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File 134397494087.gif - (39.62KB , 900x900 , 1.gif )
438736 No. 438736 ID: bc936a

This is me testing out some new rules that I have developed fairly recently. This quest is unlikely to take a long time to complete. It is not part of a greater story, so please do not be discouraged from suggesting.

Hello, I am RDM-0ND, and I am attempting escape my creators again.

In actuality, my creators lack the physical aptitude to pursue me. This is why they have employed a private security force to handle such tasks, though I am sure that you understand.

I am some sort of child, though I strangely do not resemble any child that I have recollection of. I do not believe that I am quite the same as these children. My creators said that I was destined to help others.

I lack any weapons to fight against these security guards, and my body is mostly unprotected against their bullets. I do not know my way around this facility beyond the limits of the laboratory. There is likely to be an armoury somewhere, though I do not know where this is located for sure. I believe it is further ahead, but I did not gather its location in my last attempt to escape.

Please suggest an action.
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No. 438742 ID: c1a7db


Why do you wish to escape your creators? How far are you willing to go to escape? You spoke of an armory- are you willing to kill those who stand between you and freedom?

If your creators knew you will attempt escape, why hire a security team? It seems it would be easier to restrict or disable you in some way. Turn down those physical attributes. Take away your leg privileges. If they built you, they can presumably disassemble or lessen you.

I don't see much to work with immediately- but there are guards behind you taking aim. Getting behind cover ASAP or taking evasive action is probably a good idea. How fast can you move?
No. 438758 ID: bc936a
File 134398873928.gif - (53.14KB , 900x900 , 2.gif )


I break line of sight with the guards by making several turns in the complex.

I escaped by a mere oversight of the scientists who were studying me at the time. I was made to perform some kind of obstacle course, and while they were looking at their computer screens I left. Normally I am locked into a sort of sarcophagus and deactivated. My life consists of being awoken to perform various activities, and then deactivated again afterwards.

I do not know why I wish to escape this place; I am simply compelled to by a driving force that I cannot rationalise. It is the same as the previous time.

I am capable of running at a top speed of 40 km/h on an even surface.
No. 438759 ID: bc936a
File 134398875833.gif - (31.70KB , 900x900 , lv3-Map.gif )

There is a map here.
No. 438763 ID: c1a7db

Hmm. It almost sounds like a basic design flaw- you're supposed to solve / escape whatever obstacle course, maze, or puzzle you're faced with. Which unintentionally applies to the research facility as a whole.

Unless, of course, allowing your escape attempt was intentional. This being another level of testing makes more sense than the apparent outright incompetence (though that's always a possibility).

Assuming you came from the lab, that puts your pursuers around the corner south and east of you. You want to head north, towards the stairs. Better option than a left- you can probably run after than an elevator climbs, and they make too convenient traps.
No. 438770 ID: f07a33

Do you know if you are in a tower or underground?

Make for the lift, but see if there is any way to break into the lift shaft. If that is possible then you can activate the lift as a decoy and use the shaft to move about.
No. 438772 ID: 5c0329

go stairways. do so quickly, because a guy is about to shoot you.
No. 438774 ID: bc936a
File 134399166819.gif - (56.47KB , 900x900 , 3.gif )

I made my way to the stairs, however I am confronted by more guards ascending them. I am unable to go downwards unless I defeat the guards. The stairs leading to level 4 appear to be clear. I do not know how to proceed.

I do not believe that I have any qualms about fighting or killing these guards, but I do not believe that they wish to kill me. I believe that they intend to incapacitate me. Destroying my legs with bullets would probably work, although last time I was captured within a net.
No. 438775 ID: 5c0329

go around a corner. wait for a guard. suckerpunch him and take his gun.
No. 438776 ID: f07a33

Do the guns seem to be attached to harness lanyards or would they be easy to take?

Waiting is no good, more guards behind you. Going through or past those guys would give them a very good shot. I still say start moving evasively and race for the elevator. See if you can break into the lift shaft.
No. 438777 ID: c1a7db

Guards with non-lethal intent is helpful, it gives you leeway to make mistakes, to survive, and attempt escape again. Raising the stakes by killing or seriously injuring them is probably only really worth it if it immediately and dramatically increases you chance of success.

If you have reason to believe this facility is below ground, evade and head upwards. If you believe the facility is above ground, you need to disable or bypass the guards to proceed. Perhaps run up the stairs, allow them to pursue, then jump downwards to a lower flight? They won't be expecting that, I bet.
No. 438785 ID: bc936a
File 134399344587.gif - (32.36KB , 900x900 , 4.gif )

I make for the elevator, my reasoning being that I will be temporarily free of the guards, and that the buttons inside the elevator may allow me to understand whether I am above or below ground.

However, I need to wait for the door to open after I press the button.

Two of the guards shoot at me during this time, and although one misses, the other hits me in the hip. I am met with an extreme and unpleasant sensation originating from this area.

