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File 133329815442.jpg - (125.98KB , 612x792 , Zane goes on a daye.jpg )
397597 No. 397597 ID: f72f26

I have the hottest date coming up
preparing is good what do?
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No. 397598 ID: a43a6c

Strip naked, make the date even hotter.
No. 397599 ID: c6beb3

wear a sexy dress and call oken to make sure she is still on for tonight
No. 397600 ID: 58a693

tlk ur cock out
No. 397602 ID: b85f8c

Do your hair.
No. 397603 ID: d5dd99

bring a potted plant to the date, it makes you look responsible because then they know you can take care of a plant
No. 397604 ID: d5ee6f

Lift tail. In fact tie tail to back of head for easy access.
No. 397605 ID: c4a1fc

Pee on everything.
No. 397606 ID: 742815

Put on a dress that makes you look huge, then start smoking.

Smokers are very cool and hot
No. 397607 ID: f21b0e

All of the above in the order they appear!
No. 397608 ID: 6dddd5

Bring a carpet you stole.
No. 397611 ID: f72f26
File 133329894310.jpg - (199.78KB , 612x792 , Zane goes on a date 2.jpg )

I strip naked to make date hotter
I wear dress on head as new hairstyle to make me huge

I take out my cock
I bring potted plant

I bring totally not stolen at all carpet.

now I am going to be late for the hottest date how i get there on time??
No. 397612 ID: c6beb3

you must run really fast put on your speed shoes to run fast
No. 397613 ID: 742815

Have your bro Mordecai give you a lift
No. 397614 ID: 5887f3

go sanic fast

run zane, you gtta go faaaats
No. 397615 ID: 58a693

Ried on sanic to go fast to get there
No. 397616 ID: 6dddd5




No. 397618 ID: 55c4cf

fart really hard so you don't have to ever on your date
No. 397620 ID: f72f26
File 133329940805.jpg - (235.11KB , 612x792 , Zane get cop attacked.jpg )

I go realaly fast
it's sonci fast!!!!!!!!

oh now it's the cops!!!!!!

I went to fast now they are after me what do?
No. 397622 ID: 832169


Go faster
No. 397623 ID: c6beb3

run faster so that you lose them
No. 397625 ID: 6dddd5


Get rid of the carpet. That's totally legit evidence against you.
No. 397626 ID: 58a693

let them hit you and use ur invincibility frame to clip through the wall and escape
No. 397628 ID: 5887f3

No. 397631 ID: 55c4cf

use the nitrous boost to escape the popo
No. 397635 ID: 742815

Just tell them that you have a hot date.

They will understand, and organize an escort for you

Haven't you seen teen movies
No. 397637 ID: f72f26
File 133330020819.jpg - (292.76KB , 612x792 , cops go boom.jpg )

I get rid of carpet because it is evidence and Zane is not ceriminal

I use COCK on cops its super effective and now they are dead

I runn even more super fast than before, but now I am going too fast and I can see the reference restaurant but I nede to slow down but how can I do that?
No. 397639 ID: c6beb3

start walking on your hands you will go slower
No. 397640 ID: 58a693

turn bkwards 180 ollie skidflip so t momenthum runs n revors
No. 397641 ID: 55c4cf

Pretend it's Sonic 4 and you'll lose all sense of speed entirely.
No. 397642 ID: e3f578

Fuck slowing down
Crash through the window
Do some sweet backflips
Narrative Causality will cause you to land perfectly on your table with a rose in your mouth
No. 397650 ID: f72f26
File 133330232209.jpg - (204.65KB , 612x792 , Zane got stopped by bouncer.jpg )

I do all of the things and they make me stop.

now I am at thew restaurant but the bouncers sez I can't go in because no shirt no shoes no service, also smoking isn't allowed
No. 397651 ID: 14a1d0

Put the hair dress on and flirt with the bouncer to let you in. Either that or put the cigarette out in his eye and barge in.
No. 397662 ID: f730a1

Throw potted plant at his face.
No. 397664 ID: e6da3c

wreck sign.
no sign, no problem.
No. 397670 ID: c8a6d1

use COCK on SIGN
No. 397674 ID: b85f8c

I guess we have to wear the dress and put out the cigar :C
No. 397695 ID: c6beb3

put out the cigar in his eye
No. 397715 ID: c2c011

Slap him silly for not instantly seeing what a classy lady you are.
No. 397721 ID: 2563d4

Take his shirt, his shoes, and his dignity.
No. 397727 ID: 0006f5

bring up your weapon menu and warp in place like megaman, that will reset your momentum
No. 397738 ID: f72f26
File 133331007975.jpg - (206.81KB , 612x792 , Zane kills bouncer.jpg )

I put dress on body, but he tells me a dress is not a shirts, so I throw the potted plant at him, and then wreck the sign

