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File 136782473436.png - (138.97KB , 591x600 , 1.png )
508940 No. 508940 ID: a68e3e

"I tap my chaos land and generate 4 orbs of destruction. With these I destroy your castle's walls and sink your air ship."

>Alice: "... Fuck it. I can't play this with you."

Alice stands up and leaves.

"HA! You're just being a sore loser!"

Fluffy thinks she hears Alice say 'It was poker you blind idiot!' but she is not sure.
She's too busy celebrating her victory.
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No. 508942 ID: bf54a8

hey sweetcheeks, how's it going?
No. 508943 ID: 933f92

How's it going?
No. 508944 ID: f2c20c

Overlord blew up again.

Is the sword nearby?
No. 508945 ID: a68e3e
File 136782584852.png - (296.41KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

Oh helloooo
I was wondering when you guys would speak to me again.
Of course the Godslayer is nearby. It's my secret weapon of justice.
As for what happened...

Overlord put on some kind of super suit and it gave him amazing powers. He used those amazing powers to tear this power golem a new hole. Pretty intense fight. Man, I wish I could've seen it. Don't you?

Anyway he came back to the castle but he ended up exploding. He's still exploding now actually.
Right outside and a bit below us. Actually a hundred feet below us. It's kinda slowly tearing apart the castle.
Worst part is the only lady who knows how to stop it or even save him hasn't said a single word on how to do so.
No. 508946 ID: bf54a8

so he's turned into a chaos singularity. wow. anyway let's try to talk to her again. may go better with us here.
No. 508959 ID: f2c20c

Please check the sword's pommel. I suspect that one of Overlord's "eyes" is in it now.

I mean, Overlord/we put ONE of his/our eyes in the suit. His other one should have some connection to him/us still, and last I remember it was still in his regular body. Uh. I'm not sure how to exactly describe our relationship with Overlord anymore.

Anyway, do you know where his old body is? Reactivating it and bringing it down to the exploding Overlord might restabilize things.
No. 508964 ID: 76b151

Hmm, I wonder if revealing WHY Overlord cares for Emily would get Tinker to act. The entire reason she decided to destroy him is because of the whole Woman Scorned thing... well that and she is both insane and evil.

Another way would be to go to the Mimic and pay her to teleport the orb out of that body. Just a couple feet to the left would work.
No. 508969 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. Can you do something about that? I mean, as a hero, you save people! You shouldn't let the people in this castle get killed by that. And even if the overlord is kind of a jerk, maybe you should save him too? That's something good guys do, saving bad guys from their own stupidity, right? (Although I guess he was sort of doing a good thing anyways sacrificing himself to stop the crazy power golem).

What happened to the power golem, anyways? Do we still have it's eye(s)? Or is it dead?

Couldn't we like... move the castle over or something? It does fly.

Obviously, you guys haven't got the crazy tinker to help, yet. What about her demon assistant? The one with the lisp? Maybe she knows something.
No. 508973 ID: 9d1656

let's find her and make her.
No. 508975 ID: 57a559

You guys should ask Abel how he was made, using a physical representation of pure unadultrated Order right at it.

Just throw Order right at it. Yes, just a big fat order bomb. If you can a golem out of order, you can make an explosive of order.
No. 509000 ID: 9f9de9

Beat her, Fluffy. You'll save everyone and be a Hero!
No. 509041 ID: 2fbf20

Fluffy if you do plan on talking to Beatrice then may I suggest get Emilia's journal.
No. 509043 ID: 2baea8

No. 509098 ID: 440525

No. 511431 ID: a68e3e
File 136885114864.png - (86.45KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

>What happened to the power golem, anyways? Do we still have it's eye(s)? Or is it dead?

It exploded into just nothingness. Eyes are gone, everything gone.

>Couldn't we like... move the castle over or something? It does fly.

As far as we can tell it's not able to move. It kinda just... Floats there.

>Obviously, you guys haven't got the crazy tinker to help, yet. What about her demon assistant? The one with the lisp? Maybe she knows something.

The who?
Bah, let me just see if I can beat the information out of that Tinker or something. I'm tired of her being all quiet and not helping.

She abandons her card game and goes downstairs into the dungeon. It's mostly empty and in the far end of the dungeon, in her own cell, is the Tinker Beatrice.



"I know you know how to stop the Overlord's explosions. Tell me now, or else!"

>"Or else?"

"I'll beat you up!"

>"You can try."

Well that didn't work...

>Hmm, I wonder if revealing WHY Overlord cares for Emily would get Tinker to act.

Huh? Why does he care for Emily? Wait, Overlord and Emily are a couple!? But he's a golem! And she's a golem! How does that even..?
No. 511432 ID: f2c20c

Okay look.

Overlord's mother died, and in an act of grief he took her body and tried to bring her back as a golem using the corpse for materials. Instead, he got Emily. So Emily is sortof his mother and sortof his daughter. That's why he cares about her.

Telling the Tinker that might get her to stop hating Overlord so much, because she's mainly been acting out of jealousy.
No. 511435 ID: bf54a8

may be able to let us talk to her without letting go of the sword. just put the blade on her shoulder like you are knighting someone.

anyway yeah, emily was the corpse of overlord's mother with magic added in an attempt to bring hr back to life. it failed and he got emily and even when he was a crazy kill everyone overlord he never hurt emily, which is why the tinker got jealous, she thought overlord LOVED loved emily but it was something else.
No. 511442 ID: d6ef5d

Beating her up isn't a very good threat if she expects to die anyways when the castle gets eaten up. If she's not afraid of getting herself killed, she won't be afraid of a beating.

