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File 132462760322.png - (122.63KB , 700x500 , 504.png )
374519 No. 374519 ID: 32a091

Emily flies in front of you.

>"My Lord! My Lord!"

"Yes Emily?"

>"It's the holidays! The big Festival Day!"


>"Everyone is giving gifts to one another!"

"Emily we need to train."

>"But we already did my Lord!"

"We did?"

>"Yeah! You probably don't remember it because it was so boring but everyone got a level or two. Now we can have some fun for Festival Day!"

Well if she says so.. Maybe it would be nice to raise some moral. Though honestly there are other things you could be doing.
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No. 374521 ID: e3f578

It's time we get your groove back, Overlord. Ask Silva to give you dance lessons for the fesitval.
No. 374523 ID: f31dfc

...We had groove? We are a being of metal and chaos. I don't think we ever HAD groove.

...we need to get some groove.
No. 374527 ID: e3f578

Man, you got Silva to pose sexy pictures for you. With a psycho girl like that to do that for you, who didn't take shit from no one, you had to have had some groove. The only way to melt that fine lass's icey heart is obviously through a warm, island song and dance. Maybe with a little bit of fire and destruction too.

You probably did a jig while an enemy city burned.
No. 374529 ID: 6a5a08

Dance lessons.
Check money.
See what Fabro has for gift things.
No. 374530 ID: 453e62

get some scrap and try your hand at making everyone tiny toy golems.
No. 374531 ID: 437934

visit Fabio's.
No. 374532 ID: 6a5a08

Actually this is neat. Try this, then check Fabro's.
No. 374534 ID: 7c31d2

Thirding the toy golems plan!
No. 374535 ID: 3fd4fb

If we somehow turn out to have an unexpected talent for this, make everyone's golem a tiny version of them.
No. 374538 ID: 32a091
File 132462981258.png - (107.39KB , 700x500 , 505.png )

Tiny Golems? Well a doll should be simple enough.. You take some wood, metals scraps and bits of cloth and make a tiny Styx.

>"My Lord that is so cool! You haven't made anything like this in ages!"
No. 374539 ID: 7870c7

No. 374542 ID: 453e62

cool, tell her to go do something while you make these, seeing her's before it's time would ruin it. and tell her she can't tell styx, cause that would also ruin the surprise.
No. 374543 ID: 6a5a08

No. 374544 ID: f31dfc

Well that works. Make a whole bunch. Make some different ones. Maybe a cute kitty and similar things.
No. 374545 ID: e3f578

What you made 'em before? Were they your little hobby on the side when you were taking over the world?

Hah, I bet you also delivered them to all the good little girls and boys in your territories on the day of the Festival because, even then, you had a soft spot in your heart for kids and their smiles.
No. 374546 ID: 7c31d2

I got an idea! Make a little spear user like Rose wanted!
No. 374547 ID: 6a5a08

Yes. We're now making little toy monsters for all the Tribal children, and toy minions for our minions.
No. 374550 ID: 6a5a08

Also toys for the Slimes.
No. 374553 ID: 1df913

We could do better than giving everyone a miniature of themselves.

Emily: Miniature Overlord
Rose: Miniature spear user
Shana: Miniature Badass Overlord
Alice: Miniature archer on horseback
Lenion: Miniature saber-toothed tiger
Kassandra: Miniature angel
Silva: Heavily customizable miniature
No. 374573 ID: da5ca9

that's nice
No. 374576 ID: 32a091
File 132463743239.png - (76.18KB , 574x401 , 506.png )

You order Emily out of the room and prepare gifts for everyone. No not everyone really. Just your troops. That's it.

You've assembled quite a collection of miniature figures.
Since it is Festival day most of your people will likely have gifts for you as well. Who shall you visit first?
No. 374579 ID: 013ab0

I wanna see emily...because well...
No. 374580 ID: 1df913

Let's check on Silva, since we haven't done that in a while.
No. 374588 ID: 453e62

yeah, silva first.
No. 374610 ID: 437934

I wonder if the gift is going to be that gift.
No. 374612 ID: cf49fc

We're finally getting an Archie upgrade?
No. 374614 ID: d3ba29

I say see Kassandra first. Then she can help out. This should be totally her kind of thing. She even seems to enjoy dressing up.

If possible can you get or make a new nice dress for Emily? She knows about the dolls so that won't be a surprise for her. She's also been wearing the tattered dress for quite some time. Maybe it was even an old gift you gave her?

As for Fabio maybe you can make him something cool. Like a custom made golden coin with a Fabio sunglasses and smile logo on.
No. 374637 ID: 51d399

Yes, a new dress for Emily would be nice, something that won't cut easily just by being in contact with her blades.

