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File 125356831561.png - (21.74KB , 1000x1000 , HGWquesteditionstart.png )
48853 No. 48853 ID: 6faa8c

(Yet another Textquest, folks.)

Six cards.

Six legends.

Six artefacts.

Berserker, a demonic foe, insane and barely held back by its master.

Lancer, a balanced fighter, capable, intelligent, and accurate.

Saber, the 'strongest', highly intellectual, powerful, but tiring to upkeep and with no true specialization.

Archer, strong from afar. A bright tactician, resourceful.

Rider, fastest of them all, capable of pinpoint attacks, and harrowing in close combat.

Caster, who relies on the strengths of others and thier mastery of the general arcane.

Legends bespake in times both ancient and modern, strengthened and magnified by this summoning process, capable of more than they ever were in life.

The question remains...

Who shall you summon?
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No. 48855 ID: 5696d4

Rider FTW
No. 48857 ID: 728150

If I say lancer could we get someone who isn't a sergal?
No. 48859 ID: 01383e

No. 48860 ID: 6faa8c

These artefacts are all you could manage to find in one month. Highly expensive, rare, and some very, very dangerous, all speak of ancient tales and old rivalries, some of fond memories, some of harsh combat.

Sadly, there are no others.
No. 48863 ID: 43d730



Nevermind. Archer.
Can we get a little backstory on these items?
No. 48865 ID: b1e366

No. 48866 ID: 5696d4


Oh fuck you
No. 48867 ID: 6faa8c

The axe is stout and strong, found embedded in moonrock. It is the first you found.

The helm is old and dented, speaking of much use. You found it in a museum.

The orb whispers weakly, as if near death from eons alone.

The Scarf is warm and soft, like a friend's touch.

The claw seems poisonous and, as if it could hold emotion, endlessly angry.

The book is filled with regret, sadness, and desires for a new start.
No. 48868 ID: 4553b2

No. 48871 ID: 728150


Right, okay, caster then.
No. 48873 ID: 105b91

No. 48880 ID: ed8d8a

what? I thought we had some sort of inappropriate fetish for orbs 'round here. people don't want the orb? It is shiny and round and oh so inviting.
No. 48882 ID: 6665a0

No. 48884 ID: 2cbe3e

No. 48886 ID: 213e20

Caster! Caster!
No. 48887 ID: 01383e

I want the orb

I also want BERSERKER

can I have ORBSERKER?
No. 48893 ID: 6665a0

No. 48898 ID: c42be6


Was this some kind of time-delayed doublepost bug? Did you accidentally post again? Just commenting on it so it doesn't screw up the vote.
No. 48909 ID: 5d5878
File 125357174442.jpg - (56.91KB , 640x480 , saber.jpg )

You all know the correct choice.
No. 48910 ID: b1d2c5

i think i posted twice when i have two tabs of this page open
No. 48913 ID: 5d5878

Judging from the helmet among other things, am I to assume these will all be based on /quest/ characters? If so, any hints as to who's what?
No. 48915 ID: 6faa8c


Try and guess. That's half the fun.
No. 48927 ID: 15f6d6

Or you could just go look in the /questdis/ thread where the spoilers are posted. y'know, whichever you prefer.
No. 48928 ID: 007a2e

No. 48954 ID: 931ee5

No. 48956 ID: bd6ea1

No. 48958 ID: 6faa8c
File 125357590741.png - (2.75KB , 300x300 , BerserkerCHOSEN.png )

<<And with that Berserker vote, voting is locked.>>

It is decided.
Rage and power will be your weapon. Nothing shall stop this monster in the persuit of his foes.
But I must stay aware at all times, for magic and ranged attacks, in great onslaught, can destroy even this strong monster. And even I do not know the full extent of his power...

I place the axe in the center of the circle and begin the ceremony...
No. 48960 ID: 931ee5

>>48954 16:27
>>48956 16:28
>>48958 16:31

No. 48968 ID: 6faa8c
File 125357652425.png - (3.17KB , 300x300 , Mark.png )

... Power swirls around the circle, arcs of red lightning shoot out ine all directions, harmless but impressive. I smile. Yes. I have truly drawn the strongest card!
The power coaleses at the center of the circle, a smaller form than I expected. He is roughly half my height, encased in strange armor, a bread running down his front, wild and untamed as his class implies. His eyes and face, what I can see of it, are strange, and his arms look impressively stongas they reach down and grip the axe. Our eyes lock, and for a moment, I see the madness in them, bound only by my willpower. A silent exchange takes place, and then... silence.

I feel a burning on the back of my hand, a symbol branded there, marking me as a master in this bloody and deadly contest. With it, I may command my Servant absolutely up to three times, pushing the limits of what is and is not possible. On the third stroke, I will lose control and a stake at my goal. I must use this sparingly.

It is over. I have summoned my Servant and bound him. I am in my home, in the basement. I live alone, deep in the woods near town. The other Artefacts are gone, destroyed or taken I have no idea.
No. 48976 ID: 6faa8c

At any rate...

This contest I have entered, this... war I was chosen for... it is one for the greatest prize. A single wish! Anything you desire, anything you want.
I can win in one of several ways:
1: Destroy the other six Servants with mine, through trickery, power, or tactics.
2: Destroy the other Masters, either on my own or with my Servant.
3: Force the other Masters to forfeit their own Marks. This will dismiss their Servant.

Servants are incredibly powerful beings. No Servant can ever be matched by a human being in its speciality, unless the situation is so strange as to be a miracle. It would be suicide to face Servants on my own, and my own Servant is stronger than most of his kind, I can sense it.

One more thing: A servant can be strengthened by gathering Mana. This resource either comes from me, passively, from others, by killing them, or from the ambient air, a technique that only Caster can utilize. If a servant has no mana, they fade to nothing.
No. 48978 ID: 6faa8c

Now that that the exposition is out of the way, what shall I do now? I have a full day ahead of me and six other foes seeking to kill me and each other as I speak. Shall I seek them? Shall I remain here and wait for them? What do you believe the best option is?
No. 49011 ID: 1d8259

I don't believe our servant would tolerate sitting around waiting for the others to come to us - not for long, anyway. Let's get out there and explore!
No. 49036 ID: 6faa8c
File 12535813015.png - (6.10KB , 500x500 , FlooroneManor.png )

Yes... That sounds right. He seems about ready to explode. I take better stock of him now. There's several thinks I take note of: His hands have tiny runes on them. I'm not sure what it means. He has wings and an eye on his back, both of them vestigial, I presume. And one of his feet is an axe.

"Up, Berserker. We hunt now."
With a grunt, the monster rises, following me out of the basement. I live in a manor-like home. The floors are designed to be mutually exclusive, that is to say, you will never stand above or below another room directly. There are several areas I can visit:

Business District: Tall buildings and small crowds, everywhere.

Neighborhood: Homes and random people walking about.

