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File 134975857519.jpg - (51.71KB , 783x643 , #1 Tital.jpg )
461290 No. 461290 ID: f50094

The definitely wholesome travels of Ring an under-dressed, female of an unknown species, treasure hunter and wanderer. Dungeon exploring, monster meetings and nothing inappropriate.
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No. 461292 ID: f50094
File 134975860830.jpg - (36.63KB , 783x681 , #2 lost.jpg )

I do fear I am, quite possibly, very lost.
No. 461293 ID: f50094
File 134975871723.jpg - (56.71KB , 706x625 , #3 Map.jpg )

I was in Foxholm two days ago and I've been following this awful map, which makes a two day trek look like an hours walk.

I even had to eat the chicken I was planning to sell.

I suppose this is what I get for buying half price from an apprentice mapmaker.
No. 461295 ID: bf54a8

turn back?
No. 461302 ID: f50094
File 134975998642.jpg - (26.45KB , 697x474 , #4 turn back.jpg )

No I've got no food left and two days of walking behind me, I must be close to by now.

The map is bad, but I can see the real forest so I can't be too far of track. Maybe I can find a hill or something, look around, I dunno.
No. 461305 ID: e94f05

The map may be bad, but the general direction must still be somewhat accurate. That being said where are you going?
No. 461307 ID: f50094
File 134976057336.jpg - (32.06KB , 971x664 , #5 stalker.jpg )

Bwesk, a rest stop and, uh, hiding place.

Someone may be following me.
No. 461308 ID: 9778ed

First of all, cheer up!

Perhaps you should climb a tree to see if you can see anything promising.
No. 461309 ID: e94f05

MIGHT be following? please, enlighten us on this regard.
No. 461310 ID: 3e0202

schlick furiously
No. 461311 ID: f50094
File 134976147958.jpg - (28.10KB , 801x645 , #6 Up a tree.jpg )

>>461308 I climb the tree with ease, maybe my species are natural tree climbers, who knows?

Yeah it's never a good idea to be down, I should be more positive. It is a nice sunny day after all.
No. 461312 ID: e94f05

So, do you see anything from up there besides that bird?

Also why would someone follow you?
No. 461313 ID: f50094
File 134976173009.jpg - (31.04KB , 857x695 , #7 Nerves.jpg )

Ah, yes, um. He sounded pretty intent.

But Therapists aren't natural trackers so hopefully he's lost me a while ago.
No. 461316 ID: 3e0202

... where were you staying before your trips, and where do you live? Also, why are you so under dressed?
No. 461318 ID: 886a4d

Well if your hungry that bird IS right there. Make a swipe at it. Also see anything?
No. 461320 ID: f50094
File 134976328908.jpg - (31.56KB , 1081x744 , #8 vision.jpg )

It flew off when I turned to look at it, no chance there.

I'm not under-dressed, I have both vital areas fully covered. Well mostly covered. I'm not cold.

Hmm... I don't see much...
No. 461321 ID: e94f05

Can you tell which way is north?
No. 461322 ID: 886a4d

I spot potential food. Do you have a weapon?
No. 461323 ID: f50094
File 134976411068.jpg - (43.41KB , 935x786 , #9 Spotting.jpg )

I've got a fairly heavy telescope.

Wait what is that? It's not moving and it's completely black.
No. 461326 ID: f2c20c

Use the telescope to get a good look at it.
No. 461327 ID: 886a4d

I thought it was a deer, but if its completely black and not moving then maybe its something else.
No. 461329 ID: f50094
File 134976677641.jpg - (29.75KB , 794x603 , telescope.jpg )

Hold on, it's a little hard to balance in this tree...
No. 461331 ID: 6a1ec2

Don't deny it. It even says so in the first post. Under-dressed!
No. 461332 ID: 886a4d

Why are you concerned over female dress codes of cultures we haven't even been introduced to yet? Maybe its normal? And if not who cares people can dress how they like!

Shaming is a terrible thing.
No. 461333 ID: f50094
File 134976744283.jpg - (48.88KB , 1036x856 , #11 Statue.jpg )

It's a statue I think...

Hey wait this was on the map! Yeah Oscar talked about it, he called it the doe.
No. 461335 ID: f50094
File 134976900351.jpg - (41.18KB , 704x843 , #12 lies.jpg )

I'm not under-dressed! I'm wearing half a top and a skirt.

Yeah, people should be able to dress how they like, that therapist was clearly wrong.
No. 461346 ID: 886a4d

Alright lets head to that landmark, keep an eye out for game trails \ fruit bearing plants. I bet your getting pretty hungry.
No. 461351 ID: f50094
File 134977239427.jpg - (23.75KB , 626x576 , #fruits of labour.jpg )

It's actually a much longer walk than it looked. En route to the statue you find a handful of berries and one discarded pear.
No. 461359 ID: 886a4d

A discarded pear? This doesn't exactly seem like the most travelled route. Who is around to discard a pear. Oh well if its not too rotten eat it. Watch out for bugs \ worms if you care about that sorta thing... otherwise yum protein.

Can you tell edible berries from poisonous? If so nom on em if not. Save em for later.
No. 461362 ID: f50094
File 134977405382.jpg - (39.80KB , 1018x750 , #14 The Doe.jpg )

I put them both in my bag, if I start starving I'll risk it.

So this is the Doe. How impressive.
No. 461363 ID: f2c20c

What's that there, a mask or something?
No. 461364 ID: f50094
File 134977548154.jpg - (49.14KB , 995x763 , #15 mask.jpg )

It's a wooden mask with two teeth and four eye holes. There's no markings on it or anything. What is it for?
No. 461366 ID: f50094
File 134977602519.jpg - (35.48KB , 840x646 , #15 chatty.jpg )

>Oh hello
No. 461367 ID: bf54a8

he cool, someone else to talk to, wassup?
No. 461368 ID: f50094
File 134977714783.jpg - (44.96KB , 799x701 , fear.jpg )

No. 461369 ID: f2c20c

No. 461371 ID: f50094
File 134977785650.jpg - (32.44KB , 723x675 , calmly talking.jpg )

>Thank you for not dropping me and running away, that means a lot to me you know.

>The last man who found me threw told me I was an evil spirit. I tried telling him I wasn't but he kept putting his fingers in his ears and singing hymns. Strange fellow.

>Anyway he took me out here one day and left me. I haven't seen anyone since.

>Sorry I haven't spoken to anyone for two months, I do hope I'm not bothering you.
No. 461372 ID: f50094
File 134977809681.jpg - (22.31KB , 551x549 , #still calm.jpg )


>Um... how are you talking?
No. 461373 ID: f50094
File 134977908602.jpg - (49.90KB , 1042x743 , very calm.jpg )

>Well you know, I was once summoned by a witch doctor, those men with the tendency to push bones through their faces. He used me to scare people but he got very upset one day when I realised that, being dead, I no longer needed to pause to take breaths while talking.

>I didn't want to upset the man but I very much wanted to persuade him to try talking out his problems instead of using me to, ahem, rough up people.

>He, er, got a little tired with me and locked my soul in this mask. I've sort of just been drifting around ever since.

>Gosh, I must say, well done on staying calm throughout all this, most people run away or try to break me, or set fire to me or something, never works, that old witch doctor knew what he was doing.
No. 461374 ID: 666a76

It's a bit disconcerting to have a conversation with a voodoo mask yes, but it would be rude to hurt or toss you without knowing you properly!
No. 461375 ID: 6a1ec2

Wow, that mask talks a lot.
No. 461376 ID: f2c20c

Okay. Uh. Seems harmless enough. Ask him if he can do anything aside from talk.
No. 461377 ID: f50094
File 134978009162.jpg - (35.63KB , 934x671 , still going.jpg )

>Have you had a good gander at this statue here? It's an interpretation of a doe, female deer if you didn't know, made by a man in Bwesk a rather long time ago. He found a huge black stone in the quarry and had it carted away here, just off the beaten track, and hammered it into this.

>Over the generations people started believing it was magic for some reason, that might be why that man left me here before. Perhaps he thought the good magic would purge the bad magic he perceived in me, never know do you?

>You're not the most talkative girl are you? That's a bit odd because I find, on the whole that women are the ones who talk the most out of any species. Oh yes, what species are you by the way? I've met quite a few in my time don't you know, but I've never seen one of you before, isn't that strange?
No. 461378 ID: f50094
File 134978034960.jpg - (24.68KB , 619x642 , shut up.jpg )

God i hope so.

>>So can you do anything magical... or something?
No. 461380 ID: f50094
File 134978130216.jpg - (30.32KB , 875x629 , nattering again.jpg )

>Oh yes I can do many interesting magical things, I can predict the weather for tomorrow with sublime accuracy, I can see perfectly in the dark and even see magical essences or other ghosts.

>But I'm sure my most impressive ability is that if I am placed on the body of a corpse or skeleton I can recount the last few moments of their life.
No. 461381 ID: f50094
File 134978172338.jpg - (32.15KB , 886x582 , intresting.jpg )

>I can also vibrate
No. 461382 ID: 2f4b71

>But I'm sure my most impressive ability is that if I am placed on the body of a corpse or skeleton I can recount the last few moments of their life.

HE'S... A voodoo mask, able to tell a victom's final moments!

SHE'S... Actually I'm not sure what the hell she is!

No. 461383 ID: 05be86

Aw sweet weather predictions are always useful!

Ask the Mask tomorrows weather and what will happen if we put the mask on our face.

Also ask if the mask has a name or can we start calling him Woody.
No. 461385 ID: f50094
File 134978269372.jpg - (48.61KB , 1041x714 , pondering.jpg )

No. 461386 ID: 8a3061


I thought this was supposed to be wholesome quest :O
No. 461387 ID: c31f72

If the mask knows about its ability to read the memories of the dead, that means its been on corpses. Do not masturbate with something that has been on corpses, I'm fairly certain that isn't healthy.
No. 461388 ID: f50094
File 134978353850.jpg - (50.76KB , 1138x761 , facts.jpg )

> Sunny until noon and then slightly cloudy mistress

>Oh do not wear me mistress, I am a mask for the dead. Being worn by a living body such as yourself will make both of us feel very ill very quickly.

>My name is Geraldine Fellatio, but I would much prefer to be called Woody, my name has been, uh, the subject of ridicule for most of my life so I prefer nicknames. No need to tell me your name mistress, if you own me my bindings force me to refer to you by that title alone.
No. 461389 ID: f2c20c

I think we should take ownership of the mask. Useful, harmless, but kinda gabby? Worth it. If he serves us well enough perhaps one day we can work on getting him out of the mask. Does he want to leave the mask someday?

Also, let's get going. We should be quite close to Bwesk.
No. 461391 ID: f50094
File 134978488504.jpg - (29.45KB , 791x723 , strange request.jpg )

>Well mistress, you took possession of me when you first picked me up. I am yours until such a time when you choose to be rid of me, discard me, or If I don't see you for a year at which point the magic assumes you to be dead or missing.

>Oh no I very much enjoy being a mask, eternal life, always meeting new people and being immune to pain or damage, why it's all a man could ever want.

>Er, I'm sorry mistress, I'm not sure what you mean by 'have you been washed recently? I'd like to think of myself as clean but I have been on the ground for a while... Um, is that satisfactory?
No. 461393 ID: f50094
File 134978612317.jpg - (32.35KB , 887x631 , bagged.jpg )

Yeah I should get going, the Doe is on map right next to Bwesk so I ought to be able to be there fairly soon and without getting lost. I'll take Woody with me, he will have his... uses.

>No that's allright Woody

>Oh, well, good, oh-um, I'll just stay in this bad them shall I? Don't mind me.
No. 461394 ID: f50094
File 134978736229.jpg - (36.73KB , 752x711 , final.jpg )

And walking along this new-found path our heroine walks briskly towards the little town of Bwesk.

What tantalising and, above all, utterly wholesome tales await her in the next, and much more action oriented, chapter of Wholesome quest?

Sorry to end it so soon, but it is 2am in the morning here and I am weak and need sleep. I will resume with the second chapter tomorrow first thing. Nothing else to do. Hope you enjoyed it.
No. 461396 ID: 0c2247

The great thing about TGChan is that threads are long-lived and don't fall to the bottom quickly. You don't have to run in sessions, and threads can go on as long as you like.
No. 461401 ID: f50094

Thanks for telling me, I'm new to this questing lark. I suppose that just means Chapter two will be running in the same thread.
No. 461434 ID: a5d914

I kinda missed it. I blame time zones. When does Wholesome continue?
No. 461516 ID: f50094
File 134983749688.jpg - (30.96KB , 773x619 , Result.jpg )

Finally, I've reached Bwesk, that took a lot longer than I expected.
No. 461518 ID: b6edd6

So were you just planning on laying low here, or moving on to somewhere else?
No. 461519 ID: 6a1ec2


Some quests run chapters in separate threads. I daresay most. The single thread thing is mostly characteristic of Jukashi. You only actually have to worry when your thread gets so long it takes a long time to load and thumbnails start eating people's computer memory. (That's right. I'm talking to you, Jukashi.)

That said, a single "chapter" can last many days or even months, and doesn't just have to be completed in one single session. So make your threads however long you want.
No. 461521 ID: f50094
File 134983847543.jpg - (27.57KB , 860x708 , arived.jpg )

Well, mainly lay low I guess, but there has to be something worthwhile to do around here.

I think Oscar (the guy I bought the map from) wrote down some advice for me. It 'll be more useful than the map I hope.
No. 461524 ID: 6a1ec2

Read note from Oscar!
No. 461525 ID: f6cff9

Get to reading
No. 461526 ID: f50094
File 134983952419.jpg - (56.80KB , 858x758 , got to reading.jpg )

That settles it, I should have bought a real map.

He meant well at least.
No. 461527 ID: b6edd6

So... why do you have (or at least have the attention of) a therapist? Been hearing voices?
No. 461533 ID: f2c20c

So you came here in search of a job? Take a look around and see if you can find a mining company or something.
No. 461539 ID: f50094
File 134984113069.jpg - (46.50KB , 1167x782 , confesion.jpg )

The voices aren't the problem, they just wander around suggesting stuff, never harmful at all. After all I'm not forced to obey or anything. He kinda was more interested in my, uh, vices. He said I had an addiction and a, tendency towards dangerous masochism, whatever that is.

I came here to hide from him, and I am not capable of manual labour or an honest days work. I hunt treasure. Can't do much else.
No. 461553 ID: b6edd6

For perspective, what is the most recent treasure (of any significance) you have found?
No. 461554 ID: f50094
File 134984276336.jpg - (32.55KB , 1100x692 , ehhh.jpg )

Recently I got a whole ruby, but my biggest thing was half the shell of a dragon egg, I sold it to a wizard for research.
No. 461556 ID: 886a4d

Masochism is taking pleasure from being harmed or degraded in some manner. It can be safe if you find a partner who knows what they are doing. But it definately unsafe if they don't since it can be taken too far.

Anyway bandits have loot, thats pretty damn close to treasure.
No. 461558 ID: b6edd6

Do you have any treasure with you now (or any treasure hunting tools for that matter)?
No. 461562 ID: f2c20c

You came here to hide from... your therapist?

Let's check out the market.
No. 461565 ID: f50094
File 134984483750.jpg - (31.34KB , 1075x662 , sigh.jpg )

No, the therapist confiscated them, he called them tools for enabling a self-harm life style. Wordy prick. I mainly use my incredibly flexible body to sneak around anyway.
No. 461567 ID: f50094
File 134984557473.jpg - (27.06KB , 984x593 , woundering.jpg )

Sounds like it falls under that sure...

But I don't exactly choose my partners...

I should buy something probably, I wonder if they accept rubies as payment?
No. 461569 ID: f6cff9

Well if they don't accept rubies then you could probably just sell it somewhere else so you could buy stuff. No big deal
No. 461581 ID: f2c20c

He confiscated your treasure hunting tools?

Um, how do you normally hunt for treasure?
No. 461585 ID: a5d914

Why don't you clip your maskbro Woody onto the front of your top, tell him not to speak in public unless it's an emergency and instead vibrate if he notices anything that might need your attention? Like magical stuff the shop owner might have missed or lingering ghosts.

This is a mining town so if you are lucky there might be a place that deals specifically in gemstones and the like, but hopefully rubies are not in frequent supply.
No. 461593 ID: f50094
File 134985236719.jpg - (46.25KB , 810x711 , how to hunt.jpg )

Treasure hunting's pretty easy. As a general rule Bandits hold as much loot as they can in caves or camps, you just poke around near where people have been robbed and follow any tracks you might find. Big monsters always have hoards of treasure on them, rule of nature. Most caves have gems in them if you get deep enough and magic tends to lead to valuable things. Also if you find a chest they always have treasure in them.

I had a grappling hook and some lock picks before the therapist took them away, but I always used stealth to nick little things. I can't fight at all but I can run away fast and I'm small enough to squeeze through gaps most can't get through.

That might work.
No. 461595 ID: f2c20c

Right then, first task is to sell a ruby or two, and buy some new treasure hunting supplies.

Why did you start seeing the therapist anyway? Did something bad happen to you?
No. 461601 ID: f50094
File 134985439025.jpg - (69.21KB , 1173x825 , magic bra.jpg )

I don't have any way of clipping him on, so this will have to do. He'll have two of his eyes uncovered, that's enough to see anything right?

>Will do mistress... golly
No. 461607 ID: f2c20c

People are kinda staring. Maybe you can have him partially sticking out of your bag instead?
No. 461608 ID: f50094
File 134985903385.jpg - (35.96KB , 903x653 , Snug.jpg )

But he's so snug.
No. 461609 ID: b33427

Er... Yeah. That's going to draw attention. Plus, Woody might have a bad history around here, or his previous owner could spot you.

If you're gonna have him out in Bwesk, you're gonna need to disguise him. Flip him upside down, paint him a different color, and stick some extra bits on. That should do it.

Get some string, tie it to him, and hang him off your neck, facing behind you. That way you have someone always watching your back. Oh! Could you make it so he's on the back of your head? Then you'd have the next best thing to having eyes in the back of your head.
No. 461612 ID: b7169d

Actually go ahead and keep him there, he'd make for an interesting conversation piece if anyone asks.
No. 461614 ID: 05be86

Can't we just steal new treasure hunting supplies?
No. 461617 ID: f08d48

Cant we just acquire said supplies in a completely unconscpicious manner?
No. 461620 ID: f08d48

He seems a bit obvious even if you hide him, its a mask afterall, and not some kind of sloth thing. Wouldnt it stick out? Why not be "obvious" and draw suspicious from yourself that way.
No. 461621 ID: 04ce67

Well how long is it since someone else met Woody?
Ask around if there is a jeweler or trader around who deals in gems. I'm guessing you probably want some pocket money and some food. Perhaps another animal to keep as emergency food supply.
No. 461622 ID: f50094
File 134986297703.jpg - (48.65KB , 1056x775 , guile.jpg )

Good point, I don't want Woody's old owner screaming witchcraft, but I'm not sure if I can get painting supplies in a mining and fishing village. Having him stick out of my handbag may present the same problem until I have a disguise for him, I'll keep him hidden for now.

True, but I'm not sure I want to risk a zealot yelling me out of town.

I'd rather not steal when I have money, well rubies. I'll steal if I've got no other options.

Two months, and I would like another plump chicken to chew on.
No. 461627 ID: f50094
File 134986784761.jpg - (28.02KB , 923x610 , Shops.jpg )

Oh, actually I think I saw a Jewellers when I walked in, hopefully they haven't dug up too many rubies in the quarry as of late.

No. 461628 ID: f50094
File 134986803804.jpg - (30.42KB , 846x672 , Customer.jpg )

>>Good morning, what can I do for you?
No. 461629 ID: 04ce67

No one in? Don't let them trick you!
No. 461630 ID: 04ce67

Ask for a value estimate on that treasure ruby gem. If it seems legit ask if he'd be willing to make you an offer. Try to lean over and show a glimpse of cleavage just in case sex appeal makes him more pliable.

Also explain that you are an experienced adventurer. Is there anything going on in town or does this shop need any assistance with some odd job or the like?
No. 461632 ID: f50094
File 134987023334.jpg - (44.16KB , 911x701 , Cleavage.jpg )

Genius. I lean over far more than necessary and ask for him to appraise the ruby. He looks at little flustered but calmly views the gem and give me nice offer. The money's enough for some new treasure hunting equipment and a weeks worth of food.

I also mention my previous adventuring experience and ask if any jobs of my calibre are available.
No. 461635 ID: f50094
File 134987296535.jpg - (43.81KB , 1093x824 , three paths.jpg )

>Well recently people have been getting ambushed on the roads a little north of here, bandits have been jumping coaches and hiding all their stolen goods in a cave on the the big island. The Watch found out where they were hiding when one of the local lads went exploring and happened upon the cave. We would do something about it Madam, but the truth is, no one has been brave enough. The bandits are trolls you see. There's not a man living in Bwesk who can fight a troll.

>Also there's talk of a huge monster in the big forest west of here, they say it's a Snouter that grew almost as big as a house. That peeked your interest eh, even I know that monsters hoard treasure. Ah, but, I'd definitely stay away from that one Madam, it hasn't killed anyone but the, uh, monster has, a um... taste, for women.

>Oh, and recently; some of the miners have been finding very strange tunnels in the mines. They say they hear singing down them Madam, but miners are always prone to hearing strange things when underground. They just want stories to scare the other folk. The singing may be fictitious but the tunnels are, indeed, real. Might be something down there for an intrepid adventurer such as your self Madam.
No. 461640 ID: 05be86

Lets take care of the troll bandits first, it will help the community and probably get us some kind of reputation as a local hero.

First we should sell the ruby and go shopping.
No. 461642 ID: 9718f3

With no fighting skills, I'd rather avoid the bandits. And going underground would require purchasing additional gear and has its own risks. Pitfalls and the like. The Snouter actually sounds like the safest option.

