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File 134950500923.png - (62.06KB , 800x600 , 205.png )
460657 No. 460657 ID: 97486c

Guardian abilities:Change Form GP:10, Shadow Ball GP:10, Last Stand GP:50, Darkness GP:00, Summon Ombra GP:100, Limit Break- Avatar of Ombra GP:100

At first there were seven dragons. As powerful as we are even we don't know why we were created or even how. We did know that we had power though.
It took many years of war and death before we agreed that we should end our fighting. A blade was forged by the water Dragon, Sharaes. It's existence made it sure that no Dragon would go out of their way to cause destruction.
But when we made it.. We had no idea that the 'lesser' beings we gave it to would become so corrupt.

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No. 460658 ID: 97486c
File 134950514936.png - (109.28KB , 800x600 , 206.png )

Saisai wakes up on the day of her 18th birthday.


These dreams are getting ridiculous..
No. 460659 ID: bf54a8

it was probably from being around the tiger king, is why you got that potion from morgan, remember? there are too many things that set a tigerfolk off.

anyway, good morning.
No. 460660 ID: f2c20c

Hey, did you actually tell that guy about the cologne? Or did he just bring it up on his own in that letter?
No. 460661 ID: eb6589

Good morning, SweetCheeks! Don't forget that Yuyu is in the room with you! Give him a friendly morning hello!
No. 460674 ID: 629257

Let me guess, none of those good dreams are about your fiance? Might be trying to tell you something, that.
No. 460682 ID: 9718f3

You might as well finish up. The mimic has already heard what it's going to hear. You'll probably make LESS noise if you're awake while you do it. And it could help stop the dreams, which tend to increase in frequency while sexually frustrated.

As for today, happy birthday! We can't really get you anything, sorry! So what's the plan? Have a birthday party waiting at your parents' place? The letter seemed to imply that.
No. 460690 ID: 86c3a7

Sorry SaiSai. Side effect of well, us. Our users tend to have more vivid dreams than usual. Don't worry, it eventually dies down.

Happy birthday! So... what's the plan for today? Do you have the day off, or...?

And I take it you didn't go see Chevre last night?
No. 460736 ID: 629257

The dreams might be trying to tell you something. Perhaps there is someone notably absent from what is otherwise an all inclusive festive thought?
No. 460737 ID: 26a7c1

Protip: Don't wear the orb to bed.
No. 460799 ID: 012207

ALWAYS wear the orb to bed. And sexy dream about Morgan.

So, Saisai, what sort of dreams do you mean? Was anyone you know in them?
No. 460838 ID: f2c20c

She's gonna figure it out if you say stuff like that...
No. 460843 ID: 92c81e

Well, good! Maybe some of us don't want to treat Saisai like a piece of meat. Not to say we don't have the best of intentions, but there are limits.
No. 460950 ID: 886a4d

I don't think anyone here thinks of her as a piece of meat, but making her distrust us is a real bad idea and revleaing things like that is leading us to that road. If you don't like us suggesting what dreams she has veto them.

Though we definately should lay off on it for now. Let her settle her own feelings. If she indicates she likes someone more then a friend we can help her have 'pleasant' dreams about them then!

No. 460951 ID: eb6589

I was given to understand that cat meat was a perfectly acceptable comestible in certain parts of Asia
No. 460972 ID: 92c81e

I did veto them, but I suppose I was outvoted, and that's how quests work, certainly. I'll back off for now.
No. 461043 ID: 97486c
File 134966216047.png - (86.25KB , 800x600 , 207.png )

I can hear you guys and it's confusing. It you're just gonna argue about what you should do without her hearing it do it elsewhere!

I'm not going to -finish up- with someone in my room..
It's not like I need it that bad.
And no my dream wasn't even about Chevre. It had EVERYONE but Chevre.
And to be perfectly honest I don't want to marry the guy. He's not bad but... He's just not what I want. If I don't though who knows what will happen to my family.

I hate everything.
I want to just sleep until all this is over with.
No. 461044 ID: 629257

Well explain the situation with him a bit better, maybe we can find a way out of it. I mean you clearly don't like the guy.
No. 461045 ID: 86c3a7

Sorry Ombra! At least most the time you only have to listen to us when we have something to say to you. Poor SaiSai is on our main frequency, and has to listen to idiotic chatter all the time!

>I don't want to marry the guy
Well, alright! We'll find you a way out of the wedding. Don't worry too much- fucking things up is something we're good at.

>I want to just sleep until all this is over with.
Theoretically possible. If we power up Ombra enough, she could temporarily swap places with you. So you could take a nice peaceful nap inside your own head while she drives around ruining your wedding for you (under our careful guidance, of course!). Practically though, I don't see us getting enough juice in the time allotted for a draconic possession.

Well, unless you can call off the wedding by just never showing up for the ceremony. Then, by all means, roll over and go to sleep till you've missed the vows.
No. 461046 ID: f2c20c

Huh, was the Tigerfolk King in there? You know, I just realized we never see you taking a shower every morning or whatever. I'm guessing you have privacy then.

You didn't answer me though- did you tell him that his cologne was the problem? I don't remember you speaking to him at all after you ran off. The answer must be no.

Today I think we should go talk to the dark elves. It's about time we told them Ombra's not quite dead, and got some advice about bringing her fully back without killing you. How long until your birthday party?
No. 461095 ID: bf54a8

your family just wants status, you getting in good with the king will do that too. simply, if they get a higher station then the marriage is un-needed.
No. 461271 ID: 97486c
File 134975385548.png - (84.46KB , 800x600 , 208.png )

>Then, by all means, roll over and go to sleep till you've missed the vows.


Ain't gonna work. They'll come looking for you soon enough. Best bet is to just break up with the guy before then. Why am I even talking? She can't hear me.
Also I'd uh... Prefer if less people knew I were around for now.

No. 461272 ID: bf54a8

oh, yeah, someone's gonna come looking for you. no way you will get to sleep if chevre is sitting there knocking and saying your name every ten seconds.
No. 461276 ID: 629257

Lemme help you there.
Ain't gonna work. They'll come looking for you soon enough. Best bet is to just break up with the guy before then.

Do you think you can do that? What does he have over you and your family, besides knowing about the ears?

In hindsight, if you had been summoned back then do you think it would have worked out? Did the fire dragon really have anything to do that cult and if so would he have listened to us?
No. 461283 ID: 86c3a7

>Also I'd uh... Prefer if less people knew I were around for now.
I was being facetious when I suggested using you to ruin the wedding. But you heard that? Interesting- normally you don't hear anything we say on that channel! Maybe you're getting better at this. And if you can listen to the SaiSai channel, maybe you'll eventually get her to hear you too!

...yeah, sorry SaiSai. Someone will come looking for you sooner or later- the knights, your friends, or your family. You're going to have to be more proactive about breaking it off with Chevre. Even your head-dragon thinks so!

The only question is if you want to do this the reasonable way (talk to him) or the crazy way (we come up with a zany scheme!).
No. 461297 ID: 97486c
File 134975911519.png - (84.24KB , 800x600 , 209.png )


If you guys have some way I can get out of this without screwing over my family then I'm all ears.
No. 461298 ID: bf54a8

well if the king shows up and talks about how much PROMISE you have and that you could maybe reach a HIGH POSITION. they would be happy, since that is what they want out of you marrying him. simply put, make them see being a knight as more prestigious then marriage.
No. 461299 ID: e487f5

Without screwing them over?

Hitch your sister to Chevre's brother. Naturally.
No. 461300 ID: 34d817

All my best ideas involve murder, and that doesn't seem your style.

Maybe the mimic would have some ideas.
No. 461303 ID: 86c3a7

Hmm. If you want a plan, give us some more details to work with. What exactly is your family getting out of this marriage that they need? (I can't remember if this is about political power, money, or what).

One route is to find an alternate means to get your family what they need (or to rig things so the need isn't a problem anymore). You're more than the freak daughter to be married off for profit now- you're a knight and an accomplished warrior, with our consul, various resources at your disposal (magical and otherwise), and a variety of useful friends we may be able to tap.

Although, if the problem is the face they lose after promising you and then not delivering, then it's trickier. We have to call off the wedding in such a way the rest of your family suffers no blame for it (...which probably means making yourself the lighting rod for the blame, by default).
No. 461304 ID: 629257

Hurm... we could think of ways to screw him over, make him not a viable husband. Extreme public embarrassment of some kind maybe. Might still have negative effects. Or you could simply tell him off for now, say you don't need him right now like this. After all you have this whole knight thing working out for you, but if he's patient and sweet to you you'll be with him later. The idea here is if you keep him from getting pissed off it won't cause a problem.

Neither is a very good answer though... the best advice is to go get your team together and talk to them about it. More people with more ideas is better. And just having someone to talk to about it besides us will probably do you good.
No. 461317 ID: eb6589

Haha... ears

Anyway, the I like the Idea of asking the mimic. We could get some fresh perspective on this and his lifespan has probably already exceeded yours by decades. Who know? Besides, we've been neglecting him anyway.

Other than that, maybe slip him a roofie and get him to shack up with another girl so you can act all offended? She could even be a prositute or something, I don't care. You got lots of dosh now, right?
No. 461328 ID: f2c20c

Well if you can marry the Tigerfolk King...
No. 461330 ID: 886a4d

That wouldn't exactly put her family in good graces with the Human kingdom. Plus I think Saisai still wants to be a Knight.
No. 461498 ID: 97486c
File 134983498111.png - (83.77KB , 800x600 , 210.png )

A few hours pass as Saisai continues to lie there, depressed.

Yeaaaaah... She's not feeling well.
No. 461499 ID: f2c20c

Hey. You know who you should talk to about this? Artemis. Or someone else who's familiar with your problems. Morgan or the Captain could work too.
No. 461501 ID: bf54a8

yeah, maggie is a captain and a psychic, if anyone can figure a way out of this she can.
No. 461502 ID: 4a328b

Get out of bed!

[if she doesn't then [Change Form]]
No. 461503 ID: 86c3a7

Okay... I'm going to try getting her to move by making her mad at me again. This time on purpose.

So that's how you're going to solve your problems? Sleep the day away, like lazy cat? Bad kitty! Squirt bottle time! *pst!* *pst!* *pst!* *pst!* *pst!*
No. 461507 ID: 629257


No. 461522 ID: f2c20c

That gives me an idea. We could bring her to meet Chevre to read his mind and see if he really is trying to use drugs against Saisai.

Alternatively we could use Ombra for that.
No. 461555 ID: 629257

Hey we could have Ombra possess him and... I dunno. Convince him he's gay? Or at least make him do something suitably stupid and self destructive.
No. 461557 ID: eb6589

I still like the idea of the sex scandal.
No. 461568 ID: a00ce6

hey saisai, did you know girls never fart in public, but all the time in bed? j-just saying...

anyways,the whole marriage issue... hmmm... you could always claim that you can't be his bride because somebody has already taken your "purity" make sure to cry alot and be hysterical and whatnot. though that seems like grasping at straws here...

you may end up getting married to hm regardless, make the best out of the relationship perhaps?
No. 461570 ID: 97486c
File 134984928781.png - (124.94KB , 800x600 , 211.png )

Don't you guys get it!? There's NO WAY I can get out of this! NONE!
I've been engaged to this guy for years and if I put it off or leave him my family is SCREWED!

It's done! I'm gonna have some dumbass pretty boy as my husband and there's not a damn thing I can do about it!

Holy shit. I -felt- that.

Someone knocks at Saisai's door.

"WHAT!? I... I mean, come in."
No. 461571 ID: 97486c
File 134984938593.png - (79.82KB , 678x447 , 212.png )

The Dark-Haired Knight steps in


"Oh hey. Uhm..."


"Hey Janet."

>"Hi. Listen, a man named Chevre has waiting around for you downstairs for a while now. He says he wants to meet you. Should I tell him to come up?"
No. 461573 ID: 886a4d

We could always kill him. With Ombra you wouldn't even half to get your hands dirty!
No. 461574 ID: 4a328b

Eh, get dressed and go down to meet him. In front of people, in case there's another cologne incident or something.
No. 461576 ID: f2c20c

Have him wait like 15 minutes.

Talk to Yuyu for that time and tell him everything. He's 100% loyal, and you need to talk to SOMEONE else about this.
No. 461577 ID: d0cd35

No. 461586 ID: 97486c
File 134985142862.png - (50.49KB , 501x420 , 213.png )

"Just... Tell him to give me a few minutes."


Janet leaves. Saisai turns to Yuyu and knocks on the chest.
Yuyu opens it a bit and stares at her

This is how far I've sunk. I'm asking a mimic demon for advice on my marital problems.


"Hey Yuyu. I... Need to talk."

>"What do you wanna talk about kitten?"


Saisai explains all her problems she's having with Chevre and how she doesn't know how to resolve it.
Yuyu listens quietly until Saisai is done talking.

>"You humans and your marriages. That stuff is mad lame, you know? Also I thought you non-caps couldn't get married?"


>"I'm pretty sure you can't get married when you're in the Knights yo. Not til you reach captain level. Especially not if you're a girl. That's like, the law yo."

"I... I didn't know that."

>"You gotta hit the books more kitten. Shit like this is totes important ya know?"
No. 461588 ID: 886a4d

Yes. A way out! Now to just ensure your parents \ Chevre don't try to arrange your expulsion. Good thing you've been working on that illusion to look human.
No. 461589 ID: f2c20c

HAH! You hug that mimic, Saisai. He just gave you the best news ever.

It's not even your fault, is it? You didn't know. Your family probably won't get in trouble for this. Confirm it with someone who knows the rules, then go down and inform Chevre.
No. 461590 ID: 4a328b

Ok! There's your answer: Don't get promoted and don't get fired.

No. 461591 ID: 629257

MWHAHAHA, I LOVE THIS GUY! Give him a hug or something, damn!

But uh... not to be a bummer, but he's still likely to be a problem in other ways. Well let's go see how he takes it. Also we may want to stop and see Maggie to ask her to help, we could use someone to give the official word on the law to him. It'll likely cool his response as well.
No. 461596 ID: 97486c
File 134985369388.png - (160.36KB , 777x600 , 214.png )

Saisai gives Yuyu a hug

>"Woah! Watch the bling!"

"Thank you so much Yuyu.. You don't know how relieved I am."

>"Y-yeah.. Whatever. You go deal with that thing. Imma chill in my box."

"I will. Thanks."


He returns to his box. Saisai breathes in and heads off to deal with Chevre. First, however, she grabs Captain Maggie. She gives her a quick rundown of the situation and is confirmed that non-captains can not marry for simplicity sake. When the two of them reach the castle lobby they see Chevre. He smiles and waves at Saisai

>"Saisai! I was wondering if you were here. Is this your captain?"

>"Yes. My full rank is Lieutenant General Maggie but you can simply call me Captain Maggie. I'm here to deliver unfortunate news."


>"It seems Knight Saisai here is engaged to you, correct?"

>"That is correct."

>"Well I regret to inform you that until she is of Captain rank then she simply can not marry anyone. Right now we need her to be married to the Royal Army, not a single person. Only when she has paid her dues and worked hard will she earn the privilege to marry freely."

>"I see... Well that's unfortunate I suppose. I was really looking forward to it. Thanks for telling me Captain Maggie."

>"Not a problem."

Maggie steps off to the side, apart from the conversation but close enough to let it be known that she is still there. Chevre smiles at Saisai again

>"How unfortunate huh? I guess we'll have to wait a while longer. Though I'm sure you'll fly through the ranks. You've always been quite skilled."


>"Will you be attending your party tonight? A birthday party without the guest of honor would be rather awkward."

"I'll be there.."

>"Great. I hope to see you there within the hour. I'm afraid I must go now and give my parents the terrible news. They'll be so sad."

[i]And with that he turns and leaves."

>Maggie: "He's... Simple."
No. 461597 ID: e487f5

Admit you don't really like him. Maggie is a good ally and a good friend to have. She's frank, and might be able to get you out of this.
No. 461599 ID: f2c20c

Ask her if she knows that from talking to him, or if she looked into his mind. There was that cologne incident and we'd like to know if he did it on purpose.
No. 461600 ID: 629257

Yeah... Get somewhere more private and give her a less quick rundown of the situation. You may have put it off, but this isn't a solution yet.
No. 461604 ID: 4a328b

No. 461615 ID: 9718f3

Hey yeah, she knows about your heritage so you could bring up the cologne issue without having to worry. And really, she should be aware of one of her underlings possibly being compromised and especially that they can be in that way.
No. 461636 ID: 86c3a7

>Maggie: "He's... Simple."
...not really my choice, unfortunately.

Okay, I'd like to point out that while we have an out, it's a temporary one. In all likelihood, Chevre's family is now going to start pulling strings, trying to get you promoted. And they may not have to pull that hard- you're the logical choice to captain your squad if the king needs Maggie for something else (I mean, you're certainly more capable than Art or A1). Especially since the human king is moving things to a wartime footing- senior knights are going to be shuffled around. There will be spots to be filled, promotions to be made.

Chevre could also bypass this by outing you- if the world knows about your ears, you get kicked out of the knights, and lose your protection. I doubt he's going to try that though (yet).

>I've been engaged to this guy for years and if I put it off or leave him my family is SCREWED!
Could you please elaborate on just what this fucks up for your family? We need to find another way to provide them with what they need- then your family can't be used to coerce you into a marriage you don't want.

