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File 124522584469.png - (131.47KB , 768x768 , dqp1.png )
504 No. 504 ID: dd244d

It is a deep, dark place; and something is stirring.
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No. 506 ID: dd244d
File 124522618238.png - (211.90KB , 768x768 , dqp2.png )

You suddenly awake face down in the water, snapping upright as your senses return. The world floods in around you, and you scramble out of the pond in which you find yourself.
No. 507 ID: dd244d
File 12452263131.png - (73.80KB , 768x768 , dq1.png )

You are standing in a large, dark cavern. There is a pool to your back.

Your clothes are wet, and it is very cold.

What do you do?
No. 509 ID: 6270bd

First, figure out what the hell I am.
No. 511 ID: c80cec

Think for a moment, what's the last thing we remember before waking up here?
No. 513 ID: 1e1932

Look at your reflection in the water. Admire how goddamn cute you are.
No. 514 ID: af8aee

Look for an exit.
No. 515 ID: dd244d


You are an Indahl, one of the denizens of the world of Khamon. While your species is at home in the water, you can't actually breathe it; so it's probably good that you woke up before you drowned.
No. 516 ID: 7eda8b

Look up for light source. Estimate distance to surface.

Trace your hand along the wall around you to find exits.
No. 517 ID: dd244d
File 124522861968.png - (152.01KB , 768x768 , dq2.png )


(this image is supposed to go there)
No. 518 ID: 6550ad

Your clothes are wet, take them off.
No. 519 ID: dd244d
File 124522885747.png - (161.19KB , 768x768 , dq3.png )


You try to think about what happened before you woke up, but you can't remember anything!
No. 520 ID: 7eda8b

Touch your face and try to remember who you are.
No. 522 ID: 7eda8b

Retrieve mouth from water.

Examine belongings.

Examine surroundings.
No. 525 ID: dd244d
File 124522960942.png - (106.73KB , 768x768 , dq4.png )


There is a faint luminescent mist providing a small amount of light to the area, but it's quite dim. Fortunately, your eyes are well suited to low light environments and you can easily spot the tunnel in the wall.
No. 527 ID: dd244d
File 124523035971.png - (157.50KB , 768x768 , dq5.png )


The only belongings you appear to have are your clothes and this strange, weathered gear that you were holding when you woke up.

There isn't much to the room, the ceiling is high, and there is a pool at one end and a tunnel at the other.
No. 532 ID: bde1b8

Through the tunnel!
No. 534 ID: 6550ad


Try to open it, or something.
No. 537 ID: 7eda8b

Go through the tunnel, unless anything of immediate interest catches your eye here.
No. 538 ID: f373c2

Before we leave, check to see if there's anything in the pool. It would be a shame if there was something important and useful so close and we missed it.
No. 539 ID: f95743

Why are we so goddamn cute?
No. 540 ID: f95743

It's a gear. Gears are usually solid metal.
No. 541 ID: dd244d
File 124523166342.png - (250.36KB , 768x768 , dq6.png )


... dammit


The gear doesn't open, though it does have a strange inlaid pattern of a metal that you can't identify.
No. 542 ID: f95743

What's that thing hanging off the edge?
No. 547 ID: dd244d
File 124523218257.png - (71.68KB , 768x768 , dq7.png )


It looks like there was a bridge here once. But not now. Just one post bored into the stone and a few feet of rope dangling over the edge.
No. 548 ID: 848867

Can you see the bottom of the cavern?
If not drop a stone down to gauge the depth?
No. 549 ID: af8aee

Take the rope. Adventurering conduct states that you must.
No. 550 ID: 7eda8b

How long a drop are we looking at?

Throw a rock down and wait to see how long before it makes a sound.

What's that scrap?

Do Indahl have other traits or special abilities we should know about?
No. 552 ID: dd244d
File 124523276558.png - (67.88KB , 768x768 , dq8.png )


It's a long way down, and you don't appear to have a rock nearby.

Indahl were gifted by the muse with good eyesight, able to function in low light and pick out small details that others wouldn't be able to see. They can hold their breath for an extended period of time and are adept swimmers. They have excellent fine motor control and have a marked affinity for clockwork devices.
No. 553 ID: 7eda8b

Any particular disadvantages?

In the meantime, let's put that breath-holding to use. Pull your tunic off so it can dry and start going through the pond to look for anything else that might have fallen down with you.
No. 559 ID: dd244d
File 124523373217.png - (189.96KB , 768x768 , dq9.png )


No matter how short the length of rope, it MUST be claimed. You obey your bizarre compulsions.


>Any particular disadvantages?

Indahl tend towards frailty, and aren't usually cut out for highly taxing physical activity aside from swimming. They also have trouble with some foods due to underdeveloped teeth.
No. 560 ID: 6550ad


Dive into the pond again, see if you can find an exit down there.
No. 562 ID: 7eda8b

Quickly retrieve mouth from pond.
No. 565 ID: dd244d
File 124523447132.png - (114.97KB , 768x768 , dq10.png )

and >>538

You wisely remove your tunic before diving into the pond. You remove your legwraps, as well.

It'd help if I remembered my images
No. 566 ID: f95743

You....you TEASE.
No. 568 ID: f95743

Wait, are we a dude or a chick? Or....?
No. 569 ID: 6550ad
File 124523518654.png - (136.96KB , 768x768 , 1.png )

No. 570 ID: 6550ad
File 124523520681.png - (138.19KB , 768x768 , 2.png )

No. 571 ID: 6550ad
File 124523522160.png - (121.79KB , 768x768 , 3.png )

No. 572 ID: f95743

Well played.
No. 574 ID: 7eda8b

Obvious in hindsight.
No. 582 ID: dd244d
File 12452358708.png - (167.77KB , 768x768 , dq11.png )


Meanwhile, in non-crossoversville


No. 583 ID: f95743

Inspect CHAIN and VIAL-looking thing on the left side of screen.
No. 584 ID: 7eda8b

Who goes swimming in a dress?

Never mind. Examine chain.
No. 585 ID: 7eda8b

>Meanwhile, in non-crossoversville

The fate of our clothes is still undetermined.
No. 587 ID: dd244d
File 124523721169.png - (174.69KB , 768x768 , dq12.png )


The CHAIN is a Rusty length of chain going into a dark hole. It is unknown if it is attached to something or how far back it goes.

The VIAL is a small, clear vial of an unidentified viscous fluid. It is at the edge of a large pile of debris which dominates the far end of the pond.

The debris is too heavy for you to shift.
No. 588 ID: f95743

Ooooh, it's an apron.
No. 590 ID: c80cec

Retrieve vial, pull on chain.
No. 591 ID: f95743

In any case, TAKE VIAL and YANK ON CHAIN.
No. 592 ID: 7eda8b

Examine that big black wavy thing in the foreground. Is it a plant? Is it sturdy enough to be used as a rope, perhaps to help us climb somewhere?

If not, leave the pond, open the vial, and see if you can determine anything by its scent.
No. 593 ID: 6550ad


Pick up the vial. I assume that that piece of cloth doesn't have pockets, so take it to the surface and put it with your clothes.

Then go back down there and pull the chain.
No. 594 ID: 87583b

No. 596 ID: dd244d
File 124523865047.png - (161.87KB , 768x768 , dq13.png )


You tuck the vial into your mouth to hold it and give the chain a tug.

