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File 133305446084.png - (80.66KB , 1320x1074 , 1.png )
396934 No. 396934 ID: 2ae337

"I don't know why I have to learn this stupid thing. I can never play it right! Uwah! I wish mother didn't force me to practice with this thing! Why couldn't I get a better instrument like my sisters?"
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No. 396935 ID: ed57e8

then play it wrong.
No. 396936 ID: a2fa74

Hello Gyoji. How are you today?
You can put that away; practice can wait.
No. 396941 ID: 2ae337
File 133305682585.png - (32.40KB , 566x618 , 2.png )

"Oh I want to. I really want to, but mother will punish me if I don't practice, or at least try to. She may be sick, but she'll still find a way to punish me, she always does!"

"Gyoji-gohu ah-who are you talking to?"

"Eh? No one. I'm talking to no one."
Who are you anyway?

"Wait, is it time already? Is practice over? "

"Eh well no, Gyoji-gohu. You're father wishes to see you. He is speaking with all his children today."

"Eh? All of us?"

"Well one at a time, but yes. I have been sent to fetch you gonjou."

Father? But he rarely speaks to any of us. He's always busy spending time with hisnew toyLi Jue, the witch. I hate her.
No. 396947 ID: ed57e8

take your.. instrument, with you. and who we are wont make sense right now, you'll find out later.
No. 396948 ID: a2fa74

That's ok. She hates you, too.
We are your family's guardians. You can ask your father about us, if you would like.
We will confuse you at times, but we have long protected and guided the family. Trust us, and we will keep you happy and safe.
No. 396966 ID: c4a1fc

Oh, and we already know about your submission fetish. Don't bother lying about it, all your kind-nobles-have it.
No. 396972 ID: 2ae337
File 133306720361.png - (56.12KB , 1084x804 , 3.png )

Really? I think father mentioned you once or twice, but he mentioned he was holding something when he did. Why do I hear you without it?


"Address me by who I am little Gyoji."

"Narobu-jomo. You wanted to see me?"

"Yes little Gyoji. I have news, both terrible and wonderful. First, your mother. She is dead."


"Her heart ceased not long ago. I understand you spoke with her recently."

"Y-y-yes. How did this happen? She j-just seemed tired when I-i spoke with her!"

"She was always good at hiding things. Even from me. Enough of that. The great news is Li Jue has been conversing with me for a while, and I have made a great plan to extend the reach of the Chang clan."

"Yes lord Narobu~ Your wife had shown signs not unlike poisoning. You could use honor as a means to invade the neighboring province. He will have no choice but defend his honor either by fighting back, or recompensing you with land."

"Your...your going to use mother's death for a land grab?!"

"Why not? I must look to forward the power of my nation. That is why you are here. Each of my children holds a state withing my province. I need the support of them all, now more than ever. Little Gyoji, can I count on your support?"
No. 396973 ID: ed57e8

saying no will result in you having an accident and someone else that supports him getting the land. say yes.
No. 397005 ID: a2fa74

"Our guardians came to me earlier. They wish for me to convey their words. 'We are disappointed by your intent to dishonor your wife. We suspect poison was used, but no nation would gain from this. There is a traitor attacking our bloodline.'"
You may speak as your wishes after that.
No. 397011 ID: ed57e8

fuck no.
No. 397012 ID: c4a1fc

No. 397108 ID: a2fa74

This is something that happened AGES ago, and we are not time travelers. We can learn things, but not change them. That's why I'm provoking responses. When Gyoji wakes up we can ASK her what actually happened, but we don't want her to know this is a poison-induced hallucination until it's over.
No. 397130 ID: b6edd6

In the likely case that it is a memory, wouldn't mentioning future knowledge cause the memory to derail or just stop, as that almost certainly did not happen in the actual event?
No. 397145 ID: a2fa74

To an extent, that's what we want. Her father here should act like she would have expected her father to act, and we can use that to find out more about his personality and how Gyoji views these things. If we derail it too much then it'll probably all fall apart, so we have to at least maintain the pretense of this being real.
The memory itself isn't important; we can ask her what really happened when she wakes up.

No. 397149 ID: ed57e8

except if we ask a question dad never answered he will respond with gibberish. or have what Gyoji THINKS the answer WOULD of been
No. 397151 ID: 2ae337

So which will it be?

No. 397154 ID: ed57e8

it's already two votes for yes and seven with his own thing.
No. 397156 ID: 2ae337
File 133313861596.png - (76.54KB , 1158x974 , 4.png )

"Our guardians came to me earlier. They wish for me to convey their words. 'We are disappointed by your intent to dishonor your wife. We suspect poison was used, but no nation would gain from this. There is a traitor attacking our bloodline.'"

"Ah yes. That little bauble I used so long ago. Do you know why I stopped listening to them little Gyoji? Because they stopped being useful. You will obey me when I say ignore whatever they tell you."

"Come Gyoji-gohu~ Your mother has passed on. You do not want her death to be for nothing do you~?"

"Mother died of illness. You never paid attention to her, and now you want to use her as a tool! How can you be so callous to your wife?!"

"Little Gyoji do not test my patience. You will find it very limited."
No. 397157 ID: ed57e8

told you, he will make sure you have an accident if you say no. and he got rid of us cause we didn't agree with being a jerk.
No. 397160 ID: a2fa74

If he looks for profit in the death of your mother, then you have already gained much from her death.

"Your wife is dead, and you shed no tears. Mother's body is still warm, and you have already plotted to profit from it.
You tell a child her mother is dead, and consider their anger and sorrow an insult.
It seems I have much to learn of ruling. Do as you will; I shall observe and learn."

Control your emotions. There will be justice, but now is not the time.
No, now is the time for you to learn to think.

Remember what was said, and what that means.
Your father and Li Jue were unshaken, as if this was expected. Why?
Li Jue said "Your wife had shown signs not unlike poisoning."
Why would she say this? How would she know? If her statement is true, then why have they no concern that they could be next?

Regardless, this dream has served its purpose. Wake up, little Gyoji. The waking world is less serene, but the man you love is doubtless worried for you.
No. 397177 ID: a2853b

Go ahead and say yes, Gyoji.
If you die now, you cannot enact justice later, when a proper opportunity presents itself.
No. 397518 ID: 2ae337
File 133326077745.png - (57.50KB , 1024x782 , 5.png )

"Your wife is dead, and you shed no tears. Mother's body is still warm, and you have already plotted to profit from it.
You tell a child her mother is dead, and consider their anger and sorrow an insult.
It seems I have much to learn of ruling. Do as you will; I shall observe and learn."

"That's better little Gyoji. Listen to your father~"

I don't know. Li Jue has never acted so malicious before. She would always hint how superior she was. This is outright gloating for her! I knew she was ambitious, but this is too much even for her.

I'm dreaming?

"You cannot wake up Little Gyoji. So sad Little Gyoji, reliving the nightmare of your mother. You cannot leave this time. You will not leave."

"W-what? No. No no! Not this! Not this again!"

"Li...tl...Gy...don't cry."

"You are mine Little Gyoji. You are in this world because of me!"

"Not this part again!"
No. 397520 ID: 2ae337
File 133326084627.png - (180.57KB , 2572x2058 , 6.png )

"As long as I exist, I OWN YOU!"
No. 397522 ID: ed57e8

not anymore, he gave you away. remember? you have a new man now.
No. 397542 ID: a2fa74

What? No, he doesn't, and I don't mean that in the 'you are your own person' sense. He expelled you from the family, which was an absolute abdication of all his claims on you.
He even sold you to a new owner; one who treats you as you desire.
[Stab the nightmare in the face with our mind-control powers]

Your mother would be dismayed by her memory causing you sorrow or fear. She loved you, and these attempts to turn that against you are completely contemptible. Don't be cowed; be enraged.
No. 398871 ID: a177c4
File 133366274929.png - (76.59KB , 2340x932 , 7.png )

"Yo-you do not control me! You never have and ne-never will!"


Ah! The stabbing thing only made it mad!
No. 398872 ID: a177c4
File 133366284087.png - (86.16KB , 2348x1212 , 8.png )

This isn't father. This isn't the same! What is this?! Help me!

