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File 135796349392.png - (273.18KB , 600x500 , kq1.png )
484606 No. 484606 ID: 681dab

I am alone.

I want to find him, but it is so dark now. It hurts. I want to find him. My big brother.

My hands shake.
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No. 484608 ID: 681dab
File 135796357034.png - (278.56KB , 600x500 , kq2.png )

I take them away from my eyes, but I still cannot see.

Where is he?
No. 484609 ID: 681dab

[forgot to change the NAME but i'm taking a small break from felixquest so hi]
No. 484614 ID: 389f2b

whats happening? are you hurt?
No. 484620 ID: 681dab
File 135796442722.png - (293.15KB , 600x500 , kq3.png )


My head hurts. I cannot see, but I don't remember a time when I could see. Cloudy always helped me see.

I do not know what is happening now, because he is not with me. It's quiet in here, too quiet, and it makes me worry. I can almost hear my little sister crying, but it's too faint to tell.

Why is he gone? Oh, goodness, what did I do now?
No. 484624 ID: 1e72ae

Find your little sister, make sure she's ok.
No. 484634 ID: 681dab
File 135796503609.png - (281.99KB , 600x500 , kq4.png )


I feel my way around the room until I find the door, tripping over the little furniture Cloudy's allowed me to have in here. I do my best to fiddle with the knob, but I can't seem to get it open! Oh, oh no no no.
No. 484638 ID: 1e72ae

Allowed to have? There's something on the wall to your left. It looks like a piece of paper.
No. 484641 ID: 681dab
File 135796609421.png - (286.85KB , 600x500 , kq5.png )


Well, yes. This room is where I go when I make Ma or Cloudy upset. It's where I have to think.

Not to mention none of it's much use when I can't see it.

I remember this note. I feel it under my hand, recalling when Nat came up to my room and read it to me. I hope she's alright now. The crying has stopped but I still feel uneasy.

>"This is where you will stay and you will think about what you have done, Kuani. I will come for you when you are ready."

I never know what that means. My memory's getting so spotty-- I can't even remember what I did to upset him today.

My head hurts still.
No. 484646 ID: 1e72ae

Who's Nat? Is Cloudy your Step-dad? Did you hit your head on something?
No. 484648 ID: 681dab
File 135796700653.png - (283.94KB , 600x500 , kq6.png )


Ahhh! She drew a picture for me once, let me show you.

Nat is my little sister! Cloudy is my big brother.
No. 484665 ID: 1e72ae

Aww, it's a very cute picture. Are there any doors in here other than the locked one?
No. 484868 ID: 681dab
File 135803758796.png - (276.68KB , 600x500 , kq7.png )


It is! Natty used to draw such cute things.

When Cloudy gave me this room, he told me there were two doors in here. I was never to use the other one. I couldn't find it if I tried, of course, but he was very firm on this. When I'm under punishment, I cannot initiate the use of either door without Cloudy with me. Natty also has a key, but she wouldn't be able to use it.
No. 484869 ID: 78c6ea

Check under the rug.
No. 484870 ID: 681dab
File 135803826722.png - (272.12KB , 600x500 , kq8.png )


Ahh! That's a good idea!

I move the rug under my bed as best I can with my feet, and then kneel down. I find what I feel like are a coin and a small screw.
No. 484876 ID: 1e72ae

Take items? Check under your bed too. What did you mean by Natty wouldn't be able to use the key?
No. 484888 ID: 681dab
File 135804338636.png - (275.39KB , 600x500 , kq9.png )


I stow the tiny things in my pocket before scooting over toward my bed. Sadly, though, the only thing I find is the rug I pushed under here a minute ago. Or at least that's what it feels like.

Natty has a problem that's kind of like mine. We were both very bad, and we had to be punished for that. But when we talk now, she doesn't remember what she did that was bad. I don't remember what I did either. Cloudy won't tell us.
No. 484898 ID: 1e72ae

Do you remember what the other did that was bad? (do you know what natty did?/Does she know what you did?) There's no point to getting punished if you don't know/remember what you are punished for. If she has a key for your room, then do you have a key for Natty's room then? Check pockets for anything other than screw and coin.
No. 484899 ID: 681dab
File 135804655566.png - (278.28KB , 600x500 , kq10.png )


If she knows, she hasn't told me. I certainly don't remember what she had done. All that Cloudy will tell us is that it was very bad, and we disappointed him and Ma both. And that's all we need to know. I can hear Nat's feet outside in the halls now, I hope she's alright.