Well, we could always kill him. Or more reasonably, have his memory hacked. Or just place him under a geas or curse to prevent him from spreading the word.
No. 461638 ID: e0b19d

It's a little tactless, but even if you have to eventually marry the guy, that doesn't really even mean you have to have a relationship with him. It could just be a marriage of convenience for both your families, with each of you having someone else on the side that you actually care about.

The problem with this, though, is that it requires him to only want you for whatever his family is getting out of this. How much do you think the guy actually likes you?

Huh, That too. Having his family pull strings to get you promoted? That'd be pretty cool as well.
No. 461813 ID: 97486c
File 134993682239.png - (107.78KB , 800x600 , 215.png )

>Could you please elaborate on just what this fucks up for your family? We need to find another way to provide them with what they need- then your family can't be used to coerce you into a marriage you don't want.

It's... Really complicated actually. I'd said it before but my family's standing is not nearly what it was and they had hoped this wedding would help get them some ties with Chevre's family. It's some really subtle, but pointless, political things that I should've paid more attention to god I'm stupid.

"It's... Really not my choice. Did you read his mind? What did you find?"

>"Nothing much just a lot of made up images of you naked on a bed. Men are all the same. You seem better then him Saisai. If this is truly an arranged marriage you should just break it off as soon as possible. I know your family might suffer a bit but you're your own person right now. You can't shoulder their burdens now. I totally ditched my family when they tried to make me do stuff and I turned out just fine."

"It's not that easy.."

>"It actually is. You know at the end of all this training one of you might become a captain. Twice you've survived through some serious trouble and helped your team. If I had to choose right now would you want to become a captain? Would you let your family take away something you want and force something you don't want?"


>"All they gain from this wedding is a higher standing.. I don't know. It seems stupid. Think about what you want to do Saisai. And happy birthday."

The captain leaves Saisai alone in the lobby

Maybe I should just break up with him tonight.
I have that illusion thing in case anything goes wrong and someone tries to reveal my ears. Cut off all ties with my family..

Saisai leans against a wall and closes her eyes

This is a sucky birthday.
No. 461815 ID: e487f5

Go see Morgan.

Seriously. Consider it a gift.

Maybe even get some liquid courage, or something.

(No, not alcohol, actual liquid courage.)
No. 461818 ID: 86c3a7

Maggie's right. You're more than he deserves.

Do the political connections matter to your whole family? I kind of get the impression that's important to your father more than anyone else. Your siblings must have their own ambitions, right? They can't all want to be politicians? They might be inconvenienced by this, but they'd still be able to go out and live their own lives, just as you have.

And you're not stupid for staying out of pointless political nonsense.

>Cut off all ties with my family...
Maybe this is out of line, but you don't seem terribly close to your family right now. I don't think I could name a single one of your siblings, actually. Even the sister you like!

That said, refusing the marriage doesn't require cutting off all ties. You can stay as involved in their lives as they'll let you. It might hurt, and take time for all of them to forgive you, but it's not necessarily a permanent loss.

...if you do get completely cut off from them though, you're not alone. You have us, and you have your friends. And... I'm pretty sure Sable left you another half sibling or two out there we could track down.

>Nekkid daydreams
Heh. Well, you can't really hold that against him. And Maggie, it's not just men who think that way.~

>This is a sucky birthday.
Maybe it'll get better. There's going to be cake, right?
No. 461819 ID: 629257

Jeeze even in his fantasies you're bored.

I mean uh... I don't think Maggie realized the impending blackmail issue here. And maybe you can find a better way to help your family out. We'll talk it over with her more later, and see her again at the party. Also let's invite Morgan, that'll make it nicer for both of you.

....Wait. Your supposed groom isn't going to be there, is he?
No. 461820 ID: f2c20c

Don't worry Saisai, I'm sure your family will get quite famous after you resurrect Ombra. It would outshine or overshadow anything they had to gain from the marriage to Chevre.

I say call it off, as soon as you have the mana to use that illusion. Hang out with Artemis some more, so you can get that done soon. Also I think you and him could honestly be good friends.
No. 461821 ID: f2c20c

Wait, idea. Invite ALL your friends.
No. 461910 ID: 629257

That kind of famous would be bad for her career, I think. And maybe her families too depending how the fallout would be. Hey Saisai, what kind of need does your family have of fame, anyway?

If our team is there and we invite Morgan... that's about it.
No. 461946 ID: 4a328b

Yes, invite your whole team [and captain] and potions gal and anyone else you have a slight acquaintance with.

And then publicly break up with Chevre
No. 462267 ID: 92c81e

There are a few levels to this problem. The top level of the problem, is the tension between tigerfolk and humans. If that didn't exist, your family would have no sway over you if you didn't want to. Beneath that is the level where your family wants that boost to status that your marriage would give.

So we have to either fix the social problems between tigerfolk and humans, or find a replacement for the status that your family wants. The social problems is out of our reach for now, but we should keep our options open, and keep looking for opportunity here.

Ideally, if we can find a way to placate your family, then you can stay in the knights. If not, it's unlikely you'll be able to stay a knight, but you can be your own person. Those in your squad would certainly speak for you to stay a knight, but it's the higher ups who will get the final word, and I doubt Maggie & Co would be able to convince them.

Maybe just discuss this with your parents? Like, flat out, tell them you don't like the situation, and you need a way out. Maybe they can provide an alternative, like getting highly ranked in the knights or something. They're your parents, they should still care for you, somewhere deep down in their heart.
No. 462300 ID: 97486c
File 135009198128.png - (104.06KB , 800x600 , 216.png )

Yeah.. I guess I'll break up with him tonight before his family really has a chance to plot anything. I should've done this a while ago.

>Hey Saisai, what kind of need does your family have of fame, anyway?

I don't think they really 'get' anything other then the fame and social standing. Like I said it's stupid political stuff that I neglected to notice when I was younger.

>They're your parents, they should still care for you, somewhere deep down in their heart.

Did I mention they cut off my tail? I'm sure I did.

Maybe. I kinda want to be alone.. And I'd rather not bring everyone to my party. Those things are horrible and kinda sad. Maybe one or two people. Artemis and Morgan perhaps? A1 needs to get out more too..

Who should I bring? I'm not going to take everyone.
Also when I do break up I still have that short time illusion thing in case someone tries to say I'm part tigerfolk.

>....Wait. Your supposed groom isn't going to be there, is he?

Of course he'll be there.

Oh hey, that's me.
No. 462302 ID: bf54a8

oh hey, turn around and look at that painting.

anyway, take those three then, want maggie to come cause then if things go south you can call her to help without saying anything.
No. 462304 ID: 86c3a7

>Oh hey, that's me.
Oh, so it is! What do you think, is it a good likeness?

>I don't think they really 'get' anything other then the fame and social standing.
...well, to be fair that's hardly a need. That's more of a luxury. I can't really justify making yourself miserable for a frivolity.

>Who should I bring? Those things are horrible and kinda sad.
Yeah, you want people there for emotional support, not as an audience. Artemis and Morgan would be best for that. A1... honestly, it might help her more than you to have her there. I know you don't buy into her robo-identification, but honestly, I think it would be good for her to see someone choosing their own path and happiness above what someone else tried to set for them.
No. 462307 ID: 629257

While this isn't some purely lighthearted occasion of fun and merriment to share with all your buddies, it is an important time and having the support of people you trust will mean a lot. Heck for all you know things are going to go bad and you'll need more than an illusion to save you. Don't think for a minute any of them would be relieved to know that they could have helped you and weren't there.

And as you said, they need to get out. Artemis A1 and Morgan all need socializing. Maggie would also be good to bring, she can do much to keep any situation under control. Plus I suspect she's fun to be around when that mask comes off.

Moreover, these are the people you trust. Your only friends. And it's your damn birthday.

Oh by the way, check out that picture behind you.
No. 462412 ID: a00ce6

i would say bring morgan and A-1 to the party and not Artemis because... well.. he'd somehow cause everything to burst into flames or something, even if he didn't mean it. also, he's annoying, but that's beside the point.

Also, for the arranged marriage, was it decided between him and your parents, or was it between your parents and his own family? this is important because one has way more impact than the other. how does he feel about about it? does he love another person? is he just putting on a brave face for his own family? you got to remember, he might understand more about your situation than you might think...
i don't recommend breaking up with him on your birthday, that's kind of an asshole move. plus, you bought yourself some time in regards to "the big day", so you can think up some options on how to break the betrothal or not.
No. 463180 ID: 97486c
File 135029219114.png - (174.92KB , 610x552 , 217.png )

I guess I could bring everyone. It -is- my birthday after all.

Saisai turns to examine the painting. It's titled 'Sable vs The Shadow Dragon.

Hmph. I look way better then that.

Huh.. This was 18 years ago wasn't it? The King must be really proud of this to have it painted like that.

Saisai hears someone step beside her and sigh.
No. 463182 ID: 97486c
File 135029267033.png - (220.65KB , 800x600 , 218.png )

Saisai turns and sees Rebecca examining the picture beside her

>"Nice isn't it?"

"Huh? Oh. I'm not a big fan of art really.."

>"No I mean the message. The fact that a human could actually stand up to something as powerful as a dragon and win. He may have died but to actually slay it.."

Hey, I'm still here.

"I... I think it wasn't the best way to solve that problem."

>"You don't? Well.. You weren't a Knight at the time this was going on but it was pretty intense. If we didn't do this then who knows how many more Dark Elves or Humans may have died? I know some people may not agree but personally I think it's good we managed to kill the Shadow Dragon"

Fuck you.

>"Not only that but we managed to get back the Dragon Slayer and the Guardian."

"The Guardian?"

>"Yeah. It was picked up along side the Dragon Slayer. Some lucky person ended up getting the Guardian but we, the Knights, have the Slayer again."

"Do uh... Do you guys know who got the Guardian?"

>"I don't. Whoever it is though is the rightful owner of the Dragon Slayer though. Those items were enchanted to be passed down through bloodline."

"Someone has to know who got the Guardian."

>"Maybe the King but I don't think anyone else does. It is a nice artifact but really the fact that we Humans have the Slayer is really all that matters. With that thing we don't have to worry about any of the other races trying to bully us around."

I hate you.

Ow.. My head.

>"Oh, got totally sidetracked. Just came over to wish you a Happy Birthday. 18 right? Come by my room later and we'll party a bit. Not too much though, we all have missions to do tomorrow."


>"Take care Saisai. Hope to see you later."

With that, she leaves.
No. 463189 ID: 97486c
File 135029489568.png - (178.59KB , 800x600 , 219.png )

Honestly I wonder what Dark Elves think of us killing their dragon. Maybe I -should- visit them. Later.
Right now I gotta gather up my party guests.

Saisai goes back upstairs to the girl's dormitory and knocks on A1's door.
Without opening it too wide A1 squeezes through the door and goes into the hallway.

>"Saisai. Beep."

Oh god why am I inviting her again?

Oh, right.

"Hey A1 It's my birthday today and I was wondering if you wanted to come to my party."

At the mention of a party A1's eyes widen.

Woah, expression.

>"A party..? As in a social gathering of friends and loved ones for celebration of an event? I... Beep.. I don't have.. I mean I don't have the proper attire for a party. People might become... Fightened of my robotic appearance. I don't think I could attend."

"You sure? I have a long skirt or two you could borrow."

>"I would uh... That is... I am very uncomfortable with this right now, beep."

God this girl might be more trouble then it's worth.
Any idea on how to handle her? You seem to know her better then I do.
No. 463190 ID: e487f5

Make it a costume party.
No. 463195 ID: 629257

Tell her that you are asking her to come because it may not be happy at all, and you need every friend you can, everyone you trust.

This is a physical identity issue, as long as she sees herself as being mechanical she should feel better about it.

A more advanced robot could look like a person, right? We could put the circuit board under her clothes. Or heck why not draw robotic looking patterns all over her skin, and under where her clothes should go? Make it look like her limbs are attached and segmented, put panels and stuff on her back and chest. Beyond that all she needs to do is speak controlled and logically instead of saying BEEP.

We'll call it an upgrade!

...We should really talk to that inventor some time, he needs to help this girl in a real way.

That... could also work, but I think it's too much of a last minute change for the rest of the partygoers.

Try not to be too angry at the girl, her thinking is based on a construction of distortions and lies created by others. Also it seems the only one who can wield the dragon sword correctly is Saisai... Some irony, that. And the King probably knows.
No. 463196 ID: f2c20c

It's a bit late to change the theme, isn't it? Besides, we'd want to phrase it to say that she'd say she's wearing a costume to fool them. Because it's not a costume, nope.

She has a point though. People would not react well to her. Don't pressure her into it, just say that you'll save her some cake or something.
No. 463200 ID: 86c3a7

>With that thing we don't have to worry about any of the other races trying to bully us around.
Actually, being the only people around with a nuke has is own dangers. It makes you a target.

A costume party might work (provided it's not too late to change that kind of thing), unless you screw up the delivery and insult her (ie, calling her robot-ness a costume).

Alternatively, if she's worried her robotic appearance will draw attention or scare people, we could offer to help her work on a 'disguise' where she looks more human. I mean, being true to yourself is one thing, but it can be nice to blend in too. (Obvious reference to yourself and your ears, there).

Or just reassure her that really, don't worry, the focus won't be on her tonight.

> it seems the only one who can wield the dragon sword correctly is Saisai
I can't help but think how terribly useful it would be for a specialized spear fighter to try and make use of that oversized broadsword.
No. 463201 ID: 9718f3

Would she be uncomfortable with reconfiguring her chassis to more efficiently interact with humans in social settings? It's what is on the inside that makes her a robot, her external features should be simply tools for interacting with her environment. And as a robot, she would obviously choose the most efficient tools for the task at hand. Which in this case would be as human-like a chassis as possible, humans scare easily after all. Not like robots, who aren't afraid of anything. Right A1?

Hopefully we can start her down the path of being more comfortable as the robot she is in her human skin. She doesn't have to hide who she is, and I'm not trying to make her. I'm trying to get her to be confident enough in her identity as a robot that she doesn't need the props to affirm it to herself. She should continue to wear them if they make her more confident but she should at least be capable of going without on a voluntary basis.
No. 463207 ID: 86c3a7

That's pretty much the perfect way of putting it. Although I think SaiSai should subtly gesture towards her hidden ears as she says so- remind A1 you know what it means to have to hide part of yourself to fit in.
No. 463371 ID: 6e44d2

That's some pretty good wordsmithing there, bro.
No. 463467 ID: 97486c
File 135038680188.png - (360.83KB , 800x600 , 220.png )

I can't believe I'm actually going to say this..

"Maybe we could..." bluh! "Reconfigure your chassis to make it more efficient for interacting with people? You know, give you an upgrade."


"Robots need to use the most efficient tools for the task at hand, and right now that task is going to my party and being able to flawlessly pass off as a human. To be honest I think most people would be a bit scared of a robot suddenly appearing, especially an advance one."


"Yeah. Humans get scared easily. Unlike robots. Right?"

>"Affirmative. Beep."

"Then let me help you upgrade. Keep a circuit board under your clothes maybe. Even take off your uh.. Protective helmet."

>"Take off my sensory cover?"

"Yeah. It would leave you a bit exposed but underneath it's more then good enough to pass off for a human."

>"But.. I.. You'll help me make circuits, right?"

"Of course. I know how difficult it is to have to blend in with normal people."

Saisai wiggles her ears. A1 seems to think for a moment then steps into her room.

>"Come in."

Saisai enters her room. The first thing she notices is how dark and empty the room seems. The only furniture in it are a desk, a chair, and a futon on the floor. The walls are decorated with what look like crude masks and boxes. There's even a bucket on there.
No. 463470 ID: 97486c
File 135038752733.png - (149.72KB , 573x569 , 221.png )

As Saisai looks around A1 casually removes her cardboard helmet, arm covers, and her dress leaving her clad in her underwear. She goes to her draw and pulls out a marker and hands it to Saisai.

>"Complete the circuitry on my back."

Saisai takes the marker and notices A1 has already drawn some on her front.

This girl is insane.

Saisai shakes her head as A1 sits on a chair and leans forward. Saisai begins drawing some random lines and circles on A1's back.

I get that like she has some identity issues but man..
It's like -



>"I... Thank you."

"No problem. We're teammates. Sometimes we need help with things."

A1 nods.

>"Yes but... Thank you for.. Accepting. Most people I know who find out about my nature do not.. They think it is unusual. Artemis, Captain, you... You're all so accepting. It.. Makes me happy."

".... It's not a problem A1. I understand how it feels."

Saisai continues drawing on A1's back.

>"Will this be enough to pass off? Is there anything else I need to do?"
No. 463476 ID: 44f93b

>This girl is insane. I get that like she has some identity issues but man...
Yeah, it is unusual, I'll give you that. But really, if all it takes for her to be happy is to dress up in her robot outfit, and to accept her strangeness, why shouldn't we indulge her? Let her be who she wants to be if it's so important to her.

>This enough?
Well, you should probably dress in a manner to conceal your circuitry, and to fit human social norms for a party. Currently you'd draw attention for reasons completely independent of your robotic nature.
No. 463477 ID: 629257

Well, try to be what others perceive as normal I suppose... if you can avoid making beeping noises and instead keep your mechanisms subtle. Don't worry too much about acting normal, just try to be yourself.

Also, wear clothing that mostly covers your design. At least for social events. For missions she doesn't have to hide it at all.