Since she's not trying to save herself, that means she wants to die and/or she wants the Overlord dead so bad she's willing to sacrifice herself to get it done.

So you can't get through to her by appealing to her self preservation. You need to convince her that her reasons for wanting herself and/or the Overlord dead aren't worth it.
No. 511443 ID: a68e3e
File 136885279405.png - (86.62KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

Wow... I didn't know the man had a backstory like that. Crazy.

"Can I tell you something Miss Tinker?"


"It's the reason why Overlord cares so much about Emily."

>"... I'm listening."

"Emily is actually his 'mother'. He was created by a girl named Emilia and when she passed away he used her body to create Emily. Didn't really work though. So he's not like.. In love with her romantically or anything. That'd be weird. No he loves her like a fater/son."

She looks up at Fluffy, her face still impossible to read.



>"... Ok, I'll help you guys stop him. But first you need to unseal me. I can't do anything with all my powers locked away."
No. 511444 ID: 2baea8

Get her to pinky-toe promise.
No. 511445 ID: f2c20c

Ask her exactly how her powers would help here, before we unseal her.

This is... rather likely to be a trap. If we're going to be letting her powers out we'll need to keep her under guard by people her powers don't work against. Like, Emily, Nix, Golem, Lenion.
No. 511446 ID: 7003a8

"Oh, and he doesn't feel that way about anybody since he wasn't made for it. You're probably the only one who can fix that."

Well, he'll probably end up destroying everything if he isn't stopped. So even if she wanted to she can't make things worse, just make things go terrible faster.

Waiting for the end is boring. Unseal her.
No. 511447 ID: d6ef5d

...how do I know you aren't just gonna escape once I untie you and leave us all behind to explode to death? This seems too easy.

Also, you shouldn't unbind her while alone. She's like, lvl 20 or something. She could beat you up in a one on one fight if she wanted.
No. 511449 ID: bf54a8

i dunno about that, she has low HP but had REALLY good equips.
No. 511452 ID: a68e3e
File 136885419775.png - (84.93KB , 426x559 , 5.png )

"How will unsealing you help?"

>"My eye allows me to instantly tell the best ways to tinker with things. Without it I can't help the Overlord."

"... Alright, but I'm leaving your arms bound."

>"Very well."

Pft, I'm a hero. I don't need backup, I got this.

Fluffy opens the cell and walks up to Beatrice. She takes the seal and rips it off.
The moment she does Beatrice jumps to her feet and laughs

>"I didn't think it would be that easy! Listen fool, even if I could help you I wouldn't! Now why don't you be a good girl and unbind my arms. Then, kill yourself."

Her eye glows bright. The Tinker smiles, knowing she's won.
No. 511454 ID: a68e3e
File 136885423995.png - (74.29KB , 559x600 , 6.png )

"... Why would I do that? That doesn't seem very heroic. Also if you're not gonna help I think I'll just lock you back in your cell."
No. 511456 ID: a68e3e
File 136885430758.png - (74.71KB , 426x559 , 7.png )

No. 511459 ID: bf54a8

she tried to tinker with your mind, it's caused by her looking someone in the eyes. you don't have eyes. thus you are unaffected. you are basically the perfect person for this job. now hold her arm and lead her to where she can get a good view of the lord-storm
No. 511460 ID: e3aff6

Eye see what you did there. Ohohohoho!

Anyway, she just said she couldn't actually help. Back in the eye binding and cell she goes before somebody walks in who her power will work on.
No. 511462 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, pfff-haha. You're immune to her mind control power! Good for you. You're too much a hero to fall for her stupid cheap tricks.

Play on her sense of survival. Look, you were obviously counting on escaping. But you can't make me do anything, and I'm not going to let the others get the chance to fall for your tricks. So you can either help us, or sit in the cell until we all die.

Then stick the seal back on.
No. 511463 ID: f2c20c

Ah good, you're immune to her abilities as well. I'm not exactly pleased about you rushing headlong into her trap, but it worked. Also, I guess she has just straight-up mind control powers, not just the ability to look into someone's past to see the right thing to say to shock them into inaction.

Re-seal her eye, then bring her to the problem site and unseal her again there so she can tell us what to do.
No. 511466 ID: 57a559

Tell her part of the Overlord's consciousness is right here and wants some goddamn help already. All the very close to human-like emotion parts, perverted parts, very many parts, etc. Geeze lady just give us what we want, we don't hate you or anything. You're a fun eccentric, kinda. Completely insane but we like insane, we're a chaotic consciousness after all. Overlord totally said that, a part of him. There are other parts that are like NOPE NOPE NOPE but well no one ever has 100% consensus in your mind except Fluffy. Not even you Tinker.

Then tell her that you're idealistic enough that mental trickery won't work. So idealistic and heroic you just power through all cynicism and self-doubt. No siree, you won't quit even when it makes sense, or stop ever when you have a goal in mind and never change it. So her eyeball couldn't possibly work on you. Ever.

