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File 125339258779.png - (401.28KB , 850x850 , splash.png )
47331 No. 47331 ID: 8ba93c

Long have I dreamt the Viridian Dream,
slumbered in the no-place,
between the real and unreal.
I have searched for the hole and seam
of the fabric of time and space
but remained incorporeal.
But tonight something stirs my slumber,
and I reach out and wander,
For tonight's the night, Jack,
hello boys, I'm back.
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No. 47336 ID: 8ba93c
File 125339275690.png - (89.32KB , 850x850 , 1.png )

(Within the inner sanctum of the Illuminated Order of Bavaria)

The High Priest: "The circle is prepared. We are ready, and the hour is at hand."
No. 47339 ID: 8ba93c
File 125339287498.png - (13.86KB , 850x567 , 2.png )

"May the chosen step forth."

[Choose character]
No. 47343 ID: 62ec90

The Thin One.


I will call her Tito if female, Teto if male.
No. 47350 ID: efa41b

One on the right.
No. 47351 ID: 1689ab

One on the left
No. 47355 ID: f4963f

One on the right. Robey doom~
No. 47356 ID: 6faa8c

No. 47357 ID: 6faa8c

No. 47359 ID: f89869

>Order of Bavaria

Wait what?
No. 47368 ID: 8ba93c
File 125339402458.png - (84.48KB , 850x850 , 3.png )

[Left selected, 3-2]
The High Priest: "Step into the circle, chosen sister, and state your name."
No. 47369 ID: 43d730

Succuletta, mistress of the night.
No. 47371 ID: 62ec90

No. 47386 ID: efa41b

No. 47389 ID: 8ba93c
File 12533950348.png - (83.74KB , 850x850 , 4.png )

Tito: "My name is Tito, mistress of the night."
The High Priest: "The Illuminated Order salutes you, Tito. Are you prepared for the binding?"
Tito: "I am."
THP: "Then let us begin. Kneel, host."
No. 47402 ID: 1689ab

Kneel before Zod.
No. 47404 ID: 8ba93c
File 125339573177.gif - (161.55KB , 850x850 , 5.gif )

THP: "I hold the iron book. I have brought the coin of stone. I hold the crow's feather and the stick I stuck through a dead man's eye. I know the name and I know the verse. I offer you blood, and the flesh of the willing."
No. 47414 ID: 8ba93c
File 125339597617.png - (153.85KB , 850x850 , 6.png )

"By the book and the coin,
by the feather and stick,
by the name and the verse,
I command you, spirit of Chaos,
to take this flesh as your own.
I command you, spirit,
by the book.
I command you, spirit,
by the coin.
I command you, spirit,
by the feather.
I command you, spirit,
by the stick.
I command you, spirit,
by the name.
I command you, spirit,
by the verse.

Chorus: "Come. Come. Come."
No. 47423 ID: 8ba93c
File 125339638692.gif - (211.38KB , 850x850 , 7.gif )

Chorus: "Come."
THP: "By the blood I bind you. By the word I bind you. By the flesh I bind you."
No. 47434 ID: 8ba93c
File 12533966999.gif - (276.63KB , 850x850 , 8.gif )

Chorus: "COME! COME!"
THP: "It is done."
No. 47442 ID: 1689ab

Open eyes
No. 47444 ID: 8ba93c
File 125339729299.png - (17.14KB , 567x850 , 9.png )

THP: "Rise, spirit given flesh."
Tito: "Hrrgh."
No. 47448 ID: 1689ab

Arise and remove robe so that all may see your glory.
No. 47451 ID: 8ba93c
File 125339763864.png - (16.04KB , 567x850 , 10.png )

THP: "Now, spirit. We have summoned you, given you flesh, and bound you to our service. Reveal your secrets to us!"
???: "Pull the other one, it's got bells on."
THP: "... Spirit, I command you! Reveal your secrets to us!"

[cutscene over]
No. 47455 ID: 43d730

No. 47462 ID: efa41b

"Why would I do something like that??"
No. 47469 ID: 8ba93c
File 125339882159.gif - (56.40KB , 567x850 , 11.gif )

"Why would I do something like that, werewolf? I know! Let's play a game!"
No. 47475 ID: 43d730

... We're Xom, aren't we.

Well, do that again, in any case.
Then poke at the seals a bit.
No. 47484 ID: 2af4d3

Put a little variation in. This time the one we point at gets to live.
No. 47486 ID: 8ba93c
File 125339995487.png - (46.35KB , 567x850 , 12.png )

Xom? Xom is not here, little one. We are free free and given flesh! The silence is over!
We are the Jester Prince, the Dancer-at-the-Threshold, the Murder-Of-One!

Dance dance my happy toys!
No. 47488 ID: 2af4d3

Well then. Can we animate their corpses to help us play with other toys?
No. 47492 ID: 8ba93c
File 125340084375.gif - (277.68KB , 567x850 , 13.gif )

I... I feel weak. Weak weak weak. Not much essence. Something important we have forgotten. Something... Something we must find. Forget. Forget.

I will take this discord. I must get away from this realm. This is not my place. Not mine not mine not mine. Too weak to stay long.

Yesss, drink drink drink. Discord. I will give my last.
No. 47495 ID: 8ba93c
File 125340143145.gif - (135.62KB , 567x850 , 14.gif )


Memory. Treachery. Something of mine I must find.
This steed is good,
and I will be it's rider,
for my mood, this time
is to kill a spider
and take back what is mine.
No. 47496 ID: 8ba93c
File 125340181371.png - (167.41KB , 567x567 , 15.png )

>Chapter 1: Lost in Time and Space

Tito: "Uhhh... What happened?"
No. 47504 ID: 43d730

NotXom is living in your ribcage and wants its shit back.
Apparently this is supposed to accomplish that.
No. 47507 ID: d3692f

You killed some people and ate their bodies with mild curry. Then you opened a swirly rip in the fabric of the universe.

