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File 135725628377.png - (209.79KB , 800x600 , 275.png )
482067 No. 482067 ID: a68e3e

The man smiles.
Killing someone like Aeryr or Masil is still out of his grasp but simply having the legendary blade makes him a threat to any dragon.
Thasti learned this the hard way. The fool could not resist a challenge.
As one of the weaker dragons the Dragonslayer hit him hard. He's dying. And with the Slayer so close and no living people besides it's wielder near him he finds himself simply fading away.
For the first time in many many years a dragon is dying, completely and utterly.
The man walks away, humming to himself happily. He makes a mental note of who else is left. That one that died before he was even born doesn't count of course...
He laughs.
One down, five to go.
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No. 482068 ID: a68e3e
File 135725632977.png - (104.06KB , 623x586 , 276.png )

Saisai wakes up from a nightmare.

What the hell..?

No. 482070 ID: 76b151

Well looks like we're gonna have more then just one dragon to resurrect.
No. 482071 ID: 15b5e6

Oh hell. Regulus killed Thasti? Shit.

Although, was that a prophetic dream? (Ie, something that will happen). Or an sympathetic one? (Sensing something as it happened).

Kind of affects our priorities. Are we rushing to prevent his death, or do we need to get a vessel to the dying dragon for him to inhabit before he's gone? And um... who do we use as a vessel?

An insight here Ombra? Was that a vision of things yet to come, or of something that has happened?
No. 482076 ID: 6de77b

Has anyone ever thought that maybe destroying the sword is a fucking excellent idea?
No. 482084 ID: 5f4e7d

If anyone could do it, it would probably be Sharaes. Too bad we'd have to get it first, then get it TOO her, and hope that it's dragon weakening aura doesn't make her unable to un-make the blade.
No. 482085 ID: 997ce7

Yeah, like curing cancer is a fucking excellent idea.

Let's do that. Right now.
No. 482086 ID: bf54a8

we need to get there fast. grab a buddy and get to the tigerfolk king. tell him you need to see thasti.
No. 482087 ID: 04b86a

FFFFFFFF- Great, that makes two dragons we have to find a way to revive. I hope there's something left of his body, or that gets a lot more complicated. Maybe we'll be able to pull off something using one of his Chosen? That reminds me, I noticed that Maggie is purple while Saisai's using darkness. Are psionic abilities related to Oraes?

>One down, five to go.
>That one that died before he was even born doesn't count
Shit. We need to let Myli know about that.
No. 482090 ID: f2c20c

Looks like he wants to kill ALL the dragons. This means the king is not in on it. We need to talk to him asap.
No. 482098 ID: 15b5e6

Actually, born after Ombra died means whoever did that wasn't Regulus.

Which doesn't make it safe to go to the king, actually. Just because the bozo with the sword at the moment wants all the dragons dead doesn't mean Myli and Regulus don't want all the others dead. This could mean those two found another pawn to wield the sword who's planning to backstab them.

So it's still not safe to approach the king openly about this.
No. 482106 ID: a68e3e

(I think you're forgetting that Oraes is the one who died even before Regulus was born. A few hundred years before the story even began.)
No. 482107 ID: c891a7

Regulus explicitly said he wanted to kill all the dragons I don't think excluding any of them and last time I checked the king was against killing the dragons (check the fucking archive).
No. 482109 ID: 51f375

>last time I checked the king was against killing the dragons
You're assuming he was being completely honest during the conversation with the knight captains. We already know he's capable of lying to them (Myli does hide who he is). And it makes sense that if he was playing some kind of dracocide game like before that he wouldn't necessarily trust them all with that information, or might want to put on a face like he opposed it (plausible deniability after the shit goes down).

Even if Regulus is out to kill all the dragons, it still doesn't necessarily make it safe to approach Myli. If Myli is working with Regulus, he may still want Ombra dead. He may not believe that Regulus is going to turn on him. Etc.

Yes, it's possible Myli is completely innocent and would be cooperative if approached. However, we don't know that, and if he is involved, approaching him is dangerous.

If we're going to warn him, not doing so in person seems the safest route. Send him a note or a message, without exposing Saisai.
No. 483718 ID: a68e3e
File 135769655672.png - (120.81KB , 800x600 , 277.png )


Is -so- not my problem.

Hey! Hey get up you lazy girl! Thasti is dead dammit! Like, dead dead! Even more dead than me! Look I don't care about the guy honestly but if too many of us die baaaaad things happen! To everyone! WAKE UPPPPPPP!!!!
No. 483723 ID: 76b151

Actually it is your problem Saisai, to kill a dragon inside something you gotta destroy the vessal.

Thats you by the way.
No. 483730 ID: be7fd9

He wants to kill all the dragons. Which, since Ombra's in your head, includes your death.

Also, even if you get Ombra out before this dude finds her, killing all the dragons is bad. Like, world ending bad. Unless you're suicidal or dangerously apathetic, that is is your problem.

Gotta make the words stand out for her to hear you, remember.

Also, is it really too late for him? You sure we can't rush a compatible host over for his dying ass to inhabit? Or we could track down Aeryr and jump back in time to prevent this before it receeds too far out of reach...

Or could we get the remains to Masil? Can't she fix deader-than-dead?

No. 483732 ID: bf54a8

if you don't move your ass them ombra may decide that blowing you up to escape may be worth it. as in, if you wont help the dragons, why should she care about your well being?
No. 483733 ID: f2c20c

Saisai, if more dragons completely die like Thasti, bad shit happens to the entire world. It very much is your problem, and you're the only one who can do anything about it.

Don't worry though, this isn't that hard to deal with. We can get the king's help, we just have to tell him without Regulus finding out. Maybe if you told Captain?

We also need to warn all the other dragons, and fast.
No. 483736 ID: be7fd9

>We can get the king's help
...what evidence to we have that Myli's not a jerk, or trustworthy, exactly? Just because someone else is going all Draco-genocidal doesn't mean he's safe to trust with this shit.

Hell, we don't even know for sure that was Regulus we saw in the dream. And even if it is Regulus, we have no proof to bring before the king. It would be our word against his.
No. 483740 ID: 04b86a

>This.... Is -so- not my problem.

Let's see here...
1) Bad things will happen to the entire world if too many dragons die,
2) You're Ombra's host, so you'll eventually be targeted, too,
3) You're a rightful wielder of the Dragonslayer, and therefore have the duty to keep it from being abused like this,
4) You have us, and
5) You're a knight. You literally signed up to deal with shit like this.

How, exactly, is this not your problem? Look, we're not saying you have to go fight that guy right now, you're nowhere near ready for that, but you do need to start making preparations to deal with it. Talk to Myli, hang out with Art, find someone to give you some hardcore combat training, maybe even some other things if something comes up or we get an unexpected opportunity. You know, stuff that you would have eventually done even if Thasti hadn't just been murdered.
No. 483742 ID: c891a7

(I remember saying that dreams of the future are relatively common)

I realize that but I suspect that Regulus has an entire history of illegal dealings/actions, he's just really good at hiding them.

Saisai if you really don't want to help then why don't hand us over to Eluria.
(And guys judging from our capabilities I think our purpose is also to protect the world's order)
No. 483776 ID: a68e3e
File 135771305654.png - (74.50KB , 409x600 , 278.png )

Saisai grabs her pillow and sits up. She hugs it close to her chest and sighs

I know it actually -is- my problem but...
What can I do about it?
I'm not a great hero.
I'm not an awesome leader.
I don't have any super powers.
I'm a girl who just barely got into the knights and couldn't even face up to her parents until a few days ago.
No. 483777 ID: f2c20c

Didn't we just like, tell you what you can do about it?

You don't have to be a magnificent fighter or anything, c'mon. Just talk to the right people, get the right forces aligned against Regulus, and take the relatively easy path to restoring Ombra and maybe getting Masil to resurrect Thasti.
No. 483778 ID: bf54a8

the only big problem is the dragon slayer, you can grab it and then hide it somewhere. without that no one can kill a dragon.
No. 483781 ID: be7fd9

Well, you do have some things going for you. You're fairly determined, resourceful, and capable when you put your mind to it. You've got us. You've got friends and allies.

Now as for the problem at hand... there's two things. The sword, and whoever's using it. Take the sword away, and they can't kill dragons. (Although, then we have to worry about them killing a path to the sword). Take out the person... and he can't use the sword.
No. 483782 ID: 6de77b

The hero's they tell of in stories? They were just regular average people, just like you. They just happened to be the ones who stood up when they were needed.
Besides, you have a huge advantage Saisai. You have us.
No. 483784 ID: a68e3e
File 135771588539.png - (77.41KB , 471x574 , 279.png )

Heh... Thanks.


Saisai falls back and lays in her bed

See that's the thing. I can't do either of those right now. At least not by myself.

You have friends you fool. Use them

Maybe I should speak to the captain about this? I'm worried she'll either not believe me or believe me and like try to attack Regulus or something. She seems unhinged enough to just do one extreme or the other.

Masil... Is that another dragon? I can't remember.

She's the Light Dragon you fool. She's also a huge bitch. I wouldn't expect her to do anything for you unless there's something in it for her. Her not dying might do the trick...

!? Stop doing that! Or at least tell me you're there!

But I'm always here Saisai~

Ok so you think she can revive Thasti? Where would I even find her?
And to bring... -Her- back to life I need mana so....
I guess I should hang out with Artemis some more?

I don't even know what to say to the guy.
'Hey, Artemis. I need your powers so let's go to the park'
No. 483785 ID: bf54a8

we mean if your dream is happening right now then the sword is sitting there, if you grab it you can claim ownership and run off with it.
No. 483786 ID: be7fd9

Well, one advantage of confiding in Maggie is she kind of has to believe you. The whole mind reading thing means she'll be able to tell you're not lying to her.

We could start small. Before we can do anything about the sword, we need to know where it is, and who's using it. Is Regulus still carrying it? Has he found another lackey to kill dragons for him, like he did with Sable and Eluria? Or has it been stolen by someone new?

Masil's in the catfolk city, I think. Not sure what we offer her for cooperation. She'd be a lot easier to bully into helping if we let the situation get worse before asking. Or if you were carrying the dragon slayer.
No. 483789 ID: 6de77b

Does Morgan have mana? We could consider hanging out with her instead
No. 483790 ID: bd9d20

Do a mission with him.

Ask him to go clothes shopping with you.

Find out if he's got his eyes on any ladies, ask for a double date with Morgan.

or blow all this off and ask Morgan out.
No. 483792 ID: bf54a8

that doesn't matter, yes she does HAVE mana personally, but saisai wont get any. it's complicated. but while being friends with morgan as well would be good, art is the one that has what we want.
No. 483838 ID: c891a7

Um first off how do we know that Thasti is dead beyond Saisai's dream.

Second off technically we could train Saisai ourselves but we would still need someone to teacher her magic.
(I've been developing martial art techniques that are pretty like Hokuto Shinken but we first Saisai needs to learn sage magic)

Really the only reason that king does trust Regulus' word is because he has a good public reputation. In order to take him down without starting a war we have to destroy his PR.
One of the ways we can do this is by revealing things like how almost got an entire team of knights killed, or that he used an assassin to kill a dragon, or we could go for the holy grail of them all and try to prove that he killed Sable.
No. 484358 ID: a68e3e
File 135788348051.png - (242.77KB , 800x600 , 280.png )

He's dead. He's dead and whoever killed him took the Dragonslayer with them. I can pretty much feel that he's dead dead. It's the same as it was with Oraes.

I guess the first thing I gotta do is hang out with Artemis.

I think I'll just ask him to go on a mission with me... All those other options seem a bit... Not good.

Saisai does her usual morning ritual and goes to see Artemis. It doesn't take long for him to respond to her calling his name.

>"Hey Saisai! What brings you here?"

"Hey Artemis. We don't have any missions to do today so I was wondering if you... Wanted to do a mission with me."

>"I'd love to! Let me get my staff."

Artemis gathers his things and in no time they're in front of the job board.

All these missions suck.
And there's one completely horrid looking poster of some guy trying to advertise his services...
No. 484360 ID: f2c20c

Huh, what's this? A1 has a job posting? G13 is the reward? Hmm. Maybe we can ask her what that's about later.

What are those posters hidden behind the others?
No. 484361 ID: bf54a8

let's try the evil cave. if that seems too much then the lost ball is good.
No. 484363 ID: be7fd9

>need someone to spy on my wife
>need someone to pretend to spy for my husband
Oh my Tagon, an opportunity to get paid twice! ...domestic spy work is kind of boring and frustrating through.

Huh. I wonder if she has an actual lead she needs help on? Or if she's just shooting blindly and hoping someone useful shows up. I mean, we'd love to help, but we don't know how.
No. 484366 ID: 92c81e

Grr... as much as I would love to help A1, I feel it would only distract us from forming bonds with Artemis. We can't both empathize with Art and A1 at the same time.

As for the two "spying" missions. Doing both seems like a terrible idea. Getting caught would make a bad reputation for Saisai.

I think the best ones are the Cave or the Church missions. Both for monetary reasons, and because if the mission is too simple, it won't provide the necessary conflict we need for Saisai and Art to work together.
No. 484374 ID: be7fd9

Well, that's regrettable. Although, to the best of our knowledge, Masil can fix that kind of dead. She just hates Oraes. ...and probably wasn't found of Thasti either.

The problem will be getting her to cooperate.

...and making sure we get her to cooperate before our opponent kills her. If he's aware she can reverse the deaths, he's going to make her a target as soon as possible.

No. 484484 ID: a68e3e
File 135793355085.png - (137.67KB , 800x600 , 281.png )

She hates all of us! That bitch is just... BLUH! It's cause of her that my people even get any soul illnesses! I hate her so much...
If you want to get her attention though just go to the catfolk city and look for her. She's always looking for attention so when someone's trying to find her she finds them. She... Probably spent more time with her people than any of us... But not for a good reason!

Oh A1 is looking for someone. I don't know anything about robotics though... Maybe after the mission I'll check up on her.

"I like this cave one. The pay is good too."

>"I was just about to say we should take that one." He pulls down the flier. "It's not too far from the castle too. It looks like it's in the mines."

"You know where that is?"

>"Of course. I know pretty much the entire kingdom."

"I honestly don't.. Lead the way."

He smiles at her

>"Sure, just follow me."

The two of them walk a mile or so from the castle and arrive at the mine that was listed in the flier. Someone is outside to greet them

>"Hey. You two knights?"

"Yes. We're here about the mission."

>"Right. There be some bad things in that there mine. Been scaring off all my workers. Think you can take em out?" The man eyes the two of them, a bit doubtful of their power.

"We're knights of the Royal Army. We can handle a simple mission like this."

>"Right. Well head on in when you're ready."

"Ready Artemis?"


The two of them go inside the mine.
No. 484485 ID: a68e3e
File 135793389199.png - (92.95KB , 800x600 , 282.png )

Saisai clutches her spear close to her as the two of them make their way through the dark mines.
There are fallen, broken, fairy fire torches scattered around them.

>"Hey Saisai." He calls to her in a hushed voice.


>"Why do you use a spear? I don't think I've seen many people in the Knights use them."

"Why? Not really a choice. No swords around. There were sticks. Sticks with rocks that could be fashioned on top."

>"You made your own?"

"Always have. This one right here is one I made too."

>"Really? It looks so professional."

"I've had time to practice. I'm actually pretty good with my hands."

>"It shows. Mages pretty much buy their staves. But each is handmade so the one we pick is unique. The one I'm using now was handed down in my family."

"Hmm. Could never really get magic."

And now we know why I can't use magic.

>"I'll teach you a bit some day. It's easy once you get the basics down."


Hmm.. Other than this place being dark and creepy looking I'm not seeing much that suggests something is haunting it.
No. 484487 ID: bf54a8

on your left, dark shadow around the corner
No. 484490 ID: be7fd9

>not many people us a spear
That can actually be advantageous. Having an unorthodox fighting style or chosen weapon makes it harder on your opponent. ...although, actually, maybe that doesn't matter so much, seeing as how nearly everyone seems to have an unorthodox something or other. Telekinesis, mechanical claws, cardboard, shark hands... I mean, jeez, pretty much the only time we see an actual sword is when the dragon slayer pops up.

>And now we know why I can't use magic.
Kind of amusing, actually. Art is offering to teach you a few things, because you're a friend. Which is precisely the reason you'll even be able to learn! Self fulfilling.

>Don't see anything
Hmm. The poster and the miner weren't too specific about what was down here, or where. We might have to keep looking.

Although it kind of looks like there's something around the corner down the passage to your left.
No. 484496 ID: f2c20c

Evidence suggests that whatever it is doesn't like the torches. You could light one to see if you could lure it out.
No. 485999 ID: a68e3e
File 135848272340.png - (27.16KB , 800x600 , 283.png )

"I think I see something.. Stay close."

Saisai leads Artemis further down the corridor. They eventually catch up to some... Thing.
It seems to be growing straight out of the ground. It stares at them...

"The hell is that...?"

What the hell is that?
No. 486001 ID: bf54a8

don't attack, we have no idea what it's speed and such are. could be a counter beast. we also need light, ask art to make some lights.
No. 486005 ID: f2c20c

What's that symbol on the ground under it? It looks familiar... let me see if I can figure out what it is.

Don't make any light, I guarantee you that it will be angered by it. We're too close to risk an attack now.
No. 486012 ID: beeca1

OR it could be something that kills us instantly if we don't attack it.