Also, holy god if this is all we needed to do to make her powerless why didn't we lock her up like this before we fell, were we an idiot?
No. 511472 ID: a68e3e
File 136885598278.png - (207.35KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

What, she was trying to trick me!? That jerk!

Fluffy slaps the seal back on her and gives the best glare she can. That is to say, none at all because she doesn't have eyes.

"It seems you don't really wanna die, huh? You wouldn't have wanted to escape otherwise. Can't blame ya. Listen, you help us all out the best you can and you don't die in an explosion. If you can't help us then I'll just lock you back into your cell until we all die. Deal?"


"I'll assume you're nodding. Let's go!"

She takes her outside the castle and to the area below. There is what's left of the Overlord. The explosion isn't much of an explosion, rather it's just a constant warping of the space around him. It seems to be taking up bits of the ground below into it's mass. Fluffy takes off Beatrice's seal and has her look at the warped mass.

>"... It would appear that the armor he was wearing has forced him to return to a more primal form. Only way you'll get him back is to seal him up again. And I can't do that."

"Why not?"

>"I don't have any idea on how his sealing went. Power was already a pain in the ass to seal. Chaos? I don't have a clue."
No. 511473 ID: bf54a8

good thing overlord is made of TWO eyes. show her the other one.
No. 511474 ID: f2c20c

...the only person who knows is his mother.

Shit. Put the Tinker back in jail then bring Emily down to look at this. If she doesn't somehow unconsciously know how to seal this... then... we'll either have to exchange her for Emilia or get the information by asking Alalia directly. So either get Emily to fix this or we pay the mimic to fix it.
No. 511475 ID: d6ef5d

Any idea who sealed him up in the first place?

Oh right. His mother. Who died. And was then turned into Emily, who is kind of a ditz. She's not gonna be able to fix this.

Reseal her, and let's go see the other tinker. The not-crazy one who wears a mask, and tell her what you've learned. The overlord has a magic watch that can be used to peek back into the past. Maybe we could watch how it was done the first time, to figure out how to fix him now?
No. 511476 ID: bf54a8

guys, seriously, she looks at the other eye and figures out how to turn the storm back int an eye. the eye is the seal. overlord has 2.
No. 511477 ID: f2c20c

Okay, we can do this first.

Fluffy, you still haven't told us where the other eye went.
No. 511566 ID: 0f3c7c

Styx and Beatrice in the same room tinkering together. Sounds like the best recipe for a cat fight ever. Lets do it.
No. 511613 ID: 38600e

This. We need our tinker to get this information.
No. 511683 ID: 8247d0

No. 511752 ID: 521270

Remind me again, we left her alive why? Right now I'm thinking either off her or see if Abel wants another tree in that garden of his.
No. 511771 ID: da4ec6

Because Overlord has an actual shot at getting her under control.
No. 511772 ID: dc38f3

does she know of a way to awaken Mother's consciousness by tinkering away at Emily?
No. 512052 ID: 38600e

We already had the choice to replace Emily with Mother via wish, I don't think we can get away with having both accessible at once no matter the tinkering. Unless we somehow cloned her and swapped that ones personality... hmm.
No. 512054 ID: 2fbf20

We could partition her mind.
No. 512068 ID: 2baea8

Because the multiple personality thing worked out so well with O-lord. We don't know how stable Mother was in the first place either, nevermind waking up in a flesh golem. I mean she was crazy enough to make a chaos golem.

We should check with our friendly neighborhood mimic how much it'd cost to fix Overlord. If the collapse is fairly slow, we might be able to send out people to farm up enough funds to fix it before it reaches important stuff.

And lastly, Abel is a big nono. No talking to Abel or letting him in on this, even though he probably already knows from his spying. This is a chaos singularity that simultaneously destroyed Overlord and is going to slowly devour the demon world, it's basically Abel's dream come true.
No. 512213 ID: bf54a8

we have more then enough items to mess with, why are you all jumping to try and use a wish when less costly options are available?
No. 512217 ID: a68e3e
File 136937363175.png - (115.81KB , 582x525 , 9.png )

I don't think we should let the lady use her powers on anyone it could even possibly work on.
Just sayin.

Hmm... Oh, yeah! The mimic demon!

"Come with me Tinker!"

>"Where are you taking me now..?"

"We're gonna make a wish!"

>Alalia: "Not happening."

"What, but why not?"

>Alalia: "The amount of money it would cost for me to stop a chaos explosion like that is more than you could afford even if you sold your organs to the black market."

"... Do you accept credit?"



>"Hey I wanna not die as much as the rest of you guys but my magic costs money. If you want you can pay G100 and Wish you knew the best way to get rid of it."


She hands him G100.

>"Hmm... HMM.... My powers say wishing it away would be the best. Seeya."

And then she closes the chest and locks herself in.

... That wasn't very helpful.
No. 512220 ID: bf54a8

yes, exactly, you can't just wish for things to go away like this. to everyone that said to do this, you picked wrong.

anyway, now we have to pick a REAL solution. for one we have a overlord eye still intact. have the tinker look at it. 2 we can use the watch to see how overlord was made the first time.

i vote for two, get styx in here as well and all three of us go on a voyage trough time.
No. 512227 ID: f2c20c

Alright, time for a longshot. Get Emily.

