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File 133628393475.png - (240.34KB , 861x531 , Command36.png )
408649 No. 408649 ID: f72f26

previous thread

Bill: the pain its gone, the numbness too, I feel . . . strange. what's going on I can't quite remember . . .
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No. 408653 ID: 1f8505

Where are you, son?
No. 408672 ID: e3f578

You almost died killing bugs as an Astranian captive, you were interrogated by a human commander of yours that thought you switched sides.
Your head might still be jumbled from psychic interference. Easy kid.
No. 408703 ID: 410a04

Boy get up. This is important. The command is about to launch an assault on the astranians. You need to tell him what you know, and with complete truth. There was no spec-ops team. There was no espionage. There was a rogue team who may have learned about something concerning both of your races. Get up.
No. 408711 ID: 2563d4

No. 408832 ID: f72f26
File 133632807913.png - (244.25KB , 861x531 , Command37.png )

>Boy get up. This is important.

Bill: "ah General sorry for sleeping on the job . . . oh wait he's not here."


I remember the General, he asked me a bunch of questions . . . I'm not sure I gave him the right answers.

>Where are you, son?

in a cave? no wait there's furniture . . . I don't know
No. 408834 ID: 14a1d0

That bed is too short for you to be laying on.
No. 408835 ID: 3f47eb

Why is that bench broken and whose feet are those?
No. 408837 ID: 259a16

The fuck happened to all the furniture? Actually, if the furniture is so fucked up, why are you fine, you are fine right, by which I mean, you arn't missing any major limbs?
No. 408845 ID: 5029d1

it looks like.. check that guy. if he's dead then you were left alive because you already looked dead.
No. 408888 ID: 214bf9

Judging from the state of the room the base is likely under attack, your top priority is to acquire a weapon.
No. 408896 ID: cf49fc


Also, try not to get too stressed out, or you'll probably keel over.
No. 409262 ID: f72f26
File 133637317685.png - (274.11KB , 861x531 , Command38.png )

>Why is that bench broken and whose feet are those?

Bill:huh? looks like the doctor, I guess there was a struggle

>your top priority is to acquire a weapon.

I think I see a shotgun on the floor.

>you are fine right, by which I mean, you arn't missing any major limbs?

everything seems to be in place and- aaaaaAAAH!


No. 409263 ID: 60fee2

No. 409264 ID: 3711e1

Grab shotgun and hope it is not actually just a pipe
No. 409265 ID: 5029d1

oh god what is that thing on the dead guy?! SHOOT IT!!
No. 409269 ID: 410a04

No. 409345 ID: 214bf9

Shut up before you attract the attention of something that will eat your other leg!
No. 409731 ID: f72f26
File 133649365931.png - (256.00KB , 861x531 , Command39.png )

Bill gotta get that gun! . . . shit guess I'm not as fast as I thought.
No. 409732 ID: f72f26
File 133649370387.png - (263.39KB , 861x531 , Command40.png )


Bill: "huh?"
No. 409733 ID: 21807b

Say "Oh! Thanks Oken!" and then realize that it couldn't possibly be the adorable tiny deer you met a while ago.
No. 409734 ID: 5029d1

thank whoever saved you and since you have a new hand a new leg may be nearby waiting to be attached.
No. 409736 ID: a2fa74

Or re-attached. The stranners gave him a prosthetic; a bit crude, but probably better than anything you could get here.
No. 409859 ID: 78ef99

It better be actually dead before you get distracted and start talking to whoever helped you, keep on guard and shoot it again if necessary. Then thank whoever.
No. 410524 ID: f72f26
File 133676906488.png - (275.66KB , 861x531 , Command41.png )

"Oh! Thanks Oken!"

oh wait, there's no way Oken could be here . . . I look up to see the General.

Halsner: "hmm? Boy, did you say something?"

"sir no sir."

Halsner: "get yourself some medical attention. speaking of which Parker?"

Driver: "the doc's dead sir, the beast got him good."

