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File 136063260276.png - (67.61KB , 650x600 , 1.png )
492062 No. 492062 ID: a68e3e

The Legendary Dragon Slayer...
With it's ever-shifting (only shifts when near a dragon) stripes and the symbols of all the dragons on it's hilt... There is no doubt this is the genuine blade of legend...
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No. 492063 ID: a68e3e
File 136063263643.png - (80.89KB , 715x481 , 2.png )

Now I can begin my quest and slay the Dragon of Light, Masil!
No. 492064 ID: bf54a8

why? i mean, what dd masil do to you to deserve death?
No. 492066 ID: bf54a8

also, look at the statue. look at the sword. i don't see matching symbol do you?
No. 492070 ID: 908c2d

Why would you want to kill the dragon of light? Light's a good thing. And her element is healing. Also a good thing. And hell, Masil doesn't get out there and raise chaos like the fire dragon, she mostly just hangs out with her catfolk.

I mean, she can be a bit of a dick personally, but I highly doubt you know her well enough to have experienced that.

Then there's the fact the dragons kind of have to live to maintain balance in the world... kill enough of them and things start going wrong on a fundamental level.
No. 492071 ID: a68e3e
File 136063359884.png - (122.37KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

Close enough.

Oh it's not what she did to -me-, voice in my head. No... What she did was kill my father!
Not directly, but it was still her fault! Many years ago my father, a good honest man, went to the Catfolk city of Talimere. There he went to the Temple of Masil and prayed to her, asking her to cure him of his illness. She appeared before him and simply insulted my father before leaving!
The shock of her insult, combined with his already poor health was too much! My father died that night, away from his home and his family!
And now I shall have my revenge!
No. 492072 ID: a68e3e
File 136063371732.png - (46.34KB , 301x412 , 4.png )

Maybe I can just wound her a little?
No. 492073 ID: bf54a8

wait, how do you know what happened to your father?
No. 492074 ID: 908c2d

Hmm. Sure. Wound, humiliate, etc. There's gotta be lots of ways we can teach her a lesson for being a bitch to your dad.

Say, we're a little out of it. I don't suppose you know the year? Or maybe which king's reign this is?
No. 492076 ID: 04b86a

>She appeared before him and simply insulted my father before leaving!
>The shock of her insult, combined with his already poor health was too much! My father died that night, away from his home and his family!
How do you know this is what happened, and that he didn't just abandon you and your mother for a nice Catfolk?
No. 492078 ID: a68e3e
File 136063462835.png - (117.07KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

His body was brought to us by a catfolk priestess. Her parting words were, 'If Masil said it he probably deserved it.'

Yes. I just want revenge! But... If killing her would destroy everything that would be a bit counterproductive..

Also the year is 134 2P. I think it's half past noon?
Anyway, to Talimere!

John touches the Dragon Shrine. There's a blinding white light and then..
Nothing. He blanks out for a moment and when he regains his sense of self he finds himself in the outskirts of Talimere.
The city is simpler than the Central Kingdom. It has a high wooden fence surrounding it. The gate is open and welcoming.

All these... Catfolk. Ever since that day it seems that every Catfolk I see looks down on me.

>"Greetings nya. Do you need any help finding your way around?"

See! This one thinks I can not find a simple church! I will show him.

John ignores the catfolk and continues onward into the city.

Hmm... It seems their church is well hidden.
No. 492080 ID: f2c20c

It sounded like that one was being friendly. Hate clouds your mind, but that takes a lot of effort to fix so let's not dwell on it.

Try asking someone for directions to the church. Try not to blurt out that you want to fight Masil.
No. 492081 ID: 908c2d

Hmm. Alright... so... what are your skills? You a fighter? Or have you just taken to the sword?

Even if we find the church, if the dragon slayer is recognized, the catfolk probably won't want to let you get close to their patron. How do you plan to get by?
No. 492083 ID: f2c20c

Oh, and... was your father named Sable by any chance? Where'd you get the sword anyway?
No. 492084 ID: bf54a8

pfft, no. they knew their father and knew they were sickly.

anyway, what insult was your father given?
No. 492086 ID: a68e3e
File 136063666142.png - (90.07KB , 444x503 , 6.png )

They wouldn't say exactly.. Something about his manhood? My father was the most manly man there was!

I've never heard of the name.. My father's name is also John. As for the blade I bought it from a traveling merchant.

I'm not asking anyone! I'll find it myself!

Several hours later John finds the Temple of Masil. It was near the entrance.
A single priestess stands in front of the entrance, she doesn't seem to care about the blade he's carrying.

>"Greetings human. What brings you to the Temple of Masil, nya?"

Oh damn
I don't even have an excuse ready.
No. 492088 ID: bf54a8

you came to pray for your father.

exactly what the prayer is about she doesn't need to know
No. 492091 ID: 035ce3

Isn't your father Sable? I mean the only people who could even hope to kill Masil is a relative of Sable.

