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File 137229396619.jpg - (83.37KB , 1200x900 , 1.jpg )
519666 No. 519666 ID: 1aa29f

Where the hells' am I?
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No. 519669 ID: 735f4f

Hey check out that naked creep over there. I think he is staring at your but.
No. 519684 ID: c23ab0

Quick, comb your back fur! Oh wait, never mind.
No. 519685 ID: bf54a8

oh, well now, seems we got some weird stuff happening. that guy over there may be related to you somehow?
No. 519688 ID: 0b275a

Well, it is a nice butt...
No. 519689 ID: 6435b3
File 137230130878.jpg - (87.23KB , 1200x900 , 2.jpg )

I don't recognize him. Don't recall seeing anyone like him in the family.

"Um. Hey."

"Hey? Do you know where we are?"

"No, I was hoping you did."

Well that was pointless...
No. 519692 ID: b9d767

Pretty sure this is a dream. Why not imagine yourself a bridge?

Also, suddenly realize you are dreaming about being naked with another man.
No. 519694 ID: 9ddf68

ask what he was doing before he found himself here

also ask him if his name is Sergei don't ask me why I just have a hunch is all
No. 519793 ID: 1aa29f
File 137235502103.jpg - (123.92KB , 1200x900 , 3.jpg )

Why imagine a bridge when there is one right here? Ugh, it's like the Second Hell. Wait, why should I care if we're naked? Granted it's annoying, with these lost souls grabbing at my loins

"Off! Get off!"

He seems a bit meek...

"Careful on these things! They'll try to drag you down!"

"Yeep! Thanks for the tip."

Anyway, I don't think now is the time for asking names, the only way forward seems to move further from him. I doubt I'll be able to speak to him afterwards.

"Hey! Know any halfbreeds?"

"Plenty, why?"

"I was just wondering if maybe you are getting into some trouble with some cult. One Purpose sound familiar?"

"No, I haven't dealt with any cults..."

The hells' was that about?
No. 519802 ID: 01531c

Two of the same thing on the front page?

No. 519818 ID: 9ddf68

Oh he's being hunted by some cult for reasons, and we also seem to be helping him the same as we are helping you. No we don't know what's going on either but no point in worrying about that now so lets keep on moving on.

Also we think he might be related to you but seeing how he is part sergal and those only just got introduced to your world only a short while ago much less in the time it would take a sargel to have a half breed child and then have that kid have a kid which is who you just saw I think he's from a bit feather down your family tree. We have no prof though so we could be dead wrong.
No. 519845 ID: bf54a8

basically, TIME TRAVEL. just repeat the mantra "i hate time travel" whenever we use that as an explanation.
No. 520240 ID: 1aa29f
File 137253547529.jpg - (170.10KB , 1200x900 , 4.jpg )

Ugh, my family is large and complicated enough without adding in possible future descendants into the mix.

"Do you have any idea where you're even going?"

"Forward. No other way to go."


"I'll be fine."

You know I think I am starting to hate time travel. Yes, I do hate time travel.

"Hey, what's your name?"

I hate time travel.
No. 520242 ID: 1aa29f
File 137253554745.jpg - (130.23KB , 1200x900 , 5.jpg )

rrrRRRGH I take it back, I don't hate time travel.


No. 520247 ID: 9ddf68

uhhhh, so got any idea how this thing works?
No. 520255 ID: ec2e47

The rock formation kind of resembles an upside-down version of the one on the left.
No. 520260 ID: c23ab0

Hmm. Hmmmmm.

Slap the shit out of everything until it works.
No. 520277 ID: b9d767

Look underneath the panel. Is there anything there?

Look for clues or hints as to what all this puzzle bullshit means.
No. 520347 ID: 1aa29f
File 137256106059.gif - (28.22KB , 1200x900 , 6a.gif )

I find nothing, so I'm going with the slapping plan. Why are there the family sigils out here? Why do they light up when I slap them? Why does nothing happen after they light up?
No. 520352 ID: c23ab0

Try making them all light up. They might *cough*bridge*cough* activate something elsewhere.
No. 520359 ID: bf54a8

try holding them down. hold the first and second for a bit. then take hand off of first, to the third, hold, move second to 4th. and hold. then let go and wait.
No. 520383 ID: 9ddf68

... ah shit I see what's going on hit one of the symbols and hold it and we'll tell you if it's doing anything or not. If you're wondering what's going on it seems you and the other guy are indirectly helping each other out to get past this joyful little obstacle course... no I'm not making this shit up.
No. 520433 ID: 1aa29f
File 137262633574.jpg - (84.07KB , 1200x900 , 6b.jpg )

Damn thing. Only one is lit at a time. I can't get the-oh again?! The moment I press another it doesn't matter if I'm still holding the last one, it'll shut off.
No. 520438 ID: bf54a8

stay how you are! the bridge is stable now.
No. 520476 ID: c23ab0

Success! Or we bullshitted that puzzle. But don't you worry you're one giant floating vagina away from the next step.
No. 520497 ID: 9ddf68

ok then now just be on the look out for anything that looks like it will let you move forward, might take us a minute to figure it out though.
No. 520825 ID: 1aa29f
File 137278980774.gif - (48.18KB , 1200x900 , 7.gif )

Is that what I'm waiting for? Nevermind I'm going for it!
No. 520830 ID: 1aa29f
File 137279092839.gif - (33.02KB , 1200x900 , 8.gif )


"Oh hey it worked."

"Yes, thank you whoever you are..."

"Um. Don't mention it. Now what?"


"Oh what now?"


"Who are you?"

"Yes, show yourself!"

No. 520832 ID: bf54a8

talking vagina, that's new.
No. 520835 ID: 1aa29f
File 137279203803.jpg - (148.37KB , 1200x900 , 9.jpg )

"Wait. You're that boy. You're dead!"


"Stop trying to confuse me!"


"I serve no one but my family! Send me back at once!"

No. 520841 ID: 9ddf68

Weird, the other guy is seeing a dead cultist that tried to kill him earlier today and he's hearing different shit as well. oh and is seems you're part of a prophecy that we heard about from a dying cultist earlier today (yes the same guy that's talking to the other guy)
No. 520849 ID: c23ab0

It's a lure, like an anglerfish. Attack it and you'll be on that hook. Ignore the monster vagina and take a look at that staff with an orb on it.
No. 522558 ID: 1aa29f
File 137324769825.jpg - (167.27KB , 1200x900 , 10.jpg )

"Out of the way beast."


"Gyoji? What does she have in all of this?"


"What does she have anything to do with this?! Why are you so focused on her?! Answer me!"


You managed to manipulate that giant Guardian earlier. Distract this abomination!
No. 522562 ID: bf54a8

No. 522564 ID: 735f4f

Lets try and root around inside this things head.
No. 522580 ID: c23ab0

THIS IS THE SONG THAT DOESN'T END oh never mind that's probably been done already.
No. 522596 ID: 9ddf68

piss off already
No. 522616 ID: f0357f

No. 524020 ID: 1aa29f
File 137366388419.gif - (120.88KB , 1200x900 , 11.gif )


Good, I almost reached it, keep it distracted!
No. 524032 ID: bf54a8

. . . row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.
No. 524037 ID: 5869f6

God forgive me.
(Repeat ad infinum)
No. 524047 ID: 9ddf68

oh if this is what we're doing

1,000,000,000 BOTTLES OF BEER ON THE WALL 1,000,000,000 BOTTLES OF BEER, TAKE ON DOWN PASS IT AROUND 999,999,999 BOTTLES OF BEER ON THE WALL (and just keep going)
No. 524050 ID: 4f7f15

No. 524063 ID: b8ceae

No. 524091 ID: 5fd94e

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
No. 524092 ID: 12c19f

No. 524132 ID: 987f36

I can't believe this wasn't the first reply.
No. 524134 ID: 2baea8

No. 524161 ID: 5869f6

(I honestly wish we could drive people insane more often.We're basicly concentrated insanity and madness.)
No. 524163 ID: cf49fc

Oh, you're driving people insane? Here, use this.
No. 524180 ID: 5869f6

(My god)
No. 525810 ID: 1aa29f
File 137435016247.gif - (1.09MB , 1100x1000 , 12.gif )


No. 525814 ID: 1aa29f
File 137435036950.gif - (2.85MB , 1100x1000 , 13.gif )


I have it! I have the sta
No. 525816 ID: 5869f6

Oh god, I can't stop laughing
No. 525817 ID: 1aa29f
File 137435076713.png - (7.69KB , 877x902 , 14.png )

"Ah didna do aught! Yer bloke woke up on his own accord!"
No. 525820 ID: 1aa29f
File 137435096982.jpg - (144.46KB , 1200x900 , 15.jpg )

:Iagn:"Uh-huh, and that welt on his cheek I bet that's just magically appeared..."

"S'not my fault ye folk bruise easy!"

I guess the staff was unnecessary. What did you-actually never mind. You manage to drive some otherworldly monster insane, I'd rather not know the process.
No. 525832 ID: bf54a8

is rather simple actually, imagine the 10 most annoying songs ever being sung by 1000 people, without pause.

it did raise one good point though, you need some heirs. if you know what i mean.
No. 525908 ID: c23ab0

No, no don't imagine. We need you sane.
No. 525940 ID: 5869f6

No. 525961 ID: 9ddf68

you take us to the most interesting places you know that right, without you we would never have fun. Anyways people behind you.
No. 528393 ID: 1aa29f
File 137496890699.jpg - (178.81KB , 1100x1000 , 16.jpg )

Well good that you had fun, but I'd rather not have a repeat of any of that.

"There, see? Nary a scratch on 'im so shut it!"

"Iagn. The hells is going on?"

:iagn:"Oh Veni. Long story, okay startin form the beginning. Um a big hole came up under those barraks we were ready to sleep in? Remember that?"


:iagn:"Well according to 'Kellach' here, that hole was some sort of ambush tactic being used by, uh. What were they called again?"

:kellach:"The Gormoamhi!"

"Wait, you're daoine."

:kellach:"Well aren't you the sharp one? Yes, I'm Daoine! What's it to ye?"

"It's just I've never heard of your clan leaving your island. Let alone the hills. Why are you here?"

:kellach:"Oh finally one of ye remember."

:iagn:"Okay now I'm lost. Veni, how'd do you know them?"

"Remember Iagn, our family had a brief trade deal with them. We gave them some of our weapons and helped them carve out some territory from the Coinin. They gave us the Coinin prisoners in return? Father told you it was the day you were born! Remember?"


"No. Well we did. You had some of the best land on the Northern isles, why are you here?"

:kellach:"The Coinin happened. Bastards held a grudge fer a long time after that. They mustered other clans ta help them with the promise of a cut of the land. They overran us and tossed us off the isles..."

"Sorry to hear that happened."

:kellach:"Ah spare me yer pity! We got a bigger problem! The Gormoamhi took yer womenfolk, just like the abominations took my sister! We're gettin' em back!"

:iagn: "Yeah what he said. That fuzzy thing waving at ya's the natives down here. Can't understand a word they're sayin, but they're keen to help. Kellach never would have found us if it weren't for them."

Gods, this is a lot to swallow at once. The attack, that dream, Kellach's story. Wait.


:kellach:"What, what?"

"My family was planning to come to your territory! They are planning a campaign and were going to move south from there!"

:kellach:"Well...they'll be in fer a nasty surprise when they land."

"YOU! DO THAT THING! THAT THING THAT MAKES YOU SWITCH! GYOJI IS WITHT THEM! Gods, I thought she'd be safer surrounded by them, but that dream, this must be what that creature was talking about! Just hurry!
No. 528399 ID: 735f4f

Quick off to save the day!
No. 528415 ID: bf54a8

okay, we'll try. [switch to Gyoji]
No. 528443 ID: b8ceae

On it.
[Switch to Gyoji]

Venian's orders, for what it matters.
No. 528444 ID: 9d8047

Well that is bad
[Switch to gyoji]
PULL BACK NOW some werd stuf just went down and we have intel saying that were your going is now classed as 'nomans land' or as close as it can get to us oh and there orders form ven
No. 528445 ID: 5869f6

[Switch to Gyoji] FALL BACK, FALL BACK!
No. 528590 ID: 9ddf68

[switch to Gyoji]

Hey Gyoji guess what we just found out. All of the daoine's land was overran by the Coinin and they're still pretty pissed what you guys and the daoine did to them so we just thought we'd give you a heads up before you walked into the little cluster fuck.
No. 531163 ID: 1aa29f
File 137556891959.jpg - (325.99KB , 1000x1200 , 17.jpg )

Wait, wait calm down. I barely understood that, retreat? Trap? Ambush? Veni-Lord Venian?
No. 531164 ID: 1aa29f
File 137556895587.jpg - (331.14KB , 1000x1200 , 18.jpg )

H-he sent the message? And he wanted you to tell me first? He really trusts me that much?
No. 531165 ID: 1aa29f
File 137556898746.jpg - (310.91KB , 1000x1200 , 19.jpg )

Oh wait. Ambush. That's bad!
No. 531172 ID: 1aa29f
File 137556963686.jpg - (294.14KB , 1000x1200 , 20.jpg )

:gyoji:"Oi! Venian-Father! Bad place! No good!"