Halsner: "Damn, and here I thought the bugs drove all the Wormcrabs to extinction."

the general seems to be ignoring me at this point.
No. 410526 ID: e3f578

Halsner <3 SO SUGOI
Attention soldier, you salute that man right now!
Or try and find your medical attention. Or something. Just get up on your feet and grab a gun.
No. 410528 ID: 5029d1

look around for a leg on your own. unless he addresses you and asks what youa re doing. just a kurt "sir, trying to find some medicine on my own sir."
No. 410534 ID: 5029d1

foot. he is missing one leg.
No. 410540 ID: e3f578

HE has a prosthetic right? Oh wait, no he doesn't.
Get a prosthetic leg.
No. 410551 ID: 214bf9

The only reason not to salute that man would be if you lacked both arms. Salute him and request to know what's going on.
No. 410712 ID: 3f47eb

look for your leg. or medical attention. politely ask WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?
No. 410715 ID: 2563d4

That, but request orders because you're not important enough to spend the time on explaining what's going on.
No. 412228 ID: f72f26
File 133712222941.png - (241.05KB , 861x531 , Command42.png )

I find the leg the furres made for me lying nearby, I then salute the general.

"Sir! Requesting orders sir!"

Halsner "pull yours self together boy and meet me in the briefing room. I expect you there in five minutes."
No. 412229 ID: 5029d1

put your shit on and go. you got some soldiering left to do.
No. 412574 ID: 410a04

Tell that you need to say something about the astranian "infiltrators." Let him know about the motives of Oken, that she's is deserted and was investigating possible high-command corruption. Even if he doesn't believe it, he'll likely keep it in mind as a possibility during his own dealings. It helps both.
No. 412575 ID: 5029d1

that's probably why he wants us in the briefing room. talking out of turn is bad idea. just go there first and answer his questions.
No. 412621 ID: 1cf9fb

We're a rank and file, not a commander. Best not give answers to questions our superiors haven't asked just yet.

You heard the man Bill, let's see how it's working.
No. 413670 ID: 3f47eb

as the man said. lets get our stuff, get in gear and head on out. dont forget the gun you were off to grab and make sure its loaded.

also keep a look out on the base on your way there. see whats going on.
No. 413799 ID: f72f26
File 133740953010.png - (259.58KB , 861x531 , Command43.png )

5 minutes later . . .

"the boy's late, he better have a damn good excuse for keeping me waiting."

now following General Halsner.
No. 413803 ID: 5029d1

well he WAS literally missing an arm and a leg.
mentally go over what has happened.
No. 414247 ID: 1cf9fb

So, how did a supposedly extinct wormcrab get into the medical section and start killing people? That might be a good place to start asking questions and demanding answers?
No. 415961 ID: f72f26
File 133796869007.png - (259.22KB , 861x531 , Command44.png )


the worm crabs are native inhabitants. there numbers diminished greatly when the Bugs appeared. it was assumed they had hunted the creatures to extinction and the Tech-Leech implied as much itself, an odd thing for them to lie about.

This is a problem, our base camp at the moment is little more than a big cave, these creatures could attack from any angle, the one we found was probably attracted to the smell of blood from the medical equipment

Radio Op: "Sir! Colonel Gibly is in position, he wishes to speak with you."
No. 415962 ID: 1f8505


Talk to Gibly and request a SitRep from him.
No. 415976 ID: 3f47eb

and send someone to check on william/bill/enrad see whats taking him so long. make sure to keep an eye out on those wormcrabs.
No. 417485 ID: f72f26
File 133842272585.png - (164.37KB , 861x531 , Command45.png )

"Parker! go check on Willy B. E, and find out why the hell he isn't here."

Driver: " uh who sir?"

"The recruit idiot! do I have to spell everything out for you!"

Driver: "Sir! no! Sir!"

Driver runs off, and the General turns his attention to Gibly.

Gibly: "Jack, our guilder has secured an Astranian transport. he says we can use this to infiltrate their mobile command centre."

Halsner: "Exellent sounds like the mission is proceeding exactly as planned."

Gibly: "I'm not so sure, this Guilder seems far too confident and I don't know if we should trust him."

Halsner: "Of course not! don't be silly it's just a matter of time before this alien freak stabs us in the back. regardless we need him for now so try to play nice."

Gibly: "I'll try . . . you know I'd feel a lot better if you were guiding us through this yourself, you've got more experience fighting these Astranian freaks then the rest of us combined."

Halsner: "Charles I've got a whole planet to protect, I can't manage every operation. Still this is important. . ."