No. 398873 ID: a177c4
File 133366292463.png - (50.13KB , 1976x1112 , 9.png )


What the hells is going on in there? I thought you would be able to handle this but no.
No. 398874 ID: a177c4
File 133366296161.png - (71.27KB , 1976x1112 , 10.png )

Looks like I have to personally save her ass again.
No. 398881 ID: a2fa74

Fighting venom-induced nightmares is not a task to which we are accustomed; Our experience with psychoplanar combat was ineffective.
No. 398882 ID: ed57e8

she doesn't have an emtional connection to us. we are just "some talky voices"
No. 399024 ID: 2ae337
File 133374418599.png - (48.38KB , 1222x854 , 11.png )

Well I'm not any better what with my mind constrained to my body. I can't even see what I'm doing, what's going on? I'm staring at a rock wall.


Yes me. Why did your mind make me look all weird?

"No no! You actually look really well...

I'm sure. Okay what the hells do I do next? I'm not sure if my mind self even has a weapon or something.
No. 399038 ID: a2fa74

Ah! Now that is something we can do!
You have a sword. Sheathed.
For now, pull her away from that muck.
No. 399050 ID: d3b959

Right, your left hand is holding her upper left hand, your right is holding a sword (perhaps a representation of power).

She is shoulders deep in some kind of muck, only her upper left arm and head are free of it.

I would suggest you pull her up out of the muck.
No. 399079 ID: ed57e8

you got "your" and "our" mixed up. his left has the sword.
No. 399132 ID: d3b959

So it is, I can never keep my left and right strait.
No. 399889 ID: 2ae337
File 133402113704.png - (27.63KB , 762x608 , 12.png )

Sword? I have a sword? Why did she imagine me with a sword? I hate working with swords...where am I facing? I feel some sort of evil, and I think I'm facing it. Am I? What am I doing?
No. 399892 ID: ed57e8

she is behind you and you are holding her. you are in a defensive stance.guarding her from what i think to be her mental construct of her father.
No. 399898 ID: a2fa74

We can't tell what you're facing, but you're holding her in your left hand.
Pull her towards you, and hold her at your side. That way it will have to come within your range in order to attack her.

Also? It's probably best you have a sword. Things here almost certainly work based on her understanding; swords are simple, and won't act like snakes or go our of control and wrap themselves around her because she doesn't understand them.

Since you'd have little chance of surviving this poison, does this mean she saved your life by taking the hit for you?

[Direct him towards the target]
No. 399926 ID: affb00


More like a malignant psychic parasite who formerly used her father's visage as a disguise. It seems quite single minded.
No. 400775 ID: 252e1b


Things here are symbolic, and the sword is the classic symbol of martial strength. She is confused, disoriented, and defenseless. You must be her strength. Focus.
No. 400938 ID: 2ae337
File 133436504765.png - (36.79KB , 837x583 , 13.png )

Easy for you to say. You can actually see what I'm doing. I don't even know where this imaginary-real threat thing is. How close am I? What part of it am I facing? Does it see me?
No. 400941 ID: a2fa74

Right in front of you. Its 'neck' is about level with the top of your head.

No. 400943 ID: ed57e8

looks about right in front of you. go on the offensive and use that sword on it.
No. 400963 ID: affb00


By "psychic parasite" I may quite possibly be referring to whatever neurotoxin she's been dosed with, and the melting brainparts that look like a monster in her mindscape. If it is the poison inducing a stroke or aneurysm, the best thing you can do is build a "wall" to seal it off from doing more damage. If it's an actual monster though, propel yourself forward at about a 30 degree angle and slice its jaws in half. Incidentally that's also the worst thing you can do if it is symptoms of a stroke. You're treading on very delicate ground here.
No. 401019 ID: 2ae337
File 133438885136.png - (34.57KB , 1064x664 , 14.png )

Psi blender? What is that supposed to be?! How do I eve-ACH?!

I just felt a huge surge. That was...amazing. However you got me to do that, remember it. That thing whatever it was, did the trick. I can feel the madness receding, and her fever is going down.

"Lo-lord? Veni-jomo?"
No. 401020 ID: 2ae337
File 133438891669.png - (37.37KB , 1110x700 , 15.png )

Gyoji. Sometimes you can be quite a handful. Please do me a favor and wake up.
No. 401021 ID: a2fa74

Yes, Gyoji. Wake up.
Veni, she took that hit for you, and you aren't nearly as poison resistant as her. I am pretty sure this means she saved your life.
No. 401049 ID: b7169d

Wake up from your nightmare! The little spirits command it.
No. 401758 ID: b9e291

If her head exploded just now this is on you, Veni.
No. 402173 ID: 2ae337
File 133477318926.png - (49.74KB , 1110x700 , 16.png )

No, no exploding heads, just a really confused looking woman. You and I are going to have a talk about that...blender thing you called it. I want to see if I can do that outside someone's mind.

"Up Gyoji."

"Wheeuh? Oh? V-veni-jomo."

"Yes, I must say Gyoji you really can be a handful. Do not go anywhere until I tell you alright? This is a dangerous place, and the last thing I need is you dead."[b]


[b]"Good. Now if you don't mind I need to reassess the situation.

So Varius comes back and tells me there is a...what did he call it? A "GODDAMN HUGE THING" out there and that we'll need more than our current force. Yes I could requisition reinforcements, but locals militia is stretched to the limits, and the locals, could be more of a liability with all their infighting. As for the tunnels, I still do not know how many link to that thing you spoke of. I do not know how many other openings they have to the surface. What would you recommend as out best course?
No. 402176 ID: ed57e8

do you have any REALLY big bombs? just fight a single path down and throw the biggest baddest explosive you have in there. like, a couple bundles of dynamite would really do some damage.
No. 402212 ID: a2fa74

So, since that would have killed you, taking that hit for you counts as saving your life, correct?
It would be best to handle her promotion as soon as possible, before rumors start or spread.
No. 402213 ID: ed57e8

i suppose if anyone that knows she didn't really take it FOR you wont talk we are good.
No. 402327 ID: b7169d

We would be glad to help you test out any unnatural abilities we may be able to grant. Believe us though we are unused to fighting, being mostly chatty spirits who are really only used when someone needs advice.

Being the spirits of kickass would be quite nice though.
No. 404928 ID: 19bc9d
File 133547531538.png - (130.66KB , 2136x1408 , 17.png )

I would like to stay focused please. Large Monster thing. Can we focus on my private life when we are out of danger?

"Veni-jomo...I saw you in my dreams. Th-"

"Can we save it for later Gyoji, I'm speaking with the weird people in the jewel."

Well we have nothing like you mention, but we CAN improvise. Maybe if we took the firing solution and set it to explode after a certain time, or possibly explode on contact and release shards of metal instead of a single metal stalk on detonation...I don't know do you follow me?

And yes, if possible try figuring out how you made me do that magic thing. Personally I don't have that much influence over the Aether, but that moment felt...amazing.
No. 405055 ID: 252e1b


Improvised fragmentation round. Sounds like it would work. Use a standard round to open it up, follow up with a fragmentation round.
No. 405082 ID: b7169d

Hmm wonder if we can try something like it here..

[Imbue Weapon]
No. 405083 ID: ed57e8

if it doesn't work, it will at least stall it enough that you can get reinforcements.
No. 405087 ID: a2fa74

Sure, lets try these.
No. 405571 ID: 2ae337
File 133566285425.png - (107.65KB , 2048x1408 , 18.png )

"Venian-jomo! How did?!"

"Ah ha ha! Good, it works!"

And this fragmentation round thing, yes. If this isn't enough to tear through the beasts, the explosives will finish them off! Oh the surge I'm feeling is phenomenal! This power, I could just take the creature on myself! I could subjugate this entire continent with a wave! HA! I COULD-No! No...must stay focused...you. I will get my soldiers to begin preparations for an assault. Look over my father and his army. Make sure they are alright. I

:Mangalo:[i]Oh there you are...well I have some good news and bad news

No. 405573 ID: 2ae337
File 133566296913.png - (28.86KB , 1014x811 , 19.png )

:Mangalo:The good news being that I have developed a means of communication. Skipping the long complicated and boring explanation, basically everyone can hear me, They won't hear you, but I can speak for you. Just don't announce yourself...AS yourself? The last thing we need is for the officers to think their communications officier has gone crazy.