I'd like to ask Alalia more questions but I suspect she will just keep hiding and ignore us. Things to ask: what's the best way to stop it without directly wishing it away, and how much it would cost to talk to Emilia temporarily.

No. 512228 ID: 2baea8

Good idea.

Go get the Goldeon Watch, if we figure out which room Overlord was created in we can time-peek back and see how he was sealed!
No. 512230 ID: 19b3c3

Alright, alternate plans time. Try showing the other overlord eye to the Lady, so see can do her magic tinker eye thing to see how it works. Maybe then she can figure out how to fix the other one.

If that doesn't work, visit Styx (the masked less crazy tinker). We can have her check how the chaos was sealed the first time with the goldeon watch.

>I don't think we should let the lady use her powers on anyone it could even possibly work on.
Wise, and heroic.

It's in the sword, isn't it? That's how we're talking to her.
No. 512279 ID: 291401

No to anything that has to do with using the evil tinker. She WILL twist it against us, somehow.
But Styx is ok, maybe show her the Godslayer, as it's our current vessel, and we're linked to Overlord. It might help her find a way to do something about his exploding.
I'll wager that she's already working on it, so we REALLY need a method to help her get it done...
No. 512280 ID: 7003a8

How much would it cost to wish the chaos explosion wound up in the human realm near Abel's place?
Or to borrow Overlord's mom from the past?
Or just to turn a construct into a replica of her as she was before she died - we can scrounge up some of those dolls, right?
No. 512285 ID: d1d988

poke her bellybutton.
No. 512305 ID: 78c6ea

Kiss him you fool.
No. 512306 ID: f2c20c

Alalia is a female.
No. 512307 ID: 2baea8

No. 512308 ID: 19b3c3

That's not heroic at all!
No. 512495 ID: 59fc47

bah, being a hero is just as much about being brave enough to do what others might think is wrong as much as it is about doing what you think is generally right, which sometimes even might be the very same thing!
No. 512498 ID: 2baea8

>implying a hero isn't a man who knows he is free
No. 512510 ID: af8414

If the method is prohibitively expensive it is not the "BEST" method. Kick the mimic until it gives us a real answer.
No. 512511 ID: 19b3c3

Okay, seriously. No hurting the mimic or poking the mindwash and enslave seal in her belly button. Heros don't beat up helpless people in boxes, or mindbreak people. You just save the day and stab baddies!
No. 512520 ID: 2fbf20

The only thing that keeps chaos from being order is conflict.
No. 513067 ID: a68e3e
File 136973104187.png - (122.91KB , 648x545 , 10.png )

What's a bellybutton?

How insensitive... I don't even have a mouth. Meanie.

Anyway it seems the mimic is not coming out of it's box no matter how hard I kick it so we'll have to see if there's another way.


On my sword, duh. That's where I found it when Overlord exploded.

>Go get the Goldeon Watch, if we figure out which room Overlord was created in we can time-peek back and see how he was sealed!

Sounds like a plan. Now where's Styx...

First Fluffy secures Beatrice within the dungeon again then she gathers Styx. She says she knows exactly what room Overlord was made in and that she feels silly for not thinking of this before. Using the Watch the two of them go back in time...


>???: "Ah! It exploded again! Why does it keep exploding!?"

>???: "It's chaos, Emily. That stuff is impossible to contain."

Emilia starts sobbing.

>Emilia: "I was so close this time too..!"

"Wow, so that's her huh? Hey! Why are we naked!?"

>Styx: "That's just how it works, now hush."

>Emilia: "Maybe if..."

>???: "No."
No. 513068 ID: a68e3e
File 136973126024.png - (92.25KB , 714x583 , 11.png )

>Emilia: "If I just had some crystallized law essence..."

>???: "I'm not your errand boy, Emilia."

Emilia turns and gives the man the saddest look ever.

>???: "... Fine. But this is my last favor."

>"That's what you always say~"

>???: "Hmm?"

>"Nothing~ Good luck~!"

>???: "Hmph. I'm serious Emilia. I'm going to be leaving soon so you're gonna have to find a way to get things for yourself soon enough."

>"Til then I have you~"

>???: "-Sigh-. Goodbye. Try not to blow up anything else while I'm gone."

The man leaves the room.

>Styx: "Hmm... Yes, that would help stabilize him long enough to see if we can contain him again..."

"Great. Let's go back and get it now."

>"Ah, we don't really get to control when we go back. We still have a few moments here."
No. 513069 ID: bf54a8

i wonder, say outloud "what about spitting it into two cores instead of one"
No. 513081 ID: f2c20c

Follow that spearman. We need to know who he is, because he was part of Overlord's army at one point.
No. 513086 ID: e1dc85

stay with Emilia. I wanna know more about mom.
No. 513089 ID: 19b3c3

>What's a bellybutton?
Oh, it's this funny little dimple on the belly of some species. It's about the size of a finger. Perfect for poking! (Except for mimics. It's really mean to do it to them. Even the overlord wouldn't stoop that low).

You've kind of got more got a toothy belly-maw, though. And, uh, someone would have to be pretty silly to poke it.

>Can't kiss
Oh right. Since you don't have mucus membranes to smack together, how does your species make physical gestures of affection, then? Hold hands, entwine tails, rub ears? Gotta be something.

