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File 136082391697.png - (38.85KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
492687 No. 492687 ID: a68e3e

Oh god... My head...
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No. 492688 ID: a68e3e
File 136082404089.png - (563.85KB , 798x567 , 2.png )


A1..? How the hell did she get in my..?

>"Wake up. Beep."

Saisai opens her eyes and finds herself in her room. A1 is there and... Dressed rather oddly. More so than usual.

>"Saisai Sempai, you're going to be late for your first day as a Knight. Boop."

"What the f-"

>"We have to hurry. Beep."

What is this
I don't even
No. 492689 ID: 5d98c3

You're in an H-Game! PANIC!
No. 492690 ID: 9ee360

>"What the f-"
>What is this
>I don't even
That's it Saisai, fight the madness.

I mean, it's not like we went and paid for the full version anyways. You'd just get cut off before we got to the good stuff even if you did play along.
No. 492691 ID: bf54a8

you have been locked into an alternate reality. we have seen it before. the only way to escape this kind is to have kiss from someone that loves you. don't worry, everything that happens here will be erased after the kiss.
No. 492692 ID: 875821


No. 492693 ID: f2c20c

Get dressed and see if your mimic is there. After A1 leaves.
No. 492694 ID: a68e3e
File 136082470348.png - (571.96KB , 798x567 , 3.png )


What the hell is a H-Game!?

That's all it takes then?

Saisai gets up and lifts A1's box. She gives her a quick kiss on the cheek

Why isn't this going away..? You lied to me Guardian!

>"B-beep! S-saisai Sempai... You... You can't do such things, b-beep..."
No. 492695 ID: bf54a8

i said a kiss FROM someone that loves you. THEY need to kiss YOU. on the mouth.
No. 492696 ID: f2c20c

We said someone that loves you.

You don't have enough Doki Points with A1 yet. Gotta make friends. Sortof. It's different from normal, okay?

Get dressed. In front of A1. That may quicken things up.
No. 492697 ID: 695191

Well shit they all have their own quirks and goals. Just uh... play along for now I guess?
No. 492698 ID: 875821

Looks like you need to go further than that.
No. 492699 ID: a68e3e
File 136082517594.png - (576.75KB , 798x567 , 4.png )

"A1, get naked. Now!"


"I'm stuck in some kind of nightmare world and we need to have sex. Right f*@#ing now!"


A1 flees
You have lost A1 as a possible mate! Hint: Perhaps take things a bit slower next time? Gotta build that romance, doki~

"Who said that!?"
No. 492700 ID: 875821



No. 492702 ID: f2c20c

The game narrator. It isn't a real person. C'mon, Saisai. If you mess up your relationship with all of your prospects you'll get Bad End! Also were you really gonna have sex with A1?! Holy crap Saisai, I didn't think you were that kind of girl.

Check on your mimic.
No. 492704 ID: f2c20c

No. 492706 ID: bf54a8

you pushed to hard and scared her. and for that reality itself has punished you. the only kind of person you can convince to have sex real fast would be a sleazeball, and there would be no love in it so it would still not work.
No. 492707 ID: 695191

We're in some crazy beings playworld. Could be worse, I guess.

HEY CRAZY BEING, RELOAD THE GAME. I mean we probably aren't going to do the robot girls path, but having her all freaked out can't help.

Unless there is no saves, in which case you're a dick for not including an introduction of some kind.
No. 492708 ID: 9ee360

>What the hell is a H-Game!?
It's a game. Played on a machine with a display like Regulus' orb thing. The exact mechanics vary from game to game but generally they involve interacting with characters with the goal to unlock... explicit content.

Lucky for you, you don't actually have to get into anyone's pants to beat this one. You just have to get them to kiss you.

...and of course you can't just kiss them yourself! This is a virtual novel, not a Rance game.

...I am impressed by your willingness to abruptly cut to the quick and messy solution, though.

Maybe we can just keep propositioning people? Eventually it'll either work, or you'll scare everyone off and escape when we lose the game!

Yes, that's it! We'll beat the h-game by trying to have sex with everyone and failing. It's so crazy, it has to work!
No. 492709 ID: bf54a8

except the game could auto-restart. which may not be that bad, would give you another shot at A1.

what about yuyu? he probably wouldn't take much prodding, but you can't just pay him, again there needs to be love.
No. 492712 ID: 695191

Wait... Ombra. Where the hell is Ombra?
No. 492713 ID: a68e3e
File 136082582666.png - (575.46KB , 798x567 , 5.png )

God dammit there's all these rules. Why would anyone play this kind of game!?

