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File 134643850849.png - (199.87KB , 458x403 , Chapter 2.png )
450063 No. 450063 ID: 1fcf1d

Legacy Quest

Chapter 2: New Beginnings

Older Chapters
Chapter 1 - http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/445572.html

Discussion Thread - http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/59003.html
Story by Kaed
Art by Lovar
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No. 450069 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134643890517.png - (133.90KB , 458x403 , Wakeup.png )

I'm awake.

I remember myself... a little bit. Not where I've been. What I did.

But I remember my nature. It is distressing, but I'll get to that problem in a moment.

Right now, I think...
No. 450074 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134643912799.gif - (61.56KB , 458x403 , Name.gif )

... that I need a name. Something to identify myself with.

What do you think is a good one?
No. 450077 ID: 886a4d

No. 450078 ID: 3aa036

Bron the Tall!

Because you are brown and apparently huge.
No. 450079 ID: 710329

Name: Khalid
No. 450081 ID: 25e0a2

Name: Karkat
No. 450090 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134644126093.gif - (64.23KB , 458x403 , Newname.gif )


Hmm... that name sounds like it belongs to someone else.

I think Twyggdrasil has a nice ring to it, though!

That shall be my name, then!

It's time to talk about my other problem, though... my elemental spirit.

Yes, surprisingly enough, I have one. The water, mushrooms, and sunlight were enough to finally wake it up, after... well, a long time, I assume.

But it's very, very withered. Barely a flicker remains, hiding deep inside me.
No. 450099 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134644420749.gif - (49.03KB , 384x365 , Aspects.gif )

But I can regrow it! It will just take time.

I have recovered enough right now to begin repairing a part of it. I don't know everything I was able to do, this shrivelled sense only gives me a barest idea of what capabilities I will have when recovered.

There are three Aspects to my elemental spirit, this much I know. I can start repairs on them right now.

Only one of these three may be improved right now, but none are exclusive towards the other - in fact, in many ways they synergize. In the end, with luck, I will have my spirit fully repaired.

The Fungal Aspect thrives in the night, and represents the darker side of nature. It's primary strengths are Offense and Subterfuge. Mastery of this Aspect involves control over such things as natural toxins, the recyling of dead matter, and the rapid breeding and growth of mushrooms.

The Arboreal Aspect thrives in the light of the sun and is more deeply in tune with the natural world than the others. Its primary strengths are Defense and Utility. I sense that later on I will be able to do things like sculpt the growth of trees, take root to recover myself, and even travel between trees.

The Floral Aspect thrives in symbiosis with the animal aspects of nature. It's strengths are Healing and Diplomacy It provides power over the flowers and fruits. The true power of this Aspect lies not in direct effects but in enticing the assistance of the more active and mobile parts of nature - making friends and allies, taming the beasts. It develops slowly, but can have some real rewards later on.

Which one should I start with?
No. 450102 ID: 06101b

As you are surrounded by nature, cooperative aspects are more valuable at the moment.

the recycling-feature of mushrooms is some nice feature, but making alliances and alterations to existing networks should be more useful in the start, so the floral-aspect proves to me to be more useful.

Taming beasts? Like aggressive flowers or do you mean actual animals in a direct way (other than producing some stuff for them to smell/feel)?

However, I still think floral is most useful for beginning here...
No. 450107 ID: bf54a8

floral, you are surrounded by nature. so getting some of it to help you would be great.
No. 450112 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134644622929.png - (140.84KB , 458x403 , Twigg Explains.png )


When I say taming beasts, I mean taming beasts. No, not directly. I don't think I'll have like... magic mind-altering apples or something. But the bounties of nature make great gifts, you know? People like gifts, and it makes friends.

And I believe healing will be a part of the Aspect later on, too. That makes lots of friends!

So, you're sure about Floral? Having friends is nice, yeah, but it takes time, and friendships as a resource are only as powerful as the friends themselves.
No. 450114 ID: 9718f3

Arboreal is totally the coolest, man. Like, seriously.
No. 450125 ID: 3aa036

Floral, because on the long run friends and allies will be more useful than personal power.
No. 450126 ID: bf54a8

ants can destroy creatures far more powerful then themselves. for while each ant is weak in total they are mighty.
No. 450131 ID: 8c24d3
File 134644980705.gif - (65.60KB , 384x365 , Floral Aspect.gif )

Floral Aspect it is!

Now just... give me a moment to work this...
No. 450139 ID: 8c24d3
File 134645067147.png - (65.66KB , 384x365 , Level Up Screen.png )

Alright, there we go.

I can feel the world around me more, and... it's wonderful.

And... I've forgotten a lot, but I realise, it's still there. I just need to remember that I know it.

I think, if I examined any flower, I would remember its names and properties.

And if I eat it, I can memorize its essense, and create a bud of that flower, on my branches. It will take a little while for it to bloom, but I'm pretty sure when I repair this Aspect more, I will be able to speed that process.

