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File 135785914390.png - (105.30KB , 700x600 , 0.png )
484162 No. 484162 ID: 6808dd

i'm the prettiest
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No. 484163 ID: 6808dd
File 135785916289.png - (135.28KB , 700x600 , 1.png )

i'm the prettiest
No. 484164 ID: 6808dd
File 135785917788.png - (63.69KB , 700x600 , 2.png )

i'm the fucking prettiest
No. 484166 ID: 2de44c

you are GORGEOUS babe
No. 484173 ID: 027156

tears are among the ugliest things in the world. you wanna be pretty, you gotta get rid of 'em. best way not to cry is to not have a reason to cry. you gotta tell us the reason you're crying so we can work on making it go away and then you can be the prettiest.
No. 484174 ID: cf49fc

Don't cry, child. Everything will be alright. Tell Uncle One all about your troubles.
No. 484175 ID: 572be1

(I got a fiver that says this is a guy)
No. 484176 ID: c31f72

Did you draw your eyes on with that lipstick? Because it really looks like they're just kinda drawn on there.
No. 484178 ID: be7fd9

...what's wrong, dear?
No. 484185 ID: 6808dd
File 135786061159.png - (76.89KB , 700x600 , 3.png )

if i'm so pretty, why the fuck won't he come see me
No. 484186 ID: 6808dd
File 135786065219.png - (102.11KB , 700x600 , 4.png )

what did i do wrong? am i boring? did i-

the door opens behind me and my boss pokes her head in.

"come on, loretta. we're opening soon."
No. 484188 ID: 6808dd
File 135786067634.png - (88.35KB , 700x600 , 5.png )

"and for god's sake, you need to start watching what you eat. you're getting porky."
No. 484189 ID: 2de44c

Because he's a loser, and you deserve someone a lot better
whoever he is isn't worth your time to spend on
No. 484191 ID: bf54a8

counter "a little meat improves your stamina, i don't have to just lie there to avoid passing out."
No. 484192 ID: c31f72

Stab her in the tit.
No. 484193 ID: 78c6ea


No, no, not touching this.
No. 484198 ID: 027156

I'd totally do you, and I'm not even a furry

who is he? maybe he's into guys or something?
No. 484201 ID: 47d311

Ask him. He's the one with the answer to that question.
No. 484202 ID: f2c20c

Time to start starving yourself!

Wait, no. That's stupid. But she's your boss so tell her you'll work on it. Also check yourself when she leaves to see if you really are gaining weight.
No. 484204 ID: 7003a8

Your boss can go fuck herself. If anything you're UNDERweight.

Don't define yourself by anybody else, be your own person. Also? If you don't love yourself then why would anybody else?

First get yourself in order. Then, if you want him, then go after him.
No. 484205 ID: be7fd9

Other people's actions aren't always your fault. You can't think like that.
No. 484207 ID: cf49fc

You appear to be starving to death. Pay her lip service, but ignore her instructions. She is wrong. You are lovely. It's not your fault you're trapped in this hell hole.
No. 484208 ID: 139363

She's just being mean to you to keep you in line. Don't worry. If you work hard enough and get famous enough he will have to come and see you.
No. 484209 ID: 6808dd
File 135786216213.png - (67.88KB , 700x600 , 6.png )

"a little meat is good for me, isn't it? it'll improve my stamina..."

"honey, that's fucking hilarious because it implies anyone here cares about what's GOOD for you." she looks me up and down, then scoffs softly. "you're decorative, honey."

"i'll work on it, boss."

"you sure as hell better. after you're done in here, put some music on the jukebox. and do something about your makeup, it's everywhere. you're a wreck today, loretta."
No. 484210 ID: 6808dd
File 135786218409.png - (77.09KB , 700x600 , 7.png )

she leaves and i look in the mirror. maybe i have gained a little. i can't tell.

i hope he's here tonight. maybe i'll be able to sneak away for a minute and talk to him.
No. 484211 ID: 2de44c

you could stand to gain a couple more pounds, easy
don't let your boss get you down; you look lovely in your outfit

how does he treat you, anyway? is he nice?
No. 484212 ID: be7fd9

So this is totally a Jessica situation, right? Work our asses off to save a character we already killed, once.

If anything, you're still too thin, girl. That steep an hourglass ain't healthy! Some meat on your figure would do you good, and you'd still look fine, trust me.

And if no one here cares about what's good for you, maybe you shouldn't be here. I can understand if circumstances have put you in a bad spot, but you shouldn't settle for that.
No. 484213 ID: bf54a8

she is saying your boobs are bigger then hers so she is totally jealous.
No. 484214 ID: cf49fc

What a bitch. You need to eat more, girl. Men like a woman who won't snap in half when they hold her.

Oh, and don't worry about what she says. She's just bitter because no one cares about her.
No. 484215 ID: f2c20c

Clean yourself up girl. Nobody likes a crying dancer.
No. 484216 ID: 47d311

Who is he? Also why do you need to sneak away, do you live here? You could see him after work.
No. 484217 ID: 6808dd
File 135786275739.png - (70.52KB , 700x600 , 8.png )

i guess maybe i'm not fat

boss says nobody likes a fatass and i think she's right but as long as i'm not a fatass i'll be okay. i clean up my makeup and reapply anything that smudged.

he's very nice. he comes on wednesdays, fridays, and saturdays and he always asks for me because i'm special. i'm special to him. he watches the other girls but he never asks for them.

today is saturday. he was here on wednesday but he didn't ask for me and he didn't come last night at all. if he doesn't come tonight i won't see him until wednesday.

i don't want to think about that anymore because i'll cry and mess up my makeup, and boss will get mad.
No. 484219 ID: 80fdd2

Who is he? Some sort of patron?
No. 484222 ID: 8ebb5c

Oh no sads. I don't know too much right now but I know I don't like to see you sads. You seem nice and and what can we do to help?
No. 484227 ID: f2c20c

So what sort of job do you do exactly? Some sort of flesh show obviously, but do you get naked or what?
No. 484233 ID: 027156

I'm done consoling you. man up and do as the boss says. you gotta earn your bread somehow.
No. 484234 ID: 6808dd
File 135786515276.png - (64.75KB , 700x600 , 9.png )

he's a customer. but he's not like all the other customers. he doesn't grab at us or yell shitty things. he just watches and asks for me.

i like that he never asks for anyone else because that means he doesn't see any of the other girls naked - we don't get naked while dancing, only if someone asks for it, and then we go into the back. i wouldn't like it if i wasn't the only one for him.

he's a gentleman.

i just want to know if he's ever going to ask for me again. but i can't unless he comes. even if i waited til my shift was over, i don't know where he lives, and boss would have my head if she found out i was contacting customers outside of the club.

"loretta! where the fuck are you? we're opening in 15 minutes!"
No. 484235 ID: f2c20c

Better get your game face on.
No. 484260 ID: 450660


Girl, you can't sit here waiting all the time! You gotta act! You gotta be the one.

Don't just dance like other girls, don't just be other girls.

You gotta be the one he wants. Show him. Tonight, you choose him.
No. 484301 ID: 6808dd
File 135787398356.png - (152.25KB , 700x600 , 10.png )

i have to head out now. i make sure i look alright and go out to the main floor.

even though we're going to open soon, it's pretty quiet. the other girls must be in their dressing rooms.

the only person out there is paris, but she's not even helping to get the floor ready for opening. that's not surprising.
No. 484303 ID: 62f448

Get Paris to help you with your makeup?
Unless she's a bitch, in which case, don't.
No. 484305 ID: 47d311

What is Paris like? Or any of the other girls for that matter? Do you have any friends here?
No. 484307 ID: 8ebb5c

How do we make you not sad
No. 484310 ID: be7fd9

What do the girls have to do to get the floor open, anyways?
No. 484313 ID: b33427

Didn't your boss say to put some music on the jukebox? Better do that right away. Don't want to get fired, now do you?
No. 484315 ID: cef479

Turn on those hot tunes.
No. 484317 ID: 6808dd
File 135787725067.png - (107.55KB , 700x600 , 11.png )

paris is okay. i guess we're sort of friends. this job is competitive, though, and a lot of thge girls don't like each other. it's not the nature of the work, and being friendly to the other dancers doesn't get me tips.

a lot of the girls especially don't like paris because she's lazy and she doesn't play the game where you pretend to like the other girls. i don't mind, though. i think she just doesn't have patience for bullshit.

it looks like most of the work is done - the floor is clean, the tables and chairs are in place, the bar looks like it's in order and i know the lights will be set in a minute. boss did mention she wanted me to set the music, though.
No. 484318 ID: 6808dd
File 135787726478.png - (115.50KB , 700x600 , 12.png )

i walk over to the jukebox and turn it on. the songs are listed in the window:

standing room in heaven
dirty business
drilled a wire through my cheek

i'm not sure what to put on.
No. 484320 ID: 450660


Mmm... toss-up between the first or second.
No. 484322 ID: 60c5da

Go with the first, assuming you're allowed to mess with that. Sounds strangely appropriate.

So why're you in the dancing business?
No. 484332 ID: 80fdd2

Well I don't know any of those songs, but I like the title of the last one sounds cooler, so I'll go with that.

Engage in conversational time-wasting with Paris.
No. 484340 ID: 466dbf

Drilled wire
No. 484346 ID: cef479

Drilled wire sounds pretty Nine Inch Nails-y. Go for that one.
No. 484347 ID: 57a559

detroit unless the others have a good beat or particularly large fanbase
They all sound a bit over the top with several different emotions being the basis for each, except for Detroit. It seems the least confrontational.
Or Dirty Business, but the direct parallel to your real life work may irritate someone.
No. 484350 ID: 639e01

drilled wire sounds pretty bitchin'
No. 484352 ID: 2dc257

Dirty Business is a good opener song.
No. 484367 ID: 6808dd
File 135788548736.png - (41.12KB , 700x600 , 13.png )

i select the fourth song.
No. 484369 ID: 6808dd
Audio Drilled_A_Wire_Through_My_Cheek_-_Blue_October.mp3 - (4.15MB , Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek - Blue October.mp3 )

No. 484370 ID: 6808dd
File 135788576011.png - (50.37KB , 700x600 , 14.png )

i ran away. i always wanted to sing and dance and that wasn't going to happen if i stayed in the backwoods swamp i used to live in with my uncle. nobody can do anything if they don't go to the city.

but i guess you have to do some dancing that's kind of trashy before you can move up to being, you know, a really good performer. like somebody famous. when i first came here looking for a job my boss told me you have to do this kind of work first, to sort of get your foot in the door. i'm only gonna dance here until someone notices me and makes me famous.

and the stuff on the side, where you go in the back ... well, that's part of the job. i didn't want to do that at first but boss says that's how you get noticed, and anyway it makes way more money than just dancing. besides, it's not so bad. it's okay. i just play dead when it's not him.

i've been here for about six months. i'm still waiting. but i'm a good dancer and i could sing really well if i just got the chance, i know i could. i just need someone to realize it. i just need someone to notice me.
No. 484371 ID: 6808dd
File 135788577910.png - (128.58KB , 700x600 , 15.png )


paris is behind me and i nearly have a fucking heart attack. "holy shit, don't do that!"

she laughs - not in a nice way - before peering over my shoulder at the selection on the jukebox. "this is like my favorite fucking song. it's sexy... i didn't know you had good taste in music." she leans closer, tweaking her eyebrow at me. "you gonna dance for your gentleman to this?"
No. 484372 ID: be7fd9

I think you might need to be more proactive in following your dreams. Waiting doesn't really seem to be working. I mean... you ever think your boss might have an ulterior motive when she tells you the things she does?

