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File 134907227517.png - (100.11KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
459225 No. 459225 ID: a72982

((This is a collaborative quest between myself and Larro. As such, updates will be on a leisurely schedule. Thank you for your patience in advance.))

The world is made of hurt.

For now, anyway. You awaken, Grunting as you rise. There is pain in your shoulders, your chest, and your head. And, naturally, as is the way of things: You don't remember anything. You search your memories, and only come up with a smiling face - One that is hard to describe. A crooked smile, like part of it was wax and melted. One eye dull, the other bright green. In any case, you look yourself over, and find a wallet. The ID is missing, and you sigh heavily. Ugh, what the hell?

The place you are dumped in smells of heavy motor oil. There's a car here, and many tools. The car is a clunker. Something sits on the table, a strange, vaguely humanoid construction. From your waist, it rises to your head, standing there without support. A note sits at its foot.

"You do not have much time." you read aloud. "All I can do is give you a chance. I can only hope they sent Wilhelm to disable you, as it is our only hope that you are not dead. You probably do not have much memory, and that is for the better. Make your own name, your own place. Even if your mental capability is fractured and broken - we need someone unique so it is for the better. There is not much time to explain. The construction before you is a Doll Frame. There exist twelve Doll Frames in the world."

You turn the note.

"Each Doll Frame works only once. I have scrounged and scrumped to buy this last one. Now - speak its name. One Word. Give it form, so it may fight for its life. All you must do is emerge victorious. The means do not matter. Fight by your Word and name. Learn the power the Word grants. Defeat the other Dolls and secure the prize, or die in the calling. You must hurry. The others will find the Frame, and they will find YOU."

You stare at the frame.

What Word do you speak?
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No. 459227 ID: 6cc859

No. 459228 ID: bf54a8

No. 459230 ID: a407a5

It shall know perfection. Your will, channeled through it, shall be unbreakable. No matter the cost, it will trudge forth into combat, knowing it shall emerge victorious. Bringing your rage to bear, it shall destroy all who stand in your path, and guard your allies against those who would harm them. Let your FAITH in yourself, in your allies, and in your own purpose be the thing that gives it strength. For what is more powerful than belief?


Or, you know, something less dramatic.
No. 459231 ID: 97486c

No. 459235 ID: 4a328b

No. 459236 ID: a72982

(( Ah... As we're getting started here, I should point out I will prefer CONCEPTS and similar Names, and will more than likely turn aside references to media and other such things.

This is good.

This is not so good.

Sorry if it seems to be railroading, but there's a certain feel I'm going for and having Hank Hill as a Doll isn't part of it. ))
No. 459242 ID: bf54a8


No. 459257 ID: 886a4d

To fight for its life? And mine? Then I name it Death. So our enemies may fall to her scythe.

As for my own name? Thanatos.
No. 459263 ID: c0a697

We shall be protected by the most ethereal of barriers.
Our enemies repulsed by burning winds.
No. 459265 ID: a8b216
File 134909180896.jpg - (26.23KB , 424x303 , penispenispenis.jpg )

No. 459278 ID: 60fee2

(isn't this also on tg? are we going to be fighting Bastion?)

No. 459281 ID: e94f05
File 134909912882.jpg - (15.79KB , 484x365 , 1344448904535.jpg )



And I shall act as referee, me Mr. Referee, so no one gets hurt. Medafighters ready? Medabots, robattle!
No. 459283 ID: 6a1ec2
File 134909981523.png - (95.08KB , 227x175 , Robotnik_AoStH.png )


No. 459284 ID: e94f05
File 134909990215.jpg - (14.25KB , 210x240 , char_23824.jpg )

Oh also your new name is Ikki or whatever I'm off I'm late for my meds. Just call me if you start a fight, or don't I'll know, I always know.
No. 459285 ID: 4a328b

No. 459287 ID: 1e72ae

I don't know; maybe Rhythm? (speedy combo fighter?)
No. 459288 ID: 86c3a7

Hmm. If we're out to try and acquire and unite the power of all twelve dolls, maybe we need a name that reflects that?

Unity, or Unification, or Integration or something.
No. 459305 ID: 667835

i like faith
No. 459306 ID: c71be2

No. 459310 ID: 724c5d

Paragon, perhaps?
No. 459311 ID: 27d063

No. 459312 ID: 4a328b

No. 459313 ID: cf7053

I like this, putting my lot in for Infinity. We can be Zero.
No. 459314 ID: f2c20c

No. 459322 ID: b9b5f0

Thirding Infinity
No. 459327 ID: 27d063

Our name shall be... Xavier Demansier.
No. 459328 ID: a72982

(( It's time to make the final decision.



These two are your options. Voting will end in THIRTY MINUTES. ))
No. 459330 ID: 4a328b

No. 459331 ID: c31f72

No. 459332 ID: 32f0e3

No. 459333 ID: 886a4d

I'll go with infinity.
No. 459334 ID: 1e72ae

No. 459337 ID: 27d063

No. 459338 ID: 97486c

Infinite power!
No. 459339 ID: 34cbef

immovable faith
No. 459344 ID: a407a5

Seems kinda obvious, since I suggested it, but...

No. 459347 ID: 86c3a7

If the choice comes down to infinity and faith, I'll side with faith.

That's just the 'bot though. What do we call the kid?
No. 459348 ID: 34cbef

No. 459350 ID: d25514

rolled 1 = 1




>Rolling to break tie. 1: Infinity, 2: Faith ))
No. 459351 ID: d25514

(( Infinity wins, by a bare hair. Will return with update eventually. ))
No. 459352 ID: a407a5

I counted 5 for faith but... eh, whatever.
No. 459378 ID: 27d063

The fifth vote was after the time limit ended.
No. 459379 ID: 86c3a7

Ouch. So the moral here is if I skipped that dentist's appointment faith would have won. Damn you past me! Why didn't you think of the consequences when you scheduled that, months ago!
No. 459382 ID: e0b19d

Hey, if it helps any, I'd have put in a vote for Infinity if I hadn't had class, so it'd be tied anyway.
No. 459395 ID: a407a5

That would've been the sixth one.

The five I counted are

The one after that shouldn't have been counted.
No. 459421 ID: 1e72ae

two, plus the five new (you have to count yourself as either one of the original 3, or the later 5; not both) vs the other 3 plus the new 4
No. 459527 ID: f3d0aa
File 134917373333.png - (218.52KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

"Infinity." you say.
Endlessness, a incomprehensible pattern without end. There is power and potential in Infinity. Patters etch the air rapidly, and parts materialize on the frame. Many many many things, pulling into one thing. Many many things, and powers, lost in the transition from many-to-one. You feel a sloughing of might and energies, of greatness, until something that can fit in this body, something that can form in this frame, is left.

And even that is something amazing.
No. 459529 ID: f3d0aa
File 134917376377.png - (137.94KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

The table breaks and you fall back. A woman with brown hair. A jacket and shity festooned with fractal patterns. A bared belly with another pattern, a belt and buckle... Fractalization is everywhere. The doll stares forth at you, no, past you. Even as information floods your mind.


>Absorb (B): Gain two abilities from each Named Doll destroyed. Learns quickly. Understands complicated concepts rapidly.

>Persistence (SS) Cannot truly be destroyed so long as Master wishes it. Reforms quickly, but not instantly.

Martial Arts (D) Gives basic ability in hand to hand combat.

The Doll rises...
No. 459531 ID: f3d0aa
File 134917379513.png - (162.30KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

And stares at you.

"Name. Give your name, Master."

You head is so full of fog, you can't recall one. The Doll, however, seems insistent.
No. 459533 ID: 886a4d

Null. my name is Null.
No. 459534 ID: f2c20c

Or perhaps Nil.
No. 459540 ID: bf54a8


aka, the grand total of everything.
No. 459547 ID: 886a4d

I just realized, Infinity has no real combat abilities. However I bet if we have her watch and read lots of videos \ books on martial arts she'll pick them up really quickly. Similiarily with other instructional media for skills she wants.
No. 459548 ID: 2f4b71

No. 459554 ID: 86c3a7

Ooh.~ I like the fractal outfit. Neato. ...although I'm not sure I like framing her boobs in the infinity symbol.

No. 459555 ID: 4e133e

I really shoulda guessed the doll would be a hot chick, what with Larro being involved and all.

Abraham. I so wanna be an Abraham. and make the protag grow sideburns.
No. 459558 ID: a407a5

I'm good with Null. Voting Null.
No. 459565 ID: bf54a8

yeah sure
No. 459567 ID: 2b7692

Null. Themes are fun.
No. 459583 ID: bf54a8

how is null a theme with infinity?

Aleph is a math term for infinite sets.
No. 459587 ID: 886a4d

Null is nothing, the complete opposite of being Infinity. When you compare the Infinite to one being you might as well be ... nothing.

I personally don't think we can call ourselves Aleph because we aren't containing her at all. We're only marginly controlling her. And I noticed she does not have Loyal as a trait. So even that is iffy.
No. 459595 ID: 206c29

"Ouro", short for Ouroboros.
No. 459598 ID: 06d8f5

Null sounds good, but aleph is a more complex idea, containing more of the concept of infinity.

also, aleph is an awesome name.
No. 459599 ID: e28483

No. 459601 ID: 1e72ae

I'm gonna have to go with Aleph. It seems more like an actual name than Null. (which sounds like a nickname chosen by a goth kid, no offense to redaeth)
No. 459604 ID: 669dfb

No. 459625 ID: 52fbeb

Eh, good point. Changing my vote to Aleph.
No. 459645 ID: 629257

Out of these, I say Aleph
No. 459666 ID: bd812c

No. 459669 ID: f2c20c

"In set theory, a discipline within mathematics, the aleph numbers are a sequence of numbers used to represent the cardinality (or size) of infinite sets."

Wow, okay, yes. Aleph.
No. 459707 ID: 6cc859

No. 461067 ID: e487f5
File 134966653914.png - (123.64KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

The doll stares at you for a moment, before looking around the garage. Finding a book (It appears to be something on mathematics), it plops down heavily, reading without another word. With nothing left to do, you inspect the house. It's an average place - the fridge is stocked, the water is running, and there are clothes in the closet. You can change your look, if you want. Car keys sit on the table, but you aren't certain you know how to drive.
No. 461068 ID: e487f5
File 134966655886.png - (108.21KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

The power is on, and so is the computer. You have some internet access, but there is nothing anywhere in the house that points to your identity. After searching the place from top to bottom, Infinity is spotted in the living room, reading another book, something fictional.
No. 461072 ID: f2c20c

Incoming. Someone's on that roof. Alert Infinity to the danger.
No. 461093 ID: bf54a8

watch them. and if nothing happens switch the computer to a site about real martial arts moves. pump her full of ti-quan-do and shit
No. 461094 ID: 4a328b

Take a look outside your house, try and figure out what your surroundings are like.
No. 461111 ID: e2eec2

teach her to drive, then.
No. 461122 ID: 460361

Oh, strangers watching from the neighboring roof?
That's never good. Looks like it's battle tiems.
No. 461260 ID: e487f5
File 134975260061.png - (149.97KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

You warn Infinity, and without looking up from her book, she pushes you back, hard. You tumble to the floor as a gun sounds, cracking the glass.

I barely have time to think before the window shatters.
No. 461261 ID: e487f5
File 134975261049.png - (152.16KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

A figure breaks through, landing across from Infinity. An older man steps inside, behind her.

"Sorry about the window. I'll pay for it later." he grumbles, as Infinity stands.
"What say me and you have a proper fight, eh?" he asks. "A good old-fashioned sort of deathmatch. I'm tired of fighting sneaky bastards, like the one what clonked you." he says, as the dolls face off.
No. 461264 ID: 886a4d

SOunds good to me.

