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File 133639967356.jpg - (90.42KB , 992x702 , start.jpg )
409356 No. 409356 ID: 28a8b4

legion of the dead I summon you the help me achieve my goal!Create the strongest undead ever made...well, for now help me put together a decent body to host you
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No. 409358 ID: 5029d1

what bits you got?
No. 409366 ID: b6edd6

Mkay, two important questions about that.
Fist, by strongest, you means strongest against what? An undead optimized for fighting armies can be very different from an undead built for fighting powerful individuals or an undead for countering rival undead.
Second, what abilities can you build into undead? We are a bit unfamiliar with this plane, and abilities such as body part assimilation or spellcasting can drastically change the build you want to use.
No. 409369 ID: 28a8b4
File 133640365393.jpg - (201.05KB , 2480x1754 , explain.jpg )

not much, for now I only have two human heads and torsos,and a few kind of different lower and upper limbs with different benefit and drawback
No. 409371 ID: b6edd6

Lets see the list then.

By the way, do we de-animate if our head gets destroyed?
No. 409372 ID: 28a8b4
File 133640495992.jpg - (142.66KB , 1754x1240 , body parts ability.jpg )

for now i can only use the natural abilty of the body parts, with more developed lab and powers i can make extensive alteration in the abilities of the piece I use; what I mean by strongest is the abilty to do defeat any kind of opponent; this are the limbs I have and their ability the upper body limbs belong to a were wolf that is strong but inaccurate, dragonlike claws unable to hold wepon and of a feline, quite fast but week; the lower body parts are frome the same werewolfwith identical up and down, from a snake: you can't run, but you can grab and crush an anemy and from an harpy:they can run quite fast but you can't do much more...of cuorse you can always use human limbs that are average
No. 409375 ID: 28a8b4
File 133640598099.jpg - (212.36KB , 2480x1754 , explain2.jpg )

yes you will and will be be forced back in to this ball...forever, or until I found enough body parts and mistical material to creat a new host body
No. 409376 ID: 6d6017

holy image size, Batman! shrink things down a bit for us laptop users.
No. 409377 ID: 28a8b4

sorry, now should be ok
No. 409383 ID: 28a8b4
File 133640875486.jpg - (85.32KB , 1024x768 , a.jpg )

so.. do you want to be male or female?
No. 409384 ID: 3c4a14

No. 409385 ID: 5d5732

Keep it ambiguous.
No. 409388 ID: 832169


Hell yeah give us a nice pair of tits
No. 409390 ID: a2853b

Make us both.
Surely it couldn't be that hard.
No. 409391 ID: b85f8c

Be creative.
No. 409392 ID: f74559

Either nothing or everything.
No. 409393 ID: f70e5e

lets go with female, people tend to be a bit more sympathetic towards girls.
No. 409394 ID: 7c31d2

Gotta agree with neither
No. 409395 ID: 28a8b4
File 133641449087.jpg - (65.14KB , 1024x768 , easier tu cut.jpg )

for obvius reason it's easier to make neither...so...and I can always attach it back later...but I would like to not damage further this body
No. 409402 ID: 6d6017

so I was thinking werewolf arms and harpy legs.
No. 409405 ID: 28a8b4
File 133641651330.jpg - (65.51KB , 1024x768 , easier to cut2.jpg )

with the neither decison taken care off...wich parts should I add to the torso?
No. 409411 ID: 5029d1

human werewolf.
No. 409414 ID: b6edd6

Can we get multiple arms? There is a good chance that the whole 'multiple minds' bit will offset the normal attention-division problems with multi-wielding. If we do that, human and feline arms would be a good choice for being lightweight.

If not, we should get one human arm and one dragonish arm.
No. 409418 ID: 28a8b4

I lack the mistical material to add a extra pair of arms and I need more power to attach two kind of arms...if we obtain more material and soul it can be done esily
No. 409421 ID: cf49fc

Stick both torsos together and give us Dragon limbs and a snake tail.

No. 409426 ID: 5029d1

right, so we need to kill shit to get stronger. makes sense.again
No. 409428 ID: 28a8b4
File 133642228231.jpg - (251.83KB , 2480x1754 , explain2.jpg )

sorry I need more powerand mistical material to make such thing, but in the long run we can do it...to aquire more power I need to drain the soul of demonic creature and to get more mistical material iI need to melt body parts through alchemy
No. 409431 ID: b6edd6

Demonic creatures, you say. I don't suppose you or anyone you know of can summon some of those?

Anyway, the human/werewolf sounds good enough for now.
No. 409437 ID: 28a8b4
File 133642479284.jpg - (209.70KB , 2480x1754 , explain2.jpg )

unfortunately I don't know anyone with such skill, but i know where they spawn...but I dont think you can already hunt for them...for now I just need more mistical material, non human body give me more of it
No. 409447 ID: 28a8b4
File 133642640038.jpg - (85.13KB , 1024x768 , a2.jpg )

so...it's human legs and were hands? A fter this i just put a robe on you and send you to scavenge some body parts and some little and really weak cemetery demons
No. 409452 ID: b6edd6

That works.
No. 409462 ID: 09b19d

Quick question, did you pissed off any powerful individulas or groups by acquiring all these body parts?
No. 409471 ID: 28a8b4
File 133643322655.jpg - (80.79KB , 1024x768 , a3.jpg )

I keep a very low profile plus my power is still very limited so paldins don't detect me..for now at least, but from this point onward piss of some people is inevitable
No. 409473 ID: f70e5e

you use preexisting dead guys, and power up by killing demons. I think some sort of long term arrangement could be reached with some partcularly pragmatic lord.
No. 409476 ID: 6d6017

I thought harpy legs would make us all dodgy and shit. it's not like legs need to be strong.
No. 409483 ID: 28a8b4
File 133643544763.jpg - (93.08KB , 1024x768 , a4.jpg )

you need to carry body parts back to my hidout, you may need some strength in your legs...also i've fiished this body...now choose a wepon to bring with you besides the shovel, don' worry I can craft many wepons
No. 409490 ID: b6edd6

Probably just a sword and sheild, unless you can afford magical weapons or demons killing needs special equipment.
Which reminds me; what powers other than creating undead do you posses?
No. 409520 ID: c91ef6

tools. a hammer. a crowbar.
No. 409664 ID: 28a8b4
File 133646587864.jpg - (126.04KB , 1024x768 , showel.jpg )

I'm an alchemist, so I can make potions with varius affect, though now I can only make some regeneration and healing potions:regeneration repair your undead body,healing cure hurt people and damage undead; I can alsomake reagent to use in my spell and I have extensive knowledge in anatomy so I can pretty much non magically heal any damage, plus some minor summoning abilty and teleportation ability,but i can only summon item I alredy own and teleporting small objects
No. 409689 ID: 28a8b4
File 133646873439.jpg - (107.62KB , 1024x768 , mappuz.jpg )

now that you are ready to go there something I have to confess...we are on a small island near a large one, and the only ships that can sail to the continent are always full of paladins, to defend them from monster and pirates so for now we are stuck here...unless we find a way to set sail on our own, but for now let's choos one of the cemetery on this isle to ride...there's a harpy settlement in the mountain near a lake, a swamp lamia settlement in the, well, swamp, a small werewolf settlement in the forest, beware they are pretty xenophobe and strong so it will be dangerous to face them straight away, and two human settlement in the hills; of cours we are only interested in the cemetery, but still...
No. 409693 ID: 551d90

Well, harpies sound like they'd be the easiest to raid from, yield parts to make future smash-and-grabs go faster, and, horrible racial profiling here, but probably least prone to care about corpse snatching. So, seems like a good early target all around.
No. 409844 ID: 6c5b9b

We got the strong and inaccurate werewolf hands right? Lets get some bigass weapon that doesn't rely on finesse like a warhammer or something.
No. 410035 ID: 48bd6c
File 133659667185.jpg - (151.65KB , 1024x768 , pudding and legion.jpg )

before you go take this, it's a soul pudding, with this you can caught demon souls and we can talk to each other at any distance also take this bigass warhammer
No. 410084 ID: d5f488


I... I'm at a loss for words.
No. 410085 ID: fa9f7e

Really? How odd. Have you tried words like expandinate and contractinate?
No. 410087 ID: d5f488


goddammit... you win this time.
No. 410088 ID: 48bd6c
File 133660580461.jpg - (89.27KB , 1024x768 , mountain path.jpg )

now just follow the path to the top of the mountain,you should be able to avoid the harpies sight this way, you will probably get there at night, when you reach the cemetery always get your eyes open, even if they are, week low level demon randomly spawn there...and some harpy actually visit it at night,but it's a rare occurrence
sorry I'm tired and not so lucid...ahahah
No. 410099 ID: 5029d1

welp. let's go.
No. 410100 ID: 48bd6c
File 133660812026.jpg - (47.22KB , 1024x768 , mountain peekcemetery.jpg )

rolled 47 for enemy encounteryou reach the top without trouble, now you can look for demonic creature or start to dig out corpse
No. 410101 ID: 5029d1

start digging but be wary.
No. 410106 ID: 6c5b9b

What are those white things on top of the crosses? Are they souls? Can we steal them?
No. 410107 ID: 09b19d

There's no better time to grave rob than the present!
No. 410112 ID: 48bd6c
File 133661189569.jpg - (73.00KB , 1024x768 , mountain peekcemetery3.jpg )

98 dig two body without troubleyou start to dig for body, after digging out two corpse you ear the sound of someone running in your direction,for now you are still hidden beyond the side of the mountain and it's unlikely someone eared you digging, how do you react?
No. 410114 ID: d5f488

No. 410120 ID: 48bd6c
File 133661264817.jpg - (69.94KB , 1024x768 , skull.jpg )

bird skulls
No. 410126 ID: 551d90

Two seems like plenty since we don't have a means of carrying them beyond slinging them over our shoulders that I'm aware of, so, take what we have and head back now?
No. 410127 ID: 5029d1

indeed. our arms may be strong enough to hold more but our legs will put us to a snail pace if we try. so take what we got. maybe hide somewhere and see what it is.
No. 410128 ID: 6c5b9b

Hide in the holes!
No. 410211 ID: 53b654
File 133664936890.jpg - (99.59KB , 1024x768 , legion hiding.jpg )

you do so, from your hiding spot can see a young withe feathered harpy being followed by a large demonic being that, while large does not seems so dexterous, probably the harpy was hit by chance ,but now too hurt to run or fly away will soon get caught and probably killed, what do you do? help the harpy in some way or just get away with your bodies, mind you are quite more resistant then a human and can sustain many hits, also pudding, if you need it, can saw you back in to shape at the basament and teleport you one regeneration or an healing potion..lack of ingrediennt to do both
No. 410212 ID: 5029d1

we got the strong arms and a strong weapon. ATTACK!
No. 410221 ID: 09e5bf

Save the harpy. Attack the demon
No. 410244 ID: 6d3aaa

Smite the demon with your shovel!
No. 410254 ID: 48bd6c
File 133668015039.jpg - (137.55KB , 1024x768 , legion ball of steel.jpg )

rolled 96you, thanks to a mad rush, managed to hit the demon on it's shoulder, stopping him and saving the harpy, damaging one of it's power core and leaving him dazed
No. 410256 ID: 5029d1

don't turn just say "hide" and hit it again. maybe spin it to hit with the spiked end.
No. 410258 ID: 48bd6c
File 133668189293.jpg - (102.44KB , 1024x768 , legion ball of steel.jpg )

46-15 = 31 your luck it's stupidthe beast try to attack you but becaus of the damage taken miss badly and loose it's balance giving you time to regain your stance
No. 410259 ID: 09e5bf

Tell harpy to hide, continue beating demon.
No. 410262 ID: e3aff6

Keep on smashing.
No. 410263 ID: f70e5e

its cores seem to be protected by skulls, and we have a bashing weapon. I say we focus on dodging its next attack and then hit it in one of the cores as hard as we can.
No. 410270 ID: 48bd6c
File 133668442929.jpg - (115.12KB , 1024x768 , hammer time.jpg )

you shout "hide" to the harpy and try to hit the beast again 96+0 = 96 because of the sake of citation ...fuckthe beast try to follow the little girl leaving you an opening you take advantage of to hit it's main core and leaving it very weakened, but, because of an underestimation of your strenght by pudding, the shaft holding the hammer in place breack leaving you unarmed and in need of a new wepon
No. 410272 ID: cd6e04

tear its spine out and beat it with it.
No. 410277 ID: 5029d1

jump on it's back
No. 410278 ID: 48bd6c
File 133668586157.jpg - (59.77KB , 1024x768 , awsome wepon.jpg )

unfortunately you don't have that kind of strenght, yet, but its worthy show the sequence ...this it's not canon but just a few pics of insanity
No. 410279 ID: 48bd6c
File 133668636795.jpg - (82.74KB , 1024x768 , awsome wepon.jpg )

by the way the showìvel its very sturdy and sharpened
No. 410280 ID: 09e5bf

Beat demon with showìvel
No. 410281 ID: 5029d1

oh cool, try that.
No. 410283 ID: 48bd6c
File 133668703886.jpg - (71.63KB , 1024x768 , awsome wepon.jpg )

No. 410284 ID: 48bd6c
File 133668721390.jpg - (51.64KB , 1024x768 , awsome wepon.jpg )

necro joke end, now Iìll draw the serius update
No. 410292 ID: 48bd6c
File 133668975460.jpg - (93.81KB , 1024x768 , awsome wepon.jpg )

you run back to your grave robbing site,finding the little harpy pocking her head out of one of the hole you dug, you ignore her for now and take the shovel, just a few second before the beast reach you
No. 410293 ID: 5029d1

throw a skull at it as a distraction and slam.
No. 410297 ID: 48bd6c
File 133669057817.jpg - (97.05KB , 1024x768 , awsome wepon2.jpg )

73+0 = 73 you trow throw the skull at him managing to disrtact him enough to let you stand on your feetI'm tired and I don't have the strenght to draw the final hit, wich is going to be draw a bit better then the rest of the quest
No. 410531 ID: 4ef2ec
File 133677083231.jpg - (83.27KB , 992x702 , sorry.jpg )

this picture is my way of say sorry . rolled 45 , you attempt to strike the beast on the last core, with one fast movement the creature manage to stop you using the beak of it's main skull, who get damaged but remain usable and leaving you vulnerable for a counter strike
No. 410532 ID: 5029d1

grab another skull and use the beak as a poker.
No. 410536 ID: f70e5e

move forward, get inside it's reach, but watch out for its beak.
No. 410539 ID: 4ef2ec
File 133677349051.jpg - (106.09KB , 992x702 , sorry2.jpg )

rolled 50 even if badly damaged the beast has still the strenght to hit you with it's cracked beak, luckily for you it breack, at the price of more hen a few brocken ribs, also your shovel it's now free again
No. 410544 ID: 5029d1

use a super move! or just a uppercut slash to it follow up with a skull to the eyehole
No. 410563 ID: c91ef6

hit the wound to get an opening
No. 410597 ID: 6c5b9b

Try to get around to the other side to hit at the other small glowy head.
No. 410680 ID: d9c7bf
File 133682060202.jpg - (168.93KB , 992x702 , legion uppercut.jpg )

rolled 98>>410563
>>410544 you uppercut slash the alredy damaged beak , making it fly, twisting up the main head and leaving you an huge opening
No. 410692 ID: 5029d1

No. 410697 ID: d9c7bf
File 133682775524.jpg - (186.16KB , 992x702 , swing down.jpg )

rolled 81you muster all your strength and thrust down,with a slightly spinning movement, your shovel breacking remaing skull and the core within, killing, at last, the creaturealso sorry for leaving so abruptly yesterday, my internet died
No. 410723 ID: 5029d1

use capture device! then ask the harpy "are you okay?"
No. 410733 ID: e3aff6

Huh, I wonder if we can use body parts from this guy.
No. 410767 ID: 252e1b

Do what you must to make sure you don't waste the resources this body represents, but check on the victim as well.
No. 410863 ID: 8346d2

we already have competition
No. 411209 ID: d9c7bf
File 133692106305.jpg - (272.89KB , 1240x877 , nyoron1.jpg )

loot roll 100 o.o>>410723
as soon as the beast fall to the ground 10 glowing soul came out of the body and start to fade in to nothing, to prevent losing them you take out the soul pudding, who eat them all in e very kirbylike way,and turn to ask the litle harpy how she feel
No. 411215 ID: d9c7bf
File 133692137399.jpg - (116.67KB , 892x632 , nyoron souls!.jpg )

rolled 28as she try to respond to you, blood start to came out of her mouth and she faint,what do you do? you could try to bring her to the harpy village, quite far from the cemetery, try to carry her to the hideout, that's even farther or make the necromancher teleport the healing potion here, hoping it's enough to save her? Or you could simply let her die in that tomb and just go back to the hide out
No. 411219 ID: 8346d2

Healing potion. If that isn't enough, carry her to the hideout. If the harpy survives, we may get information about this demon. If she dies, we'll get a fresh body.
No. 411230 ID: f70e5e

give her the healing potion and then take her back to base. she's out cold so she won't be able to tell anyone where it is.
No. 411311 ID: d9c7bf
File 133694439319.jpg - (384.05KB , 1240x877 , navel.jpg )

rolled 56 the healing potion do it's job, but she still need to be trathed and she doesn't regain conscience; you decide to carry her back to the hideout, hoping she will be able to give you information about demon who was tring so badly to kill her
No. 411313 ID: 5029d1

pocket the pudding, carry her in one arm and the bodies in the other.
No. 411363 ID: 8346d2

Anything that can be salvaged from the carcass of this demon? We're able to carry the materials that we gathered and the harpy? Anyway, we must give priority to her. Information about demons means possibility of acquiring more power.
No. 411374 ID: d9c7bf
File 133695083080.jpg - (32.69KB , 620x439 , digging a new room.jpg )

you can put the bodies and some material from the demon in the backpack and carry the harpy in your arms, you will be slow but you should be able to do it
No. 411379 ID: 5029d1

diggy diggy hole. can probably turn the extra bits into a digging construct.
No. 411485 ID: 8346d2

Let's do that. Blindfold her, she may wake up before we reach our destination. If someone and/or something chases us, leave the backpack behind. Boss is aware of the situation? We need to know if she and/or he agrees with our decision.
No. 411719 ID: d9c7bf
File 133701667056.jpg - (107.08KB , 1024x768 , puddingphone.jpg )

you contact the necromancher to explain the situation ask he's gender, whom he confirm to be male,and if you can leave the backpac behind, considered the situation.
No. 411723 ID: d9c7bf
File 133701742495.jpg - (111.41KB , 1024x768 , puddingphone2.jpg )

from he's tone of voice you can understand your tale have shaken him, he ask you to bring the harpy back and as much material from the demon as you can, but also to bring the bag with the tools on the top of the backpack,those aren't cheap...
No. 411735 ID: 5029d1

okay. grab those things and ditch pack.
No. 411745 ID: d9c7bf
File 133702595590.jpg - (119.74KB , 892x632 , legion life it\'s a bitch.jpg )

85+0 =85 you blinfold the harpy, place the two body on your shoulder and tie the body of the demon to you with a ropebecause adventurer alway have ropes and start to slowly drag yourself down mountain to reach the hideout, while thinking why you have done such a thing as carry so much weight you finally spot the hideout and make a big sigh of relief
No. 411761 ID: 8346d2

>why you have done such a thing as carry so much weight
Any work worth doing is worth doing well. These materials will serve us very well, anyway.
No. 411763 ID: 5029d1

with all this stuff our form can totes upgrade and this wont be a problem again.
No. 411934 ID: 8346d2

Things will only get worse, actually.
No. 412572 ID: dd9039

awesome quest.
I doubt she knows anything about the demon, its a demon, it tried to eat her... unless she is a natural summoner coming into her power or a wizard apprentice or something.
But there are many things we can ask. Ask her about her, she looks young, how young is she?
Who are her family, what kind of culture the harpies have? village structure? quantity of people? army? etc. Paladins in the village? view about paladins? religion? etc.