It has a lot more slack than you thought at first.
No. 597 ID: dd244d


It doesn't look terribly sturdy. You'll bring some up with you when you're done down here.
No. 598 ID: 6550ad


Keep pulling on.
No. 599 ID: 87583b

How's our oxygen supply? Or do we need to breathe?
No. 601 ID: f95743

It was already mentioned that Indahl don't breathe underwater, but they can hold their breath for quite a while. We probably aren't yet hearing the dreaded DROWN ALARM from Sonic the Hedgehog.
No. 602 ID: dd244d
File 124523984513.png - (165.40KB , 768x768 , dq14.png )


This is actually getting kind of annoying.


You do need to breathe, but you're still doing fine. Pulling the chain out is a bit more strenuous than you'd like, but you've only been down here for a few minutes.
No. 603 ID: af8aee

Well, just keep pulling until,
A) we need to take a break, or
B) you reach the end of the slack.
No. 604 ID: f95743

Maybe you should get the end of the chain out of the pond and continue pulling there. Unless being underwater is preferable?
No. 605 ID: dd244d
File 12452405265.png - (131.61KB , 768x768 , dq15.png )


The end!
No. 606 ID: dd244d
File 124524065254.png - (125.15KB , 768x768 , dq16.png )

No. 608 ID: dd244d
File 124524079173.png - (128.01KB , 768x768 , dq17.png )

No. 609 ID: f95743

No. 610 ID: 6550ad



Get the fuck out of there! And bring with you the chain and the vial!
No. 611 ID: 8ce2bf

Stay in the water and look in the hole when/if the thing is fully out.
No. 618 ID: dd244d
File 12452423661.png - (191.58KB , 768x768 , dq18.png )

No. 621 ID: dd244d
File 124524312663.png - (161.86KB , 768x768 , dq19.png )


No. 622 ID: dd244d
File 124524391541.png - (173.14KB , 768x768 , dq20.png )


You're really starting to dislike this stupid chain
No. 624 ID: af8aee

Take the chain out and tie it to the post outside. See if it can reach down to anywhere.
No. 629 ID: dd244d
File 124524536789.png - (75.41KB , 768x768 , dq21.png )


Abbreviating hauling the stuff out of the pond and getting dressed, you take the chain to the post and toss it over the side
No. 631 ID: 6550ad


Climb down the chain, carefully.
No. 632 ID: dd244d
File 124524695286.png - (264.68KB , 768x768 , dq22.png )


You'd like to say that you've never been this careful before in your life, but you aren't sure if it'd be true or not.

You'd say that you don't remember having ever been this careful before, but that doesn't mean much either.
No. 637 ID: 224dbf

Make sure to constantly look at all directions to make sure you don't miss anything important and/or potential dangers.
No. 638 ID: dd244d
File 124524792598.png - (144.82KB , 768x768 , dq23.png )


Something doesn't add up here.
No. 640 ID: 224dbf

Hook a loogie precisely downwards, see if it hits your head.
No. 642 ID: dd244d
File 124524912861.png - (144.78KB , 768x768 , dq24.png )


That's just gross.
No. 644 ID: 8ce2bf

Take off an article of clothing and throw it at the swirling black thing.
No. 645 ID: dd244d
File 124524961455.png - (205.60KB , 768x748 , ellipsis.png )

No. 647 ID: 8ce2bf

Take off all clothing and tie them together and tie them to the chain to get down further.
No. 649 ID: 224dbf

It's a way to make sure whether somebody is trying to screw with your mind by making the chasm look endless, or it's just a mere coincidence.
No. 652 ID: 6550ad

Is that the entrance to another cave, a few feet underneath you. Could you make a jump for it?
No. 653 ID: af8aee

Why don't we just try kicking the wall a few times to loosen up some rock, checking to see if we're trapped in an infinite loop.
Alternatively, climb back up, tie the ROPE to the end of the chain, then use your newly lengthened chainrope to reach the new/old cavern.
No. 654 ID: dd244d


It looks like one, but you aren't really sure if you can make the ju-*CRNCH*
No. 655 ID: dd244d
File 124525058655.png - (153.64KB , 768x768 , dq25.png )


I am good at attaching images to posts
No. 656 ID: af8aee

Better decide if you can make the jump or not fast.
No. 657 ID: 224dbf

Crnch? Prepare to catch the ledge of the cavern entrance below.
No. 658 ID: dd244d
File 124525119044.png - (167.82KB , 768x768 , dq26.png )


You steel yourself for the inevitable. You feel comfortable saying you've never felt this tense about anything regardless of your memory circumstances.
No. 659 ID: dd244d
File 124525137964.png - (169.01KB , 768x768 , dq27.png )


No. 661 ID: dd244d
File 124525250296.png - (190.39KB , 768x768 , dq28.png )

No. 663 ID: dd244d
File 124525376371.png - (177.52KB , 768x768 , dq29.png )

No. 664 ID: dd244d
File 124525421355.png - (77.09KB , 768x768 , dq30.png )

No. 665 ID: dd244d
File 124525426817.png - (67.98KB , 768x768 , dq31.png )

No. 666 ID: 77cd38

Oh. Well, shit.
No. 667 ID: dd244d
File 124525450142.png - (97.35KB , 768x394 , deepend.png )

No. 673 ID: 7eda8b


Okay, okay, remain calm. This might not be the end.


No. 676 ID: 099247

restart, when? ;_;
No. 681 ID: 1e1932

NOOOOOO ;_; And s/he was so cute!
No. 690 ID: 7eda8b

Good job there, Satan.
No. 691 ID: cc60a3

Well, at least I died pondering important things.
Like whether or not saliva released downwards would land on my head.
No. 692 ID: bd7a0b

Please let it only be a intro and not a actual end.
No. 745 ID: bef0b6

This. Don't tell me this is it?
No. 775 ID: 96ed7c
File 124530770383.jpg - (64.34KB , 640x480 , gundwat.jpg )


No. 802 ID: 1e1932

Wake up from nightmare?
Hit reset button?
Anything? ;-;
No. 810 ID: aef236

So wer' dead.

Oh well, time to move on.
No. 813 ID: 7d87d9

Wonder if mister Ack Gui will show up
No. 869 ID: f0389b

Stay calm! Maybe it's just... the end of the session?
No. 885 ID: bffa2a

Should have tied the rope extension guys.

Hopefully not the end. Sympathetic character and great art. Would have played well.
No. 1046 ID: a7fcd6
File 124552557081.png - (167.93KB , 768x768 , dq32.png )


By more luck than skill, you manage to catch the edge
No. 1047 ID: a7fcd6
File 124552564958.png - (324.64KB , 768x768 , dq33.png )


What in the depths just happened?
No. 1048 ID: 998554



Sit back and take a moment to calm yourself.
No. 1049 ID: 6550ad
File 12455262455.jpg - (12.61KB , 300x300 , user20067_pic11669_1238210091.jpg )

No. 1053 ID: 099247

What's further on down this tunnel?
No. 1055 ID: 8ce2bf

Check inventory to make sure you still have VIAL, ROPE, and GEAR. If you still have the rope and the gear, tie the rope to the gear as a makeshift weapon.
No. 1056 ID: bffa2a


Check pulse, you might still be dead.

