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File 135889338415.png - (14.98KB , 800x600 , 001.png )
486939 No. 486939 ID: 74e4c2

Your name is Zeruel.

You are an Angel.

You live in the Above.
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No. 486940 ID: 74e4c2
File 135889340996.png - (13.43KB , 800x600 , 002.png )

The Above is an interesting place, a land of fog and light, the landscape a constantly shifting mass of mist and cloud. Bottomless sinkholes dot the plains, as well as large, imposing buildings, a mix of fortress and cathedral that boasts of architectural might long forgotten. Your kind build their nests within these castles. Communities are close-knit, each with their own patriarch.

You are fairly low in the hierarchy, but have enough connections to get by.

This world is open before you.

You yearn for adventure.

Please suggest an action.
No. 486941 ID: 389f2b

gain an ally! or search for one

travel to the nearest, most imposing building and challenge the owner to a DUEL TO THE DEATH to claim the land for your own

or venture on tasks for them to build up and backstab them
but that may be looking too far ahead in the future

is there anywhere you were thinking more about going to?
No. 486942 ID: dc4a44

Sex a bear.
No. 486975 ID: 9d3dcd

Study magic. Learn tons. Then we can adventure.
No. 486980 ID: 91c1b3

Ascend to godtier.
No. 486983 ID: 74e4c2
File 135890063221.png - (15.67KB , 800x600 , 003.png )

You're sure that would be fun, though you already have an established nest. Unless you meant going to visit? The Fortresses are few and far between, and could be days of travel to reach one.

You aren't sure what that is, but it sounds disappointing, like a bug or something.

Angels have several inherent abilities that could be viewed as spells. Some are unique to that angel. You currently know:
Blind- Inhibit an attacker's ability to perceive the world around them.
Bound- Your light frame and well-developed wings allow you to jump high and far for a limited time.
Angelic Abilities can be unlocked/learned through various means, the most common being the absorption of a particularly strong soul.
No. 486985 ID: 389f2b

an established nest? dont let the system control you man

take whatever the hell you want when you want and dont let anyone tell you no

assuming you have any

what are your moral standards? what kind of adventure are you wanting?
No. 487013 ID: 74e4c2
File 135890484118.png - (14.44KB , 800x600 , 004.png )

As compelling as that sounds, the system is the current Regent, who happens to be the Archangel of the Fortress you live in.

Enemies? There isn't much here that you could call an enemy, apart from the Wyverns and Harpies. They are mostly aggressive, but they die when you stab them, which is more than you can say about some of the other inhabitants of the Above.

And speaking of Adventure, it would seem one came knocking on your door. If you had a door, and not an open archway.
It is one of your neighbors, Siffuel. She has something that appears to be a map. Perhaps it leads to treasure? That seems likely.

>Siffuel: Zer? Zeruel, are you listening?

Oh. She was talking. The entire time.

>Zeruel: Huh? Oh. Yes, it's a map. A map to what?

>Siffuel: Treasure, you dummy! So are you coming or not?

>Zeruel: I don't know, it looks like it'd be on the cliff of the southwest Hellhole. We aren't supposed to go near those, Keter will have BOTH our wings.

>Siffuel: Well yeah, but only if he knows that's where we're going! So are you coming or not?

Well? Do I follow this treasurebound woman towards what could very likely become a disastrous encounter?
No. 487015 ID: 389f2b

of course you are!

nothing is an adventure unless you take risks, even if that risk is losing your wings

thats dumb that you could lose them for traveling somewhere

whats the deal about the place?
No. 487019 ID: bf54a8

do you have a mate? if not this is a perfect opportunity to get one.
No. 487020 ID: c31f72

Kiss the girl!
Or make her promise a kiss/sex if you help her find the treasure.
No. 487023 ID: 9e5873

Make sure that it's agreed to split things 50/50.

Can't trust them angel bitches.
No. 487032 ID: 74e4c2
File 135891109321.png - (30.16KB , 800x1200 , 005.png )

They say if you fall into a Hellhole, you'll never come out. They're rather large, but easy enough to stay away from. Unless you're hunting for treasure right on the edge.


>Zeruel: Alright, I'll join you on your quest for wealth and fortune.

>Siffuel: Yeah! Now you're talkin! Let's go-

>Zeruel: Fifty fifty.

>Siffuel: What. What? But I have the map! Seventy thirty!

>Zeruel: Sixtyfive thirtyfive and a kiss.

