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File 133514126853.png - (56.48KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
403485 No. 403485 ID: 97486c

Time does not follow a single path. Every action has many different, but equal, actions. The time line splinters into near infinite possibilities with no true one dominating the rest.
But time is not your domain. No, your powers lie in suggestion, the ability to shape the course of a single timeline through one person's actions. Normally you are restricted to one timeline, one possibility. But what if you got the chance to do it all again? What if you could make it better?

What if you could make it worse?

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No. 403486 ID: 97486c
File 133514132305.png - (114.75KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

A young girl in armor picks up the Guardian from the wooden chest her mom had given her. The amulet seems plain and rather boring.

Father.. Mother said this would help me when I was going to take my exam but.. This is not what I was expecting. Why is your final gift to me a trinket and not something I can take into battle like a spear.
Or even spear polish. That would help me more then some bauble.
No. 403489 ID: 2fe09b

Pshaw. Have you no idea how great the consensus knowledge of a crowd of people is? We're a genuis when you take us in total, baby. Were the best.
No. 403491 ID: 7c31d2

Take off your top!
No. 403492 ID: 46c430

>Guardian Quest 2
>Alternate Timeline

...Oh. Oh wow. Uh.

...Ah! Hello, there. Um. Uh. Yeah, not just a trinket, to say the least.
No. 403494 ID: 2fe09b

No. 403498 ID: a2fa74

My dear Saisai, you have no idea.
No. 403501 ID: f70e5e

I think access to a collection of advisory spirits, especially ones that have already been a ways into the future from your perspective would be more useful than a spear. oh a word of Waring, while we are usually helpful to our wielder this is our second time though this timeline from our point of view so some of use might decide to just mess with you and see what happens.
No. 403505 ID: b0d466

Yes, you're probably right... Sorry for not being a pointy stick, dear.
No. 403512 ID: 99c568

you can polish my spear anytime you want, babe.
No. 403534 ID: 696c9e

Why is your final gift to us, you?

Greetings, Saisai.
No. 403539 ID: fa9f7e

Well, we have the gift of farsight, and we can protect you in battle by seeing traps and enemies that you otherwise couldn't. Also, our knowledge of certain fields of science is unmatched, including explosives and such.

Also, is it normal for there to be a Highly Obvious Ninja behind you? He has a knife, by the way. Might want to act fast and find out why someone would send an assassin to an apparently random adventurer.
No. 403542 ID: b85f8c

I don't see anything.
No. 403689 ID: 25d645
File 133519621127.png - (114.98KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

O-oh! You can talk!? This is amazing!

My top... How would that...? Why?


Oh, you know my name too? Uhm.. This is his last gift because he's dead. He's been dead since I was born, even before then. He had killed the evil shadow dragon Ombra to help save the human race but he died in the process.. I should mention he's only the one who helped to 'create' me so to speak. I do have an actual male caretaker. It seems my mother had a fling with the man behind my father's back. Honestly I don't blame her, the man is... Bothersome.

There's no one behind me... I'm very good at sensing these things.

An alternate timeline? Do such things even exist? What else can you do? Can you really help me pass the Knight Exam?
No. 403692 ID: ed57e8

well if it's anything like the other thing the guy you fight should be a pushover.
No. 403694 ID: b0d466

Well, if there's one thing I remember how to do, it would have to be... [change gender]
No. 403697 ID: 99c568


think bigger. well, in the long run. right now, I guess we can take you through the exam... just tell us the steps.
No. 403699 ID: 2fe09b


>My top... How would that...? Why?

I assume it was meant as a distraction and to make you lighter.

If we're to help you, we muct know what we work with. Please list abilities, morality, and other inhibitions.
No. 403703 ID: 7d7f79

Wait, is that guy's name Sable?
If it's Sable then we know something terrible about fate in this universe already. If you meet another young knight or knight-candidate named Artemis you must become his lover, although it shouldn't be anything exclusive. Buttsex is fine but terrible things happen if he is ever allowed to become horny due to certain... demons... involved. That means you also would have to make sure he has backup girlfriends for whenever you aren't close enough to take care of this duty.
No. 403717 ID: b56aa5


That is a very pretty hat, by the way. :3

Although I do believe you would be much prettier without it. Do not feel you need to keep secrets from us. We know many things, and just as we know many things, we can only share them with you, or others in your family. And we would generally respect your confidence in us.

Anyway, yes, we'll gladly help you in your knight exam. We are pretty worldly, pulling knowledge and experience from many places. We may also be able to help enhance your strengths as well, but that will probably have to wait. For now, just think of us as that wise elder in your head giving you as good advice as we can. Forgive some of the more... perverted voices. It is inevitable due to the nature of our existence.
No. 403732 ID: 7d7f79

Yes. Make use of our experience. The first time we saw roughly this scenario it was from the perspective of a knight candidate named Artemis, he ended up facing... someone who seems to be you actually... in the trials and won. Would you like to know how he did it?
No. 403767 ID: 25d645
File 133520103075.png - (139.22KB , 628x595 , 4.png )

W-what...? No I couldn't. I'm already betrothed..

.... I think my chest plate feels a bit tighter..

I would like to know this yes.. If this has already happened once before though then you could just tell me everything that's gonna happen right? Or would me knowing that change things? You know what, don't tell me anything. Give me advice but don't directly tell me things like that.

You are very perceptive... I suppose it would not be best to keep secrets from the magical device that's meant to help me.

She takes off her helmet revealed two large ears coated with soft orange and black fur

As you can see I'm not fully human. This is both blessing and a curse.. While I'm a great fighter and tracker because of my super-human abilities I also would not legally allowed to be in the knights because of this. Only pure humans are supposed to join them and... Well I'm just not one. It's a recessive gene I'm told and my brothers and sisters do not posses these traits. It's also truly my only gift as it has allowed me to surpass all of them in the arena. After countless years of pleading my parents consented to having me take the Exam and with you by my side we are sure to pass.
No. 403770 ID: 2fe09b

Ah, I see. If anything feels tight/restrictive, feel free to remove it (Barring loss of actual modesty), as spearfighters rely on agility more than protection for avoiding damage. If you're in a private place, you might want to check what change we just wrought on your body and become acclimated so your combat doesn't suffer.
No. 403776 ID: b85f8c

...wait, why did that make your chestplate tighter? Shouldn't it have shrank your boobs, not made them bigger?

We just tried to change your gender, fyi. Well, one of us did. So um, as we can speak to you in total privacy and we will be your personal assistant for quite some time... are you normally female, or male?
No. 403783 ID: ed57e8

check your pants.

also, again, future powers talking here. do not drink any bottles your fiancee brings you. ever.
No. 403788 ID: a2fa74

What is the name of your betrothed? I hope I don't know the answer.
No. 403791 ID: 04b86a

We did change her sex, her male torso is simply larger than her female torso.

>I'm already betrothed.
Oh, great, we forgot about Chevre. I realize it's arranged and all but find an excuse to dump him at the earliest opportunity. You deserve a lot better than that asshole. He's so bad your counterpart in the other timeline outright neutered the guy in a duel.

Now if you really want to join the knights the light dragon can give you human ears and remove the scar from where your tail was. I'm not sure how you could talk her into doing it for you, though.

Hey, Ombra, are you here?
No. 403796 ID: 7d7f79

If she doesn't do that then she doesn't learn how much of a jerk he is the hard way. I seem to remember that this was a lesson she was only willing to learn the hard way; you've just told her how to avoid the one lesson so harsh that she had to accept that her fiancé is a jerk.

Saisai, the incident in question involves him drugging you with an aphrodesiac. I am very certain you won't believe us about this because you want to pretend your fiancé is a better man than he is, and therefore we will be getting to say I told you so about it later. Don't worry about it, it's not important right now anyway.
No. 403851 ID: fa9f7e

If this ends up like our timeline, your fiance ends up giving you catfolk aphrodisiac he's immune to and having rough sex with you.

Also, anyone know why Guardian Quest 1 thread 14 was abandoned? Did things get too badly fucked up or something?
No. 403884 ID: 97486c
File 133521920075.png - (114.46KB , 696x600 , 5.png )

W-what!? This is ridiculous! Chevre would never do such a thing and I'm pretty damn good at telling when drinks are spiked! Besides I don't even drink!
Seriously if you guys freak me out with any more future crap I'm tossing you back in the box!

she's serious about that

She goes over to a nearby mirror and strips off her chest armor and upper clothing.

Mmm.. Yeah it's bigger for sure.. And my hair's black? What did you guys do..? Change me back, this is going to be annoying as hell to fight as. Most of my moves require perfect balance.

-Change Gender is now Change Form-
No. 403885 ID: ed57e8

well it was a test, not sure why it manifested like that.
[change form]
No. 403886 ID: 2fe09b

We will as soon as we can. If we can't in time, you should practice as you can - we use a special energy that builds over time to do this. My apologies, we may have flubbed.

However, I must say, you look fantastic.
No. 403889 ID: b85f8c

Oh, interesting, it's a different ability now. Unfortunately, we cannot change you back at the moment, we don't have enough power. Almost, but not quite. Very soon though!

Apologizes for the future-shit. I suspect that quite a lot of it won't apply at all.

So tell us more about your family!
No. 403892 ID: 7d7f79

Saisai here has very real concerns about how to succeed in combat trials here. She does not need compliments on her appearance, she wants a transformation we don't currently have the power to perform, and at a minimum needs the ability to get past this challenge.
We need you to define your moral limits here, and explain your supplementary resources. Whether you have the ability to succeed in these trials or not on your own merits I am certain there must be some manner of cheating or bribery that could improve your chances. We are just short of the power to transform you like that again, and I am not confident that a second transformation would be entirely to your liking anyway so we may need backup plans like this for if you don't happen to be physically superior to all of your opposition.
If your opposition is male or a lesbian you could attempt to tease or seduce them as either a distraction or a method of ensuring their willingness to help you succeed, and if you have an attractive man you can call on for help he might be able to do the same for any female or gay adversaries.
There are also possibilities for the usage of other supplementary distraction and field-control methods. Knowledge of the rules and limits of your challenges can help us suggest supplemental tactical aids that may be of use. Aids of this kind I have used myself include drugs, smokebombs, explosives, incendiaries, noise effects, chemical cloud weapons, animals and allies.
If these possibilities are inadequate I can try to suggest further options.
No. 403909 ID: a2fa74

It takes a little while to charge. Don't worry, it'll be undone long before your first bout.

We need to wait until he actually drugs her before we can do anything about him. It'd be best to say nothing more about this until she's actually started feeling the effects of the wine, and then have her flee to Artemis for help.
No. 403911 ID: 04b86a

Aw, I was hoping she actually turned into a guy. Female-to-Male transformations are too uncommon compared to the reverse.

*Sigh* Alright. Some lessons need to be learned through experience, I suppose.

On the subject of things you don't want to hear, the black hair's not our fault. On the bright side, it looks nice on you!

Now then, do you know what would be a really good thing to learn? Soul magic. You should find a dark elf willing to teach you it.

You're awake! Once we have 100 GP and some free time we should be able to temporarily summon you in an adorable fierce imp-like form so you can move around for a bit.
No. 403913 ID: a2fa74

Soul magic would help, since it's perfect for a warrior. The ability to manifest impossibly sharp blades at will alone makes it worth learning.
Sadly, the current political climate makes learning it difficult due to travel restrictions.
No. 403914 ID: 97486c
File 133522466546.png - (198.97KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

She changes back to normal.

That's better. I think? It's easier to just not have to get used to a new form.

The Exam itself is nothing more then a tournament between possible recruits. While winning is not the only way to actually be chosen it certainly helps. I don't have any flashy moves so I will have to rely on my wits and my weapon.
My spear is very special and over the years I've added a few modifications to it. It can extend outward and even fire off like a grappling hook. The hook can even be retracted back into the shaft.

However, asking me to... Flirt.. With my opponent is.. Well, stupid. That isn't fighting, that's flirting. Any real warrior, especially an aspiring knight, would just use that moment to cut me down. I wouldn't even know how the hell to attempt it. Now.. During the battle itself I am only allowed to bring armor and my main weapon, the spear. I can't use any sort of bombs in it. Not that I would even want to.. I have a better chance of hurting myself then my opponent. I appreciate the advice but let's try to win this fairly. The consequences of getting caught far outweigh the slight increase to my chances of winning.

Your previous ability was to change genders? How.. Odd. It would be interesting but I'm grateful you don't have such a power now.

As for my family.. What can I say about them? We never really talked. We each had out own ways of communicating though. Mother would wander around the house, 'father' would talk at everyone but me, my siblings would just sit and nod as father complimented them. It didn't bother me too much. Their ignorance of my actions allowed me to practice my fighting abilities in relative peace. I would spend most of my evenings watching my siblings get lessons from an actual teacher and spend my nights mimicking the moves they had been taught.
My family is also rather wealthy. We're one of the richer families in Central Kingdom. However through a serious of unfortunate events we have lost a bit of our standing with the others. That is the reason for my marriage. Though father seems to dislike me he knows I am more attractive then the others and decided since I was not in fighting class like the others then I would become a housewife.

Well, let's hope that doesn't happen.

All right, armor is back on. Shall we head off?
No. 403916 ID: a2fa74

Sure. Lets go.
No. 403917 ID: b85f8c

Sure, we should go. Hey, do you have many friends?
No. 403922 ID: 7d7f79

In my experience it is actually a well known dubious tactic for supporters or members of one side in a competition to distract members of the other side by means of showing off... things that are usually covered. That tactic is generally used only by those who have practiced it or non-participants in the contest itself who therefore wouldn't risk giving their opponent an opportunity by attempting such things. You are right that if you have no friends who can help you by doing this for you or insufficient practice doing it yourself it would be a foolish thing to try.
Bombs are out... how about other distractions like smoke pellets, light flashes and noises, not worth the effort?

I find this intensely odd that none of my usual tricks are useful to you. If you can suggest resources you have access to I can consider other ideas, but it seems that's not exactly what you want help with anyway. What would you like help with? Our ability to plan and arrange basically goes down to zero the moment you are involved in this competition so any help you'd like should be worked out advance.
No. 403963 ID: b0d466

Be sure your hat's on securely!
No. 403964 ID: 99c568

cut off your ears, otherwise they'll be revealed sooner or later.
No. 403990 ID: b3fcbb
File 133525558419.gif - (2.36MB , 278x166 , abandon-thread-snail.gif )

>A suitable host.

No. 404022 ID: f70e5e

I don't mean to alarm you Saisai, but you have a minor case of draconic possession. Ombras soul is currently dormant in your body. the soul is going to slowly gain power until it can escape, and that is not a survivable process. however this is an alternative, if you learn shadow magic you'll be able to expel ombras soul safely, and don't worry about racial restrictions on magic, you have the shadow dragons soul in you so you can learn shadow magic.
No. 404120 ID: 97486c
File 133527690796.png - (96.26KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

Oh god future stuff I'm not listening lalalalala.
Wait.. Draconic possession? A minor case? Is that like a minor case of a cold? That doesn't even..

I already cut off my tail.. I think I'll leave the ears for now. As it stands they help more then hinder me,

It's on.

Eh.. It's not that it -wouldn't- help I'm just worried I'm not skilled enough to pull off a distraction tactic. I'm a fighter so I prefer to just run into combat and kill things. The smoke and mirrors thing is best left to the mages.
And using my body to distract them is right out. Seriously, unless someone for some reason trained in that and had magical abilities to back it up I do -not- see how that is useful in battle.

She heads off to the castle and after a quick inspection is allowed inside. In the main room there are other potential knights all waiting to take the same exam.

Friends? No. I never had time for them. Being home almost every day influenced that I'm sure. It is a fair trade though. Without such distractions I've been able to become a great warrior. And I have Chevre. He's willing to talk to me at least.

She signs in and is soon given a spot on the tournament. She examines the posting.

Seems I'm going first... First match is against... Shark Man? What kind of idiotic name is that?
No. 404123 ID: ed57e8

a callsign.
No. 404125 ID: 2fe09b


>Seems I'm going first... First match is against... Shark Man? What kind of idiotic name is that?

Not one to underestimate. It's likely not his real name, just a codename or a callsign. Be wary of summoning, or close combat abilities.
No. 404141 ID: 99c568

read the full chart, I wanna see who's participating!
No. 404155 ID: 923fca

Read the full chart, try and match some names to faces. And remember, some of your opponents may already have real combat experience. Your training makes you worthy of this competition, but you may be at a disadvantage against someone that has learned from the line between life and death. Be ready to adapt. We'll help where we can, of course.
No. 404173 ID: 7d7f79

This voice has the right of it except for one small detail:
At all costs do not be distracted by the thought of future fights while you are busy trying to win/not lose in the moment.

Also, it would really help if you could avoid telegraphing exactly what your skills and competency is by looking like you are a spear fighter and nothing else. By looking like a spear fighter you show off an awful lot of information about what risks your opponents must deal with in facing you and such, letting the ones with sufficient tactical knowledge try to plan how to defeat you. Hiding this information will improve your ability to do better against such opponents. Chances are you don't have a concealing cloak or anything like that at hand, so oh well.... Hopefully at least this is a lesson in subtlety for future encounters.
No. 404286 ID: 97486c
File 133529116535.png - (49.95KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

No you're right, I should find some way to hide this 5 foot long spear from my opponent throughout the battle. I'm sure that revealing it when the battle starts is more effective then keeping it hidden.
Anyway my tricks are within the spear itself. It has a few features that I'm sure aren't standard in spears. I can even fight long range with this.

Saisai reads the paper but only has time to read her own opponent and her potential next opponents, Gene N. and Artemis L. before a bell sounds

The Royal Army Entrance Exam will begin now. Saisai F and... Sharmman..? Please enter the Arena.

This is it..

Saisai steps into the Arena and sees her opponent.

Hmm... This shark person doesn't seem to have a weapon..

First one to fall and stay fallen for ten seconds loses the battle! Begin!

There are so many people watching this.. I bet even the King is here..

Her opponent starts circling around her as Saisai gets her spear ready.

I have no idea what they're capable of... Should I strike first or just wait..? I... I think I'm nervous.

Maybe.. I should just leave and come back for the next one.. Train some more.
No. 404287 ID: ed57e8

sharks circle then go for a hard strike. wait for the strike and dodge and counter.
No. 404294 ID: b85f8c

Hmm, good thinking. Treat the 'shark' as a shark, and we can predict it. By the way, those mitts are most likely weapons.

Don't lose your nerve, Saisai. You can win this.
No. 404295 ID: b3fcbb

>Maybe.. I should just leave and come back for the next one.. Train some more.

Pfft! You've lost already with that kind of attitude!

Don't falter now! Believe in yourself! I'd say to feint, see if they bite the feint, and give her a blow that will give her second thoughts of circling around you.
No. 404304 ID: 7d7f79

I was discussing strategy, not tactics; it would be silly to hide a spear you're using to control your opponent with feints. Never mind, I'll have to explain it later I guess. My apologies for being insufficiently clear.

At the moment you are in a fight and now is not the time for self-doubt or argument. You know he's got gauntlets and probably other short range attacks. There are no obvious other weapons, this suggests the possibility of magical attacks and thrown projectiles. The key here is to engage at the medium-short range which your short spear is good at because failing to threaten him leaves him free to attempt these possible unknown ranged attacks and those gauntlets would tear you apart in the short range. Feinting against your opponent until they leave you an opening to get a good strike is what I suggest because leaving your opponent the opportunity to choose where they want to strike from and when they do it is a bad idea generally. My advice is limited by not knowing what tricks you and your spear have, and what the abilities and limitations of this opponent are. More information would help us help you.

Also, how vulnerable is your spear? A common tactic I know for use against short-spears like yours is to attack the spear itself, breaking it.
No. 404317 ID: 97486c
File 133529822168.png - (210.61KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

Sorry, you're right. We need to know everything about one another to work effectively. My spear is difficult to break thanks to my modifications. Other then it's toughness it's main ability is being able to shoot out the spear head so that it can grab things and retract itself. I can also use the spear to Jump and slam down on my opponent. It's very fast but can be predictable.

Saisai watches her opponent circle once more. She makes a quick jab when Sharkman runs past her, it's glove brushes against her face.

Saisai turns to face Sharkman when the side of her face explodes in pain. A thousand fine cuts appear and pour out blood.

W-what..? That guy barely grazed me... He's so fast..

Sharkman starts circling again
No. 404318 ID: b85f8c

Yep, gloves are weapons.

Don't wait this time. Attack. Try a few thrusts, and see if you can catch him dodging backwards. When he does this, extend the spear to catch him mid-dodge.
No. 404325 ID: ed57e8

spin counter to his circle and extend your spear. would make a trip line.
No. 404327 ID: 2fe09b

Opponent is fast as fuck. Use it against them. She needs to move close to attack you. Therefore, clothesline them with your weapon. If this proves impossible, remain moving yourself, maybe their speed is only good in straight lines. Utilize your better range and the fact that their speed can be used against them to your advantage.
No. 404329 ID: 7d7f79

Aggressively poke at them with the spear to keep them off balance, to create vulnerabilities to strike in. Do not let them prepare for another attack against you.
No. 404330 ID: 7d7f79

If you note them starting to attack anyway use the other end of your spear like a staff to sideswipe them.
No. 404340 ID: f70e5e

the gloves seem to be super abrasive, I doubt a weapon like that would be much use in anything but a very fast attack. her strategy is probably to keep doing run by attacks until you are worn down. i recommend trying to either clothesline her or trip her with your spear. keep in mind she can probably see an attack like that coming, so try and lead with a feint.
No. 404348 ID: 97486c
File 133530404192.png - (122.60KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

Saisai jabs a few times at Sharman but he doesn't seem to react. After a minute Sharkman charges forward. Saisai reacts and quickly places her spear in front of her. Sharkman nearly impales himself but stops. Saisai twists the shaft of her spear causing it to shoot out and through Sharkman.


The spear head retracts back into the handle and throws Sharkman's body in front of Saisai's feet.

I... Uh, the winner is.. Saisai Falladay!

The crowd gives a nervous cheer as medics drag out Sharkman. He doesn't seem to be moving. Another medic comes by and heals Saisai's cuts.

I... I didn't mean to do that.. I just reacted..
No. 404350 ID: 431fa8

And you reacted well. Good job. This might be an exam, but it's still a battle with live weapons- you cannot afford to pull punches.
No. 404351 ID: ed57e8

so long as the heart is ruptured it should be fixable.
No. 404353 ID: b85f8c

Whoa, crap. Well, that's a problem with tournaments that use live weapons. People can die.

If you're worried you can ask the medics to tell you if he survives. Perhaps apologize to him in person if he does.
No. 404355 ID: 7d7f79

This is what being a knight will include: Making split second decisions that kill people even if you don't want to. It is important that you never start to like it, but you have to be prepared to do it again... and again after that.
When you get better at this you may be able to choose to only disable or disarm opponents that you're enough better than so you have that choice. This is one of the things you need more practice and experience to achieve. Do you have what it takes?
No. 404359 ID: 97486c
File 133530541823.png - (141.90KB , 624x600 , 11.png )

I will.