Continue into cave. Also do you know alchemy? Would you regonize the stuff in vial by examining it. Do you have any skills? How about combat?
No. 1068 ID: 1d3feb
File 124553457095.png - (290.37KB , 768x768 , dq34.png )


It takes a moment to fully register that you did not just fall to your death. You sit against the wall to collect yourself.

You don't think that you're much of a doctor, but you're pretty sure that you're still alive. Your chest and shoulders are sore from smacking into the ledge like that, and you'll probably have a bruise later, but it's nothing dangerous.

The rope and Gear remain unphased. Miraculously, the vial survived the impact as well. If you were some sort of alchemist, you probably weren'ta very good one because you have no idea what this substance is.
No. 1069 ID: c80cec

Once we catch our breath, let's collect our things and head on down the tunnel.
No. 1074 ID: 1d3feb
File 124553613535.png - (199.28KB , 768x768 , dq35.png )


There is a slight breeze coming down the tunnel. You gather up your things and head to investigate.
No. 1076 ID: 8ce2bf

No. 1078 ID: 1d3feb
File 124553773559.png - (387.42KB , 768x768 , dq36.png )


You'll try your best.

It looks like the tunnel is getting wider.
No. 1079 ID: c80cec

What's that black thing against the cavern wall? Let's take a look...
No. 1082 ID: 1d3feb
File 124553946622.png - (393.99KB , 768x768 , dq37.png )


It looks to be a Mason's Stalk. Probably an immature one, given its size.
No. 1085 ID: 5bda5f

Since we obviously have no use for mason stalks, especially immature ones, I guess we can continue on forth into the tunnel.
No. 1090 ID: 099247


Move on
No. 1092 ID: 036360

An item with no use? You sir clearly haven't played any adventure games. If we have the room for it, take it before heading out.
No. 1093 ID: 1d3feb
File 124554111226.png - (161.75KB , 768x768 , dq38.png )


You decide to leave the stalk where it is and continue down the t...
No. 1094 ID: c80cec

what just happened?
No. 1096 ID: 35cea2

No. 1100 ID: 00f748

did we just shrink or did our reality distort?
No. 1101 ID: 1d3feb
File 124554217420.png - (152.27KB , 768x768 , dq39.png )


you have no idea
No. 1103 ID: 00f748

This is bugging me for quite awhile, what gender is the Indahl? Or did Deep left it ambiguous on purpose for the sake of the story?
No. 1104 ID: b55d37

Lift up your clothes and see what gender you are.
No. 1105 ID: bffa2a


Let go of stalk, it's obviously coated in LSD.


It's left for IMAGINATION. Or ask Indahl to check inside pants.
No. 1108 ID: 1d3feb
File 124554376951.png - (182.81KB , 768x768 , dq40.png )


Obviously, the most reasonable course of action is to blame the plant for your problems. You quickly release your fibrous tormentor and back away from it.
No. 1111 ID: bffa2a


No. 1113 ID: 00f748

Check inside pants, to identify gender.
No. 1115 ID: bffa2a


Obviously this LSD trip is making us raunchy! Lick stalk some more.
No. 1117 ID: 8ce2bf

Attempt going forward and seeing what lies ahead.
No. 1118 ID: 8ce2bf

Alternatively lift apron and identify gender.
No. 1129 ID: 1d3feb
File 124554596113.png - (182.09KB , 768x768 , dq41.png )


You freak out about the idea of stumbling backwards and falling, but it really looks like you're in a grove of Mason Stalks.
No. 1132 ID: 1d3feb
File 12455466579.png - (312.02KB , 768x768 , dq42.png )


behind you
No. 1136 ID: bffa2a


It's not going away is it? Venture forth with MAGIC STALK.

Check robe for redness. Never goes well with adventuring. Wolvgars in stalks and other such mythical beasts.
No. 1139 ID: 1d3feb


You take the offending stalk with you. Maybe, in time, it will reveal its secrets.

You can't tell what color your clothes are in this low level of light. The mist seems to be gaining intensity, however, so maybe it will be light enough to tell later.
No. 1140 ID: 1d3feb
File 124554941130.png - (191.21KB , 768x768 , dq43.png )


No. 1141 ID: bffa2a


Travel in the direction you think you were going before being interrupted.
No. 1142 ID: 998554


No. 1144 ID: 1d3feb
File 124555128415.png - (185.73KB , 768x768 , dq44.png )


This breeze is quickly making you aware of how cold you are.
No. 1146 ID: bffa2a


Moving helps with blood flow, do a little dance if you have to. Just don't stop to rest.

While you're at it why not look up, you'd be suprised how many don't LOOK UP.
No. 1148 ID: 998554


Seconding this. I bet Indahl look really cute when they dance.
No. 1150 ID: 87583b

Rub self to both warm up and identify your gender.
No. 1153 ID: 1d3feb
File 124555369750.png - (183.11KB , 768x768 , dq45.png )


You're a bit too tired for running or dancing, so you continue rubbing yourself to maintain body heat.

You also look up, but you're not sure why you expected that to help.
No. 1154 ID: 1d3feb
File 124555392890.png - (176.54KB , 768x768 , dq46.png )


These shafts are really tall.
No. 1156 ID: bffa2a


Oh welp, you tought you felt something gotta keep moving and find somewhere warm to res... wait, what was that. This thicket is making you feel jumpy.
No. 1158 ID: 998554


Check behind the tree in the background. There's something there.
No. 1159 ID: 1d3feb
File 124555504678.png - (192.06KB , 768x768 , dq47.png )


It is? Crap.
No. 1161 ID: 8ce2bf

There's something coming for you that was behind that tree, panic and flail your arms around.
No. 1162 ID: bffa2a


Yes. What was that rustling. Wind or footsteps. Shit, wich way were you going. Everything looks the same. Don't panic, just keep walking. Crap crap. There it is again. Run.
No. 1163 ID: 1d3feb


Even as nervous as you are, and relieved as you are to find nothing behind this tree, you feel a little disappointed. You were so SURE...
No. 1165 ID: 1d3feb
File 124555605626.png - (195.76KB , 768x768 , dq48.png )


No. 1166 ID: 998554


Get out of there real fast-like before something jumps out at you.
No. 1168 ID: bffa2a


Well that's a relief. Serves you right for listening to your instincts such outdated survival mechanisms as they are. So silly.

Continue for a while and look for proper place to settle down. We need warmth, sleep and food.
No. 1172 ID: 1d3feb
File 124555747915.png - (167.90KB , 768x768 , dq49.png )


So which way are you going?
No. 1173 ID: 998554


Opposite the way you came from, I guess.
No. 1174 ID: bffa2a


Before continuing in original direction. Look for a stalk that you can climb. Let's have look around for places of intrest.
No. 1175 ID: 998554

Also, this is tangential, but why does our right hand have long, pointy fingers, while our left hand has webbed, stubby fingers? Is this a common trait in Indahl, or are we a special case?
No. 1178 ID: 1d3feb


That's normal. All indahl have larged, pointed fingers on their right hands.
No. 1179 ID: 7eda8b

Sit down, flat and solid on the ground, and count to ten. Try to calm down.