Looks like this one is a ranged fighter. Chuck the book at her. Close in and try to get one of her guns.
No. 461265 ID: f2c20c

Ask him what he knows of you.

Also, grab a weapon. Surely there are wrenches and such around. Or is there a particular weapon you know you use?
No. 461269 ID: bf54a8

infinity should be able to calculate exactly where the guns are pointing and never be in front of them. tell her this anyway.
No. 461274 ID: b6edd6

Ask what his terms are.
No. 461282 ID: 629257

I think simple commands work best with Infinity. And those guns are our biggest danger. Plus we may want to talk with these two so lets try to avoid killing them.

Thus: "Evade, disarm, disable!"
No. 461284 ID: 351677

Er, Is this really necessary? We should fight back if we have to, but I don't think fighting the moment we see someone else is really necessary...
No. 461285 ID: 886a4d

They just said they want to fight. And they shot at us.
No. 461286 ID: 351677


Well, I mean, think we should try to talk them out of this. They don't really seem to have it out for us in particular, they just want to fight us because... they want to fight us. That's not a very good reason.
No. 461288 ID: 886a4d

Err its in the mission statement. Dolls fight one another. They want to fight each other and absorb the other dolls.
No. 461289 ID: bf54a8

think of it like soul shards, there is not a WANT to kill the other doll there is a NEED. an all consuming drive that cannot be denied.
No. 461294 ID: 351677


Oh. I guess there's no avoiding it.

Evade, disarm, and mercilessly destroy, then.
No. 461319 ID: eb6589

This would probably be best.
No. 461347 ID: 886a4d

Destroy it. The only way Infinity will approach her true potential is by absorbing the other dolls!
No. 461361 ID: 9718f3

We could try stalling, ask to schedule the fight for later today or something. It would give Infinity time to learn... anything, really.
No. 461398 ID: 3c94f8

man, do they have to do this inside the house?
No. 461399 ID: 86c3a7

>mercilessly destroy

>Defeat the other Dolls and secure the prize, or die in the calling.
Okay, the intro's pretty clear we're risking our life doing this. Doesn't mean we're required to kill the other doll-users though. Or heck, even the dolls, necessarily. Defeat does not necessarily mean death, and we do not know that stealing or copying their unique abilities is fatal.

Of course, discussing what to do with a defeated opponent is getting ahead of ourselves.
No. 461416 ID: a5d914

Display your inherent genre-savvy and quick thinking: Accept his duel, but ask for a minute or two to have a quick word with your doll, Infinity. You need to find out what she can do and a bit of a handle on her personality...

You should also ask what this guys deal is and what he knows about your predicament.
No. 461446 ID: 4a328b

"That's fine, I guess, but why are we fighting, exactly...?"
No. 461804 ID: e487f5
File 134993531566.png - (186.89KB , 933x700 , 9.png )

"Certainly - the terms?"

"Your backyard, our dolls." he says simply. "I and my doll will not target you - and the same for you and yours."

His doll dances from foot to foot eagerly while Infinity puts away her book, noting the page number and setting it aside politely.

"And do you know anything about me?" you ask, which nets me a look of interest.

"...Not a damn thing." he says, finally, with an honest tone. "Yes or no." he says, now more serious. "I ain' gonna sit here all day while you muddle."


You notice that his doll's attire is somewhat lacking in coverage when it hops from one foot to the other.
No. 461806 ID: dc4e32

of course it does. how about tonight? you're kinda busy right now.
No. 461808 ID: f2c20c

Hah, that's incredibly unfair for him. Our doll will never die so long as we remain alive. We will win by attrition.

Accept his terms.
No. 461810 ID: f2c20c

Oh, and if he doesn't know anything about you... he must know about your attacker at least. He mentioned a 'sneaky bastard'. Who was it?
No. 461812 ID: 86c3a7

Never destroyed is not necessarily synonymous is never defeated.

But yeah, agree to his terms. Might as well do our first fight civilly.
No. 461856 ID: 4a328b

His might not be able to be destroyed while he lives either

More importantly, do you actually know how to fight, Aleph? Like, at all?
No. 461857 ID: 886a4d

Aleph won't be fighting. Infinity will.
No. 461878 ID: a5d914

Agree. Request that you have a talk after the fight instead, no matter the outcome.
No. 461888 ID: bf54a8

infinity fights by learning. she watches the enemy and leans all their is about them. and wins with a single lightning strike to a weakspot.
No. 461919 ID: 6a9fdc

...and now I can't get the chorus of Stratovarius - Infinity out of my head. Thanks a lot, OP.
No. 461934 ID: 6cc859

The terms of the agreement didn't say Aleph can't target the other guy's doll, or vis versa.
No. 463463 ID: 4435b3
File 135038368149.png - (190.15KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

"Sure." You say, "I agree."
"Excellent!" he says happily. "Let's not faff about." he adds. While worried about things to ask him, on reflection you cannot attack each other, so any questions can wait, so long as...
"Hey, there's a few things I need to ask after the fight."
"Certainly. You look quite befuddled, sirrah!" he says with a laugh as we head out.
Bandita and Infinity face off.

Doll Combat
The Doll transmits pain it receives to the Master, but not vice versa.
In this way, even regenerating Dolls may lose.
The match ends when the Master's Tolerance (Lower meter) is depleted, or when the Doll's Head or body is destroyed (Green = undamaged, black = destroyed).

No. 463468 ID: 9718f3

She has the ranged advantage so we need to close the distance as quickly as possible. Infinity regenerates so I'd suggest rushing the enemy and tanking their attack hope it isn't to anything vital. Once we're in close grappling is our best bet, so they can't open up any distance. Try to knock her over or disarm her if possible.
No. 463474 ID: 44f93b

Additionally, since ∞'s thing seems to be rapid learning, we might want to try and get our hands on one of our opponent's guns- start shooting back at her with her own skill.
No. 463478 ID: 460361


Let's do that.
No. 463501 ID: bf54a8

follow he gun, reverse sight and stay out of the way of where the guns are pointing!
No. 463514 ID: 2f4b71

>The Doll transmits pain it receives to the Master

Find something to bite on, and sit or lie down.
No. 463781 ID: 43b15d

cover your most vital and hurty parts and rush her.
No. 463799 ID: f2c20c

Move unpredictably, and keep a small profile. Low profile, perhaps.
No. 466335 ID: 03da93
File 135123205770.png - (147.51KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

Infintiy lowers down, seeming to naturally understand what I want without words. Within two steps, a gunshot rings out, and ̶my͟ le̕g͘ r͝i̷ng̴s out͘ ̷i̵n͢ pain͠.̛ Ngh! I grimace and push the pain away.
No. 466337 ID: 03da93
File 135123222872.png - (232.67KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

Before Bandita can even line up another shot, Infinity is in her face - her palm launches up into Bandita's chin. She finishes her lunge as Bandita stumbles past her, swaying slightly.
No. 466339 ID: bf54a8

this is a fight to the end, if she isn't dead then she isn't done. turn and leg sweep to knock her over and use even just a rock as a too and slam it into her head repeatedly.
No. 466342 ID: f2c20c

Press the advantage.
No. 466345 ID: a407a5

Hunt. Stay in her face till she stays down. Follow advice of people who can actually come up with a sound plan. All I've got to say is hunt her till she dies. Or he dies. Or goes comatose.

Whichever comes first.

I like the leg sweep thing. And the rock thing. Although, if a rock isn't in easy reach, you could just try pounding on her face with whatever else happens to be within reach.
No. 466415 ID: 6a9fdc

You know what an Ininity-themed fighting doll should use?

No. 466419 ID: 44f93b

Stay inside her guard- don't let her bring her weapons to bear. If at all possible disarm her- make her drop her weapons as you continue the assault. For extra awesome- take one of her guns and shoot her with it, point blank.
No. 466444 ID: e0b19d

Go for the arms. Disarm and disable. Blows to the head to stun, if neccesary, but avoid overly-destructive blows; we don't know yet whether killing the doll will kill the operator (and, really, the dolls might be/are probably people too, so we should avoid killing them if at all possible.)
No. 466454 ID: 886a4d

The dolls are built to kill one another. The operators will survive.
No. 466462 ID: a5d914

Wrestle dirty. Grab hold of her. Lock her arms so she can't shoot you and keep headbutting her in the face. Your head regenerates, hers probably doesn't.
No. 466478 ID: 8247d0

Keep hitting her.
No. 467383 ID: dc2631
File 135158781257.png - (207.09KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

Without another thought, Infinity moves with a frightening grace. Her legs sweep out Bandita's legs, and she rises, holding a stone the size of Bandita's head...

And slams it down. Bandita falls apart.
No. 467384 ID: dc2631
File 135158782603.png - (156.78KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

Power surges around Infinity, as Dregas placed his hat over his chest. He looks regretful, but I don't have much time to think before I'm assaulted by info again.



HUMAN-LIKE (B): Can pass for human under casual inspection, but pain connection is heightened. Command reception is also heightened.

RANGED CAPABILITY (C): Grants a minor ranged attack that follows the nature of the Doll. The attack is not very damaging and is difficult to aim, but requires little preparation or energy.

SPEED (C): The Doll at this rank is roughly at the human peak of speed and reaction time. Instead of relying on the Master to detect and alert the doll to incoming threats, the Doll reacts instantly.

EQUIPMENT (A): The Doll gains a piece of equipment along thier name. It is indestructable, for the most part, and does not wear or tear. It follows the highest 'attacking' skill the Doll has. [A Doll with Swordsmanship will get a sword.]

HOT BLOOD (D): At this rank, the user and the doll can ignore minor pain. In fact, such minor blows lead to an increase in other battle-related stats.

WORD POWER (E): The Doll gains a 'power' over their Word, designated with the selection of this power. The power is static - when new tranks of this ability are gained, a new power at that rank is selected, and does not replace the previous. At E-rank, only very simple powers can be granted.

MARTIAL ARTS (C): The Doll is considered an exemplary master of unarmed techniques, and not only is a master in its current school, but masters others as well with relative ease. (This replaces a current Ability.)

RELATE (E): Simple mental communication between owner and Doll.
No. 467385 ID: e0b19d

Relate and Word Power are my votes.
No. 467386 ID: bf54a8

word power
hot blood
No. 467390 ID: f2c20c

EQUIPMENT (A) because it works with any skill we eventually get for her. The weapon changes if our strongest attack skill changes!
WORD POWER (E) because her Word is very powerful. I'm thinking that the Word's strength is proportional to what we get out of Word Power.
No. 467402 ID: a407a5

I agree with word power, but... so far, it seems like Infinity here is leaning more towards unarmed fighting anyway. Weapons are great and all, but I personally feel like a weapon would just be a distraction in a way.

I'd say either Hot Blood or Speed, but at the very least, I agree with the Word Power thing.
No. 467411 ID: 9718f3

Word power and Speed.
No. 467416 ID: 2f4b71

No reason we can't double up on one skill.
No. 467420 ID: 3338b5


>Bandita falls apart
>Dregas placed his hat over his chest
...I'm sorry.
No. 467424 ID: 9b155d

Word power and speed
No. 467426 ID: 886a4d

Word Power and Relate
No. 467437 ID: 4a328b

Power Word and Hot Blood
No. 467438 ID: 898023

Word power and relate
No. 467456 ID: 1e72ae

Get relate and word power.
No. 467472 ID: a5d914

Equipment has an (A) rank. Is that because it's not upgradeable or because it was Banditas highest ranked skill?
No. 467478 ID: 0145df


I don't care about the rest.
No. 467511 ID: 99199c

Speed and Relate.
No. 467512 ID: a68e3e

No. 467513 ID: 214bf9

Hot Blood and Relate
No. 467526 ID: f2c20c

It was her highest rank skill. All these skills are absorbed at a rank lower than Bandita had, so Equipment and Human-like were her highest ones.

