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File 135467342116.png - (99.14KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest01.png )
476554 No. 476554 ID: c460ad

Choose your character:

The Bard weaves stories unlike any other. These stories are alive, these stories are a part of the fabric of the world. With each new experience, new stories awaken.

The Nanny cares for children above all else. To aid in this noble cause, the Nanny uses magic both practical and whimsical. With each new adventure, more adventures can be had.

The Witch calls up spells to aid friends and hinder foes. These spells may vary wildly in usefulness, but a cunning user can operate all in a useful way. With each new bit of knowledge, new spells can be learned.

The Apothecary brews up potions, poisons, elixirs, and more. An expert at the sales-pitch, the Apothecary gathers ingredients to create new and exciting concoctions. With each new recipe, more discoveries can be made.

The Toon is master of all things comical and wild. As long as an action be absurd and funny, the Toon can turn any situation to his or her own favor. Their powers wax and wane from journey to journey, but the Toon will always go where laughs are to be had.

Which do you choose?

This is a re-boot of the text-quest "NannyQuest." Margos is writing, Uplifted is providing the art. Hopefully this goes better this time, because I think I know what went wrong before.
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No. 476558 ID: f6cff9

Time to become a witch.
No. 476561 ID: 68bbc5

Witch. No question.
No. 476566 ID: c891a7

Either the witch or the apothecary
No. 476567 ID: 81e800

Bard, regular witch magic is so mundane.
No. 476568 ID: 5d98c3

Boring indeed is the path of the witch.

No. 476570 ID: ec6d4c

No. 476591 ID: c460ad
File 135468419732.png - (78.58KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest02.png )

You are a witch. Your powers are limited for the moment, but they will have time to grow on your quest. Keep a sharp lookout for spellbooks wherever you go, and you will expand your capabilities immensely.

Are you a boy, or a girl?

What is your name?
No. 476592 ID: ec6d4c

Voting for the girl. Balls and broomsticks make for uncomfortable flying, and we want to fly at every opportunity.

No. 476593 ID: beeca1

You have to wear a half dozen layers plus canvas pants to fly anyway, unless you stay too low for flying to be really useful.

No. 476595 ID: bf54a8

and nina sounds good.
No. 476600 ID: f54805

Girl. I dislike male witches intensely.
No. 476601 ID: c891a7

Girl obviously
No. 476603 ID: d4ad1a

Toon! The hell is wrong with you guys?
No. 476607 ID: 98c372

No. 476624 ID: 6cc859

> Keep a sharp lookout for spellbooks

What, are we going library-raiding?
No. 476625 ID: 6cc859

Also, man. Every single reader-directed gender choice goes girl, it's disgusting.
No. 476634 ID: 6336b0

Aw man, look at that snazzy suit. Definitely a boy. Name is Jerald.
No. 476637 ID: f74554

Seconding Male and Jerald.

Can't we just call ourselves a wizard instead?
No. 476638 ID: d64df0

There is no such thing as a male witch. Female.
No. 476643 ID: 1b0758

No. 476650 ID: ec6d4c

Except for every reader directed choice that goes male for no other reason than because someone made this argument, which is equally disgusting.
No. 476652 ID: bd8b82

I don't care as long as the character is not a warlock.
No. 476660 ID: 02bd5c
File 135472026875.png - (98.46KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest03.png )

Owww.... Owww, my head....
Uhh... where am I?
I was just sitting at home, watching the telly. Gran was asleep, and I think I fell asleep, too. I'm not sure where I am. Gran isn't with me, anyway.
No. 476661 ID: bd8b82

Alright standard procedure.
Check surroundings and inventory.
No. 476662 ID: ec6d4c

Examine yourself, as well. There's the chance you're injured. You could have a bump on your head, at least.
No. 476681 ID: 02bd5c
File 135473777745.png - (110.17KB , 812x512 , Disneyquest05.png )

>check self
No, no. I think I'm fine, actually. A bit dazed and confused, but I'm not hurt. At least, I don't think so.

Well, let's see. I don't think I have anything besides the clothes on my back. Wait... No, my broomstick is here, too. That's good. Maybe I should also mention my ring? It's kind of special, I've enchanted it with the Famous Traveling Spell. I don't think it brought me here, but it could be worth checking into....

Well.... it's a room. No furniture, pretty plain. Wait, there's someone else here. Five someones, actually. I wonder what they want.

???: Is your name Nina Bradley?

NINA: Umm, yes, that's me. Who are you? Where am I?

???: I'll tell you in a minute, don't worry. But we have to make sure. Is your grandmother Sarah Bradley?

NINA: Yes. What does my Gran have to do with....?

???: The same Sarah Bradley that was enrolled in Professor Emelius Browne's Correspondence College of Witchcraft from 1939-1940?

NINA: Yes, she was. She was enrolled until the course was discontinued.

???: And she did teach you everything she learned, right?

NINA: As far as I know.

???: And what can you do?

NINA: Not much. Turn people into rabbits, fly on a broomstick. Oh, and then there's the traveling spell. I used it to enchant this ring just last month. Wait a second, why am I telling you all this?
No. 476682 ID: 02bd5c
File 135473783319.png - (206.14KB , 812x512 , Disneyquest04.png )

???: It doesn't matter. What does matter right now, Nina, is that we think you might be the hero we need to save the multiverse.

What should I say to that? I'm not sure who this person is, I'm not sure where I am, and I don't think I can save a brown paper bag, let alone a “multiverse,” whatever that is. I'm completely baffled.
No. 476683 ID: 5d98c3

All this has happened before, and will happen again. And again. And again. And again.

I suggest you about face and go find something productive to do, like slaying an evil prince and rescuing an innocent dragon. Before they start singing.
No. 476686 ID: 038adc

rip and tear the weird creatures in front of you, they are evil!
No. 476688 ID: dd7958

No. 476689 ID: 02bd5c

You three. Either provide valid suggestions or don't suggest. I don't mind the occasional off-color joke, but I'm not about to allow you to derail my quest. Consider yourselves warned.
No. 476690 ID: ec6d4c

>I don't know what a multiverse is.
You're a smart girl, you can figure it out! Multi means "lots" and "vesre" comes from universe. It's a collection of universes.

But in any event, the solution here is obvious.

You turn them all into rabbits.
No. 476691 ID: 5d98c3

I really did suggest leaving. But alright.

Well, these people ripped you out of your homeworld. And you are apparently a small girl. Point out what incredible bastards they are for foisting this on you, and not waiting ten years or picking someone else.
No. 476692 ID: 02bd5c

That was valid. Forgot to mention that.
No. 476693 ID: 5d98c3

Okay, go with that one.
No. 476694 ID: 3d86ad

Just ignore them instead of bringing attention to them. That's what's (already) derailed the quest.
No. 476695 ID: 02bd5c

Point taken. Normally that's what I'd do, but the last iteration of this quest literally drowned in suggestions like those, so I wanted to nip it in the bud. It may have backfired. To prevent any more (partially self-imposed) derailing: if anyone wishes to speak about this further, please contact me in the newly-created discussion thread. We will resume a scheduled programming imminently.
No. 476702 ID: 02bd5c
File 135474760780.png - (103.26KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest06.png )

Where would I go? I'm not even entirely sure where I am.

Perhaps I should clarify: the spell's only temporary. I'm not sure what good it would do, at any rate. I can't get answers from rabbits. Besides, I'm not entirely sure who these people are yet. If I make them mad, that might be rather dangerous. I assume they have the power to bring me to another dimension, at any rate, and that's not something I'm sure I should go messing with.

Thanks for the tip about the multiverse, though. Now I'm even more certain that I'm not exactly who they're looking for. I suppose that's what I shall tell them.

*Blush* I'm terribly sorry, Sir, but you are mistaken. Last time I checked, I'm 18 years old. I know that I look rather young for my age, but I'm sure I don't look that *blush* youthful....

NINA: I'm terribly sorry... umm... whoever you are...

GOOFY: Name's Goofy!

MINNIE: And I'm Minnie!

DAISY: Daisy Duck, at your service.

DONALD: Donald Duck.

MICKEY: And I'm Mickey Mouse. We're kind of in charge of this particular corner of the multiverse.

NINA: O...kay... Well... I'm sorry, but I don't think I can help you.

DONALD: Stop acting like such a wuss!

DAISY: What Donald means to say is that you're very wrong. We know exactly who you are.

GOOFY: You see, a long time ago, a witch with just as little experience as you saved a whole country from a bunch of Noseys...

DONALD: "Nazis," you feather-brain!

MINNIE: What Goofy means to say is... You're stronger than you think you are. You're the only person who's learned the same spells as Ms. Price that's young and fit enough for the job.

MICKEY: Ms. Price never passed the spells along to her adopted children, and never had any herself. Only your grandmother passed anything on, and that's why you're in our records as someone capable of helping in a crisis.

NINA: I... I guess that makes sense. But don't you have anyone else?

DAISY: Absolutely.

MINNIE: There are four other potential candidates.

MICKEY: As soon as we can manage to make contact with them, we can ask them to help you on your quest. As your challenges get harder, you should have more comrades to help you.

DAISY: All we ask is that you go it alone for the time being.

MINNIE: We all have faith in you.

NINA: But I still don't get it. What do you need me to do?

DONALD: Well, I think you need to....

MICKEY: Donald, hush. We don't know for sure what the problem is, yet. We're still putting the pieces together ourselves. But we'll need to take precautions, just in case it's something terrible.

MINNIE: Many of the worlds in the multiverse are showing signs of... umm... distress.

GOOFY: We need you to go from one world to another and see what's up.

MICKEY: Pretty simple.

DONALD: Sure.... if there's anything left to see...

DAISY: Donald!

MINNIE: Don't talk like that!

NINA: What is he talking about?

MICKEY: Nothing at all, nothing to worry about. We don't know exactly what the problem is, yet. Just do what you can in each world. It shouldn't be too hard, or too dangerous.

NINA: I... I'm not sure...

Well... they sound reasonable enough. And it sounds like they're actually pretty worried. I hope no one's getting hurt. What if people get hurt because I didn't do anything? What should I say? I have so many questions, but no one's ever really relied on me for anything before. Where do I go from here?
No. 476706 ID: ec6d4c

>rabbits no good
You don't get talking rabbits? Ah, too bad.

>What do?
Well, if the multiverse is in trouble, you kind of don't have much choice. You live in the, well a universe, after all.

They're being evasive, though. They obviously know more about the problem then they're letting on. Push them- they need to be honest about what you're facing if you hope to do anything about it. What do they keep stopping Donald from saying?
No. 476707 ID: 5d98c3

Demand support in the forms of arms and armament.

And if they refuse, give em the ole' filigree-apogee-pedigree-perigee.
No. 476711 ID: bf54a8

well if any bad dudes show up, you should be ale to do at least SOMETHING about them. ask how you are supposed to get to the other worlds. hop on your broom and fly there?
No. 476712 ID: ec6d4c

...a tardis upgrade for our broomstick is totally the first thing we should ask for.
No. 476713 ID: 02bd5c
File 135475336360.png - (138.10KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest07.png )

You're absolutely right! Of course I'll do my part to save the multiverse, but I have a right to know what's going on.

NINA: Please tell me what's going on. I have a right to know, I think.

MINNIE: She has a point, Mickey.

MICKEY: But, Minnie, we're not even sure...

MINNIE: I know. But just something. Just give her enough to go on.

DAISY: We are asking a lot from the poor girl.

DONALD: Besides, if the multiverse is going to be destroyed, what does it matter if its secrets get out?

GOOFY: Gawrsh, it looks like you're outnumbered, Mickey.

MICKEY: Okay... Okay. The multiverse was designed to last an eternity. We always wanted it to, anyway. But nothing lasts forever. Sacrifices had to be made to keep this thing running. But...

NINA: What do you mean?

MICKEY: It's not important right now. What's important is that something... something bad might be trying to make sure that the multiverse doesn't last forever. Something that believes we're upsetting the natural order of things.

NINA: But what is the multiverse?

MICKEY: That's like asking what magic is. I'm not sure I can explain it. Maybe someone else can, but not me.

MINNIE: In any case, we just want you to make sure that... that whatever-it-is isn't destroying the worlds of the multiverse.

DONALD: And if it is, we need you to stop it. If you can, anyway.

DAISY: And she can.

GOOFY: Right!


NINA: Can't you give me anything to help on my quest?

MICKEY: Like what?

NINA: Won't I need... weapons or something?

MINNIE: Weapons? What for!?

NINA: Well, if it's dangerous....

MINNIE: We don't condone violence, not really.

MICKEY: What Minnie said.

DONALD: Phooey!

MICKEY: Donald... Donald, what are you looking for?

Donald appears to be looking around the room. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but.....
Goodness! It's a gun!

MICKEY: What the--!? Donald! Put that away!


MINNIE: Donald, please.... If the worlds are as unstable as they might be, she shouldn't have...

DONALD: She should be allowed to protect herself. Here, from my army days. I only saved one magazine--eight rounds. Use them wisely, OK?

GOOFY: What if she kills someone, Donald?

DONALD: Aim to wound, OK? And only in an emergency.

NINA: *gulp* OK.

He just gave me the gun.... Oh, man, I'm not sure I can deal with this. I'm strapping it on my back, but I'm really, really scared.

MICKEY: Well... now that that's over with... Let me see your ring, Nina.

NINA: Alright.

Mickey's holding my ring and touching it strangely. I think he's doing a spell, but I'm not sure.

MICKEY: There. Now your ring is programmed to take you to any world that needs you.

NINA: Can I still give it directions, as I normally would?

MICKEY: Yes. It can take you to any world in the multiverse, at least, any that you've already visited.

DONALD: If they still exist after you leave.

DAISY: Donald!

GOOFY: Don't listen to him, Nina! I'm sure you'll do just fine.

MICKEY: Just perform the spell like you always do, but leave out the instructions. That will activate the re-programmed enchantment.


DAISY: Now get going and save the multiverse!

MINNIE: Well... unless you have any other questions, first.

Am I ready to go? Or is there anything else we should do first?
No. 476719 ID: 5d98c3

I guess you're ready as you can possibly be. Might as well go.

Keeping in mind the fact that you're most likely some kind of human sacrifice whose death is needed to maintain the fragile and artificial equilibrium these creatures have created, defying the cycle of destruction and creation via the eternal null-entropic stasis field across their portions of reality, but don't worry.

I'm sure you'll think of a solution.
No. 476721 ID: bf54a8

okay feel a lot better with a real weapon. we are ready to go.
No. 476722 ID: ec6d4c

>World teleporting ring
Well, not quite as nifty as using the broomstick, but still handy. I suppose you could always teleport in while riding the broomstick to give people the wrong impression...

Donald is officially my favorite.

...we should see about enchanting that at some point in the future. Then you can be a magic bullet witch! And we need to steal spellbooks. We're totally turning into Marisa here, aren't we.

In the meantime, do you have a magic way to conceal that? Like... magic storage space? You might look a little conspicuous with a shotgun or rifle or whatever that is slung on your back.

>anything else
No, I guess we're as good to go as we ever will. Stage 1, set.
No. 476729 ID: c891a7

>turning into Marisa
I approve of this.
No. 476786 ID: b6edd6

Ask if the evil they are worried about has any distinguishing characteristics, and how we contact them for more information if we do find this evil force they have been alluding to.
No. 476818 ID: a1df0b

>Donald gives you a gun

Point out how you have absolutely no idea how to use a rifle and if you try you'll probably just hurt yourself. Also, "shooting to wound" isn't a thing with guns, because even getting shot in the leg can be deadly. Insist that Donald accompany you on your journey so that you can learn how to properly use the weapon, because quests like this are rarely peaceful.
No. 476819 ID: ec6d4c

As do I!

Well, that's why we save it for emergencies. Or until we turn it into magic.

Answer's probably no, but as long as we're here, we might as well see if they're holding on to any spellbooks while we're at it.
No. 476847 ID: fb9917

If we decide to shoot someone why would we want them to survive? Using nonlethal force is not a good idea against something that is trying to kill you.
No. 476849 ID: bf54a8

yeah, the only time we are going to shoot the gun is if something horrible appears.
No. 476890 ID: ec0190

Or if they have snazzy spellbooks. Or if they disrespect the Arts Arcane.
No. 477113 ID: 25312f
File 135494052415.png - (120.22KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest08.png )

That's a good point, actually.

NINA: I don't know how to shoot this thing... Could you come with me, Donald?

DONALD: I'm sorry, Nina...

MICKEY: We all have to stay here and keep an eye on things. We'll meet you whenever we can.

NINA: But how am I supposed to shoot this thing?

DONALD: Easy, you just aim and pull the trigger.

NINA: Umm... ummm, OK...


NINA: Do you have any spellbooks I could possibly read?

MINNIE: Not really, not here.

MICKEY: Don't worry. You should be able to find some without too much difficulty.

DAISY: Just keep your eyes peeled wherever you go!


NINA: So... what exactly am I looking for?

DONALD: Probably something like...

MICKEY: For the last time, Donald, we don't know what's happening. Not for sure.

GOOFY: Gawrsh, Mickey, calm down.

MINNIE: I haven't seen you this upset in a long time, Love...

Mickey turns away. Whatever's happening around here, he is definitely taking it pretty hard.

DONALD: Just keep your eyes peeled for things that are.... wrong.

GOOFY: Yeah, like things that are, y'know, corrupted and stuff.

NINA: What do you mean, corrupted?

MICKEY: You really should get going, Nina.

MINNIE: Please hurry.

DAISY: You'll do just fine.


No, I don't have anything to conceal this gun in. But I think you're all right. It's about time I headed out. I don't think I'm going to get anything else useful out of these blokes, not right now. Mickey seems to be their leader, and he's getting sort of out-of-sorts at the moment.

NINA: Well... Goodbye, everyone!

I tap my ring three times and give it a sharp quarter-turn to the left. Just as Mickey said, I can feel it pulling me... somewhere.
No. 477114 ID: 25312f
File 135494055267.png - (212.24KB , 512x712 , Disneyquest09.png )

I'm suddenly in the middle of someone's kitchen. It's not a terribly large kitchen, but it's definitely a kitchen. There's a woman by the sink.

???: Wha-? You know what? I don't even want to know.

Now there's this kid running into the room.

???: Wow! You just popped out of nowhere! That was cool! Are you an alien? What do you think, Stitch? Does she smell like an alien?

What the heck is a Stitch? OH GOD WHAT IS THAT THING? It's SNIFFING me.

So... I've randomly appeared in this family's kitchen, holding a broomstick and carrying a vintage rifle on my back. And there's some kind of blue THING sniffing me. This is really awkward. What on earth am I to do?
No. 477116 ID: 886a4d

Tell them your not just an alien, but an interdimemsional alien!

Ask them have they seen anything wierd lately. Other then aliens.
No. 477117 ID: bf54a8

"i suppose you could say i come from another planet, yes. i have a teleporter that takes me to a place that is in danger. is there anyhting around here that looks like it could be dangerous?"
No. 477120 ID: ec6d4c

>What do?
Reasonable place to start would seem to be an awkward hello and hand wave. Sorry to pop into your kitchen like that, I wasn't actually sure where that would take me, ahead of time.

...speaking of, where am I?

>What's a Stich?
From the context, we can assume it's the little blue thing the girl is talking to.

>Are you an alien?
Well... that one's tricky. Depends on how you define it. You're not an alien in the sense that you're a human. You are an alien in the sense you're not native to their world.

Uh, I'm guessing this is an alien though? Nice... fuzzy bug-bear. Down, boy.

>Gun problems
>Don't know how to use one, have any training, know how to maintain one, or aim
Really, the best solution here is to enchant it somehow. Convert it from a mundane gun to a focus you can use to fire magic bullet bursts of energy. That can be your long term project. I'm sure you'll figure out how eventually, you made a teleporting ring, didn't you?

Best part is then it doesn't even necessarily need to be a fatal weapon. It'll just be a particularity cool bullet-wand.
No. 477123 ID: 5d98c3

Ignore it. It's of no consequence to the objective.

Focus on the tall one. Ask if anything out of the ordinary's been spotted.
No. 477125 ID: ec6d4c

>Ask if anything out of the ordinary's been spotted.
Well, besides blue alien pets and teleporting home invaders that is. :V
No. 477253 ID: 2690a9

Tell them that you are a deputized member of the Dimension Police. You heard that this world might be in danger.
No. 477264 ID: 25312f
File 135500059614.png - (76.47KB , 512x512 , 10.png )

I must say, I really like your idea about the gun. Maybe I'll find a good enchanting spellbook somewhere soon.

As far as the current situation is concerned...

NINA: Umm... hello. I'm terribly sorry to trouble you, I didn't mean to pop into your kitchen like that. I...

NANI: Don't worry about it. My name is Nani, and this is my little sister, Lilo. We're kinda used to weird things happening around here.

NINA: Weird? As in... dangerous?

NANI: No... well, not usually.

LILO: We're protected by the Galactic Order. The Grand Councilwoman said so.

NINA: Uh... huh.

NANI: What's sad is she's telling the truth.

LILO: This is my alien dog, Stitch! He's my best friend!

STITCH: Hallo. Nice to meet you.

NINA: Is all of this... normal around here?

NANI: Pretty much, yeah.

LILO: What planet are you from?

NINA: Nowhere, just uhh... Earth. But I am from a different dimension. Where... where am I exactly?

NANI: The island of Kauai.

NINA: As in, Hawaii? In the United States? On Earth?

LILO: Yep.

NINA: That's... interesting. But, has anything weird... like, weird for this place... been going on?

NANI: Umm... not that I can think of off the top of my head.

LILO: Stitch and I have a dance recital tomorrow night! And it's all themed around the greatest singer who ever lived EVER.

NANI: Lilo, I don't think that....

NINA: Nina.

NANI: Thanks. I don't think that Nina wants to hear about your recital. I've learned enough about aliens in the last few months to know that, if she's here from another dimension, she must have a reason to be here, and I don't think it involves hula, or even Elvis.

LILO: Aww, but Elvis is the best! He...

NANI: Lilo, why don't you just let the big people talk, OK? Go outside and play with Stitch. Maybe you could go check on Uncle Jumba and Aunt Pleakley?

LILO: OK! Come on, Stitch!

The girl and that... thing leave the kitchen.

NINA: Uncle Jumba and Aunt Pleakley? Are those... umm... traditional Hawaiian names?

NANI: Not exactly. It's a really long story. You have no idea what I've been through in the past few months. Then again, coming from a different dimension, maybe you do.

She's looking at me funny. Oh, no, I think she notices...

NANI: Is that an antique rifle on your back? What's going on, Nina? Come on, if we're in some kind of danger, we really need to know about it. I've got aliens living in my house, and they have strange weapons and things, and they could probably help you with whatever you need. But... if you could just leave my sister and I out of this as much as humanly possible, that would be pretty great.

What should I say? I want to tell her what's going on... But I don't know what's going on, myself! And from the sounds of it, there isn't anything too dangerous in this world. I'm lost and confused. A little help, please?
No. 477273 ID: bf54a8

the danger could be imminent. the fact that some kind of GALACTIC council is interested in their safety i think they are probably important, not just in the literal sense but the metaphysical. as in, if they die their world dies with them. so the evil is probably waiting for them to be vulnerable to sneak attack. otherwise it would just be blowing up everything hoping to get lucky.
No. 477280 ID: 6336b0

"There's about an 80% chance that some sort of evil corruptive influence is infiltrating this reality, probably to destroy it. Have you seen anything that has suddenly gotten all black and evil looking, or possible some kind of black cloud of evil gas?"
No. 477284 ID: ec6d4c

>Nani / Nina
Unintentional reversible names!

>Recognizes the name of a Hawaiian Island offhand
Not bad, girl. You know your geography. Where are you from, anyways?

It occurs to me that this might be a pretty cool place to go flying, later, if you get a chance.

>Are we in some kind of danger?
I have no idea, really. There are these people who think something might be going wrong with other worlds and asked me to look into it. Well, asked might be the wrong word for it. And... they didn't have a lot of details. So I'm looking for something that might be wrong, but I don't know what it is, or even that it's here, for sure. Just that I'm supposed to help if and when I do find it.

If there is danger, I'm certainly not going to drag anyone into it, if I can help it. I'm not that kind of person.

...and if there's any kind of shooting at things danger, your alien friends are probably a lot more useful than this old thing.
No. 477317 ID: bf54a8

unless of course it's made itself invulnerable to all things native to this reality. in which case you would be the most powerful.
No. 477367 ID: 25312f
File 135501944467.png - (219.39KB , 712x512 , 11.png )

Me? I'm from Framlingham, Suffolk. Why, have you been there? But yes, I do know a little bit about geography. Not sure how useful that will be on my little quest, but then, apparently some of these worlds do have the same countries that we have in our world. So... I guess that remains to be seen.

And yes, I would LOVE to go flying over Hawaii! Never thought I'd get that chance. Gran and I don't get out much. Sure, you'd think, what with the magic rings and broomsticks and all. But you might be surprised how boring my life is. I'm not really used to adventures like this.

NINA: Well, I was sent here to look for something that might be... umm.. wrong. Apparently, a lot of different worlds have been in danger.

NANI: What sort of danger?

NINA: I haven't the foggiest. The people who sent me here were... well, pretty vague actually. But I'm supposed to help if there's anything going wrong around here. And don't worry, I won't drag you or your sister into this if I can help it.

NANI: I appreciate that. But I'm not sure I can help you. There really hasn't been anything to worry about going on around here. Maybe the danger is somewhere else? It's a pretty big world.

NINA: But I do think that your alien friends might be able to help me, if anything dangerous does show up. This gun... I'm not even sure how to use it. And it's old. So... any help they could give me would be appreciated.

Someone's coming in the room. Holy... Wow, those people ARE aliens.

???: Lilo says we have visitor?

???: *gasp* But I haven't even had time to moisturize! I must look hideous!

NANI: It's alright, Pleakley, I don't think she cares. Nina, these are my... ummm... friends. Guys, she's here to save the world or something. I'm not really sure.

ePLEAKLEY: Oh, how do you do, Miss Nina? Agent Wendy Pleakley, at your service!

NINA: It's a pleasure to meet you, too, Ma'am.

The big one and Nani are both laughing. I'm not entirely sure why.

JUMBA: And I am Dr. Jumba Jookiba, greatest evil genius in entire universe. Apparently, Earth is in danger? If I weren't stuck on it, I think I'd find that amusing.

NINA: Well, Doctor, I'm not even sure it's just Earth. I think it might be the entire universe.

PLEAKLEY: Ma'am, that's entirely unlikely. The Galactic Order has things under pretty tight control. I should know, I used to work for them before this knucklehead got me fired!

JUMBA: Oh, now don't start that again, you little...

NANI: Guys, stop. This isn't the time for this. If Nina asks either of you to do anything to help, I need you to do it, OK?

JUMBA: Fine. Nothing better to do.

PLEAKLEY: Oh, it's so nice to feel needed again! Command us, Miss Nina!

NINA: I'm... I'm sorry. I don't even know what we're supposed to be doing. But thanks for helping with... well, with whatever it is.

Someone else just walked in the door. I don't think people in this world are particularly fond of knocking. Well, at least this bloke's human.

???: Hey, Nani, you want to-- Oh, hi guys. Hi, ummm...

NANI: That's Nina. She's here to save the world.

DAVID: Oh, I got it. More alien stuff. I'm David. Nice to meet you.

NINA: My pleasure.

DAVID: So, would you like to go surfing, Nani? Waves are pretty sweet today.

NANI: I'd love to!

DAVID: Everyone else is welcome to come, too, if they'd like.

JUMBA: Still finishing up that automatic breakfast machine. No time for waves.

PLEAKLEY: And I simply can't show my face in public until I've had some beauty sleep.

NANI: I'm sure Lilo and Stitch will want to go. Would you like to come with us, Nina?

I'm so confused. This world seems so peaceful. Totally weird, but peaceful. What do you think I should do? I've never gone surfing before, it might be fun. On the other hand, it feels wrong to have fun when the fate of the whole world might be in my hands. I could do just about anything, I guess. But I need to figure out what's wrong. How do you propose I go about doing that? And what should I do in the meantime?
No. 477371 ID: 997ce7

Pleakley is either male and confused about Terran gender roles or genderless/of a non-analogous gender. My hazy recollections point me towards the former.

Odd things tend to happen in the vicinity of Lilo and Stitch. My guess is that the next alien they find will either actually be or be related to the threat you're supposed to be working against.
No. 477377 ID: bf54a8

go but explain you don't surf. just stay near these people.
No. 477381 ID: ec6d4c

Well, let's assume the teleport spell knew what it was doing. You're in this place, with these people, because the problem is going to be near them, or because they'll be able to help.

Of course, we have no idea what the problem will be, or when it'll turn up. Best we can do for now is hang around, keep an eye open. So sure, go surfing with them.

Maybe we can work in that flyover later, as an excuse to look for trouble.
No. 477390 ID: d4ad1a

Nina, are you familiar with Disney movies? Here's a little piece of advice...

You'd best start believin' in Disney movies...

'Cause you're in one.
No. 477396 ID: 2690a9

Keep your eyes open for people wearing stupid-looking black robes with gratuitous amounts of zippers.

Otherwise, go with the flow, mon.
No. 477422 ID: 5d98c3

Or weird marionette like things made of darkness.

Or empty fetish outfits swooping through the air. Things of that nature..
No. 477433 ID: 25312f
File 135503495403.png - (114.96KB , 512x512 , 12.png )

Oh... *blush* That's kind of embarrassing, actually... I had just assumed... Oh, well.

"Disney movies?"
Hmm... No, not ringing any bells.

NINA: Sure, I'd love to go! But I don't know how to surf, and I don't have a bathing suit.

DAVID: I could teach you how.

NANI: Yeah, and I'm sure I have an extra suit lying around that you could borrow.

NINA: No, that's not necessary, thank you. I think I'll just watch, OK?

DAVID: If that's what you want.

NANI: Hey, Lilo! Put your suit on, Baby! We're going surfing!

We don't have far to walk, this island isn't very large. Just down the mountain and through the town.

But wow, this beach is gorgeous. And it's so warm. When I think of the beach, I think of cold winds and jagged rocks. The Atlantic Ocean is nothing compared to this. It's so warm, and the sand is so soft.

STITCH: Lilo! Let's practice!

....I didn't even know Stitch could talk.


NANI: Lilo, aren't you coming surfing?

LILO: In a minute, Nani! Stitch and I want to practice for the recital!

Nani and David head out on their boards. They make it look so easy. I can't wait to take a fly over this beautiful island. Meanwhile, Lilo and Stitch are practicing their hula routine. It's cute.

LILO: Hey, Nina? Are you going to our recital tomorrow?

NINA: Hmm? I'm... I'm not sure. I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing anymore.

LILO: Oh. Well you should. It's going to be so much fun! Stitch and I love to dance! Stitch is even going to wear the costume I made him. He's going to look just like....


LILO: That's weird.

NINA: What's weird?

LILO: I can't remember what the theme is for the recital. It's that guy, the famous one. I can picture him, but... I can't remember his name.

STITCH: The... The King, right?

NINA: Who, Elvis?

LILO: Yeah, that's it! Elvis! He's my favorite singer of all time! I have all of his albums. Now come on, Stitch! We have to practice.

Soon, Nani and David come back to the beach. They build sandcastles. Lilo and Stitch even go surfing a little bit, although everyone seems a little nervous while Stitch is on the board. I keep my eyes peeled for something, anything dangerous. But I can't see anything. There's not a cloud in the sky, and no strange people anywhere about. In fact, the beach is pretty deserted.
No. 477436 ID: 25312f
File 135503510462.png - (145.97KB , 512x512 , 13.png )

It's actually getting kind of late. The sun's setting. I guess we've been out here for a lot longer than I thought. We head back for the house, and I'm really confused. I would have thought that something bad would have happened by now.

LILO: When we get home, Nina, I want to play my records for you!

NANI: Oh, Lilo, you shouldn't bother Nina. She'll probably be busy, and...

NINA: No, it's alright. I'm rather fond of Elvis myself. My Gran plays his records all the time.

LILO: Oh, boy!

We get back to the house, and David kisses Nani at the door and leaves. Lilo dashes into her room and comes back with a record.

LILO: Stitch? Were you chewing on this?

STITCH: No, why?

LILO: Look...

The picture on the record is definitely Elvis, but it looks pretty beat up. It's blurry, and it looks like the edges are falling off. There are small black spots all over it, pulling his face slightly out of shape. It's... it's actually a little unsettling.

NINA: What happened to it?

LILO: I don't know, it was fine earlier. Oh, well. Let's play it!

She puts the record in the player and grabs Stitch's paw. He puts his claw on the record like a needle, and opens his mouth. Lilo turns on the machine and the record spins, but of course, no sound comes out.

NINA: Umm... Lilo, I'm not sure you're using that record player correctly.

LILO: No, this always works! Stitch makes a good record player.

Stitch looks pretty confused, too. He puts the record in a different player, and turns it on. But there's still no sound.

LILO: Oh, no! My favorite record, I think it's broken!

NANI: What happened?

LILO: My favorite record broke, Nani.

NINA: It isn't playing at all, and the cover's all messed up.

NANI: Aww, that sucks. Don't worry, Lilo, we'll get you a new one in the morning.

LILO: What if the antique store doesn't have any more of this album?

NANI: Well, maybe we'll find you another Elvis album you'll like just as much.

LILO: Okay. *yawn* Well... goodnight, Nani. Goodnight, Nina. Come on, Stitch.

NANI: I'll be up to tuck you in in a minute, OK?

Lilo and Stitch go upstairs.

NANI: So, what do you think is wrong with the world?

NINA: I still don't know, Nani. But I'll let you know when I find out. Today was fun by the way, thank you.

NANI: No problem, Nina. I'm going to bed after I tuck my sister in; you can make yourself comfortable on the couch if you like. It isn't big, but it's pretty comfortable. Sorry there isn't anywhere better for you to sleep.

NINA: It's OK, Nani, and thank you for letting me sleep here. I really appreciate it.

NANI: It's the least I can do if you're going to save the world. Goodnight, Nina.

NINA: Goodnight, Nani.
No. 477438 ID: 25312f
File 135503513418.png - (93.55KB , 612x512 , 14.png )

Well, I'm not sure what to make of today. Nothing happened at all. I guess I should go to sleep, but I can't. I'm worried. How will I know what to do? I feel lost. Can you give me any advice? Or just chat with me? I need someone to be my friend right now. I'm... I'm so scared.
No. 477440 ID: bf54a8

tons happened. something is trying to erase the IDEA of elvis from the world. first, lilo forgot his name, and if she is to be believed elvis is her favorite person in the world. you don't just forgot a name like that. and the record? that is an external force pressing down on it. you need a repair spell or something. or just sing the song yourself.
No. 477442 ID: 5d98c3

Dear lord, he's right! Something is trying to destroy Elvis! That MONSTER.

There is only one solution, Miss Doomed-By-Conspiracy: You must form a street gang known as The Kings, who all impersonate Elvis and seek to uphold the ideals demonstrated in his films. Best work on your American accents and grow a pompadour.
No. 477444 ID: ec6d4c

Don't worry! We're here to be your friends, and keep you company. We're more than happy to talk about all kinds of things, not just your mission. I mean, life would be pretty uninteresting if we kept it all business all the time, right?

And don't be scared, or worried about knowing what to do. You're smart and capable (and magic!), and we're pretty clever, and good at noticing things that are out of place, or don't add up. We'll work things out.

>nothing happened today
Something did happen today, actually. Something bad happening to a world doesn't necessarily mean a baddie attacking you can shoot. It can mean the world coming apart- the ideas or elements it's built upon fading away. Pull out the pillars of a world, and it comes tumbling down.

Elvis went from being one of the greatest things in Lilo's life, to something she could barely remember. The record was warped and unusual. They warned you to look for corruption, right? That sounds like corruptions. It even felt unsettling to you- maybe that's why they chose you. As a witch, maybe you can sense or recognize whatever force is at work here.

You should investigate the record. Maybe... can you use magic to examine it somehow? See if you sense anything, or if that feeling from before leads anywhere?
No. 477469 ID: 28ec04

If possible, check the town. You said earlier that there was no one around at the beach, I mean, there had to be one other person nearby. And Yes, it seems the the IDEA of Elvis (or even THE KING) is fading from this world. Investigate the record and when possible ask Lilo if she has any other Elvis merchandise.
No. 477667 ID: 25312f
File 135516470832.png - (90.57KB , 512x512 , 15.png )

Hmm... maybe you're right. Lilo left the record here in the living room. It's pretty creepy-looking, but other than that.... Wait, no. That feeling is definitely pretty awful. It feels like this thing is staring at me. If it's magic, though, it isn't something I recognize. My magical abilities are pretty limited so far.

I'm not even sure where I could find a repair spell. But you did give me sort of an idea... Here goes....

NINA: *singing softly*
Wise men say, "Only fools rush in."
But I can't help falling in love with you.
Shall I stay? Would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you?
Like a river flows, surely, to the sea,
Darling, so it goes, some things are meant to be.
Take my hand; take my whole life, too,
For I can't help falling in love with you.....

I... I can't believe this. The holes are filling up. The picture's still blurry, and this thing still feels super-creepy, but it's definitely getting better. Here, let me try this....

Goodness! The record's playing! It's scratchy, and it's faint, but it's definitely playing.

I'm not exactly sure what just happened, but I think I have some ideas.

I'm not sure how a street gang could help here, but you did give me kind of an idea. I'll see what happens in the morning, but I may have a sort of plan.

I'll do both of those things tomorrow. Lilo's asleep by now, and it's pretty late. This town's pretty small, I'm not sure how much would be going on in the middle of the night.

I think I'll go to sleep now, unless you have anything else you want to ask me or tell me. You know, it's funny. I'm not accustomed to having voices in my head, seriously. But I don't feel like I've gone 'round the bend. You guys feel right, and normal, like you're supposed to be there. Thanks for everything so far.
No. 477668 ID: bf54a8

okay, goodnight.
No. 477670 ID: ec6d4c

Hmm. So the record was corrupted, but you were able to reinforce it. Interesting.

You haven't dealt with the root cause, though. We're going to have to find the source of the corruption.

>You guys feel right, and normal, like you're supposed to be there. Thanks for everything so far.
Hey, you're welcome! More than happy to help. Goodnight.
No. 477751 ID: 25312f
File 135519639013.png - (104.96KB , 512x512 , 16.png )

*yawn* Good morning, everyone! Slept pretty well considering.... Huh. That record. I thought I put it down around here. Oh well, maybe someone moved it while I was asleep.

JUMBA: Ah, I see you are awake. I make breakfast. Breakfast machine works pretty well.

NINA: Aww, thanks, Dr. Jookiba! This looks delicious!

JUMBA: HA! Nice to see someone likes my cooking for once...

PLEAKLEY: Yeah. "Cooking." Sure, that's what he calls it...

NINA: So, where are Nani and Lilo?

JUMBA: Nani went to the store, and Little Girl is eating her breakfast in kitchen.

I run to the kitchen, and find Lilo digging in to her meal.

NINA: Lilo, I need to ask you something. Actually, wait a second, why didn't you go to the store with Nani?

LILO: I wanted to stay and try the food from Jumba's new invention. I think it's great!

JUMBA: I told you.


NINA: But weren't you going to go buy a new record? To replace the one that broke last night?

LILO: Umm... I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you're talking about.

NINA: You know, the Elvis record?

LILO: I don't know what that is.

NINA: Don't you have any other Elvis things in your room? I need to see if they're...

LILO: Maybe I do. You could go check if you want. Just don't break anything, or touch my pictures.

I go to Lilo's room. It's a fairly standard young girl's bedroom, I think. There are toys and books everywhere. Well, I guess it's not totally normal. Some of the books are pretty strange reading material for a seven-year-old, and there are photographs of fat people all over her walls. On her bookshelf, though, I see a stack of yellowed papers. They look like...

No, they're definitely records.

Inside the ancient-looking sleeves, the vinyl records have crumbled to dust.


I think there must have been some posters on the wall, too, but they've faded and warped beyond recognition.

This is crazy. It's like all of her Elvis stuff aged a thousand years over night. And how does she not even know who Elvis is anymore? This is really, really scary.

I go back downstairs to the kitchen.

LILO: Did you find any elves?

NINA: Wha? No... No, I didn't. Hey, Lilo? Are you excited for your recital tonight?

LILO: Well.... yeah. But I'm kind of nervous.

NINA: Why?

LILO: It's just... I can't remember any of the music we're dancing to. The other girls are going to laugh at me, especially Myrtle. I can't dance tonight, not if I don't know what the songs are. Stitch doesn't remember either.

NINA: Don't worry, Lilo. I'm sure you'll do alright.

She smiles a little.

LILO: Thanks, Nina.

Looks like it's time for me to go explore the town. It isn't a very large town. We're surrounded by pretty dense forest on all sides, except the side closest to the beach. There's a few little shops and some houses, a little school, the place where they teach the hula class (and there seems to be a makeshift stage for tonight outside), a cafe, a hotel with a luau theme that most of the locals seem to avoid like the plague... that's pretty much it.

What should I be looking for? Where should I look for it? And what should I do while I'm out? I'm ready to get to the bottom of the mystery of the disappearing Elvis!
No. 477752 ID: bf54a8

you need to bring back memories. get the galactic council to broadcast on all channels you singing an elvis song.
No. 477756 ID: ec6d4c

Hmm. Well, regrettably, it seems you can't rely on the people here for much help, since they're affected by reality being rewritten. You're immune, either by virtue of your magic, or because you're not native to this world.

You know what would be an interesting experiment? If you could teleport home, and then bring one of your gran's records with you. Would it be immune? Could it be used to reinforce the items here (if your singing helped, playing the real thing might be a heck of a lot stronger)? Or would it be vulnerable too?

Or possibly, there are a whole lot of afflicted items in Lilo's room. Something is affecting them. Is there enough there that you could try to trace whatever magic is affecting them?

If you're going out, it's possible the corruption can be seen from the air.
No. 477834 ID: 25312f
File 135526078275.png - (94.31KB , 712x512 , 17.png )

>trace the magic
I'm afraid I don't really know how to do that.

>go home, get record
Why didn't I think of that? That's an excellent idea! Oh, I can't wait to see my Gran! I'll bet she's wondering where I've been off to!

NINA: Ring, take me to Framlingham, Suffolk.