If you think you're brave enough, close your eyes, then open them again. Maybe this is a mental effect rather than reality warping? If you're hallucinating, you'd better stop walking, given all the huge drops scattered around. At least until you calm down.
No. 1180 ID: 1d3feb


Unfortunately, between the tiredness, nervous jumpiness, and darting behind trees chasing phantoms, you aren't sure which way you came from!


Unfortunately, you don't think you can climb any of the tall stalks! The ones that grow to be tall are the ones with no branches, and you aren't very athletic.
No. 1181 ID: 1d3feb
File 124555907036.png - (182.22KB , 768x768 , dq50.png )


No. 1185 ID: 1d3feb
File 124555957621.png - (176.80KB , 768x768 , dq51.png )


One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine ...
No. 1186 ID: 1d3feb
File 124555963361.png - (1.77KB , 768x768 , dq52.png )


No. 1187 ID: 1d3feb
File 124555971227.png - (177.31KB , 768x768 , dq53.png )


No. 1188 ID: 87583b

Open your eyes, Ven.
No. 1189 ID: bffa2a


Good job on getting lost, hope you're proud of yourself scaredy carp. Any direction is good if you can't determine point of origin by your tracks.
No. 1192 ID: c80cec

There's no sense sitting around in the cold, let's move onward. If we can't determine which way we came from, then let's go... uh... Left!
No. 1193 ID: 7eda8b

Well, crap. So much for that plan.

We have to assume this is real. You're already lost. Not that it matters since you were lost to begin with. You're just lost from your previous frame of reference.

It's getting cold. There's nothing to be gained from staying here. Pick a direction and start walking.
No. 1198 ID: 1d3feb
File 12455609911.png - (342.39KB , 768x768 , dq54.png )


On the upside, you think you've found the direction you came from.

The downside is that your feet feel heavier with every step, and you're still cold.
No. 1200 ID: 998554


Now go in the opposite direction.
No. 1201 ID: bffa2a


Cave seems a good place to sleep. That's shelter. Finding warmth and food before succumbing to drowsiness seems unlikely. Take a nap. Death from hypothermia is something you're just going to have to risk.
No. 1202 ID: 1d3feb
File 124556215227.png - (174.60KB , 768x768 , dq55.png )


You aren't sure how much longer you can keep walking.
No. 1203 ID: 7eda8b

Are you still holding that stick? Why? For all we know, setting it down will un-warp reality.
No. 1204 ID: 1d3feb
File 12455625289.png - (177.82KB , 768x768 , dq56.png )


You were carrying it because it won't fit in your pocket.

You toss the MASON'S SHAFT to the ground. It clunks solidly.

The grove remains.
No. 1205 ID: 998554


Maybe you should have a seat at the base of one of those stalks. Take some time to relax. You're not looking so good.
No. 1206 ID: 7eda8b

Keep walking! You're in a bad place!

Something here's making you tired. If you fall asleep you may never awaken. Keep walking.
No. 1210 ID: bffa2a


Cave. Nap.

Dirt nap.
No. 1211 ID: 1d3feb
File 124556365286.png - (167.16KB , 768x768 , dq57.png )


You attempt to head back to the tunnel, but before you can so much as turn around your exhaustion crashes down on you and brings you to your knees.
No. 1214 ID: 998554


Reach out with one hand in a dramatic fashion before succumbing to exhaustion.
No. 1215 ID: 7eda8b

Drink the vial.
No. 1217 ID: 130228

And then eat the cake.
You DID remember to hallucinate a cake, didn't you?
No. 1218 ID: af8aee

Try pulling some dirt around you to act as a blanket.
No. 1219 ID: 1d3feb
File 124556584048.png - (177.28KB , 768x768 , dq58.png )


With your last bits of fading energy, you retrieve the Vial from your pocket
No. 1220 ID: 1d3feb
File 124556597017.png - (183.95KB , 768x768 , dq59.png )


But you don't have anything left.
No. 1221 ID: 7eda8b

Drink it! Drink it now!
No. 1222 ID: 7eda8b

Oh come on! It's like an inch from your mouth!
No. 1223 ID: 1d3feb
File 124556614023.png - (169.74KB , 768x768 , dq60.png )


You must be the unluckiest girl in the world.
No. 1224 ID: 130228

But hey, gender confirmation.
No. 1225 ID: 1d3feb
File 124556632486.png - (153.02KB , 768x768 , dq61.png )


No. 1226 ID: 1d3feb
File 124556642177.png - (47.02KB , 768x768 , dq62.png )

No. 1227 ID: 1d3feb
File 124556654148.png - (97.67KB , 768x394 , deepend.png )

No. 1232 ID: aef236


Well then...
No. 1236 ID: 998554

You sure know your cliffhangers, OP.

I love this quest. <3
No. 1237 ID: 9dd38f


Ditto; even though the beginning looked kind of like CAVE EXPLORAN QUEST, I like it.
No. 1247 ID: 00f748

No. 1257 ID: bffa2a


And /tg/ was a little girl again. Keeping things safe just got harder.
No. 1381 ID: a3b36a

Deep end, as opposed to Derp end.
No. 1524 ID: 43331d

No. 1526 ID: 1b8811

No. 1529 ID: ea3b94
File 124603043095.jpg - (50.40KB , 800x600 , derp.jpg )

No. 1537 ID: 1d3feb
File 124606876580.png - (158.46KB , 768x768 , dq63.png )


No. 1538 ID: ebf8f1

Is this some kind of flashback? Or just fanservice?

Awaken. Examine surroundings.
No. 1539 ID: 1d3feb
File 124607290514.png - (129.07KB , 768x768 , dq64.png )


You awaken floating face-up in a pool of water
No. 1540 ID: 3a062a

180 degrees from last time, an improvement!
No. 1541 ID: 1d3feb
File 124607346577.png - (114.38KB , 768x768 , dq65.png )


You are in a cavern, currently treading water.

Your clothes are on the floor where you left them.

Your face hurts a bit, and everything is a little bit blurry.
No. 1542 ID: 1afd58

Think back to the past while and try to figure out how you got here and where here is in relation to everything else you know.
No. 1544 ID: 43331d


Did we die and go back to a save point?

Take the chain out and tie it to the post outside. Then tie the rope to the end of the chain.
No. 1545 ID: 1d3feb
File 124607538372.png - (139.71KB , 768x768 , dq66.png )


The last thing you remember is blacking out in the Mason's Stalk grove, which should be somewhere below where you are now.

You don't have a chain!
No. 1546 ID: 1afd58

Stop floating around, you silly aquatic creature. Get out, get dressed, and look around the immediate area for clues as to how you got here from where you passed out.
No. 1548 ID: 1d3feb
File 124607759491.png - (130.62KB , 768x768 , dq67.png )


Your clothes are actually pleasantly dry. You find your weathered Gear safely nestled in the pocket on your tunic.

There doesn't seem to be much of anything interesting here, the cave looks to be undisturbed.
No. 1549 ID: 87583b

Did you just put your clothes on over your wet apron? That doesn't seem smart.

Look around you and see what, if anything, is different.
No. 1550 ID: 1d3feb
File 124607890252.png - (131.31KB , 768x768 , dq68.png )


Fortunately, your apron retains very little water and so the end result is slightly damp clothing! Ordinarily that'd be a non-issue for you, but it is a bit chilly here. Not as bad as it was earlier, though.

