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File 132140615956.png - (73.17KB , 600x450 , 1.png )
365896 No. 365896 ID: 25d645

The Elders said that this is where he had made his final stand.
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No. 365897 ID: 25d645
File 132140624667.png - (90.29KB , 600x450 , 2.png )

Against thousands of heroes and even some of his own men.
Hopelessly outnumbered he continued to fight. He had slain hundreds before he was finally put down.
The once mighty Overlord, arbitrator to the other Demon Lords, was killed.

They say that within his castle there is still treasure guarded by his most loyal servants. They continue to maintain it even long after his death.

Having come into possession of his most powerful blade, The God Slayer, I have decided to come and claim the rest of his treasure as my own.
No. 365901 ID: 453e62

charge in recklessly
No. 365904 ID: 3fd4fb

That's cool, I guess. Have you spoken to anyone else who's been to his castle recently? Learned anything about these supposed servants still guarding his stuff?
No. 365907 ID: 25d645
File 132140728150.png - (96.94KB , 600x450 , 3.png )


"OH SHIT!!!"

Wandering Hero tosses you away

"D-did you just talk to me...?"
No. 365909 ID: 453e62

did you honestly think a super powerful sword wasn't going to be possessed? we turned on cause you brought us home, DURRR.
No. 365912 ID: b8207e

No. 365913 ID: 1854db

How long ago did you acquire this sword? Ah, it doesn't matter. I would not advise you enter the Overlord's castle with hostile intent. There is more inside than you expect.
No. 365914 ID: b6edd6

Or at least lick it. Mmmmmmm...
No. 365916 ID: 3fd4fb

What are you, an idiot? You're pitching away your primary weapon when standing in the demon world in front of a castle known to be inhabited by hostiles who have somehow survived through fighting an army of thousands and successfully defended a position known to everyone to contain valuable treasures?

Go home. You're obviously too incompetent to pull this off.
No. 365917 ID: 25d645
File 132140803919.png - (82.46KB , 600x450 , 4.png )

Wandering Hero falls back and crawls away

"T-the Elders said they took away the spirit in the sword!"


"Oh god please don't eat my soul!!"


"I-I don't know! Like a month ago maybe!? I didn't mean to steal you! What's in the castle!?"

The God Slayer now knows all that the Current Overlord knows due to being near the castle.
No. 365919 ID: 453e62

why SHOULD we tell you anything? you just threw us away, pretty sure that makes you not our owner. besides, what would we get out of it if we told you anything?
No. 365920 ID: 3fd4fb

Christ, your Elders must be as incompetent as you are.

Look, here's what you do. Pick us up. Go up to the castle. Knock politely, and go from there. It will end a lot better for you than what you're planning.
No. 365922 ID: b8207e

No. 365924 ID: a2fa74

Lets do this nice and easy.
Knock on the door and ask if they would mind a guest for tea.
No. 365925 ID: 25d645
File 132140903904.png - (91.30KB , 600x450 , 5.png )


"No no no no no! L-look, see? I got you! I have my weapon and now I can be a hero. So just... Just don't eat my soul okay? I really need that. Listen, if you help me you'll go to Sword Heaven. That's where all the good swords go when they are melted down and used to make other metal things and stuff. Don't you want to go to sword heaven?"
No. 365927 ID: 453e62

No. 365928 ID: 40cb26

Sword heaven? What the HELL are you talking about? Well we aren't getting melted down and we don't need your stinky soul anyway so knock it off.

So your thing is just want to be a big damn hero right? Well you're going about it all wrong. If you try to sack this place you'd either be hurting other heroes or their friends. Go down knock on the door and talk to them. You'll find your opportunities for wealth, power and glory after that.
No. 365929 ID: 1854db

No, you fool. I'm not just a damned sword.

But fine. Let's go in the castle. I'll tell you what's in there, too. His most loyal minions that stayed behind when he was defeated are a half-demon spearmaster, a flesh golem with two blade arms, and a tinker that you probably won't ever meet anyway.
No. 365930 ID: 3fd4fb

No, I don't want to go to Sword Heaven. What kind of bullshit is that, anyway? If you had the power to send us to a beneficial afterlife we'd smell it on you. You're just a lying git who can't even lie well.