Saisai shakes her head and tries to clear away her negative thoughts.

You're right. I did sign up for this.. Hopefully he survived but if not... Well he knew what could happen.

She takes a deep breath and leaves the arena and into the lobby. She sees Sharkman being carted upstairs.
A young wizard goes up to her and extends his hand.

Wizard: "Hey, you uh... You won right? Congratulations."

I just (probably) killed a man! Don't act happy for me!

He keeps holding out his hand with that smile until she shakes it.

Wizard: "How uhm.. The battle... How was it..?"

"... Easy."

He smiles again.

I want to punch him. Just rip the happy right out of his soul. It just rubs me the wrong way.

"I'm pretty nervous.. I won my first fight but... Well I just hope the next one goes well. I'm a pretty good wizard but everyone here looks so much stronger."


"Hey, maybe we'll fight each other in the finals huh? Oh no.. That'd be bad wouldn't it? Not that I don't want you to make it to the finals! And I won't try to not be there either but.. Blah, sorry I don't really say what I mean to when I'm nervous."


"So you use a spear huh? I never got a hang of weapons personally. My brothers taught me how to use magic. My father's a great wizard too. Actually he's even in the Knights. That's part of why I want to be in it. Do you have family in the knights?"


"You probably do, most people who join know someone in the knights. Like my friend Apollo's mother is-"


No. 404360 ID: ed57e8

it's called 'being friendly'. try it.
No. 404361 ID: 7c31d2

Nice to see Artemis is sociable as a male in this timeline
No. 404362 ID: b85f8c

Having friends keeps your mind and emotions healthy. Mental strength is important too, Saisai. Don't be afraid to talk to people.

Though to be honest if this guy's demeanor irritates you from the start, maybe you won't be very good friends. I dunno, at least talk to him a little. Tell him you're upset because you probably killed that guy.
No. 404363 ID: 2fe09b

Jeeze, just talk to him. He's clearly nervous as hell about his test.
No. 404364 ID: 7d7f79

If you want a graceful exit from this social situation here's what I suggest you say:
"I'm sorry, I didn't think I might be a killer today. I'd like to be alone now to gather my wits after that, please."

Alternatively you might want to try making friends with someone else that just won their first round and therefore is likely also going to be one of your future coworkers:
"Uh hello, I'm sorry but I'm not a graceful social butterfly able to joke and entertain after she kills someone unintentionally. How about if we both make it we go out later for a celebratory beer with the other winners?"
No. 404368 ID: 7d7f79

Or, if you want to be really emphatic about it without physically assaulting him and getting yourself disqualified:
"Do you really want to know how it was? Fear, uncertainty, pain, desperate fighting, one unexpectedly effective defense, a glimpsed opportunity, spilled blood and everybody horrified at me and what happened because the other guy might be dead.
"Really, I'm not ready to talk with anyone after that. Maybe later, maybe never, but please, not now."
No. 404397 ID: 99c568

just... leave. he's obviously not worth your time and patience.
No. 404407 ID: 173fd9

I always say, if something bugs you. Deal with it. Don't just tolerate it. Tolerating it just means you have accepted it as being 'ok'. I suggest just telling him to shut up, or if you don't want to be that mean, 'you're annoying'. Or just walk away.
No. 404410 ID: f18f75
File 133533025666.gif - (1.66MB , 240x216 , aww-taiga.gif )

Haha~! Social retard! I knew it~! Oh-hohohohohoho~!
No. 404418 ID: b0d466

"I doubt we'll fight each other in the finals. We're fighting next round."
No. 404420 ID: f70e5e

this is a good suggestion. I know he's coming off as really annoying right now but hes just trying to be friendly. he also might end up as a future co worker so getting him to stop talking without coming across as an ass would be a good idea.
No. 404461 ID: da98fb

No. 404528 ID: 25d645
File 133535640594.png - (171.76KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

"I'm sorry, I didn't think I might be a killer today. I'd like to be alone now to gather my wits after that, please."

His eyes go wide and he takes a step back.

"Oh, yeah, no I totally understand."

"Thank you."

Saisai sits down on a nearby bench. After taking in a deep breath she hears someone sit besides her, it's the mage


"So you really killed the man? In your fight?"

"I don't know, I think I did." She says through clenched teeth.

"How do you feel about that?"

"Can we please not talk about this?"

"Sure sure. So, my name's Artemis. What's yours?"



Saisai: "So... You're a wizard huh? What can you do?"

The mage smiles at her, pleased that she's making some small talk back

"Well not much right now but I can make a few fireballs, change gravity, and even protect myself from certain attacks."

"Really? Impressive. Surely such power must come at some cost."

"Eh, sorta. It uses Mana to conjure these powers so I really can't do it for too long. After like 5 fireballs I need to rest for a bit to regain mana."

"That seems like a horrible disadvantage. Surely there must be some way to mitigate this?"

"Well I could take a mana potion but I don't have any at the moment. I just have to hope my opponent doesn't press me too hard."

"I see.."

So many weaknesses.

They hear the announcer's loud voice penetrate the lobby from the arena.

That concludes round one! Round 2 is starting up with Sasai F. vs Artemis L.!

Artemis stares first at the door in shock then at Saisai who can't help but give a small smile. He looks confused for a moment, then hurt.

I don't have to worry about him being my co-worker if I beat him in this battle..

Without a word Saisai gets up and walks into the arena. A moment later Artemis follows behind her

You both know the rules, let the battle begin!

Artemis stands there looking completely nerve-wracked.

He's worried. He should be. Pretty much told me all his secrets in combat. I think if I just shatter his staff he'll be helpless.
No. 404530 ID: ed57e8

he said he has a protection spell. that spell could mitigate sear attacks.
No. 404532 ID: 99c568


hint: if you shatter his staff, he won't be helpless. also? don't underestimate him, because if you're careless, he'll end you.
No. 404539 ID: ed57e8

and yeah, staffs are focuses, not the source of power.
No. 404541 ID: b85f8c

To be honest knowing he's a mage you'd want to press him regardless. Watch out for that gravity change, that's a tricky spell. Be especially careful to keep on your hat.
No. 404545 ID: 7d7f79

You know... he looks pretty squishy. Why not just trip him, sit on him and hold on to his hands so he can't cast anything? I'd try it, the worst that can happen is he zaps you with a spell that probably won't be a game ender for your troubles and you'll have established to the people running this contest that you're not just a bloodthirsty killer.
No. 404548 ID: 923fca

well, even one fireball could be nasty. Especially if it causes any clothing(hat) damage. Basically, make sure he can't concentrate long enough to cast spells. Pressure him right away. If you're feeling sympathetic you could knock him on his butt and pin him for the ten-count. He looks way too scrawny to be able to get away, if you know how to hold him, that is. Heck, if you threaten him with the spearhead he might be too cowed to try and stand up.. otherwise, a jab in/through the shoulder maybe?
No. 404551 ID: 7d7f79

Sympathy? She has unreasonable, violent hatred towards this guy just for daring to talk to her. She only mastered that hatred for long enough to trick him into telling her his strengths and weaknesses, which was a pretty good plan by the way, good thinking Saisai. A fight is no time for sympathy with your opponent anyway.
The reasons to keep him alive now do not include sympathy, they do include that you don't want to look like a bloodthirsty killer and that you shouldn't try to kill anybody you don't have to because it always has unintended consequences. If you win every fight by fatality I'm pretty sure they'd have grave reservations about accepting you into the knights.
No. 404576 ID: b0d466

So how about that JUMP attack?
No. 404721 ID: a2fa74

He told you his weaknesses. You dodge five fireballs or pin his noodly body down and you win.

Don't use your spear's special functions. In fact, try to take him down without serious injury. You don't need to, and you need some friends.
No. 404723 ID: 7e3704

not sure pinning is the best plan with that gravity thing he mentioned. dodge a few fireballs first and then he'll be too tired to use it. agreed that you should try to beat him nonlethally.
No. 405111 ID: 97486c
File 133550263120.png - (230.48KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

Hate? Hate is a strong word. I simply don't enjoy being around someone so cheerful AFTER I POSSIBLE KILLED A MAN. I don't know him well enough to truly hate him. No, my hate is reserved for those who have truly wronged me. Those who have tread upon my personal beliefs. Those who steal the last pastry from the plate after I claimed it already. Those are the ones I hate.

Anyway I don't plan on killing him. I'm just going to wound him a little..

Saisai rushes to Artemis and jabs with her spear. Artemis dodges the attack and with a gesture a small semi-see through wall appears in front of him. Saisai gives it an experimental jab and sees it won't give easily.

I could Jump over it.. But that tires me out a lot.

Artemis: "Gravity!"


Saisai falls a bit forward as her spear gains weight.

D-dammit... I can barely lift this thing now..

Artemis's hand glows red.
No. 405112 ID: ed57e8

then ditch it.
he's cast three spells, he has 2 more. can the blade launch embed in the wall? if so then make it launch and the drop it.
No. 405113 ID: 3ce5b2

drop spear and prepare to dodge.
No. 405114 ID: 2fe09b

>70 GP

[Boost strength]

If this doesn't work, then launch the blade again!
No. 405117 ID: ed57e8

no wait, if it can embed then have it pull you out the way.
No. 405119 ID: 7d7f79

My colleagues are thinking as I do: Your spear for the moment is a burden. We should pick it up later but right now it is keeping you where his next attack is going.

And I'll make a note not to steal your pastry.
No. 405139 ID: a2fa74

Because would have had admitted to it a few days from now.
I dunno if your brother is responsible, but he's a jerk and I wouldn't put it past him.

Drop the spear and jump over his shield. Mages can't take a hit.
No. 405149 ID: fa9f7e

And if he impales us on the staff? It probably wouldn't penetrate, but it'd still hurt like hell. Or he could move the shield.
No. 405152 ID: 99c568

[boost strength], then. also, jump when he shoots so you dodge the fireball.
No. 405366 ID: 97486c
File 133559911846.png - (197.27KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

=Boost Strength is not a command. Commands are
Change Form GP:10
Shadow Ball GP:10
Last Stand GP:50
Darkness GP:00 =

Saisai stabs her spear into the ground and uses it to Jump over an incoming fireball.

The thing is useless.. I should be able to take him in hand to HHG!!

Before she can finish her thought Artemis pushes the Protect shield out fast enough to slam into Saisai and knock her into the ground.
She hears something hit the floor beside her.

That... That was a dirty move...

She can sense she sprained something when she fell.
No. 405370 ID: 2fe09b


[Change form] Warning, bodily changes incoming. Close the gap as fast as you can! Finish the fight! We can help out more, be we need a clear shot!
No. 405371 ID: f70e5e

I agree with the geting a chin starp idea, however lets hold off on the body changing for now.

hold on, we are about to turn of the lights. [Darkness]
No. 405375 ID: ed57e8

change form didn't change ears.[no change form, instead darkness hat or if it can't be controlled, darkness in general.]

point your palm towards him
[shadow ball]
No. 405376 ID: a2fa74

Don't be like that~ We know you're pretty awesome, and how to get you back to normal.

[Shadow Orb to hide Saisai's head]
[Last Stand]
No. 405382 ID: 6f4add

jump again, he won't be expecting that. or [shadow ball] if that dispelled his shield.
No. 405447 ID: 2fe09b

Shadow orb is an offensive projectile. It can't 'hide' anything.

...And Saisai probably can't fight in total darkness, either.
No. 405455 ID: f70e5e

neither of them can fight in complete darkness, but it will hide Saisais ears long enough for her to grab her hat.
No. 405461 ID: 7d7f79


Two lessons learned:
First, you need a hat with a chinstrap if you aren't going to lose the ears, since the ears disqualify you from being a knight, remember? Weapons get dropped and hats get knocked off during fights and fights are in your top five list of things that will happen as a knight, if they haven't noticed the ears and disqualified you already.
Second, jump is a really weak move against an opponent who knows you're there and can respond to it. Never use it against someone with ranged abilities paying you full attention like this again.

Now grab that danged hat in the darkness, if you don't even know where it fell you're on your own for disappointing me like that. You were very silly for taking the wrong danged advice. Jumping in a perfect, predictable parabolic arc when a spellcaster is watching you indeed, of all the stupidity....
No. 405866 ID: 97486c
File 133576674141.png - (185.62KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

This is like my second actual fight okay!? I'm used to training against a dummy most of the time.

The Guardian uses Darkness. The world goes dark but Saisai seems to be able to see fine. She quickly grabs her hat and places it back on her head. Artemis is looking around everywhere and the audience is murmuring to themselves.

He can't see me... You should've used this earlier!

I can probably take him down with a few punches to the head.. Unless you guys have a different idea?
No. 405867 ID: ed57e8

uhh, you notice that someone is somehow still in color? mark that location and look back there when the dark runs out. anyway, he's a squishy wizard. just pin him to the ground.
No. 405877 ID: 431fa8

Punching people in the head tends to risk a lot of serious damage to them. If you're concerned about killing, a gut-punch or two could disable with much less risk of serious damage that would last beyond the fight.
No. 405895 ID: 97486c
File 133577013963.png - (176.16KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

A few quick punches to the gut and Artemis is out for the count. The darkness vanishes and the crowd sees Artemis lying on the ground with Saisai standing above him.

Wow... The winner is Saisai!!

There are no cheers from the crowd. Someone taps on Saisai's shoulder and she spins around.
She sees the King.

King: "Saisai, right? Hey. Can you come to my office now? I need to talk to you. It's on the top floor."

"I uh I well uh.. S-sure.."

"Great, I'll see you there."

He walks out of the stadium as medics take Artemis away.

Oh god oh god oh god he saw my ears and now he's gonna exile me from the kingdom oh god I need to just run away dammit why the hell did I not get a chin strap.
No. 405896 ID: ed57e8

stay calm. the king is a powerful man. running will make things even worse.
No. 405916 ID: 97486c
File 133577370860.png - (127.86KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

She just goes.
Finding the room is easy enough and after a quick inspection the guards let her in. She sees the King standing up by his desk.

"Saisai, don't sit, this will be over in a moment. I just wanted to say you were an excellent fighter on the field. Sure a few mistakes were made but you managed to pull through rather well. And that darkness.. Even -I- couldn't see through it! And I like to think I'm a pretty capable spell caster. Anyway let me get to the point. I'd like you to join the Royal Knights."

"Y-your Majesty? You want me to join? I haven't even finished the.."

He shakes his head.

"I feel you've proved yourself well enough. You don't have to just win the fights to become a knight, just prove yourself in battle. And out of it.. I must say it takes a lot of courage to show up here and try out. Especially for someone like you. Anyway, I expect you to report for duty tomorrow at 9 in the morning." He hands her a map and a list of rules "Study these and be prepared. Also, please get a strap for that helmet. It would not be good if it fell off in the field."

"Y-yeah. Will do."

With a shaking hand Saisai grabs the items, gives a quick bow, and leaves. Outside she lets out a huge grin

I DID IT! I'm in the knights!!! No stupid boring housewife stuff for me! I'm going to have action and adventure! I don't have to live at home anymore!!

And it's thanks to you guys.. You truly are far more valuable then any spear I could have received.
No. 405921 ID: f70e5e

thank you, but a word of warning, nine times out of ten we show up either during or right before something major happens. so there is almost a 100% that some serous shit is about to go down. we will do everything we can to see you through it, but we are headed for some interesting times.
No. 405923 ID: ed57e8

yeah, he knows, but he is telling you to not let anyone else know or he will be forced to take action if they report it. now, don't be a poor sport and see those peeps you beat up. say sorry to sharkman if they are alive.
No. 405931 ID: 7d7f79

Well congratulations, that was mostly your achievement so you have a right to be proud of it. We are advisors, not the one who demonstrated the resilience to continue on despite injury and setbacks, nor the one who displayed initative in turning an unwelcome social situation into an opportunity to learn about her opponent. You could have done better, but it's rare when that's not true for anybody. I'm sure you already agree about the need for further study, practice, and now team-building with your new colleagues.
Cautions about what we did less than optimally: I don't like relying on magic abilities we don't fully grasp to get out of problems because those have a tendency to cause worse ones in my experience. Despite this, your king has just recruited you because of this uncertain magical gift. Therefore we will have to get a firm grasp on these powers. About your one significant mistake: Sometimes our advice will be less than perfect, or even bad as the suggestion to move in a way that's easily targeted when a hostile spellcaster with ranged ability is watching you. Collectively and individually we will always know many things you don't, but you will see and know things we don't either and you should act on that, especially when our advice doesn't make any sense like in that case. I'm sure you will get better at this with experience and you're actually not doing that badly with it right now either so it's not your first priority for right this minute. If we find the time and my colleagues agree with me about the need I'm willing to give lessons and exercises on how to practice assessment and problem solving later. Right now you have a chinstrap to get and other instructions from your new chief commander.
It also would have been nice for you to know who corresponded to that coloured blob in the darkness but I suppose the opportunity is lost and I don't fault you focusing on winning. I am wary of using this power more without undeniable need because we don't know its full costs and drawbacks yet.
I suspect the king did notice the ears and just gave you the regal version of a nod and a wink about it when he told you to get a chinstrap. Either way it's good advice and also an order.
So... do you have your to-do list planned out? I'm guessing that the chin-strap goes first since shops tend to close at or before sunset.
No. 405954 ID: 6f4add

hopefully he's not a dickbag this time. ask him if you'll continue to participate in the tournament.
No. 406025 ID: 7d7f79

If I were in the king's shoes I'd heal up the mage and put him in for the last round. We just used a WTF-level power here so he took us out of the tournament path for a job offer, which is a reasonable decision. A follow-up shrewd decision would be to put the mage we just jacked up in there for the final round to prove himself if he has doubt or give him an offer too--most likely the former. Remember, it's not about winning a tournament prize, it's about eliminating people he doesn't want to recruit. The prize is the job offer and bragging rights.
Honestly, he pulled some hot shit with that air juggle against us. Most wizards aren't very good at being simultaneously reactive and setting up things like that. I'd be trying to give a kid with that talent the chance to try again if I weren't sure about recruiting him yet, and the tournament structure works better if someone advances in our bracket.
No. 406112 ID: 166adc

More immediately, you should check your spear for signs of damage. It has complex parts in it, and was subject to that nasty gravity spell.
No. 406344 ID: 97486c
File 133584627040.png - (45.62KB , 399x433 , 18.png )

Well I don't have to go back so I don't really care about how the rest of this tournament turns out. Maybe someone will get a by?

Hmm... It's still good. This thing is tough.

That sounds like a plan.

She goes to the infirmary and finds Sharkman sitting up on a bed. Saisai lets out a deep sigh of relief. The man looks up at her and grins.

"Hey, you're the girl who nearly killed me."

"... I apologize for that."

"It's cool. Woulda done the same in your shoes." he scratches his head, "So I'm guessing I didn't make it in?"

"Not sure. Sorry if you didn't though."

He shrugs.

"There'll be another one in three months. Just gotta practice til then." he smiles at her, "Thanks for dropping in though."

Saisai nods and excuses herself. After a quick trip to the store she buys herself a chinstrap for her helmet and a few other necessities for when she moves into the castle.

That's about it.. Unless there's anything else I should buy or do before I go home.
Anything at all.
No. 406361 ID: 7d7f79

[pass 25 GP to the evil, disembodied, lizard monster]

Apologies for the evocative nature of my language, but prepare for a shitstorm from your parents and possibly other people in your family too. Until you actually got into the knights they probably figured this interest of yours was a passing fancy that would not disrupt their plans of using you as marriage-bait. You have just shown them that if they actually wish to make those plans come to pass they have to pay more attention to you and probably *try harder* to make sure you become the dutiful wife like they plan.
Most husbands do not like their wives rooming in military barracks and risking their lives on a daily basis; it's a double standard that starts from the fact that wives getting pregnant is the start of the social and economic purpose of marriage and this conflicts directly with military readiness. Your home has therefore just become a battleground in psychological warfare, or even more so if it was before. The opinions of Chevre and his family would matter for this but do not expect them to be happy with you becoming a knight, even if he previously said he would be: Lying about that kind of thing to make you like him is sadly normal for social-romantic behaviour.
That means you need to work on your friendships and other family relationships in order to not be kicked in the gut by it or caught unprepared if your parents suddenly disown you or scheme to kidnap you and force the marriage or something. It also means setting up details like a separate place where you get your mail, store your stuff, and things like that so you don't have to go back when they're being really difficult.
A small thing to do while you psych yourself up for this task is to make sure your previous injury has no longer term effects.

Yes, you signed up for this, it is entirely predictable. It could be worse, I've known parents to put their children to death for daring to defy their desires. Your family is very unlikely to do that at least.
No. 406362 ID: 2aa255

Check on Artemis
No. 406433 ID: 6f4add


Umbra? she's more like pocket-sized adorable with wings.

buy some motherfucking rope.
No. 406492 ID: a2fa74

Agreed. He's friendly, and you need friends.
No. 406494 ID: 7c31d2

If you don't want to go home you don't have too, knights have their own barracks that you can stay in, if they haven't assigned you a room yet you could always stay in a inn for a night or two.
No. 406622 ID: 166adc

On account of these things, the fact that the King himself chose you, mid-test, to become a knight should be revealed to your family VERY early in the conversation you have.

His majesty may have been the green form among the sea of grey shapes during the darkness spell.. a sign of exceptional supernatural power? I sincerely doubt any member of your family will doubt your fitness as a Knight with his approval.
No. 406750 ID: 6c5b9b

No. 406768 ID: 5029d1

yeah, anyone tries to convince you to stop being a knight is basically saying the king made a bad call. i really doubt anyone wants to have that on their record.
No. 406909 ID: 97486c
File 133595149039.png - (155.32KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

Rope! Yes! That's a thing I can buy!

He's... Kinda creepy..

Saisai goes to buy some rope for no real reason then decides to check on Artemis. She finds him wandering around the castle.

"Hey, Artemis."

"... Hi.." He seems a bit nervous around her.

"So... I got accepted."

"Good. I did too."

"That's good. I was worried."

"Oh, were you now?"

She just nods.

"I.. I gotta go."

He turns and leaves

I think he knows that I tricked him.. It doesn't matter, it's not like I need to be his damn friend or anything.

After wandering around a bit longer she finds herself back at home.


I haven't been given a room yet. This will probably be my last night here.
No. 406910 ID: 97486c
File 133595188380.png - (112.44KB , 800x600 , 20.png )


Saisai is sitting down eating dinner with her parents, younger sister, and her older brother.
The table is completely silent save for the clink of metal as their utensils hit their plates.
Saisai breaks the silence.

".... I passed the Exam. The King himself chose me as a knight."

Her sister looks up and smiles at her but other then that no one replies.

She glances up to see if anyone is looking at her then resumes eating her food.

Almost ten minutes pass before her father speaks up.

"Chevre will be coming by today. I trust you'll spend some time with him. You've been avoiding him lately."

"Yes father."