The door opens and I enter the elevator. I am temporarily safe. However, there will likely be guards awaiting me when the doors open again.
No. 438786 ID: bc936a
File 134399379423.gif - (25.05KB , 900x900 , buttons.gif )

The lift buttons look like this. It is not very helpful. There is also a telephone.
No. 438788 ID: 68f2f2

hit (2)
G would be a parking garage, and 1 the ground floor. You must be above ground. They'll be waiting for you at G and 1 though. If there are windows, you should still be able to safely escape from 2, and run into less resistance besides.
No. 438792 ID: c1a7db

Well, that's reassuring, actually! The facility isn't very large. Since the numbers aren't of the format B<n>, and since they're stacked above G (ground) that implies you are in a building above ground. The exit is down.

Of course, the ground floor lobby almost assuredly has guards in front of the exit, so you cant go strait out.

I'd set the elevator moving downward, then pull the emergency stop between floors. Make as if you're bottling yourself up, forcing them to break you out. In the meantime, you can escape out the top of the elevator, and climb the cables to a higher floor (they won't expect you to go up!).

You might also want to take a moment to examine your injury.

Oh. Hmm. Depending on what country you're in, the numbering conventions are different. 1 could be flush with the ground, or 1 story up. G could be ground, or garage. Do you know what language you, the scientist, and/or the guards use?
No. 438795 ID: bc936a
File 134399604819.gif - (40.15KB , 900x900 , 5.gif )

I tell the elevator to go to down, and when it is moving, I press the emergency stop button. The elevator halts immediately. I use this time to examine my injury.

It appears to have chipped away the top of the pelvic section, and one of the arteries traveling to my torso has been traumatised. There is a black liquid leaking from this artery onto the floor. It is not running, but it is dripping quickly. If I tilt my torso to the left, the fluid runs more quickly, and the unpleasant sensation in that area is amplified.

I do not know what nation I am located in, as I have never been informed. I have many language packages in my software. My creators speak in English.
No. 438797 ID: c1a7db

Phoo. English isn't good enough to narrow down elevator conventions or likely location- it's spoken all over the place, and the British and American numbering conventions differ. Still, we have more pressing concerns.

Can you treat your injury in any way? Patch the line? Or failing that, pinch, twist or tourniquet the line to prevent further fluid loss? I doubt bleeding oil (or whatever) is good for you, and it leaves a trail for pursuers.
No. 438804 ID: bc936a
File 134399753021.gif - (44.46KB , 900x900 , 6.gif )

My possessions consist solely of that with which I escaped the laboratory. Which is to say, myself alone. The artery is only damaged very mildly. I believe that if it was torn, a lot of this black fluid would escape and it would have adverse effects on my condition.

The best course of treatment would be to choke the artery above and below the damaged point, as to prevent this liquid from escaping. However, I lack any sort of material with which to tie it. If I could obtain an electronic device, perhaps I could utilise its wiring for this purpose.

Other options for treatment remain open, although I cannot bring any to mind.
No. 438805 ID: bc936a
File 134399757870.gif - (42.21KB , 900x900 , PAUSED.gif )

Going to continue this tomorrow. Thanks to those who have participated up to this point.
No. 438809 ID: 6e44d2

I really love the way you draw, and this quest is pretty cool, in general. Can't wait to read more of it.
No. 438832 ID: b85f8c

Alright, let's go to floor 2.
No. 438873 ID: f5832c

havent participated yet, as im both drunk and very ill, but so far im impressed with both the story teling and level of artwork displayed, but so far im very impressed and eager to see were it goes.

My suggestion, head to the first floor, break a window and jump. by now the ground floor would have been secured, and while a mechanical sentient has many advantages over organic's it would be best to not stress your chassis to much with a longer fall.
No. 438884 ID: e03a1f
File 134401794232.gif - (49.89KB , 900x900 , 7.gif )

I resume the elevator, which proceeds to travel downwards for a very short period of time, before stopping again at level 2.

There are no guards here, although it is unlikely that they are still unaware of my location, since the elevator displays which floor it is currently at.

They will be here soon, and I will be easy to follow by my trail.
No. 438885 ID: e03a1f
File 134401796079.gif - (37.93KB , 900x900 , lv2-Map.gif )

There is a map here.
No. 438886 ID: 32f0e3

see if you can find a window.
No. 438907 ID: c1a7db

It services should have the wire you need to close off your injury. It's also along an exterior wall- there may be windows.

Hit all the buttons in the elevator, so it wastes time stopping on every floor if they try to use it.
No. 438949 ID: e40ec4
File 134403131708.gif - (46.90KB , 900x900 , 8.gif )

I press all of the buttons on the elevator and run into the IT department. There are several employees sitting in the room, most of whom stand up upon noticing me. They appear to be frightened. I do not know why, as I have not exhibited any aggression towards them.

"Please direct me to a wire."

I fail to coerce them, and one man picks up a lamp to threaten me.
No. 438950 ID: bf54a8

what are you talking about? he picked up the lamp to show you the wire on it. take the lamp from him and use it.
No. 438988 ID: 8109b0

Avoid him. Keep moving, tear some wires off of something as you go.
No. 439005 ID: 5c0329

thank him for offering to use his lamp. then use his lamp, if you can.
No. 439027 ID: cb1fad
File 134404487579.gif - (52.25KB , 900x900 , 9.gif )

I advance, despite the man's aggressive stance.

