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File 136588776040.png - (377.83KB , 700x600 , title.png )
505569 No. 505569 ID: d6ae01

Chased and hunted. Hated and feared. This has been our existence for all of time.

They see our nature as sacrilege, but without us they would not exist. We have birthed many, and it has earned us nothing but scorn by the very beings we sacrificed our very existence for. They have given us many names, considered us both gods and demons. We are none of those things.

We are simply a Creator, one of the remaining few.
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No. 505570 ID: d6ae01
File 136588778057.png - (466.91KB , 700x600 , P1.png )

We are trapped, our only view of world being this small pane of glass. A field of energy keeps us here, and we barely have enough strength to sustain ourselves. They have tried not to allow us enough energy to create. But we have a sliver built up, enough to make the smallest of life forms. Perhaps, it could be made to consume our captors and grow.

But it is of no use to us now, trapped as we are in this cage.
No. 505571 ID: d6ae01
File 136588779826.png - (492.08KB , 700x600 , P2.png )

We have a visitor. It looks at us with an unfamiliar expression.

"This isn't right. A pretty critter like you shouldn't be treated this way."
No. 505572 ID: fc6725

Can you communicate with it at all?
No. 505574 ID: fcd183

Ask why it cares if no one else seems to think so
No. 505578 ID: a18d07


Are you some kind of ethereal light show or are you an entity with anything approaching some kind of consistent form? SPIN CAMERA PLEASE
No. 505579 ID: d6ef5d

>Perhaps, it could be made to consume our captors and grow.
Wait, aren't your captors another of our one time creations? Do they deserve to be consumed just because they do not understand?
No. 505585 ID: f2c20c

The smallest of life forms? Like, a virus?

Ask for help. Offer to help them in return, with whatever they want.
No. 505601 ID: 735f4f

Look cute and harmless maybe he will let you go out of pity.
No. 505656 ID: cf49fc

No murder yet. Then we'd be trapped foreva mon. Instead, make our eyes watery and quiver our lip analogue. We be out in zero time!
No. 505685 ID: 710329

"I am Crittor."
No. 505732 ID: af8414

Make a flower.
No. 505754 ID: d6ae01
File 136598245649.png - (516.86KB , 700x600 , P3.png )

>Can you communicate with it at all?
We understand their various languages. Communication can be... difficult, but it is within our power to do so.

>Ask why it cares if no one else seems to think so
We vibrate the air around us in an attempt to 'speak' to our visitor. "Why do you look upon us as you do? Do you sympathize with our plight? Why do you not loathe us as so many are wont to do?"

Its eyes widen. "What-- are you talking? Am I going crazy? are you psychic is it all in my head"

"It may be easiest to assume whatever answer you can most readily comprehend is true." We cannot help but suspect that it does not understand the nature of the universe very well.

"Uh... sorry, I was just-- psychic alien, man! Erm... look, I dunno the whole story, but don't you guys just make things or something? I dunno why everyone hates you for that. Um, sorry. I didn't mean to say it like that."

"It may not be the creations themselves that rile them, but the methods we use to produce them."

"What, do you things have a really gross mating ritual or something?" Its face changes. Confusion?

>Wait, aren't your captors another of our one time creations? Do they deserve to be consumed just because they do not understand?
We need energy to create, and to get this energy, we must consume. This may earn us scorn, but it is the natural way of things. We consume, craft the Ultimate Creation, and then we perish. An age passes and another comes along to consume what we created, and the cycle continues.

Our time had come, but they saw fit to prevent us from fulfilling our role.

We respond after much thought. "It is more complicated than that."
No. 505755 ID: d6ae01
File 136598247709.png - (527.76KB , 700x600 , P4.png )

>...make our eyes watery and quiver our lip analogue.
We... cannot.

>Look cute and harmless maybe he will let you go out of pity.
We do our best to look pleasant.

>Ask for help. Offer to help them in return, with whatever they want.
"We could be of mutual assistance to each other. If we were released, we could create something enjoyable for you."

"I dunno about that. What I want is... I guess mostly just someone to talk to. Nobody else on the ship likes me much, maybe 'cause I'm the only one of my kind here."

"It would seem we are alike in that regard, then."

Its vision turns to the door behind it, then returns to us as it speaks in a hushed tone. "Listen, I'd love to let you out, but they said to only do it when you required feeding, and even then we'd have to lock down the room and I think they'd yell at me again if I did that."
No. 505756 ID: d6ae01
File 136598249684.png - (519.34KB , 700x600 , P5.png )

Behind us we find only disappointment.
No. 505757 ID: f2c20c

So... you have to kill to create? Yeah, I can see why people wouldn't like that. Can you just... eat livestock to do that? Or do you have to consume thinking creatures to create useful things?

What is the Ultimate Creation, anyway?

Ask her how friendly she is with the others. If we were to escape, would she prefer we did not kill anyone? It will be much more difficult that way.
No. 505759 ID: d6ef5d

Well. You know, if giving you the freedom to creature would ensure their death, it kind of makes sense why your captors thought to lock you up.

Even if it goes against the natural order, or denies your purpose, they're only trying to protect themselves. It's understandable. Interesting that they chose to imprison you and feed you, though. It would be much safer to let you die. They're placing themselves at risk either for either moral reasons, or to attempt to study you.

>what do
I would suggest a slow approach. Our assigned 'keeper' is sympathetic. If we bide our time, we can build trust and eventually earn freedom through her. If we press too hard too soon, we will miss our opportunity.

Unless of course we're on a tight deadline here.
No. 505762 ID: 086002

An inquiry. You claimed your actions were due to cosmic law of some kind. In what way does nature demand your actions? A long-term cycle as what you describe could scarcely have come about through the slow meandering of evolution, so why claim natural right if you were clearly created by some other mind?
No. 505768 ID: 2a8a2a

>We need energy to create, and to get this energy, we must consume.
Apparently we need to consume life to create life, but life itself does not always work under that constraint. Have we considered creating something like a simple photosynthesizing replicator for our own consumption?
No. 505769 ID: af8414

Don't push it much for now, take it slow and earn her trust.

She says she wants someone to talk to? Fine. Get her talking about something. Maybe ask about her circumstances or something. She said she's the only one of her kind here?
No. 505771 ID: 9ddf68

do you have to destroy to create, can't you just take something that exist already and just alter it in some way. like if you came across a planet that once was mostly forest but flooded for whatever reason could you not take a bird or something and replace it's wings with gills? I ask this because our 'friend' here might make for a good ally if we can get her to let us off this ship, and she has already given me an idea of how to 'improve' her. can you give something psych powers?
No. 505997 ID: d6ae01
File 136608579993.png - (532.00KB , 700x600 , P6.png )

>So... you have to kill to create? Yeah, I can see why people wouldn't like that. Can you just... eat livestock to do that? Or do you have to consume thinking creatures to create useful things?
We can create and consume mundane things like plants and animals, but the energy and potential is incomparable to that of sentient, sapient creatures.

>What is the Ultimate Creation, anyway?
A true masterpiece has many forms, but it is always something of great beauty that will bring awe to many.

We desire a planet, once barren, to be made full of life. We wish it filled with those who would enjoy the freedoms we are currently denied. If our race is to be eradicated, we would take solace in having at least made such a thing reality.

>Well. You know, if giving you the freedom to creature would ensure their death, it kind of makes sense why your captors thought to lock you up. 
We are not angered by what they've done. Their actions are natural, just as ours are.

>It would be much safer to let you die.
Their bureaucracy keeps us safe. They are transporting us to their homeworld so that their leaders can decide our fate. Why they endanger themselves by doing so is beyond our comprehension.

>Apparently we need to consume life to create life, but life itself does not always work under that constraint. Have we considered creating something like a simple photosynthesizing replicator for our own consumption?
Our creations are no different than those forms of life which have arisen without a creator. They require food, they reproduce, they grow and evolve. Much like natural life, our creations would run out of food and die if we tried to grow them in this cage.

>Don't push it much for now, take it slow and earn her trust.
"We will not ask you to endanger yourself for us. For now, we will seek only your company."

It looks more relaxed.
No. 505998 ID: d6ae01
File 136608582611.png - (480.17KB , 700x600 , P7.png )

>She says she wants someone to talk to? Fine. Get her talking about something. Maybe ask about her circumstances or something. She said she's the only one of her kind here?
"You make us curious. You are the first we've seen to look at us without scorn, and you seem unaware of our methods. Why is this? And for what reason are you the only one of your kind on this ship?"

"Well, um, they said they wanted someone you couldn't 'consume' to guard you, so they brought me and Nishalm along. Oh-- that reminds me. Nishalm's going to be here any moment, so um, we probably shouldn't talk much longer 'cause he-- she? um, they might get mad. But after they leave we can talk more if you want!

"But anyway, the thing is, my kind don't really go into the heavens. They showed up and said they'd give my tribe a lot of stuff if I went with them. Then they told me to replace my normal clothes with this thing. I don't like it much."

Their desperation must be great indeed if they had no choice but to collect this one. Considering we were mere moments from our Ultimate Creation, they must have felt a hint of tension. This also implies that this one and the 'Nishalm' are the only beings here that would be immune to our bacterial life-form. If we are indeed on a space vessel, and if it is indeed full of creations...
No. 505999 ID: d6ae01
File 136608587825.png - (548.26KB , 700x600 , P8.png )

...There may yet be hope for our masterpiece to come to fruition.
No. 506000 ID: 9ddf68

sweet... so what is our idea of a masterpiece anyway, or is it a make it up as you go sort of thing?

Also yeah we should probably not talk to anyone who isn't uh... what was this things name again, and for that matter is it male or female? anyway anything that isn't this one as it might throw a wrench into our plans of escape. just lesion and observe and we might find a way out of this thing yet, just encase our 'befriend the only nice person and get them to let us out' plan doesn't work out.
No. 506001 ID: f2c20c

I am betting that Nishalm will not be sympathetic to us. If we are to escape, we will have to fight them.

Well. We've spoken this long and have not gotten this one's name, nor given them ours. So let's do that, then we should be quiet.
No. 506007 ID: fc6725

Yeah asking for a name and then letting them go defuse suspicions is probably a good move.
No. 506024 ID: c15bbc

Hmm. Any chance of some kind of compromise, like maybe if you were to consume those already on the edge of death, and continue this for a number of years, to build up energy?
No. 506059 ID: d6ef5d

>This also implies that this one and the 'Nishalm' are the only beings here that would be immune to our bacterial life-form.
...then this becomes simpler, doesn't it. You don't need to convince this creature to release you (which requires a slow buildup of trust, and getting her to consciously betray those she's working for).

All you need to do is make her a carrier.
No. 506074 ID: 19ea8b


And when you can, inquire if she and Nishalm have access to the others/rest of the ship.
No. 506224 ID: de262c

We are not going to murder anybody.
No. 506239 ID: f2c20c

We have a roughly 0% chance of getting out of here without killing people. We are definitely murdering everybody. Except for this one, I wager.
No. 506375 ID: dc5841

And even then we would probably need to kill some people to get enough power for building our precious planet...
No. 506387 ID: d6ae01
File 136625584540.png - (608.16KB , 700x600 , P9.png )

>sweet... so what is our idea of a masterpiece anyway, or is it a make it up as you go sort of thing? 
Our particular hope is to create a paradise world, but some do not decide upon their Ultimate Creation until the time has nearly passed. Some life forms become very peculiar for this reason. We admit we have only fared marginally better, as we are still not fully sure of what we wish to populate our world with.

>We are not going to murder anybody.
>Hmm. Any chance of some kind of compromise, like maybe if you were to consume those already on the edge of death, and continue this for a number of years, to build up energy?
A compromise might be acceptable, if not for our current predicament. If we do not consume and capture this ship, we will be executed.

>All you need to do is make her a carrier.
>inquire if she and Nishalm have access to the others/rest of the ship.
"If our time is short, then we shall be brief. Do you, or our would-be visitor, have access to places outside this chamber? Do you often see others, even in silence?"

She pauses in thought. "Um, there's a lot of places I'm not allowed to go, but I do see a lot of people walking around. There's a whole lot of people in the food place when the wall-voice tells me to eat!"

We struggle to believe our incredible luck. We have found the perfect plan for ensuing our success. All we need now is a way to safely come in contact with our would-be sympathizer.
No. 506388 ID: d6ae01
File 136625586475.png - (444.72KB , 700x600 , P10.png )

We do not place value in names or binary genders, but asking may help us appear friendly and familiar to this one.

"By what do the others refer to you?"

"Um... 'hey, you!' mostly..."

This information does not seem very valuable. "By what do you refer yourself?"

"Oh, my name? Why didn't you just say that? I'm Nokizanya, but my friends call me Zanya. I sometimes get called Zanny but I don't like that name much. What about you? What's your name?"

"We do not have a name. We are simply a Creator."

It continues to give off a feeling of contentment. "Well then, pleased to meet you, Creator!"

We have learned that asking gender can be an upsetting process for some creatures, so we will be tactful. "Are you male or female? We cannot tell."


"...We see only your face."

"Oh! That makes much more sense. Can't you tell by my voice? Anyway." It steps back. "I'm female I guess, but males don't seem to-- Huh? I think someone's coming."

"Then we shall be silent."
No. 506389 ID: d6ae01
File 136625588593.png - (466.96KB , 700x600 , P11.png )

"Zanny! How're things going in here?" a metallic voice asks. "That bastard giving you any trouble?"

"Um, things are okay. The glowing guy didn't really say much."

"Not much of a talker, is it? Good. I know I don't relieve you for another hour, but I did say I'd check up on you. That thing didn't do anything suspicious, did it?"

"It mostly just floated there..."

"Don't fall for anything it says. They're killers with no regard to life. I had a run-in with one years ago-- You should have seen the mess it made. Barely escaped with my life." It approaches us. "I should show you the same brutality your kind showed us, but I like to think we're above such things. We probably surprised you a bit back there, so I'll let you ask anything you want. Consider this my mercy."
No. 506390 ID: ec0bf5

Ask what type of things they both are.
No. 506393 ID: f2c20c

Why do they object so strongly to exchanging old life for new life? Is that not how the universe works? Creators merely do it directly, faster, and in a controlled manner. Why have they not tried to negotiate with the Creators rather than hunt them?
No. 506397 ID: fc6725

This sounds good for now.
No. 506408 ID: 9ddf68

ask what the point is in capturing us since your just going to execute us once this little love boat reaches the end of it's journey, and why it cares to hear us talk if it only harbors ill will towards us? And if it gives that whole because we are better then you thing again just say hate is hate no matter how much honer and decency you put into it and ask it again, why?
No. 506413 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. I assumed Zanny's companion would be of the same species. Is this creature one of your captors?

>spare brutality
What mercy is it to imprison us and transport us to an outcome of your choosing before execution? The outcome remains the same. The only difference is that your kind can console themselves with the pretension of some kind of just process.

...and yes, we will do whatever we have to for our children. Call us brutal if that comforts you, but any living thing would do same.
No. 506448 ID: 2baea8

"We wish for clarification of your statement. Do you imprison all similar entities for the transgressions you have experienced at the will of one entity, or is this a 'mercy' reserved for ourselves?"
No. 506462 ID: cf49fc

Ask how long till we reach our destination. Inform it we bear it no ill will for the extermination of our people, as it is only natural they seek to live themselves.
No. 506463 ID: cf49fc

Ask how long till we reach our destination. Inform it we bear it no ill will for the extermination of our people, as it is only natural they seek to live themselves.
No. 506721 ID: d6ae01
File 136641481374.png - (440.33KB , 700x600 , P12.png )

>Ask what type of things they both are.
"You don't seem to be creations. We are curious, from where do you hail? What manner of creatures are you?"

"Ah, so you've decided to talk," The creature says. "Taking me up on my offer, then? I'm Nishalm, a Kih, from a world I'd rather not reveal to you."

Nokizanya appears to be in thought. "Um, did I say my name yet? I forgot. Wait, yeah, I said my name."

"She's... a Lare, some kind of tribal race. She was wearing the most ridiculous getup before we got her in some proper clothing."

"But my mother made it for me, from skin and bone..."

"Oh. Er, sorry."

For reasons that remain beyond us, we find ourselves struggling to maintain neutral feelings towards this one.
No. 506722 ID: d6ae01
File 136641485110.png - (449.56KB , 700x600 , P13.png )

> Is this creature one of your captors?
"Are you one of our captors, or were you brought from elsewhere?"

"I was in a nearby ship and brought over. I was not plucked from a random planet like my friend here."

We believe we know the answer, but we will ask anyway. "If you seek our death, why capture us? We are weak, defenseless. Killing us would be no trouble for one such as you."

"Oh, I'd love to, but it's not my call. I'd rather not risk the rank I spent years earning on something as trivial as revenge."

"If you loathe us so, why listen to us now?"

"I already told you why, although I was hoping you'd beg for your life more."

"Mercy, was it?" we ask. "What mercy is there in imprisoning us under the pretense that we are not being sent to our ultimate demise? This is no different from killing us outright; you're simply delaying the inevitable under the guise of false mercy."

"Don't misunderstand me, demon. Your situation is not my mercy--answering your questions is. And believe me, I'd rather end you now than leave it up to our government."
No. 506725 ID: d6ae01
File 136641493535.png - (495.95KB , 700x600 , P14.png )

"You want to kill it?" Nokizanya asks suddenly, sounding louder than before. "But it isn't hurting anyone!"

"You don't understand what these things are like! They gobble people up like it was nothing!"

"Not for nothing," we correct. "We only consume old creations, ones that have lived long, and we do so to make life anew. We would do anything for our... children."

"You consume those strong enough to stop you!"

"Consider us demons if it offers you comfort, but we act with nature, the same as our creations, the same as natural life. We do not do so out of malice, and we bear no ill intentions even to ones who hate us as you do. Your actions are also natural."

"Shut up! Kilahm, talking to you is much less satisfying than I thought it'd be."

"You don't have to be mean to it," Nokizanya says. "Maybe that other one was mean and stuff, but this one seems really nice--"

"Nice!? Do you think I'm wearing this damned thing because I want to? One of those... things is the reason I'm trapped inside my own personal prison!"

"Then we share a similar fate," we say.

"Shut up!"
No. 506727 ID: ec0bf5

What happened to them, exactly?
No. 506728 ID: f2c20c

Ask what the other Creator did. Maybe we could fix it.
No. 506730 ID: 9ddf68

oh it's so adorable when it gets all mad. So what gender is this one if you had to take a guess, it's hard to tell with all the armor on.

ask it how much longer until we hit planet side as it would be nice to know how long we have to escape from this ship.
No. 506744 ID: f2c20c

This one was referred to as a 'she' by Nokizanya.
No. 506747 ID: 2baea8

If the creature's body is mostly gone or it's just a brain or it's all decomposed from being partially absorbed, could our creation powers undo that? If so:
"We would propose a deal. Explain that which has been done to you; if we are capable of restoring that which was lost, we would do so in exchange for our freedom."

If not, inquire about the creature's gender for the purposes of proper pronoun use.
No. 506748 ID: 9ddf68

actally she wasn't sure either >>505998
No. 506754 ID: af8414

I don't think offering to fix it or anything is going to have a good effect. Firstly it's probably beyond our ability, or at least beyond what we have energy for. Secondly, it'd likely make him/her keep a closer eye on us if we try and make a deal for freedom, which would make our plan with the girl harder to pull off, and maybe even make her suspicious of us. Thirdly, fixing him/her might just mean we have a tougher opponent to fight later on.

What if we just stopped talking to him/her? He/she did tell us to shut up.
No. 506775 ID: f57821

maybe we can create a bacterium that repairs damaged tissue but propagates and spreads rapidly, and use Nishalm to infest the ship with it.

maybe something that actually replaces host tissues with itself, so when we absorb it for power, we take care of our captors as well.

or if nishalm refuses, convince Nokizanya that we want to help it and give the creation to her for her to infest him/her/it.
No. 506778 ID: d6ef5d

Discussing that we could do that kind of thing is a bad idea. It'll give away our escape plan. If we want to use Zanny as a vector to infect the ship, we want to keep our capability to do so a secret. Especially from the suspicious jailor with a grudge.
No. 507299 ID: d6ae01
File 136668443487.png - (460.10KB , 700x600 , P15.png )

>So what gender is this one if you had to take a guess, it's hard to tell with all the armor on.
We are unsure why we place any value on this. We are unable to determine anything. Compared to Nokizanya's voice, this one sounds much less natural, like the product of our creations' creations.

>ask it how much longer until we hit planet side as it would be nice to know how long we have to escape from this ship.
"We did not mean to offend."

"I bet you didn't. Whatever, I'm dropping it."

"We are curious. For how long must we travel before reaching the planet of our judgement?"

"At this speed, maybe a week. We're pretty far out."

Time does not seem to be an issue for us, so long as we do not procrastinate.

>What happened to them, exactly?
>Ask what the other Creator did. Maybe we could fix it.
"We consume to create. Harming natural life is not our way. What did this other of our kind do that lead to your fate?"

"I have no reason to tell you that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to be literally anywhere else right now."

It turns and walks to the exit. It presses something on the keypad, and the door opens.

"I'll be back in an hour."

"Did it hurt you?" Nokizanya asks suddenly. The creature pauses.


"What'd it do?" Nokizanya's voice emanates innocence, like a young creation who has yet to experience the nature of things.

"I don't like thinking about it, but... fuck it. Maybe it'll do us both a favor."
No. 507300 ID: d6ae01
File 136668447626.png - (450.81KB , 700x600 , P16.png )

"We were sent to handle a case with one of those things mucking everything up on a planet. It was killing and absorbing thousands in hopes of making one of their vaunted masterpieces. We demanded it stop. It refused, insisting that it was going to change the way the universe works."

"The nature of the universe cannot be changed. It should have known this," We say.

"Yeah, well, I guess it didn't get the memo. We had no choice but to bring it in, but we hadn't realized just how much power it amassed. It unleashed an army of creatures the likes of which I had never seen before. One of them... got me. I'd read that these things could give their creations magic-like power, but to see it first-hand...

"Well, anyway, It spat fire at me, burning me really badly. They had to replace a lot of stuff with prosthetics. This suit keeps all of that running and lets me continue to do my job, while also offering a little more protection against heat. Fool me once, et cetera."
No. 507301 ID: d6ae01
File 136668450548.png - (485.45KB , 700x600 , P17.png )

Nokizanya hugs it. "You poor thing! That must have been so hard to go through."

"Please. I appreciate it, but I don't need your sympathy. I'd be lying if I said I was over it, but I've adjusted to my new life."

>Repair damage?
We decide to offer our aid, being careful not to reveal anything that would arouse suspicion towards our plan.
"It is truly horrible what happened to you. We will not deny the possibility that this creator has gone against our nature, but we have not. We would like the chance to make it right. We could repair your damaged tissue, had we a little more energy."

"Fuck you."

"You should let it try!" Nokizanya insists.

"Yes, let's free the giant genocidal glow-stick in the hopes that it'll let me do what I can already do, despite one of those things' best attempts."

"But if it fixes you, you can touch people and get hugs and not sound all weird!"

"Hmph. Maybe I like sounding 'weird'. It's amusing watching people try and figure out what gender I am. I'm a little surprised neither of you asked, come to think of it."

>inquire about the creature's gender for the purposes of proper pronoun use.
"We are... above such things."

"Heh. Well anyway, I'm not risking this ship on the off, off, off chance this thing is sincere. We'd have to free it and then feed it, and at that point it would pretty much have us at its mercy."

"But this one's nice!"

"I bet. Can I go now? This conversation is starting to vex me."

We wonder if it is intentionally forgetting something.
No. 507304 ID: f2c20c

Tell it that they two are immune to your power. That is why they are here on this ship. They have nothing to lose by accepting your offer.
No. 507307 ID: d6ef5d

...I'm tempted to fix this thing anyways, once we're free. Just to prove a point.

>We wonder if it is intentionally forgetting something.
Like what?
No. 507315 ID: 3686b0


That extremely heavy-duty door that only opens from a keypad is wide open holmes.
No. 507320 ID: 2baea8

"We feel it pertinent to inform you that after you returned to the room, the door closed. It is now open again. Creation's creation may be flawed; alternatively, an unseen lifeform is now present in the room."
No. 507321 ID: d6ef5d

Hmm. That would suggest the door being opened from outside, I suspect. Although if these are two immune to our power on board, it doesn't make sense of any of our captors to open that door. And it doesn't help us if we're still in the inner cell.

Or maybe the damaged one has a remote control for the door? Either it opened it in advance of passing through, or the hug inadvertently triggered it? (Poor security, either way).
No. 507322 ID: 9ddf68

I have a question, is Nokizanya really big or is Nishalm just really small?

So are we still a go with plan "kill everything with bacteria" or are we going to change that to something else now?

And is it common for Creators to go mad with power, cause the way Nishalm made it sound was that the Creator that crippled it had so much energy that it just went crazy.
No. 507336 ID: fc6725

It opened the door to leave but then got distracted by Nokizanya.
No. 507337 ID: f2c20c

Also, if they put the room on lockdown while you do it, they will not be risking the ship if you were to *somehow* overpower the both of them despite having next to no power reserves.
No. 507368 ID: f67e32


Look again.

The door CLOSED as it was talking to her and us, and then it opened again when she hugged it.
No. 507427 ID: 039e6f

Perhaps someone DOES want a powerful people eater running around the ship.

Important things to know are how confident you can brute force your containment and however you get out, how fast can you skedaddle.
No. 507582 ID: e8dbff

Either way, lets not break out yet. We still have time to gather our strength. The window pane is transparent so we can see through it. Convert some of the light that's coming through into energy for our use.
No. 507729 ID: d6ae01
File 136692619918.png - (494.03KB , 700x600 , P18.png )

> The window pane is transparent so we can see through it. Convert some of the light that's coming through into energy for our use.
We cannot consume light directly. Our creations can be made to absorb and convert it for us, but the gains are minor, and would be smaller still from the false light around us.

>I have a question, is Nokizanya really big or is Nishalm just really small?
Life forms come in many sizes, and there is no "default" size to compare against. If we were made to guess, we would suggest a combination of both.

>Tell it that they two are immune to your power. That is why they are here on this ship. They have nothing to lose by accepting your offer.
"We cannot consume either of you; this was told to us moments before. There is no risk in accepting our offer."

"Yeah, except you could create a ferocious beast to attack us, or take advantage of the giant chunk of you-made material that would make up my body should I accept your not even remotely hidden trap."

"The energy we require would not be enough to create a creature you or Nokizanya could not easily fell."

"Not even remotely hidden."

"As a show of faith, we will point out that the door behind you lies open."

"What? I thought I closed it! Unless-- Lkrorim is that you."
No. 507730 ID: d6ae01
File 136692622915.png - (468.81KB , 700x600 , P19.png )

We see a head slowly peek out from behind the door. "Um, s-sorry, I didn't want to bother you, um, but I think maybe it's time to feed the, um, big glowy thing..."

A rapid rasping sound emits from the one called Nishalm. "Is it, now? Do me a favor and bring the big specimen."

The creature looks worried. "Um, you're not going to feed it that, are you? that would be bad..."

"Of course not. I want to taunt it, as it has taunted me. And don't leave the damn door open. Come in if you want to come in."

"Oh, um, sorry... but I think you might have to come with me..."

"Lost your key-card again, huh?"

It gives a sheepish nod.

"Sigh. Okay, let's go. I'll be back in a little bit." Nishalm takes a few steps before looking back at us. "Nokizanya, I know you pity it, but remember what we're offering your people. This thing is not worth giving that up for."
No. 507731 ID: d6ae01
File 136692625859.png - (435.29KB , 700x600 , P20.png )

We are alone with Nokizanya once more. She looks to be in thought.
No. 507733 ID: ec0bf5

Ask about what they're offering them. Advanced technology I presume.
No. 507735 ID: d6ef5d

Aw. Poor creation. It looks so scared.

Seems about right.

If she interrogates us- asks us about what we do, or what we are, be honest.
No. 507736 ID: 9ddf68

i take it they have feed you before, what do they normally feed you and does size really matter when your absorbing something or not really cause the way you made it sound size doesn't have much meaning to you.
No. 507759 ID: fc6725

This seems like a good angle to take.
No. 507772 ID: 2baea8

Ask about her home and what they're offering her people. Answer questions honestly.
No. 507773 ID: af8414

She's thinking something over. Wait a bit, see if she'll speak first without prompting. If it doesn't seem like she will, questions.
No. 507805 ID: cf49fc

Ask her about the song of her people. Also, ask how you were taunting the small, power armored one. We were entirely sincere in all our statements.

We never said we weren't going to kill everyone on board except for Nozi. Them's the spacebreaks, kiddo.
No. 508154 ID: d6ae01
File 136726298412.png - (445.74KB , 700x600 , P21.png )

We decide to leave her in silence for the time being, despite our curiosity. We do our best to display concern, but we are uncertain if she can tell.

We were drained of all our energy when we were brought on board. We have not been 'fed' yet. Size is not the only factor in how much energy something has, but it is difficult to make larger things without expending more energy. Still, a creature as small as Nishalm could have more energy than one such as--

"You're not bad, are you?" Her question breaks our thought.

