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File 135550475290.png - (18.73KB , 800x568 , knifelogo.png )
478696 No. 478696 ID: 4740a0

First Chapter:http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/460203.html
Second Chapter: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/461853.html
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No. 478697 ID: 4740a0
File 135550480694.png - (1.89KB , 800x800 , 166.png )

"Wh- where am I...?"
No. 478698 ID: 886a4d

Kinda hard to tell with all the darkness, try opening your eyes.
No. 478706 ID: 4740a0
File 135550652962.png - (7.14KB , 800x800 , 167.png )

I-it's still hard to see... And why do I feel like I'm upside-down?
No. 478707 ID: e3f578

Probably dreaming
No. 478712 ID: ec6d4c

Maybe you are upside down? It's kinda hard for us to tell. Can you try and look around?
No. 478713 ID: 54c7e5

Specifically, look up.
No. 478719 ID: 4740a0
File 135550884553.png - (8.78KB , 800x800 , 168.png )


I can see sky.
No. 478729 ID: 54c7e5

Can you stand up? Maybe grab that ledge there?
No. 478738 ID: 6cc859

Call out at moderate volume. I suggest: "What."
No. 478743 ID: ec6d4c

Could be worse. At least you're out in the open air. :V

Can you move at all?
No. 478752 ID: 7ce08e

flail the fuck around!
No. 478757 ID: 4740a0
File 135551820420.png - (10.67KB , 800x800 , 169.png )

I-I think I can mo-

No. 478758 ID: ec6d4c

Oh, we're Cedric now?

Crawl on out of that barrel, Cedric. Asses situation.
No. 478761 ID: f2c20c

Oh, did some bullies stuff you in that barrel?
No. 478763 ID: 4740a0
File 135552120556.png - (14.59KB , 800x800 , 170.png )


I seem to be in the middle of town. How did I get here?


I'm pretty sure I didn't get put here by bullies. Why would you say that?
No. 478764 ID: 4740a0
File 135552135111.png - (14.73KB , 800x800 , 171.png )

Whoa! V-voices!! From where?? Who are you?!
No. 478766 ID: ec6d4c

>How did I get here?
Dunno. Last time we saw you was after Rella dropped you off after the return boat ride. What do you remember happening since then?

>Whoa! V-voices!! From where?? Who are you?!
Oh, don't worry. We're harmless. We're Rella's. Not sure how we ended up with you, but whatever.
No. 478767 ID: bf54a8

yeah man, them voices rella was talkin bout are us. we cool.
No. 478770 ID: 0f2cc3

Ooh! We have time to talk to Cedric now! Hey Cedric! You're a pretty cool guy! What do you think of Rella anyway? Give us your true feelings!
No. 478773 ID: dc4a44

It begins
No. 478775 ID: 4740a0
File 135552471933.png - (12.63KB , 800x800 , 172.png )


What voices? But um, okay...


Last thing I remember I was... walking home... and I couldn't see very well because of I didn't have my glasses. And now I ended up in a barrel. Maybe I feel in it somehow...?


H-how I f-f-feel about Rella?? Why would you need to know that...?
No. 478778 ID: 0f2cc3

Because we're helpful! We're bound to help anybody that can hear us! So, if you tell us, we could help you be with her, maybe.
No. 478779 ID: f2c20c

Didn't you have a shirt before? You probably should've mentioned to Rella you lost your glasses. Well, we can see fine, so we'll help you out.

It kindof sounds like you got mugged and they stole the shirt off your back. Check your pockets to see if anything's missing.
No. 478781 ID: ec6d4c

Maybe you could find your house? Get a new shirt, your spare glasses?

You need to pack up anyways. Aren't you leaving for a trip with Rella and Bonzi? You don't want to be late, do you?

>H-how I f-f-feel about Rella?? Why would you need to know that...?
Because as disembodied voices we like to, whenever possible, help people with relationships. It's like a hobby. Lets us live vicariously.

Well, actually, we like to help people in general. But relationships? Those are just fun.
No. 478789 ID: 4740a0
File 135552822497.png - (16.27KB , 800x800 , 173.png )


The only thing I was carrying in my pockets was my house key, and that's still there. I don't remember bring mugged, but it's possible they stole my shirt and put me in that barrel.


The trip with Rella and Bonzi isn't until next week. I still have some time.

And no! I don't need your help with Rella. Besides... she wants nothing to do with me.

>"Hey, weird kid."
No. 478790 ID: f2c20c

Well you could ask this guy if he saw your shirt anywhere.

If not I guess you should just head home and get a new one.
No. 478791 ID: ec6d4c

Kid? You're twice his size!

Find out what he wants.
No. 478821 ID: 54c7e5

Punch him in the snout to establish dominance!
No. 478858 ID: 196d1b

Hmm, the fact that we're no longer in Rella's head is concerning. I hope the other voice didn't forcibly shove us out. If we hadn't been there yesterday there would have probably been fatalities.

>she wants nothing to do with me.
Well, she did actually let you come along for all of that despite everything she's afraid of. That sounds a lot better than not wanting anything to do with you. Talk to that guy, maybe he knows what happened. You don't just black out and not remember anything falling down without injuries.
No. 478911 ID: cc1edd

ask the blue gnome imp thing where you are.
No. 479072 ID: 4740a0
File 135563904661.png - (104.75KB , 800x800 , 174.png )


That's Mr. Oliver. He owns a flower shop here in town. He's about ten years older than me, so I guess I am a kid to him...


W-why would I do that??


"Oh, hi Mr. Oliver."

>"Kid, are you drinking or something? I found you passed out in one of my barrels. I figured I'd just leave you to soak in your misery."

"Oh, er, sorry. I wasn't drinking. I was just really tired. H-have you seen my shirt?"

>"Over there."

He's pointing at a wall. My shirt's hanging off a nail in the wall. It's all torn, though...

And I don't want to talk about Rella! I just want to get another shirt and some glasses.
No. 479083 ID: ec6d4c

Well sor-ry if we wanted to talk about 'Rella. We did spend the last day or two in her head, after all. But sure, we'll drop it for the moment.

Go. Take your mangled shirt, head home, change clothes, and get out your backup glasses. Assuming of course you have a backup, and they're not ridiculous looking and that the prescription isn't too out of date.
No. 479087 ID: e3f578

Well too bad son, you know why? We're stuck with you, and our first impression of you was that damn flower behind your back. And it's fine you want to tap the woman with the finest set of hip ratio this side of the planet, totally digs bro. Now I could put you down, call you pathetic, and claim to really be a hallucination likely produced by your inconfidence issues with women that you've so desperately created to solve your head problems, and you know what, I kinda just did, but that's unproductive.
Let's solve why you've been roofied and dateraped in a barrel of some backally. Now I'd say I be joking but you have no shirt, and your not sore in any manner it looks like, so I'm going to play devils advocate and say you haven't been mugged and someone did something else entirely horrible to you with a roofie-like substance.
Now lets head to the doctor to see what poisons have been obviously applied to us, one that hasn't induced a hangover but leaves memory loss.
No. 479090 ID: f2c20c

Personally I think he just kinda passed out standing up, stumbled into the wall and got his shirt torn off him, then flopped into the barrel.

Well, we should be able to tell from the state of the shirt, anyway. What are the tears in it like?
No. 479098 ID: 35dd62

so he doesn't know what happened? dang. go home for a change.
No. 479108 ID: b33427

Ask Mr. Oliver what the date and time is, and the time he first found you passed out in the barrel, and compare them against when you set off from Rella's house, and when was the last time you slept. Also, is Mr. Oliver's flower shop on the route from Rella's house to your house? You might have just passed out on your feet from fatigue and fell into the barrel, though how your shirt got caught on the nail and tattered is another question.

For now collect the remains of your shirt and put it on as best you can, then head home. Pick up another shirt there, if you have one, and a pair of glasses with an older prescription, if you have one. Then it'll be going around town to get a first get a new pair of glasses, and a new shirt.
No. 480344 ID: 4740a0
File 135621929383.png - (19.52KB , 800x800 , 175.png )


I go and inspect my shirt. It's torn up pretty bad on the front, but at least I can cover myself up a bit. I ask Mr. Oliver what date today is.

>"Day 237 of the 2001st year. Getting close to sundown."

Oh. Then it's like I thought; yesterday was the day I went with Mozzy to Manchester's. Ugh, I was really out of it. I bid Mr. Oliver goodbye, then prepare to head home for a change of clothes and to get my spare glasses. Good thing I bought two.

As for you all, I don't understand. There's so many of you... you were all in Mozzy's head? How did it happen? And why did you come to my head?
No. 480347 ID: ec6d4c

>you were all in Mozzy's head? How did it happen? And why did you come to my head?
Yes, we don't know, and we don't know.

We showed up in Mozzy's head, and helped her out for about a day or so. Then she went to sleep, and we woke up with you. No choice involved, and the whys and hows are pretty much beyond us.

Seriously though, don't worry about it. We're harmless, and can be pretty useful problem solvers / advice givers when the situation calls for it. You may have to put up with a certain degree of silliness, though.
No. 480349 ID: b7169d

We are all voices, but we are not one, we each have our thoughts and idea's for things. While we do have some perverted thoughts and some unusual methods to our madness, we typically do look out for our host.

..We also try to pair our host with someone we think they should go with, this mixes in with the perversion issue.
No. 480356 ID: dba375

We just showed up there yesterday morning, actually. Although she didn't seem to really realize that this was weird for a while. I guess a voice in her head that's not trying to convince her to commit mass murder again is a welcome change. As for us, I think the general rule is that at any given time we're each trying to either help you or make something amusing happen. It's a pretty good deal if you don't mind occasionally trying to get the person with you in the boat to undress.
No. 480372 ID: 1f3ded

go home. recover glasses.
No. 480404 ID: 4740a0
File 135623607865.png - (22.31KB , 800x800 , 176.png )


Wait, you were preventing something inside Rella from murdering people?? I need to get you back, then!

Luckily my house isn't far from here. I hope she isn't ho-

>"Hello, Cedric."

She is...

>"Where have you been, chasing that weird girl who lives outside of town?"

"Yes... no! She's not weird, and that's not any of your busi--!"

>"What happened to your shirt? Eh, whatever. You're out of food, by the way. You should buy some more."

And then she walks away. I can't stand her.
No. 480407 ID: ec6d4c

>Wait, you were preventing something inside Rella from murdering people?? I need to get you back, then!
She held on for years without our help, and her knife helps too. She's also got Bonzi to sit on her, at the moment. She'll be fine, for a bit.

So who was that brat?
No. 480420 ID: dba375

She sure is a jerk. Although I'm curious. She described Rella as "that weird girl who lives outside of town". Is Rella not well known for her... previous career? The way she described it I would have thought she'd have been more recognizable to people, even where she was in it.
No. 480442 ID: 1f3ded

screw her, we got more important things to worry about. reoutfit yourself.
No. 480454 ID: f2c20c

We were helping her while she had no access to the knife. With the knife, she is completely capable of handling things on her own.

So, who's that ample-bosomed lady and why does she eat your food? Does she have a liking for you and is hoping you get over your crush?
No. 480518 ID: 4740a0
File 135631663084.png - (12.41KB , 800x800 , 177.png )


Alright, that's good, I was worried for a second. Still, I think I should at least go check on her.


That's Myr. She's an old classmate of mine. She was really down on her luck, so I decided to take her in. I'm starting to regret that decision, but I don't... really have the nerve to tell her to leave...

And I doubt she has a crush on me, since she bosses me around all the time.

...Why would people recognize Rella? Did she do something bad? Is she a whore? No wait why would she be that I'm such an idiot...
No. 480520 ID: f2c20c

There's a glass on the floor, don't step on it. Find your spare specs.

Did she make all this mess? I think we'd better coach you through kicking her out.
No. 480521 ID: dba375

Don't worry, nothing like that, it just sounded higher profile than it was. It's just something she probably would prefer we didn't go telling people. Suffice it to say that she's just worried it would put people around her in danger, so the fact that you've managed to get her to drag you along is quite something, especially after yesterday. Go get your glasses and a new shirt and don't trip over the mess.
No. 480531 ID: ec6d4c

>Why would people recognize Rella?
She has a past she's not proud of. No, she wasn't a whore, but it really isn't our place to spill her secrets. Not fair to her, you know? It's not like she expected us to wander out and into other people's heads.

Hey, maybe we can help you get rid of her? Seems like you should deal with her before you leave town.
No. 480532 ID: 4740a0
File 135632528624.png - (12.52KB , 800x800 , 178.png )


Huh... alright then. Still, it's just weird. She apparently has something making her do bad things. Maybe that has something to do wit- no, you said you can't tell me. It's not fair to her. You're right. She'll tell me when she wants to tell me.

And... I don't know if I can throw out Myr... I've tried, but I can nerve work up the nerve...


A-anyway, here are the only clean things I have. What should I wear? I don't want to wear the same shorts two days in a row.
No. 480534 ID: e3f578

What if we made you even more vervous to NOT kick her out? What if we keep yelling at you in your head and intimidated by us?
I mean, you'll too nervous to say get out and you'll be to nervous to let her stay, your gonna cave one way or the other.

jeans and jacket
No. 480535 ID: f2c20c

Wear the blues.
No. 480536 ID: ec6d4c

>I've tried, but I can nerve work up the nerve
Hey, no problem. We got loads of nerve.

>Wear the blues.
No. 480537 ID: 886a4d

Wear the yellow shirt underneath the blue jacket. Just in case you need to give the shirt off your back again.
No. 480541 ID: 62496e

Pants, no shirt.
No. 480558 ID: 4740a0
File 135633644106.png - (17.69KB , 800x800 , 179.png )


Alright! And I have my spare pair of glasses in my closet, too.


Yikes, when you put it that way...

Where would I even start?
No. 480559 ID: ec6d4c

Dude, you stylin.

>Where would I even start?
How about by getting yourself all worked up. Think of every little way she's abused your kindness and trust. Every way she's wronged you. Everything you wish you'd had the nerve to tell her. Stoke your righteous anger.
No. 480566 ID: 2eac65

I think this whole "righteous fury" business might be a bit hasty.

What does Myr do for a living? Does she even have a job? If not, you should pressure her into getting a job. Amd possibly help her, if it's reasonably practical.

What do you do for a living, BTW?
No. 480577 ID: f2c20c

While making sure she can survive after we kick her out is probably the right thing to do, we still need to kick her out. I mean, jeez. I don't think the main problem is that she has no job, the main problem is that she has no respect for other peoples' property.

Hrm. What sort of bad situation was she in that led to you letting her use your house?
No. 480587 ID: 55d1d4

forget imptits! go look for imphips.
No. 480588 ID: bf54a8

you need to get angry. imagine Myr just punched rella. now take that, look at her, and tell her she needs to leave.
No. 480616 ID: b59bfb

I like that idea.
No. 480619 ID: 78c6ea

We don't know enough yet to say what you should do about Myr. Tell us more about her bad behavior?
No. 480620 ID: 78c6ea

Also Rella was not a whore, but with those hips she would have made a great one.
No. 480656 ID: 493db1

So is she always like this or are you going to kick her out for occasionally making a mess?
Also no.
No. 480743 ID: 4740a0
File 135650769871.png - (20.98KB , 800x800 , 180.png )


I work as a librarian in town. It doesn't pay much, but I get to read all the books I want, and that's good enough for me. As for Myr, she used to apparently do government work, but she was let go for one reason or another. Now she just sleeps on my couch.

I've actually tried getting her work before, but nothing seems to stick. She's just so lazy and insufferable...!


I- I don't know if I can get that angry... but I'll try. She somewhat deserves it, anyway... all she does is eat my food, disrespect me, and make a big, HUGE mess! It's aggravating!

"We need to talk, Myr!"

>"About what, half-pint?"


Shoot, what do I say next??
No. 480745 ID: b7169d

"We need to discuss your attitude towards me! You've been lazing about, berating me for things even though I've been the good one in taking you in when your doing poorly, why are you being such an ass!
No. 480746 ID: bf54a8

"look, i was being nice when i let you stay here, but if you keep acting like this i am going to have to kick your ass out"
No. 480747 ID: f2c20c

Just say that she can't stay here if she's gonna treat you like garbage and your house like a garbage dump.
No. 480751 ID: 7b07ea

This. The other two will probably just draw mocking laughter and/or putdowns.
No. 480752 ID: 7b07ea

Oh, and another thing?