Silk maybe.
No. 374669 ID: bdb886

>Nobody mentioning anything for Alice

Awww, guys. Come on. Get her a nice ribbon for her hair, a good fletching kit (for arrowmaking) and stuff like that. Show her we care.
No. 374766 ID: 6a5a08

No. 374831 ID: 32a091
File 132470263021.png - (129.20KB , 700x500 , 507.png )

It seems you are rather good with your hands so you decide to make a new dress for Emily.
You go up to her and equip it to her.

>"My Lord this is great! I love it so much I'm going to wear this forever! Oh oh oh! I got something for you to!"

She hands you a... Box?

>"Open it open it open it!"
No. 374835 ID: 32a091
File 132470342205.png - (50.48KB , 639x343 , 508.png )

You open it revealing a rather crudely made ring with a bit of glass stuck on top.

>"I made it for you! To show how much I care about you and I mean just for the holidays cause I think you're the best Overlord ever."
No. 374838 ID: 6a5a08

Tell her you will cherish it always, and put it on.
Later on when we get the chance, we'll enchant it.
No. 374839 ID: bdb886

This is the best idea. <3
No. 374842 ID: 40cb26

Tell her we really like it. And uh... that'll we'll get it "resized" we'll say. To be compatible with your form. It becoming less of a twisted mess is purely incidental.
No. 374843 ID: 6a5a08

Nonono. The twisted mess is what makes it special.
No. 374844 ID: 453e62

No. 374846 ID: e07105

Considering her hands are swords, this is rather well done. Thank Emily for the ring.

Also, we need to get Lun some pants and maybe some festive snacks.
No. 374849 ID: a2fa74

We seriously need to get that girl some real arms.
I don't mean for battle, I mean for her to use for doing all the things she wants to do.

You can do that in your spare time, or you can ask Styx to start working on it tomorrow.
No. 374853 ID: 5f55fe

sword arms ARE useful arms.
No. 374855 ID: 51d399

>I love it so much I'm going to wear this forever!
This is probably exactly what happened to the last one.

This is glorious. Tell her you love it and will cherish it.
Store it in a safe place, if you can't war it as a ring (which is probably ill advised anyway) you can always string it as a pendant and wear it when it is not in danger of being destroyed.
No. 374874 ID: 32a091
File 132471102877.png - (113.31KB , 644x398 , 509.png )

"Thank you Emily. I will cherish this always."

She gives the biggest smile I've ever seen her give and hugs me. I return the hug then depart.

Silva's present is next. She smiles as I hand her a tiny figurine with changeable parts.

>"Thanks my Lord. I couldn't think of what to get you so I just took a pic. Had to borrow Kassandra's armor for a little though. Show it to anyone and I'll cut you in half. Kidding of course."

Well. This explains a bit at least.
You feel you should give Alice something to but you aren't sure how she'll react.
No. 374876 ID: e3f578

Engrave a bow, along it's wooden hilt thing is basically her and a bunch of frilly spinny floral designs for irony's sake, maybe a harp or two.

If you can design a dress or figurine, engraving can't be too hard.
No. 374878 ID: 1854db

We got her a maintenance kit before and she liked it. How about some materials that could be used with it? String oil or whatever, I don't know much about archery.

Also, I would like to breach a subject with her- alchemy. She doesn't like buying REPLACEMENTS for her weapon and getting rid of the old one, but what about turning her existing one into something better by combining it with stuff?
No. 374879 ID: 453e62

except bows can't be engraved cause removing wood would weaken it.

how about a punching dummy that looks like a gunner?
No. 374881 ID: e3f578

I forgot to add that it was a decorative bow to add on a mantle piece or something. Maybe get her a new bed with an engraving of bows and shit then? I knew she wouldn't want to replace an old bow.

Chicks dig engravings.
No. 374882 ID: 51d399

Call up Fabio on the quick, see if he has anything an Archer would like.

Other than that, I think a Journal would suit her.
Get her a nice, Overlord brand journal. One that can be locked. A bow on the front, your eye thing on the back.
No. 374887 ID: 1df913


Do this without the eye on the back; that would be sort of a creepy decoration for a journal.

How about her name and a picture of her practicing archery?
No. 374894 ID: bdb886

I already mentioned a fletching kit for her - it's for making arrows.
No. 374922 ID: 437934




good thinking.
No. 374926 ID: 90ad0d

at least give her three fingers
No. 374957 ID: 5f55fe

I like the journal idea. She is the kind of person who likes to keep to herself, so a journal would give her an outlet for her thoughts, while still being private.
No. 374962 ID: 37b949

No. 374979 ID: 6a5a08

This. It's small so she won't view it as a bribe, nobody will get jealous, but it's something she can use.
No. 374981 ID: d3ba29

Silva is such a silly cat. You should get together and make some puppets at some point. Maybe that's what brought you together in the first place?