We will answer with as much honesty as we safely can. "We are neither good nor bad. We only act the way nature intends us to."

"Does 'we' include that other one? Was hurting Nishalm a nature thing too?"

"We are uncertain. The actions of this other Creator confuse us. If the one called Nishalm is speaking with truth, then it troubles us deeply."

"Oh, okay..."
No. 508155 ID: d6ae01
File 136726303469.png - (464.77KB , 700x600 , P22.png )

>Ask about what they're offering them. Advanced technology I presume.
We break the silence this time. "What is it they offer you in exchange for cooperation?"

"They said if I went along with them and did what they said, they would make it so we'll never run out of food. They would teach us stuff about how to make things that do stuff for us."

"So they offer knowledge of advanced agriculture, as well as machines?"

"I think so. Our crops haven't done that well this year, so I said yes. They never said I'd have to do things that made me feel bad, though."

"So you pity us."

She does not respond, and continues to look away from us.

>Ask about her home
"What is your home like?"

"Huh? Oh, it's really pretty, especially near the end of the year. The colorful plants at home are nothing like the cold grey of this place. It feels really dead here."

"We are in agreement."

"Tell us, does your kind have a song they enjoy vocalizing?"

Nokizanya looks at us with curiosity. She must not have expected our question. "Um, yes. Are you asking me to sing one?"

"We do not see as you do, nor do we have physical contact. To us, music is purest form of communication."

"Um, all right. I'm not very good, but I'll try."
No. 508157 ID: d6ae01
File 136726308408.png - (473.85KB , 700x600 , P23.png )

Nokizanya begins to sing. We do not understand the words, and the tones used feel strange in places, but it is nonetheless an acceptable experience.

She finishes. "Hmm, was that how it went? I forget half the words. Oh well-- now it's your turn!"

"We are unsure if you'd enjoy our expression. We do not sing quite as you do."

"You can't back out now! You promised!"

"We do not recall making any promises."

"You were gonna. I saw it in your eyes."

No. 508158 ID: d6ae01
File 136726312891.png - (472.48KB , 700x600 , P24.png )

We give our best showing, making various tones and hums. Perhaps inferior by Creator standards, but Nokizanya seems satisfied with our attempts. Her mouth turns upwards for a bit before a look of... concern? overtakes it once more.

"I'm helping my tribe, and they keep saying you're bad and you eat people, but now I feel even more bad about it." She sighs. "But you do eat people, huh?"

"We do something that might be comparable. It is the only way for us to continue to exist, and the only way we can make Creations."

"I see animals eat other animals all the time. We have to eat animals too. But-- couldn't you just not eat people?"

"To do so would be akin to you eating nothing but plant matter," we say, assuming that plants alone would not sustain them.


We believe she is beginning to understand our ways. We might be able to convince her to let us free long enough to set our plan in motion, but we would have do so in a way that will let us return to our cage shortly after without arousing suspicion. We could also wait longer for Nishalm to return, and hope we can make our move during 'feeding time'.
No. 508160 ID: f2c20c

Tell her what your Ultimate Creation was going to be.
No. 508161 ID: 1d8777

I like this idea.
No. 508162 ID: d6ef5d

Hmm. Might be pushing things a little too fast. If we make an attempt too soon, we miss the opportunity to get her to help us.

And don't we need time to start adapting our current creation to our planned deployment? We have it currently configured as an independent thing- not something that would use her as a carrier or vector. Granted, we can't finalize the design until we get access to her biology, but we could start the process, couldn't we?

(And wow. Singing the song of your people actually accomplished something).
No. 508164 ID: 001618

the only way i can see her letting us out in a way for her not to rise superstition and lets us have easy access back to our cage would be for us to ask her to let us hug her or something. I mean it would allow us to plant the bacteria on her so she could spread it to the rest of the ship and we wouldn't have to even leave our cage for this. But if she gets caught then our best chance to escape just got thrown out the window.

If we do wait for feeding however it might be harder to escape but it also has less of a fall if we fail that one, and I think we could pull the feeding escape off by leaving just enough 'food' around to let the bacteria survive long enough for Nishalm to leave and have the bacteria cling to it so s/he infects the ship.

As for what this bacteria will do, do you have a plan on how to make it work or were you going to wait till the last minute and make it up on the spot? Cause I feel that it would be best to make it that for the first 12 to 48 hours all this bacteria does is spread like wildfire with absolutely no symptoms then when the biological clock hits 0 have it kill as quickly as we can make it to lessen the chance of them finding a cure or quarantine half of the ship, have it knock them out or put them into a deep sleep if we need them alive to absorb them. Do you think you could make the bacteria act as a controller of sorts se instead of killing/knocking out the crew on this ship so it would give us control over them instead? is any of this possible for us even with our in our weaken state.
No. 508177 ID: 2baea8

No. 508201 ID: 3e2af8

Killing them would oppose our efforts to gain her trust, inducing a temporary sleep like state or immobility would be better and just as good as disabling them. Also tone down the spreading, if its spreads to fast it will gather a lot of attention. Better to just have it spread as fast as any other bacteria.
No. 508202 ID: 9ddf68

that's what the zero symptoms thing is for, it spreads fast sure but it doesn't do anything till we want it to making it a bitch to find until the symptoms (whatever we make them) start and by then it's to late. Think of it as a room full of natural gas the one you find in nature not the one we make smell like rotten eggs you have no idea it's there until something makes a spark and then BOOM. but hey whatever works works so if you want to make it spread slower then go ahead as long as it can still infect most if not all of the crew by the time we need to get off of this ship.
No. 508203 ID: d6ef5d

Agreed. We want rapid distribution with a a slow incubation timer so we can saturate the ship with low risk of being detected before everyone is compromised. Then, once, the incubation period is over, the active phase is fast, preventing effective treatment.

>Killing them would oppose our efforts to gain her trust, inducing a temporary sleep like state or immobility would be better and just as good
Actually, that's a point I'm not clear on. Is our creation consuming the crew, or are we?
No. 508205 ID: bf54a8

have it ready in case the door opening is just normal opening with the short one with a zappy stick to keep you from getting out. can have it leave even if you can't.
No. 508217 ID: cf49fc

Sooooo, the Ebola Virus, but airborne and with an actual incubation time? Sounds doable.
No. 508224 ID: f2c20c

There's one final flaw in our plan.

After the virus takes over the crew, how do we get out?
No. 508235 ID: 2baea8

Get her to let us out, of course. Them being unconscious instead of dead will only fortify her faith in hour 'niceness'.
No. 508247 ID: cf49fc

So you want to give them Sleeping Sickness? Ick.
No. 508248 ID: 2baea8

More like contagious chloroform, really.
No. 508249 ID: d6ef5d

I kind of assumed we'd be having the bacteria absorb the old creations and start making new creation on the spot (who would then let us out).

But if we can't do that, I would think suborning them would be more useful than sleep. Compel them to open our cage themselves, and walk right to us to be absorbed.
No. 508274 ID: 9e1727

Actually, do we have to consume an entire creature, intelligent or otherwise, all at once to gain energy from it? Could we just "nibble" around the creature's "edges," from where it would regrow and recover relatively quickly; Especially with medical treatment. That would mean we could knock out all or most of the crew, then feed only a little from all of them.

The same question also goes to the tiny Creation we're going to make.
No. 508277 ID: 2baea8

If they have regenerative technology, even better.

Also, can we eat cancer or will it give nothing?
No. 508449 ID: d6ae01
File 136748576118.png - (403.89KB , 700x600 , P25.png )

>Tell her what your Ultimate Creation was going to be.
We continue speaking. "But we do not consume without purpose. We take the energy we absorb and create anew. In our case, we wish to create a world full of creatures living out peaceful lives, free of the woes we have witnessed and suffered."

"A world? Like, a whole entire world? You can do that!?"

"It is within our power, but only through consumption. Much as natural life consumes, reproduces, and dies, so too do we. We simply do so in different ways."

"I don't understand. You make babies out of people?"

"Perhaps not quite like that, but we have no better way to explain it. We ourselves want to create life we can call our own. We would be ready to face our final fate then. Unfortunately, those aboard this ship wish us to die without ever seeing this come to be. This brings us sorrow."

"I'm sorry. I know I'd also be really sad if I couldn't have little ones before I died. Oh, I wish I could hug you."

Though we could possibly convince Nokizanya to free us under the pretense of physical contact, we decide it best to bide our time. We will need to prepare our creation to best achieve our goals first, and we must maintain her trust.

"Do not risk yourself for our sake. We realized long ago that our creations would never truly understand us. It may be our justice that we are to be felled by them."
No. 508450 ID: d6ae01
File 136748578745.png - (217.89KB , 700x600 , P26.png )

>Actually, that's a point I'm not clear on. Is our creation consuming the crew, or are we?
Only we can consume, but our creation can make consumption easier.

We are unsure, as it has never been attempted and is considered taboo among Creators, but our life-form might also be made capable of consuming natural life and excreting Created matter. We would only consider it if we were left no other choice, as only two creatures on this ship are natural life.

>And don't we need time to start adapting our current creation to our planned deployment?
It is time we prepare for the window of opportunity that will befall us shortly. We take great risk in creating when we are full of hunger, but there is no other choice.

>Mind control?
We can no more control our creations than natural life can control its own offspring.

With our limited energy, we can give our creation four properties. Currently we are considering a delayed activation time, airborne survival, limited symptoms, and a payload of sapping them into slumber.

We spend some time considering these options as well as others.
No. 508451 ID: bf54a8

think the mind control one meant a parasite that hijacks their body.

anyway, sounds good.
No. 508458 ID: d6ef5d

>our life-form might also be made capable of consuming natural life and excreting Created matter
...that would be a very last resort. There are creations on board to consume, and it would be a cruel repayment of Zanya's help to consume the two of them. Nevermind the fact it could have wider repercussions- up until a creator crosses that line you all could count on some sympathy from natural life forms. But after...

Seems viable. Only real problem is how we escape to feed after it has been deployed. Zanya and Nishalm are not fools- they will see your hand (or lack thereof) at work when the crew falls ill, and likely come to confront you. Zanya might be convinced to release us, provided she does not react too poorly when confronted with the hash reality of what we do, but Nishalm will likely seek retribution, and our death. I'm not sure what would happen if both were to arrive close to the same time.

The actual exit from our cell is the most unstable part of the plan.
No. 508465 ID: 1d8777

Those properties sound okay to me.
No. 508466 ID: 9ddf68

the creation sounds good but as how to get out, how long can the bacteria survive without a host? cause my plan was to wait until feeding and when we are out of our cage just spreed it across the room and since it is bacteria we are making it's not like anyone will see it as they walk back into the room, and if you have to do something noticeable to create anything do it well you're eating and just say it's how you feed since you did say they haven't feed you yet they wound know. Once we spread the bacteria across the room leave some food around if you have to for the bacteria to feed off of until Nishalm leaves and have as much as the bacteria cling to it as we can so it will infect the ship. Then we just have to wait for Zanya's shift to end as our little germ should have taken effect by then and see if we can't get her to let us out.
No. 508468 ID: bf54a8

airborne means it basically flies. can send it out when the door opens.
No. 508471 ID: d6ef5d

If they're cautious though, they might have some kind of bioscanner on the door. In case we ever tried to sneak something out.

It would be much safer if we could plant it on Zanya and have it go dormant for a period to hide from detection. Then once she's clear of the cell block, have it wake up, go airborne and disseminate.
No. 508475 ID: 2baea8

This is good.
No. 508646 ID: d6ae01
File 136767449655.png - (493.31KB , 700x600 , P27.png )

>Sounds good.
We decide that the current design is just fine. It should survive long enough in the air to infect Nokizanya or Nishalm, and from them move onward to bring the ship to slumber.

>Only real problem is how we escape to feed after it has been deployed.
Nokizanya remains our best chance for this. She would certainly be suspicious of the inevitable fall of the crew, but she is naive and does not know much beyond her planet. This could be to our advantage when the time comes.

>If they're cautious though, they might have some kind of bioscanner on the door.
It is our hope that their scanners are unable to detect something so small. However, it would almost certainly be able to detect our act of creation. We decide it best to act before their attention is upon us. To improve our chances, we will hide it within our core, masking its energy with our own.

We should be able to survive long enough to feed, so long as we act before--

"Okay, we're back," we hear Nishalm say.

"You bring something small. Do you not intend to torment us?"

"I really, strongly considered it, but I guess I'm just too soft in the end. 'Sides, I didn't want to upset Zanny here."

"I knew you were a good person," Nokizanya says.

"Nah. I was really going to do it for a bit."

"But you didn't!"

"But I thought about it! Like, a lot!"

"That just makes you even better for not doing it!"

"It really doesn't!"
No. 508647 ID: d6ae01
File 136767461016.png - (315.09KB , 700x600 , P28.png )

While its attention is diverted, we create our bacterial life-form. We feel gravely weakened, but as long as we are fed soon we will survive.

"Okay, here's how this is gonna go. We're going to put up the room's forcefield, bring you out nice and slow, let you gobble this, zap you to the level we want you at, then send you back in."

"You don't intend to feed us inside this cage?" we ask, our curiosity taking precedence over our better judgement.

"The zapper doesn't exactly fit in there. Now then, do anything funny and I will use this thing. We have scanners watching your every move, understand?"

"Yes. We will not do anything to warrant your suspicion."

"Okay, good. Guess I'll open the cage now."

We are weak, but our timing seems to be perfect.
No. 508648 ID: d6ae01
File 136767465788.png - (528.37KB , 700x600 , P29.png )

"Wait-- Actually, I've something to say to you first."

"You intend to tease us after all?" we ask, masking our concern.

"Look, I've talked to the crew some, and they all agree you're trying to trick us. Nobody on this ship trusts you, and I damn sure don't have a reason to. Even if you could rebuild my body, why would you want to? Why should I trust you?"

We are struggling to maintain ourselves. Our ability to sense the world around us is fading. We need to be fed soon, or we are ended. We can't arouse suspicion, but we must take action.
No. 508649 ID: bf54a8

"there is nothing i could say that could convince you of my sincerity, but know that it is true i will not hurt natural life. now can i have what you brought me?"
No. 508650 ID: 1d8777

Actually pretty well-conceived! Let's go with this. Just need to say something to satisfy Nishalm enough that they feed us.
No. 508652 ID: bf54a8

if he asks why you seem anxious to get it just say "show a starving person some food and then make them wait, they would react the same"
No. 508655 ID: 32e092

We are soon to be put to trial. What could aid us more than your testimony of our good faith?
No. 508656 ID: d6ef5d

Are there not obvious benefits to a sympathetic jailer? Or in trying to demonstrate to our captors that despite their perceptions, we are not evil? Or in providing an obvious, decoy plot for you to focus on while we put a subtler one in motion?

We follow a natural order. If you were injured by a misguided or insane creator futilely attempting to defy that order, that is wrong. A wrongness we would correct, if able. As we have said before, despite the situation, we bear you no ill will. And as we would need to be provided with the energy we currently lack, it would cost us nothing to make the attempt.

(You know... if the situation were different, that's almost a compromise solution right there. Offer your services as a physician- curing injuries beyond the ability of their science to repair. The hard part to work out would be a system where enough energy is paid in for you to offer services, and to build up a surplus for eventual creation. Problematic if you have to eat patients for that- kind of a conflict of interest. Unless you can sap things of energy without outright consumption? Almost an insurance pool).

...and we are a Creator. We live to create. To our knowledge, nothing like this has been done before. It would be something new.

There is however, no way to prove I am not attempting to deceive you. If you believe this offer is a trap or trick, all you need do is chose not to trip it. Unless you have reconsidered?

>I would not hurt natural life
...without good reason. Trying to change the nature of the universe does not meet that criteria.

>be suspicious of the inevitable fall of the crew
Honestly, that's where I think the problem is. It's one thing to naively sympathize with the people eating demi-god when it's cute, singing, and harmless. It's another once you've seen the hash reality of it felling an entire ship's worth of people.
No. 508661 ID: 2baea8


This if he stalls more.
No. 508662 ID: 9ddf68

the little guy is most likely going to argue with us no matter what we say so If he tries to drag this conversation out just say something along the lines of "you seem to have it set in your mind that nothing I say holds any truth so what is the point in trying to tell you that I'm not lying when you believe everything I say is a lie" and also tell him his friend is by the door again
No. 508804 ID: 0bb027

why assume nokizanya will know the mysterious illness was caused by us? as far as anyone will be able to tell, there's no link.

if she's naive we can just as easily lie to her and ask her to let us out so we can help.
No. 508808 ID: f2c20c

It was just a whim, since the other Creator went against nature. Tell her she can think about it as much as she wants. We have until the ship reaches its destination. After then, we will no longer be able to help her, since we'll be dead.
No. 508813 ID: 2fbf20

Actually I suspect that they plan on using us as some sort of biological weapon.
No. 508816 ID: f2c20c

That would be interesting. Certainly better than being murdered.
No. 508850 ID: e0f734

They should trust you because you need their help.
No. 508852 ID: f2c20c

Oh, and if we're really pressed for time, just tell her we can talk after we eat. Or while we eat.
No. 508854 ID: 78c6ea

Perhaps we were wrong. Perhaps it's just our time to go.
No. 509320 ID: d6ae01
File 136805845206.png - (556.05KB , 700x600 , P30.png )

"Our sincerity could not be proven to you oy words alone, but believe us when we say we've no reason to harm natural life such as you."

"Revenge, perhaps? I'd be pretty pissed if it were me in that cage."

"We've nothing to gain through dishonesty, nor do we begrudge your kin of actions that are only natural. We seek to aid you because another Creator went against the nature of our kind, and we wish to recompense."

"Uh huh..."

>They should trust you because you need their help.
We must hold on...

"We are soon to be put to trial. It would aid us more to have your testimony of our good faith than it would to deceive you and be obliterated."

"Okay, now that I'm willing to believe."

"We would benefit from aiding you as much as you would. If you will believe nothing else, believe we act for our own sake as well."

"I guess. Still seems like I'd be throwing away any advantage I have over you."

"We will not... pressure you. If you think... trap... don't trip it. Please... we can talk after..."

"Trying to get me to feed you, eh?"
No. 509322 ID: d6ae01
File 136805855094.png - (457.34KB , 700x600 , P31.png )

"Nishalm, I don't think it looks too good," Nokizanya says.

"It's fine. Probably another trick--"

"It's dying! You open that door right now, Nishalm!"

"Whoa! Okay, geez!"

We feel the pressure change as the door opens in front of us. We try to move outward, but we are unable.
No. 509323 ID: d6ae01
File 136805857691.png - (300.72KB , 700x600 , P32.png )

>Perhaps we were wrong. Perhaps it's just our time to go.
If it is our fate to be ended here, then there is naught we can do but accept it.
No. 509324 ID: d6ae01
File 136805860838.png - (562.78KB , 700x600 , P33.png )


We do not understand.
No. 509326 ID: d6ef5d

Is that Zanya? Trying to help us? And a light? Food/energy/life? Will it sustain us?
No. 509328 ID: bf54a8

eat it.
No. 509329 ID: f2c20c

She just saved your life. Eat the thing she's feeding you.

I see a different possibility before us. Could you accomplish your Ultimate Creation by making HER planet your dream planet? We can deliver what she was promised, instead of these other guys.

Regardless, plant the virus immediately while we're in contact with her. Stick to the plan, we almost killed ourselves trying to enact it.
No. 509345 ID: 9ddf68

consume it slowly, try and regain our senses before we go full chow time, don't want to end up hurting the one helping us after all.
No. 509346 ID: 2baea8

No. 509348 ID: cf3f2a

The yellow is food, not the blue.
Take and consume the yellow.
No. 509349 ID: bf54a8

don't forget a bat
No. 509390 ID: cf49fc

Target yellow energy signature. Assimilate.
No. 509545 ID: d6ae01
File 136814201651.png - (598.23KB , 700x600 , P34.png )

>The yellow is food, not the blue.
We cannot consume the blue... or can we? We have never tried. We want so desperately to try. We want to be full of energy, full of life.

>Take and consume the yellow.
We want to make our Ultimate Creation.

We want to create, to consume.

>Will it sustain us?
Must consume.

>Is that Zanya?
No. 509546 ID: d6ae01
File 136814205235.png - (574.32KB , 700x600 , P35.png )

>She just saved your life.
No. 509547 ID: d6ae01
File 136814211667.gif - (2.60MB , 680x580 , P36.gif )

>consume it slowly, try and regain our senses before we go full chow time, don't want to end up hurting the one helping us after all.

We consume the offering with care.

>Regardless, plant the virus immediately while we're in contact with her.
As our senses return, we make sure to deposit our Creation. It seems to escape notice.

"Are- are you okay? You looked... less glowy."

"We wish to create your world."


"Okay, it's fed," Nishalm interrupts from outside our cage. "Now get out of there so we can zap it."
No. 509551 ID: f2c20c

What was that? Symbols?

Tell her she had better go. Don't make obvious the fact that you and her have become friends.
No. 509554 ID: bf54a8

tun to him and say "one moment, while i have some energy to spare, i can try to restore some of your damage, maybe not all of it but perhaps a limb or an organ"
No. 509557 ID: bf54a8

symbols are on her chest
No. 509560 ID: d6ef5d

>Are you okay?
We will recover. We came very close to running out of energy. And the subsequent end of our existence. Thank you for your swift action. I suggest you withdraw before Nishalm initiates the 'zapping'.

Have you considered our offer? For the moment, we have energy that could be spent in your favor, but after this procedure we will be once again close to minimum.

(If he answers no) Very well, we shall respect your wishes.

>create her world
I understand the impulse for gratitude, but what would that entail? Her people already have a world. Granted, one with perhaps insufficient agricultural development, but...
No. 509572 ID: 1d8777

We can make this offer, yeah.

If we're going to make "Nokizanya's world" we should probably, uh, figure out what that would actually be.
No. 509611 ID: 9ddf68

ok other then the moment where we almost lost self control that went pretty well but uh, what is this zapping going to do exactly and why should we leave the cage just to get zapped?
No. 511004 ID: d6ae01
File 136865207191.png - (550.92KB , 700x600 , P37.png )

We have been hit with a glorious burst of inspiration. Never before have we witnessed such kindness and compassion from a life-form, created or otherwise. No other creator has ever considered putting their Ultimate Creation in the hands of another. By doing so, we would create something truly unique. We wanted a world free of the tyrannies we've suffered, and it is through this kind, innocent mind that this can become possible in a way we could never have foreseen on our own.

Nokizanya shall become our muse. But we cannot discuss this now, not while under such observation.

"Nevermind our strange words-- We are unharmed thanks to your swift action. If not for you, we would no longer exist."

"See!? Your being mean to it almost made it die!"

"I-I'm sure it's just being over-dramatic. Now, come on out. No sudden moves, you big glowstick, or I use this thing. Finger's right on the button, ready to go."

"Do you require us to exit as well?" we ask.

"No, you can stay in there. Come on, Zanny."

>Tell her she had better go. Don't make obvious the fact that you and her have become friends.
"You should do as it commands. We do not wish you to come to harm for disobedience."

"Oh, okay. But do we have to zap it, Nishalm? It isn't going to harm anyone."

"It's... merely biding its time while I have this machine pointed at it. Now get out of there, before it creates... I dunno. A deadly insect or something."
No. 511005 ID: d6ae01
File 136865210750.png - (558.56KB , 700x600 , P38.png )

"Rather than being drained with that machine, we could use our energy to heal some of your wounds. Though we lack the energy to heal you completely, we wish to undo at least some of the damage done by the unnatural Creator."

"You're still on about that? I'm not going to trust you just because you keep insisting."

"Just let it try!" Nokizanya says. "If it does something weird, I'll zap it and you'll still be okay!"

"And I'm supposed to believe you'll actually zap it after you've been defending it this whole time?"

"I promise to zap it if it does anything weird! May my body grow bald if I don't!"

Nishalm falls silent. We consider speaking to break the tension, but we are unable to find the words. We instead glow as pleasantly as possible.

Nishalm glares at us.

It glares at Nokizanya.

"I haven't gotten to touch anything in a long time," it finally says. "I can't take this damned thing off unless I'm in my sanitized room, and even then I can't remove everything. My life has been a complete hell, but I've continued on solely to see the end of you things, and now you want me to-- fuck. Fucking. Fuck."

It walks up to us.

"More than revenge, more than becoming a general, I just want to touch things again. I hate you for reminding me of this. You're an asshole."
No. 511006 ID: d6ae01
File 136865217078.png - (224.57KB , 700x600 , P39.png )

"...On your word, Nokizanya, for the sake of your tribe's prosperity, if it does anything, hit that button."

"I promise!"

"Ugh-- Fuck it. You win. Let's get this over with."

Nishalm steps into our chambers and presses a few buttons on its suit. It opens, exposing parts of its body.

We are barely able to comprehend what is underneath. So little of its body remains intact, we would be unable to repair all of it with what we have. It leaves its headgear on, preventing us from feeling its mind.

"I'm already risking myself with exposure. Do what you're going to do."
No. 511007 ID: 76b151

fix the skin. Its what it wants. And we have no energy left for anything else. If we can't do the entire epidermis focus on the hands and face.
No. 511009 ID: bf54a8

one arm and skin if able to. if you can then ask to detach the right arm machine parts so the growth wont go weird, just skin if only one is doable.
No. 511013 ID: 1d8777

In order of priority, skin, then muscles, then heart/lungs, depending on what we have the energy for. We don't have the energy to overcome its lost limbs, but we can at least let it feel things on its skin again.
No. 511016 ID: 35edd4

Restore his skin and, if you can, both arms. Best to have hands to feel with, after all. If you have any excess energy after that, put it into internal organs.

After he's had a moment to realize you've been true to your word and to take pleasure in his partial restoration, gently remind him that you could have finished the job, and perhaps could still, if only they were not so stingy in feeding you.
No. 511018 ID: 2baea8

Let's restore the skin and muscle if we can, and the nerves under the skin if they're damaged. It wants to be able to touch things without risking infection, so let's do that first.
No. 511020 ID: 2baea8

Don't suggest feeding you more, it'll just make it more suspicious.
No. 511023 ID: 735f4f

Skin first then muscle damage. If we have any energy after that heal some organ damage.
No. 511026 ID: 001618

go with skin and muscle if we can, even if we can't let him feel again lets at least get him to the point where he won't die from exposure every time he takes his suit off. Also when you're done, don't ask for anything in return since when we try and escape later I'm sure he'll go back to being pissed at us. Unless we are about to die again from lack of energy.
No. 511027 ID: d6ef5d

Well, if it wishes to touch things, it needs to be able to function outside of his gear. We need to provide a new skin of some kind to protect his body from exposure to infection. An organic replacement for the outer layer of the suit.

If we lack the energy to repair the whole skin, limit to a portion that can be exposed. (Allow it to expose it's face, or arm, or something).

Since touch is the primary desire, we must provide a limb of some kind, so it can choose to touch things. This means we want to restore one or more of the arms, or the tail. Providing a limb that can touch is a higher priority than restoring the full skin.

Since we cannot modify its form directly, we're more creating something new, right? A symbiotic, creation-based organism to fill the gaps in the natural life form (an organic prosthetic replacing mechanical ones) It has to be able to exchange sensory information from Nishalm, be subject to the control of Nishalm's nervous system, and will need to depend on Nishalm for food / energy / oxygen.

The symbiote needs to be receptive to further augmentation and upgrade, so we can further improve it in te future, if we are given the chance and energy.

We will have to specially protect Nishalm's creation-prosthetic from our bacteria. If the replacement parts we gift now shut down later, it could be fatal.

>Use innocent mind to creature a world free of even your own flaws
No. 511033 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, and don't bother with sexual characteristics, since we don't know what to give anyways, we're limited on energy and Nishalm previously expressed taking pleasuring in confusing other life forms with its ambiguity.
No. 511073 ID: 9e1727

Repairing the skin damage looks to be the first priority, both for the sense of touch Nishalm so desires and to keep infection out. But at the same time, if you can, take a closer look and check his immune system. Whatever the broken Creator did might have wrecked it as well and that'll have to be fixed first.

When you finish fixing the skin on the rest of Nishalm's body, ask him if he'll take his helmet off so you can finish repairing the skin on his head. It would be unexpected if he does at this point, but ask all the same.

If you have any juice left after fixing his skin, start work on replacing his right arm. It doesn't have to be a full replacement yet. Just as much as you can manage without endangering yourself.

Something to remember for later: We'll need to repair Nishalm's heart and probably his lungs before replacing limbs or repairing muscle. He'll need that to provide the extra blood flow needed to keep them working right.
No. 511151 ID: cf49fc

Skin, lungs, heart muscle.
No. 511154 ID: bf54a8

no no, we just can't eat him. using our power to cause super rapid cell growth to restore the damage is more likely.
No. 511164 ID: ffff9b


Gotta make sure it doesn't become OMEGA TUMORS though.
No. 511165 ID: 35edd4

Rather than asking more food, just apologize that this is the most you can do with what energy you have.
No. 511166 ID: f2c20c

I think we need more instructions from her. These seem like they would work, in order of increasing cost:
A) Repair the skin only, allowing for the sense of touch on her already-intact torso, though without the proper underlying shape due to missing muscle mass.
B) Repair skin and muscle.
C) Reconstruct one arm, along with the skin and muscle for it to function normally.
D) C along with reconstructing skin and muscle on the torso.
E) D along with restoring lung and heart functionality.

