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File 136959841634.png - (110.06KB , 700x700 , 5-1.png )
512673 No. 512673 ID: c3663c

>"Goodbye, Story Seeker" Zirkala says, looking quite jolly. "Oh, and I told you to rest with Muo, but I do mean it. Do not leave your room, do not ask undead passersby what they are doing, do not make eye contact with them, so on and so forth. I will lock this door to help ensure they will not bother you, although only a skeleton crew remains here in case some daring individuals get the bright idea to attack this place while I am out. Entertain yourself, I will let you know later tonight when I am done and you may exit."
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No. 512674 ID: c3663c
File 136959848923.png - (156.26KB , 700x700 , 5-2.png )

With that, Zirkala leaves to terrorize the caverns for reasons I may have forgotten or not quite fully understood. She tells me to entertain myself, but that only leaves so many options to Muo and I! She stares at me quite expectantly, putting upon my shoulders the entire duty of finding something to do, limited to a single room.
No. 512675 ID: 19b3c3

>reasons I may have forgotten or not quite fully understood
I think it's a reputation thing. If the local lich doesn't spend some time acting like a lich, people forget they're supposed to fear or respect her.

>something to do all day locked in a bedroom.
Well, there's the obvious suggestion, but I doubt even you have the stamina to keep that up for a whole day.

There's always story telling, I suppose. Oh, uh, some kind of chaos antics, like shrinking down and playing a board game from the inside out.
No. 512677 ID: 095c28

are you seriously asking what to do now or are you being sarcastic? i honestly can't tell.

this is looking like a good start to a new thread.
No. 512678 ID: c31f72

Music practice! Hey, can Muo play an instrument or sing?
No. 512679 ID: 735f4f

Well what do we have in the room to keep us occupied? Other than breasts I mean.
No. 512680 ID: 9ddf68

is it just me or is the red dot in Zirkala's eye new?

As for things to do what exactly do you even have in this room to do, any board games, books, anything to help kill time. Even if it is boring you do have a chaos mage with you so that should instantly make things far more interesting.

Do you also have any food, water, or even a bathroom in here? it would make this day a lot more comfortable since you can't exactly leave this room.

And you have all day I don't think you should jump instantly to sex, you are a gentlemen after all.
No. 512682 ID: 735f4f

Oh make sure to ask Muo what she would like to do.
No. 512684 ID: 82b704

Well story seeker, what about working on some of those stories? Even if many of the events you experienced didn't actually happen and the telling of them would be fiction, strictly speaking, they can still make for some intriguing tales. Practice on telling those stories with Muo in ways that do not incriminate yourself or complicate matters otherwise, remove the specifics or make new ones up.

Also, sex.

>I doubt even you have the stamina to keep that up for a whole day.
Doesn't mean he can't try. We'll just consider it more exercise. If he looses time to tell stories, well so be it.

>is it just me or is the red dot in Zirkala's eye new?
I think that's part of the whole "looking jolly' thing.
No. 512685 ID: 19b3c3

>make it exercise
Completely takes the fun out of it.
No. 512686 ID: 35edd4

Ask Tom for ideas. This can only go well.
No. 512689 ID: c3663c
File 136960172696.png - (117.56KB , 700x700 , 5-3.png )

>Is it just me or is the red dot in Zirkala's eye new?
I believe she thinks that it is scarier like that! Or, more likely, she thinks that others think that it is more scary like that.

"What would you like to do, Muo?"
>"I dunno." well, it was worth a try.

I would say this is where my thoughts would lead me, but it is impossible to lead me to a place I am already at!

While I may not normally do such a thing all day, extenuating circumstances have made certain activities far more tempting.
No. 512691 ID: c3663c
File 136960174648.png - (111.03KB , 700x700 , 5-4.png )

However, in this case, it is a two party activity, and as soon as one person grows weary, the activity is no longer worth doing. Eventually, I feel that perhaps I should practice my magic!

Bardic Spell Casted: Read mood.

My spellcasting has informed me that although Muo has had a fine start of the day, she can only be entertained by these antics for so long. This would be a good time to stop, and now we return to our original dilemma!

>Do you also have any food, water, or even a bathroom in here?
Uh. We have the last one!

"Muo, are you hungry?"
>"Yes, I was going to ask..."
"This is problematic! I may wish to sneak out to the kitchen to bring enough food back so that we do not spend the day hungry, alas, I am uncertain of what my chances of success are in this endeavor!
>"Would you like me to ask Tom for ideas?"
"I have been doing my best in ignoring his presence, for reasons up till now!"
No. 512693 ID: 735f4f

Yes stealth it up to the kitchen and get some snacks. Maybe Tom can help with some chaos magic but try not to overdo it on the chaos end. Zirkala might not be happy to come back home to skeletons dancing through the ruins of her now upside down base.

Do you have any bardic magic that would lend well to sneaking about? Undead can be easier or harder to fool depending on how you go about it.
No. 512694 ID: 9ddf68

well if you went into slim mode do you think you could slip under the door to see if the skeleton crew is anyway nearby. Don't go out all the way just enough to see what is on the other side.

Also how far away is the kitchen and how do you plan to bring it back into this room if the door is locked. and are there any other ways out of the room other then the front door.
No. 512695 ID: 19b3c3

Well, that went well.

Oh hey, we can read moods now? Neato! That's handy in all kinds of ways!

Well... he probably could provide food, but the results would likely be as problematic as leaving the room, if not worse. Especially since he could cause the most chaos by getting you out of the room and into whatever is going on out there.

>sneaking out
All right. What exits are there here? Just the door? No ventilation or anything else?

If the door is locked, we'll need a way to open it. (...did we ever learn the bardic escape bedroom spell?).

Might want to start by having Muo take advantage of her slime-form and peek an eye under the door or through the lock. Is there a guard to make sure we stay put?
No. 512696 ID: 82b704

I notice he is absent from her neckline, which is a nice bit of tact on his part. I say go back to the storytelling practice thing, and when that burns out then ask ol' random for advice.
No. 512698 ID: 19b3c3

Or, you know, the lady removed her one article of clothing before letting Story entertain her.
No. 512699 ID: f2c20c

Sure, ask Tom if he can get us food somehow, but let's keep in mind that Zirkala was quite serious. Much as I would like to know what her research was about and how she would use what she learned... I am more worried about her than the people in the caverns. She seems to feel that she has to protect this place.

Hey, ask Muo if she knows much about the Scythe Moon and the legends surrounding it.
No. 512703 ID: c3663c
File 136960475485.png - (159.54KB , 700x700 , 5-5.png )

>Do you have any bardic magic that would lend well to sneaking about?
Yes! I have done a fair bit of work in suppressing or strengthening noise. I can probably do it quite easily!

"Do you know anything about the scythe moon, perchance?"
"Then we are on the same level! And nevermind that last notion, please ask if Tom has any ideas!"
>"He says we're on our own."
"So be it! Muo, can you peek under the door for me?"
>"Yep. Coast is clear."
"Good. Now, what to do about this lock. I don't believe Zirkala magically sealed it, but oddly, this room has both an inside and outside lock! As far as I can see, there is no other way out of this room.
>"Can't you lockpick it?"
"Now what makes you think I could do such an act?"
>"You're a kobold, right?"
"Muo, that's racist!"
No. 512704 ID: c3663c
File 136960476109.png - (108.45KB , 700x700 , 5-6.png )

"Also statistically validated, in this case!"
>"Where did you even get that..."
"I am a kobold!"

No. 512705 ID: c3663c
File 136960477139.png - (73.48KB , 700x700 , 5-7.png )

And now, to quiet myself, and move to the kitchen!
No. 512706 ID: c3663c
File 136960477895.png - (77.77KB , 700x700 , 5-8.png )

No. 512707 ID: 9ddf68

...Damn mimics

uh, shut the door?
No. 512708 ID: 35edd4

Better idea. Ask it to get you some food.
No. 512709 ID: 7e8516

>skeleton crew
... lol

Poke that eye.
No. 512710 ID: 5a5dd4


You're were only told to not leave the room, and despite opening the door you have not yet left the room.

So you're good.

Stay in your room, but ask it if it can get food for you or if it can pass the message along to someone or something that can.

Unless the wall counts as undead, in which case you've made eye contact with the undead and you're screwed.
No. 512711 ID: 19b3c3

Um... hello? Eye see you?

(Have we even made it to the kitchen, or is this thing right outside our door?).
No. 512718 ID: 735f4f

Crap you made eye contact. It might have just been Zirkala being mysterious as usual but we should be careful in case she had to mass control all her undead for whatever she has planned.

Probably should be ok but watch out in case all of her servants have general terrorize the living orders for the night.
No. 512723 ID: c3663c
File 136960897277.png - (44.27KB , 700x700 , 5-9.png )

>"It would appear you are breaking the rules, kobold."
"I disagree! Zirkala has informed me I am not to leave the room, but she said nothing about unlocking the door! As you can see, my feet and all body parts remain behind the doorline!"
>"Yes, because I opened my eye before you left."
"Therefore, I have not broken any rules, even if I was going to! Breaking the rules in the future is not breaking the rules in the present, am I not correct?"
>"I... what?"
"I believe Zirkala, and myself, had forgotten this morning that I need some food! Might you get a skeleton to fetch some for me and my friend?"
>"... yeah. Fine. Okay."
No. 512724 ID: c3663c
File 136960899493.png - (95.19KB , 700x700 , 5-10.png )

"Muo, do you know how to sing or play instruments?"
"I believe our problem is solved thus far, Muo! Or will be shortly! Until then, now it is time to put what thought I have into how to occupy, lest we become part of Zirkala's undead legions by way of boredom."

>Give the room a look over to see what's around
The dressers are filled with clothes that, although once lavish, do not appear to have been worn in decades, if not centuries! Yet they remain in oddly pristine collection, as though moths would not dare trifle with such fine wear, and their shapes seem to indicate being fit for a wide range of creatures.
No. 512725 ID: c3663c
File 136960901385.png - (72.92KB , 700x700 , 5-11.png )

Cupboards are mostly empty, but one set holds games! Things from warfare simulations, to decks of cards, to classic board games. They are all centuries old as well, and I certainly do not even recognize how to use the deck of cards! There are instructions, however, and so I may peruse further if I so desire.
No. 512726 ID: c3663c
File 136960902280.png - (101.35KB , 700x700 , 5-12.png )

There is also the pile of treasure from last week's, if I may call it a week's, adventure.
No. 512727 ID: c3663c
File 136960903211.png - (139.33KB , 700x700 , 5-13.png )

There is a bookshelf as well! It has books! A lot!
No. 512728 ID: c3663c
File 136960904257.png - (73.42KB , 700x700 , 5-14.png )

And behind the bookshelf, is a secret entrance.

>"How did you know...?"
No. 512729 ID: 27582c

Lick the eye.
Maybe such affection with pacify it.
No. 512730 ID: 9ddf68

lets save the passage for later as I'm very curious to see how a board game mixed with chaos magic would work.
No. 512732 ID: 19b3c3

>secret passage!
Tempting, but if we leave now, we'll miss our room service when it arrives! Plus, then the eye guys would know we snuck out. If we want to explore that, it'll have to wait till later.

>what do?
Combine everything! Dress up in silly costumes, combine the cards and board games into one big crossover game, and use the treasure as monopoly money, game tokens, et cetera. Maybe build a fort out of the books, too? And make it stick with bardic magic or chaos, if you have to.
No. 512733 ID: 735f4f

Hey before you go wandering off into the secret passage show Muo some other Kobold tricks by assembling some of the stuff in your room into a complex trap.
No. 512737 ID: b2d7ab

Who could possibly pass up an exciting game of Dice Everywhere!?
No. 512738 ID: 04b86a

The books on "fungal warp paths" and "temporal time deconstruction" look interesting.

Or we could have Tom disguise us as members of Zirkala's undead legions and explore the secret passage after our food arrives. That could be fun.
No. 512741 ID: 2245d0

I love how we are currently reminding Muo that Kobolds are a type of magic all on their own.

That magic, is of course, the dickery in all things stealth and secretive.
No. 512743 ID: c3663c
File 136961350566.png - (145.17KB , 700x700 , 5-15.png )

>Combine everything!
A classic choice.

Muo and I put on clothes that have literally been out of fashion for centuries. Then, we organize the treasure pile into... well, it looks organized. We take down the books to prepare to use as forts, and I shall spoil the end of both "Fungal Warp Paths" and "Temporal Time Deconstruction". Nothing happens, it is completely impenetrable as reading material, and not interesting in the least, despite the titles! Better used as fort walls, I say.

Then comes the choice of which board game to investigate further, should the title alone not be sufficient. There are...

Dice Everywhere, Horde versus Empire, Wordology, Trap the Kobold, Adventure Up the Wizard's Tower, A Game of Gold, and Mystery in the Hollow.

And, of course, a limitless assortment of cards, with pictures, numbers and so forth, in case we want to combine them with the board game! I am sure no matter the choice, I will have the chance to show Muo my stereotypical trap making skills, which are subpar by kobold standards. Even a board game that is not the sketchily titled 'Trap the Kobold'.
No. 512744 ID: 735f4f

Trap the Kobold sounds interesting. Also the Mystery one.
No. 512745 ID: cf49fc

Trap Ye Kobold sounds fun.

Invite the Time Lord to join you. It's best with three players, and he's an omniscient being of infinite time. It's not like he's got anything better to do.
No. 512746 ID: 9ddf68

focus on trap the kobold and whoever can trap the other first wins and don't feel limited to using just the board.
No. 512749 ID: 19b3c3

Trap the kobold in the middle of the battle between the horde and the empire, using wordology and playing cards for bonuses, and dice everywhere for combos, a game of gold as the bank, and the wizards tower as a sidequest to the side of the battle field.
No. 512771 ID: 943463

Trap the Kobold could be fun, as does Mystery in the Hollow. And seconding inviting the time lord to play.
No. 512772 ID: 943463

Invite wall-eye to join you too.
No. 512773 ID: 19b3c3

>Trap the Kobold
Wait. It occurs to me that Tom is just going to chaos us inside whatever board game we play. Trap the kobold might end up rather unpleasantly for us.
No. 512774 ID: 943463

Or rather pleasantly for us, depending on the other player.
No. 512775 ID: 943463

> "Muo, do you know how to sing or play instruments?"

"Would you like to?"
No. 512781 ID: 5f0c78

So, Story, did you ever get around to learning Bardic Magic (or Bed Magic); Contraception?

And, what other bedmagics did you learn while doing the time warp?
No. 512829 ID: c3663c
File 136963015079.png - (96.82KB , 700x700 , 5-16.png )

>Bardic Magic (or Bed Magic); Contraception?
I have learned this, yes! So far it has more or less been irrelevant. As for the others, that is a surprise!

"You may not know how to play an instrument, but would you like to?"
"Not really, hm? No problem! I was going to say, let's play Trap the Kobold, but I think Tom will conjure us into the board game itself, and I do believe that that will be a less than pleasant experience for me!"
>"I don't think Tom appreciates you thinking ahead of him! Which I guess means you were right. Also, he says you're no fun, and it's not like he would make it horrible. It's not like he was going to trap our souls inside of the board game, forever playing it, he says."
"Well, I suppose even if I walk into it, it is fine!"
No. 512834 ID: c3663c
File 136963044316.png - (115.22KB , 700x700 , 5-17.png )

Wall-Eye does not care to join, so I turn and speak to thin air.

"Time Lord, would you care to join?"
"Ah, you really were listening!"
>"You are under surveillance for some multi dimensional period of time. As long as I can keep an eye on you, no harm in making myself known at this point. Nice choice of clothes, by the way, Miss. I have not seen a popu in ages in some sense of the word. Unfortunate that it did not age well, fashion wise."
>"It looks funny but it is the most comfortable thing ever!" Muo says.
>"Yes. It was a noble's way to communicate to the peasants, 'I've never worked a day in my life and I'm certainly not about to get out of this thing to start."

And so I open Trap the Kobold while they discuss... that!
No. 512835 ID: c3663c
File 136963047298.png - (71.55KB , 700x700 , 5-18.png )

And Tom did his work. Predictable enough, but perhaps he didn't care about that!

The goal of the game, I instantly and unexpectedly know, is that Muo and the Time Lord will spend some time setting up traps. The kobold, being me, shall attempt to run through, beginning with this door.

>"I went ahead and sped your side of time up." the Time Lord says, and I am able to hear him despite him not being around. "It is us two versus you. Muo and I have set up the traps, and are ready for you to go. Oh, and you can take three hits before we win."
>"Good luck!" Muo yells, admittedly unnecessarily.
No. 512836 ID: c31f72

The door might be trapped. Examine it for traps. Or use knock, if that happens to be a bardic spell.
No. 512842 ID: 735f4f

That door looks innocent enough. Not like anyone has ever trapped a door right?
No. 512843 ID: 19b3c3

Cast any bardic spells that up your senses, and check the door for traps. If this is board game based, I'd expect most of the traps to be mechanical, rather than magical in nature. Although there might be some of those to.

You should be listening for mechanisms, looking for irregularities, and trying to sense magic.

>most comfortable thing ever
Considering her normal mode of dress (or rather, her lack thereof) I can't help but think to myself she doesn't have much of frame for comparison!

...although she's enjoying herself, who cares.
No. 512845 ID: 943463

>I have learned this, yes! So far it has more or less been irrelevant.

Or so you hope.

First, look around the room you're in carefully. If there's nothing else of interest (like another less obvious door, or some starting equipment), Bardic Knock if you have learned that one, or otherwise just check the door very carefully.
No. 512846 ID: 943463

You could potentially gain some information by continuously maintaining a Read Mood spell on Muo as she watches. You can predict that anticipation and glee would mean you shouldn't do what you're about to do, while disappointment, pouting, or similar would mean you're successfully avoiding a trap.
No. 512848 ID: 9ddf68

...Crap i just thought of something, if we got the time lord against us does that mean he can just look into the future and see what we would do and set his traps accordingly? anyways when you start to open the door swing it open really quick after you crack it a bit and move out of the way just incase the thing is traped.
No. 512851 ID: 943463

Definitely ask the Time Lord if he's planning on playing fair.
No. 512857 ID: 19b3c3

Also- remember that you can use your crown to push things open safely at a distance, if you have to. And if it's made of gold, it should be non-conductive if there are any electric lighting-based traps.

What would be the fun in cheating? What makes the game interesting is the uncertainty.
No. 512859 ID: 943463

Also- remember that you can use your crown to push things open safely at a distance, if you have to. And if it's made of gold, it should be non-conductive if there are any electric lighting-based traps.

Uh, what? Gold is *extremely* conductive.
No. 512865 ID: 19b3c3

I. Uh.

I'm sorry, I have no idea what I was thinking. Apparently I can't keep science strait at two in the morning. :I
No. 512869 ID: 35edd4

If he isn't, he probably wouldn't tell us, so it'd be most practical—and more polite—to just trust him.
No. 512870 ID: 451787

Blast straight through! They couldn't possibly predict you throwing caution to the wind to do the impossible! (Row row fight the power!)
No. 512874 ID: 256f3d

Thank Muo for saying that and wish Muo and the Time Lord luck as well. Don't ask the Time Lord if he's going to play fair because insinuating that he'd use his powers to do something so petty would be rather insulting. Besides, Tom is watching this little game so the Time Lord wouldn't be able to get away with cheating anyway.

Since you know all the rules of the game now, are there action or time constraints for searching for traps? Because if there aren't then this could drag on and on as you pick over every square inch of the place and it'll get boring and won't be fun.

Yanno what? Don't search this door at all. Be really impulsive for the first time in what feels like months and kick the door open with a "HI-YA" (after turning the knob to unlatch it.) It'll feel good to after all the planning and instruction and stuff with the time loops.

Uh... Actually, gold is an excellent conductor. Cloth isn't, so Story Seeker wrapping his hand in his robe would be much better for testing that kind of thing.
No. 512898 ID: 82b704

Open the door, get a good view of everything before moving further.

I'm rather against risking damage to our nice shiny crown, in any case. Because money.
No. 512920 ID: c3663c
File 136968184330.png - (139.04KB , 700x700 , 5-19.png )

"Good luck, Muo, Time Lord!"

I will trust that the Time Lord is not using his demi-god powers to cheat at a board game. So first, I look around, but the room is completely devoid of anything, and so I open the door from the side.

