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File 125400286430.gif - (4.26KB , 800x600 , 512.gif )
51810 No. 51810 ID: af9412

The water's rising, so quick and cold.
This is an unlikely place to drown.
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No. 51811 ID: 950eaa

Does the water smell bad?
No. 51812 ID: 950eaa

hold your breath?
No. 51814 ID: f4963f

... any visible way out, buddy? Maybe you can swim out?
No. 51819 ID: f44349

Where are you?
Where is the water coming from?
No. 51820 ID: b1e366

If the water is rising quickly, then it's a very likely place to drown.
No. 51821 ID: af9412
File 125400318039.gif - (3.86KB , 800x600 , 513.gif )

The black's closing all around us.
My eight buddies and I were mining down here when we hit a chamber full of water. We managed to get a warning out to the other workers, but there wasn't time for us to make it to the exit.
This is the highest point we could reach. It's still flooding.

I don't know how long the nine of us are going to last.
No. 51823 ID: 9d07d9

Just how big is this chamber?
No. 51824 ID: f4963f

Well, looks like your options are pretty limited then. You can try to swim out through the flooded rooms ahead. How deep underground are you? The water's got to end at some point.
No. 51825 ID: f21281

Any of you know a gobbo by the name of Finesse?
No. 51826 ID: f44349

>I don't know how long the nine of us are going to last.
No. Fuck that.
We're getting you out of here.
Okay, okay, think... We need some way to drain the water...
We need a hole! A great big giant hole! Another cavern! YESSSsss
Quick, how much of the cave's layout do you know?
And what tools, if any, do we have?
No. 51834 ID: af9412
File 125400361181.gif - (5.12KB , 800x600 , 514.gif )

We've got some rope, some picks and shovels, and some rations and lanterns, though the last two are ruined by waterlogging.

We're some 24-stories down.
No. 51841 ID: f44349

>Picks and shovels
Ohohoh yes!
Do you have any idea which direction the nearest non-flooded cave is?
Better yet how much of the entire cave system's layout do you remember?
No. 51850 ID: af9412
File 125400417511.gif - (4.36KB , 800x600 , 515.gif )

>Do you have any idea which direction the nearest non-flooded cave is?
We're in it.
I don't know if there's another until almost to the surface.
And even if there is, if we breach another chamber going up, we're going to release the air bubble trapped in here, which is the only thing keeping us all alive right now.
No. 51852 ID: 950eaa

Is it flowing?
No. 51853 ID: 950eaa

Is it flowing?
No. 51854 ID: f44349

Okay... okay...
We can't put the water anywhere else...
Maybe we could stop the flow! Where's the water coming from?
No. 51857 ID: db0334

Poke your head underwater; are you able to see anything of interest?
No. 51875 ID: af9412
File 12540052354.gif - (4.39KB , 800x600 , 516.gif )

The water's flowing from beneath us, rising slowly. Or it was, until it started to level out. It's hard to tell if it's still rising. If it is, it's slow, and it means there's probably some tiny crevice in this chamber releasing our air.

I poke my head underwater, but I can't see anything. It's pitch black.
I wouldn't expect to find anything other than maybe an old cart or some more tools.
No. 51876 ID: af9412
File 125400526556.gif - (4.09KB , 800x600 , 517.gif )

And of course, this would be the day I didn't kiss my wife goodbye.
No. 51878 ID: 476456

Did you bring anything with you on the way up..
No. 51879 ID: fb5d8e

Pray together.
No. 51885 ID: f44349

>it means there's probably some tiny crevice in this chamber releasing our air.
Alright now we're cooking.
Find that crack.
EVERYBODY look look look as hard as you can and find it.
And as soon as you do we need to plug it. Completely and as close to air-tight as possible.
Rope might work but you'll probably have to use something that fits better like... cloth or something.
One of you is gonna have to lose some clothing I think.
No. 51890 ID: af9412
File 125400576558.gif - (2.66KB , 800x600 , 518.gif )

We're all fairly religious men.
We hold our heads up high, and Kalley struggles hard to breathe.