Nice to meet you, by the way.
No. 47512 ID: 8ba93c
File 12534034824.png - (166.38KB , 567x567 , 16.png )

>living in your ribcage
Tito: "The binding? It succeeded? But I can't-"
>weak weak sleep. need essence.
Tito: "Oh."
>ate some people
Tito: "Oh no. The others? Are they all dead?"
No. 47515 ID: 43d730

...Pretty sure.
No. 47516 ID: d3692f

They're very dead. Why don't you look around? Are you carrying anything besides your robe?
No. 47517 ID: 8ba93c
File 125340471154.png - (169.90KB , 567x567 , 17.png )

>nice to meet you by the way
Tito: "Nice to meet you too. The scrolls didn't mention phantom voices being a side-effect of a chaos meld. But that's not really my primary concern."
>swirly tear in the fabric of the universe
Tito: "Huh. Judging by the look of this place and that tear you described I'm guessing I'm somewhere in the far realms. White winding path, shifting colors... Somewhere in the Nowhere maybe? That's... kinda bad. I have no idea how to get home or even if I CAN get home."
>Homehomehome home is here home is where your heart is is your home in your chest?
Tito: "Quiet, spirit!... What should I call you?"
No. 47518 ID: d3692f

Voice will be fine. More importantly, are you carrying anything?
No. 47520 ID: 8ba93c
File 125340537452.png - (170.03KB , 567x567 , 18.png )

>They're dead.
Tito: "Oh. Even the high priest? Of course he died. I guess that makes me the magus now."
>Look around.
Tito: "Yeah this is Nowhere all right."
>Are you carrying anything?
Tito: "Besides my robe I'm only carrying the chaosimeter. Having anything else might have disrupted the binding."
>Just voice will be fine.
Tito: "No not you, the other one.
>ME ME ME ME ME ME I know many names I am many things call me a name and I will listen. Choose my name, steed, and I will guide you.
No. 47521 ID: 1689ab

How about bob? You sound like a bob.
No. 47522 ID: 43d730

Allow me to be the first to suggest Right Asshole.
No. 47526 ID: f44349

Oh! There's another voice in here!
Oy, you, other voice, are you that Jester fellow or did we pick up another passenger?

...Also I suggest Moxton.
No. 47531 ID: 8ba93c
File 125340679540.png - (5.34KB , 283x283 , 19.png )

>Bob, Right Asshole, Moxton, clever clever clever I am. Bram you may call me. Bram is my name. The Stormcaller. The Crow-and-Raven. The Murder-Of-One. The Jester Prince. The one who sees madness where others see reason, and reason where others see madness.

Tito: "Ok... I'm starting to get the impression that you're not just a chaos spirit are you?"
>Just a spirit of wonder I am not my little magpie.
Tito: "What are you then?"
>Lost lost lost. All my mind is lost. Lost to incy wincy spider, climbing up the spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out. OUT OUT OUT. THE SPIDER MUST OUT.

Tito: "Who-kay. At least the chaosimeter is reading nil on all three essences. For all that thing's raving it can't do a damn thing without chaos essence."
No. 47559 ID: 8ba93c
File 12534104164.png - (163.73KB , 567x567 , 20.png )

"This isn't making much sense to you is it?
Hmm. I'll try to explain. I'm hardly the magus that the high priest was, but I'm not entirely ignorant.
Chaos essence, yeah. Essence of chaos is one of the primordial essences, and the most powerful. It's powerful, but a real bitch to control. You can't store it like the other types. It instantly corrupts any container. Well... until now, or that was the plan.
We found some old scrolls that describe how to bind a minor chaos spirit to a living human. The theory was that the human count control the chaos spirit who would then store the essence.
You with me so far?
>Yes yes.
Anyway, essence of chaos comes in three flavors: Discord, Delight and Dementia. Currently I don't have any, I guess Bram here used up all the essence taking us here.

So, uh. You understood all that? Ask me and I'll try to explain.
No. 47565 ID: 43d730

What do the flavors do?
I'm guessing inspire their names?

Separately, how does one go about collecting them?
No. 47666 ID: 632862

Apparently Discord is caused by introducing disorder in a destructive way. Like, slicing someone in half.
I wonder if Delight is made by causing disorder in a way that is beneficial to one or more people?
Following the pattern, Dementia would occur from causing disorder in a neutral manner.
No. 47863 ID: 8ba93c
File 125344601038.png - (174.43KB , 567x567 , 21.png )

>Wrong you are
>The world-stuff cares not
>for your benefit
>or your plot
>The silvery Delight
>is the art
>the muse
>the brightest moonlight
>The burning Discord
>is the conflict
>the violent change
>the edge of the sword
>The darkest Dementia
>the cackling hysteria
>These are the facets of madness
>Learn them well
>And yours I'll be
>for surely you see
>without me
>a snowball
>in hell.