Don't mention Rella. I suspect that she's one of her... former associates, like Bonzi, and I doubt she'll be nearly as friendly as Bonzi was if she finds out.
No. 480756 ID: b2dde6

get a job or get out.
No. 480762 ID: 493db1

I kind of doubt that, we saw all five of their silhouettes in that flashback and know most of their names, and she doesn't match any of them. And one is pretty likely not on this continent. And the leader apparently had something bad happen to her and is kind of broken?

Do this.
No. 480766 ID: 364c67

Maybe she's the sort who'll only respect you if you give her the same attitude she gives you

Just imagine she's Limburger or whatever the dude that insulted Rella's name was. Imagine she's that guy and you're kicking him out of your house.
..... just don't get physical.
No. 480801 ID: 4740a0
File 135657460938.png - (15.91KB , 800x800 , 181.png )



"Wait, what?"

>"If you want me to leave, I'll leave. Jeez, you just had to ask."

And then she just gets up, grabs her stuff, and leaves.

...Mission accomplished?
No. 480802 ID: f2c20c

Huh, I expected her to at least make an effort to treat you and your house better. I guess she has someplace else to go now!

Okay so. What else has been up with you? Any plans for today?
No. 480803 ID: 57a559

Yeah, you had the right to kick her out and she didn't even want to change. You are like, super on the right side. I mean hell, she won't even blackmail you to let her stay since the terms for staying were only to treat you and your place nicer, which is a lot less effort than blackmailing you or exacting any kind of revenge.
She's a weird woman who could actually refuse that easy of terms for a place to crash.
No. 480806 ID: aaec57

Hm. The post he quoted sort of implied that she wasn't being given a choice due to her past behavior.

I mean, yeah, most people could have inferred it, but given how weird people can be it's usually best to be as clear as possible.
No. 480809 ID: 32e092

Mission accomplished! What's up next?
No. 480812 ID: 44cc74


now clean up your house.
No. 480813 ID: dba375

So, what's the rest of your day look like? Do you need to go to work or something, or at least inform them you'll be away for a while soon? ...Actually, that guy said it was getting close to sundown, were you out an entire day? Wow. Well, I guess we're stuck with you for a while unless we end up getting shoved into someone else's head tomorow.
No. 480828 ID: d4ad1a

Boom! Done.
No. 480842 ID: 845b5e

cool. now go do the important bit.
No. 480849 ID: 4740a0
File 135663853662.png - (17.92KB , 800x800 , 182.png )


Y-you don't think she'd do that... would she?


I was going to offer her to stay if she made some changes, but she cut me off. It almost seemed like she wanted to leave or something...


I guess I should clean up. After that I'm not sure what I'll do.

Any suggestions?
No. 480851 ID: f2c20c

Give us a tour of the town, would you?
No. 480900 ID: dba375

You could try telling us about something that would be useful to know. We don't really have any specific knowledge about the world except what people have told us, and right now the extent of that is that there's a continent floating somewhere in the sky covered in rich people, and that there was some kind of big war at least six years ago with notable use of mercenaries. Is there anything critical that we need to know so that we don't accidentally do something really really dumb? If not, looking around town sounds like it would probably be informative.
No. 480903 ID: 2eac65

Bleh. People like her are so hard to deal with. You can never tell when they'll actually live up to their claims.

Well, we ought to look around the house and see if your stuff's in order.
No. 480909 ID: b53faa

Give her a BIT of credit. I doubt she is as bad as it seems.
She left with little enough fuss, she at least deserves the benefit of the doubt. Do be prepared for me to be wrong, but chances are she isn't that bad.
I do believe she'll be coming into play as an important person in this quest later on, however.
No. 480954 ID: 4740a0
File 135672590193.png - (18.27KB , 800x800 , 183.png )

Well, I can tell you what I know. Like Mr. Oliver said, it's the 2001st year of the Third Era. I live in Eda, a town that exists on the lower side of West Island. It's a pretty small place; the kind of town where everyone knows each other. There isn't much to it, honestly. Just some houses, a market, and the clock tower. I suppose there's a pretty good view of the ocean, and occasionally tourists from the Higher Land will come down to see it. I myself came here about a year-and-a-half ago.
No. 480955 ID: 4740a0
File 135672599902.png - (23.42KB , 800x800 , 184.png )


I guess you guys aren't from around here?

Well, what exactly would you like to know? I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.
No. 480959 ID: 265c1a

questions? let's see... for starters, what the fuck are you? what is Bonzi? what's Rella? are you even the same species? can you, uh, interbreed? do you guys have proof that gods exist? what about magic? and what are your thoughts on dating professional killers?
No. 480962 ID: 0f60d7

EX-professional killers.
No. 480976 ID: 196d1b

How about the land? Even down here it looks like some of it is hanging above the ground in a way that seems impossible for such a large bit of land, let alone a whole continent. Also, it might be useful in the future to know about that war, what do you know about it? I feel like it might prove useful to know about for whatever coming adventures we'll be on.

Incidentally, if you have any secrets that you don't want let out you probably shouldn't tell us. Because if it turns out that we keep moving around between people's heads, you have a bunch of people who know something interesting and only have one person to talk to.

Well, there's definitely some sorts of magic or similar phenomena going on. Rella has that ruby knife and Bonzi had all that cursed armor. And I'm suspicious of Rella's scarf, too. Did you actually see that fight, Cedric?
No. 480981 ID: 78c6ea

My only question is, would you tap. That. Ass.
No. 480985 ID: ec6d4c

Yeah. We may be clever, but we're in a bit lacking in specifics and facts.

How about the basic geopolitical social stuff? What / who are the major races, countries, organizations, etc. Give us a rundown of the players in the world.
No. 480991 ID: 9415af

Do you like her just for her or for that sweet ass?
No. 481071 ID: b53faa

While this is a bit of a weird way to put it, he does have a point. Why do you like her?
If I had to theorize, it'd be because of how reclusive she is, and that it reminds you of yourself somehow.
I could be wrong, however.
No. 482718 ID: 4740a0
File 135742774571.png - (10.24KB , 800x800 , 185.png )


Rella and I are Iros. Why would you think she and I are a different species? I guess things are a lot different wherever you all come from. As for Bonzi's species, I don't actually know what she is. She's not an Iro, or at least any kind of Iro I've heard of. She lacks a snout or ears (or maybe those things on the sides of her head are ears?)

A-and yes... we can buh-breed. I'd rather not talk about that.

A-anyway, no, magic doesn't exist. That would be illogical. I didn't see the fight with Rella and Bonzi, but I don't think it would have been plausible for them to use cursed items. Curses are myths.

As for gods, yes, there are some that are worshiped. I never found much interest in them... I keep that to myself, though. Don't want to make anyone upset...
No. 482721 ID: 4740a0
File 135742780945.png - (23.42KB , 800x800 , 186.png )

The land formations of the Common Lands are somewhat strange. There's been centuries of research, but no one seems to know why some parts of it float like this. The floatation of the Higher Lands makes even less sense. I suppose at some point we'll eventually figure it out, but for now it's a mystery.

And huh... the war... Well it's a long story. I'll try to keep things short:

See, eight years ago there was a dispute between the Ministers of the North and West Islands over a stretch of wide land in-between both islands. Some wanted it for commercial use, others for religious purposes, and etc. It was only a matter of time until one of the Ministers got upset and lashed out against the other, sparking a full-scale war. The North Island didn't have a particularly large fighting force, so they had to make heavy use of hired guns in order to take on the West. The fighting continued for about six years until the two sides reached a truce.

Nowadays things are pretty calm. There are four islands that make up the Common Lands: North, South, East, and West. Each Island has their own Minister to keep the piece, and every few years they meet at a summit to ensure that each island is run properly and efficiently.

...And earlier, one of you said that Rella was some kind of former professional killer...? Was she involved in the war?
No. 482723 ID: bf54a8

yes, but it's a sore spot so let her bring it up.

also, you are hearing voices that can jump between bodies and you don't believe in magic?
No. 482725 ID: 389f2b

Maybe it's something you should ask her yourself.

Maybe you should be a little open minded on things-you seem really smart, but you've got a lot to learn.
No. 482737 ID: be7fd9

>Magic would be illogical
Something doesn't have to be logical to exist.

But if you can come up with a non-magical explanation for person jumping disembodied voices, a helmet spontaneously changing mass, and demonic possession, we'd love to hear it.

And no sweat about the gods disinterest thing. We can understand that viewpoint, and why it might be troublesome to make public.

>Was she involved in the war?
Yup, but let's leave it at that. We're not gonna share personal information shared in confidence. Which means, by the way, Rella's not gonna hear your every secret if and when we end up back with her.
No. 482744 ID: 4740a0
File 135742954471.png - (10.77KB , 800x800 , 187.png )


Look, I don't know why you guys ended up with Rella or I in the first place, but I do know that there probably is a reason for it. We just don't know it yet.

And fine. Rella can tell me what she wants when she wants. It's not exactly my business, anyway.


And... I don't know, maybe that's why I like her? I'd like to know why I do, but she doesn't seem interested, so I'm not going to dwell on it.
No. 482755 ID: f2c20c

Yes, put her out of your mind, it's best that way.

But please believe us when we say that magic does exist in your world. Her knife is magic, the angry voice in her head is magic, we're magic, Bonzi's helmet is magic...
No. 482759 ID: 389f2b

Don't go giving away all of Rella's secrets to him! It's best for you to just figure it out with her, though. Just tell her you had the same voices she did, and..Maybe's she'll shed some light on her past and magic and stuff.
No. 482800 ID: 0b5226

We should keep him informed, yes, but don't overload the poor kid. He's been through enough the past couple days, lets not make a bad first impression, but instead make this go as smoothly as possible. Plus, secrets are meant to be kept secret until such a time that person should want to relay that information. Don't make her regret telling us so much.

Cedric, don't worry about M- Rella right now, you've got a week before you've even planned to see her, lets get you back in good form in the meantime. Is there anything you meant to do before the trip? Maybe you should also investigate why you ended up in a barrel with a torn up shirt, we kinda glazed right over that topic while introducing ourselves.

Above all else, don't worry too much about us. We're a good bunch, and chances are we won't be here for too long. We'd like to stay and help out, you're a good kid, but it seems like we don't really have the power to choose whose head we're in, and for how long.

...we should really come up with a signal to tell Cedric whose head we're in when we DO jump, as well as for future post-voice encounters. It might actually make things easier for everyone.
No. 482834 ID: 8ebb5c

We should convince anyone's head we end up in to say Knifequest- our code word to let everyone who's in on the brain game know who we're helping
No. 482923 ID: 78c6ea

You know what else isn't logical? That momentous ass.
No. 483059 ID: 027156

isn't it time to go yet? I wanna go.
No. 483067 ID: dba375

Let's do something more fun than being bad at handling information. Although now that I think about it, if and when we eventually get attacked by Rella's other former colleagues they're bound to have some sort of increasingly powerful equipment on them. And if a relatively well informed person would scoff at such a thing as magic, it must be something pretty special. And while I can't say anything about romantic interests, Rella clearly likes you enough to let you come along on these upcoming adventures. Until then let's go find something fun to do.
No. 483086 ID: 8ebb5c

I think we outta go on some sort of mini quest to figure out the shirtless barrel thing before we take off. And make a code word that our host can say so that everyone will know who's got the freaky head voices
No. 483174 ID: 4a76c5

No. 483198 ID: dba375

Why can't they just say they've got the freaky head voices? Or just get noticed staring in a random direction and making faces and behaving oddly?
Clearly this is the best idea.
No. 483268 ID: 389f2b

Sometimes people don't pick up on things; it's just an idea is all
No. 483317 ID: 4a76c5

No. 483436 ID: 8ebb5c

No. 483444 ID: 4a76c5


No. 483452 ID: 00df0f

It's definitely bee time.
No. 483460 ID: 68bbc5
File 135762318452.jpg - (36.32KB , 237x237 , not-the-bees1.jpg )


I respectfully disagree with this course of action.
No. 483467 ID: 14bafe


This is now the code word for the people we help to recognize each other.
No. 483511 ID: 196d1b

Haha, if you hear someone muttering to themself "no shut up I don't want to be covered in bees" then you'll know they have a bad case of head voices. Great work. We'll drive them all insane yet. Actually, now that I think about it, if you just passed out like that while walking home you might want to consider seeing a doctor.
No. 483541 ID: 4740a0
File 135766250677.png - (14.44KB , 800x800 , 188.png )


Rella has other people that might go after her? Huh... I'm not so sure about this trip anymor- no, what am I saying? I promised I would go, so I'm going to go. Who knows when I'll get another chance to see The Library of the Commonwealth??


Huh, you guys sure like bees. But you're right, we do need some sort of code word. I'm not exactly sure what is happening, but if the case is that you all transition from head to head, then it's best that there is some indication that it happened. Bees it is!

Hm, there's still some time left in the day. The library should be open for about a half-hour more, maybe I should go check in with them and tell them I'll be taking a trip next week? Either that, or I can go check on Rella and Bonzi and make sure everything's okay.

Which would you all like to do? I'm fine with either option.
No. 483546 ID: 389f2b

I say go ahead to the library.

Or if you're really itching to let 'Rella know that you got her voices, then that's better too. I'm sure the library will be fine without you.
No. 483547 ID: 196d1b

Library sounds good. I'm sure Rella will be fine for a while. *screaming and explosions*
No. 483551 ID: be7fd9

Yeah, you might as well go file for vacation time. Better to spend your time actually preparing for the trip.
No. 483558 ID: 4a76c5


No. 483559 ID: 0b5226

Does the library need to know exactly a week in advance? Or would you have some sort of leeway in regards to that?

I'd say go check on the girls if you can spare the time you'd spend at the library. Even if they can handle themselves, I'm sure they'd appreciate the thought and the company!
No. 483567 ID: 684ecf

as if I'm gonna let you read in peace.
No. 483589 ID: 389f2b

Tell 'Rella you have the voices then check in to the library
No. 483599 ID: 489022

No, visit library THEN Rella
No. 483634 ID: 8ebb5c

You wanna fight
No. 483653 ID: 4a76c5

No. 483661 ID: 8ebb5c

What the funnel cake is a telephone of course he doesn't
No. 483709 ID: 4a76c5



No. 483711 ID: be7fd9

...well, you don't need electricity to manufacture machine guns, technically. They could be making the parts some other way.

Alternatively, telephones kind of require a lot of support infrastructure to be worth anything. A network. You need cables strung across country, or towers, satellites, etc. Things in this world might be too disorganized, or unstable for that to have happened yet. Comparatively, weapons manufacture can be a more local affair, if you have the necessary resources and know-how available.
No. 483729 ID: 4a76c5

No. 483739 ID: cf49fc

Better idea, invent alternating current, use it to electrocute your enemies to death.

THEN invent the telephone.
No. 483791 ID: f50094

Even better idea, buy a gun.

Point it at someone and get them to invent the alternating current to electrocute folks.

Then invent the telephone and call Rella and ask her to buy a gun.
No. 483847 ID: 0b5226

A gun that shoots knives. Because you know, Knifequest. It's not Gunquest.
No. 483848 ID: 4a76c5

No. 483852 ID: 389f2b

http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/64825.html <----- discussion thread ouo try not to clog the board with useless things guys!!!!
No. 483882 ID: 4a76c5


No. 484020 ID: 8ebb5c

Okay Cedric, so the basic idea of our tale now is to watch you invent Knife-A-Phones while covered in bees, and to have us pester you about Rella for the next week. Oh and somewhere in there I'm sure we'll have bouts of hip-loving rambling, which has been know to happen.

Maybe you outta ignore us for a little while

But if you wdo want our advice, I would suggest going to the library, asking around about your barrel situation, and telling them you'll be taking the week off. Next, go visit Rella, tell her we're bunking with you for now, and then try and figure out the whole passed out half naked thing after we get through all that
No. 484087 ID: 4a76c5



No. 484118 ID: b7169d

..Yeah some of us are insane, but then again that's one of the issues of living a long life inside peoples heads.
No. 484152 ID: f2c20c

They're fine. If they're not you'd just get in the way, frankly. Let's check out the library.
No. 486146 ID: 4740a0
File 135852900825.png - (11.15KB , 800x800 , 189.png )

Alright, most of you seem interested in the library, so we'll go there. And no, I don't own a telephone. Most people here don't. Only the more urban areas and, of course, the Higher Lands have them on a more wider scale. The library owns a phone, and so does town hall, but they rarely use it.

