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File 133049094089.png - (133.87KB , 912x547 , CQ2title4.png )
389505 No. 389505 ID: f72f26

previous threads


>when we last left our heroes, Doctor Fuze had just been shot! was it lethal? will his murderer go to jail? keep reading to find out.
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No. 389510 ID: f72f26
File 133049156651.png - (1.07MB , 884x605 , CQ2page93.png )

My name is Belial Fuze, doctor.

My senses feel odd as if numb . . . perhaps I'm asleep.

I- I can't quite remember . . . something unfortunate happened . . .
No. 389511 ID: a2fa74

You were shot with a stun gun.
Don't move, don't even change your breathing patterns. Listen carefully, and pay attention to what you can pick up.
No. 389512 ID: 217fb0

Mint just shot you with a human stun gun for some reason... try not to draw attention to your returning consciousness.
No. 389513 ID: b6edd6

You were shot, but only a little bit.
No. 389514 ID: 62e83b

Play dead, observe surroundings. Hopefully you're not surrounded by pinkskins or in prison or anything that would be terrible.
No. 389515 ID: 88579a

You were shot: you got better. Don't open your eyes (useless sans glasses) but listen for any local activity. If it sounds safe, you need to get up and move. The rest of your team needs you!
No. 389517 ID: e3f578

Fuze don't belittle yourself
Your Belial Fuze, Ace Doctor

I wouldn't worry about Mint being here or playing dead. Mint knows she shot you with a stun gun. She's already left to do whatever she is to do before you'd have a chance to get up. Don't play dead, you'll just be an attractive meal to scavengers. Get the fuck up and shake it off soldier!
No. 389541 ID: f72f26
File 133052690828.png - (1.24MB , 960x561 , CQ2page94.png )

T-that's right! Mint shot me.
I can't hear anything, but I choose to play dead just in case.

Voice: "GET UP Rirthian! I will not waste words with a corpse . . . "

the words fracture into Fuze's mind like nails through glass, the hissing tone that accompanies the pain resembles radio static.

Voice: "fortune has smiled upon you creature, BroodMother Tzolm has ask me to stay my hand, and deliver a message, listen well for I have no requirement to repeat it . . ."

Instinctualy Fuze turns to face the speaker . . . an act he would quickly regret, the one time his poor eyesight would have proved a blessing it is miraculously cured

Fuze: "AAH!"

Voice: "Brood Mother wishes for you to understand that the creature that felled you is setting acts into motion that will damage the future of both our races. it is Brood Mother's wish that you prevent this from happening."

Fuze: "w-wait, I can't-"

Voice: "your oppressor has left her watch, gather your optics and act now! you will not get another chance . . . or ignore this warning it makes little difference to me."
No. 389542 ID: ed57e8

get up, get a gun, get glasses, take down mint. tie her up and then slip her some knock out drugs to keep her down.
No. 389549 ID: b6edd6

Maybe ask how Mint could cause so much damage?
No. 389551 ID: 1d8a70

Fuck that shit we need to beat her over the head with a sock full of pennies.
No. 389552 ID: 998c6e

Because she used a stun gun on us, or on the word of a giant bug monster who just invaded our brain?

We've already reason to suspect that the bugs have infiltrated the Astranian hierarchy, the act of cleansing them out would almost certainly count as "acts that will damage the future of both our races."
No. 389553 ID: ed57e8

No. 389554 ID: e3f578

No, I will trust Mint's word that what she does is for the better of the government, she is intelligent and not naive enough at all or filled too much with great hubris to be so foolish to be automatically wrong. I'm too intrigued by her plans and goals to dismiss them entirely.

Your loyalty is to your government, not to the Astranians, Fuze. Even if it did just stun and hurt you pretty bad. It would only truly hurt your race if it kills a bunch of them in the process in expense at whatever will hurt the bugs, but it may actually be beneficial enough for the greater good to justify (unlike that dude from Colony Quest, who was doing it for personal vengeance).
No. 389573 ID: 2563d4

Punch it in the tentacles to establish dominance.
No. 389580 ID: 3e85e3

No. 389674 ID: f72f26
File 133057997372.png - (96.03KB , 912x547 , CQ2page95.png )

Fuze: "I know how your poison and lies work creature! I'll not be your pawn!"

Voice: "your pitiful mind is unrevealing . . . let is not be said Acidath the SoulStalker is unsporting, I release thee!"

the dreamscape shatters away

Fuze: "AAaaaah!"

my head, it's throbs heavily and my ears ring, I smell pinkskins . . . I-I can't see, everything is a blur . . .
No. 389675 ID: 07eaf7

Your glasses are right there the more important thing to worry about is clothing
No. 389676 ID: 1d8a70

Well, you know your new mission.

Detain or kill Mint.

Glasses are first priority, then pinkskins.
No. 389677 ID: a2fa74

What's bad for the bugs is good for us. We're HELPING her!
No. 389683 ID: 1854db

Get your glasses and put them on.
No. 389697 ID: 3e85e3

Reach carefully with your left hand over your right hand. Don't lift up your right hand or lean down on your right elbow. The glasses are right there. Fail to crush the glasses, whatever you do.
No. 389720 ID: f72f26
File 133062030630.png - (182.29KB , 912x547 , CQ2page96.png )

aha! my spectacles, I put them on!

Jones: " . . . huh?"
No. 389721 ID: ed57e8

go "EEEEEEEEEE" and cover yourself
No. 389722 ID: 1854db

Demand your pants.
No. 389723 ID: 1d8a70

seconded. make it a yelp and really high pitched and cute.
No. 389724 ID: b6edd6

Oh, its that guy. Who now has your pants for some reason.
No. 389730 ID: 6af0be

No screaming. You are a man of dignity and science.
No. 389734 ID: 2563d4

I knew it. Mint knocked you out to strip you down to your undergarments for her own sick and depraved gratification.

You are permitted one (1) mortified shudder.
No. 389741 ID: cf0876

"Even neglecting the fact that I'm not dead just yet, rather I think my garments are just a bit too small for you, wouldn't you agree?"
No. 389744 ID: 73eb25

Scream like a girl and cover yourself.
No. 389745 ID: 3e85e3

Acquire a ragingly inappropriate boner.
No. 389769 ID: e3f578

Oh please, we are a medical proffesional, an Ace Doctor. We have to see Astranians nude or near nude all the time to make a diagnosis. I'm sure this man was checking him for wounds.

During his training, Fuze probably got used to anatomy and such, desensitized. He's probably far more comfortable with it than most of Astranians, barring perverts like Mint and stoic motherfuckers like Hoft. From past ITQs, he only acts like a normal, anti-sexual astranian when romance is part of the discussion because that shit has to be private and personal.
No. 389772 ID: 865a6b

No. 389833 ID: f72f26
File 133066786850.png - (183.58KB , 912x547 , CQ2page97.png )

Fuze: "EEeeeaaaH!"

Jones: ". . . I guess you really aren't dead"

I-I wish I had that level of self control . .

Fuze: "I demand you give me back my pants!"

Jones: "wha? these aren't your pants, these are part of a costume I "borrowed"."
No. 389834 ID: a9ba96

Well they certainly don't appear to fit him
No. 389836 ID: bccf7b


Fuze. He has seen you in only your smallclothes. This is ... you must offer yourself to him! It is the only way to placate these human savages!

I am so, SO sorry, LonelyWorld....
No. 389838 ID: 1854db

"Fine whatever just gimmie!"

And ask him where everyone else is.
No. 389847 ID: d5ee6f

No. 389850 ID: 2563d4

Further evidence for the Mint hypothesis.