Let's hope shadowstuff is soft and try to pin its arms together.

Or we could act rationally instead of only considering a few possibilities.
No. 486031 ID: f2c20c

Okay. The symbol stands for the lack of morals/emotions. Or maybe you already knew that.

I don't suppose this could be a Soulless, could it? Regardless, maybe you should just stab it.
No. 486037 ID: b6edd6

Whatever it is seems to have specifically destroyed the lights, which implies that it dislikes light but is capable of getting close to them.
No. 486038 ID: f2c20c

Oh! It IS a Soulless. A Creeper, most likely. If it touches you, you will die. Do not not not not NOT get within range of those claws.

Soulless cannot be killed except by Light spells. They can be wounded by other things though.

So, have Artemis here cast Holy on it if he can. If not, we need to get out of here and come back with someone who has Holy spells. Like for instance A1.
No. 486045 ID: be7fd9

Do what he says.

Also, it occurs to me, if that things eat souls, you've currently got a dragon soul in here with you. You probably look pretty tasty. o_o (To say nothing of us. Are we edible, I wonder?)

It's a soulless. A monster that feeds on souls. Takes holy magic to kill them. Unless art knows any, we'll have to retreat.
No. 486463 ID: a68e3e
File 135866994790.png - (167.15KB , 800x600 , 284.png )

A Soulless..? I never heard of them.

"Art, do you have any light spells..?"


>"Use it. N-"

The thing lunges at Artemis with it's claws out. Artemis casts his light spell and the moment he does the creature changes course and attacks Saisai. She barely has enough time to react but manages to block it's claws with her spear. It's strength is greater than she had anticipated and she finds herself struggling to stay up. Part of it seems to be burning off.

Don't let that thing cut you no matter what! You may have two souls in this body but like... It could take either of us! Don't want to gamble on a 50/50 do you!?
No. 486464 ID: f2c20c

That's not an offensive light spell dammit! Run! It can't detach itself from that symbol. It won't be able to chase you, so take advantage of that!

Art might be able to drive it back with some fireballs while you both retreat.
No. 486466 ID: bf54a8

tell art to amp up the power!
No. 486485 ID: 8fecfe

would she get killed anyway without you by this thing? could you actually do anything useful with this body without here just in time? I don't think there is much gambling here anyway...
try to stay close to artemis, not creating a shadow in the attacker's direction.
Artemis should power it a bit up, then flee a bit away... watch carefully what it is doing during that!
No. 486497 ID: 7b0ada

>Run! It can't detach itself from that symbol. It won't be able to chase you, so take advantage of that!
No, that won't work. The symbol moved along the floor. We're in section of hallway with two right angles. The symbol was originally on the floor past both corners, now it's in the short section in between the two.

SaiSai, you cannot let that thing cut you.

It changed course when Art's light spell went up. It veered away from him. Try moving closer to him, so you're covered by the spell too?
No. 486498 ID: 035ce3

It must be because it has an aversion to light that's why it's down in the mines.
No. 486515 ID: f2c20c

Well, if the symbol moves, an alternate way of dealing with it would be to Seal it.
No. 487600 ID: a68e3e
File 135916717670.png - (122.83KB , 800x600 , 285.png )

Saisai backs away and goes into Artemis's light spell

"Make it stronger!"

Artemis nods and amps up the light on his spell. The monster slinks away and cowers as Artemis's staff illuminates the hallway.
No. 487601 ID: a68e3e
File 135916727179.png - (94.35KB , 800x600 , 286.png )

It slashes in the air behind it. It seems to rip into nothingness, as though a hole were punched into the world. It flees into the rip which soon seals itself

>"Geeze... What was that thing..?"

"Not sure. I have some idea but I've never seen it before.."

Well, at least it's gone.
No. 487602 ID: bf54a8

if it can get out, it can get back in.
No. 487606 ID: f2c20c

I told you they're called Soulless. They exist in the Dark World most of the time, and venture into our world to try to steal souls. Almost all of them are basically mindless beasts, acting on a desire to retrieve their own soul that they lost somehow. There are... some that are not mindless. They never leave the Dark World though, as far as I know.

I think their creation had something to do with dark mana? I can't remember much more, sorry. Also, no, this isn't future knowledge or anything. I don't think we even have any of that left now. This timeline is far too different at this point for much of anything from the other timeline to be applicable.

Proceed further into the place to make sure there aren't any more. Keep that light spell up and stay close to eachother.
No. 487610 ID: 908c2d

Well, problem is, it could be anywhere.

Best case, you drove it away, and no one will ever see it again (ha!). Worse case, it'll show up in the mines again as soon as you leave. Worst case? You've pissed it off and it's going to use that slash slash teleport move to ambush you later.

I think it's time to do some research. Where could we find more out about soulless? The library, the church? We might be able to find something by the symbol, too.
No. 488205 ID: 035ce3

We need to alert the knights that we encountered a Soulless in the mines now.
No. 488770 ID: a68e3e
File 135955150741.png - (91.84KB , 567x529 , 287.png )

Yeah this is a bit much for me.. Maybe with Captain, definitely with A1, but just the two of us? Not working.

"Artemis, let's go back to the castle. We need to tell the King about this."

>"I agree."

Sticking close together the two of them leave the mines. They explain what the monster is to the one who gave them the mission. They tell him they need to get stronger knights in on this. The man thanks them and pays the two of them G150 for at least checking it out.
Back at the castle the two of them find themselves in audience with the King.


>"The monster sure sounds like a Soulless.. Along with Shades and Thought Eaters they are a blight upon the land. Regulus?"

>"Yes, your majesty?"

>"Go to the church and tell High Priest Lark and tell him to get some of his most powerful priests to scan the mines."

>"Right away."

Regulus leaves the room. Saisai and Artemis are alone with the King. The Dragonslayer is there...

>"So, how are the two of you liking your stay in the Royal Army?"

"!! It's uh... It's great, your Majesty."

>A "Same. The missions are really tough but it's been great so far."

>"Captain Maggie always speaks very highly of the three of you, especially you Saisai."


>"Yes. She says you've shown great leadership potential. And the way you wield spells Artemis, very clever. I was there during your match against Miss Falladay here and seeing you shove the Barrier spell against her was quite impressive."

>"Th-thank you.."

He smiles at them

>"I only expect more great things from the two of you."

I think that's the most compliments I've been given in one conversation, ever. If I had a tail it would be twitching in joy.

Hey, the Dragonslayer is like -RIGHT THERE-. We should totally just steal it...

>"The day is still young, if you two want I do have a mission I need done. It was supposed to go to Regulus and his small team but he'll be busy for a while. And I think you two would like this mission."

>"What is it?"

>"Well a thief has been reported stealing from quite a few people around the kingdom. We know she was last seen around the shopping district nearby and I wanted to send a group to investigate. If you took the mission I would be more than glad to reward you for it."
No. 488771 ID: bf54a8

sounds fun.
No. 488783 ID: 908c2d

Well, you sort of had to abort the last mission... so why not? ((Apple?))

In our experience petty thieves can be pretty easily dispatched with a gravity spell, and maybe a whack from the non-business end of a spear.

It's a little harder to steal from someone right in front of you. We don't know exactly how Art would react. And even if we were successful (and didn't get stabbed in the process of trying to steal it...) that leaves us on the run as the known thief with the entire might of the human kingdom chasing us. We wouldn't have the sword for long.

Plus, um, should Myli be that comfortable right next to the dragon slayer? It passively weakens dragons, donit? Something smells wrong to me.

No. 488819 ID: 695191

Sure agree to it, sounds right up your alley. You have the speed and Art has... well one of his spells should prove handy somehow.

Steal it here and now? You really think we'd get away with that? Over Regulus and the King? And where would we go with it? We need more of a plan than that.

I think he doesn't feel it, since he's fully human in that form. Or it effects his powers more than his body.
No. 488862 ID: f2c20c

Ask to speak to the king in private. I think it's time we set things in motion against Regulus.

I suspect that Regulus does not know the king is Myli.
No. 488867 ID: 908c2d

I still think it's too risky to approach Myli openly.
No. 488968 ID: b6edd6

Last I heard, the king is powerful enough to annihilate someone just by glaring at them. Lets not test if he can still do that.

Anyway, we should not approach the king until we are sure he both is Myli and isn't in on the scheme.
No. 488972 ID: f2c20c

Well, if we want proof... let's have Ombra spy on them after we leave.

Do you think it's possible to listen in on their conversation via the window without being seen?
No. 489003 ID: f2c20c

You realize if she picks it up that will make it extremely obvious who her father is?
No. 490433 ID: a68e3e
File 136003561437.png - (107.14KB , 800x600 , 288.png )

Regulus was able to see me even when I was invisible. Somehow. I doubt I'd be able to spy on them without possessing someone's body. Maybe Maggie?
Anyway I know we can't -really- steal the Slayer right now. It's just so damn tempting. Perhaps we can hire a thief?

"Yeah, sure. Our last mission ended a bit quickly so I guess we'll take another. What do you say Artemis?"

>"Sounds good to me."

>"Excellent! Now, the last person to see the thief in question is a gentleman named Daniel." He hands them a picture and address "If you want you can see him to get more information."

Saisai takes the info on the man.

"Thank you. We'll head off right now."

>"Good luck you two."

They give a small bow and leave the castle. Artemis looks over the profile of the last witness with Saisai.

"I know this man."


"Yeah. I mean not like personally but he's a friend of my family. I've seen him at some of the luncheons. He's pretty well off."

>"Do you think we'll be able to catch the thief?"

"Just a normal thief doesn't stand a chance in hell against knights."

>"Hrm, yes. This lady was no normal thief."

Daniel strokes his long beard as he talks to the two knights. His home is large, almost as large as Saisai's old home. It's completely furnished with rather showy furniture, which seems fitting for the man.

>"Yes she seemed quite unusual. My son is in the knights, you may have seen him in fact. Do you know of Sir Lancelot?"

"I've.. Heard of him."

>"Hmm, quite. Well even someone as powerful as my son was overpowered by the thief. She's been talked about quite a lot among my group. We call her the Dark Knight on account of her black armor. She's been quite the thorn in our side. Yes, I'd say with her recent theft of my prized Golden Piglen she's risen to the top of the wanted list. Do you think that my beloved Piglen can be returned?"

"We'll do the best we can sir."

>"Good, good... If you do that I'll be sure to reward you quite handsomely."

"Thank you. Is there anything else you can tell me about her?"

>"Hrm.. I remember there was a symbol on her buckler.. Let me see where... Leonard! Get me my pen!" A moment later a butler appears with a pen and writing pad. "Hrm... Like this."

He hands Saisai a piece of paper with a symbol on it.

>"I'm not entirely certain what it means but maybe it will help."

Saisai and Artemis examine the symbol. Neither of them have seen it before either.

"It might. Thank you, sir."

>"Not a problem, not a problem. Let's hope you catch her, hmm?"

Hmm.. We have an odd symbol now. And we know she was last spotted in the marketplace.
No. 490436 ID: 908c2d

>Perhaps we can hire a thief?
Perhaps, if we knew one good enough, and who we could trust.

>We have an odd symbol now.
Is there any place where we could look that up?
No. 490440 ID: f2c20c

Let's go snoop around the marketplace then.
No. 490443 ID: 695191

Does that symbol mean anything to you?

Wait a minute, does a thieves guild exist in the kingdom? What would their relation be to this thief? We should check with them, on the off chance that this crook isn't associated with them they might prove helpful.
No. 491021 ID: a68e3e
File 136021096573.png - (67.55KB , 800x600 , 289.png )

Symbol doesn't mean anything to me personally.
As for a thief.. Maybe Saisai's half sister? Or was she just an Assassin/kidnapper? She owes us one anyway.

I don't know if such a thing exists honestly. If it did it'd probably be in the Shadow and I don't really feel like going back there again. How does one even go about -finding- a thieves guild?

"Hey, Artemis?"


"Know any place where we can get this symbol checked out?"

>"Hmm... The School maybe? If anyone knew about it they would be there."

"Alright, let's go there then."

It is a short walk from Sir Daniel's house to the School. The trip is silent and once the two arrive they present the symbol to the the librarian there. He takes the paper and examines the symbol. Without saying a word a book appears in his hand. He opens it to a page and points.

>"That right there is the old emblem of the Royal Army. Around 40 years ago when Cecil Von Central went missing and our current King, King Valier, took the throne. Suddenly, around 5 or so years ago, he decided to do away with that symbol. It was supposed to represent the Earth Dragon Myli. You'd find it commonly on the knight's shields or banners back in the day. Sir Gawain Walwen would know more about it. Actually I think any of the Captain Generals would know more about it than I do."

Explains why I didn't know. I don't really keep track of the humans


Saisai takes back the drawing and leaves with Artemis.

"Hmm.. That wasn't too helpful."

>"It does give us a bit of insight on the person though."


>"Well this means either the thief is a old knight, in which case we should be careful, or she managed to steal this armor from an old knight. That also means we should be careful."

"An old knight or she's robbed an old knight... But she also could have gotten the armor from like a store or something. Maybe the knight pawned it."

>"I don't think that's very likely. Armor and weapons tend to get passed down the line. Even if the descendant doesn't use it it's still an heirloom. You'd be hard pressed to find functioning armor from a knight on the market. Standard armor, sure. But something that's colored and blazoned? Very unlikely. I mean, would you sell your spear?"


>"Exactly. I think if we find out more about the thief we'd have a better chance of catching her."

He smiles at her

Since when did -he- become the leader of this?

He's got a point though. We could ask and see if a knight left within the last few years. That might end up with too many possible suspects though.

I need to take back the initiative in this.
No. 491023 ID: f2c20c

Do you? It doesn't matter who the ideas come from so long as you both work together and make an effort. Nothing wrong with competitiveness though I suppose.

Let's ask about knights who left the army recently, and who had black armor.
No. 491026 ID: 908c2d

>SaiSai's sister
Possibly. Although I'm not sure how good a thief she is, and she'd be an immediate suspect anyways, since Regulus knows she knows about the sword (he lent it to her) and he knows her background. He also likely knows she has a daughter that can be used against her.

We need a better plan. Once we take the sword, anyone involved will be at risk, and they're going to come after it.

What do we do with the sword once we have it? And where do we run with it? Or if we don't run, how do we hide it? A mimic isn't good enough, I promise you that. The people holding the sword are capable of leveling a city looking for it.

>Since when did -he- become the leader of this?
Hey, he's not wrong. The symbol on unique gear is the best lead we have. It's a far cry better to try and track her this way than trying to just bump into her.

And you did ask him to loop up the symbol. He's just following the evidence.
No. 491045 ID: a68e3e
File 136021671953.png - (151.57KB , 800x600 , 290.png )

I'm sure my people would shelter us. We need to make our way there anyway to get me back to life.

Yeah I guess it all works out in the end anyway..

"Alright, let's go back to the castle and see what we can dig up on her."

They return to the castle and ask the nearest knight if he knows where a Captain would be. It turns out the man in quest is Lieutenant Captain General Arthur.

"Oh.. I'm sorry."

>"Don't worry."

"Me and Artemis here wanted to ask you a few questions."


"Uhm.. Do you recall a knight who wore black armor? And was around before the Dragon emblem became disused?"

>"Hrm... Yes. Older knight, named Apple. Quit a while ago. Only knight with black armor. Had two daggers and a buckler. Not sure why she quit. Why do you ask?"

"Ah well our mission right now is to find her."

>"Hrm... Regulus would know. Has records on everyone. Should be in his quarters. It's near the King's room."

"Thanks. Come on Artemis."

They go back to where the started the quest but instead knock on the door next to the King's. The door opens the moment Saisai knocks revealing a rather sparse room. Other than a black orb on the desk there's literally nothing else noteworthy, not even a single painting.

>"I guess he's not here."

Quick, while he's gone, go through all the things! ALL THE THINGS!
No. 491046 ID: 04b86a

>a black orb
No. 491047 ID: 908c2d

Ha. Was her, after all.

>Black orb
...it probably breaks all kinds of rules to go through someone else's private quarters when they're gone. And there's a good chance touching the orb will do something bad.

We're totally gonna touch it anyways, aren't we.
No. 491057 ID: a68e3e
File 136022422935.png - (44.08KB , 800x600 , 291.png )


Saisai walks inside and touches the black orb


The orbs spins and suddenly three screens display. They are see-through and seem somewhat solid.
A small stick pops out of the side.

"What is this..?"

>"I know that thing. It basically stores anything you write inside it so you can easily get it later. You can just write on that slab in front of you and it'll bring up the document you wrote. So if I wrote like Water on that front part it would bring up anything related to water that the owner has written."
No. 491068 ID: f2c20c

I believe that says

I'd like to input KING, DRAGON, THASTI or MYLI but we don't have all the symbols for those. SAISAI would be a great thing to look up too.

You could try copying that first word (regulus)...
No. 491069 ID: 04b86a

Let's see here, a very quick bit of cryptography says...

Regulus Welcome

How specific do we have to make these searches? Does it have to be a noun, verb, or phrase or can we just pull up a list of all documents containing a given word? Because I can't think of any useful words using what we have here.
No. 491075 ID: a68e3e
File 136023137505.png - (39.39KB , 854x412 , 292.png )

"Artemis, you know how to write this script?"

>"I don't. It's pretty archaic."