I tap my ring three times, and give it a quarter-turn to the left...

But nothing happened.

Alright, I'm actually kind of panicking now. The ring didn't work? What the hell? Oh, goodness, I really need to calm myself down.

But why the hell can't I go home?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I don't normally talk like this. But I'm so scared...

>possible the corruption could be seen from the air
Maybe I'll take that fly-over, now. Maybe it will help calm me down.

NINA: Lackipo nikrif scrumpet leech!

I soar into the air on my broomstick, flying side-saddle of course. This island is so beautiful from up here. I can see some of the other islands in the distance, too. I can see why Hawaii is such a dream vacation spot.

I fly over the town, but I'm afraid I don't see anything out of the ordinary.
No. 477835 ID: 25312f
File 135526083440.png - (93.42KB , 512x712 , 18.png )

That is such a neat idea! If only I knew how to get in touch with the Galactic Federation. Maybe someone back at the house would know? I'll ask when I get back home. At any rate, if at all possible, I'm going to try this idea.

I land in the middle of town, in front of Kiki's Coffee Hut, a lovely little cafe. People are giving me strange looks, but I don't think they're too bothered by a witch landing in front of them.

There's a woman behind the counter.

NINA: Has anything unusual been going on this town? More unusual than, well.... usual?

CAFE OWNER: Ummm... I don't think so?

NINA: Does the name Elvis Presley ring a bell?


NINA: Just as I suspected.

CAFE OWNER: Well... alright, then. Do you... do you want to buy anything?

NINA: No, that's alright, I'm not thirsty.

CAFE OWNER: Oh, well... Have a nice day, and thanks for visiting... umm....

NINA: Kiki's Coffee Hut?

CAFE OWNER: Kiki's! That's it! Thanks.

That's... unsettling. The sign in front of the cafe shows the silhouette of a young girl riding a broomstick. The wood around the sign is warping, and the girl's silhouette is covered in cracks.

I walk away from the cafe, past a man reading the newspaper. He lowers the paper as I get near, and stands in front of me, blocking my path.


Did I say a man? I meant a BEHEMOTH.

???: I heard you talking to the woman at the counter.


???: I also heard that you were staying up at the Pelekai's place. Nani and Lilo?

NINA: Oh, yes, Sir. They've been very kind to me.

???: What are you doing here? Where are you from?

NINA: Well...

???: Come with me. We'll talk in private. I recommend that you cooperate.

ACK! This guy is so scary! And he's got this really intimidating voice... Should I go with him? Do you think I should trust him? He seems to know Nani and Lilo. Should I be honest? He doesn't seem like a bad person, necessarily, but I'm really kind of scared of him....
No. 477838 ID: bf54a8

it's spreading. more things are losing power. elvis was probably the biggest brick so they attacked it first.

yes you can trust this guy.
No. 477851 ID: ec6d4c

>But why the hell can't I go home?
Hmm. I can think of several explanations.

Mickey and friends altered your ring's enchantment, didn't they? They changed it so it could teleport between worlds. It can do two things- take you to where you need to go (which is how you got here) and to return to worlds you've been too. But, you haven't been to your home since the ring's behavior was changed! So it's not on the list of return destinations.

It's also possible the inter-world transport spell is different from the intra-world transport. You tried to teleport home the way you normally do- but your home isn't in this world's England. Possibly you need to do something different to active world-teleportation.

It's also possible, if the ring's taking you where you need to go, that it doesn't want to let you leave before the job is done?

What! Refrences to Kiki's delivery service is fading, too? It's spreading beyond Elvis, then. Not sure what the connection is, though. One's a real singer, the other's a fictional cartoon witch. Maybe... things people believe in, or are central to their lives are fading?

This is frustrating. We've identified the problem, but we don't know how to treat it...

>Go with the man?
Hmm. Well, we're kind of hurting for leads. I think we should risk it- maybe he knows something?

Worst case, you can always turn him into a bunny and run away.
No. 477868 ID: 5d98c3

Don't worry, he's with the FBI.
No. 477952 ID: 25312f
File 135527900112.png - (100.44KB , 512x512 , 19.png )

If you're sure.

If I run into those people who sent me on this quest again, I'll ask them about the ring. It really worries me that I can't go home.

NINA: Alright, I'll go with you.

???: Good.

I follow him to a black car parked near the cafe. He invites me in, and I slide into the passenger's side.

???: Now, tell me. Who are you and where are you from?

NINA: My name is Nina Bradley. I was sent here from another world, Sir. Something about saving the world, I think?

???: When you say "another world"....?

NINA: I mean like, another dimension, Sir.

???: So you're not with the Galactic Federation?

NINA: No. Wait, you know about the Galactic Federation?

???: Maybe. Do you?

NINA: Just that they're protecting Nani's family. And that they're aliens. That's all I know.

???: Sounds like you know enough.

He takes off his sunglasses. I'm really glad. He's big and imposing, but he has kind eyes. He's a lot less scary without the sunglasses.

BUBBLES: My name is Agent Bubbles.

NINA: Wha-?

BUBBLES: I know. I'm a social worker. Part-time, at least.

He flashes me a badge. Holy--this guy's with the CIA!

BUBBLES: Before you ask, no, I'm not sure what's going on. Just that a lot of files on a lot of computers are getting very corrupted.

NINA: And people are having a hard time remembering things like Elvis.

BUBBLES: You might be right. I think I've forgotten, too. I can't recall exactly who Elvis was. But I trust you, and I don't trust just anyone. So, I have resources, and you have knowledge. Shall we combine our assets?

NINA: Agent Bubbles, I think you've got yourself a deal.

BUBBLES: Good. Now, what do you think needs to be done?

NINA: Well, singing an Elvis song to a corrupted record temporarily restored it. So, maybe we just need to jog people's memories a little bit.

BUBBLES: So, what's the plan?

NINA: Well... this is going to sound crazy. But I kind of got the feeling that I'd like to have the Galactic Federation's help with this.

BUBBLES: We aren't affiliated with them.

NINA: But can't you make contact with them?

BUBBLES: That might be arranged. But it will be tricky. I'll have to get clearance from my superiors. Since you're the one with the plan, you'll have to be the one to talk to the Grand Councilwoman.

NINA: The who?

BUBBLES: The leader of the Federation.

NINA: Me? I'm supposed to talk with--

BUBBLES: Don't worry. She isn't as tough as she seems.

NINA: So, how do I contact her?

BUBBLES: I'll get clearance from my superiors, we'll use our transmitters and make contact, and then we'll put you on the line. You tell the Grand Councilwoman your plan, and we'll see if she grants your request or not.

NINA: She's going to have to. The fate of the universe is at stake.

BUBBLES: Then it seems like she won't have much of a choice. You just run along home. I should have the transmitters hooked up by tonight.

NINA: What do you mean?

BUBBLES: Go back to Nani's house. Ask Jumba to activate the communicators, and make sure you're in front of the television by 8pm sharp. I'll be over by then, for moral support.

NINA: OK, Agent Bubbles. Thanks for everything.

He smiles, and I get out of the car. He drives away, and I'm alone in the middle of town again.

It's about noon. So I have about 8 hours. Is there anything else I should do in town before heading home?
No. 477956 ID: bf54a8

just catalog everything that is breaking down.
No. 477958 ID: ec6d4c

Oh, cool, helpful alien secret service. I wasn't entirely sure he wasn't going to be obstructive.

Hmm. Well, so the plan is to use the galactic council's stuff to broadcast all over, and try to fix everything that's coming apart at once then? Signing to the record, expect on a grand scale.

Maybe you should start with Lilo and Stich. Re-teach them the music they've forgotten, and we can broadcast their performance tonight.

Although I don't know if reinforcing all the Elvis stuff will fix other things (like the Kiki sign). We'll have to see. I wish we knew more about the cause...
No. 478042 ID: 25312f
File 135529580018.png - (72.06KB , 512x512 , 20.png )

Hmmm... looking around town, I don't see much else. The little electronics store must be selling pretty poor tellies, though. The picture's mostly snow.

OK, looks like I'm heading back to Nani's house.

NINA: Lackipo nikrif scrumpet leech!

Sure, I COULD walk home... But it seems like a waste of such a beautiful afternoon.

I get home around the same time as Nani does, a grocery bag in her hand.

NANI: Aloha, Nina. How's your day?

NINA: Oh, hi, Nani! Listen, I met a friend of yours, and...

NANI: Really? Who?

NINA: Agent Bubbles.

NANI: Cobra? What's he been up to? It seems like he's been really busy lately. I hope he plans on stopping by at some point. I know I got enough groceries...

NINA: He is. He'll be over by 8pm.

NANI: OK, good to know.

NINA: Nani, could you please tell Jumba to "activate the communicators?" Agent Bubbles says he needs to do that by the time he comes over.

NANI: Wha-? OK, alright. Dumb alien stuff...

She puts the groceries in the kitchen and goes looking for Jumba.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go talk to Lilo. I can hear her playing with Stitch in her room. I knock on the door.

LILO: Come in!

NINA: Hi, Lilo!

LILO: Oh, hi, Nina!

NINA: Listen, can I talk to you about something important?

LILO: ....OK....

NINA: If I taught you and Stitch a song, would you be able to sing it and dance to it by 8pm tonight?

LILO: 8? But that's when my recital starts, Nina! I'm going to be busy, then!

NINA: But, Lilo, do you even know what you're dancing to at the recital?

LILO: No... but I think I remember the dance. I just want to dance. I practiced.

STITCH: Stitch practiced to! Stitch wants to dance at the recital.

NINA: Guys, I really need your help, OK? Agent Bubbles is coming over, and we're going to talk to some alien lady about....

LILO: The Grand Councilwoman?

NINA: Yes...

LILO: OK, this is probably pretty important.... I'm sure Kumu will be OK if I tell him I'm sick. Just this once.

NINA: Thanks, guys. Thanks a lot. Oh, and do you have the outfit that Stitch was going to wear tonight?

LILO: I think so. But I don't think he could have worn it.

NINA: Why not?

She goes to her closet and pulls out a disgusting, moth-eaten outfit. It's still recognizable as a tiny Elvis costume, but it's in pretty bad shape.

LILO: I think he's been chewing on it.

STITCH: Stitch never chews clothes! Not anymore... Not too often.

LILO: Exactly.

Well, I WAS going to put Stitch in the outfit, but I guess that isn't going to happen. I have about 7 and a half hours, though, to put together a decent presentation for the Grand Councilwoman to broadcast.

Do you have any suggestions? How can I make this the best Elvis-impersonation concert starring a seven-year-old girl and her alien pet that the world has ever seen?

Also, which song should I teach them? I know all of the classics.
No. 478050 ID: ec6d4c

Hey, you confirmed you can still teleport around in universe, at least. That's something.

My first impulse would be to abuse teleportation to gather Elvis impersonation materials, except the problem is probably world-wide. Meaning even if you took a trip to Vegas it might not help. :/

I don't suppose the singing involved in teaching them, and their practicing will be enough to restore the costume? Otherwise, we'll have to make a replacement. Probably by pieing a costume together out of other things, since any existing Elvis costume would be affected.
No. 478059 ID: bf54a8

yeah lay the costume out so it would be hit by the song.

and let's go with the most ELVIS song you got. the one that exploded his popularity
No. 479325 ID: 25312f
File 135572053568.png - (313.86KB , 1024x1024 , DisneyQuest21.png )

That's a pretty good idea. And as far as the song that "exploded his popularity," all I can think of is his first #1 hit...

NINA: OK, guys. Here goes...
(singing) Well, since my baby left me,
I found a new place to dwell.
It's down at the end of Lonely Street
At Heartbreak Hotel.
You make me so lonely baby,
I get so lonely,
I get so lonely I could die.
And although it's always crowded,
You still can find some room
Where broken-hearted lovers
Do cry away their gloom.
You make me so lonely, baby,
I get so lonely,
I get so lonely I could die.
Well, the bell hop's tears keep flowin'
And the desk clerk's dressed in black.
Well, they been so long on Lonely Street
They ain't never gonna look back.
You make me so lonely, baby,
I get so lonely,
I get so lonely I could die.
Hey now, if your baby leaves you
And you got a tale to tell,
Just take a walk down Lonely Street
To Heartbreak Hotel.

What do you know? That costume is looking a whole lot better!

LILO: Wow. That's a pretty depressing song.

NINA: Yeah, sorry, but it's...

LILO: I LOVE IT! Did you write that yourself, Nina?

NINA: No, Lilo. It was written a long time ago by a man named Elvis Presley...

LILO: *gasps* I... I know that name!

She does a few little Elvis-esque dance moves.

LILO: I don't know why, but... I think I remember him!

STITCH: Stitch, too!

NINA: Good, guys, that's excellent. Now I need you to practice that song, OK? Practice it as much as you can until Cobra Bubbles comes over. And Stitch, I think you should put on that outfit... It looks like it might look alright after all!

LILO: OK, Nina, we'll be ready by dinnertime. Come on, Stitch, let's practice!

OK, so that's taken care of. Is there anything else I should do before I'm supposed to talk to this Grand Councilwoman person?
No. 479332 ID: bf54a8

let's work on your convincing her to air them singing speech.

'hello council-woman, i am here today due to circumstances beyond my control. that being the fate of the universe. i am not a native to this universe so i can see the problems. and yes i have a way to travel between them, but it is designed to not let me leave until this one is out of danger. the current problem i have found is simply a decay of things, symbols and icons. luckily it appears that remembering them re-enforces them. as such i request that you broadcast lilo and stitch performing a song by elvis on basically everything at the same time. if just about everyone remembers him at the same time, it may force what is creating the corruption out.'

anything else needed?
No. 479333 ID: e3aff6

Can't think of anything.
No. 479357 ID: ec6d4c

Hmm. I would check back on these two later, to make sure they haven't started to fade again. We need to make sure they hold up till the concert.

I think the real problem is right now is one of scale. You can reinforce a fading memory, but only so much, and then it keeps fading later. What we need is a self sustaining system- gotta jump start things with a big and healthy enough oomph that it reinforces a bunch of others, and then they all prop each other up from fading.

Although, even if we get a self sustaining Elvis loop, will that fix the other things that might have been affected? I'm not sure what to do about the Kiki's delivery service reference. I don't believe there are any songs to sing there. You'd think having a real witch around would have helped it...
No. 479358 ID: f6cff9

>I'm not sure what to do about the Kiki's delivery service reference. I don't believe there are any songs to sing there. You'd think having a real witch around would have helped it...

It might help if she was flying around and delivering things.
No. 479969 ID: 25312f
File 135598595826.png - (153.35KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest22.png )

Well, I guess I'll just wait for Agent Bubbles to show up, then.

I check in on Lilo and Stitch a few more times. They're actually doing pretty well. I'm surprised, but they don't seem to be forgetting the lyrics. Stitch is dressed like Elvis, Lilo's got the acting down pat. It's a really nice performance of the song, actually... about as nice as you could expect from a seven-year-old girl and her alien best friend.

Jumba's been fiddling with stuff in the living room for a while.

PLEAKLEY: Stay calm, Nina, stay calm. You're only going to be talking to the most powerful person in the entire galaxy, so no pressure. And it's just, you know, the fate of the known universe in your hands, so you really have nothing to worry about. *nervous laughter*

JUMBA: You are not helping.

NINA: Umm... thanks for the ummm... pep talk, Agent Pleakley.

Suddenly, Jumba gets up from under the television.

JUMBA: Done. Now, we wait for Agent Bubbles to get here, then Little Girl and Stitch will do the song thing, and everything will be OK.

NINA: What exactly did you do?

JUMBA: Two-way communicator. At 8pm, we turn on channel 51. We'll be having conversation with Grand Councilwoman in no time.


JUMBA: Have you decided what you are going to say?

PLEAKLEY: Be careful! Don't say anything stupid!

JUMBA: And don't listen to Pleakley, either. Relax. She puts uniform on one leg at time.

NINA: Wha-?

There's a knock at the door. Agent Bubbles is here, and he's definitely not helping me be any less nervous.

We eat dinner, and it's pretty OK. Nani made some sort of pasta. Honestly, I'm too worried to enjoy it much. Lilo is chatting away to Agent Bubbles about school and friends and all sorts of things, as if everything was perfectly normal. To be honest, that's the most worrying thing of all.

NINA: Lilo, you still remember that song, right?

LILO: Of course!
(singing) Well, since my baby left me...

NINA: Oh, good. You guys are going to do just fine.

LILO: So are you, Nina! Don't worry. The Grand Councilwoman's nice.

It's almost 8, now. We've cleaned up from dinner, and we're sitting around the television. If the pictures on the tellies in the store were terrible, this picture is absolutely unwatchable. It's all snow, on every channel.

Suddenly, eight-o'clock comes, and Agent Bubbles picks up the remote and turns it to Channel 51.

The telly whirs, and green lights that Jumba installed under it are glowing. It's terrifying.

Suddenly, the picture is crystal clear. I see a greenish face, with cold, blue eyes.

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: Agent Bubbles? Come in, Agent Bubbles.

BUBBLES: Agent Cobra Bubbles present. Good to see you again, Grand Councilwoman.

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: The pleasure's all mine. Now, I've been told there's some matter of importance we need to discuss?

BUBBLES: Absolutely. You see--

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: Don't tell me--people on Earth have been forgetting things.

BUBBLES: Precisely.

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: It's been the same all over the galaxy. I forgot the name of my favorite film this morning. For the life of me, I still can't remember it.

BUBBLES: But we have an interdimensional traveler here who might be able to help, Grand Councilwoman.

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: Interdimensional travel? I didn't think Earthlings were capable of such things.

PLEAKLEY: Well, technically, they're not, but--

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: When I want your opinion, I will ask for it, Mr. Pleakley. Now, will this person please step forward?

Oh, goodness... Oh my goodness, that's me. Umm...

NINA: Hello, Councilwoman. I am here today due to circumstances beyond my control. The fate of the universe is in jeopardy. I am not a native to this universe, so I can see its problems.

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: Clearly. As can we. Continue.

NINA: Yes, well... I have a way to travel between the universes, but it is designed to not let me leave until this one is out of danger. It seems that what people are forgetting are mainly symbols and icons. Luckily, it appears that remembering them reinforces them.


NINA: As such, I request that you broadcast Lilo and Stitch performing a song by Elvis on basically everything at the same time. if just about everyone remembers him at the same time, it may force what is creating the corruption out.


PLEAKLEY: Nina says he's a famous Earth musician.


BUBBLES: We think that he was the first icon to disappear.

NINA: We've tried this before, Grand Councilwoman, on a smaller scale. It seems to work. Can you give us a chance?

BUBBLES: You have the resources and the technology.

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: What you are requesting is the allocation of a great deal of funds. To broadcast a signal to every device capable of receiving it within the galaxy is... complicated. It breaches several galactic ordinances, and will certainly require a great deal of paperwork.
No. 479974 ID: bf54a8

"i understand that, but if this continues people may start forgetting the basics, such as fire is hot. or forgetting how to drive after they already started driving. or everyone may go to sleep and wake up the next day not even remembering how to talk. this is our best shot at this"
No. 479984 ID: ec6d4c

Councilwoman, this is more than just people forgetting. More than memories. Concepts are fading from your reality- and taking everything derived from them with it. Memories, ideas, motivations, objects. So far the damage has been largely... superfluous and cultural. But where will it stop if left unchecked? Whatever this corruption is, it is removing pieces of your reality.

I know I'm not the one filling out the forms or paying the bills, but those seem a small price to pay for trying to curb a danger of this scale.
No. 479992 ID: e3aff6

Also worth noting is how the television was already losing function before this broadcast started, and other lines of communication are likely suffering similar problems. If this continues at the same rate it is only a matter of time before our communication networks shut down altogether, and there is little hope of recovery after that.
No. 480003 ID: d4ad1a

These two arguments seem rather irrefutable.
No. 480103 ID: 25312f
File 135606775190.png - (140.96KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest23.png )

NINA: With all due respect, Grand Councilwoman... This is more than just people forgetting, more than memories. Concepts are fading from your reality, and taking everything derived from them with them: memories, ideas, motivations, objects. So far, the damage has been largely superfluous and cultural. But where will it stop if left unchecked? Whatever this corruption is, it’s removing pieces of your reality. I know I’m not the one filling out the forms or paying the bills, but those seem a small price to pay for trying to curb a danger of this scale.

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: And what if this doesn’t work? What then?

NINA: Things on this planet have been losing their functionality, like our telly. I’m sure other planets are suffering the same problems. If this continues at the same rate, it is only a matter of time until our communication networks shut down altogether. There is little hope of recovery after that. If we’re going to do anything, we need to do it now. And if this doesn’t work... Well, at least it couldn’t hurt. This is our best shot.

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: I... I believe you're right. I suppose it couldn't hurt. Activate broadcasters!

There is a loud, whirring sound from the Grand Councilwoman's side of the telly. Screens behind her are displaying... Oh my goodness, it's my face!

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: When you're ready.

I call for Lilo and Stitch to stand in front of the telly.

NINA: We're ready, Grand Councilwoman.

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: Begin transmission!

Lilo and Stitch begin the song. It's going beautifully! Lilo's even playing the ukulele as accompaniment. They know all the lyrics... This is a wonderful moment.

As they finish the song, the Grand Councilwoman's eyes grow wide.

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: End... end transmission.

The whirring noises begin to fade.

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: Yes... I think I know of this, Elvis, actually. Did he sing "Hound Dog?"

NINA: Yes, that was him!

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: Extraordinary! And... my favorite film... I believe I remember it, now. In fact, I think I shall go watch it. What did you say your name was again, my dear?

NINA: Nina, ma'am. Nina Bradley.

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: Miss Bradley, I owe you my thanks. I think... I think the universe owes you its thanks. You are always welcome to call upon the Galactic Federation if you need anything, as long as you're in our neck of the multiverse, that is.

NINA: How do you know about the--

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: If you're from another universe, I can only assume that there's a greater multiverse out there somewhere. We've long suspected it.

BUBBLES: The CIA thanks you, as well.

Agent Bubbles is checking his phone. It would seem that he's received a text message.

BUBBLES: All of our files appear to be in order.

LILO: Hey, my record's fixed!

GRAND COUNCILWOMAN: Farewell, Nina Bradley. I hope we meet again, someday.

The telly shuts off.

The room is quiet. Everything feels... right. I feel as though something's clicked into place that wasn't quite right before. I think I can almost hear the sound of an enormous vault door swinging shut somewhere, and it's definitely a comforting sound. I don't think anyone else hears it, but they all look rather impressed.

NANI: Thanks, Nina. I don't know what you did, but thanks for doing it.

NINA: I was just doing my job.

LILO: I guess you have to go now, huh?

NINA: I think so. I think I have a whole lot more worlds to save.

What do you think? Is there anything else I should do here before heading off to my next adventure?
No. 480104 ID: bf54a8

ask if anyone has seen any books that SEEM like they are full of magic but no one could get them to work. native physics could disallow magical powers. but being non-native you ignore that law.
No. 480105 ID: ec6d4c

Damn fine speechifying there girl. You saved the world! Nice to know you apparently have some kind of magic sense that picks up on that- we don't have to worry and doubt if it's really fixed.

>Anything left to do in this world before we move on?
Moonlit victory lap flyover of the Hawaiian islands?

Might also be nice to get a good night's sleep in a place where you're already welcome before jumping to the next trouble spot. Or back to the hub. However your world-porting works. Hopefully it does work, now.

Pity we didn't find any spellbooks. You'd think there would be one somewhere in an entire universe, but it's not as if you know where to look.

If you were bored and curious, we could hop over to the Lilo-verse's England and see if you've got an alternate in this universe (assuming the ring works properly, and allows you to hop around the planet, now that this universe is fixed). We probably don't have much time for that kind of self indulgent fooling around though, since there are undoubtedly other universes at risk. Well... unless we justified the excursion somehow. Say the expectation of being able to swap spells with her?

>Person with an English accent and magic stick appears out of thin air, in an exotic location, meets aliens, solves serious threat to reality with silly, improbable solution and by talking at things.
Oh, congratulations, by the way. You're pretty much the Doctor now.
No. 480111 ID: bf54a8

well like i was saying, this seems to be a tech universe. universes usually have exacting lvls of science vs magic. high tech places usually have little to no magic naturally present. while high magic places are usually dark ages in terms of tech because magic replaces everything that science would do. but another thing is outsiders cause a paradox. the universe basically ignores them and is like "LALALALALA" about them. letting them do things that normally can't happen.
No. 480233 ID: 25312f
File 135616055121.png - (126.75KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest25.png )

>pretty much the Doctor
Wow... really? Do you mean it!? I'm... well, I'm honored. Gran and I love that show!

NINA: I was just wondering... have any of you seen any books about, I dunno, magic? It may seem strange, but they might help me save the world.

NANI: I don't think so....

LILO: Wait! I have one!

She runs to her room, and comes back with a large book entitled "Practical Voodoo."

LILO: I use it to punish my friends all the time. With the Vinegar Jar spell, you can give anyone you want a lot of bad luck!

NANI: Oh, Lilo, that's...

LILO: It does TOO work.

I open the book to the spell she mentioned. The incantation is pretty simple. I just shout "(Person's name), your life will become as sour as vinegar!" Supposedly, this should cause my victim's luck to turn really, really bad until I call it off. Simple, but it could be useful, I guess.

NINA: Thanks, Lilo!

LILO: Don't mention it!

NINA: Also, Nani... I was just wondering....

NANI: Yes?

NINA: Would it be too much trouble to allow me to sleep on your couch one more night? I want to be fully rested before I head off to save another universe.

NANI: Absolutely, Nina. You're welcome here anytime.

NINA: Thanks! I'll be back soon.

NANI: Where are you going? I thought you were spending the night here?

NINA: Oh, I am. I'd just like to do one more thing first.
No. 480234 ID: 25312f
File 135616060747.png - (181.86KB , 712x512 , 26.png )

I head outside. It's a beautiful night. The sky is clear. Perfect weather for flying.

NINA: Lackipo nikrif scrumpet leech!

This was a great idea. Everything's so beautiful! And to think that someone wanted to hurt such a lovely world... Whatever's going on, I'm going to stop it. I stopped it here, but I have more worlds to save. I think I can do it, now that I've saved one. Why shouldn't I be able to save the rest? I'm definitely feeling more confident than before.

I head for Nani's house. Everyone's already gone to bed, and Agent Bubbles has left. I curl up on the couch. I'm so exhausted, I can't talk much tonight. Goodnight, everyone.

The next morning, I get up, and have some more of Jumba's delicious breakfast. I say good-bye to everyone, and they all wish me luck. I guess I'll probably need it, but I'm not going to worry about that too much right now.

I tap my ring three times and give it a sharp quarter-turn to the left. Again, I feel it pull me...
No. 480235 ID: 25312f
File 135616066486.png - (121.28KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest27.png )

Ugh, I'm not sure I'll ever get used to randomly popping up in people's houses.

I'm in what appears to be an old-fashioned nursery. There's a little boy in the middle of the room. He doesn't seem scared, he actually seems pretty happy to see me. He's sitting in a circle with some stuffed animals. Looks like a donkey, a kangaroo, a tiger, and tiny pig. The boy has an open book and a large teddy bear on his lap.

???: Oh, hello!

Another English voice? That's actually kind of comforting.

NINA: Hello. Sorry to disturb you, but...

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Oh, it's no trouble at all. My name's Christopher Robin. Did you come to play with my friends and I? We were about to have a delightful adventure!

NINA: Oh, well...

I'm actually not entirely sure what to say, here. This boy doesn't seem to have a care in the world. Of course, no one in the last universe was particularly worried, either. What should I do?
No. 480237 ID: e3aff6

Play with him I guess. Learning about your surroundings will be useful for being able to tell when something is up.
No. 480239 ID: ec6d4c

>Bad luck spell
Well, it worked for the magician Murphy! Limited utility unless we can think of a clever way to combine it with other things, though. And turning people into bunnies is a more direct disable if you encounter anyone who poses an direct threat to you.

>Cranfobin Bobbin
I'd take him up on his offer. You need to get the lay of the land, as it were. We have to trust the magic that's guiding you is taking you where you're needed. It certainly did last time! I mean, it's not you would have ever guessed that first day that Lilo's love of Elvis would prove so important.

So if you've appeared just in time to join the delightful adventure here, it's probably significant.
No. 480245 ID: 6336b0

I bet ten imaginary dollars that his playful stuffed animal adventure is actually going to be a totally real adventure, with like, monsters or something in it.

That's just how this kind of thing works.
No. 480248 ID: bf54a8

last time yo landed in the house of the most important person :V so i think him being important is a safe bet.
No. 480285 ID: cf49fc

Ask him what he's doing, FIND THE BEAR. All essential personnel must be accounted for to combat the corruption.
No. 480286 ID: ec6d4c

He's holding it.
No. 480304 ID: e3aff6

>Limited utility unless we can think of a clever way to combine it with other things, though.
If we have a distinct enemy to aim it at, we can combine it with all the other things. Bad luck is general enough that it would provide a bit of help to anything that causes trouble for that enemy, which would include just about everything we do while in range of the effect.
No. 480317 ID: bf54a8

yeah it's a great de-buff. hit someone with it and then spells that have low odds of working will even work on them.
No. 480334 ID: 48f315

Ask him if he has an owl and/or rabbit.

If he doesn't have a rabbit, offer to make yourself into one for the adventure.
No. 480378 ID: 25312f
File 135622848909.png - (77.21KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest28.png )

NINA: OK, sounds good! I'd love to play with you and your friends. My name is Nina, by the way.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: It's a pleasure to meet you, Nina. My friends will introduce themselves soon, I'm sure.

NINA: Oh... OK.

NINA: This is going to sound like a strange question, but would you happen to have an owl or a rabbit about?

He's eyeing me warily, and I'm not entirely sure why.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: How did you know?

NINA: Oh, I was just curious.

He stands and goes to the window.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Do you see that rabbit out there? The big brown one? He's one of my friends, too. So's the owl in that tree over there, but he's usually asleep during the day.

NINA: So... What should I do for this adventure?

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: You should just sit with my friends. There's a little room between Kanga and Eeyore.

NINA: Kanga and Eeyore?

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: The kangaroo and the donkey.

NINA: OK. So... now what do I do?

He sits back down and puts the bear and the book back on his lap.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: You don't have to do anything yet.

He opens the book and begins reading.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: "One day, in the Hundred Acre Wood..."

Oh, goodness. Oh, this is WEIRD. I've never felt anything like this before. I feel like my head is spinning. The nursery's melting away, and I'm in the middle of a huge forest. I'm not sure where the stuffed animals or the boy are. I'm in front of a little house built into a tree. There's a fire pit outside, and the sign over the door says "Mr. Sanders."

I'm kind of freaking out here, guys. What should I do?
No. 480383 ID: 997ce7

Become a rabbit and knock on the door.
No. 480385 ID: ec6d4c

Don't freak out Nina. Pretty sure Christopher's got a kind of Calvin and Hobbes thing going on. You just crossed over to from the toys are toys side of things to where the animals and their storybook world is real. As magic goes, it's no stranger than the world hoping you've been doing!

Course, that raises some complicated and interesting metaphysical questions. Is hundred acre woods the real world here, and Christopher their god? Or is where you were before the world, and this place just imaginary, a shared illusion or simulation?

...not that you need to worry about those things! Probably.

For now, why don't you knock of this door and say hello to Pooh Bear?

Shapeshifting really won't help. She can't speak as a rabbit, and she'd stand out not being made of fluff.
No. 480387 ID: 997ce7

This is an adventure, logic need not apply.
No. 480425 ID: 25312f
File 135624477947.png - (311.83KB , 1024x1024 , Disneyquest29.png )

Turning myself into a rabbit would be rather difficult, and require a mirror. Besides, as another voice has already pointed out, I wouldn't be able to talk. I don't see the point of doing something like that.

Pooh Bear? What on Earth is a Pooh Bear?

Oh, well. I knock on the door.

A few moments later, Christopher Robin's teddy bear answers the door.

???: Hello? Who are you?

NINA: Umm... My name is Nina! I came to... umm... to help on your adventure!

POOH: Oh, that's wonderful. My name's Winnie the Pooh, but everyone just calls me Pooh.

NINA: Oh... Hello, Pooh.

You guys were right! I guess he is a "Pooh Bear."

POOH: Hello, Nina.

NINA: So... About that adventure?

POOH: Oh! Oh, yes.

NINA: .....Well?

POOH: Well, what?

NINA: Are we going on this adventure?

POOH: Hmmm.... No.

NINA: No!? I thought you said--

POOH: After breakfast.

He begins humming a silly little song to himself and skips into his house. I follow him, ducking a bit to get in. It's a rather nice house for a teddy bear in a hollow tree in the middle of the woods.... Oh, this is completely bonkers.

He begins randomly pulling open cupboards and throwing out several ceramic jars.

POOH: Oh, bother.

NINA: What's the matter, Pooh?

POOH: It would seem that I have no honey left.

NINA: Honey?

POOH: Yes. Bears love honey. It is my most favoritest thing in the whole wide world. But it would seem that I have run out.

NINA: Aww, that's a shame.

POOH: Well, I had best go get more.

NINA: Oh. Umm... how?

POOH: Hmmm... Think, think, think.... Aha! I've got it.

NINA: Yes?

POOH: I am a bear of very little brain. My ideas sometimes don't go very well. So I've decided that you are going to get the honey for me.

NINA: Me? But I don't know where or how to get honey around here. I don't suppose there's a grocer, or--

POOH: Oh, there's honey all over the Hundred Acre Wood. Sometimes it just likes to hide. But the only reason for honey to hide is so that I can find it.

NINA: Then why don't you find it?

POOH: Because that's your job.

NINA: But--

POOH: I shall go with you, if it makes you feel any better.

NINA: I... Umm.... Fine.

So... I guess I've promised to get honey for this completely thick bear. I don't even know where to begin. I wish I knew where Christopher Robin was. I guess I'll find out what's wrong with this world while I'm looking for the honey.... But how should I go about doing it?
No. 480426 ID: bf54a8

well go for the source, the bees!
No. 480427 ID: e3aff6

Just try not to get COVERED IN BEES. I suppose you could teleport a short distance away with your ring if a swarm comes after you.
No. 480430 ID: ec6d4c

>I am a bear of very little brain. My ideas sometimes don't go very well. So I've decided that you are going to get the honey for me.
In Pooh's defense, getting someone else to risk the bees and acquire the honey for him really isn't a very bad idea.

>I wish I knew where Christopher Robin was
Well, this is his kind of his make believe world or game (meta-realness to be debated at another time). That doesn't mean the game master is necessarily inside the game with us, though. He might still be outside, sitting with his circle of toys (and a Nina doll?), watching as the story writes itself. Or something. Not entirely sure how the rules or mechanics of this storybook play-world work, yet.

>I guess I'll find out what's wrong with this world while I'm looking for the honey.... But how should I go about doing it?
Bees' nests in the hundred acre woods are pretty much always about a story or two off the ground, inside a hollow of the tree. The size of the hole in the tree should be just big enough for pooh to climb into, but small enough he'll get stuck.

I suggest you cruise around broomwise until you find a bees nest. Then... we need a way to get the honey safely. I'm going to assume you can't turn the entire hive into harmless bunnies? Then let's cannibalize some of the ammo from your antique rifle. Take apart a cartridge or two (carefully!), and use the powder to smoke-gas the nest. Smoke makes bees sedate and sleepy. That's how beekeepers extract honey and stuff!
No. 480473 ID: 886a4d

Why use the bullets we might need eventually? Im sure we can build a fire normally.
No. 480486 ID: 25312f
File 135630303677.png - (62.37KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest30.png )

That does sound like a much better idea than using my ammo! That sounded pretty dangerous. If I had a torch, I could probably get into one of those bee nests with my broomstick.

NINA: Pooh? Do you think we could make a torch?

POOH: A torch? Is that some kind of snack?

NINA: What? No! It's a stick with fire on it.

POOH: Well, I can build a fire in the fire pit if you like. You could take one of those sticks.

NINA: I'm also going to need oil and cloth.

POOH: Oh... I don't have any of those things. Hmm... think, think, think. Christopher Robin would know where to get them.

NINA: Oh. Well, where is he?

POOH: He's probably at his house. Come on, let's go!

I follow Pooh through the woods. Nothing terribly exciting happens. Eventually, we come to another little cottage built into a tree, this one littered with toys and things outside. Christopher Robin is playing on a swing hanging from one of the trees branches.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Why, hello, Pooh Bear! Hello, Nina!

POOH: Christopher Robin, would you happen to have any cloth, or oil?

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Silly old bear, why would you need either of those things?

POOH: Nina needs them, to make a torch.

The boy is looking at me strangely again.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Whatever could you want a torch for?

NINA: To make the bees leave their hive so that I could help Pooh get some honey.

He seems a lot less worried suddenly.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Alright! Hmmm... I know Rabbit probably has some oil around, since he likes to cook. And I'm sure Kanga has some cloth scraps you could have.

POOH: Thanks, Christopher Robin! Come on, Nina. Aren't you going to go get the oil and cloth?

NINA: But I don't even know where these people live!

POOH: I'll show you the way, if you just tell me where to go.

Looks like I have to get oil from Rabbit and cloth from Kanga. I have no idea what I'm doing anymore. Where should I go first? And do you have any advice?
No. 480487 ID: ec6d4c

>C.R. worried about torch
I suppose fire could do a lot of harm to a woods! Especially one that lives inside a paper storybook...

Well, rabbit is a bit of a grump, but he's a softie at heart. And Kanga is a sweetheart. I don't think either would give you much trouble.

Not seeing anything out of place for this world yet, though. Unless you count Christopher Robin's curious awareness.
No. 480490 ID: 997ce7

Normally, yes. I doubt the reason we teleported here is because everything is normal.

Best case, everything is hunky-dory, no point in worrying. Realistic best case, someone's been stealing stuff and we have to go get it back, including oil and cloth. Worst case, we all die instantly right now; not much sense in worrying about that either. Realistic worst case, Rabbit and Kanga are now somehow evil.

I doubt they've been erased, given that everyone remembers them fine.

Ask about Owl, Piglet, Tigger, Roo, and Eeyore. Most of these have been seen and/or mentioned, and the problem might be different here, but no harm in checking again.
No. 480562 ID: 25312f
File 135634089374.png - (76.76KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest31.png )

That's a good idea.

NINA: So... we should go see Rabbit and Kanga?

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Yes, that would be a good idea.

NINA: So... How are, ummm....

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Owl, Piglet, Tigger, Roo, and Eeyroe?

NINA: Yeah...

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: They're fine. Why shouldn't they be?

He's giving me that suspicious look again, like he thinks I'm some kind of spy.

POOH: Where are we going, Nina?

NINA: Let's go see Kanga and get that cloth.

He leads me through the forest until we come to yet another tree cottage. There's the kangaroo, sweeping the pathway in front of her house, while a very small kangaroo plays nearby.

POOH: Hello, Kanga.

KANGA: Oh, hello, Pooh! Is this a new friend?

POOH: Yes, her name's Nina. She offered to help me get some breakfast.

KANGA: Well, that sure is nice of her. It's nice to see such friendly people in the Hundred Acre Wood.

NINA: Umm... excuse me, Kanga?

KANGA: Yes, Dear?

NINA: Could we maybe have some spare cloth?

KANGA: Of course. I have all sorts of scraps laying around. What kind do you need?

NINA: Anything, as long as you don't need it back. I'm just trying to make a torch.

KANGA: A torch? What for?

NINA: To smoke out some bees, so I can get honey for Pooh.

KANGA: Oh, don't hurt the poor things!

NINA: It won't hurt them, don't worry. It just scares them long enough to get the honey out.

KANGA: If you're sure. Just don't get stung, OK? Take care of yourself!

She hops into the house and comes back with a large, cotton sheet and a pair of gloves.

KANGA: Here. Roo spilled some tea on this sheet, and it's too stained to do much with now. And wear these gloves! I made them for Christopher Robin, but they were a little big. They should fit you just fine, Dear. They'll protect your hands, if just a little bit.

NINA: That's... that's so sweet of you! Thank you so much!

KANGA: Just my way of saying "Welcome to the Hundred Acre Wood."

NINA: Thanks again, Kanga!

POOH: Bye, Kanga!

KANGA: Bye, Pooh! Bye, Nina! Be careful!

We start walking away from the house, when suddenly, Pooh stops.

POOH: What were we doing again?

NINA: Going to see Rabbit?

POOH: Oh, yes. Let's go.
No. 480563 ID: 25312f
File 135634096001.png - (116.67KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest32.png )

We walk until we come to yet another tree-cottage, this one built on a mound of earth and surrounded by a large vegetable garden. Harvesting carrots from the garden is a tall rabbit. He takes one look at Pooh and I and races into his house, slamming the door behind him.

POOH: Oh, Rabbit. He always acts that way when I come to visit. I think he must be very excited to see me.

NINA: Uh-huh. Well...

Pooh knocks on the door.

POOH: Rabbit? Are you in there?


POOH: Are you sure? That sounds like Rabbit's voice.

RABBIT: It isn't!

This goes on for a good five minutes. I'm not really sure what the best way to stop this is. I don't know what's wrong with this world, but it certainly isn't the sanest place.

POOH: But, if Rabbit's not in there, who's talking?

RABBIT: Umm... nobody.

GAH! Help me stop this! I don't want to seem rude, but....

POOH: Nobody?

RABBIT: That's right, nobody.

POOH: But if nobody's speaking, then why is somebody speaking?

No. 480568 ID: ec6d4c

Well, yes, this is a silly place. I haven't noticed anything particularly out of the ordinary yet though. Pooh was always forgetful, Rabbit always plays these ineffective games to avoid him, etc. The only thing that's odd at all is Christopher Robin's suspicious looks, but really, it's not an unreasonable reaction to an outsider who seems to know to much.

I suppose if you don't find any other leads, we could always confront him directly. Ask if something is wrong, or why he seems so concerned about you.

>Smoke scare
Smoke doesn't scare bees! It makes them drowsy.

Well, um, let's just butt in then. (Although, if you want to stay sane in this place, you might do better just to relax a little, and allow yourself to be amused by the antics of the natives, rather than frustrated).

Excuse me? Mister Rabbit? I can see you really don't want to be bothered right now, but has it occurred to you that just seeing what we want and sending us on our way would be a whole lot quicker and a whole lot less effort than trying to pretend you're not here?

