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File 133970200271.png - (152.18KB , 700x600 , ch1header.png )
422087 No. 422087 ID: ecb09c

You usually have really good days, but ... well, today is one of the worst days you've ever had in your life.

You have a NAME, and you have a TALENT - just like all Rekitzchen do. But right now you're far too worried to remember them.
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No. 422088 ID: ecb09c

[[ Different members of this species have different parameters for their abilities. Your PROTAGONIST is a Fröhlich Rekitzchen - that means that their talents can only be positive/creative/supportive, not destructive, negative, or violent. ]]
No. 422089 ID: 1377ae

You are Gunter and you special talent is making giant sculptures out of scrap metal
No. 422090 ID: 42491f

Your name is HENBIT EDELWEISS, and you have the TALENT of making ILLUSIONS! But only the FUNNY KIND.
No. 422091 ID: fb69eb

This sounds pretty great.
No. 422093 ID: 131de9

Name: Franzetti
Talent: Aura of good cheer
No. 422095 ID: 88edf8

You are Avalon and you have a talent to sense angry people!
No. 422098 ID: 16677f

I do so like illusions
No. 422111 ID: ecb09c
File 133970708232.png - (244.99KB , 700x1200 , bluhbluhfilename.png )

Your name is GUNTER EDELWIESS, and you are an EMPATH. You can sense the emotions of others, and, to a lesser degree, project them.
This is one of the reasons why you're having such an awful day. Living with your mate is usually tough, and it's been even worse over the past few days, but ... today is the worst so far.
It's the worst because you can feel that they want to die.
You're trying not to let it get you down. You're pushing happy vibes as hard as you can. But it's been dragging on you all day, and you're getting exhausted and upset.
You come over to your mate's bed and try your best to smile. They have a NAME and a TALENT, too, though both are nothing like yours.

[[ GUNTER'S mate is a Traurig Rekitzchen. Their talents are always negative, destructive, or violent. ]]
No. 422112 ID: 09e5bf

Name: Lief Marmota

Talent: Creating structural faults in structures
No. 422117 ID: 131de9


That's a pretty nifty name.
No. 422129 ID: c7b4c4

hug mate
No. 422130 ID: f5ff99

That IS a pretty nifty name.
As for a talent: The ability to Inspire Hostility in the normally docile or inert, causing animals to attack others, naturally-poisonous plants to increase in toxicity, etc.
No. 422135 ID: 1377ae

Can I second these?
No. 422185 ID: a2fa74

Like the name, but for ability?
Insatiable Lust.
You are both always sore and tired because it completely consumes his mind if it goes unchecked, and it makes it hard for either of you to get out of the house without lots of planed stops and such.
No. 422192 ID: f387a1

Rekitzchen Phobia. Additionally, he emits far too much methane.
No. 422197 ID: b85f8c

Ability: Decaying touch.
No. 422200 ID: 740853

Their presence also causes stunting and twisting of growth in plants after a while, and oddly causes picked fruit to ripen faster than usual.
No. 422223 ID: ecb09c
File 133972457468.png - (92.68KB , 700x600 , deerhuggies.png )

Your mate's name is LIEF MARMOTA, and they have CORRUPTING TOUCH. Anything they touch can, at their will, become fundamentally weakened or corrupted. The more complex the target, the more difficult it is for them to change it.
You help LIEF sit up, drawing them into your arms for a careful hug. You can feel them coughing weakly into your shoulder - and you can also feel how helpless and frustrated they feel.
They've been bedridden for the past few weeks, but it was only in the past four or five days that their health really took a sharp decline. Everything you've tried has been utterly useless. You even went all the way through the West Woods to collect Dryad tears and crystallize them - and they did absolutely nothing. If anything, it seemed to make LIEF worse.
You're normally optimistic, but you're starting to get extremely worried. If they continue to get worse, at this rate ...
You don't want to think about it.
No. 422224 ID: 132b99

then get the opposite of that.. uhh... corrupter's piss?
No. 422229 ID: 09e5bf

Is there a chance that Lief's skill has been hurting them? Like they aren't using it enough, so it is negatively affecting them?
No. 422232 ID: 132b99

good idea, see if melting a chair helps.
No. 422242 ID: f387a1

What are the symptoms? We can at least alleviate them while looking for the cause of this problem. There's some event of note that occurred in the past weeks?
No. 422245 ID: b0d466

Any doctors in your neck of the woods?
No. 422262 ID: 503921

Decaying touch + touching self = Wasting illness?
No. 422274 ID: a2fa74

Have them destroy a bunch of garbage nobody wants.
Then get a set of gloves immune to that power so they can't accidentally touch themselves.

We need better pronouns for you.
No. 422276 ID: b85f8c

I've noticed that no gender-specific pronouns have been used at all here. Also I doubt that Lief's power is causing this, as Lief was sick before we picked it.

The fact that the dryad tears seemed to make Lief worse is a decent lead. We should try to treat this as if it's not an illness. Maybe it's a curse that is feeding on Lief's inherent magical energy. The dryad tears boosted the energy, so...?

You definitely need to try something drastic. Get outside help of some sort you haven't tried before. Try a change in scenery, maybe.
No. 422336 ID: e894c0

what do you mean they? does your mate have a multiple personality disorder, or do you honestly not know which set of genitals your mate possesses?
No. 422650 ID: 6808dd

>We need better pronouns for you.
[[ Thanks to the lovely Googleshng in the deerlingdis thread, we now have gamüt-specific pronouns! Frölich deerlings will be referred to with fi/fir/fin, while Traurig deerlings will be referred to with ti/tir/tin.]]
No. 422651 ID: 6808dd
File 133980016913.png - (143.62KB , 700x600 , moredeerhuggies.png )

>does your mate have a multiple personality disorder, or do you honestly not know which set of genitals your mate possesses?
Genitals? Personality Disorder? You don't know what either of those things mean.

>Is there a chance that Lief's skill has been hurting them?
No ... every Rekitzchen's talent is naturally perfect for them. It's an extension of themselves. For a Rekitzchen to be internally harmed by their own talent would be like being allergic to your own blood.
No. 422652 ID: 6808dd
File 133980018433.png - (179.68KB , 700x600 , recentevents.png )

>What are the symptoms? We can at least alleviate them while looking for the cause of this problem. There's some event of note that occurred in the past weeks?
It started with Lief merely being fatigued and a little light-headed, but progressed until ti was spending more and more time in bed. There's coughing and a slight fever, but it's mostly characterized by muscular weakness, pain, and a lack of energy. Lief has also lost a great deal of weight, despite your best efforts to get tir to eat plenty of good food.
You can't really think of anything too unusual happening ... right before Lief got ill, you both went over to visit your friend Fritzi for dinner, but it's pretty clear this isn't any kind of food poisoning.
You and Lief were discussing trying for a deerlet - which counts as a pretty big deal - but you'd both decided that you weren't ready for that yet ... and anyway, with Lief in this state, that's a moot point.
No. 422653 ID: 6808dd
File 133980019987.png - (160.88KB , 700x600 , LOVEQUEST.png )

>Any doctors in your neck of the woods?
>Get outside help of some sort you haven't tried before. Try a change in scenery, maybe.
Your friend Fritzi has a talent for healing and alleviating pain, but when you brought fir over to see Lief, fi'd never seen anything like it before. Fi said there didn't seem to be any observable reason why it was happening, and fir healing didn't do anything but push the fever back a bit. You've also contacted some of the other Rekitzchen around your small village, but none of them really have a talent that could help. It looks like the only thing to do is leave the village again - there has to be something out there that can help, or someone who knows how to fix this.
No. 422660 ID: 132b99

find some humans, they do things that could be just crazy enough to work!
No. 422661 ID: f387a1

If Fritzi can at least push the fever back, that's better than anything. You will need someone to take care of Lief, anyway. Now, what about gods, oracles, sages, legends, libraries? Something that can offer some direction?
No. 422666 ID: fa9f7e

How would the deerlet have been spawned? This may be relevant.
No. 422673 ID: 132b99

what if this is the result of a started but never finished deerlet making thing?
No. 422675 ID: b85f8c

So you... reproduce asexually? How does that work for you? Is it some magical or spiritual thing or something more biological?

The main problem with leaving the village is making sure Lief is taken care of. Make them a promise- you swear you will find a way to save them. And make them promise they won't give up either while you're gone.
No. 422678 ID: fa9f7e

That's exactly why I want to know.
No. 422686 ID: e894c0

maybe you need to fuck tir better Asari style.
No. 422705 ID: b9d767

If you are leaving, then you'll want someone to take care of tir while you are gone. Leaving tin alone would likely be a bad idea.
No. 422707 ID: 6808dd
File 133980657077.png - (105.79KB , 700x600 , wheredobabiescomefrom.png )

>How would the deerlet have been spawned? This may be relevant.
Deerlets are born very rarely, because the process is dangerous and complex ... but now is as good a time as any to tell the story.
No. 422708 ID: 6808dd
File 133980658334.png - (70.57KB , 700x600 , page1.png )

It's said that in the beginning, the Frolich Diety, Oberin, and the Traurig Diety, Gonner, were lonesome. They each made their own children - the Frolich Rekitzchen from the earth, and the Traurig Rekitzchen from the water.

No. 422709 ID: 6808dd
File 133980659763.png - (119.58KB , 700x600 , page2.png )

Each god was pleased and proud of their creations - but when Oberin saw Gonner's creations, fi began to laugh.
"They are so cynical, and hopeless, and selfish," fi sighed, shaking fir head. "Your creations are good for nothing."
Hurt, Gonner scoffed at fir creations in turn. "But yours are childish, naive, and cowardly. They will never survive."
Rather than fighting, however, the two decided to come up with a way to force their creations to coexist and learn from each other. They decided that, through creating young, the Traurig would learn selflessness, sacrifice, and trust, while the Frolich learned of decisiveness and practicality.

No. 422710 ID: 6808dd
File 133980660965.png - (51.92KB , 700x600 , page3.png )

Together, they decided that when a Traurig and a Frolich became truly bound - when their love was pure and complete, when one was the missing half of the other - they could choose to bring forth a deerlet. To do so, the pair must travel to a place dear to both of them ...
No. 422711 ID: 6808dd
File 133980667274.png - (53.89KB , 700x600 , page4.png )

And there, on that ground beloved to each, the Frolich must kill fir Traurig mate.
No. 422712 ID: 6808dd
File 133980668692.png - (91.35KB , 700x600 , page5.png )

If their love was true and pure, three days later the Traurig would return from the grave, bearing with tir a new deerlet. Two lives would come from nothing, and the mates would be reunited.
If they were mistaken in their love, and they did not truly complete each other, then the Frolich becomes not a parent, but a murderer.
Through this did Oberin and Gonner hope that their creations would learn to love truly and balance themselves.


No. 422713 ID: 6808dd
File 133980670099.png - (105.52KB , 700x600 , UHMMMMM.png )

Soooooo ... considering the stakes involved in having a deerlet, you and Lief were a little conflicted. You certainly believe that you and Lief were meant to be together, but ... no matter how much you love tir, it's going to be a while before you're ready to do something like that.
No. 422718 ID: e894c0

wow that is

the most metal thing ever

anyway, go hit the big city or something.
No. 422719 ID: b85f8c

Your method of reproduction is EXTREME. But time's a wastin'. Get your mate someone to take care of them, then we can hit the road.
No. 422721 ID: 132b99

but according to the story, it's about being decisive. perhaps your second guessing yourself when they were ready is making their body waste away, waiting for you to finish them off. the harder you try to heal them the worse they get.
No. 422722 ID: 6e44d2

Woah. That's pretty intense. Okay.

Ask the healer fröhlich to take care of your mate however fi can, then get gone.
No. 422724 ID: fa9f7e


> you'd both decided that you weren't ready for that yet

Was Lief somewhat reluctant to agree with you on this?
No. 422726 ID: a2fa74

If a person is ill when they die for a deerlet, do they come back healthy?
No. 422727 ID: 132b99

if they are killed possibly. but if they just die alone, then probably not.
No. 422730 ID: f387a1

Someone said "RAGE AGAINST THE HEAVENS"? Good, I'll try to maintain my cool for now. They really need help. We must look for something out of the clutches of these cruel and stupid gods.

If this is true, I'M RAGING RIGHT NOW!!
No. 422734 ID: 131de9

OK... just throwing this out there. When a Traurig comes back from the dead like that, what kind of shape do they come back in, generally? I mean, obviously whatever injuries were killed by would have to be healed for them to come back, but, does anything else get fixed in the process? Broken bones and such? Even if they don't, is there a specific sort of murder the ritual calls for, or is there room for a loophole? Like say, could you hypothetically go somewhere special and poison tir, causing her to come back in perfect health since you basically pushed along what's already happening?

And of course, obvious follow-up question. Since ti's obviously the one who was more keen on having a deerling of the two of you, is there any chance ti's kinda bringing this upon tirself to try and force your hand? Because if that's at all a possibility, there's a conversation here that really delicately needs to be started up.
No. 422735 ID: 09e5bf

>OK... just throwing this out there. When a Traurig comes back from the dead like that, what kind of shape do they come back in, generally? I mean, obviously whatever injuries were killed by would have to be healed for them to come back, but, does anything else get fixed in the process? Broken bones and such? Even if they don't, is there a specific sort of murder the ritual calls for, or is there room for a loophole? Like say, could you hypothetically go somewhere special and poison tir, causing her to come back in perfect health since you basically pushed along what's already happening?

Because that's how you prove that it's true love, try abusing the baby making ritual to heal your mate.
No. 422747 ID: 6808dd

[[ Hey guys, dis in the disthread please to stop the thread from getting cluttered: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/56077.html Thank you. :3 ]]
No. 422748 ID: 6808dd
File 133981084988.png - (125.30KB , 700x600 , lieftotallylookslikeanemodouchebag.png )

You turn to Lief and help tir sit up again. "Lief, I'm gonna go away again, okay? I've gotta find you a cure - and I know I can, if I look hard enough. I promise I will. Fritzi is going to take care of you while I'm gone, and when I come back I'll h-"

"No." Lief pushes you away weakly and lowers tirself back down on shaking arms, turning away from you. "I don't want you to leave." Ti takes a deep, shuddering breath, then continues. Tir voice is brittle and quiet, barely audible. "I'm going to die, Gunter. I'm going to die really soon. And I don't want to die all alone here while you're running around out there like a moron, looking for a cure that doesn't exist."

>>[[ Clarification: When the Traurig returns from the ritual, only the wounds inflicted with the intent to cause death are healed. ]]
No. 422750 ID: fa9f7e

In that case, you've got nothing to lose. IF Lief was the one who wanted babby, might as well murder him, name the babby Lief Marmota, and make it your mate.
No. 422755 ID: f387a1

Oh, yeah. In all my rage I forgot to say some things.

Why would you hurt a person you love? Of course there would be doubt! In addition, Fritzi has never seen anything like this! This would be highly unlikely if you're correct! I'm going to bottom of this and I'm not letting anyone put the blame on Gunter and Lief!

My uptight ass! This isn't love in any shape or form! It's two pranksters playing with the lives of mortals!

Lief asks for far too much. Ti must think. Ti really wants tir beloved to give up and watch tin suffer and die? No, you didn't give up and ti will do the same. No matter the distance, you will always be with tin.
No. 422756 ID: fa9f7e

I don't think you're using the pronouns right.
No. 422758 ID: f387a1

No. 422759 ID: a2fa74

Ok, you want to know if your love is true enough to make a deerling? Answer this one question:
If it failed, would you kill yourself to be with Lief in death?

If you would, then it's time re-open that discussion again.
If it fails, Lief gets a death that's quick and 'happy'.
If it works and you don't don't find a cure then even if Lief dies you'll at least have that much of a bond together.
If it works and you find a cure, the problem will be solved.

Attempting it would either buy Lief three more days of time or prevent a prolonged death.
No. 422760 ID: fa9f7e

Oh, thanks. Only saw ti/tir and fi/fir in questdis.

Anyways, back on topic. Seriously though, might as well have a kid to remember him by.
No. 422761 ID: b0d466

What if you make a deerlet, and use the three days it takes for tin to return to search for a cure?

If ti's going to die, would ti prefer it to be by you, rather than a wasting illness?
No. 422764 ID: f387a1

No problem. I had to check several times if I was using the pronouns correctly.

How is that even an option? I'm strongly against it. Gunter still believes, fi hasn't given up.
No. 422775 ID: a2fa74

It also has the benefit that ti isn't suffering while waiting for fir to return with a cure.
No. 422784 ID: f387a1

Gunter may find a cure in time, but this isn't the most important here. Lief never asked for something like this. Ti just wants fir company in tir last moments of life, ti doesn't want fi to kill tin. Ethically I'm in favor of euthanasia, but you're just being absurd. You haven't even thought about fir feelings, about how this event will impact on fir life.
No. 422786 ID: b85f8c

I think the ritual would be inherently meaningless if the Taurig was going to die anyway. Any flaw in such a ritual would be disastrous, so let's not do that.
No. 422930 ID: e894c0

I'd go for all or nothing here. after all, the prize is keeping your mate.
No. 423036 ID: 131de9


That was actually the point I was trying to make there. If Lief (consciously or otherwise) is trying to push Gunter into having a kid before fi's really emotionally prepared, that's just not going to work. Getting that out in the open and straightened out, if it's at all a possibility, really needs doing. My understanding is, not being fully committed to the ritual (which we've established Gunter isn't) means it will definitely fail to work. Then we've got the guilt to deal with of having killed a mate due to not being sufficiently committed to them, and that's about as bad a situation as you could ask for.