>Law essence
Oh no, does that mean we need to go back to Abel? He was kind of a jerk to you the last time you met, and he doesn't like the overlord either.

>spear guy
Hey, there was supposed to be a spear guy in the overlord's forces before he got his ass kicked, his castle crashed, lost his memory and decided this time round not to be such a jerk!

I agree with this sentiment. You're a hero, right? And you're supposed to be making sure the overlord doesn't do anything bad. So what was his mum doing trying to make a chaos golem anyways?
No. 513093 ID: 2fbf20

Law essence is entropic so you should feel uncomfortable.
No. 513096 ID: e1dc85

on second thought, the wiser thing to do would be to follow that guy to see where he gets his law essence from.
No. 513102 ID: 57a559

Hey is that that other guy that was with Overlord and Silvia before Overlord and Silvia fought? The one we kinda stopped caring about?
No. 513109 ID: 2baea8

I think it was less lack of caring and more that we had bigger shit hitting fans.
No. 513297 ID: a68e3e
File 136981619599.png - (120.12KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

>Since you don't have mucus membranes to smack together, how does your species make physical gestures of affection, then? Hold hands, entwine tails, rub ears? Gotta be something.

We rub the frilly parts of our cheeks against each other. Not that I've ever done something like that.

>Oh, it's this funny little dimple on the belly of some species. It's about the size of a finger. Perfect for poking!

Huh, that's funny. People are weird.

Alright let's follow the spear guy!

The two of them float after the man with the spear. He makes his way through a significantly smaller version of Overlord's castle and leaves. As he continues forward the ground beneath him seems to crumble away

>"Ah... We can not follow him further. The powers of the watch only let us go so far. I do have an idea of where he's going though..."


>"A piece of land in the very center of the Chaos Spiral. There would be the item that we seek. However there are some very powerful monsters in the area."

"Bah, I'm a hero. I can kill em all!"

>"Maybe. I feel the team might be strong enough to take them on."

"Do you know the guy?"

>"He seems familiar... But I can not say for sure."
No. 513301 ID: bf54a8

well, nothing else to do but stare at emilia until the watch lets us go.
No. 513303 ID: 57a559

I guess that's who Overlord would call Dad then, if Emilia's the Mom.

You should just streak around naked.
No. 513310 ID: cc90a1

go back to Emilia, then.
No. 513319 ID: 19b3c3

Nothing much left to do but float back to Emilia and see if she does anything interesting before the watch-spell ends.

And maybe Styx is right about not going solo. I mean, these guys live here, so you suppose they might want to help it not get swallowed up in an explosion. And there's no rule that says heros can't have help, even if they don't need it. So who would you like to bring along for monster killing in the chaos spiral? You like any of the people around here more than the others?

>Not that I've ever done something like that. Ever.
Don't worry, there's plenty of time for that! And heros have pretty good success rates when it comes to getting the girl. Or guy.
No. 513426 ID: c23ab0

It's not weird! It's just the scarred wound left over from the organic feeding tube that connects to a blood leeching organ that draws blood from the mother to feed the baby... ok yeah it's weird.
No. 515812 ID: a68e3e
File 137083725113.png - (109.02KB , 761x480 , 13.png )

It's pretty freaking weird.

I'm not being naked on purpose.
Anyway let's go spy on the Emilia lady.

The two of them return to Emilia's room and see her still tinkering with the eyes.

>"Nnnnn... It would still be unstable. Not as badly but... I need something to balance it... But what?"



>Styx: "Did you just..?"
No. 515826 ID: a68e3e
File 137083805456.png - (206.65KB , 761x480 , 14.png )

They feel themselves being pulled back into their own time...
No. 515829 ID: a68e3e
File 137083823330.png - (105.62KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

>"You are a terrible hero... You can't just try and mess with time like that..."

"Yeah, sure whatever. So what's the monster?"

>"... It is a dreadful beast known as the Chaos Incarnation. It is a boss level monster so if you wish to take it on I suggest bringing the best of the best. You may only take four units to battle if you wish to take it on."

Hmph. I could probably beat it on my own if I felt like it.
No. 515833 ID: bf54a8

of course, but being a lone renegade is just asking for a trap to spring and then you need to escape from the slowly descending sawblade. and then you finally beat the boss. takes way too long to do all that, so let's just gang up on it.
No. 515835 ID: 76b151

Well your our tank, so we need a healer, a DPS and a support. I say we bring Alice, Kassandra and someone who can boost the party.
No. 515836 ID: 2baea8

I suggest Silva (she's a demon, so she can't die here, and she's strong and needs some more action), Rose (she's got strong moves, and could use a chance to prove herself, plus she's a demon), Emily (ability synergy with Rose, and can be rebuilt if destroyed), and Lun. Because Lun is a demon and poor Lun never gets used. You should give our eye to Rose for this mission.

The reason you can't go is because if you die here there's an itty bitty chance it could cause a paradox in the mechanics of reality and freeze/destroy the universe.
No. 515837 ID: 19b3c3

Wait, did Styx go naked too? She has scars on her shoulders?

>You can't just try and mess with time like that...
Hey, if I made things happen the way they happened you should be thanking me.

>I could probably beat it on my own if I felt like it.
Yeah, but it's not heroic to put your pride before everyone's safety. Besides, it would probably be good for the others to think they're contributing. And they could probably use the xp, since they aren't as awesome as you.

