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File 137159885558.png - (94.48KB , 800x519 , crazy1-0.png )
517918 No. 517918 ID: 0e5532

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No. 517919 ID: 0e5532
File 137159890872.png - (103.66KB , 800x519 , crazy1-1.png )

Well, I've just got done with a test. Hmm, 4:40. I wonder what I should do with my day.
No. 517920 ID: 37aa84

repel the alien invasion
No. 517921 ID: f2c20c

Play that MMO you like.
No. 517923 ID: 0e5532
File 137159985054.png - (60.04KB , 800x519 , crazy1-2.png )

Wha - voices?


No. 517924 ID: 37aa84

Because you touch yourself at night.
No. 517927 ID: d1d627

I give you points for reconizing this...Sooo what's up with you?
Might as well just say introductions and whatnot, if we're gonna be up in your head for a bit.
No. 517928 ID: 35edd4

Have sex with the nearest mammal.
No. 517930 ID: 88f725
File 137160201666.png - (42.27KB , 800x519 , crazy1-3.png )

*sigh* I had to ask them an open-ended question....

Aaaanyway, you're getting my real name over my cold, dead body or by stalking the internet. You can have the name I usually use on the internet: Erhannis. And yes, I mean ME. :3
No. 517932 ID: 37aa84

So about those aliens, we repealing them or are you just going to bemoan our presence?
No. 517937 ID: 88f725
File 137160316001.png - (83.59KB , 800x519 , crazy1-4.png )

Fiiiine, I guess I'll stop complaaaaaiiniinnngg. nngg.

Anyway, the problem with the aliens is that they're all absent without leave. I haven't seen an alien in, oh...ever, unfortunately. Adventure seems to be sadly lacking.

So we'll have to make our own! I'm currently sitting at my desk at Stanford, California.


And to be perfectly clear, I thought it might be fun to try doing a live quest - I will be performing the actions and reporting the results! Which means, by the way, I probably won't be dancing naked across the grounds or any such nonsense. I may be willing to do some fairly silly things, though. Maaaybe try not to make that your main goal, though. If it flops, eh, we'll scratch it. But now, I'm armed with my tablet, spirit of adventure, and lack of good judgement as I hand my life over to the internet! Nothing bad could possibly come of this! :3
No. 517939 ID: c15bbc

Oh, and I suppose that if things get TOO boring, I can always just break from reality, if you want.
No. 517941 ID: c15bbc

Also, further note: don't be AFRAID to suggest stuff (for example: "Buy a Sandwich", thought process being, "Oh, noes, I don't want to make him spend his actual monies!") If I'm unwilling to do it, I won't. Things I'm unwilling to do, by the way, includes sexually suggestive actions (because I know you all too well), and obvious things like vandalism or whatever. Also, my IP code may vary depending on where I am and which computer I'm using.
No. 517942 ID: 405647

No. 517943 ID: aef453

So basically you're letting us make you do only the boring things.
No. 517946 ID: 88f725
File 137160585983.png - (73.71KB , 800x519 , crazy1-5.png )

Mmmm, sandwiches. But...THE CHOICES! What kind of sandwiches? And do I buy them, or go home and make them?

If we don't want sandwiches anymore (because we're fickle like that), there are also some other things we could do:
Explore campus (it's freaking huge)
Explore downtown (except I won't have wifi there)
Stay inside and have shenanigans on the internet or something
Stay inside and I use my programming powers to craft computerly code for your entertainment
Give in to the madness and start hallucinating
No. 517947 ID: d1d627

explore Campus! Any places you don't normally go?
No. 517950 ID: e3aff6

Or you could turn on your computer and write a quest on TGchan :V
No. 517954 ID: c15bbc
File 137160808735.png - (1.53MB , 1588x1160 , hereweare.png )

Here's a map of most of campus. The blue shaded area is what I'm passably familiar with.
No. 517957 ID: d1d627

Ooooh! Engineering and applied Sciences look fun!
Barring that, I'm curious about the Oval, what exactly is that?
No. 517960 ID: c15bbc

Well, the Oval is...an oval. It's basically a big grassy...grass...area. It's not particularly interesting, really.

But the science basements are cool, here! Let me see if I can quick get into that other engineering building before they lock it!
No. 517969 ID: 88f725
File 137161080346.png - (100.56KB , 800x519 , crazy1-owner.png )

HaHA! It WAS locked, but I ever-so-casually followed another student in. No one suspected a thing.
No. 517970 ID: 88f725
File 137161113432.png - (72.79KB , 800x519 , crazy1-labs.png )

I then sauntered down to the sub-basement and wandered around. I found a bunch of rooms, apparently containing lasers - most were off, but I found one that apparently wasn't.

Sooo, yeah, this isn't working out as exciting or interesting as it sounded in my head. Anybody want to stick to real life, or is anybody up for diverging from reality? And if so, you can suggest something! We're in prime zombie territory; I can practically see zombies bursting from some of these labs with little need for the imagination.
No. 518009 ID: bc3b41
File 137162180030.png - (112.04KB , 800x519 , crazy1-sandwichparty.png )

No. 518010 ID: bc3b41
File 137162198875.png - (21.35KB , 800x519 , crazy1-fin.png )

The end.

So, yeah, not as much fun as I'd thought. But now we know! I decided I do like doing the rapid-fire quest style, though. I'll have to do another, more standard, quest like that sometime. Goodnight, everybody!
No. 518041 ID: 7e8516

Yeah, I thought about doing something like this for quite some time, but with photographs, but I realized that it wouldn't be exciting, because you can't freeze time in real life while a bunch of dudes on the internet make decisions for you.
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