What does a Snouter look like anyway?
No. 461646 ID: caef99

Troll bandits sound good. A creature that hasn't killed, and therefore could not have eaten anyone, but is confirmed to have a taste for women may not lead to the most wholesome consequences should we fail. Inform the gentleman that we are indeed 'no man' and we will handle these bandits post-haste.
No. 461649 ID: a5d914

Tunnels seem appealing. You have a mask that can see in the dark and all that. Huge advantage!
No. 461671 ID: 886a4d

No deaths? Sounds like you can work off some tension with the monster without loss of life if it does capture you. However probably best to try hard to avoid it though.
No. 461709 ID: 6a1ec2

This is worse than I thought. Your therapist is right! Your unhealthy mascochistic tentancies are going to get you killed one of these days! If I didn't know any better I'd say you were one of those heroes!
No. 461710 ID: 2f4b71

There's another wrinkle with the troll bandits: almost all the loot you'd collect would have once belonged to people in the town you'd be trying to sell it 'back' to. That might not work out so well.
No. 461719 ID: f2c20c

Sell the ruby, visit the tunnels. It's probably just dwarves down there, but it can't hurt to take a look.
No. 461739 ID: 8042f4

I say go for the tunnels. You said yourself that fighting wasn't your thing, which would throw out fighting a monster almost immediately; and while you could get the treasure from the trolls, profiting off of someone else's misfortune without solving the problem just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
No. 461794 ID: f50094
File 134992964318.jpg - (47.48KB , 927x661 , Ruminating.jpg )

>>461642 >>461739
I can't fight the bandits true, but trolls aren't that brightest of creatures. I might be able to sneak around the cave quietly enough to find something of value and get out safely, but if all I'm doing is stealing stolen goods that wouldn't feel right. Especially considering it would probably cause more banditry. On the other hand, if I found a way to clear out the trolls I'm sure the town would thankfully lavish me with a cut of the loot, well something of value at least, free lodgings wouldn't go amiss. I think I should save them for last or until I find a sure fire way of getting rid of them.

>>461642 >>461671
The Snouter does sound tempting. They live in burrows and scratch up all the trees on the edge of their territory, finding it won't be hard and then all I have to do is hide in until it leaves it's burrow to go foraging or something. I could run in and grab what ever I wanted and flee before it came back. Of course if I let it catch me... which would be by, uh, accident, obviously, definitely wouldn't want that to happen, no, not at all. Ahem.

The tunnels may be the smart choice, Woody can warn me of pitfalls if I hold him out in front of me. Probably isn't as much treasure compared with the other two options but if, perchance, a nice fat haul of gems awaits the first person to go exploring I don't want to be the second one down there. Yes, I'll do the tunnels first, start small and work up.

I've sold the ruby, got a hefty bag of coins for it. This guy seems to have a decent grasp of local affairs, do I want to ask him anything else before I get going? Maybe even get a little more detail on the tunnels or bandits and such.
No. 461802 ID: f2c20c

Um, as for the Snouter, if it's almost as big as a house then unless his particulars are very small relative to his body you probably DO NOT want to get caught by it. Death by snoo snoo is not what you want, surely?

Ask the dude how many troll bandits there are, and where generally they're setting up ambushes. We wouldn't want to run into them accidentally. Also ask for the location of the tunnels.
No. 461805 ID: b33427

Ask the guy how receptive the miners would be to being hired to guide you down to the tunnels, if you're there to investigate for them. Also ask if they'd loan or rent you some of their gear. Impact helmets, rope, hammer and climbing pins, safety lanterns (the kind designed to not ignite gas pockets), and that kind of thing. Perhaps they even have goggles enchanted with dark-vision you could use.

When you go to get supplies, don't forget to pick up a long length of strong twine to tie Woody to you, for when you're down in the tunnels.

And once you do this job for the miners, maybe you'll get access to mining explosives to make a trap for the snouter.
No. 461817 ID: 927e53

we are going to ride the snouter into the bandit caves wearing only a voodoo mask and some god coins
No. 461822 ID: f50094
File 134994137384.jpg - (36.65KB , 832x703 , Sizes.jpg )

W-well the he said it never killed anyone, so all of the women must have survived. It can't really be a big as a house, you know how people are prone to hyperbole.

I bet it's just a reasonably big one, like, cow sized or something. Yeah, that's fine, must be that big. Surely.
No. 461824 ID: f453e3

I'd vote for the Snouter first, I guess.
No. 461827 ID: f50094
File 134994381183.jpg - (34.97KB , 1081x724 , Nice guy.jpg )

Anyway I ask the jeweller about the bandits and the mine.

>Oh you've got no chance of running into those bandits any where near town. The only place they've attacked is up on the north road near the bridge onto the big island. Not many people use the road but I suppose, for a criminal, it's better to steal a little in a remote place like this than it is to rob anyone on the King's roads and get chased down by patrolling knights. I wish we had some knights Madam, I'm sure they wouldn't be afraid of bunch of no good trolls.

>Naturally the miners would be happy to lead you down the mines, they're just as curious as to what's down in the new tunnels as anyone Madam. Maybe even more so, since it is right next to their tunnels after all. I'm sure they'd loan you any equipment you needed, they don't want anyone getting stuck down their mine, they'd have to dig you out you see.

>You'll find the mine near the quarry Madam, can't miss that, up the road and turn right until you see the men with the helmets and pickaxes.

>Will that be all Madam? I'm supposed to be finishing the diamonds you see. Not to say that it hasn't been nice talking to you Madam, but, ah, I am still at work.
No. 461828 ID: f2c20c

I think that's about it.
No. 461830 ID: 9718f3

You could ask him if he has any personal tasks that could benefit from the help of a fine adventuress such as yourself. But other than that, nothing that I can think of.

The Snouter has my vote, but tunnels if not that. Basically, avoid the bandits for now.
No. 461832 ID: bef5d2

I really like this quest OP, keep it up!
No. 461834 ID: f50094
File 134995887909.jpg - (57.56KB , 1298x852 , One or the other.jpg )

I'd rather be treasure hunting than doing odd jobs, I've got money and some hunting spots so I don't really see the need. Anyway he just politely asked if he could get back to work, he's been so nice I should let him be for now.

The Snouter will still be an option after the caves, I vaguely recall someone telling me they are territorial so he'll stay put until I'm done. No I want first call on whatever is hidden in the tunnels. Mr Definitely-not-as-Big-as-a-House is next. Definitely next.

I'll buy some equipment then head off to the mine, it's about noon I reckon so I guess the mine will be open. Do mines close? It's not like it's any darker underground at night, eh, anyway, to the market.
No. 461836 ID: f50094
File 134996052241.jpg - (46.82KB , 1128x792 , Twine and rope.jpg )

I bought some strong twine for Woody, for when we get underground, and some good thick rope because that's always useful. The Jeweller said the miners would be happy to loan me any proper mining equipment so don't think I need anything else right now. As far as journeying into the tunnels goes I think I'm set.

I can always come back to the market but for now I'll make my way towards the quarry.
No. 461837 ID: b33427

Buy extra rations and water, in case you get trapped, or you end up down there longer than expected. Oh, and buy a basic lockpick set and the parts for a basic trap disarming kit, if they're available. You might end up in ancient ruins, which means locked doors and chests, and traps.

Head around to the mine head and let them know your intentions and see what gear they have. You may have to wait around for shift change to head down with the next group of miners, though, so if that's the case, get something to eat while you're waiting.
No. 461840 ID: 91804d

Aw I was going to suggest inviting the jeweller out for dinner when you return with gems and gold...

From the miners I guess ask for a lamp, some backup light, a hat or helmet and a pick axe. Maybe some pitons or whatever if you need to climb. Ask what they usually mine for. Ask woody if there is some way to mark your path. Like leaving magical pebbles he can see or something.
No. 461841 ID: f50094
File 134996266603.jpg - (49.73KB , 1064x781 , AWKward.jpg )

Oh I did buy some food, I ate the chicken but kept the gummy bread wrapped up and saved it in my bag for later. I didn't want to eat the whole chicken right away, but the lady I bought it from got a bit upset when I bit it's head off and started making a bit of, what I'd call, an unnecessary fuss. I kinda swallowed the whole thing just so she'd stop screaming. Honestly it was just a bit of blood, got very riled up over nothing in my opinion.

I don't think there is such a thing as a basic trap disarming kit but if I ever see one in the future I'll be sure to buy it. To be honest they don't sell lock picks either, You just by some screw drivers from a tinker and then ask for a small bent bit of iron to twist in the locks. It works on the big clunky locks but I'm not practised enough in lock picking to pick the small fiddly ones anyway.

I'll be off to the mine now, I think I ought to get away from the chicken lady in any case.
No. 461842 ID: 9718f3

Don't feel bad, I think the way you ate that chicken is pretty cool. She must just be overly sensitive.
No. 461845 ID: 960513

Note to self - Don't eat live chickens in public without warning? Some people are just too squeamish...

Let's see what the miners say and what they have to offer a young attractive adventurer like yourself
No. 461851 ID: b33427

Wow! You can eat an entire chicken in one go. That's impressive, if a little bit gluttonous. Have to remember that if you ever come across a chicken eating contest. Uh, your stomach feeling alright after that?

...Er, you still have your top on, right? You didn't lose it in that kerfuffle with the chicken, did you?

Anyway. Head on over to the miners and make your introductions.
No. 461998 ID: 6a1ec2

You didn't pluck the feathers? Well uh, hope you enjoy coughing up featherballs.
No. 462028 ID: f50094
File 135001058928.jpg - (132.47KB , 1209x725 , Minesite.jpg )

Very overly sensitive.

I can open my mouth really wide, but, yeah, it's not the greatest experience to swallow most of a chicken. And I do still have my top on thank you.

Right, I see a bunch of miners hanging around, I'll talk to the one reading the maps, he looks important.
No. 462035 ID: 2eac65

Well, time to introduce yourself. Say hello, and tell him you're here to investigate the noises. Since he's a professional miner, he'll know what safety equipment you'll need.
No. 462038 ID: f2c20c

Hey, there's someone over there with horns. I can't tell from here, is he the same unknown species as you?
No. 462044 ID: f50094
File 135001241939.jpg - (106.08KB , 950x855 , ello\'miss.jpg )

The niddle eating the sandwich? Those are his ears, he's the same species as the Jeweller. I can't see anyone with horns further up unless you mean the human guy holding the pickaxe.

I tell him why I'm here but before I can ask about mining equipment he cuts me off.

>Goodness Lass, ya' sayin' that ya' want ta poke around them strange little tunnels? Well blow me down we've been hopin' summ'un like you'd come along quick sharp once word got around. Right then Lass, you stay here an' I'll be back smoothly like, with the big man, he'll want to meet you an' no mistake.
No. 462047 ID: 41b837

Sounds good!

I guess just wait for the "big man" to show.
No. 462049 ID: f50094
File 135001342680.jpg - (54.07KB , 604x440 , unsure.jpg )

That weird looking man just shouted nonsense at me and ran off, I'm so confused, what did he say? Did I do something wrong?

Oh did you understand him? I'll uh, wait until be comes back.
No. 462050 ID: f2c20c

Hmm? Was that a different language or did you just not understand it through his accent? Basically, he said they've been looking forward to someone coming forward to check out the tunnels and he'll go get the guy in charge here.
No. 462051 ID: 6a1ec2

He said "My goodness, young lady! You want to explore the tunnels I mine in, by way of poking them perhaps? They are very strange tunnels. Amazing! We have been hoping someone like you would come, once we started telling people there was a problem. Everything seems about right, young lady. You stay here and wait, and I shall return with a man who while not actually big I refer to as big in a metaphorical sense because he holds some authority over me."
No. 462052 ID: b33427

Er, yeah. That particular accent just kinda... happens, if you grow a beard like that when you're a miner. Spontaneous dorfiness, I think it's called. Bad enough in some places that they need full time translators to talk to the merchants.

Anyway. Just sit tight, and he'll bring around the boss to talk to ya.
No. 462054 ID: f50094
File 135001557406.jpg - (97.49KB , 852x649 , The bigman.jpg )

I'm sure he was trying to speak Common, at least I'm pretty sure it wasn't another language.

Thank god, I was getting nervous.

Oh look he's coming back, and he's bringing another man with him.

>So you're blue lady who who wants to snoop around our mystic tunnels, very nice to meet you I'm Mr Swing, owner of these mines. Dear oh dear have we been waiting for you a long time.
No. 462055 ID: 41b837

Ask what you can try to do.
No. 462056 ID: b6edd6

Have his workers been having problems aside from the appearance of strange tunnels and singing?
No. 462059 ID: f50094
File 135001743354.jpg - (94.21KB , 877x653 , Handshakes.jpg )

He radiates cheerful enthusiasm. Also he hasn't let go of my hand.

>You've been waiting for me?

>Goodness me, yes Miss, indeed we have. All the boys were very excited when I told them; someone has finally come along to explore the singing tunnels that have been popping up. Ever so glad you made it Miss all of them, we've been waiting six weeks Miss, that's when the tunnels first turned up.

Problems Miss? A cave-in at least once a month like clockwork but that's been happening since long before I owned the place. No Miss the boys are just curious, we have quotas to fill and mines to dig so we haven't the time nor inclination to go tunnelling open whole caverns just to see what's there. That's a four week job Miss, can't go wasting a whole month's wages on a singing hole can we?
No. 462060 ID: f2c20c

It sounds like they really really want your help. Bring up your pay. Don't do this work for free.
No. 462061 ID: 6a1ec2

OK he's obviously hiding something. A lot of things. Oh what the hell, that'll just make it more fun!
No. 462069 ID: 9718f3

Cool. They're just curious about it and really want someone to poke around for them. That's perfect! Ask him if you can borrow some cave-going equipment because you don't have any of your own.
No. 462076 ID: f50094
File 135002273587.jpg - (98.99KB , 878x644 , shake it up.jpg )

I'm not sure you can fake this level of keenness, my hand is going numb.

>Oh standard adventurer's fee Miss, whatever you can fit in you're pockets when we're not looking. And I'm sure the boys can have a whip round if you don't find anything, just as a thank you for helping us sate our curiosity so to speak. I mean it Miss, another week and I think the work crews would have been digging on their days off just to see what was down there.

>Don't you worry I'll be kitting you up myself Miss, couldn't live with myself if you got stuck down my own mine because I was to stingy to help you.

>Come with me Miss, I'll show you some gear and then take you down to where to first tunnel appeared. That's as good a starting place as any Miss and no mistake.
No. 462077 ID: 2eac65

Okay, we'll want to clarify a few things. First, he said that the tunnels suddenly started springing up. Does that mean singing started coming from existing tunnels, or there were suddenly new tunnels where there were none before?

Second, have the workers around those tunnels shown any strange behavior or conditions? Because hypnotic music is quite popular among some supernatural beasties.
No. 462078 ID: a5d914

Well he has strong hands...
Guess that's just how things work in these parts. Very nice of them. Adventuring has its perks.
Go along to get your kit. Ask what they normally mine for here.
No. 462091 ID: f50094
File 135002865949.jpg - (65.50KB , 531x416 , My hand smarts.jpg )

>We actually have two veins Miss, one long one of coal and a some steams of iron.

>Yes the tunnels just turn up, one day we have nice neat walls and the next we have a tunnel humming tunes all day and annoying the workers. It's been giving us no end of ear ache Miss. No real strange behaviour, but Brian in shaft four has taken to slinging his fishing hook down the tunnels. He says he wants to catch sirens Miss. We've told him Brian, sirens live out at sea and sing at boats to sink them but he doesn't listen.
No. 462094 ID: f50094
File 135002994474.jpg - (76.04KB , 841x529 , Take your PICK.jpg )

Ok, Mr Swing has left me here to take grab whatever I want to take with me in the tunnels. He's got to sort out a mine shaft quickly before he shows me to the tunnel I'll be going down.

I can see a bunch of stuff but what do I take with me? If you think of anything I'll rummage around for it, it might be hidden in a crate or something.
No. 462100 ID: 9718f3

A lamp, spare fuel for the lamp, pickaxe, more rope, chalk to mark your way, and a helmet. Pitons if you know how to use them, though I doubt it. Maybe some charcoal and paper to try to make a map. Definitely no explosives.
No. 462102 ID: e874c5

That. Especially the helmet. You will bump your head in narrow tunnels. maybe some gloves for your girly hands.

Maybe something you can use as earplugs if the singing turns out to be annoying or not very good.
No. 462126 ID: 5a56af

Oh, well, just take everything you can carry and if we find something cool down the line you'll just drop some crap to make room for it.
No. 462132 ID: f50094
File 135004360457.jpg - (80.49KB , 816x536 , My hands are huge.jpg )

I don't have girly hands, I have huge broad hands. Well, ok, maybe that's girly in my species but compared to niddles and humans my hands are brutishly masculine. Great, now I'm getting all self conscious about my hands, thanks a lot. Regardless I don't need gloves, my skin's very thick.

The lamp and spare fuel are in my bag along with rope and and chalk. I don't know what pitons are or how to use them so they'll be staying behind. I will take the pickaxe but I'm not digging anywhere unless I see something very expensive.

Also, um , none of the helmets fit, it's the horns. Wow, now I feel really self conscious.
No. 462133 ID: 9718f3

Your hands and horns are lovely, don't worry about it.

That's just about everything you need. Maybe grab a sack for loot. A looting sack. Your bag is looking somewhat full.

To adventure!
No. 462134 ID: 5a56af

That guy was pretty suspicious. Maybe you should speak to one of the others guys. You know, ask for their opinion on these singing tunnels.
No. 462135 ID: f50094
File 135004600633.jpg - (49.13KB , 495x376 , horns.jpg )

No. 462139 ID: f50094
File 135004660281.jpg - (61.00KB , 440x471 , Don\'t shout.jpg )

What? Oh, right, looting sacks, good idea. I'll grab one, sure.
No. 462147 ID: f50094
File 135005037793.jpg - (83.07KB , 833x521 , Mr Swing\'s back.jpg )

I will if I get the chance. No real person can be that aggressively cheerful.

Oh look he's back.

>Are you done? Great, let's get going, the boy's are all on break so they can watch. Don't want to keep the whole mine on standstill for too long now do we?
No. 462148 ID: 9718f3

Man, he is /really/ suspicious. It is absurd how suspiciously he acts. Oh well, some people are just like that. Caution him that it wont be a very good show, just you going in a tunnel and probably not coming back out for some hours. His enthusiasm is appreciated though. Even if it is a bit... creepy.

Don't say that last bit.
No. 462167 ID: a5d914

Are you very new to this adventuring and tunnel exploring? Maybe this is just how things are done in this culture.

Ask what there is to watch. You're just walking into a dark hole... Well maybe you could make a ceremony out of it. Ask if you can ride his shoulders on the way to the entrance. You know for the miners morale.
No. 462224 ID: 2eac65

Try and find a gas mask, or something similar. And some goggles.

Also, perhaps some padding for your elbows and knees, and/or heavy boots.
No. 462303 ID: f2c20c

It occurs to me that if you don't use the pickaxe it will just slow you down. Put it back.
No. 462310 ID: b33427

Put the pickax back; They're really only good for imprecisely breaking up big rocks. Anything in the rock that's obviously valuable, and small enough for you to carry, will need precision to get out. You'll need a hammer and stone chisel for that, so ask Mr. Suspiciously-Cheerful where those are, so you don't waste more time.

Oh, and when you go into the singing tunnel, have the miners tie the longest rope they have around your waist, and the other end to a solid object; Possibly a winch, if they have one that's bolted down. This is in case something nabs you when you go in.
No. 462315 ID: f50094
File 135009756685.jpg - (123.58KB , 952x729 , Swing and Miss.jpg )

Yeah, I'm not sure anything I say is going to persuade him. He's like a tidal wave of good natured enthusiasm. Also he's not listening to me.

But I don't want to ride on his shoulders.

He's already dragged me out of the tool shed. If all the miners are coming to watch maybe I could just ask to borrow a pair or something. This is so strange.
No. 462322 ID: f2c20c

Could you carry that stuff in a less awkward fashion?
No. 462323 ID: b33427

Yeah, maybe one of the miners would loan you a belt, so you could hang it from your waist. You'd stick it in the waistband of your mini-skirt thing, but that'd just end up exposing your nethers to the world.
No. 462340 ID: f50094
File 135010299605.jpg - (83.35KB , 778x568 , Crowded.jpg )

>Well boys we're in luck today, this kind lady has offered to explore the new tunnels we have all been racking out brains over for the last six weeks. Hopefully she can get to the bottom of this mysterious singing that's been bothering us for so long.

They nod approvingly, some clap.

>I must thank you again Miss, any last requests before you boldly dive in?
No. 462347 ID: b33427

Yeah. If you don't make it back, you'd like someone to mail your therapist a letter saying he was right. Oh, and a belt or holster or something to hang this pickax from.

After that, lean down to crawl into the hole (inadvertently giving all the miners a good view of your ass.) Think you could hang that lantern from your horns to keep your hands free?
No. 462351 ID: 6a1ec2


You'd like someone to mail a letter if you don't return. Its contents are of the utmost secrecy. (It's a letter saying to your therapist he was right, but don't tell them that!)
No. 462354 ID: f50094
File 135010599459.jpg - (77.36KB , 569x640 , good to go.jpg )

I'm not mailing shit to my therapist, he's a judgemental prick.

They don't have any gas masks, but one of the miners said that it's unlikely that there are any gas pockets anyway. He explained why but I didn't understand it, lots of mining jargon and long words.

The pickaxe won't even fit down the hole. A human pulled a hammer and chisel out of his big leather mining belt and handed them to me. Then Mr Swing asked for two volunteers to stay behind and hold the other end of the massive rope he had brought out of the tool shed. If I want out of the tunnels, I yank twice on the rope and the guys on the other end pull me to safety.

Ok, I'm going in.
No. 462356 ID: f50094
File 135010797821.jpg - (87.74KB , 956x796 , I\'m in.jpg )

They cheered as I went in and applauded a little. Then they all went real quiet and started whispering. It was a bit creepy.

