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File 136065976728.png - (243.97KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
492186 No. 492186 ID: 551cf1

My lord! See how red the wound my bodkin makes! I trace the tip across my palm and the pain I take it well. Lo! for I am all, within and without, I am yours. Yours the knuckle and the finger and the ligature of my skin as it breaks in a million gossamer places. It snarls. It brings me to you, Lord; with the claret I move in rivulets to you, Lord! It makes me perfect.

May I never fear pain, Lord! May I never fear death! May my loyalty want for nothing!
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No. 492187 ID: 551cf1
File 136065991505.png - (126.24KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

"Mumma! Mumma, look!"

The woman peels the onion with the practiced hands of a tradeswoman. "Not now, Ferrucio, my dove. Mumma is making dinner."

"I found Galda, Mumma! I found her!"

"Little acorn, I told you. We gave Galda away. She wasn't happy in the city."

"Yes, Mumma, but she came back! I was playing in the garden and she came home!"

"Ferrucio, what-"
No. 492189 ID: 551cf1
File 136066000781.png - (115.66KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

The cat is in the kitchen.

The woman sees upon its back the groove where the horse tread out its life, two weeks ago. Its tail switches dully across the floor.

She screams, loud and clarion, and runs from the room to find her husband.

Ferrucio plays with his cat.
No. 492190 ID: 551cf1
File 136066005167.png - (10.19KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

No. 492191 ID: 551cf1
File 136066006270.png - (11.94KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

No. 492192 ID: 551cf1
File 136066012136.png - (17.17KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

ha ha! a most exquisite throw

spidrift you will eat like a baron this morning and may no mistake be made of it!
No. 492194 ID: 76b151

Well now, that was... disturbing.

Oh and nice to see you too Spidrift.
No. 492195 ID: f2c20c

Huh, so... are we voices in your head or are we still the phylactery?

Anyway, rabbit is a good meal indeed, but isn't that one a bit small? What is with that ridiculous mask though?
No. 492200 ID: 551cf1
File 136066138125.png - (9.08KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

mmm yes mr rabbit
or mrs? well
today was not your lucky day, regardless of gender binary

hwa who said that

hello! you must be milord's phylactery!
this morning as i made preparations to go find breakfast he emerged from his room with a bit of consternation and said "Spidrift"

and i said yes milord what milord
and he said "where are you going"
and i said hunting, milord!
and he said "for people?"
and i laughed, and laughed! and he didn't! and then i said no milord for breakfast
and he said "well i want to try something; take this along with you and if it speaks to you do as it says"
and i said why
and he said "to keep an eye on you, Spidrift"

"just in case"

this mask is not ridiculous! it is my mask i wear when out and about so as not to be identified as the butcher mage!
it is a touch ridiculous
No. 492201 ID: 551cf1
File 136066148992.png - (7.80KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

a twig snaps and my neck snaps round to trace the noise

oh! its that mage from town, astrea
she doesn't see me

she is a comely sight for one who was knocked unconscious the other day
it is a good thing i am prohibited from attraction or i would say hello, instead of killing her
which is what i am going to probably do now
No. 492202 ID: 76b151

I don't think your master would like that much. Why would he have spared her last day elsewise?
No. 492203 ID: f2c20c

No, you are not. Your master instructed you to not kill her before their fight, and you should continue to follow that order unless he instructs otherwise. Also he said to follow our orders and I'm ordering you now not to kill her.

However, I think it would be wise to ask her, from out of sight, what she is doing in these woods. I guess you could do it in plain view but she would probably be able to tell who you are from your clothes.

If she reacts violently you will have to restrain her, I'm afraid. Your master wishes to speak with this one, I believe. She might know things the others do not, though... it is unlikely. She would be of use as an enchantress, however! We could really use a sound-muffling enchantment for our master's mask.
No. 492204 ID: 875821

No you ain't.

You see, Master is trying something new. And that something new is not killing the everloving fuck out of everything.
No. 492210 ID: f2c20c

Oh, and spidrift, exactly what things are you prohibited from? Which of them are deemed necessary for your continued loyalty to our master? What things about your training can be changed, even? I believe he could be persuaded to give you more leeway in your behaviors, so long as they do not interfere with... things.
No. 492227 ID: 57a559

In due time, you will be able to sate your bloodlust. Hopefully for the forces of good, we're trying to get both us you out of hell Spidrift. We'll probably be fighting a bunch of undead, so you won't see much actually red blood, maybe undead rotting blood a lot. I just hope you can HAVE a bloodlust and get redeemed, at least your not undead yourself.

Keep an eye on her. She might try attacking our body yet again, which I surmise is a dribbling mess without us right now unless good fortune is in our favor. And Ferrucio's complete identity resurfaced with the phylactery's intervention so he can act on his own.

Spidrift, do pets go to Heaven or Hell? We just remembered an old cat of ours becoming undead and it's just that well... you know. Note: If redeeming things doesn't work out, we should remodel hell. Hopefully such a thing is possible. Just get rid of a few flame sources here and there, switch them with water sources, etc. just fuck with the whole afterlife system. It'll become a plane of eternal steam, we'll need towels, Spidrift. Remember when we all die to bring a towel.
No. 492275 ID: 32e092

Can you throw your voice? If so, it may be appropriate to converse with her, and tell her that your Lord is a new man and wishes no animosity between them. But only if you think you can stay hidden.
No. 492343 ID: bdb3f8

politely inform her "Miss, you probably shouldn't be out here. Theres dangerous Revenants about."
No. 492394 ID: 6d54c3
File 136073424349.png - (67.16KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

my master told me after he slew my fish that pets dont have souls because they are mindless brutes! i still like to entertain the thought that eski has found himself a nice pond in heaven, though

the master in his wisdom prohibited a number of actions over the years, most of which were due to the loss of his own ability to perform them
i am disallowed to:
engage in pleasures of the flesh
cook any meat
bathe in warm water
show mercy not accorded by my master
take herbs to soothe pain or ache

these were all rules put in place before my time! during my service the master grew increasingly creative and freeform with his commandments ("no underwear!" "no teeth!" "die! all of you die!") to the point that we began taking them as suggestions or tenets rather than hard-and-fast rules
i still remember when he banned breathing! poor Torvald
in loyalty i believe i matched him but in pious stupidity Torvald had no equal

trasus biblus.
there, now i can toss my voice like a champion! i take advantage
i say, ahoy astrea! why wander you wearily through this wood, magey-mage? do you not know there are dangerous revenants crawling about?
she spins round and says, "Butcher Mage?"
the very same! i tell her from a bush i am not within
"I would speak to your master," she says
her voice is melodious even when choked a little with fear
well, i tell her, i would kill you where you stand, but no one gets all they want all the time! what do you want with my lord?
"I wish to talk. That's all. He defeated me squarely in Duellum Potestatis; I cannot hope to kill him."
No. 492401 ID: f2c20c

Then talk she shall, though she should swear not to attack you either.

Also, Spidrift, you should mention those rules to our master. I believe all but one would surely be removed entirely. That 'pleasure of the flesh' thing would probably be uh... modified to be more practical instead of tyrannical? Look, I don't know. Let's not talk about that right now. He'd probably want to add new rules anyway, to prevent atrocities and all that.
No. 492403 ID: 4a328b

Go tell your master! And tell her to wait there. Or else. [or else you will kill her]
No. 492420 ID: 6d54c3
File 136074018069.png - (352.34KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

well, i tell her, stay where you are, or else
"I shall."
or else i will kill you, i mean
"I guessed."

i chew thoughtfully on the rabbit's head as i return to the mastaba
lo, i on this slender sylvan sacrifice surfeit

i find him in his study, hunched over a worn tome
milord! i say
he looks up from his book "agh! yes? spidrift. greetings. if you could make a little more noise upon entering a room i would be grateful."
i say, milord! i have encountered the advocate mage in the woods
"oh, lord. did you kill her?"
no! milord! ha! this blood is from a rabbit, do you see?
"ah. i do. how... relieving."
i would offer you some, if you had the stomach for it! ha! my joke, milord
"Yes, uh... thank you, spidrift. what happened between you and astrea?"
i say, she wished to speak to you, lord! the phylactery told me to return to you and relay the information
"it talks to you as well, then. good. did it say whether to meet her out in the woods or bring her into the mastaba?"
i say, it did not clarify, milord

would you care to clarify or shall i give you back to the master, o puissant pebble of psychic power?
No. 492422 ID: f2c20c

I think it would be most convenient for us to bring her here, so that our master need not interrupt his studies for as long.

On the other hand, from what we've seen this place is not exactly presentable. Do we have a room where we could speak to her that is in some semblance of order?
No. 492437 ID: 6d54c3
File 136074462455.png - (375.65KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

"i think it would be most convenient to bring her here," my master sighs and closes his book
"however: this isn't the most, ah, presentable abode. spidrift, is there anywhere i could receive the advocate mage?"
oh, yes, milord! i clap my hands
i know just the place!
No. 492438 ID: 6d54c3
File 136074470935.png - (38.03KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

the grand foyer!
my master goes "uhhhhhhhhhh"
No. 492441 ID: b3b478

How about a little trasus vindictus on those and get them out of here.

By which I mean, why don't you use teleportation magic to clean up the place.
No. 492444 ID: 57a559

Ah, yes, nope! We'll need a repair spell. Why don't we use that room where we first regained lucidity? That had a table! And a fire place!

