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File 133518231005.png - (63.99KB , 820x537 , Platformasuar.png )
403589 No. 403589 ID: 78c391

>> Insert Cartridge
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No. 403594 ID: 78c391
File 133518293624.png - (6.83KB , 450x400 , Watch as no one does anything.png )

>> Start.
>> chose character.
>> give name.
No. 403597 ID: b9e291

>> manhips
>> you know which one
No. 403602 ID: 832169

No. 403603 ID: ed57e8

No. 403604 ID: ed57e8

oh and name, darleen
No. 403610 ID: 27d278

Too many girls.

Going with male.
No. 403612 ID: 27d278

He will be Leon
No. 403613 ID: 78c391
File 133518454127.png - (7.09KB , 450x400 , Farwell sexy gay male character.png )

You, Darleen , bid farewell to the obviously gay male with the giant wang he is trying not to slip out in embarrassment.
No. 403618 ID: 78c391
File 133518488316.png - (4.12KB , 450x400 , he has a name already wow.png )

Leon wants to be player 2

He will come try not to slip up when you need him, that would be horrible.
No. 403619 ID: ed57e8

FINE he can come. let's head out on this adventure!
No. 403620 ID: 78c391
File 133518514316.png - (8.71KB , 450x400 , Hot flatchest lady.png )

You , Darleen, question what happen to his hair suddenly.
No. 403622 ID: 78c391
File 133518556774.png - (7.63KB , 450x400 , best backround ever.png )

Leon immediately takes notice of his missing hair thing, You point out that the clouds are moving rather fast in a wierd direction.

Leon says don't say direction.

You follow the clouds for no apparent reason.
No. 403630 ID: 8da31b

Go left!
No. 403631 ID: 78c391
File 133518631268.png - (10.94KB , 450x400 , good gosh thats huge.png )

Wow leon, thats a big wang

...you say jokingly.

>> press start
No. 403633 ID: 78c391
File 133518663777.png - (8.53KB , 450x400 , Level one start.png )

>> level choice: Left or right leg
You Chose Left
No. 403635 ID: ed57e8

test all the buttons
No. 403637 ID: 78c391
File 133518761234.png - (10.90KB , 450x400 , jump.png )

The A button is the only button that works as of now

You jump on the 1st platform
the level starts
No. 403639 ID: ed57e8

No. 403640 ID: 99c568

headbutt a brick like a moron, hoping it spawns a mushroom for mysterious, mysterious reasons.
No. 403641 ID: 78c391
File 133518812127.png - (8.03KB , 450x400 , Bari chuuuuu.png )

You put the head in the butt
you busted a ball out
No. 403642 ID: 99c568

is it a chocolate salty ball? put it in your mouth and suck it.
No. 403643 ID: 8da31b

Oh man get the ball. Rub the ball all over Jason.
No. 403644 ID: ed57e8

No. 403648 ID: 78c391
File 133518884798.png - (6.65KB , 450x400 , STRONG lady.png )

You get the Ball
it gives you energy and stuff, things are going to happen.
what happens?
No. 403649 ID: 99c568

you are become

the ultimate jumper
No. 403651 ID: ed57e8

you get tits, they represent a extra hit. instead of dying when hurt by enemy they shrink.
No. 403660 ID: 2fe09b

No. 403665 ID: 78c391

You arn't supposed to agree dummy, go do a discussion thread for that
No. 403668 ID: 78c391
File 133519393633.png - (10.48KB , 450x400 , boom female.png )

You gain points and level Up
Clevage represents your health.
Wow what did you do to make yourself so flat earlier?
shut up, I'm actually wondering this, okay what now.
No. 403669 ID: 58a693

Alright mang let's get to the next platform!
No. 403670 ID: 832169

Continue on up! We gotta learn how to double jump!
No. 403675 ID: 6e44d2

Take the bra off, keep running!
No. 403676 ID: 99c568

break some motherfucking bricks on your way up.
No. 403677 ID: 9c33a8

Leon attempts to catch up, crotch-hitting any boxes you left behind!
No. 403680 ID: 2fe09b

No. 403681 ID: 78c391
File 133519576087.png - (9.13KB , 450x400 , jumping lady.png )

Jump high, Darleen, be the Jumper!
No. 403683 ID: 99c568

look up.

see dinosaur anus.
No. 403684 ID: ed57e8

make sure you are careful in case those are slippery platforms.
No. 403686 ID: b9e291

Get hit by a barrel.
No. 403690 ID: 78c391
File 133519638898.png - (7.01KB , 450x400 , no.png )

She's already Naked so taking off a bra is pointless even though it would make her alittle lighter.
No. 403691 ID: ed57e8

ok ok. turn around and watch out for traps.
No. 403693 ID: 78c391
File 133519666444.png - (6.01KB , 450x400 , anus penis.png )

You look up and see a large bulging red cone shaped object flopping around.

if you didn't want to get poked by it so hard you'd explode then you should probibly stop looking at it.
No. 403698 ID: ed57e8