They are starting off strong! I do wonder how much of this will be Muo's doing and how much will be the Time Lord's. Then again, for all I know, even the Time Lord may not have bothered with such things as trap setting, and has no sense of it! In any case, it would have been quite embarrassing if I had gotten hit right off the bat.
No. 512921 ID: c3663c
File 136968185835.png - (72.98KB , 900x600 , 5-20.png )

The flames dissipate, and I peek at the next room.
No. 512922 ID: 35edd4

Obvious bits for starters: Don't go near the flame nozzle, don't step on the pale cobblestone, don't trip the tripwire, don't walk under the pale ceiling tile.
No. 512923 ID: 735f4f

Got anything we can throw at traps to set them off from a distance? Also watch for traps that will trap you if you set them off from a distance.
No. 512924 ID: 19b3c3

>Muo or time lord?
Well, Muo can be pretty clever when she isn't being silly or careless. And you'd think the time lord would have picked up a trick or two with as long as he has been around. I wouldn't underestimate either of them.

Obvious ones: there's a discolored stone in the middle of the floor (probably a pitfall, or a trigger), and a discolored tile in the second the last row of the ceiling (it probably falls, or lets something come out).

...actually, it's probably safer to keep on the cement between the cobblestones rather than the stones themselves as much as possible. Some of them might be non obvious traps.

Careful of the flame nozzle- it may have enough fuel for a second burst. If they're really sneaky, it can rotate, and will take a second shot once you pass it.

There's also something(?) two thirds the way through the room. Is that a leak in the wall? A needle? A tripwire? I can't really make it out.

Use bardic magic to boost your hearing- can you pick up any clockwork mechanisms working anywhere? Does your affinity for magic let you sense magic working anywhere in the room?

It also looks like there may be a hidden mechanism to open the door on the other side- I don't see a doorknob.
No. 512931 ID: f2c20c

Having spotted all the traps, show off and do some acrobatics to pass through the corridor.
No. 512933 ID: 9ddf68

well the obvious traps are plain to see but I'm betting they have more carefully hidden traps that activate when you try to get around the easy traps so be careful and be ready to jump out of the way of any dangerous traps.

Can you disarm traps or do you just want to avoid them completely?
No. 512934 ID: cff2a9

what if the light cobblestone is the safe one?
No. 512941 ID: 5869f6

If the Light Stone IS safe, then perhaps you could jump off the top of the flame trap. then onto the stone, then out the door. Of course, you could also bump into something dangerous in the next room.
No. 512942 ID: 19b3c3

That's why I preferred to stay on the mortar. Although, using kobold senses and/or bardic hearing to try and find concealed recesses or mechanisms might just tell us what is what.
No. 512967 ID: 78c6ea

Can you pull the flame nozzle thing right out of its socket? You need a weapon or thing to poke things with.

Failing that climb along the wall like a gecko using Van der Waals forces.
No. 512985 ID: c3663c
File 136969945006.png - (101.47KB , 900x600 , 5-21.png )

Bardic magic is proving useless at the moment, but I will continue modestly using it in case that changes. I have nothing to throw except the clothes on my back, and my crown.

The fire thing remains one solid piece, and I am unable to grab its nozzle. So I leap past that, dodge its second attack, make sure to only touch the spaces between the stones, leap over the tripwire and sidestep the miscolored ceiling plate. And that was it!
No. 512986 ID: c3663c
File 136969946382.png - (38.28KB , 900x600 , 5-22.png )

The next room is more subtle.
No. 512987 ID: f2c20c

The ceiling looks weird. I suspect a crushing trap, after the exits are sealed. Try to trip it without entering the room, so you can reenter while it's resetting.
No. 512988 ID: 735f4f

Something is up with the roof in this one. Everything else is blank cept those two stripes on each end above the doors.
No. 512989 ID: 59c57c


The crown. Its probably the most solid thing he's definately carrying right now. He might even be able to roll it a short distance.

Of course this is putting an object of real value at risk for the sake of avoiding what will probably not be a fatal injury.

Unfortunately we have no idea if Tom's gameworld will cause actual injuries or damage. Or if it will cary over outside the game.

Better to hold off on sacrificing anything in what may just be the first room of many.
No. 512991 ID: 19b3c3

...try rolling the crown across and see what happens? Be ready to dodge to the left or the right behind the wall in case something goes flying at the door.

Offhand, the only detail in the room I notice are the lines in the ceiling at each end. Maybe they come down, or something comes out of them?
No. 512992 ID: c3663c
File 136970074107.png - (76.20KB , 700x700 , 5-23.png )

I roll my crown in. Its jewel encrusted frame makes its rolls wobble, but it works, as the slabs in the ceiling come down! Then they begin moving forward. I imagine it has spikes pointed inward, and is one of those crushing traps.
No. 512994 ID: 735f4f

Wait for it to do its crushy spike thing then dash through and grab your crown. Make sure to watch for other traps while you move through.
No. 512995 ID: 19b3c3

Welp. We lost the crown, then. Maybe we can get it back after the game is over.

Since you're on the non-spiky side, and the walls are moving away from you, it should be safe to enter the room (unless there's a second trap in the ceiling alcove). Problem is, the walls will either get stuck in the middle, or eventually go back and reset. Either way, doesn't help you progress.

...can we go up and around? Climb into the recess in the ceiling, and climb across quickly and come down the other hole?
No. 512996 ID: f2c20c

Quite so. Let's climb up the back of it to circumvent it, if there's space up there... wait, are those holes in the back so the opposing spikes can fit through? Now, if this is a really clever trap, the spikes will fit through and then the wall will move towards this door too, after a third wall comes down to seal you in. So, check up again to make sure this isn't a double trap.
No. 512998 ID: c3663c
File 136970147984.png - (80.83KB , 900x600 , 5-24.png )

Hm... it might be a double trap! I am not seeing any mechanisms or anything, and it merely appears that the walls are moving on their own. Magic perhaps, or a board game invisible mechanic.

There are no holes, however, in the slabs, simply indentations where the spikes are, so I am not expecting a double trap.

In any case, I will be able to leap over the top gap in the spike wall, and simply climb over after they collide. If I am truly daring, I'll do it before they collide, fetch my crown, and climb back out again! I bet I could do it.
No. 512999 ID: f2c20c

Well let's bloody do it then. Show off your training, you certainly had a lot of it.
No. 513000 ID: 19b3c3

Could you push one or pull one of the spikes out of it's indentation? Then you could just reach through the hole and pick the crown back up. Should fit, the spikes look bigger than the crown.

I'm not so sure sure about jumping down into the middle. If it's easy to climb back out again, what's the trap? That makes me suspicious.
No. 513001 ID: 68bbc5

Do it. We should absolutely attempt to save the crown if we possibly can.

If it is crushed, it may possibly even count as a life lost for us, since we started with it. Let's not find out the hard way.
No. 513002 ID: 735f4f

That would be awesome but if you could easily do that it would sort of be a useless trap. It could be just a crappy spike wall but there might be more to it.

So if you do go for the crown be prepared for a secondary trap.
No. 513011 ID: 5869f6

Be cautious, It may try to box you in somehow.
No. 513026 ID: cf49fc

The ceiling has no visible support. It may crush down upon you.
No. 513031 ID: 9ddf68

only if you feel really freaking lucky but if you do jump down then you're going to have to clime back up using the spikes as a stepping ladder and it would be very easy for your clothes to get stuck on one of the spikes so if you do go for the crown then make sure you don't get your clothes stuck on anything

personally I think you should just wait till after the trap is done.
No. 513035 ID: 91c1b3

Wait until after. I suspect that the ceiling will lower after you get between them. It would be a terrible trap if you could get out so easily.
No. 513044 ID: d300d2

definitely do it, we aren't losing our crown to some silly board game.
No. 513045 ID: 943463

Don't do it; just wait for the crush and move on. The crown isn't worth it, and I feel certain you'll get it back.
No. 513046 ID: 943463

(And on top of that, wait at the door for the trap to finish, and a little bit after that.)
No. 513055 ID: f29aa1

There is a third wall/empty space closer to the foreground. I would be worried.
No. 513078 ID: 256f3d

It's rather suspicious that a trap for kobolds would have a gap between the spike walls and the ceiling wide enough for a kobold to climb up the spikes and slip over. Especially when the walls aren't moving that quickly.

I would like to recover that crown if possible. Mostly because it's the only item you have you can throw out to trigger traps. Doesn't matter if it gets a little bit bent out of shape before you get it or not. It probably won't get completely smashed, since the spikes stick out enough the walls won't be able to get that close together.

First try pushing or kicking the indentation of one of the spikes on the bottom row to see if you can push it out. Because if you can you could not only grab your crown through the hole, but you could turn the spike around and wedge it under the wall to stop it.

If that doesn't work, then climb up the spike wall and gingerly place the tip of your claw on top of it to see if that triggers the ceiling to drop. If it doesn't, then put your fingers on top and hang from them to put all your weight on it to see if that triggers it, and to drop to the ground if it does. If the ceiling does drop, you could probably get over the wall if you trigger the ceiling, then slip over while it's retracting again.

It'll be too late by now to get to the crown before the walls reach each other, so wait for them to meet and start moving back, then slip over the top, grab the crown, then climb back over the other side before it reaches the wall.
No. 513094 ID: 82b704

Well if you're gonna risk falling prey to a trap, doing it while scrambling for a shiny is certainly the koboldy way. Go for the gold!
No. 513097 ID: d4e541

When you climb the spikes, wrap your hands in your robe so you don't get poisoned.

Every smart villain poisons the spikes in their spike trap.
No. 513114 ID: c3663c
File 136977065908.png - (77.16KB , 700x700 , 5-25.png )

Well, I should hope Tom would not let the crown be crushed in the trap, but I would hope he would sooner allow that than to allow me to be crushed! And so I dive in and grab the crown, before clambering my way up. It was nice to add spikes for climbing, especially since the spikes would ultimately be unnecessary to crush me anyway!
No. 513115 ID: c3663c
File 136977067625.png - (58.83KB , 700x700 , 5-26.png )

My overly baggy clothes hit a snag at the last spike! A prospect I saw coming, yet could not do anything to stop it.
No. 513116 ID: c3663c
File 136977069850.png - (92.07KB , 700x700 , 5-27.png )

A technical success.
No. 513117 ID: f2c20c

Wiggle wiggle wiggle.
No. 513118 ID: 9ddf68

could you just slip out of the robe, or since you're still kinda near the top of the trap just reach up and give your robe some slack and pull it off the spike.
No. 513123 ID: 7e8516

Just slip out of the robe, do the rest of the game nude.
No. 513138 ID: e3aff6

We won't be nude; we'll be wearing a crown! :V
No. 513144 ID: 35edd4

Just bounce/tug a little to tear it free.
No. 513147 ID: 19b3c3

Could you reach back, grab hold of the edge, and sort of do a backwards chin up? Just get yourself high enough that you can slip the garment off.

That, or just tear yourself free. If Zirkala objects to the damage, you can always get tailor to fix it or something.
No. 513167 ID: cf49fc

Raise your hands and PRAISE THE LORD! The Time Lord, for his excellent trap. Then slide out of your robe. What were you thinking, wearing a robe on a trap-avoidance mission?
No. 513168 ID: adc229

Yell out "What a dastardly trap!"

Put crown down so you don't lose it again. Then try some acrobatics to recover as much of the robe as possible. This should amuse Tom and the onlookers so it's all good.
No. 513169 ID: 19b3c3

Reason not to ditch the robe:

We could use it to evade the inevitable dart-thrower trap. :V
No. 513190 ID: 5869f6

Don't tug on it too much, or it might take a sizable chunk of cloth out of your robe.
No. 513201 ID: bd6e9a

The robe's a liability, wiggle out then stab the treacherous fabric with your crown.
No. 513203 ID: c3663c
File 136978693376.png - (88.52KB , 700x700 , 5-28.png )

>Wiggle wiggle wiggle.
No. 513204 ID: c3663c
File 136978694104.png - (61.05KB , 589x525 , 5-29.png )

>could you just slip out of the robe
No. 513205 ID: c3663c
File 136978695162.png - (39.77KB , 359x382 , 5-30.png )

>Just slip out of the robe, do the rest of the game nude.
No. 513207 ID: c3663c
File 136978701836.png - (121.75KB , 700x700 , 5-31.png )

>Just bounce/tug a little to tear it free.

Well that was strange. It was almost like I decided to go in the nude 3 different times, and each one was cancelled until I decided to maintain my clothing! It is almost as though a higher power did not wish for me to do that.
No. 513209 ID: 5869f6

No. 513210 ID: 19b3c3

Pff. Bad time Lord! He's not going to be very good at this keeping an eye on you job if he expects for you to stay clothed!

...could we flip the toga around? Go for a messy v-neck instead of an open back.

Anyways, have we come down on the far side of the spiked walls? If so, approach the door, make sure the walls aren't backing up to crush you again, make sure there's no trap above the door, check the door for traps, and then open it from the side again.
No. 513211 ID: f2c20c

Time Lord doesn't like naked dudes I guess.

Let's head to the next room. Pausing at the doorway of course.
No. 513214 ID: c31f72

No use wearing damaged clothing, thats just asking for it to fall apart at the least convenient time. Better strip.
No. 513218 ID: 35edd4

NEW QUEST UNLOCKED: Bang the Time Lord
No. 513220 ID: 735f4f

Hmmm that has possibilities for later traps. If the time lord doesn't like the idea of you naked then try loosing your clothes in comical fashion on the next few traps and see what happens.

Maybe you can get some free trap springing.
No. 513221 ID: beeca1

These. The Time Lord doesn't exactly have a defined gender- he took the shape of a formless slime with a head once. I'm sure a demigod can change gender easily enough.

Seriously though, damaged clothing is bending over and asking fate to fuck you up the ass without lube. Might as well choose it of your own free will.
No. 513222 ID: 57a559

Joke's like this aside, I wonder how often the Time Lord has abused his ability to get laid. Or if he's got amusing stories about his powers related to getting laid. A Time Lord's adventures in romance sound like great stories to tell. I mean, a bard should tell tales about himself ALL the time.
No. 513224 ID: beeca1

Joke? Oh, no, no. Don't be silly. Getting laid is deadly serious. The Trojan War was started over it, forever changing ironic condom brand names.
No. 513226 ID: 735f4f

Man suddenly trying to seduce the time lord seems like the best idea.
No. 513228 ID: 19b3c3

...I'm pretty sure if the time lord isn't interested in seeing naked antics, our chances of bedding him are pretty low. Besides, Story has plenty of good looking people of more defined gender left to try his luck with!

And trying to dodge a trap with a nudity rewind is probably just going to end with us getting with a trap and looking foolish in the process.

Also: getting distracted by idle sex thoughts is a good way to miss a trap. Realize this and duck.
No. 513231 ID: 735f4f

What better story could we have then seducing a time lord while avoiding the traps in a maze made by the Chaos god out of a old board game?

Besides even if the time lord is not open to seduction then we can test if he hates nudity and sex. Means we can hide from him by doing that sort of stuff.
No. 513240 ID: 990c26

Need to figure out a way to lure him into the game then. Also into a sexy form.
No. 513247 ID: c3663c
File 136979589084.png - (41.70KB , 900x351 , 5-32.png )

Well, it would not do to have torn clothing! I shall leave, at least, this layer behind me to make it harder to get snagged on future traps.

With one less layer, I had into the next room! And inside is a floating card, with the words 'picture in your mind one mundane item and, upon grabbing this card, that item shall manifest in your grasp.'
No. 513248 ID: f2c20c

A long pole.
No. 513249 ID: bf54a8

a ten foot adamantite pole, it's technically mundane, just rare.
No. 513250 ID: 735f4f

Either a ten foot pole or a bag of walnuts. For setting off traps and snacking.
No. 513251 ID: b2d7ab

Poke the card with something to make sure it isn't a trap before you get all grab-happy.
No. 513253 ID: 9ddf68

picture a clear path to the exit, like a sidewalk over all the traps so they don't get set off when you walk over them. Also I'm not totally sure if that card isn't a trap itself so be careful when you go to grab it.
No. 513255 ID: 19b3c3

Don't think about sex things don't think about sex things don't think about sex things...

A collapsible pole, in case we need to go around a corner, or through a small passage.

Hmm. What do we have here? Spike or darts from the holes in the wall? Blades in those floor slots? ...stairs that come from the wall? Not sure what the last thing is.
No. 513257 ID: beeca1

This. If it is not, then a collapsible adamantite pole.
No. 513259 ID: bdb3f8

you know, sometimes setting the trap off from a distance isn't gonna help. Maybe a shield would be good.
No. 513260 ID: d300d2

I was thinking a shield for avoiding the arrow traps on the wall, then you could use your kobold dexterity to avoid the sawblades.

But someone else had a better idea. Picture a foot thick piece of steel in a shape that would cover both the floor and the holes in the wall, allowing you to easily pass unharmed.

(on a totally unrelated note, I totally want to see story seeker and muo and the time lord hop in his tardis and begin exploring time and space.)
No. 513265 ID: 2d9be8


Or, for something properly common, a big thick sturdy pipe the length of the room you could easily fit through.
No. 513266 ID: e3aff6

Kolold-sized adamantine hamster ball with small holes in it to see through?
No. 513274 ID: cf49fc

A ten foot pole of purest aluminum.
No. 513275 ID: cf49fc

A ten foot pole of purest aluminum.
No. 513313 ID: ccd939

The card is a trap. just saying.
No. 513327 ID: c3663c
File 136984212403.png - (103.76KB , 700x700 , 5-34.png )

I get one adamantium aluminum hamsterballcollapsible ten foot pole! It would appear that it does not believe rare and monumentally valuable materials count as 'mundane'! Or even a collapsible pole! Or hamsterballs, apparently, but I suppose I do have to wonder just how often anyone sees an actual lifesize hamsterball.

But the extra mundane item does appear in my hands! And a metal in the shape of something about 3 times as tall as myself is heavy! It isn't hollow at all. In other news, I am rather surprised that the card was not a trap.
No. 513330 ID: 19b3c3

Whups. Didn't consider you'd get a solid pole instead of a hollow pipe.

Well, might as well do what you can. Try and poke some traps with the pole.

>not rare and valuable
...wait, this is a pre-industrial civilization. Isn't aluminum currently rarer and more valuable than gold? That's an expensive trap poker!
No. 513338 ID: f2c20c

It should be about 37 pounds, if it's 2 inches diameter. Just hold it somewhat near the center of mass and you should be okay with it. Kinda wish it was thinner. Oh well.

Poke traps! Maybe you'll get lucky and it will get sliced up so that it's a more manageable length.
No. 513350 ID: c3663c
File 136984939738.png - (105.35KB , 700x700 , 5-33.png )

>Aluminimum is expensive
The refining process has been made quite easy by any competent wizard or other such magic user, so it is not such a luxury! In any case, this pole is approximately, perhaps, two and a half inches thick in diameter. Unnecessary, nevermind the solidity!

"Alright, Muo, Time Lord, I am going to poke your traps with my long rod!"

Hm. Oddly proximity based! I only need to wave the rod in the general proximity, even in the air, for a blade to shoot out. Every single indentation appears to have a blade of some sort! Also, those holes in the wall appear to have swords that stab outward into about two thirds of the width of the room, so I will have to scurry along the side for those, as I do not believe I can pole vault with this pole.
No. 513357 ID: 363015

Study the trap patterns, plan your movements and figure out a way to get the pole to the other end of the room. Just throwing it at the right spot should do the trick, it need only reach the other end with its tip so you can grab it.
No. 513358 ID: 735f4f

So story you are about 3'3 then? Sometimes I forget you are a little kobold. To be fair most everyone around here is pretty small though.

Looking at the room you are going to have to weave between the blades and avoid the holes in the floor. Hug the wall for the wall blades and then avoid whatever large rock falls out of the ramp at the end there.

Might just be best to hurl the pole to the other end of the room so we can pick it up on the way out.
No. 513359 ID: 19b3c3

Ah, right. Magic.

>I am going to poke your traps with my long rod!
...you couldn't resist, could you.

Hmm. If you stick the tip of your pole in the sawblade's path, can you jam or break them? That would make it easier to cross.

Also, it might be a good idea to get to a safe spot in between some of the saws, before the spears, and try and use the pole to figure out what the last trap at the end is before getting too close.
No. 513360 ID: f2c20c

What about the holes in the floor?

Also, consider allowing the pole to get sliced in half by the sawblades so that it's lighter and less unwieldy.
No. 513361 ID: 9ddf68

ok so we know what the holes in the wall do and the lines on the floor, but what about that mirror/stair thing at the very end, what does that do.
No. 513370 ID: c3663c
File 136985267921.png - (42.23KB , 900x351 , 5-35.png )

The holes in the floor do appear to simply be more swords popping out.

I spend a few minutes learning the pattern and types of traps that pop up. I believe I get it, and the aluminum appears tougher than whatever the sawblades are made out of. In fact, if I dare say it, I do believe they are dull! Not sharp at all! These traps are cheap and measly, and I feel this game is insulting a kobold's dodging prowess. Furthermore, some of these sawblades are just plain tiny.