State your express desire for acquiring those pants regardless of ownership.
No. 389854 ID: 3e85e3

MINT MUST HAVE RAPED YOU IN YOUR no she just took your uniform for some reason. No need to panic. Was there some form of identification she might have wanted? Something you had in your pocket?

Perhaps she needed it for an accomplice's disguise...
No. 389865 ID: 1d8a70

"What!? Bullshit, those are astranian pants! And I need them! Right now!"
No. 389870 ID: 9a2e3f

Just snatch them, put 'em on. Possibly while blushing furiously.

Now: we need to figure out what's going on. Just what is this guy doing here now?
No. 389873 ID: 12c19f

"I don't care who or where you pried them from, give me theeeeem!"

Upon being re-familiarized with trousers, beg to know where everyone else is.
No. 389874 ID: 73eb25

Commandeer pants from human.
No. 389875 ID: e3f578

"Who cares, lets not get technical when I need pants please. Let's cut to the chase, whatever reasonable you want I'm capable of giving, now or in the future, for those pants right now, I will agree to because I'm betting you're going to talk about how I'll owe you, because you helped saved our lives, I already owe you lots. Please, those pants are insignificant, just give me to them now we'll talk details later after I have them on. I just need pants for godssakeyouknowastrainanshatebingnaked how is that not common knowledge by now."
No. 389890 ID: f72f26
File 133073043355.png - (158.09KB , 912x547 , CQ2page98.png )

Fuze: "just give me the pants!"

Jones: "whatever."

* * *

Fuze: "So where are all my companions?"

Jones: "they scattered after I handed out the costumes, anyone ever tell you how weird you guys act?"

Prince: "Officer Fuze it is good to see you functional again."

Jones: "oh I guess the robots still here."
No. 389891 ID: ed57e8

it's good to see you can actually talk again prince.
No. 389897 ID: 3e85e3

Hug Prince. Ask what costumes?
No. 389913 ID: 73eb25

Ask where Mint is and why the hell did she shoot you.
No. 389932 ID: 12c19f

Is that your stuff on the floor?


Rummage through your gear to see if anything was pilfered, ask where everyone went, especially Mint.
No. 389937 ID: 7c8d90

Seconding Prince hug.
No. 389977 ID: 2563d4

Gather the rest of your things. Try the snazzy jacket he's holding if that's your disguise.

Wear Prince's tripod as a stylish hat.
No. 389983 ID: f72f26
File 133078825143.png - (129.55KB , 912x547 , CQ2page99.png )

Hugging Prince would be awkward, uncomfortable and inappropriate (given current company)

Instead I shall give the robot a firm manly shoulder clamp to reinforce our camaraderie.

Fuze: "I share the sentiment Prince, it is good to have you back online."

It seems all my equipment is in order, my stun pistol however is missing.

Fuze: "hmmm why would she take off my gear?"

Jones: "actually that was me, I needed to to put on your costume."

Fuze: "what are these costumes?"

Jones: "lots of good people have lost friends and family to the Astranian advance . . . and some people tend to hold grudes. The way I see it walking into Memora dressed like little soldiers is not a smart idea, I took the liberty of picking you guys up some less political clothes, maybe pass you off as Blackmerchants."
No. 389985 ID: d5ee6f

Hit him with prince! He undressed you! He saw your bits!
No. 389986 ID: 1d8a70

Tell him that's cool, and that you appreciate that, but next time uh... please let you dress yourself. Just say, you know, it's an astranian thing.

Tell him the fat cat attacked you and might be trying to betray us all. We need him to be on the lookout as much as anyone.

Ask Prince where Mint is, but take his words with a grain of salt, as Mint has been fiddling with him and might have modified him to only really obey her.
No. 389989 ID: cf0876

What bits? you mean his knees? He's hardly naked, hell he still has an undershirt on.

Anyhow, it is quite strange that she would disappear with simply a stun pistol, to note, where are the others, Oken and Hoft?
No. 389996 ID: e3aff6

Exactly! He saw Fuse's knees, and upper legs even! Positively scandalous!

Anyway, we should say Mint is up to something, but also seems to not be working for the bugs.
No. 390028 ID: bccf7b

Goodness! Not to mention his bare feet! This is... oh my...!

Inquire as to the whereabouts of our comrades (while blushing fiercely), as well as what his plans are.
No. 390069 ID: d713af

Here's a good one to ask: WHY WERE YOU SHOT?
No. 390106 ID: f72f26
File 133082807014.png - (103.09KB , 912x547 , CQ2page100.png )

Fuze: "you should know better than to take an Astranian's clothes!"

Jones: "you were out cold, you rather I let one of your pals dress you up?"

Fuze: "J-just don't let it happen again! anyways where did you say the other were?"

Jones: "off somewhere getting changed into their costumes I imagine."

Fuze: "Prince, Mint attacked me, I need to know where she went."

Prince: "data indicates she left with AcePilot Oken and Gunner Hoft."

Fuze: "hmm, Jones I don't know what she's after but there's a good chance she may be planning to betray us all, we have to be-"

Jones: "wait she attacked you? I wasn't there but I'm pretty sure the tiny deer said you hit your head on a rock or something."
No. 390107 ID: 3e85e3



No, Mint just gave her a convincing story.
No. 390108 ID: ed57e8

"mint most likely told her that that happened. and as i'm the medic they would be unable to know the difference."
No. 390109 ID: 1d8a70

Oken isn't in on it, Prince has likely been tampered with and is likely loyal to mint and mint alone.
No. 390110 ID: 8e18cd

There wouldn't be much time for Mint to tamper with Prince.

She left you alive... for some reason. Ask Jones if he can accompany you while you search for Mint.
No. 390120 ID: 4240fe

Yet the question remains... why stun us, and then leave us to know the truth. What is her angle here, if she's not working for the bugs... then who?
No. 390161 ID: d713af

This isn't good. They could possibly 'brush off' any accusations you make as side-effects of a head injury. Especially with Mint's particularly stubborn personality.
No. 390257 ID: f72f26
File 133088461088.png - (202.42KB , 912x547 , CQ2page101.png )

Fuze: "Jones I need your help find-"

Jones: "no need, here they are"

Oken: ". . . Okay everybody, remember these clothes aren't armoured, which means we should try to avoid getting hurt."

Mint: "ya ya, whatever, let's just get this done, so I can get out of this clown gettup."
No. 390260 ID: a2fa74

Slide up next to Hoft and speak quietly to him.
"Wasn't a rock; Mint's stun gun."
No. 390261 ID: 1d8a70

Do this, but with Oken.
No. 390262 ID: ed57e8

maybe wait until mint isn't nearby. don't want to risk her hearing.
No. 390263 ID: 4240fe

"Hello Mint, I don't quite think you are supposed to wear your undershirt with that."
No. 390270 ID: e3f578

Mint's not going to let you get a word in edgewise.
Unless you start with an insult. Then maybe go on into a tangent. "Nice tutu, princess. Reminds me of the spoiled brats parents would take with them to the place where I learned my trade so they could have free health care! At least they didn't shoot someone with a damn stun gun lazer and pass it off as hitting their head for whatever crazy conspiracy they've cooked up. That's just you. I take it you left me alive to convince me or something later? If it kills the bugs, I'm game for what they did to my unit through that pinkie no matter what. As long as you can turn off your crazy bitch emissions and not shoot me in the back like some Agent claiming they're doing it for their government."

She stunned you and decided it was safe to come back for a reason when you were up. We need to figure out what's what and be straight up. If we aren't, she'll get paranoid and try and stun you, or even kill you, when it's appropriate. She's planned for this, or she's actually really stupid. She's expecting confrontation with you. Don't be a threat to her expectations.
No. 390429 ID: f72f26
File 133092748876.png - (126.78KB , 912x547 , CQ2page102.png )

Fuze "Mint! you-"

Oken: "Belial!"