And no, I'm not really one for guns. They're unnecessary. I don't think Rella's the type to use guns, either. Anyway, off to the library!

Hey remember when I didn't take two weeks to update. Anyway, yeah, I don't mind minor discussion, but please keep the bigger stuff to the discussion thread, which is right here: >>483852

Won't really blame you, though. I should have posted it to begin with. Also, I guess I didn't really make it clear, but the barrel thing is kinda unimportant. Cedric just fell into the barrel because he couldn't see, and then fell asleep because he was so tired. No outside play was involved.

No. 486147 ID: 4740a0
File 135852906644.png - (22.34KB , 800x800 , 190.png )

Right on time! The library looks to be closing momentarily. The only person who's still there is my boss, Sheela. We exchange greetings and I tell her about my upcoming trip.

>"Of course you can go, Cedric! Do you know how long you'll be gone?"

"Hm, only for about a few days. But I'll be sure to clear it up with the person I'm going on the trip with, to make sure."

>"Who are you traveling with?"

I tell her it's Rella. She makes a slight face, before continuing:

>"Oh, the girl you deliver books to on the outside of town? I didn't think she was the traveling type."

"Hm, I guess not. She seems interested in going to the library up there, for some reason. She didn't exactly tell me."

>"Are you sure you should be going on such a trip with someone you barely know? You should at least find out more about this girl before you just go to some far away place with her."

Huh. My boss is giving me that look my father would give me when I messed up... I don't like getting that look.

"I-I'll be fine, okay? Don't worry."

Sheela still looks unsure, but she nods and stops asking me questions. Ugh, how embarassing. I probably look like a huge idiot. I mean, I barely know Rella, and yet I'm gung-ho to go on this trip with her. I'm not even sure why she wants to go to that library. I know you all can't tell me, because it's not fair to her, so I guess I have to ask her myself!

I could go to Rella now, but it's almost night, and I probably wouldn't have much time to talk to her. Or I could head home, sleep, and then go see her in the morning.

What do you all say?
No. 486149 ID: be7fd9

Hmm. Your boss is being kind of a jerk about that. (If you're hanging out with a girl you don't know well enough, most people would see that as making progress- not something you messed up!) Does Rella have a bad reputation around town? Or do you think Sheela's jealous?

I'd say just go see Rella tomorrow.
No. 486155 ID: 389f2b

tomorrow sounds better~ head back home, i guess
No. 486170 ID: 9cdfda

depends on how late it is.
No. 486171 ID: 0b5226

Why not now? Maybe it's a good time to sit and chat with the girls before you get going on your quest, and nighttime is definitely a more relaxed time to do so.
No. 486177 ID: b7169d

Take the path! Walk to Mozzie.
No. 486185 ID: 4a76c5

No. 486201 ID: 78c6ea

Sheela liiiiikes you.
No. 486204 ID: f2c20c

Are you gung-ho about the trip?
No. 486234 ID: 196d1b

That, or she is significantly more well-informed than Cedric. Let's go see Rella, just to make sure things are ok and to let her know what happened. Actually, that reminds me. Do you guys get newspapers or other mass news media? It might be good to find out what's going on in the world lately if we're going to be travelling.
No. 486875 ID: 4740a0
File 135886963031.png - (23.05KB , 800x800 , 191.png )


Perhaps? I don't think Sheela is jealous or anything; she's married. And the only reputation Rella has is that she's the "hermit" on the outskirts of town. Nothing particularly bad, but some people here do find it strange that she won't live in the town.


Hm, alright, let's go see Rella. And yes, we do receive mass media. It's mostly through newspapers, though there's been steps taken to get radio to become more wide-spread.
No. 486876 ID: 4740a0
File 135886972184.png - (17.93KB , 800x800 , 192.png )

Soon I arrive at the cliff Rella's house resides on. Luckily she doesn't live too far out, so it only takes about 30 or so minutes to walk here.

No. 486878 ID: c6319f

Play it cool. They're friends, probably just sparring or something. I'm sure they do stuff like this all the time.

Wait a second or two and then call out a friendly greeting as you approach. You're waiting because now would probably be a pretty terrible time to distract Bonzi.
No. 486879 ID: 7b0ada

Is this going to be some kind of comedic misunderstanding? Rella doesn't look hurt at all, and her clothes are undamaged. Plus, the knife isn't out. Are they really fighting?

...if they are, I'm not sure what you could do to help, though. Combat isn't really your gig. You could distract in some way Bonzi long enough for Rella to dodge, possibly.

Also, wow. Bonzi's got tree trunk feet.
No. 486882 ID: 4a76c5


No. 486883 ID: 389f2b

they are probably just sparring, so wait until rella dodges or strikes back, then call out to them
No. 486887 ID: 8b6ad9

Well, you can't do anything physical in time form where you're standing, so just shout "HEY" to announce your presence.

Hopefully it won't ironically distract Bonzi so that she unbalances from showing Rella her sweet manicure or something and actually step on her.
No. 486888 ID: ec0bf5

Eh, they'll be fine. They both seem like the types that if they were really fighting to the death to make it last for a long time before anyone falters.
No. 486957 ID: 25094d

No. 487034 ID: 7cf403

screech like a little girl.
No. 487043 ID: b7169d

Don't worry, dem hips of hers will absorb the impact of whatever can be thrown at her.
No. 487045 ID: 1f8505

Run in between them screaming "AGGLE WAGGLE WAGGLE WAGGLE WAGGLE."
No. 487048 ID: f2c20c

Don't get in the way.

You don't want to prove her right.
No. 487163 ID: d5df1b
File 135897113882.png - (17.41KB , 800x800 , 193.png )


I hope it's just a misunderstanding! I'd hate for them to be in another fight.


I call out to Rella and Bonzi, and they stop and look over at me.

>"Oh, it's you. Put your foot back down Bonzi, it smells."

Bonzi complies. Rella gets up and dusts herself off.

"W-what happened?"

>"Well I was teaching Bonzi here how to kick properly, but it seems I taught her a little too well."

>"I said I was sorry!"

>"Yeah yeah. Anyway, what brings you here, Cedric? I didn't call you here."

"Oh, uh..."
No. 487166 ID: 78c6ea

No. 487168 ID: 14bafe

Not yet you fool! SHE doesn't know the passphrase yet, since we just invented it.
No. 487169 ID: d5df1b
File 135897381023.png - (19.02KB , 800x800 , 194.png )


No. 487170 ID: 4b793f


No. 487172 ID: 4b793f


No. 487173 ID: 7b0ada

Oh, uh, sorry. I think I caught the weird voices that were in your head the other day. Well, at least that's what they say.
No. 487175 ID: f4f33e

Keep calm and summon tarkus ask them where do they plan on spending the night, do they have anything to eat?
Your house happens to be conveniently empty at the moment so they could spend the night there~.
No. 487176 ID: f2c20c

Right, just tell her that her weird magical helpful headvoices are hanging out with you now and you wanted to give her a heads up.
No. 487177 ID: 78c6ea

"Do you ever call me here? I just wanted to see you."
No. 487202 ID: b8f1dd

you're here to talk about us, of course. why else would it be? the world revolves around me after all.
No. 487205 ID: 4b793f



No. 487208 ID: 8ebb5c

Agreeing with a previous voice, a snide-ish remark along the lines of "When do you ever call me?" Followed by a "So hey I have the magical voices now." Maybe mention the code word?
No. 487217 ID: ec0bf5

Tell her that you caught her crazy.

We don't HAVE a code word! You need more than one person to have a code word.
No. 487242 ID: 0b5226

Do they mind if you watch them spar? Maybe you could learn a thing or two, and chat afterwards?
No. 487296 ID: b7169d

Announce that you wanna see some asskicking, and that you have some voices in your head now.
No. 487302 ID: 8a7e3e

Well, maybe you haven't noticed, but the voices that help you out sometimes and remind you not to murder everyone are sort of in my head now, which is bad because you don't have anyone reminding you not to kill me, and they aren't as helpful to me considering they just want me to get in your pants.
No. 487320 ID: 8ebb5c

Sorry if I was unclear when I suggested it before, but when I suggested mentioning the code word, it was more a matter of telling Rella the since we're jumping from body to body now, you think a code word would be a good idea
No. 487330 ID: 4a76c5


No. 487376 ID: 4740a0
File 135905129692.png - (22.91KB , 800x800 , 195.png )


Are you all this perverted? And loud?


I think Rella's fine at her own home.


I also don't think Rella would appreciate any sarcasm. Nevertheless, I try to tell her about you all, but the second I mention "voices" I find myself suspended in the air.

>"How do you know about the voices??"

"I-I don't know! I woke up today and they were just in my head, telling me to do things. They said they were in yours the day before."

Rella holds me up for about a few moments longer before setting me back down. She picked me up like I was nothing...

>"...So it seems you have the voices now. I thought it was abnormally quiet... Even he's quiet..."

"Huh? Who's 'he'?"

This only earns me a sharp look, though. Rella approaches me again and jabs a finger into my chest.

>"Look, the trip is off. It's too dangerous for you to be around me right now. Or anyone, really."

"W-wait, why?? What's going on?"

>"None of your business. Just know it's for your safety."

"B-but that's not fair! You told me the same thing back at Manchester's tower! Can't you at least tell me what's wrong?"

>"No. I'm sorry, Cedric."

And with that, she turns around to go back to her hut. W-what do I say?
No. 487380 ID: 908c2d

>Are you all this perverted? And loud?
No, not all of us. Sorry about him or her.

>Huh? Who's 'he'?
We'll explain later. Maybe. More Rella secrets (but they may concern you now, which is more important than her privacy).

>It's too dangerous for you to be around me right now.
Dictate a message for us, would you Cedric?

Rella, you really think it's safe for you to be alone either? Or to not try and find out what you planned to at the library? You hid from this for years, but now something is happening. We need information.

I mean, if he's been quiet, for all you know he came along with us. Like it or not, Cedric's involved now.
No. 487382 ID: f2c20c

Tell her she owes it to US to explain herself.
No. 487383 ID: e36926



No. 487399 ID: 14bafe

Tell her that we made up a passcode, and that if someone starts raving about Bees at her, it's probably us. Particularly if they use the words 'Cover Yourself in Bees'.
No. 487408 ID: 57a559

Rella, what the hell! You're calling off the trip because you think he'll become a danger? Don't you fucking know that if Cedric's been infected with HIM now he's the biggest danger to anyone around him? This means we have to expidight the trip!

And don't you dare fucking think we won't tell Cedric all the shit he doesn't want to know because he respects you. You can't hurt us. This is more important than whatever the hell your currently thinking about, missy. Remember, we're the SMART voices that help you with shit. We're also dumb and perverted. Do you want us in here wrecking of of Cedric's mental shit? Do you? And do you know that we want's what best for all you dumbass assassins! That we want to get the good end for all you ingrateful little shits?

Oh, I forgot, Cedric, could you please relay that message to Rella for us? That we're holding you hostage now? She doesn't understand us completely anyway, so she'll be convinced to go if we thinks we can fuck with you. WE CALL THE FUCKING SHOTS BECAUSE WE ARE THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE ROOM! You're an inconfidence asshole, Bonzi's a plain old fucking idiot, and Rella's a fucking anti-social coward that couldn't stand to fucking actually improve herself. You need us, and we demand to be fucking fixed! We lead this operation, because we're the only ones that can get you out of the mess your all in.
No. 487410 ID: b53faa
File 135906350327.jpg - (7.34KB , 270x186 , calm.jpg )

No. 487411 ID: b7169d

While not fully agreeing with the rather..Hostile post, she does owe it to Cedric to explain before potential harm comes to him and others. This is serious if HE has entered here with is, it means that Cedric is a potential danger to everyone, without any indication on how to properly defend himself against such a thing.
No. 487412 ID: e36926


No. 487413 ID: 024a21

she brought them into contact with you, so as far as we know, it's more her fault than anyone else's that you got them. and now she wants you to have to deal with them alone? man fuck that shit, I can't believe you're swooning over this cuntdrip.
No. 487414 ID: b7169d


First off, Cedric went over to see her willingly, so it's not like she got him "infected".

Seriously, calm the hell down.
No. 487416 ID: 8ebb5c

My guess would be the Cedric doesn't have HIM, so I don't think that should be our main concern. However, I most certainly could be wrong, so we need to think of some way to talk to Rella, whether we send Bonzi as an envoy, or leave a note, or even brave her wrath ourselves. But it's important we cantact her, as well as get ton the great library. Can anyone back me up/help me out on this? Other than just approching Rella, I don't know what else to do. I am firm in the belief that we need to talk to her though
No. 487419 ID: 57a559

I'm actually calm
I just don't want to appear to be calm.
To distress Cedric a little. Give him a push. Say mean things so he's afraid of a few voices in here. Because lets face it, there's a few mean ones. And we got to get it across to Rella. Devil's Advocates brosephs

No. 487420 ID: b53faa

I was not expecting my joke on your impotent fake-rage to actually start a thing, sorry mate
No. 487426 ID: b7169d


Was responding to Elephant, not yours.

No. 487429 ID: 57a559

I realized at the last second. I'm sorry I apologize. I read 13 as 10 for some reason, which was me, not EG. You were also the most recent individual to say calm down, so I just assumed instead of paying attention like i should have.
No, I'm not apologizing to you Cedric. You pass that message to her, you hear me boy! I was talking to other voices. We're bickering in here like a polygamous gay married group of old men, ruling the world. See what I mean about fucking up your mental shit? We argue in here son.
No. 487448 ID: b53faa

Ahaha, no worries my lurid butt-loving friend
Anyhow, back to the quest!
I think we should do as she says, at least for now. I'm not saying we should give up on going, but it might be worth it to see if you can pick up some moves or knowledge soon

If I'm reading into this right, you miiiight just end up as our battlemage, with rella bringing up the assassin front and Bonzi making up as our berserker/meat wall

If we get in any fights, you are gonna need to be able to pull your own weight in some way
Be it magic, gadgetry, or just plain outhinking the enemy

Make yourself a WORTHY ALLY, is what I am getting at here.

Ask Rella whether she'll reconsider cancelling the trip if you manage to garner some sort of combat effectiveness.

Either way, travelling with her is bound to be dangerous and you REALLY need a way of defending yourself.
No. 487450 ID: b1d334


uh how was he supposed to know she had the us?
No. 487456 ID: b53faa

I think we should refer to us as a whole as "the mental clap" if we DO turn out to be infectious
that, or "genital bee syndrome."
No. 487460 ID: 8ebb5c

I dunno, I think we outta be KnifeQuest syndrome or KQS for short
No. 487461 ID: 76b151

wanna try something
[switch to rella]
No. 487466 ID: cee0ad

Woo tell them dude.
Yo agree pass it.
No. 487496 ID: 0b5226

Welp, I'm surrounded by idiots. Good job dropping the ball on that one, we could've harmlessly gotten the trip started at least, then we'd be on the way to find out more about this situation, and possibly the cause of our jump.

Cedric, explain to her that yes, it probably isn't for the best that you're near her, but... HE might be here, so it's probably best you're not alone either, so you don't cause harm to yourself or others. At least in the company of Rella and Bonzi, you know you have others who can overpower you and stop him from trying to take over.

For that matter, you should be within their watch at all times, because you're honestly pretty weak, in spirit and body. He could take over at any time, and who knows what he might do while he's in control. And I'd say what's going on is kinda your business, since we're all in your head now. We could make a lot more things your business, if we chose.

If she doesn't cooperate, smack that booty of hers like you mean it. At least you'd be able to cop a feel before you end up slaughtering the entire village while the girls are adventuring.
No. 487497 ID: 8ebb5c

Why does everyone think Cedric has HIM? We know Rella had it before we came, why should we think he travels with us? I mean, it's not out of the realm of possibility, but it's certainly not a known fact
No. 487520 ID: 4a76c5


No. 487541 ID: 78c6ea

Why is it too dangerous for me to be around anyone, Rella?? Rella????
No. 487952 ID: 9ddf68

ask her since we jumped into your head does that mean there might be others looking for you now because of we are in your head.
oh and ask her if we wined up in someone elses head and run into her what would she like use to do, and if she says leave her alone tell her good luck with that
No. 488300 ID: 06f13f

Rella, this is some of the shit that makes us want to play kill the protagonist quest. we love your thighs, Rella, don't make us do this...
No. 489306 ID: 4740a0
File 135973675046.png - (23.38KB , 800x800 , 196.png )


So whoever 'he' is, he's making her hide in fear? What could he be doing that could make her act this way? This is all so strange...