> If you stick the tip of your pole in the sawblade's path, can you jam or break them?
Yes, although I may end up getting the pole itself stuck! These blades are so dull, however, that I bet my clothes could jam such cheap contraptions.

In fact, that is exactly what I shall do! So I throw my rod over to the other side in advance. Unfortunately, that does not trigger that final trap looking thing at the end of the room, so I will simply have to cross that metaphorical bridge when I get to it.
No. 513371 ID: c3663c
File 136985268971.png - (159.74KB , 700x700 , 5-36.png )

"Oh no I'm losing more clothing to all these horribly traps and that is the only possible way I could have made it through oh no poor Time Lord sure wouldn't like this!"

And now I hear the unmistakable noise of a boulder running down the ramp at the end. That explains that!
No. 513372 ID: c3663c
File 136985271091.png - (65.55KB , 1000x600 , 5-37.png )

But, it's slow and ill timed, I make it through and pull my rod out in preparation for the next room.
No. 513373 ID: f2c20c

That's a rather odd slanted ceiling. Must be a trap. Look up at the not-immediately-visible part of it.
No. 513375 ID: 735f4f

Also the recessed floor ahead after the step you are on. I think the only way to test that floor is to tie some clothes to the end of the pole and swish it around out there.
No. 513376 ID: 76b151

Huh, touching the floor probably triggers whatehver it is. DO you think you can use the pole as a bridge?
No. 513379 ID: 9ddf68

ummm, do you think the bolder could still hit you here, I mean this thing is slanted and looks to be made to stop the bolder from crossing the exit with you.

Oh and I really do hope that Zirkala doesn't like any of those clothes you just tore up.
No. 513381 ID: 19b3c3

Well, if nothing else, you're probably amusing Muo with your antics. Hopefully Zirkala won't be annoyed about the clothes you wrecked, though.

Hum. Crown roll again? That or the pole, I guess.

Part of me suspects the trap is the sign. That this isn't the finish, and you're supposed to walk through thinking you've won and are safe, only to get nailed by the trap in the next room.
No. 513383 ID: 095c28

that thing you're standing on will probably close when you step off it. flooding water, i'm guessing?
No. 513385 ID: c3663c
File 136985450304.png - (85.03KB , 1000x600 , 5-38.png )

>Could the boulder still hit you?
That is a negative! It is too big to enter this door.

>Oh and I really do hope that Zirkala doesn't like any of those clothes you just tore up.
Well, given that they were simply tossed in the drawer, I doubt it had any sentimental value! And even if it is valuable in monetary terms, I have just created a pile of treasure, so I do believe Zirkala can look past the shredding of one set of clothes.

>Tie some clothes at the end of the pole and swish it around.
Yes, this is a good idea! The stone below appears to swirl and rotate oddly.
No. 513386 ID: c3663c
File 136985451229.png - (84.56KB , 1000x600 , 5-39.png )

No. 513387 ID: cff2a9

move your tail so it's not over the water anymore.
No. 513388 ID: 095c28

No. 513391 ID: 735f4f

Make a lasso out of your remaining clothes and then lure it to the surface. Then lasso it and ride it to the exit.
No. 513393 ID: f2c20c

Yer tail's about to get bit.

Also, uh. How the heck do we get over this? Tap the floor to see if it's just a straight-up illusion. Then tap the walls and ceiling.
No. 513395 ID: 19b3c3


...actually, are they rock fish, or is the ground here just water?

And yeah, move your tail or you'll have more fish hooked that you can deal with.

Could we charm the rock-fish so you could ride it over? Music tames the savage beast right, is there a bardic spell for making animals friendly?
No. 513402 ID: 9ddf68

if you like your tail being attached to you I suggest you move it back just a bit.

anyways do you know what these things are, and do you think you could use your pole to pole vault to the exit, I mean that water's got to be at least somewhat deep to hide those things so it could work.
No. 513406 ID: c3663c
File 136985698348.png - (89.41KB , 1000x600 , 5-40.png )

>Is there a bardic spell that befriends animals?
There is! And I am no where close to having the ability to cast it!

>Is that fish going through rock or fluid?
I cannot tell! It would look to be smooth stone, but perhaps it is liquid with an illusion layer to simply make it look like that. Ultimately, I have no knowledge of this kind of floor or these sorts of fish.

>Pole Vault
While this would certainly be able to be accomplished, I have never pole vaulted, and my rod is far from adequate to do so.

>Make a lasso with your remaining clothes.
There are still plenty of clothes remaining! I need not use them all. Yet.

I snap my tail back from the other fish first, to pull the rod back.
No. 513407 ID: c3663c
File 136985699143.png - (66.71KB , 1000x600 , 5-41.png )

The lasso is successful, and I end up splashing into the water! It heads straight forward underneath the finish door, however, and I have a decent opportunity to drop the rod and grab onto the door. On the other hand, that is a gamble, given the finish door may be lying about it being the finish!
No. 513408 ID: 76b151

well, lets proceed through the door anyway. We don't want to get dragged under it. We'd drown.
No. 513409 ID: 9ddf68

well it's either risk it or stay with the fish things, I say risk it but be ready to dodge whatever they throw at you.
No. 513410 ID: f2c20c

That's true. Peek under the door first from below the water level. It shouldn't be opaque since the fish could see you from below the surface.
No. 513411 ID: 19b3c3

Well, it's a gamble to stay here. Eventually the second fish will snap you up. Better to lose a life going through the door than puttering around in front of it, right?

Or if you wanted to be cautious, you could throw your crown in first and see if anything happens.
No. 513428 ID: d38f67
File 136986340717.png - (78.56KB , 1000x600 , 5-42.png )

I take a peek, but I see nothing under the waterline despite having apparent visibility! Nothing, except more fish attempting for me!

"Oh no, the fish have snagged my clothes, and I will barely make it through the door!"
No. 513429 ID: d38f67
File 136986341446.png - (142.54KB , 700x700 , 5-43.png )

And... that was it?

>"... best of 17, Muo?"
>"No, I give up. This board game thought kobolds were stupid and not capable of holding their own weight in other stuff!" Muo says.
"I cannot help but notice that scoreboard, Time Lord..."
No. 513430 ID: d38f67
File 136986342395.png - (88.56KB , 700x700 , 5-44.png )

"Implying that you have been using your time powers! Are there no rules preventing you from using them for such, I dare say, mundane ends?"
>"Normally, yes, but we are under the chaos god's realm, and currently, he does not take issue with that, if you could believe it."
No. 513432 ID: f2c20c

I believe it! Ask the Time Lord what he's got against you getting naked. Did it just get old after the first couple times, perhaps?

Now. Food break? Then we can either play another game, or check out the secret passage. Mostly just to see where it goes, not to snoop around.
No. 513433 ID: 19b3c3

Hmm. If nothing else, you've been made aware of your own exhibitionist tendencies! You may have to watch out for that in the future.

Congratulate them on getting you at least two of the times! (Apparently). Out of curiosity, which trap worked?

Should we move onto a different game, or see if the food has arrived?
No. 513434 ID: 735f4f

Wait it says T.L.T on the board. Try to find out what his name is. Also ask for instant replays of you failing traps and hilarious clothes bloopers.
No. 513435 ID: f2c20c

I think that's "T.L. + Muo"
No. 513437 ID: 57a559

Ask TL about his own lady conquering stories
No. 513438 ID: fd3aa2

Does Time Lord think that your success rate is proportional to your amount of clothing? Does wearing more clothes allow you to disarm more traps? Ask for some critique on your trap survival methods. This could save your life!
No. 513441 ID: 9ddf68

ask about the two times they won and how that worked, also ask if they would like to play another game and let them pick this time
No. 513488 ID: beeca1

I bet those were when he arrived fully clothed.
No. 513490 ID: bd6e9a

The time-lord's a total prude.
You should loosen him up by getting him involved in some you+muo personal time.
Plus that crosses out the m/m/f/ three-way you should so have on your list or at-least try once for a tale to tell.
I doubt many can say they had a threesome with a time-lord.
No. 513492 ID: 19b3c3

...you guys are way too hung up on the time lord. We got chaos board games to play, and a undead holiday to mess with (maybe). And half a dozen other people we still need to seduce. Sili! Springfoot! Some nagas! That swamp snake.
No. 513495 ID: f2c20c

Don't forget Potarana! She seems much more level-headed than Rotfrost so we probably won't get cursed if we proposition her, but maybe we'd get the best results if we approach from a professional angle and just ask about learning some of her bedmagic.
No. 513498 ID: d300d2

No more sexual shenanigans. We exhausted today's sexy time with Muo.

How about we offer to tell Muo and the Time Lord a story. Gotta keep those bard skills fresh.
No. 513510 ID: d38f67
File 136988306745.png - (90.95KB , 700x700 , 5-45.png )

"Time Lord, what's your real name?"
>"Time Lord is all you have to know."
"What if I meet another Time Lord?"
>"Then I will answer your question."
"But you aren't, so does that mean I never meet one?"
>"I wouldn't know."
"You could find out!"
>"Boredom is a Time Lord's archnemesis, and I do not want to empower it by spoiling every little thing. I do not know, and barring any need for it, I will not know any sooner than you."
"I must say, Time Lord, that for someone who has issues with boredom, you are quite a prude!"
>"I have done things that would make you blush. I simply do not care for other male bodies frolicking, dancing and somersaulting around traps as you have."
"Oh, but if I were a fine lady of your liking, you would not have stopped me from wiggling out of my clothes?"
>"I would not have, although a lady of my liking does not abandon her clothes at the earliest convenience."
"I must also ask, was my success rate influenced by my amount of clothing?"
>"Yes. Normally the rules dictate the kobold is in nothing but a loincloth. Thankfully, the Chaos God appears to hold your form in the same regard as my own, and did not swap you out. And you made extensive uses for clothes. Lassos, blindfolds, bridges, ropes, so forth."
No. 513511 ID: d38f67
File 136988307744.png - (96.36KB , 700x700 , 5-46.png )

"Blindfolds? Tell me some of the past actions I took! I am marginally sour that I can only remember the last case."
>"Yes, well... the blindfold, as I imagine is questionable, involved an illusion trap that was easily circumvented by blinding yourself. Simply closing your eyes would have sufficed, but no, you had to use an entire layer of clothes to wrap around your face. We also tried a Succubus trap, but it appears you cared more about winning that time then having a romp."
"Muo has been most satisfactory this morning!"
"Thank you, Story." Muo says.
>"Please do not remind me how I am forced to watch you copulate. I am sorry I brought that one up. The stone illusioned pond with the fish you just passed has been the most successful, except for the times you get the pole. When you get a shield, or in some cases, accidentally some sex related object, that usually succeeds, often more than once, but only once did it finish you. Rather overpowered, compared to the rest of the traps. The others messups? Boring slipups of dexterity on your part. Ultimately, I admit I was impressed, as those slipups were only done while performing something to prove yourself an overambitious showboater."
"You made everything look really easy!"
"Why thank you. Lots of practice, as us kobolds often don't make the traps identify between friend and foe, so we must dodge our own traps! Which is why they are often non-lethal and actually not very effective to dissuade anyone. I daresay it is not the most impressive setup, even if it is effective at practice! But tell me more about my bloopers involving all those tally marks to how I lost my clothes."
>"No." the Time Lord replies.
"So what now, Story? Did you want to play another one of those board games, explore that tunnel, or something else?"

I could do any of that, or tell them a story, so three options plus 'anything else' come to mind!
No. 513512 ID: 735f4f

Well seeing as the food is not here yet lets try another game. This time one we can all play together. Maybe if we can get the time lord to open up a bit we can learn some of his stories.

I would suggest trying to get some drinks in the time lord to loosen him up a bit. But would need to get some first and try to not let him know what we are planning.
No. 513514 ID: 19b3c3

Hmm. The timelord looks kind of miffed. Maybe apologize for teasing him?

...and if he would prefer to glance aside in the future, you promise not to break the laws of space and time in during your romps! You're good, but not that good. ...or he could always cheat and peek ahead and see if we do first, so he's not forced to watch.

>what next
Break for lunch, if it's arrived back in the room? And then maybe another game.
No. 513518 ID: 9ddf68

if we go for another game what's Mystery in the Hollow like? Because that sound like a good three player game. If anyone doesn't feel like playing that you could ask what they would like to play.
No. 513519 ID: bd6e9a

Yup, take a break and have something to eat then resume with boardgames!
See about including alcoholic drinks during this break to accompany your food out of a gesture of goodwill and trying to get the guy to relax NOT get drunk, If he assumes we're trying to get him drunk then It's obvious he'll just become further miffed.

Also ask him if he could make you a hat like his, i'm sure you could look very dapper as opposed to how much the crown makes you look a teeny bit like an egotistical fool?
(or just wear it on special occasions or whatever).
No. 513525 ID: cf49fc

We are NOT playing "Explore the Tunnel" where Tom and Story are involved. EVER.
No. 513528 ID: f2c20c

I think we could stand to tone down the lewdness while he's around then.

I kinda want to see what's in the secret passage.
No. 513529 ID: f29aa1

Eat food, play children's card game, enjoy Chaos/Time Magic'd Holographic Duel Arena.
No. 513531 ID: bc8d67

How about returning to your room and having some breakfast before doing anything else. You and Muo did go into this a bit peckish, after all, and while your body has been resetting Muo might not have and she may be rather hungry by now.

While exploring that secret tunnel would usually be your first choice for what to do next, it's nearly certain that Zirkala knows about it already and has placed one of those wall-eyes in there to watch for you. However, you might be able to rules weasel Muo out to explore it by saying that Zirkala directed all the instructions to stay in this room at you and not Muo, so she's free to leave. But try that argument on the wall-eye in the hall first to check if Muo can leave.

But if the wall-eye shoots down your argument, then move on to playing Mystery in the Hollow. That sounds somewhat more interesting than the rest of the board games.

Hey, ask the Time Lord how much time has passed outside while you three were in here? 'Cause part of the reason to play this game was to pass time until Zirkala came back, or at least until the food was delivered.

Oh, and since the Time Lord doesn't like to watch while you're copulating, maybe suggest he could bend the rules a bit by looking away and just listening when you do. Or zooming in really close to your skin so he's technically still watching you, but he doesn't see the offensive act.
No. 513541 ID: d300d2

Lets cheer up the time lord by telling him a story about a time lord.
No. 513543 ID: cf49fc

I thought the only Time Lord story we knew was

"Once upon a time, there was a Time Lord. He created an errant time loop that got out of control quickly and unleashed the Old God of Chaos who then murdered him and fucked up the world until the Gods pulled the Time Lord's irons out of the fire. THEN END."
No. 513545 ID: d300d2

If you haven't noticed, all the stories we've told have been completely pulled out of our ass, and tailored to the audience we are talking too.

Granted, we don't know much about time lords, I think time jumping powers give us all the fodder we need. That and we know he espouses a quiet dignity at all times. Shouldn't be hard to please him.
No. 513546 ID: f29aa1

I suggest butchering plots from the Old Doctor Who, and re-purposing them to fit in this world.
No. 513548 ID: cf49fc

Do the Tom Baker ones, they were the best!
No. 513549 ID: 2d9be8

Games are the way to go. Especially if Tom's going to keep making them more interesting. Try finding one with lots of funky minis, or crazy random tables. Those'll kill a lot of time.
No. 513559 ID: d300d2

No tables and dice, that's way too meta.
No. 513578 ID: 768893

Storytime sounds awesome, especially when Timelord's no doubt full of all sorts of stories that never truly happened, such as all the adventures you had 'last week'.
Gotta be some good ones in there, if you can't think of anything! Heck, with a bit of reworking, you could probably turn this experience into quite the gripping adventure!
No. 513583 ID: d38f67
File 136996661077.png - (156.64KB , 700x700 , 5-47.png )

Although the Time Lord looks miffed, I would say that is the same as he always looks! I do not believe he sounds any more than usual, either.

"How much time has passed since we have come in here, anyways?"
"A few hours." Time Lord replies.
"Well, another game would not hurt! Time Lord, please give me one of your hats."
"If it will get you to take that crown off, so be it."

I say that, but as Muo gives Tom the sign to bring us out, we decide to wait for the food, arriving not long after. Time Lord hides in the cupboard to make things simple, if awkward. My clothes come back as well, so that is one less worry. I can only wonder why Muo was in the nude again upon my arrival to the final room!

While we eat, I take a closer look at the Mystery of the Hollows game, specifically the overview, and read it aloud for Muo and the Time Lord.

"Legends say that long ago, an old witch lived in a secluded mansion deep inside of the woods. She was mighty yet cruel, and demanded sacrifice of the modestly sized village at the wood's edge. Yet, to give them hope, or perhaps simply to have craft, able-bodied sacrifices, she gave an ultimatum: Should a single soul escape the valley of the witch that became known in whispers amongst townsfolk as the Hollow, then not just shall those escapists live, but the witch shall no longer bother the town for as long as she lived.
But, with decades upon decades passing, not one soul has ever escaped. Some say that that the witch is powerful beyond measure, some say that she is wily beyond mortal intelligence, and that the mansion itself bends reality to prevent escape. Sacrifices are warned that not all the sacrifices may be as they appear: One may be the witch herself, masquerading as a fellow townsfolk to lead the others astray, even murdering them when the time presents itself! Yet no claims can be trusted. Many have gone to the Hollow, none have come back to tell its tale.
With a group of 2-6 sacrifices this year, in order to save themselves and their town, they will have to put all of their wits together to solve the Mystery of the Hollows!

>"Sounds good to me! Do you want to play it?" Muo asks.
No. 513584 ID: f2c20c

You know, it occurs to me that if you were using your clothes to escape traps a bunch, and the original rules had the kobold with a loincloth, then you were sortof cheating! You only truly won when you reached the end fully clothed. So it was 2 to 2, or thereabouts.

I still kinda want to explore... but this does sound like an interesting game too.
No. 513585 ID: 735f4f

Man this game would be best with a full 6 people. Wonder if we could ask the mimic if he wants to play. Also see if there is anyone else around or if Tom or the time lord knows anyone.
No. 513587 ID: d38f67
File 136996836167.png - (108.76KB , 700x700 , 5-48.png )

I do wish to explore that tunnel, but it is going nowhere! Then again, neither is the game, but oh well.

"Muo, I am good for this game, but I feel it would be best with the full six players! I think I may ask the mimic to come."
>"Well, go ahead, but Tom would appreciate it if you stop intercepting his plans, because he was going to inject some of the passive souls he's got lying around into the game to fill it up anyway as a surprise and I just blew it. Sooo that won't be a problem."
No. 513590 ID: f2c20c

Very well!
No. 513591 ID: 01531c

Tom can just use Chaos Magic on the mimic to make it mimic the souls, or make the souls into mimics, mimicing the souls.
No. 513592 ID: 768893

Let the Hollow adventure begin!
No. 513593 ID: 19b3c3

He could have injected other players whether or not we invited the mimic! You're not the one ruining his plans.

In the original game, the kobold was also a piece of plastic (or pewter? Lead?) moving on a board. There's some level of acceptable adaptation when transferring the game to live action chaos-3D. Besides, we explicitly combined the board games with dress up. Therefore using the dress up clothes to play the game was perfectly fair.
No. 513595 ID: 2d9be8

That all sounds well and good, but first you should ask how is it that Tom just has spare souls lying around? Did he misplace some people's bodies? Win them in a dice game? There has to be an interesting story.
No. 513598 ID: 2833a4

muo why are you so cute
No. 513599 ID: 9ddf68

I hope this game is Lovecraftian in nature, even if it isn't this sound like it would be fun for all parties involved. Wounder if we'll get to play as the witch?
No. 513619 ID: 01531c

I figured gods are made of souls?

I want to think that Tom did some Chaos Magic that caused a literal untimely death to some unlucky adventurers.
>"Hey Death! Death!"
>"That's a funny story, actually! I killed these weirdos on accident, but now they won't go away! Would you take them off my hands, seeing as they're incorporeal and all now?"
>"But the little guy keeps trying to ghost-stab Minci!"

No. 513987 ID: d38f67
File 137014760911.png - (274.87KB , 1000x700 , 5-49.png )

"Where does Tom even get souls from?"
>"Oh, uh, he inherited some from the last chaos god, and uh, I guess some Chaos followers get to have their afterlife in there. Sometimes standing by as summons or something." Muo explains, while I begin opening the board.

To which we find ourselves at the end of a drawbridge from which we were, apparently, dropped off! And those must be the other three players.

Otherwise, I know a few tidbits of information that was injected into my mind! First off, the mansion is at the end of the path, but I can explore the surroundings first if I so desire.