The bad news...ooo.
No. 405575 ID: 2ae337
File 133566300868.png - (270.32KB , 2908x1480 , 20.png )

The bad news is the battle has already started...
No. 405577 ID: b6edd6

Hm, we will need to know more about the status before making too many decisions.
One thing that does come to mind though is that we should make sure to guard our artillery from those grappling hook attackers.
No. 405581 ID: ed57e8

one simple fact ffrom their leg shape is they are lightning assulters. built for quick bursts of intese activity.
No. 405709 ID: 2ae337
File 133573637474.png - (104.32KB , 1688x1150 , 21.png )

Well, we managed to get the surprise with a salvo from our artillery, but the things called sergals are now using the old village houses as shelter, and now are fighting both the alliance and for control of those buildings. It allowed us to take a few of both out, but even as they fought each other, they devoted some of their worst attacks on us.

The alliance have used their shamans to call on their patron spirits and those ethereal things floating int he sky are wreaking havoc on us and sergals alike, though we have more to lose. They managed to do some significant damage to the fortress before our own shamans countered their spirits. However the sky is still contested as their own flyers battle with ours. Commanding them is a nightmare as the chieftains' warriors refuse to listen to us, something about honor or whatnot. All we can hope for is that they succeed and that our gunners have a good aim.

The Sergals have cobbled together some sort of makeshift bridge over the southern ruins and are swarming over and around the walls. They are using the holes made by the spirits to launch lightning attacks into the stronghold. So far they are all repelled, but our lines are beginning to weaken. Lord Makag has his hands tied defending the Western breach as the alliance is simply doing the same as the sergals.

Iagn is in charge of defending the keep with our soldiers while we have given command of the slave warriors to that Eastaland veteran you bought back. Never caught his name though.

The grappling hooks are a bit of a problem, as the shooters are hiding in the most robust of the buildings that the artillery just can't seem to demolish fast enough.
No. 405710 ID: 2ae337
File 133573667971.png - (84.21KB , 1646x1062 , 22.png )

While you say the sergals are meant for quick attacks, they don't seem to be slowing down at all. Either they have grown accustomed to the weather, or their commander is running them ragged, because they have not shown any signs of slowing down.
No. 405712 ID: ed57e8

training can mitigate it. and if they are attacking in waves then they are getting fresh troops in to replace the tiring ones. may be best to force them into fighting eachother more. instead of shooting out the buildings they are hiding in, shoot buildings so they collapse and funnel them into eachother.
No. 405715 ID: a2fa74

The major limitation on them is overheating, not exhaustion. This is a much cooler climate than they're used to, so they can fight much longer.
This is going to take a serious toll on their bodies as the war drags on, but doesn't help us right now.

If you want to slow their advance and get some breathing room then have your troops pull back to defensible positions and cover the battlefield in fire. This will help speed along their overheating and make them think we're desperate. They'll get a morale boost from this, but that will only serve to make them overconfident and foolish. They'll rush our defenses thinking we're retreating from fear and casualties, and run right into our meat grinders.
They're bestial creatures, and we can manipulate their bloodlust. Have your defenders hide and decapitate the corpses of sergals they kill, but leave our own where they fall.

Their commanders are likely more level-headed. I would expect them to have their focus on the more active threat and only send as much our way as is required to keep us 'pinned'.
No. 405718 ID: b6edd6

I don't suppose those makeshift bridges are somewhere the artillery can aim hit?
No. 405755 ID: 2ae337
File 133574398020.png - (65.49KB , 1496x890 , 23.png )

Is there any reason behind the decapitation thing? Whatever. I'll relay the order, and hopefully once pulled back we can have artillery focus on the bridge they built...unless those hook launchers reach the cannon bay.

:Mangalo:Iagn, get your soldiers back into the fort, we're going to lure them to the entrance. They will over extend themselves thinking they have the upper hand.

:Iagn: "It's gonna be pretty hard to do that"

:Mangalo:Why's that?

:Iagn:"They've breached the door! VOLLEY READY! FIRE!"

:Mangalo:...how many
No. 405756 ID: 2ae337
File 133574413809.png - (74.83KB , 1496x890 , 24.png )

:Iagn: "Not many now but there is a whole mess of them massing on the other side of the bridge. PRIME BAYONETS! They're tearing the barricade apart."
No. 405759 ID: a2fa74

The reason for decapitation is in case one of them is clever and plays dead.

The bridge is wood, right? Throw burning oil on it. Fire is your best friend.
No. 405785 ID: b6edd6

Focus artillery on the bridge. If the bridge breaks the enemies at the barricade will be cut off while it is being repaired, and if it doesn't break it makes a choke-point for the forces massing on the other side.
No. 405809 ID: 2ae337
File 133575798891.png - (135.52KB , 1488x1408 , 26.png )

:Mangalo: Iagn, I' ordering the artillery to knock out the bridge.

:Iagn:"What?! We still have soldiers out there! Are you trying to-"

:Mangalo: It will take some time for the cannons to find their mark. I suggest you use that time to get the soldiers back into the fort.


"Mangalo, if this kills us, I'm going to kill you!"
No. 405843 ID: b6edd6

Being on the bridge was a rather dubious place for them to be anyway when there are enemies on both sides of it.
Not much else to do at the moment but see what happens with the cannons.
No. 408030 ID: 2ae337
File 133617255674.png - (99.26KB , 1542x1500 , 27.png )

:Iagn: "Augh! Too close! Too close!"

:Mangalo: Sorry, but artillery support is now unavailable. Sergals are scaling the wall and the crews are currently engaged. If it is possible, could you go support them?

:Iagn: "Uh, that might be difficult."
No. 408031 ID: 2ae337
File 133617264312.png - (450.64KB , 3232x3296 , 28.png )

"There's still plenty of Sergals on this side. LET GO YOU BLUE TWIG!"
No. 408059 ID: 5029d1

suggest you dodge rather then block.
No. 408065 ID: a43a6c

Yes, dodge then counterattack his hamstring. Bring him to the ground.
No. 408598 ID: 2ae337
File 133627430728.png - (119.91KB , 1542x1500 , 29.png )

:Mangalo: don't bother blocking! Just evade and go for the legs.

:Iagn: "Understood! Drop him bitch! And wear some damn pants!"

"Sorry Mang, I have problems here. Get someone else to retake the artillery."

:Mangalo: What? But? I-
No. 408599 ID: 2ae337
File 133627465044.png - (131.23KB , 1542x1500 , 30.png )

:Iagn: "We're swamped here. if they take the entrance than the destroying the bridge was pointless."

:Mangalo: Ugh, Holy he is right. But all fronts are tied up. Lord Kekhar has hinds hands tied up keeping the alliance in a deadlock, the old man, dammit I wish I could remember his name, is leading the slave warriors in stopping the Sergals scaling the walls, and Kuta is the only reason the Alliance's Spirit is hasn't smashed half the fort yet. We're all tied up. Ugh, I hate being in command, no matter what I do, we are going to lose somewhere.
No. 408600 ID: 5029d1

what if we destroy something and lose it on purpose? drop then entrance somehow after letting it get 'overrun'? they all get in the area and then tons of rock all over them.just need small breaks in the parts that support it.
No. 408601 ID: a2fa74

Fall back from engaging with the alliance. Assume stronger defensive positions so you can fend them off with a smaller investment of manpower. Divert what you can to help secure the artillery.

If you have any snipers or stealthy units then have them try to take-out the Alliance shamans.
No. 414096 ID: 2ae337
File 133746940939.png - (194.29KB , 900x650 , 31.png )

:Mangalo: Hey old man! The one working the slave soldiers, the cannons are being taken. We need support, but everyone else has their hands tied. Send a detachment to reinforce the artillery or our support is gone.

:old guy: "That is a problem. But then again are you sure you cannot request the aid of others? I am certain they should be feeling less pressure very soon."

:Mangalo: The hell are you talking about?
No. 414103 ID: 2ae337
File 133747217251.png - (1.47MB , 9000x9000 , 32.png )

"The spirit is leaving."

:Magnalo: The hell are you talking abou-WHAT IS THAT SCREECHING?!