Oh, and Spidrift, those rules you mentioned earlier? I find them pointless now, so I suggest telling Ferrucio about the all rules that prohibit you from doing these thing and asking if they're still in place with his new ethic. The only one I see practical at all for realsies is "No pleasures of the Flesh" because, well Spidrift, you are a proud Sadist. We don't want you, you know, going around hurting women with your vast power, we might lose you forever in the madness of a sex-crazed, testosterone burst of horniness. You'd have to prove to us you can be a gentlemen with the ladies, first.
I mean, I guess we could take you to an S&M club sometime, but you have to respect the safe word and know how far is too far, Spidrift!
No. 492463 ID: 4a328b

...Why don't we just meet her out in the woods. Fewer bodies there.
No. 492465 ID: 5d98c3

At some point we need to work on making him less than the third most damned person ever. Anywho we should probably examine the debris of ages past later. First we should heap it up in a corner.
No. 492487 ID: f2c20c

Okay. Forget convenience. We can't show her this.
No. 492488 ID: 32e092

Yeah this place needs some serious renovation, let's just go meet her. She'll probably appreciate the implied respect in us coming to her, as well.

Spidrift, do request that your standing orders are reviewed. Your master is clearly changing his ways, and in lacking a proper memory of less-than-distant past will be unaware of changes needed that he might otherwise make in an instant.
No. 492512 ID: 8247d0

We can't just lead her into our hideout.
No. 492932 ID: 3d4a0a

We can if we never let her leave, whether by her choice or by force.
No. 493011 ID: 8247d0

I think it would be better to simply meet her in the woods. Even if we kept her here forever, what purpose would that serve? She'd likely become hostile again.
No. 493226 ID: a2d9b1
File 136097703119.png - (37.57KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

but i love raw rabbit!
and cold baths are fine

"perrrrhaps we should consider tidying up in here, spidrift."
milord, how could we?! this great boneyard of martial might toppled is such a wonderful testament to your martial might! also it would take forever at this point in time
"i suppose we'll simply meet with astrea in the forest, spidrift."
yes, milord, your phylactery is of like mind
"ah, my phylactery. if we're meeting the advocate mage i should like that back, butcher mage."
of course, milord!

all your buzzing voices are giving me a headache anyway, truth be told
No. 493227 ID: a2d9b1
File 136097705205.png - (7.10KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

Greetings once more, phylactery.

I hope your brief sojourn with Spidrift was relatively comfortable. I gather you were able to speak with him as well.
I wasn't reduced to a dribbling, maddened husk by the separation, either.
Also good.

Spidrift leads me into the forest, and after a bit of backtracking we find the Advocate Mage.

"Astrea. Greetings. What brings you-"
"I will not bandy words with you, Revenant Mage. Why did you spare me?"
"I have changed."
"I have found a new calling beyond plethoric bloodshed or abortive conquest."
"Which is what?"
"To find Ansirous."
"That mysterious mage you asked me about yesterday?"
"What will you do?"
"Inquire after him in Dorow Town."
"I see.

"I shall go with you, Revenant, if you'll allow it."
No. 493228 ID: a2d9b1
File 136097713745.png - (12.66KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

"HA!" Spidrift laughs. "As if we would take into our company a woman who only yesterday tried to slay us in the village square! What folly!

"Right, milord?


No. 493229 ID: 76b151

Hmm, no doubt she will seek our death if she gets the opportunity.... still we do need help. ALone we failed last time. With two powerful mages alongside us we should have a better chance.

I say we allow it.
No. 493232 ID: 875821

"No doubt you may attempt to slay me again, but it will not be trouble to best you again. Remember, Spidrift. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."
No. 493234 ID: 32e092

Gently chide Spidrift for overstepping his bounds. Ask what her motivation is before agreeing. Would she leave the townspeople unprotected?
No. 493237 ID: f2c20c

He has a point. We would need some assurance she would not try to get both you and Spidrift killed by the town guards. Is there a magical option for that? Or could she give us some proof of her good will?

Also, would the town be safe while she was away? We cannot guarantee her safety either, as what we know of Ansirous indicates he is extremely powerful and far more evil than even you were in your madness.

There's also the fact that she will be traveling with a revenant. Is she willing to sully her name if that fact is revealed? Is she willing to travel with us knowing that we must consume at the very least the renewable bits of souls?
No. 493238 ID: 8247d0


I have to agree. With Spidrift at our side, it should be simple to dispose of Astrea if she tries to kill us.
No. 493242 ID: 4a328b

We would welcome the company.

Arrange a travel date and meeting location?
No. 493247 ID: 23c003

"Why do you wish to accompany us and convince me why I should allow you?"
No. 493262 ID: 57a559

Tell Spidrift to not speak for us again. We understand he has been doing so for these last few years of madness, but it's time to step back. Speaking for us when we are not present is unpreventable, but he should be aware that his actions and words will effect our reputation and goals potentially negatively, and should be cautious with every step.

Let Astrea come. Ask her if she knows anything about the Archmage Ferrucio from long ago. Then maybe reveal that was your name? We have to distance us from that title, and your name is the only dignified way to change it. Changing it to a phony new title is not becoming. But, she may go and try and remove all traces of Ferrucio to impead our goals if we DO reveal the name to her.

You may have to tell her that Ansirous was another undead mage like yourself, and from the sounds of it, could be a lich or, god forbid, a Demi-lich, something far worse than a Revenant. And in your ambition to defeat Ansirous and stop his heinous, subtle reign, you made yourself into what she sees today as a back-up plan should we fail. I suspect if we did succeed, we would have destroyed our body completely to prevent fully becoming a revenant hellbent on conquest.
No. 493277 ID: 47d311

Yes, bring her along. She will have to wear a mask though; it's just part of our gig.
No. 493444 ID: a2d9b1
File 136100694832.png - (9.25KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

"I would find that agreeable," I say. "Spidrift, my faithful servant, I value your custodianship but do not presume to speak for me any more. You know the old byword: keep your friends close... and et cetera."

"But- milord- I merely thought- Well." I can tell Spidrift is stung a little. "Apologies, milord. It won't happen again."

"Extra companionship is always welcome." I extend a hand. "I hesitate to consider the effect travel with a revenant may have on your honor, but you may travel with us all the same, Astrea, provided you don't pull my glove off again."

She smirks as she shakes my hand. "It would have no more effect than the tale of my bitter defeat at your hands, I imagine."

We make plans to set off in an hour's time. Before then I have time to learn and practice two more spells for use in combat or other applications.
>For a list of Ferrucio's currently known spells and Words of Power, check the /questdis/ thread for Revenant Quest
No. 493445 ID: 32e092

Trasus Zephyr.

And find out what the Advocate Mage's motivations are for accompanying you.
No. 493446 ID: 14bafe

Fulga Trasus,
Trasus Biblus.

If my theory is correct, the first one should be a more efficient teleport, and the second one should allow for long distance communication.
No. 493447 ID: f2c20c

Fulga Ferrum. (extendo-rapier?)

Trasus Scutum. (reflect?)

In case we run into one or more duds:

Orbus Scutum. (omni-directional shield?)
No. 493448 ID: f2c20c

Trasus Biblus was used by Spidrift to throw his voice. Though, that's odd. I would expect Trasus Verbam to do that.
No. 493449 ID: 417e99

Torrentus Verbam
Fuge Fulga Verbam Torrentus Vomus Zephra
Gotta cast fast! Also I want to try a spell that's longer than 2 words.
No. 493453 ID: f2c20c

I can't tell what that six-word monster is even trying to accomplish. I think three word spells could be used in combat without much trouble, since we can easily Trasus to dodge a two-word spell if we've got positive Attunement, then speak the first word of the three-word spell in the same round.

Here's some bigger spells of my own:
Torrentus Orbus Fuge (multi-fireball?)
Orbus Zephra Fuge (firestorm?)
Torrentus Fulga Zephra (multi-lightning bolt? Or forked lightning)

Oh, and I just thought of:
Trasus Ferrum (telekinetic weapon toss?)
No. 494100 ID: a2d9b1
File 136117941154.png - (422.77KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

Fulga Ferrum causes my blade to lance violently outward like a harpoon hawk's beak, with the amplified hisking sound of a draw from scabbard. It is as quick as a conventional stab with extra range, but my arm recoils violently against the sudden clamorous growth of the blade, and it is less of an accurate thrust than the sort I could deliver nonmagically.

Within a few seconds the blade shudders back to its normal length.
No. 494103 ID: a2d9b1
File 136117957999.png - (593.66KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

Orbus Zephra Fuge (my first three-word spell) creates a 10-foot area of spreading orange flame about me as I cast it. The fires snap and twist for mere seconds before torrential winds put them out, but it seems quite powerful and deadly for its brief duration.
No. 494104 ID: a2d9b1
File 136117979274.png - (10.76KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

We meet Astrea in the forest a short time later. She is wearing a thick red muffler about her shoulders.
"Are we ready to depart?" she asks.
"That scarf of yours looks like something an impish thief would wear," laughs Spidrift.
"It muffles my Words of Power," hisses Astrea, "and it was my mother's."

"Oh," says Spidrift. "Oops!"

We set off for Dorow Town. If I recall correctly, the way is haunted by bandits. Should we do our best to remain unseen and pass safely to Dorow Town... or should we move plain and clear in the open to invite trouble and potentially make these roads a little clearer?
No. 494105 ID: 35edd4

Ask Astrea if she's up for it. It would be rude to involve her in combat without her permission.
No. 494106 ID: f2c20c

Let's try to attract their attention.