Alternative gift idea for Alice - A target dummy that looks suspiciously like a gunner and/or some exercise equipment. Then tell her to get some levels. Not because you like her or anything. Has the bonus of being a well thought out gift while hiding it under a false veneer. Perfect for a reluctant and stubborn archer.
No. 375087 ID: 32a091
File 132485585652.png - (36.98KB , 700x500 , 510.png )

A diary sounds nice. You quickly craft one and visit Alice.
Hmm.. Seems the door is locked. And she left some notes outside.

[Leave gift here]

[Your gift]
No. 375088 ID: 4b2c34

You win this one Alice
You win this one.
No. 375089 ID: 32a091
File 132485598320.png - (73.14KB , 700x500 , 511.png )

You open your gift
No. 375096 ID: 7c31d2

We definitely should not take advice on how to be a nice person from Alice
No. 375098 ID: 453e62

haha, it's subtle. but it shows she thinks there is hope for you. may as well read it. not right now, have things to do.
No. 375101 ID: 5f55fe

Heh, interesting gift. We'll read it in our spare time I suppose.

I say we visit Rose next. What should we do for her. To show we still care.
No. 375102 ID: f70e5e

she probably didn't write it. also we are fairly ignorant of social norms so the book might actually be useful. this is also a good sigh, unless she's trying to be sarcastic, she believes we are at least trying to be a better person.
No. 375112 ID: 4b2c34

and the riposte'
I feel like adding a little inside note to the back of the Journal now. Not sure what to put in there though.

Anyway, next person.
No. 375116 ID: 437934

this is good. we forgot to ask the moonchild if he had any loved ones he wanted to check up on or anything- again.
No. 375126 ID: 5ae6c5

"I will do my best to follow the carefully worded advice you have gifted to me. While I am good at strategy and procurement of allies, more advice in personal relations is always welcome."
No. 375144 ID: 1df913

At least glance inside the book before moving on.
No. 375149 ID: 32a091
File 132487881477.png - (74.92KB , 700x500 , 512.png )

You peek inside.

Anyway Rose is next. What to get her? A simple sculpture? Should you get her anything?
No. 375150 ID: a2fa74

I'm thinking a tiny golem of a dark-haired spear user that follows her orders.
Like, 2" tall.
No. 375151 ID: 1df913

Make a miniature spearman figure.

Encase it in coal.

Have the miniature break out of the coal once placed in her hand.
No. 375152 ID: cb0cc3

Huh. "How to Be A Nice Person" involves saying "Bluh bluh Obey Me"? Curious, I would have said that's just the opposite. Perhaps she's attempting irony.

>Should you get her anything?
A necklace bearing our symbol. Her only gift should be something which, if used or worn, emphasizes to both her and others that she is loyal to us.

If we get her something else, make sure it's got a heavy serves-us motif.
No. 375153 ID: 7c31d2

I want to see Rose's face when she gets the mini spear user
No. 375158 ID: 1854db

She gets a lump of coal. Like an actual lump of coal, nothing in it. Or whatever's the appropriate thing in this culture to give people that have been naughty.

Because actually she DID affect us with her betrayal- we had to start up from scratch and everything. If we had just been assassinated it would've been simply annoying to lose our memory, but we lost all those resources too!
No. 375159 ID: a2fa74

You are doing it wrong.
She feels terrible about it, and punishing her for it will help her put it behind her.
Being nice to her doesn't give her that closure. Instead, it will make her feel guilty and undeserving.
No. 375160 ID: 629317

No. 375171 ID: 9202a9

This is wonderful idea. We should do it.
No. 375208 ID: d292f2

I've gotta agree with this plan as well.
No. 375215 ID: 4bdd79

No. 375505 ID: 3cf86c
File 132503368193.png - (42.71KB , 407x398 , 513.png )

Sounds like a great idea.

When you first hand Rose the lump of coal she looks very upset but once the figure breaks out she seems delighted.

>"Wow! That's so cool!"

"I'm glad you like it."

>"Oh. I didn't get you anything.. You'd never celebrated this before. At least not with me."

"It's fine. I wasn't expecting anything."

You already have gifts for Lenion, Kassandra, Solaris, and Lun. The only one you really can't figure out what to get for is Nix.
No. 375508 ID: eb672d

Do you still have some scraps of the slime teeth left over in making the tools? Make a bracelet for her. It would be sturdy and the material won't corrode from her poison. Considering she's probably happy to be considered a person, a nice normal gift like the bracelet would work.
No. 375509 ID: 453e62

hmmm... something that reminds her of what she lost would be bad. need something that shows what she has gained.
No. 375516 ID: 1854db

We barely know her. Hmm. Haven't even spoken to her since we cured her, actually.