:Iagn:Someone tell me what the hells is going on? A loud racket, a shaking, and suddenly the sergals are turning around. What the hells?
No. 414105 ID: 5029d1

no idea.
No. 414112 ID: e3aff6

I don't know either, but until we find out who's spirit is doing what, we should get the cannons secured in case we do have to fight whatever it is.
No. 418543 ID: 2ae337
File 133877111625.png - (48.97KB , 1152x1152 , 33.png )

"The purple one. It still stands. It now moves to the sergal things."

:Mangalo:Really? Perfect! Then that means we can go on the offensive! I need to alert Kekhar to-

:Iagn:Oh I think he already knows.
No. 418546 ID: 2ae337
File 133877221236.png - (117.71KB , 1152x1152 , 34.png )

:Iagn:"I'd say he already knows. Hey Mangalo I got something interestin' for ya come down.
No. 418552 ID: 2ae337
File 133877288432.png - (40.56KB , 800x700 , 35.png )

:Iagn:"Look here!"

"It's...their leader?"

:Iagn:"Yep! The fuzztwat came over during the last charge, nearly killed us trying to subdue him."

"...It's a woman."

:Iagn:"Her. Funniest thing is demanded to see you. Something about 'finishing it' or whatever. Well since Kekhar isn't around, what do you wanna do with this one? Interrogate, kill, enslave? What?"
No. 418553 ID: e3aff6

Might as well try to interrogate her, though it sounds like she might be up to something with the 'finishing it' line.
No. 418555 ID: 132b99

oh yeah, sergals are usually matriarchy, females are bigger on average.
anyway. unless we can get some magical restraint on i don't trust her to not be hiding her strength.i suppose you can double what is already on. should make it safe enough.
No. 419567 ID: 9cb4b3

>oh yeah, sergals are usually matriarchy, females are bigger on average.
psst, neither of those are true
No. 419604 ID: a2fa74

Those bonds can't hold her; this is a ruse to get a shot at decapitating our forces. Double the guard, then send in a low-ranking officer claiming to be in charge. Have them offer to negotiate a truce between us - we work together to eradicate our mutual foe, then we can work out terms for a more permanent agreement. If that offer is rejected, say the alternative is that her current forces will be killed or enslaved, after which we'll gather our actual army instead of just a response force and ensure her people will never again be capable of trespassing on our land.
No. 419982 ID: 0b3003

We promised that we would kill them. As interesting as it may be to do otherwise we would be messing up more important relations. See what she has to say out of curiosity and kill her.
No. 419988 ID: 252e1b

Keep your guard up boss. She's either expecting some sort of domination ritual as part of her surrender terms, or she's going to try to kill you.
No. 423229 ID: 2ae337
File 133988853086.png - (40.21KB , 800x700 , 36.png )

Well she is in charge of them, and it has been noted this environment is ill fitted for them. Perhaps I'll interrogate her, see what she knows. We'll need to see exactly what sort of force we may be facing in the future.

"Mark her. Remove her bonds and do something about those wounds, but not too much. if she continues to struggle against even the mark, kill her."/[b]

"Uh, right sir. Just so you know I never put a mark on one of these things. I'll try Tsang Naji, since they are similar size, but i do not know how their mind will be affected."

[b]"Use your best judgement."

The minutes pass by before she finally returns, hopefully the marking hasn't dulled her memory.

"Do you understand me?"


"Alright, you are going to answer all my questions. You will NOT withhold anything clear?"


"Good. Now tell me, where did your force come from?"

"...hrrk! We don't know"

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"We do not have a headquaters, nor do we have a home. We are lost. This whole land is strange to us."

"Wait, how does an entire army get lost? How did you even get...wherever you were?"

"We do not know...Hk! We were sent to investigate an insurrection that was several days march away. We had set up camp one night and when we awoke, we were no longer in familiar territory. We had assumed that the shifting sands were playing tricks on us but none of the usual landmarks were in their same spots. We had simply assumedd heading North would take us home until we encountered those brown things we fought."

"Why did you fight them instead of asking for help?"

"Why ask when you can take?"
No. 423237 ID: a2fa74

So they're lost? Ok, lets take them all captive. They are powerful soldiers, and would make an excellent force on our side.
No. 423247 ID: 0b3003

Ask why it wanted to see you.
No. 423251 ID: 132b99

"because sometimes you may bite off more then you can chew. the only reason we had any trouble with your forces was because we had to fight the 'brown things', as you put it, off as well."

other things to speak of, ask who their high leader is. and if she has the authority to make the rest of them to stand down.
No. 425059 ID: 2ae337
File 134040217937.png - (31.76KB , 800x700 , 37.png )

Oh I know why it-she wanted to see me. If she is as barbaric as I think she is, I suppose she thinks it was honor or whatever to kill her. That's just a theory.

"Because sometimes you may bite off more then you can chew. You underestimated your ability and the threat and now you are paying the price."

"Don't lectu-rrk! I understand."

"Are you in total command of your kind here?"

"Yes. We are not even sure if we are on the same world anymore, nothing is as it-"

"What? Another world? It doesn't matter, what's left of your army has forfeited their freedom to independent thought. You will tell them to surrender."

"..rrrRK! Yes...I will obey."

"And you will keep silent about this other world business. No one here knows such a thing is possible and until I decide to, no one needs to know!

"Mangalo, what are you telling the prisoner?"

"Ah lord Kekhar! I was uh..."
No. 425062 ID: a2fa74

"Telling her to hold her tongue about things that are best left unsaid.
She will have her forces surrender. Have them secured, but they are not to be harmed."
No. 425099 ID: f3ac2a

This, but saying something like
"Telling her to hold her tongue about her unwanted ideas of our world."
instead of "things that are best left unsaid" which just begs to be questioned about what things.
No. 427652 ID: 2ae337
File 134109684588.png - (42.65KB , 1000x800 , 38.png )

"Telling her to hold her tongue about her unwanted ideas of our world. Her views are horribly wrong, and I was correcting her. She thought her race was superior to all others, such a silly concept."

"Well it is a common mistake for those that have yet to see the obvious superiority of the Rezan people. Has she agreed to surrender her army?"

"Yes lord. With the surrender of these creatures, the subjugation of the alliance is only a matter of time."

Well now that the excitement has died down here, I must ask, how is the young lord doing?
No. 427670 ID: a2fa74

Lets go check.
[Switch to Veni or Gyoji]
No. 427711 ID: e3aff6

He is probably in some sort of trouble by now. (Well, more so than he was the last time we saw him.)
No. 428070 ID: 132b99

indeed, he was kinda in the middle of his own fight when you called us.
No. 429991 ID: 2ae337
File 134169820883.png - (52.11KB , 1000x800 , 39.png )

Trouble? Well yes and no. That little trick you told me about? Will it makes a nice little explosive, but with all the noise trying to reinforce our lines the damn beasts are pushing at our lines. Varius is doing one hell of a job keeping them away but at some point we'll have to make a push.

Oh and that little trick with my weapon only works when your around. I learned the hard way.
No. 430377 ID: e3aff6

Well now that we are back it seems a good a time as any to get ready to push forward.
No. 430394 ID: b7169d

Back and ready for war!
No. 430427 ID: 5f62d5

Blow. Up. Everything.
No. 433623 ID: 2ae337
File 134248607431.png - (43.21KB , 800x800 , 40.png )

I can do that. Yes, blowing everything up should be a good stress relief from this little episode.

"Varius! Order your men to prepare an assault. We are going to wipe them out in a counterattack!"

"Very well lordship."

"Ah...are you alright?"

"Fine sir. Why do you ask?"

"Because-ah never mind. Forward!"
No. 433627 ID: 2ae337
File 134248656973.png - (46.11KB , 1000x1000 , 41.png )

"Lord, the line has been pushed back to the portal but as you can see we ah...have something much larger blocking the way."

"Ugh. Right. let's try this. Give me a band of explosive rounds."

Charge my weapon again. Do the magic sword thing.

"Lord Venian? Why endanger yourself?"

"Just hand it over!"
No. 433633 ID: 132b99

No. 433656 ID: 0c2247

No. 433660 ID: b26bd8

yeah, why not jump on the bandwagon [psi-empower explosives]
No. 433945 ID: 2ae337
File 134257074966.png - (43.44KB , 1000x1000 , 42.png )



"Follow Lord Venian! Don't let him take that monstrosity alone!"
No. 433947 ID: 2ae337
File 134257083791.png - (41.59KB , 1000x1000 , 43.png )

Empower the bombs what? Wait-

"Venian! Behind you!"