Fuze: "uh?"

Oken: "I'm so glad you're OK Fuze, we were so worried you weren't going to make it!"
No. 390430 ID: 1d8a70

"I'd be doing a lot better if MINT HADN'T SHOT ME!"
No. 390436 ID: 1854db

It'd be a bad idea to accuse Mint out in public. Speak to her in PRIVATE if at all. It looks like she went off to do something on her own then came back. Which is weird, I guess.
No. 390440 ID: ed57e8

yeah i guess that makes sense.
No. 390446 ID: 3e85e3

No making fun of Mint. She's gorgeous.
No. 390448 ID: bccf7b


Subterfuge Tiiiiiiiiime~!

Act all confused, if possible, and ask Oken and Hoft if they know what happened. Just say you remember talking to one of them (don't expressly say Mint), and then you woke up here.

(At this point, blush furiously at the prospect of possibly having been seen without proper clothing!)
No. 390454 ID: 2563d4

So, wait, the response to being worried about us is to wander off and leave us unconcious in a cave?
No. 390481 ID: 41ca5c

What? No, we need to get this out right now and get everyone aware of what happened.
No. 390484 ID: cf0876

"Erh, thankyou really, I'm fine was fine, it was just a stungun... Speaking of which, where is my stungun?"
No. 390486 ID: 12c19f

Say everything's alright then whisper about seeing her in private later. It's something you can't detail here.

Also awkward boner.
No. 390514 ID: 73eb25

"Mint, why the hell did you zap me if you weren't going to do anything AND were going to stick around? What part of "What's best for the [insert correct name of Astranian Alliance here]" involves attacking me?"

Take a medscanner and scan yourself for any injuries consistant with a fall and hit head on rock. Also try to subtly check the rest of your body to see if she did anything to you. If you can't do it subtlety then do it openly.

Don't tell them yet about the bug incident or whatever that thing was. We can tell them later and it's hard to believe right now. That is evidence supporting the hit on head hypothesis instead of the mint zapped you law (yay abusing science).
No. 390644 ID: 55c4cf

Hoft: get a barrel. you need to throw one at somebody.
No. 390680 ID: f72f26
File 133105020237.png - (227.38KB , 912x547 , CQ2page103.png )

my whole life I've been told to keep things private, to deal with everything in proper channels and at proper times . . .
. . .but this time, I don't know.

Oken: "Fuze are you all right?"

Mint: "I'm sure he's fine, he's still a little woozy from being out cold for sometime, after a little rest I'm SURE he'll remember his accident, isn't that right Fuze?"

she's smiling

Fuze: "there was no accident . . ."

she won't get away with this

Fuze: "there was never any rock, and I never hit my head! IT WAS YOU! you shot me with a stun pistol Geragine Mint!"

Oken: "W-what?"
No. 390681 ID: 55c4cf

accost yonder floozy mint, who knows what hysterics she has concocted.
No. 390683 ID: 12c19f

Aaaand this is the point where things boil over.

Oken: Intermediate. You all need to get off this fungus rock still and if we leap at each other's throats right now within a hair's breadth away from a potential respite; Well then we'll be casting aside all the effort, dumb luck, and humiliation it took to get this far. Anything that could be sorted would better be disclosed anywhere -but- the nigh-uninhabitable hostile pirate world.
No. 390693 ID: ed57e8

oken is captain here so she is judge. it's up to her to figure out who is telling the truth.
No. 390701 ID: 1854db

And now we ask why.
No. 390717 ID: 2563d4

Jones: Continue to rock out on air guitar while the furries bicker.
No. 390721 ID: e3f578

"Mint, what are you planning? I mean, you stun me, leave me here, and just expect me to keep quiet about it? Seriously? Convince the others hitting my head makes me delirious? Was that what you thought would work? Head wounds don't WORK that way Mint, and you'd know it if you were a doctor. I'm not even bleeding from the head, there ARE no bandages, no evidence of it whatsoever. Not a big bloody rock or anything. If your plan happens to kills the bugs, hey, I'm all for it, but don't shoot me in the chest with a stun pistol. You don't need to even if you're planning some damn big conspiracy"
No. 390724 ID: ed57e8

yeah put them doctor skills to work.
No. 390729 ID: 04496a

No no, do NOT prompt her with a possible reason that we might accept. We need to simply ask why she stunned us. An explanation of her behavior.

We should get the story she's willing to tell us BEFORE we suggest our own theory (to do otherwise is bad investigative practice, and let's her simply go along with our own theory.)
No. 390730 ID: ed57e8

yeah man. it's like this "did you knock me out in a plot against bugs?" 'yes' "ok then"
No. 390732 ID: 12c19f

All of this -minus- the mention of bugs.

Let fat kitty squirm before we start throwing theories and claims.
No. 390733 ID: e3f578

Yeah,, that makes ense, but we should point out the lack of evidence towards a rock hitting our head.
No. 390908 ID: 04e8d9

Yeah this ain't something to keep private, be brave Belial Fuze!
No. 390942 ID: f72f26
File 133113178590.png - (155.14KB , 912x547 , CQ2page104.png )

Fuze: "it doesn't take a medical professional to tell the difference between-"

Oken: "STOP, stop this!"

Fuze: "uh?"

Oken: "I don't understand what this is all about, and I don't want to! we have to work together now more than ever if we want to get out of here alive!"

Prince: "all of our skills are crucial at this stage of crisis, social volatility will endanger the mission"

Fuze: "but-"

Oken: "I just want all this arguing to be put on hold, OK everyone?"

Mint: "forgive me Oken, I will stay in line from this point on."

Fuze: . . .
No. 390944 ID: 55c4cf

Keep Fuze with you, so he doesn't feel endangered.
No. 390947 ID: 12c19f

This. Maybe a marching order should be arranged for the time being.
No. 390951 ID: 5bf190

"You can't solve problems by ignoring them. Not in medicine, not in anything else. I can't trust Mint, and you shouldn't either, and that's not going to go away just because you decide to "put it on hold". Pushing it aside only makes it worse. If we bring it out now, maybe we can come up with a solution that actually works."
No. 390953 ID: e3f578

"She fucking shot me, Oken. That fucking hurt. I at least want a goddamn apology if anything."
No. 390954 ID: bccf7b


Hmm... perhaps we shall have to use the sad squinty eyes. Not quite sulky, but cute and bereft. Pitifully request that you at least get an apology from Mint for hurting your feelings.
No. 390955 ID: e3f578

Feelings weren't the only thing hurt.
Hell, you've got to have a mark on your chest where she shot you. Display that for emphasis. It's cool, you're a male and the chest isn't a big deal.
So help me god if you pussy out simply because I suggested something that might be a little taboo or Oken started up her naive leader routine again where she ineffectively yells like a child on a temper tantrum, I will make it my life to fucking make your life a hell where you never stand up for yourself, oh wait, I don't have to do that you do that perfectly by yourself Fuze.
You don't even have the nerve to call yourself Ace Doctor. They're mocking you Fuze, you've never even really had a say in anything. "Do this, do that, get shot, get enslaved, convince the pirates to be nicer, patch up my wounds" Haven't you had fucking enough? You don't have to take this bullshit. You had your entire team butchered in front of you by a madman, you deserve to be on a nice, post traumatic stress disorder clinic on a paradise planet right the fuck now. But no, you're not. You're on bitch planet right now, taking orders from an idiot that doesn't respect you enough to hear you out.
No. 390958 ID: 85bd72

Stand your ground Fuze. This is not the kind of issue you just ignore.
No. 390961 ID: 04e8d9

Hold your ground, Fuze.