And even if it did work? There's a walk back from the grave with a baby step in here. Lief really does not appear to be in good enough shape to manage that right now.

So I say project that positivity. Give tir a serious pep talk. You're going to try and find a cure here. Ti's going to hang on until you're back. Then make a full recovery. And then maybe you can get around to strangling a baby out of tir once everything's back to normal.
No. 423066 ID: 740853

Wait, why are we discussing killing Lief to attempt a ritual which is known for its inconsistent results? It really doesn't seem like a wise choice to go with...
This is more or less what I am thinking as well, in overall their health does not really seem to be adequate for dealing with a child to me, I really do believe you are missing something, in general sick people do experience some alteration to their health from moods, which in this case... is not exactly a good thing when that someone is like this.

I'ld suggest that you calm down a bit and stay with them for a few days, at the very least you should try to ease their discomfort and pain, what have you been doing about that fever? And what other symptoms have they had? In general you should be taking care of them and being there for them rather than running around looking for a cure with only very vague ideas of what the symptoms are.

Talk with them, try less pushing of happiness, remember that they probably know that you are doing that so remember someone would feel if they were trying to alter your emotions? Of course I would suggest doing it somewhat slowly...

Otherwise, you should show themthat you care by being there for them and giving them emotional support, also try being a little less... chattery, for someone in their mood, talking too much to them can make them irritated, let them give them time to respond before speaking again, those sorts of things, they might not want you fussing too much, as it can quite easily make both of you feel even worse.
No. 423142 ID: 1444d5

>"I don't want you to leave." Ti takes a deep, shuddering breath, then continues. Tir voice is brittle and quiet, barely audible. "I'm going to die, Gunter. I'm going to die really soon. And I don't want to die all alone here while you're running around out there like a moron, looking for a cure that doesn't exist."
Well, if the mountain won't come to Mohammed...
Take Lief with you.
No. 423231 ID: b85f8c

Then either ti's coming with you, or you can try the ritual and at least maybe get a baby before Lief dies.

I assume after the three days are over, we can go meet Lief where ti 'died', rather than waiting for them to get back on their own.

Also we could spend those three days searching for a cure. It would buy time. ...I suppose this is the best option.

Hey Gunter, do you worship the two gods still? Have you tried asking them for help?
No. 423232 ID: b85f8c

...how often can you do the ritual, anyway? Could you make LOTS of babies to buy even more time?
No. 423853 ID: 6808dd
File 134005124647.png - (151.39KB , 700x600 , devoutdeerling.png )

You're very religious - some might even call you devout - and you pray to Oberin at least once a day at the small shrine by the door of your cottage. Once Lief fell ill, you tripled your prayers, but Oberin hasn't been very receptive.
You've been trying to get tir to pray to Gönner, but sometimes you think ti doesn't even believe in gods. Ti's always going on about something from the university called "science" and some weird thing about how instead of the gods creating Rekitzchen, you all used to be something different and your bodies changed very slowly over time...
You don't have the heart to tell tir how silly that is. After all, if the gods didn't create all of you in their image from mud and water, where'd you even come from in the first place? Gosh. Lief and tir crazy fantasies.
No. 423854 ID: 6808dd
File 134005125802.png - (137.60KB , 700x600 , areyousickofguntersworriedexpressionyet.png )

For the briefest of moments, you consider trying the ritual, just to buy time ... but you know that doing it with any ulterior motives at all will ruin it, especially when you don't feel ready for it, and you refuse to take chances with your mate's life like that. Besides, you wouldn't be able to take care of a deerlet with Lief in this condition anyway.

You figure Lief has about a week left, at this rate. That's enough time on its own to go to one of the two nearby cities and talk to the scholars and religious leaders there, then come back and try to figure out what to do. Taking Lief with you is absolutely out of the question - ti can't even sit up without help, let alone travel. But if you can convince Fritzi to stay with tir, ti should be well taken care of for the week.
No. 423855 ID: 132b99

well, can't hurt to ask for some SCIENCE cures as well. gotta try everything.
No. 423857 ID: b85f8c

I think it's a bit unlikely that you evolved to become a species that has to kill eachother to make a baby, even if magic occurs without gods.

Anyway, I think your best bet is science if talents and magical items don't work. We need to find someone who does healing with tools instead of magic.
No. 423858 ID: b85f8c

Alternatively, the issue could be that Lief's lack of faith is what is killing tin. Is there any record of what happens to people who abandon the gods or speak against them? What happens to heretics?
No. 423870 ID: f387a1

> "And I don't want to die all alone here while you're running around out there like a moron, looking for a cure that doesn't exist."
As a deerling of science, what Lief knows? There's something ti isn't telling you?
No. 423872 ID: fa9f7e

No. 423874 ID: 6808dd
File 134005777189.png - (155.97KB , 700x600 , animalhouse.png )

Maybe Lief is on to something with this whole science thing, though. Ti learned it when ti went to the university of Geweihburg - unfortunately, it ended up being too expensive for tir to complete tir education - and you know that deerlings who go to the university are very well-regarded. They're the ones who invent new things and write books and all sorts of stuff that you know is important but don't really understand. Either way, you're willing to try anything to help your mate - and if science is something you haven't tried, you'll go for it, no matter how silly it sounds.

You wonder if maybe the gods could be angry at Lief for some reason, and if they're punishing tir with this sickness ... but you don't really know of any examples of that happening. There are a few core stories about the gods that all deerlets are taught growing up, but a lot of the history of the gods and their actions are things that are written down in books - and you can't read. Lief can, but there really isn't anywhere you could get your hooves on anything that could qualify as literature in this village. It's starting to look like your best bet will be going to one of the two nearby universities.
No. 423875 ID: 6808dd
File 134005778115.png - (101.57KB , 700x600 , map1.png )

The closest two metropolitan areas are Geweihburg and Hirschweg. You know Geweihburg best because you used to visit Lief there - in fact, you have a map of the area! - but you also know that Hirschweg's university is bigger and probably has a lot more professors and scholars. Each one is about a day's trip away on hoof.
No. 423876 ID: 6808dd
File 134005779435.png - (75.98KB , 700x600 , mapvillage.png )

You're also going to have to get supplies from around the village before you leave. You're going to need new clothes for the trip (as comfy as the ones you own are, they're not fit for travelling!), a weapon (as much as you hate to admit it, the world outside the village is dangerous and you might need to defend yourself), some magicka equipment just in case, and miscellaneous supplies. You also need to ask Fritzi to care for Lief while you're gone, and to be honest, you'd like to find another Rekitzchen to accompany you, if you can - travelling alone is risky.

So - what's the plan?
No. 423879 ID: a2fa74

If ti won't do it then pray to Gönner for tir.

Ask what ti isn't telling you about tir condition. Why is ti so sure there is no cure?

Can you get a cart to bring the both of you to a city?
Or can you send a runner to one city while you go to the other?

Go to Hirschweg yourself, send a runner to Geweihburg. The runner can ask for help from people Lief knows, but your emotional pleas are needed to convince the people of Hirschweg yourself; a runner brings no personal element to garner emotional ties.
No. 423882 ID: 131de9

Hirschweg seems like the better bet. I'd assume if anyone in Geweihburg had a cure, Lief would have heard about it (unless it was a recent discovery).

Anyway, does Fritzi have a traurig fi's involved with that might want to come along? Or maybe some relative of Lief's that would have some incentive to help?

Beyond that yeah, supplies are important. How much do you have saved away? Keep in mind if you do find a cure, odds are you'll have to pay a bit for that too.
No. 423917 ID: c8c8e9

I think that Gunter should ask Lief if there are any really talented medical specialists in G-town, and if not, then head off to H-town, fo shizzle.
No. 423958 ID: 771d02

connections are important. pick Geweihburg. for now, go to Fritzi.

what's with magicka?
No. 424190 ID: 6808dd
File 134015318365.png - (174.61KB , 700x600 , filenamesarehard.png )

It bothers you that Lief seems so resigned to whatever disease this is - though, to be fair, ti's typically extremely apathetic and fatalistic by default. You sit on the edge of tir bed again, reaching out to rest your hoof on tirs. "Lief, why are you so sure that there's no cure? We don't even know what you have ..."
"It's nothing. I just don't feel well. I feel like I'm dying and I can't see it getting any better." Ti stares blankly at the ceiling, tir eyes flat and glassy. "Even if there was a cure, you'd never find it. You don't even know what you're looking for."
"Yes I do! I have a plan. I'm either going to go to Geweihburg or Hirschweg," you argue. "You know some people in Geweihburg, Lief - are there any good doctors there? Anyone who you think could help?"
Lief sighs softly and remains quiet for a long time before speaking. "There's one person, a biotheology professor. He splits his time between the two universities, because he's one of the few biotheologists in the area - but when I was at the Geweihburg Academy, he taught me. He knows about curses, plagues, sicknesses ... but he could be in either city. You probably wouldn't be able to find him anyway, and he'd probably never agree to see you ..."
Ti's starting to get repetitive, and when ti starts in on a doom-and-gloom tailspin you know better than to press the issue. From here on out you'd get nothing but "you're going to fail anyway" no matter what you say.

If you could pray to Gönner for tir, you would in a heartbeat - but each god focuses on their own children. If your prayers to Oberin have gone unheeded, there's no way you'd get a response from a god who isn't even responsible for you.

You could attempt to find a runner, but it'll be a little difficult to find someone in the village who can just drop what they're doing to go off a days' trip away. And even if you took a cart, Lief is still in no condition to be leaving bed, let alone the village.

Fritzi is currently single, and for good reason - but that's not your story to tell. And as far as you know, Lief isn't close with tir family. You're not even sure where they are, so you doubt they'd be moved to care about the Traurig's condition.
Right now, you have 3000 Saat to spend. That should be enough for the basics - maybe you'll even be able to buy some fancy magicka.

Briefly, magicka are any items that give you artificial talents. They are usually piercings or tattoos, but piercings are much more common - magicka tattoos are unbelievably expensive, and they're also illegal in some parts of the country. Wearing magicka allows you to cast spells or use abilities that you wouldn't have normally, but if you use jewelry, it usually runs out after a certain number of uses.
You can explain more about magicka and their uses and limitations when you go to the Apothecary!
No. 424194 ID: d5ee6f

Are there any with preservative magics? Maybe they can't heal ti, but they might keep ti from dying...
No. 424196 ID: b85f8c

There is one thing you can do- have someone else help you, and visit the other city. Surely there is one other person nearby who you are friends with?

You will go to one university, and your friend will go to the other. If you cannot find them then you can count on your friend. If they aren't back by the time you return, then you can go to the other city and hope you meet them along the road.

I suggest you go to the one you have the map for.
No. 424211 ID: 131de9

Are you sure you're accounting for all your expenses when you're out of town? Hirschweg's a full day away, so I assume you're going to need to pay to stay somewhere for at least the one night, maybe more if you get the runaround from people, and you'll need to eat while you're gone. I'd also guess the best case scenario is to find an expert on diseases (or general healing) follow you home and properly diagnose Lief in person. Any idea what someone would ask in return for doing that?
No. 424231 ID: 6808dd
File 134016016967.png - (124.32KB , 700x600 , brokeassdeerling.png )

>> 424211
You hadn't really thought about that ...
Unfortunately, there's not much you can do. 3000 Saat is basically all you have right now - you've got a little tiny bit more tucked away somewhere, but you need that for food for the coming months! You haven't been able to work since Lief got ill, so you've gotta be careful about your finances.
No. 424232 ID: 6808dd
File 134016019201.png - (119.84KB , 700x600 , fritzidoor.png )

You're certainly friends will all of the shopkeepers - in a village this size, it's impossible not to be. Well ... except for Lutzi, the tailor. You're not really sure you'd call tir a "friend." Still, you like to think you get along with everyone ... it's just a matter of whether you get along well enough to convince one of them to help you out.

After kissing Lief goodbye and reassuring tir once again that everything is going to work out, you decide to head out for Fritzi's cottage first. The sooner fi can get over and take care of Lief, the better.

Fritzi's cottage is a little smaller than yours, but it's snug and cozy. The atmosphere is calm and nurturing - but with an underlying film of guilt and sadness that you've become accustomed to. Fritzi knows that you can feel it, and you know better than to bring it up. It's sort of an unspoken agreement.
You knock on fir door and fi answers almost immediately, beaming. "Gunter! I haven't seen you in a few days - how's Lief? Is ti getting any better? I was hoping that fever would go down all the way, it seemed to be well on its way ..."
No. 424235 ID: b85f8c

Tell fir that need for fir to take care of Lief for bit while you go to a nearby university to see if you can find someone to help.

Why is the guilt and sadness there? Does fi wish fi could cure Lief?
No. 424237 ID: 132b99

it's probably for anyone fi couldn't help.
No. 424242 ID: f387a1

Better wait for an opportunity to raise the issue. Lief's situation worsened and you'll look for help in the nearby cities. However, you need someone to take care of tin. Anyway, since you're going to Geweihburg and Hirschweg, ask if there's something you could bring for fir.
No. 424282 ID: a2fa74

She's single because she tried for a deerlet and failed.
Tell her ti's been getting worse, and you need fir to take care of tir while you seek help.
No. 424311 ID: a21b1b

Once your're back with Lief, ask the biotheologist's name and tir/hir's gamut.
No. 424318 ID: b85f8c

Hmm. You know... ti's wasting away gradually, ingesting medicine seems to make things worse, and healing talent only reduces the fever... This is a parasite. It's taken over tir digestive system, so it gained strength when the crystal was ingested. It's not strictly damaging tin so the healing talent doesn't do much.

It makes sense.
No. 424338 ID: 771d02

no. no, it is not. don't pretend things are better than they are because pity makes people helpful.
No. 424354 ID: 6808dd
File 134020709801.png - (198.76KB , 700x600 , ihatefurniture.png )

You sigh deeply. "Ti's actually getting worse, Fritzi. A lot worse, and really fast, too ..."

"Oh, my goodness. Please come in ..." Fi ushers you into the cottage and offers you a seat, fir brow furrowed in concern. "I thought you managed to get your hands on some Dryad tears, though! No matter what ti has, that should have at least slowed it down ..."

"I did get the tears, but they didn't do anything. I'm even worried that they made it worse."

Fi sits down next to you as you continue. "So I thought that maybe the only thing to do is to go to one of the universities. They know things there, they have books and scholars ... there has to be somebody who knows what to do. And Lief knows somebody, a theo ... a biothoro ... well, somebody who knows about curses and diseases and things. If I can find them, maybe they'll come back with me and at least give Lief a look."

Fritzi nods in agreement, and you give her an apologetic smile. "And, uhm ... well, I know it's a lot to ask, and you've already done a lot for us already, but I need somebody to take care of Lief while I'm gone. A week at most, possibly less. I know that you'd take really good care of tir, Fritzi."

Fritzi drums her hooves on the table, frowning slightly. "Well ... oh, Gunter, I really want to help, I do. The thing is, I was actually going to take a trip the day after tomorrow to bring a gift to my nephew ..." Fi suddenly brightens up. "Oh! But he lives in Winzigstadt, which is on the main road just before the river. It's on your way - do you think you could bring it to him for me? That way I'll be free to stay here. I'll pay you a little bit for your trouble, too - I know you're in a hurry and stopping off will be a little difficult for you."
No. 424356 ID: b0d466

No. 424357 ID: d1e9bf

I can't help but wonder who the person in the photograph is. Fritzi lives alone, yeah? Then why does fi have a framed photograph of someone?

...Did she fail the ritual?
No. 424358 ID: a2fa74

Yes! And thank fir for it!
No. 424360 ID: 0b7fa2

DO IT, and be grateful, take the money though unless you really don't need it.
No. 424371 ID: 771d02

No. 424372 ID: 771d02

well, not really girl, but whatever. my personal rule is that if it looks like an attractive young lady, for all intents and purposes, it is.
No. 424375 ID: 6808dd
File 134021197679.png - (177.09KB , 700x600 , angstydeerlings.png )

Like you said ... it's not your story to tell.
No. 424376 ID: 6808dd
File 134021213586.png - (144.04KB , 700x600 , suddenlyinterface.png )

You put parcel in your inventory and the letter with fir cousin's address in your journal, and add the Saat to your money cache, raising your total funds to 3350 Saat.
Without a bag - which you can buy at the general store - you have 5 item slots. Small items take up one slot, medium items take up 2 slots, and large items can take 3-4 slots. Any item that's too big to fit in 4 inventory slots (about the size of two loaves of bread) cannot be put into your inventory.
The gift takes up 2 slots, and is currently the only thing in your inventory.