>four units
Fluffy (you're the hero, duh), Kas (it wouldn't hurt to have a healer, and priests are good guys, right?), Alice (arrows are good for hunting, right?) and...

>beast type boss enemy
...can we bring Meagan? She has a skill for stunning beasts!
No. 515849 ID: 57a559

Obviously time and space accounted for it, and we were meant to change history like that. He did end up using two eyes remember? What if she never came up with it without our help? That might have blown up the universe with a paradox! If anything, we just saved the universe and are a great hero by doing what we were always supposed to do according to time and space.

So there. Everything we'll do is actually written in stone.

So, cool, Healer, Tank, melee DPS, and Range Fighter. There you go. Whoever that all is.
No. 515902 ID: 3bb45f

bring Lenion and Kassandra, not to mention yourself. and I guess Alice is our remaining strongest unit.
No. 515909 ID: f2c20c

Now that's an idea.

Okay. Fluffy, Meagan, Kassandra, and either Lenion or Alice, depending on if we can even give Lenion orders without Overlord here.
No. 517461 ID: a68e3e
File 137144413086.png - (97.63KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

There's no way I'm skipping out on this fight, possible reality ending be damned!
Let's see who else... Okay, Kassandra, Alice and... Meagan.

Why is she not popping up on my Party List?

Fluffy goes into Meagan's room and sees her scribbling something down. Without turning to face her she says-

>"I'm not fighting."

"What!? Why not!?"

>"Fighting is pointless. And against something powerful? Yeah, no. I'll stay here."

"With your ability we can beat this boss so easy!"

>"Not happening."

"Oh come onnnnnn"

>"..." Now she turns to face her. "Very well. On one condition."


>"When we're done I want to finish my notes on your race. By studying you."
No. 517462 ID: bf54a8

with more information on your own race you could free them from the shackles of being demons!
No. 517463 ID: 76b151

Would this study involve sex? A lot of Meagan's studies seem to involve sex.
No. 517464 ID: a68e3e
File 137144445396.png - (97.48KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

"Will this uh... Involve sex stuff?"

No. 517465 ID: 933f92

Just get the examination over with.
No. 517466 ID: bf54a8

well she does these studies herself, so you wont get put in a tentacle pit or anything a pity so if you are willing to put up with some lesbian antics this could really help your people.
No. 517468 ID: 76b151

Being a hero is hard work. And she would be a valuable asset.

I say accept. Since your a tad naive getting some experiance would help you recognize evil. You were tricked by Abel fairly easily.
No. 517470 ID: 19b3c3

...does studying involve being locked in a cage, weird sex stuff, or being cut up?

If no, whatever, you don't care. She can study your awesomeness all day long. Go ahead. Stare. I'm awesome.

Just so long as she doesn't rudely insist on calling you a demon the whole time. You're a hero, dangit.
No. 517471 ID: 19b3c3

Fine, but if you sic one of your creepy pets on me, I'm going to sword its parts off.
No. 517494 ID: 57a559

Dammit, she actually has no problem fighting whatsoever she's just using her advantageous position to get something out of you.

Compliment her on her ingenuity. But seriously, is a time where we're all likely going to die a time to haggle? Yes? No? Whatever.

Accept. It's nice to be the center of attention in a scientific examination anyway, you get nice butterflys in your stomach.
No. 517499 ID: f2c20c

Is that gonna be a problem, Fluffy? Please explain to her your opinion on the matter. Like, would you want to avoid it, not care, would you like it, what?

By my understanding, most of the time she uses sex as a tool to get the demons she studies to keep still and not kill her.
No. 517557 ID: 2ddb7b

do it.
No. 517567 ID: 9f7acd

>sex stuff
Why wait for after the battle? Get it over with now.
No. 517607 ID: 93ed4d

Might as well accept.
Trying to compel her to help in other ways may take too much time, or worse, make her decide to leave completely.
Besides, when was the last time you've had a checkup? There are some illnesses that show no signs for years, but are treatable in advance of that.

.. Just get her to promise that you'll remain sane, physically intact, and not pregnant by any definition during or after the tests.
No. 517609 ID: a12965

>torso is a hellish maw
I don't even want to know how that would work.
No. 517614 ID: 57a559

The part where her womb would be at is perfectly covered by flesh. The concern is how deep her stomach teeth's roots go...

Maybe that's what she's curious about. Just tell her how reproduction works for your people if you know it and save you and her some trouble because she's totally go to ask and poke and pry judging from what she said about the sex stuff. I don't actually think she's going to get you to have sex or impregnate you or anything like that, just be your gynecologist probably. At most ask for one or two of your ovary eggs and see what happens under certain conditions through a microscope. IF she must know more, you can probably sneak her into your home village and get some medical charts and logs on pregnancies. Maybe even pay a few of your people for interviews. If you do or offer that for her she probably won't do a single thing to you.
No. 517691 ID: b99cb6

This totally ignores the fact that Meagan is a huge perv on a mission to bang all the demons.
No. 517694 ID: cf49fc

Yep. She really is kind of lewd. She keeps tentacle monsters for her own amusement.
No. 525389 ID: a68e3e
File 137419351004.png - (245.23KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

What the heck is a womb? Is that more weird human stuff? And why would she be so interested in that kinda stuff anyway? It's boring. We have sex and then the bird demon brings us out baby. It's quite simple, really.
Still I guess I could tell her that.