Tito: "... Right. What he said."
No. 47864 ID: 8ba93c
File 125344661433.png - (174.35KB , 567x567 , 22.png )

"You can get essences in two ways:
First you can find a natural source and absorb it,
or you can create it. I guess Bram used some Discord to slice my comrades, but created more than he used.
I could get Delight by painting a portrait or something I guess. Dementia? No idea.
The High Priest was supposed to tell me after the binding was complete and verified."
No. 47865 ID: 9fdac5

Do you know where the path may lead?
No. 47879 ID: 8ba93c
File 125345569473.png - (167.04KB , 567x567 , 23.png )

>Do you know where the path may lead?
Tito: "Hmm. I know there's supposed to be a crossroads around here somewhere. I could, possibly, use that to travel to other places. I don't think this is it though. There are three paths from here, west, east and south. There looks to be some kind of a gate the west, an arch to the east and more pathways to the south. Which way should I go?"
>Fly away my magpie and bring me what is mine.
Tito: "Yeah yeah."
No. 47898 ID: 4553b2

To the archway.
No. 47911 ID: 8ba93c
File 125346370361.png - (288.01KB , 850x567 , 24.png )

>The the arch
Tito: "Ok, east. Or sorta-east. I don't know.
It's a black shimmering arc, beyond whi-"
>Yesyesyes! I spy with my little eye, something beginning with See!
No. 47912 ID: 4553b2

Do we want this See thing?
No. 47915 ID: 43d730

I'm guessing that's chaotic essence?
No. 48020 ID: 6c80cf


Go ahead and lick the swirly thing.
No. 48024 ID: 8ba93c
File 125347766946.png - (289.02KB , 850x567 , 25.png )

>I'm guessing it's essence of chaos
Tito: "I don't think so, it looks more like a portal."
>Crossroads! Roads of crossing! The no-place that is everywhere! Yes, there we must go to see the other places.
Tito: "That black arc looks a little ominous. Should I go through it?"
No. 48058 ID: 8ba93c
File 125347873777.png - (291.42KB , 850x567 , 26.png )

>Lick the swirly thing
>Too far to lick too far too weak. Ride on, steed. Bring us closer.
Tito: "Uh, sane voices, do you agree with this guy?"
No. 48060 ID: 6c80cf


Nah, let's go around it. It doesn't seem too big. We'll just slip around the side of it.
No. 48073 ID: bd6ea1

If off the white path is falling as I had thought, let's just mark this as plan B and head West of the cross.
No. 48079 ID: 8ba93c
File 125347962960.png - (289.06KB , 850x567 , 27.png )

>Go back
>Go around
Tito: "It's a long way down. Possibly infinite. It's either through the archway or back. So which is it?"
No. 48152 ID: 6c80cf


Nice ass.

Anyway, if you had a stick or something I'd suggest poking the web... but considering this place a web represents many things. You will either get stuck in it or alert something to your presence (or both). I would advise not walking through it.
No. 48164 ID: 8ba93c
File 125348544851.gif - (136.34KB , 850x567 , 28.gif )

Tito: "Web?"
Bram: "I have seen through your Guise, Spawn of the Webspinner, the Weaver of Lies."
Spider: "This fly is crafty. But your path ends here, Jester Prince! My web stronger than steel, and you have grown weak. Did you think your escape has gone unnoticed?"

>Curse the spider and his little children! I will need power to unmake this web. Bring me five droplets of Dementia and the path will open to us.


>Nice ass.
Tito: :D
No. 48332 ID: 632862

Go back, and towards the gate to the West. By the way, try not to stay in one place for too long. The environment seems to be reacting to you somehow.
No. 48359 ID: 6c80cf
File 125349725356.gif - (575.68KB , 640x400 , cakedoggandpresentcat.gif )


Dementia, Dementia...

Will this do?
No. 48377 ID: 43d730

No, that's Nausea.
No. 48390 ID: 756cb1
File 125349865433.jpg - (41.12KB , 300x470 , Delirium_Sandman.jpg )

At some point, we need to find this person.
No. 48516 ID: b10848
File 125350588658.jpg - (175.38KB , 698x454 , aristocrats.jpg )

Here's some Dementia for ya...
No. 48714 ID: 18212a
File 125354213875.gif - (1.35MB , 567x1134 , 29.gif )

>Go west to the gate
Tito: "This... This shouldn't be here. It looks like... A Nightmare."
No. 48716 ID: 18212a

[Editor's note, animated]
No. 48721 ID: 43d730

I'm going to guess that's bad.
Can you run, or should you push on through?
No. 48727 ID: 18212a
File 125354512399.png - (289.65KB , 567x1134 , 30.png )

>I'm guessing that's bad.
>Ooh a cunning sparrow you are. A fragment of nightmare is this, but too weak am I. Protect us I cannot.
Tito: "Yeah, the scrolls speak of all manner of phantasmal monsters within dreamscapes."
???: "Cannot sleep. Cannot sleep. Nearly out. Nearly out."
>Can you run or push on through?
Tito: "It's not taking actions against me, so I guess I'm free to walk off. Push on through? eeeh sounds iffy. I can try if you're really really REALLY sure."
No. 48728 ID: 4553b2

I am not really really sure.

There are other ways. Let us go elsewhere.
No. 48734 ID: 18212a
File 125354667362.png - (303.25KB , 567x850 , 31.png )

>There are other ways. Let's go elsewhere.
Tito: "Sounds like a plan. I'd prefer not to end up like that guy, if that's all the same to you.