>"you gonna dance for your gentleman to this?"

Don't rise to her bait. There's a barb in what she just said, but it's not worth picking a fight over.
No. 484375 ID: 80fdd2

I dunno. If you were planning on it, say yes. I don't see what Paris is trying to imply.
No. 484379 ID: f2c20c

Tell her he didn't come last night. You don't want to think about him unless he comes in.
No. 484384 ID: 57a559

I think your boss is conning you, lying to you. But I suppose that's irrelevant.
When was the last time you sang? Don't get rusty. You try acting? I think you should do some auditions on the side than just doing this, that is if you don't need more work on your singing. You're going to have look around for openings, maybe in a small theatre that often tries to bring up money for a cause or in a community outreach center that try and keep kids and young adults busy with hobbies or something like that. Don't want to stagnate in this place in case someone doesn't notice you just doing your regular thing. Men are distracted by the looks of the women and the nudity here, thinking of other things than casting.
Whatever the customer wants us to dance to, really. You haven't heard all the songs, might be something you like more who knows?
No. 484397 ID: 027156

maybe you will. wink wink, nudge nudge.
No. 484482 ID: a731a8

What this gentleman is saying. Ask around town for any openings, even the no pay ones. Hell, I'm sure there's even some church somewhere who occasionally has a few plays every year or so.
No. 484483 ID: a731a8

> "honey, that's fucking hilarious because it implies anyone here cares about what's GOOD for you."

Don't ever trust what this woman tells you ever again.
No. 484495 ID: 6808dd
File 135793709032.png - (139.08KB , 700x600 , 16.png )

i guess maybe i haven't been fighting for it hard enough. i thought this was how you were supposed to break into the business, but ... the more i think about it, the more clear it becomes that maybe boss tells everyone that. maybe there are a lot of girls working here who thought this was how they were gonna make it big.

maybe after work tonight i can look around town and try to find a job. i better not let anyone find out, though - if boss knew i was looking around she'd kick me out, and then i wouldn't have any job at all. i have to make sure someone can take me before i can quit.

"hey, i'm talkin' to you."

i realize i've been zoning out and glance back at paris. better not to react too much when she tries to get to me. "maybe. he didn't come last night."

"he didn't come? but i thought you were his special girl!" she smiles at me and it's all teeth. "you're the headliner, the golden girl, everyone's favorite whore! why would he miss out on that?" she takes a long drag and blows the smoke into my face. "you're a regular fuckin' celebrity, miss loretta."
No. 484497 ID: 62f448

"You really think so? Why thank you! That's so sweet of you!"
No. 484501 ID: a731a8

She's just trying to get at you, but don't worry about it. She's not really trying. Best thing to do is play with it. Have a "yeah, I'm the best" attitude without being pompous. We don't need anymore enemies.
No. 484503 ID: be7fd9

Yah, she's teasing you, for sure.

I'm not sure if it's out of malice, or if she's just trying to shake up your naivete.

What's the appropriate response to provocation you don't really want to rise to? Vague annoyance, I guess.
No. 484505 ID: f1b3ee

Don't goad her. You want as many people here to like you as possible, however caustic they may be. The more people here like you, the less likely they are to rat you out should they find out something you don't want them to.

Find some way to divert the topic, or at the least don't respond patronizingly. Compliment her taste in music, now that you've found some common ground.

Keep in mind that if you're gone that means the other girls are going to get a bigger cut. That also means if they can find a way to get you kicked out they'll take it, unless they like you as a person enough to let you leave on your own terms. The end result for them is the same either way, but one way is much worse for you and faster for them.

Finding a job discretely would be a good idea. Places like these are all dead-ends and nobody is going to pull you out of them; you're going to have to do that yourself.

Do you have a place you could stay if you were to find a new job?
No. 484507 ID: 57a559

yes, play at being a foolish naive girl and never let her get inside you. Act dumber than you really are, it'll help you with your acting chops. Be really nice and make her feel legit bad on the inside for trying to screw with you and get you to lash out and be angry.
No. 484508 ID: 57a559

remember to compliment her and think she's really pretty too! Which isn't much of a lie, without her smoking she'd be really attractive. nimble figure.

Well, I mean, she CAN make smoking look good but that cigarette looks like a stub. She should smoke a fake cinematic cigarette nonsmoking actors use to look cool and/or sexy. Oh man, give her advice girl. Honest kindly advice. none of that kindly advice that pokes at her flaws, legit kind advice.
No. 484510 ID: 80fdd2


Shrug at her.
No. 484517 ID: 3e2b13

You don't think she'll see right through that? She seems like she knows the score pretty well. She'd likely catch on to any well-intentioned-seeming barbs.

I still say you should agree with her. Sincerely and without a hint of irony. She'll never expect it. It'll either catch her off-guard or shut her down completely, hopefully.
No. 484764 ID: 6808dd
File 135800356510.png - (106.52KB , 700x600 , 17.png )

it's best not to try anything funny with paris - she's like a knife. she cuts through bullshit like it's air. but i can take the wind out of her sails by not letting her get to me. "thanks, i worked hard to get here."

her smile slips a notch - i guess she really wanted me to be put off by her sarcasm. she stubs her cigarette out and tosses it into a nearby bin before leaning back on the counter.

"anything left to do before we open?" i ask, trying to change the subject.

"besides bracing ourselves for another night of getting grabbed at by walking, talking sphincters? i don't think so." she sighs and heads for the front doors. "it's about time, so i'm gonna go open up. and, by the way?"

she looks back at me over her shoulder, and though she's smiling, her expression seems wooden and empty. "i know the boss is getting on you. she does that with all the new girls - she's just, like, breakin' you in, y'know?" a pause. "she's a fucking hag and you shouldn't listen to anything she says."
No. 484765 ID: 579130


Thank Paris for her... advice. I guess there's nothing left to do but to prepare yourself mentally for those walking sphincters!
No. 484772 ID: be7fd9

Smart move deciding not to try and bullshit her.

Thank her for the advice. That's kind of the conclusion we were pulling you towards, anyway.
No. 484779 ID: 4dc971

Best get ready, then.
No. 484799 ID: 57a559

Hey, what is the nature of your contract with your boss? We should take a look at it (and make copies in case she tries to get rid of any evidence!). A business like this is rife with law to keep it under control in all but wild wests and dystopian city states, we can take advantage of this.

Perhaps ask Paris about her own contract. You might be able to rope two people into your romp of legal escapades.
Then we get ready for the night.
No. 484911 ID: a731a8

And that's why you two are "friends". Though she clearly isn't to happy about her line of work either. In time, she might become someone you can open up too. Hang in there kid.
No. 484912 ID: a731a8

>her expression seems wooden and empty
Appreciate her attempt.
No. 484915 ID: 6808dd
File 135805225244.png - (132.18KB , 700x600 , 18.png )

"thanks, paris." it's genuine, and i guess she can tell, because she seems surprised.

"uh ... yeah, it's nothin'." she unlatches the doors and turns away from me as she plasters on her "dancer face" - a fake, sultry smile that we all wear for however long the club is open. "welcome to heaven, boys! good to see you again. come on in, we can take your coats -"
No. 484916 ID: 6808dd
File 135805227707.png - (105.76KB , 700x600 , 19.png )

i start thinking about ways out as i greet customers and serve drinks. some other girls are doing their rotation on the stage - i'll go up in a little while.

i don't know much about my contract. to be honest, i was so eager to have a job that i just signed the piece of paper that my boss shoved at me the first day. if i wanted to see it, it would probably be in her office .... but that's locked, and nobody is allowed in there. i bet we all have the same contract, and i bet they're all in the same place.
No. 484917 ID: 6808dd
File 135805229389.png - (124.47KB , 700x600 , 20.png )

a familiar silhouette catches my eye as i cross the floor.

it's him - my gentleman! he came after all ... he settles himself in his usual spot right in front of the stage.
No. 484918 ID: bf54a8

whew, he was probably having an off day was all. enjoy the rest of the night.
No. 484919 ID: be7fd9

Hmm. We may have to look into that latter.

Well! Send a smile his ways, and continue doing your thing.
No. 484920 ID: 4a328b

He wouldn't happen to be a fox, would he?
No. 484921 ID: cee0ad

Hm, I can see where you're going with that, and she has one of those "Eat me fuck me" catches?
No. 484922 ID: 579130

Where is your boss at this time?

If you have a moment, why not break into her office? Look for the contract, but take something valuable (if you find it) so it just looks like some random theft. I dunno, maybe not.
No. 484924 ID: 735f4f

Just ask some of the other girls about the contract. Want to know exactly what you have gotten into here. No fucking up anything by rooting around in locked offices or stealing things just yet.
No. 484925 ID: 57a559

This guy doesn't give off a very good first impression, a very sketchy gentlemen at most. What DID you think of him at first?
No. 484971 ID: 66ff59

you WHAT!?
you could have sold yourself into slavery for all we know! always read before you sign anything!

geez, kid, teaching you is going to take a while.
No. 485000 ID: 78c6ea

He did come! How about that?


Get him back for not showing up last time by running away this time. That'll show him.
No. 485108 ID: 112f0a

Don't do that. Instead, act busy and walk past him. When you do, smile and say "hey." After that, walk back to him to take his order. Remember to chat him up of course, and be calm. "hey i missed you friday!"
No. 485143 ID: 90bae8

No. 491006 ID: 8dbc01
File 136020890494.png - (99.07KB , 700x600 , 21.png )

he's a wolf, and he's far more polite than most of the guys who come around to heaven. the rest of the girls like him, too, since he's nice and quiet and tips well. they like him so much that i think sometimes they get mad at me because he pays me special attention.

i flash him a smile as i pass drinks out, and when i pass him i quietly say, "i missed you last night." he smiles back, tilting his head slightly, and tucks a five dollar bill into my stocking. "missed you too. would you please bring me a gin and tonic?"

that's all he says. i hesitate, wondering if he'll explain any further, but he's already folded his paws and turned his eyes back to the girls dancing onstage.
No. 491009 ID: f25542

Get him the drink. Ignore all else.
No. 491011 ID: daa9fc

Get the guy his drink. If he wants to elaborate, he'll do so when he wants. He was probably just busy.
No. 491015 ID: 908c2d

Just get him the drink.

He doesn't seem to think he owes you an explanation. Meaning, he doesn't consider last night a missed date or something like it- just a day where he didn't get to see you.
No. 491039 ID: d49f71

I like this guy. He's got good taste in liquor.
No. 491040 ID: 8dbc01
File 136021468868.png - (111.96KB , 700x600 , 22.png )

i go back to the bar to get his drink order, keeping my work face plastered on even though i feel like i want to cry. when i bring him his drink he just smiles and tucks another dollar into my fishnets. that's it.

paris catches my eye. it's our turn to rotate up onto the stage, so i pass my tray off to another girl and join her.

my heart isn't in it. i feel sick and my stomach is tight and i know i'm not dancing well.
No. 491042 ID: 57a559

easy girl
think of something that has helped you dance in the past? Something that helped you get a small jig on back home anyway. You probably didn't dance erotically back then, but you probably danced a little for fun.
No. 491067 ID: 78c6ea

Think of him plowing your body hornily. Gyrate your hips like they are eagerly wrapped around something thick and deep within them. You have a lot of steam to let off, and the best way to do that is to make love to the audience from afar. Make your body describe the edges of sex and incorporate those feelings into your dance routine.
No. 491083 ID: 750903

imagine sexy things.
No. 491089 ID: daa9fc

He may have just been gone on business, such a gentleman like that. Dont worry so much.