All we wanted was to borrow some cooking oil.
No. 480571 ID: d4ad1a

lol. What's up with your hands? Are those the gloves?
No. 480597 ID: 54c7e5

If I remember correctly, Rabbits house should have a back door; more of a hole in the wall really. I think Pooh usually sneaks in there while Rabbit is distracted by trying to convince him that no one is home.
He's a bear of very little brain, but he does have some cunning.
No. 480617 ID: 78c6ea


This universe thrives on word games. You can try to batter through it but that will probably just get you all tangled up in batter. The only way to deal with it is to engage in word games yourself, that lead the conversation the way you would like it to go.

Something like "If rabbit were here he might like to hear about our plans for getting some honey, but since he is not we can just go on our way."

btw Christopher Robin is basically a mad god here so don't do anything to upset him and especially don't try to enlighten him.
No. 480643 ID: 1c256b

One important thing to remember: smoke does make bees drowsy, but that takes some time. Meanwhile, they get angry.

On the one hand, if you let Pooh hold it, he has a thicker skin and fur, so he'd be hurt less, but he'd also be likely to screw up somehow.

On the other hand, if you did it, you *might* get stung a few times, but if you want something done right, do it yourself.
No. 480646 ID: ec6d4c

>Give accident prone stuffed animal the torch
Um... really? You think that's a good idea?
No. 480649 ID: 1c256b

Oddly enough, no. Did you read beyond that point, specifically the bits about Pooh being likely to screw up and if you want something done, do it yourself?

I'm guessing either you didn't or you did but you didn't understand what the words meant. In case the latter is true, allow me to summarize again: No.
No. 480723 ID: 25312f
File 135649244295.png - (100.59KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest33.png )

OK, OK. Keep calm and carry on and all that. I go to the door.

NINA: If rabbit were here, he might like to hear about our plans for getting some honey. But since he is not, we can just go on our way.

RABBIT: Honey!? Absolutely, then. That would be for the best.

NINA: So... we're leaving, then.



NINA: *sigh* Forget it. Excuse me? Mister Rabbit? I can see you really don't want to be bothered right now, but has it occurred to you that just seeing what we want and sending us on our way would be a whole lot quicker and a whole lot less effort than trying to pretend you're not here?

RABBIT: I... I guess that makes sense.

He opens the door, and stands in the doorway, looking defeated.

POOH: Oh, hello, Rabbit! Nobody told us you weren't at home. We almost gave up on you!

RABBIT: So, what is it you want?

He's looking at Pooh as if he's waiting for Pooh to smack him or something.

NINA: We just need a little bit of cooking oil, actually. Not too much.

RABBIT: But, Pooh Bear, I-- Did you say cooking oil? All you want is some cooking oil? You mean, you didn't come to bother me for some honey?

He suddenly clasps his hands over his mouth, as if he's said something remarkably stupid.

POOH: Honey? How kind of you to offer!

RABBIT: But, Pooh...

Pooh's already leaning to the side, as if trying to push past Rabbit into his house.

NINA: Wait. You mean you could have just gotten honey from Rabbit the entire time?

POOH: Maybe. Rabbit's so generous. He always offers me lunch and breakfast and things.

Rabbit's just slowly shaking his head.

RABBIT: I'm... I'm completely out of honey.

POOH: Oh, of course you're not, silly Rabbit. I can hear it calling me.

I'm not sure that's why Pooh's so sure. There's a honey pot clearly visible on Rabbit's kitchen table.

Maybe just getting the honey from Rabbit is a safer idea than risking the bees. But then, I'm not exactly sure how Rabbit would feel about all this.

And I'm still not sure what all of this has to do with saving the world.

What do you think I should do?
No. 480727 ID: ec6d4c

>I'm still not sure what all of this has to do with saving the world.
Well, none of it has anything to do with saving the world, yet. We've only been here for a portion of the morning, and we haven't stumbled across anything wrong. The only plan we have at the moment is to assume the spell that brought you here knew what it was doing, and that if we hang around with these people we'll discover the problem. If that doesn't work, we can change gears and get more aggressive looking for the trouble.

>I'm not sure that's why Pooh's so sure. There's a honey pot clearly visible on Rabbit's kitchen table.
He's a very trusting creature.

>Go after bees, or take from rabbit?
It's pretty obvious the poor Rabbit has to constantly fend off giving away his own supplies of food to Pooh. Seems kind of like a jerk move. I'd say we should just go with our original plan for breakfast.

...you can fly faster than a bee if it comes to that, right?
No. 480731 ID: ec2e47

I think I am leaning towards staying with the original plan.
No. 480734 ID: 7b07ea

Oh dear! That honey's color and viscosity clearly indicate that it was made with the pollen of a certain rare flower- makes bears absolutely sick to their stomachs for weeks, but harmless to rabbits.

Oil and bees it is.
No. 480817 ID: 25312f
File 135659007848.png - (156.25KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest34.png )

Oh, I'm sorry I forgot to answer you earlier. Yes, they are. Aren't they just too adorable? They're pretty comfortable, too. I just hope they do protect me from the bees...

*sigh* You guys are right. That's probably the most ethical decision.

NINA: Pooh, no. We'll get you some of your own honey. That honey belongs to Rabbit.

POOH: But Rabbit loves to share his honey with me!

NINA: Maybe. But today, I'm going to get honey just for you.

POOH: OK, Nina! That sounds like more fun anyway! How kind of you to offer!

NINA: Uhh...

RABBIT: Thank you so much, Nina. You're a real friend. I'm glad Christopher Robin brought you to the Hundred Acre Wood. You're exactly the kind of person we need around here, a real life-saver.

NINA: Aww... thanks, Rabbit.

He goes to his cabinet and gets a big jar, full of vegetable oil.

RABBIT: Here you are. I hope it's enough.

NINA: Wow, Rabbit, thanks! That should be more than enough.

RABBIT: Now, you go get some honey for Pooh, and I'm going to go tell Christopher Robin just how helpful you're being. I'm sure he'll be glad to hear he's not the only helpful human here in the Hundred Acre Wood, anymore!

NINA: You're too kind, Rabbit. See you later!

We go back to Pooh's house. Pooh kindles a little fire in his fire pit. I grab a fallen tree branch near his house, wrap the extra cotton around it, and dip it in the oil. He gives me a honey pot, to collect the honey, and I'm off with my flaming torch.

NINA: Lackipo nikrif scrumpet leech!

I fly high, making sure I don't accidentally catch any other trees on fire. I suddenly spot a swarm of bees around the tallest tree I can see. That must be a hive!

I fly in close with my torch. The bees retreat into their hive.

It's so hard to balance on my broom with a torch in one hand and a honey pot in the other! But I manage to scoop the pot into the hive. I fill it with honey, much easier than I would have imagined. The bees avoid the flame, and duck deeper into their hive. If they're trying to sting my hand, I can't feel it. And I think I managed to do this without ruining my gloves! That's wonderful!

I fly down and touch the ground. There's a pretty deep mud puddle nearby, and I extinguish my torch. Pooh runs over to me, and claims his honey pot.

POOH: Honey? For me? How did you know it was my favorite? You shouldn't have, Nina!

He immediately begins stuffing his face with it. I hope it keeps him busy for a while.
No. 480819 ID: aaec57

...Uh... shit.

Murder time?
No. 480822 ID: 25312f
File 135659081114.png - (65.79KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest35.png )

Suddenly, I hear a drum beat. Marching towards me in single file are Kanga, Roo, Rabbit, Christopher Robin, and all of their other friends. Christopher Robin's playing a little drum. They're singing some adorable song about how I've saved the day and am a hero.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Congratulations, Nina! Your are our hero. You were nice to Rabbit, and then you got Pooh some honey. I suppose you have to leave now, though.

KANGA: Awww, that's too bad.

RABBIT: Yes, it certainly is a shame she can't stay any longer.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Yes, it certainly is, Rabbit. But I'm sure we'll see her again someday.

NINA: What are you all talking about? I'm not leaving yet. I don't even think I can leave yet.

I take off my gloves to put them in my pocket. They're extremely comfortable, but it really isn't a cold enough day to wear gloves. Christopher Robin watches me carefully, his eyes following my hands.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Don't be silly, Nina. I'm sure you're terribly busy. You're a hero, aren't you? You go around helping everybody. And I'm sure there are plenty of other people who need your help, even more than we do! It would be selfish of us to ask you to stay.

He extends his hand in my direction.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: It certainly was nice to have you on our adventure for the day. You must come back, some other time. Friends?

I shake his hand. It's so warm, I wonder if he has a fever or something. My hand feels tingly, like it's going numb.

NINA: Of course.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: We'll see you later, Nina.

NINA: Wait! I don't think I CAN leave yet. My ring won't let me leave until I...


NINA: Well... Until I really save the day. From something seriously wrong.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: But nothing really goes wrong here. Not unless it's part of the adventure for the day. And I always fix it, unless it's someone else's turn. Today, it was your turn. But that's it; you've saved the day already. The adventure's over. It's time for you to leave.

What am I supposed to do? I mean, I don't feel like I've saved the world, not yet. I don't have that nice feeling like I had when I saved the last one. But I get the sense that I might not be welcome for much longer. I could always leave and come back later, I suppose, but I'm not even sure I'll be allowed to go to the next world until I fix this one, and I don't know whether I have or not. What should I do?

Fixed missing text!
No. 480823 ID: 886a4d

Look closely at your hand. Something is very wrong here.
No. 480825 ID: ec6d4c

...something is very wrong. You never told him why you were here- he shouldn't have known. And he's making an overt play to get you to leave before you finish. And he did something to you just now. The tingling, the hot, the cold. I don't know if it was targeted at you or your ring- but either could be very bad.

Are you sure you had those gloves before? We never saw them before Rabbit's house. Are you sure they didn't just suddenly appear at some point and you didn't question it?

We can't in good conscience jump on if we're not done here. Especially if whatever is at work here is alert enough to take action against you.

Worse, leaving may not even be safe for you, nevermind this world, to try and leave now. You're inside some kind of child's play world now. What happens if you try to dimension hop? You might try to hop to the next reality's play world- that doesn't exist. And then there's the fact he might have just messed with the enchantment on your ring! That could have done anything- make it unsafe to 'port, removed the portion leading you to new trouble spots (so you just random jump around the multiverse aimlessly), or he could have just made it so you won't be able to return here (so bluffing out and coming back later isn't an option).

We can't leave until (a) we've fixed this world and (b) we're sure your ring and/or you wasn't tampered with and/or we've reversed the damage.

What we need to do is bluff our way out of this without changing worlds (or just fly from the scene). Maybe... can we pretend to leave, but instead use the ring to jump to another part of the wood? Although that risks using a potentially compromised item and a telefrag. Maybe... we could pretend to go along with it, and try to stay somewhere for the night, like last time? Then we sneak away.

If we do get clear, I'm not sure how we about fixing this world. We still don't actually know what's wrong. Christopher Robin is obviously compromised, and holds these creatures in his thrall. Maybe go looking for the ones we haven't met yet? (Eeyore, Tiger, Piglet). It's possible they've been kept away from us because they're aware of what's happening.
No. 480826 ID: bf54a8

hmm.. what if we go back to the outer world? where everyone but robin is a toy or animal? his.. i suppose 'power', would be a lot less there.
No. 480844 ID: ec2e47

Say that things do look alright here after all, and ask if you can rest here until you feel the pull of the next world that needs you. Jokingly say you promise not to hog all the adventure while you are here.

The paranoid in me worries that Christopher Robin's behavior has not been externally influenced; that he is acting this way because his omnipotence and rules have been challenged, and that something has set us up to cause the problem here through a messy conflict with him.

The gloves were given to us by kanga >>480562 .
No. 480934 ID: 25312f
File 135668209023.png - (142.00KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest36.png )

Everything looks normal. Just my hand with my ring on it. The weird feelings are gone, and everything looks fine.

My goodness! That sounds so complicated! I have no idea what to make of any of that, but it sounds really bad.

I'm not entirely sure how to get back there....

NINA: You're right, Christopher Robin. Everything here looks perfectly fine. But do you mind if I rest up until I feel another world pull me towards it? I can't really control that, you know.


RABBIT: Please, Christopher Robin?

KANGA: Yes, that sounds more than fair.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Alright, I suppose it won't hurt if you stay the night. But when I come home from school tomorrow, I'll bring you back out, OK? And then you should probably go save someone else.

NINA: Alright! Is there anywhere I can stay?

KANGA: I'm sure we can spare the room, if you need it.

NINA: Really? Thank you so much, Kanga!

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Well... I guess I'm going home for the night. But I'll see you all tomorrow, OK?

The animals say good-bye to him, and he walks off in the direction of his little tree-cottage.

NINA: Hey, do you mind if I speak to some of you?

They're all staring at me, smiling.

NINA: It's just, well... I haven't met some of you very well, yet. Umm... You guys are called Eeyore, Tiger, and Piglet, right?

The donkey, the tiger, and the small pig all step forward.

PIGLET: Umm... Hi...

EEYORE: Thanks for noticing me.

TIGGER: Hey, it's pronounced "Tigger!" T-I-double "g"-er! That spells "Tigger."

NINA: Oh, I'm sorry.

TIGGER: Hoohoohoohoo! No problem, buddy!

NINA: Uhh... OK? Look, do you three mind if I speak to you alone?

PIGLET: Umm... certainly.

EEYORE: Not a problem.

TIGGER: Anything you say!

We walk a small distance from the others, who all start heading back for their homes.

NINA: Have any of you noticed anything wrong around here? Like really, really wrong?

EEYORE: I haven't noticed anything. But then again, if there were anything to notice, I'm sure it wouldn't be noticeable in front of me. Why would it want me noticing it? It would probably just ignore me.

TIGGER: Hmm... Nothing wrong that I've seen, and Tiggers are the bestest at seeing when things are wrong. I definitely would have seen it.

PIGLET: Well.... I heard some sc-sc-scary noises the other day, near Owl's house.

NINA: Really?

PIGLET: Yeah... I think it m-m-might have been a... a j-j-jagular. Or a h-h-heffalump.

NINA: A what?

PIGLET: I... I've never seen those things before. But I've heard they're b-b-big, and sc-sc-scary...

TIGGER: Only the biggerest and the scarierest!

EEYORE: That's what everyone keeps saying anyway.

NINA: That's good to know, actually. Thanks, guys.

Well, I'm not sure how much that is to go on. But at least I have somewhere to spend the night. I'll head to bed pretty soon, but is there anything else I ought to do first? That noise Piglet was talking about has me kind of worried.
No. 480936 ID: d4ad1a

Piglet's kind of just like that. Everything seems normal, except for Christopher Robin. You should go poke around in his home, if you think you can do so without being seen.
No. 480939 ID: ec6d4c

Huh. Confirmation Christopher Robin goes to school in this place's "real" world. Not sure we ever had that before.

Nothing still seems the matter, except for C.R.'s rush to be rid of you. (And Eeyore didn't seem depressed enough XD). Let's follow up on Piglet's lead, I guess. Heffalumps ahoy!
No. 480951 ID: e3aff6

I am thinking that maybe we shouldn't follow Piglet... this behavior is quite normal for him, and I still think Chris's behavior is at least partially motivated by thinking of us as meddlesome.
No. 480989 ID: 78c6ea

Unfortunately the characters cannot know or be able to notice anything wrong on their own. Otherwise you would not be needed here. So instead of asking if they notice anything wrong, ask what they consider to be right. How do they pass their days usually?
No. 481008 ID: 886a4d

You guys realize it might not be anything wrong with 1000 Acre Woods but C.R.'s real world instead.
No. 481094 ID: 25312f
File 135682743058.png - (115.70KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest37.png )

Alright, I'll take your word for it. No one else seems particularly concerned, anyway.

NINA: It's alright, Piglet. I'm sure that whatever that noise is is nothing to worry about.

EEYORE: And even if it was, I don't think there's anything you can do about it.

PIGLET: Oh... OK. It's hard not to get sc-sc-scared when you're such a small animal.

NINA: So, what's a normal day like in the 100 Acre Wood?

EEYORE: Nothing much never happens around here.

TIGGER: Say, that's not true! Remember the time we had that flood? Or the time Rabbit got lost in the woods?

PIGLET: All k-k-kinds of scary things happen around here. It really depends on the d-d-day.

TIGGER: And usually, Christopher Robin is there to save the day.

EEYORE: His house is never destroyed.

PIGLET: And he never forgets anything important.

TIGGER: Why, I'll bet he's the smarterest person in the entire everything. I'll bet he could do anything! I'll bet he could fight a heffalump with two hands tied behind his back!

PIGLET: Not that he'd ever get into a f-f-fight.

NINA: Well... thanks, guys. That was... helpful.

PIGLET: Well, good night, Nina!

EEYORE: If it is a "good night." Which I doubt.

TIGGER: Yeah, TTFN! Ta-ta for now!

NINA: Good night.

Seems like a pretty good idea. If he's going to school, then he must be back in his world. So I doubt he'll be around to catch me. What harm could there be?

I sneak to Christopher Robin's tree-cottage. It looks kind of creepy at night, with all of his toys littering the ground.

The door isn't locked, so I let myself in. It's... well, it's virtually empty. There are some balloons, some more toys, a basic toolbox, a couple of picture books, and a huge pantry filled with honey jars. Nothing in here looks suspicious, and nothing gives me any sorts of bad feelings, other than seeming a little creepy in the moonlight.

I feel kind of wrong breaking into his house, but then, it doesn't seem like a house so much as a kind of shed.

After poking around a bit, I've determined that there isn't anything that seems odd in this room.

I head back to Kanga's house, exhausted and confused.

KANGA: Welcome home, Dear.

ROO: Hi, Nina! Are you gonna sleep on the sofa?

Kanga has a lovely sofa. But it's extremely small. I'm not entirely sure I'm going to fit on it.

KANGA: I know it probably isn't big enough for you, but it's the only place. My bed isn't big enough for both of us, and Roo sleeps in my pouch.

ROO: It's super comfy!

KANGA: I hope you can make yourself comfortable, Dear.

She brings me several large, fluffy pillows and a few nice blankets of varying weights and textures.

KANGA: Use whatever you like, Dear. I'll see you in the morning.

She hands me a glass of warm milk, and hops off to another room somewhere in the tree.

Kanga's so sweet. She reminds me of Gran. I miss her. I hope she's doing alright by herself back at home.

It's hard to fit nicely on this sofa, but I manage. I curl myself up with some of Kanga's softest blankets and drift right off to sleep.
No. 481095 ID: 25312f
File 135682746810.png - (122.47KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest38.png )

RABBIT: Good morning, Sleepyhead!

I wake to find Rabbit standing over me, with a huge bowl full of fresh vegetables.

RABBIT: I made you a breakfast salad.

KANGA: Rabbit wanted to surprise you, Dear.

RABBIT: I hope I didn't wake you.

NINA: No... Well, I mean, you did, but I'm glad you did! That's so sweet of you!

RABBIT: Don't mention it. After you saved my honey yesterday, I decided you deserved a bit of something special.

It's absolutely delicious! I didn't even know that carrots and lettuce could be this fresh!

NINA: Thank you. Thank you both, so much.

KANGA: Don't mention it, Dear.

RABBIT: Besides, it's the least we could do. You're leaving today, aren't you?

KANGA: It doesn't seem fair, you've only just got here. But when Christopher Robin says that things have to be a certain way, well...

RABBIT: It doesn't really make much sense to disagree. We'd all be kind of lost without him.

KANGA: That's very true. And anyway, I'm sure you'll be able to come back and visit sometimes.

Aww, no. I almost forgot.

NINA: Do either of you know what time it is?

They both look at a sweet little cuckoo clock on Kanga's wall. For a few moments they are silent, and then look at each other, as if silently conferring.

RABBIT: It's breakfast time.

KANGA: A little bit after wake-up time, but nowhere near time for tea.

NINA: What does that mean?

ROO: It means Christopher Robin won't be back until forever!

NINA: What?

KANGA: It just seems like forever because you're so young, Roo. He'll probably be back sometime between lunchtime and suppertime.

So... I have... I don't know how long. Any thoughts? Is there anything I should do until Christopher Robin returns? And when he does return, what should I say? I just can't figure out what's going on around here, and I'm afraid I won't have much time left to do it.
No. 481101 ID: ec6d4c

Well, we have no solid leads of any kind to follow up on. All we know is that Christopher Robin seems more interested in protecting his turf from you that in looking for danger (assuming he's just been obstructive, and he's not actually complicit). He doesn't want to be marginalized or diminished in his private world. Which is pretty funny actually, seeing as how he was a pretty periphery character to begin with, and became steadily more so as the series progressed.

Maybe we should just ask him about it when you next see him? You're not sure why, but he's been giving you unwelcoming looks since you first showed up. Like you've done something wrong! And really, you just want to help. I mean, he invited you in, didn't he? So what's the problem.

The biggest thing we have to go on is that the ring spell sent you here, but you haven't felt the vault close. That implies there's still a wrong to be righted (although it's no certain. It's not as if we got much in the way of instructions).

...maybe take a flyover of the forest before he shows? If there's anything big out of whack, it might be visible from above the treeline. Kind of a hail Mary though, and it didn't work last time either.

I wonder if the problem is with Christopher Robin himself? The animals have all kind of implied he shouldn't be crossed, and always gets his way when he wants it. Maybe there's something in his behavior or mindset that will threaten this place if it's not corrected?
No. 481107 ID: d4ad1a

Hmm... Tricky tricky. Poke around, keep your head up and your eyes open. We'll see what Christopher Robin is like when he gets back, and I agree that it's a good idea to ask him why he's so suspicious of us. Aside from that, not much more we can do.
No. 481109 ID: 78c6ea

Well, go ahead and do a flyover, but before you leave assure Piglet that he won't have to worry about any woozles today.
No. 481151 ID: 25312f
File 135686019307.png - (131.93KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest39.png )

Taking a flyover might actually be a really good idea. I saw a good chunk of the forest while I was looking for honey, but I was kind of busy worrying about not getting stung by bees.

NINA: Alright. I'm heading out, if that's alright with you.

KANGA: That's fine. Just don't get hurt.

RABBIT: We'll see you later, Nina.

I head out the door and mount my broom.

NINA: Lackipo nikrif scrumpet leech!

I fly over the tops of the trees. From really high up, I notice something weird about this forest. It's basically rectangular, with just... basically white nothingness on all sides. It's really strange looking.

I fly to the edge of the treeline, but it's like there's an invisible wall separating the forest and the whiteness.

I fly all over the forest (I think it's larger than 100 acres), but I don't see anything that gives me that same creepy vibe as that Elvis record did.

I circle the woods a few more times, before returning to the ground.

Suddenly, I hear a voice behind me.


NINA: Oh. Umm... Hi, Christopher Robin.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: I just got back from school. By the way, what were you doing just now?

NINA: Oh, just flying over the Hundred Acre Wood. It's rather large.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: You were flying on a broomstick?

NINA: Oh, umm... yes, yes I was.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Interesting. Anyway, I guess it's time for you to go.

NINA: Wait. You've been suspicious of me ever since I got here. Which I don't understand, since you're the one who invited me to play. Christopher Robin, why don't you want me in your Hundred Acre Wood?

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: You're so clever, why haven't you figured it out?

NINA: What do you mean?

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: When you first showed up in my nursery, I thought you just came to play. But you didn't. You're here because you think there's something wrong with my forest. I don't know what it is you think is wrong, but whatever it is, you think that you can fix it, and that I can't.

NINA: I'm not sure....

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: You have your fancy magic, and your gun, so you think you can just run around and save the day, right?

NINA: Well, I...

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: This is my world, Nina. I made it for myself and my friends.

He looks like he might actually cry.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: You grown-ups think you're so clever. You think you can come in here and take my world away from me. You think you can just run everything because you're so clever. Well, you can't. This is my world. It isn't my dad's, and it certainly isn't yours. You don't even know the first thing about it, do you?

NINA: Well, I know my ring wouldn't have brought me here if this world wasn't in danger. Is there something you aren't telling me, Christopher Robin?

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Nothing you need to know. Nothing I can't handle. Now I'd really like it if you left, Nina.

He grabs my hands and closes his eyes, and suddenly, we're back in his nursery.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Now, leave. Leave the way you came.

NINA: What if I refuse?

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Then I'll tell my dad, and he'll call the police.

NINA: Whoa, whoa, whoa. There's no need for that.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Then get out! Get out now! I don't care where you go, just get out of here. Use that ring of yours, I know you can.

NINA: How...

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: I told you, it's my world.

Before I have time to react, he grabs my hand. For only a moment, he holds my ring and closes his eyes. Before I know what happens, he taps my ring three times and turns it, letting go of my hand before he gets pulled out of the world with me.
No. 481152 ID: 25312f
File 135686025363.png - (102.80KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest40.png )

I didn't even know someone else could do that. I'm actually really scared.

But he's not with me anymore. I've been pulled somewhere else.

It's just a tiny room, with five doors. Over each door is a blank telly monitor, except one. That one has a telly monitor with a picture of my own face on it.

There's a speaker on the ceiling of this room, and it starts playing a message.

MINNIE: This is a pre-recorded message. This world requires that you change your shape. Our automated system will allow for the most pleasant possible transformation experience. If each of you would report to your designated changing room, we'll get the process started.

The doors slide open. I don't see any other options, so I go into the room meant for me.

In the room, there are two long, slender racks. One is labelled "Rifle," and the other is labelled "Broomstick." There is also a closet with empty hangers, and a small chest labelled "Jewelry and other miscellany." There is also a computer terminal, and a sign that reads, "Nina, please keep your ring on your finger. Deposit all other items, and they will be quickly returned to you upon your return to your human form. Thanks!"

Suddenly, the computer terminal springs to life.

DAISY: Hello, Nina. This message has been pre-recorded. After depositing your items, please select one of the following forms.

Images on the screen display several different animal species. The list is as follows:


What? I don't even understand.... I guess I'm going to have to choose something. Which should I be?

I'm definitely anxious about leaving my things behind. I guess I don't have a choice. I just feel really awkward, especially about... well, you know. But I guess if I'm going to be an animal of some sort, it won't really matter.

I'm just really nervous, is all.
No. 481168 ID: bf54a8

there was nothing wrong with the hundred acre woods, there was something wrong with HIS world. you appeared in the real world not in the hundred acre woods. if there was problem there you would of went there straight away.

anyway, try "query: need for transformation"
No. 481179 ID: 32e092

Fox! Nimble and sneaky.
No. 481232 ID: ec6d4c

I wish we'd had a chance to respond to some of that. I mean yes, it sort of makes sense the spoiled god-child would be upset at some external person with all these extra powers rushing in to save the day, or at someone try to disrupt "his" world. It's insulting, and kind of Mary Sueish.

But you're not the Mary Sue rushing in to save other people's worlds with your superpowers! Last time your magic wasn't even relevant to the problem- all you really did was notice the problem, nudge some people in the right direction, and ultimately used the universe's own resources and people to resolve it. It's about trying to work with people, not supplanting them.

If I had to guess, it sounds like the grown ups of his world (his Dad?) have already taken some kind of action against his play world.

Maybe we'll be back someday? Or he really will handle it? Oh well, only time will tell.

>Choose a form
...you're a witch, and you can't even chose cat? Where's the fun in that?

I guess I'll say Woodpecker. You retain flight, and we can rap things on the head if they get uppity.
No. 481239 ID: c31f72

I'll say choose skunk, that spray of theirs is one hell of a defense.
No. 481251 ID: 60fee2

Fox works
No. 481328 ID: 5f4e7d

Maybe Christopher Robin wasn't doing well in school? Doesn't matter at this point.

Going to vote fox.
No. 481348 ID: 25312f
File 135691896802.png - (123.00KB , 750x512 , Disneyquest41.png )

You're exactly right. I would have explained all of that to him, if I had time. He didn't give me any time to respond. He clearly wanted me gone, and wanted me gone fast. I think there's something he wasn't telling me, and it makes me really upset. I sincerely do hope I can go back, someday. I hope Kanga and Rabbit are alright.

Wait, Mickey said I could revisit any world I've already been to, as long as it's still there. Maybe I could pay them a visit sometime? I guess I should be focusing more on the matter at hand for now, though.

Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing! I guess whoever you are, though, you're just voices in my head. So I guess I shouldn't be embarrassed. I just get the feeling that I'm being watched. This is so strange!

I place my gun on the rifle rack, and I place my broom on the broom rack. I open the chest and put in my necklace and my headband.

I kick off my shoes and socks and put them on the floor in the closet, and then leave my clothes hanging on the hangers.

I am rather fond of foxes. Alright, here goes nothing....

I tap the icon of a fox on the touch screen.

DAISY: You have selected FOX. Is that correct?

I tap a little green button saying "YES."

DAISY: Remain still.

A beam of light shoots out of the computer terminal. It's actually really hot, like when you stand really close to the fireplace. I feel myself... changing. My spine feels like is curving, and I'm forced down on all fours. I can feel my feet getting longer, until I can only stand on tiptoe. I can feel a tail growing, and the whole shape of my face changing.

DAISY: You are now a fox. Prepare to enter the next world.

Suddenly, the computer terminal slides to one side, and a large, black hole appears in the wall.

DAISY: Please step into the portal.

Again, there's no other way out of the room, so I follow the instruction. This is so weird, being a fox! I still have my ring on, but it's more like a little silver bracelet now.

I close my eyes as I step through the portal.
No. 481350 ID: 25312f
File 135691901085.png - (92.32KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest42.png )

When I open them again, I find myself in a lush forest. It's so beautiful! The colors are just so vibrant! There's a small lake in front of me, and snow-capped mountains in the distance. I look back, and the portal is gone.

I notice an old woman in a fur robe, slowly walking towards me.

???: The spirits have told me of your travels. No, no need to answer; I don't speak Fox. But allow me to guide you. You must travel to where the light touches the earth.
No. 481351 ID: 25312f
File 135691904347.png - (119.40KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest43.png )

She draws a picture on the ground of a mountain, with lights swirling above it.

???: That is where you will find what you're looking for. I know of a group that is heading there as well. They will be here, soon. You might want to consider travelling with them. This world has been... especially dangerous lately. But then, I guess that's why you're here, isn't it?

Wow, this is wonderful. This old woman seems to know exactly who I am and why I'm here. It's also nice to have some direction for once! But what about this party of hers? Should I wait for them? Might be a good idea, actually, since I have no idea where this mountain is even supposed to be.

It's also extremely disconcerting that I can't answer any of this woman's questions. I'm not entirely sure how to get around that.
No. 481353 ID: aaec57

...Are we in Avatar: The last Airbender?

Oh, please, please let that be the case.
No. 481354 ID: ec6d4c

Don't worry, didn't see a thing. :p

>It's also extremely disconcerting that I can't answer any of this woman's questions. I'm not entirely sure how to get around that.
Well, you didn't pick a form that can write, and I doubt she knows morse code.

There's there's the old Sning 1-2-3 system though! One for yes, two for no, three for uncertainty, complex answers, or inability to answer, etc. So you can respond to direct questions with blinks, or paw taps, nods, tail wags, or whatever.

There's head nodding / shaking for yes/no too, but the meaning isn't the same in all cultures, and it doesn't give you the third option.

>should we wait?
Sure, let's. If the past two worlds were any indication, finding a way to work with the natives is how you fix things. That's what went right the first time, and wrong with Christopher Robin.

>Mickey said I could revisit any world I've already been to, as long as it's still there.
Well, hopefully. I was worried Christopher Robin might be able to keep you out. And even if you could pop back immediately, I don't think it would go over well. We have to give him the time to cool down if we're going to make a convincing second approach.
No. 481362 ID: bf54a8

way did we need to become an animal when people exist here?
No. 481365 ID: ec6d4c

Uh... interdimensional shape tariff?
No. 481378 ID: 25312f
File 135693110422.png - (136.55KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest44.png )

The only problem is, I'm not entirely sure how I would explain the system to her. In theory, it sounds excellent, but...

???: They're here!

I look in the direction she's pointing, and I see three figures moving through the trees towards us. There's a man in furs carrying a spear, a large bear, and a small bear cub.

???: So good to see you, boys! This is the one I was telling you about, the one who's here to help with our little Windigo problem.

The human smiles widely.

DENAHI: Thanks, Tanana! Hey, there. My name's Denahi.

TANANA: He's my apprentice. He'll be going with you, to help you contact the spirits when you reach the mountain.

DENAHI: It's very nice to meet you, ummm... Miss.

NINA: It's nice to meet you, too.

DENAHI: Umm... sorry, I can't speak to animals.

The big bear laughs.

???: Sorry! Tanana said you'd be from another world. Animals can't talk to humans.

NINA: But we can talk to each other, right?

The bear cub runs up to me, looking very excited.

???: We sure can! I'm so glad we're having another friend on this adventure!

KENAI: Now, Koda, don't get too excited. You know it's going to be dangerous.

KODA: Come on, Kenai! Aren't you excited to see all our friends at the Salmon Run?

KENAI: I hope so, Koda. I hope they're even still around. You know the windigos have made everything...

KODA: Yeah, yeah, I know. Are you going to help fight them?

NINA: Fight? I... I guess... Wait, what are Windigos?

KENAI: Trouble.

DENAHI: Man, I wish I knew what you guys were talking about.

TANANA: You four had better get a move on. I'm going back to the village, to check on everybody. Good luck.

She leaves, leaving the four of us.

KODA: Hey, what's your name, anyway?

NINA: Oh, I'm Nina.

KODA: Nice to meet you, Nina! Now, let's go!

NINA: Where are we going, anyway?

KENAI: Don't worry. We know the way. Just stay with us. If we're lucky, we won't run into any Windigos.

Kenai grunts, and Denahi starts walking.

DENAHI: I guess we're ready to go, then?

We walk through the forest for a while, until Koda starts nervously sniffing the air.

KODA: Do you guys smell that?

DENAHI: What is it? Do you smell something?

KENAI: Yeah, Koda, I smell it, too. Get down!

Koda hides in a bush. Oh... Oh, goodness, what on earth is that smell? It smells like vinegar and rotting flesh!

DENAHI: Windigo!

He brandishes his spear, and Kenai stands in a ferocious position.

Suddenly, a squirrel jumps down from a branch above us. But it certainly isn't a normal squirrel.

It looks as if bits of its body are bubbling, melting, black holes. It's one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen in my life.

DENAHI: Don't let it touch you, or you'll become one of them!

Wait, WHAT!? What on earth am I supposed to do!? How am I supposed to fight this thing? I'm terrified! What do I do what do I do what do I do!?
No. 481380 ID: ec6d4c

>The only problem is, I'm not entirely sure how I would explain the system to her. In theory, it sounds excellent, but...
The only thing to do is respond when a question is asked, and hope the person you're working enough is smart enough to ask "That means yes/no?".

...I have no idea where we are now.

>WHAT!? What on earth am I supposed to do!? How am I supposed to fight this thing?
Hmm. Turning it into a bunny would make it bigger, actually. That's not a help.

Throw the bad luck spell at it and get the hell out of the way? Or if it works, jump on a branch or log and fly it like a broomstick?
No. 481386 ID: 5f4e7d

Brother Bear.

The hunter is the big bear's brother, the little cub is the adopted brother, magic in this place turned Kenai into the bear, and the salmon run is on the way to the mountain.

No. 481387 ID: f2c20c

Throw a Bad Luck spell on it but stay the hell away. Maybe throw rocks at it.
No. 481388 ID: bf54a8

well fuck, if only you had a GUN. seriously what the hell are with these rules? you are a inter-dimensional traveler. breaking the rules is the entire point of getting one of those! getting something and then removing it;s advantage is completely pointless, they may as well did this shit themselves.
No. 481390 ID: e3aff6

Zombies. What a terrible night to have a curse lack opposible thumbs.

Interestingly, windigos/wendigos actually do appear in native american mythology as rotting monsters associated with hunger, greed, winter and cannibalism, rather than the modern bigfoot-like version.
Considering the spear and all, the transformation is probably some sort of tech-level non-interference thing.
No. 481971 ID: 25312f
File 135720822879.png - (129.04KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest45.png )

That's... kind of strange. Good to know, though.

Unfortunately, the broomstick spell only works on actual broomsticks. But I'll try the Bad Luck Spell.

NINA: Windigo, your life will become as sour as vinegar!

I'm... I'm not sure if it worked. It doesn't look like anything's happening.

I pick up a rock in my jaws and give it a toss.
No. 481972 ID: 25312f
File 135720826504.png - (119.61KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest46.png )

Well, that was unexpected!

Somehow, the rock managed to not only hit the Windigo, but it hit it square on the head and knocked it out. Either that was the luckiest toss in the history of the multiverse, or that Bad Luck Spell is absolutely exceptional.
No. 481973 ID: 25312f
File 135720831263.png - (70.01KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest47.png )

I run away, but not before I see Denahi impale the Windgo with his spear. It crumples into what appears to be ash.

KODA: Is it gone?

KENAI: Yeah, Koda. You can come out now.

DENAHI: I'm glad that's over with. That was a great throw!

I know he can't understand me, so I don't bother responding.

DENAHI: Does anyone smell any more Windigos?

Kenai sniffs the air and shakes his head. I don't smell anything, either.

DENAHI: Good. I guess we'll keep walking, then.

We all walk in a rather tight formation for what seems like hours. We keep Koda in the center, just in case more Windigos appear.
No. 481974 ID: 25312f
File 135720835496.png - (115.59KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest48.png )

Suddenly, the ground makes a loud, creaking sound beneath our feet, and falls under our weight. We find ourselves at the bottom of a very large pit.

DENAHI: A pitfall? Seriously!?

NINA: What just happened?

KODA: It's some kind of human trap. Right, Kenai?

KENAI: Yeah. It's a pitfall. Some hunter must have left it before the Windigos came.

Denahi jabs his spear at the wall of the pit and tries to climb out, but it really isn't working.

KODA: How are we going to get out of here, Kenai?

KENAI: I don't know, Koda.

This is pathetic. We managed to kill a super-dangerous creature with nothing more than a rock and a spear, and then we fall into a hole! How do you propose we escape?
No. 481977 ID: f2c20c

Make a pyramid. Bear on the bottom, man on the bear, cub being held by the bear, you on top.

Then again I kinda doubt this pit is more than 12 feet deep so maybe just Denahi being lifted by Kenai would work. I mean, whoever dug it needed to get out again, and ladders much bigger than 12 feet are really unwieldy.
No. 481985 ID: 15b5e6

Hmm. Yeah, a pyramid could probably get the smaller 2 or 3 of you out. The problem is how you're supposed to get the bear up afterwards!
No. 481986 ID: 76b151

Well the bear just needs a ladder himself. a sturdy enough branch or bunch of branches would work.
No. 482083 ID: 6336b0

Spears are kind of like brooms, can you do something with that to escape?
No. 482088 ID: 5f4e7d

We'd have to tie some straw to one end, but I guess pine needles could work just as well? We'd still have to get out of the pit to collect them, then find some bark to use as a connector, but flying spear seems plausible.
No. 483109 ID: 25312f
File 135750185265.png - (82.39KB , 514x300 , Disneyquest49.png )

We could give it a try.

NINA: We could always form a pyramid.

KENAI: Hmm... That could work.

NINA: If you lift Denahi, Denahi could probably get Koda and I out of the hole. Denahi could proabably climb out, and then we could help you.

KENAI: It's worth a try.

Kenai scoops Denahi onto his shoulders and stands up tall on two legs.

DENAHI: Aah! what are you--? Oh... I get it!

Denahi and Kenai stoop down to pick me up, and Koda climbs up to Denahi's head and out of the hole. When standing upright, Kenai and Denahi are tall enough to lift me out of the pit, as well.

Suddenly, Denahi leaps off of Kenai's shoulders, planting his spear into the edge of the hole and allowing himself to jump a little further. He pulls his spear out of the ground, and is standing outside of the pit.

KENAI: Now, can I get a little help here?

DENAHI: We can't just leave Kenai in that pit.

NINA: Koda, let's go get something to help Kenai climb out.

KODA: Like what?

NINA: Some branches or something, maybe?

KODA: How about that?

He points towards a fallen log. It looks pretty heavy, but it should be long enough to get Kenai out of the hole.

Denahi sees Koda's gesturing.

DENAHI: I don't know... But we have to try.

With the three of us all pushing, we manage to get one end of the log into the pit in no time at all, and Kenai climbs out of the pit as well.

DENAHI: That was really dumb. Don't worry, I'll be on the lookout for more traps from now on.

We walk, quietly keeping our eyes peeled for Windigos and traps for quite a while, until the forest gradually begins to recede. As night falls, we come to a large series of caves, all made of ice. It looks gorgeous under the twinkling stars. The sky here is so clear, you can see forever.

Whoa... what is that?

It must be the Aurora Borealis. All of the colors are so beautiful, almost as far as the eye can see. It takes my breath away.

My three companions look up at the swirling colors, as if waiting for something to happen.

KODA: Do you think the spirits know what's happening down here?

KENAI: I think they do, Koda.

KODA: Why don't they help, then? I'm tired of the Windigos, Kenai.

KENAI: I don't know, Koda. But I'm sure we'll find out when we reach the mountain where the lights touch the earth.

NINA: Maybe it has something to do with why I'm here?

KENAI: Probably. Anyway, it's getting pretty late. We should probably rest for the night.

DENAHI: Are you three just going to stand there talking all night? Let's bed down, already.

I share a laugh with the three bears, and Kenai playfully rubs Denahi's hair.
No. 483110 ID: 25312f
File 135750189053.png - (77.90KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest50.png )

The bears lead us into the ice cave, and Kenai points out a particularly soft bit of ground.

KODA: We rest here all the time before going to the Salmon Run.

KENAI: We should be safe, here.

DENAHI: I don't know about you guys, but I'm beat. I'll see you in the morning.

The two bears bid the man a nonverbal good-night, and we all curl up comfortably.

I'm having a hard time sleeping, though. I think we all might be. I don't think any of them are asleep, either.

It's just nice to be able to take a break from the constant fear for a moment. It's absolutely exhausting.
No. 483195 ID: b6edd6

You should probably arrange watch shifts with the others, in case any windigos show up later.
No. 483197 ID: be7fd9

Well, you're relatively safe now, and worrying needlessly won't help anything.