It's a little cramped in here, I'll crawl until I reach a junction or on opening I suppose.
No. 462357 ID: 5fd94e

Stop and listen for any noises.
No. 462358 ID: 666a76

I hope they didn't go silent because you flashed them real good.
No. 462359 ID: b33427

You got natural dark-vision or something? 'Cause you forgot to pull out the lantern and put it ahead of you. You also forgot to put your bag where you could pull out Woody as well.

Yep, they're hiding something. Either that or your skirt got pulled off on the way in. Best keep your tail low, just in case.
No. 462362 ID: 1f8505


Secure your top lest it get pulled off and make this quest unwholesome.
No. 462365 ID: f50094
File 135011293239.jpg - (77.08KB , 858x716 , This went well.jpg )


Y'know, after that, I wouldn't be surprised.
No. 462366 ID: 6a1ec2

Quick, ask him to pass you the condom!
No. 462367 ID: f2c20c

Well they just saw your underwear, big deal. Keep crawling, now. You need to find the caves so you can get the lantern in action.
No. 462370 ID: 666a76


For some reason I very much doubt that she is wearing undergarments.
No. 462371 ID: f50094
File 135011627406.jpg - (79.93KB , 881x676 , Woody.jpg )

What? What condom?

I don't hear anything yet, I'll be sure to pay attention.

I thought I'd wait until I had room, pushing a lantern in front of me in a cave this narrow wouldn't be worthwhile. I do run the risk of missing something though, I'll pull out Woody, he can sort of scout ahead.

>I'll alert you if I see anything valuable, or dangerous Mistress.
No. 462372 ID: 6a1ec2


Listen a bit. Can you hear any singing?
No. 462374 ID: b33427

Squeeze further forward, so your rear isn't on display for the miners anymore. Hope your hips don't get stuck in a narrow bit.
No. 462380 ID: f50094
File 135012006730.jpg - (87.40KB , 1051x612 , Light up.jpg )


My hips get through no problem, I'm as surprised as you are. I've come out into a little cave. There's plenty of room now so I'll turn on my lantern.

I think I hear a faint humming sound. It's not singing but it could be a voice, I really can't tell.

There's a few exits here, what should I do?
No. 462384 ID: 65c3dd

The best thing to do would be to avoid going up or down until you feel you have comfortably explored the current level you are on. Adding a 3rd dimension right away doesn't help when you are trying to get the lay of an area.
No. 462386 ID: b33427

Yep, stick to this level. Going up or down in these tight tunnels will be hard.

Now would be a good time to get out that chalk and start marking. Put an arrow on each side of the exit, pointing to it, and an "X" on each side of the tunnel entrance you choose, to mark that you went in that way. Break the chalk in two and keep the extra piece in your bag, in case you lose the first piece somehow.
No. 462391 ID: f2c20c

Just go straight forward for now.
No. 462394 ID: f50094
File 135012485886.jpg - (79.18KB , 1048x594 , Straight ahead.jpg )

Two arrows on the exit and one cross above the tunnel I'm going down.

Makes sense, I'll only explore tunnels on my level for now.
No. 462396 ID: b33427

...Huh. That upward tunnel entrance is a kinda lewd shape. Ah, well. Onwards and downwards!
No. 462405 ID: b7169d

Explore! Anything interesting in view?
No. 462419 ID: 2957ad

Nothing much to see here I guess. Keep going with your ears open.
No. 462673 ID: f50094
File 135018730081.jpg - (88.22KB , 1140x681 , second cave.jpg )

What an unwholesome thought. But, uh, yeah it does doesn't it.

I'm in a second cave, a lot bigger than the first by the looks of it. There's another tunnel below me, very steep, but it's nothing I can't handle. There's more cave ahead of me, I'll stick to this level like you suggested.

I hear the humming more clearly now. Oh, and water, there's water dripping down above me.
No. 462678 ID: bbee3d

Water is good! You won't die of dehydration if you get stuck in here. Unless it's poisonous, that is. Look up to see where it's coming from.

Can you follow the humming to its source? If you can't tell what direction it's coming from, just look for the rooms in which it's louder.
No. 462680 ID: b33427

Mark your entrance tunnel with the chalk. Don't bother with the water; You aren't thirsty yet, right?

Try tying your rope to Woody and lowering him down the tunnel so he can check if the humming is louder that way. It'll save you a trip if it isn't.
No. 462685 ID: f2c20c

That is the first bit of color I've ever seen. Maybe it's special water? Try drinking a bit.
No. 462689 ID: 6a1ec2

Yeah, the voices in your head can also see, for however you want to interpret that.
No. 462725 ID: 31854b

this strikes me as a good idea for some reason.
No. 462741 ID: f50094
File 135019718845.jpg - (80.41KB , 1114x671 , Drop down.jpg )

Sometimes you notice things I don't, so I guessed that already. You must see what I see but focus differently? I don't know. Weird.

Tastes strange. Not like a magical kind of strange just, cave water strange.

I'm not too thirsty yet no. The humming is more clear but it could be coming from further ahead or down below I can't tell. I'll try lowering Woody into the tunnel.

>Sounds just about as clear Mistress. Not much of a difference to be honest, sorry to disappoint.
No. 462747 ID: b33427

Alright, that rules out going that way for now.

Ask Woody to estimate how far down to the bottom it is, then haul him back up. Continue onward into this cavern.

Best not drink any more cave water unless you have a good reason to. You might get some nasty gut illness or something from it, and a case of the runs is the last thing you want while spelunking.
No. 462757 ID: 6a1ec2

To be fair the cave water is most likely perfectly sterile, just highly mineralized. aka funny tasting and not especially good to drink. Thanks for trying though. We're still new at this.

Thank Masky with a big hug.
No. 462760 ID: f2c20c

Just keep going forward.
No. 462766 ID: 31854b

Try humming something yourself. Or shouting, maybe. Test the acoustics out on this cave.
No. 462767 ID: f50094
File 135020686673.jpg - (97.59KB , 816x783 , Hugs.jpg )

Two and a half meters of rope down, I asked Woody to tell me when he hit bottom for a more accurate measurement than: looks a bit far.

Nice to have a friend I can put in my pocket.

No. 462769 ID: f50094
File 135020930109.jpg - (79.84KB , 853x604 , Eels.jpg )

No. 462770 ID: f50094
File 135020934115.jpg - (94.84KB , 716x684 , Screaming.jpg )

No. 462771 ID: 886a4d

Tunnel Shark!
No. 462772 ID: f2c20c

Oh god. Are you okay? Get away from that thing! Get to a tunnel it can't get through!
No. 462773 ID: b33427

Try to tell if that's the thing making the humming noises, while slowly backing away, and putting the hole in the floor between you and it. If you're lucky, it's too big to fit through that opening.

If it can get through that opening, and starts coming for your, dash back, and dive into the way you came in.
No. 462774 ID: 886a4d

I think I know what made these holes. Watch out for that things babies.
No. 462779 ID: 927e53

like now
like yesterday
leave run hide flee
No. 462780 ID: a5d914

Keep the light between you and that thing. It might be blinded.
No. 462796 ID: d125b0

Its a Quorray Eel. I thought those things only lived in Ghastly Gorge.
No. 462823 ID: 2eac65

Hey, a new critter. Maybe it's friendly.

Put some distance between you and it. If it's a nice monster, it'll understand. If not, leaving is something you need to do sooner rather than later.

Also, if threatened, shout something like "Giant cave monster!" Information is key; there have been a lot of problems which could have been avoided by well-chosen panicked shouting.
No. 462879 ID: 3f9b86

Remember your training, run around in circles, wave your arms, and keep yelling.
No. 462882 ID: b4b23e

Say hi.
No. 463111 ID: 049858

"When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout." --Robert A. Heinlein, "The Cat Who Walks Through Walls"
No. 463143 ID: f50094
File 135028010554.jpg - (84.14KB , 1076x639 , Heart\'s a thumping.jpg )

I did. I think I can hear my heart smacking my chest, I can certainly feel it. Usually I'm quite good at keeping calm but, god, that thing came out of nowhere.

It didn't follow me at all, I don't think it even moved.

I may have, just possibly, overreacted.
No. 463148 ID: b6edd6

You should probably shout down the entrance that you saw a huge creature but are okay. Maybe ask if they have a brighter lantern?
No. 463151 ID: b33427

Yeah, you may have overreacted, but better safe than sorry when dealing with a critter who's head is taller than you are.

Lay down next to the entrance and rest until your heart stops feeling like it's going to leap out of your chest.

Shout up the entrance that you're okay; You were just startled by some honkin' huge critter. Describe it to the miners to see if they have ever seen or heard of something like it.

Yeah, ask if they have a brighter lantern, and failing that, a reflector for your lantern to direct the light forward.
No. 463159 ID: f2c20c

Peek back in. If darkness conceals it, ask your mask buddy if it's still there and if it moved at all.

Possibly yell through the tunnel that you're still okay.
No. 463163 ID: f50094
File 135028471794.jpg - (84.59KB , 1157x687 , Lots of shouting.jpg )

Ok, I feel better now.

I yelled down the tunnel. The miners said that there are eels in the river nearby but not much larger than a meter. They tried to nonchalantly ask exactly how big it was, I told them it was about four times the size of the exit tunnel. I think that cheered them up.

Apparently the lanterns come in two sizes, this size and slightly smaller, shame. They did send down a reflector however.

Where now? Back to check on the Eel or should I try exploring somewhere else?
No. 463164 ID: f50094
File 135028528584.jpg - (67.63KB , 1205x718 , Caution.jpg )

I'll do that now, I didn't hear anything but I am not taking any chances with that monster.

>All clear Mistress, the Eel has not moved at all.

Good. Very good. I hope it stays that way.
No. 463166 ID: b33427

Ask Woody if it's moving in any way, shape, or form. Like, eye and mouth movement. It may be a fake or illusion of some sort.

Stick the reflector on the lantern, place it on the ground at the entrance, and point it towards the giant eel to illuminate it and the cavern. Creep towards it around the edge, picking up a pebble on the way. Once you're close enough, lob it at the eel and see if it responds.
No. 463167 ID: f2c20c

I think we should just go into other tunnels before messing with the eel. Try the one closest to the entrance for now. The one that goes slightly up.

Also uh yeah, your skirt falls forwards when you go down on your hands and knees.
No. 463168 ID: 6a1ec2


Your terror is adorable, by the way.
No. 463172 ID: b33427

...Er, yeah, that skirt does lose a lot of coverage when you aren't standing up. Which in your profession, happens more often than with most people.

Maybe put "get tailored shorts" on the mental to-do list for after you're done with this job. At least buy some underwear, 'k?

Until then, try and keep your tail down as much as you can when in positions like that.
No. 463176 ID: f50094
File 135029189248.jpg - (78.95KB , 737x927 , Focus please.jpg )

That is highly irrelevant. Please focus.

My terror is not remotely adorable and I do, for your information, own pants. I just don't like wearing them that's all. It's my tail ok, c-certainly no other reason, gosh you people, don't you have anything better to do. Jeeze.
No. 463181 ID: 65c3dd

You say it's irrelevant but you won't be thinking that if this comes back to figuratively and literally bite you in the ass.
No. 463184 ID: f2c20c

Gosh. Okay.

You're getting closer to the down hole if you wanna go in that one instead. It was at least as close as this passage to the humming... Or you could go examine the eel a bit closer...
No. 463185 ID: b33427

Alright, alright; You like the feel of the breeze on your skin (or is it scales?) That's fine. Just gotta remember in the future to make sure nobody is behind you when you bend down or are crawling about.

Okay, now... What were you doing? ...Ah, yes. You were going to sneek over and throw pebbles at that giant eel.
No. 463186 ID: 12c19f

You like to leave nothing to the imagination. Got it.
No. 463192 ID: f50094
File 135029562562.jpg - (74.60KB , 681x923 , Grumpy.jpg )


I'm gunna' throw rocks at that eel now.
No. 463197 ID: f2c20c

Pebbles. Don't piss it off! Much!
No. 463214 ID: a5d914

Let's hope it's just a piece of art or something then.
No. 463255 ID: 31854b

Something to keep in mind, here: even if the eel can't get out the entrance tunnel, you can't get through it in a hurry. You have to crawl.

I'm assuming (since it lives in this tunnel,) that the eel can fit through most of the tunnels, just not the entrance. It might be able to get to you before you get out, and if it does, you'll be rather helpless.

...just have another escape route in mind, okay?
No. 463267 ID: 68bbc5

Stay at least partially in the tunnel while throwing the rocks, and prepare to make a quick escape if it suddenly moves. We don't know whether or not it's hostile, or how fast it moves.
No. 463271 ID: b3dd38

Try not to hit it in the eye.
No. 463308 ID: 65c3dd

Alternatively hit it right in the eye it's not like he's going anywhere.
No. 463415 ID: f50094
File 135036652902.jpg - (67.66KB , 811x555 , Tossin\' rocks.jpg )

Don't worry, I am not going any nearer to that thing than I have to.

The new lantern reflector gadget lights up the eel from all the way over here. Here being the entrance cavern where one of my feet is firmly planted in the exit tunnel.

Noted. Throwing now.
No. 463416 ID: f50094
File 135036680911.jpg - (67.92KB , 812x579 , Trying again.jpg )

CLACK tink
No. 463417 ID: 65c3dd

Come on you are never gonna hit it throwing like a little girl throw that rock like you mean it!
No. 463421 ID: f50094
File 135036742517.jpg - (68.20KB , 812x579 , And again.jpg )

I'm getting there, no need to rush.

Ok, right, this time for sure.
No. 463423 ID: f50094
File 135036789463.jpg - (68.63KB , 806x577 , Getting there.jpg )

CLACK tink

...this is not my strong point...
No. 463425 ID: 31854b

You could probably get a liiitle close without too much risk. Unless those were just test throws.
No. 463427 ID: bf54a8

okay quick throwing lesson.
fist stand up. stand with your throwing arm facing away from where you are throwing, then step forward with the foot opposite of the throwing arm and and get your whole body into the throw, don't just throw with your arm.
No. 463428 ID: f50094
File 135036824082.jpg - (69.56KB , 818x601 , You may pitty her if you so chose.jpg )

CLACK tink
No. 463429 ID: f50094
File 135036850848.jpg - (69.43KB , 818x601 , Sad.jpg )

I can do this guys, I can do this.

CLACK tink

Didn't work. that one was clearly your fault and did not count.
No. 463430 ID: 629257

Throw rocks into its eyes.
No. 463431 ID: f50094
File 135036900672.jpg - (69.47KB , 810x582 , Unrestrained joy.jpg )


No. 463432 ID: 12c19f

That thing is big, fat, and especially stupid. It does not seem to react to any stimulus.
No. 463433 ID: a5d914


Oh no. Looks like it's not an artful statue then. Keep your escape route firmly in mind.
No. 463435 ID: 06ee8f

what did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO!?
No. 463436 ID: f50094
File 135037041363.jpg - (66.17KB , 812x566 , Gurgle.jpg )


Big, fat and very very slow. Y'know it's a lot less frightening once you realise that it's got the reaction times of a brick wall.
No. 463437 ID: f2c20c

Alright, let's leave it alone now. It can't even talk, and it's not moving out of its hole either. Go down that passage!
No. 463444 ID: 65c3dd

No don't just walk away! Try talking to it. Maybe it got stuck down here and needs some help?
No. 463445 ID: 629257

If it can talk, it'll say something. For now, keep pelting it in the eyes.
No. 463446 ID: 1f8505


Get a little closer and throw a bigger rock.
No. 463448 ID: c8be92

Oh wow. You've found a fish vein. The miners can now mine for fish.

yeah, that hole seems really dangerous, since your rope doesn't reach the bottom. Go to the Top Tunnel.
No. 463450 ID: f2c20c

Sure it does. It's 2.5 meters to the bottom. That's like 8 feet. No problem.
No. 463451 ID: f50094
File 135037788001.jpg - (55.54KB , 568x445 , Chat to the eel.jpg )

I don't think eels are particularly renowned for their powers of speech, but it is giant, and therefore possibly magical so who knows. I'm sure it will speak up If I throw more rocks at it. I'm not sure I look forward to the conversation if it does though.

Only a little closer. I don't want to have any part of me bitten off.
No. 463452 ID: 65c3dd

It's not like you have anything to lose by trying to talk to it.
No. 463453 ID: f2c20c

You really should be looking for gems and shit rather than messing with a giant eel that might be the only thing between you and several thousand gallons of water.

I'm saying he's plugging a hole in the ocean.
No. 463455 ID: f50094
File 135037927727.jpg - (66.62KB , 824x567 , Thud.jpg )

>Hello? Sorry for throwing rocks at you. Um, any chance you understand me?

Nope, it can't speak. I, uh, threw the rock just encase. Looks like it can barely feel. It may have only noticed the first rock because it hit it's eyeball, eyeballs are universally squishy. I heard even rock golems wince when you bounce something of their eyes.

Yeah I should get back to exploring. Am I going down the steep tunnel or back and up the lewdly shaped one?
No. 463456 ID: f2c20c

This area is closer to the humming, so let's go down the steep tunnel. You're sure you can climb back out, right?
No. 463457 ID: 9718f3

Down the steep one for now, provided you can definitely come back up. We'll probably check the other one for treasure later though.
No. 463469 ID: b33427

Yeah, enough playing with the giant eel creature for now. Head down the tunnel in this cave, and don't forget to mark it. Is there a solid place to anchor your rope?

Ask Woody if he knows anything about magical giant eels, or tunnels appearing out of nowhere. For that matter, ask him why he isn't blathering personal commentary; You thought he was the type to talk.

You know, there's a pretty good chance there's spatial displacement magic going on here. These caverns and tunnels might end up connecting anywhere, so if you do find an exit to the outside, don't take it. They have a nasty habit of closing up as soon as adventurers pass through.
No. 463499 ID: a5d914

Go up, it's further from the eel. If the eel moves forwards and lies on the steep downwards tunnel then you will be stuck there.
No. 463536 ID: 1f8505


Looks like this is one of those Weird Puzzle Shit things where you need a specific item to make it go away.
No. 463804 ID: 65c3dd

Is this thing even alive? Maybe this isn't what it appears to be..
No. 463937 ID: f50094
File 135045576277.jpg - (66.85KB , 992x652 , Away from eels.jpg )

I'm confident I can climb out, the walls are dry and full of handholds. It'll be a struggle but not dangerous.

Now that is a scary prospect, I do not like the thought being suck in a dark cave under a giant eel. On the other hand it hasn't moved yet and might be stuck. I'll risk it.

I can push the rope under one of the bigger rocks. I yanked on it to test it a few times and it stuck firm. I'm not sure why Woody's being so quiet, I was curious, but I didn't want to ask in case he stopped.

>Oh there's nothing magical in the king's rivers Mistress. The old witch doctor told me that ages ago. He said that these two wizards had had a magical spat of sorts and the victor blew the losers tower into the river. The building to made to contain all his spells so no one knew what he was working on, secretive fellow that one, so the stones of the tower suck magic out of the river, so to speak.

>The Eel itself is possibly magical Mistress but, uh, I do admit that I know very little about water creatures. It could have grown in the tunnels I suppose. Only if, of course, the tunnels were created by magic, or dug by something magical, for instance an Ogg. If so then it could have been affected by a haywire spell.

>You know Marvin's Law Of Great Collapse Mistress? Quite impressive for a non-wizard. Yes Mistress if you see an exit from the tunnels that is suspect, that is to say looks like it exits at a point very unlike the entrance, leaving via that tunnel will twang the magic. Twanging being the term for interacting with spell or charm so that reality catches on and removes it. Mages of all sorts go on and on about twanging Mistress, it's a tool of the trade in a way.
No. 463938 ID: 31854b

Lower the lantern down first, so you can see what you're descending into. Plus maybe we can get a look around before you go down and see things you can't.
No. 463947 ID: f2c20c

What's the Law of Great Collapse?
No. 463951 ID: f50094

The magic law of tunnels closing up as soon as aventurers pass through them.

Woody is answering the questions Ring asks, which are the questions >>463469 asked.
No. 463961 ID: f50094
File 135046247948.jpg - (70.19KB , 917x700 , Eel slime.jpg )

Nothing but tunnel. I asked Woody as well but he couldn't see anything but rocks.

The humming's getting a lot louder. Whatever's causing it has to be coming from the cavern above me but I can't get up there. The tunnel basically bends straight up and it's covered in what, I am going to assume, can only be eel slime.

There's no way I'm getting up here right now, I should explore elsewhere. There has to be another way in. Come to think of it the eel is probably blocking one if the entrances. Not that I want to try and move it, unless it turns out to be the only thing I can do.
No. 463962 ID: f2c20c

Ew. Okay, last entrance! Enter the lewd tunnel.
No. 463986 ID: f50094
File 135047090121.jpg - (80.31KB , 1067x714 , Upper caves.jpg )

Gladly, may I never need smell eel juice again.

The rope made the climb back up easy. The eel still hasn't moved if you were wondering.

The lewd tunnel only goes up about a meter, I must be just above the eel's cavern. I think this was part of the mine a long time ago. It looks like it caved in when someone was working. Poor guy.
No. 463987 ID: 9718f3

Rummage through his remains to see if you can find anything useful/valuable. Grave robbing is a time honoured tradition amongst adventurers.

Then give us a look out over the water, assuming the cave does not extend further to the right.
No. 463988 ID: 65c3dd

The miners would no doubt be interested in getting his mining equipment back and knowing who he is. Might not be able to search him but I bet what's left of that pick axe would be worth grabbing.
No. 463998 ID: ad8acc

Woody did say that he can recount the last moments of a corpse's life. Test it out.
No. 464019 ID: 16ac41

Oooh totally. Put Woody on that skull!

Also that had better not be a pool of snot to the left there.
No. 464022 ID: a5d914

Check out the guys remains. See if you can find anything identifying him. The other miners might want to know.

Is that an underground lake? ABOVE where you entered? Risky.
No. 464072 ID: 65c3dd

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there was probably a cave in but yeah you should test him out to see if he's not broken or anything.
No. 464076 ID: 1f8505


How the heck is your skirt attached to your body?! It doesn't connect in the back!
No. 464078 ID: 31854b

I think it connects below the tail.
No. 464244 ID: f50094
File 135054428869.jpg - (70.24KB , 803x549 , Skull and mask.jpg )

YES, that first. I've always wanted to see real magic. Everyone does. You have to be a royal, wizard or insanely rich to see anything other than fireworks and even then that's rare. I suppose quite a few adventurers have seen real magic but I don't think they tend to still be alive after experiencing it. I wonder if surviving a big spell is a benchmark in adventuring.