Personally I don't see the point in getting Relate. It might even be dangerous for us considering we'd wind up with Infinity in our head.
No. 467532 ID: 60fee2

Hot Blood
No. 467537 ID: 6a9fdc

Hot Blood and Word Power
No. 467541 ID: dc2631

(( E-Rank powers are just plain Doll Essence. Bandita had the ones that are not E-ranked. ))
No. 467544 ID: 35f380

The entire reason we chose Infinity in the first place is because we, in our wonder, wanted to understand it. Relate is the natural option.
No. 467565 ID: f2c20c

Fair enough. It is an ambitious undertaking, that's for sure.
No. 467694 ID: df925e


because what if she's a person and not just a tool?

/quest/ rule #1: never pass up a chance of romancing.
No. 467700 ID: a5d914

I wouldn't pass up the chance to get Banditas stronger unique traits.

Equipment and Hot Blood
No. 467705 ID: 3338b5

>Passing up higher ranked abilities
I would think we'd have the opportunity to level up abilities are we progress. Getting access to skills we think might be useful in the long is more important than taking what's higher level now.

For instance, word power is potentially the most versatile and powerful of the bunch, considering Infinity's nature.

Weapon is highly ranked, but our current offensive skills are geared towards martial arts, which function pretty well unarmed. Unless we get a skill that would benefit significantly from a weapon, I don't see why we should invest in one. We're infinity- we adapt and learn fast. We can do just fine fighting Jakie Chan style, using whatever we can grab.

>/quest/ rule #1: never pass up a chance of romancing.
...I'd say more generally the rule is to never pass up the chance to win over or build a relationship with an npc. Romancing is a subset of that.
No. 467729 ID: 92c81e

Well, I still doubt she will even seem that humanlike in action unless we took the Human-like trait. I feel that the trait will not only be appearance, but a little personality as well. Just enough to put up the facade.

Still that should go on the backburner for now. I actually feel we should go for Relate and Martial Arts. Equipment is all well and good, but since Martial arts is our highest attacking ability, Equipment for it are not necessary. Boosting our base combat ability will allow us to handle potentially deadlier opponents. If we fight someone with a strong melee ability, we could be at a huge disadvantage otherwise.
No. 468630 ID: dc2631
File 135209077094.png - (92.00KB , 460x600 , 15.png )


WORD POWER (E): The Doll gains a 'power' over their Word, designated with the selection of this power. The power is static - when new tranks of this ability are gained, a new power at that rank is selected, and does not replace the previous. At E-rank, only very simple powers can be granted.
Once a day, Infinity may infinitely divide any item that is not a Doll or a Human. It is considered destroyed.
Once a day, Infinity may duplicate any item that is not a Doll or a Human. It retains any supernatural qualities it had before.

RELATE (E): Simple mental communication between owner and Doll.

Infinity looks to me, as you attempt a greeting, it responds with the same - you instantly comprehend the meaning of the concept it relates, but an ache rises to your head. Dregas rises with a sigh.
"Yer can ask yer questions now." he says simply, without anger or venom. "Figure I got little better to do with my time."
No. 468631 ID: 886a4d

Did Bandita's guns dissapear when she fell apart?

Questions: Does he know anythinga about you?
What exactly have you gotten yourself into?
How'd he get involved in all this?
Can he teach you and Infinity to shoot?
No. 468633 ID: bf54a8

>an ache rises to your head.

this is why i DIDN'T want relate, direct mental contact with infinity is like gazing into an endless void. hopefully the pain goes away as we get used to it but we are NOT ranking it up. gazing deeper into her mind will probably make our head explode.

first question, "the fuck is with these dolls?"
No. 468690 ID: 629257

Admit to temporary amnesia, and ask for the big list version of What The Fuck.
No. 468693 ID: f2c20c

Ask him what he knows about your attacker.
No. 468806 ID: 7758a1

Who is Willhelm.
What is "disabling."
Who has dolls.
What's up with these dolls.
What's up with the government.
Is it oppressive.
Are there any major groups we should know about.
How did Dregas find us.
Is he alright.
Have there been any major happenings lately that we should know about.
Where are we.
Are there any groups that would be hostile towards us for any reason.
Is it okay to have a Doll out in public.
Can we stay where we are, or do we need to run like hell.
Et Cetera.
No. 468858 ID: f3a1b7

I think debilitating pain and possible death is a small price to pay for ultimate knowledge.
Yeah, this is a good place to start with questions.
No. 469036 ID: 061dde

well for starters, what the fuck dude? why attack us? we was just chilling out here!
No. 469059 ID: dc2631
File 135218445451.png - (98.15KB , 800x600 , 16.png )


>Who is Willhelm.
"Another Dollmaster, like you, I imagine." he says. "He has the last Frame... We think. Most claim it's unactivated. He's looking for a way to make more."

>What is "disabling."
"That note? It probably meant it in the normal sense. Wilhelm is trying to buy time, I think." Dregas says.

>Who has dolls.
"About twelve people, I think. No one knows how many Frames exist, or where they are."

>What's up with these dolls.
"No one's really sure, to be honest. A mystery that appeared a year ago. We're hiding them for now."

>What's up with the government.
"They don't know about the dolls, yet."

>Is it oppressive.
"Not unless you listen to some real extreme groups." he says with a laugh.

>Are there any major groups we should know about.
"There's my folks - people who want to know more about Dolls. My friend Gerald and his Doll Fullblade, his assistant Maggie and Mage... Other than that, some likely alliances here and there."

>How did Dregas find us.
"Wasn't hard to follow Wilhelm. I was gonna stop him, but I was a little late. I was hoping to take you outta the running early - keep you from getting in too deep. Guess I failed."

>Is he alright.
"Me and Bandita were close, but we both knew this was how it would end."

>Have there been any major happenings lately that we should know about.
"None that crop to mind." he said. "Gerald's better at this sorta thing, though."

>Where are we.
"America. Washington state. Graham area."

>Are there any groups that would be hostile towards us for any reason.
"Some Doll users, I imagine."

>Is it okay to have a Doll out in public.
"Might freak folks out and cause a ruckus. Just have her act like a... a normal doll."

>Can we stay where we are, or do we need to run like hell.
"I suggest staying. This is a gated community. I only got in because Bandita can pick locks."

He goes on to explain that while the worst that can happen in a normal battle (like ours) is passing out, some Dollmasters might take drastic measures to gain a Doll's essence. However, since a certain distance is required to gain it, long-range sniping is not an option. Thus, Doll combat is... mostly safe.

As time passes, he also explains that it appears that there is a set list of powers that Dolls have, and their Names draw from this list. Gerald is working on a smartphone application to derive power-sets from doll names, in order to learn weaknesses.
No. 469061 ID: 70c0f2

You're friends with another dollmaster? The "there can only be one?" deal didn't crop up?
No. 469062 ID: bf54a8

yeah i thought they would almost decide on their own to fight.
No. 469063 ID: 49b98e

Is there any way to acquire increased powers or otherwise improve a doll outside of winning freaking cock-fights with other doll teams?
No. 469091 ID: 897ffb

Can we meet Gerald?
No. 469107 ID: bf54a8

yeah otherwise whoever gets like 2 kills under their belt would wipe anyone with no kills easy due to pure power difference.
No. 469381 ID: e22c0d

you should kill him and devour his remains to absorb a portion of his powers.
No. 469402 ID: cab82e

Well, since there's nothing forcing us to fight, it might be prudent to gather allies when possible rather than destroy and absorb every doll we come across.

Especially considering they appear to be sentient. I already kind of feel bad about offing Bandita.

But if people don't want to ally with us, we'll have little choice but to take them out. Since we can't trust them not to be taken out by an enemy and therefore strengthen them, anyone not with us is essentially against us.
No. 471036 ID: dc2631
File 135271157740.png - (120.98KB , 643x556 , 17.png )

>Can we meet this other dollmaster? How are you friends with him?

"Fullblade is a strange Doll. He calms those around him, somehow. Bandita wanted to fight him, but it never got overwhelming."

"Ha, no." he says. "Doesn't work that way. Bandita's guns started at B and got all the way to S. But, thanks to your favorable conditions and her eagerness, you won. Straight up power rank is meaningless if you cannot exert it. Learn their Word, and you destroy them."

He grins at this advice. "And I'm not sure I was clear before. There's 12 frames that we KNOW about. God only knows how many really exist."

"There's a possibility that absorbing Frames grants you power. Or the souls of people. But that shit is... Well, it's only rumor. Tell you what, you come with me, I'll introduce you to Fullblade and my friend. Or I let you be, and send the next Master the wrong way. Wither way..." he points. "Up to yer."
No. 471041 ID: f2c20c

Let's meet Fullblade.
No. 471047 ID: bf54a8

wait how did bandita get her guns to go from B to S?

anyway, we will meet this fullblade.
No. 471078 ID: 2bf10d

stay and make Infinity read and learn about everything ever.
No. 471086 ID: 70c0f2

She leveled them up, of course. Dolls can do more than gain new skills- they can improve existing ones.

>Let's meet Fullblade.
No. 471252 ID: 6c3b85

Meet Fullblade and on the way, have Infinity read everything, ever.
No. 471260 ID: f2c20c

Good idea, let's bring a bunch of books with us.
No. 473159 ID: e1a015
File 135339639992.png - (129.09KB , 548x600 , 18.png )

"We'll go with you."

Are you certain-sure-positive?
>Yes, Infinity.
>Get your books.

Infinity hops from the chair and gets her books - a tower of at least ten or so.

Dregas chuckles to himself, and me and him make preparations. He gets a spare gun, and hands it to me, then we all get into the car in the driveway.

We leave.


We arrive at an abandoned location some distance away, a huge building falling apart.

"Shall we?" he asks, and we head in.

...This place doesn't seem very... Secret-basey.

The floor then opens when Dregas knocks on a wall, revealing a staircase. He hurries us down, and we marvel at the clean, white look, the computers and the soft humming of technology.

"I am Gerald." says a handsome young man in a labcoat, "This is Fullblade," he motions to a knightly doll beside him with a large sword, "And welcome, to my lab. I trust you have questions?"
No. 473160 ID: bf54a8

first and formost, what is WITH these dolls
No. 473162 ID: 5744ba

does it make him sad that his doll has no boobies
No. 473163 ID: 9b155d

Just because they're not visible under that armor doesn't mean they're not there.
No. 473169 ID: f2c20c

Ask if doll frames vary in size, or if the Word made him/her that big. If the doll IS female, ask if all dolls are. Is there a way to train a doll's abilities without having to destroy other dolls? It would be good for us to be able to prepare for when we are attacked next. I'm sure Infinity is actually learning from reading her books, of course... doll abilities just seem to be something more than knowledge.

Oh, we need to think of a nickname for Infinity so we don't give up her power word to our allies and enemies. How about Fractal? Or she could come up with something herself.
No. 473231 ID: 70c0f2

Keep an eye on that mental link. Infinity isn't get all kill happy even though she's around another doll, right?

>does it make him sad that his doll has no boobies
That's it! That's why the urge to fight isn't overwhelming. XD
No. 473273 ID: 6694f9

Is he single?
No. 475590 ID: 27cbbb
File 135425848523.png - (189.28KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

You don't have the required temerity to ask!

"Both, actually. Though, I won't tell you all of his traits, one of them is size. It's a very useful one. Not all dolls are female - not all of them are even humanoid, though most are." he explains. "Right now, I think most dolls learn like people do - so they do gain some things by learning. However, they don't grow normally - they aren't organic. So they don't get muscle mass, for instance." he chuckles as he walks around.

A nickname...

>I f e n r n d a d i c l v t e i a s s l s i b l e
... What.