I feel around in my pockets, but I find nothing but the two items I recently grabbed.
No. 484914 ID: 1e72ae

Ask Nat if she's feeling better now?

You can't very well make up for what you did if you don't know what it is. You've done all you can (in this room) to remember what you did, right? The best course of action now is to try to find something to remind you what you did, and the only way to find it is by checking somewhere new. Check behind the second door. It's to the right of the first and near the window.((she can still feel sunlight right? Other than this, I've got no ideas on how to progress.))
No. 485274 ID: 9ef9e9
File 135821296063.png - (286.74KB , 600x500 , kq11.png )

[i gotcha man, no worries-- thank you for givin me commands so far much appreciation uvu]

I go to where the warm part of the room is, and I try the door. It opens!

A tiny voice pipes at me and I smile.

No. 485275 ID: 9ef9e9
File 135821310970.png - (335.23KB , 600x500 , kq12.png )

>"Kuani! Are you okay? You don't usually open that door!"

I nod enthusiastically. "I'm okay. My head hurts though. Do you know where Cloudy is?"

She does not know, but she tells me her head has hurt today as well. She proceeds to inform me Ma has recently left for work, so she has had mostly full reign of the house so far this morning.
No. 485325 ID: 389f2b

ask her if she was just crying a bit ago

go to cloudys room?
No. 485342 ID: 9ef9e9
File 135821967042.png - (334.32KB , 600x500 , kq13.png )


Natty seems upset when I bring this up. She insists it was nothing, and that I shouldn't worry about it. I would press, but I don't think that would help.
No. 485343 ID: 9ef9e9
File 135821980436.png - (343.81KB , 600x500 , kq14.png )

She reminds me also that Cloudy's room is off-limits to the both of us. Only Ma can go in there, and that's only when she's angry.

Natty offers to lead me down to get some breakfast though, to which I have no objections. It's had to have been a day or so now.
No. 485344 ID: 07e10b

give a sisterly hug!
No. 485345 ID: 07e10b

ma isn't home though
surely cloudy and natty won't tell on you?
No. 485347 ID: 9ef9e9
File 135822087693.png - (287.98KB , 600x500 , kq15.png )


When we reach the bottom of the stairs and enter the kitchen, Natty's surprised gasp lets me know someone turned the lights on.

We proceed to have a good hug, which can be pretty hard to do when one of you is blind and the other doesn't have hands! We did good.


Cloudy would tell on me, but we don't know where he is yet. I wish we did. But you're right, we're safe for right now!
No. 485352 ID: 9ef9e9
File 135822132169.png - (268.59KB , 600x500 , kq16.png )

Oh! I thought you meant ot go in the kitchen...

It's still not safe to go into Cloudy's room. He could be in there, but he told us never to disturb him when he was!
No. 485355 ID: 07e10b

call out to him maybe?

mean while, make breakfast! to the best of your abilities of course

No. 485357 ID: 1e72ae

Make breakfast. Since I couldn't ask before, does your head hurt every day? How long ago did your sister lose her hands?
No. 485361 ID: 9ef9e9
File 135822246387.png - (277.21KB , 600x500 , kq17.png )


Protein shakes! They're basically the only thing
the two of us can manage, heehee.


Natty hasn't had hands since before I lost my eyes. Neither of us remember much from back then, but that's alright. We don't need to. We both just know we did something very bad.

My head hurts very frequently, but the passing of time often escapes me now. Without the daily sight of daylight for me, it can be difficult.
No. 485363 ID: 9ef9e9
File 135822258611.png - (263.94KB , 600x500 , kq18.png )

After we clean up, I suggest going on my own to look for Cloudy to Natty. She simply laughs.

>"How are you going to look, silly?"

She decides to lead me down the hall.
No. 485370 ID: 1e72ae

>how are you going to look
She'll be the eyes, and you'll be the ears.

Natty seems to be wearing fresh bandages, does she change them every day? Ask natty if she's found anything cool lately.
No. 485768 ID: 94152f
File 135837576956.png - (311.37KB , 600x500 , kq19.png )


Natty doesn't get to change them every day, but sometimes Cloudy notices they're dirty and he helps. Sometimes Cloudy can be very helpful with those things! He helped Natty today, she says.