And you really don't need your soul for anything.
No. 365931 ID: bd2a40

By the way, are you male or female? I can not really tell..
No. 365933 ID: 453e62

dudes, seriously. she goes in their, we betray her, bad bing bada boom, overlord gets a new minion. DURRRRRRRRRR
No. 365934 ID: 25d645
File 132141000412.png - (66.65KB , 600x450 , 6.png )

"I'm uh... Female? That's a weird question.. I have breasts and everything."

"And Sword Heaven is real! The Elders told me so themselves!"

Wandering Hero picks you up and begins climbing down the slanted rock plates.

"They sound tough.. You seem to know a lot about him, how is that?"
No. 365935 ID: 3fd4fb

You don't? You should become better informed.

And we're a sword. We have no eyes. How are we supposed to tell if you have breasts unless you're rubbing us against them?

Anyway, get up there and knock on the door. Ask for tea, like we said, and everything will go well. Call it a code phrase if that makes you feel better.
No. 365936 ID: 453e62

DURRR because we were with him until he died. you would learn a lot about someone if they were with you for a long time.
No. 365938 ID: a2fa74

Sword heaven is a lie the elders told you when they also lied about getting us out of the sword.

You realize they already know you're here, right?
Seriously, go ask if you can enter for tea so they won't attack you for being a spy or assassin or something.
No. 365940 ID: 1854db

Your loose clothing was the problem. It's not hugging your form very much. You should try a change of wardrobe someday. Say... you're not human, are you? Tell us about yourself a bit, won't you?

And yeah, we were with him when he died. Stands to reason we'd know who his most loyal minions were.
No. 365942 ID: 4bdd79

Are you sure this guy even has any money anymore? This place is a total wreck, I can't imagine that they'd live here if they could afford repairs.
No. 365943 ID: f31dfc

Yeah... no offense or anything, but even with us, it's not a good idea to charge in and go 'I'M A HERO!' and proceed to loot everything. Last time that happened... well, it did NOT turn out well.

Just... just do us a favor and try not to open any sealed doors, anything with warding glyphs, DO NOT ENTER signs, or the corpses of at least 5 other adventures ok?

Also, many of the people in there are innocent. REALLY suggest you don't try to kill them. Can't be a hero if you hurt those you are suppose to help.
No. 365944 ID: 25d645
File 132141123737.png - (70.56KB , 600x450 , 7.png )

"I can only hope. I mean I'm stuck in the Demon World so this is probably the only place I can do Hero stuff without getting killed."

"Ah I see.. My species is known as the Eiridi. Uhm... Okay differences between us and humans... Well we don't have a face. I mean we have a head and hair and ears but no like facial features. We talk through a smaller hole located low on our neck. Uhm... We have two ears and under each of those ears is a thing. I don't know what it does honestly. The Elders said I would find out when the time came. We have three fingers on each hand and our feet can double as hands if need be. We 'see' through our tails which is split off into three smaller ends. Our tails are extremely tough and don't break or burn very easily. I think that's all?"

"Still working on reaching the castle, it's a ways off."

"Right, only attack if they attack first and avoid any obvious traps and stuff."

Since you guys know so much let me ask.. Is it possible for a Demon to become a Hero?
No. 365945 ID: 573166

And besides, the Overlord isnt much of a evil demon lord, not anymore at least. More pragmatic than anything. And besides, you plan to go fight him AND his servants? Alone? Dont adventurers normally travel in groups?
No. 365948 ID: 453e62

[shut up we have no way of knowing that, would make her suspicious]

yeah sure. the only requirements is how you act.
No. 365949 ID: 3fd4fb

Stuck in the Demon World? How'd you get stuck?

Actually, would you mind going through your whole recent history here, just to get that out of the way?
No. 365953 ID: 25d645
File 132141202373.png - (81.61KB , 600x450 , 8.png )

"Okay... Great.."

"Well I can't exactly go to the human world. I thought it was obvious.. I'm a demon. Or was. Well... Soon will have been a demon. I have no means on teleporting to the human world to be with the other Heroes until I become one myself. That is why I'm on this quest.
Also you really wanna hear what I've been up to recently? It's really not to exciting. Mostly it was fighting other demons and stuff to get to this point. It wasn't until I got you that me beating up other demons was even possible. I mean, I could fight but not this well.

Still got a ways to go... Any other questions before we're there?"
No. 365956 ID: 3fd4fb

Why do you want to be a hero, anyway? Why not just take the usual path and shoot for becoming a badass demon and setting up down here?
No. 365959 ID: f31dfc

Hmmm... let me guess, you want to do the sort of things only a hero can do. From what we know, heroes don't tend to take kindly to things not human or demi human. You do enough good, you become a hero, then you can leave and do whatever you have planned.