Do I just rest the mask on the skull or do I need to chant something? I'll ask.

>Oh well, truthfully the nature of my bindings is quite simple Mistress. As a retainer of life and a conduit, and container, of souls I can pull the phantom of life into the bones of those long dead. The magic is a little specific however, as a mask I do only work on faces, or in the case skulls.
No. 464250 ID: 1f8505


Attach mask to skull. Let's see what happens.
No. 464251 ID: f50094
File 135054799232.jpg - (145.76KB , 1255x1046 , Magicmask.jpg )

No. 464252 ID: f50094
File 135054951217.jpg - (150.34KB , 1255x1046 , Snap.jpg )

No. 464253 ID: f2c20c

Spooky! Maybe you should back off a little.
No. 464254 ID: 1f8505


Yeah, give it a couple feet of room.
No. 464259 ID: 31854b

I suddenly understand why he said not to put him on earlier. The would definitely be uncomfortable. Probably for him, too.
No. 464260 ID: f2c20c

Naw it just would've made both of them kinda sick.
No. 464262 ID: f50094
File 135055189364.jpg - (104.84KB , 1363x1072 , Noises of I don\'t know what.jpg )

>WHoooOOOoooonnnnnggGGGggggnnnnn-n-n-n n n

Sound advice, backing away slowly.
No. 464263 ID: f50094
File 135055255252.jpg - (67.67KB , 830x608 , Ello.jpg )

>n n n n

>'Ello Miss. Err... Whot are you doin' in my mine shaft?
No. 464264 ID: 31854b

Ah, a dilemma. Do we break the news, albeit gently, or do we play along?

I'm sure he'll notice soon enough that he's a skull. Explain the situation so he doesn't freak out.
No. 464269 ID: f2c20c

Tell him you're investigating a strange humming sound in some newly-discovered caverns. Ask him how long he's been working down here, and for whom.
No. 464272 ID: 65c3dd

Yeah who knows how long Skully here can be channeled so best to short cut dancing around his untimely demise.
No. 464280 ID: f50094
File 135055638610.jpg - (66.61KB , 830x608 , Bazzy Swing.jpg )


>Hummin' noise? Don't know anything about that Miss. S'allways quiet down my mine shaft.

>I work for Bazzy Swing don't I, 'E just built the place. Ow'd you not who Mr Swing is? You new in town I take it. You do look a bit... foreign. No offence Miss, but I never met one of you before.

I didn't think of that, better not mess about the bush.
No. 464284 ID: f2c20c

Sigh. Tell him he's dead. Maybe ask if he knows any way to get rid of a giant eel blocking a tunnel.
No. 464297 ID: 05be86

Lift his skull off the ground and show him rest of his remains too.
No. 464311 ID: b33427

Tell him that you met a Mr. Swing when you took this job, but you didn't get a first name. It may be Bazzy, or Bazzy's son, since the mine looks to have been here awhile.

Alright, you're going to level with him: He's dead, brought back by magics that you have no idea how long will last. Pick his skull up and point him to the cave-in to emphasize this.

Tell him you need him to focus, and not get tied up in the whole "I'm dead" thing. Ask him his name, where he wants his remains taken to, and if he has any last words or secrets to relay to anyone.
No. 464318 ID: e0c719

Oy, e's givin' you the ol' unicode stare.

Oisk 'im a li'l more 'bout ol' Mr. Swing 'fore you tell 'im e's a gonah.
No. 464378 ID: 6a1ec2

He doesn't know of a humming noise? Ah well, at least the test worked. It was kind of a long shot anyway considering he's been down here long enough to decay to bones.
No. 464383 ID: 65c3dd

I agree most dead guys don't get a chance to tell anyone good bye and since we are here it wouldn't hurt to do some good by asking if he has anyone that should know.
No. 464478 ID: a5d914

* Ask what his name is and what year he remembers it being.
* Ask him what he was trying to mine.
* See if he knows anything about giant cave eels and how to get rid of them.
* Ask if he has recently seen or noticed anything strange in the mine.
* Last of all see if he can tell you a few things about how the mine is laid out and if there's anything you need to watch out for.
No. 464882 ID: f50094
File 135078629764.jpg - (67.80KB , 830x608 , Mutter mutter.jpg )

>U wot? Of course I'm dead, wot d'you think I am thick or sumthing? Now hurry up with y'damn questions I was swimmin' 'cross the river Styx.

Huh... well I don't think he'll appreciate me picking him up after that. I'll uh, get on with the questions so he can... finish swimming. Anyway.

>Last words? Yeah, tell Dave he's a prick and a terrible surveyor, an' if he disagrees with you point out mi mangled corpse beneath this bloody cave in, wot he said wouldn't 'appen. Oh an' thank you kindly for the thought but I like my body where it is. I'mma dead miner in a dead mineshaft, seems right don't it.

>Naturally you met a Swing, he owns the Mine. If anyone gave you a job in his mine it was him. His boy's a bit creepy mind you, always smiling at people and generally being a helpful an' amicable character. Up to sumthin' mark my words.

>Bag Hammings Missy and it's 1466 in the Century of the Sickly Goat.

>I'm mining gold, looking for it at least. First man t' hit a seam gets a whole pig Miss... guess that don't much matter any more. Wouldn't be much more than dead weight inna river anyways.

>Eels? I saw sum little eels in the river Miss, when I was younga. There's some giant one's up in Mignel but I doubt they live in caves. If you was wantin' to get rid of em' give a fisher man a penny and point 'im at it.

>Yeah you, how comes you don't know who Mr Swing is, you don't know what we're minnin', you ask a miner 'bout giant eels an' you don't wear barely any bleedin' clothes? Also youse gotta magic whatsit stuck on my, only recently dead, face and I hope you washes it afterward. AND you want to know the date. Who asks what the date is, honestly?

>Water onna left, your left, and more water after that, didn't swim across it cause I had all mi' gear on and I didn't wannit it wet. Below you've gotta empty cave but we don't go down there 'cause all the water up 'ere could flood the place if we started digging an' we don't do risks like that. Big Bazzy took one look at the celling an' said “if that starts dripping any digging we do down here is going to be washed away”. An' you must know more exits than me Miss 'cause the only one I knew about was the one that fell on me.

I don't know if I need to remind you guys but it's the century of the Brittle Goat 1502. Mr Bag Hammings has been dead a long time.
No. 464889 ID: 6a1ec2

He's been swimming for 36 years? Sheesh, how wide is that river? Make a mental note to ensure that your corpse be buried with coins over the eyes. As for this guy I dunno. Hasn't seen giant eels. Hasn't heard humming. Just looking for gold, didn't see anything strange. About the only interesting thing he's mentioned is that Mr. Swing (the current owner) was prone to uncomfortable cheerfulness even as a boy. So that means he probably just acts that way, and wasn't trying to hide some huge conspiracy to expose your tush.
No. 464905 ID: f2c20c

Okay, tell HIM the date, then. Say that they said this was a newly discovered cavern and they wanted you to investigate the weird humming. Things are weird, but from what he described, Mr Swing's son is in charge now.
No. 464908 ID: 31854b

I'm pretty sure that's all the information we need out of this guy. We could let him get back to his swimming, I suppose... or give him a shock and show him up by telling him what year it really is. He's been awfully rude for a dead man.
No. 464916 ID: 06ee8f

give him a proper burial
No. 464927 ID: f50094
File 135080514783.jpg - (67.84KB , 830x608 , U\'wot.jpg )

He doesn't want one. I think that counts as disrespecting the dead.

>1502? Bu... that can't be... I only fell of the boat ten minutes ago. Are you really tellin' me I've bin dead 36 years? Blow me down.
No. 464929 ID: f2c20c

Shrug and say maybe time doesn't pass the same speed on the Styx. I can't think of any more to ask him. Thank him for his time, and uh... try to take off the mask?
No. 464940 ID: f50094
File 135081484301.jpg - (70.37KB , 830x608 , Goodbye then.jpg )

>No no Miss I'm good but, uh... they did find mi' pick didn't they? It's still here, that's no good. Could yuh' maybe be handing it to young Swing for me Miss. 'Is dad gave it to me see, it was never mine so I shouldn't be buried with it. Almost stealing when you think about it.

>Yeah, time passes different or sumthin'. I promise youse it was only a few minutes ago I fell of that boat.

>36 years aye? 'As the cave below flooded then? No? Well it has to be drippin' by now. Ah yes, give it a another year or so an' the water'll eat through. Strange though, when I last checked I was sure it'd be done in 30 at most.

>Some advice, 'fore I go, sit still in the middle of the boat an' hold on. The ferryman didn't say nothing, but do it, the river's choppy. Well, guess I'll be seeing you eventually Miss. 'Ave a good one.
No. 464945 ID: f50094
File 135081856777.jpg - (102.36KB , 1218x798 , Mr Bag is gone.jpg )

That was an interesting experience. Woody popped off the skull and won't talk, I think he's recharging or something. I'll keep him in my bag until he cools off.

What now then? Explore the watery caverns before me or explore the watery water before me with a little swimming?
No. 464946 ID: 4d6223

Considering there are eels here more than twice your size, I would advice to first explore the cave rather than a place where eels are naturally expected.

I also vote for remembering taking Bag's pickaxe when you go... now wouldn't be a good time for it as it would just exhaust you and slow down.
No. 464949 ID: f2c20c

Yeah, I agree with that.

I bet the caverns below DID get flooded, then the eel got stuck, and the water in front of it drained away somehow. The miners didn't mention getting water out of the tunnel you entered... but maybe they did?
No. 465011 ID: 06ee8f

get ye pickaxe, and return it to swing
No. 465012 ID: c8be92

We should probably pull it out of the rubble now, so we don't forget to grab it if we have to run out of the tunnel suddenly. Like say if there are more eels in this water.
No. 465016 ID: 65c3dd

I think it's best to explore the water. I mean down in the tunnels you have to worry about flash floods from the looks of it but it's not like water can get more wet.
No. 465045 ID: 53688c

The eel might be slow and brain-dead out of water, but you can pretty much count on any eels actually in water to be fast as hell.
Let's stay away from the water until we know for sure it's safe.
No. 465136 ID: f50094
File 135089023601.jpg - (117.25KB , 1683x1037 , maybe Swimming.jpg )

It was slightly stuck under one or two rocks but came out easily enough. I even found the handle. A bit of glue may be necessary but I don't have any on me at the moment.

I agree, I don't see much point in going back down at the moment, we're at two dead ends down there.

How do I test for eels? Toss some food or rocks in. Eels are carnivores right? They're not going to go for my gummy bread are they... The pool in front of me is small, smaller than the eel below. I have a feeling that this is the source of the steady dripping in the eel's cave. I don't have to swim across it, I can walk around it if want to, wouldn't be hard.
No. 465139 ID: f2c20c

I doubt there's anything particularly dangerous in the water. If you're going to get wet, though, you may as well swim down to look deeper. Eels don't really go for things bigger than them, I'd like to note.

So I say either walk around or swim deep.
No. 465141 ID: 1f8505


Jump in and see where it goes.

You can hold your breath for a while, right?
No. 465151 ID: 9718f3

We should probably put off getting wet for as long as possible. It isn't like the water is going anywhere, we can walk around first.

The reason I want to delay it is that being wet and slippery could make climbing more difficult, which is something she might have to do at some point.
No. 465169 ID: b33427

I say swim down the watery hole and see what's at the bottom. Though, get out the lantern first and shine it in to see if there's anything down there, or which way the tunnel bends; The water should be clear enough to do that. I'd suggest taking your clothes off before you jump in so they don't get wet, but I figure you won't, in order to protect what little modesty you have left.
No. 465175 ID: 6a1ec2


The water drained away in front of it because it literally plugged the cavern it's so fucking huge. This doesn't explain singing caves though. Just your normal mining accident waiting to happen plus giant eels.
No. 465180 ID: f50094
File 135090410895.jpg - (149.40KB , 1230x1477 , Strip.jpg )

I can hold my breath for ten minutes and twenty seconds. Well that's my record, but five or six minutes without a warm up. I'm sure that's natural for me though because I've also got a second pair of eyelids which let me see underwater. Whatever my species is has to be watery one.

On the same note my skin barely gets wet. It's hard to explain but liquid sort of slides over my skin instead of resting on it. I dry off almost as soon as I leave the water. I even remember having to prove this to one of my teachers because she thought I kept lying about taking baths. Why would someone lie about taking baths in the first place? I like baths.

Hey I have lots of modesty left, besides who's going to see me?
No. 465181 ID: 37f70f

>who's going to see me?
Famous last words.
No. 465183 ID: f50094
File 135090696733.jpg - (91.83KB , 852x999 , Swimming.jpg )

I shone down the lantern and saw nothing so I dove right in.

This pool only goes down about a meter. It must be close to the roof of the eel's cave so this is definitely the source of the dipping. There's a bunch of stones littered on the bottom of the pool, I guess they must have rolled in when the mine collapsed on Mr Bag all those years ago.

Do I do anything else while I'm here or do I get out and explore the next pool?
No. 465191 ID: fa0c25

These rocks miiiight be the only thing holding the floor/roof together. Make a mental note to poke at it with a stick later on.
No. 465194 ID: b33427

Hmmm... Yeah, nothing left to do here. Move on to the next pool, shining the lantern in first.

File this away for later, if you have to flood the cavern below. Be on the lookout for a meter long stick to poke the pool bottom from above.

...Actually, is there enough water in this pool to actually flood the cavern below? Especially with the tunnel down, and the one out into the mine entrance?
No. 465206 ID: b34099

investigate the next pool, also make sure your clothes didn't get stolen, that would be bad, now, wouldn't it?
No. 465281 ID: 65c3dd

It's beginning to seem like the eel is blocking the way coward. I think we should come up with a plan to move it or something.
No. 465288 ID: a5d914

Do a little twirl. It must be nice to have a swim after all the crawling and worrying!

Otherwise check out the next pool. I don't think there's much to see here apart from the possibility of hurrying said cave flooding. Then again how much water is there? If it's only just enough to fill the floor hole on the level below then you might be able to use the water to swim through that tunnel and up to where the eel slime was. Downside is the eel might regain some power if it gets wet... Keep it in mind. Explore further for now.
No. 465290 ID: 68bbc5

Remove the stones from the bottom of the pool.
If the hole is positioned right, we might be able to bypass the eel altogether.
Alternatively, the draining water might revive the eel enough to get it to move out of the way.
No. 465294 ID: f77ca7

Try removing some rocks. I don't think it's enough water to flood the chamber, and it might get the eel out of the way.
No. 465295 ID: f77ca7

Try removing some rocks. I don't think it's enough water to flood the chamber, and it might get the eel out of the way.
No. 465299 ID: f2c20c

Don't move the rocks. There's no reason to try to drain this pool, and it would only inconvenience you.
No. 465303 ID: 1e72ae

It could fill the bottommost passage (the one with slime) enough for her to simply swim up to the other side of the eel, but I agree that she shouldn't move the rocks right now.
No. 465313 ID: 9718f3

You might as well poke around some of the loose stones at the bottom, you might find something of worth.
No. 465318 ID: f2c20c

...Oh! That's a good idea. I am worried about her getting pushed down by the water draining, though. It seems dangerous.
No. 465441 ID: 6a1ec2

It looks like those loose stones fell into a natural hole the water was eating through ther rock, temporarily plugging it for a few millenia or something. Until the stones slip through or erode away the water continues to accumulate above them. Geology!
No. 465458 ID: f50094
File 135097495268.jpg - (97.20KB , 852x999 , Weeeeee.jpg )

No. 465460 ID: f2c20c

Cute! Alright, I guess we're done here. Back up you go, unless you see some gold ore in there.
No. 465466 ID: 65c3dd

May as well keep exploring this room if there isn't anything down there.
No. 465575 ID: aa8181

Look around the room for a little bit in case of secrets, maybe to wait till your masky friend wakes up, also, make sure your clothes are still where you left them.
No. 465649 ID: 0f60d7

What are you? You sound vaguely aquatic and look pretty happy to be in water.
No. 465745 ID: f50094
File 135105953029.jpg - (85.96KB , 1240x695 , Genuine surprise.jpg )

No my clothes are still here, don't know what you guys were so worried about.

Moving the rocks may well provide a way to move past the eel but I don't think I should be flooding any caves until I've explored the rest of the cavern. It just feels a bit risky. I'll definitely do it if I can't find another way in.

I'll check out the next pool now.
No. 465750 ID: f2c20c

Alrighty, miss. Gosh, I hope nobody sees you all naked like this.
No. 465753 ID: b33427

Well, there's only Woody, if he wakes up. Donno how much you care if he sees you in the nude. Might want to cover him up in your pack then.
No. 465763 ID: f50094
File 135106452648.jpg - (302.85KB , 2036x1654 , Lich.jpg )

I don't know I've never met one of me before and neither has anyone else. Once I have enough money I'm going travel to Mignel. Mignel's has this ancient palace where a sorcerer once vowed to read every single book in the whole of the Royal Archives. But the Archives are huge, and when he got old he realised that he'd never finish reading and transformed himself into a Lich so that he'd never die. The problem was that, since all forms of necromancy are unholy and stuff, the priests demanded that he be banished from the kingdom. Now he didn't care at all about being banished but he did care about the Archives. And so, the day after he was banished a hurricane of sand, ripped the palace in two, and flew the entirety of the seven halls of scrolls and books far away into the desert.

He's sat around reading ever since and no one has ever been stupid enough to try and stop him. It's said that he'll answer three questions for anyone who brings him a book he hasn't seen before. If anyone knows what I am or where I come from he should. I know it's a long shot but it's a better plan than wandering aimlessly around the world and hope I'll bump into another one of me.
No. 465764 ID: f50094
File 135106459497.jpg - (150.75KB , 2184x1580 , Lake.jpg )

Also I walked forwards a little, the next pool is almost a lake. Using the reflector I can see something on the other side of it, twenty-ish meters away I reckon. It looks like more cave. What do I do?

Woody's making a light humming noise, I think that means he's asleep. For some reason I don't think I mind if he sees me anyway. I think it's because he's a ghost locked in a mask and can't move beyond vibrating. It's hard to think of him as a real person when you wear him as a necklace.
No. 465767 ID: 65c3dd

Well you aren't going to accomplish anything searching the tunnels you've already explored so it's time to go for it and dive right in.
No. 465768 ID: 31854b

How well can you see underwater in the dark? After all, this water's deeper. There might be something on the bottom of the lake you could miss. Is there any way to make light down there?
No. 465771 ID: 7ef545

>Woody's not a real person.
Hey now, that's racist.

That pool's big enough for Things to live in. Maybe you should throw in some pebbles or food before you take a nose-dive. It would be totally unwholesome being eaten by the Eel's wife.
No. 465773 ID: ad8acc

Pity that Woody's asleep. His dark vision would have been perfect for exploring the depths of this lake. Not sure if he can communicate underwater though.

Seconding this. Throw a few rocks in the pool. It will either grab the attention of whatever might be lurking in there, or scare it away.
No. 465776 ID: b33427

Ah, now that's where a giant eel could have come from. No idea how it managed to get itself lodged in that tunnel, though. Maybe there was a strong current when that magical tunnel formed? That does raise the question of where the water went. Ah, well. Yet another thing to be answered later.

In that case, could you rig up something to hold the lantern at an angle so it lights up the depths of the lake? Say, if you tied the rope to the lantern handle, ran the rope back to that little rise you're on and weighed it down with rocks, then rested the lantern base on the edge of the lake, that'd hold it at an angle. Though, tipping it too far might cause the lantern oil to leak, or the wick to dry out, so be careful of that.

Well, the important question about this quest is "what happens to those who bring a book the Lich already knows of?" If such unlucky souls end up sandblasted to bones, perhaps taking your inquiries elsewhere first would be prudent. Surely there must be someone around here who knows of how you came to be in this region that you could find with some detective skills? And failing that, there are people in this world you can seek who make it their livelihood to find strange creatures and document them; Naturalists, and the like. They may already know of your species, or could make an educated guess of where they'd live based on your abilities. It'd be a bit safer than asking a really dangerous Lich questions. Plus, the desert is not a kind place to one with an aquatic-adapted form, such as yours.

Perhaps she feels safe with Woody seeing her naked since the worst he could do is make lewd comments, which he won't, since it's in his best interest not to antagonize the person who could leave him down a deep, dark hole, never to be found again.
No. 465783 ID: f50094
File 135107647585.jpg - (164.23KB , 2184x1580 , tossin\' rocks again.jpg )

Agreed, I do not want to be eaten. I'll toss in a few rocks. As for food, I have some gummy bread but that's not some thing a carnivore would be particularly roused by. Short of sticking my tail in, is there anything around here which would entice an eel at all?

Well at this point my dark vision is pretty snazzy so I can see surprisingly well. Surprisingly well in a near pitch black cave is still kinda bad though. Setting up the lantern will help.

Rigged up the lantern. You were right about the oil, nearly spilled out so I left it at not much of an angle. Still useful.

Oh, and the Lich isn't a bad guy. He may be a Lich but he's really just a very obsessive librarian. If he already has the book he just asks you if you'd like to borrow one. Although, uh, I did hear he sets sand golems on people who borrow books and don't return them on time.

And I've tried talking to normal people about it, didn't go so well. This one Naturalist kept pleading to draw my anatomy. She said it would guarantee her a doctorate, documenting a brand new species. I had to leave town because she started stalking me with a sketch book. My Mother, when I was young, took me to see a famous explorer who she said had walked across all the lands of the world and catalogued all the flora and fauna he could find. He got all cross when he didn't know what I was and decided that I didn't exist instead of admitting he may have missed something. She even took me to the Royal Library. It has lists of thousands of mundane and magical creatures but none of me. On the upside, Mother let me tell my teacher I was half dragon. It's easy to make friends at school when you're half dragon.
No. 465784 ID: f2c20c

Given any thought to what your three questions will be?
"What is the history of my race" would be a good start. That would tell you what you are, what your people did, and possibly where you can find more of you, all in one swoop.