It seems she wants to suggest something, but that made almost no sense.
You check on her mental state - she seems calmer than usual.
No. 475591 ID: f6cff9

endless? Okay then
No. 475594 ID: bf54a8

"you may call her indivisible, or fractal, or endless. she seems to like all three"
No. 475604 ID: f2c20c

Personally I think Fractal would be best, since people can already look at her and see fractals, and adding further meaning to her by adding 'endless' or 'indivisible' onto it might lead them to figure out her word.

Ask this guy if he knows anything about your attacker. Also, does he have any plans for dealing with this doll tournament thing?
No. 475609 ID: 81e800

Lets go with Indivisible, that's more ambiguous.
No. 475614 ID: 9718f3

Indivisible is nice. And in a fit of contradiction we can shorten it to "Indi" as a nickname of her nickname.
No. 475628 ID: c9ddb4


agreed, Indie is a nice short name for her.
No. 476369 ID: 555caa

Indie is a cute little nickname, and it doesn't readily give away her actual name.
Check to make sure this is okay before you start calling Infinity "Indie" instead, though...
No. 476370 ID: 555caa

Oh, yeah. Ask about Willhelm, too.
No. 477420 ID: 27cbbb
File 135503135218.png - (114.84KB , 720x600 , 20.png )

Indivisible it is.

Infinity nods.

>Ask this guy if he knows anything about your attacker. Also, does he have any plans for dealing with this doll tournament thing?

"Can't say I do." he said with a sigh, "On both counts. The Dolls will fight and grow, that seems to be their stated purpose. What worries me most is if... Well." he sighs. "There have been rumours that there are always 12 frames."

"Why is that any different?"

"What I mean to say is, that rumor has it a new frame appears when a Doll is destroyed. Seems to me that someone or something created these dolls for some purpose, malign or benign."

He pushes up his glasses.
"I intend to discover that."

S-so intense.

"In any case. Dregas will take you to the safe rooms, and tomorrow you will hunt. It sounds macabre, but... I won't achieve understanding without more data."

We head to the room - it's a normal bedroom with an offshoot bathroom. Infinity stares briefly before going back to her stack of books in the corner.
No. 477421 ID: bf54a8

well you don't really have much to do, scoot in and put her on your lap and read with her.
No. 477424 ID: ec6d4c

>tomorrow you will hunt
So... that's it? We're hunting down other dolls? No choice in the matter?

Infinity probably seems fine with the idea, but are we? I mean, just because killing each other is what the dolls do, doesn't necessarily mean we want to encourage it.
No. 477426 ID: 5dbb4f

ask Indie how she feels about all this.
No. 477427 ID: f2c20c

I wonder if it's possible for us to keep up with her reading speed? Maybe we should just unpack and ask Infinity what sort of improvements she'd like for the room. A TV? Radio? Computer? More books?

Also ask her what she'd like out of all this. Assuming we keep surviving the fights and improving her, what would she like to accomplish for herself?
No. 477445 ID: c1c7b7

I, for one, am totally fine with doll bloodsport.

Seconding getting to know Infinity better.
No. 477499 ID: 52df2e

Omg, that face.
Hug him.
Hug him now.
No. 478890 ID: 27cbbb
File 135555373825.png - (174.41KB , 780x593 , 21.png )

You still don't have the temerity for that!

Indie looks up at you.
"I will fight, and I will win. Those of limited scope cannot stand before infinity. Do not worry for me. Worry for your self, who is not of my Word, who may buckle beneath the weight of my wounds." she says, in plain speak, her face unchanging save her mouth. "It would be unfortunate if you came to pain because I was injured too deeply."

>Maybe we should just unpack and ask Infinity what sort of improvements she'd like for the room. A TV? Radio? Computer? More books?

"I would like more books. A computer would be nice."

I sit on the bed, and Infinity sits in my lap without encouragement, opening a book. It doesn't take long for me to realize she reads far faster than I.

>what would she like to accomplish for herself?
"I wish to fight, and when I win, the prize will be worth the fight. That is all there is."
No. 478892 ID: f2c20c

Ask if she refers to the upgrade she gets upon winning a fight, or if she means there's a prize further along. We could also ask her how that sort of upgrade thing works.
No. 478906 ID: bf54a8

we mean at the end, after the last doll goes down and she is the last one standing. what next?

other then that
No. 478982 ID: 8247d0

You don't have the required temerity for anything.
You are going to acquire some.
No. 478983 ID: 4a328b

naaaaaah no temerity is good. It's cuter this way.

Grab a nap or something
No. 478988 ID: 92c81e

Want a computer? We can go buy a computer, duplicate it, and then return the original. Supernatural abilities for great justice(profit)!
No. 478989 ID: ec6d4c

>the prize will be worth the fight
Does that mean she knows what the prize is?

What do we have in our wallet? There was no ID, but if there's cash or a credit credit card, we might be able to get infinity a computer. With the rate she goes through books, hitting up a library is probably a better idea than buying them. (Although getting a library card without an ID could be a little tricky).
No. 481153 ID: 9e3a04
File 135686094486.png - (134.71KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

"What do you mean?"
"The prize... Is worth the fight. Else... why fight?" she asks.
"I do not understand."
Indy looks down.
"You will, eventually."

"What about a computer?"
"... I do not do well with computers. They do not handle the concept of infinity well." she says.
"How about a library card?"
"Li...brary?" she asks, as if I'd offered a child a lifetime supply of candy.
I'll take it as a yes - I don't have an ID, but I think Gerald can get me one tomorrow, just in case.

Nap sounds good. I didn't realize how tired I'd been.
No. 481154 ID: 9e3a04
File 135686095387.png - (165.08KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

I wake up.

"Master." Infinity looks up, a note taped to her face. "Fullblade left you a message."

I walk over and pick it up.


I ask that you please head into the city today. I have provided you a fake ID and some money. My associate will drive you into town.
I have it on good authority that at least one dollmaster is in town. Be aware, Dolls can take many shapes and sizes. I cannot accompany you into town. But I will have a reward when you return, even if you are not victorious or even if you do not fight.


No. 481161 ID: bf54a8

let's get DANGEROUS.
No. 481206 ID: 027156

let's meet this associate and drive libraryways.
No. 481238 ID: 965173

Check out the ID and see how much money he left us.
No. 481245 ID: ec6d4c

Well, we have nothing better to do than head into town. Since we don't have any specific leads of the doll in town, best we can do will be to keep our eyes and ears open. Meaning we're totally free to try hitting up the library.
No. 484989 ID: bfa44d
File 135811454912.png - (150.11KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

It turns out the Associate is just Dregas - who drives us to the park and hands us a map.
No. 484990 ID: bfa44d
File 135811456132.png - (99.83KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

It's... Not a good map!

[You may visit any location. Visiting a location takes about ten to twenty minutes to reach. you will travel by public transit, which is free in-town. You may also stay where you are.]
No. 484991 ID: be7fd9

We're going to the library and getting a library card.
No. 484998 ID: bf54a8

let's go to the mall first. get supplies.
No. 484999 ID: 521153

Mall first, to get a super conspicuous disguise for Indy. A huge cloak or something.

Then library it up.
No. 485007 ID: 14bafe

Mall, library, restaurant seems like a good sequence of events. That way we spend most of the money, then have enough to get food at the end of the day.

How are we supposed to get back, anyway?
No. 485022 ID: f2c20c

We should keep in mind that Infinity doesn't look human so people might freak out when seeing her. We really do need some sort of disguise for her.

Keep a look out for suspicious people. We could run into the doll master at any time.
No. 485234 ID: d1b532

He... Spelled legit wrong...

Check the ID Card. Seriously.
No. 489799 ID: f7acde
File 135986447802.png - (155.67KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

Well, at least this looks legitimate. Even used my made up name. I'm Aleph... Kliener? Okaythen.

Humorously, there's an anime con in town. No one thinks anything of her. It's ending in a few days, so I guess I have a grace period.


So a disguise! Yes, a disguise sounds good! ... Which store? And, uh...

I'm sorta broke!

Anyway, we have Cool Story, which has 'alternate fasion', I guess, The Close, which is pretty much Cool Lady Central, and... The Goodwill. Bleagh.

Also I have no money. At least, none I remember or I can find in my pockets.
No. 489807 ID: f2c20c

No money at all? Well CRAP. We can't buy clothes without money.

...oh wait, Infinity can duplicate items. Ask how that works- does she need to touch the item to duplicate it? Where does the new item appear? I want to duplicate something highly valuable but easy to pawn. Like a gold ring.
No. 489811 ID: 908c2d

>no money
Hmm. Best plan of action would be to have Infinity duplicate something valuable, sell it, and then buy what you need.

Of course, we'd need something actually valuable to dupe, first.
No. 489816 ID: 5d98c3

Go to a jewelry store, ask if she can try on their plainest gold ring for a moment. Thank them for their time, leave, go to a Cash4Gold store, shower them in gold rings.
No. 489822 ID: f2c20c

We can only duplicate one thing a day, sadly.
No. 489846 ID: e32f97

Ah damn. However the price of gold per ounce is about 1,500$ so if we duplicated an heavy amulet or some thing we could probably get more than enough operating funds.
No. 489861 ID: 14bafe

Wait, the message said that he had some money in there with the fake ID. Maybe you should check again?

If it's a big bill, we can duplicate that, or use it as collateral to at least get within duplicating distance of something really valuable.
No. 493451 ID: 875821
File 136101029782.png - (40.44KB , 587x316 , 27.png )

Oh, hahahah. There's like 300 in here. Infinity found the wallet and handed it to you, and you feel a little silly.
No. 493452 ID: 875821
File 136101030553.png - (172.42KB , 1000x1000 , 28.png )

While I'm here, both me and Infinity can get outfits...

(Paperdolls, you know the drill~)
No. 493454 ID: 5a5dd4
File 136101549145.png - (74.86KB , 750x750 , infinityclothes.png )

Oh man, I always miss out on these.

Am I doing it right?
No. 493455 ID: de986b
File 136101658226.png - (35.58KB , 1000x1000 , yes.png )

No. 493476 ID: 5d98c3

CLASSY! Set of the year, ALL years.
No. 493501 ID: 9f0b0a

No. 493509 ID: 9ee360

I like that look for 'finity, but the suit is a little too formal for Aleph.
No. 493644 ID: 8247d0
File 136106437195.png - (428.06KB , 1000x1000 , AlephandInfinity_zpsd6eddf20.png )

I made a thing
No. 493645 ID: 76b151

This for infinity
This for us. However have infinity cufflinks.
No. 493647 ID: bf54a8

i don't think having infinity symbols everywhere is a good idea. knowing her name can give other doll users an advantage.
No. 493653 ID: 4a328b

Agreed. No infinity symbols and no fractalization or anything like that on the clothes
No. 493656 ID: 8247d0

Let's use a few other symbols, then.
No. 493668 ID: 66adb0
File 136106728721.png - (129.33KB , 624x557 , 25.png )

Not even... Fractal panties?
No. 493669 ID: 4a328b

...Well, as long as they're not visible, I guess she can wear what ever pattern she wants on her underoos xD
No. 493686 ID: 035ce3

No. 493687 ID: 035ce3

No. 493688 ID: bf54a8

No. 493795 ID: a0c700


panties are for losers

go commando for the win
No. 493958 ID: 5d98c3

No. 494017 ID: 522afb

Okay I know that's just a pattern but whenever someone says fractal and puts spikes into things I can't help but feel like there would be little tiny splinters that would dig deep into whatever they were held against.
No. 497093 ID: 9b3d17
File 136217318033.png - (103.00KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

Hell yeah. You are SO classy. Didn't even cost that much!
And yes, you got the panties for Infinity. She demanded them.