... right.
No. 403700 ID: 99c568

climb up. watch out for jurassic farts.
No. 403701 ID: 78c391
File 133519695533.png - (8.83KB , 450x400 , Ive seen enough of weavers porn to know where this.png )

Those are the trapsssssss....
No. 403705 ID: 78c391
File 133519738043.png - (8.97KB , 450x400 , would have gone to.png )

Mejus Strist this is horrifying

you get pasted 2.... floppy wet things.
No. 403708 ID: ed57e8

that one looks like it's ready to strike if you get close jump straight up and get on that platform with the ? block. or wall jump if you can't reach it quite.
No. 403713 ID: ec0bf5

Jump up to that ledge, there's something hanging off it to grab.
No. 403718 ID: 7c31d2

Contemplate giving leon a ball to see if he would develop breasts
No. 403724 ID: 78c391
File 133519861010.png - (9.07KB , 450x400 , ugh giant feet platforms suck.png )

you jump just in time to catch the ledge
No. 403737 ID: 78c391
File 133519908262.png - (8.91KB , 450x400 , Fuck yo shit.png )

You don't have time for this bezuwaxen so you just slap the Block and out post a pink triangle

.... it's pink shut up. those are important.
No. 403740 ID: 9c33a8

Level up! You gain long, luxurious hair! Enough of those little girl pig tails! Hair length determines your intelligence.
No. 403743 ID: 78c391
File 133519946779.png - (9.16KB , 450x400 , What are you seriously doing this joke now.png )

Lands in the mass health cleavage.

Are you kidding me? What is with this Game?
No. 403747 ID: 78c391
File 133519972311.png - (5.95KB , 450x400 , finally.png )

You level up again, actually look better, and learn a actual attack.
No. 403750 ID: 9c33a8

Well look at that! The pink triangle is forever left marking your crotch. How weird is this game?

You decide to test out your new attack, with your better, more attractive you.
No. 403752 ID: b9e291

What is your attack?
No. 403753 ID: ed57e8

attack them brick blocks.
No. 403759 ID: b85f8c

Show those pink lashers what for.
No. 403762 ID: 78c391
File 133520044807.png - (7.06KB , 450x400 , bam hot.png )

Jump kick!
thats what you do.
No. 403773 ID: 9c33a8

You decide to continue on left to the next platform, giving those pink lashers what they deserve while you do!

And damn, do you look fine now.
No. 403778 ID: b9e291

Jump kick ALL the bricks
No. 403780 ID: b85f8c

Jump on top of the brick and jump up to find any HIDDEN BLOCKS!
No. 403817 ID: 78c391
File 133520744177.png - (10.30KB , 450x400 , ohkay.png )

you jump on the block to check if there was a Hidden one, of course there was.

You learn "slash jumping" apparently. You used it on the pink... triangles.... thats what you are calling them from now on. Now you are just standing there. You wonder what Leon is up too.
No. 403819 ID: ed57e8

press L and R to switch characters.
No. 403823 ID: b85f8c

Look around to see what that goof is doing. Is he on the right foot?
No. 403930 ID: 99c568

he's probably deeeeaaaaad
No. 403940 ID: 78c391
File 133524137102.png - (13.71KB , 450x400 , Split up.png )

You are split screened
you press the R button to switch to the top screen
You are now Leon
(( use your tablet to draw a path , grey is jump , red is attack, you can only draw on the bottom screen so make sure to switch the two screens ))
No. 403943 ID: 78c391
File 133524283269.png - (9.19KB , 450x400 , no leon u gay i said so.png )

Leon has already passed his 1st level but sadly there where no powerups, looks like he took hard mode.
No. 403944 ID: 99c568

yeah well there's a ?block right there, why don't you hit it.
No. 403947 ID: 78c391
File 133524445865.png - (5.32KB , 450x400 , lol gay.png )

No. 403948 ID: 7c31d2

Grab it. Do it, you know we want you to.
No. 403949 ID: 78c391
File 133524500213.png - (7.04KB , 450x400 , even more gay.png )

No. 403950 ID: 99c568


I wonder if that's gonna give you tits.
No. 403951 ID: 7c31d2

Cmon tits!
No. 403955 ID: 7acb8e

Man, I was hoping for hate lasers.
No. 403956 ID: 78c391
File 133524594888.png - (7.35KB , 450x400 , Bunny ears.png )

You can jump higher and are alittle bit lighter
also you can punch with B
cause you are a guy, you punch things
No. 403957 ID: fa9f7e

I want crotch lasers now.
No. 403958 ID: 78c391
File 133524663076.png - (5.87KB , 450x400 , he is really cute i hope you draw porn.png )

Smash blocks, get coins, the usual
lets move on shall we?
Crotch lazers is a good idea. hope the next box has it.
No. 403960 ID: 78c391
File 133524883889.png - (7.69KB , 450x400 , Seriously though porn it already.png )

hop break hop break hop break
No. 403961 ID: c3ac41

Make a weapon~!
or something inappropriate
no dont do that
No. 403962 ID: 78c391
File 133524933511.png - (6.23KB , 450x400 , this is not minecraft.png )