College: Large numbers of people in small places.
No. 49109 ID: 6faa8c

I almost forgot to introduce myself! My name is Marcus. I'm part of a long lineage of Mages who watch over this area. We are currently in the City. I will not trouble you with the name.

My skills in the mundane are driving, cooking, and basic reasoning. In Magic, I excel at detecting illusions and dispelling them, as well as enchanting objects with power. My gun, for instance, is able to break minor magical resistances, and the bullets are powered with magic to explode on contact.
No. 49181 ID: 7eda8b

Wait, we can command the servant only three times, we lost the artifacts to summon more, and we have six targets?

I think you have a serious problem here.

I guess go to the college. Maybe there's some resources there to track your opponents.
No. 49182 ID: ed8d8a

So there's ONE person who hasn't seen the show then.

The summons will generally follow the instructions of the master, especially if they get along well personality wise. The command symbols are an override button for if they really don't want to do something, or in some situations they can be used as an omega strike.
No. 49183 ID: 43d730

Three unbreakable commands.
The Servants also get something out of the deal, so they tend to also want the others dead.
And killing or coercing the other masters nets you any symbols they have left.

Although I'm pretty sure berserker was an extra incantation at the end?
No. 49185 ID: 6faa8c

Yes, perhaps theres some good resources there.

Indeed. Berserker is not as intelligent as most servants are. I point my finger and away he goes.
Now, anyone can be chosen as Berserker. Thier preferred weapon of fighting does not matter. You simply add another line of invocation and cause a loss of sanity, trading it in for the Deathless Frenzy ability, a raise in basic stats, and the loss of one normal ability.


I hide him in a large trenchcoat I own, and away we go. Most Servants can obscure themselves in a 'ghost form', but Berserker cannot.

Ah, right. I said I enchanted my gun, correct? I should clarify: I have to hit them with the gun itself to break their magical protection. I made it for Caster, not the others.
No. 49188 ID: 6faa8c
File 12535986125.png - (97.59KB , 1165x544 , BeardBeardstatcard.png )

Here's what I can sense about my Servant's abilities, in case we run into a real foe. N.P. stands for Noble Phantasm, an attack, move, or attribute that sets the Servant apart from others entirely, identifying them and is really an ace in the hole. I don't know what Berserker's is, but it seems very powerful.
No. 49198 ID: 6faa8c

At any rate, we arrive at the school around noonish. We're in during a class, so there's not much activity.
But I can sense an aura of hostility from Berserker, and hear him lowly growling.
I wonder if he can even speak coherently.

"What do you feel?"
"Thar's anotha Servant here." he replies, his voice like rocks grinding together: harsh and rumbling. "Dunno who. Just that dere's anotha."

Hm. interesting...Now that I look around, I notice the classrooms are empty, de-

!!No, they aren't empty!!

There's piles of clothing here! I can... I can smell burnt fat, too...Something's wrong here!
No. 49204 ID: 1d8259

Oh Gods, they're being burned alive! Find the source of this foul magic and end him/her/it!
No. 49205 ID: 632862

Sounds like the Caster was fireballin' some peeps.
No. 49208 ID: 6faa8c

>Kill it dead

Upon further inspection, I don't see any ashes.
Oh. Shit.

You are right about Caster or at least a servant being behind this. But this isn't burning. The clothing isn't charred, the temperature isn't different.

No, these people were converted directly into power for a Servant. The amount of people here could do a lot of damage. Not to mention, I don't know whether the spell is still in effect.

The lights go out, and Berserker tosses off his coat.
"Leave." he says simply. "The Servant neahs us."

It would probably be a good idea to see if I cannot find the Master and take care of him myself... But Berserker might need strategic support.
No. 49215 ID: 7eda8b

What happens after three? You summon a new guy, or he kills you?

What kind of strategic support? What abilities do you have other than your gun?

I guess tell BB to go nuts.
No. 49219 ID: 6faa8c

After three, the Servant is free to do as they please.

With a berserker...


I can be a second pair of eyes for him... Bah. You're right.

"Do what is required to defeat the Servant. I will see if I cannot find the Master."
"Aye, lad."
"Don't worry about property damage."

I leave the central building. Now where would the Master hide at? There's the taller Library, the Administration building, Which houses the Security office as well, the parking lot, the woods, and the physical education building. I can hear clashing of steel in the central building behind me.
No. 49220 ID: 43d730

Higher levels of the library.
Gives you a vantage to see the campus as well.
I assume you can alibi your presence?
No. 49221 ID: 6faa8c


A circular table flies out a window with blue contrails and plows through a tree, cutting it down. It falls onto a car in the parking lot.

I do not think that an 'alibi' is going to be a problem.

I run into the library.

Thew smell is horrible! It's like someone poured hamburger grease all over the floor!I'm feeling a little dizzy, but I'll be fine. I load the pistol with strong Ice element rounds as I make my way up. Ugh!
No. 49225 ID: 7eda8b

Does the power from Eaten Bystanders(tm) compare to the power diff between a Berserker and a more controllable type of dude?
No. 49235 ID: 6faa8c

That's a good question. It's certainly a possibility. But a mere mana boost won't last long, and one of Berserker's powers is to keep a fight going for ages. I'll know when or if Berserker loses, my mark will fade away. It's still there.

I can see a man looking out the window. He looks... how to put this... smart. Pointy. Clean. Like the perfect lawyer.
No. 49246 ID: 43d730

Gun in pocket with hand.
Go over and say hi.
Start up a conversation about the weather, keep a watch for glimpses of his hands or forearms.
No. 49249 ID: 6faa8c

A good suggestion.I move in slowly, the gun in my pocket, my finger on the trigger gaurd. I walk up beside him.

"We live in interesting times." I say in greeting. It's one of many callouts to other mages. And the reply is...
>"Ah, but the old times were better."
Yep. Even if he isn't a Master, he's still a mage. Something seems suspicious about this meeting...

He smiles an Eerie smile, turning towards me. His hands rise from their pockets.


No mark! He's not a master!
>"And they're about to get even more interesting for you."
His hands glow with power, and an arcane sigil lights up his arm.
Something's not right! I'm sensing an illusion!

I dive behind cover, lightning blasting away dozens of books, barely missing me as it blasts through the cheap wood and melting away the metal behind it.
No. 49252 ID: 43d730

Imma guess Caster.
What are the rules about minor servitors in the War? Can one throw apprentices at opponents, assuming they're dedicated enough?
No. 49255 ID: 6faa8c

There are no rules in the Holy Grail War, except one: Anyone under protection of the Church (those who forfeit) are not to be harmed. Other than that, pretty much anything is possible.

>"Where are you?! Stop hiding from me!"