Well, whatever the reason, being heroic is different than being a hero. We've seen several heroes who acted in a villainous manner and demons who have saved many lives. You may learn something here.
No. 365962 ID: 25d645
File 132141343140.png - (36.93KB , 600x450 , 9.png )

"No no no I want to be a Hero. I want to do Heroic stuff and be with other Heroes.
Being a demon... It's hard.
Especially for someone like me."

Wandering Hero leaps down and approaches the castle.

"Here we are."

She knocks on the door.
No. 365963 ID: 25d645
File 132141344450.png - (55.58KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

"Hello? I would like some tea."

The door opens showing a empty chamber.
No. 365965 ID: 3fd4fb

What exactly do you consider "Heroic stuff"? What are you looking to do, to accomplish with your life? What makes Heroes worth hanging out with more than anyone else? Some are cool, but a lot of them are total dicks. We should know.

Curiously empty. Also curiously unlocked. I would have expected someone in the entranceway... you might as well come in. Personally, I'd recommend calling out loudly to attract attention- it's both more polite, and if it turns out that they do want to attack you it would be better to fight in here where you have an easy line of retreat.
No. 365966 ID: 453e62

they must be out. just wander around.
No. 365967 ID: f31dfc

Take it slow and keep calm. Keep us by your side as you enter, but try not to be threatening. Best to keep level headed in this sort of situation.
No. 365968 ID: 25d645
File 132141415967.png - (110.01KB , 581x450 , 11.png )

"Level head.. Keep a level head..."

"What do you mean what sort of stuff is Heroic? It's like... Beating bad guys and finding awesome treasure. That's heroic. You ask the weirdest-AH A DEMON!!!"

A mimic looks up at the Wandering Hero

>"Oh joy, another one. I thought we ran out of room. So you here to serve the Overlord?"

"W-w-what!? T-the Overlord lives!?"

>"Ah shit.. You're a hero huh?"

Oh hey she thinks I'm a hero~

NO WAIT!!! This is bad, really really really bad!!!
No. 365971 ID: 453e62

hey, yeah let this doof pass. got stuff to do.
No. 365975 ID: 3fd4fb

You think we ask the weirdest things? You are a demon who just screamed "AH A DEMON". That's just sad.

Anyway, you can beat up bad guys and find awesome treasure regardless of whether you're a hero or a demon or whatever. Just make sure that whoever you beat up is always richer and more of an asshole than you, and you're good.

...right, situation.

This is not really bad, because she asked if you're here to serve the Overlord, which means that you can diplomacy your way through this. Say that you'd like to speak with him.
No. 365983 ID: 6a5a08

Say you are so totally here to serve the Overlord.
Play this cool, if you get an audience you can assassinate him in a totally badass and heroic fashion. Probably.
No. 365985 ID: f31dfc

Calm down, ask for tea and try to control yourself.

As for why we ask that question, well... if you heard a lot of stories of heroes, you probably heard the ones involving opening sealed evils and the like. We like the virtues, we just don't like the current crop of people who use that term.
No. 365986 ID: 40cb26

Maybe, maybe not. It could be another building on the ruins. At any rate it doesn't look like much evil has been going on. The mimic here isn't attacking you just yet so keep talking. Ask her what the hell is going on around here, and say you are trying to be a hero but didn't come here to fight the overlord. That should get you out of any immediate altercation.

As for being a Hero, I really don't think it works that way. Sure you can be heroic all you like, but trust me many so called heroes aren't anything more than hunters and thugs. What you are wanting is more like an allegiance. You need to go there and be part of it, by doing missions and stuff.

Come to think of it... an overlord should be able to teleport to the human lands. Maybe you can work something out?
No. 365988 ID: 252e1b


Say this, "I'm here on the advice of others. I didn't believe the Overlord himself lived; I was looking for his servants, but if he lives, I would like to speak with him."
No. 366005 ID: 1f354d

Hey! Do you happen to know who made the overlord?
Also, he's virtually unkillable so it's not surprising that he is still alive.
What's your name anyways?
No. 366006 ID: 1854db

Be up front, and say you were gonna just loot the place, but now that you know he's still alive you changed your mind. Now you're just curious.