Secondly, I am definitely not the witch in hiding, but I do not know if anyone else is.
No. 513993 ID: 76b151

Chat up the naga.
No. 513994 ID: 735f4f

Ok read that sign and introduce yourself to the other players.
No. 513996 ID: 9ddf68

what races are the other players? Anyways what does the sign say and do you see anything of interest in your immediate area.
No. 514002 ID: 19b3c3

Do your bardly charm thing, and introduce yourself and your friends to the new people, make friends. Find out who (and what?) they are and stuff. (Also, try and find out if they know if they're playing a game or if they think this is real. Gotta be more subtle with that one though).

And someone should probably read the sign before we head in.

>I'm not the witch
My money is on Muo. Or maybe the time lord.
No. 514009 ID: f2c20c

Ask if any of them are the witch.

Yes, just go ahead and ask right out in the open like that. See how they react.
No. 514031 ID: 7e8516

Keep in mind, guys, the witch may not be any of them.
No. 514036 ID: 943463

Let's meet our traveling companions.
No. 514086 ID: d38f67
File 137019559390.png - (116.31KB , 700x700 , 5-50.png )

>Read the sign
It says 'Enter at your own peril!' which seems a little silly considering we are supposed to be sacrifices and all.

"Psst! Muo, Time Lord, are either of you the witch, by chance?"
No. 514087 ID: d38f67
File 137019560590.png - (109.77KB , 700x700 , 5-51.png )

I approach the Lamia, first!

"Hello, miss! My name is Story Seeker, might I ask for your own?"
>"Leira." she says quietly. A shy one, perhaps, or simply not one for many words!
"A fine name. Where do you come from, if you don't mind my prying?"
>"I have lived in our town all my life."

Ah. I believe that confirms it, that Tom has sent, well, the Lamia at least, but I imagine the other two as well, inside of this board game believing it to be real!

"Well, I will be available should you require my assistance, milady!"
No. 514088 ID: d38f67
File 137019561517.png - (111.16KB , 700x700 , 5-52.png )

So I move on to the next. A harpy, I believe this individual is! And, uh...

Bardic Spell: Detect Gender!... Male.

"Hello, sir! May I get your name as well?"
>"Hello. It's Gram... you're, u-uh, kind of cheery considering... you know."
"Ah, but is there any harm in that?"
>"Er, I... guess not."
No. 514089 ID: d38f67
File 137019566870.png - (92.58KB , 700x700 , 5-53.png )

And lastly, the.... hm. Werewolf? Humanoid wolf mole combination?

"Hello, mis..."

Bardic Spell: Detect Gender!... Female.

I leave it at miss, then!

"May I get your name as well?"
>"S'dalomngna. Dal, if that is beyond your tongue."
"Forgive my rudeness, but I don't believe I have seen your species before?"
>"Mutation potions. Lots of them."

I suppose that makes sense, considering her involvement with Tom!
No. 514092 ID: 735f4f

Don't worry to much about hunting for a witch in the party just yet. Knowing Tom things will be chaotic enough without mistrusting everyone. Also work on seducing the dwarf and naga.
No. 514093 ID: 9ddf68

well, neat

so do we want to all head to the mansion straight off or explore the immediate area for something useful... I don't want to head straight the mansion for fear we'll miss something out hear but I don't really want to explore out here as it seems like a good way to fall prey to a trap early in the game... Oh the hell with it lets just head to the mansion we can always back track later if we have to.
No. 514097 ID: 19b3c3

Well, unless anyone has any good ideas, I suppose we should head onwards!

Don't worry about wooing anyone. You're more than likely to lose the game if you get distracted, and if you really want to spend time with any of them, I'm sure Tom can be persuaded to summon them in different circumstances.

>Mutation potions. Lots of them.
Well, certainly nothing wrong with being unique!
No. 514133 ID: bd6e9a

Oh ho, focus your charms on the big gal, should be quite the conquest. Speaking of big girls, what's the largest woman you've been with? Do you have any limits?
No. 514301 ID: 33a7f1

I would be willing to guess the lamia as the witch but let's not jump to conclusions. I would say that the time lord would cancel our sexual endeavors in this game, so I suggest we head out into something more amusing than a sign saying beware.
No. 514330 ID: 6d5e30

I think we can keep the romantic conquests out of the board games. Remember our disapproving Time Lord buddy is around.
No. 514374 ID: beeca1

Yeah, we need to seduce him first. Preferably by getting him to switch sex.
No. 514378 ID: 19b3c3

You do realize he's immune to wacky hijinks. He'll just rewind afterwards if he doesn't like what happens.

Hell, even if he likes what happened, he'd probably just rewind so we couldn't be smug about it.
No. 514379 ID: 735f4f

If we can get Tom to like the idea we might be able to get it to stick.
No. 514382 ID: beeca1

Story Seeker remembers what happens after rewinds. Remember when we had him undo some conversations and stuff to see if he could remember? He did. We only need the two of them to know for Story to be smug about it at him/her.

Also, this. >>514379
No. 514392 ID: f2c20c

Let's not flirt too much during the game. Take this seriously, please. Unless we're flirting in order to get inside their heads...
No. 514393 ID: 19b3c3

>Story Seeker remembers what happens after rewinds.
Sometimes. Without the time artifact's help, the effect was greatly lessened (SS missed most of the trap the kobold rewinds, and was barely aware there was interference in the last round. Pretty sure our resistance is slowly wearing off).
No. 514600 ID: c23ab0


We've just got to make it so every possible future involves Story Seeker making out with the Chronomancer.
No. 514604 ID: 19b3c3

...you know, if anyone understands just how uncomfortable and awkward it is to be gender flipped and put in that position, it's Story Seeker. I really don't see him pursuing this.
No. 514613 ID: beeca1

Nonono, we're trying to get the time lord to do it voluntarily. We're not trying to do it to him.
No. 514615 ID: 2d9be8

Really, there's a time and a place. What you should do is focus on the current objective, round everyone up, press on through the forest keeping an eye out for magical traps, and defeat this here witch.

Then you can dig around the boardgame closet for some kinda Mystery Date thing and get your wacky hookup action on that way.
No. 514616 ID: 735f4f

Yeah fun as the idea is lets wait until the time is right or we will scare him away.
No. 514628 ID: 01531c

>Then you can dig around the boardgame
>for some kinda Mystery Date thing
>get your wacky hookup action on that way.

I misread your post!
Clearly, in order to find out who is the witch, Story Seeker must seduce them all when they split up to 'search' to see which one has the witchiest bedmagics!
No. 514635 ID: bd6e9a

Can we ignore our fruitless time lord seduction right now, I honestly don't see him being interested no matter the gender any longer.
Focus on the game and get our head out of the gutters yeah?
No. 514966 ID: 6d5e30

Yeah, just cause story is a suave bard who's slept his way to power doesn't mean that's his only feature. He's clever and erudite (if a little wordy.) It doesn't always have to be about sex.
No. 514996 ID: 84b8a7

In most games I've ever played the best way to tell a 'traitor' in the midst is not to guess based on preconceptions of the players, but rather to observe how they actually play the game. Poor players will give off clues as they try to accomplish their hidden objective quickly, where more clever ones will play the long term. In either case I believe focusing on winning via your objective Story Seeker is the best goal. So to those ends make yourself the best you can and use the others to overcome obstacles you can not handle.
No. 515298 ID: d38f67
File 137071652708.png - (117.94KB , 850x511 , 5-54.png )

>Speaking of big girls, what's the largest woman you've been with?
That would probably be Miss Morgana, although perhaps Zirkala if we are counting her largest form.

We go on to walk... somewhere! I shall preserve thoughts of romance should an opportune time present itself, but for the time, I shall first inspect the mansion. The dwarf and the lamia slink off of the beaten path into the woods, to which I wish them good luck, although their responses are underwhelming.

>"What're you thinking about, Story?" Muo asks as we walk along the path, snapping me out of my privy thoughts.
"Hm? Oh, nothing of interest!" I say shortly before we reach our destination. "Massive, indeed!"

The Time Lord looks at me oddly.

>"It's... well it's kind of big, but not that big." Muo states. "Oh, but right, you only just recently even went above ground recently. I think I was impressed by a shack one time."
"Yes, I have only heard tales of large mansions as this one... is apparently 'sort of' one!

The Time Lord appears to wish to say something, but only upon my expectant gaze does he speak.
"I think there is a hedge maze behind this building."
No. 515305 ID: f2c20c

That sounds cool. Let's check it out before we go inside the mansion proper.
No. 515311 ID: 9ddf68

if you see the hedge maze look for something for you to clime so you can look into the hedge maze so you can make a mental map on how to navigate it should you need to.
No. 515313 ID: 19b3c3

So our options then are to boldly burst through the front door, or explore the maze out back? Hmm. Mazes usually exist for several reasons. Either they're defensive (keep something in, keep someone out, keep a something or someone safe, etc) or they're a trap. Could be either, really. Either there's something interesting hid out there, or it's there to snare sacrifices.

Where did the harpy go? He take to the air? Went off on his own? An eye in the air could help if you get stuck in the maze.
No. 515337 ID: 2d9be8

You and Muo at least should probably be able to bypass both the maze and the gate by just slipping through the bars. Honestly, they look wide enough that most of you probably can.
No. 515365 ID: d38f67
File 137072735326.png - (86.87KB , 800x700 , 5-55.png )

>Where is the harpy?
Lagging behind. He seems to be watching us quite intently!

"Let's take a look behind this mansion first to take a look at the hedge maze." I say, before speaking to Gram. "And, how about you fly up and get a good view of how big the hedge maze is, and if anything is inside?"
>"Oh, er, uh, no thanks."

>Bypass the bars
Although I can do that, those bars are not to the maze! It is worth noting that this house does appear to be made for people a good few heads taller than myself, so this does make me feel quite small. The hedges are simply right out in the open, it appears, but we walk by a stone wall first. The wall, behind the mansion, cuts out and is replaced by the wall of the hedge row that Time Lord mentioned. The hedges appear well maintained, and impressively so! The hedges go excessively high, but this foliage does not appear to be any challenge to climb.
No. 515366 ID: d38f67
File 137072736025.png - (99.47KB , 800x700 , 5-56.png )

Hm. Perhaps I was wrong! The hedges do not hold my weight, and as I push down to lift myself, the hedges simply give way, and I gain no height at all. I am simply crawling vertically in place! I poke my arm through, and while my arm does go inside without trouble, I cannot reach the other side.

"This foliage is strange! I never heard about such properties when I heard of hedge mazes."
>"Uhhh, this isn't normal. Are you sure you don't want to fly, Gram?" asks Muo.
"I'm sure." he replies.
No. 515368 ID: 76b151

You know we do have a tendancy to trust Muo. I bet she is the witch.
No. 515373 ID: 735f4f

Just because this all looks real does not mean its not just a board game that tom slapped a third dimension on. So guessing we cant just go walking through or around walls unless its part of the game. Also knowing Tom he told all his souls to act suspicious as possible to make things more entertaining with the witch hunt.

So check to see if there is a actual entrance to the hedge maze. Keep trying to get in different ways but don't be surprised if it does not let you.
No. 515377 ID: 19b3c3

Hmm. Okay, the hedges don't allow cheating.

...I don't suppose the time lord is any good at mazes? Time, space, kind of seems like his thing.

Oh well. Shall we?

>no flying
Okay, either the harpy has a fear of heights, or he has the quiet reasonable fear that flying up alone in the sky makes him an easy target, or that a bad thing might happen for trying to cheat at the maze.

Let's not worry about who's the witch until we have a pressing reason to. Even if you're right, we don't have a way to unmask her right now.

Besides, it could be a double bluff. Ie, none of us are the witch, and the game is just setting us against each other.
No. 515405 ID: f2c20c

Why would a harpy not want to fly? That is very suspicious.

Someone who is not used to being in a flight-capable form would have that issue. Someone like the witch.
No. 515506 ID: 2d9be8

> Although I can do that, those bars are not to the maze!

Right, but if you just slip through the bars you can approach the mansion without going through the main gate or the maze.

On the other hand, mazes are fun. Have everyone stick together, keep one person looking back if you can swing it to make sure it doesn't go shifting behind you (sitting on the big gal's shoulders maybe?) and just stick to the lefthand wall. You'll get through no problem.
No. 515530 ID: 9ddf68

well see if you can find the entrence to the maze then but I don't think we should go in yet, not if we can help it at least.

after we find the entrance to the maze proper lets look around a bit more to get an idea of where things are for future reference.
No. 515638 ID: d38f67
File 137080621833.png - (101.56KB , 900x700 , 5-57.png )

"I don't suppose you are any good at hedge mazes, Time Lord?"
>"I am alright, but I would have to get inside."

We make our rounds along the perimeter, and there is to see other than forest in one direction, and the hedge rows in the other. Then the stone wall comes back as we approach the mansion again, and then the mansion itself until the front comes into view again. It does not appear that there is much of interest directly outside of the mansion's exterior!

"Perhaps I could scale the stone wall, if there is no magic preventing that? I imagine the entrance must be in the mansion's backyard."
"Or, we could go in the front door." the Time Lord says.
"Yes, Muo and I can slip through the bars!"
"Or, we could open the front gate. It is unlocked, nor is the fence particularly tall."
"Yes, I suppose I-"
>"Ahhhhh" Muo starts, although her tone is hardly that of a panic. "I can't lie for long I am the witch."
No. 515640 ID: 76b151

.... want some help getting the other contestants?
No. 515641 ID: b14973

haha, top must be furiously disappointed.
No. 515642 ID: 735f4f

Ha ha that's perfect. Ask her what she is supposed to do as the witch.
No. 515643 ID: 82b704

Oh my. Did our harpy friend overhear?
No. 515645 ID: f2c20c

Muo you are bad at this!

Welp, I think that means we gotta try to kill her now. Except we're unarmed so I don't know how we'd even do that. Or maybe she's gonna try to kill us which means we should run away. We can't restrain her because she's a slime, too.

Let's head for the front door. We need a weapon or something.
No. 515649 ID: 2fc3e9

Oooooh my yes I'm completely sure Muo really sucks that much at games and decided to confess of her own free will.

Or maybe the actual witch used witchy spells to make her do a fake confession. Oh, no, surely not, that would be far too absurd.
No. 515650 ID: 76b151

very likely.
No. 515651 ID: 2fc3e9

I admit it's likely, but everyone is acting like it's 100% likely. It's not.
No. 515652 ID: 735f4f

The conditions of the game are rather vague. We just have to escape the valley as far as I can tell. I say seduce the witch and learn her horrible secrets. That or promise to serve her seeing as she is a powerful witch and you are just a simple kobold.
No. 515653 ID: f77b49

That outta nowhere... That seems weird, and paranoia is an excellent weapon with which to weaken us with.
Besides, I thought Muo could pull deceptions better than that. Now granted we saw through the Drow Elf thing way back when, but I thought that was more us being clever than a fail on her part.
So, smart money is that she's not...But someone else is. The Dwarf of mutations and the lamia are elsewhere right?
Or is everyone together?
Keep it under your hat for now Story, and see if/how anyone else reacts. Figure out the lay of the land, and pay attention to who throws which arguments and how reasonable they sound! It'd be all to easy for that Witch to play the paranoid straw man while manipulating someone, if she isn't outright there!
No. 515654 ID: 9ddf68

good for her, seems to easy for me for it just to come out like that, or it could just be tom trying to make things more interesting. If she is the witch however does that mean she's going to start hitting us with spells or something?
No. 515659 ID: d38f67
File 137080976953.png - (62.49KB , 700x700 , 5-58.png )

The lamia and dwarf are still nowhere to be seen after their initial departure.

"Ah, but how do I know it isn't the witch forcing a false confession on you?"
>"Uhhhhhhhh..." Muo thinks either incredibly hard for an answer, or not at all!
"So what are you supposed to do as the witch?"
>"I dunno. I mean, I might get some spells or something, but I can't just like, beat everyone at a whim. So I mean.. I dunno."
"Oh, did you hear that, Gra-?"
No. 515660 ID: d38f67
File 137080977828.png - (217.31KB , 1254x574 , 5-59.png )

No. 515661 ID: d38f67
File 137080978946.png - (215.54KB , 1254x574 , 5-60.png )

No. 515662 ID: d38f67
File 137080979639.png - (214.86KB , 1254x574 , 5-61.png )

No. 515663 ID: d38f67
File 137080980970.png - (214.11KB , 1254x574 , 5-62.png )

No. 515665 ID: 988341

Maybe she is confessing as she suspects us to not suspect her for this sudden confession, but to think the witch is making her confessing. That would lead to us believing her not to be the witch as the witch would be controlling her... So in the end she can kill us all... or... what is the plan of the witch again?^^

Of course should also think we suspect Muo because she wants to be less suspected by suddenly confessing, so she is controlling Muo to suddenly confess...
No. 515666 ID: f2c20c

Oh, you can just walk right through the foliage. Doesn't that defeat the point of it being a maze though, if you can walk through the walls? Maybe you can only do that on the outer layer, to get in.

Anyway. Since Muo is so bad at this, why don't we give her some help? Turncoat on the other players. It's the only way to make things interesting at this point.
No. 515667 ID: 735f4f

Is he just hiding in the bushes or did he make it through. Ask Muo if she wants help witching things up.
No. 515668 ID: 2d9be8

Well, there was that bit where Muo passed herself off as a drow for a while, then as a lizardfolk. She snapped under the pressure with both of those eventually, but yeah, this is a bit suspiciously sudden. Backing through the hedge like that strikes me as stronger proof of witchery.

Worth checking if you can just press through the hedges to the other side yourself though.
No. 515672 ID: e91794

Don't we win by escaping? I think we should just try and find a way out for now and worry about witches when it becomes a problem
No. 515690 ID: 2f4b71

That was a bit terrifying.
No. 515711 ID: bd6e9a

Okay I don't care what that guys deal is.
If we see him again punch him, god-damned creep.
No. 515723 ID: 5869f6

Alright, that's just fucking stalker-ish. And creepy.
No. 515727 ID: 76b151

Oh thats right these guys worshipped the OLD chaos.... I doubt they were sterling examples of any sort of being. He was the more malicious kinda being then the prankster Tom is.
No. 515730 ID: 57a559

He's obviously the REAL witch.
No. 515734 ID: 01531c
File 137082758553.gif - (364.88KB , 320x240 , homer-simpson-hiding-in-the-bushes.gif )

Goddamit guys, don't you get the reference?
No. 515736 ID: 14bafe

He heard Muo say she was the witch, and decided to get away from her. Reasonable course of action.
No. 515757 ID: 84b8a7

Remember the other spirits believe they are actual characters in the game, thus a appropriate reaction without any context would be to get as far away from Muo as possible if you aren't the witch.

Now Time Lord is immune to that fact as he has meta knowledge of the game itself. I suspect Muo may not be the witch because that means there is still a hidden threat we need to look out for. If she is in fact the witch then we lose nothing by not letting our guard down and keeping her close enough to watch for treachery.

Based on the moves so far I'd have to say Time Lord holds the most suspicion for me in that he was nudging subtly toward the hedge maze and also suggesting the obvious ways into the house despite knowing this place would likely be highly dangerous! It is a low risk of exposure while seeming to be helpful if anyone should call him on it.

He could also have used the witch spells on Muo and overheard the questions of SS to give her appropriate responses.

I would suggest to you SS to keep on alert for spells being cast by Time Lord or try to break line of sight/effect from him to Muo.
No. 515828 ID: 01531c

There is a very high chance that the Harpy is inside the bush, and unable to travel through it, even though he continues to walk.

Story Seeker, walk to where he went, and stick your hand inside to pull him out!
No. 515886 ID: 19b3c3

Well, we scared him off!

Now what, though? Do we find some way to foil Muo's purported witchiness? Assume she gave a false confession? Or just change sides and help her get everyone else?
No. 518555 ID: d38f67
File 137184558305.png - (68.33KB , 700x700 , 5-63.png )

"Well, let me investigate this wall! Apparently I can simply pass right through the foliage!"

Yes, burying myself in just a little further, and I can feel my hand breach the wall.
No. 518557 ID: d38f67
File 137184559146.png - (78.05KB , 1000x583 , 5-64.png )

Annnnnnd I'm whisked away to a dungeon. I probably should not have simply dove in through the wall as soon as the thought inevitably occurred!

>"You're buddies with the witch, aren't you?" Gram asks me, seemingly concerned with me more than the giant eye blocking the way out.
No. 518567 ID: 19b3c3

>You're buddies with the witch, aren't you?
I'm friends with Muo, yes. I'm not so sure she is the witch, however!