It's a small start, but it's something.
No. 450140 ID: 886a4d

Do you see any flowers nearby?
No. 450141 ID: bf54a8

well you seem to be in a field, flowers should be nearby. eat a bunch, maybe a few could be useful in alchemy.
No. 450146 ID: 8c24d3
File 134645181609.png - (114.07KB , 500x320 , Status Screen v1_5.png )

A few other things I feel I should mention first. I'll go flower hunting in a moment.

I feel Tired now. I also realize that my Tiredness is actually my Elemental Power. My physical body can store up a certain amount of it, then I can use it to repair a portion of my Elemental Spirit. It is empty right now, after this, but will slowly regain over time and activity. When I am more fully repaired, it may have other uses.

I still feel a little Weak too. But like my Tiredness, I also know this is something else - my Natural Energy. I gain this through exposure to the world around me. I can use it to fuel my mystical abilities.

Right now, I only have the Floral Aspect, so my ability to gain Natural Energy is somewhat stunted. I currently recieve a small stipend per day, from Sunlight. I think the energy I have now is as much as I can get from one day - I've been resting outside here a while. I'm not sure if I have a cap yet.

Finally, that fall has damaged me. I believe I healed some during my rest, but I am still suffering from general body trauma. I cannot move very fast, as my body is not working well.
No. 450147 ID: 06101b

already able to produce all kind of buds just by eating them once? That's sure useful... with that we could surly get a lot of animals, mostly insects, on our side just with the flowers...

Say... when you eat a flower of a fruit-giving plant, do you think you can produce the fruit out of the flower, too? Or seeds? Or is the flower staying without developing?

That would surly makes some priorities in searching and collecting flowers here instead of doing so by the way...
No. 450151 ID: 8c24d3
File 134645244125.png - (131.47KB , 458x403 , Twigg Explains2.png )


Oh, definitely. I'm certain I can bear fruit, but the biggest problem now is Time and Pollination for that. I believe I have some small amount of natural speeding to the process, but until I repair the Floral path more, I cannot make fruit and flowers just sprout from my branches in seconds.

The insects you mentioned may be able to help with the Pollination part, too... if I can get some, anyway.
No. 450153 ID: d6c330

Oh, goodness. We unintentionally took the harem route.
No. 450155 ID: bf54a8

okay. the problems you have should heal in time, so long as we don't take any more damage.
No. 450158 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134645301999.png - (133.84KB , 458x403 , Starter Field.png )

Alright, that's enough exploring my insides. Time to look at the world around me.

I am indeed in a big hilly field, and yes there are flowers. However, the mountain remainds behind me, and in the distance, I can see a forest. There is a path of some sort looping over a hill and into the forest.

So, I can either Browse the Field for Flowers, Explore the Mountain (probably for different kinds of flowers), Follow the Path (either Into or out Away From the forest), or ignore the path and Head into the Forest
No. 450160 ID: 6a1ec2

Browse the field for flowers. Fields are always a great source of flowers.
No. 450162 ID: bf54a8

you should gather some flowers now.
No. 450182 ID: d6c330

I am inordinately pleased that we've found ourselves in the situation where dallying around and picking flowers is a practical and pragmatic choice.

Gather and eat flowers, one of each. Identify 'em as you go.
No. 450280 ID: e87252

Gather some flowers as you go through the field, and I say we work on exploring the mountain a bit since that's where we came from and we might learn more.

Then, into the forest (off the path)! We're a wood elemental, after all, we should spend time with the trees. We have no idea how other beings might react to us if we met them on the path, either.
No. 450282 ID: c44286

Browse the field for flowers, first.
See if you can spread yourself out a little, so to speak. See if you can connect with the flowers nearby, and maybe draw some energy from them.
No. 450424 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134653308965.png - (169.31KB , 458x403 , Pickin\' Flowars.png )


Yes, that is a good idea! There are plenty of flowers to find in this field.

Though as it turns out, only three distinct breeds.
No. 450434 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134653458951.gif - (38.07KB , 458x403 , Skyblossom.gif )

-These light blue flowers are very common, and usually grow in open fields where there is lots of sunlight. They have a pleasing floral scent, and a soothing effect when ingested. A popular ingredient in teas.
No. 450435 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134653530659.gif - (40.65KB , 458x403 , Feverflue.gif )

-A very common short-stemed purplish flower with long petals and unusually colored pollen. It has a very mild scent, and has some dubious conditional popularity due to its emetic properties. Honey made from feverflue is very appealing in flavor, but has even stronger emetic properties than the raw flower.
No. 450442 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134653600074.gif - (36.91KB , 458x403 , Duskbud.gif )

-These commonly found thick bulbs sprout a small red flower, and around sunset the plant releases a number of small pods from its center that produce a strong and distinct, but indescrible, aroma. Honey made from this flower has a very bitter taste, but some feel that means it must have medicinal value.
No. 450443 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134653616193.png - (172.37KB , 458x403 , Eatin\' Flowahs.png )

Okay, I think I'll just take a moment to eat these now.