Don't make it an interrogation, rather, talk to her in a friendly manner. If she is young and orphan perhaps master can make her an apprentice. (best result I think)

Killing all mortals is the stereotype for necromancers and it makes no sense, they need mortals to generate new corpses.
So the question is, what is his long term goals and preferred method of interaction.
1. Avoid as long as possible and pretend they aren't there and hope for best. - probably not gonna work. seems like what he planned.
2. Conquer. - Throws too many red flags and triggers a crusade, totally impractical until you are so ridiculously powerful you don't need to officially conquer anyone to be untouchable.
3. Manipulate from shadows (blackmail, mind control, etc the key figures) - sounds plausible. Need to think about an undead that looks pretty but isn't vampire (drinking blood a drawback, can't go in sun and too easy to spot)
4. Reach an agreement - Would work best, we have a lot to offer and aren't a threat... and is the most difficult to find someone who would agree. For harpies we have an in with saving her if she is important. But the key is going to be the religious view of the importance of the dead in every society... luckily there are 4 major societies on this tiny island.
No. 413029 ID: 408238
File 133724098044.jpg - (439.22KB , 1240x877 , harpy___nope.jpg )

when you finally reach the hideout and call the necromancer, he come out of the entrance and, with a very worried behaviour (because it's hard to understand the facial expression of someone with half it's face destroyed and the rest in the shadow of an hood), come close to you to examine your cargo, surprisingly he focus he’s attention on the young girl you are carrying and ,after a few moment, say " this isn't an harpy...she is a siren, why is one on this island? Well for now let’s treat her wound, if she survive she will tell us how she came her “then look at you and tell to you he will explain the difference between an harpy and a siren as soon as he finish whit the girl
No. 413051 ID: 5029d1

ask where to put the stuff, and gesture to the bodies.
No. 413086 ID: e37ded

Do as he said and learn.
Also, curious to know how these demon souls affected his power.
No. 413330 ID: 8346d2

Don't forget, your body was damaged. Also, I wonder what's for dinner.
No. 413880 ID: e893d4
File 133743792178.jpg - (209.59KB , 1240x877 , hideout entrance.jpg )

Before the both of you enter the hideout, you ask him where to put the stuff you are carrying and inform him that your body had been damaged in the fight, he say to leave everything in the room he resurrect your body and that he will tend the damage you had received as soon as he finish to heal the girl
No. 413957 ID: 5029d1

okay, put the stuff down and untie the demon from you.
No. 413961 ID: 9f2cfc
File 133745007435.jpg - (162.56KB , 992x702 , light and darkness.jpg )

you enter the hideout and notice two major difference in it, the first it’s a big hole in the wall and the second is that there is light coming out of the room opposite the one you have been resurrected into, the necromancer start to walk in the direction of the lit room and say that while he’s operating you can look around in the hideout, there’s not much to see though, What do you do? Wait for him to finish and ask what you want to know or look around?
No. 413962 ID: 9f2cfc

sorry I had uploaded while you suggested
No. 413967 ID: 3734f6

Look at him work. Quietly as to not interrupt.
No. 413974 ID: 8346d2

Although I'm tempted to learn a little more about where we were born and about our creator and his objectives, I agree. Watch his work.
No. 414114 ID: c315be

I want to be there when the chick wakes up. I want to see what she says. Also she might recognize us and that might put her at ease, cause our aster is awesome, but he's kinda scary lookin.
No. 414325 ID: b79822
File 133751926391.jpg - (70.13KB , 868x613 , corridor entrance.jpg )

You leave the laboratory and enter the lit room, whit your surprise it’s not just another small room but a long corridor with five doors on one side and just torch on the other, at the end of the corridor there is another lit room, probably is the surgery room, you are a bit curios to peek inside all those dark openings, but you want to be there when the girl wake up, so you enter the last room
No. 414350 ID: 132b99

No. 414366 ID: 49c526
File 133753797201.jpg - (117.76KB , 1058x748 , surgery.jpg )

Rolled 57+30 the necromancer has an healing boost of 30 on the living, also sorry I’ve got a busy day You enter the last room, the necromancer is he’s operating the girl, you ask him if you can observe his work, he say it’s no problem and keep on working, his ands move so fast you can barely see them and in a very small time he finish operating; he say she will wake up in a few minutes and that he can now talk to you, what do you ask him and how?
No. 414367 ID: 132b99

ask how someone so versed in the ways of undeath is also skilled with the living.
No. 414399 ID: 8346d2

You seem disturbed, boss. Something that we can help? Something you want to tell us?
No. 414406 ID: 3734f6

"Master, have the souls from the last demon appreciably increased your power or are more required?"
I am not sure if I am supposed to be asking this yet based on what you said in questdis, I think you meant we will find out anyways in a few updates even if we don't bring it up... but if you mean its not ready yet then please ignore the question

"Master, would it be possible for me to learn and use magic? To assist you in ceremonies or to use in combat?"
Thank him for the answer.

"Master, this siren is so small, is she a child?"
No. 414736 ID: f29f4d
File 133761203412.jpg - (124.72KB , 1058x748 , cry.jpg )

He listen to your questions and, after taking a long breath, that seem long two days, start to answer to your question. he say he need to consume the souls first, but ten will be more then enough to power him up to give you some nice boost, to answer your second question he think a little then say he require a pair of special demonic souls, sorcerer ones, they should also give him new ability unrelated to necromancy, but they are rather hard to find ,he then say that , yes, the siren is quite young, but she also seems to have an enormous latent powers way off the scale for a siren or every other creature he had seen in his life, that probably also explain such a powerful spawn in a cemetery, but he can’t be sure, then he finally start to answer your first question, the reason why he is so skilled with a living, but he suddenly interrupted by the siren scream, : a Demon! Don’t kill me! Please, I’ll do whatever you want, but don’t kill me! The necromancer seems more then a bit annoyed by the girl sudden awakening and terrified behavior, but also look like he’s unable to deal with her burst
No. 414737 ID: 132b99

if she remembers you she will be more at ease
"he is not a demon, be at ease, you are safe now"
No. 414756 ID: dcc553

Be at ease, we mean no harm. The demon is no more. We brought you to our master so he could treat your injuries.
No. 414757 ID: 431fa8

"I want you to be calm. We will not kill you; we have even treated your injuries. What is your name?"
No. 414841 ID: 3734f6

Its me, I saved you remember? I killed the demon. Its ok, shhh, its ok (get closer and hug her... basically, like you would calm a child). There are no demons here, you're safe.

>Super powerful siren.
I think our Necromancer just found himself an assistant/apprentice :)
No. 415116 ID: 3763ca
File 133769472479.jpg - (407.08KB , 1116x790 , my savior2.jpg )

After she ear you voice she turn in your direction, she seems to recognize you, but she also, evidently, still scared by the situation, so you say to her she is not in danger anymore, your master is not a demon, but the one who treated your injury, the creature that attacked her have been slay already and that she doesn’t have to be afraid, then move closer and hug her, she finally seems to relax and, after some time like that she stop to cry; now that she is calm she say thanks and that her name is… you can suggest another name if mine doesn’t sound nice :Neve, it means snow
No. 415120 ID: 3734f6

I like the name you came up with
Well, get her talking about herself (not an interrogation)... we want to find out a little more about her.
Where does she live? does she have family? do demons chase her around often? (I bet they do, due to her innate power... which means she is probably orphaned due to demons)
No. 415126 ID: 132b99

what was she doing in a graveyard alone?
No. 415139 ID: f70e5e

we should ask pudding if the fact that we see her eyes as read means anything. the only things we have seen in bright color so far are things that are related to an active magical power source.
No. 415143 ID: 471053

sorry, work kept me away from the pc
No. 415159 ID: 48bd6c
File 133772109512.jpg - (240.76KB , 992x702 , trust.jpg )

yeah! Flashback , I wil chop in two pieces because of tetx wall now that she is finally calm you start to talk to her in a friendly manner and ask how she feel and where she live so you could bring her back to her parents, as you say that her eyes became wet again and she say they have both died, you say you are very sorry and ask her if she want to tell you how, she look at you for a moment, reflecting on your question, and nod, then she say she will tell you because you saved her life, then start to tell you her story
No. 415365 ID: 7493c4
File 133776575461.jpg - (499.20KB , 2480x1754 , story2.jpg )

>>415159 sorry internet died yesterday
: her parent moved on this island near the time of her birth leaving the capital, for reasons unknown to her and build a house near the lake on the mountain, but on day, when she was just five years old an horrible creature appeared out of nowhere and attacked her home, her dad fought against it but was killed thanks to his sacrifice he was able to gain enough time to her mother to cast a spell powerful enough to destroy the creature, then she chanted a strange spell on her saying it was to protect her, after that they lived in peace for another four year, unfortunately her mother fell ill and died, soon many of those monster started to appear again and she had o flee from her home and started to wandering around the mountain until the moment she met you
No. 415374 ID: a15a55
File 133776841382.jpg - (127.81KB , 1058x748 , talking.jpg )

cutscene end after her tale you say you are very sorry for what happened to her and that she is safe now and hug her more tightly after a few second you release her and move closer to the necromancer saying you can see her eyes glowing, something that happened only when there was magical activity, he say it’s probably the spell her mother cast on her, but it’s degrading really fast, he could restore it’s power making her invisible to demon again, but he need a peculiar herb only growing in the swamp, four day away from the hideout, if you want to collect that herbs he should make something more appropriate for you to wear, so you don’t attract to much unwanted attention and start to drain those soul you have gathered, in order to upgrade you
No. 415382 ID: 132b99

sounds like a righteous mission. we accept.
No. 415406 ID: f70e5e

if we leaver her in the hideout while we go after the herb, will pudding be ok if more demons show up? and would some sort of stop gap measure be possible?
No. 415441 ID: fe1962
File 133780135261.jpg - (700.62KB , 2480x1754 , righteous quest.jpg )

You wish to accept, but first you ask him if the girl will be safe in the hideout, if the necromancer will be able to defend both her and himself while you are away, if other demons show up, he say that, yes, he will be more then enough to stop them, then ask you the soul pudding so he could drain the soul inside it and say to remain with Neve until he’s done saying you could think on your new outfit in the meantime, you nod then, before he leave you ask if a temporary solution can be used to stop the demons, he think a bit and say that maybe he can do something, but it will just bought some time, with that he leave the room
No. 415445 ID: fe1962
File 133780212245.jpg - (174.45KB , 1240x877 , legion reference sheet.jpg )

now that the necromancer is busy Neve and Legion can think of an outfit for the journey absolutely not using this specific word as a citation of another quest, y-yeah to the swamp
No. 415459 ID: e3aff6

You know... If necroboss and us can handle demons attacking, we might consider either intentionally delaying the full restoration of that spell. If the demons come to us then we won't have to traipse around graveyards hunting them down.
(Of course, this would require an escape route if the demons start getting out of hand.)
No. 415461 ID: 132b99

the problem with that is the spell is falling apart.we have no idea how long it will last, one day more could be too long.
No. 415462 ID: e3aff6

So we could try to stabilize it without returning it to full strength. (We would still need the spell components either way I suppose.)
No. 415473 ID: fe1962
File 133781176005.jpg - (60.17KB , 1058x748 , nice plan.jpg )

I need to repair the seal fast, before it break, otherwise shit will hit the fan, but after that I can tune it so it will attract them in a more controlled quantity by making the emission of energy not being shut off completely, is this plan acceptable?
No. 415480 ID: e3aff6

Sounds good. I think what we were wearing before would probably work for the trip, if nobody has any other ideas.
No. 415483 ID: 132b99

one guy says he will draw something tomorrow.
No. 415485 ID: fe1962

then I'll work on the story tomorrow, goodnight
No. 415530 ID: 3734f6

Sounds awesome. Should explain it to her before we use her as bait though (we can justify it as saving others from demons)

Also, since she has all this power, would she be suited as an apprentice or at least assistant to master?
No. 415535 ID: 60fee2

No. 415631 ID: a8c0a6
File 133784898716.jpg - (90.07KB , 1058x748 , let\'s find a lie to tell.jpg )

>>415530 good, I woke up an our ago good, we can do it, you can tell this to her, she trust you, she will probably agree if we say it’s for prevent other to be attacked and I will acquire a steady amount of soul to power up, let’s do it!
No. 415652 ID: 3763ca
File 133785706568.jpg - (115.39KB , 873x619 , guilt.jpg )

you say that the necromancer think it ma be useful to not seal entirely her emission of energy, but immediately she wont be in danger, because either the necromancer and yourself are really powerful and able to defeat the demons , she look a bit scared by your question, then she ask if she can refuse, she ought a lot to you, but she is not so confident in being a bait, what do you say to make her change idea?
No. 415668 ID: 3734f6

Of course she can refuse.
But the demons will still be out there though, hurting innocent people.
And she could still run across them by accident too.
You have time to think about it while we are getting the ingredients to repair the seal, you don't have to decide right away...
We will protect you either way, be brave.

Also, ask master for clarification if sealing it weakens her ability to perform magic. Her mother was a competent mage to make such a seal, and it would make sense to place one on a child that is unable to yet use such magic if it attracts hungry demons; and then remove it when becoming an adult and learning how to utilize magic effectively.
Also ask if its possible to make it toggle-able between fully and partially sealed. So she could switch it to fully sealed if she needs to go somewhere alone.
No. 415814 ID: e3aff6

Basically this. As demons they will likely be hunting someone, but not everyone has the resources to make them pay for their crimes.
No. 416685 ID: ee75a3
File 133821068232.jpg - (271.60KB , 1754x1240 , guilt trip.jpg )

You say to her that, of course she could refuse she nod, a little relieved by your reply ,at that point you continue whit your speech and say those creatures will still be out there thought, hurting innocents people and that she could still run across them by accident, she grow more insecure of her choice and ask you if she can think about it.
You say she doesn’t need respond right away, she could think on it while you getting the ingredient required to repair the seal and that you will protect her either way, she just say t-thanks, I’ll answer as soon as you come back; then she turn bright red and say: I-I forgot to ask you something, w-what are your names? I was a bit shocked and it doesn’t come to my mind to do it before, you say you are legion, but you also don’t know master’s name, so you call him , ask for it and also if its possible to make it toggle-able between fully and partially sealed. So she could switch it to fully sealed if she needs to go somewhere alone and if sealing her energy emission weakens her ability to perform magic, he say that, yes, sealing her will reduce her casting abilty, but with so much power to work with, it shouldn't really be an issue, than say the preparation to drainb the souls are done and it will upgrade you as soon as he finish
No. 416704 ID: dcc553

Using her situation and ingenuity to our advantage while trying to recruit her to our cause may prove to be a big mistake in a not too distant future. We use her or we recruited her, one or the other.

Furthermore, we do not know the true power of the one who pursues her. If we can rely on her memory, her parents were powerful, but their enemies were more. The fact that we found a weak demon can be attributed to the existence of the seal. In addition, we have no assurance that the one who pursues her will not be able to pinpoint our location after we defeat some demons.
No. 416706 ID: 3734f6

There are no "enemies" out pursuing her. Her natural power simply makes her SUPER DELICIOUS to demons (compared to other mortals). Any and all random demons in vicinity will sense it and converge on her to eat the deliciousness.

Also, we are not exploiting her here, everything we said was true. The demons WILL be out there hurting other people and they CAN run into her even if her thing is completely off. One day she might be strong enough to fight them off herself, especially if she becomes the master's apprentice.
No. 416718 ID: 132b99

exactly. the demons detect a great source of power, and come running. the spell her mother placed masked her energy signature thus thwarting them. our proposition is to add a valve to the spell, which SHE controls. letting her leak out power at a rate she wishes, to attract small numbers of demons to us where we kill them.
No. 416732 ID: dcc553

That makes no sense whatsoever. Not that it matters, anyway. The decision will always come from numbers.
No. 416839 ID: e3aff6

Recruiting her takes priority over using her to lure demons, but we still might do both if we are careful about it.
No. 416964 ID: 3d5af7
File 133832024856.jpg - (253.84KB , 1754x1240 , 362254144.jpg )

Well, her parent left the capital around the time of her birth and it's not certain the reason, so it's not so impossible for pursuer to exist, still, if they didn't find her in 9 years it's unlikely they can scree her in some way and with some more souls I should be able to cover the hideout in an anti scree bubble, this way any supposed enemy will be unable to find her, also, among the ten souls in the soulpudding there was one sorcerer soul, this way we are halfway to allow you to use magic and I can learn a new, unrelated to necromancy, spell, but they wont be so powerful at the beginning something to enhance strength, a low level ice spell that freeze the ground but let you walk on it easily as you where on normal ground, and a density enhancer spell, what should I learn?
Also, yes, I'm more interested in recruiting her then to use her as a demon bait, so do what you believe is right
No. 416968 ID: 3734f6

What does density enhancement do?
Is strength enhancing permanent?
Do you mean you can use the sorcerer soul for both or that you can use it either for yourself or for us?

As far as recruiting her vs bait, only reason we would need to choose between the two is if she turns down our suggestion and we try to coerce her to do it (which we could, since her only alternative is to let it collapse entirely). If she says yes then we got both (with a toggleable seal in her control).
If she says no then we respect her wishes so we can recruit her.

Also, an idea occurs to me. We might want to create a network of demon sensing wards further out from the hideout so we can tell if demons are coming and how strong they are, that way if too many/too strong demons are coming she can close it off entirely and everyone can hide.
No. 417009 ID: 3d5af7
File 133832812691.jpg - (263.38KB , 1754x1240 , 362254144.jpg )

Well, enhancement are temporary at a low level, density enhancement allow to change density of what I'm welding to make the impact on the enemy grater; the sorcerer soul only enhance me, the normal souls allow me power up your body make modification, and with enough power I could fuse two body parts of the same kind, increasing their power and giving the resulting part different ability usually superior to the previous; also I like your idea of making demon sensing ward, I'll work on it, but I need a peculiar kind of wood growing in the forest.
No. 417010 ID: 132b99

go for strength.
No. 417069 ID: 503921

Get the Density, that sounds cool. Also is the forest too far out of the way of the swamp? If so, then we are totally going there after we get the magic herb thing.
No. 417071 ID: dcc553

Excuse my paranoia, I just want to avoid unnecessary attention and ensure the loyalty of our companions. She is young, but she can understand the situation. We can be honest with her. Also, Neve can name us. Names are given, not chosen. Firn?

How many times we can use the ice spell? Works in any type of terrain? Its area of effect and duration? It would be a great advantage against land enemies.
No. 417140 ID: 3734f6

Go for whichever best complements your existing combat abilities...
Which raises the question, what ARE your existing combat capabilities?

Strength and Density both increase melee damage but in different ways, and both carry different utility capability. The ice forming lets you control the terrain to better keep out of melee. I am going to guess you are currently a ranged fighter?
No. 417301 ID: 7af2ac
File 133837675460.jpg - (202.16KB , 1754x1240 , ability.jpg )

. New spell are weak at the beginning because I need to power up them, they will grow in the same way as any already existing spell when I drain normal demon soul, so they aren’t really strong at the beginning, say that I’ll explain the way this new spell work. The ice spell at this level work on many terrain, It doesn’t work in really hot place and it doesn’t last for too long a few minutes, but at higher levels there are not many limitation of ground, and it can even be used to make spike, density enhancer at stronger level can make a weak material strong like steel and enhance the caster body, making it harder; the strength spell can boost physical strength by two times at the beginning, but it should be possible to enhance it twelve times. For answer your question on my fighting ability I have to say that unfortunately necromancy, it’s lacking ranged spell, it’s mostly made up of rituals who need times and preparations to made, there are exceptions which are powerful enough to devastate an army, but I need an enormous amount of power, which I obviously don’t have, yet
No. 417337 ID: 3734f6

Alright then, taking this into account
Ice spell - While it is essential to control the terrain, lacking any form of offense or defense beyond that renders it ineffective.
Strength - Possibly best offensive capability. Should stack with density.
Density - Combines amazingly good defense with impressive offense (but probably lower offense then strength), should stack with strength, and should be able to make a good steel weapon very impressive.

So, based on that analysis I say go with density.
No. 417511 ID: e3aff6

Density sounds good. And foe a ranged attack we could throw stuff and make it denser mid-flight (of course, that would work with strength as well).
No. 417703 ID: 6d84cb
File 133848240105.jpg - (181.88KB , 1228x868 , misterius room.jpg )

So be it, now that I’m done power up myself it’s your turn, I’ve melted the body you have carried back in mystical material and I’m powerful enough to make some interesting upgrades to your body, I can give your arms more dexterity and make your leg stronger, place two kind of arms on you, like a dragonish and a human one, I can power up just one set of limb making it both stronger and dexterous, also with just five more souls I should be able to mix two of limbs together or to attach an extra set of body parts but, to do both I need more mystical material…oh, I can also start to work on your outfit if you don’t have suggestion
No. 417716 ID: 131de9

I'd think the highest priority would have to be leg strength. More weight we can support, more we can carry home at once and all.
No. 417744 ID: 3734f6

Agreed. Also leg strength will make us move faster.
No. 417745 ID: 132b99

yeah let's go with leg str and arm dex.
No. 417757 ID: 1f8505
File 133850829990.png - (373.67KB , 1240x877 , necro_paperdoll.png )

No. 417777 ID: 503921

I think the armor should have a cloak or something over it to cover up our hideous frankenstein body so we don't freak out or preemtively make enemies of any normals we encounter.
Strength doesn't make us faster, just stronger. The dexterity makes us faster ( like with the cat hands and harpy legs)
No. 417780 ID: 132b99

move faster while under a load.
No. 417931 ID: fe3dec
File 133854503749.jpg - (159.91KB , 1240x877 , legion reference sheet clothed.jpg )

with more cloack, also,I have to upgrade just the leg?
No. 417958 ID: 3734f6

>Strength doesn't make us faster, just stronger. The dexterity makes us faster ( like with the cat hands and harpy legs)
No it doesn't, not even in D&D (and is this even based on D&D?).

IRL, speed is a function of your reaction times (brain & nerve), mass (the lower the better), and strength (the higher the better).
Increasing strength without increasing weight will increase your speed. When wielding a weapon, increasing your strength will allow you to move it faster and more easily and accurately (as the penalty of weight decreases)
In D&D speed is a function of your encumbrance (strength & weight) and race.

IRL, Dexterity is your level of coordination and tool using ability. (most animals lack the dexterity of a human hand and cannot manipulate tools readily).
In D&D, dexterity is a measure of your coordination/clumsiness & balance & flexibility (from whole body dodging to manipulating fine equipment like traps and locks). It directly adds to to your coordination (dodging) and reaction time (initiative).