Her revealing herself seems far too easy, and knowing Muo, if she were the witch I would have thought her capable of stirring up some chaos rather than just giving in. Unless it's a double bluff? (Make us think she's not the witch by confessing). ...or she's just going to play without deception? I suppose she's not that great at it...

>eye in the door
Another mimic? Try talking to it!
No. 518575 ID: 735f4f

"She captured me while I was on a errand for my girlfriend. She keeps me locked in a room in a dungeon guarded by a horrible mimic and forces me to have sex with her all day."

That answer is mostly true and if he has no knowledge of outside the game should help out.

Then tell him we only have a short time before she finds you again so we need to find a way out quickly before she turns him into one of her love slaves as well.

This seems like the most entertaining solution.
No. 518614 ID: 9f7acd

Uhmmm... tell him we didn't think she was, and she didn't seem very convinced of it herself. It could be she was being controlled. Or she made it up to give herself a better chance. She does that sort of thing.
No. 518640 ID: 01531c

I second this.

Also, ignore the giant eye thing, and investigate Gram's fluffiness the bricks in the walls; there's probably a catch somewhere, or a trapdoor above/below you.
No. 518649 ID: 9ddf68

I've know her for a while yes but I really don't think she's the witch. While she may seem she's not all there at times she is more clever then she looks and I really don't think she would blurt something out like that so casually. Then again she is a chaos mage so all bets are off when it comes to trying to predict one of there future movements.
No. 518747 ID: 93ed4d

"The witch is posessing the body of my friend. She's taunting me, knowing that I won't raise a finger against someone so dear to me."
No. 518797 ID: b7d7db

nah, she's obviously under the influence though. I mean, if she was a witch I'd know. also, innocent little slime girl evil witch? C'mon.
No. 518825 ID: d38f67
File 137194734743.png - (68.43KB , 700x700 , 5-65.png )

"No, the witch captured me while I was on an errand for my girlfriend! She keeps me locked in a dungeon, guarded by a horrible mimic, and forces me to have sex with her everyday! When my girlfriend came looking, the witch possessed her, knowing I would do no harm upon her!"
>"Oh, that's... geez. So the witch really is your enemy?"

>"The witch has laid out her judgement!" the current mimic on the wall spontaneously bellows. "To the harpy, the curse of butterfingers! All things you wish to hold shall fall from your grasp like sand through fingers!"
No. 518826 ID: d38f67
File 137194736096.png - (53.53KB , 700x700 , 5-66.png )

>"And to the kobold, the curse of never being able to sleep alone! All attempts to do so shall be met with attractive females in your bedspace, invading your personal space relentlessly! With that, you are both free to leave with your punishments!"
No. 518829 ID: c23ab0

Huh. These curses must be retroactively altering history.
No. 518830 ID: 19b3c3

...wait. Does the harpy even have hands? It looks like he has wings.

And your curse obviously isn't. Not that we're going to be playing this game long enough to sleep here.
No. 518834 ID: 735f4f

"You see what I mean? The witch is some sort of sex maniac. Its like this all the time. But maybe if we work together we can defeat her."

So you need to find a bed and test this out as soon as possible.
No. 518874 ID: b99cb6

"Honestly, I have no idea what's going on."
No. 518879 ID: c23ab0

OK now we know the witch is Muo. Nobody else could have thought up curses that lame.
No. 518898 ID: d38f67
File 137196149656.png - (169.43KB , 700x700 , 5-67.png )

>Does the harpy even have hands? It looks like he has wings.
Perhaps Muo is not a natural at giving curses! For all I know, those wings of the harpy's are - or rather, were - fine with grasping items.

And I cannot say I was having any intention of going to bed anytime soon!

"See? The witch is some kind of sex maniac! I was not aware you could even pick things up with those wings, no offense."
>"I can't. Especially not anymore, if this curse thing is true."
"In any case, if we work together, we can defeat her!"
>"Well... alright. Where do we go?"

We head out into the forest! We are at the corner of a cliff, and so there is little direction to go but back. Quite soon, I have a vague idea in my mind of where we are. Very vague! I am sure the mere image in my brain is making a cartographer weep.
No. 518900 ID: f2c20c

May as well explore the inside of the mansion first.
No. 518905 ID: 19b3c3

Hey, it occurs to me our 'curse' has a useful application, besides the obvious. The group may be split up, but we could summon a female party member just by lying down!
No. 518906 ID: 735f4f

Check the Some building. Its so generic it must be important.
No. 519047 ID: d38f67
File 137204091933.png - (79.89KB , 700x700 , 5-68.png )

The 'Some Building' is actually behind the stone wall to the backyard. While I could certainly scale the wall, I have a feeling that I may just teleport back to the dungeon! Of course, maybe not.

I get to the patio, to which Muo and the Time Lord are there waiting in front of the door. Gram comes out with me, then darts back behind the corner as soon as he sees Muo.

>"If we're going to fight the witch, you can't just go back to her!" he whispers to me.
No. 519061 ID: 735f4f

As long as one of us can escape the valley then she will have to honor her word and let everyone go.

So would you rather have her sneaking around causing mischief or be where we can watch her?
No. 519080 ID: 066a4d

I wonder. It does seem clear that the witch knows Story Seeker, but it still might not be Muo. Time Lord could have made Muo give a confession, and might have delivered his curse as a snarky jab. Still, it doesn't seem like him (though he could deliberately act out of character to mislead, if he's dropping hints like that but still wants to win), so it's an unlikely possibility. Perhaps we can contrive to make circuitous reference to the curses and see who looks confused.

Ooooor perhaps this is one of those board games with variable rules, and if the game master chooses they could have two witches. Or perhaps there are extra roles, with their own powers, that can be assigned to different players! The blurb on the box might only outline the default rule set.
No. 519098 ID: 19b3c3

Unless we play a double game, and get close to her so we can fight her later?

(...or we play a triple game, because we're already bullshitting the harpy and aren't sure Muo is the witch, anyways).
No. 519105 ID: 9ddf68

you see all that needs to happen this night is for one person to escape this area and we all win but if the witch is watching us that makes it more difficult now doesn't it. What I'm going to do is try and keep her eye off of you and the other two and I'm hoping either you or one of them will escape. Plus if I can get close I could actually find some way for us to actually escape which would make things easier for all of us.
No. 519498 ID: d38f67
File 137221952130.png - (154.42KB , 900x700 , 5-69.png )

"Ah, but we can! We play a double game. As the saying goes, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer! And worry not, as the legend goes, only one of us needs to escape!"
>"Uh... okay." The harpy gives an underwhelming response, but it is good enough!

We share our greetings, some more awkward than others, and enter the mansion. hg

>"Hey, uh... we should split up." Muo says.
No. 519499 ID: d38f67
File 137221953414.png - (100.04KB , 700x700 , 5-70.png )

>"Because... we can cover more ground. Faster. If we split up."
No. 519500 ID: 35edd4

Muo you are terrible at this. Just terrible.

Obviously no.
No. 519504 ID: 9ddf68

I don't feel as that would be the best course of action at this time sorry. Also start some small talk and try and see if we can SUBTLETY get her to tell us her plans or even where the exit is.

Take everything she says with a grain of salt, she is a little more clever then she appears to be.
No. 519508 ID: 2d9be8

Seeing just how bad Muo seems to be at this, it might be best to just get it over with, out her as the witch, seal away her powers somehow (steal her Tom charm maybe?) and start off a new game. Maybe end up playing the witch yourself. Seems like there's a lot more fun to be had that way. And you might get one of them cool pointy hats out of the deal!
No. 519513 ID: 735f4f

Oh why the heck not. Might as well let her go have fun as the witch. If we had been picked we would be doing the same sort of thing. This is just a friendly board game so might as well have fun.

Maybe suggest we split up into groups and have the harpy go keep a eye on her. Mostly because how often do you get to chat with a time lord. Would be nice to get to know him better.
No. 519517 ID: a0e7ae

Ah, but the game doesn't end if the witch is outed, the game ends when someone escapes.

Besides, we are privy to the secret that this is all for fun. Scaring the other players who think they're really in danger is a bit mean, but they're followers of the old chaos god so they probably deserve it a little and are also used to being messed with. What we want is shenanigans.
No. 519521 ID: 19b3c3

All right, go for it, but make a show of being reluctant. Then we can establish more cred with the harpy. See? I knew it! She doesn't want us getting close.
No. 519535 ID: e59fe7


Sure, why not.

Also find a bed to take a nap in.
No. 519539 ID: 2fc3e9

Guys, Muo wants us to think she's bad at this.

Muo and Story in one group, Leira, Gram, and dorf in other.
No. 519541 ID: 100f65

maybe she can't be in the same area with people and use her witching on them at the same time.
No. 520901 ID: b6bae3

Geeze, this has turned into a scary afternoon. Sure hope whatever happens here doesn't have repurcussions when you get out! Um, Muo might very well be trying to trick you, but look at that face! I can't imagine her as a witch! Even if only for a boardgame. (speaking of which, this game is creepy!)
No. 520938 ID: f0357f

>Even if only for a boardgame. (speaking of which, this game is creepy!)
For your consideration, a game of Arkham Asylum is great fun as a boardgame, but now try to imagine being stuck as a character IN IT!
No. 521356 ID: d38f67
File 137296730133.png - (157.57KB , 934x571 , 5-71.png )

>Leira and Dorf
They are still missing!

"Muo, I think that is a fantastic idea! Against my better judgement, Gram and I shall investigate the right half, and you two the left."

Which is exactly what we do. While we do not investigate the rooms in of themselves, we do get a quick idea of what rooms are available that may merit further investigation before meeting back to the entrance and evaluating our choices. I can only wonder what nefarious schemes Muo and the Time Lord plotted while Gram and I were out of conversation!

Dining Hall
Master Bedroom
Servants Quarters
Guest Room

No. 521357 ID: 735f4f

That master bedroom seems suspicious. It has forbidding BOLD TEXT.

So we should investigate our curse at the first opportunity to see what sort of people the magic drags into your bed. They have to come from somewhere. If Tom is just dragging people off the street it would be hilarious.

So is the objective to escape or something? I honestly have no idea what we are supposed to do here anymore. Check to see if the door locked behind you. After that you should check for secret passages and paintings with creepy eyes as soon as possible. I would say Master bedroom first for testing the curse and then search the study.
No. 521379 ID: 19b3c3

Plot with Gram.

Hmm. I must have been onto something, trying to stick close to her. Why else would she immediately try to separate us? Of course, that means either there's something she doesn't want us to know, or there's something we could do. The question is, what?

>test curse
Yes please. Throw yourself into the bed and see what happens / who appears.
No. 521446 ID: 2d9be8


Given how this has clearly become more about killing time and seeing what happens than trying to win, this seems like a perfectly sensible plan.
No. 521453 ID: e29ea4

Oh you guys! Lets go to the master bedroom anyways. Master implies its huge I think? Might be something in there. Other then a bed I mean!
No. 521493 ID: ecdc93

I'm going to be very amused if Muo is just pretending to be the Witch to mess with us.

And sure, check the bedroom.
No. 521506 ID: 9ddf68

well if I was to build a creepy manor one of the places I would hide a secret passage would be in the master bedroom so why not?

And is it just me or does time lord looked pissed?
No. 521530 ID: f0357f

>And is it just me or does time lord looked pissed?
Hard to tell.
Have you noticed Story-Seeker experiencing any 'take back' hesitations thus far?
No. 521537 ID: d38f67
File 137300475199.png - (64.76KB , 700x700 , 5-72.png )

>Time Lord
I have not noticed any take-backsies, so I cannot tell what is going on in that one's head!

>What is the objective
To entertain ourselves!

"I do not know about you three, but I must perform experiments!"
"Where are you going?" the Time Lord asks.
"The master bedroom!"
"Forget I asked."
"Having already answered, that shall work."
"Muo and I will be in the dining hall."
>"I'll, uh, look at the servant's quarters, I, uh, guess." says Gram.

And so I go, and invite myself into the master bed! There are indeed other objects than just the bed, but the bed is what requires immediate inspection. It is indeed a bed upon closer inspection, and quite a comfortable one at that!
No. 521538 ID: d38f67
File 137300493499.png - (86.33KB , 700x700 , 5-73.png )

>"Hello." Minci appears in a poof of curse magic or something!
"Hello, Minci! Perhaps you are wondering why you are here?"
>"Can I take an educated guess, since I was summoned right into a bed?"
"Ah, but the answer may surprise you! You have actually been summoned by a curse laid upon me, 'dooming' me to a life of not being able to sleep without having an attractive female keep me up! Note that I am far from distressed."
>"I gather your curse also gives you my name? I don't think we've met, before, sir kobold."

Ah, I did call her Minci right off the bat, and it would appear that she, like the other chaos members that aren't Muo, do not realize where they are!
No. 521539 ID: 57a559

Tell her we've met before, but she must have been cursed to not remember. What does she remember last?
No. 521540 ID: 57a559

I've also come to a realization that since Tom's running most of the mechanics in this game that he actually put Minci in here himself.

Tom must be a swinger or just likes watching sometimes!
No. 521545 ID: 19b3c3

All right, science time! Let's see how the curse works.

If we get out bed, does she disappear? If she gets out of bed, does someone else appear?
No. 521547 ID: 32868f

sexing her without her memory is creepy as fuck, dude. how desperate are you?
No. 521552 ID: c23ab0


Thus why you try your hardest to put up an act of being considerate and gentlemanly, and just out of reach, until she gets too horny to resist pouncing!
No. 521564 ID: ea4b0b

somehow I find that even creepier
You know you guys could just ask, right?
she is a succubus chances are she will be perfectly alright with a quick lay and Tom has already expressed he has no beef with her doing her thing because its sorta how she feeds if I remember right
No. 521573 ID: 735f4f

We should take advantage of Tom's memory spell to regal her with our tail of woe about the witch and the mansion.

Would be good practice for your story telling and she might have some good advice for you.

Stay with the witch is possessing my girlfriend and is a sex maniac story. Is about as close to the truth as we can get while pretending to be a part of this little world.

As for Tom and her she is a succubus and he is the tentacled god of chaos. While devoted to each other they are both horrible perverts. That and we had several romps during the time loop madness.
No. 521580 ID: 9b57d3

Sex with someone who has their mind affected by a curse is quite immoral. That said, the curse didn't mention sex. Just that you would have your personal space invaded and would be unable to sleep alone. So it could just be that you'd be cuddled all night. Heck, the curse could make them refuse to have sex entirely! That would be Tom's style too. To make you expect that it involves sex, when it doesn't at all.

Anyway, get out of bed to see if she disappears. Then get in bed to see if you get Minci again, and if she remembers being summoned to bed once already. Also ask her what the last thing she remembers is.

Then after we're done experimenting let's get back to Gram.
No. 521586 ID: 19b3c3

>this is creepy and immoral
Guys, I'm pretty sure if she's here, it's because she wanted to play along. Tom might mindwipe and shove someone else into a game world without warning, but not Minci. She's here because the real her thought this would be fun.

And c'mon, Story's not desperate for at all. We're just fooling around with the curse rules, not going to bed.
No. 521603 ID: 5612af

Lets not forget that Minci is a succubus. Sex, with strangers or otherwise, is kind of her forte.
No. 521610 ID: 6c71bc

Just because the curse summoned her doesn't mean we have to do anything. Tell you what, though, if being in the game took her memory, maybe it gave her information! Ask her if she knows anything about witches. Succubi know about witches, right?
No. 521620 ID: d38f67
File 137304217237.png - (261.15KB , 916x600 , 5-74.png )

I don't recall any intention of mine to do so! At least, not now.

Since Minci does not have her memory, I shall have to become re-acquainted with her, again, before any such activities ensue.

"My name is Story Seeker! And not just have I found myself as a sacrifice for the witch that lives on these grounds, but my girlfriend, too, has been possessed and controlled as well. It is my intent to escape! And of you, what is the last thing you remember?" I ask Minci as I roll back out of bed. She remains there, leading to my belief that she may be around for the night after all.
>"I was making a house of cards in the demon realm. There's not much to do there other than wait to get summoned, you know."
I get back in the bed, and Minci remains. And then I get out again. She is silent, but her face begs the question.
"I am merely experimenting with the curse, don't mind me! Say, what do you know about witches?"
>"I know that there's a very good reason why people never trust them. You can't let them out of your sight!"
No. 521621 ID: 9b57d3

WELP let's go see what's been happening with Gram then.
No. 521622 ID: 19b3c3

The demon realm is boring? Who knew! Scratch that one off your vacation list. Hmm. I wonder what it's like for the non-demon summons?

Use kobold sense to explore the room for any interesting secrets, and then graciously offer Minci your arm and invite her to join you in exploring the spooky mansion and solving the witchy mystery. You promise it'll be much more entertaining than card games.

(Plus, Minci is good at getting through trapped locations, illusions, and solving mysteries. A witch's grounds ain't so different from a lich's tower).

If she expresses regret that we're not doing, well, what a succubus expects to summoned for, reassure her with charm.

>don't let the witch out of your sight!
Well, we've already messed that up, if Muo is really the witch. And if she's not, the witch has been out of our sight the whole time!
No. 521627 ID: d38f67
File 137304507328.png - (76.78KB , 700x700 , 5-75.png )

I shall hold off on finding Gram, and investigate the bedroom further with Minci!

"This carpet has a trap door underneath! I have found an OLD DOLL inside."
>"These mirrors act as teleporters, most likely to other mirrors in the house. But, they might be dangerous to use."
"This grandfather clock is stuck at 11:34!"
>"I think we're being watched by someone That old doll has some magic to it, but I don't think you should leave it behind."
"And there's a PIECE OF PORTRAIT under the bed. There isn't much to see, so I'll stuff it in my pockets for now."
>"And this dresser has... just old clothes that would fit you better. Otherwise, I think that's it for this room as far as I can see."
"I too, think we have found all we can in the bedroom!"
No. 521631 ID: 19b3c3

Damn. Go go kobold and succubus de-trapping and exploration team. You two are aces at this.

Well, back to the main room, to see what the others have found, or to pick another room to explore.
No. 521633 ID: 57a559

>"I think we're being watched by someone That old doll has some magic to it, but I don't think you should leave it behind."

Yep, yep, Tom is directing his own pornography with his girlfriend as the star. Well, at least he was.

Ask the lady what she wishes to do? Go search some more around the house or something else?
No. 521643 ID: 735f4f

Oh boy there are lots of puzzles to this game. Bet those pieces of portrait are going to show something important if we get all of them.

We should definitely team up with her but we should also attempt to keep anyone from noticing her for as long as possible.

Muo will be sneaking around using her witch powers to set up traps and such. Minci should be able to help you notice any illusion magic that you run into.
No. 521646 ID: 19b3c3

>attempt to keep anyone from noticing her
Pff. What? No. Just walk up all nonchalant about having summoned a succubus out of thin air. Like it's an everyday thing (Well, actually, it almost is for you). See how much it freaks poor Gram out.

(Don't worry Gram! She was summoned, so she's the one person you don't have to worry could secretly be the witch! ...I think).
No. 521662 ID: 9b57d3

Wear those new clothes!
No. 521665 ID: d38f67
File 137305418251.png - (119.11KB , 700x700 , 5-76.png )

"Well, I must thank you for assisting with my search! But I can't make it all about me. What else would you like to do? This is quite a sizeable mansion, and perhaps an activity can be found here or elsewhere!"
>"I'm curious about that doll. Who puts a single doll in a whole trapdoor compartment? Let's go searching for more, if you'd like?"
"I'd like! I would also like some of those other clothes. Continuing with these shall lead to an inevitable trip at best!"

But while Minci picks new clothes, the question is begged of where we shall walk to next.

Dining Hall (Last known destination of Muo and Time Lord)
Master Bedroom
Servants Quarters (Last known destination of Gram)
Guest Room
Hedge Maze

No. 521672 ID: 19b3c3

Hmm. The study seems a good place to look for secrets!
No. 521686 ID: 9b57d3

Why don't we track down Muo.
No. 521689 ID: 57a559

Also, chew on doll. To test it.
No. 521734 ID: d38f67
File 137306649777.png - (208.81KB , 1079x615 , 5-77.png )

"The study shall be our next location of interest!"

We do not see Muo or the others on the way, but the mutated dwarf shows herself inside of the study. A bite on the plush doll proves what I would expect, a taste of old cotton and fluff!