That's odd. Was there some feminine tone there?
Another blast of lightning scores the shelves near me and I run deeper among the shelves.
No. 49289 ID: d506fa

detect and dispell other illusions if there are any. Make a distraction (throw a book, use magic or sumthing) and when she blast in that direction SHOOT the fuk out of her
No. 49333 ID: 632862

We have the antimagic gun, right? We have to hit them with the gun itself, so we need to get in close. Perhaps an ambush around a corner, or a distraction. That illusion you sensed is worrying though. What if the Caster you can see is the illusion?
No. 49391 ID: 6faa8c
File 125366371915.png - (84.11KB , 1165x544 , Hopecard1.png )


I concentrate. The illusion is written onto the very outfit she's wearing. Interesting. She's using two schools at once, something that is very difficult. I would expect no less from a Servant.

I grab a paperback and throw it over the shelves. She spots the movement and fires, angry. I move in and pistol whip her...



The magic shatters from her body like glass, and I move in close.
Calling upon Xom's power to disturb order and undo the latticework of illusion, touch the center of the arcane writings.

Her true form is revealed.

I am briefly stunned by the relevation of her magical power, but I ready my gun to fi-


I'm knocked away by a large sheild and sent tumbling through the air. A red mark, made of two parts, shines on Caster's hand.

"How troublesome. You made me use a Command!" she spits out. "Saber, kill him!"

I'm dizzy... I can barely stand.
No. 49426 ID: 6faa8c

I rise wobbily, my surroundings swirling and blinking harshly.

I see a figure with strange features approaching. His nose is too long. His hair is wild. He weilds a wide blade and a shield. I turn to run, stumbling on the books, huffing. I can hardly breathe.

I'm going to die.

I trip, and find the gaurdrail, just in time. I make my way down the stairs, barely. The door ahead of me is open.

I'm going to die.

I can hear the man walking towards me, quiet, not a word on his lips as he closes the distance without any effort. I run into a wall of force blocking me from leaving, pushing me away.

Someone help me. I'm going to die!
No. 49428 ID: b1d2c5

shout "wait!" and say some bullshit (fake a surrender) to buy us some time, our servent shouldn't be far...
No. 49436 ID: 6faa8c

"W-Wait! P-please, don't kill me." I say, throwing my arms up in surrender. I must have dropped my pistol somewhere. My head's spinning.

"Why?" is the response from... Saber? Yes. Saber. "Why should I give you mercy?"

"I... I can make it worth your while!"


Shit shit shit I can see Caster coming down the stairs! I don't know where Ber-

I hear the College Centre building collapse. It's loud, like a train. Well, now I know where he is...
No. 49448 ID: 4553b2

"Help me lure Caster to the Community building! If you can corner her against Berserker, she stands no chance!"
No. 49452 ID: 6faa8c

"If you help me lure Caster to the Community Building, than Berserker and corner her and you two ca-"
I'm stopped short by the blade at my neck.
"I will nto betray my Master." is the curt reply.

And the far wall explodes into green branches. Then, with a flash, they're gone. Berserker falls to the floor and then looks up at Saber who swears mildly.

Like a train on rails, the monster hunkers down and charges towards Saber, who sets his sheild in the way and plants his feet.

The sheild breaks into small peices as Saber is thrown aside like a doll.

Me and Berserker are together now. Saber's sheild is broken, and his sword...


His sword has changed! It's now slimmer, and longer, more graceful. This seems bad...
No. 49456 ID: 4553b2

Let Beardbeard do his thing. He can handle a single opponent easily enough, even if he gets hurt. Keep your eyes out for Caster - if the two of them team up on BB, we are done for.
No. 49457 ID: 6faa8c


"Berserker! Focus on him!"

Berserker moves in fast, but Saber is faster. I can barely register him blurring before he's at me, and I'm barely managing to sheild the blows raining on me from the slim, swift blade.

Damnit! I can't leave, Berserker won't leave combat willingly! But he can't keep Saber's attention if he can't hit him!
No. 49461 ID: 4553b2

>I can't leave
No, BERSERKER can't leave. Tell him not to chase Saber, he's too quick. Get by him, make sure the two of you stick together. If Saber tries to go after you, Beardbeard will rip him a new one.
No. 49470 ID: 6faa8c

Right! I'll force Saber to fight Berserker, then.

But... Argh! I can't move past him! The moves are too fast!

Then an idea strikes me. It's stupid. It's suicidal. But then again, I did summon Berserker.
I watch the sword carefully. Then, I move into its path. Grabbing it, I force the small blade into my shoulder, ignoring the pain and locking the swordsman in place.

"Now, Berserker!" I call out. I see the eyes of my opponent widen as I grab my gun with my free hand. The axe cleaved into flesh, slicing through chain, flesh, muscle, and bone, down just shy of his heart. Then stick the gun into the gaping wound, turn the bullet to Fire, and pull the trigger.

The explosion is huge. I'm blown back, Berserker flips back away, ans Caster sheilds her face and then screams.

All I manage to see is the feet fading to nothing, and Caster's symbol vanishing with a crackle of energy. Shakily, I get up and smile. That... that wasn't so hard...
No. 49482 ID: 632862

Okay wait just a moment. Was that Master using TWO SERVANTS?! That's cheating!
No. 49484 ID: 43d730

Or a temporary team, or a set of bollocks like in the main series where Caster summoned a slightly weaker Servant on her own.
But that was a weird case.
I'm betting a truce or teamup, possibly just the two of them happened to be in the same area at the same time.
No. 49499 ID: 6faa8c
File 125367652929.png - (94.29KB , 1165x544 , Hopecard2.png )


The Caster class is the only class that can form contracts with other Servants. If a master dies early, before the Servent expends much mana, some classes can last for some time without masters and form another contract.

But I'm wounded. Looking at Berserker, so his he: There's a large gash long one leg, the one with the axe, and one along his left arm. As for myself, I'm still dizzy, and bleeding heavily.

Caster is unharmed.

>"Very well. I don't need him to make a perfect world anyway. I'm going to destroy you with a single blow!"

She pulls out... a yellow crystal? It's strange, shaped like... a sword. It begins to glow.

We have to escape. That's a Noble Phantasm!

Oh good lord. Now I know who that is. That attack is very powerful! It seals foes inside the sword, or it eats the mana of the sealed ones to create a devastating blow.
Oh my god. The burnt smell, the piles of clothing...

Ever a thousand souls are in there. Just one is enough to blow away half the campus.
No. 49517 ID: 632862

With an attack that powerful you won't be able to just run away. You have to interrupt the attack somehow, or kill her before it goes off.
No. 49520 ID: b1d2c5

No. 49523 ID: 6faa8c

A solid point. But she's floating in the air. How....

"Berserker. Use your Noble Phantasm. Quickly. Before she does."

The light is nearly blinding now. She's laughing, screaming about a perfect world. Berserker tosses aside his small handaxe...

And pulls out the biggest, most sinister one I have EVER seen. He charges forth, leaping at her with a bloodcurdling scream.

She doesn't see it coming, and is knocked from the sky. On the way down, Berserker screams a single word.

And then they are wreathed in flames.