[Dragonslayer becomes heavier]
No. 492093 ID: bf54a8

do you guys SERIOUSLY believe this is the real dragonslayer? this is a cheap knockoff, but john her doesn't want to hear it
No. 492100 ID: 908c2d

The dragon slayer is tied to a bloodline. This kid could be either a descendant or ancestor of Sable's. Bloodlines go both ways.

...or he could just be some smuck. Regulus could use the sword too, after all. Just not as well as those of the bloodline.

Assuming of course this is the real sword. Looks too puny to me. The Dragon Slayer's always looked really wide before, that thing is a skinny 1handed blade.

Sounds good.
No. 492106 ID: f2c20c

(It's not the dragon slayer. The real one *always* shifts, and is a completely different type of sword.)

Say that you come to pray for the health of your mother, who is sick.
No. 492112 ID: a68e3e
File 136064074028.png - (354.16KB , 800x532 , 7.png )

"I can to pray to Masil, my mother is sick and could use her healing."

"Mya? Ok. Do you have a offering, nya?"

"Yes, vengeance..."


"I mean gold!"

>"Then go right in."

John enters the Temple of Masil. It's a straight path in and ends at a large golden door. He opens it...
And sees a naked Catfolk lying down in a sea of velvet.

>"Mya? John, right?" She says while purring. "I knew you were looking for me. It's not every day that a human enters my land~ Tell me..."
No. 492113 ID: a68e3e
File 136064076705.png - (48.31KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

>"What can I do for you~?"
No. 492116 ID: bf54a8

... DID your dad have a small penis? i think he may of flashed her.

just say your bit about your father.
No. 492118 ID: 908c2d

Welp. Still think you can bring yourself to slicely slice the naked catgirl?
No. 492119 ID: beeca1

"Did my dad actually have a small penis? Also, did he flash you or what?"

Remember, accuracy is the most vital part of any vengeance plan. You HAVE to learn as much as you can. This is crucial, especially if you're dealing with decades-old hearsay. You can't just go off half-cocked like your dad did.
No. 492122 ID: 6835b8

Oh man oh man

proposition the dragon.
No. 492123 ID: f2c20c

Psst. Check to see if your sword is shifting. It's not, is it?

So. How do you plan to deal with this vastly superior opponent? How about you just talk to her about your father, and ask why she turned him away?
No. 492131 ID: 908c2d

Oh, and you know, you might want to ask her how she knows your name.
No. 492168 ID: a68e3e
File 136065477671.png - (515.11KB , 800x800 , 9.png )

"How d-do you know my name!"

>"Nya~ I know the names of all who seek me. It's my gift. I know that soon a man named Regulus will come seeking an audience with me. But I have some time to play with you mya~"

"Th-this is no time for games! I have come here to slay the Dragon, Masil?"

She purrs again

>"You're looking at her. I can't play in my true form, mya. This body is so much more fun~" She looks at his blade and laughs "Nyahahaha! Really?"

She holds out her arm

>"Go ahead, nya. Try it."


>"Try an cut me, nya."

John glares at her and brings his blade down against her arm. Nothing happens.

>"That blade doesn't do a think against me nya."

"B-but... This is the dragonslayer..."

>"Hehehe... Sorry little boy, the Dragonslayer's being held by a man named Sable nya. From what I can tell... You're not even somewhat related to him."

"B-but... How will I avenge my father now..?"

>"Father, mya?"

"My father, John! You killed him ten years ago!"

>"Mya..? I haven't killed a human in... Decades."

"Not directly! He was sick and came here to be healed!"

>".... OH! I knyow who you're talking about. The man was on death's door already mya. I can't heal disease. Perhaps if he was missing an arm or a leg mya but not a sickness of the soul. When he learned that I could not heal him he looked so sad mya. Soooo I offered to play with him. He died soon after mya. I'm sorry."

"Oh... So... You didn't insult him..?"

>"Nyope. He was a strong man nya. I couldn't find much fault in him. Except that maybe he was a big larger than what I'm used to nya..." She smiles at John. "I can sense that you inherited that from him as well nya~. Since you can't avenge him perhaps you'll stay here and enjoy the services of a Dragon?"
No. 492169 ID: bf54a8

see what happens when you BUY swords that are suppose to be legendary artifacts of untold power?

anyway sure why not. tap dat cat.
No. 492170 ID: 6835b8

Few can say they have lain with a dragon.

No. 492171 ID: 57a559

Dude, your father tapped that.
Do you want to tap what your father tapped? Seriously?
No. 492172 ID: 57a559

You should also note that your father had sex powerful enough to take his life when sick. He boned that lady to death.
No. 492173 ID: f2c20c

'If Masil said it he probably deserved it.' I'm... guessing that was a bad way to phrase that Masil said he deserved to lie with her? Or that he had a big dick? What was the sickness of the soul he had?