You don't mind if we see you naked, either?
No. 465786 ID: f2c20c

Hah, half dragon, that'd be awesome. Are you sure you're NOT half dragon? Wait, you know your parents? Are they... not the same species as you, then? I suppose that means you're adopted... where'd they get you from, in that case?

Also, wait a minute to see if the surface of the water ripples at all, aside from the rock splashes. If not, go on in.
No. 465788 ID: 65c3dd

Of course he still has to KNOW the answer to the questions you are asking so if someone hasn't already found a book documenting this apparently undiscovered race then I can't see how the Lich would know either.

Have you considered that you might just be half dragon half other? I mean call me blunt but your anatomy doesn't seem to be all that unusual just the normal t and a. Given that we are apparently just voices in her head I doubt she minds if her subconscious sees her naked. Unless we AREN'T just her subconscious....
No. 465790 ID: b33427

Actually, you aren't that far from where you came in, are you? You could go back and ask the miners for something meaty and bloody to throw into the lake. Bloody meat, or just blood, from the butcher would do nicely. It'd also give you a chance to return the broken pick, and pass along Bag's message to Dave.

Considering that you have a navel, it's pretty certain you didn't hatch from an egg. That means if you're really half-dragon, then it'd be dragon from your dad's side, with your mom being the mammalian half. That does raise the question of what kind of dragon. Are there aquatic dragons in the world? And are dragons known to be shape-shifters, 'cause otherwise... well... you know.
No. 465825 ID: 041dfc

Do you think the lich would accept only old books, or would books that have just ben written count in?

also, throw a few rocks a bit farther, and if there's no movement, go right in for the dip.
No. 465837 ID: 5bf190

You could always become knowledgeable on an interesting subject and then write a new book to give to him. For example, are there any other species who have it as easy as you in the water, or moreso? You could write about all the wonders under the waves.

Or if he takes fiction you could just write a story. Or even the story of your life, autobiography. That'd count.
No. 465849 ID: b33427

This is completely unrelated to what's going on right now, but I have to say that she'd make one hell of a pearl diver. With being able to hold her breath for ten minutes, and moving through the water with such ease, she would make short work of those clam beds. Might not even need a knife to pop them, what with those over-sized mitts and claws. It's something to keep in mind to make some cash if she ever finds herself where pearls are harvested.
No. 465857 ID: 6a1ec2


She doesn't mean he's not a real person. She means he doesn't have a █████.
No. 465896 ID: 1f8505

Stick your head underwater and investigate pool.
No. 465929 ID: b6edd6

I think she already harvests pearls from their natural habitat of treasure chests in dungeons.
No. 465978 ID: 31854b

Ah yes, treasure chests: the "oysters of the land."
No. 466027 ID: f50094
File 135114600840.jpg - (165.61KB , 2184x1580 , to be sure.jpg )

'What is the history of my race'... I was always just going to go with 'what am I' then use the second question to clarify if need be. The third I was going to ask was- but that's not relevant moving on.

Why would I care if you saw me naked? You're me. Granted you're me with a knack for cracking lots of innuendo but I do have to undress at some point.

I'd love to be half dragon but I can't be. Dragons are all but extinct round here and while I do look a little dragonish I don't share any physical traits. Dragons have hollow bones, I have flexible bones, dragons have huge scale armour, I have dense rubbery skin, dragons have bony tails, mine's just muscle and cartilage and so on. Also, y'know, dragons are gigantic from birth and couldn't breed with anything remotely my size.

And no, dragons can't shapeshift. Aquatic dragons do exist, but they're basicly sea snakes with airs.

I could go and ask for some food but the water hasn't rippled at all. Still as anything. I may just leap in.

I'll try one more rock before I dive right in.

You'd BETTER BE my subconscious, I've been hearing you since since I can remember. I've done a lot of things which you've been witness too... Ahem.

I can't see how the Lich wouldn't know, he's supposed to know almost everything. He's been sitting reading for over five centures. If the Lich of all people dosen't know then who would?

It's true I look fairly normal. At least not too far removed from Niddles and Humans, but they don't have horns or rubbery skin or two knees or second eyelids or five inch tongues or anything. I can't be part Human or Niddle or any species I know. A wizard told me I'm not remotly magical so I'd have to be the daughter of two mundane partners. All of the mundane creatures I know barely share anything with me.

I hate writing. My hands don't hold quills so well. I'd rather try to find some anchient tome in a dungeon than write my own. The lich only reads books of knowlage, so you know, he dosn't read fiction.
No. 466029 ID: f2c20c

Do we forget things often? If we're your subconscious it's kindof weird that we forgot everything that happened before you got lost in the woods.

Hang on, you have flexible bones? How does that work? And two sets of knees? I only see one.

Also you skipped over the subject of your parents. On purpose?
No. 466038 ID: 31854b

A five inch tongue?! That must come in handy... but I'm not sure for what. Is it sticky, like a frog's tongue? Or prehensile, perhaps? Can you speak really quickly, maybe? What purpose could it serve?
No. 466061 ID: 65c3dd

Ok so we can rule out dragons. Flexable bones and all that are more in line with something in the salamander family then armored lizard. On the plus side that means you can probably regenerate a limb if it came down to it but I wouldn't test that out.

And I'm just saying that the lich may be all knowing in legend but reality rarely matches legend. If he's never seen a book talking about your people then he might not be able to just give you all the answers but at the very least would be able to tell you the best place to go from there.

Also it's pretty clear her mother wasn't her real mother or she would have known the answers to all this.

So what was the third question?
No. 466064 ID: ad8acc

From your description, it seems as though you have cartilaginous bones. Couple that with a second set of eyelids and skin that sloughs off water like nobody's business makes me think you have some shark in you.

How fast can you swim?
No. 466066 ID: 6a1ec2

Why do you care what you are all of a sudden? It's not like you need a marrow transplant or anything! Stop muddling over your possibly mixed parentage and explore the lake! Also stop holding your hand in front of your tits like some two bit floozy. Nobody's down here, so you don't have to worry about any ogling.
No. 466067 ID: f50094
File 135115730351.jpg - (167.08KB , 2199x1519 , In the lake.jpg )

No ripples, I'm going in.

You kind of fade in and out. You remember what I tell you but after a while you all go silent for a week and forget everything. Matter of fact, I don't think you've been this active before. It's nice. I feel like I have people watching over me. Usually you've all gone after an hour and you never bother to ask me personal questions.

My bones can bend slightly. Imagine lifting something seriously heavy and having your arms curve down with the effort. I once jumped out of a tree, and when I hit the ground I felt my femurs bend forwards with the strain. Mother was so shocked she took me to a hospital because she was sure I should have broken my legs. My knee joins to another thing which joins to my foot, I call it a second knee because I don't know if it has a proper name.

Oh I did skip over my parents didn't I. Sorry I was watching the water for movement and you asked a lot of different questions. No my parent were great. I was adopted by one of the rich families along with a two brothers. The aristocracy in the king's city have a tradition of adopting an orphan once every generation. Mother loved children so much that she adopted all three of us when she was already pregnant with twins. I ended up with two high born sisters and two adopted brothers. Father was very important, so he was busy most of the time, but he still found time for us. I do think he's a little disappointed in me becoming an adventurer though. When ever I visit he always asks me when I'm going to get a real job.

I don't know, it's not sticky or anything. It's a normal tongue, just long. I've found uses for it in the past.

Super quick, like a shark. Zoom

Yeah I know, the Lich might not know either but I might as well try. The third question's unimportant. And, um, boring. Yeah.
No. 466069 ID: f2c20c

From what I know of biology, creatures with legs structured like yours have the one knee, then the ankle, then a really long foot. You've just been standing on your toes this whole time. The same thing is true of birds. Generally, if you see a leg with a backwards joint, it's not a knee, it's an ankle.

Did your parents ever say where they found you? Or where the people they got you from found you? Where'd you show up as a baby? I would guess on the beach? Or near some other large body of water? You are DEFINITELY an aquatic species. The rest of your race likely lives on islands or out in the ocean where people don't go very often. Maybe even really big lakes. If you ever want to reunite with your people, the nearest body of water where you were found as a child is your best bet. That is, if the Lich doesn't help. Asking him would likely save time, so I still think you should.

Anything below you in the water?
No. 466079 ID: 65c3dd

Not to point out the obvious but you should probably think about asking the Lich about your ability to hear voices. I mean we could be your subconscious but what your saying and what we are don't really fit in line with that. No offense but you don't seem like the type to have studied animal biology so your subconscious shouldn't know things about stifle joints. You might have some mental link with other people or perhaps some latent magic connection to some source of knowledge. Then again you may even be an artificial construct or homunculus created by someone. It's a pretty unusual ability to just have.

But really... what's the third question?
No. 466084 ID: f50094
File 135116251009.jpg - (51.18KB , 528x495 , huh.jpg )

Wha? I- But you asked me! And I am exploring the lake.

I'm not covering my breasts... I'm doing a breast stroke... floozy?
No. 466085 ID: f50094
File 135116254585.jpg - (64.64KB , 1160x748 , The lake\'s cave.jpg )

I reached the other side of the lake. Yep, more cave.

Oh it's just a big ankle. Fancy that.

The orphanage said they found me on the door step in the morning, that's common for orphans. Both my brothers were the same. It's a bit shameful to give away your children so people tend to do it in the dark.

There was nothing below me that I could see. I am on the lookout for eels though, don't worry.

Hmm... that, er, is possible, creepy, but possible. I could have read about joints in one of the books I flicked through when I was looking for my species and, sort of, forgot about it. That's also possible and much less creepy. Um... I always thought you were just part of me but, then again, you've never talked like this before.

The third question is very boring. So, s-stop asking about it, 'cause it's so dull.
No. 466087 ID: f2c20c

Erm, creepy how? I thought you liked the thought of having people watch over you. I guess it would be kinda creepy if you were a magical construct or something? How about this: if at any point we notice something that happened behind you or where you otherwise can't see, and there was no way you could possibly be aware of it, it'll prove we're an outside entity.

Also uh, as for what that other guy said, we are unable to see you except in timeframes or at angles where all your bits are obscured from our view.

Hmm. From the looks of the water's edge, I think the water level fluctuates. The water is etching away at the rock, but only up to a certain height, which it isn't at right now.

Anyway, looks like we've got some more exploring to do.
No. 466088 ID: c31f72

Have you ever been sick before? I remember reading somewhere that sharks don't get sick.
No. 466090 ID: 9718f3

Boring things are my favourite things. But it's fine if you don't want to share with us. I guess. Not like it hurts our feelings or anything....
No. 466113 ID: ec0bf5

Does the cave go deeper than this through any openings, or is this just a dead end?
No. 466120 ID: b33427

I don't think it'd be a good idea to continue on without at least some of your gear. Could you go back and get the stuff that would take best to being soaked? You could at least bring Woody along, as well as a coil of rope.

So there wasn't any sign of the tail end of that giant eel down below? Or were you not able to see that far down? You didn't see any other underwater tunnels either, did you?

I'd think she'd be more akin to a dolphin than a shark, since she doesn't have gills and has to breath air.

...Huh, I just realized, you haven't told us your name this whole time. Is it "Salf?"
No. 466121 ID: c9a9bd

I think the name for what your legs look like is ”digitgrade” unless you have a third ankle joint.
No. 466131 ID: 440525

Hmmmmm, what color is your skin anyways? Also a subconscious like us could see something for one moment and instantly remember over long periods, it can happen. I do think we are your subconscious, we are probably more talkative now because of your problematic therapist stirring the crock of your mind.
No. 466142 ID: 65c3dd

Sharks get sick all the time. Fin rot and all sorts of diseases.

What? Her name is Ring.

For the time being there really isn't any evidence either way so may as well just keep on keepin on. My guess would be that the mining has been disrupting the water levels in the rest of these caves. It explains the eel getting stuck and a random passage getting drained might have opened up a shaft to somewhere else in town which could explain the singing through the mine. It's also possible that the tunnel opened up allowing air into the caves which are making some noise that people are mistaking for singing.

So what's the third question?
No. 466146 ID: 8a3061

>I remember reading somewhere that sharks don't get sick

sharks never get cancer
No. 466147 ID: b6edd6

Actually, they do.
No. 466156 ID: 8a3061

>Actually, they do.

goddam it
No. 466159 ID: b33427

...Dang, I completely missed Ring's name at the beginning. That's embarrassing.
No. 466329 ID: 6a1ec2

You're not a floozy! You're a wonderful person full of good things to bring to the world! You just looked like you were trying to hide your body like floozies do, but only just for a minute! Please don't be sad!
No. 466352 ID: 92c81e

Oh shush with the third question bit! It's obviously not important!
No. 466402 ID: f50094
File 135124791573.jpg - (58.21KB , 1026x663 , A little dip.jpg )

Looks like it dips down a little, my vision doesn't go very far without the lantern. I can't see anywhere else to go but forwards. Well, down and forwards. You know what I mean. Onwards, that's it.

I'm not so keen to swim back without exploring. I can't think of a good reason to swim back and grab things without poking around first. For all I know this is a dead end.

I don't want to hurt your feelings, I just don't want to bore you that's all. You'd be extremely bored so it's actually a good thing I'm not telling you. You should be thanking me really.

Yes, exactly. See he gets it.

Oh, uh, thank you? Um, I'm not sad.

Digitgrade? Weird. Femur and ankle sure but digitgrade sounds so, out of place. Head, shoulders, knees and digitgrades... Sounds like it should be printed in bold on some tax-man's paperwork.

Sharks can get cancer? What a world.

The idea of someone watching over me is nice, but the possible reality of several strangers watching me crawl around caves in the nude is not. In fact, I find it rather creepy.

You only get snapshots of what's going on? Wait, angles? You... you do see through my eyes right? Right?
No. 466404 ID: f2c20c

This isn't the time to worry about that. Watch where you're going.
No. 466421 ID: b7169d

Well we kinda get a side view mostly, though we can see from the front or back occasionally.
No. 466422 ID: f50094
File 135125421922.jpg - (94.86KB , 1561x953 , The goods.jpg )

I was just curi-MMMmmmmnnggggg

No. 466431 ID: f2c20c

TREASURE! Grab that shit.

If it's stuck in there you'll need to get that hammer and chisel or whatever.
No. 466436 ID: f50094
File 135125843999.jpg - (54.24KB , 430x433 , MAMMA.jpg )

No. 466437 ID: b7169d

Shiny, sparkly, a nice color..

Best sort of find!
No. 466439 ID: 44f93b

Hopefully that's not just quartz or something.
No. 466442 ID: 34cbef

where are you putting that thing, you can't possibly run around naked holding a big glowing rock everywhere
No. 466445 ID: f2c20c

Wow, that is a very unusually shiny crystal. Is it... glowing?

Is that all there is to this cave section? If so, mission fucking accomplished. You can stash that with your stuff and then maybe dive deeper in the big lake to see if there's anything interesting down there?
No. 466447 ID: 440525

Very nice rock, I don't know what kind of gemstone it is though, but the subconscious thing still stands the same, we are a part of you, just noticing different things from you, which is why it is strange. The idea of the strangers is highly unlikely, as we act just as a subconscious would. Please stop worrying and being creeped out, we're all clean here.
No. 466452 ID: c9a9bd

you should probably make sure that simply to spite you the cave is collapsing or somthing.
No. 466456 ID: ec0bf5

I think that's exactly how you're supposed to hold a big glowing rock. Although I suppose if you've got to use your hands you've got somewhere else to put it. Hopefully it isn't toxic or anything.
No. 466463 ID: a5d914

Nice find. Look around to make sure no one saw you and get that beuty hidden in your bag as soon as possible.

Is there anything else to see at this end of the tunnel?
No. 466471 ID: c9a9bd

If this turns out to be some magic stone that curses the greedy...

then I told you so.
No. 466504 ID: beb31b

Show your love for this item by putting it between your breasts
No. 466505 ID: 65c3dd

Hmm well it's not a natural crystal formation and there don't seem to be others that we've seen in the cave so this must have been lost down here. Could be magical given the glow and might be what's causing the singing. Woody may be able to find out something about it since he's also magic. No idea if it works that way or not but hey why not magic is magic right?

Yeaaah about that.. We should definitely have a talk about this whole subconscious thing at a more convenient time.

Also what's the third question? The more you say that you don't want to say it just makes me want to know more.
No. 466519 ID: 06ee8f

gotta be dragon something atleast, with that addiction to shiny things...
No. 466520 ID: 6a1ec2

A raccoon, obviously.

Insert shiny in carrying container, abscond.
No. 466528 ID: b6edd6

Obsessive hoarding of treasure is as much a natural adventurer trait it is a dragon trait, really. That is why they fight each other so often.
No. 466577 ID: f50094
File 135130966434.jpg - (46.64KB , 357x371 , BEAUTIFUL.jpg )

No. 466578 ID: bf54a8

okay, take friend to surface.
No. 466579 ID: 03da93


Welp, there's nothing I can say to erotically charge that further.

You win.
No. 466581 ID: 886a4d

I think you found an alternative to Woody for ... relief. One that doeesn't touch corpses regularily. First sterilize it though.
No. 466584 ID: f2c20c

Wow, you really... really like gems, don't you.
No. 466592 ID: f50094
File 135131302905.jpg - (80.86KB , 862x663 , calming down.jpg )

Safe, safe forever.

The worst part of being a treasure hunter is selling the loot. Sometimes I can't bring myself to do it until my purse is completely empty.

Nothing else in the tunnel but this beauty.

Yeah, sorry for going a bit batty. I like jewels a little excessively. Almost inappropriately at times, I've been told.

...Almost inappropriately. plus it's a little too pointy for that...

What about the singing and the cave that the eel's blocking? What if Baby has friends in that cave I should meet.
No. 466596 ID: 886a4d

Good point. Lets try the next tunnel we haven't explored yet. That isn't blocked by a giant eel.
No. 466597 ID: 6a1ec2

I see no reason to return to the surface just yet. More gems may be just around the corner! This is a mine after all. Still, you will make out better if you loottreasure hunt after they've been mined and jewelryified. But you've been through that one lake and over that hill, and you still haven't found a way down to the eel from behind!
No. 466604 ID: f2c20c

The only unexplored location is deeper in the lake, right?

Or do you wanna mess with the bottom of that smaller pool? You could take a pick to it to try to break it and flood that tunnel under the eel, like we were planning.
No. 466607 ID: 65c3dd

There might be a way to get past the eel as well. Might want to think about finding a way to get past.
No. 466617 ID: f50094
File 135132200132.jpg - (64.29KB , 670x498 , Maps.jpg )

We've done all of the tunnels but I haven't scoured the lake. I'm not sure if anything will be on the bottom of the lake except perhaps eels. To be honest I was slightly surprised that there weren't any eels, small or large, nipping at me as I swam past. It could be risky to probe the depths and chance waking up the possible inhabitance. Especially when said possible inhabitance could eat me.

Trying to flood the tunnel below and exploring the lake are the only options left. I'm not sure about the lake but flooding the tunnel sounds like it has a good chance of getting us past the big eel and nearer the source of the singing.
No. 466619 ID: b33427

Check out the bottom of the lake first. There may be more gems or other shiny things down there to give Baby-gem company. You're super quick in the water; You can handle getting away if anything shows up down there.

Check if Woody is awake yet, and if he is, tie him on and submerge yourself in the lake to check if you can hear him talk while in the water. His ability to see in the dark will be useful down there.

For someone who is definitely not part dragon, you certainly have their love of expensive shiny things. Or you could just have hoarder tendencies, but that doesn't sound as nice.
No. 466620 ID: f2c20c

Let's do it. Attacking the drip from below might result in rocks falling on you, so let's mess with the rubble from above and just try to avoid getting caught by the current.

Stay away from the bottom of that lake. You are very correct that there could be something dangerous in it, and there's really no indication that there would be anything there. Any gems would be covered by mud or something anyway.
No. 466622 ID: d79664

It really doesn't seem possible but mr. fat ass fish could be the one singing...
No. 466627 ID: 65c3dd

Do you feel capable of defending yourself underwater in case of an eel attack? Normal eels wouldn't bother with something your size but who knows with that huge ass eel below. I'd only root around the bottom where eels would be if you feel that you could defend yourself.

It seems like the best course of action is to flood the tunnels below.
No. 466634 ID: f2c20c

Hey, I have a brilliant idea. Instead of flooding the tunnels by trying to bust through the floor in the pool, we can dump boulders in there. That will increase the pressure on the weakened ceiling and eventually with enough rocks it will break! Either that or we'll wind up overflowing the pool and flood the lower area that way.

Or we could try moving boulders to make a stairway down in the tunnel. But I like the idea of using water for that passage since if the humming is something dangerous then we're unlikely to be followed through a watery passage.
No. 466635 ID: 04b86a

There isn't nearly enough water in the small pool to fill the tunnel through unless we can channel some of the water from the lake to it. Is there a passageway of some sort under the water that you haven't noticed yet? There's a mighty convenient indentation at the edge of the lake that suggests there might be.
No. 466644 ID: f50094
File 135133292404.jpg - (52.71KB , 453x496 , A better map.jpg )

Nice thinking but what if the boulders I pile into the pool end up blocking the tunnel entrance or clogging it so much that I can't swim though. I don't want to risk losing, what may be, the only path past the eel.

I defend myself by running away fast enough to never have to fight. If a bunch of eels or one HUGE eel, like the one below, came at me I'd die. I'd at least lose a leg or my tail or something.

I am quick in the water true, but aren't eels ambush predators? I just keep thinking that if another big one is down there then it could snap me up faster than I could see it coming. I might try when Woody wakes up but, well, I'm afraid. Giant eels in the dark underground. It's scary.