Does the general personally guide the mission via radio?
No. 417488 ID: 132b99

hmmm... it IS a very important target. it goes down and all the smaller missions around here should go a lot easier. IF it goes down. think this may call for a personal touch.
No. 417517 ID: 082302

Multitasking is what we do!
No. 424137 ID: f72f26
File 134014410146.png - (206.26KB , 861x531 , Command46.png )

Halsner: "All right you've got my support."

Gibly: "let me load up a tactical feed."

A screen flickers to life,

Gibly: "we've got our stolen Astranian shuttle ready to board that command walker. but the Astranians have six squads blocking our path: 3 are infantry squads and 3 are mech teams."

Halsner: "and we just need to get the shuttle to the command walker?"

Gibly: "correct, it should be noted we also have 3 guardian tanks for covering fire"

what is the best manner of approach?
No. 424167 ID: 132b99

hmmm... if the shuttle is damaged and apears to be fleeing from the tanks, would they buy it? if they can obviously tell the shuttle is not theirs anymore then don't try that.

if we quickly blitz and pin down the the two south mechs and have the shuttle take a southward approach and take out the southeast infantry that should leave a wide enough gap they can't respond to the shuttle fast enough to shoot it.
No. 424184 ID: 1f8505


Disguise the approach of the captured shuttle by firing in its general direction.
No. 424281 ID: 3f47eb

if we have the shuttle fly in 'stealthly' ie like it's under disguised tell the pilot to fly straight toward it and not do any real acrobatics. the furres dont fly very well for the most part. and a couple missiles from long range would do the trick, no need to put the tanks in the line of fire.
No. 424462 ID: f72f26
File 134023194327.png - (301.47KB , 861x531 , Command47.png )

Halsner: "playing the part of the injured vessel will get you farthest in this, follow a straight path make it look like the manoeuvring thrusters are shot."

Gibly: "can do, I'll have the Guardians lay down a barrage of fire to distract the Stranners and make the ploy more convincing."

* * *

as my boys enter the home stretch an Astranian officer transmits to the shuttle

Astranian Captian: "Shuttle Velevar state your docking code, condition report and required assistance."

Charles whispers back into his radio

Gibly: "Jack we don't have that intel, with out it those docking door will stay shut."
No. 424472 ID: 132b99

your transmitter is shot. act like you are trying to send codes but there is too much damage so they get a few unintelligible noises between bursts of static.
No. 424474 ID: 1f8505


Fly that sucker through the doors.
No. 424482 ID: 6f7214

Sounds like the best idea, make it seem desperate, if worst comes to worst slide it in like a scene from some heroic war movie.
No. 424483 ID: 132b99

maybe the ship's computer has a auto-send button?
No. 424775 ID: f72f26
File 134031874861.png - (391.86KB , 861x531 , Command48.png )

Halsner: "try to make it appear as if you are staticing out, maybe that'll scare em into thinking your in real trouble."

Gibly: "I'll try my best."

I take a brief recount of Gibly's' squad structure, looks like he designated stealth, assault and defensive squads, I should take careful note of this info.

Gibly tries to give the Astranians some mixed static, but they don't seem to accept it

Gibly: "looks like we're going in the hard way, brace for impact boys."
No. 424778 ID: f72f26
File 134031891546.png - (273.96KB , 861x531 , Command49.png )

the ship makes impact, visual cuts out, I hear muffled shouts and orders and-

Enrad: "Sir, sorry I'm late . . . I got lost."
No. 424781 ID: 132b99

"shut up and sit down"
No. 424794 ID: 660725

Grab some popcorn, show's about to start boy. Move out.
No. 424817 ID: 3f47eb

is there anything we can do from here?
No. 427382 ID: f72f26
File 134099071630.png - (338.81KB , 861x531 , Command50.png )

Gibly: "rooms clear, these robots went down before they even had time to charge their weapons, I don't think we're expected."