The sword clatters away.
No. 49532 ID: 6faa8c


She receives a harsh blow from a full tankard of ale, which berserker drinks from deeply. It vanishes directly after.

>"No, please, stop, I surr-"


And down comes the monstrous blade, like a force of nature, striking just below her neck. She screams in agony, gurgling blood that entered her lungs. Berserker steps away, pulling out the blade as he plants the handle against the ground.


Then... Caster laughs. She laughs, blood spraying everywhere, raising her hand covered with crackling energy.
>"THIS IS MY PERFECT WORLD AND YOU WON'T RUIN IT!" she screams, the blast flying out. I run. Why am I doing this? Why? I don't get it!

I tackle the small monster, throwing out my hand, not blocking by deflecting the blast, blowing a hole in the ceiling as she vanishes. I feel something snap out of place. I can't tell for certain whether she is dead. But she is gone.
No. 49553 ID: 4553b2
File 125368167331.png - (342.21KB , 600x2400 , Axe Ale Beard Pride.png )

Fuck yeah.

Status check.
No. 49555 ID: 632862

See if you can steal her crystal sword. Hehehe.
No. 49559 ID: 6faa8c

I pass out.

I can see... His past. His deeds. He was so small. He became so much. And for what?
For fame?
For power?
For pride?
Because it was there. And so was he.

I wake up.

>"Thank goodness! Rider, come here. I think he's okay!"

Uuugh. There's a young woman bent over, looking at me. She's moderately attractive, with brown hair, green eyes, and a soft, round face.

>"We came here after all the commotion. We found you... and the bearded fellow... here. My name is..."

She pauses.

>"Call me Gally for now."

A large reptile steps up beside her.
>"Get him to hand it over, then we kill him. I thought that was the plan, Galadriel."

Oh god, I'm in too much pain to deal with this shit...
No. 49563 ID: 632862

Shoot her in the face.
No. 49564 ID: 6faa8c
File 125368236972.png - (107.79KB , 1165x544 , BeardBeardstatcardTrue.png )

Fergot mah card.
No. 49567 ID: 6faa8c

Weakly, I raise my weapon.
It's kicked from my hand with a loud hiss.

>"I should kill you here and now."

>"Rider, hush. He's just... tired. And after that, I don't blame him for that."

There's a low growl from the servant, but she relents.

>"We want to offer you an... alliance."
she says timidly.
No. 49571 ID: 4553b2

Physical description of Rider. Provide it.
No. 49572 ID: 6faa8c

She's tall. Her head has a crest. Arms are wings. Like... like a pterodactyl. Big thighs. Claws. One looks healed back on. Dressed in black. Tail.
No. 49577 ID: 4553b2

Alright, cough out some sort of noise. Listen to her offer. We'll probably have to accept no matter what it ends up being.

Also less than 100 posts in, and we're about 30% through this war. Oh boy.
No. 49584 ID: 6faa8c

Or so you think.

"Wh-what's your offer?" I manage.

The girl smiles.
>"Caster is strong. So is Archer and the new Saber. We need your help. That Servant of yours is very, very strong. With Rider we might be able to win!"

"And when it's just you and me?"

She pauses.
>"We'll sort that out when we get to it."

Caster lived?! And a new Saber... Fuck. I forgot, the time limit on summons is 24 hours. I summoned Beardbeard right at the start. And Hope summoned Saber soon after...
No. 49587 ID: 034a30

Take the alliance. Caster is insane and perfectionist; she'll be doubly determined to exterminate YOU specifically.
No. 49590 ID: 632862

There's a Lancer somewhere as well, too. Or was that what Beardbeard's first foe was?
No. 49591 ID: 6faa8c

>Where's Berserker?

Asleep. He finished his tankard. Seems to be something he does after every battle...

>Designed to be temporary

It seems that way. Until it's just us, then it's over.
Of course, Berserker could always 'slip out of control'.
No. 49598 ID: 632862

Stop posting at the same time as me! >:[
No. 49603 ID: 034a30

Ask her what the new Saber and Archer look like, or, if she can tell, who they are.
No. 49604 ID: 6faa8c

>Take it.

Fine. For now.

"Alright. But if you renege, I will personally see you dead."
>"Same to you." Rider hisses.
>"So we have an agreement~!" she smiles.
"Yeah." I move to get up. "We need to get out of here. How defensible is your place?"
>"C-class detection barrier with familiars as gaurd dogs. You?"
"B-class detection with distance alarm."
>"Your place, then. Rider, take the stout one. We are moving our operations."
>"Yes, ma'am."
Hm. Rider seems used to taking commands.
I'm helped up by the rather tall girl.

>Berserker's last foe
was Saber. Lancer has yet to show his face...
No. 49605 ID: 6faa8c

>"Saber is tall, and... like a big rat lady. I think. She was too fast. I couldn't make any details. She got one of Rider's toes."
>"Archer is a murderous monster." Rider cuts in, almost instantly. "I know who he is."
No. 49607 ID: 6faa8c

>first, I mean. Derp.
No. 49614 ID: 632862

Erm, something odd has struck me. If you can summon a new Servant, won't that make the victory condition of
>1: Destroy the other six Servants with mine, through trickery, power, or tactics.
a little difficult to achieve? You'd have to do it within a single day.
No. 49621 ID: 6faa8c

Time limit on new summons is 24 hours within the start of the War. And no, it's not pointless: You may have noticed that BeardBeard's STR stat improved upon slaying Saber 1.
No. 49638 ID: 4553b2

I think what he is trying to say is:

The tournament starts. For the next 24 hours, you can summon a servant as long as that servant is not taken. So, if your servant dies within this time period, you can summon a new one. After the 24 hours, the time limit is reached, and no more Servants can be called.

Did I get that right, Shot Trip?
No. 49640 ID: 6c80cf


Not especially. What do the colors mean?
No. 49642 ID: 6faa8c

Although it's a war, not a tournament. Remember that. The students of the college aren't coming back... and soon, I need to give some sort of mana to Beardbeard, if I want to use that Noble Phantasm again.
No. 49655 ID: 034a30

Well... if you don't plan on attacking innocent humans, you'd better just rest up and recover energy to tranfer to him. The third option probably isn't very attractive to you.
No. 49661 ID: 6faa8c
File 12536886378.png - (10.81KB , 1165x544 , Daypasspage.png )

A full yellow bar is above and beyond. Like six dots in a white wolf system, an EX stat is incredibly powerful. Before, BB could lift cars and trees, and now? I don't even know what the upper limit is. An EX in magic and Hope's healing ability probably allowed her to get away from us.

A green, one-cell stat is the opposite: Even weaker than an average human. Luckily, BB managed to upgade out of that stat.

Innocents may very well be a sacrifice I need to make. I am the gaurdian of this area, and I'll be damned if I let someone like Hope near the Holy Grail. The kind of power it possesses could wipe out a galaxy.
But I'd like to avoid that unless absolutley positively neccessary. We arrive at home. I invite them in, and she coos, impressed.
>"Very nice. Any spare rooms?"