"Hey, Yuyu!"

Yuyu pops out of his chest.

>"Geeze Falladay Sempai, don't you have school or something? I mean, fiddlesticks. You can't just go and ditch school like some kind gosh darned hoodlum. Regulus Sensai is gonna be furious with you."

Oh god.
I just want this to end.
No. 492714 ID: bf54a8

okay he's out. no one that says gosh darn and fiddlesticks will EVER have sex.

just look for a paper that has a class schedule on t.
No. 492715 ID: f2c20c

Welp looks like they turned your demon into a lot more of a prude. Can we just go to class and do this properly, Saisai? Trust us, we can get you through this reasonably quickly.

Get to the... uh... school.
No. 492716 ID: 695191

Ok so... this isn't reality but its based on reality, sorta? Maybe we can use this. Nothing we do here could possibly effect reality, so why not get close to people you normally wouldn't? Like Regulus and the King. Could provide information or hints later.

>Why would anyone play this kind of game!?
It's a poor emulation of social interaction and romantic activity. And uh... sometimes just a vehicle to deliver porn. BUT NOT NECESSARILY. Don't freak out on that yet. Again.

Ombra are you here at all?
No. 492718 ID: 9ee360

>Why would anyone play this kind of game!?
On the premise that porn is more enjoyable if it's associated with actual characters you have to interact with first, or if there's some challenge in getting to it?

You could ask him if he's still interested in breaking the contract.

>Oh god.
>I just want this to end.
Or... we could just refuse to play the game. Go back to bed. Kill yourself. Go on a killing spree until the rest of the knights take you down. Whatever. Anything that's not going along with the game, and rebelling instead.

I mean, what's the worst that could happen? It's just a game. I doubt a game over would harm the real you.
No. 492719 ID: 5d98c3

THAT'S IT! GOD! Call god and tell him to get off his giant stone ass and HELP YOU. Or at least tell you what the ruck is happening.
No. 492720 ID: 9ee360

>Ombra are you here at all?
Hey, you there? Thought you'd be laughing. You're missing Saisai freak out.
No. 492722 ID: a68e3e
File 136082639992.png - (667.65KB , 798x567 , 6.png )

I don't even want to have any sort of physical contact with someone who talks like that..
I guess I'll just.. Go to the school? Is it the School or the Castle? I don't even care.

Saisai makes her way to the castle. About halfway there she here a bell chime. She continues along until someone calls out to her.

>"Stop right there, criminal scum!"


She turns around and sees a tiny floating dragon thing.


>"That's Miss Ombra Hall-Monitor to you miss. And you're over an hour late! What excuse do you have!?"
No. 492723 ID: f2c20c

Wow you must've woken up really late. Say that you overslept.

...so, no comment on propositioning A1?
No. 492724 ID: 9ee360

>And you're over an hour late! What excuse do you have!?
Repeat after me, in a complete deadpan:

"I tried to lesbian-rape my no-good sex-robot friend to escape this nightmare."

Then proposition her. Tsun-dragon kisses.
No. 492725 ID: bf54a8

oh right, time here is cutscene based. meaning talking to yuyu took a lot of time.

hmmm... say you were so nervous last night you couldn't get to sleep for a while so you overslept.
No. 492727 ID: a68e3e
File 136082683777.png - (672.06KB , 798x567 , 7.png )

Look, I'll proposition whoever the hell it takes to get out of this.

Sure, why not! Not like anything matters in this world.

"I tried to lesbian-rape my no-good sex-robot friend to escape this nightmare."





Doki~ Doki~

One Doki Doki point gained! Only 4 more needed for this character!
No. 492728 ID: 875821

But... With you here, it's not such a nightmare... Hall-monitor, aah~
No. 492729 ID: 695191

Huh. Well that wasn't too bad. Only four more, go be charming.
No. 492730 ID: 9ee360

...oh gods, Ombra liked that.

It makes perfect sense. She's a total tsundere. All you have to do is keep being a snarky bitch to her until she starts smothering you in hate-kisses, and then we're free! It's win-win!
No. 492731 ID: f2c20c

Ask her if she's gonna punish you now. You've been naughty.
No. 492733 ID: f2c20c

Well, snarky would be "Can I go now?"
No. 492734 ID: a68e3e
File 136082754431.png - (672.08KB , 798x567 , 8.png )


.... Am I really going to seduce someone the size of my fist..?