Halsner: "Exellent work"

Gibly: "Mantis informs me that the Stranners can self destruct this vehicle from both engineering and the control room. I'm thinking we should split up, sending one squad to secure engineering, one squad to secure Control and one squad the clear the rest of the vehicle, this sound good to you?"

should Gibly's force follow this plan? if so of squads "Sneak" "Storm" and "Hold" which teams should be assigned to which tasks?
No. 427405 ID: 132b99

team team heads for control, loudly. freeing up tam sneak to head for engineering and team hold to clear ship. make sure avenues of retreat are maintained. if they decided to self destruct early you want to be able to get back to this ship FAST.
No. 428355 ID: f72f26
File 134127740792.png - (303.10KB , 861x531 , Command51.png )

Following Team Storm

Johnson down, killed

Astranian Captain: "Solar filth, you cannot win here! even if you take this station the Commander will destroy you all!"

Mantis whispers into his radio

Mantis: "General, how crucial is it we keep this walker operational? I can take down these marines but the collateral from the grenades will likely destroy much of the control deck."

Halsner: "is there no alternative?"

Mantis: "I could get creative, but that might put the lives of your men in further danger."

What call does Halsner make?
No. 428371 ID: 132b99

capturing was the big goal but if breaking it is the only thing there is then so be it.
No. 428445 ID: 3f47eb

get creative, we need that walker to bolster our forces. and our troops are tough and made of steel, not the pansy flowers these Stranner's are made of.
No. 428461 ID: 1f8505


Start blindfiring in their general direction.
No. 429457 ID: f72f26
File 134155596508.png - (371.59KB , 861x531 , Command52.png )

Mantis tumbles and dodges towards the Astranian front serving as a distraction

he is critically injured by near misses

Kemler(6) and Gusten(1) ambush from behind
Kemler softens them up with some flame-thrower fire

Astranian Captain: "eeeargh!"
Astranian leader is incinerated by fire
Gusten over taxes the enemies shields with his Gatling gun

Astranian marine is killed

Mantis assaults the remaining enemy suffering further inury.

No. 429460 ID: 132b99

frosk distract that last marine with some fire so mantis can disengage. kem, gus finish him off.
No. 430415 ID: f72f26
File 134180469599.png - (310.47KB , 861x531 , Command53.png )

Frosk fires upon and distracts the remaining Astranian so that Mantis can withdraw

heavy fire takes down the last marine

Mantis: "General, Control deck secure!"

* * *

Switching to team hold

Rickens: "Sir we've cleared the lower levels though some of the Furre escaped into the desert."

Halsner: "hmmm, is that all?"

Rickens: "No Sir, three furre surrendered we're not sure how to proceed."

the guilder interrupts

Darglok: "General this presents a unique oppertunity, hand the Stranners over to me and I can use them to craft weapons that will put even the mighty Raytech to shame. the whole stranner "alliance" will quake with fear!"

Rickens: "sir, these Astranians are already "quaking with fear" at anything this guilder has to say . . . I'm not sure I like the sound of this plan."
No. 430417 ID: 132b99

can't just hand them over. need to pump them for information first. and maybe something in this place will refuse to work without a stranner working the controls. so you MAY get them but for now we'll keep them locked up in our custody until we have no further use of them.
No. 430754 ID: 1f8505

Strip them of their battle gear and interrogate them. They're sheep, they should crack fairly easily.
No. 430759 ID: 7a7e90

>Strip them of their battle gear
Wool included.

And pet them.
No. 430966 ID: f72f26
File 134194917503.png - (326.97KB , 861x531 , Command54.png )

Halsner: "I'm sorry but I can't just hand them over. We need to pump them for information they may also prove useful when opperating Astranian tech. So Mr. Darglok you MAY get them eventually but for now we'll keep them locked up in our custody until we have no further use of them."

Darglok: "fair enough general, but remember Stranners do not survive well in captivity, for the best results I'll need them fresher."

Halsner: "Rickens you take it from here, my attention is needed elsewhere."

The general hangs up, leaving Rickens in control.

Pisco: "Hey sarge, maybe we should strip them of their battle gear? just to be safe."

Schnider: "Zer not verring any only zese fancy suits"

Pisco: "they're military uniforms, who know what sort of weapons they're hiding within the threads."

Schnider: "I heard zat if you strip an Astranian you'll invoke ze wrath of Ze Obilisks."

Pisco: "don't tell me you believe that nonsense, why would they even care?"

Rickens: "enough chatter men we've got orders to uphold."

Schnider: "And vat exactly izzat? ve can't be pointing our guns at zese Furre forever, and none of us brought any handcuffs"

Winter reaches to the nearest Astranian to pet it.