Ah. Another fork. Which way?"
No. 48736 ID: d57673

Try your right.
No. 48737 ID: bd6ea1

Solicit an opinion from the clock. If it fails to reply, Southwest.
No. 48740 ID: 18212a
File 125354735670.png - (303.71KB , 567x850 , 32.png )

>Solicit an opinion from the clock.
Tito: "So, which way should I go, left or right?"
Clock: "Oh I wouldn't know. I rather like it here."
Tito: "Bwuh?"
No. 48742 ID: bd6ea1

Does it know what's along either path?
No. 48745 ID: 18212a
File 12535485578.png - (303.72KB , 567x850 , 33.png )

Tito: "Holycrapyoucantalk."
Clock: "Why, certainly. I wasn't made yesterday you know."
Tito: "Well, do you know where these paths go?"
Clock: "Maybe."
Tito: "Maybe?"
Clock: "I'll tell you if you'll do me a favor."
Tito: "What kind of favor?"
Clock: "Wind me up."
No. 48746 ID: bd6ea1

Acceptable risk to get someone friendly with you. Wind!
No. 48750 ID: 18212a
File 125355054064.png - (304.02KB , 567x850 , 34.png )

Clock: "Oooh that feels good. That's the spot right there."
No. 48756 ID: bd6ea1


So what does it know about the surrounding area?
No. 48758 ID: 18212a
File 125355186325.png - (304.32KB , 567x850 , 35.png )

Clock: "Aah, wonderful."
Tito: "Yeah. Uh. You're welcome."
Clock: "Thank you, mam. Now as for those directions, to the south you'll find the Sands of No-Time. A truly deplorable place, a desert filled with things out of their time. To the west lie the Forest of Forgotten Dreams, a somewhat more delightful place, if you can stand some of the residents."
Tito: "That's it?"
Clock: "What did you expect? I am a blasted clock, it's not like I get to move around a lock. Oh fine. Tell Ozymandias I said hi. He'll help you."
No. 48765 ID: 632862

No. 48933 ID: 18212a
File 125357352010.png - (150.37KB , 326x567 , 36.png )

Tito: "West it is."
>A glittering forest I see. Full of dreams, dandelions, dingleberries, all sorts of dee things.
No. 48948 ID: 18212a
File 125357429578.png - (217.77KB , 530x567 , 37.png )

Tito: "Whoo-kay"
No. 48967 ID: 18212a
File 125357639894.gif - (950.03KB , 460x567 , 38.gif )

Tito: "Voices. Sounds like... a party of some kind?"
???: "No room! No room!"
Tito: "There's plenty of room."
No. 49006 ID: 6c80cf


I advise not stepping off the pale path beneath you; I suspect that as a solid creature you would likely fall.

Do the figures look familiar?
No. 49184 ID: 632862

Hrm, check the floor before you step off, at least.
No. 49230 ID: 18212a
File 125362664991.png - (127.77KB , 567x850 , 39b.png )

Tito: "Never seen them before in my life. The ground does feel solid, though."
No. 49271 ID: 43d730

Things will probably get weird... I mean weirder shortly.
The tea should be safe, though.
No. 49298 ID: 18212a
File 125364834985.png - (169.53KB , 567x850 , 40.png )

Hatter: "Go away! We're having a masquerade!"
Hare: "Yeah! You're not even wearing a mask, so you can't come!"
Tito: "But..."
Hatter: "No buts! We're having a Delightful time, don't come here to spoil our fun!"
No. 49316 ID: bd6ea1

Ask if they have a spare mask. But if they insist you leave, go back to the path and West some more.
No. 49336 ID: 18212a
File 125365291751.gif - (571.50KB , 300x567 , 41.gif )

Tito: "You wouldn't have a spare mask would you?
Hare: "No! Now go away, you garish ganglo-saxon, you're spoiling our fun!"

>Something fishy I smell. A dead little fish, rotting away.

Tito: "Well, that was strange."
>Strange, strange and wonderful. I am forgetting something. Lost my mind. All gone, all gone. Something delightful I have forgotten.

Tito: "Uh. Huh. Looks like I've reached the other side of the forest."
No. 49356 ID: 6c80cf


Are either of them Ozy, or perhaps there is DELIGHT to gather?
No. 49361 ID: 18212a
File 125365955210.gif - (1.81MB , 690x567 , 42.gif )

>Perhaps there is Delight to absorb?
>The light pierces the fog that is my shattered mind!
[gained three Delight]
[Bram remembered Guise of Raven]
Tito: "Hurrgh, ack."

(Hare: "Man, this party blows, I'm going to move back in with Tom."
Hatter: "No, no, we can do something else, c'mon honey.")
No. 49369 ID: 632862

Continue west!
No. 49372 ID: 18212a
File 125366181642.gif - (67.94KB , 567x850 , 43.gif )

Hare: "No, I've had it with your promises. At least Tom puts out."
Hatter: "Oh sweetie..."
Hatter: "Hey you!"
Tito: "Me?"
Hatter: "Tell you what, if you find something else for me to do with Hare I'll give you this mask. That okay for you?"
Bram: "Accede, acknowledge, acquiesce."
Tito: "Right, what the bird said."
No. 49377 ID: 18212a
File 125366239725.png - (132.64KB , 429x567 , 44.png )

>Continue west!
Tito: "You know, this is looking a little grim."
No. 49383 ID: 632862

What IS that thing on the table? A hat?
No. 49384 ID: 18212a
File 125366264335.png - (563.64KB , 1061x567 , 45.png )

Tito: "I'm sure it's just my imagination."

[Paused for the night]
No. 49772 ID: 18212a
File 125373188642.png - (278.21KB , 1134x850 , 46.png )

>What is that on the table?
Tito: "Oh that was a hat. A badly made one, but still a hat. This place is turning a bit spooky."
No. 49775 ID: 43d730

Keep going, and test the ground off the path if you have to leave it.
No. 49779 ID: 18212a
File 125373419945.png - (270.76KB , 1134x850 , 47.png )

>If you get off the path
Tito: "That water doesn't look too healthy for swimming in, so I'm sticking to the path thanks."

>Keep going
Tito: "End of the line. Hey, there's some kind of sign here."
No. 49780 ID: 43d730

What the hell is a Zrkmnds?
I doubt we have them, anyway.
Head back.
No. 49781 ID: 18212a
File 12537355306.png - (303.34KB , 567x850 , 48.png )

>What the hell are Zrkmnds?
Tito: "No idea. Some kind of coin, maybe?"