Saisai frowns and grabs the pen. She does her best to write in the word REGULUS. When she finishes writing more symbols appear on the screen

So it seems you guys can read it at least.
What's it say?
No. 491077 ID: f2c20c


Current captain general of the royal army
Orphaned at age 7. Adopted by the king at age 7.
Became a knight at 13. Captain at 16. Captain general at the age of 20.

On right:

(black space)
Key word needed.

Looks like we won't be gaining any private information here. Wanna bet Myli killed his parents and he wants to kill all the dragons out of revenge?

From the translation, you should be able to spell APPLE. Put that in, since we need that info and I'd rather we avoided speaking to Regulus as much as possible.
No. 491078 ID: f2c20c
File 136023304193.png - (1.29KB , 473x191 , APPLE.png )

Actually let me just show you.
No. 491079 ID: a68e3e
File 136023380475.png - (50.64KB , 854x412 , 293.png )

You guys are good... Ok, let me try that.

More words appear on the screen once Saisai has finished writing.
No. 491080 ID: f2c20c

Apple Dieba

Recruited into the knights at the age of 17. Passed by defeating captain Sable in what he called 'The best damn game of flipcoin I ever played' While doubtful at first she has proven her worth in the knights and is an excellent fighter.

This person is no longer a knight

Possibly the thief that has been reported lately. Resides in the small house on the bridge of hope. Left because of the XXXXXXXX incident.

Interesting. We have a location, and a mystery. Poke the orb again to see if you can turn it off before we leave. Our next destination is Apple's house. Personally, I'd like to speak with her instead of attempting to fight her, and ask why she left the knights.
No. 491087 ID: 04b86a

Yeah, that's right. I think we can take two things from this:
1) If Regulus is redacting stuff like this, then we're probably not going to find any incriminating evidence here regarding the dragons.
2) Do not gamble with Apple. Well, unless you feel like playing a damn good game of flipcoin, anyway.

Before you turn it off, though, type in your name. And Artemis's, I guess, he'll probably appreciate knowing what his file says.
No. 491163 ID: f2c20c
File 136028215669.png - (1.01KB , 329x124 , SAISAI.png )

...I didn't really want to spend much more time in here and risk getting caught, but it could be very useful to know how much Regulus suspects her. Here is Saisai's name in this script.

Looking up Artemis would be rude.
No. 491220 ID: 76b151

Well we could always ask him if he wants us to look him up... but I agree we don't want to stay for too lonag.
No. 492211 ID: a68e3e
File 136066302359.png - (34.66KB , 876x459 , 294.png )

... Ok, I'll type in my name then we're out of here.
You see it? Ok, I'm leaving.

"Come on Artemis, let's go."

>"Go where?"

"Uhm.. I was able to uh.. Infer what this thing said. And it gave me directions to Apple's house."

>"Really? That's perfect! Let's go then!"
No. 492212 ID: a68e3e
File 136066317544.png - (39.63KB , 800x600 , 295.png )

The Bridge of Hope is a short walk from Morgan's Shop. Saisai remembers when it was built almost a decade ago by the King. He said that the gold used to build it was a gift from the Dark Elves, in hope that the peace between them would continue. A similar bridge was built in their own land using funds from the Kingdom.
There is a lone house on the bridge.

Huh... It looks rather homely for a thieves den.
Should I just go up and knock or are we gonna do a stealth mission?
No. 492214 ID: bf54a8

knock. never expect it.
No. 492216 ID: 04b86a

Oh, huh, I don't think I'll tell you exactly what it says, no need to feed your ego too much, but there is one point of interest there. All of the higher ups know you're part tigerfolk, but acknowledge it's very weak and don't think it'll cause you to turn against the knights.

Knocking seems fine to me.

(Here's the translation for anyone who doesn't want to do it themself:
Saisai Falladay
Joined the knights after passing the knight's entrance exam.
Very strong, a skilled spear user.

She's proven herself to be a great leader and has come back from a few missions that less powerful knights would have died on. Captain General Maggie suggests that, if we needed to, we should promote her to captain.

Saisai is part Tigerfolk, though their blood is very weak in her. She comes from a noble family with no history of crime. So far she has given us no cause to believe she would turn against us.

Anger issues. Known abuse in childhood may lead to problems later on. Maggie has been trying to cure her of that without Saisai knowing.
No. 492220 ID: f2c20c

(whups you beat me to the punch! I was going to try to keep the translation out of our general knowledge pool entirely)

There's some blacked-out info in the notes section, and that worries me. Later on let's talk to the Merchant about spy tools. A scrying tool to catch the password, or something we can use to hack into that orb thing to bypass the password. Also, next time we use it, summon Ombra for it so we don't risk getting caught and killed or kicked out of the knights or whatever.

(guys, please don't tell her the rest of what's in there. Especially that they looked into her abusive father and that Maggie's... maybe messing with her mind via psychic powers to help her get past it)

Knock. But don't stand on the welcome mat, there could be a trap or something under it. Besides, how could we be stealthy here if she's home? If she's NOT home then we could see if the key is under the welcome mat, and let ourselves in to investigate a little.
No. 492223 ID: a68e3e
File 136066595046.png - (73.88KB , 407x590 , 296.png )

Remind me when the mission is done and I'll see about getting something like that from Morgan's dad.

They... They really do know I'm part Tigerfolk..? And there ok with it..? That.. You don't know how much of a relief that is. I was worried the king would find out and kick me out or something, or even Regulus. Still I'm guessing if -everyone- knew that would still be bad. I'll still be keeping it hidden..
Oh, right. The door.

Saisai knocks on the door, careful to avoid stepping on the welcome mat. A moment later someone opens it

>"Hey there." She looks over Saisai. "A knight? What's the problem, Miss?"
No. 492224 ID: f2c20c

"cook"? Must've caught her in the kitchen. Also, I guess she must know that script if she's wearing it. Interesting. Can you smell what's cooking?

Just tell her that we'd just like to ask her some questions about her time in the knights. We heard she left for some reason and we're curious as to why.
No. 492225 ID: 76b151

Tell the truth. A theif wearing dark armor with the old symbol of the knights has been stealing things around town. As she is one of the few knights who wore such armor we were wondering if she can help us track the thief down.
No. 492254 ID: 908c2d

>I was worried the king would find out and kick me out or something, or even Regulus.
Well... remember that they can still use it as an excuse to fire you out of hand if you ever make the wrong people really angry, and it would save them from having to disclose the real reason.

Although, I suppose the king already has the power to kick anyone he wants out of his knights, so it's not like that changes much.

(Confirmation SaiSai can't read parenthesis? I would have thought she'd react to that).

>Hey there
Introduce yourself, and ask if she's Apple before asking her about the stuff.
No. 492383 ID: a68e3e
File 136073224179.png - (95.20KB , 800x600 , 297.png )

"My name's Saisai, and this is my teammate Artemis." Artemis nods at her. "You're Apple, right?"

>"Yes I am." She smiles at them.

"I'd heard you left the Knights some time ago and I was wondering if I can ask you some questions about it."

>"Oh.. that was some time ago. I'm afraid I really can't say too much, for legal reasons, but please come inside."

She opens the door for them letting the two of them step inside. As soon as they step in the first thing they notice is the heavy smell of chocolate.
Apple walks up to them holding a tray of sweets.
She's quite clearly pregnant.


"Uhm.. No thanks.."

>Artemis: "I'm good..."

She's pregnant.
Can thieves be pregnant?

She sets the tray down

>"So what did you want to know?"
No. 492385 ID: 908c2d

>She's pregnant.
>Can thieves be pregnant?
...well, yes. If you're badass enough, you can do just about anything and still be pregnant. It just makes things harder. Well, a lot harder. But there are some very capable people out there as well, and it often doesn't serve one well to underestimate them.

Granted, it's unlikely the thief is pregnant, and that doesn't match the description / picture we were given here >>490433. The thief pretty clearly has a bare, non-pregnant midriff.

So unless our witness is shit, or this woman here is faking that pregnancy, she's likely not our thief.

She still might have information that would be useful to us, though.

>"So what did you want to know?"
Explain the situation. That you're looking for a thief, who apparently is using some of her old gear. Does she know anything that could help us find who has her stuff? Or how they might have got ahold of it?
No. 492390 ID: f2c20c

Well, we should ACTUALLY ask her about the incident before we go on about the armor and thief. I mean it's kindof weird to immediately change the subject.

So uh, say that we don't really know anything about what happened and if she can give us a basic summary of what happened that'd be nice. Was it a disagreement between knights? Or something to do with how Myli's symbol is no longer used?

After you've covered the event itself, continue along those lines and ask her what she did after she left. Did she sell her old gear? What did she do for money afterwards?
No. 492391 ID: bf54a8

ask about who is the father.
No. 492415 ID: 875821

Even if she is, she was a theif and she likely has contacts and specialized knowledge, like how a heist would be pulled.
No. 492455 ID: 7003a8

Ask "May I?", then rub her belly. Try to tell if it's real or not.

If it feels real: "Since you used to be a knight I'll be honest here. There's been a rash of robberies by a thief matching your description in old knight gear.
Naturally this means you're a prime suspect, but I'm leaning towards it being a frame job.

I understand you left the knights following an incident. Would you please tell us, in your own words, what happened?"
No. 493417 ID: a68e3e
File 136100032969.png - (119.51KB , 726x493 , 298.png )

So uh, say that we don't really know anything about what happened and if she can give us a basic summary of what happened that'd be nice. Was it a disagreement between knights? Or something to do with how Myli's symbol is no longer used?

"Well we really don't know what happened back then. Was there some kind of disagreement or something?"

>"I'm sorry I really can't say. I'd love to tell you but.." She shrugs. "It's part of my contract not to reveal what happened."

"Not a thing?"

>"You'd have to ask the King."

"Alright... I know that back then the Knights used to have a symbol, it looked kinda like a dragon. It was supposed to represent Myli, right?"

>"That's right."

"Why did the king decide to get rid of it?"

>"Oh well.. From what I know a lot of people didn't follow just Myli and wanted to wear different symbols on their armor. Eventually he agreed and took it off the armor and shields. Anything from that time with the symbol on it is pretty valuable."

"Oh? I.. Well I hate to ask this but did you ever sell your armor?"

She sighs and grabs the tray again.

>"I did... You guys sure you don't want a cookie?" The two of them shake their heads. "Ok. Well yes, I did sell my armor. I really needed the money so I pawned it some time ago.. It was a low point in my life... Why do you ask?"

"Ah well... Someone has been committing robberies and they used armor very similar to the armor you used. It might even be the very same armor."

>"Oh my... I'm so sorry if that's causing you trouble..."

"It's really not your fault. I'm sorry for even thinking you committed the robbery. It's obvious that someone in your condition wouldn't possibly be able to do such a thing."

Saisai stands up and moves toward Apple.

"May I?"

Without waiting for a reply she reaches forward and rubs Apple's stomach.


It feels... Fake.
No. 493418 ID: a68e3e
File 136100034794.png - (166.43KB , 800x600 , 299.png )


>"... It would've been a lot simpler if you'd just kept your hands to yourself."
No. 493419 ID: a68e3e
File 136100035430.png - (174.66KB , 679x508 , 300.png )


No. 493420 ID: a68e3e
File 136100037107.png - (161.94KB , 800x600 , 301.png )

Apple reaches under her shirt and pulls out a small buckler. It twists around her arm and begins to spin, weaving some kind of thread around Apple's body.
In only a few seconds she's covered by ebony armor

>"Follow me and you die."

With that she leaps out of the window.

Did you see that!? She just straight up smacked her with a hot cookie tray! Goddamn! Saisai, you ok!? Saisai!?
No. 493421 ID: a68e3e
File 136100038609.png - (75.87KB , 397x600 , 302.png )

That hurt...
No. 493423 ID: bf54a8

tell art "next time i fall over start shooting lasers or something, just slow the perp down so i can get back up"

and then chase scene.
No. 493424 ID: f2c20c

Go look to see if it's even possible to follow her. If you can, do. Comparing her file to yours, I think you can match her in strength. Artemis is with you too, so you'll have backup.

Alternatively you could stay here and investigate her house. If she's fleeing then she probably has some other hideout, and we might be able to tell where that second base of hers is from the contents of this house.
No. 493426 ID: f2c20c

Constructive criticism comes after the action is over! The priority now would be getting Artemis to come with us on the chase, if we are chasing her.
No. 493431 ID: 9ee360

Run to the window. If she hasn't disappeared already, it's time for pursuit. And some payback (get Art to back you up).

...although, isn't this a lone house in the middle of a bridge? She's either on the bridge now, or she jumped off the bridge. That's slightly difficult to follow...

>That hurt...
You alright? The bruise and/or burn should be superficial, and something we can get treated later, but a blow to the head can leave you dazed or disoriented. If you're in no state to fight, don't.

Yeah, she's one tough cookie alll right.

Seen anything like those shadow fabric threads before?

No. 493460 ID: 76b151

Chase Scene!

Also it might be wise to ask for backup. Ya know she WAS a full knight when she left and we... aren't.
No. 493467 ID: 7003a8

Her disguise was horrible. Pregnant women get belly rubs; it's a constant among humans.
After her, I guess.
No. 494046 ID: 66adb0
File 136117147009.png - (164.39KB , 800x559 , 303.png )

Actually I am familiar with the armor type. A long time ago a bunch of those suits were found washed up near the land of Ran Tersa. No one really knows where they can from or even who made them but they're very rare and valuable. Only problem is since no one knew how it was made no one knows how to repair it either. Most of them have crumbled to nothing

I'm fine, it didn't hurt at all!
This bitch is dead though!

"Art, stop being so damn useless and follow me!"


They run out of the house just in time to see Apple leap up a building. She starts jumping from roof to roof.

"Dammit! Art, do you have anything that can get her down?"

>"Already working on it.."
No. 494047 ID: 66adb0
File 136117150398.png - (95.28KB , 629x600 , 304.png )



The spell catches her mid-leap..
No. 494049 ID: 66adb0
File 136117160191.png - (77.12KB , 800x512 , 305.png )

They see her trip over a ledge and fall off the side of the two story building.
There's a horrible crunch sound.

As they round the corner they see Apple lying on the ground, blood pooling around her head.

No. 494051 ID: 4a328b

Yeah, I think the bitch is dead.
No. 494054 ID: bf54a8

roll her to her side. you don't murder people you take them in for a fair trial. if she is stable get her to the nearest place that could have a healer. or morgan and dump a potion on her face. after she stops bleeding everywhere strip her armor and take her in.
No. 494055 ID: 9ee360

Oh fuck.

Saisai, we need to check her out. She's already got you once already with a fake out- assume she's not really down until you've confirmed she really does have a bad head injury. And get the gauntlet off of her- that should strip her of the armor it came with.

Art should stay back and cover us, in case she jumps up and it's another trick.

If she's actually hurt, we need to get her medical attention, ASAP (call for help via Maggy, maybe?). The penalty for theft or assault isn't death.

The other thing you may need to do if she's really hurt is help Art. He... didn't mean to do that. It'll be bothering him.

If she's not really hurt, make with the hurting, of course.
No. 494061 ID: f2c20c

That doesn't make a lot of sense. She's wearing a helmet with a faceguard. This is probably a trick. Like, she took out a fake blood capsule and purposefully smashed it on the ground after landing.

Approach warily. Kick her over. If she's really knocked out, get the buckler off her and then carry her to a hospital if she's got a big head wound.
No. 494067 ID: 66adb0
File 136117438192.png - (143.84KB , 800x512 , 306.png )

>"Oh man... I... I didn't mean to.."

"It's okay Artemis. I have a healing potion and the Church isn't too far off."

Saisai carefully reaches out and touches Apple. Apple's body suddenly lets out a hiss sound and begins to dissipate. Saisai jumps back as smoke begins to form around Apple.
No. 494069 ID: 66adb0
File 136117502383.png - (11.19KB , 800x512 , 307.png )

The body completely vanishes leaving behind a small black chip of metal.

No. 494070 ID: 66adb0
File 136117514598.png - (54.55KB , 419x489 , 308.png )

They look up to see Apple waving at them from atop the building.

>"Did you really think that normal gravity magic can stop -this- suit? You're gonna need something a bit more powerful than that~"
No. 494071 ID: bf54a8

keep closing in, you want to get near melee range, we will the use darkness and launch a shadowball. that should do something.
No. 494072 ID: 66adb0
File 136117540097.png - (16.89KB , 526x472 , 309.png )

> melee range

Slight problem with that
No. 494074 ID: f2c20c

Her gauntlet where the buckler sits... there's a crack.

Artemis can cast his strongest spell at her, and you... Jump while she's distracted defending. Try to time it so you DON'T land on Artemis's spell.
No. 494076 ID: 875821

jump dat shit

oh, sorry

No. 494078 ID: 9ee360

Hmm. Interesting. She gets immunity to gravity spells and illusion powers from that suit.

...of course, illusions only matter if one can see.

Saisai, jump up to the roof to fight her- have Art boost you with a gravity spell. As you get close, we'll suddenly cast darkness and then you can strike. Darkness should blind Apple, and no cheating illusions made to fool the light should show up for you while you're seeing through magic dark. I think.

No one knows how to repair them... but did anyone figure out how to break them? Crumbling that gauntlet to nothing would be pretty hand right now...
No. 494080 ID: 66adb0
File 136117696799.png - (81.32KB , 800x600 , 310.png )

Hmm.. I've never Jumped that high.
But I think right now that's our only shot.