Fine, whatever.

"So are you going to punish me now? I've been naughty." She says, with the exact same deadpan.

>"Oh my... That... That deserves -quite- the punishment..."

"Oh, and I didn't bring a backpack. I'm not even in uniform."

>"Oh-oh my! Saisai, that's so... Wrong~"

+1 Doki Doki Point!

I hate everything.

"So, are we done here? I'm going now."

>"W-wait! You can't just leave! I.. I'm not supposed to allow that!"
No. 492735 ID: 875821

"Yeah, that's be real... naughty~, wouldn't it?"
No. 492738 ID: f2c20c

Hey, real-Ombra, can you hear this? Are you watching?
No. 492739 ID: bf54a8

the longer i stay here the later i will be~
No. 492740 ID: 9ee360

>.... Am I really going to seduce someone the size of my fist..?
There's some... fairly obvious explicit applications for that.

Don't think of it as humilating or degrading yourself, though. Think of it as degrading this hollow mockery of Ombra. Bitch, living in your head, yelling at you and causing you grief? And now she likes it when you disregard her authority and treat her badly? You could have fun with this.

>W-wait! You can't just leave! I.. I'm not supposed to allow that!
Well then. I guess you'd better... *hearbeat* stop me. If... you... can.
No. 492741 ID: 695191

Oh I know!

"You and I aren't supposed to do a lot of things. Are you going to let that stop us?"
No. 492742 ID: f2c20c

Why, if you stay here with her, it sounds like it'll make you very, very late for class.

Saisai, you know, we can probably worm our way into anyone's heart. Maybe even Maggie or Artemis. I'm uh, well, kindof more interested in trying for Maggie.
No. 492743 ID: 9ee360

Let's go for Maggie and kinky telekinesis / mindreading sex with our once-per-demo savestate reload. We have to finish this magnificent trainwreck with Ombra, first.
No. 492750 ID: a68e3e
File 136082881619.png - (671.17KB , 798x567 , 9.png )

You are correct, you get ONE free reload with Doki Doki, My First Day as a Knight~.

"You and I aren't supposed to do a lot of things. Are you going to let that stop us?" Deadpan

>"W-What are you implying..?"

"What I'm saying is the two of us... Can ditch school."

>"WH-WHAT!? That's so... Oh god I'm getting chills just thinking about all the rules that would break!" The Tiny dragon shivers in... Anticipation?

+1 Doki Doki Point!

>"B-but we can't! It's... I'm the hall-monitor!"
No. 492755 ID: bf54a8

but we aren't IN the ha right now, we are right outside of them~
No. 492756 ID: 875821


"I bet you like breaking rules~. You like seeing people break the rules~." toy with the hem of your shirt a bit - tease her. "We can break so many rules, together~"
No. 492757 ID: 9ee360

Tell her the only way she's going to keep you here is if she stops you, herself. Or if she gives you a reason to stay. (+1 DokiDoki).

...then point out that by keeping you here, she's actually making you later for class, and in fact, technically encouraging you to skip school. (MAXIMUM DOKIDOKI).
No. 492758 ID: f2c20c

Say that if she doesn't want to ditch school, maybe you could go draw graffiti in the girls' bathroom together instead.
No. 492759 ID: a68e3e
File 136083018018.png - (425.89KB , 600x600 , 10.png )

"I bet you like breaking the rules. I bet you like seeing people break the rules." Saisai moves closer to Ombra. "Think of all the rules we can break, together." still deadpan.


>"B-but... I... It's not true... I'm not..."

"And you know... Since you've been spending so much time with me... You've actually been making me even -more- late for class."



Great, looks like she's broken down. Now's my chance.

Saisai begins to strip Ombra down. The tiny dragon covers her mouth, trying to kee-THANK YOU FOR PLAYING THE DEMO OF DOKI DOKI, MY FIRST DAY AS A KNIGHT~!
No. 492760 ID: f2c20c

Alright, RELOADAN time!
No. 492761 ID: 9ee360

Goddamn, this is fucking amazing.
No. 492762 ID: 695191

Lucky you, the worst of it is cut off. That should be the end of it. Maybe.