I wonder though, are these things a part of this world? Or are they the external threat you've come to remove? I guess we'll find out...
No. 483240 ID: 78c6ea

In this world, humans are transformed into animals as a way of teaching them to appreciate all life. Well, one human. A bear actually. Brother bear as his adopted cub called him. Uh, and he had to travel to a cliff what hits the aurora directly, to change back I think? I can't stand stories about clumsy father figures with a heart of gold stuck taking care of some young child who won't leave him alone, so someone else will have to fill you in.
No. 483504 ID: 25312f
File 135764872974.png - (110.90KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest51.png )

That actually sounds like a pretty good idea.

NINA: You're all still awake, right?

KODA: Yeah, can't sleep. I'm scared.

KENAI: It's alright, Koda. It's going to be alright.

DENAHI: Huh? Well, glad to see I'm not the only one who can't sleep.

NINA: Do you think we could organize watch shifts? It's just that I'm really worried about the Windigos.

KENAI: That's not a bad idea. I'll go first, alright? You stay here with Koda.

DENAHI: Kenai, where are you going? Oh... Oh, I see. I'll take the watch when you're done, Kenai.

NINA: Sounds good. I'll go after you, then.

DENAHI: Yes, Miss, I think I know what you said. I'll tell you when it's your turn.

Kenai walks to the mouth of the ice cave, watching. Denahi curls up and tries to go back to sleep. But Koda looks really scared. He comes over to me, and lays against me.

NINA: Are you alright, Koda?

KODA: I'm just scared, Nina. What if we don't make it to the Salmon Run? What if those monsters....

NINA: Don't worry. I'll protect you. Once we get to the mountain, we should be fine, right?

KODA: But that trip's gonna take two more days! Anything could happen in two days.

What do I say? I've never had someone depend on me for so much, at least not like this. He's so young to have to deal with... well, whatever's going on here. And how can I promise to protect him when I'm not even sure I can protect myself? I'm scared, too. I'm at a loss for what to say or do.
No. 483788 ID: 78c6ea


Tell him you're scared too.
No. 483793 ID: be7fd9

Well, honestly, it's not as if we can guarantee safety. But well, we're in this together. And it's important. And you have to believe you were sent here for a reason. So everything should work out right, right?
No. 483937 ID: 25312f
File 135779272064.png - (83.06KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest52.png )

Thanks, everyone.

NINA: Do you want to know something, Koda?

KODA: What?

NINA: I'm scared, too.

KODA: Really?

NINA: Yeah. Those Windigos are pretty scary. And I won't lie to you, this is a very dangerous adventure we're on right now. But we're all here together. You've got Kenai, and Denahi, and me, and we're all looking out for each other.

KODA: I guess you're right, Nina.

He wraps his little bear arms around me in a really tight hug.

KODA: Thanks!

I guess he was more tired than he realized. After about two minutes, he fell asleep, just like that.

I must have fallen asleep at some point, too, because Denahi's gently nudging me awake. Kenai's asleep and holding Koda beside me, and Denahi looks pretty tired.

DENAHI: It's your turn to watch, Miss. Wake us up at sunrise? We need to keep moving if we're going to make it.

He goes over to the bears and falls asleep himself. I guess it must have been a pretty calm night, since no one sounded the alarm. I take my place at the mouth of the cave, watching for any movement.

I sit and watch for a very long time. It would be boring if it weren't so terrifying. I think I can see the first signs of sunrise in the distance. I'll probably need to wake everyone else up fairly soon.

It's weird how dead this place is. It looks like it should be full of animals, but I guess they've all either fled or....

Wait, I think I heard something.

There's something in the bushes over there. Is it...

Oh, yes. There's not mistaking that smell. It's the same terrible odor from that squirrel in the forest.

I'm not sure if it knows we're here or not. From the sounds it's making, I think it's a lot bigger than the squirrel. What should we do?
No. 483940 ID: 1e72ae

Wake them up?
No. 483943 ID: be7fd9

...I really wish we had some kind of lore to work off here, or any idea how these things worked. We know the infection spreads by contact, but that's it. How smart or fast are these things? Do they hunt by sight, smell, sound, movement? How do they behave? We're in the dark here.

It's a pity you aren't the blasty kind of witch. And that we lost access to our gun in the first world it would really help. >_<

Without proper knowledge of how to handle this thing, or a reliable means to take it out at range, the best move is probably to quietly and slowly wake the others. Especially the guy with the spear. The we either deal with it, or wait it out, on guard.

If it comes to a fight, the bad luck hex could help again. As could shrinking the enemy to smaller and less dangerous bunny, especially if the enemy is something big. A big Windigo can cover ground quicker, has more reach, possibly knock the spear aside, etc. Bunnifying it would take away a lot of those advantages.
No. 483945 ID: 78c6ea

Bunnifying it would also alert it to your presence though. Be careful!
No. 483949 ID: be7fd9

Yes, it would. That's why she should try to wake the others first, not go for a preemptive bunnification. We save the spell slinging for when we're sure we've been discovered, or the group opts to attack.
No. 483974 ID: 25312f
File 135780168765.png - (88.85KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest53.png )

OK, I'll be on the ready.

I slowly, quietly slip into the cave, and touch Denahi on the face.

DENAHI: Mmm... Hmm... Wha-? Miss? Did you see something?

He's whispering, too. That's a relief. I nod.

He gently touches Kenai, and Kenai in turn wakes up Koda, quickly clamping a paw across his snout.

We manage to slip out of the cave, silently. The figure isn't moving; I don't think it noticed us.
No. 483983 ID: b74c5e

Well, if it doesn't bug you don't bug it. Live and let live, ya know?
It's kinda the lesson Kenai had to learn when he was turned into a bear.
No. 483984 ID: 78c6ea

Throw a pebble into the bushes, see if that distracts it.
No. 484018 ID: 25312f
File 135781844132.png - (150.58KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest54.png )

We manage to sneak by. I'm pretty sure it isn't following us; we can't smell it anymore.

We walk on in silence for a long while, not smelling another Windigo.

Eventually, the icy forms dotting the landscape give way to a large meadow, full of flowers. It's so eerie, a meadow like this without birds or insects.

KODA: Kenai? I'm hungry.

Oh, goodness! He scared me! That's the first sound I've heard in hours!

KENAI: Me too, Koda.

I was too scared to have much of an appetite yesterday, but I just realized that I haven't eaten in a very long time. Since... well, since yesterday morning, when Rabbit made that salad for me.

NINA: We're going to have to find food, somehow.

KENAI: Well, there's no salmon around here. There might be some berries around, though.

I look around. There are some small clusters of trees about, but this is mostly a very large meadow. And to be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure what a fox is supposed to eat. What I wouldn't give for some of Gran's steak and kidney pie right about now!

We really should keep moving, but I'm not sure how much longer we can hold out.
No. 484098 ID: 78c6ea


Foxes eat rats usually. Mice and rodents. Rabbit if you can find it. Try pouncing on something!
No. 484104 ID: be7fd9

Luckily foxes, like bears, are omnivores. You can eat fruit and berries and stuff. Which is good, since hunting might have proven problematic considering you don't have a lifetime of practice at it. And assuming you've never had to kill your own food. And as this seems to be an everything can talk setting. And to say nothing of the problem that the roaming zombies wendigos might have thinned the available prey, a lot.
No. 484107 ID: b74c5e

Well, you do have a human in the party. If you and the bears search for berries or somethin', and just so happen to find a spot where he could put up a snare, he could cook you some meat stew and you wouldn't have to live on berries for the next day until you get to the salmon run.
No. 484200 ID: f2c20c

Uh... in a land with talking animals, are carnivores murderers?
No. 484247 ID: 78c6ea


Why yes, yes they are. You think the salmon appreciate getting eaten?
No. 486806 ID: 25312f
File 135882794748.png - (114.54KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest55.png )

That's a relief! I'm not sure I could hurt a harmless little rabbit or anything of that sort. Besides, I don't see any animals around here.
NINA: We need to stop and eat if we want to be able to continue. We need to keep our strength up.
KODA: Can we, Kenai?
KENAI: Nina's right. We'll find some berries.
We search around, and eventually, Koda and Kenai find enough berries to satisfy all four of us. They're really good! I've always loved fresh berries, but I never realized how much until just now.
DENAHI: Thanks, guys!
KODA: I'm the best berry-finder in the whole entire world!
We continue on, happier now that our stomachs are full, but eventually, we come to a huge river.
KODA: How are we going to cross?
KENAI: Do you smell what I smell?
Oh, no... It can't be...
Wait... No, it isn't.
It doesn't smell at all like the Windigos. In fact, it smells like a combination between wet dog and an elephant that I rode at a fair, once.
DENAHI: Do any of you have any ideas?
Kenai looks really excited.
KENAI: We can ride the mammoths across the river. We've done it before.
NINA: It seems strange that there are mammoths around. I haven't seen any other animals besides us that weren't Windigos.
KENAI: But I don't smell Windigos.
KODA: Me either. Let's go, Nina!
Uhh... I've never spoken to a mammoth before. I'm kind of scared, actually. Should I?
No. 486818 ID: 7b0ada

>never spoken to a mammoth before
Hey, you'd never spoken to bears before, either. Or aliens. You did just fine!

Let's check it out. We should approach with caution, though, at least. Even if you don't smell anything, there have been lot of wendigos around. You'd think something the size of a mammoth would be a pretty easy target (since it only takes one touch to spread). Unless they have a way to protect themselves (standing in the river maybe? The wendigos might not tolerate water. Kind of makes sense for something that turns to dust).
No. 487192 ID: 02bd5c
File 135898253715.png - (183.27KB , 662x512 , Disneyquest56.png )

You're right. They're just so... large.

NINA: Alright. Let's just... be careful, OK?

Kenai motions for Denahi to stay put, and he nods. The three of us slowly walk in the direction of the mammoths.

They're... they're even larger than I thought. Oh, dear.

They're standing roughly in a circle on the bank of the river, and they seem to be arguing fairly hotly. There's a very tall one in the center of the circle, but I can't see him very well.

Two rather old-looking mammoths are leading the debate.

???: I say we give him a noble death.

???: Are you suggesting we murder one of our own?

???: He won't be one of our own for much longer.

???: We'll worry about that when the time comes. But for now, he deserves the dignity that all mammoth-kind deserves.

???: Then let him die with dignity and go to the spirit realm untainted.

???: Who are we to decide who lives and who dies?

Oh, no... It's faint, but... I smell vinegar and rotting flesh. I catch a glimpse of the mammoth in the center of the circle. His eyes are wide with fear.

Should we intervene? I hate to keep saying this, but... I don't think I've ever been this scared. I think we might need the mammoths' help, but if one of those.... large creatures has been infected.... I don't know what we're going to do.
No. 487195 ID: 5ae47c

Let them know that there's a third option.
We're going to the top of the mountain to speak with the spirits on how to solve this problem.
He could live.
No. 487198 ID: 6336b0

Cut off the infected limb to save the rest? Obviously though, this should not be your first resort.
No. 487199 ID: 7b0ada

Hmm. A partially infected patient. I don't suppose your magic senses tell you anything? Is this a magical curse kind of thing, or a physical disease? If it's magic thing, you might be able to reverse, or stall it. (Your luck spell works with vinegar, right? Maybe that's an angle you can take. Or maybe you could hex the infection, so it has bad luck attacking the body?).

Worst case, yeah, getting to the source of the problem might help. They might be willing to get you where you're going faster.
No. 487251 ID: b6edd6

We might be able to buy some time by making a fire to burn the site of infection.

I don't think we can hex a particular part of him, and accidentally hexing him in general would not be good.
No. 488495 ID: 25312f
File 135943142420.png - (111.61KB , 665x512 , Disneyquest57.png )

I'm... I'm not exactly sure how we would do that. The only sharp object we have is Denahi's spear, and that's not exactly an optimal surgical tool.

That sounds really risky...

I can't remember if I've ever told you before that I don't have a "magic sense." But I don't have a "magic sense." Sorry.

Looking at the mammoth's leg does make me feel sick, though. It's just... wrong. Like Lilo's Elvis record wrong.

NINA: Umm... excuse me...

???: Sorry, small one. We're rather busy at the moment.

NINA: But this is important... It's about the Windigos, and...

???: Just what do you know?

NINA: We are on a quest, to reach the place where the lights touch the earth. If we get there, we should be able to fix everything. We might even be able to save your friend.

???: You could really save me?

???: Don't get your hopes up, Nigel.

NIGEL: Please, please!

NINA: I'll see what we can do. But we need someone to take the four of us across the river.

???: Four? I only see you and your two bear companions.

KENAI: You have to promise not to freak out, OK?

???: What are you--?

Kenai gestures for Denahi to come out of hiding, and join our group.

NIGEL: Aah! A monster!

???: Watch out, it has a stick!

NINA: Hey, wait! This is our friend!

KENAI: We need him if we're going to save your friend.

NIGEL: Please, Elder Tusk?

ELDER TUSK: We are not taking a human across the river.

???: Then I'll do it!

A female mammoth pushes forward among the herd.

???: If you can save Nigel... Well, I'll take you across the river.

NINA: You... you would?

ELDER TUSK: But, Betty...

BETTY: No buts, Elder Tusk. I'm taking these guys across the river whether you like it or not. And I'm going to hurry, before Nigel gets any worse.

NIGEL: Betty, I...

BETTY: I'll be right back. All right, small ones! Get on board!

She crouches down low enough to the ground to let us up. She's big enough to hold all four of us, and before we have time to even thank her, she starts fording the river.

Before too long, we're on the other side.

NINA: Thanks, Betty!

BETTY: Get a move on!

Without another look, she turns back across the river.

Koda points up a winding path around a mountain, leading to a very narrow ledge.

KODA: Hey, guys, this is the shortcut!

KENAI: What do you mean, "shortcut?"

KODA: Remember how we got lost last year, Kenai? Well, that's because we took a wrong turn. This is the way we should have gone!

The path is narrow enough that we must travel in single file: Kenai, then myself, then Koda, and then Denahi in the rear.

We walk along the path, winding around the mountain, until we smell a familiar stench of vinegar and rotten flesh.

KENAI: Koda, get down!

KODA: Where, Kenai?

We're standing in single file, on a narrow ridge, and it's probably about 30 metres high.

KENAI: I... I don't know.

Facing our group, there stands a mountain goat Windigo. It's got its horns lowered, and its ready to attack.

It looks like there's no way out. What can I do?
No. 488497 ID: 76b151

Bad luck whammy, toss loose stones at its feet so it trips then goes off the side of the mountain.
No. 488498 ID: f2c20c

Sounds about right.
No. 488500 ID: 908c2d

And if it charges you, turn it into a bunny to ruin it's balance. And possibly overbalance it if conservation of momentum applies even after it's mass changes drastically.
No. 488663 ID: 25312f
File 135951063453.png - (102.36KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest58.png )

There aren't any loose rocks to toss, and I've got Kenai standing in front of me. There isn't enough room to...

Oh, no, it's charging!

NINA: Uhh... Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

In a shimmer of light, the charging Windigo turns into a fluffy, white rabbit.

KODA: Whoa, Nina! That was so cool!

WINDIGO: Wha-? I'm... I'm me again? And I'm a RABBIT?


KENAI: You just talked.

DENAHI: What's going on? Why is it a rabbit? And why do you all look so shocked?

NINA: You mean to tell me you can speak?

WINDIGO: Yes! Yes, I'm myself again! Thank you, thank you so much!

NINA: Well... this spell doesn't last forever...

WINDIGO: What do you mean?

NINA: I mean... you're going to turn back.

WINDIGO: I... I understand.

NINA: I'm sorry...

WINDIGO: Please, just do me a favor before I turn back.

NINA: Yes?

WINDIGO: Kill me.

NINA: Wha-?

WINDIGO: I'm dangerous. I'll... I'll kill all of you. I killed my family. Kill me. NOW!

I... I've never killed anything before! Not anything that ever talked to me, anyway! What do I do what do I do!?
No. 488664 ID: 76b151

How long will the spell last Nina? Think it will alst long enough for you to reach the top? Also can you cast it again once it wears off?
No. 488667 ID: f2c20c

You're not a good form to kill him regardless. Someone else would have to do it, so don't worry about that.

Can you turn him into a rabbit again immediately after it wears off? I'm wondering if the transformation negates the wendigo curse. We don't know if it does, since this is the first time we've tried this.

Even if he turns back into a wendigo after the spell wears off, you need to tell him that you might be able to end the wendigo issue altogether and he shouldn't give up hope. Besides, we can just get past while he's a rabbit, right?
No. 488669 ID: 14bafe

Just re-rabbiting him until you get to the top of the mountain might be an option, but only if you can get there before night.
Otherwise, you should have Denahi put him out of his misery.
No. 488671 ID: 908c2d

Huh. The bunny rabbit spell cured him. Someone can only be subject to one transformational spell at a time? Yours overrode the other?

>kill me
>I killed my family
Killed them, or turned them into wendigos? We now know that people are still inside the infected! If we cure the source of the problem, we might be able to save everybody.

Possible amusing cure: if we can't destroy the cause, we hack it so it turns all the infected into bunnies. :V
No. 488715 ID: 78c6ea

A rabbit. Is begging you to kill him. You're a fox. Put 2 and 2 together, Nina.

Seriously though, just charge past him and contemplate a contact contagious bunny transformation hex.
No. 488999 ID: 25312f
File 135960503438.png - (112.03KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest59.png )

You know, I never thought of that. In theory, I could make that happen. The spell only lasts for about one to five minutes... You never can tell exactly how long. So yes, theoretically, this could work. But he'll need me to constantly supervise him.

NINA: How long is it going to take us to get to the top of the mountain?

KODA: We're not going to the top of this mountain.

NINA: What!?

KODA: This is just the shortcut. Around that turn, we should be able to keep going.

KENAI: If we set up camp at the base of this mountain once we've reached the other side, we should be a the place where the lights touch the earth by tomorrow night.

NINA: So, you're telling me this isn't the same mountain?

KODA: No, we never said it was. "Short cut," say it with me, "shhhooorrrt...cuuttt..."

WINDIGO: So... are you going to kill me?

In a flash of light, the rabbit is gone, replaced again with the monstrous mountain goat.

NINA: Filligree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

The rabbit is back!

WINDIGO: I told you, you should probably just kill me. I'll kill you... just like everyone else.... You have to...

KENAI: Maybe we should just do what he says.

DENAHI: What's going on up there? I'm so confused! Are we going to kill the windigo or not?

KODA: I'm scared, Nina.

I've never been more worried. I could keep him alive and sane indefinitely with my spell, but that's going to be every minute or two for the next 24 hours, at least. The sun is already setting.

Maybe we we should put him out of his misery... Or maybe we should take him with us...

NINA: We're going to the place where the lights touch the earth. When we get there, we may be able to solve the Windigo problem once and for all.

WINDIGO: Are you saying... are you saying you might be able to cure me?

NINA: I... I'm not positive. But I think so.

WINDIGO: Even so, I might not be able to live with myself after everything I've done...

KENAI: I think you will.


KODA: Kenai...

KENAI: When you do something terrible... You just have to find some way to make up for it. It eats your soul, and you'll regret it for the rest of your life. But if it's the will of the spirits... somehow, you'll be able to survive.

WINDIGO: I don't know...

KENAI: Trust me. I do.

Huh. Wow. This got... kinda deep. But... what should we do? I don't know if I could let him be killed, not now that he's full of hope. Taking him with us could be extremely dangerous. Trying to just run past him could be extremely dangerous. I'm... I'm torn.
No. 489000 ID: f2c20c

There's a third option. While he's a rabbit, he can run away. Get as far away from us and other animals as he can. Then he won't be a danger to us anymore.

You can't take him with us- doing that spell over and over all day will tax your mind and keep you from sleeping. You'll have to sleep sometime, and when you do, he'll be a wendigo. The only chance he has, really, is to get away while he still has his senses.
No. 489012 ID: 908c2d

Man, disney quest, with the harsh moral choices.

Having him run past you in rabbit form is probably the safest option. (Preferably after a fresh transformation). Killing him is unnecessary, and traveling with him seems overwhelmingly risky and taxing. Eventually you'd slip up, or exhaust yourself casting.

And if we can cure the wendigo problem... well, all his victims will be cured too? He won't have as much to feel guilty about as he might suspect.
No. 489194 ID: 299ef0

Can we bury him in a pit? Or do you have some other spell that can keep him locked in place?
No. 489603 ID: 25312f
File 135982876614.png - (145.80KB , 662x512 , Disneyquest60.png )

NINA: Why don't you just run away?

WINDIGO: What do you mean?

NINA: I'll turn you into a rabbit one last time, and then you need to run as far away as you can. Stay away from other animals. Hide somewhere. We'll be able to cure you... But you have to trust us.

KENAI: Are you sure it's safe?

NINA: What choice do we have?

DENAHI: What is going on?

In a flash of light, the Windigo transforms once again.

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

Another flash, the rabbit re-appears. He runs past us, down the slope of the mountain.

WINDIGO: Thank you!

NINA: Good luck!

We continue on. Eventually, we reach the other side of the mountain, and come around a small hill.

KODA: So... the good news is, we're almost there.

NINA: What's the bad news?

KODA: Well...

We reach the top of the hill, and I see a huge expanse of geysers. Steam pours out of several holes in the ground, and the earth itself looks red and twisted. All of the trees here are dead.

NINA: Is this... is this part of the problem here?

KENAI: Nah, this place always looks like that. I don't understand, though, Koda. What's the bad news? This place is scary, but it isn't too dangerous....

KODA: I... I don't remember, actually. But I just... I think I remember that there was something wrong with this place.

DENAHI: Watch out, guys. Didn't something happen here last time...?

KENAI: Now that you mention it... yeah.

KODA: I don't smell any windigos, though.

He's right, I don't either. We walk through the burning landscape, and eventually we come to a small hill. In the distance, I can see green trees! Oh, what a relief!

Koda excitedly runs up the hill, and stops dead in his tracks.

KODA: Now I remember...

As I reach the top of the hill, I see a huge chasm between this nightmarish area and the fresh, green land on the other side.

DENAHI: Oh... uh... NOW I remember. Sorry, Kenai.

Kenai shrugs and smiles at Denahi playfully.

KENAI: There used to be a log bridge here. But my boneheaded brother knocked it down last year.

KODA: What are we going to do, Kenai?

KENAI: I don't know, Koda.

Neither do I. This is kind of a problem. There aren't really any trees here strong enough to support a bridge.
No. 489690 ID: 76b151

Turn everyone but the bear to rabbits, the bear flings us across. Problem with this plan is that it leaves the bear behind.

Another idea is to fly everyone across on a broom analog. (As rabbits)
No. 489695 ID: 908c2d

...I don't suppose we can call the fallen tree a "broomstick" and levitate it back it where it's supposed to be?
No. 489697 ID: 76b151

worth a shot.
No. 489704 ID: b6edd6

If we can get one person across, then they can go find a fallen tree in the regular forest on that side. I am not sure if the bear can throw that far though. If we do go with this plan, Nina should stay on the forest side within running distance of either the forest group or the cliff in case one of the groups is attacked.
No. 489729 ID: 78c6ea

Build a broomstick with your teeth seems to be the best idea so far.
No. 489970 ID: 25312f
File 135992699150.png - (151.67KB , 662x512 , Disneyquest61.png )

No, sorry. Not only does that not work, but I don't exactly have a levitation spell.

That sounds really dangerous... But I'm not sure what other choice we have. I would need a reflective surface to turn myself into a rabbit, though. I'm not entirely sure what to do about that.

NINA: I have a plan. We'll turn ourselves into rabbits, and then you'll throw us across, Kenai.

KODA: Isn't that dangerous, Nina?

NINA: Yes, it is. But I'm not sure if there's any other way across.

KENAI: Hold on a moment.

He picks up a rock in his front paws and heaves it across the gorge. It's heavy, heavier than a rabbit. But it sails across and gently rolls a bit on the other side.

KENAI: I think I can do it.

NINA: OK, here goes. Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

Koda flashes and turns into a rabbit.

DENAHI: Nina, what are you doing?

Kenai picks up the small rabbit, holds him tight for a moment, then lobs him gently across. He tucks and rolls, landing pretty smoothly.

KODA: That was fun!

DENAHI: Have you both lost your minds?

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

Now, Denahi is a rabbit as well.


NINA: We have to throw you across. Can you understand us now?

DENAHI: Oh. Oh, wow, yes, actually. This is cool. What's your name, anyway?

NINA: I'm Nina.

DENAHI: Thanks, I was wondering.

Kenai picks up the other rabbit, and hugs him as well.

KENAI: Be safe, Denahi.

DENAHI: I've waited a long time to hear your voice again, Kenai.

They share a moment, and then Kenai flings him across the gorge, landing nicely next to Koda.

KENAI: Can you turn yourself into a rabbit?

NINA: I would need a mirror or something...

KENAI: I don't think there's anything like that around here.

Suddenly, he picks me up.

KENAI: You weigh more than a rabbit, but a lot less than that rock. I think I can fling you, if you're ready.

NINA: Let's do it.

He tosses me effortlessly across. Koda was right, this is fun! I tuck and roll, and land next to the other two, just as Koda turns back into a bear cub.

DENAHI: How are we going to get Kenai across?

Kenai is standing on the other side of the gorge, watching us sadly.

NINA: Let's find a log; there's plenty of trees around here.

DENAHI: Can do.

He hops quickly through the trees, and finds a log within sight of the canyon.

With a flash, he is human again.

Just like when we got Kenai out of the pit, we manage to drag the log to the side of the ravine. We push it out over, and it is supported by the old log that once served as a bridge.

Kenai crosses over, ruffles Koda's hair, and gives Denahi a huge hug.

KODA: We're almost there! But... Kenai, I'm tired.

KENAI: So am I, Koda.

KODA: The coast smells clear. Should we set up camp?

DENAHI: It's getting pretty dark. Are we going to camp soon?

I can see a huge mountain in the distance, the aurora making a halo around its summit. It looks so close, but I'm sure its a long walk and an arduous climb. Any advice?
No. 489983 ID: 78c6ea

Now's about the time when just as things are going well something goes horribly wrong. You should probably make camp as when it does go to pot you'll be better off well rested with your back to some solid stone. Just be sure not to sing over the campfire or have any sort of bonding experiences and you should be fine for tonight.
No. 490000 ID: b6edd6

Next to the ravine seems like a good place to camp. Being at the bridge will allow you to retreat over it if needed or push it down if enemies approach from the other side.
No. 490032 ID: f2c20c

No. 490060 ID: 14bafe

Now that I think about your mission instead of the immediate concerns of what is trying to kill you at any given moment, I am forced to consider the possibility that this journey may be an exercise in futility.
Consider: the 'corruption' (I may have forgotten what we were calling the void-like force) seems to go for the facet of a reality that acts as a linchpin for the entire setting to revolve around. Elvis, Christopher Robin, and perhaps in this universe, The Spirits that everyone looks up to and can fix everything.
After erasing that part from existence, in the case of Elvis at least, anything associated with that element starts being affected.

I hypothesize that in this case, the corruption targeted the Spirits on the Mountain, causing them to become some lesser, perhaps homicidal version of themselves. Since they are the ones who act as totem animal spirits, the first ones to be affected by the change would therefor be the innocent forest creatures who are turned to wendigoes. Like Elvis, this should start to spread to people soon, since they have a fairly obvious connection with the Spirits as well.

Maybe I over-exaggerated with the quest of futility line, but at the very least the possibility exists that the spirits cannot help you, and also a possibility that you have to fix them somehow. I guess that would mean that the trip is necessary either way, but getting HELP from the spirits might be a futile endeavor.

Now how do we fix a spirit? I don't know if you can turn ghosts into rabbits...
No. 490694 ID: 25312f
File 136011758393.png - (187.55KB , 512x662 , Disneyquest62.png )

OK. That sounds like a good idea.
We find some dense shrubbery, and Denahi clears enough away that we can sleep under it. He replaces it, and we are hidden. The air here smells fresh and clean, and kind of... delicious, actually.

KENAI: We're almost at the mountain, Nina.

KODA: AND the Salmon Run! Oh, I hope Bucky...

KENAI: ...Koda.

KODA: Oh. Right. Well, I hope he's OK, anyway.
I can hardly keep my eyes open. I had no idea how tired I was. That delicious smell makes my mouth water, but I think I can manage to ignore it long enough to sleep.

That's.... that's deeply unsettling, actually. I can't say as I've ever met a ghost, and I'm not sure whether or not I can turn them into rabbits. We came all this way to talk to the spirits; Tanana seemed to think they could help us.
But you're right. What if we're wrong? What if we get all the way up there, and they try to kill us, too? They sound like they're very powerful.

I'm not sure I can sleep anymore.

The aurora borealis stretches over my head. It was kind of comforting before. It's so beautiful, but, now... I'm not so sure.
As long as I'm awake, can we talk? Will you keep me company? I might be able to force myself to sleep if you don't have anything to say to me... But I'm scared, now. I was feeling pretty confident; we did great today! But now... I'm not so sure.
No. 490708 ID: 908c2d

>Spirits problems
Well, it may very well be things aren't as simple as ask spirits, receive solution. There may be a reason they haven't taken action already.

But there has to be something you, or the people with you, can do. Otherwise, what would the point of your coming to this world at all? Something is guiding you to worlds in need to help- and so we have to believe the worlds you come to can be helped.

You saved Lilo's world by showing the people there what the problem was, and moving them to do so. We went wrong in Christopher Robin's world because we didn't find a way to work with him. And then you showed up here, and you find people already on a journey to fix what is wrong. And you've helped them. They would not have overcome the obstacles as quickly or as smoothly as we did, without you.

I think your role in helping worlds is to be a kind of facilitator, or catalyst. You're not propping worlds up- you're helping them to stand on their own again. And since that's what you're doing now... I think it's right.
No. 490727 ID: 78c6ea

What is that delicious smell? Hard to ignore? If you can't sleep, you may as well check it out.
No. 491049 ID: 02bd5c
File 136021829356.png - (123.06KB , 512x662 , DisneyQuest63.png )

I... I think you might be right. Thanks. I feel a little better now, actually. I just can't help but worry...
It's definitely reminding me that I've had nothing to eat but a salad and some berries for the last two days. I might as well check it out.

I leave the brush where the others are sleeping, and follow my nose down a hill. At the base of the hill is a huge, gorgeous, sheltered area. Rock formations and waterfalls are everywhere, and a huge river runs in all directions.
In the river are more salmon than I have ever seen in my life at once, even more than in that one nature documentary. They're practically falling out of the river and onto the shore; and they smell so good!
I can't help myself, my stomach won't leave me alone. I think I actually might die if I don't eat at least a salmon or two. Or ten.

I run to the riverbank and scoop out one with a paw. They aren't exactly making it hard. I've never caught a fish like this before, but I guess I'm so hungry it doesn't matter.

I wolf them both down raw. I'm normally terrified of sushi, but this is different. I am a fox, after all.
I eat and eat; I can't stop! There are about five salmon skeletons piled beside me...

But I feel kind of sick now. I lay back on the riverbank, and take another deep whiff of the clean, crisp air.

...It smells different now.

No. Oh, please no. Not now.

I see a shadow come between myself and the moon.

That rotten flesh and vinegar smell had been masked by the enchanting salmon.

Looming over me is the biggest black bear that I have ever seen in my life, its eyes cold and dead in that typical Windigo way.

It has to be at least 3, maybe even 5 metres tall standing on its hindlegs.

And it's only about a metre behind me.

No. 491050 ID: b6edd6

Whatever you do you should start moving away from it, to buy more time.
The obvious response would be to turn it into a rabbit, but this might not be a normal animal considering its size.

If you need to make a quick getaway, you could probably use the water as a mirror to reflect the rabbit spell at yourself. Rabbits can move quite fast, and the spell would have to ignore the amount of food you have currently eaten in order to avoid problems from body size differences.
No. 491052 ID: f2c20c

That is twice as large as a black bear should be.

You are a fox, you are quick on your feet. You should be able to move faster than it can strike. As soon as you get some breathing room you should turn it into a rabbit.
No. 491054 ID: 908c2d

>foxes are fast
Well, except for the fact she's tired after a day of hiking, and just gorged herself sick on fish after barely eating for two days. So I'm guessing she's not at her most maneuverable.

Regardless though, you need time to react. Which either means bolting, or freezing and hoping it pauses. Then we use that time to rabbit it. Or if you don't have time for that, teleport away with your ring bracelet.
No. 491060 ID: 78c6ea

Is it... moving towards you, or just... standing there?
No. 491076 ID: 1e4c81

If you think you can get back out, jump in the river.
No. 491369 ID: 9747ef

Duh. Turn it into a rabbit. This is easy.
No. 491906 ID: 25312f
File 136054611948.png - (109.97KB , 512x512 , Documents.png )

I'm just going to have to hope it works; I don't think I have time for any spells.

I run as fast as my legs will carry me, and find that I am actually pretty fast. Oh, my, I'm running out of breath fairly quickly, though. That salmon feels like a lead weight in my stomach. I think I might be sick, actually.

It's lumbering towards me rather slowly, but it looks like it may be gaining speed. It's now or never...

I gaze into the river, and find that I can see my reflection clearly enough. Perfect.

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree--


With all the force of a steam train, the monster swipes me with one of its massive paws, sending me flying across the area.

It didn't hit me as hard as I think it could have, but it definitely hurt. I can feel a bruise forming where I hit the ground... I think I may have broken a rib... Oh god, I've never hurt this much.

I feel warm fluid trickling down my side. It's managed to open a large cut on my shoulder.

Oh... Oh, no...

Along the edges of the wound, I can see unnatural black speckles that make me sick to look at. It feels... cold. Unnaturally cold.

The Windigo bear bellows, lumbering slowly towards me again.

What should I do? I... I don't want to die here.
No. 491910 ID: f2c20c

Dive into the river and use its flow to carry you away faster!

Screaming for help might work too if we're near the camp.
No. 491928 ID: 908c2d

Dang. The bear's got too much MR for your hex to overcome. Unusual, that. Natural animals and undead both tend to have pretty crappy spell resistance.

Really could use that rifle, right now. Stupid lack of hands...

Using the river might work. Sour luck on the bear might help you in getting away, too (no idea if it will resist that too, though).

If you're desperate... we could retreat to an earlier world (Lilo's I guess? We don't want to deal with Christopher Robin right now). Worldjumping, and/or discarding the fox-body might free you of the infection you just received. Then you could jump back and take a different shape.

...biggest risk is if you don't leave the infection behind, you bring it to another world.

Or, um, we could just use the ring to teleport back to camp, too. That would get you away. And then hopefully we can get to the spirits and fix things before you're wendigo-ed.
No. 491940 ID: 908c2d

Oh wait, silly me. It didn't resist the spell, it just smacked you quicker than you could get the whole incantation out.
No. 491954 ID: b6edd6

I don't the misfortune spell would be worth it here, because it has an even longer incantation than the rabbit spell.

Luckily it seems fairly likely that leaving the fox form will leave the infection behind for similar reasons to how the infection doesn't carry over to the rabbit morph. Staying by delaying the infection with rabbiting would be better if possible, because returning might place us in some other time or place.
No. 491961 ID: 78c6ea

You are going to kick Mickey's ass for sending you here without high ordinance.
No. 491963 ID: 908c2d

If the return trip dropped us in the wrong place, that would be easy to fix with the ring. A time lapse would be a lot more problematic, though.
No. 492346 ID: 02bd5c
File 136071933114.png - (124.09KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest66.png )

I'm kind of a distance from the river... And I can't move that fast; I hurt all over. But I begin to crawl; I'm not sure if I have any other choice.

I manage to crawl into the water before that huge bear makes it to me. Of course, now I'm in a river that's moving very fast, and I think there may be a waterfall coming up soon.

NINA: Ring, take me to Kenai, Koda, and Denahi, under the bush, up the hill.

I use my paw to tap my ring-bracelet three times and give it a quarter-turn to the left.
Suddenly, the world goes colorful, and psychedelic shapes swirl around me. I watch the landscape fly past as I teleport, the colors swirling.
I'm under the bush again, and Koda, Kenai, and Denahi are all staring at me, open-mouthed.

KODA: Whoa, Nina! You were all sparkly! What happened? How did you do that?

KENAI: Never mind that now, Koda. She's hurt.

DENAHI: What's this cut? Nina, what were you thinking? Did you go off alone?

KENAI: Nina, you smell like salmon.

KODA: Did you go to the Salmon Run without us? Were there lots of bears there?

NINA: No... Just one. And he's a Windigo.

KODA: No...

KENAI: May I... May I ask what it looked like?

NINA: Huge, black... Really more like a monster than a bear.

KODA: No... Tug... It can't be...

Kenai grabs Koda and lets the cub sob against his chest.

DENAHI: That cut looks infected.

He tears a piece off of the leg of his deer hide pants and wraps my shoulder.

KENAI: Tug, he... It touched you, didn't it?

NINA: Yes. I...

KENAI: Why would you run off like that, without us?

NINA: I'm sorry. I couldn't sleep, and I was so hungry...

KENAI: Well, now, how long do you think we have before you... You know?

They're all staring at me, and I can feel the cut bubbling under my bandage. They all look concerned, and I look down. The black bubbles are spreading out from under the deer hide. My shoulder looks like a Windigo's shoulder, and I can smell it.

KODA: Nina? What should we do?

I wish I could answer him.
No. 492350 ID: f2c20c

We're within a day's travel, right? We keep going. If you start to lose your mind, can't they use your ring to send you back home? Or you could do it?

I wonder if you could go back home and pick a different form to enter this world again, and it would put you back in the same spot? Seems risky though.
No. 492376 ID: b6edd6

Try to keep going for now I guess. If you feel like your mind is being effected you should try leaving and coming back.
No. 492378 ID: 78c6ea

Vinegar smell... I can't help but think this is important somehow. If only you had some baking soda or lye.
No. 492382 ID: 908c2d

...you know, we really should have known better than to go off alone in a zombie setting. Sorry, Nina. We failed you.

>What should we do?
Well, you don't have many options. Really, all we can continue onwards and hope we get to the spirits in time.

If we can't, you can attempt retreat from this world in the hope you leave the infection behind with the fox-body (might work? Changing to bunny cures it, so might changing to human. But then again, it might not). Or failing that, you could separate from your allies while they continue onward, looking to fix things, hoping you helped them enough already for them to make it. Putting you in the same boat as every other afflicted soul in this universe.

>how long do you think we have before...
No idea.

Hmm. You know... we're already an outside influence on Nina's mind, aren't we? Maybe we can work to resist another moving in.

[Attempt to fight off, resist, or slow wendigo infection]
No. 494725 ID: 25312f
File 136141896455.png - (118.41KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest67.png )

NINA: We should hurry up and get to the place where the light touches the earth.

KENAI: You're right. There's no time for rest.

KODA: But I'm still sleepy.

KENAI: Don't worry, Koda. We can sleep once all this is over.

We leave the bush covering and move as a group. I can't walk very fast. My chest and shoulder hurt so bad, it's hard to breathe.

The bear and the hunter share a glance, and Kenai scoops the sleepy cub onto his back, and Denahi hoists me into his arms. I feel like I could just fall asleep...

But as we walk, Denahi whispers in my ear.

DENAHI: Don't fall asleep, Nina. Don't fall asleep yet.

KENAI: On guard, everyone. We're almost at the Salmon Run.

NINA: The Salmon Run?

KODA: It's the only way to get to the mountain.

NINA: But...

KENAI: We know. We'll just have to...

No time for explanations. Tug is watching us. We can smell him, and it's obvious that he's about to charge any second now.

What should we do?
No. 494730 ID: f2c20c

You've got more time now. Turn him into a rabbit!
No. 494735 ID: 5da860

When you get him subdued the river will also be a chance to rabbit yourself to buy more time.
No. 494807 ID: 13b04f

Turn him into a rabbit, boot him into the river, he turns back downstream. problem solved.
No. 494877 ID: f2c20c

Actually, maybe we should get MORE distance. Everyone can run and since you're being carried you can cast the spell while moving.
No. 495196 ID: 02bd5c
File 136157943009.png - (108.47KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest68.png )

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

In a flash, the huge bear becomes a tiny rabbit, confusion and concern in his eyes.

TUG: What... What happened? Why am I a rabbit?

KODA: Tug!

TUG: Hey, Koda! Hey, everyone! Look, you all best get out of here. There's no Salmon Run this year. In fact, I don't think there's ever going to be a Salmon Run again. There's Windigos everywhere.... Heck, even I'm a Windigo!

I wriggle in Denahi's arms, and he lets me down. I go over the the river and look into it.

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

Suddenly, I am a rabbit as well.

TUG: How are you doing that?

NINA: Magic.

TUG: Oh... OK....

NINA: No time to explain. The spell's temporary.

TUG: What do you mean?

KENAI: You're going to change back soon, Tug.

TUG: No, no please! Anything but that! Is there any way you can turn me into a rabbit forever?

NINA: Sorry, but no.

TUG: Did I... Did I infect you?

NINA: You did. It really, really hurt.

TUG: I'm so sorry, Miss...

NINA: Nina. It's Nina.

TUG: Well, Nina, you'd better get these boys out of here, if you don't all want to die. Especially if I'm turning back soon.

I nod, and rub my head against Denahi's leg. He picks me up again.

NINA: Run away, Tug. Run away as fast as you can. Just stay away from other animals.

TUG: If you get out of here quickly, I might just be able to stay here. You are the only folks I've seen in a long while. Now, get going!

Kenai and Denahi begin to run, and eventually, we leave the canyon area. I don't see what happens to Tug, but I assume he turns back once we're pretty far away.

Suddenly, I turn back, and the infection's back as well.

We come to the foot of the mountain, and see a huge eagle soaring overhead. It swoops low, and stares right at us. It meets my eye for a moment, then nods before flying over the mountain.

It takes a long time to get up the mountain. Hours. In that time the infection begins to spread. I feel my stomach rumble, beyond all possibility. I'm not sure how I could possibly be hungry again, after all of those salmon. But Denahi's scent is making my mouth water. And Kenai looks so big and juicy... And little Koda's so tender and....

Oh, no. I don't like where my thoughts are wandering to.

I clench my jaws to try to stop from salivating, and tense my muscles. I can feel the unearthly coldness of my infection spreading across my back and down my leg.

We see the sun begin to rise but, strangely, the beautiful aurora at the top of the mountain doesn't fade in the sunlight. It seems to get stronger as we get closer.