You should inform her about what you mean to say and do at the party. It is better if she is forewarned about that.
No. 463525 ID: bf54a8

if/when robots will one day be created and if they have souls, then she may be right. she is a robotic soul within a human body.

for now she just needs a friend, someone to both tell her it's okay and how to hide it. and you are it, because you know about hiding facts about yourself. help her find a dress with some kind of circuity pattern in it. should keep her at least somewhat comfortable.
No. 464273 ID: 97486c
File 135055487295.png - (129.21KB , 500x549 , 222.png )

"Something over your uh... Circuits.. Don't want anyone seeing that either."

>"All I have is my dress."

"I think I have some.. Hold on."

Saisai runs back to her room and returns with a Work Dress. A1 has her wait outside her room while she gets ready. When she's done she calls her back in.

>"Well.. How do I look?"


Why do all of my friends have terrible hair?
No. 464275 ID: f2c20c

Hey, why do her eyes have gears in them? Is that common?

Just fix her hair. If she wants ponytails give her some proper ones.
No. 464287 ID: 629257

Complement how she looks in the outfit. Then fix her hair but try to be nice about it.

They're contact lenses.
No. 464294 ID: 44f93b

Well, you certainly look human! Although that's not really a party dress. (You'll have to take her out or lend her something).
No. 464304 ID: 627a61

It is if you remove the jacket and roll up the waist on the skirt a bit.
No. 464313 ID: bf54a8

the dress seems like business casual. not a super sexy dress.
No. 464322 ID: 9718f3

If I didn't know better, I'd say she was a human! She's pretty adorable, though the hair could use some work yeah. I've... got no advice on what to do with it though. Pigtails? Combed down with a centre-part and hair clips? Hair isn't my thing.

Saisai did lend that to her. We can assume that it is appropriate for the event.
No. 464323 ID: 627a61

A simple ponytail with bangs should be good, as long as the tail is in the back.
No. 464360 ID: 92c81e

I think if you get rid of the comb in her hair, and make the rest a bit neater, she should be passable. She can keep the pig tail up like that, so long as the rest of her hair is not messy. Just my opinion.
No. 466115 ID: 97486c
File 135117607158.png - (349.12KB , 800x600 , 223.png )

Hmm.. It does look a bit too professional..

"A1 do you have any dresses?"

>"A few."

"Let me see them."

A1 changes into a yellow sundress.

"Yeah.. That works. And let me mess with your hair a bit."

Saisai fixes A1's hair until it looks somewhat normal.

"There. You look great."

>"Thank you.."

"Now let me go get the others. I'll come back when we're heading off to the party."


Saisai goes off and invites Artemis. He's far less of a hassle as he already has an attire and isn't a crazy robot lady.
Next she goes to Morgan's shop and invites her.

>"Uhm... I... I don't do parties.. But thank you.."

"You sure? Everyone else I know will be there."

>"I'm sure... But really.. Thanks.."

"Okay then. I'll bring you some cake."


Let's see... A1.. Artemis... Oh god that's all my friends.
Anyway else I should do before heading off?

Didn't even invite me. Whatever, I'll crash anyway.
No. 466128 ID: 03da93

Invite your captain?
No. 466136 ID: bf54a8

No. 466145 ID: 0c2247

You're in her head. She can't NOT invite you.
Your captain would be a good choice.

Can you uninvite your father?
No. 466150 ID: 9718f3

Go to Morgan's father's shop and buy having your friend who is also his daughter go to your party. He does sell everything after all. Except potions, of course.

No wait that's crazy, don't do that. Ask what a Midas potion does.
No. 466155 ID: 44f93b

Maybe spend a few minutes talking to Morgan before you leave? I mean, you might as well, while you're here, even if she isn't coming to the party.

well, you're in good gate crashing company. No one ever thinks to formally invite us anywhere either. It's the disadvantage of being a disembodied voice- everyone takes you for granted.
No. 466340 ID: 97486c
File 135123294221.png - (232.74KB , 496x494 , 224.png )

Ehhh... I'd rather not invite Captain Maggie. I have nothing against her it's just.. Awkward inviting your boss.

What do I say to her..?


"So uh.. What does the Midus Potion do?"

>"Oh.. It's nothing special really.. It just turns whatever you touch into gold..."

"Are you serious!?"

>"Yeah... But the potion wears off after a while.. And when it does the things you touched go back to normal."


>"Yeah.. People don't want to really spend so much on such a potion. Not when the effects don't really last."

"Yeah I guess so."

I'm running out of things to talk about here!



>"Uhm... I don't want you to think I don't want to go to the party with you.."

"Oh no it's cool, I totally understand. I'm not much of a party person either."

>"Yeah.. But you can come by here after the party if you want.. Just to talk and stuff.."

"Sure, I'd like that."


"Well I'm gonna head off then. I'll see you later Morgan."

>"Bye, Saisai."

Saisai leaves Morgan's potion shop.

I need to practice conversational skills..

All right. Is that everything then?
No. 466341 ID: 03da93

Shit, that'd be great for stopping someone dead in their tracks. Drink the potion, touch all their stuff/them.

Gold is HEAVY.
No. 466343 ID: 03da93

Also, do bring Morgan some cake later. :3
No. 466346 ID: bf54a8

well the point of maggie coming is you can call her for help with something without yelling. which you would be unable to do if you are gagged or something. and bring your nose clogger in case someone decides that pheromones in the air is a good idea.
No. 466348 ID: 92c81e

Just feel comforted by the fact that, no matter how bad you are at being sociable, Artemis is worse.
No. 466420 ID: 44f93b

>I need to practice conversational skills...
You've already got us floating in your head to talk with, pretty much 24/7. I'm not sure how much more practice you can get!

The problem with trying to use the Midas touch as a fighting style (I turn all your equipment to heavy, soft gold! I petrify my opponent into gold!) is that you'd have to be fighting essentially naked. Because all your equipment would turn to gold as well!

>Is that everything then?
Do you have any of your own preparations to make for tonight?
No. 466702 ID: e387e4

It's also an excellent conductor and it resists rust very well.
No. 466704 ID: dc2631

>The problem with trying to use the Midas touch as a fighting style (I turn all your equipment to heavy, soft gold! I petrify my opponent into gold!) is that you'd have to be fighting essentially naked.

Yes, and?
No. 466740 ID: 44f93b

Well, even ignoring modestly and practicality (kind of need clothes for defense, carrying gear, and covering her ears) SaiSai isn't really trained to fight that way.
No. 466935 ID: 97486c
File 135146925018.png - (128.39KB , 800x600 , 225.png )

I will.

I guess there's really nothing else to do. No more delaying this..

Saisai is back in her room in her party dress

"I hate this dress."

>Yuyu: "If it makes you feel any better I think you look smokin'."

"No Yuyu. That doesn't make me feel better."

Once dressed she goes and gathers her friends. Artemis is wearing a fancier mage robe and has his hair down while A1 is still in the same outfit as before. The three of them head off to Saisai's home. They enter her house and are greeted by the sight of dozens of guests lounging around, making small talk, and eating from the buffet set in the center of the room.

>Artemis: "Wow there's so many people here.. Are they all family?"

"No. Honestly I probably don't know any of these guys."

>Artemis: "Huh?"

"My family is big on standing. My birthday party is more of an attempt to show off then an actual party. On the plus side that means not many people will bother me."
No. 466938 ID: 97486c
File 135146953759.png - (478.79KB , 800x600 , 226.png )

Someone tugs on Saisai's dress from behind. She turns around and sees her sister smiling at her.


Heh. There's someone I'm okay with seeing.

"Hey Freya."

>"I was worried you wouldn't even come! How's the knights?"

"It's good. I'm having a great time there. How's everything with you?"

>"It's good. I miss you though. It's lonely here now."

"Yeah. Well maybe you should try and get into the knights too. Then we can see each other more."

>"Mmhmm. I'll train every day!"

There's a crashing sound behind Saisai. Freya looks towards the sound and is stunned.
Saisai looks in that direction and sees someone dressed in the most gaudy outfit ever

>"Hey Saisai! You forgot to send me the invite to the party! You're lucky I have your file on record!"

Who is that..?
No. 466946 ID: 06ee8f

looks like your captain
No. 466947 ID: 97486c
File 135147164902.png - (123.12KB , 704x580 , 227.png )

No. 466948 ID: 0c2247

Direct her over towards your dad. That will be lovely to watch, and should distract these people he invited.
No. 466950 ID: b6edd6

Her arrival is quite good news. You were worried about some kind of shenanigans from your family or Chevere, and an unexpected mind reader is one of the best counters there is for that sort of thing.
No. 466951 ID: bf54a8

good good, a little chaos will help and she is a captain your family cannot tell her to leave without looking bad. make sure you say "CAPTAIN maggie, what a surprise!" so everyone knows she is one.
No. 466952 ID: dc2631

Say hi. No seriously. Tell her that these parties are usually really boring, and you're glad to have someone cool like her around.

Also save some cake.
No. 466961 ID: 44f93b

>"I hate this dress."
Hmm. How come you went through all that trouble helping A1 get ready, but you didn't spend any on yourself? You'd think at least we could have found a dress you liked.

Well, that's quite the outfit. If I'm not mistaken, she appears to be holding it up with her psionics!
No. 466974 ID: 97486c
File 135148294957.png - (363.88KB , 704x580 , 228.png )

>"Hey! Saisai's dad! Wassup! My name's Maggie! I'm Saisai's captain! Remember me! No? I'm the chick who almost kicked your ass for trying to get her out of the knights! Come oooonnnn~. On 'now' you remember me. How's it goin?"

Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This lady is awesome! I love her!
No. 466976 ID: bf54a8

why are you freaking out?
No. 466977 ID: 44f93b

Ohmygods is that a psionic corset going up her ass? Mags, you're fantastic. Totally.

Seriously, chill, SaiSai. Let her take some of the heat for a while. By the end of the night, it's not her performance people will be talking about.

...hey wait. We're not around SaiSai's neck. Where'd you hide us?
No. 466978 ID: f2c20c

Your dad tried to get you out of the Knights? Your dad's a DICK!

Go over there right now and ask him if he gave that cologne to Chevre.
No. 466980 ID: 629257

Hey snap out of it, this is awesome. This can only help things. You have a source of entertainment, a distraction, and if things go sour she'll have your back and shut problems down.
No. 466981 ID: 0c2247

This is wonderful! She's brilliant!
Right now she's making your dad look like an ass in public. Since she's a crashing 'your' party your dad will expect her to do this next at your next party too, and since she's a knight captain he can't actually do anything about it!
End result? He's not going to use you as an excuse to throw these gala events any more, and you don't even have to worry about backlash from him over this!

Grab your team, head over to the punch bowl, and watch the delicious chaos unfold.
No. 466982 ID: 44f93b

Hmm. Yeah. I have to agree with the assessments that this is a good thing. When you get a chance to talk to her, you should apologize for not inviting her, and thank her for coming.
No. 467039 ID: 26a7c1

I like her.
No. 467067 ID: 92c81e

Ok first of all, adorable little sister. At least you have her.

Second. While I personally think Maggie's presence is ultimately a good thing, if you wish her to leave, thank her for coming and tell her politely to leave, perhaps telling her that you are gonna get hell for this.

Best captain ever. Makes me wonder what the other captains are like, we haven't run into them enough to get a feel for that. Fair enough they're probably on different schedules and such. I'm sure they have their own eccentricities... but hell if they're anything like Maggie! WAHAHAHAHAAAA
No. 467292 ID: 6c3b85

Have some fuckin Birthday Cake!
No. 468191 ID: a68e3e
File 135190318143.png - (104.39KB , 800x600 , 229.png )

Yeah.. I'm overacting.. I still think I live here. Screw worrying, I'm gonna get some cake.

Saisai walks to the food table while Artemis and A1 go to join their captain.
As she helps herself to some cake, sending Yuyu some for himself and to hold for Morgan, she hears her name being called out.

Oh god..

>Chevre: "Saisai! I'm so glad you made it. Some were wondering if you'd even attend. Some party that would have been."

"Can't really ditch my birthday party."

>"Indeed. I wanted to tell you that I informed my parents about your situation with the knights and our marriage and they seem to have taken it well enough. Personally I can't wait until you become a captain."


>"Saisai.. Would you care to join me for a drink outside? I would like to talk to you more, in private."

"Now? I just got to the party. I wanted to eat something first."

>"Oh take whatever foods you would like with you then."

Should I talk to him? I don't really want to talk to anyone.
No. 468192 ID: 3338b5

Okay, really, the decision you have to make now is whether you want to make your intentions clear to him in private before you make an announcement that you're breaking off your engagement to the whole party, or whether he finds out at the same time as your family.

Personally, I'm inclined to blow him off.

>a drink
Don't, even if you decide to talk with him.

Even if he doesn't offer you something that would react badly with your tigerfolk-ness (like that perfume did. Trust us, we know for a fact there's at least one wine out there that has... unfortunate... consequences for tigerfolk), you don't want to drink, at all, tonight. You don't want anything to derail what you're going to do. You want to be sober, in control of yourself and your facilities, and you don't want to give people an excuse to try and foist your decision on.
No. 468195 ID: 0c2247

"Did you know that I joined the Knights to get away from my dad? He kept forcing his desires on me, and making every decision for me. It's not just me; he's a dictator to everybody below him, a sycophant to anybody above him, and a manipulator to everybody else. This party isn't about me, I'm just his excuse for a chance to suck-up and show-off. The only reason I'm here at all is because I'm worried what he would do to my sister and mother.

I keep seeing him in you, too; every time I see you you're trying to push what you want on me. I hate my dad; why would I want to marry him?"

Do you want to break up with him, or just shake him up so he'll have a chance to become a better person?
No. 468198 ID: bf54a8

yeah you CAN talk to him but accept nothing, and if he blows any powders or smells or anything in your face just think about maggie loudly.
No. 468205 ID: 4a328b

Don't go anywhere with him, and don't take anything he offers.
No. 468212 ID: dc2631

Be open and honest with Chevre. For once.

He's not a bad person, as far as we know.

You're just not into guys.
No. 468225 ID: f2c20c

If he tries to get you to drink wine, don't accept it, but ask what sort of wine it is. There is a certain type that would send you into a lustful frenzy if you drank it. If he tries that, you'll want to kick him in the nuts.
No. 468228 ID: a68e3e
File 135191452376.png - (127.44KB , 625x600 , 230.png )

What? No. I'm into guys. I'm into guys a lot.
Like... So much.

And FINE I won't accept any drinks from him you paranoid bauble.
Though I think it's time to be honest with him.

"Chevre.. Before we go anywhere, or say anything else there's something I've been meaning to tell you for some time now.."

>"What is it Saisai?"

"I... I'm not really attracted to you. Your personality at least. You're a nice guy and all but you're just not my type and.. I don't want to marry you.."

Oh god I said it..
Is he going to be mad..?

Chevre looks stunned for a moment
and then bursts into tears.

No. 468229 ID: f2c20c

Aw, poor guy. Give him a hug.
No. 468230 ID: dc2631

Sigh heavily.
"I'm sure you have some friends. Go get some drinks. I won't hold it against you."
No. 468231 ID: bf54a8

"sigh, why do you even want to marry me in the first place?"
No. 468233 ID: a68e3e
File 135191489902.png - (103.69KB , 800x600 , 231.png )

"Chevre, I-"

Chevre runs off crying and saying something incomprehensible.
People are looking at Saisai now

No. 468234 ID: dc2631

Roll your eyes at his theatrics, go talk to your captain.
No. 468237 ID: bf54a8

huh, he may have actually liked you and the cologne was actually an accident. i never seen someone fake that well at being heartbroken.
No. 468238 ID: f2c20c

He really doesn't seem to be the same person we're familiar with.

Um. We should give him a few minutes to himself. In the meantime maybe you should get out of public sight so people can't stare at you so hard.
No. 468239 ID: cbfa3f

Go chase him down and tell him:
'Chevre, that didn't really come out right. I dont' mean I don't like you, it's just that I only really know you as 'that guy my parents want me to marry'. I think that I'd like to get to know you for you, and I haven't really had that chance yet.'
No. 468240 ID: 0c2247

Put a hand on his shoulder
"Oh, don't be like that. We both know you want a girl who'll swoon over you and be putty in your arms. You want to be some girl's knight in shining armor, and that's not who I am.
Neither of us is what the other wants, and we'd make each other miserable if we tried. Plus, you do not want that bastard as a father in law.

Luckly, I know a girl that's everything you want, and your family would be happy since it wouldn't even be marrying down.

Want to be friends instead?"
No. 468242 ID: 9718f3

Go to your captain and discretely ask her if she can point you in the direction of your fiance. With his emotional flare-up, he's probably really easy for her to spot and it beats chasing after him or searching aimlessly.

And we need to talk to him. If we don't make sure he takes this... better, it could have consequences. Bad ones. Plus, it isn't his fault Saisai doesn't like him, not really. We don't want to crush the guy. If we can talk to him and make him feel less terrible about this, we should.
No. 468244 ID: 0c2247

EX-fiance. Do this in front of your father, since Maggie is right there to contain the blast.
No. 468246 ID: 9718f3

No, that's stupid. That is the opposite of discrete. She can break the news to her family after she has Chevre on board with it. Fewer complications for everyone involved that way.
No. 468250 ID: 3338b5

Not to be heartless here... but do we really want to go comfort him? Maybe a clean break is better. Saisai going to him now sort of gives him the wrong message. That he still has a shot, and that an emotional play might work.

...and well, that's really not the case.

And you do have a play now. You can take a quite exit. When someone inevitably comes up to ask what happened or went wrong, you can simply answer that the engagement is off. That simple.