She also tells me that she found a flashlight in the hallway, but she couldn't figure out how to pick it up. She says it' still there.
No. 485772 ID: 960703

This is going to be much harder than I thought. Go get it. Continue searching for Cloudy in the direction of his room. Have Nat alert you if you stumble into a dark room. Too dark for her to see where she's going, that is. ((those are cool paintings))
No. 485790 ID: f2c20c

It kinda sounds like you two fought once, back in the time you can't remember. She put out your eyes, and you cut off her hands.

Or maybe you two did it to yourselves by messing with something you shouldn't have.
No. 485805 ID: 94152f
File 135838898355.png - (284.23KB , 600x500 , kq20.png )

[thank u friend uvu]
Ah, yes, that's a good idea! Natty leads me down the hall she said she found the flashlight in.


Oh goodness, no! Natty and I would never fight. Cloudy said it's our own fault we're this way, though. We did very badly.
No. 485854 ID: 960703

Did your Ma say anything about what happened to you? It seems like your brother is the one that takes care of you the most. Have either of you gone outside the house in a while?
No. 485912 ID: 90a2ca

You should get that flashlight and use for whatever Natty needs it for.
No. 486247 ID: 94152f
File 135856355351.png - (277.52KB , 600x500 , kq21.png )

We never get to talk to Ma, at least not directly. She would correspond through Cloudy, and through Cloudy's notes Natty would inform me of what would be going on.

None of us leave the house either, except when Ma has work or Cloudy does chores. But even then he never leaves the property, Natty tells me.

We're trying to find it now! It'll be helpful, especially since the house can be so dark!
No. 486266 ID: 960703

How long does it take him to do those chores? Could he be working on them right now? Is there any part of the house that you want to go to/are curious about? We can check them out while Cloudy's gone. ((this is a really long hallway))
No. 486753 ID: 139cc0
File 135882230258.png - (274.95KB , 600x500 , kq22.png )

[spirally doom hallway]

Time is hard to manage for me now, but they usually take him a long time! Yardwork and stuff.

And yeah, there's a bunch of places me and Natty couldn't go without this flashlight! Luckily we've found it now and we can go those places now. Hopefully we'll run into Cloudy, too!
No. 486755 ID: 389f2b

Do you ever explore the house like this?
No. 486766 ID: 139cc0
File 135882336948.png - (280.60KB , 600x500 , kq23.png )


Oh, never by myself! Not even with Natty most days. This is the first time I've been out in the halls in a long time.
No. 486768 ID: 389f2b

How big is the house? Is there anywhere Cloudy may be?
No. 486772 ID: f2c20c

Do you know the basic layout? We could use a map, even a simple one.
No. 486773 ID: 139cc0

[tried to draw a map but then i got mad at myself so no image uAu]

As far as I remember, there are three floors. Lots of hallways! Ma bought this place so we all could stay very comofrtably. There used to be more of us, which is why we needed so much space!

Cloudy could be on the first floor with us, the top floor, or outside. But I don't think we could get out there.
No. 486777 ID: 389f2b

..What happened to all of the others?

Why is it so difficult to get outside?
No. 486780 ID: 139cc0
File 135882476610.png - (271.97KB , 600x500 , kq24.png )


I don't remember much about them anymore. None of us do. They went away though, and Ma told us they weren't coming back again. Because they were bad. Worse than me or Natty or Cloudy had been. They had to go away.

We can't get out because all of the doors are locked! Only Cloudy and Ma have outside keys.
No. 486784 ID: 389f2b

Did Cloudy ever do anything bad?

Try calling his name out. If he's anywhere near, he might hear you.
No. 486788 ID: 139cc0
File 135882636490.png - (283.77KB , 600x500 , kq25.png )


He was very bad one time, just like we were. But he's Ma's helper, so he doesn't get in trouble very often anymore.

I call out, realizing how shaky my voice is. I should've had some water.
No. 486789 ID: 139cc0
File 135882644244.png - (285.74KB , 600x500 , kq26.png )

I close the door to the shed heavily. It's warm out today.
No. 486794 ID: 389f2b

you should probably get some if you head back towards the kitchen soon
listen to see if theres a response, and if there isnt, keep exploring
have natty tell you whenever there is a door, and then knock on it to see if there is a response?
No. 486795 ID: 91c1b3

That's...a lot of people that have been bad. And every single one of them had something happen to them aside from the one your mom needed? Do you think she may have had something to do with them "going away"? Wouldn't they have said goodbye if they had a choice?
No. 486797 ID: 139cc0
File 135882715699.png - (281.07KB , 600x500 , kq27.png )


Maybe later. Cloudy doesn't say anything, but Natty and I both hear a door close outside! When she walks up to a window, Natty sees Cloudy.
No. 486798 ID: 389f2b

knock on the window to get his attention!
No. 486959 ID: 0b1256
File 135889761811.png - (293.57KB , 600x500 , kq28.png )


There's a clanking sound, against the window behind me. I glance back and I see both Kuani and Nat standing at the window.