Wrong game, go play something else kid. like Claw of Doody or something
No. 403965 ID: ed57e8

snapping cables, how droll. GOTTA GO FAST! become sanic.
No. 403970 ID: ffb8ea

darleen is obv. kicks and leon is obv. punches so I was gonna say jet boots for leon but that's obviously a darleen thing so something like a clawgrip or whatever, platforming is hard and sometimes you just can't make it to the next platform in a clear jump!
No. 403975 ID: 78c391
File 133525178668.png - (38.63KB , 450x400 , level 1-2 .png )

hey I can see the other foot from here- oh wow
No. 403982 ID: 78c391
File 133525365951.png - (8.67KB , 450x400 , i hope someone suggest hair agian .png )

yeah of course you get a pink triangle
No. 403983 ID: 99c568


is it ears? I hope you get more ears.
No. 403985 ID: 78c391
File 133525453630.png - (12.66KB , 450x400 , thats a foot .png )

No. 403989 ID: 78c391
File 133525483503.png - (9.34KB , 450x400 , bunny.png )

Why am I turning into a bunny????
No. 403992 ID: bccf7b


I am okay with this.
No. 403993 ID: b7169d

Because you gain JUMP! power.

Obviously a step up.
No. 403998 ID: 78c391
File 133525683874.png - (10.76KB , 450x400 , on a giant leg.png )

You learn to punch like a rocket
which is an improvement to the air punch
you like punching
you punch everything
No. 403999 ID: 748944

No. 404000 ID: 99c568


hit ?block, enter rabbit hole below.
No. 404001 ID: 78c391
File 133525748736.png - (16.13KB , 450x400 , god dang.png )

God dang be careful and get off these legs.
this monster is massive and a simple step can rattle you off
No. 404003 ID: 78c391
File 133525806482.png - (7.95KB , 450x400 , fins and holes.png )

you get the next powerup, yet another pink triangle. and now investigate this odd large hole, wondering if you should go in.
No. 404006 ID: 99c568


it's in a man's blood to penetrate holes. and that hole, my friend, was made for you.
No. 404012 ID: 78c391
File 133525962156.png - (2.77KB , 450x400 , you know where this is going already.png )

its hard to see... oh..
No. 404018 ID: 78c391
File 133526033862.png - (8.67KB , 450x400 , aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.png )

Oh great a boss fight
No. 404019 ID: 9c33a8

Leon decides to motherfuckin' ROCKET PUNCH that bitch. You press B repeatedly like a crazy motherfucker.
No. 404021 ID: ec0bf5

Punch the subtentacles so hard they come off
No. 404023 ID: 78c391
File 133526125855.png - (13.06KB , 450x400 , oooooh.png )

The Main body gets weaker as you punch of it's arms, this is getting messy.
No. 404025 ID: 9c33a8

With your awesome man power, you rip off another sub-tentacle! You have no idea how you did it, since you only can use A or B, but man you're great at button mashing.
No. 404032 ID: 78c391
File 133526234431.png - (10.16KB , 450x400 , Say HOT PORN PLZ if you want more.png )

you button mash which causes you to do a trigger attack...

also you get ridiculously turned on and hopes some button mashes you later *wink*
No. 404033 ID: 99c568


No. 404034 ID: 9c33a8

You realize what you're doing and snap out of it! You rip that fucker off and give a solid punch to the boss tentacle.
No. 404036 ID: 99c568


dude, fuck no. nobody is interested in gay bunnies getting ravished by pink, veiny tentacles.
No. 404037 ID: 78c391
File 133526295876.png - (9.89KB , 450x400 , cutie.png )

this is really silly.
so you just.
slap it.
look at all that dammage.
this was dumb what are we doing.
the giant thing just runs away.
No. 404039 ID: 9c33a8

What? No level up?
No. 404040 ID: 78c391
File 133526354099.png - (6.77KB , 450x400 , spoke too soon.png )

It spits out a...
What is this?
No. 404041 ID: 9c33a8

You decide to poke it with your crotch.

Maybe that's what it is?! Crotch lazers!?
No. 404042 ID: ed57e8

a ! is always better then ?
No. 404043 ID: 78c391

Christ that suggestion keeps making me laugh.
No. 404045 ID: 78c391
File 133526395459.png - (6.96KB , 450x400 , poke.png )

No. 404046 ID: 9c33a8

This is it! This has to be it! CROTCH LAZER TIME!

You level up!
No. 404047 ID: ed57e8


show the box a good time?
No. 404048 ID: 78c391
File 133526441549.png - (10.46KB , 450x400 , yes thats a loincloth.png )

You Gain powerful things
you get a loincloth because god know how much you need it geez
and maybe crotchlazers... maybe?
also you seem to be part shark now, cool. You like this game.
No. 404049 ID: 9c33a8

.. oh. No crotch lazers.

