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File 133256602378.jpg - (35.60KB , 375x523 , Curious Wanderer.jpg )
395339 No. 395339 ID: af10de

Great...another boring-ass day. Not like anything's ever gonna change. The world's a shitty place - don't act like it isn't, we both know better. Everything that used to make sense doesn't, everything I thought I knew isn't.

You ever have one of those days where you just wish it'd all just disappear?

Yeah...every damn day. Wait a minute, that's not my internal monologue. Who's there?

"I have come to make you...an offer."
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No. 395340 ID: af10de
File 133256661628.jpg - (37.99KB , 375x523 , Kyubee the Soul Taker.jpg )

"Contrary to what some would like you to believe, magic exists. You are proof of that, young sorceress."

I...wait, what? magic? I'm talking to some little rabbit thing about magic - if I'd heard the story, I'd swear it was fake. But still...

"The power you possess...it is numerous. but it is also dull. Permit me a small fraction of your might, and I shall hone yours to a point where no fool would dare challenge it."

This sounds too good to be true. And when something's too good to be true, it's best to shoot it just in case.

"You seek proof? You are most wise, sorceress. That sense of doubt will carry you far. Pray tell, what must I do to convince you that my tale is true?"

...That's a good question.

>What can I ask a little talking white furball to do?
No. 395344 ID: ed57e8

give me a true friend.
No. 395345 ID: 46c430

No. 395346 ID: 7c31d2

A example of his teaching abilities.
No. 395348 ID: f5ff99

Well, that's fairly simple. Magic does the impossible, or at least the highly improbably. So to prove magic exists, he just has to do something impossible. Maybe disable gravity for a few moments, or stop time?
No. 395350 ID: b6edd6

Ask it to summon an apple that is half red and half green. A fairly mundane item, but not particularly common either.

Anyway, proof is good to have, but perhaps more important is to ask about the price. Nobody just teleports up to people and give them power with no strings attached.
No. 395352 ID: ed57e8

yes another person he has taught
No. 395354 ID: f70e5e

ask it to summon a book about how real magic works. this has the side effect of giving us a potenal source of information. also find out exactly what he means when he says "a small fraction of your might" it could be he draws out a small portion of our power, or he could take out a small but vitally important metaphysical part of our soul, for example free will.
No. 395357 ID: b6edd6

Changing my vote to >>395346

That would be making the assumptions that this guy is easy to kill merely because he is tiny, and that there are no stronger magic users around. Neither of those assumptions are safe to make. Also, I can't think of anything we would particularly want to do with a conquered world.
No. 395360 ID: 00451b

Oh yes, definitely this. You DO NOT risk losing pieces of your soul or other important stuff such as free will or the like.
No. 395375 ID: 7d7f79

Yes, unless we understand the price and the offer in greater detail than that no fucking deal.
No. 395418 ID: 0dacb0

Ask for an apache helicopter.
No. 395431 ID: af10de
File 133259279268.jpg - (61.96KB , 312x445 , 117.jpg )

What's the catch. there's always a catch, and I'm not gonna hand over my soul or anything like that to some little hellspawn just because it looked cute. Even if it did...just drain all the color and motion out of everything else.

Okay, that's fucked up.

"You have a Spark of power residing within you - no amount of sorcery possible could remove it without your wishes. Merely using a small sliver of power to grant me permanence will be payment enough."

"You wish to see my teaching? Very well then - consider this your first lesson. All magic is used by gathering mana from the land - a basic currency of magic, if you will. Center your mind, and reach towards the Æther. Attune yourself to the power that resonates truest within your soul."

Alright...find my center. That's easy enough. reach out, right? Select the magic that resonates within my soul...

>[ ] White - Magic of Angels. Heals damage and creates many small summons quickly. Has trouble dealing with large enemies.

>[ ] Blue - Magic of Oceans. Adept at casting countermagic, has a trick for almost everything. Summons are fragile and underpowered compared to other branches of magic.

>[ ] Black - Magic of Demons. Excels at destroying opposing summons and wounding enemies. Has problems dealing with non-summoned threats and can become suicidal at its extreme.

>[ ] Red - Magic of Flames. attacks with powerful damaging spells and fast summons. Is adept at shattering enchanted items. Runs out of spells easily if enemies can weather the initial attack.

>[ ] Green - Magic of Nature. Relies almost exclusively on summons and improving their ability to attack. Can shatter magical auras or weapons with relative ease. Has trouble dealing with opposing summons.

>lol internet crashed, sorry for delay.
No. 395433 ID: fa9f7e

Pick Octarine.
No. 395434 ID: e6c84b

No. 395436 ID: 89487e

Blue. That way we can stop any shenanigans before they start.
No. 395437 ID: fb9917

Blue and Red.
No. 395441 ID: 4129db

White, fear my army of minions.
No. 395443 ID: 6f9630

Can we choose one colour or more? If one only, then Black. If two, Black/Green.
No. 395456 ID: 7d7f79

If one choice, pick blue. If two choices, pick blue and red. If three choices, pick blue, red and black.
Seriously, blue gives us flying, seeing shit we otherwise wouldn't see, and interesting travel options. It probably has the best non-combat use by far unless we're trying to run a kingdom maybe.
No. 395477 ID: 6e5bea

No. 395478 ID: ed57e8

No. 395479 ID: 60fee2

If one color blue. If two black and blue.
No. 395480 ID: b6edd6

Blue. Because counterspells are the trolliest.
No. 395482 ID: 00451b

We resonate with RAINBOWS.

(That means all of them)
No. 395485 ID: 88e5ad

No. 395491 ID: e440a4

TGchan as a whole does strike me as blue/red. If two colors, do that. If one color, blue.
No. 395496 ID: af10de
File 133261427785.jpg - (60.12KB , 312x445 , 45.jpg )

> Blue Selected
> Other colors may be unlocked as you gain power and experience.

The ocean...it's almost like I can feel it. the waves lapping over me, the calm breeze, the salty air...

The sensation is just...it's overwhelming. the power I can feel from this makes me wanna just let it all out at once. I know it won't end well, though.

"Rise, Maiden of the Azure. we have a deal to complete. Simply will some of your energy towards my form, and I will take care of the rest. Then we can begin your studies."

I'm not so sure about this...on one hand, I still don't feel too trusting of a red-eyed magical rabbit thingy that just froze time. On the other hand, how else am I going to figure out how this works?

>[ ] Deal
>[ ] No Deal
No. 395498 ID: e440a4

>someone named "the soul taker" asks you to extend part of yourself towards him
>sounds great!
Just kidding. Uh, return this sucker to the top of the deck?
No. 395499 ID: 1444d5

>grant permanence to "the Soul Taker"
Yeah, no. Figure out this magic stuff on your own, now you've got started on it.
No. 395501 ID: ed57e8

trollface "thanks for the free first lesson"
No. 395504 ID: 89487e

>Taking advantage of someone called The Soul Taker

Perhaps not the best option either. I'm not entirely against taking the book and leaving, but there are disadvantages to deciding to learn on our own. As well as the whole, no one to guide us thing.
No. 395510 ID: 88e5ad

naw dude. go ally someone less selfish.
No. 395525 ID: 4129db

Do it, he totally seems legit.
No. 395533 ID: 7d7f79

"Forgive me, but I somehow don't trust someone I sense is a soul taker to take something from me. No offense but I have no idea why you wouldn't just take my soul if I did that.
"Can we make a different deal?"
No. 395535 ID: affb00

No. 395615 ID: f70e5e

ask for clarification on what the sliver of power is, if he just wants to draw some mana from you take the deal.
No. 395625 ID: 7d7f79

Upkeep mana kills yo, especially if it's cumulative upkeep.
No. 395643 ID: af10de
File 133264517679.jpg - (69.82KB , 312x445 , 30.jpg )

> No sell

You're right...annoying things just walking up to me and saying it can unlock magical powers? Sounds like an invitation to get killed, or worse, enslaved.

"What are you waiting for? we had an agreement, yes?"

I tell the furry bastard to undo the damn time frozen thingy - I'm not to sure I could pull that off myself. As color floods the world again, I can't help but grin like it's my birthday.

"You want some of my power? take it."

And then I gathered as much mana as i could and shot it straight at the fuzzy whatitz.
No. 395645 ID: 7d7f79

*plays the bass solo*
No. 395646 ID: af10de
File 133264585362.jpg - (43.94KB , 375x523 , Sorceress of Wisdom.jpg )

well, whatever it *was*, it's gone no-


Alright. Note to self, don't ever fucking do that again. Ever. No blasting things with strange beams coming out of my head.

...that's never going to stop sounding totally crazy, you know?

>so I just killed the most likely sentient being to know jack shit about magic. now what?
No. 395647 ID: ed57e8

now pure practice. let's try simple things. making small objects float.
No. 395650 ID: d1f1b7

Not sure if the card means our choice was wise, or you are being sarcastic..

Right, all we know is that the world is a shitty place and we have blue magic, so some other info would be nice. Like where exactly are we? Do you have anything that you have to do, like school or work or trying to survive or something? Also, I guess we could find some place to practice magic or do it right here if this is a place where you can do so freely.
No. 395655 ID: 7d7f79

Please state your current resources, friends, family, allies, enemies, responsibilities, and goals. Information about your surroundings can also be very helpful.
We need at least a minimum amount of information about what we're being asked to accomplish and what you have to accomplish it with before we can give specifically useful advice. More than that will help us to better advise you. Sometimes we will fail to understand your situation however, and some of us voices are... incompetent or insane... so don't uncritically accept everything we say.
Generally our plan at a point like this, when there is no known threat to deal with, is to attempt to discover and refine skills and build up allies and other resources. This is in preparation for finding and pursuing goals at a later point when we are more familiar with the world and abilities of the avatar in question. That avatar is you in this case, please introduce yourself. Do you have a name?