"The basement has two cots." I say simply.
And it locks from the outside, I add mentally. Berserker and I will be sleeping in my room, in separate beds.

~ First night complete! ~
Servants killed: 1/8
Info cards revealed: 2/8
Masters found: 2/8
Stat increases: 2
No. 49740 ID: 6faa8c
File 125372337041.png - (10.55KB , 1165x544 , Daypasspage.png )

<<I've got 45 minutes until I leave for class. Let's do this.>>

I awaken to the smells of eggs and bacon. Beardbeard is awake, sitting calmly on the floor nearby. He doesn't seem quite as riled as the morning I summoned him. I rise out of bed and dress quickly.
"You aren't to harm Rider or her master unless I command you." I tell him. He raises an eyebrow, but nods, grunting out an 'Aye'. He doesn't like it, but tough shit, we nearly died fighting Caster and there's still more Servants. And I don't know how strong they are.
No. 49830 ID: 6faa8c

<<And I'm back>>

I head downstairs, not really surprised to see the girl cooking a meal. Rider is eating a hunk of dried meat, eyeing me as I make my way to the table. Beardbeard follows soon after, sitting on the chair and looking over the table.

Seems like now would be a good time to ask questions.
No. 49831 ID: 034a30

Let's get our breakfast on. Sharing delicious food is a good way to make a Servant see you as more than a neccessity.
No. 49832 ID: 034a30

But we should also probably (subtly!) try and figure out our partners' goals.
No. 49841 ID: 6faa8c
File 125374014691.png - (89.59KB , 1165x544 , Riderstatcard.png )

>Sharing food.

Considering Beard's past, I don't think he's the sort of fellow who appreciates great deals of food. I'm more of a wine person myself, but I'm certain...

Ah! Yes, I have mead. I take the bottle to him and plunk it down. I was going to use it for cooking, but hey, it's supposed to be a good brand. He takes it and drinks deeply. And then the meal is offered to us.

The most I'm able to glean throughout the meal is that Gally is a very novice mage. She does not have a magic emblem, something mages pass down from generation to generation. She mentions offhand her only knowledge is in making barriers.


She also shares some of her knowledge of Rider's abilities. I make mental note that she does not reveal her Abilities and Noble phantasm, and do the same. I cannot even be certain what gender Rider is.
No. 49908 ID: 034a30

So, what is our game plan? Caster is absurdly powerful and has another Sabershield on her side. We also have no idea who her master is, whether said master still has sanity or not.

We need a way to lure her out into the open.
No. 49917 ID: 6faa8c

"So what's the plan? What of Caster?"

>"For now? We avoid her as best we can. We will hunt down the other Servants, so we are not fighting on two fronts. Saber's master... is interesting. We only saw a glimpse of him. As for Caster's... We have no idea."
No. 49924 ID: 632862

Hm, looks like she doesn't know that Caster is Saber's master. Unless there's two Sabers running around now. I assumed that Caster's Master died in the process of killing the original Saber's Master (or perhaps the Saber we saw was the second one to be summoned, directly by Caster?)
No. 49931 ID: 6faa8c

I present this point.

>"Hurm. The man we saw was a master, certainly. Perhaps... Yes, that makes sense. We saw Caster's Master commanding her Servant."


"We'll be searching together, going to... hum. Where do you think is a good idea?"
No. 49995 ID: 034a30

...where's the best place in the City for a sniper (or in this case, an Archer) to perch? If Archer isn't there, which is likely, he may be at the SECOND best place, somewhere that has a clear view of the first.
No. 50043 ID: 6faa8c

Good point. I tell her this reasoning when Rider cuts in:
>"He fights effectively in urban areas, not wide open ones." she says, "And his weapon is not all that long range. perhaps the length of ten of your transport vehicles, maybe a little more. But he only needs to hit once."


I think it would be best if we all knew all there was to know. I voice such, and she blurs.

My bangs fall to the table and she sits down again, tail lashing.

>"He is MY target. You are a distraction."
No. 50131 ID: 6faa8c

Almost immediately, Beardbeard draws the two-handed axe and lunges, while Rider draws a small blade and turns away the huge blade, sending it into the floor.

There's a moment of tense energy.

"We will go to the city." I say, standing up. "We had best get moving quickly, while there is still light."

The two servants stare at one another for a while, then put away their weapons (really, they just disappear.)

We begin to prepare to head out. Anything I should try to make?

I have a small, personal armory, with a hand axe, a short sword, (about a foot and a half long) and a dagger (about ten inches). I can enchant with elements, reinforce the steel, or lighten the weapon.
No. 50156 ID: d506fa

Can you make things invisible? If yes make an invisible dagger (better if you can make youself and beardbeard invisible - we are going againts an archer better have the element of suprise).
No. 50168 ID: 632862

How have you been blocking attacks up until this point? Also, how good are you with those weapons?
I think it's pretty clear now who the Archer is. It's Tav, or something like it. He's got a one-hit weapon and works best in urban areas.
No. 50212 ID: 7eda8b

Lament your ruined haircut.

Go out to buy some supplies. By which I mean introduce beardbeard to lager.
No. 50295 ID: 6faa8c

>Lament your ruined haircut.
Damn, that's twenty bucks I won't see again soon.

>Can you make things invisible?
Hm. It's a good idea. That's the benefit of enchanting something with Air. Wait, maybe I should tell you the rest:

Fire: On melee weapons, it heats the business parts to a very high degree in a very small area around the blade. It doesn't touch the blade, but an area in the air around it about a centimetre out.

Water: Keeps the blade perfectly clean and sharpens it slightly. Not one I like, but a few katanas had this in ancient times.

Air: Renders the blade, and handle, invisible at will. It doesn't sharpen or harden the blade, though.

Earth: Makes the blade more penetrating, through rock, earth, or metal. Also slightly increases hardness.

Sword: Makes the blade incredibly sharp, just shy of Excalibur. Makes it quite fragile, though.

Sheild: Hardens the blade perfectly, making it similar to diamond.
No. 50304 ID: 6faa8c

>How good are you?

I'm alright with a sword. But knioves and daggers are dangerous. It's pretty fair to assume both parties get injured in a knife fight, no matter the skill the two possess.
No. 50379 ID: 632862

I would enchant the sword with Shield, and the dagger with Earth (or Sword if that's better for armor piercing). While in close combat your primary focus would be defense until Berserker can come help. If you somehow have the upper hand on an armored opponent, you can quickly grab the dagger and aim for a vital spot.
If you can only do one, enchant the sword with Earth. Seems like that's a good general-purpose element.
No. 50398 ID: 6faa8c

I really only have time for one. So I set the sword into my enchanting rack, which, in my opinion, is a handy innovation.