Your journal is where you keep maps, letters, your list of current objectives, and other important things on paper. You can't read, but if you have an important document, you should keep it so that you can show someone who can. Currently, you have a map of the village, a map of the surrounding area, and a map of Geweihburg.

"Thanks, Gunter. I'll pack up some things and head over to your cottage as soon as I'm ready." Fi begins to bustle around, grabbing a bag and throwing some odds and ends into it.

"No, I should be thanking you! It really means a lot to us, delivering this package doesn't even begin to make up for it ..." You grin sheepishly. "I wish I had more to repay you with."

Fritzi gives you a peck on the cheek and smiles warmly. "Don't worry, Gunter. I know that if I do the right thing, Oberin will reward me eventually. Now, you get going."
No. 424377 ID: 6808dd
File 134021216032.png - (76.81KB , 700x600 , mapvillage.png )

Fi's right - you better get a move on!
Where to next? You still need to go to the general store, the tailor, and the apothecary/magicka shop. You'd also need to ask at each of those places to see if someone will help you by going to the other city to find help.
No. 424380 ID: 0b7fa2

tailor, lets go to see the person who isn't much more friendly first to get it over with.
No. 424395 ID: 701e3f

General store. Success before failure.
No. 424398 ID: f387a1

You abandoned your friend when fi needed you most? I know you were scared, but... After this Love Quest you will talk to fir and apologize. There will be tears, hugs and angst.

Tailor, because I'm still disappointed in you.
No. 424401 ID: 771d02

go to the town center and throw a stone in the air. go to the store it points you towards.
No. 424407 ID: 131de9

Might as well hit the tailor's first. Less wiggle room there financially than anywhere else.
No. 424448 ID: d1f1b7

Okay, what the hell.
Somebody you obviously knew/know pretty well was bloody and crying at your door after doing something with traumatic results and you just closed the door.
Really, what the hell..
No. 424454 ID: b85f8c

Are those scars on your body? Or tattoos?

I'll give you a free vote for your preference of who to visit first.
No. 424460 ID: a2fa74

Magicka. If they have one, get a tattoo that will let you walk or run indefinitely without tiring or exhaustion.
You are saving your mate. Laws of mortals pale before the laws of deities, and any system of justice which punishes smaller law violations taken to prevent greater tragedy is not a just system at all.
No. 424490 ID: a7ab28

Okay, whoa, guys, lets chill out for a second. The situation with what happened to Fritzi looks pretty bad right now, but so far it seems like Gunter is a good person...er, deer, and fi and Fritzi seem to have a perfectly cordial relationship. So, whatever happened must have been forgivable, or at least it was to Fritzi. Also, Gunter is an empathy, so that situation must have been a hundred times harder for fir than it would have been for anyone else...
Also putting in my vote for tailor.
No. 424821 ID: 6808dd
File 134033299382.png - (202.51KB , 700x600 , leavefritzi.png )

You shake off your thoughts of what happened with Fritzi as you leave fir house, returning fir enthusiastic wave. Now that you've been reminded of it, it's getting you a little upset, but you can't focus on that right now. It's in the past.
As much distaste as you have for the idea, you decide that maybe it would be best to go to Lutzi's tailor shop first. It's relatively nearby, after all, and you might as well get it over with.
No. 424822 ID: 6808dd
File 134033300866.png - (100.34KB , 700x600 , lutzi1.png )

You push open the door of the faintly perfumed shop. Lutzi is working on a robe draped over the counter, carefully embroidering a pattern of white schwertlilien alone the sleeves. Ti looks up at the jingle of the small cluster of bells attached to the door and sets the robe down, raising one eyebrow.
"Well, well. Look who's here. Business or pleasure, Gunter?" Ti leans over the counter and smirks, and suddenly you find yourself thinking about doing ... things. Things you should only be thinking about doing with Lief.
You know it's not your fault, though - it's just Lutzi's talent, and from what you've seen, ti's not very picky about who it's used on. You're just lucky ti isn't using it at full blast. "I hear your mate's sick," ti continues, giving you a mock pout. "Terrible business. You should give me a call if ti ends up biting it, though. I'd wanna swing by and give you my ... condolences.~"
No. 424825 ID: 997ce7

...Things like? I thought you viewed sex as disgusting or just amusing. Rubbing each other's horns or something?

Speaking of which, break off his horns and stab him in the eyes.
No. 424826 ID: bd3222

That's really creepy considering your only method of sex is murder
No. 424827 ID: 08005b

ooo you touch my ta la la
No. 424828 ID: a21b1b

Try to stay polite and professional and tell tin about what you're doing and your need for supplies and a runner (to probably won't agree to that but it can't help to ask).
No. 424829 ID: 08005b

I like tir, what' your problem with tir, tir's wonderfully creepy
No. 424833 ID: b85f8c

Uh... what things? Kissing? I thought you guys had no equivalent for sex. Well you're an empath, so give tin a cold shower via it.

Tell tin that you're going out to look for a cure again and Lief doesn't have much time left, but a second person helping you would double your chances of finding what you're looking for.

Don't give details unless ti accepts. This guy seems like such a sleazeball I wouldn't be surprised if ti interfered with your plan. Actually uh, would there be any assurance ti would do what you asked of them? Maybe we shouldn't ask at all.
No. 424834 ID: 132b99

just explain you need a bag for all the cure ideas you are gonna find.
No. 424839 ID: 67a08f

Kissing, cuddling, bondage. You girls really lack imagination.
No. 424845 ID: 997ce7

I'm glad I'm male. And what with their attitude towards sex I doubt they have any of those either, at least in a sexual context. Given that you assume that every species has the same sexual preference, it would appear you lack imagination.
No. 424855 ID: a2fa74

What? No, they have sex, it just doesn't result in babies.
No. 424860 ID: a21b1b

Gunter had no idea what genitals were, and the author has confirmed in the disc thread that Deerlings look upon the sexual act as something only done by animals. Id on't think they can actually have sex.
No. 424866 ID: 6808dd

[[ Clearing this up: reproduction is asexual in rekitzchen, and they view sexual reproduction - that is, insemination, pregnancy, and live birth - as gross and brutal. However, even without genitals, they can still have general sexual interactions that result in orgasm. It just doesn't result in reproduction. ]]
No. 424868 ID: fa9f7e

So, uh... what do they have instead of genitals and/or erogenous zones and why didn't Gunter know what they were then?
No. 424872 ID: 6808dd

[[ They just have erogenous zones and are very physically sensitive (relatively speaking). Genitals and erogenous zones are far enough removed from one another than Gunter wouldn't confuse the two. ]]
No. 424873 ID: a21b1b

OK, thanks for clearing that up.
No. 424883 ID: 503921

Do SHOPPING, but be all professional. Ignore unwanted Lutzi comments. Btw, what is tir's TALENT?
No. 424885 ID: fa9f7e

Engendering lust.

>You know it's not your fault, though - it's just Lutzi's talent, and from what you've seen, ti's not very picky about who it's used on.
No. 424899 ID: 67a08f

No, you're not. You're a beautiful little girl. Or a hoe. Now shut up.
No. 424901 ID: 08005b

Fractal I admire the amount of thought you have put into this.
No. 424906 ID: 131de9

(Discussion thread's that-away folks!)

OK, that was a totally inappropriate comment. Give tir a serious earful for joking about someone dying is never appropriate. You can segue right over from that to what you came in for. Should get you out of here quicker than beating around the bush.
No. 424910 ID: a21b1b

This, plus use your empath talent to help it sink in.
No. 425134 ID: ecb09c
File 134042035849.png - (147.56KB , 700x600 , whatanasshole.png )

"Don't ... don't talk about my mate like that, please." You project some of the disgust and embarrassment you're feeling, hoping it'll dampen Lutzi's mood - and judging by the involuntary shudder that passes through tir, it works. "I'm actually extremely worried about tir right now, and I don't appreciate you making rude jokes like that."

"Who's joking?" Lutzi smirks at you again, but tir expression is a little tighter now. Before ti can say anything else, you decide to just usher the conversation along.

"I'm going on a trip for the week. I'll be going on hoof and I need some good travelling clothes."

Lutzi turned to face the racks of clothes and fabrics in the back of the store, musing. "Well, I can certainly do that for you." Ti looks at you over tir shoulder, the corner of tir mouth plucking up rougishly. "Well, go on and strip. How am I supposed to make an outfit that fits if I can't take your measurements?"
No. 425135 ID: ecb09c
File 134042037168.png - (136.11KB , 700x1000 , gunterpaperdoll.png )

"So ... how can I give you what you need?~"
No. 425137 ID: d1e9bf
File 134042158575.png - (98.05KB , 700x1000 , Put some damn clothes on.png )

Simple, light, and unassuming. Perfect for traveling!
No. 425138 ID: a21b1b

Do the rivers we'll have to cross have bridges or fords? Also, what's this area's climate like?
No. 425140 ID: b85f8c

Something occurs to me. Are there any deerlings that pair up within their own gamut? From the sound of things, no reproduction is possible that way, but I don't see any other reason for that to be a thing that doesn't happen.

I tried to do my usual thing to that paperdoll but it just didn't work. So sad. It will go pompadourless.
No. 425141 ID: 9b5a1a
File 134042209978.png - (115.04KB , 700x1000 , practical.png )

Well let's see... you want to keep your legs covered, if you're going to be walking through rough terrain, you don't want anything too tight either. You're going to need a bag for carrying some supplies, and, it's nice to keep the sun out of your eyes too...
No. 425149 ID: af3431
File 134042333845.png - (151.08KB , 700x1000 , paperdeer.png )

Loose, comfortable, and adaptable to different climates. I hope.
No. 425152 ID: ecb09c

[[ This is a temperate climate, and right now it's late harvest season. It's a bit nippy, probably the equivalent of 50-60 F. And the large river has a bridge.
Also, you guys don't have to draw bags - a bag will be purchased from the general store.]]
No. 425154 ID: b0d466

This is cutes
No. 425155 ID: 58a693
File 134042433121.png - (155.85KB , 700x1000 , 134042037168.png )

This is a legitimate suggestion.
No. 425156 ID: a21b1b

If it's less than 60F, we'll probably want at least a light jacket.
No. 425281 ID: 784dcc
File 134045124981.png - (127.41KB , 700x1000 , guntersteve.png )

You gotta dress the best.

The VERY best.
No. 425286 ID: 784dcc
File 134045565899.png - (163.62KB , 700x1000 , gunterlatex.png )

No. 425290 ID: 30d894

Lacks gratuitious zippers.
No. 425379 ID: a5c529

How can we draw the zippers if we don't know where the erogenous zones are?
No. 425397 ID: 7c31d2

Just put them in random places?
No. 425484 ID: 6a9fdc

You do not seem to know what 'gratuitous' means.
No. 425547 ID: 067a04
File 134054809892.png - (123.20KB , 700x1000 , GoodOlGunter.png )

If it's nippy, you'll want to dress warm.

Thick clothes are also nice for defense if you run into danger.
No. 425563 ID: cee0ad

The fact that it is leather, which putting gratuitous zippers on, would mean it is a gimp suit, and you need to know erogenous zones for the zippers, as gratuitous means to step over the line and not be wanted.

~ Good day sir.
No. 425781 ID: 784dcc

No. 425832 ID: 784dcc
File 134061439387.png - (146.83KB , 700x1000 , gunterchallenger.png )

Whatever else, get pockets.
No. 425835 ID: 784dcc

Also spots and circles to denote your connection to your mate and as bonus subtly get back at the tailor-Trau for suggesting infidelity.
No. 425886 ID: ed625e
File 134064475506.png - (193.57KB , 463x944 , gunter.png )

Same shirt as you're wearing now, longer pants to protect legs on the road (tucked into leather "boots"), messenger bag, pancho (in case of rain).
No. 425889 ID: 08005b

No. 425903 ID: d88ac1

> poncho
No. 425905 ID: ecb09c
File 134064997249.png - (161.38KB , 700x600 , comeongunterlivealittle.png )

"How about this? Nice and snug, very flattering! It might take a bit of help to get in and out of, but of course I'd be happy t-"

"N-No thank you! That's .... that's not what I'm looking for at all ..."

"Oh, boo. Well, in that case ..."
No. 425906 ID: ecb09c
File 134065000350.png - (176.57KB , 700x800 , outfit.png )

"Will this do? Nice and warm, and comfortable, too. Leather wrist and ankle braces, very sturdy. The sweater is premium schafwolle, warm but lightweight."

This looks pretty good! It's just right for the weather, and it is very comfy.

"This outfit will run you about 110 Saat," Lutzi adds. "Unless you want to try to barter that down...~"
No. 425911 ID: 784dcc

This is exactly what I thought about it. "Yeah, it's probably not going to get included, but Lutzi will wish it would." Thank you. x3

Well, Gunter can make him happy, literally. Isn't that worth something? I mean, we know Lutzi wants Gunter to "make him happy" some other way.

So perhaps we should play on words, do it our power way, and get to tweak him while keeping our word.
No. 425916 ID: 08005b

This guy needs to be in bardic bold quest, he would ass a nice creepy dash of brashness.
No. 425917 ID: b2f225

Try to reserve that latex suit. You know, for when Lief gets better.
No. 425919 ID: 223190

use your mazhicks to coerce him into making it cheaper.
No. 425923 ID: a21b1b

I'm liking this idea.
No. 425924 ID: fbabaf

Perfect outfit. As long as the leather wrists aren't made out of Hirschleder, which would be creepy...

Try to project some generosity and then suggest flat 100 Saat.
Or is using one's abbilities to influence other deerlings for financial gain considered impolite?

Just saying, we would still have 3240 Saat, that seems quite ok.
I say we should go to the general store first, to get the basic supplies for our travel.

Would be embarrasing if we buyed some shiny magic trinket and lacked the money for food. But since you seem to get along with the other villagers quite well, (in contrast to the tailor) we'll probably strike a good bargain.
No. 425929 ID: b85f8c

I don't think we should use our empathy for financial gain like that. That's a bit too immoral.

110 is a pretty damn good price considering our budget. How about you just suggest 100. He'll probably ask for a kiss or something if you try to barter it down very much.
No. 425942 ID: d5ee6f

Offer a threesome with Lief when they get better.
No. 425946 ID: a21b1b

Please don't.
No. 425952 ID: 9b5a1a

Yeah... again, hitting on someone when they're preparing to make a risky journey to keep a loved one from dying is about as inappropriate as it gets. I'd suggest giving tir another reminder of this. Say if ti wants to give a discount, just give a discount, but you're way too upset for flirting.
No. 426498 ID: ecb09c
File 134076151571.png - (145.55KB , 700x600 , smarmyface.png )

"Listen, Lutzi, if you mean bartering with anything other than money, I'm not interested," you reply firmly. "I'd be more willing to pay a round 100 Saat, but I'm not bargaining for anything else."

"Oh, fröhling, I'm not after anything indecent," Lutzi chuckles. Funny, you think sourly, because ti usually is. "I have a different kind of offer to make."

Ti walks up behind you and grasps your shoulders, grinning. "I'll give the outfit to you for free ... AND I'll cover a third of the costs of your other supplies."

Whoa. Even for someone as optimistic as you, that raises red flags. "If?" you prompt, dreading what massive repayment the Traurig must desire.

"If you let me come with you.~"
No. 426500 ID: d5ee6f

This seems good and without downsides. Except for Lutzi being an asshole part.

Do it.
No. 426510 ID: e3f578

Ask why in particular.
There must be a practical use for travel, like for standard business or to see a friend.
If there isn't, say no. I'm afraid he may sabotage any efforts to save your mate.
No. 426511 ID: 4a328b

You gotta ask why.
No. 426513 ID: b85f8c

We might accept, but only with one stipulation- he never uses his ability on you again.

On the other hand I'm not sure why we'd need a second person with us. What good would he be on the trip?
No. 426515 ID: f5832c

the help may be usefull, but be sure to let tir know that if you even think for a moment ti is trying to sabotage youre attempts to save youre mate, you will hurt tir, Badly
No. 426517 ID: b2f225

Lutzi has joined the party!

I have mixed feelings about this, however. How your community sees tin? You can trust tin? That would be an opportunity to know each other, to say that you feel harassed by tir constant flirtations, that you hate tir lack of sensitivity to the current situation of Lief.
No. 426520 ID: 9b5a1a

Well, the plan was to get traurig or other to come along. If ti's volunteering, and helping you save some of the money you don't have, might as well let tir.
No. 426538 ID: 503921

Guys, Lief is DYING. Gunter doesn't have the time to be picky when it comes to allies right now. Just Graciously Accept the offer, but ask why ti would want to come.
No. 426539 ID: 4a328b

To run down to the other city in case the prof isn't in the one we're checking
No. 426586 ID: 9b5a1a

Also, there's this:

No. 426613 ID: a2fa74

"I need all the help I can get - fine, but behave. I could easily put in a good word for you with Fritzi."
No. 426617 ID: b2f225

Now we're selling her friends?
No. 426666 ID: b2f225

Fir! Fir! Damn...
No. 426671 ID: 884dff

We need all the help we can get.