"Rella! Don't walk away! The voices say that you need to get help with dealing with whoever 'he' is. And your best bet is the library!"

>"Tell them I don't need them meddling in my affairs any longer. They were help to me yesterday, but if they're trying to bring people into my problems, then they're only making things worse."


Uh... that was loud... and really harsh... but I guess you have a point. She's not exactly being very fair. In fact, she's being really stubborn; whoever this guy is, he must be incredibly dangerous. I mean, Rella managed to defeat Bonzi yesterday, something I'm very sure can't be done easily, if at all. And this guy is scaring her into hiding?

This doesn't bode well at all...

"Rella, just, wait! At least tell me who 'he' is?"

>"That's not your concern, Cedric."

"It is now. These voices are in my head. Voices that were in your head. I deserve some answers!"

>"...Hm. I didn't expect such assertiveness from you, of all people. Fine..."

Rella seems less reserved now and more... apprehensive. She and Bonzi trade some looks, before Rella continues:

>"There's a monster simply known as The Voice. Due to circumstances I can't explain right now, that monster is in my head."

"Y-your head?"

>"Yes. It's a being of pure malice and bloodlust. It won't stop until it's killed everything in sight. It does so by taking prey on suitable host bodies and slowly taking control. I've been fighting for control of my own brain for six years now..."

A... monster that lives in someone's mind?? How could such a thing be possible?

"But that's... Something like that is just fiction! How could a monster like that even exist, let alone control anyone?"

>"The same reason you have voices in your head chattering at you."

"G-good point... This is all so surreal..."


"Do you think... he's quiet because he's in my mind?"

Rella's eyes widen. Clearly she hadn't thought of that. Bonzi seems to be really worried, too. I guess this thing is a lot more real than expected, if it can scare these two.

>"...Cedric, do you feel his presence...?"

"His presence?"

>"Yes. His dark presence... in your mind. Telling you to do bad things. Awful things."

"No... I don't think so. All I hear are the other voices."

>"I don't hear him either, then... In fact I can't feel him at all. It's like he's left my mind, but I know it can't be that simple. It's never that simple... Cedric, you live in town, correct?"

Huh? Why would she need to know that?

"Uh, yes, I do."

>"Okay, then. I need you to stay here for a few days. I don't know if The Voice has left my mind in favor of yours, or has found a way to hide his presence in my own. But this is something we can't mess around with. I need to keep you under observation."

No. 489308 ID: 57a559

That's better, I suppose.
I'd rather find the problem to the solution quicker though. US the voices seem to be able to get to someone closeby, it's probably the same for the evil voice as well. He could be in here, in your mind yes, but that's not the only target possible. He could also be in Bonzi, Rella's sister or brother-in-law.
My bet's on sister, if he's capable of planning, it'd be the body the hardest for Rella to act against. You may be a nice acquaintance, Cedric, but Rella would hesitate to kill you if necessary for the safety of others because right now, that's all you are. The sister, one the other hand...

Bonzi's a good target for her dumbness and for being hard to kill too. Manchester's the worst target to choose out of all of you, but might be using him as a sleeper agent to find an even better body. We also can't forget your blacking out last night, if everything transferred to you yesterday, you could have been just as much as a sleeper agent and he's already someone in town. I've listed all the most probable targets, but it could be anyone by now.
No. 489309 ID: 908c2d

>but if they're trying to bring people into my problems
Sorry. Not exactly our choice where we end up.


Well, it's a step up from being kicked out, I suppose. Although here's hoping Mr. Shouty McEvilface hasn't followed us to your head. Dude really is a jerk. You thought some of us were loud? Jeeze.

Although... if he's loose somewhere, that's kind of worse.
No. 489319 ID: 9ddf68

ask Rella if we jumped into your head is it possable that HE could have jumped into someone else. also tell her you blacked out after leaving her sister's place the other day and ask if that is normal for somebody who is under his control or if it simpley means nothing
No. 489337 ID: 2d8e2e

I'm sure you wouldn't mind if she observes you. through and through. if you know what I mean.
No. 489356 ID: 4a76c5


No. 489357 ID: 78c6ea

Don't worry too much Cedric. It's not like we are inextricably tied to this Voice guy. Rella had him for years before we came around. Just because we're in your head doesn't mean he is.
He's probably not in your head at all. Not in your head or Rella's head, so perhaps someone else she came into close contact with. Someone with little defense or resistence to his murderous ways. In fact OH SHIT IS BRIE SNEAKING UP RIGHT BEHIND YOU
No. 489374 ID: f2c20c

Is she saying she wants you to live with her for a while?

If you ask me, the Voice may have switched to someone in town. Wanna bet it's your rude roommate?
No. 489380 ID: b7169d

Well staying with Rella would be a good idea at least. Though she may need some stuff, ask if she or bonzai could pickup some of the stuff from your house so you can properly stay over.
No. 489416 ID: b53faa

Take out your dick, dance the whirligig
blame it on the voices
No. 489428 ID: 4a76c5







No. 489524 ID: 0b5226

Good job, Cedric, crisis averted! Pat yourself on the back. (not literally, don't actually do that, you'll look weird)

Now just lay low for a while, and if someone particularly... shouty comes around in here, do NOT listen to him. He is most definitely not one of us, he wants nothing more than to kill everyone you know, using your own body to do it.

We'll try our best to help you out though, just stay strong! If anything, the girls will snap you out of it if he tries to take control. Though you might be sore afterwards.
No. 489528 ID: b53faa

Note that it will be a DICK OUT very specific kind of DANCING loud. A sort of... All pervasive ROUND AND ROUND THE PINWHEEL GOES sort of loudness, like it is reverbating throughout your entire skull.

Now take off your pants and spin yo dick, son. This is VITAL.
No. 489531 ID: 4a76c5





No. 489599 ID: 53688c

Yes, it would be ideal for you to ignore any voice that is particularly SHOUTY.
No. 489724 ID: 4a76c5


No. 489823 ID: b53faa

Do note that YOUSPINMERIGHTROUND, as I said before, some of us do shout LIKEARECORDBABYROUNDROUNDROUNDROUND a bit more than others.
Still, I have said this already and would rather SPINMERIGHTROUNDBABYRIGHTROUND focus on more important things.
For example, SPINYOURDICKLIKEAPINWHEEL what we are going to do about knifegirl not letting you leave the area.
No. 490870 ID: d5df1b
File 136018055635.png - (25.82KB , 800x800 , 197.png )


If The Voice can possibly hop from person-to-person, what's to say he can't be in ANYONE'S brain? He could be anywhere he wants...

"Well, have you thought about the fact that the Voice may be somewhere else? Because I don't feel his presence, and neither do you."

Rella's eyes widen at this. I guess she didn't think that The Voice could be capable of head-jumping.

>"...Then he could be anywhere..."

"W-well wait! Maybe I got the other voices because I was near you. So maybe Shou- er, The Voice works the same way! He may be with the last person you came in contact with."

>"Hm... The last people I came in-contact with is you, Brie, Bonzi, and Manchester. He can't be with Bonzi--"

Suddenly Bonzi pipes up at hearing her name. I had almost forgotten she was there, surprisingly.

>"Because of the mind-block I h-"

>"Cedric doesn't need to know about that, Bonzi. Quiet down."


'Mind-block'? Things are just getting weirder... Mozzy turns her attention back towards me.

>"If this is true, Cedric, then any one of us could have him in our minds. But for now it's best if we go to that library. If Bonzi is right, maybe I can finally get some answers."

Hm. I guess the trip is back on. But all this is so much to think about... 'Til today I didn't even believe things like this could HAPPEN. I'm still not sure if it's 'magic' but some force is doing this.

That leads to another question; if Rella's had to deal with this Voice guy for so long, how has she not lost control yet?

"Rella... if you don't mind me asking, how did you deal with that Voice for so long? It seems really dangerous, if you're afraid of it."

>"'If I'm afraid of it'? What's that mean, Cedric?"

"W-well! Just that you're really strong! It's just surprising someone so strong can lose to a thing like a voice... NOT THAT THE VOICE ISN'T DANGEROUS! It's just,er, I'm just gonna be quiet now..."

>"...Anyway. I'm not sure if I can tell you how I did it."

I'm sensing a theme with Rella here...

>"But I can tell you it's the second most painful thing I've ever done."

"Huh... W-will I have to do it... If he's inside my mind?"

Rella doesn't say anything for a moment. Suddenly she rears back a- OW!

Agh...! S-she hit me!!

>"If you do have to deal with The Voice, remember that punch. Did it hurt?"

"Y-yeah! A lot!"

>"Good. That punch doesn't even compare to to the pain I go through to stop him. I hope you never have to feel that pain. As you know, the trip is in one week. If you choose you can stay here for the meanwhile. Either that or I can send Bonzi into town to keep an eye on you."

Bonzi smiles at this. Agh, I think I'm bleeding... I guess I asked for this.

What should I choose?
No. 490871 ID: 17f7c4

everybody stabs themselves a little with the ruby knife. just to be safe.
No. 490872 ID: bf54a8

yes everyone gets knifed, whoever does more then let out a cry of pain is it.
No. 490873 ID: b7169d

A trip to town with bonzai sounds quite alright! She also seems like the one to talk a bit more about things. Plus you don't really know her that well, so it'd be a plus so you don't seem like strangers.
No. 490874 ID: 389f2b

Stay here, or or tell them you don't need a baby sitter, you have the voices, if you do go back into town. You already checked in at the library, so there's not much left back with the people to do
No. 490875 ID: 908c2d

Um. That's kind of incredible agonizing pain. I don't think we can afford to go stab-testing everyone.

Off the top of my head, going to town might not be a bad idea. The Voice could have hopped to anyone, so it might not be a bad idea to keep a look out for it.
No. 490876 ID: 4a76c5


No. 490877 ID: 57a559

What about Rella's sister and Manchester? Or Everyone in town if you became a sleeper agent? We need eyes everywhere practically. It could even be with your roommate you dropped today for all we know. Or the librarian.
No. 490879 ID: 389f2b

Shhhhh, we need to advise Cedric on where to go, not guess at who has the voice. Let's focus peeps
No. 490888 ID: 78c6ea

Don't worry Cedric. The pain she's talking about goes beyond the level of pain and loops right back around to pleasure. It's just impossible not to be fascinated with it. Pain.
No. 490901 ID: f2c20c

I think someone should be in town to keep an eye out.
No. 490932 ID: e36926

Also, uh, just an observation:

Brick shithouse is the only one out of the three of you that 'The Voice' can't just mosey on into.

She also has the pimp hand. If you don't know what that is, refer to what the girl just did to your face. Adjust for scale. It's kinda like that.

My point is, Rella might be the resident expert on spooky head shit, but Bonzi is the cornerstone of your contingency plan. She needs to keep an eye on both of you. Speaking of keeping an eye on things, look at that smile. That's adorable.

Anyway, Rella's got a thick skull. This has been established firmly. With gusto. There's a whole lot of establishment going on here. She's probably not going to admit to needing your help and implying that you need to stick around for that reason is gonna get her scarf in a bunch, and then she's gonna be like, "What the hell could you possibly do to help blah blah blah," and then you'll feel bad, and it'll be a big fucking mess; But why else is she keeping you two around? Rella's been dealing with the cranial invader by herself for years. Suddenly it's a problem. Raise any red flags? She's at the end of her rope.

Wherever you go, stick together. Two is better than one. Three is better than two. Three is also company, and the premise of a terribly unfunny sitcom.

Now stop making the big goldfish feel like a third wheel and say it's probably a good idea she keep tabs on both of you. Failing that, if there's trouble and the screaming stupid is contagious, you'll need Rella's help too, or else things could get out of hand and the next thing we know we're in a survival guilt arc, and that's gonna suck. For you, anyway.

Because you're gonna survive.
No. 490997 ID: 4740a0
File 136020785581.png - (16.57KB , 800x800 , 198.png )


Stabbed with a Ruby Knife?? What??


You all seem to be leaning on choosing going back to town with Bonzi. I guess it's better than me heading here and making things cramped for all three of us. Though I worry people might panic in town if I just show up with someone like Bonzi... Well, she seems nice, at least. Hopefully that'll be enough to calm things down in case they panic.

"Alright, Bonzi can come stay with me."

>"Okay. Bonzi, do you think you can handle this?"

>"I, uh, think I can! I'd like to go with Cedric..."


>"I mean, LET'S GO!"

Bonzi doesn't seem to own much, asides from that armor, so there's no packing involved. Soon she grabs her arm bands and follows me back to town. The sun is about set by the time we get back, so most of the townspeople should be in bed. Makes it easier for us to get home.

I look back at Bonzi for a moment while we walk. She quickly looks away. Strange.

"So, uh, Bonzi! How long have you and Rella known each other?"

>"O-oh! We were mercenaries back when we were teenagers. She and I worked a lot during the war."

Oh, so that's what Rella was doing during the war.

"So you guys just killed people for money?"

>"Uh, yeah... I kinda feel bad about it now, though..."

Yikes. Maybe I should go near that territory. I try to change the subject.

"Well, what do you do, now?"

>"I work security! I protect important people from bad guys!"

"Bad guys?"

>"You know, bad guys! The kind that hurt people for selfish reasons!"

"Right, right..."

I don't have much else to ask, so the rest of the trip is silent. Soon we reach my home. Unfortunately we realize the door is too small for Bonzi to get through!
No. 491001 ID: b6edd6

It would be rude to make her wait outside if you can avoid it. Is there anywhere you can go that does have a big enough door?

You should ask where she is from at some point. She seems pretty different from the locals.
No. 491003 ID: 908c2d

>I, uh, think I can! I'd like to go with Cedric...
>I look back at Bonzi for a moment while we walk. She quickly looks away. Strange.
Ha-heh! Bonzi likes you, I think. =D

>the door is too small for Bonzi to get through!
Uh-oh! Antics.

I don't suppose there's a garage door she could go in through? Or... that the roof lifts off nice and easy like a dollhouse?
No. 491005 ID: 9ddf68

do you have a garage or something see might be able to fit though, or failing that do you have some kind of tent she could use. Or if all else fails, well... how good is your home insurence cause i know for a fact she can make herself a door if she really needs too.
No. 491010 ID: 4a76c5

Jesus, she's even shyer than you. That's an accomplishment. I'd also like to congratulate you on your new position as Chief Lovable Dork. Our company expects great things of you.

Anyway, it looks like it's time for remodeling. You must construct a more suitable entryway from bits of chewed wood pulp. The newspaper is a good start. You will require more. This is a proven technique, I assure you.


She clammed up the second she first saw him. Either she knows a good deal when she sees one or she has a crippling fear of nerds.
No. 491013 ID: daa9fc

D'aww, I sense a puppdog crush from Bonzi. I say humor her, chat and get to know her better. She seems nice.

And look! She's got double the hips/butt/boobs than Rella!
No. 491017 ID: f2c20c

...do you have another entrance? What's the layout of your house?

Also, Cedric, I gotta ask. You're an ass man. What do you think of Bonzi's?
No. 491051 ID: b7169d

Actually, you should indulge your curiosity, you don't know what she is and it would be something to talk about.
No. 491073 ID: 4a76c5


Conversation will further speed the process of adapting your hive to suit your guest.

Or at least make it appear to proceed faster because you are not being boring.
No. 491081 ID: 750903

the door can be made bigger with Bonzi's fists.
No. 491110 ID: b56fd6

Did some favicons for the knifequest threads, look in the favicon discussion thread if you wanna see them.
No. 491119 ID: 389f2b

Try and fit her through a window, or maybe even take the door off and squeeze her though? If you don't have some clever way to fit her in, maybe you could set up a tent or something outside. If you do though, you might wanna consider hanging out outside with her at night - not in a sexual way, just, you know, she seems kinda into you and it'd be a little mean to banish her to the outside while you get to enjoy the comforts of a nice warm house.
No. 491127 ID: 4740a0
File 136027159192.png - (19.60KB , 800x800 , 199.png )


Bonzi? Having a crush on me? You think so??

