as soon as you're strapped inside a very small chamber with your head held fixed in place everyone in the hospital will explode with zombies or something, and the only warning you get is their fetid breath tickling at your toes sticking out the end of the machine!

All they'll find is brain worms anyway.
No. 523924 ID: f2e4c7

This seems the best option.
No. 523935 ID: f0357f

> It might be useful to ask someone about flatworms, though.

Ask the cute doctor if she knows anyone on staff who ever studied Helminthology.
>Helminthology is the study of parasitic worms. This field deals with the study of their taxonomy and the effect on their hosts.
No. 523968 ID: b6178d


Oh dear god NO. Let's not get anyone involved who'd be -fascinated- by what's going on. That's just bad news, man. Bad news!
No. 523989 ID: ab487a

This, it seems like the best thing to say here. That said, also say you're claustrophobic and would like the option to stop the scan if you get too nervous in there.

Exactly why we should ask! Do it! In a way that isn't terribly creepy or weird!
No. 524084 ID: f7d109
File 137367950333.jpg - (27.98KB , 309x500 , 010.jpg )

You try to spin the days events to the doctor without mention of the book or Radula, but end up trailing off several times as you try to explain how Todd ended up with an annelid in his eye socket.

>"You're being evasive Dale, and as a doctor there's no bigger turn off than someone with something to hide. While I doubt your story, and possibly your judgement, I don't doubt your sanity. You saved the life of one of our own, and no one is going to lock you away for doing what you felt was right, if I can I'd like to help.
No. 524085 ID: f7d109
File 137367954810.jpg - (35.23KB , 373x500 , 011.jpg )

"Well... There is one thing. The reason I haven't been able to sleep is that I've been having these dreams, these night terrors. I'm being chased by this creature, who is out to turn me into something like Todd, something mindless and horrible. And every time I wake up I'm left with this undeniable fear that, by falling asleep, its that much closer to finding me.

>" And you believe this creature to be responsible for one, if not both of the accidents today, as well as Todd's mental state?"


>"Well, this may simply be the result of trauma from what looks to be very crude brain surgery, but in your mind, this is no mere delusion. There are several drugs I could prescribe that would help with your anxiety, and might reduce the intensity of your dreams, but I can't stop you from dreaming. And I refuse to prescribe anything that would contribute to your insomnia. You need sleep, serious REM sleep."

she thinks
>"This creature, have you ever spoken to it? "

"When I passed out earlier I saw it, it put its hand on my shoulder and told me something about speaking in tongues Then it told me it was called Radula and that it wanted to wake up. After that I bit it and it was full of poison.

>"And this 'poison', the same as what drove Todd insane?"

You shrug
No. 524086 ID: f7d109
File 137367963101.jpg - (26.88KB , 335x500 , 012.jpg )

>"May I see these leeches?"

Reluctantly, you hand her one of the vials and she holds it up.
"I'd like to examine one of these, but if you'd rather,I can examine the one you left in Todd. They're fascinating creatures, while they are considered the archetypical parasite, not all of them actually feed on mammalian blood. In fact most leeches subsist on eating other invertebrates."
She gives you the vial back.

"What about flatworms?"

>"What like planarians? Yes those are part of their natural diet, as well as gastropods and other annelids."

"No I mean just about flatworms in general, what do you know about them?"

>"Well, they aren't in the same family as leeches, a slightly simpler type of worm, capable of spontaneous regeneration. I remember hearing about a study someone did claiming that they stored neurological information chemically, and that feeding one planarian to another would transfer their memories. However the study was determined to be based on a largely debunked experiment. Still, the theory remains part of public knowledge."

>"Unless you have any other questions, or wanted to tell me anything else, you have about an hour before you're scheduled for the MRI. I'd recommend getting something to eat at least; there's a break room down the hall if you want, or you could go by the cafeteria which is on the first floor. The pharmacy is on the first floor as well if you wanted to fill these prescriptions while you wait."
No. 524088 ID: 9ddf68

food sounds good sure why not, might even run into beth or jeff along the way.
No. 524089 ID: f5680f

She should examine the one left in Todd. Maybe there's evidence of the poison, too. Something to reduce the intensity of the dreams might work to keep it from tracking you as well.

One last question. Draw the shape of the eyes of the creature and ask if she's ever seen something with eyes like that.
No. 524100 ID: f7d109
File 137368153167.jpg - (29.76KB , 442x500 , 013.jpg )

"The thing that's chasing me, its got these weird eyes, that look like this. You ever see anything like it?"

>"You're being haunted by a cuttlefish?"

"Wait, what?"

>"Those are cuttlefish eyes. They can see polarized light with them, and have nearly 360 degree vision."

"Well when Todd was poisoned, I could see his pupils had this shape to them. And now, for some reason the whites of his eyes are now black. To me at least."

>"His scleara? And you say only you can see this?"


>"Very strange."
No. 524101 ID: 6b40ea

Ask her to check out the one in Todd. If it's not just sleep deprivation and head injuries talking, maybe you'll find traces in it.

And hey, if she can prove it's all in your head, you'll be glad. Dealing with a mental disorder would be a lot less scary than if what you think is after you is real.

Thank her for the help, and for seriously listening to you and not just completely writing everything off.

Then food sounds good.
No. 524104 ID: 57a559

Yours are too, from your perspective at least again. Beth said they were redish right? Well, yeah, there's that.
Maybe you should let the doctor touch the book? Even if someone gets possessed again we know how to fight it, sort of. But tell her what Beth experienced when she touched the book before letting the doc touch the book.
No. 524105 ID: 91c1b3

Wow, she knows a lot about completely random animals. And also did not baulk at your statements. I would almost be suspicious if that would help in any way right now. (I mean, she could force you to get an MRI, to be forced those sleeping pills, and to have you put into a straightjacket with perfectly legal measures; if you tried to fight her actions then she would win) Get some lunch to take your mind off of it. Fill out your prescriptions on the way and make sure that you double check with the pharmacist what each one does. (so there are no accidental or on purpose mix-ups)
Wait, do you have your wallet? That might end up as an issue for food.
No. 524106 ID: 735f4f

You know your best bet for getting her to believe you might be to sleep while she observes you and have testing equipment going. Honestly in your state you are probably going to fall asleep in the Mri machine.
No. 524107 ID: e31ca1

>"while they are considered the archetypical parasite, not all of them actually feed on mammalian blood."