Also, never say never. It may happen that in the future you will be forced into a choice between dying and blasting things with strange beams coming out of your head. In that case dying is probably the wrong choice.
No. 395669 ID: af10de
File 133265014269.jpg - (47.07KB , 375x523 , Scientific Discovery.jpg )

Right. I just got out of a time stop, blasted the living shit out of some magical construct that told me I'm a magical girl or some shit, and still have a migraine from doing it. Now sounds like a good time to get my thoughts together.

My name is Erica. I'm 19 and live in this washed up little town in the middle of America. I have...wait, no. had a job, up until about three hours ago. My earthly possessions amount to...five work uniforms, enough other clothes to last me a week and a half, three days worth of food in the fridge, a laptop and about $1200 in the bank.

It's kinda funny, how a couple weeks ago I'd have given all of this up if I could find a place where none of this mattered. Now that I can do...this...

well, I guess I'm a bit stumped. I mean, I'm not even sure what else I could do, and if everything's going to hurt me...

>Well, I'm stumped. you have anything?
No. 395672 ID: ed57e8

most likely it's like working out. work out your magic muscle until it's sore and the the next day do a bit more.
No. 395677 ID: 7d7f79

You're making a dangerous assumption that other magical beings don't have to deal with bills and laundry. Even magical reality may suck more than you expect if you're unprepared for it or go in with unrealistic expectations.
Do you have any prospects for a new job or a good place to go looking for a new job? You still seem to be human and we don't know all of what magic costs to use it yet. That means it's probably better to plan to meet your mundane needs with mundane resources until you're sure you can use magic and get away with it to do it easier.
Since you have awoken to the existence of magic and seem to have an ability or two it's probably a good idea to pay attention to your surroundings with your new senses: Chances are you having magic has something to do with one or more of your ancestry, habits, possessions, environment and companions. Checking through your clothes, home and belongings for magic things should go on the to-do list as well as making sure you can continue to pay the bills.
No. 395680 ID: 60fee2

...Wait a second, what are we? I mean I would have just assumed we are just voices in your head, but the existence of might mean we something else.

Anyways, what was your old job, what mundane skills do you have, and do you have any friends or family nearby?
No. 395684 ID: 7d7f79

Our pretty brunette girl here would know? It is a good idea to put finding out what we are and why we're in her head on the long range goals list though.

Oh, Erica: What year is it?
No. 395685 ID: 6f9630

Is there a river, stream, reservoir, basically any source of clean water near you? If there is, you could practice magic there as your magic is clearly of the ocean.
No. 395694 ID: af10de
File 133265564212.jpg - (67.46KB , 312x445 , 52.jpg )

It's kind of hard to explain, but it's as if I can sense magic around me. Or at least I could when that demonic hairball was around. A quick check of my apartment doesn't trip anything, but I get the feeling that making something magical wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility.

I was a bank teller. Why I'm not still one is something that no one bothered to tell me, my boss just said "BTW don't come back tomorrow, you're fired."

I'd have been a bit less pissed had she not actually said "BTW" for whatever that's worth.
In any case, I'm good with numbers, and I like to think myself as more persuasive than most - you ever gotten someone to pay you $400 in order to lend them $250?

Most of my friends are off spending their parents' money in college or wherever. My folks broke up a few years ago...I don't really wanna talk about it. Not real close with them, which is why I have this rinky-dink two room apartment.

There's a creek that's a 5 minute walk from here...

>[ ] Practice magic at creek
>[ ] Practice magic at apartment
>[ ] Reach out with magic
>[ ] Other (Please Specify)
No. 395695 ID: ed57e8

to the creek! being water aligned being near a source of your power should help you use it easier.
No. 395698 ID: 60fee2

No. 395699 ID: fb9917

No. 395717 ID: 7d7f79

Yeah, visiting the creek to get a hold on if we're about to start ripping apart worlds accidentally or not sounds like a good idea.
If you have any mundane weapons like a good pair of workboots or anything else a cop wouldn't arrest you for I suggest you bring it. The reason being that in our experience suddenly waking up to magic means that all sorts of things that would've just ignored you before will now notice you and pay attention. This is often really cool, and more often than that really dangerous.
No. 395741 ID: 88e5ad

try, like, summoning shit.
No. 395772 ID: 385f21

No, no summoning. Even evocation is more safe. Who knows what you'll summon? What if you can't contain it? What if it's that Kyubee guy?
No. 395781 ID: 4129db

Honestly, you should take it slow. Spend time just getting the feel of mana/magic energy/whatever you feel like calling it around you.

Get comfortable with it first before you start doing anything that gives you headaches or worse, headsplosions.
No. 395789 ID: 1444d5

Apartment. You have running water, right? Start small in a controlled environment.
No. 395790 ID: cb741a

[X] Practice magic at creek
No. 395839 ID: e440a4

Can we make suggestions via magic cards? like, post what we want the character to cast?
No. 395858 ID: af10de
File 133270987703.jpg - (50.29KB , 312x445 , 12.jpg )

Weapons...Nothing really, unless you count silverware. I tend to stay out of people's way when I'm not at work, so I haven't really thought I'd need one.
As for the creek...it's clean enough, at least - no fish or anything that I've been able to see, but it isn't like we dump trash or anything in there. Besides, I probably need a moment to sit here. Just long enough to try and clear m-WOAH.

>mana link established.
>mana links allow the caster to draw mana from the sources they are linked to, regardless of their physical distance from that source. They also increase a caster's resilience slightly.
>Erica can currently draw up to 10 blue mana from her mana link(s), this cap will increase with experience.


I...I'm having a hard time explaining what just happened. I feel like I got hit by a lightning bolt made of electricity, caffeine, and sugar. Like I *feel* like I can do something magical, as opposed to just trusting whatever the fuck that white thing was.

> Of course, it might help if I had any idea what to do with this - any spells that come to mind?
>feel free to suggest cards to cast - note that rarer and more powerful spells may be beyond Erica's ability at this time.
No. 395860 ID: fa9f7e

Darksteel Reactor?
No. 395861 ID: 7c31d2

Try summoning something. Cloud of faeries maybe?
No. 395867 ID: fa9f7e

Ooh, no, try Door to Nothingness.
No. 395872 ID: 88e5ad
File 133271289233.jpg - (43.39KB , 375x523 , AncestralRecall.jpg )

there is but one logical choice.
No. 395877 ID: 886a4d

Yes we need more information and thats perfect!
No. 395884 ID: d1f1b7

Okay, that is genius, but it will most likely backfire.

Still, go with it.
No. 395888 ID: ed57e8

it's a one mana spell. the psy blast cost more.
No. 395981 ID: 7d7f79

It's really, really, really, really primitive and of questionable utility but pretty safe and not too rare: Brainstorm.
No. 395984 ID: cb741a

No. 395996 ID: af10de
File 133272533502.jpg - (66.06KB , 312x445 , 39.jpg )

>rare and powerful spells may be beyond your abilities.
>consensus to cast part of P9.

Alright, I need answers. maybe I can magic up some answers to my questions. Why was that furry thing here? why'd it pick me? What's going to happen now that I'm on my own?


...yeah, I got nothing. That was a great way to waste five minutes. In terms of learning anything, I'm going to chalk that up as a dismal failure.

>Well, that didn't work, but I have all this energy I didn't have before. Any ideas on what to do with it?
No. 395998 ID: fa9f7e

Summon something.
No. 395999 ID: 7d7f79

We may also want to consider Spellbook in case we get cool bonuses thanks to what it actually is:
No. 396001 ID: fa9f7e

Sounds good.
No. 396002 ID: 7d7f79

Oh, for Flying Spaghetti Monster's sake, Brainstorm already!
No. 396004 ID: ed57e8

... P9?
think you should remember most of us dn't know what rarity things are. i only know that things that need more mana to cast are more powerful. so i based my agreement on the fact it is a 1 mana spell. any other things on it were completely meaningless to me.
No. 396005 ID: 7d7f79

This work? If not, then here:

No. 396007 ID: 7d7f79

In Magic The Gathering, which this quest seems to be mostly based from, cards have a separate statistic called rarity, and a separate set of restrictions depending on the judgments of the tournament judges and the company. The power nine cards are the generally-agreed nine most powerful cards in the game ever that are still allowed to be played at all. They are all "rare" cards (if I recall correctly) in the hierarchy of common, uncommon and rare. They are also as restricted in use as cards get in Magic, and some of the most overly expensive pieces of cardboard ever, some of which have legitimately traded for four figures each for extended periods of time. Possibly they still do, I'm not sure.
No. 396012 ID: ed57e8

and i, someone not nuanced in Magic rules, would of known that card was stupidly powerful how?
No. 396013 ID: 7c31d2

Still gonna say summon cloud of Faeries
No. 396018 ID: fb9917

Cast Phantasmal Bear
No. 396021 ID: 60fee2

Brainstorm then.
No. 396022 ID: 7d7f79

You wouldn't, except by following the implicit, "Look things up on The Gatherer database and make sure they aren't rare or restricted, or far outside a first-turn mana budget before suggesting it," command the OP thought they were communicating clearly (but weren't to people who don't know M:TG) when they said nothing too rare or powerful.
No. 396023 ID: 6f9630

Peek or Delver of Secrets
No. 396056 ID: af10de
File 133273545342.jpg - (77.32KB , 312x445 , 61.jpg )

I've seen power 9 cards go for about $800 at large events. Alpha set power 9 are usually priced at about $12-1500, but I've not seen one myself.