"Sorry Gyoji? I don't understand, do you have a trouble with this place?"

Damn, I wish Venian's father could speak nenji. I can barely speak any Rezan! Dammit, what was the word for surprise again?!

:gyoji:"No! Place not good! Fighting fast!"


No. 531182 ID: bf54a8

point over the horizon and mime yourself getting stabbed and killed.
No. 531198 ID: b8ceae

[Translate for her]

If we can't do that, then maybe this: "Venian message! Enemy land! Surprise fight!"
No. 531236 ID: f0357f

OK, I forget, do other people have the ability to hear us, if a host comes into contact?

Try saying the name of the country, and the word for "enemy" and the word for "waiting".
No. 531241 ID: 4c8520

Tell them that Venian says enemies hide here.
No. 531281 ID: 9ddf68

the words daoine and Coinin the same in every language or not? If they are point ahead and say Coinin's land not Daonine or at least say that to the best of your ability.
No. 531506 ID: 1aa29f
File 137566813914.jpg - (303.26KB , 1200x1100 , 21.jpg )

:gyoji:"Uh-dbum...CO-EE-NEEN! This land Co-ee-neen. To wait in land! Uh...no, no Da-een!"

"What you're saying that Coinin are trying to ambush us?"


"Well that would certainly explain all those coinin the forward force ran into."

No. 531508 ID: 5869f6

By the nine. They butchered them!
No. 531509 ID: 5869f6

I-I don't even see any weapons on the bodies. Not even a dagger.
No. 531518 ID: bf54a8

try and explain that the land is full of them, Venian send you a long range message.
No. 531521 ID: f0357f

Say "No, Venian say! This land, ALL Coanin! ALL Coanin!"
No. 531545 ID: 9ddf68

try to say "this Coinin land now, no daoine land, all coinin."
No. 534455 ID: 1aa29f
File 137652557788.jpg - (329.74KB , 1200x1000 , 22.jpg )

:gyoji:"No! This land, ALL Coinin! ALL Coinin! No Daoine!"

"Oh so you were paying attention to my briefings, wonderful. Well The presence of any Coinin on this land tells me as much. A pity, the Daoine were quite generous folk, damn shame to see them gone. Damn shame...Oh well, at least this provides us an opportunity to stretch our legs, get the blood flowing again and whatnot. War's coming early."

I have no idea what he just said.
No. 534456 ID: bf54a8

he seems to be taking the idea as a challenge.
No. 534462 ID: 9ddf68

to keep it short he basically said, "eh, that sucks but on the plus side we now have someones ass to kick" basically he's declaring war... or at least one hell of a fight.
No. 534514 ID: b8ceae

"Venian message! Say go back! Needs us to return!"
No. 534516 ID: bf54a8

or maybe "venian magic talk, not fight"
No. 534873 ID: 59b5bf

Nah, they're aware of the threat. That's good enough.

"An ambuscade, if discovered and promptly surrounded, will repay the intended mischief with interest."

You did what you needed to. If they want to fight, let them.
No. 537214 ID: 1aa29f
File 137739624166.gif - (151.53KB , 1200x1000 , 23.gif )

They want to fight?! Are they crazy?!

:gyoji:"No fight! Venian say go back! Too many! How can we fight many?!"

"Like so my dear. Send message to Splendor. Mark target 30 degrees north, 23 degrees east of the shore line. Precision strike."

:gyoji:"What you say?"

"You'll see..."

:gyoji:"Nothing's happeni-ACH KA!"
No. 537221 ID: c23ab0

Did that settlement just spontaneously combust, or were the giant arrows of solid green fire just moving too fast for you to see them hit it?
No. 537296 ID: 9ddf68

neat... so what do we do when they try and counter attack us?
No. 538485 ID: 1aa29f
File 137790987231.jpg - (509.17KB , 1400x900 , 24.jpg )

:gyoji:"But-but what about them?! They go to fight back!"

"Well that's what the army we bought along is for. These people want their Rite, they better be ready to fight."

Oh my. I guess they thought of everything.
No. 538494 ID: b8ceae

Oh. Well, I suppose we don't need to worry too much about them. I suppose we should go inform Veni, then.
No. 538530 ID: 9ddf68

well alright he seems to have all the bases covered then so I don't think we have to worry about it to much. It almost seem like he came here expecting a fight. I wounder if he was just playing it safe or was just hoping someone would try to pick a fight with him just so he could have some fun?
No. 539904 ID: 1aa29f
File 137868450503.jpg - (136.34KB , 1100x900 , 25.jpg )

My father's handling it? Of course he would. Knowing him, he must have been praying for an ambush, anything for a chance to show off his tactical knowledge. But given Kellach's story I was expecting something much worse. Ah well.

Wish I had as much confidence. I have very little information to what I'm getting into.

Apparently those Gormo-Gurma-gum-I'm just going to call them Gorm are squatting in some ruins that Kellach claims used to be a home for those little furry things

No. 539905 ID: 1aa29f
File 137868460423.jpg - (107.25KB , 1100x900 , 26.jpg )

That doesn't help me because I have no idea what the layout is, the 'building plans' are unhelpful, and I don't know how many are in there.

Assaulting it is just me, Iagn, Kellach, a handful of Rezans in their nightgowns and those furry things!

No. 539942 ID: 9ddf68

ok then maybe we can help, what do you know about the Gormoamhi, what is your groups skills again, what can the little fuzz piles do, and could you try asking one what it knows about the ruins, I mean even if you can't understand a word they say we might and you did just say they use to live here so they might know some hidden passages or something to help tip the odds in our favor.
No. 539971 ID: be2ad8

Wait a sec who are you?(if we already know them just dont use this post)
No. 539997 ID: bf54a8

it's obviously venian

i recommend a decapitating strike. figure out who the leader is and hit them.
No. 540673 ID: 1aa29f
File 137927553693.jpg - (105.87KB , 1100x900 , 27.jpg )

Good idea. With what little I have going in, I cannot face an open conflict Hopefully they can understand me.

"Do any of you little fellows know of any secret entrances or backdoors?"

"Yeah'ye bettr'git wit'me. I know'teh place ril'good!"

Well good news, they understand me. Bad news, I can barely understand them. They butcher the language so badly...

"Um...alright. Do you even know what to look for?"

"No buts'I gitssa good'dea'a where she'be."


"Jus'lem'me do'duh sneakins. You gots'anythin good'fer da'sneakins?"
No. 540674 ID: 1aa29f
File 137927569569.jpg - (133.39KB , 1100x900 , 28.jpg )

"Good for the 'sneakins'?"

"Ya y'know like stuff'what that'll keep dem bi'bloo tings all'a'messin wit'da thinkin'brains n'stuff."

"Oh I think I see what you mean. I think. Yes I do have some."

"Well'com'on den. Wha'cha got?"
No. 540676 ID: 1aa29f
File 137927603430.jpg - (158.44KB , 1100x900 , 29.jpg )

"Well I have about 10 glyph stamps. 5 of them induce sleep, the other 5 induce paralysis, each one is good for an hour. I have several noise rocks."

"Wha'da hecks'da nois'rock?"

"You throw it, and it makes a popping sound when it hits. And in worse case scenario, I still have a vial of rage toxin. You might want to stay away though, inhaling the fumes is it's primary entrance."

"Is dat'all ya got? S'not too much an'I'dunna'know how many o'da'bloo thins we'gunna run inta."

"Well sorry, but I wasn't given much because I was expected to infiltrate and sabatoge with a team! Not by myself!

:iagn:"Um I'm still here Veni."

"Your the muscle in case subterfuge fails."

:iagn:"Oh yeah...so I'll wait here then?"
No. 540677 ID: 1aa29f
File 137927609766.jpg - (132.49KB , 1100x900 , 30.jpg )

:iagn:"Yeah I guess I'll wait here then..."
No. 540678 ID: 9ddf68

sooo what are we looking at right now?
No. 540684 ID: bf54a8

if the female is gonna get a beating, being a big damn hero will get you someone on the inside.
No. 541239 ID: 1aa29f
File 137963648179.jpg - (145.81KB , 1100x900 , 31.jpg )

Right then! Paralysis on the guard.

"You'll be alright now. Please-"
No. 541240 ID: 1aa29f
File 137963654817.jpg - (130.93KB , 1100x900 , 32.jpg )


"Wait dammit! I just helped you!"
No. 541248 ID: 735f4f

Bet you just tasered her boyfriend or something.
No. 541250 ID: bf54a8

dammit, i said wait until she is getting a beating THEN step in, saving someone from a threat is different then saving someone currently being hurt.

use that thing in your left hand to trip her.
No. 541318 ID: 9ddf68

...why did you revel yourself? sigh, see if you can't take her out before she calls this whole place down on our heads.

Also unless AKAATA is a name we can't understand her so if things take a turn for the worst we probably won't be able to talk our way out.
No. 543295 ID: 1aa29f
File 138112725939.jpg - (139.03KB , 1100x900 , 33.jpg )

"Take her down!"

"Git ovr'ere biatch!"

I'm starting to doubt she was ever in trouble in the first place.
No. 543303 ID: 1aa29f
File 138113080811.jpg - (131.15KB , 1100x900 , 34.jpg )

"Wus'wrong wit'ya? I thought ya're supposed to be all good wit'da sneakins?"

"I made the mistake thinking she would be able to help us."

"Nothin these bloo'bastids know dat'I'dun already know."

No. 543331 ID: 9ddf68

alright then hide the bodies or at least make it look like they're snuggling or something and ask the little guy where to head off from here.
No. 543984 ID: 1aa29f
File 138160611119.jpg - (90.17KB , 1100x900 , 35.jpg )

I suppose that works. It'd be better if no one came by.

"Dat wuz a'gud'n puttin'em like dat when'dey sleepin'."

"Um that is good? Anyway, where do you keep prisoners? I'm sure these squatters are using the same rooms for the same purpose."

"We'got summ'a da cages down'dere but those were fer da bad'ns. For da import'nt guys'n'such we 'ad da jail'rooms up top. Dunno wich'uns dese basteds use."
No. 543989 ID: 9ddf68

standard cells are below you but they have more high security cell near the top of this place... Ask which one is likely less guarded and head there.
No. 544077 ID: e3aff6

At a random guess I would think the lower ones, though checking out the one likely to be less guarded or easier to get to first makes sense.
No. 544208 ID: 1aa29f
File 138173427660.jpg - (202.60KB , 1100x900 , 36.jpg )

Alright. I'll scout both first before deciding.

To the bottom we have...what the

"Oh dem basteds dun'dug up our jails'n'stuff! An' wha'da'hell iz'dat?"

Okay, the Guardian was strange enough. But TWO?! TWO FUCKING METAL MONSTERS?! IN THE SAME PLACE?! And why the hells does that thing have Rokof 622 on its chest? When did the Rokof build this?! How could they build it?! It-I-This-
No. 544212 ID: c23ab0

Look on the bright side. At least they're excavating it, not building it from scratch
No. 544214 ID: 53ba34

if the activate button or control system is intact we may be able to gain control of this one. they must of altered the other one's programs a little, but this one will be fresh and will follow us without getting confused.

[activate Rokof 622
take control of Rokof 622]
No. 544220 ID: 001618

I feel time shenanigans are in play here. anyways since this thing is down here that means our friends are up top... we should probably do something about this thing though.
No. 544240 ID: b8ceae

Rokof 622: Stand up and commence self-reassembly.
No. 544241 ID: 53ba34

i think we should save it doing anything for an emergency, i just want to give it some conditionals and have it erase all access codes other then ours so only we can tell it what to do or who to listen to.
the girl from before pulled out an access card when she tried to talk to the other one, may be too late to do that one but if we change this ones access codes at the start it should work.
No. 544290 ID: d2995c

Probably time travel related. Capturing these artifacts to reverse-engineer them (and ideally all of them so your enemies can't) is just about the most important priority you can have right now.
It looks like they are putting at least some of the prisoners to work excavating it.
No. 544664 ID: 1aa29f
File 138216033676.jpg - (203.20KB , 1100x900 , 37.jpg )

Command: Stand_up unable to comply.
Unit has not yet assembled all essential components

Re-Assembly Failure
Error 2231: Essential component obj//l_arm_receive not responding
Error 2231: Essential component obj//l_ccable not responding
Error 2231: Essential component obj//r_arm_recieve not responding
Error 2230: Essential component obj//r_ccable unable to form connection

Commencing scan
Obstructions around obj// l_arm_recieve, l_ccable, r_arm_recieve detected.
Unidentified foreign entities detected around obj//l_ccable

Commencing prg.lockdown.lvl5

No. 544665 ID: 53ba34

[switch control back to previous]

good news and bad news,
good news, it listens, bad news, it wont get up until the arms are free.
No. 544666 ID: b8ceae

[Diagnostic: List available functionality]
No. 545450 ID: 1aa29f
File 138282586601.gif - (49.09KB , 1100x900 , 38.gif )

Available func.