KODA: Kenai! Kenai we're almost there!

KENAI: Yeah, Koda.

KODA: What are we supposed to do when we get there?

KENAI: I don't know. Nina? Any ideas?

I shake my head, silently. I don't even want to open my mouth.

Finally, we reach the top of the mountain, and the aurora seems to fill the sky. Up close, though, it’s easy to tell that something’s wrong. The aurora looks like Swiss cheese, with dark holes studded all over it.
No. 495197 ID: 02bd5c
File 136157946344.png - (213.98KB , 662x612 , DisneyQuest69.png )

KODA: What’s wrong with the spirits?

He sounds really, really worried. The others are silent.

Suddenly, the eagle from earlier swoops down. When he touches the ground, he shimmers for a moment, and turns into a bright, glowing human form.

DENAHI: Sitka...

KENAI: Hey, Sitka...

KODA: Mommy!

A glowing bear materializes next to Sitka, smiling at the cub.

KENAI: I've been keeping him safe.

The bear nods silently, beaming.

Sitka motions for Denahi to put me down, and he does.

Suddenly, the entire ground begins to glow under my feet, and I with it. I feel myself being lifted into the sky, right into the center of the aurora. Suddenly, the holes of darkness glow with the brightest light I’ve ever seen. They shrink, like they’re being covered over with a colorful film, and then disappear. The aurora shimmers brightly, and looks normal once again.

I see countless animals all around me, running in every direction, each of them glowing with bright colors. Some of them stand still, facing me. The others seem to fall from the sky like shooting stars, and I can see them roaming the land. Some of them enter bodies that have been warped by infection, and I can see those black bubbles healing, and a lively look returning to their eyes.

I think I'm going to cry... This is so beautiful.

Gently, I touch the ground again, and Sitka walks over to me, placing a hand on my shoulder. I can feel the infection and the hunger receding, and I know I've been healed.

My rib still hurts, though.

KODA: What just happened?

KENAI: I think... I think everything's back to normal, Koda.

DENAHI: We did it!

Sitka and Koda's mother just watch us, smiling. I hear that vault-door sound, like I heard in Lilo's world. I think everything here's going to be fine.

KENAI: Thanks, Nina.

KODA: You saved us all!

DENAHI: I don't know what you did, but thanks.

I'm not sure what to do, now. I guess I should move on to the next world that needs my help. Is there anything I should do here before I leave, or is my work here done?
No. 495198 ID: 76b151

Ask if they have any magic that can help you in your journies... then its time to say goodbye. Then Back to Christopher Robin. I'm worried about him.
No. 495200 ID: f2c20c

Whew, just in time too.

Let's stay for a little while and see if that polymorph issue gets fixed too. Also give a proper goodbye to your friends here!
No. 495206 ID: 9ee360

Huh. You cured the spirits and they cured you? I wonder how that works.

>Is there anything I should do here before I leave?
Rest might be good. You didn't get any sleep, and you're exhausted from the wendigo thing.
No. 495209 ID: 78c6ea

You fulfilled this world's nature. Just like you brought Elvis back. Your quest healed the spirits, because that's what, in this world, you're supposed to do. That was a close shave though. Damn gurl...
No. 495238 ID: bf54a8

yeah we need to go back there. and calmly explain that you have not fixed any problems personally. you just give an outsider's perspective. first you taught a kid to dance, the other you helped a bear up a mountain. an then give him a "Christopher, you are much more powerful then me, all you need is to be pointed at the right problem, then i am sure you can fix it."
No. 495243 ID: 78c6ea

When you do go back to Christopher the first thing you should say is you need his help. Because you do. Only he can fix whatever is tearing his world apart.
No. 495448 ID: 25312f
File 136165648749.png - (104.64KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest70.png )

OK, before I go anywhere else, I definitely need to rest.

NINA: Do you have any magic that you could teach me, before I leave?

Sitka thinks for a minute, then shakes his head. The bears just shrug.

NINA: That's OK, I just wondered.

KODA: What should we do now, Nina?

NINA: I'm really tired. Any chance we could get some sleep?

KODA: It's really cold up here. Let's go back the Salmon Run and see what's going on.

Everyone hugs Sitka and Koda's mom, and they nod at me, as if to thank me for whatever it was I've done here. Kenai hoists Koda onto his back again, and Denahi picks me up gently, careful of my rib. The Spirits healed my infected wound, but my rib is definitely still broken.

We make our slow way down the mountain, and reach the bottom just as the sun begins to rise. It's a beautiful day. The waterfalls of the Salmon Run spot come into view, and nowhere do I smell vinegar or rotten flesh.

TUG: Hey, everybody!

Tug runs toward us, locking us all in a huge hug. He looks great; no holes or bubbles, and his eyes are lively and vibrant. The area is full of bears, talking and eating salmon.

TUG: I don't know what you did, but everything seems to be back to normal. Thank you!

NINA: No problem... That's why I came.

I yawn and rest my head on Denahi's shoulder, feeling myself already starting to sink into sleep.

KENAI: We'd love to catch up and have the Salmon Run like nothing happened... But we're bushed!

TUG: Well, that's no problem. Y'all go an rest now. We'll have plenty of salmon left for you when you wake up.

We find a soft patch of grass in the canyon, far from the hubbub of celebrating bears, and curl up to sleep, feeling safe for the first time in days.

When we wake up, the sun is low in the sky, and someone has put a huge pile of salmon next to us. We eat until we are satisfied.

NINA: I really should go now.

KODA: Do you have to?

NINA: Yes, Koda. I think there are probably many more worlds that need my help.

KENAI: Good luck, Nina.

DENAHI: Are you leaving?

I nod. Suddenly, he pulls me into a gentle hug.

DENAHI: Thanks, Nina.

Everyone gives me cautious hugs (though Koda is a little rough on my rib), and bids me farewell.

NINA: Ring, take me to Christopher Robin's house.

I tap my ring three times and give it a quarter-turn. Suddenly, I feel myself being pulled, until I'm standing in a familiar, white room. I hear a voice coming from the monitor.

DAISY: Welcome back, Nina. Press the button on the screen to resume your human form, and then please collect your belongings before continuing through the door to your desired destination.

I press the button. Wow, does it feel great to be human again. My rib's still broken, but other than that, I think I'm finally me again. I get dressed quickly, and get all of my things back from where I've put them. I go through the door that brought me into this room before my adventures with Kenai, Koda, and Denahi, and find myself standing in a familiar nursery.

There's no one here. Everything looks more or less the same as the last time I was here, but the stuffed animals and the book aren't anywhere to be seen. There's a big chest that's probably a toy chest, but there appears to be a padlock on it.

This feels sort of wrong, being here when he isn't here. I'm not sure where he is, but I don't think I can talk to him until he gets back. I'll check on him again later.

Without giving it instruction, I use my ring again.

I'm sitting in a sort of grandstand, canvas stretching in every direction in front of me and over my head. The air smells wonderful, like caramel and popcorn. All around me are people dressed in an old-fashioned style.

They're all focused on something going on in front of us: all kinds of exotic animals and clowns and...

Oh, my gosh! I'm at the circus! I haven't been to a circus since Gran took me to one when I was a little girl! I'm actually really excited about this.

Suddenly, the ringmaster appears. He has a really annoying Italian accent.

RINGMASTER: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Please give a warm welcome to....

I can hear a drum roll. Everyone around me leans forward with anticipation. Whatever is happening, it sounds like it's going to be good.

RINGMASTER: ...DUMBO! The miraculous, flying elephant!

A flying elephant!? This I HAVE to see!

On a platform high above the ground, is a baby elephant, with the biggest ears I've ever seen. Suddenly, the baby leaps off of the platform, hurtling towards the ground.

There's no way he could survive a fall like that!

Suddenly, he spreads his ears and is gliding through the air. With a few flaps, he is fully flying, performing death-defying aerial feats. The whole crowd is full of electric excitement. So am I! This is one of the most incredible things I've ever seen in my life!

This is wonderful. Nothing here seems to be trying to kill me. I miss this feeling. If I had any money, I might just get a lemonade from one of the vendors wandering the grandstand.

The baby elephant finishes his act, and leaves the tent.

Suddenly, there's a scream and several gunshots.

WHAT!? I don't think this is part of the act. Everyone in the audience is getting frantic. The Ringmaster's trying to keep everyone calm.

Sounds like trouble. What should I do?
No. 495450 ID: 76b151

Dumbo is the center of this paticular world. THe problem will most likely circle around him. See if you can't get to where he exited from.
No. 495452 ID: 78c6ea

Oh god Dumbo. At least you have your broom now.
No. 495457 ID: 9ee360

>Everything looks more or less the same as the last time I was here, but the stuffed animals and the book aren't anywhere to be seen. There's a big chest that's probably a toy chest, but there appears to be a padlock on it.
The adults stepped in, I think. They took away his things, and locked them up. He hinted at his dad being a problem, before.

>What should I do?
Investigate? If there's trouble, you have several ways to shut it down most normal people don't.
No. 495476 ID: 14bafe

Turn Everyone into rabbits. It's the only solution to a panic'd mob.
No. 495718 ID: 25312f
File 136173662906.png - (153.08KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest71.png )

NINA: Lackipo nikrif scrumpet leech!

I jump onto my broom and sail over the mob. Wow, it really is wonderful to have my broom back. I missed this feeling. I soar out of the tent's opening. It looks like the sun's just set; the stars are starting to come out.

I see several large, antique-looking cars drive off into the distance. There's something fairly ominous about them.

Despite the gunshots, I don't see anyone dead. But I'm not entirely sure where the little elephant is. I wonder...

Oh goodness!

A large, muscular man just sailed out of that other tent over there! I hear lots of loud sounds, like a trumpeting elephant and cracking whips, and things are going flying, including people! What on earth is going on over there?

I feel like I should be following the cars... But what if what's going on in that tent is important? I just can't seem to make up my mind.
No. 495731 ID: a31717

How about we check out the tent first? If there's a problem we can quickly diffuse it with bunny-curses and or bad luck.

Then we go after the cars. We should be able to catch up- if you have to, you can use your ring to keep teleporting ahead along the road (you can move to somewhere in line of sight, right?) until you catch up, and then fly after them normally.
No. 495733 ID: 5da860

The tent takes a higher priority than the cars. Helping them out would be a good opportunity to gain their trust, and I our previous experience tells us that trust from the locals is vital. Besides, the cars will likely be back to cause more trouble, while someone in the circus getting injured would be a longer-term problem.
No. 495766 ID: 78c6ea

The cars are kidnapping Dumbo! Don't worry about the tent! It's just his mom being bitchy again.
No. 495772 ID: 5da860

That was my first thought, but those looks like regular cars rather than the vans or trucks it would take to transport a small elephant.
No. 495774 ID: f2c20c

Follow the cars!
No. 495807 ID: 14bafe

The thing is that there's a really big difference between Dumbo's world and pretty much every other one.
Namely, secondary character. Dumbo has a few elephants and crows that play a role, but people here are just things to be impressed.

Go for the cars, Dumbo is the important thing here.
No. 496144 ID: 25312f
File 136185196862.png - (120.17KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest72.png )

I speed my broom after the cars. I'm almost directly over them, when a flurry of black blurs obscures my vision.

I slow down, and realize that I've ended up in the center of a flock of crows. They're all cawing wildly, gesturing at me. They're actually kind of cute, wearing little outfits and hats. One in a blue jacket and a fancy little hat perches on my broom, and puffs a cigar in my face. Ewww! I'm not even sure how he got that cigar!

They seem to be conferring. It's actually really disconcerting not to be able to understand what animals are saying.

The cars are getting away. I should be able to catch up to them without difficulty, and besides, they're leaving muddy tire tracks wherever they go. But these birds won't leave me alone, and I can't even understand if they're actively trying to hinder me or not.

What now?
No. 496145 ID: f2c20c

If we had a mirror or something reflective we could turn ourselves into a rabbit and then be able to understand them.
No. 496148 ID: a31717

Hmm. You know, a comprehend animal speech spell would be pretty useful for the disneyverse.

I don't suppose non-verbal communication is a viable option? Gestures and stuff? Or that they might understand you if you asked yes or no questions? They could answer those without being able to speak to you.
No. 496168 ID: 5da860

Gesture at the cars, and to your ears.
No. 496176 ID: bf54a8

to to pantomime that you want to save dumbo.
No. 496199 ID: 78c6ea

separate your hair in your hands, then flap it like giant ears!

Don't worry these crows have seen it all.
No. 496478 ID: 25312f
File 136194163207.png - (170.96KB , 662x512 , DisneyQuest73.png )

I'll give it a try. These birds seem pretty clever; I mean, they've figured out clothing and cigars, at any rate.

I point to the cars and then to my ear. They're watching me carefully. The one on my broom seems to raise an eyebrow.

I grab my ear with the hand I'm not using to steer the broom, and flap it back and forth.

The crows begin conferring again. Finally, the one with the cigar points at the cars, and begins flying with his wings around his head.

I nod. I guess he's referring to Dumbo, as well.

All the crows react with alarm, and speed up towards the cars. I match their pace, and before I know it, we've all caught up.

On top of the car closest to the back, there's a small mouse wearing a suit. He's jumping up and down and squeaking and pointing to the car he's on. He must be being very careful.

He squeaks at the crows, and they react with alarm. The crows throw themselves in front of the cars, and all three of them screech to a stop.

Five men get out of the cars, two of them carrying guns and the other three with small clubs. They're kind of strange looking. I mean, they look like normal men, I guess. But they're dressed all in black, and they look either extremely tired or extremely bonkers. Something in their eyes. And they feel kind of... wrong. Like Windigos, actually.

The mouse has managed to hide himself; the crows look as if they're ready for battle.

What should I do? I don't think they've seen me yet.
No. 496482 ID: d6ef5d

Hmm. A dumbo-napping by the forces of darkness.

I wonder if this people are under some kind of magical influence or not? If they're being controlled, like the wendigos were, it's certainly not right to kill them.

Can you tell which car has dumbo in it? It's probably the one with the mouse was signalling from. Our objective is to get that car open so dumbo and fly away, and swoop up the mouse while we're at it.

The people with guns are the biggest threat. You'll want to disable them with magic. The bunny curse makes them unable to use weapons- bad luck just reduces the odds of them hitting anything (although it's a pity all of your hexes are single target). Then the crows can fly in and distract the melee units while you fly in for the rescue.
No. 496491 ID: 76b151

If their like wendigo's maybe their minds are infected rather then both their minds and bodies in the last universe.

Change one into a rabbit to see how the crows react.

Bad luck whammy on the rest so their guns jam or something.
No. 496530 ID: f2c20c

If you cast your bad luck spell at range with a quiet voice, I don't think they will even notice it. It's subtle. You could probably manage to hit all of them with it before trouble starts.
No. 496605 ID: 78c6ea

Aha, whatever it is knew to go after Dumbo, but they didn't manage a plausible excuse for doing it so their minions are just sort of confused right now. Perfect time for you to strike!
No. 496714 ID: 25312f
File 136202626859.png - (114.69KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest74.png )

I want to try something here.

NINA: Men in black, your lives will become as sour as vinegar!

I think that should suffice to cover all of them. I whispered, and I don't think they heard me.

I focus on the one on the left with a gun.

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

He sparkles and turns into a rabbit. The crows begin cawing loudly; they look as if they're laughing.

They've definitely noticed me. I focus on the other gun-weilder.

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

He's a rabbit, as well. The two rabbits are just as, well, wrong as they were as people. In fact, they seem almost rabid. It's kind of creepy.

I look at the crows and point toward the guys with clubs. They nod and divebomb them. With their bad luck, they can't get any of their swings to connect with the quick birds.

I make my way to the car closest to me, the one that the mouse had been standing on top of. I hear a faint little trumpeting sound within. I open the back door of the car and find Dumbo, sitting in a cage.

The mouse is perched on his head, looking frightened. Dumbo looks pretty scared, too. The cage is locked.

The two with guns will probably not be rabbits for much longer, and I'm not sure how long the crows will be able to keep the others occupied. What should I do?
No. 496718 ID: 76b151

turn him into a rabbit, slip him through the bars. then fly away.
No. 496719 ID: f2c20c

Those bars... I bet they're widely spaced enough so that Dumbo could fit between them as a rabbit.

Make it happen.
No. 496720 ID: 76b151

turning someone into a rabbit: surprisinly versatile.
No. 496722 ID: 78c6ea

Mental note, next time we bring a cutting torch.
No. 496727 ID: d6ef5d

If your rabbit forms are small enough to fit through the bars, make with the changing- then grab the critters and vamoose.

The awkward bit will be when Dumbo turns back. You'll have to be holding him out and to the side so he doesn't wipe you out, I think.

Alternatively, if bunny forms aren't small enough to slip the cage, you could blow the lock. Although I don't know if that will work, and given your unfamiliarity with and age of your weapon, it's definitely a plan B.
No. 496741 ID: 5da860

If rabbiting doesn't get him out, pick up the first gunner while he is still a rabbit (mind the claws) and start shaking him. This combined with the misfortune should probably disorient him enough to drop his gun, which you can then take after re-rabbiting him. Then re-rabbit the second gunner normally, take his gun, and try blowing the lock with it.
For that matter, the rabbit-shaking plan might be worthwhile to get his gun even if you don't have to blow the lock.
No. 496915 ID: 02bd5c
File 136209807454.png - (161.99KB , 612x512 , DisneyQuest75.png )

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

With a flash, the elephant has turned into an adorable baby bunny, and the mouse is still perched on his head. I slip them through the bars, and hop on my broom.

NINA: Lackipo nikrif scrumpet leech!

Suddenly, we're airborne. The crows join us, and we start on our way back to the circus.

I can hear the two guys behind me turning back into people, and they start to shoot. Their luck is terrible, though, so they miss by a lot.

About halfway back to the circus, Dumbo turns back into a baby elephant. Before I know what to do, I accidentally drop him, and he and the mouse plummet towards the ground...

Oh, right. He can fly. Wonderful!

He rises back up to my level with the mouse on his head, and waves his trunk happily.

We all make it back, and we say goodbye to the crows. The five of them fly off, and we alight before we reach the tents.

Suddenly, Dumbo trumpets in alarm, and flies off. Several strong-looking men have a huge elephant in a sweet little cape and hat tied down, and they're whipping her towards a rather ominous looking train car.

Dumbo reaches the poor elephant, and touches his trunk to her face. She looks worried, and sad.

CIRCUS WORKER: Hey, guys, look! Dumbo's back!

A murmur goes through the crowd. They even release his mother out of surprise.

The ringmaster is running towards me.

RINGMASTER: You brought Dumbo back? That's wonderful news! We were so worried! Thank you so much, we are in your debt!

Suddenly, one of the workers points a huge hand over my shoulder.

CIRCUS WORKER: Look, Boss. We got company.

Those three black cars are back. I'm guessing they're after Dumbo again. What should I do?
No. 496917 ID: 14bafe

Bad Luck. Bad Luck everywhere.
No. 496918 ID: 14bafe


Specifically, on the cars, and their weapons.
No. 496929 ID: d6ef5d

Hmm. This is annoying. We can't just fight the kidnappers off forever. We have to find a way to remove the source of the problem.

For now, maybe we want to focus on capturing these men? If you use your magic to turn the tide of any battle, the circus workers could then disarm and restrain the men in black (we got cages and everything!). That could buy us the time to try and go after the source.
No. 496932 ID: 78c6ea

Yeah, get the crazy guys in cages! Then you can poke them until they start making sense.
No. 497110 ID: 02bd5c
File 136217658044.png - (146.13KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest76.png )

Well, Lilo said that the spell lasts until I take it off, so I'm not sure I have to recast it. Besides, it doesn't sound like a spell that would affect inanimate objects.

The men get out of their cars again, brandishing their weapons, but this time, they are also carrying torches. Suddenly, before they can get control of her, Dumbo's mother begins to run over to their cars, trumpeting wildly. She stands on her hind legs and smashes the cars beyond recognition.

While she smashes the cars, Dumbo begins shooting the men with peanuts from a peanut stand.

NINA: I have a plan! Get a cage out, everyone, and catch them!
Several of the circus workers get out a large cage, and leave it standing open.

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

One of the gunmen becomes a rabbit. I scoop him up and throw him in the cage. He flails at the bottom of the cage, hissing and
scratching at nothing, but not trying to escape.

Several muscular circus workers grab one of the men with clubs, and toss him in the cage as well.

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

The other gunman becomes a rabbit as well, and, before I can reach him, Dumbo's mother grabs him with her trunk and tosses him into the cage with the others.

Before I can even cast another rabbit spell, Mrs. Jumbo, the circus workers, and even a few of the stronger clowns, have managed to throw the other two men in the cage, as well.

The circus worker closest to the cage slams it shut and locks it, just in time for the rabbit spell to wear off.

While all of the men are still armed, they are stuck in the cage, and will have a rather difficult time attacking with so many of us around them. Of course, it’s still a little intimidating to have two guns, three clubs, and three torches all pointed at you.

NINA: What do you want with Dumbo?

They all just stand there, staring blankly.

NINA: Talk. Now!

I pull out my own rifle, just to threaten them. I still can't imagine actually using it, but it's the best threat I have.

NINA: Talk!

When they speak, they speak in unison. It's so creepy.

MEN IN BLACK: I come to claim.

NINA: Claim? Claim what?

MEN IN BLACK: All will fall.

NINA: Start making sense, or... or I'll shoot! I mean it, I will!

MEN IN BLACK: Nothing escapes.

I... Uhh... I... What should I do?
No. 497111 ID: f2c20c

Ask where they came from. Who their leader is. Or maybe there's a clue in their cars?

Also we gotta get those guns away from them.
No. 497130 ID: 78c6ea

Well at least you've got a dialog established. Ask "Who are you?"
No. 497136 ID: d6ef5d

No. 497193 ID: e3aff6

"Escapes what?"
No. 498903 ID: 25312f
File 136279774510.png - (185.34KB , 512x612 , DisneyQuest77.png )

NINA: Who are you?

MEN IN BLACK: All will be consumed.

NINA: Escapes what?

MEN IN BLACK: I come to claim.

NINA: But, why? Where do you come from? Who is your leader?

MEN IN BLACK: Nothing escapes.

NINA: Could someone please go and check their cars? I think there might be a clue in there...


Before anyone could move, one of the men in black suddenly set himself on fire. The fire's spreading, almost as if they're covered in gasoline. They're all burning to death! This is horrible!
No. 498909 ID: 25312f
File 136279791687.png - (220.26KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest78.png )

But... something isn't right. They stop burning and crumble to dust, a pink, blood-like substance running through the ash piles.

The liquid trickles through the bars of the cage, leaving nothing in the cage but ash.

Suddenly, the liquid pools into five distinct puddles.

What? It's...

It's pulling itself into shapes. It seems to inflate, forming five grotesque, enormous pink elephants. They loom over me, and the complete passivity on their faces is extremely unsettling. Looking into their eyes is like looking into some sort of abyss, like how I imagine the depths of outer space.

What is this? What'll I do?

Reposted with fixes and added lost text!
No. 498910 ID: 78c6ea

No. 498911 ID: f2c20c

Oh hell.

NOW we can start using the shotgun. But be sure you can actually see other things, to make sure this isn't a hallucination. Your allies surrounded the cage so, you don't want to shoot blindly and hit a friend.
No. 498917 ID: d6ef5d

That won't do anything!

Honestly, I highly doubt shooting them is the answer.

>What do?
They're boozephants. Something that's only supposed to appear in drunken hallucinations, and that pop like soap bubbles.

The solution is the break the illusion, and/or pop them.
No. 498920 ID: 78c6ea


Yes it will! It will send her on a crazy fever dream that ends up with her somehow inexplicably up a tree. Which is in the spirit of the setting.

Fighting this Allwillbeconsumed thing directly has never worked before.
No. 499196 ID: 25312f
File 136287961075.png - (114.28KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest79.png )

Well... I can try to shoot. I think a bullet might pop them.

I grab my rifle and aim. I've never done anything like this before. Here's hoping it works.


That hurt... That hurt really bad. This gun has kind of a kick to it... and my rib still hurts from before, and I don't think this is helping.

But it worked. One of the elephants popped like a soap bubble, and dissolved into a puddle of red fluids.

All around me is chaos. The circus people are running in every which direction, and most are cowering in tents. One of the pink elephants bounces toward Dumbo, its hands turning into gigantic mallets as it approaches the baby elephant. Before it gets there, Mrs. Jumbo smacks it with her trunk, sending it tumbling back toward the ground, popping in a spray of blue liquid.

Three elephants remain. One is heading for Dumbo, one for the tents, and the other for me.

These things go down pretty easy... But I'm not exactly feeling my best right now. Advice?
No. 499199 ID: f2c20c

Sounds like fighting won't work too well for you. Grab your broomstick and fly over the elephants, try to warn the people in the tents. Maybe even try to distract the elephants. Or turn the one going to the tents into a rabbit.
No. 499201 ID: d6ef5d

Could we take them out with the broomstick? All you'd have to do is fly at them, dodge any attempt to swat you, and ram them with the tip to pop them. They should still be subject to your bad luck hex too, I think, meaning they'd have a hard time hitting or dodging you.
No. 499326 ID: e3aff6

I support warning the people in the tent; you can outmaneuver the one after you using the broomstick, and Dumbo's mom seems to be able to fight them off pretty well.
No. 499355 ID: 25312f
File 136295194387.png - (144.40KB , 412x533 , DisneyQuest80.png )

NINA: Lackipo nikrif scrumpet leech!

I hop on my broomstick and take off, aiming for the pink elephant directly in front of me. I speed directly through its chest, and it bursts into a spray of green fluid. It rolls off of my broom and clothes without sticking, but it feels significantly thicker than soap. It feels almost like paint.

I speed towards the tent, shouting.

NINA: Everybody, run! Get out of the tent! It isn't safe!

I aim for the other elephant as the people and animals in the tent scatter in all directions, most of them running towards the circus train to hide.

Again, I hit it in the center of the chest, and a similar liquid pours out as it pops. It's yellow this time.

I hear Dumbo's mother cry out in alarm.

The four puddles of colored liquid are flowing across the ground at an alarming rate, and are being absorbed into the elephant closest to Dumbo and his mother.

As the liquid pours into the last pink elephant, it gets continuously larger. It doubles... no, triples... wait, quadruples... quintuples in size. This thing is absolutely massive.

The colors swirl around inside of it, turning the translucent soap-bubble elephant into an opaque, multi-colored abomination. It's shape changes, too. It is no longer an elephant, but a ghastly monster formed from many disembodied elephant heads, all with the same cold, lifeless eyes of the original pink elephants.

It's so... large. I don't even know what to do. This doesn't look as fragile as the other elephants. Even Dumbo's mother looks terrified, and she's been so strong until now.
No. 499356 ID: f2c20c

Turn it into a rabbit.
No. 499363 ID: 14bafe

Dang, it's turned into a heffalump. Too bad you didn't find out these thing's weakness while yo were in the 100 acer woods. Yeah turn it into a rabbit, everyone else can deal with that kind of thing.
No. 499365 ID: 76b151

I think the only way to kill this thing permanently would be as a rabbit. Get Momma to stomp it right after you do the spell.
No. 499559 ID: 02bd5c
File 136303506568.png - (230.05KB , 762x512 , DisneyQuest81.png )

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!
The creature's central head turns into a rabbit, and falls off of its shoulders. Dumbo's mother stomps on it with her massive feet, and it crumbles into black dust.
The rest of the behemoth turns on me, though. It seems completely unaffected by my spell.
It swings one of its huge arms at me, and I manage to dodge it on my broomstick. I feel a sharp pain in my chest.
I hover in the air high above it; I'm not sure it can reach me for the moment. It turns back toward Dumbo and his mother, one head missing, but still very large and scary.
No. 499566 ID: 76b151

Turn the biggest head into a rabbit.
No. 499592 ID: f2c20c

Yeah, aim for its core.

Well, FIRST bad-luck curse all the heads.
No. 499606 ID: d6ef5d

Boss fight! Too bad we never got around to enchanting the gun, or this would be an honest to goodness bullet hell shoot the core fight. Dang.

Open up by hexing the whole thing. Then, continue to dodge, and turn the core into a rabbit. Or if there's no clear 'core', aim for connective pieces. Heads that other heads connect to, so removing it would cause pieces to fall off.
No. 499779 ID: 02bd5c
File 136312572694.png - (137.44KB , 612x512 , DisneyQuest82.png )

NINA: Elephant monster, your life will become as sour as vinegar!

I turn my focus directly toward the pink face in the center.

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

It turns into a rabbit, and is killed by Dumbo's mother.

The two arms, with a head topping each, fall to the ground and begin slithering toward me. The legs and hips
turn back on Dumbo's mother.

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

The face that formed the hips becomes a rabbit as well, and is smashed, leaving the two legs as much shorter pieces to crawl as well.

The two legs slither toward the elephant family; the two arms and shoulders slither under me, heading for the tent. I guess they realize that they can't touch me when I'm so high in the air.

Dumbo's mother stomps on one of the legs, smashing both heads into black dust. That leaves 12 monstrous heads for us to deal with.

The other leg tries to attack her, but she swats it away with her trunk.

What should we do next?
No. 499793 ID: f2c20c

Find an able-bodied chap to ride on your broomstick and operate the rifle? Shooting it yourself will probably aggravate your injury further and maybe even be too much for you.

Try to get some people organized and using improvised weapons like pitchforks and clubs.
No. 499794 ID: d6ef5d

Dumbo's mum can handle the one after her, for the moment. Go after the ones going for the tent. Bunnify them, and organize people to crush them.
No. 499803 ID: 78c6ea


Pretty sure in anyone else's hands it's just a broom.
No. 499807 ID: f2c20c

Well I meant, ride with her. Isn't there room for another passenger?
No. 499891 ID: 25312f
File 136322504521.png - (107.80KB , 612x512 , DisneyQuest83.png )

Well, Gran once told me that that was sort of dangerous... But I'm not sure what other choice I have. I'll take my chances.

I land on the ground near the circus folk.

NINA: Everyone, listen! Could everyone please grab the nearest weapon or weapon-like object and begin attacking those creepy things headed towards the tent?

Several clowns and other circus workers grab clubs, hammers, pitchforks, shovels... basically anything they can find, and run towards one of the arms.

NINA: And can anyone operate a rifle?

A woman with short, curly blonde hair steps forward. She's wearing a tight, white, one-piece outfit, with pink frills around her waist, and she has a pink bow in her hair. She's chewing gum very loudly, and has a very old-style rifle strapped to her back. It looks even older than mine.

CLOWN: Babs here's got the best shot since Annie Oakley.

Babs blows a bubble and pops it with her finger.

BABS: Honey, I can shoot better than ol' Annie ever dreamed.

She's got a really thick accent. I think it might be a Brooklyn accent? I don't know, I don't meet Americans that often. At least, not before I went on this adventure.

NINA: Think you can ride behind me?

BABS: Are you kiddin'? I'm the tightrope and sharp-shootin' queen around here! Of course I can!

She hops on the back of the broom, straddling it. A lady always rides side-saddle, of course, but I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures.

NINA: Lackipo nikrif scrumpet leech!

We take to the skies.

NINA: Do you want to use my rifle?

BABS: Nah, I've got my own. It's the latest thing. Browning Auto-5. See what this baby can do!

She pulls her gun off of her back faster than anything I've ever seen. I feel the broom rock dangerously under us.

She pumps the gun five times, and each one hits perfectly into the heads of the arm closest to the tent. The whole thing collapses into black powder.

But the recoil knocks us off balance. My broom veers off to the side. With the extra weight of another rider, I can’t control it well enough to avoid a crash. We land pretty hard near Dumbo's mother, rolling off of the broom. Luckily, the broom isn’t damaged.

OW! That really, really hurts! My rib is hurting really bad, and so is my ankle. Oh, goodness, my ankle... I think I may have sprained it. It really, really hurts!

BABS: Look at 'em go!

I turn around and see that the rest of the circus folk have managed to dispatch the other arm, leaving only the two heads that were attacking Dumbo's mom.

Dumbo's taken to the skies, circling low and worried. For some reason, Dumbo's mom's having trouble this time. They've jumped onto her back somehow, where she can't reach them, and are trying to get at Dumbo. He's out of their reach for now, but we're going to have to stop these heads!
No. 499892 ID: 76b151

Well rabbit one of them. Ask your new friend to kill the other.
No. 499894 ID: f2c20c

After this fight is done, you need to see a doctor.
No. 499909 ID: d6ef5d

>tightrope and sharp-shootin' queen
...wow, the circus really was the right place to try and pick up a gunner for your broom, wasn't it?

>Dumbo's mum in trouble
Begin systematically rabbit-ing them one by one, so she can shake them off and step on them. Babs can shoot others, and at the same time prevent the heads from coming after you. (Wow, full party already- tank, hex-caster, ranged cover).

Yeah. Getting medical care while you're in a universe with something like modern medicine is probably smarter than rushing on to the next danger zone half cocked.
No. 499914 ID: 2a8a2a

They probably have someone who at least knows first aid here, with the risk of training accidents and such.

>They've jumped onto her back somehow, where she can't reach them, and are trying to get at Dumbo
Sounds like a bizzare elephant version of the William Tell apple shot.
No. 500099 ID: 25312f
File 136332182604.png - (108.06KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest84.png )

NINA: Babs, can you take out one of those heads?

BABS: Outta ammo, sorry.

NINA: Here!

I toss her my rifle.

BABS: Odds bodkins! What a fancy rifle! I've never seen one like this before!

She cocks it and fires one of my bullets right into one of the heads. Six bullets left.

NINA: Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee!

The final head turns into a rabbit and tumbles from Dumbo's mother's back, where it is promptly crushed.

I hear that beautiful vault-door sound once again. I think everything here's going to be okay.

All of the circus folk gather around, cheering.

NINA: Do any of you know where I can get some medical attention? I don't feel well.

BABS: I'm sure there's a decent sawbones in town.

NINA: Don't you have any first aid personnel?

BABS: Nah!

RINGMASTER: I have enough clowns on my payroll such as it is!

The clowns laugh uncontrollably.

NINA: Ha ha, very funny.

One of the workers rips a small amount of canvas off of the edge of the tent, and wraps my ankle in it.

CIRCUS WORKER: Can we keep her foot elevated all the way into town?

BABS: Why don't we just send someone to fetch the doc and bring him here?


The circus worker sets out on foot down a dirt road.

NINA: When do you think he's going to be back?

Some clowns have fetched a small platform to slide under my ankle, keeping it elevated.

BABS: I dunno. Two, maybe three hours?

Well, this is a fine kettle of fish. I just saved the world, and here I am, laying helpless on the ground. It would be kind of funny, if it weren't so frustrating.
No. 500100 ID: 76b151

well these are circus folk ask if they have any spells they can share.
No. 500101 ID: d6ef5d

Cool! You won your first boss fight.

Don't fret too much about being immobilized. You could always float around on your broom if your really had to move. And you deserve a moment's rest after everything. Kick back, watch the circus put itself to rights.

The circus has gotta have a gypsy or witch or something who might know a trick or two.
No. 500103 ID: f2c20c

Ask them about the world. Did they get any warning before those guys showed up and kidnapped Dumbo?
No. 500141 ID: 14bafe

They have elephants. Maybe they have a vet? You could maybe turn into a rabbit and have veterinary assistance.

Wait no that's silly.

Just relax. Maybe ask if you could pet Dumbo or something?
No. 500295 ID: 25312f
File 136341621631.png - (102.87KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest85.png )

Good idea!
NINA: Babs, would you happen to know if there's anyone here who knows anything about magic?
Babs breaks into a wide grin.

BABS: There's Madame Olga. She's a real scream. I'll go get her.

Babs dashes off, and returns with a woman with wild hair, too much eye makeup, and a flowing, glittery purple gown.

MADAME OLGA: I have been told that there is someone here who requires assistance.... FROM THE OTHER SIDE!

BABS: It's just... Hey, sorry, what did you say your name was again, Kid?

NINA: It's Nina.

MADAME OLGA: Ahhh, yes! Nina! The spirits have fortold of your arrival.

NINA: They... they have?

MADAME OLGA: Uhh... yes, they have! I saw your skill with the broomstick. It is nice to meet a
fellow magician! A fellow mystic! A fellow traveller on the road of the occult! A fellow...

BABS: Come on, Olga, give it a rest and show Nina your hocus-pocus already.

The fortune-teller looks extremely flustered.

MADAME OLGA: I shall teach you how to receive messages... FROM THE OTHER SIDE!

NINA: That sounds useful.

MADAME OLGA: Yes... they will tell you of things that are... things that were... things that... HAVE YET TO BE.

She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, and begins moving her hands in strange ways.

MADAME OLGA: Serpents and spiders, tail of a rat; call in the spirits, wherever they're at. Rap on a table; it's time to respond. Send us a message from somewhere beyond. Goblins and ghoulies from last Halloween: awaken the spirits with your tambourine. Creepies and crawlies, toads in a pond; let there be music, from regions beyond! Wizards and witches, wherever you dwell, give us a hint, by ringing a bell!

She falls silent, and then slowly opens her eyes.

MADAME OLGA: You have a long road ahead of you, child. But you won't be alone for much longer.

NINA: That's good. That's a pretty long spell.

MADAME OLGA: Of course it is. It has to be, if you want the spirits to hear you!

NINA: And you're... you're sure it works?

MADAME OLGA: Of course it does! Just what are you implying?

Babs cups her mouth with her hand and leans in to me.

BABS: It works, alright. Once a week. Twice, if she's on a roll.

MADAME OLGA: I won't be insulted like this!

With a very ornamental sweep of her robes, she storms off, and Babs dissolves into a case of the giggles.

Suddenly, the Ringmaster appears.

RINGMASTER: We owe quite a bit to you, Miss. I don't know what we would have done without you! If there's anything you want or need, just ask!

NINA: Has anything weird been happening lately?

RINGMASTER: Weird? No, not anything weird at all.

NINA: So you had no idea that these... whatever they were were going to kidnap Dumbo?

RINGMASTER: No. They just took him, and then we saw you go after them, and then you came back and you know the rest.

NINA: I was just wondering.

NINA: This is going to sound strange, but...

RINGMASTER: Nonsense! Ask anything you like!

NINA: Well... could I possibly pet Dumbo? He's extremely cute.

RINGMASTER: Of course you can!

He motions with his arm, and Dumbo's mother comes over to me.

RINGMASTER: Can this young lady pet your baby, Mrs. Jumbo?

Mrs. Jumbo nods softly, touching my face with her trunk. It's so strong, but so gentle, and warm. She really is a very nice animal... despite being so... large.

Dumbo flutters out from behind his mom, and lands right next to me. His skin is so warm and smooth, and he rubs his head against my hand like a really big cat. He's just so cute!

I lay on the ground and pet Dumbo for a while, watching him run around his mother's legs and come back to me. It's actually pretty relaxing.

Suddenly, the circus worker and the doctor come back in a small, old-timey car.

DOCTOR: I heard someone needed a doctor?

BABS: Nina does!

He comes over to me, and checks me out. He puts my ankle in a cast, and hands me a wooden crutch.

NINA: But Doctor, how am I supposed to carry both my broom and the crutch?

DOCTOR: You'll figure something out. You're going to have to stay off that foot, you know!

NINA: I guess you're right. What about my rib?

DOCTOR: That'll heal on its own. Just take it easy for a while.

NINA: How will I know when it's better?

DOCTOR: It'll feel better, of course! Trust me, you'll know. But it will probably be a while.
He hands me a glass bottle.

DOCTOR: Here, take some of this if the pain gets too bad.

NINA: What is it?

DOCTOR: Laudanum.

NINA: Wait, Laudanum? Isn't that... ummm... illegal?

DOCTOR: Illegal? Why should it be? It's good for what ails you!

NINA: Umm... Okay. Thank you.

I slip the bottle in my pocket. I should be careful; if I were to be caught with this back home, I'm sure Gran wouldn't be pleased!
I get up on my crutch, holding my broom under my other arm. It's awkward, but it works.
Is there anything else I should do here before I go?
No. 500296 ID: 76b151

I believe that is all. Let us visit Christopher Robin once more. I have a feeling there will be little actual fighting there. Its mroe to do with his mental state. Give us a bit of time to recover.
No. 500304 ID: f2c20c

Whoa. Okay, do not drink any of that laudanum. If we must take it, only in controlled doses. I'm not even sure it's safe for someone as young as you. It's a powerful drug.

Definitely visit Robin again instead of rushing into the next world. I'd like to note that the attacks happen immediately upon entering the worlds, so it may be that we are inserted at a specific time and don't need to rush. We can probably rest and recover before entering the next world and not be late. However, time does seem to pass in Robin's world while we're in these other worlds.

Could you use the crutch as a broomstick?
No. 500327 ID: 4e84e7

If you do take any laudanum, it will have to be diluted by parts of a hundred, so two drops in a glass of water, maybe around sixteen oz., so it wont be useful on short notice, like combat, unless you keep a water bottle already loaded.

Altogether, though, I suggest against the whole thing.
maybe you can try going to one of the world's you have saved already, you look like you desperately need some rest, at least a day of rnr. can you go home; i guarantee you ought to be comfortable there. and there will be painkillers that dont promise a lifetime of high risk addiction.
No. 500359 ID: d6ef5d

Wow. Yay for opium, I suppose. Seriously though, you probably don't want to take any of that right now.

...wait, I just realized you're now running drugs and guns between universes. Whoops. Good thing the only interdimensional police force around seem to be you.

>crutches, broom?
I don't suppose you could put the broom across your back with the rifle? (Stick it through the strap?). Or you could just sit on the broomstick and float around instead of walking, with the crutches in your lap.
No. 500388 ID: 78c6ea

You can use the laudanum as a weapon. Give 200mg of it to anyone and it'll burn their brain out and relax them so much they stop breathing. Supposedly it's the most pleasant way to die!
No. 500411 ID: de262c

It seems that you're currently in America some time between 1905 and 1915. That means that you can probably find more ammunition for the rifle if you head down to the nearest town.
No. 500485 ID: 25312f
File 136347903943.png - (157.43KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest86.png )

NINA: Hey, Babs?

BABS: Yeah?

NINA: Do you know what kind of ammunition this takes?

I hand her my rifle, and she studies it closely.