Astranian: "don't touch me you filthy creature!"

Pisco: "Careful Doc, they bite."

How does Rickens choose to deal with the Prisoners?
No. 430968 ID: 132b99

hmm.. ask them where the nearest clothes are. turn the clothes into makeshift ropes and tie them up. full fore-arm wrap.
No. 430969 ID: 34cbef

rope, or belts- tie them up. If you don't have any take the belts off the stranners.
No. 430971 ID: a2fa74

Give the Guilder the corpses.
There are quarters on this craft, so confine them to that. A primed incendiary just outside the door will discourage them from trying to leave, and as long as you don't push them too hard they shouldn't get desperate.
They'll expect rescue, so they should try to tough this out until help arrives. Don't disabuse them of that notion and they'll be more passive.
Search the craft for stranner food and drink, and keep those secure. We need it to feed the captives so they won't die.

Contemplate tossing Enrad in there. He clearly has some stranner sympathies, but he's not a traitor. The stranner prosthetics should help them think he's on their side, and if they bond it'll be a lot easier to get information out of them.
No. 430979 ID: 132b99

enrad is WAY WAY WAY back at the base.
No. 430984 ID: 927efa

Be courteous of the Astranians' modesty. That is one of their most precious values. Impress them with your professionalism. Seriously these aliens might look like fluffy sheep, but inside they're a race of politicians, the lot of them. You need to show strength and control, and not compassion or setimentality, to best reach them. Remember the only effective interrogation technique is to make friends with the prisoners. That is how you make friends with born Astranians.
No. 432068 ID: f72f26
File 134222336095.png - (275.03KB , 861x531 , Command55.png )

Darglok: "I'm needed in engineering Sergeant, good luck with the prisoners."

Winters: "Hey sarge, we could use torn cloth or some belts to tie them up"

Rickens: "properly restraining an Astranian is difficult, tigh the ropes to loose and their small hands will slip free, too tight and you'll cut of circulation or snap their bones. . . Let's lock them in a room for now."

how many soldiers should guard the door? and how many should continue searching the vehicle?
No. 432071 ID: 132b99

who has the best reaction speed? they should be the guard. need to be able to tell shoot or not faster then an enemy can. the rest keep going.
No. 432284 ID: f72f26
File 134225121312.png - (263.76KB , 861x531 , Command56.png )

General Halsner radios Gibly

Gibly: "we've got a serious problem here, this fortress is powered by a RayTech reactor"

Halsner: "on a vehicle this size? seems we aren't the only side upping our arsenal."

Gibly: "if this thing blows, it might go off like an atomic blast or probably worse. on top of that the tools that pirate gave us are having no effect this whole mission may have to be compromised."

Halsner: "I'll Contact the Guilder myself."

General Halsner radios Darglok and briefs him on the development

Darglok: "a disaster? hardly, if anything this only proves a greater fortune; an unlimited supply of Astranner energy, can you imagine the power we will posses general?

Halsner: "so you can still put this thing in our control?"

Darglok: "Indeed, it will be more difficult but a weapon operating under it's on power could be far more valuable than previously planned . . . of course there are some additional sacrifices that will need to be made."

Halsner: "what sort of sacrifices?"

Darglok: "one of your number will have to be forever merged with this machine, to pilot it, to control it, to ensure that the reactor itself remains loyal to it's new masters. Is this not a fair price to pay?"
No. 432301 ID: 132b99

take a volunteer only. someone that thinks their life would best be served this way.
No. 432304 ID: 34cbef

ask if the new man machine hybrid will be sentient to retain it's identity. if so, go for it general.
No. 432695 ID: f72f26
File 134232734556.png - (235.79KB , 861x531 , Command57.png )

Darglok: "for good or for ill, the controller will retain all prior awareness and personality."

[b] the call for volunteers is sent, but no soldier steps forward."