No. 492763 ID: a68e3e
File 136083047334.png - (561.70KB , 798x567 , 11.png )



>"Wake up. Beep."

This isn't supposed to happen.

>"Saisai Sempai, you're going to be late for your first day as a Knight. Boop."


>"We have to hurry. Beep."


No. 492764 ID: 695191

No no no, don't waste time here with all that. Just apologize, get dressed and get to school before you molest Ombra again.
No. 492765 ID: 875821

Apologize and go to class.
No. 492766 ID: f2c20c

Except you didn't really.

Don't worry, this time it's for real! C'mon, get ready for school; let's do this properly this time and not be late.
No. 492767 ID: bf54a8

maybe it wants yo to go for someone specific? hurry to class with a1. hopefully you get a hint.
No. 492768 ID: 9ee360

Um. Remember when we said this was a game?

Well, typically people tend to play them more than once... you know, so they get to knab more than once character.

Luckily, this game only lets you go twice before it's over! You're almost out!

How about we find Maggie or something this time around? She's pretty wild, and with the mindreading it should be easy. Hell, she can probably make it good for you, too.
No. 492769 ID: 04b86a

Yeah, well, we get a single reload and apparently using it's mandatory or something? Whatever, don't worry about it.

But look on the bright side, you get the chance to seduce people you'd never even have a chance at normally! I say you cut class and seduce Artemis's mother. Seriously, that woman could probably go toe to toe with the Tigerfolk King. Are you really going to pass up that?
No. 492770 ID: a68e3e
File 136083108769.png - (603.53KB , 798x567 , 12.png )

One more time.
But if you reset this again
I will do horrible things to A1 and Yuyu and make you watch. It won't be fun.

"I'm sorry A1, let's go to school."


She smiles and takes Saisai's hand. The two of them walk to school together and make it in time.

>"I'll see you at lunchtime, ok?"


I don't even know what classes I have...

She hears someone laugh behind her. she turns around


>"Falladay! Are you lost already? I know it's your first day and all. Perhaps you're like Regulus Sensei to show you around~?"
No. 492771 ID: bf54a8

uhhh... you have a thing, you need to do.. far away from him.
No. 492772 ID: 76b151





Find someone, anyone else. Hell do the smart thing and head to the school office and ask for your schedule.
No. 492773 ID: f2c20c


Tell him you just want to get to class.
No. 492774 ID: 695191

That's... scary. Let's not do that. Maybe you could offer to smash his face and crush his genitals if he doesn't piss off.
No. 492775 ID: 9ee360

>But if you reset this again
We didn't do it! The game did. Automatically.

>I will do horrible things to A1 and Yuyu and make you watch. It won't be fun.
...I did kind of suggest you go on consequence-less murder-spree, earlier. Remember?

Oh gods. Run.

...or kill him. We hate this guy, right? And he's got that nice exposed torso just asking for a spear... (although with our luck, that would net a doki doki point anyways).
No. 492776 ID: 04b86a

No. No, no, absolutely not, no! Regulus is off limits. Seriously, just ditch school and find Artemis's house. Or hunt down Maggie, or go to the Tigerfolk King for some "physical training". Hell, go find your half-sister if you're into that, just not him!
No. 492777 ID: a68e3e
File 136083149831.png - (543.65KB , 798x567 , 13.png )

>"Hey! Where are you running off to!"
No. 492778 ID: a68e3e
File 136083211635.png - (390.44KB , 798x567 , 14.png )

Saisai just runs
And runs.
Until her legs are weak and she's gasping for breath.

>"Woah, you ok there Falladay?"

Saisai looks up to see Maggie.


>"Captain? It's me, Nurse Maggie. You look all red... Are you sick, Saisai?"
No. 492779 ID: bf54a8

way better.

"yes, very sick, can you help me feel better?"
No. 492782 ID: 9ee360

>Are you sick, Saisai?

This one will be easy. Just get her examining you, and then play along. Then enjoy the kinky telekinetic sex and telepathic feedback. Plus, she's a nurse. This is basically the best sex you could hope to be getting out of this mess, so go for it.
No. 492784 ID: f2c20c

Ooooh, nice. Here, I've got something:

"My heart is pounding and I'm weak in the knees... I need you to help me get better."
No. 492785 ID: 695191

Better her than anyone else around here. Keep running around at this rate and you'll be molested by shadows.