BABS: Where did you get this? Like I said, it's really fancy.

NINA: I got it from a friend.

BABS: Must be a pretty good friend! From the looks of this baby, it would probably take those fancy-schmancy new military cartridges! The thirty-aught-six Springfields!

NINA: Cool! Where can I get some more?

BABS: Well, they're pretty new, so they're kind of hard to get your hands on.

NINA: Oh...

BABS: Well, unless you've got connections. And boy, does Babs have connections!

NINA: Really? I don't suppose you have any extra ones lying about, do you?

BABS: I just got a new crate yesterday! I might be able to part with a few of 'em for you.

NINA: Do you mean it?

BABS: Sure! You kind of saved my bread-and-butter, today, Kid! Without this circus, I'd be shit-out-of-luck! I think giving you some ammo is a fair trade.

She goes into a train car and comes back with a small wooden box filled with bullets.

BABS: Here's ten more rounds.

NINA: Thanks, Babs!

BABS: No problem, Kid! I'm sure these babies will be available as surplus sometime in the future. But for now, if you ever need anything gun-related, you just look me up.

NINA: Thanks, Babs.

BABS: No problem, Kid.

NINA: Goodbye, everyone! Thanks for all your hospitality!

The circus people all bid me farewell, and I give Dumbo one last pat on the head before leaving.

NINA: Ring, take me to Christopher Robin's nursery!

I tap the ring three times and give it a quarter-turn.

Suddenly, I'm back in Christopher Robin's nursery again. It looks exactly the same as the last time I left it, but the boy is still nowhere to be seen. This is really frustrating.

NINA: Ring, take me to Framlingham, Suffolk!

I make the necessary adjustments, but nothing happens. I... I don't think I can go home yet. It didn't work the last time I tried it, either.

Maybe I should re-visit past worlds.

NINA: Ring, take me to Nani Pelekai's home, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Suddenly, I'm in Nani's kitchen once again, leaning awkwardly on a crutch.

The sun is just beginning to rise, and Nani is seated at the table, wearing pajamas and drinking a cup of coffee.

NANI: Whoa, Nina! You scared me! You're here pretty early, and... What happened to you?

I look at myself. I'm really surprised; how long have I looked this unkempt? I'm such a mess! And with my ankle in a cast...

I set my ammo box down on the table and take the seat across from Nani.

NINA: Just... you know, spending my time going on long journeys with bears, fighting zombies, shooting creepy elephant heads...

NANI: Sorry I asked! What happened to your foot?

NINA: I crashed my broom.

NANI: That's too bad. How does it feel?

NINA: It really, really hurts.

NANI: Well, you can rest here, don't worry. I have some clothes you can borrow, if you need to wash yours.

NINA: Really? That would be great, actually!

NANI: Do you need some Ibuprofen?

NINA: Thank you so much, Nani! You're so sweet!

NANI: Well, it's the least I can do for someone who's saved the world. And from the looks of you, I'd guess you've been saving it a lot lately.

NINA: I guess so.

She gives me a glass of water and I chug down the pills. It isn't much, but it helps.

Nani is so great! She lets me use her shower, and her laundry machines. Mostly, I spend my day on the couch, watching the telly.

American television has far too many adverts for my taste, and that was kind of bad at first. Luckily, by the time Lilo came home from school, I found a marathon of "Monty Python's Flying Circus" on a public access channel. Lilo watched a lot of it with me; she thinks it's hilarious. Nani doesn't seem to agree, but she spent a good portion of the day surfing with David, so I guess it's okay.

Eventually, I fall asleep on the couch. I'm not exactly sure when. The last thing I remember is seeing that great John Cleese fresh-fruit bit, and then I was completely out.

I woke up around noon the next day, feeling completely refreshed. My clothes are clean, my body is clean, everything is completely better. Jumba even makes me breakfast again, just like old times! Nani got me my own bottle of Ibuprofen at the general store she works at with her employee discount. I feel kind of bad taking it from her for nothing, but she reassures me that she wants me to have it.

I sure have a lot of things! I'm not sure how I'm going to carry all of it.

Is there anything else I should do before leaving Hawaii and going... somewhere else?
No. 500486 ID: 76b151

You should see about getting a backpack or something.
No. 500500 ID: 14bafe

Well, Jumba's a mad <i>biologist</i> sort of scientist, so he can probably fix up your leg and ribs. Modern medical science usually trumps that of the fifties.

Also, might as well give him that bottle of narcotics. I'm sure he'd be the most responsible person to have it.
No. 500508 ID: d6ef5d

>jumps back to hawaii for some R&R and a Monty Python marathon
This is a girl who knows how to unwind after fighting the forces or darkness.

Out of curiosity, does the alternate universe make any difference in the media? Is it a different version of the monty python you know? Any lines changed, or sketches you don't recognize?

Not a bad idea.

>What next?
Hmm. Maybe we could test jumping back to the hub where you met donald and everyone? Check in, share what we've learned, maybe see if they have any new information. Including asking about why your homeworld is blocked (the best case is you just haven't been there since Mickey upgraded the enchantment on your ring- so it doesn't know it as a place it's previously been).

Then we should probably get a little more agressive trying to work out Christopher Robin's world. Don't wait for him to come back to his room (what if he can't? He might have been sent away to boarding school, or something). Get out there and explore what else is there.
No. 500533 ID: 78c6ea

There is nothing outside his room. That's why the only place to look for evil was in his imagination realm.
No. 500540 ID: 25312f
File 136349110051.png - (179.43KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest87.png )

Actually, no. It's exactly the same as it's always been.

NINA: Jumba?

JUMBA: Yes? What can I be of help with?

NINA: You're a scientist, right?

JUMBA: I am an evil genius. And yes.

NINA: Uhh... right. Anyway, I was wondering if you could help me. I have a sprained ankle, and a cracked rib. They hurt really bad.

JUMBA: You need medical care? That doesn't sound like too much fun. Besides, it's not really my specialty. I work best from scratch.

NINA: I'll... I'll give you something good in exchange, but you can't tell anyone about it, okay?

JUMBA: ....I'm listening.

I hand him the bottle of laudanum. He opens the lid and sniffs it, his four eyes rolling in joy.

JUMBA: Ha! Very good! I'm sure I'll be able to find some decent use for this. The water supply? No, too risky. Hmm...

He stares at the bottle thoughtfully.

JUMBA: But first, rib and ankle. Let me see.

We go to a room in the house that I've never been in before, filled with all sorts of gadgets and strange things in jars.

JUMBA: Welcome to my laboratory! Take a seat!

He gestures towards a slab. I sit on it, and am immediately restrained.

NINA: Umm... Jumba? Are you sure this is safe?

JUMBA: Absolutely! I am a doctor, after all!

He flips a switch, and a blue gas fills the room.

I blink for a second, and then Jumba is standing over me, looking sheepish. My foot and chest feel a little numb.

JUMBA: You want first good news? Or bad?

NINA: Uhh... good news?

JUMBA: I fixed all your bones!

NINA: Bad news?

JUMBA: I forgot how to do that, so they're not your bones anymore.

NINA: What?

I look behind him, and see a human rib and skeletal foot. Oh... Oh goodness... I might be sick.

NINA: What did you do!?

JUMBA: Is better! Don't worry. They're made of potassalonium! Will never break again. Plus, they can do this!

He shines a blacklight at me, and the "bones" in my foot and one of my ribs glows fuchsia.

NINA: Well, that's... interesting. I'm not sure whether I'm grateful, or concerned.

JUMBA: Do they hurt anymore?

NINA: No, not really.

JUMBA: Then I am a good doctor! My pleasure, anytime!

He gestures for me to leave his laboratory, and I do, but admittedly, I'm pretty shaken.

I guess that's what I'll do next. I have a lot of things to carry. I guess I don't need my crutch anymore, but I still have my ammo box, and I may as well put my mittens somewhere safer than my pockets.

The only problem is, I don't have any money.

Suddenly, the front door opens. It's David.

DAVID: Hi, Nina! I heard you were here! I've got a surprise for you!

NINA: Huh?

DAVID: Nani tells me you've been having kind of a rough time. And it isn't much, but she says you seemed to be having problems carrying all of your things. And I thought, hey, she saved the world, so... maybe I could help!

From behind his back, he pulls a backpack! Wow, it's almost too good to be true!

DAVID: I kind of bought it on our last vacation. But it's not really my style, so I never use it. You can have it.

This is really weird, though. There's a picture of Mickey on it. How the heck does he know about Mickey Mouse?

DAVID: So, anyway... Good luck saving the world, Nina!

NINA: Thanks, David!

I find everyone else and say goodbye to them, and then I pack my bag and head out.

NINA: Ring, take me to the world of Donald Duck and his friends.

I find myself in a perfectly normal living room, where Donald is sitting and watching television with three little ducklings who look a lot like him.

???: Who is that, Uncle Donald?

???: How did she get in here?

???: She's really cool!

DONALD: Huey, Dewey, Louie! Go to your room!


The three ducklings head upstairs.

DONALD: Nina, what are you doing here? You're early!

NINA: Early?

DONALD: Don't tell Mickey I told you, but we were planning to intercept you the next time you jumped to the next world!

NINA: What? Why?

DONALD: Well... How's about I call everyone else, and then we'll tell you. It's kind of a surprise!

He calls Daisy in from another room, and they call the others on their cell phones. Within five minutes, their entire group is assembled.

MICKEY: Good to see you, Nina!

MINNIE: You've been doing a really good job.

GOOFY: I heard that you saved... uhh... was it four worlds already?

DAISY: I thought it was three.

MICKEY: You're both right.

NINA: Huh? What do you mean?

MICKEY: It's complicated, and I really don't know how to explain it. But there are some worlds that, one way or another, work differently than normal. You need to visit them once before you can really save them.

NINA: What's that supposed to mean?

MICKEY: It'll make sense later. But for right now, you've done everything perfectly.

NINA: But what about Christopher Robin? I failed...

DONALD: No, you didn't.

NINA: Huh?

DAISY: What Donald means is, you're halfway done.

MINNIE: You'll be able to finish your business with him later. But for right now, other worlds need you more.

NINA: I guess I understand. But what's the surprise that Donald was telling me about? You wanted to talk to me?

DAISY: You told her?

DONALD: No! I didn't tell her anything!

GOOFY: We found you a friend!

NINA: What?

MICKEY: That's right. You're not the only person who can fix worlds. Do you remember the four other potential candidates I mentioned last time?

NINA: Now that you mention it, I do.

MICKEY: We're ready to bring in the next recruit. You'll have a new companion, and you'll be able to work together to purify the worlds! Won't that be swell?
No. 500542 ID: 25312f
File 136349119543.png - (99.49KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest88.png )

Choose your character:

The Bard weaves stories unlike any other. These stories are alive, these stories are a part of the fabric of the world. With each new experience, new stories awaken.

The Nanny cares for children above all else. To aid in this noble cause, the Nanny uses magic both practical and whimsical. With each new adventure, more adventures can be had.

The Apothecary brews up potions, poisons, elixirs, and more. An expert at the sales-pitch, the Apothecary gathers ingredients to create new and exciting concoctions. With each new recipe, more discoveries can be made.

The Toon is master of all things comical and wild. As long as an action be absurd and funny, the Toon can turn any situation to his or her own favor. Their powers wax and wane from journey to journey, but the Toon will always go where laughs are to be had.

Which do you choose?
No. 500547 ID: 76b151

The Toon, we need a combat character.
No. 500549 ID: d6ef5d

>mad scientist bones
Whoops. We accidentally made you a cyborg too on top of everything else? Hmm. I hope those things grow with you. Otherwise they'll need to be replaced later.

>New character
All right. We already have flight, ranged attacks, and hexes / debuffs. What compliments that?

Apothecary seems kind of too close to what you do already. Nanny powers are mostly diplomatic and travel based, which I think we have covered.

I'd prefer the bard to the toon. We don't have a lot of strait combat (and what we did, you handled just fine), and if a bard is the power of stories- the fabrics of the worlds we're trying to fix- that potentially gives us easier ways to diagnose problems / cures, and heck, even reality warping powers.

>What else?
...be sure to ask them about your world, and how you haven't been able to return.
No. 500556 ID: 2984c1

I think it should be a toon
No. 500559 ID: 370c40

No. 500567 ID: 78c6ea

The tanks are the Toon and the Nanny. Apothecary is DPS, so you'll need a tank for 'em to be useful. Nanny has buffs, but Toon probably has weapon effects.
No. 500570 ID: 76b151

(I hope the toon is somone with The Mask, that is always fun)
No. 500602 ID: de262c

My vote goes to the Bard.
No. 500612 ID: 25312f
File 136353420084.png - (107.43KB , 674x512 , Disneyquest89.png )

You are a toon. You have the power to do almost anything... but only if it's funny. The more your audience laughs, the more powerful you become.

Are you a boy, or a girl?

What is your name?
No. 500617 ID: d6ef5d

...oh dear, they both look obnoxious. I really hope appearances are misleading and we didn't pair poor Nina with a brat.

No. 500618 ID: 943463

A boy named Niño, for maximum confusion when you go to visit Nani.
No. 500619 ID: de262c

I approve
No. 500620 ID: 14bafe

Upvoting this.
He'll have SO MUCH POWER in that world, right off the bat.
No. 500621 ID: d6ef5d

>Nina and Niño
What? No. That's awful. That's not even toon funny.
No. 500623 ID: 78c6ea

The boy, because as everyone knows, any toon with fashion accessories is completely and totally useless, except for sunglasses.
No. 500624 ID: 78c6ea



The boy is the one on the right, right? If not changing my vote so hard.
No. 500657 ID: 25312f
File 136354867099.png - (117.88KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest90.png )

Whoa... Where am I? My head hurts! I was just baking some pies for my audition tonight, and now I'm.... here! What's going on?

There's this other bloke here, now. Definitely American.

MICKEY: Is your name Antonio Johnson?

NINO: Uhh.. I prefer Nino, but... yeah?

MICKEY: You studied under Roger Rabbit and his friends, and learned their ways?

NINO: I'm the only human in all of LA who can do it! You wanna see some burlas?

GOOFY: Shucks, sure!

MINNIE: There's no time!

DONALD: Just tell us what you can do.

NINO: If I get a good burla going, I can do things you won't even believe! Just like a cartoon.

MICKEY: What's in the bag?

NINO: Let's see...

He opens his messenger bag, and begins pulling out more things than I could possibly imagine!

NINO: Half-a-dozen banana cream pies, ten banana peels, rubber chicken, big hammer, inflatable bra... Hmm... I guess that's it. I packed kind of light. Why am I here?

MICKEY: We need you to help Nina save the multiverse.

NINO: I have no idea what that even is.

NINA: They're different worlds, but they're all connected. And they're all in danger. We need to save them. I've already saved a few.

NINO: Ooooh! Is it fun?

NINA: What? No... Well, sometimes. But mostly it's scary and dangerous.

NINO: I... I don't like the sound of that. When do I get to go home?

NINA: Good question. When do we get to go home? I've tried teleporting, but it isn't working.

NINO: Teleporting?

NINA: I'm a witch.

NINO: A real witch? Wow! I've never met a real witch before! That's so cool! Can you cast spells and stuff?

NINA: Yes... We're getting off the subject! When can we go home?

MICKEY: You... you can't.

NINA: What!?

NINO: Oh no... My mama's gonna be totally freaking out!

MINNIE: Mickey! Of course you can go home. Once you've finished saving the multiverse.

DAISY: You can't leave until you've finished. I'm sorry, but that's how it has to be.

NINA: But why?

MICKEY: It takes a good deal of effort to bring someone into the multiverse from your world. We can't afford to summon the same person twice, especially when we have three more heroes that need to be brought in.

NINO: So, it's not just us?

MICKEY: For now, yes. We'll tell you when we've found you more companions. But for now, you need to work together, and save even more worlds.

NINO: How? I don't know the first thing about--

NINA: Neither did I. Don't worry, I'll fill you in.

This is so weird. I feel so lost. I feel like I'm still learning the ropes myself. How am I supposed to teach someone else how to save the multiverse when I'm still figuring it out?

Do you think he can hear you, too?

Who's the British girl? What the heck is going on? It looks like I'm in Toontown, but... I'm pretty sure this isn't just someone messing with me. These guys looks so familiar, but... I can't figure out why. Think, Nino, think...
No. 500659 ID: d6ef5d

>How am I supposed to teach someone else how to save the multiverse when I'm still figuring it out?
Well, you can just explain what you've been through so far. It's pretty straightforward if you ignore the details- your ring takes you someplace where something is wrong, and then you have to figure out what's wrong and fix it! The problem is figuring out the problem and the cure- it's been different every time.

>Who's the British girl?
Nina. Don't worry, she's nice, and got roped into this just as unexpectedly as you, though. And she's managed just fine.

>These guys looks so familiar, but... I can't figure out why.
I don't suppose the word "Disney" means anything to you?
No. 500660 ID: 78c6ea

Burlas? What? Toontown wasn't leveled by JD? The hell? You from some kind of Spanish knockoff?
No. 500719 ID: f2c20c

That's Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Daisy, and Donald Duck. They're kindof famous toons? Don't tell me your world is forgetting things like the first one we saved.

I'll tell you the basics of how saving the multiverse works. There this machine, see, and it teleports you to other worlds that are under threat from some sort of mysterious invading force. The force manifest in many different ways. In the first world, which was in a sort of cartoony sci-fi universe, it caused people to start forgetting things. First Elvis, then various other icons. We fixed it by transmitting an Elvis song throughout the entire universe at once- that made everyone remember Elvis and thus everything else, defeating the threat. The second world was more of a low-tech mystical world with talking animals. The threat manifested there as a plague that turned animals into Wendigos, which are basically zombies. We fixed it by reaching the top of a mountain where spirits congregated, and Nina's mere presence purified the corruption and empowered the spirits to fix all the Wendigos, defeating the threat. In the third world, which was like the 1920s but with smart animals, it was rather simple. A group of strange-acting men in black kidnapped a flying elephant named Dumbo, and we captured them to interrogate them and found out that unlike the Wendigos, these men were direct minions of whatever the mysterious force is. They turned into these weird hallucination-like elephants that we had to kill to save that world. There seems to be a pattern here of escalation. I imagine in the next world we will once again have to fight minions, but likely more of them or stronger ones.

Oh, and each time we neutralized the threat, Nina could hear the sound of a vault door closing. This implies that we are sealing off each world from wherever the threat is coming from.
No. 500723 ID: 25312f
File 136357332877.png - (104.75KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest91.png )

Whoa! Voices in my head! I'm freaking out! But... I don't know. It kinda feels like you're supposed to be there. Jeez, I feel like some kinda comic book character or something!

"Spanish knock-off?" What is that supposed to mean, anyway? I'm half-Mexican. So what? And I'm from LA. Toontown's, like, a block from my house. And I'm not sure who JD is. Should I have heard of them? Are they, like, famous or something?

And my burlas are my jokes, dude! If I get enough momentum going, I can pull off bigger and bigger ones! Why, you wanna see one?

Okay, I'll try.

NINA: Mickey here programmed my ring to take me to worlds that need my help. There's always some problem, and then I fix it, and then everything's alright.

NINO: But I still have so many questions! Like, what's happening? Why is it happening?

NINA: Yeah... I'm not really sure. Have you figured that out yet?

DONALD: It was exactly what I thought it was!

MICKEY: Donald...

DONALD: Well, it was!

MINNIE: We knew this day might come, Mickey.

MICKEY: Yes, but... But I'm not ready for it. Look guys, you still have a lot to learn about the multiverse. When the time comes, you'll know what's happening. But it's a lot to take in, and I don't think you're quite ready for it yet. Don't worry, you're doing fine. Just keep doing what you're doing.

GOOFY: You mean, we aren't going to tell them...

MICKEY: No. We'll let the Storyteller do it when the time comes.

DAISY: Mickey, you're being irrational.

MICKEY: Maybe. But I know what I'm doing, alright?

MINNIE: We all trust your judgment, Mickey. Isn't that right, Daisy? Goofy?

GOOFY: Absolutely.

DAISY: Well, alright. I guess there's no harm.

MINNIE: Donald?

DONALD: Aww, phooey.

Donald turns away and walks into the other room. I think he's actually really frustrated.

NINA: Let's see, Nino. First, there was a world where everyone was forgetting about Elvis.

NINO: What? That's kinda silly!

NINA: I know. But it was actually kind of scary. But I helped them remember. Then there was the world where there were zombies...

NINO: What? You get to fight zombies? That is so COOL! Sign me up!

NINA: I think you're already on board. Anyway, I fixed that, too. Then I fought a giant elephant made of soap bubbles to save a circus...

NINO: A circus? Say no more! I'm in! This is going to be AWESOME!

NINA: .....If you say so.

I can’t believe this! He's jumping up and down! Doesn't he realize how dangerous this is?

Huh? What are you talking about? Who are you talking to?

Oh, I guess Nino CAN hear you, then. I wonder if there is anyway that you could arrange to speak to us individually? I'm just worried that this is going to get confusing or distracting. Especially since I can't hear his thoughts.

Yeah, she seems pretty cool. Did she really get to do all the stuff she said? This is going to be EPIC! I just hope I don't end up like some kind of sidekick or something. Boring! But this adventure sounds totally fun!

"Disney?" It sounds like a nightclub. Or maybe a small town in Iowa. Or maybe a nightclub in a small town in Iowa! Does Iowa even have nightclubs? It would be kinda sad if they didn't, I think.

Do you think we should head to the next world awhile, or is there anything else we should do?
No. 500724 ID: 78c6ea

Man, they promise a toon and all we get is some Spanish knockoff wannabe toon. Wake me when you're not direct to video.
No. 500725 ID: d6ef5d

Yes, I think we can make it clear who we're talking to.

>Doesn't he realize how dangerous this is?
I doubt it. Don't worry, we'll reign him in when he needs it, and he'll learn soon enough.

>Or is there anything else we should do?
I'd try and sneak away and talk to Donald. He's been the most honest and helpful, and he's clearly frustrated being silenced.

>Why, you wanna see one?
Yes, go ahead. It'll be awesome, and we need you to distract the people here while Nina goes to talk to Donald. See what it is the others aren't letting him say.
No. 500726 ID: f2c20c

I don't understand how you can have a Toontown without Disney characters in it. What toons are you familiar with, Nino?

Oh, uh, how do we travel in a group? Nina's ring only transports one person.
No. 500989 ID: 25312f
File 136366052037.png - (98.16KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest92.png )

Yeah? Well... Whatever. It doesn't bother me. Stupid head voices.

I'm not sure what that means, but it certainly isn't very nice. I don't know Nino yet... But that's such a nasty thing to say! You really shouldn't insult him. He might be able to help!

Well, let's see... My best friends are Roger and Jessica Rabbit. Maybe you've heard of them? They're kind of a big deal. I hang around with their group sometimes. Baby Herman, Benny the Cab, you know. I just try to avoid those Warner Bros. douchebags. They're kind of bad news. They think I don't have what it takes to be a real toon, since I'm actually a live, human person and could die... But I can more than keep up with them!

Betty Boop's a pretty good friend, too. One time, she even got me into the Ink and Paint Club once! I won't even be 21 until next year, but she vouched for me and got me in! Boy, if my mama ever found out about that, she'd probably guilt-trip my ass back into the confessional somehow...

Sorry. Rambling. I do that sometimes.

Not necessarily! If I'm holding or touching another person or thing, I can teleport them with me. Gran showed me how. I've just never had any reason to do that until now.

Nino looks at me and taps his temple, raising an eyebrow. I nod. I'm pretty sure we're both talking about the same thing. He's going to help me sneak away, isn't he? Oh, you're brilliant!

I see you guys talk to Nina, too! Yay! We're like weird-voice-head-thingy-buddies! I think this adventure just got even cooler! I'll distract them real good!

NINO: Hey, guys! Are you sure I can't show you a burla real quick? I'm really itching to show you what I can do!

GOOFY: Sounds like fun!

MICKEY: But...

MINNIE: Come on, Mickey! I'm sure it won't hurt!

DAISY: Show us!

NINO: Okey-dokey!

I reach into my messenger bag and pull out.... A banana peel? Nope, back in the bag. I pull out.... Another banana peel? Nope, back in the bag. The dog guy... Goofy? Yeah, Goofy... He's already chuckling. I can feel myself getting a bit loosened up.

Here it is! Banana creme pie!

I hurl it at Mickey, and it splashes all over his face. Goofy starts laughing super-loud, and Daisy does, too.

MINNIE: Oh, Mickey, I'm sorry but... You just look so funny!

She starts cracking up, too. Slowly, I can see even Mickey start to smile.

MICKEY: Gee, I guess I do! Thanks, Nino, I guess I needed to be cheered up!

I'm just getting warmed up! Nina's heading towards the other room. I hope she gets to Donald alright. In the meantime, I'll just keep these guys entertained.

I reach into my bag and pull out... My inflatable bra? OK, I can work with that, especially the way they're laughing!

I blow it up until it begins to float in mid-air, then slip it on. I let my hair down, and do a little Betty Boop dance. I could probably do just about anything with as hard as they're laughing, but I'm not sure how long this distraction needs to be. I transform my clothes for now, though. That should keep them laughing.

I can't believe Nino threw a pie at Mickey! Hope that goes okay. Everyone seems to be having a good time!

NINA: Hey, Donald?

DONALD: Nina? What are you doing in here?

NINA: I just came to talk to you. Donald, what's going on? I know you know, but Mickey doesn't want you to tell me.

DONALD: No, he doesn't, and... Aww phooey! I don't blame him. This is really personal for him, and I can't betray him. But I really, really want to tell you.

NINA: Then tell me, you need to!

DONALD: Look, I think Mickey's full of shit. But I know why he feels the way he does and... if he thinks we should let the Storyteller tell you, then that's what we'll do. I left because I knew... I'd say things I'd regret.

NINA: The Storyteller?

DONALD: A man from your world who lives in ours. You can trust him, don't worry. He'll call you when he's ready to talk.

NINA: You can't tell us anything?

He thinks for a minute.

DONALD: Well, I can tell you that something's going after these worlds for a reason. It's something very powerful, and it definitely has a grudge against... Well... all of us. I can't tell you anything other than that, but... It won't be satisfied until it's eaten every last world in the multiverse, and then it will come after us.

NINA: That's terrible.

DONALD: I know. But you can stop it, Nina. You have the power, and we believe in you. And I'm sure that you and Nino will keep saving worlds, and maybe you can even defeat that horrible thing. It'll be hard, but if anyone can do it, it's you.

NINA: Thanks, Donald.

DONALD: Don't mention it. Hey, let's go back in the other room. It sounds like a real party in there!

We go back into the living room, where we find Nino dancing around, dressed as a lady for some reason! Oh, my goodness, he even has fake bosoms! He looks ridiculous!

Nina's back, and she and Donald start laughing at my Betty Boop dance. Nina looks a little uncomfortable, but it's enough of a laugh to count! With seven people laughing at me, I feel pretty good. Good enough for a grand finale. I jump in the air and do a triple-flip, landing in a perfect split. At just the right moment, I pop the valve on my bra and it deflates, blowing me all around the room, until I land in Mickey's arms, and give him a big, sloppy kiss on the cheek. Everyone's laughing until they almost cry.

NINO: So, how was that for a burla?

His clothes turn back into his normal clothes. I have no idea how he even did that!

GOOFY: You have really good technique!

DAISY: That was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my entire life!

MICKEY: Thanks for cheering me up, Nino.

NINO: Any time, Mickey.

NINA: So.... Are we ready to go?

NINO: I don't know, are we?

What do you guys think? Anything else we should do before we leave?

When do you think it would be a good time to ask what she learned from Donald? Because this is super-awkward. I feel like she knows something that I don't. I wanna know! I'm totally the best at keeping secrets!
No. 500992 ID: d6ef5d

>Are we good to go?
Yeah, I can't think of anything else we need to do here. We should probably get a move on.

Nina, if you and Nino need a moment to talk about stuff in private before we go to save the next world? I suggest jumping to the wendigos' world. Instead of entering, you two can sit down in the transformation / waiting room and talk stuff out. Short of another worlds traveler popping in, there's no one to interrupt you.

In addition to discussing the saving the world stuff you've learned, you two should probably get to know each other a little if you're going to be working together.

After that, we can jump to the next world in need of help (Mickey said it wasn't time for Christopher Robin yet, right? So that can wait, I guess).

>When do you think it would be a good time to ask what she learned from Donald?
Probably after we get away from these guys. Hold on, we'll ask her to jump someplace where you two can talk before we go to the next world that needs fixing.

Also, that was friggin hilarious, dude. Screw the haters.
No. 501006 ID: f2c20c

Oh lord. Yeah, that was pretty funny.

I don't know what else we can do here. Perhaps it's time to jet. Nino, let Nina tell you what's going on after we get out of here.
No. 501010 ID: 78c6ea

OK first tip. Never let on that you're trying to be funny. That never works, ever. Second tip, find a straight man, or girl as Nina's probably your only choice, to act as a foil to your burlas. You don't hurt her, just leave her flabbergasted. This is actually a friendship building exercise.

You seem to have an eye on the "mischevious prankster" role, in that you're up against unstoppable opposition (Tom,Wile E.) but somehow you manage to foil everything they throw at you (Jerry,Roadrunner). This is awesome but keep in mind you'll have to think on your feet very quickly. The aggressors in such things can plan and scheme without ruining the joke, but the anti-victim as it were has to appear blissfully ignorant until the moment danger strikes. It's OK if they find out you had an elaborate plan afterwards, but beforehand you have to play dumb.

Tip three, don't rely on props so much. What happens to you is a lot funnier than what silly hat you happen to be wearing. Good luck on becoming a hilarious toon!
No. 501230 ID: 25312f
File 136375455699.png - (166.57KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest93.png )

Thanks, guys!

We say goodbye to everyone.

NINA: Are you ready to go?

NINO: Let's do this!

I take his hand.

NINA: Ring, take us to the Salmon Run.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's going on? We're in this little room with five doors. There's a monitor over each door. One has Nina's face on it, the other has mine, and the other three are blank.

Suddenly, I hear Minnie's voice.

MINNIE: This is a pre-recorded message. This world requires that you change your shape. Our automated system will allow for the most pleasant possible transformation experience. If each of you would report to your designated changing room, we'll get the process started.

The five doors slide open, but Nina doesn't go into her room.

NINA: So....

NINO: You wanted to tell me what Donald said?

NINA: Basically, there's something very bad attacking the worlds in the multiverse. It's trying to consume them all, and we need to stop it.

NINO: How many worlds are there?

NINA: I'm actually not entirely sure. But we need to save all of them. I think I've saved three... or maybe four so far.

NINO: Impressive!

NINA: Thanks.

NINO: Any clue what this "very bad thing" is?

NINA: I've no idea. Apparently, Mickey isn't ready to talk about it. It's personal.

NINO: What about Donald?

NINA: I don't think he agrees with Mickey... but he respects his wishes, and won't tell us anything.

NINO: Then how will we ever know.

NINA: There's some guy called the Storyteller. Apparently, he's going to tell us about it when he feels like it.

NINO: Oh, well, that's comforting.

NINA: Donald also said that... if anyone could save the multiverse, we could.

NINO: Wow.

This is kind of awkward. I don't even know what to say to him!

NINA: So... umm... Nino.... We're going to be saving the multiverse together and all... maybe we should learn a little bit about each other?

NINO: Let's see.... My favorite color is pink, I like pie, I'm more of a cat person than a dog person really, and someday, I'm going to be the greatest stand-up comic that ever lived!

NINA: Wow.

NINO: Now you!

NINA: Well... I live with my Gran in a small town in Suffolk...

NINO: Suffolk?

NINA: It's in England.

NINO: Oh, right. I kind of guessed, with the accent and all.

NINA: Hey, I think you're the one with the accent!

NINO: Oh... Umm... my bad.

NINA: Anyway... I like to knit and watch "Doctor Who."

NINO: Sounds nice... but...

NINA: But?

NINO: A little... boring?

NINA: No! My life isn't boring! It's extremely fun! My Gran and I enjoy ourselves immensely.

NINO: Don't you ever get out of your small town and live a little?

NINA: I guess that's what I'm doing now, isn't it?

NINO: You have a point. But what do you want to do, you know? After all of this?

NINA: Just get back to my Gran, is all. Settle down. Have a quiet life again.

NINO: I don't get it.

NINA: Well, I don't really get you, either.

This is.... This is pretty awkward.

Ugh, I'm such an idiot! I think I pissed her off. But, man! Her life sounds so really really really boring! I feel bad for her! But I don't want her to think I'm a super-jerk. I mean, I guess I don't really care all that much, but we're going to have to work together.

He's just so... random. I'm never really sure what he's going to say.

NINO: Will you be my straight man, Nina?

See? That's the kind of thing I mean. By the way, I did hear what you said to him. All very good tips. Still....

NINA: What do you mean, "straight man?"

NINO: No no no no no no no.... It's just an expression. See, I do my burlas and stuff, and you be all serious, and then it's even funnier.

NINA: And I.... "be all serious?"

NINO: Yeah... I mean... I don't know you very well yet, but... you seem to be kind of good at that....

NINA: Well... Well, I.... I could be silly if I wanted to be. I just don't want to be. I see no reason to be, thank you very much!

NINO: Well, then, great! You're the perfect straight man.

NINA: Okay... That doesn't mean you're going to be throwing pies at me or anything, does it?

NINO: No! Well... maybe sometimes, but....

Ugh! I think she's annoyed at me again! She really DOES take herself pretty seriously, doesn't she?

NINA: Maybe we should just keep moving.

NINO: Alright! I'm ready for the next adventure!

We link hands again, and I activate my ring.

We're in a pretty little farmyard. There are geese wandering about everywhere, and a goat. This place makes me miss home a little bit. Something about it feels very English. There's a nice little farmhouse, with smoke coming out of the chimney. In a little pen, there's a cute little pig.

NINO: Is that pig watching us?

NINA: Maybe...

Actually, I think he's right. Anyway, it isn't saying anything. I guess it's kind of funny that I've come to expect it to say something, isn't it?

Is this usually how these adventures start? We're on some farm, and I have no idea what we're supposed to be doing! And that pig is kinda creeping me out. I kinda want to go chase those geese. Think Nina'd be mad if I chased them? I kind of just want to see the looks on their faces. Or... Or maybe I won't. But.... What do we do now? Nina looks like she's just... waiting. Did she ask you a question? Is she waiting for you guys to respond? Is that how this works?
No. 501234 ID: f2c20c

...hang on, did you go to the Salmon Run world form-changing lobby as a place to talk? I'm a little confused as to if we're supposed to change forms for this world.

If you're at a farm, let's look around for the farmer. Maybe in the farmhouse?

Nino, generally when we first enter a world, we quickly meet someone who's important to the world and can give us some guidance, or the situation becomes obvious immediately. So we should look around in the immediate area for a cue for what to do next.
No. 501235 ID: d6ef5d

>Ugh, I'm such an idiot! I think I pissed her off. But, man! Her life sounds so really really really boring! I feel bad for her!
There's nothing wrong with having a normal life, you know. Most people's lives sound boring if you try and sum them up that way (I live x, do y, and am interested in z).

But heck, she's got a few things going for her! I mean, she learned how to do magic, right? She gets to fly! I'm sure she has fun, even if it's not quite the boisterous style you're used to.

>What now? This how this works?
Yeah, especially early on. Unless something jumps out at us to be dealt with, the immediate problem with new worlds is figuring out what's going on, and what the problem is. Lucky for you guys, we tend to know at least something about these places you're sent to.

...you could chase the ducks, but you don't have much in the way of an audience who would be amused. And it might annoy the people who tend to this farm.

>I don't get him
>This is.... This is pretty awkward.
He's just a little excitable, is all. And out of his element- I think he's a bit more of a fish out of water in this situation than you were. I don't think he understands the seriousness of it all. Actually, considering the source of his powers is primarily powered by silliness and the rule of funny, too much seriousness might actually be anathema to him.

Being a toon seems kind of like an odd sort of enlightenment. He gets a sort of power over the world- but at the cost of removing himself partially from it?

[open channel]
>In a little pen, there's a cute little pig.
>Is that pig watching us?
Hen Wen! And yeah, she's watching you. She's pretty smart, and a magic pig at that- with oracular powers. I'm guessing she's either going to be targeted by whatever's gone wrong here, or she'll help send you where you need to go.

...I am going to be tripping up so much, trying to remember what's cannon in the Disney version versus the written Black Cauldron / Book of Three.
No. 501236 ID: d6ef5d

Yeah, we just used the salmon-run lobby as a private meeting place, so we could get away from the disney character inhabitants of the hub before running smack into the people and/or troubles of the next world.

Then we jumped on without entering. No shapeshifting required, here.
No. 501393 ID: 25312f
File 136382508574.png - (172.98KB , 712x512 , Disneyquest94.png )

Yeah, I guess you're right. Wait, she can FLY!? Dude, that's, like, the coolest! Still, though... She's so serious. But I guess I'll just have to deal.

Huh... I hadn't thought of it that way. It is very interesting, and I'm sure he'll be a big help.

NINA: Apparently, this is a magic pig.

NINO: Yeah, I heard that part. I don't get it.

NINA: You'll get used to it. Hey, little piggy!

I think she's smiling at us!

NINO: I still think she's kind of creepy.

NINA: Oh, nonsense! She's precious!

NINO: If you say so...

We go to the farmhouse door, and I knock.

An old man comes to the door.

???: Yes? Who are you?

NINA: I'm Nina, Sir, and this is my companion, Nino.

Oh, no! Don't tell me I'm the sidekick...

NINA: We'd like to know if anything strange has been going on lately.

???: In what way?

NINA: Like... things disappearing, strange creatures attacking. Things like that.

???: I'm sorry, but I'm not sure...

NINO: Your pig was watching us.

???: Hen Wen? She was watching you?

NINO: Yeah, she was staring right at us, and smiling! It was pretty weird!

???: Oh, my! Come in, come in.

We go into the house, and the old man rushes outside and grabs the pig, who begins sniffing around the farmhouse floor. This is a very strange little farmhouse. Books and maps are everywhere, along with a big desk. Something's cooking in a cauldron over the fire.

DALLBEN: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dallben, and this is my home, Caer Dallben. Do make yourselves comfortable.

NINO: Why is it so important that your pig was staring at us?

DALLBEN: Hen Wen isn't just any pig, lad. Can you both keep a secret?

We both nod.

DALLBEN: She's a very special pig. She has magical powers. If Hen Wen knows why you are here, then it must be important.

NINO: Oh, yeah! That's right.

DALLBEN: What do you mean?

NINO: The voices said she was magic.

Dallben picks up Hen Wen and holds her protectively.

DALLBEN: What voices? Who sent you?

I nudge Nino in the ribs. I've never mentioned you voices to anyone; this is why.

Ow! What'd I do? I was just being honest!

NINA: We're just here to make sure that nothing bad happens to this world. We'd really appreciate any help you could give us.

Dallben's eyeing Nino warily.

DALLBEN: I'm just not sure. Hen Wen's power cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Hen Wen breaks free of her master's arms, and sniffs at us. She rubs her head against my legs, like a cat.

The pig snuzzles up to Nina for a minute, and then she comes over to me. Maybe Nina's right. She is kind of cute, isn't she?

DALLBEN: Hen Wen seems to trust you, anyway. Alright.

He gets a bowl down from a shelf, and fills it with water. Hen Wen trots over to the side of the bowl, and Dallben raises his walking stick.

DALLBEN: I never use Hen Wen's powers unless I have to. But if the world may be in danger, it would seem I have no choice.

He places the stick in the water and makes small circles, dazing Hen Wen.

DALLBEN: Hen Wen, from you I do beseech knowledge that lies beyond my reach. Troubled thoughts lay on your heart. Pray you, now, those thoughts impart.

Hen Wen closes her eyes for a moment. When she opens them, they are red, and her snout falls forward into the water.

Lights flash in the bowl, forming pictures.

This is so weird, it's like some sort of crazy acid dream! I see two people... Is that me and Nina? We're running.
No. 501395 ID: 25312f
File 136382518847.png - (147.01KB , 712x512 , Disneyquest95.png )

Then there's this big pot-thingy. I mean the container pot, not the... oh, never mind.
No. 501397 ID: 25312f
File 136382526388.png - (181.17KB , 712x512 , Disneyquest96.png )

Then there's a bright white light, and there's this darkness all around it that destroys it.
No. 501399 ID: 25312f
File 136382531725.png - (174.82KB , 712x512 , Disneyquest97.png )

Then there's a face. HOLY SHIT, THAT'S A SCARY-ASS FACE! It's like some kind of zombie thing with horns!
No. 501400 ID: 25312f
File 136382536630.png - (218.66KB , 712x512 , Disneyquest98.png )


Hen Wen wakes up, dizzy.

DALLBEN: Oh, my. Oh, no, it can't be.

NINA: What's wrong?

DALLBEN: The Horned King is returning.

NINO: The who?

DALLBEN: The Horned King. He tried to take over the world with an army of the undead, but he died when he was sucked into.... the Black Cauldron.

NINA: But, if he's dead, then how can he come back?

DALLBEN: I have no idea. Something very wrong is indeed happening.

NINO: And what are we supposed to do about it?

DALLBEN: You must find the Cauldron, and prevent the Horned King from returning. But be careful, the Cauldron is extremely dangerous!

NINA: We will be extremely careful.

NINO: But, where is the Cauldron?

DALLBEN: I'm not entirely sure. It has been moved a lot recently. For all I know, it could be anywhere in Prydain.

NINO: Prydain?

DALLBEN: Why, Prydain is this kingdom you find yourselves in. I'm sorry, I assume that the two of you aren't from around here.

He pulls a map down from the shelf, and hands it to us.

DALLBEN: You might want to take a look at this. You can keep it; I have several.

Is there anything else we should do before we go?

Where should we go? I'm scared, guys. That face didn't look like something you could get to laugh too easily.... I'm just not sure what I can do to help in a place like this...
No. 501413 ID: d6ef5d

>Ow! What'd I do? I was just being honest!
Hearing voices in your head is probably something you want to keep on the DL. It makes people think you're crazy. Or in the case of the man with the magic pig, wonder if you're guided by evil spirits or something.

>I'm scared, guys. What do I do?
Hey, Nina's gone up against zombies and crazy elephant monsters with nothing but a bunny magic spell!