I try to use my cock on the sign but my cock is long gone

I put out cigar into his eye, slap around the bouncer and then take his shirt and shoes but I don't know how to take his dignity

what do I do now?
No. 397740 ID: c2c011

Go in and have a hot date. The date is so hot that the establishment catches fire.
No. 397741 ID: 2563d4

Go inside and see if Thodren's there yet.
No. 397753 ID: b85f8c

Get in da cluuuub. Meet your date. Make out with date. HOT DATE.
No. 397756 ID: 40a32f

No. 397834 ID: f72f26
File 133331923738.jpg - (273.78KB , 612x792 , Zanes Hote date.jpg )

I go see hot date

but hot date THODREN is too hot! the whole establishment has caught fire also I cant make out with him because I'll catch fire

what do?
No. 397835 ID: c6beb3

say "our love will burn us both baby but we can't resist the fire" and make out
No. 397837 ID: 2563d4

Use your legendarily COLD SHOULDER to douse the flames of passion!
No. 397839 ID: b85f8c

Use the shirt and shoes to smother/stamp out the fire! Maybe also take his hand and run out, go to a lake or something to make out where fire won't work.

Or space. You could make out in space.
No. 397846 ID: f730a1

Use your WATERBENDING SKILS like KORRA to douse all the flames.
No. 397893 ID: f72f26
File 133332422102.jpg - (212.35KB , 612x792 , Zane at the lake.jpg )

I say "our lov will burn us both but we can't resist the fire"

it has no effect.

I use my cold shoulders and waterbending magic and also the boots and shirt to put out the restaurant.
Thodren is still firey but it won't hurt me anymore.

I take his hand and go to the lake or somerthing what now?
No. 397898 ID: c6beb3

no go to make-out point in thodren's way rad racecar that is also a transformer

but not one of the cool ones it can turn from a car into a windmill and it's always so awkward when it tries to be useful in windmill mode
No. 397936 ID: b85f8c

Extinguish him, then reignite him with RED HOT MAKEOUTS.
No. 397947 ID: affb00

duh guys thordren doesn't drive he is a barbarian.

go to make-out point in Zane's way rad racecar that is also a transformer but one of the cool ones like Grimlock.
No. 398137 ID: d5ee6f

Make out underwater duh
No. 398142 ID: f72f26
File 133337129155.jpg - (235.04KB , 612x792 , Zane Rides in Grimlock.jpg )

Zane rides in he Grimlock car with Thodren up to here make out point.(the cars wheel is on the opposite side becaus Zane is auropian)

Zane trys to make out but Thodren pushes here away

"You are to much more fat that the photot you sent me, and I am not a chubby chaser I only make out with other hot dates and you are not a hot date you are fat."

what do????
No. 398144 ID: c2c011

Punch him in the dick, then start to rape him, but stop before getting to any of the good parts and leave him tied to a tree, frustrated and angry.
No. 398150 ID: 428ef1

lose some weight you cow
No. 398151 ID: 210977

fly that car to equestria and have a party with pinkie pie.
No. 398173 ID: 2563d4

>not a chubby chaser
Point out his extensive collection of Miss Dilia pornography.
No. 398263 ID: affb00

then ride grimlock into the sunset

also do not doctor photos that is stealing
No. 398276 ID: f72f26
File 133341852284.jpg - (263.23KB , 612x792 , Zane off a cliff.jpg )

I try to drive too equestria but also into the sunset, but instead I just end up driving off of make out piont to the 100 thousand meter cliff down below
No. 398278 ID: fa9f7e

Jump back onto the cliff. Let thorden die, he claled u fat.
No. 398279 ID: b85f8c

Activate the car's FLYING MODE.
No. 398280 ID: c6beb3

Better have sex you don't want to die a virgin!
No. 398284 ID: 40a32f

FUCK GRAVITY. walk up the cliff slamming the car down below and once at the top proceed to make out with oken's date... who probably isnt getting any.
No. 398324 ID: f72f26
File 133342604716.jpg - (236.04KB , 612x792 , Zane Hot Date end.jpg )

I try to jump back to the cliff but my seatbelt is too tight, that seatbelt saving lives poster is a lie

I push Grimlocks flying mode button but it doesn't work because grimlock doesn't have a flying mode button

I try to have sex to not be a virgin, but thodren says he is also a virgin but would rather die with out sex then have sex with a fatty even though his girlfriends is dillya who is alreeady the fattest

I try to fuck gravity but the sex isn't very good almost like nothing at all

after 3 hours we hit the ground and explode

THE END . . . or is it?!?!?
No. 398394 ID: affb00
File 133343955944.jpg - (517.76KB , 840x819 , NORTHERN SERGAL.jpg )

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