We offer a shared prayer, each of us huddling together. We ask God to open his arms for the nine souls He'll receive.
No. 51895 ID: f44349

No no no. Come on.
You've still got a chance. You just need to plug the hole the air is escaping out of and it will buy you enough time to think of a proper way out!
No. 51897 ID: 950eaa

Well, I don't see any way out of this, you best get to drownin.
No. 51902 ID: fb5d8e

Hold on to your religion. Your god will be merciful. Fear no death or pain, for release is nearby.
Try to encourage everyone to continue their prayers and remain calm.
No. 51907 ID: 99ff38

Yeah I see no hope here. Just drown. It's better that way.
No. 51910 ID: 15f6d6

You best get ta drownin'
No. 51911 ID: 950eaa

Just die already. Inhale water and drown.
No. 51912 ID: af9412
File 125400637032.gif - (4.61KB , 800x600 , 519.gif )

The cavern is wide. It's also nearly impossible to see anything. The hole could be a thin, rigid crack leaking air. I wouldn't even know how to begin searching for something like that, I could brush my hand right over it and never know. Unless you have any ideas, whoever you are.
Even then, the air's going to get stale soon.

Lynch says he has an idea, and asks for my rope.
No. 51913 ID: 15f6d6

Just close your eyes and let it happen.
No. 51915 ID: 0d3a22

No. 51917 ID: c80cec

let him have the rope, and ask what he is going to do.
No. 51918 ID: db0334

Well, give it to him.
No. 51919 ID: 99ff38

How can we hang ourselves with the rope if we don't have anything to hang ourselves on?
No. 51920 ID: af9412
File 125400651056.gif - (5.53KB , 800x600 , 520.gif )

Lynch says we should lash ourselves together with the rope, so that in death, we'll all be found.
No. 51926 ID: 0d3a22

Punch him in the face to conserve air.
No. 51931 ID: 950eaa


Seems reasonable.
No. 51932 ID: 4553b2

That's... actually a very good idea. Do it.
No. 51934 ID: 15f6d6

Facepunch sounds like a great plan. Let's do that.
No. 51937 ID: f44349

Come on! Come on!
Okay... if the air is going OUT, then it must be escaping to somewhere with no water!
We don't need to PLUG it we need to make it BIGGER.
We can follow the air to freedom!

But that still doesn't help us find the hole...
No. 51938 ID: 99ff38


Punching things is the best way out of anything. Do it.
No. 51946 ID: af9412
File 125400706959.gif - (2.10KB , 800x600 , 521.gif )

If we widen the hole, the air will just escape faster, the water level will shoot up, and we'll drown in an instant.

Brennan makes his peace and prays for a miracle.
The rest of us do the same.

Whoever you are, please, take care of my family.
Tell me wife Alel I love her.
Look after my little girl, Finnie.
No. 51950 ID: fb5d8e

We will. Do not worry.
Leave all your earthly problems behind. It is time to rest, child.
No. 51953 ID: 15f6d6

You goblins are pretty freaking dumb if you think that's how physics work.
No. 51955 ID: 6faa8c


>Look after my little girl, Finnie.



No. 51956 ID: 99ff38

That's not how liquid physics work, you know. You will suffocate on CO2 before you drown, if the water ever gets there, that is.
No. 51958 ID: 476456

Widen the hole and swim through it, whats the worst that could happen. you could DROWN? You're already GOING to drown. HOLD OUT HOPE YOU...GOBLINS
No. 51959 ID: f44349

>If we widen the hole, the air will just escape faster, the water level will shoot up, and we'll drown in an instant.
But... but...

...We will. We'll look after her. I promise.
No. 51963 ID: 1689ab

Damnit, don't just stand there! Who cares if you're about to die! That's no reason to give up! Thats all the more reason to fight ever harder! Take that pick and swing it! What's the worst that can happen? You've only ever truly lost if you give up! FIGHT! Yours is the drill that will pierce the heavens!
No. 51965 ID: 15f6d6

Shit yourselves in consternation.
No. 51967 ID: 15f6d6

Shit yourselves in consternation.
No. 51968 ID: 15f6d6

Shit yourselves in consternation.
No. 51969 ID: 15f6d6

Shit yourselves in consternation.
No. 51970 ID: 950eaa

Pray for a swift death
No. 51971 ID: af9412
File 125400756186.gif - (2.14KB , 800x600 , 522.gif )

Nine in the mine, trapped down below.
No. 51972 ID: 15f6d6

Start fucking like rabbits.
No. 51973 ID: 99ff38

Well now it's a good time to try that gay sex you've been hearing about.