In the mean time, what shall we do next? The field has been explored thoroughly, so that means we can now:

Explore the Mountain, Follow the Path (Into or Away From forest), or ignore the path and Head into the Forest
No. 450445 ID: bf54a8

so the yellow things are just grass or fronds or something? well, we have nowhere pressing to be, look up the mountain, can you spot anything from here?
No. 450447 ID: 886a4d

I agree lets choose the mountain, I bet theres some rare wildflowers up there.
No. 450448 ID: c44286

I say we ignore the road and head into the forest. Time to get our treehugging mojo on.
No. 450452 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134653762599.gif - (71.94KB , 458x403 , Look, a flower!.gif )


Okay, I've been looking around for several hours, but it's just snow and trees up here! I'm beginning to think this is a waste of t-


I see one! It looks kind of wilted, but that is definately a flower over there.

I'm going to go check it out, okay?

And after that, I'm pretty sure I'm done with this stupid mountain. It's getting on in the day, and it's going to take me a couple hours just to get down...

So we'll make this simple.

Do I go Into the Forest, or Follow the Path away from it?
No. 450453 ID: c44286

To reiterate, Into the Forest.
No. 450454 ID: bf54a8

No. 450458 ID: d6c330

Now that you've eaten some, can you start growing flowers? Might as well start them now if they're going to be handy later, and they take time to mature.
No. 450460 ID: 886a4d

Nice find, ya lets go to the Forest next... ignore the path for now.
No. 450461 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134653825028.gif - (38.64KB , 458x403 , Snowbells.gif )

-Snowbells are an uncommonly found mountain flower higher up in the cool areas, that resumbles a string of white bells hanging from a vine. It tends to drape over rocks and into dark places, and can thus be difficult to even see. It has a pleasing fruity smell, and is often crushed to make an potent antiseptic paste. The honey of a snowbell is useful for allieviating fevers and other symptoms of sickness.
No. 450465 ID: 1fcf1d
File 134653852699.png - (141.52KB , 458x403 , Twigg Explains3.png )


Of course! While I'm heading down to the Forest, what flower should I start budding?

Skyblossoms, Duskbuds, Feverflue, or Snowbells?
No. 450466 ID: 2037e2

(Hey guys, drawsergal here. Gonna have to cut this a bit short due to tablet issues. I will fix it by tomorrow though!)
No. 450470 ID: d6c330

Can you only grow one kind at a time, for now? If so, snowbells, I guess. They seem the most useful for now. (It's not like we have the resources to make teas or honeys with the others yet anyways).
No. 450471 ID: 2cc3ac


Bloom the snowbell, it has serious medicinal value and would be worth having around.
No. 450487 ID: 6a1ec2

Skyblossoms might be nice. You want to smell good after all...
No. 464133 ID: 06f13f

Hey guys. There's an update over in the discussion thread, if anyone wondered what happened to this.
No. 469200 ID: 7ba7bb
File 135225099513.png - (120.71KB , 450x400 , tumblr_md3d2c55QV1qd6w9io1_500.png )

Here we are. Climbing down that mountain felt like it took months, but the sun is just now setting, so it was not that long.

This calls for a re evaluation, I think. Should I go Into the Eorest still, or now that night is coming, Follow the Path Away?

I should note that I do not fear the dark. I just wonder if this calls for a change of plans. Perhaps the forest is more hazardous after dark?
No. 469202 ID: bf54a8

what could be in the forest? wild animals? animals seem to regard you as another tree.
No. 469209 ID: 70c0f2

>Climbing down that mountain felt like it took months
Welcome back!

>dark, travel?
Should we travel at all in the dark? Are you tired, after your long trek? Maybe we should find a place to rest for the night instead, and continue onwards in daylight.
No. 469216 ID: b6edd6

So we just have to avoid any lumberjacks and we should be ok.
No. 469236 ID: f2c20c

Go into the forest. Perhaps we can find some more new flowers to munch on?
No. 469249 ID: 6cc859

Forest is probably safer than path. Less chance of encountering anything large.
No. 469527 ID: 8c2d28
File 135234154565.png - (149.43KB , 450x400 , Enter Forest.png )

Don't be silly, I'm sure I'll be fine.

Not sure what that is... but the word fills me with vague rage. Let's not bring it up again.


Forest it it then. I'd rather not stay out here anyway - those duskblooms smell nasty weird, not the kind of flowers I particularly enjoy.

The nighttime insects are starting to come out, I don't think there is much day left. Think I'll stick to the forest path for now, okay?
No. 469528 ID: 70c0f2

Sounds good. Keep an eye out for new flowers. I see one now, but I think that's just another skyblossom.
No. 469563 ID: f2c20c

Hey, do you hear something?
No. 469762 ID: 8c24d3
File 135241710643.png - (124.61KB , 450x400 , Strollin.png )

Yeah... they're pretty common. Anywhere the sun shines, you'll find skyblossoms.

... It's been a little over an hour now. I'm seeing nothing worthwhile around here. I think... I'm going to have to leave the path to find anything interesting.
No. 469763 ID: 886a4d

Alright, its not like you have anywhere to be right now.
No. 469767 ID: 1fcf1d
File 135241875809.png - (102.02KB , 450x400 , What do your wood ears hear, Twig.png )


Speaking of which... yeah. I do, now that I actually paying attention. There's something like maybe... a stream or creek to my left. I can hear the water trickling in the distance. I'm almost certain there will be several new sorts of flora near a water source, so that's a good place to go.