Now then, was the plan to continue to the library? There may be a Master in hiding in the Mall, after all.
No. 497095 ID: d6ef5d

>There may be a Master in hiding in the Mall, after all.
All the more reason to try and power up first. Knowledge is power, after all. To the library!
No. 497097 ID: 14bafe

Take advantage of Infinities' passive Absorb function. Since apparently we can level up skills without combat, getting her to learn new concepts might be practice enough for her to bump that up to an A class skill, and then maybe we'd be able to absorb more skills per combat.
No. 497099 ID: bf54a8

get books on karate. all the kinds of karate. have her learn how to punch to hard it blow a candle out 10 meters away.
No. 497116 ID: 8247d0

No. 497121 ID: 97008d

agree, library. first, check out a book on speedreading. second, check out everything else.
No. 497126 ID: f2c20c

Speedreading? Brilliant. With that under her belt she could go through a dozen books in a day.

...her reading habit is going to get expensive, I can tell. Also, we'll have to watch what she reads. Don't want her getting any false or misleading information.
No. 497166 ID: 9ddf68

If you do take her to the library see if they have a book on how to count cards, she could be very useful if you ever need to get some quick cash
No. 497396 ID: 9b3d17
File 136228306513.png - (138.78KB , 800x600 , 30.png )


>> The ability to gain levels in skills through reading is highly limited. In order to do so, you will need to spend THE REST OF THE DAY in the Library, for a SINGLE SKILL, listed below, and only at that rank.

>> If you use this knowledge base for this purpose, it will not be usable for this purpose again. You will need to find some other large base of knowledge to work from, such as an entirely different library.

>>The skills available are as follows:

> GAMBLING (C): At this rank, the Doll is able to estimate basic probability and make thusly informed decisions, increasing its capability to gamble and succeed at other luck and probability based games by one-half.

> KNOWLEDGE (D): This is a base of knowledge in any science or field of study, representing an amount of study roughly equal to a high school education with AP classes.

> CHARM (C): Represents a Doll's capability to seduce, charm, or enrapture individuals interested in its gender. At this rank, only about as capable as a standard human.

> ADAPT (D): Represents a Doll's capability to utilize objects not normally considered 'weapons'. At this rank, there are no penalties or benefits for using improvised weaponry.

> FIRST AID (C): Represents a Doll's capability to treat wounds mundanely. At this rank, can set bones, dress wounds, and perform CPR (Assuming the Doll has functioning lungs).

>Please vote whether to gain ONE of these, at the expense of the rest of the day and the use of this capability at this library.
No. 497397 ID: 9b3d17
File 136228307318.png - (86.89KB , 492x599 , 31.png )

You note that Infinity likes books. A lot.
"I may read them all?" she asks, eagerly. "ALL of them?!"
No. 497400 ID: bf54a8

i vote KNOWLEDGE for srs.
a info base would let her do a lot of things. and it's not like we have much to do.

but snuggle her while she reads!
No. 497405 ID: d6ef5d

My first choice would be knowledge. My second would be adapt.

>"I may read them all?" she asks, eagerly. "ALL of them?!"
As many as you want, Indie. As many as you want.
No. 497406 ID: f2c20c

Um, if we spend the rest of the day here, we won't be looking for the Master at all. Remind Infinity of that, but tell her we can get her some free reading time here after the mission's over.

So, she should probably pick out a few of the most interesting books to read for now.
No. 497407 ID: a68e3e

Adapt seems best.
Also cuddle with her the entire time she's reading, maybe read over her shoulder.
No. 497408 ID: 9b3d17

When selecting KNOWLEDGE, please also select a discipline, such as chemistry or geology.
No. 497410 ID: 4a328b

>"I may read them all?"
Eventually! First thing's first. Get her a library card!
Let's learn ADAPT!
Let's spend the rest of the day here [but go out for food or something when you get hungry]
No. 497413 ID: bf54a8

let's have knowledge math. a theoretical concept knowing math, sounds fun.
No. 497414 ID: 662219

look at that face, man. you can't refuse that face. we're spending the day here.

I choose knowledge (physics). pure math is appropriate for her, but doesn't really help us in a fight.
No. 497415 ID: 9f5b78

If she gets Knowledge: English, will she get Taunt: Grammar for free as well?
No. 497416 ID: 76b151

I think I like this the best. With proper knowledge of physics and the ability to do it real-time you can do all sorts of crazy shit.
No. 497419 ID: 17030a

Knowledge/physics, knowledge/metaphysics, or adapt.
No. 497420 ID: 9ddf68

I choose GAMBLING just because I want to be that one guy that stands away form the crowd, Plus if we ever hit Vegas we would be set.
No. 497421 ID: 5e27a0

Wait, we cant do this at this library again? what, are they going to ban us? does infinity consume the books she reads?
No. 497422 ID: d6ef5d

Infinite real time physics calculations for absurd combat competencies? Yes please!
No. 497427 ID: 5a5dd4

Knowledge: physics
Math is probably more her thing, but physics is basically just applied math, so.


Do we have an alibi? I mean, we're just kind of a dude in a suit hanging out (and potentially snuggling) with a youngish looking girl, and that's a little weird.

She doesn't look much like our sister, so that's out. Cousin maybe? Adoptive family?

And how is our cash-pile looking after acquiring new clothes?
No. 497428 ID: 92c81e

As nice as reading up is, we can do that another day, provided we are still in the area. I think we should look for the other master in the mall. It would be better if we can find him/her before he/she finds us. Even if we do not fight right away.

If/When we do go looking for the other master, we need to keep an eye out for any pair of people who seem suspicious. They may be on just as much as a watch as us, and that would show.
No. 497440 ID: 662219


No. 497542 ID: 8247d0

I'm voting for first aid. IT would be good to have a medic on hand, just in case anything happens. I'm choosing Adapt as my second choice.
Find an adventure book to read while you're there, Aleph. Snuggling is okay in private, but in a public place and towards a young girl... That's bound to cause trouble. You could also pick up a library card while Indie is reading.
No. 497543 ID: d6ef5d

Considering she plans to read an entire library in a single day, I'm not sure there's going to be a chance for snuggling anyways. She's gonna be moving around at a blur.
No. 497587 ID: 8b99eb

Hey, guys... You realize that the Knowledge is just knowledge, right?
And not a ton?
No. 497676 ID: 9b3d17
File 136238365005.png - (218.12KB , 598x600 , 32.png )

You take her to a study room, and tell her what we'll be studying today. She nods, pulling out a... card catalogue? she got on the way here. She names books, and I fetch them.

And then it starts. The books float, flickering energies from the books to her.

"This will take some time..." she says softly. "If I am distracted, we may start again, later, where we left off."



No. 497681 ID: 92c81e

rolled 84 = 84

Let's do this, Lerooooyyyyy!
No. 497688 ID: 17e4f3

rolled 54 = 54


No. 497691 ID: 14bafe

rolled 5 = 5

About reading all of them, I guess we could make the library a daily visit kind of thing. After all, we found something that our murder-bot enjoys, just straight-up. And it's something that doesn't cost us anything, while getting useful skills. A happy robot is a good robot.

I don't know if everyone is rolling a d100!!?!?!?!?? might as well though.
No. 497693 ID: bf54a8

rolled 72 = 72

now i have to roll to bring the average back up. when someone says roll, only roll until the average is in the green zone. rolling afterwards is pointless and in fact detrimental.
No. 497695 ID: 9b3d17

I never said whether high or low was good - There is no 'green' or 'red' zone.

By all means though, keep rolling. I don't mind. :3
No. 497698 ID: d6ef5d

rolled 76 = 76

Keep on rollin' rollin'...
No. 497706 ID: ab6499

rolled 69 = 69

I'll roll the BEST encounter
No. 497709 ID: 76b151

rolled 12 = 12

Best encounter indeed.
No. 497710 ID: 7003a8

rolled 43, 22, 74, 91, 14, 51, 35, 6, 41, 36 = 413

Ugh, lets just get the roll-spam over with.

Bam. Done. Move on.

If the only suggestion people can give is a roll of the dice, then you're probably better off splitting the update in two and rolling yourself on the first part so you can move right on to the second.
No. 497727 ID: 17e4f3

rolled 40 = 40


the author doesn't tell you how to suggest, so why are you telling him how to run his quest?
No. 497739 ID: 9b3d17

rolled 1 = 1

Please stop rolling now!
No. 497755 ID: 76b151

that was a 1d8
No. 497846 ID: 9b3d17

I was rolling which roll I would use.
No. 497961 ID: 9b3d17
File 136246214140.png - (89.09KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

You move out to get a drink of water. Almost directly before you return, a soft voice pipes up.
"Well, what a pleasant surprise. Another Master." she says.

Upon the inevitable question of how she could possibly know, a small creature peeks out from behind her.
"Because Dolls sense one another." she says happily, leaning back in the chair. "I have a proposal for you. Will you listen?" she asks invitingly. "If you walk away, I'll take it as a denial, and let you go for today."

The unspoken threat contradicts her catlike grin, and the size of her Doll - which is maybe half Infinity's size. The damn thing never stops moving, either, vibrating, twitching, shifting.
No. 497962 ID: 9ddf68

i guess you should probably turn and listen for now but make sure you have a least a 10 foot gap between the two of you. also be ready to run like hell encase things go wrong.
No. 497964 ID: f2c20c

Ask her what the proposal is.

Also, send a message to Infinity that you found the Master and Doll. Give her your location.
No. 497970 ID: bf54a8

just based on that it's name is probably speed or motion.

anyway, listen but be sure to keep some space. message infinity that they found us and to be ready for the worst.
No. 497987 ID: 38a6a1

No. 497998 ID: 92c81e

First roll is best roll :3

You don't even have to turn around. You can just turn an ear slightly towards them and wait until she continues with her proposal. Trust me, it'll be cool. Either way, may as well listen to her proposal.
No. 498006 ID: 14bafe

Where are you getting its name from?

I'm betting it's Energy.
No. 498016 ID: d6ef5d

Might as well hear her out. Running from or beating up every avatar user doll master we encounter as soon as we encounter them will get kind of silly.
No. 498076 ID: 6d9ab1

Listen to her proposal before leaving.
Her doll is probably Motion or some such thing.
No. 498385 ID: 9b3d17
File 136262091254.png - (136.83KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

You turn around.
"I'm listening."

She smiles.
"Tell me, you ever get into street racing?" she asks. You shake your head. "There's this feeling you get when you tune your car just right." she says, turning the page. "When it's better than any other car, and no one can beat you."

"...Is it good?"

"It's a terrible feeling." she says with a chuckle. "There's no challenge anymore! But my friend here thinks you can manage. Maybe. So here's my offer. Tonight I'll wait in the parking lot. Seems whatever you're doing is pretty involved. If you accept, we'll duel, then and there. If not... Well, we might meet again, and I'm sure you'll be stronger." She leans forward, over the book - showing a good shot of cleavage - and points at me. "Yes or no, stranger?"
No. 498386 ID: 49e805

Yes do it
No. 498387 ID: d6ef5d

All right, we accept.
No. 498389 ID: f2c20c

Her doll is definitely Speed. Sure, we can accept.

What book is she reading?
No. 498392 ID: 9ddf68

Uh... do you even remember how to drive, got yourself a car, or even know the roads around here. If not then I don't think you can race, and infinity can't reach the pedals either so you might want to think this though just a bit.
No. 498431 ID: e3aff6

Make sure to set terms beforehand if you agree.

Hmm... I don't think we can beat them now (we have so far mostly used speed, but a Speed doll would obviously outdo us in that regard), but on the other hand Infinity is guaranteed not to die permanently, so loosing now might provide a learning experience while also making us look less threatening to her in the future.
No. 498436 ID: f2c20c

True enough. We do need to set terms, to ensure Aleph doesn't die.
No. 498496 ID: f7a438

No. 498635 ID: 8247d0

Guys, this doesn't involve a car.
"If you accept, we'll duel, then and there."
No. 499462 ID: 9b3d17
File 136298960540.png - (93.50KB , 585x600 , 35.png )

"I accept."