>Siffuel: UGH. Fine. Fine fine fine, let's just go. Just need to be quiet down these stairs...
No. 487038 ID: 6dc5a6

Oh crap it's the Metatron. Quickly! Become an atheist!
No. 487042 ID: 14a1d0

Slice up everything with your two-dimensional arms.
No. 487063 ID: 9e5873

Shout "How quiet do we need to be!"
No. 487065 ID: bf54a8

silently give a thumbs up.
No. 487078 ID: 29654e

I'm pretty sure that's not the Metatron. I think that's Keter, the Regent and resident Archangel of their fortress.

I somehow get the feeling that the Voice of God would be... slightly more imposing?
No. 487084 ID: bf54a8

and zeruel the arm of god, and his arms are not godly at all.
No. 487160 ID: a28731

Be quiet, sneak past, as I am sure you have done before. If caught and asked why you are sneaking out... you are going somewhere more private so you could kiss. (the truth shall set you free!)
No. 487190 ID: 74e4c2
File 135898236621.png - (17.69KB , 800x600 , 006.png )

That was Keter, the highest Archangel at our Fortress, and current Regent of the Above. And he is INCREDIBLY intimidating. He is like a father to us, though I step lightly around him if I can.

You swing your arm at a nearby statue. All you get for your trouble is a bruise. It appears that your arm is not two dimensional after all, merely highly stylized.

You successfully sneak past the Regent, although you feel as though he saw you and just let you go. Through the hall, past the doorway, down the stairs. You are now outside of the Fortress. How do you proceed?
No. 487196 ID: bf54a8

well just head for the hellhole, unless you aren't sure which one, then let her lead.
No. 487197 ID: 5ae47c

Consult yon map!
No. 487203 ID: a28731

Consult map with Siffuel, follow its instructions.
No. 487458 ID: 74e4c2
File 135907627680.png - (31.63KB , 800x1200 , 007.png )

You consult the map.

She has already chosen the most efficient path through the miasma of cloud and around the southern ravine. She explains that this is the safest path, as there is a negligible chance of being spotted by harpies or griffons or whatever other nastiness is patrolling the skies.

And what a magnificent sky it is. There is a small parting in the clouds on this eve, and you can see the moon. It is a rare, spectacular view.

Now would be a great time for conversation, because Sif isn't going to talk about anything but treasure once you get there.
No. 487459 ID: bf54a8

"so, can i get that kiss in advance?"
No. 487470 ID: a28731

Is that her first adventure?

please don't.
No. 487494 ID: bf54a8

don't worry if she says no, just be like "oh well worth a shot"
No. 487499 ID: 91c1b3

Ask why she picked you to come with her.
No. 487542 ID: d0ca21

Adventure #2 idea: Go to the moon.
No. 487580 ID: 74e4c2
File 135916028161.png - (19.74KB , 800x600 , 008.png )


>Zeruel: So... why me? I'm rather confused as to why you came to me for an adventure, as opposed to going yourself and getting the whole of the treasure.

>Siffuel: Zer, Zer Zer Zer. Zeruel. Zer. I chose to bring you, because we're such good friends, right? Right. And you're the strongest guy in our wing. Physically. Mentally, I'm not so sure. I may need you to lift a few rocks for me.
No. 487590 ID: bf54a8

oh so your arms are powerful. just not stone crushingly godly.

anyway, her face is right there, kiss da girl.
No. 487596 ID: 91c1b3

Dude, no.

Now would be a good time for a great one-liner or response, but I am not great at those.
No. 487603 ID: bf54a8

"so i need to get your rocks off?"
No. 487652 ID: a28731

Contrary to what Disney says, surprise kiss is a TERRIBAD idea.
You need to set up the mood and then get a NON VERBAL permission (asking verbally is even worse then surprise kiss)

You win!
No. 487728 ID: 74e4c2
File 135923865606.png - (9.73KB , 800x600 , 009.png )

>Zeruel: So you want me to get your rocks off?

>Siffuel: Yes, move rocks. That's what I said. You're so dense sometimes, you know that?

You don't think she quite understood the brilliance of your witty retort.
No. 487729 ID: beeca1

You need to work on your delivery. Facial expression does a lot. Were you grinning or staring blankly?
No. 487735 ID: a28731

point, but its too late now for this time. Have to wait for the next opportunity.