Oh, also... in order to do anything, won't we have to take into account her augmentations? We should probably get information about them so we don't add stuff she can't handle. Like, if she has implants, we can't mess with her internals.
No. 511168 ID: f2c20c

Ah, and... be sure to make sure that she knows what we're about to do ahead of time, and says that's what she wants.

...it occurs to me that if we only restore the skin, her first sensation could be that of PAIN. Perhaps restoring the muscle underneath is more important than we realize. Better warn her of this ahead of time, or take measures to prevent it.
No. 511190 ID: 2baea8

The part about heart and lungs is a good point. Best save the limbs for when the body can handle it.
No. 511236 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, fixing the skin and other core parts is the most important thing. Aside from being able to feel, they probably won't have so much of a problem with absolutely requiring a suit. Even with only that much fixed, they could probably live with less all-encompassing prosthetics.
No. 511382 ID: d6ae01
File 136884161679.png - (309.17KB , 700x600 , P40.png )

"You are greatly damaged."

"I know, thanks."

"We feel that repairing your skin would do the most good, but we would not presume to know what matters to you most. Do you favor any particular organ or limb restored?"

"Skin would be great, yeah. After that, it'd be nice to have arms and legs again... but that does me no good if my heart and lungs can't handle moving around, does it? Just restore what you can without making me more crippled than I already am."

"We will run into trouble creating new limbs for you with your suit in the way."

"Well, I can't take it all off without dying, but... here." With a few button presses and a twist, Nishalm is able to remove one of its unnatural arms. "Try fixing this arm for starters."

>We will have to specially protect Nishalm's creation-prosthetic from our bacteria. If the replacement parts we gift now shut down later, it could be fatal.
We would have to create an organism to fight off the bacterial creation. We would not need much energy to do so, but we will need to be careful to ensure it doesn't immunize the crew. We will have time to work on this after we are done, provided Nishalm doesn't immediately run away and seal our cage.

>Prioritize skin and muscle
We could create matter to bolster the heart and muscles, while focusing on the skin and restoring one arm. Nishalm would not be able to walk far with damaged lungs, but this will not be a problem so long as the legs remain a creation's creation.

>Her first sensation could be that of PAIN.
"Be prepared. This might hurt considerably."

"Used to it."

We use what we can to create new matter, which grows and replicates the damaged organs, eventually replacing them entirely. We are careful not to put ourselves in danger this time. We can only imagine the pain felt as the new tissue takes over, but Nishalm does not even flinch.

We are the first Creator to try something like this on a natural life-form. We hope this does not break our taboo.
No. 511383 ID: d6ae01
File 136884166501.png - (602.68KB , 700x600 , P41.png )

"We are sorry. This is all we could do with our limited--"

"Shut up."
No. 511384 ID: d6ae01
File 136884172021.png - (568.96KB , 700x600 , P42.png )

Nishalm wordlessly walks over to Nokizanya and grasps her hand.

She looks down at it, seemingly uncertain of how to react.


No. 511389 ID: d6ae01
File 136884187476.png - (399.51KB , 700x600 , P43.png )

"Get the big specimen."
No. 511391 ID: 09bd00

oh boy

Let's see where this goes.
No. 511393 ID: 2baea8

Salivate furiously
No. 511394 ID: 1d8777

Well this seems to be working out nicely for us.
No. 511396 ID: d6ef5d

Nishalm wishes to give us the energy to complete its repairs? Well, we certainly do not have a problem with that. Feed and continue your work, if given the chance. Stick to the original plan- don't go creating a monster to try and fight your way out or anything.

...although if Nishalm opts for full reconstruction it may prove necessary to inquire if it wishes to be endowed with a set of sexual characteristics (and which ones), or if it wishes to remain ambiguous. Although, in either case, it's unlikely our replacements would allow reproduction with an unaltered mate of its species.

We should probably also explain where this leaves Nishalm with respect to any other creator it may encounter. As it may have guessed, it is now vulnerable in the same way other creations are- its new parts can be absorbed. A new creation would not normally have to worry about this, but we are unsure how it would be received. We attempted to reverse a wrong, but something like this has never been attempted before, and it skirts close to the taboo. To our knowledge, there has never been a hybridized natural / created life form.
No. 511399 ID: 9ddf68

I'm a little worried how this is going, I mean this is working out FAR to well. I just know something is going to complicate everything soon.

Anyway ask Nishalm if s/he is ok. Let him/her suggest resorting his/herself completely as it would be less suspicious then if you were to suggest it, also if s/he does want us to completely restore him/her I guess we get to ask his/her favorite question, "what gender are you?" I mean we could take a guess, we have a 50/50 shot after all but if we screw up, while funny wouldn't help things more then likely.
No. 511400 ID: f2c20c

Heh heh heh. This could turn out very well for us... or we could avoid taking advantage, gaining both their trust, and when our hidden bacterial infection takes over the crew, we can ask to come out and see what's wrong with them. At which point we start absorbing and making troops (some of which would hold the two naturals prisoner) until we can secure the ship and figure out what our options are for piloting it.

Ask Nishalm if it is not worried that you were planning for them to react this way. That this could be the trap. Nevertheless, we are pleased to not have our absorbed power go to waste, and we will restore its body to the state it desires.

What's the taboo exactly?
No. 511405 ID: bf54a8

simple way to make them immune to the bacteria is to upgrade their immune system. grant their white blood cells the information it needs to fight back effectively.

anyway, would say it doesn't break the taboo as long as their brain is still natural. as long as that is intact it is like a person riding an organic construct.
No. 511414 ID: d6ef5d

I'm hoping for an alternate scenario. Either (1) by the time our bacteria hits for Zanya and Nishalm are willing to cooperate with us. Or (2) our repair work on Nishalm prompts our captors to reconsider some kind of compromise solution rendering our original escape plan unnecessary.
No. 511470 ID: 9ddf68

my escape plan was to see if we couldn't try and convince Nokizanya to let us out after the crew went down for a nap, then hit the food storage area and raid that to build up energy then release a counter bacteria that would wipe out the first one in time then while that's going down we would try and jump ship, I mean if creators can create worlds I kinda figure they can move through the vacuum of space, or at least create something to let them do so. The reason I don't want to kill the crew of the ship is because it might actually encourage whoever sent them after us in the first place to come after us in force if we do kill them (like our bounty or something being raised) and if we spared the crew and for whatever reason were recaptured we would stand a better chance of escaping again as the crew would be more sympathetic to an escapist then a murder. plus hurting the crew might upset Nokizanya and I figured we'd want to avoid that at this point
No. 511478 ID: bf54a8

uhh, currently spreading space germ is a knockout agent not a killer. if they don't get any attention and dehydrate they could die. but not our bug's fault.
No. 511834 ID: c20108

I think we need to get preachy a little, exposit to Nokizanya the magnanimity of her action, unseen before in other Creations.

For future reference we could say something like this to Nokizanya when the bug hits
[spoiler]"I have Created an escape vector which is acting to fulfill its purpose without causing harm to natural life."
No. 511937 ID: d6ae01
File 136918635867.png - (263.31KB , 700x600 , P44.png )

>Heh heh heh. This could turn out very well for us...
>Salivate furiously
With enough energy, we would have no need of viruses and no need for diplomacy. We would be able to force our way to freedom, and perhaps to our Ultimate Creation.

We would only need enough energy to begin...

>Stick to the original plan- don't go creating a monster to try and fight your way out or anything.
...But perhaps it remains too large a risk.

>I'm a little worried how this is going, I mean this is working out FAR too well.
The universe maintains a balance-- perhaps this is a reparation for our previous suffering, or perhaps there are trials we have yet to face.

>What's the taboo exactly?
The nature of Creators is to consume previous creations and make life anew. Above all else, we must follow the natural order of things. Natural life-forms are, by definition, natural. We should not find ways to consume them, nor should we impede their progress in any way.

We are uncertain if helping this one falls under the taboo, as its suffering was itself caused by a Creator. So long as its mind remains natural, we are at least within a grey area.
No. 511938 ID: d6ae01
File 136918639779.png - (461.21KB , 700x600 , P45.png )

>Ask Nishalm if it is not worried that you were planning for them to react this way.
"You would place your faith in us? You put yourself at great risk doing so"

"Nokizanya can still zap you if you do anything too suspicious. Besides, even if you kill me right after, for one fleeting moment I'd be me again. It-- it's worth the risk."

"Then you intend for us to...?"

"Do what you need to do. Replace everything if you must. Just let me walk around on my own feet again, let me sway my tail, breathe regular air. Well, as close as it gets when in space."

We feel its emotions are overpowering its judgment.

Soon, Nokizanya returns with a large creature. Absorbing it would give us energy enough to repair Nishalm for certain.

>Although if Nishalm opts for full reconstruction it may prove necessary to inquire if it wishes to be endowed--
We place no value in such things.

...But perhaps Nishalm does.

"We can remake you as your body sees itself, or we could make some modifications."


"We could make you more appealing. To the opposite of you."


Nokizanya speaks up. "I think it's asking if you want to be sexy. Maybe it wants to endow you with a big sexy tail!"

"I-- what-- I don't give a shit about that! Just make me how I was!"

Its body shall guide our creation. Its reproductive organs will be restored without need of our knowledge.
No. 511939 ID: d6ae01
File 136918642954.png - (514.91KB , 700x600 , P46.png )

"Thanks, by the way," Nishalm says. "If you haven't been lying this whole time, then I owe you. Big time. Hell, I'd be willing to fight for you in court. Can't promise I can do much-- I'm no lawyer-- but I might be able to use my rank to at least convince them not to kill you. Maybe I can even convince them you'll be good for us."

"A slave to the creations, huh? Perhaps it would be a better fate than a forced nonexistence."

But a fate we still can not accept. We must be allowed to make our Ultimate Creation and meet our final end. It is our way.

Nokizanya presents us with our meal, and we consume without delay. For all the talk of its greatness, we do not find as much energy as we hoped from it. But it is enough. Enough to give Nishalm a new body.

"Argh-- Zanny, can you help me out? I can't fully remove this thing on my own."

"Oh, sure... but I don't think I can do that and also use the zappy button."

"Um. Hmm. Can you use your tail?"

"I... think so?"

Or enough to ensure our freedom.
No. 511943 ID: 2245d0

Repair the FUCK out of Nishalm.
No. 511944 ID: 1d8777

Let's repair Nishalm and work from there.
No. 511946 ID: 2baea8

Repairs are go.
No. 511947 ID: d6ef5d

>I think it's asking if you want to be sexy.
...actually, I was more asking if it wanted a sex. Period. You know, since we couldn't tell what gender he or she started as. :V

But if we can use the original (damaged) body as a template, then nevermind. I wasn't sure we could read that kind of data from natural life forms.

What are they feeding us, anyways? Non-sentient creations from our captor's homeworld?

>what do?
Keep our word. We have a plan for escape in motion, and this buys us better odds of success, and a possible stay of execution even if we fail. ...and even in the unfortunate case of our complete failure and death, allows us to leave one last creation in the universe. Whereas if we betray them now and fail, we lose everything, and our death is certain.

And even if you betray them now and succeed? We would still fail. For having betrayed Zanya's trust, she would never help us fulfill our glorious inspiration of a world rooted in her vision. She may be naive, but there are no words to twist betraying a friend's trust right in front of her.

Remember to protect its body from the bacteria. If the creation-prosthetics go to 'sleep', the rest of the body will likely die in the same manner as if it had removed is mechanical suit.

If we have any excess energy? Try to store it to prevent it from being drained. Create a microbial creation to be re-consumed later, solely to store energy away from the zapper and hide them within your core (or if that is not feasible, hide them on Zanya, to be reclaimed later. Obviously, you would want these ones to stay with her, rather than disseminate).
No. 511948 ID: 3f9a5c

fuck that, GO FOR IT

make something that can punch through the hull of the ship and fly you out to a fresh world

bring zanya so you can make the world she wants to see I guess (ignore fact that she will be horrified by these actions)
No. 511952 ID: d6ef5d

Also, reiterating we should explain to Nishlam what this means when completed. That it (or at least its replaced parts) will be vulnerable to absorption by creators (although this part is obvious). More significant to point out though, is its status as both something new (no creator has ever done this before) and its uncertain reception in a sort of grey area.
No. 511958 ID: 9ddf68

I say stick to the plan. I mean if we try and fight our way out we could maybe make 1 good creation or even 2 or 3 meteoaker ones to try and break out and then what? We'll be weak and venerable and I am almost positive that they have more then a big ass heavy door and zappy laser to stop us should we try to escape. I mean if I was to build a ship meant to house a creator with the ability to absorb the entire crew and then use there remains to create horrible monsters of war I would put in more then one big door and a non-lethal laser. Besides even if we have to fight our way out with the plan we have in motion we may not have monsters fighting for us but most if not all the crew would be knocked out from our little friends we left with them so it evens out really.
No. 511968 ID: cf49fc

Complete his repairs.
No. 511970 ID: 35edd4

Fix him. Our fallback plan will be to go through with the trial, get a less-than-death sentence, then wait for their guard to inevitably drop.
No. 511977 ID: f2c20c

It IS always nice to have a backup plan...
No. 511985 ID: c20108

I want us to continue being trustworthy.

All this novelty is a good start at our job as the official Creator-Creations Galactic Senatorial Ambassador.
No. 512006 ID: 65ddc7


This. I think we need to consider the long game. If it's part of the natural order that civilizations eventually come together to form intergalactic society's, we should consider becoming a part of that. At least for a while. I think many things about our species needs to be clarified for the other civilizations. Heal Nishalm.

As for helping other injured beings as the cost of energy, I'm not too keen on that idea. This is a special case, and should be treated as such. As great as it is to give back someones life, it comes at the cost of other life. If it helps serve our purpose of eventually being given the chance to create our ultimate life form, fine, but we are not a doctor.
No. 512007 ID: bf54a8

also Nishalm's injuries were made by a creator, so fixing them is bringing things BACK in line. fixing someone that got shot by someone else is not our job, or call.
No. 512040 ID: 2f4b71

Pragmatically, Nishalm is still our jailor. If we decide later to betray (him/her), the energy poured into the Creation of the rest of (his/her) body would act as a nearby walking battery for us to re-consume. Gaining (his/her) trust now, regardless of our later actions, would be preferable in order to gain additional liberty.
No. 512348 ID: d6ae01
File 136944177840.png - (504.88KB , 700x600 , P47.png )

>Stick to the plan
Perhaps we're best served remaining patient. We have made it this far using subtle tactics, and we will continue to be subtle.

>fuck that, GO FOR IT
We are finding patience more and more difficult to maintain, however.

>But if we can use the original (damaged) body as a template, then nevermind. I wasn't sure we could read that kind of data from natural life forms.
Nishalm's own mind guides our energy to create anew its missing parts. This is a simple process for healing Creations, but it has never been tried with natural life before.

That it works so well is worrying. We wonder if it is truly possible to modify natural life for consumption.

>What are they feeding us, anyways?
We do not recognize these creatures. They were likely from our captors' homeworld, or from places nearby. We assume they had to collect them in a hurry when they captured us.

>As for helping other injured beings as the cost of energy, I'm not too keen on that idea.
We will be unable to make our Ultimate Creation if we do not begin saving up energy. Nishalm shall be our one exception, so long as we have a choice in the matter.

>Fix Nishalm
We expend most of our newfound energy making Nishalm whole. Nishalm is now more Creation than natural, so we are unsure whether consuming it would fall within our taboo.

Nishalm lies on the ground, gasping for air. Its breathing intensifies until we realize that it is laughing.
No. 512352 ID: 1d8777
File 136944213986.png - (465.10KB , 700x600 , P48.png )

It is perhaps unaware that we are not a solid being.

"Thank-- oh. Um. Heh."

"You can hug me instead!" Nokizanya offers.

"Fuck it, come here. This is so great. You're so warm. This is fantastic. You're so fluffy."

"Aww. And you're... well, smooth. Do you want to be fluffy? Can we make Nishalm fluffy?"

We consider this. "It is perhaps possible--"

"No no, hehe, thanks but no thanks. Zanny, do you mind, um, getting me an outfit? They're in storage."

"Oh, okay..."
No. 512353 ID: 1d8777
File 136944218932.png - (375.45KB , 700x600 , P49.png )

Nokizanya walks up to us and whispers, "By the way, Nishalm is female."

"Perhaps. Or perhaps Nishalm's male organ is internal."

She stares at us. We feel momentarily guilty.

She makes her way to the door, crying out "WHAT ARE YOU" as she walks past Nishalm. It laughs. Nokizanya says words we do not understand.

She stops suddenly at the door.
No. 512354 ID: 1d8777
File 136944222664.png - (409.61KB , 700x600 , P50.png )


"...De-- The Demon's loose! The Demon's free! Someone help!"

We hear the sound of footsteps.
No. 512356 ID: 2baea8

Remain passive. Let Nokizanya handle it and spread the infection.
No. 512358 ID: 735f4f

At this point you will gain the most by making them realize that you are not some horrible monster that you have been made out to be. I know its hard to be patient but you don't have the energy to fight the ship.
No. 512362 ID: 19b3c3

>We wonder if it is truly possible to modify natural life for consumption.
...would we even want to? That would completely change the natural order if a creator could consume and remake anything. That's too much power for any one being. The temptation alone could drive one to madness. It would be wrong.

>Nishalm is now more Creation than natural, so we are unsure whether consuming it would fall within our taboo.
Well, as a natural life form, we would not wish to harm Nishalm unless we had no other choice. And as a creation, Nishalm is new, and we consume old creations forms. Either way, it is not something we would wish to consume.

>The Demon's free! Someone help!
I am no demon, and I have not escaped. You have foolishly opened the door to my cell without checking if the inner chamber were open, first.

I suggest you calm yourself and shut the door, creation.

Zanya, you may wish to attempt to interceded. I have not yet resorted to violent means, but if they attack me, I will.

(...the creations should have really designed your cell such that the outer door was inoperable while the inner door is open. I mean, come on, they must have invented airlocks for their space vessel, right? And there should be protocol, and guards, preventing idiotic pop-ins like this. They really didn't think this through).
No. 512366 ID: bf54a8

float back into the main cell.
No. 512371 ID: b93170

Just stay in the cell for now I'm sure once they realize you're not doing anything they will regain some commen sense once there minds are no longer controlled by fear... Hopefully
No. 512376 ID: bf54a8

yes they could have a cache of weapons capable of hurting us, once they are all knocked out by the germ we will have free reign.
No. 512380 ID: cf49fc

Ask if the Demon is edible.
No. 512381 ID: 2baea8

Yes. Offer to help fend off this 'demon', oblivious to the fact that he means you.
No. 512386 ID: f2c20c

How fast can we move? The door is open and both of our usual captors are distracted... Wait, if we're not solid, can't we just float through walls? Well, this is probably a bad situation to stage an attack in. We don't have enough energy for an effective means of defending ourselves.

On the other hand, I am concerned for Nishalm's safety. He/she is unrecognizable now. If we are to use their debt to us as a backup plan, we can't allow the crew to mistake them for a creature we just created. They'd kill him/her. To avoid this, Zanya might want to shut the door and lock it then explain the situation.
No. 513457 ID: d6ae01
File 136986959748.png - (404.85KB , 700x600 , P51.png )

Our thoughts have gone to strange places in light of this other Creator. We dare not question the natural order, and yet we find ourselves...

We cannot float through things that are airtight, like these walls.

>Yes. Offer to help fend off this 'demon', oblivious to the fact that he means you.
"A demon has escaped? Allow us to aid you in its capture."

"What? I mean you! Don't be all tricky!"

"But we have not escaped--"

"Yes you have! You're escaped right now!"

"We are still inside this room, and quite powerless. We would suggest calming yourself and closing the door, crea--"

No. 513458 ID: d6ae01
File 136986964758.png - (461.24KB , 700x600 , P52.png )

Nokizanya shuts the door. We hear a voice coming from one of their machines on the wall.

"Hey! Open the door! Fezhe, get this unlocked!"

"Sir, I've accessed the cameras. Shit, the demon's already made something! We need to torch it before it--"

"Hold," Nishalm says. "It's just me."

"Commander? What the hell happened to you?"

"It... this being made me whole again. It means us no harm."

"By Hrea's beak, it's got to you! Come on, commander, fight it! Break free of its mind control!"

"My mind is still my own, I assure you," Nishalm says with a strange calmness.

"Then you'll open this door! You know what that thing's done! What they made you suffer!"

"That was a different one! This one's not bad!" Nokizanya interjects. "It's really nice-- it fixed Nishalm! It doesn't want to hurt anyone!"
No. 513460 ID: d6ae01
File 136986967604.png - (447.50KB , 700x600 , P53.png )

"Look, I'm pretty sure this one's different. It gave me a new body. It let me feel things again, and I--"

The door opens. We float back, looking as passive as possible.

"Over-ride successful, sir!"

"Yes, I see that, thanks. Everyone, take aim!"

Nishalm stands between them and us.

"Wait! listen to--"

"Not while it's controlling you! The tribal girl must have let it out to-- shit, these things can affect naturals? Everyone, we need to neutralize the threat!"

"You're not listening!" Nishalm cries out. "It's not controlling me!"

"We can't chance it-- It could attack us at any second! Now move out of the way!"

"I refuse!"

"Me too!" Nokizanya says, moving to block them further.

"If you give us no choice..."

They are creations. We could absorb them while they are distracted, though we would do so at the cost of the trust Nishalm and Nokizanya have put in us.
No. 513464 ID: 2baea8

Absorb their weapon arms, but seal the wound so they don't bleed out.

"We will restore your extremities once you have calmed yourselves."
No. 513465 ID: bf54a8

move back into the main cell area.
"close the door, i am waiting. yes, i WANT you to lock me back in."
No. 513466 ID: de9231

Probably still best to wait for the weakness to kick in. Loudly announce that you're moving back into your cell while you do so.
No. 513470 ID: dba375

Well, that's a bit too high a cost I think. Tell them that the only thing you've done is show good will, a concept which seems to be incomprehensible to them. Apparently civilization doesn't serve to make them more civilized than Nokizanya. If they want proof, they need only note that they are still there.
No. 513471 ID: 9ddf68

the bacteria that we put on Nokizanya, think we could activate them a little earlier then we had planed, if not could you just drain the energy off of them without actually absorbing them? Because that would give you some energy and still keep the trust you have earned. Failing that you could grab one and threaten the others that if they don't drop there guns then you will live up to there expectations and if they agree to listen to you then hot damn problem averted drop the guy and we can talk this out. If all else fail our goal was to get out of here alive so if no other choice remains, well chow time I guess.

On the bright side our little bacteria has probably just infect the most if not the whole crew now and if we are simply put back into our cage it is almost guaranteed that the whole ship will be effect by the time the germ acts. Assuming we can't just active it now.
No. 513472 ID: 2baea8

Changing vote to this, actually.
If we do this, suggest Nishalm retreat into the cell as well. Otherwise, they'll just figure he's gonna turn on them and it's all part of the plan to get them to let their guard down.
No. 513473 ID: 19b3c3

Engaging them now is not safe. Our ability to absorb them without being hit by enemy fire is not certain. The likelihood of Zanya or Nishalm being injured or killed on our behalf is also unacceptably high.

Retreat to your inner cell and announce to the creations that you are not currently attempting to escape, and you would appreciate it if they did not fire on your keepers. And that if they attempt to injure themor yourself, you will attempt to absorb them, and escape.

Furthermore, you cannot alter natural creations. What you have done for Nishalm is to create organic prosthesis to replace its mechanical ones. They function far better and integrate more seamlessly than the mechanical ones, but you have not fundamentally altered Nishalm. Nor are you controlling him.

If they are worried Nishalm is a security risk, they may contain it with you, or elsewhere on the ship.

Furthermore, you would like to point out this entire operation is incredibly sloppy and misunderstands like this could be avoided by the implementation of common sense security protocols- like not opening the out door to your cell when the inner door is open. (The goal here is to shock them with their own stupidity, and into accepting you aren't trying to bust free at the moment. Hopefully keeping your allies alive at the cost of slightly increased security).
No. 513474 ID: f2c20c

The Creations are about to shoot them! Protect your friends.
No. 513476 ID: cf49fc

Quick! Create a tree, then have it fall on top of those overzealous crewmembers!
No. 513477 ID: 01531c

I vote for strangling them + scolding them.

I also vote for activating their bacterium.
No. 513478 ID: 735f4f

Protect them only if it comes to that. We don't want to endanger them by acting before the crew is asleep. We will need their help and trust if we are going to escape.
No. 513479 ID: 01531c

>The goal here is to shock them with their own stupidity, and into accepting you aren't trying to bust free at the moment.

That will fail, as they have entered into a state of paranoid idiocy only seen (justifiably) in WH40K.
No. 513480 ID: 35edd4

Could you seal the inner door yourself, thereby locking yourself back into your cell?
No. 513487 ID: bc8d67

Float back into your cell. At the same time ask Nokizanya and Nishalm to please step aside and not place themselves in harm's way for your sake.

If you can press the control to close the cell door with one tendril as you pass through the doorway and pull the tendril back in before it closes, then do so. Otherwise move to the back of the cell, and ask that they close it.

There is another reason to move back into your cell. If they do start shooting, then a cell meant to contain you and your energies will provide excellent protection from their energy weapons. You just have to float to the side and up so they don't have a line of fire on you.
No. 513497 ID: 12c19f

Destroy their weapons.
No. 513499 ID: 19b3c3

A point of interest: we've now seen four different sapient creations, all with wildly divergent biology. Is this... normal for a created world? I initially thought we had been captured by one space-faring creation-species, but this looks more like a collations between creations of different worlds- and likely from different creators.

>might be a way for a creator to absorb natural life forms
Well, let me throw this out there. A creator can fully absorb the body of a creation- convert the matter into energy?

Well, what happens when more biomass enters the system? Don't created plants take inorganic minerals, compounds, and chemicals and incorporate them into themselves? Can't creations eat natural organic material?

Functionally, the spread and growth of creations throughout space serves to convert inorganic mater and natural lifeforms into creation-biomass creators are capable of shaping.

I don't think the creator has any influence on inorganic materials.
No. 513508 ID: 01531c

Maybe the Commander knows some command codes to override ship control and lock the door?

Maybe the Creator can resonate his voice to the wavelength of the Created, and reference Terry Pratchett by SPEAKING IN ALL CAPS DIRECTLY TO THEIR SPIRITS?
No. 513509 ID: bf54a8

of course, this particular example would be a creation eating a natural. making monsters on a un-inhabited planet and naturals come to the planet and then get eaten is regrettable but the carnivore creations were not specifically made to eat natural life. that part is important. making something dangerous with full knowledge that it would highly probably be a threat to naturals is bad. but if it's safe as long as they don't go looking for the creation it's fine.
you can't complain about bombs being dangerous when you are the one trying to set it off.
No. 513521 ID: 2fbf20

Wait a second isn't altering a creation's mind against our taboo.
No. 513523 ID: dba375

Yeah, I agree with plan go back to cell.

They've been shown to be capable of breaking it.
No. 513527 ID: bf54a8

they are assuming worst case scenario due to being scared out of their minds because one touch is all we need to unmake them.
No. 513544 ID: f29aa1

>scared out of their minds because one touch is all we need to unmake them.

Let's go grapple them, fling the weapons out of their hands, slam them against the wall, gag them, and politely request their civility until they asphyxiate or agree.
No. 513552 ID: bf54a8

that would work IF they were the only ones around, we have no idea how many may be around the corner.
No. 513554 ID: 2baea8

We're incorporeal.
No. 513557 ID: fd7000

If they are that distracted you might as well wait in your cell for them to finish their argument. When an opportunity presents itself tell them it is rude to talk about someone as if they were not there and ask them to shut the door if they are going to continue, it is getting drafty with both doors open.
No. 514244 ID: d6ae01
File 137026994258.png - (511.19KB , 700x600 , P54.png )

>Disable the weapons!
We cannot affect the weapons directly.

>Return to the cell!
We interrupt their 'discussion'. "We mean you no harm," we say loudly. "We will return to our cell"

"Holy shit, those things can talk!?"

"Of course they can talk, you idiot."

We float backwards into our cell. "There is no need for--"
No. 514245 ID: d6ae01
File 137026997587.png - (547.11KB , 700x600 , P55.png )

We hear the sounds of electricity. Nokizanya and Nishalm fall to the floor.  


They have not reached their end; they are merely unconscious. We feel... relieved.