Say "Oken, she SHOT me!"
No. 391005 ID: 03717d

Fuse, don't press the issue until you have proof Mint shot you. Check your body for signs of being stunned or hit with a rock. Also ask to see the stun gun, Mint did tinker with it before shooting you and maybe there is a way to count the charges left.

You should also let Oken know of the warning the bugs gave you privately.
No. 391070 ID: 865a6b

No. 391140 ID: f72f26
File 133121438349.png - (165.21KB , 912x547 , CQ2page105.png )

Fuze: "Oken, she SHOT me!"

Oken: "Mint is our Friend and comrade, she would NEVER shoot you"

stun shots don't leave a mark noticeable to the untrained eye.

Fuze: "she took my stun pistol!"

Oken: "AFTER you hit your head, she had to salvage it AND the antimatter cannon to rebuild Prince."

interesting . . .

Jones: "We shouldn't stick around here too long, the pirates are still searching for you."

Fuze: "Oken You can't solve problems by ignoring them. Not in medicine, not in anything else. I can't trust Mint, and you shouldn't either."

Oken: "I've known Mint for three years and you for only a week, If I should not trust someone it should be you!"

technically we've seen each other aboard the command ship for months, but we've never interacted.

Oken: "but I DO trust you Belial Fuze, you want to know why? because Commander Flek hand picked every one of us to be his best, and he doesn't pick traitors! I trust the commander's judgement, so should you!"
No. 391141 ID: 6808dd

Wait a second. Now probably isn't the best time for it, but Fuze, at some point you need to check your entire body. For incisions, needle marks, anything that suggests that Mint could have done something to you besides shooting you.
What reason would she have to knock you out for a while? To do something (most likely to do something to you) without your knowledge. Those bugs come from her planet - I wouldn't be surprised if she had implanted some kind of bug, chip, or tracer on you or in you while you were out.
She might even be intending to do that to the whole team, and if that's the case, it makes sense to attack you first - as the medic, you would be the most likely to notice if she started doing things to the others in the group, and by controlling or impairing you, she can avoid that risk.
Also, I wouldn't rely on Prince for a scan. If this idea is anywhere near the mark, she probably tampered with him so that he can't detect any of the things she might change.
No. 391142 ID: 55c4cf


Request to stay with either Oken or Hoft, to avoid conflict with Mint.
Tell Oken she doesn't need to believe you, but to keep her eyes open. She doesn't need to trust you, she can find out on her own if something is going on.
No. 391144 ID: e3f578

"Oken, there is a time and place when to drop the innocent, naive soldier girl mindset and get real. This is one of those times. We are in a desperate situation, betrayal is very possible, even probable. You need to consider the fact that the people under your command can actually disobey you and harm the group, because people make choices for their own benefit. No one in this military is fully trustworthy, as much sadness that fact brings to you, it's a true fact. No one has 100% intuition and understanding of other's motives, not even the commander, and everyone has lapses in judgement. So no, I don't trust Flek. Brotherhood in combat is a lie they preach in fiction, NOT real life. When one of the people under your command has a problem with another, you goddamn listen first. We are not friends, we are not comrades. Neither is Mint, even if you've interacted with her for longer than I have. We are coworkers. Hoft, do you have anything to say about this? Don't tell me you trust Mint. She's been acting weird from the beginning."

We should have this conversation as we move. Use any of the above points that seem useful. And seriously ask her to check out your head, because there IS no head wound at all. There would be blood if the rock had enough force to knock you unconscious. If she doesn't check simply because she 'trusts' Mint, call her out on her unprofessionalism.
No. 391146 ID: ed57e8

"fine, i'll trust you and hoft but i request one of you stand between me and her"
No. 391147 ID: ed57e8

that's a bit much. more like
"that's how double agents WORK, they earn your trust so they can get access to the sensitive information, and then sell it all to the enemy"
No. 391148 ID: fed066

Carry on.
No. 391152 ID: 673411

Try to find a way to check your head. Mint's cover story is you hit your head, so the rest of the party wouldn't question a wound there.
No. 391173 ID: 152327

Say ok I shall withhold my misgivings until later. Then wait til mint turns her back to you and stab her in the neck a couple of times.
No. 391187 ID: b1f5fb

Ok, not seriously but this. I laughed.
No. 391451 ID: f72f26
File 133130715948.png - (165.85KB , 912x547 , CQ2page106.png )

discrediting the commander will only make her more angry at this point
damn, I might have to let this go . . . for now, at least until I can prove Mint shot me.

Hoft picks up Prince

Hoft: come on let's go to this town Pinky's been talkin about."

. . .

Jones: "So the super laser had to be scrapped huh?

Fuze: "the anti-matter cannon? apparently"

Jones: "shame, gun was sure good for frying pirates

Fuze: "I thought you hated it"

Jones: "a gun's a gun, generally I only hate the people behind them"

Fuze: "fair enough"

. . .

I feel the back of my head . . .

HUH!? dried blood?!
No. 391455 ID: ed57e8

shit, she actually smacked you with a rock after the fact. wow she is a bitch. and makes you seem nuts.feel aroundit more. can you tell if the wound was caused by a rock or if it was cut open?
No. 391457 ID: 6808dd

You have to admire Mint's thoroughness. To be honest, it'll sound even more crazy if you try to convince Oken that not only did Mint attack you, but she also fabricated the head wound. Bide your time, but watch her as closely as you can. There's no telling whether or not you're the only person she would attack.
No. 391459 ID: aaa0df

Clever girl...
No. 391461 ID: bccf7b


Ask Jones if he notices that. You know, the blood part. Because that's really weird.

(Did we hit our head for real, or did Mint conk us out TWICE?)
No. 391462 ID: 673411

It could be a handy 'proof' that Fuze hit his head, and a point in which to implant something. Allowing for a proper cover story and letting Mint further her mystery goal at the same time.
No. 391465 ID: e3f578

Have a further private conversation with Jones, ask him what he thinks. You've just noticed the blood on your head, but know enough about wounds that the rock would have to be significantly big and hit you with enough force to knock you unconscious. Maybe ask if he has any training in medicine or first aid.

This wound isn't too noticeable and seems inconsistent with a rock caused wound. But maybe we should try and check we didn't go crazy. Unlike Oken, you have a trained eye, so inspect your chest. You shouldn't have to take anything off if that's an issue, just loosen the clothing a bit and drag the linen out to give you line of sight, you prude.
No. 391502 ID: 55c4cf

Use the injury to colour your hair, look super hard.
No. 391543 ID: b1f5fb

You could have fallen over after getting stunned. Keep quiet about it.
No. 391556 ID: 1854db

Fuze, what if Mint shooting you was an illusion created by the bugs? They DID speak to you soon after while you were unconscious. Perhaps it was part of the dream.

You may as well tell Oken this and apologize to Mint.
No. 391564 ID: 3e85e3

Damn Fuze you flappin your jaw too much. Now Mint knows you know and you're in even more trouble. Should have kept quiet until you could have to the dirt on her. Oh well.
No. 391639 ID: f72f26
File 133140348771.png - (299.42KB , 912x547 , CQ2page107.png )

Fuze: "Jones, what do you think happened?"

Jones: "what do I think? I think we'll figure all this out later."

Fuze: . . .

* * *

Control switching back to Oken

Jones: "well here we are, the Port of Memora."

Oken: "It looks like a fortress"

Jones: "these days what town isn't? right just let me do all the talking, actually you guys should probably stay hidden until I give the word."
No. 391647 ID: e3f578

Something tells me that someone's going to find you when you hide and call you out as Astranian spies or astranians at least doing something suspicious.