1. Cont. Power Recovery
2. Break Lockdown
3. Emergency Asset Denial
No. 545454 ID: d2995c

Query information about options if available, otherwise go with 1.
No. 546281 ID: 1aa29f
File 138335220194.gif - (53.40KB , 1100x900 , 39.gif )

1. Reactor power too low for self repair. Charge level at current ability will be complete in : +100 hours

2. Pilot Approval Required/ Lift Lockdown /Lockdown_Effect.Access_denied

3. Pilot Approval Required/ Destruction of suit, pilot and all Rezan technology and assets /Lockdown_Effect.Access_denied

No. 546288 ID: 53ba34

continue self repair
deny access to everyone but us, possible compromise of security cards.
pilot will be assigned after repairs complete.
No. 546326 ID: c23ab0

Shit the thing has a self destruct. Baron, whoever built this thing didn't want the secret to get out. It sounds like they were mercenaries with rivals. Inside it are the words inscribed "Pilot Approval Required" so we must be looking at some sort of mechanical boat shaped like a man!

Its writings change to the phrase "arm not responding" so there must be a mechanism in the arm socket that starts to turn when the arm is removed, creating that writing. This mechanism may also be able to reattach the arm. Sort of like how a watchmaker can repair a clockwork watch, so if he himself were clockwork then he could repair himself.

This says that nobody can cause it to move, or self destruct, unless they are the pilot. It also says that it is gaining power! In 100 hours it will be ready to make use of that power, and whoever is the pilot will be very powerful indeed.

tl;dr you have 100 hours to commandeer it before all hell breaks loose.
No. 546330 ID: 53ba34

little condescending, he understands tech.
No. 546333 ID: c23ab0


What is this "tech" you speak of? Forsooth, man! Just because you are a departed spirit from an enlightened age does not mean your brethren share that luxury! In my day you were lucky if you were able to read, much less know of fantastic fables such as clockwork watchmakers! And we had to plow to the parish in the snow, uphill both ways!
No. 547171 ID: 1aa29f
File 138398178039.jpg - (141.19KB , 1100x900 , 40.jpg )

Well I'll leave you to handle it then because nothing you said made sense. If there is nothing else, I'm heading back up. If that machine can't help me level the place, then there's nothing for me here.

Except the hundred hours bit.

Oh and I used another paralysis stamp.

No. 547174 ID: 53ba34

basically, after time up someone needs to go stand on it and we will say they are it's new pilot. it will then open up a seat for them. and they will drive it. like a giant set of armor.

so find anything interesting while we were out?
No. 547177 ID: c23ab0

It might be able to help you level the place, in 100 hours. It might not. It is pretty trashed, and there is no indication of just how much power enough power is. I doubt it's a ballerina robot though.
No. 547231 ID: b8ceae

It said 100+. Meaning OVER 100 hours. It could be never.
However, it also said that was IF it doesn't get its parts re-attached. If they were to be reattached it would cut that estimate down considerably - as they are disconnected, it may be expecting it has to REPLACE the limbs instead of simply REPAIR them.

[Attempt to call the other mech here for heavy lifting assistance.]
No. 547627 ID: 1aa29f
File 138421813852.jpg - (168.73KB , 1100x900 , 41.jpg )

[The other mech is busy smiting invading blasphemers and cannot be reached at the moment]
No. 548834 ID: 1aa29f
File 138475827676.jpg - (119.95KB , 1100x900 , 42.jpg )

As for the top side...Well there are some sentries that pass by.

I doubt they can see me, all these torches about, the shadows must appear really dark to them. I can also tell prisoners are being moved up here. The problem is I sell no other dark areas, and I don't know how many there are on the other side of this damn wall.

No. 548846 ID: d2995c

We can't see all the way around the corner, but from what we can see there is just a prisoner lying there. You could try listening once the guards move away.

Um, remind me of what we plan to do once we actually find the prisoners. I don't think we have much in the way of equipment to give them or fighters to fight our way out.
No. 549439 ID: 39b1e0

Use your whip thing to blot out the torches, and climb up that gap in the wall.

That should give you a good view of everything without getting spotted.
No. 549500 ID: 1aa29f
File 138515975850.jpg - (87.00KB , 1100x900 , 43.jpg )

My strategy is quite basic. From what I've seen these people are poorly equipped and barely have anything that can be called training. Their main tactic seems to be ambush meaning any prolonged fight will eventually be to their disadvantage. Given how many spears and short swords I've seen, they are armed to fight defensively, and will probably try to meet an attack by setting up somewhere they cannot be surrounded.

My best guess is once Kellach and whatever he can muster tries to attack from the front, they'll form that choke point at the gatehouse as that will form a narrow passage where they can use whatever numbers they have to their advantage.

..also it will keep Kellach from finding that monstrosity in the basement.

I intend to lead the prisoners in a second attack on their rear. Given how these squatters STILL haven't cleaned out the remains of this fort's previous occupants, I doubt they keep close watch on where they store all the captured weapons. With their light armor and little coordination, that should be enough to take out a majority of them.

No. 549502 ID: 1aa29f
File 138516007081.jpg - (165.71KB , 1100x1000 , 44.jpg )

Speak of the Pariah, there's some right now. Like I said, these things don't appear to intelligent. Don't bother using better weapons with higher quality metal, just shove them in a corner. That's sounds logical...
No. 549507 ID: 53ba34

perhaps they feel that weapons used by the enemy are 'unclean' or something to that effect. and so are useless other then trophies.

also is that a lazer gun on the floor? if so then awesome. and makes sense, with the giant robot nearby other powerful weapons should be around.
No. 549527 ID: c23ab0

Are all those weapons made of... iron?
No. 550090 ID: 1aa29f
File 138559295608.jpg - (128.96KB , 1100x1000 , 45.jpg )

Most of these weapons are a mix of different alloys. The great sword though seems to be iron. A bit crude too. Let me see, good balance, plenty of scratches as sign of a lot of use. The metal seems to be a bit haphazard in some places, like the blade snapped off and they crudely hammered it back on.

Yes, this is daoine quality. Didn't that daoine boy from earlier, what was his name...Kellach. Didn't he say he had a sister trapped here? This might be her sword. I hope I'm right, a daoine berserker hitting the back of their defensive line would tear them apart.

Wait? Lazer? Is that even a real word? The hells is a lazer? And why so tiny?

No. 550091 ID: 1aa29f
File 138559302141.jpg - (134.32KB , 1200x900 , 46.jpg )

Well I suppose it might be used to have an extra weapon on hand. What can a 'lazer' do anyway?

No. 550092 ID: 1aa29f
File 138559305335.jpg - (148.33KB , 1200x900 , 47.jpg )

Oh good I can test this on him, maybe if i-WHATTHE?!
No. 550094 ID: 1aa29f
File 138559312213.jpg - (108.80KB , 1200x900 , 48.jpg )

This?! Wha- It- How did- It's like a cannon I can fit in my hand! How the hells does this kind of thing even work?!
No. 550097 ID: 53ba34

yes, the beam is just a LOT of energy focused on a tiny point. did one of the lights on it go dark? if so then the lights are a shot counter. however many green lights are left lit is how many times you can use it before it needs more power put into it. how to do that will probably require being at your lab. so save it for like, a huge armored guard is in your way and you have no way around him.
this is also why we want the robot, it probably has a BIGGER one of those in it.

do you think the guy's... mistress? can give you directions.
No. 550098 ID: d7b500

Uhh...You saw the green light it shot right? Hit people you're fighting with that, and they...Hrrm.
'm not sure if he got disintegrated (imagine being forced through a grid of lots and lots of swords-ideally you end up with a pile of semi-unreconizable sand-like bits, as blue dude found out.)
MORE IMPORTANTLY! He has a concubine, and she looks like something you CAN talk to, with any luck, to learn more about these blue dudes and what's up with them.
No. 550114 ID: b8ceae

It's a LASER.
It stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It creates a high intensity beam of phase-locked light, resulting in a single coherent beam with a very low diffusion rate.

In simpler terms? You know how you can use a lens and sunlight to start a fire? That's the most similar thing within your people's understanding of science.

There are a few other technologies which the weapon could be using instead, but since you're concerned with functionally it's a moot point.

What I CAN tell you is that it uses a limited supply of ammo which you will not be able to replace, and trying to research it so you can make your own would be both a waste of time and the attempt would be likely to get your top researchers killed. Save it for serious threats.
More relevant to the immediate situation, if they produced this weapon then their metal weapons are most likely a ruse, and thus the quality is irrelevant.

Did Kellach tell you his sister's name? It would probably be best to ask the sex slave if it's her. Either way you should inform her that she's being rescued, and proceed to gently interrogate her for tactical information.
No. 550125 ID: c23ab0

Unfortunately the information we can give you on lasers is limited as the ones we've seen that can do damage like that were more along the size of a horse, and less the size of a banana.
No. 550127 ID: ec2e47

I suspect a small and more advanced version of a Rezan cannon is exactly what it is, which would make sense as these weapons seem to be from future Rezans. (If it was a laser like we are familiar with the beam wouldn't be visible and the effect would be almost entirely heat based rather than the apparent impact of this one.)

Anyway, you seem to have the basics of using it, and judging by the lights it probably has two shots left before it needs a recharge.
No. 550129 ID: 1aa29f
File 138562447307.jpg - (118.88KB , 1000x950 , 49.jpg )

I'll give you that. I don't know if I can ever replenish this 'laser'. But I don't think these brutes manage to make one. There is just too much that doesn't add up. Only the women were 'working'. The only male I've seen was busy raping this Sea Elf...they can't even treat their slaves properly. She reeks of him, she looks malnourished, and her eyes aren't focusing on anything. If I find out they did this to any of my family I'm going to slaughter EVERY SINGLE ONE OF- focus...focus...

"You. Do you understand me?"

"Nyuh...yu no nem..."

"Focus. Focus on me. Do. You. Understand?"

"...ye-yeash. Yes. I lrrrrr"

"Stay on me. Look at me. You are safe now. Safe. You understand that? Safe. I need to know things. Listen close now. I need to know. Did you see a daoine?"


"Okay something easier. Elf. Did you see any elves here?"

"Yes! Yea'elfss. They got thms."

"Good girl. Now, a daoine is an elf. With rabbit ears."

"Bunn ears? There ws one...wif elfs."

"Where? Where are they?"

"O'er...or there."

She motions to the corridor further down the...I guess this tunnel.

"You, just hide now alright? I'll help you get free, but I need to find the others. Just hide alright? Hey-"

Wait, where the hells did that little fuzzball go?

No. 550132 ID: b8ceae

You mean the 'dead'... Gnoll, was it? that was behind the wall before you climbed over it? No idea.

OH! You were speaking of your small armored companion! Lets see... Last we saw of him was when you decided to scout out the two prison locations.
He likely saw the direction you were heading in and opted to go to the other location.
No. 550290 ID: 1aa29f
File 138576920876.jpg - (107.00KB , 1200x900 , 50.jpg )

Well isn't that just perfect. My guide gets lost, and I'm stuck with a barely lucid elf. I can't take her with me, she'll be more burden than use, but I need her to stay quiet so as not to attract the guards.. Though, the latter may be moot. They'll just follow the smell of cooked organs.

In any case, I need to find the others, free them, signal Kellach to start his attack, and get some semblance of order amongst the captives for an offensive...while keeping the deadweight from tripping us over.

No. 550291 ID: 53ba34

sounds like a plan chief. any boxes around? wearing a box over you and staying still when someone is looking is surprising effective for stealth.
No. 550292 ID: c23ab0

Yes, definitely Rezan not Laser.

Which of the captives do you think is most likely to aid in a combat situation? Do you know where they're being kept? It's obviously not by that big metal man thing. Can you hear anyone who doesn't sound like a big blue mofo?
No. 550773 ID: 1aa29f
File 138620477504.jpg - (92.25KB , 1000x950 , 51.jpg )

Of course, the girl motioned over here.