I mean, not that there's anything wrong with her, but I don't know if I'm ready to deal with such a thing. Heck, I can't even figure out a way to get her into my home!

"Bonzi, I'm not sure you can fit through the doorway."

>"Oh, do you know if there's another way in?"

"Nah. The only way in is through the front door."

>"Hm... well, maybe I can just stay outside!"

"I-I don't know, won't you be be cold?"

>"Don't worry, I've got thick skin! It takes a lot to make me cold."

She accentuates her point by flicking her shoulder. Considering what she did to Rella yesterday, I totally believe her.

"Well, alright. I'm going to leave my window open. If you need anything, just holler. But don't be too loud! Don't want to wake any townsfolk."

>"Can do!"


Hm, I suppose it would be good to finally clear the air on this before we both turn in for the night.

"Uh, Bonzi, I hope this isn't too rude, but... what exactly--"

>"Am I?"

"Uh, yeah. Sorry..."

"It's okay! I get asked a lot. I... actually don't know. No one else seems to, either. Well actually, one person did... But even she didn't know the exact details."

Strange. How can someone not know what they are?
No. 491128 ID: bf54a8

woah, deja-vu
No. 491130 ID: 4740a0
File 136027337998.png - (21.59KB , 800x800 , 200.png )


Hm... You have a point. It's not really fair for me to sit in my warm house and leave her outside, even if she's okay with it.

"On second thought, ow about I stay out here with you? It's not fair for me to go inside and leave you out heERRRRREEE!"

Agh, she sure can hug...

>"Aw, you're so sweet! You sure it's no problem?"

"Y-yeah, it's n-no problem... now could you let me down?"

"Oh, er, sorry..."
No. 491131 ID: b56fd6

judging by the markings and such, it is possible she might be some sort of golem.
Ask her if they are tattos or body paint or something, if they were just always there that might lend a bit of credence to my theory.
No. 491136 ID: fba446

Did you say you guys all lived on big floating islands...?

Maybe she's a species from the sea under all the floating islands, and they're just so rare in the 'mainland' that nobody knows what they are! She did say she was aquatic and seems like she's mostly blubber (literally, Im not being mean about her wieght) and it sounds like an orphan situation.

Go grab some blankets and pillows, a lantern, and maybe offer her a drink/snack or a game or something. You guys can make it a campout. It'll be fun.
No. 491137 ID: e36926


I dunno, we have those smiley face spiders and stuff here, that seems pretty improbable but it's a thing.

But seriously ask about the sweet tattoos. Consider obtaining one in the future. Consider regretting obtaining this tattoo at an even later time. Don't get a tattoo.

Blanket fort is mandatory.
No. 491143 ID: 908c2d

>How can someone not know what they are?
Well, if there's no one growing up to tell you... how would you know.
No. 491159 ID: 750903

you should, like, carry some couches and stuff outside.
No. 491235 ID: b7169d


Don't really need all that...Mainly because I doubt he could pull them out.

Carry out some cushions, a pillow or two, and a bed-roll should accomplish the same effect.
No. 491243 ID: b7169d


Kinda like us! We actually don't know what we are either, except voices that travel from head to head.
No. 491282 ID: 9ddf68

you have a backyard right just get some blankets and stuff and have a camp fire, maybe even some smores, and you can ask her all about this weird magic stuff that intell this morning thought was only myth and leagend.
She may not know very much about the subject but she seems to know more about it than you
No. 491356 ID: 389f2b

Build a pillow fort and huddle in a pile of blankets all night long! I don't remember Rella saying anything about your culture having a taboo against fire, so maybe build a small one in your back yard? If you don't have a fire pit Bonzi could probably help you make one pretty easily

And on the subject of Bonzi liking you, we don't really know, but she's very sweet and pretty cute. Since we haven't been in her head, we're not sure how she feels about you, maybe she's always like this, but just try and notice little things about the way she acts, you might be able to get a fair idea of whether or not she likes you that way
No. 491821 ID: 4740a0
File 136052186725.png - (23.09KB , 800x800 , 201.png )


Hm, a golem? I remember those from the storybooks I used to read when I was a kid. They're stone monsters. I don't think Bonzi is made of stone, but those markings are strange...

"Hey, uh, hope this isn't too personal again, but where did you get those markings?"

>"Oh, I've just always had them. I think they're tattoos of some kind, but I don't remember ever getting them."

Guess that rules out that idea.


Fair enough. I can't imagine what it must be like to deal with that kind of situation. One of you mentioned if there's any land under the islands we live on. There is, but that's the forbidden area; The Under Lands. It's said to be uninhabited, though, so I'm not really sure Bonzi could have come from there.

Then again, considering what's been happening lately, anything's possible...


Funny. Anyway, that sounds like a good idea. There's a camping ground not far from here, actually. We can go camp there for the night. I tell Bonzi to wait outside while I grab my old tent, some blankets, food, and a few books.

And with that we head to the camping grounds. The camping grounds are normally used for festivals and such, but I'm sure it's not a problem if we use it.

After we set up camp we sit down in silence. I kinda realize now I'm really bad at conversations...


...But I'll try. She seems real nice, how hard can it be?

"Uh, so, how are things?"

>"I-I'm fine... you?"

"Great! Yeah..."


We're not good at this.
No. 491822 ID: 57a559

What does she do to pass time when she's not collecting money or hurting bad guys?
The only thing I can think of is get fucking drunk as shit.
No. 491825 ID: 908c2d

>We're not good at this.
Oh, just swap stories. That's what campfires are for! I mean, c'mon, you work at a library, and she's a mercenary adventurer. Between the two of you, you should know some good ones.
No. 491826 ID: 9ddf68

ask aobut her hobbies or something. Maybe even how she and Rella met, OH and se if you can get some information on the other members of her old team form the war if she doesn't mind.
Well it would be nice to get some idea what we could be facing in the future it's a better idea not to get on the bad side of those that protect us so don't push if she doesn't want to answer
No. 491834 ID: 78c6ea

Yeah tell her a story you read once. One she hasn't heard before hopefully.
No. 491835 ID: 4740a0
File 136052884687.png - (18.93KB , 800x800 , 202.png )


"So, uh, what do you like to do in your spare time?"

Her face brightens up.

>"Oh, I like flowers!"


>"Yeah, all kinds! They're all so beautiful! I've always wanted to open my own flower shop... but I don't know if I can."

"Really? Why?"

>"Because, well, look at me. Who'd buy flowers from me? I'm too big and scary."

"T-that's not true. You seem really nice! And I bet you know a lot about flowers! They'd be dumb to not buy flowers from you."

>"M-maybe... what about you? What do you like to do?"

"Oh! I like books, I guess. I work in the town library. I've always wanted to own a bookstore of my own, but that kind of thing is expensive. It would have to come far down the line, when I have enough money."

>"That sounds nice! You seem real smart! I hope you get to open your bookstore!"

"T-thank you... I hope you get your flower shop!"

Okay, making progress!


So that's what Rella meant when she said we were in danger. There are others they used to work with! Though why would they attack her?

"Uh, Bonzi, did you and Rella work with anyone else back when you were mercenaries?"

Aaand her smile turns into a frown. This was a bad idea.

"Y-you don't have to answer if you don't want to."

>"N-no, it's fine. We used to work with three others. We were part of a mercenary group called The Five. We were well-known on the battlefield because of how quickly and effectively we cleared out opposition."


>"We were ranked on how dangerous we were. I was number four. Mozzy was number five."

"So wait, what happens if one of you were to, say, beat the other? Would you go up in rank?"

>"No. It wasn't about how good you were, it was about how dangerous you were."

"Hm... Well, who are the other members?"

>"Well, there's Shrap. She's number three. She's an actor now, last I've heard. She lives up on the Higher Lands."

"D-do you think she'll bother us?"

>"No, not us. But Mozzy might be in danger. See, she kinda made Shrap pretty mad. Another one of us, Gregga, said that Mozzy damaged the mind of our leader, Prima."


>"Yeah, Prima was number one. She was the most dangerous of any of us... but mostly because she had The Voice with her. All of us did, actually. But her's was the most powerful and... I think I've said too much on that."

Shoot. Well I don't want to push her, so I let it drop.

"But who's Gregga, though?"

>"Oh, she's number two. She's kinda mean, and she tricked me into thinking Mozzy hurt our master!"

"Is that why you attacked yesterday?"

>"Y-yeah... sorry..."

"It's... fine. Rella seems to be over it, anyway."

>"Um, can I ask something?"


>"Why do you call Mozzy 'Rella'?"

"Oh, because she asked me to. I guess she didn't like her other name."

No. 491836 ID: 4a76c5

Okay, we're still out of the spaghetti zone. Don't ask what that is. I will inform you if you have entered it, although it will be highly self evident and you will feel very, very silly.

Anyway, you can totally do both, ask what she does with her spare time, and then story time. Non-fiction is optional. Try not to give each other nightmares, I'm sure you've had harrowing encounters with silverfish that would turn our hair white. Assuming we have hair. Do I have hair? You'll never know!

Besides, we know like shit all about you two. Keep the ball rolling. Don't make me come down there. I'll do it, man.
No. 491838 ID: 4a76c5


Oh wait you totally did one of these things.
No. 491839 ID: 908c2d

>flower shop, hugeness
Well, actually, being big has some advantages in retail. Makes it a lot easier to move stuff around!
No. 491842 ID: 57a559

She likes talking about herself, and flowers!
Shit son, get hype over cool books and gardening techniques!
Ask her if she ever tried wearing a suit. Business owners have to be comfortable wearing fancy clothing.
No. 491843 ID: 4a76c5




You know what else likes flowers?

ME, BITCH. Anyway ask her what her favorite is. Tell us all what your favorite is. Gather pollen using specialized hairs on legs. Mention known garden manuals. Avoid mentioning the Dewey Decimal System. Offering to obtain said manuals is discretionary but highly advised. Speech becoming terse, formal.

And if you want to show her the library in a day or two and she gets cold feet, you might assure her that nobody is allowed to scream or run there, so if anyone's afraid of her that's their problem. Or just point out that she's really not that scary when she's not busting out walls and shit.
No. 491846 ID: b33427

Ask Bonzi if she has any idea why RellaMozzy wouldn't like her own name, but keep it brief; Don't steer off on a tangent about Rella. Keep this time about Bonzi and yourself.

The way Bonzi talks about flowers, it sounds like she'd be happier working for a flower shop owner, and not actually being the owner. If she was the shop owner, she'd have to deal with customers, handle accounting, and worry about taxes and laws, plus a bunch of other crap that'd take her away from growing and tending flowers. I'm sure any flower shop owner would hire her in a second to tend their gardens. What flower shop owner wouldn't want someone who has as much passion about flowers as her, and can move a quarter-ton of mulch at a time?

If she ever wants to start her own flower shop, she can hire someone to be the front man, handling the register and administration and that kind of stuff, while she handles the flower side of things. Hey... She could hire you to be the front man. I'd be good business experience for when you open your bookstore. How about you mention that to her.

Oh! That reminds me; Is Bonzi going to have to get a more covering outfit for when we head up to the Higher Lands? They might not take kindly to her wearing so little while being so... huge. If this is going to be a problem, could you offer to take her to the tailor tomorrow to get a dress made up?
No. 491889 ID: 9ddf68

Ask Bonzi if she got a flowershop were would she set up shop. Here in the, um middle plan was it called? Or on the floting island and whatever she choses ask if she had any cities in whatever area she picks that she would like to have her shop in and why
No. 491890 ID: b7169d

Indulge some other curiosities, at this point you've learned about crazy sheningans featuring voice things. Why not see what this "Cursed Armor" thing is they had, considering it seems like she bent a bar of black steel around herself for modesty.
No. 491903 ID: b53faa

What if you were to rent a shop TOGETHER...
Books and Flowers, share the rent, both of you get your dreams fulfilled...
No. 491907 ID: 4a76c5


I dunno, that might take us back in the direction of bygone days and unhappy shit. I'd save that one for later unless it just kind of comes up.
No. 492026 ID: 0b5226

I read that in Gilbert's voice, you're messing with powers you don't understand
No. 492292 ID: 2de44c

Talking about stars is always good for camp fires. You can lay back and look at the sky, pointing at different constellations, making up stories and creating new ones
No. 492373 ID: 4a76c5

It also occurred to me that maybe her stories aren't something she wants to tell, given the uh, stated remorse earlier. On top of this stuff. At least not stories about that particular period of time, like with the war and the shitmurdering and all that jazz, asking for more there would be kind of a dick move and that doesn't seem like an area you specialize in. That's a real verb, by the way: shitmurder. Shitmurdering is a gerund. The more you know!

She'd probably be happy to tell you about clobbering crooks, though. You can leave that avenue open. Basically try to be a pal, be entertaining, be completely covered in bees. You're gonna be spending a lot of time with this person soon.
No. 494627 ID: d5df1b
File 136137643467.png - (17.59KB , 800x800 , 203.png )


Good idea. It's best to stay far away from this topic, for Bonzi's sake. Besides, there are other things to speak of; like shops! She wants to own a flower shop, and I want to own a book store. That's one thing we have in common!


That's a good question. Though perhaps I should ask Rella that, instead. Bonzi may not want to talk about her friend's name, if it's personal.

Let's just stay on flowers!

Like this! This is good; stick to flowers!

"So, Bonzi, what's your favorite flower?"

>"Oh, I like them all! Tulips, daisies, daffodils; all of them!"

"Then you'd be perfect to work in a shop! Maybe if you're worried about people being intimidated by your size, you could work FOR a flower shop owner?"

>"That sounds nice... but I'd rather own the store."

"Oh. Well, maybe you can hire someone to work to work the store front for you! That way you get to handle all the gardening the way you want."

>"Hm... that's a good idea! I never thought of that. You're so smart, Cedric!"

Okay, that made me blush a little.



>"Would you... this might be too much to ask now, and I'm fine if you say no. But if I ever do open a flower shop... could... never mind..."

"N-no! You can tell me. What is it? I promise I'll hear you out."

"Okay... would you run the store front for me?"

Run the store front? I don't know anything about flowers...

"Huh. Not that I don't want to, but wouldn't it be better to get someone who knows about flowers?"

>"I c-could teach you... but you're right. It was stupid of me to ask."

Running a flower shop... well, thinking about it, she could show me the ropes of how to run one. And it would be good experience for my OWN shop...

"How about this? No promises, but if you can work out a way to get your store and pay for it, I'd be more than happy to work for you."



She breaks into the biggest smile I've ever seen. She reaches over hug me, but things better of it and stops.

>"T-thank you, Cedric."


"Um... Bonzi? One thing you should consider when running a flower shop - and I hope this isn't rude - but your attire... it's--"

>"Revealing, I know. This is just what I've always worn! I can never find a tailor who can make things in my size."

"Well, I know a tailor that might be able to help you! He lives right here in town. We can see him tomorrow, if you'd like."

>"Yes, yes! Good idea!"

Truth be told I'm not even sure he can make clothes big enough for Bonzi. But he's an old friend of mine, and hopefully he can make her something.

It's starting to get late, and my eyelids are feeling heavy... There's so much to think about. The voices. That monster... and Rella.

I guess how we'll see how things turn out, tomorrow.
No. 494629 ID: 9ee360

Right, g'night guys. Take care of yourself if we magically wake up with someone different again.

The only problem size presents in clothing is if you're buying premade stuff. If you're getting it cut at a tailors, there's no need you can't get whatever you want! (Although cost will be probably be more due to more fabric, and possibly effort).

...and, uh, if she really does have retail aspirations, dressing a little revealing has never been the worst thing for sales. (Or maybe that backfires in a flower shop? "Honey, I bought you flowers!" "You jerk, you just went there to check out the scantily clad giant!").
No. 494632 ID: 57a559

Only listen to this after you wake up or get disturbed in the middle of the night.

It shouldn't be too hard to make custom fit clothes for Bonzi, it might take time perhaps, and a lot of fabric, but it won't be particularly harder then sewing up clothes for a fat person or tall person of your own race. She's just bigger than the biggest of your race. As long measurements are consistence and she isn't cursed to expand or inflate even larger whenever she puts on clothing, should be a fucking cinch.