Just saying that would be inconvenient if that were to happen.
No. 391648 ID: ed57e8

yeah hiding would make them think you are trying to sneak in. you need to be casual. visible but not obvious.
No. 391658 ID: 2563d4

So wait just 'round that corner until he does. You don't have to lurk suspiciously to not be visible.
No. 391800 ID: f72f26
File 133145125128.png - (198.31KB , 912x547 , CQ2page108.png )

we remain out of sight as Jones approaches the doorman

Jones: "Hey Kashton, long tim-"

the guard rams a gun into Jones' face

Kashton: "Mullet Jones, they always said you were one to make stupid choices."

Jones: "What the hell man!?"

Kashton: "my only regret is that I don't have time enough to make this really hurt."

Jones: "damnit Kash you got the wrong guy,and Marshal Droegen's gonna be mighty pissed to find my corpse at his doorstep."

Kashton: "Droegan's ain't got time for lowlifes like you, who bust up all his skimmers, and with all the shit you pulled the only thing he'll be mad about is that I wasted you first"

Jones: "Ah! I'm serving as a guide for Black Merchant, you shoot me they might black list this place for the rest of the decade!"

Kashton: ! . . .

Jones: "on top of that, Droegen's expecting these guys specific. with out a guide they'll just up and leave."

Kashton: "Ha Ha for a second their I almost believed you, ain't no stranners round here."

Jones: "just give-"

Kashton: "Time to die Mullet Jones!"
No. 391801 ID: 1854db

You better run up there screaming for her to stop!
No. 391802 ID: ed57e8

not screaming. just be HEY YOU.
No. 391807 ID: 3e85e3

What? It's just a pinkskin.

Oh OK go save his ass. But he owes you for this slight.
No. 391836 ID: 2563d4

What, after the number of times we'vd owed him? :V
Make an appearance.
No. 391843 ID: 1444d5

>You better run up there screaming for her to stop!
No, you're Black Merchants. Saunter out, and simply inquire "Kashton, is it? Make a note of that" and gesture to Fuze.
No. 391846 ID: 49d4d7
File 133147567164.jpg - (4.95KB , 120x120 , 120px-Spy_Gentlemen.jpg )

It would be remiss if I did not inform you that you could go "Ahem. <clears throat> Gentlemen."

Followed up by >>391843
No. 391861 ID: bccf7b


Waltz in, look pissed. Ask Jones if it's typical for all guards here to be this stupid, since if that's the case, you're happy to just "move on".

C'mon Oken. You've got the Cool Duster on. You're gonna have to act the part of the Super Cool and Extra Suave leader.
No. 392146 ID: f72f26
File 133155919882.png - (227.03KB , 912x547 , CQ2page109.png )

Oken: "Hey!"

Kashtom: "eh?"

Oken: "You better not do that, I'll report you."

Kashton: "Stranners?! what the hell do you want."
No. 392165 ID: e3f578

Our guide alive. Dumbass. He's connected and we owe him favors. So drop him. We can't do business here without him.
No. 392166 ID: bdb3f8

"I believe the man just told you that. Was it too complicated? Should I draw you a diagram?"
No. 392231 ID: 1854db

Yep, this is the right idea.
No. 392271 ID: 55c4cf

he's very deer to me
No. 392273 ID: 2563d4

No. 392339 ID: f72f26
File 133161735444.png - (196.48KB , 912x547 , CQ2page110.png )

Oken: "what I WANT is my guide alive!"

Kashton: "Fine don't tell, but you best not cause any trouble or I'll make regret it, and Mullet you bought yourself some time, don't expect it too last."

and with a sneer the guard runs off

Jones: " . . . uh thanks."

Oken: "I still owe you from saving us all those times, it's only right."

Jones: "Ya?"

Oken: "so what now?"

Jones: "well now that we've gained entrance we can go to see Marshal Droegen immediately, or if you're tired or hungry or need to sort out that drama earlier there's a hotel that serves your kind, I can take you there."

hmm I am pretty hungry . . .
No. 392340 ID: 1854db

Business before pleasure.
No. 392341 ID: ed57e8

grab a quick bite to eat. may not get a chance after the meeting.
No. 392363 ID: 1444d5

Maybe find a disguise for Jones? It's going to be a pain if somebody he's pissed off tries to kill him every five minutes.
No. 392687 ID: f72f26
File 133173363803.png - (249.13KB , 912x547 , CQ2page111.png )

Oken: "Maybe it'd be best if you travelled in disguise?"

Jones: "sure, but people already know who your guide is, I suppose I could let you wander Memora alone."

we enter the town, I see Pinkskin eyes watching me. they smile and act pleasant enough . . . but I can feel the distrust, the uncertainty and hear the murmurs of aggressors.

>grab a quick bite to eat. may not get a chance after the meeting.

Oken: "I might be hungry, would there be time to catch a meal before the meeting?"

Jones: "I doubt it, Preparing food that you guys can safely eat takes a fair bit of time. you might be able to convince a cook to give you raw food rations, but that'll probably come off more as an insult to his ability."

Oken: "We could say that we're in a hurry?"

Fuze: "Astranian ration packs are one of the BlackMerchants prime exports it might seem suspicious if we came in expecting to buy them.
No. 392721 ID: 2563d4

Meeting first.
No. 393057 ID: f72f26
File 133184630502.png - (151.57KB , 912x547 , CQ2page112.png )

Oken failed to build adequate conviction

Oken: "um . . . well I guess we should go to the meeting first?"

Jones: "you guess? gimme a break."

Oken: "well . . ."

Jones: "I've got debts to go pay, you find your own way to Droegen or where ever you wanted to go"

Jones turns right and starts walking away

Oken: "wait!"

he ignores me and keeps walking

Hoft: "bah, dirty Pinkskin. we're better off without em I say."
No. 393173 ID: 832169


Go after the human
No. 393177 ID: f529ac

Follow Jones around. Last time you wandered around a pinkskin town unsupervised you got BAD END captured by pirates.
No. 393268 ID: 55c4cf

stealth follow jones, unless you're dying of hunger. it's like gauntlet.
No. 393555 ID: f72f26
File 133199423911.png - (289.58KB , 912x547 , CQ2page113.png )

Oken: "come on let's follow him."

after a while he stops and turns around
It turns out we aren't very good at stealth.

Jones: "why are you following me?"

Oken: "it's not safe to travel pinkskin towns without a guide!"

Jones: "I'm not a safe kinda guy so that's your first mistake. See that big building over there? That's Droegens place, you want to be safe go there."
No. 393557 ID: ef67f0

You heard the man. That's our destination. Stir yer stumps!
No. 393586 ID: e13cc3

"I you're slightly mistaken about why we'd rather keep you around. The only reason your face isn't currently greasy smear on the end of Kastom's gun is becasue you are our guide. It may be in your best interest to continue doing so, but hey, that's your call."

Walk towards the building after saying this, if he follows, okay, if not, so be it.
No. 393688 ID: f72f26
File 133203729757.png - (190.60KB , 912x547 , CQ2page114.png )

Oken: "Jones! we helped you earlier. don't you see it's good for both of us to be working together!"

Jones: "yeah . . . no, get lost"

I'm really starting to dislike this Pinkskin

Oken: "come on everyone, let's go"

* * *

Commando: "well I'll be damned, that low life actually came through for us. . . I suppose you guys are here to see Marshal Droegen? he told me he had great use for Astranian talents you know."

Fuze whispers to me

Fuze: "Oken that woman's a Militia Commando, they are known for being highly trained freelance operatives with specialised weapons and armour for fighting alien threats,they are incredibly dangerous and I've heard they hunt Astranians for sport. Please be careful this is not the sort of person we want to make angry"
No. 393689 ID: 9cb4b3

Let's uh, turn 360 degrees and moonwalk away without saying a word.