"Artemis, make me lighter."

Artemis nods and casts Gravity on Saisai.
She holds her spear, focuses..

No. 494081 ID: 66adb0
File 136117698724.png - (25.88KB , 526x472 , 311.png )

And jumps.
No. 494083 ID: 66adb0
File 136117712050.png - (47.76KB , 800x600 , 312.png )

Just a reminder~
Guardian abilities:Change Form GP:10, Shadow Ball GP:10, Last Stand GP:50, Darkness GP:00, Summon Ombra GP:100, Limit Break- Avatar of Ombra GP:100

Saisai easily clears the jump and lands near Apple. The moment she has Apple in sight the Guardian uses Darkness, blinding Apple completely.
Saisai strikes with her spear but it's blocked by Apple's buckler. There's a faint cracking sound

No. 494084 ID: bf54a8

it's old. keep up the pressure. aim at her we are gonna use a shadowball.
No. 494086 ID: 9ee360

Right. Keep up the pressure. We keep landing blows and that crack is gonna give way. Then no more super-power armor for her.

We'll giver her a blast, you go for another smash.

[shadow ball]
No. 494090 ID: f2c20c

Aim for the buckler on purpose! Break it and poof goes her armor.
No. 494096 ID: 66adb0
File 136117842810.png - (107.29KB , 800x600 , 313.png )

The Guardian uses Shadow Ball. Once again the buckler is hit, cracking it even further.
Soon after Saisai strikes it, shattering the thing completely.
The Darkness dissipates and along with it Apple's armor. she stares in shock as it falls to pieces around her.


"That's what you get for hitting me with a cookie tray, bitch."

Apple drops to her knees, covering herself up with her arms.

"Also, you're under arrest."
No. 494097 ID: 66adb0
File 136117901945.png - (44.03KB , 396x413 , 314.png )


>"Amazing, simply amazing. You know when I sent the two of you off I had expected you to come back with just some information not the actual criminal! Astounding. You both have earned your G300! Artemis, Saisai, you did a great job."

>"It was mostly Saisai, your Majesty."

"Artemis helped out too. If it weren't for him I would've been stumped a few times. And his magic came in handy."

>"Hahaha. Artemis don't be so modest about your contribution. I'm sure you both worked together splendidly. Again, great job. You're dismissed."

The King smiles at the two of them. Artemis bows and steps out of the room. Saisai lingers behind a moment.

Should we talk to him now?
No. 494098 ID: f2c20c

Uh, why's the sword still here? Doesn't that mean Regulus is still around? Heck, it might even be possible that the sword has a... scrying... wait if Regulus isn't in the room but the sword is, you could reveal Regulus's plan to kill all the dragons and then if the king believed you then you could get the sword!

Huge opportunity. Huuuuuuge.

Well, approach the king carefully. Like, ask about the symbol of MYLI on the buckler, and what his thoughts are on the army not being so closely associated with the dragon.
No. 494099 ID: f2c20c

Oh and in case it isn't obvious, ask for a private audience with the king. As private as he can manage.
No. 494101 ID: bf54a8

say... that heard a rumor that thasti is dead. you aren't sure how that could happens since the dragon slayer is the only thing that could kill a dragon and he has it safe with him.
No. 494102 ID: 9ee360

So... did anyone recover the golden piggy that got stolen from the old dude?

>Should we talk to him now?
...I guess we won't have a better chance than this. And if he is in on it, better to find out sooner rather than later.
No. 494108 ID: b6edd6

Now would be a good time to ask what caused her to leave the knights in the first place.
No. 494280 ID: a68e3e
File 136124684059.png - (44.03KB , 396x413 , 315.png )

>So... did anyone recover the golden piggy that got stolen from the old dude?

Of course. Everything stolen was returned, even the Golden Piglen.

"Your Majesty..."


"Can I ask you something?"

>"By all means, Saisai."

"While we were investigating Apple we found out that she was kicked out of the knights a while ago. But since then no one's really told us -why-. Do you know why?"

>"Ah, I'm sorry Saisai. I can't really give exact details but... I can tell you it has to do with the Shadow Dragon, Ombra."

"Ombra? How so?"

>"I can't say."

"Right.. Also another big clue to finding her out was that she wore the old Knight's emblem on her buckler. You know, the one of Myli? Is there any specific reason it was removed?"

>"Ah, yeah... Not everyone wanted to wear the symbol. While we all may be human some of the knights identify more with other Dragons like Sharaes, Aeryr, Masil... Some don't want to have any dragon symbol on their armor. It was easier to simply remove the symbol and have everyone where what they wanted."

He shrugs.

>"It's a shame but... So, any other questions?"

"Ah uhm... I uh... Heard a rumor that uh..."

Someone knocks on the door. It's opened and Regulus steps in. He nods to Saisai before looking straight at the King.

>"Your Majesty. The Soulless are gone now. Master Ion and Sister Cheryl helped destroy them."

>"Ah, great. Try and keep a few people from the Church stationed there in case they return."

>"I've already done so."

>"Excellent. Saisai, I need to speak with Regulus. Perhaps we can speak later? Why don't you come by tonight?"

"Ah... Ok."

She bows and leaves the room

Dammit. Well, at least I have an audience with him tonight..

I've still got a few hours before night time, anything else you guys think we should check out?
No. 494284 ID: 9ee360

>I can tell you it has to do with the Shadow Dragon, Ombra.
Your king-bother is throwing you under the bus. Know anything about Apple? Ever meet her before?

>Dammit. Well, at least I have an audience with him tonight..
We'll have to be very careful with that meeting. By tonight Regulus may have turned it into a trap.

>I've still got a few hours before night time, anything else you guys think we should check out?
Weren't we going to see if A1 had any luck with her ad?
No. 494289 ID: f2c20c

Yeah, we can check with A1. Also, hmm. Did we get 4/4 with Artemis yet? Seems like we didn't.

Ombra, the king said that Apple left because of something that had to do with you. Did you get killed somewhere around that time? I wonder if the decision to kill you wasn't very popular with the Knights.
No. 494318 ID: a68e3e
File 136124951724.png - (127.71KB , 713x600 , 316.png )

Did we get the thing with Artemis? I don't -feel- any different.

Hmm? Apple? Can't remember a thing from when I was killed to be honest. You'd have to ask someone else who was there or knows about it.

Also I do remember A1 had a sign up. Let's see what crazy girl is up to.

Saisai heads downstairs and into the girl's quarters. She already knows where A1's room is so finding her is trivial. She knocks on the door and to her surprise A1 opens it with a smile on her face.

>"Saisai? What brings you here, beep?"

"Hey A1. I saw your post on the Mission Board. What is it you need help with?"

>"Ah. Come in, beep."

A1 takes Saisai's hand and leads her into the room. She pulls her over to a table covered in papers


Saisai examines a few of the papers but most of it's contents go over her head.

"... What is it?"

>"It's a new body I'm considering getting. See? It runs on a Soul Gem placed in it's center and by using the mana stored in someone's soul it can keep running no matter what. It recharges daily and the body itself is really really strong. Also it never has to eat, sleep, or anything. It's way better than my current one!"

A1 gives Saisai a childish smile

"Uh... So... You want to...?"

>"I need an escort to take me to the Shadow so I can find a Dark Elf. They're the only ones that can make Soul Gems. Then I need my escort to take my soul back here and place it in my new body."

She's not even going Beep.

>"Will you help me Saisai? I was willing to accept anyone's help but.. I think it's better if a friend joins me."



Go on Saisai. Dazzle us with your mastery of navigating through social situations.
No. 494319 ID: beeca1

Do it, but suggest that you may need permission from Maggie first.
No. 494321 ID: 035ce3

I actually remember seeing a dark elf in the Shadow.
No. 494322 ID: 4a328b

Do it, SaiSai. Crazy team-mate wants your help to become a robot.

But ask if she can return to her old body if the new one isn't to her liking?
No. 494323 ID: f2c20c

Only 500? That seems incredibly cheap for such a powerful magical item.

Saisai, keep in mind you NEED to find a Dark Elf at some point to learn Soul Magic so we can revive Ombra. However, the Shadow is extremely dangerous. I think you will need your sister's help to navigate it safely. And of course we will need Maggie's permission.
No. 494326 ID: bf54a8

ask her if she asked the professor about this. the opinion of everyone that could be affected by this is important. what if the rush of having an artificial body at last wears off and you realize something important is missing, something you didn't even notice before it was gone. you still wont be a robot, you will have traded one wrong body for another.
No. 494330 ID: 875821


Why aren't there more people doing this? It's LITERAL IMMORTALITY unless the gem breaks!
No. 494332 ID: 695191

Well... this is risky and a bit disturbing. But we shouldn't refuse or agree right away. This is way too dangerous to rush into, agree to help her only if she agrees to do more research, have a back up plan to return to her body if needed, talk to the dark elves about matters of souls, and to talk to someone who has some experience with soul controlled golems. Also to talk to that scientist she liked.

On the plus side, we have a reason to see the dark elves now.

Is there anyone or anything specific we should look into there? Maybe you want to talk to someone directly?
No. 494333 ID: 9ee360

Huh. Design kind of reminds me of the overlord's body. Similar crystal power system, too.

>Art stuff?
Hmm. Not sure if we got anything. Maybe we should talk to him again. Say thanks for the help, apologize for snapping at him, maybe?

>Can't remember a thing from when I was killed to be honest.
Dang. You know, we don't really remember what went down either, and by all accounts, we should have been their with Sable. I wonder what's up with that.

>Dazzle us with your mastery of navigating through social situations.
A1... I'll be honest. I don't completely understand why you want to do this. But... if it's important to you, and this is really what you want, I'll help. You should have a friend there.

(...plus, you've kind of been meaning to check out dark elf land for a while now. Ombra, soul magic, and all that).
No. 494334 ID: 035ce3

Because that sort of immortality sucks.
No. 494335 ID: 875821

>Badass robot body that is customizable

No. 494336 ID: 035ce3

It's obvious you don't understand what I mean
Wait would a dark elf even be willing to help? Isn't this the sort of thing they're against
No. 494338 ID: 9ee360

>Wait would a dark elf even be willing to help? Isn't this the sort of thing they're against
...well, if they aren't willing to help, Ombra was pretty sympathetic that time she met with A1. So we got all the more reason for Saisai to be the one to go. If need be, we can have Ombra pop out and yell at them. Are the dark elves really gonna argue with their miniature fairy dragon god?
No. 494344 ID: a7824f

At the very, VERY least, this is a good excuse to visit the dark elves.
No. 494349 ID: 92c81e

Ask her is she has the full details, or if she is making assumptions about this. Are there any known bugs or flaws with this new body? Has it been done before or is this just a prototype?

I want to see her through this, but we have to do what we can to cover all potential problems. Everything that can go wrong, will.
No. 494416 ID: a68e3e
File 136126378787.png - (67.48KB , 495x600 , 317.png )

"Uhm.... We probably want to ask the Captain first..."

>"I already did! She said 'You can do whatever you want with your own body, who am I to say otherwise?'."

"Ah... So uhm... Have you looked into this? Like, is there a way to change back if you decide you want your uh... Old body? And what are the risks? Are you the first one?"

>"I've done a lot of research into this already and I'm certain that this is exactly what I want. There -are- a -few- tiny problems with it. Like the new body can reject my Soul Gem. That would shatter the gem. But that only happens 15.346% of the time. And once I'm transferred my current body has to be destroyed to uhm... Prevent it from changing. Into a Soulless. I could have my body frozen but the cost of doing such a thing... Either with Time Magic or Ice Magic, it's just too expensive. Also eventually the Soul Gem burns out. My remaining lifespan would be reduced to about... 10 years. Also Dark Elves are completely against it."

I was about to say.

>"That's why we need to find one in the Shadow. I got into contact with someone and they're willing to preform the procedure. I just need someone with me to make sure it's actually done and to retrieve my soul."

"That's a lot of negatives... Have you talked to that one researcher dude? What's his name..."

>"Cid? His opinion in this is irrelevant."

She says this with a cold look. Saisai doesn't bother pushing it.

>"So, will you help me? I really think that this is exactly what I've been looking for. Please."
No. 494418 ID: bf54a8

"not until you can answer that last question without getting snippy. try again."
No. 494420 ID: 9ee360

Hey. Um. Ombra? You offered to help her before, if you could. Or that there were beings you knew who could. Was what you had in mind anything with better success rates or less risk than this? 15% failure for only 10 years seems pretty bad for me. Alternatives would be nice if we had them.

I don't suppose you could help with the 15% failure rate, or the gem burning out? Soul magic is kind of your thing, right? Maybe if we changed SaiSai's form and let you drive?

Also... do the dark elves have a good reason for (mostly) being completely against this? There terriblebad consequences?

>freeze her old body with time magic
...I don't suppose we could get your newfound half sister to do that? Aeryr should have her practicing anyways in order in eventually free him.

Don't you kind of need to have the new body ready and everything before we stick you in a gem?

A1... I'll be honest. I don't completely understand why you want to do this. But... if it's important to you, and this is really what you want, I'll help. You should have a friend there. I'd kind of like to see what we can do to reduce the risks, too.
No. 494421 ID: f2c20c

Um. 15% is 3/20ths of the time. Almost a fifth of the time. That's not a good percentage when risking death. Also you'd probably want to be friends with her for more than 10 years. If it was less likely to kill her and would let her live a normal lifespan we'd be all for it!

Also, let's not exploit your friend's deepest desire as an excuse to meet a dark elf. There are other ways to manage that. You could just ask your sister to arrange a meeting.
No. 494423 ID: bf54a8

and yeah that is a good point "what i wanted to still be with my friend 11 years from now?"
No. 494434 ID: f2c20c

Wait a freaking minute.

Is this a robot, or is it a GOLEM? The difference is one runs via technology, the other via magic.
No. 494447 ID: 695191

If we say no, she'll end up going along with it with someone else. Tell her we won't let anyone else do it. But ask her if these methods are really all that good, I mean I'm sure she has researched the best there is but it seems like it could be better. It can't be that commonly done, so maybe we could find a way to improve it with the schools research or Cids technology? I'm sure he could improve on the golems body, if not the soul gem interface itself.

Emphasize that we aren't trying to stop her, just give her the best chances and the longest life possible. Certainly she'd be willing to wait a little while if she could improve her her future body.

Could you take her body for yourself? And what would happen if she underwent a soul bind before the transfer took place, would it strengthen it?
No. 494456 ID: f922dd

Suggest that it might be better to work on improving this so that she can enjoy her new body for longer, and so she has better odds of actually getting to enjoy said body. Also, you wouldn't want to lose a friend.
No. 494514 ID: 4a328b

15% is pretty dangerous... Ten years isn't a long time, can soul gems be recharged? If so I'd be willing to help, otherwise I think we should do a bit more research and see if we can't find something that's even more what you'd want.
No. 494521 ID: 406926

We are 100% behind the idea of getting her a body which she is happier with.

The 15% risk of death and 10 year lifespan, though... those we are not so behind. It would be terrible to lose a friend like this. Is she absolutely sure that there's no safer, longer-lasting way? Maybe if she got a more customized new body she could lessen the chance of rejection, or maybe the body could use supplemental power sources to lessen the strain on the soul and keep it from burning out?

It would be great to support A1 in achieving her dreams, but we want to be sure that she's actually getting what she wants instead of settling for something close but ultimately flawed.
No. 494538 ID: c6319f

Does the new body have a self-repair function? If no, who can fix it and would doing so put the Soul Gem at risk? Her current body can be repaired by a great number of individuals, cheaply, and has a limited self-repair function. It is also going to last much much longer. While the new body seems higher performance, it does not seem more efficient, when one takes the long view of things.


[Summon Ombra]

Let's see what Ombra has to say about things. She and A1 are friends after all!
No. 494608 ID: ccb386

I say do it. 10 years of being happy is better than however long of jst being super self-hatey and depressed. Besides, We can just walk up to some Dark Elf and say, "Hey, your creator god wills you to do this thing, so do it," and Ombra's will be done. Easy morality fix.
No. 494609 ID: bf54a8

of what she thinks will make her happy.

having a new body and then alienating all her friends wont make her happy. she already doesn't care what cid thinks. in fact, i am sure she said that because cid asked her not to.
No. 494741 ID: 066948

What friends?
No. 496216 ID: a68e3e
File 136186317233.png - (62.49KB , 431x600 , 318.png )

"Hold on, why is Cid's opinion irrelevant? I thought you two were.. Friends or something."

>"We're not."

"You seemed pretty happy when he complimented you."

>"That means nothing."

"You're not telling me the whole truth. Did he say something to you."

>"... He told me that I was making a foolish mistake. That I should enjoy what I have now. He doesn't understand how I feel though. No one knows what I really feel like, beep."

The whole trapped in another body? I get that.

"I... I can't really say I understand it myself. I don't know... It seems like you're rushing into this. I mean, it doesn't even seem like a robot or anything. More like a golem."

>"Golems and Robots are very similar. One runs on technology and the other uses magic. However the end result is the same, you get a body that performs far better than than... This one."

Saisai shakes her head.

"A1 I can't let you do this. There's too many risks... And shortening your lifespan by that much? All that just to get a different body? Sorry but I think it's just crazy."