Dance like you would if you were fucking him. Show him what he's been missing.
No. 491100 ID: 908c2d

I know this is bothering you, but you need to get through this, for now. Put your pain aside, and just concentrate on doing your job well, for the moment. You'll think things through when you get a chance.
No. 491330 ID: 8dbc01
File 136031094498.png - (79.02KB , 700x600 , 23.png )

i choke down the heavy feeling rising in my throat and concentrate only on him. for as long as the song plays, he is the only person in the room, and i'm only dancing for him. all my bad feelings fade.

by the time the song is over, i'm panting and my knees are weak and hollow-feeling, but i think it was the best performance i've ever had.
No. 491331 ID: 8dbc01
File 136031095525.png - (105.68KB , 700x600 , 24.png )

as paris and i get ready to leave the stage, one of the other girls flags us. "hey, one of the customers wants one of you in the back."

"which one?" paris asks.

"either one, he doesn't care. figure out which one of you is gonna take this one and the other one can do another set onstage."
No. 491332 ID: 8dbc01
File 136031096693.png - (60.66KB , 700x600 , 25.png )

i look over at the man she points out.

that is not my gentleman.
No. 491336 ID: fba446

Ask Paris if she's up for it or just look at her or whatever it is you normally do to decide these things

hopefully you dont miss out on your gentleman
No. 491339 ID: 78c6ea

On an unrelated note you really need to stop obsessing over the one guy. It just ain't gonna go well if you don't keep an open mind about it until you're in a better situation.
No. 491341 ID: f2c20c

This is your job.

There is only one concern. If you are busy when your gentleman wants you, will he wait? How has this worked before? It should continue to work the same way. Do not change your working behavior just because you're worried about him.
No. 491350 ID: f0d2e5

yeah wait for Paris to take him. he is ugly.
No. 491360 ID: f25542

One of you will die by his hand.
No. 491361 ID: 908c2d

Paris can have him, if she wants him. Otherwise you'll do it.
No. 491388 ID: 8bb554

Ask Paris if she'll do it. You guys seemed to be on relatively friendly terms earlier and maybe she'll see that you honestly don't want to. Besides, isn't it just more money for her?
No. 493398 ID: 112f0a

Just ask Paris if she can take go with the person. With a tinge of desperation though. Just a tinge.
If she turns you down though, go for it.
No. 497743 ID: 8dbc01
File 136242469447.png - (116.48KB , 700x600 , 26.png )

i don't want to i don't want to i don't want to

i look over at paris, but i can't seem to bring myself to speak. she seems to understand, though.

"i'll get 'im. i need the extra cash anyway." she brushes past me, and for a second i feel her paw squeeze my wrist briefly. why? for comfort? a threat? i don't know, but she doesn't look back so i can't see her face.

i go back to dancing. i can see my gentleman watching me the entire time, and it makes the set fly by.
No. 497744 ID: 8dbc01
File 136242470770.png - (106.04KB , 700x600 , 27.png )

maybe a song and a half later, i hear screaming - first feminine, then the enraged roar of a man. there's splintering wood and the door to the back is on the floor, bent and ruined, and the cat from before stumbles out.
No. 497745 ID: 8dbc01
File 136242472004.png - (108.00KB , 700x600 , 28.png )

paris follows him.
No. 497746 ID: 8dbc01
File 136242473452.png - (116.13KB , 700x600 , 29.png )

"what the fuck are you trying to pull?"

everyone is too shocked to speak. not even the security guards try to get close to her. i wince as her foot connects with the man's torso and the sound of crackling bone cuts through the still-pounding music.
No. 497747 ID: 8dbc01
File 136242474564.png - (64.84KB , 700x600 , 30.png )





No. 497748 ID: 9ddf68

wholly shit
well... uh I guess wait till she calms down a little and than go and see if she's gonna be all right. As for the guy... paris doesn't seem to be the type to beat the living shit out of someone for no good reason so I have a feeling that everything he's getting is deserved to some respect.
No. 497749 ID: 389f2b

probably not the best idea, but maybe you should attempt to approve her, being the last person she saw before walking back off

whatever this guy did to deserve that seems to have paid his dues with losing an eye and getting the shit beat out of him by a seemingly weak and frail gal

so yeah, just try and touch her shoulder and will her away

either that or sit there and enjoy the show
No. 497751 ID: d6ef5d

Well. Looks like you won't have to find a way out of this job. After tonight, the cops will probably shut this place down.

And good thing she took that guy and not you. Whatever the hell he tried to pull, you wouldn't have had the balls to stop him like that.

Priority right now probably falls to helping Paris get cleaned up, making sure she's alright, then helping her get out of here. Maybe asking what the hell he tried to do to her, too.
No. 497754 ID: f1b3ee


Help Paris clean herself up and ask her what happened. That guy got his shit wrecked; has anything happened like this before? Do the guys ever ask for twisted shit or is this a complete and total anomaly?
No. 497758 ID: 57a559

Oh god, she took out his eyeball.

I pray he doesn't have any connections. His friends might go after her! She might need a place to hide out. Umm, that's thinking too far ahead.

She looks like she might need stitches after this though, we should try and get her to a hospital. The club is going to close tonight, likely. Police are going to have to come in and investigate what happened. I hope they don't fire Paris for this, the man was harming their merchandise too, they should be really pissed at him more than they should at her. Just, prepare your arguments when your boss comes in should she try and scold her. We're going to get all deep in business that isn't ours.
No. 497764 ID: 389f2b

Help Paris if you can, but be careful, she might be a little feral rather than distraught. Try and get her a blanket, and maybe some clothes. Stay away from the one eyed meat sack over they, he's probably still dangerous
No. 497786 ID: 8b9215

Stay out of it for now.
No. 497790 ID: 78c6ea

Oh fuck it's Tom!
No. 497808 ID: 25fa27

Approach, but keep your distance from both of them. Paris is probably still far too upset over whatever happened and the guy is probably really dangerous.

Maybe we should get someone to call an ambulance? They're both pretty beaten up.
No. 497887 ID: 0909a0

carefully and gently pull her back.
get her to stop but don't get attacked by her in her frenzy. ask her wtf did he do.
No. 497902 ID: f2c20c

Shouldn't we get the Madam?
No. 497917 ID: 1b6b19

No. 497992 ID: 38a6a1

maybe pull her back. stop her from making an even bigger scene.
No. 497993 ID: 38a6a1

and tell those security morons to do something.
No. 497996 ID: 57a559

If you do that, please specify to security to do something to the John, not Paris. At most, hold her back so he can't press charges if she attacks him after this point. Because after this point, it will be assault and not self defense.
No. 498095 ID: 8dbc01
File 136252293316.png - (75.14KB , 700x600 , 31.png )

"paris ....."

i'm scared.

"p ... paris, come on ..."

i walk up behind her. she's still kicking him and at this point he's just twitching with each blow. i reach out and touch her shoulder lightly. "come on ..."
No. 498097 ID: 8dbc01
File 136252294717.png - (122.64KB , 700x600 , 32.png )

she turns quickly and i cower, but she doesn't strike at me. she's panting. under the flashing lights she looks like some kind of demon and i stumble back a step or two. after what seems like a long pause she stumbles away as well, closer to me, reaching up to smear blood across her split lip. she drops the john's eyeball and it hits the floor with a soft, wet sound and i have to press my paw to my mouth to stop myself from puking.

i swallow, cough, and reach out to touch her shoulder a second time.
"it's okay -"

"we gotta go." she grips my wrist, paranoid eyes flashing over her shoulder. "come on. we gotta go right now."

"what? stop, paris, you're hurting me -"
No. 498098 ID: 8dbc01
File 136252296731.png - (84.01KB , 700x600 , 33.png )

the door to the boss' office flies open and paris grips my wrist even tighter, yanking me towards the door. the force of her movement makes me fall against her leg, banging my knees against the floor. "stop it, that hurts -"

"what the fuck is going on here?" boss moves forward, her face half shrouded in smoke from her cigarette, and steps daintly over the john's twitching body. "for fuck's sake. we'd been doing pretty well, too." her eyes follow the trail of blood from the john across the floor to paris, then her eyes rest on me. she exhales slowly.

"bobby? take all three of them out back before the cops get here. cherise, you can clean up."
No. 498099 ID: 9ddf68

uhh, I may be a bit paranoid from seeing one to many crime movies but I think now would be a VERY good time to start running.
No. 498102 ID: 57a559

out back?
Not a hospital? Clean up?
Yeah they're going to kill you.
No. 498106 ID: 57a559

I forgot to add that you should run and try to call the police when safe. To secure your shit so you can't get arrested.

It'll lead to the best outcome of this predicament, because I don't think the boss lady is going to let you keep your job if she's going to take you out back to have a talk with you.

Man, I don't fucking know, ask Paris if they're going to kill you. For some reason she's convinced we have to run. Get to a phone, quick. Give them you name, everything. And the boss's name so investigators can investigate her should you die before you can get to proper safety, at least you could implicate her for your murder and/or disappearance.
No. 498107 ID: d6ef5d

Paris is right. You guys should go. The madam is going to be interested in covering this up, not in your best interests.

Let yourselves be taken out back, but don't trust Bobby for a minute. First chance we get, you two strike out on your own.
No. 498109 ID: 78c6ea

Bet you can't beat Paris to the door.
No. 498110 ID: 91c1b3

I'm for running away too. Check out you man's reaction to what just happened. Wave or say goodbye to him on the way out. (he should still be in the room and reacting appropriately.)
No. 498116 ID: d53bef

yeah get on outta there, girl

if you feel safe with her, go with paris

but in any instance don't hesitate. get out.
No. 498118 ID: 390264

Just nod and tell Paris to lead you, if she's not wanting to go 'out back' like the madam wants.

Try to snag a jacket for her so ya'll aren't running around in the nude... and maybe one for you, too. Corsets don't cover much.
No. 498124 ID: 389f2b

why exactly is she taking you? you had nothing to do with that chump

in any case, still go with her since the boss is probably really fuckin pissed

before you go, look around to see how your gentleman is reacting to this
No. 498138 ID: cee0ad

Derp time to haul ass!
No. 498198 ID: 29654e

Call for your gentleman! Perhaps he can help!
No. 498209 ID: 4e5ec2

aaa why us
No. 498238 ID: f95d9a

Lets not call out for him. This isnt his problem to get involved in and we dont want to seem dependent, so the most we should do is look back at him in a sorry sort of way and gauge how everyone's reacting.
No. 498248 ID: b7de7a

Paris is in danger. She took a bullet for you in the form of that john. Don't forget that.

Protect her at all costs. Your gentleman be damned.
No. 498373 ID: 8dbc01
File 136261929639.png - (83.71KB , 700x600 , 34.png )

this doesn't sound good at all. i'm scared and i don't know what to do. i look desperately for my gentleman and only catch the tail end of his coat as he leaves through the front door. some of the other men are just now starting to notice the trouble, and they get up to leave as well. my gentleman is quickly lost in the trickle of customers discreetly leaving the club.
No. 498374 ID: 8dbc01
File 136261930647.png - (130.64KB , 700x600 , 35.png )

i'm brought back to reality by loretta jerking on my wrist. "when i say we gotta go i mean we gotta fucking go!"

bobby lunges for her as she yanks me towards the door, but she lashes out, pulling me back to put herself between me and the bodyguard. her claws catch his eyelid and he roars, people scatter back -
No. 498375 ID: 8dbc01
File 136261931684.png - (92.54KB , 700x600 , 36.png )

and before i know what's happening, cold night air is on my face. i'm stumbling along behind paris.

"keep up or i'll leave you behind," she hisses, but her paw is tight around my wrist. i feel like she'd keep dragging me behind her even if i tripped and fell.