You see, magick circles are symbols that direct aimless power. My armory has one on each wall, aligned to the compass directions, and one on the floor and one on the ceiling, that relate to Sword and Sheild. The process is sped up by the materials (gold inlaid into the walls) and the place it's set. It still takes a full minute, and when I'm done, it feels slightly gritty and rough. Perfect.
No. 50554 ID: 6faa8c

And away we go. It's high noon when we arrive, and the area is devoid of people. Rider comes out of spirit form and flies high, and Gally begins to shine like she's covered in cellophane, running into a nearby building. There's a stadium in the distance, a parking garage and the tall business building Gally entered.
No. 50634 ID: 7eda8b

If Hope's here, she'll be waiting for you at the stadium.

If Tav's here, he'll be waiting for you from atop a building, or possibly a window.

If Shadran's here, she'll be DIRECTLY BEHIND YOU.
No. 50646 ID: 6faa8c

>If Shadran's here, she'll be DIRECTLY BEHIND YOU


I drop to the ground, a sword whizzing just overhead, as I fall. I feel tiny hair shavings tickle the back of my neck and hear the woosh of a blade.

Did I mention that a Servant is many times stronger than a human boing?

Let me put it this way: If a human is a little leaguer kid with a tea-ball bat, then a Servant is in the Big Leagues and uses metal. If a human is a little kid racing with his friends, then a Servant is a gold medalist olympic champion.

In other words, I'm slightly outclassed!
I barely manage to defend the first few blows before Beardbeard slams into her gut...

And the blade turns and heads for the eye on his back.

I pull out my gun, aim, and fire, but it's knocked to one side, the fire bullet flying into the parking building.

Beardbeard performs admirably, however, and manages to keep her off me despite his small size. But good LORD, she is fast! There's no way I can hit her with my gun, and I doubt an axe can move fast enough!
No. 50671 ID: 7eda8b

Stay behind BB and yell encouragements. Try not to shoot him in the back by accident. Call Kyaos/Rider for help.
No. 50677 ID: 6faa8c

"Rider!" I call. And then I hear thunder.

Wait, what?! It's not even raining... No matter. I focus on the task at hand. Onetwothree blows, right after each other, almost at the same time, hail on Beardbread, opening a red star of blood on his chest. Despite that, he carries on, nicking her here and there, little spurts of blood showing that he was not going to go down easily.

But something odd is happening to BeardBeard. His arms are growing thick, heavy fur. His body seems to swell with strength. the axe glows with his power, and time seems to stop for everyone but me and him.


No. 50682 ID: 6faa8c

Saber stops in midair as the dwarf flies at her, howling with rage. The axe swings once, twice, three times, and he spins around her, brutal grace in every motion. It's like watching a bear rip a man apart. I can't look away even as the fur falls slowly away, as the wounds open in slow motion. Again he assaults, one, two, three, four, five slashes, and he moves again.
I see her chest open, like the axe is invisible. I see her ribcage shatter under the sheer force, I see her heart ripped in half, I see her spine crack, and then from the second set of blows, shatter.
Her left arm falls off, her head jerks to one side, an ear begins to seperate.

I think I'm going to sick up...
No. 50686 ID: 6faa8c

Time speeds up, and Saber's broken, bloodied body falls to earth with a soft splat. Her head splits open.

And I really do sick up. I barely avoid soaking myself in breakfast, and I feel horrible. That was not the work of a hero. That was like watching a monster maul some innocent man to pieces. I'll never, ever get that image out of my head.
The thunder comes down around us again, from the stadium.
No. 50813 ID: 632862

Well, head towards the stadium then. After checking BB's wounds.

...I wonder if he'll be drinking ale and taking a nap, now.
(also EUUUGH. I wonder if any Servant can stand up to such power.)
No. 50815 ID: 43d730

You didn't learn the forbidden incantation to make a Berserker just to give up now because 'it's groooooss!'
This is a good thing, it means we just need to line them up for the Noble Phantasm.
Also, that's fairly indicative of who he is; research him a bit more to find out his weaknesses so you can avoid or prevent them.
No. 50847 ID: 6faa8c

Beardbeard has one weakness: Magical power. He has a weird sort of aura that breaks enchantments on him, good or bad. Good thing about this: he's almost impossible to mentally compel, fool with illusions, or wear down with a weakening spell. The bad part? I can't enchant anything positively around him, and direct, evocative spells work doubly well on him, better than physical damage.

When he is harmed extensively, he can use Timberserker, which slows time for everyone but him and strengthens him incredibly. Otherwise, he uses Dwarf Pride, a three-strike attack that deals a lot of damage but leaves him open at the end.

Beardbeard knows that the battle isn't over quite yet: He can sense another hostile Servant nearby. His wound on his chest is healed, but only just, and could reopen easily.

I hear thunder again, louder this time. Clouds are gathering over the stadium.
No. 50862 ID: 43d730

...Lightning gun.

No. 50867 ID: 6faa8c

I run to the Stadium, making our way into the large area just in time to see the fight come to a head. On one side stand Rider and her master, both cloaked in shining magical sheilding.

On the other, I see a police officer, the mark of a master shining on his hand. He's yet to use a command. I know this man, Lieutenant Ned. His Servant stands beside him, a head taller than the already large policeman, covered in armor and masked behind a breather and goggles. To one side sits an elegant and brutal weapon, almost like a concept railgun. Both the master and the servant have their weaponry aimed at Rider who is laughing to the skies.

>"Finally. Finally, you murderer, it is just you and me. We can at last settle this evenly. Ask your master to stand down. I know you feel the same way."

There's a long pause as Archer thinks for a moment.

>"Fine. Ned?"

>"Alright, friend. You kick her ass for me, alright?"

>"Don't need to tell me twice..." Archer replies, loading the weapon. I see lighting race across the clouds, then hear the thunder. As soon as it sounds, Rider dashes forth, screaming with joy and anger.
No. 50879 ID: 6faa8c

I can only watch as they clash, the gun firing a spear of metal. Rider dodges as it strikes the earth and a line of electricity blasts the area... at the same time as lightning above does as well. Incredible.

She closes in, pulling out the small blade in time for Archer to draw one of his own, the blades clanging against one another. Then Rider's blade slices right through his.

>"Last time, I was unprepared."

The blade cuts a line in his armor.

>"Last time, you got the drop on me."

He barely dodges as it cuts the strap on his goggles, snapping them and sending them flying onto the grass.

>"Last time I lost it all!"

A kick from her strong legs sends the armored giant to the earth, and she stand above him.

>"This time is different!" she roars, raising the knife high.
No. 50886 ID: 6faa8c

>"You're right, Khyaos." Archer replies, grinning. "This time things are different."

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, lightning blasts down from the sky, blasting into Rider's knife, her arms, her head, torso, legs and then the ground. Smouldering, the knife drops from her hands and slides into the ground to the hilt, and she falls to the ground.

>"For instance, there's a lightning storm and this armor is a faraday cage." he said with a smile, picking up the knife and tossing it lazily at her neck.
Rider fades to nothing.
>"Let's get out of here Dan. Before trouble shows."
No. 50917 ID: 6faa8c

As they leave, I see the spark of a dying Mark... and then a bloodcurdling scream of rage.