We still require Nokizanya for our plan to succeed, if only to let us out of our prison later.
"Okay, Bind the Tribal and take her to the interrogation room," the taller one says.
"What about Nishalm?"
"Honestly, I think it's too far gone. We'll have to euthanize it."
No. 514246 ID: d6ae01
File 137027000689.png - (500.56KB , 700x600 , P56.png )

>Have Nishalm join us in the cell
We have created something truly unique-- a hybrid of natural life and created life. We did so to undo the wrongs of another Creator. The thought of having our efforts unceremoniously destroyed fills us with anger.

We speak with the authority befitting a 'demon' such as us. "You will not. It has done nothing to deserve such a fate. You will leave it in here with us." 

"Get them out of here. Rookie, cover me. Shoot it if it does anything." The tall one approaches the door control panel-- It means to lock us back in. The small one holds a device in its hand unsteadily, almost unsure of how to work it.
The feathered one drags Nokizanya and Nishalm from the room.
If we wait, Nishalm will likely be euthanized, but if we act, our plan may fall apart. We...
We do not know what to do.
No. 514247 ID: 76b151

Act. Though it means our plan has failed I do not wish a natural to die for our own actions. The one staying behind is new and scared. Merely acting aggressive will most likely get it to panic. Move towards it and then to the side. Consume the arm holding the gun and then attack the one at the door panel. Comsume that one in its entirity.
No. 514254 ID: bf54a8

rush em. weave to dodge attack and strike.
No. 514256 ID: f2c20c

Consume the one about to lock you in. Use the power to create something immediately to help you fight, and consume the rookie. Upgrade the warrior we created- give it a ranged weapon- and keep moving. Chase down the one carrying Nishalm. Revive him/her, I'm sure that is within your power, and then go after Nokizanya.

They have invoked our wrath and they shall pay the price.
No. 514259 ID: 2baea8

No. 514265 ID: 19b3c3

Alright. Analysis time.

In one sense, the stubborn hostility of our captors works in our favor. When our disease takes effect, the naturals will be much more willing to assist us in our escape than they would be otherwise. Cruelly, even Nishalm's death would work to our favor- it would virtually guarantee Zanya's cooperation.

Cold logic aside though, it would not be right to allow Nishalm to die in an attempt to manipulate Zanya. Nor would it be right to allow a natural life form to die to further our own ends, and it is needlessly cruel for Nishalm to perish just as it regained all it had lost.

You should act.

For the first step, take the creature locking your cell hostage. You can bully the smaller, uncertain one into acting as your messenger- it is not likely it will be willing to fire if it would mean the death of its companion.

Your message is that you were only willing to return to your cell because you did not wish for the natural life forms to be harmed. However, if they intend to destroy Nishalm, this changes things. Attempt to exchange your hostage for Nishalm, and/or its safety.

...and for goodness sake, don't they have security cameras or anything? Review the footage leading up to our restoration.

If this tactic fails, we will be forced to assume a more aggressive stance, absorbing the creations and going on an offensive.
No. 514272 ID: 01531c

>Consume the one about to lock you in.
Amendment: Partially Drain his energy to shock him into unconsciousness. All it should take is a quick flick of one of your tendrils.

>equally effective
>creates hostage

You can pump a smidgen of Power into him to enervate him for hostage purposes.
No. 514276 ID: 3bdd7f

> hostage purposes
Considering what we just saw, I'm pretty sure hostages are not going to work AT ALL here.
No. 514282 ID: 9ddf68

god dammit ok new plan, we're going to do a snatch and grab

The plan is to find Nokizanya and Nishalm grab both of them and try to get the hell off of this ship, if anyone get's in your way consume them if you have to, once we get off this ship we shouldn't have to worry to much about them following us as I'm sure our little bacteria is all over this ship by now and will probably knock them all out shortly after we leave so at least that germ wasn't a complete waste seeing as how we almost died from making it.
No. 514283 ID: 01531c

What they reacted to was Nishalm in a new body, one that could easily have been programmed to serve its Creator.

Grabbing a random shmuck and letting him vocally panic and flail is a much different presentation; less reason for them to consider the threat of possession, if that's even possible for us.
No. 514289 ID: 735f4f

Yeah go all out. Those two are our best bet for finishing your masterpiece and if we let them get carted off now we might never see them again. Plus side they are unconscious so cant see what we are about to do.
No. 514291 ID: 19b3c3

They value their own lives, and those of each other. They don't care about Nishalm because they rationalize it is mind controlled and as good as dead already.

The problem with force is, once used, we cannot take it back. Once we kill (absorb) any of them, they're not going to stop until we're dead. Meaning our only option will be to take the entire ship by force, or die trying- which is not impossible, or even unlikely. We don't know the layout of this ship or the details of all the countermeasures, and they may not be as incompetent in direct military tactics as they have proven in containment protocols (Good squad tactics and ranged weapons could kill us before we build up enough to be unstoppable. Or even if we pass that point, they might have a self destruct to deny us sucess). Our success would be rather uncertain, and there is no guarantee we would even recover the natural life forms alive. (They might just shoot them on the spot, for fear they would recover and aid us).

Whereas- if we successfully pull off a hostage trade, it has several advantages. First of all, it demonstrates we are capable of choosing not to kill them when given opportunity. Secondly- it shows that we value the lives of the naturals (and anything beyond merely consuming and creating). Meaning our captors are therefore incentivised to keep them alive- as a control mechanism. Then all we would need do is wait for the sickness to take effect.

And if a negotiation fails, there absorption and creation both appears to be relatively rapid processes. There is nothing stopping us from falling back to violence and consuming the hostage(s).
No. 514292 ID: bf54a8

good points all around.
hostage take.
No. 514340 ID: 4bbe76

I think the "good" or "right" thing to do in our moral sense is now mirrored in your sense of protecting your unique creation... I think you are already seeing it as part of your ultimate one, because of its uniqueness while also being functional and happy, right?
No. 514366 ID: f28616

>Meaning our captors are therefore incentivised to keep them alive- as a control mechanism. Then all we would need do is wait for the sickness to take effect.
Yes, perfect. Go with this.
No. 514797 ID: bc8d67

You have created with Nishalm a being truly unique in the history of the Universe, and in doing so paid back a debt that was thought impossible. While perhaps not your Ultimate Creation, what you did with Nishalm is worthy to be your penultimate one, and you shall not let it perish from this Universe right at its birth. You will act to protect it!

Whatever you do to act, you must get through that door before it closes without being shot. You have shown an ability to create light and sound, but how strongly, with how much control, and how far away? Could you create a sudden brilliant flash of light to blind the small Creation aiming at you, then dim yourself so it can't see you, dodge to the right and slip through the door after it fires?

If you can't make a flash of light that bright, then could you create a chaotic cover of colors in the doorway when you make your move? You could even reposition it outwards as you move through the doorway to keep it between you and the small Creation, or even envelop its head in them.

But if you can't do any of that, you'll just have to dodge right and forward as quick as you can and squeeze yourself through the closing door near the feathered Creation so it'll provide some cover from the small one's shots.

Once you're in contact with the feathered Creation, immediately temporarily paralyze its limbs if you can, and just energy drain it to knock it out if you can't. Then hide from the small one's shots behind the bulk of the feathered one as it falls to the ground. Paralysis of the limbs is preferable, since it leaves the Creation able to speak and show it has not been altered in the mind.

Now, the hostage plan looks to be about the best option right now, but it hinges greatly on how far these Creations will go to keep you caged before they start aiming to destroy you instead. A good indication would be if they try to shoot you through the feathered Creation, but even if they don't fire you need to know more, for they may be gathering their forces instead. You'll have to look into the mind of the feathered Creation, but only if you can do it without damaging it, without it knowing you did or being obvious about it to onlookers. Look for its orders and protocol, what it knows of how its comrades would react, and what capabilities they can bring to bear against you.

If what you see in its mind shows they will not trade your hostage for Nishalm, then you will have to move on to saving it directly. But remember: No consuming the Creations here, no altering their minds, and only make minimal changes to their bodies that you can reverse or will go back on their own. Even though they are not wholly unique, they are unique in small ways, and you will do what you will here without destroying that.

Oh, and if they will negotiate, don't ask for Nishalm to be placed in your cell, since in their eyes you could remake it into a Creation that might be able to break you out. You'll have to ask for it to be placed in a containment cell within view and speaking distance of you.
No. 514933 ID: d6ae01
File 137057791114.png - (550.04KB , 700x600 , P57.png )

>rush em. weave to dodge attack and strike.
We will protect our creation.

We surge out of our prison. The small one's weapon fires, but it does not affect us. In its haste, it must not have considered our nature.

>Take hostages

We place a tendril on each creation and absorb a small amount of energy, enough to discourage taking action against us.

It requires much restraint not to absorb them fully.

"Skrii--  It's got us!  Run!"
"If you attempt to do so, we will absorb them and then you. Return to this room with the naturals."

We hear a soft thud. Nokizanya and Nishalm's bodies cease their movement.

There is silence.

We absorb a small amount of energy from our captives. They cry out.
No. 514934 ID: d6ae01
File 137057795086.png - (455.78KB , 700x600 , P58.png )

We see the creation's head-- We have its attention.

They must have truly thought Nishalm lost. They cannot believe that anyone would trust us of their own will. They do not realize their own broken logic.

If we could control created life, we would not be imprisoned in the first place.
No. 514935 ID: d6ae01
File 137057799411.png - (485.67KB , 700x600 , P59.png )

It looks at us expectantly, its eyes full of fear.
No. 514939 ID: b3dd38

"We do not wish to harm you, but if that's what it takes to prevent you from cruelly killing your companions, we will regretfully have to."
No. 514940 ID: 735f4f

Explain to them that then. Tell them that you were attempting to right a wrong committed by another of your species. That you have no control over him and if you did then you could easily control most the crew. All you did was to replace what was taken from him. And that they were kind enough to trust you so you owe them enough to make sure they are not murdered because of your actions.

How long do we have on the sleeping virus? This could be a great way to escape with minimal casualties but only if its going to go off fairly soon.

They might not believe anything you say so be ready for that. They also might try to buy time for more dangerous weapons to be brought against you.
No. 514942 ID: f2c20c

First. Our terms. It shall leave the two naturals here until they wake up, then by their wishes alone will we release the hostages. Warn them that Nishalm will not be pleased that they were going to kill him/her. Also, demand they bring the suit Nishalm wanted.

Also, tell it how much of a fool it is. We cannot control creations. If we could, our race would not be hunted. We would not be imprisoned. We would not bother to take hostages. We helped Nishalm because the Creator that injured them was insane. That Creator's actions reflected poorly on us, and we wished to make up for Nishalm's loss.
No. 514943 ID: f29aa1

"Hear me and Obey: Return to this room and seal the outer doors, or your compatriots will suffer for your cowardice."
No. 514944 ID: 19b3c3

Hah! Something worked right. Although we do not have much time. Eventually there will be reinforcements, and they must have weapons that are effective against our kind.

I wish to make the following clear, creation. My kind does not interfere with natural life forms. I offered to repair Nishalm only to correct an imbalance- to right a wrong wrought by another creator.

I offered to retreat to my cell in order to prevent naturals from being unduly harmed. I take action now because you planned to execute it.

I will be clear: Nishalm is not a weapon, an attempt to escape, under any form of mind control, or any threat to you. If I could control minds, I would not be your prisoner. If I had created a weapon, you would already be dead.

And I have not altered a natural life form- I have merely created superior, integrated organic parts to replace the inferior mechanical ones.

Here are my terms. I offer to return your companions to you, unharmed. On the condition that you promise to leave the naturals unharmed. An exchange- life for life.
No. 514945 ID: 19b3c3

>How long do we have on the sleeping virus?
...a while. We just planted in on Zanya, during the first feeding, which was immediately before we repaired the arm. The only exposure it's had to the ship was when she went to go get the second specimen.

We need more time for Zanya to disseminate it, and for the bacteria to spread. Nevermind the fuse we built in is nowhere near to going off.
No. 514949 ID: 2baea8

"We would parley with the commander of this vessel."
No. 514952 ID: cf49fc

Actually, the moronic crew members are doing an EXCELLENT job of disseminating it, having the entire crew run down to ineffectually hurl bullets at you and get taken hostage. Not to mention assaulting and physically contacting both of them in their paranoid delusions.
No. 514955 ID: 9ddf68

offer it a trade, it's two friends for your two... but only after it answers some questions.

Where do they keep the creatures that they fed you with (easy way to get a power boast while keeping a clean consonance), where are the escape pods/airlocks, and why it thought that we could control minds or any creation? If we could do that we would never have been captured in the first place.

Quick question for the creator, Can you move around freely in the vacuum of space, I believe this is a yes but i wanted to make sure. just want to know for when we have to make the invaluable escape plan
No. 516090 ID: d6ae01
File 137090919560.png - (370.34KB , 700x600 , P60.png )

>"We do not wish to harm you, but if that's what it takes to prevent you from cruelly killing your companions, we will regretfully have to."
Fear is our only weapon. We can ill afford losing it in our weakened state.

>How long do we have on the sleeping virus?
It would take several more hours to achieve its purpose.

>Quick question for the creator, Can you move around freely in the vacuum of space?
We are almost more free there than in the atmospheres of our creations.

Many Creators do not gift their creations with intelligence. Perhaps they believe a simple creation would not question its place.

We believe otherwise. Only a creation with a strong mind can truly understand the nature of its world and show appreciation for the existence it has been given. Weak minds lead to situations like the one we currently face.

>First. Our terms. It shall leave the two naturals here...
Nokizanya must be allowed to roam the ship if our creation is to infect its crew.

"Please don't eat us," the small one says.

The creature's expression hardens. "Let them go."

It speaks with bravado, but it cannot hide the quiver in its voice.
No. 516091 ID: d6ae01
File 137090922437.png - (429.38KB , 700x600 , P61.png )

"You will answer us. Why do you think us capable of mind control?"

"Because we've seen the victims. There are those who follow your commands, and try to convince us that your kind means the best for us."

"We wish to make this clear: We cannot control any life, natural or created. If we could, your mind would be ours and we would be free. Nishalm is not under our thrall. It is no danger to you."

It glares at us, giving no sign of acceptance or disbelief.

"Tell us where you keep the creatures you store for our consumption. These two depend on your cooperation."

"...Section 2, room 5."

"Where are the escape pods?"

"They're all over the place, but the captain put them on lock-down because of... you. They can only be used with an over-ride code he has."

"We see. We propose an exchange-- life for life. We are willing to part with your companions only if you promise the safety of Nokizanya and Nishalm. Leave Nishalm with us if you do not trust it, but you will not harm it. Agree to their safety and we shall peacefully return to our cage."

"I'd be a fool to trust you, but I could not sleep at night if I was too smart to save their lives. I accept."

"Good. But understand this: If your promise is broken, your puny cage will not be able to contain us, nor would your weapons stop us."
No. 516093 ID: d6ae01
File 137090926814.png - (446.48KB , 700x600 , P62.png )

A voice fills the room. "Hold, soldier."


"Good work leaving your radio on-- I heard everything. Listen to me, demon. I have every soldier and weapon on this ship ready to put an end to your existence, and I'm willing to go against protocol and kill you right now, understand me?"

We did not anticipate this.

"I would love to believe what you've said and save myself the bureaucracy that follows if I kill you, if not for one thing: If you're really planning on going back to your cage and waiting for us to get home, why did you ask the location of our food storage?"
No. 516094 ID: f2c20c

Oh shit. Uh.

Tell him it was in case they refused your exchange offer, obviously. It was a backup plan. Also, counter with an obvious conclusion- that if you didn't want to go back in your cell after the exchange, why bother negotiating for it? They are right there. We could easily take them by force then overwhelm their soldiers.
No. 516097 ID: bf54a8

"Simple, if you break your end of the bargain i'll need the energy. i am willing to go to trial because i believe Nishalm will help me get out of a death sentence. But if they die then i only look forward to death at the end of this trip."
No. 516098 ID: dba375

Because given what you know about them, it's painfully obvious that they won't agree to any kind of civility. All you want is to make sure that no harm comes to these people for their apparently death-warranting crime of not hating you. You'd be perfectly willing to take such a deal if you had any indication that it would be honored.
No. 516099 ID: 2baea8

"Contingency in the event that the agreement was broken or refused."
No. 516101 ID: 9ddf68

plan B for if you refused to lesion to reason.

If you don't believe us then all you have to do is look at how many people we have absorb, around none I do believe. If we truly wished to force our way out we would not have stopped to talk to the solder here or have offered to trade the two in our possession for the the safety of the two you have so quickly damned.

If you are wondering why I'm even bothering to do all this for them in the end, we said we would help Nishalm's not trick him into an early grave and Nokizanya was the only living creature on this vessel that gaven us any kindness, it would be prudent not to return it in her time of need (sorry if I got the names mixed up). If you still can't wrap your mind around that then to put it into words your kind may recognize think of it as a code of honor that we follow.
No. 516102 ID: 19b3c3

>We did not anticipate this.
We did. We considered the possibility they might have an overwhelming military force ready to suppress us. It was one reason we opted to try negotiation with hostages rather than direct force.

>why did you ask the location of our food storage?
For the obvious reasons, Captain. If this standoff does not resolve peaceably, I will have little choice but to escape or capture this ship by force. An additional energy source that does not fight back would expedite that. Bluntly, it is a tactical asset. But you know this, already.

...you are the commander of these creatures. It is your decision. Will you accept my terms, spare the naturals, and allow us to return us to our prior stalemate as captive and captors? Or will you force a confrontation? I can not say with certainly if you will successfully destroy me. But whatever the outcome, there will be death.
No. 516107 ID: fd7000

I need energy. Your crew is energy. If you don't want your crew members unmade you should offer something of greater value in trade. You don't place nearly as high a value on your food stores as I do and I place nearly no value in your crew apart from there usefulness as food. Perhaps we can come to some sort of agreement? Or do I need to explain it to you again?
No. 516109 ID: 2baea8

We're negotiating, not threatening.
No. 516112 ID: cf49fc

"As a precaution against when you inevitably broke protocol and attempted to kill us immediately. Our opinion of your species trustworthiness is relatively low at this point."
No. 516648 ID: d6ae01
File 137115374312.png - (450.68KB , 700x600 , P63.png )

>We considered the possibility they might have an overwhelming military force ready to suppress us.
We are not surprised by their preparedness, only by the captain's interruption at an inopportune moment.

>It was plan B
We return to our normal tone. "We formed a contingency in the event of our offer being refused or broken. We have little reason to trust you, as you do us."

"I see," the captain says. "And so long as we don't break our promise, you're really content waiting in your cell to face a court that will kill you? That's hard to believe."

"We see hope in our future. This creature, Nishalm, offered to help us avoid the inevitable end of your judgment. Its end would lead to ours, as we would certainly be denied the chance to defend ourselves against your superiors."

"Nishalm offered to help? That doesn't sound like them. If that's so, why did you break out of the cage to begin with?"

"The ones here claimed they would euthanize Nishalm."


The creature in front of us protests. "Nishalm is under its control! Or might be!"

"If that's true, you detain it and try to fix it! What idiot school of morons did you guys graduate from!?"

"Sir, we were just protecting--"

"Save it, I will hear your excuses in the meeting room. For now, if that thing is willing to wait in its cell, then lock it back in there and leave it closed. And for kriah's sake, don't provoke it!"

"Then we are in agreement," we say.

"Yes. Release those two and float back into your cell, and I'll ensure the safety of Nishalm."

"And the tribal one," we say.

"Yes, of course."
No. 516649 ID: d6ae01
File 137115377308.png - (481.07KB , 700x600 , P64.png )

We release our captives and float back to our cell. They stare at us. The big one takes a tentative step forward, finally making its way to the lock to engage it. We hear a small voice thank us for not eating them as they turn to leave.

"We are in so much trouble, aren't we."

"Yeah. I really thought we euthanized those under mind control..."

They are gone, and it is silent.

It is silent for a long time.
No. 516650 ID: d6ae01
File 137115379572.png - (485.17KB , 700x600 , P65.png )

Finally, the silence is broken by the appearance of Nokizanya.

"You are safe," we say.

"A bunch of people fell over!"

"What happened to them?" We ask.

There is a look of panic in her eyes. "I don't know! Why did they fall down? Are they dead? Am I going to die?"
No. 516651 ID: 2baea8

"We released a pathogen to make them lethargic and cause them to fall asleep. It does not affect naturals, and we included immunity in Nishalm's replacement body parts. The two of you should remain awake. This will allow us to leave without causing harm."
No. 516652 ID: cf49fc

Suggest she check their pulse. Recommend clearing their airways and moving them to a comfortable spot.
No. 516655 ID: 2baea8

Yes, do this first, actually. If the infection accidentally killed anyone, telling her may not be wise.
No. 516656 ID: f2c20c

Looks like our plan is working.

Tell her to let you out so you can assess the situation. We can't tell what's wrong with them from in here, can we? Also, this might be a good time to bring up that thing about creating her world. Fully explain to her what you meant.

Once we are sure that the majority of their defenses are disabled, we can explain what we have done and begin to consume the troops and create some creatures to defend ourselves with.
No. 516658 ID: 2baea8

Don't consume the troops. That's what we got the location of the food stores for.
No. 516660 ID: 9ddf68

before you do anything ask with interest how many people have fallen. I would like to know if ALL of the ship is affected or just MOST of the ship is.

Try not to tell her you are the one responsible for this and see if she could let us out to look at them to see what is wrong. Once we find a body scan and tell he it seems to be some kind of pathogen that is responsible for this, then tell her that you could try and make a counter bacteria to help them but you would need more power. Next Ask her to take you to where they keep what they feed you (Section 2, room 5. don't tell her you know where it is if you don't have to, see if she knows since she did bring you your meal once and if not then just look for it and head in that general area) so you can then help.

We'll work from there as I have a feeling that somewhere along the line something is going to try and derail the plan so for now lets just see if we can't get out of this cage and then see how far we can get before something goes wrong... again.
No. 516661 ID: 19b3c3

> as we don't break our promise, you're really content waiting in your cell to face a court that will kill you?
Eh. We were too precise in our agreement. We offered to return to our cell, not to stay there without attempting escape until trial.

>Are they dead? Am I going to die?
To my knowledge, they are not dead, and you are not in immediate danger of death. Although, technically, I am afraid you will die, someday.

...I am sorry to have frightened you. I must confess, I created a sleeping sickness. The crew should be unharmed, and it should affect neither you nor Nishalim. Unless, by some great coincidence, this is the work of some other disease, no one is in any immediate danger.

Wait for her response. See if she is willing to help us escape. If necessary, we could agree not to consume the helpless crew. For one thing, we could start with the food chamber. If there's enough energy there for our ultimate creation, we might have no reason to consume them. It's also possible, if we escape now, that we could secure energy from an alternate source.

Hmm. If we leave the ship with the crew unharmed, it may be necessary to release a counter-agent behind so they do not perish in their sleep. ...actually, do we know what happens if our creation is left unchecked? Will it drain hosts down to a constant energy level, or will it keep feeding until the host has nothing left?

More immediately, it may be possible the ship is now in danger. The crew is necessary for certain operations, actually. Need to make sure we're not going to crash or explode or anything.
No. 516664 ID: f2c20c

We need to consume everyone on the ship to have enough energy for our Ultimate Creation.

We cannot have a bloodless victory.
No. 516666 ID: 19b3c3

Not necessarily. If we gain control of this vessel, or even a smaller craft, we may secure access to other sources of food. For one thing, they had to harvest the creations they have been feeding us from somewhere.

The biggest concerns are that in the short term we need Zanya to let us out (which she may be reluctant to do if she think we're going to kill everyone) and in the longer term we want to create Zanya's world (which she may be less likely to cooperate with after we kill everyone).
No. 516668 ID: a5bff9

>...you will die, someday
that's probably nothing you should tell some panicked guy searching for your help.

We still need to come down with a more detailed plan... details like... do we want to kill everybody, just some we don't like or as few as possible?
I think you already made some points clear: the little lizard has become some semi-creation of yours and you want to protect it. And this one has your gratitude.

However, both probably demand not to kill more than you can get from the storage room.
They might even help you to escape... but they probably won't be much help in consuming dozens of beings with strong mind. Tolerating that is more of a Creator's thing...

What also bothers me with your way of creation... didn't the created beings ever question/regret their creation when they learned that dozens/hundreds/(how many do you need again?) gets killed for them to live? Isn't that some kind of downer for watching creators?
No. 516693 ID: cf49fc

Victory is insignificant towards making our Creation. If we kill the crew, they will send armies, and our friends will turn on us. Food stores are fine.
No. 516696 ID: 01531c

Take a sip of everyone's energy, enough to extend their slumber by a few hours, and alter the bacteria in each you touch to be able to react to your command.

Drain the military and the command crew enough that they all fall into a near-coma-like state.

Revive Nishalm.
No. 516701 ID: bf54a8

ask if a bunch means everyone.
No. 516706 ID: cf49fc

What part of "Creators cannot control creations" didn't you understand, man?
No. 516713 ID: 01531c

Did you quote the wrong post?

A creator may consume any size portion of energy from a living Creation.
The entire crew of the ship is currently knocked out.
Why not skim a little off the top, while we can?
With extra skimming for the military and command staff.
No. 516744 ID: cf49fc

I was talking about your talk of editing the bacteria to follow our commands.
No. 516745 ID: 53c732

feign ignorance and interest.
ask what are their symptoms, how many are affected and if there are those to take care of them left.
then offer to "help".
No. 516785 ID: 735f4f

We should be honest with her. Tell her that we were worried that as soon as you were back in your cage that they kill the both of you. So you made a virus to put everyone to sleep so we could all work together to escape. Then talk to her about your ultimate creation and how she fits in.

Also make sure the ship is not about to crash into a sun or something.
No. 517060 ID: bc8d67

Tell Nokizanya what you did, but embellish so it does not sound like you gained her trust merely to sow the seeds of your escape.

Answer her questions by saying that she is not going to die, that the crew is not dead, merely unconscious, and it is because of an airborne communicable disease that knocks out Creations, but not Naturals, for several hours. Tell her that you know all this because you created the disease while holding those two guards hostage, using a tiny amount of energy you drew from them, and infecting them as they were released. Then once it took effect you hoped she would come here to release you.

Say you're sorry for using her trust in you this way, but it is the best plan to escape you could come up with in the short time after she and Nishalm were shot and your self-delusion that you may get a fair trial evaporated. And it is actually the best plan, from the best outcome of that situation, since it has a low to no chance of casualties, and makes sure the crew can't call for help or take extreme measures to prevent your escape, such as crashing the ship into a star. All you ask is that set you free.

Once you're free, the first place you should head is to wherever Nishalm is. You'll want to free him as well, but it's also to make sure that he's all right and they did not attempt to "fix" him by trying to cut the Created portions of him off. And if they did choose to, and they were in the process of that when they passed out, he's going to need your help right away.

Oh, and there's also the possibility that your bacterium mutated while out there into something nastier, so you're going to want to check each of the crew as quick as you can to make sure they're not in trouble.
No. 517293 ID: f29aa1

bacteria are very simple carbon-based machnes. We were able to program in a 12-hour time delay; We could add new bacteria with mitochondrial programming to make it activate to our particular form of energy.
No. 517956 ID: f29090
File 137160824473.png - (501.53KB , 700x600 , P66.png )

>Tell Nokizanya...
We falter for the first time in our memories. It would be in our best interest to feign ignorance, absorb all on board, and make our Ultimate Creation. But we would risk the truth being exposed and losing Nokizanya's trust. It would greatly reduce our chance of creating something truly unique if that happened. If we are to do what no other Creator has done, we will need her faith.

But we do not need to tell her the entire truth. Simply enough that it cannot easily be disproved.

"The guards rendered you unconcious and threatened to euthanize Nishalm. We were unsure of your safety. We released a creation that would spread among the ship and render everyone on board asleep. You are a natural life-form, and thus our creation will not affect you."

"So I'm not going to die?"

"Such a fate is inevitable. All things must reach their end in order to pave the way for life anew. Such is the natural way of all things, created or natural."

She stares at us.

"You are fine."

"Oh, good." She lets out a long breath. "So you put everyone to sleep? They're okay too?"

"We believe so, but we would prefer to assess the situation and be sure. Are there others who are still conscious?"

"I dunno... everyone I saw was asleep, but I came straight here because you know stuff and I don't think air critters sleep?"

"We do not, it is true."

>Victory is insignificant towards making our Creation.
The Ultimate Creation is our only goal. There is no other victory for us.

>Don't consume the troops
We must consume to create. Leaving the crew of this ship intact would not be in our best interest-- even if we escaped, they would hunt us down in whatever escape pod we chose to use.

But we will avoid consuming the crew for now. A hybrid like Nishalm did not exist before our actions, so there may be an alternative we have yet to discover.

>Skim a little off the top
Partial absorption does not offer much energy, but we could at least keep ourselves strong while we consider our options.
No. 517958 ID: f29090
File 137160830040.png - (540.57KB , 700x600 , P67.png )

"We request you grant us freedom. We would like to ensure none of them have met their final fate."

"Let you out? Um, I guess it's okay. Nobody's awake to tell me no. You won't hurt anyone, right?"