"Hello, Dal!"
>"Hi. Who is that?"
>"Minci, a summoned succubus. Worry not, she is not affiliated with the witch! I was wondering if I would see you again, since you took off so readily."
>"I work better alone. Certainly better alone than with vermin and demons."
"Well, I shall be around should you have a change of heart."
>"I was about to leave. I looked through this place top to bottom. Nothing's here except a bunch of books. Lot of info, but nothing we need."
"I see! Well, just to be on the safe side, Minci and I shall take another look over."
No. 521735 ID: d38f67
File 137306650843.png - (65.48KB , 700x700 , 5-78.png )

"Ah, there is a secret button on the wall. Another old doll has popped out!"
>"This book looks empty, but it's actually composed of invisible ink that describes a secret map to a few other pieces of painting." Minci says.
"Behind this painting is an old chunk of meat in magically preserved condition!"
>"This gem up here can actually be unscrewed and brought with us as an endless source of light!"

>"Both of you can go right off and fuck yourselves." Dal grunts out.
No. 521737 ID: 9b57d3

Meat in the walls. Of course. I bet it's magically enchanted meat to heal wounds.

Tell Dal that Muo is the witch, or possessed by the witch or whatever.
No. 521738 ID: 57a559

Is the dwarf interested in a threesome? Her language is so confusing!
Bump the dolls together.
Is the meat cooked and/or particularly juicy?
Look at the map for the closest cool painting.
No. 521741 ID: 19b3c3

>you can go right off and fuck yourselves each other
Most tempting, but we've other things to do at the moment!

If you have not changed your mind about working alone, we shall leave you in peace.

>a secret map to a few other pieces of painting
Oh, goodie! Which rooms have another piece? We can check one of them, next.

>another doll
Does it look the same?
No. 521742 ID: 5cdcb7

Is the meat by any chance a piece of turkey?
No. 521754 ID: 6c71bc

>Both of you can go right off and fuck yourselves.

Reply in vaguely flirtatious manner. Something like "we could, but I'm sure I'd prefer your company."
No. 521791 ID: bd6e9a

Okay I was going to be against any kind of banging during the course of this game but the big feisty gal has got to be included on the list now.
No. 521792 ID: 735f4f

Oh come on now Dal everyone has there special talents. We are good at finding secrets and traps and such. While as a proud dwarf you are good at dwarfish things.

You would not expect us to know about metalworking and geology and mine carts would you?
No. 521932 ID: 506450

Dang it Story! I wish I had your ability to fit any outfit you wear perfectly! Hmm. Mysterious wall meat? Story, this may sound strange, but you must find a whip, top priority. It may be the answer to all of this! Trust me!
No. 522041 ID: d38f67
File 137313326228.png - (111.04KB , 700x700 , 5-79.png )

"I'm sure we would still prefer your company, miss Dal! Our strengths may lie elsewhere, as if I needed to know of metalworking and minecarts, you would be the first!"
>"Oh, so just cause I'm a dwarf, you automatically think I know about all that stuff?"
"... Yes."
>"Bah. Go fuck yehself. Again." Her tone belies the fact that my blatant racism is quite validated in this scenario!

>Does the doll look the same?
No, this one is marginally different, although I imagine it may have been part of a set.

>Mysterious wall meat? Find a whip.
Tempting, but such activities have found their way to the backseat for the time!

>What are the details of the meat?
A nondescript lump of meat! It appears cooked, but juicy all the same. I would require eating it to decide on what form of meat this may be. I shall put it in my pockets, which seem to imply an unnatural capacity for objects.
No. 522042 ID: d38f67
File 137313327127.png - (136.16KB , 700x700 , 5-80.png )

"By the way, Muo's the witch!"
>"And how do I know you're not the witch tryin' to shift the blame?"
"I'm male."
>"How do I know th- no, I believe you, don't go provin' it to me."
"Very well! And I have no empirical evidence of such other than my word, so take it as you will. I believe Minci and I may continue on our scavenger hunt, and as always, you are welcome to join."
>"Nah. The chimney here is cozy. Gonna sit a spell. Say, that chimney looks wide enough for a vermin like you to go crawl up."
"So just because I, gentlemanly or not, am I kobold, you would believe that I would have great inclination to crawl up a chimney that may or may not lead to a secret, doorless room on the second floor?"
"Well, miss Dal, I shall have you know that I do! In fact, only in hindsight of this, and having forgotten to keep a visual record in my mind of the 2 story layout of this mansion, do I realize that there is a great gap in the house by the master bedroom and above this study that has no doors, yet this chimney alone crosses through!"
No. 522046 ID: 735f4f

Good idea but we need to put out the fire then wait until it cools to try that.
No. 522048 ID: 19b3c3

>racism is validated
Hey, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. They have to be true at least part of the time.

>Secret chimney room
Hmm. I don't see anything metal in here that would be big enough to smother the fire with, and I'm not sure the carpet would work before catching. There's no water either.

I suppose we'll have to wait till the fire dies down, or see if we can get a bucket of water from the kitchen. We'll leave you with the fire for now, Dal. Thank you for the idea.
No. 522343 ID: 6aec2d

But if you climb the Chimney, your awesome clothes might get all dirty! Aww. Well priorities I guess. Is the chimney at least safe to climb by your judgement?
No. 522413 ID: d38f67
File 137322914103.png - (201.54KB , 700x700 , 5-81.png )

"I have decided I shall climb the fireplace! Except, I require water to douse it first."
>"I can do that." Minci says. "I know the basics of water magic, at least enough to cool off a normal fire." Well, that makes that easy.
"Thank you, Minci! The second problem I have are these nice clothes I have. The soot will rub onto my clothes past the point of cleaning, and the rough brick walls will surely cause tears and otherwise ruin a valuable set of fabrics."
No. 522414 ID: d38f67
File 137322916390.png - (94.98KB , 700x700 , 5-82.png )

"Yes, an insurmountable issue plagues my ascent!"
No. 522415 ID: d38f67
File 137322917954.png - (123.42KB , 939x591 , 5-83.png )

After surmounting the impossible burden, I begin climbing. The chimney quickly widens, and I daresay that the chimney almost becomes too wide! Almost being the operative word at hand.

Perhaps, as well, I was wrong about that room. Perhaps it was the pitch blackness that prevented my ability to see, but I climb all the way to the top! I grab the ledge to get out of that awkward horizontal position that is required to climb such a wide tunnel, and I can see the hedge maze from here.
No. 522418 ID: ecdc93

Check out the inside of the chimney again using the gem as a light source, to make sure you didn't miss anything in the dark.
No. 522422 ID: 735f4f

Make sure to spend a minute up here looking over the grounds so we have a clear image of where stuff is. Then go get the light and check the chimney for side doors.
No. 522423 ID: 19b3c3

Hmm. I can't see anything of interest in the maze, from here.

Is there anything hidden on the roof, or should we head back down?
No. 522443 ID: bd6e9a

If you think you're agile enough is there any way to reach the nearest wall of the maze from the chimney? We could quickly navigate it from atop its walls saving valuable time possibly traversing it later.
No. 522470 ID: f0357f

Look around and above you for people.
Call out just in case anyone is in earshot around a corner.
Check the roof visually for trap doors and skylights.
No. 522518 ID: d38f67
File 137324204823.png - (163.31KB , 700x700 , 5-84.png )

I see nothing hidden on the roof itself, although I can see quite far! And while there are no skylights, there is quite a tall tower at the other end of the house itself, extending a fair ways about the chimney. I will not be able to reach the top of the hedge wall however, not without a fantastic leap from here to there. I assume if I did make it, I would simply sink down as I did while climbing!

Ah, one thing I do see is, in the patio, Muo, and with her, of course, the Time Lord.

>"Hey, I'm coming up too!"
"Oh, hello Minci." I did not think her the sort to climb up such a shaft. Conveniently, she has the glowing gem on her person, so I will be able to carefully investigate the walls on my way down. "Muo and Time Lord are just down there. I am heavily compelled to gain their attention, despite not knowing what I would do with it!"
No. 522519 ID: d38f67
File 137324206033.png - (158.65KB , 700x700 , 5-85.png )

"Hey, Muo, Time Lord! Find anything?!"
>"Not really!" claims Muo, of which her lies are as bare as myself!
No. 522524 ID: 10cb3e

Haha, I got that song about working out stuck in my head after seeing that! Anyways, I think we should climb back down, if this is a magic boardgame experience, I doubt that the maze will have anything in it until someone actually enters it.
No. 522525 ID: 735f4f

Ha ha embarrassed time lord points +1. Well head on down and check for hidden doors in the chimney. We don't want to get behind Muo in her trap setting or whatever.

Make a note of the rooms we see her in so we know which ones to be extra careful in. Also from now on we should assume any room we search might have traps as well as secrets and such.
No. 522529 ID: 19b3c3

Poor Time Lord. He's got to deal with naked people popping out of the walls, now.

>"Not really!"
Good luck, then!

You might as well head back down, and check the chimney with the light as you go.
No. 522543 ID: f5680f

"So what'd you find? Magical stuff?"
No. 522563 ID: 32868f

you should make a map of the maze while you can see it's whole from here
No. 522565 ID: d38f67
File 137324830741.png - (104.02KB , 1206x347 , 5-86.png )

"Good luck, then!" I yell. Minci and I then sit at the ridge of the chimney, mapping out the path of the hedges for later references.

With that done, we carefully shimmy down the slope. While the walls are covered in soot, we clean it off using ourselves, revealing a secret compartment after all! It appears to be an arsenal of weapons and equipment.

We are also greeted by a rather awkward gaze.
No. 522568 ID: 735f4f

Like what you see?
No. 522571 ID: 19b3c3

Hello, Leira! This is Minci. We were just checking the chimney for secret rooms. Although it appears this one must have an additional entrance.

Have you found anything of interest? (Feel free to share your own findings).
No. 522614 ID: e3aff6

Seconding the casual greeting, because this is more or less an ordinary situation for us.

Those wall weapons look lootable, including that whip we were hoping to find a bit earlier.
No. 522623 ID: f0357f

Story Seeker, do your kobold senses tell you that one of those weapons is a secret lever?
No. 522635 ID: 450660


It's the "in thing" right now.

She should try it, too!
No. 522670 ID: 4f3868

Pick up that whip and dagger before Leira does. You dont know if she's eyeing it because her hair is in the way.
No. 522947 ID: d38f67
File 137333930466.png - (63.08KB , 700x700 , 5-87.png )

While I can hardly feel approachable should I lunge for the nearest weapons, I do put myself between Leira and the knife and whip.

>Do your kobold senses tell you that one of those weapons is a secret lever?
They do not! Aside from the entrances, it appears nothing in this room is not what it seems. At least, as far as the naked eye can see.

"Hello, Leira! I hope I am not too displeasurable to the eye. This is Minci, and Minci, this is Leira. We were just searching for secret rooms, although it appears this room has better entries. Have you found much of interest?"
>"... not for you."
"Well, Minci and myself have found a couple of dolls, a scrap of painting, and a map to a few scraps of painting!"
>"Oh. Okay. I want those dolls."
"Might I ask what they are for?"
>"................................. they're cute."
No. 522948 ID: f5680f

I hope she won't be too offended if we hold onto the obviously-magical items without a good reason to give them up!

...story, what type of weapon is effective against a slime?
No. 522949 ID: 7dbd6b

We know she isn't the witch, but she doesn't know that we're not the witch, and probably wouldn't believe us if we told her we weren't.

I say we just give her the dolls, and request that we meet up later in case we find more.
No. 522962 ID: 735f4f

Wait how are we even carrying the dolls right now? Magic game inventory I bet.

Tell her the dolls are probably a part of some crazy puzzle the witch has set up and they probably will be important later. So if she can prove she is not the witch you would be fine with leaving them with her.

Ask her if she has any special skills or magical abilities that might come in handy during your search. Say you could always use a extra hand to figure out the puzzles.
No. 522967 ID: 23b97a

Yeah, the dolls are probably part of some crazy puzzle thing, but we have no problem with her holding on to the dolls before and after using them in the puzzle, if she wishes. We'd have to come back later when we find the rest of the set.

>Magic game inventory I bet.
>my pockets, which seem to imply an unnatural capacity for objects
Yup, magic game inventory. Story already noticed his pockets powers.
No. 522989 ID: 49bd5b

Play along seeker. Your life isn't actually at risk, this being a game, and with the Time lord there to retcon anything truly horrid that might happen.. plus she might be able to do something entertaining with them.

And really, isn't the point of these games entertainment?
No. 522995 ID: 91c1b3

Give them to her, but ask for any painting scraps or odd items she found in return.
No. 523010 ID: 885ee8

Pretending, as Muo, to be really bad at secrecy and also the witch would likely make you trust all the other players. And, if the witch's goal involved collecting a bunch of dolls that other players might pick up, that would be really inconvenient.
Unless you could make yourself look like another player. Remember the "drow" who turned out to be Muo in disguise, Story?
Tell her you obviously need a better reason than that, because you don't know that she's not the witch.
No. 523108 ID: 6d5e30

Ask if you can ride her. Not sexually, you know what I mean.

In fact, tell her you'll give her your two dolls if you all stick together AND you can ride her till this is all finished.
No. 523200 ID: 01531c

Man, collectible dolls/action figures used to be a pretty big thing when I was a kid.It was a lot like trading Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic cards. Rev up those haggling skills, Story Seeker!

"I also find these dolls quite adorable. Are you interested in trading? I have a dog(?) doll and a mouse doll!"
No. 523244 ID: cd963f

Yeeehaw! Ride the girl!
No. 523251 ID: d38f67
File 137342217525.png - (236.54KB , 700x900 , 5-88.png )

>What type of weapon is effective against a slime?
Uh... let's see... blunt's definitely no good. Slashing is okay, they have resistance, but not a great deal! A whip... uh... not to my awareness! I think magic is the way to go against them.

"I hope you would not be offended if I am iffy on simply giving away these dolls! They are magical, and likely quite important to this hollow."
>".... then I'll trade you one scrap of painting for both dolls. I think they would, uh, mind less being with me than being stuffed down your... either of your... clothes..."

My inventory remains magical!

"Yes, that is quite fair, but with one additional aspect! I will trade you the two dolls for one scrap, if I am allowed to ride upon your tail for the duration of our stay, and if we stick together."
>"Uh... only if you wash first. There's a small lake to the west of the mansion."
No. 523256 ID: 23b97a

All right, it's a deal!

We'll have to double back down the chimney to reclaim our clothes before we can visit that lake, or claim our naga ride, though.
No. 523260 ID: 2d9be8

Speaking of washing up, if we're really going to commit to some kind of actual violence towards Muo, wouldn't the best weapon to pack be some soap?
No. 523262 ID: f5680f

Whips don't actually do much damage, unless they're magical. Any of the bladed weapons that you can wield would be your best bet.
No. 523263 ID: c31f72

Can we just kinda, turn into a slime and eat all the soot off of ourself/minci?
No. 523267 ID: 23b97a

Then we'd get sick when we changed back and had a stomach full of soot. Plus, we can only cast that spell once per hour. It's not worth using on this.
No. 523305 ID: 6d5e30

You know, a quick swim in the lake. Normally this is the kind of cheesy horror trope we would avoid, considering the setting, but considering we really aren't worried about being hurt, lets flirt with disaster vivaciously and crudely flaunt our situational invincibility. To the lake for a midnight swim.
No. 523872 ID: 986d97

Ok, lets wash up in the lake! Keep a eye out for anybody named Belmont, they might be able to help with the witch! But I hear his specialty is vampires, so who knows.
No. 523874 ID: d38f67
File 137360084298.png - (209.61KB , 700x700 , 5-89.png )

>Can we just kinda, turn into a slime and eat all the soot off of ourself/minci?
I can, but I most certainly do not wish to!

I bring the whip and a sword, while Minci brings the dagger, and the Lamia another sword.

"Minci, are any of these weapons magical?"
"Alright. Let's go!"
>"Um..." the Lamia begins. "I'd like the dolls, first."
"No ride, no dolls!"
>"F-fine, get on. Please don't... move around much."
"Alright! Now, do you have a way out of this room?"
>"Yes, the panel at the back is fake."

With that, I board the Lamia as I hand her the dolls, and she brings me out of the house! For practical reasons, we leave our clothes at the house.

"I have a confession." the Lamia says, after the mansion disappears from sight. "There is no lake. I simply didn't want to be found out while commiting a crime before I go through the hedgemaze. I am sorry, but you would do the same." She says, before attempting to buck me off of her as she reaches for her sword. I may be able to continue riding her, however, if I consider such an act to be tactically sound!
No. 523881 ID: beeca1

Oh, what a surprise. Become slime and suffocate her.
No. 523885 ID: e3aff6

Hang on, hold your sword to her mid-tail*, and say "explain".

*It isn't exactly the head or heart, but she wouldn't get that far with her means of moving and probably an organ stabbed, while you are in an awkward position for her to attack.
No. 523886 ID: 735f4f

"You were planning to steal our cute dolls then murder us in the woods?" Give her the big old puppy dog eyes and go slime form.

Don't go to hard on her the other contestants think this is a horrible death trap not a fun afternoon game.
No. 523887 ID: f5680f

Serious time. Use the momentum from her tail to leap at her with the sword.
No. 523894 ID: e213ca

touch fluffy tail
No. 523898 ID: 23b97a

...wait, the hedge maze will do something bad if you enter it after being caught committing a crime? What crimes, by what laws, and why is it okay out here but not in there?

>you would do the same
I don't see myself trying to stick a sword in you, my dear naga!

>Slime form
Still sword vulnerable, somehow. We're not good enough with it to resist damage (we went though this with the xbow gobo).

We're mote agile in our natural form, anyways. All we need to do is keep her busy and distracted long enough for Minci to disable her with magic somehow.
No. 523916 ID: f0357f

Hug her tail and slip over to the side so the sword misses you!

Minci is an ancient succubus experienced in many forms of bodily manipulation and bondage, she can share those or just go for the lamia's pressure/trigger points.
No. 523955 ID: 6d5e30

You are on her back and she just unsuccessfully tried to buck you off. This is all kinds of tactical win for you. Get your sword and try to say on her, make it clear you are dangerous and will defend yourself even though you don't want to hurt her.
No. 523958 ID: 1cf691

Jump forward and grapple the lamias upper body, either trap her arms to her sides or get her in a full nelson.
No. 524204 ID: d38f67
File 137373817911.png - (183.17KB , 700x700 , 5-90.png )

"I think I would not do the same, actually! Is there something special about the hedge maze?"
>"I must return the dolls there. Now get off, and we will fight."
"I won't, but I must say, I am impressed that you would fight the both of us at once!"
>"I think I can handle a kobold and a succubus, neither are made for combat. Now, off!" She says, trying to buck me off her tail.
No. 524205 ID: d38f67
File 137373818983.png - (147.37KB , 700x700 , 5-91.png )

>"Kobold, get off me. This is not... let go. Get off. I mean it."

Ah, she takes a bit of time to do so, but she begins coiling around me! Although my slime form does not allow for much damage resistance, it will allow me to slip though!
No. 524206 ID: d38f67
File 137373819889.png - (153.34KB , 700x700 , 5-92.png )

>"Ah-" the Lamia starts, but Minci has employed a stun spell while I distracted the Lamia.

"What do you want to do with her?"
No. 524210 ID: 6b40ea

Take her sword away while she's stunned, for one thing!

How long does this spell last?

Can she talk while stunned? We could ask her what the dolls are for. She seems to know. Maybe we might not object! ...failing that we could always grab her stuff and skedaddle. We'd be up at least one more doll, and we'd know where to use them. Problem is she's eventually come across us again as we search the house.

We couldn't exactly tie her up, unfortunately. We don't have much to work with, and even if we got her arms, we can't stop her from using her tail, really.
No. 524215 ID: f5680f

Relieve her of her belongings then... well, if we can't disable her for long, just kill her. We really do need to know if she's on the witch's side, if this is something she needs to do to escape, or if she has some other secret goal.
No. 524216 ID: 6b40ea

Why kill her? For all we know, the puppet puzzle is a good thing, and she just thinks we're all scoundrels and needs to resort to any means to reach her objective.

We should at least try talking to her when she's not in a position to attack us before resorting to those kinds of options. (I don't think SS has even ever killed anyone! Not even in the time loop).
No. 524218 ID: f0357f

Minci can probably use a bit of the lamia's blood to voodoo a lower-body binding spell.
No. 524223 ID: bf54a8

just spin her tail around a tree a few times and tie the end to her waist.
No. 524279 ID: ea4b0b

If this is possible, I vote this option
No. 524282 ID: 6b40ea

I suppose the whip could be used for bindings, too.
No. 524311 ID: beeca1

Snakes can make their bodies extremely rigid to avoid this sort of thing happening. However, she's probably not able to move her muscles while stunned, so this might not be as bad an idea as usual.
No. 524366 ID: 6d5e30

I suggest we disarm her, fashion a crude bridle, and force her to be our mount for the rest of the game. What wonderful opportunities a consequence free environment provides.
No. 524401 ID: 772c81

The time honored method of containing snake prisoners is a bag.