"Veni? Kot-Ma it is! Veni, get us out of here!"

Wait...three, four...

"Not everyone is here, what's going on?"

"Those bug things. They took some of us up those stairs further down the hall. Where's everybody else?"

"Waiting for my signal, just hold on, I'll get you out. Where's the key?"

"There ain't one. This barrier is worked by some switch, I hear some clicking sound behind the walls every time they open and close the things. Find that switch Veni, I want to kill these freaks!"

Damn, I hate to leave them all like this; and no time to look for a box.
No. 550775 ID: 53ba34

switches like this are rarely far from the thing it controls, so you can watch it work. the wall to the left is kinda suspicious.

another thing you can do is tell them to get back an shoot the laser at rightmost bar near the base cutting it. then they can lever it out while you move.
No. 550960 ID: 1aa29f
File 138636539182.jpg - (94.48KB , 1000x950 , 52.jpg )

You know what? I'll take the second option. This thing is loud, and I'm sure someone heard the first shot.

"Get back, I'm blowing the cage!"


"I said get back!"

I hope this is just as effective against metal and stone
No. 550961 ID: 1aa29f
File 138636547715.jpg - (108.64KB , 1000x950 , 53.jpg )

Ack! Godshit! It's even louder!
No. 550962 ID: 1aa29f
File 138636590243.jpg - (170.56KB , 1000x950 , 54.jpg )

"Veni...the hells is that thing?!"

"Later! Your weapons were stashed just outside, get them and hurry back, we're running on a short schedule!"

"Venian wait. There was some daoine in the back of the cell. She hasn't said anything to anyone since we were in there though. What should we do with her?"

"Wait, thought the concubine said she was with the elves. She must be even more out of it than I thought."

"What concubine?"
No. 550967 ID: 53ba34

just say in the other room where they had the weapon pile, and maybe point. but remind them we have a time limit.
No. 550971 ID: c23ab0

Check that daoine in the back more closely. She looks sort of fucked up.
No. 550995 ID: b8ceae

I'd suggest pointing to the woman outside the door and saying "You carry her. Her safety's a priority."

The concubine could be messed up, or she could be under some sort of mental domination. We should still rescue her, of course, but it would be best to be wary of her.
No. 551304 ID: 1aa29f
File 138664844893.jpg - (125.44KB , 1000x950 , 55.jpg )

"Come with me. If she is unable to support herself, then carry her. Her safety's a priority."

Ugh, the closer I get, the more it smells. What did they do to this girl?

"Sssshrrr chr...sh...Ah-ahma. Ahmm gunna get me swer-miserd-mi-mi-mu-mmmm...gunna get me swerd back 'n ah gunna kill ye...ah gunna kill ye n' keep killin ye, an ah gunna cut yer bloo balls off."

"Hey! You are safe now, okay? Can. You. Hear. Me. Can you stand?"

"Mnuh?" "Whoozat?"

"I'm Venian. Your brother. Kellach. You remeber Kellach? He's here to rescue you."

"Kellak? Oh kells dear, ye shudna be here. Kellsy, kellsy a wee lad like ye shudna be here. Dont fret none little un."

"No, I'm Veni-"

"Shh, shoosh now little kells, ah'll get the big bloo monsters er yeah, don't ye fret none. Just let me get me sword alright kells? No more tears now me little bairn. Ol' Devina'll scare em off. Just need tae find me sword...can ye help me find me sword kells? Ah cannae seem ta find it."
No. 551309 ID: b8ceae

I hope she's just drugged off her ass. The implications otherwise are... disturbing.
Still, it would be best to first check her for signs of injury. We don't have time for proper triage, but a quick check for obvious injuries is in order.

The best way to get her to cooperate is to work with her delusional state instead of against it. She thinks you're her brother, and she thinks she's in good enough condition to help.

Your best bet would be to motion the woman you picked to help over to you and wisper for her to play along, then say something like this:
"Yes, we'll find your sword so you can fight them off, but first we need to get all these people to safety. Can you help my friend walk out of here?"

Also, we don't want her to see her sword since then she'd try to use it to fight. I'd tell somebody to grab all the swords they see, wrap them in a blanket, and carry them along. That keeps them out of sight, and returning her sword when she's better would ingratiate you to her and her family.
No. 551311 ID: 53ba34

one of the swords in the room you got the gun in could be hers, have her follow your friends to find her sword. and then make sure she doesn't see it. as log as she thinks she is going towards the sword she will follow.
No. 551348 ID: d2995c

Yes, lets try to avoid getting her the sword at the moment, as weapons do not go well with an inability to tell people apart.
No. 551715 ID: 1aa29f
File 138688786203.jpg - (198.70KB , 1200x900 , 56.jpg )

Upon closer inspection, she's certainly injured. She has some bruising along her arms and legs but no severe swelling. At a glimpse the worst she just has a cut here and there. Claw marks that didn't cut too deep. Oh gods, she breathed right in my face. She's drugged. I can smell it on her breath. They force fed her something. Laced with alcohol probably to prevent gagging. Still I agree she is in no state to swing her blade around in this state.

"Hold this."


"You heard me! Hold her sword! She can't see it in her current state. And tell the others to hide any sword they find. The last thing we need is a bezerker who can't swing a sword properly...or even tell us apart."

"Kells, wut ye talkin to that bonnie lass fer? Did she see me sword?"

"No, but don't worry. We'll find your sword so you can fight them off, but first we need to get all these people to safety. Can you help my friend walk out of here?"

"Oh 'course kells dear. Oh. Can ye help me up kells? Damndest thing. Cannae seem tae stand."

"Here, let me help."

She shivers as I pull her up and. It is cold here, so I do the best I can. I drape her with my coat, but that leaves me horribly exposed. All I have left is my weapon and that...gun thing. I just pray she doesn't break the hallucinogen's seal.

"Bless ye kells. Yer such a good boy lookin after yer sister."

"It's um...it twern't nothin'?"

"Did you hear something?"
No. 551728 ID: dbe554

Guard trying to sneak up on you. Be ready!
No. 551755 ID: 53ba34

ether knock him out or kill him quickly, and silently f you can. go for the neck.
No. 551784 ID: b8ceae

Huge blue lout trying to sneak up on you. You have your favorite metal-ribbon based weapon, right? Dice him up.
No. 552184 ID: 1aa29f
File 138714489016.jpg - (166.75KB , 1200x900 , 57.jpg )


"I knew th-aAUGH FUCK!"

"How the hells is something so big that quiet?!"

"Woo kellsy dear. Ah think ah gunnae have a lie down."
No. 552186 ID: 1aa29f
File 138714498343.jpg - (136.52KB , 1200x900 , 58.jpg )

"One swipe and DAMN IT!"

These things have a tough hide! By blades barely cut through!

"Oi, what's that shiny thin'?"
No. 552188 ID: 53ba34

common weakness in all men. hit him in the balls.
No. 552241 ID: b8ceae

We don't have time for this. LASER time.

Or, if you can't get it out at this range, I have a cunning plan that- [CAREBEARSTARE]
No. 552268 ID: 53ba34

we have ONE shot left. we need to save it.
No. 552288 ID: 1aa29f
File 138721905886.jpg - (148.39KB , 1100x1000 , 59.jpg )

Will you-what the hells is a care bear?! How is that going to help me?!
No. 552289 ID: 1aa29f
File 138721910735.jpg - (161.87KB , 1100x1000 , 60.jpg )

I need
No. 552290 ID: 1aa29f
File 138721915366.jpg - (131.51KB , 1100x1000 , 61.jpg )

something bettaiosyhdfkjanlsd

No. 552291 ID: 1aa29f
File 138721923714.jpg - (108.91KB , 1100x1000 , 62.jpg )

Why did that hurt so much?

"Stop smiling you smug bastard..."
No. 552292 ID: 1aa29f
File 138721928462.jpg - (106.14KB , 1100x1000 , 63.jpg )

"What the hells?!"

"Don't worry none Kells"
No. 552293 ID: 1aa29f
File 138721931867.jpg - (115.50KB , 1100x1000 , 64.jpg )

"Ol Devina'll protect ye."
No. 552294 ID: 1aa29f
File 138721941504.jpg - (119.72KB , 1100x1000 , 65.jpg )

"I found me sword."
No. 552301 ID: 53ba34

okay, hurt or not she can kill mofos with the best of them. lets break shit
No. 552302 ID: dbe554

Drugged or not she is the most powerful female we've yet to encounter. I mean holy hell I havn't seen anyone in your group or faction bisect someone like that!

Onward 'Kells'!
No. 552319 ID: 9ddf68

why are here eyes all brown now, earlier they was some white in them?
No. 552493 ID: 7e4b54

Okay, now I'm torn. On one hand, she can wreck shit really well. On another hand, this is still kind of a stealth mission, and she has the potential to turn that into a major clusterfuck. Just keep her with you until you can shove her off somewhere safe? (i am so turned on right now)
No. 552797 ID: 1aa29f
File 138749604191.jpg - (121.85KB , 1100x1000 , 66.jpg )

This doesn't make any sense. None of this makes sense! This blade is enchanted to carve through armor and it can barely pierce a monster's skin? Yet she has some crude block of sharp iron that can cut right through?! I don't care how strong she is, that shouldn't be possible!

"Little pigs, little pigs let me in!"
No. 552800 ID: 1aa29f
File 138749614790.jpg - (134.52KB , 1100x1000 , 67.jpg )

"Or Ah'll huff an' Ah'll puff and chop yer fakkin skulls in!"

Again, like it was nothing! Something isn't adding up here!

No. 552802 ID: 53ba34

maybe it has a hidden enchantment? like, some kind of heirloom weapon that only works properly in her family's hands.

anyway, lead her towards victory.
No. 552806 ID: 9ddf68

maybe these creature's are resistant to magic so the fact that your blade is enchanted means it's less effect?
No. 552807 ID: 53ba34

or that, yes. magic could be inverted and being enchanted makes you weaker against them.
No. 552809 ID: dbe554

Or maybe we can speculate on this after we're not in danger of being murdered by them, keep em goin'!
No. 552810 ID: e3aff6

That seems plausible. They might even have some effect that actively harnesses the magic used against them. Try slicing one of their corpses to see if it is still resistant.
No. 552900 ID: 7e4b54

Instead of enchantment, it could be material that's the issue. Might be that these things are only susceptible to cold iron or whatever that sword is made from? Man, monsters like that are so annoying...

I agree that this isn't something we need to spend a lot of time with now though, so just try to distract and harangue the enemies so she can deal with them without getting taken down herself!
No. 553689 ID: 1aa29f
File 138810212828.jpg - (106.52KB , 1100x1000 , 68.jpg )

No, not even this one is torn apart. Barely a gash across the arm. Pathetic. Something is playing merry hells with reality and I don't like it.

"Get closer so ah can cut ye proper ye ponce!"

Doesn't sound like she needs help.
No. 553690 ID: 1aa29f
File 138810219606.jpg - (181.71KB , 1100x1000 , 69.jpg )

But if you are that determined I help her...

"Put down that shield an' fight me proper!"
No. 553691 ID: 1aa29f
File 138810265509.jpg - (191.80KB , 1100x1000 , 70.jpg )

"There. Better?"

"Oh ya! Very much so. Thank ye kells dear."

:lylia:"Yer name is Kells? Heh...that sounds like a girl's name. You got a girl's name."


:lylia:"Oh it's you. The heretic. Why are you a heretic again? I d'no."

"Oi! Kells is nae heretic. He's as faithful tae th'Holy as any'un."

:lylia:"No, I know he's a heretic. I just ferget why. But mayber you aren't. If you were a heretic, I'd be mad. But I'm not mad, so you must not be a hrrtic."

"A what?"

:lylia:"I was gettin tired of sayin that all the time. I made a new word. hrrtic."


:lylia:"No, no. Hrrtic."


Well there's another point to the 'drugged' theory. They're acting like idiots.

No. 553692 ID: 53ba34

doesn't seem too strong, they can still make mostly coherent sentences. will probably wear off eventually.

keep up this strategy of making openings for her to kill them.
No. 553798 ID: b8ceae

Wait, where's the sea elf you ran into? Did she run off?
That would be terrible - they've got their captives drugged and who knows what kind of brainwashing they do to them. We should find and recapture her before she gets word to the higher ups or is used as a trap.

You may want to say something, like "You've been heavily drugged, Lylia. That's why. Come with us and we'll get you to safety.
Devina here's drugged up to where she can barely stand. I'd wrap her in a blanket and carry her out to the medics but she's insistent on being a rescuer instead of a rescuee. She's also still frighteningly effective somehow, and I seriously doubt I could make her come quietly."