Ask Astrea if she would be gravely offended if we killed one or two bandits by eating the important bits of their souls. Mention that it is effectively the same as any death as far as the afterlife is concerned. You would have to make an effort to prevent them from not advancing through that process.
No. 494119 ID: c6319f

The Revenant Mage killed her mother via soul eating. Let's not bring it up to her ever at all.

I think we should clear out bandits, but only if Astrea finds it agreeable.
No. 494142 ID: dd287a

our own words may be basic, but we should find a spell word muffler too, much as I love the driftwood mask.
No. 494187 ID: 4a328b

Can't we just...turn off our mage speech?
No. 494199 ID: bdb3f8

I wondered about that in the last thread and got no answer. Maybe we should just try it and see.
No. 494424 ID: a2d9b1
File 136126535901.png - (16.04KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

"Are you prepared for a bandit attack, Astrea?" I ask her. "We'll be keeping a brisk pace and attracting a good deal of attention, I would imagine, dressed as outlandishly as we are."
"They say the leader of the bandits near Dorow are led by a Mezzosanguinous," she tells me. "That he counts a Demon from Hell in his bloodline and has magic in his veins because of it."
"Do you believe them?"
"If we run into them I'll deal with the footpads and let you two find out."

I discuss muffling charms with her. She examines my mask, as I do my best to conceal my decaying visage from any errant passerby.
"It shouldn't be too difficult to do something to this," she muses. She looks back, seeming to forget who she is addressing, catches a glimpse of necrotic skin, and turns away again. "I could muffle it all sorts of ways. Some mages simply prefer silence, some like their words changed to tuneful gibberish... I once enchanted a casque for a cantankerous mage to turn his Words of Power into the moans of a woman in the throes of passion. He assured me that one was a gift."

"Could I simply deactivate my magical voice?" I ask. "Would that work?"
"No, because then you wouldn't be saying the magical words." She sounds as if she is telling a toddler not to put a larval insect in its mouth. "If they are stopped a split second after leaving your throat, this is acceptable. If you never even form the words the spell will be weakened. So; what shall this mask do?"
"A wolf howl, perhaps?" suggests Spidrift. "Or your voice could change to a thunderclap! Very imposing."
"I'll throw in a mute for your beaked butler there, as well," says Astrea. "Free of charge."
No. 494428 ID: c31f72

Indistinct almost words.
The kind of thing that sounds like words, but not quite understandable.
Or ominous Latin chanting. That's always good.
No. 494433 ID: f2c20c

How about it says spellcasting words, but the wrong ones?

Have Spidrift's mask translate into mocking laughter.
No. 494450 ID: 35edd4

We don't want to be showing people words they might not know regardless. Mocking laughter for Spidrift is genius, though.

I like this idea. Muffled nonsense that sounds like real words if only the listener could hear just a little bit clearer...

Thank her for the assistance. Try to make sure she's not adding any rider enchantments to screw with you, though; we still don't entirely trust her. Have Spidrift watch the enchantment closely, perhaps.
No. 494455 ID: 5d98c3

You know that ungodly whispering this fellow makes? Make that your voice of power.
No. 494497 ID: 3d4a0a

This. Oh god this.
No. 494500 ID: 91c1b3

...Just realized she is wearing a muffler(type of scarf) to muffle her speech.
Go for the almost word idea; if we fight someone in front of a crowd again, creepy voices will make us seem kinda evil.
No. 494601 ID: a2d9b1
File 136135371945.png - (22.92KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

Astrea presses her fingertips against the wood of the mask and traces out an intricate patten on its coarse surface. "Obscurus Verbam," she mutters. She raises the mask to her ear, knocks against it in a pedestrian manner, then tosses it back to me.

"There you have it. I'll do the Butcher, next."

"Some fancy spellwork." I'm fiddling with the strap when I hear the voice. "But you folk may want to tread a little more lightly, hear you me?"

Standing on a stubby bluff overlooking the road is a man in a breastplate and lobster tail pot, his visor up. "Are you for Dorow Town?" he calls. "Dangerous roads for anyone, these days, even mages."
No. 494603 ID: 35edd4

Watch your back. His job may be to hold your attention while you get flanked.

Make sure your mask is properly attached, then thank him for the warning, and ask what his interest in your origin is.
No. 494604 ID: f2c20c

Could be the start of an ambush. I mean, what is he doing up there? There could be like 10 dudes up there with crossbows. Why don't you just ask him why he's up there. Are the roads dangerous... because of him?

Might be wise to prep an Orbus Fuge, behind your back. Or right out in the open, even. If you do, mention offhand to spidrift that you're not sure if he's a bandit yet.
No. 494616 ID: eaf2f5

Trasus your way right next to or behind that guy and thank him for the warning.
Then ask what is so dangerous about the roads ahead? Bandits? Bandits with a demon leading them?
No. 495929 ID: a2d9b1
File 136177802821.png - (12.48KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

"Watch for any ambushes, Spidrift. We don't know quite who we're dealing with yet. Trasus," I say, but it comes out of my mask wispy, ethereal, and on the fringe of aural understanding.
"Thank you for the warning."

"GAH I always forget why I don't like dealing with mages." The man is suitably rattled.
No. 495930 ID: a2d9b1
File 136177807138.png - (12.24KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

"Tell us, Mr.- ah-"
"Tull," says Tull. "Officer Tull."

"Tell us, Officer Tull, why the road ahead is so dangerous."

"Bandits, of course," says Officer Tull, who looks a rough-spun sort. "Nasty fellas, to boot. Best travel visibly armed, if you travel so visibly. Tell you what: I'll escort you the rest of the way. That'll keep them rightly spooked."
No. 495932 ID: f2c20c

Inform him that you were actually planning on fighting the bandits, to clear the road. Are they really so dangerous as to pose a serious threat to three mages?
No. 495936 ID: 35edd4

His offer is very generous. But we are wearing our sword openly, are we not? And even he was able to recognize that we are a party of mages. What intimidation does he offer that we do not?

What organization, by the way, is he an officer in? You've been away from these parts some time, and are unfamiliar with forces active in the area.
No. 495948 ID: a2d9b1
File 136178133489.png - (10.68KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

"Your offer is generous, but I am wearing my sword openly, and I fear no bandits," I say. "I was planning on fighting any that I saw, to be honest, to keep these roads safer."

"You underestimate them, Sir Mage," Tull explains. "I can't say how much firepower I could add to your little party there, but I can say as I'm one of the Dorow Town Watch. With me around they'll know you're under Dorow's protection. And that's a powerful inhibitor on these boys." He pats his dagger. "Now, you look a queer fella, but potent regardless. P'raps you can give them a good fight, but out in an ambush they'll have an advantage. Avoiding them altogether, that's the way of things. It's common practice for folk on the roads."
No. 495950 ID: f2c20c

...that really is a dagger?

Why, exactly, is a guard armed with a dagger, and not a sword? Also, why is a guard this far from Dorow, alone, and not openly patrolling the road but instead calling to passerby from atop a bluff?

This man is a bandit, I am quite sure of it. He plans to stab us in the back when we reach the ambush point, so that they take out one mage with no trouble. How to verify it, though? If he IS really an officer, it would be murder to strike first. Plus, Astrea would be furious.
No. 495951 ID: f2c20c

...ah. If he really is a member of the town watch, he should have some form of badge, should he not? Or at least an insignia?
No. 495952 ID: 35edd4

Why bother verifying? We can just politely turn him down. If they attack us anyway, then we'll know then, and if not, then we make it to the city without any trouble and can get down to business on our main objective.

Thank him again, but insist that you have utmost confidence in your strength, and would be loathe to leave the next traveler along this road without the benefit of his protection. You must refuse.
No. 495953 ID: 35edd4

Safe approach aside, though, "rough-spun sort" doesn't really seem like "member of an organized guard" to me. Probably worth discussing with Astrea once you're away from him.
No. 495993 ID: f1b3ee

Remain silent for a moment. Engage soul vision, and see if anyone is sneaking up on you while this guy blathers on at you.
No. 496353 ID: 81f57d

No. 496510 ID: cf5290
File 136195215578.png - (7.43KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

I don't respond to the man, impatient as he looks.

I look upon the world instead with my other set of eyes:
The eyes of a predator wolf surveying the herd.

The blue tendrils of soulstuff wave tantalizingly from the man before me.
I see Spidrift's soul below, shorn and rounded, and Astrea's, whose threads are brighter and longer, somehow, than I have seen before.

And fifty paces away from them, concealed somewhere in the grass, I see more.
And the scent of more, moving in from farther off.

This Officer Tull is not what he says he is.
No. 496513 ID: f2c20c

Use Trasus Verbam to throw your voice down to the other two, to tell them about the ambush. Tell them you will kill the bandit in front of you in five seconds.

Then rapier this guy in the throat, and direct an Orbus Fuge at the bandit coming up behind you.
No. 496514 ID: 35edd4

Oh wow, this stuff is basically FLIR. Handy. How quickly can you soul-eat him to death? We don't want him to warn his friends.
No. 496521 ID: cf5290
File 136195438444.png - (14.18KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

Trasus Verbam.
"What did you say there?" says Tull.

"This man is a bandit," I whisper to The Butcher and The Advocate. "His bandit friends wait below to ambush you. In five seconds I am going to kill him where he stands."

"Wait," whispers Astrea back with her own sending, but I do not.

"I appreciate your offer, Tull, but my family has never run from danger. Do you see our motto emblazoned on my hilt, here?"

"I don't."