That'll make you sound like a demon but not a threat.
No. 366013 ID: 787e02
File 132142742087.png - (111.04KB , 600x450 , 12.png )

"Ah well uhm.. I was going to uh... Loot the place. Cause I'm like a demon and stuff and that's what we do right?"

>"Yeah I guess."

"But now that I see your here I guess I'll just uh... Ask the Overlord if I can join him or something. He around?"

>"Nope. He went out training in The Wild a few minutes ago, just missed him. Some of his group is in the barracks though. And his tinker is up in her room as always. Oh I think Megan is still here, she's his demonologist."

Oh man... There's still a lot of people here.. Okay, time to Hero this place up.

What should I do first?
No. 366016 ID: 453e62

let's see the demonologist, could tell you about demons turning into heroes and stuff.
No. 366017 ID: 40cb26

First, feign interest and ask for more info on the other people here, what they are and what they do. Supposedly to help you with applying but it will help more if you run afoul of them. And find out where the barracks are so you can avoid them.

Then just go where nothing and no one else is. This place probably has areas with hidden goodies. Even occupied ruins are like that.
No. 366018 ID: 1854db

What do you mean by "Hero it up"? Don't think you can get away with harming any of the Overlord's troops. He'll find out, and will hunt you down. Trust me on this.

But I guess you might be able to get away with a little sabotage. Or theft. Want to go talk to the tinker or the demonologist? Or meet his troops to gauge their strength in case you have to fight them in the future after doing something really really stupid?
No. 366033 ID: d292f2

Hey, when was the last time you had a bath? There was totally a kickass bathhouse here back in the day, it might still work. I mean, who would wreck a bathhouse? You should take a bath.
No. 366035 ID: a1d7ad

Hey hero, do you have any kind of abilities to detect evil? Sniff out treasure? Danger sense?

Or is your only skill your ability to wield us?
No. 366090 ID: e85cf5
File 132148109255.png - (82.92KB , 600x450 , 13.png )

Uhm.. I have no abilities.. But I have you guys. So yeah.

Do you want me to drown!?

"Yeah I'll uh.. Go see the Demonologist I guess."

>"Oh man, well good luck.. She's downstairs."

"Thank you."

Okay, I have successfully infiltrated the evil Overlord's castle.. Now if I can possible take out his demonologist.. Heroes kill demons right? I mean she'll just respawn here anyway so...

Wandering Hero heads downstairs. She stops in the middle of the stairwell

Oh god..
No. 366092 ID: e85cf5
File 132148113832.png - (152.58KB , 600x450 , 14.png )

Rust monsters! There must be dozens of them!


And there's someone trapped under them!!! What do I do!?
No. 366093 ID: 453e62

put us high up the wall and dig them out. they are completely harmless to no metal things.
No. 366095 ID: e85cf5
File 132148143753.png - (111.47KB , 600x450 , 15.png )

>put us high up the wall and dig them out. they are completely harmless to no metal things.

No. 366096 ID: c583d2

yeah, don't let them touch us and help her
No. 366097 ID: 453e62

well then kick the shit out of them. honestly, a hero who can't take a few bites?
No. 366099 ID: e85cf5
File 132148195176.png - (64.60KB , 688x497 , 16.png )

You're an enchanted sword!! You don't rust!

I'm entering battle mode!!
Rust monsters, Lv 2 HP 23

Placement Phase, Limit 3 Units.
No. 366101 ID: 453e62

you want to start in the top corner. minimize your chance to be surrounded.
No. 366102 ID: c583d2

No. 366103 ID: 80b862

No, get in the center. This is what our special attack was made for.
No. 366107 ID: 40cb26

Seems like overkill, but why the hell not? Saves on getting hurt.

Best location for that is on the left part of the bottom righthand area. Every square is covered by that one 8 square ranged attack.
No. 366108 ID: 1854db

No. 366150 ID: 6a5a08

No. 366174 ID: 3947e9

there is no such thing as overkill, there is just reload and open fire.
No. 366183 ID: 40cb26

Perhaps, but there is the matter of wasting limited ammo. We'll see how quickly this fighter can recover her limited mp before shooting off our special ability twice every battle. If there are many more of these things she may not be able to at all.
No. 366233 ID: a1d7ad

Yeah but this our first battle together with this hero guy, let's give it our all and see how well it goes. In the centre, all the special abilities, OVERKILL TIME!
No. 366234 ID: 02f408

change my vote to OVERKILL!!!
No. 366296 ID: 6a5a08

Assuming the rules are the same as for mages, Wandering Hero recovers 1 MP per turn.
No. 366356 ID: 3947e9

actually its a matter of wasting infinitely rechargable ammo (full MP at combat start and may recharge 1MP per turn instead of attack). Besides its better to use consumables then to end up under leveled under powered and with a ton of consumables.
No. 366576 ID: 9da432
File 132176655548.png - (78.32KB , 688x497 , 17.png )

Wandering Hero deployed.