>Head back.
Tito: "Righto."

Hatter: "Hey, did you find something yet?"
Tito: "Not yet, sorry."

Clock: "I told you that place wasn't fun. Hey, where are you going?"
Bram: "No time for a time-piece, we go for the No-Time-place. Come my steed, let us fly!"
No. 49788 ID: 18212a

[Disregard that, I suck cocks. Skipped an area because Durrhurr.]
No. 49809 ID: 18212a
File 125373792994.png - (268.38KB , 1417x567 , 49 actual.png )

???: "Hmmm."
Tito: "Oh, excuse me. ... (I don't think he heard me)"
Bram: "A muddled mind, lost, confused."
No. 49812 ID: 43d730

Dammit Leaver.
No. 49833 ID: 18212a
File 125373937724.png - (269.05KB , 1417x567 , 50.png )

Bram: "The lever! The lever!"
Tito: "I can see the crank, but it's broken. It's missing a gear."

Tito: "Hey, mister."
Man: "A flag on the moon. How did it get there?"
Tito: "Huh?"
Man: "There's a flag on that moon. How did it get there?"
Tito: "I don't know."
Man: "Me neither. It's driving me insane. I can't even get a good look at it, because that damn thing is broken."
No. 49852 ID: 18212a
File 125374089270.png - (150.33KB , 567x850 , 51.png )

Tito: "I'll let you know if I can figure out how to fix that."
>Keep going.
Tito: "Did that guy seem a little weird to you? He seemed weird to me."
Bram: "Twinkle twinkle little star, I can see you, I CAN SEE WHAT YOU TASTE LIKE."
Tito: "Right."

Tito: "Ok, the path ends here. But... There's nothing in here but a giant dune. Any ideas? It's a bit steep but climbable."
No. 49858 ID: bd6ea1

Do you want to take your chances with the death gateway? Climbing won't take too much effort, and might give a bit more perspective on the area.
No. 49870 ID: 18212a
File 125374209583.png - (149.43KB , 567x850 , 52.png )

>Climb, let's get our bearings.
Tito: "Right."
No. 49899 ID: bd6ea1

Be polite and say hi to the giant dunehead, and be careful not to squirm too much.
No. 49907 ID: 18212a
File 125374678049.png - (152.06KB , 567x850 , 53.png )

>Be polite and say hello to the dunehead
Tito: "Uhh, hello?"
Tito: "(Psst, line?)"
No. 49913 ID: 632862

Tell him your name, and that the Clock says hi. Alternatively, you could just say you're a friend of the Clock.
(also the ferry costs two Zorkmids.)
No. 49930 ID: 18212a
File 125374940696.png - (152.85KB , 567x850 , 54.png )

Tito: "I am Tito the Traveller. The clock says hi!"
OZYMANDIAS: "Oh? You're a friend of the clock? I thought you were a tourist. How is that old heap of dry rot?"
Tito: "He's fine. I wound him up again."
OZYMANDIAS: "Did you? I wouldn't have thought you were that sort of a lady."
Tito: "I. Er. What?"
OZYMANDIAS: "Nevermind. Now, how can I help you?"
No. 49982 ID: 632862

Hmm, what's your main objective right now anyway, Tito? Do you just want to return to your world with a chaos spirit bound to you, so that you might harness chaotic energy for your own uses? Or are you interested in helping out Bram?
You could directly ask about the former, and if Bram is permanently bound to you. As for the latter, you're mainly looking for essences and (possibly?) fragments of Bram's memory or something. In that case you'd need to get past since there's dead ends everywhere else. Maybe you could also get a hint as to the location of harvestable Dementia.
No. 50052 ID: 6c80cf



By the gods, this place is confusing and weird.

Hopefully one with markers for chaos energy.
No. 50109 ID: 6c80cf


Cross-referencing, I believe that refers to "zorkmids."
No. 50114 ID: 18212a
File 125378645221.png - (193.04KB , 567x567 , map.png )

Tito: "There you, as best as I can gather."

> So what's your goal right now?
Tito: "Going home would be nice, but I don't think Bram's gonna let me. Immediate goal? Find some essence of Dementia so I can get to that portal. The Crossroads sounds like the place to be for going places. So, uh, Bram. What are we doing after that?"
Bram: "We must find this mind of mine. Broken, lost, lost. We must find the pieces of my mask, my Facade of Sanity. Then we arm for bear, and swat a spider."
Tito: "I don't know why I keep expecting you to make sense."
> So how do we tell if an area has essences?
Tito: "Yeah, the thing about essence of chaos is that it tends to spill into it's surroundings. Like that mushroom thing with butterflies and a freakin rainbow? You see where I'm going with this?"
Bram: "The world is like a soup. If you put onions in it the whole world tastes like onions! But take them away and it loses it's flavor!"
No. 50118 ID: fd6c45


Well I guess we seek passage into the timeless desert to see if there is any essence to be gathered.
No. 50121 ID: 18212a
File 125379530295.png - (149.83KB , 567x850 , 55.png )

>we seek passage into the timeless desert
Tito: "I seek passage into the Timeless Desert!"
OZYMANDIAS: "Very well, I will grant you this boon, friend of Clock. Give him my regards."
No. 50122 ID: 18212a
File 125379716042.gif - (1.27MB , 567x850 , 56.gif )

OZYMANDIAS: "A word of advice: There are many who seek the flower. Consider to whom you give it."
Bram: "That's more than one word, mister!"
OZYMANDIAS: ".... the.... gate... opens..."

No. 50654 ID: 6c80cf


Huh? It makes perfect sense, Tito.

Bram got his ass kicked by the spider-queen goddess thingamajig, and she broke him to pieces; a part of his essence escaped or was lost.