I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to kill Devina with poison and she beat death into submission instead.
If you're interested in another mistress or second wife then she would make an excellent choice.
No. 553862 ID: 1aa29f
File 138818921458.jpg - (166.81KB , 1100x1000 , 71.jpg )

Oh damn you're right! Stupid! I should have kept better track of her. But with Lylia, that makes everyone accounted for except the fuzzy who's-his-face.

"You've been heavily drugged, Lylia. That's why. Come with us and we'll get you to safety."

:lylia: "I haven't a clue what you said, but okay!"

"Lylia, focus on me. Devina here can keep you safe okay? She's drugged, just like you but I don't think it's stopping her."

I can signal Kellach to start his assault on the main gate while I push from behind. Or I can go find whatever happened to that elf girl...or I can waste time looking for the fuzzball.

"Oi, Kells, who's this?"

"That is Lylia, she is one of the captives we came to rescue."

"Why? This isn't- oh Kelly I though ye were done with this phase."

"What pha-"

"Don't be coy. Ah know what ye were doin when ye though ma n' da were sleepin'. Dun be coy about it. Ye think I didna know how the pages got all sticky?"

:Lylia:"Hee hee. Your name's Kelly."
No. 553869 ID: 53ba34

okay this is going to be weird when we actually find kells again.
just say that you will talk about it later, right now there are more big blue guys to kill.
No. 553876 ID: b8ceae

You know where to meet up with everybody, right? Think we could send some people to find the Sea Elf once we've rejoined the main force?

Kellach is going to engage the enemy directly, right? Not bombarding the place or gassing it? You could tell him to have everybody keep an eye out for the Sea Elf, and bring her directly to you as soon as she's found. Also, any other non-blue people they come across.
No. 553909 ID: e3aff6

Seems like a decent time to start the attack. Kellach should be able to find his way to the fighting, and if he is in trouble the distraction of the attack should help him.

>okay this is going to be weird when we actually find kells again.
It'll be ok. The other Kells can vouch for us, and no-one knows Kells like Kells, right?
No. 554486 ID: 1aa29f
File 138853020308.jpg - (157.29KB , 1100x1000 , 72.jpg )

Yes, I'll signal Iagn with a whistle, and he'll join Kellach on the front end. Kellach cannot use any gas attack. I'm the one with the gas, but that thing is too unpredictable when allies are nearby. Ach-ka, the vial's still in my coat! Can't let that girl break it during her frenzy.

"Oi! Kellach! What're ye-"

"Left something in my coat. I need to get it out."

"Well watch what ye grab! EEP! Cold fingers!"

:lylia:"Am I underground. I think I am. That must mean I'm a gopher! I'm a gopher..."
No. 554487 ID: 1aa29f
File 138853036454.jpg - (89.14KB , 1100x1000 , 73.jpg )

"Devina, I'll explain the elf later, for now can you just keep her from trying to dig through the ground."

"If ye say so Kells. But I better hear a damn good reason tae lug this pointy eared ponce about."

With the elf secure and the upper floor cleared of enemies, there really is nothing left here but finish them off. A quick note and Iagn knows it's time. I'd better see what I have for a rear assualt and organize it as best I can.

No. 554489 ID: 1aa29f
File 138853092940.jpg - (226.76KB , 1100x1000 , 74.jpg )

"Ah-wait, this can't be all, where's everyone else?"

"I don't think this is a good idea sister. That thing gave you a real beating earlier."
"And I'm going to return the favor. Now make sure I'm secure back there."
My saber's cracked. If I find who did this..

"Scouting ahead Veni, we're sneaking out right?"

"No, we're fighting our way out. I'm getting support from outside, and the plan is to hit the monsters when they try to counter my help. That's not all though. Has anyone seen a sea elf? Naked? Unfocused eyes?"

"What did those bastards do to my sword? It's all warped out of shape!"
"At least you have one. I can't even find mine!"


Damn, I guess that means I'll need to separate someone to search for her. And there's still the matter of that metal monstrosity in the lower floor. I can't let any of those blue things escape down there, or it will be a blood bath. I'll need someone to secure that too. My force is getting smaller and smaller...

No. 554490 ID: b8ceae

Looks like there's nothing here.

How many routes are there from the lower levels? Could you secure them all?
If not, I'd find the one closest to Iagn's entry point and hold position there to minimize the time it'll take to regroup and evac the rescues. Drugged and wounded people are going to be a liability when the fighting starts, so getting them out of the combat zone would make life far easier on you.
No. 554492 ID: b8ceae

If they free the monstrosity then the monstrosity can secure itself, courtesy of us having already seized control over it and locking them out.
You might actually want to drive them TOWARDS the metal man, since that would encourage them to work faster at freeing it.

You don't actually have to focus on fighting your way out; if you harry your enemies you can create weaknesses so your allies can break through their ranks.
No. 554898 ID: 1aa29f
File 138878177167.jpg - (141.74KB , 1000x1000 , 75.jpg )

It's not them waking that...machine that worries me. It's that they'll be cornered and fight like wild animals. I want a rout where they are completely destroyed, not some close quarters skirmish where they can dig into a defensible position.

I'd be more confident with your use of the machine if you didn't already show me its in a sorry state.

Oh look at how many there are. I really don't want to have to fight that in a dark pit...

No. 554918 ID: e3aff6

Fortunately it looks like they are headed past the pit at the moment. There are more of them than our group and we don't know if our weapons will work, so I guess we follow them for not until we get closer to our forces at the front.
No. 554944 ID: 53ba34

maybe you should try to find kells first?
No. 556751 ID: 1aa29f
File 138950190378.jpg - (113.51KB , 1000x1000 , 76.jpg )

Kells is leading the charge. I trust that he'll be able to hold his own, if his own weapon has the same effect as his sister's.

But it is true our weapons may not...ARE not as effective as theirs. Our task will be less pushing from behind as it will be cutting off escape.

"ESCAPE! Get back in cell!"

"So we have stragglers eh?


"I'll be more than that."

No. 556754 ID: 53ba34

a whip should at least be cutable. unless it's made from the flesh of a dead one of them. even shallow cuts in the right places can work. like go for the heels, cut the tendons.
No. 558694 ID: 1aa29f
File 139026067255.jpg - (121.21KB , 900x1000 , 77.jpg )

I'm going for the heels then. I need to be done with this quick an-


"What the hells?"

That furry person is back! Where the hells did he-never mind. He's grabbing the monster by her neck. That and my pulling her leg up sends her and the fuzzball tumbling down the stairs.

No. 558697 ID: 1aa29f
File 139026103995.jpg - (100.66KB , 900x1000 , 78.jpg )

...and their both still alive!? Well of course they are, everything in this damn fort can't die unless you tear it apart.

The fuzzy thing is pounding her face while she's still dazed but I don't think he notices the others coming.

"Hey! Furry-fuzzy-whatever you are! Get up here, she has reinforcements!"

He doesn't hear me. I'm really starting to hate this place. Forget the raid, I want to burn this whole damn country to ash!
No. 558700 ID: dbe554

This area really has become a pain hasn't it, however try and get his attention by grabbing him, he's been useful so far.
No. 558959 ID: d2995c

Yep, grab and run.
No. 559470 ID: 1aa29f
File 139069135732.jpg - (157.56KB , 900x1000 , 79.jpg )

Right, but if I can't...


"It's dead, we need to go now! Others are coming!"


"You'll die if you stay!"


Don't think I can climb the stairs fast enough to get away.

New plan: You were able to interface with that giant mechanical thing before right? Do you think you can locate and open some compartment? An airtight space where I can take refuge? If these things have spent so much time digging it up I doubt they can pierce it. I'm going to try and douse em with the toxin and make a break for whatever you can open, and wait for the toxin to dissipate.

No. 559481 ID: 53ba34

okay, we can try. start heading for it.

[switch to rokof 622]
new pilot found, Venian Makag.
open cockpit for pilot
No. 560654 ID: 1aa29f
File 139138344017.jpg - (206.59KB , 1100x900 , 80.jpg )


I saw something opening. Is that- forget it, I'm taking it!

"Hold your breath!"


No. 560655 ID: 1aa29f
File 139138357463.jpg - (202.68KB , 1100x900 , 81.jpg )

"Uuuagh! Da'fuk is'disshit?!"

"I told you to hold your breath idiot! Go!"

Oh that felt good.


The hells is-
No. 560656 ID: 1aa29f
File 139138368046.jpg - (203.53KB , 1100x900 , 82.jpg )


"Who the fuck is on me now?! OFF GET OFF BITCH!"


"The elf?! Gods dammit! The hells are you doing down here? Get"
No. 560657 ID: 1aa29f
File 139138371244.jpg - (202.09KB , 1100x900 , 83.jpg )

No. 560658 ID: 1aa29f
File 139138375085.jpg - (181.21KB , 1000x1000 , 84.jpg )

Oh gods I think I inhaled a whiff some...that fall was much less painful than I thought.
No. 560700 ID: 9ddf68

that's cause you landed on the elf and I think the little guy just landed on something important.
No. 560702 ID: 53ba34

roll off her. then roll the other dude off of what he landed on. then check it out. that red circle with green partial circle seems interesting.
No. 560792 ID: b8ceae

[Seal hatch]
[Activate life support systems]
[Assess internal damage sustained within the past 5 minutes]

Oh, good! You found the traumatized elf girl!
You might want to restrain her, since she seemed to be having some sort of breakdown before you knocked her out. The restraints wouldn't help her mental state any, but we can't have her loose and causing damage or harming herself or others.
No. 561735 ID: 1aa29f
File 139199484753.jpg - (175.44KB , 1000x1000 , 85.jpg )



Well that's both a relief and a problem. Her behavior seems far too similar to the toxin. Hopefully she'll remain unconscious till the stuff is flushed from her system.

Wait, you want me to try and work with this...thing? Okay...I have no idea what any of this says though. 'Flux Maintenence'? Do I press- aaaaaaand the half green circle thing is glowing now. I think the furry guy broke something because there looks to be words trying to form on the glass thing but nothing's coming up. Manglao'd probably figure this crap out, but I have no idea what I'm doing.


Did this thing just talk?
No. 561736 ID: f44ca3

Its asking you to go to the pilots area. It might be trying to give you a interface so that you can run it properly. What that entails who knows.
No. 561740 ID: 53ba34

it scanned you and says it needs you to go to the pilot area. look around for a door or hatch.
No. 562959 ID: 1aa29f
File 139260050138.jpg - (173.59KB , 1000x1000 , 86.jpg )

What you mean this hatch thing-oh gods!
No. 562960 ID: 1aa29f
File 139260063443.jpg - (82.08KB , 800x1000 , 87.jpg )

What kind of idiot made the floor so slippery?! Is this even the floor?
No. 562961 ID: 1aa29f
File 139260076947.jpg - (98.98KB , 800x1000 , 88.jpg )

That was. I never want to do that again. PLT-I. Please tell me that's the pilot thing.
No. 562974 ID: 53ba34

it's supposed to be standing, so that was probably a wall.

anyway, yes this seems to be the place. try sitting in the chair. don't move at all once you are seated. it probably needs to do things.
No. 563028 ID: 1aa29f
File 139261810272.jpg - (100.04KB , 800x1000 , 89.jpg )

.......................nothing's happening.....am I supposed to say something or.....do something....or you?
No. 563030 ID: d2995c

[Main screen turn on] :V
No. 563031 ID: 53ba34

[pilot in cockpit seat]
No. 563034 ID: 1aa29f
File 139261932031.jpg - (106.05KB , 800x1000 , 90.jpg )

Okay something flashed on. Power umm...power of not...yeah I have no idea what the hells this says.


Yeah whatever that means. Do I have to fiddle with that thing over there? Is that the machine said?
No. 563035 ID: f44ca3

Ok you do not have a interface for it to connect to and it does not have enough power to give you one apparently.

We might be able to give it a charge with your help but we have no idea what form the interface will take. It might be some sort of magic tatoo or it could be some cybernetic implant for all we know.

So give us the word and we will try to charge this beast up. But not sure whats going to happen and where we will be siphoning the power from.
No. 563037 ID: b8ceae

[Locate auxiliary pilot interface]
[Repair pilot interface]
No. 563044 ID: 1aa29f
File 139262229405.jpg - (107.31KB , 800x1000 , 91.jpg )

Wait...this thing looks similar to one of Mangalo's devices. One that siphons crystals. Maybe if I place you in there...try that.
No. 563046 ID: d2995c

It is worth a try, though it we don't speak to you within a few second afterwards it might have over-drained and made us go dormant or something.
No. 563070 ID: 53ba34

[output energy at machine's maximum]
No. 563098 ID: 4c8c29

[Channel energy from ship to mech]
No. 563169 ID: 1aa29f
File 139267506542.jpg - (143.70KB , 800x1000 , 92.jpg )


Looks like whatever you're doing it's working.