By that I mean let's get out of here.
No. 393693 ID: ef67f0

If she was going to kill you she'd have done it as soon as she laid eyes on you. Sounds like you'll be safe, especially as long as your useful to Marshal Droegen. Besides, this is the place we're supposed to be. Ask to see Marshal. Let's finally figure out what that son of a bitch wants.

Oh, and make sure your clothes are in good order and try to hide any nervousness you feel. We want to make a good impression!
No. 393806 ID: 2563d4

That you are (apparently). Go see him.
No. 393877 ID: b6edd6

On the bright side, puny pinkskin noses can't smell fear.
No. 393878 ID: ed57e8

let's go see the marshal
No. 393918 ID: 3e85e3

Woah is that a powersuit?

I bet you could pilot it.

You can pilot anything.
No. 393988 ID: f72f26
File 133213068468.png - (228.11KB , 912x547 , CQ2page115.png )

Hoft: "If she was planning on killing us, she'd have done it already,"

I turn back to the Commando

Oken: "Yeah we're here to see Droegen."

Commando: "you may pass . . . don't worry I hold no grudges against the Astranians, I'm just here to keep the peace."

that lady has some pretty nice looking powered armour, to bad they probably don't make them in Astranian sizes.

* * *

We enter through the doors and are greeted by a familiar face.

Arclite:"these Stranners again! a trap, no doubt, don't worry cap'n I'll be dealing with the blighters!"
No. 393990 ID: ed57e8

kick the gun up.
No. 394001 ID: e3f578

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, you kill us you'll be pissing off the Marshal we're useful to him. Don't be starting no trable without asking him first, it's disrespectful."

Yes, you're going to have to avoid his initial blast, which is inevitable to go off due to reaction, but after that you should be golden.
No. 394092 ID: bdb3f8

Complain loudly about how tired you are of having guns pointed in your face. Inform him that if he had listened to you the FIRST time, his ship would be much more of a ship and much less of a smoldering pile of rubble right now.
No. 394118 ID: a2fa74

"You really must not want the Marshal to know you shanghaied us after we agreed to trade raytech for safe passage out of a hot zone, and that you were smuggling those damn bugs. Word gets out about either of those and these people will put your head on a plate to avoid blacklisting."
No. 394293 ID: f72f26
File 133221831472.png - (198.75KB , 912x547 , CQ2page116.png )

Oken: "Hey, you kill us you'll be pissing off the Marshal. we're useful to him!"

Arclite: "yar the Marshal can suck me cannon!"

Oken: Ya know if you didn't have that bad attitude towards everything you guys might still have a ship and not a pile of rubble!


hey lashes out with his cannon, we easily dodge . . . I think we made him mad.

Hoft: "I'm getting really tired of all this"

Arclite: "then stand still I'll make sure you won't have to worry about this ever again."

* * *

A Solar bursts in

????: "damnit, can't leave you folks alone for a second with out someone trying to rip someone else's head off"

he doesn't seem entertained.
No. 394295 ID: a2fa74

"He's the one doing all the shooting!"
Don't fire. Raytech leaves a lot of collateral damage, and we want this guy blamed for everything.
No. 394296 ID: ce15d1

Disable the cannon if you can, don't attack directly. The other solar may have your back so you don't want it to appear violent, but you don't want to risk that happening again.
No. 394297 ID: ed57e8

just point your gun at something important, like his head. f he has any idea about ray tech he will know it will fuck him up.
No. 394298 ID: b6edd6

The cannon is too large to do much in close quarters like this, but watch out for his his claw-arm.
No. 394410 ID: f72f26
File 133226555051.png - (174.21KB , 912x547 , CQ2page117.png )

the Commando busts in weapons armed

Commando: "everybody freeze!"

Oken: "He's the one doing all the shooting!"

Commando: "why am I not surprised"

Arclite: "Bah! I'll kill all of ya-"

GuilderCaptian: "Mister Arclite, It's clear we're outmatched, stop making a fool of yourself."

Arclite: " . . . "

the other Solar speaks again.

????: "it's shit like this that can lead a man to drink. speaking of which who's thirsty?"

Captian: "aye"

the man hands the guilder a bottle.
he turns to us

????: "would you have a seat, I don't like seeing people so on edge"

it seems like violence is over for now, it may be time to start asking questions.
No. 394412 ID: ed57e8

sit down. put gun down in a way that you can get it back in your hand quickly, but down.
No. 394434 ID: b6edd6

That guilder has an excellent hat.

Ask the guy with the bottles if he is the marshal, and say you heard he wanted to see you.
No. 394456 ID: a76cbb

Agreed. Compliment his hat.
No. 394911 ID: f72f26
File 133242528516.png - (217.00KB , 912x547 , CQ2page118.png )

We sit down across from the guilders.

????: "that's better, now Let me take this moment to welcome you all to Memora. I think it would be proper to introduces who we all are."

Oken: "you're the marshal who wanted to see us aren't you?"

????: "That's right, I'm Al Droegen. It seem you're already acquainted with Mister Arclite."

GuilderCaptain: "Gheh"

Droegen: " . . . an this cheerful fellow is Captain Kushkron."

Oken: "you have a very pretty hat Captain"

Kushkron: "is that the calibre of flattery that enthralled my people for centuries? I'm not impressed."
the guilder continues drinking from the bottle

Fuze: "The Guilders are dead race Oken, Speak to them as you would speak to the dead: preferably not at all.

Arclite: "aye, we are dead Astranian, and we'll be dragging you down to the pits of hell with us!"

Hoft: "I'd to see you try AUGIE!"

I see the hatred in the eyes of these guilders. I should have every reason to hate them back, but I dunno . . .
No. 394913 ID: 88e5ad

eh, hatred gets you nowhere. and unlkike many other things that get you nowhere, it isn't even fun. so don't bother with it- it's a useless emotion.

tell the marshall you need to catch a ride offworld.
No. 394914 ID: a40801

Considering you can't hate Mint for shooting Fuze despite us seeing her do it, unlike you, I can't see you hating these people.
You are a horrible commander, Oken, and you should go fellate Arclite's cannon.
No. 394916 ID: a1d7ad

Time to get your people in line, no matter how much you hate the guilders fighting will only be counter-productive at this point.
No. 394917 ID: a2fa74

"Stow it, you two. Picking fights gets in the way of business."
No. 394922 ID: e3f578

"Everybody, please, despite our feelings for one another, this is neutral ground. Neutral ground is sacred, it's where the the most hated of factions can be allies for a small bit for mutual gain. And that's pretty awesome Please, don't tempt aggressive behavior and dismiss the value of mutual gain, Arclite and both Hoft and Fuze. And this is not either of ours domain, it is the Marshall's, let's respect that for now. Though, Arclite, our last deal didn't have much of a mutual gain. Did not appreciate that enslavement clause. Not a bit."
No. 394932 ID: b766d0

Stand up on the cushion to make yourself taller than everyone who's not an astranian sitting down and shout "EVERYONE CALM DOWN!" while holding your little hands up.
No. 394939 ID: b6edd6

Well hatred is kind of enjoyable in a perverse way. Its just also horribly impractical.
No. 395025 ID: 9718f3

Have a hat party. Only people with hats are allowed, everyone else has to leave.
No. 395277 ID: f72f26
File 133254693198.png - (221.02KB , 912x547 , CQ2page119.png )

Oken:"Evereybody Please stop fighting, this is neutral ground where we put aside war and all that. Fuze, Hoft I know the Guilders enslaved us and all that and that was totally not cool, but we're going to have to deal with that later on our own time. As for now we should be respectful to the Marshal and the other Solars they run this town so we should act proper and all that."

Arclite grabs one of the bottles and sits down.

Fuze: "Forgive me Oken, I spoke out of turn."

Hoft: . . .