"p-paris .... paris ...." i'm panting and sobbing in the same breaths. it's hard to run in heels and i'm scared and cold and confused. "we have to have a plan, we have to - we have to get to a phone or to the cops or -"

she laughs harshly and it echoes off the wet pavement. "the cops? are you fucking serious? yeah, because the cops are gonna take five fuckin' minutes out of their day to help a couple of beat-up whores. you're a fucking retard."
No. 498376 ID: 8dbc01
File 136261932610.png - (75.72KB , 700x600 , 37.png )

we stop in an alley, panting. she finally lets go of me an begins to touch tentatively at her sticky wounds. "bastard clawed me up good ...."
No. 498377 ID: d6ef5d

Don't worry about figuring everything out at once, Loretta. Focus on one problem at a time.

First things first, gotta get her someplace safe, and clean up and treat those wounds. (It's too bad you kind of lack clothes that could effectively be torn up to make bandages right now).

Where has your running ended you up? Are you close to either of your places?
No. 498379 ID: 57a559

She's wrong, the boss is afraid of the cops. We don't have to look like whores. And they're suckers for a lady in need anyway, there's plenty of young rookie cops waiting for their chance to play knight. The brass would love to take down a show like your boss's, good publicity for the mayor and the commissioner if it goes right. A murder ring is pretty serious, and if it's easy, they'd love too bring up their clearance rate.

It's about how hard it is to help someone, not who the person is as long as they're not a criminal. Come on, Paris, haven't you watched the Wire?
No. 498382 ID: 9ddf68

well shit, do either of you have a place nearby were you can patch yourselves up, or at least get some more clothes? Also if Paris needs help getting to wherever you two are going give her a shoulder to lean on and maybe ask her what happened back at the club, what's happening right now, and what does she think is going to happen next.
No. 498383 ID: 9ddf68

depends weather or not the police are corrupt or not. We have no idea how bad crime is here.
No. 498398 ID: 65ddc7

She is right about the cops. This was probably the kind of joint that universally turns its back on scenes like this. Hence why everyone left immediately instead of helping. The owner said "Before the cops turn up." She is looking to cover this up. They might never even be contacted, and nobody will say anything even if they are. Though we now make two perfect scapegoats.

We need more context. The legitimacy of the business, is it a backdoor whore house, or a legitimate strip joint.

First things first though, taking care of the injuries and clothing. We have a few bucks on us(if we didn't lose it in our flight), find a dollar or drug store and buy a t-shirt, some bandages, and maybe a skirt or pair of pants.
No. 498403 ID: 78c6ea

Is there a hospital nearby? At least they won't outright kill you.
No. 498465 ID: b33427

Point out to Paris that she probably shouldn't be poking those cuts with her dirty hands; It'll just make them worse.

How deep are the cuts in Paris' side? It'll make the difference between whether you're going to be able to do anything yourselves, or having to go to a hospital, clinic, or just find a doctor.

If it would let you two move faster, break the heels off your shoes. Even if it wouldn't let you move quicker, do it anyway so you two don't twist an ankle or something. You'd go barefoot, but that's just asking to get your feet cut up.

Does Paris know anybody you two could go to that isn't connected with the club in any way?
No. 498466 ID: f78392

Hospitals file police reports though.
I say snag a shirt for both of you and some pants. Maybe a hoodie or something. Also, gauze and peroxide for thw ound

Also, ask what the fuck just happened in there. Obviously the john tore her up good, but seriously.
No. 498730 ID: 0909a0

stocking into a makeshift bandage?
No. 498766 ID: ba5f2c

ask her why you also had to run away.
No. 498783 ID: 4a0bd2

Those are fishnets. I doubt they'll do anything to help at all, and we hardly have eny clothes on as it is to risk tearing em off.

Just get the money out of your panties, go to a dollar store, and buy what we need. Two cheap shirts, maybe two cheap pairs of pants (or shorts, whatever they have that's cheapest) and a bra/unders.

While we're there, buy some real bandages.
No. 498784 ID: 4a0bd2

Oh and uh, before you go into any stores... wash the blood off your wrist.
No. 498879 ID: b59bfb

Take her to your place, and think of a new job...
No. 499038 ID: 0909a0

ok. you're now half naked in an alley, with a fully naked stripper/hooker. a fellow stripper/hooker, might i add. a fully naked, fellow stripper/hooker that was injured during a supposed assault from a client, following which she took out 2 eyes from 2 different guys. you have no where to go and you know no one that would care.

i think it's time to re-think your life choices.
No. 499078 ID: 78c6ea

Nah, she just clipped bobby. He'll be fine. And Tom's eye had to be removed because it was evil. Your life choices are just fine!
No. 499134 ID: 877a57

How about a certain swamp? We got a brother there, don't we?
No. 500248 ID: 6808dd
File 136340323297.png - (64.25KB , 700x600 , 38.png )

i reach forward and touch her wrist, gently pulling her fingers away from the cuts. "don't do that, you'll get them dirty ..."

i wince when i take a better look. the cuts are deep. i can see glistening muscle fibers that twitch when she moves, and in the cut over her hip i think i can see a gleam of white. it's starting to make me feel dizzy and sick so i tear my eyes away and stand up straight again.

"we have to get clothes," paris mutters. we can't go back for clothes. all the girls live in the back of the club - rent gets taken out of our paychecks. it's shitty and cramped, but it's cheaper than anywhere else we'd be able to find.

i pull the wadded-up cash out of my panties and stocking bands. i have $28, and i breathe a sigh of relief and thanks. my gentleman is the one who tucked in the 20.

paris has $16 hidden in her shoe, folded up and pressed back against the heel. we both snap the heels off our shoes so we can walk better and pool the money together.

"there's a little dollar store across the street, it should have some cheap stuff. you should go in," paris says. it doesn't look like we have much choice - i'll get some looks for the way i'm dressed, but she can't go in at all.

"what about your cuts?" i ask. "they're really bad ...."

"there's one of those little charity clinics nearby. you know, like some community outreach bullshit. clothes first, though."

"but what will we do after that?" i know i should focus on one problem at a time, but i'm growing more anxious and scared by the minute. "where will we go?"

"you know anybody?"

i think for a second. "there's my uncle horace back home, but ..."

"i have a feeling you left for a reason."

there's a tone in her voice that i don't like, and i bristle when i realize what she's getting at. "no! it isn't anything like that! it's just - there are foxes in the swamp, and ..."

"you're from a swamp?" paris laughs, then curses sharply when the motion makes her belly contract. "no wonder you're dumb as a sack of bricks."
No. 500249 ID: 9ddf68

ok we need to help her sooner rather than later so go to the dollar store buy some t-shirts and sweat pants and maybe some kind of bag if you can get one cheap enough save the rest of your cash for a payphone or something.

If anyone ask why we're dressed the way you are just say you went to a friends costume party and and some of your other friends thought it would be funny to take your clothes so your just getting some temporary clothes to be able to take the bus home or something like that.

After your done there quickly get Paris to that clinic, if they ask what happen there just say some one tried to mug both of you and Paris step up to stop him but got cut up and this was the closest place... and the cheapest.

once we're sure Paris isn't going to bleed out on us find yourself a payphone and see if you can't call up your uncle.
No. 500260 ID: d6ef5d

Ignore her insults. She's hurt and angry, and you don't have time to let her bother you.

Get those clothes quick like a bunny, and then you've gotta help her get to that clinic. The longer you take, the worse off she'll be. You can worry about thinking where to go and planning while the doc or whoever is working on her.
No. 500266 ID: 78c6ea

You are kind of dumb admittedly. There's nothing wrong with being dumb. Just don't try to overthink things. Paris is smart, and look how much trouble that's gotten her!
No. 500275 ID: f2c20c

Don't waste time. Ask what her size is, so you know what clothes would fit her.
No. 500278 ID: b33427

Don't get put off by Paris' insults; She's not the most pleasant at the best of times, and now is far from that. And you're not dumb, just young and ignorant and trusted the wrong people. Live through tonight and you'll be well on the way to fixing that.

Help Paris move behind cover, so she isn't visible from the street; Maybe between a couple dumpsters. Last thing you need is some random thug spotting her as she is right now. Madam's bouncers are probably looking around for you two, so that's another reason to hide her.

Think you could buy any footwear that's significantly better than what you and Paris have for what money you have? Sandals, perhaps?

When you're in the store, check for prepaid cell phones. The cheapest are something like $10, come with some minutes already loaded, and have no additional cost for long distance. That'll give you a way to call uncle Horace, and a number he can call you back. It'll also give you 911 even if it has no minutes left, if it comes down to that.

Pick up a roll of paper towels and some tape as well, to cover Paris' wounds enough that they don't mess up the clothes. She's likely not going to get any new ones for a bit, and bloody clothes attract attention.

You two might have to consider not heading to the nearest charity clinic. If madam knows about it, it's the first place she'll send a goon to watch for you two. May have to go farther afield to get treatment. Are the buses still running at this hour, or are you two going to have to walk?
No. 500282 ID: 24947d

Shrug it off, maybe make an offhand comment like "well, if I was working at the club then I couldn't have come from a privileged family" or "not like I can help where Im born."

>roll of paper towels and tape
No, tape risks fucking things up more. Grab the clothes and maybe the cheapest roll of gauze they have. You will have to redress her wounds at some point, after all.

Don't waste money on anything else. Not bags, not cellphones, not shoes (we have shoes, if shitty ones), nothing else.

What money we have may have to last us a long, long time assuming we cant get work or help. A payphone is better for our needs. Maybe find a homeless shelter to shack up in for the night, or just hide out in a park.

Go to the charity clinic, but go in a back way if you can. If there's a good outside and he tries something, scream like a lunatic. Charity clinics are al about helping young ladies in distress, after all.
No. 500285 ID: b33427

Yeah, you're right about not spending a cent more than necessary. Forget everything else. Cheapest clothes and gauze only, and nothing more. The plastic bag that you'll get at the checkout will be enough to carry anything else you might get; Nab an extra one as well and double bag it.

Pay phone isn't going to be the best to call uncle Horace. Going to need lots of coins to make a long distance call on a pay phone, and you don't have the money to spare. Perhaps the clinic would let you use their phone, since it's to contact a relative, even though it is a long distance call.
No. 500290 ID: 57a559

The technical term is naive and a fish out of water. We're actually thinking here at least. Going back to the swamp might be your only option for now, delay your career for a few years. You were likely not going to go places here anyway, you were dug in too deep with the wrong crowd you couldn't get out without running away anyway. Your smart enough to know that, there were hints of it in your mind. There's always other cities, ones for getting into acting and theatre, and you can return here if you make proper business connections and become too high profile. If your name is on a single play poster anywhere, those dickwads can't really kill you, probably. There's a price no one's willing to pay to get the job done, just have to get there.

Or we could always just kill your boss. Maybe become a couple of hitwomen, get connections on the street, etc. The swamps are a hard place to grow up, you might be hardened enough to kill or steal for a living, let alone for simple survival. Those foxes are hardcore motherfuckers. A rabbit has to be harder to survive. Become one with the rabbit. Hop to the top! Burrow deeply and fierce.