No. No this won't do at all. Ma would have my head over this. Someone could see them.
No. 486960 ID: 78c6ea

Fuck Ma. She can have your head in Hell.
No. 486961 ID: 389f2b

go inside with them! ku really wants to see you
No. 486962 ID: 91c1b3

So do you realize what your mother's done? How long ago was your mouth sewn shut? Go hug Kuani.
No. 486966 ID: 0b1256
File 135889884642.png - (289.07KB , 600x500 , kq29.png )


She can't right now. Not when I'm like this... I smell like the--

I don't smell good. And I'm too worked up. I'll need to take care of things before I go and help her.


It's not that fucking simple, though. If it was, do you think I'd let Kuani suffer the way she does?

Ma cannot know they were out. She just... she can't.


I do. Mostly... a lot of it is still hazy. But I'm more coherent than Kuani or Nat, simply because she needs me to be.
No. 486967 ID: 91c1b3

Turn and wave. Maybe make a shoo-ing motion with your hand. If you don't react, they will keep trying to get your attention.

So how does she poison your mind? The protein shakes? ...What are you worked up about?
No. 486968 ID: 91c1b3

...Wait; how do you eat? Does she/you resew your mouth every morning?
No. 486972 ID: 389f2b

are they not supposed to leave their rooms at all?

what kind of work do you do out here?
No. 486974 ID: 0b1256
File 135889972912.png - (281.85KB , 600x500 , kq30.png )


I glare at Nat in the window and she quickly shooes Kuani away, hopefully back upstairs. No one can see them from the windows up there.

I don't remember when my mouth was sewn shut. I know it wasn't Ma, though. Ma was very upset when this happened to me.

It's not that anything in particular poisons us. Not too long ago I was told to help them forget as much as I could. And I did.

It's difficult to give that type of blow to your own head, though.
No. 486977 ID: 389f2b

does ma consider you three more...special than any of the others? it doesnt seem like she'd go through all of this work unless she did care about you all in some kind of way
No. 486979 ID: 0b1256
File 135890016203.png - (289.17KB , 600x500 , kq31.png )


I don't, usually. When I'm hungry or I'm ill Ma gives me a shot. Then I sleep. When I wake up I don't feel hungry anymore.


Kuani can't leave her room without me. She's certainly not supposed to leave with Nat... who herself is grounded to the second floor at all times. I'm not sure how this happened, but I'll have to get to the bottom of it.

I take care of what Ma leaves me to do.
No. 486993 ID: 0b1256
File 135890173467.png - (571.02KB , 600x500 , kq32.png )

[i didn't know what to do with this so here's a painting we'll say natty did to hide the fact it's actually my lazy coloring]

We've been with her the longest, so maybe there's fondness in that regard. When I think about it, though, it might be for my sake she keeps them here. She knows how attached I am to Kuani, and if any more harm were to befall her because of me... well, I wouldn't be useful to her anymore.

She really does very little for them. It's only me she speaks to on a daily basis.
No. 486999 ID: 91c1b3

Finish up your work then clean up. Go see the girls when you are done.
No. 487323 ID: 8ebb5c

Yeah, clean up, get the smell of... whatever off of you and heard the back to their room, gently please.

Why must you make them forget? And did you have anything to do with the "others" disappering? Do you remember what happened to them, or perhaps dispose of the bodies? And lastly, do you know how Kuami and Nat lost their eyes/hands? Did you have to help in any way?
No. 487616 ID: 93afdd
File 135916960947.png - (113.38KB , 600x500 , kq33.png )

[please to note that the next panels i'll upload have no need for commands, but you're still free to comment--- goin' into flashback mode]


In a little while. I'd be no good to them right now anyway.


I had as much to do with them disappearing as Ma intended me to. I've been her instrument in this for a reason. If she had to do her own dirty work, do you think she'd have as much power over us as she does?

I don't remember everything, but I remember a lot more than she wants me to. But she won't know that. Kuani and Nat need to forget to keep themselves safe. They need to go on.

If you really want me to, I'll tell you what happened. To her eyes. To her hands. To my mouth.