....Well, then we better hang on tight to friendleeches. also
>"You're being haunted by a cuttlefish?"

Well, we're boned.
No. 524110 ID: 57a559

Oh... wait, had a thought. I think whoever drilled into your skull put a leech in it because you were poisoned and came out of it the same way. Ask if the incision could allow a leech through.

Todd's going to have nightmares now, likely anyway. Just tell the docs to observe his behavior for a while. IF there's no attacks on the hospital that is.
And ask the Doc if she's ever engaged in a fantasy like how Jeff has with his zombie plan, like if she was basically in the place of Harrison Ford in The Fugitive, a zombie apocalypse, or another absurd situation where she'd be perceived as suffering from Cassandra Syndrome. That syndrome where the inflicted believes in something no one will believe, or like crying wolf only they never really lied about a wolf before.

As a professional and respected scholar of the community, how should one deal with crying wolves from the crier's perspective, assuming the crier never lied and said situation is not meant to teach the crier that one shouldn't lie (often). You guess you could understand if she can't really humor such a question, but from where you sit as you percieve this "new reality" you've been subjected to, you can't help but ask what the fuck should a man do if said reality IS real.
No. 524138 ID: f0357f

>Wow, she knows a lot about completely random animals.

Years and years of digging through science journal after science journal to build your PHD thesis in zoology teaches you a lot of stuff.

It's like combining Wikipedia's random linking, Britannica's legitimacy, and TVtropes' addictiveness.
No. 524162 ID: 91c1b3

I guess.
If this thing chasing us is a cuttlefish, then could the black stuff be either ink or neurotoxin? (tentacle things tend to have poisons to stun their prey) It did numb your arm when you touched it barehanded. Also have her use the leech in Todd's head.
No. 524166 ID: bf54a8

wait.. before they do anything. let's have todd do an eye test with us. "what color are my eyes"
No. 524221 ID: 2f4b71

While all cuttlefish have venom they inject with their beaks (that is harmless to humans), only one species has poisonous flesh.
No. 524233 ID: f7d109
File 137374521108.jpg - (19.60KB , 282x500 , 014.jpg )

>"Hmm, let me try something. Put these on."

Dr. Slate hands you a pair of sunglasses.
You put them on and they are completely opaque.

"They're all black, I can't see anything."

>"Interesting, for some reason your brain may now be processing the polarization of light. We should do some tests to see how your visual spectrum has been affected. It's possible that your claims of seeing things no one else can because its information only you can pick up."
>"I'll set up some tests, but for now go get some food."
No. 524234 ID: f7d109
File 137374525805.jpg - (34.65KB , 397x500 , 015.jpg )

OK, so pharmacy is this way, where's the cafeteria?.... God, this place is a maze."
No. 524235 ID: f7d109
File 137374530402.jpg - (25.58KB , 397x500 , 016.jpg )

No. 524236 ID: f7d109
File 137374532535.jpg - (31.40KB , 397x500 , 017.jpg )

"What's this?"
No. 524238 ID: 35edd4

No caffeine!
No. 524241 ID: ccb4bf

coffee is awesome for leaving you awake for about 5 hours. then you crash. unless you intend to end the whole mess in 5 hours, leave the coffee where it is.
No. 524242 ID: bf54a8

god no, that makes you hyper for a little bit then you will CRASH and pass out. and i mean you WILL pass out.
No. 524243 ID: 184e42

Exaktly the right question. It may look like coffee, but you already know some things don't look the same to you anymore. Of course it could also be something else, considering the surrounding.
Besides, you should consider two options to pick one from: death or sleep.
No. 524247 ID: 6b40ea

Oh, hey, so it's not all mystic mumbo jumbo! There's actual scientific evidence for things being fucked up.

Man, seriously, this is a great doctor. Totally flying in the face of horror genre authority figure tropes.

...yeah, bad idea. Exhausted plus caffeine will only hurt you worse in the long run. And you're reasonably safe at the moment. Save emergency stimulants for when you need it.
No. 524248 ID: bf54a8

do remember where this is, if the critter shows up and you are starting to pass out THEN it would be a good idea to chug it.
No. 524250 ID: 9ddf68

think that's a break room for the staff, might get in trouble if you go in there.
No. 524271 ID: 2f4b71

Polarisation may be part of it, but even normal human vision isn't totally ignorant of polarisation; unpolarised light passed through a polarisation filter will be 1/2 or less as bright (how polaroid sunglasses work). Even if Weird Block Goo Related Things only emitted light polarised in one orientation (or rotation, for circular polarisation), other people would still see it just fine.
No. 524283 ID: 5869f6

Don't you fucking touch that pot. It'll only hurt worse later.
No. 524289 ID: 35edd4

That's not human vision being aware of polarization, that's a polarization filter doing exactly what it's made to do by filtering out light of a particular polarization.
No. 524312 ID: f7d109
File 137376279399.jpg - (36.83KB , 457x500 , 018.jpg )

Probably for the best, That does look like an employee break room, and there's no telling how old and nasty that pot of coffee is. Coffee never was your favorite source of caffeine anyway.
No. 524313 ID: f7d109
File 137376283657.jpg - (51.14KB , 600x416 , 019.jpg )

After getting turned around and passing the same break room twice, you end up in the cafeteria. You realize that you've been living off of convenience store and vending machine food for the past several days and, paying mind to the doctor's concern about your diet, you try to pick out a semi-balanced meal.