So even assuming this was D&D (which it is not), dexterity is not speed in D&D.
No. 417969 ID: 5c25ea

Strength doesn't make us faster, just stronger. The dexterity makes us faster ( like with the cat hands and harpy legs)

Gotta agree with >>417958 here. Cat hands and harpy legs are fast because they have lots of fast twitch and few slow twitch muscles.
No. 417991 ID: f21d2a
File 133857985708.jpg - (168.31KB , 1754x1240 , h7.jpg )

indeed, to make your arms and legs faster I need to combine them with limbs with higher speed, that will also give to the new combined limbs new ability, totally random ones..ahahah!
No. 417994 ID: 132b99

sounds neat.

but arm dex leg str. get that for now. worry about weirder upgrades later.
No. 418037 ID: e3aff6

If we are going to combine limbs for random effects we should wait until we have extra ones in case we don't like the newly generated ones.
No. 418910 ID: 8ebaa1
File 133889993708.jpg - (210.84KB , 1754x1240 , magical flower.jpg )

Well, now that You are upgraded and geared, it's time for you to know the detail on the plant I need : it's a blue flower that only grow in area with a high concentration of mana and it's also able to produce it, this way the amount of it in the area grow constantly allowing the expansion of the flower, the problem is, this high concentration of mana attract demons, making those areas dangerous, the bright side it's you don't have to worry about lamias, they avoid the center of the swamp because they believe it's an unholy place and my increased power allowed me to create a small bag of holding, you can place items the size of an arm in it without a real limit in number and also I can directly teleport weapon in your hands if you need them. Now go, time is running short, I'll make sure Neve stay safe until you are back
No. 418920 ID: 132b99

salute and start runnin. be ready for anything.
No. 418969 ID: a47043

We should say our goodbyes to Neve. Let's avoid any unnecessary fight and be as quick as possible. We can gather wood after completing this task.
No. 419221 ID: 8ebaa1
File 133899852726.jpg - (230.44KB , 1035x732 , someone is watching2.jpg )

You go back in the room where you and Neve where discussing your outfit and show it to her, she say you look god in it and thank you again for helping her, you she doesn't need to thank you, you are happy to help her than say good bye and leave the hideout, running like mad man you manage to reach the feet of the mountain in half a day and decide to take a short break to rest,rolled 45+0 = 45 84+0 = 84but soon you notice something is watching you from the shadow...
No. 419227 ID: 132b99

pretend you didn't see it. but be ready to turn around and attack at a moment's notice.
No. 419235 ID: bbaa41

Yeah pretend not to notice it, but see if you can see it better out of the corner of your eye.
No. 419268 ID: 6e44d2

Put one hand on your weapon while looking unsuspecting; that way, you can have the element of surprise when he pounces on you.
No. 419313 ID: e3aff6

If we turn around now he will just disappear, so we might as well keep going.
No. 419365 ID: 3734f6

its got glowing green eyes, humanoid head, hair, and cat ears...
No. 419393 ID: f387a1

It's all clear to me now. Our true mission is to reunite a group of prepubescent humanoids with fluffy feathers/tails.
No. 419461 ID: 6ee870

lol, not prepubescent this time
No. 419463 ID: 6ee870
File 133904865165.jpg - (224.59KB , 1754x1240 , silent stalker.jpg )

you pretend to haven't noticed the figure hiding in the shadow, but ask the necromancer to teleport a weapon, he send you a pair of katar, in the meantime the figure, without the smallest sound leave it's hiding to move behind you , with shock you notice it's transparent,you realize she is female, the necromancer say to you she must be a felyne, they have some innate magical skill, they can see in the dark, move without make sound and make themselves almost invisible, their kin managed to almost conquer the whole world but they angered the gods and where almost wiped out, but that happened so many century ago no one remember it and now they are but mere shadow of themselves hated by the whole world, for reason everyone but me forgot century ago, truly a sad existence,hahaha!
No. 419465 ID: 132b99

wait for strike. then turn and block then hook with blade. move in close and grab with beefy arm. should result in weapon being point away and having them in your grasp. then ask them why they decided to ambush you.
No. 419473 ID: f70e5e

we could try talking to her before she attacks. something like

"pleasant day for a walk don't you think?"

act way to casual and friendly and she might be confused enough to talk rather than fight.
No. 419560 ID: f387a1

What a nuisance. We're not interested in fighting, we have more to do. What should we tell her?

"Sorry, you're too old."
No. 419565 ID: fb69eb

This. Watching her surprise should be amusing.
No. 419681 ID: 77786f

Wait a few minutes for her to do something if she attacks do >>419465 but if she doesn't say >>419473.
No. 420109 ID: 7fa03c
File 133924974354.jpg - (235.24KB , 1754x1240 , startled cat.jpg )

You keep on acting like you hadn't notice her presence, waiting for her to act. She move closer to you, whit the clear intention to strike you with the blunt end of her pole arm. Before she do so, you say "Pleasant day for a walk don't you think?" She doesn't expected that and jump a fair distance back, with the bladed tip now facing you say:”h-how did you know I was behind you?! Humans shouldn't be able to see me and NO one can ear a felyne, if they don't want to be eared, how did you do? What are you?!
No. 420120 ID: f387a1

What a rude question, especially coming from someone who wants to attack a mere passerby. Is this the treatment for anyone going through this territory or she wants to get hold of our belongings, which happen to be virtually none? We're heading to the swamps to find ingredients to help an acquaintance, we have no other intentions. In any event, the usual is to introduce yourself before asking about the other, but we'll make this an exception. We're called by many names, but we don't own one. She may call us legion.
No. 420121 ID: 132b99

"why should i tell someone that wishes me harm anything?"
No. 420122 ID: a2fa74

"Another much maligned creature.
I'm sorry, but I don't have time to help you right now; I've got to fetch an herb so I can save a little girl from demons.
I won't be able to stop here on my way back, either, but if you'd like I can come back after I make the delivery.
Still, what do you need?"
No. 420153 ID: f70e5e

"I've found that what someone is, is far less important than what they do, and I mean you no harm. I am just here to get a regent for my boss"
No. 420733 ID: 503921

No. 420820 ID: 7fa03c
File 133942845336.jpg - (265.66KB , 1754x1240 , suave corpse.jpg )

You say "'I've found that what someone is, is far less important than what they do, and I mean you no harm. Anyway, the usual is to introduce yourself before asking about the other, we'll make this an exception. We're called by many names, but we don't own one. You may call us legion. If you wants to get hold of our belongings, they happen to be virtually none. If this is the treatment for anyone going through this territory, we're just heading to the swamps to find ingredients for my boss, so I can save a little girl”
she say “I was trying to ambush you! You are not even a little disturbed by that? Wait, you are trying to do what?! Is your boss an healer?
No. 420823 ID: 132b99

"in a way i suppose he is. i was in several pieces and he put me together. and no, it would take something a lot more then an ambush to disturb me."
No. 420827 ID: fb69eb

"Of sorts. He is likely too specialized for your purposes if that's what you are getting at, though if you have a request I could ask him about it."
No. 420831 ID: a2fa74

"Well, among other things, yes, but her problem is demons are drawn to her, and we can't spend all our time killing them.
Why? Do you need a healer? How urgent is it?"

He is also an actual healer. Remember, he performed surgery on a dying girl in mere moments, and she was fine a few more moments after that.
No. 420833 ID: f387a1

We're leaking too much unnecessary information.

> I was trying to ambush you! You are not even a little disturbed by that?
We're outraged. We're on a trail, just passing through. We're not a potential danger to those who inhabit this territory. She's not a beast, neither appears to have something to justify this kind of attitude. Anyway, we can't dwell on her petulance, savagery and stupidity. Our time is short.

> Wait, you are trying to do what?! Is your boss an healer?
We would be pleased to help, but we're in an emergency. However, we have no objection to her accompanying us to tell her story, even if her rudeness has no limits.
No. 420836 ID: fb69eb

Oh right, forgot the actually healing part. Your answer works better then.

But she expects to be offended. Just shrugging it off will mess with her more.
No. 420838 ID: f387a1

She's amazed by our reaction, capabilities and situation. We don't need to say anything about what we are, our master and what we're doing. Moreover, we don't possess the luxury of being benefactors, much less in an emergency. In any event, if she follow us we may get an ally for this quest. For now, let's just listen to her story.
No. 420857 ID: f70e5e

"i'm rather difficult to disturb, and yes my boss is a healer among other things, if you have need of a healer i could ask him if he would be willing to help."
No. 421056 ID: 503921

I agree that Pudding probably didn't raise us up to go tell everyone that there is a perfectly killable necromancer hanging around. Bossman would want our discretion here.
No. 423777 ID: 82baed
File 134002436374.jpg - (312.47KB , 1754x1240 , legion and boh.jpg )

sorry if the picture is a bit rushed,I try to do it as fast as I could
You say ”I'm rather difficult to disturb, and yes my boss is a healer among other things,why? Do you need a healer? Is it urgent ? if you have need of a one I could ask him if he would be willing to help, but we don't possess the luxury of being benefactors in this situation, my mission can't be delayed or the girl life will be at risk.
She respond “I'm in dire need of an healer! Actually my whole village needs one ,as soon as possible, but no one had accepted our requests. How can I believe you are not just trying to shrug me off ?
What do you say to caught her trust and gain an ally?
No. 423803 ID: 6e44d2

Tell her you'll consult with your master. Explain the situation to him and ask if he'd like to help her. If he says yes, tell her directions to his lair. If no, then apologize and say you can't be of any help. She can't really complain about that, you're a stranger.
No. 423825 ID: f387a1

Describe the flower we're looking for. Contact boss.
No. 423826 ID: 414334

"If you want proof I am looking for this mana flower you could travel with me to see for yourself. It hopefully won't take that long."
No. 423832 ID: 132b99

wait, a healing potion! get one and hand it over. explain what it is and does and how it should help the injured last a little longer
No. 423849 ID: a2fa74

"If I was shrugging you off I wouldn't have told you my boss is a healer.
I will help you as soon as I can, but right now I need certain flower from the most demon-infested part of the swamp, and the time limit is too short for me to do much good.
Mmmm... Walk with me awhile, and tell me what is wrong with them. My boss can make preparations to help them much sooner that way."
No. 424355 ID: 7efd7f
File 134020716178.jpg - (310.96KB , 1754x1240 , a legion in the wood.jpg )

"If I was shrugging you off I wouldn't have told you my boss is a healer. Well, I actually I need to consult with him before, to be sure He will accept your requests
I will help you as soon as I can, but right now I need a mana flower from the most demon-infested part of the swamp, and the time limit is too short for me to do much good.
Mmmm... Walk with me a while, and tell me what is wrong with them. If my boss accept, he will be able to make preparations to help them much sooner that way."

she say: “Ok,I believe...so, you are some mysterious adventurer, working for a random healer that will accept requests even from my kind, that's awesome! Mmm. how will you contact him, you have some cool and fancy spell to talk at long distance ?”
“...close enough. Boss, can you ear me?”
No. 424365 ID: 7efd7f
File 134020899094.jpg - (208.08KB , 1754x1240 , white page.jpg )

“Oh for...why everyone call durr!? Legion, what do you need?”
you explain your situation and ask if he's willing to help
“sure, this could help our situation: ally are always useful and, if we say the body are still dangerous and that we will dispose of them in a safe way, we can have a massive amount of mistical material and body parts to up” suddenly he is interrupted by a terrifying roar “Damn, a demon already? Sorry legion, I have to close the communications, I'll call back later”.
You manage to ear Neve screaming something, before the soulpudding stop speaking.
You are now another fragment of legion inside the head of the necromancer: you can suggest to him
No. 424366 ID: 132b99

need to prepare for battle, get WEAPON and any magical items you have.
No. 424367 ID: a2fa74

Go kill the demon.
I dunno what you can do, so do your best!
No. 424399 ID: f387a1

Oh boy, fresh material! Let's do this! Oh yeah, keep Neve in a safe place!
No. 424511 ID: 7efd7f
File 134023941658.jpg - (153.46KB , 1754x1240 , ready to fight.jpg )

The necromancer tell neve to remain in the dining room and hide, then proceed to dress for battle and taking a few healing potion, he managed to prepare while you were away in your first mission, and start to d escribe hastily is fighting ability: he is skilled with his sword, can cast a few spell, only effective upon contact and the ability to control the two spiked tentacles growing from his back, he then rush to the entrance hoping to stop the creature before it enter the hideout. What he see upon entering the room make him curse by himself, the creature is digging thru the stones of the entrance with extreme ease, the only thing he can do at this is taking a fighting stance and prepare to face the demon
No. 424519 ID: 132b99

triple feint. fake strike with each tentacle then go for a solid blow.
No. 424520 ID: f387a1

> spiked tentacles
Ouch! You can outpower this little behemoth? With your swordsmanship and tentacles, make a opening to use your spells.
No. 425033 ID: 658f9a
File 134039721886.jpg - (185.31KB , 1754x1240 , behemoth.jpg )

While the necromancer move toward the creature, the wall crumble entirely revealing the size and appearance of the creature: a huge insect looking beast with four, large bladed arms, four small ones, a heavy armored body and ten core on his head. “This could end up ugly if I don't manage to destroy them all in one blow, technically with the right spell, blowing it's head and all its cores off in one blow it's not impossible, but I don't think, even using my tentacles and swordsmanship I could make an opening to reach it, unless I find aa way to distract it before attacking
No. 425064 ID: 132b99

back up slowly, make the pillars fall on it to the sides, while it deflects them it should have an opening, move in to kill.
No. 425077 ID: e3aff6

That is a pretty big demon.

The pillar plan sounds fairly decent.
No. 425284 ID: ef3767
File 134045416655.jpg - (198.56KB , 1754x1240 , headshot.jpg )

Rolled 57Using my tentacles, I lift and throw the collapsed pillars in the direction of the beast head, it deflect them using its arms, its enough to make an opening for me to reach the demon huge front and cast the most devastating spell I know,literally making it's head explode because of the pressure of the decomposition gas the spell had caused. It collapse ,but still manage to hit me with one of its arms causing some serious damage, after earing the sound of the demon head exploding, Neve enter the room, just before I blacken out.she look quite shocked, but I still manage to send a small fragment of you into her.
You are now Neve's mind, subconscious, whatever...suggest her how to save the necromancer before the massive blood loss kill him
No. 425285 ID: a2fa74

Go get bandages.
Grab the nearest healing potion. Yes, that one. Right there. Pour it down his throat.

Apply pressure to his wounds. Bind the ones you can, keep pressure on the ones you can't. The potion should help him stabilize, and keeping his bleeding under control will reduce the work the healing potion has to do. He should wake up soon.
No. 425309 ID: 132b99

some should be on him somewhere.
No. 425743 ID: 503921

Neve, look at him real quick and visually assess the damage so We can see where the wound is and how deep.
No. 425751 ID: 59a190
File 134058955025.jpg - (136.67KB , 1754x1240 , crazy regeneration.jpg )

he lost one arm and he have an huge gash on the side of the torso, but the blood is strange, its all black and sticky, it doesn't seems to stop coming out of the cuts but it not so fast and his strange glowy eyes doesn’t glow at all, I managed to find a few potion on him, should I just make him drink it?
No. 425756 ID: 132b99

i don't see why you would carry around healing potions that can't heal you.
No. 425831 ID: a2fa74

Do it.
No. 425930 ID: 1444d5

Are the potions in thick sturdy vials, or thin easily-breakable beakers?
No. 426031 ID: 59a190
File 134067260328.jpg - (175.29KB , 1754x1240 , now.jpg )

The vials are both the sturdy and breakable, but the liquid inside seems the same, what should I do I must save him? Please don't die mister, you saved me even if you didn't know me and even let me stay here, don't die like my parents, please
No. 426035 ID: 132b99

pour the sturdy ones into his mouth and break the breakable ones and pour into the wounds.
No. 426043 ID: b2f225

Calm down, you can do this.

This. In addition, check the surroundings and bring him to a safer location, like the laboratory.
No. 426070 ID: 503921

He's probably to heavy for her to drag. Make him Drink some and pour some on the injuries. Did you remember seeing a blanket when you were coming in here? If so, rip it up to use as Bandages.
No. 426463 ID: e8eaab
File 134075978301.jpg - (194.87KB , 1754x1240 , now.jpg )

She pour the potions in the necromancer mouth, for some second nothing seems to happen, suddenly an awful burnt smell start to be emanated from the wound the beast caused and the blood pouring out of it seems to stop, but nothing more happen and the necromancer don't give any sign of recover she tart to panic and start to cry” N-no, please don't die no”
No. 426486 ID: e8eaab
File 134076101203.jpg - (159.26KB , 1754x1240 , awake.jpg )

After some time sobbing on the man chest she feel something patting her head: it's the necromancer hand. she rise her head end see his eyes lit again, he say” sorry for having worried you, this body of mine is quite hard to kill, I got careless, but this demon blade were cursed with some high level spell” he is about to do something else, but he is interrupted by Neve ” you are alive...I'm so happy, but how is it possible?”
No. 426525 ID: b2f225

He's a big damn hero, that's why.
No. 426534 ID: 503921

Fuck yes
No. 426550 ID: b2f225

Seriously though, what are you made of, boss?
No. 426710 ID: 4e86cd

The secrets and life of death can be handy to have.

So do you have any spells to repair the wall of your lair?
No. 427606 ID: b39f19
File 134108118967.jpg - (146.67KB , 1754x1240 , crazy regeneration.jpg )

“ I suppose I can tell you at this point...to acquire this body I had to combine my knowledge of alchemy, necromancy, lost knowledge and a branch of forgotten and forbidden magic; the side effects of this modification were the reset of my magical power to 0, the sealing of every spells non related to necromancy I knew and another minor side effect, but I no longer age, my power and fiscal prowess can grow indefinitely and if drain enough souls I should be able to recover most of my skills. Before you ask, the forbidden spells are exceedingly powerful, but I need to drain at least 70 more souls to use the weakest of them” while saying this the necromancer position the severed arm into place and a blue flame erupt from the wounds as they close “ I also have a crazy fast regeneration ability as you can see. Now, I don't have a way to restore the entrance, but there should be at least a sorcerer soul in this demon,we just have to hope they didn't flee, have been captured by my sword and one of them had a geomancy spell ” he stop a second to reflect then in a really low voice speak to himself “what does not convince me Is the power of this guy: the amount of power Neve emit is not enough to normally attract this kind of monsters ” even if she didn't heard what the necromancer said, or probably because of it, she look worried and ask him what's wrong
No. 427607 ID: b39f19
File 134108126717.jpg - (127.17KB , 1754x1240 , loot.jpg )

Loot roll 78 “unfortunately, until legion bring me the flower, I can do anything besides fight whatever enter the hideout that's what trouble me. For now we shall focus on the repairing the lair and the power up of my magic” Neve seems convinced by his words, he then move closer to the demon and grab his sword “Mh mh, yes, we managed to caught 19 demon souls and 3 sorcerer souls, this way I should be able to make legion use magic with the next upgrade. Most importantly, lets see what I can learn from this sorcerer souls” he stop talking for some time, then say “ I can three new spell among this 9: rock shaping, pillar, rock motion, shield, venom, sharpen, roar, fear and weaken; let me describe this spells:rock shaping allow to modify the shape of a rock or to dig trough it, pillar at the first level allow me to make a rock pillar in a 10 meter radius,but at an high level I should be able to make a lot more in a 40 meter radius, rock motion allow me to move rock that are not fused to the ground, shield deflect physical attack, venom poison the enemy and at high level can destroy an enamy quite fast, sharpen allow a blade to slice trough something easier, roar paralyze for a fraction of time your enemy and at high level can do some damage to the internal ear making hard to stand, fear reduce an enemy will to fight and weaken reduce the enemy strength. Legion what should I learn?
No. 427616 ID: 349d76

Can you only learn one of the spells?
No. 427619 ID: b39f19

three of them
No. 427666 ID: e3aff6

How flexible is Pillar? Can we reshape it to make it a spike, cast it multiple times to build a wall, or invert it to make a pit?
No. 427667 ID: 81c246

Be an Earthbender! get rock & rock. Also venom, Boss is a necromancer with healing prowess and power over life and death, venom attack is just thematic, you know?
No. 427749 ID: 6395a4

pillar, shield and sharpen. you have the right combination of skills, free time and a base of operations that you could possibly make enchanted weapons, in which case sharpen is just that much more of a boon, and the other two are the most awsome of the group.
No. 427787 ID: 74b031
File 134113455915.jpg - (57.03KB , 1058x748 , nice plan 2.jpg )

Pillar can be used to make a giant spike, but it’s not flexible enough to be used to rebuild the wall, rock shaping can be used to make pits and to rebuild the entrance
No. 427820 ID: a2fa74

Rock shaping, Sharpen, and Venom.

I was really tempted to say Shield instead of Venom, though.
No. 427889 ID: 0b105a

Rock shaping, Sharpen and Shield. Your last battle has shown that you are severely lacking in defensive options.
No. 427892 ID: 6e44d2

This seems like a perfect combination for making traps. Hollow out a section of earth with rock shaping, then leave a thin layer of rock at the top that will crumble under a demon's weight. Put spikes at the bottom with rock shaping again, use sharpen on them, then venom. Might be worth trading venom for shield, but I prefer the approach that's so offensive, the enemy never manages to get a strike in in the first place.
No. 428659 ID: f21d2a
File 134134866146.jpg - (203.52KB , 1754x1240 , draining.jpg )

mhmhmh I like the way you think legion, very well I will learn those. now I need to do a lot of boring thing, like move this corpse away from the entrance, look for a way to use it, repair this wall, etc, mew go finish your meal, I'll follow you as soon as I finish this.
No. 428662 ID: f21d2a
File 134134874553.jpg - (103.13KB , 1754x1240 , glowing pudding.jpg )

Well I better reunite you whit your main body, this way you will be automatically informed of everything happened while you were separated sayng this he take out seemingly from nowhere a soulpudding glowing blue and contact legion reconnecting your two hiveminds
No. 428669 ID: f21d2a
File 134134901791.jpg - (187.34KB , 1754x1240 , forest pathù.jpg )

can we go a little faster now mister adventurer? Say the feline my village is in need and I can’t stay here all day! How long does it take to cross this stupid forest? Hey your extremely uncool way of communication is glowing, you should answer
No. 428678 ID: f21d2a
File 134134992513.jpg - (163.05KB , 1754x1240 , fucking mage.jpg )

Asking yourself if killing her would have been a better idea you answer the call, because you were worried for the necromancer, but mostly because she wont talk anymore you reconnect with the fragment, then the necromancer said “ also the reason why the pudding is glowing is because I've found the other sorcer soul, you should be able to use the spell I've learned from the moment you have been creat...hired, yes hired, hahahahah” “...FUCK! I'm a mage!!” You are a mage now?! Wow, then can you teleport us to the swamp? Nope! you are useless, let's hurry
No. 428732 ID: e3aff6

Jokingly say "Why would I hurry? I am just a useless mage after all."

Did she ever say what specifically she wanted a healer for, by the way?
No. 428744 ID: b2f225

> You are a mage now?! Wow, then can you teleport us to the swamp? Nope! you are useless, let's hurry
Hahahaha, I like her! Can we bring her home? Please!
No. 428752 ID: a2fa74

"Sorry it took so long for him to respond. He was attacked by a rather large demon that was shredding its way through solid rock into our basement, and had to kill it before it had a chance to dirty up the floors."

How much faster can you go? If she wants to run, then indulge her. It won't take long for her to get tired and want to stop, at which time you can go back to walking and she can complain about being tired.
Then you can point out you were walking for a reason.
No. 430510 ID: a4b8fa
File 134182906463.jpg - (182.70KB , 1754x1240 , boasting.jpg )

Sorry if master was so late to respond, he was a little busy whit an unholy beast shredding his way trough solid rock in our hideout and he had to dispose of it before calling back” you are interrupted from speaking further by the feline “ what?! He did what?! If he manged to do something so crazy, then why he send you to do such a dangerous gathering? Oh! Mhmhmhmhm, I get it now, he must be some kind of heretic paladin and he have to stay in hide to avoid the inquisition, am I right? Don't worry, you can tell me, my kin tend to avoid those crazy monk as well” she say whit sparkling eyes. You are left a little speechless, what should you say, you can try give her a less compromising answer to your master prowess or you can make fun of her a little more
No. 430547 ID: a2fa74

"Close enough.
Lets go, miss... Actually, what is your name?"