Dammit Saisai, don't use the C word around this girl
No. 496218 ID: 3bad4c

>you get a body that performs far better than than... This one

What? Uh, her current body is already the best machine there is. It grows, repairs and even contains a factory for making more. What else could you ask for?? Any golem or robot is going to be a downgrade.
No. 496219 ID: 3bad4c

Power armour, on the other hand, is totally worth looking into.
No. 496222 ID: bf54a8

yeah... it can repair a surprising amount of damage, if it isn't instantly fatal there is a good chance you will fully heal in time. and yeah as a girl she technically has a self contained construction platform.
No. 496223 ID: a68e3e
File 136186522854.png - (74.44KB , 404x600 , 319.png )

"Ah! I uhm... I didn't mean like... Not 'crazy' just uhm... I don't think it's uh... It's just a little insane-I mean stup-I mean..!"

>"Get out."


A1 pulls off her helmet and glares at Saisai

>"Get out of my room!"
No. 496224 ID: a68e3e
File 136186555439.png - (80.72KB , 800x600 , 320.png )

A1 starts pushing Saisai out

>"I don't need your advice! I don't need Cid's advice! I'll find someone else to take the mission!"

"A1 wait! I wasn't calling you crazy or anything! I just think you haven't thought out the plan all the way!"




I fucked that up.

No. 496225 ID: bf54a8

sigh, go back to the room, we'll have ombra try her luck.
No. 496226 ID: 78c6ea

Oh Saisai. You just don't understand. Better is subjective. A1 doesn't care about a heart beating in her breast. A1 may appreciate wounds closing on their own over many days, but considers the pain and the hardship much greater than that. Even being healthy to her is a trial, so many resources devoted to preparing for an injury or illness that may never exist, and it seriously upsets her. A1 enjoys the thought of being able to reattach a limb simply, and could care less about the thought of complex and irrepairable neuronal and muscle connections. She's not crazy. She just likes what you don't like. You shouldn't stop her from liking things that you don't like. And now you've gone and called her crazy, evoking the increasing internal pressures that bother her so much more than they bother you. That is to say, emotions.
No. 496227 ID: f2c20c

Way to not listen to any of our advice at all for how to say no, saisai.

Tell her you're going to find a way for her to get a new body, without the risks involved with that procedure.
No. 496236 ID: 9b3d17

>Tell her


We leave. She isn't listening right now. Just...

Just go.
No. 496237 ID: a68e3e
File 136186809911.png - (72.37KB , 800x600 , 321.png )

Move over you idiot, Ombra's gonna fix everything.


Ombra summons herself into A1's room. She sees the girl hugging herself and sobbing in the corner.

You know I said all that but what the hell do I tell the girl?
I'm not exactly as people friendly as Sharaes.
No. 496240 ID: bf54a8

let's start with something simple and a greeting.

a... "hey, i felt you were feeling down and came to see what's wrong"
No. 496241 ID: f2c20c

That depends on how you want to approach this. Do you want to act like you were listening in?

If so, here's a plan: tell her that Saisai was being an idiot (because she was) and was just worried about her dying. Promise her that we'll work to find a better way for her to get a new body. One that doesn't have so much risk, and would give her a full life.

If you don't want to act like you were listening in, you'll have to sortof sidle up to the situation by asking her why she's crying, then asking about what happened, and getting a description of what Saisai said.
No. 496244 ID: 9b3d17

Sit on her shoulder and ask if she wants to talk. Channel Jiminy Cricket in reverse.
No. 496277 ID: d6ef5d

Damnit Saisai, you weren't supposed to call her crazy.

>I'm not exactly as people friendly as Sharaes.
Yeah, but Sharaes hasn't died yet. You understand this girl's position. You know what it feels like to trapped in the wrong body. You know what it's like to be tempted by a quicker, wrong route back. After all- you could chose to try and posses and kill Saisai for your freedom, instead of playing the slow route of helping us, getting Saisai mana, and earning your freedom via soul-magic.

So you can relate to her. You've shared the same pain, and the same frustration. You can show her you understand.

...and if I remember right, you offered to help her before. That you knew people who might be able to help. Maybe it's time to come through with some of that? If she had hope for something more viable or safe, maybe she wouldn't be so willing to throw her life away on the risky quick fix.

If things go well, maybe you could also point out Saisai's kind of an idiot, but it's only accuse she was afraid for her friend. You own... somewhat hash attitude towards your host will give this more credence.
No. 497446 ID: a68e3e
File 136229370897.png - (82.63KB , 504x598 , 322.png )

I don't really want her to know I was hanging around so....


A1 looks up at Ombra. She wipes away some tears and sniffles but the tears are quickly replaced. She takes a moment before responding, her voice a bit choked up.

>"Oh. Hello again."

"I could sense your sad from like, all the way back at my lair. What's wrong?"

>"It is... Nothing."

Ombra points to the destroyed helmet.

"Doesn't seem like nothing to me."

>"... I... I found a body that I w-wanted. And a... A way to get it... But everyone that I've asked to help me said that it's... Not a good idea. And I know what I'm talking about... But everyone thinks I haven't thought this out. Not Saisai, Cid, my Captain... No one thinks this is a good idea but it's what I always wanted..."

How should I reply...?
Stupid people and their complicated emotions...
No. 497447 ID: f2c20c

Well, maybe there's another way to do it? Did any of them say that she should give up on what she wanted, or just that this particular way was bad?
No. 497449 ID: 9b3d17

"It's a short term solution, for a long term problem. What happens when the lifetime on it runs out? When that short term happiness ends? You can't go back - and you can't switch to something better than that. Your friends advise against it because they are scared of losing you. Because they are worried. They don't think you're less of a person because of what you want, they are scared of how you're going to achieve it. I know people who can help you - me and Saisai can take you to find them. All you have to do..." Hug her... uh... nose? "Is ask..."
No. 497455 ID: bf54a8

"did they say the idea itself was bad, or just that some things about it were bad?"

we know it was just some reasons not the body swap itself. she will slice off most of her lifespan. and it has a chance of outright failing to work.

after she says the lifespan thing. say "maybe it's because they still want to be your friend 11 years from now."
No. 497456 ID: d6ef5d

Well, at the very least, you have people in your life who care about you enough to worry if you're making the right decision. Even if they have a hard time understanding why this is important to you.

You understand what it's like to be trapped in the wrong body, too, Ombra. You also know what it's like to be tempted to take the quick path. Empathize with her.

You know about this soul magic stuff, right? Why do the dark elves think this kind of thing is a terrible idea? You offered to help her, before. Can you come through with that now? Can you offer her a reasonable alternative, some hope besides the rather risky plan she's come up with?
No. 497458 ID: 406926

Commiserate. Explain your own body troubles. When it comes to emotions, sometimes it can make people feel better to be aware that someone else has a similar kind of pain, even if they don't have easy answers. Given that the root of A1's current sadness is that she feels no one understands or empathizes with her, it would probably help her a great deal to be made aware that she's not the only one who isn't in the form they would prefer.
No. 497546 ID: de262c

No. 497588 ID: c6319f

We're pretending to have not witnessed the earlier exchange, that's too much specific knowledge of their issues with the procedure. She'll figure out something is up and freak out.
No. 498404 ID: a68e3e
File 136262681048.png - (82.25KB , 504x598 , 323.png )

"I don't think that they don't want you to be happy or anything. Maybe they're just worried about something going wrong?"


"Is there anything that can go wrong..?"

>"... There are a few possibly mistakes. But the chances of them occurring are minimal."

"Is that the only downside?"

>"... There are a few things that could be viewed as negative side effects..."


>"... Shortened lifespan, lack of senses, possible insanity. Nothing that I am not prepared to deal with of course."

Ombra shakes her head.

"Sorry A1 but even -I- wouldn't agree to that. Look at me, I'm in this tiny ass body and I can't even go out and about unless some insane magical artifact wills it. As it stands I could easily get a new body but right now I'm just waiting for the right time, a time where I know I can get one that I really really want. I know what you're going through, truly I do. My advice? Just wait. You'll get what you want eventually."

>"... But... I could get it now."

"I know, and I could get something similar to what I want to. But I don't think you really want that, it's just the only thing being offered to you right now. Trust me, you'll end up regretting it later."

Lying somewhat. I could just take Saisai's body and nothing bad would happen to me. But she doesn't need to know that.

>"... Perhaps... I was being a bit irrational then..."


>"... I yelled at a few people."

"Everyone needs to vent sometimes."

>"I assaulted someone who's company I enjoy."

"That... Might not be good."

>"He and I haven't spoken since."

"I... Maybe you should uh... Go apologize? Explain you were upset?"

>"I can not."

"Why not?"

>"Every time I try to my joints lock up, my body heat rises, and I find myself unable to articulate what I'm trying to say. I end up just running away as fast as possible. I don't think I can even bring myself to face Saisai and Captain now. You have been helpful so far... Is it possible you can go see them and apologize on my behalf? Tell them I'm thinking a bit more clearly now?"

No. 498408 ID: 9b3d17

"Write a note. We can deliver it."
No. 498409 ID: f2c20c

A note sounds good.
No. 498413 ID: d6ef5d

>I could just take Saisai's body and nothing bad would happen to me.
Except pissing off us. You know, the crazy magic artifact tuned to the bloodline of people specially able to wield the one thing capable of permanently killing you? I mean, it wouldn't be the smartest thing for the world to lose another dragon, but we can be surprisingly short sighted and vengeful when people we care about are hurt.

And even ignoring us, I'd assume you have some kind of conscience. It was my understanding that you'd come to some kind of understanding with Saisai the last time we were gone- and you'd be betraying that.

...threats and bluster aside though, the biggest cost you'd face wouldn't be guilt or making enemies of us- it would be the loss of allies. Someone is out to kill the dragons, and you shouldn't face that alone. We're all better off working together than talking about the ways we could kill one another, if we really wanted.

And for what it's worth, we really do want you to be free, to be yourself again. We'll have to have SaiSai bug Art again, and see if we can get them close enough so that she gets some mana (so then we can get to teacher her soul magic). I'll bet it was those stupid insults she threw at him during the chase scene that kept us from getting there...

>needs help
A note could work, or you could use mind control to help her through the apologies.
No. 498452 ID: bf54a8

she is totally in love with cid, but the fear has mixed in and she spazzes around him now.

yes a letter sounds good. but even better would be an offer to "give her some courage" and then use suggestion powers to make her do it.
No. 499374 ID: cd1119

Maaaan. Well just tell her you can talk to Saisai, explain that she's the one you're hanging out with. No sense keeping that much a secret from her at this point. Note isn't a bad idea, but I think we're going to have to go around and help her patch things up. Not right now of course.

>I could just take Saisai's body and nothing bad would happen to me.
Except for that possible permanent death by dragon slayer thing.
No. 499437 ID: a68e3e
File 136298319899.png - (15.25KB , 550x565 , 324.png )

>Note isn't a bad idea, but I think we're going to have to go around and help her patch things up. Not right now of course.

Why not now? I got plenty of OP left.
Hell I could possess her. That'll help her out.

"If it really bothers you you could write a note."

>"A note?"

"Yeah. That way to can put all your feelings into it and not worry about freezing up."

>"All my feelings?"



She picks up a piece of paper and begins writing. Eventually she hands her the note.


Maybe I -should- possess her.
No. 499440 ID: f2c20c

Get her permission first. You can look into someone's memories and emotions, so you should be able to have her speak honestly, even though you're the one talking.
No. 499441 ID: 9b3d17

We will just... deliver the note and the apology. Yeah.
No. 499451 ID: d6ef5d

...you mayhave used a little too much efficient machine compression in expressing your feelings for the meat-heads to understand.

Would you like me to help? I could... do this kind of fairy possess thing and help you find the words to talk to them.
No. 501649 ID: a68e3e
File 136392847783.png - (84.72KB , 800x600 , 325.png )

"Would you like me to help? I could... do this kind of fairy possess thing and help you find the words to talk to them."

>"You can..? Sure... If it will help..."

Alright, time to possess crazy.

Ombra flies into A1 to possess her
and is soon kicked out.

What the hell..?

>"??? Is everything okay?"

I couldn't possess her...
It's like there was nothing -to- possess...
What in the w
No. 501650 ID: a68e3e
File 136392854413.png - (78.61KB , 800x600 , 326.png )

There is a terrible shaking feeling followed by a deep rumble. Outside Ombra can hear things crashing.

An earthquake!? In Myli's kingdom!?
No. 501651 ID: f2c20c


Go see what it is, in case it's, I don't know, Regulus trying to kill the king or something.
No. 501652 ID: d6ef5d

>Nothing to posses
...she really is a robot. She's got a completely different kind of mind, one that your possession ability isn't compatible with.

I suggest you tell her that. She could use a little validation. It's more than how she feels. It really is how she is!

Oh shite. I think we need to investigate that. Whatever's happening can't be good. Excuse yourself, and then you need to investigate.
No. 501653 ID: 9b3d17

>Earthquake in the earth dragon's kingdom

I assume this is like, say, an unexpected eclipse in yours.

No. 501654 ID: a68e3e
File 136393010658.png - (99.84KB , 650x529 , 327.png )

"Dammit... A1, you might be a robot or something! I gotta go!"


Ombra flies out of the room and grabs Saisai's sleeve.

>"Ombra! What's going on!"

"Something bad, follow me!"

Ombra turns invisible and moves with Saisai to the King's room. The castle is shaking still and their progress is slowed but they eventually make it.
They open the door to see Regulus grinning as he points the Dragonslayer at something.
Ombra gets a horrible feeling. Myli the Earth Dragon has been slain. It's not a full death but his mortal body is gone.
Regulus turns to Saisai with that same smile.

>"Oh dear. I didn't expect visitors. Sorry you had to see that."


No. 501656 ID: a68e3e
File 136393047386.png - (172.65KB , 800x600 , 328.png )

>"We can't have him possessing you. That would ruin it."

Regulus tosses the Dragonslayer to Saisai. She catches it without even thinking but the blade is light and it's edge is dull in her hands.

>"Hahaha. I knew it. The King didn't tell me but I knew. You're Sable's child."

The brown light surrounds Saisai for a moment. It stays around her then begins to form around Regulus.

>"Regulus... What did you do?"

>"I killed the Earth Dragon, Myli. Isn't it obvious? And now he has possessed me." He laughs again. "It's all coming together."

>"What is?"

He keeps laughing.

>"Almost all the Dragons on our land are dead. If I can just kill the vessel of the others Sharaes doesn't even matter. They'll all be gone."
No. 501657 ID: bf54a8

fuck shit avenue. RUN. he is way to fucking strong to handle alone. he wont kill himself until you and the others are dead.
No. 501658 ID: d6ef5d

...why are you doing this though? What's the point? Don't you know killing all the dragons will break the cycle or reincarnation and cause the end of all life in this world? What do you possibly hope to gain?

And. Hmm. Technically he just killed your king, SaiSai. As a knight, you should be expected to put him down. Except for the annoying fact that Myli's possessing him now so that would kill him the rest of the way...
No. 501659 ID: 76b151

Oh fuck. You are going to get pinned for killing the king.
No. 501660 ID: a68e3e
File 136393226401.png - (76.57KB , 543x523 , 329.png )

Ombra returns to Saisai as the castle continues to shake and crumble around them.

This man is insane... Maybe if I can just keep him here until the others arrive.

"Why the hell are you doing this Regulus!? Don't you know what happens if all the dragons are killed!?"

He smiles again. There's another crashing sound coming from outside.

>"I'll tell you why, Saisai. Maybe you'll understand. When I was just a young boy I'd already started asking myself something that few others do. I asked 'why am I here? What's my purpose in this world?' I spent most of my childhood trying to find out why. Then I learned that the Dragons made us. From there I studied all I could, going to the greatest libraries in the kingdom to read about them. I learned all their secrets. Like if you destroy the vessel their soul is in they die forever. Or how once a Dragon possessed someone it could only truly live in the bodies of those related to them by blood. Then I learned the terrible secret. I learned why they created us."

>"We were all born into this world to fight their petty battles and to die for them. Can you imagine? All the time I wasted learning my purpose, learning why we exist, only to find out it was so that we could be pawns in some sick god fued?"

>"That's when I began my plan."
No. 501662 ID: a68e3e
File 136393259764.png - (82.10KB , 543x523 , 330.png )

>"Before my 8th birthday I killed my parents so that when I eventually reached this point there would be none that Myli could retreat to! I became a knight and warmed up to the King, using his trust in me and my intellect and strength to rise up in the ranks. I became the one who handled the knights, second only to the King himself. I went with Sable to insure that Ombra, the Shadow Dragon, died! I took the Dragonslayer for myself, enduring all the pain that went with wielding it so I could slay Masil! I made sure Aeryr was killed by the hands of Sable's child! I killed Thasti myself! And now Myli! Almost all the Dragons have died by my hand! And here's the real kicker Saisai. The best part. Once reincarnation is broken the god who created the Dragons has only one means of fixing it. HE WILL HAVE TO DESTROY THE DRAGONS SOULS COMPLETELY!"

The castle groans and shakes. It's falling apart.
No. 501664 ID: 76b151

Two big flaws with that.
1) He might not care.
2) He might force the reincarnation of the dragon souls regardless.
No. 501671 ID: bf54a8

FUCKING RUN! he is insane in the membrane! get away an call out to maggie. once she is listening inform her that regulus has gone nuts and is breaking shit.
No. 501672 ID: d6ef5d

...you'd cause all this death and destruction just because the dragons created us for petty violence? Who cares why we were created! Your life isn't what your parents or creators or whatever want. It's what you choose to make of it.