You press R and switch back to Darleen.
No. 404050 ID: ec0bf5

You're going to probably need to wear the loincloth somewhere else, because if you're actually going to start shooting lasers from there it's going to go away pretty fast.
No. 404051 ID: ed57e8

okay go around and back up.
No. 404052 ID: 78c391
File 133526502514.png - (5.47KB , 450x400 , this is going to be bad.png )

you want to complete this level 1st so.
No. 404053 ID: 9cd02a

No. 404054 ID: 78c391
File 133526523045.png - (6.65KB , 450x400 , okay.png )

okay we are good.
No. 404055 ID: 78c391
File 133526578898.png - (6.19KB , 450x400 , taking turns.png )

thats nice, you guys are taking turns.

No. 404056 ID: 9c33a8

You hop to that next platform like a boss and give that block what it deserves. Yeah, you!
No. 404057 ID: ed57e8

yeah the power up better be good. because you can't kick the tentacles off the blocks, since that would break the blocks.
No. 404059 ID: 78c391
File 133526640393.png - (7.36KB , 450x400 , serious love.png )

You hop to the next platform for the next power up. pop~
No. 404062 ID: 78c391
File 133526672843.png - (7.52KB , 450x400 , you love her too.png )

your unnecessarily (except for storing health) large breast shrink a little, and you get claws. why this might be usefull
No. 404064 ID: 9c33a8

You decide to test out your new fangled claws and see if you gained a new move.
No. 404065 ID: 78c391
File 133526697789.png - (5.68KB , 450x400 , okay good.png )

so now what?
No. 404067 ID: ed57e8

claw the tentacle and then move to the block. care not to break blocks.
No. 404069 ID: 78c391
File 133526748738.png - (10.26KB , 450x400 , new moves yes.png )

you try out your new move, it allows you to swipe to the next enemy, nice.
No. 404070 ID: 78c391
File 133526772312.png - (5.99KB , 450x400 , ah.png )

you stick your claws in the other ball
No. 404073 ID: 9c33a8

Well what are you doing just sitting there? Continue on, whore.
No. 404075 ID: 78c391
File 133526932191.png - (4.28KB , 450x400 , easy mode.png )

okay just gonna hope here woop.
end of level.
wow that was easy.
No. 404076 ID: 9c33a8

No boss? What kind of level was that? Continue on!
No. 404078 ID: 78c391
File 133526997934.png - (5.17KB , 450x400 , cutscene.png )

you two see each other.

such a short time, so many changes.
No. 404079 ID: ed57e8

don't look up.
No. 404080 ID: 9c33a8

Well, it appears you can't continue on that leg. Hop on over and join Leon and have a sexy reunion.
No. 404082 ID: 78c391
File 133527034495.png - (4.89KB , 450x400 , lets go.png )

wow weird this area doesn't go any higher
No. 404083 ID: ed57e8

hmmm... that slit looks like a trap.
No. 404084 ID: 78c391
File 133527060531.png - (6.24KB , 450x400 , nnooooo.png )

Leon says to jump over here, he wants to tell you something
No. 404085 ID: 9c33a8

Well jump over there already, then.

Never keep a man waiting.
No. 404086 ID: ed57e8

ccan you even make that jump? he can yell it to you from there
No. 404087 ID: 78c391
File 133527085535.png - (4.57KB , 450x400 , YEEEES.png )

You say you are scared, there is a big gap.
he says just go trust I'll catch you.
No. 404088 ID: 78c391
File 133527106576.png - (5.63KB , 450x400 , cutscene2.png )

You do it anyways.
He might confess he isn't gay.
and then you two can sexytime and there will be giant ween
No. 404091 ID: 78c391
File 133527150862.png - (6.48KB , 450x400 , drfgedrfg.png )

He says Hi
you laugh a little that was dumb thing to do call me over.
he says you look pretty.
you both blush
you both don't know why you are doing this, this is completely random.
he says he doesn't regret turning into a shark bunny.
You say aaaw.
you two can't stop giggling.
No. 404092 ID: 9c33a8

Now sex!
No. 404093 ID: 78c391
File 133527188587.png - (7.02KB , 450x400 , just fuck already i mean what.png )

Leon confesses, he is only have gay, ever since he met you, you completely changed everything.
Darleen just looks at him.
"shark... bunny?"
He says He has no idea why.
you just think of so many things to say to him, but you two are on a giant leg.
so.. what now?
No. 404094 ID: 78c391

> *half
bluh im just going to wait for alot of suggests, I drew alot today. may aswell take a break and see how many people want something.
No. 404095 ID: ed57e8

ask what exactly about you made him gay. rather odd thing to have happen suddenly.
No. 404096 ID: 27d278

I want him to whip it out, but it's too early for that.