"Look closer. Here, along the grip."
No. 496523 ID: cf5290
File 136195439111.png - (77.59KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

"Fulga Ferrum."
No. 496524 ID: cf5290
File 136195439980.png - (5.08KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

On the ground three men spring up behind my companions, shedding leaves and tufts of grass as they rise.

One of their number draws back on his gutstring bow as the others charge.

Spidrift and Astrea are already readying their spells.

A brute of a man crests the hill behind me.
No. 496525 ID: f2c20c

No. 496540 ID: eaf2f5

No. 496569 ID: 60fee2

No. 496880 ID: 522afb

Big Booty Butcher Blasters.
No. 496881 ID: bdb3f8

Sure the lady why not
No. 496922 ID: 35edd4

No. 496923 ID: 14bafe

Revenant Mage.
No. 496926 ID: 4e84e7

Butchers are highly skilled people, who take pride in their work. also I want to see how knife wizard he gets. im hoping very knife wizard indeed.
No. 496968 ID: 55d5a7

No. 496972 ID: 76b151

No. 496976 ID: 5bf651

Butcher Mage
No. 496999 ID: a00bdb
File 136212572078.png - (7.29KB , 800x600 , Butcher.png )

when milord calls me to arms my heart hops into my throat and it is still there, pulsing and jittering, and when the men come out of the grass

oh yes

ohhhhhh, yes

the metal of my knife is warm from my body heat and as it slides out of my sleeve it kisses me

it feels so good
No. 497000 ID: a00bdb
File 136212573266.png - (46.22KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

the fire grows in me and plays between my fingers

the two men slow their charge for a moment and i see in their eyes that moment of hesitation
oh yes
the little moment where they think, perhaps, they have made a mistake
but it is too late now to stop
the muscles in my neck clench and unclench with a rapidity that aches the tendons
it feels good
i am going to kill for you again, master
it has been so long
it feels so good
No. 497001 ID: a00bdb

(Spidrift's list of spells is located in the /questdis/ thread for Revenant Quest)
No. 497003 ID: 4a328b

Trasus Obscurus and slit at least one throat
No. 497008 ID: 35edd4

If you have time to cast it before they get to you, Torrentus Unda Fuge and catch them both in the cone. If not, Trasus Obscurus and knife. Bonus points for watching the light in his eyes go out.
No. 497469 ID: 8b1d8f

They hesitated
they are thinking this over
Lets give them more to think about shall we?
Vomus Fuge, make it big.
No. 499917 ID: 8c2b1a
File 136324001075.png - (122.84KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

trasus obscurus
and i draw my knife across the throat of the one with the spear

o god i feel the even tug of resistance his skin makes against the knife
o yes and his fingers gripping my arm spasm and flex and loosen as he dies
o lord the sluice of warmth on my white knuckle

his friend, with the sword, looks over and screams
No. 499920 ID: 57a559

let him scream for a moment longer. I'm sure it's been a while for you.

Maybe take of a hand or leg of his, just to reduce probability of a good retaliation.
No. 499921 ID: 49e805

Now the other one!
No. 499928 ID: f2c20c

Jesus Spidrift, you really like killing, huh? I'd like to shift that warrior's enthusiasm to something a little less dark, maybe your skill in combat or the pursuit of JUSTICE, but this isn't the time to talk about that.

Don't forget there's an archer back in the grass somewhere. Don't get your ass shot. Also, don't forget Astrea is fighting alongside you. Work as a team!

This other guy seems shocked and vulnerable. Take advantage of that and put a knife in him, and maybe let Astrea handle the archer if she's not busy.
No. 499931 ID: 8c2b1a
File 136324747253.png - (46.19KB , 800x600 , 31.png )


scream for me!




i barely register the blast of wind that rocks the swordsman into my jagged embrace

i do not flinch at the fork of blinding light that brings the bowman to the ground
No. 499932 ID: 8c2b1a
File 136324770018.png - (5.44KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

i look up at the advocate mage as the swordsman sinks to the ground
she is panting
i suppose she saved my life from an arrow just now
thank you, astrea

she doesn't respond

she looks very frightened

someone is laughing; who is laughing?
it is me
i have been laughing the entire time and i keep laughing as the advocate mage backs away from me

four more are behind us but they pause
they do not charge
No. 499933 ID: 35edd4

Turn to face them. Let your laughter run free. Raise your arms as if beckoning them into your embrace.
No. 499934 ID: 57a559

Wave for them to come
Come on now, bandits!
Join the fun over here! Don't be antisocial!
No. 499935 ID: 8c2b1a
File 136324908817.png - (9.54KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

come here, bandits!

come to the butcher mage!

your friends are waiting for you!

ha! ahahahahahahaha! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhahahahahahahaaa!

they turn around and start to run away
in a few short blinks i shall be upon them as a wolf unto the braying flock
No. 499936 ID: 35edd4

Astrea is frightened. Your Lord will be disappointed if you poison his attempts to attain her cooperation. Permit the bandits to escape--for now, at least--so that you do not risk this occurring.

Rest assured, there will be more killing yet before our affairs are settled.
No. 499940 ID: 49e805

Seek your master's approval first before you go chasing them down--he may not want to separate your little group right now
No. 499943 ID: f2c20c

We wanted to fight bandits so that we would clear the roads, not for our amusement. Stop laughing.

We should think here about this. Do we need to kill them, or can we scare them into giving up the bandit job?
No. 500768 ID: 74941a
File 136358772423.png - (10.46KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

let them... go?
let them run away
i teeter in place
im letting them go
my master descends the hill
"It is as I hoped; the phylactery leaves an imprint on everyone I give it to. From now on, Spidrift, consider that little voice in your head second only to me in authority, do you understand?"
i do not understand at all
but i say: yes, milord
well, voice
now that you have left the prey tearing free from its trap
what now
No. 500769 ID: 57a559

I assume we move on? Toward town?
Spidrift, can't you enjoy leaving survivors? Think of your reputation, surely while the kill was sweet, isn't their fear of you tastier? That they will likely spread word of your existence further and quiver each night with nightmares of you? That you hold such power over them as they live on? Can you take pleasure in this domino effect?

This is your domain. Not only does your beloved master had his hold and domain over you and over these lands and it's people, but you have this "property" as well. You own this, Spidrift. This fear is yours, and yours alone. They don't fear your master, today, nor does Astrea. They fear you. Revel in what your master and us has gifted you today. Be grateful.
No. 500778 ID: f2c20c

I am tempted to see if we can find out who their leader is, and kill him. Take out their leadership and a simple bandit operation will crumble.

It's that or continue moving along the path, and either come back later to finish the job or just see if we can encounter more bandits on the way there.

...or was the guy our Creator was fighting the leader?
No. 500781 ID: 14bafe

Wait what. We never let Astea touch the phylactory though. Why did we have the option to switch to her?

Spidrift: They'll get the word out that the Butcher Mage and Revenant Mage are at large again. The fear of him will spread, and your master's reputation will grow again, after mouldering for so many years.
No. 507528 ID: 25fe40
File 136679109232.png - (9.06KB , 800x600 , 35a.png )

We move on toward town. Spidrift excuses himself for a moment, muttering about a need to empty his bladder.

He seems perturbed.

So does the Advocate Mage, who approaches me cautiously and hisses in my ear:
"I do not trust him, Revenant. I trust him less than I trust you, and I do not trust you."

"Spidrift has been a... loyal if eccentric servant for years, as far as I can tell."

She shakes her head. "You didn't fight beside him. There was a change in him, in the air. There was a- a simmering, Revenant Mage. There is a beast in that man I cannot well comprehend. I do not think you comprehend it as well as you think. We would best find a way to be well rid of him."
No. 507530 ID: f2c20c

Say that we would rather change him. Direct that simmering in a different direction. It is in your power to do so, since he obeys you completely.
No. 507531 ID: 32e092

Also, gently chide her. For a protector, she is very eager to "be well rid of" those whose salvation may take effort.
No. 507534 ID: c6319f

"I made him what he is today and I owe it to him to attempt reform. I understand your reservations and will take them into consideration and keep a closer eye on him, but I can't simply discard him like an unwanted tool. Please don't take rash action, if you're right I may not be able to stop him from responding in kind."

Woo shitty dialogue attempt.
No. 507535 ID: 57a559

You will not betray such a crucial ally. The phylactery voices say that his mind checks out, he's loyal. Sure, he's nutty and violent, but a dog always is when trained right. And he's a damn good one. It won't bite the master.

And we're fully capable of dealing with his potential threat. No, we will not murder an ally, it isn't right. We've got a lot of redeeming to do and hurting Spidrift is just like us going back to our old ways before the phylactery took over.
No. 507539 ID: 32e092

Another angle: "Would you have me begin my redemption by ensuring the damnation of my most faithful ally?"
No. 507624 ID: 8334ff

"Didn't you hear him say 'thank you?' Clearly, that just means he likes you."
No. 507628 ID: af8414

"Yeah he's pretty awful."
No. 507629 ID: 25fe40
File 136687641994.png - (7.04KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

"He is a dark, violent man, but he is well-trained." I pray silently that what I say is as true as I think. "He will not bite the hand that feeds. His sinful nature is on my head, Advocate, and I cannot abandon him. Your eagerness to give up on his soul disappoints me."
Astrea is taken aback. "Well. Don't expect me to come to your aid when he goes for your throat."
"I will not, Astrea. Don't worry. I shall take what you've said under advisement. But I see the possibility of redemption in the Butcher Mage, and it is not possible without my hand at the rudder."
Spidrift comes back into view, and Astrea stiffly returns her attention to the road.