Hey, Jello!
That's a vegetable right?
No. 524314 ID: f7d109
File 137376285248.jpg - (30.88KB , 600x435 , 020.jpg )

Exhausted and starving you sidle up to the register and swipe your card.
No. 524315 ID: f7d109
File 137376287006.jpg - (32.17KB , 600x435 , 021.jpg )

Er, you swipe your card?
No. 524316 ID: f7d109
File 137376288466.jpg - (40.82KB , 600x435 , 022.jpg )


*Error please check with your banking or credit institution*
No. 524317 ID: f7d109
File 137376291483.jpg - (29.73KB , 600x435 , 023.jpg )

It sinks in....
You have no money.
No car.
You are a thousand miles from home.
You could pass out at any moment.
A killer nightmare squid thing is probably going to murder you in your sleep.

You. Are. So. FUCKED.
No. 524318 ID: b9d767

>cuttlefish can see polarized light
>your eyes can see polarized light now

Totally coincidental
No. 524319 ID: f7d109
File 137376293576.jpg - (57.70KB , 500x530 , 024.jpg )

>"Hey, Dale! Let me get that for you, its the least I could do."


>"Listen, I wanted to ask you a few things, about that book."
No. 524322 ID: 35edd4

You'd be happy to talk to anyone who's paying for lunch. Or breakfast. Or dinner. Or whatever meal this is. Food!

Also you went through that mess together so she's cool.
No. 524323 ID: 6b40ea


Um, you can try and answer questions, but you're not sure you'll have all the answers she wants. And even if you do, the sleep deprivation has really done a number on your memory.
No. 524324 ID: b9d767

Maybe you should try and find one of the others, see if they can't pay for your meal. Don't beg for it though, offer to do something for them in return, help them out with something if they need assistance.
No. 524327 ID: 91c1b3

Shit sucks man, but at least you are alive and lucid enough to realize that these are problems. You could try to open a temporary line of credit with your bank since you are near a phone.(after the MRI/probably plot) Hopefully you can clear all this up before it bill comes due.

Yeah, eat and talk. If you didn't get your prescriptions, ask Beth for help with that too.
No. 524332 ID: f7d109
File 137376439752.jpg - (43.23KB , 500x449 , 025.jpg )

You and Beth sit down at a booth.
>"Also, I wanted to say thanks for saving Todd back there. I'm sorry I flipped out about the leech thing, but they say he's probably going to be okay, except for his eye."
>"I was just terrified, and I was worried that we were going to have to KILL him back there. And after losing my mom and all...."
>"I mean I don't know what I would do if I..."
>"I just don't know if I could have..."
She trails off.
>"Anyway, thanks Dale."
No. 524337 ID: 5869f6

Say you're welcome.
And be scincere.
And slow down man, by the nine you'll choke if you're not careful!
No. 524338 ID: 35edd4

You only did what anyone would have done in your situation. You're just relieved it all worked out too, though you're pretty sure this isn't the end of it.
No. 524345 ID: 57a559

Are you dating him?
Not that it's any of our business.

That knee of his is going to be a biiiiiitch. Hope he'll walk again, and not have horrible nightmares and dreams cause he has the same eyes as you now.
No. 524346 ID: e31ca1

You did *HARMNARMNAM* w-what you could-*CHOMPSLURP*
No. 524347 ID: 6b40ea

Slow down before you make yourself sick. You don't want to choke, or throw that food back up.

And yeah. You're glad Todd came out okay. I mean, you weren't really sure the leech would work, or that he'd be okay, but it was better than beating him to death. ...not that you're sure that would have worked either with him all souped up.
No. 524351 ID: 5fd94e

Ask if she is going to eat her food, take it before she has a chance to respond. Ask her about her mother.
No. 524354 ID: c23ab0

You did keep those sunglasses, right? Because if you're seeing polarized light and they look opaque, then they're polarized sunglasses. All anyone else has to do is tilt a polarized lens at the right angle and they'll see it.


That angle may or may not be n-dimensional.
No. 524380 ID: f5680f

Tell her you're glad you could help. Then sorta change the subject and mention how it turns out your eyes are sensing polarized light now and that's why you could see stuff the others can't. Say that Todd likely can now too.
No. 524382 ID: cdd85f

she's talking about something serious, look her in the eyes.
No. 524385 ID: 9ddf68

just say you're glade it worked out too because to be honest we were just kinda winging it hoping to find some way to actually help the guy. Speaking of Todd how's he doing. And on the subject of people hurt how's your arm and how is Jeff.
No. 524488 ID: f7d109
File 137383345034.jpg - (27.57KB , 304x500 , 026.jpg )

"Well, it was kind of a shot in the dark. I'm just glad everyone is okay. How's your arm by the way?"

>"A lot better, they just had to pop it back into the socket, but it should be fine as long as I take it easy."

"Any word from Jeff?"

>"He's fine, just a sprained wrist, he should be around here somewhere. Last I heard he was going to go call his family and let them know he's alright. How are you doing?"
No. 524489 ID: f7d109
File 137383349262.jpg - (51.14KB , 600x401 , 027.jpg )

"Welllll, Dr. Slate says that someone drilled a hole in my brain, and that I need to get some sleep or I'm going to die, and that I can see weird wavelengths of light for some reason. But on the plus side she doesn't seem to think I'm crazy."

>"And did you mention the book to her at all?"

"No I'm not sure if I'd want to get her wrapped up in this mess, but I asked about flatworms and she mentioned something interesting."

"She said that there's a theory that they store their memories chemically, and that if you were to transfer the chemicals, you could move memories from one worm to another. Or something like that."

>"So you think, what? The book is some kind of collection of memories? Memories of what, and who's?"

"I don't know. But last time I was unconscious, I had this experience like I was in the presence of something... some kind of monstrous leviathan. And there was this library... inside it? Part of it? I don't know. It was unbelievably confusing. And there was this creature there, who was taunting me, or maybe trying to lecture me, -but I think its what ran Todd off the road."

>"A library? More of those books?"

"No idea."