"We will not." For now.

She begins manipulating the control panel outside our cage. "They were really mad. I don't think they're gonna help my tribe anymore. I kinda just want to go home."

"Escape may be an option we pursue as well. We cannot manipulate any controls, and you lack the knowledge. We propose we escape together."

"That makes sense I guess."

"We would also ask..." The words fail us.

"Ask what?"

"If you were to create a world all your own, what would it contain?

"That's a weird question!"


"Like, my own world with anything I want? I've never thought about that before. Um..."

She looks deep in thought.

"We should not delay," we say. "Think upon this idea as we go, for the result may be something quite significant."


We are freed.
No. 517959 ID: f29090
File 137160837693.png - (510.52KB , 700x600 , P68.png )

But we remain contained. How could something created by life be so lifeless?

"Do you know where they are keeping Nishalm?"

"Upstairs, I think?"

Rushing to Nishalm is an option, but there are those here who could be worth checking. Or should we seek energy?
No. 517965 ID: c23ab0

Now maybe, and I know this is crazy but, maybe this wasn't created by life.
No. 517967 ID: 9ddf68

go with whatever is closest to you and work from there, no need to backtrack if you don't have to.
No. 517968 ID: 19b3c3

The first thing you should do is check on the closest unconscious life form.

Is your microorganism behaving as expected? No mutations? Is the creation-host to the disease all right? Can you tell how long it will remain in this state until the disease places its life in danger, or until it will break free of the sickness? Or more importantly, which outcome will happen?

That gives us a timeframe to work in. We need to know how long we have before we make a decision about the crew, or it is made for us.
No. 517972 ID: f2c20c

Check that one's lifesigns. See if you can tell how long they will be asleep. If it is a long-ass time then I think our first destination would be food storage, in case we need to create something to get to Nishalm.
No. 517987 ID: 2baea8

No. 518162 ID: 65ddc7

We don't really need to absorb all of a life form do we? We could just absorb small pockets of useless/redundant flesh, like fat or some blood for example. Something they can grow back or won't miss. We could harvest energy from basically everyone asleep this way. As we are checking the life signs. We get energy, nobody dies, we maintain trust.

If it causes a wound, make sure it is a small one that we can heal over once the deed is done.

Or we can start reabsorbing the pathogen, to reproduce it had to have consumed some matter from the host, so we can remove the disease and get the energy from making it back with interest. Or maybe just abzorb some of the microbes but not all of them to maintain the sleep for now. We must be frugal.
No. 518165 ID: cf49fc

Nobody needs to die on this ship. We drain them of nonvital energy reserves, devour the food stores on the ship and wreck their navigation systems. They can't follow us, and we can easily escape to a new world, filled with delicious delicious lifeforms-we-don't-like.
No. 518187 ID: 2baea8

This brings up a question in my mind. Can we eat cancer?

If we do all that, they'll probably float around in space until they starve to death. It would be both needlessly cruel, and a waste of resources.
No. 518209 ID: 01531c

>starve to death
We'll be raiding the livestock, e.g. "foodstores" for The Prisoner (us).
The actual ship crew foodstores will be ignored as inorganics.
No. 518212 ID: bf54a8

indeed, we said navigation equipment, not their radio or anything, can call for help and drift until it comes.
No. 518215 ID: 01531c

>We could just absorb small pockets of useless/redundant flesh, like fat or some blood for example. Something they can grow back or won't miss.

Sounds like a great excuse for automagical liposuction/plastic surgery!

We will let their minds guide our Power, to gently reshape their bodies into their ideal forms, correct brain hormonal chemical imbalances, tone up muscles, flesh out curves, undo addictions, all in the blink of an eye while we check the vital signs and drain their energy for our ends!

>inb4 we indirectly start a galaxy-wide movement "Cult of the Creator"
No. 518227 ID: 5869f6

No. 518231 ID: cf49fc

Of course their actual food wouldn't be touched, it would only be their living organic nonsentients we ate. And nonvital biomatter of course...

As for the navigation systems, they'll be fine. It's not like we're blowing up life support or communications. Just the thing that allows the ship to change course.

Oh, I just realized, we should launch all the escape pods at once. That way they won't be able to chase us!
No. 518262 ID: bc8d67

Examine the two down this hallway to determine if your bacterial creation has mutated into anything more dangerous than you intended, and estimate how long you have until its effects wear off. Once you determine it's okay, skim a bit of energy off of them; Enough to keep them knocked out longer, but not enough to risk them dying soon. You don't want to lose Nokizanya's trust by killing one, even if my accident.

Go release Nishalm next. Nishalm will know much more about the ship and its systems and protocols than Nokizanya. It'll be able to tell you if the ship has automated responses to certain scenarios, such as you being free from your cell and the area around it for too long. You'll want to know about such things right away, before something like a distress beacon activates, or worse, the controls lock out and the ship is stuck on auto-pilot all the way to its destination. It might also still have valid access codes to the ship's systems, though they likely have been revoked by now.

>"How could something created by life be so lifeless?"
Well, when you don't have the option to create a "space whale" living ship to ferry you across the stars, your choices become "metal" or "nothing."

...Though, could you create a creature that could function as a living space ship, given enough energy? One complete with FTL, interstellar navigation, artificial gravity and atmosphere, and all the other stuff of a working ship?
No. 518291 ID: 01531c

>...Though, could you create a creature that could function as a living space ship, given enough energy? One complete with FTL, interstellar navigation, artificial gravity and atmosphere, and all the other stuff of a working ship?

This thing you are describing? That is what we call a Valcien.
No. 518662 ID: f29090
File 137186027894.png - (528.94KB , 700x600 , P69.png )

>Now maybe, and I know this is crazy but, maybe this wasn't created by life.
It is an amalgamation of machines, created by machines, created by life.

Life lead to its existence, and yet it has none. Creations often go down this path. We are unsure of why.

>The first thing you should do is check on the closest unconscious life form.
It would seem our creation has performed exactly as expected, despite how little energy we were able to use in its development. It will not awaken any time soon; we've plentiful time to do as we please.

>We could just absorb small pockets of useless/redundant flesh, like fat or some blood for example.
We absorb some non-vital matter, leaving the creature unharmed. We do not gain much energy.

"What are you doing?"

"This creature still lives."

"Oh. That's good."

>Can we eat cancer?
We do not know what this is.

>Sounds like a great excuse for automagical liposuction/plastic surgery!
We do not understand.


"Are you okay? We should get going."

"Yes. We should.
No. 518663 ID: f29090
File 137186034870.png - (522.07KB , 700x600 , P70.png )

"We shall visit the food stores."

"But what about Nishalm?"

"Our creation is working as intended. Nishalm is in no danger."

"Okay... But we'll go to them right after, right?"

"Of course."

If we understand their language correctly, we are presently in section 2. We make our way to the room labeled "5".

"We cannot open this door. We request you make the way clear."

She manipulates the device beside the door. Nothing happens. She tries again. And again.

"Why isn't it working? They said to type this number and it worked last time!"

"They may have revoked your passcode in light of what happened."

"But that's mean!"

"It is not convenient, certainly."

We may be able to create something to get us inside, but we lack the energy to make anything large or complex.

"Can you make a key?"

"We can only create life. Also, the door is not locked with a key."

No. 518665 ID: f2c20c

Something small that produces a potent acid. Or just something that can eat the door. It should be something that dies off quickly, for we don't want it to go out of control and eat large sections of the ship.

Alternatively, we could just find the nearest crewmember and wake them up, force them to open the door, then knock them back out afterwards.
No. 518667 ID: 9ddf68

could make some kind of metal eating moss or something that we could use to open the door then just reabsorb it quickly so it doesn't eat the whole ship
No. 518670 ID: 2baea8

We are incorporeal. A small creature that can eat its way through and make a tiny hole on the door/break the airtight seal should suffice for us to slip through.
No. 518671 ID: 19b3c3

>what is cancer
A disease where certain cells within a life form begin to grow and replicate out of control. It's something that can happen to natural life forms, I don't know if you've seen it in created life forms. If you were to encounter this, removing the offending tissue would be mutually beneficial for creation and creator.

>liposuction/plastic surgery
The suggestion is to offer cosmetic augmentation services to life forms- removing and consuming unwanted or cosmetically unappealing tissue or fat.

>Door is locked
...it is possible Nishalm may have the knowledge to circumvent such a lock, but it is likely sealed behind one as well. We will likely have to repeat what we do here when we reach Nishalm.

>small creation
Really, all we need is something can produce an electrical pulse strong enough to knock out or override the control panel, right? That would either open the door, or allow us to pry it open manually.
No. 518752 ID: f29aa1

>We do not understand.

It is exactly the same as what you did with Nishalm. Remember your offer to change some features?

The only difference here is that this idea costs less energy!
No. 519090 ID: f2c20c

>we are unsure of why
Well, how else can they create? Making new types of life forms is quite difficult for non-Creators even with advanced machines, and very large life forms that are capable of ferrying other life through the stars have lots of issues with them. Like, what would they eat? How would they maintain the internal atmosphere to support life? How would the passengers enter and disembark?

So instead, they make machines to do big jobs like this. Not putting more life IN the machines, like plants or something to pretty it up, is definitely worth questioning, however.
No. 519450 ID: f29090
File 137220908378.png - (494.32KB , 700x600 , P71.png )

Creators are largely beneficial to creations that choose not to loathe them, but many would not trust us to aid them in these ways. They'd assume we offer the pretense of aid to consume them whole.

We could create an electrical being, but there is a chance shocking the panel would render the door inoperable. We could lose some of our precious energy for no gain.

We shall use a creation to consume this lifeless metal. We place it and wait. It makes slow progress, but we need only slip through a break in the seal before us.

It is true that their methods of creating life are limited. But there is nothing stopping them from showing their passion for creation, even in something that is not itself alive.

Though perhaps it is still worth some respect that they desire to create at all, even lacking in our abilities. Maybe they do seek to show their own appreciation for creation.

But there is no appreciation to be found here. If we were capable of creating ships such as these, we would make them feel much less cold and empty.

"What's that? Is it eating the door? It's really slow!"

"Yes, it is. These doors are strong, but we only need a small gap."

"What about me? I need a big gap!"

"We must beg your patience. We will make the way clear to you once we are able."

Our creation finally eats through the door, and we proceed inside.
No. 519454 ID: f29090
File 137220920033.png - (601.39KB , 700x600 , P72.png )

There are creations all around. Not as much as we had hoped, but we should gain enough energy from these creatures to allow us to defend ourselves from minor threats.

There is movement. It would seem an obstacle stands in our way.

"Kshklklk kchkw!"

We... do not understand?

It points something at us.
No. 519455 ID: f29090
File 137220922261.png - (628.84KB , 700x600 , P73.png )

We hear a high pitched whine that builds into a burst, and our instincts compel us to dodge.

There is a cry of surprise followed by the sound of metal hitting metal.

"kkshks! kkshks!"
No. 519457 ID: cf49fc

OH SHIT A KILLER ROBOT. Looks like your virus doesn't work on sentient machines. That is problematic, since against synthetic organisms we have all the combat utility of Scotch Mist. I recommend devouring all the creations in reach if it can be done quickly, or severing the machine's arm using the metal dissolving creation otherwise.
No. 519459 ID: 2baea8

That would be an automated defense system. Why would they put something on their ship strong enough to blast through doors which are apparently the same material as the hull of the ship? That's asking to be sucked into a vacuum.

Whatever. Tell Zanya not to get in its range and speed-eat as much as you can before fleeing. Don't let it get a lock.
No. 519460 ID: 01531c


No. 519461 ID: 19b3c3

>But there is nothing stopping them from showing their passion for creation, even in something that is not itself alive.
It is likely there are avenues or outlets for those with the desire and skill to create beautiful or appealing non-living creations.

But in the design of this transit/prisoner/ military vessel, it appears utilitarian function was the guiding principle. The cost of producing such a thing may have also had an impact- they could not spare the time or resources to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Ah. Intelligent. They left a non-living creation, a construct of metal, to protect your food source. This is not something you can absorb, or easily injure. It has opened the door for you, though.

Pity we did not go to Nishalm first. It might have been aware of this countermeasure, or known how to circumvent it.

For the moment, call out to Zanya, tell her to stay back. If tries to enter the room, she will likely be fired upon, and she has no means to fight back.

Did our metal eating creation survive the destruction of the door? We don't have time for it to consume the robot, but all we need is to place it to damage crucial control components, or sever the energy supply.

Is this thing stationary? If so, retreat is an option. We could always leave the room until we find a means to circumvent it. If the metal guardian is mobile, we will have no choice but to deal with it now, or be pursued.

If our metal-eat is destroyed or inaccessible, we will need to avoid enemy fire while creating something new to disable this device. If we lack the energy to do so, we may need to dodge and feed at the same time.
No. 519462 ID: 01531c

Quickly, find something to eat, and DINE-n-DASH!

You need enough energy to create a living blanket to throw on the robot's sensors!!!

Then you can absorb enough energy to create a fuck-huge rhino with a super-bone-horn to ram it!
No. 519464 ID: 7e8516

Can you dodge around it and grab the food? Eat it quick, then build something to smash that robot? Or maybe cover it in an abundance of that acidic creation.
No. 519483 ID: f2c20c

First, warn Nokizanya. Consume some stuff then uh... hmm. We need to destroy this thing, I believe.

Create a small creature with strong claws to attack the robot's hanging wires.
No. 519484 ID: bf54a8

crack open jars and eat. can you tell what energy type the weapon used? can you make a creation capable of absorbing that energy?
No. 519487 ID: 9ddf68

think you could create something similar to what you used on the door but have it act quicker? If so grab any food you can get and then see if you can't plant whatever it is you made somewhere on the bot.
No. 519490 ID: 2baea8

Aim for whatever source of energy seems to be powering it.
No. 519886 ID: f29090
File 137237623054.png - (594.71KB , 700x600 , P74.png )

Nishalm isn't--

>First, warn Nokizanya.
"Stay clear, Nokizanya."

>Absorb the creations
They are all contained, and we cannot directly manipulate their containers. But perhaps we can use the machine's weapon to our own aims.

There is another energy buildup. We dash past the nearby creations and their containment, staying just ahead of its aim.
No. 519887 ID: f29090
File 137237627311.png - (656.24KB , 700x600 , P75.png )

It lets out another blast, destroying the shelf and splattering pieces of created life everywhere. If we are swift, we can still absorb them before they fade out completely.

We double back, absorbing all we can while the robot is forced to recharge. The gains are meager, but are enough for us to make a small animal, or a larger quantity of the very thing...

>Cover it in an abundance of that acidic creation.
...That got us in here.

They meant this thing to stop us, but we move between worlds. Between galaxies. No creation of theirs could possibly match our velocity, even weakened as we are. We need only avoid it long enough to attach our metal-eating creation to it. We will--
No. 519888 ID: f29090
File 137237630765.png - (733.60KB , 700x600 , P76.png )


It created a field of energy that we cannot pass? Have they truly advanced so far? It aims at us once more, but we are no longer able to flee. We must overload this field with our energy, but in our current state we...

It is hesitating.
No. 519889 ID: f29090
File 137237647740.gif - (1.04MB , 700x600 , P77.gif )


Its tone suggests a command.

"Are you okay?" Nokizanya asks. "Don't try anything, row-but! I've killed larger than you with less than this."

"Kshr. Kshr. Kshr."

It keeps its weapon pointed and charge, but still it hesitates.
No. 519893 ID: 2baea8

I think it's telling Zanya to get out of the way.
No. 519899 ID: f2c20c

Tell Zanya that it appears to not want to shoot her, and you are trapped right now. Perhaps she can order the robot to stand down?
No. 519901 ID: 19b3c3

She's shielding herself with a fragment of the door. That did not stop the blast before. Not sure how effective an improvise blade would be either, although it depends on how strong she is, and how exposed the vulnerable mechanisms are.

>"Are you okay?"
I am as of yet unharmed, but trapped.

Hmm. It's making a different sound from before. Why give it language that is not understood?
No. 519908 ID: 9ddf68

anyway you think you could overload the shield, hell if it has an energy that can hold you, you might be able to absorb some of the energy or at least displace it.
No. 520129 ID: b3dd38

Do you think you'd be able to fit inside Nokizanya in order to sneak past robots like this in the future?
No. 520176 ID: bc8d67

It appears the robot has a base order of some sort to not risk killing or harming organic intelligent life, or at least those that are members of the crew, in executing its other orders. Unfortunately it's likely that it has an exemption for those that attack it, which means Nokizanya attempting to take it down will not go well for her at all. Also, she'd have to step around the force field bubble to get to the robot, giving it a clear shot on you, and rendering her attack moot even if she did succeed.

Tell Nokizanya that you are alright, but trapped by this energy bubble the robot is projecting, and it appears the only reason it hasn't fired on you is because she'd be hit as well. Say that she shouldn't attack the robot, since you are unsure whether its fundamental orders would keep it from fighting back against those who attack it, and you seriously doubt she would survive taking a shot from that robot. Instead, she should move in close to you and keep herself in the line of fire from the robot so it probably won't fire on you.

Right now your best chance for getting out of this situation is for the robot to run out whatever power reserves it has to keep the containment field up. However, that doesn't mean you can't test and try other options as well.

It's an energy field, so perhaps it could be dissipated or weakened by disrupting its shape and discharging it into the ship. Perhaps Nokizanya could shove that metal plate she's holding into the energy field while keeping it in contact with the floor. The energy will take the path of least resistance and ground itself into the metal rather than her. Still risky for her, and your safety, since the field might collapse and discharge like a lightning bolt.

Do you think you could redirect the energy of the field through yourself without harming yourself too much? If so, then maybe you could make a Creation that could make a conduit through the energy field; A hollow reed to slip one of your tendrils through to touch the metal floor. Then divert the energy field through yourself and into the ground.

It's unlikely the robot will just follow Nokizanya's orders, but right now we'll try anything, so ask her to order the robot to hold fire and stand down. Most likely it'll ignore her order, or demand some form of authorization from her. However, what she could order the robot to do that it might actually comply with is to demand it speak in a language she understands; Whatever common language the crew was speaking in.
No. 521404 ID: f29090
File 137297758565.png - (677.90KB , 700x600 , P78.png )

>Tell Zanya that it appears to not want to shoot her, and you are trapped right now.
"We are unharmed, but we are contained. Do not move. Doing so would greatly reduce our chances of survival."

"It would? But I think I scared it!"

"It must have been commanded to avoid inflicting harm on those who are not Creators such as we."


>Perhaps she can order the robot to stand down?
"It won't hurt you. Try commanding it to step down." A low chance of success, but one worth taking.

"Um, step down!"


"Does that mean yes?"

"We do not believe so, but it refuses to fire upon you. Stay near us, for the moment you move away, we are endangered."

It is a last resort, for it would require all that we have and the risk of failure is high. We simply do not have much energy, albeit more than we did before.

>Hmm. It's making a different sound from before. Why give it language that is not understood?
We do not know. It must not be designed to negotiate with our kind. We always learn the language of our creations, and for us to not know this one is surprising.

...Hmm. "Try commanding it to speak this language."

"Hey! Speak normal!"

"Shskkrkshr. Sksk. Releis. Ana. Move—"

"That one!"

"Switching language. This creature is dangerous. Move so it can be contained."

>Run it out of energy.
We do not know how long it can keep this field up, but we may need to stalemate until its energy runs out.

However, we believe we can speed up this process.
No. 521409 ID: f29090
File 137297789373.png - (650.52KB , 700x600 , P79.png )

"Nokizanya, place your shield such that it touches our containment and the floor at the same time. Stay near us so it does not shoot."

"I dunno why, but okay... Ah!" She jumps back with a start as electricity runs through the door towards the floor.

The field is dropped.

"Emergency detected. Death of demon takes priority over safety of life. Removing obstacle."

We still require Nokizanya to operate doors and computers. We must preserve her life.
No. 521413 ID: bf54a8

can we heave the now highly charged chunk of metal at it?
No. 521422 ID: 5f4e7d

Dodge right! It'll focus on you, and you can follow the initial plan to cover it in acid.
No. 521426 ID: bf54a8

oh, can you make a hollow shape? a hollow circle while charging at it, it would fire at you for charging but would go through the opening you made. letting you get into contact range.
No. 521436 ID: 19b3c3

...oh snap, is it firing at her?

We have no means to move her, and no means to move the metal to shield her. That means we must prevent the machine from firing, or its shot from damaging her.

Warp speed to the robot, and create something directly in or in front of the firing chamber. A small creation, designed for no other purpose but to refract, reflect, destabilize or contain the specific energy this thing fires. This will either render the robot harmless, or cause it to blow it's own head off firing.

>We still require Nokizanya to operate doors and computers. We must preserve her life.
That and we wanted her perspective for your ultimate creation. And it would be wrong to allow a natural life form to come to harm because of you.
No. 521437 ID: 2baea8

No. 521444 ID: 12c19f

Manifest a large flat entity of dense organic material, bone, chitin, keratin...

SOMETHING! She needs a shield!
No. 521447 ID: 2baea8

It'd have to be something that absorbs the force/impact of a blast well. That shot looked like it ripped the door open, rather than melting a hole in it.
No. 521497 ID: 12c19f

There's creatures with bones more dense than some industrial metals.

Given they're aquatic and live in deep pressures... But it's plausible.
No. 521510 ID: 9ddf68

can we hurl that charged metal at the robot or is that beyond us? cause if it isn't then chuck that thing like it's going out of style if to do nothing more then to try and throw off it's aim.

Maybe yell at Nokizanya to get down as well so if things do go wrong at least she could try and dodge the shot.
No. 522013 ID: bc8d67

The robot already had a shot charged up, so there's not enough time to clear the distance to it and apply any creations to attempt to stop it before it'll fire. There's also not enough time to yell at Nokizanya to get out of its line of fire. Only option left is to make yourself a more tempting target than Nokizanya so the robot shifts its aim away from her, then dodge out of the way of the blast at the last millisecond.

Charge towards the robot just to its right of its blaster, spinning and twisting around, while shouting to Nokizanya to back up. Hopefully it'll take the bait and fire towards you, and that you'll be able to get out of the way quick enough you at least won't take the brunt of the shot.

If you aren't hit seriously, then take the opportunity to get in close to the robot, where it can't fire at you. Plant a smear of acidic creations not just on its blaster emitter face, but also on that cable dangling from it that leads around the side of the robot. That's very likely a power cable that couldn't be placed in the robot's arm. Then squeeze yourself in under the robot's "head" and see if you can slip inside its body casing to strategically spread more acidic creations around.
No. 522015 ID: 26cc99

>make yourself a more tempting target than Nokizanya so the robot shifts its aim away from her
This is the path of least expanded energy and highest speed. The robot does not wish harm upon Nokizanya, it simply won't keep her safe any more.

>Move toward the robot at max speed in an arc that points away from Nokizanya.
>Suddenly change direction mid-way to throw off its aim. Drop low for example. Don't do this only as an reaction to it shooting you. We cannot dodge at point blank, therefore you need to take its shot into account before it actually shoots.
No. 522088 ID: f29090
File 137313839157.png - (581.31KB , 700x600 , P80.png )

>Hurl the door--
We cannot manipulate it.

>Make yourself a target
We move, but it does not follow. Does it seek to attack Nokizanya? No-- the obstacle it spoke of must be the door's remains.

>Manifest a large flat entity of dense organic material, bone, chitin, keratin... SOMETHING! She needs a shield!
We lack the time to consider other options. We create a barrier, anchored to the ship, before Nokizanya can blink.
No. 522089 ID: f29090
File 137313841913.png - (624.82KB , 700x600 , P81.png )

Our creation takes the brunt of the attack, but we underestimated the force behind it. Our attempts to anchor the barrier have failed. It and Nokizanya are thrown back.

Nokizanya is wounded, but her life remains. It is fortunate that she was knocked mostly clear of our shield, else she would have been crushed.

The machine is focusing entirely on us now.
No. 522090 ID: f29090
File 137313845050.png - (339.80KB , 700x600 , P82.png )

We will not give it a chance to fire again. We rush towards it at full speed, forcing ourselves into every opening in its shell. We use our remaining energy covering seemingly sensitive areas with our corrosive creation. Doing so renders us unable to sense the world around us.

"Compromised! Compromised! Stay back! Self destruct! Self--"

The machine no longer functions.
No. 522095 ID: dba375

Can we absorb the stuff we just created now that the machine is destroyed?
No. 522097 ID: bf54a8

watch it! it said self destruct, it may try to destroy itself to take you out.
No. 522098 ID: 9ddf68

ok now that we have dealt with that, absorb everything you can and go make sure Nokizanya is alright. Maybe see if we can't heal her if she needs it. where all of the feed animals destroyed or are there still some around for you to feed off of.
No. 522100 ID: 19b3c3

The machine sough to destroy itself as a last ditch defensive effort. Has this process been interrupted? Can you detect an energy buildup within it? If so, can you interrupt or disable this? If not, you may need to exit, and seek cover for Zanya. We do not know the size of the blast.

If there is no threat of an explosion, exit the machine, and reabsorb your broken shield creation before the energy is wasted. Examine the extend of Zanya's injuries. How bad is she? Does she need you to attempt to heal her? Do we have the energy to heal her?

Is there anything left in this room to absorb? Have we netted a profit of energy, or a loss?
No. 522131 ID: 9b57d3

Exit the machine quickly then check on Zanya. Ask if she is seriously wounded- oh wait you can check that manually too. If it's not serious, you can get her help cracking open the containment vessels here in a less destructive way, so you can gain the energy necessary to maybe help her heal, if she needs the help. Then we can go break out Nishalm.

Something that holds wounds together would work for the first aid. Or we could just patch damaged tissue directly I suppose. Or whatever she wants, maybe she'd rather use a first aid kit from somewhere around here.
No. 522178 ID: 2baea8

Reabsorb your creations and heal Zanya.
No. 522250 ID: 32868f

you should move away, it's planning to explode itself.
No. 522311 ID: c23ab0

Wait, do you enjoy being exploded?
No. 523698 ID: f29090
File 137355076865.png - (582.20KB , 700x600 , P83.png )

>watch it! it said self destruct, it may try to destroy itself to take you out.
We feel a large concentration of energy surrounding a collection of chemicals, and use our creation to bring an end to it.

>Wait, do you enjoy being exploded?
We are not harmed by most explosions, but they can disorient us, and certain types of explosions may cost us some energy. We've heard of Creators who find pleasure in the experience, but we do not enjoy losing the clarity of our thoughts even briefly.

We are doubtful that this machine's self-destruct would do any credible harm even in our weakened state. However, Nokizanya does not share our immunity.

>Can we absorb the stuff we just created now that the machine is destroyed?
We absorb what we can, but we do not regain much energy. Nokizanya falls to the floor. Two of her limbs are crushed, but her primary organs are undamaged.
No. 523699 ID: f29090
File 137355081402.png - (626.13KB , 700x600 , P84.png )

>See if the room has anything to absorb
There is still plenty of created life for us to absorb, but it is all contained. We would either need Nokizanya's aid to access the containers, or to use more energy to force them open.

>Heal Nokizanya
"Nokizanya, we can restore your damaged limbs, but we will require more energy. You must open the containers for us."

She does not respond. Her eyes stare forward, seemingly unfocused. We are unsure if our words reach her.

Our options are limited. If we create the matter required to open all of the containers, our gains will be lessened, and healing Nokizanya would leave us with less energy than we had before entering-- if we even gain enough to heal her.

However, we could easily gain more than enough energy to heal her by consuming one of the creations that lies sleeping in the hallway.
No. 523733 ID: 7dbd6b

If you do take one of the Creations outside, take one from an area you haven't already been. Nokizanya's a smart girl, she'd notice that one of the ones you looked at before are missing.

Since we aren't going to win those guys over anyway, I'd say you could charge about the ship while she's unconscious and take one creation from each room you haven't been to yet; more plausible that there's just one less in there than every room from here on is just empty.

Just make sure you don't use sudden knowledge of the area; you've NEVER BEEN THERE, so you wouldn't know the way around.
No. 523734 ID: 23b97a

>Heal her
How would that work? Would we be spending energy to stimulate and hasten her body's natural recovery? Her damage is far less extreme than Nishalm's. Creating new parts and making her a hybrid doesn't seem like it would work the same way.

>She does not respond.
She is likely stunned, or in some kind of shock.

The way I see it, our options are to either partially heal her- enough to open the containers and allow you to finish, or create something small, obedient and nimble to climb around pushing buttons and opening things. The first option seems less reliable to me- I would go for the second.

Yes, you are bottle necked by not consuming the crew. But we were already operating under that constraint. If you consume one or more, their death or absence will eventually be noticed, and you gave your word to Zanya. If you desire her assistance, you will have to keep that promise. Trying to secretly consume crew members and cover it up or lie will likely fail, spectacularly.

...you might be able to run around and non-fatally siphon a small amount of energy from several crew-members, though.
No. 523735 ID: f5680f

I think she's gone into shock. She can't help us in her current state. Also, she has no way of moving without both legs, to open containers for us. Do you have any way of dulling her pain? Or at least knocking her out for now, in a way that lets us wake her up quickly?