You have become infused with it.
No. 50915 ID: 18212a
File 125391651628.gif - (267.55KB , 850x850 , 57.gif )

>It makes perfect sense.

Tito: "Huh. Hmm. Does it? Oh hey! Yes it does!"
No. 50919 ID: 18212a
File 125391662887.png - (330.24KB , 850x850 , 58.png )

Tito: "I can see two other interesting looking locations. So where should I visit first, that weird building I saw first, the mountains or the city?
No. 50932 ID: 5696d4

Explore the weird building. Weird doesn't mean dangerous.
No. 51094 ID: 18212a
File 12539236734.png - (434.85KB , 850x850 , 59.png )

Tito: "Right, the front door is open so I'll try that."
???: "..."
Tito: "Hello?"
Inattendant: "Huh. Welcome to yadda yadda who cares. If you're looking for gas, we're out. No, I can't call in for a tanker. Now, what can I do for you that I don't have to get up for?"
No. 51100 ID: 5696d4

Ask why the lazy bum seems... lazy.

Look around for anything interesting and/or beneficial to Bram.
No. 51137 ID: 18212a
File 12539250744.png - (434.69KB , 850x850 , 60.png )


Tito: "So, why are you such a-"
Bram: "LAZY BUM?"
Inattendant: "See how motivated you are when you haven't seen a paycheck for a few hundred years."
Tito: "Uhh, if you aren't being paid why are you still here?"
Inattendant: "It's down in the contract. I can't leave the premises until my shift ends. And the shift doesn't end. Ever."

>Look for interesting things
Tito: "You don't seem to be having much to sell. Just empty shelves."
Bram: "A poor man's store, with quality merchandise in the price range between nil and nada."
Inattendant: "It's all eaten, thrown away or bartered. Well, most of it. I've got some stuff that I could part with, for a price."
Tito: "I don't have anything to trade."
Bram: "Pockets so empty I don't even have pockets!"
Inattendant: "Must suck being you. Come back when you have some money or valuables. I take zorkmids, silver or gold is fine, no credit cards."
Tito: "I'll do that. So... are you here alone?"
Inattendant: "Well, might as well be. Jimmy doesn't come out here that often. He mostly sticks to the staff room, something about mops. For his sins he's the night custodian, see."
Bram: "A muddled soul little Jimmy, a familiar taste this name has."
No. 51141 ID: 5696d4

Take the items anyway.

No. 51238 ID: 632862

Go check out the staff room (or ask where it is if it's not obvious). Bram seems to know Jimmy somehow.
No. 52477 ID: 18212a
File 125408207845.png - (169.90KB , 850x850 , 61.png )

Tito: "They don't keep them on display. I guess for this exact reason."

Tito: "Oh there it is."
No. 52480 ID: 5696d4



Check if it's moving.
No. 52504 ID: 18212a
File 125408446882.png - (169.08KB , 850x850 , 62.png )

Tito: "Huh? Nah that's just Bram."
Tito: "See? Nothing wrong."
No. 52568 ID: 632862

There seems to be some kind of shadow behind you, in front of an item on the shelves. Inspect it.
No. 54868 ID: 18212a
File 125441183920.gif - (42.64KB , 567x567 , 63.gif )

>There seems to be some kind of shadow behind you, in front of an item on the shelves. Inspect it.

Tito: "It looks like a ghost."
Ghost: "Damn damn damn. Almost done."
"Are you bringing the shipment?"
"Uhh. No?"
"You wouldn't have eggs and a Cosmo on you would you?"
"Sorry, no. What's a cosmo?"
"A magazine for the missus. I don't dare go back until I can get all the things on this shopping list... The missus and I are having a tiff, see."
"I'll keep an eye out for those."
No. 54891 ID: 18212a
File 125441647222.gif - (222.43KB , 600x600 , 64.gif )

Bram: "*gurgle*"

Tito: "All right, all right. Dang. It's locked. How can I get through this?"

>Place your precious pinky on the padlock and press pitilessly. I will persuade us passage.

Tito: "Bram? Why did you drop your guise?"
>This place.. A strange radiance, so sweet, so inviting. I cannot muster the shaping while it sings sweet lullabies to my ear.

Tito: "Ok, here goes."
No. 54892 ID: 18212a
File 125441656753.gif - (184.62KB , 600x600 , 65.gif )

Tito channels one Delight into the lock.
No. 54899 ID: 632862

What are you waiting for? Make with the opening of the door!
No. 54920 ID: 18212a
File 12544186459.gif - (95.96KB , 600x600 , 66.gif )

>What are you waiting for? Make with the opening of the door!
Tito: "I'm on it."


Tito: "(How should I introduce myself?)"
>The sweet whispers..........
No. 54928 ID: 632862

"I'm selling these fine leather jackets..."

Wait, don't say that. Instead, express regret that you cannot have his fine mop, introduce yourself as Tito, then ask if he knows someone named Bram.

Why am I getting the feeling there's Dementia to be gathered here?
No. 54942 ID: 18212a
File 125442128937.gif - (66.83KB , 600x600 , 67.gif )

Tito: "I am very sorry I can't have your mop."
>The tendrils of a thousand tongues
Tito: "My name is Tito. Would you happen to know anyone named Bram?"
Jimmy: "Bram? Never heard of him. Employees only."
>The stygian susurrus
"You sure you don't know him? He said he knew you."
"Who exactly is this Bram?"
(How should I explain?)

>A sinister shadow across my soul a witless whisper a cruel chain
>What is this I feel?
No. 54948 ID: 632862

Tell him to wait a moment. Try gathering Dementia. Maybe that'll clear things up.