I realize this is longterm discussion and planning. For now, get the cheap shit girl. How IS your country's medicare for the poor? Beware, there might be underground doctors at those charity clinics. Lots of criminals go there to get patched up in the grim dark city of the present. If your face is already out on the street... well, it's a big risk anyway.
No. 500363 ID: 62850e

ok. first the immediate things.

dollar store for cheap cloths, the clinic to get the cuts treated and some food and a place to sleep for the night.
then comes the hard part. priorities and long term goals, the most important of which is probably the ability to get food and a place to sleep on your own without relying on charity, madams or family.

whatever we do, i think we need to agree to never whore out again. too dangerous and degrading. once we're on our own two feet we can go look for the gentleman. if he's not ok with us being on equal standing than we should not be ok with him. but that's for much much later. we need to focus on getting stronger for now.
No. 500384 ID: 78c6ea


She thinks a guy loves her on the basis that he doesn't spend naked time with other dancers. Hardened does not describe loretta's personality.


At least not in this city. When people like that boss are allowed to operate, or even necessary, it means the entire market is toxic. There's probably cop activity or something nasty going after any nice whorehouses. That guy Paris took care of did not become a murderous shit in a vacuum after all. Best to get out of that whole business.
No. 500472 ID: cf67cb

I don't know much about amateur surgery, but would it help to get a cheap lighter and cauterize Paris' injuries before dressing them? Also, do either of you know how to shoplift without getting caught?

As for the future... if you still want to be a singer and dancer, the best way might be to try to get into some kind of performing arts school. It'll help you get connections and you'll have experienced people around to give you advice on what's a legitimate opportunity and what isn't. You'll need to get a job to pay for it, and you probably won't be able to get in instantly, but you don't have to go live at the swamp again permanently if you don't want to.

And you should make up your own mind about sex work, Loretta. If you didn't have to be in an unsafe work environment where horrible people control you, what would you want? If it makes you uncomfortable, you should find a different kind of job, but as long as you remember to think things through and be skeptical of anything that looks too good to be true, you should decide for yourself.
No. 500586 ID: f0e101

oh god please never treat a real person's injuries. if your kid ever scrapes his knee just take him to the clinic. it'll be safer.
No. 500598 ID: f2c20c

Cauterizing a wound is only ever a good idea when the alternative is death by blood loss.
No. 500833 ID: 57a559

oh, I have another idea for purchase.

Black squirtgun, one that looks like a real gun. For intimidation tactics in case we're alone without Paris's claws or in a place where they won't help. In the dark of night, if we're being chased by goons, they can't tell a difference. And if you get the draw on them, they may freely give up their real weapons to you.

We could also rob and mug a few people, I suppose, with that.
No. 535335 ID: 6808dd
File 137681586268.png - (86.23KB , 700x600 , 39.png )

i do my best to get paris safe and comfortable, then head across the street to the dollar store. i'm scared. i'm scared someone from the club will see me, scared that i'll mess up, scared that someone will call the cops. but i have to do this or we can't get anywhere.
No. 535336 ID: 6808dd
File 137681587669.png - (71.09KB , 700x600 , 40.png )

we're lucky tonight - nobody stops me or asks about the way i'm dressed, and i get out easily with two shirts, two pairs of shorts, and a cheap first aid kit.

"good job, kid," paris mumbles.
No. 535337 ID: 6808dd
File 137681588885.png - (46.70KB , 700x600 , 41.png )

it takes a few minutes to get her cleaned, bandaged, and dressed, but she seems to be doing much better once we finish.

the only downside is that when it came to the shirts, there wasn't much to choose from.
No. 535338 ID: 96c896

You could always wear it inside out.
No. 535352 ID: 5869f6

You could wear it inside out.
What next, then. Hurm.
Well, if there's a homeless shelter in the city, you could go there for a warm place to sleep. If only for tonight.
(Also, Fractal, yer back! I missed this quest! Glad to see you haven't been mugged or somethin'!)
No. 535373 ID: 57a559

Swag fits her personality though and she looks good a big oversized shirt.
I think it's a great choice.
I guess the swamps the easiest and safest choice. Your gentleman might not be much of a hero in reality, it'd be better to daydream he could be than to learn he might not. The black spots on your ears are the most defining characteristic about you, and your red eyes. I'd like to get a cheap way to cover them up.

How much would two bus tickets to the swamp cost?

Than again, even if Paris is stitched up going to the swamp could get really bad for her cut. And her blood will attract predators. Not like there's not any of them here though fffffu. Fuck it, home's the best bet.
No. 535383 ID: 5abf82

How much money do you have left?
No. 535384 ID: 9ddf68

still going to try that charity hospital or we don't have to go there anymore?
No. 535386 ID: 41690e

Right. That's step one taking care of. Now you guys need a place to go. How far away are you from stuff?
No. 535428 ID: 5af25b

those were still some serious injuries. first aid isn't meant for long term treatment, time for a free clinic visit. then for a safe place to sleep.
No. 535607 ID: c23ab0

Assuming there are free clinics in this city.

You may have to time share that with finding a place to stay, and an employer who doesn't kill you, for instance if the clinic is only open once a week like the one around here is.
No. 535654 ID: 034b75

Lets go to the clinic.

Since Paris is obviously more street savvy, she leads the way and you help her. Just try not to make it appear as though she is injured or something. The last thing we need right now is extra attention.
No. 536228 ID: 6808dd
File 137706196488.png - (81.48KB , 700x600 , 42.png )

"come on, we have to get you looked at..." i try to help her up, but she swats me away.

"i have to walk normal," she grumbles. "i don't want people looking at us and wondering what's wrong with me."

luckily the free clinic isn't very far away, because sometimes during the walk i worry paris will collapse. paris tells me to loop around the back, not use the front entrance, so we find the intercom by the back door.

"u-uhm ... excuse me, my friend is hurt really badly and we really need to get in, please ..."

a moment passes before we get a reply. "okay ladies. someone will come get you in just a second. in the meantime can you explain what happened and what the nature of the injuries are?"

i glance back at paris, uncertain. i think she's in too much pain to be paying attention. do i tell the truth? if not, what can i make up?
No. 536229 ID: dbe554

Say muggers attacked, took your stuff and hurt you.
No. 536232 ID: 9ddf68

Muggers attacked you.
No. 536233 ID: 96c896

Her shirt isn't ripped. That means it was off when she was attacked, so anyone with half a brain would know that it wasn't a simple mugging. Plus, you were able to buy bandages, so the "mugger" didn't take your money. Just say she was attacked in an alley and you managed to fight the attacker off. The injuries... uh, deep claw wounds on the abdomen... ask her what hurts other than that.
No. 536235 ID: 41690e

Don't tell the whole truth. Ie, leave out the circumstances of her injury. How it happened, who was there, where you were, etc. Just tell them what happened. That she was clawed up and stuff.

They're medical people, they won't press much past that, at first. Once she's taken care of, other people might ask more probing questions later, but we can avoid that by ducking out.
No. 536240 ID: 57a559

Telling them it's a simple assault should do the trick to let them inside.

Once inside, the conversation of pressing charges or getting the police might come up, tell them that despite her brash attitude she's very timid about them and too scared to talk to anyone about it now, as the assault might have been sexual. You yourself don't know the full story. She'd probably want to wait before getting the police, to get some courage back after she calms down. She's too proud to let anyone see her in this state, you had to talk to her into even coming here. As far as you know from what she told you, you don't know if the sexual assault was penetrative, she has cuts that indicate proof enough as sexual assault though.
No. 536252 ID: 5869f6

Going with this.
No. 536346 ID: d30233

tell them she was attacked. nothing more, nothing less, you do not know who the man was or why he attacked her. describe the injuries to them and how badly they are - remember the little glimmer of white.
No. 540702 ID: 497431
File 137929074587.png - (74.72KB , 700x600 , 43.png )

"uhm, my friend was attacked .... it was a big cat, he clawed her up really bad ... it's mostly on her stomach but she has cuts on her arms and legs too, and her ear is hurt kind of bad as well ..."

"okay. have you notified the police of the attack?"

"n-no, we ... we were scared," i say. there's really no way to lie about that.

"that's fine. do you want us to notify the police, so they can at least keep an eye out for the attacker?"

"uhm ..." paris suddenly seems to be paying attention, and she shakes her head angrily. "not right now, please ..."

"okay. have you done anything with the wounds?"

"i bandaged them but they're bleeding through ... i-i'm sorry, i don't really know what i'm doing, i don't know how to do any of th-"

"miss, that's fine. i'm just getting a general idea of what's going on. marie should be there in a second to let you in, so i'm going to get off the intercom, okay?"

"okay, thank you ..."
No. 540703 ID: 497431
File 137929077028.png - (80.59KB , 700x600 , 44.png )

the intercom clicks off, and as promised, the door unlocks and opens a few moments later. a very pretty lamb is standing in the doorway. "this way, please."
No. 540704 ID: 497431
File 137929078669.png - (124.49KB , 700x600 , 45.png )

"thank you very much," i whisper. she leads paris and i down a short hallway, then up a small flight of stairs - i have to help Paris get up them, and i can tell that makes her embarrassed and angry. finally we find ourselves in a small checkup room, and the lamb has paris sit down on a creaky cot.

"please remove your shirt." when paris obeys, surprisingly easily, she unwinds the sloppy gauze to check on the cuts. i flinch when she uncovers them and i have to turn away, because they make me feel sick, but the lamb's expression doesn't change.

"these are bad. you need stitches." she straightens up after checking the other wounds and crosses the room to a cabinet, where she starts rummaging around for supplies. i hesitate for a second, then sit down by Paris. i'm not sure what to do or say. i feel useless.
No. 540706 ID: d9ce78

tell her that her wounds look deep and that she's taking it better than you would. make her feel strong.
No. 540707 ID: 57a559

You're here if she needs help with anything. You've already helped her up the stairs, as much as she didn't like it, not even mentioning getting the shirt (even though she didn't like that either). And right now you're another brain to help her deal with this shit you've gotten each other into.

You've been more than helpful. Paris has just been through some serious shit, and her personality wasn't always that thankful in the first place. So don't worry about her reaction.

Though, if you feel like your just twiddling your thumbs at the moment, perhaps ask if she'd like anything to eat or drink and you'll see if you can find a vending machine? Not that I think you should waste that and should probably save your money... but well you are going to be here a while and you sure don't need to listen to any bullshit from your boss about your weight. Might as well get something in your stomach.
No. 540709 ID: dbe554

She's still alive and not dead by the dumpster is she? I'd say you've been pretty useful.
No. 540710 ID: 39ad1b

I think just being here for Paris is good, but I wouldnt sit too close or say too much, because she is probably in a lot of pain and wont be very patient. You should ask the lamb if there is any way you can help out, but if you're asked to leave the room, I dont think you should. Separating from Paris seems like it would be too risky and frightening right now.
No. 540711 ID: c78c1a

Don't tell her how well she's "handling it," to Paris it could come off as condescending. Instead, thank her for getting you out of the club.

Other than that, let Marie do her job. You don't need to make yourself sick thinking about blood. Better to start considering your options for after Paris gets patched up.
No. 540713 ID: 5869f6

Indeed, it would help 'er feel a little better at least.
While yer at it, ask if there's one o' them 'vendin machines round here. Gonna need a bit o' food in ya stomach fore' you head off. Need the energy y'see.
No. 540739 ID: 9ddf68

just try and stay near Paris for now. You two have gone this far together might as well see it through together.
No. 540766 ID: 6d5e30

Might as well do the humanly thing and take her hand.
No. 540891 ID: ef5999

See if Paris would like to hold your hand or participate in some other form of affection. She acts tough, and maybe she is, but she's also hurt, both inside and out. She's just trying to protect herself by distancing herself from everyone else. Let her know it's okay to rely on someone and that you're there for her. Try to get her mind off her pain.
No. 540920 ID: 2accaa

Lick her wounds clean.
No. 569929 ID: 8dbc01
File 139709263915.png - (84.46KB , 700x600 , 46.png )

"paris?" i hesitantly reach out, hovering my fingertips over the back of her hand. "you're .... you're doing really good, with your injuries and stuff." my voice is shaking, but i swallow and keep going. "i ... i think it's really cool, how strong you are and everything ..."

i can't make myself touch her. it's like there's an invisible wall between our hands, and i can't force my way through it.
No. 569930 ID: 8dbc01
File 139709265687.png - (67.45KB , 700x600 , 47.png )

"i'm really glad ... that it was you i ran away with. thank you."
No. 569931 ID: 8dbc01
File 139709266920.png - (66.90KB , 700x600 , 48.png )

she doesn't say anything, but suddenly i feel warmth and notice that she's placed her hand over mine. she's not holding it, not really, but she's pressing her palm down hard enough to flatten my hand against the mattress and it's the softest touch i've felt in a long time. she's not looking at me.

the pressure increases as the lamb comes back over and silently, quickly does her work - disinfecting, stitching, bandaging. i watch paris' jaw clench and unclench as her wounds are closed.