Yeah, the thingy said that blue has a trick for almost everything, but almost tends to not be all-inclusive. I just need to think this through on my own.

Alright - whatever that fuzzy hellspawn was, it seemed to know a lot about magic - like it came from somewhere where it was a thing everyone knew about. It also didn't look remotely like anything that's native to this planet, and I know that magic isn't something that mankind has figured out yet.

Which means either it's some crazy hallucination, or there have to be other worlds than this one. Worlds where magic is not only known, it's something that everyone has. Hell, there might even be multiple worlds.

I'm willing to bet there's at least one of those that doesn't care that I just got fired this afternoon...

>[ ] Fuck this gay earth, I need to find one of these places and go there!
>[ ] That's cool to know but I like sticking around. Let's cast more!
>[ ] Other (Suggest an action)
No. 396057 ID: 7c31d2

You have magic. Magic no one else on this earth has. Find more land, build a army and conquer the world.
No. 396068 ID: fa9f7e

Ah. How do we know Kyubey didn't make the same deal with some others?
No. 396070 ID: 431fa8
File 133273702573.jpg - (30.01KB , 223x310 , Fugitive_Wizard.jpg )

>[x] That's cool to know but I like sticking around. Let's cast more!
Our world has nice things like government monopoly on force. As long as we keep a low profile, given that no one knows about magic here we'll probably be relatively safe learning the basics- something which we can't rely upon in any other world, where there will probably be other people who can casually mind blast us to death. At least here we can be reasonably sure that we know the system.

No, we need to stay here while we learn about magic- but experimenting on our own is no way to learn quickly. But if that Soul Taker thing could come here from another world, maybe something else can as well? Perhaps we can call up the sort of thing we need- a person, someone who understands magic but isn't so powerful that we'd be in danger of them killing us. Preferably someone who would appreciated being summoned, too; we don't need a mentor who has reason to hate us.

It might not work, but hey... we can at least give calling someone up a shot.
No. 396080 ID: 886a4d
File 133273749928.jpg - (29.94KB , 223x310 , spellbook.jpg )

Perhaps a book instead of a living being
No. 396083 ID: 60fee2

I would suggest getting more powerful and knowledgeable before figuring out how to get to other worlds. Do you know of another places you could establish mana links with? By the way, how much do you wanna bet Kyubee had a hand in getting you fired in the first place.

For now, here is some more spells/summons to try.
Clairvoyance: http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=2499

Cloud Sprite: http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=132069
No. 396106 ID: f92e9e
File 133274058618.jpg - (33.56KB , 223x310 , Image_ashx.jpg )

we could try this one
No. 396122 ID: a73f21
File 133274330427.jpg - (29.25KB , 223x310 , stormcrow.jpg )

Our only teacher is ourself. Summon the most powerful familiar know to the magic world.

Storm Crow
No. 396150 ID: 6f9630
File 133275933362.jpg - (97.65KB , 536x370 , DelverofSecrets.jpg )

This is a pretty decent summon for a first try.

But I wonder if we can get this instead. Delver of secrets.
No. 396166 ID: fa9f7e

This is the only logical summon. Storm Crow is godly. Not even the Great Wall can block it!
No. 396198 ID: e440a4

So are we restricted on cards by power level, mana cost, or both? Because it sounds like power level is the main concern, and not mana cost. We should summon a leviathan or something. And agreed on staying here in this plane for a while. It's like getting a bunch of turns before your opponent even shows up!
No. 396212 ID: f70e5e
File 133279851426.jpg - (73.71KB , 312x445 , Merchant of Secrets.jpg )

both, but we have 10 mana to throw around so power level is probably the bigger restraint. i suggest we try summoning this guy. he's one of the few blue commons that is just draw a card rather than draw and discard.
No. 396236 ID: af10de
File 133280963389.jpg - (70.35KB , 312x445 , 31.jpg )

>Summon something

Hmm...alright, that's certainly worth a shot. I have absolutely zero clue how I'm supposed to do this, but I guess there's no other way. I just have to focus...let the magic do what it wants...

>rolling in /tg/ for quality of summon.
No. 396238 ID: af10de
File 133281056859.jpg - (75.80KB , 312x445 , 49.jpg )


Out of the water appears...a woman in a white robe with a purple cape.

"I have been summoned as requested. You need something broken or un-broken?"

...Damn. I can't say I was expecting this. At the very least, she can speak, so maybe I can learn a thing or two from her?

>[ ]Ask a trickster mage anything
>[ ]Try summoning something else
>[ ]Other (Please Specify)
No. 396249 ID: fa9f7e

Break the universe to give you infinite mana of every color, and every card in existence? Probably not do-able, but you should at least try.

Alternatively, learn about artifacts. She seems like an expert.
No. 396250 ID: ed57e8

yeah her knowledge of THINGS sounds like something she does, since she asked i you wanted to fix or break something.for magic something usually means anything.
No. 396262 ID: f70e5e

"neither actually, I need someone to explain the basics to me. this is rather embarrassing but i barley know anything about magic. if your wondering how i was able to summon you something called to soul taker gave me enough information to blind summon as a sample to try and get me to make a deal, I decided going into a deal blind with something named the soul taker was a suicidally bad idea and told him to bugger off."
No. 396302 ID: 88e5ad

unsummon. resummon.
No. 396317 ID: 0e8e60

Ask about where she came from, and how she relates to magic, specifically this whole summoning thing. She was unsurprised about the whole thing, so she might know more. Don't be afraid to admit that you are new to this. Be eager to learn more, and mages often respect that.
No. 396392 ID: af10de
File 133288215562.jpg - (80.98KB , 312x445 , 62.jpg )

I tell the woman my tale, as short as it is. She seems bored at first, then excited, then curious, and finally confused.
"Well then...Erica, right? Hate to break it to you, but I'm not exactly that good a teacher. I know one spell that I've mastered, and anything more than that is just beyond me. You're gonna need to find someone who knows what they're talking about."

...Well, fuck. That wasn't too useful. Still, she has mastered one spell - that's one more than me, so maybe it'll help to see how she does it?

"Yeah, I suppose I could show you, I just need a little bit of mana to make it happen. I'll give it back..."

...Now why does that sound familiar...

>[ ] Loan her a little mana
>[ ] Ask about a qualified teacher
>[ ] Experiment on your own
>[ ] Other
No. 396402 ID: a760e9


eh. give her the mana, it's not like she's asking for your soul. you can psiblast her if she turns coat- that'll take care of her.
No. 396408 ID: 886a4d

Honestly that seems fair. You now know what mana is and you never get something for nothing. Even if she does keep a bit of mana the fact that you can apparently cast alot more then one spell compared to her one hints your more then her already.

Once you learn however I suggest asking about teachers and experimenting with magic. You don't really know the risks right now.
No. 396409 ID: 431fa8

"I'm feeling a tad paranoid at the moment, no offense intended. Could you describe what exactly your spell is supposed to do and how it does it, before I start throwing mana at you? And some basics about what mana is and how it works, for that matter.

"...but before that, your name would be good."
No. 396410 ID: f70e5e

this. i get the feeling we are a massive target right now, lots of potential and a respectable amount of raw strength but no idea how anything works. she is probably on the level but we should at least know how much of a chance we are taking before we lend her our mana.
No. 396427 ID: 7d7f79

Uh, Erica... I just figured out something: You don't cast anything like what that wizard does. Consider: You already have casted more than one spell.
If my prior knowledge applies here then what you do is something called planeswalker magic. Planeswalkers however are, uh, how do I put this? Planeswalkers are weird, unpredictable and dangerous, especially the ones trying to help you. Apparently immortal agelessness does that to a person.
No. 396438 ID: 0e8e60

It's not fun to apply out of game knowledge to in game stuff, especially if it could be incorrect.
No. 396452 ID: 3eba16

"You don't cast anything like a wizard does"
*Gasp*, this person is correct! You are clearly not a wizard, but a SORCERER. Sorcerers get way more spells then wizards do per day, AND you don't need that stupid '5 years of training to cast cantrips' stupidity either.

Pretty sweet deal there.
No. 396458 ID: 3eba16

Actually, looking back, the thingy that first offered you magical power stuff called you a sorceress...

I feel kind of stupid for pointing it out now, since it is so obvious.
No. 396512 ID: af10de
File 133291119181.jpg - (74.75KB , 312x445 , 107.jpg )

Yeah...after that first run in, I'm not giving anyone shit until they tell me what they're up to.

"The name's Claire. You really are clueless about magic, aren't you? Well, I'll try to explain it as best I can. Magic users gather mana - it's the basic energy we use to cast spells. I could probably generate enough mana to show you what I'd do on my own, but I'll need a few minutes to get my bearings - I'm not in Mercadia anymore, that's for sure.

As for the spell, it's a simple little trick. A short burst of telekinetic energy, I can use it to drain power from something, or reinvigorate it. Not enough to be damaging, but enough for you to notice it."

Well, that does seem simple. It's worth seeing, at least, but if she could get the mana on her own...

Immortal agelessness? I'm not sure whether that'd be good or bad...I guess it'd depend on if I could get away with just using my magic and not needing any other job.

N-not that I've been thinking about it or anything, mind you...