Well. I see no reason not to take her up on her offer, though you may want to sortof get used to the idea first.

Ask how long you'll have until Regulus arrives.
No. 492174 ID: f2c20c

Dude, she's an immortal dragon, she's probably tapped the ancestors (if not the fathers) of half the men alive by this point.
No. 492175 ID: bf54a8

uhhh, no. it was a SOUL sickness. physical stress doesn't agitate that. she said he died shortly AFTERWARDS.
No. 492176 ID: 695191

Do it. Your father would be proud.

..Where did you get that damn sword, anyway?
No. 492179 ID: a68e3e
File 136065847855.png - (225.63KB , 596x552 , 10.png )

"... How long until this Regulus person comes by?"

>"Nyahaha. Don't worry, no one will disturb us."

She crawls over to John and begins to work off his pants, purring the whole time.

>"My my... How did you even manage to put this on mya~?"


Before he can finish Masil rips his pants off at the seams using her claws.

>"There~ Now come over here, I'll show you what a Dragon is capable of."
No. 492180 ID: a68e3e
File 136065858678.png - (2.72KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

It turns out Dragons are capable of quite a lot.

John passes out after what must have been hours.
As he drifts off to sleep he hears a deep rumbling sound, some yells
and then nothing.

No. 492181 ID: f2c20c

Dude, wake up. Something happened. Sounds like the temple collapsed or something.
No. 492182 ID: a68e3e
File 136065939452.png - (161.16KB , 800x600 , 12.png )


>"John..? John, wake up nya."

John opens his eyes. The first thing he notices is the once velvet room has crumbled. Slabs of stone and dirt surround him. A few of those slabs are crushing the dragon beside him.

>"Hey, nya. You woke up. Good, good... It would have been pretty terrible if you died too.."

"Wh-what happened here..?"

He tries to sit up but a stabbing pain in his chest keeps him down.

>"The man Regulus visited nya. He used some weird magic and... Destroyed everything... Caught me while we were napping...He, catnap... I can't change into my dragon form, nya... The temple collapsed on us... I had enough power to bring you back though nya... So that's something..?"

John notices just how badly Masil is wounded. One of her arms is broken off and he can't even see her lower body under the slabs of earth. There's a stone spike coming out of her chest. She's still smiling though.

>"I think he's the Chosen of Myli, nya... Only power that can cause this much destruction.. Knew I wouldn't be in my true form too.."

She groans in pain.

>"John... Hey, listen. I'm going to die in a bit. I was wondering... Can I possess you? It'll only be for a little bit... I don't want to die forever here. And I figured I'd at least ask, nya..."
No. 492183 ID: f2c20c

Of course.
No. 492184 ID: bf54a8

you were inside her, only right that she can be inside you.
No. 492185 ID: e0b19d

It'd hardly be polite to say no, after... well.
No. 492188 ID: a68e3e
File 136065994538.png - (189.25KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

"I was inside you for a few hours, don't see why I can't repay the favor."

She laughs.

>"I like you. Thanks John."

Her body vanishes completely leaving only thin wisps of light. Soon those too vanish.
John doesn't feel any different but he can tell she's there.

No. 492196 ID: a68e3e
File 136066096112.png - (147.37KB , 643x499 , 14.png )

Many years later

You sure he's here?

Yep, mya. He's very good at hiding himself nya.

If we had just asked Aeryr like I -first- suggested.

Nya~ Point is I found him.

I found him.

Details details. With his help I'll be able to get a brand new body for sure nya.

Sorry the whole Alchemy thing didn't work out.

Don't sweat it, nya. With Myli's help I'll be back in no time. And you shall be my number one toy~

Heh. Aren't you worried he'll try to kill you though? It was his Chosen that attacked in the first place.

Don't worry about that mya. I know Myli, he would never kill another dragon. Not after what happened to Oraes. That Chosen wasn't working for or even with him. I'm sure about that, nya.

I'll trust you in this. Ready?

Lead the way~
No. 492219 ID: 78c6ea

Alright! Time to kill Regulus!
No. 492221 ID: f2c20c


John arrived right after Saisai became a knight- Saisai does not have her new outfit on yet. This means that by the time Thasti died, Masil had already contacted Myli.

This could be very good for us. If Masil told Myli about Regulus killing dragons, then they are most likely planning to take him out. If we can get Ombra and Aeryr in contact with Myli as well, then we will have a lot of resources in play against Regulus.
No. 492256 ID: 908c2d

Masil, first dragon to actually ask before taking a host. And she saved his life, first! She's certainly working off that jerk impression.

Heh. Masil unlocked John's female form even without the guardian's help. :V
No. 492273 ID: 7003a8

Turn around. See those four people behind you?
One of them is Ombra's host. You totally need to work with them.
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