"... I... When I become a Knight I'll move into the castle." 'I won't be able to see him anymore' is what she wants to add.

No. 406917 ID: 5029d1

real nice family life you got here.
No. 406920 ID: 7d7f79

Huh... anticlimactic.
You were avoiding Chevre to train I take it?
No. 406923 ID: f70e5e

so how is your relationship with Chevre? is it a you love him but are nervous about marriage thing, or a you like him but are not sure if you love him enough to marry sort of ting?
No. 406955 ID: a2fa74

You DO need Artemis as a friend. On the list of things you have to trust us on, this is way at the top.

Next time you see Artemis tell him you weren't expecting him to fight you so soon, and that you decided not to use your spear's tricks to level things out. Also, that the darkness thing was us, and you didn't even know we could do it until we did it.
Tell him you hope you'll work together in the future.

Interesting family. Very supportive.
No. 407018 ID: 6f4add


I disagree. Artemis can fuck off and die and nobody would care.
No. 407025 ID: 97486c
File 133598272170.png - (105.06KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

That's some future stuff again isn't it? If you guys came from another timeline where I do know him well then you can tell me how things went.

Isn't it?

He's.... He's a nice enough man. I can't say I love him though. Again, he's nice but he's just not my kind of guy. He's so.... Dull. He comes from a very rich family so he's never had to work a day in his life. He's pretty much set forever and because of that he doesn't want to really 'do' anything. Except me. Ha.
Okay that was a horrible joke. God I hate this silence.

Saisai's father clears his throat.

"I think you should not join the Knights."

"What? But.. I passed the test. You said-"

"I said I would let you take the test. I promised nothing after that."

"The King himself has asked me to become a Knight though."

"We'll see."

No one even glances from their plate.

Never mind, sometimes silence is better.
No. 407031 ID: 2fe09b

Hold the fuck up.

Your father is against a ROYAL MOTHERFUCKING MANDATE?!
No. 407032 ID: f70e5e

things with Artemis got complicated, you and him did end up as friends though. he did have us advising him at the time so he will probably act differently this time around.
No. 407036 ID: 6f4add

you owe a lot to your father. your freedom is not among those things.
No. 407037 ID: 5029d1

that almost sounded like a threat.
No. 407079 ID: 97486c
File 133598807178.png - (100.91KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

If he can find a reason to trust me again.

It might be? Who knows. It's always a bunch of passive aggressive bullshit with him.
Well not always. He did have my tail cut off.

Fuck, I can't sit here any more. I'd like to see him try and stop me from being a Knight. I got the King backing me up.

Saisai gets up and excuses herself from the table. She hears her mother sigh but no one else says anything in response to it.
As she crosses the living room she hears someone call out her name. She turns to see Chevre walking up to her.

Dammit.. I'm already in a bad mood. This is the last thing I needed.

"Hey, Saisai! I was just gonna see if you wanted to spend some time together."


"I'm pretty tired. I was just going to take a shower and then go to bed."

"Ah that's a shame. Maybe I can join you?"

"My bed isn't big enough for two people."

"Haha. Well I wasn't really talking about the bed."

"Well I'm capable of bathing myself, thank you."

"You wouldn't have to be just bathing~"

"You don't have any extra clothes. It'd be weird to dress back in the ones you were just in."

"Perhaps I just won't dress then."

Nnnnn.... I do NOT need this right now.
No. 407081 ID: 7d7f79

Lying to Artemis is probably a bad idea, but he is going to be your colleague so it won't do for him to either be mopey about you tricking and beating him or holding a passive-aggressive grudge against you.
A more even and honest approach would be to walk up to him and say, "Look, we both owe each other an apology. I owe you one for tricking you like that, that was hostile to manipulate you trying to be friendly like that.
"But you also owe me one: For being an annoying jerk who harassed me when I asked you to leave me alone so I could get my head together. You probably didn't mean to psych me out before a fight like that but you did it. That was a crappy thing to do too."
No. 407082 ID: 5029d1

be thugish. hold up your arm and put your armpit in his face. after the battles it should be kinda smelly and it would repulse him. if that is TOO weird then say you are on your period.
No. 407083 ID: 282251

You could try baiting him by saying something to the effect of, "I just don't feel like it right now. Maybe, I'll make it up to you another day."

He seems like he is going to be persistent, so you need to either be forceful, which probably wouldn't go well. Or try tempting him with future favors, which you can always conveniently "forget" later.
No. 407084 ID: f70e5e

try being blunt, if nothing else it might shock him into leaving you alone. saying something like
"let me be clear, I not in the mood for sex."
should shut him up.
No. 407088 ID: a2fa74

"That would make for a very awkward trip home. I'm not in the mood for this, Chevre. Just leave."
No. 407089 ID: 7d7f79

Ah. Now I understand.
I have an idea for how to get him to go away right now, but I don't know if you'll like it. If you're willing, try saying this:

"Look, Chevre, I did something today. I participated in the entry tournament for joining the knights, and the King accepted. It was brutal fighting though so I'm really not up for anything tonight.
"Take me out for a celebration dinner tomorrow night and I might wear something you like though."
No. 407090 ID: 2fe09b

Hey, yeah. Making it clear things are a two-way road should help a lot! You know, having a rich, boring husband isn't that bad - it gives you the freedom to indulge in any hobby you like. Heck, any career. Being well-funded in the knights would help a lot, and make you much more reliable! Learn to leverage the things you dislike into things you can tolerate and use. :3
No. 407094 ID: 7d7f79

Let me see if I analyze this correctly: This man has been promised you as a wife, he seems to be acting like you owe him your body. Would you say that is a fair assessment?

If that is so then you can never trust anything that he gives or does. The reason for that is that he believes he is justified in doing whatever he likes with his property.
What that means is that if you do follow my suggestion to propose going out with him for dinner tomorrow you can't trust anything not to be drugged. You would need backup to catch him being a lecher and stop him since even if you act suspicious about it he probably can use the resources available to the ridiculously rich to come up with an undetectable way to drug you.
No. 407095 ID: 7d7f79

My colleague proposes an alternative with different costs and benefits to attempting to work your way out of this plan to make you a housewife: Exploitation.
The idea is to possibly give Chevre enough of what he wants that he'll let you be a knight, or even help you be a knight. The trick there is we don't know if he specifically wants you to become mother to his children or just have sex with you. If he wants to knock you up this wouldn't work.
If you want to try this you need to research and prepare for how to have sex in ways that can't get you pregnant, and be ready to do them well enough he doesn't want more.
No. 407110 ID: 6f4add

tell him you're joining the knights and are thus leaving him.

then run away from the house since bad things will clearly happen if you sleep here.
No. 407118 ID: 282251

That is a bad idea at this point. That will cause all kinds of backlash from Saisai's family and Chevre's as well. We can't deal with that at the moment.
No. 408645 ID: 97486c
File 133628340742.png - (146.78KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

First of all I do not smell! Second, EW.

Or I could just, you know, ignore him. The chances of us being on the same team are very slim.

"Chevre I... I'm very very tired right now and I just want to rest. I'll make it up to you later, okay?"

He thinks about this for a moment then nods.

"Very well. I'll tell your parents we spent time together. You go rest up. I'll see you tomorrow."

He turns and leaves.

He won't forget about that promise.

Saisai relaxes in a bath with the Guardian beside her.

Hmm.. Manipulation is fine and dandy. I'm just not gonna have sex with him. He's already given me gifts though and... It just feels like he's pressuring me. I don't like being pressured into doing anything.

Hahahaha no.
That sounds like something that would get me killed. If it were that simple I would've done that a long long time ago. Right now my best bet is to simply join the Royal Army. With that I don't have to follow any orders but the King's.

Nope. I can't even stand to kiss the man let alone actually let him fondle me. He can take care of his own needs.

You guys are pretty smart and have helped me quite a bit so far but there are just some things I'm not gonna go with.

Saisai gets out of the bath and heads off to bed. She sets her alarm and goes to sleep with the Guardian tucked under her pillow.

Somewhere in the distance a clock sounds 12 times and plays a short song.

I hate waking up before the alarm goes off..
No. 408647 ID: 5029d1

that was 12 gongs, it's noon or midnight... i suggest you steady yourself before looking over.
No. 408652 ID: 97486c
File 133628465177.png - (123.38KB , 800x600 , 24.png )


Saisai looks out the window.

It's noon...
No. 408654 ID: 5029d1

and you are wearing a different shirt
No. 408656 ID: 5029d1

and it looks like your alarm is gone. aka, sabotage.
No. 408659 ID: 166adc

Sorry to say but it may be time to invest in a lock for your room. A new one. That only you have the key for. Alternatively, the knight trainee barracks might be a bit more appealing place to stay whie you're learning.

In the meantime, compose yourself as best you can and report for duty. No sense being late AND appearing below your station.

Speaking of appearances, find your helmet. That's pretty much the only other thing that could really sabotage you right now.
No. 408660 ID: 166adc

she may have already thrown on a warmer shirt before going near the window.
No. 408662 ID: f70e5e

the alarm clock being gone is an explainable act of sabotage, but the fact you are wearing a different shit than when you went to bed is all kinds of worrying. we don't have enofh info to worry about that though, so lets focus on who messed with your alarm clock. is it the sort of thing your family would do?
No. 408801 ID: f091f2

You guys are all a little paranoid. It's probably Saisai's parents. Saisai, look, don't panic. Just go now and report in and accept the consequences. They're not going to kick you out for being late once. It might suck, but just deal with it. And we need to be more prepared next time, since it is likely they won't stop trying to get you kicked out.

To the rest of us voices, we need to figure out countermeasures to this sort of harassment before the end of the day. The sort of things she can actually do in the span of one day, of course.
No. 408811 ID: a2fa74

You're wearing a different shirt.
Your alarm clock is missing.
I hope you're at least in your own bedroom.

Get dressed and report for duty. After work you can ask your sister who took your alarm clock and changed your shirt.
No. 409076 ID: 68ff50

We fucked up, we should have told her to tell her family NOTHING so that they wouldn't figure a reason to pull this shit until she was moving into the barracks and it was too late to try.
I may be recommending murder before this blows over, just so you know Saisai. I have very little patience with assholes like these. If you could tell me what's standard for investigation and punishment in such murders that would be useful information for helping me know how far down to put it on the list of plans.
Her dad threatened her about her new job, Chevre went to talk to her family after she turned him down again. If they put two and two together chances are they drugged her while she was asleep and she isn't in her own bedroom even. Save checking for if you've still got your virginity until you can afford to be freaked out. We do not have time for panic because we are late!

Meanwhile we need to find a way to conceal ears and some other adequate clothes so she can get to her first reprimand. Not an auspicious start to social combat with her jerk father and creep fiancé I think.
No. 409197 ID: 97486c
File 133636771970.png - (145.87KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

I just threw this on!! No one raped me okay!?

Saisai goes through her dresser and her chest.

Oh god... My helmet, my spear, my armor, my alarm... All my things are missing..

Why.. Why would they take my things? Do they really not want me to join that badly..?
No. 409202 ID: 5029d1

they value position more then your happiness. find Chevre and grab him by the balls and start squeezing. don't give him a chance to say anything just walk up grab on and start squeezing. "if you want your grapes un-popped you will tell me where my battle stuff is"
No. 409203 ID: 2fe09b

Find something to conceal your ears.

You need to get to the king. Tell him that some people are trying to prevent the training of a royally appointed knight, stealing their equipment, and attempting to sabotage their sleeping schedule.

Who is doing it is irrelevant. That it's your parents is irrelevant. If you are old enough to die for your country, you are old enough to arrest your fucking parents for theft and TREASON.
No. 409206 ID: a2fa74

If he didn't do it, then go beat the shit out of your dad until he gives your stuff back.
Actually, we don't know how skilled he is in a fight. If he outclasses you then fight until you can't fight any longer, then report him for assaulting a knight as soon as you wake up.
No. 409207 ID: b85f8c

I do not think we should attack anyone until we know who did it for sure.

Find out who did it.
No. 409213 ID: 166adc

I seriously doubt, even after this, that Saisai would want her family killed.

That's pretty much the standard punishment for Treason, right? That, or banishment, after seizure of all properties?

Can't leave the house yet, unless you've got more hats, or at least a hood.

But really, if you're ready to Ultimatum your family for doing this, one of the most damaging things you could do is just.. go. Out the door. Into the Castle. Exactly as you are. the King already knows about your ears, and likely did before the helmet came off.
No. 409222 ID: 1e72ae

Ask your sister if she heard anything about your stuff being stolen/where it is, she seems to like you enough to tell you the truth.
No. 409227 ID: 68ff50

The king discreetly told us to hide them. Policy is that we aren't human enough to join the forces and he's already bending it to let us pretend to be human enough. He was telling us he's willing to have us join but not ready to change the policy. Our exception lasts as long as we obey the conditions of the exception: Hiding our nonhumanity.

Report the theft. At the very least your father deserves to be interrogated/intimidated by a guardsman for this. He needs to understand this is no laughing matter where he has control and can get away with anything he wants. We have the collective knowledge of many psychopaths and murderers among us, if we know enough about how your society operates we can give alarmingly detailed instructions on how to do things. If the authorities won't stop him you can, especially with our help.

Do you know your family enough to know what they would have done with your gear? I have no moral qualms now about kneeing your father in the gut and threatening him, but this doesn't quite rate murder yet unless he's done enough other things too. Expect this to be more complicated than you think unless he's really stupid and predictable though; would one of your sisters or your mother have rescued your stuff from whatever he was planning?
If you can't retrieve your gear you'll just have to get temporary replacements from... the friends you don't have. Shit.
Anybody that can help with this that owes you a favour or is willing to trade for you owing them a favour?
No. 409325 ID: 6d6017


I told you bad things would happen if you slept here. serves you right.
No. 409330 ID: f70e5e

how willing are you to cause physical injury to your family over this? cause that's going to affect our planing significantly. if you can't find your stuff you might need to make some improvised gear. you can probably make a temporary spear by attaching something sharp to a pole, and you can use a scarf as a head wrapping. they also might cut you some slack for the whole late thing if you obviously needed to put some improvised gear together.
No. 409357 ID: 5029d1

we don't ahve to paint dad in a 100% negative light. say something like how he is just scared about his little girl joining the army. bam, he needs to be 'convinced' but not locked up. just send a sarge from the knights down and say "mr saisai's dad, give me saisai's stuff" you DON'T tell a royal knight NO.
No. 409420 ID: 5a4b49

>we don't ahve to paint dad in a 100% negative light. say something like how he is just scared about his little girl joining the army. bam, he needs to be 'convinced' but not locked up. just send a sarge from the knights down and say "mr saisai's dad, give me saisai's stuff" you DON'T tell a royal knight NO.

Sounds good.
No. 409910 ID: 97486c
File 133655200971.png - (179.57KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

No no... I don't want my family to get into too much trouble. My sister doesn't deserve that kind of stress. I'll be fine, just need to get a bit of cloth and... There.

Saisai gets dressed and starts to head out. As she opens the door someone bumps into her and knocks her back a bit.
Saisai looks up, startled, and sees a tall woman with a mask and odd purple tendrils floating around her. The woman examines her through the mask.


"Uh huh..."

>"Awesome! Great! Okay, I am Maggie and I'm your captain and you're late and now you're kicked out of the Knights."

"What!? No no I.."

>"Hold on..." Maggie puts one hand on her forehead and another on Saisai's "You.... Are late because your family or someone you know stole your clock and gear? Huh.. And the reason is....... Nope, too well blocked. Why would someone do something like that? So mean~"

"It's... They're worried about me. And they thought I might get harmed in the Knights."

>"Oh man... Well good thing you got kicked out."

"No no, please! Don't kick me out!"

>"Hahaha I'm kidding. Seriously. Nah don't worry I'll talk to your parents. They should know better then to refuse a Knight. You go into the Castle and into our room. Here."

She hands Saisai a map to the Meeting Room inside the Castle.

>"Go introduce yourself to the others til I return. We mostly just waited for you so you didn't miss much."

Saisai bows a bit.

"Will do, thank you captain."

>"Not a problem. Now go, scram!"

Saisai nods and runs back into the castle. A few times the wind nearly blocks off her cloth hat but she manages to hold onto it til she enters the meeting room.

Oh man..
Some god hates me..

She sees Artemis and another person in the room.


>"Beep. Greetings. Beep boop."

Dear god..
No. 409921 ID: 68ff50

Walk up to them, greet them and shake their hands. Get started on the unfinished business with Artemis. My idea for that is this:
"Congratulations I guess, that was foul play to psych me out before a fight like that Artemis but I could use a tricky guy like you on my side."

Play up how much of a jerk move it was for him to harass you when you'd asked to be left alone, putting him on the social defensive until he apologizes for it will help him get over his hostility towards you, as long as you aren't mean about it.
No. 409956 ID: 166adc

I think that the only comfort we have in your new team is it really, really isn't our fault.

On the plus side, you know Artemis has talent.
And the girl with the box on her head somehow ended up a knight, right?

Oh god what if the king allowed in a bunch of participants at random, in order to hide his selecting you specifically?

Oh well. No matter what, TRY and treat them like they belong here and expect the same from them.
No. 409977 ID: 9718f3


You got the BEST teammates ever! Say hi, learn about that robot chick's awesome abilities. You're team leader seems pretty awesome too, I bet your teammates thinks so as well. Mention to them how awesome your leader seemed.
No. 409980 ID: b85f8c

Wait, the only knight here aside from you and Artemis is the robot girl? That means she probably won the tournament! Unless they straight up cancelled the tournament? Ask her.
No. 409996 ID: a2fa74

"Hello, Artemis. I'm glad we'll be working together.
And hello to you... er... Miss?"
No. 410004 ID: 2e48b9

Well, that went better than I expected. Then again, Maggie is a pretty decent person, but we'll let you decide that on your own in time.

Yea, saying "Hi, nice to work with you" and introduce yourself to both of them. And shake their hands. I think the best thing to do, is to let your actions redeem yourself in Artemis's eyes.

I know it would be a bitch to try to talk it out, (Unless he approaches you about it), so just try to show him over time that you are a reliable and trustworthy teammate.

Give it time.

If he brings it up, just apologize and say something like "We were opponents at the time, just by being in the same tournament."
No. 410023 ID: f70e5e

don't go on the offensive, the idea is to get his trust and I doubt coming off as that paranoid will help. a simple sincere apology will probably be more effective. something like
"i am sorry for tricking you, I admit I was somewhat desperate to get into the knights, but that is no excuse."
No. 410045 ID: 68ff50

I was thinking that trust has to come later, after we've taught him to actually listen to what we say instead of going with whatever confused idea he may have about what we want. If we don't make him realize how bad it is to have harassed us when we told him to leave us alone then the lesson he'll take from that is that we don't always mean what we say. However... you're right that it would be going on the offensive and therefore risky at best.
Part of handling this will be for Saisai to learn how not to send mixed messages. A bigger part of it will be to have reasonable goals and expectations for herself and other people. She can't do that while she continues to say in her own head things she doesn't believe, like that Chevre isn't a total creep or that her father doesn't deserve however many punches it takes for him to stop it with trying to rule Saisai's life against her wishes and happiness. I mean really, it's one thing to ask Saisai to marry Chevre because it would help provide for her sisters, but he's many steps past that. He didn't even try to work out a way for Saisai to be a knight and Chevre to still marry her.
The amount of repressed rage this girl must have over father dearest scares me. It will come out, probably in all the wrong ways and at the worst time, unless we get it out in a less harmful way.

Saisai, the decision that we're considering here is whether to risk being seen as an unforgivable, combative and manipulative bitch nobody wants to hang around with versus Artemis, and others, thinking it's okay to ignore what you say because you don't really mean it. Hopefully some of the other voices come up with better ideas of how to handle that issue because neither of those things are good.
I've considered it further. It's probably best to try to keep it professional and be polite, but leave handling Artemis' hurt feelings over your manipulation to later. Hopefully by that point he's learned enough about you to know that he owes you an apology for harassing you after you asked to be left alone. It would be nice if that could be handled quicker because you need more help than you know with Chevre and father before that issue is settled. However, the risk of starting a shouting match or something similarly bad is probably too high: It seems you aren't the only socially weak person here.
If it really needs to be handled quicker you could perhaps give us to him to explain what he needs to know about you and convince him to behave better, but that has risks too.
No. 410064 ID: 166adc

Nice to know you can keep secrets from mind-readers. Or at least casual reading attempts.
No. 410080 ID: 40377c

Thankfully, I believe mind reading and other psychic abilities are not terribly common. Also, I'm pretty sure that if you have mind reading, you develop some degree of respect for peoples privacy, so long as it isn't something serious. So even if she found out about the ears, I don't think she would tell.
No. 410169 ID: 97486c
File 133662630570.png - (160.22KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

Saisai just stands there, unable to say anything. Unconsciously, she glares at Artemis who immediately averts her stare

>"Uhm... Saisai...?"


>"!! I... Well I found out you were gonna be on our team and.. To be honest... I didn't want you on here at first. I talked to Captain Maggie and she reviewed what happened... You know, in my mind, and she said I'd made a mistake.. So, I'm sorry for bugging you. I didn't know you were just as nervous as me."

"Oh. I'm sorry as well. I was a bit of a bitch. We were enemies at that time you know?"

>"Haha yeah.. Well... Yeah, let's just, you know, start over."

He's not as dumb as I thought.

"Sounds good."

Saisai turns to the other girl.

Dear god. That is no robot. That's just some girl who put on a crappy cardboard costume.

"Hi. I'm Saisai."


Artemis speaks up.

>"That's 1A. She.. She's our healer."

"Hmm. Did she pass the Test?"

>"Healers don't need to take the same test we do. Usually they come from the Church but 1A here is different. Maggie won't say where she came from but she's part of our group now."

>"Affirmative. Beep."

You guys probably don't know this but the Knights is filled with hundreds of people who are well trained in fighting. We are Knights-in-training right now so instead of being in the main force we're put into a group. The group is always a Captain, Fighter, Mage, Healer.


Artemis snaps Saisai out of her thoughts.

>"The captain said we have a bunch of missions we can go over. She said we can pick whichever one we wanted to go on for our first mission tomorrow but I can't decide.. You have any you're particular to?"

*Rat Killer: The Knights are having a rather tricky vermin situation and we need some knights to help. G40
*Goods Transport: Need a group of Knights to help send goods from here to the Dark Elf city of Thystys. G40
*Treasure Hunt: The School needs someone to go with a student to investigate rumors of a treasure located in the Shining Forrest.
No. 410171 ID: 8db51b

Given our diverse abilities, let's check out the forest.
No. 410175 ID: 5029d1

giant rats is a very common first mission. let's do the forest instead. odds of something other then regular money. also we got a room yet?
No. 410176 ID: a2fa74

Only go to the Dark Elf lands if you want to meet your half-sibling.

[Summon Ombra]
No. 410177 ID: 5029d1

[not in the middle of every fucking one jesus]
No. 410180 ID: f70e5e

you healer seems to think she's a robot, watch her. she's delusional but the thing she thinks she is does not exist on your world, in fact the entire methodology and knowledge base required for someone to even conceive of its existence does not exist on your world.