I mean, it sucks for the guy who thought all this time he had a girl when he really didn't... but you didn't put him in this position. Your families did. It wasn't your choice to hurt him.
No. 468279 ID: 629257

Might as well follow him, can't be more awkward than standing around.
No. 468307 ID: e17663

This also has the benefit of telling us whether he's actually heartbroken or if this is just an act.
No. 468981 ID: a68e3e
File 135217132294.png - (98.79KB , 800x600 , 232.png )

I should go talk to him anyway. If anything just to make sure he doesn't freak and do something bad.

Saisai follows Chevre outside. She sees him leaning against a railing, still sniffling.


>"Have you not liked me.. This entire time?"

"... Pretty much."

>"And you never told me? How could you be so cruel? To have me think that all these years.."

"I didn't have a choice Chevre. My father didn't give me one. I was told I was going to marry you and there was pretty much nothing I could say that would change his mind.."

>"I didn't know you were so strongly against it.."

"I'm really sorry I didn't tell you sooner."

>"No. It's my fault. I should have asked if this is what you had wanted. My parents told me it was so I had just assumed.. We were both played around like puppets."


>"I don't think either of our families will take kindly to this."

"Probably not."

>"Don't worry though. I won't let them do anything to you."


>"I won't let them tell anyone your secret or anything like that. While we may no longer be engaged.. And though you do not feel the same for me.. I still care for you Saisai. And I know how hard you worked to become a knight. I won't let them take that from you simply because you do not love me."


>"I think I will take my leave now. There is much I have to think about. Goodbye Saisai."

Chevre wipes away his tears and leaves Saisai alone outside

I feel like a huge jerk.

You totally are.
No. 468984 ID: 886a4d

It was harsh. Yes. But honestly? It was the right thing to do. Being trapped in a loveless marriage would have you hating each other eventually. And now he can find someone who will want to marry him.

Go spend some time with your friends. Laugh at your captain's antics. Cheer up, your free of something you've dreaded for a long, long time.
No. 468987 ID: 92c81e

Who knows, maybe he'll shape up, and come back a much more impressive man, and woo you then? I give him a lot of credit in how he reacted to your rejection.

It was a necessary thing to do. Now comes the hard part. Telling your family the news, assuming they don't already know from talking at the party.
No. 468988 ID: dc2631

You did the right thing. He's a decent guy, but he deserves someone who loves him back. And, let's be frank, that isn't you. You need to find someone who is more interesting and engaging to you.

Oh, make sure you save some cake for Morgan.
No. 468991 ID: 0c2247

Ok, yea, we definitely need to introduce him to Morgan.
No. 468994 ID: 70c0f2

Tragedy of circumstances, SaiSai. Nothing you can do about it.
No. 468996 ID: b6edd6

Huh, he took that surprisingly well. Still, telling him was the right thing to do, as keeping it hidden from him any longer would not have done him any good.
No. 468999 ID: 629257

Maybe you could have said it better, but you had to say something. Well he wasn't a bad guy, after all... maybe you could even call him a friend eventually. Stay in contact with him at least. I doubt he'd be more than that to you, but at least you could say you gave him a chance by getting to know him without being forced to.

Anyways, head back inside.
No. 469021 ID: f2c20c

Wow, he really is different this time. I'm impressed. Your dad's definitely a HUGE DICK though. I want to do bad things to him. Saisai, is there a way you can get back at your dad for this shit?
No. 469043 ID: a68e3e
File 135218156513.png - (102.16KB , 800x600 , 233.png )

I already have cake for Morgan saved, that's not a problem.
Even out here I can hear my father talking rather loudly. I don't think I want to go inside just yet.

The sliding door behind Saisai opens and Maggie walks out into the patio.


"Hello Captain."

>"Bah, don't be so serious, it's a party."

"Ok.. Maggie."

>"That's better. What's up? I can sense your sad from all the way inside the party."

"It's... Complicated."

>"If you let me read your mind I'd understand it in an instant."

Saisai opens her mind. She can feel something sift through her memories.

>"Ouch.. Well honestly I'm glad you broke it off with him. Wouldn't have worked out."

"Yeah. I didn't really like him much."

>"That's not it." She leans against a railing.


>"You're a knight. We knights usually don't get into relationships. Even us Captains. Legally we're allowed to marry but I can count the number of captains that actually do on one hand. As knights we go out in the world on many dangerous missions. Many times we don't come back. It's safer to just be single your whole time here. Less heartache that way."

"That sounds lonely."

>"It is."

"Honestly I don't think I could do that."

>"Nah, it's not for everyone. People crave love and companionship. If you find someone that does strike your fancy then do court them. Have fun. But try not to make it too serious. If you do and then you die on the mission.. I've been able to feel the pain people go through from that and it's not pleasant."


>"Oh man I'm being a total downer aren't I? Damn, my bad Saisai. Just ignore me. I'm an old woman rambling on. I would say go back and enjoy the party but uh.. People are looking for you in there. You wanna go back and talk to your parents? I could have you out of here before they ever found you if you want."
No. 469044 ID: dc2631

Just have her go with you.

And if you're scared of being alone, then you'll just have to marry someone who can go with you on missions, that simple.
No. 469046 ID: f2c20c

Ask her if she had someone special once.
No. 469053 ID: 0c2247

"Maggie, Knights don't have a monopoly on death. Eventually everybody has to cope with losing people they love. Follow your happiness, not your fear."
Then give her a hug
"Find another knight; we're better equipped for the inevitable."
No. 469054 ID: a68e3e
File 135218286447.png - (102.92KB , 800x600 , 234.png )

"Did you ever have anyone special in your life?"

>"... Do you wanna head off or not?"
No. 469055 ID: 70c0f2

Maggie's overstating the problem. It's always a risk to get close to someone. Pain happens. Doesn't mean it's not worth it, though.

>Go in?
Might as well. I think you'd be better off standing strong than ducking out, especially after Chevre's reaction.
No. 469064 ID: bf54a8

go in and have her be nearby but not visible, and tell dad what's up.
No. 469065 ID: f2c20c

Alright, so the choice is between going back in and getting yelled at by your dad, possibly making a scene by yelling back and/or kicking him in the nuts. Or you can ditch the place, leaving Artemis and A1 in there.

Let's get your friends out, at least.
No. 469072 ID: 629257

Nah, I think we should salvage whats left of the party. After all you still have Art and A1 somehow being social, we should milk that for all it's worth.
No. 469126 ID: 4a328b

Leave the party with Maggie.
No. 469958 ID: a68e3e
File 135245143472.png - (85.69KB , 800x600 , 235.png )

"I'm done here but I wanna get my friends first."

>"Good choice."

Saisai steps back into the party. Immediately everyone stares at her, some glaring. Her father approaches her and starts shouting about how she's ruined everything he's worked for and how dare she do this after so long.
He starts to rant about disowning her when Saisai grabs Artemis and A1 and just walks out.


Saisai responds and continues walking.
No. 469967 ID: a68e3e
File 135245224795.png - (46.70KB , 800x600 , 236.png )

Saisai hands Artemis Morgan's cake and tells him to go and give it to her. She walks with A1 back into the castle, making small talk as they go through it's stone corridors.
She says goodbye to her friend and goes into her room.

>Yuyu: "Saisai.. You ok?"

"Not now Yuyu. I'm very tired and it's been a hectic day for me."

>"Ok. Just letin you know-"
No. 469968 ID: a68e3e
File 135245231159.png - (62.77KB , 569x489 , 237.png )

>"Ain't nothin wrong with crying every once in a while."
No. 469969 ID: 0c2247

Hug Yuyu. Hug the CRAP out of Yuyu.
No. 469978 ID: a68e3e
File 135245379443.png - (100.02KB , 729x600 , 238.png )


>"Here is our target! We know nothing about him except that he is allegedly the one who rules the entire chunk of land known as The Shadow. It is nearing the end of the month so our mission today is to go to that land and try and discreetly gather any information on him. DISCREET. Secrecy is key here. Now I should warn you that a few knights 'have' been hurt on missions in The Shadow so if you guys want to opt out I totally understand that I'm legally obligated to let you not go on this mission. If you do choose to go you'll have to do so without any real armor cause that's like the number one sign that you're a knight. And you may have to go alone. But the rewards are great! Even information on where he is is valuable. I myself will be going."

You'd better not go, girl. If you die I'm gone forever.

>Artemis: "I'll go."

>A1: "Negative. I will not participate in this mission."

>"Not a problem A1, it's cool. Saisai?"
No. 469981 ID: 0c2247

"Ugh, I can't let Art go alone, and I guess I'm the best equipped to not look like a knight. Fine, I guess I'm in."
No. 469983 ID: e0b19d

Pretty much what this guy said. We ARE the best equipped to go on this mission, what with the ears and all making us not look like a knight.

She said people've been hurt, not that they've been killed. Plus, if you're willing to help, this mission could be an in-and-out job. You've already shown there's not many people better at subtle information-gathering.
No. 469991 ID: f2c20c

Yeah, that's right, you can just go in 'disguise', which means letting your ears go free and maybe making sure nobody can recognize you otherwise. Change your hairstyle maybe? Wear different clothes?
No. 469996 ID: bf54a8

he lives in a place called The Shadow. and you have the soul of the Shadow Dragon. aka, the queen of the shadows.
No. 470008 ID: b6edd6

Ask what we know about the Shadow. Is it literally full of shadows, or is it just incredibly sketchy?
No. 470058 ID: 92c81e

His name is Amon, and he is part of the anti-bender revolution. :3
No. 470061 ID: 70c0f2

Yeah, A1's not really good to go without armor. Luckily, you can swing your fighting style to work with or without armor, SaiSai. You should go, and pose as a civilian. I don't know about this crazy showing your ears and using your tigerfolk-ness as a 'disguise' idea some of the other guardians are throwing around, though. Seems a bad idea to me.
No. 470274 ID: a68e3e
File 135252506283.png - (48.16KB , 726x474 , 239.png )

I'd be more than willing to help if it means my host doesn't die.

"I'll go. If anyone can blend in and not look like a knight it's me. Do you know anything about the place?"

>"That Shadow? It's... Not a nice place. Do you know the Knight Janet?"


>"She was part of the last mission there and during it she had been splashed with a rather devious acid. It ate away a good chunk of her face and left her blinded in her left eye. They dislike questions and being told what to do. Not only that but their leader is in fact quite powerful. The people there tend to deal in all sorts of crime. It's really not a nice place. And because of that I've been given access to two very nice artifacts to help you. The first is a mask that has been enchanted by the king himself with Silver Tongue. It'll help you talk to people better if they can see the mask. It can be wrapped around your waist if you don't want it to be on your face. The next one is the Shroud of Shadow. This item can completely conceal your face so no one can recognize you and, just once, allows you to turn invisible. You each can get one and since Saisai is the oldest she gets to pick first. Which one will it be?"
No. 470278 ID: dc2631

We get the shroud.

Art gets the mask. Because let's be honest here, without it he'd get himself killed.
No. 470280 ID: 70c0f2

Yeah, sounds reasonable. You already got us to help you talk better.

If the shroud magically gives you a false face, plan go-in-as-a-tigerfolk isn't such a crazy disguise at all.

Your concern pragmatism is truly touching.

But yeah, don't worry, we're not interested in letting anything happen to her either. We'll keep you alive until we can get you re-draco-fied.

No. 470323 ID: 6c3b85

Don't worry Ombra. Getting you out is our endgame too.
No. 470375 ID: f2c20c

Uh, I didn't think Artemis had trouble talking to people; he just annoyed Saisai when he did it. Even with our help, Saisai has issues talking to people at all... I think you guys are remembering too much of the other timeline's version of him.

Plus, Artemis has no way to easily disguise himself as, for instance, a member of a completely different species. He should have the shroud.
No. 470422 ID: 92c81e

Saisai has us to help with some of the social things. Artemis is known to be annoying. People from The Shadow are known to punch annoying people. Artemis gets the mask.
No. 470439 ID: f2c20c

He's known to be annoying to SaiSai, who finds most people annoying. She isn't a very good data point.

How about a compromise? SaiSai can ask Artemis outright if he's good with people normally.
No. 470619 ID: a68e3e
File 135262522988.png - (61.04KB , 398x600 , 240.png )

"I'm not sure. Artemis do you think you could talk to them and not get killed?"

>"Uh.. Probably not? You're probably better at people than me."

"Alright. I'll get the Shroud."

>Maggie: "Alright. Artemis I'm sending Captain Kain to meet you at your room to give you some good street clothing. Run along and get your garb."


Artemis leaves the meeting room. A1 excuses herself and steps out. Maggie turns to Saisai.

>"Alright, let's get you in these street clothes!"


>"Come on, this outfit is complicated as hell and you need to get ready ASAP."


After much struggling Saisai is in her new outfit.

There was more touching in there than was needed in my opinion.

>"Perfect. So you gonna do this solo or have Artemis in tow? Both have their advantages. Also you might wanna speak to some of the older knights and try and learn what you can about the place before you go. They might have more advice than I do."
No. 470621 ID: bf54a8

sure, who's closest?
No. 470648 ID: f2c20c

Jeez, now you look like one of those red claw tigerfolk guys. I say go along with Artemis. It'll give you a chance to get to know him even better, which gives us a chance to get at his +Mana sooner.

Also let's go chat with Janet about the Shadow, since she seemed to have some knowledge about it.

...she was saying how all men are the same, so she doesn't like men... and she felt up SaiSai a little... She must be into girls.
No. 470653 ID: 70c0f2

We'll take versatility, strength in numbers and power of friendship and all that jazz over the stealth or evasion bonuses of going in alone, thanks. Go seek out that advice while you're at it.

So... how does this shroud work? Is the identity concealment bit magic, or is it just that she's wearing a piece of cloth that happens to partially obscure her face?

Well, uh, we won't be begrudge her that, I suppose. At least if she doesn't take it someplace creepier than that.
No. 470664 ID: 3e3fba

Damn, girl! You lookin' snazzy!
No. 470692 ID: 92c81e

I'm pretty sure it's magic.
No. 471295 ID: a68e3e
File 135278371990.png - (73.52KB , 489x600 , 241.png )

"I'll probably end up going with Artemis. Hey so.. This thing is magic right?"

>"Mmhmm. So long as you wear it only people who you want to know will be aware of who you are."

"Ok just making sure it wasn't just a normal hood."

>"I'm going to go and take care of my part of the mission. Good luck Saisai."

"Thank you captain."

Maggie leaves the room. Saisai follows behind and goes to look for Janet. It doesn't take her long to find the girl. She waves at Saisai as she moves closer.


"Hi Janet."

>"What's up?"

"Well I'm going to The Shadow soon."


"And I was wondering if you could give me any advice."

>"Don't go. That's the best advice I can give."

"Don't go? I know you got hurt but the captain gave me this mission. I can't ignore it."

>"Your funeral then."

"Come on, you gotta have some other advice other than -don't go-."

>"That is it. I suppose it would also help to mention that you should try your best to keep your head down. Other than that I have nothing more to say about the place."

She seems pretty serious about staying silent. Maybe I -should- have gotten the mask.

People don't like to talk about things that caused them pain.
No. 471312 ID: b6edd6

Lets see if we can find an older knight who went to the shadow without a traumatic injury than.
No. 471316 ID: bf54a8

"so you wont tell me who hurt you so i can kick their ass?"
No. 471370 ID: 0c2247

Give her a hug.
No, seriously. Physical contact is like a damned drug for reducing suffering.
No. 471521 ID: 6c3b85

Hugs! Also thank her for the advice anyway.
No. 471623 ID: 9718f3

Don't hug her, you barely know each other. No way to gauge her reaction, and she's not inclined to react favourably due to lack of association.

Thank her and assure her you'll be careful, a pat on the shoulder at most.
No. 471653 ID: a68e3e
File 135290502090.png - (110.30KB , 606x572 , 242.png )

Why do you guys want me to hug everything? I barely know the girl.

"Well thanks for the help. I'll see you later."

As Saisai walks away she's stopped by Janet grabbing her arm

>"Saisai.. Don't go to The Shadow. There's something there. Something that looks like a human, but isn't one. Not on the inside at least. It exists only to hurt people and if you go there you'll be hurt too. Please don't go."
No. 471655 ID: f2c20c

Tell her that if you don't go, Artemis will likely be alone there, as Captain implied she would be going solo.
No. 471656 ID: 0c2247

"If I stayed then Artemis would go alone. There's nothing it could to me do that'd be worse than abandoning my team.
He's the one you have to convince."
No. 471659 ID: 70c0f2

Thanks for your concern, but if it's as bad as all that, then someone has to try.

>Why do you guys want me to hug everything?
Probably a combination of our desire to help and comfort people, our insubstantial nature (voices got no arms to hug with!), and a diminished respect for personal boundaries (it's kinda hard when you live in other people's heads).
No. 471670 ID: b6edd6

Does this thing look like a specific human?
No. 471730 ID: e59c63


we have no arms yet must hug
No. 471804 ID: a68e3e
File 135294761811.png - (86.19KB , 800x600 , 243.png )

"Artemis is going. Without me I'm sure he'd fall flat on his face two steps into the place. I have to go."

She doesn't let go of Saisai's arm.

>"Then convince him to not go too. Let the captains take care of this one. Please."
No. 471827 ID: bf54a8

"so you want the captains to stick their necks out for everyone rather then yourself?"
No. 471828 ID: f2c20c

Hrm. She certainly is insistent. Tell her you'll see what you can do.
No. 471840 ID: 629257

Someone is going to go, if we refuse then others will be sent. I don't think captains would fare much better. I think we can do it, or at least survive the attempt. If you want to help our chances then tell us everything you can.
No. 472087 ID: a68e3e
File 135304662469.png - (83.87KB , 800x600 , 244.png )

"Someone has to go and if I don't someone else will. I'll be fine Janet."