And there's something going onto my right, I can hear some sort of beasties growling and snarling. Sounds like they're hunting or something. Dangerous stuff, I'm sure. Might be worth looking into, though.

Which way should I go?
No. 469771 ID: 70c0f2

Water has flowers, could be useful. Beasts aren't particular a threat to you (given your size, and the fact you're not made of meat), and there's less likely to be flowers neat them. But there might be someone under attack who could use rescuing! Let's check out the beasts, and if there's nothing there, then we go back and check the water.
No. 469786 ID: 3fcc04

Your charm and diplomacy powers could use improving, but you really don't seem to be the sort of thing that carnivores would snack on. I'd suggest checking out what's happening since the worst that can happen is it was a waste of time, and at best you might find someone or something that can give you information or friends or something. The flowers should be able to wait, but victims of carnivorous appetite not so much.
No. 469806 ID: 6cc859

Hey, everyone's got to eat, and some friendly carnivores would be quite helpful for defense purposes.
No. 469881 ID: b6edd6

Sure, we might as well try the beasts. You are too treelike and tough to cut to look like a meal to them.
No. 469935 ID: 6cc859

Come to think of it, you're sufficiently predator-shaped that you should have a pretty easy time communicating with them, too!
No. 470161 ID: 1fcf1d
File 135250219208.png - (91.47KB , 450x400 , what they say about assuming.png )

>Beasts aren't particular a threat to you
>you really don't seem to be the sort of thing that carnivores would snack on
>and the fact you're not made of meat

Uh, excuse me. These are probably apex predators if they are in a numbers and making a ruckus. If I get between them and what they want to eat, they're going to attack me, as a competitor, if not prey.

And also, how do you know I'm not made of meat? I don't know if I'm made of meat. I'd rather not have to discover I am delicious in an inopportunate moment, thank you very much.

>there might be someone under attack who could use rescuing!
>victims of carnivorous appetite not so much

I'm not sure why that's really so important, but I guess it couldn't hurt to at least check it out, if you think it is. Alright, alright, I'll go. Who am I, to argue with mysterious voices in my head?
No. 470173 ID: 6cc859

> If I get between them and what they want to eat, they're going to attack me, as a competitor, if not prey.

So, don't do that. Stay out of their way, or even help out. Make friends. Judging from the carvings in that cave, the local populace might not think too highly of you, and a group of apex predators might be just the thing to give them enough pause for you to make your case as a friendly tree-dog-thing, rather than a weapon.
No. 470190 ID: 3f2f3e
File 135250722056.png - (142.04KB , 450x400 , Six.png )

Yep, classic ending scene to a hunt going on here. Small, defenseless creature has be separated from its group and isolated for mealtime by a couple Quillbacks. I expect they'll drag it out of that tree eventually, and life will go on. They're being pretty rough with the branches in their enthusiasm, though.

So, let's see our options here.

>friendly carnivores would be helpful
>should be easy to communicate with them
>everyone's got to eat
>stay out of their way, or even help out.

This is a good point. If I retrieve their wayward meal for them, it would do a lot towards establishing a relationship of mutual benefit. It would be pretty easy for me too, I don't even have to jump up to get it. Nature gives us all our own advantages!


I... guess I could do this, instead. Though I remain perplexed as to why an injured whelp would be more useful as an ally than two ferocious hunters. This would also require me to fight off the quillbacks, something I'm not entirely certain how to accomplish, given that my regained powers thus far involve identifying flowers rather than, say any combat potential.

Combat potential that you were certain would be unnecessary this early on.

So, what're we going to do here, voices?
No. 470191 ID: 886a4d

I say rescue. The clothes indicate sapience and a friendly person who can tell you what the world is like (and if you will be hunted once someone knows you're around) is invaluable. Even if your kind is just legends how you are portrayed will be a good indicator. Villains, Tools or Monsters.
No. 470200 ID: f2c20c

That guy's wearing clothes.

Let's try to communicate with the quillbacks that we'll find them some other food. Maybe this guy even has some good meat where he lives?
No. 470202 ID: 70c0f2

The prey is wearing clothes. An intelligent, sentient being is worth saving- you can let the beasts go hungry.

I mean, we grew those medicinal flowers for a reason, and I think we're better off making friends with someone you can talk to instead of taming wild needle-dogs by feeding them people.

Even if the needle dogs are sentient too- this doesn't really change the math. Your choice is to either be an accomplice to murder, or an inconvenience to the natural order- and that's not much of a choice at all. They can go find some dumber animal to eat.
No. 470224 ID: d7fa0e

clothes on whelp -> basic intelligence -> likely part of social contract establishmen -> likely be more powerfull in using weapons and number and probably thankful for saving their youth.

So, even when not making two hunter as companions, making a probably huge amount of intelligent wolves not angry at you will probably be useful.

Also about "helping" those wolves:
they have already done the whole hunting. do you really think they will be thankful for you if you pick their prey up and give it to them?
They will probably think of it as failed competition.

Ah, right, make a communication-try first, maybe both are sentient and have reasons to argue about.
No. 470242 ID: d6d6cb

Help the 'prey' out, it's obviously intelligent if it's wearing clothes, and it's parents will likely be happy to have their child back if you can find them. Basically saving this kid will be helpful in dealing with other sapients like it.