>[ ] Give Claire U to cast spell
>[ ] Let her gather mana herself
>[ ] Other
No. 396517 ID: ed57e8

give her a drop of power. you summoned her, you can unsummon her.
No. 396518 ID: 673411

Give her some mana.
No. 396520 ID: f70e5e

actually you should ask about how the summoning thing works, and why she seems to be cool with some random guy just summoning her, and are there any social norms associated with summoning people? also ask about how mana works, does it passively refill over time to a limit based on how many lands you have a connection to? or does each land give you a one time lump sum?
No. 396559 ID: a760e9

man, just give her the mana.
No. 396590 ID: 6af537

Paranoia, ho!
How do we know this is not Kyubee? :3
No. 396594 ID: 3eba16

It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.
Which they totally will be if they figure out that you straight-up murdered the guy who gave you magic. I'm betting this theoretical 'they' tend to frown on that kind of thing.
No. 396595 ID: ed57e8

also mana is something tangable. soul shards are not.
No. 396597 ID: 886a4d

Give her the mana. We need to learn this stuff.
No. 396604 ID: a760e9


dude did you even see Kzubee I bet someone's straight up gonna offer to suck our dick for doing that
No. 396606 ID: 431fa8

This would be a good line of questioning. Assuming that it goes well, I don't have a problem with giving Claire U... though we'll want to pick out a target for her first, I suppose. Anything convenient nearby?

Let's not even go there.
No. 396610 ID: 0e8e60

Because it doesn't look like Kyubee, silly!
No. 396611 ID: af10de
File 133293961599.jpg - (85.15KB , 312x445 , 43.jpg )

Th-that's a lot of stuff to work out. Just, gimme a second to word it right, okay? Just take a deep breath, Erica. Nothing you haven't done before...even if it is...

"Eh, I guess I'm just used to people calling me up whenever they need something broken or un-broken. There's a little bit of a delay between calling on a summon and them showing up - enough to stop whatever it was we were doing and prepare for the jump, anyway.

As for mana, as long as you have connections that still work, your ability to draw from it will refill over time that you don't use it. if your spells are a bit taxing on mana, then it might be a good idea to keep a note of how much you have left in the tank."

Claire starts motioning as I allow her to borrow a sliver of mana from me. It doesn't take long before she finishes, pointing straight back at the creek as the energy bolt flies.

And before I could process what she did, it felt like I took another candy bolt to the head. It...wow. I'm going to have to try keeping under control if that's what they feel like.

>Well, she showed me a spell and explained about everything she could. Now what?

>Claire cast twiddle on Erica's blue mana source, for those interested.
No. 396635 ID: 6f9630

So Claire the Trickster Mage untapped our island huh. Ok, she seems to have been summoned quite some times by other summoners. Ask her about them and what happens if we meet another one.
No. 396706 ID: 431fa8

I like this line of questioning. Let's hear more about other people with our abilities, or similar ones; that should give us a good idea of what we might be able to do with our powers.

Aside from that, if we get this much power from a creek... are there rivers or lakes around here? Do we live anywhere near the sea? We should look into staging up our power draw. If the high is anything like the one we get from the creek, once we've got a serious mana source we'll never want to go back.
No. 396707 ID: ed57e8

we should get lots of small ones so no one can do that to a LOT at once.
No. 396709 ID: fa9f7e

You know untapping's not bad, right? It's how you activate crap.

At least due to my limited understanding of MtG.
No. 396711 ID: ed57e8

i mean, if someone else untaps our shit. untapping a single thing that gives us a tn of points would be a lot worse.
No. 396716 ID: d1f1b7

As somebody completely new to this, just talk to her, seeing as she has way more experience with all this wacky stuff.

Is having this Spark of Power the Kyubee talked about something a lot of people have? What do they do? Any advice on what you should do? What is her world like? How much are summons generally expected to do? You know, get some general information.
No. 396778 ID: af10de
File 133299228896.jpg - (71.77KB , 312x445 , 49a.jpg )

"Other summoners? Can't say I know too many personally. It's usually 'hey, this isn't working, fix it' and then they spirit me back to whatever I was up to. If you meet another one? try not to get in a fight - you people seem to love that sort of thing, and you really don't know enough to hold your own in a magical duel."

...She's right, as much as I don't want to admit it.

Sadly the creek is the biggest water source in town. No lakes or anything within an hour's drive, and I don't even have a car. To be fair, I'm not sure I'd want to make a mana link like that - there's a very real chance I'd just lose it.

"A Spark?" Claire looks at me like I just grew wings or something.

...damn. I didn't.

"Okay, this is kind of getting above what I'm comfortable talking about. There might be a lot more to you than you're letting on, and I'm not sure who'd be able to help you. There is someone who comes to mind though..."

>[ ]Oh? Who's this teacher you have in mind?
>[ ]Thanks but I think I'll keep this to myself.
>[ ]Care to elaborate on that last thing?
>[ ]Other (Please Specify)
No. 396798 ID: b6edd6

Might as well find out who she has in mind, and hope it isn't a being named Kyubee.
No. 396799 ID: 7d7f79

I'm making assumptions about what you like or don't like, so alter this as necessary.

"Letting on? I woke up with some disturbing looking thing with red eyes staring in my face this morning asking for a chunk of my soul or something. What I'm used to around here has nothing like magic outside of storybooks, and now I've got strange voices in my head feeding me these exact words to try and tell you exactly how lost I, and these voices, are.
"I'd love help with this and I'm not overly attached to how I used to live either, but I'm kind of fond of not being murdered, enslaved, injured, endangered, raped and all those other things that get in the way of enjoying Saturday night out on a date and kicking back on a Sunday afternoon with a good book."
No. 396801 ID: f70e5e

lets not mention the head voices. but that's more or less the tone we should be going for.
No. 396807 ID: 7d7f79

Point, simply being known as a possible planeswalker through the rumour mill that telling this summoned wizard will breed is already risky. That can't be helped since we summoned her and that takes a planeswalker, or some really darned powerful magic at least, to do that.

"Letting on? I woke up with some disturbing looking thing with red eyes staring in my face this morning asking for a chunk of my soul or something. What I'm used to around here has nothing like magic outside of storybooks, and certainly nothing like that.
"So yes, I'd love help with this and I'm not overly attached to how I used to live either but I'm wary. Apparently I have good reason to be wary too if having scary albino things hovering in my face demanding my soul is my new kind of normal. Overall I'm fond of not being murdered, enslaved, injured, endangered, raped and all those other things that get in the way of enjoying Saturday night out on a date and kicking back on a Sunday afternoon with a good book."
No. 396808 ID: 6f9630


Go ahead and ask about the teacher.

You should also ask what does your magic specialise in. Water, that's an obvious one, but what else.
No. 396810 ID: d1f1b7

Ask if having it is a bad thing, since she is so hesitant to talk about it.
No. 396812 ID: 7d7f79

Sure, as far as I know the blue type of magic specialty controls water and air as elements, is excellent at controlling, changing and stopping, draining and otherwise manipulating other magic. Summons of the blue type tend to fly or themselves be magicians that can be empowered to do more things with blue magic, in addition to creatures associated with sea and air. Blue magic is also noted for power to scry and many other odd abilities.
If I am wrong this is something we need to know as well because then I have to rethink all of my advice about planeswalkers and all that; my experience is with different magic if so.
No. 396871 ID: a760e9

do ask, please.
No. 396909 ID: d1ee90

[X]Oh? Who's this teacher you have in mind?
No. 397020 ID: af10de
File 133307491821.jpg - (72.70KB , 312x445 , 28.jpg )

Claire just looks at me funny when I tell her about not wanting to be killed or enslaved or raped or anything. I get the feeling most of it is a bit beyond her.

"Look, I'm sure there's lots of stuff, but I'm not the person to talk to. If you want someone who's more likely to have answers...She's a windcaller in Mercadia, currently doing her best to make sure there's no assault on the city. Her name's Alexi - if she doesn't know what's up, she's likely to know someone who does.

Now, I don't wanna sound blunt or anything, but can I go? stuff to fix back home and all..."

...Something doesn't feel right. Not necessarily about her, but I just get that weird sensation that something's not the way it should. Could be my headache, could be the fact that I just got hit by two slugs of pure energy, or it could be something else entirely.

>[ ] Let Claire go, Try summoning Alexi
>[ ] "Hang on, I wanna check this out..."
>[ ] let Claire go, check things out alone
>[ ] Other (Please Specify)
No. 397024 ID: b6edd6

Well she just re-activated your mana source, so the feeling is probably some sort of excess mana build-up. Letting her go and summoning that other mage should help spend some of that.
No. 397026 ID: 431fa8

If something's not the way it should be, don't let her go. Who knows what kind of funkiness our bizarre mage-senses are picking up on? It could be our mana going funky, it could be some kind of power overload or drain, it could be an approaching threat, a spell going wrong, or something completely different. Even if nothing negative is about to immediately happen, if this next summon that Claire's suggesting doesn't go as planned it can't hurt to have someone more informed- and capable of reliably casting at least one spell- around as backup.

Besides, the hell does she mean "I'm not the person to talk to"? There are a thousand things that she knows and we do not. What is a Windcaller? Where is Mercadia, what kind of place is it, how would we get there, and who would want to assault it? What kind of weapons or magic do they use when fighting there? For that matter, why does she think this Alexi would be able to help us- and perhaps more important, willing to do so and not inclined to use our powers for her own ends?

Claire can claim as much ignorance as she pleases, but she has hardly skimmed the surface of what she's able to explain. I have no doubt that we could converse with her for hours to our benefit, learning more about magic and the multiverse the whole time. Given the level of danger involved for us here, her reluctance to be informative or stick around is largely irrelevant. She can suffer through our annoying questions; it won't hurt her to miss an afternoon at home.