I say you go the the dark elf city. the same thing that did the darkness effect will let you learn there type of magic, so you might want to take the chance to look for possible teachers.
No. 410245 ID: 68ff50

Yeah, the trip to the Dark Elf town seems like a good place to go learn about your scary shadow magic. The only problem is that you'll be away long enough for father and Chevre to have finished cooking up their drugging and/or kidnapping plot.
No. 410604 ID: 97486c
File 133679723791.png - (184.64KB , 800x600 , 28.png )


I'm picking the Shining Forest one..

"The Forest one sounds interesting."

>Artemis: "I was actually thinking the same thing. Well.. Captain said if you came by just to have you pick the mission. I guess we're done here. I'm gonna tell the King our decision. A1 here is gonna show you your room."

He smiles at them

>Artemis: "See you both tomorrow."

>A1: "Affirmative."

"See ya.."

He leaves. Saisai stares at A1 for a moment before A1 starts walking away.

"Hey! You're supposed to show me where my room is!"

>"A1 is doing that. Beep."

She leads her upstairs and into a long hallway. She stops at one door and quickly goes inside. The room is pitch black but A1 still leaves the door open only by a crack.

>"Your room is the next door down."

"Uh.. Thanks."


She closes that door.

That girl is all kinds of weird.. Anyway..

Saisai opens the next door and enters a rather barren room.

A bed and a chest..
I mean, I wasn't expecting something fancy but... Well, whatever.

She picks up a piece of paper by the chest.

What's this?
No. 410608 ID: 5029d1

a copy of a demonic contract. you touched it so it's yours now. congratulations. knock on the chest and say "hello anyone home?"
No. 410611 ID: a2fa74

Yep, demonic contract. Mimic, if I'm not mistaken; they're a bit tough to read.
Mimics are very useful. Introduce yourself!
No. 410616 ID: bdb3f8

That's pseudo-mystical bullshit scribbling. I'd recognize it anywhere. Probably a welcome note from the crazy girl or something.
No. 410619 ID: 7c31d2

You really should find someone to tell you what it says. We can't read demonic all that well.
No. 410622 ID: 97486c
File 133679959395.png - (110.73KB , 600x800 , 29.png )

A mimic..? In the castle? I thought demons weren't allowed in this realm...

She pauses for a moment before knocking on the chest. For a bit nothing seems to happen. Then, without warning, the chest swings open and out pops a small demon. The Mimic is covered head to.... Hips? in jewelery and looks as though she's constantly scowling.

>???: "Sup. You my new master?"


>"I said are you my new master? Are you deaf or something?"

"Uh... Yes. I am..? I think?"

>"Bitchin', I was wondering when someone else would come by. I've been hella bored in this chest. Been like... a year since the last fool came by. So what's your name?"


>"Sup Saisai. I'm Yuyu and I'm your Mimic. I'll be doing all kindsa of stuff to you."


>"I said I'll be doing all kindsa stuff for you. I can store all your cash and stuff and I can even send it back to ya. Just reach into this here bag," With that she produces a bag and hands it to Saisai "And think of an item and BAM it's yours. Pretty fly huh? Can't transport anything that's like alive an moving though. Rules are rules and all."

I... I don't understand a word this thing is saying to me..
No. 410625 ID: 5029d1

give her things and then just think of the thing and you can pull it out of the bag. mimics eat gold and souls. they don't need to eat, the magic in the air is enough to live but they need it to get stronger. obviously souls would be more powerful but less ethical.
No. 410626 ID: 7c31d2

Give her a item to store. Put hand in bag, think of item and pull the item out of the magic bag
No. 410629 ID: cb0cc3

If you don't think that demons are allowed in the castle, perhaps you should bring the issue up with your Captain next time you see her. There could be any number of regulations or exceptions that you're not aware of, after all, and it's best to be sure of the rules.
No. 410630 ID: 886a4d

Translation. Anything put in the mimic's chest or in the bag can be retrieved from the bag at anytime just by thinking it. It can't handle living things however.

It should also prevent thieves from stealing your money since its not actually in the pouch.

The reason she is scowling is probably because she thinks you cannot fulfill her contract. If its the same as the last time we went through this it involved sex.
No. 410637 ID: 222343

Well, we've also given them some of our, the guardian's, power before, in place of gold or souls. We generally build up a surplus of power when our owner isn't on a mission, or doing serious combat, so it's not a huge deal for us.
No. 410638 ID: 68ff50

Yes, bring this up with your captain. If this is not supposed to be here then whoever is responsible for putting it where it belongs should know as soon as possible. If this is supposed to be here you need a user manual for general demonlore and one for handling mimics in specific.
No. 410819 ID: a3b384

Let's ask the mimic what the story is with it being here in the first place. Better to have more info if and when we say anything about it.

But as a mimic it should be useful, so I say do what we can to keep it.
No. 410868 ID: 68ff50

Right now it's a weird and scary demon thing we stumbled into because it was left in our barracks room. If we talk to it then it'll become something we didn't tell the authorities about first chance if it turns out not to belong here. I don't know about you, but I don't think Saisai should risk getting kicked out of the knights or even executed outright for hiding a demon. Yell for help, you know, something like, "Freaky demon chest, help!"
The worst that can happen if we do that is it turns out these are standard equipment and someone gets a chuckle at our expense. Considering we weren't expecting a demon that's probably not the case.
No. 410878 ID: 35ccd6

We are NOT killing the mimic you buggers. For one? It's a dick move, demon or not. Second, we have seen it for a total of how many minutes and you jump aboard the 'kill' train?

He is offering us a good service and is being relatively respectful about it. Understandable? Not truly, but we could have done a lot worse. Don't be racist and give him a chance.
No. 410879 ID: 5029d1

also, the only way to move a mimic out of where it's bound is to fulfill the contract, or kill it.
No. 410896 ID: a2fa74

No, no, NO.
It came with the room so obviously the last person here didn't get in trouble for it, and they clearly weren't worried about getting in trouble if the next person to use the room reported it.

At best reporting the mimic will just get it killed, and this is obviously one of those things where it's officially not allowed but unofficially it's don't-ask-don't-tell.
No. 410900 ID: f70e5e

oh thats clever. the king knows there is something special about you so he makes sure you get a mimic. that way you'll have something that makes you more useful to him, and if it tuns our your dangerous he has a ready made reason to kick you out.
No. 410907 ID: b0d466

[25 GP to Ombra, since we're sitting at full]
No. 410948 ID: 4598bd

Yeah, no killing nice people.
No. 410950 ID: 4598bd

Even if she does eat souls.
No. 410975 ID: b85f8c

Ask what's in the bag already.
No. 410981 ID: 5029d1

reach in the bag and feel around.
No. 411038 ID: 97486c
File 133688552134.png - (109.79KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

>Report it
>Don't report it
>Report it
>Feel the bag
>Killing it!


I do NOT need this right now! I won't report the damn thing but I'm not gonna use it either! I'm just going to pretend I never even saw it!

There's a knock at her door. She hears it open and she slams the chest shut.

>Maggie: "Hey, can I come in?"


You're supposed to ask that before you come inside.

>"Saisai. Just got through talking to your parents and I got all your stuff back. It'll be sent up to your room in a bit along with your room key. So yeah, don't have to worry about going back home. Your boyfriend was rather concerned though. He said he'd like to speak to you. He's kinda waiting for you downstairs... Want me to send him away?"

Should I just ignore him? Maybe... Now that I'm not living home I can finally say that I don't want to be with him.
No. 411039 ID: 5029d1

break up with him to his face if you are gonna. don't just avoid him until he gets the hint. i doubt he ever will.
No. 411040 ID: a2fa74

Break up with him in person. Get dressed first, though.
No. 411053 ID: cb0cc3

>I'm just going to pretend I never even saw it!
A choice which neither grants the power of using it, nor the safety of checking its presence with the authorities. No offense intended, but that's foolish. Pick one or the other.
No. 411069 ID: 7c31d2

A mimic's chest is difficult to steal from, if you put you belongings in it they will be safe.
Also, go buy a hat with a chinstrap, you're going to see combat a lot and expecting your hat to not be knocked off is stupid.
No. 411070 ID: 5029d1

so long as she has the bag she can decide later.
No. 411071 ID: 5c94e7

Something I want to clear up, Artemis had a mimic in HIS room when he first started out, right?
And now so does SaiSai.
Is this the same building?
What gives?
No. 411072 ID: 166adc

There's someone, or an item, in the room with guardian abilities, Saisai. It didn't go off the last time our Captain was here.

Saisai, you didn't really choose him as a fiance', let alone a boyfriend.

Have you ever discussed your choice of being a Knight with him? Without letting him brush it off, or having to change the subject, or having him try and wheedle sex out of you? This could be your chance. Hell, have the Captain along, if he's got any scumbag ideas she'll rake him over the coals for it.
No. 411073 ID: f70e5e

break up with him in person, its the decent thing to do and him getting closure would mean he's less likely to bug you later.
No. 411074 ID: 166adc

(this is an alternate splinter of time. Things and people and places are different, but familiar. Different enough that notions based on what happened in that other splinter should not be relied upon. history is not repeating itself.)
No. 411151 ID: 97486c
File 133689821855.png - (103.66KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

I'll speak with him..

"Thank you captain. I'll go see him."

She nods.

>"Okay then. I'll see you tomorrow then."

With that she turns and leaves. As Saisai mentally prepares there's another knock at the door. She welcomes the visitor in only to have a few knights walk in carrying most of her belongings. One of them gives her a box with her gear in it. When they leave she dons her armor and helm then leaves to see Chevre. Once downstairs she turns a corner and sees him
Immediately she jumps back into the hallway.

I can't do it.
He's really not a terrible person..

And it really would help my family.
No. 411152 ID: 5029d1

your options boil down to break up with him, or fuck him. maybe not now but eventually. and your family wont get any help until the marriage. so basically yeah. if you are going to get married then time is not a factor. if you aren't going to marry him then break it off now. otherwise you will have that monkey on your back forever.

also, we can keep changing your form until you agree to do something.
No. 411157 ID: a2fa74

Help your family? You mean the people who stole your stuff so you'd get kicked out of the knights and have no choice but to concede to their every whim? The family that's trying to force you into a marriage you don't want because it will get them money? That family?
Yea, I'm gonna go ahead and say fuck what they want.
If you want to help them anyway, then do it by being a knight. Bring prestige and honor to your family, and earn money to help them. And by "them" I mean your sister.
Oh, and remember that they can and probably will do to her what they're doing to you, and if you don't break free from their domination then you won't be able to do anything to help her.

You've already made it clear to us you don't want to marry him. Now Make it clear to him.
No. 411161 ID: 8db51b

No. 411198 ID: 4bdd79

No. 411207 ID: a947ad

No. 411208 ID: d1f1b7

No. 411214 ID: 841ee3

No. 411216 ID: 21a619

No. 411217 ID: d9c7bf

No. 411218 ID: fa9f7e

No. 411231 ID: 40c366

This voice speaks truth.
You really can't compromise here. Either you fuck him, or you say "fuck" to thier plans.
No. 411237 ID: 68ff50

Also, be prepared for your father to be a jerk about this. He's already performed theft and I'm guessing he's not going to jail for it. Next stop on the trail of behaving like a bunch of spoiled children whose toy poodle pet runs away is kidnapping and drugging. You can't back down or else you won't be a knight. Instead you will be Chevre's pet. And yes he is that bad, he didn't care that you didn't want to hang out with him last night and your father stole your stuff after he told him that.
Have a backbone, whether you are a knight or not you can not accomplish anything without one. Stand up straight, meet the challenge by looking him back in the eye for once, and face this down. If you can't do that then get used to the idea of being Chevre's pet that he dresses in pretty jewelery to show off by day and that has to do what he wants at night. You knew that was the choice without us telling you, make your decision. This is a fight soldier, do you intend to lose this fight?
No. 411240 ID: 68ff50

P.S. Bring backup. You can't trust that they're not trying to club you on the back of the head or drug you every time you deal with these people from now on. If Artemis sees this he is likely to get a better understanding of why you are so easy to piss off from it actually, so I'd definitely bring him along if you have the option.
No. 411246 ID: 166adc

You don't have to make the final decision today.

Any attempts to bully you verbally will only weaken his position.

If he gets grabby we're here to help you.
Hell, if he makes any overt threats he could probably be arrested.
No. 411342 ID: 8db51b

This, naturally.
No. 413068 ID: 97486c
File 133724400546.png - (116.13KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

Y-you're right..

Saisai starts walking up to him

He doesn't really care about me.
He's a bit insensitive..
And too touchy.

He smells amazing.

Saisai blushes brightly as Chevre smiles at her.

>"Saisai! I'd heard you managed to make your way here despite what your parents did. I'm very happy you're able to overcome such adversity. I'm proud of you."

Saisai just nods dumbly

>"I was hoping that maybe later you would blah blah blah blah blah blah"

Oh man... He's so.. That smell...

I wanna just... Bite him...

Chevre continues talking but Saisai is only half listening as her mind is filled with thoughts of chewing on Chevre and scratching him. Maybe even rolling around with him a bit..
No. 413075 ID: 7c31d2

Wait, you're really affected by catnip? Really?
You might want to avoid the guy that smells like catnip. If you can't, use as much of your teeth as possible.
No. 413079 ID: 04b86a

Saisai, you're part tigerfolk! There's several things out there that are powerful aphrodisiacs for you that don't have that don't have that affect on pure humans! Although if that's not arousal you're feeling it could be catnip or something, though using it like he is isn't much better than an aphrodisiac.

Tell him that you're breaking up with him, that this stunt he just pulled did nothing to improve you opinion of him, then go get a quick cold shower to calm yourself down.

(Throw a weak [Shadow Ball] at him if Saisai doesn't listen.)
No. 413080 ID: 09e5bf

Could we change form saisai so she's not affected by this drug?
No. 413087 ID: b85f8c

Either he has done something to himself or one of your family members has done it.

I actually think he is not aware of what he smells like! He seems to be acting like his normal self- if I had done such a thing (which would require me to be a DOUCHEBAG), I would've at least been more flirtatious.

Wanna bet your dad recommended a particular brand of cologne, saying it's your favorite or something?

Anyway get ahold of yourself- step back and put something over your nose maybe. Then tell him this is the last straw- trying to seduce you with an aphrodisiac is unacceptable and you refuse to see him ever again. If he tries to explain tell him to go take a bath first.
No. 413088 ID: b85f8c

Also your ears are poking out under the hat! YOUR EARS. THEY ARE SHOWING.
No. 413091 ID: a2fa74

[shadow ball on him]

Saisai, tell him your amulet protects you from mind control. Violently. After he's far enough away for you to think clearly.
No. 413092 ID: 8db51b

I'm thinking Daddy is doing date rape by proxy. Give Asshole a chance not to be an asshole. Tell him that the cologne is reacting weirdly with you, and you don't feel comfortable. If he's not a total asshole, he'll bow out and have a word with your father.

(Honestly, in his position, I would be insulted. It's like a personal attack on my SWAG.)

If not? GTFO. Hell, go see Artemis. Or an alchemist.

Yes, an alchemist! Get a fucking antidote, a general anti-aphrodisiac!
No. 413094 ID: 166adc

That bastard! He's wearing drugged cologne, saisai.
[1GP directly to saisai] Snap out of it!
No. 413097 ID: 5029d1

No. 413099 ID: 71d68e

Just tell him that his colonge's making you feel weird. If he decides to be a jerk, emergency measures can be used.
No. 413123 ID: f70e5e

huh, tigerfolk really are more vulnerable to mind altering drugs aren't ask him about his cologne, say its making you feel a bit sick. if he doesn't leave after that make a break for it.
No. 413153 ID: 9718f3

Don't ask him about his cologne, he'll take it as flirting! Just get out of there. Flee.
No. 414215 ID: 97486c
File 133749042320.png - (140.35KB , 800x600 , 33.png )


Saisai turns heel and runs off. Chevre calls out her name but she's too far gone.

Saisai finds herself in a bath house with only the Guardian on.
She lays her head against the cool tile and slams her fist into the ground.

Stupid stupid stupid..
If it weren't for you guys I... I would have probably cut Chevre to ribbons or something..

Did he do that though? Was it my father?

Why the hell can't people just leave me alone..

Well, thanks anyway. I owe you guys another one.
No. 414216 ID: 5029d1

your partner is here too. the uhh. robot. ask "why are you here? wont you rust?"
No. 414219 ID: 8db51b

... No, it could not have been pops.

Pops would have known about the MURDERFACE aspect of the scent. Unless he wanted Chevre dead. Which is unlikely. :V

Thus, it's more likely Chevre did it. Thought some new cologne might make him more attractive. Lots of street peddlers for that shit, you know. Pheremones to make you 'irresistible'. Notify him why you left and tell him the provider of the scent damn near killed him.

And don't worry, Saisai. I think you just need to move out. Then your family will have a lot more trouble exerting control on you. Perhaps someone is renting on the cheap?
No. 414222 ID: 57dc3e

I thought she had a dorm room?
No. 414225 ID: 5029d1

she's in the bath to clear her head. the moist air is good at clearing scents.
No. 414230 ID: b85f8c

I hope you've got a towel covering your head, because the robot girl's here.
No. 414232 ID: 57dc3e


I was replying to
>And don't worry, Saisai. I think you just need to move out. Then your family will have a lot more trouble exerting control on you. Perhaps someone is renting on the cheap?
No. 414233 ID: b85f8c

Her father may have done it expecting Chevre to survive, and for her to be exposed.

I still don't know for sure if Chevre is a terrible person this time around or not. Signs do point to yes so far though... He's losing the benefit of the doubt.

He knows you're tigerfolk, right Saisai?
No. 414237 ID: 431fa8

>If it weren't for you guys I... I would have probably cut Chevre to ribbons or something..
I'm pretty sure that "or something" would have been what happened. And you probably would have regretted it quite a bit more than just clawing him to ribbons.

Anyway, relax and try to recenter yourself.
No. 414250 ID: 68ff50

My working hypothesis for explaining the behaviour of your father is pretty simple. He has spent most of your childhood pretending to believe you were actually his. He's very bitter about that, and justifiably so. He thinks he's earned payback for that.
Where I differ from him on that question is what payback and from whom he deserves it. It's wrong to punish you for someone else's actions like he is (according to this hypothesis).
Whether I'm right about that or not congratulations on not killing Chevre or otherwise acting under the compulsion to do the wrong thing. We need to add mind control resistance training to the list of things you desperately need because it looked like that was very difficult for you.

Unfortunately we may have a new problem. I think I see your new teammate behind you, weren't you supposed to be hiding those ears you haven't transformed?
No. 415055 ID: 97486c
File 133766982531.png - (76.72KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

I'm relaxed...
I think next time I see him though.. I really should leave him. He causes too much stress and that's honestly the last thing I need right now.
As for who actually got the cologne it's irrelevant. The point is someone got it and knew it would affect me. I need to take some kind of measure to prevent something like that in the future. It's fine as a harmless joke but him wearing it obviously shows there were other intentions.

Of course he knows I'm Tigerfolk. We've been together that long. It's hard to hide from someone you're supposed to be dating.

Anyway I have a towel on my head so I should be fine.

Saisai wraps another towel around her waist and makes her way to A1. A1 splashes her feet along the surface of the water. She doesn't seem to notice Saisai until she calls out to her. She turns to her and stares blankly, her eyes barely showing under her cardboard helm.


>"Greetings. Beep."

"So... Taking a bath?"

>"Negative. Waiting for you to exit the bath so I can take one. Boop."

"The place is kinda huge. You can take one corner and I'll use the other."

She shakes her head.

>"I can not. Removing my covering around others causing my internal temperature to spike, my faceplate heats up, and I can not converse well."



This girl gives me a headache..

Anyway should I tell the captain this too? I'm sure I'm pretty safe in the castle.. No one is really allowed into our rooms unless they're part of the army as well. I could also get a new place but I'll either need to get a job or wait until I make money from missions.
No. 415058 ID: b85f8c

Tell the captain what, that you're a Tigerfolk? Or that you don't want to see your boyfriend anymore?
No. 415061 ID: 5c94e7

>"Why wear a cardboard robot head when you could just as easily have a smith make a more convincing metal robot head?"
No. 415062 ID: 8db51b

>I need to take some kind of measure to prevent something like that in the future.

Agreed. Know any alchemists in town?
No. 415063 ID: 132b99

"well what if i turned you off first and cleaned you myself?"
just for laughs.

anyway, is kinda hard to tell your captain without blowing the whole tiger side. he can't be wearing regular aphrodisiac otherwise maggie would of smelled it too. you could vaguely infer he 'tried something' and if he asks for you again to tell him to just leave.
No. 415064 ID: 5c94e7

>I need to take some kind of measure to prevent something like that in the future. It's fine as a harmless joke but him wearing it obviously shows there were other intentions.
Bribe a servant or street urchin to dump a bucket of water on him, or have a mage friend telekinetically do the same.

Alternatively, we might be able to spend a few points to shut off your sense of smell temporarily.
No. 415066 ID: 5c94e7

There are alchemists in town, but I don't know specifically. If we can get a numbing powder she can snort a pinch of it in an emergency.
No. 415147 ID: 1444d5

Or noseplugs. Soft formable wax (with a string embedded to make removal easier) would do.
No. 415299 ID: 97486c
File 133775147985.png - (77.59KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

An alchemist? Yeah there's one that I know of. She's supposed to be pretty damn good. Maybe she has something that'll help out.

Saisai bids her teammate farewell and leaves the bath. She walks into town and after a few minutes of wandering aimlessly she eventually stumbles upon a shop called Morgan's Potions.
She opens the door, a small bell rings when she enters. She sees the shopkeep, presumably Morgan herself, laying down on the counter.
Saisai panics for a moment thinking she's dead but she can see her breathing softly.

She's sleeping.. Should I wake her? I could just come back. Still this really is not good shopkeeping..
No. 415300 ID: 132b99

it's probably been a slow day. you sit still wide awake staring at a door for a few hours. anyway, wake her up.
No. 415305 ID: 703538

find a stick(a broomstick works too) and poke her with it, perhaps?
No. 415306 ID: 703538

yell "FIRE!" really, really loud.
No. 415310 ID: d9fd3e

Clapping once loudly near her head might work.

So this is the part where we hook Saisai up with Morgan, right? :D Stick with tradition I always say. jk jk.
No. 415340 ID: b85f8c

Uh, just say hello, or try nudging her. Waking her up rudely won't get you good service.
No. 415891 ID: 97486c
File 133792589738.png - (76.71KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

"... Hello?"


Morgan jumps up and stares at Saisai with a vacant look

>"Hello. W-Why are you... Why are you in my room..?"

She speaks so softly. Barely above a whisper.

"... This is your store. I'm here to buy something."

>"Oh.. Welcome. W-what can I do for you?"

"I was looking for something that could perhaps lessen my sense of smell?"