Darglok: "General your men respect you and your leadership, they may not be eager to take on this burden but any one of them would submit if you but gave them the order."

a volunteer would have been nice . . . it seems I won't be that fortunate.
No. 432696 ID: 299ed3

Do it to yourself, become humanity's war machine that will drive out the astranian scum.
No. 432697 ID: 34cbef

Send in Gibly!
No. 432705 ID: 132b99

schnider, he seems like a tough guy.
No. 432739 ID: 0c2247

Pick somebody who doesn't have family. Have the Guilder keep as much of their body intact as possible.
Also, indemnify them from any 'no fraternization' rules - if they're going to make this kind of sacrifice I'm damn well going to make sure it's the least unpleasant it can be.
No. 432757 ID: c7dc56

Man we cant force any one into that sort of deal. No way in hell they'll never resent that, and we do not want any aggression at all in a killer war machine. Only option is to find another way of conrolling it, even if temporary, or find actual volunteers/be one yourself. If you cant get it back to command, you might have to prepare a transport for the volunteer.
No. 434941 ID: f72f26
File 134282253003.png - (260.85KB , 861x531 , Command58.png )

Halsner: "Darglok is there no other way?"

The guilder snarls in disgust.

Darglok: "I have offered to do that which your smiths have failed to do despite a lifetime of research and now you have the gall to ask for a moral alternative?!

I was not aware that you were an Astranian General, you seemed too tall."

Halsner: "now listen here toady! you never mentio-"

Darglok: "no General you listen, if we do not capture this vehicle we will all perish. Three Stranian walker squads stand ready to destroy any hostile that leaves this vehicle, escape is impossible.
either you sacrifice one or you sacrifice all, there is the only choice."

Halsner: "Damnit all . . . "

The Guilder is right, we need this vehicle to deal with the remaining Astranian forces.
hmm Schnider would make an ideal candidate, no family, a quick learner and tough as nails under fire . . . a little emotional on morality though.
Enrad speaks up.

Enrad: "Sir! if we use Guilder methods, won't the Astranians despise us forever?"

Halsner: "after the situation on Doraun I'm fairly sure that's a given."

Enrad: "what about the Leechguard? this goes against the war laws."

the Leechguard are ambassadors to the bugs, through them we get our most crucial information for fighting the Astranians.
No. 434944 ID: 0c2247

What exactly is the law this would violate? We need to know the precise details if we're to work out a solution.

Could we, for example, secretly tell the guilder do it, then claim he acted against our wishes and have him executed?
No. 434950 ID: bf54a8

if he DID do it, Schnider would be good, but of course, you didn't officially tell him to. but since it's already done no reason not to use it. leechguard can ask what happened and just say it was a communication error.
No. 434952 ID: e3f578

oh wait nevermind you can't volunteer yourself you're nowhere near them
But still, bugs are douchebags that occasionally hurt both sides and are like Spiderman, fuck them.
and to reiterate my big question, keeping an engine loyal? What the fuck, is it sentient? Are we brainwashing the damn thing with the mutilated body of one of our soldiers? And forever? Seriously can't just wire it up with a volunteer guilder after this battle?

I don't think any matter of respect is going to get your men following orders unless your men absolutely think this is the only way. This will take a professional in-depth conversation with the men. I mean, sure you can order scnhider, but there's still a good chance of insubordination here. He has no family, yes, but that's another reason to live. He has no family and wont ever experience that joy after this. I actually suggest the soldier who's lived a fuller life.
No. 434954 ID: c7dc56

"Soldier [insert volunteer's name], I'm not ordering this lightly on any account. You heard what the guilder said, this is our best and likely only chance in saving the mission, your squad mates, and the entire human settlement here. I give you my most earnest promise that we will work on retrieving you when this is over, we WILL NOT abandon you. But right now I NEED you do do this."
No. 435032 ID: f72f26
File 134284637119.png - (190.66KB , 861x531 , Command59.png )

>What exactly is the law this would violate? We need to know the precise details if we're to work out a solution.

I believe the law was something about crafting via guilder methods, don't recall the exact details.

normally I contact one of the Leechguard Ambassadors in questionable situations and they'll give the OK or not, but what with all the bugs dropping dead likely they have greater concerns at the moment, though I could try contacting them anyways.

>Could we, for example, secretly tell the guilder do it, then claim he acted against our wishes and have him executed?

I can always make up some excuse after the fact, if need be

>and to reiterate my big question, keeping an engine loyal? What the fuck, is it sentient? Are we brainwashing the damn thing with the mutilated body of one of our soldiers? And forever? Seriously can't just wire it up with a volunteer guilder after this battle?