So... Yeah, let's ask him things. I won't contribute since I obviously won't be helping.
No. 404098 ID: 99c568


hey, I never help, but do you see that preventing me from posting inane suggestions nevertheless?

ask Leon to clarify what "half gay" is supposed to mean because how can you even be half gay, that's not a thing, you either like cocks better than vaginas or you don't.
No. 404102 ID: ec0bf5

Hey hey hey wait no sex in the dinosaur crotch, that's just weird.
No. 404115 ID: c952fb

No. 404118 ID: c4a1fc

That's exactly why we're doing it.
No. 404142 ID: 78c391
File 133527848246.png - (6.67KB , 450x400 , soooooo.png )

So... you have two now?
No. 404143 ID: 78c391
File 133527849815.png - (7.08KB , 450x400 , heeheeheeh.png )

No. 404146 ID: b85f8c

Leon: Brag about how you can shoot lasers from down there now.
No. 404151 ID: bccf7b


Maybe he likes both? Dunno D:


inb4 finding the hidden dino-crotch-platform to screw on
No. 404153 ID: 78c391
File 133527982434.png - (6.44KB , 450x400 , ohkay lets get everything out there.png )

you become embarrassed and shy again
I mean he, anyways
Darleen says you are cute and really good jumper
Leon says you too
Darleen ask what you are half gay
Leon says he has never seen a girl that can be so strong and dominate.
Darleen likes what she hears
Leon looks down and says he shoots lazer from his crotch area now
Darleen ask if she could trigger it
Leon just looks embarrassed
(this happens for a good two mintues, then they fuck and then stuff happens im not drawing it you do it >:I) now that thats out of the way you to proceed togther threough the levels on this leg. I would ask what next but maybe just give hints on a level design okay?
No. 404183 ID: 3ce5b2

I'm having fun so far but I'm not sure "platformer" is a genre that translates into quest format in the long-term. Maybe mix it up with some other kinds of puzzles? pushan blox and completan circuits and turnan valves are some standbys if you're at a loss for those.

Also :<
No. 404185 ID: ed57e8

should split up again. with the lvls spiraling upwards on opposite sides of the dinosaur, and inexplicable switches in it's hide that opens pathways for the oher.t
No. 404186 ID: 7d7f79

Hints on level design? This was a platformer and the first level did not make us swear at all. This upcoming level has lots of FUCKING BATS!! and rope jumping puzzles. It also features the unlockable evolution minigame which we should come back to later in the dinosaur's crotch.
No. 404188 ID: 78c391
File 133528376289.png - (7.70KB , 450x400 , okay fine i was going to do it anyways.png )

Leon ask why did this thing stop.
you hear a rumbling
No. 404192 ID: bb3991

I bet Darleen is going to get pregnant.
No. 404193 ID: b85f8c

Find source of rumbling.
No. 404196 ID: 78c391
File 133528420898.png - (11.61KB , 450x400 , bosses worm these.png )

Darleen's leg explodes with pink tentacles
one is heading towards the two
No. 404199 ID: 27d278

See kids? This is why you wear a condom!

No really, you should start heading up or something...
No. 404200 ID: ed57e8

oh hell, UP UP UP!!
No. 404202 ID: 78c391
File 133528454356.png - (8.57KB , 450x400 , oh gosh.png )

oh boy maybe you should have gone to that platform 1st
No. 404203 ID: ed57e8

combo move!
No. 404204 ID: 78c391
File 133528498753.png - (9.63KB , 450x400 , up up up.png )

you run for it.
its not very effective.
No. 404209 ID: 78c391
File 133528527867.png - (7.55KB , 450x400 , full helping of lightsaber penis.png )

Unleash Beams of the weiner
damaged it, its going blind from your amazing manhood
No. 404211 ID: c4a1fc

Crotch laser its eye
No. 404212 ID: ed57e8

make it tie itself in a knot.
No. 404214 ID: 78c391
File 133528569978.png - (10.45KB , 450x400 , bamf.png )

Leon's actions gave Darleen a chance to trigger a move that slices it's health down... into pieces
No. 404216 ID: ed57e8

10x pun bonus!
No. 404220 ID: 78c391
File 133528619281.png - (11.38KB , 450x400 , ohkay thats alot of lazer.png )

BAM woops thats alot of lazer.
you actually beat some...thing....
No. 404222 ID: ed57e8

better keep going before more show up.
No. 404226 ID: 78c391
File 133528643866.png - (12.49KB , 450x400 , hey.png )

No. 404227 ID: ed57e8

No. 404228 ID: b85f8c

Are we past the hip yet?
No. 404229 ID: 78c391
File 133528664687.png - (14.79KB , 450x400 , boom.png )

No. 404230 ID: ed57e8

not awesome. it's probably going to collapse the platformasaur! FUCKING RUN!!
No. 404236 ID: 78c391
File 133528709461.png - (10.14KB , 450x400 , fixed everything.png )

ohkay thats enough cutscene lets go back to the couple
No. 404243 ID: 78c391
File 133528741326.png - (6.48KB , 450x400 , fucking run.png )

proceed to fucking run?
lets proceed to fucking run.
No. 404247 ID: 78c391
File 133528768988.png - (9.22KB , 450x400 , safe.png )

they are gonna run, then they are gonna fuck, then they are gonna fucking run.
No. 404248 ID: 78c391