So spend a minute or two trying to pinpoint what this feeling is, and then back to the questions and don't let them stop until we can't think of anything new to ask or something goes horribly wrong.
No. 397027 ID: 6f9630

Well, if there's a weird vibe maybe you should summon another creature. It doesn't have to be human, try a bird. At the very least you have more protectors and you have more practice summoning.

Also, I'm a bit iffy on summoning Alexi, she's quite high-costing and a legend as well, I just don't know if you can keep her under your control.
No. 397067 ID: 77b5a0

maybe go to Mercadia.


I guess you gotta summon Alexi so she shows you how.
No. 397126 ID: d1f1b7

While I agree that she can certainly tell as more than what she is willing to, probably because Erica is a planeswalker, I do not think we should just disregard what Claire wishes to do after already having helped us a bit.
No. 397134 ID: 3eba16

Yeah, we don't want to be the mage that enslaves others for her own ends just because we are a little paranoid that someone will enslave us to their own ends.
No. 397196 ID: af10de
File 133315093892.jpg - (71.78KB , 312x445 , 37.jpg )

I was hoping that by now I'd have more answers than questions. No such luck, it seems. I tell Claire that I have a few more things I'd want to ask, she just rolled her eyes.

>What is a Windcaller? Where is Mercadia, what kind of place is it, how would we get there, and who would want to assault it?

"A windcaller is the general term for people who can manipulate breezes and airflow - I've seen Alexi face an entire strike force and blow them away with a wink and a mana flare-up.
Mercadia City is where I'm from - just look for the giant upside-down mountain. Can't miss it. The Keldon warriors have been trying, and failing, to topple it for who knows how long. Three guesses as to who's kept them away, and the first two don't count."

>For that matter, why does she think this Alexi would be able to help us- and perhaps more important, willing to do so and not inclined to use our powers for her own ends?
"Eh, it's not like she wants into politics or anything - she just likes staying where she is. Reads a lot, knits a little they say. But you're an interesting kid, and that might be something she'd like."

...Well, that was better than I could have done. I really can't think of much else that'd help much, so I let her go.

Then there's that whole spidey-sense bullshit. I calm down, trying to figure out what it is...but I really can't figure anything out. It's a strange feeling, really. I can't even describe it...

>[ ] Try summoning Alexi to help teach.
>[ ] Try summoning another creature.
>[ ] Try focusing on the "disturbance".
>[ ] Other (Please Specify)
No. 397288 ID: 3eba16

>[X] Try focusing on the "disturbance".
No. 397295 ID: 96e0ea

I'd feel safer if I had another warm body between me and a disturbance I'm going to investigate.
Summon another creature then Investigate
No. 397389 ID: 431fa8

Bleh. There's a huge difference between enslaving someone and inconveniencing them for a couple hours in order to gain potentially life-saving information. If we shoot for 'enslave' we can break out the domination/mind-rape magic, or at least try to.

What we learn now influences our decisions. Our decisions now dictate the options available to us and even the threats which menace us later. Gaining enough information to make a proper decision is vital to our future- and if we're as powerful as we seem, perhaps also to the futures of many other people who will potentially be affected by our powers. By failing to relentlessly learn more and make our decision as good as possible, we endanger both ourselves and everyone else.

Letting Claire go was a mistake for that reason. Now Alexi and fishing for random summons are our only leads towards teachers- and if we delay, Claire will probably tell Alexi about us, so that if Alexi does have potentially hostile intentions she'll be quite prepared to act against us if/when we encounter her.

If we summon her immediately, Claire might not have had time to inform her- at least we'll be able to catch her on only whatever her normal guard is, even if that's still likely to be more than enough to take us out. Our position is only likely to get worse if we spend time here fumbling about with things that we don't understand.

>[x] Try summoning Alexi to help teach.
No. 397412 ID: 385f21

>[x] Try focusing on the "disturbance".
No. 397471 ID: 7d7f79

The disturbance could easily be one of these planeswalker jackasses that go around fighting for no good reason, or their agent, trying to get a read on you because you just showed up on their radar.
Without backup of your own it could easily be very, very risky to investigate a disturbance caused by something you don't know, with backup you don't know, purpose you don't strictly know, and ultimate origin you don't know. Do you completely lack friends, family and acquaintances you could bring in on this weirdness and ask to watch your back? Chances are good you could offer them the power to fly and/or other things that they'd otherwise never have, see, or do.
No. 397523 ID: af10de
File 133326307574.jpg - (70.10KB , 312x445 , 142.jpg )

>Try focusing on the disturbance, don't investigate just yet.

I try to find my center again, do my best to just sit there. I don't want my mana doing anything, just need to focus and see if there's something I can sense.


...Huh. I sense...something. Magic, I can tell that much. And it's not the kind of magic I have either - but it's not overly oppressive. Not hostile...composed, I guess would be a good word for it. The sensation is pretty weak, so I'm willing to bet that it's not right on top of me, and it probably isn't some ultra-powerful overdeity.

...at least I hope not.

>Still, magic isn't supposed to exist here, and sensing anything is more than I should. what's the play here?
No. 397531 ID: 886a4d

Most likely its a planeswalker. Someone who came to your world. If they aren't oppressive then they most likely won't care if you continue as you are.

You could however seek them out since them being here means they know what they are doing but that risks confrontation before you are ready.

I suggest talking to Alexi first. Learn some more of what you can do.
No. 397532 ID: 431fa8
File 133326654690.jpg - (31.32KB , 223x310 , telepathy.jpg )

Maybe we can use magic directly to sharpen our perceptions- sense things we couldn't normally perceive that would let us figure out more about this.

Failing that, if we can get a decent sense of where it is, maybe we can try for some kind of clairvoyance?
No. 397583 ID: 96e0ea

MAybe what you're feeling is something to detect magic. You haven't been shooting off lots of mana, just trying out small bits and getting a hang of what you can do, and this overlay or whatever it is, is trying to find you but because of the above, is having difficulty due to the small difference of your mana and the ambient mana.
No. 398109 ID: 7d7f79

You have the blue specialty, start enhancing your power draw and spell access, and getting ready to shoot down incoming magic spells. As blue your primary line of defense is keeping their spells from working for long enough that you can gather some finishing move together such as a big, flying summon or whatever.
No. 398145 ID: b84f3f

try mind spring or treasure hunt.
No. 398311 ID: af10de
File 133342296349.jpg - (69.57KB , 312x445 , 36.jpg )

>use magic to try getting more info.

Whatever this magic feeling is, it isn't good for me. I need to figure out the whole "countermagic" thing, and the sooner the better.

Failing that, I try to eke out a little more mana to try and get a better bead on that sensation...it's bright. weak...but I can feel a bit of warmth. It's also...a mile away? mile and a half, maybe? It's in town, that much is for sure. That's both good and bad, but right now I'm just wondering what the hell I can do about it.

>[ ] Magic in my town? I need to stop it, even if it means pulling something out on the fly!
>[ ] Okay, yeah, let's stay as far the fuck away as humanly possible.
>[ ] Hmm...I better just ignore it. Maybe they'll go away.
>[ ] Other (Please Specify)
No. 398316 ID: 431fa8

>[x] Okay, yeah, let's stay as far the fuck away as humanly possible.
We have no need of another unknown sorcerer all up in our business. That said, they're still a good distance away so there's no need to leave our comfortable little creek here. Keep an eye- or a magical super-sense, or whatever- on it, and proceed with what we're doing. If it starts coming our way, try to use magic to cloak ourselves or travel away.

For now, let's see about pulling up that Alexi.
No. 398317 ID: 008f60

>[X] Magic in my town? I need to stop it, even if it means pulling something out on the fly!
No. 398334 ID: 3eba16

>[X] Other (Please Specify)
No. 398342 ID: 6f9630

If it don't feel good, perhaps you need a creature to protect you. then you can investigte.

>[x]Other: Summon Creature
No. 398351 ID: b6edd6

>"I try to eke out a little more mana"
If we plan on heading over, maybe we should wait a bit until our mana recharges/refills/untaps/whatever?
No. 398403 ID: 16da88

No. 398470 ID: f70e5e

this for now. its probably been there for a while so leaving it for a bit longer probably won't matter, and we know almost nothing. at the very least we should have a basic understanding of how this shit works before we talk to something that might be on equal terms with us.
No. 398775 ID: af10de
File 133359848781.jpg - (50.18KB , 312x445 , 72.jpg )


I stretch a bit, having figured out a hell of a lot more than I had expected. Even as I leave the creek, I can feel the mana running through me, like I could call it up whenever I wanted. Of course, going alone might be risky, but having Claire or someone like that would be even more suspect. maybe summon something else...something less conspicuous?


On my shoulder now sits a storm-battered owl. Despite the wear, it seems more than happy to be with me. I can sense a hidden potential inside the bird's soul, insofar as a bird I summoned from who knows where actually has a soul, anyway...

The walk isn't so bad. One hill is kind of a pain to climb, but I can tell I'm getting closer. The magic I can sense still doesn't seem too strong, if that's any good news...to one side of the street are a pair of churches, across the street is the local library, and one block over is the high school.