"Deal, but you're coming with us right now."

>"Very well. Do not forget to give me what you owe once I am done."

"Alright alright. Come onnnnn, let's go already!"

With the part assembled Fluffy makes her way to the center of the Chaos Spiral. Standing on an ever shifting plane is a hellish creature. It turns to them an unleashes a chilling cry.
No. 525390 ID: a68e3e
File 137419359825.png - (210.01KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

No fucking way are we fighting that.
No. 525391 ID: 933f92

>Using restraint

Oh god, everyone is fucked.
No. 525392 ID: 9f7acd

...Well we need to do SOMETHING.
No. 525393 ID: 933f92

On that note, FLEE.

No. 525394 ID: 9ddf68

you know when Fluffy is saying something is a bad idea you know the situation is already fucked.
No. 525395 ID: c95833

...okay science-tits, your stun ability better work on this thing or else we're looking at a tactical run the hell away. And you totally aren't getting anything from me if it doesn't work.
No. 525397 ID: bf54a8

we only need the item, not to kill it. so we distract it long enough to steal the thing. plan 1 is run aroun it's feet then hide between it's toes when it attacks, causing it to smash it self in the foot. and then climb to the belly and attack thee sphere.
No. 525398 ID: c95833

>climb to stab the core
No no, that's what the sniper is for.
No. 525399 ID: a23afd

Ask nicely if you could have a little bit of crystallized law essence.
No. 525400 ID: 76b151

pity we don't have a thief.
No. 525401 ID: a23afd

Hang on, that's a golem. Look at the middle of it, there's one of those symbols we've seen on golem cores. The question is, what element is it? Can't be Chaos, or Law considering it's in the very middle of the Chaos Spiral.
No. 525404 ID: 2baea8

Looks like a Golem of Huge to me.

And I'm guessing that since it isn't a Monster, Meagan's stun is going to be useless. I think everybody should probably GTFO.

Let's go see Lilith and ask if she has any Demon Thieves. A Thief can maybe steal the Law Essence and run, and if they're a demon dying will just mean respawning. As long as they add the Law Essence to our abstract inventory instead of holding it, it shouldn't be lost when they die, right?
No. 525410 ID: 04b86a

Um, guys, that symbol on it's core looks like the symbol of chaos, only it's sideways like our second eye used to be. What exactly happened to the crazy when we took it out of our second eye?

>We have sex and then the bird demon brings us out baby.
...Is that something an adult you were told when you were, like, five, or have you actually seen that for yourself? The bird thing, not the sex, although I wouldn't be surprised if you don't actually know what sex involves either.
No. 530175 ID: a68e3e
File 137534236293.png - (242.02KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

>...Is that something an adult you were told when you were, like, five, or have you actually seen that for yourself?

Yeah. So? It's not like they'd lie to me or anything...

Now back to the matter at hand.


>Meagan: "Yeah?"

"Just to be clear... We're all cool with just running away. Right?"

>Meagan: "Yep."

"Alright. Let's just slowly back away and maybe it w-"

Alice fires an arrow at it.
No. 530176 ID: a68e3e
File 137534237884.png - (44.58KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

No. 530177 ID: a68e3e
File 137534240127.png - (53.53KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

No. 530178 ID: a68e3e
File 137534241825.png - (49.85KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

No. 530179 ID: a68e3e
File 137534243103.png - (50.67KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

No. 530181 ID: beeca1

Shouldn't that be 5/5?

Anyway, that's even more incentive to run.
No. 530185 ID: a23afd

Larro is not waiting until all the images are done, because I don't know.
No. 530186 ID: 76b151

Fluffy, adults tell children lies about reproduction all the time. They think they aren't ready for the truth. To them a child can't really understand it.

Even though its honestly bollocks.
No. 530190 ID: a68e3e
File 137534329157.png - (347.07KB , 1000x834 , 25.png )

=Battle Start=


>"... I thought I could take it down in one hit."

"DAMMIT!!! Okay. It's cool guys. We can just flee"

Ring Activated: Can not flee

"We're all going to die."

Place your units.
Unit limit: 4

No. 530192 ID: 933f92

Okay. Okay. There's two ways to go about this. Do crazy shit to cause a glitch, like a total de-equip, or healing him to make his HP rollover or something.

Or, we find a way midbattle to harm him.
No. 530195 ID: bf54a8

alice in the bottom corner, maximum range.

fluffy, unfortunantly, is the tank. so you are right in front of it. meagan a little behind you and kass behind her.
No. 530200 ID: a23afd
File 137534441699.png - (102.71KB , 414x303 , positions.png )

Position everyone like this.
No. 530201 ID: a23afd

Alice only has infinite range if she has Line of Sight, which means she needs to be in the same row/column as an enemy.
No. 530205 ID: da4ec6

I think that rule only applies to gunners. Line of sight just means she can't shoot through walls or other characters.
No. 530207 ID: a68e3e

Alice does have Line of Sight as a Sniper which means so long as an enemy is in the same row or column as her she can hit them from anywhere. She can still shoot without having LoS but it limits her range to what she could normally do as an Archer which is 6 spaces.
No. 530232 ID: af8414

Spread out in case he uses an AoE
See if beast stun will work
If it does not work, pray for a swift and painless death
No. 530277 ID: 57a559

How many spaces wide is he? I can't even tell from this perspective on a technical level, if we include all of his body it looks to be four, but if it's just where's he's standing it's a vague 1-2 spots.
No. 530290 ID: 1ca426

Climb on its back and stab it on the sigil!
No. 540083 ID: 8f7720
File 137880149122.png - (381.69KB , 1000x834 , 26.png )


>Meagan: "Fluffy!? What the hell are you doing!?"