No. 433948 ID: 132b99

cut yourself free and get th hell out of there! no idea what magic infused bombs will do!
No. 433952 ID: 2ae337
File 134257103986.png - (39.85KB , 1000x1000 , 44.png )

"Oh no you don't! I am bot getting eaten by some mythological monster! I refuse to die that way!

Oh this was probably a bad idea
No. 433969 ID: 2ae337
File 134257202399.png - (24.48KB , 1000x1000 , 45.png )

"Yes. Bad idea. A note: if I survive this, never infuse god power into explosives ever aga-"
No. 433971 ID: 2ae337
File 134257204221.png - (7.87KB , 1000x1000 , 46.png )

No. 433974 ID: 132b99

don't die
No. 434003 ID: 735f4f

Woops we may have gotten a bit carried away there. If you survive we apologize.
No. 434117 ID: 2ae337
File 134258824117.png - (40.57KB , 1000x1000 , 48.png )

"-ive. Wait, he's coming around. Lord Venian. Are you alright?"

"Yes. I-ack! Pain!"

"Venian-Jomo! I was so worried! You wouldn't wake for three whole days!"

"Well I am awake now Gyoji! Thank you for your concern! Please let go now?"

"Ah. Lord Venian, you are alright..."

"Ria, you survived too."

"Most did crazy man. Lotta burns though. Lotta injuries. Lotta smelly stuff to clean up."

You. What was that-that...thing you did? It happened once before. Do you now what happens when that happens?
No. 434119 ID: 0c2247

We have saved your life and the lives of your people many times over. I do not think it is too much for us to ask for a boon.
Would you please tell them that Gyoji saved you from a monster's venom by taking its attack for herself, and in so doing has earned her citizenship? It is true enough.
No. 434201 ID: a73dec

Which thing? The blue glowing bit? We don't really know too much about that one.
No. 434229 ID: bf54a8

who knows? not even we understand our powers. perhaps we never used it with Gyoji's father. i doubt he would of gotten rid of us so quickly if we made his weapons super powerful.
No. 434266 ID: 4bdd79

We have no idea what we are actually capable of. We just kind of randomly spew commands in hopes of finding something that works.
No. 435129 ID: 2ae337
File 134291498541.png - (27.70KB , 1000x1000 , 49.png )

No not the blue thing. The thing where it feels like the world stops for a moment. It happened once before I remember. Vaguely, though that could have been the liquor. Though if you honestly don't know it's fine for now. Nothing detrimental has occurred so far.

A boon? Gyoji? Of course, of course I...had nearly forgotten with all that occurred. Yes after that Gyoji is cleared for full citizenship.

"Gyoji. For your actions, I deem you worthy to become a citizen of the Rezan Empire and a member of the Makag family."


"I suggest you speak with Varius about making everything official."

"Ha-Y-yes lord, I mean Venian-I mean...what should I call you now?"

"We'll sort that out later. For now, just go speak with Varius. Laws say I need another of the family to make such impromptu actions legal.

She seemed awful happy about that. Gone already squealing like a child.

"Ria, come get me whatever the locals use for spirits. I need to dull the pain."

"Huh? Oh yes lord! Sir!"
No. 435210 ID: b26bd8

but it WAS badass.
No. 435223 ID: e3aff6

Time freezing? Sounds like some sort of security function, though it is probably best not to rely on it.
No. 442665 ID: 5f1955
File 134491410479.png - (57.80KB , 1364x1058 , 50.png )

Well I need to out more. I'd like to know if that 'thing' you do isn't doing something like destroying the world or some stupid apocalyptic garbage I'll regret later. You think Mangalo or Naroubu has any knowledge about you?

[small"L-lord Venian sir? Um, you're not wearing anything..."[/small]

God damn I am sucking with paint again
No. 442781 ID: 0c2247

Pretty sure it isn't, but we'll look into it.
Also, put some pants on.
No. 442783 ID: bf54a8

apparently you are only wearing bandages.
No. 453200 ID: 2ae337
File 134725056122.png - (31.29KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

Oh I am? Well I suppose I am. Well I'll have to do something about this. Look try speaking with Gyoji or Varius. Maybe get something about Gyoji's family and see if any phenomena like that has happened before. Anything, I just need to be alone.

"L-lord Venian. The ah-the drink you requested?"

Well mostly alone.
No. 453202 ID: 2ae337
File 134725082998.png - (35.97KB , 1000x1000 , 52.png )

-he's gonna have so much sex with her. I just know it. Them nobles don't know when to keep their pants up. When they feel like it, they'll just up and fuck anyone. No damn inhibitions...

"Ah, you are Lord Varius correct."

"No madam, I am just Varius, no need for titles for me."

"Oh I see. But Venian-jomo has high respect for you, surely you have some title."

"Oh he respects me of course Lady Gyoji, it's because of the time-"

No. 453212 ID: 54c7e5

Not much, just killed another god. Not a big deal, you don't have to worry about it, we do this sort of thing all the time.
No. 453217 ID: b6edd6

It was more of a very large spirit than a god, really.
No. 453218 ID: 54c7e5

Right, I keep forgetting that the classification for god necessitates worshipers.
Never hurts to puff ourselves up a little bit.
No. 453274 ID: 0c2247

I dunno; it was summoned by shaman so they might have worshiped it? Whatever. Doesn't matter.

What's up?
No. 453288 ID: b7169d

Giant empowered explosions in the gut of a giant spirit beast thing. Kinda noticeable indeed.
No. 453308 ID: bf54a8

indeed, we took some bombs, and made them super MAGIC bombs.
No. 456373 ID: 5f1955
File 134819629562.png - (14.95KB , 800x600 , 53.png )

Oh bull, you did more and you know it. Just look at those readings!
No. 456374 ID: 5f1955
File 134819637573.png - (14.73KB , 800x819 , 54.png )

This thing keeps track of power output on the ship every hour. Look at that! A gap between yesterday and today. A full day is missing! I know this has to do with you. What did you do?!
No. 456375 ID: bf54a8

we do things without knowing we are doing them. it's crazy shit.
No. 456377 ID: bf54a8

also maybe we overloaded the system? output was so massive the ting couldn't understand. such as this one guy who had the power to go fast, he was locked up so he made his heart go so fast that it appeared to be still thus tricking the other person into letting him go to revive him.
No. 456379 ID: 0c2247

I see two possibilities.
A: We are somehow stealing power from your ships through some as-yet unknown method, which would make that the power source for the abilities we used to save countless lives, including the life of Veni. In that case it's interesting, but you have no grounds on which to complain; even if we had known about it there wouldn't have been time to warn you.
B: We are not somehow stealing power from your ships.
Wait, let me shift the emphasis there.
B: We are not somehow stealing power from your ships.

You think it must be us because you can't think of any other possibility, right? Keep thinking; we don't know if it was us or not, but taking chances by assuming so is inviting enemy action.
No. 456381 ID: b6edd6

Basically what happened was we were powering up some bombs (which aside from talking is the only power we currently know how to consciously activate) against a spirit or something when Venian and us were too close to us. Everything went white for a moment, and Venian later said something about feeling 'like the world stops for a moment', and we woke up about three days later along with Venian. We suspected at the time it was a defensive function, but you probably know more about it than us.
No. 460026 ID: 2ae337
File 134931026233.png - (52.54KB , 800x900 , 55.png )

World stopping? Stealing power? I-ah! i know what you're doing. I see. Well stop. At least for now. Who knows what else you did. That "whitespace" means you did something terrible, though I'm not exactly sure what has been wrought as a result...just. Just please try to keep it in check. I'm not sure how much the world can take. AND DON'T TELL VENIAN! As understanding as he is, he is still Rezan. That power hungry brute that dwells in all of them will let that power get to his head. I'd like to be able to trust Venian with that power, but I can't.

I apologise for my bluntness, but that was an urgent matter. That and I am quite stressed. We have just docked and are taking in necessary provisions for the...whatever the hell Rezans call that gathering of stuff.