End of Level 1
No. 404278 ID: 3ce5b2

so, you've found...uh..."love", and this platformasaur thing is a bust. time to settle down and get jorbs.

so...which tentacles exploded out of darlene's leg? I'm confused about the chain of events just now.
No. 404279 ID: ed57e8

not a bust. apparently the thing is a ROBOT DINOSAUR>
No. 404349 ID: b9e291

Damn, I thought we were just fixing platformasaur skin condition not igniting platformasaur leg to skeleton. We will have to be more careful in the future. Also sexytimes for a million babies.
No. 404527 ID: ec0bf5

Where did you think extra lives came from?
No. 404611 ID: 9c33a8

Start level 2?
No. 405193 ID: 78c391
File 133555696972.png - (11.08KB , 450x400 , Press start to play.png )

>(just letting you know this exist for some dumb reason http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/361474.html)

<== Press start to play
No. 405196 ID: ed57e8

No. 405199 ID: 9cd02a

No. 405201 ID: 78c391
File 133555798639.png - (13.19KB , 450x400 , okay im starting geez.png )


after a Conversation with Leon, he desides to down to where he saw a huge opening on the leg.
You, Darleen, decide to keep climbing.
>You can switch characters by saying R or L
>You can do commands like A for jump and B for Attack

You are currently Darleen, you can switch now with R or press A to proceed.
No. 405202 ID: a04e35

No. 405203 ID: ed57e8

No. 405205 ID: b9e291

No. 405206 ID: 78c391
File 133555851190.png - (8.86KB , 450x400 , clouds.png )

You decide to proceed, strangly enough you land on.. one of those clouds.

that is very strange.
No. 405207 ID: ed57e8

assume the worst. keep moving fast
No. 405211 ID: 78c391
File 133555958969.png - (15.62KB , 450x400 , level 2 1.png )

Well this is alittle too easy.
what should you try 1st?
No. 405212 ID: 78c391
File 133555973239.png - (16.28KB , 450x400 , what.png )

you moved alittle too fast then that happened
No. 405213 ID: ed57e8

break blocks get ?
No. 405216 ID: 78c391
File 133556090152.png - (9.51KB , 450x400 , nope.png )

You try to break these slightly darker blocks with paws and kicks but they do not even have a scratch on them, this must be a good power up
No. 405222 ID: ed57e8

go 3D and hit the visible side
No. 405225 ID: a04e35

do the jump kick
No. 405242 ID: 78c391
File 133556972595.png - (6.96KB , 450x400 , screw it.png )

Maybe you can just
reach over and
No. 405243 ID: 78c391
File 133556975969.png - (1.66KB , 169x140 , pootoiiooio.png )

No. 405247 ID: ed57e8

awesome, grab ?
No. 405252 ID: 78c391
File 133557051058.png - (7.46KB , 450x400 , Man i don\'t even care.png )

Pomf =3
No. 405254 ID: ed57e8

grab and eat it before it gets away!
No. 405257 ID: 78c391
File 133557114541.png - (30.04KB , 450x400 , Buzz buzz buzz.png )

Oh good you got the best power up in the game.
geez..... no wonder they where is such unbreakable blocks for a reason
No. 405259 ID: 1f8505


Now fly up to the final boss!
No. 405269 ID: 78c391
File 133557205057.png - (7.45KB , 450x400 , seriously.png )

No. 405272 ID: c4a1fc

Crotch las-- you don't have those. Punch your fist into the back of its head and cling. Then kill it with your other fist.
No. 405280 ID: 78c391
File 133557362006.png - (8.00KB , 450x400 , okay so.png )

>Punch your fist into the back of its head and cling. Then kill it with your other fist.

Suddenly giant robot arms.
purple health bar......
okay.... you... suddenly think it's a bad idea to have skipped all those powerups
No. 405289 ID: ed57e8

you said it was the BEST power up. figured it make the rest worthless. if you want them so bad though, just fly around collecting them while you dodge his attacks. pick up leon if you see hima nd use him like a turret gun lazer thing.
No. 405291 ID: 832169

Try to get the eff out of there
No. 405297 ID: 78c391
File 133557533433.png - (10.69KB , 450x400 , yeah it is_.png )

oh hey you learned out to shoot antennae lazers yay.

you are doing damnage but this would take a long time this is just one arm gosh lets go see what Shark boy is up too
No. 405298 ID: ed57e8

No. 405301 ID: 78c391
File 133557617407.png - (20.71KB , 450x400 , meanwhile.png )

Meanwhile inside the Platformasaur
while Darleen takes down the health meter slowly, Leon is still stuck platforming because HE HAS NO WINGS, he's a shark bunny. also at one point got a powerup and is done transforming O<O.
No. 405303 ID: ed57e8

gnaw on the cables
No. 405306 ID: 78c391
File 133557668767.png - (11.18KB , 450x400 , he thinks he is useless.png )