It's often said that you summon Servants like oneself. Rider seemed vindictive, revenge happy, angry, on the brim of sanity.

>"I'LL FUCKING CUT YOU TO PEICES!" she screams, charging at the policeman, who turns and pulls out a stungun, firing.
The prongs strike her shield, bouncing off.

I know Dan would be on my side if I asked for his help against Caster. What should I do?
No. 50997 ID: e4190e

Allow the useless girl to perish.
No. 51012 ID: 6faa8c

Agreed. We were only allies in the loosest sense of the word. Archer turns and fires, the iron rod slamming in between her breasts and knocking her to the earth.

And then the lightning strikes. Blood spatters on my cheek, and her arm flies by.
Blown to peices. That lightning isn't normal.
No. 51534 ID: 6faa8c

I step past the body and approach the officer.
"Dan?" I ask. "It's me, Marcus."

Dan turns to me and sighs.
>"God damnit."

And then he pulls back the hammer on the gun. He doesn't look pleased.
No. 51544 ID: 9bed1d


Dive for cover and shout: "I thought we were friends, Dan!"
No. 51554 ID: 6faa8c

I manage to barely pull the sword out over my heart as the gun fires, and I dive behind Beardbeard. The bullet flies off the sword, but the impact of it knocks it from my hands.

"I thought we were friends, Dan!"

>"We are. That's why I'm going to make this nice and quick..." he pulls back the hammer again. "Unlike what that bitch did at the school to those poor kids."
He sighs.
>"You weren't called when it started. You didna see the flesh just... slough right offa their bones, their bones fall apart like sugah cubes in hot water. So before she gets you... I'm going to give you the favor of a quick death."

But Archer cuts in.

>"He might be able to stop her." he mutters. "He survived her, after all. We also still have Lancer and Assassin to worry about as well."

Dan pauses.

>"No. Even if we team up now, we'll have to off one another eventually."

Shit. I don't want to fight Dan. He's a good guy. But what he saw at the school... It must have broken something.
No. 51600 ID: 632862

ASSASSIN?! What the christ. "Other six Servants" wasn't an error then? It must be the guy in charge who's in control of the Assassin.

Anyway, according to the rules, one can win the contest without killing the Master, only the Servant. Even better, you can force the Master to give up his/her Marks. Nobody has to actually die.
No. 51669 ID: 6faa8c

Clearly, Archer knows something I don't.

I hold up my hands.

"No one's gotta die right now, Danny." I say slowly. "If you just hand me your marks, then you can go to the Church and get protection. I'm even sure I can supply enough mana to keep Archer in the game for you. Hell, I'll even escort you to the Church myself."

Danny shakes his head.

>"No, no, no! You don't get it! This is all a lie! The Holy Grail, the contest, all of it is a lie!"
he shakes his head harshly.
>"Look, There's been dozens of these contests, right? And that means there's dozens of winners! Why is there still war or disease, or, conversely, why is the planet still around?! What did the other winners wish for?! Are they even around!?"

My mind draws a blank. Holy shit, he's right!

>"So I looked into it." he goes on, hands open. "I investigated the old wars! And guess where the last one was held?"



He's cut off, a knife suddenly in the back of his neck. He gasps a few times, then falls over.

A red mask, I can see it in the distance. And then it disappears.
No. 51695 ID: 43d730

Oh fucknuggets.
No. 51758 ID: ee7de2

Huh. That's inconvenient.

Magus logic: Archer will stay alive due to his class abilities, we need to negotiate him joining us. Assassin just did us a favor.

Human(e) logic: Someone we know personally just died in front of us. We're going to "repay" Assassin for this favor.
No. 51760 ID: 6faa8c

Marcus logic: Negotiate with Archer, beat the shit out of Assassin with both my new servants, find out what the hell is going on.

"Archer." I say simply. "I have enough mana to power you and Beardbeard. Will you be my Servant?"

There's a pause from the large fellow.

"I promise, we will find the Servant who killed Danny."

>"Very well."

With that, A new mark is inscribed on my other hand!

"We need to get out of here, now. Beardbeard, take Dan's body. We're leaving."

Beardbeard does as I say and the three of us leave, Archer immediatly turning into a ghost as we rush home.
No. 51766 ID: 6faa8c
File 125399872922.png - (2.84KB , 300x300 , Archermark.png )

<<dorp, need image there>>
No. 51782 ID: ee7de2

...saddest Command Spell ever.
No. 51788 ID: 6faa8c
File 125400048981.png - (3.32KB , 300x300 , Archermark.png )

Oh, man I didn't even notice
No. 51790 ID: 18212a

Oh yeah, penetrate that hole, Command Spell. Uhh.
No. 51793 ID: b1e366

Top rune does not approve.
No. 52121 ID: 6faa8c
File 125402265640.png - (3.06KB , 300x300 , lifesong.png )

Odd looking command spells aside, we reach my home without much issue, though the red mask never leaves my mind's eye. I take Dan down to my magical lab, setting him inside the strongest magical circle I own.

I have to save him.
If not for the fact of his death being untimely, then for the information he holds!
Once, I charge the circle with power.
Three times.
Four times.

Drained of energy, unable to risk more, I sit on the floor. My magic has failed me. All I know is that the Holy Grail war is a folly. I know not how to stop it, who is behind it, All I have is this knife, and the place of the last war: Chernobyl.
No. 52152 ID: 6faa8c
File 125402683953.png - (2.70KB , 300x300 , lifesong.png )

Now I understand why Dan felt the way he did...
No. 52332 ID: 6faa8c
File 125407339932.png - (340.23KB , 800x531 , landingzone.png )

Some time has passed.

Two days, to be precise.

Since the incident at the college, the Magic Association decided to relocate the War to a place more suitable. We were taken aboard a special, seperate aircraft, landed in different areas. We were not told where we are, even I am unsure.

As we step off the plane, there is a foreboding feel about us, as if there is no one for hundreds of miles. The land looks grim, stricken.

A sick feeling washes over me. This land has been utterly saturated with foul magic. With hate. Anger.

Something very wrong happened here in the past. Something that could have easily been prevented but was not.
No. 52347 ID: 632862

Trees, growing out of asphalt. This place has been abandoned for a long time. You don't think they actually relocated it THERE, did they?

(ps, if you don't want us to know for sure where this is, you should probably erase that URL in the bottom left of the photo)
No. 52350 ID: 6faa8c
File 125407429339.png - (262.68KB , 800x531 , buildings.png )

Me, Archer, and Beardbeard wander for a while, until we come across a series of buildings.

>"This place makes me shudder." Archer murmurs, lifting his second pair of goggles. "It's like it shouldn't exist, but does."