"you're finished. try not to move too much, you'll reopen them." the lamb speaks in the same quiet monotone as she cleans up, moving efficiently between cabinets and drawers as paris and i get up from the bed. "there's a room down the hall where you can rest, and i will bring you some food."

as soon as we're standing, paris pulls her hand away from mine. my hand still feels warm.
No. 569942 ID: 9ddf68

well thank the lamb lady and head to the room I guess. Not much else we can do at this point and some rest will do wonders I'm sure. we can try and figure out what to do next in the morning.
No. 569948 ID: 189a54

Say thanks, head to the next room, and then harden up some. Realize what exactly has happened to you tonight. Your "sort-of friend" has just mutilated some guy for reasons unknown to you, then all but forced you along with her in running away. During all of this she has done nothing but insult the community, you, and where you came from. It may not seem like the best time, but you don't know what might happen next to get in the way. Here and now, you need to set some rules and get some answers.

If she's going to be with you, she's going to stop acting so high above everything. She'll make sure no secrets are kept between you, starting with telling exactly what happened in that room. She's going to truly, openly show you some respect, because up until now you've been a far greater help to her than she's been to you. And if she can't agree with these terms, then kindly tell her that she can find someone else to help her.
No. 569949 ID: e1609c

slow down, buckaroo. While I agree ground rules gotta be set, this might not exactly be the best time or way to do it. We'll have to more ease her into things as we go along. She seems kind of out of it right now as is, I mean we've been taking charge somewhat ever since she pulled us out of the club.
Let the girl rest a bit, then when she's not fresh out of the traumazone we can sit down for a talk.
For now lets focus on comforting her, whatever happened in there obviously wasnt very nice.
No. 569971 ID: ffa549

Right. Go along with her, then. You can both use some food.

So not the time for any of that.
No. 570025 ID: a7868d

I hate to say it, but you two should really leave the first chance you get. If the John she tore up dies the club owner will blame it on her and she'll be arrested. They'll be out looking right now unless she just disposed of the body. Even if she did, it would be her next move to send someone to come find you and this clinic is literally the first place they'd look.

You should both go as soon as the lamb is gone. Also don't trust that they didn't call the police anyway.
No. 570697 ID: 8dbc01
File 139751352998.png - (71.13KB , 700x600 , 49.png )

i guess we should rest. a little needling voice at the back of my head tells me we should keep moving, but i'm so tired, and the lamb told paris not to move too much ...

there's only one bed in the room and it's dirty and small. paris claims it immediately, so i guess there's no need to try and compromise about it.

the lamb brings a plastic tray with some soup and a pair of sandwiches wrapped in plastic. i try to offer one to paris but she turns away.
No. 570719 ID: e1609c

get her to eat, if her injuries were that bad she needs to recover lost blood. Be insistent about this.
No. 570736 ID: 9ddf68

"come on, please eat. You've earned it. I just was a lead weight, you're the one that did all the heavy lifting... Please eat Paris."
No. 570739 ID: 2c6ff1

She just ripped out somebody's eyeball. I think it's reasonable to not want to eat after that.

Just keep the extra sandwich in a pocket or something.
No. 570774 ID: 75b8af

Eat one, set one to the side for Paris, if she wants it later.

And then do your best to nap in that chair.

Nothing really to talk about, at this point. We're beyond words, for the moment.
No. 570886 ID: 189a54

Be persistent about getting her to eat something; she'll need a bit of food to recover, especially if you plan on getting something done in the morning.

Before you nap, perhaps you should rig up a little noise trap by the door, like a stack of books or an elevated can, just in case that needling feeling was right and something bad might come for you.
No. 571254 ID: ef5999

Try and offer her the food one more time, insisting that she'll need her strength if you two are to continue. If she refuses again, eat the soup and maybe one of the sandwiches and save the other for her when she wakes.

Survey the room and see if there are any windows you can crawl out of if something goes bad. Also see if there is anything you can use to block the door or at least set up a noise trap so that you can fall asleep in your chair and finally get the rest you deserve.
No. 571391 ID: 514ed5

Paris may need the rest more than the food immediately. Take a sandwich, leave one for Paris. We can maybe have a little soup. It's not like we weren't fed at the club, nobody's dying of starvation here.
No. 571427 ID: 52a564

From the sounds of how the boss treated Loretta, I doubt they fed that well at the club. But yes, rest is more important. The body heals better from resting than it does from eating.
No. 579148 ID: c3ad33
File 140313166590.png - (100.14KB , 700x600 , 50.png )

"come on, paris ... please? just a little?" i get up from the chair and lean over the bed, holding a sandwich for her. "it's importa-"

"fuck OFF!" her paw connects firmly with my wrist, and the sandwich drops and falls apart on the bedspread. it didn't hurt that much, but tears start to well up anyway. it's worse because she was being kind of nice to me before.

i hear her mumble something, then she repeats it, louder. "sorry." she turns her face even further away, shoving it into the pillow. "fuck. god. i'm sorry."
No. 579155 ID: e1609c

Reassure her. She's not trying to hurt you, she's just shaken and probably more than a little scared.
No. 579168 ID: 15dfcd

well, that was a bit shocking, but obviously she's a bit shaken up right now. just let her know it's okay, and maybe ask if there's anything she needs.
No. 579192 ID: ac14c0

Maybe you should see if you can salvage the sandwich, then put it away and comfort the poor girl.
No. 579206 ID: bb78f2

It's fine, Paris. You've both been through some shit.
We'll have to figure out some stuff later, but for now some rest should do. But perhaps we should focus on something other than pity.

Paris has been with your boss longer than you, right? Ask her thinks like has this happened before with another girl? Did that girl escape, or did Boss track her down good? How good are her boss's contacts and connections? Who IS your boss, is what I'm asking. I'm just worried that if she does have connections, can you also afford to sleep, or do you need to keep watch and be prepared for some hitman or somebody tracking us down. We were just making assumptions earlier, I'd like to make them more certain. Paris should definitely sleep, though, even if you have to keep watch.
No. 579236 ID: 9ddf68

"... It's ok, don't worry about it"

I think it might be best if we just kinda sit next to her and just be her for silent support. I feel if she want's to talk to us then she'll talk.
No. 579287 ID: c3ad33
File 140315895136.png - (77.47KB , 700x600 , 51.png )

"i-it's okay." sometimes, since she acts so tough, it's easy to forget that paris must be scared, too. i clean up the sandwich as best as i can and put it back on the tray before sitting on the edge of the bed. i look over shyly and realize her shoulders are shaking slightly.

"it's okay!!" i say again, more insistently. "really, it's fine, i know you're -"

"i've been treating you like shit this whole time." her voice sounds weird and strained. "god, what are you? sixteen?"

"seventeen," i whisper.

"fuck. god. and i've been -" she makes a weird noise and i stare harder down at my lap, uncomfortable. "when i was seventeen i was - i was living with my parents, i had three square meals a day, i hung out with my friends at the mall and i ... fuck, i don't know, my life wasn't like this." her voice keeps shaking and i've never heard her like this and it's scaring me.

"you shouldn't have to deal with me on top of all this. you've been nothing but good to me even though i've been treating you like shit. you're STILL being good to me." i think she's crying. i don't know what to do.
No. 579288 ID: dc4b80

Give her a hug. Life might be a mess right now but if you work together maybe you can improve things.
No. 579289 ID: bb78f2

Tell Paris to stop thinking so hard about how she's acting right now. She shouldn't be going through that stress as she's healing, it just makes making it this far pointless if she opens up her wounds again being all stressed out.
No. 579290 ID: dbe554

Just calm her down, life is kinda hitting her hard now that she realizes what's going on on a deeper level.

As a result she needs support, but don't coddle her.
No. 579291 ID: d7800e

Add that you don't intend to change how you're acting towards her, no matter how much self-hate she's dealing with right now. If she feels guilty, she should help us all out and make sure she gets better. Maybe nudge the sandwich a bit. Oh, and hugs are definitely called for here.
No. 579297 ID: 9ddf68

"but you have looked out for me, you helped me get away from the club when things went south, you helped when you went into the back room with that guy instead of... instead of me. It's my fault we're in this mess but you're the one who's suffering for my mistakes, I can see why you're mad. I just make everything worse just by being around. But this is my fault, I can't just let you surfer and do nothing. but...(sigh) now all I've done is made you cry."
No. 579300 ID: ac14c0

"It was supposed to be me in there. If I hadn't asked you to take my place, you wouldn't have gotten hurt."
No. 579309 ID: c3ad33
File 140316777708.png - (85.62KB , 700x600 , 52.png )

i turn towards her and kind of climb onto the bed, really gentle and slow, and lean down to hug her. i'm nervous because i know a lot of the time she doesn't like getting touched, but she doesn't tense up, and after a second i feel her moving and her arms are around me. they're hard and wiry and she smells like sweat.

"you've been helping me, though," i whisper. her shoulders jerk in response and i hug a little tighter. "you kept me safe, you got me out of there .... if you hadn't gone in there with that john instead of me you wouldn't have gotten h-"
No. 579310 ID: c3ad33
File 140316779666.png - (93.96KB , 700x600 , 53.png )

she laughs in my ear, so suddenly that i jump. it's not a happy laugh. "if i hadn't gone in there with that john you would be dead."

i don't know how i ended up this close to her but i am, and it doesn't feel weird - what does feel weird is how her body is all hard, and not hard like bony but hard like strong. "exactly," i mumble. "that's exactly what i mean."

we're silent for a little bit. i can hear cicadas outside, and sometimes the sound of a passing car.

"you know what you said before?"


"that you're glad it was me you ran away with." her voice is really soft. not soft like volume but soft like nice. i swallow really hard instead of answering.

i'm waiting because i think she's gonna say something. twice i hear the sound of her lips parting but then she closes her mouth again. before she can try a third time the door opens.
No. 579311 ID: c3ad33
File 140316782513.png - (85.43KB , 700x600 , 54.png )

it's the lamb. her expression doesn't look friendly. she's looking at us like we're something gross on the side of the street. her paw touches her necklace and then she looks away. "there's someone at the back door asking for loretta. i told him nobody was here but he insists he knows you are. i sent him away but he's still there."

i slowly sit up. paris doesn't.

