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File 133792508376.png - (54.44KB , 685x446 , andsoayeti.png )
415884 No. 415884 ID: 6600a9

and so a yeti wanders into an open field and finds an object off screen that mesmorizes him- what do.
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No. 415886 ID: 132b99

get thing
No. 415887 ID: 09e5bf

Stand still and continue staring at it.
No. 415888 ID: b0ef59

get eet get eeet!
No. 415889 ID: 699da6

make it come towards you with your brain.
No. 415890 ID: 6600a9
File 133792577993.png - (37.62KB , 685x446 , andsoayeti.png )

the yeti does all the things, and it ends up in yeti's mouth. It is hard as rock and makes strange wumble mumble noises. It is not tasty, what does a yet do with such a non tasty thing?
No. 415893 ID: 132b99

use it to attract mate.
No. 415894 ID: 699da6

j-j-j-jam it into your forehead. gain magical gem powers.
No. 415898 ID: 6600a9
File 133792706550.png - (36.18KB , 685x446 , andsoayeti.png )

It would be very neat to attract a mate with a fantastically powerful and devistating gem-ray. Yeti takes the thing and raises it high to yeti's forehead, But what should yeti attack with his new gem-ray?
No. 415899 ID: 132b99

test on tree
No. 415900 ID: 7acb8e

If no trees, then watch the world burn.
No. 415902 ID: 6600a9
File 133792834508.png - (51.36KB , 685x446 , andsoayeti.png )

Yeti does not find a tree but he does happen upon a female ent, Pew pew goes the gem-ray as the yeti's attempt to set the ent on fire fail. Alot. This also does not seem to attract the attention of any elligable mates- but it does feed the yeti's love for causing mayhem. Now what else should the yeti use the gem-ray on?
No. 415903 ID: 132b99

okay, now find the alpha yeti and best him in combat with it, thus earning you all his females.
No. 415904 ID: 7acb8e

No. 415905 ID: 699da6
File 133792965587.png - (152.84KB , 362x366 , Moon.png )


No. 415907 ID: 87d18a

Find and locate Rage Ring.
No. 415978 ID: 6600a9
File 133797698604.png - (18.86KB , 685x446 , andsoayeti.png )

And so the yeti attacks and defeats the alpha yeti and gets all the females. Now the yeti is happy and all things have been done for the day.

The End
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