>Well, whatever magic is here has to be right on top of me, but my magic-sense isn't giving me any more help. Where should I look first?
No. 398778 ID: fa9f7e

Library. You could find something useful there, even if there's no magic there. Also, other mages would probably head to a library to research.
No. 398779 ID: 96e0ea

Well, it can't be the school if you sense it to be right on top of you. It's probably the pair of churches. One church ahould have some followers but two, that should ping on any mana radar.
No. 398822 ID: 199d28

Feeling right on top can also mean it is below you. Look at the street. Can you see manhole covers? Maybe there is a sewer main below you.
No. 399151 ID: 7d7f79

You said that you felt this other magic was bright and warm... that tends to correspond to red type of magic, which typically involves hills, mountains, fires and volcanoes for its sources of energy.
Do you think you could go right to the mana source geology and trace the flow to the target?
No. 399159 ID: 3eba16

>Check out the churches, the magic stuff you feel could be like, their belief energy or God performing miracles or something.
No. 399160 ID: 7d7f79

Other known mana types tend to come from swamps for black, plains for white and forests for green. You can make use of these other mana types to a limited degree for your blue type magic. If you think tracking down your fellow magic user is difficult we might establish a greater mana base to cast magic with instead and use this mana to prepare artifacts, enchantments and summons to aid us in investigation and self-defense.
No. 399161 ID: 7d7f79

Your main blue response magic costs two units of blue mana to use and is called counterspell. There are many other variants, but this is the standard and it is very useful in most situations.
No. 399177 ID: 7d7f79
File 133378745461.jpg - (26.88KB , 223x310 , forcespike.jpg )

Forcespike: Counterspell that sort of works for only one mana.
No. 399178 ID: 7d7f79
File 133378750254.jpg - (33.39KB , 226x311 , counterspell.jpg )

Counterspell: Need lots of this.
No. 399179 ID: 7d7f79
File 133378760341.jpg - (30.00KB , 223x310 , powersink.jpg )

Counterspell that can be used to drain an opponent's mana, which is useful if you have more than they do.
No. 399181 ID: 7d7f79
File 133378766396.jpg - (30.34KB , 223x310 , rewind.jpg )

Counterspell that's conditionally free if you have enough mana to use it.
No. 399182 ID: 7d7f79
File 133378773588.jpg - (28.62KB , 223x310 , disruptivestudent.jpg )

These folks can counterspell for you.
No. 399183 ID: 7d7f79
File 133378778620.jpg - (28.40KB , 223x310 , disruptivepitmage.jpg )

Same as the student, except also possibly more useful for brawling.
No. 399185 ID: 7d7f79
File 133378800537.jpg - (30.24KB , 223x310 , manadrain.jpg )

Possibly out of our price range, but you want this.
No. 399187 ID: 7d7f79
File 133378846480.jpg - (34.46KB , 223x310 , forceofwill.jpg )

Also possibly out of our price range, but a dispel that costs something other than mana.
No. 399191 ID: 7d7f79
File 133379119696.jpg - (31.63KB , 223x310 , memorylapse.jpg )

I almost forgot this one, which is sometimes better than a normal dispel, particularly if you've got a couple Isochron Scepters imprinted with it.
No. 399292 ID: 7d7f79
File 133384308003.jpg - (32.64KB , 223x310 , mysticsnake.jpg )

If you get control of some forests, tropical islands or some other source of green mana as well then the mystic snake can be useful and annoying to use against enemy spells also.
No. 399547 ID: af10de
File 133393557505.jpg - (75.64KB , 312x445 , 23.jpg )

>so many counterspells...

I...okay, hang on a minute, being bombarded with this much information is kind of disorienting. owl brain can only filter so much of it out, just give me a second...all right.

Okay, I'm just gonna shelve all that "shutting off other people's magic" talk for a bit - I can probably figure out the basics on my own, anyway. The magic sense that's still lingering takes priority for now.

>You guys still have no ideas, I take it? School, library, church, or something else?

>Posting slews of cards at once is likely to have ill effects on little Erica's mind (as well as mine). keep suggestions to lists or maybe just one image at a time please.
No. 399550 ID: fa9f7e

No. 399552 ID: 8937cf

Well, that was all one person posting that slew of cards. Please don't do that, whoever it was.

I suggest going to the library. It could have secluded spots where someone or something could be messing with magic without anyone mundane noticing.
No. 399556 ID: 431fa8

>You guys still have no ideas, I take it? School, library, church, or something else?
...no ideas? Several people posted preferences for what to investigate or ideas as to how. One person decided to spam a shitload of cards for some reason. What's the problem here?

Hitting the library for now is fine.
No. 399557 ID: b6edd6

Maybe there should be a Questdis thread for this sort of thing? (Though even there posting ten images in a row rather than links is a bit excessive.)
No. 399655 ID: bbd7b7

No. 399939 ID: af10de
File 133402989571.jpg - (79.64KB , 312x445 , 78.jpg )


Alright, that's a decent place to check I guess. If nothing else I'm half as likely to run into some magical tome to study from.

Of course, it might help if the lights were working in here...I'm not so sure I like where this might be going...that scent is awfully familiar.

>[ ] Run the fuck away and hope whoever was there didn't notice you.

>[ ] Confront the source of the magic.

>[ ] Ignore magic and look for spellbooks

>[ ] Other (Please Specify)
No. 399943 ID: fa9f7e

...Kyubey? If so, run the fuck away.

If not, do you know what the scent is? Until you know, stay and look for books.

Also, if you're attacked, run to the church and hope that the whole "churches protect against witches" thing was based on other magic-users long ago and holy places really do nullify mana or something.
No. 399946 ID: b6edd6

So you get to a place with MYSTERIOUS HAPPENINGS and the lights are not working for mysterious reasons. Continuing inwards to investigate seems like quite a risky idea at this point.

Fortunately, as a blue mage you might not have to.
I vote >Other [Leave the building and attempt to use magic to surreptitiously observe from outside.]
No. 399949 ID: ee834a

I'm a gambling man, I say we investigate the source of the magic.

If you guys ultimately decide to wimp out, we can try this.
No. 399952 ID: 431fa8

>Other [Leave the building and attempt to use magic to surreptitiously observe from outside.]
Got to support this. We're pretty close here, and there is a huge variety of ways to try and get a better idea of what's going on in there with magic short of wandering around- telepathy and clairvoyance being the two most obvious. If we must confront potential enemies personally, it would be prudent to cloak ourselves in magic first, something to conceal or defend us from any attacks they might launch.
No. 399957 ID: 49d4d7

Wait a minute, let's gather some facts relavant to the situation here.
You're in a library. It is dark. You can't see. What do you have? An owl. Owls are nocturnal cratures. They have good night vision.
Why not let your Tempest OWl guide you.
No. 400052 ID: 70591e

confront that bitch.
No. 400243 ID: af10de
File 133411473411.jpg - (51.53KB , 312x445 , 134.jpg )

It's not so dark that I can't see...just the lights aren't working. There're enough windows and the sun to follow the scent. It smells like a mountain of pennies...coppery.

...blood. a trail of it, leading up the the body of one very dead, white rabbit thing of a furball.

I don't think I want to be here anymore. Time to high-tail it out of h-

"Fufufufu...Don't feel the need to rush off on my account, little girl. Why not stay a spell, hmm? It's not like we don't know what's at stake here..."

Okay, first off, that voice was creepy as hell - sounded like it came from a middle schooler on a sugar high. Second off, my gut tells me that trying to run away from something that could kill the furry bastard is a very bad idea.

>Even if I wanted to run, my body doesn't want to move! I have to say something, but what?
No. 400257 ID: 431fa8

Nothing for it but to act confident and casual. Never let 'em see you blink.

"Funny story, I blew my orientation guide to tiny chunky bits the first chance I got and missed the briefing. Just what is at stake?"

Be ready to chuck hopefully-disruptive magic at whatever gets thrown at you. And try to figure out where they are- either they're right here, possibly under some form of concealment, or they have some kind of remote presence magic. Either one is something that we should be able to sense and possibly disrupt. Knowledge is power; when we figure out what the fuck is going on we'll be able to stop and counter it.
No. 400261 ID: b6edd6

Maybe we should have chosen Red if we are just going to go around walking straight in to obvious traps like that.

Say hello while getting ready to cast something with protection from black.
No. 400309 ID: 49d4d7

Well, you can go meek and surprise him by a surprise attack, or you can intimidate him into leaving you alone. I think you should go meek and hit him with a surprise attack. It looks to me like this guy is new too. First thing he does after getting his powers is killing the fluffball, just like you. If that's the situation, then you can outlast him. You've got some mana plus a mana tap to an untapped resource, and he has none.
No. 400332 ID: 70591e

ask who it is.
No. 400694 ID: af10de
File 133428957230.jpg - (60.68KB , 312x445 , 95.jpg )

>Prep countermagic, confront

"Funny thing, I decided to not let that white bastard show me anything before getting rid of it. so pray tell, what exactly is at stake here?" On the inside I'm scared shitless, but if I show that then it can't end well.

"Power. The power to create, to do the impossible. And most importantly...the power to destroy you and your 'holier than thou' smartass friends!"

Before I can react, everything is black. It's like there's something in the blackness. Scuttling, moving in the infinite shadow, searching me for some reason to end me.

...that shit ain't gonna fly. Calm down Erica, just focus on what you know. don't give it anything to latch on to, and th-hey, where'd it go?

I'm back in the library, the lights are back on, and sitting in front of me is...well, a middle school girl who is probably way too hopped up on sugar.

"Huh. Guess you aren't one of them, so I guess you get a miss for now. Anyway...since you weren't sent to destroy me, the least we could do is introduce ourselves. I'm Nicole, and that..." The girl points to the bloody corpse of the rabbit-thing "is what happens to people who lie to me. Now then...who the hell are you, and why're you here?"

...this is...unexpected. I'm fine, and Mr. Owl is fine...so I guess I can give her a pass? maybe?

>What should I say to her?

>oh deathmark, you and your silly targeting restrictions...
No. 400714 ID: 431fa8

"Erica. I picked up on you from a couple miles off, decided to come check things out in person. Now what's all this about destroying smartasses?"