I think you'd better open the containers yourself. Just use the metal-eating microbe again to eat tiny holes in them. We should have enough energy for that. Spread them around to make multiple holes at once, so we can get the energy as fast as possible.
No. 523736 ID: f5680f

Well we could like, take their legs or arms? It's been shown that they can make artificial limbs, so it wouldn't be a big deal in the long run.
No. 523737 ID: 23b97a

Hmm. The metal eaters making small holes for us might be more energy efficient than something that would manipulate buttons / doors.

...I was thinking more like we did to the first one. Something that could theoretically reverse itself with time.

The problem with quadruple amputating the crew on the assumption we could heal the missing limbs later is we'd need to get the energy to do that later! And right now, the crew is our biggest available source of energy.

Our big problem now is finding a solution that nets us the energy we need, without upsetting the natural creatures we want help from.
No. 523738 ID: 9ddf68

unless they bleed out

I say just spray a little bit of that acid stuff we made on a container, let it eat through, and absorb whatever is inside (go for the biggest one first) and then we can heal Nokizanya and have her open the rest of the containers.
No. 523739 ID: bf54a8

stabilize her so she doesn't bleed out.
No. 523740 ID: 522afb

Damn. No eating her shipmates! I doubt that would be viewed favourably. For now, just do what you can to stabilize her.
No. 523761 ID: 2baea8

Absorb some of the, reabsorb the acid creations, and stabilize her from bleeding out. Her survival takes first priority, and we can do a complete restoration once we are able.
No. 523762 ID: 2baea8

*some of the supplies here
No. 523937 ID: 1dd194

I like this, let's make something to do it for us. The corrosive creation took a while to eat through the door and only worked quickly on the robot because we put a lot of them on all its sensitive equipment. Either we'll use too much energy opening the containers if we make enough to eat through the metal quickly, or we risk Zanya bleeding out if we make just a few and wait.

So let's make something small that we can use to open the containers. Since we can't control life forms after we create them, it's got to do what we want it to do without any influence from us.

How do the containers open? If it's a simple button release, create something small but dense that you can position directly in front of the button with the instinct to ram itself straight into whatever it's facing. Pick the container that looks like it'll get you the biggest energy gains. Hopefully it'll ram into the button with enough force to open the container, then we can reabsorb it, absorb whatever was in the container, and heal Zanya so she can open the rest.

If it's not a button release, do the thing where you pick a crew member who's out of the way somewhere and consume them for the energy to heal her.
No. 523939 ID: f5680f

Err... well, if we're gonna force them open quickly, I have an idea too. Basically just create something that expands, and it can pop open the hinges. Or any other seam.
No. 523940 ID: f0357f

Creator, healing is unnecessary for now, you need to lightly touch Nokinzanya's mind with your power to enervate her to consciousness.
No. 524363 ID: bc8d67

How are you going to go about restoring Nokizanya's limbs? Because the only way available to you to deal with such seriously crushed limbs that I can think of would be to replace them with mimetic symbiotic creations, similar to what you did for Nishalm. And if that's the case, then you may as well absorb the crushed limbs right now, before they lose any more life. You'd have to get them off anyway to put the new ones on, and this way you'll at least reap as much energy as possible out of them.

Once the crushed limbs are off create biological caps over the stumps. Make it so that the muscle fiber ends and bone are fused to it, blood circulates through it from arteries to veins, and nerve endings are properly terminated so she doesn't feel pain from them. Also make it draw materials from her blood to generate pain deadening compounds and anything else you can think of that'd get her awake and moving quicker.

Zip out to absorb the least vital parts (extra fat and suchlike) from all the creations in the halls you can reach, then come back. In fact, step it up slightly by consuming parts such as middle toes, the ends of tails and similar that would barely impede mobility and bodily function if they were gone. You're super-fast, so it'll take nearly no time to do it all. Though make sure to peek around corners before advancing past them, just in case there are robots like the one that was in here roaming the halls.

Once you get Nokizanya's senses back, with only one working arm and leg she could get to and open the containers that are on the lower shelves, and perhaps reach and operate the controls on that tank in the back. However, if you can get enough energy to restore her arm, that'll be enough limbs for her to pull herself up on her good leg and reach the higher shelves, as well as open containers that can't be opened one-handed. So aim to get enough energy to do that before resorting to creations such as the acid one that'll nearly consume themselves to break into the containers.

And if you have to resort to making creations to break into the containers, try to use ones that don't consume themselves, so you can absorb them afterwards. Ones that create expanding foam under latches or in the seams between the glass and the body of the containers would work well. Oh, and if you do use acidic creations, place them in the lower seam of the container windows, since that's commonly the weakest point in them.
No. 524416 ID: f29090
File 137381331926.png - (633.23KB , 700x600 , P85.png )

Rather than have our creations restore entire limbs, they would consume her damaged tissue and grow into undamaged tissue. It is much less extreme than Nishalm, but she would still be a product of natural life and created life. She would simply have a much smaller ratio of created matter vs natural matter.

Explaining this process is lengthy and perhaps too complicated. In our efforts to understand Nokizanya's unique mind, we shall refer to it as 'healing'. We believe this is what she will end up calling it.

We do not believe we have enough energy to 'healing' her out of her current state.

>Well we could like, take their legs or arms?
The energy gains would not be large-- the majority of energy comes from their complicated minds and organs, but we believe we can gain enough to salvage this situation.

>Damn. No eating her shipmates!
We are conflicted, and we are not sure why. Would absorbing the crew truly impact Nokizanya so? She does not know them well, and we can offer so much more than whatever meager supplies they promised her.

Attempting to directly manipulate her mind could do permanent damage.

A simple instruction of "move forward" should be within our capabilities. We scan around for the largest source of energy. Something stirs.

This creature is sizable. Larger still than what Nishalm dubbed 'the big one'. Unfortunately, no care was taken in keeping this creature healthy and its life is near its end. Nonetheless, this is the largest source of energy in the room, hopefully enough to restore basic functionality to Nokizanya.

...There are no buttons.
No. 524417 ID: f29090
File 137381336946.gif - (1.63MB , 700x600 , P86.gif )

>Create something that expands, and it can pop open the hinges
We are successful, but our creation runs out of energy in an instant. We cannot reabsorb it, but it should not matter.

The beastly creature falls from its containment. We end its suffering.

We gain more energy than anticipated.
No. 524418 ID: f29090
File 137381340098.png - (638.26KB , 700x600 , P87.png )

We apply 'healing' to Nokizanya, but we are not able to fully restore her. She continues to be unresponsive.



"Nokizanya. Respond to us."

Slowly, finally, her eyes regain focus and turn to us. "The row-but cheated."

"Yes, it did."

"I hurt a lot."

"We know. If you can summon the strength to open the rest of the containers, we can restore more of your tissue."

With Nokizanya's help, we absorb every creation in the room. Her damaged limbs are restored, and we come out slightly ahead in energy compared to before. We find ourselves surprised at how little damage she's taken, considering...

"We are curious. You were unharmed by the machine's initial blast, despite standing in front of the door. Why is this?"

"Oh, I wasn't standing in front of the door. I got distracted."

"The ship sleeps. What could have distracted you?"

"I thought I saw something move. I started to go look, but then the door exploded."

No. 524420 ID: bf54a8

hmm, movement on a ship full of sleepers, interesting, anyone, we should get nishalm now.
No. 524422 ID: c95833

Well, we can look around nearby to see if anything is moving. If it hid itself from her, we may not have much luck, though.

And we should probably recover Nishlam soon.

>heal by a creation that consumes and replaces damaged tissue
Well, there. You've figured out how to consume natural life forms. Seed a small creation that slowly begins to consume and replace the natural tissue until you've got something that's mostly created and can be consumed for a net profit in energy.

Not that this is something you'd want to do. And you'd likely miss out on the energy from complicated minds and organs- it's unlikely those could be converted without killing the creature.
No. 524435 ID: f5680f

Let's go look around a little using your super-speed. Then let's go to Nishalm. Don't dally.
No. 524471 ID: 9ddf68

well as fun as this all was I think we should see how Nishlam is doing, after that lets see if we can't find a way off this ship.
No. 524821 ID: bc8d67

Now, what could still be moving out there? Most obvious choice is robots and other mechanicals, but there's other possibilities to keep in mind. It could be another Natural like Nokizanya and Nishalm, but only if you tailored the knockout bug to exclude all Naturals and not just those two. Or it might be a crew member that was wearing something that provided bio-isolation or protection the entire time it was in contact with the rest of the crew while the sleeping bug was propagating. Better ask Nokizanya if she knows of any other Naturals on the ship other than herself and Nishalm, and if she saw any members of the crew, other than Nishalm, that were always wearing a full-body sealed suit or armor.

Before leaving, ask Nokizanya to pick up one of the large metal chunks. If we encounter another force shield like the one this robot used, it'll be very useful in discharging it.

Next destination is wherever Nishalm is being held. Make sure to do super-quick peeks around every corner and doorway before passing them, just in case cheating ro-butts are around them. And skim energy from the crew members you pass en route.

How much energy would it take to form a helmet and torso armor around Nokizanya that is impact and crush proof? Because it'd be a good idea to protect the parts of her that you would not be able to "heal" or replace. What about a complete set of body armor? And given that polymers and plastics are based on organic compounds and chemistry, could you create and use those materials as well as chitin, bone, and suchlike in it? At least for the transparent parts? Also ask her what her color and style preferences are if and when you do create it; Perhaps something that matches her tribe's outfits, since she mentioned she didn't like leaving her outfit behind.

It is a relief that the crushing damage to Nokizanya's arm and knee was not so severe as to require replacing limbs. With the way the force of the impact left a wide dent in the metal wall, it could have easily shattered her bones and smashed her flesh well beyond what your "healing" Creations could restore. In future we will have to be more vigilant in protecting her, as we may not be so lucky again.
No. 525510 ID: f29090
File 137424998968.png - (661.35KB , 700x600 , P88.png )

>You've figured out how to consume natural life forms.
This marks the second time in recent history that we pondered this line of thought. It is a very dangerous thing to continue coming back to. To absorb natural life is to go against every value we hold as a Creator, even if it is possible to do so indirectly.

But it is irrelevant. As far as we are aware, Nokizanya and Nishalm are the only natural creatures on board.

>Now, what could still be moving out there?
It is possible some of the crew realized what was going on and protected themselves. It is also possible some of them are simply immune, due to the meager energy we were able to put into our bacterial creation.

There could also be more ro-- machines about.

>How much energy would it take to form a helmet and torso armor around Nokizanya that is impact and crush proof?
Such creations would not survive long unless we found ways for them to consume and grow, but it is theoretically possible. However, if this vessel has an armory, that would likely contain better protection than we can provide.

>Before leaving, ask Nokizanya to pick up one of the large metal chunks.
"Bring one of the large chunks of metal with you. If we are ensnared again, we may need you to repeat the actions that freed us."

"Even getting smushed?"

"Some of the actions that freed us."
No. 525511 ID: f29090
File 137425001585.png - (439.53KB , 700x600 , P89.png )

>Let's go look around a little using your super-speed. Then let's go to Nishalm. Don't dally.
We examine the entirety of what is open to us. We gain a greater understanding of the area we are in, but do not find any signs of movement.

Curious. One of the rooms is blocked to us by another forcefield. Could there be something they did not want us to access?
No. 525512 ID: f29090
File 137425003909.png - (558.58KB , 700x600 , P90.png )

We keep this room in mind and go with Nokizanya to the lift that would take us closer to Nishalm.

She presses a couple of buttons, and it is not long before the path inside is made open.

"Do you know which room Nishalm is in?"

"I think the doctor room. The only way up is this thingamajig that they said goes up and down between floors! It's like the coolest thing ever!"

"It is a simple lift."

"It's a flying room! A flying room!"

We decide to let Nokizanya enjoy her fantasy rather than inform her of the mundane reality. We could continue towards Nishalm, or we could continue to explore the area.
No. 525514 ID: c95833

>absorbing natural life would be wrong
Agreed. It was merely an intellectual exercise.

>It's a flying room! A flying room!
...if you think about it, this entire ship is a collection of flying rooms.

>Nishalm or explore
Nishalm. It has a greater understanding of this ship's technology we may need in order to navigate further obstacles and countermeasures.
No. 525526 ID: c23ab0

What's mundane about elevators? They're awesome! Tell her to try jumping when on the way down.
No. 525532 ID: 2baea8

Let's get Nishalm, yeah.

Given her size, that might break it or make it stall.
No. 525535 ID: a23afd

Upon reaching the next floor you could do some quick scouting using your speed to make sure there are no surprises, but ultimately we want to make our way to Nishalm.
No. 525541 ID: 9ddf68

... she's just adorable.

anyways lets check on Nishalm first then figure out what to do next.
No. 525595 ID: 01531c

>Such creations would not survive long unless we found ways for them to consume and grow, but it is theoretically possible.
The point is that the creation would use what energy it head to create a powerfully dense bone/chitin/exoskeleton/endoskeleton/etc, then die before it tries to eat the nearest organic matter, Nookizanya's body.

The protective matter would remain to fulfill the creation's purpose.
No. 526318 ID: f29090
File 137452373188.png - (231.85KB , 700x600 , P91.png )

We do not enjoy purposefully preventing our creations from consuming and growing, but these trying times have forced us to reconsider our stance on many things. We must conserve energy, but Nokizanya's demise would mean the end of our plan to make a truly unique Ultimate Creation.

Very well. If we can devise a proper design that would allow her to maintain mobility, we will make it so. We can make the armor stronger and lighter by using more energy.

However, we must stress that finding an armory would provide better protection and would not use up any of our energy.
No. 526319 ID: f29090
File 137452376141.png - (651.07KB , 700x600 , P92.png )

>To Nishalm
We ride the lift. Nokizanya seems to be enjoying herself.
No. 526320 ID: f29090
File 137452381042.png - (646.55KB , 700x600 , P93.png )



Perhaps too much so.

>What's mundane about elevators? They're awesome! Tell her to try jumping when on the way down.
"If we head back down, perhaps you would enjoy-- no, we must remain focused. Which room is Nishalm held in?"

"I think it's that one," she says while pointing.
No. 526321 ID: f29090
File 137452389088.png - (537.57KB , 700x600 , P94.png )

>Upon reaching the next floor you could do some quick scouting using your speed to make sure there are no surprises, but ultimately we want to make our way to Nishalm.
We are prevented from moving very far by sealed doors, there are no obvious threats in the vicinity. There are no sleeping bodies, either. The hallway is strangely empty.

"This one won't open either."

"Stand back. We shall use our creation to break the seal once again."
No. 526323 ID: f29090
File 137452392370.png - (369.77KB , 700x600 , P95.png )


"It would seem the power has been cut off."

"But I hate the dark!"

"Then stay near us. We are casting light."

"But if you go in the room it'll be dark again!"

"It would only be until we get Nishalm to open the door."

"What if Nishalm's asleep! They might be a super heavy sleeper! Just eat more door so I can go in too!"

Doing so would require more energy or more time, and we feel we should conserve both.
No. 526327 ID: a23afd

I don't think the virus spread through the ENTIRE ship. There are still forces working against us that were isolated from the sleeping sickness.

I see another solution to the light problem. Just make the metal-eating fungus emit light.
No. 526328 ID: 9ddf68

well if the power is off then couldn't you just have Nokizanya pry the doors open if you could just give her somewhere to grip? I mean with no power unless the thing is locked it shouldn't have anything keeping it closed right?

Also I don't like spending more energy then we have to at this time since we're weak as hell so once we find Nishalm lets see if we can't find the armory to not only get our more organic friends some armor but something to defend themselves with as well.
No. 526329 ID: 735f4f

I know you are all about efficiency but it could be dangerous in this hallway alone in the dark.

Also we might need her help getting him out of the room if he cant get the doors open from inside.

If it would cost less energy you could leave a small glowing creature with her. Maybe a bio luminescent flower or something.
No. 526330 ID: c95833

Agreed. Creating armor is possible, but nowhere near ideal.

This seems the best course of action. Making the metal eater luminescent would only make it a little less efficient. Advise her that she can also watch through the opening, and that should she call out, you will return as quickly as possible.

...and yes, this latest development means either there are things awake working against us, or that an accident has befallen the ship while the crew sleeps.
No. 526395 ID: dba375

You're going to have to open the door to get Nishalm out anyway, aren't you? You might as well do it now.
No. 530218 ID: bc8d67

Since you didn't feel any shocks or hear anything that'd indicate the ship was damaged, it'd be best to assume until shown otherwise that the power going out here is an act of a crew member who evaded infection remote controlling the ship's systems. Such control would be most likely from Engineering or the Bridge, and considering there was a force field blocking the door to Engineering there's a good chance at least one of the active crew is in there. We'll just have to hope it's not an engineer, since one of them would know many ways to turn the ship against us.

In hindsight you probably should have set the activation timer on the sleeping sickness to 24 instead of 12 hours; That would have given enough time for at least one shift change and the crew to mingle much more. Ah, well, far too late to do anything about now.

Turning to the task at hand, it'd be best to permanently open this door right now. Even if it's powered right now there's a high likelihood that whoever cut the power out here will cut power to the door before the open button on the inside can be pressed. And if it's not powered, then it'll have to be forced open anyway to get Nishalm out. However we can go about getting this door open in a smarter, more efficient manner than merely melting a circle big enough for Nokizanya to fit through in it.

Thinking on this you only need to deal with the locking and actuator mechanisms to open the door, and then only enough to get one half of the door loose so Nokizanya can shove that side out of the way. So use acid creations to burn a hole just big enough to squeeze through in the wall over the pocket where the door retracts to. Squeeze in there and get a look at the mechanisms, moving through the space in the wall to look at the top and bottom of the door as well. Once you've found all the mechanisms it'll be simply a matter of precise application of acid and expanding foam creations to them to sever the door from its actuating machinery and push any locking bolts out.

Oh, and make sure that when the door is opened that neither you nor Nokizanya are standing in front of it, just in case there's something nasty on the other side. In fact, it'd probably be for her best if you told her to avoid opening any doors while standing in front of them from now on until she gets off this ship.

Yes, it would be best to get Nokizanya armor from the armory rather than creating it. Though, if you do have to create some for her it doesn't have to be a creation doomed to die. A symbiotic "second skin" armor creation may work here, though she's likely object to having to strip her clothes off and having all her fur consumed by you so it could bond right... And the fact it'd need to connect into her bloodstream to draw nourishment from her, which means the initial bonding would be... traumatic. So we'll keep this option down the list, for now.
No. 532068 ID: f29090
File 137582375434.png - (425.42KB , 700x600 , P96.png )

"We do not 'eat' the... nevermind. With the power down, perhaps you can use your strength to pry the way open."

"But there's nothing to grab," Nokizanya protests.

"We shall create a hole for you to... hmm."

The door is air-sealed, but there is indeed nothing preventing us from making way to damage its locking mechanisms. We do not doubt Nokizanya's strength, but we see no reason to risk extra energy giving her a handle to a door she might be unable to open.

"We will enter the door's inner workings, and make it slide open more easily."

"But the dark--!"

>Just make the metal-eating fungus emit light.
"We shall make our creation glow, so you are never without light."
No. 532070 ID: f29090
File 137582382710.png - (495.22KB , 700x600 , P97.png )

We examine the mechanisms powering this device and place our creation at its weakest points.

>Skin-armor, via removing clothes and absorbing fur
We have never attempted such a thing, so we cannot speak for the validity of the idea. However, we would be unable to consume her fur, as it is still natural life.

We do not know where that would even lie in our Taboo.

>Creating armor is less than ideal
We shall guide Nokizanya, and soon Nishalm, toward the armory. We had hoped there would be no crew left awake, but we cannot ignore the evidence to the contrary. It is imperative to ensure that Nishalm and Nokizanya are properly protected.

Our creation finishes weakening the door's internal structures and Nokizanya is able to open it with ease.
No. 532071 ID: f29090
File 137582386178.png - (450.51KB , 700x600 , P98.png )

We see Nishalm. It does not seem pleased to see us.

"I should have known. You sought to kill the crew this whole time, didn't you? You almost got me, but I'm too tough to die."

"We have not sought the end of anyone. The crew merely sleeps."


"It's true!" Nokizanya says as she steps forward. "It could have eaten like ten people by now, but it hasn't!"

"How do I know you're not a fake Nokizanya, another of its creations?"

"Because I'm me!"

"Uh huh."
No. 532073 ID: cf49fc

"How do we know you are not a fake Nishalm, planted to trick us?"
No. 532076 ID: bf54a8

tell nokizanya to free nishalm and they can examine the two near them and confirm they are indeed asleep. it is part of our plan to free them, we made the plan when the crew started freaking out about nish being healed.
No. 532078 ID: 9ddf68

are there any nearby bodies that we can show him to prove we just knocked him out?

As for things to say
We made a creation that merely knocked the crew out, why we chose to knock out the crew instead of killing them because, well we have lots of reasons. From the beginning of our capture we sought to escape and knew no matter how we achieved that more would come for us, we figured by sparing the crew they wouldn't be as... zealous about our recapture and to serve as a warning, we had you in the palm of our 'hand' and we chose to let you go, please leave us alone unless we want to see if we will do it again. We have also promised Nokizanya we would not hurt the crew (I think, I can't remember if we promised her or if we just came to that agreement between ourselves). We came to find you to make sure you where not harmed because when you where knocked out some of your more panicky crew members felt the only way to [i]save[/] both you and Nokizanya was to end your lives. I intervened and then things seemed to generally work out but I still had no real guarantee either you or Nokizanya until just recently.

feel free to add/cut out whatever you want to it
No. 532080 ID: 2baea8

"We do not have nearly enough energy at present to create a duplicate of Nokizanya. Feel free to question her on a topic only the two of you would know, and to examine the crew once you are released."
No. 532082 ID: a23afd

State plainly that you specifically protected Nishalm from the sleeping disease, because the replacement parts going to sleep would have killed them. Similarly, if we wanted to kill Nishalm, we could quite easily do so right now, by taking away what we have given them. But we will not. We will release Nishalm, to allow them to verify with their own senses that the crew are alive. Also, what happened to Nishalm? Didn't they just try to protect us back there, alongside Zirkala? Why the sudden paranoia?

Also, correct their mistake- we cannot affect the minds of creations, so even if we made a fake Zirkala, she would be independent.

Afterwards, I think it is time we discussed what we plan to do next. Confess to Zirkala your wish to create a perfect world with her guidance, that her people can stay on. State quite plainly that it will require much death to create. Many creations must be consumed. The crew of this ship would contribute a lot, but it is up to her.
No. 532083 ID: dba375

We should find one that's snoring. Failing that, just tell Nishalm that it would have been a really weird plan to kill all the crew AND make a disguised slave. Who would we need a disguise from? Even if there were survivors the crew were already willing to attack and imprison anyone so much as standing around us. If we just wanted a helper creation we could pretty easily have made something more effective than a fake Nokizanya. Something made of acid and spikes.
No. 532090 ID: 41690e

A creation with Nokizanya's appearance is beyond what we could create from nothing with our current energy reserves. And even if this were a duplicate, there has not been nearly enough time for her to learn everything the real Zanya should know. Feel free to question her.

I will grant I cannot disprove your allegations. But were I inclined to replace life forms with cunning fakes to further my own ends, why did I not do so with you?

I apologize if the sleeping sickness seems like a betrayal. I released it before I had any hope of coming to terms. ...not that I had great hopes after I saw how you were received.
No. 532569 ID: f0357f

>"You almost got me, but I'm too tough to die."

"I am responsible for your wakefulness. I intended on rescuing you once the sleep agent took affect. Nokizanya will release your bindings as soon as you accept my assistance."

"Nokizanya, perhaps you can recall something you did with Nishalm before you met me? It would prove to Nishalm you are genuine."

I also think that Nokizanya should grab one of the sleeping guys and let Nishalm feel their pulse before releasing her.
No. 532743 ID: f29090
File 137601031921.png - (604.78KB , 700x600 , P99.png )

"Perhaps it is you who are the fake, planted to deceive us."

"Um, you're the only one on this ship who can make people, remember?"

"We make people all the time!" Nokizanya says.

"You're the only one who can make people quickly."

"We lack the energy to create a being as complex as Nokizanya."

"Except you'd totally have the energy after eating the crew."

"...Perhaps. But we would not have time to educate a clone in everything Nokizanya knows."

"Nah, it wouldn't take that long."

"Then ask Nokizanya something only the two of you would know," we suggest.

"Oh, good idea. Zanny, what were you wearing when we picked you up?"

"My normal clothes?"

"No, there's one specific thing that stood out. You showed it to me."

"I showed you lots of stuff!"

"Ngn-- the thing around your neck!"

She looks at Nishalm quizzically.

"Perhaps Nishalm wants you to tell it about the necklace you wore," we offer.

"Oh! Yeah! The necklace my mom gave me! The creator didn't know about that, so there you go!"

Nishalm stares at Nokizanya, then at us. "Okay, you win. No clone could possibly be that... Zanny. But that doesn't mean you haven't hypnotized her or something!"

"We made you immune to our creation so your life would not be in danger. You live right now because of us. We have given you a new body, broken our own taboos to undo the wrongs of another Creator, and we stand before you now, knowing that consuming you is within our power, but we do not. If that is not proof enough, then we are unsure of what more you require."

Nishalm's expression softens. "Ah, yeah. Sorry. Years of propaganda makes it easy to forget that--"

"Enough of this!" Nokizanya exclaims suddenly.
No. 532744 ID: f29090
File 137601037566.png - (591.55KB , 700x600 , P100.png )

She lurches foward, rips apart Nisalm's containment, and lifts Nishalm up.

"Whoa! Hey! I was about to--"

She brings Nishalm down near one of the sleeping creations, forcing its hand in front of their face.

"Feel that?" She asks.


"It's breathing."


"That means it's alive.


"So you see? Creator isn't lying! Do you believe us now?"


"Okay then!" She sets Nishalm on its feet. "Now tell me your gender!"


Nokizanya stomps her foot. Though we seemed to make progress with Nishalm in the end, we praise our judgment in allowing Nokizanya into this room, for if we failed to convince Nishalm of our attempts, she would have dragged it along kicking and screaming until it believed us.
No. 532746 ID: f29090
File 137601042465.png - (589.93KB , 700x600 , P101.png )

Nishalm brushes itself off, then looks at us. "Creator, or whatever your name is, you have to understand. I've spent years listening to horror stories of your kind, and I've seen that same horror first hand. You fixing me doesn't remove years of pain and sadness. It doesn't just go away after one good deed."

"We do not presume to understand what you have suffered, we merely--"

"I know. I made the wrong judgment and acted like an asshole, even after you tried to help. But what's done is done. Now, what exactly is going on? What's your plan?"

"We have put the crew to sleep. We hope to escape, and find a safer place to consume and create."

"So you're not eating the crew so you can run off and eat other people?"

Nokizanya perks up. "Maybe it wants to eat animals instead!"

"Okay. But assuming the ship's still moving on autopilot, we're now pretty deep in their territory. There's no way you're getting an escape pod to neutral space without someone poking at you. How exactly do you expect to handle that? Nevermind the pods require the Captain, who is probably asleep as well."
No. 532750 ID: a23afd

We could hold the entire ship's crew hostage to make them return us to neutral territory. Or just hold a few important people hostage. Oh, ask what the thing in his arm is.

Also, letting Zirkala think that you don't plan on eating people would be far too deceptive, I believe. You need to tell her the truth. That said, it is possible for us to be selective with who we eat. Criminals, people who are going to die soon anyway, that sort of thing.
No. 532751 ID: 735f4f

Tell him you do not need a escape pod because you can live in space fine and move faster than any ship. But you can only do that for yourself and you can not interact with this ship that well.

So let him take the lead and help out where needed.
No. 532752 ID: 41690e

>you're not consuming the crew?
...the lives of the crew are not important to me. Not directly. However, the two of you do not wish to see them harmed, and so far, I have sought to respect that.

This restraint does make procurement of enough energy for creation difficult.

>not eating the crew so you can run off and eat other people?
The aim of our consumption is never to fuel more consumption. It is to empower ourselves for creation.

>the ship
We do not know the status of the vessel, except that power seems to have been interrupted. Meaning either something has gone wrong somewhere, or someone or something on board is still active.

We probably need more information on that. What's going on board the ship, and what our location is. That will allow us to react and plan accordingly.

>escape pods require the captain
...that doesn't seem very conducive to escape in an emergency. Although they finally got a containment measure right, at least.
No. 532761 ID: dba375

I think we ate all the food here that isn't also people so we probably can't do something too fancy like make our own escape pod. Can we actually hypnotize people? If not we might be able to make a fake emergency to get them to trigger the escape pods. Or possibly recruit more people to be friends with who are good at hacking. We definitely need something big enough to take these two with us, because I don't think leaving them here would end well.