>"... Fine."

Janets leaves Saisai by herself. Saisai just sighs and goes off to look for Artemis. When she catches up she can barely recognize him.

"Nice getup."

>"You're looking pretty snazzy yourself."


>"The captain said her and a few other captains will be checking out one area of The Shadow so we have a few to choose from. There's the Residential area which has plenty of.. Well can't really call them an average citizen since they still live in the shadow but they're mostly normal. There's the spot where the thieves guild is rumored to be located. Finally there's this place right here. It's rumored that if the man we're looking for were to be anywhere he would be here. But it's pretty dangerous there. That's where Janet was attacked. So we have a choice between high risk/low risk, high reward/low reward."

Whichever you pick I can help with. Just summon me and I'll do some spy work. That means you can only control either me or Saisai though. So you gonna summon me? Better if I get killed in those high risk areas since I'll just poof back to my host.
No. 472088 ID: bf54a8

well the whole point of this is to find info not start fights. so the residential area.
No. 472102 ID: 6c3b85

Lets do Ombra's idea. nobody better to collect info than an invisible lady. Have her do the dangerous area, Saisai can follow Art around in the residential area.
No. 472106 ID: dc2631

Wait a second, it's called the shadow, Ombra is the dragon of the same, right, then...
No. 472140 ID: e677ca

The residential area and we probably should visit the I shop and Morgan.
We need to be prepared.
No. 472813 ID: a68e3e
File 135329162118.png - (90.29KB , 800x600 , 245.png )

Wait, you guys are planning on summoning Ombra?
No. Do not do that.
I don't want that dragon going around. That's like.. The exact opposite of subtle.
I can do the mission on my own.

No you will not. You're getting my help whether you like it or not.

I will go to the Shop though. I might need some supplies.

"We'll go to the residential district I guess. But first let's see what the I-Shop has."

The two of them make their way to the shop right across from Morgan's. The owner smiles once they enter.

>"Welcome. What can I get you?"
No. 472816 ID: 70c0f2

...this guy can sell you anything, right?

Let's ask what the location of our target would cost. It's probably prohibitively expensive, but it doesn't hurt to try.

That's right, she is. When the time comes, we'll just summon you, without announcing it to her. SaiSai can't stop us from using a guardian ability if she doesn't know we're doing it.
No. 472844 ID: bf54a8

ask what the thing on the desk is, as well as if he has something that would help in dealing with The Shadow.
No. 472847 ID: f2c20c

Ask him about the sonic quill, even though we can't afford it. Also, ask if he's got any sales going on right now.

What stuff do we have right now, and how much gold do we have? Since we're going unarmored, maybe we can get like, a protective ring or something?
No. 472856 ID: e677ca

Lets go through the list does he have an item that can...
let you see through walls,
teleport short distances,
sense danger,
climb up walls and stick to the ceiling,
turn invisible,
or any other stealth related items.

Also see if he knows anything about people being guide by mysterious voices or such.
No. 472899 ID: f2c20c

Oh, ask what that mask is, too.
No. 473044 ID: a68e3e
File 135336054719.png - (18.95KB , 374x297 , 246.png )

Actually I already have an invisibility potion. Got it along with one for speed and stamina. Also I only have G120 left though.

"A Sonic Quill? What's that do?"

>"A tool for the more pacifist at heart. Very good at opening things."

"Huh.. Bit over my budget though. Hey, do you sell information?"

>"I do."

"How much would it cost to find out information about the man who runs The Shadow."

The owner laughs

>"More than you could ever afford."

"Figured. What does that little figure on your desk do?"

>"It curses those who ask too many questions and don't buy things."

"... Do you have any stealth related items? Or anything that could help me not die a horrible death in The Shadow."

>"I have many items that can do that. Give me a price to work with here."


>"A bit low.. Let me see..." He goes off for a moment then returns with a ring. "This ring should shield you from any form of attack as though you were in heavy armor once. It'll only activate if the attack would cause serious harm and once the charge is used up it can be refilled using magic. I also have a Ring of Soft Step which.. Does exactly that. Muffles sounds you make while wearing it somewhat. And this ring would allow you to sense whenever someone is coming at you from behind with any sort of malicious intent. Each of them cost G100. Would you like to buy one?"
No. 473047 ID: f2c20c

Get the anti-backstab one. So long as you can see your enemy, you'll have methods of dealing with the threat.
No. 473051 ID: 92c81e

Honestly, they all seem about equally useful. I think the soft step ring would be the best in this case, since your combat abilities are not lacking in particular, and your hearing is pretty good.

The Ring of Soft Step would help muffle our footsteps if we want to follow someone, or sneak around. It's just the one thing that if the ground is the wrong material, no amount of effort can make your steps quiet, but magic can.

Oh, I also just realized, it isn't just for footsteps, it could help quiet our breathing, or drawing a weapon.
No. 473053 ID: bf54a8

ring of anti- attack.
No. 473054 ID: 418e27

Get the Ring of Soft Step. It should keep you from being caught off guard like you were last time.
Also ask him if he knows anything about magical sentient artifacts.
No. 473055 ID: 70c0f2

Yeah, avoiding trouble seems more useful than magic armor.

Especially since we know these guys use unconventional attacks. Having magic heavy armor won't necessarily help if they throw acid at you.
No. 473056 ID: bf54a8

yes it will, it is heavy armor made out of pure magical power. he said ANY form of attack. this guy is nothing if not honest
No. 473058 ID: beeca1

Eh, actually, "as though you were wearing heavy armor" seems to imply that it only protects against what normal armor would. The advantage seems to be convenience.
No. 473059 ID: b6edd6

By any malicious intent, does that mean any malicious intent, including things like thieves, spies, or shady used boat salesmen? And if so, does it tell you what sort of malice or how much?
No. 473063 ID: 418e27

I think it's limited to the "LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU" kind.
No. 473124 ID: a68e3e
File 135338656017.png - (106.29KB , 709x600 , 247.png )

"Would the armor ring protect me from like acid? Also does the warning ring just like alert me in general or does it give specifics?"

>"The armor ring would protect you from acid but be warned that even a drop would use it up if the acid were strong enough and the warning ring would just give you a strong feeling that something bad is going to happen from behind you."

"And does the soft step muffle any sounds or just walking?"

>"Any and all while being worn. It takes a while for it to run out of power while being used too. You have 24 hours of continuous use before it runs out. Be warned though, it only works when worn on your finger."

"I think I'll take that one then."

>"A wise choice."

Saisai pays G100 leaving her with G20.

"One last question, do you know about sentient magic items?"

>"Hehehehe... I think you know more than I on that, miss. Have a nice day."

He says it in such a way to indicate that their business is done. Saisai leaves the store and with Artemis in tow, she makes her way to The Shadow. True to it's name a dark mist seems to hang over the land. The streets are mostly empty save for the odd piece of litter.

>"What do we do?"

"... To be perfectly honest I'm not sure. I'm used to more fighting than anything else."
No. 473125 ID: 70c0f2

>I'm used to more fighting than anything else
Lucky you! We're more used to talking to things, learning, and figuring things out than fighting.

First things first, I think you're being watched. There's someone on the rooftop above Artemis' side of the alley. She appears to be armed.

I'm not sure if someone just watching you warrants it, but a gravity spell is a quick and easy way to disable someone stupid enough to hang out on a slanted surface above you.
No. 473130 ID: b6edd6

I see a shadowy figure up on the rooftop, but at this point it is probably just a sentry rather than someone after you specifically. Attacking them would attract too much attention at this point.

(Next time we should really get the ring of not-backstabbed, for situations like this among many others.)
No. 473340 ID: 6c3b85

Alrighty, head toward the residential District and see if that rooftop person follows you. Try not to draw attention to yourself.
No. 473342 ID: e0b19d

First thing's first: You need to be inconspicuous. Around here, that apparently means not hanging around in the streets. Locate an inn, get a room, get out of the streets. You're already being watched. Pretend to ignore the one watching you, we'll keep an eye on him if we can.
No. 473797 ID: a68e3e
File 135363306328.png - (67.36KB , 671x600 , 248.png )

Don't want to attack whoever's watching me just yet..

"Artemis let's get a room."


"We can't stay in the streets, let's go."


Saisai leads Artemis into a building that's helpfully marked as an Inn. An old lady manages to counter. She smiles at the two of them

>"Welcome to the Little Shadow. We got food for the hungry and beds for the weary."

"Hi. How much is a room here."

>"Only G30 for the night. Best rates around."

"How much is it just to rest?"

>"We can rent you it for a few hours for only G15. I'll come up and knock when your time is done." She eyes the two of them. "Also we stock some.. Necessities if you wish to buy them later."

"?? Thanks."

[i]Saisai pays G15 leaving her with G5 and is led by the old lady to her room. The old lady gives a small bow and leaves the two of them alone.[//i]
No. 473798 ID: a68e3e
File 135363322602.png - (74.31KB , 714x576 , 249.png )

Saisai sits down on the bed as Artemis examines the room

Well now what?
If I'm stuck in this room I can't really go out and gather information.
And if I leave I might be followed or something.

Just let me be summoned you silly little girl. I have like a billions times more stealth powers than you do!.
No. 473799 ID: 48f315

She thought you two were going to fuck.

Anyways, go ahead and relax.
No. 473803 ID: 92c81e

Make sure nobody is listening at the door, and speak in hushed tones if you talk about your mission.

You should talk it over with Art, and figure out a plan. You need ideas on how to inconspicuously gather info, without people getting too suspicious. Safety is the number one concern, followed by success.

[Summon Ombra] Lets use this time well. Hopefully we can get a lead that Saisai and Art can follow up on. Getting started is going to be their biggest issue, but I feel if they get a lead, they will be able to handle it.
No. 473806 ID: 70c0f2

>"Artemis let's get a room."
...you could have worded that better.

Who was that person peeking around the corner in the background there?

Let's get to work then. Try not to let Art see you. Maybe we should start with our rooftop spy?

[Summon Ombra]

No. 473833 ID: 41a1a3

Well first off you need to tell Artemis that we're being followed.
Next you set up a way of secretly communicating with Artemis because you're being watched.
Then you need to gather information about the criminal underground around here and try to find somebody that has connections to the Shadow.
No. 474524 ID: 6c3b85

Do you have any paper? You and Art could write messages to one another to keep from being overheard. Summon Ombra
No. 474528 ID: 41a1a3

I think that's a dark elf.
No. 474552 ID: a68e3e
File 135391498616.png - (154.65KB , 800x600 , 250.png )

I guess passing notes can work. I have a pencil and pa-

No. 474553 ID: a68e3e
File 135391515818.png - (150.06KB , 800x600 , 251.png )


No. 474554 ID: a68e3e
File 135391524586.png - (98.54KB , 800x600 , 252.png )

>"Is that Ombra!?"

>"Ombra? The shadow dragon? What's she doing here!?"

>"It's... Complicated!"

>"Should I kill her?"

>"No no don't kill her! She's our friend! I think."

>"I think I already killed her.."
No. 474556 ID: f8a02f

There is only one thing I can say, really.

No. 474559 ID: 41a1a3

Smooth, now are you going to use your fancy stealth and sneak away or not?
[Saisai] Make sure to explain to Artemis the situation, NOW.
No. 474564 ID: a68e3e
File 135391781127.png - (150.84KB , 800x600 , 253.png )

I'm cool..

Still alive.

Hmm? I don't think she can hear you now. Going invisible..

Artemis gasps as Ombra vanishes. Saisai does her best to explain her presence and Ombra sneaks out of the room. She finds herself in the lower floor of the Inn as a dark elf passes her.

Huh.. I didn't know Dark Elves left their cities..
Man it's been so long since I stepped out of my cave and really cared for my people.
Alright, I need a place to go. I'm as clueless as Saisai and all I got on my side is a few minutes of invisibility.
No. 474567 ID: 6c3b85

You go up to that dark elf and tell her that its her obligation to serve you in this mission as her fucking God.
No. 474589 ID: bf54a8

i highly doubt she is here by choice. ya know? anyway, get in close and follow until they are more alone.
No. 474606 ID: 70c0f2

...I'd complain about your lack of subtly if your style wasn't fantastic.

Maybe we can start by heading outside and mindreading our rooftops spy? If we're lucky, she works for the Shadow, or his organization, and will provide a lead.
No. 474615 ID: 5e860c

I think might have been spying on Saisai although I'm not sure.
No. 474706 ID: 66adb0

Hey the guy we're targeting is like right.....There!
No. 474717 ID: f2c20c

Read the mind of that dark elf that was spying on us.

Holy crap you're right. Unless that's a commonly used mask? This could be the shortest mission ever. Read his mind next.
No. 474720 ID: 5e860c

Oh it's only beginning.
Do you think it's a coincidence that they both happen to be in this inn when we're looking for them?
No. 474729 ID: b6edd6

If that guy is our target, read everyone's minds but his, because he probably has some crazy anti-telepathy defenses.
No. 474788 ID: 6c3b85

Nobody does paranoia like Guardians do. I want that elf though, maybe scan her brain first.
No. 475095 ID: a68e3e
File 135408231716.png - (98.28KB , 800x600 , 254.png )

You know all these abilities chew up my points really really fast.
Well, let's see what the dark elf is thinking.

>"Welcome sir. Please enjoy your meal."

>"Thanks lovely lady. Maybe after I'm done you an me can go out to town?"

>"Ahaha no I have to work but thank you."

I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job.

And her mind yields nothing of value.

Now let's check the one with the mask...

>Masked Man: "I see. And they just got here? Do they seem like knights to you?"

>"Can't really say. I figured they were.. You know... Using the room."

>"Hmm. Thank you."

I didn't expect the knights to be here already. I should probably take care of them
No. 475097 ID: 5e860c

Called it
No. 475099 ID: b6edd6

That is convenient. Now we just need to ambush his ambush and we will have a disguise and a potentially useful prisoner.
No. 475102 ID: 70c0f2

...it would probably be useful to find out exactly how he or his minions are going to take care of the knights. Then you can go warn them, and we can see about setting up a counter-ambush and springing the trap on them.
No. 475103 ID: f2c20c

I wonder if possessing him would work? Then you could read all his memories, and the mission would basically be over.

After that we'd just have to get away.
No. 475105 ID: 5e860c

So we should focus on reading his mind.
Also it appears that the dark elf hates her job because of how the male customers hit on her
The problem with that is...
What if it doesn't work? What happens then?
No. 475156 ID: 629257

Easiest thing I think would be to possess him, lead him to "take care" of the knights right away, and incapacitate him after he bursts in but before he can do anything. If you can do that directly to his mind, I'm not sure. At least you should be able to snipe him with a shadow ball at that moment.
No. 475157 ID: 70c0f2

Call me crazy, but we've already got a pretty convenient break here. Going for mind control seems like pushing it, and likely to fail.
No. 475400 ID: a68e3e
File 135417876072.png - (43.86KB , 800x600 , 255.png )

Pft, who the hell do you think I am?
I am OMBRA the Shadow Dragon! If any human can resist my possession then they're either a Dragon themselves or Chosen.

Ombra posses the man as he walks up the stairs.

Hmm hmm...
What the..
This isn't the man Saisai's looking for. According to this he's just working for the man. Ah damn I can't even see the man's face..
I do know where he is now though... Some place called the Cloak and Dagger.

Clever. Whoever this person is has a whole bunch of people in the shadow wearing this exact mask to throw the knights off his scent. Seems our intel was a bit out of date compared to his.
No. 475402 ID: f2c20c

Chosen? What's that?

Okay we have two options here- sabotage this guy by giving him bad tactical ideas, or ditch him and warn Saisai and Artemis so they get out without a fight at all.

It depends on how strong this guy is and if taking him out gives us any advantage whatsoever. If he's strong, we should just get Saisai and Artemis out of here. If he's not very strong we can just like, mess his plans up.
No. 475416 ID: 2f4b71

If you can wipe/modify his memory of possession, walk him upstairs into the room next to Sasai and Artemis, then release him. His "Oh shit, they're not here, shitshitshit" response should be sufficient for him to not double check what number room he's running out of to report to the boss, and you have time to tell Sasai what's up with the masks before the chase scene kicks off.
No. 475464 ID: 70c0f2

Hmm. I suppose when your defining feature is the mask you wear, it's not too hard to set up decoys. Makes sense.

>If any human can resist my possession then they're either a Dragon themselves or Chosen.
Well, we do run into chosen with alarming regularity, actually.

Well, I guess now we fuck up or call off that ambush, and then use this mind-controlled dude as a way to get close to our target.
No. 475472 ID: 0c2247

Art and Saisai can't kill him or act like they knew he was coming or their cover is blown.

Ideally we'd make him think his intel was wrong by having him bust into the room to find Art and Saisai having sex, thus proving the innkeeper right and making his intel dubious at best. However, Art and Saisai are both the type to consider sex a bigger deal that the mission or their own lives, so I doubt they'll agree to that.
We could probably get them to strip half-naked and start making out. That would be almost as effective.

Since they won't lie back and think of Central, we'll have to use Plan B.
Once this guy is decently high up have him turn around thinking he forgot something, then miss the step and fall down the stairs. Something like "Oh, I should probably go pee first" would be perfect.
If he survives, we have Art and Saisai hear it and go to help. He thinks he fucked up, and he wonders why knights sent to kill him would rush to his aid. If he doesn't then it looks like he fucked up, but his boss will probably think he was pushed.