Or a large urn, but those are hard to find.
No. 524424 ID: d38f67
File 137381679711.png - (185.10KB , 700x700 , 5-93.png )

"Minci, how long does this stun spell last for?"
"Several minutes!"

Which is long enough to tie her tail around her waist, all around a tree!

"Would you like to find out what's at the hedge maze?" Minci then asks me, as we finish tightening the knot.

In her inventory, now ours, are 3 dolls, 2 scraps of painting, and her sword.
No. 524429 ID: c95833

Hmm. Can we tell if we have the complete set of dolls yet? If we need the dolls for the maze we might have to find them all first.

Also, we might have to double back and recover our clothes. If we care. Or if our clothes aren't stored in magic inventory and easily recovered.
No. 524450 ID: 57a559

You shouldn't be shoving swords down your underpants Story, unless Minci's holding it in her bra.
No. 524454 ID: 0c4b60

Clothes make the man, Seeker, its probably time to get dressed again. The other players are already overwhelmed by your fascinating personality mixed with their assumptions about kobolds being shattered.

... you DID stow your clothes in your magic inventory, right?
No. 524720 ID: c23ab0


You tied the lamia in a knot.

Shit is SO cash. Book it before she wakes up!
No. 524721 ID: 735f4f

If you can leave a polite note telling her you are sorry for tying her around a tree but she brought it on herself.
No. 524722 ID: 2d9be8

Odds are decent she can get herself out of that, so I'd suggest fleeing the scene and any possible vengeance post-haste. I'd also head back into the house and collect more stuff. Collecting all the whatevers always pays off in a game like this.
No. 524872 ID: 84b8a7

Give her a bardic kiss apologetically since she can probably still see and hear you while your stunned. "Until we meet again" or something like that roguishly as you dash off.
No. 524884 ID: d38f67
File 137399184511.png - (117.54KB , 700x700 , 5-94.png )

"Farewell, Lamia! I apologize for tying you to this tree, but I am sure you understand why you would do such a thing."
>"Pray we do not meet again, kobold!"
"And I must apologize again, for I have no such intention!"

And now, it is time to flee the scene before the stun spell wears off, as this knot is but a way to delay her further from attempting near-future vengeance!
No. 524885 ID: d38f67
File 137399185357.png - (260.12KB , 700x900 , 5-95.png )

>See if we have a full set of dolls
I have no idea! There is nothing to say how many there might be in a set, or that there is a set to begin with.

>Get clothed
My only qualm for this is the fact that I would be sullying such nice clothes with all of this soot. However, Minci may know enough water magic to sidestep this issue, and so we pick up our clothes regardless as we head to the front of the hedge maze. The washing, however, must wait for a moment longer!

"Alright, Minci! I would ask you to give us a quick shower, but first, I must commit our map of the hedge maze to memory, prior to our entry! Please turn around."
No. 524886 ID: d38f67
File 137399186513.png - (169.58KB , 700x700 , 5-96.png )

Alas, the severe lack of paper in my inventory did mean that I had to use available resources while atop the chimney, to write this map down!

Unfortunately, my viewpoint only allowed me to see the paths themselves, but not what was upon the ground.
No. 524889 ID: c95833
File 137399389208.png - (213.01KB , 700x700 , go here.png )

Hahaha, oh gods. Minci is really the best companion for this sort of thing.

Hmm. Problem with that map is there doesn't seem to be an obvious target or center to the maze for us to aim for.

I guess... do you see that dead end close to the north wall, that's right on her spine? Seems to end in a square shaped chamber, and the path to get there is suitably long and winding.

(There's a lot of dead ends in the maze where something could be, but it sort of makes sense to me that the one at the end of the longest path has the objective at it).
No. 524890 ID: 735f4f

If there are several dolls there might be several places to use them. Also the maze is probably full of magical traps and junk.

Try aiming for the middle or one of the side rooms.
No. 524898 ID: bf54a8

just past the entrance to the right s a room with a weird thick dash mark on it, try there?
No. 524899 ID: b92bfb

There's also nothing wrong with the classic ball of yarn.
No. 524989 ID: 6d5e30

Oh story, how do you all of your adventures end up being so needlessly titillating. You are the most fortunate kobold lethario on the planet.

You have at your disposal a set of stories more epic than the most epic bard can boast.
No. 525042 ID: 10ca6c

Hey SS, are you sure you don't secretly already have a curse to end up in those kinds of sexy situations? It seems to happen a lot. There's also that whole getting naked repeatedly in the catch-a-kobold game.
No. 525143 ID: 023f67

Lets do our best to keep this no kill record. You don't have to be a paragon to avoid killing. Anyways, my advice is to speculate what the other team members might be doing right now, how they would do it and how they would use their racial advantages to do it. Thats the logical assumption.
No. 525162 ID: d38f67
File 137411636920.png - (115.01KB , 877x568 , 5-97.png )

>Hey SS, are you sure you don't secretly already have a curse to end up in those kinds of sexy situations?
Only if we are defining 'curse' as whatever Muo pretends it is! In any case, that ends after a short, magical bath, to which we then dry off and put on our clothes.

>Lets do our best to keep this no kill record.
I have no intention to change this! Although we did not see Dal on our way back, as it turns out, and so I must figure that she wandered off to who knows where! Or met with an unfavorable fate, but that does nothing to change of our little knowhow of who is where.

>A weird thick dash mark on the map
Surely just a simple result of crudely sketching on Minci's back! There was nothing special I could see from my vantage point.

So Minci and I head through, although we lack a string or ball of yarn to track our path! For lack of a better explanation, the walls seem to shift and the path behind us distorts, and we would have no idea how we are. Such things must be no more than illusions, however, as I maintain our path through left's and right's that I decided upon prior to Minci putting her clothes on, which leads us to an altar. It would have been challenging, indeed, should we have entered the maze without looking at the top!
No. 525163 ID: a23afd

First thing's first. Poke it.
No. 525165 ID: beeca1

It says "Lost souls".

Poke it.
No. 525166 ID: c95833

Does that statue resemble any of the dolls? Maybe we're supposed to match a doll to the altar.

Is that just a plaque at the bottom, or does it flip up like a mailbox drop slot?
No. 525171 ID: 9dba7d

sure it isn't LUST souls?
No. 525193 ID: 35edd4

We're definitely a lust soul. Must be for us.
No. 525224 ID: 575554

Place dolls on statue. Clearly.
No. 525999 ID: d38f67
File 137442622729.png - (146.87KB , 700x700 , 5-98.png )

A poke yields nothing of interest! The plaque also appears to be a mere plaque, and does not flip up or otherwise. Although I do not have any dolls that resemble the statue, I place the dolls upon the statue.

With a dramatic, completely pointless burst of light, they gain forms that are.. well, some sort of potentially unhappy medium between a doll and a humanoid!

>"Uh" the one with the enormous rabbit ears goes. I believe I will call him Ears on that sole attribute! "Oh. This again."
No. 526001 ID: 57a559

Ask if his wolf friend is okay. His head looks adorably oversized and he looks like he's having balance issues with it.
No. 526002 ID: a686b0

"What again?"
No. 526003 ID: 5869f6

Aw, they're adorable~
No. 526006 ID: f0357f

Shake their hands and politely introduce yourselves!
No. 526009 ID: c95833

This and this >>526002.
No. 526011 ID: d38f67
File 137442848907.png - (101.20KB , 700x700 , 5-99.png )

"Greetings, my name is Story Seeker! Might I ask what 'again' is?"
>"Our souls are trapped in this hollow. We were past sacrifices. Now we're shoved in dolls, and when placed on this altar, we're brought back to life. Just to relive the same damn witch's twisted games."
"Perhaps this time will be different Is your wolf friend having difficulty? I cannot help but notice that his head is giving him balance issues!"
>"Please do not make fun of me." the wolf says.
"I will relent. This is Minci, by the way!"
"Hello, adorables."
>"Yes, the witch's succubus." says Ears.
"I do not believe that she recalls anything regarding this hollow!"
>"Is that what she told you?"
No. 526022 ID: c95833

Any idea why a lamina would be willing to kill to collect you all? Or why it would be important not to be discovered committing a crime before entering the maze?

>witch's succubus
>doesn't recall anything regarding this hollow!
Well, I suppose she could have deceived me, but if so, she's been awful helpful for someone working against me!

How do I know your word is more trustworthy than hers?
No. 526037 ID: d38f67
File 137443138301.png - (101.16KB , 700x700 , 5-100.png )

"It is entirely possible that Minci is deceiving me, but she has been quite helpful for someone who would be working against me! Unfortunately I have no means to tell whos word is more valuable than whos, you see, and so I cannot simply distrust Minci from that alone! Now, I must ask, do you know why that Lamia from earlier would attempt to kill me so readily, in order to gain more dolls?"
>"I, uh, think she figured out what we were. So she wanted our help, I guess. The more past sacrifices the better, I suppose. So, uh, here we are. And... uh, if you don't mind..." Ears and his fellow doll people shuffle around, uncertain of what to do.
"I was hoping you all would have an idea of what to do?"
>"The Lamia's plan, uh, if it was to get our help, probably wouldn't end well. I mean, we kind of..."
>"Don't know..." the wolf starts.
>"How to beat the witch or anything." the mouse finishes.
No. 526038 ID: a23afd

Ask what the painting scraps are for.
No. 526043 ID: c95833

...well, you would know what doesn't work. And you might have information that helps with some of the puzzles and secrets and traps around here. Especially the ones that got you! That could be a useful heads up.
No. 526050 ID: a23afd

Oh, that's true. Ask why nobody's just killed the witch yet.
No. 526053 ID: d38f67
File 137443318895.png - (89.45KB , 700x700 , 5-101.png )

"Ah, but you would know what doesn't work!"
>"Direct confrontations. Side confrontations. Really, any confrontations. Trying to murder anyone that gets in your way also doesn't work too well."
"Might any of you know what the paintings are for?"
>"It's... you get a painting, then you can put it in the missing painting, which summons a servant ghost, which then has to be convinced to open the locked chest in the attic which contains, uh, I don't know." the wolf answers.
No. 526054 ID: a23afd

Alright let's do that then. Also let's go find Muo and ask her directly if Minci is the Witch's succubus. Considering how bad Muo is at lying we'll know shortly afterwards.
No. 526056 ID: c95833

Avoiding murder and direct confrontations. Well, you can do that!

Do they know if there's a way to verify if someone is really the witch?

Would they like to come with us, or to stay here? Or... do they go back to being dolls if the leave the altar or the maze?

We'll need to find the rest of the pieces of the painting, and the frame they go in, in order to try summoning the ghost. Which means back to exploring the mansion, and/or comparing notes / findings with other people.

...so. Minci. Are you the witch's succubus?
No. 526111 ID: 9f7acd

If we can't fight the witch, I guess that means we have to seduce her. Or something.

Oh yeah, ask them what the witch looks like. See if they describe Muo or not.
No. 526121 ID: 278c37

These guys can't be as useless as they think they are.

Sometimes its easier to learn from mistakes than successes.
No. 526125 ID: d38f67
File 137444238318.png - (106.25KB , 700x700 , 5-102.png )

"And what does the witch look like?"

They all look too each other, then back to me, and give a synchronized shrug.

>"It changes, we don't know what her true form is. Or if she has one." says Ears.
"Any way to verify who is the witch?"
>"Uh, yes, but we don't know. It's not really... consistent."
"Would you like to come with us?"
>"Uh, no, you know... succubus and all that. Will lead us to ruin and so forth. Kind of a given."
"Minci, are you the witch's succubus?"
>"No, dear."
>"It's our word versus hers." the mouse says. "You know, the ones who want to get out of here, versus the succubus you probably met in the last couple of hours."
No. 526127 ID: 2fc3e9

"Well, thanks to time travel shenanigans, I've known her for longer than that, but she has known me for a few hours, yes.

I assume you still know what hasn't worked in the past?"
No. 526130 ID: 9f7acd

Due to a certain curse I fear we're stuck with her for the foreseeable future, so we may as well keep an amiable relationship. We'll exercise hopefully well timed caution, of course.
No. 526131 ID: a23afd

Okay TECHNICALLY we've known Minci far longer, but in this game she has different memories. She is effectively a different person, and IS probably working with the witch.

Tell her that you will have to part ways for now. Oh, and keep in mind we know the way out of the maze, but she does not! So we can easily lose her. Let's do so. Pick up and carry the three tiny dudes, I know you're probably strong enough to do so.
No. 526136 ID: 2fc3e9

Point, and I revoke my earlier post, but:
Probably valid. We can still probably lose her until next time we sleep. Unless her working with the witch means she does know the way out. Or the maze changed.

...Let's stay with her a little bit longer to see if the maze's changed, then ditch if it doesn't seem like it. Of course, it might be capable of changing while we're on our way through it, but if it is we're screwed no matter what.
No. 526140 ID: c95833

Well, if she wanted me ruined all she had to do was stay her hand when the lamia attacked me.

She's proven trustworthy so far, and we're currently tied together by a curse, so...
No. 526154 ID: 735f4f

Yeah lets keep her around. We are stuck together with the "curse" anyway.

Its not like you were getting anything done being stuck as dolls. If you come along you can help keep me safe from her "seductive" influence. And any chance to escape is better than none right?
No. 526157 ID: d38f67
File 137444630932.png - (91.86KB , 700x700 , 5-103.png )

"My apologies, but while I could say that I am not altogether convinced that she is working against me, I can also say that it would hardly matter. You see, a curse has kept her close by my side, and so I must keep things amicable for both of our wellbeings."
>"Alright. We'll see you around, maybe to trade findings or something." Ears says as he motions to his companions, to which they move out through the brush.
"You're very sweet, and I hope you realize that." Minci tells me.
Approximately 20 seconds pass before Ears pokes his head back out of the corner to us, and takes a deep breath. ".... We don't remember the way out of here."

Ah, which for some reason reminds me! I must also decide where to go next, regardless. Perhaps where Minci''s map points, that being the kitchen to begin with, or somewhere else specifically.
No. 526160 ID: a23afd

Kitchen, sure. Lead these poor saps out of the maze.
No. 526161 ID: c95833

>Perhaps where Minci''s map points
...the map points somewhere? (I'm not even sure where in the map the altar is, actually. Everyone gave different suggestions on where to go, and I'm not sure which you followed).

Do you mean that bump on the upper right side? I had assumed that was just your finger slipping.

I say we go back to the mansion. We've got rooms still to search, and other searchers to cross paths with, who we may be able to trade information and things with.

And yeah, guide Ears and his friends out of the maze.
No. 526163 ID: 9f7acd

Tell them how to get to the kitchen from here. And uh... let's head to the cranny area at the bottom left part of the map. We only have to backtrack 2/3rds the way in that case. The doll folk can follow us at a distance if they like.
No. 526188 ID: 57a559

Flirt with the Mouse and ask for her name.
Kitchen we should go to I guess.
No. 526204 ID: f0357f

before you lead them out, ask if there is anything else loot-worthy in the maze.
No. 526680 ID: d38f67
File 137462871154.png - (122.33KB , 700x700 , 5-104.png )

>...the map points somewhere? Also, where was the altar?
Ah, let me clarify my thoughts. I mean the map of painting scraps that she is in custody of, not the painting that was etched on her back! The altar turned out to be at the back of the hedge maze, just about at the opposite side of the entrance.

The map Minci has for painting scraps, however, is well out of the hedge maze, in the kitchen of the mansion. But first, small talk!

"Hello, miss! I cannot help but ask your name, as I feel rude even referring to you in my head as 'miss mouse.'"
>"Oh, I'm Daree. The wolf is, get this, 'Wolf' and the rabbit is, not much better, Ears. Nice to to meet you..."
"Story Seeker!"
>"That's right. Nice to meet you. We'll talk more once we feel like trusting people more. It's a good start, leading us out of here."
"I don't suppose you know if there is anything loot worthy in the maze?"
"Alright, then! I will count on a later meeting!" I say, as we approach the exit. "Till next time, milady."
No. 526682 ID: d38f67
File 137462872850.png - (95.86KB , 700x700 , 5-105.png )

Upon entering the kitchen, Minci reaches in to the oven and pulls the scrap of paper off from the underside.

>"I wonder where the Time Lord and Muo went off to." Minci asks.
No. 526686 ID: c95833

Do your combined search efforts thing to the kitchen for anything useful.

Can we tell how much of the painting we've found by now? You don't know how many pieces there are, but you should be getting an idea if you have half a picture or more or less at this point.

>I wonder where the Time Lord and Muo went off to
I am not sure! From our perspective, it kind of makes sense we're supposed to search for clues to find a way to oppose the witch or save ourselves. If she's the witch, I'm not sure what she's supposed to do. Just mess things up for us? Are there things she needs to collect for curses or her plans? And I'm not sure if the Time Lord is up to, if he's working with her.
No. 526687 ID: a23afd

I think at this juncture we should focus on our own task rather than searching the entire mansion!
No. 534207 ID: d38f67
File 137644455784.png - (48.43KB , 510x700 , 5-106.png )

"Minci, let's see the scraps thus far!"
>"They go something like this. It looks like one of those dolls, but no one I know."
"Then we will continue looking! Starting with the remainder of the kitchen."
No. 534208 ID: d38f67
File 137644457270.png - (69.84KB , 700x700 , 5-107.png )

Minci and I do so, and I locate something in a hidden floor tile. It appears Muo is a public sort of witch after all, dealing out magic cards.
No. 534218 ID: 41690e

...is there anything written on the back? Or any further details? Can you tell what the dormant magic does? Can Minci?

Probably best just to hold onto it for now, tempting as it is to just test with abandon.
No. 534219 ID: 57a559

I think this might turn you into a "trap", as in switch your gender
Since you're a man now, you'd technically would be a reverse-trap.
Clearly, we must experiment.
That or it'll make you look very feminine. For lady lizard kobolds that will simply mean your little difference.

This type of pun is just what chaos and curses is all about!
No. 534226 ID: 735f4f

Oh man trap card based superpowers? Lets try it out right away.
No. 534228 ID: 76f779

>Activate me!
>For Superpowers!
That's the same phrasing as
"Activate me! FOR SCIENCE!"
No. 534245 ID: 6d5e30

Yes, lets activate something called a trap card. That's smart. S-M-R-T, smart.
No. 534258 ID: bc8d67

And for maximum potential hilarity, clearly Minci should be the one to test it.
No. 534260 ID: f2954b

It's just a game and so far her traps have been fun. Who does not want superpowers?
No. 534278 ID: bc8d67

Okay, that's convinced me. Forget my suggestion from >>534258; Personally activate that card instead! Get superpowers! (And inevitably turned into a "trap" as well.)
No. 534279 ID: 0fece1

How do you activate it? Do you eat it?
No. 534314 ID: 575554
File 137647686275.jpg - (6.71KB , 300x168 , LightGrenade.jpg )

Either Muo is really terrible at this sort of thing, in which case you might as well throw her a bone by activating the most obvious trap ever created, or this is some sort of crazy psychological trickery and it really is beneficial.

Either way, activating it is clearly the way to go. Plus you know it'll be something entertaining.
No. 534392 ID: d38f67
File 137650911120.png - (120.49KB , 700x700 , 5-108.png )

With minimal thought, I activate the card! Which apparently involves putting it in my mouth!

Resistance to gravity gained.

Hm. Not quite the trap pun I may have expected, but then again, Muo may not have thought about this thoroughly.

I feel about three times as light and ten times as funny, now!

>"Hey, Story, I found some leftover food." Minci says, not looking my way as of yet.
No. 534394 ID: 41690e

Well, test out some acrobatics! What can you accomplish while really light? ...you are just really light, right? You're not floating or flying? It was gravity resistance, not immunity.

...probably not the best idea while getting used to low g.
No. 534397 ID: c23ab0

Wall jump!
No. 534421 ID: 575554

Double check that there's no whirling blades on the ceiling or strong winds whirring up. This could still actually be some sort of trap.
No. 534427 ID: 2f4b71

Remember, it's resistance to gravity, not inertia. If you leap about, you might land lightly but you'll still slam into things with full force.
No. 534446 ID: 96c896

I say keep this a secret from her.

Did she find some meat in the walls?
No. 535136 ID: d38f67
File 137676464613.png - (97.02KB , 700x700 , 5-109.png )

"I shall pass, Minci, for I am in no position to handle food."

I wall kick and do a backwards somersault for good measure. Perhaps I will get used to this sooner than I think! It does simply make me lighter.

I have heard that word, but I am not familiar with that school of magic!

>Double check for additional traps
It seems that gravity was the last of it.

>"I think I sense someone upstairs from here. Do you want to take a look?" Minci asks. "It looked like the master bedroom. Do you need help getting down?"