Leon wonders what he is supposed to do once this is done.
Leon thinks he is saving the world because this monster is eating clouds.
but after that is done what is he supposed to do, how is going to get out. why is this all happening so fast.
No. 405307 ID: 6f4add


kill it in the spinal column.
No. 405308 ID: c4a1fc

You get out by fucking Darleen while she flies. Then cum crotchlasers to impregnate her with Jesus. You are now God.
No. 405325 ID: 78c391
File 133558075409.png - (7.91KB , 450x400 , what what what.png )

You Bite it for what ever the hell reason.
apperently the color of the healthbar is changing.
No. 405328 ID: b9e291

It's happening so fast because Darleen used wallhax. Go kick that cute little cheater's ass.
No. 405329 ID: ed57e8

yes bust open all the pipes! use lazers with extreme prejudice.
No. 405338 ID: 1f8505


I think you poisoned it. Keep biting it.

Also break anything that looks fragile.
No. 405343 ID: 6f4add

No. 405380 ID: 6c61ee

Thanks, doc. Keep applying the dose.
No. 405538 ID: 78c391
File 133565574937.png - (16.83KB , 450x400 , bored.png )

you bust open all the pipes! using lazers with extreme prejudice
No. 405551 ID: 1f8505


Keep firing until there are no more pipes!
No. 405559 ID: ed57e8

cut the central column in half!
No. 405619 ID: 7d7f79

Break all the pipes for more good ideas!
No. 405624 ID: 3734f6

You have crotch lasers? THIS IS AWESOME!
No. 405630 ID: b9e291

Collect the powerups that fly out of the pipes!
No. 405713 ID: 78c391
File 133573754137.png - (22.92KB , 450x400 , boommmmmmm.png )

You take ALL the power ups you've missed that fall from the pipes, even ones not meant for you.

The amount of level ups is impossible.
No. 405714 ID: ed57e8

save a few for darleen. as a gift.
No. 405728 ID: 78c391
File 133573875702.png - (9.88KB , 450x400 , HE MAD.png )

should I share some with darleen? NO? why should I share with her? she has enough power to handle herself, she is player fucking number one! she so good she could be fighting the final boss already and not give a crap about who is actually doing real damage like a real MAN-bunny-shark-monster. I destroyed an entire LEG. I'm going to destroy this core, and then I'll finish everything off myself.
No. 405729 ID: ed57e8

because you love her.
No. 405734 ID: aa8dbe

Nah, if she won't respect you after doing all this for her, find some nice guy who would. After all, I'm sure all those powers and stuff will have ALL the guys coming for you. Even the straight ones.
No. 405735 ID: 78c391
File 133574007499.png - (16.33KB , 450x400 , love her.png )

Love her? nah, she's just a player in this game.
maybe when I'm done, I might just kill her. who knows? Maybe I'll rape her mangled body afterwards.

But 1st.
No. 405737 ID: 78c391
File 133574072417.png - (41.83KB , 450x400 , im so confused this is going so fast.png )

No. 405738 ID: a2fa74


No! Bad Leon! You are in love and you already had tons of off-screen sex so she must be your true love and also pregnant! And it's yours!

No. 405739 ID: 78c391
File 133574124102.png - (21.88KB , 450x400 , woops.png )

you press L because you don't like Leon right now.
the core is gone, the clouds have stopped moving towards the gia- oh no what?!?!?
No. 405740 ID: 6f4add

brütaru reepu no pauwa desu
No. 405744 ID: ed57e8

leon has gone mad with power.
No. 405750 ID: aa8dbe

Leon may be a bit mad you went up to the final boss without him. You know, leaving him alone, making it so he had to do the dirty work, is very likely gay now, oh and he's likely very tired of being player 2.
No. 406129 ID: 78c391
File 133582748619.png - (10.43KB , 450x400 , whaaat.png )

What are you guys...
talking about?????
No. 406134 ID: ed57e8

look at that platformasaur. i really don't think it wants to die.
No. 406135 ID: b9e291


What we are talking about is Leon has absorbed the power of the platformasaur and is now the new final boss!
No. 406138 ID: 78c391
File 133582821772.png - (7.95KB , 450x400 , whaaaat.png )

No. 406145 ID: 78c391
File 133582920229.png - (12.33KB , 450x400 , whaaaaaaaaat.png )

New rules...
No. 406148 ID: 78c391
File 133582962868.png - (20.24KB , 450x400 , real final boss.png )

...A puppet with no more use to his master is nothing but trash.

And I eat trash like you...
No. 406150 ID: 7d7f79

So we're not talking Tudor Court rules here then... huh... I'm gonna have to think about this one.
No. 406151 ID: d1a199

"Haha, you eat trash."
No. 406152 ID: c64be5

You eat trash? That's disgusting. You're disgusting.
No. 406153 ID: b9e291

Please don't antagonize the omnipotent unidentifiable species silouette.
No. 406154 ID: 78c391
File 133582992920.png - (12.92KB , 450x400 , this is getting predictable.png )

so by now
No. 406155 ID: b9e291

Just hit him with a high kick, Darleen. A powerup will pop off no doubt and then you can figure out his attack pattern to get more of them.
No. 406156 ID: 7c31d2

[Lasers back at him]
No. 406159 ID: 78c391
File 133583015112.png - (11.58KB , 450x400 , SEE I TOLD YOU.png )

you are done.
No. 406160 ID: 6f4add

oh great, no huge anime boobs to support you so you can enter Keanu mode in the name of believing in your friends who believe in you.