If we want to avoid detection in the future then we need to have Art and Saisai act like a lovey-dovey couple. Once we get back they need to mess up their hair, dishevel their clothes, and start hanging off each other and stealing kisses. Saisai should leave her ears exposed.
No. 475479 ID: bf54a8

let's just provide horrible tactical advice and make him go left when he should of dodged right.
No. 475513 ID: b6edd6

Try to see how many memories about [s]Amon[/i] the leader you can access, like what the orders he gave this guy and whether he has any plans that he let this minion know about.
No. 475547 ID: c891a7

Ombra figure out how the fuck he know that they're knights. If the source shows the possibility of being unreliable we might be able to use that to plant some doubt in his mind. Then you can head over to Saisai to prepare them.
Keep in mind that you can just use your mind control on Artemis and Saisai to have Artemis positioned on top of a half naked Saisai on the bed. That will put him in a unfavorable position if he barges into the room and Artemis and Saisai will be full within their right to smashing his face in.
No. 475550 ID: 81e800

While I agree with plan sexy alibi, I wonder if we have enough time and Ombra points to pull out any useful thoughts and contact/"persuade" Art and Saisai before their cover is blown.

I don't really have any better ideas, though, so hey, get what you can while you can out of this guy and high tail it back to the room before he bursts in and TPKs us. If you can, see if you can find the main guy's base of operations in there, assuming he's just at the Cloak and Dagger for the immediate moment. We can always wait a day to charge up our OP and try again later. Better safe than dead.
No. 475554 ID: c891a7

We actually do have enough GP and as for time we can make more by having him ponder for a second if he is really sure that they are knights.
No. 475574 ID: a68e3e
File 135425607107.png - (137.39KB , 800x600 , 256.png )

I run on OP not GP. Can't get that stuff back while I'm out and about. Not only that but using my powers puts a massive drain on the amount I have left.

Anyway as far as I can tell the man knows they're knights... He doesn't. He was just told they were and is taking that to heart. It also seems that his boss is currently located and the Cloak and Dagger, no one seems to know where he's truly from.

Now.. How to save my host from certain death. I could posses her and have her molest that mage kid but there's some flaws to that. Namely that I think Saisai would be utterly pissed off at me for using her body like that and never let me be summoned again. I mean the girl managed to stop your Limit Break most of the way through sheer will power.
Though that does give me an idea..

The man in the mask knocks on the door. Saisai goes and opens it seemingly dressed only in a sheet.

"Can I help you?"

The man looks at her confused.

>"Uhm.. Wrong room. Sorry."

He turns around and walks away.
Ombra stops possessing Saisai.

See, that works out better and all she had to do was take over her over-shirt.

>"Nice idea Ombra. No way in hell anyone would suspect a tigerfolk was in the knights.. So that wasn't really him huh?"

"Nope, decoy."

>"Well at least now we know where the man could possibly be.. Maybe we should head there."

"That might not be the best idea. This place is dangerous and you could get hurt there."

>"I'm a knight, we're supposed to be willing to put ourselves in danger to complete the mission."

"Yeah well that's stupid. It's best to stay alive than to go off and 'maybe' get some good info."

>"You're not my captain you tiny sprite."

"TINY SPRITE!? You do not talk to the shadow dragon like that!"

>"Or what?"

Oooh! I'm going to kill this girl!

Ok, can't kill her. I could try and go to the Cloak and Dagger in her place but I'm running out of OP here.
Any bright ideas?
No. 475578 ID: 70c0f2

Isn't this the first time you and SaiSai have actually met? Don't you have anything to say to another know that you finally can? I mean, you're both taking this surprisingly in stride, acting like you know each other already.. I know you've been living in her head, but she's only seen secondhand examples of your powers, not you.

You're not going to be able to stop SaiSai from going there. Your best bet is to zip over there and do some kind of recon before you run out of points to improve her odds.

...actually, wait. The mission isn't to knab the guy, it's to get intel on him. Discreetly. Doesn't going after him blow that?
No. 475581 ID: 0c2247

We don't have enough points to investigate while invisible, so we shouldn't try it.
You just saved both their lives AND the mission. Her behavior is unacceptable.
If you want to get back at her then possess her and spend the rest of your time making out with Art. Also, tell him she secretly has the hots for him for maximum awkwardness. Then say you can't make anybody do something if they're against it, so you can't be lying either.
Remember: She ASKED you to show her your "Or what", and after something like this I doubt she would ever demean you like that again.
No. 475583 ID: 81e800

Wait, we know where he is. Do we know where maggie is? 'cause she can just stroll by it and scan him. I'd ask Ombra to do it if she thinks she can get over there fast enough, but I think she'd run out of OP before she got there.

Does Art have any ideas?
No. 475592 ID: bf54a8

yeah we got what we came for, anything else is gravy.
No. 475598 ID: a68e3e
File 135426085386.png - (91.94KB , 694x580 , 257.png )

Oh we got a chance to talk. In her mind. It was quite personal and intimate. Did you know she secretly fantasizes that she is dating..
Oh, she probably wouldn't want me telling you her deepest secrets. Really though she was a girl of few words and I think she's a tiny bit afraid of me.

"Well your mission is done, you just had to get info on him and you got it. -I'll- go and check it out. You go and get yourself exposed and you'll fail your precious mission."

>"... Fine. We'll just wait here for a bit longer I guess."


Ombra goes out the room.
And bumps into someone.

The person looks at Ombra and growls.

No. 475599 ID: f2c20c

Ideas? We kindof already accomplished the mission by finding out where he is. We can inform the Captain, and she'll decide where to go from there. Except, I guess... we don't know how to inform her. What are we supposed to do once we find out something?

Maybe we should just quit while we're ahead.
No. 475603 ID: bf54a8

uhh, what? they can see you?
No. 475606 ID: f2c20c

Oh. Crap. Ombra, out of curiosity what happens if you run completely out of OP?

Say hi and back off. Don't ask her any questions. She's obviously a native here, and we've been warned about natives... Can you tell if she's Chosen?
No. 475607 ID: 92c81e

When she runs out of OP she disappears, and returns to Saisai. As far as we know, nothing can stop that return. I believe even if someone managed to injure her, it would only hasten Ombra's return to Saisai.
No. 475610 ID: 81e800

That better not be a Chosen or one of those pink cultists, I swear to God.
No. 476295 ID: a68e3e
File 135456149490.png - (201.82KB , 800x600 , 258.png )

I think she's a Ch-

The girl slashes at Ombra with long claws, ripping her in two.
Ombra begins to dissipate into a shadowy mist

It feels like
No. 476298 ID: a68e3e
File 135456219833.png - (81.95KB , 800x600 , 259.png )

I could possess her body like I do Saisai's.

"The hell!?"

Saisai grabs her spear and hood as Artemis picks up his staff. The girl gives a small bow.

>"Greetings. Sorry to have killed your little summon there but she can be more trouble than she's worth. Now if you'll both just come with me we can avoid any trouble."

"Who the hell are you?"

>"Just a nameless merc who's been assigned to catching any knights that enter the area. I've been tailing the two of you from the moment you entered the Shadow. You may want to avoid walking in through the front entrance if you don't want people to know where you're from."


>"No, you don't say anything. I can already tell what kind of mask that is and I'm not listening to a word you're saying. Just come with me and we can get this over with."
No. 476300 ID: ec6d4c

She's another Chosen, SaiSai. She went claws of Thasti on Ombra.

>I could possess her body like I do Saisai's.
...you mean, she's be able to wear the guardian? That would mean she's a blood relative- of Sable's line.

>I've been tailing the two of you from the moment you entered the Shadow.
Yeah, we know. You were on the roof when we entered. And walking in the front entrance is a good way of getting the attention of the people you're looking for.

Frankly, I've had my fill of being abducted by tigerfolk, thanks.

I think it's time to fight. You've been made, and there's no real advantage to doing it on her terms. She's strong, but you do have a two on one advantage. And Ombra thinks she might be susceptible to us. You get the guardian in contact with her during the fight and we'll do the best we can to disable her with a full on dose of babbling nonsense. Most people don't take a sudden screaming chorus of crazy appearing in their head very well.
No. 476303 ID: c891a7

In that case wouldn't she be Saisai's sister?
This is an awkward way to meet, try asking her if she knows who her father is maybe we can confirm it.
No. 476306 ID: ec6d4c

Quite possibly, considering how much Sable got around. Although, as I understand it, we predate Sable- we're bound to a bloodline he's part of, not he or his offspring in particular. So if this girl here is receptive to us, it doesn't necessarily make her a sibling. She could be a cousin of some degree.

...although I suppose I could be misunderstanding Ombra, and she isn't a relative at all. SaiSai, if you're going to try plan drive-her-crazy-with-obnoxious-guardian-voices? Make sure we're in your hand or something, and not around your neck. If the guardian comes into physical contact with someone we can't talk to, we get blown backwards rather suddenly. This can have unfortunate consequences if we're being worn at the time.
No. 476307 ID: f2c20c

I don't think we should fight. This lady is not to be trifled with and you are unarmored and unready.

Ask her what will happen to you if you go with her, and how she knows your "summon".
No. 476317 ID: bf54a8

"will going with you have a chance to result in ether of us dying?"
No. 476321 ID: ec6d4c

Oh, that might be a complication, if SaiSai isn't geared up yet.

If we're going to talk and/or comply, the thing to ask might be "get what over with", or confirm who she's working for (merc, after all).
No. 476387 ID: 0c2247

Take the mask off, and remember that everything here is more or less a true statement. Speak with conviction.
"Well, I DID lift this mask off a knight, but I dunno why you'd think those racist fucks would let me join their little club."
"Heh It's all about the GP, baby~

Too bad we're not getting paid to dick around with the cult of Thasti. Arty? We're bailing on this one. Pack it up."

So, who were you saying she wants to date?
This is actually relevant, since she needs to learn Soul Magic to free you and a focus would help with that.

No. 476388 ID: 81e800

If you do engage her, try to take her mask.
No. 477578 ID: a68e3e
File 135512805039.png - (150.95KB , 611x600 , 260.png )

I'm tired of being pushed around by tigerfolk.. I took them down before, I'll do it again.

"Not happening."

Saisai grabs onto her spear. The Tigerfolk steps back and extends her claws as Artemis casts a Gravity spell and Saisai strikes, hitting her square in the stomach. She sends her flying back and into the hallway.

>"Gah... Forgot about that one.."

>Artemis: "Saisai, you wanna just run or keep fighting? We already got info."
No. 477579 ID: bf54a8

if she is part of a group they could come looking for her. run. don't forget your stuff.
No. 477580 ID: f2c20c

I think we'd better run.
No. 477588 ID: 521153

I think it would be better to take her with us as a prisoner, or kill her. Saisai doesn't have the helmet on at the moment and her identity is a dangerous thing to let leak.
No. 477591 ID: f2c20c

Hmm. I'm starting to see a pattern here. Those cult tigerfolk that kidnapped you before were infused with red energy, and these shadowy people are likely infused with shadow energy. I wonder if we will have to battle enemies in the other lands who are similarly almost-but-not-quite Chosen?

Is The Shadow near the area you died in? I can't help but wonder if this place holds any clues to how we can get you a body again. We should probably talk to the Dark Elves first anyway though, they are far easier to deal with.

Oh crap, you're right. She saw us without the hood. It might've been a good idea to use Change Form before entering town, so that we'd look different without it.

I ALSO have to wonder how this "nameless merc" knows about Ombra's summoned form, and what she just meant by "forgot about that one"? Maybe we can interrogate her before we escape?
No. 477619 ID: 629257

Knock her out and take her mask. Buys you time and the mask itself may be important.

We can always claim that we made an illusion of ears using a magic trinket we have. Which is totally something we could do... not a great idea to bring that up since it spoils the secret, but it's there if we need it.
No. 477637 ID: ec6d4c

Let's fight. It's hardly discreet surveillance if we let her report back, and she might be useful to us if we subdue her.

Besides, been a while since you kicked some ass. Got some pent up aggression to work through after that birthday mess.
No. 477734 ID: a68e3e
File 135519005362.png - (81.90KB , 444x520 , 261.png )

"We're taking care of this girl now. Artemis, hold her down."

I'd rather not kill her but if it comes to that..

Artemis uses a gravity spell to hold the girl down as Saisai places her hood and shirt back on. With her spear in hand she approaches the girl.

>"Hey, woah. Watch it there."

"You're going to tell me how you know about Ombra, now."

>"I really can't do that little girl. Look uh.. Let me go and I'll forget I saw you ok? Come on, I got a daughter waiting for me at home. I can't die here."

Nah, the place I died is a cave near a Dark Elf city. Really though I'd like to know what this girl was chosen for. Those claws seem mechanical rather than magical. Also Saisai, you should totally kill her now. She's seen too much.
No. 477735 ID: bf54a8

try to put us on her. if we stick then she is family, from somewhere up the line. and we can make her think of the answers.
No. 477738 ID: f2c20c

Just as an experiment, how about we use [Darkness] to see what color she shows up as? That would tell us what dragon she's related to.
No. 477746 ID: ec6d4c

Who said you had to kill her? It would probably be easier to start with disarming her. If the claws are mechanical in nature, maybe we can knock them away? (Ooh! Wait, mechanical augmentation! A1 would be interested in that! I wonder where she got them, or if she made them herself... hmm. Regrettably not our priority).

...try putting us in contact with her (hold the guardian in your hand, and touch her with it). Ombra felt something in their encounter- like she could posses her. Which means she should be open to the guardian. Let us do a mental interrogation- I'll bet she has a lot harder time hiding anything from us!

It's true she does know who you are now, but you can always lie (oh, I used my disguise ring to fool the last guy. I'm human. See, let me turn it off... (turn on disguise ring, do away with ears)). Or if we just find what she's hiding (she's totally hiding something) we can use that to keep her silent.
No. 477759 ID: 406926

Strip her weapons and remove her mask, at minimum.
No. 477771 ID: a68e3e
File 135520983202.png - (15.23KB , 800x600 , 262.png )

The Guardian uses Darkness. The girl seems to glow an unusual color.

Here, you guys try to get some info out of her.

>"We'll let you go, but first you're going to answer my questions."

Saisai removes the girl's weapons but the mask seems to be stuck to her face. She binds the Assassin up

"I'm not telling you a thing."

Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. I wish, I wish he’d go away.
Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. I wish, I wish he’d go away.
Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. I wish, I wish he’d go away.
Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. I wish, I wish he’d go away.
Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. I wish, I wish he’d go away.
Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. I wish, I wish he’d go away.
No. 477778 ID: ec6d4c

Okay guys, remember! We're currently attached to an unfriendly, so be careful what you say outside of blackspeak. The idea is to get information from her, not give it.

Now, this is interesting. I think she knows about more than you Ombra, she knows about the guardian too. She's singing a rhyme over and over to try and keep us from getting anything from her mind. Not that it's entirely successful, but...

Hmm. If we don't let her realize we're talking to her, can we lead her thoughts?

Do not think about that you're going to do this because...

Do not think about my daughter because...

Do not think about how I got my information on Ombra from...

Do not think about my father who...

Hopefully she'll fill in her motive, whether she really has a daughter to protect, how she knows about Ombra, and if she's annother of Sable's children (seems likely).
No. 477779 ID: 7003a8

Oh, hey! Nice to meet you!
I suppose we should introduce ourselves. You see, we are the guardian of a specific bloodline.
People not of that bloodline can't even touch us.


Not the best way to meet your sister, is it?
Ah, well, can't be helped.

Anyway, we'll cut you a deal. You don't have to answer any questions if you'll agree to not muck things up for these two. If you want to come with us we'll help you out with your problems - we got a half-tigerfolk into the human's most xenophobic organization, so we'll let our record stand for itself.
No. 477789 ID: f2c20c

How the hell do you know we can read your mind?

Who ARE you?

Tell us or we'll have Ombra possess your body.

Ombra, she's glowing... very very dark green? That would associate her with Aeryr. Does that mean anything to you? She doesn't seem to be using time magic, at least... or air magic.
No. 477815 ID: 62496e

[silence these two]
Guys, she doesn't actually know we're here yet. Let's try to keep it that way for as long as possible.
No. 477817 ID: bd8b82

No. 477820 ID: bf54a8

[ya man, it's called being subtle, be quiet]
No. 477836 ID: d4ad1a

[Shut uuuuup.]
No. 477845 ID: f2c20c

(guys, she already knows we're reading her mind. She knows what we are and what we can do. No advantage to staying silent.)
No. 477849 ID: c891a7

You think she knows what we are.
No. 477855 ID: ec6d4c

>no point in hiding, she knows
Her mantra indicates she thinks her mind is being read. But she's not taunting or talking to us, or telling us to get lost, though. This suggests she has an imperfect understanding of what we are- she may think we're only good for mind reading.

If she doesn't know we can talk, then we may be able to influence her thoughts, get her to think about what we want, via suggestion or leading.

If we let her know we can talk, this goes from mind reading to regular dialog. And she'll resist like it was a normal interrogation.

It doesn't hurt to try being sneaky first. If that fails, we can return to our usual forward and yappy approach.

No. 477878 ID: f2c20c

(that is how you talk to Ombra, not how we talk amongst ourselves.)
No. 477882 ID: 629257

It serves both purposes
No. 477883 ID: c891a7

If you want to clarify how we should communicate then take it to the /questdis/ thread and this is how talked to each other in the last timeline
No. 477884 ID: c891a7

I love how you didn't even bother to use spoilers
No. 478137 ID: a68e3e
File 135533855040.png - (60.37KB , 448x560 , 263.png )


No. 478140 ID: bd8b82

[Fuck it lets put her in a virtual reality and see if we can extract information that way]
No. 478141 ID: ec6d4c

Okay, subtle didn't work. Floodgates are open, guys.