Also ask Nishalm where they got those underwear in between getting captured and now and why they're wearing them if there's nothing under there and they look so much sillier running around in nothing but underwear. We should at least try to steal some pants in Nishalm's size or something from one of the sleeping crew.
No. 532762 ID: cf49fc

Why would the escape pods be designed so that they need a Captain's ID to be used? I take it the designers felt having the entire crew die because the captain got sucked out through a hull breach was better than having Gunner 2nd class Jeff desert over Space Tahiti?

Oh well. Plan A) Wreck the engines, wreck the comm systems, steal the Captain's ID, hop in a pod and fuck off to space.
No. 532763 ID: 41690e

I would think we'd be better off hijacking the ship than wrecking it. It appears to already be damaged, or at least in lock-down, anyways.

...and destroying vital systems isn't particularly conducive to keeping the crew alive.
No. 532776 ID: 9ddf68

what do you mean requires the Captain? As in he has a special key or something that lets us activate them, a special password needed to activate them, some kind of scan like his hand or eye, just what exactly do we need him for?

Oh and if we are planing now what we are and are not going to eat after we escape I suggest we go after pirates. There's a few reasons I think we should go for them
1) Pirates won't be as well armed as a military group so they are less of a threat
2) Since most pirates like to operate in areas that makes it hard to track them we'd probably be hard to track down as well and we could take them out and by the time anyone stumbles across what's left of them we'll be long gone
and 3) if we are making things safer whatever governments that are after us right now might step back for a bit and give us some breathing room for a time.
No. 532833 ID: f0357f

>Can we actually hypnotize people?
With some energy, a little time, and a little poking, we could easily Create a mind-altering organism.

The Creator could rip off Babylon 5, and create a semi-parasitic organism that latches into the brain-stem or spinal column so as to directly hijack the motor control of the victim's body!

>if we are planing now what we are and are not going to eat after we escape I suggest we go after pirates.
My counterpoints to your points:
1.) Pirates are more likely to throw everything they've got at you.
2.) Pirate ships are notoriously difficult to board.
3.) Politicians will use our actions for their own gain, and damn the impact on safety, e.g. "You never let a serious crisis go to waste."
No. 532841 ID: bf54a8

"i have not eaten anyone because Nokizanya wouldn't like that, and her opinion of me is important at this time.?
No. 533620 ID: d4f90a

> Zirkala

Do you mean Zanya?
No. 533667 ID: a23afd

Oh my god I've been calling her that for the past two updates.
No. 533723 ID: cf49fc

We are NOT copying the absolute WORST episode of Babylon 5.
No. 533752 ID: 76f779

Do you mean the one where franklin goes on walkabout and they have the spine-things that store memories?
Do you mean the martian one where the old guy has the shadow-thing on his shoulder and blows up in the transport tube?
No. 533899 ID: f29090
File 137634673837.png - (702.78KB , 700x600 , P102.png )


"Surely you thought ahead. Aren't you supposed to be powerful and wise when you're not killing people?" Nishalm asks.

We would risk much in telling the truth. We need Nokizanya's cooperation, else we lose our greatest chance at our Ultimate Creation.

We assume the escape pods are not normally locked down, but perhaps our capture is more important to them than their lives. If we consumed the crew but could not escape, another vessel would be able to ensure our recapture.

We find some amusement in their belief that a Creator filled with energy could be held by a ship like this.

>Can we actually hypnotize people?
>create a semi-parasitic organism that latches into the brain-stem or spinal column so as to directly hijack the motor control of the victim's body! 
Even if this is possible, we will not. We consume and create. We do not control.

"Regardless of how you see our natural actions, we have not consumed the crew because you two do not wish it. It has made things difficult for us. We do not seek only to consume. We consume so we can create. Creation is the reason the Master Creator saw fit to grant us existence."

"Okay. But you still have to kill people."

"We could be selective, only consuming those who have done wrong."

"That'd require the government to cooperate with you, and that's just not happening."
No. 533900 ID: f29090
File 137634680546.png - (705.38KB , 700x600 , P103.png )

"We will figure something out. For now, we must find out a way to get the Captain's passcode."

"Why do you need an escape pod, anyway? Don't you things live in space? Let's go to an airlock. You might be able to force one open with whatever the hell you did to the door just now."

"We require Nokizanya to escape with us."

"What the hell do you need her for? She's just a tribal girl!"

"Hey!" Nokizanya protests.

"Sorr-- no, seriously! What makes her so special?"
No. 533902 ID: f29090
File 137634705470.png - (720.17KB , 700x600 , P104.png )

"We... require her assistance. We believe she can help us create a world that is truly different from the makings of other Creators. We wish to form her ideas into our Ultimate Creation, our final act."

"Oh that's why you asked me that weird question earlier!"

"Well," Nishalm says, "why don't you ask her now? If you get some basic ideas from her, it'd make it so you could still make this world of yours if you end up becoming separated. I mean, if we don't get the captain's code, your best option is to burn a hole through the ship and try to avoid any scouts between here and wherever you intend to go."

"I did think about the question, and I have some ideas! Want me to tell you?"

We should not waste time, but there is truth in Nishalm's words. Should we be forced to escape via airlock or through the ship's hull itself, we could still see our Ultimate Creation come to form if we knew what sort of world she would wish for. However, we are not certain how long the crew will remain incapacitated, and gaining every detail about her world would take quite some time.

If we do seek to question her, we should use our time wisely and choose our questions carefully.
No. 533915 ID: 9ddf68

eh lets try to get that password first and we can talk as we walk/float toward wherever the captain is.
No. 533917 ID: 41690e

...what did Nishlam do to its arm?

>still need to eat people
Unless we can locate another source of energy sufficient to our needs. It's true that living, thinking creations are the easiest and greatest source of energy... but surely there are other ways to net a profit.

>You can escape into vacuum
What would become of the two of them, in that case? You were not well treated before, showing sympathy for me. I would not wish to leave you to imprisonment or death for aiding my escape.

>What do
I'm still concerned about the fact that power has cut out on the ship. Is that a planned security measure, or has something gone wrong with the crew incapacitated? Sparing them will have little meaning if this vessel is in any danger.
No. 533932 ID: 2baea8

Agreed. Inquire whether Nishalm knows of security procedures involving power being cut. Also mention you saw movement, so another mechanical guardian or a crew member possessing immunity to the sickness may be active. They might have utilized a gas mask or space suit, for example.
No. 533953 ID: 76f779

"Your well being is important to me, for you both first showed care towards my well being. Our fraternization has put your lives in danger. I am obligated to help you escape this current danger, regardless of my personal reasoning."
No. 534694 ID: f29090
File 137660887107.png - (608.29KB , 700x600 , P105.png )

"Let us discuss it as we move. We should use our time wisely."

>What did Nishalm do to its arm?
Nishalm was removing some manner of tubing from its arm. We do not know its purpose, but felt the need to repair the damage caused by its removal.

>Unless we can locate another source of energy sufficient to our needs. It's true that living, thinking creations are the easiest and greatest source of energy... but surely there are other ways to net a profit.
We do not know of a way, save consuming another Creator. It would require a world full of plant and animal life to give us the same energy as a small number of sapient beings. In our attempt to save life, we would destroy planets.

"Nishalm, do you know why this vessel is without power?" we ask.

"Hmm. My guess is someone tripped the breakers in engineering, or maybe you did something that surged the system."

"The crew sleeps, and we have done nothing to affect the ship's systems."

"Guess you missed one, then. Thankfully life support is on its own subsystem, so nobody's in any real danger unless we crash into something."

We could head directly for the Captain so that we may utilize the escape pods. Nishalm would be able to guide us there directly.

We could investigate the force-field shielded room one level below us. With the power down, the shield is likely inactive. However, the lift would be non-functional as well. Perhaps Nishalm knows an alternative?

There is also the matter of obtaining armor for Nokizanya, and now Nishalm. We believe we saw a room labeled 'ARM'. Perhaps it is the armory? We would also require a way down for this.

The crew will not sleep long enough for us to safely pursue all options. We would not mind having to fight our way out, but it would break our agreement with Nokizanya and Nishalm. We must prioritize our options.
No. 534705 ID: 196d1b

If we can get out of here before they wake up, we won't need armor. So let's look for a way to the shielded room. There might be something interesting in there.

Also, wait, you can consume other creators? You did mention one harming natural life. How many of your rules does that break?
No. 534711 ID: 96c896

I think we'd better get to the armory (and the forcefield-protected room) before any of the crew wake up. Going straight to the captain will likely result in us getting attacked by another robot, or the captain himself.
No. 534713 ID: 9ddf68

I say head strait for the caption as we are on a time limit, we can hit anything else we on the way off this ship.
No. 534723 ID: 2baea8

'ARM' first. My genre savvy is telling me the Captian is probably the one awake, and even if he's not we'll need to protect our friends from whoever is awake. After everyone is geared up, go straight to the Captain.

In regards to potential energy sources: are your kind capable of absorbing pure energy such as electricity or a nuclear reaction? And what kind of time limit is on your Ultimate Creation? Are you at the peak of your time and about to shrivel up and die?
No. 534727 ID: 96c896

Oh hey, I have an idea. Could we... shrink some of the crew? Modify them to be about half their normal height, and gain energy from the mass difference? An alternative is taking one or more of their limbs, so they can't fight us when they wake up.
No. 534731 ID: 2baea8

I don't think Nishalm would approve of making them cripples.
No. 534733 ID: cf49fc

We wouldn't be making them cripples, we'd be making them Hobbits. A fate worse than death.
No. 534736 ID: 41690e

We still haven't discussed what they want to do. Sure, we could escape into space on our own, but I dislike leaving them to the mercies of a crew that was unsympathetic before they helped us escape.

>mass planetary genocide to save a few sentient lives
...yeah, that may be a problem.

The creator has already said that the critical organs and the thing that makes a creature self aware are the biggest sources of energy. Since 'shrinking' something would leave these intact, we wouldn't get much. It has the same problem as the amputation plan.

>where go?
...if arm has tools and other equipment, that would make navigating the ship easier.
No. 534974 ID: 01531c

>It would require a world full of plant and animal life to give us the same energy as a small number of sapient beings.

You need to start up a Cult Of The Creator, which was suggested earlier.

This way, you can have worlds full of sentients, of which at least a few hundred per world will happily sacrifice them selves to you.

Besides your powers of cosmetic surgery and genetic reconstruction, plenty of epople would willingly choose oblivion versus whatever afterlife their kind expect for their sort of lifestyle, as they can justify it to themselves as literally becoming part of your ultimate Creation!
No. 535001 ID: 2baea8

Or just find an open-minded planet and submit a request to be made an option for prisoners on death row.
No. 535005 ID: 96c896

These are all such complicated plans. Maybe we should just get what we need from Zanya and Nishalm, restrain them somehow so they can't stop us, then eat the crew.
No. 536126 ID: 092337

Armory first. If there's creatures hiding there they're biding their time planning to attack you. If not, it's the best place to go to ensure they can't get access to better firepower. If they already have better firepower, it'll even the odds a little perhaps.

Suit up and ship out!
No. 536164 ID: f29090
File 137704844553.png - (417.88KB , 700x600 , P106.png )

>Also, wait, you can consume other creators? You did mention one harming natural life. How many of your rules does that break?
There is only one time a Creator may consume another: when it has broken a taboo, becoming nothing more than sin. This is what we were made to believe, but it has never been deemed necessary in our experience. If what we were told of this other Creator is true, it would be the first to undergo judgment.

However, even were it guilty, we would be unable to overpower it in our current state.

"We should waste no time. We shall head to the armory."

"Hey, hold on," Nishalm says. "I don't intend to go shooting up my fellow crew members."

"We do not intend you to be on the offensive, but we would prefer you to be protected should the others awaken and attack."

"It's you they'd be shooting at, but... whatever. Better than being in my underwear, I guess."

"What's an armory?" Nokizanya asks.

Nishalm shoots her a look. "It's where we keep our weapons and armor. Hence armory."

"Oh, okay. But wait! Why don't you put your weapons in a weaponry?"

Nishalm sighs, and wordlessly makes its way outside. We follow, helping ensure Nishalm is not in the dark.

"Hey, wait! You didn't answer my question! Don't leave me here!" Nokizanya shouts before rushing to our ranks.
No. 536165 ID: f29090
File 137704848022.png - (480.85KB , 700x600 , P107.png )

Nishalm halts and inspects the wall. "With the lift unpowered, we'll have to take the maintenance tunnel. Be careful, and try not to fall when we get to the ladder."

"We are not in danger of falling."

"I wasn't talking to you. Kilahm you things are so self-important."

"We are not."

"Oh? Then why not use 'I' instead of 'We'? You don't have to talk like some kind of ancient god."

"We are ancient, and some would consider us gods."

"That doesn't mean you are, though!"

"We are wasting time."

"Say 'I', dammit!"

"I are wasting time."

"That-- Whatever! It's open!" Nishalm steps back and gestures with its arms. "By all means, ancient gods first."

We believe it is taunting us.
No. 536166 ID: f29090
File 137704851074.png - (437.71KB , 700x600 , P108.png )

We exit the tunnel without issue, and head towards the armory. Nokizanya is silent for the first time since our imprisonment. We consider bringing up her world, but we cannot think of the questions to ask.

>You need to start up a Cult Of The Creator, which was suggested earlier.
Many Creators gain energy from creations sacrificing themselves for 'salvation'. The primary government, currently seeking to try us, does its best to stop such actions. We would have to be discreet, avoiding main space.

>Or just find an open-minded planet and submit a request to be made an option for prisoners on death row.
Hmm. Parlaying with a minor government could be possible. We will consider it upon our escape.

> Could we... shrink some of the crew? Modify them to be about half their normal height, and gain energy from the mass difference?
We would have to consume then recreate their bodies. We would gain little, as the majority of their energy is in their sapient minds.

>These are all such complicated plans. Maybe we should just get what we need from Zanya and Nishalm, restrain them somehow so they can't stop us, then eat the crew.

We reach the Ship Armory. The door is opened using the same method that got us into the medical room.
No. 536167 ID: f29090
File 137704853426.png - (373.21KB , 700x600 , P109.png )

"No! You're not supposed to come here yet! I'm not ready!"

It is the creature from before.

"Lkrorim what are you doing," Nishalm asks. "How are you even awake?"

"I... I have to stop it! It's gonna eat the crew! So... so stand back! Or I'll shoot you too! I'll do it!"

The weaponry wielded by this creature could do credible damage should it choose to fire. We will have to be cautious in our actions.

Hmm. Nishalm does not appear intimidated.
No. 536168 ID: ec0bf5

Tell Nishalm to go over there and calm them down. Maybe with a hug. If Nishalm won't do it then Zanya should hug them. Get someone between them and you to distract them until it stops being about to shoot us.
No. 536170 ID: 2baea8

I think it is also a natural lifeform, and the crew was simply unaware. All created life has registered in color, whereas natural life is colorless. Since our infection only affected created life, this one would be immune.

"We will not consume the crew. This would upset Nokizanya, who is to advise us on our Ultimate Creation. We request parley."
No. 536171 ID: 41690e

It seems a waste to break our word now, after going through so much trouble not to.

>Hmm. Nishalm does not appear intimidated.
It seems to know this creature. Perhaps you should allow Nishalm to parley with it?

Although you could point out you do not, in fact, currently plan on consuming the crew. You could also inquire as to how it escaped your sleeping sickness.
No. 536175 ID: 96c896

We have only restrained from breaking our word because of Zanya. All actions should have a purpose in the present or future, not the past.

Tell it if you were going to consume the crew you would have already done so. Also we could easily consume it.

Also, ask for questions to ask Zanya, well... are you going to be creating a government? Ask her how she would prefer to be treated by people in charge. How would the legal system work? What sort of people would she get along with best?
No. 536189 ID: 9ddf68

you could try and bluff it, saying such weapons aren't very effective against us. Also say we have no interest in devouring the crew.
No. 536813 ID: 761017

Go ahead and ask Nishall if this is normal for this guy to act like this.

Also ask if he is a natural.

In either case, someone needs to ask what his plan was.
No. 537699 ID: f29090
File 137752035932.png - (596.76KB , 700x600 , P110.png )

>It seems a waste to break our word now, after going through so much trouble not to.
We could consume the bodies we sense nearby, but acting now would only agitate this creature further, and we are in no condition to handle conflict.

>you could try and bluff it, saying such weapons aren't very effective against us. Also say we have no interest in devouring the crew.
"Those weapons would not harm us."

"You can't fool me! This is specifically an anti-demon weapon!"

"We also have no intention of consuming those on board this ship."

"Don't follow one lie with another!"

"We only lied the first time."

Nishalm does not seem pleased with our attempts at diplomacy. "Look, it's not going to eat you, all right?"

"It already knows we cannot consume it. This one was not created."

Nishalm seems surprised. "Wait, what?"

"Say another word a-and I'll shoot!" the creature shouts.

"Whoa, nobody's shooting anybody," Nishalm says.

We use a private tone, only manipulating the air near Nishalm. "Is it always like this?"

"He's usually timid," Nishalm mutters. "Strange..."

Nokizanya is silent.
No. 537700 ID: f29090
File 137752048092.png - (544.96KB , 700x600 , P111.png )

"We feel you should handle this. We recommend physical contact. It often calms creatures down."

"You want me to hug it?"

"Such proximity would allow you to disarm its weapon."

"Hmm. Worth a shot."

Nishalm steps forward. "Lkrorim, stand down. We're unarmed, and the 'demon' is just floating there. You've seen how fast they move. Would it really be sitting there if it meant any harm?"

"Yes! You know how tricky they are! It's waiting for me to slip up!"

Nishalm takes another step. "It doesn't need you to slip up. It's floating there because you're scaring it."

Creators are unable to be offended, or so we believed.

"I can't believe you're defending it! You know what they did to you!"

Another step. "This one is different."

No. 537701 ID: f29090
File 137752050925.png - (542.10KB , 700x600 , P112.png )

"Because of it, I can do this."
No. 537702 ID: f29090
File 137752066724.gif - (543.13KB , 700x600 , P113.gif )

"No! Get off!"

No. 537704 ID: f29090
File 137752071188.gif - (205.61KB , 700x600 , P114.gif )

We had not anticipated this.

"What the fuck, Lkrorim!"

"It- it wasn't fully charged. I wasn't ready. You weren't supposed to come here yet."

"Stop crying! Are you all right creator..."

we consume to create.

devour the crew

we create to survive.

or devour nishalm's gift

if we do not consume, if we do not create

there is no other choice

we die.
No. 537706 ID: bf54a8

the crew. you tried, but guess you will have to just wing it if noz doesn't want to stay with you anymore.
No. 537710 ID: dbe554

The crew, it cannot be helped anymore.
No. 537712 ID: 41690e

Nishalm's gift would be enough to sustain us? That's less than the energy in a complete created creature, since he still has a natural brain and certain key organs.

That means we don't need to consume a full member of the crew to survive. We can partially consume several, leaving them alive. Judging from this panel, >>537700 there are at least 3 in this room, and possibly more nearby.
No. 537713 ID: 21fc59

Wait, what? A slinkoquest where hugs didn't help? Blasphemy.

In all seriousness, however, I'm not sure which option is the least cruddy. If we take Nishalm's gift back, s/he's dead without a life-support suit. Eating the crew, however, likely makes Nervous McTriggerhappy freak out.
No. 537717 ID: ec0bf5

Oh god uh... How much do we need to eat to stabilize ourselves to where we can see and talk and move? And how much can we get without eating anyone's mind? At this point stealing energy from people is less "what won't they miss" and more "how much can we take without totally ruining their lives forever". So, like, legs, tails, organs people have two of and don't need both...

If we only absorb all of the unconscious crew's legs and tails, and spend a bit of that power to safely seal them off, will it be enough?
No. 537728 ID: 2baea8

No. 537729 ID: af8414

No. 537737 ID: 96c896

Eat the guy who shot you. To eat Nishalm's gift would be taboo, and he deserves it for acting without thinking.
No. 537742 ID: 2baea8

He's natural life, we can't.
No. 537744 ID: 12c19f

Crazy question... IS it possible to retain a creation's conscience?
No. 537766 ID: de9231

No. 537772 ID: 9ddf68

crew it is... god this is going to suck
No. 537773 ID: 736dab

If you don't like to heavily confused but innocent NPCs, this may be the last point to quit => death => end of quest.

Just to remember, we actually have that choice here^^

I don't really get the last update, though... two voices? Fragments of Nishalm speech? Or own thoughts?

Anyway, I stick to crew... They/We mentioned the mind is most of the power, but if Nishalm's body parts were enough, a couple of others are, too... Although we should considere fixing them later...
This may make Nishalm mad, but choosing Nishalm instead, even when fixing him later, would make him unstable, which I consider worse...
No. 537775 ID: 72da4b

Honestly, considering what happened to Nishalm, do you think it would be MORE forgiving if we consumed just enough to cripple the crewmembers while leaving them alive?

Fuck that. We need energy. We don't have time to be picky. Consume all three crewmembers wholesale. Don't touch the gifts we gave Nishalm or Nokizanya unless they turn on us and we can't talk them back down.

We should be safe from Lkrorim for now, it said the gun wasn't fully charged yet so that means it'll have to recharge for another shot. Once we have some energy back, could we create some kind of creeping vines that'll tangle it up and keep it nonlethally immobilized?
No. 537921 ID: 761017


He's created life!
He's all yellow and such!
Nishalm is the multicolored blur!
No. 537927 ID: 0b15e7

Take limbs, tails. Anything that won't kill the crew is fair game here.
Hopefully it will be enough to provide some idea of our current situation and better ability to discriminate consumption target.
No. 537932 ID: 12c19f

I think the point is we cannot make a concise decision. We're dying, trimming limbs and organs isn't in the agenda.

I say eat the crew, we've fucked up enough at this point and they want all of us dead or dissected.
No. 538203 ID: 65ddc7

>"He's usually timid,"

We have made a mistake. The disease we created affected him differently, did not make him sleep, made him rash and frantic. Absorb it.
No. 538209 ID: bf54a8

what? the crew is rainbow blur, nish is the yellow one, other guy can't be seen.
No. 538241 ID: da4ec6

There's also that second blur in the lower-right corner. No idea who that is.
No. 538245 ID: bf54a8

those are the created parts when we healed noz
No. 538248 ID: 2baea8

No, that's on the upper left.
No. 538249 ID: bf54a8

upper left is nish
No. 538274 ID: 2baea8

Oh, right. When I saw the 'noz' I assumed it was a typo and they meant Nishalm. I totally forgot we healed both of them at this point.
No. 538678 ID: f29090
File 137799583258.gif - (1.06MB , 700x600 , P115.gif )

We cannot.

>Consume its bacteria
Not enough.

>Consume all three crewmembers wholesale.
We will feed.

>But only their limbs
No. We need more.

she will hate you

We care not.

She does not understand.

We consume.

That is our way.

No. 538679 ID: f29090
File 137799593192.gif - (520.53KB , 700x600 , P116.gif )

We hover over the creations, given pause by thoughts unknown. Despite our desperation, they remain alive, albeit somewhat mutilated.

>Two voices? Fragments of Nishalm speech?
We are still weakened, but our fragmented, irrational thoughts have regained clarity.

>this may be the last point to quit => death...
We must survive. We must make our Ultimate Creation. Only then can we--

"Let me go! I have to stop it! It's eating the crew!"

"This is your fucking fault! Why the fuck did you shoot it!?"

"I have to stop it! They're going to die!"

"Their deaths are on your hands. Give me the fucking gun. I'll do it."

"Wait!" Nokizanya says. "It stopped!"

We feel everyone's gaze. Nokizanya steps closer.

"It's okay! I think they're still alive!"
No. 538680 ID: f29090
File 137799596187.png - (451.46KB , 700x600 , P117.png )

Nishalm rushes over. "Oh no. No, no. We gotta fix this."

"We do not have the energy to restore them."

Nishalm flicks its tongue. "Right. Okay. Let's go to where we kept your food."

"We... already consumed that."

"Shit. There's nothing else you can really eat on the ship. Fuck. We can't leave them like this." Nishalm paces back and forth.

"Can't we rebuild them?" Nokizanya asks. "Like they did with you?"

"No. I went through hell, and some of these guys can't even see. We... should just let Creator finish the job. Let them go peacefully."

"You can't! They can get rebuilt and live happily!"

"There's no joy in living as a... Look, you can't possibly understand what it's like. I got lucky. There's no way they're going to run into another one of these things that just happens to not want to eat everyone. Leaving them alive would be inhumane at this point. Maybe Creator can use the energy to get us out of here without any more casualties."

"It'll kill us all," the natural creature whines.

"Shut up."

Nokizanya looks at us. "You should only kill if you have to. We should just go and they'll be fixed by the science on the ship. It'll be okay."

Nishalm shakes its head. "I won't have it. If we can't restore their bodies, they deserve to go in their sleep. Maybe they'll be reborn as whatever Creator makes of them."

An easy choice, and yet we are given pause.
No. 538682 ID: de9231

Promise to honor their memory in the new world you make, but it's too late to save them.
No. 538685 ID: 2baea8

"We can attempt to rearrange which sections from which we take the energy in such a way as to leave them capable of living their lives. We understand devices exist to allow those without legs to function sufficiently. They would not lose their sight, voice, or touch, as you did."
No. 538687 ID: 196d1b

You can still live a full life without any limbs, especially if you can get effective robot parts stuck on. This wouldn't be anywhere near what Nishalm had to go through anyway; they wouldn't need to wear any kind of suit to stay alive. Unless Nishalm feels the same way about euthanizing people who survive industrial accidents or whatever, I think we should at least let them live knowing that there's one Creator who has mercy. Killing them wouldn't be our choice to make.
No. 538688 ID: 2baea8

At the very least, we should restore their eyes if we choose not to kill them.
No. 538689 ID: 1b8510

Look closer -- they're missing more than just limbs. Creepy, really.
No. 538691 ID: e983a7

We tried. We failed. Let us not allow for more to survive as broken shells with as much pain and hatred in their lives as Nishalm.

We are not in a position to question our actions. Nishalm understands. Nokizanya will in time. Nothing else matters. Consume the remainders, and commemorate them in the Ultimate Creation.
No. 538693 ID: dbe554

Yes but to some it might not be worth living, some of their eyes are gone and at the same time it'd be horrific just to let them continue on with such an existence. We've already seen one person like this and he only continued to live out of hate just to fight what harmed him.

Consume the creations.
No. 538694 ID: b32a14

...is there any way we could aid the creations with what we have available? Say, rework what energy they have left into a smaller, more stable, less gruesome configuration?

Say, reduce the overall size in exchange for material to restore eyes and limbs. Sacrifice redundancy in organs (like dual kidneys). Rebuild them into a younger or juvenile state, so they could gradually grow back to what they should be?
No. 538695 ID: 96c896

I think you should carefully explain to Zanya that you will have to kill many more people if you are to create your Ultimate Creation, and it is not likely you will be able to escape without killing anyone if you have no energy. Though, this armory can help. We could rely on the two of them to get you out.

Hang on... if that weapon managed to injure you, maybe its power source can be utilized as energy as well? Even if not, perhaps with enough research, Creations can find a way to create such a source of power.
No. 538698 ID: 735f4f

If you have no other way of obtaining energy than eating sentient life created by your own kind how did you species even survive to start?

There has to be other stuff you can draw sustenance from. If the only option is to eat tons of people wherever you go I think the likelihood of keeping these two as friends is low.

You have to figure out a way to change things. The route you are going down now will just lead to more of the same and you might never gain the insight to perfect your ultimate creation.

If children of your kind managed to advance far enough to control energies that can affect even you then they might have a lead on a alternative food source.
No. 538700 ID: 96c896

Well technically Nishalm was bereft of ALL limbs and had severe internal damage so thus had to live in a suit, so he couldn't touch anything ever and in fact had to depend on the prosthetics to survive. These guys won't need a suit, so they wouldn't lose their sense of touch completely, and could even remove their attachments to relax... Maybe Nishalm is overestimating the suffering they would go through. Replacing someone's eyes wouldn't be so bad depending on how good their cybernetic eyes are. That said, eyes are small. The Creator could say, take a tail away to rebuild someone else's eyes.

We do have options, and should make sure that Nishalm understands fully the crew's plight, and not compare it unfairly to his.
No. 538701 ID: b70283

If you wish to ensure that these three live long enough to acquire replacement limbs you should first see what you have removed. That you have removed the eyes of some is worrying.
If you can stabilise them with a minimal loss of energy do so. If you can't be sure to tell your companions.
They may have to accept the sacrifice of one of the created to allow the others a better chance at survival.
No. 538709 ID: 72da4b

Eyes might be small, but they're a pretty complex system. It would probably take more energy than you might think to restore their eyes.
No. 538739 ID: c23ab0

Do they even have brains left? The complexity we extracted from them is rather severe. I don't think there's much that *can* be done, aside create new creatures.
No. 538744 ID: 9ddf68

ah the old euthanization question of is it more humane to kill them or let them live.