Every family wants a share of the glory and everyone is sending every warrior they can spare for it. It's a bureaucratic nightmare. So many things to track, so many special orders of armor, so many custom weapons for luck, supplies for specific family members, and I'm right in the middle of making sense out of it.
No. 460027 ID: 2ae337
File 134931042951.png - (41.59KB , 800x900 , 56.png )

Now that I think of it, where is Venian? Gyoji showed up just a moment ago, something about being officially married and some such topic. She was speaking too fast for me to tell. In fact, most of the group sent down here to handle the business has arrived. What's he doing?
No. 460028 ID: bf54a8

he was just waking up. can keep him from asking to do that power again because near as he can tell it knocks him out from doing it.
No. 460029 ID: 0c2247

If people want custom weapons and armor make them manage it on their own. Meaning they count towards personal effects limits, and the people have to store them in their own quarters.

Half the protective value of armor is in telling yourselves apart from the enemy. Don't be an enabler for people screwing that up.
No. 462966 ID: 2ae337
File 135025623415.png - (136.62KB , 1000x1000 , 57.png )

:Mangalo:Yes, yes I know, but I have no say in it. These are independent families that want their children to stand out with some specially crafted armor and what not, all rather stupid if you ask me, but that's the political game of Rezo. Please, go see what he is up to. At this point we are waiting on him before the Makag can officially say the Concord is finished.

You know? I blame you for this. This normally wouldn't happen, and if it did, I'd feel some sort of guilt. but I don't. This has to be your influence.
No. 462979 ID: bf54a8

wow boss, you work fast.
No. 462996 ID: dab1e7

you people are down with poly? make sure she's cool with being a co-wife. we can talk to her 'bout it.
No. 468395 ID: 2ae337
File 135197813237.png - (188.17KB , 900x1100 , 58.png )

What? There was nothing wrong with what I did. I bit sudden yes, but I attribute that to you. Anything to keep the blood thin and all that.

"Lord Venian, you are required outside!"

"Oh what? Did the Govenor get caught in the lavatory?

"Venian sir! Your father has docked, he's waiting for your report!"

No. 468396 ID: 2ae337
File 135197836549.png - (78.38KB , 1100x1100 , 59.png )

Ach Ka! Why does no one tell me this?!

"Don't you dare say another word Xuec scum!"

"I'll say what I want Nusu! Get out of my face, you're breath offends me!"

"And your face offends me!
No. 468405 ID: 05631c

>> >>468395
naw, man. we ain't mad. if you want both we're all for that. gyoji'd love it
No. 468415 ID: bf54a8

not mad we just have a sixth sense about this sorta thing and knew something important was happening so staying dressed would be good.
No. 469450 ID: fb0d77
File 135232227038.png - (44.19KB , 900x900 , 60.png )

Please can we talk about this later? Oh gods dammit again?

"Step away bitch! You do not insult the Nusu!"

"Why? It's only the truth you son of a bitch! YOU step away or I'll put a lead round in your skull!"

"I'll slice your head off before you pull the trigger!"

"Then try it and see what happens idiot!"



Gods dammit, what are you angry about this time?"

"Oh lord Venian sir! T-the Xuec are angry again. There is a...conflict of interest right now sir, and I cannot get them to separate."

Gods he's useless. I'm still surprised we share the same family.
No. 469452 ID: bf54a8

i doubt there is anything you can say to mak them stop, but you can do damage control.

try this;
OI! if you want to fight then settle it like men, with your fists, fighting with weapons just proves who has the better weapon not who is really more powerful.
No. 469661 ID: 21320b

"alright what the hell is going on here? and put those weapons down, do either of you really want to deal with the mess that will come from killing the man across from you?"
No. 474218 ID: 750260
File 135379878941.png - (51.05KB , 900x900 , 61.png )

"Alright what the hells is going on here? And put those weapons down, do either of you really want to deal with the mess that will come from killing the man across from you?"

"Honor demands it! He insulted my honor, there must be blood payment!"

"Your tribe has dogged mine for generations! It's only fitting you recompense for the damages inflicted on mine."

"That was the beasts' fault not ours!"

"You still displaced us when they arrived!"

"We had to fight them as one! If only you listened to our envoy instead of killing him!"

"Just one of many grudges that are yet to be repaid."

"Ach ka...you damn Xuec and your stupid honor codes...


"Listen you empty headed homunculi, I am sick and tired of your squabble. The dispute is over!"


"No! I a have decided, since the governor can't. You are no longer Nusu or Xuec, or Kana'tvi or whatever! You are Rezan-Makag! When your people entered the gates of this city, they forfeited their original lives. And as citizens of our beloved empire, you will submit to its rules, meaning any past quarrels you might have had as savages are now null."

"You insolent! You cannot just change the rules li-hhrk!"
No. 474226 ID: 750260
File 135379909748.png - (42.06KB , 900x900 , 62.png )

"You'll be surprised to find that I can. I can do what I want because I am the Patriarch, and it was by my hospitality that your were spared genocide by your stupid demon things. Demon things that by the way I, NOT YOU, destroyed. And now I am extending that same hospitality to let you live as citizens in this fair city, or I could slap you in irons and drag you to Rezo as slaves. Those are your only options. Choose carefully."

"...damn you. Fine, we will allow this."

"Ah-ah! With more deference."

"We of the Xuec do swear loyalty to your Empire Rezan. Now let me go."

"Wait, what does your 'friend' say?"


"Good! Now if you don't mind, soldiers will be by shortly to put you both under house arrest, I'll be confiscating your weapons before-hand."


"You had committed an offense in the governor's own home, but since this is a first offense, your sentence will be light. Good day."

I really needed that.
No. 474240 ID: 735f4f

I think you handled that very nicely.
No. 474268 ID: ec2e47

That turned out pretty well.
No. 474272 ID: 9f9fef

*Clap Clap Clap*

Very well, now that the petty squabble has been dealt with, onto real business.
No. 478884 ID: 2ae337
File 135555099488.png - (120.43KB , 900x900 , 63.png )

Yes I agree, time to leave this whole horrid mess behind me. I swear it feels like I've been here for months.

"Hello Mangalo, are we ready to set sail?"

"Almost lord. You're father is getting preparations underway. We already have plans drawn up on what the plans will be. Allow me to elaborate."

"The target will be in the Far Westerland, specifically the City State of Dalliia."

"Isn't...isn't that your old home Mangalo? Do you have any trouble with us raiding your own homelands?"

"Well ah, I suppose I do have some, but at this point most of what I left behind I doubt is still there Lord Venian. by now I'm sure Dalliia has changed so much I'll barely recognize it. Anyway, the matter at hand: The House of the Holy has declared Clean on the Swamp Elves of the South-Lost Marshlands, you know that large chunk of swampland separating Gorman from Chafey in the southwest?"

"Yes? Why suddenly go after elves?"

"It seems the new Son of the Holy feels that there is a crisis of faith, seeing as how the Elves are in retreat into their own homes. The Elven nation has closed its borders and the Exile Elves are all turning inward for what reason no one knows. The Son feels an example must be made and has decided to go after the Swamp Elves, seeing as how going after Elves of the West Sea are too fast for them to find and the Elves of the Holy Hand Mountain are too difficult to reach. Because nearly every nation is Westerland is part of this Clean, the majority of the nations cities are left barren, the best and juiciest target is Dalliia because...well you know why."

"Yes but where do I fit in, do I lead a legion, do I have the Calvary behind me? Am I...don't tell me I'm going to be stuck in reserve."

"Actually your father felt that given your recent contact with foreigners, you may be best suited as the infiltration unit."

No. 478885 ID: 2ae337
File 135555155152.png - (33.72KB , 900x900 , 64.png )

"You are part of the infiltration unit. You will go on ahead of the raiding force, assess the military strength of Dalliia and try to weaken it as much as possible to reduce the number of casualties before the raid begins."

"Still this seems a bit off. I've mainly dealt with Eastalanders, how does that qualify me for-wha?!"

"Masters Mangalo. Good day. Master..."

"Ah yes, this Lord Venian is a 'sergal' we found them when pacifying Westerland, a good hundred were captured and karved, though I must say they are a resilient species. They fight against the rune every waking moment."

"The ribbon looks a bit off.

"That was my idea, I felt it helped show that she is in fact a female. She hates it though. Don't you Aeku?"

"I hhrk!.. hate it with an unbridled passion."