And if the dragons are so awful, why would you think the being that created them is any better? Why would he care if the dragons were destroyed by their own broken war-toys? Why would he care to sacrifice them to save us?

You'll kill us all for pointless vengeance.

Oh, and physic shout to Maggy if you can. The King is dead, and Regulus is soaked up on Earth Dragon Superpowers on top of his Earth Chosen Superpower and insane.

>Dragon possession ends up getting them tied to a bloodline.
...wait. That sounds an awful lot like how we work. The guardian. And Aeryr had intended to posses an artifact. Does that mean we're a... Ombra, were we a dragon?
No. 501673 ID: f2c20c

Okay, ask him how he knew Myli was the king in the first place.
No. 501674 ID: 76b151

Actually I think his information is getting mixed up with the gaurdian legend because we KNOW dragons can rebuild their bodies. It just takes their hosts mastering their own magic.
No. 501675 ID: f2c20c

Hahaha we could actually be uh, that old dragon who died first! Whatsername.
No. 501700 ID: 4ea529

That doesn't mean we're a dragon. The Dragonslayer's also tied to a bloodline.

I don't think debate'll do anything. The guy's committed enough to kill his own parents. Hell, his plan implies committing suicide to permanent-kill Myli once he's done with the others.

Not only that, but he has a reason to kill Saisai. Better escape. This guy is far more experienced than you. Ideally take him down with a good team.
No. 501729 ID: 7003a8

How good an actor are you?

Start laughing.
"Oh, man, you're really that clueless?
Ok, history lesson time.
We were made as toys and sycophants, not pawns; the proxy wars came later. Much later. And they were fought to prove whose toys were the best. They only learned of the power split between them when Oraes died.
Sharaes and Oraes actually cared about their children and refused to participate.
This blade? The dragon slayer? Sharaes made it to scare the other dragons into treating their own children with respect. That stopped the wars.
Eventually Masil, Myli, and Ombra realized what they had done and started nurturing their people to make up for it, and we forgave them.
Thasti... Less so. He became more a gruff father figure, but his people loved him.

Aeryr never learned, though. So fuck him.

But you? What's your game? Avenging people who neither needed nor wanted it?
Did you never think that this sword was given to the very people who had the most reason to hate, yet still went unused?

No, you have an ulterior motive. You think you've found a way to take their power for your own, haven't you."
No. 502108 ID: a68e3e
File 136411445227.png - (261.87KB , 800x600 , 331.png )

Fuck this, I gotta run.
He's insane.

Saisai turns around flees. She hears Regulus laughing even as the room collapses around him. She mentally calls out Maggie and begins to run through the castle. Pieces off the castle are falling down all around her and a few times a large chunk barely misses her.
People are rushing pass her and shoving as they try and flee the crumbling castle.
She sees her captain holding up chunks as they fall and protecting people who otherwise would have been crushed.


>"Saisai! Go! Grab Artemis and A1 and get out of here!

"Captain, I-"

>"Run you idiot! The whole place is coming down!"

Saisai hesitates for a moment longer but follows her captain's orders. A1 is the closest so she runs to her room.
No. 502109 ID: 76b151

Oh fuck, she is killing herself.

Alright. No time to worry about our captain. First A1! I hope she is still there.
No. 502110 ID: a68e3e
File 136411459730.png - (122.17KB , 793x579 , 332.png )

The door is unlocked.
Saisai runs inside but freezes...
A1 is lying still under large pieces of rubble.

No. 502111 ID: bf54a8

break shit. if.. we are right then she's fine. if you can't break the rubble then cut her legs off.
No. 502112 ID: 76b151

no... oh no...

Can you lift that at all? We need to get her to a healer.
No. 502113 ID: 76b151

OH! We should still have healing potions I blieve. We never used them. They won't do much but it should ensure she lives.
No. 502117 ID: f2c20c

Don't worry about Captain. The bleeding thing is normal. She knows better than to overextend herself.

As for this, call ARTEMIS. We need a gravity spell to lift off that huge rock, then we can give her healing potions to stabilize.

But you know, try anyway. If she HAS lost her legs, I don't think she will blink an eye at having them replaced with artificial parts.
No. 502121 ID: a68e3e
File 136411657188.png - (100.11KB , 758x571 , 333.png )

Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!!!

Oh no, not Crazy!

Saisai begins pushing huge chunks of debris off of A1. When she pulls one particular slab off A1's top half simply falls over. One of the rocks pinched her body in half. There's blood pouring out of her.
Saisai's heart stops as she sees her friend lay there broken.

>".... Beep."


A1 opens her eyes

>"Saisai? What's going on..? Why is everything shaking..?"

"I... I..."
No. 502122 ID: 76b151


Pick up her torso and let us go. SO she is a robot... good for her. Lets go get our other friend.
No. 502123 ID: bf54a8

we'll have to explain later. put her on your shoulder and leg it to art's room.
No. 502124 ID: f2c20c

Apply liberal doses of healing potions. Also tell her to heal herself, she's a frickin' healer.
No. 502128 ID: bf54a8

No. 502130 ID: f2c20c

No time? Why, because the castle's collapsing? You're suggesting we go back to art's room, which is ALSO IN THE CASTLE.

Also do my eyes fool me or are there wires sticking out the bottom of her torso? Looks like she is a robot after all, and healing potions might not do anything. In which case, we'd need to bring her to Cid. Also probably recover the other half of her body. And her arm.
No. 502132 ID: bf54a8

i suggest we go to art so we can help his ass if he is n trouble too.

and then if yuyu can manage it stuff them both in there and carry him out. can't be bound to a room if the room no longer exists.
No. 502144 ID: 7003a8

You have your mimic bag, right? Stuff the rest of her body in there, then stuff a healing potion in her mouth and carry her with you
Then go to Art's room to grab him.
Then to YOUR room to grab your mimic buddy - your room has an outside wall, right?
No. 502145 ID: 2fbf20

May I ask why noone is thinking of rewinding time?
I mean we could try contacting Eluria somehow and have her help us fix this situation.
No. 502156 ID: d6ef5d

Hey Mags? I know you can't hear us, but please get out of there before your strength fails and you get killed to death. Save who you can, and then leave.

Well. If she's fully human (physically) I think she's dead. Even if we pushed the two pieces back together and doused her with healing potions, she'd bleed out or go into shock before we could repair the damage. ...and healing potions really aren't good enough for that kind of damage.

Are those wires sticking out of her? That and her unusual calmness suggests she may actually be artificial. In which case she may live until we can get her repaired or something. So you could carry her off or stuff her in the mimic bag- oh shit. The mimic.

If she's fully human though... we've got mere moments until she's dead. Which I think only leaves us with one option. Ombra, you think you could do that forbidden soul gem magic she was going to pay the dark elf to do? If she has the gem and supplies already here? She's already dying- nothing to lose anymore.

Do you still have that gravity wand from earlier? Might be your best defense if something falls to crush you. Or to make A1 light enough to carry easily, if she's a secret robot and doesn't die right in front of us.

>Other people we need to find and help
Art, obviously. He's your friend. Plus, between his magic and you're agility, you can help each other get out of here alive.

Yuyu. Obviously there's no time to break his contract that way (even if you wanted to)- but will he still be bound to stay in a room if the room has been destroyed? I'm willing to bet the castle falling apart is a loophole.

And after we get clear of the castle... your half sister. Regulus wants all the dragons dead- that means he needs to kill their hosts. That means he'll be coming for her. You too, although I'm not sure if he knows you have Ombra yet (he definitely knows she has Aeryr, though).

>dragon slayer
Hey... the patterns move. I wonder, can the shape change too? After all, you're not trained to use a sword...

[Attempt to reshape the dragonslayer from buster-sword to spear or dragonlance]

Because she's barely strong enough to do warp, let a lone rewind time. And even we got back, we'd still have to kill or stop Regulus, who's an earth chosen strong enough to kill an entire cities.
No. 502175 ID: de262c

>tubes/wires coming out of her body
...Holy shit, she is a construct.

We must get her out. She might actually live.
No. 502218 ID: 2f4b71

Grab her arm, sling her over your shoulder, and get running. You can try to stuff her into the mimic bag as you go, as long as you keep moving.
No. 502223 ID: a68e3e
File 136417464776.png - (119.11KB , 763x558 , 334.png )

She... She -is- a robot!
There's like wires and stuff coming out of her!

>"Saisai..? What's going on..?"

Another quake shakes the room. She hears the stones above her groan.

Oh god. I can't lift the slab covering her legs... I hope she's fine like this!

Saisai picks up A1 and carries her as she runs to her room

>"Saisai what's going on? I can't feel my legs."

"The castle is falling apart!"

>"... Oh..."

Saisai reaches her room. The place is falling apart but Yuyu's chest isn't damaged. Saisai throws the lid open

>"Yo, Saisai! What the hell is going on!? Our contract broke a-WHY ARE YOU SHOVING A DEAD GIRL INSIDE MY CHEST!?"

"Shut it Yuyu! She's not dead!"

>"Who is this Saisai..?"

"My friend. Now make sure she's comfortable in there, Yuyu! We need to leave the castle!"

>"Hey but-!"

She shuts the lid.
The rest is a blur as Saisai continues running through the castle trying to get out. She tries to reach Artemis but the constant stream of people and the collapsing corridors prevent her from getting too close.

No. 502224 ID: a68e3e
File 136417474396.png - (122.25KB , 800x600 , 335.png )

Saisai is pushed and shoved. Instead of trying to fight the endless swarm of fleeing people she just lets them carry her away and out of the castle.
She's not too far from it when, with one final quake, the entire thing collapses.
The Central Castle is completely and utterly destroyed.

I never thought I'd see the day...
No. 502225 ID: 76b151

me either
Alright Saisai, time to try and locate the captain and Artemis.
No. 502226 ID: f2c20c

Get your butt to Cid so he can repair A1!

You still have the dragonslayer right?
No. 502228 ID: d6ef5d

Aw. Disappointed my dragonslayer to spear idea didn't work. Artifact it may be, but of the wrong weapon type doesn't help.

Okay. We got... two people out. That's something. Don't know if Mags got out, or where Art is.

First priority: gotta do something about A1. Don't know if robots bleed to death or what, but she needs some kind of treatment. Get her to Cid, and get him working on her. Then we need to drop Yuyu off somewhere. Either leave him with A1 and Cid, or leave him with Morgan.

Then, try and hook up with Art and/or Maggy again. They make it out?

Then you need to find your half-sister. Regulus knows she's got Aeryr. That means he's going to want to kill her. And probably her daughter, just to make sure.
No. 502229 ID: 9b3d17



No. 502230 ID: bf54a8

search and ask around. find other captains and stuff. explain what happened. and since he's dead technically i think the king being myli is fine to blab. :V
No. 502231 ID: 76b151

Definately find and tell the knights that Regulas has killed the king... but instead tell them he ranted how at last the final dragon was dead. He has gone mad. Though if the King WAS Myli it would explain the earthquake.
No. 502232 ID: d6ef5d

The king is dead. The knight captain killed him. I'm not sure there is a government or kingdom even, at the moment. Or that there still are knights, anymore.

Depending on who SaiSai swore her oaths as a knight to (the king? The Kingdom? The organization?) you could make a pretty good case they're void now.

In any event, we need to act on what we know- not wait for other people to make decisions. Let the surviving command structure deal with the human disaster, here. Plenty of that to go around.
No. 502233 ID: 7003a8

Ok, order of events:

1: Go find Maggy and Art.
2: Tell Maggy Regulus murdered the king with the Dragon Slayer, then said Myli was dead and started the earthquake.
3: Tell Maggy that your half-sister is host to Aeryr's soul, so she and her daughter are in serious danger. You need to know where she is so you can get her to safety.
4: Show Yuyu and A1 to Art and Maggy, and tell them you need to get her to Cid for repairs. If they take issue with Yuyu then point out he's been working for the knights for years and you couldn't have gotten A1 out of there without him.
5: Get A1 and Yuyu to Cid.
No. 502234 ID: a68e3e
File 136417732254.png - (153.45KB , 800x600 , 336.png )

There is a slight problem with seeing Cid. His workshop was -inside- the castle. And right now it's...
The whole place is gone...

Saisai feels as if someone is calling out to her. With the chest in hand she follows the call until she sees Artemis and Captain Maggie.

"Captain! Artemis!"

Artemis gives a weak wave. Maggie is without her mask but other than that she seems fine.

>Maggie: "Saisai. I'm so glad you made it out alive. Where's A1?"

"She's alive. And... Yeah, she's fine."

>"Good... Good. I don't know what I would have done if I found out any of you had died. Saisai, I remember you called out to me a while ago. Do you know what happened?"

Saisai thinks for a moment then reveals everything she knows about the King, about the Dragons, and about Regulus. The only things she doesn't mention is the current location of a few of the dragons.

>"So the King is dead and the Captain General ran away..." She shakes her head.

"Captain, what do we do?"

Maggie gives Saisai a sad look and shrugs.

>"Honestly? You guys don't have to do anything. With the King, the Captain General, and the entire damn castle gone we're done. We swore to defend the King as his Royal Knights but there's no King to defend. And the only man that could have become King is gone. You two aren't really Knights anymore."


>"It's just Maggie now. Me and the Other Lieutenant Generals need to gather up and talk about what the hell to do. We might end up just getting one of the Von Central's to become king again. Those guys are tough to track down though. In the meantime... Just go home. You're all dismissed. Go hug your families and be thankful you survived and junk."

>"... Okay. Saisai, I'll see you later. You too Cap... Maggie."

Artemis waves goodbye and heads off with the rest of the people leaving the ruined castle.

>"Go on Saisai. I need to check the area for survivors. Benefit of being able to read minds I guess."

"Ah but..."

I don't want to go home.

>"... If you want you can crash at my place for a while. It's not much but it's got rooms to sleep in. Do you know that potion shop? I live one door down. I'll be busy for the next... Probably well into the night but you can just help yourself in."




Maggie walks to the rubble and looks around, trying to find signs of anyone left.

So... What do I do about the people in this box?
Cid's workshop is destroyed and I don't even know if he's alive... And I have a mimic here too.
And my half sister is in trouble too.

Today hasn't been a good day, huh?
No. 502235 ID: bf54a8

well once we settle in somewhere we should ask A1 if she ever got seriously injured before and how it got dealt with. maybe she can just cast heal on herself a million times.
No. 502236 ID: fb528f

Find a hill and become king. Get the captain to collect any lost knights in the area. How does the line of succession work for the king? Should we assume the government is lost and find a charismatic dictator?
No. 502237 ID: f2c20c

Cid's workshop was in the castle? Then we need to find someone else who can do work with robots. Ask Morgan and her father. Morgan knows this city pretty well and is currently the only friend we even have the location of. Her father would give us all sorts of information for the right price.
No. 502238 ID: d6ef5d

We gotta drop Yuyu and A1 off somewhere. Either at Maggy's or Morgans, I suppose.

Then we need to determine if A1 is stable or not. If she needs help and we don't know where Cid is, maybe Morgan's father could locate someone or something who could help her? Finding things is kind of what he's for.

At least you can offer her some reassurance. Looks like she really was a robot all along, huh? She already was what she wanted to be- just disguised.

Take to Yuyu. We moved him without breaking the contract. He gonna be okay? The castle falling down is a loophole, right?

Then, once your friends are secure, we have to find your half sister.
No. 502239 ID: 7003a8

"Before I go, can you tell where Cid is? A1 needs his help."

You can leave Yuyu with Cid or Maggy. No worries there.
No. 502284 ID: a68e3e
File 136420173112.png - (69.28KB , 515x575 , 337.png )


Saisai yells out to her former captain. She turns and Saisai hears her talking to her mind.


Oh wow... That's weird... Do you know if Cid made it out?

The mechanic? He's not really part of the Knights. Unless I'm mistaken he's in the School when he's not working. You can check there. If he's not there then... Well, I'll keep an eye out for him.


Let's hope he's there...

Saisai goes to the School. All around people are crowding the streets and looking at the ruined castle. It makes the trip take a bit longer but eventually she's there. The place is mostly empty but the few that are there help point her to where Cid's workshop in the school is. Saisai steps inside and sees the man himself, working on something. He turns to look at Saisai.

>"Oh hey, it's you again. What's your name?"


>"Saisai. You're the Knight, right? I'm uh... Really sorry about what happened to the castle. And the King."

I wouldn't be able to tell. The man seems to be acting like nothing happened.

"Yeah. Cid... Do you remember A1?"

>"Of course I- Oh! Did she make it out of the castle!? Is she okay!?" Now he seems very concerned. "I need to find her... Please tell me she's okay!"

He grabs a coat hanging nearby and is about to leave when Saisai grabs him by the sleeve.

"She's... Well she's not fine. But she's alive. I have her."

>"You have her?" He looks at the box. "Is she in there?"

"Yes and... She was cut in half... And she's still alive... And there's wires and junk coming out of her..."

>"......... So.... You know?"

Saisai nods.

>"-Sigh-... I suppose I have some explaining to do?"

"Yes, yes you do."

>"Alright... Set her on the table."