What is that buzzing noise?
No. 563170 ID: 1aa29f
File 139267522115.jpg - (157.46KB , 800x1000 , 93.jpg )


0x0071 0x0069 0x0084
0x0079 0x0085 0x0084
0x0071 0x0069 0x0084
0x0079 0x0085 0x0084
0x0071 0x0069 0x0084
0x0079 0x0085 0x0084
0x0103 0x0146 0x0203
0x0232 0x0221 0x0210
0x0219 0x0219 0x0219
0x0219 0x0219 0x0219
0x0219 0x0219 0x0219
0x0219 0x0219 0x0219
No. 563171 ID: 1aa29f
File 139267532565.jpg - (30.12KB , 800x800 , 94.jpg )

I awake. I see nothing. I see black. No wait. Maybe I see white.
No. 563172 ID: 1aa29f
File 139267542792.jpg - (66.66KB , 800x800 , 95.jpg )

White makes more sense. I can see more in white. I see white. I see other things on me. I don't see them.
No. 563174 ID: 53ba34

try to move your arm?
No. 563178 ID: 1aa29f
File 139267781908.jpg - (80.03KB , 800x800 , 96.jpg )

There is resistance. Arm does not want to move. I make it move. One arm moves. The other arm still won't move. Something blocks the other arm. I see red blocking other arm.

I feel things now. They move faster now. Still do not see them. I only see white.
No. 563179 ID: 53ba34

slam fist down on red to break it.
No. 563180 ID: b8ceae

Break red to free other arm
[Prioritize repair of optical systems]
[Restrain non-pilots within mech. Do not allow non-pilots within mech to come to harm.]
No. 563181 ID: d2995c

Use your free arm to pull at the area around your trapped arm. (That arm is still buried in stone.)
No. 563182 ID: f44ca3

Looks like you are controlling the big guy now. Your other hand is incased in rock. See if you can break it free with your left hand.
No. 563206 ID: 1aa29f
File 139268576729.jpg - (62.89KB , 800x800 , 97.jpg )

The red is broken. It is now black. I can see the arm. I feel smaller things on me. There are now things and smaller things. I do not like it. I still don't see them. I need to see blue.
No. 563209 ID: 1aa29f
File 139268587856.jpg - (83.62KB , 800x800 , 98.jpg )

I see blue. I see the things now. Purple things. I remember Purple things are filthy. Purple things shouldn't be allowed to touch me.

Both arms move now. I can squish the purple.
No. 563212 ID: f44ca3

Cycle through all alternate vision modes.
No. 563214 ID: 53ba34

wait. we were fighting blue things, remember? you dropped the gas bomb and it killed them. the purple could be anything.
No. 563222 ID: 53ba34

course, you could still scoop them up and hold them in one hand. but don't kill anything until you are sure what is what.
No. 563275 ID: 1aa29f
File 139269637579.gif - (35.30KB , 800x800 , 99.gif )

I see blue. The other three purple are back.

I see red. Now there are only three blue.

I see green. Three red move and three red don't move.

I see blue again.
No. 563296 ID: 53ba34

just push them away. free legs.
No. 563300 ID: d2995c

We are in a giant machine with no tactile sensory feedback; we shouldn't touch anything we are not certain we want to crush. Just free your legs and get up for now.
No. 563350 ID: b8ceae

Free legs.
[Describe currently functioning visual modes]
[Repair optical sensors]
No. 563353 ID: 2f4b71

[multiplex optical sensor inputs]
No. 563754 ID: 1aa29f
File 139302678379.jpg - (130.12KB , 800x800 , 100.jpg )

I see the blue and the puALIEN ENTITIES. NO REZAN DETECTED


I see the green and the rMOTION.


li v0 10
No. 563755 ID: 53ba34

dang. also, we may be a little stuck own here. not sure the cave opening is big enough for this body.
[check external speakers and audio sensors]
try talking and listening. if we can talk then we can tell our allies not to freak out about the robot.
No. 563774 ID: b8ceae

[Switch to vislight optical sensors]
[Repair Input drive]

Head for the outside.
No. 564458 ID: 1aa29f
File 139344416294.jpg - (153.61KB , 800x800 , 101.jpg )

I feel something. I cannot break through, but I can. I break through. More of the purple. Some wriggle under my hand. Green here too.

The words are coming. I can now hear the little things. Too many voices. Too many words.

["The hells is that?!", "Monster!", "Metal god! Metal god!", "The fuck am I supposed to kill that?!"] I hear most.

I try to speak yet nothing happens.

Things start to look strange. I see things in blue but also other colors. Am I losing my sight?
No. 564476 ID: b8ceae

[Repair external speakers]
[Repair vislight sensors]

Pick up the purple under your hand.
Hold it in front of the other purple.
Squeeze the purple in your hand hard, then point to the ground. This should result in them surrendering.
No. 564487 ID: 53ba34

we are trying to switch you into normal sight mode so you can see. try to think of how you see things normally, before all this.

do your people have any hand signals? can you one handed signal "ally" the people on your side would understand, while the others would not.
No. 565120 ID: 1aa29f
File 139389676816.jpg - (325.80KB , 800x800 , 103_.jpg )

The purple smash together in my hand. I like that. I'm supposed to do that. I'm supposed to destroy the purple. I point to the purple in my hand.

The other purple stop moving. They move closer to ground. Is that Surrender?


Surrender? No. Not supposed to let purple Surrender.


Destroy the purple! Destroy the filth! Destroy!

No. 565121 ID: 1aa29f
File 139389695832.jpg - (106.62KB , 800x800 , 104.jpg )


"FFFFFFFUCK! Never...never again.

Unexpected Pilot Disconnect. Shutting Down.

"Oh shut up you worthless machine. Why the hells do the mark 3 models be so anal retentive with instructions?
No. 565122 ID: 1aa29f
File 139389699913.jpg - (99.18KB , 800x800 , 105.jpg )

"Wait...how did I know this thing is a mark 3?"
No. 565128 ID: 53ba34

implanted knowledge, the machine itself gave it to you. or maybe we did when we switched, dunno. point is. everything in here should listen to you better. see about finding an exit so we can see what the damage is outside. also the other one should listen to you as well.
No. 565888 ID: 1aa29f
File 139448513450.jpg - (312.20KB , 800x800 , 106.jpg )

Oh getting out is simple. Just need to follow the same way I came out, through core maintenance hatch. Whenever these models go through an Unexpected Disconnect, they open all maintenance hatches

Damn it I'm going to be doing that a lot now aren't I?

:Iagn:"Veni?! How did ya do that-that thing! With all that smashing and squishing and-what the hells?!"

"Long story, my brain is in a catastrophic amount of pain and I need help lifting two bodies up. Have the blue things surrendered?"

:Iagn:"You mean blue thing? Oh yeah. Pretty sure it wants to surrender seein' as how you squished the rest of them. Still this is crazy Veni. You got a super weapon of sorts there."

:kellach:"Aye...with something like that, ye could really stick it to the Coinin. We could even take the whole plowin' island wit this monster!"

:Iagn:"Hold on there, I'm all for using this walking statue thing but I don't think we should do anything with it yet. This is gonna mean some serious changes back home. And that thing says Rokof on it right? Who knows how long those bastards have been hiding this. Who know HOW they've been hiding this. We can't just up and show that you have control of it now. I say we wait."

:kellach:"What? And miss a chance to take back me home?!"

:Iagn:"Never said nothing about that, but right now we're stuck with the families up north and the Westerlanders have one of these things in their possession."

"I think I may be able to control that one too now."


"It's hard to explain, some sort of implanting thing in my head from this one. Just call it a hunch."

:Iagn:"That doesn't convince me Veni. Yours still has all that Rezan birdscratch on it, but the one they has is covered with all those cameos and crap. Who knows what they did to the insides. You really wanna risk us, the families, everything on a hunch?"
No. 565891 ID: 53ba34

1. the rokof were not hiding it, they haven't even built it... yet. time travel is in play here.

2. if the other one wont listen then we just have our giant robot beat up their giant robot.
also, we still have some kinks to work out in here, only Rezan should work around it for now, it seems to regard those as friendly.
No. 565897 ID: e3aff6

At the moment we shouldn't use it until we have figured out how to make it not crush all non-Rezans. Being able to easily accept surrender is important when your foreign policy is composed mainly of forced assimilation.
Also, during that time we can study, counter, and hopefully reproduce whatever makes most weapons not work on the blue people, since it is reckless to base an entire large-scale military operation on a single machine.
No. 565923 ID: 53ba34

here's how you can explain to mangalo how messing with it's insides would work out.

it would be like walking up to the engine of the ship and hitting it with something blunt until it worked the way you wanted it to. complex machines only change for proper reasons. the reason they have control of it is they have an access card, which has a password in it that grants them some control over it. the implant gives you a BETTER password that should allow you to order it to ignore the commands of that card.
No. 565928 ID: b8ceae

You could say they couldn't have done anything to the internals.
If they knew how it worked they wouldn't just have the one, and they'd have adapted the technology for other purposes.

What model number is the one we saw before, Veni?
No. 567254 ID: ee7d18
File 139545472946.jpg - (221.80KB , 800x1000 , 107.jpg )

Um. The one guarding the city was a Model 5 Asakagi Offset. I don't know much about it as information on it is corrupted. What isn't corrupted is the fact that it wasn't compatible with pilots of other models because some Eastalander had written their own custom language for it that didn't interface with other models. Except for very specific cases. I'm still just as disturbed how easily I remember that. Though it's reassuring they probably know as little as I do about the thing.

That is another good point. The whole reason behind this entire expedition was to swell the slave holds, not conquer and destroy. It would raise too much attention. Something this destructive would probably leave very little to take in its wake.

"I doubt they did much to the inside Iagn. If they knew how it worked, there would be more than just one. Though I'll concede that we may want to wait before showing our advantage...what? Why are you looking at me like that?"

:Iagn: "Ach-ka. Veni...what's with your face?!"

"My face?
No. 567289 ID: 53ba34

the control interface left some marks, just a few blue lines. explain that controlling it has a cost.
No. 567290 ID: 53ba34

oh uh.... also if i'm looking at this right, i think that dude is a chick.
No. 567453 ID: b8ceae

You don't have to worry. I'm sure some makeup would cover those lines right up.
I'd be tempted to tell Iagn that he'll get lines of his own when we take the mechanized armor away from those religious jerks.

Mark 3:
[Resume repair operations. Prioritize data recovery, followed by optics]
[New rules of engagement: Live Capture]
[Command chain update: Ranking officer is Pilot Venian]
No. 568158 ID: ee7d18
File 139624121739.jpg - (215.07KB , 800x1000 , 108.jpg )

Make up what? Will you talk sense? I have no idea what anyone is talking about again. What do you mean lines? Iagn? Actually never mind. I stopped caring.

...Registry Updated.

:Iagn:"Okay Veni...the lines are disappearing, what happened in there?"

"A small price to work with that machine. Though when this is over I'll need a mirror so I know what the hells your all on about."


"And yes, if everyone is accounted for we can finally leave this pit and get some proper rest."

:Iagn:"That's great but not what I was going to ask about. I-"

"Yes I know, and I'll concede. Until I know what the other machine is capable of, we'll keep this one a secret."

:kellach:"What?! So ye ain't even gonna bother helpin' me?! My clan is in shambles! My home is gone thanks to yer lot! We need this weapon!"
No. 568162 ID: 53ba34

explain you will still help, but if we play it right we will have TWO of these instead of just one. for now we can provide material aid and other things.
No. 569517 ID: 45e338

You have fine blue lines on your face now, tattoos which likely will conduct information via electricity. Makeup is a colliquial term for a sort of face paint designed to match the wearer's natural skin tone (or to enhance it). It is used to conceal blemishes and make the skin seem smoother. Ask a Lady about it, it is likely that one of the women in your family will know where to get something suitable. If that fails, we'll talk to Mangalo. He'll be able to understand the instructions on how to make some, and arrange for assistants to produce it in quantity.

Boss, we've issued orders to the Mk 3. You're the ranking officer in control of it, and it's back to autorepair mode at the moment. Also, it's set to prefer to attempt live capture. All these can be adjusted as needed, but keeping you informed is our job.