She wanted to go fast, so go fast.
No. 430548 ID: 01f6f1

Leave her to her own devices. Let's go.
No. 430558 ID: 107c3d

"he sent me to get the flower because he needed to stay behind as a guard, i'm doing the less dangerous job." lets not let on that we are hiding from the paladins just yet.
No. 430560 ID: 643515

"Sort of. You know how judgmental those inquisition types can be."
No. 434758 ID: 9d5eea
File 134274721699.jpg - (61.65KB , 1004x710 , meh again.jpg )

You say"Sort of, he sent me to get the flower because he needed to stay behind as a guard, I'm doing the less dangerous job. Anyway miss...i believe I didn't grasp your name, can you repeat it to me? She say”'Cause I've didn't told you yet, man what a bother, my name is Elnora, but you can call me El, it's simpler. What did you were about to ask before your stupid request?” You put on a devilish smile and say” I a was just suggesting we should start to move at full speed, this way the time needed to reach the swamp will be reduced.”
No. 434763 ID: 9d5eea
File 134274744322.jpg - (38.04KB , 1063x751 , it\'s a trap!.jpg )

she fill her chest and in a more then usual obnoxious way say” ha, if I were to go at full speed you will lose my trail in a few seconds, but maybe with half of my full speed you could do it” you say” very well ten, let's go” saying this you move.
No. 434764 ID: 9d5eea
File 134274751617.jpg - (69.65KB , 1238x875 , clearence.jpg )

You are almost immediately left beyond, but pushing your body to the limit you manage to don't lose any more ground for a few hours, then you start to reduce the distance, El notice it and increase her spead, but she can keep it up for so much longer. In the end both of you came out of the wood in the morning, walking, sh eis clearlt exhausted you then move ahead of her and say “ see, there was a reason if we were walking”
No. 434766 ID: a7a256

No. 434810 ID: e3aff6

You wound think she would want a ranged weapon when she can outrun most people like that.

Anyway, are we closer to the flower?
No. 434814 ID: 0c2247

Pick her up and keep going at your best possible speed. You don't get tired, and we don't want to waste time.
No. 434859 ID: 0c2247

"Not used to men with the stamina to go all night long? It's ok, just relax and let me do all the work. I'll be gentle~"
No. 434863 ID: a7a256

Creepy as fuck. Let's go with this.
No. 435108 ID: aab960
File 134291051680.jpg - (74.91KB , 1032x730 , tired.jpg )

She say “how it's even possible that you aren't tired? It shouldn't be possible! Are you really human?” You just smile and offer her your hand “not used too much stamina in a man? don't worry you can ride on me all day and I wont get tired” She snicker “if I wasn't so tired I would have punched you, seriously tough your stamina it's impossible, it's because of a spell?”
No. 435110 ID: 0c2247

"I suppose you could say that.
We need to keep going, El. Here, I'll carry you while you rest."

Help her onto your back and keep going. Move quickly, but try to give her a gentle ride.
No. 435525 ID: e3aff6

Basically this. Say that you could slow down your progress if she wants, but you heard she was in a hurry.
No. 435668 ID: 465b2b
File 134312346713.jpg - (126.12KB , 1754x1240 , mighty stead.jpg )

you say “because of a spell...yeah,sure” then you show your back to her and say “I'll carry you for now El, until you recover, we can't really afford to rest , the sooner we find the flower the sooner we can help your village, also where is it?” she respond“I've told everything to your boss already. it's on the main island, don't worry about transportation, we have a small boat waiting for us, sailing from a port paladins don't check very often....hey, what's his your boss name? I can't keep on calling him that way, I'm not working for him!
No. 435676 ID: 0c2247

"We aren't going to abandon people who need help, but if things are as bad as you say then we can't afford that much charity, and your village certainly can't afford such a debt.

But there is a way you could save your village and have them owe us nothing. We will give your village medical care indefinitely, and do what we can to protect it from other harm. It will be as if they were our own.

Loyalty is perhaps the most valuable thing for us. If you're loyal enough to sacrifice yourself to save your people, then we will accept your servitude as payment."

I want to very clearly establish that this is not at all related to the flirting, but I don't think there is any way to express that to her which she will believe.
I mean, if she asks or agrees we can tell her then, but otherwise it would be maximum creep to mention it.
No. 435688 ID: 974933

Do we actually know his name?^^ I maybe overread t...
Otherwise she could call him our boss ;)
No. 436916 ID: 8c9b35
File 134340882097.jpg - (132.79KB , 1754x1240 , revelation.jpg )

“Mmm...well...it's name...i have absolutely no idea” you are interrupted before saying anything else. It's because of some cool reason or a lame one, like always?” Uh... lame, I never actually asked him hahaha” she make a unamused expression and make a sarcastic laughter “ahah how is it even possible forgetting to ask your boss name? Ask him now! You are right,I should, but first we need to discuss something more important, helping your village seem an harder mission then what we toughs and we can't afford to do that much charity” you are interupted “wait you are going to abandon my village?”you reassure her “No! Not at all, but I don’t think your village had the mean to repay such a debt tough there is something that's more important for my master then money: we need allays and loyalty is the most important thing to us.” you are interrupped again 2 so exactly what do you want?” you could become one of my master servant, this way you could save your village and have them owe us nothing. We will give your village medical care indefinitely, and do what we can to protect it from other harm. It will be as if they were our own. “mmm, are you sure this isn't a really creepy way of flirting?” “ definetetely not, this is not realted to my pervious attempt, but we” “it's ok I accept, always loved to being an adventurer anyway!
No. 436925 ID: 0c2247

"Glad to have you aboard.
I suppose I should tell you more about our boss and myself.

You know how all Felyne are hated and hunted for what they are, not what they've done? And how people people tell horrible stories about them to frighten children?
It's the same thing for the boss. He is a skilled healer, but his real passion is necromancy.
No shambling abominations, no flesh-eating husks, no hordes of disposable fodder, no mindless slaves to his will.
He does look really creepy, though.

Any questions?"
No. 439051 ID: 02e816
File 134404798065.jpg - (133.77KB , 1754x1240 , el.jpg )

she remain silent for a second, then say Put me down, this instant! You work for what?! How can you believe he is not evil?! He must been tricking you, plus there's no way he can use healing spells, damn, just touching an healing potion should set him on fire!
No. 439053 ID: 6a1ec2

Healing potion, zombie potion, tomayto tomahto.
No. 439063 ID: 100061

"and your kind are supposed to be ruthless murders who cut down everyone they encounter. you can't believe everything you hear."

if she brings up examples of evil necromancers we counter with

"lets say out of a group of 10 necromancers six of them are for whatever reason harmless, lacking either the desire or ability to do harm. but the remaining 4 are monsters of the worst sort. which group do you think will be more visible? the ones going around massacring villages right? so people don't see the six harmless necromancers, and come to the conclusion that since all 4 necromancers they have seen were monsters all necromancers must be monsters."
No. 439065 ID: 02e816
File 134404982590.jpg - (125.81KB , 1754x1240 , wut.jpg )

No. 439069 ID: bf54a8

plus we wouldn't be alive without him so that really helps us trust him.
No. 439083 ID: 8c4f25

> set him on fire
He's kinda hot, alright. Just don't let him know that I said this, okay?
No. 439115 ID: 0c2247

"And I suppose you sneak into homes to gobble up children? Don't believe what those paladins say about anybody. He's not evil, and I'm not just taking him at his word.

The other day I came across a young siren that was being attacked by a demon. I managed to kill the demon, but not before she was gravely injured. I took her back to the boss and watched as he brought her from mortally wounded to health in seconds. When we found out she lost her family to demons we adopted her immediately.
The flower I'm searching for? She has some sort of strange quirk that attracts demons. The boss needs the flower to suppress that. He's protecting her from demons while I get it.

Besides, your employment is only if he can help your village, and turning them undead wouldn't count. You'll see he's a skilled healer for yourself.

Also, I could call him 'dad'."
No. 439205 ID: 02e816
File 134409286771.jpg - (149.96KB , 1754x1240 , ugh.jpg )

."and your kind are supposed to be ruthless murders who cut down everyone they encounter. you can't believe everything you hear."
“but no one has ever heard of good necromancer!
"lets say out of a group of 10 necromancers six of them are for whatever reason harmless, lacking either the desire or ability to do harm. but the remaining 4 are monsters of the worst sort. which group do you think will be more visible? the ones going around massacring villages right? so people don't see the six harmless necromancers, and come to the conclusion that since all 4 necromancers they have seen were monsters all necromancers must be monsters,plus we wouldn't be alive without him so that really helps us trust him. "
But...uugh, you may be right, but he is not a powerless one, you said he killed a huge monster by himself,, I’m not so confident in letting a necromancer into my village, you said he saved your life, but that shouldn't fool you, maybe he is scheming something...mmm”
“if you are not convinced enough let me say he healed a almost dead girl to full health in seconds and after discovering she was an orphan he decided to adopt her.”
after this last revelation she finally seems conved that the necromancer is not a murdering monster “...mh, maybe you are right, I will trust you this time, I really hope I wont regret it later.”
No. 439206 ID: bf54a8

smile "thank you" and keep walking.
No. 439247 ID: 8c4f25

Shout "Beggars can't be choosers!" and run!
No. 440586 ID: 6ba493

"He's a bit strange, but rather nice. I guess mastering the mysteries of life and death takes a peculiar sort."

Ask what's actually wrong with her village. Is it disease, injury or something else that they're having problems with? And get a move on. Those flowers won't pick themselves.
No. 441449 ID: 63ce56
File 134463764997.jpg - (156.90KB , 1754x1240 , swamp.jpg )

“Well thank you for your trust and after all, is not like you had any other choice” “ugh, you are right” after this short exchange of word you go back to run in the direction of the swamp. After an hour you are finally able to spot the swamp in the distance, too bad a wild trollriver appear blocking your path el say” mmm, I can see a bridge a kilometer downstream, I bet you couldn't right? Ha, as a felyne my sight is far better then any other intelligent creature” “...” “well move!” you move in the direction she pointed and find a, seemingly abandoned, wooden bridge” mmm, strange there are sign of people crossing from this side, but almost none from the other side of the river....what could it mean?”l
No. 441450 ID: 886a4d

Bushes could hide trolls. Could be a troll bridge.
No. 441460 ID: 0c2247

"Something is ambushing people here, and we can't have that. If we take the time to kill it now we won't have to deal with it on the way back, so it shouldn't cost too much time.
Go stealthy and be ready. I'm going to walk across to draw it out, and I need you to make sure I don't get trapped."

Necromancer! Give him a bottle of Alchemist's Fire! Obviously, plan B is burning the bridge down.
No. 441533 ID: e3aff6

Look under the bridge before crossing.
No. 441719 ID: 0d92d5

Can't we just swim over the river at some other point? Away from the bridge?
No. 441723 ID: 9718f3

How far can we jump?
No. 441893 ID: 9f624a

Can El stay invisible and guard your flanks as you proceed stealthily with a weapon at hand? I guess it's a dangerous area. Or there are people crossing the other way at some other spot.

Either way stay low and head for the centre of the swamp. You don't have any ability to sense mana do you?
No. 444562 ID: 8a9e44
File 134529855035.jpg - (100.71KB , 1754x1240 , background.jpg )

"Something is ambushing people here, and we can't have that. If we take the time to kill it now we won't have to deal with it on the way back, so it shouldn't cost too much time.” she look at you like a child looking at a new toy and say “this is going to be fun! Lets move!” you stop her and say “before anything we shold check if something is below the bridge, we can't be so rash! We need to make a plan of action” “puff, this way we will spoil the fun of adventuring, but you may be right, what should we do then?” “ do you think you can jump across the river?” “ha thanks to my speed it will be easy” good then you jump while being invisible and I cross the bridge weapon at hands, this way I wont be flanked and you can attack whatever will appear" "mmm...mmm it seems more like an evil minion thing, but we work for a mysterious necromancer, so fuck, let's do this!”
No. 444563 ID: 8a9e44
File 134529860983.jpg - (202.16KB , 1754x1240 , pudding, that\'s my name.jpg )

you contact the necromancer we may need a potion the burn down a bridge can you make one?you atre interrupted, hey, while you are at it, ask his name!” “ I can hear you, miss, my name is, well, you know...I'm really old and my name has lost his original sense, now it's used to describe a food mmm, maybe you can choose one for me if you like, I don't really care. For the flame potion , I’m sorry I need materials, I can't acquire until the seal is restored and I can leave the hideout I can send you healing potions they can be used as holy bomb against enemy if you want, though ” “thanks anyway” you close the communication “ I think he is just lazy, ha! ”
No. 444567 ID: 8a9e44
File 134529940828.jpg - (170.35KB , 1754x1240 , stream.jpg )

“so, I just need to jump?” “First we need to check below the bridge” after a quick check nothing can be seen “now?” she ask “ go” she turn invisible take a run-up and jump, at the same time you run across the brige with a large sword in hand ready to cut trough your enemy
No. 444575 ID: 54fb5c

False alarm or is that silhouette on your right side not your invisible catgirl friend?

You can use the necromancers density alteration magic now can't you? Prepare to use that. Either on yourself or maybe at your surroundings. If you for example leap into a bush and then alter the density of the branches then it should provide some very solid cover.
No. 444582 ID: 886a4d

I think it might be the bushes themselves, warily approach the end of the bridge and watch out for moving vines and branches.
No. 444637 ID: 47ef11
File 134531813413.jpg - (115.55KB , 1754x1240 , guardian.jpg )

you enhance your density, in prevision of an attack, but as soon as El touch ground on the other side the hearth start to shake and a gigantic figure emerge from it, only part of the torso and his tail tough , it fail to notice El, even if it came out probably because of her.
No. 444638 ID: b6edd6

Looks like its time to start chopping off parts of it.
No. 444641 ID: 6e44d2

No. 444643 ID: 4169fe

Poke its belly. Gently.
No. 444646 ID: 0c2247

Throw a healing potion at it.
"Does it still seem like an evil minion thing?"
The targeting priorities go:
#1 Eyes
#2 Glowing bits
#3 Joints
#4 Whatever you can hit.
If you can't hit one thing then move on to the next until you see an opening.
No. 444678 ID: f2974f

Didin't we just learn something about making assumptions about people and monsters?
Just because there has been rumors about something ambushing people at the bridge does not mean this monster is the one doing it.
Lets see if the monster can talk before we attack it.
No. 444715 ID: 76d678

Yes, it probably has just heard of an ambusher, too, and decided to hide and wait for him to stop him from ambushing people... and to ambush him...
No. 444880 ID: bf54a8

use sword on eyes.
No. 445601 ID: 82494e
File 134547958697.jpg - (75.60KB , 1754x1240 , row.jpg )

rolled 64, 76 You trew the potions toward the beast face, but do not deal so much damage,they craete an opening for you to use your sword on the creasture damaging the eyes on the left side of his face
No. 445618 ID: fde13b
File 134548236630.jpg - (102.86KB , 1424x1007 , row.jpg )

rolled 29 the damage dealt it's not enough to stop it and the creature flail his gigantic tail toward you,but miss, probably because he can't see you anymore, giving you and el an opening to strike again
No. 445621 ID: f2974f

Keep attacking and stay in the monsters left side so he can't see us.
Also try talking the monster to test if its sapient, like tell it to surrender or get lost.
No. 445646 ID: 0c2247

Stay on its left side. Tell it to surrender, and keep attacking if it doesn't
No. 445699 ID: 6e44d2

Why do we need to talk to it? Keep attacking.
No. 445975 ID: 54fb5c

Do you think you could use Rock Shaping to constrict the earth and stone around it, cutting it in half with a scissor like motion? Don't try that straight away though.

Attack the tail. It looks dangerous. Use Sharpen for max cutting power with Venom for extra sting. See if you can sever or cripple that tail in one go. Shout to El to go for the remaining eye if possible.
No. 450283 ID: 97cff2
File 134649306697.jpg - (102.17KB , 1754x1240 , legion.jpg )

hinking meh trying wont hurt you try to talk the creature into submission, more to be sure you are not attacking a sentient being and not just a mindless monster, you are only answered by a raged scream from it, of course el do not waste the opportunity to tell you what she think “why are you talking to it,very one kows earth dragon are midless corrupted monster!” you respond“ and necromancer are all evil!”she pout a little ”you may be right, but not this time, let's end this”
No. 450284 ID: 97cff2
File 134649320203.jpg - (113.52KB , 1754x1240 , el.jpg )

she move to the right side of the beast and, helping herself with a spin, damage the eyes of the beast leaving it blind.You prepare yoursel to attack the tail, powering up your blade with poison and sharpness
No. 450285 ID: 97cff2
File 134649337932.jpg - (35.39KB , 819x579 , fuq.jpg )

you trow yourself on the tail with all your strength, but it proves to be too strong even for you enhanced blade, who remain stuck and leave you exposed to the creature counter attack
No. 450288 ID: 97cff2
File 134649396355.jpg - (1.92KB , 622x440 , squish.jpg )

luckily for you the now blind beast can only try to hit you by flailing its tail at random, missing you completely. you then shout at E " move away from it, i'm going to put an end to this!" she nod and both of you distance yourself from it, you thenn begin casting move ground and kill the helpless being
No. 450292 ID: 0c2247

Did it work? Ok. Harvest the souls from it and take anything of value, then pick up El and give her a piggyback ride. You don't get tired, and we need her fresh for the next fight.
"Alright, lets keep moving. Time's a wasting!"
No. 450380 ID: bf54a8

make sure it's dead, gather souls.
No. 450850 ID: 54fb5c

Call home, see if your necromancer boss needs any parts for later. Keep an eye out for any more monsters that might be loitering around this bridge and start looking for that damn flower.

Give El a victory hug.
No. 451043 ID: 0006f5

enter third person to take bitchin screenshots of the dragon disintegrating
No. 451198 ID: 23a767
File 134668788101.jpg - (34.56KB , 622x440 , squish.jpg )

actually the part of it that has been squashed can't be seen, the ground is red now, tough
No. 451912 ID: 4a9eaf
File 134684816423.jpg - (114.09KB , 1754x1240 , nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghhh.jpg )

As the beast is slayed El move closer to celebrate, you turn toward her and hug her, thoug chhaugt by surprise she relax in a couple of second giving the hug back,” yeah, we slayed the dragon!” She then move free ot the hug ” This was a real an adventurer act!” she then look at you “hmm, so what are you standing there for? Go loot it as any adventurer should do!”
No. 451913 ID: 4a9eaf
File 134684832918.jpg - (97.05KB , 1754x1240 , drgon.jpg )

you move near the dead beast and place the pudding on the ground to collect the behemoth soul, that is immediately caught, and start to look for something Necro his name if no one has objection could use, your eye is caught by a curious shape near the beginning of the tail, are those eggs!? El notice them too and froze, this thing was a mom? What we should do with the eggs?” she look at you “should we ask boss what to do, or something else? It doesn't feel right to dispose of the eggs...I know I've said they are all monster, but...uh”
No. 451916 ID: 0c2247

Teleport the eggs back to Daisy the Necromancer. He can tend to the eggs while we're out, and we can figure out what to do about them later.
"I know, El. They'll be safe with the boss, so we can figure out what to do with them later."

Give El another piggyback ride and start running for the Flower.
No. 451947 ID: 54fb5c

Teleport the eggs back if possible. Otherwise bring as many with you as you can. Wrap them in cloth with some dry grass or something. If Necro can raise the monsterlings or tame them in some way then they'll potentially be quite useful.

Tell El jokingly that to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs. Seriously though we don't know what's wrong with the people in Els village, but if they end up needing organ transplants from a necromancer master surgeon then you might just have got yourselves some young, healthy monster donors... Cruel perhaps, but if her family is at deaths door then I doubt she'd hesitate to agree that it is for the best.
No. 451954 ID: bf54a8

start slowly porting the eggs back. hold them in your cape and carry them while the system recharges between ports.
No. 457603 ID: e717d0
File 134852386232.jpg - (166.17KB , 1754x1240 , purify.jpg )

you say " i know, El. They'll be safe with the boss, so we can figure out what to do with them later.For now lets call him end explain the situation" she nod "ok" you call necro and report of the dragon, how you killed it "hehehe, good, I made the right choice when I summened you, go on with you report"
No. 457608 ID: f8a38e
File 134852451032.jpg - (61.80KB , 1032x730 , whateggsgimme.jpg )

as soon as you mention the eggs you are interrupted" what!? But dragons should be to corrupted to lay eggs, how... wait I may know the answer, if I'm right the amount of energy in the eggs should be low enough for me to purify them and" he's interrupted by El
No. 457612 ID: f8a38e
File 134852567066.jpg - (80.70KB , 992x701 , ouch.jpg )

"You what? Not even an high ranked paladin should be able to purify the taint! who are you for real?!"
necro:" hmhmhm, maybe i should have explain myself better, i will purify the eggs by adsorbing the taint from the eggs"he get interrupted again,this time she grab legion arm and move the pudding closer to herself
El:"W-What!? No one sane of mind should be willing to expose to the taint! what do you think will happ-"this time is necro to interrupt her
necro:"Gah! My ears! DO not scream in this guys, please. OK, Let me explain and don't interrupt me again. I have modified my body in a way that let me use any kind of energy to incrise my power, any form of energy great enough can be used to that pourpose and the energy you call "taint" is one of mymain source of power besides demons souls, so calm down and start to send me the eggs"
No. 457614 ID: f8a38e
File 134852684247.jpg - (51.48KB , 924x653 , Doubt .jpg )

you do as you have been asked and put the eggs inside your cape, teleporting them back to the hideout.
Necro:" the eggs are safe now, I will start the ritual in minutes, go back tou your mission I will take care of everything here"
you nod and say to El"Well now that the eggs have benn taken care of,ready for another ride?" she nod, her mind still abit troubled by this revelations
El:"after our mission is over we need to investigate on our boss past, I'm not sure why but something not add up in that explanation"
No. 457617 ID: bf54a8

"you can do as you wish but at the moment i have no reason to question him."
No. 457648 ID: 0b214d


"You can do as you wish, but I have no reasons to question him."
No. 457680 ID: 100061

"I trust him, from what I've seen of him he cares about others a great deal. though I understand why you would be suspicious of him. we can ask him about his past when we get back if you wish."
No. 457784 ID: 0c2247

"I thought we established that we don't much value what Paladins say.
Still, I'm sure he'd love to talk once we're no longer pressed for time. I haven't figured out a better way to investigate him. Or any other way, really."
No. 458382 ID: f24a02

"Oh so he's your boss as well now? ;) He's really a great guy you know. He knows the mysteries of life and death so I guess common sense doesn't apply to him."