She nods and sits up a bit.

>"I can make something like that.. It will cost G150.."

"Ah okay. Hold on I need to go get some more money. Don't quite have enough to cover that."

I'll just go back home and


Damn. I only have G24 on me. I've never... I've never really needed money before
No. 415892 ID: 132b99

ask if the cost is primarily ingredients or labor. if ingredients then you can get some thus lowering the cost. ask about specifically blocking the effects of a air based aphrodisiac.
No. 415896 ID: a3b384

Ask if there is something you can do for her to compensate for the costs. Explain that it is for a pressing, urgent and personal need.
No. 415912 ID: 97486c
File 133793565322.png - (71.07KB , 600x492 , 37.png )

I'm not gonna tell the exact reason..

"I... Might not have enough money for that. Is there anything I can do to lessen the cost?"

>"Mmm... You can get the ingredients for me. That'd cut it down to G50 for that. The stuff I'd need are a Silky Pepper, ground up Nutmeg, and Fire Cinnamon."

"Where can I even get those?"

>"Well... You could buy them. But that would defeat the purpose.. I'm not really sure where they grow."
No. 415913 ID: 132b99

sigh, looks like you gotta wait for your next paycheck. go back to your room.
No. 415914 ID: a2fa74

Ask if she can bill your family.
No. 415915 ID: b85f8c

Ask about any ingredients she would pay someone to get for her, and knows where they are. I mean, you're a good hunter, maybe she has use for dangerous animal parts?
No. 415916 ID: 09e5bf

Just wait until you get paid. In the mean time, go to a library to look up where you can find the ingredients.
No. 415920 ID: 97486c
File 133793699465.png - (68.30KB , 401x435 , 38.png )

The sooner I can get this thing the better.

"Is there anything I can possibly get for you as a way to pay for a bit of this?"

>"Actually.. Yes. My supplier doesn't ever go to the Shining Forest so... Any special plants or fruits native to there would be nice.. I could make some nice things from those, maybe even give you a sample potion.."

"Oh! I'm going on a mission there tomorrow, I'll see what I can find."

>"A mission..? Are you a knight..?"

"Yes. I just joined today."

>"That's nice... I wanted to join the knights too but..."

Saisai waits for her to continue but she doesn't say anything else.

"Well then I'll see if I can get those things for you."

>"Hmm? Oh, okay. Thanks. Have a nice day."

"You to."

She starts to walk out but stops at the doorway.

"I'm Saisai by the way."

>"Mmhmm. Nice to meet you Saisai."

Now she leaves

Seems tomorrow will be the latest day I can get that thing anyway.
Anything else I should do or should I go back to my room and just rest til tomorrow?
No. 415922 ID: 09e5bf

Research what special plants and fruits are native to the Shining forest. Know what you're looking for before you go.
No. 415923 ID: b85f8c

Go see if your stuff arrived at your room yet.
No. 415952 ID: 132b99

if any have a distinct smell you can find then you would be on a irony mission, using your smell to get rid of your smell.
No. 419146 ID: 97486c
File 133896955816.png - (116.09KB , 437x600 , 39.png )

I'll just pick anything glowing or with bright colors, that should be good enough.

I 'do' have a pretty darn good sense of smell. That and my hearing are the only parts of this body that I really like.
Well.. Smell has it's downsides.

Sounds like a plan.

Saisai goes back into her room. The moment she opens the door she's greeted by a loud pop
No. 419154 ID: 97486c
File 133896998242.png - (274.67KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

She quickly identifies the source of the noise coming from an armored girl in front of her. Two more are in her room, one is sitting on her bed from home with some kind of curtain draped around it.



>"Yes! Well, not a surprise anymore but still! Welcome to the Knights!."

Saisai is still too stunned to reply. The girl in front of her continues though, almost without pause.

>"We're your roommates and rival squad. My name is Rebecca, the girl that's-! Maya get off her bed!"

The girl in the robes giggles and stands up.

>"That's Maya. And the one over there trying to blend into the wall is Janet. Our captain couldn't make it but his name is Orion. So have you found your way around the castle well enough?"


>"Great. Most new people get lost here. It can get quite confusing. Oh! Here, I need to give you this."
No. 419163 ID: b85f8c

Whoa, more unfamiliar faces! Things are suddenly significantly different.

Take what she's gonna give you.
No. 419164 ID: 97486c
File 133897087959.png - (124.71KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

Rebecca hands Saisai a map with some handwritten notes and.. Crayon?

>"That's a simple map of Central Kingdom. I color coded it for you. I know you're from here but it's good to get an idea of what kind of people live where. Right where we're at is Royal, which is Yellow. Around here are mostly knights and their families. Then there's the Academy where all the brainiacs go. Maya here is from there."

>Maya: "Became a knight three years ago. Pays better then just sitting around reading all day."

Rebecca nods

>"Pays better then just about any job in the kingdom actually. Well, once you become a true Knight like us. You're still a trainee. Not that that's bad or anything! Anyway.. So over here is the Church which is home to.. Well healers and the like. I believe we just met someone in your group from there.. A1?"


"Yeah.. She's from the Church."

>"She's a... Unique girl."

That's one way to put it.

>"Then there's farmland.. Over here is just normal residential stuff and shops and junk.. And that's the shadow"

"The what?"

>"The Shadow.. It's... Don't go there."

Behind her Janet shuffles

>"That's about the entire-oh! Right, outside our walls are things called Dragon Shrines. Each of them can teleport you to different lands in the world. You'll probably use them for missions."

She smiles.

>"So, have any questions."

Other then how you got into my room?
Well, is there anything I need to know or can I kick them out?
No. 419166 ID: 132b99

yeah, what's the brown?
No. 419172 ID: 97486c
File 133897182944.png - (137.94KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

"Yeah... You left out the brown area, what's that?."


She snatches it from Saisai and fills in the brown area.

>"That's the guild area! They're like... People for hire? They come from a bunch of different backgrounds and just take up whatever work their skills work best for. Any other questions?"
No. 419237 ID: bbaa41

When they say roommates, do they just mean dorm neighbors, or what?
Also why are they here doing welcoming committee duty?
No. 419297 ID: 001168

Ask if they know anything more about A1 than the blatantly obvious.

Also ask what that odd line is splitting the 'normal' section of Central. A wall? Major road? Stream? If you end up 'slumming it' it may end up an important landmark.

And again, ask how the heck they got in. Try to remember if you locked the door behind you when you left.
No. 419358 ID: 132b99

yeah need to know what they mean roommates. if they have been in here they would know about the mimic. if they haven't been in here before that could be a problem.
No. 419528 ID: 97486c
File 133906500686.png - (144.14KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

"A few questions actually. First of all do you know what's the deal with A1? Like... She thinks she's a robot. Is there a story behind that?"

>Maya: "I think she's just a loon."

>Rebecca: "Maya! She is not a loon she's just into different things and we need to accept that. Anyway sorry Saisai I don't know any more then you do."

"Okay." She points to the map. "What are these lines through the walls? Rivers? Roads?"

She looks at you oddly.

>"Those are roads. You haven't left the Kingdom?"

"Once. I was pretty young."

>"That'd explain that. Yeah those are roads that lead to the Dragon Shrines."

"Okay. Next question, are you guys like... Really my roommates or what?"

>"Oh no no! This room is yours. We have our own rooms down the hall. I live in 146, Maya here lives in 103, and Janet here is in 203 upstairs."

"Ah okay. Now how did you guys get into my room..?"

I did lock it.

>"We're pretty high ranking and the official greeting committee so we have access to rooms when we need to. Unless it's super duper important we don't go into people's rooms though, we're not even allowed to without permission."

That puts me a bit more at ease..

"Okay that's about all my questions. Well thank you for-"

>Maya: "Now let's party!"

She holds out a bottle. Rebecca looks horrified.

>"Maya!! Where the hell did you even get that!?"

>"Doesn't matter, have my sources. Let's celebrate the newest member to the Knights!"

>"She's not even old enough! -You're- not even old enough!"

>"Oh don't be such a stick in the mud Becca~ This is Saisai's welcome party right? We'll let her decide. Well, Saisai?"
No. 419530 ID: a2fa74

They can drink if they want, but you probably shouldn't.
No. 419532 ID: bcff3d

Yes, prove your worth for the knights by getting drunk the first day and doing something silly...
So... decline...
No. 419537 ID: 001168

Politely decline. You've had enough mind-altering drugs forced upon you today. It's supposed to be to relax, of course, but if your fiance' is still in the castle it could lead to another run-in with less self control.
No. 419574 ID: 516a9d

Explain that you'd rather not, thanks.
No. 420712 ID: 97486c
File 133939117645.png - (146.56KB , 661x543 , 44.png )

"No thanks. I have a mission tomorrow and I'd really rather just not be hung over for that."

>Rebecca: "Not a problem, we understand. Right, Maya?"

>Maya: "Hahahaha well if you ever change your mind you know where my room is~ Good luck with your first day!"

>Rebecca: "Indeed. Good bye Saisai. If you ever have any questions you know where to find my."

She gives a small bow and leaves. Maya waves goodbye and follows shortly behind. Janet merely nods before following.
Saisai sits down on her bed and exhales. Before she can truly relax her chest opens up. Red eyes peer out at her.

>Yuyu: "Yo, still here bro. Not gonna stop being a thing. You gonna actually use me or what? Gonna be hella boring if I just stay in here myself all day."
No. 420714 ID: 516a9d

Fine. Do it.
No. 420715 ID: 132b99

yeah sure. just take the bag and throw random plants into it. hmmm... ask if yuyu can tell if what plants would be good in alchemy.
No. 420717 ID: 431fa8

"Still debating if I should report you as a demon or what. Since you're not going anywhere it doesn't seem that urgent to decide, and a little boredom never killed anyone."
No. 420718 ID: b0d466

Tell him to stop asking you and you'll think about it.
No. 420720 ID: 886a4d

Might as well use the Mimic.
No. 420722 ID: b85f8c

I don't think we should associate with demons.
No. 420818 ID: 654709

But Mimics are adorable.
No. 420835 ID: a3b384

Let him try to convince you that he's worth the trouble and possible expelling from the knights. And ask how he even GOT here. No harm talking to him, at least.
No. 420863 ID: 1377ae

Yes, yes they are.
No. 420896 ID: 886a4d

The mimic is a she.
No. 420897 ID: 132b99

probably confused because of the masculine way she acts.
No. 421094 ID: 97486c
File 133948775215.png - (82.68KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

"Still debating if I should report you as a demon or what. Since you're not going anywhere it doesn't seem that urgent to decide, and a little boredom never killed anyone."

>"That'd be hella wack if you reported me. They'd kill me yo."

"I'm a knight. Having a demon work for me puts me at risk."

>"Listen, I hear what you're sayin and I'm gonna let ya finish but hear me out first. I was summoned here about 40 years ago by some lonely ass girly knight. 'Was good an all but she left the knights and just dropped me here. I've been stuck in this room for a while ya know? People been using my for a while and no one's been caught. It's totally safe Saisis. I won't tell on ya. I -can't- tell on ya. Totally loyal. You look like ya could use someone loyal."

Her eyes flicker red.
No. 421095 ID: 886a4d

Ask why would she be completely loyal, she owes you nothing really besides the fact that she apparently is bound to this room.
No. 421096 ID: 132b99

she's using emotion sense, aka, she can TELL that's what you want by looking at you, literally.
No. 421097 ID: 132b99

it's the law of the contract. only the king of the demons can break it. and asking him would need like, a tribute of 100 souls to schedule a meeting and another 1000 as payment.

so while it COULD be broken, the feasibility is out the window.
No. 421098 ID: 36573e

Let her stay. She has a useful service and the contract makes it so she cannot attack us. Besides, if any trust issues can be solved with time.
No. 421102 ID: a3b384

She... sorta has a point. And it's not like the demon is more of a risk to you being a knight than by you being you.

And mimics are really quite useful, we know what they can do just by giving you their bag. But you know what would be even better? If you could use her but the demons box wasn't stuck in your room.

Get all the details on what she can and can't do, and what you can do to change that.
No. 421354 ID: 97486c
File 133955406878.png - (77.96KB , 748x592 , 46.png )

"Why? What's in it for you?"

>"Well not like I have much choice ya know? It's in the contract. Suppose I could be like all sneaky an shit and do stuff behind your back but not much to gain for that. Nah it's easier to just chill here, store your items, and maybe get a few gold tossed my way? Should also mention if you give me more gold or energy then I can do a lot more. Get more storage space, be able to move out of my chest maybe."

"You can't leave?"

>"Nah. Can't even leave this room."



"That's a really bad contract.. If I sign it can't I change it?"

>"Nah man. You gotta break this one first. Then you can write whatever the hell you want on the new contract. Even like... Give me super powers or something. Or even make it so I can leave the damn room. It'd be hella sweet if I could see the moon. Can't really say all I can do, I dunno, never learned how to write myself."

"How do I break a contract?"

>"Simple, you can either go kill the Big Boss." She looks at Saisai, eyes still red "Or we could just fuck. That breaks it to."
No. 421357 ID: 3bad4c

This is where you roll on the floor laughing because neither of those things is ever going to happen.
No. 421359 ID: 431fa8

Laugh. That's totally ridiculous.
No. 421360 ID: b0d466

[Form Change, just because]
No. 421361 ID: 132b99

well.. you're both girls so... would it even count properly?
No. 421363 ID: 516a9d


Followed by:
No. 421369 ID: 97486c
File 133955537591.png - (78.27KB , 748x592 , 47.png )

Saisai starts laughing almost uncontrollably. Yuyu stands there and waits for her to finish.

>"I know I'm small and my lower half is a box but that was harsh yo."

"I'm sorry.. It's just... It's not even possible pfthahaha! I mean hehehe we're both girls anyway so-"

>"I'm a dude."

"Hhahahahaha, what?"

>"I'm a boy. Damn, is it that hard to tell? I know I'm gorgeous as fuck but... Yeah, I got a dick."

... That's not as funny now.
Still, not gonna happen.
No. 421372 ID: 516a9d

Really? Not even gonna check out the goods before turning it away?
No. 421374 ID: 132b99

yeah come on, who knows, maybe he's a great lay~

if you are sure then... well, you can look up demon contracts at the library later.
No. 421378 ID: 431fa8

Oh. Well, um... maybe you should apologize for thinking he was a woman? He does come off as kind of feminine, but even if he's a demon you should try to be polite after a faux pas like that.

And then table this conversation for another time. Yuyu's not going anywhere.
No. 421404 ID: a3b384

I dunno, at least you'd have a choice about it. Look at him and imagine being with him, then think about your fiance. Totally honest and loyal and will do exactly what you say, or creepy manipulative and stuck with against your will. What's the bigger turn off?

Anyways, not like it's an issue right now. You don't even have a place to put the dude if you could move him, and we don't know a thing about making new contracts.

My suggestion for right now? Tell him you'll be using him on a trial basis. Reporting him is more trouble than it's worth. He should have a handy magic bag and possibly some items already, so check on that.

Then ask for a backrub. Serious I think you need one, and we can't help you with that.
No. 421405 ID: fa9f7e

This, then
No. 421423 ID: a2fa74

Lets turn this into something constructive

"How about this; you can have sex with me whenever I ever pass out drunk here."

After that you will never drink again.
No. 421424 ID: 132b99

haha, gives you a good incentive.
No. 422269 ID: 97486c
File 133973212732.png - (200.58KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

How about I just not drink. I can control my own drinking, I don't need some self imposed rule.

"I'm sorry about that.. You're just a bit... Effeminate."


"Anyway I guess I'll use your powers for now." She pulls out the bag "So how does this work?"

>"Easy, just put stuff in there and I'll store it for ya. And reach in to pull out an item."

Saisai reaches in to grab whatever she can. Yuyu gives out a yelp.

>"Yo! You can't just be reachin into bags without actually tryin to get somethin!! Damn, that's like Mimic Rules 101!"

"Whoops, sorry. I just wanted to see if there was anything in there."

>"Nothin! Last owner cleaned me out. You got a blank slate. Anyway that's about it. Oh, again, nothing livin ok? Can't transfer that kinda stuff. You can put in like cut plants and grasses but like not a lizard."

"Got it. Anyway I'm going to bed now. Good night."


He closes his chest. Saisai changes into her pajamas and goes into her new bed. As she drifts off into sleep she is troubled by a thought she can't quite put her finger on..
No. 422281 ID: 97486c
File 133973308777.png - (241.88KB , 800x600 , 49.png )

Saisai's alarm wakes her up. She washes herself a bit then changes into her combat clothes. Before she puts on her plate mail she pauses and looks at it.

Hmm.. If there's one thing those girls had it was neat armor. Right now all I have is this pretty crappy chest plate.. I'd really like something more that can protect my head and maybe my arms.. Well, hopefully I make enough money on this mission to help with that.

She finishes getting dressed and meets up with her teammates and captain for the mission briefing. Captain Maggie paces back and forth in front of the board before slapping it dramatically.

>"All right! Today we are going to be helping a student of the Academy! He said there's treasure and we're gonna find it! Everyone got that!"


>"Good!! Any questions!? No? Okay! You all have G20 for supplies! This is your first lesson, spending money wisely! As a Knight we get paid a lot! A whole lot! Well, I do at least! And that's cause I'm captain! You guys get whatever's left after I get paid! So! No you're gonna learn the value of a gold so that when you're filthy rich like I am you'll think 'Man, I was so poor back then.'! Now go!"

>Artemis: "Captain, is that 20 gold for each of us..? You only put one bag so-"

>Maggie: "Nope! G20, to share! Be back in 20 minutes! Dismissed!"

G20... I think I can buy 'a' potion for that much.
No. 422282 ID: b0d466

How much would armor cost...? Don't forget to save some of that 20G for your team mates!
No. 422284 ID: a3b384

I think for a while your best chance to earn cash is to gather plants for that alchemist while you're out on missions. Luckily that mimics bag can store all kinds of stuff so how much you can gather isn't an option.

Take your share and go by the cheapest healing potion you can from Morgan, and see if you can get some info on how to ID worthwhile plants. Maybe she has a picture book or something.
No. 422285 ID: 132b99

let's go to the stalls. maybe someone has SOMETHING useful for 20G
No. 422286 ID: a3b384

Oh and confer with the others, but using the money for healing potions anyone can use is a wise investment. Then split the rest. Or maybe they have a better idea.
No. 422301 ID: 97486c
File 133973547074.png - (133.50KB , 800x600 , 50.png )

The young knights step outside and discuss the best way to spend the money. A1 insists that she doesn't need gold so Artemis and Saisai split the G20 between themselves. Artemis says he's going to spend his share on some Mana Potions and heads off to the stalls in the city. Saisai decides to pay a visit to Morgan's Shop. Inside she sees Morgan at her desk. She smiles a bit and waves.

>"Welcome back Saisai. Is the mission over already?"

"Hasn't started yet. Just came to see if I can get some supplies."

>"Sure, what do you need?"

"What's the cheapest healing potion you have?"

>"Hmm.. There's a Heal Light Wounds. It'll help for your cuts and bruises but not much more then that. It's only G6."

"I guess I'll take one. Oh and I need a book on any plants that are of value in the Shining Forest if you have it."

>"Mmhmm. I'll lend it to you."

She takes your gold and gives you a Book on Alchemy Plants and a Cure Minor Wounds Potion.

>"Will that be all?"

"You have a potion that costs G4?"

>"Uhm... No.."

"Then yes."

All right... G4. I guess I should just return back unless you guys think there's anything else I need to buy.
No. 422302 ID: e9941c

20 gold... hm, right.
Forget about armour and weapons then, if you all get that, focus on first-aid gear, such as cloth for bandages, something to prevent infection, FOOD AND WATERSKINS, at least a couple of fire-starting thingies. Stuff that most travellers would take on journeys, I'd also voice this to group, since we need to work out how much of each will be needed, and what else we should get.
No. 422304 ID: b0d466

Uuuuuh save it for later. Use the Yuyu space, I spoooooooose
No. 422305 ID: 132b99

uhh, a lunch?
No. 422307 ID: b85f8c

[hand over 25 GP to Ombra]
No. 422308 ID: a3b384

Buy an emergency hat. For emergencies.
No. 422841 ID: 97486c
File 133982046232.png - (227.00KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

Forget Yuyu.

Saisai spends the remaining money on Rations and a Waterskin. She reuinites with the rest of her group.

>Maggie: "Great! Everyone's here. Awesome. All right guys I'd like to introduce you to the one who gave us the mission in the first place. Everyone, say hi to Daniel."

A man in the room who Saisai hadn't even noticed before stands up. The cloak he wears seems to move around him as though it were being blown by a soft breeze. He nods at them.

>"Thanks for taking the job. Not many people are willing to waltz into the Shining Forest. After reading up on the place I have reason to believe a treasure known as The Dragon's Breath is there. While we may not actually find it during this trip it's still a good time to go out and get some data on the place. You guys can keep anything you find there that's interesting."


>"All right, you guys are supplied so we're off!"

After taking the Wind Dragon Shrine Saisai and co find themselves outside the Shining Forest. Everything around her gives off a soft glow, even the moss on the gigantic trees.

>Daniel: "Now.. I should warn you all that we are 'very' close to Light Elf land so keep a lookout. They know me fairly well so it shouldn't be 'too' much of a problem but they can be.. Temperamental."

>Maggie: "This place is huge! How are we supposed to find anything here!?"

>Daniel: "Well to be honest I'm not really sure. The place isn't mapped out very well s-"

No. 422844 ID: 97486c
File 133982079084.png - (132.04KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

A1 hands Maggie and Daniel a unfinished map.

>A1: "There are two ways we can get where the last known location of the Artifact is. The one closest takes the longest amount of time to reach the Artifact but it is farther away from Light Elves. Beep. The one that's a bit farther away takes us there the fastest but is closer to Light Elves. Boop."

>Daniel: "How.. Where did you get this map?"

>A1: "Beep."

>Maggie: "Her having it isn't important, what matters is we got us a map! I vote the short route!"

>Daniel: "What?"

>Maggie: "In this squad we vote for things! I vote short route. Quicker we get this mission done the better. Artemis?"

>Artemis: "W-what!? Uhm.. Long route.."

>Maggie: "Wimp! A1?"

>A1: "Calculating.... Short route. Beep."

>Maggie: "Awesome! Daniel?"

>Daniel: "Long route! we should avoid the Light Elves!"

>A1: "Long route contains more monsters due to the decreased presence of Light Elves."

>Daniel: "Hmm.. Still, the longer route seems safer."

>Maggie: "Well.. Looks like we have a tie..."

She turns and looks at Saisai.

>Maggie: "Well, Saisai? Which do you pick?"
No. 422846 ID: 886a4d

Long route, it will most likely have more interesting plants as well as more dangerous monsters.
No. 422847 ID: b0d466

Long route!
No. 422848 ID: 132b99

uhhh, ask Daniel if the light elves attack on sight or if they give you a chance to talk first.
if talk first then short route. if attack on sight then long route. now, we already talked about how we know things from an alternate time? if push comes to shove we can partially negate a light elf's greatest weapon, rewind. may not work the same as the other line but it hopefully will.
No. 422853 ID: 04b86a

99% of Light Elves are jerks to anyone who isn't a Light Elf. The other 1% are also jerks, but happen to be nice to one or two specific people who happen to not be Light Elves.