Beth is quiet for a moment.
No. 524490 ID: f7d109
File 137383353402.jpg - (38.72KB , 351x600 , 028.jpg )

>"Dale, do you ever.... feel like you are part of some kind of plan? Like maybe someone has a purpose for all of this?"
No. 524491 ID: f7d109
File 137383358461.jpg - (39.48KB , 387x600 , 029.jpg )

You're not sure what to say. You've never really considered yourself to be a creature with any actual purpose.
No. 524492 ID: f7d109
File 137383362537.jpg - (38.40KB , 351x600 , 030.jpg )

>"Growing up I though that there this was all part of God's plan, and that there were bumps in the road, but we all had purpose. It was what drove me to want to help people as a doctor, or a nurse or an EMT. But a couple years ago my Mom started losing it, some kind of early onset dementia, and nothing seemed to help her. It wasn't until a few months ago we found out that it was Tay-Sachs; she was kind of old for it to show up and its so rare, we had no idea. Even once we knew, we were so powerless and I had to watch her fall apart, mentally and physically."
>"For the first time I was deeply questioning the idea of a divine plan. Where was the purpose in this? To show me how helpless I was? Some kind of test? I was stuck trying to rationalize something that was just senseless and painful."

>"I was trying to put it out of my mind today, and then I touched that book. I don't know who's memories are in there, but as weird as it sounds, it looked like something out of Genesis. The whole "let there be light" moment."

>"Except this wasn't the creation of something glorious and divine. It looked more like......"
No. 524494 ID: f7d109
File 137383366534.jpg - (34.59KB , 351x600 , 031.jpg )

>"Like an act of desperation."
No. 524495 ID: ea4b0b

That might be linked to th whole "Time to wake up, mister freeman" shit.
She knows about that tidbit, correct?
No. 524497 ID: e213ca

"This isn't terribly helpful, but honestly? This feels kind of random. You roll with the punches and do your best, and try not to think about it too hard."

"Otherwise your head starts to hurt. Or you realize the yawning-heh-pit of problems waiting to consume you. On my side of things, just hoping to find a solution before things go horribly wrong and someone finds my body in a dumpster with hundreds of open, weeping wounds and a half-devoured baby in my hands."

Also... have we tried to actually sit down and READ the book? We probably should. It might be helpful.
No. 524498 ID: c95833

Well. Um. You're not so good with this religious stuff. And really, whatever this thing is, you'd prefer not to be part of it's plans. (Be nice if there were good guys somewhere on yours side though, with that thing coming for you).

Desperation... that's sort of good, right? That makes it dangerous, but that also means it has something to lose, right? That there's something it's afraid of? That there's hope for an endgame beyond run until it gets me.
No. 524499 ID: f5680f

If that was God, and a memory of Him creating the world, then we are his last line of defense. That is his Plan. We are to save God himself.
No. 524502 ID: 57a559

SO the meaning of life/the universe is that it's an escape from something else, or that it's used as a tool to get out of a problem?
That's actually a much cooler meaning than tests of morality, free choice, etc., personally speaking. Or the idea we're a petrie dish for a godlike being too, because that's a bit of a bummer.

At least people wouldn't go to hell for touching themselves at night in a universe with such purpose. Thank god.
No. 524534 ID: 450660


Ooookay. Odd question: if flatworms can chemically encode and transfer memories, are there other things that could interpret this? It seemed to work when Beth touched one, so would it be possible that they're basically being used as a storage medium for something else -- like the thing chasing us?
No. 524537 ID: 47f835

How DID you get that book, Dale?
You need to tell us. Or her. Tell someone so we can know! Even if it was just the garage sale of the creepy cat lady down the road!
Also, where is your home? Family?

Then, explain to her that your just some unfortunate guy who got pulled into all this for some reason you dont understand, and that you havent put much thought like that into it as youve been too busy running.
Unless that's not the case, of course.
No. 524541 ID: bf54a8

have you tried to read the book dale?
No. 524562 ID: c23ab0


Yes he has. It doesn't work for him.


I guess maybe Radula is... desperate to... create himself waking up? Or maybe it's a last ditch effort against whatever he's doing? Or maybe the universe almost didn't get created but someone hit the button at the last minute in the middle of a pitched firefight? Yeah I dunno.
No. 524579 ID: f7d109
File 137386020086.jpg - (34.04KB , 393x500 , 032.jpg )

"Well, I'm not sure. If what you say is right, then this creature thing may have been around since before the universe even existed. And, the book might be some kind of written account or data storage of its experiences. It sounds like the universe might have been created to bind or hold back some kind of monster, and now it must be trying to find its way in."

"I'm not sure weither there's a larger plan in store for all of us, Beth, but it sounds like this isn't just about me staying awake, or fighting zombies or whatever. It sounds like if this Radula thing gets its way, the whole universe may be in danger. Wiether we want to or not, we may be the last line of defense for everything that ever existed."

Beth looks like she's taken your words to heart and she seems more confident.

>"Thanks, man. So theres no plan? We just wing it?"

"Just trust yourself, not destiny, and don't second guess everything. We can't stand around being too scared to act, and we can't assume everything we do is because of some unseen force."

Beth thinks for a minute.

>"Dale, what would you say if I wanted to look at the book again?"
No. 524580 ID: bf54a8

well we probably need to read it, but last time the accident happened right when she did, rad may detect people reading the book.
No. 524582 ID: 35edd4

Last time she did that, someone got turned into an eldritch zombie and lost an eye. Granted, at least there won't be a car crash to complicate things this time.

Actually, the book event may have been unrelated to the crash. This thing's been chasing you, maybe it just caught up while you were asleep in the first crash. That makes a lot more sense, especially since it would have to have known where you were to chase you this whole time, so her looking at the book can't have made that much worse.

That, and we need information. Without information all we can do is run, and running isn't sustainable, since sooner or later we'll fuck up bad enough to get entirely caught.

These points in mind, let her look at the book again, but try to do it somewhere where help is nearby just in case. Fortunately we're in a well staffed hospital, so that shouldn't be hard.

Also, since she's taking this all very seriously, ask if she'll help you work all this out in the longer term. Even just staying ahead of this thing will be massively easier with two people, since you can drive in shifts and get badly needed sleep. Plus, well, you're out of funds (and vehicle) to continue on your own.
No. 524586 ID: 9ddf68

truth be told I don't see why you would want to, but then again we don't really have anything else to do other then ignore it and hope it goes away, which I don't believe will do anything anyway.
No. 524587 ID: f5680f

Well, last time she did it Radula immediately showed up. Come to think of it, isn't it weird that after Radula showed up and poisoned Todd, it left us alone? It's as if Radula can only briefly appear.