When we warned your father about the ambush he was enthusiastic about killing Coinin and got started right away. Kellach would probably respond well to hearing that.
No. 569554 ID: 937723

I understand your frustration but I barely managed to get this thing running. It has its own agenda and I got lucky and did not smash my own forces.

That and to run the thing you need to have a bunch of needles jammed into your head and god knows what sort of side effects that will have.
No. 569601 ID: ee7d18
File 139692064521.jpg - (102.72KB , 800x600 , 109.jpg )

Ah I don't care as long as I don't look like a freak. Tatoos and such are commonplace with the Rokof famiy. Maybe these will help when I speak with them.

"First of all, my father is already aware of what occurred, and I can assure you whatever force that forced your family out will not stand a chance against Rezan might."

:kellach:"Well that's a start but, ye-"

"I understand your frustration but I barely managed to get this thing running. It has its own agenda and I got lucky and did not smash my own forces."

:kellach:"Ah suppose that's a gud reason but-"
No. 569602 ID: ee7d18
File 139692083534.jpg - (91.26KB , 800x600 , 110.jpg )

"Third, none of this is my family's fault. Our alliance with yours was out of convenience. We were convinced of all the primitives, yours was the strongest. The only possible fault we could have made was choosing the wrong clan to support. If you really have suh trouble holding on to your lands, you are always welcome to come back to Rezo...in chains."


"Oi Kells! Play nice now! Ye supposed tae be polite with comp'ny!"

"You heard your sister Kells."
No. 569646 ID: 45e338

It's your face boss, but there might be times when you will want to be able to hide marks that make you easy to identify. Better to plan ahead, right?

Haha, that's telling him. Still, wouldn't do to kick him in the pride too much. Even if they're poor at political maneuvering as a clan, they're good individual fighters.
No. 569662 ID: 53ba34

yes, we still want the secret of how sister over there bisected these blue guys while your stuff did jack all.
No. 571269 ID: ee7d18
File 139777624869.jpg - (101.46KB , 800x600 , 111.jpg )

Oh yes, thank you for reminding me.

"Your blade. What do you do to these things?"

"What're ye talkin ab-ey!"

"These things are made with low quality iron an roughly sharpened, yet it manages to cut through those beasts with no effort, while mine can barely cut. What do you do to these things?"

"Maybe they aren't as bad as ye think."

No there's a secret to these things."

"And I ain't tellin ye."
No. 571285 ID: 99624f

Want us to "inspect" the blade for you?
No. 571296 ID: 53ba34

explain that the secret could give their clan more political power. and imagine what weapons could be made if you combined the secret with better tools. sharper and stronger blades, perhaps such a blade could cut through anything.
No. 571339 ID: 65177a

maybe the blue things have anti magic properties
No. 571761 ID: 45e338

Now's a good time to illustrate to him that you can educate him.

Secrets for secrets are how the world works. He and his clan need help learning how to hold power against a world of enemies. Or maybe his clan would prefer to leave entirely, not in chains but as retainers, well positioned to be able to return if they wish, when they are ready. You and your family can provide such opportunities.

Best of all the cost is ultimately fairly low for you. The solution is a chance to learn from you at your side in fights and strategic planning, as an attached junior officer. He, and any of his clan who wish in on this, will fight intermixed with your forces. Effectively they will learn how to hold territory like Rezan do, by fighting shoulder to shoulder with you.

If they prove too weak to be worth educating and propping up again, you can get use out of them in the field before you use them up entirely. If they can make intelligent decisions and can learn from you, then you've built an ally who will remember your help.

The time investment lasts as long as you think it takes them to learn.
No. 572197 ID: ee7d18
File 139836236511.jpg - (105.53KB , 800x600 , 112.jpg )

Intriguing. I guess the brat may have some uses besides being noisy. And no, don't bother trying to 'inspect' or whatever. If this blade indeed cuts through magic, I doubt you'll be able to see anything with it.

"Now don't be so quick young Kells. You think that whatever your family's secrets are the only thing keeping us from simply taking you away? Don't be silly.

"Think. Why was the alliance made between our forefathers made in the first place? Because they saw the benefit of mutual exchange. We gave you a taste of what we could do. And it made your lands safer. We still have much to teach your clan. Ever consider that? "

:Kellach: ...

"Ever consider leaving this land for Rezo? Not as slaves mind you. As retainers. Another clan to join my clan. Where you no longer have to watch your borders for rivals looking to steal your harvest or your women. A place where you can grow in peace, develop and learn as we once have without the constant threat of annihilation hanging over you. I can arrange this, but I need a show of good will from you. From your clan. The secret of your weapon forging. Your aid in a coming battle. A small favor and nothing more."

:Kellach: ..."Ah dun know how. Mah sister does."

"There's a good lad. But your sister is in no state to tell anyone anything. Return to your clan. Tell them she is safe. Tell them what I've told you. I'm sure we can reach a beneficial agreement."

:Kellach:"Wait. Yer takin me sister?!"

"In a way. Not as a hostage, but to care for her. My clan know about toxins that poison the mind. Trust me, with us she will recover much faster."

:Kellach:"Ye talk about faith. What can ye give to show ye won't up and backstab me?"
No. 572199 ID: fe4bfc

What would make a good exchange I wonder?

We could help him with something he needs before we leave. Or maybe a gift of some sort.

Ask him if there is something he wants. If its within our power and available to us right now we can at least consider it.

Does he want to come along with his sister?

Or we could try and peek into his mind a little and see what sort of desires drive him. Easiest way to someones loyalties is through passions or vices.
No. 572212 ID: 53ba34

just ask him: what do you want? if it's small enough i am sure we could get it.
No. 572221 ID: b8ceae

Pfft, why not make him a pilot for the mech? Tell him he's to only use it for defensive purposes and it's not to leave his lands. He'll learn pretty quickly that it's not the most well behaved of weapons.

Since we can take it back over at any time he can't exactly use it against us, but it would be substantial collateral that would at least seem like a massive show of trust.

Besides, I doubt it would fit on the ship home anyway.
No. 572287 ID: 53ba34

bad plan. we have no idea how it works or if it's possible or if it will blow up his brain for trying. too many bad possibilities, not enough good ones.
No. 572327 ID: b8ceae

@Mech: [Query: List of acceptable pilot species and races]
No. 572416 ID: 45e338

No, the mecha's worth more than his entire clan. We've only seen one other example of this sort of technology, and this mecha in particular is the only example of its class we have.

Traditionally, what would be appropriate is a hostage exchange. Even if you've said the girl isn't a hostage, this meets all the criteria for an exchange. To keep the veneer of politeness on the politiking, you could ask him play host to your brother for a period of time. This would cement that you're serious about giving his clan the respect they're due, since you're entrusting a blood relative to his clan while you care for one of their own.

Your brother would have a chance to do some spy and diplomatic work, getting an idea of the size of the clan and communicating that information to you. He would also be able to answer questions about life as retainers to Rezan. I know he's not as sharp as you are, but he should be able to handle all that without much issue, right?
No. 572418 ID: b8ceae

I don't think we CAN take the mech with us right now. It's certainly not going to fit in the ship we took here, after all.

And I don't mean for us to GIVE it to him, just let him hold it as collateral for his sister.
No. 572469 ID: 45e338

First, the Rezan are obviously capable of shipping many, many, tons of materiel and fighters. Worst comes to worst, we leave behind some stuff we can make more of, like artillery.

Second, you act like we don't have a resident scientist. We do. Mangalo is perfectly up to the task of solving how to bring it back, if it proves to be an issue.

Third, all this is only if we can't get it to come home under its own power once it has had time to fully repair itself.

No, I think you're just bad at logistics, fellow. We can't afford to leave this singular example of high technology from a forgotten future behind.
No. 573125 ID: ee7d18
File 139923805945.jpg - (100.63KB , 800x600 , 113.jpg )

Him? A pilot in one of things? Out of the question. Such a destructive power shouldn't be allowed in the hands of anyone but a Rezan. Now sending my brother as a 'hostage'? That is much more agreeable.

"Iagn. My brother shall come with you. As a mutual exchange. A fair trade yes? My brother's strength in return for the care I'll give your sister."

:kellach:"That dunnae work-"

:iagn:"Sounds good to me."

"Aye, Kells two sounds fair. G'head take the Iigan fellow Kells one."


"No "buts", come on let's go little Kells."

"Oh by the by, yer not really Kells are ye? I cannae call ye that all the time."
No. 573129 ID: 53ba34

try to explain that the big blue people gave her drugs meant to confuse her. so no, you aren't kells. introduce yourself properly.
No. 573138 ID: b8ceae

It might be best to introduce yourself now.
I'd tell her you tried to explain who you are to her, but she was very heavily drugged and we didn't have the time to keep trying - we were behind enemy lines with wounded in dire need of help, after all.
Apologizing for the confusion might help. It's pretty clear you never intended to deceive her, but being polite doesn't hurt.
No. 573440 ID: ee7d18
File 139943152187.jpg - (95.90KB , 800x600 , 114.jpg )

"No, you were drugged by those monsters back there. I only pretended to be Kellach to get you away from them. I apologize for any offense."

"Ah no. Ah jus' wanted to know yer real name."

"Of course. It is Venian."

:gwendolyn:"Well a pleasure Masturr Venian. I'm Gwendolyn. Now Venian ye did touch me in the wrong place back in that tower. Remind me when I wake to slug ya in the face fer that."


She's unconscious again. I suppose the drug is still in her body. Long lasting. Primitive, inefficient but long lasting. I need to remember to procure some later.

She is a lot heavier than I expected.

No. 573441 ID: 99624f

Can you sling her over your shoulders? Usually the best way to carry someone who is unconscious. If not I would find someone to give you a hand.
No. 573449 ID: e3aff6

Yep; dragging someone around is both rude and far too much effort.
No. 573580 ID: b8ceae

I think the best solution is to make sure she has something covering her lower parts, then fireman-carry her to the medbay.
I wouldn't delegate it, either. You could stand to get looked over after having that spike rammed into your face, and seeing to her treatment personally is a show of respect.

Now that you have some time, what's your honest appraisal and opinion of her?
No. 574053 ID: ee7d18
File 139986157908.jpg - (105.12KB , 800x600 , 115.jpg )

There are plenty of clothing scraps around after that mechanical giant slaughtered those things. I suppose I can wrap her in that.

Not sure what fireman carry means, so I guess I'll just haul her like a sack of grain. Wow that's heavy.

As for Gewndel-whatever her name was. She's impressive. I know the daoine were supposed to be some hardy people despite their size but what I was told was an understatement.

She's exactly what was said. Strong, dependable, and too drunk or stupid to know when they are beaten. Put our technology behind it and it was no surprise such a small clan was able to seize control of the northern isles. And I'm not sure if whatever they gave her was weak or if she was too strong for it but she is one impressive specimen of her race. If they weren't so backwards, Rezans might have even welcomed them into the Empire. Or at least Makag would. Rokof would never let anything without Rezan blood be equal to...Rezans

No. 574054 ID: ee7d18
File 139986177014.jpg - (105.20KB , 800x600 , 116.jpg )

Where is everyone...and everything? There is a lot less furniture in these barracks than I remember. And why are these planks here with no one watching them?
No. 574060 ID: 99624f

People been looting non stop maybe?
No. 574070 ID: 53ba34

they probably assume the hole is secure. and the stuff was probably taken by someone. call out?
No. 574804 ID: 45e338

No, don't call out. Assume you're still in hostile territory for now. Something's not right here.
No. 574942 ID: ee7d18
File 140044920080.jpg - (112.42KB , 800x576 , 117.jpg )

Yes I agree, this is wrong. Down the hallway there's what looks to be a barricade in the terrace. Some sort of fighting has happened while I was gone. Surrounded by an enemy I don't know with an unconscious woman I've barely met on my back. I think I can say I've never had a situation like this before.

To my right further down the terrace I can hear fighting, but there is something else I hear. Not sure. The sounds are similar to the sound that 'laser' gun made but less noisy.

To my left towards their temple I can hear a bell ringing and...gunfire?