You continue to wrack your brain, but you just can't see anything different.
No. 1551 ID: 87583b

Explore then!
No. 1553 ID: 1afd58

Leave the cave, look around outside.
No. 1554 ID: 1d3feb
File 124608005530.png - (164.66KB , 768x768 , dq69.png )


The mist appears to be getting brighter, there's a bit more light to see by now.
No. 1555 ID: 7eda8b

Look down. Is the Doom Cave still where we left it?

Without the chain, we have no hope of making it down safely.

Did we check where we first found the chain?
No. 1558 ID: 1d3feb
File 124608143062.png - (71.40KB , 768x768 , dq70.png )


Everything looks to be in order down there.

You got the chain from the pool that you just got out of, you didn't check while you were there.
No. 1559 ID: f95743

I would recommend not spending too much time in the pond again. Eelbites suck.
No. 1560 ID: 818785

I guess the only course of action is to either jump, or check the pool again.
No. 1561 ID: 1d3feb
File 124608230647.png - (174.57KB , 768x768 , dq71.png )


No. 1562 ID: 7eda8b

Examine... secret... driftwood log... compartment...

Then go in the pond and kick that fish in its fishy butt.
No. 1563 ID: 95ab41

Clockwork's internet has died once again, so Deep, unfortunately, has ended for the night. It should continue soon (hopefully). Sorry for the delays
No. 1565 ID: aef236

I have no idea what to do.
No. 1567 ID: 87583b

No. 1569 ID: 5ad8db


She's a girl, bro.
No. 1572 ID: bffa2a


She's a fish, man.
No. 1574 ID: 3a062a

Actually a lizard, person.
No. 1575 ID: 8ce2bf

Ven is a fiddler crab, bird, and seaslug.
No. 1576 ID: bffa2a


I can see the fiddler crab and seaslug. The bird eludes me if it isin't just the positioning of the tail and "beak".

Hopefully this will start rolling again soon despite internet troubles.
No. 1876 ID: 42a775
File 124647253579.png - (93.66KB , 768x768 , dq72.png )


The post appears to contain some sort of clockwork device with a clockwork key set into it.
No. 1877 ID: 7eda8b

Turn the key.
No. 1881 ID: 1e1932


Crank that sucker!
No. 1882 ID: 42a775
File 124647418198.png - (179.89KB , 768x768 , dq73.png )


The key turns and pulls free of its housing
No. 1883 ID: 42a775
File 124647433035.png - (171.88KB , 768x768 , dq74.png )


You feel a slight shudder, and the familiar sound of gears in motion permeates the cave around you
No. 1884 ID: 7eda8b

Why is that sound familiar?
No. 1885 ID: 1e1932


Add KEY to inventory. Investigate mouth of cave.
No. 1886 ID: bffa2a


Anything moving in the vast abyss of nothing?

If not let's go dive in the pool again.
No. 1888 ID: 42a775
File 124647553865.png - (157.63KB , 768x768 , dq75.png )


You have no idea why it sounds so familiar. Perhaps it has something to do with your past?
No. 1889 ID: 42a775
File 124647555928.png - (106.90KB , 768x768 , dq76.png )


A rumbling sound is growing. There is definitely something happening at this cavern's mouth.
No. 1890 ID: 00e62b

Maybe you should step a few steps back?
Just in case.
No. 1892 ID: 42a775
File 124647602043.png - (76.60KB , 768x768 , dq77.png )

No. 1893 ID: 1e1932


What is that? Can you climb it?
No. 1896 ID: 42a775
File 124647718359.png - (174.40KB , 768x768 , dq78.png )


It looks like some sort of pole lowering out of the wall. You may be able to shimmy along it.
No. 1898 ID: 00e62b

Do this then. It's not like we have a chance.
Channel your slug ancestors for extra grip.
No. 1900 ID: 7eda8b

Not like there's much left here!

Check inventory first. If we've lost the vial, go try to find it before continuing.

Aside from that, try shimmying across.
No. 1901 ID: 00e62b

No. 1902 ID: 1e1932


Looks like it's shimmy-time!
No. 1903 ID: 42a775
File 124647873674.png - (49.68KB , 768x768 , dq79.png )


You do still appear to have your vial.

You aren't sure why you thought this was a good idea. Despite the thorough abuse you are putting on your nerves, however, you continue to shimmy across the pole.

The echoing, rumbling sound that peals through the cavern certainly doesn't serve to make you feel any better.
No. 1904 ID: 1e1932


Keep on shimmying until you get to the other side.
No. 1905 ID: 42a775
File 124647927883.png - (101.71KB , 768x768 , dq80.png )

No. 1906 ID: 42a775
File 124647964140.png - (124.01KB , 768x768 , dq81.png )


Something falls heavily into place with a solid 'thunk'
No. 1907 ID: 3479be

Must be your nerves playing tricks on you again.
Keep moving; look forward and see if the other side is visible.
No. 1910 ID: 00e62b

Oh shit.
The planks are going to come down on us.
Our only chance is to dangle on the pole with only our hands and somehow avoid getting them crushed.
There are most likely slots on the pole where the planks snap in, try to avoid those.
No. 1915 ID: 8ce2bf

Hold onto the first pole with your legs and grab the second one with your hands, so you'll have a better chance of keeping a grip than with just your hands, and you can then get a better judgement of where the planks will land.
No. 1920 ID: 42a775
File 124648210645.png - (99.28KB , 768x768 , dq82.png )


You have no idea how you'd swing out and grab both of the poles!

You manage to position your hands such that they don't get crushed by the planks that snap down onto the pole you are currently shimmying across.
No. 1922 ID: c80cec

Well don't just hang there, we have a bridge now. Let's clamber on top and cross it like a normal person instead of doing the most dangerous thing possible.
No. 1923 ID: 3479be

Climb up on top of the newly formed ladder bridge thing. It's not exactly a good time to show off your moves, so try not swinging around too much.
No. 1924 ID: 7eda8b

Clamber up onto the planks.

Stand on your hands and knees, gasping for breath and trying to calm down.

Then continue on.
No. 1925 ID: 00e62b

Yeah climb on the bridge.
But be careful about it, there might be secret onlookers.
No. 1928 ID: 42a775
File 124648353733.png - (108.61KB , 768x768 , dq83.png )


You manage to scramble up onto the newfound bridge, stopping to catch your breath. The other end of the chasm looks to be in sight.
No. 1930 ID: c01408

That bridge kind of looks more like --
Oh Christ I hope we're not about to get railroaded.
No. 1932 ID: 00e62b

At least now we can hope for some light at the end of the tunnel.
No. 1934 ID: 8ce2bf

After you finish catching your breath, carefully make your way across the rest of the bridge.
No. 1935 ID: 42a775
File 124648487718.png - (151.26KB , 768x768 , thisisakokeupdate.png )

No. 1936 ID: c80cec

Oh, bollocks.
No. 1937 ID: 4abe6f

Time for awesome.
Run up the front of the train, and along the top until we reach the end.
No. 1938 ID: 7eda8b


Continue along the bridge.
No. 1940 ID: 42a775
File 124648606444.png - (111.36KB , 768x768 , dq84.png )


Hey now, I don't make fun of you guys for tyops.