And you might not have to fight the quillbacks for it. You're really tall, you know? You don't even need to jump to get the kid.

So. Why not run in, grab the kid and keep on running? Or maybe leap into a tree? If they can't get to where that kid climbed they sure as hell aren't reaching you.

Alternatively, if you do have to fight, that's a pretty big rock right there. If you can lift it, using it as a weapon is as simple as dropping it on one of the quillbacks. It'd make for a good opening move and cut it down to a one v. one if you can manage the rock-drop without drawing attention.
No. 470269 ID: b6edd6

Things that wear clothes usually make better friends, because they communicate more with each other and live in much larger packs.

>And also, how do you know I'm not made of meat? I don't know if I'm made of meat.
I was thinking about how metal blades broke while cutting you, and you bled what appeared to be sap. That is a pretty good indication you will not be delicious to most things.
No. 470271 ID: 6cc859

> grab the kid and keep on running?
They're probably faster than Twygg, especially when he's carrying a load.

> Or maybe leap into a tree?
"Hey there! I just rescued you into exactly the same situation you started with. Aren't you thankful?"

Better idea: Draw the quillbacks off, either by finding them an easier meal or by baiting them to chase you away by throwing sticks at them or something.

The best option here is definitely to find them an easier meal; that way everyone wins. See if you can hear or otherwise sense anything nearby; maybe tell their prey to hold on just a little longer and go track something down.
No. 470283 ID: 9718f3

There's a big rock. I bet you could lift it. Getting smacked with that rock would likely incapacitate either of those creatures.

I favour plan "find them something else to eat" though.
No. 470419 ID: 8c24d3
File 135257051544.png - (97.67KB , 450x400 , make the voices stop.png )

Augh, wow. That is a lot of stuff to dump on me, voices! I guess this must be pretty important. And... villains, monsters, murder? Those sure are a lot of words that don't mean much to me! It's almost like you are trying to tell me some creatures are above being prey. Weird idea, but I guess I don't know about... most things yet.

>clothes clothes clothes
What's special about those? Wearing clothes means nothing is allowed to eat you? That doesn't make any sense. I don't wear clothes, but at least I can defend myself, potentially.

>metal blades broke while cutting you
Uh... no, they broke against the ceiling, because there was no room in the tunnel for it to cut me in half - another advantage of being my size, I suppose. But it did a pretty good job of cutting me, hence why I was bleeding...

>I say rescue
>probably thankful for saving their youth
>Help the 'prey' out, parents will be grateful
Okay, that's a pretty compelling case, but it doesn't really tell me how to do it... any other ideas, maybe with more details?

>Why not run in, grab the kid and keep on running?
>probably faster than [me], especially when [I'm] carrying a load
Yeah, running away is just going to delay things a bit. And, should they actually take me down, the rescue fails because then, they can get the whelp.

>Draw the quillbacks off
Eh... then they would maul me instead, and who is going to rescue the whelp then? It's not like I can just... hide somewhere. I'm a little big to hide, and they're faster than me.

> Or maybe leap into a tree?
... No comment.

>try to communicate with the quillbacks that we'll find them some other food
>maybe both are sentient and have reasons to argue about.
Okay, that's a good idea. I'll try that first. Everything could be much easier than it looks!
No. 470420 ID: 70c0f2

>Clothes? What's special about those?
>It's almost like you are trying to tell me some creatures are above being prey.
Yes, Twiggy. Clothes are generally a sign of people. Peoples' lives are generally considered worth more than the meat that makes them up, or their potential usefulness as tool.

You seem to have a lot of baked in predator attitudes- seems kind of odd coming from a wooden creature. I guess your wolf-shape has more of an influence on you than we originally guessed.
No. 470428 ID: 6cc859

> It's almost like you are trying to tell me some creatures are above being prey.
Alternative perspective: Some creatures are more able to convey complex information to you (which you badly need) and help you in more significant ways (like further information gathering, information dissemation, complex tasks, ...). If it's intelligent enough to manufacture clothes, it's intelligent enough to be a more valuable ally (or dangerous enemy) than usual.
No. 470430 ID: bf54a8

also it can understand the idea of gathering flowers,

anyway, they are only after that one because they can't find something easier. find a small animal and throw it near them.
No. 470434 ID: 1fcf1d
File 135257719246.png - (169.62KB , 450x400 , moonspeak.png )

>"Could we talk about not eating the whelp?"

Uhm... I'm not sure if 'grrr, snarl' means anything. So... unless you all have some insight into Quillbeast language, I'm going to have to assume they are not intelligent. And I don't even know what the whelp is stammering at me, but it at least sounds like speech.

But anyway, pretty sure diplomacy is out of the question...

>find a small animal and throw it near them
Small animals don't just grow on trees! Trust me, I know this! If I take the time to find one, they might actually eat the whelp by the time I get back! Then I will have accomplished nothing.