What? Oh sorry I've mislead you, my mental map's... totally crap. I simplified the entire cave and made it two dimensional. Like, the pool's tons bigger than I've pictured it and the tunnel that goes under the eel is smaller. The pool isn't just a little dip, it's a big bulge. It might not fill the tunnel but it could be just the amount of water to get me through. I'll imagine better maps in the future.

Yeah lets do it. I wanna know what the singing is.
No. 466647 ID: b33427

Okay, so how you're going to go about this? Can't do it from below, since you don't have a way to get up to the ceiling to bust through with the hammer and chisel. So that leaves going at it from above.

Alright, first thing, use your rope to tether yourself to something solid outside the pool. You don't want to get dragged into the drain hole and fall when it busts loose, or worse, plug the hole and get hopelessly stuck.

Next, empty out your sack so you can use it to carry rocks and rubble away from the bottom of the pool easier than one by one. Bring the head from Bag's broken pickax to stick in the cracks down there and use as a makeshift crowbar. You'd use the hammer and chisel, but the drag from the water would sap all the force out of your hammer swing.
No. 466655 ID: f50094
File 135133515895.jpg - (99.45KB , 1008x1291 , Deep down.jpg )

Sounds like a good plan of action.
No. 466656 ID: f50094
File 135133688243.jpg - (94.23KB , 976x1303 , Moving.jpg )

Tum te tum...
No. 466663 ID: b33427

Uh, you did remember to tether yourself to something solid, didn't you? 'Cause when that plug breaks loose, the current is going to be fierce.
No. 466667 ID: f50094
File 135134351008.jpg - (201.34KB , 977x1358 , whoops.jpg )

Tum te tum
No. 466670 ID: b33427

Slow going, ain't it? There a ledge underwater you could pile the rocks on instead of taking them out of the pool? That'd speed things up a bit.
No. 466671 ID: f50094
File 135134597862.jpg - (197.02KB , 936x1344 , rock around the clock.jpg )

Eeh, a few but I don't want them to be pu- Whoa

The water just shifted around me, it's flowing down. I didn't think it would be so noticeable but darn, I can really feel it.

I'm going to very carefully remove the next few stones now.
No. 466672 ID: a5d914

Nonono stop that! Go to the lower level first to see what it looks like.
No. 466673 ID: b33427

Yeah, go and check on it now. If it's too slow, you can come back and move more rocks. The flow might even shift some loose and widen the hole on its own by the time you get down there.
No. 466674 ID: 9718f3

That's exactly why we shouldn't go down there to check. If the rocks come loose while she's down below, she would be in a lot of danger.
No. 466678 ID: b33427

Hmmm... You have a point. Not only could there be falling rocks, the surge of water could knock her into the wall or injure her otherwise. I retract my suggestion to go below, and change it to moving the rocks up here. I just hope she solidly anchored and tied that rope.
No. 466682 ID: 735f4f

Get out of there right now. If its started moving it will take more stuff with it quickly and you do not want to be in that when it collapses.
No. 466699 ID: 65c3dd

Well going below isn't going to tell you much beyond that water is flowing so you may as well just keep at it. If the water is flowing strong enough then it won't take much longer to clear it.
No. 466716 ID: f2c20c

Get out of the water. Peek around the tunnel that leads down there, to check the water flow.
No. 466754 ID: 2f4b71

>water flow

Do not go near the stones. Leave now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEtbFm_CjE0
No. 466761 ID: f50094
File 135138775383.jpg - (90.66KB , 941x525 , back down.jpg )

You guys aren't exactly decided but I'm going to err on the side of caution. I like caution, it's safe. I'll go down and look at the celling but stay in the entrance cave so I can jump back up the tunnel if the celling starts to crack.
No. 466762 ID: f2c20c

You might want to warn the miners that there could be water incoming.
No. 466764 ID: f50094
File 135138834790.jpg - (90.93KB , 941x525 , WOUNDER WHAT THAT WAS.jpg )

No. 466765 ID: f2c20c

Ok definitely yell that there's a flood incoming.
No. 466767 ID: 735f4f

Yeah yell to watch for water and back up to high ground.
No. 466768 ID: f23cef

Go grab your stuff quickly, maybe get dressed fast, if possible, then go to the miners and yell at them to RUN FOR THEIR LIVES
No. 466769 ID: f2c20c

Our stuff's up at the side of the pool. I don't think we need to worry about it.
No. 466771 ID: f50094
File 135139013005.jpg - (96.82KB , 941x525 , little late.jpg )


It's, uh, kinda small. I don't think I need to warn anyone.
No. 466772 ID: f50094
File 135139023759.jpg - (104.63KB , 941x525 , NOPE.jpg )


Splash, splooshhhh
No. 466773 ID: f23cef

yeah, perhaps, no, maybe

Go quickly get dressed and warn them that a flood is coming.

The "get dressed" part is completely optional
No. 466774 ID: f50094
File 135139121047.jpg - (114.47KB , 941x525 , YELLING.jpg )



No. 466775 ID: f2c20c

Alright, you warned 'em! Get back up there!
No. 466776 ID: f23cef

hope they heard it, now back up, and make sure your stuff is safe
No. 466777 ID: 65c3dd

Eh it's not like anyone outside is in any real danger since it's not like the entrance is in some tight cave system. It leads right out to the open so at worse there's gonna be a lot of mud around the cave entrance.
No. 466778 ID: 1f8505

Retrieve your stuff, post haste!
No. 466781 ID: f50094
File 135139386186.jpg - (211.35KB , 1516x929 , safe and sound.jpg )

Phew, god, everything's safe. Woody didn't even wake up and Baby still sparkles.

The rumbling's stopped and by the looks of it the pool has drained completely.

Now I stop to think about it the worst thing that could have happened to any miners outside is probably damp shoes. Or slipping and falling over. Maybe I saved a guy from a nasty trip. Noble cause that, health and safety.

Any suggestions before we go back into the eel's cave and see if the flooding worked?
No. 466782 ID: f23cef

you should probably just take a quick look, maybe throw a rock or something, after you're sure the coast is clear, just go in and go in and go in and go in like the US marshals and his 3 daughters
No. 466783 ID: f2c20c

Peek down the hole to see if anything's been revealed by the lack of water.
No. 466787 ID: f50094
File 135139750680.jpg - (87.44KB , 621x624 , looking out.jpg )

I don't see anything in the empty pool. I can make out the eel's cave below, the floor's soaked but there's no layer of water so the tunnel must have flooded like we wanted.

The rock made a splash and a tink.
No. 466788 ID: f2c20c

Alrighty, let's go down and swim in that hopefully-flooded passage.
No. 466791 ID: 1f8505

Equip clothes and climb down.
No. 466794 ID: 559652

Nudey adventure time is over (for now), get your clothes on and go right in
No. 466802 ID: f2c20c

We're going back into the water though. Why bother putting them on when she's gonna take them off immediately?
No. 466805 ID: 886a4d

Err ya wasn't the entire purpose of causing all that water to go down there was to swim?
No. 466810 ID: f50094
File 135140277755.jpg - (81.61KB , 1205x718 , staying nude.jpg )

Equip clothes to go swimming?

Perfect, the tunnel's totaly flooded. I'll dive in. Nude, so my clothes don't get wet.
No. 466811 ID: 886a4d

Check on the eel before you go. That water might have loosened it a bit.
No. 466814 ID: f2c20c

The eel's in the same room as we are now. I think she'd have noticed. GET IN DAT WATA.
No. 466823 ID: f50094
File 135140627608.jpg - (40.36KB , 522x496 , Close.jpg )

The eel barely even got wet. The big rock I threw at it is still resting on it's nose. Is it bad I feel sorry for it?

Ok, I've swum through the newly flooded tunnel and I'm back to where the slime was. I can't quite climb out. The walls of the tunnel are still horribly slipperly with goop. I just need one good hand hold and I can worm my way up there.

What should I do?
No. 466824 ID: 886a4d

Get the pick; it can either scrape off the goop or lodge into the wall so you have that handhold.
No. 466828 ID: 65c3dd

If you can swim fast enough down the tunnel you might also be able to get a few extra inches by jumping out of the water. It only looks about 4 inches beyond your reach.
No. 466834 ID: f50094
File 135141014476.jpg - (50.45KB , 639x561 , Foothold.jpg )

I thought I could as well, but I underestimated how ludicrously slippery this slime is. This stuff is flat out silly.

I scraped off some of the goo but I don't have the strength to wedge the pick into the wall whilst treading water. I did end up smacking a reasonable handhold into the rock via my repeated failures. Hooray.

I threw the pick out of the water and sort of scrambled up, not very elegant nor ladylike but it did work.
No. 466837 ID: 65c3dd

That slime seems pretty outrageous.. Have you ever seen or heard of something leaving that much slime?

At least you're out though I'm beginning to question trouncing around this cave system in the nude if there is some person or thing singing down here.
No. 466838 ID: 6a1ec2

It's not singing. It's some sort of humming. Maybe it's a machine? Who would be down here anyway?

Where's the eel from here? You went under it so it's over the way you came?
No. 466841 ID: f2c20c

Oh hang on, the wall to the right of the goop isn't covered in it. Could you climb up that and then sortof hop over to the ledge?
No. 466844 ID: 31854b

I hope you'e not all slick and slimy now. Don't want to be slip sliding around if you need to make an escape, or climb something else.
No. 466846 ID: 9718f3

If you could safely jump over to the ledge behind you, that'd be great. I'm curious as to what the tail-end of the eel looks like.
No. 466858 ID: 65cf50


I think you are quite elegeant.

Can you see what's on the ledge behind you now, if anything?

Also, do your absolute best to NOT think that it may be a perverted slime tentacle monster, do not think of that.
No. 466885 ID: b33427

At least have a peek over to see if the tail end of the giant eel is there. With the obvious magic, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't.
No. 466992 ID: f50094
File 135149573495.jpg - (64.97KB , 822x585 , Tail-end.jpg )

I avoided that stuff like the plague. Did you see how disgusting it was? I didn't want any of it on me. I had a very careful climb up.

I can jump across without much effort, thankfully this side has no slime on it.

It's a bit hard to think about Tentacled Slimes while in a cave. They live up trees in the forest and, furthermore, they are very afraid of the dark. I think it has something to do with their eyes, I don't remember.

The equally stuck tail-end of the giant eel is protruding from the tunnel in front. I still don't understand how it got stuck there. Or, y'know, grew to that size. I'm not gunna get too close it it.

I don't know much about slime but I was quite sure that eels never naturally produced it. Then again I also was quite sure eels only grow to roughly a meter. About the only thing I am sure of is that this is not a normal eel.

I can hear the the something very clearly. Not that clearly is a good way of describing it, more like, it's louder, but not any easier to understand. It's like hearing a sound when you come out of water and your ears are clogged; louder but you still can't quite make it out. I'm not doing a very good job of describing it am I?

Anyway I'm getting less and less certain that it's singing. And, uh, I would like to put my clothes back on, but that would mean getting them completely soaked.
No. 466993 ID: 12c19f

Proceed to poke the tail.
No. 466994 ID: b33427

It's like trying to hear a sound above water from below the surface? Eh, I donno. I'm kinda wondering how you know what it's like to have your ears clogged. That's something you experience, even though you're aquatic adapted?

Yep, that's the tail end of a stuck giant eel alright. Out of curiosity, punch the eel's tail and see if that gets a response. Here's hopin' that whatever is back here can be handled with stuff you can carry through the lower tunnel. Otherwise you're going to have to ask the miners a blasting charge to take care of that eel, and that's going to be messy. Disgustingly so.

Alright, enough beating about the bush. Hop back over the tunnel and head towards the strange humming noise. Take the broken pick with you, since it's better than nothing.
No. 466995 ID: f2c20c

I think the issue is that the sound is echoing around the cavern, so it's hard to pin it down. Advance further into the unknown, but be careful. Be ready to run back and dive into the water if it turns out to be the bad kind of dangerous.

Hey, have you ever met a tentacled slime?
No. 467000 ID: 31854b

Now that I think about it, the slime might just come right off your rubbery skin. Not that I suggest testing it.
No. 467002 ID: f50094
File 135149993725.jpg - (72.90KB , 777x588 , Poke.jpg )

But I don't wanna poke the eel, it's icky.

Ugck, it moved. Why did you make me do that?
No. 467004 ID: 31854b

I wasn't under the impression we could MAKE you do anything. Your own curiosity would probably have compelled you to do that even if we weren't here.
No. 467005 ID: f2c20c

Hehehe... don't go putting the blame on us for that, now.
No. 467006 ID: 65c3dd

Now is no time for eel poking. Do a sweet ninja flip back over that gap and find the source of the noise!

Also how did that eel get there? It's head is bigger then the opening so it either went in backwards or grew immensely while crawling through the tunnel somehow... I smell magic.
No. 467007 ID: f50094
File 135150250067.jpg - (54.44KB , 840x520 , High slime impact.jpg )

I thought you had some reason for me to do it, you usually do. Aaugg, it felt so weird.

I can close my ears so water doesn't get in but it took me awhile to find out. I realised when I was young, so I have had my ears clogged before. Besides I never bother doing it unless I'm swimming anyway.

Advancing cautiously.

I've seen one once, it fell out of a tree and died. Not the most amazing introduction to the species. Turns out that particularly hungry slimes sometimes try to catch birds and end up getting killed. They mainly to catch insects and they do this by spreading out across two branches very quickly. When they try this with a bird the bird panics and pierces the slime's skin with their beak or talons. The slime gently tears apart and splats out of their tree into goop. It did taste nice though. If you meet one in the wild you have to poke a hole in it with something sharp before it grabs you and, uh, begins probing.

It has to be magic. If you can't find a reason look for someone with a wand up their sleeve.
No. 467008 ID: f2c20c

Oh man, what if the source of the noise is a wizard, and he plugged up the entrance tunnel with that eel to keep people from disturbing him? You could be sneaking up to a wizard, buck naked, in a dark cave, with a broken pickaxe!
No. 467009 ID: 65c3dd

On the plus side being naked is probably a benefit if you bump into a wizard since they won't be expecting it.
No. 467010 ID: b33427

"Probing" doesn't sound so bad, unless it's followed by "secreting acids" and "digesting." Then it's very, very bad.

And the wizard could be buck naked as well! ...If you were in a cave all alone, with a giant eel between you and anyone else, for who knows how long, would you bother wearing anything? Well, would ya?

...Uh, yeah. Okay, get a move on.
No. 467015 ID: 2f4b71

I wonder if the eel ate whatever magical thingie that's producing the sound? It would explain it sounding muffled, and it's abnormal size.
No. 467016 ID: f50094
File 135151004118.jpg - (38.05KB , 468x404 , Wizards.jpg )

I hope not, a wizard who could grow an eel so massive could probably turn me inside out with a snap of his fingers.

Being naked would definitely give me the shock advantage but, wait, why would a wizard possibly be down here? If he wanted privacy he could make his house invisible or build it in the sky, that's what most wizards do. Wizards don't need to hide in caves, they're wizards.

No acids, just, a, uh, lot of probing. Slimes don't have mouths so they drink by skin contact with liquids. They like the nutrients in sweat and... other things. You get rid of them by just lobbing a bucket of water at them. They inflate into big wobbling balls and have to roll themselves away. The only time people have problems with them is when they drop out of trees onto people who don't have a canteen to hand.

The sound is getting louder by the way, it's close. For some reason I'm almost certain I've heard it before somewhere...
No. 467018 ID: f2c20c

...the same noise Woody makes, maybe? If that IS the same noise maybe we should fetch him.
No. 467027 ID: aca145

It's dangerous to go alone, take woody with you
No. 467031 ID: 9d7671

What good would woody be for us if he is still asleep? March forward bravely since fortune favors the bold
No. 467033 ID: 440525

Yeah get woody.
No. 467045 ID: b33427

Check memories of the sound Woody made against what you're hearing, and if it's close, then go back and get him. Otherwise, wait a bit and rack your brain to try and place the sound.

Oh, and glad to see your sense of modesty is as strong as ever.
No. 467051 ID: 4d5b2d

Put y'dang clothes back on, wumman!
No. 467052 ID: 886a4d

Advance cautiously.
No. 467062 ID: 31854b

There's still no point, they'll just get wet! Sheesh!
No. 467068 ID: b3dd38

Where ARE your ears? And on a similar note, do you have nostrils?
No. 467073 ID: 65c3dd

Yeah let the dude sleep I mean that's probably the first time he's had to do anything with his powers in years. Bravery leads to greatness so stop worrying about rape slimes and potentially naked wizards and resume the investigation.
No. 467361 ID: f50094
File 135158105126.jpg - (51.30KB , 660x472 , Not fear.jpg )

No it's an old memory. Something unpleasant from my youth but I can't place it.

A little bit in front of my horns and my nostrils are where all nostrils are, my snout.

...I think I'm getting flashes of... school? I was very bored and my mother was watching me whilst smiling. What on earth is going on in my head?

Look I really don't want to get my clothes wet ok? I don't like wet clothes.

There's still no point, they'll just get wet! Jeeze!

I'm not worried about rape slimes or nude wizards, I'm a treasure hunting adventurer. I can do this. I'm brave. Don't ask me if I'm scared, 'cause, there's no point, since I'm obviously not. Obviously.
No. 467362 ID: 886a4d

Its fine to be scared. Scared means cautious which is kinda important when dealing with the unknown.
No. 467363 ID: f2c20c

Unpleasant memory? That's worrying... but it's from school? Why was your mother there? What was the subject being taught?

Don't get closer to it. I want to find out what this is about before you panic or we run into something unpleasant. Try to stay calm, we're here for you. Whatever we are, we want to keep you safe.
No. 467364 ID: 6a1ec2

Charge in there waving your hands wildly!
No. 467365 ID: f50094
File 135158335687.jpg - (43.82KB , 641x354 , GOD NO.jpg )



I recognise it, the noise, it's distorted but it's Do Re Mi Fa. Someone's practising scales in a dark cave hidden behind a giant eel.

No. 467366 ID: 6a1ec2

You can punch anyone who tries to make you sing! No way to go but forward! These are the singing caves what did you expect!

...I bet you have a lovely singing voice.
No. 467367 ID: 65c3dd

Get a hold of yourself! You call yourself a treasure hunting adventurer if you are scared of choir practice? Fuck that treasure hunters do two things, kick ass and take names and I don't see any names!

So buck up no one forces an adventurer to do anything!
No. 467368 ID: f2c20c

They won't! That's really silly. Relax, Ring.

For some reason this situation reminds me of the mythical Siren. Since you're female you sure be immune to what makes them dangerous. Wait for a moment and calm yourself, then let's go on and find out who's singing.
No. 467369 ID: 65c3dd

Sirens sink boats by luring fishermen to their dooms. Since you aren't on a boat, are not a fisher, and not a man, none of this applies to you and isn't a problem.
No. 467371 ID: f2c20c

1) You're an aquatic race, not often seen, and seem to be made for diving. So are Sirens.
2) You really love jewels. Sirens may crash ships in order to steal treasure.
3) You have a good singing voice. So do Sirens.

Are you a Siren?
No. 467374 ID: f50094
File 135158594267.jpg - (44.54KB , 513x383 , Pumped for it.jpg )

I have a beautiful singing voice. I hate it. And no I am not a siren, I'm not fond of fish and I can't hypnotise anyone.

Ok, ok, I'm calm. I am going to very calmly inch forwards until I see something. Upon the sight of which I will not panic because I am a treasure hunter.
No. 467378 ID: 31854b

That's the spirit. You're an adventurer! You're all ABOUT finding weird shit in caves!
No. 467381 ID: f2c20c

Nuts. I thought I had it. I guess you could be a half-siren maybe, though, and that's why you were abandoned. A child borne from the forbidden love between a Siren and a sailor! Romantic?

I'll note that we cannot see much of anything right now. Is it darker back here? Wait, did you drop the pickaxe?
No. 467392 ID: 6a1ec2

OK then, how about a song to cheer you on?

No. 467396 ID: f2c20c

Dude, no!

Ring, think about jewels. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts. Maybe whoever's singing has some.
No. 467399 ID: f50094
File 135159123235.jpg - (44.58KB , 464x365 , DO A DEER A FEMALE DEER.jpg )

Stop that, please.

I'd think I was part siren if they had legs. Though I'd still prefer to be part shark. Now I come to think of it I'm moderately sure sharks eat sirens. Another reason I'd rather be a shark.

And I still have the pickaxe, I just dropped it in my, ugg. panic attack. I'll pick it back up. It's actually lighter back here as a matter of fact. Maybe the singers have a light.

Yeah... spirit. The cave opens up here, I'm gunna just quietly poke my head around the corner.
No. 467401 ID: f50094
File 135159178248.jpg - (95.24KB , 1128x700 , Gosh.jpg )

Oh, look, singing ghosts.

>Tiiiiii a drink with jam and breaaaaad

And the biggest gemstone I have ever seen.

Well blow me down.
No. 467404 ID: f2c20c

Ooooh. Well, say hi. Hey, maybe we can help them pass on?

Take a look in the other direction too though. It looks like that cavern continues a bit to your left.
No. 467405 ID: bf54a8

yes find out what will help the ghosts pass on and then the gem is yours, do not say you want the gem, if they ask you do NOT want it at all. wanting their gem may piss them off.
No. 467413 ID: 65c3dd

I doubt these guys are miners as that other guy didn't get soul trapped in the gem you found earlier so these ghosts might be from another accident or something else entirely. Such as wizards.

Invisible wizards. Or even invisible naked wizards...
No. 467423 ID: b7169d

That will bring us back to Do (oh-oh-oh)


Oh that song was always so catchy.. Anyways, approach, gently introduce yourself.
No. 467442 ID: 8fca75

That's a pretty large gem, lets talk to these ghosts.
No. 467468 ID: 37aa84

You know, if the ghosts can't or don't want to pass on we could still take the crystal out of here and take it on the road as a traveling act. The singing crystal would be able to see more of the world than this dark dank cave and we can make a living showing this to people who would be willing to pay to see a singing mineral, which shouldn't be too hard to find.
No. 467492 ID: 6a1ec2

Careful if you get sucked into that gem you might be trapped as a bodiless spirit, forced to sing scales for all of eternity!
No. 467501 ID: 0c1c90

aproach slowly and say "hi", but be at the ready to run away in case things go south
No. 467528 ID: 1f8505


Run in.