There is a strange door here.
No. 1941 ID: c80cec

Examine the panel on the center of the door.
No. 1942 ID: 00e62b

Examine the door, especial the gears. We still got our gear, right? Maybe we can use it here.
No. 1943 ID: 7eda8b

Read note.
No. 1944 ID: 42a775
File 12464878558.png - (116.66KB , 768x768 , dq85.png )


The gears at the base look to be part of some mechanism built into the wall.

The panel is loose and comes off. It looks like the door is some sort of clockwork mechanism.
No. 1945 ID: 7eda8b

Insert key into hole. Turn.
No. 1947 ID: 42a775
File 124648854087.png - (117.27KB , 768x768 , dq86.png )


Some of the gears start turning, but it looks like the mechanism is broken.
No. 1948 ID: 3479be

Can you asses how broken it is? Is anything missing?
No. 1949 ID: 42a775
File 124649007213.png - (130.39KB , 768x768 , dq87.png )


It looks like there's something missing.
No. 1951 ID: 099247

Does the gear we started off with fit in here? Or possible some tiny set of gears from the wooden post where we got the key from?
No. 1952 ID: 42a775
File 124649052293.png - (119.92KB , 768x768 , dq88.png )


It looks a little out of place, but it fits!
No. 1954 ID: 099247

Aight, stick the silly tiny key in that silly tiny key hole and see if it turns at all
No. 1956 ID: 8e18cd


Use the gear we have on ourselves
No. 1960 ID: 42a775
File 124649146694.png - (136.15KB , 768x768 , dq89.png )


The gears turn, and a steady clicking is heard as the door pulls open
No. 1963 ID: 099247

Stick our head in?
No. 1967 ID: 87583b

Look inside.

This is giving me some Fate of Atlantis nostalgia right here.
No. 1968 ID: 42a775
File 12464954909.png - (63.63KB , 768x768 , dq90.png )


There is a room here.
No. 1969 ID: 099247

And so it begins. Check the locked door to the North, is it a small padlock? Or is that shit bolted shut? After that head Right.
No. 1971 ID: 42a775
File 124649638873.png - (63.02KB , 768x768 , dq91.png )


Apparently it isn't locked at all, it just has an odd latch.
No. 1972 ID: 099247

Oh. Investigate further, we must.
No. 1974 ID: 7eda8b

Peer through doors Up and to the Right. Enter whichever's more interesting.
No. 1980 ID: 42a775
File 12464977333.png - (110.58KB , 768x768 , dq92.png )


No. 1981 ID: c80cec

Holy crap, a robot. Is it responsive in any way?
No. 1982 ID: 7eda8b

Say 'Hello.'

If that doesn't work, try to find places to insert keys or cogs. Or just an on switch.
No. 1984 ID: 42a775
File 124649879717.png - (127.33KB , 768x768 , dq93.png )


>Say 'Hello.'

You hear no response.

>If that doesn't work, try to find places to insert keys or cogs. Or just an on switch.

You reach forward and tap your fingers on the mirror.
No. 1985 ID: 42a775
File 124649883544.png - (97.82KB , 768x394 , deependagain.png )

No. 1999 ID: 8ce2bf

...Hold up the vial to the mirror?
No. 2000 ID: 04603a


... is this >>1935?
nothing happened to cause a Deep End...
No. 2001 ID: 220607


No. 2004 ID: 9891a9

>You reach forward and tap your fingers on the mirror.
We are the robots.
No. 2005 ID: f95743

You silly bugger, it just means the session is over.
No. 2007 ID: b7d543

What a twist
No. 2008 ID: 1e1932


And then /tg/ was a machine.
No. 4364 ID: cc6cee

holy fuk wat
No. 4530 ID: 42a775
File 124712130958.png - (203.10KB , 768x768 , dq94.png )

You wake up.
No. 4532 ID: 7eda8b

Look around.

Try to cut bonds with spiny fingers.
No. 4536 ID: 489ca2


Flip the fuck out.
No. 4540 ID: c01408

Mentally scan your body for the following things:
1. Check for physical injuries.
2. Check brain. Feeling cloudy or drugged?
3. Check for bleeding anywhere.
4. Check to make sure virginity is still intact.
5. Check to see if any further memories surface.
No. 4554 ID: 42a775
File 124712424250.png - (118.64KB , 768x768 , dq95.png )


In a rare stroke of fortune, the restraints around your arms afford you enough mobility to free yourself thanks to your claw-like fingers!

The walls here seem to be made out of some sort of clay, as does the table you find yourself strapped to. There are several sharp implements adorning the back wall, and towards the fore is a pile of mason's stalks and a strangely shaped vat containing an unknown liquid. At one side a curtain appears to be acting as a door to this room.

Your chest hurts like the blazes, and a quick inspection shows a nasty bruise. Your head is a bit foggy. None of this spurs any memories.
No. 4555 ID: 7eda8b

Pick up that sword-like instrument on the back wall. It seems to afford you more reach as a weapon than the hatchet.

Keep your eyes wide and darting around. Stay quiet, breath subdued.

Holding your weapon tightly, peek through the curtain.
No. 4560 ID: 2c3b95

Check yourself over *very carefully* - are you in fact made of flesh and blood?
No. 4567 ID: 42a775
File 124712659057.png - (128.16KB , 768x768 , dq96.png )


You grab the jagged implement from the wall and cautiously check your surroundings.

It looks like this room is some sort of clay hut somewhere in the stalk grove, which is better lit than earlier. It looks like the mist is still getting brighter. The light is still dim at best, however.


Giving yourself a quick once-over, you can't seem to find any evidence to the contrary.
No. 4568 ID: d107b2

Go back inside the hut. Loot all manner of sharp objects and the leather straps. (cut them with the sharp objects, if needed)
Do not touch the vat or the stalks with your bare skin. Check around for more objects. I think it's time to find some gloves.
No. 4572 ID: 13034c

wrap the length of rope in the corner around your waist. It is now a belt. hang the sword, as well as the axe from the wall, on your new belt.
No. 4576 ID: 7eda8b

Use the SWORD and HATCHET as makeshift giant tongs, to pick up a mason's stalk and put it in the vat to see what it does.
No. 4591 ID: a3b36a

Barricade door with table.

Pleasure self. For relaxation purposes.
No. 5841 ID: bcefd3

whats that junk in the corner of the room, at the foot of the bed
No. 6368 ID: 96da9e
File 124768605010.png - (126.56KB , 768x768 , dq97.png )


Inspecting the pile of objects in the corner,m you find your length of rope, Gear, and vial. You reclaim your items, placing the gear and vial back into your pockets and using the length of rope to fashion a makeshift belt.

You are able to tuck the Hatchet from the wall into your rope belt for carrying, Though you can't find a way to fit the sword into it. If you want to keep the sword, you'll need to carry it.

The cloth strips with which you were bound to the table are too long to fit into your pockets, and the clay table is too heavy for you to lift. Even if it wasn't, the door to this building appears to open toward the outside and barricading it wouldn't be terribly useful.