Droegen: "huh you're a Dorau if I'm not mistaken, didn't realise there were any of you left . . . You aren't a pilot by any chance?"

Kushkron: "Marshal, stop stalling, why did you bring us here?"

Droegen seems to ignore the guilder and continues to stare at me as if awaiting a response. Hoft mumbles to himself."

Hoft: "where the hell did Mint run off too?"
No. 395284 ID: a2fa74

"Yes, I'm a pilot, and if you know that I'm not sure I like where this is going..."
No. 395285 ID: affb00

You're not just a pilot. You're Ace Pilot Oken!
No. 395288 ID: e3f578

Get really worried about Mint all of a sudden. Her mean, stubborn, prideful and harsh type will probably get herself killed! She needs your help Oken! Tell the Marshall to keep an eye out for her. She's one of the most skilled of us, so if she gets hurt by other third parties, it would be terrible to lose such skill!
No. 395371 ID: 88e5ad

man, fuck that Mint. she's being all weird again. it's not even remotely surprising she shot Fuze.

yes, you're a pilot. THE BEST THERE EVER WAS
No. 395515 ID: f72f26
File 133261767739.png - (96.71KB , 912x547 , CQ2page120.png )

I-I can't help Mint now, she'll have to make do on her own were ever she is.

Oken: "Yeah, I'm a pilot; Ace Pilot Asnia Oken!"

Droegen: "thought so, You're Masoro's kid."

Oken: "you knew my father?"

Droegen: "everyone who was anyone knew Masoro Oken, he made it his mission to try and convince the most influential people of our time, the fact that he chose to include me in all that is flattering. Your father was truly a remarkable being"

Oken: "My father was an idiot, a coward and a traitor he's only worth remembering as a lesson on how to live your life entirely wrong!"

The marshal seems stunned by my accurate representation of reality. when he finally speaks there is a strange tiredness in his voice.

Droegen: " . . . I suppose every now and then the apple does fall far from the tree."
No. 395516 ID: ed57e8

"the tree's gone, landing anywhere is far from it"
No. 395521 ID: 88e5ad

yeah, complaining about your parents to non-relatives... not a road you wanna go down.

so, was he going anywhere with this line of questioning?
No. 395522 ID: b766d0

Wait, no, ask him what he means, your father died when you were young, right? Ask him about your father. Tell him all that you know about him, and see if that's right.

Your view of your father might not be right.
No. 395524 ID: e3f578

Augh, Oken you make me so mad. So mad that I made a unreadable post of expletives that the suggestion inside can't even come out.
You apologize, you apologize right now. I don't care how you feel, you stomach those feelings like a real soldier and fighter for the Alliance. Why? Because you owe this man your life and the lives of your team by keeping this situation calm and getting your team out of this place in tact. You have that responsibility, Oken, to serve your team and government to flatter this man and his sayings because he has the resources to help your country. Do not let your pride compromise that. Ever. It is foolish, an a foolish Ace Pilot who's to prideful to properly serve her country is just as pathetic as your traitor father.
No. 395550 ID: a2fa74

He obviously respects your father, so that outburst was terrible diplomacy.
Put your hand to your face
"I'm sorry, that wasn't called for.
Please, understand that he abandoned me when I was young, and left me to grow up under the burden of his reputation.
You were going somewhere with that. Please, continue."
No. 395651 ID: 1e3433

Fuck no, Oken has a right to state how she feels about her dad. If Marshal got offended its his own fault for bringing it up.
No. 395667 ID: f72f26
File 133264960687.png - (106.71KB , 912x547 , CQ2page121.png )

for some reason I feel my eyes begin to water.

Oken: "I'm sorry I-"

Droegen: "Don't sweat it kid, life's been hard for you lately, hard for all of us for that matter."

Fuze: "I assume you started this line of questioning for a reason?"

Droegen: "I did and it conveniently works into the reason I brought you all here. Three years ago I spoke to Masoro Oken for the last time, what he told me I'll never forget.

'Marshal, this endless, pointless war has gone on for forty years and now it will finally be over. I sincerely thank you for the part you played in making my dream a reality.'

but as we all know that's not what happened, the man's dream remained just that-"

Fuze: "Because your kinsmen betrayed and murdered him in an act of genocide numbering in the millions"

Kushkron: "Hah! as if the Astranians have any right to object to genocide."

Droegen: "hey, stop that! I don't think I caught your name mister . . .?"

Fuze: "DOCTOR Belial Fuze."

Droegen: "Okay Doc, I hear what you're saying and believe me I was first to condemn the militant jackasses in my government but then I stopped and thought. I thought: why? and I want you all to put this into consideration; no matter how you look at it the Solars are losing this war, from this peace treaty we had everything to gain and nothing to lose, so why sabotage it? why nuke a civilian target? why commit genocide against the only people who sympathise with our situation? what did the Solar Militia hope to gain?"
No. 395668 ID: ed57e8

they wanted to! uh... uhhh... hmmmm... anyone else want a shot?
No. 395670 ID: e3f578

Oken facepalm and go "uuuuuugh, bugs probably did it. Man, they puppeteer everything. The Solar desert world is full of them, mind controls a bunch a solars to starting conflicts. Why didn't I put two-and-two together long-term wise when Enrad explained the situation?"
No. 395678 ID: fcf88e

No reason. There is no honor or pride in killing civilian targets nor was their any reason to throw away the chance to get out of a battle they can't win. The military might be dumb, but not suicidal.

Someone wanted the two sides to keep fighting and benefit from it.
No. 395689 ID: 12c19f

It's likely not as simple as that. I'm sure the bugs just set sparks to already rising tensions. There's way too many shades of grey, purple, and orange going on to count.

Astranian and Solar radicals, pirates, psionic space bugs. You hit something big and complicated. It's best to not start throwing theories. For all you know the bugs are just making a perfect scapegoat for another faction's intentions.
No. 395743 ID: 88e5ad

broodmother did 911
No. 395744 ID: affb00

The destruction of the Solar empire is all that they'll gain from doing that. Wait, maybe they were... trying to destroy it? Destroying your own empire by provoking alien hostility. Eh, Solars have done crazier things before.
No. 395813 ID: a2fa74

"Ugh, now it makes sense; the bugs did it. Enrad said the Solar government is completely infested, but they must have been infested then too."
No. 395949 ID: a40801

Oken, stop treating Fuze like you outrank him. You don't, Counselor's daughter be damned. He says Mint shot him. You will hear him out, you understand? Just because hes shy doesn't mean he's not higher up in the hierarchy than you, you spoiled little girl. You may be holding this group together but making blatant shows of insubordination will only encourage unrest within the ranks.
I understand you're in a situation here, but Fuze was shot by Mint once and you will address him about this before she gets a chance to finish the job.
As for the current situation, you've just proven to the Marshal here that you are in his eyes a bigoted, hate-filled Astranian just like your leading enclave.
Ask him about his point of view. You've already found out that Enrad was a good person--he sacrificed his life for you--do you think maybe the Astranian propaganda machine has poisoned you just as much as it had poisoned Enrad at first?
If a Solar was willing to change, and died for his new views, then maybe you should too.
Explain the bug situation, and hear him out.
No. 395961 ID: e3f578

I agree, you're ideal of absolute trust is amateur, unprofessional, and naive. And you can never be too sure of Flek's own trust in his troops, he just picks the best of the best, not the most loyal. For all we know, he probably trusts his men as far as he can throw him, you don't speak for him.
No. 396072 ID: f72f26
File 133273708948.png - (211.64KB , 912x547 , CQ2page122.png )

Hoft: "they wanted to uh... uhhh... hmmmm... I got nothing."

I can't keep treating Fuze this badly, I just can't deal with this he not like any other leader he just let's me do everything, I'll deal with Mint I'll make this all better and be a good leader like Commander Flek. . .