Keep on our toes. She's still a kid, and it sounds like she's the sort who got picked on in school and is inclined to be brutally nasty in hitting the world back because of it now that she has the chance. We need to get information without threatening or offending her if possible; if she's planning to slaughter a bunch of people in town here that's not really cool, but we can't let on that we'd try to stop her- she might decide to use something nastier than that first spell.
No. 400716 ID: f70e5e

" my name is Erica, i sensed from a few miles off and decided to come see whats up, I was hoping that talking to someone else who has magic would help me figure out what is going on. I have no interest in any sort of deadly violence if I can at all avoid it. "
No. 400803 ID: 96e0ea

This is the way you should go

Maybe you should tell her that you just got fired and what's worse, you were treated like shit during the whole thing. At the very least show some respect and not fire you so flippantly.
This may get you some symphathy from our young black mage here. At the very least , some common ground.
No. 400872 ID: 7d7f79

Girl needs perspective: Apparently the both of you are shrimp in an ocean of magic users that are mostly sharks or worse. You and Nicole need each other's backup in order to stand a good chance of not being chumped by the first one that decides to use their centuries of talent and practice to squash you like a fly.
"I'm Erica, pleased to meet you Nicole. Do we really have time for killing smartasses? What I've learned about this magic stuff so far says it's only a matter of time before someone with this kind of power who's been doing it for centuries shows up to squash us like flies. I think we'd be much better off getting to know each other and figuring out how to protect ourselves for when that happens. Want me to fill you in on that stuff?"
No. 401547 ID: af10de
File 133453022929.jpg - (76.22KB , 312x445 , 48.jpg )

>Talk her down

I introduce myself and explain just how shitty my day has been so far. After I've established that I'm not here to kill her or anything like that, she seems to calm down a little. Maybe now I can figure out what she meant by her little threat.

"It's that stupid church bitch. Apparently anyone who doesn't use her brand of faith is a demon worthy of being destroyed - our kind got enough torture 70 years ago, you'd think I'd at least get a pass for that."

...well that's a bit discouraging. Unfair as hell, but still discouraging. Trying to get that much more out of her doesn't get too far, either. At least we have a working truce in place. So now what?

>[ ] Try joining mana to summon something
>[ ] Try summoning on your own
>[ ] Ask Nicole about her kill-spell
>[ ] Go back home
>[ ] Other (Please Specify)
No. 401581 ID: 70591e

her kind? also, church bitch? explain.
No. 401583 ID: 431fa8

Get more information on this "church bitch" and "our kind" if we at all can. Affect that our concern is primarily that someone might come after us, and we need to know about it.

Give her a cell phone number if we've got one, and get hers. As long as we're sticking around in this world it would be silly not to use its conveniences.
No. 401584 ID: 60fee2

Please ask her to kindly explain what the hell she is talking about. Remind her you just got magic powers today. Some history and the current state of affairs in the local magical community would be nice.
No. 401588 ID: 6f9630

I got a feeling that Nicole is Jewish, what with the "torture 70 years ago" remark.

Ask her about the church caster. What's up with her anyways?
No. 401589 ID: fb9917

Try joining mana to summon the ARCHITECTS OF WILL


and then see if she feels like being more cooperative about talking to us.
No. 401614 ID: b6edd6

Ask what this 'church bitch has' to do with the rabbit thing.

Summoning mind manipulators is risky to begin with, and summoning mind manipulators with the help of the person you plan on manipulating is just silly.
No. 401637 ID: af10de
File 133454854976.jpg - (41.18KB , 375x523 , 82.jpg )


Right. We both have cell phones, and while I'm not sure if other worlds have mastered cellular technology, at least this one has - I'll gladly take advantage.

"Now then, this 'church bitch', as you so eloquently referred to her...anything more you can tell me? If nothing else, I don't want to make any enemies I don't have to." I'm trying to help my case, but the other girl doesn't look at all happy about talking about this.

"In that case, stay away from the churches. Holocaust-denying self-righteous assholes, every single one of them. Was bad enough before one of them decided to show her magic off to me - and by 'show off', I mean 'try to erase me from existence'. If you ever come across a blonde girl named Sarah, make yourself scarce."

"Well, I've only had access to this...magic...and I still can't believe it; for only an hour or so. Mind filling me in on the local magic news?"
Nicole only laughs at that. "Erica, I'm gonna shoot straight with you, because you seem to get it: I've had this for all of 20 minutes. I'm the last person you want to ask for gossip...or much of anything related to this."

Good guess - turns out her whole family is Jewish. Not terribly devout, but I'm hardly one to judge. She can do her thing, I'll do mine.
Life's simpler that way.

Sure, she's got sorcery that can drain the life out of a person's soul and casts it without batting an eye, but Nicole is still just a kid. I may not be *that* much better...but I really think I ought to keep her close. What should I say?

>[ ] "Hey, wanna go and teach that snobby churchrat a thing or two?"
>[ ] "Hey, wanna come back and crash at my apartment?"
>[ ] "Any ideas on someone who could help us with this and not want us dead afterwards?"
>[ ] "What do you want to do?"
>[ ] Other (Please Specify)
No. 401641 ID: 6f9630

Well, you might want to teach Nicole about summoning and mana bonds, since well, its the only things you know about. Mana bonds first, then go to someplace quiet to see what Nicole will summon
No. 401656 ID: 70591e

well, since both of you have enemies, you two could just ally up and collaborate, y'know, compare notes or something, somewhere secluded where you won't be interrupted. say, are there any swamps around here?
No. 401657 ID: 6f9630

Well, if there's no swamps, I think a slightly more disgusting black mana souce would be the sewers.
No. 401659 ID: 431fa8

Hrm. We only sensed Nicole here- if there's someone named Sarah running around, shouldn't we be able to sense her, too? Try to extend our senses and get a bead on any other magic-users in the area. If that doesn't produce results, try more divination-type spells, as before- telepathy, clairvoyance, whatever.

Let Nicole know what we're doing so she doesn't grow suspicious, of course.
No. 401663 ID: b6edd6

Suggest that you work together to learn more about magic, as it would be best to find out more before the church girl or worse shows up.
No. 401667 ID: fb9917

No. 401668 ID: edf7c9

Or graveyards
No. 401669 ID: f70e5e

we should keep in mind that Nicole tried to kill us as soon as we met. granted she thought we might have been there to kill her but we should explain to her the importance of fire discipline, there are a variety of reason both moral and practical that you don't want to accidentally kill some random bystander.
No. 402024 ID: 7d7f79

Seconded. Seriously, we need a lot more clue and power than we've got to start going Ghengis Khan here.
No. 402031 ID: af10de
File 133469921422.jpg - (57.43KB , 312x445 , 10.jpg )

You're right, that could certainly help, and there's a cemetery a bit down the road - just down the hill and back up again. I bring it up to her, and she seems intrigued.
"I like it, but I doubt that'll be something we can do when the sun's still shining. call me tonight, we'll get something done." Given the mischievous smirk on her face, I bet she can barely wait.

"You know, it's generally not a good idea to try and use soul-robbing magic against just anyone...I think we should avoid using magic against anyone until the anyone uses magic against us first. Okay?"

She frowns but agrees. It's for the best...

I ask her if she has any ideas on someone who could help us learn more about this shit - she doesn't. I could try calling that Alexi woman...though I'm not sure how Nicole would take it.

>[ ] "I may know someone who can help. Want me to call her up?"
>[ ] "Wanna try summoning something who can help?"
>[ ] "I've got nothing, I'll see you tonight."
>[ ] Other
No. 402033 ID: 673411

Say you'll meet up with her tonight, part ways, and then try out Alexi
No. 402035 ID: 7d7f79

Suggest it as a short term goal to find out more about this Alexi and if it checks out to go visit. Suggest as a short term goal that you both get the hang of how to use magic and back each other up so that if Alexi turns out to be as dangerous and loony as the other planeswalkers that you might be able to deal.
No. 402038 ID: b6edd6

We should mention the possibility to her, but we should wait for that until after she has done the mana connection, so you have more total power at your disposal if something goes wrong. (Also she will probably feel more secure about it after she has a mana bond.)
No. 402091 ID: 49d4d7

Well, time to cut this short. The both of you can discuss business at the graveyard. Also, don't unsummon you owl. Having him around would be nice to have as security for anything that could happen.
No. 402382 ID: af10de
File 133487740395.jpg - (68.42KB , 312x445 , 2.jpg )

"Alright, call me when you're on your way. I'll meet you there." Nicole nods and goes back to reading her book. It's not too much longer before I'm back at my apartment.

Let's see...a google search for "Alexi" and "Mercadia" doesn't give me anything I can use. Maybe I need to be a bit more...proactive in my info gathering.

>[ ] Try Summoning Alexi
>[ ] Don't summon, conserve your magic for tonight.
>[ ] Other (Please Specify)
No. 402383 ID: fa9f7e

Other: Google Magic: The Gathering.
No. 402405 ID: f70e5e

as far as we can tell mana regenerate on its own, so there is no reason to conserve it overnight. lets try calling up Alexi. also while this magic system does seem to have allot of similarities to magic the gathering its possible that Ericas world doesn't have that particular game.
No. 402431 ID: 03a711

Knowledge is power, and we can always convey things we learn from Alexi to Nicole should we wish to. But if we summon Alexi together with Nicole, we won't have the chance to censor information. We may not have to, but it is an option.

There is also the slim chance that Alexi may have issues with Black mana users, so this is a chance to get a feel for her disposition.
No. 402449 ID: 6f9630

I'd rather have the extra mana in case Nicole tries to screw us over, but I'm fine with summoning Alexi for a chat.