Anyway, Dale was also asleep when Radula appeared that time. It's hard to say if her touching the book caused Radula to appear, or if Dale being asleep for an extended period did it. Was Dale asleep for a shorter amount of time when he got maced? Maybe we should at least try to make some assurances that things won't go horribly wrong if Radula shows up. Like, do it somewhere where Radula doesn't have anyone to poison that won't see it coming. Then again from the sound of things, it's very difficult to avoid getting poisoned. Maybe if we have some weaponry, that could help too.
No. 524588 ID: 35edd4

It wasn't immediate. It was quick, but not immediate, and he's been running from this thing the whole time convinced that a mere few hours' rest will put him in so much danger that sleep cannot be risked. And then he crashed and fell asleep for who knows how long.
No. 524591 ID: 57a559

Was never told to not let anoyone touch it, just ran. Forgot who told us but whatever.

But only if you give the us the details, you dating Todd? I see signals, girl, or the connection thingy. Dale, swish your hand around effeminately when you say girl.
No. 524597 ID: 878cce

Todd's got the freaky-eyes going on now, so he's involved. Whatever the plan is, he should have a say in it. It's only right.

Jeff, should be offloaded ASAP before he becomes the first casualty. Also, any chances of a flashback to the moment we got the book? That might shed some light on the situation, however little.

I mean, what did the guy that gave you the book even look like?

Lastly, since there is pretty much -nothing- to go off of except that Beth is the only one the book has reacted to so far, we pretty much have no choice but to let her play with it eventually. Perhaps now isn't the best time, though.
No. 524598 ID: 878cce

Eye...I mean...Too soon?
No. 524599 ID: 35edd4

I can't imagine a better time than when we're in a staffed hospital and have to be waiting around anyway for the scan, given that we'll probably be wanting to find a way to get moving again to buy time immediately after.
No. 524600 ID: c95833

Problem: Dale doesn't know that touching the book made bad things happen last time. He was kind of out of it.

...I'd say we should be very careful dealing with the book. Maybe there's something we can learn in there, but we also run the risk of getting its attention again.
No. 524603 ID: 35edd4

Pretty sure Dale's heard the timeline from her by now.
No. 524670 ID: 4780c8

What if everyone in the hospi5al turns on us like todd did? I think we should seclude ourselves before experimenting with the book. As much as possible, anyway.
No. 524701 ID: c23ab0

Beth should look at the book again. But uh... exposure to those... memories can't be healthy. If your ears start smoking you're probably doing something wrong...

If Radula the anti-Word is stopped by a last second universe creation, that may be what it refers to as sleep, and it may be that the only way for it to wake up then is to destroy that which is stopping it. That is, everything...
No. 524707 ID: 01531c

New theory: Some cultists STOLE the book from Radula hoping to gain power, but fell into Radula's clutches.
No. 524711 ID: 01531c

Radula the ANTI WORD
Creation was made by the WORD of God.
No. 524723 ID: a5d4fb
File 137392975136.jpg - (40.88KB , 640x480 , 1337664852726.jpg )

My god.
No. 524728 ID: 878cce

Note Radula's actual words "We go by many names...But I am Radula"

When he said those things, such as Anti-word and somesuch was he speaking to us directly as though we were all the same being?

It's odd that he'd refer to himself in first person one second and third in the same thought.

I'm...not sure at all how that helps us, but it's food for thought.
No. 524730 ID: 614b37

Maybe there are multiple of whatever he is that happen to be following Dale, and Radula is just one of many?
No. 524760 ID: 878cce


I don't like the sounds of that. Radula might not be the only one we need to worry about, or the worst, for that matter.

Well, whatever. We have no idea who we're messing with here and the book is the only clue.

I still say we save it for a slightly more strategic time. If we need to make a quick escape and Todd is still being examined we'll have to leave him behind.

What does Beth think of that?
No. 524783 ID: f7d109
File 137394135993.jpg - (39.80KB , 511x500 , 033.jpg )

"I'd hate to put you in any more danger..."

>"Dale, I have to know what I saw."

"-Which is why you should look at it again. I need information if I'm going to survive whatever is coming, and for some reason you have the key."

"That being said, I don't think right now is a good idea. We should make sure that when you read it, you're in a safe place."
No. 524785 ID: a3a292

What if Radula is trying to get free because something bigger and more dangerous is coming towards this plane of existence.
There is always a bigger predator.
No. 524787 ID: c95833

Obviously a moving car wasn't safe. Not sure a hospital is either, with all these people around. Too many who might be controlled, or hurt.
No. 524788 ID: 35edd4

But there's medical professionals and supplies handy as well, and if this thing could easily control multiple people it would have done so already. Better that we be prepared to restrain and treat a victim than make ourselves easy targets by being away from all support.
No. 524789 ID: f5680f

Safer than a hospital? I think uh, we might be in a safe place. If Radula shows up we just have to worry about bystanders, really. Maybe we can get a security guard or a cop for protection? Someone with a gun or a taser?
No. 524790 ID: bf54a8

safe place would be one a boat in a leech infested swamp.
No. 524795 ID: 78d039

The way the hole in Dale's head is drilled, it almost looks like the Null symbol.
No. 524802 ID: 878cce

What makes you think anyplace is safe from that thing?

Let's face it. Anyone that might protect us can be turned against us, for all we know. Our only advice so far has been to -run- and when we failed to do that, bad things happened. I think pretending we're safe because it's a hospital is a huge mistake.

It seems to be that the fewer people we're around, the easier it will be to protect ourselves (we only have a small amount of leeches, after all).

That said, I have no idea where to go next. What are our options?