Agree and go along with her.
No. 492786 ID: 6de77b

better then no one
lets seduce her and get the fuck out of this hellhole
"I'm not sick nurse Maggie, but i do need your help. can we talk somewhere more... private?"
No. 492787 ID: a68e3e
File 136083299266.png - (535.33KB , 798x567 , 15.png )

Fine. But not because I'm curious or anything
I just want to get out of here.

"My heart is pounding and I'm weak in the knees... I need you to help me get better."

>"Oh my. How could I say no to someone in need? Follow me."

Maggie leads Saisai to the nurse's office. She closes the door behind her. Saisai hears a click.

>"Take a seat."

"Uhm.. Ok..."

Saisai sits down on one of the beds as Maggie begins to sort through a drawer. She pulls out a needle and a bottle. Saisai frowns as Maggie begins to fill the needle with a clear fluid.

>"Your body is far too excited. This here should calm you down quite a bit."

"W-what is that...?" I don't like needles...

>"It's just a mild sedative. Won't even put you to sleep. I just want to make sure you're comfortable."

I don't think I like this.

Let her needle you.
Don't let her needle you.

No. 492788 ID: bf54a8

No. 492789 ID: 9ee360

...oh shit. Is anyone else getting some serious fat bird vibes here all of a sudden?

Um. Play along. Then use your years of agile training and catlike reflexes to "accidentally" bump her into sticking herself.
No. 492790 ID: f2c20c

Aw crap. She's one of THOSE nurses. What a buzzkill.

Don't let her needle you. You'll get knocked out and she'll experiment on you or something.

Tell her it's fine. She doesn't need to sedate you, just talking to her a while should calm you down. Maybe you can just come out and say you were trying to flirt with her, see how she reacts.
No. 492791 ID: 695191

...OK ok I got this. Don't let her give us the shot, and instead go give her a hug, say your upset and just need some company for a bit. That should lead to a better path than... whatever that would do.
No. 492792 ID: 76b151

this sounds like it could work.
No. 492794 ID: a68e3e
File 136083360526.png - (541.93KB , 798x567 , 16.png )

Maggie moves closer with that needle in hand. Before she gets to close Saisai calls out.



"I... I'm not really sick."


"Really... I was just trying to flirt with you. So uh... Please don't needle me."


Maggie places the needle down on a table.



>"... I... Hmm... It doesn't seem that you're lying. Your thoughts are fuzzy though, like you're here but not. How... Fascinating."

Saisai can see a small smile under that mask.

+1 Doki Doki!
+1 Avoid horrible Yandere Ending Point!

No. 492795 ID: 695191

Ok now ask to see her face without the mask. Because that shits disturbing.
No. 492796 ID: f2c20c

Heyyy... she might actually buy your explanation. Tell her that you're from another reality need to get intimate with someone to escape, and well... you were curious about her.
No. 492797 ID: 9ee360

>+1 Avoid horrible Yandere Ending Point!
Oh gods, she was gonna fat bird us, I knew it!

Okay, so things aren't going to be easy, but if we play our cards right, we can still net awesome psychic sex instead of horrible medical death.

...the mask. If we're flirting with her, we totally have to ask why she's hiding her pretty face.
No. 492798 ID: a68e3e
File 136083435148.png - (552.50KB , 798x567 , 17.png )

I think it'll be better to keep the whole mysterious thing going.

"I gotta ask... Why the mask?"

>"Ah, that's because... It's easier to wear it."

"Take it off. I want to see your pretty face."


Maggie removes her helmet. With her face exposed her entire stance changes. She seems more open now.
Saisai feels a sort of buzz in her head.
It's not entirely unpleasant.

>"Count yourself lucky Falladay, not many people have seen my face."

"I think you look adorable. You shouldn't keep it covered at all."

>"I.. I see..." She looks a bit guilty right now. Whatever she'd been planning to do to Saisai she regrets even thinking about.

+1 Doki Doki!
No. 492799 ID: 695191

Complement her piercing, say you think they're pretty hot. Ask if she has any others.
No. 492800 ID: f2c20c

Compliment her eyes. Also, comment positively on the buzz, ask what other stuff she can do with her powers.

Maybe offer for her to come sit next to you on the bed.
No. 492801 ID: f2c20c

Actually, the buzz might be part of why she keeps it on... she might be sensitive about that in particular. Maybe it's better not to bring it up.
No. 492802 ID: 9ee360

Oooh. Happy-buzz. Toldja.