Wandering Hero uses Divine Slash!

All rust monsters in the area are slain!

No. 366577 ID: 9da432
File 132176661082.png - (54.12KB , 688x497 , 18.png )

A Giga Rust Monster enters the battlefield.

No. 366579 ID: 3fd4fb

Wipe that look off your face. Show no fear in the face of the enemy.
No. 366580 ID: 453e62

just stab it in the face until it dies.
No. 366614 ID: 6a9fdc

Giga Rust Monster? More like Giga PileofXPandloot.
No. 366620 ID: 252e1b

Don't let it touch you, the more advanced models of rust monsters can corrode unliving material of organic origin.
No. 366641 ID: 6a5a08

Tell it the Overlord is behind it.
No. 366647 ID: 4af297

if >>366641 work attackis back
No. 366657 ID: 1854db

Let it come to you, so you can strike first.
No. 366668 ID: 9da432
File 132177912690.png - (53.33KB , 688x497 , 19.png )

"The Overlord is behind you!"

It doesn't understand!
I'm moving a few spaces!

Wandering Hero moves.

Giga Rust Monsters moves.

Wandering Hero's turn.
No. 366670 ID: 453e62

charge in and shot it our stabs.
No. 366673 ID: 1854db

Smack it one.
No. 366675 ID: 40cb26

It's not like you have a lot of options on this carrier path of yours. Run up and hit it like the professional meathead you are.
No. 366677 ID: 9da432
File 132178131394.png - (59.46KB , 688x497 , 20.png )


Wandering Hero goes up and slashes the Giga Rust Monster dealing 20 Dmg.
No. 366678 ID: 9da432
File 132178136372.png - (60.02KB , 688x497 , 21.png )

The Giga Rust Monster attacks dealing 42 damage!
Wandering Hero is bleeding!

Oh god.. I think that broke something..
No. 366684 ID: 40cb26

Well shit, unless you have some kind of strong potion handy you better get the hell away. Or you can stay if you really want to fall in battle in true heroic fashion: mutilated beyond recognition by shit you shouldn't be messing with.

Anyways, you can get away with one move so use our special attack again first, it should do a bit better than your flailing about and it won't miss. If your lucky it'll be enough to do some good, but I rather doubt it. Then get us the hell out of here.
No. 366688 ID: 9b6604

yeah, better try the special attack, if it's not dead run...fast
No. 366703 ID: a1d7ad

This is why the old boss had minions, well except during that last battle but we all know how that went.

Anyway you can't beat this one like this hero, time to leg it.
No. 366705 ID: 9c8d4f

slash it a billion times in a single turn. you can do it, I believe you.
No. 366706 ID: 1854db

There is absolutely no way you can kill this thing. Run!

(Divine Slash does 32 damage right now.)
No. 366718 ID: 3947e9

do you have healing potions?
Can you do a called shot to the eyes or legs?
If you run around it, how fast can it turn?
I have a feeling that the game-y mechanics we are using will screw us from any classic effective small humanoid vs large monster strategy, in which case run... run run run!
No. 366737 ID: f70e5e

run like hell, this thing is way to strong for you to just trade hits with. however if you can get the other inhabitants of the castle to help you might stand a chance.
No. 366740 ID: 453e62

jump on it's back and stab it in the back of the neck!
No. 366742 ID: b6edd6

No. 366785 ID: 6a5a08

Cast Divine Slash.
No. 366791 ID: ddc511

Beg your pardon. Say you mistook her for an obnoxious daughter-in-law of yours. Offer a potion as an apology.
No. 366836 ID: 5366b0
File 132183510237.png - (118.83KB , 600x450 , 22.png )



Wandering Hero Flees!
Megan enters the battlefield

>"Damn bug.. Eiridi, go and get Nix.. I can't win this one on my own."