"She can't do anything about it though. So funny."

"Um about the infiltration though, why me Mangalo? Why not a purebred Westerlander? No offense, but you far Westers are perhaps the most xenophobic nations I've seen."

"True, which is why we will be attempting to figure a way for you to slip in unnoticed. Well I am, but I am hoping you can help me lord. Pardon if I offend."
No. 478939 ID: 7003a8

They fight against the rune? That's abnormal, and since it wasn't designed with them in mind there's a good chance they'll break it.
You're familiar with rule through power, but a good leader knows better than to rely on power alone. If your power falters then your people will turn on you and destroy you.
You need them to respect you more than your power. If your people respect you more than your power then they will leap to your aid instead of your doom.

This is much more difficult, of course, but the benefits make it very worthwhile. You're used to shows of force, but those serve to widen the gap. We can teach you how to become a beloved ruler. A velvet glove for your iron fist.

So start with, we would advise a simple gesture:
"Aeku, take that ridiculous ribbon off. Anybody that cares what your loincloth hides can ask."

As far as infiltration goes? The best option is to hide in plain sight. Mangalo knows how to blend in, so you can have him play the role of a visiting noble. If your squad hides as his entourage, then they'll feel more smug superiority than suspicious.
No. 479066 ID: 3734f6

Sorry to break the flow but.
Where is ch6? Is there a questdis? I updated the wiki some but I couldn't find those 2
If you want you can answer me by editing the info into the wiki and I will then delete this post

No. 479530 ID: 2ae337
File 135579040012.png - (23.40KB , 900x900 , 65.png )

"Aeku, take that ridiculous ribbon off. Anybody that cares what your loincloth hides can ask."

"I don't care what yo-HHRK! Thank you."

:Mangalo:"Well I thought it would help you lord Venian. She was going to be my gift to you as congratulations to your first success of your duties as patraich but, I suppose being yous, you may do with her as you please. Now on to the business of infiltration-"

"You will lead."


"You will lead us Mangalo. You are a native, you are more aware of Far Wester customs than us. You will be the guide. I and whoever else is with us will be your entourage. Call us bodyguards, servants, whatever grants us the most flexibility."

:Mangalo:"I see. Yes! Why that would work perfectly!"

[b]"Good then if we are finished."[b]

:Mangalo:"Not quite Lord. You spent most of your years learning eastaland customs and traditions. You'd best brush up on Westerland culture if you are to properly blend in. Lucky for you I am willing to tutor you. Failing that, I will forcibly implant that knowledge into your head. Both methods will be tedious and painful so it'd be best to start now.If any of you wish to do anything with him, best tell him now, because after this I'll need his full attention

Ask Seven about that. I mentioned where six was in IRC.
No. 479538 ID: bf54a8

well we need to... uhhh... hmmm, nope i got nothing.
No. 479896 ID: 2ae337
File 135595768311.png - (34.15KB , 900x900 , 66.png )

:Mangalo:Good. Time to turn off.

What?! No, I still wanted to


" is not responding."

:Mangalo: "Well I don't know the full mechanics of it 'sellsword'. I only stuffed it in a box. It's a mystery how the thing activates itself."

"I think it just did reactivate."

:Mangalo:"Ah very good. I want them to hear this. This is Dallia, probably the most zealous of all the Westerland nations. That means any sort of unsanctioned magic they catch even a whiff of will be confiscated. So I suggest you not use your tricks unless you absolutely have to. I can convince them that you, being a Northerner are an ignorant heretic who is innocent simply because you do not know any better, but that excuse will only work for so much. Simply put, exercise caution. If you are compromised however, do not hesitate to use your maximum potential."

"But I do not know what this thing does. I'm not sure even they know."

:Mangalo:"Then experiment. If you are backed into a corner, try having them do whatever you can think of. It may be helpful in the long run. You told me yourself they imbued your weapons with their power yes? Well see what else it can do. While Dallia is very devoted, they are not the best equipped so you should have some breathing space to practice."

"Are you sure about that Mangalo?"

:Mangalo: "Of course I do. I lived here before you lot found me."
No. 479935 ID: 2ae337
File 135597385716.png - (262.67KB , 2056x1364 , 67.png )

"Then what is that?"


:Mangalo: "What the?! WHEN DID THE HOLY WAS THIS MADE?!"
No. 479952 ID: e3aff6

Next time you try to infiltrate somewhere you should at least try to find news from travelers who have been in the country in the last few months or something...

If it pays any attention to you, I guess you should ask for permission to bring your entourage in.
No. 479997 ID: b7169d

Wow that is..very interesting to say the least, is it a pure magic based Golem or is it a mix of technology and magic?
No. 480010 ID: b7169d

Avatar of the Soul Collective..Hmm, lets try this.

*Scan Soul Collective*
No. 480034 ID: 7003a8

3 months, 4 days ago, obviously.
Just ignore it; you can ask somebody else about it later.

No. 480063 ID: 2ae337
File 135604492555.png - (124.33KB , 900x900 , 68.png )

I...don't think it's noticing us. It seems to just be standing there. Doing nothing. Though it is quite big so I can see why. It's pretty damn big.

>\\Avatar of Soul Collective
>\\Height:30 meters.
>\\Armaments: Ocular Beam, Imperial Iron Claws

What? What's any of that supposed to mean?

:Mangalo: "Venian. If you please?"

"Oh right."

"Hold there."
No. 480064 ID: 2ae337
File 135604506192.png - (170.66KB , 900x900 , 69.png )

"Dallia is currently under the protection of the Son of the Holy. Until our sacred duty to purge the marsh of the elves is complete, any and all business in Dallia must be made known to the Holy's children. State. Your. Business."
No. 480067 ID: b7169d

Simple enough, scanned it for its current weaponry and we can see that it can use an ocular beam from its head, along with powerful imperial claws. Simply just to check it out of course.
No. 480069 ID: bf54a8

it just means the thing can only shoot a laser from it's eye and swipe with claws. it's main power seems to just be it's hugeness. if you get us near the 'brain' we may be able to control it.

anyway, what kind of reason for entering do these guy's want? i don't know if slavers looking to take some swamp elves will go over well with them.
No. 480082 ID: e3aff6

I don't think our cover of being Manalgo's guards included us being slavers. Your lessons on customs and such would have included what sorts of things nobles go on trips for, right?
No. 480133 ID: 7003a8

[Ask Avatar to tell Holy's Children "Their business is not yours to know."]
No. 480795 ID: 69ded6
File 135656554054.png - (158.12KB , 900x900 , 70.png )


What was that? The Avatar has never spoken that way before. Out of the way! I must commune with the Avatar!

What is she doing? Wait...that thing she's holding. Did that?...
No. 480798 ID: bf54a8

oh ho, they didn't build it, they found it and refurbished it. but we can talk to it directly. hmmm... anyway just ask if you can move on while she does that. hopefully is too distracted to ask questions.
No. 480805 ID: 7003a8

Speak: "Their business is not yours to know. The collective has spoken."]
No. 482089 ID: 2ae337
File 135726071392.png - (189.48KB , 900x900 , 71.png )


"Well your Avatar has spoken, can we enter the-"

"No! No! No! I have spent YEARS studying the words of the Holy, I am the most knowledged of all the Holy's paladins! I am the keeper of the Avatar! Yet the Avatar has never spoken to me, or even acknowledged me personally beyond the key keeper! WHY DOES A NORTHERN HEATHEN WARRANT PERSONAL ATTENTION AND NOT ME?! WHO ARE YOU?!"

"Magan ca ya pleef leff fo?

"Tell me dammit! Tell me!"
No. 482100 ID: bf54a8

[avatar speak: "the soul collective itself has interest in them their plan i am not privy to"]
No. 482118 ID: 5a5030

"Our ways are not your ways."
No. 482126 ID: b7169d

Because the avatar Recognizes greatness when it is before him.
No. 482130 ID: e3aff6

Speak: "You have served the Holy well but the collective's plans are their own"]
No. 482743 ID: 2ae337
File 135742950585.png - (43.18KB , 900x900 , 72.png )

"Because the Avatar recognizes greatness when it sees it. That isn't too hard a concept is it?"

"No! I will not accept that! You are an Ignorant! You cannot even begin to understand the light of the Holy! There is no way! I-I...I need you to come with me. The commander must know of this!"