So, is this the furthest either of you have been from the nest before?
No. 487986 ID: 099aef

So what other angely powers do we have other than MANLY PHYSIQUE?
No. 488184 ID: 74e4c2
File 135933677818.png - (45.78KB , 800x600 , 010.png )

My delivery was perfectly deadpan. Perhaps if I had grinned, she would have gotten the joke. However, I feel that that in itself would have taken away from the inherent humor involved.

Farther, yes. But not by much. I know Sif has gone much, much farther out. But it's against the rules to do so. My nest has been comfortable enough for me.

You are Zeruel, the Arm of God, and an Angel of Might. As such, you have an above average strength threshold, your wings are capable of very limited flight as opposed to being purely decorative, and have a large pool of potential abilities. The ability that is unique to you, so far as you know, is your ability to stretch your arms to ridiculous lengths.

Your current Angelian Powers include:
Blind: Release a flash of dazzling light.
Block: Project a field of solid light.
No. 488189 ID: bf54a8

neat. hmmm... can also talk to her about... what she thinks the treasure is.
No. 488220 ID: dc4a44

Does your friend have any neat tricks or is covetous enthusiasm her selling point?
No. 488253 ID: 76e983

Less talking to the pretty girl and more walking to the bottomless pit to hell.
No. 488460 ID: 65ddc7

Where did she get the map anyway?
No. 488874 ID: 74e4c2
File 135958530342.png - (19.72KB , 800x600 , 011.png )

>Zeruel: What do you think we'll find when we get there?

>Siffuel: It's going to be gold. Gotta be gold and jewels and riches! My place in the hierarchy is going up up up!

So far as you know, Siffuel never had anything to her other than her gift with numbers. Obsession, rather. Her name hints that she's an angel of fertility or some such, but you've never seen anything to confirm it. Heh, covetous enthusiasm. That's one way to say it.

>Zeruel: Where DID you get that map anyway? This is a long way to walk on just a whim.

>Siffuel: You're really nosy, you know that? A girl's gotta have SOME secrets.

She shoots you a stern glare, and takes the lead. A couple hours later, and you're there. A craggy, cavernous chasm covers the landscape. Numerous cottages dot the lip of the Hellmaw. Siffuel confidently leads you toward a small grouping of buildings.
No. 488902 ID: 547f2f

No. 488907 ID: bf54a8

dem fertility based things are usually great in the sack~~

anyway, be the silent dude just behind her so no one gets any ideas.
No. 488909 ID: 908c2d

Right. So... let her lead on then.
No. 488962 ID: dc4a44

people live by the hole?
Well, lead the way.
No. 489301 ID: 74e4c2
File 135973429963.png - (63.17KB , 800x1200 , 012.png )

That's what you've heard, yes. You haven't gotten a chance to test that theory though. You decide to stop pestering Siffuel and let her take the lead.

Live is a bit of an overstatement. These are storage buildings for various archaeologists that study the land around these Hellmaws.

Siffuel leads you to an isolated building, and opens the door. You peer inside, and see neat rows of boxes lining the walls. There is a desk in the corner with a lamp on it. The furnishing is rather spartan, nothing extraneous or out of place. Siffuel strides confidently inside and starts methodically rooting through the boxes.
No. 489302 ID: bf54a8

start opening boxes as well and ask what you are looking for.
No. 489303 ID: 908c2d

Pause and take a look around- make sure there are no archaeologists around to notice you rummaging through (and possibly stealing) their things.
No. 489323 ID: dc4a44

Sift boxes with reckless abandon. Or reckless Abaddon. angel jokes...
No. 489344 ID: 7b27bb

Turn on lamp.
No. 490881 ID: 74e4c2
File 136018375423.png - (27.78KB , 800x1200 , 013.png )

You go to turn on the lamp, but it would appear that this building isn't receiving power. The generator must have blown.

You go to help Sif with the boxes, but she turns and actually hisses at you. Apparently touching the boxes is out of the question. She turns back and resumes going through the specimen pouches. You see flashes of gold.

Yes, you are fairly certain that this trip was more criminal in nature than she had led you to believe. You go outside to check for the previous inhabitants, but you see nothing of interest.
No. 490882 ID: 76b151

Are your eyes supposed to be gleaming red? Also there are flying things above the pit in case thats unusual
No. 490883 ID: 908c2d

>but you see nothing of interest
You sure about that? Look to your left. There seems to be a bunch of angels approaching by air over those mountains. You guys might want to get out of there or hide or something.
No. 490885 ID: bf54a8

those are probably demons, you know, from the hellmouth.
use extendo-punch on any that get near.
No. 490886 ID: 78c6ea

Save your extendo punch for the element of surprise. Just throw a rock at them. Big rock. Really big rock.
No. 490890 ID: dc4a44

Or harpies. Go check out the hellmaw.
No. 490943 ID: 74e4c2
File 136020191286.png - (37.52KB , 800x1200 , 014.png )

Your eyes have always been crimson, you don't know what you were thinking.