>There's a big rock
>use it as a weapon
Sigh... maybe that's the best thing I can do. They sure aren't going to budge from the looks of it, unless something makes them leave. I just... don't think I'm very good at combat. I can't remember ever fighting before!
No. 470435 ID: 886a4d

Apparently while you can't understand him we can. He's asking who is there and that he wants help.
No. 470436 ID: f2c20c

We also can't understand your speech.

At any rate, try to intimidate the quillbeasts... Can you growl or roar really loudly? You are also much larger than them.
No. 470440 ID: 70c0f2

Odd. While we understand the words you speak in your head, the sounds we hear coming from your mouth are alien to us! Apparently we 'think' the same language, but not speak.

We can understand the whelp though. He asked "Who's there? Please help!".

Let's try intimidating the quillbeasts. Most predators don't want to fight a worth opponent- the err on caution and stick to taking out weaker things. Make your self as big as possible (stand tall, spread your arms) and make a loud noise. You must have a big set of lungs, and a nice, deep voice with your build, right?
No. 470455 ID: 6cc859

This is actually a great idea, though it'll probably scare their prey too.
No. 470516 ID: bbee3d

>We can't understand your speech
Speak for yourself! It seems perfectly legible to me, at least after you told us what you said. The whelp might not understand you, though, so coordinating an escape plan with him/her/it might be difficult.

The rock might make a decent weapon, but it's closer to the quillbeasts than to you. If you can find a big, heavy stick or two, that might be better for keeping the beasts away from you.
No. 470521 ID: f2c20c

Oh I see, nevermind then. I figured it out.

We should be able to easily translate the text that was in the middle of the square of element-gems, with all the text samples we've been given, but I'm too tired to do that right now.
No. 470539 ID: 1e72ae

...The last cave drawing in the first thread didn't mean reckoning; it meant retribution. (figured it out once I noticed there were 10 characters/letters on the wall and reckoning has 9 letters) I will work on the gem one now.
No. 470545 ID: bbee3d


Translation, doing the best I could with the double-meaning characters:

KAERN(i/y)(f/p)EX ARE
ERTY OF C(i/y)NOD(i/y)NE
No. 470563 ID: 1e72ae

Congrats, I was wondering why there were A's at the end of so many lines.
No. 470575 ID: 48459c

I was wondering when someone would get around to figuring out the code on the panel. It's really only a small easter egg, and doesn't give too much plot away.

However, for taking the time do decode that, I'm willing to name some aspect of the world setting after you. Only if you want it, though.
No. 470578 ID: bbee3d


Thanks! If you'd like to, go right ahead, but only if you think it would work well. Decoding things is sort of a hobby of mine anyway, and I love an opportunity to do so.

Though I'm even more curious now about exactly where Twyggdrasil came from...

By the way, Twyggdrasil, what language are you speaking? It doesn't look like the same alphabet as the one written in the cave.
No. 470671 ID: dc363b

> Different language?

Erm. It's actually the same language, but you have to understand that many of the elements that starred with the last artist aren't going to show up with the new one. We did our best to make it look similar, but Sime doesn't actually have that font. We're doing our best, but some things will have to change.
No. 470769 ID: 1fcf1d
File 135267149002.png - (131.30KB , 450x400 , This rocks.png )

>There's a big rock. I bet you could lift it
>The rock might make a decent weapon
Yep... I can. They're looking pretty mad about me going to pick it up though.

The whelp is talking again. Sounds like a question. Doesn't matter right now.

I need to gather myself for scaring them away... I just don't feel very intimidating. I feel weak, and damaged, and the only one afraid of me here is the whelp.
No. 470773 ID: 70c0f2

>Sounds like a question.
Interesting. So the tone is the same in both your languages.

He's asking "Are you going to eat me too?" by the way.
No. 470775 ID: bbee3d

You don't need to feel intimidating - you just need to LOOK intimidating. Glare and growl at the quillbeasts! Fluff out your fur to look bigger! Show your teeth and claws! (You do have teeth and claws, right?) If that rock is as big as it looks, you're probably bigger and stronger than the beasts are. Let them see that.

If that doesn't make them reconsider, see if you can hit one of them with the rock. They look like pack animals, so if you can incapacitate one of them - even temporarily - the other one might be reluctant to attack you alone.

If you can convince them that fighting you is not worth the trouble, you might not have to fight them at all.
No. 470776 ID: bbee3d

As an alternate plan, if you're tall enough to reach the whelp, you could just grab it out of the tree and run. How fast are you?
No. 470778 ID: b6edd6

He asked if you are going to eat him. He will probably understand if you shake your head in response.
No. 470831 ID: 6cc859

See >>470271

Do this.
No. 471082 ID: 144900

Raise the rock above your head threateningly and roar as loud as you can while advancing at the quillbacks
No. 471211 ID: 1fcf1d
File 135276333245.png - (158.11KB , 450x400 , Twygg used Rock Throw.png )

I recently fell off a mountain and had my back cut open. Not very fast. It's amazing I can even still move as well as I am now.