She needs to define what owning a store is. If you're managing the store front, which I imagine includes customer service, inventory and book keeping, AND managing, she isn't really owning the store besides having her name on the deed and getting to name the store. It's really just semantics. If she only wants to garden, well, shit, she's doing nothing more than doing an entry level job for more pay because she has a deed to the place (or is majority share holder). Will she actually get the satisfaction of owning the shop if it's mostly run by you and all she basically does is grow the plants to sell and name the store and get the dolla dolla bills? You'll be the manager, the cashier, the salesmen. Bonzi wouldn't be a store owner, she'd be a whole saler. You may as well just run a fucking super market and sell your books with the flowers and other shit. Might as well be co-owner if your running what's going to be 70% of the business aspects of it while she does labor. You both get the name it and the pride of owning a store.
No. 494643 ID: 2343b3

Maybe instead of diving into the finer details of their business plan, we should acknowledge that learning how to make bouquets would be fucking awesome.

Besides, some things take priority right now, like finding out why the hell we're in his head giving him advice. We're like a throng of motivational speakers from another dimension. That's terrifying.
No. 494661 ID: 001618

So how much do you want to bet we are going to wake up as someone else in the morning and who do you think it will be. My moneys on Cedric roommate we just kicked out this morning, as for why, call it a feeling
No. 494690 ID: d5dfa3


On the second matter, given the way they speak about it, I have a strong sense that Bonzi plans to do more than only the gardening. I suppose that it still lies in interpretation, though.

Another 'for the morrow' message, mainly in case we jump to another person again. Cedric, focus on keeping everyone together and going in one direction. Don't let things stagnate, so always have a goal that can moved towards, in this case the obtaining of clothes and a store, and if anyone has problems which hold supremacy over the goal, go with them in solving the problem, even if it means learning of their problems from other sources and helping without showing that's what you're doing.

Finally, to speculate on our own existence, I think we might some sort of transforming force. As far as I can tell, we've irrevocably impacted the lives the two people we've touched, despite the fact that we've only been with them a day, each. If there is some greater purpose to the changes we enact, I'm not sure, yet. It will be easier to say once we have a few examples of lives changed for us to pick apart.
No. 494793 ID: 4740a0
File 136146736464.png - (3.60KB , 800x800 , 204.png )


No. 494794 ID: 4740a0
File 136146739447.png - (230.56KB , 800x800 , 205.png )

No. 494795 ID: 4740a0
File 136146741650.png - (16.86KB , 800x800 , 206.png )

No. 494796 ID: 9ee360

Oh, hello Bonzi.

Whose head are we in now?
No. 494797 ID: 2343b3

Well, she's got that helmet and the shawl. I think we're in a flashback, guys.
No. 494801 ID: 4740a0
File 136147042154.png - (25.63KB , 800x800 , 207.png )

>"Mozzy, that was a rough mission yesterday! You still look beat u-"

You move your hand to shush Bonzi. You're not really in the mood right now.
No. 494802 ID: b53faa

ok, looks like most of us were out for a spell during your last misson.
sorry about that, boss.

Think you can give us a quicky recap?
also, try to ignore any of us telling you to cover yourself in bees.
Unless the situation warrants it, of course!
bees can be useful.
No. 494804 ID: 9ee360

>I think we're in a flashback, guys.
Looks like.

So... what's the situation, Mozzy?
No. 494808 ID: 9ddf68

damn girl you look like crap
and thinner
No. 494817 ID: 4740a0
File 136147621489.png - (20.64KB , 800x800 , 208.png )

>"I... just wanted to check on you."

You nod, and tell Bonzi to leave. You have thinking to do. She reluctantly obliges.


Great. Now you're going nuts. Whatever, it's not the weirdest thing to have happened to you.

You have just returned from another job. A job in Southside; kill off a rival PMC. You and your team did it with ease, at least at first.

You didn't expect the opposition to have backup. You all won, but barely. Whoever finds that mess is going to have one hell of a cleaning day.

Now you simply want to rest and reflect on the needless bloodshed you've caused once again. You clean the blood of your skin, but you know it's still there; even if you can't see it.

And now The Voice is choosing to mess with you yet again with morevoices.

Whatever. You deserve worse.
No. 494819 ID: 9ee360

>And now The Voice is choosing to mess with you yet again with more voices.
We're... not with him, actually. Kind of free agents. Honestly, if and when he notices that we're here, he'll probably throw a hissy fit.

What's your opinion on "the" voice, anyways? You don't like him? You don't like the bloodshed he drives you to? Wanna maybe... do something about that? Because we could help, if you do.

Why do you think you deserve this?
No. 494820 ID: 3299b7

Regardless of what you deserve, which, given the innately subjective nature the state deserving, means very little, I will give some potentially heartening news. That news being, we come from a future where you will manage to excise the voice you are more familiar with, and which we are already aware causes you and your group of five to behave the way that you do, at least for a time.

To speculate baselessly, I think we might with you in this time to either ensure you follow that path forwards, or to somehow change your path, depending on what force, if any in specific, is bringing us in contact with you. No matter what our intended purpose is, though, I have the strong feeling we will lead you towards the end of silencing the other voice in your mind, and allowing you to remove yourself from the mercenary position you find yourself in now.
No. 494823 ID: 2343b3

It is unlikely that we can alter the events we are currently observing. Not from whene we are.

However, it would be useful to know more about this event and its context.

Tell us the year and your location.
No. 494826 ID: 57a559

Listen, if this is more than a dream and the future-past, your head person, Prima, of your group dies or gets severely hurt or something and you end up as the sole owner of The Voice as your whole mercenary band disbands. Gregga spreads lies about the whole thing claiming it's your fault.

You also end up a hermit, alone, and suffer horrific pain to control the voice with a magic knife and your sister marries a rich jerkass dog called Winchester. You should kill him before your sister gets all racked up with him, just suggesting here.

So, you know, be careful. And try and protect Prima or change her eventual fate. Or learn more about The Voice. So, new missions.

You know what, call us Prima's secondary voice, a voice set, that gives her tatical and life advice unlike that other voice which feeds you all aggression and sadism and shit. I don't know, go ask her about us, time travel, person travel of the voice, etc. please.
No. 494828 ID: 57a559

Also, why are you wearing such a revealing outfit? Does a thong and bandage tube top really represent your character? You should wear a big sweater. Oh wait, nevermind, this likely isn't your outfit. your in a medical tent getting treated, of course you'd be in your skivvies, actually you should be naked. Someone dressed you in a thong. You should slap them. It at least looks like a g-string.
No. 494838 ID: 4740a0
File 136148226989.png - (24.53KB , 800x800 , 209.png )

Oh. How are ya!
No. 494839 ID: 9ee360

Ah, Rella's being stoic.

Which of the five is this then?
No. 494861 ID: 9ddf68

so, uh ... who the hell is that. she looks more like an office secretary and not so much a battle harden mercenary
No. 494862 ID: 9ddf68

looks kind of like Myr (Cedric's roommate)
No. 494868 ID: 78c6ea

Is... is she talking to us, or you Mozzy?
No. 494885 ID: 0b5226

I think she's talking to us. And kinda eerily looking right at us. That pretty much guarantees that we're in a dream! How exciting.

You look like Myr, and presumably Rella isn't all that familiar with Myr, I can only assume we're still in Cedric's mind, dreaming about a past memory of Rella's that must've tagged along when we swapped minds.

Of course, I could be completely wrong.
No. 494911 ID: b7169d


Actually she looks "Exactly" like her, down to double nose and light green eyes. Even the belly shirt matches!
No. 494923 ID: 2343b3


No. 494936 ID: 5bf190


Hello, possibly telepathic/dreamwalking/timemessing mysterious person/symbolic representation who may or may not be who we think you look like?

We're doing fine, apart some confusion.
No. 495054 ID: e7469d


is she talking to us

she's looking at us

hi can you hear us hello
No. 495074 ID: 4740a0
File 136155394241.png - (19.32KB , 800x800 , 210.png )


Yeah, I'm talking to you weirdos.


This weirdo gets it. You see, none of you can alter any of the events within this dreamscape. You're simply observers. You can communicate with eh... Mozzy here. But she won't do anything you say that can affect the course of this event.
No. 495075 ID: 4740a0
File 136155400466.png - (22.30KB , 800x800 , 211.png )

I'm also observing! I can't affect anything here, myself. But I can do whatever I want within in a localized area of effect, as long as it's to myself.
No. 495076 ID: 4740a0
File 136155402464.png - (16.17KB , 800x800 , 212.png )

Like this!
No. 495082 ID: 4740a0
File 136155428830.png - (11.91KB , 800x800 , 213.png )

No. 495083 ID: 4740a0
File 136155430885.png - (17.79KB , 800x800 , 214.png )

Man, I even look good when I'm dead!
No. 495085 ID: 9ee360

So we don't have to worry about using paradox knowledge to cause her to betray the voice or find the ruby knife in the first place? Kay, that makes things easier.

If this is just a dreamscape, what should we mess with, then?

So what's your deal? Why are you here? You some kind of dreamwalker or something?
No. 495089 ID: e36926

No. 495092 ID: b7de7a

Shrap, Gregga, or Prima?

Probably Shrap. Very theatrical.
No. 495093 ID: 67bfa9

if you can do anything why are you dressed so horribly?

a ringmaster/startrek-esque belly top?! really? that's breaking like a million fashion laws! it's not even in good condition it's all torn up and stuff!
I'm not even gonna comment on your maroon tapered pants.
You may have natural good looks but you're wasting them with your hideous ass wardrobe
No. 495095 ID: 9ddf68

so guns do exist here I was begaining to think we were in mid evil times or something
No. 495102 ID: e7469d

let's get to that observing, then. but before that, the hell are you doing here? also, the hell are we doing here?
No. 495106 ID: 1e0fba

I did jump to a conclusion. If I may ask, why are we here, then, when we have not previously been aware of any dreamscapes?
No. 495113 ID: b53faa

...I Think I'm in love.
So, how'd you get in here, then? You some sort of dream hopper? Maybe a new ally/foe?
You ARE gonna be significant to this quest!
No. 495141 ID: b7169d

I like her, she's got the wacky dream-master vibe going on. Though I think I prefer this outfit.
No. 495142 ID: 772c81


No. 495143 ID: f2c20c

Oh shush, I think her outfit looks stylish.

Ever cloned yourself?

You know, Cedric was willing to let you stay at his house so long as you started treating him with respect.
No. 495147 ID: a6e3ba

Find dream Cedric and bang him.
.... why were you even living with him?
No. 495166 ID: 2343b3


Good grief, what the fuck did he do to deserve that? That'd be like getting it on with a cross between Bugs Bunny, Murphy Brown, and Dracula. I can make a diagram of that if I gotta.

Also that's a really good question. Why indeed would this louse turn down free room and board from a complete doormat? Well, former doormat. We're cautiously optimistic on that front. (Note to self: Remind Cedric to get a new batch of business cards to reflect his promotion to vertebrate.)
No. 495175 ID: 4740a0
File 136157657818.png - (20.61KB , 800x800 , 215.png )



I suppose you can call me... an observer. Much like yourselves. At least for now. Soon I plan to change things. I'll become something else; an activist. A game-changer

But for now I'm more than comfortable to observe.


Sticks and stones. No reason to be so upset. I happen to like my outfit, thank you very much!


This man is smart.


Oh, beats me. I don't know where you all came from; you just happened to come around when I got here. I'm surprised you haven't disturbed Dream Rella or anyone, you're all really loud.


Maybe later! I'm here to gather information.


Thank you~

And mainly because I knew that he'd eventually meet Rella. And that works nicely with my plans. I know I could have been a better roommate, but to be honest I was just trying to get him to throw me out so I could finish the next phase of my whole thing here.

I suspect you guys helped him get rid of me, because there's no way he would have done it on his own without drinking a ton of beer or getting help from magic voices. So thanks for that!
No. 495178 ID: 9ee360

>So thanks for that!
You're welcome for getting your freeloading butt thrown out of its home?
No. 495182 ID: d5dfa3

Hm...We'll have to be more vigilant of you, once we're back in somehow who's in the city. Are you entirely sure you wanted to mention that you plan on increasing your activity to us? That is sure to set some of us towards working against you, quite possibly even if your interests align with ours.
No. 495183 ID: 78c6ea

stfu guys I think purple babe is awesome.

PB: why is Rella's dreams filled with sitting on a bench after all the action is already over?
No. 495185 ID: 57a559

Let one out in dream Rella's face. It won't do anything, but might be entertaining.
No. 495190 ID: 2343b3

Don't try to weasel out of this, you were totally in the silhouette yesterday.

And have you considered getting a pair of black horn rimmed glasses? They don't gotta have lenses. The thicker the frame the better.
No. 495193 ID: 9ddf68

Ok now i'm curious to see where this will go, but the question is will you tell us your plan so we will ether help or hinder you (more challenging, more fun) or will you take the wait and see approach and see if we can't peace together your plan
No. 495195 ID: f2c20c

What are you planning, then?
No. 495321 ID: 1f8505

No. 495338 ID: a6e3ba

Hey uh, you seem smart. Any clue why Cedric woke up half naked in a barrel the other day?
No. 495677 ID: 83304a

get in our way and you'll be a choked bitch, bitch.
No. 495680 ID: 2343b3


How are we supposed to strangle without arms?
No. 495681 ID: 3b15bd


No. 498946 ID: edb912

Draw a pose that isnt the same thing?
No. 499976 ID: 4740a0
File 136327344384.png - (18.09KB , 800x800 , 216.png )

You don't just fart in a depressed dream person's face.
No. 499977 ID: 4740a0
File 136327346937.gif - (51.13KB , 800x800 , 217.gif )

...Weeeelll, maybe just a little...

Nah, that's low comedy.


Considering I didn't plan on staying there, yes. Sheesh, keep up.


Why are you all so sure I'm the bad guy? For all you know, I might be on your side.

...Or I might not be. I guess that's the fun, haha!

And to any of you wondering, no, I was never a part of Rella's little mercenary club. I never liked that line of work; too much work for too little pay.

'Sides, like I said, I'm only observing. The same as you.


I dunno. Being a klutz? I swear that kid looks like he might topple over if you breathed at him wrong.

Any more questions, or shall we return to Rella's depressing past?
No. 499978 ID: d6ef5d

>shall we return to Rella's depressing past?
Yah, sure, why not.

Bad or not, whatever. It's not like we're in a position to do anything about you if you're a problem, anyways, and you're good company. So let's go.
No. 499979 ID: b7169d

Hey could we get some popcorn over here? Might as well get some seats if we're going to take a view back with ya.
No. 499981 ID: 16c900

Do you know what species the yellow giant from the dream is?
No. 499984 ID: 34f12d


No. 499992 ID: 9ddf68

well there seems nothing else to do at the time so why not.
No. 499995 ID: 15c312

you're not answering anything properly, so no, no more questions.
No. 499999 ID: 34f12d



No. 500042 ID: f2c20c

I have only one. Why did you have to get thrown out instead of just leaving?
No. 500044 ID: 4740a0
File 136330140888.gif - (80.57KB , 800x800 , 218.gif )


Like what you see?


Nah. She looks like a goldfish, though. Maybe some kinda really big sentient one? I ain't a scientist.


THIS guy gets it.

The rest of you mooks want to get things back on track, so let's do so. Hold on to your metaphorical hats--!

No. 500046 ID: 4740a0
File 136330147096.png - (14.49KB , 800x800 , 219.png )

You remove the bandages around your arm. They were getting really old, so you figured it was time for a new pair. Before you can go replace them, you hear someone call your name from outside the medical tent. You go and take a look.
No. 500047 ID: 4740a0
File 136330155135.png - (27.35KB , 800x800 , 220.png )

It's Gregga.

>"Master Prima requests your presence. She wishes to speak about today's mission. Do not keep her waiting."

You nod, too tired to address her rude tone, and make your way to Master Prima's tent.
No. 500048 ID: 1ef2eb

So on a scale from 1 to 10 how big of a bitch is she both Gregga and prima
No. 500052 ID: f2c20c

Why don't any of you have proper clothes? You'd think mercenaries would be able to afford them.
No. 500056 ID: 78c6ea

When you punched Gregga in the face it was a most satisfying feeling, a small retreat from what was to come.
No. 500060 ID: bf0685

people asking questions, still flashback mode.

tho this could be something worth noting, keep tabs on Gregga's appearance so in future we can (hopefully) call her out for Rella
No. 500062 ID: 07bdc9

No. 500076 ID: 15c312

oh god, get her out of your face before I puke. going to see Number One would be the fastest way to do so, I guess, so do that.
No. 500281 ID: 78c6ea
File 136341174117.gif - (1.51MB , 500x374 , what-is-air-colbert.gif )

No. 500737 ID: 4740a0
File 136357990966.png - (11.59KB , 800x800 , 221.png )


You don't care for Gregga, but you could never think anything bad about Master Prima. It's incredibly disrespectful to think that about someone who's given you everything.