Beardbeard is silent, watching the buildings and windows.
No. 52354 ID: 6faa8c

No. 52370 ID: 6faa8c

I... Hurm. I've always heard that a large magical explosion happened at the same time as the meltdown... and that would certainly explain the feelings of anger and regret that have the place awash like a layer of black mucus.

What should I do? Inspect the buildings? Enchant something into a weapon in preperation? I still have my gun, but only 24 bullets.
No. 52633 ID: 1689ab

Inspect the buildings. Whats the worse that can happen?
No. 52648 ID: 6faa8c
File 125408929622.jpg - (56.97KB , 341x512 , interior.jpg )

R-right! What's the worst that could... happen...

Argh, now my imagination is running. Thanks a lot. I load up my pistol with one of each type of round. Sword-enchanted rounds are almost the best at simple damage, so that stays loaded as I wander inside. There's three entrances I can look into in here, the rest are inaccsesable due to rubble. The one directly ahead, and two on the left.
Archer says he senses a Servant.
No. 52674 ID: 632862

Inside a building, I would guess Lancer. It's about time for him to show up, I think.

Requesting character card for Archer.
No. 52696 ID: 6faa8c
File 12540915632.png - (138.18KB , 1165x544 , Archercard.png )

>Archer character card

Lancer sounds right. Also, most Servants cannot 'sense' Assassin. It's his class ability. I stay between Archer and Bearbeard, the latter in front of me. I can hear movement in the farthest left room.
No. 52801 ID: 5ba271


Doesn't the male gender symbol point northeast?
No. 52815 ID: 6faa8c

<<It does?>>

No. 52853 ID: 6faa8c

And then something emerges. A shadow outlined by the light behind it. Feminine and sleek, a spear in her hand. Her hair is blonde, I can see her long ears poking through her hair. And then...

She's gone!

I duck and the spear blade glances off of Archers armor. I fire my pistol, it passes through a blur and strikes the ceiling. Beardbeard slashes at her as she passes, and misses. Archer fires, hits a wall, and blows a hole in it.

This all happens in one second, and she's crouching on the ground, looking right at me. Into my eyes.
No. 52872 ID: 632862

Hmm, I guess that's some kind of a different version of Freya, like how Tav is tall now?

Ask her to yield, as she is outnumbered and the Assassin is still alive. There's no point in fighting each other when there's someone out there whose entire purpose is to prevent *anyone* from winning.

I would theorize that Chernobyl was a site where the Caster was the last Servant alive. All this hatred is left over from her final attack upon learning the truth. Either it didn't work, or the Assassin was just summoned again in the next War.
No. 52877 ID: 6faa8c

"Lancer, we don't have to fi-"

A blast of lightning lances towards me and Archer pulls me back and around, as it flies into his armor and dissipates. He turns and fires again, but misses. She vanishes again, and I barely bring out my blade fast enough to block it. It's knocked from my hands. driven into the wall to the hilt.

Beardbeard run up Archer's armor and leaps from the top, coming down at Lancer with the two-handed axe. She looks him in the eyes and butts the handle into him, knocking him back but not seriously damaging him.

I know she can't really harm Archer, due to his armor, but otherwise, she's unstoppable by virtue of her speed.

Beardbeard rises again, shaking his head. Tav looks uncertain. Is this where we lose?

Is this where I die?!
No. 52914 ID: b94893


Collect your thoughts and make peace with yourself.
No. 52917 ID: 6faa8c

I look to the roof and sigh, collecting my thoughts. I'm going to die here. In this building. This old, dil...pita...ted... building...

And idea strikes me. "Berserker! destroy this floor!" I yell. "Destroy the building!"

Oh, she can dodge bullets. She can dodge Archer's shots.

But let's see her dodge a whole damn building! I see her move to attack Beardbeard, a twitch in her eyes, and motion for Archer to block her. She rams headlong into strong steel, reeling back.

I pull the sword from the wall.

I'm not going to die. Not alone!
No. 52930 ID: b8687a


Suddenly realize how pointless fighting is and drop your weapon.

Embrace the sweet release of death and your exit from the contest.
No. 52962 ID: bdee3f


What? You are no pussy Marcus! Nobody is going to kill you without dying himself!
No. 52973 ID: 99ddfb

Sure they are. All he needs to do is let it happen.

Death is probably the single best option at this point, as an escape from this game he never especially wanted to be a part of anyways.
No. 52974 ID: 43d730

And cheese off Beardbeard?
He's got a reason for doing this too, you know.
...Granted, we don't know what it is, but if we act like a sucker and cop out now, what do you want to bet we're going to have a semi-enjoyable afterlife?

I'd prefer not to skip out on Tav, either.
No. 52975 ID: b8687a

Actually, we have a better chance of freeing them too if we cop out now, and we can all cop out together.

Or would you guys rather rig Tav's weapon to explode and take us all out? That could work.
No. 52991 ID: 447b9a

Hah, yeah, let's kill ourselves and see what happens.
No. 53028 ID: 584f15

>You are no pussy Marcus!
He's a mage, dude. A mage who fights by summoning other people (actually, person) to do all his fighting for him.
No. 53080 ID: bdee3f


Hmmm, how do I put it so you can understand? Ah, yes.
He is a human. A human that summons Space Marines and still fights alongside them instead of sitting somewhere and send them out to do his bidding. I would say that requires balls.
BIG balls.
No. 53102 ID: 213e20

It also takes some balls to man up and take your life into your own hands.

Make Red proud. Don't let them catch you, Marcus.
No. 53221 ID: bb39c8

4 want suicide, 1 wants suicide and kill someone else too, and two more just discuss the merits of such.

If Marcus doesn't kill himself I'm going to call railroading.
No. 53270 ID: 6faa8c
File 125418432549.png - (8.93KB , 300x300 , youguysaskedforit.png )

They say that when you summon a Servant, you get one similar to yourself. That you have similar abilities, similar personalities to the one you recieve, to better allow you to communicate and command.

I am not going to allow some elf to kill me! I will go on my own terms!


"WIPE OUT THIS FLOOR, BERSERKER!" I scream, diving to the ground. Archer is not fast enough to see what is coming: A sword so huge it dwarfs him, me, and Lancer all together. It slashes through the building, destroying supports, causing the whole mess to fall upon me, Archer, and Lancer.

She cannot dodge, and before the blackness takes me, I hear a sound like a watermelon falling on pavement.

"Got you, you bitch." I mutter, as a heavy weight knocks me to the ground, my blue command spell shorting out.

The last thing I see is Beardbeard's hands... and then the blackness swallows me.
No. 54801 ID: 60106e

Wake up.
No. 54848 ID: dafe99

Well done; you killed your Archer. Hopefully you got Lancer too.

Get up, get your gun, call for Berserker, and take the nearest cover you can. Odds are someone will come to look over the rubble, at which point you can sneak attack them.

Eyes open for Assassin, for what it's worth.
No. 54873 ID: 950eaa

Shot Trip said the thread's done, locking until it can be archived.
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