Did that demon girl just ask me for help!? She's the enemy!
No. 366837 ID: 453e62

and she apparently just saved your ass from becoming bug food. and knows what you are from barely a glance. find this nix person.
No. 366838 ID: 5366b0
File 132183555544.png - (73.18KB , 600x450 , 23.png )

That doesn't seem very heroic but fine..

Wandering Hero goes back upstairs.

Ah damn... She didn't even tell me where she is..
No. 366839 ID: ddc511

You're expecting a formal invitation? Your life is at risk, denying aid isn't a choice. Moreover, to deny help to those in need isn't the most heroic thing you can do. Recover and go flank the creature!
No. 366840 ID: 453e62

ask the gent on the chair over there if he knows where Nix is.
No. 366845 ID: 40cb26

Ok first off, YOU'RE a demon, how'd you like heroes popping up to slay you just for that? And this girl doesn't even look like full blooded demon! But more importantly she is the one who you just saved, heroes do treat their rescuees as enemies! So get your head out of your ass already and go get some help, save the day, and be a hero.

Now then ask this handsome gent where you can find Nix because the demon girl with the glasses asked for her.

If he notices us, we wink at him.
No. 366846 ID: 3fd4fb

Go over and ask that guy where Nix is. Say there's a giant rust monster downstairs that they need her help with.
No. 366847 ID: 1854db

You just SAVED her, Hero. She's the victim, not your enemy. You're not thinking like a hero at all. You're thinking like a demon who wants to kill demons.

(Also I'm surprised, I didn't think Meagan could fight...)

Ah! Tell that guy that Meagan is in trouble and we're trying to find Nix to save her!

[Hey ME! Can you hear me? I'm trying to teach this stupid demon how to be a real hero. Consider recruiting them after saving Meagan. We'll probably have proper hero work for her to do while also advancing our cause.]
No. 366849 ID: a1d7ad

Priorities hero, get the Nix gal so they can beat that giant rust monster, THEN you can worry about if she is the enemy or not.

Oh hey it's the old boss, wonder if he remembers us.
No. 366850 ID: 5366b0
File 132183667408.png - (62.79KB , 600x450 , 24.png )

Right... Be a hero..

"Excuse me... Sir?"

The Overlord turns around and stares at Wandering Hero

>".... Who are you and how did you get into my castle?"

"I uhm... Walked in through the front door.."

>"... I'll need to fix that. What do you want?"

"Uhm well... Uh your uh... Demonologist girl is uh... Being attacked by a uhm giant rust monster thing and she uh needs nix and I guess you to help her.."

No. 366851 ID: 5366b0
File 132183673795.png - (86.27KB , 600x450 , 25.png )

The Overlord has entered the Battlefield.
Nix has entered the Battlefield.
Rose has entered the Battlefield.

He's fast..
No. 366852 ID: 453e62

and distracted, you got free reign over the castle!
No. 366855 ID: 5366b0
File 132183724236.png - (82.67KB , 600x450 , 26.png )

rolled 9 = 9

Right! Time to get treasure!

Hero Skill: Detect Treasure!
No. 366856 ID: 5366b0
File 132183745808.png - (81.65KB , 600x450 , 27.png )

Hmm... Nothing so far..

Wandering Hero can hear an epic fight happening downstairs.
No. 366857 ID: 6a5a08

Now's your chance to gain his trust! Go help defeat the monster.
No. 366858 ID: a1d7ad

Agreed, if there is no treasure to be gained you might as well go get some glory.
No. 366859 ID: 453e62

you are in the sitting room apparently, what kind of overlord keeps valuables in a sitting room?
No. 366860 ID: ddc511

What!? There is nothing more valuable than life! Go help them!

>He's fast...
He isn't the only one!
No. 366875 ID: 40cb26

Well hero you have a choice: you can sneak around looking for valuables in this dump, until the owner of the place - the Overlord - comes back and catches you. Along with his old, powerful sword. Now if you go help and get on his good side you might be able to hold onto us, maybe get some reward for your trouble, and possibly teleportation to the human lands. He can do that, you know.
No. 366949 ID: 786012

Lol, for a while I thought there was a tozol hiding behind the curtains.
No. 366951 ID: 3e5ac8

go help the overlord
No. 366977 ID: 9da432
File 132187381018.png - (76.70KB , 600x450 , 28.png )

rolled 17 = 17

Okay fine, I'll help him..