"Very good!" she says with a smile, and a bow - you resolutely attempt to keep your eyes on her face, before returning to your study room.

Infinity is about halfway done, and you wait until she finishes.

"This opponent sounds difficult." she states, stacking the books with care. "But I trust your decision."

You nod.
"Any advice?"

"We cannot choose where or when to engage the opponent. We must gauge their strength before committing to any manuevers. Do you have any ideas, or suggestions for me to contemplate?"

You ask for her input on its Name.

"Given how it does not stop moving, I would think something like..." she stops a little, in thought. "Like Speed. But something is ominous about this. I sensed him. I think his Name is broader than that."
No. 499464 ID: 76b151

Maybe something that indicates Movement in general? Kinesis? Velocity?
No. 499466 ID: d6ef5d

If he could not stop moving, perhaps that's something we can use against him. On the one hand, yes, he's probably going to throw all that barely contained speed and energy at us during the fight, but that gives us a chance to turn it against him. Infinity's got some skill in martial arts already, she's studying classical physicals, and thinks very fast. Put all that together and you've got someone who can pull off an adaptive counter-deflection fighting style, using her opponent's own attacks and momentum as a weapon.
No. 499467 ID: f2c20c

Motion, Velocity... oh jeez, he'd better not be Vector or Acceleration. Automatic redirection defenses are cheap as hell.
No. 499469 ID: 76b151

Well any sort of deeper connection to the concept of movement probably has the ability to alter, strengthen or absorb it. So we can at least expect the lessening and redirection of blows as well as it being fairly fast.

Hopefully our Physics study to at least mitigate what it can do and it doesn't actually break the laws of motion. I think the general plan for this thing would be anticipating its moves and being able to strike when it is committed to an action. It will easily dodge otherwise.
No. 499477 ID: 6630b7

unless she wants to change her studies to better adjust for the fight, we should just keep on doing what we're doing.
No. 499484 ID: e848d1

No. 499546 ID: 1be9fe

I'm betting that it's motion.
No. 505844 ID: 933f92
File 136601508016.png - (153.54KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

It's time.

We head outside to the parking lot. It's dark out, but the arena is lit up by street lights. The Doll stands at ready in the center, seemingly vibrating, his master behind him.
"You came! Better than expected." she says, toying with her zipper, lowering it just a bit.
No. 505845 ID: 933f92
File 136601509089.png - (123.12KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

You scoff.

Of course. It was a deal." Infinity prepares, sliding into a stance.

How should I start the fight?
No. 505846 ID: 933f92

>That's supposed to say before, not behind
No. 505847 ID: f2c20c

As a speed-based doll, our opponent is likely to rush in. Infinity should prepare to grapple it and use its own momentum against it. If it doesn't immediately rush in, advance but maintain a solid stance.
No. 505861 ID: d6ef5d

Our opponent's advantage is speed. Infinity's best tactic is to use that speed against him. (Ie, your goal is less to punch him than it is to stick out your fist and let him run into it).

Since she cannot react faster than him, or fast enough to keep up, that means using her own infinite perspective and processing power along with the physics she's been studying to do lots of lighting fast calculations- build probabilistic predictive models and track his motion ahead of time so as to react appropriately.

...just don't shout out her real name if she gets hurt, Aleph. That's an advantage we want to try and keep. And don't even bother looking at Jeannette's attempt to distract or unnerve you with titties. This is life or death for Infinity here- you don't have any attention left to care.
No. 505864 ID: bf54a8

start listing off the names you think it could have out loud while giving infinity basic commands mentally.
No. 505867 ID: ec4f3c

make like a matador.
No. 506117 ID: 2b2ea9

>your goal is less to punch him than it is to stick out your fist and let him run into it
I expect that won't work. It's too... fidgety. Reactive. We'd be better off using fake out maneuvers, so there would be an obvious attack he misses and a more subtle one it reacts into. Of course it may be too quick for that technique too, so maybe have a third plan?

Wait... can infinity make a kind fractal strategy of action and reaction? So it can never completely anticipate or react to us?
No. 506374 ID: cee0ad

The name of this doll is movement, ask infinity if she has control over time, or space, either are correct for the situations strategies.
No. 507632 ID: 933f92
File 136688049989.png - (225.24KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

>Make like a matador and use his momentum against him!

You nod to Infinity, who nods back. And that's when the enemy charges. ...Well, not charges, he simply launches, like a bullet, for Infinity, who prepares to counter throw - But he stops directly in front of her, vibrating with a loud, ominous hum.

Before you can give a command, he slams his fist home to Infinity's belly, and she is launched back ludicrously hard, into a lamppost.

Your back and belly scream in pain.
No. 507633 ID: 933f92
File 136688050782.png - (93.26KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

Infinity rises from the rubble, and the creature dances in place, no longer buzzing. Seeing an opportunity I don't, she launches herself at him, only to stop in midair and be flung back with an equal amount of force as when she launched at him. The enemy Master laughs, leaning over.

"Looks like I was wrong before. Oh well, a little more power can't hurt~"


Infinity's head slams into the concrete, and your own shocks. Augh!
No. 507639 ID: f2c20c

(looks like the email field has a character limit)

"Redirection"? "Reaction"? This doll has the ability to store and control velocity. Infinity should approach then slow down when she gets close so she can't just get knocked back, and use grapples or spin-counterspin attacks. As in, a roundhouse kick might get reflected, at which point you can use the reflected velocity to just kick from the other direction. Straight-on attacks are bad here. Then again, maybe it can store energy from impacts... in which case, this is a grapple-only fight. However, I think dodging should work okay as a response to attacks.

It does look rather spindly and fragile so if Infinity can get ahold of it, she should be able to just twist and apply pressure to just the wrong places, and BREAK HIM.
No. 507642 ID: c6319f

I'd say walk up to him. Not slowly, but definitely keep a foot on the ground at all time for bracing. Even if he pushes her back she wont get hurt, and hopefully he can't store up energy while he does it.

Crazy idea would be to use our Word Power to Divide the ground underneath the enemy doll, throw it off balance as we attack. Crazier idea would be to Duplicate a large chunk of ground over top of it as a distraction/attack.
No. 507653 ID: 1645f1

maybe there is a limit to the amount of things he can manipulate. throw a whole bunch of rubble at him, but be prepared to dodge whatever he reflects.
No. 507657 ID: d6ef5d

>This doll has the ability to store and control velocity.
Or momentum. Yeah. That sounds right. And it doesn't need to be his own, or even require physical contact to abuse. (Or maybe he's technically controlling vectors? Would explain the angular appearance).

...meaning he's capable of action at a distance, and not bound by Newton's laws. So much for being able to use infinite calculation capacity and physics textbooks against him.

Which means, I think, this battle has to become kind of weird. We have to fight like shielded combat in Dune (...has Infinity read that book yet?). Slow, but precise attacks that depend more on positioning and skill than speed or strength, but lighting fast on the defensive. Only... we're not trying to get close enough to stab him, but for our martial arts to come into play (grapples? Trying to snap limbs? Anything that's not a blow dependent on velocity).

Worth noting- even if we're keeping out own velocity to a minimum to deprive him of any to abuse, he's still capable of bouncing around to try and change up his own, I think. So he won't be completely powerless, especially if we give him time or room to maneuver and/or charge.

Power through the pain, and give infinity your ideas. She needs you concentrating and helping if we're going to win this.

>Crazy idea would be to use our Word Power to [...]
If it can control his velocity or momentum, why would a pitfall work? Or dropping something on him? He's just negate the attacks and get more energy to throw at us.
No. 507658 ID: 2a8a2a

>the creature dances in place, no longer buzzing.
He can control his momentum or our momentum, but he stops doing one when he does the other.
Slowly approach him when he is not vibrating, and dodge to stay our of his reach when he is. When you get close enough, grab his arms with yours and pull apart.

This could work too. If we can find something to throw, we can throw it at him when he is manipulating himself, and duplicate it if he stops to start redirecting it.
No. 507663 ID: bf54a8

when he comes at us again use infinite divide on the space between us and him.even if it's for a moment having to cross an infinite distance will stop him dead in his tracks.

also he gathers his own energy by vibrating and moving. dancing means he is charging up for another move.
No. 507665 ID: d6ef5d

>use infinite divide on the space between us and him.even if it's for a moment having to cross an infinite distance will stop him dead in his tracks.
...if that works, that's brilliant. For one moment he'll be completely without any stored momentum or velocity to use.

>throw stuff at him
...if his powers really can only interact with one thing at a time I guess that might sort of keep him busy, but more than anything else it seems like it would just feed him energy.
No. 507666 ID: bd8b82

Um guys thats kinetic manipulation
No. 507667 ID: af8414

No. 507668 ID: bd8b82

Okay how about we use the power word divide on the planet itself because we are going to lose but the least we could do is go out with a bang.
No. 507669 ID: bf54a8

i think that will just divide a small area. not the whole thing. also if we throw a large object at him and divide it... it would be hit bey infinite mass but a redirect would only work on whatever part of the blob of infinite area he specifically redirected. like that one atom in on the side. it's an infinite number of tiny objects close together.
No. 507670 ID: bd8b82

Two problems infinity is about to be destroyed and divide only destroys objects.

Also should size matter for a power word ability that comes from infinity?
No. 507674 ID: d6ef5d

...the appropriate response to "my friend might die" is not "so let's find a way to kill absolutely everyone".

Can't do that. Right now, our power words either let us destroy or duplicate something.

>Also should size matter for a power word ability that comes from infinity?
Considering the abilities are explicitly marked as rank E, it's not much of a stretch to assume that for the moment they're subject to certain limitations. Even if the powers are derived from or based off of infinity.
No. 507675 ID: 76b151

I wonder if infinite duplication can be used as a weapon. You know making something suddenly be in the way of Vector (good name idea for this guy) and use devide to remove obstacles as he throws things at us or us at things. Can't really be hit if it no longer exists.
No. 507689 ID: bf54a8

multiply is currently limited to doubling something. higher ranks probably increase uses and how many are made.
No. 507695 ID: bf54a8

GOO! we need to get a lot of goo. or something slippery. just make the terrain the WORST place to go fast.
No. 507698 ID: d6ef5d

Not a bad idea, the main problem being we can only use each power word once per day, currently. So that's less a general battle tactic than a once off trick we can pull.

If he can directly control velocity / momentum / vectors than making the floor slippery wouldn't have any effect on him. Nevermind the fact we lack a way to do that.
No. 507699 ID: bf54a8

the cars! start opening their oil things so they drain. the entire floor is oil!
No. 507766 ID: f2c20c

Hey, don't forget that Infinity's greatest power is immortality.
No. 507774 ID: 76b151

well, if her replication power doesn't have a size limit we could replicate the street. Right above his head.

Yes the street, all that concrete and metal bits.

I bet his velocity thing won't be able to handle that much weight.
No. 507822 ID: 78c6ea

You're infinity, right? Use Xeno's paradox! He can't move because everything is infinitely far from him.
No. 507823 ID: 5031b0


unfortunately, that only works when the limit of his function at infinity doesn't exist. which it does in this case.
No. 507824 ID: 78c6ea


Sssh you fool, limit theory is the only thing that can invalidate Xeno's paradox
No. 509193 ID: 933f92
File 136800332489.png - (217.07KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

>replicate the street.
>I wonder if infinite duplication can be used as a weapon.

Infinity rises from her pained position, cracked face sealing rapidly. She groans, then stares him down.

Don't worry, Master. she says in my mind, I have this in hand!

"What are you..." You manage, before her hands slap the earth and Kinesis hums ominously.
"Finish it." his master states. "Impale her face on your leg!"