All the help we can get is a douche with boom-chika-wahwah aura.


Ask him what his motives are. Why does he want to accompany us? Does he just happen to have the same way? Sudden urge of heroism?

Regardless of the answers he's willing to give, I tend to say it's more important to have a traveling companion than none. Even if it's a lousy one.
No. 426684 ID: 205ebc

Ask why he wants to go... Also, I worry about what your mate may think of you running off with the local sex maniac. (So is his flirting literaly like, asking to murder you or somthing?)
No. 426686 ID: a2fa74

That's either a promise or a threat - fie is considered a murderer, after all.
No. 426698 ID: 884dff

Sexual stimulation =/= deerling creation ritual.
No. 426708 ID: 223190

sure, but why?
No. 427200 ID: ecb09c
File 134093710397.png - (79.23KB , 700x600 , hemaybeanassholebutgoddamnishecute.png )

"Why would you want to come with me, though?" You shrug Lutzi off and step back, eyeing tir warily. "Don't you have the shop to run and everything?"

"I want to come because I'm bored, fröhling." Lutzi sighs deeply, picking idly at a chip in tir hoof. "It's been charming, but this country life ... it's not for me, honestly. There's nothing to do here. There's noBODY to do here, come to think of it. Nobody's buying clothes anyway because it's harvest season, and I just ... want an adventure, I suppose." Ti looks up and pulls a crooked smile at you. "And when one comes walking through my door, it's a little difficult to avoid the fantasy of just ... cutting loose and dashing off. Who knows, maybe the city will fall in love with me, and I with it, and I'll never return to this backwoodsy trash heap again."

The Traurig shrugs breezily. "I'm not like you - I don't have any noble purposes or anything. I'm just bored as can be and I want to get in on a little excitement."
No. 427204 ID: 09e5bf

Accept Lutzi's companionship.
No. 427208 ID: b2f225

> hemaybeanassholebutgoddamnishecute
Are you reading my mind! Look at those eyes! Those horns! How can you resist that!

> "I don't have any noble purposes or anything. I'm just bored as can be and I want to get in on a little excitement."
Such purity! A true adventurer! Enlist tin now!
No. 427230 ID: 9b5a1a

Shrug, accept the offer, tell tir to get packed then?
No. 427340 ID: 92878e

Accept the offer and advance to the general store.

You know, despite the pros-and-cons discussed so far, at least we know how ti ticks and what to expect. Who knows, maybe he'll become one suave, fist-wielding ...uh, deer of a rehkitz.
No. 427463 ID: ecb09c
File 134101606368.png - (76.16KB , 700x600 , generalstore.png )

Well, that all sounds alright to you ... and to be honest, you need all the help you can get.
"Alright, you can come. You pack enough stuff for the week while I go and do the rest of the shopping." You smile faintly, and Lutzi squeals in delight.
"Perfect! Remember to tally everything up so I can pay my third, fröhling." Lutzi winks at you and dashes back around the corner, disappearing behind an embroidered curtain to the half of the cottage that serves as tir living quarters.

You decide to head to the general store next. The general store is run by Handel, a Fröhlich with a talent for creating illumination. Fi grins widely at you when you enter.
"Hey, Gunter! Wow, nice duds. You just stopped by Lutzi's, huh? You look great!" Fi crosses fir arms and chuckles. "So, what can I get ya?"
No. 427464 ID: ecb09c
File 134101607784.png - (80.39KB , 700x600 , gsprovpacks.png )

"Provision packs feed 2 deerling, 3 small meals a day! It's all really great stuff - I made it myself!"

3 Day Provision Pack - 200 Saat
5 Day Provision Pack - 450 Saat
7 Day Provision Pack - 700 Saat
No. 427465 ID: ecb09c
File 134101609232.png - (96.24KB , 700x600 , gsweapons.png )

"I sure hope you don't end up having to use anything like this ... but hey, it's better to have it than not, right?"

Staff - 190 Saat
Dirk - 250 Saat
Hatchet - 350 Saat
Bow - 550 Saat
Arrows - 2 Saat each
No. 427466 ID: ecb09c
File 134101610672.png - (106.00KB , 700x600 , gsequip.png )

"Useful odds and ends, and something to hold it all in!"

Small Tool Kit - 70 Saat
Small First Aid Kit - 50 Saat
Cartography Paper - 10 pieces - 30 Saat

Satchel - 10 Inventory Slots - 100 Saat
Backpack - 20 Inventory Slots - 200 Saat
Carpetbag - 35 Inventory Slots - 350 Saat
Enchanted Bag - ∞ Inventory Slots, no item size limit, weightless - 900 Saat
No. 427469 ID: e3f578

Criticize Handel's terrible pricing plans, customers can buy two of the three day packs which will last longer than the five day plan for cheaper! And these aren't even on sale prices!
Oh wait, telling him that advice would only be advantageous to him... unless said advice can get us free shit in gratitude.
No. 427473 ID: a21b1b

>>427464 Why does a 7-day pack cost more than three times as much as a 3-day pack, despite containing only a little more than twice as much food? These prices don't seem proportional...
That's a normal, non-magical staff, right? Also, will you need to buy a quiver, or do you have one already?
What tools does the toolkit contain? Do you or Lutzi know enough about cartography to make an accurate map?
No. 427474 ID: ecb09c
File 134101712639.png - (113.79KB , 700x600 , letitgo.png )

Handel is a little ... slow.
You're not gonna mention it.
No. 427476 ID: b85f8c

Why are the provision packs MORE expensive per day in the bigger sizes? Are they more compact? The best idea for us is to buy two 3-day packs. That covers 6 days, and I'm sure we can get a single day of meals while traveling by buying from shops in the city or something.

I don't know what to suggest as I don't know what weapons you're skilled in.

You'll want a first aid kit. A tool kit could be nice but it's a bit optional. We'll be sticking to the roads so I doubt we'll need cartography paper.
For storage you can just get a backpack, as that's very easy to handle. Unless we're packing a lot of other things that take up a lot of room? I don't know.

Do we not have any similar items at home?
No. 427478 ID: 886a4d

4 3 day food packs 800 (Need enough for both of you though you can supplement it with foraging \ hunting)
small first aid kit 50
small tool kit 70
Enchanted bag 900 (The unlimited space and weightlessness makes this a must have)
Hachet 350
Bow 550
50 arrows 100

2820. 1/3rd of that is 940, leaving you with about 1200 Saat for hiring someone to help.

I'm assuming at least one of you is a decent shot with the bow and arrow, if not get a staff instead. A dirk requires a bit more skill then swinging a stick around.
No. 427480 ID: ecb09c

[[The staff is non-magical. You could have it enchanted over at the apothecary - in fact, you could have any of the weapons enchanted - but that would be pretty pricey.
A quiver comes with the bow.
Neither you nor Lutzi know much about cartography, but you could probably scratch out a crude map if you had seen enough of the area.]]

[[Lutzi can use knives, Gunter isn't skilled in ANYTHING. At all.
And if we had stuff at home that would defeat the fun of adventurous store shopping.]]

[[The longer-lasting packs are more expensive because they are more compact. Each different pack only takes up one inventory space - so buying two 3-days would take up 2 inventory spaces, while the 7-day itself only takes up 1 space.]]
No. 427481 ID: 886a4d

Changing my weapons choices to a hatchet, staff and a dirk. The hatchet is more for firewood then combat and the staff will allow Gunter to have some reach on more skilled opponants.
No. 427483 ID: b85f8c

If we're not skilled in anything then we should take a very simple weapon, or one that can double as a tool. So, the staff or the hatchet.

I'm partial to the hatchet, because it's more useful in general, and if you know how to chop wood with one then you can probably hurt someone with it reliably too. Does Gunter know how to chop wood? If she can't even do that then it's likely all blows will be glancing and she's better off with the staff.
No. 427490 ID: b2f225

No, it's brilliant. You buy three day provision packs thinking that you're getting a really good deal. You're not. Everything is overpriced, but you don't notice that because of the difference between the prices. Handel is a devious merchant, a terrible good one at that.
No. 427495 ID: 9b5a1a

If you're actually expecting you might need to be armed, and have never been in a situation that called for it, a staff is probably the best bet. It's a lot easier to hit something in the face with a big stick than to try and stab vital organs or chop bits off. Both in terms of where to aim, and squeemishness.
No. 427531 ID: 1444d5

Definitely get the staff, no matter what else you pick. It's a walking stick, it's a prying bar, it's a tent pole, it's a limb brace, it's most of an oar, and it's a pretty hefty cudgel to boot.
No. 427550 ID: e5e18b


No, seriously, if we want to make the most of Lutzi's promise to cover a third of the cost, we should try to squeeze as much out as we can.

3x 3day provisions, 1 staff for you, 1 dirk for Lutzi, a small first-aid kit, a small tool kit, cartography paper, the enchanted bag to hold it all.

600+150+250+50+30+70+900 = 2050 Saat

2050/3 = 683 Saat, which will be covered by Lutzi.

Which means we still have 1983 left from our 3350 Saat.
No. 427554 ID: b85f8c

But we have other shops to go to after this, don't we?
No. 427557 ID: 503921

But we don't really NEED magica. Besides, even with Lutzi's help anything worth getting would probably be prohibitively expensive
No. 427612 ID: ecb09c
File 134108238638.png - (188.00KB , 700x600 , shoppinggsdone.png )

[[ Okay, in all practicality, you'd need to pay for everything at once and then wait for Lutzi to pay you the 1/3 afterwards - but for the sake of making this run smoother, I'm deducting 1/3 off the store totals to begin with. Also, now that you have an enchanted bag, there are no longer inventory slots, but rather an inventory list. ]]

You decide to purchase:
3 3-day provision packs
1 staff and 1 dirk
1 first aid kit
1 tool kit
1 enchanted bag

With Lutzi covering 1/3 of the price, that brings your total to 1367 Saat, leaving your balance at 1983 Saat.
You slip everything into the enchanted bag and wave goodbye to Handel.
"Thanks for shopping! Hope your trip goes well. Be safe!"
No. 427614 ID: 4a328b

No. 427634 ID: e5e18b

Say goodbye and off the the enchanter's place.
Oh, by the way, ask Lutzi if ti ever was in Geweihburg or in Hirschweg.

Well, also, if we want "useful magic items" for our travel, the bag kinda falls into that category, right?
No. 427653 ID: c74bfa

you fool.

No. 427660 ID: 886a4d

Rope wasn't offered.
No. 427668 ID: 81c246

Maybe there's some rope in the tool kit?
No. 427707 ID: a21b1b

Yeah, it's a good idea to familiarize ourself with the kits.
No. 427763 ID: 3c8b7d

More like a pit-i-fall death.
No. 427995 ID: 6808dd
File 134119337384.png - (136.85KB , 700x590 , apothecary1.png )

Next stop is the Apothecary and Magicka shop. It's run by Agneta and Eckard, who have talents of flora growth and potion-making, respectively. You've never seen a pair better matched. Their deerlet, Eberhart, plays quietly on the counter.

"Welcome. How can we assist you today?"
No. 427996 ID: 6808dd
File 134119339527.png - (48.30KB , 700x590 , apothecary2.png )

"You can purchase medicine base, then add any of the available additions to create medicine specific to what you need to heal. Medicine base on its own simply has mild, general healing properties."

Medicine Base - 6 Servings - 80 Saat
Aloe Additon - 2 Servings, cures burns - 8 Saat
Charcoal Addition - 2 Servings, cures poisoning - 10 Saat
Bacitracin Addition - 2 Servings, cures cuts and lacerations - 12 Saat
No. 427997 ID: 6808dd
File 134119341704.png - (131.73KB , 700x590 , apothecary3.png )

"These splash potions are kept in glass bottles that can be thrown. When the bottles burst, the potion deals damage to anyone in the radius of the splash. This could include the thrower, however, so be careful when you use them. Splash potions are sold in sets of 3."

Spark - Deals minor fire damage - 100 Saat
Flame - Deals moderate fire damage - 200 Saat
Blaze - Deals heavy fire damage - 350 Saat

Frost - Freezes enemies for a brief time - 200 Saat
Snow - Freeses enemies for a moderate time - 300 Saat
Ice - Freezes enemies for quite a while - 450 Saat

Taint - Deals minor poison damage - 350 Saat
Toxin - Deals moderate poison damage - 450 Saat
Venom - Deals heavy poison damage - 600 Saat
No. 427998 ID: 6808dd
File 134119344074.png - (66.60KB , 700x590 , apothecary4.png )

"These are specialty potions with specific uses. Each vial is one serving."

Veritaserum - Compels taker to answer any queries truthfully, 40 minute effect - 275 Saat
Invisibility Potion - Renders taker invisible to the naked eye. User can still be seen through glass lenses. 120 minute effect - 750 Saat
Boost Potion - Boosts taker's natural talent, 3 day effect - 500 Saat
No. 427999 ID: 6808dd
File 134119346743.png - (51.00KB , 700x590 , apothecary5.png )

"These quality magicka items have been imbued with artificial talents. We can pierce on-site. Artificial talents are concentrated and cannot deal widespread damage the way splash potions can, but can deal more damage on an individual basis."

Jasper Earring - Fire talent, 15 uses - 400 Saat
Pearl Earring - Ice talent, 15 uses - 475 Saat
Obsidian Earring - Poison talent, 15 uses - 525 Saat
Topaz Earring - Strength talent, 5 day duration - 600 Saat

Basic Weapon Enchantments - 800 Saat each

Small Magicka Tattoo - 2400 Saat
Medium Magicka Tattoo - 3400 Saat
Large Magicka Tattoo - 4500 Saat
Full-Body Magicka Tattoo - 5750 Saat
We are not responsible for arrests or disciplinary action arising from bearing magicka tattoos in restricted areas
No. 428002 ID: 4a328b

Two medicine bases, two aloe additions, one charcoal addition, three bacitracin

Pearl Earring for you and Jasper earring for tir

x2 Veritaserum
No. 428007 ID: 9b5a1a


Sounds good on the medicine front, but I see absolutely no need for Veritaserum or the earrings.

Remember, we can't afford to spend all this saat on supplies. This also has to cover all our out of town expenses, like finding a place to stay while looking for a doctor, and paying for fir services.
No. 428008 ID: 4a328b

oh yeah
No. 428009 ID: 886a4d

I agree.
No. 428079 ID: a21b1b

Well, Lutzi will probably agree to split the cost of lodgings and such, but I agree that we should save a little.
No. 428080 ID: a21b1b

Also, what's the village center look like? Just an open area with some shops?
No. 428115 ID: 1e9d01

I think we should get one of the fire/ice talent earrings, as otherwise we have basically no way to defend ourselves. We have no weapon training!
No. 428214 ID: c7b4c4

There deerlet is adorable, you should fawn over him (haha deer pun.)
No. 428246 ID: 223190

saving's nice and all, but you won't be able to defend yourself from a lot of things with just a dirk and a staff. get a jasper earring for emergencies.

what was Lutzi's ability again?
No. 428259 ID: 8a3061


I think Lutzi's ability was being a jerk
No. 428260 ID: fa9f7e

Making people horny
No. 428317 ID: b2f225

No. 428372 ID: cf49fc

Under no circumstances is Lutzi EVER to be let near any power boosting artifacts, potions, or implants.
No. 428403 ID: d94e2c

We got a medkit, there's probably flint and tinder in the toolkit, and we have the stick to hit people with. We don't know what will come up in town besides lodgings and Gunter is a broke-ass deer, even with Lutzi's help. Lets just leave this bourgeoise stuff until later.
No. 428435 ID: 1e9d01

This kind of outlook would've made better sense before we spent a quarter of our funds on a bag of holding!
No. 429296 ID: a4625a
File 134152341030.png - (185.99KB , 700x600 , blahblahfilename.png )

Wow, this stuff is all pretty expensive. You think maybe you should be pretty conservative with your purchases.

You decide to buy:
Medicine base x2
Aloe addition x2
Charcoal addition x1
Bacitracin addition x3
Jasper earring x1

The total cost of your items is 622 Saat, and with Lutzi covering 1/3 of the cost, you pay 415. This brings your balance to 1568.

Looks like all your preliminary shopping is finished!
No. 429297 ID: 9b5a1a

Great then. Let's go give Lief a last minute pep talk, say what other goodbyes are needed, grab Lutzi, and start heading for Hirschweg.
No. 429305 ID: 4a328b

Pep talk + Kisses
No. 429308 ID: 68852c

equip jasper earring yourself.
No. 429359 ID: a21b1b

When we visit Lief, we should explain that Lutzi is going with us and why so as to avoid any misunderstandings later.
No. 429366 ID: 4a328b

Eh let's not talk about Lutzi, it might make tir worry unnecessarily. We'll just describe our adventure when we get home with the cure.
No. 429384 ID: bbee3d


Oh no! What happened to your antlers?