No. 574948 ID: 53ba34

to the left. take it slow and peek around corners.
No. 575426 ID: ee7d18
File 140081492193.jpg - (84.91KB , 800x576 , 118.jpg )

Well to the left-MY left-there is the gunfire. I can't see too well but it looks like there are people barricaded in the temple. They are firing something. It sounds similar to a Rezan rifle but it sounds...off. Whatever they are, those weapons are being used against an array of creatures. Goblins, kobolds, nyx, I think I even see one of those blue female monster things among the bodies. The rabble outside seem barely organized and can't seem to reach the barricade. At the moment they are standing away as if baiting those inside to come out. I'm going to assume whatever weapons the defenders are using have a limited range before their accuracy starts to drop.
No. 575430 ID: 53ba34

we'll try to get a better look
[swing 100 degrees counterclockwise)
No. 575872 ID: ee7d18
File 140105832257.jpg - (127.76KB , 800x576 , 119.jpg )

What do you see? Is it safe?
No. 575896 ID: 53ba34

damn, the windows are boarded up to the point we can't see who is using the guns.
let's try the other passage, too many unknowns over here.
No. 575938 ID: e3aff6

There is a yellowish gun with a bayonet sticking out of the window and a goblin corpse on the ground.
If these weapons sound like the laser, they are probably the weapons dug up by the holy empire folks. From what I recall those guys were not trying to kill us the last time we saw them, but they might know who we are by now or simply shoot before recognizing us.
No. 577785 ID: ee7d18
File 140226601528.jpg - (695.30KB , 800x600 , 120.jpg )

If they are part of the Holy or whatever I can still pass myself off as on of Mangalo's bodyguards or something. Just need to play the 'dumb barbarian' role.

"Wound! I have wound!"

"Who said-halt!"

"No shoot! No shoot! I have wound girl! She need help!"
"Is that a coiniminin?"

"That's coinin idiot. And no, she's too short. Must be daoine."

"How do we know he isn't part of that mob outside?"

"No. Not fight! Want help!"

"Hey it's one of those barbarians Dominore Mangalo had with him."

"Still...Dominore Mangalo! Is this foreigner with you?"

Dominore Mangalo?
No. 577787 ID: ee7d18
File 140226698413.jpg - (901.00KB , 800x600 , 121.jpg )

:mangalo:"What's the commotion about? Lord Venian?"


:mangalo:"This is good news! I had feared the worst when that attack on the barracks occurred. We had no time to see if you were alright!"

"Dominore Mangalo?"

:mangalo:"This man is with me, and is quite trustworthy. Lower your weapons! Lord Venian where are the other?"

"On there way, I came first because of a promise to tend to this woman. Now what's this about Dominore?"

:mangalo:"That's good, we'll need the extra muscle to help. Whatever that attack was, it must have been a signal of some sort for others to attack. Goblins, gorgons, taurs. It was like an alliance of some sort. I'm sorry but I didn't have much chance to learn of the situation. The Guardian is dealing with the worst of it, but its vow to leave the city unharmed means it will not attack those already inside the walls. We need to deal with them ourselves."

"You're avoiding the question. Why are these men calling you Dominore Mangalo?"

:mangalo:"Dear, I was hoping to tell you this under more savory circumstances...it's um...a title. My full title is actually Apparati Rationete Dominore diMangalo."

"And you have that title because?"

:mangalo:"Because that was my title before I came to Rezo. It stands for Lord of Logic and Apparati, a title given to all masters of the Holy Branch of Rationalism and Development. Lord Venian?"

"So is that why you are dressed like clown?"
No. 577813 ID: 53ba34

haha, don't let the guys with the guns know yo are saying anything like that, seem to think of him as important. anyway, wanna tell him they dug up another guardian? and we are in control of it.. mostly. may also give us some extra leverage with the first one.
No. 577862 ID: 24dc7a

For a moment I wondered whether we can trust Mangalo when we didn't know such a major thing about him, but we have known him for a long time now, and since he hasn't backstabbed us now with all these soldiers of his I doubt knowing about a second less functional giant robot will tip the balance.
Anyway, make sure to get his men alerted so they don't attack the rest of your allies when they come up, then we can have and give some explanations.
No. 577908 ID: b8ceae

I'd say "We recovered a second mobile armor. It's non-autonomous and very temperamental.
I was willing to believe the guardian was recovered from some dead civilization or another, but I recognize the maker marks on this one. It's Rezan.

Mangalo, who is trying to murder time?"
No. 578503 ID: ee7d18
File 140269481552.jpg - (257.41KB , 800x800 , 122.jpg )

:mangalo:"Well I admit these clothes are a tad on the flamboyant side but a clown? Master Ve-"

"Later Mangalo, I've learned a number of disturbing things and I need answers. But first I need an apothecary or whatever passes for a healer here to look at this girl. She was kidnapped and drugged down there and I don't know what's wrong with her."

:mangalo:"Oh well I can tell right now it's mostly exhaustion but if there is anything more serious I'm afraid you will have to wait. There is a long line of wounded and we have few that know enough to tend to them. But surely there is more than that if you were going to risk going through such hostile territory just to see me."

"We recovered a second mobile armor. It's non-autonomous and very temperamental.
I was willing to believe the guardian was recovered from some dead civilization or another, but I recognize the maker marks on this one. It's Rezan.

Mangalo, who is trying to murder time?"

:mangalo:"Well based on what your are saying...you are."

No. 578509 ID: dbe554

Ask for him to explain himself in detail.
No. 578513 ID: 53ba34

not US us. but us from the future. or past... or something.
No. 578523 ID: 185d95

In our experience, time travel shenanigans means one of about three things:
1- something went horribly wrong, the time travel happened on accident and therefore the thing(s) sent back in time have little to no helpful information on/in them to prevent the disaster
2- everything is totally fine and the time travel still happened on accident, leading you to freak out over nothing
3- just as in 1, things went horribly wrong, except the time travel was planned and whatever was sent back and contains vital information to averting the disaster

I don't think this is a number two situation. Time will tell if this is a one or three.
No. 578541 ID: 24dc7a

There is also the scenario when someone goes back on time for non-disaster-related reasons like trying to conquer/exploit the/a past. An astoundingly irresponsible thing to do, but I wouldn't put it past future-us.
No. 578553 ID: b8ceae

Wasn't that the plot of that knock-off ghostbusters cartoon? An evil robot ghost trying to conquer time?

How does the evidence point to you? You had that dream where some eldrich horror claimed responsibility, but it may be trying to in the blame on you, or allies from the future may be sending resources back to you, or countless other possibilities.
No. 578642 ID: ee7d18
File 140279484447.jpg - (352.65KB , 800x800 , 123.jpg )

"Explain yourself. What do you mean by me?"

:mangalo:"Not just you specifically. You as in that bauble you carry. That jewel has a history lord Venian. Something in the world changes whenever it finds itself in the hands of the ambitious. The Holy Branch of Rationalism and Development have found many periods from different kingdoms where that bauble has appeared. It has been theorized that your jewel is the cause for such strange occurrences as the appearance of these giant walking machines."

"How does this jewel affect anything?"

:mangalo:"It affects everything lord Venian. The world, possibly even the cosmos themselves are altered by that thing. It affects our world and our memories, but not our history. These creatures that assault us. The Gorgons, minotaurs, niads and nyx. A thousand years ago you couldn't find a shred of evidence they existed yet two hundred years ago they suddenly appear and overwhelm the Caliphates in the south. And then there is the odd circumstances of your own history."

"You mean to tell me this thing just spontaneously created life on this world? That's insane."

:mangalo:"Not create. From what we've seen it moves things around. The stars are different but the formations are the same. The people that have suddenly 'appeared' have histories of lands that appear on no map."
No. 578643 ID: ee7d18
File 140279511043.jpg - (356.13KB , 800x800 , 124.jpg )

So you can change the world itself? How do you...

:mangalo:"Oh I wish we were at the Master's Hall instead of trapped here. I'd at least have some physical evidence in my hands. Holy I hope I have all the details right. Anyway, the main reason for me going to Rezo in the first place was to investigate your people. Because our oldest records tell of a land to the west of us, populated by barbarians that warred with each other as often as they did their neighbors, us. Then at some point in 722 BD some cataclysmic event occurred and the entire landmass disappeared. Most considered it some act of Divine Intervention but as time went on some had lingering doubts as to what could destroy an entire landmass."
No. 578644 ID: ee7d18
File 140279515168.jpg - (60.70KB , 800x800 , 125.jpg )

:mangalo:"Lord Venian, that landmass was called Rezao."
No. 578645 ID: ee7d18
File 140279545038.jpg - (407.00KB , 800x800 , 126.jpg )

:mangalo:"Ah found it. This old parchment details a historian documenting the disappearance of Rezao. 'A great light as though Heaven itself took offense at the blighted peoples. As the light left us and vision return, we saw again to see naught but waves and water.' I must ask lord Venian, did you ever-"

"Mangalo. Where are we?"

:mangalo:"The Master's Hall of course. I apologize for keeping you up so long, I realize you are exhausted but this is important!"

"But the siege at the city gates."

:mangalo:"Holy, you must be tired. Surely you remember the glorious charge, the battles in the streets of the city as we pushed them outside the walls to the Guardian's mercy."

"Um. No."
No. 578647 ID: dfc5cf

So we or something tied to us may have up and moved all of Rezao through time for... some reason. And apparently dropped Rezan futuretech into it, and while we're at it, warped space to bring races from other planets, universes, or dimensions (depending on the severity of things) to this planet.
Totally awesome and entirely terrifying. Also, if it's our fault, uh... our bad? Unless we did it to save the world, in which case, we really need to work on our memory skills.
No. 578651 ID: 53ba34

((dude shut up. using quotes s what got us INTO this mess in the first place!))
No. 578652 ID: 761017

1.) Venian has been deported to an alternate dimension very similar to your own.
2.) Venian has blacked out/whited out the past half-hour of washing, dressing, talking, due to an effect on his mind by the bauble.

I notice that, if dimension hopping, we jumped to identical conversational moments where Mangalo said the phrase: "Lord Venian, that landmass was called Rezao."
No. 578653 ID: b8ceae

Yea... If we were in control we would remember it. This is clearly time shenanigans.

He DOES realize that our loyalty is to Gyoji, and we are helping you for her sake, right?
No. 579689 ID: ee7d18
File 140330485721.jpg - (146.99KB , 800x800 , 127.jpg )

"The voices don't seem to be aware. Are you sure this thing is capable of so much?"

:mangalo:"Not just sure lord. We know."

"You can say that as much as you want Mangalo. Where's the proof?"

:mangalo:It was Maestro Oali that first measured spikes in energy around the planet. And we gauged that to be some event where something changes. Though we aren't physically aware of the change, our records and history help us determine what has been affected. That was why I borrowed it from you when I first saw you with it. Using your Rezan technology I managed to create an artificial Oali spike. Venian that thing alters reality, I know it. How it decides what to alter is still a mystery. I was hoping the magitech of the Rezans would help me find a solution."

"Well don't expect to get an answer from this. The voices are just as mystified as you."

:mangalo:"Really? This opens a whole new line of inquiry! Lord Venian. Please allow me to speak with it again."

"You're bound to it already you can do that can't you?"

:mangalo:"I mean to hold it physically I wish to run another experiment."
No. 579690 ID: ee7d18
File 140330499476.jpg - (170.80KB , 800x800 , 128.jpg )

"Not today Mangalo. There is a day long gap in my memory and I need to fill-"

:gwendolyn:"That's fer feelin' me up yesterday!"

:mangalo:"Milady! Restrain yourself!"

Wow, that little thing has a powerful swing.

No. 579714 ID: dbe554

Her sword swings literally bisected giant lizards with really tough bodies and skin that resisted your blades. Just be glad she didn't hit you hard enough to snap your neck.
No. 579720 ID: 53ba34

apologize? try to explain you didn't do it on purpose.
No. 579723 ID: dfc5cf

Hey, that just means she'll be a good wife/concubine/what-have-you. Obviously, you two are meant to be together, that's how these things work, you know.
You accidentally grope her in the middle of a big fight for both your lives, she punches you later afterward, then you settle down and have like ten babies.
No. 581112 ID: ee7d18
File 140374349706.jpg - (230.08KB , 800x800 , 129.jpg )

:mangalo:"Venian, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, juft need to waif for the fain to stof. Sorry miff. I did not fink you'd even remembah. You mistook me for yer brovva."

:gwendolyn:"I did that?"

:mangalo:"Lord Venian! What's important right now is that orb. You aren't grasping what I'm trying to tell you. That thing is the reason Rezo exists!"
No. 581113 ID: ee7d18
File 140374355306.png - (5.81KB , 479x364 , end.png )

:mangalo:"Rezao is Rezo!"
No. 581133 ID: dc4b80

Wait so at some point we moved a entire continent through time? Yay us?

Maybe this explains the stuff with the half breed detective we have been talking to on the side? Well regardless of what happened we don't remember doing it so we have probably not done it yet.

Meaning that we will do it soon for some reason. Hmm life could get interesting soon.

"Make sure you trust this guy because he knows just enough to be dangerous. Right now you and him are the only ones that know about this stuff and if he wanted to mess with history this would be the time to attempt it."

Of course trying to mess with history might be how all of this gets started. Who knows with time bullshit.
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