I'll warn you outright that you might not like me by the end of this story.
No. 487618 ID: 93afdd
File 135917014326.png - (125.24KB , 600x500 , kq34.png )

I mean sure, we weren't always happy then. Aroiund that time Nat had started this bitchy phase of hers that she never really seemed to let go. I'm amazed Ku puts up with her now, but I guess being kinda dumb'll do that to a kid.

Fuck, she used to be so smart though. So fucking independent, and she'd take care of both of us just like Ma should've. Hell, she'd scold us just like a mom would. Kid got too skinny for her own good from the stress.

But did that little idiot appreciate it? Not even a little bit.
No. 487620 ID: 93afdd
File 135917086015.png - (89.99KB , 600x500 , kq35.png )

They'd be at odds constantly. They'd say these horrible, awful things to each other and only get more vindictive and hateful. Nat would make threats that would make a convicted killer squeamish.

Kuani never faltered with her, though. She knew better than to sit and take that bullshit. I know she did.

But I made the fatal mistake of explaining this whole situation to Ma, who told me she'd speak to Nat herself.

And she did.
No. 487621 ID: 93afdd
File 135917162219.png - (74.11KB , 600x500 , kq36.png )

For a brief time after the incident, we all retained the majority of our coherency. I don't remember all of it, but Kuani told me what happened before Ma told me to make her forget.

>"I knew she'd taken Nat downstairs to talk, so I sat outside the door, figuring I'd need to take her out to ice cream or something after she got screamed at."

"Do you understand what you must do if the time comes, child?"

>"I see them through the crack in the door, and it almost seems like Nat's being instructed to do something. Bu I don't understand why. Didn't you tell Ma what a bitch she was being?"

"Of course, mama."
No. 487638 ID: 93afdd
File 135917300810.png - (103.33KB , 600x500 , kq38.png )

[last part for tonight then it will get grisly in the morning, i promise]

"You're such a good girl. And good children will always be rewarded."

"Yes, mama."

"Your brother, what he had to do, he had to punish the bad children. I think you are big enough to help him now, my darling. And do you know who's a bad child?"

"Who, mama?"

"Well, let's talk to her now. She's at the door, isn't she?"

>"She put a hand on my shoulder and pulled me in. Do you remember, when I used to ask you what happened to the rest of us? I think I get it now. I think I get what happened."
No. 487643 ID: 91c1b3

Oh. This is Ku's flashback told from the prospective of Cloudy. Ok. Maybe a bigger divide in showing the start of her side of the story would have been better. (ie have her story start with its own panel with lead-ins only in the one before. (For a brief... forget. Should have been in the one before it.))

Waiting for grisly.
No. 487645 ID: 93afdd

I kind of realized that partway through, but it's kinda difficult to juggle for me. Hopefully it's not too hard to follow ;u; I appreciate your feedback!

Grisly will come when I can draw coherently tomorrow, promise.
No. 488799 ID: 389f2b
File 135956151990.jpg - (719.70KB , 1912x1536 , photo (2).jpg )

[i don't have my tablet with me today, but i wanted to do a quick update to show i'm not dead-- actual grisly with actual quality will hopefully come when i get home. thank you guys for being patient!!!]

>"She sits me down, and her hands on my shoulders are like weights. I can't move. But she sits behind me now, and she's whispering to Nat."

"She is such a naughty child, Nat, isn't she?"

"Yes, mama."

"Look how she sits. In defiance of you even now. She thinks being your elder gives her precedence, makes her good. Makes her clean. Isn't she so wrong?"

"Y-yes, mama."

"Clean her, child."
No. 488916 ID: 94152f
File 135959027619.png - (139.34KB , 600x500 , 40.png )

>"And Nat comes close to me. There's a knife in her hand and the room gets dark. I try and talk to her, I try to tell her how ridiculous it all is. It's useless though. Her eyes are glassed over, like yours get sometimes."

"I will clean her."

>"There's this really sharp, angry prick near my cheek."
No. 488917 ID: 94152f
File 135959038066.png - (93.74KB , 600x500 , 39.png )

>"Then it's dark. It's still really dark, and it hurts really bad. I feel something running down my face."
No. 488919 ID: 94152f
File 135959043426.png - (120.24KB , 600x500 , 41.png )

"You are clean now. You are clean."
No. 489024 ID: 65ddc7

Sounds more like you were coerced by your mother to do something than it being your own will to harm your sister. Your mother fucked you all up. You are in the best position to truly help your sister.