You didn't see anything over the-oh. OH.
Those would be harpies, and it's rare to see more than 3 or 4 in a group. You count at least 20, but it could be 30 or 15 or whatever you're too busy to count. They are vicious, cunning, and animalistic. Or at least that's what you've been told. You were also told that they didn't group like this, so it looks like your teachers were bullshitting you. Or just didn't know themselves.

You're too busy extendo-punching the Harpies to grab rocks.
No. 490944 ID: 908c2d

Wow, super spaghetti arms!

Continue to fight off attackers, warn your companion what's going on if she hasn't already noticed.
No. 490945 ID: bf54a8

did they make a nest in that building and sif and breaking all the eggs?

too late to try and reason with them now. just stay alert.
No. 490948 ID: dc4a44

Then it turns out they were bringing you a cake and you ruined the surprise. It was angel food cake.

Oh well. Can you catch one? Can you extendo-propel yourself?
No. 490983 ID: 1ef26c

Yeah. Grab on to one and reverse extendo.
No. 491016 ID: 9ddf68

whatever you do don't let them surround you. even if you are stronger then them they do have numbers on there side and that could screw you over if your not careful
No. 491088 ID: a28731

Suffiel should be warned.
Yell: "Harpies!"

use minimal amounts of effort to disable each one.
Rather then grabbing one and smashing it into a mountain side, grab its WING and twist (with your strength and their hollow bones it should just snap) then let gravity take its course.
You should be able to take down harpies several times faster this way.
No. 491153 ID: 74e4c2
File 136028022935.png - (54.65KB , 800x1800 , 0015.png )

You scream to Siffuel that there seems to be a problem here. She doesn't answer, and you are interrupted by another attack.

You grab one, and rocket into the sky. More of them are arriving, but it will be easier to dispatch of them from the air.

You see Siffuel. More accurately, you see Siffuel's backside as she runs away with the box of loot she was collecting.
No. 491154 ID: bf54a8

once she is far enough away use SOLAR FLARE on the harpy swarm and fly/glide after her.
No. 491161 ID: 908c2d

Right. Fighting retreat, time.
No. 491188 ID: a28731

She is running away, aka back turned... perfectly safe to solar flare now.

How many harpies remain? Because it would be badass if you actually win rather then merely escape.
No. 491291 ID: 9ddf68

blind as many of them as you can and start following Siffuel you said there are more dangers then harrpies out here and i'm not to sure how she would handle them if she came across any.
No. 491340 ID: 78c6ea

Harpies? Why harpies? oh.

Obviously the treasure

is a harp.
No. 492915 ID: 74e4c2
File 136088183976.png - (13.78KB , 800x600 , 016.png )


You LIGHT UP THE NIGHT with a mighty SOLAR FLARE. The Harpies are blinded, and they start dropping like... like... like a flying entity that lost it's visual perception organs.
No. 492916 ID: 74e4c2
File 136088200061.png - (11.55KB , 800x600 , 017.png )

Unfortunately, you are struck by several Harpies on their way down. You flap your wings, trying to gain altitude so you can glide out, but the air above the Hellmaw is dead, unnaturally so. You fall faster. You shoot your arms out to grasp the sides of the maw, but you grab nothing but ash, and your handholds are ripped loose.
You fall faster.
No. 492917 ID: 74e4c2
File 136088214130.png - (4.67KB , 800x600 , 018.png )

You fall faster.

You fall faster.

You see nothing but the circle of light above you growing alarmingly smaller.

You fall faster.

The light disappears altogether.

You fall faster.
No. 492920 ID: 9ee360

Well, dang. Fallen from above after our first fight.
No. 492922 ID: bf54a8

Siffuel SOOO owes you more then a kiss for this shit.
No. 492943 ID: dc4a44

Good show OP.
No. 492945 ID: 78c6ea

Fall in a more dignified manner.
No. 492954 ID: bf54a8

oh and be ready to air-brake if you suddenly see the ground rushing up fast.
No. 492956 ID: cb80b6

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