Fuze: "You're correct the Solars have no motive."

Droegen: "exactly which brings-

Fuze: "you are implying those alien creatures are responsible for the situation at Doraun."

Hoft: "wait, I remember that Pinkskin we interrogated mentioned the Solar government was entirely controlled by these bugs, I guess it would fit if that'd make them want to wipe out planets.

Fuze: "that man was insane Hoft, and on top of that he was little more than a front line trooper we can't trust anything he said."

Droegen: "what's the matter with your pilot?"
No. 396076 ID: ed57e8

"pissed off that i've been lied to about why my people died"
No. 396077 ID: 12c19f

Hoft was hijacked by one of those bugs too. This can go either way.
No. 396082 ID: ce4a4d

This. Stop ignoring Dr. Fuze, especially regarding Mint. She's been acting weird for a long time. That time she barricaded herself in her room nearly got you killed, and as far as I know, she hasn't explained herself yet.
No. 396099 ID: e3f578

Well, Fuze, the Solar government gained nothing from the attack. The bugs obviously thrive on conflict and I'm not sure if the prisoner was insane. He seemed right in the head, just scared of the bugs. They are terrifying. Maybe it's just common knowledge for Solars on that planet. It's not that far a stretch the bugs commandeered a high ranking Solar that would screw up the entire peace treaty, because they can control any mind, and they thrive on conflict and scheming. It's the simplest explanation for the Solar government losing all rational thought around the time of the peace treaty, and these things are native to the Ice World, so to get to the desert planet they must have space worthy means of transport.

Seriously, where do you get off calling Enrad insane? There's no evidence to that.
No. 396114 ID: affb00

Your pilot is inspired with newfound confidence in the vetting of her dad's terrible reputation for auto-genocide. She triumphantly swears to uphold the family name like any good daughter should!
No. 396164 ID: f72f26
File 133276770627.png - (118.03KB , 912x547 , CQ2page123.png )

Oken: "I'm just a little upset at being mislead."

Droegen: "I think that's something we can all relate too. Doc, how bout get into a debate of responsibility later the point I'm trying to make is that these creatures pose a common threat to everyone."

Fuze: "I suppose that's true."

Droegen: "judging from your comments I'm willing to guess you all know what this is"

the marshal throws a crawler husk onto the table

Droegen: "I was planning on keeping it alive for study but in the end I had no choice but to kill it, why did I have to do that?"

Kushkron: "the danger of psionics."

Droegen: "That's right, these creatures are like living two way radios, they broadcast some sort of psionic impulse message and at the same time they tap into minds and transmit whatever information back"

Hoft: "that doesn't sound like a radio at all

Droegen: "then think of your own metaphor! to get back on track I learned that the creature on the other end of the line was something called 'BroodMother' though I suspect this one is not the only such operator, Broodmother just being the one 'aiding' the solars"

Droegen waits for someone to speak, after a several seconds pass he speaks again."

Droegen: "as a sign of trust I've told you everything I know about these creatures, now it's your turn to provide enlightenment."
No. 396167 ID: a2fa74

"The Astranian government keeps them pretty hush-hush. They have a hive structure, they can manipulate and taunt people at a distance, and if they get on your neck they can control your mind.
They came from the Vin-Malor, the ice world. Same place that Mint is from. Err... Did anybody see where she got off to? She would know more about them than any of us."
No. 396169 ID: 88e5ad

they rule the solars via their thiionics. the solars have to do everything they command. those who disobey are tracked down by bugs and have their brains eaten and their bodies used as zombies.
No. 396171 ID: b766d0

Spill the beans on whatever you can tell them, but warn that a lot of what you know might be intentional misinformation from the astranian government.
No. 396173 ID: e3f578

Fuze, bring up what that mindbug told you about Mint.
No, I don't care that we're controlling Oken now, it's weird that Hoft shared some of our thoughts so fuck it, Fuze you share the fuck out of our thoughts right now too.
And No, I don't care about what sharing that could all mean. What Mint is doing only hurts Astranains and the bugs, not the Solars or Guilders, so be free to share with these people. Astranians and bugs are the only ones that would interfere with Mint's plans, should anyone desire to side with her plan despite her desperate, outrageous, and bitchy choices, and Oken and Hoft won't go out of their way to stop her unless it's super mega evil. Just don't share this info with the Astranian government.
No. 396192 ID: affb00

No. 396285 ID: f72f26
File 133282432770.png - (139.04KB , 912x547 , CQ2page124.png )

Hoft is the first to speak up.

Hoft: "The Astranian government doesn't Like to talk about them but I've found out a few things. I think they've got some sort of hive structure, they can manipulate and taunt you at a distance, and if they get on your neck they can control your mind, I know from experience.
What's more they came from the IceWorld: Vin-Malor, Same place that our engineer is from. Err... Did anybody see where she got off to? She would know more about them than any of us."

Droegen: "came from Vin-Malor? where they make all the RayTech? how do you know this?

Hoft: "well umm, I just do, OK?"

Fuze stand up on the couch

Droegen: "could you stop doing that, you're getting mud on the upholstery ."

Fuze: "one of these operator bugs spoke to me this very morning it warned me of the danger our Engineer Mint posed, obviously I assumed it was some sort of ploy but Mint's action have done nothing but further support it's claims. Suspicious in the extreme through out our entire endeavour, from shooting me to wandering off alone she simply can not be trusted. her connection to these creatures is obvious I agree with Hoft the Answers to the mystery of the bugs lie with her."

Kushkron: "an Astranian being treacherous scum? I find this easy to believe let us find this creature."

Droegen: "hold it, If we do this we'll just be falling into the same old trap, can't you see this is exactly the sort of thing these Aliens want."
No. 396286 ID: ed57e8

which is why we capture her and have her tell us what the hell is going on, not shoot her in the back.
No. 396288 ID: 12c19f

If mint is bugged she could be conspiring against us right this moment.

Does this place have any form of surveillance? Can Droegen check up on the status of a single fat cat's position?
No. 396297 ID: 88e5ad

Mint isn't bugged. and apparently she isn't allied with the bugs either, but that could be trickery, so we don't really know anything about her. she could be a good guy. she could be a bad guy. but Oken's known her for years, so she deserves the benefit of doubt.

I think the time may have come for confrontation, however. she must reveal what the deal with her is or the integrity of our little band will be shredded into bits.
No. 396304 ID: bdb3f8

man Fuze, didn't you find it the least bit suspicious that the last thing you remember before talking to the manipulative, mind controlling queen of the manipulative, mind controlling bugs was one of your allies apparently betraying you? Hasn't it occurred to you that your memory of that stretch of time might be somewhat suspect? That sewing memories of betrayal is precisely the way the bugs got to that white fellow with the wonderful hair next to you? You heard that story, right?
No. 396310 ID: 12c19f

Fuze: Come to the abrupt realization that you in fact -may- be the crazy one, sweat up a storm and begin preaching denial.
No. 396370 ID: f72f26
File 133286906135.png - (182.57KB , 912x547 , CQ2page125.png )

Fuze: "Marshal do you have any sort of surveillance with which to find Mint?"

Droegen: "'fraid not"

Fuze opens his mouth to speak but pauses, I see a look of doubt in his eyes, he then shakes his head.

Fuze: "well then we'll have to do this on foot, come on! we have a rogue Maloran to catch!"

Fuze, Hoft and the guilders leave in search of our Engineer.

Commando: "Don't worry Marshal, I'll keep them in line."

the Commando leaves

Droegen: *sigh* "you best be going with them, hopefully this won't turn into the mess I expect."

I'm not sure what to feel at this point . . .

CHAPTER 4: end
No. 396374 ID: a760e9

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