Power flows from Infinity's hands.
No. 509194 ID: 933f92
File 136800334179.png - (204.03KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

Another layer of concrete appears, phasing into reality as fractal patterns form. Kinesis rushes the wave, and then...
He doesn't really stop. But his legs are left behind with a horrifying, sickening crack. His master screams in agony as the duplicated concrete traps Kinesis's legs, sending him flying over Infinity harmlessly, clattering behind us. His master is screaming in agony, curled up, gripping her legs.

You could win right now, destroy her Doll.

Or you could... You don't know what else you could do.
No. 509195 ID: cf49fc

...They WERE planning on destroying infinity. I'd suggest intercepting it. It's on a dangerous trajectory. If it gets too close, try infinitely replicating air around her.
No. 509201 ID: bf54a8

what exactly are you talking about? reread the update it's legs are GONE.

anyway, only options are to kill it or make her swear an unbreakable oath of some kind. i doubt that exists. so caving in it's skull as well is all we can really do.
No. 509207 ID: f2c20c

I guess Kinesis was the right name, then?

Save him? He would be a powerful ally, but I'm not sure- oh. Of course, if we destroy him, another Doll will rise to take his place, and we have no way to know what approach their Master would take. Keeping friendly or neutral opponents around means that we can count on fewer hostiles in the long run.

On the other hand, we would also remain at about the same power level. Infinity can gain some skills from libraries, but they seem to be restricted to utility knowledge. If we fight another opponent this powerful we'll be in trouble. Are doll battles always 1 on 1...?

Maybe his Master can persuade us.
No. 509208 ID: a68e3e

She was ready to kill Infinity, I don't see why we shouldn't do the same.
No. 509210 ID: e0b19d

Everyone knew the risks going into this.

Finish him off.
No. 509223 ID: d6ef5d

...is not killing him even option?

I mean, is Infinity even willing to do that? I mean, we don't even really know why dolls have to fight, except that they seem to really want to kill each other, and that they get stronger when they do so. And if she is willing to spare him, then what becomes of him? Is he even repairable? And what becomes of Infinity? Does she still get stronger if she's merciful? If she doesn't get stronger, she may not survive!

I mean, the points against are that his master was perfectly willing to kill infinity, and that we need the power. But I'd still be willing to consider mercy if it's an option. As your connection with infinity has shown you, these dolls are people. Funny, weird little people, but people nonetheless. Be nice if we didn't have to kill 'em all.
No. 509225 ID: 888df6

Of course not killing it is an option. It's just a dumb one.

Kill it dead.
No. 509233 ID: 76b151

Ah good, we're much more bloodthirsty then last time.

Finish Him.
No. 509240 ID: 92c81e

It has to be done. Although we take no pleasure in destroying a 'living' being, it needs to be done, for many reasons. I can envision times where we might spare the doll, even at the cost of power, but she doesn't deserve it.
No. 509244 ID: e653a5

she'd have your doll dead. do unto others. gain power.
No. 509262 ID: af8414

No. 509289 ID: 8247d0

Destroy the doll. She planned on killing Infinity. She picked this fight and harmed our doll. She will not do it again.
No. 509425 ID: 933f92
File 136808642588.png - (151.07KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

"Please!" the enemy Master says as Infinity casually walks up to the other Doll. He's stunned, in pain, as she places her foot on his head. Cracks already appear. "PLEASE! I gave up so much! You can't... You can't do this!"

"You wanted to kill mine." you hear yourself say as cracks appear on his head.

"You know what these dolls are like, damnit! They get in your head! They make you want to WIN! At any cost! Please, just let him go! I'll do anything, damnit!" she crawls forward. "I swear it - on Kinesis, I swear, I won't ever act against you, just let him live, please!"

Power is arcing from the head to Infinity's boot. "You don't have to kill him! I've seen Dolls with allies before, strong Dolls! Dolls that WIN, with allies! Please, please, please..."

She looks over at his visor, his head grinding against the pavement to look back at her. "He's all I have now."

As if sensing her fear, or her pain, he raises one hand. You start - but he just holds up a weak thumbs-up.

Infinity stares.

I can still gain power from his surrender. It will not be as much as a total victory.
No. 509429 ID: af8414

Alright, propose being allies. Not just passive "I don't kill your doll, you don't kill mine." Active, loyal partnership/servitude/teamwork/whatever.
Run this by Infinity to see if she has any reservations/additional terms/objections/whatever first.
No. 509432 ID: 76b151

If she cares this much then don't kill him. Agree to a permanent alliance. He surrenders this battle, loses some power. Then we work together.
No. 509435 ID: bf54a8

need some bindings, let him live but i don't trust them to not escape. bind them and wait to get picked up.
No. 509436 ID: f2c20c

I'm okay with having an ally and some partial power from a surrender. Infinity has a high growth rate, so a win via surrender would probably be comparable to a different Doll's complete victory.

Spare him, gain the ally and the surrender-power.
No. 509437 ID: 464550

Show her mercy. We would react the same way to try and keep Infinity with us. She's all we have, he's all she's got. Besides, we still gain strength from it and an ally to boot is always handy. Remember; there is 12 frames around at all times. 3 frames working together will save us a lot of trouble.

Besides, perhaps being shown mercy and how close she was to losing it over her 'addiction' will help her control herself. Don't want her to sabotage us out of revenge.
No. 509438 ID: 5a5dd4

Do we really want an ally that breaks down into a blubbering mess and begs for mercy upon defeat? Someone who will 'do anything' to save their doll? Someone who would betray us to save themselves and their doll in a critical situation?

No mercy for the weak.

Infinity, end him.
No. 509442 ID: 76b151

Compassion is not a bad thing. And if we gain his powers and she betrays us we can easily kill the doll anyway.
No. 509444 ID: bfecb9

Accept their surrender. Better the enemy you know then the enemy you don't
No. 509445 ID: a68e3e

Come on you all were willing to kill him 'before' she started crying.
I don't trust the girl as far as I can throw her.
I vote kill him.
No. 509446 ID: bf54a8

hog tie them both an bring them back to the base.
No. 509477 ID: 83dc73

We have no guarantee she is being genuine and she has in fact demonstrated herself to be someone who would emotionally manipulate others, from what little we've seen. I don't think it's worth the risk to spare her doll.

End him.
No. 509482 ID: e3aff6

She is definitely manipulative, but she did offer at the beginning to not fight instead of attacking us right away. I vote we let the doll live.

Say that she should have thought of that before going for the kill... and hopefully she will next time she fights.
No. 509503 ID: 8247d0

Eh... Let's spare him.
No. 509506 ID: 747c7e
File 136813316402.jpg - (8.43KB , 243x150 , chigurh-error.jpg )

secondary suggestion in case of a tie.
No. 509612 ID: 2fbf20

How about we ask Indie whether she wants to destroy Kinesis or just wants to force him to surrender then act based on that.

That is unless you guys don't care about her opinion.
No. 509614 ID: 91c1b3

It's better to let him live.
No. 509623 ID: 92c81e

I say we have enough allies. And besides, we can't just go around sparing enemies just because they start blubbering about it. She is manipulative and had no issues with taking out Indy.

Finish it.
No. 509631 ID: 1ca9d2

Spare her doll. And all this talk about her being manipulative... Uh, checking back in the thread all I can see is her blatantly showing her cleavage. That isn't exactly devious mastermind territory.

But is doll-induced bloodlust even a thing? We need to check with the other doll masters we know, confirm that. Did we experience anything like that ourselves?
No. 509642 ID: 2fbf20

From what I can see it normally comes from an ability called HOT BLOOD.

And on a side note am I the only one who noticed that Indie's thoughts are showing up in the email field.
No. 509643 ID: 933f92

Those aren't Indie's thoughts.
No. 509658 ID: d6ef5d

Grant him mercy. You can only hope that if you ever lose, they will be as kind to you.

And really, you know Indy is a person. That means this doll is one too. Has he really done anything deserving of death? Nevermind the fact that Indy is the closest thing to you in your life- she is literally all you have in the world. How would you feel if she died? This person is likely very much the same way.

Alliance or not, the right move here is to be merciful. Spare Kinesis, help that poor crying girl to his feet.

Um, awkward question. What do we do for him? How does one even treat doll injuries like that? Will he just repair with time or...
No. 509667 ID: 77b987

Much as I want to turn this into "there can be only one" quest having allies is simply too valuable in the long run.
No. 509679 ID: 82b704

Spare your foe, acquire an ally. It's not like these two are some nasty piece of villainous work or anything.

>you hear yourself say
>They get in your head! They make you want to WIN! At any cost!
...Is this going to be a problem? I'd rather we didn't loose our self control and humanity over this. Maybe our potential new friend has some advice on this. Or hell, just having someone around who we decide not to compete with could help to resist it.
No. 509757 ID: ed511f

Ok so the way I see it if there are 12 dolls no matter how many we destroy then how can we win? Likely thing is one guy becomes godlike in power and probably goes insane constantly killing dolls. Or we get more and more allies only killing the dolls that we can't get along with and end up with a party of 12 friends and no one needs to fight anymore. Might sound idealistic but why not try?
No. 509759 ID: ed511f

Ok so the way I see it if there are 12 dolls no matter how many we destroy then how can we win? Likely thing is one guy becomes godlike in power and probably goes insane constantly killing dolls. Or we get more and more allies only killing the dolls that we can't get along with and end up with a party of 12 friends and no one needs to fight anymore. Might sound idealistic but why not try?

And the voice in our head is probably the doctor. He's got some mind power thing going on.
No. 509887 ID: 60fee2

No. 509889 ID: d6ef5d

...I wouldn't push that too hard at this moment. It's one thing to show mercy at the end of a fight, it's another to demand allegiance and cooperation at the end of a gun.

I mean, not that a team up isn't possible, but we'll have to see what happens.
No. 509890 ID: 78c6ea


If there are always 12 dolls regardless of circumstances, then who had to "scrounge and scrump" to make one?
No. 509891 ID: 2f4b71

Does this 'surrender to gain limited benefits' schtick only work once? Because that sounds like an interesting way to game the system.
No. 509892 ID: 92c81e

Gaming the system is a good way to get killed.
No. 509894 ID: 76b151

most likely the doll that surrenders loses power. Which means each time you do the surrender exchange the weaker the other doll becomes. WHich makes it easy prey for a unscrupolous foe.
No. 509895 ID: af8414

What if we put off the decision for a bit? Accepted their surrender FOR NOW and basically drag them along until we decide if we want to go the merciless route for once or if we're gonna make friends like always. [who am I kidding we're gonna be merciful but it might make for some interesting pseudo-drama]
No. 509959 ID: 933f92
File 136833571774.png - (172.91KB , 800x600 , 44.png )

>Also Make A Deal


"... Infinity. Step off." you say to her, and Infinity does so. The enemy Master rushes over, picking him up and holding him close. "This isn't free." you continue. State your surrender. Terms are as follows: You may not harm me, or Infinity, or allow us to come to harm through inaction. You will act in our interests, on our orders."

She looks up at you. "Is that clear?"

She nods, and Kinesis changes - as power flows into Infinity.


SPEED (B): Grants a great measure of reaction speed, agility, and alacrity. At this level, capable of moving at world-record speeds consistently and reacting to threats not quite instantly.

MARTIAL ARTS (B): Gives greater capability in hand-to-hand combat. At this point, the Doll is beyond the levels of 'belts' and ascends into human perfect.

ARMORED (D): Grants a measure of protection to the Doll, but not much.

Or upgrade one of the following once.

Absorb (B)
Gain two abilities from each Named Doll destroyed. Learns quickly. Understands complicated concepts rapidly.

Persistence (SS)
Cannot truly be destroyed so long as Master wishes it. Reforms quickly, but not instantly.