We follow it, eventually, to the great granite gates of Dorow Town. The guardsmen along the pallisades saw us a mile out, and a man with a partisan stands above us as we reach the heavy wooden entrance doors. "Halt, strangers," he calls. "Not another step. State your names, from whence you came, and what business you seek in Dorow's walls."
No. 507656 ID: eaf2f5

We are the three hedge mages Larry, Moe and Curly and we come to Dorow seeking knowledge. It's getting late so open the gates and let us in for a well earned rest.
No. 507770 ID: f2c20c

Why not just use the fake identities that didn't quite work in the previous location we were at? That only happened because Astrea recognized us.

Also, Creator... I must express concern. You do not seem to be making any plans as for how to change Spidrift, only recognizing that you can. Is this because you do not realize how to go about it? Perhaps it is time to inform you that he is operating under a list of rules you gave him while mad.

He is disallowed to:
Engage in pleasures of the flesh
Cook any meat
Bathe in warm water
Show mercy not accorded by his master
Take herbs to soothe pain or ache

When we brought up the prospect of changing them or removing them, he seemed hesitant. As if he did not mind, or maybe even that he liked having these rules. If you bring it up with him, you should be careful. Also, I have just realized we just now got him to show mercy, which is not something consistent with the guidelines he was given.
No. 508124 ID: 8950d8
File 136722453851.png - (9.66KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

"Three Hedge Mages from afar, in the area to learn of the old conflicts of mages and learn from the local Preceptors," I call. "I am Jerruv, the Scarred Mage. This is Tom, my second, and this is, ah,"
"Astrea," calls Astrea. "What need have I for show and falsity?" she whispers. "I am just."
"Yes. Well. We have come to Dorow to rest and seek what knowledge we can. Will you open the gates for us?"

"Hold," calls the guard. He disappears from view.

Interesting. I wasn't aware of these restrictions. You're right, of course. Repealing a few will do wonders for Spidrift's emotional health and self-sufficiency, one hopes. I make a mental note to find the time to speak with him about these stringent laws I made in my dark prehistory.

The doors rumble their way open. A mustachioed guardsman pokes his head out. "If you're a mage, you're a person of interest," he says. "And Captain Willas says all persons of interest are to report to him as soon as possible."
No. 508127 ID: f2c20c

Ask if it's about the bandits on the road. You took out some of them on the way here.
No. 508133 ID: eaf2f5

Then we better go meet this Captain Willas fellow post haste! Tell the guard to lead the way.

Also you should tell Spidrift to grow a mustache. It might do wonders to his emotional health and quicken his recovery.
No. 509274 ID: 400dc8
File 136805021120.png - (12.04KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

"Is this about the bandits on the road?" I ask. "Because Willas need not waste his sweat on us. My companions and I dispatched a few we found on the road the way here. Some fled, some dead." I wave the idea off. "They're nothing we need fear."

The guard harrumphs. "Then it's certain Willas has business with you, ser battlemage. Don't get too big for your britches and bring your spellcraft to bear in Dorow, mind. We keep the peace here."

Our fearless peacekeeper leads the way to Willas through winding, earthen streets and a town with considerably more permanence than the tiny village I encountered earlier. A great deal of the buildings are tall and stoneworked. It is no castle town, but the place is hardy enough.
No. 509275 ID: 400dc8
File 136805021724.png - (10.16KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

We are ushered into a squat, ugly guardhouse. "The captain is on the second floor," my mustachioed guide tells me with no brusqueness spared. "Jump to, hedge wizards."

The stairs creak and give slightly beneath my feet. At their top stands a narrow hallway, a door, and an armored man. He wears a full greathelm and a thick, padded coat. His thick sleeves hang limp and billowing. I would sweat just at his sight, if I could produce sweat any more. The weather is chilly but certainly temperate enough to go without such gear head-to-foot.
"Mage," he says.
"Ser guard," I say.
"You were the one to kill them bandits, then," he says.
"That news certainly traveled fast," I say.
"Many things are more fleet of foot than Officer Guthrie, bless his soul," he says. "I am Calidore, the Thrillant Mage. I suspect we will spend some time together, being as they always make me watch the visitor mages. Willas is just inside. But tell me before you see him: do you mean to kill more bandits? Because if you do I shall need time to pack my things."
"Your things?"
"I told you; any Dorow business with mages, I trot along with them."
No. 509278 ID: 76b151

Hmm, bandit hunting will get you some good will here.... but do we need it?
No. 509296 ID: f2c20c

Maybe, if we can get some extra monetary reward or something? It wouldn't hurt to get some extra resources at our disposal. Our main purpose here is to get information though, let's not forget that.
No. 509338 ID: 35edd4

You had not planned on it. You merely acted in self defense, and will do so again if necessary.
No. 509774 ID: 400dc8
File 136823168006.png - (10.53KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

"I acted in self-defense," I explain. "Should my hand be forced I wouldn't hesitate to do it again, but I am not so sure I wish to be a hunter of men just yet."
"Well." Calidore puts a hand on his hip. "If you change your mind, you'll have my sword with you, as well as my eyes."
"You have my thanks," I say, reaching for the handshake.

"Ah-ah, ser mage. I think you will find I'm a little unarmed for sallies of that sort," laughs Calidore. He brushes his right sleeve, which I only now realize is empty, then extends his left hand instead. I quickly retract my outstretched arm and switch to his example.

"Jerruv," I say, trying my best to hide my discomfiture. "The, ah, the scarred mage.
"Scarred mage." Calidore nods. "I spose we've all been marked in one way or another. You'll be wanting to see the captain, then."
"Yes. Shall I see you later?"
"You don't have much of a choice," says Calidore. "Neither of us do. Be well, Jerruv."

"That was awkward," whispers Astrea as they enter the office.
"Hush," I say.
No. 509775 ID: 400dc8
File 136823194528.png - (10.85KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

"Close the door behind you," Willas says, his voice sharp and nasal. "Right. You lot are the hedge mages, then."

"Correct," I say. "I am Jerruv, this is Astrea, and this is Thomas."

"And you're the ones who killed those bandits," says Willas. "I see. Well, you went and excited Calidore and now he's running about with ideas rattling around his pot helmet again."
"The man outside?"
"Aye." Willas puts down his quill. "Our only mage, he, and still a stripling, almost. Big lad, but if he has a beard he worked months to sprout it. He's been wanting to go hunt down them bandits for nearabouts a year, now, but of course we old regular folks lack that kind of deathwish. I suppose he's doing handstands out there at the thought of someone else going after them."

"I wouldn't want to disappoint him, but we didn't come here for bounty," I say. "We're here for knowledge about an infamous mage by the name of Ansirous."
"Ansirous, eh?" Willas sniffs. "Can't say I've heard of him, but if you have a chance at finding him it's in the archives below the Proper. Old Estus runs it. Good with names and dates and that. Now you won't cause him any hassle. He's too old to deal with hotblooded magi in their prime. I'm sending Calidore with you whether you go kill yourself some bandits or peruse the archives, but the boy's on the jumpy side himself, God knows, so don't you go overboard, you hear?"

"I do," I say. "Thank you, Willas."
"And if you do look to sell your sword, by the by, the bandits are the lesser of our worries," says Willas. "It's that thrice-damned Rootax at the crossroads, what plagues the king's roadss the most these days. But I suppose he's a big fish for three scholar-magi to fry. Bandits aren't known to eat manflesh."
No. 509783 ID: 665445

Wait, manflesh? What is this Rootax being? A man? A monster?
Hey, I wonder if Astrea knows anything about this thing...
No. 509785 ID: 57a559

it probably won't like the smell of you at all if it eats manflesh, you'll be rotting. Our identity might be a dead giveaway if we try to tackle it with Calidore
No. 509786 ID: 400dc8
File 136823556164.png - (8.95KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

"Astrea? Do you know anything about this Rootax?"
"Rootax are cliff wyrms, I believe," says Astrea. "One of the smaller maneaters."
"Could the three of us handle such a beast?"
"I don't know." Astrea scratches her neck. "Perhaps. But surely a greatbeast this close to a settlement would warrant some sort of response from the Camarilla?"

"The Camarilla have too full a plate to unroost a Rootax for a bunch of peasants," says Willas. "They'd much rather use their court mages to entertain the king into giving them more gold or blast one another in the Provings. Useless ponces. And now with the war on in the west and all."
"But surely one coven would suffice," protests Astrea. "They could spare that."

"Aye? Well, they haven't," grunts Willas. "Now if you're finished here I have a great pile of chits to sign and a nap to take. Calidore will take you where you decide you need to go. He's in charge of the bounties too, by his own request, I might add, so take any of that up with him."
No. 509787 ID: f2c20c

Research Ansirous first. Other tasks can wait until after that.
No. 509821 ID: 400dc8
File 136824639593.png - (45.38KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

I am here on a mission, and the mission will always come first.
I have Calidore lead us to the archive. He takes us to a narrow side door built into the impressive stone Proper, and down a flight of stairs in need of increased use, or perhaps just a dusting.
He ushers us to an old wooden door and raps twice on it with his good hand.
"Estus!" he calls. "Ho! Estus! Out-of-towners to see you!"
He knocks again for good measure.