Also, prepare for going out at night in a pretty deserted area. You gonna want your hiking shoes and pepper spray just in case.
No. 402499 ID: b6edd6

Now that you mention it, we should look into getting a gun. Nobody expects a mage to pull out a non-magical weapon and shoot them.
No. 402638 ID: da98fb

Now that you mention it, we should look into getting a gun. Nobody expects a mage to pull out a non-magical weapon and shoot them.
No. 402761 ID: 7d7f79

Try to find a forest or a plain and try to link to those? Fully empowered planeswalkers can use all the colours but we don't know your limits yet.
No. 402762 ID: fa9f7e

Er... doublepost or what?

Anyways, yeah, guns. If Voldemort had just shot Harry, he'd have won.
No. 402766 ID: 49ff09

Alexi may disapprove of Nicole. don't summon her until after the meeting.

focus on gathering fucktons of mana. and summoning a tough bodyguard dude in case Nicole tries something funny.
No. 402822 ID: da98fb

Me being derp.
No. 402951 ID: 980e12

Welcome to TGchan! fun facts: you can delete your posts by clicking the little box next to them, scrolling down to the bottom, and hitting "delete". I am also guessing you were trying to
with that? all you gotta do is put that greater than sign at the beginning.

No. 403008 ID: af10de
File 133504638097.jpg - (67.12KB , 312x445 , 126.jpg )

A...a gun?

I have to admit, the thought never occurred to me. I can look up how much it would run me - remember, I don't live in some big metropolis where I could sidle up to some gangster on a street corner - I'd have to do everything aboveboard, and that takes cash I really don't have a lot of.


Alright. I should be able to do this. Closing my eyes and taking a few deep breaths, I let my magic go to work. I try and picture the same sort of place that Claire came from...the swirling breezes...and now add some mana to this and...


...it's cold. like winter decided to show up either four months late, or eight months early. Opening my eyes, there's a woman kneeling before me that could only be the Zephyr Mage I was told about.

...It dawns on me that I really don't know what to say to her...so I'll just have to wing it.

"Thank you for granting me with your audience. I...I guess I want to ask you about magic, if it's not too much of a hassle..."

The woman takes in the tiny place that is my apartment before sitting on one of the chairs. "Well, since you asked so nicely...to be honest, I don't terribly mind the change of scenery. And you look like you could really use my help. So out with it, what do you need?"

>I...hmm. that's a good question. What do I need from her?
No. 403019 ID: b6edd6

Explain how you recently received magic from some rabbit thing, and it appears that a number of other have as well. At least some of these others seem mentally unstable, so it is likely you will need to learn how to fight and/or evade other mages as soon as possible.
No. 403024 ID: 96e0ea

"I only know a few things like how to form mana bonds and summoning. The rest? I'm not sure. The politics? I don't know. Also, a black mage has asked me to help teach her, when I don't know anything about this."

Also, Alexi's a guest in your home. Give her somerhing to drink.
No. 403042 ID: c1c2fc

Ask her about the summoning. Why does she specifically answer the summons? What does she, or others she may know, get out of this arrangement? Do they get some of the mana used for the summons?

Has she or anyone she has spoken to been summoned here, this world, before? Give her any details she may need if it's unclear
No. 403050 ID: f70e5e

" I know that how to do basic summoning, and some of how mana works, that's about it. as far as i can tell i have allot of raw power, and no idea how anything works. I have yet to see any situation were that is a good position to be in. "
No. 403170 ID: 49ff09

resist the temptation to ask her how you'd apply magic during the sex act and tell her about your encounter with the rabbit, and the mage who recommended her. and maybe Nicole, but just maybe.
No. 403330 ID: af10de
File 133512263480.jpg - (78.11KB , 312x445 , 69.jpg )

"Well...I guess I'm looking for a teacher. some furry thing came up to me this afternoon and told me I can do magic, and it's just been stumbling about from there. I know a little about summoning and mana connections, but I'm highly doubting that'd be enough to survive in a place where people know about this stuff..."

Alexi nods, I hope she understands just how over my head this is. "Why you needed a furball to tell you that you had magic is something I know to not ask, but you're right - you'll need a lot more know how if you were planning a trip to Mercadia anytime soon. I certainly can school you on some of the finer points, but you can conjure things and you know how to gather mana. I'd say that puts you several steps above your average budding magician - especially if this is your first day."

I...well, damn. I didn't expect that kind of praise. And if I learned that sort of thing this quickly, then I ought to be well on my way.

"Do you mind if I ask a personal question? Why did you decide to show up when I called for you?"

Alexi shoots me a look before speaking back up. "You know how dumb it sounds to ask if you can ask a question, then ask it anyway before I can say anything? Try not to do that."

After I'm done stammering some bullshit apology, she continues. "To be honest, most of the time I don't - when you summoners want me to fight in your duels, what you usually get is just a spiritual copy. All the special abilities at your disposal, but none of the risk of me actually dying to stray fire.
Of course, you seemed like an interesting case - and I could tell you weren't locked in mortal combat - so I figured it'd be worth it to pop my head in. I take it magical duels is something you'll want to know about, yes?"

I nod again. This is going to be an interesting conversation already, I can tell...

>[ ]"So, I have a friend who uses a different kind of magic than me...is that bad?"
>[ ]"So, I understand you can manipulate air... How does that work?"
>[ ]"My knowledge of how summoning works is kinda limited. Any tricks to maker it easier?"
>[ ]"I'm not really up to date on what spells I should be studying - any ideas?"
>[ ] Other (Please Specify)
No. 403351 ID: 7d7f79

"Roughly the same thing happened to another girl in this world, and she ended up becoming a black magician from it. I've promised her I'd try to look out for her, and vice versa. How risky is that?"

"Knowing about that, what's your advice on what I should do now? I'm interested in learning more but what little I've heard about duels seems alarming. I'm pretty sure I need to know more about what other planeswalkers do and how to avoid getting into bad situations with them, but if there's a way to learn more about that from this world that doesn't involve summoning people who willingly tell me it's not so obvious."
No. 403425 ID: 6f9630

Magical duels is probably something you need to know, and tell her about Nicole and her enmity with Sarah, because lets face it, Sarah sounds pretty tough and aggresive.
No. 403449 ID: b6edd6

Is there a way to specifically summon a copy, in case you want to do something like disarming a trap the fast way?
No. 403519 ID: 99c568

all of the above.
No. 404554 ID: af10de
File 133536146999.jpg - (87.51KB , 312x445 , 68.jpg )

"So...I ran into someone who is apparently in the same boat as me, but uses black magic instead of blue like I do. Is there any reason why I shouldn't try to be friends with her or anything?" I really hope there isn't a reason, because she seems like a nice kid...

"Well...I'm personally not a fan of black mages. Course, if the two of you are on good terms with each other and haven't been ordered to take each other out, I'd keep her around. Between your counter magic and her ability to snuff out summons, the two of ye'll not have too many opponents that can do all that much."

...That's actually pretty cool, that the two of us should be able to stop almost anything. It makes me think that I actually have some potential in this whole magic business.

"Oh yeah...magical duels. Admittedly, I don't know anything about them. How much of it do you know?" She just shrugs, but anything she can give me is more than I have right now.

"It's gonna take some time to explain exactly how things work. I figure this will cover most of it, but you're gonna have to figure this out firsthand eventually. I can only give you a primer."
The next hour and a half is dedicated to how combat works - apparently mages have all but ritualized it into some elaborate game. Personally I think it'd be easier to shoot something at them while they're casting, but who am I to argue with that kind of tradition?

>See next post
No. 404586 ID: af10de

Duels using magic are conducted,by in large, in the manner of a game of Magic. There are, of course, a few changes that need to be noted and remembered for Erica to do well.

A beginning mage starts with 10 life. Upon connecting with mana links or reaching certain benchmarks, (read: levels, though I didn't want to call them that) A mage will gain more resilience. If reduced to 0 life, a mage is not automatically dead, but is significantly injured and death is a possibility.
Currently, Erica has 9 life out of a maximum of 11, due to that psionic blast. She'll regain those 2 life points after a good night's sleep.

In a duel, Erica will be limited to the spells that she has committed to a pool - to start with, her "deck" will have 20 spells available: four castings apiece of five different spells, plus any number of basic islands. A mage can have an absolute maximum of 48 spell castings available in their pool - and Erica is likely to reach that cap sooner than you'd think. As mentioned before, Erica can currently have up to 10 islands under her control without putting undue strain on her mana link. Gaining levels will raise this cap.

The last big rules change is that, due to her inexperience, Erica can only cast three spells per turn cycle. (one turn cycle being from the start of her turn to the start of her next turn) Copied spells (twincast, replicate, storm, etc.) do not count toward this cap.
Spells that only draw cards do not count towards the cap, and allow for an additional spell to be cast that turn cycle for each card drawn. (if Erica casts Divination as her first spell of the turn cycle, which draws 2 cards, she'll be able to play 5 more spells this cycle).
Spells that do something and then draw a card DO count towards the spells per turn cycle cap, but also allow one more spell for that cycle per card drawn. (If Erica casts Merchant of Secrets [>>396212] as her first spell of the turn cycle, she will be able to cast 3 more spells.)
As with her land cap, this limit on spells cast per cycle will increase with experience.

I'm pretty sure that's everything. Refer to the discussion thread (http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/361540.html) for the building of Erica's starting deck, as well as any questions about the system.

Turn 2 will start once Erica's decklist has been agreed upon.
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