"he says he knows about your ... friend being attacked and that he wants to take you somewhere safe. i'm telling you in case he's telling the truth. if not, when it's time for you to go we'll take you out the front, in case he camps out back there."
No. 579313 ID: a16dc4

now kiss
No. 579314 ID: 694e76

Stuff whoever's there; anyone connected with that club is probably bad news. Better to just get some sleep and give Paris a chance to rest.
No. 579315 ID: a307f1

ideal option: continue gaying it up
realistic option: consider who could be out there (likely suspects: a baddie, or maybe it could be your dude)
No. 579317 ID: dbe554

Ask what species he is.
No. 579318 ID: 189a54

I'm really tempted to say kiss Paris right now, but lamb girl might be disgusted enough to go tell whoever's asking for you where you are just to get rid of you. Ask lamb girl to check what species he is and if there's anyone else that seems connected with him nearby, and get some rest.
No. 579323 ID: bb78f2

So gentlemen or bad guy.
So get species. If they happen to have a security camera that would also have been great. But a normal description might be great too.
No. 579336 ID: 53abfc

ask her to describe the person if she can so you have an idea of who they are
No. 579341 ID: 50338d

>her expression doesn't look friendly
She takes in two injured and abused young girls and she's upset that... what? She subsequently found those same two emotionally vulnerable people hugging? (Oh no, so gay!) That there's a man looking for you? (Oh noes, the sins!)

Thank her for telling you, and ignore the offense / the look. Ask what he looked like, or if he left a name.

Too late, if this was even a good idea to begin with.

>So gentlemen or bad guy.
...assuming the gentleman isn't a bad guy. What little we know about him Loretta has rose colored quite a bit, I think.

Even if it turns out he really isn't a bad dude, I'm not sure he's the best choice for help. For one, if we're being looked for, Loretta's little obsession is an easy first place to check. To say nothing of the emotional trainwreck he seems to have left Loretta in.
No. 579361 ID: ac14c0

She thinks you're in lesbians with eachother. If that's totally not true you can say you're just friends. (for now)
No. 579364 ID: 9ddf68

ask if she got a name off him... and what he looked like.
No. 579367 ID: 7483cf

We aren't gonna look at who it is, we are just gonna leave. Most likely it's the clubs goon here to bring you back and then "dispose" of you.

Ignore the uncomfortable look, she probably thinks you are criminals or is bothered by the fact tough criminal looking folks are looking for you.

Thank her for all her assistance and tell her you'll leave. The two of you will have to find somewhere else to sleep tonight.
No. 579370 ID: 5b2918

Okay you are too injured to move for a while, stay till morning. Do not go with that guy. Do not. DO NOT.
No. 579389 ID: bb78f2

She probably always looks unfriendly, she's seen a lot of shit.
Touching her necklace probably doesn't mean anything beyond a fidgit, maybe it means she's super christian, but she probably knows what the christian thing to do here is, even if she doesn't completely agree with what she may think you are. Which is help you out.
Jesus would totally help you out and you know it, and she knows it.
I guarantee she's just always in a bad mood with a bad face, she wasn't friendly at the door. She doesn't have to look friendly to be friendly. She knows basic respect, so lets just give her benefit of the doubt.
No. 579393 ID: 784110

eh, so lambykins might be homophobic trash. id see it with the crosses that hand in the background and the pause she had on friend. try to stay a safe distance away from her and when with her, from Paris as well
moving on, i agree to get the species but... i don't think our gentleman has our best interest in mind, loretta. he ran out so fast when the police came, remember?
and how the hell did he track you down? did he follow you two the whole way?
damn, girl. stick with paris no matter what- gain her insight on your gentleman, what she thinks of him, and if you should answer whoever's come
maybe also suggest it could be your boyfriend, if lambchops IS a homophone.
No. 579395 ID: e1609c

Alright if I am reading this right, yeah I agree, we should ask our friend if gentleman is trustworthy or not.
As much as it might pain us to admit, there's not exactly a lot of faith we can go putting into some random bloke at a strip club who was nice to us once or twice.
No. 579399 ID: 889404

It could also be that she's figured out you're both prostitutes.
No. 579407 ID: 5b2918

your gentleman was the first one to run out.
No. 579417 ID: a36601

I don't think you should go with the man regardless of who he is. If it is your gentleman caller, then he did not help or try to comfort you in the bar. He is not as reliable as you may think; and certainly not as reliable as the person you have beside you now.

If it is not him, then this man is someone from the bar who saw the exchange; someone who also did not help; someone who may be trying to take you back to where you ran from. You do not want to deal with those type of people anymore.
No. 579420 ID: c3ad33
File 140322136423.png - (69.87KB , 700x600 , 55.png )

"u-uhm." i sit up a little straighter. "what was he like? the person at the door ..."

"it's a black wolf. tall, yellow eyes, expensive coat. he didn't leave a name."

that ... it has to be my gentleman. it has to be. i know it is. Mmy heart jumps unevenly in my chest. i figure i'd better talk to paris about it, though.
No. 579421 ID: c3ad33
File 140322137986.png - (62.99KB , 700x600 , 56.png )

i thank the nurse and ask her to stay a bit longer, then touch paris' shoulder and get her to sit up with me.

"i think the man at the door is my gentleman," i whisper. "he wants to help, i know he can bring us somewhere safe -"

paris' eyes are like chips of ice. "are you seriously fuckin telling me," she begins, breathing through her nose, "that after this, you want to take safety with a JOHN -"

"he's not just a john!" i barely manage to keep my voice quiet enough. "he ... he always comes to see just me, it's different -"

she interrupts me again, this time with her hand on my wrist. "you wanna know what i think, loretta? do you really, honest to god wanna know?"

i swallow thickly and stay quiet. her eyes are getting harder by the second.

"i think he's a grown man who decided he wanted to come court a teenager in a place where your JOB was to never say no." she lets go of my arm, roughly, almost like she's throwing it away from her body. "and i don't feel like fucking with that."

"it -" i can feel tears pricking my eyes. that's not true. that's not why. he came because seeing me at work is the only way to see me. there's no other reason. "it has nothing to do with my age!"

she lets out a loud, sharp laugh that sounds like a yell. i flinch.

"i'm not going with him. if you want to you're on your own."

the nurse clears her throat. i think she's getting impatient.
No. 579424 ID: e1609c

Listen to her, she has a very very valid point, one which may or may not be entirely true.
It's a hard pill to swallow, maybe, but it's important you know who are your friends and who are just faces.
Paris is a friend, and Gentleman is just a face. A face you find particularly alluring, perhaps, but not a face that will very likely spell good things for you down the road.
No. 579427 ID: bb78f2

Apologise to Paris.
When you were working, he was the only thing that managed to brighten your day a little and not feel ashamed of yourself. You've relied on that for months while working. It was what kept you going, that and your career, but without him you would have been gone a long time ago...

Wow, okay, shit, without your gentlemen you probably would be back home with your uncle by now and gave up on everything here. Paris would have been left alone and probably dead, but you would have been home and not in danger. Well, likely. It's just that you felt so alone for months, except for him.

Apologies to the nurse, we won't be going with him.
No. 579430 ID: a36601

>certainly not as reliable as the person you have beside you now.

Reiterating my point.

She possibly saved your life by taking that dance. She brought you with her to protect you, even when she could have gone on her own. And now she is fighting to keep you from making what she feels is a huge mistake and is willing to risk what as of now might be her only friend in the world.

Listen to her.
No. 579431 ID: cc08c7


Don't go with him, but don't bother apologizing to Paris yet. She's treating you like dirt again because of your naivete and that really shouldn't fly if she wants you to stay with her.
No. 579432 ID: 685e9b

okay, yes, the wolf is not necessarily that trustworthy. but you said he is 'different', so it's worth a try. tell paris to just relax, say you'll be back in a few minutes, and go see what your gentleman wants.
No. 579433 ID: ac14c0

...you were the youngest one there, weren't you? And he's much older than you? How do you know he's not just being paid to lure you out? Do you even know his name? Have you even shared more than a few sentences?

Look, if you split up, whoever's left behind is vulnerable. If you have any shred of doubt in your mind of the motives of your "gentleman", stay with her. You know she is strong. You have seen the truth to her heart, that there is good in her. You can count on her. She is bitter and jaded, but together you can survive.
No. 579436 ID: f3c949

Do NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, go with your "gentleman". I know what you think, but the truth is that he is a grown man and you are a teenager, and no matter what happens he never wanted to have you in any kind of healthy way. You need to accept that.

Don't go with him, and encourage Paris to talk to you. What did she mean to say before? What else might she say now?

Trust Paris, and please be kind to her.
No. 579439 ID: dc4b80

Tell her that she might be right and it might be a bad idea. But we are low on options in a world that could care less. Maybe this guy can help us even if it is for the wrong reasons. But you want to at least talk to him and you would like her to be there when you do. She can help you from doing anything stupid.
No. 579455 ID: 53abfc

Paris has a good point, but you also really need some help. You can't stay here forever and when you leave where do you go?

Go talk to your gentleman and see what he says, but do not go with him. Just talk.
No. 579456 ID: a7868d

No, do not go with your gentleman. Whether you like it or not you don't know him, or his intentions. Yeah, he's nice to you, and yes, Paris is mean to you, but Paris is honest, and she's being honest right now.

Stick with Paris. She's crass and jaded, but you've seen through that, seen her break down. In this situation where you really can't trust anyone who knows you, you can trust her.

I know, it's frightening. It shouldn't be like this. Your gentleman made you feel good about yourself, when everything around you just made you feel bad, but now it's time to put away how you feel. You need to be serious, if you want to survive this, and anyone who's in any way associated with that club you want to be as far as possible from.
No. 579457 ID: ac14c0

Oh, here's another reason not to go to him. The club wants you back, and they know he's a patron. They might go looking for him to find you. That could put him in danger! Yep, it's for his own good that you can't go with him.
No. 579513 ID: 50338d

Pause, tear up, and then tell the sheep you'll be staying here.

Then mope silently for a while.
No. 579590 ID: 2eb028

gonna have to agree with paris on this one. the woman has a point.
No. 579700 ID: 4f0da9

This really isn't the best circumstance to start a relationship with a guy. Stay away for now, until you're in a position where you don't have to sleep with one eye open
No. 579777 ID: faf337

Go talk to him, but don't let him sweet-talk you into going with him. And try not to be alone with him for too long... you don't look strong, and he could probably overpower you easily if he wanted to. Keep your distance, you don't know if he's trustworthy or not.
No. 579925 ID: 19ab17

Stay. With. Paris.

The Gentleman is nothing but bad news.
No. 580081 ID: c3ad33
File 140347996670.png - (61.96KB , 700x600 , 57.png )

i'm starting to feel my eyes prickle. the more i think about it the more i realize she's right. i'm being stupid. i have no reason to trust him, no matter how much better he made me feel while i worked at the club - because i don't work at the club anymore. her words banging around in my head have made me realize how little i actually know about him. but ... at the same time, we need help. this might be our only chance.

"paris, please listen." i take a deep, shuddering breath. "i think you're probably right."

"thank god for that," she grumbles.

"but -" and here she sits up a little straighter, glaring at me - "i .... i don't think ..." i have to swallow and start the sentence over. "i don't think we can afford to automatically cross off any options. even if we have a lot of reasons to."

she starts to growl, but i take a deep breath and interrupt. "all i'm going to do is go talk to him. through the intercom. and i'll keep in mind everything you just said to me, i promise." she closes her mouth again, but she still looks mad. "paris," i continue, "i trust you. and i believe you. but i have to see for myself."

it takes her a minute to respond, but when she does, she says, "i hate this idea. but ... i don't hate that you're coming up with ideas." she turns her face away so i can't read her expression. "you're learning. you gotta keep doing that. you're being stupid as hell right now, but this ..... this is good."
No. 580082 ID: c3ad33
File 140347998085.png - (109.54KB , 700x600 , 58.png )

"o-okay. i'll ... i'll be back in a few minutes then." i get up from the bed and hurry over to the lamb, who silently leads me through the hallways til i get to the intercom system.