Martial Arts (D)
Gives basic ability in hand to hand combat.

Relate (E)
Simple mental communication between owner and Doll.

Word Power (E)
The Doll gains a 'power' over their Word, designated with the selection of this power. The power is static - when new ranks of this ability are gained, a new power at that rank is selected, and does not replace the previous. At E-rank, only very simple powers can be granted.
Once a day, Infinity may infinitely divide any item that is not a Doll or a Human. It is considered destroyed.
Once a day, Infinity may duplicate any item that is not a Doll or a Human. It retains any supernatural qualities it had before.
No. 509962 ID: 76b151

I say SPEED (B)

Though Upgrading ABSORB to Class would be helpful in the long run. However we need combat abilities
No. 509963 ID: 60fee2

Speed and Persistance.
Speed is always helpful and Persistance would make Indie even harder to kill.
No. 509964 ID: 2fbf20

We can only have one or the other.
No. 509965 ID: af8414

So we choose ONE thing here, right? I'm wanting to improve Absorb.
No. 509966 ID: af8414

Or maybe martial arts b
No. 509967 ID: 60fee2

Wait, misread. Changing to just Speed.
No. 509968 ID: 935792

MARTIAL ARTS B! currently we have low martial arts, that will jump us up fairly high in a skill that is our primary combat method. Speed is cool and all, but Martial Arts seems more varied and versitile.
No. 509969 ID: d6ef5d

Persistence is upgradeable? There's an SSS rank? Jeeze, she's all ready secretly indestructible, something none of the other dolls have.

If improving absorption would apply immediately (ie, getting us more energy from Kinesis for a second upgrade) we should get that, without question.

Assuming that's not the case, my first choice is to upgrade power word. Infinity powers are what won us that- and they have a ton of potential. We need more power words, and the ability to do more than one a day. Also: if how far we can upgrade depends on how invested in a skill the target was? In the dis thread it was spoiled that Kinesis boosted his power word so high he got past the per-day casting limits. We want that.

Second choice would be absorb. We need that more potent if we're going to be breaking even.

Third choice would be martial arts. Make the fighter good at fighting.

Fourth would be speed. Although, if we have Kinesis helping us, it might be unnecessary. You'd think boosting an ally's speed would be something he could do.

We only get one upgrade this time, since we let him live.
No. 509970 ID: f2c20c

I like SPEED. It's an all-purpose upgrade, consistently useful in combat no matter what we're doing really.

I would also support leveling up Power Word and getting some stronger powers out of it. Like "Recreate", allowing us to remake something that we previously Divided, at will.
No. 509971 ID: 933f92

((Minor typo here - Persistance is not upgradable.))
No. 509972 ID: 76b151

oh hell, we marked him. He now has Infinity on his chest.
No. 509973 ID: d6ef5d

Seems that's what we get for sparing him- the doll magic at work formally recognizes him as bound or subservient to infinity.

Which means we won't have to worry about overt betrayal, at least.

We got ourself a knight!
No. 509980 ID: bf54a8

martial arts b
No. 509981 ID: 78c6ea

Choose Duplicate.

Then duplicate your doll.
No. 509986 ID: 3d556d

Didn't we say not to say Infinity's Word?! Come on, we even came up with using Indivisible instead for that exact reason!
No. 509987 ID: 76b151

Thats kinda moot with the symbol of infinity on the guys chest. Still we should ask her to have Kinesis wear something over it and call Infinity Indi.
No. 509988 ID: d6ef5d

Dolls are explicitly exempted in the descriptions of both divide and duplicate.

>don't say Infinity's Word!
Yeah, that's a slip. She's Indy for a reason. Moot point now, the binding magic would have given it away anyways.
No. 510017 ID: cb8882

votan for absorb
No. 510037 ID: 52d91f

martial arts (b)
No. 510103 ID: dcd2ef

Martial Arts B, Absorb B, Or Persistence.
No. 510231 ID: 38600e

No. 510275 ID: cf49fc

Persistence, absorption, or martial arts.

Persistence is #1.
No. 510278 ID: bf54a8

that was specifically said to be a mistake, there s no SSS rank.
No. 510282 ID: cf49fc

There goes my smile... Oh well. Absorb it is.
No. 510286 ID: 888df6

I like Speed the best. But if not it, Martial Arts.
No. 510293 ID: 1ca9d2

Absorb. Short-term it'll be a little more difficult, but long-term it'll make us stronger. (Plus improving absorb would also improve knowledge absorption as a side effect.)
No. 510301 ID: 460361

Martial Arts or Speed.
No. 510302 ID: 460361

Or Absorb. Absorb is good too.
No. 510336 ID: 92c81e

Lets upgrade martial arts to (C) :3

Ok no really, take Martial Arts (B)
No. 510537 ID: 2fbf20

No. 510592 ID: 227c04

Guys, if we take absorb we actually have to destroy dolls to get the benefit. No more taking surrender.
No. 510593 ID: d6ef5d

...why would absorb be restricted to death? Logically, it'd expect it's what we're using right now, only it is less effective as Kinesis survived.

Currently, with rank B, with get two upgrades for a destroyed doll, and one for a spared. If we got to rank A, I'd expect each to increase (3 for destroyed, 2 for spared).
No. 510619 ID: af8414

I want to destroy dolls...
No. 510627 ID: d6ef5d

Like anything else, we'll decide that case by case, depending on the circumstances. We aren't a pacifist, but we're not a murder either.
No. 510628 ID: ea093b

No. 510636 ID: 557c7f

On one hand, getting absorb ASAP is better in the long run. On the other hand, we still need to *win* to collect anything, and speed would help with that. But I still say Absorb wins out though, since speed won't make or break us at this point. It's creative use of infinities tricks that sees us through.
No. 510637 ID: 2fbf20

Absorb = infinite potential
No. 510640 ID: 76b151

If we don't get some combat abilities we won't survive the next battle. This guy only had speed at his disposal and if we hadn't had a trick to stop him in his tracks we would have lost. Period.
No. 510657 ID: 2fbf20

Our opponent lost because we turned their speed against them and did you forget that we can gain combat abilities from Absorb without fighting doll?
No. 510658 ID: 76b151

That takes time, and an entire library. An entirely different library. Every time. Plus that only coveres knowledge based combat skills. Pure strength, toughness and speed will overwhelm us. We can't exactly defeat someone with steel skin right now.
No. 510667 ID: 2fbf20

It doesn't matter how powerful the enemy is as last long as we can turn their power against them we will win.
No. 510690 ID: 76b151

Unless we have a convenient body of water around I don't see us winning against a truly tough opponent. And even then I don't think it'd work... dolls don't breathe.
No. 512197 ID: 933f92
File 136937198590.png - (177.06KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

>Martial Arts (B) Gained
>TEMERITY Gained for Aleph

The power flows into Infinity, her eyes closing and then opening as she looks at her hands. Interestingly, black arrows pointing out are now on the backs of them.
"So... That's it?" the woman asks. "... My name is Jessica."
"Aleph." you reply. "You understand what this means, right? No working against me. No letting harm come to me. You do as I say. Anything I say."
"Anything~?" she asks, leaning forward. You attempt to keep your eyes on hers, growing a little tired of this, though temptation does bubble a bit. "Don't worry. I understand just fine. But where from here?" she asks, raising an eyebrow. "I have a car, if you want to go anywhere... Even my place~." she jokes, (you think) looking around.

That's true. It's very late - you'll have to explain when you get back, wherever you go.

You may choose to go anywhere you like, now including Jessica's home, which is deep downtown.
No. 512198 ID: c31f72

Go to your new servant's house.
No. 512200 ID: 60fee2

We may want to get Kinesis a shirt or something to cover that symbol.
No. 512205 ID: 19b3c3

Reckless bold rashness? That's just great. As if we weren't prone enough to that already, the character is gonna push harder in that direction. We have to be careful.

>Where go?
The mysterious secret email-field voice thinks we should go to the mall.

I say we do so. See what happens- learn if we can trust the mystery voice or not.

We should also talk to Jess, find out about her, if we're going to be working with her. Who she is, how long she's been doing this, how she got her doll. After all, we're kind of new to this, and our memory only goes back a day or so.

If we want to try and keep Infinity's name hidden from other masters who come to duel us, we may need to get Kinesis a shirt or something to cover up that marking.

...yeah, you're not about to stoop to what would be magic binding compulsion slash doll-hostage rape just yet, thanks.
No. 512215 ID: e3aff6

I think we should go meet Gerald and those guys. Especially since we now have more temerity~
No. 512233 ID: f2c20c

I think that was just referring to this thing from before:
>You don't have the required temerity to ask!

So I guess we can do stuff with more confidence now.

Also, go to the Mall.
No. 512261 ID: f2c20c

The Mall, because the MYSTERIOUS VOICE said to, and I'd like to find out who they are.
No. 512284 ID: d1d988

No. 512301 ID: cd1119

Given the time of day, in that it isn't daytime anymore, we should be done looking for trouble for the night. But the voice says we should hit the mall and I'm willing to go along with that. I want to hear more about this teamwork thing she's seen and the rest of her doll fighting experiences. As long as we don't get in another fight we'll have time to talk there. ...Then let's take up Jess on her offer. In a way that doesn't imply things, of course.
No. 512304 ID: af8414

We should hit the mall and get Jess a jacket so she isn't drawing Gerald's attention whenwe ask if he's single~ (and hoping we are whichever gender he's interested in~)
No. 512314 ID: 92c81e

Wherever we go, we should get a little info on Jessica, if she's going to be working for us, some basic info would be nice. How did she get Kinesis? And does she have any leads or info on other Masters?

Also ask her what her sizes are!
No. 512860 ID: 933f92
File 136963453846.png - (82.54KB , 800x600 , 46.png )

>To the mall!

Jess raises an eyebrow, but drives you anyway. In the darkness, there is a call.

"Ho, Fellow Dolls and Masters! I call to you, not as a foe, but an ally! I am to be your greatest ally! I, who rest in every young man and woman's heart!

"Who hold together mankind's families!

"Who of songs are sung!"

No. 512861 ID: 933f92
File 136963454833.png - (125.44KB , 800x600 , 47.png )



A figure dives and lands before us, posing smoothly. "LOVE!"

No. 512862 ID: 933f92
File 136963455686.png - (126.90KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

"What say you, mighty allies?!"

No. 512863 ID: cf49fc

SHOOT EVERY- I mean, say, "What." Loudly and clearly.
No. 512864 ID: 161ed6

What the hell kind of power is heart?
No. 512866 ID: 19b3c3

...I have to say, I wasn't expecting things to go prism ranger, but whatever. We can work with this, inanity aside.
No. 512867 ID: e3aff6

That's nice.
...Now lets turn around, walk away, and never come back here.
No. 512871 ID: 92c81e

Kill it! Kill it before it can say anything else!
No. 512872 ID: 161ed6
File 136963849628.jpg - (6.76KB , 336x150 , power of love.jpg )

My sentiments exactly. I have a bad feeling about this doll for some reason.

Perhaps it's the scary possibilities of The power of love?
No. 512873 ID: 60fee2

Turn to Jess
"...Did you just witness what I just did? "
No. 512885 ID: 2f4b71

Let's not go the the mall, 'tis a silly place.
No. 512887 ID: f2c20c

Oh crap. We're in serious danger.

No. 512888 ID: 014538

hey, at least we're safe against Malachite.
No. 512895 ID: 82b704

Well shit. Either we end up with a batshit crazy ally or a batshit crazy enemy. Maybe. Where the hell is it's master?
No. 512908 ID: af8414

oh no, it's the ultimate doll

we were fools! thinking ourselves clever with infinity


I'm frightened that the chapter is ending here. what if it's using some kind of love mind control ability and the quest resumes 10 months later with us as part of some creepy cult
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