Where does Beth think we should go? Is she really okay with risking her job for all this?
No. 524809 ID: 91c1b3

This is not the safest place to read it or the safest time. Wait until after the MRI to read it, and go somewhere a bit less crowded. See if she can get a taser for protection.
No. 524922 ID: 849089

maybe she could wait until Todd and Dale are all cleared medically? shit's gonna go down when she does what she's planning, and you don't want more shit to go down while shit's already going down.
No. 524993 ID: f7d109
File 137403259416.jpg - (58.47KB , 600x497 , 034.jpg )

"Till then, how, about we go get my head examined?"

Beth helps you find the MRI, and Dr. Slate stops you before you head inside.

>"Here, you'll need to put this on. There's a changing room inside."

"Aw, I was hoping to avoid wearing a gown."

>"Well, if you don't mind the magnet ripping the metal out of your clothes, do go ahead."
No. 524994 ID: f7d109
File 137403262521.jpg - (49.98KB , 600x442 , 035.jpg )

Man these things are drafty!
No. 524995 ID: f7d109
File 137403268015.jpg - (31.89KB , 500x421 , 036.jpg )

Here goes nothing


No. 524996 ID: f7d109
File 137403269862.jpg - (31.07KB , 500x431 , 037.jpg )

>"relax Dale, Its perfectly fine. the noise is part of standard operation."
No. 524997 ID: f7d109
File 137403271905.jpg - (32.29KB , 348x500 , 038.jpg )

Well with
this noise
at least
you shouldn't
fall asleep
No. 524998 ID: bf54a8

remember to jump out if you feel ANY pain. this thing rips metal out.
No. 525000 ID: c95833

...why is Beth shaking?
No. 525001 ID: f5680f

Uh, you'd better make sure that noise is the noise she's talking about. Say "The banging sound is normal?"

(it isn't)
No. 525002 ID: bf54a8

wait it isn't? wait yeah, they are supposed to hum, not bang.
No. 525003 ID: c23ab0

Is the banging coming from inside the machine, or...from the walls?
No. 525004 ID: e3aff6

MRIs actually do make a number of weird noised during normal operation, though this particular noise might or might not be one of those.
No. 525007 ID: a5478c

The MRIs I've been to banged, along with humming and buzzing
No. 525008 ID: 35edd4

I'm pretty sure the banging is normal; might be the sound of tension being repeatedly placed/released by the magnet cycling.

Aren't you supposed to be inside it before they start it up, though?
No. 525010 ID: 9ddf68

"I thought MRI machines just made a humming noise not a banging one?"

Still might as well try and get this over with but if something looks like it's going to explode or something feel free to jump out.
No. 525081 ID: bc8d67

Uh, did they pass a metal detector over you before you came in here? 'Cause, while the x-ray of your head pretty well ruled out metal up there, you might have some unknown metal in the rest of you. If they didn't, just be wary of pain or a sense of something pulling or shifting down there and yell out for them to stop if you do feel that.

Once the scan starts, hold as still as possible, since even very slight movements will blur the imaging. Don't speak unless you absolutely have to, and don't even move your ears if you can help it.
No. 525087 ID: 2f4b71

MRIs do indeed bang. The pulsing of the gradient coils causes them to deform slightly but rapidly.
And don't worry about metal in you. The field coil (the big powerful one) is active constantly. If any ferrous objects were inside you, you would have noticed by now.
No. 525090 ID: a23afd

Oh, alright.

Then Dale should stay still and keep quiet.
No. 525139 ID: f0a5e4

Corroborating evidence.
It's surprising how many videos there are of MRI noise on youtube.
No. 525148 ID: f7d109
File 137411328011.jpg - (30.05KB , 375x351 , 039.jpg )

No. 525149 ID: f7d109
File 137411329827.jpg - (27.63KB , 600x365 , 040.jpg )

No. 525150 ID: f7d109
File 137411332612.jpg - (45.41KB , 600x600 , 041.jpg )

No. 525151 ID: f7d109
File 137411333660.jpg - (34.64KB , 600x365 , 042.jpg )

No. 525152 ID: f7d109
File 137411335466.jpg - (44.02KB , 600x365 , 043.jpg )

No. 525153 ID: f7d109
File 137411337479.jpg - (68.99KB , 600x600 , 044.jpg )

No. 525154 ID: f7d109
File 137411338505.jpg - (64.65KB , 600x600 , 045.jpg )

No. 525155 ID: a23afd

WELP, looks like Radula doesn't like the MRI.

Run! Dodge and weave between bookcases so it can't get a good shot at you! Also, grab a book- you can block with it.
No. 525157 ID: 9ddf68

running might be a very good idea at this point.

Bob and weave through the bookcases don't let that thing get a clear shot at you at any time. basically just keep moving.
No. 525161 ID: 35edd4

Work to constantly be breaking line of sight with it. If it gets close, go for a bite again; that seemed to be a straightforward escape last time.
No. 525167 ID: c95833

MRIs don't normally make you pass out. Unless this is just the result of cumulative exhaustion and not drinking the coffee.

Well, back in the mental library, and the scary tentacle thing is after you. That can't be good.

Try and get a look at the books as you go- there are enough of them knocked around. Are they all filled with worms like the first one? Or do they have words?
No. 525168 ID: e3aff6

Take a look, into a book, reading wormbow~
Seriously you should grab one of those and look inside if you can get a bit of distance between you and Raddie.
No. 525173 ID: f7d109
File 137412175684.jpg - (70.06KB , 500x500 , 046.jpg )

Before it can get lined up to impale you, you take off running through the bookshelves, trying to put as much distance as you can between yourself and the tentacle.
No. 525174 ID: f7d109
File 137412176936.jpg - (86.27KB , 600x600 , 047.jpg )

Hoping to lose, or entangle your pursuer, you take several blind turns through the library. The only direction of importance: AWAY
No. 525175 ID: f7d109
File 137412192442.jpg - (112.89KB , 600x600 , 048.jpg )

But in your panic you end up running down an isle blocked by a towering pile of books, its heavy resin pages forming an almost geological formation. You look around in a panic for a way out.
No. 525176 ID: 35edd4

With the amount of adrenaline in your blood that I'm sure is present, a bookshelf's basically just a staircase!
No. 525178 ID: a23afd

Climb up the pile of books and get on top of a bookcase. Then jump over to another isle.
No. 525179 ID: 57a559

What are you talking about blocked? There's openings right on the sides of the pile you can easily jump over, moreso than you could ever climb a bookshelf or the book pile. You're scrawny enough to get though.