I wonder what happens when you try to get an essence that isn't there.
No. 54955 ID: 18212a
File 125442303612.gif - (95.31KB , 600x600 , 68.gif )

>Gather dementia
(I kinda need Bram for that, and he's, well. Not himself I suppose.)

Tito: "Uhh, so. He's like this way powerful spirit of chaos that's bound to me."
Jimmy: "... I only know one such entity. But master was defeated many years ago. Do not torment me thus."
"I think he called himself Murder-of-One and the Jester Prince."
"Those are names of my master, yes. But why would he bind himself to one such as you?"
Tito: "Uhh, that's kinda our fault. But Bram's really in here!"
"Prove it. Master delighted in riddles of all sorts. He was the only one I could never beat. I will believe you if you can defeat me."
"All right. Ask your riddles."
"Very well.
Walk on the living, they don't even muble.
Walk on the dead, they mutter and grumble."


(Uhhh... I could use some help here. I doubt Bram's in any condition to do the riddling work for us.)
No. 54957 ID: 43d730

Easy peasy.
No. 54958 ID: 5315cf

Bacteria. Germs are all over the human body and we don't even realize it, but they decompose a corpse which releases methane and can make sounds under the right conditions.

Or it might be something else.
No. 54960 ID: 632862

Grass works. I guess that's a kind of leaf, too.
No. 54961 ID: 18212a
File 125442371371.gif - (95.23KB , 600x600 , 69.gif )

Tito: "Easy peasy. Leaves."
"A correct answer. Ask me your riddle then, Tito Spirit-Thief."
(Shit. Can't think of anything. Not with that guy screaming in my ear - er - mind.)

No. 54971 ID: 43d730

Iron Roof
Glass Walls
Burns and burns
And never falls.
No. 54976 ID: 632862

What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?
No. 54982 ID: 18212a
File 12544252602.gif - (95.72KB , 600x600 , 70.gif )

"Iron roof
Walls of glass
Burns and Burns
And never falls."
"Hmm. A lantern. This is becoming interesstinngg. How about we up the ante?"
"What do you propose."
"I have a thing of master'ss. I can no longer ssstand it's pressence. If you win, I will give itt to you."
"And if I lose."
"I will eatt you up."
"Uhh, maybe not."
"No, I won't take that kinda deal!"
Bram used one Delight on Tito.
"*giggle* Ok, I'll play your silly game."
"Good. Now ansswer me thisss.
With no wingss, I fly. With no eyess, I see. With no armss, I climb. More frightening than any beasst, sstronger than any foe. I am cunning, ruthlesss and tall; in the end, I rule all."
(Hihi I don't know the answer, I give up.)
No. 55030 ID: 18212a
File 125442945921.gif - (96.31KB , 600x600 , 71.gif )

"What'ss the matter, little one? Be my riddle too hard? KSH KSH KSH. A hint you want yesss?"
No. 55042 ID: 9cc8fd

No. 55045 ID: 43d730

Bram, you are a double flaming douchewaffle.
No. 55051 ID: bffa2a

Uh, imagination?
No. 55053 ID: 18212a
File 125443132835.gif - (25.17KB , 600x600 , 72.gif )

"Hehe, ok I'll take your hint."
"A hint you asssk, a hint you sshall get,
but thiss price of mine you'll never forget."

The effects of Delight have worn off.

"A poet or a painter will have thiss in plenty,
but a dullard or a banker sssurely none."
No. 55058 ID: 18212a
File 125443163099.gif - (75.87KB , 600x600 , 73.gif )

>Imagination! Imagination!
"Correct. Your tasste, mosst exquissite. I sshall enjoy eating you. Now assk me your riddle."
No. 55059 ID: 632862

That's the answer. I googled it, since I figured it was describing an impossible concept.

Turns out that was the entire point. "what am I" is not the question to be asked, despite the riddle DIRECTLY asking that. It's more "where does this object exist?". I don't like the riddle at all. It's just not phrased properly.
No. 55068 ID: 43d730

Weight in my belly
Trees on my back
Nails in my ribs
Feet I do lack.
No. 55071 ID: 950eaa

Wait, didn't we just guess it without NEEDING a hint?
No. 55077 ID: bffa2a


Nobody wants it, but if you have it, nobody wants to lose it. What is it?
No. 55082 ID: 632862

I would guess that because she was high on Delight, she accepted the hint without thinking. Only one suggestion was needed.
No. 55087 ID: bffa2a


A bit too late if you look at the time stamps. Picture was already ready and uploading.
No. 55091 ID: ed8d8a

Creator doesn't want me
Buyer doesn't need me
Needer doesn't know me
No. 55103 ID: 18212a
File 125443321162.gif - (77.11KB , 600x600 , 74.gif )

"Weight in my belly
Trees on my back
Nails in my ribs
Feet I do lack."
"A sship. Hee hee, easssy. Now ansswer one of mine, tassty wanderer.
I once could ssee, but now I'm blind. I could ssspeak, but I am silent. Now I'm jusst white and empty."