Wandering Hero rushes downstairs and tosses her blade

Hero Skill: Deus Ex Machina!
No. 366981 ID: 9da432
File 132187547648.png - (69.68KB , 600x450 , 29.png )

Her blade soars through the air and strikes at the Giga Rust Monster, dealing the fatal blow.

The Overlord and his group look up at her in shock.

Oh.. I did it.. I did it!

I was a hero!
No. 366982 ID: a2fa74

Ok, now see if the Overlord has any openings for a hero.
These people are barely evil at all, so you can at least help them against worse evils.
No. 366983 ID: 1258c9

nooooo! rustmonster...can we tame it?
No. 366986 ID: 9da432
File 132187644513.png - (94.44KB , 600x450 , 30.png )

No, we do not tame monsters. We kill monsters.

The Overlord is still The Overlord. He is evil. I am a Hero now. I must kill evil, no matter how small it may be.
No. 366989 ID: 1854db

You fool. Look into my eye. I AM THE OVERLORD!
No. 366990 ID: a2fa74

You sure he's evil? 'Cause he's allied himself with an order of paladins, and they seem to think he's actually doing a lot of good for the world.
Even the Angels don't consider him a problem.
No. 366991 ID: ddc511

Kill yourself. Each being carries some evil. There's no such thing as absolute good.
No. 366994 ID: 252e1b


Aren't you still injured? You're not going to be able to risk much until you're back at full health again.

Also check the wound for any signs of oxidation; aggressive clotting, bleaching, that kind of thing. Check anything that was damaged by the attack too for the same.
No. 366995 ID: 40cb26

Spoken like a true demon. You have no idea what good or evil is. If you think the overlord is evil, then why don't you think that of us? You see when you approached the castle we woke back up with every memory of the new Overlord. He was reduced to nothing but a blank slate after his defeat and he has done no evil at all. He has befriended clerics and paladins and had a peaceful encounter with an angel. Nix, the warrior standing over there, was cured of the plague by him. You look at her and ask her what hat she thinks of the overlord.

Go on, I dare you hero, to test your misguided ideals against the reality of who you would hurt.
No. 366996 ID: a1d7ad

Right, and you are a demon, and demons are evil right? Take a close look at the overlord and his minions, does he look like evil to you?

Also, the new minions of the old boss would likely wipe the floor with you if you tried to hurt him.
No. 367007 ID: ddc511

Forget it. I've had enough of you. I thought you were a misguided hero, but you're just a despicable being, worthy only of my disgust and pity. Stop wasting our good will, time and power. Release us and follow your abhorrent path alone, unless you want to carry our curse.
No. 367016 ID: 6a5a08

Godslayer: [Tame Giga Rust Monster]
No. 367019 ID: 6af537

The remains of the rust monster are attacking the blade.

Posted by Captain Obvious
No. 367024 ID: 3a0045

actually the paladins didn't detected evil in the overlord,so...he/it's not
No. 367025 ID: 3a0045

also [tame giga rust mmonster] please...
No. 367029 ID: a1d7ad

Can we eve- well... doesn't hurt to try. [Tame Giant Rust Monster]
No. 367044 ID: a69878

[Tame Giant Rust Monster]
No. 367045 ID: 9da432
File 132190810005.png - (129.12KB , 600x450 , 31.png )

You are the Overlord to!?
I have to destro-AH!

Meagan grabs onto a little nub under Wandering Hero's ear.

>"Well my Lord, what shall we do with this one?"

>"Hmm... It has been hard to think for the past few hours.. Just let her go. She did save us."
No. 367046 ID: 9da432
File 132190823544.png - (108.37KB , 600x450 , 32.png )

The Overlord and Rose toss Wandering Hero outside the castle and fling her blade out as well.
No. 367047 ID: 9da432
File 132190835248.png - (82.47KB , 600x450 , 33.png )

Ow... Well that went better then I'd expected.. They didn't kill me at least..

Don't know what came over me for a second there.

No no... It's obvious that my job in this world is to keep your evil to myself! Only someone like me, someone with a pure heart, can hope to wield you without suffering.
No. 367048 ID: 252e1b


Will you check your wounds? Geeze.
No. 367049 ID: f31dfc

And THAT is why we said DON'T go after the overlord. You are lucky it was just that. Anyways, you OK there? Looks like you were getting a bit too heated up back there. Not a good thing.