I say we take the route that's more likely to have us not run into any jerks.
No. 422882 ID: 97486c
File 133982409152.png - (142.39KB , 800x600 , 53.png )

"Longer route."

>Maggie: "Aww..."

With the vote settled the group heads down the longer path. Time passes uneventfully.
Saisai has gathered a small group of plants she'd seen listed in the book along with a few that just looked nice.
Up ahead Maggie and Daniel discuss where the treasure may lie. Saisai yawns and lets herself fall back in line a bit.

This is pretty boring for a first mission.
I mean I guess I should be thankful we haven't been attacked or anything.
No. 422886 ID: 3b654b

Sup rust monsterbro
No. 422890 ID: 132b99

jump forward, FAST. turn around. bring out spear, WOOD end forward. you got a rust monster and it thinks your armor is yummy. if theya re within earshot of normal voice then say "RUST MONSTER!" if they are far off then don't risk yelling.
No. 422903 ID: 97486c
File 133982522161.png - (239.91KB , 800x600 , 54.png )

Saisai spins around and readies her spear

"Rust Mon... ster...."

The sheer amount of them stuns her for a moment. The rest of the group turns around and sees the beasts.

>Daniel: "Those aren't rust monsters! Those things degrade 'anything' not organic!"

>Maggie: "They look like rust monsters to me.."

>Daniel: "Close.. After being in the Forest for so long then gained limited time powers. They feed off of potential energy stored in all objects. While we're mostly safe they'd eat through all out equipment."

>A1: "!!!"

More of the monsters come out of the forest and surround the group.
No. 422906 ID: 3b654b

@Everyone: Ditch equipment, yes, all of it. It's kung fu time, except for Maggie, who can fight with MIND BULLETS.
No. 422909 ID: 886a4d

What is the newest, longest lasting item you have on you... something that would be especially tasty to them. Besides us of course.
No. 422911 ID: a2fa74

"Maggie! Art! You're up!"
No. 422912 ID: 132b99

start running while stuffing things in the bag. if anyone asks say it's bag of holding, may need to pull spear apart so it's not too long to fit. or drop in a note telling yuyu to put anything that can't fit on the floor and put spear in wood side first.
No. 422913 ID: 04b86a

>They feed off of potential energy stored in all objects.
Ah, entropic beasts. Ask him if they eat clothing, too.
No. 422919 ID: b0d466

Time for Artemis to shine!
No. 422921 ID: a3b384

Wait, anything not organic? Your spear is wood, right? Point the tip away from them and you can at least tap them back with the spear butt safely as Maggie and Art use magic. Or if your spear is not safe, stash it in the bag.
No. 422925 ID: 132b99

fire may not work too well, but ice is basically negative energy.
No. 422943 ID: 97486c
File 133982699494.png - (376.06KB , 800x600 , 55.png )

"Captain! Artemis! We need your help!"

Artemis and Maggie start taking out the Monsters. Few of them are killed and more replace their numbers. Saisai's plate armor falls off in pieces as the monsters surround her. She quickly places her spear and other valuable items in Yuyu's bag.
Artemis hears A1 cry out for help behind her.
Artemis and Maggie fall back.

>Artemis: "Out of mana..."

>Maggie: "I can't keep using these powers for too long.."

Daniel pushes more of the monsters off of himself. His staff is cracked in some places, pure elemental energy sparks out of it.

>Daniel: "Stand back everyone! I got this!"

>Artemis: "Wait, don't!"
No. 422944 ID: 97486c
File 133982703880.png - (117.97KB , 800x600 , 56.png )

Saisai feels herself being ripped away from the group by a powerful wind spell.
She hits something and blacks out.

No. 422957 ID: 97486c
File 133982769470.png - (172.13KB , 800x600 , 57.png )


Nnn... oh man... what..

Saisai wakes up and rubs her head. She feels warm blood trickling down her face.

What the hell happened?

Where is everyone?
No. 422961 ID: a3b384

Everywhere, I suppose. Check to your right, some of our supposedly robot friends box is over there. I'm guess the rest of her is further along that way.

In any case get up and search around.
No. 422964 ID: 132b99

looks like he used a very powerful area spell. perhaps too powerful. it looked like his staff was being eaten while casting so it went out of control.
No. 422967 ID: 04b86a

His staff cracked while fending off the monsters and then exploded when he tried casting a spell.
No. 422970 ID: b85f8c

I see A1's box.

Please note that it's likely she's naked. I'm glad they didn't eat your hat, at least.
No. 422979 ID: 3b654b

Pick up A1's head chassis. Just in case.
No. 423383 ID: 97486c
File 133991724424.png - (138.42KB , 800x600 , 58.png )


I pick it up anyway.. She might want it back.

Saisai sees something glitter up ahead and goes up to it. It's part of A1's arm armor..
She sees a trail leading away from it but loses it after a few minutes of following.
Saisai continues walking down the path she thinks A1 would have gone down.
Some hours pass... It's getting dark now. She can see parts of the forest glowing around her.

Okay.. I'm kinda scared now.
No. 423385 ID: 132b99

try to relax, supposedly the whole forest is always glowy, just can't see it over the sunlight.
No. 423386 ID: b85f8c

It's okay, we still have that darkness thing or shadow ball if the situation gets hairy. You can run away if we use darkness, and shadow ball's a decent offensive ability.
No. 423704 ID: 97486c
File 133999333668.png - (80.57KB , 800x600 , 59.png )

Don't worry huh? Easy for you to say. You're all nice and safe in this medallion while I'm out here freezing my ass off in the middle of nowhere with limited food and no shelter.
Did I mention it's cold? Cause it is.

Damn it.. This is a lame first mission..

Saisai sits down at the base of a tree

I remember reading that you should try and just stay in one place.. Or was it go down stream? I guess I should have taken general survival lessons along with fighting.
No. 423705 ID: 132b99

there's a person to your right behind the tree. can't tell too much shadow. ironic you can't see through regular shadows as well as magical super shadows.
No. 423710 ID: 97486c
File 133999400973.png - (43.63KB , 800x600 , 60.png )

A person? Is it Captain? A1?

Saisai turns to examine the person

That thing is too tall for a human..
No. 423711 ID: 97486c
File 133999408199.png - (54.71KB , 800x600 , 61.png )

"I can help you. Come here. I can help you. Come here."
No. 423712 ID: 132b99

No. 423714 ID: 97486c
File 133999424619.png - (66.74KB , 800x600 , 62.png )

No. 423715 ID: a2fa74

"Who are you?
I mean, I know you're some kind of spider person or something with an odd voice, but I need to know more than that if you want me to walk into what could be a trap.
Or you could come over here and talk. That would work."
No. 423716 ID: 132b99

"i'm not dumb"
No. 423726 ID: 503921

Pull your spear out of Yuyu's bag. Assume defensive posture.
No. 423750 ID: 82baed

Run, fast!
No. 423754 ID: 6e44d2

So obviously a trap. Run the fuck away.
No. 423758 ID: 97486c
File 134001426999.png - (89.45KB , 800x600 , 63.png )

Running from an enemy with an unknown power is the worst thing one can do.. I gotta face it head on.
No. 423759 ID: 97486c
File 134001430670.png - (73.53KB , 800x600 , 64.png )

This may be more difficult then I thought..
No. 423760 ID: a2fa74

"Who or what are you?"

Falling back does not mean exposing your back to the enemy, it means moving away from them.
No. 423761 ID: 82baed

shot the grappling hook to is face, if you miss just recover it, it should caught him off guard and do damage to it's back
No. 423784 ID: 132b99

just keep moving. with luck you find another monster ad they can fight eachther
No. 423805 ID: 3b654b

Propose to it the Oldest Game.
No. 424129 ID: 25d645
File 134014233656.png - (64.14KB , 800x600 , 65.png )

"I challenge you to the oldest game."
No. 424130 ID: 25d645
File 134014247144.png - (36.29KB , 800x600 , 66.png )

".... I am the monster. Maiden eating, child scaring."
No. 424131 ID: 132b99

i am the hero, monster slaying.
No. 424132 ID: 997ce7

I am the closet, monster-imprisoning, reducing fiends to mere figments of the imaginations, making you homosexual.
No. 424133 ID: 04b86a

I am the hero. Monster slaying, maiden wooing.
No. 424136 ID: bd3222

No. 424141 ID: 25d645
File 134014512553.png - (33.85KB , 800x600 , 67.png )

"I am the hero. Monster slaying, maiden wooing."

"I am Hubris. Hero killing, tale ending."
No. 424143 ID: bd3222

"I am the Beast, hero humbling, monster serving."
No. 424145 ID: 997ce7

I am reincarnation, bringing the Eternal Hero back to life over and over.
No. 424146 ID: 25d645
File 134014548160.png - (36.40KB , 800x600 , 68.png )

"I am reincarnation, bringing the hero back again."

"I am Atheism, the afterlife does not exist."
No. 424147 ID: bd3222

'I am Magic, miracle maker, athiest unmaker. Also your format was wrong."
No. 424148 ID: 04b86a

Atheism doesn't mean reincarnation's impossible. You can disbelieve in gods while still believing in an afterlife.

I'm pretty sure the format's more of a traditional thing. I don't think it's actually required.
No. 424149 ID: 25d645
File 134014572614.png - (36.73KB , 800x600 , 69.png )

'I am Magic, miracle maker, athiest unmaker. Also your format was wrong."

He ignores the comment

"I am science. Magic disproving, reason triumphing."
No. 424150 ID: bd3222

"I am poverty. Material shortening, ignorance expanding."
No. 424154 ID: 25d645
File 134014700256.png - (29.53KB , 800x600 , 70.png )

"I am poverty. Material shortening, ignorance expanding."

It moves closer.

"I am Abundance. Feeding the masses, allowing learning."
No. 424155 ID: bd3222

"I am disaster. Building destroying, storages depleting."
No. 424156 ID: 132b99

i am bad weather, shortage making.
No. 424160 ID: 997ce7

I am war, resources consuming, men-destroying.
No. 424161 ID: 25d645
File 134014769644.png - (20.29KB , 800x600 , 71.png )

"I am war, resources consuming, men-destroying."

"I am Peace. War ending, all loving."
No. 424162 ID: b85f8c

You might want to back away.
No. 424163 ID: 132b99

i am the corrupt leader, war restarting, hate bringing.
No. 424164 ID: bd3222

"I am money, greed creating, peace ending."
No. 424166 ID: 25d645
File 134014831687.png - (15.38KB , 800x600 , 72.png )

"I am money, greed creating, peace ending."

"I am Prosperity. Avarice destroying, civilization starting."

I am.. It just keeps getting closer..
No. 424168 ID: f387a1

I'm violence, punching you in the face!
No. 424169 ID: 132b99

i am racism, civilization separating.
No. 424170 ID: b85f8c

Prosperity is the same as Abundance. He lost.
No. 424171 ID: 92c81e

I am negligence. The ruin of civilization, the last mistake.
No. 424178 ID: bd3222

Good catch.
No. 424180 ID: 97486c
File 134015160588.png - (109.96KB , 800x600 , 73.png )

"Hey.. Prosperity is the same as abundance! You lose!"

With that the creature vanishes

Holy shit, that actually worked.
No. 424181 ID: bd3222

On such ancient things, the oldest game always works.
No. 424182 ID: f5b22e

Not necessarily. You didn't set any stakes for your game..

Keep your guard up.
No. 424186 ID: 132b99

the fact that it accepted the challenge usually is a sign that it will.
note sure how to make a safe place for you to sleep.
No. 424188 ID: 97486c
File 134015296591.png - (72.39KB , 800x600 , 74.png )

Shelter assembled.
No. 424197 ID: 132b99

yes and against weather it would be good. but i mean monster proof shelter. i guess you can try to sleep in that.
No. 424244 ID: 97486c
File 134016296362.png - (73.34KB , 800x600 , 75.png )


Don't suppose you guys have some kind of magical base building powers?
No. 424245 ID: 132b99

try following some light.
No. 424248 ID: 132b99

and make sure your hat stays on.
No. 424253 ID: 97486c
File 134016409425.png - (177.16KB , 800x600 , 76.png )

It's on.. Anyway I guess there's nothing better to do then.

Saisai wanders deeper into the woods, trying to go to any brighter source of light. Eventually she finds herself at a pond.
There's someone there..
They're naked in the water. The person goes up to a small waterfall and plays with the water there.

Woah.. Is that a light elf? Should I run?
No. 424254 ID: b0d466

Are light elves dangerous?
No. 424257 ID: b85f8c

Never seen anything like that. Personally I think you should not run from someone who is completely naked and unarmed.

Call out to them. Maybe try not to look directly at them while getting their attention.
No. 424258 ID: 132b99

you have like, no other leads. talk in an incredibly humble way. basically act like you suck and they are awesome. should help make them not fight you. start with an "excuse me"
No. 424260 ID: bd3222

Join them. :3 Leave the hat on.
No. 424263 ID: f387a1

Huh, you're a voyeur? That's fine, I guess.
No. 424271 ID: 97486c
File 134016598973.png - (140.50KB , 800x600 , 77.png )

A what?

Not happening.

Saisai turns her head and calls out to the person. He turns slightly.



>"Oh my, I didn't think anyone else would be in this part of the woods. Sorry if I disturbed you."

"Ah uhm.. No I'm sorry for bothering you. I'm.. Lost."

>"Lost? Are you not a Light Elf?"

"No. I'm a human."

>"Oh really? To think I'd run into two human maidens in one night."


>"Yes. I had run into another one of your people some time ago. She had fair skin and ebony hair."


"Do you know which way she went?"

>"I'm afraid I don't. The woods can be confusing even to those who frequent it. I could help you look for her but it's dark right now and even a Light Elf wouldn't want to travel around this late. It's better to stay in places that are filled with light like this pond. You're more then welcome to stay and keep me company. Perhaps you would like to wash as well?"

"Uh... No thanks."

>"Very well. The water here is exquisite though. Very good for one's skin."

So he's seen A1 most likely. At least I have a lead now.
Even if that lead is a 'dangerous' Light Elf.
No. 424272 ID: b85f8c

Ask him about that thing you encountered.
No. 424273 ID: bd3222

Awww, but he says it's good for your skin! Surely a little dip won't hurt? Besides, he's of a different race - he might not even be attracted to you.
No. 424274 ID: fa9f7e

Sex him up.
No. 424275 ID: 132b99

i think we met this guy.. uhh.. before. he actually seems to be afraid. light elf eyes change color based on mood.
No. 424276 ID: f387a1

> You're more then welcome to stay and keep me company.
No, she prefers to watch. What a shameless Peeping Tom.
No. 424277 ID: a2fa74

Go ahead. Light elves are anything but subtle. If he meant you ill you would know it already.
No. 424280 ID: a3b384

This elf is really unusual, you and A1 lucked out not to meet the usual sort. Get as much on the good side of this one as you can. Earning the favor of an elf can be a big deal, what with their time magic. At least try to learn what you can from him.
No. 424285 ID: 97486c
File 134016988791.png - (84.96KB , 409x599 , 78.png )

... I'll dip my feet in.


"So do you know a lot about this place?"

>"A fair amount. A master of the woods though.. That is not something I am."

"There was this tall slender monster that attacked me before. Do you know anything about it?"

>"Ah 'that'. It is known only as the Eater. It goes around forest and hunts for maidens like yourself. You are lucky to have escaped. Would you mind telling me how you did so?"

"I challenge it to the Oldest Game."

>"And won? You must have quite a mind to accomplish such a feat. That is a trait I admire in your species. So cunning."

Saisai blushes a little and mumbles out a thanks.

>"Humans really do fascinate me. I wish I could see them more but most of my kin do not treat them as kindly as they should. They do not realize that our species are not too dissimilar. Tell me, do humans have days where they simply eat, drink, and play with friends and family?"

"We do, yeah."

He laughs. His laughter sounds so pure it makes Saisai shiver a bit.

>"Marvelous. I had always thought so. Every other species I encountered has similar events."

"What are Light Elves like?"

>"Hmm.. It is hard to describe my own species.. We are proud people, perhaps a bit too proud. We all have fair skin like your friend and light blue wings. We are immortal and our eyes shine to show our emotions."


>"Yes. It allows us to communicate better. Yellow is worry or fear, red is anger, pink is love or lust, white is caring, black is hatred. The list is nearly endless and one can think they know all the colors but discover a new one upon their friend's eyes the next day."

Huh. Imagine if humans were like that? If someone knew everything I were feeling..
No. 424287 ID: a2fa74

See? Not a threat.
You can wash up if you like. The intercourse he wants is discourse, and you can provide that with ease.
No. 424288 ID: b85f8c

Dark Elves' soul magic allows you to Bind with someone so that your emotions are linked. It's a very personal thing.

Oh and because of REASONS you will probably have to learn Soul magic soon. Just fyi.
No. 424291 ID: a3b384

Well if humans were like that, they'd act much more like light elves. Never emotionally closed off, but no need to express it either. They must be terrible at reading emotions in other races, no need to ever practice empathy that way. No wonder they don't get along.

Ask him about that immortality, how does that work? How old is he?
No. 424298 ID: 132b99

indeed. for themselves they can just look at eachother and know what's up. but for everything else they have no fucking clue. and it's probably scary to them, and fear turns to hate.
No. 424304 ID: 97486c
File 134017862668.png - (70.34KB , 409x599 , 79.png )

I don't need to wash up, I'm fine.

Wait, why do I need to learn Soul Magic? I can't even use magic. Never had a knack for it.

"So exactly how old are you?"

>"Hmm.. I honestly lost track. The last birthday I paid any attention to was when I turned 200 years old. And that was quite some time ago. I don't think the Central Kingdom even existed at that point."

Woah.. He's ancient.

>"May I ask how old you are?"


>"Seventeen? Really? Hahahaha! To my race you are nothing but a child, barely leaving their parent's side."

"I suppose that about describes my situation. To my people though I am a full adult."

>"If not for my ignorance of your people I would not believe it. Tell me, when is one considered 'old'?"

"Around 40-50? We humans are lucky to reach our seventies without some magic helping us."

>"Fascinating... And yet your kind still manages to accomplish so much even with such tiny lifespans. Not even the feline-folk have done as much as humans have. If you don't mind me asking.. How does it feel being mortal?"

".... Honestly I never thought of it. Most humans just... Live life to the fullest."

>"With 70 years I suppose anyone would. Is that why you are in the forest? Are you 'living life to the fullest'?"

"Not quite. I'm here on a mission from the Knights."

>"Oh? What kind of mission?"

"We're trying to find an item here. Perhaps you've heard of it.. It's called the Dragon's Breath."

>"Hmm.. Sorry, can't say I have."

"It's fine."

He continues bathing in silence for a moment. Saisai begins to nod off when he startles her awake with a question.

>"How do you know how you're feeling?"


>"Your friend.. She had eyes that were almost black. Her face was blank. I was a bit troubled to discover I couldn't tell how she was feeling. I was wondering how you cope with that."

"Well.. If you're with someone long enough I guess you kinda just pick up on things like that. You can tell just by the way they stand, how they talk, the way their face looks."

He nods.

>"A valuable skill. We light elves don't have need for such things. There is little reason to even get to know one another."

"What do you mean?"

>"Well.. Light elves have no reason to truly interact with one another. Other then forming groups for protection and shelter we don't interact much. Any reason to do so was lost many many years ago."

"You 'lost' it?"

>"It is.. Hard to explain. As truly immortal beings we have very little need to reproduce. However, we still have the ability to do so. As you can imagine this resulted in quite a few Light Elves. Recently, and by that I mean centuries ago, a few laws were passed so that such a thing would not happen anymore. Without that bond most Light Elves just drifted apart from one another. As immortal beings we have no need to gain advance technology so there are no groups of scholars to group together. We do not breed anymore and even forming intimate relationships is frowned upon. Without friends or love there is little else for a person to have but enemies."

".. If you don't mind me saying that's a pretty sad way to live."

>"It is."
No. 424306 ID: b85f8c

Ask if they can't just, y'know, use protection.
No. 424307 ID: 132b99

and when he gets a look on his face like "wut?" or i suppose his eyes change to a weird color. i suppose you will need to explain it. but it would allow an intimate relationship without risking pregnancy. and they could always rewind if they mess up.
No. 424309 ID: a2fa74

"So don't live that way. You don't have any close ties keeping you here, nobody will care where you go or what you do, so why not go into the world and live with other races?
I mean, you could easily pass for human if you covered your wings and wore dark glasses, and with your years of experience you could probably do a lot of good for people."
No. 424315 ID: 97486c
File 134018014964.png - (55.06KB , 800x600 , 80.png )

"So then don't live that way. You don't have any close ties keeping you here, nobody will care where you go or what you do, so why not go into the world and live with other races? I mean, you could easily pass for human if you covered your wings and wore dark glasses."

>"Hahaha I understand what you are saying but to imply that simply hiding my wings and wearing glasses will allow me to pass as human.. That is a bit farfetched. I have enough trouble understanding humans as is. To live with them would only expose my naivety about them further. Not to mention there is no hiding my pointed ears or my light skin. And let's not forget that your kind typically do not take too kindly to my own. This is not unwarranted of course but it would put me in a pinch if I were discovered. No I think it's simply best to live alone."

"Don't you get lonely though?"

>"A bit, yes. I'm a bit of an oddball out of my species. I care more then the rest. It is lonely out here. But, every once in a while a beautiful maiden such as yourself stumbles upon my path."

Saisai finds herself blushing again.

No. 424317 ID: 132b99

well, tell him that you think one day he will find a girl just for him. gotta believe in yourself!
No. 424321 ID: a2fa74

"If you think your ears will give you away"
Lift your hat to show your ears
"That's not much of a problem."
Then put your hat back on
"Humans can be pretty dumb at times; they see what they want to see and ignore anything inconvenient. Anemic, albino, scholar, there are plenty of reasons why somebody would have pale skin and wear dark glasses.
Heck, you could tell people a partial truth - you love researching other cultures, you just spent some years living as a light elf, you could hardly do that if you didn't look the part, and you don't know where to find the person who gave you your appearance.
It's all true, but people would fill in the details however makes them happy; a friendly light elf is less convenient than an eccentric scholar.

I'm not saying you should move into central or anything, but I'd like to be able to spend more time with you."
No. 424343 ID: b0d466

"Can you keep a secret?" *Hat lift!*
No. 424348 ID: 3ae3fd

"Humans are widely varied enough and have enough quirks that pretty much anyone who physically won't immediately give themselves away can pass themselves off as one. No idea of how humans work? Orphan raised by dark elves, or your parents were nutjobs in a cabin away from anyone and you ran away from them. Some humans even have slightly pointed ears, so hide them under a cap, if found pass it off as a birth defect or the ever handy 'farming accident'. A warning though, there are assholes out there in their population, its large enough that its a guarantee. Though its also guaranteed you'll find those who are extraordinarily kind."
No. 424396 ID: a3b384

Well he doesn't have to be completely alone all the time. He could probably find a place in between other populations, outside of human or light elven lands. Maybe he can get along the dark elves, they're rather easy going and just as immortal.