Hold her tight as you race through the swamp looking for that damn flower. Ask what really happened to her tribe.
No. 458908 ID: d16542
File 134902513451.jpg - (68.78KB , 985x696 , leadmittingdefeat.jpg )

El answer to you "I didn't meant he is evil, just that there something, ugh, lacking in his explanation, but...yeah he doesn't seems evil" she stay silent for a second, thinking by herself "maybe I just have to ask more directly to him." you smile "then now it's your boss too?"
El:" of course he is, now stop blabbing and start move, we don't have much time, right?"
No. 458914 ID: d16542
File 134902615357.jpg - (207.66KB , 1754x1240 , maniacal laugh.jpg )

necro: eheheh...ahahah...AHAHAHAH!!! Droagon eggs!
hahahaha! with the amount of corrupted energy trapped in this eggs i could double my power!
No. 458924 ID: d16542
File 134902822275.jpg - (211.96KB , 1754x1240 , neve scared.jpg )

as soon as Necro stop laughing neve enter the laboratoryand start to cry
Neve:"...Y-you scared me...you sounded evil, for what reason were you laughing that way?
Necro immediatly regain is normal behavior, move closer to neve and kneel, looking Neve in the eyes
Necro: "Sorry Neve, I didn't meant to scare you, it's just that i was really exaited for what legion has found, let me show you" he rise on his feet and show neve the eggs "this are the eggs of a dragon, they contain a vaste amount of energy, the problem is this energy is armful to every creature besides me, but,if anything goes as it should, I will be able to remove to adsorb it ; this will make me gain a lot of strenght while saving the newborns from the corruption" neve's eys grow larger
Neve:"Dragons? pure dragons like the ones in the story my mother used to tell me?" necro nod
necro:glad you are happy, now go back in to the living quarters for a bit,I have to start the ritual and it can be dangerous"
neve:"OK, will the be born soon?"
necro:"For once I'm not sure, we have to just wait...i will smile to you if i had lips, hehehe. Now go, no time to waist" she nod and exit
Necro:now, let's start .
No. 458933 ID: d16542
File 134902924152.jpg - (62.82KB , 862x609 , corruption.jpg )

He move the eggs on the ground at the same distance and start to draw a large and complicated magical circle. but, because I'm lazy, in the picture is just a circle, rolled 69+0 = 69
after the ritual is complete he move back to his feet n:" S-so...much..power, his awe is interrupted by somone screaming ???: I can feel her energy, search this rundown hole, she must have come into this awful dirty ruin to hide herself rom the larger demons, hahahah! Better for us, this why can consume her instead and rose to the rank of demonlords! hahaha
No. 458936 ID: bf54a8

uhh, boss, think you got too much negative energy, need a balancer.
No. 458941 ID: bf54a8

we are saving people remember, kill the demons and all that?
No. 458944 ID: 0c2247

If they're searching then they haven't found Neve yet, but since they know she's here they can't be allowed to leave. Walk out to the demons and seal the exit behind them. You need to distract them while you prepare to kill them.
"Hello. Are you familiar deep sea fish? No? Then let me tell you a little about my favorite; the anglerfish. It's a predator that lurks far below where the suns rays can reach, and in that inky darkness it dangles a glowing ball in front of its head. Its prey, mesmerized by the spectacle of a light in such darkness and hoping for a meal, are oblivious to its waiting jaws until it's too late.
Obviously, this is completely irrelevant."
Then kill the demons who followed Neve's light and feed off their power.
No. 458946 ID: d16542
File 134903176998.jpg - (79.06KB , 1030x728 , i\'ll be fine.jpg )

hehheehehhe...sorry, I may ...have overestimated the effect.. this energy can have on me...hehehe, dont't you worry...I'll be back to normal...in afew...hours. hehehe, now lte's go to play with the intruders...ehehehe...hahaha!
No. 458948 ID: 0c2247

Ok, have fun!
Oh! Also! Could you prepare some human male genitals for us? We'd like them to be reversibly sterilized as well.
No. 458950 ID: 100061

ok keep in mind that your thought process is going to be skewed for a bit, so try not to kill anything that isn't some form of mindless monster for the next few hours.
No. 459034 ID: d16542
File 134904316248.jpg - (77.68KB , 1022x723 , hehehehe.jpg )

>Ok, have fun!
n: hehehe...I will
i'll seee what i can do
sayng this he summon his blade, altered by his temporary instability, and head out the laboratory
No. 459064 ID: d16542
File 134904585516.jpg - (77.99KB , 972x687 , entrance.jpg )

???: this fucking hole is huge! stupid halfblood, summon your familiar already! the rest of you help this idiot familiar look for the girl
many voice: yes boss!
female voice: P-please don't, I don't want to hurt any on-"
???:shut up! you will do as i say or i will kill you like the rest of your goddamn tribe!

Necro:Hehehehehehehe...there are...so many..toy to play with...and I want to try...my new skills...heheheh
No. 459070 ID: bf54a8

hit the big ones first, kill the main power in their force then take care of the little ones, the ones with the glowing red spots okay? kill the girl and we will be right cross with you.
No. 459075 ID: eb6589

Okay, big ones first, avoid the girl. Start with the spider-like one on the left. Rush him before the ones in the middle and on the right can react.
No. 459103 ID: 0c2247

Sharpen your blade, shield yourself, and then use stone shaping to slam the door shut on the guy who's in it. He has the most red dots, so he's probably the most powerful. If you strike him down before he has a chance to do anything then you'll throw the others off balance and terrify them. The element of surprise is a wonderful thing, so use it to decapitate this raid party.
The pudding can absorb demon souls without you having to do anything, right? Set it down near the leader and let it do its job.

At that point you can try to intimidate them. These are demons, so they respect power.
Something like "Your boss is dead. If you don't want to join him then go cower in the corner."
Obviously, you should be killing the stronger ones while you say this. Leave the human-sized ones for last. They're the most likely to submit, and you could use them as test subjects.
Do you know what happens when you drain a demon's tainted power? I sure don't!

Keep talking, though: "Except you, Felyne. Any tribemate of Elnora is welcome here. Go wait in one of the side rooms, and I'll be in to talk once these fools are all dead or pacified."
No. 459173 ID: 100061

lets tag the girl who's here against her will as a noncombatant, that means going out of our way to keep her alive. so start out by saying

"You girl, go hide in corner while I deal with the people who dragged you here"

then use earth shaping to hold off the smaller ones while you go for the big guy who seems to be calling the shots.
No. 459566 ID: 206c29

Use density on yourself and a venom/sharpen mix on your shoulder whips. Blaze through them for the boss at the back and try to rake as many demons as you can with the venom on the way. Maybe go through the multi-legged ones on the left first. They seem to be the quicker demons so if you can kill or hamstring them then that's good.

If you manage to massacre the boss then use him as a shield. Oh you might also want to save that girl.
No. 460942 ID: 50b704
File 134962209113.jpg - (116.81KB , 1754x1240 , trapon.jpg )

>Sharpen your blade, shield yourself, and then use stone shaping to slam the door shut on the guy who's in it. He has the most red dots, so he's probably the most powerful. If you strike him down before he has a chance to do anything then you'll throw the others off balance and terrify them. The element of surprise is a wonderful thing, so use it to decapitate this raid party.
n:hehehe...I like this suggestion...let's kill" saying that he place his hand on the wall, a small magic circle appear
No. 460943 ID: 50b704
File 134962269794.jpg - (44.24KB , 1009x713 , rushnolupus.jpg )

the magic circle activates a traps built in the entrance, making an huge pillar of rock fall on the demon standing below, crushing his body to, not quite, dead
No. 460944 ID: 50b704
File 134962295155.jpg - (200.69KB , 1754x1240 , rushnolupus.jpg )

HAHAAH suck to be so resiliant he? AHAHAH"
sayng that he move out of hiding
No. 460945 ID: 50b704
File 134962308770.jpg - (139.92KB , 1240x877 , violence.jpg )

paused for an hour, sorry, an urgency
No. 460953 ID: 50b704
File 134963269775.jpg - (87.05KB , 892x631 , runandkill.jpg )

while the enemies are still facing their dead boss, Necro rush toward the closer group of enemy
>kill the girl and we will be right cross with you
>lets tag the girl who's here against her will as a noncombatant, that means going out of our way to keep her alive
"You girl, go hide in corner while I deal with the people who dragged you here"
No. 460954 ID: 50b704
File 134963380158.jpg - (74.44KB , 1754x1240 , run!.jpg )

girl: "H-h! I cant they will kill me!"
N:" Raaagh! stay down then!"
No. 460955 ID: 50b704
File 134963394908.jpg - (119.52KB , 892x631 , runandkill.jpg )

as the necromancer say that he run past the first group of demons ripping the closer to him in pieces with his tentacle, the rush toward the closest large demon
No. 460956 ID: 50b704
File 134963569592.jpg - (74.76KB , 892x631 , runandkill.jpg )

the necromancer rip open the first demon chest while the poison destroy most of the creature body N:hehehe so much fun, HAHAHA!.

Necro turn toward the three survivng human-like demon N:" surrender to me and protect...the girl...do as i say and...you will live...don't...and i will have...mhmhmhmh...my sweet time killing you"
No. 460958 ID: 50b704
File 134963732792.jpg - (80.08KB , 892x631 , runandkill.jpg )

the femal demonette speack first
D1:what should we do? he just kill grael and tyuk in a second
the lager one sayD2: the boss is dying and we have no way out so...
the third say D3:"we accept MASTER!" running toward the girl to make a defensive circle
No. 460960 ID: 50b704
File 134963897457.jpg - (114.36KB , 892x631 , run3.jpg )

N:"hehehe,good choice" he say while he is already trowing himself at the next enemy
No. 460961 ID: 50b704
File 134963915203.jpg - (75.03KB , 892x631 , runandkill.jpg )

the third demon die as in a kenshiro movie, but hit still manage to inflict a deep wound on necro
N:gah! Can't...stop...now" sayng that he grab what left of the arms and take it out
No. 460963 ID: 50b704
File 134963965037.jpg - (53.62KB , 892x631 , runandkill.jpg )

he then enhances the spike and trow it to the last enemy
No. 460966 ID: 50b704
File 134964008079.jpg - (28.24KB , 892x631 , runandkill.jpg )

the last one of the larger demon are dead, but necro is hurt, the smaller one have noticed it, they are still not acting, tough
D3: M-master?
No. 460976 ID: 6e44d2

"Nothing's changed, I could still kill the lot of you in a hot second."

Absorb the souls, and get thyself a healing potion.
No. 460984 ID: bf54a8

"yes, i bleed, but the strong recover from their wounds. now, do any of you know why you are here?"
No. 461064 ID: 0c2247

Down a healing potion, then start absorbing the souls of the dead. You can talk while doing this.
I'm pretty sure you can't trust these demons. Specifically, you can't trust them to not do anything to Neve; a dangling steak will tempt even a loyal dog. Could you try to recover magic that would let you bind them to your orders?
To the Felyne: "You are safe here, Felyne. What is your name? Are you from the same tribe as Elnora?"

To the demons: "You three. What are your names? Do you know why you were brought here? What sort of vile acts did your former master inflict upon the world recently?"
No. 461104 ID: 0c2247

Can you resurrect the small human-like one you killed? If so then do that as soon as you've absorbed the other corpses. This will terrify them almost as much as absorbing their former allies, but will also show we don't intend to absorb them as well.
Then create a stone prison and have all the demons wait in there for you to deal with them.
We need El to see them imprisoned before we bind them or anything, since if she sees them walking around freely she's going to be very upset.

As far as the girl? Invite her for tea and lunch. Find out more about her over the meal, like where she's from, what she does for a living, that sort of thing.
If nothing else she could help look after Neve, since Legion and El are field agents and you have your work.
No. 461410 ID: a5d914

Give them some orders quickly and introduce yourself. Spread out your spine whip tentacles and act dominant. "Form a line and put down your weapons! Welcome to my humble home. If you behave nicely then I will not destroy you."

I would suggest splitting the girl and the demons up until you have a handle on what is going on. Put them all in separate cells for now and interrogate D1 first and then the non-demon girl. Try to find out what she was trying to summon, what their purpose was, what they are loyal to and what their goals are. Then confirm the stories with D2 or D3. See if the girl wants to join you and what her background story is, but I would be wary of putting her anywhere near Neve for now... Speaking of which you should reassure Neve after drinking a healing potion or sewing your body back together a bit. Is the corruption side effects wearing off now that you've had an outlet?

Also collect the souls and preserve the body parts for fun shenanigans! Maybe set one of the less squeamish demon servants to help out. If you didn't wreck them too thoroughly maybe you can make some mindless warsteeds for yourself and Legion. Like direct spine-link controlled warbeasts to ride. Just plug into the creatures bodies and assume direct control. This walking business is tedious.
No. 461708 ID: 50b704
File 134990586276.jpg - (114.41KB , 1072x758 , stilldangerous.jpg )

N:"Don't even think about of moving , I can still crash you all in an instant" he place his weapon behind his back and recover a potion "now place your blades on the ground and for a line on along the wall, do as i say and you won't die" he suddenly spread his tentacle "NOW!"
No. 461711 ID: 50b704
File 134990766979.jpg - (202.14KB , 1754x1240 , spreadout.jpg )

after drinking the potion his sword revert to its normal form
>You should reassure Neve after drinking a healing potion or sewing your body back together a bit. Is the corruption side effects wearing off now that you've had an outlet?
N:"hmh, yes my cleard up, i will reassure Neve after i resolved this" he start to sast the drain spell "you are safe now, girl. can i ask for your name? "
Liirial" I-I'm liirial, thanks for saving me, I don't even now how to thank you, if it wasn't for you i would probably have been killed in a few day" she start to cry after finally been freed srom her capturer" thank you so much"
N:" Don't worry, I'm sure ther is a way for you to pay me back, but for now be my guest. OK!" he he saidd with a more authoritative tone "you three say your names!"
No. 461713 ID: 50b704
File 134990864993.jpg - (98.32KB , 1287x683 , conspire.jpg )

d1;ì: do we have to?, that guy seems fairly skilled with magic, look is casting without a premade circle!
D2: what spell could be casting?
D1:obviusly a binding spell, why did he will ask for ours names otherwise?
D3:but if we don't answer we will be killed!
D1:yeah, but if he kill us we just go back to the black, we may be able to rebuild ours bodies if wefound a mage-demon, it's not so impossible
N: If i weree in you i will answer now, before i just kill you all" necro say in a calm voice
D1: ha better dead then bind to you!
D2,D3:yeah fuck you!
the necromancer start to laugh faintly then harvest his enemy souls and drain them
N: are you sure about your answers?"
No. 461723 ID: 50b704
File 134991044766.jpg - (97.44KB , 1287x683 , thehorror.jpg )

The three demons terrified
N: let me repeat my question, wht are your names?
D1:"Dailil! D2:"goruy!" D3:" tolur!"
N:"very well" he say, making the image of an evil grinwhich he can't do because he lack lips born in the mind of the three demons "Dailil,Goruy,Tolur and Grael, you are now my servant." sayng that the first demon he killed go back to life
1234D:" command master"
N: now you van no longer lie to me, Do you know why you were brought here? What sort of vile acts did your former master inflict upon the world recently?
D1: we were here to eat the soul of the siren, we don't know who our previus master was, we were summoned by the demon you killed with the pillar" she then stop to talk
N:"hmm, girl do you know anything?"
No. 461728 ID: 50b704
File 134991105209.jpg - (113.09KB , 1754x1240 , come closer.jpg )

unfortunately not, I've been kidnapped on the main island a few days ago and forced to help under the treat of them killing my whole tribe, they wanted me because of my familiars, my magybest can pinpoint a magic source with extreme precision, something the couldn't do well, I'm sorry for not being able to help more."
n:hm, don't worry, now i need to tell my...child that she is safe, NEVE!
No. 461730 ID: 50b704
File 134991206414.jpg - (39.76KB , 790x559 , hideoutremade.jpg )

neve head peek out of the central room
nv: necro, are you ok now? you were acting strange before? ha! who is she? what happened here! why here breasts are so big!?
NC: hmm legion i need your help, what can i say to her?
No. 461747 ID: bf54a8

explain to her you have used your magic to make the demons listen do what you tell them to. also explain that the energy you got from the eggs was making you crazy, like a magic sugar rush. also you don't control how big someone's boobs get, i mean you COULD if you really wanted to but you haven't.
No. 461751 ID: 6e44d2

I guess she was just born that way.
No. 461826 ID: 0c2247

Make a stone cage and put the demons in it. El needs to see them imprisoned or she'll be very upset.
"I'm fine, Neve. It was just a magic rush, nothing to worry about. This is Liirial, she was the prisoner of some demons who showed up. It's not polite to ask about such things, but the answer to your last question is 'biology'.

Would you two like some tea?"
No. 461876 ID: a5d914

Just say you were a bit giddy before due to your experiments. Just give her the short story. Some demons tried to break in. You defeated them and the remaining ones work for you. Also you have a new guest. Introduce Liirial.

Scary Necro option: Say you don't know why her breasts are so huge, but if she really wants to know you could cut them off and take them apart to find out...

Silly option: She drinks lots of milk.

Any ideas on what to do with the souls and bodies yet?
No. 463460 ID: 50b704
File 135038111151.jpg - (115.60KB , 860x608 , biology.jpg )

nc:"Sorry for having make you worry , the energy I adsorbed from those eggs mad my go bersek, but now I'm fine, and don't worry about the 4 demon still alive, they are now under my control....hmm,actually they can be usefull now"
No. 463461 ID: 50b704
File 135038140777.jpg - (99.73KB , 1022x722 , orders.jpg )

he turn to face the 4 new servant NC:"clean this mess and carry the demons corpse in my lab, i will be able to build some nice armors and weapons for legion with those,yep, like in monster hunterafter you finish your assignment" he toudh the ground and build four small room in the wall "enter those cages"
No. 463471 ID: 50b704
File 135038785766.jpg - (123.06KB , 1102x779 , inquireoverskills.jpg )

after giving the order he turn toward liirial that look a bit ambarassed for because of Neve's question, he chuckle a little then say NC: well miss Liirial, i'm sorry for my pupil request, he turn his head toward Neve NC: you should apologizeto her later"
Neve nod NE:"s-sorry" NC:" good"he then move closer to her and in a whisper" i will explain how they can grow so large later, for now let's just say it's biology" he open the door to the living area" now miss follow me, I wish to speack to you about your familiar power, maybe we can do so in front of a cup of tea
No. 463493 ID: 50b704
File 135040094293.jpg - (84.10KB , 1072x757 , diningroom2.jpg )

now, legion, before we go on on our interrogation, I would like to inform you the first demon I killed owned a mage soul, and I can now learn three new spells :weaken, slow and enanche speed.
Also, what do you want me to ask now to our guest and hopefully new recruit?"
No. 463542 ID: bf54a8

slow and speed are opposites of the same school. depends on if you are going to be in one vs one fights or you vs a bunch of dudes more. mass battles would be best with speed. if a lone super powerful dudes are more likely then weaken.
No. 463587 ID: 531fb2

can you enhance the speed of your allies as well? if so, take that one, absolutely. if not, TAKE IT ANYWAY.

as for our guest, right now is perhaps not the best time for a full interogation, but perhaps you should exchange some conversation to the affect of what she knows about recent demon activity, things like that, and inform her of our intent, what with hunting down demons and investing corpses with legion-souls.
No. 463659 ID: 6e44d2

No. 463669 ID: a5d914

Go for weaken. How does it work? I assume it is good if you're up against a single strong enemy with allies.

Ask her about her tribe. Are there any other people that might be good at searching out magic like she does? What does she know about the demons hierarchy? They seemed rather organized...
No. 463682 ID: c8be92

Enhance speed FTW.

Ask her where she came from; offering asylum for her family or something could provide some extra allies, and free labor never hurts.
No. 463699 ID: 50b704
File 135042821506.jpg - (110.71KB , 1072x757 , diningroom2.jpg )

weaken reduce physical strength, speed bosst yourself at low level, but can be used on more ally the more you grow strong, slow work the same,both can be used on self or the enemy, like rising the speed of a falling enemy or reducing yours
No. 463906 ID: 92c81e

I vote weaken. Nothing quite screams hopelessness as much as crippling your opponent. Weak to average enemies can be dealt with. Strong ones can be weakened, and groups of strong enemies should not be fought anyway.
No. 464007 ID: 0006f5

wow speeding up someones fall never crossed my mind, thats pretty cool. considering any target is valid and later any number as well, speed is still more useful than slow. weaken has its uses, but im voting speed
No. 464036 ID: 0c2247

Accelerate a fall? How about accelerating thrown weapons? Speed's the best option.