If you're done shopping, you should probably get going as soon as possible (after kissing Lief goodbye). No time to waste!
No. 429391 ID: 01f6f1

> Oh no! What happened to your antlers?
The horror. Maybe they're just like retractable antennas?
No. 434222 ID: 6808dd
File 134262742830.png - (168.15KB , 700x600 , snugglybugglies.png )

You make sure the jasper earring is safey pinned in your new piercing hole - which is still a little sore - and make your way back home.

Fritzi greets you at the door. "Ti's asleep, but I think ti would want you to wake tir up," fi whispers.

"Thanks, Fritzi." You go back to the bedroom and gently shake your mate awake. "Hey, Lief? I've got all my stuff together, and I'm gonna go now, okay?"

Ti blinks wearily at you, then wraps tir arms around you as you lean over for a hug. "Okay. Be careful."

"So you're okay with me going, now?"

"No. But if you're going to go, you're going to go." Ti smothers a cough against your shoulder before speaking again. "And I forgot to tell you - the professor's name is Filzen Kentnisse. Ti's a little ... eccentric, but if you mention that you know me I ... I think it should work out."

You give tir a kiss goodbye and tuck the blanket back into place. "Be back in a week. Get a lot of rest."

Ti laughs dryly. "Not much else I can do."

"I love you."

"Yeah, I know."
No. 434224 ID: 6808dd
File 134262745066.png - (170.67KB , 700x600 , blarp.png )

After making sure Lief is comfortable and thanking Fritzi yet again, you head over to the tailor shop to pick up Lutzi.

"Hello, frohchen! Ah, this is so exciting.~" Ti looks you over and catches sight of the enchanted bag. "Oh my, somebody splurged~ Lovely, can I just pop my things in there, then? Less to carry."

Ti straightens tir shimmery scarf, giving you a winning grin. "Off we go, then! Are you sure you're ready to head out?"
No. 434247 ID: ab63b5

> "Yeah, I know."
Hahaha! Gotta love tim!

> "Off we go, then! Are you sure you're ready to head out?"
You're always ready for your love! LOVE QUEST! Oh, by the way, marvelous clothes, Lutzi! I just can't appreciate enough this talent of tim! Why is ti on this "backwoodsy trash heap", anyway? I know very little about fashion, but ti would probably be more successful in a larger city.
No. 434261 ID: 2972f8

No. 434270 ID: e3f578

How'd you fall in love with a deer like Lief anyway? Shouldn't your telepathic sense kinda turn you off to negative thinkers? You said he was always kind of depressed and tough to live with thanks to that, or at least you implied he was always depressed before this. Was Lief just so dreamy you didn't care?
No. 434318 ID: 6a13b9

Good question. I wonder if it's their equivalent of a 'bad boy' complex.
No. 434332 ID: b26bd8

if you remember, *ALL* traurig, the opposite "gender" to our good friend gunter here, have a negative of destructive tallent, and tend towards the deeply cynical, negative emotions. (though it is interesting to note that their personal gender roles seem interchangeable or undeveloped.)
Gunter's empathy is unlikely to drive (him?) away, being an intrinsicaly positive part of (her?) personality.

No. 434333 ID: e3f578

Lutzi doesn't actually seem very negative or cynical, at most, just bored and lecherous.
No. 434352 ID: b85f8c

Well, she could be a bit of a white knight.
No. 434450 ID: a21b1b

Northwards! We won't need to decide which city we're going to (or if one of us is going to each city) until we get to the river, but it might be nice to discuss it along the way.
No. 434709 ID: d94e2c

Give Lutzi the dirk. Tell tin it's just in case ti needs it.
No. 439652 ID: 6808dd
File 134419109552.png - (160.98KB , 700x600 , offwego.png )

You hand tir the dirk you bought, and ti tucks it carefully away as the two of you begin to walk northwards. Lutzi seems in particularly high spirits, and you think you know why. Being in a city, any city, will make tir feel at home - after all, ti lived in a large city tir entire life until what happened with Fritzi last solar cycle. The two of them are cousins, and Fritzi's parents asked Lutzi to move to Ahornblatt to keep an eye on fir.
As nonchalant as ti usually acts, you know that ti never really wanted to live here in the first place.
No. 439653 ID: 6808dd
File 134419113608.png - (179.12KB , 700x600 , bashfuldeerlings.png )

Lutzi speaks a few moments later, breaking your train of thought. "Say, Fröhchen, I've been wondering. From what Fritzi tells me, quite a few Traurig in the village had their eyes on you for a while." Ti smirked, raising one knowing eyebrow. "So why Lief?"
You blush, a little too flustered by the thought of Lief to be offended by the inherent insult to tir hidden in Lutzi's statement.
"Well ..."
No. 439659 ID: 6808dd
File 134419147777.png - (291.03KB , 700x600 , memory1.png )

Lutzi moved to Ahornblatt about two solar cycles ago, freshly kicked out of the University of Geweihburg for insufficient funds. In the beginning, nobody saw or heard much of tir.
No. 439660 ID: 6808dd
File 134419152140.png - (296.89KB , 700x600 , memory2.png )

The first time you saw tir was when ti came to your knick-knack stand to buy a few things. You were interested in tir, at least from afar - maybe Lief wasn't the most conventionally attractive Traurig around, but there was something about tir ... the way ti moved, or tir voice ... you're not really sure. After that, ti showed up on market day now and then, something you really looked forward to ...
No. 439661 ID: 6808dd
File 134419155537.png - (352.95KB , 700x600 , memory3.png )

... but your first few attempts to talk to tir were ... less than successful.
No. 439662 ID: 6808dd
File 134419159147.png - (266.21KB , 700x600 , memory4.png )

But eventually, ti would give you a few words each visit - an appreciative murmur over a bunch of flowers, a quiet, oblique taunt about a lopsided carving. You liked to think that you were friends, or at least connected, somehow.
No. 439663 ID: 6808dd
File 134419163024.png - (267.45KB , 700x600 , memory5.png )

Sometimes, though, ti would disappear for days on end. You started to worry.
No. 439664 ID: 6808dd
File 134419167585.png - (364.04KB , 700x600 , memory6.png )

Eventually you worked up the courage to visit tir cottage, and a few hours later, you found yourself sitting on Lief's bed, talking to tir.
No. 439666 ID: 6808dd
File 134419171060.png - (278.87KB , 700x600 , memory7.png )

Ti was just scared. Really, really scared. And there was something about how desperately honest ti was, about the rawness of those moments, that really made it love.
No. 439667 ID: 6808dd
File 134419174850.png - (226.89KB , 700x600 , memory8.png )

And you were there. You were present and you cared and that was all Lief needed - and ti appreciated you, wanted you to be there, and that was what you needed. But the best part was all the little things that came afterwards - the discoveries of things about each other that you didn't really need, but couldn't do without.
No. 439668 ID: 6808dd
File 134419178436.png - (158.76KB , 700x600 , lolwhatareproportions.png )

You grin and shrug. "And that's it, I guess."
"Oh, Gönner, I'm going to be sick."

No. 439671 ID: e3f578

'ey you asked homeboy
don't be a flirt with a romantic if you can't take the heat

Ti's taken that position before on the bed before you and tir became a couple and then now after. I wonder if tir disease had something to do with tir job or schooling. Did ti say why he done got kicked out?
No. 439682 ID: 8c4f25

Lutzi was forced to do this?

Right back at you. Lutzi, are you really interested in Gunter or just trying to chase away the boredom?

There's something wrong here. Something really wrong. Anyway, what Lief was doing in the university? What do you know about tir family, Gunter?
No. 439683 ID: 4a328b

SOUNDS KINDA ONESIDED IF YOU--I mean what a romantic tale, Gunter!

Truly yours is the most lovely of lovey dovey love doves!

Ask if Lutzi had tis eyes on any certain some-fawn before he moved here~
No. 439685 ID: b9d767

That's just ADORABLE. Wait, what if what he's sick with is because of something he caught at the University?
No. 439688 ID: b85f8c

But how does that position even work without genitalia- ah whatever.

So after you two got together, did you help Lief figure out what to do with tir life?
No. 439763 ID: 6808dd
File 134428145260.png - (139.92KB , 700x600 , motherfuckingfillerimagesugh.png )

Lief studied biotheology and supernatural chemistry at the university - ti was kicked out because ti fell on some financial difficulties and couldn't afford the tuition. You're pretty sure the disease couldn't have come from the university ... Lief left Geweihburg 2 solar cycles ago, and there hadn't been any signs of the disease in all that time.

Since getting back from the university, Lief hasn't really figured out what ti is going to do. Ti just helps you with gathering flowers and small crops of vegetables, and making knick-knacks to sell. Deep down, you feel like all ti wants to do is find some way to make enough money to go back, but ... well, with your income, that's not very realistic at all.

You've actually never met Lief's family. They haven't stayed in contact, which is pretty common for rekitzchen, especially Traurig. People tend to stay pretty unattached, so that they can focus all their attention and energy on their mate.
No. 439764 ID: 6808dd
File 134428146686.png - (163.96KB , 700x600 , chattydeerlings.png )

The two of you walk another few minutes before you pipe up. "What about you, Lutzi? Haven't you ever met somebody that you were interested in?"

Lutzi chuckles softly. "Darling, I'm interested in everyone, and everyone is interested in me.~"

"No, but I mean, like - a mate, you know? Haven't you ever met anybody you'd wanna have a deerlet with?"

"Frohchen, that's not my style."

You've still got another few hours before you reach the river ... what can you do in the meantime? You're making pretty good time, but walking is awfully boring.
No. 439771 ID: e3f578

You do realize that you just tir asked if there's anyone ti'd want killing tir for the sake of creating a child?
You Frolich's have it easy, it's the Truarig that have the burden of dying for your children. You think it's hard killing them? Try taking the punishment, especially if it isn't in a quick, single painless hit. Just for... a kid?

Maybe Lutzi has a good idea for passing time on the road, he's been on the road before so he's probably learned a few tricks. Or I guess you could play a game of I Spy or making up stories of people passing by.
No. 439775 ID: 4a328b

Know any songs?
No. 439795 ID: bf3f27

> "Darling, I'm interested in everyone, and everyone is interested in me.~"
That's a lie. What can you say against that, however? Ask tin what life was like in the city.

> Frolich's have it easy
You say that as if you knew anything. Ask Fritzi if fi wouldn't trade places with fir mate.
No. 439800 ID: e3f578

Fi's fine now though.
Sorta, fi's living again and can move on and enjoy life. Fi CAN. A few days to years of sadness, a scar. Fi'd trade places with him because fi doesn't know what it's like being dead and it feels like that would be the selfless good choice.
Traurig bros ain't got a scar. They ain't got nothing anymore. Just a nice bit a property a feet under the ground with a marking up top. Ti wouldn't trade tir spot though, ti knows how painful that shit it. That's the selfless choice on tir part.
No. 439803 ID: bf3f27

Everything you said is nothing but your own perspective.
No. 439811 ID: e3f578

But a lot of everything is perspective.
But I think asking Gunter a question like that is one worth asking, dude's gotta get killed by someone he loves, so hey Frolich's got a bit less to sacrifice here man. They can move on. Want Gunter's perspective on this issue.
Gotta press it.
No. 439813 ID: bf3f27

Are you aware that they have no choice about it?
No. 439818 ID: 48f315

Questdis time

Anyways, I see nothing of value to be gained from pursuing this line of inquiry any further. Ask about Lutzi's satyrism/nymphomania.
No. 439874 ID: a21b1b

Have we decided for sure which city we're going to, or if we're splitting up?
No. 440847 ID: 6808dd
File 134449114967.png - (115.72KB , 700x600 , contemplativeasshit.png )

The two of you walk in silence for a while, and you find that telling that story has brought your thoughts back to Lief. Not that your thoughts ever stray far from tir in the first place.

Would you have had a deerlet by now, if ti wasn't sick? You're not sure. After all, the two of you had your first real fights on that subject. Lief had pushed so hard for it, had shown such uncharacteristic aggression, that you were scared. You could sense a sort of morbid elation from tir, as much as ti tried to hide it. Some part of you, dark and frightened, worried that Lief wanted the ritual to fail. And while your primary reaction to that was, of course, horror, you were also hurt - hurt that Lief assumed the ritual wouldn't work. Because that either meant ti thought you didn't love tir enough ... or that ti didn't love you enough tirself.

But maybe Lief felt the same way. Maybe your reluctance came across as a lack of faith in your bond. Maybe, to Lief, it was a confession you weren't actually trying to make.

The whole business was disturbing. You'd always been unsettled by it. Sure, everyone was, but most people eventually resigned to it ... especially when they were your age, mated, settling down. Of course people were upset and scared and paranoid, of course it was horrific, but it was also the will of the gods. Not much could be done, and fussing wouldn't do much good. But you just ... just couldn't settle yourself. Couldn't quiet the screaming, hysterical horror at the thought of the ritual. Especially after feeling what Fritzi felt.

You shudder. That was part of the reason why Lief's illness planted such horrible dread in you. You didn't need to imagine what it would be like to lose your mate. You'd already felt it.
No. 440848 ID: 6808dd
File 134449116978.png - (151.98KB , 700x600 , query.png )

"Lutzi?" you finally say, your voice quiet.


"Do you think the ritual is fair?"

Ti's usually languid expression flickers for a moment, and ti tilts tir head to look at you. "I don't understand what you're asking."

"Do you think it's ... fair. You know. For Frohlich and Traurig." You click your hooves together idly, avoiding eye contact.

"Of course it isn't fair." For a while, Lutzi had seemed almost agreeable, but suddenly the tone of voice you're used to is back - oily and condescending. "Hundreds of Traurig die every single day because their mates fuck up. You frohlich get off scot free."

You flinch. Sure, Lutzi has never been tactful, but you didn't expect that. "But ... but what about the guilt?" you remind tir. "When you're dead, you get to go to Letzefeld. But if a Frohlich fails the ritual, we have to live with it, and when they die they have to go to die Odlands -"

"If those places even exist," Lutzi sneers, and you feel like you've been kicked in the stomach. It bothers you when people say things like that. "So what? So you feel guilty and you MIGHT have to deal with eternal punishment. We're DEFINITELY dead."

"It's worse than just guilt," you reply. You're getting upset now, especially with Lutzi snapping such brazen blasphemy. "I know, I felt it, even thought I never-"
No. 440849 ID: 6808dd
File 134449118940.png - (95.99KB , 700x600 , ohshityoupissedlutzioff.png )

Lutzi suddenly stops walking and turns to you. You've never seen tir so angry before. In fact, you've never seen tir angry. But the expression on tir face holds none of the sly playfulness it normally does. "Don't you dare." Suddenly tir hoof is on your chest, shoving you back. "You, of all people, do not get to use fir as an example. Don't you DARE act like you know what fi went through just because you FELT it. Because you felt it on the other side of a closed door."

Ti shoves you again, more weakly again, and you realize ti's shaking. Just a little, but you see it. And suddenly it's gone, and ti's silk and oil again. "Anyway. I don't care. It's just the way things are. Besides, it's got nothing to do with me. I'm never doing it."

Lutzi turns on tir hoof and strides off at a brisk pace.

That went very, very poorly.
No. 440853 ID: b85f8c

I thought the ritual could fail due to the Taurig not having the proper feelings, too? It's not always the Frohlich's fault. Do not bring this up with Lutzi, obviously.

WHY did you shut the door on fir?
No. 440857 ID: e3f578

Yeah, okay that went poorly, but you learned one of Lutzi's buttons and ti'll chalk it up to ignorance and forgive you eventually, you are one of the more socially awkward deer in the village after all. Don't try to say sorry now, wait a bit. Before you spend any money though, might send a wrong message if you apologize when you need tir to pay for tir portion of fees. Maybe when you're entering a town or setting up camp.

Why does skepticism of religion kick you in the gut? The gods are... kinda dickish. Though thanks to the ritual they designed they prevented most racism and war between the two types of deerlings.
No. 440859 ID: 4a328b

Try not to project your current feelings of UTTER FAIL right now~

Just walk in silence until the mood lightens up~
No. 440864 ID: d94e2c

Apologize and then keep your damn mouth shut.

Also, what the hell, Gunter? You actually slammed the door on Fritzi? Your BFF? I always thought that it was just an unfortunate panel arrangement that poorly reflected chronology. The hell is wrong with you?
No. 440894 ID: 4c133b

Friendship? Is there such a thing in their culture? Even our concept of family would be something completely alien to them. What children really mean to their society?

Distant gods and scientific development, what a miserable combination. It doesn't surprise me that they make absurd comparisons among themselves and blame each other for any difference. Even our species, capable of great empathy, commit these same mistakes. Gunter's talent is a terrible curse.
No. 440940 ID: ce47da

walk in awkward silence all the way to the city. that'll show him.
No. 440970 ID: 8a3061

oh boy

I bet Lutzi's had a deerlet

I wonder what happened
No. 440972 ID: ce47da

oh, and what's tir feelings towards Frizi right now?
No. 441395 ID: 6808dd
File 134462014644.png - (144.71KB , 700x600 , lutziisstillprettypissed.png )

You consider apologizing, but Lutzi is still trotting along several paces ahead of you, and you think maybe it would be best if you just left tir alone for a bit. You'd probably just botch it, anyway - for an empath, you've always been pretty hopeless at diplomacy.