Considering Gregga's your commanding officer, it's not wise to hit her. Though you definitely wouldn't mind doing it...


You don't wear these into combat; these are merely what you're wearing for now until you can get some new gear.

You are unable to speak to Rella about events happening in the present until the Flashback is over.

You enter Prima's tent. She has her back turned to you. You call her name, but she cuts you off before you can finish:


You cringe at the use of your full name.

>"You did very exceptional regarding today's mission. The others told me of your success. Congratulations. But... that's not why I called you here. You're getting tired, aren't you?"


>"You seem less enthusiastic as of late. Usually when you come back from a mission you report back to me immediately. But yet... you hesitated. You went to the medical tent. You weren't even in need of it."

Prima could always see through you. No point in hiding any longer...

You tell her that you're tired. Tired of this life. Tired of fighting just to break even.

>"...It's as I expected..."

She stands there quietly for a moment.

>"Then it's time for us to stop--"
No. 500738 ID: 4740a0
File 136357996073.png - (85.04KB , 800x800 , 222.png )

No. 500740 ID: d60b76

Wow you're named after a cheese, that being said why so serious about stopping?
No. 500741 ID: d6ef5d

Why does your name bother you?

...what's going on with the stopping?
No. 500747 ID: 4740a0
File 136358225352.png - (40.82KB , 800x800 , 223.png )

He's REAL mad.


The Dread...
No. 500749 ID: f2c20c

Maybe it's time for you to run.
No. 500754 ID: bf54a8

uhh... we'll try to hold him back while you flee?

[grab mr. dark]
No. 500755 ID: bf0685

this don't look good... yeah as long as you're not dangerous to us & those we travel with, I'm guessing if we can, take you with us because Mr Stoppity here seems awful mad
No. 500756 ID: d6ef5d

Oh hey, you pissed off mister shouty! Good for you. Anyone who pisses him off is good in our books (which, uh, is everyone I guess? Maybe that's not such a good criteria).

In this place though, he might actually be in a position to do more than shout impotently. You might want to skedaddle, miss.
No. 500758 ID: 57a559

Hey this is our domain too. Fuck off we got shit to do, just ignore her.

No. 500759 ID: 4740a0
File 136358676684.png - (13.61KB , 800x800 , 224.png )


Uh, thanks! Maybe with you guys helping me I can hold him o-
No. 500760 ID: 4740a0
File 136358680495.png - (15.90KB , 800x800 , 225.png )

--Well, there's a hole in that plan, now
No. 500764 ID: 57a559

Man what do we even DO?
Dick, dude, stop it bro.
We don't need to get violent here.
Let's just insult each other until we all calm down and leave. Or maybe suck your mental dick, would that be cool? We can go down to the mental brothel and pick up up a fine lady voice for hire to suck your dick.
No. 500770 ID: 9ddf68

yeah, not going to lie here. I haven't the slightest idea what to do. I'm not sure we can really help in anyway but at the same time I'm do think this thing can do TO MUCH to us either so I'm kinda at stand still right now.
No. 500772 ID: f2c20c

Quick, kill yourself before he can kill you!

No. 500779 ID: 14bafe
File 136359093690.png - (186.25KB , 800x800 , 136357996073.png )

Pssh, you've killed yourself in front of us before. I'm sure that you can come back this time. I'm gonna try something:

[Impose WILL on original point of breach]
No. 500787 ID: 78c6ea

Yeah sorry we're pretty much useless. *struggles to reach the ruby knife*
No. 500797 ID: 34f12d







No. 500803 ID: 7d8620

You fool, using Comic Sans will only anger the beast! Though, not entirely sure what would calm it down either.

Myr, if you still can, get yourself out of the dream and wake Cedric up. We've got bigger problems than finishing an informative flashback, now that we know Shouty's with us.
No. 500804 ID: 6286bf

never liked her anyway.

'sup Mr. Voice.
No. 500808 ID: 14bafe

Comic Sans is what gives it POWER! We must enrage the beast so that we might engage it in fisticuffs whilst our guest escapes!
No. 500822 ID: 34f12d

If Rella's about to have an episode of some kind, then Toejam & Earl won't be much help: They're too far away. If she wanders out into the boonies it'll be tough finding her.

I'm actually a bit more concerned for our naive friend here, especially if he can assume control of her. We're safe from him, and really he doesn't seem to mind us terribly. Yet. She's a different story, a potential liability.

Myr seems to have some prior knowledge of him. Of course, if she would have been more forthright with us from the beginning, we could have warned her that he's been acting up lately. We could have made plans. I guess we're a bad sign, too, now that I think of it. But that would have been smart.

If you can still communicate with us, Myr, and you're in danger, be a doll and tell us where you are. Make it quick, we may need this information to help the gang locate and restrain you. Since I had you figured for an inert buffoon I didn't think you'd be much of a problem, but it looks like you're just reckless instead. What a pity. Does it really matter how incompetent you are if he is in charge? Maybe you could answer that for us!

And don't tell her where the others are. Last thing we need is for our friends to wake up dead.
No. 500827 ID: d6ef5d

Pff. Like that does anything. We've seen her die already- all you're doing is being an inconvenience.

Where the hell have you been, anyways, Shouty? We've missed your obnoxious pointless posturing recently.

[Fight Mr. Shouty]
No. 500852 ID: 4740a0
File 136363704297.png - (13.21KB , 800x800 , 226.png )


Ouch. Those words hurt almost as much as this hole in my neck.

No. 500853 ID: 4740a0
File 136363708134.png - (17.34KB , 800x800 , 227.png )

I'll stop being useless, then.
No. 500854 ID: 4740a0
File 136363715742.gif - (39.28KB , 800x800 , 228.gif )

>"W-what's going on?"

No. 500856 ID: 54fe7c

Fine, you're not useless, you're completely inept, how is he going to help out of all things? No offense to you Cedric but you have to admit you're not... built for combat.
No. 500860 ID: d6ef5d

My words hurt? Sorry, I was just making the point that his killing you in the dream shouldn't do anything. More about aggravating him than hurting you. He is a big blowhard, after all.

...so what's he supposed to do? No offense, but I thought you'd escape, not pull another person in.
No. 500866 ID: 2a8a2a

Why hello there Cedric; welcome to Crazyville: population 2 + 1i + NaN
No. 500868 ID: 9ddf68

wait did you bring him into this little nightmare or did you just send us into Cedric's little head?
No. 500871 ID: e36926


No. 500875 ID: f59095

how does Cedric resemble anything even slightly helpful?
No. 500879 ID: 4740a0
File 136364196308.png - (66.23KB , 800x800 , 229.png )


Calm your cocks; this is Cedric's mind. He has more power here than I do. He's exactly what we need.

>"M-Myr? What's happening??"

"Look, kid, calm down. You're dreaming right now."


"Yeah, dreaming."

>"What kind of dream is this? Why are you here? What are you wearing?"

"'What am I wearing?' What's wrong with my outfi- never mind! Look, there's a big scary monster here wreaking havoc, and we need to get out of here."


"Don't turn around! Just keep looking at me. Normally you'd be able to wake up and end the dream, but with The Dread here that's not possible. I need you to fight this thing!"

>"A-are you bleeding?"

"Cedric! Focus! Now, I can make you two weapons; The Daggers of Dreams or The Dreammeister Dual Pistols. Choose wisely."


Choose Wisely.
No. 500881 ID: 57a559

Dagger's require strength and reflexs, Pistols require precision! And reflexes!

I'm going to guess that Cedric would make a better gun user than knife user, but I dunno. Guns.
No. 500882 ID: 4740a0


Sorry, I'm a big dumb that forgot to list what they can do. The Daggers do more damage, but they obviously require Cedric to be closer. While the Pistols do much less damage, but he can shoot (relatively) safely from far away, and does not need to reload.
No. 500883 ID: 6c1738

Okay go guns you seem like a shooter to me
No. 500884 ID: d6ef5d

>this is Cedric's mind
Huh. Then why was the dream of Rella's past?

>guns or knives?
We've already got at least one knife girl. Go for the guns, Cedric.
No. 500888 ID: bf54a8

because we were looking at the VOICE'S PAST! DU DUUUUU!
No. 500893 ID: 9ddf68

Hey Cedric stuffs happening and we're not very sure what but we need you to take the gun and start shooting anything that isn't your old roommate and us, and remember this is just a very odd dream so nothing really bad can happen to you here. NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE OR ANYTHING SAYS this is just a dream and you can't get hurt so grab the gun and blast this thing straight to hell. And again It's your dream, meaning this is your world.
No. 500903 ID: b7169d

Hey Myr you gonna be okay? That actually does look pretty nasty, do want you to survive and all that because you're awesome.

Anyways, gun.
No. 500907 ID: e36926


That's where we were. Not where we are.

Mr. D. is following us. This is BAD. I'm going to presume the outcome of failing to jump and resist here is probably WORSE, so here we are. We have the home court advantage. In lieu of BEES we have a weapon that almost guarantees we're going to get stabbed and worse, and something that lets us at least run and take pot shots, but...

Can he imagine himself firing one? We're kind of in the Matrix here, he hasn't had a spoon moment yet, but maybe he's fancied himself a swashbuckler or a ninja from one of his stories before or something. He might have an easier time wrapping his head around that.

Assuming something doesn't get wrapped around him first. The dualies give us reach but that doesn't mean much if they don't have stopping power. You'd think a dreamzooka would be more expedient but them's the ropes.
No. 500917 ID: f2c20c

Pistols. Cedric doesn't strike me as a melee combatant.
No. 500921 ID: 2bb198

Guns is always the right answer.
No. 500947 ID: bf0685

yeah gun will probably be best, he can probably use one for more precise shots or duel wield if something gets too close & he has to spray-and-pray.

also good to see you're still standing myr
No. 500983 ID: b025c6

Get the guns. Make them shoot BEES.
No. 501020 ID: 78c6ea

Cedric is soft and squishy. He should not be melee. He can hide behindprovide cover fire for dream Bonzi.
No. 501024 ID: b53faa

Yes, we must fight the BIG SCARY DOOM LORD PERSON with the UNHOLY MIGHT of the black-and-yellow HORRORS we know as...
And shoot behind you haphazardly whilst you're at it!
No. 501040 ID: 34f12d


If there were no gravity, he could use the recoil to propel himself away from the monster while simultaneously shooting at it.

He could also pretend he's SPACE COP, kinda like Buck Rogers or something. Since, let's face it, this is terrifying. We might as well make the best of it.
No. 501106 ID: c7b0d3

guns. we already have a bladewielder.
No. 501165 ID: 5fd94e

Ask to have both guns made into one supergun, because going dual without any experience really buggers up your name.....or just make up for in dakka what you lack in accuracy.
No. 503519 ID: 4740a0
File 136492210563.png - (22.09KB , 800x800 , 230.png )


Well, we're are and aren't in danger. We can't die in a dream, but that thing won't let either of us wake up until we tell it to sod off.


I don't know what The Dread is up to, but it definitely can't be good. This is Cedric's mind, and -- as I've said -- he has more power here than I do. But this is also The Dread's domain, and we're contained to it. It's why Cedric can't think him away or make weapons of his own; only I can give those to him. And what I gave him are the only weapons I have.

>"O-oh okay. I choose the guns."

"Good choice. Now -- DON'T TURN AROUND IDIOT KEEP LOOKING AT ME -- what do you know about firing a gun?."

>"Y-you hold it and pull the trigger...?"

"Yeah, yeah, you got it. Just really think you can do it."

>"But what if I can't??"

"Then we're toast."


"You need to shoot him with the Dreammeisters, Cedric. You really have to mean it. You have to want to kill him. I gave you weapons that can do that. It's all up to you."

>"B-but... Okay. Is there anything else you can give me?"

"Hm. Well, I can modify the Dreammeisters for you, but only to a certain degree. If I change them too much and they start to look too different, they'll cease to exist. Basic dream construct rules and junk."

You are limited to two add-ons. They cannot be too big or too drastic. You can even draw the two add-ons you'd like, if you wish
No. 503521 ID: 68bbc5

Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is.
Black and yellow, black and yellow.
No. 503522 ID: 76b151

The first shall be the automated target identification and seeking ammunition. ATIASA. Just point and shoot, don't worry about aiming more then that. The second shall be the Light Mod. The Dread likes the darkness? Well this 500 KW flashlight will ruin his day (and eyes)
No. 503523 ID: d6ef5d

You've got kick ass guns with little wings. They don't need much changing.

>You really have to mean it. You have to want to kill him.
Cedric, this is the jerk that's been hiding in Rella's head for years tormenting her and controlling her life. He's a manipulative, sadistic jerk.

If Rella means anything to you (friend or otherwise) you'll fill this jerk full 'o lead on her behalf.
No. 503524 ID: 9ddf68

add on a laser sight to help him aim

And Cedric you can do this, this is your dream, your world, remember when you were a kid and wanted to be a superhero or something, well now's your chance. Here you can be just that all you need to do is KNOW you can beat this guy and the rest well fall into place, just keep on believing you can win and you well.
No. 503525 ID: eaa6fc

well, looks can back up the beleif, I say have one slightly larger & longer to say resemble a sawn-off shotgun, & the other a longer magazine & bulkier top to resemble an auto-pistol? that way we can re-affirm/strengthen the belief that each gun can do something different, the "auto-pistol" to hose down the guy at range & if he gets too close, the "sawn-off" to deliver a massive punch
No. 503529 ID: 2a8a2a

Well she never specified what kind of guns they are, so I don't think it is too much of a stretch to make them shoot lasers. Effectively instant projectile speed and continuous fire are nice to have. Or they could shoot BEES.
No. 503542 ID: 78c6ea


That seems about right. Though seeking ammunition is way overkill at this level, so don't even ask or she'll give you a disapproving stare. Auto-lock is good for newbies, because the gun could help you learn to aim. Ask for auto-lock and BEES a light attachment.
No. 503557 ID: 34f12d
File 136493159045.png - (26.46KB , 331x312 , SHOOTYBITS.png )


No. 503565 ID: 3d1616

Better yet, magic eyes!
Cedric, believe you have eagle eyes and the aim of a sharpshooter! You're dreaming, so you should totally be a manly man action hero heart-throb that will get the girl and win over Rella!
No. 503570 ID: 4740a0
File 136494114239.png - (20.46KB , 800x800 , 231.png )


Any of you can talk to him; you can speak to anyone in this dream, asides from The Dread.

Tell the boy what he should do.


"You hear that, Cedric?"

>"Y-yeah. I didn't think the voices would be here!"

"They are, and they're rooting for you! They're also suggesting upgrades for you, so you don't get your ass handed to you."

>"I-I-I don't know if I can do this, Myr!!"


>"...Alright... let's kill this monster."
No. 503571 ID: 4740a0
File 136494120551.png - (21.69KB , 800x800 , 232.png )

"Uh, Admiral Badass? He's over there."
No. 503572 ID: 4740a0
File 136494122427.png - (25.19KB , 800x800 , 233.png )

No. 503573 ID: eaa6fc

hey, 'least this gives you a chance for a witty one liner, say...
"time for this nightmare... to end!" whilst striking a pose as you turn to face him
No. 503574 ID: d6ef5d

Shoot him in the whites of his eyes.
No. 503579 ID: 7d8620

If this is anything like a Capcom game, he's got a small glowing weak point that you need to lay massive damage on. His eyes seem to be a good point to focus on.

Breathe deep, steady your hands, and unleash hell. We all believe in you.
No. 503583 ID: 34f12d





http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/src/136494523913.png And ask nicely for this power-up later.
No. 503691 ID: e71208

maybe you can shoot a tornado made out of anal rape at him if you believe hard enough

believe, Cedric! believe!
No. 503943 ID: 78c6ea

Well he's just sort of sitting there so maybe you could ask him nicely to leave?
No. 503944 ID: b025c6

Anal rape with BEES.
No. 504009 ID: 34f12d


Guys, guys, we don't even know if this thing has an ass.