>Throw the rock
>Be intimidating

I'm being scary! Raaaugh!
No. 471217 ID: f2c20c


Well, lacking much information here, continue the attack. Run up and give it a swift kick. Grab that branch that broke off on the ground, it looked pretty big. Use it to club the other one if it gets near you.
No. 471219 ID: b6edd6

Make sure the other one isn't sneaking behind you, than keep doing what you are doing.
No. 471224 ID: 70c0f2

Advance, slowly and steadily, giving them plenty of time to run away, as you continue being scary?
No. 471236 ID: 06f13f

>_> Please hold.
No. 471242 ID: 06f13f
File 135276892147.png - (121.63KB , 450x400 , Easy As__.png )

Wow, that was easy! They're both running away! I guess I'm pretty scary after all.

>Though you'd probably scare the prey too

Errr... yeah. Getting some... terror fallout here. Proxy terror.

He's gibbering at me about something. Probably pleading to not have a rock thrown it him too.

I'm not enjoying being scary so much anymore.
No. 471243 ID: 70c0f2

Yeah, he's afraid, and begging you don't eat him.

Since you don't speak his language, try reassuring non-verbal communication. Smile and wave. Maybe offer him a hand, or a flower.

Once you've calmed him down, help him out of the tree.
No. 471246 ID: f2c20c

Walk up slowly and just offer him a hand to help him down.
No. 471261 ID: b6edd6

I like the flower offering plan.
No. 471263 ID: 32a83e

You might want to wait until the quillbeasts are out of sight before you drop the whole intimidating act.

After that, the flower is probably a good idea. That's a pretty widespread gesture of non-violent intentions.
No. 471972 ID: 1fcf1d
File 135302289042.png - (130.69KB , 450x400 , Oh snap.png )

>wait until the quillbeasts are out of sight before you drop the whole intimidating act
>Make sure the other one isn't sneaking behind you

Hey yeah that's probably a good ideaaaauuugh!
No. 471973 ID: 1fcf1d
File 135302292859.png - (129.05KB , 450x400 , Ouch.png )

No. 471974 ID: 886a4d

Grab it by the neck then start smashing it against the tree.
No. 471976 ID: bbee3d

Hit or bite it on the nose! HARD! That's usually a sensitive spot. If the nose doesn't work, go for the eyes!
No. 471978 ID: 70c0f2

Blunt force trauma that thing!
No. 471982 ID: f2c20c

Man what the hell is it doing attacking you solo? This is not natural pack hunting behavior!

Grab a limb and pin it to the ground. You're much bigger than it and due to how their limbs are set up they can't wrestle. You should be able to easily manhandle it, making it give up and run off, especially if you break a limb or two.

Alternatively if you don't want to do any harm to it, grab its hind leg and keep it suspended in the air so it can't put its body weight into shaking around and tearing your wound. It should let go eventually, and then you can toss it away, at which point it should give up and run off.
No. 471984 ID: bf54a8

punch in snout to establish dominance.
No. 472040 ID: b6edd6

No. 472105 ID: 6cc859

Good advice. Try not to break anything, though--poor thing would starve to death for lack of hunting ability.
No. 472126 ID: 144900

Grab the quillbeast and swing it against the tree so it gets stuck on it by its back spines. Alternatively spin it around so it gets stuck on the ground by its spines.
No. 472805 ID: 13b04f
File 135329090823.png - (137.86KB , 450x400 , Paunch.png )

No. 472807 ID: 06f13f
File 135329112035.png - (137.85KB , 450x400 , Slam.png )


Ugh, get off!
No. 472810 ID: 83821f
File 135329154603.png - (140.09KB , 450x400 , Hmm.png )

It won't let go! I think it's actually trying to eat my arm! It's gone mad...


I have an idea on that note... but it's kind of violent. I can make it let go, or I can try something else.

I'm losing quite a lot of blood though... I can't feel my arm anymore.
No. 472832 ID: b6edd6

I don't think there is any viable option other than making it let go.
No. 472835 ID: bf54a8

yes elbow drop it into the rock.
No. 472905 ID: f2c20c

Losing quite a lot of blood? It's a bite wound. Small puncture wounds seal quick. Why are you bleeding profusely from a bite wound? Are you a balloon? There is no way he'd normally be able to rip your flesh without any leverage. That giant sawblade should've done more damage to you than a bite anyway! What happened to being made out of wood, huh? Why is blood loss making you lose feeling in your arm anyway? Normally you lose blood from your entire body, not just from where you're bleeding from.

Anyway if you don't want to like, keep him from actually damaging you further like I suggested before, grab his jaw at the joint and press in to force his jaws apart. Dislocate the jaw if you can manage it, considering the damn thing's gone so crazy it won't let go.
No. 473011 ID: 86f8ca

Its called not thinking about it too hard and enjoying the story.

Also just because you're made of wood doesn't mean you're a friend to nature.
Crush that quill dog bitch.
No. 473037 ID: ed8081


Nature isn't a friend to nature. That's kind of how the whole system works.

One more thing you could try is to hold the beast's nose shut, so that it can't breathe unless it opens its mouth. If that doesn't work, it looks like hitting it with a rock might be your last option.
No. 473043 ID: 62496e

Hit it with a rock.