Grab gem.

Sprint away.
No. 467531 ID: 31854b

This seems like a bad idea. What if that's what all the ghosts did to get trapped there?
No. 467539 ID: a5d914

Say hello.
No. 467548 ID: b33427

Step out into the tunnel mouth, say hello, and hope these ghosts aren't the type to leer and make lewd comments at a naked lady. Ask 'em how they got stuck in a giant gem, and if they'd like to be either released from it, or just carried out for a change of scenery.

Yes, this is more than enough reason to not let your adventurer's kleptomania set in and make you touch the gem. If you're going to move whatever that gem or crystal is, you best get something to put between your hands and it. It looks way too big for your bag, so you'll have to find another way.
No. 467549 ID: c1655b

Do not touch the gem directly, use the pick to push it along.
No. 467597 ID: b6edd6

By the way, about the potential part shark thing, are your teeth sharp enough to be effective weapons if the need arose?
No. 467619 ID: 6a1ec2


She bit the head off a chicken. Have you ever tried to bite the head off a chicken? While it was still alive?
No. 467650 ID: f50094
File 135168073866.jpg - (75.02KB , 833x712 , Excuse me Ghosts.jpg )

It's glowing bright blue and ghosts are coming out of it. I'm not so keen getting too close to it let alone touching it. Also I could end up angering a bunch of ghosts and that never ends well.

The chances of the huge glowing crystal being the thing that killed them are dangerously high. I do not think that thing is safe.

My teeth are all very pointy but I don't think that would be much help against ghosts. I can bite through rope and stuff if the situation arises.

The carven does continue a little yes, around the corner. I'm going to talk to the ghosts first before I explore any further. I don't want to back myself into a corner if the ghosts turn out to be the malevolent spirit kind of ghost.

>Um, Excuse me, hello, sorry to interrupt your singing but, um, do you, need any, help with passing on? At all?
No. 467652 ID: f2c20c

...so um, are they reacting at all to you?
No. 467719 ID: bf54a8

try singing a little.
No. 467736 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, if you really have such a beautiful singing voice it might soothe their souls or something corny like that.
No. 467803 ID: 65c3dd

But does she need to cool their firery tempers? Or warm their icy hearts?
No. 467820 ID: f50094
File 135176539367.jpg - (73.02KB , 771x678 , forced to sing.jpg )

No... they're still singing...

>Ray, a drop of golden suuuuun
>Me, a name I call myself

I don't want to do this...

>Far, a long, long way to ruuuuun
No. 467821 ID: f50094
File 135176546157.jpg - (133.54KB , 946x1106 , Got their attention.jpg )

>Sew, a needle... pulling... thread.

I, uh, think I got their attention.
No. 467822 ID: bf54a8

okay say hello.
No. 467823 ID: f2c20c

Ok, now ask what gives. Why are they restless spirits, and why are they singing?
No. 467824 ID: f50094
File 135176889907.jpg - (104.09KB , 1511x776 , Enthusiasm of the dead.jpg )

>Oh hello! Goodness we finally got someone, did you hear our singing?

>Yes, we all died in this cave you see. One after the other we wandered into this ghastly cave, found the magic gemstone and fell to it. We had to watch for months, helpless, as the crystal claimed more and more victims with it's horrible magics.

>But, somehow, when the last of us died, we could suddenly all see each other. We formed a plan and organised a choir to hopefully attract the attentions of someone who could help us escape from the cave. Can... can you help us young lady? Please? We'd be ever so grateful.
No. 467825 ID: f2c20c

Sure. Um, how? They said the crystal trapped them here, I assume that means touching it is a bad thing. Do we smash it?
No. 467826 ID: 9718f3

We need to know how they "fell to it" so that we can avoid the same fate and free them.
No. 467828 ID: f50094
File 135177196379.jpg - (104.49KB , 1516x700 , Ya old bint.jpg )

>Aye Lady, that fooking rock zapped me into butterflies as sune as ah lay me palms on'et. Cann'e not get ous oot'a here Missy? It's dull as piss floating aroond an' singing the same crap song every bloody day.

>Oh Angus what language. Saying such things in front of a young lady, I do hope you're ashamed of yourself.

>Aye, ah, sorry Lizzy. Didn'ee meen to. Wassa slip of the tongue an' all on account of me being locked up inna cave for so long. 'un not bein' a proper civilized bugger like you, ya fussy bint.

>I dunna ken much boot magic an' the like Missy but I wouldnay touch that rock with a ten foot pole if I was you. It's so chock-a-block wit wizard juice it fries anything that comes too close to it.
No. 467829 ID: f2c20c

Hrm. Alright. Sounds like we can't do it ourselves, then. Try throwing a rock at the crystal, just to see what happens. Then let's go back and get Woody's advice, if he's awake.
No. 467835 ID: 9718f3

I'm tempted to just call it a day and report our findings to the owner. Our job was to explore after all, not solve everyone's problems. And besides, destroying the crystal recklessly could endanger the mine for all we know. Something was making those tunnels after all. We'd at least be telling them there's no threat, and they could rescue these souls on their own.

But throw a rock, sure. Probably no harm.
No. 467838 ID: b33427

Ask them how they each got here in the first place. You want to know 'cause if it's via that small, magic, tunnel you crawled through, you're in danger of it vanishing or shifting position if you stay around too long.

Say you just happen to have a friend who's a spirit trapped in a necromantic mask who might know more about their predicament; You'll be right back with him.

...Hey, how much does the gem these ghosts are trapped in look like Baby gem? It might be the same kind of gem. Bring it back with you if it is; It might be useful in helping these guys.
No. 467840 ID: 29abb3

Go check to see if woody is awake, if so, bring him here and ask him for his take on the situation
No. 467853 ID: 65c3dd

Yeah I think talking to woody is a good idea and I'd also asks the ghosts if they know of a way to get out. They might have some magical sense about the gem or whatever magic it is.

Absolutely stay away from the soul sucking crystal unless you are sure about what you are doing. If nothing comes up I'd go with what other people said and tell the ghosts you can't effectively do anything and will come back with help. I'm not entirely sure how they wandered into a cave up a slime filled hole so you might want to ask about that. They might be other adventurers who found other baby crystals. I'd be careful about that little crystal. Also that Angus guy seems a bit lewd which is unfortunate given your current nakedness.
No. 467864 ID: b3dd38

Definitely see if Woody has any insights.

I wonder if there are other enchanted crystals about that might be helpful... or also dangerous.

also... salf? Is there a chance you'd be willing to hop into the IRC channel to say hi now and then, and additionally, could we please see a picture of Ring in colour?
No. 467941 ID: 1f8505


...Scottish ghosts?
No. 467973 ID: 27f481

Throw some rocks at it.
No. 467991 ID: 68bbc5

Oh god, the solution to this puzzle is going to be vaporizing our beautiful pink crystal.

Screw the gem, it'll only harm you.
Screw the ghosts, they can't help you.

Unless they can give us something more desirable than our lovely baby, I say we get out of here. There's nothing to gain and lots to lose.
No. 468070 ID: 31854b

that'll sound really good to the miners.
"Yeah, I found a bunch of tortured souls trapped inside a rock for eternity, forced to sing for the rest of their miserable afterlives. I left 'em there. Fuck 'em, right?"
No. 468077 ID: 68bbc5

If we guide them, we can get the miners to excavate the area around the gem and take it out of the mine without touching it. That's something we can't do ourselves, would solve the problem, and would leave us with riches abound.

At the very least, screwing around with the Death Crystal without a really good way to protect ourselves is just asking for bad things to happen.

Promise to come back when you've got a reliable way to free the ghosts without significant losses to us.
No. 468081 ID: f50094
File 135184157690.jpg - (104.00KB , 1450x734 , More Ghosts.jpg )

Tempting but I'm not getting paid for this. If helping these ghosts gets me a hunk of that massive gemstone I'm willing to do it. Asking the miners for help is a last resort because I know they'll want to take as much of the gem as possible. People really mean it when they say an adventurer's fee is whatever they can fit in their pockets. Most people don't see the point in paying an adventurer after they've had to help them out, it almost defeats the point of having one the the first place.

>Weel I was walking doon one of the hills near me hoose in Getulbroke when I saw a tunnel that'd never been there before. I went in expectin' some fool of a bloke mining for metal in chalk country and found a bleeding great glowin' rock. Bein a daft twat I went to chip a piece of t' show me chums but as soon as I touched it I burst into butterflies. Butterflies! What kinda death is that for a man? I won't be able to show mi face to me ol' dad when I sees him again. Zapped into butterflies by a sparkly rock, the shame of it.

>My story dear, starts on a fair evening in Dunbree. I was taking my tea when I saw a rabbit dance out of the bushes and prance around my garden. Later that day my servant Berty told me that he too had see rabbits, in great abundance, in the meadows nearby. I decided to go out there the next day and see if I could spot any more. Whilst I was out walking I fell into a hidden hole in the ground that had never been there before and into this cave. I, to my folly, also touched the gemstone and turned bright orange shortly before vanishing into smoke.

Dunbree is near the city and I've never even heard of Getulbroke. The tunnels either stretch out for thousands of miles or they work by magic. I wonder how much power it takes to make tunnels that reach so far away? It has to be enormous because other wise wizards would have set them up ages ago and we needn't have ever built roads.

Baby is a ruby, this crystal is white Onyx. Onyx is considered to be very highly valuable among wizards because it absorbs magic better or something. They pay twice as much for it that's all I know. I've never seen white onyx before but neither have I seen crystals which glow blue and turn people in smoke and butterflies.

I'm out of my depth here, Woody's advice would be extremely helpful since he is a kind of ghost and all. He also definitely knows more about magic than me. I'll go back and grab him, hopefully he'll be awake by now.

I tell the ghosts I'm going to get help.

>Be weary of leaving cave darling.

>Aye I hope your friend's in the cave wit'cha. 'Casue iffin you leave the cave the tunnels will all change again and you'll never get back.

Well that's worrying, good thing Woody's still in the cave.
No. 468082 ID: f2c20c

Err... hang on. Which cave? I mean, how do we know that the place we left Woody in is part of this magic cave?
No. 468083 ID: 479f59

well, actually woody couldn't sense any magic back then, so I think the part he was looking at wasn't part of the magic cave... unless the magic isn't within the whole cave but only changes the cave...
So, how about asking them where it ends?

also... giant eel?!
No. 468090 ID: f50094
File 135184920667.jpg - (105.05KB , 1457x735 , Even more Ghosts.jpg )

>Wha'dya talking 'bout Missy? The cave ends when ya' standing in fresh air outside. Jus' don't walk out into anywhere sunny an' you'll be all right. Stay underground.

>Angus! don't be so rude! She's trying help us.

>Oh aye, sorry Lady. over-sensitive wench.

>Ahem. The Eel is such a horrible creature isn't it? The nasty little bearded man made it when he came back to find Ronnie, whom at that point was a melting skeleton, dead on the ground. He went frightfully mad with rage and stomped his feet on the floor, screaming about people trying to steal his precious stones. He went outside and came back with an eel in his hand which he then threw and snapped his fingers, whereupon it grew until it filled the whole tunnel. I think he wanted a guard for the crystal. Long before the eel he once dragged in a snouter and made that huge as well. He chained it to the floor but, one day it grew big enough to break it's chains and simply walked outside and left. He got angry about that too. He gets angry at everything.

Do, uh, you still want me to throw a rock at the crystal guys? I'm a little worried about what will happen to if I do.

Or should I not risk it and go and grab Woody?
No. 468092 ID: f2c20c

Hoo boy. Sounds like we're gonna piss off a wizard before this is through. Thankfully they'll have no idea we did it.

Don't throw anything at the gem, actually. I think that it would figure out you threw it by crazy magic pseudo-intelligence shit and zap you. Just get Woody.
No. 468096 ID: 65c3dd

Yeah I say definitely grab Woody. You can't do much in the nude against magic and/or an angry wizard.

Sounds like he didn't put much effort into making the eel work well as a guard. More like it just kept growing until it got stuck in that cave. Or perhaps it got stuck when the caves shifted all magically and stuff.
No. 468145 ID: b33427

Sheesh! A guy with phenomenal cosmic powers, and he can't think to make a hidden door to this chamber or something. That'd keep people out better than giant eels.

Yeah, definitely go back and get Woody. Also get all your stuff and keep it as close as you can get without it getting soaked.

Don't throw a rock. It's not going to tell you anything you'd know what to do with anyway, and might zap you as well.

...Oh, hey! Maybe that's that giant snouter the jeweler mentioned. Huh, it might actually be as big as a house by now. Glad you didn't go after it.
No. 468147 ID: 886a4d

Alright I think we've solved this little mystery. A wizard did it. We have two choices.

1) Exit with your prize. I have a feeling if the wizard comes back and finds Baby in your packsack hes going to be ... upset. Tell the miners the tunnel is a wizard thing and too avoid it.

2) Get Woody and try and help free these poor souls of their curse. Benefits: Mama gem. Good will of spirits. Cons: Angry wizard. possible death due to zapping.

... Since 2 is more interesting ya lets go with that.
No. 468208 ID: f50094
File 135190851055.jpg - (89.59KB , 884x645 , Convincing one\'s self.jpg )

I dunno, it might not be as big as a house. You never really know with magic. M-maybe it started shrinking after it left the cave or something. Y'know, magic and stuff. It's totally possible it's not too big.

...I'm sorry I'll go get woody now
No. 468214 ID: b33427

Well, assuming the tunnel exit doesn't shift positions, you can find out later. From a very, very safe distance. Preferably looking through a spyglass.

Yeah, go get Woody before any more thoughts like that one cross your mind.
No. 468216 ID: f27d9a

Hope he's awake by now, but bring him with you even if he isn't, he may do wake up soon(ish) anyway.

...Are Snouters mammal?
No. 468219 ID: 65c3dd

Judging by the tales of this wizard he may have angry magic so the snouter may get bigger the angrier it gets. Like the Hulk but a snouter. Best to leave that to someone with a massive sword, robot arm, and a gruff voice.

Considering how often you are naked and have no weapon it might be best to stick to noncombative things.
No. 468232 ID: f50094
File 135191485763.jpg - (69.24KB , 822x584 , Got Wood.jpg )

I swam back and grabbed Woody, he'd woken up while I was gone. He said reanimating Mr Hammings was incredibly tiring so he took the dead-man's equivalent of a rejuvenating nap. Actually he said a lot more things, he only just stopped talking. Even talked while we were underwater too. I couldn't understand him but I don't think he noticed.

Snouters are mammals yes. Why'd you ask?

Emotion based spells do exist, but wouldn't that mean that the eel would shrink if it calmed down? Maybe the spell he used was different.

Hey I'm not naked that often... and I wasn't going to try and fight the snouter... that'd be silly...

>Oh goodness I can see an awful lot magic and mysticism in here. There are spells all over the floor and ghosts flying everywhere, how terribly untidy. Now I won't pretend that I understand everything that's going on in here Mistress but I can make some educated guesses. What would like like to know?
No. 468235 ID: f2c20c

1) What triggers the deathspell?
2) How do we set the ghosts free?
3) Is it possible to retrieve that totally awesome jewel without getting blasted?
No. 468241 ID: b33427

How many ghosts does he see? 'cause you only saw six.

Has Woody ever seen this level of magic before? And if he has, what was it?

Can he tell how stable the magics are? Does it look like it's breaking down, or had layers of spells slapped on to repair it? You're kinda concerned that a stray fragment or thread will hit you, even standing at the chamber entrance.

And can 2 and 3 be done without causing a catastrophic failure of the gem's spells, blasting you, the mine, and possibly the town of Bwesk into a fine ash.
No. 468243 ID: 1f8505

How do we make the ghosts go away so we can pick up the shiny?
No. 468248 ID: f50094
File 135192044818.jpg - (69.07KB , 822x584 , Far too much text.jpg )

>Well it's not exactly a death-spell per-say Mistress. The crystal contains an abominably high level of morphic magic. The spell isn't necessary a death spell but a charged and uncontrolled transformation. Sadly being changed into something at random with such excessive force causes death in almost all instances. To rephrase; the crystal will transform anything it touches into a something else without any safeguards or protection. The only way to survive such a process would be being lucky enough to be transformed into something which could contain your consciousness. You Mistress could become a niddle or human without dying, but if you became a plant, mineral or animal you would, indeed, die. Isn't that simply fascinating Mistress?

>Ah, yes, the ghosts. I know a lot about ghosts. For instance the only reason you can see them without aid is because they are in such abundance. That's also the reason that ghosts are a common sight on battlegrounds. Regardless these ghosts cannot pass on to the afterlife because they are trapped by the faint light that the crystal is producing. Ghosts cannot move without light and get sucked towards the strongest light source in the vicinity. No one has quite figured out why, but researchers all agree that it has something to do with the fact that a soul cannot move onto the afterlife without ascending into sunlight. You can free the ghosts with any light stronger than that of the crystal but they will simply be pulled back again if you do not move them into direct sunlight.

>No Mistress, touching the jewel with any object will morph the object. A pickaxe may become a snake or a cloud if used against it. I'm not certain but I think that the sheer volume of magic in the crystal will prevent it from even being damaged by physical means.

>Yes there are only six ghosts Mistress. You can see them as clearly as me at this point.

>I don't think I have seen this level magical power before. Anything that got too close to this point of intensity is broken apart to prevent exactly this kind of situation occurring. Whoever gathered this much Pale Onyx in one place either had no idea of what would happen or was foolish enough to think they could control it. It's so powerful that it's even changing the tunnels in the cave, that would be the best explanation for the tunnels appearing overnight.

>Do not worry Mistress, you are completely safe. Onyx is the best magical conductor after all. Nothing is in any danger from the crystal unless it comes into contact with it.

>Freeing the ghosts will not have any effect on the crystal Mistress be sure of that. Moving the gem without the assistance of several wizards dose look to be impossible however. Even if you did have a way of draining the magic out of it you would be stuck here. Wherever here is. May I remind you Mistress of Marvin's Law Of Great Collapse. If you leave the cave by any tunnel other than the entrance you crawled in through the tunnels will disappear and you will be stuck wherever you come out.
No. 468252 ID: b6edd6

Well the lantern would be the obvious thing, but we would have trouble getting that past the water portion intact.
Our pink gem might work, but it is probably not bright enough on its own to draw the ghosts away from the opal.

Ask woody if it would be plausible to over up the light from the opal by putting some object in front of it.
No. 468255 ID: f2c20c

Dang. We won't be getting the crystal, then. It sounds like the solution is to get your lantern in here, but since we flooded the passage... I guess we have to get rid of the eel somehow.

Or can you ask the miners for a waterproof lightsource? Yeah, we should just ask them for a waterproof lightsource before trying to dislodge the eel.

...perhaps we can peek into the rest of this new chamber first though.
No. 468259 ID: 1e72ae

>any object will morph the object
Can we drain a fair bit of magic by chucking a lot of stones at it? What would happen if water were to touch the stone? (would it all count as one object? would each drop count as an object?)
Do we have anything to relight the lantern if it goes out? Ask woody what the gem we found earlier is made out of/magic effects it has/its usefulness.
No. 468260 ID: b33427

Would the ghosts "snap back" if they're lead out of this chamber with a stronger light source, then switched to a weaker light source once the light of the Pale Onyx pile is obscured? Something like a magnesium flare, or some form of strong magical lighting, could do that.

Ask if there are such things as magically "hard" materials (ones that are hard to transform magically) that could be thrown against the Pale Onyx to burn off the magic by transforming them.

Does that mean that people who die underground and become ghosts are eternally trapped? That's a rather horrible thought.

So when a lot of Pale Onyx is piled together, it just naturally starts to soak up magic? Or does it require someone to direct the magic in, or weave spells into it, for that to happen?
No. 468275 ID: c6161e

The crystal transforms anything in direct contact with it. The floor of the cavern is still stone, but this is likely because it is a slow and continuing transformation (i.e appearing tunnels), and the density of magic in a substance determines the speed of change.
We've been touching floor and other objects within the tunnel, but have not been transformed. This means that anything that can be transformed by the crystal will not conduct further transformations to touched objects (unless it reaches some theoretical maximum magic density, or at least a density high enough to overcome whatever natural insulation other objects have).

So. It may be possible to carry the crystal by using a stone or two between it and our hands. But the big risk here is that the stones, once disconnected from the tunnel system as a whole, will acquire the magic density for transformation much faster (due to smaller mass), and may morph into either something dangerous, or something that cannot easily be used as an insulator (gas, butterflies, etc).

So really, our choices are:
Risk grabbing the crystal through some intermediary material, and hope the material doesn't become dangerous or unusable;
Find some item or items that require extremely high amounts of magic to transform a small portion (so, a magic insulator), and use that to carry the item.
Find some means to carry the item without directly touching it (unlikely without magical assistance).
Give up on the crystal for now, and work on helping the ghosts.

Things we should try anyway:
Ask about the "nasty little bearded man", who is most likely a wizard, and may have some means of safely moving the crystal. Though I doubt he'd willingly share.
Perhaps we can make something other than the crystal to take with us. We could put a small amount of water on the ground near the crystal, allow it to run to it. If water acts as a magical conductor, we could use this to attempt to drain it (Though considering it's managing to transform an entire cave system, unless the magic capacity of water is crazy-high, then this is unlikely). If water acts as a magical insulator, it may be possible to collect it later in a bottle or similar, and then we'll have potions of ohgodwhyamimelting, should we be required to defend ourselves in future.
Or the water could transform, in which case, stay back, it may be dangerous.

Alternatively, roll rocks into it to see if you can transform them into anything valuable.
No. 468281 ID: 65c3dd

Trying to muck about with this crystal seems like a super super super bad idea that you should not do. You already have a pimpin crystal that ISN'T gonna turn you into a singing cricket or destroy the very reality in which you currently are standing so let's not tempt fate by going for the jackpot.