The logs are too heavy and awkward to lift using the hatchet and sword as tongs.
No. 6370 ID: 213bc9

Tie the straps around your torso.
Go outside some more.
No. 6373 ID: 1f09d7

Use the cloth strips to make more belts. SO MANY BELTS.
We will use them to carry more things. Unless we can't, in which case they'll just be belts.
You can never have too many belts.
No. 6378 ID: 96da9e
File 124769071337.png - (201.52KB , 1024x1024 , dq98.png )


You obey the strange compulsion to wrap the cloth straps around your torso and head outside.

You look to be in some different part of the stalk grove, though there are far fewer stalks around.
No. 6379 ID: 34d3ad


Check the cave entrance at the upper-right side of the screen.

...That IS a cave entrance, right?
No. 6388 ID: 96da9e
File 124769196253.png - (256.58KB , 768x768 , dq99.png )


There looks to be some sort of light other than the mist coming out of here.
No. 6398 ID: 0dcc29

Investigate strange lights
go insane
No. 6883 ID: 7eda8b

Sink your hatchet into one of the strange logs so as to drag it up into the basin and see what's up with that.

... or just proceed into the tunnel to investigate the light. That's fine too.
No. 6958 ID: 96da9e
File 124772519364.png - (306.29KB , 768x768 , dq100.png )


you investigate further
No. 6959 ID: 7eda8b

Try to identify the silhouette. Say nothing.
No. 6961 ID: 95ab41


approach cautiously, holding sword/saw thing prepared to defend yourself
No. 6962 ID: 8ce2bf

It's very likely that this is the person that tied you up. He appears to be facing away from you and concentrating on something else, try to sneak up on him. If you manage to sneak up without him noticing, grab him and put your sword to his throat, and ask him who he is and what he's doing here.
No. 6978 ID: 96da9e
File 124772729515.png - (188.94KB , 768x768 , dq101.png )

Unfortunately, your eyes haven't adjusted to this much brighter light source yet and the figure is still mostly a hazy silhouette, and you can't identify it.

You sneak toward the figure, holding your weapon up cautiously.
No. 6981 ID: 7eda8b

... What in the hell is it?
No. 6984 ID: 1f09d7

Ask who it is.
If it pulls some sortof freaky shit, screams, attacks, or is otherwise unfriendly, be prepared to swing.
No. 6985 ID: 5c614a

No. 6999 ID: 96da9e
File 124772936914.png - (234.84KB , 768x768 , dq102.png )

The creature quickly turns in response to your making a sound
No. 7000 ID: 13a0af


Lick creature.
No. 7001 ID: 1e1932


No. 7003 ID: 5b4c51

Prepare to defend yourself or to run away.
No. 7005 ID: 7eda8b

Take a frightened step back.

Say, "Please, I don't want to fight. Who are you?"

Introduce yourself.
No. 7416 ID: 96da9e
File 124781395650.png - (253.15KB , 768x768 , dq103.png )

It appears that the creature is quicker than you, springing to its feat and raising its knife. It eyes you warily, but seems hesitant to strike.


>... Telwis.
No. 7418 ID: 9c72c8

It's... so... CUTE.
Make baby noises!
No. 7419 ID: b2c34e


Awww, he's cute! Keep it!
No. 7420 ID: 95ab41

wave and say "hello"
No. 7421 ID: bffa2a

What happened to your eye?
No. 7424 ID: 7eda8b

Say "Did you tie me down?"
No. 7426 ID: 96da9e
File 124785570764.png - (245.08KB , 768x768 , dq104.png )


The creature does not seem amused


Before you can open your mouth to speak, the creature leans forward slightly, brandishing its knife.

>Put down m'saw!
No. 7428 ID: 34d3ad


"Wait...this is YOUR saw?"

"...Then YOU were the one who captured me! And tied me up! Why did you do that?!"
No. 7429 ID: 8ce2bf

He speaks our language so we at least have a chance to reason with him. Put down his saw and kick it over to him so he won't think we're trying to attack him, and giving him the saw still leaves us with a hatchet in a pinch.
No. 7432 ID: f42c4e

Put the saw down
Ask what the fuck it is.
Where the fuck are we.
How do we get out.
No. 7433 ID: 8ce2bf

Well to be fair he doesn't know anything about us, most likely he just wanted to be sure we wouldn't be able to attack him.
We should try and tell him we don't want to fight with him, and this is just a misunderstanding.
No. 7436 ID: 7eda8b

"Hold! I don't want to fight. But why did you tie me up?"
No. 7437 ID: bffa2a

Don't lower weapons to a armed hostile even if it is a peck. Step back and get ready to blind it's other eye if it dosen't calm down. You don't excactly seem pinnacle of a warrior so aim counts.

Tell it can have it's stuff back after we talk, wich end first depends on how friendly we get. Also why did we have chest bruise or did it just cop a feel.
No. 7450 ID: 96da9e
File 12478603207.png - (226.27KB , 768x768 , dq105.png )

You toss over the saw, and Telwis kneels down to retrieve it, appearing significantly more relaxed when you aren't brandishing a pointy implement.

You take a step back and raise your hand defensively, still not trusting the creature completely.


Telwis says that you started thrashing around, so you got tied down so you wouldn't hurt yourself (or Telwis).


Telwis didn't even know you had a bruise. Telwis found you passed out in the Stalk Grove.

Telwis wants to know who you are, and what you're doing this far in the depths.
No. 7452 ID: 7eda8b

"I'm sorry. I'm lost. I can't remember anything, not even who I am. I woke up in a pool of water. I think I might have hurt my head."

Look sad.

"I'm sorry I waved your saw at you."
No. 7454 ID: bffa2a


Apparently voluntarily getting stabbed by pecks. We don't know what we are doing here and we might be tripping on MAGIC stalk. Our name is Ven but it might not be you know, do we look like a robot?
No. 7507 ID: 0dcc29

Asl Telwis who he is and we he does down here. Explain that we're not entirely sure how we got here but we're trying to get out (?) I really don't know what we're trying to achieve right now.
No. 7511 ID: 7eda8b

Okay, so >>1537 through >>1984 was apparently a dream sequence...?

Do we still have the cog?
No. 7519 ID: 9c72c8

Introduce yourself as Ven.
Explain >>7452 >>7454
Apologize for waving the saw, but we're kindof freaking out right now.
Thank him for saving us.
No. 7933 ID: 96da9e
File 124789555164.png - (292.25KB , 768x768 , dq106.png )


You retrieved your cog, as well as your vial and rope, from the corner of the hut after you woke up.


As you mention that you don't know how you got here, Telwis Sinks visibly, turning back toward the crystal and sitting back down.

>Asl Telwis who he is and we he does down here.

Telwis says that it spends most of its time working with the mason's stalks.

>Apologize for waving the saw, but we're kind of freaking out right now.
>Thank him for saving us.

Telwis waves its hand dismissively
No. 7935 ID: 53e089

Ask Telwis what this place is, exactly.
No. 7942 ID: 96da9e
File 124789707956.png - (293.33KB , 768x768 , dq107.png )


Telwis doesn't really understand your question. You're in a Mason's Stalk grove somewhere in the depths.

You start to get the feeling that Telwis isn't very accustomed to speaking with people.
No. 7943 ID: 34d3ad


Where's the exit?
No. 7944 ID: 7eda8b

Say "Thank you for saving me. The grove messed with my mind. Is that normal?"
No. 7945 ID: 7eda8b

He clearly doesn't know. Also, it seems like he needs a hug.
No. 7957 ID: 96da9e
File 124789816983.png - (292.86KB , 768x768 , dq108.png )


Telwis seems a bit agitated by your question.