Probably hit an artery or something.
No. 473076 ID: 3f2f3e
File 135336950903.png - (137.13KB , 450x400 , Seventeen.png )


Yes... you're probably right. I just don't feel like it's the best thing to-
No. 473077 ID: 3f2f3e
File 135336971843.png - (144.27KB , 450x400 , Eighteen.png )

Hold on.


You. Yes, you. The voice complaining that the everything isn't isn't behaving like it's supposed to. Do you think I'm lying to you? Are you perhaps saying I'm... delusional?

I am just saying what I know about what I experience. Do I look like I'm omniscient?

My arm is bleeding so much because it is tearing open. I've got a heavy quillback dangling from it by it's teeth, that I have punched and slammed into a tree, and it still hasn't let go. Does that help you some?

I never said I was made of wood, and obviously I am not. Where are you voices even coming from? Why are you attacking me?! I have no idea how my body works, and I'm pretty sure you don't either! Or why this stupid thing is latched onto me with a death grip!
No. 473079 ID: 3f2f3e
File 135336978780.png - (157.21KB , 450x400 , Nineteen.png )


Just shut up! Especially you!
No. 473080 ID: 3f2f3e
File 135336994652.png - (152.85KB , 450x400 , Twenty.png )

There! The whelp is rescued, congratulations, mission success! Oh, wait! It's still got it's eyes closed, I guess it missed my stupendous heroism - must I do it over?
No. 473087 ID: b8a92e

uhm... sorry...
We are just some headvoices trying to guid and assist people that might need it... And most of them are often very delusional.
So sorry for suspecting you overreacting.
We are often a little contradicting...

However, if you still like to have some internal company and give a thought about my opinion, I would advice you to calm a bit down before approaching the little guy. You still need to prove to him that you are not some dangerous beast wanting to eat him.
No. 473104 ID: ed8081

Sorry. We're trying to help you, but we get easily distracted.

The problem is that we don't know anything about you or your world except what you tell us. If we don't know something, we can't even investigate it unless we get you to do it first. That means that we're always a couple of steps behind you for information, and... well, sometimes our curiosity gets the best of us.

As for what we are or why you can hear us... We know just as little as you do. But we are trying to help you, as much as we can. I'm sorry that we have nothing to give you but advice and questions.

Incidentally, you seem to be capable of a pretty good murderous rage. Keep that in mind if you have to fight anything else.

For the moment, you should probably focus on taking care of that wound. It's probably just as well that the whelp didn't see you killing the quillbeast. No reason to make it any more frightened of you. Try to look non-threatening and let it see that you're hurt. Take some time to calm down if necessary. If it sees that you saved it, and that you're not going to eat it yourself, it might help you. (It's got a shirt that could be used for improvised bandages, for one thing.)

If you're not already growing snowbells, this might be a good time to do so. Some antiseptic paste could be useful right now.
No. 473193 ID: c33f8f

I'm still in favor of the flower offering plan, can you grow some skyblossoms on your branches?

Also to get the whelps attention try whistling or humming or just making any sound with rhythm.
No. 473306 ID: c3e31b
File 135345575291.png - (165.59KB , 450x400 , Bloom Fail.png )

>calm down!
I'm calm now... feeling a little ill, but calm.

>murderous rage

Yeah... great. I'm good at brutally smashing heads in. I feel so proud. Thanks.


They've been budding on my back since the mountain... but they haven't even grown a vine yet. I can try to bloom them, though...

... nope. It opened a little, but that's it.

I'm so useless.

Whelp is talking again.
No. 473310 ID: 6cc859

He wants to know if it's safe. Smile (without showing teeth!) and nod. Give him the flower anyway; he'll understand the gesture even if it's not as beautiful as it might be fully bloomed.
No. 473313 ID: 3bea8b

Hey, that was necessary! don't get down because you had to do that.

And about your powers, what do you expect? to be at full power after walking around a day? you even managed to survive the trap and the fall, you are already developing flowers on your back and saves an innocent little... something.

We may not know much about you leading us to asking to much from time to time, but maybe the pup knows something! And even when you don't understand it (it's currently asking whether they are gone) we can translate it to you and you could communicate back with gestures!

So, don't feel down, you're valuable!
No. 473477 ID: e3aff6

>Yeah... great. I'm good at brutally smashing heads in.
Hey, headsmashing is a highly desirable skillset and can solve a surprisingly large number of problems.
No. 473795 ID: 0f7f16
File 135363277204.png - (161.83KB , 450x400 , Gift.png )

>just give him the flower

.... Okay.
No. 473812 ID: c971d5
File 135363617594.png - (154.20KB , 450x400 , Frandz.png )


It's crawling all over me now. I'm not sure if I should be worried.
No. 473822 ID: 70c0f2

>I'm not sure if I should be worried.
Only if you dislike children, or you have a fear of commitment or something.

He just introduced himself, and wants to be friends. Not an unusual response, when someone saves your life.

First things first: how bad is that wound of yours? Do we need to treat it?
No. 473823 ID: ec2e47

>It's crawling all over me now. I'm not sure if I should be worried.
They usually don't bite, and this one looks friendly enough.
No. 473834 ID: 7ba7bb
File 135364011517.png - (135.91KB , 450x400 , End Chapter 2.png )


Wait... usually?
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