I admit, the landing is taking longer than anticipated!
No. 535138 ID: 41690e

Not a school of magic. More a principle of science. Or natural philosophy, if you prefer.

Inertia is the thing that makes massive things hard to get moving, and hard to stop once they get going. It's the tendency or quality of mass to keep doing what it's doing.

In this context, it means even though gravity doesn't effect you, that it still takes so much force to get you going. It's why pushing off the wall didn't just make you crash around the room like a pinball.

>Do you need help getting down?
Wait for it...

No. 535567 ID: d38f67
File 137688432081.png - (97.49KB , 700x700 , 5-110.png )

"I believe I have it, Minci, but thank you!"
No. 535569 ID: d38f67
File 137688433297.png - (101.84KB , 700x700 , 5-111.png )

"I do not have it!"
No. 535570 ID: d38f67
File 137688434005.png - (99.18KB , 700x700 , 5-112.png )

With little reason not to, I take Minci's question of heading up to the master bedroom.

No. 535572 ID: c23ab0

No. 535573 ID: 35037e

SS: Exploit your lightness by carrying Minci everywhere in the most gentlemanly way you can.
No. 535574 ID: e1609c

Have minci tie a string around you and lug you around like a big lizardy balloon for max hilarity.
Anyhow, look for a key under carpets and in the frames of cabinets, those are the most likely hiding places I know of off the top of my head.
No. 535579 ID: 41690e

Mechanical lock or magical? If it's mechanical, I would think you'd be able to do something about that Story! Kobold racism and all. If it's magical, maybe Minci can work it.

String? No no, obviously we just balance on the end of her tail.
No. 535622 ID: d38f67
File 137688816660.png - (150.27KB , 700x700 , 5-113.png )

>Get carried around by Minci like a balloon.
Unfortunately, things such as 'the ceiling' get in the way of a proper exercise! I will have to remember this when I am out of doors.

So I perform the alternative, while Minci casts Knock on the door. The knock comes in the form of the lock unclicking!

>"Hello Story!" Muo replies. The time lord looks away once again!
No. 535623 ID: 96c896

Ask Muo if Minci is loyal to her. Try to find out if she's lying, by going "Are you suuuuuuure?"
No. 535627 ID: 735f4f

Oh come on Time lord I am not even naked this time. Yes this is a bit suggestive but for someone who has supposedly done it all before you are a bit prudish.

Ask Muo how she is and if she has found anything fun yet.
No. 535629 ID: 41690e

...did the time Lord get some kind of curse that makes him look away from you or something?

So... what are they doing in the bedroom with the door locked anyways? Wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean?

Seriously though, what do we see going on or in the room.
No. 535667 ID: 6d5e30

Ok, just say it to the time lord.

If you are going to be watching story all the time, you are going to end up seeing him bed a huge array of women, get into hijinks both inappropriate and otherwise, and generally be a lacivious little bastard. He's keeping his clothes on and not flaunting his bizarre sexual magnetism at him, because he knows it makes him uncomfortable.

Just... go with it.
No. 535671 ID: 0c4b60

perhaps he can't bear to look at you because this is the Xth time you've fallen for Muo's obvious trap card
No. 535874 ID: d38f67
File 137696432668.png - (145.40KB , 700x700 , 5-114.png )

"Sir Time Lord, for someone tasked with watching me, you make a great deal of effort in doing the exact opposite!"
>"Your surroundings. I might have implied differently, but I meant your surroundings more than you."
"Is that so! Now, a more serious question. Muo, is Minci loyal to you?"
>"Uh.... Minci, are you loyal to me?"
>"No." Minci replies.
>"No." Muo
"I see! So what were you guys doing in the bedroom, anyway, with the door locked?"
>"It's not what you think." the Time Lord states.
>"Oh, Serif I mean the Time Lord was just treating me to some dinner and being nice in general."

There is little else to note in this room, although it would be less than surprising if Minci and I could uncover some secrets should we decide to work around their candle lit dinner!
No. 535875 ID: 41690e

>It's not what you think.
Maybe not, but Muo must be scoring points if you shared your name with her!

>Minci and I could uncover some secrets should we decide to work around their candle lit dinner
Do it. For maximum silliness.

Don't mind us!
No. 535876 ID: 735f4f

Ha ha we got his name and found out the time lord is the romantic type. I would ask politely if you can search the room and if they let you make sure to avoid ruining there date.

If you cant search without messing up things lets head over to another room for now.
No. 535959 ID: fb4e93

Ahahaha; it might be even funnier to just look at one, then the other, then say "Well, don't mind us," and then turn around and leave, shutting the door behind you. Hahaha, just imagine the Time Lord's face.
No. 536067 ID: 5af25b

aww the time lord fancies muo! that's adorable! help a guy out, don't cockblock
No. 536098 ID: 44d1ec

Yeah, leave and let the poor guy get back to his romantic exploits.
He's sort of like the anti-Story Seeker.
No. 536906 ID: d38f67
File 137730293188.png - (95.21KB , 700x700 , 5-115.png )

Let it never be said that Story Seeker made stories about an invasive cockblock!

My kobold senses do, however, lead my hands to snag another piece of painting from behind an armoire on my way out.

>"So what's next on the agenda, sir kobold?" Minci asks.

I believe there are two more pieces of painting to find, and only so many places left to look. Yet at the same time, I cannot help but feel that there are more productive things to do to kill time than searching through musty mansions for scraps of questionable merit!
No. 536907 ID: 96c896

We could go and find where the others went.
No. 536909 ID: 735f4f

Yeah we should be working on seducing more people first and finding puzzle parts second.

See if you can find any of the other contestants.
No. 536910 ID: 41690e

I suppose we could check in with the others? See what progress they've made. We haven't seen the harpy in a while, for instance. ...although we don't know for sure where anyone else is right now. Except the naga, assuming she's still tied up.
No. 536935 ID: 44d1ec

You've not really got many new conquests to choose from if that's what you're thinking of pursuing alternatively.
The Lamia hates you, the Dorf doesn't seem interested whatsoever so she'd take an enormous amount of charming, Muo's busy and memory loss or not you've been with Minci.
I suppose there's that mouse doll...thing.
Find the weird Harpy dude, see what he's done.
No. 536976 ID: 6d5e30

Well didn't we get what we needed from the portrait anyway? We know that one of the people from the maze isn't just a random victim, but rather was somehow related to, or possibly is the real witch.

I'd say finding and interrogating them is top priority.
No. 537192 ID: d38f67
File 137739105563.png - (126.30KB , 700x700 , 5-116.png )

It has been awhile since I have seen the harpy! I will seek him. As it happens, he left footprints after we left the dungeon. A quick run there yields his tracks to be intact. A bit of following, and Minci points forward.

>"I sense some life over there. Just one, so it's probably him."

Unsurprisingly, it is. He is huddled at the back end of a tree right at the edge of the canyon, in a position I have been told is the fetal.
No. 537193 ID: 96c896

Ask him what's up.
No. 537194 ID: 41690e

Minci can sense life now too? Handy! I wonder if that's a succubus thing, or a demon thing, or just a spell she knows.

>fetal position
Well, get over there! See if you can reassure him. You're all charming and stuff.
No. 537210 ID: 5869f6

Poor fellow seems quite scared! Maybe you and Minci can comfort him.
No. 537228 ID: 735f4f

Oh man we cant have him feeling horrible while we are having fun with this game. I am sure Tom did not put him here to Torture him.

He thinks this is all real and now is cursed to not be able to pick anything up. In his mind all he has to look forward to is the witch showing up and murdering him horribly. I am all for a bit of fun but this is just cruel.

You need to fix this right now Story.
No. 537239 ID: 44d1ec

Uh, go comfort the guy, assuming you can.
It's not much different from charming except you put their interests before yours I believe.
No. 537251 ID: d38f67
File 137740195140.png - (121.99KB , 700x700 , 5-117.png )

>Oh man we cant have him feeling horrible while we are having fun with this game.
This had not even occurred to me! Tom may appear erratic and not think things through, although that sounds embarrasingly obvious when I say it out loud, but I doubt he intended on putting his subject under awful stress! I will have to console him.

"Hello, Gr-"
"Don't fret!"
>"You're working with the witch!"
"If I were, I think I would do more than kindly greet myself!"
>"I... don't know if I believe that. Who is that?!"
"Ah, yes. This is Minci, my partner in... searching places, I suppose! Minci, this is Gram. In any case, what are you doing out here?"
>"....... hiding."
"Couldn't you have chosen a hole, or someplace better?"
>".... I didn't think anyone could find me out here."

I do wonder what criteria Tom places his subjects under!

"Why hide?"
>"Well... I figured, what kind of sacrifices aren't just killed right away or captured, at least? Why all this? You know what I think... I think our village set us up! They say we have to be sacrificed, but really they just send us in here in hopes that we'll actually beat the witch! And the witch doesn't mind us until we actually try to do it! So if I just sit here and do nothing, then maybe she'll leave me alone if I leave her alone. It's worth a shot I bet no one's tried this before, while everyone has tried and failed at trying to stop her."

He's pretty worked up! Looks like fanaticism noticed him in solitude and decided to give him company.
No. 537256 ID: 735f4f

Tell him you have found out basically the same thing. That the witch is actually pretty decent unless you try to murder her or mess up her house.

In fact she treats this like a big game and as long as you play by the rules she just uses silly curses and such.

Also mention that you have found some of the years previous sacrifices and they are all alive but were turned into dolls until you found a way to release them. Now they are wandering around trying to solve the puzzles on there own.

So come with us and play the game. If the witch shows up be very polite and you should be fine.
No. 537266 ID: d2995c

So with the witch not minding people who don't try to stop her, wouldn't it then be nonsensical for us to be working for the witch against him when he is not trying to stop her?
No. 537284 ID: 41690e

Live and let live? Hmm. Interesting idea. Might even work with Muo, if she was the real witch. Problem is, this is a game, and for it to end, one side or another eventually has to reach a win condition!

...he could ask the doll people from before if anyone has tried this before. Then he'd know for sure.
No. 537293 ID: 761017

He needs a distraction!

Grab Gram and show off your gravity-resistance powers!

Minci, could you provide some distraction?

Otherwise, bop him on the head and tell him to relax.

Protip:by distraction i mean breasts
No. 537315 ID: 57a559

Ask him what his age is, and if it's a teenage age for his species or an adult. If he's a teenager, I guarantee someone else has thought of that already, your not a unique little snowflake.
No. 537479 ID: d38f67
File 137746762347.png - (137.34KB , 700x700 , 5-118.png )

"You know, I don't think you're entirely off the mark, Gram! Probably not the first to think of it either, but how would I know. I'd obviously be a liar to say that I've never spoken to the witch, and I can say that she treats this like a big game. If you play by the rules, any curses are quite silly! Note my lack of gravity. Odd, yet harmless."
>"What happens when she gets bored with us, then, huh?"
"A witch, but not with a cold heart! No one like her would want to spend years alone, so I doubt she'd want to kill her only company. Yes, I think we can get along just fine."
>"Well when you say it... it makes me nervous."
"Well then, allow me to not say it! Minci?"
""I can back him up on that, hun, she looked nice. Plus, we met previous people trapped in dolls. I'm not sure what that's about, but they're not dead.""
>"... tall claim. Sorry, don't think I can trust succubi on much."
""Because I'm a succubus?""
"That's not good. I've heard that harpies are nothing but vile pests, but you don't look bad to me."
>"I... thanks?"
"Let's not base things off species, when we're got individuals to talk to and learn from. And if you're a harpy who's just a guy trying to get by, then maybe the witch is just an innocent old lady caught with a bad reputation in a old cursed valley. You said almost as much yourself, with your village sending you in to fight rather than be sacrificed. How about you give her a chance? The worst that happens is you miss a few hours of shuddering out in the cold, here. If Story Seeker could make a bee line to you, the witch won't have much trouble."
Gram remains silent, but Minci turns to me.
"Do you want to find Dal, Story? She might want to have a talk with the witch as well. Plus, the other guy also wanted to get to know her."
No. 537492 ID: 07be86

Sure, why not^^
Well, less gravity might be a reason... we now have to wait until ground-contact again.
No. 537494 ID: 41690e

Sure, sounds like a plan.

...looks like we might be walking on the ceiling for a bit. Or at least on the underside of the tree canopy.
No. 537528 ID: d38f67
File 137747625346.png - (69.97KB , 700x700 , 5-119.png )

After Minci helps me down, I find Dal in the back patio of the mansion itself, staring at the wall! Although it is reminiscient of Gram's position, the motive appears different. Perhaps dwarven related motives, given her staring at stone. Ironic I should think so, after Minci's small talk on individualism!

"Hello, Dal!"
>"Kobold. What is it?"
No. 537533 ID: e1609c

"I got cursed."
Kick off the ground and float to the ceiling to illustrate.
Follow with "I think the witch likes pranks."
No. 537534 ID: 57a559

Do you want to talk with the witch? I think she can invite us all for tea. Or beer in your case, with being a dwarf and all.
You've met her and she seems quite pleasant, and the harpy has an interesting theory that led to my own conclusion that the witch isn't bad at all, it's the village that's bad.

Now she might be a bit of a pervert and loves some chaos, but not all chaos is harmful. You just might end up nude, drunk, and dancing in the moonlight as you humiliate poor, prideful elves.
No. 537535 ID: 41690e

First off, tell her she was right about the hidden room, before!

And then we can maybe see how she feels about this working together and trying to figure out what the which is up too, or if she's even really a threat. (You can present your fairly harmless curses, and the survival of the doll people as evidence). And maybe ask what's on her mind?
No. 537537 ID: 735f4f

Ask her what she finds interesting about this stonework. Also check for secrets.

Then let her know what you have been up to.
No. 537543 ID: 96c896

Ask what she's staring at.
No. 537666 ID: 761017

IIRC Story-Seeker's anti-grav curse effects anything he's holding above his center-of-gravity.

If he tries to bear-hug Dal while on the ground, he should be able to suplex Dal!
No. 539339 ID: d38f67
File 137825907873.png - (143.63KB , 700x700 , 5-120.png )

"For one thing, you were right about the hidden room! Might I ask what you are looking at there?"
>"The stone, of course! What else would I be lookin' at?"
"Nevermind! But more pressingly, would you like to speak to the witch?"
>"Excuse me?"
"You've met her before. The slimegirl? She seemed nice, right?"
>"Her? Good act."
"Hardly an act, milady! Surely the town has declared the awfulness of the witches curses, but does this seem so awful?"
I lift her up to make a display of what might be confused for super strength!
>"Fine, put me down."
"The harpy had an interesting idea. Perhaps our village is too harsh? After all, even previous 'sacrifices' merely end up in the dolls!"
>"You know what you're sayin', 'bold? Our own kin, sending us for... what?"
"An unwitting witch hunt!
>"You sayin' they sold us out?"
"Perhaps, or perhaps not! Which is why myself and the others are going to speak with her, to see if we can't uncover the truth."
>"Confront a witch, eh? Fine by me."

"What about the Lamia, Story?" Minci then asks me.
No. 539343 ID: 96c896

Ehhhhhh... she seemed much more antagonistic and prepared to do whatever it took to win. Let's kinda leave her be.
No. 539349 ID: 07e3a8

You mean how does she fit in? I'm not sure. She certainly seemed to think the dolls were important enough to kill for. Which would imply she knows something, or thinks she knows something the rest of us don't.
No. 539351 ID: e1609c

Considering she tried to kill both of us earlier, I think it might be best to just try and get her to agree through sheer numbers.
Cant win them all, though that isnt to say we arent gonna give it our all to do so if a chance arises.
No. 539401 ID: 735f4f

Might as well see if she wants to join us. Maybe we can figure out what she was planning. Also we can guilt her with the stuff the dolls told us about how murdering each other never works.
No. 539786 ID: d38f67
File 137861090211.png - (84.28KB , 700x700 , 5-121.png )

Well, it wouldn't hurt to check out if the Lamia would like to join us. If nothing else, it gives the Time Lord more time to have Muo's attention.

"Hello again, Miss! We were going to speak to the witch."
>"Excuse me?"
I briefly express our thoughts therein, along with explaining that those dolls were actual people trapped in, well, dolls! I then add, of course, "Would you like to come with us?"
>"... after I attempted to slay you?"
"Well, you did have the common courtesy to explain your intentions before stabbing me in the back!"
>".... okay."
No. 539787 ID: d38f67
File 137861091161.png - (113.34KB , 700x700 , 5-122.png )

We manage to run across Ears and company, and all of us go up to Muo.

"Hello, Muo, Time Lord! Am I interrupting anything?"
>"Nah!" says Muo.
>"Not... just, come in." the Time Lord says, to which I open the door.
"Muo, we know you're the witch!"
>"Wellllll, I did... tell everyone, yes. Uh, are you all intending to have a showdown? I mean, I said I wasn't really in the middle of something, but it is actually a little inconvenient right now, so... "
"Actually, no! We have a proposition, miss witch! Our village sends sacrifices, but am I wrong in assuming you have no ill will towards us?"
>"Oh, I guess not. But witches are evil, right?"
"Are you?"
>"IIiii.... am I?"
"Only if you decide you are! Have you decided you are?"
>"Should I have?"
>"Then I guess not."
"Then there's no reason why we should send more of us after you, right, so long as you don't mess with the village?"
No. 539788 ID: d38f67
File 137861091993.png - (95.22KB , 700x700 , 5-123.png )

>"Oh, yeah, that's fine? Do you all want to leave?"
"You would get lonely here, would you not?"
>"Yes, but there's dolls and things, and I think I'd like Serif's company too, if he doesn't mind! Would you guys come visit, too?
"Certainly! Now, I'm sure the village is expecting some proof of your 'demise', lest they think we are under your spells. Do you have anything like that?"
>"Well there is this witch's hat that I never wear."
>"Uh Story is that... can we do that? Is that even legal? I mean, the game covers like hundreds of years of this!"
No. 539790 ID: d38f67
File 137861099813.png - (131.56KB , 700x700 , 5-124.png )

Game Set! Winner: Everyone!

With that, there is little time left in the day before I believe Zirkala will be headed back. I'm sure that can be passed with mild conversation amongst ourselves before we leave this board game!
No. 539791 ID: 96c896

Well first, why don't we ask what the backstory of the game is, and how the game is normally supposed to work. What are the dolls and painting for exactly? Was Minci really independent, or a sneaky spy?
No. 539792 ID: 57a559

Like you totally didn't use that conversation time to score with the mouse, totally. Nothing but conversation happened.
No. 539794 ID: d2995c

Surprise diplomacy ending! (I actually did that to win a real board game once, though in that case it actually led to fewer other winners than the more obvious method.)
No. 539810 ID: 78ad00

You should woo the mutant dwarf lady. She seems like she could do with it.
No. 539825 ID: e31ca1

"hey guys, so is it always like this in the chaotic afterlife?"
No. 539869 ID: d38f67
File 137867151958.png - (188.93KB , 900x900 , 5-125.png )

>"Well, this is awkward." Ears is the first to break the silence.
"So, Minci, were you actually on your own, or were you a spy after all?"
"I think I was supposed to spy."
>"Yeahhhhhhh..." Muo says. "I meant to have her spy on you but then I sort of forgot that part of the curse so that just didn't really happen."

>Like you totally didn't use that conversation time to score with the mouse, totally. Nothing but conversation happened.
>You should woo the mutant dwarf lady. She seems like she could do with it.
Nothing but conversation, as far as anyone out there is concerned!

In the following moments, all of our company regains their memories.

After reading the rules, we realize the game is supposed to be a treasure hunt after all. The pieces of painting were to be placed in an empty painting, and the individual that would come out would provide testimony to the witch's identity. The dolls were a one time use deal against a witch's curse, but as the case was, 3 could be combined to get the souls within out, to maybe help. Or maybe not. Random chance!

It looks like the game is supposed to have a wide variety of categories of items to hunt. Dolls and painting scraps, or diaries and magic recording boxes, and all such things. The difficulty can be modified by including more or less items such as these.

Other items were also included that would assist in fighting the witch. Dolls in this case to protect against her spells, or special items to imbue weapons that could harm her. Once the witch's identity was discovered and she was accused, then the combat would start. But that is all moot, now!

"So is it always like this in the chaotic afterlife?"
"Now and then." Minci says.
>"Usually we're just there for summons." Ears says. "You know. In case they need a mundane animal creature now and then. Or a succubus. I hear there's a bunch, but I've only seen Minci, so I'm starting to have my doubts. Trying to get a straight answer out of Tom is... not viable. And Minci... Minci, are you the only succubus?"
"You'll have to ask Tom, hun.
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