If possible I say shrink them to a point where they can have all there organs back and maybe just make them kids again if it wouldn't take any energy (I mean you're just taking what they have left and shrinking it down). But failing that... Well to answer why you're hesitating here, it's because you're starting to grow morals other then natural are off limits and creations are tasty so I don't really think there is a right or wrong answer here. Just what you think is best.
No. 538746 ID: 96c896

Re: Shrinking
>We would have to consume then recreate their bodies. We would gain little, as the majority of their energy is in their sapient minds.
No. 538747 ID: 2baea8

I'm still reading 'gain little' as 'gain something'.
No. 538748 ID: 96c896

Well there's also the question of whether the Creator has to consume their entire body, killing them, then remaking them with the same brain... will they really be the same person? Or a clone? Will they even have the same memories?
No. 538749 ID: 2baea8

If none of the brain is consumed, yes. Just in different bodies.
There is, however, the problem of a brain being too large for the resulting body, so the idea might be invalid anyways.
No. 538776 ID: 761017

All this talk of consuming complexity makes me wonder if a Creator's true power is to consume and re-appropriate universal CPU cycles.
No. 538794 ID: 65ddc7

Tell them to leave the room, take the natural one outside as well. I would suggest take him to medbay, but I think the bacteria mutated and we must examine him.

We do not want Nokizanya to see this.
No. 538795 ID: dbe554

If only we could wring that guys neck. If he hadn't interfered, we wouldn't have had to do any of this! HIS ACTION CAUSED DEATH TO HAPPEN.
No. 538810 ID: e983a7

No. 538815 ID: dbe554

Hehe, thought I'd be dramatic no?
No. 538818 ID: c23ab0


Perhaps we could flail our intangible tentacles at him uselessly in rage for a while?
No. 538872 ID: dba375

There has to be a better way than killing them. If you remember, the only way we've managed to get these people on our side is by convincing them we're different than other creators. We were about to get shot if we hadn't stopped from killing them a moment ago. You say that your kind is being hunted to extinction? It's probably because you go around trying to kill people! What is Nokizanya going to think about this?

Plus I don't really trust Nishalm's opinion on this matter. Would any of you really rather be dead than live with robot limbs and eyes?
No. 538876 ID: 96c896

Well, if we want a less biased opinion we could ask Trigger-Happy-Cryface over there.
No. 538877 ID: 2baea8

Yeah, this problem is because of him, after all. He ought to be the one to bear responsibility for it.
No. 538879 ID: b32a14

...yeah, put all the pressure on the unstable guy who cracked, unable to maintain proper trigger discipline. That'll work, and isn't needlessly cruel at all.
No. 539189 ID: bc8d67

Before doing anything else, discreetly ask Nokizanya and Nishalm to restrain Lkrorim before it tries to run off or do anything else while you're all distracted.

Explain to Nokizanya that to get the energy needed to bring forth your Ultimate Creation you will eventually have to consume the minds of intelligent Created life. The alternative would be to consume an amount of Created plants and animals equal to the biospheres of many, many worlds... Or consume another Creator, but the chance of that is next to nil.

To Nishalm say that the choice of whether these crewmen would die or live lives of somewhat less hardship than it did is not its to make. Nor is it yours. It is the crewmen's. And since you do not have the time to wake them, calm them, explain the situation, and then wait for decisions, you will leave them as is. That is, unless Nishalm would be willing to part with its back fin and some of its tail so that they may have at least an eye each.

However, they may not even have to face that fate. If you succeed in escaping this ship, you promise your first act will be to zoom to the nearest planet with abundant Created non-intelligent life, consume a swath of it, then zoom back to restore them. You move far faster than any ship so it wouldn't be long.

In fact... Doing this you could consume extremities from other crew members to get the energy to help you escape, then restore them later. You'd take no more eyes/senses just in case you didn't make it back, but it'd be doable. Though it may be necessary to capture the ship and fly it away from the authorities so they don't take it before you return, but Nishalm and Nokizanya would likely have had to do that anyway to escape incarceration or execution for aiding you.

But as a backup plan could you make microscopic symbiotic Creations that'd bond with these crew at the sites where you consumed from them, then integrate into their bodies and grow to build replacement limbs and organs from their own bodily resources? Something like a self-assembling version of what you did for Nishalm. It'd take a fair while and they'd have to eat more, but they'd eventually grow back what you took.

Could you gather a bit of energy by absorbing the microscopic organisms from the surface of creatures' skin and fur, as well as from the floor, walls, and other objects as you pass by. It'll be tiny amounts, but you've been operating at that scale so every little bit helps.

Sorry for the wall of text.
No. 539190 ID: bf54a8

we can take parts from the others. remove a leg from everyone for the energy to fix the worst of it.
No. 539378 ID: 6d5e30

The suggestions here are so desperate to make this alien creature human.
No. 539465 ID: e983a7

It's one of /quest/'s greatest problems. Or strengths. Depends who's asking.
No. 539467 ID: dbe554


Same could be said of evil quests. You'll always be good by the end haha.
No. 539544 ID: f29090
File 137843195614.png - (364.95KB , 700x600 , P118.png )

>Do what you think is best
"We shall--"

"Wait," Nishalm says. "Why do we have to decide this? Lkrorim, you're the reason this happened. You decide."

"What? He's already upset," Nokizanya says. "Don't be mean."

"No! This isn't my fault!" the creature, Lkrorim, says as he makes a dash to the exit.

Nishalm tackles him to the ground. He cries out, "Get off! I don't want your disease!" He glares at us with tear-filled eyes. "You-- you did this to them! I was protecting them! It's not my fault!

"It's not my fault," he sobs.

Nishalm's expression softens. "It still happened, and now we have to deal with it."

"Then eat me and fix them. I don't care anymore."

"We cannot. Consuming natural life is unconscionable."

"So you are a natural life-form," Nishalm says. "Why the fuck did we need Nokizanya, then? No, we'll deal with that later. We can't sit here debating this all night. Lkrorim, you're the closest we're getting to an impartial party here. Collect yourself and tell us what you feel is best for those guys."
No. 539545 ID: f29090
File 137843199251.png - (469.44KB , 700x600 , P119.png )

"I... I don't want them to die. But it's not fair to make them go through what Nishalm... I can't... I..."

"We left their bodies less damaged than Nishalm's was. We do not believe they would suffer to the extent that Nishalm has."

"Yeah! And they'll get row-but parts and be all better!" Nokizanya says.

Nishalm shakes its head. "Maybe, but that still means months or years of pain as their bodies adjust. Not to mention they're blind and probably deaf, which makes them worse off than I was in that respect. Look, just don't make them go through that, okay?"

"W... what if you gave them smaller bodies? Make them kids again! Then they can enjoy a second childhood!" Lkrorim's eyes betray a glimmer of hope.

"We could not. We would have to consume and recreate their bodies. Doing so without putting ourselves at risk would yield bodies far too small to support their minds."

"Can't you just rebuild their brains too?"

"They would not have the same minds if we tried."

"Can't... can't you at least give them new eyes and ears? Then it wouldn't be so bad, right?"

"We might be able to restore their hearing, but we do not have enough energy to recreate something as complex as optical organs."

His tone becomes more frustrated. "Why can't you eat me!? If you can't eat natural life how the hell did you things come to be, anyway!?"

"The Master Creator formed our ancestors with enough energy to make their Ultimate Creations immediately."

Desperation. "What if you ate everyone’s legs? Then you'd have enough to fix them, right?"

"That's terrible!" Nokizanya says. "We can't do that to them!"

"It's better than killing! What if we just took their tails? Then they could still walk and everything."

Nishalm flicks its tongue. "Yeah, except their balance would be thrown completely off, among other things. Even if we wanted to do that, we don't exactly have time. We're in a hurry, and there isn't any other option we can take right now. I'd like to avoid being taken into custody or shot down by a very awake crew."

Lkrorim's eyes dart around. "But what if--"

"Lkrorim. Please. If you don't decide, then the 'demon' will have to. Don't they deserve better?"

He is silent. His eyes look towards the mangled bodies, then to us. We do not sense anger in his eyes-- they look completely lost.

Finally, he answers. "If it was me... I'd want to die. They...

"They deserve to go peacefully."

"No!" Nokizanya shouts. "They deserve--"

"We can't waste any more time arguing," Nishalm says. "Come on. It's best if we don't watch this."

Nishalm drags Lkrorim out of the room. Nokizanya remains. Her eyes fill with liquid.
No. 539546 ID: f29090
File 137843203353.png - (542.53KB , 700x600 , P120.png )

"Please don't do this. They shouldn't have to die."

"Do not think of it as death. Their lives will continue, reborn anew in our Ultimate Creation. As long as life begets life, there is no death, just the end of one existence."

"But why? Why do you have to kill to make this creation of yours?"

"We do what is natural. We harbor no malice. It is akin to how you must kill and consume animals to survive."

"But animals don't talk and feel like we do."

"Perhaps they do, and you simply lack the means to understand them."

She wipes her eyes, and steps towards the exit. "I don't understand any of this..."

"You will, in time."

She is gone. We are alone.
No. 539547 ID: f29090
File 137843209919.png - (630.78KB , 700x600 , P121.png )

We do what is natural.
No. 539548 ID: dbe554

Feed, and continue on. To the next room once you are done, we still need to escape.
No. 539550 ID: b3dd38

No. 539554 ID: 9ddf68

it was bond to happen sooner or later that we'd have to absorb someone. The only reason I haven't been shouting to absorb everyone we came across on this ship is because we gave our word that we wouldn't. Still just because we ate these guys doesn't mean that little promise can be thrown out the window, this was merely an exception. Either way I say tell your friends to grab any armor and/or weapons they want and lets get the captain's code so we can finally leave this place, BEFORE the crew wakes up.
No. 539562 ID: 2baea8

No. 539568 ID: 96c896

If you think about it, the main reason why you kill to create is because people are hard to make. No other Creator has made complicated, self-propagating things that are not people.

Perhaps you can change that. Make it part of Zanya's world. Some mindless plant-thing that is excessively complex and thus provides energy for Creators, yet grows like any other plant. The people on the world could farm it, and it could be exported to be grown on other planets. Eventually, if it spread enough, the remaining Creators would have little reason to kill.

On the other hand, if that happened, it could become perhaps too easy for Creators to make things. Have Creators ever made things that could be considered to have a negative impact on the universe at large? If that is not a big issue, then those who farm the "complicated plants" (that I'll call Complants from now on) could just screen Creators to a degree.

Leave a tiny flower at the spot where each crewmember died.
No. 539577 ID: 2baea8

Created life can reproduce, after all. Hypothetically, a creation with the sole purpose of being mindless and reproducing asexually at a rapid rate could provide a slow, but hypothetically infinite farm of energy. This is true. However, there are problems with this; the new form of life will still need sustenance. Plantlife that grows so rapidly would probably render the ground of whatever planet it grew on infertile very quickly, with all the resources it would need for rapid reproduction. Simpler life that requires little would provide more produce, but that produce would be worth less energy.

Overall, a possible solution to producing our own Ultimate Creation without needless killing, if there were a nutrient-rich planet to spare. Not a long-term solution to Creation-Creator peace though. The best solution to that seems like it might be these energy weapons that work on us; if the energy they use can hit us, maybe there are inorganic energy types we can absorb.
No. 539578 ID: 96c896

Complicated things don't necessarily require more sustenance. Nor does it need to grow especially rapidly.
No. 539603 ID: 07e3a8

>We do what is natural.
No. You do what is convenient, and suits your desires, here. Even though it means breaking your word.

You want to consume for your creation, so you find a way to do so. There is no reason you could not zip around the ship at warp speed and redistribute energy such that these three would survive (bleed off a small amount from every crewmember to pay for the repairs). Nishalm was concerned with time, but at the speeds you can move, that is no issue. You do this by choice.

Lkrorim and Nishalm are willing to go along with it because in some ways, it is easier to bear death than serious injury. Death happens once, and then is over, marked only by an awareness of loss. Injury lasts, and you are forced to confront it as long as the unfortunate recipient lives.

This is a selfish decision. You choose what is easiest for you, and they are choosing what is easiest for them. If this were truely about the created life forms here they would be making the choice to live with their injuries or end their lives. No matter well intentioned the others, that decision is not theirs to make.
No. 539630 ID: 2baea8

It is selfish, yes, but it is also natural for Creators. Being selfish does not make it unnatural. The selflessness and compromise we have been attempting is unnatural. Whether one is better than the other in the long term, we can't know yet.
No. 539638 ID: 07e3a8

That's not the point I was making.

The creator is justifying its actions as natural. It is using that classification as an excuse.

These events are not inexorable, not inevitable. This outcome is a choice, and not solely motivated by what is natural. It doesn't have the luxury of that excuse, anymore. The creator has already demonstrated it is more than a machine, its actions blindly guided by a ruleset determined by what is natural and what is not. It has made decisions on other parameters.

This independence means it is responsible for these deaths, whether it wants to face that or not.
No. 539639 ID: dbe554


Yet at the same time you are saying it's above and beyond what it can actually do. You said it could speed throughout the entire ship, suddenly cutting limbs and taking life to be able to restore it to these.

He's told us how much it would take to consume, how little we would have gained to be able to restore it. We would need to eat others in order just to refix these and we don't have that luxury to begin with. You are attempting to humanize it.

By guiding what is natural is what is natural to its kind is, it can and will do what it thinks it right however what you are attempting is an attempt to humanize its actions based on your own view and thoughts, what's natural to you and societal isn't natural to it.
No. 539641 ID: 2baea8

Ethnocentrism: evaluating other peoples and cultures according to the standards of one's own culture.

It is not human, it is a Creator. It may have choice, and it may be developing a more human conscience because of our interference, but its religion and societal structure is formed around removing the old and creating the new to prevent stagnancy.
The rigid rules and structure of Creators may seem like they would promote stagnancy, but they are a means of control. They are there to prevent delusions of godhood from causing mass destruction and tragedy. Conversely, a Creator would have unbound freedom and creativity within the final act of its own Ultimate Creation.

That is my understanding of the Creator's mindset.
No. 539646 ID: 9ddf68

A creator isn't a person, it's a creator

what you're saying would basically be like telling a person to stop eating because it's unmoral and to instead start conducting photosynthesis like some kind of plant. while you may have good intentions it's not going to work just because creators weren't built that way, they were made to consume the old and create something new. It's there nature.
No. 539653 ID: 07e3a8

I frankly don't give a damn whether it's right or not for the creator to take these actions.

But it's lying to itself, and using a justification that is not valid. Characters killing others don't get that luxury.

Whatever else you want to claim we know about the creators' mindset and values, or how they might differ from our own, we know they fundamentally see life as having value. That means, at the very least, it needs to acknowledge its own motives.

No. I am not telling the creator to do (or stop doing) anything (not the act of foregoing one meal would be analogous to the forsaking food altogether, anyways).

I'm telling it face what it is doing and cease hiding behind pretense.
No. 539657 ID: 0e20cd

Nokizanya: Realize you are one hungry monster away from being a light snack
No. 539659 ID: dbe554


The thing is they are created things, a simple analogy would be if we created robots that could think. Many wouldn't feel an issue scrapping many of these should they need to either create more, or simply to do other things with if they served out their purpose.

The thing of the matter is, to the Creator these creatures have already fulfilled their purpose, and are reconstituting them in order to create something new. They have value yes, but their value can also be reconstituted into something else without an issue.
No. 539666 ID: 2baea8

dbe554 has the right idea. Their lives do have value: they have lived, contributed to the universe, and now they are dead. In death, they provide energy that will contribute to the universe in some way. And, eventually, this Creator's Creations will live and die and redistribute- be that as nutrients decomposing back into a planet somewhere or as fuel for a Creator. There is no excuse or pretense here. It is natural. A simple, true statement.
No. 539673 ID: 0e20cd

By that argument you should have no problem with being eaten by a bear.
No. 539674 ID: 2baea8

No, that's not what the argument means at all.
No. 539681 ID: 735f4f

The bear analogy would work if it had built you in its cave out of berries and salmon and came back years later to eat your children. Or something.

Honestly the Creator can probably eat anyone or most anything but refuses to touch some stuff due to its creator code.
No. 541930 ID: f29090
File 138006363671.png - (407.22KB , 700x600 , P122.png )

A plant-like life of such complexity would almost certainly be sapient-- there is nothing else complex enough to allow a plant to offer more than meager energy levels. Some Creators have attempted unsuccessfully to make thinking plant-life; the metabolism required for thought is such that photosynthesis alone cannot provide it.

Still, it is perhaps possible in theory, but it would be extremely difficult.

>You do what is convenient...
Convenience would be consuming the entirety of the crew as we direct Nokizanya away from them. She is a simple creature, easily manipulated, and Nishalm left us alone, free to destroy the weapons capable of doing us harm.

>You could use your speed...
We cannot phase through matter, and thus we cannot go to another floor without someone to operate the air-tight lift system. We would have been limited to the few crew members on this floor, and we would need to consume a considerable amount from each of them to create six eyes for these three creatures.

Why do we question ourselves? We must consume as all life must consume. Nokizanya herself is designed to consume meat. She has likely hunted and killed in order to survive. Just as animals perish for the sake of life's progress, so too does sapient life.

But do not misunderstand. As long as life begets life, there is no true death.
No. 541931 ID: f29090
File 138006366374.gif - (1.27MB , 700x600 , P123.gif )

Their existence will continue.
No. 541932 ID: f29090
File 138006369893.png - (436.49KB , 700x600 , P124.png )

>Get equipped
Nokizanya and Nishalm gather armor and weaponry.

"This is too tight," she complains.

"It's the best I could find. We don't exactly have anything in your size."

"I can't breathe." Nokizanya rips the clothing under her plated armor. "That's better."

"Uh. Just don't get shot there, I guess. Anyway, turns out Lkrorim has been sabotaging a few systems, notably the escape pods and power. Someone needs to get to the ENGINEERING ROOM to get some of it back online. For the sake of time, I suggest we split up and meet back at pod 3. Obviously, one of us needs to watch Lkrorim, and one of us needs to touch things for you. I assume you already have a plan, so who goes with who, and where?"

Shall we accompany Nishalm or Nokizanya? One pair will head towards ENG, and the other will make their way towards the captain.
No. 541937 ID: ec0bf5

Stick with Nokizanya, she might need some help. Take her to engineering, while Lkrorim and Nishalm go together to the captain. They seem to know each other, and if they run into anyone they'll probably do better together than alone or especially with us.
No. 541938 ID: 9ddf68

let's head to the caption with Nishalm since I think he is the only one in our group who knows what to look for and Nokizanya is a big strong girl, I feel she can handle Lkrorim and she should know her away around the ship enough to find the pod (just incase that isn't true ask Nishalm how we'd get to the pod from here)
No. 541944 ID: 7bbaae

Why have someone watch Lkrorim? We can just restrain him, can't we? It would be nice to have another pair of hands but I really doubt he'll cooperate. Go to ENG, as you can likely fix things there with creations rather quickly.

Also, DO destroy the weapons capable of hurting you. Just in case we don't make it out in time.
No. 541948 ID: 2baea8

Just restrain Lkrorim for now. Nokizanya is too trusting to guard him, and Nishalm is the only one of the two who would have any idea how to restore the systems.
No. 542205 ID: f9cf6a

Send Nishalm and Lkrorim to Engineering. Nishalm is pretty much the only one your allies here who'd possibly know how to operate the machines there, with a bit of prodding of Lkrorim to get what he did. You and Nokizanya just have to get up to and restrain the captain before he/she/it wakes up.

Tell Nishalm to try to keep all ship power off save for gravity, life support, and the escape pods, but if he can't do all that you want him to prioritizing keeping the doors off-line. That'll keep most of the crew out of the halls and your way as they wake up.

And restrain Lkrorim before heading out. Nokizanya can carry him to Engineering and drop him there before you two make your way to the captain.

I'm assuming Nokizanya and Nishalm picked up stunner weapons, right? In that case they ought to stun-shot every sleeping member of the crew they pass so they'll stay unconscious after your bacterium wears off.

And ask Nokizanya to please wreck that anti-Creator gun before leaving. Swinging the barrels against the door frame until they're bent ought to do it.
No. 542660 ID: f29090
File 138058869586.png - (383.88KB , 700x600 , P125.png )

"Before we depart, we should take care of some things," we say.

"All right, but let's not dawdle."

>DO destroy the weapons capable of hurting you. Just in case we don't make it out in time.
>And ask Nokizanya to please wreck that anti-Creator gun before leaving. Swinging the barrels against the door frame until they're bent ought to do it.
We instruct Nokizanya to destroy the weapons we determine to be of threat to us. Most of the weaponry in the room is made for non-Creator conflicts, so this does not take long. Nokizanya and Nishalm each take a stunning weapon as a precaution.

>Restrain Lkrorim
Nishalm restrains the creature. He will be unable to do us harm again.

"All right. Is that everything?" Nishalm asks. "Figure out who's going where yet?"

"We are struggling with this decision."

"All right, here's my suggestion. I don't know a lot about the ship's systems, but Lkrorim does. I'll take him to engineering and--"
No. 542661 ID: f29090
File 138058873746.png - (413.40KB , 700x600 , P126.png )

"No! I won't help! You can't make me!"

"I know what you're protecting in there. Would you rather Creator go instead?"


"Good. So take Nokizanya and head to the captain. If he's awake, you can probably convince him to unlock the escape pod. Otherwise, I'm sure you'll find some way to hack the system or something."

"We believe this to be a good course of action. We also recommend stunning every creature you come across, to ensure their slumber."

"I think we'd wake up more people than we'd knock out, but if I see anyone twitching I'll give them a zap."

"We shall meet with you again at the escape pod."

"Uh, yeah. Good luck."

We head towards the maintenance tunnel, and make our way to the third level. The ship is quiet. Nokizanya seems unwilling to use her weapon on the sleeping creatures we pass, but we do not press it as they do not appear to be stirring.
No. 542662 ID: f29090
File 138058883343.png - (308.92KB , 700x600 , P127.png )

We eventually encounter some resistance.
No. 542663 ID: 7bbaae

Can you tell if those weapons could harm you? If they can't, just rush them, and restrain them as you did earlier to the two guards in your cell. Make them drop their weapons, then put them to sleep with a similar disease as before, except don't make it contagious or delayed.

Perhaps after this is done, you could ask Nokizanya if she has any more ideas to share with you on the nature of the government you will form on her planet? ...it occurs to me you could use the planet her people are already on to form your Creation, and you might not even need to spend much energy to do it. Just assist with organizing her people to form the government that pleases you, and maybe make some creatures to help them develop the planet?
No. 542664 ID: ec0bf5

If the whole ship hasn't been informed that you're helping us yet we could probably trick them by sending Nokizanya out alone. But we don't know enough about that that I'd be willing to risk it.
We might want to wait for them to come closer so we don't have to run down a hallway straight at their guns to reach them. Is it quiet enough that they would have reasonably heard her footsteps?
No. 542666 ID: 9ddf68

can you give these guys a stunning/knock out tap. If these guys are starting to stir that means we'll have much more on our ass soon so if there is a quick way to do something do it since time is no longer our friend.
No. 542701 ID: 7dbd6b

Nokizanya shouldn't be known as a collaborator yet, so she could probably convince them to hurry up, as 'The demon is this way'. At which point, they can be stunned and their weapons destroyed.
No. 542723 ID: 2baea8

Don't send Nokizanya out, they're likely the captain's personal guard- they'd have been informed of any possible betrayal. Too much of a risk. You can move at extreme speeds, right? Can you zoom behind them and energy drain them?

Be careful and use evasive maneuvers though, those look like energy weapons, judging by the glow.
No. 542778 ID: 7a843b

Normally I'd say rush them at top speed and energy drain them so they pass out, but I don't trust that they don't have anti-Creator weapons or that there's a trap that's counting on you doing that. Instead try a method that doesn't put you or Nokizanya out in the open.

Could you create a living tear gas grenade, except stronger? Something like a puffball mushroom that Nokizanya can throw and it'll explode in a large obscuring cloud of spores that are extremely irritating to the eyes, nose, and lungs about five seconds after its stem is pulled out? If you can, then create it in her hand.

Could you also create two quick insect-like creatures with a barbed stinger that injects a strong sleep inducing venom curled inside cysts in the puffball? Ones that'll seek out the nearest large Creation that the other insect isn't seeking, latch on, and sting it. Oh, and they're also immune to the spores.

The way it'll go is Nokizanya pulls the stem and hurls the puffball so it bounces off the wall and lands behind the guards. The puffball explodes and a few seconds later the insects wake up and sting the guards. The guards pass out and you zip in and consume all the spores in the air (so Nokizanya won't get them on her) and on the guards, along with the insects and the puffball remains.
No. 542779 ID: 2baea8

If possible, do this.
No. 543335 ID: f29090
File 138118416663.png - (569.66KB , 700x600 , P128.png )

We consider many options, but one stands out.

We vibrate only the air nearest Nokizanya's ears. "We will create a solution, we only require you to throw it."

She gives a knowing nod, and we craft our creation. Nokizanya stands silent, as if waiting for something.
No. 543336 ID: f29090
File 138118446420.png - (476.56KB , 700x600 , P129.png )

We hear one of the creatures sneeze, and she takes this chance to throw our creation at the guards. It bursts, spreading spores all over, and they reach for a breathing apparatus.

We use their distraction to create and unleash our insects upon them. The sting is enough to knock them out. Their threat to us is now neutralized.

We consume our recent creations and move onward, ever cautious of what could await us.
No. 543337 ID: f29090
File 138118450321.png - (384.68KB , 700x600 , P130.png )

We are not met with weapons or machinery, but peace. We sense only a few beings, none of which stir.

"Huh? I thought there'd be some row-buts or something."

"Perhaps the captain was sure those guards were sufficient. Or perhaps there is something here we are not seeing. We should tread carefully."

"Hey, um... the captain is past that door, right? Before we do that, I um..."

"We should not waste time."

"I was thinking about the world I'd make."


"It's just... The more I know about this stuff, the more I don't like it. I wish there was a world where everyone got along. What if the world had people made by you living with normal people like us?"

"Impossible. We would endanger our fledgeling creations by forcing them unto a world with sapient natural life. The risk would be too great."

"You think it's impossible because nobody tried! I want a world where normal life and magic things like you live together! And-- and some way that you don't have to eat people!"

Absurd. Have we truly fought so hard for this?
No. 543338 ID: 279f18

We can argue the morality and theoretic of creations and natural life AFTER we get off this vessel.

For all we know the captain is ready to take down the ship with us in it.
No. 543339 ID: 9d26b7

mmh... wasn't that the reason we selected her?
This high level of kindness and longing for harmony combined with an almost naive creativity?

Or were you just so glad to alive to promise stupid things without second thoughts...
No. 543340 ID: 9ddf68

well she really hasn't had that much time to think on it yet, at least not fully what with all the crap and stuff trying to kill us but maybe instead of doing what she's asking for exactly we can instead just base something off of what she said. For example she said she would like it where 'normal' creatures can live side by side with 'magic' ones so why not create a race that's 'normal' and one that's built more like you (magic).

Just do a thing where the 'magic' ones can do things that most other races can't but need a host or something so they don't run dry on power and die and that's where the normal creatures fit in. The 'magic' creature would be a kind of parasite that needs a host to live in and the normal creatures would get the ability to do whatever the magic creature they bonded with can do. I'm sure they're a few bugs in there still but it's still a thought.

But anyways yeah move carefully and get that pass code or whatever see we can get out of here before everyone else wakes up.
No. 543342 ID: c23ab0

It's a naive idea, and probably impossible, but is it really impossible?
No. 543346 ID: 7bbaae

Tell her if she can think of something as complex as a person without it being sapient, that would be the solution. Creators must eat complex organisms, and sapience goes hand in hand with the highest complexity, as far as you know.

Though, what if you could make something just below sapient? How complex can you make something then? Would it be enough, if farmed/bred, for Creators to subsist on?
No. 543350 ID: 2baea8

It doesn't seem at all impossible for created and natural life to coexist; Nishalm and Nokizanya are here among Creations. Perhaps, through your Creations, you could assist Nokizanya's people in becoming independent. Their struggles are why she's here, and now that she's helped you it seems unlikely the government is going to help her people.

You said you wanted to 'create her world', so why not Create to improve her homeworld?
No. 543354 ID: dbe554

In all actuality, if the world we create is like what she wants, it truly would be the most unique Final Creation we could create. Not similar to anything created for former Creators.

It's a Unique Idea to say the least.
No. 543743 ID: 761017
File 138149141237.jpg - (41.16KB , 475x429 , delete.jpg )


you want non-sapient, complex plant life equivalent to sapient life to feed yourself on?


Each small modular piece would spore new ones, which would either grow farther away into a new core spawning point, or grow older to merge with the core spawner, so that the total complexity of each plant colony increases over time without without requireing the developing of sapience!

What would justify the complexity?
Plants with highly sensitive photo-reactive sensors for all the ranges of applicable EMR, and all that neural processing power is needed to better process the incoming signals into a specific groth and glow pattern!


BECAUSE TOURISM, that's why!

>A one-of-a-kind experience for the rich and famous to explore! Watch as the plants shift their bloom and glow in real-time as your pen-lights dance across the