"Lord above, boy, I'm lame, not deaf," an old, folded-up voice calls from inside. The door creaks open and the room's occupant creaks out. Estus is a hunched, stocky old man, leaning on a gnarled cane. "Who're these, then?"
"I am Jerruv, the Scarred Mage, and these are my companions," I say. "We have come to Dorow Town in search of knowledge and answers."
"Well isn't that something," says Estus. "Just once I'd fancy meeting a mage looking for a question or two."
"We seek information on a mage called Ansirous," I say.
"Ansirous. Ansirous." Estus tuts to himself. "Well, there've been a few Ansirouses in history. Ansiri, you could call them! Hnah! My little joke. Well, that's an old Giorazian Plains name, if I'm not mistaken. And if you've come for information on Giorazians, you could have done worse. Where we stand here used to be just outside the old metropolis, before the Revenant business. That was before even my time, of course. And all its records vanished with it. But Ansirous, eh? Ansirousousousous. Well, I suppose it can't hurt to look through the earliest things I have, even if I can't read them all. Follow me."
No. 509822 ID: 400dc8
File 136824644616.png - (24.50KB , 800x600 , 44.png )

Estus leads us to a sparse rack of scrolls near the back of the archive. As we pass the shelves of old farming records, trade ledgers, obituaries, and folk tale compendiums, no particular volume stands out to me as magically significant.

I am a little hungry.

"Here we are," says Estus. "Pre-Dorow records, as far back as I can take you. Now just who was this Ansirous?"
"A mage," I say. "A particularly powerful and dreadful one, as well, I believe."

"Magic. Hmmm. I'm sure I had the writings of some old magician or another around here somewhere. Calidore, come here."
"You're probably going to have to give me a boost."

Estus retrieves a stack of scrolls and I look through through them.

One appears to be a short peerage of the battlemages under the oath of Doge Someone-or-other. Useless.

Another is a blotted treatise on the origins of the Word of Power Acridum and the mage who discovered it. There's frustratingly little about what it actually does, but I make a note to perhaps test it in future.

It is the third scroll where I am given pause. This is a discourse on residual battlemagic, including discussions of the sites of famous mage duels. It mentions "thy byter fraye betwixte two magen, foese whom evene deathes inky cloake could not compose, and thyre rendynge asundere thatt famouse peake GERTSSBRUAM, a most bloudy battel".

"What do you suppose that means?" I ask, tapping the brittle parchment.
"No clue," says Estus.
"Nor I, milord," says Spidrift. "It's all just scrabblings, like a three-legged spider trying to run away across the sand!"
"Yes, well, that's writ in High Giorazi, that is," says Estus. "Seems all these old papers are. It's a dead language, went out with Giorazia for the most part. Reckon there's hardly anyone still alive who could read it."
No. 509828 ID: 76b151

Well I can understand it quite well.


the bitter fray between two mages, foes whom even deaths inky cloak could not compose, and their rending asunder that famous peak GERTSSBRUAM, a most bloody battle.

Sounds like a couple liches fighting to me... perhaps this is the clue we've been looking for. Ask if they know of a place known as GERTSSBRUAM. Though the place may have been renamed if its destruction was thorough.
No. 509829 ID: f2c20c

"the bitter fray betwixt two mages, foes whom even death's inky cloak could not compose, and their rending asunder that famous peak GERTSSBRUAM, a most bloody battle"

Sounds like you and Ansirous fought on a peak named Gertsbraum or something similar, and busted up that mountain good. That's a good lead, now we just need to find out where the peak was. Ask about it.
No. 509846 ID: 57a559

I'm almost curious on what looking up your own name might bring up. And your lover's, perhaps. Documents may be here somewhere. If if we know most of what's necessary to know about you both, anecdotal things related might prove to be quite useful.

God, I hope Rebecca is a relatively uncommon name in this world.
No. 509848 ID: e3aff6

We also might want to inquire more about Rootaxes, as we have heard there is one nearby. (Hopefully we can get some idea of if it is something we can beat, and also subtly find out if it is something we can 'eat'. Having those two problems take care of each other would be delightfully efficient.)
No. 509851 ID: 35edd4

Be sure to explain that you're a student of languages before revealing that you made sense of it.
No. 510269 ID: 0eef61
File 136842935157.png - (10.53KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

"I am a student of many languages," I announce, "and I can read this rather well." I clear my nonexistent throat, for show. "The bitter fray betwixt two mages, foes whom even death's inky cloak could not compose, and their rending asunder that famous peak GERTSSBRUAM, a most bloody battle."

"Lord above," says Estus. "What, man, are you even older than I am?"
"No, but perhaps more well-traveled."
"Because when I was a boy, I tell you. They hadn't come up with dirt yet. We all just stood on sand."
I stand up. "Gertssbruam. Gertsbraum? Do such places ring bells?"

"Gertßraum," says Calidore, automatically. "The Gertßraum Range. That's across the Channel Parvyle."
"How do you know about Gertzsroms?" asks Spidrift.
"I was born around Gertßraum," says Calidore. "And, well, Gertsßraum peak's got that great big fissure in it, but of course no battle fought by mortals could make anything like that. I suppose that's some kind of folk tale about how it came to be. Hmm. Novel."

"Perhaps," I say. "How would I get there?"
"Well, you'd have to get to Parvyle Port and charter a ship, I spose," says Estus. "Cost you a great deal, I'd wager."
"We don't have a great deal," says Astrea.
"Maybe you could sell this one. He's bulky enough." Estus prods Spidrift with his stick.
"I am not a foodstuff or pack animal!" protests Spidrift. "Except for if you were a cannibal. Which would be reprehensible. Most certainly."
"Or your hat," says Estus. "That's a mighty tall hat."
No. 510270 ID: 0eef61
File 136842935997.png - (13.51KB , 800x600 , 46.png )

I page through a few more scrolls, looking for my name or Rebecca's.

I find no mention of any Ferrucio, living or dead.

Rebecca, to my shock, brings dividends.
This scroll tells me that there was a Giorazian sorceress named Rebecca who could charm the wild animals of the Pirinian Doge's menagerie until they bore her harmlessly upon her back. Whether she did it by charm or by spellcraft remains unknown, but whoever wrote this suggests Philen as a word of power she might have used.

I don't think he caught her likeness quite right.
No. 510271 ID: f2c20c

Hrm! Famous girlfriend. Nice catch, Creator. I am... not sure what applications that word would have.

If we're going to need money, perhaps we should do some bounty hunting after all. Inquire as to what rewards there are.
No. 510289 ID: eaf2f5

I wonder could we could try charming the Rootax...
Probably too risky, safer to use words of power that we are certain will work.

And it's probably best we go after the bandits since well get a reward and they might have some valuables for us to blunder.

But its getting late and you should find some lodgings and have some dinner.
No. 510300 ID: ca6df3

i wonder if it would work on humans. we'll try it on Spidrift later.
No. 510312 ID: 57a559

oh god I think we just unlocked a game breaking spell

God, what if you mixed it with your spell voice magic that lets you speak?
No. 510900 ID: 0eef61
File 136859651841.png - (12.26KB , 800x600 , 47.png )

"Calidore, how much do those bounties provide?"

"There is a three-hundred lira bounty on the head of the bandit leader, with twenty lira for every lesser bandit you bring alive or dead," he says. "The Rootax bounty is up to 800 lira, now. I put 50 of that up myself."

"You have some grudge?"
"You could say that," says Calidore, brushing off his right sleeve.
I follow the motion. "Did it, ah, did you-"

Calidore nods. "Aye. The Rootax took two fingers from my right hand."

"But, ah, did, how did you, that is to say, lose the,"

"Oh, the rest? That was something else."

"I never agreed to hunt bounty with you," mutters Astrea.

"You may have no choice," I whisper. "How much money do we have to spend, Sp-Thomas?"
"Fifteen lira, milord!" Spidrift reports, cheerfully.
"And how much are lodgings?" I ask Calidore.
"A night at the Hardbranch would cost... four lira and a halfcoin for the three of you," says Calidore. "Of course, if you go after the bounties in the morning I'm sure Willas would find you lodging in the guardhouse. I could speak with him."
No. 510901 ID: d4ad1a

If Astrea doesn't want to come, she doesn't have to.
No. 510902 ID: e3aff6


you know, it occurs to me that she never stated precisely what she is traveling with us for, though now is not the time to discuss that with her.
No. 510904 ID: f2c20c

And chartering a ship would cost a great deal... what would we even have to sell? If Astrea wants to come with us to investigate this lead, she should help us with the bounties. Unless we can persuade her village to donate funds?

I just know we need money, and it has to come from somewhere. Bounty hunting is a clear method for us to get money. But, y'know, we did kill some bandits already. Do we get money for those?
No. 510922 ID: ca6df3

didn't we already kill a bunch of bandits? we should go back for their bodies or something
No. 511650 ID: 0eef61
File 136895141604.png - (10.36KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

"What if I have already killed a few bandits?" I ask.
"Do you have proof of their deaths?" asks Calidore. "Because that is what we'd require. Perhaps you should revisit the place where they fell and retrieve some."
"Like an ear?" asks Spidrift.
"That would, ah, that would suffice," replies Calidore, heading for the barracks. "I'll just go see to your lodgings, then. Will you be accompanying us, milady?"
"Of course," says Astrea, brightly.
"Of course?" I whisper.
"Shut up."

"I won't need any sort of bunk, Calidore," I say. "I prefer to sleep with a little more privacy."
"And I as well," says Spidrift, automatically. "I sleep privately with him."

Calidore is given pause.

"Right," he says. "Of course. One for the lady, then."

I give Spidrift a look as the young gallant makes his exit.
No. 511651 ID: 0eef61
File 136895144019.png - (3.40KB , 800x600 , 49.png )

I firmly lock the door to my room and ensure the curtains are drawn before I make any attempt to disrobe.