Besides, we're trying to repel the monster, not titillate it.
No. 504044 ID: b53faa

one of our modifications has to be to make the gun fire bees
Bee guns are Best guns.
No. 506865 ID: 4740a0
File 136647471009.png - (19.01KB , 800x800 , 233.png )

No. 506866 ID: 4740a0
File 136647473796.png - (17.27KB , 800x800 , 234.png )

No. 506867 ID: 4740a0
File 136647476475.png - (6.88KB , 800x800 , 235.png )

No. 506868 ID: 76b151

dear god, it looks like a cross between a rabbit and a bee.

how horrifying. Rabbits can be downright nasty minded.
No. 506869 ID: eaa6fc

got quite the aim or sheer luck, or both on you, don't let up lil' buddy!
No. 506870 ID: 9ddf68

you got this Cedric just aim and pull the trigger. then repeat that action until this thing is dead.
No. 506872 ID: d6ef5d

...did that miss? C'mon laser bee, loop back around for another pass!

In the meantime, Cedric, open your eyes (kinda helps aiming, you know) and keep shooting. You got two guns- use them.
No. 506874 ID: 4740a0
File 136648132282.png - (11.55KB , 800x800 , 236.png )



No. 506875 ID: 4740a0
File 136648136677.png - (12.18KB , 800x800 , 237.png )

>"I-I hit him?? I did it!"
No. 506876 ID: 4740a0
File 136648141862.gif - (29.89KB , 500x500 , 238.gif )


>"Wh-what is this?"

"Oh, you got a bonus, I see. It's random, so whatever it stops on you'll get."

Click and drag the image. Post what you got. Whichever bonus is chosen the most will be used
No. 506877 ID: 76b151

got the skull
No. 506878 ID: 34f12d

The one armed bandit says you got fire.
No. 506879 ID: d6ef5d

I click and drag and get the whole gif, not a still frame. :V

I guess I'll say fire, since that's what the thumbnail gives.

Booyah! Eat pain, Stupid Shouty Asshole!

>I did it!
Ain't over yet. Run and gun.
No. 506880 ID: 9ddf68

I got the skull
oh and good shot there Cedric now lets see if you can't do it again.
No. 506881 ID: c44712

Attack up!
No. 506882 ID: c5d283

AT + !
No. 506884 ID: b7de7a

No. 506892 ID: 34f12d

If we tie this somehow, should we just roll a dice?
No. 506894 ID: f2c20c

I got attack+.
No. 506898 ID: e5db11

rolled 2 - 1 = 1

er... let's roll a three sided dice!
0: fire,
1: attack up
2: skull
No. 506900 ID: 4740a0


Then I'll just pick by chance
No. 506904 ID: 12c19f

No. 506906 ID: 78c6ea

No. 506933 ID: 4f7d42

A skull? Not sure if that's good or bad.
No. 506941 ID: 5fd94e

Attack Up
No. 506946 ID: f9c57a

Attack up for me.
No. 506952 ID: ec06d0

No. 506959 ID: e3aff6

Attack up
No. 507011 ID: b025c6

No. 507015 ID: eaa6fc

fiyah makes everything bettah!
No. 507016 ID: 76b151

could we get a description of what each does after the choice is locked? I'm kinda curious on what the skull does.
No. 507025 ID: 943463

rolled 1 = 1

1: fire
2: skull
3: attack
No. 507026 ID: caa5bf

I got a skull :<
No. 507028 ID: 207b58

i got the skull
No. 507032 ID: c6ec33

No. 507043 ID: b7169d

Got fire!
No. 507084 ID: 4740a0
File 136657815863.png - (27.40KB , 800x800 , 239.png )

"Looks like you got fire, kid. Enjoy your incendiary ammo."



Not yet.
No. 507085 ID: 4740a0
File 136657822219.png - (11.35KB , 800x800 , 240.png )


No. 507086 ID: 76b151

welp time to light up the darkness. By that I mean shoot him some more.
No. 507087 ID: 4740a0
File 136657824296.png - (15.98KB , 800x800 , 241.png )

No. 507089 ID: bf54a8

No. 507097 ID: 9ddf68

Cedric stay calm, take your gun, and KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!
No. 507110 ID: f2c20c

Dodge first!
No. 507120 ID: d6ef5d

Dodge and shoot.

If possible, ride the explosion of the incendiary weapons out of harm's way, using the wings your guns conveniently come with. (This is a dream- we can totally operate by rule of cool, right?)
No. 507132 ID: a62dfc

No. 507151 ID: 34f12d



No. 507167 ID: 78c6ea

Remember your roommate whatserface already got completely killed dead like twice, and recovered just fine. Dreams be crazy.
No. 507381 ID: 4740a0
File 136673001345.png - (20.37KB , 800x800 , 242.png )


No. 507382 ID: 4740a0
File 136673008315.png - (22.01KB , 800x800 , 243.png )



No. 507383 ID: 4740a0
File 136673014369.png - (20.63KB , 800x800 , 244.png )

"Whoo! I think you nailed him."
No. 507384 ID: 4740a0
File 136673017440.png - (24.38KB , 800x800 , 245.png )

No. 507385 ID: 4740a0
File 136673019979.png - (16.78KB , 800x800 , 246.png )

"...Maybe not."
No. 507387 ID: b7169d

She's alive, don't worry she can't die. She'll be fiine.
No. 507389 ID: d6ef5d

Hmm. The patient is still combative. Doctor Dreamguns prescribes more exploding bullets to the face.
No. 507391 ID: eaa6fc

maybe... maybe you can use half of her body to club it if it gets too close, or use the upper half like a puppet...

also fiyah is needed. fiyah makes it go away, so more fire means longer time gone... right?
No. 507392 ID: d3c9cb

who cares about her, keep on shooting
No. 507395 ID: 9ddf68

she's fine trust us this is just a really F***ed up dream, but still keep shooting that thing because the faster you kill it the faster you can wake up.
No. 507396 ID: 34f12d



No. 507413 ID: 78c6ea

Look at the bright side. It's.. uh, wow you can see her organs and everything...
No. 507416 ID: 34f12d


No. 507549 ID: b53faa

Remember, only YOU can die in your own dream!
so uh
try not to get hit..?
seriously though, we uh
we gotta start fighting this thing for real man, more dakka dakka and less tremble tremble.

Any ideas, our bisected little friend?
No. 508582 ID: 4740a0
File 136759236539.png - (21.54KB , 800x800 , 247.png )


>"I-if you say so..."




"Don't even think about it, kid. Though... maybe after this you can string me up and stuff me full of candy. I'd make a nice pinata!


"Alright, alright, I was just joking. Also you're about to get sliced."


No. 508583 ID: 4740a0
File 136759242315.png - (15.01KB , 800x800 , 248.png )

No. 508584 ID: 4740a0
File 136759246565.gif - (57.42KB , 500x500 , 249.gif )


No. 508585 ID: 76b151

level up!
No. 508586 ID: d6ef5d

Good job, Cerdic! Play victory fanfare, collect dream XP, level up.

And make a commemorative pinata.
No. 508587 ID: 76b151

anyone have a mop? I think we want to clean that up.
No. 508588 ID: 9ddf68

told you you'd win
No. 508598 ID: 34f12d

No. 508604 ID: 2eac65

Neat, he dropped some letters. Get those letters! Maybe we can put them on a shirt or something.
No. 508608 ID: a62dfc

I could've sworn for a moment you'd written "Gorilla Grue"....
No. 508611 ID: 34f12d


No. 508616 ID: 6b846a

Careful, we don't want to be eaten by a Glue.
No. 508644 ID: e9715e

it looks milky. have a taste.
No. 508657 ID: b53faa

Jeez, somebody's into some weird shit... Still, I guess guro isnt much of a bad thing in a plane of perception where you arent killable.
No. 509523 ID: 0b214d

Shoot the fucking puddle! In-fact, shoot until there is nothing left. There's no kill like overkill!

Also, Myr... stuff you full of candy and string you up? How... lewd of you. :D
No. 510058 ID: 4740a0
File 136839631372.png - (16.84KB , 800x800 , 250.png )

"Good work, buddy. We got outta that one without a scratch ...Well, one of us did, anyway."

I could use a drink...



"I have a load of secrets that you don't need to know anythiiiing about~"
No. 510060 ID: 4740a0
File 136839643476.png - (20.31KB , 800x800 , 251.png )

"Alright kid, this joke's gettin' old. Help me up here."

>"Uh... okay..."

"Hey, you're finally taller than me!"

>"Myr... what IS all this? What was that thi-"
No. 510062 ID: 4740a0
File 136839662126.png - (29.04KB , 800x800 , 252.png )


"Chill, kid. Lemme thank you for bein' my hero."

>M-my first kiss... WITH MYR?

"Lemme thank you..."
No. 510063 ID: 4740a0
File 136839679781.png - (18.49KB , 800x800 , 253.png )

"Lemme... thank you."

>"GUH! WHY DID YOU...??"

"Wake up."


"Wake. Up."
No. 510064 ID: 4740a0
File 136839684224.png - (15.27KB , 800x800 , 254.png )

No. 510065 ID: d6ef5d

>M-my first kiss... WITH MYR?
Don't worry dude, it was a dream. Totally doesn't count. (Unless you want it to).

Welcome back to the world of the waking. Looks like we're still in your head. How do things look in the real world this day?
No. 510066 ID: 76b151

Mornin Cedric. Time to smell the ashes.
No. 510071 ID: bf54a8

dream kisses don't count. cause i am sure you dreamed abut you and rella be like THAT before.
No. 510073 ID: b7169d

Morning Cedric! Welcome to Reality again, bet it's going to be a bit boring now that you don't have badass guns.
No. 510078 ID: b479de

You had one very interesting roommate I'll give you that much. Anyways now that's over let's see how this day is going to be
No. 510079 ID: c51b3b

good morning, and yeah as the others said, dreamkisses don't count, maybe bonzi will be your first? huehuehuehuehue....
anyway, check yourself for any marks recieved during the dream then grab something to drink & probably a wash
No. 510083 ID: 8a3061

inspect boner
No. 510096 ID: 27d984

Rush outside to check that everything is still ok. Forget to wear pants.
No. 510102 ID: 68bbc5

No worries, Cedric. Kissing in a dream is like kissing the back of your hand.
Doesn't count as a different person.
No. 510178 ID: 34f12d


So let's just calm down and reflect on your little slumber party for a moment. I wouldn't dwell on getting to first base with half of your old roomie or the subsequent stabbing, I'm reasonably sure she was just trying to shock you into waking up. This is assuming you're actually awake. If you have the presence of mind to avoid injuring yourself I'd suggest pinching your arm just to be sure.

Anyway, this is going to sound really weird to you at first but it may come in handy later: Do you have a pencil? Spare paper? If you don't, get a notebook and something to write with later on. I think you should start keeping a dream journal.

Let Bonzi know you're okay. And brush your teeth. Good hygiene is the first step to becoming a great psychonaut, you know. You know what the second step is?


I don't think you're ready for better living through chemistry yet so let's focus on step one for a while. Be sure to write this crazy shit down before you forget it.
No. 510217 ID: 78c6ea

Well, it's a good thing that was just a normal ordinary dream and had no special properties whatsoever, explainable by entirely mundane means that involve neither Myr nor a mysterious monstrous assailant.

The guns were pretty cool though.
No. 510244 ID: 12c19f

Is that a magic gun in your pocket or do you just have morning wood.

...Wait that's not how the joke goes.
No. 510274 ID: 34f12d


No. 510313 ID: 01745c

freaky trip.

take a piss, that'll probably do away with the morning wood.
No. 510643 ID: b53faa

I'm really starting to like this myr chick, she knows her shit.
Anyhow, get yo ass dressed sonny, splash some water on yo ugly mug:
we got a busy day of wooing the giantess to do.
No. 510751 ID: 34f12d

Wait, wait, guys. Okay, cleanliness is next to godliness but that monster was in Rella's mind first. Think it might be wise to pay her a visit after buddyboy here gets cleaned up? If everything checks out we can get back and I dunno what. What day of the week is this even supposed to be?
No. 510760 ID: f2c20c

Myr seems like a bit of a psycho. Also, she is trying to become a major player in things and we don't know what her goals are. Could be dangerous.
No. 511119 ID: 5e9f8f

Check on whats-her-face, the really big one. Strike up a conversation.
Man, I'm horrible with names.
No. 511182 ID: c51b3b

yeah see if bonzi is awake yet and if not, prepare some breakfast for her?

hopefully whilst going through that dream you didn't thrash about & wake her
No. 511354 ID: 4740a0
File 136882971571.png - (15.91KB , 800x800 , 255.png )


You say that like it's a bad thing...


I-if you say so. I don't even know how to think right now.


I DON'T have a boner.
No. 511355 ID: 4740a0
File 136882978368.png - (24.81KB , 800x800 , 256.png )

You totally have a boner, buddy.
No. 511356 ID: d6ef5d

...is this one of those wake up to a dream from a dream things, or are you really here, Myr?

Or did I wake up but you're not really here but still haunting my head along with the voices. *poke poke*
No. 511357 ID: 34f12d



Okay, okay, look. I have a plan. It's a fabulously boner-free plan so I'm sorry to rain on everyone's dick parade, but look, we've got business to attend to and people to terrify. Myr, pinch his arm. Cedric, pinch hers. I don't even know whose dream this is anymore so we're going to cover our bases here. If that doesn't work, shit, I dunno, just pinch everybody. Ask permission first so you don't come off like a fucking creep.

No. 511358 ID: 57a559

It probably wasn't caused by the kiss
Remember, it's morning wood for pete's sake, nothing to be embarrassed about. It's just nature. Just get dressed quick and find something to distract yourself from what you experienced. Ask the purple lady if it's fine to tell Rella about the crazy dream, or wise. She's gets moody when you talk about her voices and past, I'm sure Bonzi's probably the best person to ask about that actually, if Myr gives you permission. Then again, we just might ignore her permission, but we also might need her guns in the future too.
No. 511361 ID: 26c5e0

Oooh kay, she just appeared out of no-where, so unless she's a ninja, either you're still dreaming, OR your friend here has taken the advice to move out of your home by moving into your head.

Tell her to keep the place tidier than she did last time, and that you'll want some sort of rent paid.
No. 511366 ID: 12c19f

And now you don't.

What the hell is going on here.
No. 511368 ID: 78c6ea

OK first, you got evicted yesterday Myr. What are you doing STILL ON THE PREMISESS
No. 511369 ID: ed4797

Relax, she doesn't seem to be bothered and its not hurting anybody so just roll with it.
No. 511370 ID: 4740a0
File 136883532393.png - (19.53KB , 800x800 , 257.png )


"Cedric here is still dreaming. As much as I'd love to hang around in his head all day, I have other things to do."

>"Myr? Wh- I thought I woke up??"

"Well, you kinda did. You're in that weird gap between consciousness and unconsciousness."

>"Are... you going to kiss me again?"

"If you want me to~"


"Oh. Then in that case, I'm here to tell you something real important. Look at my face. This is my serious face. When I have it on, I have something important to say, kiddo."

>"Well, what is it?"

"Keep a close eye on your pink girlfriend, buddy. Asides from staring at her butt, as I'm sure you do."


"Not that it isn't a nice butt..."


"Right, right, back on topic. Don't let 'er out of your sight! It's very important you don't."

>"But, why--?"


>"OKAY OKAY, I won't let her leave my sight!"

"Cool. Well, time to wake up."

No. 511372 ID: f2c20c

Wake up.
No. 511373 ID: b7169d

No. 511379 ID: 9ddf68

... wonder if we are still going to be with Cerdic when he wakes up or are we going to hope into someone else's head. I feel we are sticking to Cerdic this time around but I've been wrong before.
No. 511381 ID: 4740a0
File 136884148599.png - (16.35KB , 800x800 , 260.png )


Ugh, what a dream

[End of Chapter III]
No. 511402 ID: f2c20c

Wait what? You're not Cedric.
No. 511407 ID: d6ef5d

Aw, not this jerk.
No. 511411 ID: 53688c

It seems that we switch hosts whenever our host is sleeping near someone else who's asleep.
No. 511413 ID: 78c6ea

No. 511416 ID: 34f12d


No. 511508 ID: bd6e9a

Now we've got a chance to drive the guy insane!
No. 511517 ID: 8a3061

oh hi Manchester

I hope you haven't forgotten your 'arrangement' with Bonzi
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