Maybe it's because other people's emotions scare you a little bit.

Unfortunately, walking in silence gives you a lot of time alone with your own thoughts, and what you're thinking about isn't pleasant.

Fritzi. You're never going to stop feeling guilty about what you did to Fritzi.
No. 441396 ID: 6808dd
File 134462016475.png - (216.44KB , 700x600 , fritzi1.png )

It was the 10th of the mid-barren stage, the 563rd solar cycle after Gottmördertot, about a week after Lief's birthday. Snow and frost coated everything. You and Lutzi were having a quiet night in - Lief was reading, and you were doing what you always did. Playing with tir hair, holding tir, feeling ... lucky, really. Lucky to have tir. You'd been together a little over a cycle now, and even though things were calm and comfortable, you'd never stopped feeling a sense of wonder in the fact that Lief loved you back.

And that was the best you'd feel for a long time afterwards, because a few minutes later the screaming started.
No. 441398 ID: 6808dd
File 134462024229.png - (301.80KB , 700x600 , fritzi2.png )

It came out of nowhere. One moment all you could hear was the crackling of the small fire and Lief murmuring softly to tirself as ti read, and the next, someone was pounding desperately on your door, shrieking. You lurched off the couch, pressing your hoof to your chest, and fear and panic knifed through you so suddenly and violently that you almost vomited. Lief looked up at you and then to the door, alarmed. "Gunter? Gunter, what is it? Are they hurt?"

"I - I don't - They're scared," you managed to pant. "They're so scared and they're ... they hate ... themselves ..." It was all you could do not to say "I hate myself," because those feelings were flooding you. They were too intense. You staggered to the door, peeking out the window.
No. 441399 ID: 6808dd
File 134462026603.png - (319.76KB , 700x600 , fritzi3.png )

It was Fritzi. Tears were streaming down fir face, and though it was dark, you could see something wet on fir hooves. You knew immediately what had happened. Fritzi had told you, shivering and flushed with anticipation and nervousness, that fi and Uldrich were planning on attempting the ritual. Fi was so sure it would work. Fi was so thrilled at the concept of a deerlet of their own.

And now fi was screaming at your door.

Instinctively, you opened the door - but then you made the mistake of making eye contact and fir emotions tore into you like badgerclaws.
No. 441400 ID: 6808dd
File 134462029392.png - (275.76KB , 700x600 , fritzi4.png )

You slammed the door and stumbled away, sobbing, as Lief leapt up from the couch and ran to you. "Who is it? Gunter. Gunter, you need to get up." Lief struggled to drag you upright, barely managing to shoot a glance through the window. "For Gönner's sake, Gunter, it's Fritzi! We have to -"

"Don't open it." The words were out before you knew what you were saying. You were clinging to tir, holding tir so tightly that you were probably hurting tir. Fritzi's loss and agony pounded against the door, making you flinch, with the slightest undercurrent of madness beginning to sour the mix. You felt like someone had smashed all your rips and ripped out your innards, like someone had held you down and made you watch as they set everything that had ever been important to you on fire. You couldn't take it. You couldn't keep absorbing all that pain. "Make fir go away. Lief, MAKE FIR GO AWAY."
No. 441401 ID: 6808dd
File 134462032308.png - (194.21KB , 700x600 , fritzi5.png )

Lief swallowed dryly. Your sobs were so violent that they were shaking both of you. Wordlessly, Lief led you back to the couch and laid you down, then walked back over to the door.

You whimpered and pushed your face into the couch when ti opened it. Fritzi's words were almost incomprehensible. "Lief I - where's Gunter I need I - I didn't mean to do it I didn't I didn't want to do it it's my fault, it's all my fault, I changed my mind I changed my mind but I'd already done it I'd done it Lief it's my fault I didn't want to -"
No. 441402 ID: 6808dd
File 134462036795.png - (221.39KB , 700x600 , fritzi6.png )


You'd never, never in the entire cycle you'd known tir, heard Lief sound so terrifying. When Fritzi didn't stop crying, you heard the sharp sound of Lief's hoof against fir face. "Get the fuck out. You're not welcome here."

"Lief I ..." Fritzi's hysteria had dissolved to hiccuping incomprehension, and you felt the pang of bitter understanding starting to cut through fir fuzzy confusion. "I need ... I need h-help ..."

No. 441403 ID: 6808dd
File 134462040003.png - (277.82KB , 700x600 , fritzi7.png )

The door slammed. The pain ebbed as Fritzi limped away. A few moments later you felt Lief's arms circling you, and you were wailing, sobbing into tir chest, raw and aching from the feelings that had left you reeling and terrified.

Lief's voice hissed softly into your ear. "If you ever make me do something like that again, I will leave you."

No. 441404 ID: 6808dd
File 134462042016.png - (109.67KB , 700x600 , youmadefircry.png )

And that was it. You and Lief never talked about it again. No one in all of Ahornblatt talked about it, though everyone knew what had happened. Not the next morning. Not three days later, when Fritzi went back to the burial site to find the ground unchanged. Not for the weeks when Fritzi stayed locked in tir cottage, turning away the sick and wounded. Not when some glamorous Traurig, smelling of expensive perfume and sex, swept in from the city and set up shop, made daily visits to Fritzi, somehow got fir back on fir feet. And when Fritzi finally appeared again on market day, asked for a bundle of rosemary, all you said was "That's 2 Saat. I'm happy to see you, Fritzi."

You stop walking for a second to wipe your eyes. You don't like thinking about this.
No. 441409 ID: 997ce7

Grow a spine. Get sunglasses. Whatever it takes. You are going to frohlich up and learn to deal with emotions. You chickened out and made your lover hit Fritzi in the face and send fir away when fi had just murdered fir lover. And fi forgave you. I know you felt absolutely horrible, but that's just not acceptable. And why, oh why, didn't you just have Lief answer the door in the first plac-- no, nevermind, hindsight is always 20/20, it's too late to make a difference by bitching about that. But you really need to get in control of your talent.

...You know what? Now that I think about it, Lief might be faking tir sickness because ti is trying to leave you. In fact, I almost hope so. Almost.

We need to find a way to make this up to Fritzi and Lutzi.
No. 441412 ID: 4bfc9a

Wait, so you never even apologized for what happened? Jesus, Gunter!

Fritzi must be some kind of saint. :/ Anyway, how far til the river? We need to decide whether or not we're going to split up. Tbh, with the way Lutzi feels right now, I'm guessing we will.
No. 441415 ID: 0c2247

So your gods are just letting you die off? Watching your species winnow down and fail?

Do they step in on occasion and prevent you from going extinct, or do they just point and laugh as you torture yourselves to survive?
No. 441416 ID: bf54a8

maybe that's why Lief doesn't pray to the gods....
No. 441419 ID: ce47da


as if more than half of us wouldn't do the same if we were in their place.

I'm sorry. I don't think it was your fault.
No. 441422 ID: b85f8c

That sounded extraordinarily painful. You never learned to filter your empathic abilities? To turn it off when necessary? Honestly I don't blame you for wanting her to go away but you could've handled it better. Certainly after she recovered.

Considering the price of failure and that you need to make at least two deerlings to keep the population growth positive, I wonder how often failure happens? It needs to be a fairly low occurrence. 33% would break even. 25% would ensure that couples produce 3 deerlings on average. 20% or thereabouts would result in 4 deerlings on average.
No. 441425 ID: e3f578

Have you and Lief ever discussed what was up with that?
I know you cried to make fir go away, but ti didn't have to do it that way. I half expected tir to rationally warn fir away. Then after defending you ti threatens your entire relationship.
Deer, you sure there ain't something downright off about your mate?
Like seriously off. Bitch is crazy.

Oh god and you left Fritzi alone with tir? Alone with the deer that punched fir in the face at fir's worst hour? You actually think fir's been helping him? You said after fir came over and did fir shit, ti got better but then got worse right?
What if fir did that on purpose? If fi's a healer in profession, fi should know how to make people worse as well.
What if Lutzi is here to make sure you don't turn around and come back to whatever sick revenge plot Fritzi's come up with?
No. 441432 ID: a21b1b

What exactly is the Gottmördertot, anyway? Was it a god being killed, or doing the killing?
No. 441447 ID: 89499d

Nobody did anything and your love put all the blame on you, an empath born in a society poor in empathy. Lutzi's circumstances eludes me, however. What you know isn't everything, I believe there's a more complicated story about what happened to Fritzi.

Hey, Gunter, how was your life before you met Lief? What can you tell about your childhood?
No. 441495 ID: 6a13b9


He has one Odland of a solid point.
Lief is in no position to defend tirself.
You both messed Fritzi up pretty good.
I don't think it's your fault, but the way things were left, this could have grave consequences.
No. 441630 ID: c8c8e9
File 134465854812.png - (146.59KB , 700x600 , awildhansappears.png )

.... half. About half of all rituals fail.

It's scary, and the deerling population is steadily shrinking, but ... the gods haven't abandoned you. You know they haven't. You just need to have faith and keep praying. What else can you do, after all?

You know that a lot of people don't like Lief, and it's even worse since what happened with Fritzi ... which isn't fair. You think ti was that harsh because ti didn't know how else to make fir leave quickly.

... Lief isn't a bad person. Ti just ... has a hard time relating to people, you think.

But you have wondered whether Fritzi might still be upset. It's miraculous that fi even forgave you in the first place ... but if fi ever felt any ill will towards you, you would have sensed it, and you haven't felt any of that at all.

Still ... yeah. You wish things were different. You wish you'd done things differently. And-
No. 441633 ID: c8c8e9
File 134465878077.png - (166.68KB , 700x600 , whatispersonalspacewejustdontknow.png )

"Hey, are you okay?"

You jump. Out of absolutely nowhere, some Frohlich is in your face. You can feel fir curiosity poking and prodding at you.

"I ... I'm sorry?"

"Why're you crying?" Fi looks up ahead and sees Lutzi, then looks back at you knowingly. "You and the mate have a fight?"
No. 441635 ID: e3f578

Not mate, just a fellow adventurer. Mate's the reason we're on this adventure. To try and find a cure to a mysterious terminal disease that a university might help with.
No. 441639 ID: b85f8c

Say with as much tact that you can muster that ti is not your mate. Avoid answering fir question directly and change the subject to asking who fi is.
No. 441640 ID: 0c2247

Really? You still have faith when they created your species so it would die out?
If they don't care if your entire species lives or dies, what makes you think they care about you? They made your very survival as torturous as possible, so how can you think they have any love for you in their hearts?
Have they ever showed that they care if you live or die?

Tell me, Gunther, after seeing what happened with Fritzi don't you wish you had pregnancy like other species? Fritzi's mate would still be alive, and nobody would have had to go through what you did.

"No; bad memories and worry.
I need a moment to compose myself, Froh...?"
No. 441657 ID: 4a328b

Ti's not your mate, and it wasn't a fight so much as you saying stupid insensitive things without thinking.
No. 441672 ID: 89499d

> It's miraculous that fi even forgave you in the first place...
It doesn't matter anymore. You shouldn't think about what you could have done, but in what you can do now.

> About half of all rituals fail.

> What else can you do, after all?
Beat the shit out of them. Or seek a third option.
No. 441713 ID: ce47da

be angry. that douchebag ain't your mate.

who's fi?
No. 441724 ID: 9718f3

Ti's just a traveling companion. Mate's sick and you're looking for help from a larger city.
No. 441771 ID: 6a13b9

Did I miss a reference somewhere or did you just invent this world's 'bro'?
Seven, why are you so fucking awesome?
Seriously. All my this guy.
No. 441772 ID: 6808dd

[[ Oh my god okay it was supposed to be "mister" when we were talking about it in the IRC but as the word of god i now pronounce "Froh" and "Trau" this culture's "bro"]]
No. 441787 ID: ad4342

I agree that we should make it clear Lutzi isn't our mate, but I don't think we should be spewing our entire life store to a complete stranger.
No. 441908 ID: 32e092

Regret. And he's not my mate.
No. 442402 ID: 6808dd
File 134483337084.png - (212.81KB , 700x600 , introductions.png )

You wipe your eyes and attempt a smile. "Oh ... no, Lutzi isn't my mate, just a travelling companion. And I ..."

You almost find yourself spewing an explanation of everything that's happened over the past few weeks, but you stop yourself. You've just barely met this person, and while you don't sense anything worrying from them, it's probably best to play your cards a little closer to your chest. "I'm just ... reliving some bad memories. Feeling a little regret. That's all." You widen your smile to a far more genuine one. "I just need a little time to pull myself together, Fröh."

You bow your head forward. "I'm sorry, could I ask your name?"

The Fröhlich bows fir head as well, clicking fir antlers lightly against yours. "Hans Schützen, at your service!"

Hans leans back and grins at you, puffing fir chest out. "I'm a beast hunter. Best there is! I'm on my way to Winzigstadt to deal with a cluster of Zischenkrähen there."
No. 442403 ID: e3f578

Absolutely no idea what those are.
Ask fi about Lief's symptoms to know if fi's heard anything about that kinda diesease before.
We left to learn so hell, might as well ask every person we can about the disease.
Maybe it's a sign from the gods?
No. 442405 ID: e3f578

this random Fröh just up and appearing is a sign from the gods I mean
I dunno deer let's try everything, everything could be a sign from the gods and we wouldn't even know it.
I mean, really, a random concerned citizen showing up in your face coincidentally? What are the odds? Gods are totally gonna send you something.
No. 442406 ID: a1074b

That might not be a good thing, though. The gods are total douchebags, remember?
I'm not saying don't ask fir, I'm just saying be cautious.
No. 442407 ID: fa9f7e

Also, you should be prepared to murder fir just in case.
No. 442410 ID: b85f8c

Ask what their ability is. Something to do with hunting perhaps?
No. 442411 ID: fa9f7e

No, I doubt hunting specifically, since that involves killing, and post #2 says Frohlich talents can't be "destructive, negative, or violent".

Maybe always knowing where animals are?
No. 442514 ID: a21b1b

We should probably introduce ourself. Is there any point in using a fake name, since we gave Lutzi;s real one?
No. 442522 ID: ce47da

Hans Schützen the archer. how original. if he's traveling in the same direction as us, he could come with if he wants to. Lutzi isn't much of a company right now.
No. 442585 ID: 4536ff

start bragging about your LOVE QUEST
No. 442628 ID: 6808dd
File 134490897520.png - (204.49KB , 700x600 , chitchatty.png )

You shudder a bit when fi mentions Zischenkrähen. Hissing crows - nasty things. You're lucky there aren't any flocks of them near Ahornblatt.

It's kind of rude to ask someone directly about their talent, so maybe you should hold off on that.

Fi seems nice enough, though ... it wouldn't hurt to see if fi has any helpful information. "Ah, well - I'm actually stopping at Winzigstadt to deliver a package before going to either Geweihburg or Hirschweg ..."

"Yeah? Why the indecision?"

"Well, I just need to go to one of the universities for information ... see, my mate back home is sick, and we can't figure out what's wrong."

You feel a flash of genuine sympathy from Hans. "Oh, that's awful. Is ti gonna be okay?"

"Well ..." You sigh deeply. "That's the thing. I don't know. I'm hoping to find a cure. Ti was just really lightheaded and tired at first, but then ti got really weak, and now ti can't even sit up without help ... it's like ti's just wasting away. Have you ever heard of something like that?"

Hans frowns. "Uh ... no, I don't think so ... oh, but you know what? Funny coincidence ... I heard that some university bigshot in Geweihburg just died of something like that. Like they just ... faded away. It was important because they were working on some big project, I dunno. Deerling near the city were talking about it."
No. 442629 ID: fa9f7e

I call radiation sickness.

"Were they working with strangely heavy metals?"
No. 442632 ID: 6808dd

[[ also you should know by now that this entire quest is BUILT on bad german puns]]
No. 442635 ID: e3f578

Well, if morticians exist for your people, they should be performing a detailed autopsy on him, which may come up with more details.
We should tell Lutzi.
No. 442636 ID: 14a1d0

We definitely need to go to Geweihburg and get the magic cure they have undoubtedly created in the day or two since the death.
No. 442641 ID: bf54a8

the lack of any other tips makes Geweihburg our goal.
No. 442649 ID: b85f8c

That's our lead. We go there.
No. 442664 ID: 4a328b

Ok, you gotta ask if it's the person you were planning to go see. whatshisface.
No. 442737 ID: 6808dd
File 134492202272.png - (140.38KB , 700x600 , noclue.png )

It looks like this could be a clue you could use to start your search. "Well, I guess I better go to Geweihburg, then ... that's really the only information I've been able to find," you tell him. "You know, my mate went there for a few cycles of university ... do you know if the deer who died was a Traurig named Filzen Kentnisse?"