"Killin' this thing!"

>Meagan: "That's not how battle works!"

No. 540084 ID: 8f7720
File 137880156594.png - (142.41KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

No. 540085 ID: 8f7720
File 137880156849.png - (63.55KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

No. 540086 ID: 8f7720
File 137880157653.png - (191.43KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

No. 540087 ID: 8f7720
File 137880157994.png - (195.88KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

>Alice: "..."

>Meagan: "..."

>Kassandra: "..."
No. 540088 ID: 8f7720
File 137880180883.png - (117.72KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

"We did it!"

Alice has gained 1 level.
Kassandra has gained 1 level.
Fluffy has gained 1 level.
Meagan has gained 1 level.

No. 540095 ID: 3c29ee

Don't forget, you still owe Meagan that examination, since she came with you and was willing to help fight.

Still after that display you probably don't have to worry about her doing anything really inappropriate.

Hell she may turn her study towards how the hell you broke the established rules of combat.
No. 540096 ID: 76b151

Did Fluffy pick up the rulebreaker when we weren't looking?
No. 540098 ID: 1c1f12

she is an HERO! That's how she did it, she already broke a rule, BTW...
No. 540099 ID: 04b86a

Well. That was... unexpected. I'm going to assume that all of the chaos in the area is causing the laws that govern reality to break down and that this most definitely isn't something inherent to Fluffy.

Or, wait, there was also that bit with the giga rust monster. Ahh... maybe it's the sword? I mean, it's called the God Slayer! Who knows what special powers it has? Oh gods it is Fluffy isn't it?
No. 540102 ID: 07e3a8

>Fluffy goes Shadow of the Colossus on the boss
Oh, hey, nice. I guess Meagan's paralysis must have worked, since it didn't fight back?
No. 540106 ID: 4066b9

And that's how you become a Hero of Chaos. Kick reason the curb! Screw the rules cause you're WINNING and that's just how you roll! When someone tells you "Impossible" tell them "I M possible!"
No. 540116 ID: 96c896

Uh, well, that's great and all but we didn't get what we came for, did we? We needed a shard of Pure Order, not a "Chaos Seal", whatever that is.
No. 540123 ID: 2baea8

Maybe a Chaos Seal... seals Chaos?
No. 540131 ID: 03ff76

We just took something called a chaos seal from the center of a chaos spiral. Who else is willing to bet that something bad is gonna happen to this place in the next few minutes? You should head back now.
No. 540133 ID: bf54a8

except spear guy supposedly took one before.
No. 540134 ID: 8f7720
File 137884521392.png - (136.08KB , 800x600 , 31a.png )

We got one of those too!
No. 540136 ID: 07e3a8

Man, you really are screwing the rules. Editing the loot list too.

...nonchalantly suggest that you've got everything you need and can go home now.

Also, reflect to yourself that maybe Meagan may be too intimidated by you to cause much trouble later. After all, it's not as if she would have risked bothering the thing you just killed...
No. 540137 ID: 96c896

This is ridiculous. It's like we're in a dream. Fluffy, did the golem knock you out on the first round or something? Might wanna wake up.
No. 540168 ID: 770aa0

Wow. Good job Fluffy. I'll need to ask you how you train some other time. You know, for the next hero we need to help.

Seriously though, are you feeling ok? I'm worried about the consequences of excessive rule breaking.
No. 542872 ID: 8f7720
File 138077580508.png - (432.08KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

Guyssss. I'm sure nothing bad's gonna happen to me or anything. It's real simple. Like... Once you are aware of the rules around you, it's easy to break em. You know?

Now, let's get this thing to the Overlord.

Once Styx has the shard she quickly begins work at freeing the Overlord. As she approaches what's left of him another tremor shakes the land. It seems that they've retried the shard with little time to spare.
She tosses the shard at the Overlord...

There is a cracking sound. The explosions finally cease and instead the entire thing implodes and forms a solid ball of energy. cracks form on the ball and chunks of it fall away.

No. 542874 ID: 8f7720
File 138077610355.png - (83.58KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

Finally, the Overlord appears.

>"I was wondering when you would free me."
No. 542876 ID: 2f2cd6

>Once you are aware of the rules around you, it's easy to break em
Fluffy. That is seriously the smartest thing you have ever said. It's not just a succinct acknowledgement of the power of understanding the world around you- it's a casual justification for reality breaking.

...we have to give her the Rule Breaker. She can totally use it.
No. 542882 ID: 7bbaae

Wow, that actually happened. It is hard to believe.
No. 542890 ID: d2995c

>Once you are aware of the rules around you, it's easy to break em. You know?
That is at once reasonable and insane. Congratulations Fluffy, you are now a Lovecraft.
No. 542904 ID: 2baea8

Truly, you are a Hero of Chaos.
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