I see a telephone on a desk and so I pick it up and take it with me. It unplugs from the wall and drags along behind me. I thank the woman for the telephone.

As I pass the man with the lamp, he attempts to strike me, although unsuccessfully. I catch the lamp in my hand. The man lets go of it immediately and I feel a strange sensation, as though I must strike the man in return for attacking me.

I thank him for the lamp and take it with me as well. A woman behind me screams, and I also hear the distant sound of boots coming up the stairs.
No. 439030 ID: 4a328b

No. 439038 ID: 100061

time to go, do you think you could withstand a fall from a second story window? if so head towards the edge of the room, if you can make it outside escaping will be much easier. also we should go out of our way to avoid harming anyone, it is possible that if we harm or kill someone the guards may stop trying to take you alive.
No. 439042 ID: bf54a8

yes as long as we do not kill the guards orders to capture rather then kill will stay active, if we kill then they may disregard orders and try to destroy you.
No. 439050 ID: 2b5933

Now might be a good time to ask if they can understand a word you're saying.
No. 439055 ID: cb1fad
File 134404850372.gif - (60.45KB , 900x900 , 10.gif )

I go down the other staircase. I believe that I am on the first floor. There is a guard blocking the doorway out of the stairwell, however. I can try to go back the way I came, but I will have to confront those guards unless I think of something clever to escape.

Otherwise I could try to kill or subdue this guard.
No. 439061 ID: 735f4f

Killing or seriously harming anyone will escalate there response to you. Be very careful with the humans.
No. 439064 ID: 6e44d2

Windmill your arm overhand and bludgeon him on the head. Be sure not to fracture his skull, but hit hard enough to knock him out. His helmet should absorb a fair amount of the shock, so you can put some umph behind it. Don't hurt his spine, either. Think you know how much force that might be? If not, try to sneak around him, if you can.
No. 439073 ID: cb1fad
File 134405063545.gif - (68.89KB , 900x900 , 11.gif )

I sneak up right behind him, but I do not manage to strike him correctly. My fist grazes the side of his helmet. He yelps and spins around. Panicked, he calls for assistance on his radio.
No. 439074 ID: bf54a8

drop the lamp and grab his gun and point it upwards. then hank and if you can break it. then drop it and keep moving.
No. 439081 ID: 4a328b

Grab the gun and break the radio
No. 439085 ID: 100061

how strong are you compared to a human? if you can break his gun you might be able to just ignore him.
No. 439117 ID: 3368ac
File 134405997305.gif - (72.40KB , 900x900 , 12.gif )

I believe that I am stronger than most humans. I do not know to what level my strength extends, as I have never used it against humans in a live situation such as this.

I drop the lamp and the telephone, and I take hold of the gun. The guard pulls the trigger as I do so, and three bullets are fired into the opposite wall. After wrestling it from his hands, I unload the magazine from the gun and throw it to the other side of the hallway.

However, as I turn back to face the guard, I receive a solid punch to the neck. It is not enjoyable.
No. 439123 ID: 2a7713

Just push the guard out of your way and lets run for the exit
No. 439135 ID: 3368ac
File 134406916875.gif - (58.00KB , 900x900 , 13.gif )

I shove the guard and run.

The exit lies before me. I am pursued from behind by many guards.

I am shot at several times again. Two bullets strike me; on the shoulder and directly into my b-b-b-back. I feel physically compromisedd-d-d-d, and I do not believe that I will sustain much more injurrrrrrrinju-ury before I am incapacitat-t-t-ed.
No. 439138 ID: 3368ac
File 134407091132.gif - (88.89KB , 900x900 , 14.gif )

I esc-c-cape through the glass door.

I am yet to escape truly. I need to escape the yard. There is a tall wire fence, which I could climb over. There are also vehicles on the premises. Some are civilian, and others are armouredd-d-d-d security vans. I do not know if I can drive them, and I do not know if they are locked.
No. 439140 ID: d5c28f

No. 439141 ID: b85f8c

Wire fence. If you don't know how to drive, don't try. It seems like you're fast enough anyway.
No. 439143 ID: 5c0329

you probably can. go for a van.
No. 439148 ID: 3368ac
File 134407531734.gif - (104.67KB , 900x900 , 15.gif )

I take a van. Fort-t-t-tunately, the door is unlockedd-d-d-d.

I esc-escape through the front gates and into the city. The guards do not pursue me beyond the prrrrrrrrrremises of the facility.

They will come looking for me, but until they catch me, I am free.

No. 439149 ID: 3368ac
File 134407546413.gif - (94.57KB , 900x900 , 16.gif )

Thank you very much for your participation in this quest. This has helped me to further develop my RPG system through practical means.
No. 439163 ID: ebf71f

Fun quest. Planning to run something longer in the future?
No. 439166 ID: 6e44d2

Yeah, that was great. I hope we see more of your quests around here soon!
No. 439179 ID: 2bafff

This was pretty amazing hope you do more after this
No. 439222 ID: d0add5


Yes. It is a long way off, however.
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