Slight change to this idea: "I know a thing or two about hiding ears."

But yeah why not show him, not like he has anyone to tell or any reason to. Aside from your mimic there are so few people who you *can* tell, so take advantage of it. Take advantage of the water too and get in the rest of the way.
No. 424493 ID: 97486c
File 134023638425.png - (44.59KB , 409x498 , 81.png )

"I know all about having to hide ears.. See?"

Saisai takes off her helmet. The man turns around and looks. Saisai quickly looks away and wiggles her ears a big to emphasize them.

"In the Knights only pure humans are allowed to join. If someone official saw these ears I'd be in serious trouble. I've been able to hide them pretty well for most of my life. If I can do it so can you."

>"Hmm.. Why do you have those ears in the first place? Are you not human?"

"I'm mostly human. My dad is half tigerfolk."

>"Another half? I wasn't aware that even happened."

"Oh it happens. Humans are great at that kind of thing."

He laughs again.

>"Well if you can hide ears that are that large I think I could manage my own if I tried. Maybe to visit a city every once in a while. Still I'd prefer to live here in the woods. Thank you though."

There, I'm in the water more! I'm not going all the way in. I don't even have a towel to dry myself with.
No. 424497 ID: bd3222

I'm sure he would. Or at least, you could air dry. I'm sure the water would be very pleasant.

Things have been so stressful lately... Oh, could you ask what A1 was wearing? I hope she isn't running about in her panties or something.
No. 424498 ID: 132b99

you never exchanged names. tell him yours and ask his. this also makes a good opening if you ever need to get diplomatic with light elves.
No. 424526 ID: 97486c
File 134024589535.png - (56.45KB , 697x438 , 82.png )

"So what's your name?"

>"Fiabe. Yours?"

"Saisai Falladay."

>"That's a unique name. Saisai, it is nice meet you."

He laughs again.


"My friend.. Was she okay? Do you remember what she was wearing?"

>"Hmm.. I'd say she was dressed similar to you. A bit.. Under-dressed for such an environment. Is that normal attire for humans?"

"No.. We'd lost some of our armor and clothing during an earlier attack."

>"I see. I was wondering about that."

"..... Hey, do you have an extra towel?"

>"Hahaha, well well. Have you changed your mind? I do happen to have an extra towel."

"Okay. I'm only getting in cause I've been running around all day.. Don't look."

>"I won't."

Saisai undresses and steps into the pond.

Wait.. Can you guys even hear me now? Guardian? You there?
No. 424528 ID: b0d466

Strangely enough, yes, we can still hear you!
No. 424529 ID: b85f8c

Yes. And we can't see you, for some reason. Looks like our vision gets limited when we're taken off.
No. 424530 ID: 132b99

yeah that is odd. normally we can't hear anything when disconnected.
No. 424534 ID: a2fa74

We can hear you, but can't see a thing.
Give him a hug for us~
No. 424537 ID: 97486c
File 134024706744.png - (60.92KB , 697x438 , 83.png )

I'm not hugging a stranger while I'm naked.

That's good. Seeing isn't as important when you can still hear me.

The water is actually kinda warm.. And I can almost feel my bumps and bruises being washed away...

>"Nice isn't it?"


>"The waters of this land are legendary. Well... In my opinion at least. I'm sure not many others know of this place."

"If people found out about this everyone would use it."

>"Is that so good?"

"Hmm.. Depends. We have it all to ourselves but no one else can really enjoy it."

>"I prefer it being as it is. With only a few of us here."

"Do anyone else besides Light Elves come here?"

>"Not normally. I've seen a Tiger-folk and a Cat-folk but never a Human or a Dark Elf."

"Hey, what's the difference between Dark Elves and Light Elves."

>"The differences are... Numerous. I'm not fond of them so I'm afraid any opinion I give of them will be biased."
No. 424539 ID: b85f8c

We know some stuff about them. They use a school of magic called Soul magic which allows them to use their souls as weapons, generally by hardening part of it into a forcefield or blade. There are also some empathic elements to the school.

They firmly believe in the cycle of life, and in fact part of how they grow up involves a sort of death. They tend to be a bit distant from other races.

I'm interested in his opinion though.
No. 424541 ID: b0d466


Ask if he can fly
No. 424567 ID: a3b384

Pity, dark elves could be someone besides light elves that he could go and be immortal with. Maybe befriend one who isn't like the rest, as he is.

I suggest you two exchange your personal stories. I think both of you would learn a lot. And us too.
No. 424575 ID: 132b99

ah yes, maybe say that if there is a light elf that isn't like the est, then a different dark elf is out there as well.
No. 425189 ID: 97486c
File 134042961193.png - (63.81KB , 697x438 , 84.png )

"I'd still like to hear your opinion."

>"Well.. To be honest they creep me out. They move around their souls within their own body to use as weapons and seem to worship death. We light elves... It 'is' possible to kill us but so difficult that we are regarded as essentially immortal. The dark elves.. They are ever-living. So long as nothing kills them or they do not become too sick they can live forever. When one of them do die people are sad but it is seen as something that can be celebrated.. I don't know, it bothers me.. How do you humans feel about death?"

"In general? We fear it."

>"As all species should. Again, this is just my opinion."

"Right. Hey.. Can you actually fly with those things?"

>"My wings? Of course I can. See?"

Saisai hears a splash and turns to see him floating in the air. She immediately turns away.

"I see.."

Oh god I saw his thing! I've never even seen one before!
No. 425193 ID: d7e757

Our little girl is growing up...
No. 425200 ID: 132b99

well, at least it was someone that wasn't going to try and use it on you.
anyway, dark elves don't worship it they just accpt the cycle of life and death. souls are reincarnated, so if you die you will be born again, perhaps as a different race. and souls keep their personailty between lives, so unless something major happens you will grow into essentially the same person.
No. 425209 ID: b85f8c

Yes, there is a cycle... except for the dragons.
No. 425212 ID: 04b86a

The dark elves don't... "worship" death per se, but rather the return to life afterword. They place a very high regard on the cycle of reincarnation. Very high. As in, they take offense at even the idea of healing a dead body and calling the soul back before it can reincarnate.

Reincarnation, in turn, leaves the bulk of the personality in tact. Sure, having to relearn everything with a fresh perspective will cause some changes but on the whole it can be looked at as a renewal from a certain point of view, even if the death itself is seen as unpleasant.

I guess it's a bit understandable that Fiabe finds the topic so disturbing, though. Most races, while afraid of death, accept it as something that 'will' happen to them eventually. Light elves, however, can conceivably avoid it; their very biology is geared to do everything it can to stay alive. There used to be a race known as the Oli that had a similar ability; there should be one left, in fact. More, if you count the ones that haven't quite moved on. I wonder what they thought of death?
No. 425218 ID: a2fa74

>Oh god I saw his thing! I've never even seen one before!

Ok. And?
If you have no real feelings about it by shock then it's really not that big a deal.

"They worship the circle of life, not death. I think it's that they get bored after being alive for so long or something. They don't go around killing themselves or anything, but they don't go to the extreme lengths to avoid it other races do.
Good thing, too. If nobody ever died then even a tiny birth rate would get out of control fast. Isn't that why you're not allowed to mate?"
No. 425226 ID: 97486c
File 134043466711.png - (35.76KB , 800x600 , 85.png )

The Oli? I never heard of them.

Sh-Shut up!

The Guardian starts to roll into the pond
No. 425228 ID: 97486c
File 134043496087.png - (126.73KB , 800x600 , 86.png )

You don't feel odd when you see someone naked? Well no, you're just an orb so I guess you wouldn't.

"You know it's not that they worship death it's just they celebrate the cycle of life. They believe in reincarnation and think that when one of their own die they'll be reborn into a new body to start life all over again. I mean, as an immortal race that can have kids I can kinda see why they value death a bit. If they had even a small amount of kids then their population would explode. That's why your kind don't mate right?"

>"Essentially. We also have less desire to do that as well. See with time magic we-"

The Guardian bumps against Saisai


>"??? Is something wrong?"

"N-no, nothing at all."

How the hell did you get in here!?
No. 425232 ID: 132b99

we are a BALL and we were sitting on a slanted shore. do the math.
No. 425234 ID: b85f8c

Don't blame us, we didn't do it. Ask him to continue. And put us on so you don't lose us in the water.
[give 10 GP to Ombra]
No. 425241 ID: a2fa74

I notice you're very comfortable about talking to him, and that you can actually be yourself around him. Do you find him attractive? Also, what color are his eyes?

How about the two of you lie back in the water near the bank and relax?
No. 425242 ID: d7e757

Don't mind us, we fell in. Hey, the more the merrier, right? Why not introduce us to the cool dude?
No. 425245 ID: 04b86a

I imagine not. They lived up in the Hurrikane Mountains until their dragon, Oraes, was murdered by the Earth Dragon Myli about 200 years ago. All but one of those that survived the attack were so heartbroken by Oraes's death that they used their people's magic to end their own lives. Those that haven't chose to move on yet still exist as stones, keeping the last Oli company. Fiabe might be able to tell you about them if you ask him.

>You don't feel odd when you see someone naked?
Eh, spend enough time around nude people and you'll get enured to the sight of it. Just don't make a big deal out of it and we probably won't, either.
No. 425293 ID: 6e44d2

Yo Saisai.

Nice boobies.
No. 425297 ID: a3b384

Sorry about that, don't mind us.

Keep listening to the light elf, time magic sounds awesome.
No. 425335 ID: 223190


No. 425354 ID: 92c81e

What? Even in here, we can procure some degree of relaxation from hot springs. Think of it as just the mental half of relaxation, whereas normally people just focus on the physical relaxation of bathing.
No. 425356 ID: 97486c
File 134049395618.png - (131.57KB , 800x600 , 87.png )

He's cute, sure.
And I don't know what color his eyes are, it's dark and I'm not even looking at his front.
Or his back for that matter.
And I'm sure as hell not gonna lie naked next to him.

Now get back here you stupid orb!

The orb slips and slides out of Saisai's reach as she splashes around trying to catch it.

"Go on with what you were saying" She says as she tries to grab the Guardian.

>"Well with Time Magic we are even allowed to relive events in the past as often as we want and with perfect clarity. Really a Light Elf only has to experience something once and we have it stored within us forever."

"Huh. You ever worried you'll run out of things to do?"

>"In this world? No. There's always new sights to see, things to experience" He pauses for a moment before adding "And people to meet."

"Uh huh."

Stop moving around!

"Hey do you know anything about a race known as the Oli?"

>"The Oli? I haven't heard that word in many years.. They were an old race, ancient. Around since the start of the world. Quite some time ago they all just died. No one is sure as to why."

"Couldn't you rewind time to find out why?"

>"Hmm.. There's a few reasons why I can't do that. One I don't have the needed amount of Time Points. Time Points is essentially mana for Time Magic. You can't restore it with a potion, it's only gained through living. Rewinding more then just a few days requires a LOT of time points. And even if I could do that going back that far and doing something different then what I'd done that day could change my entire life. I doubt even the King could rewind to that far back."

"So there are limits?"

>"Yes. Time can be a very tricky thing.. Well, I think I'm done here. I have a campsite not to far, you can probably see the fire. I'll be there when you've decided you want to get out."

"Ok then."

He wraps a towel around himself and leaves the pond.

Oh! Forgot to ask for a towel!

She calls out to him but he doesn't seem to hear.

Well.. I can either leave with wet clothes or stay in here all night.

What? I couldn't hear that last bit?
No. 425357 ID: 997ce7

He was complimenting your breasts. That's what we do when we talk to each other and don't want you to overhear. It's generally about sex and/or speculations as to the nature of the world.
No. 425358 ID: 132b99

it may feel nice now but after several hours you could easily get sick or something.
No. 425359 ID: a3b384

>Well.. I can either leave with wet clothes or stay in here all night.
No staying in the water, you'll be a prune come morning. Drip dry and then put on clothes only slightly damp. Dry out the rest of the way by the camp fire.

Remember you are a human, and as such you can learn any kind of magic. Even if you aren't good at human magic they can learn other kinds more or less easily. Time magic is neat, but there isn't a whole lot you could do with it. A second of rewind is useful though. Soul magic would be the best compliment for your skills, it's pretty simple too.

Tigerfolk... I think their racial magic is expressed in their above natural physical ability. You already have that.
No. 425361 ID: a2fa74

Carry your clothes in front of you and you'll cover everything that matters. Just go to his camp like that.
No. 425363 ID: 132b99

[change form]
No. 425364 ID: d7e757

[change form]
No. 425403 ID: 3bad4c

Pfff, you know there's a spare towel around *somewhere*. Go have a look.
No. 425410 ID: b85f8c

I suggest covering yourself with your clothes but not putting them on, while heading towards the campfire and getting within earshot of it to request a towel.
No. 425415 ID: a3b384

You know, that transformation should provide you with extra ability of some kind. Don't know if it's much good at the moment, but why not test it out for a bit? Not like anyone is looking.
No. 425442 ID: 97486c
File 134051660552.png - (82.08KB , 800x600 , 88.png )

Forget it, I'll just put on my clothes. It's not even that cold really.

Saisai steps out of the pond and dresses up up, she uses her skirt to dry her upper body a bit before finishing getting dressed.



Yeah it has the super awesome ability of stretching out my bra. I don't have an infinite supply of these things.

She makes her way to the camp and sees Fiabe sitting by the fire. He tells her that he'll rest outside and she can have the tent. He silences any protests she may have and lets her sleep inside. He says he'll wake up early to try and look for her friend.

Saisai goes inside and falls asleep.

No. 425445 ID: 97486c
File 134051750147.png - (83.90KB , 800x600 , 89.png )

Saisai is woken up by a now familiar sound.



>"You have resumed being conscious. The Light Elf ordered me to inform you that he had to depart. He also said if we continue north we should be able to leave the woods. However, we still do not have the Captain, Teammate Artemis, or our Client."
No. 425449 ID: a3b384

Look, the form is good for *something* we just don't know what yet. Some sort of latent power is involved here, and we won't discover what it is if you never use it. At the very least you can get used to the balance of this form.

Also, A1 is looking at you without your hat on. Address this and make sure she knows to keep secrets. Compliment her on her unboxed appearance at some point too.
No. 425450 ID: 132b99

she seems to have not slept at all. and yeah, this form has to have SOMETHING to can do better then regular you, just need to figure it out.
No. 425463 ID: 886a4d

I also suggest you give her back her chassis, she`d appreciate it.
No. 425465 ID: 3bad4c

Well, it should be useful for something, we just haven't figured what else it can do for you.

It's unusual for transformative effects to have no advantages whatsoever.
No. 425469 ID: a2fa74

"He said he name was Fiabe; we should tell the others about him.

Could you give me a minute of privacy while I get up?"

Get up, check your ears, put your hat on, make sure you didn't magically regrow your tail overnight, verify you're still a virgin, check your clothing and armor.
After that see if A1 has any non-human features.

Once you're ready you should see if you can find where the fight happened. That would be the best starting point for a search.
Ask A1 to start mapping the area so you don't get lost.
No. 425470 ID: b85f8c

...Aw jeez, she just saw you without your hat. Get her to promise not to tell.
No. 425491 ID: 97486c
File 134052867767.png - (92.40KB , 800x600 , 90.png )

Saisai returns A1's armor. She quickly dons it.

>"Thank you."

"No problem. Could you step out for a second? I need to just get ready. Also.. Can you not tell anyone about my ears please? I could get into serious trouble."

>"... I will not tell anyone."

She leaves. Saisai puts on her hat and fixes up her clothing. She tugs against her bra.

Seriously, can you guys change me back? It's uncomfortable..

Fine fine. Just change me back before long.

Saisai steps outside and sees A1 carving something on a piece of bark. She hands over the wood.

>"The circle is where we are now. The X is our goal. The square is where we first entered here. The Captain is no longer with us so you are in command. What are your orders?"

I'm in command?
I.. I've never really done anything like this before.
No. 425492 ID: b85f8c

I think we should find the others. This place is dangerous and we shouldn't spend any time separated that we don't have to.
No. 425493 ID: 132b99

ask if she can estimate the location we encountered the rust monsters. starting there would be the best bet to find anyone.
No. 425496 ID: a2fa74

Head for the goal. It's the obvious meeting point, and finding the others is the highest priority.
No. 425499 ID: 886a4d

Ask her if she can calculate which direction \ how far everyone was blown given the center of the blast was likely that staff.
No. 425501 ID: 97486c
File 134053034455.png - (95.48KB , 800x600 , 91.png )

"Do you know where the battle took place? Or where everyone would roughly be?"

She takes the bark and marks it again.

>"Triangle is the battle. A is Artemis's likely location after the battle. M is Captain Maggie, C is Daniel, A is where I was and S was you."

"You were that close to me?"

>"Yes. I went off to find the others."
No. 425502 ID: 132b99

okay, let's head straight for danial then keep going to artimis then cut around to maggie.
No. 425503 ID: a2fa74

Head for Artemis. Pick up the Client along the way if you can find him, but don't go out of your way to search for him if he's not close to the marked location.
Next head for Maggie, and if anybody's still missing head for the goal. After that we'll decide how to find the rest.
No. 425504 ID: b85f8c

Get to the client.
No. 425509 ID: 04b86a

Go to the client first. He's both the closest and the least capable of defending himself right now, and Maggie's psionic abilities will probably let her find Artemis.

On the way, let's see if we can at least get you some basic earth magic. Back when you tried to learn magic did you manage to figure out what your mana feels like? You'll need to know that much to get anywhere, although if you didn't we might have a way of helping you find out right now.
No. 425513 ID: 97486c
File 134053306783.png - (143.39KB , 800x600 , 92.png )

I've never had a knack for magic.. Like I don't even know how to feel for mana or anything..

"We're gonna go for Daniel first."


The two of them head off to where Daniel was predicted to have landed. Saisai hears something in the woods ahead of her.

No. 425514 ID: 04b86a

>I don't even know how to feel for mana or anything..
That's fine, we used to have an ability that let us refill our wearer's mana, so maybe we can give you a boost or something and see if you can feel anything different. That can wait until we don't have a bunch of entropic beasts standing in front of you, though.

You and A1 are a pair of apprentice knights whose only weapons are a spear that'll be reduced to a wooden staff as soon as they get at the metal part, and us who can let you fire a limited number of shadow balls; you aren't being paid enough for this. Run away.
No. 425515 ID: 886a4d

perhaps a [Darkness] would help with escaping?
No. 425530 ID: a2fa74

Give A1 a piggyback ride.
No. 425546 ID: a3b384

[Command List]

Retreat a bit, if darkness affects them that'll make things easier. Seeing how they have attacked in the day and not the night it is more likely. If not we'll see what else works.
No. 425572 ID: f5b22e

We never changed her back, idiots!
Someone will notice. Either the darkening near the ends of her hair, or the cup-size change.
We need to change her back before anyone else sees her. A-1 seems to have enough body-issues of her own that she might not have noticed.

Perhaps, we should use the darkness to conceal them, and then transform her back while its dark?
[transform back]
No. 425606 ID: a3b384

[Cancel Change]
Sleeping and fighting this way helps her adjust to it, and this battle will help show the real differences better than anything else can.

We learn what it does, then we can change her back and keep her in the right form at the right time. That's how alternate forms are meant to be used.
No. 425817 ID: 97486c
File 134060496375.png - (129.52KB , 800x600 , 93.png )

=Commands are
Change Form GP:10
Shadow Ball GP:10, 0 in this form.
Last Stand GP:50
Darkness GP:00=

The guardian uses Darkness. Saisai grabs A1's arm and makes a run for it. The darkness seems to have confused the enemy enough to allow them to escape. After a bit more walking they find themselves at Daniel's last known location. It seems there's no sign he was ever there.

>"My calculations could have been incorrect or he could have simply moved on as we have.."
No. 425818 ID: 132b99

"no, he was here. blood was probably his. examine the area and see if you can find a trail"

and we seem to have found a little about this form, you have access to unlimited shadow balls.
No. 425826 ID: b85f8c

We haven't tried to use shadow balls before though... Anyway. Follow the blood.
No. 426153 ID: 97486c
File 134068987565.png - (97.35KB , 800x600 , 94.png )

The two of them continue following a trail of broken branches and blood. After a while the trail becomes more difficult to follow. Saisai makes her way through the dense forest and finds herself and A1 in a clearing.
In the center of this place is a crystal floating above an ancient looking drawing.

>"We have located the Dragon's Breath."
No. 426156 ID: a3b384

Saisai, we have determined that the shadow magic attack we can do is very easy in this form. So when that matters, we'll use this. Until then...
[Change Form]

Ask what 1A knows about it, before anything else. There might be some benefit to us touching the crystal, but give us a moment to get a feel for it's effects before then.

Riiiight, I'm sure it being all about the elements of the dragons still living and not doesn't effect you at all. The truth, first.
No. 426161 ID: a2fa74

You know, you could just have her learn soul magic. That would get you your body back without screwing over Saisai.

How about this, then? We know who had you killed, we know why, and we know their real identity. Stop trying to bullshit us and maybe this time we'll be able to stop them from slaughtering an entire dark elf city.

If it's floating and/or glowing then it's a powerful magic artifact. Don't touch anything.
Since nobody is here, check on Art by way of Maggie next.
No. 426166 ID: b85f8c

Do not touch it. Not until you figure out what that drawing there is and what those claw marks did exactly.
No. 426167 ID: 132b99

earth water fire light wind darkness and a 7th symbol in the center, scratched out. the symbol belonged to the dragon of the Oli, Oraes.
No. 426256 ID: 97486c
File 134072340690.png - (97.39KB , 800x600 , 95.png )

"Any idea what this does A1?"

>"It is rumored the item gives power to those who have deep connections with the dragons. Beyond that no one is certain."

"Hmm.. What do those symbols mean?"

>"The outer symbols are the signs of the six dragons. I am not certain about the center one."

"It's supposed to belong to a group known as the Oli's dragon Oraes.."

>"Error: Data not found. Beep."

"Not surprised.."

I know it 'is' a big glowing magical thing but for some reason I'm compelled to touch it..

Oh hey, I'm back to normal again. And that touch it feeling is gone too.

Anyway I can continue to wander around the forest trying to look for the others or we could just wait here for them.
No. 426268 ID: 132b99

hmmm, we are getting a strong feelng too, but for a different reason. and we are debating if it's a good idea. anyway, ask a1 to see if any trails lead away from here.
No. 426284 ID: 4a328b

...Alright. Touch it!
No. 426319 ID: e8eaab

No. 426320 ID: e8eaab

No. 426322 ID: 09e5bf

I agree.
No. 426324 ID: 04b86a

Apparently we somehow have a strong connection to Ombra and our change form ability causes that connection to leak over into you. I recommend not touching it until we have a good idea of what it will do to you.