He pulls out a toolbox as Saisai takes A1's body out of the chest. Her eyes are closed now but the steady rhythm of her chest suggests she's still alive. For a moment Saisai wonders why she even needs to breathe.

>"Impressive, huh?"


Cid rips A1's blouse a bit and ties it behind her. He presses different sections of her torso until part of it pops off. Inside is a mess of flesh colored tubes and wires all connected to a single, massive, gem.

>"My father built her." He pulls out some arcane tools and begins to tap various parts. "Used a gem he said came from across the sea. He wasn't sure what kind of power it was but he knew two things. One, it was almost limitless and two, it was sentient. Or rather, could be sentient. He used it to create a model before Zerlina. However the thing eventually went mad. He won't say why but I think it just didn't like the fact that it was a golem. He destroyed the prototype and went to work creating this one. I didn't see him much during that time and one day he just vanished. He left behind his notes and instructions on how to activate Zerlina. He said 'Don't let her know she's a Golem'. So... I didn't." He pulls out and replaces a few wires. "She didn't even know. Hell, the way she was programmed she would -never- notice. She doesn't have any bodily functions like we do but she can emulate a few of the more basic ones like breathing, sweating, crying, blushing. Stuff like that. Other more complicated ones simply don't happen to her. And the way my father made her she doesn't even notice that she's not like anyone else. But... It seems there was some kind of glitch. Her 'sister' was a golem that wanted nothing more than to be human while she was built to be human and wanted nothing more than to be a golem. I tried to follow my father's wishes but..." He pulls out another small chunk of her and attaches more tubes. He lifts her onto some kind of machine. "I didn't expect her to be this badly damaged... Well, let's pray she turns back on."

With the flip of a switch the machine she's on powers up. Magical energy is pumped from a generator nearby and into A1's ruined body. She opens her eyes and looks around

>"Saisai..? Cid..? What... What happened to me..? Am I dying..?"

>"No A1.. You're not dying. You're actually very hard to kill."

>"But... Where are my legs... And my arm." She seems to be in some kind of shock.

>"The castle collapsed and you lost them. I can build you new ones."


>"Yes... A1... You're a robot."
No. 502285 ID: a68e3e
File 136420202084.png - (70.71KB , 515x575 , 338.png )


She's taken that pretty well.

"So you can rebuild her?"

>"Yeah. While I've never been able to replicate her entirely due to not having the same core simply building replacement limbs is nothing."

A1 is sobbing now but she seems really happy.

>"A1... I'm so sorry for keeping this a secret from you. I had to."

>"It's -hic- it's fine. Really! I just.. I knew I was one! I knew it..." She nods.

>"Saisai, I need to talk with her, in private."


>"And thanks for saving her... Really."

Saisai nods and heads outside. She hears more crying coming from within.

I have to apologize to A1 later.
I guess I should go check onto my half-sister then?
No. 502286 ID: bf54a8

i wonder if cid could build us a body... i mean, we think, but without a power-source we black out.

anyway, yeah go check on her. and make her understand that things got a lot more dangerous. he could go after her kid to set a trap.
No. 502287 ID: f2c20c


So I guess it's off to the Shadow?
No. 502289 ID: d6ef5d

Well dang. Apparently the quickest way to help A1 would have been to attack her. At least something good came out of this mess...

>I have to apologize to A1 later.
Hey, it's not your fault. Hell, we believed her, but even we thought she was still flesh and blood! Even she did!

>I should go check onto my half-sister then?
Probably. What are we doing with Yuyu, first? I assume you don't want to keep lugging that chest all around town. You should probably drop him off at Morgan's or Maggies. And double check that he's okay- we kind of only got him out of there due to a loophole in his contract (can't keep him in a room if it's been destroyed).
No. 502362 ID: a68e3e
File 136427416001.png - (84.68KB , 800x600 , 339.png )

To Eluria then.
But first...

Saisai takes Yuyu's chest and makes her way to Maggie's house. She knocks first and when no one replies she simply opens the door and walks inside.

It's more normal than I thought. A bit messy but average.

She places the chest in the corner of the room. Yuyu pops out.

>"Where are we?"

"My Captain's place. We'll be staying here for a bit."

>"Ey, what happened to the castle?"

"... Destroyed."

>"Damn. That's whack, yo. I guess I'll just chill here for now. Thanks for savin me Saisai."

Saisai just nods and leaves him in the house.

Hmm.. Eluria never told me where she lived. All I know is to go to the Shadow...
No. 502364 ID: a68e3e
File 136427466092.png - (141.54KB , 700x824 , 440.png )

The Shadow is not to far off. It doesn't take Saisai long to find Eluria though. Or rather, it doesn't take too long for Eluria to pop up in front of her



>"The Shadow's in a buzz. Heard the Knights are done for."

"Pretty much."

>"They're the only thing that really kept this place in check. Yami is gonna have a field day with that."

"Hmph. I came here to warn you."


"Regulus. He killed the King because he was the Earth Dragon and the two of us are most likely next on his list."

A green light forms from Eluria. Saisai and her seem to be the only ones to notice it.

>"It is true. I felt Myli's death. There is only two of us left with a body. Masil and Sharaes."

What? Why can't I do that!?

The light fades

>"... Thanks for the heads up. I guess I'll take my daughter and move someplace else. What're you gonna do?"

"I don't know yet. Part of me wants to go see the Dark Elves to try and revive Ombra but I'm not sure if I will. I don't know anyone there and I'm not sure how easy it would be to even find a place there or work."

>"Become a barmaid. Always good money in that."

"Not happening."

>"Well... Good luck then. See ya."

She walks away.

What -do- I do now..?
I worked so hard to become a Knight and I barely was in that for a month. I can't just live with Maggie forever.
No. 502365 ID: 9b3d17

Pshaw, you have skill with a weapon, and you're a trained Knight.

Marketable skills anywhere.
No. 502366 ID: bf54a8

the knights were mostly an organization that regimented the missions so as to minimize the risk by ensuring the teams that did them were balanced. as long as art and A1 stay willing to hang out you can keep doing them.

would say if you can to ask maggie about interviewing some catfolk alchemists that are good at earth magic to upgrade the ruins from a pile of rocks to something resembling a defensive structure.
No. 502368 ID: 7dbd6b

King and order of knights suddenly disbanded, General to blame? Time to take over the kingdom as the only close-to-legitiment power left in the human kingdom!
First order of business, obtain allies in the Tigerfolk, Elf, and whatever other kingdom there is to hunt down Regulus.
No. 502369 ID: d6ef5d

Well. Nice that the mimic contract wasn't a big deal. He wasn't even phased. One awkward problem out of the way.

>What? Why can't I do that!?
Which do you mean, sense the others, or project yourself like that?

Assuming you meant the projection- possibly because you never tried? It might just take practice. Or perhaps Aeryr gets it easier because she's part light elf- one of his own? Or maybe it's because he's doing something with Air- his own element. So while you can't, maybe there are shadow or soul things you can do even trapped as you are you've been overlooking?

>I'm not sure how easy it would be to even find a place there or work.
Being the avatar of a peoples' living god does tend to open doors, usually.

Still, we can't run out of town just yet. We have to see how A1 comes out, and you'd want to see Art and Morgan too.

>What -do- I do now..?
>I worked so hard to become a Knight and I barely was in that for a month. I can't just live with Maggie forever.
Well... you might not be a knight anymore without a king to serve. But you still have a mission, sort of. You were sworn to follow a king who has been killed. That sort of leaves you a responsibility to avenge him, and see his killer brought to justice. And you're also the hereditary wielder of the dragon slayer- meaning what Regulus is trying to do to them is your responsibility. Not to mention the fact Regulus is threatening the entire world.

So you've lost a king- but you have a mission. Makes you a knight errant by default, I think.

...course that's a bit longer term. You're not exactly ready to take on someone who levels castles by himself. Yet.

>Short term
...maybe you should try out the dragon slayer? You don't have any practice with that kind of weapon, but you may well need it in the future. I don't suppose you can do anything awesome like bend it's shape to your will and have it reform as a spear? ...or that magic gives you skill with it even without practice?
No. 502370 ID: f2c20c

Well, we could try contacting Masil. Though the fact that Regulus gave you the dragonslayer most likely means that Masil no longer has a body, at the least.

Next on the agenda in my mind is hanging out with Artemis a bit more. Tell him about how you need to visit the Dark Elves but don't know anyone there. Plus you really need that mana upgrade. I don't know why that last mission didn't net you it.
No. 502398 ID: 7003a8

Don't worry about food or a place to stay. Summon Ombra in front of them and they'll take you in.
No. 502416 ID: bd8b82

(Wait a second doesn't Regulus have the Goldeon watch?)
If we go to the dark elves we could try contacting Ombra's chosen.
No. 502417 ID: d6ef5d

Probably. We don't know for sure, but if he possess that artifact, it would certainly explain how he got out of the castle.
No. 502418 ID: bd8b82

But if he does have it then it would be impossible to hide from him.
No. 502744 ID: d6ef5d

Oh. Also- I understand your reasons for not wanting to go home. You might want to still find a way to let your family know you're all right, though. I mean, if they hear about the castle collapse and don't hear anything from you... not good. Your father may be a jerk, but your mom and little sister shouldn't be worrying if you're dead.
No. 503407 ID: a68e3e
File 136487573870.png - (151.64KB , 800x600 , 441.png )

He's with his family right now though. I'll bug him as soon as he returns though.

Yeah... Both of those are really good points. I... I don't know. I mean I wasn't really -too- attached to the knights. I mostly just used it as a means to get away from home. Besides the obvious reasons of being upset over the destruction of the castle I'm pretty OK with all this.
Is that weird? I -feel- like I should be pissed off or something. But I'm just kinda... Bleh.

Screw them. The only one I care about is my little sis. After the dramatic exit I made before I don't want to see them again. Partly because it was a pretty cool exit and also because... I think if they told me to live at home now I might actually listen.

>Taking out Regulus

That... That might have to wait til I'm a bit stronger. I mean... I guess that's my job now right? I have the Dragonslayer and all that. Also... I liked the King. Even if he was a Dragon he still allowed me into the Knights. And as far as I can tell he didn't even tell Regulus that I'm Sable's daughter.
He also hurt A1, Artemis, and could've killed Maggie.
Yeah, you and I are gonna work together to kill that man. You too Ombra.

The affairs of you humans isn't any of my concern. And I never liked Myli anyway. Aeryr either. Any of them, really. However... I am rather fond of your teammates and the Guardian. I'll assist where I can.

Oh yeah. This big old sword is so unwieldy. Let's see if I can...

With a simple thought the Dragonslayer shifts into something far more comfortable for Saisai. The metal tip retains the Slayer's ever shifting stripes while the grip is made out of some unknown wood.

Oh wow! That's perfect! I mean, it's not as cool as -my- spear but this is a lot easier to handle than some giant sword!
No. 503408 ID: 933f92

We will need help to kill Regulus. We must gather forces before we intend to face him.
No. 503409 ID: bf54a8

well, when you get back ask maggie about getting some catfolk and permits for them so they can ether turn the pile of rocks into something that looks defensible or level the area.
No. 503410 ID: d6ef5d

Reusing a perfectly good post wasted on an april fools thread.

What, a man out to murder all the dragons- with a shot at actually succeeding- doesn't count as part of the affairs of dragons?

Still, glad to have you on board.

>I mean, it's not as cool as -my- spear but this is a lot easier to handle than some giant buster sword!
Yeah, it probably lacks the sneaky fireable spearhead and any other tricks you built into yours, but it will be good against dragons and possibly other magic stuff. And as an artifact, it's probably much harder to break, if at all.

Not to slander your craftsmanship or imply your spear is easily breakable or anything. Some things cheat.
No. 503412 ID: f2c20c

Well now you can use it. I'm not sure we'd ever want to, unless it's like, sharper? More durable? It's not like we're gonna be killing any dragons.

...oh god, horrible thought. Regulus might go after your little sister, if he finds out you're Ombra's host. He has to wipe out everyone in the same family line to prevent dragons from switching bodies, right? Unless that can only be done if the dragon runs off in fairy form...? In that case, just staying away from your sister should keep her safe.

Hrm. You know, killing Regulus would kill Myli as things are right now. We'd either have to somehow get Myli to take over his body completely, or force Regulus to have a kid which Myli could then transfer to and resurrect in the less harmful fashion. Which would take years. Alternatively we could do research on his family line to see if maybe he has a lost relative which Myli could transfer into.

Hey, how does that switching bodies thing work? Do you have to be in close proximity while in fairy form?
No. 503414 ID: d6ef5d

Saisai's family isn't in danger, because they're not descended from Sable. They're not eligible to host Ombra. And Regulus doesn't know she's in Saisai, either.

Either we kill him with Regulus and we let Masil res him later, or we render Regulus brain-dead and wait for Masil to become strong enough to fully possess his comatose host-body (the thing we talked Ombra into not doing to Saisai).
No. 503419 ID: 2fbf20

Or we could eliminate his chosen powers which would force him to master magic.
No. 503484 ID: 2a8a2a

>Yeah, it probably lacks the sneaky fireable spearhead and any other tricks you built into yours
We might be able to use the shape-changing part in a shorter ranged version of that. We should try it some time.
No. 503813 ID: a68e3e
File 136506246131.png - (80.55KB , 535x600 , 442.png )

Forces? Like? The entire army is gone. I'm not really much of a diplomat myself... Maybe Ombra can talk to the Elves or something?

I'm not a people dragon.

Oh shit... That's right... With Myli possessing Regulus that makes it a bit more difficult to kill him huh? For more reasons than one.
Still we have Ombra, the Dragonslayer, you guys. And maybe if we can... We can get some of the other races to help us. And hell, Captain Maggie is still here too. I think all of us combined together is more than enough. And as long as my half-sister and I are still alive not all the Dragons are dead either.

Alright... There's nothing else I have to do right now. I guess I'll just go back to Maggie's house.

Saisai makes her way out of the Shadow and back to the little house near Morgan's shop. It's still unlocked and when she steps in she notices it's not completely empty. Sitting on top of his chest is the mimic, Yuyu. His feet are dangling freely off the side and he gives her a small nod.

>"Yo. Been meanin to talk to ya."

"Yuyu, you're out of your chest!"

>"Ye. Contract is done, I'm not a mimic anymore. Just a normal demon now."

He shrugs

>"Everything all screwed up. Castle's gone. Contract is broken. Knights are done. Past hundred or so years I've been stuck in that room, bein a mimic to all the fine lady knights. Now though I got nothin. Glad you saved me an all that but... I was just wonderin... Do you still want me to be your mimic? I know we haven't really gotten along much but it's like... I ain't got nothing left. I'm a pretty damn lousy incubus, I ain't fit to be an evil demon. Mimic's 'bout the only job a guy like me got. But if like you don't want a demon around that's cool too."

He gives an indifferent shrug but Saisai can sense he's a bit worried.

Well damn.

"If we do make a contract are you going to be bound to this house?"

>"Only if you want me to be. When we make the contract you gotta set the terms, ya know? You can't like be givin me new powers but you can set restrictions to who can use me and all that shit. I can draft up a contract pretty damn easy. You just gotta sign it."

He seems so sad.
But I don't even have a place I can keep him.
And he's a demon...
Can't he just go back to hell or something..?
No. 503818 ID: 76b151

Remember what he said about hell? Not a nice place. He has been extremely helpful even if it was contract bound and this is your chance to return the favor if you want.
No. 503819 ID: bf54a8

i don't think demons LIKE living in hell. is why they all want to be up here. a class for them isn't just a job, it's a way of life.
No. 503823 ID: f2c20c

Why don't we talk to Morgan about it? Her dad has experience with demons, pretty sure, so... Heck, maybe Morgan could be the one to house him. Or we could just straight up sell him to Morgan's dad... then again maybe he already has a mimic.
No. 503835 ID: d6ef5d

>Can't he just go back to hell or something..?
It's kind of hell, Saisai. Sending him back would be rather worse than forcing you to go home. No one wants to be there.

C'mon, Saisai. He can be a little annoying at times, but having a mimic around is handy. And he's talked you threw a bad time or too. He's a good person- he doesn't deserve to be kicked to the curb. So what if he's a demon? That's just what he is, not who he is. I'd would think you of all people would understand not wanting to be judged by blood by this point.

>New contract
I would suggest no binding to one place, as we may have to move in the future, and locking him up that way is kind of cruel. User permissions would obviously be you, and anyone you authorize to him. Maybe set up a passcode for authorization, in case you someday have to send someone to him, instead of introducing them.
No. 503899 ID: 8fb42a

Tell him you still want him around, but need to look into the contract thing more. Maybe there are other kinds of support jobs demons can do besides as mimics? Or maybe he can get options as a mimic aside from that box? Some custom version of a mimic better suited to our situation and allowing him freedom would be nice. Maybe we could check with the library on the matter. It's not like the whole city is destroyed, but I bet it's a mess of some kind there.

Oh wait, we should first feed Yuyu some of our power. You know, the same energy we use to summon Ombra and do other things. It should boost his power level a fair amount if we give him all we have on hand. Even if we didn't want to keep him around for some reason, we owe him that much. Mimics are still good for us though, especially since the dragon weapon needs to be put away sometimes.

>locking him up that way is kind of cruel
Of course it is. I would prefer if he could get out and walk around, actually. Maybe be able to convert his chest to a smaller form so he can carry it around if need be.