I settle in the bed, drawing the covers around me. I'm satisfied. It was a productive day. I must simply focus on productive days, one at a time, and I will find redemption.
No. 511652 ID: 0eef61
File 136895145123.png - (91.37KB , 800x600 , 50.png )


I feel a heat on the back of my neck.

Get out of bed, Ferrucio. We gotta talk. We have business to attend to.

Don't worry. I'm here to help.

No. 511653 ID: f2c20c

Uh, what? Who are you? A demon, perhaps?
No. 511676 ID: 57a559

Talk and I'll find out about that later. Don't waste time convincing us of your allegiance. Get to the point with your business and leave. No disrespect, but we'll be responsibly paranoid and nothing will change that, if you'll understand.
No. 511711 ID: 275262

Is it a badger
No. 511727 ID: 933f92

No. 513064 ID: 0eef61
File 136973051713.png - (86.05KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

"What are you?" I ask. "Are you a demon?"

A demon? Ferrucio, my friend, when His Stuffed Shirt Holiness wishes to grant you the radiance of his presence, he sends some underling to do his dirty work.

I am lifted gently from my bed. I stand on a path, now, the dirt and gravel coarse beneath my bare, rotting feet.

Me? I'm a little more hands-on. I have too much respect for your abilities to do that to you.

Something softly, rhythmically taps the back of my head.
A dead, mottled corpse sways limply in the breeze behind me. Its hair is long and lanky. Its tongue is swollen and black.
More hanged men dot the road toward a figure in tattered black, leaning on a long walking stick.

Now I ain't here to steal your soul, Ferrucio, and I ain't here to tempt you down the primrose path. I am a dishonest one, Ferrucio. Lord knows. Yes he does. But I've no other choice: I'm here to help you.

The figure beckons me forward.

You're fighting a threat to all creation. Big and small. Living and dead. Good and, well. The other one. Way I see it, anyone who has the ability has the duty to pitch in.

Why don't you come on a little closer, Ferrucio?

No. 513066 ID: 57a559

This apparition vision thing is a bit tacky. Could it have less hanging men and more, well, professional business talk on a table or something? Or is he just having his fun?
No. 513070 ID: 2fd25d

Ok, THAT'S DISTURBING! Please ask him what in the world is worth good and evil teaming up?
I rather don't like the sound of whatever's going on here.
You have our attention, now let's not burn your bridge, mister liar.
No. 513080 ID: f2c20c

I think that hanged corpse in front of you is likely to come alive and take a swipe at you as you pass to get closer to the devil himself. That's the sort of prank I expect.

But approach anyway.
No. 513105 ID: e3aff6

As if he's say "Hello I am here to tempt you" if he was.
Anyway, ask what exactly is the nature of this threat that has the devil of all people worried. (Also, it occurs to me to wonder what this evil superwizard has been spending all his time doing while we were busy being crazy.)
No. 513122 ID: 7e8516

"I can talk and listen just fine from here, thanks."
No. 513187 ID: 5869f6

Possibly the corpses are there in an attempt to intimidate you.

Like that would work.
No. 513219 ID: 35edd4

This. Tell him if he wants to help, he can start by telling us what exactly we're fighting. We'll have to be sure not to believe everything he says, though.
No. 513246 ID: bdb3f8

Man you guys, chill out. The evil one does not need to resort to petty trickery to achieve his ends. Indeed, simply lying to his would-be victims would often completely fail to achieve those ends. He seeks to guide souls WILLINGLY down the path to his door.

Be wary as prudence dictates, but assume that what he tells you is in at least the general shape of truth. Do not assume that the options he suggests to act upon that truth are the only ones available.
No. 513285 ID: 0eef61
File 136981191688.png - (47.16KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

"If you want to help me," I approach him, creeping gingerly around his hanging corpses. "Then tell me what I am fighting. Tell me what makes the Devil work with the Divine."

The greatest thing a man can become before he becomes a god, Ferrucio. The most powerful mage the world has ever seen. Ansirous is the logical end of the Lord's little experiment, Ferrucio. The conclusion. The dot on the i. And the Lord, in all His wisdom, has charged you with stopping it. I suppose He's too busy restringing his harp.

But He knows everything, and He knows you can't do it alone. You're already accruing a little list of lapdogs for yourself. That's good. That's very good. You'll need them. But God isn't going to give you direct aid. He's not going to point you the way. He's not going to catch you when you fall.

There is no face. Not really. Flakes of dried blood drift and spin from where it should be.

He expects me to do all that, I suppose.

I am here to offer you a companion, Ferrucio, if you'll take it. Satan's little helper.

No. 513287 ID: 35edd4

He must understand that you require a token of trust. Something to incontrovertibly ensure that this is not elaborate sabotage.
No. 513288 ID: 933f92

"The Lord has offered me redemption should I not stray from the path. Will this helper be obedient? Will taking him endanger others? Will he listen to me, before you? Will I stay the course, if I take him?"
No. 513290 ID: bf54a8

if he wanted you dead, you would of been dead a while ago. no, i think you can trust him.
No. 513291 ID: 161ed6

He is the personification of Dishonesty
even if he is on our side
No. 513293 ID: 0eef61
File 136981499081.png - (54.95KB , 800x600 , 53.png )

"You are the personification of dishonesty," I say. "If I am to trust you, I need incontrovertible assurance you can be trusted. Will your helper be obedient? Will he endanger others? Will he heed my call before he heeds yours? Will he stay the course?"

My assurance, such as it is, is yours. As is she.

A creature of liquid, sinuous grace steps from the darkness of the Great Adversary's robe.

She is coated in downy, dark fur. It ruffles gently in the breeze. She moves with the assured, molten step of a panther. Her hips sway with a feral, unabashedly lubricous gait, like a cold, black tide.
She looks at me with pale, lidded eyes that sparkle with a foreboding luster.
Parts of me that I thought long since rotted away thrum and course with the tread of her slick hooves.
She has hooves. Fur. A narrow snout. I should not feel this way.
It is an untenable feeling of unregenerate want. Were I weaker, younger, more flesh than I am, it would threaten to overpower me.

It does not.
I think of Rebecca. I think of my soul. The tumescent, lizard coils of my brain reorder themselves.

Command her to be silent, and you will never hear a word from her. Command her to hide herself from your presence, and you will never lay eyes upon her. Command her to kill, and she will kill on the instant. Your word is sacrosanct, synonymous with her will. Call her... a gift. A familiar. Or Layla, if you would give her a name. She is a mage of no small power, a tool to surmount the obstacles that lie thick and fast in your way. And she is yours. In power, in mind, and in body.
No. 513294 ID: 57a559

Command her to stop with the weird succubus rays. We'll have to bat off Spidrift and numerous other men, possibly even an army over her. Spidrift has good resistance but if it's quaking old rotten bones than there's no fucking chance he can hold back.
No. 513295 ID: 161ed6

Personally I find this suspect. I think we can have victory without resorting to this...though it might be more difficult...

It might be considered immoral just to have such a creature, to dominate the will of a sapient creature. Practically mind control. Can we really condone such action?
No. 513296 ID: 35edd4

We could work to redeem her just as we must with Spidrift. Perhaps redeeming others shall be the road to our own redemption. Certainly, she already exists, and from a moral perspective we would be better company for her than the alternative.
No. 513298 ID: 161ed6

But Can we redeem ourselves from engaging in MIND CONTROL. Redemption means nothing if she isn't in control of her actions. As a succubus we cannot trust her if she is in control of her actions leading to the moral quandary of how we can have her as a companion without Some sort of evil taking place. Either by our hands or by hers.
No. 513300 ID: bf54a8

IS IT mind control or perfect obedience?
No. 513302 ID: a8e26e

The more the merrier.
Although this is certainly a trap of some kind. Hopefully it's merely an attempt to sway you from your path, I'm sure we can handle that.
No. 513304 ID: 161ed6

is there a difference?
Look, the big evil dude even said and I quote,
"Your word is sacrosanct, synonymous with her will"
If it's 'perfect obedience' and she still has some manner of choice, we cannot trust her to always obey us. She might even pervert our orders.

We cannot afford to take on this companion if we are to have a moral victory.
No. 513305 ID: 161ed6

And to anyone who says 'Oh just tell her not to pervert our orders' or some variation on that

Restricting her action is inherently immoral as it is furthering the effects of mind control.

Remember she is not following us out of loyalty like Spidrift
She is either bound to our will, in which case accepting that binding and utilizing it are both immoral and evil acts

OR she is Obeying her master, The Lord Of All Evil. In which case her obedience is unreliable and she will likely be a corrupting influence on our party.

In both cases, accepting her assistance would be in itself an immoral act.
No. 513314 ID: f2c20c

Uh, having a succubus on our side seems like it might ruffle a few feathers. I mean, how do we go around claiming to be a normal person if there's a hellspawn following us around at our beck and call?