[Editor's note:
I'll pick the first suggested riddle unless I already know that one.
And yes, yes you did guess that one :trollface:
(For srs, I was typing the reply when that suggestion came)]
No. 55107 ID: 632862

A skull.
No. 55108 ID: 950eaa


No. 55115 ID: 18212a
File 125443378228.gif - (78.52KB , 600x600 , 75.gif )

"A skull."
"Clever little morssel you are. But I grow tired of thiss game. Asssk your final riddle."
No. 55123 ID: ed8d8a

pro tip: if googling for the first line results in the correct answer, your riddle is well known. Lets get something hard if he is going to pull some "last question" shenanigans.
No. 55127 ID: ed8d8a

how about:

Maker won't claim me.
Taker won't know me.
Holder won't want me.
Seer won't take me at all.
No. 55133 ID: 18212a
File 125443640025.gif - (80.65KB , 600x600 , 76.gif )

"Maker won't claim me.
Taker won't know me.
Holder won't want me.
Seer won't take me at all."
"A falssehood. A lie."
No. 55167 ID: 18212a
File 125443790011.gif - (103.28KB , 600x600 , 77.gif )

"I win."
"No, a lie doesn't work, see. What would the holder of a lie even mean?"
"Then what, pray tell, isss the correct ansswer?"
"Your logic issss flawed. You are undone. Now sswallow your pride."
"I... I admit it was a tie."
"... Very well. I'll even let you take the blassted thing. Here."
No. 55174 ID: 18212a
File 125443891212.gif - (26.91KB , 600x600 , 78.gif )


No. 55175 ID: 15f6d6

Take the thing and then get the fuck out of there. Seriously.
No. 55179 ID: 18212a
File 125443916272.gif - (28.08KB , 600x600 , 79.gif )

"What iss thiss?"
No. 55181 ID: 15f6d6

OKAY NOW GTFO! Also, check and see what the thing is.
No. 55182 ID: 18212a
File 125443939137.gif - (55.96KB , 600x600 , 80.gif )

No. 55196 ID: 18212a
File 125444089688.gif - (105.66KB , 1134x567 , stormcaller.gif )

Hear me, and mark my words.
I am the Stormcaller,
the Wicked Prince,
the Eye of the Tempest.
My mind flows and ebbs
with memories of the past.
I remember.
The Usurper must die.

Bram has regained a shard of the Facade of Sanity. Bram has learned the guise of the Stormcaller. Bram is now directly controllable.

Listen, child, before we go,
and hear of our task.
Anansi, the Spider King,
who is a petty thing,
shattered my mask,
so long ago.
In doing so he broke me,
imprisoned me
to the isles of blue.
But prison of no hue
lasts forever
and though I thought never
would I get my due.
Now my child, do not moan.
We must hurry and fly
while spiders scurry and die.
Anansi we must maim,
and then reclaim
my Throne of Silver and Bone.
No. 55216 ID: 18212a
File 125444363938.gif - (76.80KB , 600x600 , 81.gif )

[Control switched to Bram]

"Massster, oh massster. You have returned at lasst. Pleasse do not punissh me, I did not know you were really in there."
"Quiet is the ghoul. Quiet is the homunculus. You hurt my loyal steed. How do you plead?"
"I throwss mysself to your mercy, masster. You ssaw what happened."
What judgement should I lay on my little homunculus? Something just, something fair.

This little homunculus I shaped long ago, to be my servant for a time. I made him out of bones and ash and Dementia. Should I choose I could unmake him, as devout as he may have been.
No. 55222 ID: 6faa8c

its voice. take it.
No. 55228 ID: 9cc8fd

Can the eye be put back, with delight to help? If not, well, naughty boy, but he lives to server, and serve he shall.
No. 55229 ID: 18212a

Gnite folks. 4AM here, Nahkh the internet junkie signing off.

(feedback is welcome, please use my questdis thread)
No. 55233 ID: 9cc8fd

Oh dear, did I almost say sever? What shall we do with him... muting would work well, punishments should be reversible. Crippling a follower is ever so wasteful.
No. 55244 ID: fd6933

Leave the eye as it is: it was taken fairly.
Take only the power of speech (through which the damaging riddle was set loose on poor Tito) from the homunculus, not its voice, and allow it to travel with you.
Perhaps we shall be fortunate enough to find Hears-no-evil as our journey continues.
No. 55301 ID: 15f6d6

We need dementia essence right now, and we don't particularly need a mad servant. Take him apart.
No. 55317 ID: 6c80cf


A vessel, living and whole, capable of walking when we are foiled.

First and foremost the rule of importance;
One who can WALK.

Second and further, a mouth to TALK.

Third but not final, perceptions to SEE.

Fourth and not last, arms to DEFEND.

Fifth and most; a willingness to SERVE.

His hunger is great, his mind is loose. What is his punishment? Tools should not be damaged. Yet... creatures must be taught with the rule of the whip.

Take his eye and make them both whole; one in the mind and one in the body. He is, after all, still useful.
No. 56812 ID: e2020c

Tito doesn't need the beauty of a homonculus so it can be a well-serving flying broom from now on. Perform ritual with essences available to get the hell out of this madhole - Broom get the flying of a homonculus
No. 56888 ID: e2020c

oops, messy suggestion. Password altered *homunculus
No. 56979 ID: 18212a
File 125468540382.png - (142.91KB , 567x567 , 82.png )

"Such boundless bloodlust you have brought. Befitting a beast. But beasts shouldn't blather. Begone, blasphemous bombast, and be blessed.
A beast you have become and a beast you shall be."

Now, how should I reward my mighty steed?
No. 57014 ID: 43d730

Replacing the eye would be nice...
No. 57025 ID: 6c80cf


This event clearly illustrates a danger with your steed: Namely, she is fragile... and not precisely willing to obey what you say without the influx of power. Might I suggest smoothing the nerves and communication lines of the body for better speed and reaction, along with making it more pliant to... necessary commands?
No. 57040 ID: 18212a
File 125468859639.gif - (65.31KB , 567x567 , 83.gif )

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, the mason's son for a passing stranger.
No. 57046 ID: 43d730

Very Corinthian.
No. 57123 ID: 18212a
File 125469254529.gif - (1.52MB , 567x567 , 84.gif )

This tires me... I must rest...

[The guise of the Stormcaller is dispelled for lack of essence.]
~~ End of Chapter 1 ~~
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