Ask her about her village, what she does for a living, what her talents are, hobbies, etc... Get to know more about who she is.
No. 465540 ID: 2e8b45
File 135100161295.jpg - (237.27KB , 1464x1035 , speed.jpg )

NC:"So,you have chosen speed? So be it" he's eyes glow blue for a second "Done" he look Liirial in the eyes "miss Liirial, can I ask you a few question?" she still seems to be quite nervous and scared by the recent events
L:"S-sure, what do you want to know...err?"
Nc:" Call me Necro"
L:"N-Necro? Hhm what do you want to ask me?
No. 465559 ID: 2e8b45
File 135101869215.jpg - (91.45KB , 1112x786 , liirial.jpg )

she look The necromancer in the eyes
Nc:"I just wish to know more about you, like your tribe and skill, but above all else your ability to track magic, is it something other people can use among you kin?"
L:" H-h, w-well...not much to say on my village, it's a small one located in the desert on the main island, no one i know from there know how to use magic besides me, tough a long time ago many were able to do so, this way i was still able to learn from the books that were used to teach to the young, i don't know how the demons found out i could summon familiar and do magic in general, besids magic i don't have many hobby, I was raised by the elders of the villages because of my skills, not more to say about me
No. 465571 ID: 2e8b45
File 135102260106.jpg - (103.49KB , 1112x786 , firefoxes.jpg )

"and for the last of your questions" she close her eyes and start to chant a spell, it take two minutes for it to be completed, then two small magic circle appear in the air and two glowing spirit pass trough them" this are m y two seekers, they were named after a certain hero, not much is said in my books tough, pretty much they can track any sort of magic and, for some reason, kobolds too"
NC:"interesting, Seeker is a really hard to bound familiar, I can actually feel you have a great talent the only reason why demons didn't ate you the first time they met you may be because the wanted to find Neve first" -NC:"this may be a good point to making her become one of my ally, how should i word my request so she will join me?-
No. 465599 ID: 0c2247

"Impressive! How would you like a job? It involves killing many, many demons and helping those who are too weak to defend themselves."
No. 465614 ID: c8be92

"So, I hear your village needs a healer?"
No. 468783 ID: 264b74
File 135211592623.jpg - (99.62KB , 949x671 , thechmeplease.jpg )

I'm impressed, would you like to work for me, i could put those skill of you in use for a good cause
L:"R-really? I-I don't really want to sound scortese but you don't really look like a man voted to justiceI-I-I'm not sayng you aren't but, hum you look rather scary, also I'm not so skilled, without a proper mage to teach me I only learned how to summon this familiars and a not so powerful attack one..."
No. 468788 ID: 0c2247

"If I was expecting visitors I would have worn a mask, but keep in mind this is my home.

As far as Justice goes? It means very different things to different people. I do what I think is right, and try to help those in need as best I can.

Speaking of helping those in need, given the circumstances you were in I can understand why you may not have noticed, but I'm a rather skilled mage. I would be happy to teach you."
No. 468891 ID: a5d914

Well you're not a half bad summoner if you could summon Legion. Perhaps you could build another host body so Liirial can summon some kind of spirit into it? Start the practical lessons straight away to get her hooked.

Tell her you're working on making the world a better place to live. She could be helping you protect children instead of helping demons hunt them down for food and pleasure. How's that for justice? Regarding your appearance - maybe you should point out that looking good like her certainly has its advantages, but that soft skin won't protect her against demon claws. There's only one person in the room scary enough to make monsters cower and it has worked out pretty well for both you and her so far.
No. 470388 ID: 27dbde
File 135255587661.jpg - (564.57KB , 3693x2610 , need an healer.jpg )

NC:"hmhm, miss lirial, justice may have different means depending on the person,I do what I think is right, killing demons, saving children and to trying make the world a better place instead of helping, even if unwilling,to hunt people down for food and pleasure,
No. 470392 ID: 27dbde
File 135255663752.jpg - (97.38KB , 1069x756 , liirialsad.jpg )

She seems a little hurt by the necro's words
NC:"Not saying is your fault for being abducted,sorry for the harsh words.
Speaking of helping those in need, given the circumstances you were in I can understand why you may not have noticed, but I'm a rather skilled mage,if you join my group i could teach you how to use magic properly"
No. 470393 ID: 27dbde
File 135255692370.jpg - (297.02KB , 3693x2610 , happyliirial.jpg )

As soon as she hear him say that Liirial brightens up and jump on her feet
L:" R-really? then I will join you for sure, when we start?"
No. 470394 ID: 27dbde
File 135255764208.jpg - (92.02KB , 1061x750 , neveaww.jpg )

Neve mutters something NV:"C-can you teach me too,?"
The necromacer places his hand on her head
Nc:"I was about to teach you as soon as legion brought back the flower,if you start to use magic now the seal will crumble in minutes and we will be in real trouble"
She nods
NV:"OK, I understand"
nc:good, now ladies I have to contact my other subordinates" he then take out a pudding from seemingly nowhere and call legion
No. 470395 ID: 27dbde
File 135255908756.jpg - (79.03KB , 1001x707 , one more step.jpg )

Legion can you here me? how is your situation?
LG:" we finally reached the swamps! heck yeah!
EL:" yeah...we are in one of the most demon infested place of this island lets celebrate"
she say in a totally unamused tone of voice" more importantly what happened to the eggs? did you succeeded in your spellcasting?"
No. 470432 ID: bf54a8

"indeed, I didn't add purity to them, I pulled the bad stuff out and put it someplace else that it wouldn't cause any trouble. i bet everyone else that tried to purify them didn't think of that"
No. 470438 ID: e677ca

Okay Necro what the demons said earlier about becoming a demon lord by eating Neve has got me worried. I think that you should set up some traps and be prepared for the worst.
Also tell her that you have dealt with the taint.
No. 470624 ID: a5d914

Necro: Tell them you successful moved the corrupt energy out, but you haven't had time to thoroughly check the eggs yet. You've had to fend off the latest bunch of demons hunting for Neve. If they could get that flower it would certainly help a lot.

El and Legion: Form a search formation, stay 30-50 metres apart and start searching. Watch out for things hiding in the swamp. Ask Necro if there are any other signs to keep in mind when searching for this flower. Are there any other plants that tend to grow near this flower?
Can the mana be detected somehow? For example will Legions earth move magic act differently in more mana saturated areas? If so can it be used as a crude mana radar?
No. 473277 ID: 0bf55a
File 135344592564.jpg - (48.69KB , 885x636 , necroansweringvaguely.jpg )

NC: "I successfully moved the energy outside the eggs, but I haven't had time to check the state of the eggs after the spell, a bunch of demons busted in and I had to fend them off. Now, if yo hurry up with finding the flower it would help our situation at the hideout"
No. 473278 ID: 0bf55a
File 135344616149.jpg - (84.23KB , 1001x707 , areyoudeaf.jpg )

Legion: Good, see El, the eggs are fine,now-"
he is interrupted by the Felyne
El:"He said he still hasn't on them, damn, can't you focus on what your boss says? Boss said to go look at the eggs and tell us if the eggs are fine!"
No. 473284 ID: 0bf55a
File 135344675227.jpg - (88.65KB , 1000x707 , explanation.jpg )

Haha, I'll tell you later. Well, time to work on some traps-", a second before Necro closes the communication, Legion asks him, L:"Master, I have to ask you something before you go" NC:"Go ahead" LG:"Is there some way we can detect the high amounts of mana in the swamp? For example, something like my magic acting differently or different sorts of plants

growing there?"
NC:"Well, the plants close to the flowers should be slightly altered by the extremely high concentration of mana in the area, but nothing too weird. Your magic should act differently though, it ill be stronger, but unfortunately using it without a great amount of practice could lead to bad results for you, so be careful. Hmm, what else..."
El: "Wait, he could explode or something?"
NC:"Not...really, but he could be...damaged by his own spell. Oh right, the pudding should be able to notice the presence of mana, if you are close enough to any it will start to shine a faint blue, the glow growing stronger the closer you get to the mana it senses. I hope it will be of help to you. See you later"
No. 473287 ID: c33f8f

Well lets go poke our pudding at all the strange looking plants. Just be sure to watch out for some swamp demons.
No. 475173 ID: a5d914

Well he didn't really give you a range estimate, so just try crossing the swamp. El can take the lead and find a good, dry path while you focus on the soul pudding and signs of strange vegetation. If there's no signal or you don't find anything out of place then just try to walk across the swamp somewhere further along and keep doing multiple passes over the swamp as if you were cutting the area of the swamp into smaller pieces with as little crossover as possible. It's not the worlds best search method, but it's not like you're on even terrain either.

Ask El a bit more about this island while you search. I guess she's been around the place a bit more than you. Has she seen anything interesting?
No. 476142 ID: 038adc
File 135448987113.jpg - (70.04KB , 822x581 , catintheswamp.jpg )

Legion:"El, take the lead, we'll just have to traverse the swamp for now.I will look for weird plants and keep a eye on the pudding for any reactions."
El looks at you in a way that displays her satisfaction in being given the lead position so early
El:"heh, count on me for thiswe will be able to find the flower in no time at all" that said, she starts to move, with a fluid feline grace
No. 476145 ID: c891a7

That's one problem down.
Now to fix that curse that is afflicting the Felyne.
No. 476162 ID: 038adc
File 135449356442.jpg - (52.88KB , 822x581 , drgons!.jpg )

as if she was guided by the hand of some deity, or a certain level of pure luck such as with associated with games of dice and chance, as she leads you, you notice the vegetation starting to change and the pudding gains a luminescence, it glows with a bright inner light. legion:"El, wait up! I think we found one already!" El:"R-really?!" she shouts, more than a bit surprised by her own luck, but rapidly regains her composure "O-of course we found it already, I'm the one leading us here! Hahaha! So, what now?"
L:"well, now we spread out a bit and start to search, there's not much else we can do...
"El:"Boring, but I guess I can't expect too much from you or the boss", she shrugs.
As you find the flower you call the necromancer, he respond a few minutes later
N:"sorry, I was still checking on the eggs,they seem to be fine, but we need to find someone to raise them properly after they hatch. Anyway, what did you want to know?"
You respond "we find the flower!!"
N:"For real? That's great! Send it to me, I will start the preparation to restore the seal immediately! By any chance, can could you look for two more flowers? I could use them to create garden and use their extract to create more powerful potions and a really small amount of mystical material"
No. 476166 ID: 0c2247

We can search for two more flowers, sure.
No. 476556 ID: bf54a8

search dat shit.
No. 476704 ID: a5d914

Go for it. Keep looking, but check the immediate area closely first. If there was one flower at this mana hotspot then there might be some more hidden away nearby. If you find them use your weapon to carefully dig them up with the surrounding soil so you get them as intact as possible. Too bad the mana levels prevent you from using earth shaping to get them with 100% intact root systems...

Also ask Necro how long it would be worth continuing the search. When will the seal be complete? I guess you could alternatively aim to be back at base by nightfall.
No. 476812 ID: 3734f6

Keep looking so we can start a garden.
Any chance for this magic wood to be growing around the swamp as well? If so look for some for the wards.

On way back maybe we should chop a choice part of the dragon's body and drag it back?
No. 477664 ID: 1f8160
File 135516441992.jpg - (171.59KB , 1427x1059 , backstab.jpg )

LG:"We will search for it, but can we ask you something first?The Necromancer answers back, "Sure, what do you want to know?"You answer back, "We want to know for how long it would be worth it to continue this search, and also how long it will for the resealing of Neve to be complete."NC:"Hmm not for too long, the hotspots usually have at least two flowers, so one should still be nearby. Be careful though, demons may still appear."LG:"We will be."
No. 477666 ID: 1f8160
File 135516465998.jpg - (91.87KB , 1201x849 , hidden in the swamp.jpg )

That said you turn to El and ask her,"Well, time to look around some more I guess?"El:"Heh, you mean I should find more while you search around fruitlessly? Sure, after all you are completely helpless without me."After half an hour of searching the pudding's glow becomes stronger. LG:"I guess we found it then."She silences you quickly, "Shh, I know, but look." Whispering she points at a field with three flowers, "In the swamp pool, two sets of eyes."
No. 477674 ID: 0b214d


Hrmmm... three actually. Two to the left next to what seems to be a tree and one set of eyes to the upper right of the vines...
No. 477675 ID: bf54a8

she climbs a tree and waits for them to attack then drops on one. we lure them in by going towards the flowers.
No. 477676 ID: c33f8f

Could we just back away and try to circle around whatever is hiding in the swamp? Get the drop on them from behind or from the side.
No. 477688 ID: 3734f6

Avoid damaging the flowers. Slowly relocate so that the 3 enemies are between yourself and the flowers (at the moment the flowers are between you and enemies and can get trampled) and then draw them to you with an attack.

>>/questdis/64808 Use rock shape to lift a rock platform from the ground so you can fight somewhere with stable terrain (they have terrain advantage in swamp). Then buff yourself with density and speed during the actual combat.
No. 477692 ID: a5d914

Pre-emptive strike! Hit one of them hard and fast. Tear it into little bits while roaring like a maniac about how much you like the smell of dying demons. If the others have any sense they'll run away. If they don't then lure them into an El-style ambush.
No. 480574 ID: 5a7848

L:"Ok El, we need to relocate in a way that the battle whit this demon wont damage the flowers"
El:" To both sides of the creature so they will lose the number advantage at least a little? Yeah i npticed the third one, don't look so proud of yourself for having noticed that the demons are three"
You look at her really surprised
E:"What?! I can make mistakes too, Only idiot wont admit when they are at fault in this kind of situations"
No. 480576 ID: 5a7848
File 135634274902.jpg - (128.76KB , 1166x824 , Inoticed.jpg )

L:"Ok El, we need to relocate in a way that the battle whit this demon wont damage the flowers"
El:" To both sides of the creature so they will lose the number advantage at least a little? Yeah i npticed the third one, don't look so proud of yourself for having noticed that the demons are three"
You look at her really surprised
E:"What?! I can make mistakes too, Only idiot wont admit when they are at fault in this kind of situations"
No. 480579 ID: 5a7848

you proceed to flank the enemy
L:"Master I need a weapon"
He send you a rather finely crafted bow
N:"that's one of the best bow I ever owned, it will break trough everything"
L:"thanks,El do you need something different from your halberd?"
El:"never, now lets move"
roll 89
No. 480580 ID: 5a7848
File 135635064027.jpg - (46.36KB , 1091x771 , first attack.jpg )

you successfully manage to sneak to the enemies sides, you take aim for one of the closer demons, hoping to hit the head. Your usual luck help you: a clear hit to the creature core,leaving it dead; the other two , tough notice you and rise from the water.
No. 480590 ID: bf54a8

switch to melee. distract it and give a signal to el to attack it in the back while they are focused on you.
No. 480606 ID: 5a7848
File 135638083982.jpg - (72.72KB , 1091x771 , first attack.jpg )

but before the demons can react the one closer to where Elnora disappeared find it's head on the ground
El:"Last one! shot it down!"
Legion:"Yes!" You say that, but even before you mange to nock the arrow the creature star to move at an impressive speed toward you
No. 480664 ID: 44d136

you let the bow fall to the ground and use the huge arrow as a not_so_makeshift spear, using the creature own momentum to impale his head, it die, but still manage to do quite the damage to you. If you weren't an undead golem you would probably be dead
No. 480668 ID: 44d136
File 135643059538.jpg - (95.29KB , 1122x793 , sharlbold.jpg )

Elnore can see how badly damaged your body is from her position yet,but she start to run toward you El:"Legion! are you ok?!" there's a heavy sense of hurgency in her voice, but before she move closer to you the necromancer teleport you a vial or red liquid, a regeneration potion, you drink it up and most of the damage vanish,what should you do now? try to reassure her or wait for her to come closer?
No. 480669 ID: 0006f5

wait and see
No. 480670 ID: bf54a8

get out da pudding and see if anything else is around. then carefully dig up the flowers.
No. 480676 ID: 7003a8

Get out the pudding and use it to absorb the demon souls.
Once she gets closer stick a hand out for her to help you to your feet, then hug her.
"I'm fine. I drank a healing potion. How are you?"
No. 480677 ID: b608d1

Tell her you've got this. It's dead and you have a potion. El needs to keep an eye open for anything attracted to the blood and noise and make sure the other two demons are definitely dead as well.

While she keeps an eye out you can cut the flowers out of the soil and send them back to Necro. Then you just need to get back home at full speed. Maybe make a quick stop for a meal and a drink when you're safely out of the swamp.
No. 480678 ID: 521153

More important things to do than waste time and act vaguely creepy. Yell to her that you're fine and collect souls/flowers.
No. 480684 ID: d17c2d

just say
"i'm fine, my boss gave me one hell of a potion."

a normal person drinking a normal potion would not be as healed as we are, we don't want her realizing we are undead right now so we should comment on how insanely strong the potion was. however we don't want her to think we lied to her when she find out we are undead so we should not specify that it was a healing potion
No. 481400 ID: 44d136
File 135695005362.jpg - (109.25KB , 1264x894 , imfine.jpg )

you lift yourself and show El the potion bottle
L:"I'm fine, master gave me a on heck of a potion, how are you?"
She look revealed El:"Next time dodge, not just stand there, damn, I was so sc- worried my only connection to my village hope was lost, yeah" she blush a little
No. 481402 ID: c33f8f

Silly girl harboring feelings for a construct.

Anyway Get does flowers and report back to the necromancer before some other creature in the swamps smells the spilled blood.
No. 481414 ID: a28731

Get the flowers gently (with a large amount of dirt around them with the root system intact to minimize transplanting shock... get master to send you tools), get a large bag of bog dirt in addition to that for making the base of a flower bed for those.

Next we should check out her village, they urgently needed healing remember.

On the way there be on the lookout for the magic wood master needs to make demon detecting wards.

Hopefully after we are done with the village we can try to go back to the dragon corpse and carve up some useful parts. (or maybe the master can go to the dragon corpse and set up a temporary mobile workshop to use what he can there).
No. 483670 ID: 139363

Let her know you'll be a lot better off once you're in an area where you can use your magic with no risk to yourself. Also you need to consider asking Necro to set you up with natural attack/defense body parts so you don't have to improvise weapons. Like his spine whips or maybe some kind of arm blades.

I don't suppose there is anything useful on these minor demons? Perhaps they've attained some strange property from living in a high mana environment like magic resistant skin or sensitive magic detection organs?
No. 485489 ID: 8014db
File 135829119102.jpg - (68.45KB , 1202x849 , aa.jpg )

"sorry to have scared you. I'll feel a lot better once we leave this damned place."
You lift yourself back to your feet. "Okay, let's dig out these flowers and get out of here before more weird demons show up to this fine mess we made. " "The mess you made", Elnora says
No. 485493 ID: 8014db

"Yeah, OK, let's just dig out and leave"
El nod and help you dig, as you teleport back the last flower you hear a movement in the distance, what do you do, investigate or run the fuck back to the hideout?
No. 485496 ID: 7003a8

Investigate, but don't get close. Climb a tree and take a look.
We're not here to fight everything, so just leave if it's a demon.
No. 485503 ID: 8014db
File 135829617629.jpg - (106.67KB , 1202x849 , aa.jpg )

K, try to not give away your position", she thinks for a bit "Actually, shouldn't I be the one investigating? I can turn invisible and I'm more agile then you!"
No. 485507 ID: 7003a8

"No. You're more agile and stealthy than me, but it's too dangerous to split up.
We're going together."
No. 485711 ID: c33f8f

Investigate that shit! Though El has a point, she could move ahead of us while we follow further behind so that we can rush in to help if she is in trouble but we won't give away her position when she is invisible.
No. 485739 ID: a28731

Both investigate, she hidden, on tree, and ready to backstab if violence is needed.
No. 486890 ID: 139363

Did the soul pudding absorb any souls from those swamp maggots?

Tell El she can take the point again if she wants. You can sort of sense her through the invisibility so she could just wave her arms to signal you to move up if it is clear. It's best if you stay close as you're the magic-powered powerhouse and these are treacherous grounds. Also you're too curious to stay back!
No. 486920 ID: ffdafe
File 135888739179.jpg - (369.81KB , 1545x1147 , 011.jpg )

Hmm, You have a point, but I think is too dangerous to go alone, how about this, you could move ahead of us while I stay behind, this way I can rush in to help if you are in trouble, but I won't give away your position when you are invisible." She look at you a bit surpised
El:" Wow, that's a good plan for once! OK, let's do this!" She turn invisible and start to move
No. 486922 ID: ffdafe
File 135888818646.jpg - (253.93KB , 1545x1147 , poorthing.jpg )

After a minute of running El enter a small clearance in the swamp, What she see leave her less the amused, a huge spider looking demon Is eating a Swamp lamia and another one is hurt and evidently unable to run away.
EL:"Shhi- Legion, what do we do now?
No. 486923 ID: 7003a8

Kill the spider.
Rescue the Lamia.
Send the Lamiacorpse back home like an item - if he can revive it that would be great, but if not it can have a decent funeral instead of being left for scavengers.
No. 486928 ID: da21c4

what he said.
No. 486929 ID: da21c4

what he said.
No. 486933 ID: a28731

and claim the demon souls.
For tactics, buff speed then aim for cores or leg chopping
>send corpse
Dead and partially eaten is too late for revival, which means using it for parts which might offend the living lamia here (we want to steal those discretely).
Besides demon parts are probably more useful.
No. 487018 ID: 7003a8

It MAY be too late for revival.
If so we can still give a proper funeral to give the kid some sense of closure.
No. 487283 ID: 303724

I support these courses of action.
No. 487703 ID: 8ce3b3
File 135923272134.jpg - (95.60KB , 1460x1032 , 0000.jpg )

you cast speed on yourself
El:"wait , our boss said not to use any spel-"
Surprisingly, the spell works and your speed doubles.
Her scream, though, has alerted the creature to her presence, making you lose the advantage of surprise.
You can give battle direction to both legion and El now
No. 487706 ID: 7003a8

Move up in its blind spot while it's distracted and cripple its legs. If you have a chance, cripple its pincers and other offensive limbs as well.

Once you've hit it and it knows you're there, call out "You're safe now, little Lamia!"

If it can't move then it can't evade, and with two people you can safely hit-and run until it's dead.
No. 487708 ID: f4f33e

Legion rush in and get the spiders attention while el jumps on its back and starts hacking away.
No. 487716 ID: 8ce3b3
File 135923731944.jpg - (103.87KB , 1460x1032 , 0000.jpg )

While the creature has turned to El you take the chance to rush in and cut two of its legs, making it unable to jump.
The creature screeches loudly and spits a foul smelling substance at you!
No. 487717 ID: a28731

Try to dodge that spit and chop off more legs
No. 487718 ID: bf54a8

if you can't dodge then make sure it only hits one arm instead of your whole body.
No. 487724 ID: 8ce3b3
File 135923843144.jpg - (99.93KB , 1460x1032 , 0000.jpg )

you jump to your right, avoiding the substance, but making yourself an easy prey to the creature's next attack
No. 487727 ID: 7003a8

Side-slash to chop off its attacking limb. It can't put any force behind its hit if the limb is severed mid-strike.
No. 487730 ID: a28731

Is it attacking with the limb or coming in to bite you?
If it is attacking with the limb then chop it off, if it is coming for a bite then hit him in the face, preferably cutting off the head at the neck if you can.
No. 487731 ID: bf54a8

thrust weapon at attacking part.
No. 487733 ID: 8ce3b3
File 135923972051.jpg - (113.52KB , 1460x1032 , 0000.jpg )

unfotunately you landed on the arm holding the sword so you are slow at responding, the creature is almost on top of you.
El, though, is now in a favorable position for attacking the monster's back!
No. 487746 ID: a28731

Same as suggested strategy from last update. (only now you managed to free self)
No. 487783 ID: 7003a8

El: Spear the back of its head!
Legion: Roll!
No. 488538 ID: 9ddf68

El: stab the thing in the back of the head that should by LG some time

LG: dive out of the way and see if you can take off some more of the things limbs well it is dealing with EL
No. 488616 ID: 7839dd
File 135949565835.jpg - (116.29KB , 1460x1032 , 0000.jpg )

The missed attack leaves the creature's neck exposed. El takes this opportunity and stabs it, disabling the demon.As the creature falls in the mud, the pudding in legion's clothes starts to speak."El, carve the cores out of the demon, that will kill it, and I'll obtain two really useful items!"
El is took by surprise "I have to do what?"
"hurry up, or it will start to regenerate"
"w-what? Ahh! Legion , how about some help?!"
No. 488624 ID: a28731

Helo her by doing what you just asked her to
No. 488633 ID: bf54a8

you take one side she takes the other.
No. 488639 ID: 9ddf68

finish the thing of quickly then have someone get the flowers and the other help the surving Lamia, mybe even get some info like why it's here and maybe even someone who knows how to raise dragon eggs
No. 488641 ID: aa4d3b

Full power to density on yourself. Do a roll and use the move earth spell to throw swamp mud over you for extra protection against potential poison spit. When El attacks then get up and attack the side with the severed legs. You've got this.