You do want to help them right? And I don't mean help by just passively avoiding the worst outcome or punishment, but working for the best one.
No. 489215 ID: 91c1b3

Damn, that sucks. But didn't you want to help them after they got hurt? To keep them away from whoever was causing the pain? (Your mother)
Why did you side with her over your two sisters?
No. 489286 ID: 66ff59

you are a grown man now. why aren't you getting your sisters to safety again? Ma has no power over you anymore, you're bigger and stronger than her now.
think about it, what would happen if people saw your sisters? they'd get taken away to safety. you would as well. and Ma would get punished.
No. 490203 ID: 8ebb5c

So Nat cut out Kuani's eyes, who cut off Nat's hands? Was it you? Or did a blind Kuani do it?
No. 490339 ID: e1a3d2
File 136002355059.png - (107.56KB , 600x500 , kq43.png )

[once again sorry for lack of updates; i've been battlin' a cold and also kinda glum. gonna try and get back in a routine!]

I'm seventeen.

If I was able, would I not? I am not here by my own volition. If circumstances were different, if I thought I could get Kuani out of here, I would get her out of here. No goddamn question.

The fact of the matter is that I cannot.

What would you do if you saw a babbling girl with gaping eye sockets being escorted by an angry boy with a scabbed over mouth? I guarantee if we made our way out into the city we'd either be ridiculed or thrown into the system. Seperated.

I can't have that.


I'm not quite there yet. Give me a moment.
No. 490352 ID: e1a3d2
File 136002507250.png - (133.97KB , 600x500 , kq44.png )

I overreacted.

I know I did. I know what Ma is capable of. I know what she can do. How she can brainwash people.

I didn't care, though. At the moment it didn't matter. Maybe it should've.
No. 490354 ID: e1a3d2
File 136002513430.png - (61.69KB , 600x500 , kq45.png )

What happened happened, and I can't change that.

Part of me doesn't care enough to want to change it.
No. 490357 ID: e1a3d2
File 136002537284.png - (82.11KB , 600x500 , kq46.png )

And ultimately I was punished.

>"My strongest. My oldest. My darling. You know now, don't you? Always listen to your mother."

All I do is nod. It's all I can do now.
No. 490363 ID: f2c20c

Did she cut out your tongue? You should be able to just get the stitches removed and regain your speech, otherwise. Wait, how do you EAT? How do any of you eat without help, for that matter?

Oh, and you're underestimating the system. They don't separate siblings unless keeping them together would do more harm than good. Do you honestly think it's better for you three to stay here with your mother? Or are you just so brainwashed you won't seriously consider leaving? You're also underestimating what people are like. You wouldn't be ridiculed. You'd be pitied. People would want to rescue you. Rehabilitate you.
No. 490367 ID: 91c1b3

(I asked about eating phrased the same way, and it was answered.)

Even if you are separated, isn't that better than it is now? Not knowing when she could hurt your sisters next? If you or the girls are held responsible for any of what happened,they wouldn't punish you, they would make you see a therapist.
No. 490903 ID: 66ff59

if you are keeping your sisters in danger because you need them then you are selfish.

the sight of 3 heavily mutilated children does not result in ridicule, it results in altruism. also, you're old enough to get custody over them, you won't be separated. you're getting your information from Ma, who is not exactly a reliable source.
No. 490904 ID: 54fe7c

How far will Ma have to go before you take action?
Horribly maiming one of you? Done
Killing any one of you? Only a matter of time
All we can tell you is that this situation is unacceptable, but if you just do nothing, pity will not be coming
No. 490907 ID: 7ce619
File 136018973645.png - (97.44KB , 600x500 , kq47.png )

>>490367, >>490367, >>490903, >>490904

I don't know what you want me to say.

I have always been the way I am, and I can't help that that may be selfish of me. You may have had your experiences, but I know that if Kuani or that little idiot wandered away from me for a moment they'd get themselves in a situation I'd have to fish them out of. And then I'd get MY ass kicked.

As long as we behave, we are safe here now. And that's what matters. That we are safe.

I don't understand what's so fucking difficult about that.

Ma hasn't spoken to them or struck them since my mouth was stitched shut and I promised to confine them to the second floor.

I don't intend for that trend to change today.
No. 490910 ID: 7ce619
File 136018981721.png - (157.95KB , 600x500 , kq48.png )

I'm going to go inside. And take care of things.

You will leave me alone for now.

[SO THAT'S THE END OF PART ONE... I intend to continue it after certain events in Luquest occur! Thank you guys for reading!!!]
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