Yes, we're in your head and we can hear you. Reciting that rhyme doesn't do anything to stop us, miss mercenary-slaver. And if you really want to play that game, we can easily out babble you.

Do you know anything about how this artifact works? We're the guardian of a specific bloodline- we can't even touch anyone else. Which means, if you didn't already know, you're related to the girl their you were planning to abduct and black-market. Probably sisters, considering how much her farther slept around.

We're also aware you're connected to Aeryr.

You want to start talking, or should we just dig around more?
No. 478143 ID: 1e72ae

When I came home last night at three
The man was waiting there for me
But when I looked around the hall
I couldn’t see him there at all!
Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!
Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door.
No. 478148 ID: 629257

Hey guess what. We are enchanted only to be worn by those of a certain bloodline. Otherwise we'd fly right off. She was wearing us. You are wearing us. So... let's talk family.
No. 478185 ID: d4ad1a

Guys, she's an assassin. Look at her name.

So, who ya supposed to assassinate, assassin?
No. 478219 ID: f2c20c

Oh, stop that. We already caught the bit where you thought about your plans to sell Saisai on the black market.

Your best hope now is to plead your case and explain who you are. Otherwise we'll kill you. Or maybe kidnap you. Come to think of it, a kidnapping might work fine since you were planning on doing exactly that. I bet people around here don't even think twice if they see someone being forcefully carried off.
No. 478229 ID: b6edd6

Taking her prisoner sounds like a good one to me. She knows too much to just let go, and we have a psychic back at our base who can probably help with this sort of thing.
No. 478256 ID: a68e3e
File 135536156951.png - (125.95KB , 529x600 , 264.png )

>We're also aware you're connected to Aeryr.

.... Oh yeah!

The Assassin casts Warp.
She appears in a different point in space/time.

Whew, didn't think I'd have enough Time Points to even pull that off. Barely made it a mile and five minutes away.

Well it seems that I have the upper hand now little Guardian.
Why don't you tell me everything you know about my 'sister'?
No. 478257 ID: beeca1

Because we don't give a fuck about what you do to this shell and you're a bitch.

Can we just Shadow Ball our holder?
No. 478258 ID: 27cbbb

No. 478259 ID: ec6d4c

[change form]

We'll change you back when you feel like being cooperative.
No. 478260 ID: 27cbbb

Seconding [change form]
No. 478261 ID: beeca1

I support this if shadow ball doesn't work.
No. 478263 ID: bf54a8

because you got nothing for us, at all.

[change form]
No. 478264 ID: ec6d4c

>Can we just Shadow Ball our holder?
Actually, the shadow balls do come out of the user's palms, right? If if fired right now, she's take a blast to the face or hip.

...hey, Ombra, I don't suppose you can hear us? Does this work at range?

No. 478265 ID: 27cbbb

Actually, only if you strip.

We are easily bribed by our user's nudity, it's true! What a terrible weakness.
No. 478266 ID: ec6d4c

Oh, and too bad time points are so hard to come by. It'll be years before you can do that again. Unless of course Aeryr is possessing you and lending you points...
No. 478269 ID: bf54a8

that is too, we kinda get... incredibly lonely in here.
No. 478271 ID: c31f72

[change form]
I wonder if this'll work?
No. 478272 ID: f2c20c

It really depends on what you want to know and why. I would, quite honestly, prefer you as an ally than an enemy.
No. 478285 ID: c94fbf

How the hell is she able to cast magic when she's one of those tiger kitty people? I thought they didn't have any magic at all.
No. 478289 ID: beeca1

Wind dragon is possessing her, as far as I can tell.
No. 478291 ID: ec6d4c

And even if he's not, time magic doesn't require mana. It requires time points, which you accrue slowly as you age. (Which means unless Aeryr is aiding her, or she's a lot older than she looks, she's now dry).
No. 478302 ID: f2c20c

Not possessing, but granting abilities. Chosen are blessed by their patron Dragon. If she's loyal at all to Aeryr though she should be working with us, not against us. Our goals will benefit him in the long term, after all.
No. 478305 ID: 04b86a

Time magic uses Time Points, not mana.

We just saw Aeryr a few days ago! I'd hope that Saisai would have heard if Regulus had assassinated him since then. She's probably just half Light Elf. Don't forget who her father is. (And now I'm starting to wonder if he wasn't half tigerfolk himself and was just hiding it like Saisai tries to.))

Sorry, but no, we're not telling you anything about Saisai. Let's talk about Guardian stuff, instead! Would you mind telling us which of the following things you inherited from Sable?

1) His libido
2) His charisma
3) His (lack of) self control when it comes to whichever sex(es) you're attracted to

Before you ask, yes, these are all very relevant to our duties.

(I have no idea if this next bit will work)
Captain Maggie, we're being guardiannapped by Saisai's evil half-sister! Send help!
No. 478315 ID: ec6d4c

Oh hey, that gives me an idea. Let's gradually "let" her win us over, and talk us into leading her to SaiSai. Then we lead her into a confrontation with Maggy instead. >:D
No. 478319 ID: c31f72

I'll tell you something! Saisai gets the most adorable blush when she's horny.
Also, she likes women, but won't admit it yet. Its cute.
No. 478387 ID: a68e3e
File 135538621717.png - (79.25KB , 494x512 , 265.png )

It seems they know of me. I think we had better just stop trying to hide it.

What the..? Did my boobs just...
What the hell!!? Why do I have a dick now!?
What did you do!?

HAHAHAHAHAHA That is actually quite funny.

Shut it you!
Change me back!

I warned you prior of the Guardian's power. It is the item partially responsible for killing Ombra. A sister to the blade you had.

I didn't know it would do -this-!
No. 478389 ID: c31f72

Wow, that took more power than I thought it would! Looks like we don't have enough to change ya back, sorry.
No. 478391 ID: 04b86a

Aeryr!? What are you doing here, you were alive a few-

>A sister to the blade you had.
...Regulus tricked her into killing you, didn't he? I'm surprised he wasn't lurking nearby to kill her the moment you were dead, it's not like Sable has a shortage of kids that are as gullible as he was.
No. 478392 ID: f2c20c


Hell no we're not turning you back. Not until you agree to give us back to Saisai. Also, 'sup Aeryr. Why are you able to communicate with us through this? Wait, are you DEAD? You were alive like three days ago! Don't tell me that jackass Regulus found this other descendant of Sable and used her to kill you with the Dragon Slayer?

Wait, if that were the case, she shouldn't be able to hear you. Did you make her Chosen and just hide inside her body to fake your own death?

I thought that by keeping your appearance by that crystal a secret from Regulus we could keep him from attacking you. Looks like that didn't work. Oh, and we're fairly sure Regulus is the Earth Dragon, btw. He's plotting to kill all the other dragons like he killed Ombra, so that he can be the last dragon and take over the world. He is manipulating the human king to achieve this goal, but it sounds like he tried to kill you in secret using this assassin, rather than convince the king that killing you was a good idea.
No. 478393 ID: 27cbbb

Sorry, we can't. Too late, you're stuck as a guy forever. Enjoy your penis.
No. 478396 ID: 7003a8

Ugh, we told him it was a bad idea, but noooooo he had to do it anyway. That boy's got enough bastard children to form their own football league, and he had equal measures of stupid and charm.

Anyway, lets step back a bit:

Who are you, and what do you want?
I don't just mean right now, I mean your goals and motivations.

We've got a duty to Saisai at the moment and by Sharaes does that girl need the help, but we'd like to work things out to be mutually beneficial.
No. 478402 ID: 629257

And we can do one better, how would you like to be able to get out on your own for a while like Ombra was? It's temporary and not very impressive looking, but damn useful. We need maximum power to do that, mind you. Help us out and we'll help you. It's on our interests to see the dragons brought back to power.

Ok time to be honest now, what's your story here? Out with it already.

Some of that is still conjecture, by the way. Damnable alternate timeline shenanigans. You know how it is.
No. 478403 ID: a68e3e
File 135538997790.png - (113.99KB , 800x600 , 266.png )

Aeryr summons himself from Assassin's body.

>"Hmm... Yes it was quite the surprise. It seems that this Regulus hired Miss Eluria here to kill me and with the Dragon Slayer she managed to succeed."

"Hey! Fix this!"



>"Wind Dragon. And in my current state you're lucky you could warp. Now, like I was saying... She killed me and so I took over her body. Thanks to my naturally superior body I was able to maintain some of my power. Far more than my sister."

"I don't care about this!"

>"Hush you halfbreed. We Dragons can't really chose the Chosen. Ironic, isn't it? We can however create some that have a semblance of our power. I bestowed upon this whelp a fraction of what a true Chosen could do so that she would be able to use Time Magic more often than one so young could."

"I want this fixed! NOW!"

>"I'm afraid I can't do that Eluria. Perhaps the Guardian can, if it is generous. Anyway, Guardian, I'm not sure if you are aware of this but if the host is sentient and learns all the spells from the Dragon's people then the Dragon can be reborn without killing the host. Normally I wouldn't hesitate to simply tear this girl's soul away from her body but... I hesitate to do so to one of my own, even if they are... Mixed."


Please don't let that be true! I'll do anything!

Look I was just trying to finish a job ok? I need some money. I really do have a kid at home. There's a bounty out for knights ok? I just wanna keep food on my kid's plate. I'm a single mom! Oh god am I a dad now!? No!

>"As it stands we are working together. I promised her a small portion of my treasure and her not being ripped to pieces if she assists me. I assist her by lending her my ever dwindling supply of Time Points. Last time we tried to take on the Knight Ombra attempted to possess us. Then the girl attacked us rather harshly. Rewinding even those few times has left the two of us rather tired."
No. 478404 ID: 27cbbb

Look, we can't promise jack shit, but

I have an idea.

You have information, and you're an agent of the Shadow. You can move around here in ways Knights can't.

If you can get us back to Saisai and offer your services as a spy, MAYBE we can see about getting you paid. Maybe.

We're holding your original genitals as collateral for good behavior.
No. 478408 ID: 7003a8

Yea, we knew about the mastering-magic thing and we've been pushing Saisai to learn Soul magic. I'm kinda insulted you thought we'd fall for that 'kill my host to free myself' bluff. What kind of idiot would actually believe that nonse-aaaand you had Eluria fooled, didn't you.

Ok, so your motivations are freedom and taking care of your kid, right? Ok, we can work with that.

How about you take us to meet your kid, then we work out plans to help you meet your goals? Step one is probably going to involve acquiring a lot of money quickly so we can focus on more important matters - there are far more lucrative and less illegal ways to get cash, after all.

Could you tell us about your past while we travel, Eluria? Tell us about your parents must be an interesting story? Your child? Why you're a single mother?
No. 478409 ID: 629257

Well now, that just means it's time to change the game. We are going to work together. We don't want anything bad to befall Saisai, you or your daughter. I bet we could arrange something, where you and your daughter are granted money in exchange for your knowledge of this place. As long as we talk to Saisais captain exclusively it should be as safe as can be. You may or may not want to relocate from this place as part of that deal, but I'd recommend it.

Aeryr, we'd like you to go back and send to word Saisai and Ombra about the situation and deal. If Eluria agrees to one. Which she will.
No. 478411 ID: c891a7

Do you still have the dragon slayer?
No. 478412 ID: f2c20c

Well, he does seem to be more powerful than Ombra like this. Maybe he *could* kill her to revive himself if he wanted to?

Oh wait, I know why he's more powerful. Because of Ombra being dead, he was more powerful alive, and that extra power was transferred to him after death as well. I'm going to guess this is the case for every dragon that would die during this type of situation. If it keeps going like this, dragons would be able to basically instantly revive after there's only a few left, and Regulus' plan is impossible. Unfortunately I suppose that's the case for the Earth Dragon as well, which means uh... Hey Aeryr, is it possible to just imprison a Dragon?

Eluria, my offer still stands. I'll turn you back if you agree to give us back to Saisai. As for income, acting as a spy for us in The Shadow does sound like a good idea. Oh, and I gotta ask. What's up with your mask, and what kind of armor is that you're using?
No. 478413 ID: f2c20c

(Oh right, also...)
[list abilities]
No. 478414 ID: e0b19d

Pretty much this. Alternately, if spying isn't your thing (I figure it's a dangerous profession in The Shadow) we could probably still find an arrangement that ends with you getting paid, Saisai safe, Ombra and Aeryr a little closer to revival, and most importantly, your daughter safe.
No. 478416 ID: 2f4b71

>"As it stands we are working together. I promised her a small portion of my treasure and her not being ripped to pieces if she assists me. I assist her by lending her my ever dwindling supply of Time Points. Last time we tried to take on the Knight Ombra attempted to possess us. Then the girl attacked us rather harshly. Rewinding even those few times has left the two of us rather tired."
Dangit, they've been savescumming us!
No. 478420 ID: c891a7

That's strange we should have noticed.
No. 478423 ID: ec6d4c

Aeryr, we're more than willing to help you regain your physical form. Sorry to hear this annoying whelp here killed you.

And yes, we already knew about the means for reviving a dead dragon (host lethal and non-lethal), and yes, we already knew you're somehow magically better / faster at it then Ombra. We have surprising sources of information.

>Please don't let that be true! I'll do anything!

Sounds like the advantage is ours, again, Eluria. Cooperate with us, or rather, do as we say, and we'll change you back. And yes, we totally can. So far as I know however, this effect is permanent without our help.

So how about you answer some questions:

-Where is the dragon slayer (the sword) now?
-Where/how did you obtain that set of mechanical claws?
-What, exactly, did Regulus tell you when he commissioned the hit on Aeryr?
-Why do you wear that mask? Could we see your face?

>Look I was just trying to finish a job ok? I need some money. I really do have a kid at home. There's a bounty out for knights ok? I just wanna keep food on my kid's plate.
We're not unsympathetic, and we would gladly help you feed your child, but you're going to have to find a way to do that without murdering SaiSai. Or selling her into slavery. Whatever.

So... you need to march your way back to SaiSai, surrender yourself, and apologize. We'll give you the words to get her to not attack you. Then you're going to answer whatever questions she has, and help her finish this shadow mission.

Then we'll see about getting you a cut of her pay so your kid doesn't starve, and about getting you back into breasts.

Huh, so part Tigerfolk, and part light elf then? Interesting.
No. 478852 ID: a68e3e
File 135554471643.png - (32.86KB , 713x458 , 267.png )

Dammit... I guess I'll take you jerks back to Saisai then.
You'd better change me back though. I mean it.

Aeryr returns to Eluria. The two of them start to walk back to the inn.

>Where is the dragon slayer (the sword) now?

No clue. I gave it back to that Regulus guy but can't say what happened to it after that. Man had some trouble picking the thing up though. He's strong though, seemed to handle it better than I could once he got it going.

>Where/how did you obtain that set of mechanical claws?
Commissioned them from the School actually. They're pretty neat things. Run on simple Mana Shards.

>What, exactly, did Regulus tell you when he commissioned the hit on Aeryr?

He said "Hey, there's a dragon here. Go kill it. I'll pay you."
So I killed it. Pay was very good actually. Was a bit worried at first but then he explained to me what the Dragonslayer did. Figured it'd be an easy hit with that.

>Why do you wear that mask? Could we see your face?
You -could- see my face but it's nothing special. I wear it because I'm an Assassin. What kind of killer lets their face be shown? Besides, in this part of the kingdom there's not much worth hiding. Even if people saw my ever shifting eye color I doubt they'd really care.

>Could you tell us about your past while we travel, Eluria?

It's not an interesting story.

>Tell us about your parents.

I didn't really know either of them. Dad left, mom left when I was 7. Nothing to say about them either. I'm sure you probably know more about them than I do.

>Your child?

Oh she is just the sweetest thing ever. She looks so much like a light elf, she just needs the wings. She's the only reason I keep on going.

>Why you're a single mother?

Another dull story. I had sex, dude left, I got pregnant.

The two of them arrive at the Inn. She sneaks her way upstairs and into Saisai's room

Oh hey.
They're gone...

It would have been foolish to stay in the same place
No. 478857 ID: 7003a8

They'd have gone back to Central. We'll have to get in touch with them later.
But first we would like to meet your daughter; she's part of the bloodline, and it'd be much easier to protect her if we're familiar with her.
No. 478862 ID: f2c20c

Oh, so you're half Light Elf, then.

They went back to their base, of course. Well, crap. How about instead we go check out the leader of The Shadow? Let's go to the Cloak and Dagger, if that's not too much trouble, hmm?

Oh Aeryr, we met a cool Light Elf named Fiabe. Ever heard of him?
No. 478875 ID: ec6d4c

Well, you're going to have to leave the shadow for the kingdom to find her.

If going to SaiSai's quarters with the knights is too crazy to risk, I suggest visiting Morgan's potion shop. She's a friend, and can arrange a meeting for you.

>you jerks
I'll remind you that you attacked us, with the intent to sell our friend, and then stole / kidnapped us. We're just inconveniencing you. Heck, long run, this will probably work out to your benefit. We guard a bloodline- and like it or not- you're a part of it. That means we'd like to help you out. Isn't discovering you have family a good thing?
No. 479075 ID: a68e3e
File 135563995379.png - (38.19KB , 800x600 , 268.png )

I appreciate your concern but there's no way in hell I'm leading you to my home and my child. Just not happening.