I guess you're fucked. unless your own boobs work, but I've never seen that happen before.
No. 406166 ID: 78c391
File 133583073628.png - (10.12KB , 450x400 , wat.png )

Darleen is too scared to attack this wierd new person who might be Leon.

"game over everyone, go home and die slowly"
he says.
No. 406167 ID: ed57e8

darleen, use SEDUCE. or POWER OF LOVE. or something.
No. 406173 ID: 78c391
File 133583130294.png - (10.73KB , 450x400 , hahaha.png )

Darleen ask if we should just go home now, there is no more levels. there is no need to fight anymore.

Leon(?) says he doesn't care about player 1's attempts to make me get into bed with you. you will just moan in pain from the power I will not hesitate to split your motherfucking yapping beemouth in half SHUT UP.

Darleen is in a small state of shock and confusion. most of what he said didn't even make sense.

Leon(?) is clearly scrambled with another personality.

so fight or talk?
No. 406174 ID: ed57e8

fighting would get us even more killed. so talk.
No. 406175 ID: b9e291

Hey it's Bec Noir.

This is clearly the status bar's fault. ATTACK THE STATUS BAR
No. 406193 ID: 78c391
File 133583268884.png - (8.79KB , 450x400 , okay.png )

who the motherfuck is Jack or Leon?
My names Plate! your little friend is gone now. there is no player 2, there clearly never was one.
all I wanted was all that solid cloud energy that huge monster was absorbing, and you cheated by getting the best power up before I could shut down the machine inside him. It's a split screen game, I can see everything down there, how did you not even see me (help) get all those powerups, I was awesome, girl, why didn't you just motherfucking keep climbing? blahblahblahblahblahblahmonologueblahblahblahblah15usesofthewordDarknessandPowerup
No. 406194 ID: 78c391

((shit I ment Bec))
No. 406196 ID: 7d7f79

That makes too much sense, do it!
No. 406197 ID: ed57e8

suck the power out of him... or something.
No. 406202 ID: 78c391
File 133583359789.png - (7.69KB , 450x400 , jokes.png )

Darleen: did someone say Help?

Plate: no. (omg darleen just fight him)

Darleen: so wana fight or fuck?

((you guys pick, but if you pick fuck i'm not drawing it lol you do it))
No. 406203 ID: 52a564

fuck and then birth the spawn of hell then fuck that too
No. 406206 ID: ed57e8

No. 406208 ID: b6edd6

Round one FIGHT
No. 406210 ID: 7d7f79

Neither, let's take him to a bar and get him drunk. Maybe we can get more out of him when he's had a few.
No. 406212 ID: 67e689

Take him to a bar, fuck him, birth the spawn of hell, fuck it, then birth whatever comes from that, then fight that.
No. 406219 ID: 6f4add

pretend to fuck. but then bite his dick off, disabling his crotch lasers, and then kill him.
No. 406220 ID: 78c391
File 133583504955.png - (9.70KB , 450x400 , lol.png )

Darleen decided to just beat you up and then get Leon back and then lay eggs.
No. 406224 ID: 52a564

you're going to get raped
No. 406225 ID: 78c391
File 133583548772.png - (10.17KB , 450x400 , haha fuck im not even serious anymore.png )

No. 406227 ID: ed57e8

fight fight fight
No. 406228 ID: 67e689

Agreed, but replace the 'ight's with 'uck's.
No. 406235 ID: 78c391
File 133583671999.png - (11.18KB , 450x400 , look how easy this was.png )

You know what.
just shut up...
I like you like this...
it's hot..
No. 406239 ID: 78c391
File 133583706078.png - (13.36KB , 450x400 , Okay okay.png )

Darleen: Just be a good boy and take over the world, don't kill anyone. no one days, not ever.

Plate: uh... uh.. okay.. woof.

Darleen: you know Plate can just be your middle name, okay Leon?

Leon: .... okay.
No. 406242 ID: 78c391
File 133583730058.png - (7.66KB , 450x400 , okay shut up and draw porn, the end.png )

And they live happy ever after as king and queen of the universe

making 50 planets full of babies and eggs and they made the best sex ever, literally as hot as a super nova. 5 books were made from them all best sellers, and they lived forever.

The End. go fap.
No. 406243 ID: fa9f7e

Best end
No. 406244 ID: 67e689



No. 406255 ID: b9e291


Oh no, and they were all Harlequin romance novels.
No. 406302 ID: 6f4add

but I don't have a boner.
No. 406465 ID: a2853b

This was the most /d/eviant quest I've seen in a long time.
Thanks for the confusing fun!
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