Let's just go talk to her, and ask her how she's doing. Maybe ask if she has any requests.
No. 375544 ID: 6e44d2

Sheesh, what do you get an immortal?

Make her some jewelry, I guess.
No. 375552 ID: 6a5a08

Get her a journal as well. She's lost her entire previous life, so instead of longing for what's gone she can use it to make sure that never happens again by recording it. Write a new story instead of looking for one you can never have.
No. 375579 ID: 85d876

Seconding this.
No. 375606 ID: 8a89d9

Also a picture, if you can manage it. I doubt you will be able to make it a surprise but you can still try to get everyone in on it before she knows.

A picture of all of you, one nice group shot encased in something that can resist her corrosion. Memories~
No. 375608 ID: 6f9630

I like the idea, but a group photo should be a present for everyone in our group. Everybody should get a copy of the group photo
No. 375613 ID: 1df913

Excellent idea.

Once everyone has their gifts, this would make a good finale.
No. 376099 ID: 3cf86c
File 132521904557.png - (74.10KB , 511x398 , 514.png )

A necklace will suffice. You quickly craft one and present it to Nix. She smiles.

>"Thank you. I'm afraid I don't.. Have a gift for you."

"It's fine. I just wanted to wish all my units a happy Festival Day. It is the least I can do for all the work you guys do."

>"Wow... Uhm, thank you. If... There's anything I can d.. o don't hesitate to ask me.."

The way she speaks is a bit odd.
You can ask her any questions while you're here.
No. 376100 ID: 453e62

ask how everyone has been treating her.
No. 376101 ID: 6a5a08

Ask how she's been settling in, and if any symptoms have returned, such as mental numbing.
No. 376102 ID: 1854db

Ask her about her life, and how she got cursed if she doesn't mind talking about it.
No. 376105 ID: 6a5a08

If I recall, she had had amnesia, but she might have got some memories back. I don't think it'd be good though. Being classified as 'immortal', who knows how long she's been undead, and what happened to the people she knew.
No. 376144 ID: 40cb26

We should ask if any of her memory has come back, but not pry. Also we should remember that this is exactly the kind of thing good for Alalias wishes. Let's not do or bring it up yet though.
No. 376246 ID: 281eec
File 132528570616.png - (49.91KB , 526x371 , 515.png )

"So how's everyone been treating you?"

>"Pretty good... Excuse me."

She spits out acid into a crude looking metal bucket.

>"That's better. I have to keep doing that or it affects my brain. Other then that though I'm pretty good."

"Do you remember anything from your past?"

>"Vaguely.. I remember the last adventure I went on before I was infected.. You. That's about it really. Sorry."

"No need to apologize. We'll do what we can to restore your memories."

>"No it'...s fine really. I don't mine... Not remembering. I think" She spits "I think it's okay like this. Better. I mean I'm immortal right? So anyone I knew might be long dead.."
No. 376249 ID: 453e62

"glad you are taking this so well."
No. 376250 ID: 6a5a08

"Do you remember if any of your companions on this adventure were infected? Or where you were infected? The treatment worked on you, if we find them we may be able to help them as well."
No. 376252 ID: 1854db

I guess it's possible... and we can relate, that's for sure. We're immortal too, and lost someone to the passage of time.

But yeah, I'd like to hear about her last adventure.
No. 376254 ID: a2fa74

"If you're remembering the final assault that would be less than a year ago, but otherwise... You're right.
I'll see if we can do something about that acid buildup."
No. 376265 ID: 453e62

where would be a good idea, may find another or the source.
No. 376274 ID: 49d4d7

I'm curious about Nix's last adventure. Let's ask her about it.
No. 376282 ID: 281eec
File 132529027251.png - (286.58KB , 840x500 , 516.png )

"What do you remember about your last adventure?"

>"Uhm... Not much... I remember I was trying to farm for some gold and I saw a Rank 1 encounter so I figured it'd be easy. And I got infected.. That's about... It.."

She spits again.

"That's fine. If you remember anymore be sure to tell me."

>"Will do my Lord."

Emily bursts into the room as excited as can be.

>Emily: "My Lord my Lord we're all taking a group picture! Silva has a camera and she said this would be a great way to remember everything and everyone's gonna be in it even alice agreed and it'll be awesome come on my lord!"

"Nix, would you like to join us?"

She smiles and nods.

You gather everyone together and take a picture of your group.

When the shot is done you examine the photo. You don't need your Loyalty Checker to see they're all happy to be here, even the ones who aren't smiling.

You make another copy of the photo and keep this one tucked away with the Journal and hope that you can take more like it in the future.
No. 376293 ID: af25e0


Heh. Shana likes being photographed, but not standing in the group.

Our archer is taller than I thought.
No. 376294 ID: 49d4d7

Friends forever

-Team Overlord
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