Hans shrugs. "Sorry, I don't even know the deerling's gemüt."

"What about what they were working with? Do you think it could've been something that made them sick?"

"Nah, I dunno what kind of project it was. All I know is all the scholars are really upset because there's barely anybody who can understand the dead deer's notes, so almost all the work on whatever they were doing has been stopped or something ..."
No. 442738 ID: 6808dd
File 134492205123.png - (175.50KB , 700x600 , welpherewego.png )

"I better tell my travelling companion up there - ti's coming with me." You jog up to Lutzi, with Hans close behind. Luckily, you don't sense any anger anymore - Lutzi just seems a little quiet and contemplative. "Hey, Lutzi?"

"Hm?" Lutzi turns to glance at you, then catches sight of Hans. "Oh, hello.~"

Within moments, Hans is a pile of jelly. "I - uh, I, uh - I'm ... hi. Hehehehe. He."
No. 442739 ID: fa9f7e

Well, at least ti waited until fi'd already told us everything fi knew.

Don't say a goddamn word. You already put your hoof in your mouth enough, and this might actually make Lutzi feel better.
No. 442744 ID: 4a328b

Would it be impolite or polite to introduce fir to tir, since fi seems a bit stunned by tis beauty right now?
No. 442764 ID: d94e2c

Introduce them. But let Lutzi have this one. Don't cockblock.
No. 442918 ID: 6a13b9

Is cock blocking really that big a deal when you have supernatural seduction powers? Lutzi probably had an assortment of tir local restaurant's waiting staff that morning before breakfast.
No. 442924 ID: 61e7f9

Stay silent. Let them work it out.
No. 443075 ID: c7db3d

let fi melt in Lutzi's presence and don't, uh, mandibleblock and all... but it's only fair you eventually warn fir of Lutzi's attitude towards intimate encounters in a discreet fashion.
No. 443234 ID: d94e2c

Cockblocking is ALWAYS a big deal.
No. 443279 ID: b85f8c

Lutzi has said that ti can't get any action in Gunter's town. That's part of why ti wants out.
No. 443280 ID: 4a328b

Yes, let tim have tir fun you guys~
No. 443326 ID: 6808dd
File 134500021869.png - (156.37KB , 700x600 , verbalpuke.png )

"Lutzi Geliebte. It's a pleasure." Lutzi saunters forward, and though ti's focusing tir talent on the hunter, you find yourself squirming uncomfortably. "And who do I have the pleasure of meeting here?"

"Hansfshshhhrrrrmmm. Hans." Hans stumbles back a step, bewildered, as Lutzi crosses into what definitely qualifies as personal-space-territory. Fi gestures vaguely at fir bow. "I, I, uhm, I - I have a ... I ... kill stuff. For money. Uhm. Not - I ... beasts! I kill beasts."

"Ooooh~ Then you must be very brave.~"

"Ye- well I mean - nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyes? Yes." Hans looks like fi's been smacked in the face with an oven paddle. This is painful to watch.
No. 443327 ID: 6808dd
File 134500026553.png - (110.01KB , 700x600 , thisdrawingisbarf.png )

"I notice you've been talking to Gunter. You'll be accompanying us, then?" Lutzi turns around and starts walking again, an even more noticable swagger than usual coloring tir stride.

"Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes. Yes definitely. I. Yes."

A few moments of excrutiatingly awkward silence pass before Hans seems to snap out of it. "I ... whoa. Uhm. Your friend there is, uh ..." Fi rubs the back of fir neck and shoots you a rueful smile. "Ti's really something."

Lutzi calls back to you. "We'll be reaching the river soon, Gunter. What's our final destination? We have to figure it out before we cross to determine how much toll to pay."

"Geweihburg," you answer, almost immediately. "Hans says somebody there at the university came down with something that might be similar to what Lief has."

Lutzi suddenly slows as ti reaches the crest of a hill. "Wait." Ti holds out a hoof, then motions for you to come closer. "Frohchen, we have a problem."
No. 443334 ID: 6808dd
File 134500057779.png - (133.89KB , 700x600 , ohshitbadgers.png )

You reach the top of the hill and follow the Traurig's line of sight. You notice what ti's talking about immediately.

Two enormous blaireaux ... war badgers. They're standing right in front of the bridge, both in full armor and carrying weapons.

"What they hell are they doing out of the badgerlands, let alone this far south?!" Lutzi hissed. You furrow your brow in confusion. Blaireaux are an extremely territorial race that live exclusively on a continent far, far north known as the badgerlands ... you've only ever seen one once in your life, when you were a deerlet, and you've never been eager to see another one. Badgers can crush a deerling's head between their teeth.
No. 443335 ID: 6808dd
File 134500060162.png - (145.23KB , 700x600 , what.png )

"Something's off about this," Lutzi continues under tir breath. "There is absolutely no reason for them to be here. It's completely ridiculous."

"You could even say it's ... Odlandish," Hans pipes up.

You and Lutzi glance over at him blankly.

"You know, because ... like, 'outlandish,' because it's stupidly illogical for badgers to be in this area, and also ... Odland ... because it's, you know, awful ..."
No. 443336 ID: 6808dd

[[ Okay guys, I had been trying really hard not to create a situation where not keeping up on the disthread would negatively effect your experience with the quest, but I think you might want to read up on the information I put about blaireaux there: >>questdis/res/56077.html#57340 and also maybe look at the map: >>questdis/res/56077.html#57338 so you can see how far away the badgerlands are (hence why they are so alarmed). ]]
No. 443338 ID: 27d278

Plan A: Bribe them with mushrooms.

Plan B: Scare them off with snakes.

Plan C: Come up with an actual plan that isn't based off a song.
No. 443341 ID: b85f8c

I have heard that even coming near one tends to provoke them. I don't think we can fight them... I mean, look, they're wearing full plate armor.

It's probably best to wait and see what they're doing. I really hope they are simply demanding a toll of passerby, because we do have some spare cash to spend doing that.

If it comes down to it... well, ask Hans how confident fi would be if they got in a fight with the badgers.
No. 443345 ID: bf54a8

are you faster then them? if so then yell from far away "what are they doing here?"
No. 443346 ID: e3f578

It's kinda weird that two badgers that don't even want to be here are blocking your path. Maybe they're invading? Did the badgers gain enough courage to face the gods or have they abandoned us?

Ford the river.
No. 443348 ID: fa9f7e

Does Lutzi's talent work on badgers? Also, it's rude to ask about talents, I know, but at least ask Hans if his could be useful.
No. 443355 ID: d94e2c

Of course they can't take on the Badgers.

More importantly, does Gunter's talent work on the Badgers? can Fi feel if they are in a particularly murdery mood or not? Further, can fi project Pro-deer Nice vibes?
No. 443359 ID: 4a328b

OR if that doesn't work, can he project PRO OTHER BADGER MURDER vibes? Then they only need to deal with one badger!
No. 443372 ID: 6a13b9

Gunter, help Hans feel less awkward by exasperatedly stating, "Oh, Deer God."
No. 443378 ID: a21b1b

Could this be Rekitzchen using illusion magic to make themselves look like badgers?

Are they just standing there, looking guard-y, or are they talking to each other? Do any of you know Blairlangue (the badger language)?

Waaait a minute, Winzigstadt was described as being "on the main road just before the river". Is this a tributary or something? Are we off the main road?
No. 443481 ID: 5387c4

Don't get any closer until you know whether or not they're hostile. I think calling out is a good idea. If they do anything threatening, Hans can safely pull her bow on them from this distance.

Do we have any control over Lutzi and Hans as suggestors, or is Gunter the only playable character?
No. 443659 ID: 6808dd
File 134508608775.png - (182.72KB , 700x600 , ihatenamingfiles.png )

"I think we should stay right here," you say. "We're faster than them - we can outrun them if we have to." You look over to Hans. "Hans, I'm sorry to be so blunt about this, but if things get nasty, do you think your talent could help out?"

"I don't mind you asking," fi assures you. "But I guess my talent would only work if things got really nasty ... I can make myself brave. You guys too, if you wanted me too."

You turn to Lutzi next. "Lutzi, do you think your talent could work on them, if we had to try it?"

Ti shrugs. "I don't know, darling. I've never tried it on anyone but another rekitzchen before."
No. 443660 ID: 6808dd
File 134508611142.png - (27.92KB , 700x600 , communicationskills.png )

"Okay, well ... I'm gonna try to see why they're there before we do anything else. I'm not sensing any hostility, and they don't really look like they're guarding the bridge or anything, so maybe we're not actually in danger." The other two nod at you, and you stand up, yelling down at the blaireaux.

"Hey there! What are you doing in deerling country?" You're worried they won't be able to hear you, but they both look up, and after conferring for a moment, one of them yells back. Her voice is much louder and deeper than yours.
No. 443661 ID: 6808dd
File 134508613609.png - (89.25KB , 700x600 , mushroommushroom.png )

"The Badger Oracles have declared this area to be of interest to our nation. We are here only to review and observe." She stands up a big straighter, cupping one paw around her snout. "This is an expedition of peace!"

You look back to the other two, and Lutzi shrugs. "As far as I know, badgers aren't known for being liars," ti murmurs. "They have some silly honor code. But I still don't like this."

You're not sure you do, either. While it's not open hostility, these badgers at least don't feel like they're happy to see you.
No. 443662 ID: 6808dd
File 134508620897.png - (53.57KB , 700x600 , updatedmap1closeup.png )

[[ Gunter and Co. are not currently on the main road. The main road does not connect with Ahornblatt until much further up.

They probably could have crossed over onto the main road a few miles ago when the main road and the footpath drew closer together - it would probably only be a 10-15 minute walk if they decided to cut over straight east - and Winzigstadt is located there.

Why didn't they cut over earlier? To be perfectly honest, because nobody else seemed to remember about the little errand in Winzigstadt and I sort of forgot too.

Also the scale of this map is absolutely horrid so don't bother trying to measure anything. Also sorry for all these OOCs, I'm trying to keep them to a minimum but stuff that I want to directly address keeps popping up. ]]

[[You can only directly command Gunter. You can tell Gunter to instruct other characters to do stuff, though.]]
No. 443663 ID: 0c2247

"Ok! Nice to meet you!"
Then head for Winzigstadt.
No. 443686 ID: b85f8c

Better do that errand.
No. 443693 ID: bf54a8

ask if you may cross the bridge.
No. 443694 ID: a21b1b

Gunter, tell us about the last time you saw a badger. I'm sure that's quite a story.
No. 443959 ID: 5c5e68

But we don't want to cross the bridge right now, we have to go east.
And don't provoke them.
No. 444068 ID: 6808dd
File 134517826369.png - (35.44KB , 700x600 , nope.png )

"Okay! Well, it was nice to meet you!" You shoot Lutzi and Hans a meaningful look, and the three of you high-tail it out of there.
No. 444069 ID: 6808dd
File 134517830169.png - (202.05KB , 700x600 , aretheybuddiesyet.png )

"Really?" Hans says once you're a good distance away, heading in the direction of Winzigstadt. "Don't you wanna know what they were doing over there?"

"Not really," Lutzi intones dryly.

"We didn't need to cross the river yet anyway," you say. "We've all gotta go to Winzigstadt! Besides, I could feel that they didn't want us poking around."

"You could feel it? Oh, neat, you're an empath!" Hans grins at you. "Man, that must be useful. You can always get a read on the people you're around, yeah?"

"Uhm ... yeah ..."
No. 444070 ID: 6808dd
File 134517832618.png - (155.97KB , 700x600 , lolbackgrounds.png )

Winzigstadt isn't far away, and you reach it after a few minutes of Hans' terrible attempts at wit.

"So the badger says, 'no, it's pretty ... underground!' Get it? Because badgers live in burrows, but underground also means, y'know, not commonly known abou-"

"Well look at that! We're here," Lutzi interrupts. "Looks like no more time for jokes, what a shame."
No. 444073 ID: 4a328b

Right so who were we delivering this to, again?
No. 444142 ID: b85f8c

Fritzi's nephew has a package. So ask around to find out where they are.
No. 444155 ID: d94e2c

Ask Lutzi if ti knows where the nephew is or who the nephew is. Lutzi is Fritzi's cousin so maybe ti is related to the nephew too.

Damn it, Traurig don't like their families.

Hopefulness! Lutzi is a weirdo with a VERY atypical personality.
No. 444163 ID: a21b1b

We won't need to ask anyone - Fritzi gave us a letter with the cousin's address (and presumably name). Ask the cousin what fi/ti knows about the badgers when we find fin/tin.

Also, since this is Fritzi's cousin, does this mean that fi/ti's Lutzi's sibling, or is it fir cousin through her other parent?
No. 446980 ID: 8dbc01
File 134582669330.png - (142.53KB , 700x600 , splitup.png )

Hans gives you guys a quick wave. "I'm gonna go check on that crow problem. If I finish before nightfall, we should meet up again, 'kay?" Fi grins at you, then shoulders fir bow and trots away.
No. 446982 ID: 8dbc01
File 134582677018.png - (126.46KB , 700x600 , GUNTERCANTREAD.png )

"Okay, looks like it's time to deliver this for Fritzi." You pull out the package that Fritzi gave you. It does seem like fi has a letter with a name written on it, but unfortunately, you can't read!

You tap Lutzi's shoulder. "Lutzi, do you know who this is?" Ti takes the envelope from you and gives it a quick scan. "Yes. I've never actually met fir, but Mina is from my side of the family." Ti flags down a passing deer, and after a quick exchange, falls back into step beside you. "Fi lives just a few houses away from here, actually. This way."
No. 446983 ID: 8dbc01
File 134582681614.png - (87.72KB , 700x600 , cheerupemodeer.png )

You reach the cottage, but as you reach up to knock, the door is pulled open. A traurig stands in the doorway, peering bleakly down at you. "Hello, Gunter."

"I ... uhm ... hello?" You are pretty sure that you've never met this deerling before.

"You're here for Mina and you're nervous that we're all going to hate you for what you did to Fritzi."

You gape.

The traurig taps tir forehead. "No secrets. Don't worry, I don't hate you. With the things I know about people, it's hard for me to hate anyone." Ti pauses and glances up at Lutzi. "Lutzi, that's disgusting."

Lutzi tilts tir head coyly. "Don't knock it til you've tried it~"

"I'm not that flexible."
No. 446993 ID: e3f578

Lutzi continues to confuse me in this confusing world

So is Mina here, out, or in the middle of some bizarre, complex, and dramatic situation and is fi our forth party member?
No. 447002 ID: c7b4c4

If ti can read our thoughts does that mean ti's constantly gonna respond to our statements before we say them?
No. 447020 ID: d94e2c

Good idea.

Also, ask where Mina is.
No. 447062 ID: a21b1b

FRACTAL has said that our posts are just a storytelling abstraction and don't exist in the quest world, even as thoughts.
No. 447069 ID: e3f578

oh cool, if it was in here or dis thread I forgot.
I also forget that this isn't mina
No. 447096 ID: 4a328b

Ask for tir name, and if you can come in. (If Mina doesn't hate you.) You're probably kinda tired from the trip so far, right?
No. 447237 ID: 8dbc01
File 134586798687.png - (179.62KB , 700x600 , blahblahblah.png )

"So, what's the deal, trauchen? Telepathy?" Lutzi drawls. You look over at tir, embarrassed.

"Don't be so forward ..."

"It's alright." The Traurig leans against the door. "My name is Verheim. My talent is that no one can keep a secret from me. If you want to call that a 'talent.'" Ti holds your gaze, tir expression completely flat. "It's horrible."

"I'm ... I'm sorry to hear that ..." You heft the package a bit in your hooves. "But, uh - if you can't read minds, how did you know that I have something for Mina? I wasn't really trying to hide that ..."

"Tangential information," ti replies dryly. "You were hiding the fact that you're scared that Mina, and the rest of our family, hates you. You were focusing on Mina's reaction, which meant you intended to speak to fir."

"Oh. Well, is fi here right now? I really just need to drop this off and leave ..."

"Your mate has a week. You have time to take a break, don't you?" Ti steps back, giving you room to come inside. "Mina is at school. Fi'll be home very soon, though. Just an hour or so. You could even stay the night, if you like. It'll be dark soon and you don't want to be wandering the roads with Blaireaux patrolling - even if they say they're here in peace."
No. 447243 ID: 0c2247

"If nobody can keep secrets from you, then would you maybe possibly consider helping me save Lief? People are keeping what they know about people who have this condition secret, and I need to know what's wrong in order to save tir.
No. 447251 ID: b85f8c

It being dark soon is a good reason for us to stay the night. We should probably leave early though. Like, at the crack of dawn.

Lief having a week means that we have three days to get there, one day to find out what we can do, and three days to get back.