It's not like anyone will care at this point.
No. 51974 ID: af9412
File 125400770755.gif - (2.21KB , 800x600 , 523.gif )

Down, down, down in the...

No. 51978 ID: f44349

Wait... did the water just go... down?!

No. 51979 ID: af9412
File 125400798763.gif - (5.00KB , 800x600 , 524.gif )

There are bubbles coming up from below.
It's clean, fresh air. Forcing down the water level.
No. 51980 ID: 15f6d6

Touch penis.
No. 51981 ID: 950eaa


Sit there and frown.
No. 51982 ID: c80cec

Hot damn! Is the water level still going down?
No. 51983 ID: 0d3a22

Quickly pull pants back up. Pretend nothing happened.
No. 51984 ID: 6faa8c

You might live.

Stay aware! Something else may go wrong!
No. 51985 ID: f4963f

... good!

Investigate their source? Though I guess you can't see underwater.

Well, inform the others.
No. 51987 ID: af9412
File 125400825970.gif - (5.51KB , 800x600 , 525.gif )

The water level continues to drop. After another two hours, the chamber is clear enough to breathe comfortably and stand. The water is shallow.
No. 51990 ID: db0334

>dat hand

Also, escape?
No. 51991 ID: c80cec

So are the passages traversable now?
No. 51992 ID: f44349

We're getting you out.

Assess surroundings.
Exits? Holes? Things?
No. 51993 ID: 99ff38


Have an orgy in celebration of good fortune
No. 51996 ID: af9412
File 125400882986.gif - (5.40KB , 800x600 , 526.gif )

Brennan is the one to notice a rope in the corner of the chamber, where the water is deepest. Where it connects to the main tunnel.
There's some kind of floater on the end. Really catches the eye.

I wonder who could've sent it.
Maybe I should follow it?
No. 51997 ID: f4963f

No. 52000 ID: f44349

Ohhhh! A rescue crew!
Yes! Follow it!
No. 52003 ID: af9412
File 125400918252.gif - (3.76KB , 800x600 , 527.gif )

We all go together or not at all. Linked together, we grab to the rope and give a tug, and it pulls us upwards, through the blackness.
The water is cold and dark around us, a torrent flowing around us with all the rush of a storm.

I don't know how far it is to the surface. My lungs burn. The rope continues to pull, drawing my weak bones with it.
No. 52005 ID: 6faa8c




No. 52007 ID: f44349

Hold on tight!
As tight as the tightest tight that ever tighted a tight!
No. 52008 ID: af9412
File 125400943957.gif - (4.28KB , 800x600 , 528.gif )

I don't know quite what happens next
But suddenly, it's over
The sun is so bright it's blinding
A man stands over me
A man sent by god to save us
He says his name is Malto
No. 52009 ID: f44349

You're safe now. Everyone is safe.
No. 52012 ID: af9412
File 125401004643.gif - (8.45KB , 800x600 , 529.gif )

My friends and I are all rescued. The man who led the operation was the Baron Malto. We thanked him with our deepest sincerity and he told us to return to our families, which we were all too happy to do.

Our ordeal is behind us.

I return to my wife and daughter. Little Finnie is crying. She thought she would never see me again.
I thought the same.
No. 52018 ID: af9412
File 125401054850.gif - (5.56KB , 800x600 , 530.gif )

To remember the day the kindness of strangers reunited us as a family, I tie a small band around little Finnie's ear.

Our savior asked nothing in return. He was content to see us alive and well.
Someday I hope my family can return the favor Baron Malto has so graciously and selflessly bestowed upon us.
No. 52020 ID: af9412
File 125401069241.gif - (6.16KB , 800x600 , 531.gif )

If there's any justice in this world, the Maltos will live long and well.
No. 52033 ID: 42322e

No. 52051 ID: 9d07d9

No. 52065 ID: 8ce2bf

So yeah let's not rule out raping our minions. You never know what situation may come up.
No. 52288 ID: fb5d8e

Oh my god <3
No. 52400 ID: de913c

Goblin Miners? Perhaps we could take advantage of this...

We do need to expand upon our base of operations, and we might very well figure a way to rake in some income.

Perhaps it's time to visit our friend, the collector. We need to make a powerful ally.
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