"uhm." i have to press my finger down as hard as i can on the button to stop it from shaking. "i-it's me. loretta."

"oh, thank god." his voice is deep and warm and i feel like somebody's scooped out my insides. "are you alright? are you hurt?"

"i ... i'm okay."

"what about the cat?"

"she's .... resting."

"loretta." i've never heard him anything but relaxed, so to hear his voice straining is weird and scary. "i'm so sorry that i didn't do anything back there. i don't want you to think ... that i didn't care what happened. i'm not a fighter, and i wouldn't have been any help to you or your friend if paula's men had hurt me while i tried to help you."

i can't think of what to say. i guess he realizes i'm not gonna say anything because he keeps talking. "there are still people from the club out here. i passed a few on my way here, but they didn't recognize me. i'm worried that they won't stop overnight, and that they'll catch you leaving if you stay until morning. loretta, i don't know if they'll stop in three days, or a week, or longer." there's a pause; when he starts to talk again his voice sounds a little more like what i'm used to from him. "i don't think it's a good idea to try to hide in the city. if paula is persistent, they will find you eventually. you won't be able to move place to place."

i must've let out a little scared noise, i couldn't help it, bc immediately he's saying "shhh, shhhh." i hug myself with my free arm and try to stop shaking. "loretta, i live outside of the city, about twenty minutes away by car. i don't have many neighbors and the ones i do have don't go to the city often. you could hide there until things calm down. i think it's the safest way. your friend can come, too, if she doesn't have anywhere else to go."
No. 580089 ID: e1609c

On one hand, we don't have terribly many options. On the OTHER hand...
http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/447054.html#i484119 We should probably try to avoid this.
I'm not saying that going with a strange man with a taste for underage women to a secluded house on the edge of nowhere is a bad idea, but...
We might want to explore other options with our friend, before we make any plans RE: going with him.
No. 580097 ID: dc4b80

Ask him why he has been coming to see you. You want to believe in his good intentions but you have learned some painful lessons tonight.

If you are going to talk to Paris about this option you need to know more about him. Sure getting out of town will help part of your problems but you could be walking into a worse situation.
No. 580098 ID: bb78f2

Thank him for the offer.
You'll think about it.
But you're also sure they'll think to check his place as well. He's left his own mark on the city and they'll track him down. He knows people here, probably made friends. Any place we know they could know about isn't safe. And then he'll just end up dead.
If he really wants to help and be effective, report what might be useful to the police, they won't care about a couple of girls like us, but they might care about the man who almost killed Paris. He was almost certainly killed by Paula and moved somewhere. They'll care about a murder of a random joe, especially if he turns out to be someone important. He could have been anybody. Someone the police might really care about. He could have been a corrupt cop for all we know, and they care about dead cops regardless. If gentleman can find out who that man was in anyway, like he'll probably show up on a missing person's list in a few days, just report him anonymously.
No. 580101 ID: 685e9b

while it may seem appealing and all, this obviously could be very dangerous. you have no real reason to trust him and you need to let him know that. even if he *seems* like a nice guy, it's extremely easy to fake that kind of thing.
No. 580103 ID: e1609c

This is a good idea, Gentleman seems like he could at the very least make for a useful go-between to get us out of this mess.
No. 580114 ID: c94514


ask him if he can take you outside of the city to a hotel or something rather than to his house? something about the whole 'underage girl who can't say no' makes this guy seem more than a bit sketch to me. paris might respond better to a hotel than his house, anyway.
No. 580119 ID: 2fd516

Ask for more information about where he lives. We COULD just take a taxi. Also tell her that the other girl thinks he's just a pervert who wanted to seduce a teenager, and we need some way to convince her he's legit. He also needs to tell you why he sought you out. What does he like about you?

How did he know you were here, anyway? Why doesn't the club know, if he knows?
No. 580123 ID: dabb04


If he really wants to help, what you need is money. Better disguises. And people unrelated to the place you just came from.
He's suspicious, and even if he says he's not a fighter, it might be a lie. He's a wolf. He's dangerous. If he really wants to help, he'll gladly give you some money to help and back off.
Better, give him your and Paris' old clothes, let him dump them somewhere in plain sight to create a wrong track for the pursuers to follow while you get away.
Don't go with the wolf!
No. 580129 ID: 53abfc

tell him.... You need to talk to Paris and ask if he can come back in the morning????
No. 580177 ID: de806d

No. 580296 ID: 4caf51

he seems like he genuinely cares, but it feels off. he feels like hes hiding something.

ask him why hes helping you. then go back and talk with paris about the plan.
No. 580308 ID: e1ce84

Okay, your gentleman is nice... but from what you've said so far it doesn't seem like you ever talked much with him, right? You just went to the back room with him. So, why does he care that much about you? And how did he know where to find you? Ask him. In the situation you are in you can't afford to just believe people because they look nice. Question everything.
And... you're young, but you sure must have heard stories about murderers/kidnappers/whathaveyou who feign kindness to lure in their victims. Kind manners don't equal a kind heart, and kindness isn't the hardest thing to fake.
House-almost-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-with-a-john-twice-your-age doesn't seem like a great plan. You're really not in a position to trust others blindly.
No. 580335 ID: c78100

Only go with him if Paris will go with you. Go relay everything he said to Paris and talk about your options and if any of them are safer than your gentleman. Don't let Paris put you down and remain firm that you both need to chose what you both are going to do. Tell her you will not go with him without her.
No. 580354 ID: e1ce84

Also, the club you used to work at doesn't seem like the most classy place. As you said earlier, your gentleman doesn't behave like most of the other customers, he tips well, and all of the girls like him. And let's not forget he wears visibly expensive clothes! He could hardly go unnoticed. Yet he says that "there are still people from the club out here. [he] passed a few on [his] way here, but they didn't recognize [him]". I find that hard to believe.
No. 580387 ID: 253678

do not go with him omg that is the worst idea that ever happened
No. 580397 ID: 2ca47b

tell him to come back in the morning. go back to your room, talk about it with paris, and then get some rest. talk about it more in the morning, make your decision, and then relay it to him. do not take this lightly, make sure you and paris are on the same page, and do not let your infatuation with this gentleman blind you.
No. 580407 ID: ba25d3

at least then you will see how he is like when you deny him!
No. 580426 ID: 784110

Loretta bby, listen to me. Please. Very, very carefully
Your gentleman probably does care about you and want you to be alive.
YOUR GENTLEMAN IS NOT A GOOD PERSON. The people and the johns especially who frequent that place aren't. Your gentleman's affection is NOT good, and NOT healthy.
DO NOT TRUST YOUR GENTLEMAN. We do not know what he wants, or why. And he is a wolf. I would even say to use that affection he has for you to your advantage if he wasn't a wolf.
Be very, very careful. Ask him how he found you.
Do not make him angry, under any circumstances, but DO NOT FOLLOW HIM.
And as soon as you can, keep as far away from him as you can, and make sure he can't find you. Your gentleman is dangerous, Loretta, no matter what he feels for you.
No. 580433 ID: dc4b80

He could be the nicest guy in the world but you never start any sort of a relationship in a situation like this. If he is truly a gentleman he will understand and will be willing to help you in other ways.
No. 580445 ID: 53c77d

No. 580463 ID: f461c5

Plus, as of right now, Paris needs you. You know you can trust her, and she might not be able to make it out without you.
No. 580484 ID: cc08c7

Only go if Paris goes, if she doesn't then just tell him you need time to sort things out.
No. 580647 ID: 8fb665

Honestly as bad an idea as going with him is I'm not sure what choice you two have. Ask Paris what she thinks and when she inevitably says no ask what other options you have. Tell your gentleman to wait while you talk it over with her.
No. 580685 ID: 2eed26

No. 580697 ID: fbd785

ask him why he's come here and what he expects from you
No. 580750 ID: c3ad33
File 140364284859.png - (58.40KB , 700x600 , 59.png )

i'm quiet for a really long time.


"i'm still here." i take a deep deep deep breath and it makes me shake a little. "you know, paris doesn't trust you."


"the cat."

he chuckles softly. "she's not wrong, loretta." my eyes widen, but before i can ask for an explanation, he continues. "it's good that she doesn't, loretta. i'm glad you're with someone who's looking out for you. i'm glad you're with someone who knows how to take care of you." i hear him sigh. "and i would understand if you didn't trust me, either. but i hope you will, so that i can help you get out of this."

"w..." thinking this way makes my head hurt, i don't like distrusting him, i don't like to think about the worst case all the time. but i think about paris. she's kept me safe and i have to keep her safe. i have to keep us safe. "w-why...."


"why are you helping me? why did you come to see me so much?"
No. 580751 ID: c3ad33
File 140364285633.png - (55.35KB , 700x600 , 60.png )

now he's quiet for a long time. i can feel my nails digging into my arm. when he finally speaks i almost jump. "i can only be honest with you, loretta."

"it started out as just. loretta, you know." i don't say anything. "sex," he says, firmly but carefully, and i flinch. "it's the reason anyone goes there. you're an intelligent girl, loretta. you know that."

i'm crying now, struggling to keep it quiet enough that he can't hear, but i'm clinging to that one word he said. started. started, started, started, started

"but you were, ah. this is going to sound really cliche." i can hear that he's smiling in his voice and a tiny laugh bursts through my tears, i love him, i love him i love him, i love him so much - "you were different - i'm sorry, this can't sound convincing at all, it's so. trite. but really, i was just charmed by you, and i wanted to see you. i wanted to know more. and, ah ... maybe i'm wrong, but i felt like it made you happy too."
No. 580752 ID: c3ad33
File 140364287056.png - (69.84KB , 700x600 , 61.png )

"yeah," i burst out without thinking, "yeah, yeah -"

"are you okay, loretta?"

"yeah, i just -" i wipe my eyes frantically on the back of my hands, hiccuping. "it's okay. i'm okay. sorry."

"if i don't help you," he says slowly, once i quiet down, "i'll probably never see you again. i don't want that."

i'm nodding weakly, even though i know he can't see it. something suddenly occurs to me. "u-uhm," i begin shyly, "i just, uhm. i think .... you said you want to know more about me ..."


"i think .... i want to know more about you, too." i swallow and it's so hard to do that it hurts a little. "what's your name?"
No. 580753 ID: c3ad33
File 140364288205.png - (51.55KB , 700x600 , 62.png )

"ah ... of course. of course." he's laughing and it sounds warm and deep and i feel like he'd smell like trees. "it's ridiculous that i've never told you til now, isn't it?"

"it's ulric."
No. 580756 ID: c3ad33

chapter 2: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/580760.html
No. 580773 ID: 981d18

No. 580779 ID: 2fd516

"Name of german origin, used to describe a kind hearted man. Tranlsates, to man of the wolves."

Seems legit, at least thematically. This is a difficult choice. I don't want to abandon Paris but this guy seems like our best chance. Also it looks like Loretta is absolutely not going to stop trusting him because she's blinded by love(or what a 17 year old thinks is love anyway).

I wonder if the religious nurse has any connections that would help, if Paris refuses to come along. Best case scenario, Paris goes to live in a covenant and visits Loretta and Ulric periodically (with protection, perhaps) to ensure she's alright.
No. 580792 ID: 2ca47b

stick with the previous plan. tell ulric you need to talk to paris, ask him to come back in the morning. get some rest, think it over, do not make this decision without thinking of the consequences.
No. 580801 ID: 53abfc

No. 580860 ID: 552359


Do it loretta you love him

No. 580881 ID: 0acb3a

...I'm honestly not sure if knowing it's Ulric makes him more trustworthy or less.
No. 581008 ID: 65e647

Don't even fucking think about it you dumbshits.
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