But if your not confident with those sides, kick the shelves over like your pursuer was doing earlier.
No. 525180 ID: c23ab0

Shield yourself with a book!
No. 525189 ID: 91c1b3

Climb the stack of books, then jump onto the nearby bookshelf. Grab one of the books right before you jump.(any earlier and it would slow you down while climbing) It can possibly be used to defend yourself, and has a small chance of coming back with you when you wake up. (you want proof that all this shit is happening, right?)
No. 525191 ID: 35edd4

Seconding plan grab-a-book-on-the-way.
No. 525200 ID: 9ddf68

climb up book tower, grab a book, jump into a second isle to escape the claw of doom, and keep running... yeah this sounds like a good plan do this.
No. 525248 ID: 4780c8

Just grab a book and deflect the tentacle spike. If you can get past the stabby end and make it double back on itself you could tangle it up.

man up, face your doom and BOOK it! Literally.
No. 525249 ID: dbe554

book blocking go!
No. 525341 ID: 60ad76


(by the way it's kinda easy to fall asleep to repetitive noise, even when it's loud)
No. 525419 ID: f7d109
File 137420058112.jpg - (55.53KB , 485x448 , 049.jpg )

You scramble up the tower of books, clawing hand over hand up the sliding pile. The heavy tomes dislodging themselves as you ascend, flapping open and slamming into the questing tentacle.
No. 525420 ID: f7d109
File 137420059598.jpg - (62.76KB , 500x461 , 050.jpg )

Finally you approach the summit, hopefully safe from the venomous tentacle below.
No. 525421 ID: f7d109
File 137420064606.jpg - (155.93KB , 759x800 , 051.jpg )

Oh crap
No. 525423 ID: f7d109
File 137420065679.jpg - (66.33KB , 600x600 , 052.jpg )

No. 525424 ID: f7d109
File 137420067997.jpg - (49.00KB , 600x327 , 053.jpg )

> Why do you run? This has happened many times before.
>There is no escape.
No. 525425 ID: 5cdcb7

"Well, where is the fun in that Raddy pal?"
No. 525426 ID: 9ddf68

"what can I say, I like to mix things up from time to time. You know keep them interesting."

Then kick him in the face.
No. 525427 ID: bf54a8

tell me you have a book in hand, and then slam it into their face. if not then try to get a finger in an eye, if can't reach then curl up and stab with your foot.
No. 525428 ID: ea4b0b

because it is still a heavily unpleasant experience, and honestly being a dick to me aint the way to get "woken up" or whatever the fuck it is that you want. Seriously, did nobody teach yo dumb eldritch ass manners?
No. 525429 ID: c95833

I run for the same reason you chase.

I want to be awake.

Then attack him.
No. 525430 ID: a23afd

"Because it hurts when you stab me in the head. Why does your head look like a cuttlefish?"

Kick him in the eye after he answers/doesn't answer your question.
No. 525437 ID: 35edd4

Do this, except kick him in the face halfway through the first sentence instead of waiting for the end. Element of surprise! Aim for his eyes, and use as much claw as you can if you don't have some dumb shoes getting in the way of that.
No. 525443 ID: c23ab0


Those things on his face are nads, right
No. 525448 ID: 5fd94e


Sorry, he does have shoes getting in the way

No. 525461 ID: 12c19f

Tell Shub-Niggurath there that he's not really giving a compelling argument to stop right now.
No. 525462 ID: bf54a8

they both already know we are here.
No. 525489 ID: 60ad76

next time go to sleep with a match so you can burn this place down.

a match and a gun.
No. 525497 ID: 005d3f

No. 525508 ID: 4780c8

What response is he expecting holding someone by their throat? Gurgle, I guess or spit in his cuttlefish eyes.
No. 525530 ID: ca1c58

Call him a fruitcake.
No. 525531 ID: 35edd4

Well that's dumb. Claw through them!
No. 525562 ID: a23afd

Oh, nobody else has mentioned it, but if you can, grab the barb at the end of its tentacle so you can keep it away from your head.
No. 525590 ID: 01531c

I second this motion.
No. 525655 ID: f7d109
File 137428901761.jpg - (70.49KB , 600x600 , 054.jpg )

Your arm flails out, hammering the creature's leathery psuedo-skull with an ancient tome of unspeakable evil.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
No. 525656 ID: f7d109
File 137428902640.jpg - (79.78KB , 600x600 , 055.jpg )

You attempt to kick your captor, but held at arms length all you can do is writhe in its grip.
You think that your struggle can accomplish anything? Go then.
No. 525657 ID: f7d109
File 137428903341.jpg - (74.56KB , 600x600 , 056.jpg )

Be my evangelist..
No. 525658 ID: f7d109
File 137428904007.jpg - (84.94KB , 600x600 , 057.jpg )

Tell the world,
No. 525659 ID: f7d109
File 137428904928.jpg - (67.05KB , 600x600 , 058.jpg )

No. 525660 ID: f7d109
File 137428905911.jpg - (74.46KB , 600x600 , 059.jpg )

No. 525661 ID: f7d109
File 137428908002.jpg - (74.94KB , 600x600 , 060.jpg )

"Wha? Whozzat?"

>"Beth, stop! What the hell is wrong with you?"
No. 525662 ID: 9ddf68

thank the nice lady and ask what happened since you went out and how long where you out.
No. 525663 ID: a23afd

Tell her she woke you just in time. Also, you think you were forced to fall asleep, because the banging noise you heard when the MRI started up was a giant tentacle knocking over bookshelves. Also Radula says he's coming. Not sure if that's TRUE though.