That symbol, though... it's the third symbol we've seen associated with Oraes. It's fitting, I suppose, since she was the dragon for all of the races that weren't the main six, but it's still odd how she has so many.

Now if you can see any trails leading away from here you should follow that, otherwise you may as well stay here. I really wish we could keep this thing's location a secret, though; there are certain individuals back in the human kingdom that I'd really like to keep it away from.

...You know what? Touch the thing. It's worth the risk of something unexpected happening.
No. 426325 ID: a3b384

You sorta might have a connection to dragons involved here, actually. Worth a shot.

I'd like if we could wait and have them come here, but we need some idea they're headed here or nearby. Scout the immediate area for signs of anyone coming or going recently.
No. 426327 ID: 4a328b

[90 GP to Ombra]
No. 426328 ID: 132b99

No. 426330 ID: 4a328b

[50 to Ombra!]
No. 426350 ID: 25d645
File 134074609226.png - (113.82KB , 595x529 , 96.png )

Saisai grabs the crystal and
nothing happens.

... Well.. Mission completed I guess?
No. 426353 ID: 4a328b

Give it to A1!
No. 426357 ID: a3b384

Knock that off. Work with us, keep her safe and we'll help you out. Why do you want to take her over anyway, only to be trapped in her form? Wouldn't you rather be your true self again..?

Eh, just as well. Put that aw- wait. Don't put it in your chest bag, keep a hold of it.

[Scan Crystal]
[Transfer 10 GP to the crystal]

Wait here for the others for a while. Maybe if you think real hard about where you are your psychic leader will notice.
No. 426361 ID: 25d645
File 134074755747.png - (131.95KB , 595x529 , 97.png )

[Scan is not a command.
Transfer to Crystal is not a command.]

I guess we'll just wait here for others..

Saisai closes her eyes and tries to yell in her head for her captain. To her surprise she gets a reply.

"Saisai, stay where you are! We have a group headed your way!"

The voice is Captain Maggie's.

Oh wow that actually worked..
No. 426363 ID: 4a328b

No. 426367 ID: 132b99

uhhh, there's a whole lot of green stuff going on behind you, be careful.
No. 426369 ID: a3b384

She should have said you could do that before. Oh well, it worked out anyway.
No. 426621 ID: 97486c
File 134077616354.png - (249.23KB , 800x600 , 98.png )

Saisai turns and looks to see a giant green beast bending the trees out of his way as he approaches Saisai. She hears the beast speaking directly into her mind, blocking out all other sound around her.

Tiny human.. You have exactly 5 seconds to return the Artifact.

>"Beep, that is Aeryr the Wind Dragon. He is the lord of all Light Elves.
No. 426623 ID: 4a328b


hand it over
No. 426625 ID: 132b99

okay saisai, gonna need to put your DEAL face and accept the facts, the soul of the shadow dragon Ombra is implanted in you due to your REAL father. you will need to know this so you can tell Aeryr here the truth. and put it back too, "great aeyer, i simply wished to use the artifact to revive ombra, who's soul is entwined with mine"
No. 426628 ID: a3b384

He's also a giant asshole... yeah put it back, and tell him that some eggheads want to study it, no problem if they do it here yeah? No harm, no foul?
No. 426639 ID: b85f8c

Well don't just stand there, put the artifact back.

This is good, he doesn't appear to be getting himself killed this time around.
No. 426641 ID: a2fa74

Put it back.
[Change form]
"Hey, Aeryr, do you know who's been messing with the time stream? Was it Myli? That coward gloats over murdering Oraes, but as soon as he gets everybody else out for his blood he wants a mulligan.

Oh, could you tell Sharaes we need to talk to her? Kinda important.

Who told you you'd be freed if she died? They lied; the two ways for a dragon in your position to be freed are for you to take over their body or for them to master your circle of magic. If your host dies you end up tossed in the circle of life and jam everything up.

Seriously, who told you to kill your host? I have some guesses.

Oh, and Aeryr is a dick. I dunno why you think he would help.

No. 426643 ID: 04b86a

Oh, Aeryr's guarding this? That reassures me a bit. He's a jerk, but should be capable of protecting it. Hey, ask if he remembers you. He has all sorts of crazy time powers, so it wouldn't surprise me if one of them lets him see other timelines. You may as well tell him that Ombra says hello, too.

Ombra's not possessing Saisai. She's possessing us, and our Change Form ability causes her to leak over into Saisai a bit as though Saisai was the one possessed.

Hey, Ombra, if you drain us and all of our GP you'll be able to manifest as an imp for a little while. We used to have an ability that did that, but it had come from you last time so you'll have to do it yourself.
No. 426645 ID: a3b384

What? No, Myli can't do jack to the time stream. If it wasn't Aeryr it would have had to have been some extra dimensional time lord thing. Not our department or theirs to know anything about.
No. 426646 ID: 97486c
File 134077878401.png - (192.70KB , 800x600 , 99.png )


No screw this I'm putting it back. I can't even imagine thinking about beating this thing in any way shape or form..

She places the crystal back.

Ombra? HAHAHAHAHA! Amazing. Good luck. Not you Ombra, I mean you little human.

He simply vanishes.
No. 426649 ID: 97486c
File 134077890540.png - (151.27KB , 800x600 , 100.png )

Saisai hears Maggie call out her name

>"Hey, Saisai! And A1! You're both not dead! That's great!"

>??? "I could have sworn I saw something over here.."

>"Doesn't matter, point is we got the rest of my team back safe and sound."



>"And there's the Dragon's Breath!"

She goes to grab it
No. 426653 ID: 132b99

No. 426655 ID: 04b86a

Oh gods it's Regulus. With the fucking Dragonslayer.

Saisai, you have a new goal in life: to grow stronger and find a way to kill that man. Viciously. Trust nothing he says. Trust nothing he does. Anything he does that doesn't reveal him as the monster he is is merely an act of manipulation to further his master's desire of wiping out all of the non-human races and their dragons; you included, since you're not pure human.

Fun fact: Regulus here is the one that instructed Sable to kill you. He even told him that you were the Tigerfolk's dragon to cover up the fact the main reason he wanted you dead right then was so he could get his hands on that watch you were guarding.
No. 426657 ID: 09e5bf

At least do so long enough to tell them what happened when you grabbed it. Then let them decide how they want to handle the situation, using this new knowledge.
No. 426658 ID: b85f8c

That's the dragon slayer. Why does he have it?

Shit, if she grabs the crystal, Aeryr will show up, and with that sword, he could kill Aeryr... That must not happen! You have to stop this!
No. 426660 ID: a3b384

YELL STOP. Last thing we need is out commander being eaten by a dragon on our first day.
No. 426677 ID: f5b22e

Warn them that its guarded by the Wind Dragon clearly.
And, regrettably, prepare to run. Literally. Figure out which direction would be best. Dragon shrine to teleport back to Central, etc.
If Regulus starts a fight with Oraes, there could be collateral.
No. 426678 ID: a2fa74

"Don't touch it! We just tried to take it, and Aeryr showed up and berated us into putting it back."

You know, Saisai, Sable's dying words were asking for you to get us and that sword.

"OH! Regulus! You found the other half of my inheritance! I've been wondering where that got off to; how did you come to have it?"
No. 427266 ID: 97486c
File 134095250089.png - (173.38KB , 800x600 , 101.png )

W-what...? But isn't he the Captain General..?
And what's wrong with the dragon slayer?

What? But... That's the King's sword. My father couldn't have left me that.

"Hey stop!"

>Regulus: "??"

"Captain we can't take this!"

>"Why not Sai?"


Saisai feels something probe her mind. She allows the intrusion a bit

>Maggie: ".... Yeah okay mission done! We'll explain it to the client! Everyone let's go!"

Regulus examines Saisai a bit then walks with them to the Dragon Shrine. It teleports them back to the Kingdom. Maggie goes up to Saisai and hands her a giant bag filled with gold.

>"Hey we may have failed the mission but you did a great job keeping yourself and A1 alive. Here's G200."

"Woah.. Uh.. Thank you."

>"Not a problem."

"Captain, why was the Captain General there?"

>"He's just the one who volunteered to help us get you guys back."

"So you actually made it back to the kingdom..?"

>"Mmmhmm. I used my psychic powers, Daniel kinda just flew, and Artemis has his own means of finding his way out of the woods."

"... Ok. Thank you captain."

Oh man G200... And I got the ingredients for that potion too..
No. 427269 ID: 132b99

your REAL father. but i digress. to the potion shop!
No. 427275 ID: a3b384

Don't put too much stock on our inexplicable predictions because some crazy time magic screwed with us at some point, much isn't the same and anything we say could all be wrong. We really should stop jumping to conclusions. Just be careful and pay attention to everything happening around you.

Now then let's see about potions first and then maybe new equipment.

We can't yet. And you can't do it yourself, not as a dragon vs the dragon slayer or when merely possessing Saisai. She, you and ourselves need to be much stronger first before that can happen. Now then, tell us what you remember about how you died. It'll help.
No. 427278 ID: b85f8c

Shit. We've said too much already. Guys, stop talking about the future. Seriously.
No. 427285 ID: 04b86a

So the Captain General just "happened" to decide to help a few trainees retrieve an item that Aeryr just "happened" to have been charged with guarding and just "happened" to bring the Dragonslayer along with him. Are you starting to understand what's wrong with the Dragonslayer being in his possession?

We want to. Really, you have no idea how much we want to. But not only is he both powerful and good at avoiding dying, but he's also the Caption General, so until Saisai is both powerful enough to take him on and has a damn good excuse for killing him, our hands are tied.
No. 427289 ID: 97486c
File 134095831869.png - (64.84KB , 800x600 , 102.png )

Okay okay I guess it's a 'little' suspicious.. But why would he want to kill the dragons?

Saisai heads to Morgan's shop. A bell wakes up Morgan.

>"Hey.. How'd everything go..?"

"I got some plants and stuff for you from the mission."

Saisai places all the herbs she'd gathered on Morgan's desk.

>"Oh my.. These... These are perfect. Thank you so much! I... I'll make the potion for you for G25 with all this. Is that ok?"

"More then ok."

Saisai pays G25 leaving her with G175.

>"You look uhm.. Really banged up.. Was it difficult?"

"A bit yes."

Morgan nods.

>"Yeah.. That's why no one likes to go there.. Uhm.. It will take me a day to brew the potion... Is there anything else you want..?"

Is there anything else I should get?
No. 427293 ID: 132b99

ask if she has a dislike potion, for use on annoying guys that hit on you.
oh and if she knows someone by the name of apple.
No. 427298 ID: a2fa74

Ask her if she'd like to hang out sometime.
Tell her she has a cute smile.
No. 427301 ID: a3b384

Ask for a list of what she has.

Stop that, no reason to bring her up by name. However...

And ask about any other items she might need, something more rare or valuable. How does she get her supplies anyway, does she go out herself or have other people fetch them?
No. 427303 ID: b85f8c

We can't tell you any more. The timeline's becoming unstable because of all we've told you already. I'm not sure you should think about our future-speak anymore or discuss it with us. Let's just react to things as they happen from now on, okay?

Ask her what stuff she has available, now that you've got some spending money.
No. 427307 ID: 97486c
File 134096061367.png - (54.94KB , 800x600 , 103.png )

"Well what do you have?"

>"I have uhm... Healing potions. And other things. Like for strength and speed. They're really good I think.."

"How much?"

>"It's G10 for a weak one and G20 for a stronger one.. The stronger one can last all day if you uh take it at noon.."

"I think I'll take a Greater Speed Potion."

Saisai hands her G20 leaving her with G155.

This might come in handy later.

"Hey do you have a dislike potion? Like to get rid of annoying people."

>"Uhm.. Sorry. I don't have anything like that in stock. I do have poison if you really want to get rid of someone.."


"N-no.. That's fine. What other kind of potions do you have?"

>"Well.. Mostly buff potions.. If you want something special I can usually craft it if you give me the money and time.."

Haha, sure why not. She looks kinda anxious and shy.

"You know I'm kinda new to the city in general. Maybe you can show me around a bit?"

>"Oh no I.. I'm sure someone can do better then me.. I don't go out much either. I pretty much live in this shop." She gives a nervous laugh.

"You should smile more often. You look better smiling."

Morgan fidgets nervously.

>"Uhm thank you.. Is there anything else you want...?"

Aw, now she's even more withdrawn. Girl probably never really talks to someone beyond selling potions.

"So is there any other item you need? I'll probably be going around doing missions so I can see if I can grab anything for you."

>"I... I could always use any gems.. Sapphires, rubies, even quartz.. And any parts of magical creatures are useful as well, if you happen to get any of them.. I'll pay you for them or give you a discount on potions."

"I'll keep that in mind next time I go out. How do you usually get your stuff?"

>"My father... He runs a shop across the street... The I Shop.."

"What does he sell there?"

>"Everything. Everything but potions that is." Another nervous laugh
No. 427311 ID: 132b99

okay say bye and let's see what the i-shop carries.
No. 427313 ID: a3b384

Oh the I Shop sounds promising, lets head over there. As for Morgan... it's difficult. She could use a friend and it's not like you're a social person either. But forcing her out of the shell would be hard. We'll work on it I guess, not like you won't see her fairly often.
No. 427314 ID: a2fa74

"Ok, you need to get out of the shop more often and I need more friends. I'm taking you for lunch this weekend. I'll pick you up Saturday at noon, alright?"
No. 427315 ID: b85f8c

I think you should ask your captain for some more information about Daniel. Like, how strong is he?

The answer will be "Everything." The I-shop is for when we have something specific in mind, or at least a specific category of items.
No. 427319 ID: 97486c
File 134096294156.png - (94.31KB , 800x600 , 104.png )

"I'll go check it out. Really though the two of us should hang out. Next time I'm free I'll come by."

>"Okay.. Thank you... For the ingredients.."

"No problem."

Saisai waves goodbye and heads to the shop across the street labeled the I Shop.
She enters and is greeted by a hooded man.

>"Welcome friend. What can I get you?"

"Uhm.. What do you have?"

His smiles broadens and he gestures around his shop


He suddenly gives off a loud hoarse laugh.

>"Except potions that is. My daughter across the street sells that. Is there anything in particular you're looking for?"
No. 427320 ID: b85f8c

Whoops I meant ask your captain about the Captain General. Not Daniel. Heh.

Ask about beginner's magic. We need to get you some utility spells, I think, and have Artemis help you learn how to use them.
No. 427323 ID: a2fa74

"A book on learning soul magic."

This is something you NEED to learn. It has the fringe benefit of letting you cut things in half with your mind. You will learn it easily, in spite of your tigerfolk heritage.
No. 427333 ID: b85f8c

Dark Elves don't sell books on that. We have to learn it directly from a Dark Elf teacher, remember?
No. 427334 ID: 886a4d

Doesn't hurt to ask though, he did say he sold everything.
No. 427363 ID: 132b99

he has everything remember? if he doesn't have it he will get it.
No. 427394 ID: a3b384

Ask if there is some illusion making item that can alter the appearance of your hair and ears to imitate various looks and races. For missions. Really.

And what the heck is an illness tablet? A way to fake being sick or a what?
No. 427421 ID: 6ac522

Gosh.. what about getting something that would make you.. pure human? No more disguises.
No. 427496 ID: f5f475

Ask if info on his daughter is in stock~
You're a knight, so it's only proper to ask the father.
No. 428521 ID: 97486c
File 134130139245.png - (150.00KB , 800x600 , 105.png )

"Actually I'd like to know a bit more about your daughter. I'd just come out of her shop and she seems a bit... Jittery."

>"Hehehehehehe. Yes. She is a shy girl. Very kind but she just hasn't been around many people. It'd pay to make friends with her. Maybe I'd even give you a discount here.."

"No need to bribe me, I'd already made plans to try and get her to go around the city with me. I'm rather new to the place myself."

>"Good good. Now, I'm sure information on my daughter isn't all you came here for. Would you like a weapon? Armor? Perhaps a spell book or two?"

A spellbook..?

"Do you have books on Soul Magic or normal utility Magic?"

>"I most certainly do. I can give you one of each for a total of G15."

"I'll take it."

She hands him G15 leaving her with G140.

"Also I need new armor. My old armor was destroyed in my last mission."

The man smiles and examines Saisai.

>"I have just the set for you miss.. Please, come to the changing room."

He leads Saisai to the back of the shop and after looking around a bit hands her some armor and fabric.

>"Put on the black bits first then place on the actual armor."

Saisai tries on the new armor in the privacy of her changing room.

Hmm.. I like it.
And if the metal bits break off again I have a nice black under-suit.
No. 428522 ID: 97486c
File 134130147551.png - (150.19KB , 800x600 , 106.png )

Saisai realizes she's been going around the kingdom half naked.


"So, how much is the armor?"


Ouch.. A bit pricey but.. This just looks so... 'Knightish'. I have to get it.

She pays the G100

Anything else I should get or am I done here?
No. 428527 ID: a3b384

Not likely in your price range now or soon but ask about items with illusion or alteration magic to make you look different enough to pass as a different race. Besides being able to hide your ears without a hat, it can provide cover if you are seen without it and it may be handy for missions. Maybe you can work a deal out with him for it. Alteration would change your body and you may not like that, but illusions may not hold up when you need it to or some might see through it.

...You know what? Ask if he has anything that could have special use alongside a guardian items power. Can't hurt.
No. 428531 ID: d7e757

>"Do you have books on Soul Magic or normal utility Magic?"

>"I most certainly do. I can give you one of each for a total of G15."

>"I'll take it."

...Which one?
No. 428533 ID: a2fa74

"Now that I've paid, can I see how I look in an ordinary mirror?"
No. 428540 ID: 132b99

both, one of EACH for 15 TOTAL.
anyway, think that's good for now save it up.
No. 428574 ID: a3b384

What the hell are you talking abou-
>Mirror of enhanced beauty

...Ah. Nice catch. I don't think that affects us though. I mean technically we aren't looking through it at all and she looks fine. But sure ask about it, it gives a natural segue into my question about illusions if nothing else.

And see about getting a light helmet under the hood, and if the feather can be incorporated somewhere more secure than just being tucked into your belt.
No. 428575 ID: 431fa8

I'd definitely look into some kind of persistent illusion or minor shapeshift charm/item to hide your nonhuman physical characteristics.
No. 428578 ID: 1e9d01

How is that hood going to stay up to hide your ears? Seems like a good wind would blow it away.
No. 428581 ID: c3c502


You'd think if something like that were cheaply and readily available, her rich-ass image conscious family would have gotten her one years ago.
No. 428592 ID: 132b99

No. 428619 ID: 92c81e

Yea, there's a very good reason she had her tail removed. Because the other options are either not possible, or stupidly expensive.
No. 428643 ID: f5f475

Doesn't mean it shouldn't be looked into, anyway. Also it seems like it's mostly her step-dad that's like that.
No. 428727 ID: 97486c
File 134135548889.png - (94.06KB , 800x600 , 107.png )

"Can I get a different mirror please? I just want to see something."

>"?? Certainly."

He brings her a different mirror.

.... Looks the same to me.

"Ok. Do you have some kind of charm or something that can cast a minor illusion spell on me?"

>"I have two different kinds. One allows you to use your own mana to keep an illusion spell going while the other brings a constant illusion. The first one only costs G20 while the second costs G1,000. A device that constantly brings about an illusion and runs on it's own continuous fuel is hard to come by."

"I'll take the first one."

She pays G20 for a small necklace with a sphere on one end. Saisai now has G20.

All right.. Kinda low on money now. Again. Anything else I should buy or am I done here?

And if I'm done here is there anything else I should take care of?
No. 428728 ID: 886a4d

I think your done, 20 gold is enough for a nice evening walking around. Of course you'll be broke afterwords so its good that you have a free place to sleep.
No. 428780 ID: a3b384

Yeah I think we're good for now. Head back to the castle.
No. 428815 ID: 97486c
File 134136671830.png - (169.00KB , 800x600 , 108.png )

Hmm.. I'm really not sure what else is around the town. I know a few stores but..

No. 428816 ID: 97486c
File 134136676561.png - (70.93KB , 800x600 , 109.png )

No. 428817 ID: 997ce7

...Yeah, sure, why not? Have the cake.
No. 428820 ID: 97486c
File 134136772523.png - (140.14KB , 800x600 , 110.png )

Saisai is now broke.

That was good..

It's still pretty early though.
I could just turn in early if there's nothing else to do. It's been a pretty hectic day already.
No. 428821 ID: 132b99

read those books you got. going to sleep thinking about them should help you learn.
No. 428823 ID: c3c502

Maybe you should test or practice your new illusion magic before bed? If it's going to be useful, you have to be able to get it up fast, and with little warning.
No. 428824 ID: d7e757

No. 428826 ID: a2fa74

Practice using your new item to hide your ears, since you want to be able to do it in your sleep. Literally.

Read the book on Soul Magic before you go to bed. The other one can wait until later.
No. 428828 ID: 97486c
File 134136879827.png - (102.38KB , 800x600 , 111.png )

Saisai tries to use the Illusion charm but fails.

The man said it uses my own mana right? I never really learned how to channel that stuff...

Maybe if I read the Book of Magic.


I don't get any of this...
It just looks like Aquian to me.
No. 428829 ID: 132b99

be serious about this! try the other one.
No. 428832 ID: c3c502

...you may need an introductory course to magic theory. Or a lesson in training mana.

In the meantime, maybe we can use guardian points in place of mana to run the illusion charm?

[Illusion - human SaiSai]
No. 428834 ID: 97486c
File 134136931590.png - (104.54KB , 800x600 , 112.png )

[Illusion is not an ability]


No. 428836 ID: 09e5bf

[change form] maybe this will help.
No. 428837 ID: a3b384

Hmm... well you'll need to figure it out at least a little. But if you can't read it then it can't be helped for now. You may need tutoring from someone, probably one of your teammates. If you feel up to it you can go see Artemis for a bit later and have him talk you through the basics. For soul magic you may need to seek out someone at the library. Alternatively, Morgan might be useful with both.

But for now, knock on your mimics box and touch us to him, we'll transfer some of our spare power to him.
[transfer 40 GP to Yuyu]

And some for you, too.
[transfer 40 GP to Ombra]

Obviously it makes sense to you. Got some advice here? Would it help if we changed her form too? Would she have more aptitude for soul magic like that, or your direct influence could push her along?

No. 428871 ID: 97486c
File 134137375514.png - (54.74KB , 525x600 , 113.png )

Forget this! I'll have Artemis or whoever explain this stuff to me in the morning.

I'm tired now so..

Good night.

And thanks for all the help today.
No. 428872 ID: 886a4d

Sweet dreams Saisai
No. 428874 ID: 04b86a

[Make Saisai have sexy dreams about Morgan and Fiabe]
No. 428876 ID: 4bdd79

No. 428882 ID: d7e757

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