I don't pretend to understand Astranian Tech, Guilder piracy even less so, hell I don't understand half the weapons my own boys make.
I've asked for options the Guilder didn't seem to like that, maybe he's lying, maybe this really is the only way. Regardless until I find someone else who understands how this all works I have no choice but to take the toad at his word.

Schnider contact me via radio

Schnider: "General, I've spoken vith ze Guilder, I did not understand how much danger we are all in. I vould like to change my position . . . I volunteer for ze experiment."
No. 435033 ID: 100061

does anyone not have any family to go back to? if we have to sacrifice someone it should be the person who will leave the fewest loved ones behind.
No. 435034 ID: bf54a8

good man. if anyone asks you never gave the guilder the go ahead.
No. 435036 ID: 0c2247

"I'm sorry, son. If I knew that tin plated bastard was planning this I wouldn't have authorized the mission. I failed you.
Don't tell the others until it's over; they'll sleep easier if they didn't have a chance to stop you."
No. 435038 ID: c7dc56

"Above and beyond the call of duty, soldier. You'll save many lives, I thank you."
No. 435064 ID: 1444d5

Arrange some sort of challenge-response, preferable based around something that both of you know, but do not have the explicitly mention over the radio. Darglok may be lying about the subject maintaining their own will and volition, or may intend to try and subvert them as part of the sacrifice process.
No. 435254 ID: f72f26
File 134298680794.png - (329.65KB , 861x531 , Command60.png )

I prep schnider just in case the guilder is planning to betray us.
Hell who am I kidding, there's no "if" about it, only a matter of when.

I then give the boy a quick word.
"Above and beyond the call of duty, soldier. You'll save many lives, the militia thanks you for your sacrifice."

* * *

The guilder works quickly.

Schnider seems to feel no pain, I try not to think to much about that.

Before long the work is complete.
No. 435256 ID: f72f26
File 134298705166.png - (384.35KB , 861x531 , Command61.png )

The machine takes on a new mannner of control.

It takes only the destrcution of a couple assault mechs before the Astranian forces retreat.

Mission Complete!

-Primary objective; disable enemy command walker: Complete!

-Optional objective; take control of enemy command walker: Complete!

-Bonus: captured three prisoners.

Assign 4 promotions (upgrades) amongst remaining operatives.

-optional: designate specific skill advancements

No. 435284 ID: bf54a8

mantis gets one for being a badass.
No. 435300 ID: 0c2247

Have your operatives strip the guilder naked, hogtie him, and toss him in with the stranners.

You wouldn't have authorized the mission if you knew this was the guilder's real plan, and he just did something to make this war even more venomous than it already was. Waiting for him to betray you now is like waiting for him to steal the silverware after he set the house on fire.

Actually, no. Forget that. Instead have Enrad transported to the walker and thrown in with the Stranners.
They'll be far more loose lipped around him, and it'll let us put his sympathies to use.
Also, have your techs turn that room into a proper cell.
No. 435318 ID: bf54a8

the guilder only used this plan when it was discovered the walker is running on a ray reactor. if it was running on the regular ray capacitors this plan would not of been needed. now. while it may be a guilder method a solar is acting as the heart of this machine. he may have a way to incapacitate it but he would need to use another guilder to take control.
No. 435354 ID: c7dc56

Let's not do this. The Guilder definitely pulled his weight, but we do have the issue of whether or not he installed any funny stuff. Bring him in/radio chat with him. Tell him some thing on the line of:

"Alright Guilder, you've got my gratitude. We owe the success of this mission to you. Now let's talk about the command walker, I want to know if there are any possible complications that I should know about. Any particular quirks or instabilities. And I wouldn't put it past you to have installed any "insurance" of your own, in this case I'm sure we can work some terms out. One way or the other, all I care about is keeping the walker in proper use against the furries.
No. 435451 ID: 3f47eb

i like that idea. See if Enrad CAN.
No. 435585 ID: f72f26
File 134310074927.png - (236.21KB , 861x531 , Command62.png )

Mantis is awarded for his skill and capability, with out his actions this mission would never have succeeded.

Enrad along with some supplies is sent off to our new military asset to pry information from the prisoners.

CHAPTER 3: end
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