According to Telwis, all the grove is is Stalks and moss. It shouldn't mess with your mind at all.
No. 7964 ID: 7eda8b

Say "Maybe it's something that only affects my species. We're not as sturdy as most."

Pause to consider. You haven't seen much food around.

"I don't know much about the depths. I don't want to be a burden, but if you could teach me a little about this place, maybe we could help each other?"
No. 7965 ID: 53e089

Since he doesn't seem so keen on getting us out of here, let's try something else. Offer to help him with his tasks - maybe he won't be so grumpy when his chores are completed.
No. 7967 ID: 4714be

"I was bit by some creature underwater, could it have done that?"
No. 7978 ID: 96da9e
File 124790004577.png - (288.60KB , 768x768 , dq109.png )


Telwis says that might be the case if it were a Dreamworm, but there's no Dreamworms in the river and you were on the wrong side of the Grove for that anyway.


Telwis doesn't seem to care about getting things done quickly. Telwis has all the time in the world.


Telwis doesn't really know what to say. The depths are mostly just like everywhere else, except there's no civilization down here.
No. 7982 ID: 670155

Help him with whatever anyway, we dont have anything to do or any place to be.
No. 7984 ID: 53e089

Sigh, and sit down in frustration - speaking with Telwis is getting us nowhere fast.

Quietly watch him go about his task. If he has all the time in the world, then apparently so do we.
No. 7987 ID: 4714be

Ask about the crystal he seems enamored with.
Perhaps we should explore the grove a bit more before we commit to anything.
No. 7988 ID: 7eda8b

"It was in a pond. A long eel-like creature with many fins. I guess that was a Dreamworm."

Remember the dream you had. Perhaps there is some truth to it. We need to cross the grove again.

"I'll be back later, Telwis. Good day to you."
No. 7992 ID: bffa2a

Create a new thread soon, this one is getting uncomfortably long.
No. 7994 ID: 96da9e


Telwis doesn't look to be particularly occupied with anything but sitting in front of this crystal.


Telwis seems a bit taken aback at your question.

Telwis asks how it is that you don't know what a Daystone is. There's one in the middle of almost every city. Sure, this one's tiny and cracked, but it should still be obvious.


Telwis doesn't know of any pond in the Grove.
No. 7995 ID: 96da9e
File 124790213613.png - (356.29KB , 768x768 , dq110.png )


>and also a picture
No. 7996 ID: c80cec

Tell him that we remember falling after leaving the pond we woke up in and getting bit by that strange fish. And that we can't remember anything before that.
No. 7997 ID: 4714be

Let's look around a bit. It doesn't seem like Telwis is going anywhere soon, so we can always come back to bombard him with questions later.
No. 7998 ID: 9c72c8

Daystone? We don't know anything about Daystones. Do we?
We have amnesia. We think. It's hard to remember if we do or not.
No. 8554 ID: 1c7954

We got across that bridge, remember? And we were probably the only ones who could do that, given the mechanism.

Mention the bridge (and the doom cave) to Telwis.
No. 9840 ID: 96da9e
File 124813863889.png - (354.24KB , 768x768 , dq111.png )


Telwis is astonished that you don't know what a daystone is.

He explains that they provide light, like the mist does, and that their glow grows and fades along with the mist. Where else did you think light comes from?


Telwis doesn't know what you're talking about. There hasn't been a bridge across the chasm since he got here. And he certainly doesn't know of any 'doom cave.'
No. 9852 ID: 95ab41

Ask Telwis if it can take you back to where it found you, then try to retrace your path to show it the bridge
No. 9863 ID: 9c72c8

> Where else did you think light comes from?
... mushrooms? Plankton?
No. 9899 ID: 96da9e
File 124814517256.png - (350.74KB , 768x768 , dq112.png )


Telwis says that you must be some sort of crazy, because you're just talking nosense now.


Telwis says that he doesn't have anything better to do, so he'll play along for now. But you'd best not try anything.
No. 9909 ID: 96da9e
File 124814642386.png - (221.31KB , 768x768 , dq113.png )


Telwis guides you quickly through the grove, back to the spot where he claims to have found you.

It looks familiar, though it's a bit brighter now than it was before.
No. 9912 ID: 95ab41

do your best to retrace your foot steps before you passed out.
No. 9913 ID: 0dcc29

Ask Telwis what kind of possible entrances/exits there could be around here. If he's not aware of any then we could just go for a wander.
No. 9951 ID: 96da9e


You begin retracing your steps down the tunnel through which you entered the grove.


Telwis says that the only 'exit' around here is an opening into a chasm, and the only bridge there is an old and broken one that doesn't even come to this opening.
No. 9953 ID: 96da9e
File 124814990794.png - (389.72KB , 768x768 , dq114.png )


and also a picture
No. 9983 ID: 96da9e
File 124815220619.png - (158.43KB , 768x768 , dq115.png )


You reach the edge of the chasm. With the mist growing brighter, you can see the other side.

Telwis motions toward a hole on the far wall with the remnants of an old rope bridge dangling from it.

He asks if that is the bridge you were talking about.
No. 9988 ID: 9c72c8

Tell Telwis about the cave just above this one -- we fell down from it and grabbed the ledge here (wow good thing we didn't miss).
Also we may have been tripping balls when we imagined the bridge.
Ask Telwis if there's any other way out of here. To the other side in particular, but if not we'll take anywhere with civilization.
It's just... we're an ADVENTURER and there's no goals or weird puzzle shit or things to collect here so we might as well keep moving. Right?!
Don't question our bizarre compulsions!
No. 9994 ID: 96da9e
File 124815381988.png - (139.60KB , 768x768 , dq116.png )


When you tell Telwis about the cave above, he leans out of the opening and looks upward. He seems to be surprised by something.

He asks where this chain came from, and if you climbed down it.

There's an opening to a river on the other side of the grove, but Telwis hasn't explored that route very far. He says that following the river goes deeper, and there are some caverns on the other side.
No. 9995 ID: bde1b8

"Yes, I did climb down the chain, but I slipped and caught myself on this ledge. I'm not sure if it is safe to climb or not."

Then thank him for being so helpful, and as if he can take us to that river.
No. 10000 ID: 95ab41

Poke your head out the mouth of the cave and look up. Where's the chain hanging?
No. 10001 ID: 9c72c8

We found the chain in a pool of water in the cavern up above, where we woke up. So we tied it to a post that's up there and climbed down because there was nothing else up there.
That's where we got bit by the underwater creature that must've been a Dreamworm.
We don't remember anything before waking up in the pool.
No. 10002 ID: 9c72c8

10000 POST GET.
No. 10084 ID: 96da9e
File 124819584660.png - (112.07KB , 768x768 , dq117.png )


The chain appears to be hanging out of another hole farther up the wall of the chasm. It is out of reach.


Telwis looks at you strangely.

He asks you if this hole was the only way out of said cavern.
No. 10085 ID: 95ab41

"As far as I know. The only other path would supposedly be through the water"
No. 10087 ID: 30287d

Use your sexual prowess to lure Deme into this quest and fly you up to the chain.
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