I'm sure you'll find a way to be useful. Cartoons are all about conflict, aren't they? The chase, the fight, classic archetypes like that. You don't need to make your opponent laugh- you deal with them in a manner that's funny or humiliating.

[Open Channel]
>black caldron
Wasn't it destroyed the last time it was active? I thought someone threw themselves into it willingly. Although maybe it didn't stick because Gurgi didn't die, unlike Prince wotshisname?.

How do we go about locating the caldron? There must be someone who has a way to track or locate an artifact of that kind of power.
No. 501417 ID: 14bafe

The Horned King isn't the one you need to make laugh. As long as you can get other people in on it, you can overcome one stick-in-the-mud.
Also, Nina doesn't want you telling anyone about us, since apparently voices in the head are a sign of craziness.

The King of the Faeries might know where the cauldron is. He did last time. Maybe you could borrow Hen Wen to lead the way to his kingdom? Even better, maybe you could also borrow his pig-keeper to keep an eye on her for you.

Wow that's a terrible map. It doesn't have anything on it, just forest and 'here', basically.
No. 501431 ID: f2c20c

Oh no. Not this world. Guys, this world is very, VERY dangerous. It's a very good thing that there's two of you now, but we need more help. Armed help, soldiers, something. In fact, we kindof need a bunch of people traveling with us, because as Nino said, our enemies are unlikely to laugh. We need an audience for a Toon to be useful. I don't think we count.
No. 501528 ID: 5d98c3

Uh, Nina? In the source material for this world? The heroes failed. So, if you see Annwn, don't be a hero. The Horned King is scary, but he's just a man beyond his years. He has Dragons and warriors, but cannot fling magic. He CAN scry, so try defeating him here. Above all, do not fear him. He is still more or less just a warlord. Without his army BBC he's just a lot of mold and bones in a robe with a sword.

Ask Dallben where his sword is, it could easily slay a thousand Horned Kings.
No. 501530 ID: 2fbf20

Why is it that your first thoughts upon seeing the Horned King you think "this guy looks scary I don't think I could make him laugh" and not "that guy would look great in pink."
No. 501531 ID: 2fbf20

No. 501537 ID: c35741

The Horned King is honestly a nonthreat. His master is really really serious though. If you meet Annwn, just run. He's DEATH. Magic will fail, jokes will die, bullets will fizzle, because he's Annwn, Ruler of the land of the dead. I cannot state this strongly enough: unless you aren't mortal, do NOT engage him directly. If the corruption unleashes him from behind the world, victory becomes nearly impossible.
No. 501538 ID: c35741

Oh, excuse me, Annwn is where he LIVES, his name is Arawn Death-Lord. Please don't fight him.
No. 501539 ID: d6ef5d

Please don't panic them needlessly or prematurely. That's not productive. At all.
We're in Disney's Black Cauldron, not Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles. Arawn never even showed up, if he even existed at all. And it's unclear how much of the greater mythos will even turn out to be true, or come into play in this adaptation of an adaptation. Trying to metagame with knowledge we don't actually know we have is just gonna muck things up. Think like we do in Lunar Quest- you don't know how much of the source material you can trust.
No. 501565 ID: 5d98c3

Aye, but thinking as to how things have gone so far, I thought "What is the worst thing that could possibly occur here." Being true to the books would be, as even The Black Cauldron was infinitesimally as dark as the books.

Ignore me, I'm high on painkillers and wake-me-ups!
No. 501747 ID: 78c6ea

No problem. Find someone who hates their life and they can end it by jumping into the cauldron. World saved!
No. 501837 ID: 25312f
File 136399680069.png - (134.17KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest99.png )

Good point... I'll keep it to myself from now on.

NINA: I'm sorry, but... I'm not sure what exactly this map is telling us?

DALLBEN: Well, we're here, directly south of the Shire. All of the land between the Shire and the forest is farm land. If you were to walk North, you would probably be near the castle in an hour or two.

NINO: Castle? Whoa!

DALLBEN: Yes, it's quite impressive. The royal family lives there, along with my ex-apprentice. He's their stable boy, now. They say the princess has taken quite a shine to him! What a lucky lad!

NINA: If we went to the Shire, do you think we'd be able to find help? This just seems like a really dangerous quest.

DALLBEN: It really is. And yes, you should be able to find some people to help you. I would recommend going to the castle, and telling them that Dallben sent you. If Taran of Caer Dallben is as close to the princess as people say, then surely that should hold some sway. Perhaps you'll be given armed bodyguards.

NINA: Is there anyone who could help us find the Black Cauldron?

Dallben is silent for a moment.

DALLBEN: Perhaps you'll find someone in the Shire who knows. Other than that, I would only trust the Fair Folk to have knowledge of such things.

NINA: Who are the Fair Folk?

DALLBEN: They are creatures who protect their secrecy. I have befriended one of them, and even he would not tell me where they live. When the Horned King tried to take over the world, they moved to a hidden location, where they remain to this day. Apparently, they were rather comfortable there. If you could find the hidden portal to their homeland, you could be able to convince their King to tell you more.

NINO: Do you have a... a sword or something?

DALLBEN: What makes you think that?

NINO: Oh... nothing. Just wondering.

Nina's giving me a look. Come on! I didn't say anything!

NINO: What? I just thought it might help!

DALLBEN: I'm an old farmer. I don't abide by silly, adventurous nonsense, and I certainly don't have any swords. I prefer to stay here, with my animals and my books. There is too much work to done, and too many fascinating topics to study. War doesn't interest me in the slightest; and I have no swords to give you.


Because he wouldn't! Did you see that face? I don't think he would look good in ANYTHING! It would take a MIRACLE to make a guy like THAT look anything RESEMBLING good!

....Did anyone ever tell you that you guys are the weirdest head-voices ever? Not that I've known many head-voices, but I'm sure you guys are weirder than normal head-voices. Are there such things as normal head-voices? Hmmm...

I guess we should head toward the Shire. Is there anything else we should ask or do before we head out?
No. 501845 ID: d6ef5d

I can't think of anything else to ask him. Not sure I have a better idea than heading to town, either, unless you can use the gypsy's talk to the spirits spell to cheat and talk directly to the fey without locating them first? Although you haven't test that spell yet, and we don't know exactly how it works.
No. 502190 ID: 25312f
File 136415925331.png - (159.37KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest100.png )

Hmm... I guess now's a good time to test it.

NINA: Thanks for all your help, Dallben.

DALLBEN: No problem. Good luck! And don't forget your map!

I take it and put it in my backpack.

NINO: Bye, Dallben!

DALLBEN: Goodbye!

He watches us leave, but once we're out of sight, I settle under a tree.

NINO: Nina? What are you doing? We have to get to the Shire!

NINA: I just want to try something first...

I close my eyes and breathe deeply.

What is she doing? Do we even have time for this?

NINA: Serpents and spiders, tail of a rat; call in the spirits, wherever they're at. Rap on a table; it's time to respond. Send us a message from somewhere beyond. Goblins and ghoulies from last Halloween: awaken the spirits with your tambourine. Creepies and crawlies, toads in a pond; let there be music, from regions beyond! Wizards and witches, wherever you dwell, give us a hint, by ringing a bell!

My vision is hazy... and I can't quite tell if I'm imagining what I'm seeing or not. But I think I see a lake. One of the stones in the lake begins to spin, and creates a whirlpool... I see tiny, winged people glowing brightly... They're hiding on the other side of the whirlpool. I open my eyes, and find Nino staring at me, confused.

NINO: What was that all about?

NINA: Just trying out a new spell.

NINO: Did it work?

NINA: Maybe. I think it told me where the Fair Folk are.

NINO: Sweet! We should go and see them!

NINA: But what about the Shire?

NINO: Shire, Shmire! Dallben said the Fair Folk know about the Cauldron, right? So we should go and ask them, instead of wandering around chasing crappy leads!

NINA: But we could find help in the Shire! Bodyguards, advice from people who know this world really well...

NINO: I don't know, Nina. Maybe we should ask the head-voices on this one.

NINA: Well... I guess so. They don't usually steer me wrong.

Why is he so unreasonable? Going to the Shire just makes logical sense! We could get so much extra help there, and besides, there's probably somewhere to get food, and I'm sure we'll be hungry within the next couple of hours.

Come on, head-voices! You're on my side, right? If we go talk to the Fair Folk, we can find the dumb Cauldron and get out of this world as soon as possible! What do you say? Can we please, please, please go talk to the Fair Folk? Nina's just being stubborn.
No. 502197 ID: 7dbd6b

While THIS particular headvoice supports Nino, it would also like to state that you two aren't on different 'sides'. This is just a cost-benefit analysis.
Pretty much the only part about the village that stood out to me when I was going through this world was when a miner went through the market center, and broke a cobblestone that was troubling one of the shopkeepers. Things happened, and eventually he was accused of being the devil himself who commanded evil rocks, and the house of the people he was staying with got burned down with the family still inside.

That may have not happened in this reality (yet), but either way I don't think the villagers are going to be able to help much, since there were only three people in the entire world who stood up against the King last time he was rising.

Also, the Fair Folk probably have food.
No. 502198 ID: d6ef5d

>Fair folk or Shire?
Hmm. Well, if getting the caldron before the horded king regenerates fixes everything we should be trying to do things as quickly as possible, right?

Food or supplies doesn't seem a sufficient reason to head to town first. There's usually more than one place in a world to eat, and we could always world-hop to somewhere with food, or if we're really desperate, cannibalize some of Nino's comedy supplies.

We could always double back to town for help going after the cauldron once we had the location, couldn't we? Especially if you used the ring to 'port back here for a shorter walk (or if you can use it to jump right to town? You haven't been there before, but we do have a map).

How far are the fair folk from here anyways, Nina? That kind of factors into the decision.
No. 502203 ID: 2fbf20

you do realize she heard that right?
No. 502245 ID: 7dbd6b

Ha! That's right.

If worst comes to worst, you can just pie Nina in the face.

No. 502246 ID: 78c6ea


Oh no. I just realized. The Black Cauldron. In a Disney movie. Nobody ever dies in Disney movies. IT IS INVINCIBLE
No. 502249 ID: d6ef5d

We do have other options, though. We could always dump it in another world. Say, an uninhabited one. Or down a Hawaiian volcano. Or a world where the native species don't leave corpses that could be animated.
No. 502262 ID: 2fbf20

Correction nobody dies on screen.
No. 502310 ID: 02bd5c
File 136423385208.png - (196.80KB , 662x512 , Disneyquest101.png )

NINO: I told you! I told you SO hard! See, the head-voices love my idea! I knew they would! Thanks, guys!

NINA: Hush! Alright, alright, you win. We'll go and see the Fair Folk first.

NINO: Yay!

I pull the map out of my backpack. Oh, I cannot even believe this! He's dancing around like some sort of monkey. I'm glad you made a decision; I trust you. But I'm worried he may be getting a swelled head.

NINA: Dallben said we're... here, south of the Shire. He also said that that would be about one to two hours' walk. If the lake that I saw in my vision is the same lake as the one on this map, then... It's maybe three or four hours away.

NINO: That isn't too bad. We'll be there before you know it.

NINA: You're right. Besides, I've dealt with worse hunger. I actually got breakfast this morning!

NINO: What do you mean?

NINA: Sometimes, you don't know when you're going to eat when you're on a quest like this. You're going to have to get used to it.

NINO: If worse comes to worse, we could always eat some of my pies, like the head-voices said.

NINA: Yes, but we'll try to save those for when we need them.

NINO: Nina?

NINA: Yeah?

NINO: Sorry I got so mad about stuff.


NINA: It's no big deal. We're supposed to be a team. I'm just used to adventuring on my own. But I'll try to remember to listen to you.

NINO: Thanks, Nina.

Wow, I think she might actually not be mad at me anymore!

Hehehehe.... Exactly. I actually do kind of hope I get the chance to do that sometime soon.... But I don't really need her getting mad at me again. Anger is, like, the OPPOSITE of laughter. It bums me out.

NINO: They're scaring me.

NINA: I know. That's just how they talk sometimes.

NINO: But the voices aren't making any SENSE!

NINA: I know.

NINO: I have no idea what they're talking about!

NINA: They'll get over it and start making sense again, don't worry.

I get up, and we start to walk. As we head west the farmlands gradually give way to a forest. I would say that we walked in silence for about two hours, but that's not really what happened.

NINO: So, when do you think we're going to get to the Fair Folk?

NINA: Maybe another hour or two?

NINO: What do they look like?

NINA: In my vision, they were tiny and glowing, but they looked like people.

NINO: Do you think they like hugs?

NINA: What? How should I know?

NINO: I just really want to hug one. They sound like fairies, and fairies are so cute! I always believed in fairies! You have NO idea how hard I always believed in fairies!

NINA: No, Nino, I'm sure I don't.

NINO: Well, then let me tell you!


Nina's really quiet. I hate when it gets too awkwardly quiet. But it's cool, she seems like a good listener.

Eventually, we come to a stream.

NINO: Hey, Nina! Are we close to the Fair Folk yet? Are we? Are we? Are--


NINO: 'Kay.

NINA: Actually, we should be there in about another hour. If we follow this stream, we should eventually come to the lake.

NINO: Aww, man... Nina, my tummy's gettin' the rumblies. That only hands can satisfy.


NINO: Oh, sorry. But no, really. I'm totally hungry.

NINA: Can't you hold out until we get to the lake? I warned you about hunger.

NINO: I know, I know. I'm just not used to it, yet!

NINA: We could look for some food in the forest. Maybe there are berries, or fruit.

NINO: And there's the stream. We could get some fish!

If I never see another salmon again, it might be too soon...

So, now what? We need to keep going, but I don't think Nino's going to budge until we find him something to eat.

I would give just about anything for some of Mama's tamales right now... But I could go for some sushi, maybe. Or a fish taco! Nina looks grumpy. I hope she wasn't serious when she said we might not get to eat all the time on our adventure.... But then, she's serious about EVERYTHING. What do?
No. 502311 ID: 76b151

You are the one who wanted to go to the fae first, there would have been food in the village... besides how are you going to catch fish without a fishing pole? Also DON'T eat food from the fae, you could do nothing worse.

We really gotta remember to start packing food as well as other supplies once we finish this quest. It'll help with this sort of thing.
No. 502314 ID: d6ef5d

>voices not making any sense!
*Cough*. Sorry. We'll try and keep the conversation from wandering off. At least when you can hear us. We're voices, all we have to do is talk, and sometimes that can get away from us.

>how are you going to catch fish without a fishing pole?
Well... he's a toon. He could probably improvise some other way of doing it, so long as it was funny.

The more important question is how we would prepare fish if we found any. I don't think either of you has a knife.

You're near a water source though, if there's any fruit or berries in season here, I'd expect some to be growing nearby.

>We really gotta remember to start packing food as well as other supplies once we finish this quest
Couldn't hurt. The only problem is where we get them. It's not as if you two have much in the way of currency, and we can only mooch so much off of Nani...

>I hope she wasn't serious when she said we might not get to eat all the time on our adventure...
As a certain Mr. Bilbo Baggins famously had to learn, missing meals is kind of an intrinsic part of adventuring. Sorry, man.
No. 502316 ID: 78c6ea

No. 502321 ID: 7dbd6b

Dat face.
Fishing! WELL, if it's done comedically, this shouldn't take long enough to bother Nina. Say, a start with trying to catch a fish with a rubber duck as bait, then escalating as humor dictates to get an enourmous fish, and then using the comedy inherent in oversized fish to prepare it (sudden sushi skills with a rubber katana or the like?), and...

Well, apparently the way into the realm of the Fair Folk is in the lake, so might as well try fishing for a bit.

So, there should be no need to worry about lunch.
No. 502425 ID: 454447

Don't eat food from the fae. Bad choice.
No. 502485 ID: 25312f
File 136435197011.png - (118.47KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest102.png )

But... But you guys were the ones who were all like "The Fair Folk will have food hurr-durr-durr!" This sucks!

NINA: I'm sure there's fruit around. And if you don't mind, I really would prefer it to fish.

NINO: I guess you're right. Besides, I don't have a rubber katana or any of the things the head-voices mentioned.

It doesn't take long for us to find apple trees in the forest. They're basically everywhere; we didn't even have to wander too far from the lake!

NINO: I love apples!

NINA: So do I.

We pick apples off of the trees, and eat. They're so fresh and delicious!

This is so nice! I eat apples until I can't eat anymore! This is the life!

NINO: We should probably pack more, too. Like the head-voices said.

NINA: I don't want to fill my backpack with apples; they might go bad. Besides, I'm not sure how much room you have left in your bag; I've seen how much stuff you keep in it.

NINO: You'd be surprised.

I open my bag and hold it out for Nina to see. She looks impressed!

Oww, my brain! It's like staring into an endless abyss!

NINA: How do you even get anything out of there?

NINO: I just stick my hand in, and something comes out.

NINA: Isn't that... unreliable? I mean, don't you grab the wrong thing sometimes?

NINO: Oh, all the time. But it doesn't take long to put it back and try again!

NINA: What if the apples go bad?

NINO: Nothing ever goes bad in my bag. How do you think I carry all of those pies around?

How does he do that? This is... bizarre.

I stuff my bag with about fifteen apples, and close it back up again.

NINO: Now, on to the lake!

We walk along the stream, and come to the lake about an hour and a half later. It isn't as big as it looked on the map, but this is definitely it. It looks like there are stepping stones going across, with a big stone in the center.

NINO: So... where are the fairies?

NINA: I... I don't know. I think they're under the lake.

NINO: How do we get to them?

NINA: It's something to do with that rock in the center.

NINO: Let me see!

He hops across the stones with surprising agility. When he reaches the center, all of the smaller rocks disappear. The rock he's on rises up, and then begins to spin.

Oh... Oh my God, I think I'm going to be sick. Oh crap... There's a whirlpool. I'M GONNA DIE!

NINO: Nina! Nina, help!

NINA: No... This is like my vision.

I swim out to the center of the whirlpool, and grab Nino's hand.

NINA: We're going to be alright! Just hold on!

We spin for a bit. I'm so dizzy... I'm just going to close my eyes for a second.

Uhhh... what happened? I was screaming, and then.... Nothing. Where's the lake? Oh... wow! That's SO COOL! The lake is ABOVE US! It's like... floating up there! This is SO weird! We're in a cave. It's really dark. But I can kind of hear whispers... Nina's laying next to me. I think she's unconscious.

NINO: Nina, wake up!

NINA: ....Just ten more minutes, Gran....

NINO: No, Nina, this is way cool! You gotta wake up!

NINA: Huh? Nino? What happened?

NINO: I don't know.

NINA: Why are we dry?

NINO: Huh? I guess you're right! This is not just way cool; this is, like, WAY WAY WAY cool!

NINA: Are we... in the right place?

NINO: I think so.

NINA: What do we do now?

NINO: I'm not sure.
No. 502487 ID: f2c20c

Call out and explain why you're here. If you can hear whispering, they can probably hear you too.
No. 502498 ID: d6ef5d

>fairy food
We are allowed to change our mind. There's all kinds of fairy tails where eating fae food has terrible consequences.

>How does he do that? This is... bizarre.
Hmm. And here I'd thought your upbringing had prepared you for traveling with an eccentric companion with a vaguely defined and somewhat unpredictable set of powers, a hard time taking danger seriously, and an object that's bigger on the inside. ;D

'Course, you're the one with the magic stick and the actual means to travel in time and space, and who's actually saved aliens by popping out of thin air and talking to people. Hmm. I wonder. Are all of you special world saving people going to turn out to be the Doctor?

Well, at least we have a way to store food! Handy.

>What do we do now?
Er, say hello? Introduce yourself? (Assuming those little lights are fairies). Or if there's no one there, look around.
No. 502528 ID: 02bd5c

Totally should call out and say who you are. Try to be calm about it though (talking to you Nino) cause seeing as they are about three inches tall they spook easy. Watch out for the grumpy old one with a beard.
No. 502582 ID: 02bd5c
File 136442138656.png - (155.97KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest103.png )

Hmm... I guess I never thought of it that way. But only if I get to be the Doctor. He's my companion, and a silly one at that.

We speak in whispers.

NINA: Maybe I should do this? You heard the head-voices. You're a little bit too... enthusiastic. You might scare them away.

NINO: But... Okay. Fine. Whatever. I don't even care.

NINA: Hello, Fair Folk! My name is Nina Bradley, and this is my companion, Nino Johnson. We come in peace, to help save your world.
The cave goes nearly silent, and then a ball of light darts toward us. After a moment, it solidifies into a tiny, fat man in a red suit and a funny hat. He has a bushy, grey beard, little sparkly wings, and little insectoid antennae.

???: You're here to save Prydain?

NINA: Yes. Do you have any idea what's wrong with it?

Suddenly, another voice shouts out from the depths of the cave.

???: Well, if we KNEW what was wrong, don't you idiots think we would have been trying to FIX it by now? Stupid humans, barging in with their stupid...
The voice dissolves into angry muttering, and the chubby fairy in red coughs awkwardly.

???: Yes, umm... Don't mind Doli. He's just a little... testy. If you're here for what you say you're here for, we intend to help you in any way we can.
Once he says this, little balls of light materialize from all directions, illuminating the cavern.

Whoa... it's so shiny and sparkly! They're so cute, too! Aww, they seem to be curious about us! They all have these cute little buggy-feelers, and they're just SOOOO adorable!
The chubby one continues.

KING EIDILLEG: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Eidilleg, King of the Fair Folk. In what way can I assist you?

DOLI: You can assist them OUT of here!

A scruffy fairy wearing yellow appears. I think this is the one you warned us about.

DOLI: Stupid humans are always barging in, ruining my perfect whirlpool! Do you know how much work it'll take to fix it now that they've come in here and messed it up again?

NINA: We're dreadfully sorry.

NINO: Yeah, we just need to talk to you about the Black Cauldron.


DOLI: I told you! Get them OUT of here!

KING EIDILLEG: And... what exactly do you want with that?

NINA: We need to find it, to stop the Horned King from returning.

DOLI: A likely story! Look, Missy, the Horned King died when Taran of Caer Dallben and Gurgi defeated him and his horde of undead. The Cauldron killed him. He's not coming back.

NINO: But Dallben's pig showed us that he was!

DOLI: What?

KING EIDILLEG: Hen Wen? Oh, my... Perhaps this should be taken very seriously.

DOLI: How do we know these two aren't just going to use the Cauldron to take over the world themselves? They could be lying. Never trust a human!

KING EIDILLEG: I... I suppose you could be right... But could we risk it if you're wrong?

NINA: Please, your world isn't the only one in danger. We need to do whatever we can to stop the
Horned King from coming back. If you're not willing to help us, you should at least tell us where the Black Cauldron is.

DOLI: Don't you dare!

KING EIDILLEG: Oh, Doli, what's the harm in that? For many years, the Cauldron was in the care of the Witches of Morva. After the defeat of the Horned King, they reclaimed it. So, the Cauldron should still be in Morva.

NINO: Where's Morva?

NINA: And who are the Witches of Morva?

KING EIDILLEG: Do you happen to have a map of Prydain?
I pull our map out of my backpack.

KING EIDILLEG: Morva is... here.

He points to an unexplainable white patch on the Northwest corner the map, surrounded by trees.

NINA: Why isn't it marked?

DOLI: Because human mapmakers don't return from Morva, that's why!

KING EIDILLEG: It is a rather hard place to get to.

NINA: Well, then how do we get there?

This is totally not fair! That little Doli guy totally has the king whipped! The King's just staring awkwardly at us, and Doli's glaring at us like we just dropped a safe on him! Come ON! How hard is it to get people to help you save their asses?
No. 502600 ID: 51ff34

It's fine, we can fly. We'll do a fly-over and scout the place out, find a good route of ingress. Ask if they have any last advice for us, I think we're ready to go now.
No. 502606 ID: d6ef5d

>But only if I get to be the Doctor.
Fair enough!

Hmm. You know, if they trust the witches, you could point out you are one.

>How hard is it to get people to help you save their asses?
You'd be surprised. Wait till you meet Christopher Robin. He was so offended by the idea that Nina might be more important to his world than he was that he threw her out before she could do anything.

...maybe it's time for toon diplomacy? Cheer things up in here a little? Prove that you're nice well meaning people.

>How do we know these two aren't just going to use the Cauldron to take over the world themselves?
Nina's already seen one world overrun with zombies. You're not keen on seeing another.

That, and you're outsiders. You have no interesting in staying and taking over anything- just in doing your part so you can move on.
No. 502635 ID: f2c20c

Hey Nino, do you think you could improve the mood a little?
No. 502731 ID: 25312f
File 136458846462.png - (180.28KB , 595x512 , Disneyquest105.png )

NINA: Look, we're outsiders. We just want to do what we have to do and move on. Besides, I've already seen worlds that have been almost destroyed. I don't need to see anymore.

KING EIDILLEG: I don't have any reason not to believe you, but...

DOLI: But we don't have any reason to believe you, either!

I'm not entirely sure what "toon diplomacy" means, but I can definitely lighten the mood.

Let's see if I can get anything to help me real quick.

I reach into my bag and pull out... an apple? Hmm... me think.

NINO: Hey, Doli!

DOLI: What?

NINO: I brought you a present!

DOLI: Huh?

I hold out the apple.

DOLI: It's... it's really for me?

NINO: Sure, go for it!

He takes the apple in his tiny hands, and... the weight drags him down to the ground!

I can hear King Eidilleg and a few of the other fairies giggling. They're trying to be polite, so they're not laughing too loud. But it works.

NINO: Also? Look what I can do.

I do a small flip--can't manage much more without more laughter--and land on one of my hands, maintaining my balance until the fairies stop chuckling.

KING EIDILLEG: Bravo, my boy! Splendid!

DOLI: I don't get it.

KING EIDILLEG: Oh, go eat you apple, Doli.

DOLI: Well, I guess it was pretty nice of them to give me this apple. But I still think...

KING EIDILLEG: Doli, who is the king around here?

DOLI: You?

KING EIDILLEG: Yes, quite right. And I say we take them to Morva.

DOLI: As long as you don't make me guide them.

KING EIDILLEG: And why not?

DOLI: 'Cuz I don't wanna.

NINA: I think we'll be fine once we get there. But I'm worried about getting there.

KING EIDILLEG: The easiest way to get to Morva is to teleport. We'll take you. Don't worry.

NINA: One last question.


NINA: Who are the Witches of Morva?

DOLI: Trouble.

KING EIDILLEG: Now, now, Doli. They are incredibly ancient, incredibly powerful beings. They can shape reality to their will. Their magic far outstrips our own. They have much knowledge, and many helpful things that they may be willing to part with... but they never give anything away for free. If they have the Cauldron... You're going to have to give them something that they hold at an equal value for it.

DOLI: Yeah. Good luck.

Suddenly, King Eidilleg vanishes into a small, blue light. All of the fairies do so, and come together into a great, blue cloud. They surround Nino and myself, and lift us into the air. This is really relaxing, actually! They're so gentle!

Before I quite know what's happening, the world kind of shifts. We're suddenly outside, and in the middle of a swamp. It's still daytime, which is nice. But this region is very bleak.

NINA: Is this Morva?

NINO: I guess it is.

Man, this place is ugly. All the trees are dead, and the ground and water are all real gross. Eww! I don't want to get any of this muck on my clothes!

NINA: Wait...

NINO: What is it?

NINA: Do you see a cottage over there?

NINO: Yeah! Maybe that's where those witches live!

I'm a little nervous. They sound kind of scary. I know, I know. You're going to tell me all about how I've faced my fears and won before. But I'm still perfectly allowed to be frightened, I think. Are there any more preparations we should make before we knock on the door?
No. 502732 ID: d6ef5d

>I'm not entirely sure what "toon diplomacy" means, but...
Don't worry, that was perfect.

Yes, you're allowed to be frightened, but I think you can handle this.

I can't think of any preparations to make before we go up and knock on the door. You probably know more about talking respectfully to witches than we do, anyways. There are rules and rituals you can fall back on right? Protocol for showing respect?
No. 502735 ID: bbb97d

Be respectful most definitly. And be on guard all the same, unless you WANT to be turned into a frog. And unlike the rabbit spell I am pretty sure it is permanent (unless you get them to change you back).
Try and learn some magic here, they ARE powerful after all. Maybe more than just one spell too.
Roll in that mud, trust me, you want to be as unappealing as possible with these 'ladies'.
No. 502816 ID: 2a8a2a

I think that before asking if we can have the cauldron, we should first discuss how Hen Wen had a vision of the Horned King returning from the cauldron, and that we would like to prevent this. From what I hear they aren't particularly fond of him, so stating this as getting rid of the horned king will likely go better than stating it as getting the cauldron.

Also, if they start talking about prices offer them... the rubber chicken! After they have hopefully had a laugh, we should consider trading them the gun. It is after all a mighty weapon that can put any archer to shame, and is the only one of its kind in the entire world. (We can probably get another one without too much trouble in another world, but the witches don't need to know that. Now that I think about it cross-world trade could be a very useful thing in general as long as we are careful with it.)
No. 502878 ID: 25312f
File 136469584494.png - (195.55KB , 712x512 , Disneyquest106.png )

The only other witch I've ever met is Gran, so I have no idea. And I don't think Gran is as powerful as these witches!

What a splendid idea! I'm not sure if I can convince them to teach me, but it's definitely worth a shot.

Ewww! No way! First of all, this is the only outfit I have with me, and I do NOT want it ruined. Secondly, why would I EVER want to look unappealing?

NINA: Are you ready?

NINO: If you are!

We knock on the door, and it slowly creaks open.

NINO: Maybe they're not home...

Suddenly, in a puff of smoke, three women are standing in the main room of the cabin, staring at us with raised eyebrows. They're all blue-skinned redheads wearing blue dresses and no shoes, but that's where the resemblance ends. There's a tall one with a headband, and a short, skinny one with a hood and a scarf, and a rather portly one with a kind face and a necklace. The tall one speaks.

???: Who are you?

NINA: Nina Bradley, Ma'am.

NINO: And Nino Johnson.

NINA: We're here because Hen Wen, this magical pig, had a vision of the Horned King returning, and....

???: Oh! You're those heroes sent to save Prydain, then?

NINA: What? Yes, but how did you...

???: We know a great deal of things. We know that you come from another world, and that you're here to fix what's wrong with the Black Cauldron.

NINO: And just what IS wrong with the Black Cauldron.

???: It's been corrupted. We've noticed that it's been feeling a little... off. And we knew that someone from another world would have to come and purify it. And I suppose that would be you.

NINA: So, you'll let us do it?

They all begin to laugh at us, and the short one speaks.

???: Of course! But don't think we'll give it to you for free.

NINO: Why not?

???: We NEVER give anything away for free.

The portly one smiles widely.

???: Unless a suitable trade can be arranged.

Why is she looking at me like that?

NINA: Well, I was also wondering if you could teach me some magic while we're here.

The tall one smiles.

???: I sensed there was something special about you. Of course, this trade seems rather obvious. You're a witch from another world! Think of all the things you've seen!

The short one looks perplexed.

???: But Orddu, what could this mortal girl know that we do not?

ORDDU: Orgoch, you aren't thinking. They might have all kinds of magic in other worlds, that we can't imagine. Besides, teaching her new spells may give her more of an advantage in purifying the Cauldron, which is good for all of us. I propose a fair trade. Each of us will teach the young witch one spell. In return, she will teach us three spells. Does that sound fair, my dear?

NINA: Yes, Ma'am! Thank you, Ma'am.

ORDDU: I will go first. Now, what did you say your name was, Duckling?

NINA: Nina, Ma'am.

She smiles kindly, and pulls a yellow book marked with a lightning bolt out of thin air.

ORDDU: This spell allows you to imbue ammunition with the power of lightning.

NINA: What sorts of ammunition?

ORDDU: Anything you can think of! Arrows, crossbow bolts, cannonballs... You name it. You use it on the ammunition you wish to charge, and then use it. It's a handy spell.

She places the book in my hand.

ORDDU: Now, what will you give to me?

NINA: Hmm... I have the Famous Travelling Spell.

ORDDU: What does that do?

NINA: Do you have a ring, or a necklace?

She pulls a beautiful ring, studded with sapphires out of thin air.

ORDDU: I'm ready.

I hold her ring in my hand, and concentrate.

NINA: Hellebore, henbane, aconite, glowworm fire, and firefly light!

The ring glows pink briefly, then returns to normal.

NINA: Now you can place it on your finger, tell you where you want it to take you. If you tap it three times and give it a good, sharp quarter-turn to the left, if should work.

ORDDU: Lovely!

???: Can't you already teleport on your own, Orddu?

ORDDU: Orwen, you don't get it. We could create an infinite number of these, and trade them for all sorts of goodies with other adventurers.

ORWEN: Oh! You're so smart, Orddu.

ORDDU: That's why I'm the leader. Now, it's Orgoch's turn.

Orgoch gives me a nasty little smile, and focuses on Nino.

ORGOCH: Enough of you!

She points her finger at Nino, and blue sparks shoot from her fingers. Suddenly, he's a frog!

What? What's happening? This is SO WEIRD! Why do I want to eat flies all of a sudden!?

She laughs wickedly.

ORGOCH: The fun part is, you can say, "enough of" anything! As long as you aim it right.

ORWEN: Oooh, how dare you, Orgoch!

ORGOCH: Don't worry! You'll get your turn. But she's gotta teach me something first!

I think I know just the spell for her!

NINA: I have a sour luck spell.

ORGOCH: Sounds like fun!

NINA: You just name your target, and then say "Your life will become as sour as vinegar!" The beauty is, you can use it on many people at once. And it doesn't go away until you call it off.

ORGOCH: Lovely!

ORWEN: My turn!

She also focuses on Nino, who's hopping around rather amusingly on the ground.

ORWEN: Come here!

A soft, pink mist shoots out of her palm, and envelops Nino, turning him back.

ORWEN: It's the only antidote to HER nasty spell. Yes, I think he looks much better THIS way.

I'm me again! Hehehe, I think that one likes me.

NINA: Hmm... let's see... You three can turn people into frogs. How about rabbits?

ORWEN: No. But that sounds adorable!

NINA: I'll warn you, it's only temporary.

ORWEN: I don't care, I love bunnies!

ORGOCH: Ewww...

ORDDU: Are you sure that's practical?

ORWEN: I don't care! This is MY trade!

NINA: You just direct it at whoever you want, and say "Filigree Apogee Pedigree Perigee." They turn back after about a minute or two.

ORWEN: Thank you!

NINA: No, thank you! These spells should be very useful. Now, about the Cauldron?

ORDDU: Yes. What do you have to give us?

NINO: I know, I know!

I reach into my bag, and pull out... an apple?

ORDDU: You can't be serious...

Before I can put it back, Orgoch grabs the apple out of my hand and swallows it whole! Holy crap! Let me try again.... I reach into my bag and pull out... Yes! Rubber chicken!

ORDDU: What on earth is that?

NINO: A rubber chicken?

They all start laughing. That's wonderful! I slap myself with the rubber chicken, and my eyes and tongue bug out of my head. I thought they might like that one!

ORDDU: How are you doing that? You seem to be mortal... I don't sense anything particularly magical about you.

ORGOCH: However he's doing it, there must be more where that came from!

ORWEN: And he's really, really... attractive on top of that!

ORGOCH: Ewww...

ORWEN: Well, he is!

Suddenly, Orwen grabs me! Wow... she's really soft. Hehehehe... I think I like where this is going.

ORWEN: We'll take him!



NINA: Sorry, Nino's not for sale.

ORDDU: No, no, no! Just for twenty-four hours. He can teach us some of these secrets he has. In exchange, we'll give you the Cauldron.

NINO: So, let me get this straight. You'll give us the Cauldron if I stay here for a day and teach you my toon powers?

ORDDU: Seems like a fair trade to me!

ORGOCH: It could be fun.

ORWEN: Besides, I'm sure I can think of some... other things for you to do. Twenty-four hours is plenty of time!

She giggles, and blows me a kiss. Sounds like today's my lucky day!

NINO: Can I stay, Nina? Please?

NINA: I... I don't understand.

ORWEN: See? He wants to stay with us! You can go to the Shire and have fun! You do have a teleportation ring, after all.

NINA: How did you know?

ORDDU: Of course we knew.

ORGOCH: You think we couldn't sense it on you?

Should I leave him here? I'm still not entirely sure I trust them. They seem nice, I suppose, but Orgoch looks like she's trying to decide on the best side dishes to serve with Nino....

ORWEN: Don't worry, Nino! I promise I won't let mean old Orgoch hurt you....

And I'm not sure if Orwen's the most trustworthy babysitter, either.... Ewww, why is he giving her that look? Ugh, I don't want to know! What should I do?
No. 502880 ID: f2c20c

SWEET, new witch spells! It seems like this world is going to be rather straightforward and rewarding. Possibly thanks to using that guidance spell. Without it, things would have been a bit more complicated, I expect. Maybe dangerous, since the enemy would've had more time to move against us.

Just be sure that the deal includes Nino being returned unharmed in mind, body and soul. They will honor their deal, I'm sure.
No. 502898 ID: d6ef5d

>New spells
Imbue lightning: interesting! Finally, you get a magic gun! We'll have to test that, later. Do you enchant the ammo in advance, or do you have to cast every time you fire? How dangerous is it? Can we use it to stun things without killing them? ...or blow stuff up? Does using magical ammunition still consume it at a normal rate?

Enough of you: Hmm. How's it different from our bunny spell? Aside from the fact in needs to be dispelled instead of having a time limit. The vague 'you' allows it to be multicast? And is it always going to be a frog transformation, or does it randomly just make the target something it isn't?

I wonder if it's flexible enough to be applied to objects? Or abstract concepts?

Come here: A dispel! I wonder if it can be applied to more than the spell it's intended to work with?

>what do?
Nina, tell the witches they can have him for twenty four hours after we've saved Prydain. After all, it would certainly inconvenience them if anything were to happen to it, and you may need his help.

And c'mon, Nino, you don't want to miss out on your first world hopping opportunity, would you? Earn your fun.

>Ewww, why is he giving her that look? Ugh, I don't want to know!
...no, you don't. You're lucky you don't have to listen to him liking it. Ugh.
No. 502906 ID: 2a8a2a

>Come here: A dispel! I wonder if it can be applied to more than the spell it's intended to work with?
Ooh, we should test this. Dispel Magic is an excellent spell.
No. 503009 ID: 25312f
File 136478685068.png - (244.39KB , 762x512 , Disneyquest107.png )

NINA: Before we settle anything, I have a few questions.

ORDDU: Go ahead and ask, Duckling.

NINA: This ammunition spell. Do I enchant the ammo in advance, or every time I fire?

ORDDU: In advance. I believe there are other, similar spells as well. Ice and fire, if memory serves. Unfortunately, we don't have copies of either.

NINA: How does it work?

ORDDU: I don't know; I'm not an archer. I would suggest trying it, and seeing what happens.

NINA: Orgoch, how does the frog spell work?

ORGOCH: Point and shoot! It's not exactly hard.

NINA: Can I hit multiple targets at once?

ORGOCH: No, but it works quickly, so it shouldn't matter.

NINA: And does it always turn them into frogs?

ORGOCH: Yup. Frogs are tasty! What else could you possibly need?

NINA: Errr... Okay. Thanks. Also... Orwen, this spell you gave me. Does it work on anything besides the frog spell?

ORWEN: It should return living creatures to their original, un-enchanted forms. It could work for any transformation-based spell.

NINA: Thanks! Also... is there any chance that we could get the Cauldron and purify it before you take Nino?

ORDDU: Does this mean you're willing to go through with the trade?


NINA: Only if he will be returned completely unharmed and un-traumatized.

ORWEN: Oh, I won't let any harm come to this one.

NINA: This one?

ORWEN: Orgoch doesn't like me having any fun.

ORGOCH: It's not my fault that you always get lovesick over the delicious ones, and I make a great toad stew!

NINA: If you eat Nino, I'm going to be very upset.

ORDDU: Now, now. No one will be eating anyone.

ORWEN: I'm not sure I can guarantee that.

I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know...

She winks at me. I think I could get used to this whole adventuring thing.

ORDDU: Orwen, stop. We need you both alive, Goslings, to purify the Black Cauldron. You don't need to worry about doing it quickly. We've been keeping it stable this long.

NINA: Does this mean you won't give it to us now?


ORDDU: You give us the boy, then we return him to you unharmed and give you the Cauldron in precisely twenty-four hours.

She holds out her hand, a hungry look in her eyes. With a moment's hesitation, I take it.

ORDDU: We have made a bargain!

NINO: Bye, Nina! See you tomorrow!

NINA: Stay safe!

ORWEN: Don't worry. He will. You just enjoy yourself.

Well, I don't see what else I'm going to do for twenty-four hours.

NINA: Ring, take me to the Shire!

I make the necessary gestures, and I find myself in the middle of a bustling, Medieval city. There are a handful of inns, shops of all sorts, and a huge stone castle in the middle of it all. Wow! A real castle! This might be a nice day to relax, after all. Anything specific I should do while I'm in town?

I'm pretty glad Nina agreed to this trade. This is going to be a pretty good day.

ORDDU: Here's the deal, Duckling. You train us all for two hours, and then we leave you with Orwen for an hour and a half. We'll repeat this whenever you aren't eating or sleeping. You'll be given three half-hour meals, and seven hours to sleep, whenever you want. Do we have a deal?

NINO: Sure thing! Sounds great!

I think I'll spend the first study session working on basic techniques, like hammerspace and squash-and-stretch. Then for my first session of fun... I guess I'll do as my lady commands. From the sound of it, I'm basically her toy for the day. I really, really, REALLY don't mind. I feel kinda bad not actively doing anything to save the world right now, but.... I really do want to enjoy myself. Anything specific I should keep in mind today, or try to find time to ask or do?
No. 503012 ID: d6ef5d

Well, this ain't so bad! You have a sort of day off, and then you get the caldron.

I'd suggest at least part of the day should be used towards experimenting with your new spells. You should enchant some lighting ammunition so we have that to use later (we'll have to go somewhere more isolated to test fire- you hardly want to go blasting up town). Leave a few rounds unenchanted- we may run into a situation where you need mundane rounds.

You could also test the frog spell. She said you could say "enough of" anything. We should see if it works on things besides people!

Other than that, feel free to explore the medieval town and castle. I'm sure there's neat stuff to see.