El: attack the weak spots on the back. Stab, twist with all your might and get away.
No. 489339 ID: bf54a8

check out the wound, if it's just a gash then a tight bandage should stem the bleeding.
No. 489340 ID: 7839dd
File 135974809380.jpg - (104.08KB , 1069x756 , blind lamia.jpg )

You rip out the first core and El takes the second. The beast stops moving entirely.
L: "Okay, this should do.
The lamia behind you starts to breathe heavily. Lam:"h-help, it hurts.."
No. 489347 ID: 14bafe

Tell her to relax, the spider demon probably used a poison on her, and getting excited will only make it work faster.

Get her tail out of that pool, it might be that she's being eaten by a demon-fish or something (wouldn't surprise me).

Also check the arm for punctures, if she is poisoned, that's where the bite would be.
No. 489422 ID: 9ddf68

don't tell that she may be poisoned that would probably just make her panick. tell her you will help and give her a healing potion then ask what she is doing here.
Maybe have Elnore stand back a little if her kind is as feared as she claims it is.
No. 489461 ID: a28731

No. 489946 ID: 7839dd
File 135991849926.jpg - (3.53KB , 100x100 , necro icon.jpg )

the lamia is a bit blind...so Elit's not an immediate problem, update in an hour
No. 489965 ID: 7839dd

i lied, too tired, sorry
No. 489967 ID: a28731

alright... so, administer healing potion ASAP. See if master can check her for poison via pudding. And when she is stabilized and safe see if its not too late to capture any souls from that demon (but if it is, that's fine... saving her is more important)
No. 489975 ID: 7003a8

Send one of the spider's venom sacs back to the boss so he can send you an antidote.
Bleeding helps flush poison, so don't treat her wounds until you've treated her for poisoning.

Also, send the lamia corpse through already - it's a poor necromancer who can't resurrect the recently deceased, but this case is much more complicated than simple death and getting worse. Hurry up!

Ask the lamia what her name is, and if she has any family in the area.
No. 489981 ID: a28731

Bleeding is also fatal in of itself. And applying suction removes insignificant amounts of poison and causes damage.
You should use a compression bandage (tourniquet are harmful IRL but with magic they might work since immediate saving of life is more important then secondary damage which can be repaired via magic)
Most important things to do is to keep the affected area lower then the heart (ask her where a lamia's heart is and position her appropriately; although at the same time its best not to move the patient) and to keep the person calm (exertion = faster heartrate = faster poison spread).

This is also a demon bite (for all we know the poison is actually a magical effect) and the victim is a lamia and not a human... And if she can't see then things are serious, so its best to consult an actual trained expert like our master ASAP.
No. 490233 ID: 7003a8

Applying suction causes the flesh in the area to swell, which works to PREVENT irrigation. Never apply suction to a wound if you don't have the training to do it properly.

As far as bleeding goes? We have an idea how long she's been bleeding for at minimum and can see how much she's bled in that time.
While it LOOKS bad, over the past minute or so she hasn't actually lost much blood at all. Even untreated she would have quite awhile before she passed out, and in that time the wound would have a fair chance of stabilizing on its own. While it's certainly not something to just ignore, the bleeding isn't actually a threat at the moment.

If we ignore the possibility of magical or ordinary poison, the REAL danger here would be shock. Given the nature of the stress she's under I'd expect her capillaries are dilated, and with all this water around she'll probably need help keeping warm. Set down something as a blanket on the nearest dry patch of land and lay her back down on it. Have her relax while you try to warm her up, and wait for the boss to get back to you about poison.
No. 490576 ID: 562eb8
File 136009439817.jpg - (107.55KB , 1305x969 , 136009405613.jpg )

You move toward the lamia "we are here to help you, stay calm" You take her tail out of the water and take off your coat to keep her warm "OK, now I will apply a jelly-like thing to your wound, it will help our boss know the kind of damage you suffered
"J-jelly-like? Boss"
"L:" don't worry, we will explain things in detail later, for now let's us treat your wounds. Oh, my name is legion want to tell me yours?"
No. 490586 ID: 562eb8
File 136009572239.jpg - (112.95KB , 1305x969 , coat.jpg )

I-I'm Leah...thanks for... helping me" she say breathing heavily, you apply the pudding to her wound.. It starts to hum,you pick up the pudding "what's the response boss?" The necromancer whisper you the answer "I'm sending you a potion, it will stabilize her long enough for the antidote to be prepared send me a venom sac asap"
No. 490594 ID: 562eb8
File 136009698780.jpg - (167.70KB , 1305x969 , pud pud pud pudiing phone.jpg )

You call El "Keep her company while I do as master told me"
she nod " OK, hi little one, my name is Elnora, but you can call me El" Leah:" Hi...thanks for helping me..."she looks worried all of a sudden " My mother, How is my mother doing?"
El is took by surprise" ha...I- w-what she "
looks like?
"She have black, long hair and a black tail, we entered the swamp togheter looking for herbs that grow only around here, but we were attacked by that monster and i didn't have hear her since then"
El:" I...Legion, came here a second!" You send the venom sack tou Necro and go back to where El is. She whisper to you what the girl told here You get even whiter "...what should i tell her now?"
No. 490597 ID: 7003a8

Capture the other Lamia's soul and send its body back to the boss. We can try to resurrect it, but if that fails we can try to stick it in an amulet or something so they can still be with their kid.

Meanwhile, tell the kid "She's hurt pretty bad, but we're going to do everything we can to help her. Don't worry, we've got one of the best healers in the world.
Do you have any other family in the area?"
No. 490751 ID: 9ddf68

Tell her that her mother looks hurt and we will do what we can. (Necormancer and all that) If there is nothing we can do to help her mother than tell her the truth, she'll find out about it sooner or later.
No. 490802 ID: a28731

She might not appreciate us caging her mother's soul in an undead or an amulet. This is more of a "ask before you do" sort of thing.
If we can do a straight up resurrection that's fine, but otherwise not.
No. 490852 ID: 7003a8

If the soul leaves it'll probably be a LOT harder to bring her back.
Besides, what's the difference between being alive and being a soul bound to your own re-living body?
No. 490855 ID: a28731

I am not saying not to hold it temporarily... but doing anything permanent if resurrection fails.
As for the difference, an undead has a plethora of differences from a living organism.
Besides which you are missing the point, its not what we think is right its a question of what their beliefs are. If their religion views it as an abomination its not gonna make us friends to force it upon them
No. 492820 ID: 76adaa
File 136084834971.jpg - (210.17KB , 1545x1147 , 1panic.jpg )

I'm sorry little one, she is seriously hurt, but- she interrupt you
and grab your arms, evidently panicking "W-what? Wath happened to mom?" You try to calm her down "Don't worry, we have one of the best healer in the world helping us, we will do anything to save her"
Your words works, she seems to be a little reassured
"W-will she be ok?"
You take some time to answer
then pic up the pudding and call Necro
"Boss, can you teleport a whole body back home?"
No. 492821 ID: 76adaa
File 136084836069.jpg - (153.29KB , 1545x1147 , 1panic1.jpg )

"I think it will be possible, But leaving being are still too much for me, on the bright side i finished the antidote".
Youi "As the antidote takes effect, her raspy breathing starts to sound healthier almost immediately. It also seems to make her drowsy and she soon falls asleep."
N:"Sorry I spiked the antidote whit a sedative, this way we can talk about her mother"
No. 492822 ID: 76adaa
File 136084837342.jpg - (210.78KB , 1545x1147 , 1panic2.jpg )

"I , in my current state, am unable to resurrect people, I can only make undead, I mean, I could fix the lamia's body, but
I will not be able to make her a living being again for some time-"
No. 492823 ID: 76adaa
File 136084838676.jpg - (205.26KB , 1545x1147 , 1panic3.jpg )

El interrupts the Necromancer. "Wait a second!
The spell Your talking about,I thought only the popes knew the way to truly resurrect someone!
Who are you?"
He waves your question aside. "It's not that nobody else can do it, it's that the church aren't allowing anybody else to know the secret. By controlling resurrections, they-- but I believe we have more pressing matters to discuss. So i can't bring her mother from the grave yet, but i can let her soul speak through a pudding if you capture her"
you interrupt him "shouldn't we better ask the girl first?"
hmm, you're right, lamias are pretty attached to their beliefs"
well, for now I'll teleport the body here so I can fix it nad preserve it if they make the decision to restore it"
No. 492824 ID: 76adaa

the necromancer sends you a small vial. "This should wake her- fuck. Tell her what you want, I have to go deal with an uninvited guest." Having said that, he closes the connection.
No. 492825 ID: 76adaa
File 136084843717.jpg - (258.98KB , 1545x1147 , 1panic4.jpg )

the necromancer sends you a small vial. "This should wake her- fuck. Tell her what you want, I have to go deal with an uninvited guest." Having said that, he closes the connection.
No. 492826 ID: 76adaa
File 136084929096.jpg - (15.19KB , 531x464 , char.jpg )

Want to focus on what to tell to the girl or the battle?
You can still send suggestion for both Necro and Legion, the event you choose will be done first
No. 492828 ID: 7003a8

Legion: After the body has been teleported, pick Leah up and carry her out of the swamp. It's not safe there, and by the time you're out the battle will probably be over.

Now that Legion has instructions, lets follow Necro.
No. 492883 ID: 0cb5f5

dont wait for instructions. get out and buy yourself as much time you can
No. 493006 ID: 9ddf68

L- say to the girl that her mother isn't going to make it but there may be a way to bring her back but we need to hold on to her mothers soul untill we can do it BUT we will only do this if the girl wants us to or not, its her decision in the end.
Also make sure you have those damn flowers you came here to get in the first place so we can make that damn garden, also see if you can stop by that other place to pick up that other thing (I can't rember what it was called) that Necro wanted us to get on the way back
N- what is it this time
No. 496908 ID: d76e43
File 136209542698.jpg - (188.63KB , 1545x1147 , 00011.jpg )

eah:"B-ut you said you could save her,was that a lie? "No, it wasn't a lie,
we can still bring her back, but we need to hold your mother's soul until my master can cast the spell to resurrect her

Her eyes widen. "How?! Only the high ranked paladins and the pope can use that spell!"

You explain to her what your master said to you just a second before
No. 496909 ID: d76e43
File 136209547055.jpg - (199.61KB , 1545x1147 , 00012.jpg )

she stays silent for a bit

I don't know...I want my mom back...b-but
El snap
oh for...what so hard, you like your mom? you want her back? then say it!
...why is this so hard?
No. 496910 ID: d76e43
File 136209558859.jpg - (165.24KB , 1545x1147 , 00015.jpg )

The little lamia is taken aback, but El's words seem to have convinced her.
I I I want my mom back, please help her!
You pet her head

good, we will do what we can to give her back to you

but for now let us accompany you out of this dangerous area
we can go all the way back to your village, tough will you be able to find your way alone?
Yes i think i can...good
No. 496911 ID: d76e43
File 136209561511.jpg - (75.69KB , 640x480 , 00016.jpg )

what is it now?
the first hing you see when focosung back to the shard of you the necro have in his head is blood
thick dark blood
No. 496913 ID: bf54a8

putting a body back together is hard work i take it.
No. 496914 ID: 9ddf68

you alright there
No. 496930 ID: 7003a8

Whoa, what happened there? Everything ok?
No. 496947 ID: f0736d

I take it to be self evident that we should perhaps invest in some sort of coagulant in the future?
No. 501269 ID: d4b235
File 136378918646.jpg - (122.65KB , 1545x1147 , 00015.jpg )

uh?, oh, sorry this is not my blood, mine is actually black...Anyway,I was fixing the lamia, but some loud noises are coming from the entrance, like metal and wood been dragged, also voices...-he pick up a rather plain sword, let's who is this time
No. 501270 ID: d4b235
File 136378951796.jpg - (62.98KB , 1022x722 , orders.jpg )

he peak from the hallway to avoid been spotted and have a better grasp of his enemy
N" it seems they are not demon this time,just humanoid, but they are still invading the hideout, how they found it out worry more then what they are doing here, from what I saw it's a group of 16 individual, all of the carrying short swords, whatmy approach should be?"
No. 501285 ID: 6bbea1

Do they look like magic-users to you?
Otherwise my guess would be, they are just some dungeon-clearing group of adventurers, searching for some hidden treasures. maybe that they are here is just a coincidence...
Can you hear what they are talking about? I would like not to slaughter everyone that happens to get near us... unless they came to fight^^
No. 501308 ID: 9ddf68

Can you throw your voice around, like make it sound like your everywhere at once, because if you can Maybe you could do this to try and scare them away or at least find out what they want. If they find you and don't know who you are and ask what you are doing here just say you live here and if they ask why you live in a crypt say you were practicing magic in your youth and it backfired, badly scaring you to the point were everyone thought you were a monster so you ran away and this was the first place you found that give you a roof over your head. And if they want a fight then just try knocking them out or something, I mean just killing a bunch of random people even if it's a home invasion then having your enemies find out about it would probably send a bunch of paladins to come down here next and we have enough problems as it is without adding them to the mix.
No. 501313 ID: bf54a8

yes a normal "halt, who goes there" with a thrown voice would be a good start.
No. 505020 ID: b7fad0
File 136562272041.jpg - (152.34KB , 1126x795 , 0o.jpg )

"hmm, I guess I could wait for them to finish to do what they are doing and listen to their conversations...slaughter everyone is easier, tough, hehehehe." The necromancer didn't sounded serious while saying the last part of the phrase, thankfully.
No. 505023 ID: 001618

kay so what are they talking about and what does it look like they are doing.
No. 505027 ID: b7fad0
File 136562379762.jpg - (561.95KB , 2498x1764 , 0o1.jpg )

As the Necromancer patiently listen in the darkness, the intention of the group become clearer as well as their nature:they seems to be a group of pirates, hoping to use the large crypt necro dig inside the mountain as a slave trade operation, as they finish carry all the crate inside a huge lizardman enter the hideout, followed by two armored humans
Lizard:"Eh, it took long enough to finish carrying all this, we have quite a bit of luck finding this place! HAHAHAHA! Did you already noticed our patron the location of this place?"
He say to a scrawny lizard, the creature submissively say "N-not yet boss, we where about to send a messenger..." the large lizard hit him "yip"
"Next time do it as soon as I say it"
No. 505029 ID: bf54a8

kill the lizard as hard as you can, explosions a plus. he rules with fear meaning anything that can kill him easily is far more powerful and more fearsome.
No. 505031 ID: eaf2f5

Walk out there with confidence and with a booming voice inquire them what the hell are they doing in our house.
No. 505035 ID: 001618

so now the question is
Do you want to just go out there and take them all out in one foul swoop?

Or do you want to scare them a bit.

I say do what ever one you feel would be more fun and we'll support you choice and help you out in any way we can.
No. 505043 ID: 47a120

exploding head is a total waste of a perfectly good body, remember we need bodies as a resource.

Bring out your demons and capture or kill the slavers, interrogate the captured slavers for the location of the rest of their operation and then attack it.
Kill all slavers, keep their corpses, capture all property (ships, carts, horses, etc), free the slaves.
No. 505048 ID: 2fbf20

You guys do remember that we have to keep a low profile right?
No. 505050 ID: 47a120

The only way to keep a low profile in this situation is to slaughter everyone, slave and slaver. And that causes its own set of problems (with our employees as well as when people track them down later on).

If we let them move in they will find us eventually or disrupt our operations.
If we scare them off or make a deal then word would spread.
If we kill slavers and free slaves, well word will spread as well but it will at least be positive-ish. Especially if we talk to them first... Perhaps we could concoct a memory suppressing potion for the slaves? They could just all wake up together in a clearing in the forest, free, unbound, with supplies, and no memories of the past few days (and us).
No. 505060 ID: bf54a8

we could also kill the head honcho and take over the gang. and upgrade the slaves to regular workers. they do labor still, but get stuff out of the deal.
No. 505063 ID: 7003a8

Rock shape the door closed to keep them from sending a messenger, then rock shape a spear through the huge lizard's abdomen. Not his chest, since we want to question him.
"Now, now. We can't have that. Ugh, slavers? I'd never get any work done if scum like you started infesting my home.
Anybody who drops their weapons and stands by the entrance will not be harmed. Everybody else dies."
No. 505064 ID: 7003a8

A memory wipe is a great idea, but if we can't do that we can start rock-shaping a town and greenhouse inside the mountain to keep the captives and any slavers that surrender.
They wouldn't have to do any work for us obviously. Prisoners, not slaves.

Of course, any species they have that paladins would kill on sight would be free to go after we find out where they live.
No. 505080 ID: b7fad0
File 136563321779.jpg - (183.08KB , 1071x1368 , the enemy.jpg )

"calm down legion, i do have the knowledge to make a sleeping potion and maybe a way to turn it into a gas so to make a large group of people fall asleep, although i lack the ingredients right now,they are just planning to make my home into a slave trade facility they do not have slave with them yet" he then stop a second to think, well, for now i still could sealed the entrance and kill the boss,also, rock shape is not a fighting magic, i can make a spike appear out of nowhere instantaneously, i can just move rocks at a decent speed, but anyone could dodge a spike made that way, i can summon a bow and kill their boss with it, but it will reduce the intimidating effect..."
No. 505083 ID: 001618

You could still try and scare them out with that throw voice thing, If you can't do that then just take out the boss and tell the others to scram, if they refuse then seal the door with that stone trick and finish them off. or get your demons to do it.
No. 505086 ID: bf54a8

well, we need to stop anyone from leaving. they said something about a patron. an even bigger boss then a lizard. seal the door and make a spike come out of the ROOF. wait until he stops moving for a bit and just drop it one him.
No. 505194 ID: 47a120

How many of them can see in the dark though? if you seal the entrance they wont be able to see what to dodge
No. 506908 ID: 2d55e7
File 136649507197.jpg - (292.26KB , 1545x1147 , my home is NOT your home.jpg )

-I like these suggestions, Legion.
Let's see how they react-
He enters the room and shout "I'm sorry to inform you, but this is currently my house and i don't like unwanted guests using it as they please...hehehehe, I'd never get any work done if people like you started infesting my home, so, allow me to offer you a deal...anybody who drops their weapons and stands by the entrance will not be harmed. Everybody else dies."
The slavers look each others then start to laugh Slavers's boss"HAHAHA! Disgusting reject, what you think you can do against all of us?"
the necromancer make an unnerving laugh as he cast 5 spell at once "hmhmhm...this"
No. 506913 ID: 2d55e7
File 136649557950.jpg - (53.70KB , 966x682 , 0o1.jpg )

the entrance passage get ssealed by a pillar of stone, at the same time a large stone spike fall from the ceiling, aimed at the bosshe dodge at the very last second, but still get his arms damaged by one of the smaller spikes protruding from the stalactite7
"RAARGH!who the fuck you think i am? do you think I can't dodge a little stone?"
the necromancer begins to laugh "hehehehe, Poisoned to death?"
"wath? what are yo-" he collapses on the ground,bleeding from the mouth, the arm already necrotic
N:"now, i'll ask you again" he twist his head slightly " surrender to me or die"most of the slavers look terrified, but the one the boss was talking with say" Ha, isaw wath you did, it took you while to make the spike that's not a battle spell, right?" the necromancewr look taken back "oh, so you found out?" as he say that all the remaining man, except the black armored man by the door and the scrawny lizardman, charge at him
N:"hehehehe, so you choose death?" he say with a low voice "good to me"
No. 506937 ID: 105826

Well, looks like we just got some more raw material for necromantic experiments. Chopping them up should be fine, maybe with a few spells to force-multiply first.
No. 506939 ID: 7003a8

Ok, use your boosting spells on yourself and dispatch them with your weapon as they get close. Avoid poison, since parts and/or minions are useful.
Keep tabs on the ones standing back, since they're probably mages or something.
No. 506997 ID: bf54a8

>the little lizard that is cowering, someone it full knightly armor

yeah i doubt that. just one is a cowered the other probably is smart.

just use whatever you want. be sure not to get swarmed though. maybe drop a pudding to eat the souls while you kill.
No. 507000 ID: 47a120

kill them all, minimal damage to bodies so you have more raw materials
No. 507002 ID: ad2527

So... Think you can take them all down in under 5 minutes?
No. 507432 ID: 2d55e7
File 136674989914.jpg - (94.75KB , 1083x804 , my house is NOT your house2.jpg )

"I will promise you nothing..." as he say that the first line of slavers reeach him, only to be cut down in a single swing of his blade "uh...they are weaker then what i though..."
10 enemies left alive
they now look terrified except the armored warrior
No. 507438 ID: bf54a8

they brought this on themselves. they failed to recognize the fact that being able to kill with a non-combat spell makes you MORE dangerous, not less.
murder them. spare the lizard and the warrior though, they didn't try to fight you.
No. 507445 ID: 7003a8

Say "My offer is still open."
No. 507447 ID: 30a140

Well then keep on keeping on then just don't get cocky as it would really suck to have slain how many demons only to get taken out by some pissant slaver who got a lucky shot
No. 507532 ID: 47a120

finish them all off
No. 507825 ID: 7b3680
File 136697345017.jpg - (207.36KB , 1605x1192 , my house is NOT your house2.jpg )

your reaction show me you that now you are more interested in the deal i proposed, right?
the scrawny lizard speak " we are not fools, you are going to kill us as soon as we left our weapon on the ground!"
No. 507826 ID: 7b3680

"Hehehehehe,so be it"
8 survivor move closer trying to make some kind of barricade with their blades while two in the back start to cast a spell
"try to stop him until the mages can cast!"
No. 507827 ID: 7003a8

Gesture towards the corpses
"Because weapons served them so well."