Also, you might be able to hurt Radula in your dreams. I think it's time you started carrying a weapon on your person... your clothes came with you, so you might be able to bring other objects in. Wouldn't it be great if this was all solved by just shooting the eldritch horror in the face?

Ask if the MRI showed anything interesting.
No. 525665 ID: 12c19f

I swore in the fairy tales this was done with a kiss.
No. 525666 ID: 57a559

It's very comfortable and trance inducing! Not to mention, you know, we've been awake and have been spontaneously falling asleep repeatedly.
No. 525669 ID: 35edd4

Yeah, let's get a good knife and try to get comfortable with handling it at the very least. We've had shanking opportunities both times so far.
No. 525670 ID: 35edd4

Oh, and ask how the scan went.
No. 525673 ID: c95833

...someone with days of sleep deprivation and a monster hunting his dreams.

You guys see anything interesting on the science screens? Because I was totally there again.
No. 525674 ID: e3aff6

He talks confidently, yet he can still bleed.

With the talk about trying to smuggle things into the dream world, what I wonder is whether all those books are flammable.
No. 525685 ID: 5fd94e

Next time we see it avenge Todd....... WE GO FOR IT'S EYES

However for now lets find out if what happened while you were out.
No. 525701 ID: c23ab0

OK Dale you need to take charge of the situation. Mumble something indistinct and slurred while flailing uselessly.

How did Beth know you were asleep?
No. 525707 ID: f0357f

>Also, you might be able to hurt Radula in your dreams. I think it's time you started carrying a weapon on your person... your clothes came with you, so you might be able to bring other objects in.
What about bringing one of those leeches?
No. 525712 ID: 60ad76

make a note to start sleeping armed. maybe it'll carry to the sleep world thing.
No. 525721 ID: 878cce

I just gotta point it out:

He went to sleep in a medical gown...and in his dream was wearing his normal clothes. Why do you think having a weapon while awake will transport into the dream? That wouldn't be very consistent with what we've seen so far.

I'm not convinced that Radula even has power in the dream world. We've only been hurt via a drill to the face in the waking world. Let's focus our efforts there, for now.
No. 525763 ID: a23afd

Aw shit, you're right. It must just be a sort of self-image thing. I still wonder if it's possible to get a weapon there somehow. If not, I guess we could just keep trying to deal damage to Radula when we show up, and escape before we get skewered. With a good enough attack we could knock him out then finish him off... Not that Dale should go to sleep on purpose, of course.
No. 525775 ID: 2822ae

Thank her for waking you up. Act like it was nothing. Ask to see what the MRI showed as soon as possible instead.

Are you starting to feel that urge to run yet?
No. 525860 ID: 60ad76

perhaps if we make the weapon a part of his self image. in the army, when i carried a gun 24/7, the gun often showed up in my dreams.
No. 525883 ID: f7d109
File 137436153402.jpg - (45.80KB , 441x600 , 061.jpg )

"Urgh...thanks, Beth. How long was I out?"

>"Not sure. You were in there for about 20 minutes when suddenly you started screaming."
No. 525884 ID: f7d109
File 137436156105.jpg - (46.92KB , 600x546 , 062.jpg )

You feel your heart sink.
"Oh god, that's too long, hes going to find me. I shouldn't have let that happen. I've put you all in danger. We have to go, Beth, we have to get out of here, now"

>"Just a second, Dale, settle down."

"No, we have to GO. It talked to me again. It told me its coming, we have to go now. Where's my bag?"
No. 525885 ID: f7d109
File 137436159125.jpg - (29.55KB , 300x600 , 063.jpg )

>"Dale, hold on. About your scan..."

"What about my scan?"

>"Well, its what we found."
No. 525887 ID: f7d109
File 137436162822.jpg - (54.02KB , 556x600 , 064.jpg )

Dr Slate hands you a print out taken from your scan. Squatting on top of your frontal lobe, the leech's bloated silhouette stands out among your grey matter clearly despite the grainy resolution of the image.

You feel nauseous, staggered not so much by its presence, but by what its existence implies.
No. 525888 ID: f7d109
File 137436167185.jpg - (70.31KB , 600x600 , 065.jpg )

"Nononononono, I can't, just..Oh god."

>"Dale, please listen."

>"We need to get that thing out of there, Dale. There's no telling how long its been in there, or what its done to you."

"Listen thanks for everything doctor, but if I stay here more people are just going to get hurt."
No. 525889 ID: f7d109
File 137436173980.jpg - (65.12KB , 600x583 , 066.jpg )

>"You Dale Marks? I'm Sheriff Lynwood, please come with me, I'd like to ask you a few questions."

No. 525894 ID: 91c1b3

Whelp. Don't let it get you down, even though you have done some moderately crazy things, you have not hurt anyone. You've done nothing wrong. In fact you've helped a few people since you've had the leech.
No. 525899 ID: c95833

...you know, I'm not thinking a worm in the head is something they let you walk away from against medical advice. Pretty sure they can hold you on that, and that a pressing medical problem takes precedence over police custody.

Going to the police is pretty much the worst option, though. We're trapped in one location, surrounded by armed people who could be possessed.
No. 525903 ID: c23ab0

Called it.
No. 525904 ID: cf49fc

Armed, skeptical, pigheaded people unwilling to alter their world-view to face a changing and nightmarish reality.

Also, "I'm sorry officer, I'd love to come with you, but there's a parasite in my brain that I need this doctor to look at."
No. 525909 ID: daaacb

Avoid being confrontational. You want to get away as soon as possible, and that means being cooperative. Say you can answer any questions he has right here.
Getting rid of the leech seems like a risky proposition when so far leeches seem to have good effects. Whoever drilled that hole in your head to put that leech in might have saved you.
No. 525927 ID: f7f5ad

Eh, dont worry. If they take out the leech, let them.
We can always put another one in.
No. 525932 ID: 35edd4

Hold on, remember what the leech did for Todd? This thing might be what's keeping you from being taken over.
No. 525943 ID: 7672e1

That's what we drilled our forehead to try and get out, isn't it?
No. 525951 ID: a23afd

No. Someone else drilled his forehead to put it IN.
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