As for us being evil? Always figured ourselves as neutral really. Just don't go gun ho on the whole 'kill evil' thing. It tends to only bring more evil.
No. 367050 ID: 6a5a08

You sure? Because so far he has...
-Treated an untreatable disease
-Saved a city of slimes from a group of 'heroes'
-Turned Silva the Wicked to the side of Good(ish)
-Tried to stop the freeing of an evil machine-woman (who paladins released) which was sealed in the castle
-Spared your life despite your intrusion

What have you done to earn the title of hero?
No. 367051 ID: 3a0045

he's do more heroic deeds then some so called hero
No. 367052 ID: 6a5a08

Also, your name is now Fluffy.
This is a non-negotiable part of our Demonic Sword Contract.
Which is a thing that exists don't think it doesn't.
No. 367053 ID: 3a0045

that make my day
No. 367054 ID: a69878

No. 367057 ID: f31dfc

Then so shall it be. For being a bit of a trouble maker back there and not listening to us, you shall hence forth be named... FLUFFY.
No. 367061 ID: d82ec4

Oh God(s). Not another clichè 'Hero' that thinks that anything that has done one remotely evil act must be obliterated ASAP. No offense, but if you think that, and act on it, you're best killing yourself.
No. 367063 ID: 40cb26

You are such a bonehead.

Look there is actually a great evil for you to fight against, and it isn't the Overlord. It's a maniacal tinker, that was sealed away by the Overlord at the hight of his... our, evil and destructive ways. Because she was far too evil and destructive for him to keep around. Stupid heroes came around and let her out, of course.

So that is your quest, and you're going to need far more power than you have now if you hope to stand a chance. And you better go and train yourself on destructive asshole demons and what monsters you can, and leave the more peaceful demons alone. Seriously WHY do you have this demon slaying obsession, demon?
No. 367065 ID: ddc511

Your arrogance and stupidity is beyond our comprehension! Wield us without suffering? Fool devil! Your body and soul isn't in agony because that isn't our desire! However great may be the ignorance that you carry, never was our intention to cause you any harm! We warned you! We tried to make you see the truth! To guide you to the real good! Pure heart? Your sorry existence only carries killing intent and greed for glory! ENOUGH!! Free us from the torment of seeing your vile deeds and your inevitable and painful fall!
No. 367067 ID: 9da432
File 132191429936.png - (79.86KB , 600x450 , 34.png )

An evil stronger then the Overlord himself?

I see.. Then it is my mission in life to vanquish this evil! You will be my trusty blade and together we will destroy this great evil!
And I shall bear the burden of this cursed blade as I accomplish this! My name will go down in legends!

From now I shall no longer be the Wandering Hero..

From now on my name will be Fluffy
No. 367075 ID: 6e44d2

So upset. Fluffy, you are a douche souffle.
No. 367078 ID: 6a5a08

You do that.
No. 367080 ID: 252e1b


Hey! Idiot! Tend to your wounds! I've been shouting at you to do so for like ten minutes!
No. 367081 ID: ddc511

Tool! If we can't contain your insanity, we must make sure that you won't cause harm and suffering to the innocent!
No. 367093 ID: f31dfc

Will Fluffy ever become a true hero? Will the God Slayer stop Fluffy from possibly unsealing ANOTHER great evil? Will the Overlord get his sword back? Will we ever know why Megan had a bunch of rust monsters?

Tune in next time for the answers in the next installment of HOW TO BE A OVERLORD Z!
No. 367111 ID: 1854db

...I think that when the sword gets close to the Overlord, it starts emitting some sort of bad mental influence...

I don't think we should ever reunite the two halves. A pity.
No. 367157 ID: f70e5e

look, we are not evil. we just refuse to accept things as they are now. what we want is a world where it doesn't matter if your an angel, demon, or even a slime. we want a world where all thinking creatures can live in peace without fear. from our point of view a good chunk of heroes are merely bandits who are a bit picky about who they kill and rob.
No. 367185 ID: 6e44d2

Man, maybe we should've tried being nicer to her, even though she's clearly an idiot.
No. 367197 ID: fdacff

why are you so hard on her? a bit misguided but all it would have taken is some careful word-smiting. She is, after all, someone who was born a demon and wants to be a hero. What a lost opportunity.
No. 367201 ID: 55f0cc

Amanda Winn Lee MUST read this with Etna's voice! Out loud!
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