Walk over to the lizardman and kill him. Ignore the minions unless they try to attack.

Then turn to the armored warrior
"And who might you be? A bit out of place with this lot, aren't you?"
No. 507831 ID: 47a120

Kill them all, starting with the mages...
OOOH delicious mage souls will give us more magic power.
No. 507836 ID: bf54a8

lizardman is already dead. all that is left s little lizard that is hiding.

"and? dead with them, dead without them, what difference does it make."
No. 507838 ID: 9ddf68

could you leap over the little line infront of you and take out the mages? if not then just kill whoever gets in your way while you rush to take out the mages
No. 507839 ID: 47a120

I have no idea what you are saying in this post.
Can you clarify it please?
No. 507840 ID: 7b3680

i got it, it mean they are fucked with or without swords, btw update after the weekedn cause i'm leaving
No. 508322 ID: c26beb
File 136740720815.jpg - (136.03KB , 1083x804 , my house is NOT your house3.jpg )

"i can't really leap over someone in combat...I got ripped to pieces every time i tried, but i can do this" he move way further back in the room the summon the same bow he send to legion, he then cast density poison and speed on the arrow and density again on the bow, the arrow pierce trough the defenders line ripping the mage apart, but the survivingone still mange to finish his incantation
"fuck" is the only thing the necromancer is able to say before the magic circle appear
No. 508323 ID: 0602ef

sic your slave demons on them.
No. 508345 ID: 001618

whats the circle do?
No. 508355 ID: bf54a8

No. 508762 ID: 0006f5

runaway !
No. 512443 ID: 6477b3
File 136947962749.jpg - (109.13KB , 978x727 , fuck!ù.jpg )

hmm, it's an attack spell, ice arrows I think, they actually looks nothing like arro-
"fuck!" he jumps just in time to avoid a shower of ice spikes
No. 512474 ID: 6477b3
File 136950617514.jpg - (74.86KB , 813x604 , friednlykill.jpg )

hehe, hypocrisy at his finest, let's do it!while dodging ice spikes the necromancer manage to cast a spell freeing his unwilling servants " kill the mage!" they rush at him, to defend himself he turn toward the demons killing half of the man defending him in the process, the demon do not reach him in time, tough and get spiked.
No. 512481 ID: 9ddf68

think you could finish off the mage a little easier now that he is distracted.
No. 512532 ID: 47a120

yes, backstab the mage
No. 515563 ID: 9ee904
File 137077824476.jpg - (57.83KB , 813x604 , inpaled.jpg )

the necromancer use the chaos generated by the entrance of his demonic minions to kill a couple more man and roughly impale the mage on his sword
No. 515566 ID: 9ee904
File 137077886790.jpg - (47.24KB , 813x604 , friednlykill.jpg )

he then, finally, turn to the armored warrior
"And who might you be? A bit out of place with this lot, aren't you?"
the scrawny lizard that pushed all of his companion toward an early death start to laugh
" I'm afraid to inform you that she is not able to talk, but you wont live to know why" he cast a spell" rise my undead dolls!" nothing, tough, seems to happen "W-waht!why they don't-" the necromacer stab the lizard in the stomach
N:"cause to rise dolls you need a freshly dead body and the soul of that body, too bad i had a way to snatch your friends soul away, hahaha!
No. 515567 ID: 9ee904
File 137077925176.jpg - (49.40KB , 978x727 , fuck!ù.jpg )

as the lizard die the armored warrior fall on the ground, the sound of her breath can still be heard
"well, what now legion?"
No. 515569 ID: bf54a8

inspect the warrior. why did they fall when the lizard did? must be magical link.
No. 515584 ID: 1cf691

Disarm the armored warrior just in case, then check out all those crates they dragged inside your lair.

There should be plenty of parts for many new undead servants... Or one really HUGE undead servant!
No. 515605 ID: 9ddf68

how are the demons?

anyways disarm and look at the armored one, might be something worth noting.
No. 515682 ID: 47a120

see if it isn't too late to catch those demon's souls. Can't waste such a valuable resource.
Then inspect the warrior who cannot speak.
No. 515745 ID: 7003a8

Fix your demons, disarm and stabilize the warrior, then revive that lizard so you can make him divulge his secrets.
"So, you were going to explain why she can't talk? Assuming you want your new lease on life to last more than a few minutes, of course"
No. 515941 ID: 47a120

can we interrogate the mage's soul directly without reviving him?
Also, don't we get more magic powers from eating mage souls?
No. 515942 ID: bf54a8

indeed,and we don't even need to lie, technically five is more then a few. so we give him five minutes if he gives us good answers.
No. 515943 ID: 47a120

>Fix your demons
When I said to consume their souls I had assumed they were beyond repair. If they can be fixed/healed then do so, yes.
No. 515944 ID: 9ee904
File 137085894742.jpg - (23.50KB , 813x604 , hastly fixed.jpg )

>check the demons
>fix demons
hmm, they are quite broken, but because of their bonds to me, there's no need to caught their souls again" he then cast a spell "this is a very quick fix, but for now it should be enough, i will work on given them a proper body later"
No. 515948 ID: 9ee904
File 137086051884.jpg - (23.69KB , 640x480 , 1b.jpg )


I still have to assimilate the mages souls, but yes, they will give me at leasts bit of power, for the mortal souls, tough, they could only be used to rise new undead minions, or create an abomination of sort, anyway..." he move to disarm the fainted warrior, then cast rock move and bind the fainted warrior with stone shackles
"this way she wont be a treat,he then remove her elm and examine her quickly "she is an elf, not sure what kind, but she doesn't seems to be damaged, although i can tell she is quite tainted by the corruption I have to examine her further, demons carry her to my lab"
I could interrogate his soul, but a body that can be hurt and not dying unless i decide so it's easier to interrogate, plus he wont be able to cast any spell unless i let him."
What will you choose, soul or revive?
No. 515951 ID: 9ee904
File 137086422235.jpg - (87.10KB , 813x604 , scrawny corpsedoll.jpg )

>revive that lizard so you can make him divulge his secrets.
"OK" he grab the lizard corpse and place the lizard's soul back in it thanks to a spell, reviving it "So, you were going to explain why she can't talk? Assuming you want your new lease on life to last more than a few minutes, of course" The lizard reaction is of utter terror as he realize his current state "W-what you did to me?! Noo!"
I just did what were you planning on doing to all your allies, that you stupidly sent to their death, now speak, or death will only be a thing you'll invoke"
No. 515952 ID: 9ee904
File 137086508914.jpg - (44.34KB , 640x480 , 1b.jpg )

Forgot a piece of update....
"S-she is been placed under a spell by my master, but i have no idea how to remove it, s-she was bound to me and she would only answer to my orders,now she wont woke up unless you brake the spell or you are able to rewrite it"
N:"<should I ask for more information about the spell, what else should i ask?>
No. 515956 ID: 1cf691

Ask him: "Who is your master and what does he do?"
And yeah ask this guy everything he knows about the spell so we know if we can break it. Then its about time we created a real abomination using the mages soul, a real hulking mountain of undead flesh to strike terror into our enemies.
No. 515958 ID: 14bafe

Order him to change his command? The spell forcing her to obey him should still respond to that.
No. 515959 ID: 2fbf20

Yeah an undead hulk would good or at least some kind of tank
No. 515976 ID: 47a120

More info about master first and foremost.
Then more info about spell
No. 515997 ID: 9ddf68

ask how the little worm found out about this place and how likely is it for us to run across any of his friends trying to find him in the future, because we already have demon's attacking us every other day and that's increasing as time goes on as well and things are hectic enough as it is.
No. 516012 ID: 7003a8

Knowing about the spell will probably tell us more about his master than anything he could say, but I doubt he knows much of anything about how the spell works beyond what he said. Still, it never hurts to ask.

If he doesn't know enough to help you break the spell, then he can order her to obey your commands and disregard his. You can always leave him comatose in a cell while you're investigating.
No. 516310 ID: bef9c6

I guess you could try to figure out what sort of spell it was and its weaknesses.

* What kind of magic does his master use? Alchemy? Blood? Souls? Tattoos? Spirits? Demons?
* Did she enter a pact willingly or against her will?
* How did the process of binding her to the lizard happen? Any strange rituals or command words?

Perhaps you could make a more intelligent undead servant to help you manage your base? You need a cook/butler/maid to keep all your associates fed and happy. You also need some fast and sneaky servants to help gather materials and information.

Is keeping the lizard viable or would you be better off digesting him for magic power or to use as a magic weapon for your bioweapon creature?

If you do make an 'abomination' then perhaps you could give it a face that's kind and friendly looking except when in battle. Otherwise it might spook your guests.
No. 516480 ID: f27a67
File 137107369607.jpg - (45.71KB , 640x480 , 1b.jpg )

the necromancer move the lizard closer to his face "I need to know more about this spell, first, do you know how to break it?"
"N-no, my master never told me how to do i-"
N:"Second! Can you order her to listen to my command instead of yours?"
"N-no it wont work, Master told me he made it so that only i could order the girl around!"
"Hmm...Did she enter a pact willingly or against her will? How did the process of binding her to the lizard happen? Any strange rituals or command words?
I-I have no idea, he just assigned me that girl, then told me to look for a new location for his slave trade!"
N:"how did you find out this place, what about the men that followed and died here?"
"M-mercenaries, we found this place by chance!, i still have to inform master of this place!"
N:" one last question, what you know about your masater? what magic he use? where he live?"
I know next to nothing about him! He use blood glyphs, can summon demon servants and spirits, he also taught me what i know about necromancy and doll making!"
"WHERE he live?!"
"He live in the main island desert in a black tower, but I no idea how to find the road to the tower, I was never awake when-"
the necromancer let the lizard fall to the ground "useless" he cast a spell and the lizard die again " I dont think it will be safe to let him have a body, for now i will make him stay in a pudding,also I have much to do now, crates to open girls to examine, body to melt in mystical material and to store...what should i do first? besides assimilating the mage souls?
No. 516481 ID: f27a67
File 137107417083.jpg - (20.89KB , 640x480 , 1b.jpg )

Ah, the mage souls, belonging to normal humans only have to spell i can learn each :
- ice arrows: you saw what it does: ice sword: I can only trow one icicle at a time, but large as a man
- Light shield: the classical magical barrier, but more effective against undeads; Heal: cure wounds, it will actually cause me some damage and quite a bit of pain for me to cast it, but so will it do any other holy spells, Yes true resurrection it's going hurt, a lot
No. 516482 ID: 47a120

will light shield cause pain? (sounds holy-ish).

I am for light sword.

Also, might as well consume the lizard mage soul now.
No. 516484 ID: 9ddf68

might as well start with the creates, since they seemed to just be starting the trade here hopefully they won't have anything alive in them and just have some basic materials for us to arm any future servants with, then we can move on to the girl to see what we can learn from her.
No. 516485 ID: f27a67

ice sword, you mean?
also yes, light shield will hurt, legion shouldn't have problem, tough, your host doesn't feel pain
No. 516486 ID: 47a120

Yes, I meant ice sword, sorry about that.

How big a shield are we talking about? Can it shield a group of people?
I am leaning towards healing.
No. 516494 ID: bef9c6

Look outside first. There aren't any more of them that might get away are there?

I think Ice Arrows is where it is at. It devastated Necros demon minions in one salvo so it should be good at clearing out swarms of weak enemies. Necro and Legion are also reliant on the longbows for ranged attacks. I imagine the ice arrows will be utterly devastating if they can be combined with the venom spell.

Would it be possible to place the holy magic soul in a new guardian minion that feels no pain? Perhaps one with whip weapons or long limbs so it could still attack from behind the barrier. Alternatively could the heal/shield soul be assimilated by Neve or Liirial? They might be more the healing types.

You should quarantine the captive girl. Can you put her in an anti-scrying circle to cut her off from external magic? It might be that the master still has full command of her. In fact he might have been using her as a tool to keep track of what the lizard. was doing. There was no real transfer of 'ownership' after all. She might still be a puppet controlled from somewhere else.
No. 516503 ID: bf54a8

ice arrows. you need crowd control.

an yeah get the girl into a secure area.
No. 516593 ID: 0d74ff
File 137112330699.jpg - (30.36KB , 640x480 , 1b.jpg )

"the girl is already been sent in a secure area and most of this mountain is impossible to scree, the density of the corruption disturb most long range magics, that's also why we have to use puddings to communicate
ice arrows learned, the light shield is only limited to the user and it's a sphere around the user, who can still trow thing out of it or spells, although i will lean toward heal, cause we also have to help the felyne village" as he open the door toward the outside and take a peek
"hmm, there's a bunch of mules outside, but I can't see anyone else...I had an idea, while I wait for your host to bring back the magical wood, I'll leave out a bunch of soulpuddings to operate as sentries, for now I only have three to spare, tough
No. 516594 ID: 0d74ff
File 137112409693.jpg - (54.81KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20130613.jpg )

Also, Neve and Liirial need to have their souls bounded to mine to learn a spell directly form me and it's a really invasive spell, but I can tell their magical affinity is quite above the average and should learn to cast spell without chanting quite faster then a normal mage...so, do i try to figure out the spell cast on the girl or open the boxes first?
No. 516600 ID: bf54a8

let's open the boxes
No. 516622 ID: 87f756

Separate the crates from each other and check them for traps before opening them. It sounds like you're up against another necromancer after all; The kind that gives your specialization a bad name.

Regarding the elf, try simply taking off all her armor and clothing. See if there are any marks or alterations.
No. 516624 ID: 7003a8

Heal. You're acquiring quite a retinue, and while you can cast spells through Legion the same CAN'T be said for performing surgery.

While we do need to get a crowd control spell, none of these are actually GOOD at it. The ice spikes are suppressive, sure, but they're too directed to take control of the battlefield. For that we need something with a splash radius or area denial, like a fireball or spiked wall.
No. 516626 ID: 7003a8

Move the boxes inside, make sure they aren't hauling living cargo, THEN figure out the spell.
Taking inventory can wait until you've examined the spell, since we don't know what the spell does when the mage dies - for all we know it releases a soul-necrosis affliction or something.
No. 516640 ID: 9ddf68

I say go for the boxes
No. 517332 ID: 810235
File 137141549028.jpg - (75.68KB , 813x604 , bananabold.jpg )

"hmm, maybe I could multitask" his right eyes flash blue for a second, at the same time the female demone eyes and hair turn the same colour
N:My demonic servants, move here and start to look inside each boxes and make an inventory of what you will found" he then refer directly to the female"Dalil, of your group you are the only one that seems to have a working brain, so you will be in charge of the inventory, the rest of you"he say referring to the other demons" move all the boxes inside the hideout and help her open them, I'll going to examine the girl now" his eye turn withe again "now, would you like to follow the demons while they look insides the boxes or talk to Neve a bit, I will be quite busy working on the elf
No. 517374 ID: 7003a8

Lets follow the demons, since they might need instruction.
No. 517396 ID: 47a120

+1 on the heal.
No. 517441 ID: 9ddf68

lets keep an eye on the demons, as I don't fully trust them unsupervised yet.
No. 518724 ID: 81777b
File 137187936865.jpg - (21.19KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20130613.jpg )

N:"heal then"
you are now Dalil,After been summoned in the human world just at the beginning of this week everything went downhill, this till a few minutes ago: first your mind dind't got erased by the man who bounded and second, now you have been given a leadership position for the first time in your life...hmm, now that you think about it you feel weird since the man gave you this order, you can't quite grasp what is it, tough
No. 518733 ID: 9ddf68

could be the first signs of a oncoming head ache...

Done freaking out yet? good because we are here to help make sure you don't screw up so if at any time you feel stuck feel free to ask us and we'll do what we can.
No. 518802 ID: 7003a8

There are boxes in here and outside.
Find out what's in them.
No. 518810 ID: 81777b
File 137193953233.jpg - (19.76KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20130613.jpg )

w-what! who's talking!?
D3:not me, are you ok? Your hair are blue you know...

aww, so My skills are not trusted after all..
No. 518815 ID: 765802

More along the line of if you find something interesting we can tell the big guy quickly. The helping you out part is more of a perk
No. 518816 ID: bf54a8

we can only talk, you are the one with the arms after all. think of it like having someone watch you while you work and direct as needed.
No. 518842 ID: 7003a8

We have no doubt of your skills, but you haven't been working with our little group long enough to know how we run things here.

Still, we're just here to take inventory with you and give special instructions if we find anything out of the ordinary. You're the one in charge of the other two moving things inside.
No. 518941 ID: 87f756

Aww you're so adorable. Necro calls us Legion. That's probably the best way to refer to us.

What did you do before you were summoned and how does the whole summoning thing work anyway? You're really not too badly off here with Necro and us.

You should probably start working on moving, opening and taking stock of what is in those boxes. If you don't screw this up then we'll recommend you for the best new body that gets made. You want that, don't you?
No. 519552 ID: f20daf
File 137224730538.jpg - (29.72KB , 640x480 , Dalil real form.jpg )

"ah! I would love to look cute and become strong, if it's possible...OK then, let's get to work! I'll make sure to do an excellent work!"
she then run outside to see what's there is to carry inside and give directions to her friends/subordinate
No. 519554 ID: f20daf
File 137224855545.jpg - (77.46KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20130613.jpg )

After some time...
OK, we just finished carry everything inside, I can sense that 5 small boxes have something that produce a lot of mana inside, but they are also kept locked by a spell,I'm not able to break the spell, but the boxes don't seems so strong, maybe we break the box itself, unless you think it's too dangerous.
Other interesting things were a box full of large eggs, I don't know wich species belong to, tough, three box full of glass containers filled with various powders and plants and a box full of spears.
All The other boxes we opened had nothing really imposrt in it: fornitures,various kind of fabric and metal dishes...did I've worked well?"
No. 519563 ID: 1cf691

You did good.
Now tell one of your minions to smash open one of the magical mystery secret boxes while you take cover behind some furniture.
No. 519586 ID: b8ceae

No, no, no. What if it's a stasis spell storing some kind of horrible mutant? Or a trap to catch would-be thieves?

Take the boxes of magical stuff, the eggs, and the plants and powders and stuff, and set those aside. Tell the necromancer what's in them so he can handle those personally. It's his area of expertise, so they're his responsibility.

You know how to write, right? Take a full inventory of everything else so he can look over a list to decide what goes where. If you can't write, then you can start unpacking the furniture if you like.
Good job!
No. 519596 ID: 87f756

Move the magically locked boxes and eggs to Necros secure workshop. He has experience with those kind of things. Don't open them. If you release something dangerous then that won't reflect well on you.

See if you can find Neve and Liirial. Start putting up the furniture instead with them. This place needs some improvement! Set up shelves, side boards, beds, tables and the like. Then place the fabric, flowers and powders on the shelves so they're visible and easy to access.

Try to identify some of the powders and plants. Look for makers marks or identifying features on the furniture and metal plates as well. Maybe you can figure out where they came from or give Necro some hint as to what they are worth...
Put the spears in a basket or place them in a crate with the spear tips pointing up. We might use them to make a trap later or something. If you can find Necros armoury then just move the spears there. Put the empty crates in a store room somewhere. There must be one around.

When it's more or less done you can report in to Necro. Tell him that everything is ready for inspection apart from the magically sealed boxes and the mysterious eggs that were put aside for him to deal with.
No. 519599 ID: bf54a8

indeed, boxes with magic on them are like that for a reason.
No. 519602 ID: 9ddf68

not bad not bad at all.

As for the magical boxes, eggs, and bottles of plants and stuff, put those to the side for now as we really don't know what they do and like you said we really can't do anything with them. Once you're down with that go find necro and tell him inventory is done.
No. 520575 ID: fd70c0
File 137271232547.jpg - (12.55KB , 640x480 , trick punch.jpg )

>>you did good
"Aww, thakhs,It's been a long time since someone said that to me..."
"O-Of course I can write... wait,I don't have anything to write with, tough" As she say that a note book and a pen appear in her hands, she open it, in the first page is written < You did well>
" It's fine if I cry now?!
No. 520579 ID: 9ddf68

if you want just remember to wright down everything you found though.

so now what do we do? The cargo is all accounted for excepts for whatever is in the magical boxes which we are just waiting for Necro to find a moment to open them.
No. 520802 ID: 87f756

I'd pat your head if I could. Now get writing.

You could draw some pictures on the back of a page with some ideas for your potential new body... Do you prefer using weapons or having natural weapons like talons or bone spikes? If you could choose between having deadly poison glands or an extra cup size which would you pick? Can we interest you in some additional limbs...?
No. 520847 ID: 1c0cc0
File 137279603012.jpg - (26.08KB , 640x480 , trick punch.jpg )

aww, thanks
ah, I dunno, I have some fencing skill and I can use a knife...I0m not good at drawing things, I never had time to try in the demon world...I would like a normal female body...

hmm,maybe I should go apologize to the big breasted half...w-what was her name?"
No. 520852 ID: 9ddf68

think her name was Liirial, so if you want to apologize I think she was in the kitchen/dining area last we saw of her.
No. 520864 ID: b8ceae

Once you've got the inventory written down you can go talk to her.

We'll see what we can do about getting you a better body, but it might take some time.
No. 520974 ID: 87f756

What, were you being a bitchy towards Liirial before or something?

How about you just say hi to her. Explain that you're the red haired demoness from before, but you kind of got wrecked in a fight so Necro put you in a new body. Ask nicely if you can get along since you're 100% on Necros side now. Let bygones be bygones and all that.
Thats is if you ARE on our side...

See if she can give you a hug since you're tiny.
No. 523535 ID: ed243b
File 137349858713.jpg - (41.06KB , 870x742 , Immagine1.jpg )