I know of him, yes. He is too curious for his own good.

I've seen the potion shop before.
And yeah It's awesome that I have a sister I guess. I was hoping she'd know my father or something though. I want to kick him in the crotch.

Eluria stays in the shadows and makes her way into Morgan's shop with no one seeing her enter. Morgan is fast asleep at her desk. Eluria clears her throat out to get her attention, it works and Morgan jumps awake.

>"H-hello... Can I help you..?"
No. 479077 ID: f2c20c

Kicking your father in the crotch won't accomplish much. Sable died right after killing Ombra.

Tell the girl here that you have a delivery for Saisai, and you heard she comes around here fairly often.

Also call her cute, I want to see how she reacts to a man hitting on her.
No. 479078 ID: 629257

Tell her we need to speak to the knight called Saisai, and we cannot go to the castle or be seen. She will go and we will stay here. If she has not yet returned to the castle, her captain will be an adequate contact. Speak to NO ONE else.
No. 479081 ID: 27cbbb

>Also call her cute
And lean in with a sly smile. Yes.
No. 479082 ID: ec6d4c

>no way in hell I'm leading you to my home and my child.
Hey, we're great with kids! And don't worry, we can't form-shift people without dragons stuck in them. Not that we would! She didn't do anything to deserve pranking. :p

How about we figure out how we're keeping her fed, at least, if you're not taking SaiSai in? We could probably guilt her into giving you a cut of her reward for this mission... especially if you help. Or we're up for other moneymaking schemes.

>I was hoping she'd know my father or something though. I want to kick him in the crotch.
If it's any consolation, he died killing Ombra, the shadow dragon, despite having the dragon slayer and our assistance. You managed to take down Aeryr all on your own- and survive! Even more impressive when you consider a sword isn't your chosen weapon. You've surpassed him. Kicked his legacy's balls. ...and if you're dedicated to being a good parent, you've got him beat there, too.

Tell her you're trying to arrange a meeting with SaiSai, and you're not exactly able to just show up in the castle. You have something to return to her.
No. 479633 ID: c891a7

>If it's any consolation, he died killing Ombra, the shadow dragon, despite having the dragon slayer and our assistance. You managed to take down Aeryr all on your own- and survive! Even more impressive when you consider a sword isn't your chosen weapon. You've surpassed him. Kicked his legacy's balls. ...and if you're dedicated to being a good parent, you've got him beat there, too.
Don't you think that's a little suspicious? By all logic he should have survived especially since Ombra was weaker than Aeryr. The most likely reason for this is that Sable was betrayed.

Oh by the way it is a pretty good idea for you to start listening to us after all your life was in danger the second Aeryr possessed you.
Regulus is conspiring to kill all of the dragons and the only way to permanently kill a dragon is too kill its host.

Also Aeryr what was that artifact you were guarding and do all dragons guard such artifacts?
No. 479638 ID: bf54a8

hmm, yes. the reason we can change your gender is because you have two souls in your body, and one of them is a man. also this normally lets more of the dragon's power come forth. so you may be able to do some more windy powers right now.
No. 479702 ID: f2c20c


What does the Dragon Slayer do, exactly?
No. 479704 ID: bf54a8

the dragon slayer causes any dragons near it to get REALLY weak. luckily it seems the effect depends on the holder. and so Regulus can only get it to make them mildly weaker because he is not the true owner. while those related to sable can use it at full power.
No. 481047 ID: a68e3e
File 135678801573.png - (119.19KB , 638x600 , 269.png )

>I want to see how she reacts to a man hitting on her.

I'm not a man and I'm not hitting on anyone.

You had no problem with the lady from

That was different and you know it.

"Do you know someone named Saisai?"

>"I do..."

"I had heard she comes around here often. I really need to return this thing." she shows the Guardian "To her. However I can't really just stroll into the castle so if you could get her for me that would be great. I'll pay you for your time."

>"Uhm.. S-sure... One minute..."

She leaves. Eluria sits down on a nearby bench and waits for her to return.

The artifact I was guarding was an item that I had hoped to possess, if I were ever killed. Sadly with the dragonslayer being so near I could only possess the nearest living being and not the gem. If I had reviving myself would have been no problem. That blade however was forged specifically to bring us down to a more manageable power. In the hands of it's true wielder it can bring about the death of any dragon. Even the one most connected to life, Masil. In Regulus's hands it is still a very deadly weapon to dragons. It retains it's powers but wielding it would normally be impossible for any human. The man is different from most it seems.

I'm pretty good in terms of money. My last mission paid enough to leave me well off for some time. I just figured I could go on another easy mission to make some more. If she wants to give me gold in exchange for my spying/murdering services I'd be more than happy to contract with her.

The door to the shop opens. Saisai and Morgan step inside as Eluria rises from her seat.

"Give me the Guardian."

>"One moment."

Hey, change me back. She looks pretty pissed.
No. 481051 ID: 9e3a04


[Change gender]

Hope you liked the - eh, nevermind, you earned our silence in this.
No. 481052 ID: ec6d4c

>I'm pretty good in terms of money. My last mission paid enough to leave me well off for some time. I just figured I could go on another easy mission to make some more. If she wants to give me gold in exchange for my spying/murdering services I'd be more than happy to contract with her.
So the survival of your child doesn't depend on you immediately murdering Saisai? That's good.

>Hey, change me back. She looks pretty pissed.
Well, looks like this goodbye, for now. Maybe next time we meet, we'll have the chance to be helpful, rather than merely hold your lady bits hostage. Believe it not, we can be a big help with things! There's a reason Saisai wants us back.

Do us a favor, and try and talk to her, instead of just ninja vanishing or time warping or anything, okay? Really, she's not so bad, and we'll see what we can do about calming her down or reigning her in.

And come and find us if you're ever in trouble, okay? And don't let Regulus find out you're host to a dragon, or he'll probably try and have you killed to finish the job.

And good luck to you as well, Aeryr. We're proponents of keeping the dragons alive, and the natural order unbroken. If you need help in that regard, seek us out.

[Change form]
No. 481074 ID: 7003a8

"If you're going to be like that then I'm not sure I want to let you meet your niece.
I'm a sellsword; it was just business. No hard feelings; maybe we could work together some time?"

Offer her a handshake, then hand us over.
No. 481080 ID: f2c20c

One last thing before we go. Aeryr, you don't seem convinced that Regulus is the Earth Dragon. Does that mean you know who the Earth Dragon is, and it's not Regulus? Is Regulus just a super-powered human?
No. 481081 ID: bf54a8

oh, maybe he is a chosen OF the earth dragon?
No. 481082 ID: ec6d4c

I'm not sure why some of us were thinking he was at all. All the evidence seems to point to Regulus being a chosen working for the Earth dragon, not Myli himself. If he was the dragon, that would mean he's somehow found a way to protect himself from the ill effects of the dragon slayer!
No. 481110 ID: d4ad1a

Did we just change form and then change gender again? Let's make sure to do it an odd number of times, so we're definitely doing it right.

[change gender]
No. 481181 ID: a68e3e
File 135686457824.png - (148.75KB , 800x600 , 270.png )

Hmm..? The Earth Dragon Myli is the current human king I believe. Fool got tired of watching his race from the sidelines.

Eluria is changed back. She takes the Guardian off

Thanks for the advice and stuff. I'll be sure to come to you if I need any help, and you do the same okay?

She hands the Guardian to Saisai.
Who immediately pounces on Eluria. She tries to strangle her with one arm while pulling off her mask with the other.

"You tried to kill me you bitch! And you stole my Gua- my amulet!"

Eluria blocks Saisai but not before her mask is knocked off a bit

>"I brought it back!"

"You still stole it!"

>Morgan: "Uhm... G-guys...?"

"Stop fighting and come with me! You're under arrest!"

>"Not happening little girl!"

The two of them continue grappling and smash into a wall sending some potions toppling.

>Morgan: "Guys...."

They ignore her and continue their brawl. Eluria bumps into Morgan's kettle and spills something on the floor.

>Morgan: "!!!"
No. 481184 ID: a68e3e
File 135686472115.png - (177.91KB , 800x600 , 271.png )

>Morgan: "Stop it!"

Morgan throws a potion at the two of them. It shatters on the floor and releases a purple mist. The two sisters look at the shattered bottle for a moment before falling to the ground unconscious.
No. 481193 ID: a68e3e
File 135686519537.png - (117.50KB , 735x533 , 272.png )

Saisai wakes up some time later, alone.

Holy crap...
Did 'Morgan' really just do that? Of all peo-
!!! Where's that assassin chick!?

Saisai looks around and finds only a note beside her. It reads:

Dear Saisai,

So... In case the Guardian hasn't told you already we're like half sisters or something. Sorry about almost killing you and stuff, it's just my job.
If you ever need some help spying on someone or maybe killing a person just come by the Shadow and I'll find you.
Take care

I'm never asking that jerk for help.
No. 481194 ID: bf54a8

she has a daughter, meaning you are also an aunt.
No. 481198 ID: f2c20c

She's also being half-possessed by Aeryr. She's in the same boat as you. Also, we already knew this, but we re-found out exactly how to get Ombra free! You gotta learn all the Soul Magic you can.

So let's go visit the Dark Elves! Maybe you'll meet someone nice there too.

Oh and Regulus isn't the Earth Dragon after all according to Aeryr, so I suppose it'll be a lot easier to stop him this time around. We might even be able to get help from the king, if we can get proof that Regulus is murdering dragons. Y'know, since the king is the Earth Dragon.

Speaking of Aeryr, he is able to communicate directly with his host, unlike Ombra. He was also able to manifest himself at will.
No. 481199 ID: bf54a8

yes but that's because he was able to supplement himself and keep more power.
No. 481220 ID: 2f4b71

First order of business: go apologise to Morgan.
No. 481225 ID: 629257

Call for your captain mentally and relay everything >>481198 said when she gets here. It's all pretty important and we need her help to sort out what to do. In the meantime tell us what happened in our absence... and perhaps what the hell is going on with your family tree. Sable is human I'm pretty sure, but you and your probable half sibling only have tigerfolk in common, and she's part light elf. I'm honestly confused.

Also we turned her into a guy the whole time. Good fun, that.
No. 481234 ID: ec6d4c

>Did 'Morgan' really just do that? Of all peo-
You deserved it. You were wrecking her shop. Apologies are due next time you see her.

Cut her some slack. Yeah she tried to kill you, but pff, like people haven't tried that before. It's not like she was particularly successful. And she didn't so much try to steal us as remember she could use time magic to get away.

Also, I don't know if you were to angry to notice, but she was male when you walked into the room. We punished her theft and uncooperativeness by taking away her ladyhood. Her day was a lot less pleasant than yours, in some ways.

And yeah, she totally got away with time magic. Because she killed Aeryr. The wind dragon. And, while possessing her he's teaching her time magic so he can revive himself without killing her. Now does learning shadow magic sound like a good idea?

Assassin girl is named Eluria, by the way. Totally your half sister, by your manslut of a father, Sable. And you've got a niece too (who I guess we'll end up with someday if you never reproduce yourself).

What? No. No no no. We stay the hell away from Myli and his pet Regulus. Approaching the king in that way is crazy.
No. 481237 ID: ec6d4c

Oh, and hello again, Ombra. We're back from our field trip with Eluria and Aeryr. Thought you should know it is possible for a dragon to speak directly to their host from where you are. You just have to... make the words stand out, as it were.
No. 481821 ID: a68e3e
File 135712477370.png - (41.89KB , 357x600 , 273.png )

Oh god dammit.

For what?
Oh... Right. Yeah, I'll do that.

Saisai gets up and leaves the room. It seems she's located in a small room on the second floor of the store. She goes downstairs and sees Morgan at her desk. The store itself seems to have been fixed since she was knocked out.

"Hey Morgan."

>"?? Oh uh... Hi Saisai..."

"... Sorry for messing up your store."

>"S-sorry for making you sleep... I... I hope you're not mad..."

"No no it's cool. I deserved that. You see where that chick went?"

>"Uhm no... She just... Ninja'd her way out..."

"Hmph... Alright. Well thanks for helping me get back the Guar- my amulet. I'll see you later."


Saisai leaves the store and starts heading back to the castle.

Oh wow.. So she's really similar to me.
At least her dragon isn't a huge jerk.

I heard that!

If learning all the Soul Magic there is sets her free I'm in trouble then. Doesn't that take some mana to use? Like, even a tiny bit?

And the king is the Earth Dragon!? I... I would never have guessed that...

Neither would I. I haven't seen the guy in quite a few decades

So maybe we should go talk to the king in case Regulus tries to kill him too..? Unless they're working together... This is just way over my head.

Oh? Let me try something..

Hey, can you hear me!?

The hell was that? That sounded like..

Hey, redhead! It's me again, the dragon in your head!

.... Dammit.

Hey, it worked~ Nice talking to ya again

I'm afraid I can't say the same...

No, honestly I agree. I don't think the two of us will ever really get along. You're too much like me for that. Man talking like this is tiring. Just wanted to pop in and say that you really should consider learning Soul Magic. Make friends with that Artemis boy, get some mana, and learn Soul Magic. Learn it all and I'll be free and you can go on doing whatever the hell you want. It works for both of us.

I was going to do that anyway, I don't need your advice...

Whatever, didn't wanna talk to you anyway. Gosh that girl is insufferable to actually talk to. Amusing to watch at least.

Why did you turn her into a guy? Why do you guys keep trying to change people's form!?
Really though I should go talk to my captain, at least to say the mission is done.

Saisai arrives at the castle and after a bit of searching finds Maggie. She relays to her everything she found out about the leader of the shadow. She explains it away as having heard it spoken from people at the inn she was staying at.[/spoiler]

I think I'll keep the stuff about Eluria to myself for now. I don't really have any proof besides you guys and Ombra and neither of them are things I can really show off right now. Maybe later you can summon Ombra and she can say it herself? That would be a lot more convincing.

>"Hmm.. The Cloak and Dagger? We'll call everyone back and send out a smaller group to investigate that later. You did a great job again Saisai, you got more information than anyone else. And by more information I mean no one else got a damn thing. Here."

[i]She gives Saisai G700 as a reward.

>"Bit more than what is required but you did good."

"Thank you Captain."

Mission is finally over, more crazy stuff has been revealed.
Part of me wants to go to my room and sleep... Is there anything else that needs doing?
No. 481822 ID: 9e3a04

Get some sleep.
No. 481823 ID: f2c20c

What happened to Artemis after you lost us? Hanging out a little with him might be a good idea.

Also fyi you already called us the Guardian in front of Morgan, but I think she can infer from your avoiding using the name afterwards that it's supposed to be a secret. I'm not sure if she realizes it's a big deal though.
No. 481824 ID: bf54a8

the form changing s because having a dragon in you means you have two souls in a single body. form change causes you to shift more towards what the dragon's humanoid form was. in your case it doesn't really do much because as she said you are pretty similar. but her dragon is a guy, so it needed to do farm more extensive changes. for anyone not possessed by a dragon, we can't do shit. also, we changed her specifically to make her do what we wanted, which was bring us to morgan.

anyway. feed some of those coins to yuyu. mimics eat money like candies. but being contracted to you he wont eat any you specifically tell him not to.
No. 481837 ID: 15b5e6

>Why did you turn her into a guy?
She wasn't being very cooperative, initially. And you know, was still planning to kill you. So... we kind of held her lady bits hostage to get her to listen to us.

>Why do you guys keep trying to change people's form!?
...honestly? It's our best trick. And we're kind of easily amused.

>So maybe we should go talk to the king in case Regulus tries to kill him too..? Unless they're working together...
Yeah... um. I don't think confronting the earth dragon is a good idea. He probably won't be happy to be revealed, the dragons mostly don't get along with each other very well, and if he is working with Regulus, he'll get you killed.
No. 481855 ID: 7003a8

You need to catch up on your sleep.
[Give her sexy dreams about Artemis and Yuyu]
No. 481856 ID: d9db2f

No. 481857 ID: c31f72

[Sexy dreams about other people are overdone. Give her dreams about us]
No. 481866 ID: c891a7

[Give her dreams about sparring with female Artemis]
No. 481872 ID: f2c20c

(I like that idea. We can use our knowledge of the other timeline's Artemis for that. It won't even make things unstable since it's not real information and also just a dream anyway.)
No. 481876 ID: c891a7

(Dreams about the future and alternate timelines are pretty common too, and this is one of the best ways to influence her too.)
No. 481905 ID: fe4d7b

[This, but make it one of those dreams where you wake up from it in-dream multiple times before actually waking up as well. Just because.]
No. 481976 ID: a68e3e
File 135721511313.png - (43.07KB , 660x427 , 274.png )

I think I'll go to bed. Artemis will still be around tomorrow. I imagine he's probably resting up too. The two of us sprinted to make it back to the castle.

Saisai returns to her room. She pulls out G50 from her stash of gold and knocks on Yuyu's chest. He pops out and she hands him the gold

>"Aw man, nice."

He eagerly starts to devour the gold. After stuffing his face full of over a dozen coins he pauses to look at Saisai.

>"You ok? You seem a bit down."

"Hmm? Oh, it's nothing. It just seems that every time a mission ends I find out another horrifying secret about my life. It's tiring."

>"Saisai man you can't let that stuff get to you, you know? It's a killer. I've known many a fine lady who let that stuff make them feel all kinds of sad. They leave this room some day on a mission and they just don't come back. Their last days they spend being all negative. Don't let that be you."

"I won't."

At least I'll try.

Saisai lays in bed and sleeps.
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