I think we should help the ghosts, then when we leave the cave these magical tunnels should disappear and the miners shouldn't have any problems. Everyone is happy and no one gets turned into a sea bass.
No. 468283 ID: f50094
File 135193341202.jpg - (70.21KB , 822x584 , More text.jpg )

>Oh, now, forcing the crystal to repeatedly change things would make the magic unstable. And the woefully large amounts of magic would take some draining Mistress. If you are intent on trying it I would suggest no more than four transformations. Anything more than four could cause fluctuations which could, in turn, collapse the tunnels or the cave.

>Water would be changed as well. My guess is that after a few seconds of contact with water the crystal would being changing it into something else which would count as two transformations.

>The ruby you found? It is a gemstone so it can absorb some magic from the Onyx but only very slowly as rubies are a terrible conductor. And only a very small amount you understand, it is a small ruby.

The miners gave me spare oil but no matches. The lantern has this clicking thing you turn that lights the oil inside.

>It would work yes, but it's not very plausible since you'd need something to cover it with which doesn't touch it at all. Not that it wasn't a nice idea Mistress. I just don't see how you could pull it off.

>Suction from light is based on how bright they are to the viewer, except for the sun. So that would work yes.

>Gemstones cannot be affected by magic because they absorb it. Magical creatures sometimes have inbuilt resistance to general or specific magics. Dragon scales are a good example. Dragons are famously magic resistant so if you somehow had a pair of dragon scale gloves you could potentially pick up the crystal.

>Heavens no Mistress, that would be horrible indeed, ghosts are only trapped if they die in the dark close to a light which never goes out. Thankfully these cases are few and far between. On the occasion that it does, regrettably, happen these ghosts, after around a year, harden into spectres which can move of their own accord. They tend to float around and cause mischief until they are set on fire or exercised by spells. In both cases the soul is restored to that of a ghost and set into the afterlife. It's not perfect but no soul has ever been trapped forever.

>Pale Onyx, well all Onyx, naturally contains magic but also periodically absorbs specific magics from it's environment. And you can fill any gemstone with spells but don't go putting two different spells in the same gemstone Mistress, as it's a recipe for disaster. Just thought I'd mention that Mistress since one of my earlier masters once put a spell for fire and a spell for wind in one gem thinking it would make burning hot gusts. All it did was explode... Now I come to think about it that probably is the logical combination of fire and wind, but anyway it's still not a good idea.

I'm fine to give up on the crystal for now. I've no idea how I'd move it or make it safe or anything. I just don't feel like we're prepared for it at all. I want to help the ghosts though. I know I wouldn't want to be trapped in a dark cave underground.

I will try transforming a few rocks but I'm a little afraid of them turning into angry snakes or something so I'll try that later. I don't want an angry snake, or worse, slithering around while I'm trying to free the ghosts.

Moving the eel is probably the only way of getting the lantern through and still being able to light it. I wonder how tightly it's stuck.
No. 468285 ID: 04b86a

Can you use the ruby to copy the transformation magic and use it on the eel? Or if the eel's size is being maintained by magic you could use the ruby to drain it away until it shrinks to a moveable size.
No. 468288 ID: f2c20c

I wonder if you could charge the ruby with magic and use it to shrink or transform the eel?

We should investigate the eel first, though. Just to get a better indication of how stuck it is.
No. 468292 ID: 65c3dd

I'm not a fan of rubbing the ruby all over a big dumb eel...
No. 468293 ID: b33427

Well, dang. Don't chuck any stones at the gem; It likely won't turn into anything worthwhile.

Go check how firmly stuck that eel is. Perhaps liberal application of that slime to it would loosen it up. Oh, and didn't you enter this cave with a rope tied around you, leading to a real big winch? Maybe you could go back and bring it up to tie around the front of the eel and have the miners winch it out.

Transferring some of the transformation magic to the ruby to apply it to the eel might work, but it might transform the eel into something worse. May not even be possible to transport the charged ruby without it transforming whatever you use to hold it or worse, yourself. Ask Woody about that, and hold it as Plan B if the eel can't be shifted otherwise.
No. 468333 ID: b6edd6

Can we 'charge' the ruby with normal light from the lantern, or does only magical light count?
No. 468697 ID: f50094
File 135210297579.jpg - (60.84KB , 776x515 , Tight fit.jpg )

I think I'm going to examine exactly how stuck the eel is before I but Baby in any unnecessary danger. I'm gunna need some strong evidence before I let any eel juice smother his sparkly clean skin.

Ok so, the eel looks to be very much stuck in the tunnel. It's tail moves very slightly now and again so it is definitely alive. It's sides are all pressed up against the walls of the tunnel but it's not, y'know, completely wedged. It can still wriggle I bet. How long has it been here without food or water? I wonder if the magic keeps it alive somehow.

Woody says I can drain magic into Baby from the Onyx, but to release the magic I'd need some special equipment since I'm not a wizard. Apparently gemstones don't release magic naturally unless they are totally filled to the brim with energy. He also said that the light coming from the crystal is a side effect of the magic stored inside. Draining some of the magic into Baby would make him glow a little, but he could never glow anywhere near the level of a crystal so many times larger than him. Not that that would make me love him any less.

Sliming up the tunnel will lubricate it yes but will I be able to just push the eel out just with that? Maybe the morphic magic will make it, like, squishy or something. Meldable, that's the word... probably.

And I did enter the tunnel with a big rope tied round my waist, but I, uh, I took it off after I crawled through the entrance tunnel. Also I wasn't attached to a which, just two miners who would pull me out If I asked them to. I don't think they would be capable of pulling out much more than me even if they were trying really hard.
No. 468699 ID: f2c20c

Well, you're not pulling it out from this side, considering the shape of its head. I say make a lasso with the rope, then toss the loop over its pointy head and pull.
No. 468712 ID: 65c3dd

Super gross.. I'd say trying to push it out should be the last resort.

If the ghosts stick to the brightest light then you might be able to lure them to the lantern and move the lantern down the tunnel then put the lantern out making the ruby the brightest thing since the dangerous crystal is out of sight.

Or if the eel isn't completely stuck maybe you can lure it out with something. I imagine the slime came from the eel so it's probably capable of leaving the tunnel. Eels stay in small hiding caves to wait to ambush prey so that could be what's going on here.
No. 468753 ID: f50094
File 135210892467.jpg - (72.21KB , 808x596 , Getting dirty.jpg )

Setting the eel free while in front of it's large and starving mouth may not be the wisest course of action.

I could easily move the ghosts with the lantern's light but the only route between the ghosts and my bag are full of water and eel respectively.

If the eel can leave the tunnel then why doesn't he? He's dry as paper and he can't be waiting to ambush anyone because when he saw me he didn't even react. Well, maybe he is trying to ambush some thing but he's so parched he can barely move. Should something this unpleasant have my sympathy?

I think I'm going to try sliming up the tunnel a bit. It's going to be super gross but it's worth it for Baby. He shouldn't have to suffer for me.
No. 468759 ID: f2c20c

Worth a shot.
No. 468763 ID: 65c3dd

What if the magic doesn't change the way the eel thinks? He might be looking to eat a small ol fish and not even realize he can go after big stuff. Or it could just be dying from starvation and dehydration. I'm no eelologist.

I guess there's not much more to it then just going for it and sliming that puppy up like a nickelodeon awards ceremony.
No. 468861 ID: b33427

Well, hope this slime comes off in water, otherwise you're going to have to scrape it off before putting your clothes on.

Can Woody tell what kind of magics are on the eel? Or could he just guess at what could make an eel huge, and keep it alive without water or food.
No. 468893 ID: 31854b

what sort of slime is this? Is it sticky or slippery? Thick? Runny? Would it actually even make a good lubricant if we need to get the eel out of the hole?
No. 469026 ID: a8e26e

It's slimy
No. 469028 ID: 06ee8f

it's eel poop
No. 469076 ID: f50094
File 135219291410.jpg - (74.44KB , 777x543 , OH SO GROSS.jpg )

No. 469077 ID: f2c20c

Well you gotta get the eel out of the way to rescue those poor souls. This is how we're doing it apparently!
No. 469078 ID: b7169d

Less fuss! There's peoples souls who have been trapped for god knows how long in a cave depending on you and your heroics! Think of the heroism! Think of the potential SHINIES YOU CAN GAIN for being a hero!
No. 469080 ID: 65c3dd

It's not like this is the first time you've manhandled this eel with nothing more then like provocation from us. Slippery is good though that just means you will be done faster.

Plus you don't need to worry about it soaking into your clothes at least. As long as it doesn't stain your hands I guess.
No. 469083 ID: f50094
File 135219818390.jpg - (63.74KB , 663x428 , Lowest point.jpg )

I bet Rist Danton and Yorick Palm never had to rub goo on a fat eel while sitting naked in the dark in a cave. The point I'm getting at here is that I don't feel particularly heroic. Not even a little bit.

Uck, the eel wants out of the tunnel. I know because after I lubed it up, it tried to squirm it's way free. This had the added effect of splattering me with slime. Did I mention that I don't feel very heroic?

So anyway it wiggled for a while but really gently, like it just didn't have the strength, and then went still again. I'm guessing that the crippling lack of food or water has left it so weak that it doesn't have the stamina to struggle for too long.

Yeah I'd probably have to buy new clothes if I was wearing any. I hate buying clothes. People always try to sell me fancy dresses or leather armour just 'cause I tell them I'm an adventurer. And then when I ignore them and buy something simple like a plain skirt they just insist that it's too short or other such nonsense. You should see the looks on their faces when I say I'm not interested in buying undergarments. Shopkeepers, so judgemental.

I don't think either I or the eel has the strength to free it from the tunnel at this point.
No. 469084 ID: f2c20c

You could ask the miners for some food and water to feed to the eel? Then maybe it could get out on its own.
No. 469085 ID: 5bf190


Don't let the stories fool you, adventurers get into all kinds of embarrassing situations. I mean, what about all the times some group of murderhobos plunges into a dungeon or a cave and doesn't emerge for days and everyone thinks they must be dead, but finally they return triumphant, smiling through their cool-looking wounds and carrying piles of treasure with some magic princess in tow?

Where do you think they were poopin' all that time, huh? And you think anyone gets perfect privacy when there's monsters about? No, ma'am. There's more than one essential application for a courageous spirit and a stalwart heart!

Now make sure you really get that slime in under there. The bottom's where the most pressure should be!
No. 469093 ID: f2c20c

Alternatively, you could just call in the miners in general to get them to move the eel as a group. I mean, you've determined it's basically safe, right? Hey Woody, how does that law of collapse work when people entering from the same area leave at different times? Does it only collapse once everyone from one area has left?
No. 469094 ID: 738a4a

I second in going to ask the miners for help in moving the eel, use the power of boobs again, if needed (if you decide to get your clothes on for it, the slimy stuff may work as a good censor)
No. 469131 ID: 65c3dd

Yeah the tunnels vanishing is pretty serious so we might not want to have a bunch more people comming in and we definitly don't want to leave the cave.

Too bad there's no way to lower the water in the undercave to bypass the eel. But at least we can get the eel water from the tunnel so if we want to make it stronger all we need is food. Then again you are making something put in place to guard the tunnels strong enough to move around and maybe go after you.
No. 469164 ID: 68bbc5

Um, considering it barely even registered a rock being thrown at its EYE, yet squirmed suddenly at being slathered in slime, have you considered that the slime might be highly harmful/painful to the eel? At any rate, it certainly seem like an easy way to get it to move, should we actually find a way to loosen up the hole around it.

That said, who knows what prolonged exposure to that stuff will do to you. Wash it off in the water. There's still plenty around if we need more.
No. 469725 ID: 27dbde

just drain the eel magic, it's aesier
No. 469745 ID: b33427

Huh. Yeah, if it's as easy as jabbing the eel with the ruby, then go for it. Otherwise, there is a way to touch the eel to the big white onyx pile and transform it, but it's messy and you're not going to like it.

You'll need a sharp knife. What you'll have to do is cut a patch of the skin of the eel such that it comes off in a long, narrow strip, with one end still attached; Long enough to reach the onyx chamber.

Pull the end of the strip into the chamber, then tie it around a rock. Throw the rock so the strip lands on top of the magic onyx, and hopefully the eel will transform into something more manageable.
No. 469747 ID: 31854b

Eurgh. That sounds like it would work, but let's do it only as a last resort.
No. 470367 ID: f50094
File 135254386476.jpg - (59.97KB , 663x428 , PAUSE.jpg )

School exam week, be back after thursday. Thought You ought to know.
No. 470512 ID: f2c20c

This saddens me greatly.

Oh well, good luck on your exams!
No. 471347 ID: 024b69

Can't wait for this to come back. Good luck with exams!
No. 471474 ID: 266ffb

Aw man, the first full frontal and she's all covered in slime.

Good luck on your exams!
No. 471476 ID: 2cf7ec


Don't worry, it'll happen properly at some point (i hope)

Good luck on those exams.
No. 472685 ID: f50094
File 135324151239.jpg - (77.04KB , 820x556 , Magic Prodding.jpg )

Never really thought about that, where do you use the lavatory in a monster dungeon? I wonder what Yorick would do with a magical princess. Probably make sure she was safe and then very pointedly leave without further interaction. Rist, well I'm not sure what he'd do with a princess. Bedding a princess is probably more trouble than it's worth.

>The tunnel will limbo if anyone else enters and leaves, pushing us into our own private time zone. Additionally this will prevent any sound escaping or other forms of communication for as long as you remain in the tunnel. This is due to the Brunnings effect of the crystal's magic pulling at... what? Sorry. Yes, people can enter the mine. But only leave all at once or the people outside the tunnel won't be able to hear you any more.

>Oh and the transformation used on the eel most likely has the additional side affect of sustaining the sufferer via radiation from the crystal. I don't think it has to eat or drink to stay alive. Not that it is not extremely hungry and dehydrated.

I find that there is a subtle difference between exposing cleavage to a single shopkeeper and standing naked in front of a crowd of miners. I do attempt to wear clothes at all times while in public.

The ghosts did say that the Snouter was supposed to be a guard and it walced off the moment it got the chance. I think the wizard's a little too angry to make good guards. Besides I bet it'll dive right in the water the first chance it gets.

Fair point but this goo isn't hurting me at all. I am now suddenly very aware of it however. Yuck.

I'll try poking the eel with Baby, but only a little bit. I don't want any smudges on his pretty face. If that doesn't work I'll go get help from the miners, the only reason I didn't want to originally is because I'm not getting paid for this but we've explored everywhere and there's no way I'm getting a piece of that stupidly magical crystal.

Here goes then.
No. 472688 ID: a41970

is it working?
No. 472697 ID: f2c20c

This seems a bit silly. Be ready to get out of the way of a suddenly-thrashing smaller eel if it works!
No. 472817 ID: f50094
File 135329247880.jpg - (75.63KB , 739x640 , Yep.jpg )

It's doing something, Baby's glowing a little but the eel's not moving or anything.


Oh, ok, no, now it is.

Yep, moving back, yep.
No. 472839 ID: f50094
File 135329570248.jpg - (61.28KB , 678x471 , Struggle through.jpg )

Squish splat squish

The eel hasn't shrank but it's gone, uh, squishy. It's moving like a water balloon and with gusto I might add.

I'm think the slime did the trick, the eel's actually moving this time.

I think it's going to manage to squeeze out.
No. 472849 ID: f50094
File 135329801947.jpg - (58.40KB , 590x457 , Blort.jpg )



splat squish splatter

LORDY, it just burst through. That was the most unpleasant noise I have ever heard. Aw man I think some of that goo got in my eye. Oh it stings, owtch.
No. 472855 ID: f2c20c

Time to clean off in that water, then. Wait, no, there's an eel in it now, or will be shortly. Go up to that lake to clean up.
No. 472857 ID: b6edd6

Magic accomplished I guess? Just watch out around the entrances to those water tunnels now that there is an eel in them.
No. 472864 ID: b33427

All right! Success! ...Now what? I guess walk through the newly eel-free tunnel to see where the eel went.

Don't try to rub the slime out of your eye, since your hands are even more slathered with the stuff. Just blink a lot, and if that doesn't head up to the lake to wash it out. Too bad you didn't think to lower your second eyelids before doing that..
No. 472886 ID: 1f8505


Flush your eye with water, quick!
No. 472912 ID: f50094
File 135330413392.jpg - (86.82KB , 1205x718 , Stuck again.jpg )

Closing my second eyelids would have been a good idea. Owtch.

The eel dove right into the first water it could find. I think it's stuck again. I wonder if it lead a particularly happy life before it got thrown down here by a grumpy old man.
No. 472913 ID: f2c20c

Hmm. Got anything to wipe your eye in your pack? A spare cloth perhaps?
No. 472918 ID: f50094
File 135330580920.jpg - (61.97KB , 1010x609 , Clean.jpg )

I've got an old rag I use for general cleaning purposes. Never needed a towel.

Oooh so soothing. I think I'll wash the rest of me while I'm here too. I may have mentioned this before but this stuff is repulsive.

Ok, so, the eel is stuck in the the flooded tunnel and is no longer blocking the path to the crystal cavern and the ghosts. Now I can take the lantern and free the ghosts without having to walk through solid eel. Anything else you think we should do first?
No. 472922 ID: b33427

Uh, you're washing yourself in a pool that should have completely drained itself awhile ago. This isn't more magic, is it?

You're going to need to block the light from the big crystal to create a shadow for the ghosts to move in to so you can lead them away with that little lantern. There enough loose rocks around to make a pile big enough for that? How close can you get them without the crystal arcing to them, or you?
No. 472923 ID: 04b86a

Isn't that the small pool? You know, the one you unplugged and drained?

Well, unless you've suddenly decided to become a naturist I suppose you should put your clothes back on.
No. 472924 ID: b6edd6

The ghosts will probably fine if they just travel into the lantern itself an stay in there until you leave the cave.
No. 472927 ID: f2c20c

You could put on your clothes since you're not gonna do any more swimming. Also, possibly, check out the cave that the big crystal is in, to see if there's anything interesting there or just an exit that we really don't want to go through.
No. 472982 ID: f50094
File 135331770111.jpg - (72.73KB , 1011x810 , magic water.jpg )

Well that's a little disconcerting. I think I would have swum in that without realising if you hadn't of pointed it out to me. I think I'll just walk calmly away from it for now. oh that's creepy

With any luck I won't be doing any more swimming so I'll dress, then grab all my things and Mr Swing's pick.

Woody said that the ghosts are attracted to the brightest light in the area and the lantern is easily brighter than the dingy glow from the crystal. Freeing the ghosts should be easy as cake. Trap them in the lantern and then lead them outside. Hopefully I will be showered with praise for my heroics but I find this somewhat unlikely.

I'll take a last look around the crystal cavern before setting the ghosts free. Probably just an exit but it's good to be thorough since we're leaving soon and all.
No. 472986 ID: b33427

Once you get the ghosts into the lantern, take advantage of the transformation magic of the crystal and chuck two or three rocks at it from as far away as you can. One of them just might change into something valuable.
No. 473001 ID: 65c3dd

I'd probably shake a leg and free the ghosts and skedaddle. Who knows what magical warnings the wizard had on the eel or the crystal or something. You already got a honking huge ruby and will be doing two good deeds so what more do you need?
No. 473018 ID: f2c20c

Even if we do get something beneficial out of the rock being transmuted, we probably don't want to go walk over right next to the zapper crystal and pick it up. I'm 100% sure that you can't transmute things into gems, anyway. That sounds like magic paradox.
No. 473850 ID: f50094
File 135364240472.jpg - (89.66KB , 974x769 , I may jog.jpg )

I kinda wanna' leave as soon as possible right now. If the wizard did have alarms on anything I must have activated them all by this point. Also the reappearing water is surprisingly unnerving. I can't help imagining the crystal suddenly deciding to flood the entire cave or swap all the tunnels around and leave me trapped here.

I do have quite a large ruby and fiddling with an obscenely powerful crystal is not very appealing. Besides, the chances of getting something valuable out of it are a lot lower than the chances of getting something dangerous. I do admit to being very tempted however, maybe just one rock.

Oh goodness, I just looked up in the eel cave, the crystal brought the water back but not the celling. The water's just sitting suspended in the air like it's wrapped in glass. I think I'll start a brisk jog.
No. 473857 ID: 1e9d01

Careful you don't slip on the slime, and watch the gap.
No. 473863 ID: b33427

Don't succumb to the temptation to throw even one rock at that crystal. This whole place feels like it's held together with the magical equivalent of chewing gum and bailing wire. Even one pebble could be enough to shift everything around.

Load the ghosts into your lantern, and get out of here. Every minute - nay, second - that you're here is another chance for bad luck to dick you over.
No. 473869 ID: f50094
File 135364899308.jpg - (93.85KB , 988x677 , Sucked in.jpg )

>Hello dear, did you find theeeeeeeee
>Aw hell that's a weird feelinnnnnnnn

That worked well. I will begin running now.
No. 473872 ID: b33427

Well, that was pleasantly easy. I still have a sense of dread about this place. I'd say not even walk too fast, let alone run, but the less time spent here the better.

Double-check you've got everything you want or need to take out of here. Lemme think... Your pack, Woody, Baby gem, Bag's broken pickax, and now the ghost lantern. That's all I can think of.
No. 473874 ID: 04b86a

Yeah, go ahead and get out of here. And don't worry about the water, that shouldn't fall unless something twangs it.
No. 473876 ID: 65c3dd

It isn't over till it's over so let's not decide that everything is good and relax now. Should just book it and not look back.
No. 473882 ID: f50094
File 135365430966.jpg - (89.92KB , 964x803 , Pocket full of ghosts.jpg )

I was watching the gap and I noticed the water's missing. Is that good or bad? Is that a good thing guys? I don't know.

I don't see how running is going to worsen the situation. I'm fairly sure the situation will worsen regardless so I want to leave the situation as soon as possible.

I've got my bag, Baby's in it along with Woody and the Pick and I'm wearing all my clothes. I'll be leaving behind some of the rope the miners left me but I doubt they'll mind and I'm not sticking around to grab it even if they do.

Yep, smart thoughts, leaving with haste.