Optimally we want to be there in two days and take two days coming back. We know Lief has a week at most. The less time we take on this mission the better.
No. 447262 ID: e3f578

I agree in asking ti for help in your quest. Though if ti'd much rather stay because of her depressed demeanor, you'd understand. But Lutzi didn't like staying cooped up in the town and really wanted to travel, it might help boost her mood!
If the offer isn't offensive to ti at all, of course. if so, sorry.
OR maybe she could see through to the secret all the way now if she tries hard enough. Maybe there's like, secret pathways that travels DISTANCES. But that's too hopeful, isn't it?
If she doesn't go for either, maybe she could go and see Lief herself, figure out what exactly he isn't telling? I can't help but feel he's hiding something about this.
No. 447276 ID: 4a328b

Gratefully accept. Try not to impose too much, though!
No. 447353 ID: a21b1b

"even if they say they're here in peace."
Guess this means that Verheim hasn't been close enough to the badgers to see what their true purpose here is. Couldn't hurt to ask though.
No. 447514 ID: d94e2c

I think it's more that rekitzchen inherently distrust the scary badgers. Be Polite and accept the offer graciously. Lets not try to recruit tin just yet. Besides, it sounds like ti would probably decline.

Does seem pretty morose though. How about projecting some Good Vibes? No ulterior motives, just spreading the joy?
No. 452055 ID: 8dbc01
File 134689486302.png - (186.91KB , 700x600 , ughfinally.png )

"Thank you so much, we'd really appreciate that." You follow Verheim into tir cottage. It's small and clean, with simple, well-crafted furniture and a few weavings and photographs hanging on the walls. As you and Lutzi sit down, a Frohlich pokes fir head out from the kitchen.

"Oh, hello there. Lutzi, dear, it's been forever." Fi glances over at you as well. "And a friend?"

Lutzi sprawls back in the chair. "Indeed. I'm actually here because of fir. A quick errand - something for Mina."

Fi sits down at the table with you, giving the two of you a warm smile. "And your traurer, Lutzi, how is ti?"

Lutzi shrugs breezily. "I exhanged a letter with tir about a cycle and a half ago. Ti and my frohrer were planning on trying the ritual again, but they probably haven't done so yet - ti mentioned they were going to take some time to work out some of the things that have changed, re-evalute their relationship, that kind of thing. I'm sure my frohrer will send me a letter when they do, regardless of the outcome."

"All the best of luck to them." Fi turns to you and tilts fir head. "And you, dear? What exactly brings you here with a package for Mina?"
No. 452070 ID: f2c20c

We're going to the city to try to get help for Lief's illness, and this place was on the way, so.
No. 452120 ID: d94e2c

Fritzi asked us to because on was on the way.
No. 452459 ID: 0c61b9



Ask for information about the route you'll have to take. They might have heard something which did not yet reach our tiny village.
No. 453659 ID: 8dbc01
File 134740329914.png - (146.47KB , 700x600 )

"Lutzi and I are going to Geweihburg to try to find a cure for my mate's illness ... Fritzi is watching over my mate while I'm gone, so since this place is on the way, I'm dropping this off for fir."

"Well, that's awfully nice of you."

"By the way, do you know of another way to cross the river? We probably don't want to try to pass the Blaireaux down by the main bridge..."

"No, I don't think you should try that." Fi pauses for a moment, thinking. "Well, there is another bridge further up the river, but toll is pretty steep. It might actually be a little less expensive to rent a boat across, but then that requires that you know how to sail."

You glance over at Lutzi, and ti shrugs. You yourself have absolutely no idea how to work a boat. "Well, thanks! We'll figure something out."
No. 453660 ID: 8dbc01
File 134740331840.png - (100.72KB , 700x600 , mina.png )

A moment later, the door swings open. "Tag, Frohrer! You won't believe what Gretel said to me today, ti was like 'I bet you're not even a Rekitzchen, you're some kind of freaky hybrid,' - well, okay, that's not EXACTLY what ti said but that's BASICALLY what ti said - and I didn't tell the teacher because like I didn't want to start anything and only deerlets tattle but I got so mad, because like it's not my fault that -"

The young deerling suddenly breaks off when fi notices the guests in fir sitting room. "Oh. Hi. Are you relatives?"

Lutzi smirks at fir. "I am, fi's not. I'm Lutzi, I'm your Traurer's cousin."

"Uhm..." You wave nervously. You sense only curiosity from fir, but you still feel ... sort of like you don't belong here. "I, uh, I know one of your Eltern's siblings..."

"Which one?"

"Fritzi, from Ahornblatt."

"Oh, NEAT!" Fi suddenly bounds forward, prancing around your chair. "Did fi send anything?"

"Mina, don't be rude," fir Frohrer cautions quietly - but despite fir words, fi has an indulgent smile on fir face. "At least sit down first."
No. 453662 ID: 4a328b

Try not to over-react to this COMPLETELY BLANK DEERLING OH GODS IS FI SICK I mean uh give present to deerling!
No. 453674 ID: f2c20c

...blank? No markings? How on earth is that possible? Surely fi has some sort of ability, even without the markings? I'm sure fi is of some interest to the academic community.

Oh, and we forgot to add that we're being paid for the errand too.
No. 453716 ID: 9c8e90

Mina just hasn't found fi special talent yet. So... Delayed puberty I guess? Uncommon but not entirely unheard of I would think.

Promptly present PRESENT to blank flank deer.
No. 453736 ID: f2c20c

From questdis:
>Deerlets are fed soft food until their teeth grow in (this usually occurs at their first demicycle, aka half a year). By this time their markings have begun to darken and become more defined.
>These markings are usually completely sharp and visible by the time they are one solar cycle old, and this is when most deerlets first begin noticibly exhibiting signs of their talent. Talents are actually made possible by these naturally-occurring markings. (Similarly, magicka tattoos emulate these markings in order to give deerlings the ability to use artificial talents or boost the ones they already have.)

This deerlet is obviously old enough to have markings. She just mentioned how someone at school was saying that she probably wasn't even a real deerling, which would be one explanation for why she has no markings.

I have one important question. Does the white deer god have markings? Perhaps fi is an incarnation...?
No. 453743 ID: e3f578

Maybe it's a small glitch in the ritual the gods designed
Maybe he's the progenitor race from my theory reborn(the one the deer gods I think copied and make deerling scientists come to a conclusion they actually evolved despite the physical presence of the gods)!
The missing link! The gods fucked up in this one's creation and has shown us the truth! Everyone is a clone and the ritual is a spell-based cloning ritual! And this clone's DNA is so close to the original race that it's almost a perfect recreation!

Did Lief ever tell you why ti and ti's university peers thought deerlings were changed over time despite the fact that the gods clearly exist and interact with your kind?
No. 457882 ID: 8dbc01
File 134860209884.png - (181.23KB , 700x600 , drawstones.png )

Sometimes, some deerling take longer than others to get markings, but ... well, this one is old enough to be going to school. And you've never seen a deerling this old without developed antlers. You realize that maybe fi is sick - like, really, REALLY sick - and feel a pang of sympathy.

Lutzi doesn't seem surprised at all, but you have to hide your unease. It would be rude to stare. You pull out the package Fritzi wanted you to deliver and hand it to the young Rekitzchen, who begins tearing it open with gusto.

"Oh, Mina, please," fir Frohrer sighs. "Try to be a little polite."

"Oh, come on, this is the first package I've gotten from Fritzi since last harvest season!" Fi pulls out a small fabric pouch, which fi shakes open to reveal a pile of smooth draw stones. They cling together in clusters when fi lifts them. "Oh, cool! Look, Frohrer, fi sent draw stones! They stick together all by themselves, see? What else ..."
No. 457883 ID: 8dbc01
File 134860211349.png - (128.35KB , 700x600 , oberinbook.png )

A little more digging reveals a white fabric-bound book. You can't read the title, but it has a picture of Oberin on the front. "Oh. Uhm. I guess it's ... stories about Oberin," Mina mumbles. Fi seems relatively less enthused about this gift. "That's ... cool, I guess."
No. 457884 ID: 8dbc01
File 134860213128.png - (114.16KB , 700x600 , ohshit.png )

The final gift is a small, soft black pencil with a note attached. Mina reads it in a halting mumble, and you can't help but overhear. "Darling Mina, I sent along this cosmetic pencil for your fur. You can ask your parents to take you to the university or ask a teacher at your school to find you a book about markings and use ... this pencil to ... draw on ..."

Fi suddenly stops reading and drops the pencil on the table, fir mouth twitching defiantly as fi reaches up to rub angrily at her watering eyes. You can feel shame and hurt stabbing out from fir. "These presents suck."

"Mina!" Verheim's mate jumps up, prepared to scold fir deerlet, but Mina has already dashed around the corner. You hear a door slam.

"Oh, my goodness. They're just terrible at this age." Fi sighs deeply and sits back down. "I'm very sorry you had to see fir throw a tantrum like that. Fi's usually very well behaved."
No. 457894 ID: e3f578

It's cool, those were pretty terrible gifts for a kid to get anyway. A little insensitive if you ask me, even if it was given with helpful intentions.
I mean, hey, adult figure, this is a wonderful message to send to children, hide your true self with a lie! Yes! It's not like fi isn't wonderfully exotic and unique to find in nature, no. Let's hide that adorable blank face and make fi like every other Frohlich. You do that, fi's going to have confidence issues! Gunter, you don't want other deerlings to suffer through your confidence issues now don't you?
You'd tantrum too, wouldn't you?
No. 457927 ID: f2c20c

...that was a very insensitive thing to send fir. I'm not sure we should make a fuss about it as Fritzi isn't even here to scowl at, but we should at least mention that Mina was very hurt, and seems sensitive about her lack of markings. It's not our place to attempt to comfort Mina but we should at least tell fir frohrer what's going on.

It sounds like fi HAS a talent, fi just doesn't have markings for it, so Fritzi thought that fi should draw the correct ones. Fir body is developing slower than normal, it seems, but otherwise fi's normal.
No. 457930 ID: 4a328b

Fi meant well...but poor kid. At least Fritzi wasn't here to see how fir gift was received.
No. 457981 ID: e67c16

It's fine, you don't mind. Send Mina feel-better vibes through the door?
No. 457992 ID: 0c2247

Shake your head.
"No, I understand. The other kids treat fir like a freak; fi wants fir family to accept fir like fi is.
I'll go talk with fir."
Get up and follow the poor kid; she needs somebody sympathetic, and nobody's more sympathetic than an empath.
No. 460369 ID: 8dbc01
File 134939969578.png - (213.84KB , 700x600 , minadoor.png )

You sigh uncomfortably. "No, it's okay. I understand. I think ... uhm, to be honest I think maybe it wasn't the best thing to send fir." You glance over at the hallway Mina disappeared into, then speak up slightly. "Do you think it would be okay if I went to talk to fir? I'm, uh, an empath, so maybe I could help ..."

"Oh, certainly. That's very sweet of you."

You get up and make your way down the hall until you find a door that's decorated in a way indicating the tastes of a young deerling. You can't read the sign, but the marks look similar to the label that was on the package. Your hunch is confirmed when you hear sniffling behind the door. You knock gently.

"Mina? Do you wanna talk?"

"Not really." There's a wet, sniffly pause. "Well ... I change my mind. Yeah."
No. 460370 ID: 8dbc01
File 134939972357.png - (190.32KB , 700x600 , hahahafuckshading.png )

The door clicks and swings open. Mina's eyes are red-rimmed and fir hoofs are wet from wiping at fir face. "You can come in."

You sit on the bed with fir. The younger deerling takes a deep, shuddering breath. "Fritzi ... Fritzi sent me something that I think is kinda mean." Fi sniffles again and raises fir head, as if trying to keep the tears pooled in fir eyes rather than letting them spill over. "I know Fritzi isn't mean and I know fi thought it would be a good present, but like ... I liked getting stuff from fir because fi never talked about my ... you know, how I look different. And getting that pencil thing just sort of reminded me that even though I thought we were friends, fi still, like ... thinks I have to be fixed or something. Like, I thought it didn't matter to fi but then it turns out it totally does. You know? Like it's ... like it's like wrong that I'm like this and I should feel embarrassed or something." Fi suddenly trails off and gives a lopsided shrug. "Sorry, I'm talking a whole bunch. It just made me kind of upset."
No. 460380 ID: f2c20c

I think it's because Fritzi thought Mina wanted to fix it. To fit in better? What did Mina say in her last letter to Fritzi?

It really sounds like Mina has a talent even without markings. I think that's interesting! It means the markings aren't tied to it at all.
No. 460394 ID: e3f578

Comfort and entertain the little deerling with a story that your little village is full of kinda dumb people or at least a villiage that has a lot of flawed people. You have a salesmen who sells bulk more expensive per item, your dumb and inconfident with people despite being an empath and a bit of a bad salesperson yourself, and Fritzi's got fir own flaws too, you suppose. Fi's not the type of person who can understand the big picture. Your mate's kinda stubborn jerk. You think Lutzi's the only sane person around, really. Most importantly, tell fi that it really doesn't matter to Fritzi, probably. I mean, look, fi hasn't physically seen Mina in forever if at all. If Fritzi's been in communication with any of the deers in this household, they've probably told fi about Mina's concern she's probably physically projected when it becomes a subject at home.
Tell fi that this isn't something that should be fixed. Being different is good! It's how the world changes for the better! And everyone's marking's are different and unique anyway! What if this is fi's unique markings? Try and project whatever confidence you can muster up. If you need help getting those emotions, remember that you're a tall attractive Frolich out on fi's own, solving fi's problems like a true boss.
Take it in stride little deering. Be proud of your lack of markings. They're pretty bitchin'. Just don't use that language around the parents.
No. 460400 ID: 4a328b

No, you don't have to be embarrassed or apologize--we understand, we do.

Do you have a clean handkerchief or is there one nearby you can offer fir?

Try not to project any emotions since fi might not take it well if fi thinks you are trying to manipulate fir.

Fritzi is also stigmatized, so fi might have been thinking of how it hurt to stand out when fi sent that present. I still think it was a bad idea, but >>460380 has a point that Mina might have accidentally given Fritzi the impression that fi wanted to fix it, or hide it, or something

Sometimes people hurt the people they love, and at the very least we know Fritzi did it with the best of intentions, even if fi misunderstood what Mina wanted
No. 460417 ID: 0c2247

"Mina, fir talent is to take away pain, but fi can't fix problems. That's the way fi thinks.
So... I'm gonna guess you complained about getting picked on in your letters. Right?"

If so: "Seems like fi wanted to stop the bullying. Fi loves you for who you are, but fi can't fix the bullies, and fi doesn't understand what you're feeling."
No. 460487 ID: 3d7c11

Yeah, ask if maybe she might have given Fritzi the wrong idea and explain that Fritzi just misunderstood. If Mina is still upset after that, distract her by asking about the guy in the posters! Who's this hottie?
No. 460597 ID: 2aa588

i think Fritzi thought that it was embarrassing for mina and that it mattered to Mina so fi tried to help fir. i don't think she was trying to be mean, she just misstepped.
No. 465101 ID: 8dbc01
File 135088021199.png - (145.81KB , 700x600 , cutedeersnuggling.png )

"You know, Mina, I think ... maybe you might've given Fritzi the wrong impression?" you offer tentatively. "Maybe fi thought that you wish you had markings. Can you think of anything you might have told fir that would have given fir that idea?"

Mina considers this. "I mean ... I tell fir about the other deer at school and stuff, and sometimes they say stuff about my face ... I didn't think I made it sound like it bothers me, though, 'cause it like totally doesn't ..."

"I think maybe Fritzi made a mistake and thought that it did bother you. It wasn't about fir wanting you to change, it was about fir thinking you wanted to. See?"

"Yeah ... yeah, that makes sense." You're startled when Mina suddenly wraps fir arms around your shoulders, squeezes tightly, and then lets go, clearly embarrassed. "Thanks, Gunter. You're pretty okay."

"Uh, well - I should probably get back to Lutzi and see if we can get ourselves settled for the night."

"Oh, I forgot. You're staying over, right?" Mina hopped off the bed, stepping forward to open the door and lead you out of fir bedroom. "Where are you going again?"

"To the city, tomorrow." You pause in the doorway, reaching up to scratch absently at your ear. "I've got ... some really important stuff to do. So I'm probably going to leave really early."

"Oh man ... you're cool." Mina frowns slightly. "It would've been cool to hang out a little."
No. 465102 ID: 8dbc01
File 135088024302.png - (163.89KB , 700x600 , endofchapter.png )

You assure fir that you'll see fir on your way home, then meet fir eltern back in the front room. They've set up an area for you and Lutzi to sleep. It seems your traveling companion has already made tirself at home.

"Thanks for setting this up," ti calls offhandedly to your hosts. Ti turns to you as you settle into your bedroll, propping tir face up on tir hoof. "We should get some rest. It's later than I thought it would be, and we have to get up very early tomorrow."

You nod and nuzzle further into your blankets. As Lutzi rolls over and quietly drawls out a "good night," however, you know you're not going to get a wink. Not now, and not until you find a cure for Lief.

- e n d e d e s k a p i t e l s -
No. 465107 ID: 4a328b

*Wild applause!*

We should travel over here with Fritzi and Lief once we get a cure, these deerlings are pretty coo.
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