(...should I be worried we didn't earn another Avoid horrible Yandere Ending Point? How many of those do we need?).

*nose poink* *teasing/sultry* You got any more of those? *grin*
No. 492803 ID: a68e3e
File 136083513703.png - (555.77KB , 798x567 , 18.png )

"I like the piercing."

>"Oh? Thanks." She wrinkles her nose a bit.

"Have anymore?"

She laughs and sticks out her tongue.


>"Hmm... I'm not sure if I should show a student -those-"

She holds her hands against her chest, clearly indicating where a few of them are.

I'm not sure if it's the buzzing feeling but this is kinda turning me on.

As if sensing Saisai's feelings Maggie moves closer, sitting down on the bed next to her. The buzzing feeling intensifies, becoming something almost euphoric. Maggie grins.

>"You like that?"


>"I can do a lot more if you want~"


Oh god.
What the hell

This isn't how this was supposed to go down dammit.
No. 492804 ID: 875821

"It's nice. Please~":
No. 492805 ID: dcd676

Remember how things started? With the needle and the sedative and the probably going to do terrible things to you?

Yeah. I recommend panicking and making a break for it. Or not panicking, and making a break for it.
No. 492806 ID: 695191

Be a bit coy about it, say "a little..."

>This isn't how this was supposed to go down dammit.
At least it isn't unpleasant.
No. 492807 ID: 76b151

Oh this feels nice.

I'd.... I'd... like to see them. If thats alright with you.
No. 492808 ID: 9ee360

>This isn't how this was supposed to go down dammit.
...I thought this was exactly how it was supposed to go down? :V

Well, she's clearly got you at the disadvantage with the mindsex, here. Time to go on the offensive if you don't want to let her control everything. Don't let her make all the moves. Throw her off guard by making one of your own!
No. 492809 ID: f2c20c

Oh yes.

Well, what's wrong? Expected something a bit less... real? Wanted to be the dominant one? Make it clear how you want things to go down, but don't pass this up. Take charge if you want. I'm sure you could manage a kiss at this point.
No. 492810 ID: a68e3e
File 136083620117.png - (561.40KB , 798x567 , 19.png )

I'm supposed to be the one doing the seducing!
Time to turn on the cuteness.

"A little.."

Saisai tries to make a cute face but suddenly cries out loud as a intense wave of pleasure hits her.

+1 Doki Doki Point!

>"How about that~?"

"W-what th-AH!"

Her arms give out and she falls onto the bed as another stronger wave hits her. She pants and gasps trying to figure out what the hell just happened to her. Everything starts looking a bit hazy around the edges. She bites onto her hand to keep herself from crying out again as the euphoric feeling intensifies.

>"That's so cute~, you can barely even move now, huh~?"

"I... Nnn..."

It's constant now. Whatever powers Maggie has she's using all of it to keep Saisai in a constant state of pleasure leaving the tigergirl helpless on the bed.

This isn't how...

No. 492811 ID: a68e3e
File 136083629469.png - (80.05KB , 545x600 , 20.png )

Purchase the full version to unlock Snake from the Metal Gear Solid Series!
No. 492812 ID: a68e3e
File 136083637274.png - (168.43KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

"Nnn.... Purchase the full version..."
No. 492813 ID: 76b151

Well... hes better then Regulus at least.
No. 492814 ID: f2c20c

10/10 would date
No. 492815 ID: 9ee360

Damn. You didn't get to the rest of the piercings!

...though I stand by that being the best experience we could have gotten for her, there. :V
No. 492819 ID: 5d98c3

THAT'S IT. This evil H-Game has gone too far! Trapping people in H-Games is one thing, BUT SOLID SNAKE IS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY! They cannot legally sell this game for profit in English countries, as Snake is property of Hideo Kojima!
No. 492827 ID: 035ce3

Hideo Kojima tried to kill Snake.
No. 492829 ID: 5d98c3

And Tolkien killed Boromir, but I doubt his estate would be pleased if I made a LotR visual novel.

Wait! I have a solution to your problems SaiSai! Just turn your face skywards, raise your arms and shout "HEEEEEEELP!"
A squad of male cheerleaders makes any situation better, and this game already violates copyright law, so no problems on that front.
No. 492845 ID: aa4d3b

So how DO we purchase the full game?
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