>I feel kinda bad not actively doing anything to save the world right now, but...
Well, don't feel too bad. They're holding the caldron, apparently. And the only way to save it is to get at it- which requires going through them. And going along with this is better than trying to take it from them or something.

>Anything specific I should keep in mind today, or try to find time to ask or do?
I think your primary concern is going to be pacing yourself. They're gonna be putting you through your paces today, and you don't want to burn out.
No. 503605 ID: f2c20c

Nino: Ah, I know something you can do. Eventually we'll have an Apothecary, so why not ask about potions? Maybe see if they have any good gag items you could stock up on in exchange for doing chores? Or heck, some useful already-made potions would be nice.

Nina: It occurs to me that we don't have any money. Maybe you could look around for some work that you could do easily with your witchy powers? Also, see the sights. Maybe find a helpful shopkeep or inkeeper to talk to you about what's going on in town, and what you can do there without funds.
No. 503761 ID: 25312f
File 136503842527.png - (152.25KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest108.png )

Hmm... Okay. I think I'll practice some of my spells before I do anything.

The city appears to be walled, but there are more secluded areas. I go into a nice, deserted alleyway, and open the yellow book. I take the ammunition that Babs gave me out of my bag. I'll start small. Of the ten bullets, I hold three in my hands, and read the incantation from the book.

NINA: I charge thee with the element of thunder!

The bullets begin to sparkle, and they seem to glow from inside. They're sort of warm, too. They're actually kind of pretty, with tiny golden patterns dancing on their surface. I put them back into the box with the others.

Now, as for the frog spell... I target a crate at the back of the alley.

NINA: Enough of that crate!

Noting happens. I guess it doesn't work on inanimate objects.

Hmm... You're right about my money problem. I completely forgot!

I wander about the town a bit, appreciating what a lovely little place it is, when I suddenly see a portly man, frustratingly pacing in front of a shop.

NINA: Excuse me, Sir. I'm new around here, and I was wondering if you knew where I could go to get some help? I need a job to do where I could possibly make some money, because I don't have any, and...

SHOP OWNER: You're here to work?

NINA: I guess so.

SHOP OWNER: This is perfect! My delivery boy skivved off from work again today, and I have all of these packages to deliver around the town and farmlands.

NINA: How many packages?

SHOP OWNER: Hmm... About twenty. It's a full day's work!

The packages are all loaded in the back of a small cart, and marked with the name of the recipient. If I used my ring, it would only take me an hour to deliver them all.

NINA: I'll get those for you, no problem!

With a little help from the Famous Travelling Spell, I have satisfied customers all over the Shire and outlying areas.

SHOP OWNER: That was the most incredible thing I've ever seen! I can't believe someone with as much magic as you would help a lowly shop keeper like me. You're better at this job than the worthless boy who usually works for me!

The man hands me a bag full of small, gold coins.

SHOP OWNER: There! 80 gold pieces. You can count it out, if you like.

NINA: Wow! This is more gold than I've ever seen in my life!

SHOP OWNER: It is a rather large sum. But you've earned it, my dear. Don't spend it all in one place, you hear?

He gives me a wave, and then goes inside his shop. I have no idea how much money this actually is, but it looks like a lot.

I find the nearest inn, and a heavy woman greets me from across the counter.

CARWYN: Hello, Dear! Can't say as I've ever seen you in these parts before. Name's Carwyn, I own this here inn. What can I do for you?

NINA: Well, I'm not entirely sure. I'm very new around here. Is there anything interesting happening here?

CARWYN: Not really.

NINA: Well, what is there to do around here?

CARWYN: Why, anything you like! We've got very fine shops here in the Shire. Clothiers, smiths, booksellers, apothecaries, artisans of all sorts, and some of the finest cooks anywhere! You're looking at the queen of onion soup, you are! And I only serve it here in this inn.

NINA: Hmmm... Can I try some of your soup?

CARWYN: Sure you can, Dear. Just one gold piece, please.

I hand her a coin, and she gives me a huge, steaming bowl of soup. Wow, it's delicious! It reminds me of my Gran's cooking. I miss her.

CARWYN: Will you be wanting any drinks to go with it? I've got mead, ale, beer...

NINA: Umm... Do you have any milk?

CARWYN: Milk? Well, sure. We've got plenty of that. I'll throw it in for free.

She hands me a big mug, and fills it with milk from a skin.

This is a great meal! I can't wait to explore this town some more. And I have an awful lot of money. What do you think I should do with it all?

The first lesson goes really, really great! These witches are naturals. I feel kinda bad teaching them, I think they'd have gotten it on their own! But it's whatever. Besides, I'm having such a good time! Then... well.... I don't know exactly how you head-voices roll. But I'm having fun with Orwen, too! She's so great, and lots of fun! Especially since she's really, really, really giggly! It definitely helps a lot!

I ask the ladies if I can have my first meal break, and they give me a lot of food! I feel like some kind of barbarian warlord, eating a big old turkey leg and drinking spiced cider! They also have a plate of frogs legs... I've never tried them before, but, YOLO! Say... these are pretty good!

NINO: I was just wondering... You guys have a really big collection of random things you collect from all over the place, right?

ORDDU: Absolutely.

NINO: Do you think you have anything I could use as a prop? I mean, like the kind of props in my bag?

ORDDU: I don't think we have anything like that around.

NINO: Oh. Do you guys know how to make super-neat potions and stuff?

ORGOCH: Potions?

NINO: Yeah, you know...

ORDDU: Well, of course we know what potions are, Duckling. But they aren't really our specialty.

NINO: They aren't?

ORWEN: No. They're a different kind of magic.

ORGOCH: But we do make a real good stew! You want some for your next meal?

NINO: Oh, boy! I sure do!

ORGOCH: I like this one! He's got a good appetite!

Orwen giggles and pets my hair. She is just so cute! I can't wait to finish eating so we can get back to lessons, so we can get back to.... other stuff....
No. 503766 ID: d6ef5d

>Kiki's Nina's delivery service
A classic for aspiring witches, that one is.

>80 gold
Wowzers. All that, for the equivalent of a day's worth of deliveries? I mean, it would depend on the purity, but gold's worth something like 30£ a gram back home, isn't it?

And it'll be a useful trade commodity in other places too! At least, anywhere gold is rare. I suppose we might end up in a world where it's not.

Kind of bowled over by the sudden wealth though. Not sure what else you should buy. Maybe a good, practical knife? That's something that comes in handy on adventures- useful for food preparation and all kinds of general purpose stuff. Or maybe if you see something that looks like a funny prop Nino could use?

Other than that I think you can continue to explore.

The apothecary is worth note, at least. One of your as of yet unfound companions will be able to make use of that. So I guess we'll be coming back here some day.

>I don't know exactly how you head-voices roll...
Mostly we egg people on and provide amusing commentary. Or good natured ribbing. Go ahead and enjoy yourself. Not every day you get to write off fun times as a wold saving expense!
No. 503769 ID: f2c20c

Hey could both of you see if there's any equipment available where you are? Protection mostly, but maybe Nino could use a weapon?
No. 504238 ID: 02bd5c

Nino's a toon, so I doubt he would be good at using a weapon anyway seeing as his combat is based off comedy and killing people isn't seen as funny by anyone you would want to hang around. So lets not tempt fate and have him lop his own head off by accident.

[Nino] You do realize those frogs legs used to be peoples legs right? And from the sounds of things the one is fattening you up to eat you. I know you want to have fun but I wouldn't be too trusting now. Maybe ask them if they have anything jester-ish (bells, funny hats, costumes, what have you) just something they would see as rather useless that you wont have to 'bargain' for (seeing as there is little else of value that you have (or that they want).

[Nina]I would relax, take in the sights, but keep an ear out to listen and see if you can learn something about the situation (any more information than you already have could prove useful if playing DnD has taught me anything.) Look around in the shops as well, look for a bookstore and see if there are any magical tomes or what have you (milk this world for all the magic you can get, you don't know the next time you could learn some more). Try for some healing spells or maybe 'summon food' or something. A knife would be good for those 'just in case' moments, but also look for other useful things we don't mention. You're a smart girl and we trust you to make good choices. Enjoy yourself and unwind while you can.
No. 504560 ID: 02bd5c

Also maybe look for a Princess Eilonwy, and Taran. They might be able to help/give info on how to keep the horned king at bay.
Let me rephrase, those frogs legs 'could' be human legs. Again, have fun, be good, but keep your wits about you. Also keep your ears open, they might let something slip about how to defeat the horned king.
No. 504913 ID: 25312f
File 136556197382.png - (137.50KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest109.png )

I leave the shop, and spy a blacksmith's shop down the street. I go inside, and see all sorts of swords and knives.

BLACKSMITH: Why, hello there, Miss! See anything you like?

I scan the racks and find a knife that I really like. The blade is about 18cm long, and it has a nice, simple handle.

BLACKSMITH: Aye, are you interested in purchasing that knife?

NINA: Yes... How much does it cost.

He thinks for a moment, then shrugs.

BLACKSMITH: I dunno. Eight gold pieces, maybe?

I place the coins in his hand. I have 71 pieces left.

BLACKSMITH: It's a pleasure doing business with you!

I look around for a shop that would sell props for Nino, but I'm not entirely sure what he could make use of. Maybe I should come back here with him at some point.

In my wanderings, however, I do find a quaint little bookshop. All of the books are leather-bound and extremely nice. In the window is a large red volume, with a picture of a flickering flame on the front. It looks a lot like the one Orddu gave me! I go inside, and see a scrawny little man behind the counter.

SHOP OWNER: Come to peruse my tomes, young one?

NINA: Yes, Sir.

SHOP OWNER: Looking for anything specific?

NINA: Spellbooks.

The man laughs.

SHOP OWNER: What sort of shop do you think I run? These aren't volumes of poetry, Lass. I meant specifically.

NINA: Oh, well....


NINA: A healing spell would be nice.

The man raises his eyebrow.

SHOP OWNER: Healing isn't really something you see often in the realm of incantations. Potions, yes. But spells? There... there is one. But it's tricky.

He pulls out a thick, black volume from under the counter. He blows dust off of it, and he lays it in front of me.

SHOP OWNER: This spell is a transference spell. Do you understand what this means?

NINA: I... I don't think so.

SHOP OWNER: If someone is hurt... and it ought to be someone you care a great deal about, or need very much to stay safe... you can cast this spell. It heals their wounds, but at a price.

NINA: What sort of price?

The man raises an eyebrow again, and gives me a grim smile.

SHOP OWNER: You take their wounds on yourself.

I shudder involuntarily.

SHOP OWNER: Dark, risky stuff it is. But it can be right handy in a crisis.

NINA: Could I... Could I see that book in your window, too?

SHOP OWNER: The fire arrow one?

NINA: Yes. By any chance, is it part of a series?

SHOP OWNER: Why, yes it is. I've never seen a copy of the thunder one, myself, but I know people who have. Used to have the ice one, but a good friend of mine purchased it just last week.

He pulls the red book out of the window display, and sets it down on top of the black one.

SHOP OWNER: Anything else strike your fancy?

NINA: Do you have anything to... I don't know.... magically conjure food?

He laughs.

SHOP OWNER: You're quite funny! No, no, I don't have anything like that.

NINA: Oh, alright.

SHOP OWNER: If you'd like both of these spells that will be 12 gold pieces.

I hand him the money, leaving me with 59 pieces.

SHOP OWNER: May the knowledge you find serve you well.

NINA: Thank you!

I put the books in my backpack, and with my new knife in its scabbard and secured to my rifle-strap, I continue walking down the street.


I'm a little intimidated at the thought of what I've been secretly longing to do since I got to the Shire, but I guess you're right. Thank you very much for the excuse!

I walk towards the castle. It isn't a majestic thing, and it certainly doesn't look like something out of a storybook. But it is a castle, nonetheless. It's made of stone, and has turrets. A small moat surrounds it, but the drawbridge is lowered.

I walk past guards with huge swords, over the drawbridge, and through a lovely courtyard. Security here is not as tight as I would have expected. A brown-haired boy scatters corn to the chickens wandering the courtyard, and a small animal lounges by a rose bush, lazily munching an apple. They don't seem to notice me, and I continue to the great doors at the far end of the courtyard, leading into the castle proper. They are propped slightly open.

The room that I find myself in is huge, and covered with beautiful tapestries. Sitting on a high throne is a bored-looking girl in a Medieval sort of dress, her long, black hair held out of her eyes by a black circlet. The throne beside her is empty, and a floating, golden ball drifts lazily about the room.

She notices me and speaks, as if reciting a script.

???: Good evening. What is your business?

NINA: Oh, umm... I was just looking for the princess.

The girl looks extremely annoyed and sits upright.

EILONWY: I'll have you know that I AM the princess! I am Princess Eilonwy of Prydain, and I would encourage you to remember that. Is this some sort of joke?

NINA: Oh, ummm... Forgive me, Princess. I'm not from around here.

EILONWY: Oh. Are you a foreign diplomat?

NINA: I don't think so.

EILONWY: Then, why are you here?

NINA: It's... It's complicated. But I was told that you might know something about... about how to stop the Horned King.

Princess Eilonwy's face lights up with shock, and she stands, moving towards me.

EILONWY: The Horned King is dead.

NINA: He is going to return.

EILONWY: How do you know this?

NINA: Hen Wen.

EILONWY: Taran's magic pig?

NINA: I... I guess so?

EILONWY: Oh. Oh! Well, then... Excuse me a moment?

She dashes outside in a most un-regal fashion. I've never met royalty before, but this certainly isn't how I expected them to act.

She returns, the boy and the animal in tow. What... What is that thing? I can't tell whether it's a dog or a monkey, but it's kind of adorable in a freaky way.

???: What's this about the Horned King?

EILONWY: Taran, this woman says that your pig showed her that the Horned King was coming back.

TARAN: But that's impossible!

NINA: Even so, I have to stop him. I've come from another world, to save Prydain. I know it sounds crazy, but it's kind of what I do.

TARAN: Well, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do about it. I'm no warrior.

NINA: You don't have to do anything. Just tell me how to beat him. Weren't you the one who saved Prydain last time the Horned King took over?

He shakes his head sadly.

TARAN: It wasn't me.

The animal steps forward, a cartoonish grin on its face.

GURGI: It was Gurgi! Gurgi dive into evil Cauldron, and evil Cauldron make munchies and crunchies out of bad old King!

NINA: How?

Gurgi looks away.

TARAN: He had to give his life. The Witches of Morva brought him back. We're just lucky he's alive. But none of us could best the Horned King. Only the power of the Cauldron destroyed him, and if even that wasn't enough, then I'm not sure how you intend to do it.

NINA: Neither am I. But I have no choice.

TARAN: I wish you luck, then.

EILONWY: What do you intend to do?

NINA: Tomorrow afternoon, I have to pay a visit to the Witches of Morva and retrieve my companion from them. Together, we're going to have to save Prydain.

EILONWY: Wait. The Witches have your friend?

GURGI: Gurgi does not like scary Witches, no....

NINA: They swore they'd take good care of him.

EILONWY: I hope they told the truth.

TARAN: Either way, what do you intend to do until tomorrow?

NINA: I have no idea.

EILONWY: You will stay with us. My parents left me in charge of Prydain while they attend to foreign affairs, and I give you permission to be my guest in the castle.

NINA: Thank you, Princess!

EILONWY: While I think you're crazy to want to fight the Horned King...

TARAN: The word is "suicidal."

EILONWY: Yes. But I respect your desire to save my kingdom. You are welcome within these walls at any time. If you need anything, a servant will attend you.

NINA: That's very generous. Thank you!

EILONWY: It's the least I could do!

She claps her hands, and a woman shows me to a nice room. By modern standards, it's kind of strange. There is no carpeting, only stone. There is a full fireplace, though, and a bed stuffed with straw. There's a chamberpot under the bed... Ugh, I really hope the next world we visit has indoor plumbing.

I leave my things in the room and dine with Princess Eilonwy. An old man plays the harp while we eat, and jokes familiarly with the princess. Taran and Gurgi join us as well, and we have a delightful time.

As the sun sets on Prydain, I curl up on my straw bed. I hope Nino's doing alright.
No. 504914 ID: 25312f
File 136556203590.png - (113.63KB , 512x512 , Disneyquest110.png )

WHAT!? I've been eating WHAT!? But... but... but... but... but... it was so DELICIOUS, though! WHY!? That's... that's really disturbing.

The day continues, and we have even more fun! I keep a wary eye on Orgoch, but she doesn't seem too intent on eating me. Orwen, on the other hand... Well, that's a different story. And it's not like I'm not reciprocating; I'm a perfect gentleman! And as I said before, she's a giggler, which means FUN WITH PHYSICS! Wheee! I'm sorry, is this too much information?

Anyway, the Witches continue to learn pretty quickly. Honestly, I think they must have already known how to do some of this stuff. I think they're having fun, too, and we just sometimes end up falling over each other laughing.

I ask for my second meal break, and we take it.

ORGOCH: You wanted some of my stew?

NINO: Ummm... does it have frogs in it?

ORGOCH: Of course it does! What kind of a stew would it be without frogs?

NINO: Ummm... If you have turkey, could I maybe have turkey stew instead?

ORGOCH: What's a matter? Don't like frogs all of a sudden?

ORWEN: Hey, leave him alone, Orgoch! He's our guest, remember?

ORGOCH: Eh, fine. Picky, picky, picky.

The turkey stew really is pretty good! And most importantly, it's 100% cannibalism-free. And that's always a plus.

ORDDU: You're such a delight to have around, Gosling!

NINO: Aww, shucks, Orddu!

ORDDU: No, I mean it! My sisters and I haven't had such a good laugh in... in....

ORWEN: Never!

ORGOCH: I hate to say it, but she's right!

ORDDU: You see? That's the first time Orgoch's agreed with Orwen in at least a few centuries. You really do lighten the mood.

NINO: I try my best!

ORWEN: I wish you could stay forever.

NINO: Yeah... That would be kind of fun, I guess. But I have lots of worlds to save. Besides, once I save all the worlds, I get to go back to my own world. My mama's going to be so worried!

ORWEN: Will you come back and visit while you're on your adventure?

ORDDU: You're welcome any time!

NINO: If I can, you bet! I'll just have to ask Nina. She's kind of the leader, I guess. She's been adventuring longer than I have.

ORDDU: A smart man.

ORGOCH: When a witch gives you an order, it's unwise to disobey.

ORWEN: I just hope she'll let me borrow you again from time to time.

NINO: Hehehehe... We'll see. I hope so, too.

I spend the night with the Witches, and we have a great time! I'm not sure why you guys are so scared of them. They're pretty cool when you get to know them. After dinner, we go to bed. I snuggle up next to Orwen, and I'm surprised how quickly she lets me get to sleep. I actually am kind of exhausted. I think she gets it. She's really super-nice, and very very soft. Her boobies make a really nice pillow, too. I think I'm going to sleep pretty well tonight.
No. 504916 ID: 25312f
File 136556227880.png - (189.22KB , 712x512 , Disneyquest111.png )

I eat breakfast with Princess Eilonwy, and it's a very nice meal. She looks extremely worried, though.

NINA: Are you alright, Princess?

EILONWY: It's nothing, I.... Nina?

NINA: Yes?

EILONWY: Just.... just try to survive, alright?

NINA: I will.

EILONWY: I really am grateful, you know. Prydain is very small, and we don't have a large army. The idea that someone who isn't even from this world would risk their lives to save ours... It's very kind of you.

I really don't know what to say to that. We eat mostly in silence for the rest of the meal, occasionally making light small talk. We listen to her bard some more, and Taran shows me the royal stables to burn some time. I wait until the sun is in the same place in the sky as it was when I last saw Nino, thank the Princess and everyone else for their hospitality, and use my ring.

NINA: Ring, take me to the home of the Witches of Morva.

We have a nice breakfast, and laugh at each other's jokes. Orgoch has kind of a weird sense of humor, but I like it. Orddu seems kind of business-like at first, but she knows some great jokes. And Orwen's funny as hell, she really is. They all seem to like me, too. We eat breakfast, and then I teach the Witches their last lesson. But before I can, Orddu takes me aside.

ORDDU: Are you ready for whatever may happen when we give you the Cauldron?

NINO: I don't know. How are we supposed to purify it?

ORDDU: I'm not entirely sure. But the Cauldron's magic, and it's clearly a strong magic that brought the two of you here. I think it only needs your influence, and it will be purified. But...

NINO: But?

ORDDU: The Cauldron consumed the Horned King when its power was stopped. I don't know exactly what that means, but... You and Nina will need to be very, very careful.

No pressure, huh?

NINO: Don't worry, Orddu. We'll do our best.

ORDDU: That's what I like to hear. Now, how about that lesson?

It's a good one! I'd say these Witches are all certified toons, now. They seem pleased with it, at least, and I guess that's really the point. I get my final round with Orwen next, and I have to admit, it's a little sad to think about.

ORWEN: I'm going to miss you.

NINO: Yeah. It was fun. But don't worry, like I said, I'll try to come back to visit, alright?

ORWEN: My sisters and I don't really have any friends. When I try to make friends, Orgoch usually scares them off. But you're different.

NINO: Yeah. I like Orgoch, she's funny!

ORWEN: Yeah, well she likes you, and that's kinda rare. I'm just glad you aren't scared of us.

NINO: Of course not! You guys are pretty awesome.

ORWEN: Just promise you won't forget me? No matter how many other pretty girls you meet on your adventure?

NINO: You're silly, Orwen! I won't forget you.

ORWEN: Okay. Then just promise me one other thing.

NINO: Alright?

She gives me a perfectly devilish smile.

ORWEN: Just have fun, alright? You've got a lot of gifts, and it'd be an awful waste for you not to share them.

Hehehehehe... A woman after my own heart.

NINO: Will do, Ma'am.

She giggles that girlish little giggle, and kisses me hard. Just as she starts to strip me, I hear Orddu's voice in the other room.

ORDDU: Oh, Nina, dear! You're a little early!

Orwen whispers in my ear.

ORWEN: Just ignore her... You're mine for the next hour.

I guess I am a little early. Orddu and Orgoch ask me how my day was, and I reply. Making small talk like this with such powerful witches is kind of surreal, but I like it. It makes me feel sort of cool. Not like boring old Nina from Suffolk, but like a storybook witch.

Still, this is weird.

NINA: Where is Nino? I was told he'd be returned safe and sound.

ORDDU: Yes. He'll be returned safe and sound after twenty-four hours. It's only been twenty-three.

NINA: Fine. But where is he?

ORGOCH: In the other room...

ORDDU: But he's busy at the moment.

Orgoch laughs, a really nasty grin forming on her face.

ORGOCH: You could go get him, if you wanted to.

ORDDU: Orgoch!

ORGOCH: Aww, but I want to see the look on Orwen's fat face when...

Oh, goodness! No, no, I really, really would rather not know.

NINA: Ummm... No, no, that won't be necessary. I.... I think I'll just, uhhh... I'll just go wait outside.

Ugh! What is wrong with that boy? We've been here for one day, and he's already managed to find himself in a compromising situation. I'm not sure I can work with someone like that. It's just... It's not decent!

So, after the most uncomfortable and irritating hour of my life, Nino comes waltzing out of the cabin, this stupid grin on his face.

NINO: Hey, Nina!

NINA: Hello.

NINO: You sound upset.

NINA: I'm not!

NINO: How was your day?

NINA: Good. Went shopping, met the princess... You know, adventuring stuff. You?

NINO: I had a pretty good day. We had fun.

NINA: I heard.

What's her problem?

He turns as red as a beet.


She's blushing harder than I've ever seen anyone blush, and I hang out with TOONS for crying out loud!

NINA: No no no no no no no! Not like that! I mean, I didn't hear... Oh, oh goodness....

This is just so awkward....

This is probably the most super-awkward conversation I've ever had. What is wrong with this girl?

NINA: Look, let's just go get the Cauldron already.

We head back into the cabin, and the three Witches are standing together, looking rather official suddenly.

ORDDU: Are you ready? Once we give you the Cauldron, we will no longer be able to offer direct assistance.

ORGOCH: It'll just be you and whatever happens.

ORWEN: So you need to make sure you're ready before we keep our part of the bargain.

ORDDU: Once you accept, there is no turning back.

Oh, yeah, THAT'S not ominous at all. This is so weird. We were just laughing and having fun together earlier today. I almost forgot we were on a serious quest. I'm.... I'm scared.

Any last-minute preparations we should make before we accept the Cauldron?
No. 504927 ID: 2a8a2a

Ask that they will be wanting the cauldron back afterwards, right? We need to make sure we have our objectives straight before we start reacting or scheming.
No. 504967 ID: f2c20c

I'm feeling very apprehensive all of a sudden... but I mean, how could we even prepare? We don't know what will happen, and we don't have any resources to tap around here.

I guess you could enchant some ammo with fire alongside the thunder, ready your gun, and the both of you could get on your broom, ready to flee if necessary.

Or I suppose Nino could try to get the witches laughing so that he's got toon power as soon as the cauldron is handed over and whatever happens happens. Somehow I don't think they are in any mood to laugh, though.
No. 504976 ID: d6ef5d

Wow, you've got quite the spell list, now! This world's certainly been good to you in that respect.

Hmm. You know, they're awful distrustful of the witches considering that they saved the life of one of them.

>giggler, which means FUN WITH PHYSICS!
...ha! The power perversion potential hadn't even occurred to me up till now.

>the caldron
Well, I can't really think of what else we could do to prepare, at this point. Which makes us as ready as we'll ever be. Good luck, you too.
No. 505183 ID: 25312f
File 136565607359.png - (339.19KB , 910x612 , Disneyquest112.png )

NINA: I just have a question about the Cauldron.

ORDDU: Yes, Duckling?

NINA: Will you want it back when we're done with it?

ORDDU: Well... I can't see that the two of you would have much use for it. Technically, it's yours for now, but we would like to have it back.

NINO: I'm still not entirely sure what we're supposed to be doing.

ORGOCH: You just have to purify the Cauldron.

NINA: But, how do we do that?

ORDDU: That's for you two to figure out. We really don't know.

ORWEN: If we did know, we would tell you.

NINO: Will you be there when we do it?


ORWEN: Fetching the Cauldron is difficult.

ORGOCH: We'll need to leave once we've given it to you.

ORDDU: We'll be back when you're done.

NINO: Oh. That sucks.


NINO: Nothing. It just would have been helpful if you were around to laugh at my burlas, in case this all goes bad.

ORDDU: Sorry, Duckling.

ORWEN: I'm sure you'll do fine.

While Nino talks to the Witches, I open my ammunition box. I grab three of the regular cartridges.

NINA: I charge thee with the element of fire!

The bullets I was holding glow and get warm, just like the other ones, with smoky, red wisps dancing under the surface of the metal.

I take all of the bullets out of my gun, and reload it with my new elemental ammunition, and two regular bullets. I load a regular one first, then a fire, then a lightning, then regular, lightning, fire, fire, lightning. I'm not sure which ones I'll need, but this seems like as good of an order as any.

NINA: Alright. We're ready.

The Witches nod solemnly.

ORDDU: We have made a bargain!

In a swirl of blue light, all three of them disappear. For a brief moment, Nino and I are alone in the cottage. Suddenly, the entire room begins to shake.

An earthquake? What the hell is going on? Shit's just flying off the shelves! Wait, no... this isn't a normal earthquake.

It's like there's a very slow tornado in the room, and all of the objects are flying about our heads in circles. This is so bizarre! The wind's picking up speed, until it's a screaming gale!

In the fierce winds, the entire house blows away! Holy crap!

We're standing alone in the swamp, just us and a huge pile of cauldrons that they were keeping in their back room.

One by one, the small cauldrons blow away in the same direction as the cottage, until everything's gone.

NINA: Are you okay?

NINO: Yeah, I'm fine.

NINA: What happened?

NINO: I don't know.

NINA: Where's the Cauldron?

NINO: ....I don't know.

Now THIS is an earthquake!

The entire ground is shaking, and the noise is almost deafening. This is like something out of a horror movie. Nino and I are alone in the center of a barren spot of land, surrounded on all sides by the marshy bogs of the swamp. On the far side of the clearing, the ground appears to be breaking up. Steam and magma burst forth, as if the ground were an erupting volcano.

Holy crap holy crap holy crap.... If this weren't so scary, it would be SO COOL!

NINO: Look, there it is!

Out of the hole in the ground bursts the Black Cauldron. It's a very large Cauldron; I don't think I could lift it. It's perched on a nest of stone, moss and dirt clinging to its side.

NINO: Look up!

A cloud drifts by, the faces of the Witches on the side of it.

ORDDU: Approach carefully, Ducklings, but decisively.

ORGOCH: Purify it! Now!

ORWEN: We have confidence in you.

The cloud dissipates, and the Witches are gone.

NINO: You heard 'em! Let's get to work.

NINA: Wait! You don't even know how this thing works!

NINO: No, but we've got some kind of weird extra-dimensional magic or something. I'm sure we'll figure it out.

NINA: Nino! Don't do anything stupid!

NINO: I'm not! I'm just going to touch it.

NINA: Touch it!? That counts as stupid, Nino! Why are you so thick?

NINO: Well, do you have any better ideas?

....He has a point.

NINO: I didn't think so.

Nino walks over to the Cauldron, and places both hands on its lip.

Oh... Oh shit, what did I do!?


Before Nino can move, a huge, black cloud spews from the Cauldron. It smells like mold and vinegar, and it makes me feel slightly nauseous. If I never smell vinegar again, it will be too soon.

Oh, shit! It's the Horned fucking King!

The face from Hen Wen's vision looms in the air over the Cauldron, and the Horned King is before us: a larger-than-life horror, standing within the Cauldron and yet somehow above it. I would say he looks like something out of "Doctor Who," except that he's 1,000 times scarier than any Dalek ever was. Besides, I don't think they've ever had the budget to make special effects that good.

HORNED KING: What fools. Now that you have awakened me, I am free to once more take over Prydain. Prydain shall fall under the assault of my deathless warriors! I can feel the power this Cauldron has granted me.... Power beyond imagination!

If his voice wasn't so terrifying, I think I'd be laughing. What a ham! He's like a Saturday morning cartoon villain!

HORNED KING: The darkness that has been festering inside the Cauldron... The darkness that has been putrifying this world... That power is now mine to command! Would you like a demonstration?

The air shimmers, as if all of reality shifted for a moment. A black fog emanates from the Horned King's skeletal hand, and sinks into the waters of the swamp.

Okay okay okay, this isn't cool any more. Oh god... Dios mio.... Those are...

Suddenly, several human-like figures pull themselves out of the water. These aren't like the Windigos, but something in their eyes reminds me of them. They look like those people they find in Ireland, the dead bog people. Their skin hangs to their bones, and they look wet and slimy. Their bodies are contorted in strange positions, their faces eerily preserved and yet somehow wrong... And those eyes, like Windigo eyes....

...And they're heading right towards us.

We're surrounded!
No. 505188 ID: f2c20c

Nino: Quick, pie the horned king! It's time to see what you can do without laughs. Nina's gonna let loose with a bad luck curse, so just try to get all the zombies tangled up in eachother. They should be fairly easy opponents with Bad Luck. Just don't get caught. Banana peels are useful here. Try to get your hammer out, too.

Nina: Alright we're facing a group, so it's time for the Bad Luck curse. After that, start unloading on the Horned King with the rifle while flying around. As you're the one shooting this time you should be able to anticipate the kickback and compensate. You could also try the frog polymorph on the Horned King? I doubt it'll work but it's worth a shot.
No. 505191 ID: 51ff34

Strife! Nina, focus fire on the enemy! Nino! Stop taking this all so seriously! This guy's a total cornball. Play tag with the undeads' nuts.
No. 505251 ID: bd8b82

Wait a second Nino do you have helium? I think we might be able to make his voice nice and squeeky if you do.

Also it's okay to be a little violent here since you are fighting undead not people.
No. 505263 ID: d6ef5d

...wait. I thought to create the caldron-born, you had to actually place bodies inside the caldron? Not wave your hands and pull an army out of the ground. Stupid cheating world corrupting powers.
No. 505433 ID: 02bd5c
File 136580475152.png - (285.57KB , 810x612 , Disneyquest113.png )

No, I don't! Maybe I should get a helium canister sometime when I'm in a world where I can find one and when I'm not being ATTACKED BY ZOMBIES!

NINA: Bog bodies, your lives will become as sour as vinegar!

I notice that several of them manage to trip over their own feet almost immediately.

Ha! That's actually pretty funny! Alright, I can do this...

I reach into my bag and pull out.... HA! A banana cream pie, first try! I hurl it at the Horned King's face. No one laughs, but he's wiping his face and sort of growling. It's actually a little bit pathetic. Like, really kind of pathetic.

Whatever Nina did helped with the zombies. They're falling all over themselves already! I reach into my bag and pull out... an apple? Well, here's an idea... I roll the apple on the ground, and one of the zombies trips on it. It falls over, and several others trip over it! Score! This is like zombie bowling!

While Nino deals with the bog bodies, it's time to focus on the Horned King. Luckily, he can't see with his eyes full of banana cream! I guess it is kind of funny, but I can't even force a laugh, now. I have too much work to do.

NINA: Lackipo nikrif scrumpet leech!

I take to the skies with my rifle in my hand. I'm just going to open fire!

I hit him with my first regular bullet, and manage to hit him in the shoulder. Immediately, that arm drops from his face.

HORNED KING: Argh! How dare you, foolish mortal! I am the Horned King, master of the undead! How dare you challenge me!

He raises his other arm in the air, and a bolt of black matter shoots out of his hand. His aim isn't perfect, but....


He got my shoulder! Black bubbles eat away at my sweater, and then the flesh of my arm. It's like it's melting away!

Luckily, he only hit me with the edge of the beam. It burns really badly, and I definitely have a permanent scar... but I'd hate to think what could have happened if he'd have had better aim.

Nevertheless, I manage to stay on my broom, and fire another shot.

This one's a fire bullet, and it hits a big pile of fallen zombies. They all burst into flames rather quickly. Nino must be doing a pretty good job knocking them down, then, if that many of them went up at once!

Whoa! That was SO COOL!

The Horned King fires off another bolt, but misses me completely.

I shoot my first lightning bullet, and it shoots off into the distance.

HORNED KING: Hahahaha.... It would seem your first shot was only beginner's luck. You cannot best me! I am the most mighty creature in all of Prydain!

NINO: Oh, shut up!

Now THAT was funny!

What? Nina heard me!? And she's actually LAUGHING!? Awww, yeah! Here we go!

I reach into my bag and pull out another banana creme pie, and fling it at the Horned King again. While he's blinded, I reach in again and pull out..... a rubber chicken? Well, it's not the hammer, but it will have to do. While the Horned King wipes banana cream off of his face, I use my increased squash-and-stretch from Nina's laughter to vault onto a not-on-fire pile of zombies, and whack the Horned King in the face with the rubber chicken while in mid-air.

I cannot believe he just did that! This is great!

HORNED KING: Impudent worms! I shall smite you, with all of the power at my disposal!

Oh! Oh, goodness! I can't even take this! This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. I'm not sure how he can be so terrifying and yet so... so hilarious at the same time!

I manage to calm down long enough to take another regular shot. The Horned King looks extremely angry, and hopefully he's distracted enough for this one to hit. He's focusing on Nino now, but Nino's bouncing out of the way at lightning speeds. Oh my goodness! He's actually managed to kill a whole bunch of his own bog bodies trying to get Nino! This is crazy!

I fire, and...I got him! I hit him through the torso and knock him back. I fire again, this time with a lightning bullet. Argh! It flew right past him.

Another pull of the trigger, and....

Oh. My. Goodness.


I hit him directly with a fire bullet, and he immediately burst into flames. I'm not even sure that's the right word. There was a bright light, and now he's... he's gone. All of the bog bodies fall limp, and all that's left standing is me, Nino, and the Black Cauldron.

The Cauldron seems to shine brightly for a moment, until the shine fades to a slight glimmer. It looks... better, now. Healthier, somehow. That familiar vault-door sound echoes. I... I think we just saved Prydain.

NINO: Nina, did you hear that?

NINA: Yes, Nino, I sure did!

NINO: What was it?

NINA: The sound of a job well done.


He raises his hand into the air. Why not? I hit his hand with mine... owwww... My shoulder really hurts.

NINO: Ugh! That's a really nasty burn.

NINA: Yeah... It really hurts, too.

Suddenly, a thunderous voice from behind us calls out.

ORDDU: Congratulations, Ducklings.

ORWEN: That was impressive!

ORGOCH: I knew they could do it the whole time!

The three witches are staring down at us, larger than life, from a cloud.

ORDDU: You have purged a great evil from our world, and you've purified the Black Cauldron.

ORWEN: What do you intend to do now?

That's a good question.

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! We just saved the world! HOLY SHIT! What should we do now!? What could possibly top that!?
No. 505454 ID: d6ef5d

Wow. I did not expect that to work out in round. Way to freaking go, guys! You're both awesome.

...although it looks like you might have to practice with the lighting ammo. That stuff is tricky, apparently.

>We just saved the world! HOLY SHIT! What should we do now!? What could possibly top that!?
Saving the next world. And saving all the worlds. All of them.

Welp. Nina just grazed a laser, engaged in magic bullet hell from a broomstick, and finished the boss with a bomb. We did it guys. She's Marisa.

>what now?
Getting Nina some first aid for that shoulder would probably be a good idea. Then that sweater will need to be repaired or replaced.

>I'm not sure how he can be so terrifying and yet so... so hilarious at the same time!
...real world Who villains. Simultaneously terrible and hilarious.
No. 505471 ID: f2c20c

Good work, you two!

Nina, maybe you should try some target practice later at a shooting range, to get better with aiming rifles. You missed like half those shots! You got the job done so I'm not complaining, but it might not work out so well next time. We can revisit Lilo and Stitch's world to find a shooting range, they're at the right tech level. Some advice from the sharpshooter from Dumbo's circus could help too. Or maybe we can just straight up ask for help from her, rather than going to a shooting range? Ah, we could also visit the Shire again and get a protection magic spell.

Nino, you did quite well in your first real battle. Looks like you're not so great for doing real damage yet, but having an extremely evasive party member like you will be useful. Maybe we can get you some more damaging yet amusing props to help with your offense? Bowling pins, perhaps...?

We shouldn't dally too long though. Just long enough to recuperate a little from the fight- Nina got wounded- and do a little bit of shopping. Speaking of shopping... I be those gold pieces are worth a lot of money in other worlds. We might be able to trade them for cash, which we then use to buy useful things to trade back in for gold back here. Also I'd like to point out that if two worlds use the same currency, we could likely exploit that to buy things where the money's worth more and sell where it's worth less. Doing this too much would hurt the economy in these worlds but it takes a LOT of that for the effect to be noticable. With just the two of you things should be fine.
No. 505534 ID: 2a8a2a

>I'm not sure how he can be so terrifying and yet so... so hilarious at the same time!
You'd be surprised at how many evil people would be quite silly if it weren't for the evil things they do (or try to do).
No. 505612 ID: 25312f
File 136590672057.png - (275.41KB , 1024x1024 , Disneyquest114.png )


That's a good idea, we'll go talk to Babs after we go shopping.

What's a Dumbo?

NINA: We'll probably head back the Shire. We need to do some shopping before we head to the next world we need to save.

NINO: Yay, shopping!

ORDDU: Good luck on the rest of your journey.

ORWEN: Visit whenever you want!

ORGOCH: No time for mushy good-byes! Get your shopping done and get out. You've got things to do!

ORDDU: Very true. Now, we'll just take the Cauldron, and be on our way.

The cloud forms into a spinning vortex, and sucks the Cauldron inside. Just like that, the Witches and the Black Cauldron are nowhere to be found.

NINO: Wow, they sure know how to make an exit!

NINA: Yeah.

NINO: Nina? Are you alright!?

I guess I must have made a face. This arm hurts really, really bad.

NINO: Jeez, Nina, it looks melted!

NINA: Yeah, yeah, I know. We need first aid. Now.

I grab Nino's hand, and use my ring.

NINA: Ring, take us to the apothecary's shop, in the Shire.

Whoa! This is super-psychedelic! This isn't like using the ring to go to other worlds, it's totally different! I can see the forest and farms and stuff just flying by, but they're all kinds of colors. It looks like something from some 60s or 70s movies. Totally trippy, Dude.

We land in the middle of a really weird-looking shop, with dried plants and stuff all over the walls. An old woman is staring at us.

APOTHECARY: What is the meaning of this? Who are you people, and why would you use some sort of fancy-pants magic to burst into the middle of my shop?

NINO: Sorry, but we need your help! Look at my friend's arm!

The old woman comes close to me, and grabs me by the hand, staring at my arm. She breathes deeply, an eyebrow raising.

APOTHECARY: You've been messing with some very dark magic, haven't you? A burn like this.... tsk, tsk, tsk. No matter, it should be a simple fix. If you've got the coin.

NINO: I'm not sure...

NINA: I'm sure! We have.

APOTHECARY: Say... ten gold coins?

I hand her the coins, and she looks suitably impressed.

APOTHECARY: Alright. Drink this, and you should be fine.

She hands me a bottle with some strange-looking liquid inside. I drink it, and I instantly feel better.

NINO: Whoa, Nina! It's like it never happened!

The wound closes up, and I feel much better.

NINA: Thank you!

APOTHECARY: It's no trouble. But you be careful, now.

NINA: We will.

We leave the shop and head back to the bookseller.

NINO: Jeez, Nina! How much money do you have? The head-voices seem to think you're rich or something.

NINA: Well, we have about 49 gold pieces left.

NINO: Gold? Like, real gold?

NINA: Yep.

NINO: Wow. I guess we are kind of rich.

I open the door, and the bookseller grins at me.

SHOP OWNER: Back again, I see. The spells you bought yesterday were satisfactory, I trust?

NINA: Yes. But I'm looking for something else, now.

SHOP OWNER: Like what?

NINA: A protection spell?

SHOP OWNER: I might have something like that.

He comes out from behind the counter, and scans the shelves.

SHOP OWNER: Ah, here we are. A shielding spell. Creates a magical shield of a size that you choose. Nothing gets in, and nothing gets out. Well, until you move. You need to stay in the center of the shield at all times.

NINA: I suppose that could be useful.

SHOP OWNER: It's yours for 6 gold pieces.

NINA: Sounds good.

43 gold pieces left. We