"It did it again. The Collective has never done that, not with me, not with the previous keeper! I will not accept this! You are coming with me, you and everyone else!"

This situation is getting stranger every minute. That weapon she is wielding. It is like a smaller version of a Rezan gun but that's impossible. As far as we know the Far Westerlanders haven't even begun to grasp the basic concepts of combustion based weaponry, how can they be so much farther than us? And this behemoth. You said they must have found it, but where?

:Mangalo: "Milady, I am a devout man of the Holy's greatness as anyone, but perhaps you are simply finding trouble where there is none. After all there was Sant Mira an-"

"Sant Mira at least had the benefit of ignorance! This...HERETIC has none of that! He knows the Holy and scoffs at it! You are all coming with me and I am not in the mood for debate!"

She is the center of this mystery. I doubt I'll get anything out of her while shes this hysterical.
No. 482811 ID: b7169d

We are not sure, but we are able to command it. We may actually be able to do more.

Action: Kneel down]
No. 482815 ID: e3aff6

I suspect this equipment came from another world in a similar manner to those Sergals.
No. 482837 ID: bf54a8

no guys, think we need to escalate this again now since it went too far.

b7169d please rescind action

speak: "if you harm them i will be forced to slay you despite the access card you carry"]
No. 482879 ID: 7003a8

Move to block line of sight between the key holder and the new arrivals.
Speak: "That is quite enough of that"
Speak: "If you would deny our will then you had best find a new line of work"]
No. 482944 ID: 522afb

Yeah we should definitely calm things down, because this situation is evolving in a way which will muck up our mission, FAST!


[Firearm: unidentified user lockdown]
No. 484529 ID: 2ae337
File 135794871498.png - (15.23KB , 900x1000 , 73.png )

"But Avatar, great one! It is my duty! OUR duty!"


"What?! No! We do not need to burden the Commander with this! Just...let...me...argh!"

:Mangalo:Lord Venian, perhaps this may work to our advantage."

"What? We are trying to be unnoticed. This is the opposite!"

:Mangalo:"Yes but having greater knowledge of the Children may help us find out how they acquired this giant. The best source will be the commanding officer of this chapter of the Children. Perhaps you may even be able to glean some information from her without her being...like that."

"Are you conspiring heathen?!"

"And how the hells do I do that?!"

:Mangalo:"I don't know. Seduce her?"
No. 484549 ID: b74c5e

From what we've seen you do work fast, boss.
No. 484691 ID: 522afb

Yeah, you got the stuff, you just need to strut it. Hopefully. I'd hate to have to pull a psi-seduce-blenders or whatever out of our asses.

...seriously have you got this?
No. 484693 ID: b6edd6

If talking doesn't work you could always try capturing her and running off. Your society is practically build around doing stuff like that, after all.
No. 485522 ID: 2ae337
File 135830019910.png - (202.86KB , 1000x900 , 74.png )

Well I admit I suppose I am a bit skilled with charming an odd woman or two, but didn't you see how she reacted to me? Worse than when Gyoji first met me.

"What's happening out here? I receive summons from the Avatar of all things? The Avatar never summoned me before, what would cause it to such action?"

"Co-commander! Sir, the Avatar is acting erratic. It is protecting these heretic and their equally guilty employer!"


:Hadrius:"Ma-Mangalo?! You're back?! Ha! Mangalo, old friend! You have returned from-well you have returned!"

"But...but commander, the heathen!"

:Hadrius:"They work for Mangalo, and I know Mangalo is the epitome of a devout child of the Holy. If the Avatar says to let them pass then let them Lylia."

No. 485617 ID: 7003a8

Ok, follow Mangalo's lead. We'll leave the avatar alone, since its work is done.
No. 485625 ID: b6edd6

I don't know if we can trust him, but it beats sitting around here with the (correctly) paranoid lady. Lets go.
No. 485706 ID: 522afb

Hey you could always offer her to follow you in case you want to see if you can't seduce her later!
No. 488138 ID: 2ae337
File 135932872090.png - (52.68KB , 1000x900 , 75.png )

:Hadrius:"Magalo, there is so much we need to catch up on. Though I uh...prefer this be a private conversation.

:Mangalo:Oh yes of course of course. Would you mind giving my escort and escort to my quarters for now? We are planning on staying at-"

:Hadrius:"No, I insist you stay in the Children's Barracks. Lylia, escort them will you?"

:Lylia:"Commander?! You can't b- I mean are you sure that is wise?"

:Hadrius:"This is Mangalo we are talking about, I trust him, you should as well."

:Lylia: "It's not him I'm worried about...if His Commander insists, come along then heathens!"

Why do I get the feeling I'm being set up?
No. 488151 ID: 7003a8

If you are then we have a giant war machine that can un-set plots pretty well.

We'll follow Mangalo to see what they have to tell him.
No. 488159 ID: bf54a8

yes just go with the flow for now, if something happens we can tell the avatar to blow up something.
No. 491709 ID: 2ae337
File 136046101573.png - (46.69KB , 1000x900 , 76.png )

Well I cannot follow Mangalo. He went off with that Commander person. However this may give me a chance to ask."

"Milady, if I may."

:Lylia:"No you may not."

"Yes, about your weapon tha-"

:Lylia:"They are the instruments of the Holy Children and cannot be given to outsiders, especially heretics!"

"I don't want one I want to know something. Why is your weapon written in my home language?"


"When you had it out last, I saw the side. It had the words "Safety switch" and "On". Us someone else from my land here?

:Lylia:"Of course not! Why would the Children house a heathen of the North? Much less accept tools from one?"

"Then why is my language on it?"

:Lylia: "I-I...I don't know."
No. 491733 ID: bf54a8

okay, hee comes the tricky part. first ask where she got it from, then ask where the person she got it from got it from. so on and so forth until she says 'i don't know'. then say they found it, where? you don't know, but your people found them too, a long time ago. your writing becoming the same as on the items.

when she looks unsure explain that the avatar is just that, an avatar, it represents something, the soul collective it said. ask where the soul collective it represents is.
No. 491882 ID: 7003a8

I'd suggest something like this:
"Since you didn't seem to know what language it is, does that also mean you can't read it?
Is there anything else you could stand to have translated?
I would be happy to help; I'm perplexed how a holy tool could be indecipherable to the devout but readable by a 'heathen'."
No. 493705 ID: 2ae337
File 136107582409.gif - (154.76KB , 1000x900 , 77.gif )

"Since you didn't seem to know what language it is, does that also mean you can't read it? Is there anything else you could stand to have translated?"
I would be happy to help; I'm perplexed how a holy tool could be indecipherable to the devout but readable by a 'heathen'."

:Lylia:"Well...fine provided it never leaves my hand! Understood?"

"That's acceptable"

:Lylia:"Well f-fine then. Get started..."

"Um...the language is rather broken. Let me see. 'Gamel Manufacturing Model 9. Property of:Mech Officer 2nd Class Lach Ientl Makag'?

:Lylia:"What's wrong?"

"This weapon...its original owner...has my family name."
No. 495180 ID: 2ae337
File 136157778718.png - (26.38KB , 1000x900 , 78.png )

:Lylia:"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Y-you don't understand, I know every family that is part of the Makag family, Lach is not a member of the Makag. To so blatantly try and steal my family's name is just...the nerve of it all I-I-I am at a loss."

:Lylia:"Well that tells me nothing, can you explain to me what this holy tool has your heathen scribbles on it?"

"I wish I did, but this mystery just gets more and more complex all the damn time I-"

:Lylia: "Aaah?!"

[b]"The hells was that?"

:Lylia:"Sabatoge! The barracks! The barracks are under attack! The-"
No. 495181 ID: 2ae337
File 136157795441.png - (6.67KB , 479x364 , end.png )

:Hadrius:"So they have no idea."

:Mangalo:"Not one. If anything, it appears to be leading them instead of the other way like we had thought. This changes the whole situation."

:Hadrius:"Nothing has changed. We continue as we have."


:Hadrius:"Sorry old friend but no. There are too many variables that would affect a change in plan. We cannot risk it. Not just for us, but all of Holy Creation."
No. 495251 ID: bf54a8

[avatar: home in on our position and secure card bearer and orb holder]
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