As for future planning, we should try to find our way to Sharaes or Masil before Regulus does. Masil is the one who can bring back the dragons, but we likely need Sharaes' support with that first. At the very least she'll have advice for us.
No. 503917 ID: bf54a8

ask why he couldn't do a job as an incubus, i mean, i know you wouldn't personally want to have sex with hm, you don't sleep with people you aren't serious with, but he is cute, i am sure a girl that summons him for that reason would love it.
No. 503940 ID: a68e3e
File 136513395038.png - (87.76KB , 800x600 , 443.png )

Whoops, missed this. Possession doesn't really need anything special, just need to be near a suitable target. Then I just hop along. It's mostly invisible. But yeah for Saisai I need someone who's a blood relative. Her sister is actually a good target for me since she comes from Saisai's mother. I could also hop into her brothers, assuming they were all also born from the same mother. Her father wouldn't be possible though. If I do that though I'd have to work on corrupting their body from scratch. Not that I'm doing that to Saisai or anything.

Ehhh... Incubus is like a sex demon, right? I'd rather not know about that.

I guess it would be pretty messed up to send him packing to hell.
Alright, fine. I'll keep him as a mimic.

"You can stay with me. I'll make a new contract."

>"Ha! Awesome! You are hella cool Sai!" He rummages through the chest for some paper and a red quill. "Alright, so you think of what you want on the contract?"

"Can't we do this a bit later? I want time to think of it."

>"I waited a while, hell's trying to pull me back, ya know? I'd rather get this done sooner than later, you feel me?"

"Alright, fine. Uhm... I don't want you bound to a room. I want anyone to be able to use you, with my permission. And is it possible for you to leave your chest and walk around?"

>"Nah. I'm a mimic. Part of the thing is I'm stuck in the chest. 'S cool though. I got a pretty sweet setup in there."

He quickly jots some things down on a piece of paper

>"Alright so... Not bound to a room an I can be used by anyone you give permission to. If that's all you just gotta sign right there."

Is that everything?
No. 503942 ID: bf54a8

can you read it? i mean he may be cool, but he is still a demon. uhhh... think morgan's dad can read demon. to the i-shop!
No. 503949 ID: d6ef5d

Uh, is there anything else he can think of that might be a good idea to include? I mean, he's been a mimic way longer than you've even know what a mimic is. There might be drawbacks or restrictions in the current system he might have seen that would never occur to us, or maybe things he wished he could do but could not.

Do we have to write in the bag mimic bag thing, or is that innate?

We should probably change the contract breaking conditions to be less onerous than in the original, too. By mutual agreement, or something.

You know, one thing I could see being a problem is if we were ever forced to leave him behind somewhere. Could we work a summoning into the contract? So we could call him and his chest to us if you needed to? Useful if you ever need to leave town in a hurry. Or... if anyone tries to 'break into' your mimic while you're out (although running from a threat like that would kind of require him to be able to activate the summoning himself).

...could the chest come with weels?
No. 503955 ID: f2c20c

Hang on, we need a clause to end the contract. Not the same thing as last time where you gotta have sex with him to end it.
No. 503957 ID: 2a8a2a

Maybe could he maybe live in something more portable, such as a backpack or other large bag?
No. 503969 ID: a68e3e
File 136514005508.png - (114.22KB , 800x600 , 444.png )

"Hold on. Do you have to be in a chest?"

>"Uh... Nah. It's just traditional. I can go into any sort of container. Bags, barrels, vases, crates. Just needs to be a thing I can at least fit in, ya know?"

"How about a bag? Like a backpack?"

>"... I guess. Not as cool as a chest but whatev."

"Also does it -have- to be sex that ends the contract?"

>"It's like the chest thing, ya know? Just how it's normally. I can take that out too if you wanna just be able to you know orally end the contract. I mean saying in. Like 'I end the contract.' Like-'

"I get what you mean."

>"Coo'. Anythin else?"

"Is there a way you can teleport to me?"

>"Man, you really makin me work on this?" he starts scribbling more into the contract. "Aight... I can teleport but it's gonna cost you about a 1/4 of your energy. Or 25 of that necklace's energy. Whichever you can pay in."

He hands Saisai the new contract

>"This good?"
No. 503970 ID: f2c20c

I like it.
No. 503971 ID: d6ef5d

So... do I have to sign this in blood or...?
No. 503978 ID: 92c81e

Yea, orally end the contract, you know what he means. ;)

As for signing in blood. Hell, even if you didn't have to, it's cool to sign in blood.
No. 503980 ID: 2a8a2a

Sounds good to me.

By the way, does he know how to use any weapons? An armed mimic-backpack would be great for the next time someone tries to attack us from behind.
No. 504704 ID: a68e3e
File 136547300145.png - (76.72KB , 543x600 , 445.png )

"Looks good to me. So do I need to sign this in blood or what..?"

>"Blood's best, yo. The quill will take what it needs from ya."

He hands her the quill. Saisai takes it and the contract. The moment she presses the pen to the paper she feels a chill crawl up her spine. Shaking away the feeling, she signs the contract.
There is a bright flash of light. Saisai blinks and sees that where Yuyu and his chest once were there is simply a bag. The top flap lifts up and Yuyu pokes his head out

>"'S done yo. Thanks a bunch Saisai, you da best"

"Yeah, not a problem Yuyu."

>"Imma start redecoratin this place now, call me if ya need me."

And with that he ducks back into his new bag.

Alright, mimic backpack. Guess there aren't many who can say they have that.

Saisai looks around Maggie's home for a bit and notices that there isn't a single chair on this entire floor. She just sits down on the ground and closes her eyes.


She thinks back over the past few hours. Maybe if she had just told her suspicions to the king a bit sooner...
Maybe if she had taken the death of the dragons a bit more seriously
Maybe if she hadn't be so damn apathetic towards anything that didn't directly involve herself.

She sighs.

I was a pretty bad knight.
Even if I passed a few missions I didn't do the really important things. The things that would have saved my Kingdom from a lot of the damage it's gone through.

You're so damn dramatic kid. Just suck it up and go on with life.

... I didn't even get the power I needed from Artemis. I wasted a day doing pretty much nothing.
Now he's off spending time with his family.
I'll have to wait til he's done with that to track him down.
Ombra, I think we'll just wait here for a while then go see the Dark Elves.

Sounds good to me.

I don't know where the boy lives though. Maybe I can find another way to get mana instead?
If you guys have any ideas I'm all ears.
No. 504705 ID: bf54a8

the only other way would be to find objects able to store mana and implant them into your flesh.
at least that we know of. maybe someone else has the same kind of power as art?
No. 504710 ID: 2fbf20

We could try using mana gems, Morgan did say that you can use them for magic.
No. 504711 ID: d6ef5d

>I was a pretty bad knight.
That's really not fair. You did pretty well, all things considered. There was just the slight problem we also weren't operating with all the information we needed.

...including the fact we weren't completely sure if Myli was involved or not till it was too late.

>what you could have done differently
Trust us, you can't worry too much about that kind of thing. It just drives you nutters, and even if you could change things, it often helps less than you would think. We'd know.

>wasted day with Art
Hey, you got a criminal off the streets, and made sure a horrible soul eating monster was dealt with properly before it hurt anyone! That's something!

Not sure why you didn't get the link up, though. Maybe you were trying to hard to force it? It's kind of hard to increase friendship if all you can think about is using a person.

>Other ways to get mana?
Uh... well, getting the ability from Artemis would be the easiest. You've already got three limit breaks, so we can't force in anything that way. An external mana battery of some kind? Work out a way to tap into or borrow power from Ombra? (Your sister is doing that to get time points from Aeryr). Get your DNA rewritten so you're no longer part tigerfolk? Find a way to use GP as mana?
No. 504772 ID: a68e3e
File 136549088813.png - (91.07KB , 679x495 , 446.png )

Mana crystals sound pretty good for the short term. But you guys are right, getting the ability from Artemis would be more helpful in the long run.

Everything wasn't a total waste.
Now I just need to get off my lazy butt and try and make things better. And with you guys I don't think that will be too hard.

Just remind me to take your advice more often.

The front door opens. Saisai turns and sees Maggie walking inside. She kicks off her shoes haphazardly and walks into the kitchen. She doesn't seem to acknowledge Saisai's presence with much more than a small nod. She opens the fridge and pulls out a long, obviously alcoholic, bottle. After pouring herself a large cup and drinking it in one long drink she finally looks at Saisai



>"Blargh. It's not Captain anymore. Just call me Maggie." She drinks another large cupful. "Want some?"

"Ah, uhm... No thank you."

>"Alright." She empties that cup too as her psychic powers pull off her mask and hair ties, they also make quick work of her normal coat. "Well Saisai I got good news and I got bad news. Wanna hear em?"


>"Good news is we found a Von Central to take over the kingdom. He should be here in like a month. So Central Kingdom will have a king again. Castle's still fucked though so we're thinking of hiring some Alchemists to try and use their powers to build a new one. Bad news is..." She takes another drink. "God... I must've found only a handful of people alive. Out of the hundreds of dead bodies. Just..." She shakes her head and looks at the empty cup. "Yeah, being a psychic has it's downsides sometimes. Like being able to hear people's last thoughts. That's always a downer. I liked a lot of them too. Worst part is that that fox faced bastard got away. Don't know where but if I can't sense him that means he's not even in the kingdom anymore. I don't know how the hell I didn't see this sooner. I'm a goddamn psychic, it's my POWER to know what people are thinking! Yet this bastard slipped through."

She fills the cup and takes another long drink.

"It's okay C-Maggie. I don't think even the King knew the full extent of what that man was capable of."

>"Nope. We were all acting pretty foolish around him. It's just... The man has done so much for the Kingdom, you know? It... It took everyone by surprise."

"Yeah. So don't beat yourself up over it. Even a psychic can be fooled sometimes."

>"Guess so." She downs another cup. "Sure you don't want some?"

"... I'll take a cup."

Maggie grins and pours Saisai a significantly smaller cup. Saisai sniffs it before taking a drink. It burns as it goes down her through and has a really sharp taste.
Saisai is not sure if she likes it. Maggie just laughs as she sees the face the tiger girl makes.

>"So, Saisai. What's your plan now? You won't be able to join the knights again for at least a month. You're more than welcome to stay here as long as you like but you don't strike me as the kind of girl who likes to sit in one place for long."

"I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. Being a Knight was supposed to be my thing for a bit longer than a few weeks."

>"Yeah, sucks. You can be an Adventurer though."

"An Adventurer?"

>"Mmhmm. They go on missions. It's basically just like the knights but without some of the privileges. Get yourself a group of people and go out and make some money. I've still got work to do but you're free to do whatever you want."

"I'll look into it." Saisai takes another drink. It's easier to swallow than the last one at least.

That sounds like an option. And if I drag Artemis along I can probably get that ability from him too.

>"Oh damn, I just realized... You probably been stuck down here all day huh? Yeah only way to get upstairs is if you can move the panel. Are you tired? You can crash in my room if you want. Unless there's something else you need to do."
No. 504780 ID: d6ef5d

>I'm a goddamn psychic, it's my POWER to know what people are thinking! Yet this bastard slipped through.
I thought that your kind of mind reading required at least partial consent?

Actually, if you're skilled enough at compartmentalizing yourself and putting up barriers, that would be exactly how to fool a psychic. Only let her in as far you want to, and just show her what you want her to see- exactly the same thing you do to the rest of the world. He'd been practicing that kind of deception for years. It was probably second nature for him.

>You probably been stuck down here all day huh?
Not quiet. I had a few things I had to take care of first.

>He's already out of the kingdom
...I doubt an earth chosen can fly, and there are only so many ways to teleport. Somehow I doubt he used the dragon shrines. And he can't cast warp. Goddamnit, it's looking more likely that he has the goldeon watch.

>And if I drag Artemis along I can probably get that ability from him too.
...I think your mindset is might be what got in the way before. It's hard to make or improve a personal connection with someone when you're so focused on using him. I mean, I know that's what we're doing here, but if at least part of the reason you're spending time with him isn't real, I don't think it's going to work.

Well, that's for you to answer, not us.
No. 504788 ID: bf54a8

yeah, despite the power being the catalyst for starting to talk to him, you need to honestly want to be his friend. probably.
No. 504793 ID: 7d032d

we should totally loot the castel.
also see some friends. being alone at times like these is bad, for you and your friends (and meggie)
No. 504874 ID: 2f4b71

>Bad news is..." She takes another drink. "God... I must've found only a handful of people alive. Out of the hundreds of dead bodies. Just..." She shakes her head and looks at the empty cup. "Yeah, being a psychic has it's downsides sometimes. Like being able to hear people's last thoughts. That's always a downer.
Priority 1: Maggie Hugs.
No. 504879 ID: d6ef5d

Pretty sure any "loot" belongs to the state, or the families of the dead. And that's hardly good behavior for a knight, or even an ex-knight if they're disbanded for the moment.
No. 504892 ID: cd1119

Do we still have any secrets from Maggie? I'd like to share them if we do, talk (or think) all about about Ombra and Yuyu too. I'm sure she'd have the best possible advice on what to do now, short of asking one of the two still living dragons ourselves. And it's not like her knowing matters anymore, anyway.

But not right now, it can wait for sobriety. Just give her a hug.

No problems with this, I assume? This is your life in jeopardy too, and she makes for a great ally.
No. 505208 ID: a68e3e
File 136566748711.png - (144.45KB , 709x600 , 447.png )

At this point I don't think sharing my secrets will do any more harm. Maggie is trustworthy enough and Regulus is gone. Somehow.
What's this Goldeon Watch you guys keep talking about? Is that more future stuff.
Ah damn... Maybe I should have listened when you brought up future stuff before. Another mistake...

"I'm pretty tired right now, I think I'll just go to bed."

>"Heh, alright."

Maggie finishes her cup with Saisai doing the same, though not quite as fast.
She walks over to a bit of tile underneath the hole in the ceiling. When Saisai steps on she turns to her former captain.

"You know you did the best you could, right?"



She gives her a hug.

"Really. I saw you there, you saved so many people."

The psychic looks stunned for a moment before she smiles and ruffles Saisai's hair.

>"Thanks. Alright, going up!"

Using her powers she lifts the two of them up and into the next room.

Dear god...

>"Oh right... Yeah, I normally don't have company."
No. 505209 ID: a68e3e
File 136566789861.png - (142.29KB , 800x600 , 448.png )

>"Well... Do you like hammocks?"

I... I've never seen a room this... Messy.

Maggie begins moving some of the junk around to try and clear a path to a comfortable looking hammock in the far side of the room. All around are bits of clothes, wrappers, and oddly colored plushes.

>"I still go work I gotta do so you have the place to yourself but I'll get a proper bed tomorrow. Also those Cuddle Buds on the hammock are pretty damn comfortable. And they vibrate too so if you have a sore back they're just awesome to lay on."

"I see..."

>"Alright, there."

The room is less cleaned and more... Moved around. Saisai walks up to the hammock.

>"Well I'm off then. I should be back before you wake up. Goodnight Saisai."


Once her captain leaves Saisai gets into her sleepwear, crawls into the hammock, and falls into a deep sleep.
No. 505212 ID: 76b151

I think first thing we clean this place up. If we stay here I don't think anyone could stand to live in this mess.
No. 505221 ID: 2fbf20

[Have sexy dreams about Maggie]
No. 505223 ID: 91c1b3

The things vibrate? Well that could easily lead to a compromising situation.
No. 505240 ID: d6ef5d

>Maybe I should have listened when you brought up future stuff before.
To be fair, the future stuff we knew about wasn't even completely accurate. Things haven't happened exactly the way we expect.

Like, for example- the knights have gotten different missions. Or some people we knew as knights never appeared. And some of the knights you know are completely new to us! And of the people we knew, some of them are pretty different. Ombra went from wanting to kill her host for freedom to willing to work with you/us a lot faster. Chevre was a reasonable person who respected your decision even though it hurt him- instead of a cruel asshole you had to settle with violently in the arena. And Myli... wasn't nearly as nice before. Or a victim. Even Regulus is crazier than we expected, which is saying something.

Really weirdly, who's related to who changed in a few cases! Kind of flies in the face of what we thought we knew about genetics and biology, but there you go.

So it's really not a bad thing you rejected the future stuff. You forced to work objectively with the world we're in. If you had let us play purely by future stuff before realizing things were different, we might have fucked things up worse. So... I think we'll keep from bothering you with the details, unless we think we know something that helps.

>What's this Goldeon Watch you guys keep talking about? Is that more future stuff.
Yes, it's future stuff. If you want to know, it's a magic artifact Regulus had in the future we remember. It can be used to track anything, and it can be used for teleportation. Provided he has it again this time, and the watch works the way we remember, that's not a good thing. It will make finding him much harder, and it'll help him find and get to the remaining dragons.

Hey, is the goldeon watch still a thing? Magic artifact, good for tracking and teleportation, used to be in your possession? Stop me if I'm completely off base here.

[Between chapter 6 and Doki Doki we've already done that twice]

[Adorable dreams of a childhood that never happened with Eluria]
No. 505307 ID: bf54a8

[wake up with plush vibrating between legs]
No. 505354 ID: 92c81e

we tweak her dreams occasionally, not manipulate fate >.>

[Prophetic dreams, of fire and death... of hard times and sacrifice... and of hope]
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