Does he have any ways to assist us that won't scream "I'm working with the Devil"?
No. 513316 ID: 049fed

So. The guiding hand of good, versus the empowering aid of evil.
I... Suspect the idea is this: take the path of good, and know the thing to do. Take the path of evil, and nothing can stand in your way. But if we profess to be good, and yet still use this demon, or whatever she is... Yea, that would be a problem.
No. 513323 ID: 095c28

at what price?

as long as there is no cost or strings attached, very well.
first order of business: never attack me, be hostile to me, offend me, deceive me, tempt me, flirt with me, arouse me, try to stray me from the path of good - the path of redemption, or from Rebecca. all of that (except for that last one) goes for any companions i have now or will acquire along the way.
you will not try to peruse any of satan's agendas without my explicit consent and knowledge of their full extent and nature. you will hold no alliances other then to me, you will not knowingly advance any agendas other than ones i will consent to
and know fully about, you will not deliberately hide information that i will find even the least bit interesting from me.
and lastly, you will warn me whenever you or Satan's interests, agendas, plots, ploys, desires, endeavors, attempts, pursuits, ventures, or intents will conflict with my own.

secondly, more than power and companions we require information.
No. 513331 ID: 161ed6

That won't work. The nature of this succubus means we cannot trust her actions without subverting her will.

This is an obvious trap don't fall for it.
No. 513417 ID: 35edd4

Also, if he can offer nothing stronger than his word, then regardless of the morality of accepting this servant we cannot do so. His assurance, such as it is, is worthless. Politely turn down the offer.
No. 513436 ID: 095c28

i'm not sure. if she has her own will, but still follows orders perfectly, we can prevent her from backstabbing through a Code she'll follow and deal with the rest as it comes. if she doesn't have a will of her own, can she even be considered sapient?
No. 513439 ID: 0eef61
File 136986673423.png - (84.34KB , 800x600 , 55.png )

"If I am to take you," I say, "how would I justify a hellspawn following me?"

She can take care of herself. Can't you, Layla?

"Yes, Revenant," she says. Her voice is long nails scratching silk. "I can will myself into cloaked invisibility upon command. Until you have need of my skills, I am air."

"And will you cease with your succubus aura?"

"My what now?"

"I cannot spend all my time beating my male adherents off you with a stick."

"Oh." She laughs, low and syrupy, and raises one eyebrow. "I'm not a succubus, Revenant. A succubus would be useless to you. I am a warmage." She grabs her chest. I look away. "And there isn't really a way to shut off the Twins. I'm, uh, glad you approve, though. I... could throw on a sweater? Or a habit?"

"I cannot condone a servant with no will of her own," I say, attempting to change the subject of conversation.

"My will is to save creation, kill the mage Ansirous, and earn glory, astonishing bragging rights, and a place of power in the kingdom of Hell," says Layla. "My Lord the Southern Dragon and Great Foe tells me the only way to do that is to serve you. Your will, therefore, is mine."
"You are a demon."
"And you're a Revenant," she laughs. "My place is to punish souls. Yours is to destroy them. In the eyes of God, you are ten times more wicked, and ten times again. What does it matter, what we are? What matters is what we do. And I will do," she says, her marshfire eyes narrowing, "whatever you would have me do."
No. 513440 ID: 1d8777

In total fairness, we are a pretty motley crew here. I think a Demon Mage is not going to be too out of place with a Revenant Mage and a Butcher Mage.
No. 513445 ID: 095c28

she has will of her own and she doesn't want or need redemption. there is hope here, as long as we can mitigate her influence on our own redemption.

make sure we can dismiss her at will, make a bunch of rules for her to follow to cover our ass then accept her. if she ever does damage we'll toss her back here and we can probably handle whatever it will be. if possible, ask that if we decide she did us harm that she will be punished when she returns - as extra incentive.
right now the worst she could do is interfere with our companions - Spidrift's redemption and getting Astrea to trust us. we will need to include something about that in the rules.
>>513323 would make a good start, but it's far from complete.
No. 513446 ID: 933f92

Yeah, true.

Also, she has to teach us her own Words, right? So there's that. Besides, we can redeem her, too.
No. 513447 ID: c6ff1a

I don't like this....Everything about this encounter screams Trap...

I have a feeling we can be victorious through our own merits rather than relying on the power of a servant of hell.
No. 513448 ID: f2c20c

Uh, okay then. She is just unnaturally attractive because she's a demon, probably. Or perhaps the curves below the neck and above the knees are close enough to human for your instinctual libido, Creator? What distresses the mind may not worry the body. It is irrelevant, whatever the case may be.

She should know that we plan to be a goody-goody two shoes. She should behave herself if she wants to stay in our good graces. That also means no tempting mortals down the path of evil, not that she is likely to be able to while invisible almost all the time.

Aside from that, yes. We need the help, and with motives like that we can trust her to ensure Ansirous dies. I'm not concerned with her backstabbing us after the fight, as long as Ansirous dies.
No. 513449 ID: 095c28

first rule of opportunism. even if it is a trap, we should use it to our advantage.
No. 513450 ID: c6ff1a

remember, she has will of her own. She does not necessarily NEED to follow our orders, she chooses to so that she can prevent her own destruction, as well as Gain glory and power. Her intentions seem to run parallel with ours for now, but there is no way to be sure they will in the future, especially after Ansirous is defeated. And I say defeated not killed. While it is unlikely we can defeat Ansirous without killing him, I would at least like to keep the nonlethal option open. This companion has deliberately stated a will to kill Ansirous. Accepting her will make it more difficult for such an outcome to be possible.

Why do we need to take her along with us anyways? Could we not just have her as support for the final battle? We would not have to worry about her influence then. She is already a powerhouse, I doubt we will be able to improve on her abilities much.

If this devil guy really wants to help us now, ask him to give us some words of power rather than send along a companion who we cannot trust.
No. 513452 ID: f2c20c

>at least like to keep the nonlethal option open
What Ansirous does is MORE EVIL THAN EATING SOULS.

Why would you not want to kill that.
No. 513454 ID: c6ff1a

What is a greater symbol of good than showing mercy even to the greatest of your enemies.

What could be more redeeming?

If it was possible to ensure that Ansirous was no longer a threat without killing him, It would be the most noble of acts. He may be a being of pure evil now, but recall, so were we. We were given a second chance. Is he no more deserving than us?
No. 513459 ID: 095c28

that's not what it says on the label.
"Your word is sacrosanct, synonymous with her will." if she could pick and choose orders than she is no good to us at all, but i don't think that is the case.
No. 513467 ID: c6ff1a

It's not that she can pick or choose which of our orders to follow. It's just that she can still act on her own, and she is not loyal to us. we merely share a cause. She has several other motivations that may come into conflict with our own. She may become a corrupting influence on us and those around us.

Even if these negatives CAN be mitigated, why take the risk. There is simply no point in her accompanying us. Her power will be best used and least risky in the final conflict, not against the standard threats of the world.
No. 513468 ID: c6ff1a

If we just asked for words of power we could gain more versatility without so much risk.
No. 513517 ID: c2032c

Sounds like she will be accompanying us... I reccomend we explain her presence to the other two mages in our group as soon as we can do so safely. This way, we'll be able to watch each other's backs, as it were. Due to our position as leader, by Spindrift's loyalty and Astrea's...Resignment to her fate, corruption on us may end up corrupting our quest.
I'd like to turn her down, or at least have her work seperated from us, somehow, perhaps by spying on Ansirous and his movements/ spell effects, learning his words of power, and what not. A Mage with her eyes on a palace in hell could be far worse for our PR then Spindrift ever could be.
No. 513537 ID: 0eef61
File 136989453851.png - (58.68KB , 800x600 , 56.png )

"There shall be rules," I say. "I will think of them, and they will be most restrictive."

"Does this mean you accept me, Revenant?"
"It does," I say. "With great, wide swathes of caveats and regulations. But it does."

She breaks out into a jagged, flashing grin. A thin tail rises from behind her and swims through the air. "Whatever you think is best, Rev."
No. 513538 ID: 0eef61
File 136989456174.png - (68.36KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

Look at this. So many new friends made in one evening.

The pale pilgrim steps between us.

It warms my heart to see it, Ferrucio. Layla is fresh, and she is untested, but I see already that the two of you will be an excellent fit. Take her and use her however you would use her. We're all counting on you, you know. Our lives are in your hands. If you should fail, Ansirous will grow and swallow the sky and remake the Earth concomitant to his unspeakable soul

So let's not let that happen, hmm?

You're gonna take care of him. And if you don't, and you fail, then in the twilight of the world, before he drags us all into oblivion,

No. 513539 ID: 0eef61
File 136989457527.png - (98.44KB , 800x600 , 58.png )


will take care

of you.

No. 513540 ID: 0eef61
File 136989459388.png - (5.21KB , 800x600 , 59.png )

I awaken.

My shredded lungs are a billows with my labored breath. My ruined heart flutters and thumps.
No. 513542 ID: 76b151

If I fail, I shall deserve it.
No. 513555 ID: f2c20c

Where God uses a carrot, the Devil uses the stick.

Layla is probably here already. One simple guideline is "Don't do anything evil." She likely has a better understanding of evil than us, considering she punishes evil souls.
No. 513556 ID: 095c28

if she is here already you need to set the rules BEFORE you sleep or you risk her doing evil stuff during the night. up creator, there is work to be done.
No. 513558 ID: 1cf691
File 136993410997.jpg - (75.55KB , 500x500 , She_rules_you.jpg )

Tell Layla to show herself, it is time to lay down the law!
No. 513588 ID: 0eef61
File 136996843033.png - (6.74KB , 800x600 , 60.png )


It is dark and silent in the room. I sit up and crane my neck. Perhaps she is invisible.

My voice is breathless and flat, absorbed quickly by the enfolding bedclothes.

Above me, Spidrift snores and turns over.

Was it a dream? It could not have been.
No. 513589 ID: 0eef61
File 136996843592.png - (215.28KB , 800x600 , 61.png )

A dream could not give me this leaden feeling in the pit of my stomach.
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